Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1873 Page 1
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V?. 4/1?IS?. 6.257. WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9. 1878. . TWO CERTS. THE EVFXT\c: STAR. ! Pakli*h?4 tally, 8hb4aji eteeptetf, | AT THE STAR BUILDiyGS, P?BWjlTHla AvMnf, wr. lltk bim m ITOm 5TAS HKFifll CIIPAXI A M. ur/Mi.V.V, ^r?K4??l. ? THK EVENING STAR ie ?m?d by Mirri?nt to thalr ecbcrlhera at Trxl sit* ?e* \vi*i,ot Fortv For* Own r*a Bnim. C<?'t at the eoantT Two Cw*T* each. Bi tra!'?three mouifca, flAO, Btfca, 93 MO, on? fMtf, gl TBS WEEKLY STAR?Published Friday-tl J" ? rear a^lDvar tally 1a ad vane*, in both caaee.and wo Mr" aenl lcr.ft r than pari for. 1 of adrvntelTi* farrtuN* on application. HOTELS. H OWA BD HOCSE. Ceracr ?:* .?????< ?*d Pmaa. art, i; l"? E. WOOLS, Prop'T, j-.^t in^. r^ne a *eriee of elegant taiprove meat*. h*vir? b?*en tfr.Tonahly ren*rated and re fitroi?bed tfcr reboot. making It at preeeot one of the nr*t der-.rabTe H **?!? in W aehirgton. I. D. H inrd. !af" proprietor, retains an Inf^rfst tii the H.*'>, wh-re he will be peaked to pee his old friend* K-l term- ' patri ot, premising them tr?t claee arcoinmrdaftcnfi at al. timee. T^rm., 5a p<r day. Table B^arS, 930 per Math. mll-l-n |TH10N HOTBL, Mr.< D. 0. U V. &HINN. Proprietor. TtA? Hotel kae teet B<r?lj refitted and fanMked. It contain* aM the modern improvement*?hot aud "I bat ha, ^:!*,atd gae. It ia cr-nrecieutly k> ?ated. tetnf aiiuated <>c the llae of the Waahinftn twl Gtif^ion City P,*pi.ger railroad, the cars ot which, r m the railroad and ?t earn boat dep*U, Tn the denr every Two or three mlntite*. The ?eaeet* of ihU h< cae can reach any at the public niMtfi rf the national capital or any place of ?mamv.ent, Ac , by a pleaaant ride of a f"w minut** P?aeeL> done bnair.** ?1 rs the line off the canal and 00 the wkarvee a ill ftt.4 it to their vtvantax- to ?top at tbl* b' oae. itivll l' gGSSHOTEL, >n. 70"i Q STBEET, *? tf >ih *"?r ftH 8r*nr<. '|<HE IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES SYKE9, h?rnM?, F10JUM Ptivnytm Avwcp, Bittrft* Uia hhI Ulk struts, Va<i:Mt?s, D. C. Thar,*ft l to the public for jenerotm patronage tn the part, the Pr pnetrr a*k? !-i? old frlonde a-.d patron* to teet the arr .icrr cdat ioc* off hi* preeent ?etahllshrier.t. wh;cb be rr ni?* shall be found al keaet -.??.*! t?. the Lf?t in W Mhicgtoa. jaitt rf (j'.? p . f ar. n j c7 willard, EBBITT HOCSB. WASHINGTON. P, O. BOOKS. STATIONERY, Ac. HRYANTS LIBrtAKY OF POETRY AJit> s?>N?;. II B STOWK S LIBKAKf OF FAMOUS FIC TION. BkM'HFR* LIKE uf CHKIST. .?r. >nb*< iipckMM rec* nrd at 1411 P< nu-ylvania a. ? ?iiui by In.* BI<H"P -v HA/AKI*. ^Oklf I LTI KAL B<miKS. J hnet<-D> A^ricnltnral C'li-inwtr* .__ai 73 AnK-ri, ?i Gaud?ner < A"i-far-t 2 50 Allen ? American farm B->"k 2 Mt II - I': ? fit 1 .'41 War'tiw ? D'a i:in? for Pr..ft; ami Health 1 ?*' Full<r ? Small Fruit Cnhun?i 1 J*) Pnll?r'? Uiap- f ulnr? I jrt Ft" ? * S< nthert. Atpl* Coltnri*: " 7^ Wright'* Pr a* t' ? al I" ??iltr; K'^-p-r 2 <l? Lt! ?-tr>4h the H' :i?-> Be 2 ??) K 1: ' "'"f lU-l.. ' r 1 .V llorvr 0?acr> < >,lcp.#?iia 3 73 V .:*Jt on il;. I?. k?* 3 ~>b All the tit-a b<" Is- 1 t eneti a^ > n w* p-il>li"!i ?>! 15 Bt< 11 \RI> B MOIICS A Co . a.- tr 101A l""i:ii*. uer 11. It ?lnf'. J^1>T OI NEW BOOKS AT MIlLLINtiTO.VS UllOkSTOKE : LITTLK K ATE K1UI T. A N Br the antli >r ?-I M-U'.e A-i i ?. ? .1 C ?ir ??'? <'->nfee?i >n. THK 4 ? MlNti |JA? E B E-lward B iiwer < I,?rJ Li > THE Wll>OW LEB' Ot E. A SoTel. By Ea.ile Cabarlan. THK BKhBEU: <>1, TIIK. MOCJITAIHEE* OF THE AT LA!* B M - Max-. NOT EASILY J HA LOIS. A Novel. T<? THE BITTEK EXD. B MU? Br?d.Ion. LAKEMLLE U V .rr II aUv. BEPT1LES AN I< BIKP- A Sew Klition. EM CATION IN JAPAN. HALF Hoi R RKrKEATIOSS IN PoPl L.\K S? IEN< E So. 7. All the back numh'-r* mi ho.,1. Pi'Pl LAK SCIENCE .M >nthly volume* I an-1 2. ELI >1 ENTABY TkF \TI>E ON NATl'B\L PHIL(>S<?PHY. B. P- t-? r Everett. BEY TO NoKTll AMERICAN BlltOS. C.?utain ii.K a coti4-i??- ac"um 01 every si?cie> of Liviug ard V **il B rd?. HARPERS HASP ?4'OK OF TRAVEL IX El R(?PE A larB'- "t< ck "f Bhink B k?. Pise B ?ok?, and M n>i ramiim B ?k*. Not" P?p^, L?-tti-r P*i??-r, ai.<i P!a> iim CariU at the \ ? ry pricee. ;?6 :r 'J-HE WORKS OF THOMAS GITHRIE, I). D The G- ?pe| In Et' kiol The S.4inta Inheritance. Tb? * ay ? I Life. C'n th* P^rahie*. Il.'n^trated. Bpeakrcir to th- H "art. Mu.liea ? i Character. PI'-a for Kal-z> Hi' ? I*. The ??it>; it* Sins ai d Sorrow*. At KM. LALLANTYNES, a-1 429 7th *tr-?t. Il^YEKY MOTHER THE IHM'TOR OF H^CK Hi OWN FAMILY if *!??? get* Dr. HALt?> HMM.TH AT HOME at STOCKMAN A SON S, Sr.h ?'reet northw-?t The COTTAr.E BIULE to be there alao. Two #.**1 Ai.KNTf wanted. tn2S tr ^0 TIC*. LPENING OF A NEW STATIONERY BTOBB ASP BLANK BOOK MASvFACTOBI. Firat 1 lae* p ?da at fair pricee, for caah. lITHteGRAPHING. ENGRAYISO, PRINTING AND BINDING DONE TO okDCB. The pabtic are invited to call aod examine or uew ??och BEN F. FBENCH. Cnder Natk oal Metropolitan Bank. . and next door to Jay Cook* A Co.S, _??? tf WaablnctOB. P. O. Ih7-*3 spking. 1873 TBFMENPOCS STOCK. TREMENDOUS STOCK. TREMENIHM* STOCK I TKEMENImU ? f4TtK K, TKEMENLOLS STOCK, ?M?8 IsdScSmeI cloth lao', vpk iKr \NI? SI MM BR CLOTHING, tpRlNG AND SI MMER CL<?THING SPRING AND SIMMER CLOTHING, MENS . TOCTHS' AND BOYS, MENS . Vol 11(5 AND BOYS, MENS . YOl'THS' AND BOYS. ? IBS YOCTHS' AND BoYS, MBNS'. YolTHs AND Bo%S, At A. STRAU'V At A. STRAIN'S. At A. STRAl'V*. At A. STRAI S'V Al A. ITEAirs. i ALL A.W BAA ' < ALL A.W ShE .' iALL A.W SAA 4 ALL AS O SA A CALL AMU SEA ' UKMAT HAKOAIMS ? *j HEAT BARUAIXS a HSAT MAKU A1X S <? R KA t HA RU A IMS ' UKEAT BAKVAIMS ! ? Oil PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'E, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENIB, 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNL'B. Third Door from 11th Street. Third Door from Uth Street. Third Door from Uth Street. 'I'VE RAPIDITY AND BAB* W1TI WHICH arw imaniad and the feet relieved. If alllac, fro? Haaioaa. Bad Naile, Ac , at DB. WHITE'S Batah baaeeat. 111 Uth mrmd, oppoalte the Treaeonr, to a a it* aarprwtaa to perwotaa uaccW * - ?ethvd uf uperat ing.wkick la ?atirwly 1 Wm&sm mmm ?-xs." vi&ia-?zs? AMUSEMENTS. R t*|??TCIN AID TMfcO. THOMAS. SPECML NOTICE. In compliance with n-imerona reqaetta to aecom m f' f|f r*?idin?r "Tit of the eitv, A tiRAND COM BIN ATION M \TIN EE will be gi.en W EDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April IS h, At 1 o'clock. Farewell Joint Appearance of ANCON KLBINSTE1N. 11 EN HI WIENIAWSKI And THRO. THOMAS, WITH HIS I'N B1V A I.I. ED ORCHESTRA. ReaeTv?d Beat* to the Matin'-'* ?mly. ai?-<>t* IVdia thompsor J AND HER MAMMOTH COMPANY, Incl'i the fan u- Comedian*, HARRY BE? KF.TT AND WILLIE EDOCIN, W lit ?pp- <r at the New Opera Hun*, ou EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 14, I.j ffcf Musical E\travarar>/a of B I. I- E BKAKD. Sale of ?eat* to conun nc? Saturday, at the Opera H<-ua*. xp? It II N C O L N HALL. ~ OLE PI LL S FAREWELL SEASON IN AMERICA. Mr. T R T; Rnat ll respectfully aiinnnm ea tlie Far-well Api? arance uf the great Viotui Vi'tfioaw, OLE BULL, IN TWO GRAND COMKHfP. WEDNESDAY AND THt RfOifr EVENINGS, APRIL 16 AND 17, On which oc< aniou he will be n>"et ably a*?ot.-d hjr MIIS C.RAZIELLA RIDAKWAY, the fa? "rite yvnnjs American Prima D<'nn? 8- praao; SIKJIOR FERRA1TI. the p- | nlar Baritine C -mi jue. and the imin;iit Pi anist and Conductor, Mr. JOSEPH HART DEMK. Admisaion. 01. No extra cliarcr* f?T reserved seat*, which cau be obtained at Metzemtt's M'is'c Store. Tht- Concert will commence at ?o'clock. The (traiid Plan. fortes use. I at the*e C >nc<rt* are fr? ui the celebrated manufactory of Win. Knahe A Co., Baltimore. ??< 7t INCOLN HALL .4 I MONDAY AND TUESDAY EVENINGS, April 14 and 15. THE GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD' COMPRISING Rubinstein! Wieolamki! AND Theo. Thomas! WITH HIS I;K RIVALED ORCHESTR I Ot SIXTY PERFORMERS. will *ive in Wa*bias;?on ONLY TWO GRAND CONCERTS. MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 14. at a P. J! . AMP H ESDAY E\ EMNti, APP1L 14, at 4 P. M. Onl* .' inl Appearauc<? of ANTON K I B I >*TKI V HENRY 1WSKI, And TIIEO. THO VIAs WITH HIS UNRIVALED ORCH ESTI'.A R.rv. d ?cat?. ?2 ai.J (2 SO. accorilini; t ? !,><? ? ti n. Sale of *eats commence* ?t M- t/ei .'ttMu- c ' WEDNESDAY MoRNING, APRIL t, al a o'clock. Stelnway Piano* ti*?.l at the*,' C' iic>rt?. *7'd VI ASHINOTOM THEATER t OMIQI K * ? (Elv\eiith atrevt, a>n:h Puunsyltauia avom .) ANOTHER STUPENDOl'S SENSATION THE- OOFTY GOO FT Y CO MB1 NATION which ha* jn*t < ??ncluiltd a h:<ztily **fnl en aaxeii.tut at ill*- liiidat Mreei ill. aire. bilciiior CFOBGE W. THOMPSON. In On? Greate-t of M >d -m S< tisation*, 'YACir:' "YACUP!" 'YACL'P:'' Al*... the n'-w OeiiMtidMl Billot, arranged l>v M i a. Alex. Bland>>w?ki, after the principal -Genie ballet in --L--0 and Lota,'' from NiW.'s G ir.i.-n. N /w York, ent it Inl THE CAPTIVE; Or, THE BIRD CAGE OF EDEN! A brilliant Sp ctacular Ballet, in three ac?n<-?, pro l.ici-d with gorgeous -cen-ry, niaicn'tuvnt coanim-*, superb pr<> pert lea, and ? NEW BALLET TROUPE, together wlthour grer.t Oli. , a mammoth variety tr. up* r FORTY STAR ARTISTS. ' The ffirat \ ersatile. EA<?\N AND EDW'\KI?S The cliarminis voc.ali?t, CARRIE LAVABNIE" I he original and veritable LEVANTINE BROTHERS hIKALFY SISTERS K1KALFY SISTERS An.1 an ?'iitire si^at N"%eli> Tr .upe. THE GREATEST SHOW EVER IN W ASINtiTON II irni.e. w EDNESDAY and SAT1 RDAY. b7 tf 0" N" ) Ua KxklMtUa iNiwNo _ > and Salt ) 43^ Tth 8t.\ at /Tth s* . . MA RKRITER'S, ' " 31 So 439 7th atreet, betweeu D and E ?treet?, elehi OK . ,bOTt- Odd Fellow1. Hall, K Obilc* Ol. PaiutinKi, intra. Chromoe, jp, Pl?a%- r'in-nil^ r Name and Nmnber. Jel ly" AL-L.fE?M V* 0A8T-OFF WEARING AP PARELcan be aold to the yerjr beat by addreaaii.* or calling on JUSTH, ?1? D atrwaF. betwaen ?th and fth n. v. Notea by mall promptly attended to. Oaah p%ld. fU OLD OtiLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER, Rtc., ?r^'e? fi)r ? ""w Tork hoaae. uoQ*ebold Furniture bon*h; and aold. Notea by mail Koaptly attended to by AGUENttTElN, 1408 ?nnoylTania arenne dll-ly* BALLS, &C. ?^ECONO AMMIAE BALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CHILDREN'S IloMTf AL. AT MASONIC TEMPLE, TI ESDAY EVENING, I4th Atril, 1^73. The Directors of the Children'a II wpital have jnut h plea?nreiu ann-mucmif that tlie wcond annual i?a!l f?tr tht- thi? Aj?*?*erviii>c <*barity will jfl^en aa abuve, under the inanag-uient uaiuej be In capiK-rtion with thi< aiin -unc-mcnt, th- public l"'"'ked to colixHl'-r the and Uoble purp'...- for which the ii>?titiiti..n *ai eatabliahe<t, ? the care ?nd mcdioal treHfnx^iit ??f all poorcliililren who may !?? ?tck.diaeaeed or temporarily di<abl^l, without any dixtin<-ti<>ti on a< i-.-nnt ofaect, race or color, and aleo the giaiuitooa distribution of inedicine? to the P<MT. Ti(in< may be obtained from anv of the direc tor* or lady vi?iior?, and at tb pi ineipal h-i't-l- ami book and ewelry store*, at the following price*, in cluding supper: Admitting Lrentl' inan and lady ?MI " vw lad}..? REFRESHMENTS BY CRUTCHETT. Umiil Coyjt TIKE of AI6AS(.KME\T JJr. Levi? J Davi*, Mr?. General Bi.kett*. Mr. S V Nile*. Mr?.0*-i>eral Cowen Dr. W B. Dlinkard. Mr*. T. B McGuire. . .. ? iu wtu? CiiaMiitii. Mr. s. V Nile*, Mr. A. E. Perry, n I K. I.U". Dr. Thowa* Miller. Dr.C. 11 Liebennann, Dr. W. P.>n. Dr. Craft. ii Tjler. Mr 8. 11. Kaulfmann, ilr?. A J. Br?>mii. Mrs. J P?*c?l, Mr*. Mar y, Mra. C. Delano, Mr?. AimIcw Coyle. Mr*. L J.Da\i*. Mr*. S. > . Nile*. Mr*. B. H. Kaullmai.u. 'DkcoUATIOM Committee. Mr" L t M^Guirt, Dr. W. B. Drinkari. Mr. M W Oalf, Dr. A*tif..rd, Mr* ?;ri. 1 Kirkett*. Mm. W B. Webb, Mr*. W ni. W all. Mrs. J>m. Redlero, Mi*a Frelinghuv*en. ? On Tmkbtk 1.111 Isvitatiox* Mr. S. 11. Kanffmann, Dr. W. W. J ihnMon. Mr F. B. McGuira. OX Sirit?NNt.<iT<. Mr. H. Semken. Dr. B. C. Boaey. Fr..,i* Manager. Colwnel Audeurie<l. A-?I?Ta^T Fl.O<<B M iXAGtln. Mr. W ill ma. C. Hill. Mr WJIimm L Nicdl. Mr. John Davia. Mr. G.G Frelinghu)aeu, Mr. Frank Gilaiore, Mr. J. J Cbew, Mr. M.Siblt-y geveiance, Mr. Aulii k Palmer, Mr. F. W. Poor, Mr. Ueorge Morria. A baaket will b* found near th? main entrain of the ball r k?bi for the reception of *uch contribu tionaaa tke charitablv dl?p-*>e<l may wiah to bring or aend in for the benefit uf the little sufferer* <>? the Occaai<-n of the ball. ap9 iltd | Kep., Chron. and Sunday papera co?-. | SUMMER RESORTS. ^ C V 1 E I BOARD. TUeOSBl EN HOUSE, Laeabarg, Va.,laaovo?et for the accoamodatiun of Summer Board era. M< pain* vtll be aparetf in the endeavor to aaake all com foitable. |apt-lm* 1 JOABOSBURN, Prr.pri.<or. E XAM1NE THE GOLD SPECTACLE, Ont H H. HEMPLEE. Optician tv . 4H |JU0ri!EAD * CO^ ^ ^ ^ Call d ?irC|h'i H(Ok 1*y"r'at ' CH1KEBE TEA MOB0 Baa removed to ?1S DatrM*. rpai I SPECIAL NOTICES. The pretest severe leina has thoroughly teetM the virtu ee ?f Hn. Jo***' Cough Mixture? thousands of bottles having been need with certain aucceM. Ita trial baa been moat the roagh. A mere cold or cough or the most aggra vated caaea it baa cored with equal aaocesa. It ia ?ot objectionable to the tests, and can therefore be readily ased for children and pe raons wbo object to aaueeating mixtnrea, particularly aa ftadoaee are email and every doee contain* the genu of an ulti mate care. Ita value in advanced caaea or thoee verging on coaaumpiioa mnet not be underestimated. Many each it bat entirely cured, even caaea of ac knowledged consumption. While it doea greatly relievee, apd a large number of theee tnnatoanow oee if for the great relief It afford* th~m. For a Cold, Cough, Influence, Bronchitia, Hoar^e ne?a, or Ay affection of the throat or lung* yon can nee nothing more seliable. Pricee?large sis*. tl; small, SO cte. For aale only by ARTHUR NaTTAWS, Dnaggiet, mU-tr Corner aad P street* northw**t. ON TBI BRBAJUTAS*, LUNCHEON, DINNER AWDBtJPPER TABLE, Lea h Pel Nil' Worcestershire Sauce . la l*l>I?I?E!l?ABLt. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS, New York, kwly Agents for the United Statae. Batcheler'e Hair Dye ia the beet is the worU. the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridicolou-, tints, n?> disappointment, hamileae, reliable, in*t:in taneoaa Mack or brown; at all druggists', and 10 Bond street, New Tork. f3-eoly A Card. A Clergyman, while reaidlng In Booth America, aa miaaionary,diecovered aaajeand simple retaedy for the cure of Nervoas Weakaees, Barly Decay, Dieeaae of tbe Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whale train of diaorders brought on by baaefal and riefnne habits. Great numbers have been eared by tbia noble remedy. Prompted by a deetre to benefit tbe afflicted aad unfortunate, I will send therecipx for preparing and ueing tbia medicine, in a sealed aavuope, to any one who needs It, Fru v Chart*. Address, JOSEPH fr. INMAN, Station D, Bible Q OMt, aarg ly New' fork Qty. LADIES' GOODS. * 1S13. OPENING cr STRING AND SUMMER MILLINERY. ?. L. BLOUT, 7 1W SEVENTH STREET, Bktwkes G a*d 11 Streets, WILL OPEN ? IMPORTED HATS AND BONNETS, Ai d all lii<- leading- PARISIAN NOVELTIES .1 th?- aeason, ON . - :t THURSDAY, API. 1L 10, I*?.!. M.tDtMK Dl BOIS, 5TNo. fill PENNSYLVANIA AVE,1S?&J Will Opes On WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9th, A fine Afecrtment t.f IJJ PORTED BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, To which the Ladies are respectfully invited to Cal I and *? e <>5 4t_ ATTRACTIVE o SPK I NO GOODS, AT 3D A V I S ? , SOI MARKET SPACE, Con. ?>ih Street. ft VOVELTIES IN SWISS AND LACE TIES, II JABOTS, NECK HUFFLINGS,Ac.,at DAVIS'. PLAIN AND CHANGEABLE SILK SUN I'M BRELLASand PABASULS, iu uew st ?tyl-s. beat Uiukvn and loaeat pricee, at DAVIS'. PLAIN AND ROMAN SASHES AND SASH RIBBONS. PLAIN GROS URAIN RIBBONS in all tlie new xnadea, at DAVIS'. F'LOWERS, HATS and BONNETS in ffreat vari ety, at DAVIS'. ?FRINGES, GIMPS, TRIMMINGS and BUT r TONS, at DAVIS . FOR ALL KINDS or FANfY and MILLI NERY GOODS and NOTIONS, goto DAVIS'. HOVER A BAKER'S Celebrated Elastic and I Improved Lock stitch SEWING MACHINES for *>ale on ea?) term? at DAVIS*, *3 iw Market Ppace, corner a'h <t. " miss Mccormick, iT ?04 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,W* (Cr Stairs,) W ill open on THURSDAY, April 4th, a largf and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, to which the apecial attention of the ladiee ia called, al-tr ^TAMPING DEPOT, BIT Sevi.hi Street, febtl-tr Opposite Patent OIHoe. WELLING orr I 9 BELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, uear E. mar7-tr NO HUMBUG. g lenziub * CO., Belling out entire stock of MILLINERY AND FAMVY GOODS, at and below coat. T?T Market Space, lanIO 4m between 7th and Sth atreeta northwect. |MP0RTER OF HUMAN HAIR. GRAND BARGAINS AT ? ADAMS ISTREM'I, ?19 111* strut, strond door from W mm. Remembar the name and number. Cheap Ourla, Switches. Chignons, Braida, Puffs, Friaaettea, of the latest styles. Call aad see oar new stock before pur abasing eleewhere. decM-tr U| ADIES7" L FRENCHBTABCH BNAMBL U the best article la the world for doing np Linen or Muslin. It imsarta a betfutiful gloaa ut the fabric. For sals by all Grocers. BGBMHAM A CO., Manufacturer*, 16V West Lombard street, )anl4 lr Baltimore, Maryland. harness: harness: Ws have on band a large stock of all klads of Sin gle and Double Gilt, Covered, RUBBER, NICKEL, AID SILVER-MOUNTED HARNESS, of oar oara Make, which ws are deSermiaed to sell at very low prices. Bote agents for H Ill's celebrated CONCORD HARNESS, of which we have a lam stock at Concord prices. The Concord Harases aad Coilara have a reparation all over the coantry for durability aad strength. ? r durability aadi __ TRUNKS aad BATOMBLB ia great variety. CEDAR TRUNKS, for protection against moths. Call aad euaalae stock. - ' "" LUTZ * BRO., sB-Bn 497 Paaa. ava., next to MaMoaal Hotel. KEEftlMMtaug\it ^individuals or to^assee.?b? twaaa 3 aad I o'clock p. m., at Prof. T"ilg'i IsVnl Building, 14th St., between I aad K. ^ ?rrnn ni^nfu ! TT^j% giaBg EVENING STAR. I Washington News and Gossip. Internal Revenpu.?The receipts from this source to-day were *Jfc'.b73 At the White House?There was* very large crowd of visitor* at the White Heuae to day, and nearly all of them **w the President. Secretary Richardson, General Sherman, an 1 so me of (he heads of bureau# had interviews. Po?TJ?af>T*Rfl Appointed?The President has appointed the following postmaster*: David W. Low, Gloucester, Mass.; Lucius Whitney. Morris, III.; B. F. Emigh, Pittston, Pa.; David O. Adkinson. Virginia Titv, Nevada; -James W. Wakefield, Bath, Me ; William Tracy. Flint. Mich.; John S. Wilgus. Brownsville, Pa. Akiiy Officbrs Resigned?The following Is a list of casualties in the army during the week ending April 5th, announced by the Adjutant General to-day: Captain ?lames E. Putnam, 12th infantry, resigned March 31st; First Lieut. Augustus P. Greene, 4th artillery, dismissed March 2Kth; Second Lieut. Edward S. Holden, resigned March 28th; Assistant Sur geon Morris J. Asch, resigned March 31st. Goiao to Sail for Europe on Saturday. Mr. J. P. Bigelow, chief of tlie loan division of the Treasury, who goes to Europe to represent the government In connection with the new loan, leaves for New York to-night, and will sail from that port on Saturday. Messrs. Coon. Noyesand Utts, of the Treasury, who go out with Mr. I3ige!ow, will also sail on that date. Mr. Cattell does not leave until the 12th instant. The Montana War Claims.?Under regu lations prescribed by the second controller, the Montana Indian war claims, for the payment of which Congress appropriated ?513,000, arebeiuj; settled. The claims were taken up and ex amined simultaneously by the second controller and third auditor on tlie basisof Inspector <ren eral Hardic's report, and the amounts found due are bow being paid on Treasury certificates payable by Major Bell, who was designated by the Secretary ol War to perform that duty. The packages of partially bcrnkd bonds, notes, &c., received at the Treasury a few weeks since from Frauklio, Peiin., and which the insane cashier Anderson attempted to destroy t>efore committing suicide, h ive nut yet all been examined. Tlie most promising ot the contents were first examined by Gen. Spinner's female experts, who report tuat they have already identified #110.000 in United States bonds, SoO.OOO in railroad and other bonds, and a few dollars worth ol' greenbacks. The greatest loss w ill probably be :n bills is many of them were burned to ashes. Naval Officers Transferred Second Assistant Engineer George S. Gates has be-;n <let!iched liont the Iroquois and orderai to the Asluielot. in placc of Second Assistant Engi neer D. M. Fulmer, detached troin that v<-*p?^l and ordered to return home. Second Assist uit Eiigii.eer William Howbaihatji, detached from the Monocacy and ordered to the Palos, in plnce ot Second Ass't Engineer F. L. Coop r, detachcd from tliat vesstd and ordered home. .Second Assistant Engineer J. P. Mickley, or dered to the Lackawana, in place of Second Assistant Engineer Wm. E. Sibley, detached from that vessel and ordered to return home. Thk Post Office Department asb the I'ailroads.?The Senatorial committee to in vestigate the dirtirultie-s between the Post Oftioe d* paitment and the railroad companies inet in New York Monday and organized. The follow ing were present: Senatois Davis, Sherman, Casserly, Conover, Mitchell, and Windoni, chairman. 'J he Post Otlice department was represented by Mr. Jrsnies N. DarK Mr. Is.iec Hinckley, of the Philaelelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore railroad; J. S. Kneaas, of the Penn sylvania railroad: and H. D. Bishop,of the New York and New Haven road, addressed the com mittee, claiming nr>re compensation. Personal.?Gen. Butler still lingers among us. ???? Walt Whitman goes to his office for a "hort time every day, but has not yet fully re covered his health. Judge J. J. Marti a, Sixth Auditor of the Treasury, and Mr. Joiiu Lynch, principal clcrk of the money-order di vision of the Sixth Auditor's otlice, leave for Mobile, Alabama, to-morrow to appear as wit nesses in the case of the government against John J. Moulton, formerly iKistmaster at Mo bile, who is charged with embezzlement Mr. John S. Delano, chief clerk of tilt? In terior Department, has gone to Texas for tlie benefit of his health, which is slowly improv ing. Society?The tirst fashionable event after the close of Leut will be the graud ball for the benefit of the Children's Hospital, which is announced to take place at Masonic Temple on Tuesday evening next. From the list published elsewhere, it will be seen that the management of the affair is in tlie best of hands, and we are assured that every effort will be made to render it even more brillimit an<t attractive than that ol la*t season, which was pronouueed one of the most elegant and agreeable ever given in Washington. But. aside from induce ments ol this character, the object for which the entertainment is given should commend it to the favor of all. We look, therefore, for a very large and fashionable attendance. Cochise K kepi no the Peace Special In dian Agent Jerterds, of Arizona, In a late let ter to the Commissioner of Indian Att'a; says that neither Cochise er any of his sub-chiefs have left the reservation upon which thev were placed by Gen. Howard, since they'made peace, five months ago. Cochise has manifested no dispoKitiou to leave; but, on the contrary, has intormrd the Indian agent when other In dians were leaving their reservations with the intention ot raiding, and has doue everything to prevent their gofiig. He says if the treaty he made is broken it will be bv the government, and not by him. This statement contradicts the stories telegraphed here from the west, that Cochise was raiding in New Mexico. Appointments by the President The President has made the following appoint ments:?Charles Gilpin, surveyor of customs at Baltimore, Md.; H. C. Carter."survevor of cus toms at St. Joseph, Mo.; Edward B.Roberts, agent for the Indians, Creek agency, Indian

territory. The President also signed the commissions of the following jiostmasters to-day,?Lutker Fillmore, Laramie City, Wvomiug' territory; Mrs. Clara L. Nichols. Fort Leavenworth. Kan sas; Augustus T. Jones. North Bridgewater, Mass.; Louis F. Klosterman, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Daniel F. Braultwiger, Louisiana, Mo.; Lothario B. Cockern, Carthage. 111.; Eliza Jane Graves, Onarga, III.; Benj. P. Crocker, Cambridge. N. Y.;J. G. McPheeters, Blooming ton, Ind.; dames M. Watts. Delphi, lnd.: Wm. McKenna, Shreveport, Iiui.; Robert Shield*, Neenah.wis.; Jasper H. Orcutt, Northfield.Yt. Thomas E. Milstead, collector of customs at Yorktown, Va. No Bockty to Deserters Application having been made by an attorney for bounty for a deserter, founded upon the decision of the United States Supreme Court in the case of Rally i (a deserter who claimed tohave received an honorable discbarge,) the aecond controller has made the following decision in the case :? " The accounting officers will never recognize the principle that a discrimination shall be made in favor of a deserter. On the construc tion for which the attorney contends, a man who enlisted for three years under the law of July 21, laci, served one, then deserted, was apprehended and returned to duty after a year's absence, and was discharged with his regiment at the expiration of its time, would receive for two year's service just the same bountv that his faithful comrades reeeived severally for three year's service. This, as I have had occa sion to say elsewhere, would be relatively a fine upon fidelity and a premium upon perfidy." After stating that no dishonorable discharges in teims were given to soldiers of the late war, and that the only way to determine whether a soldier was discharged honorably is to examine his record, the Controller concludes, as follows: ??Whatever may be the scope and import of the decision of the Supreme Court cited, Congress has interposed an effectual bar to payment of deserters. The Joint resolution of March 1, IK0, declares that the monev withheld because of desertion shall not be paid, except the record of desertion be canoe lied, because erroneous and contrary to the facta. The legislative will is foonded in justice, and will govern the ac cotmting officers In their action upon theee cases, when Congress shall authorise the pay ment of boanty tod asm teia and make an appro priation for that purpose, the claim presented win be allowed, andneitUt then." mr James P. Welle, who Isiely came to grief as the prapeietar of an American gambling house in Paris, was fomerly a clergyman, and pastor of a Massachusetts church. MlSKEfiaBTTATWlW Uft U41 tCTMV. Letter ^Tttk W?ot bj The following letter appears in the New York Trxbmne of to-day from Mr. A. R. ghapheru. ?iee-president of the Board of PabUc Works, in answer to the misrepresentation* ot a Wash ington correspondent of that paper ia regard to the management of District finances. Ac.: To the Editor of the Tribune : Sik In your i?ae of the ith of April Appear* a telegram from Washington with an e<fitor:s indorsement so full of gross misrepresent atio-i that I cannot permit it to |>ass without correc tion. 1 cannot believe that you ?erion?ly wiA to injure the credit of our city. At least I sai satisfied that vou would not seek to <lo so in u > of facts easily obtained, which prove your re - l>orter to be in error, and the miwtprwenu tions without any foundation in fact. So long as these false charge* were con lined to merely sensational prints we could afford to treat the'abase with indifference, but when a Journal so al>le and cautiorr* as the Tribw take up the cry we are forced to defend oursel\e?. Let me. then, as briefly as I can, correct tlu misstatements made. It is not true, "as reported,*'that within a few days the 'Washington Board of P n b.c Works baa canceled atout two million dollars worth of contracts for improvement* of the streets of the city. The Board of Public Works has not canceled a single contract, nor does it propose doing -?? save in eases where the contractor* have tam o to comply with their engagements. It is not trne. "as also reported," that "after receiving the million dollar* appropriated by CongP*** and payable duly 1. the board will be t li greatly In debt.'' ThU is not correct from the fact that the money Appropriated by Congr.-**. payable after the 1st July, was not to I11;ii<t tie debt* of the board. but to |>ay for the propor tion of work yet to be done for the Government of the United States. The next statement of vour reporter i? in <re remarkable for its reckless disregard ot l.t.-t than anv other. He say*: "A? has betore been stated, the amount new due contractors is ab<>ut one and a quarter mi'mon*. and as tue as-<^+ ments of property adjoining which work hv been completed have already been made, the board has no resources except the money to lw rcceivtd from the United States." The fae* are: First, that the gros- amount of asses*aif no on private propertyis*e,6ti6,QiN). <jf thisatuoiii* Sdo ,f?0? have been" issued, leavingover I wo in I Hom yet available. The account then wo . | ft and as follows: First, balance of assessments asabove.*2,QCC,0'Mi Second, balance ol appropriation due bv UistTiet 25.' *J0 Third, amount ?Sue bv United States, covered by appropriations available alter duly 1 Leaving available assets ?l.73l.<*m Now, the onlv embarrassment suffered l>y the board?which is entin lv solvent, and pur joses rt niainiug so?arisi ? .' in the tact thai the assessments made for imi o\ in ntsarc nnt available until the impi' v i ?-> a;-e com pleted. Under the law, thi- souioe of income cannot be antici]>ated. ? >??<>-n ?. if these are taets, (ami any uiiprejudie ?i person can inves tigate and readily satisfy hiiuselt as to their being so.) l?oth your editorial comments and those of your rtnsjrter have no foundation on which to' re-st. The reporter, however, refer* to tiie "equities," and you asssre us that Govern ment good naturedly nave us the appropriation referred to. of three million dollars, *li ? ti. however, is not correct, as the actual appropri ation amounted to three million three hundred thousand dollars. The ??equities" and Hie "good nature"' amount in brief to this: The Government of the United States had given to it lour fifths of the proi>erty of this city, ?>t w hich it yet holds, independent of streets"and avenues, over 50 per cent.of the entire proper y. Now, for seventy years it has been the hap >y possessor ol this real estate. In that time the government has appropriated one milli<ai two hundred thousand dollars for street improve ments immediately about its property by the side of an expenditure by the citizens of over fifteen millions. When ft is remembered that for the grandeur and glory of this patema) government the streets ami "avenues were laid out in proportions that would have sunk Chi cago or New York if either had attempt d to pave, drain and light them, the "equity" oa our side grows strong, ami the "good nature" somewhat doubtful. And then we mast bear in mind that the avenues Itelong to the genera! fgovernment, and cannot be improved save by aw of Congress. Had the government appro priated its just pronortiou, as the citizens'have met theirs, we would not now be the subject of either incorrect statements or unjust criticism. At ex. K. Shepherd. Washington, April 7, \tT,i. MrwiciPAL Elections All the return* in Cincinnati are now in except from two pre cincts, which are democratic. Johnson, demo crat, for mayor, has 992 majority; Warring'on. republican, for city solicitor, 47? maj.; Caiu|? bel 1, republican, for prosecuting attorney, ? J1 maj.; Henry Kessler, republican, for jHiiice commissioner, 41* maj. Gen. F. M. Case, the citizens' candidate fur mayor of Denver, Col., was elected on Monday. The democrats of Keokuk, Iowa, eleeted their mayor on Monday. The election at Kvansville. Ind., resulted in a republican success, 7 out of 12 councilman being republicans. In the election for minor local officers at \l bany, N. Y.. yesterday, the democrats ele. tod their candidates by 1,909 majority. Local Option in Pennsylvania.? The vote on the question of license has been taken in all the counties of Pennsylvania. ex./ei?i Philadelphia, w hich does not vote on the ques tion until October next. All the counties ex cept Fnlton, Lawrence, Monroe and Pottor have been heard from, and a general summary of the vote of the state shows the following ag" gregate result:?Majorities In 39 counties against license, 34,906; majorities in 2 cities against license, 1,783; total majorities against license. 3fi,B91. Majorities in 22 counties for license, 41,399; majorities in 15 cities for license, l!?,:?5; total majorities for license, 60,754. Majority for license in state, 24,list. Abdication or Brk.ham Youxk In the Mormon oonference at Salt Lake CUy vester dav afternoon, Brighain Young addressed the Saints. He said he was getting old, and want ed young men to carry on the work he had commenced. He wanted seven counsellors to aid the first president, and finally he resigned the |>osition of trustee of the church, and on his recommendation President George A. Smith, now in Europe, was elected in his place. Young has retired generally from business, spiritual ami commercial. It is understood he contem plates going to Arizona with the San Francisco missiju. The Imp rov km kst at Ay via Creek.-It seems that the appropriation by Congress, first of $1,500, and an addition of ?2,000, for the nroi>er improvement of the Uanpahannoek river at Aquia Creek, Ya., will fall of its pur r? on account of its inadequacy. Engineer P. Craighill writes to J. B. Setter, member of Congress from the Frederiekaburg (Va.) district, that it will reqnire Sis.000 to make a lastiug and available improvement at that point, and inclines to think it would be a waste of money to use the limited amount appro priated. AegriTTEii?In the criminal court, in Balti more, yesterday, George O. Savage was acquit ted or the charge of embezzling money belong ing to the Singer Sewing Machine company. Savage was formerly cashier of the braimh house ?f that company ia Baltimore, and was recent ly arretted ia Saa Francisco on tae above charge. V Impure vaccine matter has made a young woman rn Maine Insane. ^"The much talked of strike by the carpen ters and plasterers in Brooklyn, K. Y., has re sulted in a failure. ttTA despatch, ner eable, from Loadonaav* that Kev. Charles H. SparMon has been offered fifty thousand dollars to deliver fifty lactates in the United States. ?TPetsr E. Blow, nephew of Hon. Henry T. BlOw, was shoLand severely wounded by a fel low-student afthe school of minaf at RoUa,Mo., yeaterday in an altercation about a gun. B7~In the Krie invsttgatlen in New York, yesterday, several brokers testified that the oommlssfon paid far plaetag the Krie Voan oa the market was a fair one. VThe MiBMr one of the Leon brothers, trapezia*, fgfl WHlleptrfbrmlng at Nixon's Am phitheater in Chicago Monday eveaing and fractured his right thigh. New York, vw ?b rtm r:Min ok rtmitt riniiM tiowiao at ? mn?>Tii, ?. T. D:5| ?t^<* frrai IMIO* in New York Peai.?vivan.? and elsrwl.ere reyort rbo river* *?? high. and manv railroad- and * targf n tent ot terr tory are ' ibairiil Mack 4e Struction of property IsmcvlUhle. A frightful accident Ov curved at N : . r \ v.. ia.?i tveaing. A uumoer of priKiM *?n 'Uml'n; upor the uncompleted wall of a aew building took ng into the rirer The flood bod washe.1 ?*?y the foundation of the wall, and smMealv it jare way. throwing fifteen or twenty pernors into the water. They meat oeer the flinn r Falls. and usost of then were <1 row nod. THK BIAB IB TUB HMIMirri BIVBK ?Bs so rapid Momlav night that a large amount of freight on the levee at St. l/oui*. including gram, flour, ?ngar. pork, bulk meat, and mi* wl aMom merchandise. wu *u hmergod. and a. though a largo force 01 laborer* wore em ployed all day yesterday endeavoring to m>c the profierty. ma oh of It will be lost Account* tn in the Interior of Missouri au<l other states 'ay all the tributaries ot the upper nver* are I ?oaring oat great volumes. and a general ftesh s feared. At Hanuibai the Mi-wisupjn riv?r rose ekven feet in twelve hours, and at other points a similar rise occurred. It is feared there will be great destruction to propert) all along ttc western and northern river*. A* A I.t.RfJEP WirE PofBOKER O* TRfAI. Ihd Ji,hn ,a.< SgcH* Ductvr Hit Wye's 7>a John Van Syckle, a batcher, is ou trial in the King* county, N. Y., court of oyer ami terminer tor the poisoning of his wile. Catharine Van Syckie. Mrs. Van Svckle was pour?til ol con siderable property in her own right, and the accused. who was a man of intemperate habits, was In the habit of mi?u*ing her, a* alleged, because she would not *upplv hiui with inoisrv One day in the early part or last October she returned fiom a chopping tour in New York, with her daughter, ami requested the servant girl to prepare a cup ot tea for her. Atter tak ing the tea. she became deathly sick, with ?yniptom*of having been |*>isoimd. A pliyiu cianaas called in. and he administered anti dotes, but she died the subsequent day. H?m > 01 the tea which had boen aiwl voil, and found lo contain arsenic. A po*t-mortem examina tion wa* made upon the body of the dew ea?- <t. and arsenic was found in the stomach. It was shown upon the coruner's investigation that Van Kyckle bad visited the kit.hen att??r the ten bad be?n prepared, and going out told the s> r vant not to say that he liad been there. A wit ness testified yesterday to the accuscd having beaten hie vvife;*ay? he wished her dead and damned, while the servant sawre he doc tored the tea. The accused was put on the stand lor thi defence, and denied tnat he ev?*r struck hi* wile, or that he put anything in the tea. The case is still progressing.' UdMAKTK STORVof A W->* vs SAILOR ON thk lLL-rATii> Atlantic A corropomLnt of the New York Herald writing from HaV i\ in refer* nee to the Atlantic disaster *avs: One of the romantic Incidents ot thi* terrible ca lamity ba> been the discovery th it on.- of the men. a common sailor, and one who?e life a sacri: i-ed :b efforts to save others, was aywang woman ot about twenty or twentv-live year* ot age. Her sex was not known until the body w ?? washed ashore, and the rude clothing removed preparatory for burial. She had served as a common sailor tor three voyages. and ws? a favorite shij mate with all. She i* descriSed ? having fewer of the vice* incident to a sailor's life than is usual, but she was. nevertheless, ?? jolly an old tar as any of theiu. ? >ne 01 the siir vivorsof the crew in's|>eak:iig of her remarks! ??1 didn't know Hill was a woman. He wot to take his liquor as regular a? any of us, and was always I-egging and stealing tobacco. Ho wa- a good fellow though, ami I am sorry he wa? a woman.'' The most singular part of the whole story 1* that the woman wa? an American. and was about the only one of that nationalitv l?e longing to the crew. Whs she was and where she a a* from, ami her motive for leading * eli a strarge life of hardship, ne\er aas and never will be fully known." The tioot>RicH Mt ideu Mvstkuv L'~"'a -liw?(my'i ? ThecOunso! tor Mis l.uct tta Armstrong alias Myers, ?he is detain cd iii the Kaymomf-st. jail, Brooklyn, as an im portant w itness in the Ov^sUicb case, applied yesterday to Judge Tappau f??r a writ of iiaV a corpus, which was made returnable GhUv. The f-etition allege* that she is illegally re strained of her liberty by the sheriff or war len ot the Kaymond-st iall, "and that she is not com- , mitud or detained l?v virtue of any process is sued by any court ot' the United State* or i.v any judge thereof; nor i- ?he committed or de* tamed by virtue of the tinal judgement or de cree ol any competent tribunal ol civil or inal jurisdiction, or by virtue of anv execution issued uj-on such j'idgvmcut or decree, that the cause ot pretense for such detention, according to the best of tlie knowledge and belief of fbe petitioner, is au illegal commitment ixsued lit Coroner Whitehill; tliat the in piost has a?l" journed without day; that her further deten tion is in violation of law, au outrage of her liberty, and a flagrant outrage of the constitu tion of the Slate of New York -V. f Tribune. titA. Tim Potomac Titin is Baltimoiic. This imuiense work is rapidly approaching to completion, and the day i? near at hand wlien the trains will pass through it. Except at Druid Hill avenue there U comparatively little work to be doue. There will be about thirtv six feet ot arch to erect at that point, ami when that is completed the whole arch from Cathe dral street to Oilmor street will have been fin ished. The double track is already laid from the east opening to John street, and the bod ot the road is ballasted from John street to fCutaw place. The arch rests upon a granite founda tion about four feet thick, and so constructed that no amount of presnure will cause it to tail Already some thirteen millions of bricks Inve heen used, and the whole laid in cement ami jointed. A verv few weeks more, an>l the heavv bands of steel will reach from Calvert station to Washington, and on the completion ot the Uuion road, from the extreme ?outh to the tar north, east and west? na tim-.r^ Gmt'tu. Th* Carlist War ix SraiB?Kxcept au thority given the minister of war to purcliai*^ ?W.ono rifles abroad, it cannot l?e perceived that the Spanish government is tahiug any active measures against the CarliMt*. Meanwhile they appear to he operating energetically in Na varre; have destroyed an arch of the railwav bridge at Puehla. and cut of communic:tti<iii between Miranda and Yittoria Seventv offi cers and men of a hu?sar regiment in Bayl.nne. w ith several officers of artillery regiments, have gone over to them. Fvxl KKTrRK* or thic Coxmbcticct Elic Tio*?Complete election returns at the Hert ford < out ant office make the vote for governor as follows: Haven, Ingersolf 4-..17T: smith, 2^tlC. Ingersoll's majority, 3.44.1. The senate is 11 republican* to 10 deuaocrats. I ast year 15 republicans to C democrats. The house is 1(K? republicans to IJJ democrats. Last rear 130 republicans to 111 democrat*. Hawley's majority for Congress in the 1st district, l.ji* Kellogg in the *1, ft; Starkweather in the 3d, !,??; Barni m in the 4th, i,6T3. A Mts< K<: EKATIIIK SBVSATtOB I* PHILA DELPHIA?The Philadelphia papers publishes a luotfitory of the daughter of a prominent mud wealthy merchant of that eity, aged 17 vears. who recently tell in love and eloped with ami married B colored man, the brother of the fam ily washwoman, at whose house she formed his acquaintance. The police discovered the iiar ties living together in a lew den in the lower part of Uio city on Monday. The girl ha* t.oen the bouse of refuge, and the man held tor trial. No names are given. HAVariro too Good for thib Brctc.?The beating of Caroline Feb ring by her husband George, ia New York last night, was one of dronatBl bcyUttty. Hetied h?T hands b?t?d ber and (actened her to a bod-poot, and theu wftt a rope beat her until every Inch or her tody waa covered with stripes. He then an >0B-< bar, and w hen Urn <Klu> the floor ax hausted he kicked and othorwtae maltreated ^er\.T^p^Jr*1ci*n* Bhe Ib fatally In jured. Tho brute was committed to the Tombs I)vntfM BruBD r* Vino mi a The flne Ann "Nation I Of Its I T?* ISTBBTlflATIon OF TU ATLAKTK MS A?T*BrtUl MOB on at Halifax, bat nothing wa* elicited yesterday. (My one body recovered yesterday, that of an ? divers saw in Tho dtvera saw in the I M _ of two ladies, bettered to be those of Bradie and Baker, of Chicago. The mKerth American, which arrtrod at from Baltimore, rep >rts ty miles . SSS'.-BS,' south of Halifax. m The ight was short, and ? Of hsr aanails in ahowt an h TELEGRAMS *0 TO STAB , THftt MyMtlin. ? ASSOCIATE!* J i. MJWUJIT&. a Sm I?rk ra-.a HMr rrr> Nt* Ukk. A|. .. ' -rw |ra?l jirt Uu' tViT Ir.dt taient* wtrtku H. MiiriM. i ??i'i at . iJk*? ((?>*.?( J?iw> J fick, !?^ r f'Tli'f'Hlfr fnNi iW Raw . T U? fm nm MV l?r iwgm an>1 inV?retraasa* u>l tkr ikt urard 'arctiy and ontw-rrVaimr r.orh lM4? '* Irui. 1 L? IS a*M It ti? ?J !*?.???>. ti>i rawn i icx? ***??! ai!l adjoorr ovtr <?o??d Fnday. * < Raw stfiTiP r*"? tvbatii Tl* Kr??>? hr>'#(fct tnfci|>ort (h? trhuonrr ?>tiver SiiHirM whM* w?? tuand ?li? ???r^ubll.c l?4 imI. 4.<dav s i>ut from baltinv-e with i ft'fo, >|tf en a ?w exbaa^tod uxi tJ <* provWons gom. sraaritn r<* TVirm *r nrrri**? ?l*cofc t?nn|. the l.arbcr who was atahM v ruf?ii? ?hik (lulMiortiii to profit > Sehmitt and w |? on Hi. I'ttrirk'l day. died night from the vnuinlr thru r?ffir?l. li.? n.nrder<-r? havf nst yet been found t?i r*riim't< *? a am road Rtti CoTftnor lx? itfnH tbe Brarh varan.< * tnbe railroad Mil ?!>?? twrvlng. It hsvie.g W?-t* tarr<lr4 sr> tb it the tare oa the ? Wobr ?. %* !?? n i* radured to it ln aiinaJ sum to it?obb? tto workhi| Tmi wita* trw <\or?a* r>w nowr*? t*^1?T W>imt1n| t? K.49.?M. u from 111-14 to IIft-W The government bought a ha t w .! Itoo at from 11 -40 to 114 * PATIIMIIAIT WA? *Ttt?t? ami N. Pupal* fatal It injnre?1 this more ,g hy the pet mature tploiwi of a blast in tkf iwd r ground railroad at f-5d Mrwt. JOM* I. >1 T, THK aor urrivo* of the Atlantic disaster, will reaMln ? ?> Ins relatives at NVwark. declining to hr ? 1 adopted son af a Hocborter A Maria* ablstsklr intiir rf moarr h?w beongtv. " t.m TH ? STRIKKK- sft IKT All If (jBlrt aiotind the gas work* to I TWIt COUNHAt aTATt I ol'WiorOwni I.rents finished and a >t ?o.>n be shipped to 8 . l-oui* <??? lt?'? Klrikf la Vra k?rk (otniit Ft i itirt tmi roLict i.r nciiut-Tii ?a* Mem xtr Td? a >a?i or it. Nan York. April !??Tbe gas met s?d II" l>olice caaie inu> a conflict .a?t ev? ? ?>. *> after a *hor und sharp tussle tbe ,? e*?? ? ? err victorious The ?triker? m?dr ?* d. mm fit/at ion on the Manhattan fa* work - m i< loth it venue wdr, tut the UUrkiM r,rt* ??? rt] i.'*ed with bnt little ilamaft l. . m, a rush made for the ITtli *treet ent e br tfc? |?bcf qnlrklt a|>|iMrinf !*<>?? tli ?! >. .? were everawed. and retreated to a tatice. a here ibey had ? ooti.ult auon ?l t . jolice Nay obtained arm*.) Subeo^. n it wbote force of the striker* was aaanr. . a'? a ru?h wa> made, no that the |?olior m'^h- -? taken by ?urpr?ae and >a entra??<?<? g* . >1 T . j-o'.ue were oa lite alert, boaeecr. an t r?at.s| the g%f men. tUMiiy of whom had hUa>-. k-? i and aell-belaWrid bvdiea. PMolt a i~<t or either Mtle. It wa* nnderirtnod Mi i* attark? were made on the aorkx that tb- ? n*??' wiflit Iw (tamed and the fa* nhuf ? t.s> that tlie dlizca* tr? uerallv ai^ki be in tiietice?1. and m^.Ie to t\mt??liire ?>: ? r ?trikera. Paring the conflict* otitaide tl?i ? there ?m great exiitiwnt iiwhle: tbr < n were armed and e\pre*?**d a detcrwnai i. I'K'Uct tln ni nclvr*. Wall Wreri 1 imIxi . Niw V?>hk. April x?All rt?le? fold b I eei. at lU'.alleal 1?<,. tin c<ild loan* r? - have hrli 3 to ?? |?er r.-nt. I<>i carry iui and r Tlt? money market i* *titl *trnifeM, bat r* are lower, l-orrvwrm on call bav.iif th*? t r (?aid fr? m I-Ml t* 1 -l?: of t.'ie per <-ent i?er d the rulinf rata bavin,; l**en >t. It ia ca< 'i il<> ^fei11n(f more dfWcnlt to k?-<-|. ra'> u|'", a* tb*-cancaejr re?vi|d?. part national bank and j ar- tefal tender*, are int reai>inu. t.oven' ment bom!* have been utrei.f; frouthern ?tate tM>nd* at tl.e 1 oar-! were dull. hn*ine? a^fregat. iiif only Wi.iam, wttb prt?** lowwr for Tenne?n c aid bifber lor Virginia coim>I*. Tbo aka. k market opened *troiig. det lined a fraction be fore the rr*t board. and l>(caiui' *trong i^in at mi<lda> when pricc* advancod- It bt"b<.t u ibadt. Ike K?ehe*ler HiMf-lrr. INK llvmi; IIF IIK4I* ( kkMI?l. KncHioTn, The wat? r ro*^- ate**u ly in tlie river all night, and a' noon to -iay wa* re|iorted at a stand a!ill. Search I* Ite.iik made tor the btaiie* at tiie*ceHe ot tke eaUm y la^t night, but none have yet been roco\en*<l. It i* itii|<o?*ibIe to tell how manv were lo-t. Fitti^en ot tlio*e whi went down arekniwn 11 have beet' *ared. Several |teraon> are re(??rte?l miffing. Ke|>ort* from tip the va icy abow tiio water to be falling to dav. Tbv btucawHb ot buildings in Front and oilier atreet* are flo ?de<l and con*MerKble damage ba? l?e<?n done to mer chandise that had not been rem >v<d. The canals are alowly tilling. fa-day. rtatiEKMK* aTRiKi:?? kii.i.kk. I.okim'Iw. A|>ril ? A MMM Moar> luoinmg in Kinaall, Ireland, between tti?- h?li ? i men ot that town, who are on a ft ? la toree ot |>olice. Too striker* were ki>..?d and several injured. At last acoo'int* the ti-acj itn ii were wouiuing a threatening attitude, and a renewal of tin disorder wa> iear<d. THE rors I tTTI.K. RoVl, April M?The Pope an tiered con* ler aldv vesterday. but i*letter to day. Ilia Uuli iioj- iV still confined to hi* bed. A tarliot %|^eek la tl?e H|iati?li I'arlea. New York, April ??A Madrid tetter to the Hvrfrf *a\a Deputy Uarcia Kmc luvei^itod tor cibly against the L'nitetl State* in the late de bate* on slavery, aayiug Spain micbt a* well ask England to i'nitiMte reform in the FIn diet a* tor the Fnlted Ktat?? to advise tb? re lease of slave* by Spain in tha Anti'les. Alter a long tirade against the coutif of ang'?? ;<tii g the American continent pursued by th?- United States, he concluded bv saying. "He wou'd rather see Spain in the pow-n of Uharb s VII. thau divided among tbe llnglisb, French, Por tuguese, and Americans." Hare wl Ik** Wadae I'aalery. New York. April !?.?A *i?ecla! irom tlie camp near tbe lava b?ds states that the j?ea?-e coUiRtiaaiou bare not yet acconiplmbt-d aiiy thli.g. tbe> having had but oue Laik tlio leading Indian*, although unreliable Indians like Bogus Cbarlev eonte hi everv day and get presents Irom CommKstoner Machem Anotbet battenr of artillery Maebed tbe eamp on tlio Tth. Col. Mason's .omui,in., i* now witb;u two miles to tbe eastward of Captain Jack's eaaip, and signal station- throngti tke country havo l>eeii established. B?>als have been |?ot on the lake, aud comuiulocation beiween the c?up* is tre<juent. YaaaT* Will. THE MORXttk rRoBI KN COXniltERRD - (O. New York, April x ?A i perial di?|>at?n irom Salt Lake city says I'rigliam Young ha* Made a will dividing " bis immense pro|>ertr equally among his sixteen wive* and sixtv children and caretally stipulating the method of division. It is believed that all Uie old Mormons will follow tbe changed fortunes ot their Mlf-dei?artl leader, aiid that ho far as Utah i* ooneernt .1 tlie Mora>oi> problem mav t>e considered solved. w Am KleetlM BM. Nra Yore, April An attempt to elect tw j school trustees in Fordhna. Westchester coaa tv. yesiertlay. en1minato<l in a riot which I arte, all tbe afternoon, with the altemat.nx sncoo ot the two tactions, the police being frrq'ioatl^ driven oft', but returning bravely to the charge". L p to !* o'clock last night not a vote bad been cast. Several were badly wounded by clabe and stones. ? Eagllkh farmer KmlsraaU far the New York, April5^?A large party ol Rag lisb farmera arrived trom UitifMi yesterday beiac tbe brat installment ot a colony of several hundred families trom iKwaotabire. Their des tination 1* western Minnesota, where they bar* engaged six townships af land from tbe North ern Pacibc Hail road oompauy. Cortcap, N.H., April ??George Sherburn. 1!*!? ,T Joaephine Ilrew from Fiaher rille last fall, was arraigned on the ckarss o Jidultery i? tbe ai.weie judicial J7.' , pleaded guilty. He was se to the full extent of tbe law?tbree raa state p^aon. ^ sent* ,oe<l fa ui tbe <i Lore ester. Mia*., A^ril a._ Be.j. Oar pealer and Archie Hoatoa. af tbe tobiag schooner Sarah P. Aosrs, or tbls port, wai la tbe I>ory off tbe baab* and Michael ? ton waa washed orerboard flam tbe Aaroa Burtbam. Haa Risat ro, Pa., New k ork ctt^. a well kaowa rtawofrapkie r porwf, V|i XMMn VII ii?t ??6pw| mmI ii mi tjut ?Mruing, it Is suppaned from boart r* Por?.B kretste. April All tbe ice ia tb* Hudtoa river b on tbe more tbia i gr. CaT??RiJn?7*CA*al?At April* ?.?Tbo ITcliand Canal will be opened oa Uta ?!?. ?? I I ? *^^0^ t S .? ? mi Thr Nrw Jrrsev railwav c<i*raxv orgai. 7.vestenlay andertbe?e?ral iwirwat law to cons tract a railroad (Von> ~>?oe potag on the Uelawar* river, tow art las above Tiisna, tne iteiawar* mar, foar arilas above Trsatoa, to Bo and Brook, and tb*a to Waverty *ta?.i, to tbe eitr of Newark. This road runs la aom* pUK>e? aitbin one bundf*d yards *f the natbma) Itott. war deatosa mm going to bold ?

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