Newspaper of Evening Star, April 7, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 7, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALfiS IM HE DAYS. B IfitCIH * VIUtAM s i ? ?[> -??- _ R l?oi ii rtb? ?? i.'rtthwl D? MAGMII'INT WALK' T FRA*E PAUT.or h< IT' I PH?LST? KKP IN KKI? Pl.t>>11 has - 'i ?*r. t ?;ncE mirror II\* K h %CE WALRCT BEpvr.. %l> -UIT. KIOK Ml. l< K WMNCT M ARIti.E TOP FBI N < N PL \TE Of A-- P- REM'. W M.NI T MA1.BI r TOP VT AMI-TANP. GILT FR\ME M IKR"H BLA? K V AI.Nl'T M \ K B L :. Top MPIBo^RP. MIRROR B*CK: WALM'T l \Sh -I \T I H MRS AM? HOCKRRS. ONE ( llll l) 4 l OTTABX SI ITE. WITH WMtO ROBI MAPI: TOoRPKR ROSEWOOD* RiB. WAI.KI T LIBRARY T \ BLK, BI. A' K ? Al. VI T I IRRMiT CH.All :??. WALKCT FRAME L?r>"?r. wAisn kxtt.sjiox table AM' I IMNG ROOM ? H MRS. R E F I: I': K I: V tors, v 11:r svfes. * iiilps carriage. <>JU SEWING MACHINE. (WILCOX * OlBR.v UALNET U\T RACK. M1RR"R B%< K FINE HAIR. HCSK AND CoTTO*- I Top M\1TR\HSES. EE \TIIER PILLOWS A N" P ROISTERS- RRrs.?BL*. n A LI. \NI>| .-TMHI .' RPETS;WINPoW SHAPES. STAIR i:o|.> I I.EOANT BRCSSEL*. INGR AIN \NP OTHER ? VRPBT"*: VELVET REGS, DooR MAT>. ? RO' KERV AM* GLASSWARE. IIEATIN'i STOVES, KITt HEN RE'HI SILES. *< . Jflk < Tin RSDAT MORNING, April 10 h. ul 1-rj r Hiii-rici!.* at 19 o'cl'X-k. w i>li?ll wll, ?pk - i nre .f ? e?Mi! I,-man <!.-< Iinine II 11. -r- k -epui*, No. 14 *2 J Q street. l?etw>?n ? lit lia: I lith .tre t? u rtbweat, th- above <le y. riM .iia-ri..r collection of Enrnitare. Ac. pt v-t <' X Furniture ? ni.vl?- to order, Mfcl in 1?rl ct order. T"tnis ash. * d | K 'P I i.REEN * WILLIAM*1, Anct?. |?Y I \ T I >1 E R A CLE ART J? A ?? rio??-er? and Real Estate Brnkrr*. t utl<?--i ani?r Pennsylvania avenue atid Uth St., Star Offlc- Buildings. *11; I'ST IT?" SALE OF A COMFORT ABT.F l!*H ^ RESIDENCE ON t SIEET. NEVU l.tri. <TREET NoRTHV EST. > i K Ttnueof * .i- J i ? ti-dniM Marl A. &;;? T I'd, and recr?r!-.l m lil>er $4J, folio lU. JK M ., ,11 I d.rection.-f fie partvsecnr-d.we ? ill - I- 1 i on-How, in front of tV 'II ESI' \ V ? the 1 ?? h dar of A nrll n^yt. at 4 '>>1 .<-k >. ?? I. >! Kn. X, Ii. I'll (!?> J. VkHr'mniMivbl i* ?f ?i?iar ? K Z A. with in:pr -m -nt-, whi- :i r.?n?i?t ? I a *??? ? ;? NrtaMettir* ? -? -i ?iid?Mk rwtl nee. ? ? ^lil r<M>bi? ?l i Ii ill, l'<-;n< iho h'>iw Ji ? l.H.? I ?tr^t . T'-rn o ? --third <"a- r ? In ? ?r J. *. 9. 11. ifl ?wl Hi it ?. with l?tu J<>?n * .i.-h iu? I. i. 1 . <-ff. EKFIV W. ittNE"*. I _ 5! A HI ON A-ilFoUIM Tr,,it t 21 5 ~ LATIM rR A CI.EARY, Anot*. u I>Y or: 1 V A WILLTA" s. Anr'i .v * > I ,li >rth? ?" rut 10th aud P lt?. TWO 11 ? \ PS? > M E PRIVATE Rr.sip|r\,*|.-<, I RON ! .N'? t?N I STREET NORTH. I?E nils NINTH ANp lENTII STREETS. V\ Erl . \T MCTIon ? VF.l?NE>im, ? Ii day > f April, [l?TV i . I rk T : ?hall Wll.'ttl III-p: > liii - - ,*t i>t L ">t nin.l r-.| tw.i (J), in - jtt?r? I iiml -r .1 hundred avl threw (STi>, f? tbree-wory p*' '.-brirk fr.>nt H'?n-?"s. < -n'aiu In r<x'DM earli. with a fit>" o>'llar, b t'h ? ??; *, fw-ciiokini rani?-, Latrol,? -t >v ?. : I ^ Ii rn-p, N'i. 9H7 h:hI f>09,*i!h fila ?>l i M-ktll*-)*. Pi>rM>n? ai-liinn tu-diuni-*iz? h >o-t?s Mill do w-H to Attend th- ?Ate T' rn:-; ?>:--third caefc, b ?:<'ic? In 6,12. IS audit *n.>nth?. I r n InMir.r ^ ? p-r r>-ut. iut-r-?t a;?l r-mr' ! l-r a ?t?.-d of trn^t thw -'I I. All ( "ivrjai.i :,v ?t t-mt "f KRbMer, 51J0 d 'Wll -?U < wl? Ii i ? ?:-inn- ? f ??:?? >2 -1 | R-p l OREEN_t WILLIAMS. And*. V GREEN .* WILLIAM*, Aiftl->n~r<, N,?. IWH, N?rthw-->t c raerlmh and D street*. i"ALE t I" HorsEHOLp" ITRVITI RE. CAR r?.T~ FEATHER.-, HAIR 31 ATT RESSE-. I'LAT t P WARE. CHINA, CROCKERY. STOV 1 <?. ?< .AT A I"' TP?N. A ?? VMh lnetanf,at lO W^^>'<l !. ? m.. W ?1 :i H .??II ill til- r**ldf-BT? ot lflk iw:mde<iu v N ? I?>"* I ( | I -! !?.-? Kvfi I! . ?r f ,. ?tr?*et. ? pjv>-i*e tl ' .:j II all, th-foli 'v iiik bnu^ebold to xl'i, * f. Gre# i R p and H iir-r;. :l P?rb>r 9ni*ef. Moil- ?p'VmirTal .ni'i rhack. RtOrnant-i I <. .i Froiw ? V| rr r y Bi ii k Wol-iit M*rble t<>p t"i iiul?-r S Alakaid l'?ii,t?I Oott-s 1 B1.1 ? U -li.nt War it 1 P libte-l V ar.1rot e?. S>,o- a I T-?|>.i* T ?b!r?. I'ani* L ?iui Lorv ? <ir<? with Comic,-. I ati Piiiow*, BoUtern an-'. Hair M ?ttre?? . I ''ortoai t r. Hu?k ar.d^r M ,ttr.-?-<-n. Hrn- I . I.inin.lluir ????! <.th,-r Carp't<. Hall Oilcl 'tli *t.d S s:r -? ! Tw-1. ' t Waltmt B*t?-i>.'"n T tble and <'a*ir?. i I'liiiH.b i*? and Crocker* Ware. V\ iii ; *? Sli?d-e Lou- >? 1 Ottoni*2t-?. 6*okliit Str>-e* *iid Ct-n?il-. Aim! ? I. : of Kltrben R ?? -. T-m'-r Car-li. a.v-1 C.REEN A WILLIAMS. An. t. TB I* WARNER, R^al E?atc Br k?*r aid Anctioaeer, N . 7"J9 7tb *trc t, b tw.-rii G and 11. ri'BI.P SALE OF BrTLPING LOT OK THE V F>T S1PE OF l.t -TRF.ET VVE-T, BE TMtF.N D AND F. STRKETS. I ? ill ?e!l on SAT RPAY. April I'd. 1-73, at HK qiim ter part 5 o'clock, nurt ?f bit 21. in suh. f ~(i.?ri- *-1, ha*. Ini{ a front of 15 feet on 1-t Mret-t ? .t.aud runnii.^ la k 134 feet to a 1'J f<?.-t all-T. T'-rtin fii.e-half ca?h; l'a:ance in six and tw?*!r? ri?|jtb.. with interest $V do?rn on day of aal.-. C?nve> oriog at >u;chu<-r'i> c.??t. :i4-IA-*? B H. M ARNEB. Anrt. LI VERY STABLES. JB OLCOTT A SON, . BOARDING, LIVERY d BALE STABLES. 4 16 *b w.reet, bet. P ?pd R, and Chain Allejr, H. bwwaoa IJtb and lttk. Office, Willards. Be*? carr:a<ee ftmiahed. Special care paid to the l?>ar<Jin> M her*-e. dnctl lr U1808 BAILOR, JlL.. LI VERT AND HIRING STABLRS. STYLISH CARRIAGES aod COACHMEN, lr 1**A R *treet north went. K A RLINGTOH STABLES -R. CROIT, JR. A O STRRRT, Bitwiik ITti aid 1??th. Carriage* by 4*) or >ickt,aal for wddlny^or ^ar? tie* co"s;.". ?imnD AND R. Horse* and *~fTT*? for Hir*. atid a freab supply of frond Horaa* fur aale ererj week. liS Ii RICHARD TART, Proprietor. WASH BAILOR'S STABLRS ISM R ST. CARRIAGES of the UtMt ??!** conaUoUy on hand and for Eire by the day or month. Partie*. weddlnin, kod reception* famished vttb the Moat c.infortabM ud *le?ant Carrtac** Particular ittwtkn to boartUnc Hor*ea. and i ?l??n fcr Mb and mckanf*. dec lit f PROPOSALS. I pROPOSALS FOR COAL. Tm?nt Dkra Ui Btac ?* Es?mv.>? axo Pki>ti*? March ?. 1*3 Seab-<1 Pr>p*|ii will be re, .-i\ed at thi* office until l?odoc**, b., MONDAY, tbe tl^ib day ?f April. UTS. for fnrntsMBf ?>* hitidred (SOU) ton* of r'in of n.iiw G*orrr'a Ow?ki Cumberland Coal, to tH-MneiHlaiwl time* *itd rlarea. and in auch ?in?nm>e?. aa may be re^inired. and subject to th c Txtrti. u. raunlred by art al C >orr-?* approved July 11. l?7t>,rn- "That .u. .i > >al shall w-ii(h2.2?J t ?and. to ike t.?, and aball ? e Inspectfd and weigh ed, and tlie quantity oi each load certiflcl at tli* time cf drlitery, by tbe p?r.- n app >inteil and 'taali fled n-idet the act for that purpose; and that the prescribed fee of K cn?< for each ton of coal in apected. wiijbed and deliver^!, shall be paid by the contract >r.'r Proposals will b* ron?;der*l binding for r?n? *?fk lr.?i lit - JH-h d ty of *pri!, l-~3. the Departm-tit re rVa'X^n^t '? r?J*ct ?" or *ny P,r,lou 'be No prop sals will be entertained nnless ac-nmpa iiierf b> . ,? :-f?rtory eriden, -??{ ability to futili th - contract, aor will any pa ment N- made with >nt tbe r-rtifuote of tbe Inrper* r that the coal furnished ?? *tsch aa the contract calls t r. shovld be a,ld> aw I and *?nt to the of fice of GEO. A. McCARTF.E. Chief i.f it-irean of Rnrrai is* and PiintinK. Treaa nry P-p ruient. nitt Uw pROPOSALR POR STATIONERY. . TatAsrpy P*n*, March 15. HT1 S-ale,! Pi ?po.ois foi fiiriiiainnii Stationer, for ili 5 ear enUn.g June 3d. UTt. will b>? received until tbe LMbdar of April. MIS, at IS oVlock M Biank f .lot fur bid-iin? will be punished npon aaplicati n. The but* will be consi l r-l an>l accept- I or reject ed itetii b) i-em. and this a>lvertisement on I the pro P'sal, m far aa accepted by the Secretary of tie Tr aeuiy, and the bond ?cc->rnpa!iyiiut the sa:o,-, ?l?ll constitute the contract b-tween trie Govern nient and lb- bidder or b:dder*, aod no further con tract a lit be executed The ar'icl s contracted t?r tr.nst l?efurni.he.1 fr ? time ti) Hate duriiwttlte year, lu <|tiantitieo pursu nit to orders ftom tbe Department. Tlie entire >iuaati t lea will, bowerer. be called for during the year. Each pi. p >.al mils' l>e *i(:,ed by tbe iiflivblual or :>rm niakii < It. and be accompanied by a bond, villi enltif tent snretie*. in tbe ciiin "f tea th >u.*nd <1 >1 'ors.i flii J>M.i approve.! by a Tinted State* ollcer of liw dloiri, I in which tbe sureties rmide ? do biiti i>epe. oti a torni to be fnrab>U?d by ttw P-pvtia nt, : ondition-d f't fiiraisbinK *ncb portion* of tbe arti clea aama> lm awarded uud -r it, aud lb* perforin Alice ol the contract. All d-liverie? will be eabjert to Inspection by an ripen detailed for tbe purptwe by the Secretary of ttee Treaanry. and tbe delivery of an inferior article wjII l?- d-etued niBd'Bt cause to anuul tbe eoa tract, at tbe option of tbe Secretary. Deli* ertaa moat be free of charge at tbe Treasury iiepartaient, Waablngton The ta.lnre to com pit wltb any one order under tbe rontrart will o parte aa a forfeiture of the entire psnahy of the bond, or the Secretary of the Trea* wry may direct tbe purchase, in open market, of sweh <inaniitie* of any article* as shall b- aei-*a*ary to supply the deflclency csimd by sach failure, and charge to lb- contractors flfty per centum of tba price wliicb tt shall be found necessary to pay for such articl*a. ? Pmposi. unaccoapaoied by a aatiafartory bond w ill n?t be c -u*wl?rwi. awl c-mtracta will be award 1 .u.1, ? ? >.t tMiahed manufactwren >( atMM in tbe artlelea. Pr ps?i- to b* addreaaed to tbe under*lgnad, and arked "Prepo*ala for Statiom-rv " WM. A RICHARDSON, I?arl7-*??1M Aettw Secretary of tbe Treasury. IROPOPAL6 POR GRANITE PA>BMENT. Sealed Proposal* are invited and will be opene.1 at the Architect "* OMce, C. S. Capttol, at UaVlock m. >-<m THTRSDATrthelPtb of April, for paving the Curve at tbe >o*tbrf the Capitol Grounds, runuing from Maryland to Mew Jeraey avenues The biddefn to atata the price per auperSclal yard. No bid will ha conalderadjanieaa accompanied with a '-?nd in tbe sum ot ? hWW, tbe jufflcienc v U which to ba approved by a justice of tbe peace for the Dis trict of Columbia, or a Judge of fbe United SUtea Court, conditioned that the party bidding will ent-r into contract In cMa R ia awarded ta bin, and w.R complete tbe work In accordance witb tbe spectU < aliens. RDWARD CLARK, mJi eotd Architect U S. Capitol. AUCTION SALES. rI TIRE DAYS. |>Y LATIMER * CLEAR*. _ I > Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pen?> Ivania avenue tad 11th St., Star Office Building*. TRI'STEE"S WALK OF VALUABLE IMPROVED I'RnPFBTT OS SEVENTH STREET EX TEN l>ED. NEARLY OPPOSITE BUT SOUTH OF H?>W ARI> UN IYERSITY, CONSISTING OF A NEAT TWO STORY FRVME DWELL ING AND TWO *TORY STABLE-LOT S3 BY *46 67 100. -u. By virtue of a deed of trust (luted November IE Z'> 1. A D- M70, and duly recorded in Liber N v. ESS.?.,]. folio 112, one of the land record* for Wash ington county, in the District of Columbia, and br direction ofthe party secured thereby, I will sell, at pnblic auction, in of the premise*, on Till KSDAY. the 17th day of April, A. D. 1ST at A o'clock p. m., all that certain piece, parrel, or lot of zr >and, situate. I) in* and being in the county of Waehirgton, in said District, and known a? lot numbered eighty-two, <42.) in the subdivision of Mount Pleasant estate, asmade by Wm. F Dole and J dm W. Wright, and recorded among th-> re cord* for said county In the offi<-? of the county sur vcy?r, ?aid lot having a front of 26 feet on the Wash ington and R-ckville turnpike or Seventh ?'r-ft r ad. m:d being of a depth of 2fi6 (57 MM fe.-t,contain ii e 6,41i?75 !?*) square feet, morn or less, together with the improvement* ih?reon. Term of sale; One-third in cash, of which IJ100 must be paid on acceptanc e of bid; balance in six, tvelve. and eighteen months, w ith interest at ten dt cent per annum, pajable semi annually. and to be secured l>y note* ?,f purchaser anJd'esl of trust on ) i -'v - id. Coiive>ancing and I? < rilagltW <'* coat. If terms >.f sale are not complied with w itliin ?ix days after sale, the Trustee reserves the rig'it to resell the property at the risk and c >?t of dtT.<citing purchaser. *2-d LATI \v M. F HOI.T/.M \N, Trustee. [MEK v CLEARY. Ancts. P? Y M nd Auctioneer, No. 7iA?7:l? street,b* "* n tt *udH street*. TK! fcTFE'S SAI.E OF A THREE STORY BRICR IK'l.-K. No. 11A FIFTH STREET SOUTH \\ EM, AT Al t TI"N. rB> v irtne of a d>-e?l of tmst to Daniel L. K iton ? 'i 1 i: -? If. ? 1 ? I M'rch 29. H." I, a-i 1 duly re * 1 -'d i in Liber No. 612, folio SI, n i - fthe land r<c.-nl- f ?r Was'n.'igtm. D. 0., I will sell at p iblic anctiot , in fr n: <?! tlie pr- it.i*? -, to tli? high-st l -d r. ii THURSDAY, it. S6th do ? f M .r. li, MR at 4 "? ! ck p. m., ail tha' psit " L'>t No. U) tt. ??iti^r*- N ? M8. contained wlth-n th" following i; ti? m'. I bound- ; H -uiunintr f >r th ? s inte rtt n p liiit '7' ? fe ' fr. in the t> u: Ii n-t <? 'rper f L >t V >. It, a id ,i i tb 'no - north 17'; ! :; t'l-i v est i . th* r-.?r line i f -.i d lot; tb? .ire so-.i h 17'? f. -t, and ;|i 'itce e:i-t t" the phise >?[ begiuning. togStUor * ith th ? impr-v. men's tliTeon. T mi-: The amount f ii ib-btedaeas ?ecnr?d 'iy - i 1 ib .-d of trust unpaid, with tile expense* v>t -*ie. in Ci<sb,at d tie* l? ilam ? at ?i\and twelve mouths, t be se. nr>-d by a d-e?i ?f trmt iip^n the property -? lrf,wNh M?*l-t from tUc dm >f (Sl4? r ... i ii acceptancei>f bnl. If t-mtsof sai-are n >t r- ii plied with witli'ii s?ven days atter vale, -'le ? r pet ty tw be res.-Id at the risk an l cost of th*?d ? f iiiltiBg pnr. hu- r. GKO. W. ST1I KNKV.S i'?i- ii.g Tru-tee. f22-" a I- B II. WARNER. Attcfr. ?rj"r- A ROVE SALE IS PO!>TPil\'KD r B AfrijlO, l?,sSTTh?r"...d j ..*4 K) order of Ih** Tro>t? -. .'"31 B- H.WARNER. Ah ti -ne r. J?Y LATIMER S CLE ART, " Auctioneers and Real Kiitate Brokers ?> 'Uthw >st corner I'ennaj Iv.imn in ?, al?| u,j, Star Ottise liuilding. >ALE OF GOVERNMENT PROPFHty l\ SoUARK St*7. I anmnnt to the net ??f C >!i^e..aa provMin? for ?'f the Capitol Or. u.els, nnpr ,ved , ?i ... sh-vll sell, on THURSDAY, April 10, liCS, romni-iicing at 11 o'clock i. in., the ' Mov. ie?r but dings, embraced in S.|nare N ? <\<T ? U "t!* forii-r Delaware aienu- a id . i ^ rv'n I . With 11'JT. s ,rJ t?nildin*. ?'?' 4 ?Worth A ?troAf. thr^ nfrrf^, fttrir n g. w'iTlt.'^ld roi'^T * ,htw s,or'r b ,tk ?nil l | N - 12,16,13, ^J,26 and 30, N >rtli A -ftrcet, will l>e I - '?! Fep irately . N'>? 1#|. 122,121 and 13J vv ill !>.? soli in a gr >np; u. IJITiai, V tNMj, T rau-i* ? ,lu' 33* ^ ;*r?et,will bes old sepi Ito'n Rsilira fr ?nts to be *?j,| ?,.pilra<ely ? Trr"** . i Te#.P";?*nt.. f the pur. Ime m .t.?y r i "irrVKlr"J Ht .'i '"V 'he r?L?ain l r t" I I r ^ ? it hill tf n d?VK after *v* h s;Uh R ui Id hies t.? be rein .*e.l w ithin thirty days. H. order of C. I'slano, Secn-larv o| In'rr .r Ml LATIMER A CLEARY. Au. ts. |?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS,AactfotMwrs, ?-* to. looi, northwest corner loth and D Ma. i s iw r v T. .1- HI * I." s?r valuable prop : >'l RKET^v or s, VI Xdee.1. ,.f tru-t. the fir-t d ite,l *1 1'. ,'J ' ' 10 -Ai.r11 2, 1V2. and tli" third ' V,i i v 2--;,,;1'.1,v ? '? lile-r N'o.ri I ,|io ! J". N".?7J,folioi?u. anl lilier N >. 21. r-p.. tively.of the la ltd records f.r tli of Ua-hii.gton, D. C., an.l by direction >f the p trties enred thereby, we, the nndersigned trustees, will : ?"ll?tpuMic sii'tion, in front of the premiss, at A oilockp.m. in SATURDAY, April lS.ltfg. t?i^ I r^'iT^three (831 feet seven (7) inches front l>> | the depth of one hundred and twenty one 1121) fo?t ? "even (7) ii^ h-vof Lot number..! thr ,(3,) in S m ire ^i'i'Ii e hmii'.rcd and sev?nt> -fonr,(S7l.) and , all the impro\omenta thereon, which c..:i*ist ,?f p r j lions of .11 brick houses. The biirk w .rk of tfl. se I '' ',se- is 1- -mpletetl to the heiifh: of t j.tyr^? of I which are luid. The local ion l.--ing ce.ilral | t h? bosses, w hen completed, will Snd ready saie or T? rms of sale art.: One ),?|f in rash, of wl.ich A3.) TJjT f ? "J* "*''*? the d-f rre.| payments to Ih^dajTof sale ,W e1'H i!" 'uterest from The terms of s:,le must b? C . ..j wjth w|ti,|n six day* sal-, in defauu whereof th- prop. purchaser f**? at ,he ri#k ?"d of tlio Hint Conveyaaclnar at the purr hair's cj?t. JOHN t. HANNA, J ? , SiiVliS S VJkEiTr"~ |.I? n w.f GREEN A WILLI AMS. Aiirt*. |IY B. H. WARMER, K.. 1 . '?**.?r",t'"r and Auctioneer, Ho. 72*t, th street, between U and H. Of VALUABLE I SPR0VKD TW?rl i T. JiV STREET NnRTH, BE ?IN.S? A.NIi 9th streets EAST. i?.fc ,"f.,rn(" September l?h,A D. l^.amlilaly recorded in Liber E. 7" \Jm lOiio Qt one of the lan?i ?shingt,.n county, D. 0., 1 will sell at public auction, in front of the prem:ses onrri'im h?Y'lfc\?5? d'L?f Ai?r?!APD "^at 4 o c"k those certain p eces or parrels of ground 1. "J? Iitr. of ashington, D. C ' I7'v* nXn^i" -U n.arke.1 " *u,? S. in the subdivision of thn west hal' of n"lu ninP hn"d'','d and sixte-n, (li-i ) w.^Wimprore^'U, thereon, lach lot will be lsli'PfJ One-third in cash; balance in # and wit of i?i? . purchaser, with T*.? ,rJ"i "n P.ct njises sold, with interest from .lnr "f sale. A deposit of 9&) will be required at time of -ale i.n each lot. If the terms of sr.l? are not com ?plir 7/^ I1!1 ?ewayf.l?K# tri,^?e re-*?rven the ri^ht ?VW!P&'fc?a5;:' Y B. H. WARNER, ~ K . S"t?''Bf"k?r tn l Aurli-.neer, Ro. 7J9 7H street, between G and II. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A TWO STORY I'litur DWELL1KO, WITH BACK Bl'II.Iilv/i v E ^^^rora#H| in L b? r No.^79, folio 459.o?ip of th i i ,r,ii awrtion"fn^i^'i^tD" Ci'1 WiU at d r on \i(1VIi* v U"* highest bid ,1. 1 . . April 1 4th, 1572. at 4 ..VI .ck r ?i.. Lot (luiiiben-d nine, in tollman's sulxlirlsion of Njiiare nnniberedthree hundr.-d and nine, together ^^tli th<- luiprovcuii ntu tk'-r.-on. Terms; f> 1 list, with interest thereon at ten per rent, per annum, from June 36, !S7i, and e\ pe.,?.; ?f -ale in ra?h; balance at 6 and 12 months, with int -r ^!',0',"Iir*^r^ ? deed of trust unon the prop. .'I ' ? r? ?}-' "1 ;.u acceptance of bid. If terms of '!r C'-niplieil with within Ave days atter -?.e, the Trustee re-^rv.-s the right to re-ell th ? property at the rUk and c.wt of iffe defaulting pur chaairr. Conveyancing at purcliaaers cost. t.EoRGE VI.STR'KNIY. Surviving Trusts, n.^etids B. H WARNER Am l?^ ^ II.LIAMS. An.-tioneers, a? jio. 1001, northwest corner Kith and D st?. TR! STEE_S MI I OF VALUABLE I'ROPER ? V 8rT; AL?Xe,ue ( hi rch. ? f. i5. 1 ^ 1*"^ of ,r'ist, dated August 8, ILdLr i. ..l^ J and duly recorded in Liber No iiS2. folio4i.i, Ac.,of the land records fjr Wasliios ton c. iinty. t>. and by direction of the party *? < ur-.l thereby, I will self at public auction, in fr,?t 1C3 at r-ir-v0"Monday. April i?t?,A d! j* f clock p. m., all of lots numbered one seven/. h\n? ?^nlyfoiir, ,174.) one hundred ami I l5' SP" J and seventy-six, t' . ? hundred andsey-nty ?'T?u,( 177.) one bun ^"?'?"?Ptf-'tght.< one huadrod arrf T n / nlu*? (179.) in Gilbert's recorded subdivl ^?e r?^I?rJTe.Vnnl .7"ed/i5 '' ""'^1 and seventy ?mil ? 1 c ^ of Wft?hin|toa, with all th? bT^d^m^s ?0*' Ui"f siv ne"rl>r **^<*1 Terms of safe - One third cash; balance In six and twelve months,to be ?>cured br deed of tru>t on the property to the satisfaction of thaTruateT Ad. aT?ifc ? ?** ^nnfred dollars required 011 each bouse at the time of sale Terms to be fully complied with otherwise the Tn.ife're LJ # ?" to resell the property at th" risk and ZLr'. cZriT*k~e*- AH conTeyUci^ at pur WILLIAM H. WARD. Trustee ?4-ecAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucis. 11T LATIMER A CLEARY, ir .. Eat ate Brokers and Anctlnnroi. SoMhwaat Md lltb rtmt, premisrs, to the hirhest TSPm THnVsnA the S4th day of Aaril. InatilTa i 7g?S*SV' k m ? ?'ii Ik ?' w- ?? ?? Si. x * ?' 94 and 56. in Auaarf 1H. accor.l "f. ?uhdivision thersof bej,,, 7?l M r<s'u~t * the parties aecured ^,31 The terms of sale are; One-fourth cash, (of which ??e per centnaa of the grtm amount of the purchase mn**? ?t the time and place of and the reeidne, in eqaal sums, in IS, lit, and it ?o?U?, with interest at the rateoTS ear centum per fjyyj parable aeml annnally fnmi tW day of taa daCarred paymenu to be secured by a deed of !""* w the arspiieee sold, and ail aoareyaacinc will be tt tlie cost of the purchaser. If the terim of ?re not complied witWithla Ave days frSTthe day ?r the Trustees nearre the rl/ht toTUell thl BOSSB^i&jrag LATniBR?CLCARY, A?:U B AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOOM. B BY UKEEN * WILLIAMS. Auction-?rs, Northwest corner of 10:h nod D streets. TRUSTER 8 SALE ?r A NEW COTTAOE DWELLING ON P STREET.BETWEEN iiTH AND 16th STREETS, NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated on th- 19i r'jjjdav of November, A. H. 1371. and duly recorded ?*in liber No 702, folio 13D. Ac., of the land rec ords of Washington county, D. C . iik) bf direction of the party secured thereby. I will sell at public auction. In front of the premises, on MONDAY, the 7th day of April, A. D. 4H o'clock p m . L >t numbered sixty-eight, (6rt,) In Lane'* -ubdivision of part of Square numbered one huudred and ninety four,! 194. I frontingfeet 8 incli?son north P street, with a depth of kin feet, toa ten-foot allev. Terms: One third caah. of which %1W mn?t be paid down at time of sale; balance in six and twelve month*, with interest at seven per cent., aeenred by deed of trust on the premises. All conveyauciug at co?t of the purchaser. If the above terms are not complied with within five day* after" Trustee will resell at the cost of the defanlting purchaser. 8AMTEL T. DRURY-Trnstee. Immediately after the above sale, we will sell Lots 74. 76 and 7#. In same square, said lots fronting ft) feet each on Q street, with a depth of jno feet. Terms: One-f?>nrth cash; balance in six. twelve and eighteen months, with interest at seven p-r cent., aeenred on the premises. $50 down on each lot at time of sale. All conveyancing at purchaser's coat. _s3-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, A nets. * THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, All* 7tb street. SALE OF A VALUABLE RESIDENCE. VJ. Under ar.d by virtue of a deed of trust made ?Son theamhday of December, A. I>. 1571. arid to Me*co?d^d on Jauuarv 8?h, 1373, In Liber N >. ?j6t, folio 413. the undersigned tnMee will <soll at public auction, in front of the premises, on the 7 rn kat of April, 1573,at 4:30 o'clock p. m., ail that p'?i .< < f land in the city of Wa-hington, Histrict of Col umbia. and Wing all of S m.tro numbered seven hundred and thirty-nine(739> The above property is siiua'ed on the oa-f -i I ? of New Jers?-> avenue, near K street - ''i:b, an! i- ;i; proved by a very line double Brick Hwelli<ig. Istely remodeled. There is a fine stable on th- premises. This house ha- been thoroughly Sited i.p and re paired, andin in cv?r> reaped a desirable re-idence. Tenas of sale ar e; ?2JMti in ca*h. and the r-sidii" in oiie ai d two je:ir?. The d--feir--l ,vi\ iii nt- are to l?ear interest fn m th? day of -.tie a! 6 p > nt., and are to l?-?ecnr#?l bv a deed of trust up n U> p " ?p p-rty sold. ??'*s) of ihe cash payment to be made at til; e of -ale, i.nd the residue of the c:?.-h payment to be nta.le within ?ix days; nthTwise th-- p. >r>er*v will WrtfM nt cost and ri-k of defaulting purchaser. < oiiVeyancir.g a! purchaser's c -*t. GEi> F. ArPLEllY. n!>?-e'rts THOS. E. WAGGAMAX. An t. Y I'l NL"ANSON, HOWLING ? CO., Ancts., 8 uth.ast tor h> r of 9'ii and D streets norths est. TRUSTEE 8 SA1 r. (>F VALUABLE PROPERTY ON 6th SOUTUWE8T, ON THE ISLAND. B v irtu? ot a H f t ru t, d i'e.| >>i rli- 5: h ?7s: la> >.f July, A. 1?. H70, and record--1 in L;l> r ^, folio ?1. .*c.. of t lie I:.,hi r-eord- f->r of th? IK io'l, , , 1?A Y. the 7 lli day > f April, A . 1>. 1-C.1, all >1 Lis i-Miibered four (4> *nd tikeiSliu tli>? roconl-d sub division i-f Sina' ? nnialer'd f-ur h'i.dr?'l and six* H ?six-..6Jj, f-di ? SI. Ac., of tlie I oi l r-ion1 \S ashintrt< n coao'y-1>. t'.,*n I by diri>ct! m < J .I ly -e?-ur?-d tii' l 1 , I \% ill -.? 1! :?? piiMic H'l ii front of the prein;- , at 4 o\ -> k p. ni ,mi i.?v* . I ?* . I J r . . ?. - - - . . ^.,-n i' - ii I."- i' i'-'.i ii - < itiii ?- t mi t\-tlve.i-fcjS,) with all the iiiipro\eii;i-nw-1hereon. Tern.- i-f "a'e; One-half in ca?h, of which niu-t l>e pvi<l at ?ale, tiie deferre*! payments to l>4 m.-ele in six and twelve n.otitlis. witn interest at ten p. i cent, per annum from day of -ale?t<-rm< to be fully complied with within six after ? ?le, ..tii erw i-t the Trust< e r?<?erve? the rijW to resell at tiie r.-k nnd cost of lir-t pun lei?-r. All c -,i>eva i< in; ni piiriliMr'?f"?t. ' WM. II W A ISO. Trustee. i,.S4 e. a I M XCAN3QN. HOWLING A UO-Aii-1-. 1)1 OUKKN i WILLIAMS, An-~ti >tieers, 9 No. 100U Northwest loth aud H streets. TWO.STORY ANDRA8KMEXT KUfMK HOUSE. No I I '? NINTH STHKKT XOBTU WE'-T, BE TWEEN L AXD M 8TBt:E1S, AT At CTIOV. On MONDAY next, the 7ih j;30 i ui o'clock p. ui., on the premis e, w w ill - II p i.-t "- f Lot numberetl live,(ft,> in S-inaro X ?. Id. fronting 16 feet 4 ii ches ?>? ih* ea?t -i ? >f X-nt'i Mleet, atiil running l. ick lot feet, and impro\ ed l-v a two st>-r\ and basement fia'ue House, containing ? -ven rooms. Term-": One-half ca^li: balatic-* In one year, and secured l-? .lee l <>I tru-t on th ? pi ?p-.,r:i n-d-l. .*u?i to Im- piii-1 down on the day of s;Ue, All couvey . ncing at cost of pur, ha-er. S ?l? p otie.-. _3 QUEEN v WILLI VMS. Aiict-. {>V GBEEN S WILLIAMS. A ictioneei-, f N?rthwest coruer lo:h an-i H streets. BUILPIXG LOT FROXTIXG ON F P^HEFT SOUTH, BETWEEX9tm ANH lOrit SXUEETS ^ EST, IsL AN li, AT AUCTION. On MoNHaY, tli" 7th day of April, 1373, at 5 o'clock p r.i,. we sl all sell, onthn premises, i^part I--' I. 'ii s<iuare No. 3A3, being SO luet front by 12f> fei-t deep to a line pay ed a'L-y. S lie without teserve. Tertn-: SICO cash, balance in 3 and 6 months, for notes bearing interest and stenr-d by a deed of trust on the premises. SSrt down on tli" dav of sale, t: 31 GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Ancf*. TO-MORROW. Y ORFKN It WILLIAMS, Auctiorieor?, No. 1001, north*est coruer loth aud D stroeta. BEAUTIFUL BUILDING LOTS OPPOSITE , Ou Tl'ESHAY,the Sill day of April next, at o'clock p. m.. we shall s>-ll on the premi-es. -Lot No. 4. in 8 itiare N?>. M, b-ing sulelivid-sl into three building lots, two having SI feet I f nch, and the other JS feet front, by 110 feet deep, wirh a ftne side and bark alley; making it first-clasx improved which we ask th? attention of buyer* uishiug to build first-cla-s residences. Terms: One-third cash, halanc-? 1 and I years for notes bearing 7 per cent interest. awl secured by a deed of trust on the premise*. C"->n> eyancir g at cost >f tbe purchaser. SlOOd- wn ouenchlot at time of sale. GREEK A WILLIAMS, n otap3Adts AnctUneers. THOS E. WAGGAMAN. Real Estate Auctioneer, 519 7th street. VALUABLE IMPROVED LOT OX L, BETWEEN 1?TH AND JIOth, MOUTH SIDE. On Tl'ESHAY, April X'li, at A o'clock p. in., K38 I shall sell on the premise-, part of Lot ?>, in ?st-nitiare No. 717, having a front of 27 feet 1 iuch. v> ith a depth of 75 f<*?<. Terms: One-third cash, of which J)Z"> must be paid al sale; balance in monthly pavm *nts of .*sn. seeurod on property sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. JOS GAWLFB, Executor, a4 | Bep.) THOS. E. WAGGAMAN. Aucts H? |>Y LATIMER * CLEABT. I * Auctieneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest ccr&er Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th it., Star Office Building. TBU8IES' SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SEVENTH STRUT BOAD. NEARLY OPPOSITE THE SCHUET /EN PARK. B> virtue of adeed^f trust, bearing date the CQtssth dav of Mav. A. H. ltG'2- and recorded in ? Liber No. 6rtJ, at folio 368, of the Laud R<*c >rjs of the District of Columbia, and at the request of the person secured thereby, w?-hall s?-ll in front of the pr-miises, on FRIDAY, the '^tth dav of April. 1873, at i o'clock p. m.. Lots rmmberi-d 37, S8, 39 anil in Bl.<k 9 in T<sld aud Brown's sulaiivisi'in of Mt. Pleasant, together with the improvements t hers ? n. consisting of a nearly new. comfortable Frame Dwelling, with neces-arj out-buildings, all in q-exl r.-ndition; well of excellent wa'er on the premises. The Bi-nndary and Silver Spring- .Horse Bailroad ps?s the door. Terms of sale: Amount of indebtedness secure! by tliede<-d of trns-(being ^l.isoi. with interest at In per cent, per am nm fr.-m th- 25:h of May.1472,) slid expenses of sale (which will be made ku ?wu -*i <lay of sale), will be required in ca?h; the balance in 6 and IS months, to be serured by a deed of trust npon the property. (fn down at time of ?al?. If the terms of sale are not c.>mpli?-d with within seven days, tiie property will l*e resold at the rii>k aud cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at pur chasers ci?t. W ATKINS ADDISON,{ Trt, ,S~ GEOROE E\RLF. < Trustees. kS d.fds LATIMER Jt CLE \ ItY. Ancts. BY THOMAS E WAGGAMAN, Keai Estate Auctioneer, 519 7th street. tHANCERY S\LE OF A COMFORTABLE I'M ELLING OX !*th STREET, BETW EEN P ANI> O NORTHWEST. ? Umfer and by virtue of a d-crec of th--Siipr-^me Court of the Distri-t of Columbia, dated.I an il Lary 18th. 1873. ami passed in a certain can-- n -aid court, in which Franci- Nohnn and others are < omnia:mint*, and Charles W. Perkina aud others are defendants, numbered S,*)l, E<iuity Docket 1), the undersigned trustee in said cause appointed, will, on the ISJth pay or April. A.H. 1873, at 4:39 o'clock p.m.,sellai public aucti. n. in front of the premises, lot numbered 13, (thirteen.! in Tli imas Young's and Samuel Fowler's snlslivi-ion of square numbered four hundred and twenty one. ( m.) iu t!?. city of Washington. Histrict of Columbia. The property is situated on 8'h street, between P and 0 streets northwe?t. and Is improved by a ?. ery comfortable brick dwelling, three -tories iu height, ard balcony front. The terms of sale, a- prescribed by said decree ard: One-third cash and the residue in two e-iual instal ments of 13 and 16 months; the defern-d paym-uts to bear interest from day of sale. (6 per centum per annum. I and to be lieus on th- orop -rty sold. $SSt) of rash pa> ment to be given at tne time of sale, and the residue of cash payment to be made within Ave days, otherwise the property will be resold at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. Oouvey ancing at purchaser's cost. GEO. F. APPLEBY, Trustee. m? eoSw THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Anet. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Mo. 1NL northwest comer 10th and D sts. TRUSTEE* SALE 0?TaLU ABLE IMPROVED AMD UNIMPROVED PROPERTY IX SQUARE No. 67ft, NEAR 8T. ALOYSIUS CHURCH. Jk By virtue of a deed of trnst, dated on the flrst day of Jane, A. D. 1871, and duly recorded is ^?lib?r No. *43,folio 4K, Sa.,of the land records for Wi aahibgton connty, D. C? ut by directum of the party sec?red thereby, I will sell, at pnblic anc lien, In front of th* premises, on MONDAY, the 14th <Uy of April, A. I>. U73. at A o'clock p. m .tin Gilbert> recorded salidi square numbered Ml hundred and seventy. ?vs (471). in the citv of Washington, that ier Lets Ncs.113,113,114 and lis, each improved by a nearly finished house, fronting on nstfh I street; Lnh Nos, 163 ,148, IM, 146, IM, 137\ 148, U0,14U, Ml and 141, aii unimproved,aud froiitUMl wMrrtu street. Terms of sale made known at day of sale, and de posit al sale of (M <i| each Improved lot, ami |r on each unimproved lot. Terms of sale to be fnl., complied with within ate days after day of sale: * ?rig* .43 __ _ _ w h|m otherwise the trustee reserves the rlght to'resell, af ter one week's notice, a* the risk ami cost of first purchaser. All conveyancing at pnrchaaerheoat. WM. *. WARD, Trustee. V& eoAds GREEN * WILLIAMS, Ancte. u,,4WAafL-. Mo. 7** 7th street, betw JHWJVTO auction. oa WEDNS8 ^ V tmikjRSgfcajSI SMsvflsr*? ? aW*<ta A1IIB, AoetioMer. AUCTION SALES. Dl'KCAKMR. DOWUIA .* CO.. A >? ' r. corner 9th and D ?tre>ts 11 >rtuw-?st. B e?i iv _ SOAPS, CANPLE*. PRl'NES. RAISINS, PICK LES. SPICES, TEAS. WHISKIES. S.HVKUY ANP PORT WINES. BCALES. COUNTERS. AWNINGS. FARTAGA8 AND HENRY CLAT CIGARS, tc . At"., AT AUCTION On TI ESP AT MORNING. April nth. cnmn-'nc tng at 10 o'clock. wawitl sell the above good* with in otir anct !?*? rorm? It PI NCANSON. Y>QA* Y.1NG A CO.. Anc?. Y JAM KS GUI LP. A* tioiw er. No. 1014 Pennsylvania tvnra*. SALE OF HOI SEHMLP FURNITURE, CAR PET*4, ic A On TUESDAY MORNING, April -?th,at m lo o'clis k. we will sell, at our a'U'Mnn t*> ?h, Vfl|a lot of th? above articles of a funity declin | ? | inf kotarkrrtlaK.e -r?-isting of? ? Two Wnnlrotw. Two Bureaus, Wash-tai dr. n-dMn-l., Center Til'lf, Slim k mid Hair-t >p Matuaases, IiHtffbe Stove sn?i Pij**, Can Fixtures, Ac. It | R' p i J AMES GCILP. AncV IVY TIIOS. E. V AGGAMAN. I 9 R.?l Estate Auctioneer, 519 7?h stre t. CHANCE EOR INVFSTMRNT FINE FRONT l.?0 FRET ON MASSACHUSETTS* AVENUE, BETWEEN 15th AND 16tii STREETS EAST. ?. (to WEPNESPAY, April 9h,at 5 oVIack Vl ni.. I ?di:'ll -*<l ? ' t lit* I 1 ?? s ?'? 'V- II! ' i ? - -u i -J.L t 3Mid 4, iu t-;i'.ve s -th of i'Z. Terms 4*v of i7 | K- p I T H < ?tj. E W AGGAMAN. Anc*^ 1> Y WrfTjWNSON. Auc:ionecr. DESIRABLE FURNITCRE AT AUCTION. A ON WEPKESDAY, April 9 1 r? ' -Ik Ill n m.. 1 shall s?l! at a i ??inn. without r?erv , for a Keiilleinnii leaving the city, n'l th? Fnr | r l|,i< reof hisreslen No. 'J05 a ?tre?t 1 ? .ii'tii a-r. iu II all Terrace Row, between 2 1 h< >1 streets,Capitol Hill. The Furniture is of ?!??? w?? :n? ity ;*:??? newly r<H .i-'iri f i full M'l'lmfut of LiLO*. 1?S1*? no;.?. ^ CH AMHER FUP.NITCE. U* numerous t<> mention. Tewns^Oi. ?7-2'* I R' P I W . T. JOR \ viN, 1 \Y~w7l~wall .V Ml . J) Mxrlde Building, N ?*. 900 and 903 Pa. are., south comer 9th street. I X' EI LI NT TWO STORY FKAMK HorsE. CONTAINING TV V ROOMS. ON "*r't STREET. BETWEEN T ANI? K STREETS, NORTH VEST. AT AUCTION. jx, On WKPNESPAY AFTERNOON, April 1<>. *-3at o'clock,in front of th- prem-??, *r will ?sisell th above pi.<-e of property. b*iug south . art < f L -t N--.12, in Square Wl. ?*M part->f ?tii jot Idling * front of Jnfeet on 8lh str-et.aod ru;, nilik. l a. k 70 fe.-t.and connecting witli a thr- f ? t I ri> at" alley * itli the 1.) feet w ide pa1*. d public alley iti said square. Terms ? On.- third ca?h; ^alan.?e iti one a>td tvivi \ far-..-<e< <i--<-d l>v a d >-d of tni^t on the l>r-mi-i-. All con*-} Httrinjg at tlie exponae of the p:irch.m-r. ItX> :<? 1 <? i-aid d->wii oi the ilny of aale. 1,7 ,\ * AV. L. WALL A co., Knct-. I?0. H. WARNER, > Ancti ii i-r and lt-al Estate Broker, No. ?7th Htreet, between G and II.

V X E< UTOR 'S SAi.E nf YE It Y VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH M OK OF PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Kt; 'I WEEN 9th ANDlOrn >TREKTS. I *ill ofi-rfoi ?!il-,oa WEPNESDAY, April "23d. at 'i o'clock p. m., in front of th- premi< h, ?^*-to the higL'-t bidder, L it letteri?d D, oubdh i ?i n < f <-ri|rii el 1. >?* No. 1.3 and 4. in S-jnare N ?. fronting X'tfeet ll- inches on P?uns?l?a-iia a* ? i.r.e at <1 runnim* hack arnl frenlinK oil C atre^t, ini rt n il bv a tlire*-atory and attic brick at ?r?- and ill in i. h>n?e. n -w ix cul?i?-d bv ('ar-i'-* l-?an other, X". 914. Thin is one of tin- b-st biiaiueti* standi iu t'-e cit*. Term*: Ove-f nrJIi ' a-h: balance in fi. It and 18 montlH. with interest, -<nre.l by a d-*?lof trn-t upon the prcpertv. depo-it on acceptance of l.'d. If terms of sab- are not compli.*d w itli within? ? I: IS aft' r sab- the property will b- n-a >ld at ill- ri-k .1.1? o-t ?f the il-f.i;il[iiiK purchaser. C inveyftuciag at I-tire hater'* coat. _ JOHN W. SIMS, ErecMtor. ??7-en*da (Snn. Gur A R -p. I It. 11. AVARNK!!, \ 'l>'t 1?Y GREEN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, i > No. 1001, uortliwi st comer and D sts. TRY'STEES' sale OF VALUABLE IMPROVE!! PROPERTY' AT AUCTION - THREE S TORY BRICK l'A\ ELLIXG. U i Tli FRENCH RoOF, 'in STREET KAr-T, BETWEEN B ANP C North. w-t, By virtue of ade-d of trust.dated Sept< m'>ef p>,:: !2, i-7i, recorded it. I-I-t t?W. folio US. of t:ie a^^l.uid rtcorda of Wa?h!!igton ronntr, Oistrirt of Columbia, and by dir<-ctl->n of th- Ii d-l-r of the i;o*e necured th?-rebv, w ? will ae||,?t public aiietioii, in the pr-nitoea, on THYTR>PAY", April 1 7 , 1^7.1, at 4 o'clock p. m., all that piece of ground In 'iigton city, 1). C . known as Lot l-tt"r<-<l F. in Ches ter & JnnLin's ml?!i\ i^ion of stjuare 725. Terms of sale; One-third cash; balance in one and tv?? years, with internet at the rate often percent. I- r annum, payable aemi-annually, ?-cnied bv n >t-*a . t.d d-ed ol'trii't on the property, to thesatisfa-ti >n i t the trustees. Conveyancing and recording at pur <-ha??-r?*? cost. If th? terms of sal- are not c unpli-d with in ti*edaya from th-d?v of sale, the trnsi-??s | reserve the riiht to resell the property at the ri^k I and cofctof the defaulting purchaser. R. P. POPGE, ( Tr...te?s P. A. PARNEILLE.<Truste"" ?7-d GREEN * WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Y W. L. WALL A Cu.. Anctloneera, New Marble Building. Noe. 900 and 90U Pennsylvania avenue. BY PEREMPTORY SALE OF -ia SETS OF ELE OA NT AVALNUT BROCAPE, REP and BAIH CLOTH PARLOR SI ITS: MARBLE TOP WALNUT ANP PAINTED CHAMBER SUITS: slI>EBoARl?S, BEPSTEAPS, BUREAUS. WASHSTANPS. WALNUT ANP OAK EX TENSION TABLES; TUCK ER SP UIN?;S "MATTRESSES-lOO ROLLS OIL-CLOTH; LOT SECOND-HANP INGRAIN CARPETS, RE MOVEP TO OCR STORES K IK CONVE NIENCE OF SALE- ON THIRTY and SIXTY PAYS CRRPIT. fj\ On AVEPNESOAY MORNING. April 9. \H. 1S73. eomnn-ncina at 10 o'clock, we will sell p9(by catalogue, at our auction rooms, without ? ^ 1 reserve, on cre?lit? ?J.t ?et? Brocaielle. Repaid Hair-cloth Pallor Suit*. Walnut and Painted Chamber Suits. Marble-top Table*. Bureau- and B-d-teals. Pii-cea 4-4 Ma'tiug, ? hite and cln-ck. One hundred rolls Oilcloth, two Sjwing Machine*. Marble-top Walnut ami Oak Sideboards. What Nots, Rtegere*. Hat Rack. AValunt Wardronea, Bo.'k' aae, ?Dd Mattre#s<?a. Lot of Second-hand Furniture. Carpets, Kitchen Requisites, Ac. N. B ?We call special attention of buyers to the al?ne sale, as every lot will be sold per-mptorily. Terms; All sums of ftluu and under, rash; all sum* over that amount a credit of Su.tfo and ?? days, with notes with approved security. All peraon* w isliing to avail themselves of the op portnnitv of cre<lit will report to the auctioneer* l>efore the sale. By order of the Trnstee. ?7-2t W. L. WALL A CO.,An<t?. B. H. WARNER, . _ . . Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T?V Seventh street,Letweea G and H. TRUSTEE 8 SALE OF A VALUABLE FARM LYING IN PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY, MP., ON THE WASHINGTON ANP UPPER M ARLBORO' TURNPIKE, NEAR FORBEST VILLE. I By virtne of a deed of trnet dated April 3, HS7, and dulv recorded in Liber F. 8. No. 4, Folto 648, one of the land recordsof Prince George's Connty, Md., and also by virtne of a decree of the Supreme Court of the Piatrut of G>l<imbia, passed March 14,1?73, in Equity cause No. . of L?vi P. Manns, vs. Win. H. Ward.snbstitntiiig th? under <igned trustee iu place of tne said Wm. B. Ward, I ? ill sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the "City Ball," in the City of AVashing ;..n, P. C., on WEPNESP AY. April 9th, 1-C3 a> 4 'i o'clock P. m., all those certain pieces or parcl? of ground lying in Prince George's Connty. Md., ind Iw-irig known and described as Magruder plains EnlarKeiF,"The Levels" and "Goiiil Luck," and also"Offntt'a Adventure," and" Addition ioOlfurt'? Adventure," and also part of a tract of land call-d W-ssIland, th- said pieceaor parrels of land con taining in all 524 acres and 2-10 of ail acre, ni'>re or I-Ss, being the -ame lands which are particularly 1 escribed in a certain conveyance from Adam Peihl si d wife to AVilliam, which was recorded in Lil>er F.S.No. 2, Folio fit#, Ac ,one of the land records of Prince Goorge'sCounty, Md., and also a fart of a tract of land adjoining lheab>ve tiact ?ilb-d "The Levels,"containing one hundred a res f land lie-re or less, and being the same which Washington |. Beall aud bis wife conveyed to tha said William Rowzerbya certain deed of convey ance, bearing date on the 14th of Pecetnber, HSi, together with the improvements thereon,consist ing of a good dwelling bouse, baru, stable, aud other out-houses. ..... . , ? .. Term?- #4J?J0 cash and the balance in 1,2, and 3 years with interest. 9 loo deposit <>? acceptance of bid If terms of aale are not complied with within five it) days after the aale the property to be resold st the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's cos-. nveyai ut JOSEPH DANIELS, Trustee. ml9 B. H. WARNER, Auctioneer. ?/-TIIE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THURSDAY. April 1T.M7.L s7?< Ads B. H. WARNER. Anction?er. Y17H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7t*9 7th street, between G anil H. PUBLIC SALE OF LOT ON THE EAST SIPE OF 1ST STREET WEST, BETWEEN D AND E STREETS SOUTH. I will sell on SATURDAY, April 12tli, 1873, at IHhalf pant Ave o'clock p. m.part of Lot E, insith division of square OS, having a front of 15 feel on 1st street w?st, and running back to and having a front on Delaware avenue of U feet inches. Terms; One-half caeh; balance 6,13 and 18 months with interest, ft fin down when the property ia struck off. Conveyancing at thapurchaser's coat. a4 dAds B. H. WARNER, Auctioneer. B* LATIMER A CLEART, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and lUkat.( Star Office Buildings. IMPROVED PROPERTY"ON THE SOUTHE AST CORNER OF ?th AMD BOUND ART STREETS, AT MICTION as On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. April 1th, 11873,at A o'clock, we shall seU, in front of th* I premises, the two-story Frame Honae, No. 1944 9th street, corner or Boundary. Lot X feat front by 75 feet deep. Terms; Cash. Conveyancing at pnrchaaar's cost. a4-d?ds LATIMER AGLRART, Aucts. "A"ucTtOJt Sale of StaMpb in orntre A MARKET. Will hesaUat pahUeMUttenjin accordance with (notion t of the charter-of the Washington Market Oosnpany, on TMJTMDAT, April 17.1873, at 1 o'clock p. m.. at.the Market; the right to occupy for the remainder of two yanta from July 1,187* , 4 Butchers' Stands. 8 Hucksters' Stands. ? Butter Stands. \ I I any stanfc that have boon shandnnad by ths B occupants Alaaatt Hit, a?tus^acaggc%ssl. which n noMM hM hwasgivew in writing to 'r^/aV^ith * "^,^1 wllZteS&wiiSg. Waoinotob. D. ?., A>rtt 4. ?f|53l EVENING STAR. The Bakk or Km.Livn r<.>Rniw li?r? not been m successful in etx-aptn* vrwt the v were in passing their fraudulent check*. Byron Bidwrll w?* traced to Hartu. ind tht ie u recti dou information sent by the ocean tele graph. George McDonneU, one o( his confed erates. was caught in New York, an.l O-orge Bidwell met the fame fate m Edinbnrg a day or two apo. Thisoueol the gang isprettv certain ofbting punished BPlew he forfeit*hi* bail, j and even then he will hare but a Mender clianee o: leaving the Kingdom. Thus far the Cuban anthoritiei. hare kept Bvtoh Bid well in custody. although he ha* retained a couple of the moat distinguished criminal lawyer*of Havana, who are pressing tor hi* release before the Fnglish ofrcers arrive. The great wTit 01 hah*** corpus I.a-been in\oked in a J 01 McDonnell, and tliMe I* no telling a New York juige may do. Both the Bidwi-iU are w ell known in tht* country, and were engaged ir f -audritet't oper ation mum year* s.nce in Cuicinn ?t. and Chi ugo. _______________ pun*# ''F<'?t*k"? A J'tt ir'i Et-I'lin > Xc'l Km lit*.?A ?j<i accident occurred in Br.sA lvn yesterday, tiie particular* of which are k l allows: ?la? Montgomery, a little fellow of 11 year*, who resided with bis parent* .11 it \ ? i-<?n Street, went with hi* little brother to j^ay in t'ie attic. While there, .t-mes proj >*<? I that they should | lay "hang Fo-ter " hiiI bavin' *eciited a tope, tied ot.eendof it to a beam. a* 1 on the othei end a slip-noose wa? f. rtn?s1. <nte wh'<h he ,.las.) tbrnst hi- k. 1! tl. 'n a' 1 w-dLimselt to f ill forward. a-id th<^ ?? > >-e 'iglitening about li;* neck, he was moh strangled. His lit'le brother, s.-einghim a 1' d i';otionleM rpen the floor, *n<l bt-ing treble t? aron?e hint, proceeded down st.f-v.>1 In? ?: m d h'* .-i*t r that .lame* ???? i;p srai * a*ieep Vj*>n proceeding to She :ittic. the Imiy Wasfound dead: he having l?eeu strangled l?v the n > >? ?. wln> h *t!'i tigl.tly AcMh Li* nec\. ? .V. ) . .s' ar, ( Aftril 2. A Si, Avr.i.ts* AViri; K\< n\> -r. - A rain by the name ot James Blackburn, with h? wi*'"e and *?veii or eifclit cliildrcn. w ?? re-'t-m v liv ing on tht tarm of >ir Wajee. wear St. Cathar rin<*. Missonrl. A balf-si-* r lived with them: rear by live* a neighbor, Mr. Cyrn? VfWer, wife niid three eLihiren. It would setm that lhrse people have been following their native "afiinitks." atid recently concluded on a new ileal in the marriage relation: so. a* it is affi mi nt, Blackburn exchanged hi* half-*i*ter with V ebster for tlte wife 01 the latter, all partlo, except Sir*. Blackburn, assenting to t'ic ai rangenieitt. and the tour w retches lett for the West about two week* at>. takinz the < ar* in the night. Mr*. Blackburn and children having been abandoned, are with her father. A Britc:tAR Attn Hif? Miptre*s Makciki> !N .Iail.? In the eonnty jail. yesterday, .loseph Stewart, a thief convicted of the burglary of the Nathan re*idence, on w^st Tth street, "and sentenced to a seven year*'term in the peniten tiary, was married by 'Squire Howekanip to hi* "woman.'' Samantha Barclay. with whom he has been living tor seven or eight years p-tst. The ob'eet of this proceeding was to bestow the name of Stewart upon a six-year old l?oyborii to this couple. Stewart represents that his pi rt-nts, who live in New Orleans, are wealthy, and he wants his Von to derive the benefit of the relationship, in the event of death giving him a chance.?Cm. Cnmmrrti:t!, ??! intt. A Nnvrt. S< K>* t?f ('OCRT?.Vits f'-irrt Hurt I, '>11 Ari/wt HrrOicn Cuf.?1 ti the Pennsylvania supreme court, in Philadelphia,yesterday,M ? t'anie (5. itiiriiham ai^urd her suit for damage* against the election officer* of the Fourth who refused lier vote in October. I'C'J. Tlie e.i*c rome* up on ai>|ieal from the ??'*?' priat court, v. here <lti<lge Sherwood sustained the tiemurret to her cause for action, and is the tlr^t one in which a woman has ever appeared in |>erfn!i 1 ( lore the supreme court a- a champion t >i fe male suft'rftge. Miss BurnhamV argument oe eupixl two hours in rL-ading, and w as atten tively rcccivid. tr I>nlnlli prows a pa re, an.l is al>out to rr<?wn its civilisation with a hook and ladder company. tOTA burglar, who was sentenced thsoth-'r day at the Maidstone (Fug.) Assise s to seven j i-ars* servitude. oft<-retl to t??<? the bench v hetheT it should be fourteen years or nothing. ?yl'he Chicago Post aavs: "It i* said that Stukes, has conet ived a happy id?*a. and wid not be hung after all. He ha* determined to follow the example of C a hi well, and resigu." ?JTTlK San Franci-ro Bulletin says that the taxes in California?state, county and munici pal?range from three to four |>er cent. 011 tlie \aiue of property. DIED. I'LOl'CHLY. On Snnday evi-tiiiisr, A prd < ti, ?t!"-r h loii^ kikI p ?infill illu"<w, wit id 1 ?hf b re W'fli I 'lirii4iiumin?ti<>ii ami f.?rtitud>-, BTI>* >RA, be ! \ <1 wife.if Alfred (.'loii^lilv. m varx. Funeral will take plae<* fi.-ni tin- Fir-t Bipti?t t'liiirch, Uth ?trr?t. b-tweeo G and H, t<> in-irr >w. 1 Tuesday,) at o"cl?? k. Fri--:id?ol the faiuily are rvspectf'dly invited. VASWYI'K. On thefith instant. Mr*. ltACIIEL \ AKW YC' th?* h year of h^r **??. Kriend? of the fnmil> ar- respectfully invifetl to aiieiul Iter funeral fri'tii th* r?**id<*nre of It sister, -:<?h1i Dickson,No. 71^ North Capitol str^t.ou Tuekda> afternoon at S o'clock. Interment at (il^n aood Cemetery. IBaltteiore papers pl>*u? cop> ,| ? WILLIAMSON April 6th, M 3.1.*) a m , MAKY A. WILLIAMSON.wife of SamnH William* >11.'11 the <i6'ih >ear of Her ase. '? Oue of us, >et not wi:b u?." Funeral Tuesday afteruoeii. 8tli in?t . at 3 0VI0 k. fr. ni her lat^ r??i<lenr?'. No. 704 0 ?tre<"t K* lati\e> and friend* are re-pectfully iuvifrd toat tend. UNDERTAKERS. RICHARD r. HARVEY, ( Sirr,ftor u HAH fh Y 4 MAKE,) No. V34 t Stkikt, between Ninth and Tsatfe. M UTALLIC BVH1ALCASKS AND CASKMtM ?/ irirn d'tmrtum; msrl ly SHHOVUS. HA HITS, ft. |^ICHAR1> W. BARKKR, CABINhT MAKhK AND UNUERTAKMM., Cl? ELKVKNTH 1TKKKT, near V. tVHNiTVRK Or ALL MINUS HA UK AltM H EPA I Hit U. ^yiUIAM HACK.ETT, No. 739 7ih Stbest, Bktwkkn 0 and H apfe ly CofBns and OsskeU of all fcln^ PIANOS, Ac. JF. LICA8, UP) 7th street n. w., T*a?r ??4 ? Kttuiaiut nf ttanoi amU Or-? iter* receited st Thompson^ C'inier 16tbst.|B3HH mill N. Yerk ave. ; Getty's, Bridge, uear"ITnTi Coneress, Ueorgetow n; ?nd M >?o*', cor. 7th and Pa. av. Pianos and other instruments packed and moved All work guaranteed. inliSS-ly rlUTNINO AND REPAIRING, 'POMSHINa 1 AND VARNISHING PIANtW AND? ALL MUSICAL INsTRLMKNTtf. A1 B|8 ways receiree tne most faithful attention*!! mTl by 6. L. WILD A BRO., 440 11th street west, near northwest coiner of Pennsylvania avenue; over twenty years well kaowa as practical Piano and Musical Instrument Makers. Dealers ia Pianos and li osical Instruments generally. mlo-tr |"C8TAV KUUM. PRACTICAL PIAN6~Ha " KHH. TUNHH AND HhfAlH iff PIANOS AND ORGANS Orders r<-|UH| cmved at NARK'S Jeweiry Store, Pa."I I In a?e., and at NAIBN'S Drug Store, corner 9ili itr?et slid avenue. f II -ton <CUOMACR.ER A liO.'S I'LANOS, ^ fhiLadelpuia GREAT &NDLCT1QN IN PRICES. These tnstrnaientfi, which, on account of their m< r- riority uvei all uthers, have in a few yesri^a^ -come the moat popular here, as well an all||>HH| over the country, can be had now for the M-'U 10 I.'Wing low prices SQUARE PIANOS from (VI to ?C7a. UPRIGHT PIANOS fr^m ??uuto A7UI. GRAND PIANOS from |?l to f 1471. Penona who w ish to save from SlUU U> 9 JOB In par rtiaaiug the best iuatrument out, are invited to call and compare for themselves. Pianos for rent. Pianos exchanged. Tuning and Rwpairing properly to OA RL TtlCHttRVAgent, dM-tr 93A Peunay Ivaoia avi WILLIAM MA BR A CO., Baltixobs, Manvt.atVD, GRAND, SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIAJfOS. Theae inetrnments have bona before the public tat forty yean, and npoa their exoeiieoee aione_^^^ attained an na porch as ed pre smtnsnce||lMM| which pronoancee them unequalled for their*!! tn tone, touch, workmanship and durability. They have been awarded slxty flve gold and silver mS st different fairs over other competitors. An of their SQUARE PIANOS havs their aew and improved emeu's PIANOS aad PIANOS aad Ov Willi am ORGANS from various well-known factories for _ and rent, at _ REICH Eli BACH'S, declS-tr Piano Warerooma. 4?f 11th etrSt B'^SV NSiSE' LUMBER. L VMM AM. tait cut 10 oms. mt th? Third mf f*? frtly. [flnnii *ati n-Xo. M | A* Act making appropnati in* tor the legisla tive. rurfutirr, and judicial rtpfrm of the . koveriiment lor tlie year ending .lane thir t-eth. rlfbtren hundred and aeveutv-tour, and Iim other purposes H' it rr irfrtt hj ,'?* ??;< fT~vt* of R iw t*Ttl'itr? 1>f fW f'wW Sllfrt nf A IVfl'l ?? r*fall - , y" SM'wK'i, That the fol!??ii<( ?nn< he, stod the *sn-.e are hereby, appropriated. out ot any money in the treasury not otherwise ap t lopiiatid. ft?r the serrtce ot the fi?.-a! veat ???"' C ?' re thlrtl-th, eight en 1'tndred ant i *? vcvtv-'onr. for the ob'Wt* licreiuafter ft- I namely: LLGISJ.ATIVE. S?>AT?. I or cod pcn-aticn and tn.Vage of Senator*. U ur taiuiied and tie thou?an.t dollar*. For cotn|>en*atton or tl.c officers. clerx<. mes set ?? r>. iiid o*her* re eel \ in* an idrik! sa.arv in tlw service of thr Senate, namely Re -retary en Senate, lour thousand three i.uuared anil twenty lUiller*; officer charged with d.?bnrse Ehl.ts the Senate. five hundrt<1 aud * ventv s:x dollar*, cliiefcletk,threethou*and d.? atnl tLe additional *"ni ot enr the" i?if i! il'.jr wl.ile the *a:.1 ofoc UUtMhy t': i tc*rt In ?? tnl*rt. ai.d 1.0 iongi-r, principal cl.-rk,three iboaMind six b'ttidiiJ do'U:> . ? mil a;:?rt.< fourth day ot Varch, eighteen hm <*r d hi .! seventy tbroe. the President of the 1 ti.ttd S"ate? >fiall reoeive in i '.1 for hit * rvicif ii :ring i!:e term t?>r w'.ii'a l.e shall i lia< e hi*ii elected, the sum el i.fjy thousand <:o",a> j ?-r annum. to l?e paid monthly, th.* Vice I*it ot the Vn:teJ Stati-" shall i . i. '. 'i *. i !. - s.-i t*. d.:r.t.^ th- t. I tu lot which Lc ?liali have teen elected, the *:nu of tcs thcasiiiil dollar* i>er a no an, to be p* id monthly: ki d tLe Cbiel Justice of the Sim me <*?t.irt??t'.c r? vd State* -hall ro e . ? t" >i oft. i thoiiK.ii livehurdrddollar* jvram m ! at t!:? .'iis'lccs of the Surrcniv < ov.rt of llif I t i Till SL^tc- *l:all receive the s-rn o! ' n t'i? i- 11 Miwi dvi an |ht aut.uiu cach. to l>e j'uul ni-^nth* - it*. tliL Sccrifry ot S:*te, the 8ecrit".ry the I Ircuaiy, tWSecretary o: 11* 11 t'n ffrmiiii I ?-l t. Ji?v_v. Hie Sen t*r> of t!\.-Interior, tl." AtVuriiey-tieik^ral, and tl>e Po*tmaster'0*'ii.*< 4* I i thai! rwi'ivf h'D ilM>u>tD<l ?ioliar> |>f-r Hiiuum [ | ea? h ftr tl.clr Kirlftf. t<? he paid in ?i th'\; an I i | tai'h a>*i>:aiit ncrc-tary of tl?e i rea. ui,Nt?*.-, and Interior I*ei>artai?nta shall rccitin a- an. I t'Uiil conn-ei.satii'ii, to he |.a:d ni -nthlv, mi I t: i.iwaiid dollar*: and Uu R; caker ??( the 11 . r -e oi 1U| r?.?- iitativc- shall, alter the pr> *eut Con- | fc.i--. Iim u. in ! I. |. a a'l h:? ?<'r \ i. . cnu- ! pcti**tioii at the late of t n tiiou^nd dollar* 1 . : am . in. and Scliator-. 1. pr. M-nt it i and 1>. 1? iiai. - !i> Con^rcx. inclu lina Si-i ?r.? i< Miitatires an.l I???!< /at. i- in t???* F?ct v--.??in1 Congr.- >. li?l< *i cli office at t'i pa'-? ?g ot tlii> act. atid wlio<<e cla.ui to a acat l..?s not lx'on ?'ivi.r? ly decided, s!ia11 receive s. veil th<>aaan 1 fi\? buiidicd dollar* per atmuni earh, an 1 tins s'.inilh- in in u ol all | vand allowanc-, e*c?-,.t actual iihMi idual travelling . \pens ^ fr>m 11,. ir 1 jii.' s t.. the si :it of govern mi nt and rei '.in. In tlie most direct route ot u?u.?l tr^^el, once t ?r each M-ssn'ii, oi tin- hou?e to winch s;..hSiU i.tor, V.i iniM r. <>r lielegate belongs. ti? W cert - tit <1 t<i iiim er hand to th? il'shuisnii; .0'. *er, i nd tiled a.-a voucher /Y?r,? i. That n f tling the pay and allowances of s. n;itor-. Mi tubers, and I ??-l< gat. s m t ??e K??rf \ -m -- 0 iiCoiigr a.I tn U age ahaU he ? ducte i Hint no ai.i A" it nee ni ?ile t.rr e\|iciii> ?i trave Aii.I tiierv i? hcrehv appropnaii.i a s iui mi In ici't to mak>- the aatmal salaries of -.i.-li ol tin elerk- in tlie office of t'?e Cler n ot tt.e Ifoasc ? a i . pri s. i.t^tivi ? as receive two i io -andtv? I'Minimi <.olinis and upwar.U an i 1. tiiau tl rei tl.mi-Hnil dollai*, iinl i.ling li.e p--?n >n clerk and pt.i tii'4 eetli in aud I ?har. ? a. h. .tikIoi *?: h a> receire two t**n.i ? >1 I,.t*ai'il upwards, ami lei* than two thon-and li\ e I un?lreii dollars, the sun ol two tii'Misan 1 five hu'Mlr'd dollar-each, and nt such < r - < i ive eighteen hni.dred dollar* aiid upward*, and lfM> than tw> thousand dollars.!:. s.*n >t j t*<> ll ishnd dollarsea' a; anfl 1b< Seer. : ( v 1 t tiie S iii?te aud tlie Cieikof the H > . ti luorsan.l ihv'arseacb. and of the chief cler* jiiiii journal e.erk ?if t):c lloaae. wk.le suchp ? ri' ions are held by the pr s-.nt iacuntV>ents, a': i no longer, thre. thousand *iv do'.lats < >ch: and ol tiie I?oorkeeper ot the II msi* an.l J tlie nrv-.-tant-vio.ilk.-epi-r of the Sentte, w me I; epos lien is held hj the pr.tstn* m,',.mltent-. and no longer, three thousand dollai? each: an i oi the I'o*tmaster to the Senate, two thoaMnd live hundred and b'tiety-twodollar*: a*eirt?ut postniaMt r. two thousand dollars. att?l ot two mail-carriers, one thousand Keven hand re I doi lats; and of the mi|?erinteiident ami tirst assist ant ot theSenatedocuni'Mit-rooni.twothu-an l hve hundred dollar* each: and *ecand assistant in w?id doeaiuent-room, eighteen hundred dtdl.ini; and ol the ad i tiontl c iinr^?ii-a!i ?:i to tlio r? jiorh r* of the House and Senate |..r the Concessional Globe, fifteen hundred dol lar* eacti; and of ailditional pay to the chief eng'iiei r of the House, throe bawd rent and *i\tv dollar*, (so a* to equalize hi* pay with that of the chie?f < ngimer of the Senate. > And it i? hereby provided that the increase ot r<;ni)ieii!<ation to the officers, clerk*, and offers in the emplwy of the Senate and House of Kep n'sentati ves, provided tor by this ?ct, shall l?e gin with the present Congress, ami the pay of ail the present employees of the Ssnate and House of Representatives, including the em ployee* in the library of Congretw uli those uu ?li r the Commissioner of 1'ublic Ituil.ling- an I tirounds, now employed in the Capitol huilil .tig. and also the Mouse reporters, whose pav 1 as not been s|>ecifically increaseol by this act, holding their places bv api?tintmcnt un ler th^ r< si^ctive ofticem thereof , or by the authorirv of the committee of contingent expenses of tlie Senate, or the Committee of Accounts of tlie House, be increased fifteen per cent, ot their present comiiensation on the amount actually I received and payable to them respectively from the beginning of the present Congress, or from tlie date of their api>oiiitm' nt during the present Congress, and who shall be actuallv employed at the passage of this act, and the'amounts of money necesniy to carry the foregoing provi sion* into effect are hereby appropriated out of any roonevs in the treasury not otherwise ap propriated; principal executive clerk, minute and journal clerk, ami financial clerk, in the i ffice of the Secretary of the Senate, at three thousand dollars each; librarian aitd seven clerks in the office of the Secretary of the Senate, at two thousand live hundred dollars each; keeper of the stationery, two thousand lour hundred dollars: assistant keeper of the stationery, one thousand eight hundred dollars: one raras* nger, at one thousand two buudred and ninety-six dollars; one page, at aeven hun dred and twenty-dollars; Sergeant-at-Arms and 1 'oe>rkeeper. four thousand three hundred and twenty dollars: Provid-H. That hereafter he shall receive, directly or indirectly, no fees or other compensation'or emoluments whatever lor performing the duties of the office, or iu con nection therewith otherwise than as atoresxid; assistant doorkeeper, two thousand tive hun dred and ninety-two dollars; acting assistant eloorkeeper, two thousand five hundred and ninety-two dollars. Postmaster to the Senate, two thousand two hundred dollars; assistant fo*tmaster and mail-carrier, one thousand seven hundred and twenty-eight dollars, two mail-carriers, at one thousand two kuuUred dol lars each; superintendent of the document room, two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars; two assistants in document-room, at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars taoh; sufierintendent of the foldiug-room, two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars, three messengers, acting as assistant door keepers. at one thousand eight hundred dol Ihis each: nineteen messengers, to b- a;> l-ointed and removed bv the Sergeant-at-Arms, with the approval of the Committee to Audit ??nd Control the Contingent Kvi.cnse* of the Senate, at oue thousand lour hundred aud forty dollar* each; oue messenger, as authorized by Senate resolution of June tenth, eighteen hun dred ami seventv-two, at oue thousand four hundred and forty dollars; secretary to the President of the Senate, two tbounaud oue hun dred and two dollars and forty cents: clerk to the Committee ou Finance, two thousand two hundred and twenty ilollars. clerk to Commit tee on Claims, two thousand two hundred and twenty dollars; clerk of printing records, two thousand two hundred and twenty dollars; chyk to Committee on Appropriations, two thousand two hundred and twenty dollars; oue laborer in charge of private passage, eight hundred aud sixty-four dollars; one laborer in stationery room, eight hundred and sixty-four dollar*; ooe special policeman, one thousand two hundred and ninetv-aix dollars; Chaplain to the Senate, nine hundred dollars; chief engineer, two thou sand one hundred aud sixty dollars; three as sistant engineers, at one thousand eight hun dred dollars each; two firemen, at one tliou?aiid and ninety-fire dollars each; three laborers, at seven hundred ami thirty dollars a*oh. For temporary clerks in the office ot the Sec retary of the Senate, ten thousand dollars. For contingent expenses of the Senate, uame lT: For stationery and newspapers for serenty four Senators, at the rate of one hundred aad twenty-five dollars each per anantu. nine thou sand two hundred and fifty dollars. For stationery for committees aad officer*, five thousand dollars. For clerks to oossasittees, thirty thousand dol lars. For fourteen pages for the Senate chamber, two nding-pages, one page for the Vice-Presi deatV room, snd one page for the oOeo of tho actually employed, said pages to ?7 appointed and removed by the tier siisiif at Hi inn with the approval of the Committee to Audit and Con U*A the Contingent Expenses of tho Senate, eleven thousand dollars. For horses and earryails, nine thonnf dol lars. beg??<rttig OB til* BrM Mouriav tn IVriWr. eigl t?en buiMllfil ai?t arTrity ihrn . tsgfei L j* 4ti|Ur??Kti, four IkoiNIKt iltiliMa cariroL r"nca r<r ot.e caj tain. two IIiubmih* ?i< eighty. ' do l?i>. Uirn HfvtcNUit*, Ml ?>!?.< tuae aaialfive b'.iklKd *1X1 iiflitr-lonl diilltrn trli, llinnitiid M-rrii bundreii and tight do|?ar-; t-4 i ictal ?alcl.lirli *1 nK th.** satid nc!'?r> escb. eight thousand dollars. I hat ?he >) |<i ' lOM-bl i>t Ump 1 ?|illel yaliN shall Iht. WU'l I* made k? Uic Ni i g< aut at A t ma <4 the two M>n^. ?i?1 the kHiltin ?t the < an.lut rxkniN; a I'd the captaii. ot tu?> ixiiir* fultf ?ay h i tu tutx r ot muImm'. ?thjrft lo Of art ion ot the itmrr rr fcrM to. making in all,tit t-eifht tU<? :-*?? t -? > bint! red anl fifT?-?tx <i..1Ut>. on- halt t? l?.? I aid into th? CMltlllfl'Ilt fulid Ot till Hiiik m Kf| [''KKUtlvrf, an-l the wilirt btlf lo Uc paid into the roli'in^rrt fund of the K< n*?e M<?t*r or KtrK??TATii n?. I'ot f< r |?i.*<ti.m and mil.-age oi m mlKn or '' f lfou?e i?t l?cpre*e?-ativ* ? ind |(el<-gatr* t om Ten itctk a, one iuii!iaii aix bui i/tvi til l titty thousand dolla**. the Mtur til h* ?r?l %Slt treu; atMl ?tin U>? nrat day o( March. et?:iteo?? |.ui.?.icd aid iritnt) thiw. And lirti llln lti 11. x iit*! vf* and I?.-V fatn fl-n-l t<* ('(WITCH * /""lcredentials in due f> rm ot la* Liv?Ti.*a dtrtr m.Nl *1 i, t|,r n. TV or the Mou-e ot K -j<re ** iit*ti\c* iti acturUance * uu IIm* u'l* ii( tie act c -.ongrrm approved March third. PW :tfi-n iMVj'nl H?' at l: \ tin ae. lu *r rp iMVI tin :i c< m; <? o-atloa ninthly. from t'ue I. gin ti r.g Ot V. :i tclui Ultll til b) ^.u'i:a| o! tk? i '?? ">' (?? each C.>ngrc--, U|*oa a certificate ti the torn Vow i?, dm* to be ai^neO h\ tl(e ? '? rl of "ic lio ?#, ?blrkfM1lll<?tfd ,<i hire the like I ?t<" aril fS'rt w Ufivcn to the r? tificateo' tin- b|.<ak<r under e* >??? / ? <#'.1. Tiiat in raw the f i ? |? ot 1.' \ re-< atati \ cs Klitli |.f not '- d tlia' the fW liHi ti a .v Mii'li |.oid> i ??l a ? rt Ccate ?; eo*Cti?.|. * il W OtlilcNt <1. Li- I iMi xliail 1: it W I '?? < <. l.| on tlie r 1 ot ti nikr-rVf' Ml iat? I 11' :"e 1' in f ? lw |>ald. until be shall I>. sw??i a il ?> N In lnl>cr. Ot UMi! SUi'h (' ut> -I al. i W I dcttrS'itMd 1 ?n n tnjet > ktK t> of tl.r of ?t> r%*rk?. m ?? ? i !?? r?. ai <t ?>.,n !%r.-.'<'ik .n* a', mi! x a'f II tLc H*1 * i'* ? Ol tilt* ltl*l||M ?.f ki'|ll I'MMllAttVI*)., i *aa'v I ik el tbf llnu' ot Kej-i.>viitau?p?, tiini tit<?i.i-an| tfalcv k?ldn <1 ?ad tarato duiiata, , ti* ?i thft fit' 'ill"* **.t tr ttu' ufr'nt i! i -1. tu mi ' the roii* i jte it fniid and rtlur ??*)? ?? - <>? tl<n IIwn iiI i;.-|'ri'M i t?tnc# an atitmal?wm o: Ire In tidrt d a nd n-Ttati -aia lara rku1? ,< ik an 1 Jkiartw] rk-il. tl.r?t liNMiMiiJ Uullai? r?<h. a * a?i^;m.t ikrk*. it two tli.>u-aa<i f xv li iudtt-d at d aiwty-lao <lo ln? *-acli. on a?>.?'*nt rlt'ik, at tuo rHii:<Hn<l Ave lnn .lr.^i ainl troiitv dollai >. ten *>?i?< ?iil rlerl.*. Including lil>r?'iau ai.d hi-'ii' i'l.ianaii. at tan th<> .aatnl <???# _hl;tnlrrd and cinty d?llara raoli. l.nir n-^aNt Clet k?. at on" tlioi'sm .t eijcht I. tii.1 '-U ?1*;.ar> ? aoli; one c'.it t' ni' -?.'i<gei tri the ot tlie < ietk ot I lie ll(>uae. Kl i \e <*o'.Ut> and a?-\ nty atE c.'J'tx |?r (ia\. tliroe inr?i>ii?i>r?, ?t one tliourai d fiMir hnt: Irt-d and li.rtv uollar* <*a>*h, one tue?aetiper Intbe Hnwr librarr. one ttnu ?ar?l l?ur I'utidriNl and tnrty dtdlaip, one engi i>i-(t. one tbouhand ei?[bt hundred doliaia, fii.-e a>>>tant fD|iae<t>. at omt tUouaand lour ban. cred and lo'tjr dollar a cj?i b. an i tbe * lerlitral ? I ! aratiia for llie litcbtinc ot tin-hall ot the Hvwe, the d<>ine. atnl rotunda, and olo lull ot Cei'tvaciitativer. rball be |i'ai<<d India.**- ot tin. m d ei.cine< r.and o^ratctl 1>; tin |H*t?oa or j t rM>iit tit.?let lii? charge, to l?- AvI^iiaM l?y I u. ml-'fil to tlie oet.trol atid ??i--i xi to* nt Ikt An+tvrt i>t tlip Capitol and tne ( ' ?mnna ?iotier of l'tiMie HuUdlapairf (ir*iin4K. and tli* ofticcs- o: dertrlcian an?1 BMilataateleetrieiaa are lierct1* al^oliidttd; m flrctncii. at one th ??? at.d aim t'lnctT-li(! dollar*.? a<*h |-er anni'tu l<K r:(-ik to t ? -inn.i?t*e of Wh\? and M.*an*. t?e tl.iu^arid 6\e bun ir>-d and u neti -t?>; netiL-nger to < ou-nmu-eot 1Vt\> and M> ???, one thottaatid 15ir??e hundred an<l fourteen lol lMrx;cleik to Con mitt e<* on Aj>j*r >;ir.(tio:i*. two tbotiaand five 1 nulird ?'.-l i-mtr-Vvi 1 >;i?r?, n ftx ttitct to <?cniibittt>cii|i Ai-rroprtabntw, one t tboti^ai d three lnun'.r.d an-l lonrt<-en dollar*, I cI- lk to the t.? niimttec ot t ?laiiii~, t wo t!io"*aii<t one biuxlred and ?-ivr\ do<l?i>; rl.-ik toth>- i >m n:itt?-e on tin l*nl>1i<-I.a'ida. two tli(iii->aii-i one I and red and *i*t> dollar.-: clerk at tlM ?t cr'a tal-'e, a* t ve (foliar* and aevrttlv-*- a ceela | |*r daj; |iri\ ate accretary to tbe Sj-eaker. tw? IboOMiM one bniMirodand tanil illam anl fiwtr ceiita. S<Y(ranl-al-Arai?. tiinr rtiuimail thr?5? [ bnt dred ar.4 twenty dollar^: 4. f. That l.ciealti r lie k':*1i receive,directlv or Indireotljr, t o tc*.? or other comi>ensatioii or etnoluu; nt v baterer for t-ettornniig t'l.-d.iti. a<?: tlie oHoe, or In connection tlierewtth,otberwi^ thali a* atoresai.i. clerk to tbe Heic-ant-at-Ar ni*. tw? tliouMnttd five bttndred dollar-; f>arfn( teller (??r tlie Ser-ri-ant-at-Arin*. one tii?u.-?n 1 ei^Ul tin* drcd dollar*; in hKii^rer to the Kergeant at-Arin?, one thotiaand totir bntidred an] I ?rty d diara I?oorke*i?< r. two tbonoand live hundred and ninetr-tno dollatx; tJr?t ai>-iatant doorkecftei, t?o tliOi:>a:.d live hundred and i.itietjr t?o dol 'ara. I^1ma.-t?r. two thwu-and fire hundred and ninety two dollar*, hiat aw-i>-taiit |..>-tmaa ter, two thousand and ci^blv-t-i^lit doliara; tour nieaecti^era. at one thon-and seven hun dred and twenty-eight doliMi> each, t- n m*il carrlei> thr^c at one tbotiaand acven hundred and twenty-?i,jht dollan- ea?b, and m-ven at ? ;ie and eighty doll in. each; CUaplaia of the llouae. nine lii:ndrcd dollar*, ta-o ate tiograi>hei>. four tiioutiaiid three bunnie-l anl elgntr dollaraeaeb; aniierini.-ndent ot the Ivid iii^-rooiu, two thourainl one hundred and dttt doilar*-; Mt|>erintendeiit and a-*m?tatit aujteria teiMient of thedocunieut-room. at two thousand one hnt>dr<'<! itid rtxty dollar- each; d?K*am*nt tile-cierk. one thouaa'nd eight hundred dallara, eleren ni< .-M* fire at one thouaaud e^ht hundred do;iara, aud *ia at one thou*and four hundred and forty dollar*- each, twelre in >aa~n ?t? dur.i.g the ae*-ion. at the rate of on? foor hujidrcd and fortv dollars each |>cr auiium. ten tbouaand and eighty dollar*; fifteen UI>orer?, acven hundred and twent v dol lars each. seven laborer* during tbe trwioi at tbe rate of aert-n hundred and twentv dn'.lara I?er anuuni; and one laborer at eight hundred and twenty dollars. For contingent cxpenaco of the 1! ju*c ol K.*w reaentativea. namely. For cartage, two thousand dollara. For clerks to committee*of the Houae of Hop reaentatives, twentv-aia tbouaand tune huudred and eightv dollar*. For folding document*, including par of fold er* in tbe folding-room* and material*, one kna dicvi tliouaauo dollars. For fuel, eight tbouaand dollara. For boraea and carriage* for tran-porta'ioB of mail*, and aaddke horse* tor uae ot meaocnger*, ten tbouaand dollara. . For furniture, and repairs of the hi*. *?* teen thousand dollar*; and hereafter ac -o-.iuta for tbe public pro|*ertv in tbe Capitol building, Preaid) nt * house, and Botanical garden ahall be bept. and report* thereof made annualU to Congrea*. only by the re*pecti\-e oncers baring the coetod v ol such |.ro|*ertr and responsible for tbe same. For packing boxe*, three tbonaan-l and t went r dollara. For miacel'.aneou* item*, including one hun dred dollar* tor contingent expense-ot Capitol 1-oiice. filly tho.iaaiat dollars i'r?u>'<f. That after the expiration of tbe Forty-aecoud Con erea* no pa\ mcnt -hall l>e made br tbe Htraw- of kepreaentative*. out of It* coutingont fund ot otherwise, to either party to a r-onteatfd-elec tion case tor exiienac* incurred in i>roaccuUng or defending the aanie. For newaiiaper* and *tationerv for Hepraaea tatives and l>elegate*, at one' buinlr.-il and twenty-five dollars each per annum, thirtv-eia tliousand at* hundred ano t?entvtue dollara, ai d for stationery lor committeea and oflt cer? of tbe Houae, five thouaaud dollara. For twei-ty-eigtit page*, including three ri-i Ing-pagea. at the rate of three dollar- p<*r dav * Kile actually employed, a rentven thousand *ev, n hundred and sixty dollara. For tbe uaual additional compensation to tbe rejiortets of the House for the Oongresaioaal Gklie fwr rejiorting the proceodiiig- of the House for tbe aeaaioti of the Forty-third Con gress beginning on tlie first Mondav in iMcem l>er. eighteen hundred an-l serentv-three, eight hundred dollar* each, four tbouaand dollara. rtat-ic pkiktixo. For compensation of tbe Congressional Prin ter, and tbe clerk* and messenger in his office, thirteen tbouaand nine hundred and fourteen dollars. For contingent expense* of hi- office, namely; For stationery, imetage, advertising, travelling ex|<etiee*, horses and wagon*, and miscella neous item*, two thousand fire hundred dollara. 1. IBB A RT or COS"iRK?*. For compensation of tbe Librarian, four thou sand dollar*, and for fourteen assistant libra rians, three at two thousand Ire bund rod dol lars each; two at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; one at one tbouaand six hundred dollars: two at one tbouaand four hundred and fortv dollars <*ch; three at one thousand two hundred dollars each, two at one tbouaand dol lar* each; and one at nine hundred and sixty dollars per annum; in all. twenty-Ms tbouaand one hundred and forty dollara. Far purchase of books for tbe librarv. eight thousand dollars, for purchase of law-book/far tbe library, twa tbouaand dollar*; tur purchase of fiiea of periodical* and newapapera. ow thoaaand fire hundred dollars; tor exponas* mt exchanging public documents for Jthe jpahlMA hundred Uollarsfln all. thirtoea tboasand IM

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