Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. T\ I.Sf?\Y ?*. |ST?. LOCAL NEWS. ? < t>ii<ti-use<l I.oral*. Ihe Ynii.g Men's Christian Association ar-^ tr>i tin| at the coinir of 1'.th and C streets nertbV' ?' a ncat Irani ' structure for a ch tpcl ai-?< asfkonl-rooa, which in already roofed in. M; A K. ilicnne tan ?ntrK<l a suit for the Li its at law of U. C. Co* ag?in?( the Baltimore ai d Potomac railroad. claiming damage*. It will be recollected that Mr. Oo* was hilled on the railroad a few months since at Alexandria. V*., while he was coupling ear*. l!ou>-ekicpt r* who wish to make a good ap m>? tlsil spring is coming, by ex changing rheir ->ld and worn furnifare for Rif thiiiit better ami more stylish, will find it to their advantage to call at Augu-b-in's, llo* Pennsvlvsnia avenue opposite Willard's. See advertis* roent under amusement head. Be v. I?r. P. Ev?n* Hi**, president Of the Maryland annual conferenc of the Methodist Protestant church, has appointed Rev. Oliver Co* | w'ur of the new m>*sion church on North Carolina avenne. This chnreh is in a flourish ing condition, and it is proposed soon to erect a ban<lM me church edifice on the lot rec<??tly piarcbastd on the corner of bth and B streets and North Caro'tna avenne northeast. ? The Eaiianci patlow Celebration. A III1T1SH VHII H iMIiriTED TO aoTHISG. A meeting of colored men was neld la*t night at llall.M K street, to make arrange ment!* to et lei.rate on the of April the lii'fc anniver.-ary of emancipation in tbe l>istrict of Col'iabfaa. It was understood to have W->n rallrd a? a nt??< meeting of tbe 5th, 6th, anJ J:h districts and m* so advertiacd. Richard Brown, vice president of the 5th dis tiirt republican cinb, railed the meeting to or der and renuested brother .fo*eph !>ent to pray, which Brother Joseph did. atier which Mr. Bit.wn -tatc d that it wa.?an ad jour/icd meeting ?i ;he Sth district club. This occasioned con Kderab'.e rarpriff, aa nmt of the \* r?on.? pres ent had come to attend a mass meeting of the three district.". Wrangling immediately followed, ?'pints'" of order. "question* of infoimatton." "previous question*." Ac., being called for by dozens at the same time, creating a perfect babel. Mr. F C. Rev ell* got rto?>r and said it was evidently a misundetstaading.bnt as they were b eether. in Goal's name let them behave thern *r!vr? and dosntnething or nothing. He moved that they go into a mass meeting. The chair w;ts ahont to put the vote, when Mr. Phi'ilii* got the fleor and proceeded to state that the fifth district cluh were expecting to bear the report of a committee to wait upon the 4?? orgetown flub* for the purpose of uniting Wether, an.i t'.iev tlid not pm|*i*e to be gagged by a crowd of '-anteloper*." A general tumult ensued, which oon'inuetl for some tune, a large majoritv present favoring a mas* meeting, and the fiflb distrii ters richting against it. Chair man Brown called some one to his seat and made an excited harangue in favor of his club, and denouncing tbe officers ami iueml>er? of the o'ltr clubs, during which a great ert'ort was Made by veil* ;?nd iiibTrnprtons to choke him off. but he continued to veil himself into a foam and then snhsided. 1 lie interval that followed was claimtd its comiwin pro|>eriy. ami some tw< ntv ventilated themselves at the same tim*. Tbe cbair. hating got i.txJi breath, attemptetl to put the vote on Mr. Bevells' motion to go into ss met tin*. when the disorder broke out afresh- Finding thai it was no use trying to harnifnlae. the i.rb and 1th du-trict club* with dn w, and the Vh district wai left alone in its glory. ? Fi e? ti* !?s op Opru En?.?The Washington IJhrarr company vesteiday afternoon elected the follow ir?t directors ft?r the ensuing year: F. II Sirr It. W. I. Nicholson, Wm. Force. .In". Mt p. Warn n Choate, ??. C. Wight, ami E. H. K night. 'I he following director* ot the Columbia Li brary association were eleeteil iA>t night for the ensuing year: -I. J. Peabody, J. MclVrmott, K. I? Key nobis. I . H. Robm-oii. C. Kaufman. F. Li * is~ anl .1. F. Pobbyn. Tlie W t>hinp'on Oymn*-'ic a??o.*iation'i?t evtirng elected tlie following ot*:..*er-: W. C. Wooal. president; TV??. B. N?>!an, vice preirt deiit: i". M. EMiMge, secretary; A. Xoerr, tre:<siirer; A. ii. A|:ils, A. o. Avery, ,f. W. V. rekheatl. W. I?. <?'i'onr<>? .J. T. I?vor, A. !f. Ii. Ki< barttion, J.K.Oad?by, and;}. 11. De M r ?'?*. ulterior*. The Amerirn- Vac^tclub |-"?t evening e]^ t Ctl the following f?e-ccn?: Wm. C. M tg-'e, jt? ?dt nt: .J. li'Brlen, vice presMent; K. G. Wl.eel< r. trt a*- r? r: T W. Browne, secretary; V?.: 1> knn.T.W. Br>ieat,Hi0.riny,w> rector*. A beautiful set of was presented to the c'nb. The Knight* ot' S'. Pttrick at their annual election for officer* ! t-t chose th-r fol low in i. I.itut. J. F. Kelly, commander; James Colli i s. l?t deputy: Maurice Fitzgerald. 3d deputy, -lohn Conn'eil, :%l deputy; >Vm. c. Ke nea'v." recorder: l'aniel PoiMrra'n, flnancial re corder: .lohn vhannhan. almoner. Financially ai d n nu rieally this semi-military or^aniza tion is ir a highly flourishing r mdltion, ttie prc,t<.!? !a?t ev ning. far does, Jfcc., forjtit oi.e mo?;tb. anvntiting tnfro. ? - T<** i'oror'po eA"T*HinF ht" become a foriutdaide rival of t'ie Alaska dlamotKls. 1; is ?|intc as briliiaiit ai..l ban the a.iditional advan iage of po**, s*ing that exiiuSite bluisli tint w liic?i belot^ir* to the rare jewel al ter which it is tuud. '1 Ue Colorado sapphire it iu great detiiantl for solit.i're rings and stu l* for gentlv aieii, ami solitaire and Uiree-;>endant e->r r; i^? f?-r ladies. Mr. I'rigg ha- a sj.lendid lhi ? of th*-e. totiethrr with exquisite cut opal sets, to which the attention of our lady and gentlemen rea?lers i> esbecialiy directed. He mike* a specialty of English Whitby jets, beaiitifully carvftl. with representations of roseh?i?l?, a^rn*. medallions, in full sets, including neck laces. bracelets, and bandeaux, ami in Engl'-h gilt, which gives the dead gold color, and in Fn nch gilt, which copies theetru*can gold, he ha- many novelties. In jet.tortoise shell .and ^ilt, the Milan .and Spanish comb appear in mmy patterns aad isaxydlsed silver he ha- m :iy seasonable ornaments. As Mr. Prigg receives fresh gocal* ercrv day our readers with alw iys, ht.d lo\ eltics at his establishment, f s? ?' 1 S? ? - ?? Tin ITinrrx:A>? Bejiktolbt?t Sncrrrv, N'o. 3, M East Washington, at their meeting !.t-t, elected tlie fo:!owing officers for the next year: Major 11* hard <>ulahan. president; Michael Barry. l?t vice I residenf Thomas lie vine, Jtl vice president; Bernard Waters, record ing secretary; P. Malouey, flnancial secret iry; Mickatl McCormlck, trea>rirer, and !*? ter McXamara, marshal. Titis young society is now in a flourishing coi.d.Uon.' numbering over en^ hnr^tlred and twenty timbers and r*?* " A l>eantif'.A*iV enjro?se?l ?-T of i. *o lutlons. trameil in heavy V.ack walnut, was ex hibited. for presentation to Mrs. Peter MeNa mura. t r the t ne silk I'. S. flag, presented Ot her to the society on St. Patrick's morning. ? o A<in*E.tniE smrm-t at Wast.trCairitL. Whilst the official board ot this venerable M E. station was last evening in session, annouiu-e nieiit was m:itle that a committee of ladies had arrived on a matter of business. Iieliberat on* were suspended and the zealous Christian la tie* of '-Wesley" received with a cordial welcome. Their object wa* to preseat to the offitnarv a hur.d^me ?uni of monev, which had been vol nnanlv collected by them for the pnrpo-e ot c\t.iiguish^i:g the debt which at the closc ot the eoiit. rence tear remained ont-tand:ng. A v >te ?i thanks w ?.? anan i'iously tendertsi to the lair donors, and their counsel and advice ask?*d on et rta.n ini|*>rtant measures contemplated >1 tr mg the present year. A*sm >mkst ? v Contract.?At a meeting oi tLc commission on the erection of the new siorthern market-house in Corcoran s>i'i'tre, yestcrtlav. the Meignment of the building c in fract by Mr. J. ii. Nay lor to Thomas Lewi? was received and accepted, and Ihe secretary ua ln-rrncte<l to notify Mr. Lewis to tile a bond for tlie performance of the contra t, and to proceed with int work at once. T.ik Smi stcu B auutr?This morning, in tlieCr ?!? tl Court, -ii; Igi Mac Arthur, Patrick Sn.ith ami H> nrx Mtller, indicted for graml larcetiv at Shustei's >lry good" ??tore, %rere ar raigneti ai d plead guilty. Smith appealed to the merry of c . nt. stating that he had a wife and t'aiu'h to *? p|s?rt. The court sen tenced each to l? months in the Albanv tentiarv. ? Ol* BrLt.?As will be seen by the ansotmee Bt M eisewbt re, the world renowned vudl'i tirtno-o. ??!e Bull, who has charmed the most critical audit n. es in tbe world, visits Washing ton on the Itth ard 17th tn-t. He will W as sisted bv tbe following eminent artist.*. Miss tirnziclla Kidgway. sot rano; S.^nor Feirantl, baritone comic, and Mr. Joseph Hart Dcnck, I lanist. ? Ftsa aid ' itstbb M ttsrr- fUxxrU of If iith In/TftMi.?The following is the retort of C. I.utliugti>n. lnsj>ector of marine products, for the two week* ending April ft '.3,101) shad, 68.GOO herring. bunchos fish, 2,400 taylor fisb. bushels oysters, i a*cd la*poction; bushels oysters condemned. bunche- ti?h condemned. o The rracBALof .lohn Kane, who was stabbed bv his brother Michael on the erentng of the 2?kh ult.. and died a few days since, took place yesterday, ami was largely attended. Kev. Father Coll. of St. l?ominick's Church, per * formed the tunoral service#, and the lnterm -nt was matle at Mount Olivet cemetcnr. ? EtacTto* PaasiDntr -At a meeting or the directors of the Children's h Mpital. held Momlay evening, tbe Tth instant, Mr. Samuel V. Jtlles was unanmiou-ly elected president in the place of Mr. Jaws f\ Ksnnedv. d< eea*?w1; the vice presitlcnt, Mr. Perry declined to accept the position. BriiPi*'' AssortaTios?At th- tweltth month v meeting of the Kepublie Savings and Btrilding Association last night, over *l?,U0t> a as aC u at so average prem. -iw of i? Titr nvROF.R. Whm Tom Wrl*ht Say*. h* c- mira to assist ms :x*?-rrjrcK. A star reporter called at the jail this niorn j ir g lor the pirpnM of seeing Tom Wright, eon vi-tcdon S?tcid it nijht lw>t of the mnrler of ! the peddler. Rogerskl; the prisoner having in vited an Inlrn iew by the following ni>te : '?\VA?Hii?iToj I). C. April Mh W3. To Rc p? rter of tlie Star office to come to see in* im mediately I want to see yon on some important business that I have loolwd over the matter of being hung for something 1 am innocent of but however if they hang me 1 reckon God will he w ith me. Oh all that greaves me is for the peo ple of Washington to have such a thought of me; they all think I killed the peddler but it is one of the greatest mistakes they ever made in their lives. They look at me as if I had been a lion but I have not done anything. God knows it and I know it too." The T?-{<orter having been admitted to the jail jard, TH* INTERVIEW took place at the bar* of the front window of the tir?>t tioor right. Tom Wright and Henry Young (the latter confined on the chargeof kill ing the drover. Habn, a few days since) were both at the window, on the sill of which an open Kible was lying, a* also a copy of yesterday's Star, Wright having subscribed for the paper ;ti the name of ' Thomas I>. Wright," for the purpose of knowing what is said of him. Tiie reporter tailed hi* attention to the allege*': state ment of Ellen Wood, (the daughter ot his mis tre?s. Mrs. Wood, who it will l?e remembered was the principal witness against him,)p<ibli*hed in the Chmtv lt this morning, and Wright asked that it be read to him. Tift request was com plied with, and the rejorter read from the Chv< nicl', as follows: EtLti woods' ?t*thitt. Kllrn Wo? ?i^, a erown-updaughter of Margaret. * a* livil M there at the time of the murder,and now liie- in au alley between K an<i Fstreets. Aft-* the arr^"f >f her mother. Kllen came tothr house, au<l iM iitd away iiiite a number of article* of furniture helot-tin* to her, andto all tells the following story; T! ie peddler, she savs, was -ittiiiif in an arm roefc ii>.;-chAir botv een the Ftove ami th?* ch set wh-re tli. tody ?a- found, -flowing hi- sroods, with liis brrk partly turned towajd the kitchen door.newr which lie wan also sitting. Tom. she alleges, ? ame through th.- kitchen door, and struck the peddler on the t>. !? k of the head with the hatchet, when K< g- r !>ki tnrne.1 and said,"Oh. doat kill ine ' Take ev erything I have cot, tint don Tt killxne!" T'tn th'ti cam** arunud to the front of him, and -aid, "Yes. I will jondr?d Dutch of a and then he striuk Kim in the mouth with the name haulirt. Other Mows were gi.en, when the peddler fell out of the chair on to the floor. N"t being unite dead, Tom took a strap from the peddles pa. k and pot around his mi k, and finish' d linn by strangling: her mother, Margar-t Woods, holding his feet while T'-iii did it. The place tlen cleaned up, and the bedy clun k..1 into the ch-et. Benihry at this time w a* in t in the house, I ut came in afterward to hi- dinner, knowing noth ing about the niurd>-r. In the evening she say* that T- in tC'ok the Vdv out on the vacant lot. h? taking hold of the strap around the neck and her neither tuking bim bv the bead: the peddler's coat being turned up over the head, and Margaret sent her little boy ahead to -ee that the way ??? clear. Tom at Arst dug a long trench in under the shed, round ing it both et?l? like a grave, with the intension >f rutting the body in there, but the ground l.eing ftC/T.-n, Tom abavdoned the idea. Mid, af' -r hurtling quite a lot of the mill articles, tock tlx- pa. k out there and buried it. This in corroborate d by the fact that la?t week, while preparing the sr. ai d for planting, among a pile of hstie-, was f und about a half a galh u of buttons, partly coii-utnid. a large tiuruber of agate on.-s ba te tin It. d and run together int? a lump as hw a* a n-t. It is pretty evident that the peddler was dis pla* ing his g. . .Is to some on*. It is not very likely to hai ?-been Tom, and it is quite likely that it was th w man. as T< m came In from the kiichen when he strtn k the first blow. That the peddler was sit ting *? described by Ellen is verified by the bl??l on the floor and hearth. le-ing directly under and in front of the -pot where she says he was when T ?m -track the w. The rocking-chair was then in the ?Id Aunt' Butler's caie, and has since been taken away by E.leii. Ihesftap found about the nock of the p-dili- i -ul~tant:?' - tb?t part of h-r ?t ry. >Ve tri?e't aa we h?*.?r it from three or f u.' parties to wlorn Ellen r>-r ated it, ? ach i f v?h in are wi.ling to l?'sworn. Eileti has fre.|U'-nt'y since that time spoken of the "murd- rous soul" of her mothgr. >! ? -jeaks oj the murder of" the - ailor boy, -ays T- is (ut twen'y dollars from the l?sly of the sailor when he kill.d him. Other persons in the ticinWy tell that the hoy has icver been ??-eii since n.- titr.- I est summer. In th-- \ icinity of th'- h Use, and Mrs. Barry savs she is fre-iuemly told tln.t a murdered sailor i-liurhd under her Ionise. A, an.ii at ion of th?- loorfalied to reveal any evidence f the imoi al of *ny part of it, yet the tl .or is two or three f?-?t al ? u the gr un I, and there i< an tie space fur >uch a job if uue ?a- d.'.'nnii...; t' ?lo it." wriout riK-.ftKs. To the question, "Is this tnio?" Wright ,t>i swer'd, "It is not tl ue. Kllen was not li ving home thei : she was out in service, a?-.d wasn't at the house tiie whole day, as I knows of." Reporter.?What do you want to see me al-out'.' Wright.?I want to tell ynn TIIK WHI'I E TIIt!?<?, il'ST A? IT WAS, and I want you to put it down right. Reporter.?Well, I'll take down what you have to sav. Wright.?Well, I and Margaret went out of the front fate, at o'clock; she said she was going to I?r. Piatt's for some washing, and started towardstth street: I went to the wharf, and left there nbout a quarter to 9, or 0 o'c!oe'<. and then went to Williams'and played cards until I'- o'clock, with several boys; we plaved for cigars and drinks. Margaret was washing when I car. e home: she said" that she had sot some window curtains and shirts from l>r. Pratt, and they had been hung out?some in the bouse, and seme on a free in the yard. She then sconrid up the t*oor, as she always does al ter washing, and there was ho r.Loon ok the Ft.oon r.i- I seen, I didn't know that anything had b-'en g? mi' on. In the afternoon I went down to the wharf to tee if some vetaels had not com up for I want<da job to contract for unload .i^ lumber. This was sometime between;; and 5 o'clock. I don't know exactly what time it w is, I went down to 7th street and then up to K, and over to l>einhart's on 4)$ street. I re mained there w ith some l?oy? a few ruinut'*?. ami about supper time went home, going ti|i K street. Margaret was not there, and when I wtiit around the front way I saw some body going out the back yard; diis was as 1 turned m to the iront. Sain Bembry was one und there was some one ahead of him. and i. look?d liked they had something. Sam's tools were about the woodshed.and I noticed next day that it had been swept up which was unusual. I did not look over the fence. Sam came back before Maigaret did and he ar.d I stood at the front door until she came and let us in. When she came she got supper ami San and 1 plaved a game at cards, but he did not seem t > plav a> well as usual, lie appeared otek am! plaved only one game. Sam complained am{ then went to btu and pretended to be asleep. At this point Gen. llenkle entered the cor ridor, and the interview was brought to a v.ii;?e. A DKHIAL nr M4ROARET WOOD. The pa|ier containing the alleged statement of the girl Kllen Wood was s<?nt to her mother ami read ami ?,KC(li flD1J Oeil S*v W-?T tr<l receiving the reply that It purported to be her statement, she denied every word, stating that her daughter was in service at the time, and did n?t cc^ne home eveu to change her clothes. It is stated that the girl was not at the house at the time mentioned, nor had she been there lor over a week, Wiiglit having driven her away. ItEORI.ASIZATIOjr OK Till I>!-TEli T GR A *D iMVIStOM OK TH K Sosd OK TKMKKRA3*. K The National Division of Soils of Temperance of North America have devolved upon District Deputy F. M. Bradley the duty of reorganis ing the ? inler in the District of Columbia. Four oivisions now eaist within litis jurisdiction; ot this number Howard, No. 7, K<iual, No. 21, anil Veteran's Home, No. 22, hold regular meetings, ami are having a fair degree of prosperity. Oood Samaritan. No. 1, retains its charter, bitt has held no meeting during the |>a?t twelve months. The pro{>oeirioii of the Natioual Di vision is a.- follows: 1st, to streugtheu the divis ions that now exist; 2d. to organize eight new subordinate divisions; 341, to reorganise the lirand Division of the District of Columbia. Tlie location of the new divisions will be as follows: No. 1, Georgetown; No. 2, near Penn sylvania avenue ami J>tli street northwest; 2d. South Washington; 4th, near 14th ami U stre ts northwest; r>th, Kaet Washington; oth, near >Jth and <? streets northwest, Uh and sth, ucar cen ter of Washington. It is pro|>osed to organise these eight divis ions at once, with about tlt'ty members each, if possible. In order that this may be accom pli>hed a public meeting tor consultation is to be held at Masonic Temple. !Hh and F >(>.. on WedntMtay evening. April 'J, at 7^ o'clock. A Pr'itokcu Wip* Knocks hkr Hi abarp B?n? k rumor was circulated this ino>niiig tl "t there had been another homicide con mitted last night by a woman named Mrs. lAiipion, who had killed her husband, William I^i gilon, formerly keeper of a restaurant near the railroad depot, but more recently a bailiff at the Police Court, on inquiring this morn ing at tlie Providence hospital, a star repor ter ascertained that Languon is not dead, bat unite seriously injured on the head by a blow inflirttd by his wife with a heavy stone pitcher or jar. during an affray between them, which is alleged to nave been provoked by Mr. Lang don while he was intoxicated. It occur red at their residence on North Carolina avenue, between 3d and 4# streets southeast; and Langdon was nicked up and carried to Providence hospital, where he is nnder the care of Dr. Ford, who states that the sknll is not fractured. He was senseless for some time, whu h gave rise to the rumors of murder. ? The All*.ed Horse Trirp Jackrox t? Cocrt.?'This morning. Detective McDevitt appeared in the Police Court with Mr. Crnsor, one of the jail guania, who had In custody a colored man named John Francis Jackson, whom Mr. McDevItt arrested some days ago on the charge of stealing a horse from Mrs. Susan H. Weed, of MontgoH^ry county, Md. Mr. McDevItt stated to tlie court that Jackson had been committed to jail for a hearing, and that his counsel. Mr. Barrett, ha* applied for a writ ot habeas corpus, and he had been before Judge Mc Artbnr. who bad overruled the application. In the meantime Mrs. Weed had appeared to give fcer testimony. Judge Saell ordered him to be arraign* d, ami he pleaded guilty, and was r? turned to jail again for the action of the grand Jnry. The value of the horse is *100. 5*all-fox ca*t.* since ye.-terdiy have been ' rej orted in the foil >whig loMlitlfjt. (one at each place:)?Canal, "bet ween Swfb Capitol arvl 1st 1st street southeast-. I? street. between 21st and 2"Jd. iHirth we?t; 3J4 K street southwest, tivl I.ouse alley, between Maine and Maryland a? euues an?l 3d aiMl 4 4 streets, sou Mi west; an I deaths 011 II street, between South.Capitol an I Half street*, southwest; 3"i7 F street do.. an-1 Cobs Row, bejund Boundary, on 14th street eitofidtil. The Exhibition of the screen for the bene fit of the Children's Hospital in the Hooe Building, on F street, will continue until 7 o'clock this evening. The full Marin* Band Is in attendance to mid to the attractions of the exhibition. 1 ? Real Kwtat* Sai*?Thos. K. Waggaman, real estate broker and auctioneer, has sold the whole of square 7.19, improved by fine double brick dwelling, to Miss Kate Winters, for 87,500. THE COVBTS. CIRCUIT<OURT, Jwttr Carter.?To-<lay, n >gan agt. Knrt*-verdict for defendant. Fox a?t.Steer; on trial. Maxwell agt. District of Columbia. Key stone Company art. Stone and Daily, (two case*:) motion for new trial. PHOBATE COURT, Jn,Ut OI*n.-Today, the will of the late Mrris Adler, of Otonotown, be intathins hi* estate t? .* wife and children, wm _ . <iua" as administrator'o Eh nora V. O'Toole. The will iint a tiled and partially trove,i- D. J.O'T"??le Qualified ?f the late T. B. Caldwell, bequeathing his i-state to his widow and children, was pi oven and admitted to probate for pert-onnity. POLICE COURT, Jute* Sntll ? T"-da<-, James Smith, profniiii) in Ueorr t wii; ij. James Hurdle, profanity in the county - ?.l. Win. Deaket, violation of w aron law , ?3- M'lly Johnson, profanl'y; ?3 Jatnea Pay no. aame charge' .-53. Tli >mv Howard, liMrg> <i with buyina ami selling fish without license; &&. Rudolph S \\ ood. same . barge, $6. B -rtr.nn L- ins ? as charged with keeping open, w in re li>iii< r is s< Id. on the Lord's day. W itneeses were not Mttnl for th' ?rosecntion, aid th?-case * as di-missed Judge friiefl remarked to Prosecuting At torney M1 il<-r that he would do well to examiue his wit; e-m-e l>efi>r'- hand,and see what they couldsw.-ar to. Mr. Close entered a nolle prosequi in the iisupI numbf-r of caso? 011 magi?trate- w arrant", tliey either t.'-ii g defective or the facts not justifying the lasting ? f warrants. Dnvid Craig, arrested bv Ofli? ?r Mills for assault and battery on Kii'hard William*; .-aju and cost, or thirty days in jail. David had jmt been released from jail, where he had bven four moiitlis on a ?imilar charge John Fit/, and K >l>ert Dudley, two l*>>?. assanlt and b.ittery on Wilbur F. Wml f 6 each. Wm. Wheeler, assault and battery ? n Edward Broaenahan: ^3 andcosts. GEORGETOWN. MrfiCAL?There is a great deal of musical tale it in Georgetown outside of existing orirau izat 011s, and that some of it way be made to comluce to the pleasure of our citizens and the progress at" the tuneful art in our midst, Pro fessor H. A. Gross, an able and thorough musician, is organizing a new brass band here. There are some excellent Instrumentalists in Georgetown, only needing a capable director to bring them tip to a high standard of proliciPticy, ami the Professor already has them well 111 hand, as shown by their flue plaving last even ing when they serenaded Mr. Win. Baumni, civil engineer in the office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasury, at his residence, on Third street, near Fayette. Mr. Batiman haud somi ly entertained them on the occasion. Tikcasal may be in good repair?we can not doubt that it is, because Mr. Gorman aavs so?but we do know that this end of the Wil linnitport aqueduct, on .the berm side, looks very much as If it was trying to fall down. The ground on the inside of the stone wing is sink ing. and the wing bulging out toward the creek. Nevertheless it is all in good order, and so is the tin mo at the W'illiamspott lock. That piece of work is in splendid condition, and may hold out t trough the season, though there are many persoiswho are skeptical H'ilUamtj>ort The A'-rrt Wo*es*s Home.?Mr. Albert Gleajon. the contractor for the grading of High stree", has written a letter to the Sadies in charge of the Aged Women's Home,stating that all the grading of the let in front of the Home necessitated by the grading of High street will be done bv liim free of charge. Kiver New* The steamer K. C. Knight, due here this morning front New V'ork, had not arrival at noon to-day. The steamer George H. fit Jut arrived from" Philadelphia with a full caret of general merchandise. The schooie r Victoria arrived from Havre de Grace, Mil., witii <2,009 feet white lumber to E. Picke rel ] 6s Co. ? Gi:ain Thape.?The arrival* of grain to-day wire the canal boat liradfield Hartly, with 3,7<W bushels wheat consigned to llartly <& Bro , aiid boat Seneca, w ith cargo of flour and tuiil feed, consigned to T. C. Wheeler, and the l>o it Mot.ocacy, with l,?0l) bushels wheat, and I,(KM) bushels corn, consigned to II. M. Talbott. Salt-son 'Change to-day were only 1,100 bushel:* prime to choice red wheat at #1.S5 to $2.02. Fish Trade.?We notice at the tish wharf an tinn-ually l.irgc amount of herrings of very fine ?jua ity. "The catching*yesterday, and to-day until noon amounted to (15,000 herring and IO.isH) tavlors. The prices to-?lay were <ii to *7 lor litrring, and SI per hundred for tavlors. ALEXANDRIA. Property Sales.?Green Si Wise auction eers, sold to-day in front of the new market liou-e. an undivided one fourth part of a lot of ground situated on the east side of Hoyal street, l?cween King and Cameron streets, with three brick tenements thereon belonging to John .Jones. Sold for 11. <*. CMaugliton and AlV-rt^ ?Stuart, commissioners, to Win. Cogan, for 2.UI0." To* Wright, who lias just been found guilty of the iuuider of the peddler Kogerski, in Wash ington, was the man who, in company w th John, who is now serving out a term on the I chain gang, entered the store of Mr. John Ar nold last winter and stole two caps, and also a bolt of cloth from Hoomu & Ashhy. Fishtown Fishtown was visltod ye?t''rilay by large numbers of Wasliingtonians.' The day there was quite lively but quiet. Since our re I>ort of Saturday 120.ii00 herring have arrived which sold at *Sa?10; 11,000 shad at*lla?l3, bunch tish abundant and chcap Sentinel, lut trining. JtST OPENJCD, SEW AND BEAUTIFUL DIN NEB, TEA, and TOILETS SETS, of our own Jirtcl importation. J. W BOTELER * BRO . ?A - "it 9U3 Peou-olvanin avenu yiEXNA EXPOSITION. CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT, 1SSEKD BT JAY COOKE * CO. The Circular Letter ii a letter of Introduction to bai k?r? of character throuthovt th' teor'tl, i<Ientify 1 iig 1 he be?rer and authorising payments to him as gRniri-d to the cstent of his dep?>"it with us. Full information will be furnished upon apt*. a tion in person or by letter. JAY COOKE ?c CO., Baakers, ajSlm WASHINGTON. K ID GI-OVES! KJD GLOMES A11 color* at reduced prices 1 BUTTON 90 c-snts. tf BUTTON J1.IS EVERY FAIR WARR\N7>0, ? . al-Ct* At M. WILLIAM'S, tt07 Pa. av. ME. STOOPS, Natural Flo&ir Etnbahtrr. ? has MOVED from ttCI 7tl> street to 430 4th -treet l!orth?e?t between D and E streets, where she will beglad to receive the liberal patronage liith -rto extended to her. nt In' PLA\ . E VOIR M05IEY WJIERE IT WILL DO THE MOST <;UjU. There is certainly i.u batter place injho city than the METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORE, 319 7th street, where, if yon invest a dollar, yon may rest assured you tlway.i rectire tkt full talut of yowr mcmry, and where a saving of K to SO cents on the dollar is guaranteed to yon, without the draw back of receiving inferior goods. The variety otf-red is so large, comprising everything pretty and use ful, that it haa become a vain task of enumerating the different artic les offered, and your attention is only called to below-mentioned goods, as all are good, desirable, and very cheap, and immense .itian titles have lately been sold: Gents' British H ALF-H08K, 3 pair for ?1. Ladbw'IRON FRAME HoSE.J pair for *1. _ I'hiWrens' IRON FRAME HOUR, S pair for #1. Ladies'BIAS TUCKED SKIRT, #2, cann .t be bought elsewhere lesa than M.50. Ladies' RUFFLE APRONS, prima muslin; 80c. Fine English HAIR BRUSHES, gl. F reuch Plata HAND MIRRORS, ftl. Excellent Rubber Dressing COMBS. 0 and 80c. HI st\ leg Oents' SILK BOWS, 18 and 80c. Ladies'BILK SCARFS, all new shades. 80c. ?olid Walnut, 3 PhromrTOWEL RAl'fc,*c. * Boys' Leather BOOKSTBAPS. tSc. Four Pieces Bxcellent SOAP, lac. Six Handsome OOBLET8. 90c. Beautiful Oval PICTURE FRAMES,80r. A Pretty Carved BRACKET, JSC. Corner and Bide BRACKETS. 80c. each. TOM EL RACKS, PAPER BACKS. HAT BACKS. CLOTHSS BACKS, all walnut, #1 each. For a further llat of CHEAP GOODS, call at METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, SIS SEVENTH STREET, apt-tr ? OSE PIPES?Combination Bubber HOSE PIPES. The best article ever preaentedtothis at-eoS 910 Pennsylvania aveuue. N^lSfe5^^8ite52e aoithwert "eeK'ew^ ' ' " SBOOVD-RAVD CLOTHING ^BIL^DBKWnS ?!| 1 limy. "-,BI1TMhll C I TY ITE M S. . ^ A*T?.iv_rine firet-elas* Mlwmnn, thoron^h ? ""l'wntnl with the clothing lia?ineN. To ? f?"?' man liberal compensation an?l 'Mplojwnt will be (uaraatvat. i rrt*' .Ul*? 001re t fame and reterenco, lock box 18J, city pot office. j A*rMTIOSS and lt?ARSK5R?< All 811 tiering from irritation of the Throat and WJ!' surprised* at th ? almost immediate relief afforded - " "Bi-ctcn's TwA't." by the u?^ cr *?*T c?HArrv%KR!?oif in the world is Everything look* dark an I be "out ot aorta1'with himself an-1 1 Life 18 * burden to him. This <Lch*J,Ped b>' taki"K Peruvian Syruj. (a protoxide of Iron.) CVs. ? of X years' bund ing hare been cured by it. $ r,.li^?.^n *" 1" operation the mwt wonler creLj^-i! ?M Burner of the age, an in i 'H?r cent. illuminating power, and Hi n?tn 'c* consumption of gas. Bat don't bny ??r i.5!0" *?? ^ demonstrate"!. On exhibition and ? ? ,'?*nt,e **<? ft** fixture establish Hamilton A Pearson, Y. M. C. A. Building, 9th and D street*. 4, ?,eo3 rX'J?R^ T, ?,? tor poor Biscuits, Rol's, ><".?? Cakes. Muffin*. Watties, &e.. Bell it ^ 8 Yeatlt Powder is U9ed. Grocers ^ 6 T V ?OTuv Of Slate" Mantel*, at Haxil aapJuKsr* c- a niiJl' Chbbry Baldav Tbls f* ,?11 c co m {*>ut]<l has become a home fixture. rf ??J *no sufttr, and have in vain attempt. .1 J? toughs, Colds, Bronchial or Pul Complaints, make use of this une.i uxll.ii f^i?i y" ? can k? relied upon, the intss of testimony that has been publLohcd since its intro duction, being ample proof of it* efficacy. <; XA??M' Sutnary. Fountains, X oth^i*. Pkauson, Y. M. C. A. baildin* 9th and D street*. 3,_T,eoL'; rhf?ai"XJnAOT '* Tor rale"it who|!e by *.!!??' i? ^ Co., Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggist* everywhere. t,w,f,tf %?7"* ^VrH.TY Al iJi-ge appreciate the use fulness oi Singer 0 Sewing Machine. 1,5 vJ-v??wAT,OHAL S4*'*0< Bark, corner of rir .Jj? *T??* ?"?' l?h street, pays 6 per cu ET,,t?J?nTi>n de<rriU for each calender month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 w * Wt3,I4tie mJ?PVWD, being indispensable to health Md S??r t? of Persons come from f ir and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. 833 15th street, opposite t' e Jn i**V7' for reUe^ ^rom corns, bad nail#., A.> ?nd advice as to suitable shoes. *

cJ",* .ZTj^Tr y jf"xr'r r, rr: ? pjSE CLOTHING FOB SFIilXC AND 8VMMER, MADE TO ORDER IX NEW YORK. THE LAMEST ASSOKTMEXT IX TIIE CO IN TRY. SAMPLE SCJTS KEAPT MADE, EOll MEX, EOYS A.\U CHILDREN. SHIRT!! MADE TO OEDER. DEVLIM k CO., T* 3m 1113 rKXXSYLVAXIA AVEXI t SPRING. 1873 1873 TRF.MKNPOrS STOCK, TH1CMENDOl'S STOCK, TKKMEXDOl'S STOCK, TKEMKNTdCS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, SPRINO SPKINO SPRINO SPRING SPRING AND SUMMER AND Si MMER AND SI MMER AMD SUMMER AND SUMMER CLOTHING, CLOTH I NO, CLOTHING, CLOTHING, CLOTHING, MENS', YOUTHS' MENS, YOUTHS' MENS', YOUTHS' MENS', YOUTHS' MEJ<3', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, AND BOYS, AND BOYS, AND BOYS, AND BOYS, CALL AXD SEEf CALL AXV SEE.' CALL AM> SEE! CALL AXU SEE! CALL AXU SJiEl At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At. A. STRAUS'S. OK EAT HA RUAJX ?? ! bHEAT HAKUA IMS ! GREAT HAKGAIXS ' GREAT HAKGAIXS ? GREAT EAKUAtXii JPJ1 PENNSYLVANIA AYENUK, |?11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENi's! 1011 PENKUYLVANIA AVENUE, 0.23 Tkird Door from 11th Str^ t. Third Door from ilth Str?- t. Thir4 Door frum llth Str.-.-r. It will pay cn?toniers fr?m anv part. f Washineton obuy Htxuery, Fancy Goods, Notions, Ac .Vc at NICHOLS'new store, ?n 7th Mn ^.bcfwi- M K ?tnd L streets (near Bo-an dt Wylie'a.) mj RAILROAD AND leal tiUte Mortgage C<mklaeti. In Its 7:90 Ck>M Bonds the Northers Paciflo hall road CompMiy farnUhes to the pabUo an tnvestiuem security which combines the ready negotiability, thr convenience, and the high credit of a first-class rail road bond, with the solidity and safety of a real sa ute mortgage on land worth at least twice the am. >oat They are offered at far ta currency, and yield a HANDSOME PROFIT to those exchanging |-|?, The bonds sre a first and oalymortoce on ?hs road, its equipments and earnings, and also oa a land grant which, oa the completion of the road, will averse* acres to sach mile of track. They are Issued m deaomtaatKms from am t? ?l^OU Coupon, and |M to 9MAM Registered, have thirty years to ran, bear aa interest of T Jt per cent in gold, and are EXEMPT FROM UHITED STATU TAX to th* holder. H ?aid with GOLD CHECKS, i sf the holdsr. to the to ths post received ia at JA' MB?W ^2?S@tee Georgetown Advertisements. |>-~3?PRE8BYTKHIAM ('BI RCH, ( C., Marrh K liH Yersons havl; c (rot.'. buried Inth-O ur '. j s'rd cornerM tshirgt n ac l l?r*ric- rtr.-ets, are he?ehv n iiBM th?jth'fhw,ii.iS H b- ing rem >Te I nil I !MM' 2h*' if h* n?*??iary to '.*?? 7 2T" n mnottd within the n*it IBMtv tiny*. B\ i?r<irr ?sg-aofiw BOARDTRrSTEK*. J^KADY FOR THE SPRING tFuJk! With * f?il c?rp, of Art class workman. * plete stock of th* M fc.r?|ii aul domestic Dye Stuffs, If., 4c? I am fullv pr>-|?ar?4 to CLEAN <>R RECOLOR LADIES' AND GENTS' SPRING AND SUMMER WEARING APPAREL, 0r?'U:ptIy and u tbj ni%nn?*r. PK EMI I'M STEAM DYMNV^uio SCO UK* ESTABLISHED* IM1. Frrwifnm *?* rittf 1S57 ? , Georgetown, D. O Poei OWw Bo* 723. at>? tr pOTATC 'ES ! POTATOES :: ? tfr^otTthv? RLY,?.S* J*1 **I**CAB J nMi* landing fr it. .. :,r Welling ton. Al? ,auu bale. TIMOTHY H A Y in -< .r ,jr J. * WATERS. ?*'?? 109 Water -tr.e?. ^JO PARTNERSHIP NOTICE" JOHN H. SMOOT, No. 11"* Bridge street, Georgetown, D C , hi* f?"\*-11Ps*0#T,in hu-ine? with him, commencing April l,,.I will do h<i i nes, under the style of JOHN H. SMOOT A SON. JOHN H. SMOOT A SON are now receiving a-?l i-'"i! i*" t.?irce,v? through theseason, a cboice at.d well -elected aa-ortment of ?? wMrhn?111? >?*E? OOODS, to which they invito the attention of their frien ). and cast. mer*. |?4fti) J. H SM<?OT A SON. j^'EW SPRING DRY GOODS. G->oda, in sage and mignonette !fr A. ?rR''.^Tw.r,D"!.nt ot ln"<i|??ni and low-priced Drew Good*. 10JKX? yard* new Spring Percales Call cor, and Skirtings; he* mak.%, o? ShirHn?,.d Sheetings, very cheap; SO piece. Black Alpaca, and Mohair., fro* K cent, to f 1 JS; CwMni.-re* fiitinp, f r men and boyg. %e have a large st<c k ?ad offer rrta/ bar tarns , B*JJAMIN miller, IW1 BrHge street, Georif-t ivri o BANKERS. TIS BIGELOW, ?Banker, 643 D STREET, NEAR SEVENTH, Pay. INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, make* COL LECTIONS, and transacts all b naiaewi conr^t- d with Banking. ar2 lr |> A N k I .10 H O I S ? " or J. H. SQUER tc CO., m? PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'E, OPPOSITE willard's hotel, WASHINGTON, D C. ?! P^r cent, imlerfst paid on <ttpofilt. Collections made everywhere. Deposits ratable on demand. Pay cf officer* in the Army ca*hfd in advance. ap2 tr J f. BKOUHKAU, 5j * ata Broker, Mo. Penca. ave., Roqiu a, Washington, D. C. Special attention given to investment securities. Iimte. attention to securities n >w offered at prices len Jt^ Wf. .paj. ?5 per cen,il? amount, and -f length of time tosuit investors. Safe, reliable, profit riRST t ffi^ccRi?IESM in ever' re^ cl Refers by pennixsion to Lewis Johnvon A Co., Jaehmet..,,. D. C.: M >,es Kelly, Ew|., Canhi. r National Metropolitan Bank, Washington, D C; Hon. J M. Rr?dbead. 8,-cond Controller, WnUiue ton, D. C.; HwardClark, Eo^., Architect D. S Cap Itol, U H.hsngtun, D. C. ? mar!7 3m '?'UK NATIONAL BANK or THE REPUBLIC ^'li and D Greets,) . ,EN rBOM lO A. M, TO 4 P. M. d<^17 l> CH AS. BR.AIlLE Y, Cashier. German amkrican savings baxk. No. Hi Sevkmh Strekt, Oppoilt* ikt Fast Oj)LUyartmttU. ? *' m .,0 * P m- s"turday? open na .11 d p. in., to receive dep?it. only. JchwrXnL?.**"**- C^wct,?- ??<! JOHN UlTZ, Pri-sid-^nt, A. EBFRLY. V Pr<? ? WJ^MATTfNGLY^c.C. E. PiitNTI6S.C r 1' MJK IKtLUMlV!. SAVINGS AM) * ? TRUST COMPANY. aankii.g House, No. 1j07 Peuii.)lrauia avenue, PATS 3J.iP PER1 CENT^IN^EREST, PAY.'f ros Kpi'"itsi'"X . from date of deposit. itsutt Itrtijiraffs ul Orpvsit bearing 6 and 4 per cent M p. ?? iiilfrcfjt, ftvaiUMe Hiiywh^rd. 3AS BBANCU Of'KICKS in all large towns a of Cities ?>f the Seutb and Southweat. Bamk hourr,* a. m. to I p.m. Open Wednesday and Saturday night, frotr R'i 'r, | . 1 ^ ' receivedepoaltsonly. Call at the Bank at tend I it n '-opy of th? Charter tnd Ry -U?,. ;l? ir JAY COOKE * CO., BANKERS, BUY AND SELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE -?nd ISSUE CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT iot rravelor?, araxlabU in aat part of tkt wuriJ. Our Diifi. en JAY COOKEtMcCULLOCH * CO,, m? Cashed In any part of ExJlasd, Ib?la??l and 9COTLAXDt/fM 'harft. 13 VVashngton city savings BA>R. " " Corner 7 Ik ttr?u ami Lout nana arttutt. PAYS 6 PER CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of depoaita. Depot it. can be made and drawn at will. J- A. RUFF. Treasnrsr. PROPOSALS. puoPosALs for coal. TRE*?rRY DEPAHTMrXT, i Bvkeac ok Engraving and Printing,> ? . . _ . March 28. M73. \ M.O.I rj! ?ill be received ?t tiiis offl.-e A?Vii'cl"*-k?. m., MONDAY, the S&thdayof April. Itv3, lor fiirni.hiiig hve hundred (>*}) ton. of run of mii.etGeorge'4,Creek) Cumberlane Coal, to be delivered at such times and place,, and in such quantities, as may be required, and subject to the C.<.?i"li,,,'0V"- r?-4?ir<tl by act of Congress approved July 11,1870,vj?.- "That *nch coal .hall weigh S.ilU pounds to the ton, and shall be Inspected and wei^h TiL' , i Quantity of each load certifi.-d at i'ie tinie of delivery, by the per ..n appointed and in ?li flt-d under the act for that purpose; and that the T nt w cent" f"r each ton of coal in Swci"' '? delivered, .hall be paid by the Proposals will be considered binding for one week rrotn the anh day of April, 1S7S, the Department re serving the right to reject all or any portion of tIA uicis offered. No proposals will be entertained unless accompa nied by wit ^factory evidence of ability to fnfill the contract, nor will any payment be ma.le without the certificate of tt< in>,p?ctor that the coal furui-hud is such as the contract calls for. Proposals should be addregseil and sent to the of GEO. A. McCARTER, Chief of Bnrean of Engraving and Printing, Tr- ?*? tiry Departnieut. * m29- l.: v PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. DEPARrVENT OF THE INTERIOR, > ? asmINtiTON, D.C., March 31,1373 < I reposals for furnishing Riich articles of Station ery as may be required for thi, D -partment and lie bureaus aud offices thereof, during the rim al v at ending Jnna 3U, 1?74, will be received uutil li si clockm. THURSDAY, May i,l?73. r.ach or. posal mu-t be signed by the individual or firm making it, aud be accompanied by asatUfact ry guarantee tliat the bidder will execute coir ri> t, with go. d and sufficient bond, if h's bid Is accented for any or all articles. No bid w ill be conaidered without i>nch guarantee. All article. are stipulated to be of the best qn ill ty. Samples will be required in all ca*-*. K h laniple to l e plainly maik d Willi tU? naiin.- of siie bidder and the price. B. nd. with approved security, will lio required of ?heparty to w^h 'ni the contractor auy part of ii may be awarded. On failure to fural-h atvy article iu a reasonable time after l??iug order. .!, the ric it i, re?-rv.-.l or purcliasing m open market, or of declaring the c u tract forfeited; and if a greater price than the c -ii tjfet price i. paid for such article., thediiTert . ee will be charged to the contractor. Bids will be con sidered on each item separately. Schedule, contain ing blank form for bidding, togeth-r with item, md estimated quantities of aiticles needr,!. an I full iu rurniatlon in accordance with this advertisem-ut, will be furnished on application. Contracts will only be awarded to established nna ufacturers of or de alers in the articles. Tb<-8,cretar5 reserves the right to reject any or all bids that may be offorej. Priip*.>ea'8 must be addr-.sed to the Secrrtnry of the Interior,and endorsed '? Prop<?aals for Station ery _ COLUMBUS DELANO, apl ..iw IQt Secret-try. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, WASHIN6TOX, D. C.,March 22.1,1373 On the petition of WILLIAM SCHNEbLy *nd CAJHARNE J. SCHNEBLY,of Hackensack, New Jersey, administratrix of Thomas 8chuebly, de fe^: Pr?)Qin* for ?*>e eitetuioti of a patent grai.tM to William ScUcebly and the said Thomas Schnetdr on the 21st day or June, law, for an lmprovcnabt in Harvesting Machines: It is ordered that the testimony in the case be cloaed on the 20th day of MaV next; that the time for filing arguments and the Examiner's report iysr.%st2R/sA?ss snurtB ITNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ^ Washiroton,D. C..MarchSStb,MR. the ?" ??c?ieheclo^l op the 3d day of June next, that the time for filing XTffik,5,.w!i,J,e ???ort Un?lted to SSifi.lKS.i'SW;-4 STf.T ~ PECTORAL 8TBUP, OOUSSS ABB OOUBS. apLB MYALL DBVVmUTB. GROCERS. plot r: HtCfJVEO DiKKCT from the Mill* in VALLtY or TUfilMi. Will sell to families SO rent* per t>fcir?l less thai lirnl prtcn. fnw? of S-U<V*RS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WIN*. jn?t re re i Ted from r:<a*ant Valley Wine C<-mpAn' , ? * a gallon. 8. II B \fOM,70<? Market ? *rM Mvmi 7ik tn l l?k rirwtl. ^ UHAR EISU1, Wk*lrul> l>4 Retail Nrerfrt, Kll Stvtmtk Strut Moitktrn:. Wwm M Mi !? TEAS! TEAS! TE AS I Japan Tf?, god, 00c; choice, Wc; very flneet, 9 Gunpowder Tea.Tie: a rood article for 91 Choice Gunpowder T-*. |1B; iwt best. fl W. Imperial Tea, OOr. 7V. 91. very #*>-???. 11.98. G> <xl Black Tea, three pound" for ? 1 We kite alao some of the Dm*) off red is the elt* Also, mi extra English Breakfast Tea. nor*, ?r. WelchV RayV Tenneyls and other br?nis tl Hoar, all at lowest foit'le pnc-s. Tei> pounds Lard for ft. Gulden 8>rtip, per ritlloi.TV; our 91. T?'B pounds New Date*, ?1. Nne pound* N>-w Pmne?. 91. Peanuts, half bttkrl for 91. BRANDT. Ol*. Ac, Pure French Brandy, per bottle ?91 * California '? " 1 ? Pure Holland Gin '? ?. 1 *? Angelica and Mnseafel Wine, per bottle * Whisky, five ye* in old, " ....... I.I Sweet Catawba Wine, $2per gallon. C. 9. O' HARK * Itn, feJO tr 1*13 T'.h street N W , between M ?t 1 31 p BIC S LIST OF OROOBRIK8 AT BLPH037.0 YOl XGS * CO *. SUGARS. (BUT NEWYORK BKASPS ? "A"(clarifled'...._. iba. for 100 Crashed 1 loath.. _...7S lbs. for 1 <?) Granulated ?.... .7** lbs. for 1 "0 Light Brown(nearly white)...8>? Iba. for 1 1*) Gc-d Brown ?..J lba.f r 1 (M FLO UR. ii gride? unity ?,rff beat per hki Family?Welch's best?at l?w?nt ratos. Nxtm-eholea. ?m..?per tartr, 91 ga 5x'r* *<-ry high grade per ?aot, 1 id family - ?r \ ? Family?choice j>--r ?ack, I so :r -* *~k. ? 71 SUNDRIES. rronea?ch<~lr*. _ 9 Its. for 91 English Cnrrauta. ? 1 !*?*. for 1 n# Raisin*?choice 9 fbs. for I 09 Win*low*s Green Corn ? -*aus for 1 09 Tomatoea?J It*. 6 can* f >r 1 10 Tomatoes?3 It* _?.A can* f tr 1 10 P?ach?s?9 lb" 9 e?n? f ,r IB Piacbes?9 Iba. .. A c?u for I 19 C*!l *? oree. *? we csrn"t g^*'*r.#?e ?>;e alV'?e ro pai ?li< led Ivw pricea for any*.' l?rg*a of "trie ILPHin/O YOL'SUS * CO., VKOCEKS, K. YOUNGS. I MASONIC TEMPLB, WM. H. SEARS. I Ninth *\d f ?*? >9 t? STEAMER LINES. IN IN *0 T I C E . Off:ce Potomac Ferry Compact./ 5>evk*th 8*rekt Wharf, WashitgTos. I?. C-, Mi?rch 2?>h, ltC3-> On and hfter Tl"KJ*l?AY, April 1-t, boat* of 'hi* Con.puny will leave Wioliiugt.'U ard Alexandria at 6 a.m., 7:14, 8. 9. M ft 11 10, and 12 m., and 1,2, 3,4, 6,0. .'iiiuJMBBMinl 7 ltt p. n?. The Orange ar-d Al'-santfria railroad pa?=enc r? go over by bout nuw. 8. 8. HHWIwiX, President P. toiaac Kerry l>. SAMl EL GKI>NEY. Sup t. a3-6t IJASSKNI.EKS RY ORANGE. ALEXANDRIA I AND MANASSAS RAILROAD, On and after APRIL 1, lMTt. will l-aie WASHINGTON CITY b? I'O TO MAC KERRY COMPANY BOATS,7tb-btreet Wliarf. W Boat* will leare the wharf at 7.15 a. m. and 7 1? p. m.; arrive at 11:46 a. m. and <:(5 p m. Buy Ticket* at to03 Peunsylvauia avenne, or corner of King and Union btrcets, Alexandria. Through Paaeeneerconnect! n* l??tween Or.iaee. Alexandria and MHiia*r><u> and B ilt.ui ie and Ohio Luiltoads made ouly by this line. J. M. BROADU8.G.T. A. W. E. GA?K 1NS. Agent. 603 Pa. ave. a2-l <i TEW LXl'RKbtf LINK VIA CANAL, _ I BKTWKE^I PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA Va., W ASH INGTON AND GEOK''i,?u*>, D.C. FAILING PAT*. F-om Pier 2. N- rth W'isrve* Plii! y adelplaa, \\ K1'NL>DA I aud bAT-*3***^*1* I'KDAY, at l*tn. From 49 Water atreef, Georgetown. D. C., TUES DAY and SATl'RDAY, at IO a. 111. This line connects at Ph^'adilphia wlth"Ciy<leV Iron Line" of eteamer* for Prov id?nce, B1*' 'U and New England State*. No wharfage iu B >?ton by this line G. F. I! YD*. Agviit for D. of C. W M. P. CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia, F. A. REID, Alexandria, Ya. WALDO a. PEARCE, H Congress Sireet. B ton. ap2 WASHINGTON, NORFOLK, BOSTON^*? ? PROVIDENT*. The fine Iron Steamer LADY OF TH* LAK* having resumed her regular tripe to Jr*""k Norfolk, will leave her wharf, foot of Ctb ??reet, every MONDAY aii.i?***?1* THURSDAY, at S p. m., touching at principal liver Landing*, connect,ng at Norfolk with Steamship of the M. aud M. Line for Boston and Providence. Freight should be addreesed "care of Lady of the Lake, ria Norfolk." Branch ticket oflce at Knox'* Express Office, f>03 Pennsylvania avenne. T. M. CROUt'H, Agent.9th-street wharf. DORSEY CLAGBTT. General Agent. trH Plata's Store, c -rner 15th t*. and Pa. are. ?UNAU) LINB. TH* BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOB. FROM NEW YORK. Algeria W ?-d...Apl. 9| * Jax a Wed_.A pi 2S *Ru>*ia...?.WeU_Ap_l. lo | P:irthia Apt. t Ca'abria_ >it?Apl. 19 I M'nl.a Wed_Apl. St< unera marked thoa * do not carry steerage pa* engera And every following W EDNESDAY and SATUR DAY from New York. Bat** or Pa*?ace.?Cabin, 99U, 9199, Mi 91?i gold, according to acceuuiiodatlon. Ticket* to Paris, fl9, gold, additional A H.turn tickeu on favorable tarata.* Steeiage, 9?.currency. Storage tickets from Liverpool and and all parta of Europe, at lowest ratee. Through bills of lading given to Belfast, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp aud other points on the Continent and for Mediterranean ports. For freight aud cabin naa ?age, apply at the C inpauy's office. Bo. 4 Bowling Green; for steerage passage, at Bo. Ill Bread war Trinity Building. no\ 18-ly CHA8. O. FRVNCKLTN. Agent. ^BCHOB LIBB STEAMERS BAIL BVBBT BATCBPAY. PMMDfin booked to and from any Bi Bon or Seaport in Grant Britnia, Ireland, 5^aF^gwed?nt Den?nrk4 Germany, , Holland, koiginm aai the Oi Cabin fare fro? NEW YOBK to LONDON. LIT ERPOOL,GLASGOW and DERBY, 9W and #7*. EXCURSION TICKBT8. ?1*9. latsmsdlsli, 93*. Steerage, #99; all Onrrency. avticulan appUtotbe*Agm?6?c!kJLi&K$B? HI ERCHABT* LIBB OF < 31 WABHIBolSSna PftQI-OSALS. H. r??v.' Lt TOH IM'IAH ion. I 1.1*1 \ Orr < > > 1\ ^ \ ??. j?- .?Xt Pr i? ?als, in<l r*. 4 ?? f I _ Si" ??* * lit t? ivn ? <?t at h>?a <? aixi 4< li* h ard ~t. New V tk. ati'il 1? ?L?I H ? ?? 11 I.M'Al . the ttd da? "t A rrM JOT y^h^ JM? J l? ' Mi(k l?tpn?<? ? AI r.i, IPJ.f r f*r?*?di<"?. ia the tjuantitle* ?i"r u.| ur *11 flit arli. lea in lb? %? losr? *l list: M> fairs 4 point white M valuer B'anketa, m- am re JJvtu . v-fcae, and neigh t?ei.? 1- jikI*. !j*? f*lr? 3 M n ????r IC?7| nt lm.iMl w eigh eiacM W '??Mk j&t r?m tS ?? ml ? bite J* ?- k!???.' Rlhit'^ (9 n?eae?rr M>M in. hami weigh atx k?i, !3r? f? 2 point white )!i.kin? B ank t* t? n-e*N?>e 42\4* inch a, tnd wet?h five and * .,nart. r BV pair* IS pednt white Macfttnae B!?nk?t? '1 io< seme .Wxfti iix hee, ni?d a.-igh f >ur an 1 ? .a ijurlH p- nnd? STX pair* < pot til ?, ariet Tfackinar II a-ik?t< t<9 measure 72xfD iwh'i, Unl wu-h i?. irf ponoda. l.tMO pair* 3 p-int "cat lei Mackinac B'ank**- t? tt . **n'?(icx7t inch?*.aed wei^n eight I.?f pmratS fMIIMariK M?ckina< B snk-ts <? tirtniir M\M lllflm, tinl welgh ai* p tie e. 4S> pair* i ararb-t ,t*rttn*r ? * n.ruuiv 4?*?? Ii.c lie?. inl weigh (It* Sod oaf tniitrr p. nr la 7>0 | air* 4 poii.i iitdig" Mte Mackinac B'vnk.r*# to BfMW 72a 90 IB<-koa, and W'lgtl pnaafc. j *n? pair* 3 |> tnl indif' Mi a NB1 ?nk ??, to RifMur* <Mv7z i ik kee, an J weigh S fit r*ir>IS point iml en blue Maeklner RM? k<-??, t.. uieaeurv M\li( iiirb-*, |li -i< pun tula. I ,<Ht< pair* J p'tnt tndlg. Mce HI v Blank "? l?i ttiouame tlvtfi in. hai, md W l^li !>? ailj one nmrtrr p .uti*l? p ui.da ? Miti }>.lrt preen M wkinac H;*nk ?*, ><% measw* 4i'\4# inch- a ami weigh |ro * , J ' nr I|iiart< i p iiuii 400ynril* fancy Li*t Bin* CI 't h. W -J*; > ar.l* Saved L?t Bin ? I ; I*. J aril* Mawd L ?t S arlrtt 1*1 th. a?>?rl*Grmj Lint BIwClvUi. J W "1 *'? Ifn Sim* la. ? Woolrti Miaul*. *?' H.-a\> D-'iibl.. Shawl* * p i- Liu-'ti ti.i .i 'rnlai : t, ||. s 4 J1 limil l*i. ikirilidarli lilu*,iinr tti .-j ?lMtr> |ir>>?ti IIS d. ir? ?p.H.U CoitT, atai?lar4 ma'.., ; ? ^ >aril*,3 c-ird unl 6 ?xml 256 aI5 j ard* Calico, ?ian<laril trm'fi . fT. ..?*? j aril* Itxliij Bin l?i ill ??. *7Ml) > ar 1* j ll. il Ti- king 4 arji- l'.r ? n Sin .-iin*. 4 ? *tKi?4*nl 122 JM) > aril* atamlard l>u< k , <s .>uu< v. X'-.Wl ) atil* I*!ai<] I. in*' ? . a .IMt > itrd* B! ; Hann-I, twill, d. 17 .tiu) j al l* K'tl I. t ? >11.^. < > aril- k.-niiM k> J?au?. IK.-J5 > arrt* 5>atini-t 11"" j ard* (' iliiml D illlu.tfor 4r? ?a lu.itm | So > ar l* Bli ai tu >1 i*li ftuiiMfm ?ur< ua* > SAVjard* Bio. D-niiiH. ' ?mrumm., #.?WJ>?rd- n u-korj Ikirtlif. 44Sd"?r|i r<4tOti Hamlk-r 'ti^a J iloEi'tl M ll * W .ml S- -VI 4 kisiin-ll It'.nil II ?| ?KJ .tt n Children'? U . .| || 44 di K-n W .k)|*ii Hi aria. IT.1V7 H'.I I'lannfl Miirta. 3.4<m liray k'lai.m I Shiria. 7.k<5 II uk. r> Shirt*. l,luu t'alico blurt*. 4fin W..|ii.-ii'* W. .tl || hi.Ii, IS' Minor* U ml Uiu^ia. l4?' B?d (Vnerlrt*. S.1**. p .nil.!* Varti. aa*ort .it ra, 1,064 p. un?U GiIIiiik T? ti.-. i and 3 cord. ituantitl?w, N.~. *i. tft and ?t<. ? >4 pound* Cotton M*nrr,f t ?. iu?w. Sim pounda Ii>di|to. t28ilo?>u Ik?H'vi ?|.tl \taa, X to 4S p"iin l? 4fl d 'l.-n at I'a*: -l ? Ml ..t \\ . ? ?119 J.'Z. ? A\ II II . ? . \ I 6*7 l-./'-n tinii'.i imu I'rrat-ri mv K rtI* - t . to 10 'iMart*. 1 " 434 d- /-n *li Tt-katdU- Fry Tan*. Niw I. 1, a:nl 3. in > .jtial i|tiaiititi<**. SX J.?m Tin Pan- pr-,*d,I, 4. ai^l^uarta. fiSSU ?!? f**u Tm Otf?, JUti 'loy.? ii Till C*ip?. in. 3? l /? n Ti^ t'm: !??, uo fuT?T|, 8. ?u ! H ftuarttf. lOdfMi Tiu P4ii?, with corert, 8, 10, mdll 9d.iz.-n Tin Dippfr-. han ll"a. IJi il i/. -n T>'i < 1f>-+ r .t., 2 4U irt Hi'd-/,-i, Tin ?' rt.-. p $?. 4 litiarta." ?Ud'M tinnod ir ii T?l*l?. Sp-?< ,,?. I#'l t'-ntinned lr..n T a Sp.i..n* lJo3>! r-n Bnt. har Kn:> ?.?tn h. Ilnd. im Huutinc Knin^.t inch. IJOdukll SklUlliu* Kuiln.fiw u. iiu-l /.? n Knivi-* u't.l r<*rka, g?..|. naiiti J-I.u ti p.^kt t Kf.i* lnd->r.<n Taper 8a? f il *.4)4 ii? h. 471- *fii Mifl ??? K'l -a Si?" K}*al~n !! n ?. j,b.?i cm at<w.i. l>1..j*n H? * Hindu*. 411 1 '*'-n llatcficta. l.ldi o n H tud *aw?. (VI 1.'7.i Ii Ki?li Houkc, a?s >rvd ? ;> *i. 225 duaen Fiah L n-?, as ,,! ;?>! ' 3U doKi i, S<? iuk A? I*. 29Ud"rc-n 8' trint-lirl Hn idlaa. IISdo?r? Caat *t??l Sli -ar-. 7 < ai.J 8 incite* 441 d. x<-n C .arm- C mib*. 136 ?l-'i'-n Pine tout b C' nita. S&d.>ran Open Thin.1.1, a. ?J <1;'ren /in> Mirr r?. 17S.?iw.i N*t*<lea. a**<.rt.-d ai/.*a. 87,1**' Keedlt-*, GIi.vit*'. 544 B -avt-r Trap*. N *li i|?e JJ , a 5" Mink Trap*. N?-?h >iv*. S.1SSCimp K- ttl-*, in n.-te ?.f thre?>. 5 4fio I uni li<-? B.-ail-. a*? .rt. 1 cviot*. ta?> Pu?hallan Pipes. 6(0 K' .-ii Sreiii" 3.112Sa k C .Ma, a?? .r?<d ?irea, f ir i. 4.??? 2 Paltta, a?a. rt< d -iifs. fur b.>ii. AM Vest*, afaorted aice*. for Men. 374 Loo*" 8?'"k OrrruM*. Ur(? aiao, 2Sufiiit?(jack.< and pautai ii>r U?jr* fira to t. a ?ear??da*? I* V' *t*,f..r fi.iv* fi*-? to ten rear* of a<r?. ?,11?i Men a VV ?l Hat*. a~*trt*.i ii/>? tint c.dora 17.". B y?' W *d*. !?- .rt?*l liM and Cidura" S?i H *lf Caa*iinert* 1'apa. IJiSpaira M.-n'a hlici, (v>?l iinaiity, a^irdi *1 re?. 794 pair* - 8li.?a, food itiwlitr, a**or;o# ai?. >>? pait* ?'T?'?|.?. ?.a^d 'inalitT. K ?a s and ?. Wpaira Miaaiw bUi?ef. g hmI maiitv, a?*>r;?? 324 pairs Children '* 8ii a. g j.jd unnlitt. a^rtnj aizea. 9A11 pound* Tobnreo, ping. .'aw p.'u:,d? Sni'.kn.g 1 I acoo. All tin at<ote ea <1* u uat be di lireriM in 11*9 Y..rk, Philadelphia, or B *tout>r tb latdat ' ? ? next Al?">.the following Blankata, which will tx> r?* ?alii>ltu be delivan-d b\ the l*i da> ot Auxnai *>rt? 1,41*1 pair* 3 point whiti Macklnnc Blankaf. to ni.aauro ?u\7| iucU.*, and w?x(h ?igWK pnmll. 1A0 pairs tS-po'nt whHe* Hactlnnc Blanket*. t? m< asare 54\W inrhea, and weigh *i* p.iuttdS. 71 pair* 2 point whit- Mackinac B'. auk eta. ta n>caMire 42v 46 inches and weigh an and qnartmr p.ntid?, l^SUrairs 3 point acarit Mackinac Blank.-t*. t? tncnatire ?V>72 lochea, ai^l weigh eigM pounda. l^fO pair* IH-poini arariet Macklnar Bla;ik-t*.t? mea*u,e 54\'io incbe*L <00 pair* 2 point *c*rH meaaiire 42^40 Inrhea, (VC'ilUkrtrT l> .III da. 2.I9U pair- 3 point jn.l v . bin-' Mackinac 'tda to an aeure twx72 iuches, and weicU i.hS ponnd*. f,COO pairs JS-point Indig . Hue Mackinac H'anktg, to Bx aaar* !A\ti6 Inche*, and w.'igh ais p->nnd*. 36u pair* 2 point lt>dig > bine M i kinar BUnk to mea?ure 42x46 iuchw, and weigh live ?u( one ijuarter p imd* U? pair* 2Vpoint green M <~klnar Blankefa.tO l?? a*ur< 54\'?iuu )i. -. and weich ais P 'tn. la. 2UU pairs 2 point green Mi kina H t<* meaacre 43\4n hicbes, aud Weigh bvs au4 one .iiiartcr pound*. The bida will lie opened in the preaeiwy ,if tM Boatd of Indian Col>;ni --i"ii?r* and a < ??luiMiitee |<> I, .i.-itiiat. d bv the Seiretarr.d the Intet, >r. M ?im.Ii a* the time for receiv in* the *????? *liall hav? expired, and (he contract* mil ba anardod aa thereafter as prnctii able. Purttea bidning are required to fnmi?h aaraples nC the atiulea bill f>>r. All the aainplea i.t ea< klu l lec ?ball lie designated by a private mark ait t i,e.l to each i-ample, corresponding ?ith tuu W* on tin pr?> poaale. The pnee* milt I* given n ith nt any m ?liftca:ioB or prf p*ed modification ?hatev?T. The rifht will be re-ervi<l to r?init* a rreal r or leae ?iuai.lit) <n.>4 exc^edms 25 p t cunt in <'ith?C cap ) i f aii) of the artic! < than tnat *p"i in.-<l ia lias above at hitlnle* at the price* pr .p.<s>-d. The rif ht will !?.? rmen>d to reject any or all pr> p. -.-it*, if inch a coarae ?h uld be deeaed for the m? terrat* of the (t vemmetlt. All artk-les farahM onder contract will be>?. ijnired t?> be delivered, parked and inai ke?l ahip? Dient. without entracln'*- f <caae* or hajiug ? i.ea inOTfcinal pai kage*. a.^-trdiug to diraclious ? hicla will be giveti. at a warehouse to fee designate! ia th? re*pectl*e ritii * where the CO il* are rit?ii M,al4 will be subject to inspection h> the Board of Indiaa Cotua issicueis app-.inted by the Preatg.-tit. amt snob triHMts or article* aa ma> in aay reapmi fail to conf..,ni t<'the -ample* ?lii lie rejected, a*4 ia hat case the coMrat.tor will l? l> im l to fnmiah othert of the required kind <?r in;dny within dec days; oc if that Im-not done, the; sill he pur haa-<d at Mfl ho bida ? ill be corf "ered fVotn pemo?is who Ii failed to comply with ih* ri^utrnu nti uf a for contract. ho contract, or pait tilin g, will l?e pennitt.-d M be assigned or fill, d b> ther parti * with it lha written cwnaent of th-- t*~cr?<arjr of the Interior. Pa> merit will be made !jr the g > at* ptir h unM IB the prseeatatiuh of the iai 4cea therouf at tM* office ^after they shall hare been pi opt Ij a?proe?4. Wo proposal will be conMdired Mat ?oea agt atrlctly cisapiy with the l.,U.>wiag form. "I ( r we I eropoee to I ore iah the Indian Depai met,t, acc ording to th- term* of the ad vert i* itent th" C<?niaaioner Indian kW"~ " ? UC3, the full.>wiug articles at afczaTTl Here InMCt the l)at of tarnished ) !*a?d articles a re to i us. rt the pro date.) Atld If will, a illiln t?? d*>s eo4itract " " mi arc* __ ?SRriSST jSSKif^SAissLm ?* the above b*?der< or bidders,! if a ooatraeti halloa ^' or.yh**1' ac ordmg I* h4e| < iheAr) Mi or ^opoeaj, will e**? ate a contract Maoifflaglg. aad gi- e the reqaislte a, . arlty for the faKhful Mt! < f th* i -1 tisi nieiit f. r T March 1S73; are to do eo. ** uf. mmm w enr*eitee? our heirs, execntop* and adkltlslralon, to forfeS aad pay !?? the l;aite?i H.a;?s. aa daaMgse, a *am ?ii? less than file-n per cent, on the aaiouat of aaM S9 *>and weigh ?ix poiinls. ?ackinar Blankets, t? e*. aud weigh fi ?e au4 y-3K'?Ta^itThIvsx . wa nereov agree aid Mai ewr?? Ivea. xecator. and ad?t>ietra?o?a, to forMi he Called Mr a lea. rs itnaagm . a sm net le-n per cent. oa the amount vt 1 fa3 srwiMal." ^ Bond* will he required latheaimMt of U? Ml for the faithful performance of tMeaMmrtTJC two ?r nicr- enrrtte*. whoso t tihed to hp ? Lai tod H.a.e* J

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