Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1873 Page 4
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EY E XIX ff_ RT A R. _ MTTMAI %jirir? IMS, LOG AL^N E W3. Anin^nifnK A**., !'??.?I sHf. 7"V ?? r ?'< m ;j# A variety catertalnai 'ii of ?ira. ?*".?. <1;. ft ' .*?' I ? Ft rfpiiwh'' *)-rw. ? ?pt ttU. *!? 'l?>-mght i- ri>?- last chance toiee Forepaagh e gi> it -i . 4* on. 1 f.,. w ?| ^re ?" -- oner.John \. r?av ley ? ill, and it ii feared cannot nrci'r. %\r. 1'honm* B. I'aldwell. a third ela*? clerk in the h :? r? a! KcverneOder, died of consump tof vi-t,*r?!av nomir^ On-ret Mifireevv kil'-'d a dog ye<*er'lar. ?ke* tip ?yirpf^tn? of uydrophoba. It bad previously bitten a chil l. A mrflln; *f tke b?M e?*nmlttee of Vie Mate *<Nw*iati( ns was held * i^t tit a? tk?liovrrnor'i ?*<0. The returned * ??'? ?*ts ?old arc not all in; but tt.e receipts are estimated at fl.30U and the e*| *?!???? 1 raiik K. Blcakmnre !;.a- 1 .'on appointed a? sietai.t me-ser^er in tin- Seconal Auditor's 18 ? e. .lohn W alker ha?been transferred from the Sfcoml Audit*"-'* iVee to the Fir?t Con tre o-r's ?'R re. and B. F. Fuller from Second to Tkud A uditor's * f?<-e. <>nr i!?y of ra.'h wcrti is *ft apart by the Washington S-cbuetr' n Verein l'?>r prize dn?ot in.: and >* wlirir. Th'? week the following pr rs- *er? won :it bowline: 1st. Wm. Fe miner; Id. .'. 1.11'|: .*t. IS. K. Wn?ia tit. At -hoo'lng; 1?f, W p- hrei -: ;"'l. H<"iry Will; Jd, A. Koch, ami 4th. -lobn Aogcrman. Ti.e | .l.'ic s?-|.i,o| teacher* propose to hold a ?e*t:i:K n< *t N itntilav, in order to a-eertain. if less.1,1, wkrn tkry arr tobe paid. At present ihey do ict look on the pn Kptvt as hopeful, b'.it think :?n effort :n thnt direct-on Mav do some ge??;. a? the territorial legislature wilf meet on the Jtst instant. and may j rohably aid the U acker* t tin't .v-e 1-e fairly stated. J In re are now tliirtv agr?f and infirm inmate* r.e-v heme i'f the l.ittle Si-ter* of the Poor, ri ? < n*lv opened in St. A loyal us' parish. %>ne is ninety-live years of age, ami several of both sexe< are over s' xty vp?r> ol<l. The present wing of t!?e building will accommodate about ratr p<?* r penjile. When the other win* i built '..i ward" of one hundred can be provided lur. Librrty Council, No. 2. Son* of .lonadab, in ?alle?l fhe following oflleeiron Thar-i;?Tnighf; V H. Folk, patriarch; W. Phlppo, pa?t chief; W T. sparrow, worthv chief; H <?. < arrother?. <i< puty chief; \V. K. l'la?-e. recording secretary; >1 Ureer, tinaacal aecrctarv: M. Arena, t#ea?urer; F. (lotrcke, gaide; U.S. Ilondinot. ins? e watchnaan; .J. F. IfrobiiiMin, outride tntdinan. OilcmofSL do-eph'- orphan A*y!nni iiave bet-n rie?->?l lor the e:i?'uii?; t? rni ;is follow*: Kev. .1. A. Walter, |>r*.?:dent; Kev. F. E. Boyle, yict !>r??ideiit. Michael ilret-n. treasurer, (let. secretary. Mr. Andrew J -lovee ? i etortxl a director in place of Mr. Willi im 11. Want. re-ijeii,d. The remaining m>'iul?*rs ot tiM b<jar4 of director* are; li^v. B. F. Wi^'t. A. E. F'.'rry. Ni<hn)aa Calif'. i'?l ?lohn T. Urman. This a?>l im pro\idr* t.?r nearly one lurdrtd >i|ilan liovi. ainl is under t!.i iluiM 4iatc ch.irgt: of tli?' Sifters of Mercy. A fihastly Jol?f. or a I*?utl Innler? 1HI KAlr AM) K AC K <>K A MAS fOCSU ??> TH K I Ai'lTcL i-Bi'lMH. II1 F. H. Snlliran, alio ie?.*les on New-Ii r **? \ an nne ?ot thea?t. while p?Hstng alou^ the M.n'h ?..!t o! ttie I'apitol Kr< >ulitis this nioritiug. ai-ont ?; o'clts k, nn-t a colored mnn, wlio 111 tornxd him that Hii're nv aomethinff bloody ahim' th,-re sin! going to the stone coping a bo: it midway < i the .~"Uih circle he found the fory fnce aaUi M-xlp of a white u<an, with the wars ai <1 toiijtue. < fhcers I ? ?i.- aiwl Auldrid^e were iiiforntrd of t' .ii- ov rv. ni: I took charge 01 the horrible relics. The ha :r on the s. alp ? ? Wi'Mu. and the eye* light |.i*ie. Wiien t!.?* >hin wa- placed over a block the features niigl.t have K >-n easily rf.i'LHiifd by ao <)iiaintiiic? > of r'.e ?leeease<l. it is supposed to be part of a mnti'ated l >xly from a direct ing r- n, atid t'i it s-'ine one wa? taking it aw.i*.. with oilier rem . ns. to bury it. h it g<>;n?j up t'..p-tol Hill. t!i> y, tor tliv? porjs'-H} ol uiai? iiiiC u<>tli?r murder - tuition, tiirew out ttie |K>rti>-ti foi:!id, <which was wrapped with ? r.''Bi?.?-r ?f rapers.i ami halloed '?murder" an : ??poli?-e." which crie> were'i< ird by two yoanjr girl? liTin : on Maryland aeenue, who inform ii tl, , ?> r- . t' the fact. Ii "ii* i- n.>. the perpo tiator 1 (>uhl be severely deait with. I?r. Pattrrsoo the coroner, took charge, .f tli" scalp, and at |M>lioe h' .a<i'|iiart?r* several |>er mhi> *?.-!?? str.i. k .rIi ri?i-'arit* of the fc.l ti.r? - i-j tlie-e ol Frank iiaba, the drover, who wa- n? rdere?l a?M>nt a wet k a.-o. Tiie affair created eonsiderable excitement this morni:ig. aiui it ? i< m i long t?et? re the rumor was in rireolattoin thrvngn<>nt the citv tiiat another horr:l>!a murder hid been com ml t ted, and tlie spot w! er? the scalp and face had been found was v isit? d by lar^*- iiuiulH-rs ol persou*. as we also ti.e f.rst prteinct .-ta iou. to whicu thoy wtittaken. ? Tut ?'as?; ir WitMAX I*. R' TT -.r. Tin Aim ki> i.' Sa ivuLkf.-J *1 II it ? <?! i'omi '?! 11. t .I' liiii //?'?.? llt-fen nee li b? e? m .dc in Thk Stac t'lthe ense of William P. Butler, formerly of Washington, who ha- 1 bru arrest d in S-.w York on th?ehar^eo? j obtaining money by representing kiia^if as 1 cotiBeet*-d with certain firms in this city. Th'.' >tw York H'rald of yest.?r?tar contains the following additional particulars of the case; "Tw* additional complaints were entered yes terday agaii.-t William P Hntier. of Wa-'n'ng ,|on. r>. t. Mr.W'llllui Mills, of No. T Warreii strfft, cautf forward ami identified B'lMer as thrsAiue man al!?"g,"-s. swimlle,! hitn out of on the lf'th of April. l-C". Mr. M:!s -were that the p-.-oner came to hi- place of ^.?S^tess on that day nml represented himself ; as tieorgf Bate* Savage- eon of .lo-s*ph I. Sav age, 01 the iii m of Thomas 11. Bat-- & Co., |i?i. 1>-treot. Wa-hington. 1>. C. The | seudo tirnnir Savag*1 told Mt. Mil - that he wished to make me clianyes In an order winch had been sent frm Waahington a few days tw4ore. Mr Mills had recelved an o'der from the lion-e of Bates a Co., and he was then lore conrtaced that the young man was a genuine Siva v. After making the required changes and add ? tions the -eioti of tlir h"'i>e ot Savag'* sitg g? st? d to Mr. Mill- that he bad run short of luotuy during hi- stay iu New Y?r!i. and w^"'' ? I>e very much obliged if Mi. Mills would cash a draft for him. Mr. Mills ac.,nieseed. knowing the t.rm to l?e perfectly res{stnsible. aud *?'? was given the jimnt man on a sight draft ?Iran 11 To the order ol Thomas H. Bate- \ directed to Mr. Joseph L. Savage, and siguesl tieorge Bates Savage. The dra't proved to l?e j a lorgery. and Mr. .loseph I.. Savage cairn' on ?-'.iii^ton yesterday, appeared be for ? *ro?<> .. ? . ' denied all kuowledg# of l -ji ^e Powllr g ?"?? v I?>mediately mier the Mills' compH'nt art otln r victim- eame forward-a firurt. niar?^r ol tW hou-? I* ,VY ' x , & Co.. r. ail-It; Ihaobors street. ?A.-cordiw u> Mr. Bruff> n!W?lavit tlir ^llli vTi r. Butler, al.a<- R?II. Reed, al- - Owge Bates j Savage, cam" into the store on Xorem ? 'r 11. IsT'j. and represented IrniseTi on that occasion a- Walter K. Sarage. n *i?hew 01 Mr. .losep 1 !.. Savage, of Wa?hinc?wi. He foul alniut sairn? ?ti?rv as he told to Mr. Mill-a vear be fore. tt at he wanted to purcb is.- -?me go-?! an.i he dUI purchase a large quantity of ?t-'-. which was -hipped to Wasaingfon. 'in leaving the store h4 said lie ?.<? ^0111^ h'?nie and * 1 short of m>nev. a' I Mr. fir *! r i-?i".f a draft for him for ?"o. All the pari.e- connect i ?* I. the ?lliferent ca-es were in rvitl and m ?do tft' ir several aflidav its aga'i-t t!i pris-.o.. r. a'id ?Jidge Dovllr.g com it itt' d Ii ui to answer at nirt-ra! sesi?:*>iis witlioi't bail. ? ? A F?'R* ?t* MrxisTBC (irT- Hi- IS.u k On tiir bt vi .lanuary last, a foreign in this fit, who 1 as an Aiu* r.ean w ife. and w i11 r? presi nts one ol the ??cfleto monarchies o. Suuthetn Europe, rented a handaome residence on II Street for a vear. igrceing to pav therefor the si: m of - o^ ". A ljo.nlngThe hon?e rente i is a vaeanf'iot. owned by a Phi'ad-dphian. w 11.? recently concluded to build, and that vi,-w rugagtd a 1 im'^i of worknaen to excavate for ike foundations. In so doing it w as necessary ? tornn a f? 'ce Utwceii the m'ni-ter's re-idenci ar>?l the vacant lot. ami th - stem- to have .?,? miuuvid the minister that he notiiied the ag -nt irvau w fioai he ha?l rented the property that he considered tue Contract violated, and sho il i taratr the premie- on the 1-t proximo, when be would pav four mouths' rent, first deducting a bill for damages ?Inch he proposes to uinki out on account of the injuries he ha? sustained from the baiUling operations ad join, tig his resi dence. The up-';ot of the matter Is that the agent from whom the mfnlsvr rental the prop erty will be forced to allow ttu latter to act as joittfe ami jura in the matter, and accept what ever he is offered in the wav ot rental, a- no civil process can iseiie against the representa tive of a foreign government. METROrOLITA* PKIk-BVTKRlA!f C*C?Clt. The annual meeting of the congregation of tbi* church was held on Thurs.lav even.i,g-i;e.. Faton in the chair, and E. H. Knight. aeere tarv. The tr,-asurer. Mr. J^nsa. submitted bis report, sliowing the church to be in a healthy roiiilltion fiiiXiMmlU. TUe of th? P1^!01"* Iter. Mr. Chester, whs raised to ?3,'aiO. Tae trustees were authori/.ed to purchase au organ. Mean. Bohrer. Tennev and Jones were elected trustees for three yeais; Parsons. Zimmerman, ami McGowan fur two yeai"?, and Glllia, Wd Urd. and Spaiks lor one year. Th* Boar.n or riti co*m--i05Hi m*t last Bight, and the secretary wasdlre?*ted to adver tise requesting all parties holding bills against the deiartnient up to the 1st ot April to present theni fielore the next meeting of the board. 1*- The use ol an obi hose carriage was *ra:it<d the Wh district dub lor u-? In the P"0 o viol, at the etuabeipaliou ctl-bratiou on the instant. A communication from a fb-orpe t wn merchant, inclosing a copy of a jiadgnaent aeainst one of the ui-nihers of the deparfneut. aS *?k;rg the board take s. me action in tL?. case, w;vslaid over iu:i>rm.?:<y. CN TRIAL FOF2 HiS LIFE. : i? e ?,*nr. or tom wrisiit. Tl;e Killins of K?srr?]ii (hr PHdlrr. l,r?rfo?fillils in ?be ( rtminxt Court. Yfrtf !?>??, after our report of the trial of 1 L. i.Wriitt on hi indlctnifut oh ? hiia with the ninr^r ci .Samuel Kogerski, the ped dler, ? V>Mt)? i -'? M.' {.V recalled:-Witness found li ti'fhe? iL?r i' ? Lo one under tbe bed ??%? I * ura*er ln back room. rte , y A '?ART OF THIt HKAL?? t. flit+x,jnn re-caileil ?Witiif?? uro ired a portion of the face of deceased the one flt^he ?oWC'Vhaf th? h*t,b?t-?** smaller the'iuJv precisely, and exhibited it to Bn*!! Vi #Ri<1 the scalp bad been asked tor. chin *'tuess readily produced the Up and I >r. Hartigan?Well, all above the neck is t>.e head amou^j medical ni^n. Mr. Henkle then-retteratcdl the point made yesterday. that the indictment referred to *' !?'-s0,1 tl"' head and not the face, and a?ked that the testimony be stricken out. Judge MarArthur said that he admitted the testimony the previous day With a view tohlen instrument "sed, and, while he was ln? lined to the opinio* that It was admimable to T ?ri'^V .ni?ea Jth<> wonn<lK on ""?* face or '\?Ji h would not decide the question a? to the .ri . / included in the term bead. 1 he defence noted an exception. I?r. HartigaM reamed, an.l exhibited pert ">ns ?<,i'rto e.JU,r-v' *IK| **Plained that the the hatch^? t0 ,he aize of the b!i4,lc t. i 7*"t,!n7fY Ff,R THE r>rrxx( e. 1 his closed the evidence in chief. The defence -tated that they would not in, ke anyopening statement, and called ?? who teetiried that he <lm V, lf L\r I 0y"i''r wbarf about * o'clock on rn,n8 before the murder; he w.? standing around waiting for a lob- saw- >nn again about A o'clock in the evening,^d left hint at the wharf when witness wentlioine. J/vyuir*, sworn:?Witness know Wright about a year; had seen liim at times a. a th*^or*b??t lw? years; saw Wright on the Monday before Christmas on F street l?o tween -nh and loth streets, at a place kertf Vv a man named W illiams; witness was at Williams' \hi%me.m 9 tW V- ?'ciock; Wri*U ^cre all Cross examined:?Was serving a term or'3fi days in jail for stealing a box of figs *,"J Lu, ? KK-s- wit* not convicted, but sent to jail sirap'.v th^r,'"hm!i"' 5fi' 'I1'1 fl,e '",wer (o send him ' Ht Wi,,iam~'i>;ue v*r> a.?VneVrmweTl ,,neW WSW,at?a *Ith Wri8h' j'r c. r i v.r sworn:?Witness has praetlcod myllcii'e for th.rty two v, ars, and is president of the board ot health. A hatchet such as tHa exhibited would, it use.! with jjreat forrs bv a n.u.-cular man, be apt to break tli-? skul! ais! ljenetrate the brain, but it would depend m?m 'hetorteot the blow, lie examined the pre wiVV 1 . "pVr''ki- a,ul s:4"1 the woiuids )<>ok like wound* inflicteil by a moilerately share instrument. They mu,t bi made by such w, instrument as that hatchet, (shown.) with !t at.?;lf or corner. Warmth continues in the bod\ after death according to the character of the ^ a younp healthy person mlirht be warm Joi:?( r: it sometimes deperded on the teiu'>era .nr<- ot the surrounding atmosphere, the limit being trom hre to twelve hours before the b"l v gr< * entirely cold. 3 TLe court joljourncd. t'ourtli pay, J his nun ing the Uial ? i* resumed, and, a on jesterday at the opening,the court-room w.?? not crowdcd, but few being admitted by the bailifts, though tLe number gradually mere** d. V ri-M w.-is brought into court at a lew nuuut?? to tr) aj fn .irctl to be in a much more ^eri e-.v n.c.d than heretofore iluiirg the trial. He talked ?iuietlv with tl*?- officers t) the eourt ftou-e. making but one remark on tiie w iv Tii jury came m and took tluir seats promptly at Kn o clock, when the court was open<-d. Tilt EFFORT T.? PR..VE A> ALil'l. The deiense called- , / ri?.w!,o t. M ? fo having seen Wright on the .'id ..i l?ee.*nii, r n. his i witness , !are of business, corner ot -1 . , *? "tteets southwest, between nine and i n 0 ? iv? k in th** lnoruiu^. * ross-exaaiin.d:?V.'right conversed ;-t f ' >? time about 1 warding with witno-: bo was tLi , al.? ut three-ioui tUs of an hour. ' (r.'t-f**w?rn:?Witness lives ou r .. tr<?.>t r \ n " v iitiht: saw li:ru on th-^ Mon lav b. luri-in, is, about d..ik. at Mr. iHiuhard'V res-uiitfant, (corner I ?, aial K streets soutb It,-. ,rpt IP. r. /AW ,ion sworn :?Witnesji *5* det.iKlai t at I! aeon's drugstore on tU -17. n 01 tnh'U i last, lie came in ioi tr. atme ,t ?t -i Kiu.-l.ot wound in the lower portion oi the left thi^h. lie h;id ou light pants. / i. H. I ;t*r sworn:?Witness lives on 11th aii d H streets; knew Wrigh, in Xorth far .li. ? " itiKSS went to that state :n December Is ? at.d "hoith after his arrnal Wright m ?d^ ar.Iuairitanee and entered hi. (n.tues.-' - ho . right entered as M years Of age. OF TilK V K'?K Sill: DEFKNSE. '|en. llenk!e ->aid tliij h^uJ o:?t Other w.i m ,? C> iton l?orsey. Mr. Harrington said he perhaps wyuld admit " ?'t I>orsev w< tild swear to. t.* n. Htnkle.?ile told mc that he would -Tt ir lha: ' went to Deinliardt's about d:u k and i - iua:titu eiad , o'chn k, thai l?e s ?w V. r it th* re, but ito! know how Ionx lie t W 4 - ma;ned tLcre. Mr. Harrington?Well, I'U admit that. n. lienkte eiiid they wouid then Mli. UAUK1XOTO.N S TOli ThL PRn-. ? ? , ECCTIO*. Mr. Harrington said that he would close, and he proceeded to state that he would give the iestinioiiv of the woman?Mrs. Wo-Ms?tj t'i4 ury. and would relv on the circumstances sur roiitHling the ea?e-tiie peddler leaving hom-5 ar!> in the morning; his having be-n seen to iO into the hou.-e. irom which he never cam jut alive; the bio.*l about the hou.-e; the rind ngol the imu JUK-nt witu which tie deed wa? lone, Jke. . Gen. Heiiklo stiegrjtcd that the prosecution iiouid cover the case. Mr. IIai liagton haiti that to far a- be was con rt riiKl lie was willing to subnet tlie castf with jut argument. 1 he Court thought the prosecution s'-ould nve the Ueteiijc the beuvht ol all on .vhieii hev w.,uld reiy. Xr. Harrington proceeded to address the iiirv, first sj>eakitig on alibis, quoting from \V.T*-> old edition 33, (new edition) 1*4, an.l cont, i,d xig that the proot should cover the whole n... rtod. He reierred to the tact that the defene > iad proved three distinct alibis. Mr. Harring ton stated that he was feeling unwell, and wis iot able to read the authoritfe*. JiTt yoe*kU ~WeU' Mr" Harrington, I will Mr. Harrington?I'll be obliged fo vo-i, Mr. Henkle. f "d't * >11 do you more good than auv Hher. Hetikle theft read the authorities. Mr. Harrington proceeded to argue that the IhmIv was that ot Kogerski, and referring to th* ijiiestion &s to who killed him, he said that the witness Wood was an unwilling one. wko rn'.g .t have been indteted a- an accomplice, for she a< know leiiges that such she was after the fact. Her testimony was corroborated by the finding ot the pack where Tom said he had put It. a'-o the bodv. the shoes and the instrument, and her testimony is continued by the failure vl Ueli'n-t> ant to contradict her. lie read from 1st Wiiar ton.TJT. the celebrated case of I?r. Webster. w Uo w as hung uj>ou the identification of a set of feetli. Mr. II. sa.d that he supposed the defen-e would argue tnat the deceased was killed late in the da\ either on the commons or in some other house: but he would claim that it was in the house ot \\ right, which the peddlur enter.-it with his pack and a small yellow trunk, lie would argue mostly on the circumstantial e-. i ik i re? \\ right having goods fr?m the peddler's pa -k. his failing to account tor them; his confes sion to Margaret Wood: his leaving the room in which Bembry, was to carry out the body, A.c AEtJt MtXT K">E THE UEFEXe E. Gen. Henkle. at ll::t% o'clock, commenced his argument, stating that the defendant was a I <i>r and illiterate man. without means, and Mr. ingersoll and himselt appeared in his bo half without fee oi reward. It was true that a man had been killed. It had been said that the defence would try the case ou technicali ties. In trials ot treason and homicide there are technicalities. It was the duty of the gov ernment to prove every element, and to prove guilt beyond a reasonalde doubt. The defend ant was charged with the murder ot Samuel Kogerski, and he (counsel) submitted that it had not been proved that the bodv found was tbat of Kogerski. No witness had sworn that it w as his body. If so. let the witness rise. Mr. Cohen, (on# of the witnesnes, near the marshal's desk.)?'?Here they are; I am one.*' ; Sensation.] Gen. Henkle?That witness was not a?ked the queetou, and he showed by his testimony that he had but Uttle regard tor the truth. [The Court directed Mr. Cohen not to interrupt the counsel.} The letter tor envelope) has been re I- rr? d to as identifying the body, but he would ask. could a simple superscription of a letter be taken as proof that the bodv was that of the man named'.' It is tme tbat "there wae a body fruiKl: that the wounds indicated that he did not commit suicide. Could they say that the defendant committed the act? May he not have been killed in a light with an adversary? Could they say that the defendant had premed itated the crime? Dr. Hartigan says the hatchet fits the wounds, and he (Hartigan) seems very zealous in hi* effort* to convict the defendant, but the wounds do not in his (counsel's) opiuion lit the hatchet. They were Invited to believe that this man, who is said to be a Hercules, in I road daylight made these wounds, which a mere child of four years has strength enough to make. Why. some of these wound* did not pen etrate the aktn. hardly. The brain in some is very sr.rt? softer than mtisli?and bis and the funis minds must be soft, indeed, if they be lb ve that tb's strong man inflicted the blow. G? i> Henkle refertLd to the tracing of b!o<d by Mr. MeDivitt, who works up his ease well, 1 ar.i *!?. frtsr.i! nr with !. -r. h?n?e it was ?'* Mr. VcDcvi't had li- theory. and. war.ttrg to convict h> v: f.m. Lis nothing f> ?|\? Th?f was mor<* b:??! found. | MflJtvitt '.et it Out unintentionally. that th 'ffl j was a se<o?d trail 01 hloo-!: b'it, ; tlie damage ho had done, he i rwa to ir.ike amends by To!nnt?Cflii^ the statement that some one told him that a parties" uim! hul Mni This ?t?tcaent is rj I evidence. Gen. Hankie further argued that the blood near Dth street was a part of the trail ot blood from the body; an J referring to the | testimony of t'oln'n, he dtnied tha* he hul idw I tibed the goods of deceufil bovon 1 th'" shadow i of a doubt- He admitted that the pack w is found in the wood-bouse, but did this fa*t point to the prisoner? There were other par tie* at the House?the woman Woods, her son. Bembry. and IMn Cartwright?a*k] any other party t ou!d have carried the pack into the ?hed. Gen. llenkle referred to the f ict that the bow .-aw the deceased go into the bouse, but the government had not -hown that the deceased did not come ovt aeain. At this point a reces* was taken. AFTER REi ESS. >n re-assembling Gen. llenkle resumed his argument, and referring to the evidence as to the socks, (odd ones.) found on the prisoner corresponding with those found in the pack, he claimed that they fthedefence) had satisfactorily accounted for the socks he had on by proving by the woman that he purchased three pairs of socks troin a female pedler tlie week before. Even had they not accounted for the socks in that way it may lie that the woman gave him the sock> he had on. They had not proved how many socks were in the pack, nor had they shown that th?"?e ?o<*ks had not been put in the pack. Since the homvide other parties than Mr. Harrington have been preparing evidence, and it may he that these socks may have born slipped into ti e pack to be u.-ed as circumstan tial evidence. He did not make thi* as an assertion, but to show the Jury what may have been done. <;? n. llenkle fhen called the attention of the ur\ to the tare of the prisoner. IL> was not the human monstrosity the newspapers [ :t.i*.-*! htm. In the language of a dating'.tshed tuern '?? rpt the bar, he had the features of a p-ire African. He was not a fool. and he urged th it ii the prisoner was the girlty party he would have been a ion! towiar the stocking* taken 'rom tlit* park arotii:?| where the officers wore exaiuin the locality of the liomic'de. The "hoe- wa> next referred to. Wright told the detective where the shoes (the ol<! on?-s^ had been left. Would he. if guilty, have sent the otiiccr aitci the evidence to he used against Mm. llrre wrre '-the blood\ evidences of crime (holding up th- shoe), which th<- papers call it, with a spot or two his friend Mel>evit? says he thinks is Motwi^ but he (the speaker) could not tell whether they were of blood or grease. Something had been said about b'oo?l on the pants, but they had not proved that tliev w ere \\ right s pants. The bloody hrick was in troduced. and it was fair to presume tnaf thev had taken tlie on.- showing the most blood; but he could not say it was blood, and there wa no pns?r that it was blood. At the Police Court Mr. MoPevltt said he would have the s;. >ts analyzed, but they had produced no expert to te.-tifv, mirdoesit ap|iear that tlie s,,.,ts wer? sn emitted t?. a chemist. He liap; en d to know that an e\t>ert had be?-n summon .] , i?r W-j id ward \ hnt when the things were shown him. tlie doctor could not discover traces of blood. .Mr Hairington?No, sir; he -aid that in the little t me allowed lnui he eoul I not 111 (ke the an a! v.Ms. Gt n. llenkle then proceeded, sa -in; th ?? th< re were no traces of bloM in the ot >s.~t. Mr. Harrington ? Ifow thi you k'tow.* Gen. Henkle? I know it. for 1 examined it. !\'r. If. ? were not sworn. <ien. II?No; I was counsel. Mr. H? So was I, and 1 would have swori the oth?-i way. WRIOHT T!!I?CKS TT A Ot>nn toKI!. Gen lit nkle continued, saving that Mr. II ir r ngroti !*e!g!:t a ? to examine a hair fo i ? on toe hatchet. hut it w -is on the large one, and that hatchet had been placed in the lire. This little linir eseap, d; it w is f,>, small to burn, a:. j -o has been pre* rved in a little piece of veilow paper to this day as one of the dam.iiii* -vi lence# of guilt. (Laughter, in which \V. ght jOUltti ) Wftl ? H I R LITTU VAItlW. Gen. II. t..?n ?M tken were tm hal l 4iid holding up the sniill on1, sa d t.i t I>r. v. as oi the opinion ; 'i:it that iv is tlie one with which th 'deed was don?. K.jr h'I 'je I-new . It was the little hat. hot wi;l, which ?,e;i \\ ashil.'gt.'ii cut t'te cherry tree. ?fudge WacArthur.?And therefore cauu>t tel! a lie. On. II. ?.i? still -peaking when o ir r iiort rlos?'f|. Mr. Ilarrtngt in will close, ami it is probable V"; r"J- "egi\eii to -Ik jury about ; , or a o cloi k. * Till: TRiaosTKR during tte ent re da\ . omlnen d himso'i niu th n.ore M-riously thw heretofore, and his cou i U'nanrc wore riore ??i h *oirnjri look tlutn -nice h.s iniar*4 i at ion. During tin* reoi^ he little with the poli^einen as to tli?* furors, but ?t ?l suit >how his umisiI des:re to speak is <??i f.r^vitoiM days. So nmcb l as hi^ demeanor iMiigfu, tl?at it wa> remarked aint comment***! "ii by all. hile the argument was in p.-<> ?r, .. nK'ii -at most of the time with his head on 'i- hand. .*H)king directly at thesjieak r. H\ EI'T.'tiRs HAVIJIil BEES TAKHN during the tri ll, these wd! have to be acted on ?? tore i in caif the judgment is in favor of the go\einnient' the sentence of the l:vw i- e v . .i nto ett'ect. I his bill of c\c prions will goto he i.ourt in t>-r.cra.? Term, which will n?xt m-et on the 3<! Monday cf this month, (21st in-!.) The Bonribof >f caltb. '.Ar.BAi-H-ATAORAKT WATU.V ;|Lt SET F1PHISO?SMALL-roT-BAU ;4^r. At a meeting ot the board of health \.u night, a bill ol tor vaccine luaitcr ?a;' jrdere I ;p he paJ.i. Df. uius, irorn tLc sanitary police C001ia'ti<!>, teportcd that THE *rtBn (i ARRA<>K TART been conipb'ted and put into successful oi - illation. It wa.- found in all respectf adutirahly ad a | ted to the purpose. The box or reoep iarle lor the garbage is of boiler iron, coated inside villi asphaltum, and will hold 1,700 pounds, which is a sufficient load for anordi itary horse. The cost is about $Vi?consider ably chiuper tiian the ordinary cart heretofore used, ?l il i*>??cs?os all the <|ualities desired, as it completely prevents the escape of offensive ??mells. It was thought by the committee that the Iiiatnet would say; 3f?-jW9 lUyu? IVftWabv its use. He recotiimended that the l.oard re luest the Governor to order a sufficient number loi tlie use ol the garbage gatherers; adopted. A rej.$rt iryui Coroner i'liitcrson was read, ?how ?ig the Kl'.VBBR OK DEAD BODIES viewed by him lor the month of March to be 'en. A complaint, signed bv atntiit sixty citi zens of the northwestern part of the city w is read, setting forth the annoyance they are sub jected to by the STAOKANT* WATER XriSAHTCE between litli and Ibth and s and T streets, and requesting its abatement; referred to the health uftker. A communication from Dr. C. M. Ford was read, informing the board of damages to the ?mall i>ox hospital by the recent high winds, ?nd asking for some action; referred to the Governor. I>r. Bliss reported a nuisance existing in the vicinity of the depot of the Baltimore and Po tomac railroad, on t>tli street, caused bv-ta^ nant v atcr between the ties, from the defective grading; rtl'vrred to the health ofljc^r, CILL NET Pi^myo. ' Mr. I.angston, from the committee to whoia was referred the memorial presented at the last meeting by the 1'otoniac fishermen, requesting the board* to pass an ordinance to discourage tlie fishing by gill nets, and to instruct t?: r :-i spector of marine products to oondetnu ? . iV.--li ?had and herring brought to tbis n. r t after the 1st of June in eai-h year, report tiiat aff r due consideration of the subject, they submit that the l?oard ha* no authority to prescribe rules tor lishing; that so far as the m.inorialisti seek to prevent the catching of shad and her linqj after the 1st of .lune, that tb<?v bring the subject, by petition or otherwise, to the atten tion of the Legislative Assembly, ami ask said l?ody to adopt such action as in its wisdom may seerii to be practicable for the protection of the fishermen; adopted. He also reported in rela tion to the matter of giving away articles of M VKIATED l!EDI>!NU and other clothing to poor persons to compen sate them for tlie loss of such articles which the board had been found uec?*.-arv to be destroyed that they lind no authority in the organic act or by subsequent legislation giving the board th? power to distribute such property, and recom mends that* the persons III qi est ion seek reiie' of the Legislative Assembly by an adequate ap propriation; adopted. Mr. I.angsfou moved that the report of the sanitary nolice committees on the reorganiza tions ot the board i>c made tie- special order at the conference meeting of the board on Wednes day night next; agreed to. Mr. Langstoii, from the ordinance committee, to whom was-ret erred the bill submitted at the last meeting by I>r. Verdi iu relation to 1 IIK SALS or rot-Nil MEAT in our markets, reported that said bill should not be passed tor the reasons, first, that the subject so far as the board has authority and B>wer Is fully provided for by the act passed In ay, 1*71, to prevant the sale of unwholesome food In the cities of Washington and George town; and the act passed January, 1812, by the Legislative Assembly to prevent the sale of un sound and blown or unwholesome meat or other articles cf food within the cities of Washington ami Georgetown, and recommends that the board Institute proceedings against offenders under the laws referred to; adopted. ' Holt Wkk.?lo-morrow, being Palm Suu dav. will be appropriately observed In the Catholic and Episcopal churches, the services being commemorative of the triumphant entry of oer Blessed Saviour into Jerusalem. The ceremony of blessing and distributing the palm branches in the Catholic churches takes place at the late service to-morrow. Next week is lloly Wetk, and the services throughout are cliaracteiixtd by much solemnity, commemo rative of the Passiitn and suffering of our Ked?emrr. The following Sunday is Kaster, ub< n the lesurrection is celebrated with joyful -tr\lces. A BROTHER'S FATAL STAB. BTATH OF JOH3S K l\E. TIjo n uiiu?l f nfliriwl hy Mi. ln.rl Kan? Prove* MoriAl. Thi? rcorn ng word riveitftl tt the flr-t preelret station-bouse of the death la?t nigt t, at 1 rovidence Hospital, of Mr. John Kane, who, remembered, wa?su:>bed bv his broth er. Michael Kane. with a butcher knife, in the n?'i?e ot their father, oti It, between vi and i <' ?treets southwest. on the evening of the ii'*h oif Much, between the hours of 7 and 8 o'clock. ?k- ww sent rhe coroner, who set about ha? heenaratl>>llS ,< r an inquest. There '"V* VY?TERT reKrfvIrl r.'?h t,"<' Ca*> from th* f*rt ?hat the i ?'e r'arTy have steadily declined to , , intorniation a* to the nature of the lhS broU,^rs Of tfie where ^ ? *' ? who ma<1'*lli* escape unme .hatelv after inflicting the fatal wound, since which nothing has been heard of him bv the authorities. Dr. Hi fey was called in to attend the wounded man and found the stab in the shoulder quite deep, nearly severing a larre artery from which he (Kane) nearly bled to death in a few minutes. The flow was at on.-e stopped by the physician, the patient being \ery weak. I>r. Riley at the time expressed I'-ar* that a secondary"hemorrhage might oe.-tir riit^y^itm whuh ca c aU * the wofm> rJIVl*. natwl that.a union of the arterr lir artificial means was in*|Mtssihl<) witlio-it ;i -ev?-r# surgica! operation, which, feom tho prostrated resnit ei't the, ,'a,7>m- if ? feared would nit tat.tllv. In order to insure iiece>sarv anil n,,rs'nS t'"' brents of the young m had him it moved to Providence hospital, where lleved^^'1 ".-k! Usf '"^'.when dea'Tires lieved him ot his sufferings. Deceased wa married something less than a year since to

, -A Yorwo < ipsy niRt., daughter of Crabtree, the gipsy chief a il all were living in the ho is- of the fatY-r .?i the two brothers. The wife of thcleccwel. i rathtr fine-looking woman, was a few week* chin otliVuref i ll0r fir't b?r". ? fine m le child, and she is in great distress at the tragi ii late ot her husband. * ,l! Michael is represented to b-of Mir complex ion, drops his eyes wli le talking, and is of a ver\ passionate (Imposition. Tl??? ? olore.l PnM(( Kchooli. MFKTI50 op TilK NEW HOARD OK TRI'MTEM? tr,w.r,?eti,,K.of.,tb* ,">ar'1 ?r colored school nU'ht Wa> at the Sun"?er building iast _., r0,'' } asll?n. trom the committee on hy-l^w* on he' thirdu-"* /,rovidlnK for >t ited meeting. ",'ri5 third W ednesday ol each month; pre scribing the order ot business and the duti'-s oi offlcersand of the standing committees Th. report was adopted and ordered to be place.! in the hands ot the superintendent, to be incur porated in the annual report. Mr. A. Lewis ottered a resolution thit the sn permteudent examine the high schojl rei..* ?ts condition, cost of running the sam - .,,,! r.? port to the board; adopted. ' 1 re~ The president announced the following c*vn mittees:?Teachers and Text Books?Va^on Pope and Lewis. School frnldin. s and Su? P; rs- dtvder.Ferpux.naiid Mo .-.ha II. A.msou Vashon!",Ua 11('ll0!"t Woriuley, Lewis ??.! ? ai-i-lieation of-Tames II. I'rceman for t'i ferred P 01 Snmiier building was re Mr. Kjder offered a resolution <lirectint? tin t-easur. r to withhold tie- ,..iv:u. i.t o! any b ?; until authorized, and thai the val ines t i. ^fopted. a" Ja,"tur* ,1HV0 I'reeetlM.ce nrowa* rceeived from J. IT . i a proposition to t.uild a w about the Sunnier building; referred Mr. Ijyder moved t!:at i eomm it'ee be in I pointed to wait on the proper authoriti s i. i ;i-"f.rtai,i when i ? ,i v could he obtained tor. ?; I 'n. tencher*; adopted, and ^f ? r ? l* i W .?iiulev and FerjfH*?n were appoint.,'!. - Wormley said that he had reciv <1 a ,t tr.i'u the wan tar,. lu"t r! lit, ?n| llli,, reP*?>'-<l tlie resol if' jr iding roc a lite-Mr.-d jsjrfrad of !fon ('? ?l n, vrr- o!'' ho;,rtli.i lOrder d t'.i- Pietur. and he, as the committee a i?oin(. d, had alrea l? contracted for the painting of the same audi"; V OKid be c>uiplf te<! i-,1 ?1..,UC lolir months, c<?n se?iui ntly the resolution would have no e-nvt wha.ew I. I his ,,u su.,u was disenssedat^om lentjh, during whi. h Mr. Wormlev *tat" tii'it he had gnen tne order on th.f day alter tli" t^TSSTw. ? '"<1 he in .r.'d tfi it the rest (lotion adopt, d at the last meeting be expunged. bv the following vote ? v.-as ?n.'l w I'k.r I'' " ' ? !*?Messrs. 1^^IVill I? 1 ... r? Ferguson. ai?d the president. ' ' op<-'. *iT- ''V^nior.J that the school* be cl ?^-d oil I tie-day and Wednesday, April .3 and l agreed to. Adjourned. 1'' Washingtoni Marketsi-The Riillu^ ^ rrivvfi IiMlay. "* i (P'^rtfr li'iimp j 2f>V'>*5rtr % ^ . ,i ..?rl?i,.,i?-.;do., round t. P -"('J?1<j. < i-i irii'?f. I id</> ui^/. r K (o J>* ., di led beef, 2Uf$2Sc.; hams 11LM..1 iiii- ' ooj A*-. <*iich; lard, 1 ? *1 1 s? F 1.1H.?E'?ck, )5c. > ft; n^rrh 4<v V knil,i . n, 6fr\ fb(?Hlt ??i -ni ?ke?1 \ au'a ? ?' I..-"..1.jritti l, ^ Vbnnch; it.hst-.'r. l,Scy.:?S5& SMSbJEiSSI Sr.'a w-. Ida. klit iKlf., s i v oairi*r'si w.,? i. l"' ' ? jihi iurKi)*t **arh; w-htm? h-i" ?r <i V EGKTAHlr#".?P.-.tatees Trf-h, .10r. Si jw.-l ,1 1 'l1^1!F*' 2,Ma!"i6''?; eal?,-,?,?elV.w. # 1 >? kS'al ^fSk. CwKl1' lttJkT- ? * Kilts.?Apr!<?*,(.? V1118,> p..r p<., k d? Co.fkingj) Alible.; chestituM, lo:?U*- p r iiiart" !oioB?er . per .man; otmugtm, ^ ? ?.1 Ti^R ~p.,''la<h |rhiH pr:nt, 96C. 1? ttt ? choice ?'11, 48r.; lmr do., tBAUc ili;8s a? it a , 1m1, ZiHiSb\ lb r <lt *ou. * ??>>: di.efc. ??'.% &? * ' turke>"' each, ? . . .. VAHXUT. 1 'ii i. J!,<? w_h?.'le#ale market, hp fnrnUth-.l bv H II. general<.n lie r tisnts, 917 Lonisiana avenue, p.-tw en 9Mi and lUili ?treats uorthweet:?Flonr?Sneer, ft< exir-. fiimllv, SPfg corn, (SotoTO;'rj-, 65 f H?, 45Cai2; wfi-nt, Jtl.50*J: b"?ns?wliiln ?2ir?^" rX"*1.S0: ?r-en apples, y bM .! dri?d fruit?aiiuf?s, MjU: nt'ei.-d rv?>u h<? I0(o l5; nnP^e'ed do., i(itj blarkb-rr^-s, t(<C\ dried' herrieg, 15^18; cranberries, V)-td.,Al.s- n.>tat vM fr. e'iT"a's"dn?Vi(vl'lfi 'i!1UtS' hides-1 jrt eiiiO^; ury^ lifxlP, lK'eves,3^?i; sheep, ? ambs, t ?! a?j calves, 7&9; ph.-a.-anl*, A?: --feslS' ? c"2 ; ri*hbits, 42.5(1; h-re, f) Anj About lie tons of hay and straw have been sold: l*i ices as follows:?Best unalitv, ?1.70?1jW ? cwt iv'; ^r'l<juH,i,y *ir?w .T %ijl ?i.40. aw, barrels corn at S^60(al#4 V barrel lie laifchels oats at 4i><^XIc. " ' oariei. l(.v A Billy Goat's Baiuon a Pasikr An vmusingeue ot iu>sault and battery took place ytsU'Uaj VU Ujv corner of nth street aud Vir ginia avencc. Three respectable U<U?< were taking a onitt walk, dressed ill gay colors, and while in the locality named were astonish, d bv the head and horns of a billy goat coming in rontnet with the moi-t pfomlnont portion?as huh.oiis go?of the outlines of one of the prom enaders, making sad havoc of the tWinjjs. The ladies screamrdat the top of their voices as the irate ouhdruped [persisted in chasing andlltat ting them right and left. A crowd goon as sembled and among them officer John N. Ber ry, who, without the authority of a warrair, took the dilemma bv both horns, and thus re lieved the frightened ladies, who scampered oil" home to l ?pair damages. The assailant was persuaded to the 1st precinct station houso, w here be batted the boards ofi his stall before Lid wrath jmliMiled. This morning after 4 hear ing lie fore Lieut, (leas ford, he was turned over to the tender mercies of thepouud meu without security. ?' - ? Thf Presbytery of the Chesapeake re assemMed yesterday morning, with the mode rator. Rev.Dr. Mitchell in the chair. A letter was read from Rev. Win. O. Robey. colored, a tormer licentiate of the Presbytery, who had been ordained an elder in the Washington con ference of the Methodist Church, asking to be received back into the Presbytery as an or dained minister, with a view of getting up a congregation; referred to Rev. Mr. Lefevro and Elder Bradfield. Leesburg was selected as the next place of meeting instead of Poolsrille as before decidt d upon. Rev. Mr. Pitzer, from the committee on systematic benevolence, reported in ravor of the use of envelopes as a n..^ to secure stated and frequent contributions, and that eTery church session see that a contribu tion be made to each one of the objects of benevolence, and tho report was closed. M.WiLLtAM-^-^I and favorably known in thu community as a member of "f1 M *CUT# ??* ?Mrrt.C citizen, has just gone into business as an insur ance agent, as will be seen by his eard else where. His office is on 10th street, opposite the Treasury, and it is safe to predict forhima sue cessful career in his new UncT^ The FBiDE or the s/asox is WOlet JfeRnofl s spring style of gentlemen's hats. They have c?Pu!n?1 f?nrJ public, a Act estab lished by the rush to their store, 905 Pennsyl vania avenue. A visit to Willet & Raoff will >*pay, if it is only to examine their stock f Colorado Sapphire* and Cat Opals, and Alaska Diamonds set in gold, and beautiful styles in French gilt Sets aad Plated Jewelry, Jewelry store, Ko. 457 Penn. avenue! near +% st. | Mt. Veeeow BoaIo op Visitors. -Gov WalVer^of Virginia, has appointed the follow irg board ot visitors for Mount Vernon- H W 1 bonias, Robert Onld, Gilbert S. Meem Fite liugh Lee, and &. Bt li x j. TO SJ?nt\?;. Hail, cenial spring:?:, j; wj,v .0 COT> ,w^t ? Ha# Por? .i?. with hisrnie nr.I boist'ro vbmth. Opposed ttiv gentle progr*?. To r. .1* u Our land t"r< m fetter* ho impos'd so long * Or didst thou liwitafo to ii.rcrpoae '1 hy gtntle rephyrs 'gain*! his chilly blast. Fearing that he would smite the bu I.', ug ros-\ And t'reese the daisy in its lowly bed.' Put t-ion art really here at length, and ^ve Rejoice to feel thy renovating breath. .A iid Impe thy irfl'ience will increase to be 1 lie consummation soon of ex *ry good oi" thine! ?J. G'>ir?saoS'?i.">iii Burrr. Jpril 3d, 1573. ? ??rh'??Tnn? aKI Knn*TE;' At K is a ttrink which to -niT* V 'iH-hrtat*," hence its yalue hv CW .'rts V*? "I ?* manufactured ?i?. t and its ingredients are conscien ?iously examined and anah /.cd before ln inL used. We should ever encourage indu^ WW."c"',ttrt*r'*' """?J . Fatat. Attai k <>f Arf?rt.Fxv tw Tirr re7m>TTr?A ?*" <-?"*?* Wi.itm >r,? w Irom Vlr. m ' .rov;,,Vn,:e Hospital ye-terdiv from Mr*. > . lb nu s boarding house. No. 50*. h:uJ l**n taken bv some persons who picked him upon the street In .m morning he died at the hospital this a.! V.V. .r.Ll>R,EN'K is fonv ?>?'-<vnt again, wo a 1 appv to Uarn. and the Sunday *.???rt< ?a ni. ri..Tv will not onlv have its usual bright a-.d attractive budget o{ contents. but will contain teres? 01 "CW ltaturcs o1 exceeding in GEO ROE TOWN. A B-.t KiLL*n._AN.ut 5 o'clock vesferdav afttriiooii a colored boy name*! Frank !>*tle al'Oiit 1;. year- eld, while on his wav gunning S Opped at the gate of Mr. .1. Mcllamel colored wl'iile?ti '! streH ' ,to ,a k Wl,h girls, *,,.1 while thus engaged, resting his chin on t'i muzzle ot the gnu, he accidentally struck th." ?ra, aK*ll,st the gate-post, which caused the weapon to explode. The charge pas&od throu *?? liift nionth ami Knlgrd in Ins brain. Officer <'*r t< r heard the shot nn i ran to the feene an?I h ?*i the boy removed to his father V^dS^T Or "reached the day alter neon, in Hock Creek, at d?"C * Dumbarton street, f. 11 into the water lite companions gave the alarm, and called to - >:u ? men near by lor help, hut before they could r < cue h.m he was drown, d. llis l>o<lv w?? recovl No. 81 , HiuJr-:!LHT'~A1"?'1* yesterday aitemoon an m!e *ec" Mr. Sam Strong and 1 Mp- a niason, in a house on Bridge str?et. between High and Potomac. in the course oi which Mr. Strong got st.iin sevrv ft*--, which did not inipro^' Id good looks, and McArdlo kI-o shows mark* ot the conflict. L.eut. Hurley ran to the^da.-e rUtd the Vrt>ICr:il |N',k'"'" "- but wUl? Ke tr rivtd the a ft ray over, the parties having been Pej.arau^l, and >!r. Stroi >* was holdf.% !>n The d! *.?? n'llv^rr"al'?'?"* the ti. 1,1 formed bylfciSSIe a^"t M,m? H?' k ^ oittsXi i,r old gentleman is 74 veai - oM ^ * U* 1,1 Co.u. Thade?'j"h?' boa's have cor. th.i harbor wii a ..nio itis usiiiii bus* appear iiic,> t.isaI\ Tbai.k?There w.xe no ar"iiri's giaui to-dav, and tio s.iles on 'Change. ' r L? i is Maiskkt?The u tur market ?!??: n rather more activeditrine the past w,vk .;nd r a decline of prices from 25 c?nt- t i ? it. ?, r bariel or High grades. rive'i'^* I'ic amerG. H Stoat a rivc<I to-.lay trom Phila.b Jphia with - ,i > 'if-oi'i ruerchamlise. and the I ndvofthe; al ai r ved trom Norfolk: canal boat l{o;?M| ;j , , Waters. ' Lai,'ls Cculcnt lor ?eorfeo ALEXANDRIA. iim ,UiAI ! - rATK?T!ie folloT T V i i of Ur.ilisters ot r al estate in U: ? i--'V ?iv^ X!?". .V V ,or t;'? of March, ?n,1<' brick dwelling on the n?".rt)i - .1 ' 'J Ki"S.lireet' M leet 11 ^ ist o: Patrick wife to r U R: i,lClKI ,- t" A Smootaod A red vi-rVt IZ 4ut oa west side of bv ?e' on *,uX Franklin, 11 i j w.i ie? t, Hu?li Smith ? executors to Bcver!v str ' Souse aiid lot on west-side ot Pitt street. Bo feet north of Wolfe stioct. 15 feet bv P1,,?1 1 " B. F. Price and als. toV.'m. H. 1 >!.lips, sf 1,450; lot and office on south side of King strict. btUeen Columbu. and Alfred, T <1 Adam and wTfe to Kliza C. Adam, |.,t on east fide Af Royal .-treot. >?i feet north of J>nke street, Z) feet front bv 11st foet dee.. i?r*uV tu?,MO,;erI '? L- >- Loring.seW inter*.st in lot bounded bv Fairfax Poinif. - t^n, Koval and Wythe ' MrS 'jJi' k Alexander, to Mr. John W. (Jtcch * v'i' WoKUt f e? ?Ur fctr-V1' 50 ,c'1 "ortii' of e ' , t* et I inch. S l.y 1<J0 leet II mh Smiths executors, to U W. Swain. *'W- lot onthewe.-t side of St Asapli sireetflV foot " \ " ?h.T. south or Duke street, 26 feet |> ^ ?regorv and will aU ais., to F. Carlin. 1'udivMed njoiety ... lot and improvements on n. r , , ae strlu'T?. 1<,,val *?' F*? .ax strieis, _o icet i>^ inches by 10j feet deen- -i'so lot on north side Cameron street, 82 feet 3 '* ^l"1. street, .1. feet ? inchis by 1 17 feet 3 niches; also, lot on eaat side of Royal street, 11. feet *i. inches north ?.?' >"ehes north of Cameron strtet, 31 leet 5 inches by 1 feet 5 inches a'so jot on east side of Itoval sttc^t,\aZet U inches north ot Cameron street, 2 feat <> inches asMsir1- ^ Almost a Fatal Acctp^tt.?Xigbt before last a yonng??ijnamed Thoma# Beach called ^ vjipfr portion 5f oar citv. ami while there* strange noise was"heard in the Louse, w?thought by them to be made n"'?^,<,Ire to in- The young man shpyad ont hf Way of the front door, and running to hla kw?, about a square otf, got a gun and retaraMh The no-ae bad ceased i.v !**>** "jMdh^finthe loom with the gun In hi. hand, the ha2i^r cim? h, con tact with a portion of his clothing and wac ac cidentally discharged, the loadgrazlng the young lady's head, ?lightly scorchine herhair and lodging m the cefTi& above. ' A STRirr Sermon.?Last Wednesday afb?r ? ^ of hearing a iennon delivered by SMer Pennyroyal at tne corner of King and Fairfax streets. Her palpit was an empt y flour barrel; her congregation thea^em ?!r!lfreWd ??1 l<?fcrB; and her text, "Flee from the wrath to come." As she was exhorting sinners to frepent, the head of the barrel fjave way, and tht> ewter was violently thrown in the gutter. Amid theahouis and yelis ol the crowd, the ancient lady gathered" ner trsps up and departed. Thk Fismebiks?Since our last report thure have arrived at Fish town 25.000 herring, at -sk* *10; shad, 2,aoo. at ?lla?12; rock and perch are very acarce?.s*niin?l, Uut evening. CITY ITEMS. White A*n colorep Marseilles and Duck \ este, double and single breasted. Laru ? va riety, from f 2.50 to each. Oto. C. IltSMKw, 410 7th street. Call asd see in operation the most wonder tullv improved (las Burner of the age, an in crease of 50 per cent. Illuminating power, and 25 IK-r cent, lew consumption of gas. But don't buv until you see it demonstrated. On exhibition and for sale at the mantle and gas fixture establish ment of Hamilton & Pearson, V. M. C. A. Building, 9th and D streets. 4,i,ooa Families should try it. Themo?t wholesome and delicious Champagne Cider that ever come to this market. Guaranteed pure apple juice. Only 50 cents per bottle. Miller & Jones, Wine atore, 1323 E st., National Theater building. 2 There is wo excuse Tor poor Biscuits. Rolls Bread. Griddle Cakes, Muffius, Wattles, X ?.. w hen Dooley's Yeast Powder is used. Grocers ??U it. e Dr. Wistar's Wild Checry Balsaw This Balsamic compound has become a home fixture. L*t all who suffer, and have in rain attempted to cure their Coughs, Colds, Bronchial or Pul monary Complaints, make use of this unequalled remedy. It can be relied upon, the mass of testimony that has been published since its intro duction, being ample proof of its efficacy. ? Great display of state Mantels, at Hamii - T0?^Z.*AE*0*'8'Y- M- c* A. building, ?th and D streets. 8^7,^2, PowD'a Extract cures rbeumatUa, burns, pilwi, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, coli.;, lameness, braises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhoea, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond s Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a euro for these diseases. m,th.s,tf Caere* Tasks. Statuary, Fountains, Jfcc., g*"1"?* * P*ARSOit, Y. M. C. A. building 9th and D streets. 3457 (eo2; Sore Throat, Cough, Cold, and similar troubles, if suffered to progress, resu't in serious pulmonary affections, oftentimes in curable. " Brxmm't Brunekiml Tn*h?*" reach directly the seat of the disease, and give almost iiutant relief. ^ * t,th^ The ooxkumitt at urge appreelat* the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1.5 Tw fc ATMWAi S&ttvos Bamr. corner of Kew York avenue and 15th street, p ivs k i?er ct. per annum on de.mslts for each eale .dor month. Hanking hours, 6 to 4. Saturdays, ? to 4 and 6 *7U,14U? T Georgetown Advertisements. T*--3?rRESRYTERl*N ( III'K1 !l (iii'iatTiivr \, B (' ? M?*rh JS 1? J ftrMMka<iM frx-o4? bun \* i?th?Chor ?. > ?? ? ,-oir. rW i-hird ?. *t ; Rr l? -tr *. are h-r ' n Mf.?d that the ?huivk i? *1* >?' Vn 1 the lot*-. I.i. CBd that it will ???' ne.'-?ar ?>?ua?e all I. Jim Ijrn j tie tiu wi 'no it ?e\t tbirtv d?y*. B> order !?.->? HT> TUT >rr* p? ?TATOE? 1\>1 AfOKS ?no \TT.) r?R!.1 Ri??t MUSV <mk 11 H 1'i'TAl .. ^, t < i.l j-i ? ir AV-I' < * ? '" ? ? TIMi'TU* U\T (irMl-b; J O WATERS. ai l* 1?M Vakr *:?**. d"O PAETNERsHIP NOTICE. JollW H "MOOT. No. 11M Bridie* -tr. <?' . <?? *??? ^n.P (' . ha* Mwviat?<l hi* a-.n. J.P >MOOT.ln (??? with htm. omnien. inc April l?t ??>.< a i!l i MM WMltrlk* M) i? M Jt'HN H.SMOOI^A ?"N. J?>HN H. SMOOT A SON are nnv rwins ?M w ill contmn.-t>. r?cen ?throu?h i h?* arA*?>n. a ch> . a..?l w. ll-?el?.-ted M.ortn?nt of SPRINfa AND SI MMFR uOi?D:?. towhirh they incite t*i? alien i>n iWrfr'?i t? and . ti??. nser*. |a?to| J II SMOOT * *"'*? lytW SPRING DRY ??OI'*T BeautiM Dr?*?a Go-id*. In aape ??><1 mlenm'tt* ahad-a: a lari?.- ajw-rtui.-nt ..f ui .nnm ?.id l->w pr -I I>r??? lo,i?M> tr l? new Sprite P**r.*al.-?. ( ? ? i coea, and SVrtmft*; he?t mik** f ^hirtinea and SlLftiiif, imrh'ap. V* f?v~ R , K Alp*a* au.i Mi tiain, frm 2ft cenia to II IP Cwii?n? *?.| Snitirs?. f. r m?-n an-l boy*. V ? nave a l.trg-- at'\i . a~J offer ftia. Omria ???* ItKN.1 AMIS MILLER. ? 22 3m 101 Brni*?-*tr?*<t. rif-i.iwn T*I1E RI'SIl IS OVER, THE AACVMl LATKD I work all ready for delkerj; rt grettn* the onk voidable delay in the delivery ?< work ifurfTic ">f part tall, owing to the imp. -?>? 11> i I it jr ot eecnruig ahitlM workmen In "ifflclent numl"-ra. Truly thankful for pa?: favor*. ha> ,n? at pr?*.-nt a full corpe of flmt < !a?a artinni,roll every far'l t? to xrf * r* mp*l> all detua'xla, I reap, otfullj aollcit a e?.>Dtinoaiic? of tbv ?anie. W. H. W KEATLEI *S PKEMJVM STEAM DYriSO AND SCO I K IMti tSTJbLISHM t'.V r. jatilT 49 Jofferaoti ?tr*?-t. O'vrcctow-r. I?. O PROFESSIONAL. J AMKU O.CUI'UASK. K. Z. BU.v I L I. V fLEPHAKE A RRAILEY, PnoRTHAliI> RITKRti \ I.AW RKPORTRr.-* (iffirr-*.., 110 0 atrcet, b-twwu lal ?n'1 24, facti'g It'liana av?*u*. aili3l 1. |JR. NARl D. iPiiKVAl, jo!9}w^ 1614 SIXTEENTH STRKET DR. J. S. IiELAVAN," (I''?<x?r?THH PKV?ifUt. l.l-io F ?tr*.*t Office H nr?.?? U? It>, iudi mug, 3 U> ?.alt rn>. -i. 7 loD, nruiM. tnl?-lm ba>>a. J ohm r. _ _ ATTORNET AT LAW, . . ,, ""? P Tontis'a Law Kinltiiii*. " W"a*brn?rton. f?. O. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. ^ A R B . Th?* mt'l',r?ini?l r. ipctfiilly inform th> ir fri. 1: 1< anil tliw publi. ??'D-rally tnat tli-? have ?i:t? r*^1 int.> a i',.paitnT?lilp f r l!n- pur p .1 CoiMlc 'tltiK 'h~ II il K-'at?*. I. au i I ,-iir.?tn^ I>|.- lie- in tl? *' ill > f Wa-lm.8* n,in..l?-r 'h u? f ?1 j rt MAl'RY A BRoTIIKR P: n it e prompt att'-atkwtM ?H liu'iuma <uiiu?i-U to u?. ?> f ?licit a chart- of p il.lic aalrun?|<>> JOCRBA N W. M U*RY. (f nii?rly ? f Wiltuinct <ti. I?, 1.,) < IIARLES It. M Al'liY. fi rm^rtr ' f th' fir- . ? I T i) Ui \ Maury.I No 14-^7 ^ -'r- >'. w-r Middi S u .% A B ? k. ! A\ arhllict< u. I?. t . AVh r?*fi r, l.? p'nuiwi n.toB :?? .t ("?>.. Rauk<-ra. I At a*ltii'ict< ti. IV A'.. Dr J liti II ff, . Ti - t Nit : MM. lUnk.M ? - K-ll} .C.-I.i r d J < M h i <l'n. Fr*?t SI Sat B*ll>: ( l.uli^ Braill -y, ( a Ii.-i I K*t Bnttk B-| ui I < . J Im A. Rnlf, Oi-lii. r W/i inc 'ii Sniiiif - B t.k; (' A. J i:n ?. I vhii'r R< r I Va^hifvt n; >( n A ?'? . Ranker*; L> * ? ' .1 liiit? . A Co.. Br. J. < II .11 .J > pli W. N urti Philp A Sf ioi>i< ni>. M W. C.?lt. B'??.*<; . p.-rr? * ' Br - . B. L. J ?? ???? ti ? l!ro.. A' '.!? njr H> j. . K . CoiC 't. v-n \? S ' ?.< II t- I . Ca-lr i I-t N t. Rank, Alfx?ridr< t. V*.; W. H. Loialc 11. I ?' ?-lii? r Nati '.al t'i' i< n,' R^i ?. do ; Burk* II-rlK-rt.,kit^, Al.'Xao'lr a, A'a.: t'. |. ?.-l J .:m I S. Barb'tnr, Pr- t Orwige, Al< \au?1ri< A Mana - i R. R.t Aleiatidria, Ta. mm 17 l:tv|.i ACST1N P RROW1T Oortior N. Y. arrune an.! If h J AA aaiiiu^tun, D O.. Wnori?*n Pvalf.b it LIMBER, LIME. CEM KN>. HASD. ?f.. Ac .Ac < LI MBKR BILLd cut u> ord?r ou >li rt i.< ilt?. BLl'E pTONE lor Bt-.ii<iinc, Macadaniiftii j aM I Pavicff |>ar^o??? deUtbred la any D*rt f 11><? L'.? i trict. 1 REAL ESTATE Ntjrhr ant anlJ and motid; !d tmImI. To this branch of tbo biiaiu<?a I wrill btr.. att'-r gire itj pcraoual att-ntl. n, aud *U If at iu< offew daily from lu a. m nntil 4 p. tu. marl-tf LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT A SON, . BOARD IMG, LI VERT 4 BALM STABLES, 416 tf?h atrwt, bet. D and M.and O'taln Alley, H betve?n Uib aud 14th. Oflloe. W nlarl*. B' at earringea ftiruisD^d. 6p.viaJ care paid to rts* bofding of borax. dwell If A LLIhOM N A1LOR, J?., ft LIVERY AND HIRING ^TABLEM. STTL18H CARRIAGES and tX>ACHME9. floi-g-lJ l.Cii E atte?4 porthwwt ARLIK?T<?N STABLES* -R C'BlilT, JU G STREET. Bhiu kit ITth asp 1*th ^ Carri?cc?by day or ui?bl,Aud for waddio^aur^ar d^OMOREM STABLES, t stH STREET, limn D *TC M. 0 raw and Buuita for Hvrw.aud a froah Mfftr o* U/OH MAILORV STABLES i; TV CARRIAGES of Mm lataaI aty ? haad and for ktnkr the day t. Part tea, wiidino, and i??a>Woua ftrnitehdd ?Rb MtaWt mmt attract OvriMn. It?to (HMardlnff HoraM. an< Horawalarmrator ea^atvt xrbanye. d?l?-tf ^ MARNESb : H.1R>ESS! 1** WV h.tve oil b*n?l a large ?tock of alt kiu<l? of fein gk- and D< ulile Gilt, Covered, Rl BBER, NICKEL, tn SILVER MOUNTED HARNESS, of <>r.r own make, which we are deterinsu -d to i? ll at X'-rr low price*. S 'ie ageuta l??r II illli ce|? !ir?l?>l CONCORD HARNESS, of which we have a large ?'.*k at Concord pricea. The Concord Harneaa and Collar* have a reputation all over the country f >r durability and atretur. h. TRUNKS *Dd SATCHELii in great variety. CEDAR TRUNKS, fur proteoti^ afainst tu th-. Call and examine ctock. LIT/, ft BRO? ijlai 497 P?-ntj. are., next to National Hotel. I M ST. atylaa It will pay ct>t"mer* from any part "f \Va?hinfft n obuy H<*ier\ . K?ur) Goods. N .tio'i*. tr.. *<?., Ac., at NICHOLS" n>-w ?.'ore. on 7tk atreet, b iwe-o K siud L street* ( near Bogan A Wylic'a.l ni21 |)K?bb SHIRTS. Six PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE TORE SHIRTS, ready-tuade, for fW Ml. Six PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE TOKE SHIRTS, made to order, at #16. til, or ft!4. LOCK WOOD, HUt'TV ft TAYLOR, ?S3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE IN LADIES UXDETMA&XEXTS. 100 doMB LADIES COTTGM SKIRTS At Be cenla each. 100 dozen LADIES COTTON CHEMISES At cetita each. ?0 docen LADIES COTTOM DRAWERS at T% LADIES SIGHT DRESSES At ?1. ? AT LOCK WOOD, HVFTY ft TAYLOR**, f?tt ?*? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. PENMANSHIP AMD THE ELEMENTS OF I GRAMMAR. ARITHMETIC. And BOOK KEEPING tauxht to iudn iduala <>r to rWi. b? twAea SAnd ? o'clock p.m.,at Prof. Young *School Building, 14th A., between I And K. JAMES CORRIDON, T'acber. Card writing, and P-n Work of " apSl-H ^Ldtnkc every description, executed to order 1>OTATOKS! A 300 bii?hei? choice Peach BL Just received. JNO. W Ll' a3 3t POTATOES. ? TMSDGN A CO , SOS *h treat,opp. Abater Market. >TBE MEW NATIONAL MARKET. FRESH, SALT a^ SMOKED MEATS, ot all aarSl BOOK."5. .STATIONERY. *\_ 1'UK W o KKOP Tllt'MA* GITHIUK, P P The G "fl in F El-1 T ii Uh* 'WO'' Twtil-fllfc. ,, on ?h? Puit1'*. t rated. 9p*ak.M h'thf N art, MnjM* ? t ?'ha' mr ?! ^ .r^' u *.~c ??'it j, ?i? sln> at* l J? i ?"?>wk . . At V u BALLANTTNK ?. ?J 4H*7l*?r^ l^VtRT MoTfltl; 1.IK I ' TO* r IjOUS FAMILt if -he c ? I?r MALI. > HIM Til AT HOME a STOCK MAM * SON ? . M* ?h trp?t Kifthn ?t Tti* COTTAMt RIBE.K to t?e hvl Ui-fTf i!?v 1 ?: l *i.|tNT" a. 2T 'T I^UHAKO B. M??K 91 ft t bOOkSkLLKKS 4.VII STATlOb CAS, 1014 PtllliTlVAKIt AT KM IB, H?* jn?l -wrivM the PliTTISH ALMANAC ASP COMPANIoh. f. - IRS. BOIIL KALf STAR, far 1*3 *? I<;TaKKK> ALM AB ACK, f-r 1*71 BMTIBR AK** LhT, T.f 1CT. BMUMI KAVT lilt. f >r UTS M4 :r I\ 0 T 1 C B. OP EN IMS or A RE? 0TATIOBBBT *T( ir AVPBLANK Roof M A N t' FACTOBT. . ... LI1 E'^1* ?' '"J j,r?"?*. f"t i-a?h. LITB*MiBAPhiNO EWOKAA'INU PBINTIBO AN T> PlNMNt; DONK TO OBOKB Tl?? pab<K are id* ii?h1 t.i?l arvl .iinm* m>r *"?*? EKN r FRENCH, Crxler N?ti n?l W-tr.>poittaw Batik, . ?>?"?? dout u. J*. Co.*- A Oo V tT tA eahiua^oi. p <* GROCERS. pL?t k : Kin kj ?eu in am t fr- ? tli* SI ill* in YALLET <>F YIBGINIA 1A hi Mil to fhmiliea -?? r nta par barreMc** lhan naual pr Piic?- of tl't.AKS ti l 1 EAR ail mark- .1 Iuvb. CATAU B.k W INK. jti-t recet. ? ,| fr? ni pj. -ant Yall.-f *im CtiiiH''*? t i a tailaii. ??r?? t 'lwifti Tth and Mk alreeta. ^ %? U HiKE t BOM, W k*lM?l< iad Retail (i'Ktrt, 1413 btrtmrk S**rt >?(?*>?;, 'f.'wtM M mm4 * TEAS! TEAS' TKASt J*P*n Tea. ir ^4, ?> . ch?.ica, B*-; Terr tne?? ? 1 lb. GnnfMtVr T^a. TV ? a *<>od article f-*r |1 Chi'io titinp ?il?r T'-a, |l It; *<*> l?"?. |1 M. Imp-rial T>*a. ft* . 7fc". ft; finest, 91 29 <? .?1 Blw k T?a,ilir>* p .node f?>r $1. AA ?< ha\e alw a->tn? of the fiae?l ?F-r*d (a the f it j Ala<>, au ealra Kigali Braakfa?t T> a. ri.orB, *c. 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