Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Lirgwt Circilitioi ii the District Blading Mutter on Evsry P?g? WASHINGTON CITY: TTEftl?AY April ft, lf?. Strike ?f lk? Mew Y?rfc The threatened rtrikto' the New York ti mes was entered upon on Saturday by the em ployes of one company?t?ie "New York tiu Company." The demand wt? for the adoption of the eight-boar jyjtem in the works. It ap I ear* that the el;;ht-hour system haJ been in use tor rome eight months, bat the ga? com finiei finding the eipenK* heavy ard labor becotring more abundant, determined to fall Lack to the former rates, namely : twelve boars 1-er day. at *3.25 for firemen and for help er*. The strikers allege that the labor is very and unhealthy. In consequence of the close confinement for twelve hoars in the intense heat of the gas-works; hence their de mand that the number ot *iour* shall be short ened. That the work is very exhausting would seem to be demonstrated by the fact that two Of the Italian* taken from Ward'* bUnil to supply the place ot the strikeis juuij>ed into the river and were drowned in the attempt to es cape tr>m their new labor. The oth-rs also clamored loudly to be returned to the Island to await Vlk* exhaustive labor. The new, inex periencid men were unable to get tip a suf ficient amount of j??h for consumption at first, and on Sunday nijjtit a considerable portion of New Yo*k was in comparative darknes*. Last night, however, there was a full supply; and : the strikers do not seem thn-far to have suc ceeded in inducing the gasmen in the other lrorks to strike. The New York Frifcw**, In explaining the <:-?itnation," says that the gas of New York is 1 urniched by five companies?the New York, v. hich covers the part of the city lying below ? rand street; the Manhattan, Grand to 'i Uirty-fourth street; the Mel opolitan. lroin 'i Lirty-fourth street to Eighty-six Jl street; the Harlem, above Eighty-aixth street; and the ltlntnal. which has a roving commission, and takes the main street* and avenues in all parts of the city. It is a care of complaint agaiust this latter company that, while the others are compelled to lay mains through all the streets, | small as well as great, the Mutual takes only the main thoroughfares, and thus avoids ex pense which does not bring immediate return.". From this competition, the failure of the com I nines to recover their claims against the city, ?nd i?erhaps other causes, the gas compa nies do not find, they claim, their busi ness ??> profitable as it was formerly. "1 he New York Company, which is the oldest of the quaitet, pays ?: per cent dividend, but this is drawn largely from real estate in which some of the surplus funds of the company were in Tested many years ago. The Manhattan stock, which was bought two years ago at has, fallen to JW. and ha* paid only one dividend of t> j?er cent on par value. It is said, however, that within that period a million and a half dollars of debt has been paid off by the com pany. The Metro\?o!it?n stock has fallen in the iihi time from over JOO to 130, ami has paid only one small dividend. The Harlem company has puid 9 per cent regular dividend, and on receiving money from the c:ty a short time ago declared a special dividend of 5 per cent. Stockholders who bonght at the high figure* ct a tew years ago do not feel jubilant, and there are many |>er. >ns out of business and living on their income who sutler great incon venience from the withdrawal or diminution of their accustomed dividends. The investigation of their affairs by Controller Green and the competition of the Mutual Company have caused a reduction in rate*, from *2.50 and 93 per I jMA feet to 9- and ?2-"0. The companies do net feel that this is a time to increase their expenses, and declare their determination not to yield to the demands ot the men for either higher wage?, or less hours. ___ . ? ' We suppose it is not very strange that the Ci.rmi lc, after defending the extra comi-eusa iivn steal, the credit mobilier steal, the Indian steals, the unhun* murderers of the District, the Kansu and Arkansas and Iowa senatorial bribery jobs, Ac., Ac., etc., etc., should have a good word to say for the Baltimore and Ohio lailroad. That is all right; bat when the Ckrvn ick insinuates that the papers who do not hare ? mplicit faith in the good-will of that rai'road tompany to this city, are "hired" to exercise that unbelief, it rather overdoes the business. Whatever its other "cotemporaries in this < ity" have done, we hare not imputed improper motives to the CkrvmicU in its swift and zealous defence of all the criminals, jobs, and monopo lies. We are charitable enongh to suppose that it is a sort of leaden, FalstaAan, "alacrity In ?inking," that is always dragging it int> the depths, on the wrong side of every question. Bat whether the Chronicle is p.ud or nnpaid, we advise it not to endeavor again t) persuade the j?eople of Washington that Osntit'i "new arrangement'' for the transfer of passengers north and south, giving this city the go-by, is tor our advantage. That is nonsense. Seme of the conscientious M. C.'s in returning their extra pay to the Treasury make special requests that the transactions be kept from an inquisitive public. Why this request for se crecy is a matter of considerable speculation. Doubtless the extra pay basinese will become a subject tor crimination and recrimination, both in Congress and on the pohtical stump hereaf ter, and then we may expect to hear with a grand flourish of trumpets the names of all the virtuous Congressmen who returned the swag, l or instance, A., who is running for Congress against ex-representative B.. hurls into the teeth of his opponent the insertion that he drew the extra Congressional pay, thus robbing the people and defrauding his constituents. B. re torts by denouncing the statement as a Itssc calumny, and closes by dramatically producing and exhibiting the official receipt of the Trea sury Department for the amount of his back pay. The denouement is effective, and A. is squelched. There m'ist W >ome special motive behind all this secrecy, but tie world will not , probably have to wait long to learu exictly . w hat it is. " k'I he "Oft year" seems to have worked ra' unfavorably for the republicans in Connecticut as regards the gubernatorial contest. From present indications. Ingersull. the democratic candidate for Governor, is elected by a small majority. The republican Congressmen are all re? lected, however, and the Congressional dele gation ot the State will rema<u a* iu the last Congress ?tien. J. K. Hawley, (rep.,) 1st dis trict, G. W. Kellogg, (rep.,) 2d di-t act; Henry W. Starkweather, (rep..) h1 d'sii ict: and Win. if. Baruum, (d<-m.) Ith district. The p'cop'e Of Washington feet especial gratification in the xe* lection of Mr. Starkweather, who, as chair man of the District Committee, has shown him eelt friendly to District Interests, and has thereby earned the hate of the Crane Koosevelt gang, who labored strenuously to procuie hie defeat. Baltimore has a priM>n<-it' aid association for the purpose of reforming prisoners and aiding them to lead better Uvea after their release. Suitable employment is procured for them, and when it ?? deemed judicious, pecuniary aid is furnished. The aisociation does not use its lu ll uence to secure pardons believing that the . risoners s'iOuM suffer the penalty imposed by i ha courts. The operations of the association are warmly commended by the Baltimore pwm Of MO prisoners In the state penitentiary during the year 103,226 were wholly or partially re formed through the efforts of the association. Of the total number n?nti?Bed 355 could not vend and 4X1 were intemperate. This fact shows that the association had a wide field for the exercise of its benevolence. |y"S?> *< ELMOR LOl'i.I. No. 14, B. OF P.? TW SMNNIof thi* l.<Mgf, ?b i intend f> tag to Bichmond. ?r? hereby that their arse- nrs is required THIS EVENING tlm thsy ran procure their tifl'.i and make Anal arrange r- jwfa fury h^trl|. FAITcr(^ # K ^ g 6^ t.-OrFICEBS ASD HEMBfifi *4 HOWAID DIVISIOW. Ns. ?,f of T.. - ik.t lka P.?nlar m..n*in<f a# tki. Ej t?I Dv** mar va ? ?w?vs? ? ? ? w. "i t., ? t As notice that the regular aediu o( this r,,Son Will be held la T<?r??;;!.trwl, 9th ltd Wh ?!?.. oi H KDSKSDAft fth ,r Tf'2j?'orirrwnfce COMMITTEE OS BOOM. V- V niAinuAn__ In Wall street ;?rterdiT, though the money 11figure continued, the market was free from i v lt -ment. The upward disposition of gold vtl checked, for k>m re?on, it tu Mid, ??known only to bull speculator*." Foreign ex < fcnnge remained an before, dull, and the quoted riles merely nominal. The rate* for money to borrower* offering approved collateral*, ranged irom 1-16 to >16 of one per eent. per day. Mer rantile t<aper ?m entirely neglected and nom inal. 1 be t-nformment or the tusury law teemed to be waited for with much interest. The idea \ h* m d to l?e that with the breaking tip of the H>stem of leuding at tractions of one i>er cent. I er day. and with the natural lawn in regard to the movement of currency rendered operative, it if to be rea<on-bly expected that rate* will soon decline to 7 per cent. The advice* from Loudon were favorable lor both mouey and te turilitt. ?a?i,UH. 17', M 6-?*sJnAJy,W.I7'i ?-???, im... if i?h! ww* ? is4. Mxw loBB? Fib?t Boabd. r. 8. II, MBL *'S . ?-*i s Jan.aJlr.lW. ir'-g ? lo *>'? U-? American Gild ... 1- ( ? MCI rv ??"?, MM. _?..17\ ?-???, MM. 19'? ? 3U's,J?n. 4 JI>,<g...l7-? MDIJan gJl) ?r,.H\ Currency ?'?. 13'. Hew Five*. ?. li ? Balt:mob>, April 8.?Virginia ?'?, on-. 1 Hated, S3. WeH V* bidtu-<i?j. BaLtimobk, April j.?Cotton dull. HiM'?. Flour ilull and irregu'ar. 'juiet. C tk a< live ai.d higher for s-uthern? white southern, 7l); ve'low southern, iuived western quiet, 6,u$ 61*?. Oats i-t aaT,3&C?^B. Hay unchanged. Provi sions dull and uiietiaiig-d. W--*t?T:i loitter active, firm, and very scarce aud want-d. Whisky nomi nal and quiet, *?)?. Nsw Tolli Ap^il 8.?Stocks dull. Odd firm, M-.. Money firm, '? t" S| ?pd iiiti-rait. Exchange, !? > g, 7U; short, 3',. Governments dull aud steady. Nt* YoBk, April 8.?Fh'ur dull and in buyers favor. W'heatrfnll Corn qui-t and unchanged. l.osnoM. April it. II a. m ?Consols opened at 9V-i. , for money and irtl4 for account. Bond* of MriJi, ?ld.9t?4; MS7,98*n; h^tD's,"9, new fives,ft'4,. Erie, TUX WEATHCIL Wak I)i?ap.t*i?t, Ofllce CKieJ axgnai O&ccr, I Wahhikhtkm, D. C., April ?, 1<^3, II a. in. J Stsorsi* fob thb fast twbxtt-foob houbs ? The storm centre that was Monday morning central over Texas i? now over the lower Ohio va ley. Fre?li southerly winds wiih cloud and light ralu prevail in tlie t.ulf state-. Sotllhweaterl) winds aud yutlr cloud) or clear weather continue on the South A'lantic roast. Fresh to brisk westerly winds with falling bar- -meter and heAvy rain are r*n >rted fn>m M issourl, Illm-i-. and ludiana. Cold westerly wind* have extended from upper Michigan so j'h ward ot-r the Ink* and we-tward to the Mii?)tiri river,over all which region the barometer is now falling,after having r sen somewhat. The aroa of I w baromet- r that waa M -islay m uning over Lake Michigan ha* moved northeastward beyond our stations. Northeast wind- with rain now prevail over the lower lakes, and light win-l*, with f"g<y and threatening weather ovei the Middle and Ki t ern states. PkohabiLIT'Ks.?The storm center in the Ohio v alley move during the reet of Tuemla> uorth-ast v ard, reaching Lake Erie Tuesday night. Iticreas ing southerly w hid* w ith clotid ?ud rain prevail dur ing the reet ot the day in the Eastern Gulfstat-s. Krisk cold northerly win-Is with clearing, weather extend over the Western Gulf state*. For the South Atlantic state* increasing southeasterly winds cloud) and threatening weath'-r. For the Middle and East Atlantic c->asl easterly winds, in creasing to fresh, with foggy weather, and po?.->ibly light rain, followed Tnewlat night by Tailing barom eter ami rainy weather. For the lower lakes aud Lake.Huron increa?jng northeasterly winds and rain. Fortbewppei lakes, the u<>rthwe*t. and the Missouri vallet northeasterly wiu-ls, backing to northwest with falling temperature. Cautionary signal-continue at Mobile and New Orleans, and are oid< red for Milwaukee,Chicago, Grand H ?v?n. D troit. T-dedo, t'leveland, and Buffalo. R-p>rtsvery treuerall)' mi?sing from the Southwest Michigan aul K-c'kv Mountain stations. JV^aTHK PI" B LIC IS H EBE WITH MOST u?x respectfully informed that THE PARK if tl*e "Washington Schuet/.--n Verein" is absolutely clos.d on Sunday, except to a< tive, passive, or h->u orary niemb? rs, Anj respectable person desiring to become ? member t an receive information bv call itig on S. W ?>LF, President, 707 I street: .1NO L VOOT, Vice Presid-nt, 4U'.?7th street; 0. RUP I'ERT. Treasurer, 403 7th street, or of the Super intenih-nt of the Park. By order of theB^*rvlof Pirectore, IChron?Kep4t,Sunday papers It. | as 5t rrS?SON 8~OF TEMPEBANCK?REOBGAN1 /ATH'N OF THE OBOER.-AU p?r i s desiring to unite in the reorganization of the O.der cf the Sous of Temperance are invited to attend a pul-lic meeting, for cor sulfation, at M nonic Temple. Ninth and F streets, on WEDNESDAY FVENING. April 9. at 7^W o'clock. Right new divisions will be institute,] in various parrs of the I'istiict of Columbia. All persons w ho are now--r have been, or desire to be members of the Order are cordially invited to attend. ??-#' F. M. BRADLEY, District Deputy. rr^?I O. ?. F ?GRAND Lt?lMiE.-The uuar terl) loiiiiuiiiiication will be held on WED NESDAY EVEN ING, 9th instant, at 7>4 o clock. a7 2t P. H SWEET. Grand Sec. B<i\RD OF TRL'sTEES OF PIBLIC SCHOOLS.?A nieeting'd the B >ard of Trus tees of Public Schools will be li-ld at the Frauklin School House on Tl'ESDAY EVENING, the jtk instant, af 7:30 o'clock. a7 St A. P. FARDON, Secretary. ft-SK)FFICE OK BOARD OF FIRE COMMIS SIONERS. Wa-hmgton. April 7, 1375.-A'l parties having bills against the Fire Department, contracted prior to April 1. and which have not yet been rendered, are hereby notified to present the same before FRIDAY, April M. PHIL. A. JCLLIEN, ?7-3t Secretary and Treasurer. ? THERE WILL BE A MEETING OF THE _ REPl BLICAN GENERAL COMMITTEE TlTl RSDAY, April hi, at 7:3U p. m , at Clark's hall, Peuna. avenue, between 4>? and 6tli sts. Importaut business will be brought before the committee, aud the members are reou-sted to be present. JOHN H. BROOKS, Chairman. HENRY A. JONES, Secretary. a7-3t jChronicle and Republican, ft 1 n-"3? OFFICE OF THE BOARD OF TBI'S TEES OF COLORED SCHOOLS OF WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Sikseb School Bi ild:>-., 1 CobxbbI7tr asp M Stbffts, J W A-HfsoTO, D C , Aprils, H73. \ NOTICE.?According to resolution adopted bv this Board April 4, H73,1 hereby give notice to all peraons hax ing claims against the Colored Schools of Washington and Georgetown to flle duplicate copies in this offlce on er before the lath of April 1*3. H.W. PABKE, a7 lw Secretary, Ac. n"S?ATTENT10N,COLlMBIAENGINEC0M PANY, No. 1.?The annual election for seven Directors of the ColnmMa Library will be held at the Columbia Engine-house. MONDAY, April 7th. Polls open from 3 to 9 p. m. Jfdfti of tlerltOH?J. Lowe, T. H. Robinson, F. Lewi?. J. K. ENTWI9LE, _s4 ** Secretary and Librarian. ft^SaBL'RSKS SCHOOL AT THB FREED MEN'S HOSPITAL. The secoed Annual Course of Lectures will c>im mence TI ESDAY, April t)th, at S*? p. tu. Tmton BIO. For further information itxiuire at the H-?pital. or of Psor. JOSEPH TAKER JOHNSON, m. D., a4 6t 937 New York avenue. rrS?MEDICAL ASSOClATlOM.-An adjoume-1 Imeeting of the Medical Association of the Dts trict ot Columbia will be held in the hall of the Medical Societv, 914 F street northwest, at one ill o'clock p. m., Tuesday, April-oh. M e.4t JAMES T. YOUNG, M. p.,8ec'y. |^? _ TO LADIES. Iky Bow sod it Is to see a young wife, a mother oframily who requires all her physical strength to ful nil her housenold dwties. sad all her moral ca pacities to accept the responsibility which (alls upon her, to see her prostrated, losing every day ner strength, feeling badly without being able to say why. but yet suffering enough to be utterly misern ablel This state of weakness and debility is mors fatal to her than a severe spell of sickness, for in that case she will receive the proper ear*, aa in the other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to see n physician about it, until nature, exhausted,gives out, and she is carried to the grave, when a little precaution In proper tinee would have spared her life. To prevent, to strengthen ,to cure, nothing can comnare with the LONO-LI7B BIT TERS of Dr. L. OJBEBTBAM. Ther ana safe and infallible remedy against malarin, dyspepsia, cos tiveuese, biliousness, headaches, morning sickness and all complaints peculiar to wossen. Those Bit ters, which are sold by all druggists, are, in conse quence of their virtue and moet sgrusable taste, the ?iedlctee par tJrrtlUmc* for ladies. |t3-tr ra^CHUCKl PULMONIC CANDY embrace in a great degree all the principle* of Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, and while as pleasaat to the palate a* the purest of confections, its medicinal properties render it effectual in coughs, colds, bronchial and catarrhal affections, Ac. It is the most acceptable remedy for children or infants, and can be given with Impunity; w hile for profeeeional gentlemeu, or those whosnfferfrom lo * i? loss "of voice, it ii Indispensable. These candiee are put up in ? cent boxes conveni ent i.b^m * ?.1 dealers" febS tr " * the pockst, and ore for ssJehraB druggisU lealers J. H. SCHENuK A SON. fl tr ?. E.comer gth and Arch sts , rhila. NOTICE TO TAZ-PAYBBB. M of the several Legislative Districts having o. n.pteted the asssssasent of real propsrty for the fiscal year ending JuneaMh, MV4,tSeBoa?do* Appeals will meet aft he offlce of the Superintendent <>f Awesauient* and Taxes, No. 3M 4Hrtreet,asnr ths corner of Louisiana avenue, on the Iwai or Fb? BCABf, M7S, at IB o'clock m., * All appeals must be made tn writing, ai before an officer competent toadminHer The Board will beta essston sach day (Sunday ex B i ttiilT - ??. WALL. rl-tf ?? bars eg the Bonrd of Appeals. WASHINGTON, J>. C , Maxcu 11,1971, Rooms No. JM *% Sti rbxxt Iobtiwiu. 11 ...r- -*"? extloe W?e^In thie"date, after' which no appsal from the iwneral I 11urn i nt tor the Secai year Mrs-Mrt cm he ra ceived. By order of the Board of Appeals. marM-lm B. VTl. FABHTiT S-eretary. ifi ? a ? t ? 6. . el Bss iinuwl ts Mo. IBM B street northwest, eor * USI. Mi-tr ^ NILICKN'I ^ ir*W DBrO STOBB, Bo. lt?* PaamvLtrama AvsmtB, Depet I ' ITT, Bradaate of Onw Ooiiegnj r-"3?m*cisT*R? office, DlSTnjCT or CoLrwniA, V - ,. Wamiisctow.D C .Mar. hll.KJ . Y^Jr*7.h*r^b' tfTM>that OB TUESDAY, April i n . w,[- X^r# liCfD.W? ^iT.'D bj th*l)f?tiic: of Col metis, to all product dtmltrt, T*UV and ?w, mrmmi mttntt. AII fnmetgaged in said business, trade* or pr? ff-?lcMBwt pr.?ai|:l> ren?w*aid licenses iu accord* (lirtwKb |r?vi4(>r? of the invnd-^ Kt lir.nae*. approvrd June*), 1872. vlx: "That every per-on engaged in any trade. occupation or pr.'f'* ?ion lor which ? license tax I* imp "aed l>r liwi of the District of Columbia ?hall, at thetlme fnr pr'? uring the *am?\ n>ak>- applif ?tin to the Regis ter, and shall state under oath or affirtnt'.ioa such fa?-,* a* may be applicable to license*." ? ? ? "The Register vhall then inane to the applicant a certificate stating the particular kind of license for which application has been made, and th< am >unt of money required by law to be paid therefor. S?id certificate shall be delivered to the Collector, w ho shall, upon the receipt of th> *um of m^ney stated therein, five a certificate of deposit, statin* the amount of money paid and the kind of license re quired, and it shall be the duty of the B gister to issue -aid license " "That every p? r~>n liable for a license tax, who may fail to pa) the same before engaziug in the business for which a license tax mat ?'* r^nired, shall, in add. tloti to the license ta* imp?-'. p-w , fine or penalty of not less than five, nor more than fifty ,dollan, for each offence." _ JOHN F. COOK. niS-eolOt Register District of Columbia. jVTpf?R OSADALIt?. Rxr.T.W Pmith, rnijiirille, 8 C.. further ?ay?: * * My mother, a*ed sixty-two, had been in delicate health for y<*ar*; sh" n?e1 R >sa.i*lis a? a tonic and renovator, and has enjoyed excellent health siuce. * ? ? ? ? *** A lady war Union villa had an ulcer on th? aide of ber n'-CK w hich threatened to eat into h <r jupi?i rein. She was treated by th? best physician* iu this aection ( and there .ire skilled ones here* with ont any benefit. She mu d Bo*adali?. awl "-<it turt-1 ' On the whole, I regard it as a great medicine. For sale by S. CALVERT FORD. 1105 P-nnsyl ratiia avenue. a5-e< <t ft-~S?YOUNG MENS- CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA TION. Trek reading koom-Du'v. ir^ki*. s>m lar an>l Kflutovf paper* from all pa ts of the Union. CIRCULATING LIBRARY; 12.MJU vols. Term* tS per year: #1 per iiusrter. PARLORS AND CON VERSATION ROOMS for Ladies and Gentle men: Chess, Chenners, Organ and Piano. Daily PRAYER MEETINGS at 12.13. 6 and f p. m. LITERARY StH'IETY Saturday evening, at 7', o'clock. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES in Lincoln Hall at 3)6 o'clock; at Tueater Gomiiue at 7S o'clock. uig ir^FROM THE EARLIEST AUES TO the preat nt day. Scrofula has be^n the bane, aiTd, as it were, the curse of mankind. Si terrible and loathsome had bean at some periods of the world's history that a person known to be Infected with it wenld not be allowed to mix with society. Happily in our day the disease Is (tripped of its terror by the use of B&mabitan'* Root a>d Hill Ju;c*s. and the victim of Scrofula, Ulcers, Sires, Pimples, Blotches, Tetters, Ac., can be restored to sound health 1b a few weeks. ROOT AND HERB JUICES, ?1.B per bottle Sold by 8. C. FORD, 1 lOft Pa aTe., and by Drug gists. DESMOND A CO., Proprietors, 91ft Race ttreet, Philadelphia. msyff-ly fFOUNTAINS, VASES, SETTEES, 4c., suitable lor front it-nervations. ALEX. R SHEPHERD Jt CO. aS-eoSt [ Republican and Chronicle.1 1 f ECtl\ EI> AND FOR SALE BY"J09. <JRIF JA FIN. west wi?i? Center Market, 1>?> hunches of PRIME BANANAS,5,11M COC'OANUTS in .;.ian tities to suit dealers. aj-St* HOSE.?CAKBOLIZED hose, warranted to re main unaffected by mildew r rot for oa? year and a halt. ALEX. R SJI El'HERD A CO.. a.venjt |Bep\Chron.) 9lO PenuK)Ivania are. C"U'MBERLAND COAL. " Jnst r<-ceived and lor ?al?*, n largo inanti'v of CI M BKRLAND COAL. C. L. SHERIFF, eS-6t 3i<* Penn. ave., bet. 3d and t>6 streets. PLUMBERS' M ATERIALS of ail kinds. PIPE, BOILEBS, RANGES, M \NTELS, \i. A libera, discount to the trade. ALEX. R SHEPHERD A CO. a8-e. St | Repuldican and Chroni< le.| J^| A r L E 6 I ? A R . ?J 900 lbs. NEW MAPLE SUGAR, fr BiSmior ?et count} ? P- uu., just received and for -ale 1 >\\ bj BRYAN BROS , 60** Pennsylvania avenue, t-St |Rep| opp. Metropolitan Hotel. |>i: YANTS LIBRARY OF POETRY AND l> soNti. H B.8TOWE 8 LIBRARY OF FAMOUS FIC TION, BEECHER S LIFE OF CHRIST, Ac. Subscriptiunn ti-ceivt-U at 1111 Ponn^ylvauia av enue by ap8 In.* BISHOP t HAZARD. C^ARRIAoks? CARRIAGES!! CARRIAGES'!! J On hand,a large assortment of P -uy , Phaetoi.s, witht p and ? ithout. and withS aid without runil)!e, single and double. Also, a large ?tock of fashionald ? Familv Car ri:igfe, consixting of Barouches, Victoria*. Bretts, Cabriolettee, Extension Top*. At., Ac. Toj> and No-toi' B?ggies,in great rariety. at B.H.GRAHAMS New Repository and Factory, 410-414 8th street nurthwe.f. Repairing promptly attended to. a~ St' AGRICULTURAL BOOKS. Johnston's Agricultural Chemistry .|1 75 Ameiican Ganiener's Assistant 2 io Allen's American Farm Book J j.j Henderson'* Gardening for Profit 1 .vj Waring'* Draining for Protit and Health 1 5o Fuller s Small Fruit Cnltunst 1 ai Fulbr's Grape Culture....... 1 &ti Fit'/'s Southern Apple CultnriM 2 76 Wright's Practical Poultry Keeper 2 tw Langstroth on the Honey Bee...^. 2 0j Rsrdall's Sheep Husbandry 1 U Horse Owners' Oyclcpa-dia S 76 Yoiiatt on the Dogs 3 7S All the new books received as soon as published by RICHARD B. MOHUN k CO., sa-tr 101ft Penna. avenue,corner street. "RUFFALO" BLACK ALPACA8, from letter MF A to F; prices from 37 to *'c. p<-r yard. --BEAVER" BLACK MOHA1B, from No. 10 to No. ti), price*62c. to #1.13 per yard. We are sole agent for the sale of above. _ JOSEPH J. MAT. STRIPED SUMMER SILKS at A1 and *1.23. PLAIN JAPANESE SILKS,at7v. STRIPED JAPANSSE SILKS at 43 and4?c. Imitation JAPANESE SILK Sat 26c. JOSEPH J. MAT. GENUINE LTON'S BLACK SILKS ( makes that we can recomm -nd) at #1.76, %2, ?2.23, 62 00, S2.73 ?? "" J mat. Imported Shawls, Mourning Goods, Fine White Goods, Linens, Housekeeping Dry Goods. Print-, Chintzes, Percale*, and large ?tock of DOMESTIC COTTON GOODS, all at very lowest caah prices. One price only, marked in plain figure*. JOSEPH J. MAT, *3e(Jt 93g Pennsylvania avenue. yy E HAVE JUST RECEIVED ?0 DOZEN LADIES' SKlltTS, WHICH WE ARE SELLING AT S9 CENTS PER SKIRT. iOCKWOOD, HIFTY * TAYLOR, S'J3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, aft-tr Metrop-jlitan II del Block. iiaais:: uams ??t R-ad what the greet PhilauUtr -pis*, GEO. PEA IH?1?Y, said akut these celebrat-d II uiu: ? 1941. S. DAVI*. Jr.'t CELEBRATED "DIAMOND" HA M S. CINCINNATI. Tke following letter in regard to thorn fr .ra tie Hte MR. PKABODY was addreseed toafrieh4 iu N*? York nearly SO years ago: Losdos, February 12.1SS3. My Dear 8*t:?I ows you a thousand apologies for my oeglect in not before ackaowledgitkg, in a direct war, your knxlnesa aud liberality in seuding me ?ush aUautiful supply of Antvrican Hams last sum mer. 1 distributed a portion of them among my friends in England and Votlnnd,allofwbombeartes tiuionv of their superior quality, thinking them finer than Westphalia'*. 1 hope yon wiH convey to your friends, HKssns. Davis * Co., the satisfaction 1 have had in receiving so fine a specimen of the pro ductions of their uoMe State. I aw truly your*. ? - ~ ? w ? V0?8* peabosV. To. W.M. C., Esc.,New York. I would respectfWIv announce to my cuntomera aud the public (enetuly that I have constantly ou hand a large supply ?f the above HAMS, together with a complete aaaortmnnt of choice GROCERIES, WINES, LIQUO?8, Ac.. *c. H. P. HOWARD M S* 8. W. comer M and 1 streets. rpHIS 18 TO ttlVE NOTICE, That tWsubscriber A has obtninedfrom the Su?rs?M Court of the Dis trict of CeluBMa, holding a Special Ten, letters of edniniatratioac.t.a.eatbe personalsatnteof PACA ADDISON, late of Washington oeunftf.D. s^ti^yMw^o^-iK^r^2 tb* M?toTSf April? nn^*twT^T law be suctudad from all heM?t7 ths said estate. Givsn uaitnr any hand, this l*t day aff April, 1STS. aStuR" THOMAS O. A8H, Admlnistraior r] t. a. ^TONR RASON8 AMP BUILDERS! now hetaff lsndsd a* Mth strsst nnfi other wharves from the scows of J. T. H. HALL. Orders received at office, R<>oas ?. May Buildis^. or oa board ateam tug Juli*,feot of Hick strest, Georgetown. ap7-lm* liUi LiMr i L1r*i Best wood-burnt LIMR at Riper barrel, dsUversd la all pads of ths dt y. THOMAS FAHIT, Mth street, ?ill-la* near La. avenae, northwest, WANTS. W **TBD-A rim 1V.-.MILI IbEK.u N 413 "? Cilli MtrUtf It \V4*ttD-X *?v*i HMikkss make* ap>> 1' 119Hh*tr<- |,M?oM F?uN)lr?al? avenue and P street northwest. 11 * AVTII>- An niwrimtrtl Svfc.KstADY; ?!<?, ? Mil 1 IN ?.B. A; ply 9-Jt>7th ? reet n?-ii,. w ??. H KING .8 1 WASTED?Two BlI.l.tARD TABLES. P.rtiss httit* *b?m re-it f?r fivs wi-nth-' wilt pi a?e address P. O. B <* N>. 199. art St* \V*NTE D?By a youth, a SITl'ATIOK in > " si >ie,tnmake himself useful. GJod reference*. Addrs_E_ B W . S-?r rifflce. ad ** %VANTED?A first clan- plain CANDV MAKER. " Apply at 47V IVun^vlvauia a.enur, b-tw -<*n 4>* and 4ih street* It* \\TAKTED?Tliia week.a FI BNI*HED HOUSE. V Hthi .?r rine rowns, by a small prititr family. Address E RS, Star office. a3-3t* \\7 ANTED ? J iiniedi.stelt ? At I'liiixi H?tel, '? G<-?r>>-u.wu, h firti clau CHAMBERM UD. (White.) a8-?* W ANTED? \ y? -d ICU UK SERVANT. Applr, *v with refsrences. to So. 9S? 17tb street, wilt lt west corner of K. a* T' W A NTED ? I minediaiel) ? T?> comp?t<iit DRFSsM AKKBS. PPBENTICE-v Apply 933 Virginia avenae r.oWhw.wt. It* %\r ANTED?:tU NKN tor n-liiu* ?#(*??. Apply at 109 r street southwest, M*Mi 1-t a ad 2-1 streets. s9-St* u'antk|i-tiii^ DRESSMAKER^ *nd two ?? APPRENTICES Apply at 1133 3th street, I- twe.n I. ?lid M -tr<vt? northwest. a* 3t* \\T ANTED? \ respectable swim man ?l?h? a ?' S1TI \TI<>N a* head waiter in respectable p~ivate family . Cull r>r address iO* 14th street. a?-2t* tlMNTED TO BENT?A .<1 ABLE for one h?r?e; y ? location t<- l< - listween 9 h and S'h -tr<'et? and N?w York avenue and M street uorthwest. Call at 1034 7tli street Bortli?i ?t. a* 3t* \VANTKIi-A s,-tiled W <?M \ N . at N.. 141ft ? 1 Ith -.treei n >n)iwe?t,to lakemarge "f a ?mall family and d<? housework. Apply after 3 p.m. or le-fore 8 a. m. whlte piel?rr. d. It* j VE'ANTED?A BOT to l'-tirn the baking business '? and nuikf liim-elf "oneraUy mrfnl. Hrira references. Apply 4*36 9th street, between D and K streets. It* %%' ANT fcl'-A lir-t-cl?s? nPFBtTOR on-!* ?? Vllinli-r A Wil s->n sewing iiiacliine. Ap|>'y to Mrs.-M. J. FORNEY, 4t>9 1 street north *flt. 1? * \\'ANTEI?-A halt grown WlfTII UIKI.. t i " aaoi^t almiit tli? hou?e aixi r?x.k in h fiu?ll family Appl;, after 3 p. m., at 909'12:h ?ti?i-t northweiit. ? It* W A NT KT>-A WHITE WOMAN ?li? i^ a 30 d ?* c?Hik. *a*lier and ironer. Iminire of Deputy Governor, Soldiera' H iuie; or. ?ilire*< Star offli-t-, B aa-3t* WANTED-Ag... <1 ItREAD and CAK E I1AKER. *? to E>) to l.eet.hnrg, Va. To a e <od hand, liker.d ??c?i ?:.d permanent employment will 1m? *irev. Apply to J. R. BKNC11LEB. at tbe America a Hon?e. r ru( r 7th street and Pi>n?'aat?ntw. ?>? 2t* It'AKTEB-A t> \BHE N ER, one who it ac? us ?? tomfd to ?rnani*-nt;il gardening and ?"d<-r sjpnds tlie prnnipft of fruit tree*. Apply to S. T. 81'IT. aontheaat corner ?l I3th street ;tud Penn a; 1\anin ;nenne. as tt \\"ANTF!P?1$t a m'dtl sg<-d white woman, a ? ? t>ITI \TIo\ to C" >k. wa?h and iron f<T a -mall family, or nurte arrl rh iiul. rinuil flvd reference* given. Apply 107 1st atreet, Genre t..wn, D. C. It* li,'ANTID-R) a middle a ???<1 white wi'inau. a '' S1TI ATION a* cook, or to take chari- of a dsiry. Country prt-f.-rred. Good referencea. Apply at the Siar offire, between 11 an<l 1 oVlo< k, Wedn ? day and Tliur-day. aS-2t* il'AN'tkl)?A COLOKEI) COOK; also two ca ?? pnlde 0IRL8 f- r honseworK; references re ? inirfd. Innuire at 14543 1 street rorthweft. a7-3t* H' A NTK!>?C ?mpt-tent DRCG CLEBK. I??. J. * ? T. WORMLEY, corner L tUeet and Connec ticut avenne northwest. k7 2t* \\rANTFI>?An experiene>-.l MILLINER. t?lT> ?? to 8taunt<*n, Va. N but a g'>od tiin.uier ue?-d apply 1 at once) at 7 i'2 7th ^reet. nTjr MRS. H BOSENini'M ASOX. \\*ANTh.I>-A settled COLOBEH WOMAN,tod* ? ? cooking, wa>hing ami ir ^iug in a pii?at?- fain ily; must c<>tue well reconitnended. Apply at 9'31 I street northwest.* \\A NT El >?As NIR.SE and 8E VMSTR t SS7^* " persc>n (white pirf- rred 1 capaldt- if tikintfen ir>'Clia:g'- .-f a < Iuld two years ? Id. Apph ilOti NVw York avenne. a7 3?* \\*ANTEI>?B> a ri*sp?ctatile, h< ne?t young man, " a POSITION asliotet clerk, "t - ?m- plac?* >>f tm-t; oecunty gi\?-u. Addresa ALPHA, Gi'J P"?t Office a? 3l* %ANTE1'?A cl an, sound HOUSE, of 6 rooms, ? v on a lettered ftr^K, lietwen E and I and Stli and 9'h street* northwest, by 1st May n?-*t; par in advance. Addres- HOI'sE. City P"?t Office a7 2w * \\TANTED-A middl.-ared WOMAN, white pre 11 ferird, to conk and keep h>>use f ?r three t*.? p\' , gi? d wages and home. Apply, after 3 p. m., at No 7 26 loth ctreet northwest. a7-3t* %VrANTED?A tentletnau with a small family " wi-bing to rent a KI'RNISHEH ROUSE lor the summer in a g ?.d locality. Iii'juire at I". 8. Marshal's Office. a7 1m t\rANTED?Immediately?Competent M\M, to " take charge of a small tarm, two miles above (leiT?t?w?. N n>' ii">d upph who are not entirely tamiliar with gariteiiing and farming. Healthy place and fair wage*. Apply J; C. W1SWALL \ ("0., 310 7th stre.-t. R. AV. CARTER. a7 3t tl'AKTIli-A widow lady, who has no enciira brance, is desirous of obtaining the POSITION of housekeeper, where she would have a pleasant In me, or would take cart ot an invalid; reference 2iven. Address, for four day*, Mrs. S. B.H.. Star ?ffii e. a7 2t* W'ANTEI*?An e*p?*rlenced SALESLADY: also, a CASH BOT, at Mrs. M. J. HI NT 8. ?31 D street. aS St" WANTED-Two UKFTBMSIIED R iOMS by a ladv in Georgetown, pleasantly located near

the street car*. Address, stating terms, Ac., '* G. W. C.,"Georgetown, D. C., Poet Office. ai-3t* W"ANTED-A good 8EBVANT to cook, wash and iron f?>r two in family; good wages given, references required. Apply at wl4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th ana 10th streets. a4-3t WANTED?To purchase unimproved vv OROUND, either single lota or a square. W. W. METCALK, Beat Estate Broker, Plant's Build ing, corner 15th street and New Tork are. ai-5t WANTED?A small STOBE, or one-half of store, with a good show window, on Pennsylvania avenne or 7th street. Please address, stating lo cation and rent, BOSTON, at the office of this paper. a6-3t* WANTED?A widow lady, with her mother, wishes to take charge of a FURNISHED HOUSE for the summer or longer. A moderate rvnt will be paid if desired. No children. No cook? ing in the house. Unexceptionable reference. Ad dress f. W., Star office.* ANTED?Several trustworthy CANVASSERS, to whom a liberal percentage will be paid. Ap ply at Mme. DEMOREST'S P.ttern Emporium, 467 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4X and 4th streets. ' at 4t WANTED?boarding in the country, ne?r Washington, by a Lady who wishes to teach Music in payment. Address L, Star office. a3-3w* WANTED?First-class IRONERS and SHIRT GLOSSERS. Also, a WOMAN to Mangle. Apply at Capital Lauudry, W street,between9th and Huh sts. a3 4t* WANTED-A PARTNER, with S'i.OOO or 53,000 capital, in a genteel and lucrative business. A vounjr man of some musical talent pre ferred. CABL RICHTEB, ?35 Pennsylvania ave nne, a3 6t* WANTED?LADIES to tt-ke noticetliat Madame D. E. MAISON, of New York, has opened her Millinery parlors, at No. 413 13th street north west matlm* WANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOR SEWING MACHINE has its uLf?t fis*; the most perfect shuttle in use, resting in a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 4ti9 Pennsylvania avenne. Also, Brauch of Mote. Dem urest's Patleru Emporium. aug>?-ly T. W. 8PICER, Agent. WANTED?Everybedr in favor of thoroughly cleaned Carpets, almost as bright as new. to sond orders to L. RICE, at the 8tearn Carpet B -ating Works, Maine avenne, bet. 4X and 4th sts. aprlS-ly LOST AND FOUND. CAME TO MY PREMISES, ON THE ?TM In-lent. one cow . The owner can come4 forward, prove property, pay charges audi take ner awa>. Coruer of 6th and L streets northeast, Kendall Green, lit*] jas MIRTH. LOST?On Monday evening, on 1st and H streets, or on 1st, le-tweeu H and K streets, a WHITE SHIRT, with the name of W. S. Minor on it. The ander will please return the same to 439 N street northwest and will l*e satisfactorily rewarded. It* L~OST?April 7th. a GOLD MASONIC MARK with n.une B. II. Sweuey, Columbia H. B. A., No. <*l, upon it. Tiie tinder will oblige by leaviugat 404 It street southeast, or at office of Commissl?ner of Customs, Treasury building. A suitable reward will be given for the same. It" tt (T BEWAUD? Lost, in Center Market, or he tweeu 7th street and Georgetown, on the Z7th imtant, a large-sited ACCOUNT BOOK with name ot owner on the back. The abore reward will bs given and no nuestions asked if returned te J. H. CROWN, No. 4M Center Market. a?3t* LOST?On Saturday, April Mil, a small black and tsu TERRIER StUfT A liberal re ward will be paid for her return to H. P.j HOW ABD, curner 3d and X streets north west. a7-3t* ^ | 0ST?On I street, between I7th and 19th, a seal Li skin FUR COLLAR, lined with browu eat in. The Under will be suitably rewarded by tearing It at I he Star Office. a5-3t* f AUGHT ADRIFT?On the td of April, a small v BATTEAU, painted white and green. The owner will com* forward, nrure property, pay charges, and take It away. GR0. T.TOOMBS, aA at* Corner of N and H street, southwest. ftOC REWARD?Stolen from the office of thh Washisgton Citv and -Point Lookout Rail road Company -corner 13th street and Pennsylvania avenne. PAY ROLLS from July to January, inclu sive; T1MB BOOKS from Jane to November, inclu sive. The abore reward will be paid to tbe person flrrt giving the company such information a* will lead to the detection and eonvictlon of tbe party or parties who have purloined tbe sane. apS-lm ROARD OF PUBLIC WORKS. O District or Columbia, Washi*oto5, April 3,1573. A reward ef FIFTY 1 |W) DOLLARS will W paid for tbe detection and conviction of any person or persona who bars stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, tbe Man-bole and Sewer-trap Oovsrs in the cities of Waahinftoa aud Georgetown. By order of tbe Board. _ _ of ?..*.ci5?.y> L%\^y^atwv.sgj?*nsg5: aasgg.AagsL'a&a?w ^ GsmmfMrnsert ?:raet and Pens'a avs^ pnaclpnl^'^ '' ^ FOB RENT AND SALE. l^OH SALK-A nice, five[,?? FRAME HOC!*!. F mjrv"l I'M*"-; III* perfect. Apply ?nthe pr?m i'M. 191Y I utrnt. fro* ) tn I o'cW. p in. ??'-*?* 'OB HKliT-Th?*-rt<ir>, Msn-ard r ??t ItKM K MOUSE. 'D# nj??r? from *tre.t cars; *?? In h->ae?; water iii ruM. f# aO-? TH<?0. E. W \COAMAS. #19 7tb ??. |.M)K RfM -Small jftOUSE. *o. NT *1 Sir. f. r betwe.*0*?. ?nd Maryland a?en<t- n ,r.b.***t. ln^ntrr at Ro.VM. comer of 1st ?uU K St-. n?rh Wf?t ?* ?' IJOR S\LE?Two HOl'bES on JMi ?tre<- . bet ween ? I and K street*; 3 stores ?n<! hack btiiMing*; N >?. 91jand9l7. Price. AtJOUO. E -ch on* third rath, the balance on time. Apply t? 1 H APM AN LEE, ( Agent for lieir*- of Jiiseph B- rui. d< ?? 'd,i5>h *tre?t. l>etwten L and M. iiorihwest. aS * ' LM>R SALE?That valuable HOOK a I LOT at r southeast corner of 6th ai?l F ?tn*t< n?nh?-?l. The h<Htw> has two stories. hsswnent and attic. Lot *>xlllV with brick stable and wo.slhou?e. E. K. W1L8'?N s*-eo6t III 7th ?t., opp-wfte P '<M ofli ?. h" H?K SAbl. CUEAP?Two ?m..ll prnk DWELL INGS, sitnat'-d on O st reet. l?etween 1Mb and 16' ti street.. uortliwe*4; contain* si*, hit&r hmii. water and gas throughout. Terms easy. Inquire on premises, ur at 1611 Madit. n street, between 16tlt and 17th. '*** f^OK RENT-Th' STORE on tTi^ c rner f 13th and F streets. formerly oecnpt*d hy P White A Co. Tlil? 1- one of tiie oldest and most dosirabb naiiilii f<>r the grocery buaiue?e ia this city, the l-?>; having been c< :i<lucte.I there f-r upward* of years. For terms apply at No. 600 13th st. a8-3t* ,'uB RENT?One i the m< -t desirable G ARl'KN F FARMS.coiitaiuing about 8acte?.w ith fine bnill il>2?. bum. stable-*, carriage hon?e. and (lti?-ifriii* of wster at ti?e door. Ttiia place is within one mile o! Hi-- Capitol, xi.d in a few months a street railroad wiil run through it; and it would make Otic of the l**st pleasure (tardus in the District. Any f>"d club or tonipant would do well to look at it. Thnbxe place woukl be soli cheap, with 11 acres added, :i i'l would make th<? best fairground in the District. Aptd? to GEO. MATTINGLY. a? eobt So. >Q3 <*t!? ?tr?M. 1~7"OE KKNT? Pl-asitit BO'iMS for snmmer in a delightful ?ituatioii. lotfl New Y?tW ?>e nne. a"-3t* l^nB KENT Fum -?! -d ? r UiifarniahM ROdKS r in the W<-b-ter BuildiuK, i07 U l.Mt n i h wo?t. near City Hall. a7 2t* F^OB SALE? Small HOl'SE^; sti. li ph. tr ents: bHlatirptnoiithly iii?talmf'us?. TliOS. E WAGOAMAN. .319 7th street a7-.3t t^OB SALE-A very dmirable PBOI'EBTY . lo cated on *h Mrcet northa-ut. Tw > thou-an<1 ? *2,t?*'tcash will be r*<iaired. Iagulreon the or <?!???? ? m?s, Na. VII. *? 3'* t/OB KENT?Two ROOMS ot. i ust .ro on P ?t . 1 1/ between 6th atid 7!l?, i?pposite C>>rcoratj Market. ln<)nire of H0LL1L0E BROS., 5th aul 0. or on the premises. m "7 c FtOR BENT?HUl>E N ?. 101? K street north, west, contatnins 16 ^oni-;, * ith all m<tdern itn pro*< ni-nts. 1n<|inre at J. 3VALTER':*. No. lOll E street northwest. a7 Jt* F^OB BENT?For housekeeping, Eurni-l'il or I'lifurnislod BOOMS, in a n ?? house. Closets, l atli, Ac. Apply at 1^41 Columbia ?treet, b-tw eu '.?th and 10th and P and streets. ap7-3:* L^OB BENT?Three stna'l h 'U-e<, from 3 to 5 r rooms each, situ:it<-<l in itn alley on 1 street, near PeutiOIvama avenue; rent from *6 t i * 10 per month, in advance. Appl' atN. T. IM L A Y S_*ec oud-haud furniture Store. Si'tH 1 street a" J'' I^OR BENT?8U^l nfurniBhed BOOM*,on >1 ?t..~l A 3il floors, together with bath-room, ?uital>ie for housekeeping, n< ar the Cori orati Market. Po-**' s sion given fir?t of Mny. Itniuire of ISAAC S. H"L LII'GE, H'^3 Mh -treot northwest. a." :?* l^OB SALE?8vI'ABE No. Wwc-n A and a B and 5th and 6:h ?treets northeast: either the whole or in lots Apply to JOHN HOAVAKD, butcher, No. b.?2 Ceuter marli et, corner of B and :Hh streets northeast, or CHBISTIAN M BE<'K KBT, 423 G street northwest. aj-l'n* F^OB KENT?Two communicating front BOOM*, with B >ard, furtiixh'-d or nnfuruUhed, at 1016 Massachusetts ave ,corner 11th at. a6-4t" HI* OR RENT?Two suites of unfurni-licl ROOMS, -nitable for li"U*ekoej?iig; also, an unfurnished 1101 >E. 0. D. B ARRETT, Attorney at Law, hf. 6t 31 7 ?'? gtr et. LH'H fALK-N?? Frame HOUSE, eight rooms, JT No. 1900 9th street, betw *#n T and C. north west. Tenns easy. Inquire at 115<T* S.h street northwest, between L an>l M. :?5-U I,"OR RENT? HUl'SK on !*!? ?tr -t, between 1 I ami N-w York avenne. e.nt-?ide, N ? 913, nine rooms, water and <:?*. Apply 9Ub I street north wot. ?5-3:* IT*0K BENT?Two large PA RLoBf?. fronting sontli- tlower garden, two clo?ets; *12 p-r month; S14 C street southeast, near the New M ?r ket. a|>5 6r* I, UK REST?Furui-h-d ll"L SK. on G. botweon s 9<h and 10th st*. Possa-seiuu May 1st. $ 1<m per month for six months. jit 3t THOS. E ff AOGAM AN. ai9 7th ?t._ IVlK BENT?With Board, at 91 j New York ave. * northwest, two elegantly-furuish"d PARLt?B*i. en suite, and one large, well-furnished PB0NT BOOM, in third story. a5-e.?3;" i f^OR SALE?Two fine LOTS on the B nndary, between 18th and 19tti streets: fronts each on | Boundary JU by 9u feet deep.with back alb y; very cbi ap for ca-h. WILLIAM TYLER. aC-.Tt Beat Estate Broker, 71!* 16th street. *OR SALE?lIt?L"SE and LAtT, N<?. 33S llih st. soiitlieaM; eight-room frame house,g >?Ki cellar, cistern. 8.610 -mare feet of ground, all kiuds of ?niall fruit.a nice home, and will be sold low for cash, limnite ?s above. *3 7t* r^OR BALE?H01SE 913 E?-t Capitol street, * near terminiis of street cars, one block f'om Lincoln Square and three fri'tu New Eastern Mar ket; contains four rooni?, store front building. ?>im mer shed and cellar,closets in every room; garden contains chclce dwarf apple and pear trees and grape vine* in bearing; gas and water on the pre mi-ea. a& 3t* jL""OR 8ALE-A large, two story Brick HOUSE, r with attic, contiuning ten risims, on I stri-et. No. 11030, l?et ween 2Uth and 21st streets; location very desirable and cb?e to the avenue cars. The lot fmnt* 43 feet by KM feet deep, with back all-y. Small cash required; balance on long time. w ILL I AM TYLER, ag at R'-al Estate Broker, T IS 15th -.treet. F'OB BENT?Two communicating ROOM8,on the corner of 13th and F streets northwest. Apply at No. OOO 13th afreet. a4-6f FOR RENT-Fine BRICK STABLE, where lo horses and carts can be placed, suitable for a contractor, at the corner of ad and O streets west. Apply at 403 7th street north. M il ITOR SALE?A~flne BCILP1NG FRONT of 2*1 r feet; central location; wood pavement being laid. Onlv small cash payment required of reliable party. THoS E. WAGGAMAN, 419 7th st. at I ."'OR RENT-DWELLING HOl'SE, With press brick front and marble trimmings. No. 1507 Rhode Island avenue, between 16th and 16th streets; the residence of the First Assistant Postmaster Gen eral for the past three and balf years. Inquire 140*4 14th street. Possession 1st May. a4-lw fpOR SALE-FRAME DWELLING No. 1431. second street from ltth-street railroad terminus. College Hill,containing eight rooms, conveniently arranged and nicely finished; also summer kitchen, bath room, pantries, cellar, Ac.; fruit treea, grape vines, ami shrubbery, on the premises. The ground can be purchased or leased. Terais: Part cash, balance on time with interest at six per cent..making each annual payment leas than ordinary house rent. Apply on the premises, or at Room No. 14, second floor. Navy Department. a4-6t*' l^tRBENT?Handsome RESIDENCE. No. 1**3 r 6th street, between M and N streets northwest, w ith nil the modern improvements. For particulars apply to LATIMER A CLEARY, Star office build ings. *3 lm FOR SALE-Two three-story BRICK HOUSES, with three-story Kitchens attached; side and back alley; water and gas; situated on 7th street wet. l>etween S atd T streets north. Apply at No. l**0b 7th street northwest. a2 St* F'OR RENT-The BBH K HOUSE, No. l?3'i Pennsylvania avenue, fronting on the avenue and on D street, formerly the National Laundry. Rent moderate to a good tenant. a2-4t DODGE A DARNEILLE, 14*7 Fst. F'OB HALE?A number of two-story BRICK HOUSES, on T street, between Uth and 15th streets northwest, containing six roeurn each, will be sold on terms as follows: Fire HOUSES from flOOto *90" cash on each, and balance in monthly payments to suit purchaser. Five HOUSES at from S5U0to A 1,000 cash, and baianre in monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly pay ment*, to suit purchaser. Three HOChES will be exchanged iu part for vacaut ground Also, several HOUSES in the same block will be sold cheap for caslL. Each ot the abo\e Houses have hall, cellar, bath room, water-closet, sewer, gas, Ac., and are well suited for a private family. Those desirous of se-? curing to themselves a comfortable House on easy terms, should not fall to call at my office previous to purchasing elsewhere. JOS. F. KELLEY, K? til Agt*nf sJ Nc. 90* 8)h street northwest, bet. 1 and K. l^OR RENT?Second story FRONT ROOM over r the National Bank of the Republic, inquire at the Bank, south west corner of fth and Pats, al-tw 1/OB SALE?Four beautifully located BU1LD r ING LOTS on the northeast corner of 17th and P streets northwest; square Id). H. GASCH, 98* 7th street northwest. al l*' FOR SALE?Botire So CARE OF GR00ND, (*01, betweeu ith and "th and F streets north east, cheap, and on very libera) terms. JAMES F. RUSSELL A CO., Mo. TIT 16th street north west. *11W* OR SALE?All of SQUARE No. 066. bounded _ by East Capitol street and Massachusetts av enne aitd loth and 11th streets Mat, improved by two _ " good ws" ~ " F small frame houses and staMe; good water: fruit trees of all kinds. Apply at comer 10th and East Capitol streets. No. 1964. a! 3w* U"0R SALE CHEAP?Tensa, 9100 cash, and f30 F monthly aatil paid?several new 3-story BRICK HOUSES, situated on Hew Ham pa hi re avenue U vt; ovvf ?**uu Awvw nMU|pvuiiv atrutiO) uo* tweeu T and U streeta north; have atx raoasa, hall, - - |fl * ly finished STARR, _ a. TM (Chronicle, Republican, liiTii i an v wiww uvitu( wv? ?ia (triu. MR! froat and back yards; hoaaea completely finished. I. W. STARR, b27-3w Northeast corner H..T. avs^ and Uth at. FuSm , BALE-TWO PlECRfi OF LAND, near Ar lington: about one quarter of a mile from the Aqueduct bridge. Oae contains 1 and the other I acrea: Improved by * to town. I*sv^aa?*?a pwa< vsw vmiMWi w mm tire vtuvi w res: improved by two small frame hoaaea. Apply ^JAcOB BIRCH, Mo. S* 3d streM,_G>^rye 1... W. vania avenoe M. #. FOR RENT ANT> PALE. LOR SALE-HOI HI LOTSKEABMT PLRAH r h?l( uicrf MfifW ?rr??. ?mi b> at rsa?im?hie rate* aad "B ?m> terrm Ivh M kM iiptaad for dwelling hoaae a si fruit. anl rlih low laad f r ufUMti. vilkin I few nmn!??' ?alk from ? ?But f -Mill I II" Binntn1 ? alk fro* B undari. I.w ratify, pl<-aaact rural stwronodiags. and excel!.nt | nIikiImmI Mil r-Hgi. r* klriMtf *. Apply to JoHB TOU.OfM of Cwtei 'sn <>f < I tfi*-* 1 v *: 11," ? *-h' Treasury Bulki ng. ~ apl Ihi* wy H ?#? I, ? iNtr rtrwl? nil >?' MB? KORTHEIX.E L'CK SALE?On Cspiwl H<11, a e yteei .Vat *T r itiil (mviirDt BKK1 Hor.1f.c-'Bluilii( km r. "m*.l>e?id?s l?sth *>4 at. re rrrwM It lis-gas, cold and hot wat-r.and w ater iioae??, h?ared l>r It trvbe and Empire heating ranjre. lit* early new. in thorough "rdrr, in a IM| h*altta and ?trw?W? ti'icht>oi !i...*l, and will !?? aold v> r? low "m ea?y triBw. Applr to tk? tvitr oi Ui pnariw*. <OT A street soul beast. H2I-M* L'i'B SALE, CHEAP?A flu? H**-'*** front I Hi'TSE. with *t?ue tfimminf*, containing It) rocau and Utk rooai. M awl t -id water, cooaing r?f|M. La t robes, ga- and g*? fistviree. ntsrfde man tels. etc., ?it"?fnl vii 11th, Imwivr O *U'1 P irtl.wnt Price. *CJHO U? Rl?ll\RO Kt'THH ELL, Kn. Ill Ilk afreet nor.kc* t. Tb? house may be wen by railing at the Groc-ry f- rtiet <?f Q and Mth atreeta northwet. n il Im* L^K 8ALK-AI a Mrfam-A c.iul.risl.e teres I r<" in U(ll'8K. ppwHlififk front. utth m -. era nnnm>w?, lu(r 1,4. tc. Afrit mi Ibr frrmiwt, 1 VtlS# loth atreet. above M. Dili In 1,'fU KK NT?ROOMS, with board,at 1011> Maaa I trhinrtti ar.tioe, comer lltb sti t aU lm* L'OR HALE?4 two-story BR1< K BOUSE, H v 1 109 I street oortl a lain: i c t i. ?> .. also kitrh' t), cellar, bathroom with water cl .set, b"| and >?ld water in chamber*. h>-ater in f?rl ?r, and cu>A!i,( rang-- in kilch-u. The Lit i? M trtft front k? bw f.-ei di-* p. to a M f,>ot paved alley, wtth a buck atsb> and ? irriXg- bofi. J. W. THON PSON, corner of ?tk lUwt aut V"? T 'i ?ri uue. f. t Si-tf FOR SALE. 1B/CK SAI.E?A lik'* larca, mm KOttSL. ?i* >?..!> I.I alao. .g. -1 v -rk M\KK. - *r nof*ult.< ?ner hati-.igho fnrtiM- ????? f ? 1 ,p tii' in. li^ulr>'3f ? Jitaft.t.w, ?t* I,S R 8A1 E?A line YOVNG~H RSI I I'M; kind and gentle, anl works well 1 ; i>ii gteorAeuble b.?rn<?*>;aaitable f..ra Luggi *j ?P or gent l< man V catriage \* ill be aitld ? 'ti *? r> ukoi.ableti rm?. Applv t'apit"! Hill Lt*er> !*:*bl-. N' ,'U1 H "11 ? t. I" ? ? ? en t' and l> eoWheatK. a*-31 h'Olt Ml K-K.w'fl. \TK MA NT kXT". m,l . Ill ?t> le An h to l?l N<"ANSU>i, IH'VI LlNU A CO., i .'liter SKh *i.<l |i Mr,-, l?. a.'.-3t^ HKKRING SAI K. three Iwt I tiR, t* / f^ t a ide, for eale at Slit*?h*lf it? value?at ? HOLTM AN S Sh<? Storr. |2J|J 3t" 4$1 PeBltayi\at i i ? U ?. 1/t.iR 8AI.K ? A ki?t-liM4 of Bak^raMPIXE M <H.?l>jl?i't ?f 17th elni't; bIk". a pair of^_^ ff-xl MI LES, with or wnli' lit AA'uzon andBa^ IIiftiw I .ijnirr of Capt.un AVILI.IAMS," i Rill) ,1 at the w katf, or J . 11. CBOSSMAN . 4 OA l?t ?I I'eet liortliwest. ?i ll* F*(?R SALE ?A l>eaii!ifiii voiinf STALLloS; long flowing Diane and fail; fa*t irottor; " aanti d ? -uud ?n<l kiud in baruesa or "?* '?? "I r?y t lie nadtlle; a us km urileil a preiuiniu at th?- ?* ^ ^ Rinkvillv lair l.iM tumiuvr. Appl) at 10t{? ttli ?treet. as St* |,'I?H SALE?A drove of wr> ?uj?er>wr VkuUK I HOKsLS; als?. s. me v?-ry tin*- H irnKw e\ Htid hwtiili Horse* jii?? arri?e?t HI'UI'ELV A BOA* E SI S stable. New %"??! k ? ? ? IIUI', Ih?- * > t v eci fit h ai.d 7th ?tr"?t? nortb?<?t. nJI !?* AT PK1VATR SALS-A set ot I'RAWINU ROtiM FrRNITI RE, uplioKtereil in Bliif kstiu Duivl, Mari? Antoinette ?4* le,roiiKUiiiig ..I 1 Sola, 2 Arm 2 Lady 'a an.l 4 Windov t'Uaira, 2 Ele-uy a...i Uilt K"< eption Chairs, 1 Elx.ti) and Uni R"iiini Center Table (satin damask !? p' to m*t<-h. and 1 Piano Stool to match; also, ons l ieu, ti A1 >,u?*Ue C i'pet, containing alioilt75 vardii. The al. -ve have been iti use l"?* than four if) mouths, and are in every respect aa g.Mslas new. They will lie sold together or separately to a respon sible barty on a liberal credit, it desired. Aiplv to LATIMER A CLEA RY. Auctioneers. mir2t tf V OTlCE TO CONTRAOTOKfe.-Sti .veil., p7c(T* 1" aud CvAtractors Tools of e? erv d"?cripii -n for ?ale at B>?totj prices by L H . SCH N KIl'kK. 1010 Ph. Bve.,a*ent for 8 H. Hanson. R tston. tnll liu* It KICK CLAY FOB SALE. " LV Ap?l> M DODGE A DARNEILLE, Jl7-tf IlilT V street. BOARDING. i AD1ES AN|i OKNTLEMEN, either mii<1> <>r in j parties, and faailli<-s, can h?-ar..f the very nest 'and cb>'ape?t Boar<iui> ai rai.B' iiu nt in the city,ii> aJdreseius Di p't Club. Box 10. Star otli' e. a7 tuial i' (H.'D BOARD, PLEASANT kTh iMS, AND \J,price# nioderate, at kit! corner ot Pennsylvania Bvetiue aiid ?st street. bi*> l-ly PERSONAL. *?<TATl V0LENCB OR THK WILL Ci BE. ? 7 1UA GREATEST DISCOVERY OK THE WORLD. I!> it all diseases are < ured. No ni>-diciBea iim-1 . and no la>itigonof ba?da. Taught b) Mrs. J.R EL luT, 47 3 C street northwest. ap7-tr OBSTACLES TO MABB1AUE.?Maxpy HM'd far \ cviii Mm froin the ? rt . ts ot Rrrora and Abuse* in early life. Manhood restored. Impedi ments to Marriags removed. N-w metb<>d of treat tiiiiit. New and remarkable remedies. B^oks and Circulars sent free, in sealed envelopes. Address Hotrmrd 1-wniion, No. H mth 9th street, Phila ib-lphia. Pa.,?an institution having a Bi?h reputa tion for houorable conduct a^d pro(eaaion?i ?kill. mar??>i2aa MRS. H. J. EBENCH, Um UU+rmu* KMmMi Dsirtoiml and Tttt Mtdtmm, can be seea at 7 11th street aortbwest; also, giTs^deliniations o( character by photograph Mad writing or lock ol hair. iDAm* DRY GOODS. t^PBIXO AW5Qf!l?EMI\T. ?60.0B0 8T0CR OP DBT GOODS, tn DRESS GOODS. i? IMAM) in CLOTHS and CASSIMEBE8 fhi^w in HOSIERY aad FANCY GOODS. jksvuuu in LINENS and WHITE GOODS. #7AMI <n STAPLE GOODS. Ac. NEW GOODS OPE5ING DAILY. Three hundred new PARASOLS and SCN CM BRELLAS iust received. Prices from a cents each to ?7. Barcaina in BLACK SILKS and BLACK AL PACAS. (/*OKI PB10E TO ALL. BOGAN A WYLIE, a?-tr 1019 and 10'iQ 7th street nonhs eaf. ^EW GOODS. NEW STYLE9. J 1ST RECEIVED. OCR PUING STOCK OF DRY GOODS AND CAHPET1XGS, of the latest prod net iona on this and other aids of the Atlantic, wbich will be open for iuapectieu TCBSDAY, APRIL 1. 10T3. The gosds we offer, comprises a full assortment of ueu and beautiful DRESS GOODS, such as plain, ! htrured and atripe Japanese Silks, ranging from thic . to ?1. Colored Silks, the beet fabrics iu Black Groa Cram, colored and black Alpaca*. Mohairs, Per- I cabu, and a full line tA choice aud fancy priuta and , ether nice goods, too numerous to mention. We shall aiso exhibit a full aud entirely neu stock cf CARPETS, OIL CLOTIIS. ?nd MATTINGS. Kuclish Tapestry, Bin??el? in handsome patterns, llievery choicest IiiBraiiis, Oil Cloths of ncwealde MK'im, Straw Matting, very fair, at 28 cent*. Our variety is either branches, Dry G-od* and 1 Carpets, is supe rior to any sonth of New York, and ; pri'ikone at all lanes to sell cheaper than any house in the city. We invite the pnblic in general to inspect our ^ocds and prices before puuhaeiiig etm-where. WOOLFORD U SU1LBERG, 437 Ttu STBEET, Between Dand E,southwest. niSl Sin KTTHI ARCADE. Lovely polka dot goods, irom u^ ceut* up, to FOULARD SILKS at R1A0, at BBODHEAD A CO'8, tnartlAm 1W F street. I ELEGANT BLACK SILK, from ?LJUuB.anda J full line of all kiuds of SPBIMG and SUMMKB A.OOD8 just received at BBODHEAD A COB, tr.arfl-3m IMA F street. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. ^yiLLlAB DIIEIOS, GEKE&AL INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE AGENT, Mo. fcOi FIFTEENTH STBEET, OFPoSIXt TAUtKT. None hat the safest ilMiaacs companies re pre s< n ted. Prompt settleasent of loess* and fair dealing guar anteed. apa lm A^dii S1TJL nast n ? CA' ?eholtmab mmmmm BUSIN ESS CHANCES* irAtTt p t ;? ? rcm ? -r ? p*i r iv rr.r ?? k*T in ? I'-A t ti-ltrw *!<**, .? ?|-r? Kfl *A* w th ' ?>?' < ? ) . ~-ml.liMn.jM a l?? ?*??*???-. All < ? J J nwirr Vttiiinirti r ?i <?? ?' i '?'?It ?'* SBB or A I * ? P A RM ?nh?? *? l**"' F"r ? PWBPBBTf In ? aa?ihgt..i. Til f* ta I* a? rra II. 1b. ta?W<. f ?"*l l'? a*<1 pln.M ..f fruf, ?we h.?tr a rW. fr-m pi.iird.-ipi.,,, it*"*. - amu-al. a Ip-afch* o*m?rr *?*?) ?* H rot'kkKI I . 7tb at i? betaeat/Baad *aa?fi. VMklUK*, I? c. ??*' T7lf>SB T>KtIKTX4 T" l*?BB"U \ n . -lit a i i It < i< lb- w.tat ???<' ?aar tr-m ifcr I KtNKI IN <<? lfiK\Tl> B ?.' 11 l? 1 \ I. A8H"i I *TI"N fcai.ii.r W.mtM* M^IK< ? ill U b*td \t?tl 14, I i a *'*A r air*"!, M tx'Ni' 1iii|iI.i. Inf<>r?>l|nn ?iil br l?r ?h* * >or?t*ry. ? Illrh?p'?l??rifc?,?-". iwrf I It p 1 a? H* Tub >i B-? siniR, wno~w ai? *i ? as** i,el? rt-i-ut} clerk i-f lli? C"?f f (' .mm >i H ar at ?' u. itiba; . pr*?id. nl jnd^a ??t tii,| ? ?ri oar ?( tbr tbrref'-twwtoa P.-a. uni^ Ik.. ?.-?r .. n*iiliiiit'B ?<( Oblr . b?UltM court. ?j r. f trr uf ill. Supi Mr C-urt -( IW> ' . an t ? nl( . ? I tbr c. art ImI mwI.hi^ wbo ha> bad a qu tr *a ri'.o. practice ta Ohi-> ?? 1 R'litufk ,* ?li * n< t.<mi. lit V wl?i<t.?,a fAhlKIMIlir *iM a tawtm or a ft-at ofla???r? ia hU prac'K-r. P -ra. t ? ?I u 4 r> ni!M.Milli . Ii>- ? w'4 (ii.-lfr?.4 t.> tak p?t la urtl aegn:i.? nt. Kr iy*al* <u4 orim <? rii.a* and rra4* >!><1 writM rrtn'k. Th? par*n.-ikm4 uot i?t<> .nim-'l a.c .??!*-? f. -mm. ?i?*-a;i >*a < ? ? ? a! K I V Al 1?KN ..!?? I ? 'IM> t \ <H t N <; 7 - ??n * I >t; I H .' f ri liM I TCRK AXI? BBt'ffrKI S < \KrKTTJf . f a U?TO> CHOI KP AH'-*-*!-. ataUU4 iuvali<*ii. * , ? M'RTH - N \ N HUI> f" l<l<N i'l i'N liK M I ? M' t uprar<U. KIlllOlUN a HfT*. *?' !** mil .mi u At-Ij CI" * \KK \ I 111 III a?-*>ni|r* a?4 I *tri*l? let ctNrtaii )|i? V'.mt ^ i?r? f T Mir Ml lil ral I m.. t.> Kll ttOtKHi k LATTA. IMh an.l (i ?trwt? _______ |7H ? /I iK C A I.K ? I..? ki -r IVi, II if lr I I> 'i?r? m .rl i I >4 MlTl l'.afrnrwII.) a ?t? irn.i .n'ar^tl (wi'prrtT. Ir<.|nlr*i4 lt('LI.II<<il. DRiih .'?lb ar><) O ?K?rOi? wl, .7 t * | * AWT T?? lti V tim: ? ?? .? ! i i ? .Til I liRlM f RV HT"Rlt. ffl't.i I*: I a II i;-? will t i.i <-r !?*?? ro. m? ??li?-i? a 4Jr>If' f M n can I* k-.*. A i pl> <-??!! ? i li'li a.i>l ft ?tr*"la n >rtbamrt. t > H KANMV i ? g Ml I.AT *~nWT~i i?l: S ALA A Ki* kINI I ?? ? M KIXH'iip I.AM'.ll ...... l*i .1.1 , II. ? (r<4t. Bi.tiiulai * atrr.-l,.? Bia4.'ii>l.ur< raili .-a I. all It?4 aHi ; tU?fiiK?tli \M.1( \? K? II ?? ?, I'.a III. Htalila. Catria. I .??*, A. ., A. . at t Iliif land, n ar nl- ; |?-i a r- A;? .4? A? I; KN a * -? r ? i I - A i |?'J oil pfrltii??? Mr *1' f AKI A\ S . I ? II m<>M"?it4> liiHcrMN. ..I I'r iitini t?1 a, t'BABLKS pTI'W MtT B x ar ; ? 11 llAl-MKN. 4< O r-nWr, f*"l 4". V ' a I />?.('<* ia Rill A?.'?/. ????'? n Ofliif-tli-t lia?r<^,l?. 1 ?.?-? ? K at. l t S L 1**11 Ta. I tli -If I. **A-H!N..T<>\ ? l?. C . AfrilTJCI T< rwrff] il?ajr>Ui'iiliir r"'iM HUI' h IIOI'^ICS, OH II 4M4 .Maxa lit I. a Ml I '.i t. r> - I - ? r ? 1 v for aalc. Parltra ? H< CM pa) ail . aali. or Hftl l) a ?, tan a? ur?- a itr' ?t liarcain Ala". a?*?. r:?l ?iuall l'R\MK of ? * r.M?ia aM t atti i m. ait?atr4 is B atraat. Mpp a :Hl. ai.ti Imli -tr<-? t? nortlm.?t, AIm<. a flu* Bl'll.DIKii I.i'T. <?? IHIi -?r?^, i . ar M. Call atlhe (?Wr>?K atetilh ?tr?*i. M*" i S tul HMr.?|ii ii..r:li*?-'. a7 * L f rH VTM AW. AM BXCKLLBkT BtfciABft* ItivBSTMENT Til.' U< >d ? ill, St.M k ni.'l I n:ur.? >.t Hi" anil ?<^1 H l. l ar..l K -tanraut. lltr " l>|i k !H?N Hill SK.' 41?.? lit h Itrnl, alf. ??<? I'.aaii It am a a* ? liltc, ia i.jl. rnl lot kalf.tbe |.i - -.-ill pr.ipi : |..r I. m( ? tik..?^^?l in '*tbi>r Imalana. W ill Ik- a.44 I a i . a (?tl tuaiii. ArH* at l?.? ka>.ii ln?irtu<* \t 'i r. ??Hi iMliktint, or oil tlir prv.m?(-? afi> r I I > k r- ?i a:. .?* DOAUli 01 ri BLK \\ol.k- ?K. i:IP. Wliat* fi-r aala in *KW ccrtifl- atra tha aVw* fu |. *l."?h i? I* .nalil. at par It. pavm ? ? A -p< cial tai?. A Nirall 4 i-roaat all .a lt rarrka ?. r- I.I W |p J"UNm?N v t'.i , ar> 1m (llii'ti.k.p | Baukara. L'OK (>ALK i'k t\< HANOI. I .r elicil'l'- citf I prop. it> r-al ?~-iata n<4>?. (in# t? a< tt-r Oti Jilt Ltiid, K f W of rr- in' l n l?t atrwt i-aat. V A<;N I K. Oll4?r, H>W Im IOI4 P'-tinai Ivania avanna. OAK* OK l.fcAL l.-TAlk. I _ Ai'pl . ati 'ii* rtnl* ilb4? f -r !? ana fur I r>* ar fli rt linn-to ?mt I. rr..?.-r?, in awia a? r.-.n it?-^ t?li?- halt Hit \alueol g.iud r?-',! ??atata in Ho- I>i?ti lot i.-ain^l. li il M AKNKB, m? 101 7??7il, ?tr,-^t. NQlicS TO |-Ak11?:s M.LL1NU AT AlU TIOM. I'arti.a dfirn.c t< .Jtap ..?? of pr^p^rtf at pul lie ?air all" ?UI platr tlia .alii" in m> kaiui.. ran 4>(ain tiuipftri loan on llifitiif wit i> r luiuiaai u. B. U. W ARNLI1, R al Br >k*T, H'M? Ko. 9 *V 7tb atraat. 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