Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. IT K. *? Urged Circttlalim Ii the District Beading Matter on Etery Page WASHINGTON CITY: W El?* Ayril ?. 1*T?. To (T1 ArvEi;Ti**R9-?'?> consequence of the great pressure upon our advertising col umn*. we have to ask of customers that they will *>ntl in their advertisement* a# early In the Jay a.* poMble that they may be properly classi fied. On* business men appreciate the advan tage* ot m advertising medium like tnat of Thi Star, which ha* not only an immcn.sHy preponderating circulation over any other ^aper, bat which La- also a general circulation amoc^-t all clause*. and therefore reaches prar ' hwtri ot every variety and *tyle of good* ?a<l ware*. In the report of the operation* of the Depart ment of .t-istice for tlie year 1*72. which has just l>eeu 11:hl?-<l. the Attorney ilen^ral refer* to the tact that a penitentiary w?s located in the l?i.-tru t ot Cotumbiabefore the war. and invites' the at tent.on of Congress, to the propriety of providing a new institution of this rharacWr in connection with the new TMatotet jail, to which not only tl e persons eonvlct d in the court* here may be **iit, lutt!:ose convicted fn other court* of the I'ni-Vd State* w ithin a convenient dis tance, and where there are no ?uitabH9 place* tor tl;eir rontinemeiit. From the report of j Warden Or^-ier. of the United States jail Jn tli:* city, wluch is included in the Attorney ti?t>eral'a report, ii apr^'ar* tiiat forty-one pris oners were sent to the Albany penitentiary ^ t!iej?*'?r. at antjpt'W ui tran.-j-oi lation :>f r?, nrP VfO for each i<cr?on. The ex- | l-en*e. ?Lcb may *ecm in*igmtieaiit, would i ?iii? i t to a large r im in ten or fifteen year*. ! ?rat r L'ht !>e *aved to the government ?ho!<ld j Corbie- act favorab'.y on the recommendation of the AtU-rnev General. In looking over the eshildtt accompanying the rrj>ort. showing the aggregate amount of Judement* tn favor ol the I'nited State* in civil ->uit. ai d the total amount actually realized by j tl.e govt*tment. one i* terribly reminded of the fa Me ef the cat* and the cheese, and the adjudication of the matter by a member of the ttiinia! kingdom '.earned in the law. In l-Cl.the imoui.t o; judgments obtained by the I'nitod State* wa? *;.776/4.J.7h, and the amount actu ? IIy realized ?l.SBt.SaP oA; went "where the woodbine twinetli," ?2,1T0,2-M.42. The showing tor the year 1-"- i? ie** tavorabie. The amount ot judgment* wa* and the amouwt ictualiy realized ?7><6.211 W5; leaving *2,607,- j >vi ^absorbed in the expen-e oi conducting the suit*. ami which doe* not include the salaries of attorney*. He. The total expense of the de paitment tor the fi-cal year which ended June ?o. Kj, was of which amount -?,161.:4.2b wa* paid to United State* mar.-hal and lor court enpense*. including the fee* of jurors and witnesses The next heaviest ?? |xmlit&tc-*29,?was on account o." the salaries ot United State* attorneys and their aaM*tant?. fudging bv the remarks made, the Connecticut election please* everybody. I"he democratic papeis claim it a* '-a sweeping democratic victory,*' because, through New Haven d-*a flection Ingersoll wa* elected governor. The New York Triftme declares, on the other Laii<(, that "it i* not, iu any degree, a d? laocratic cictory; it is decidedly a re publican and anadmhii*;ratlon defeat." That i? to *ay, the Tribune figures out a "lib eral" no-r>arty triumph. Finally, the republi can.- point to the re? lection ol all their Cougre** men b\ increased majorities, as showing tint on national issues and outside from local disseu -1011* tiie state is decidedly republican. Cer- ! tauilv the victory i* substantially with the re publican*. who maintain all their strength in Congrcf*. By an analysis of the vote for Congressmen n Connecticut, it will be seen that the republi cans have iu all three of their district* been re elected by largely increased majorities. Mr. Staikweather'* majority ia? 1,521, an increase ot '?? over hi* previous election, Mr. Kellogg has C majority, an increase of -EW; and Gen. Haw cv La- l.o32 majority, an increase of 6ft*. The Ckrtmirle has not, as is asserted by both the Star and Republic**, printed one word editorially in favor of the Baltimore ami Ohio railroad, or even expressed au opinion upon the ? inest on ot th? present method of transfer of . passengers ty the Orange and Alexandria rail road. It simply gave in the local columns the statement ot the railroad men.?CTknrmtcle. Indeed! This id odd. We could have sworn that the CknmicU commenced the statement j referred to. as follows : ??The ReptMicmm and Star have made state ments in reference to the change recently made by thi* line in transporting its passenger* be tween Alexandria and Washington by steam boat instead of via Alexandria and Washington railroad, which are not sustained by the fact*, K we err adeiltd Hereafter when the editorial '-we" is used by the in discusaing railroad matters, it* readers will understand that "the railro*! iaeu" are having the run ol its column-, first person plural. ?? ? ? - It would be an entiles* task to undertake to J deal with all the falsehood concerning the Dis trict government pat out by Crane-Roosevelt ' &. Co.. but 3Cr. A. R. Shepherd, vice president ot the Board of Public Works ia a communica tion to the New York Tnbtn' (published else where) pretty effectually disposes of a batch of the*e misrepresentation? that have lately ap I-cared in that paper. So Soon!? The C\rvntcle, alas, has alrcady reachcd the penitentiary,and hudathere n con trite " Food for Reflection." n-S-CKKTBAL BU1LMNU ANMM'lATlOV. u ?- K? ?! ? tiehf?-?nth monthlf ut?vtiuf on 7Bl B.-PAY, th? IVth Instant. n | WM. w M(H>RK,S><'r. n-S?ALL 1MK SKMBKBS OF O S F W1L K Klt*Oll LODOI No U O or O. r .ar* Iw-feby r**?iae?t<?dto THIS(Wsdnw la> i BVININfl, at 7S f. sharp, tn m-W- ar itni- mm'' fi* Ih* fuiisral "t oar il"i -iiHl lirothn, P N r Gioaox Ua.rr*^. Bv ?r.W<.f If CAKEY PARKS- N. <?. *^3?NOTK 1.?All til \DUATIB ->f th* NA* TK'NAL MEbK AL COLI.KUB arv re liMatnttolir prs? at at th* Uftinx lu W li*ld at Ih'Collw Enildiuc en TH l'KSD\Y. April lOih, .?t 7 V p m when in* ''onstltuti n of the Aluuini S*vifti w ill b? r^por?>d for artion K. M ?< HAKFKER. M It* Sscrrtar? <>flh?- M-?Kiiig. rrs*'' <??' T-orHCIBS AND MKMBKKs ?.| HOWARD PIVISION. No. 1.8. of T., ft-a? i?k? n't?e? that th* r?tnlar meMine ?>f tbi >ivi-i i. will b? h- Id In T' nip'-ratic* Hsli. a str<^?, kfHrrii 9th awl loth rta.. oa U KDNL^DAY 9th mat. B? utirr of thr *?J COMMITTEE ON ROOM. |T3?THt PUBLIC IS HKBEWITB MOST U*./ ?"?rcfullr iBf?>ria?^l that THE PABK *f tb? " W 4-nii?clii)*tsra V-rsia''!* ab*olnt*|>' clo*-d on SunJay. vacfpt to activ*. paasivs, or ht>l orary u nit? js. Ant rmtn liMr person ilvirinf to becodM- a u>- Ml??r < an rwei?* in'fWtalioa by eafl tn? W i iLF, Prudent, t*7 I Xrwi. JNOL. TOOT, Tiee ProMent 4J97\h ?tre?(; C. Rt F I'KBT. Tr- iMfw, 4*3 7th atr***, or of iIi** Suyr int*a?i?-r.l 14 th* Park. Br ?fdrr of the B >tra *f Pirvriors |Chrt?n.vB*p?t JHnday pwp-r?ll.| M M fy^a_0FHCB_0r TIIE BOABD Of TBI S TBE* OF ruLoBED SCHOOLS OF A>H INliTOS ANI? '.Ei.BuKToWN. flmxxa 8< ROOL BllLi)'Xt>, I CoaxxaUTH M St*?kt<. > WAsaixeTox. D. C . April ?, 1471. \ NOTRE ?Acrordia* to ra*dation ?lup'.isl t>\ this Board April ?, WTJ. I hrrsbr civ? notice to all p-rw>os haciitf claim* afaiast th? Culord !kh<->ls ?f Washington and 0?<>rg?rowa to Ills dupticat* o?i<ainllii*iBceo* arbefor* th*li*h of April. l< ; H. W. PABKB. ml la ?-er*tsr>, Ac. ""D Annual Coara* of Usctare* will corn sa*' TCB^l>AT, April Ah. at M p. m. Ttutiow ii*'*- . f t further iifunuiiM taiairs ml th* H'SMlal. -AT- ?M-n ^HiMvnr^rmirrTrewAB The First Coaras *f Bpriag and Bnnuu-r Bs. ita tioawdl tiwisnc* MOBPAY, April 7, at C ?.m., at 4 will rotaina* for thr*?moatha. Taitioa fr?? to iMtriraUat*. JOSEPH TABBB JOHNSON, M. D , d x?tw >*TW?rt Pitcnfv. B ? O TIP. PR. W. I* loVllM'H strwat aortkwaat, aor m iiLimi'i BMW DMV9 BTOBB, Bo. Htf Pmnmu Anm, D*pot for buflaaei Mineral Water*. MS-ly Tut V ?U street market* were ferensli again ' yesterday. It *M rumored that an?tb<? rbatoh of three or four million* of legal <??*??? had b^n pet out of the ifir the btnkf by tnl rli<ine. The stock market was <|*iet and In cliind to lower figure*, b gorernaient bonJi then aae an active businaaa yealarday after? noon, and | ricea were tiria, though lower, taaB In the forenoon. Jay Cooke A Cfe. fununh Uia toJowtn{to-day: SsJTg. Buy7!. SWT*. I b.?'s.iaBL... ?'? W\ ' ? IT* a ??-,im its w | t-ai'sjaAJv.VJd, u ? W-.1M4. r*. 18 I HJ'sJuAJy.Mi.l? 17', l-Bfa.MBE l?t l*S . IHIl U 12', Saw Vona-Fia*f B?a?d C. B. I's, USL y* I *) s Jan ASlyjan V ?-?>, m. r' ? ?-?*, MM. & au*. Ufa lyl? ... ^ ? ?*?Jan. A J1j,n.'..VK I-W'sjan. AJIy.?-19? SK^?r=: ft" Currency fa? tv, Hew Fivat V?t BaLT.xobb, April 9.?Virginia ?'?, olJ,J7. d>., c >upuu>,uU,ik; Virginia's. runiwlilatwl.HH; d<)., p>e|er?. to",, Meet va.'s, 13\ bid to-day. Baltimore, April 9.?Coitou inlet and heavy, flour in imprurfd demand; aark't favor* bujnra: ii mmalli anchatiged. Wheat Arm *ni nnchaam. Co: c attire ?ud tirru for e?nthern?white sooth nn. 7l>. )f l'>w southern. CK^il: mixed wwirn Hi.iet. til. Oat* activi?ewnlhern, to(?30, western niivtd. do. white. 41. Bye steady, #<jr6 Hay i;:ichaL^"d. Provision* dull anil r.?uiiu?l? ni< ?? p^rkj SirgilT'j. Sugar-cared ham*. Ufa 15 l/?'d,8\<?*. Weelern butter ?a*ier; receipts bet tt-r; i>? IIy niKhanteit. Whi-kv nominal. Nkw Yobk, April I.?Stocts* very strong. (?d<i dull, 17J,. Money firm. % to 3-16 per cent. Ex< ban<ie. Ion*. 7; sh. rt. j. Government* dull but tiim. N*Wr York. April 9.? Flour dull anlIi*at> ftitd m changed. Wheat <tuiet and uncUatig-d C >ru ?|lllet Lostnovt, April 9. 11 a. m?Consols opened at 91fc ?< *o- monev *"d *?*? for m< count. Bo:.d? of b*, "l<l.M'?? l?5.*t ^;ltl Br* Erie, t" J Lo.vnox. April 9, I 30 a. ni.? Consols f ?r money, for account, Ju^. Erie, 51 '|. TUB WEAflCB. WA? Diparthikt, Office CKttf Signal Ojleer. I WAHBtm?ii?,D. C.,April !', 1*7.1,1! a. m. | S*?l?P<is Vol THE Pa?T TMraitTT-rot'K Hon* ? Tin- itura ct-utrr tkat was Tu.-sday ni'.i tiiuu ovir llie lower Oh'.' ha* motnt northeastuJ a nil tli?ti appar<-i tiy northward to the rtpp-r Miction wh<>i* the barometer i? ijow lowest. The pre^anre lm? dtn.iii.!*L>d ^uriiiK ;he uifhi->n L <k? UMario, l>i|: h'** ri?*n decM^dljr ?*er Xev J T**y and N" w Eiikj land; it ha* fulleu in the extr<"in>* northwest au|i tifeu in the *-<nth?e?t. Heavy wiml* lisvo b-^n reported truin Tenne*** and tb? L--wet Lvk?-a i| tl?>iice to Lake Michigan. Cold n->rthwe*terl| * itdi iliind ukI allow had prevailed 111 tkr Missouri valley and southern M>uue*>(a lucre.ft ine eiuMerlv winds with threat~niri2 weather and lurht rain ha^ prevailed on the !few En,l tn 1 coa<. t- ntbrrl) wind* with partly clood\ and clea* weather ha*e prevailed in the South Atlantic ?tat ?* Cloudy weather with light rain ami fallen txiupera ture are now reported (r m Alabiuna an.I TenoeMe-' Pkobabiliiis*.? During the ie?t of We,inMi|.?y the barometer r^utinue falling oyer the L >wei Lake*. Lake Hnrun and Canada. For the Upper Lake* mcieaning ? ind? and rising bar >nr't'r. On Lake Superior rboidy aeath?r with light *>n ?w. On Lake Hi' hifan cloudy and clearing weather. TV bar?-meter fall iu the extren.e tw>rthwe,t witli ?onthetly wind- In the a<iuthwe?t aiei gulf atat>M c.w>l westerly winds aud cloudy weather. In tla *<>uth Atlantic state* southwesterly wind and partly cloudy weather ?icept In Georgia whT# clon<lT am! ri-ing weather ia more probabln. For the niiddfc. Atlantii atatoa ibiTea*iug southeaat and southwe?: w indv with partly cloudy weather aud rt*iugtem pe.aiure followed Wiilueoliiy evening by cloud: ? eat her, falling temperatur< and wiuds \eeiingto w-?terlv. In New En^laud iticrea?in? easterly w inds threatening atxl rainy w?ath<*t and easterlv win<li> vaeting to southeast. Cautionary signal continue at ltuluth, Milwaukee. Chicago. Orati Haven, Detroit, Toledo, Clev eland. Buitalo, B '< h ?? ter and O-weg and are ordered fr?mi B ?t -n Portland, Ea-?tport, Woid'? Dole. New Lond ?r?. New Haven New York,Cape May. B<liiinore. N r folk and Wilmiiigton. ? SONS OF TEMPERANCE?BEOBUANI _ ZATION OF THE OBDEB.-AII partis d>'*irins to unite iu the reorganization of the O.'da: (.( the st->ns of T.-mperance ar.- Invited to attend a public meeting, i t conaultMion, at M.?*oni< T-mpi". Ninth and F ?tr?"t?, on WEDNESDAY EYLNlNii. April 9. at 7?W o'clock. Bight n-? division* ?ill be inauiut'-d in va?io?* pait^of tlte I)i?t(ict of Columbia. Ail persons ?h" are now >r have been, or demre to be nit-nibers uf th?- Order ar cordially invited to att -nd. at}-*"' F. M. IBADLET, D;-trict Dopnty. j^S?OFFICE OF BOARD OF FIRE t l7>f>tTs fpjNEBS, Wa-hmgton. Aanl 7, U73.?Al l?artle* having bills against the Fire D-pattm-nt contracted prior to April 1. and which have u it >*t been r?ndered. are h-reby n>Kitted to preseut tin -ame before FBIDAT, April Id. PHIL. A. Jl'LLIEX. a7-3t Secretary and Treasurer. ?TIlaBE WILL KB A MFETING OF Til( _ BE PI HL1CAN UKNEBKL COMMITTEE. THt'BSUAY, April lo. at 7:Ju p m., at Clar\'? hall. avenue, b<-twe?Mi 4S and 6ih sts. Ini|> >rt*ut busineiw will be brought before the committee, and the members are lfiin>*N to be pie>ent. JOHN n. BBOOKS, Chairman. HENRY A JONES, Secretary a7 3t (Chronicle aud Republican.?') OFFl< E OF THE COMMIeSIONEkS OF THE SINKING FUND. Waih'^tox, D [C.TMarch 29.1473.?The nndersigne<l C <inmis*ioner> will receive, at the office of tne Treasurer. Mjs>+ Kelly. at the National Metropolitan Bauk, until TUESDAY, April X4. at 14 o'clock noon, sealed al* foy the *ale to them of ONE HUNDRED l per i year bonds <>f the late corporation of Washington. proposa TUOIS SAND DOLLARS of the aix per cent, ten They reserve to tlien.seUn* the right to reject any offer which they may not deem advantageous. H. D COOKE, W. W. CORCORAN, MOSES KELLY. H. M. SWEENEY, LEWIS J. DAYIS, n.11 eotd Commissioners. n^^YOLNU MENS' CHRISTIAN ASSOC IA TIOM. Tree reading room-ah7*, w<tkiv, s~? Imr an4 Rtlittcms napers from all pa>ts of the Union. CIRCULATIHG LIBRARY; BJM vol*. Tern* S3 per year; fl per qnarter. PARLORS AND Conversation rooms tor Ladie* and Oentio Daily PRAYER MEETINGS at IS.16,(and f p. n LITERARY 80CIETY Saturday evening at 7* o'clock. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES in Lincoln Hall at 3H o'clock; at Theater Combine at 7H o'clock. mJ7 AD appeals rat be aada la writing, and sworn to before an officer competent to adminMer oaths. The Board will bate ?I? each day I Sunday eg ceptad I from 11 ?'Black m. m. until 3 o'clock ?. m.^ and oa WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS from* o'clock until ? o'clock ?. m. H. A. HAlilia WM. WALLa WASHINGTON, D. 0., MaacH IS, lt?73. Rooms No. 330 4S Stbkbt Nuitkwui. In compliance witb section 34, act approved An gust ad, 1371, the Board of Appeal* will continue in *e??ion at their roows and at the hours daaigwated. EVERY DAY, except Sundays, for thirty days frjai this date, after which no appeal from the general > inwinnt for the fiscal year H73-lST4<:an be ra caived. By order of the Board of Appeals. marM-lm E. F. M. FA EH TZ. Secretary. TO LADIES. _ How end it iatoaaaa yoan* wife, a mothei ornuaUy who reotrlrea all her phveical etrengtb to falBll bar household datiea, and all her moral ca ing badly suffering tv w able 1 Thla state of weaknaea and debility ia mow fatal to her than a severe spell of sickneas, for in that will receive the proper care, as in the ->ther she will linger months altar msathe. not thinking worth while to see a physician abeut it, aatil nature, exhausted, gives oat, and aha to carried to the grave, when a little precaution in proper time would have spared bar Ufa. To prevent, to strengthen, to curt, ti'-thing can compare with the LONG LIFI BIT T*RS of Dr. L. <T BERTRAM. Tber areaeafeaad infallible isasedy against malaria, dyspepsia, coe tivenaea, biMoaaneas, headachea, mttar to woman, fbeee Bit a?ui ||| cooiplftiDta pec ailar lo vomi ters, which are sold by all druggista, inence of thatr virtue and ssoat agrae qoence of tha4r virtue and moat agreeable taata, the ' i par irnilmct tor ladiee. ja-tr ?BRNCK'S PULMONIC CANDY i i a great degree all the principle* of Schettckh Pulmonic Syraa, and while as pleasant to the palate ae the pwreat of confection*, iu mediciaal properties render it effsctnal in concha, oolde, bronchial and catarrhal aBectlona, Ac. It is tne most accept abb remedy for childrea or Infante, and can be given with tanpnaity; while for profeaalonal gentlemen, or th who suffer from lam of voice, n to lndispenaabto. history that a lswin known lo ha infected artth It waaM not ha allowed to mix with sodaty. Happily In onrfm the dleeaae is stripped of tm terror by tha MaefliaiitTii'i Root awa H*a? Jricn. and the victim of Bcrofala, Ulaera, Saraa, Hmplea, Blotchea, Teeter*, ?a., can hersaftarad taeoaad haatta -'SIT* . II R 00.. A GOOD TOEJU) 1 -OCTAVE PIANO, Sna case, can be RENTED vary raaaooa-?^^. bly, ae owner haa ao aae far it. Inanir*H|BtpB Mr*. ?. W. F., SIS 19th street, N Wit* rfTTTTi rERS OF CRRDIT. avaAabl^ a World, lamlahsd to travel ?ih.r^u-'Tss . C. SWAIH. CaahW. B0Z0BTH FREEZING REFR1GERA km i M 'pHR haa a repwtalion firmly established In th M,w' h.i.grrgort. 634 FennavKaate av? UEVtR D' b TRAVELS AROUKD THE O WORLD. rSrSo'ZLSlZitZZJtVli? yiRSf,? Agent, and supplied in different styleat^ binding a| R0BRRT RRAI.LV Bookstore, ?V ? 493 Ptnnsy Ivaata avenue. 1 BK "TICTOi DRT AIR REFBIGEBITHB ia i ot ex^eush r,ud yet it bis no superior it urootv, rtOii ^Win ?1 ?TUl?Tt^ i? H I. GREGO: 634 Pennsylvania fMn'ie. J^fHAjt' UMBER _ . V?. JOHNSON A SON H*a ... .... selling'?Tu)w|gir'S 'ttiMt inducements fir cask f*1,rVSEB? * LATH?,IT8MfjF ;LE8,?b? rim E-TALINGsi.all of whlefcwenre ?-Illegal low B?ic-s <iiNI inducements for rtak. Cor. IMh and Finn ?ri i nisti TTi psi Inn nt ap9-lma 4t\4 HiCLHOV. OAIRD * CO., | n f *V4 NINTH STREET. 4U1 We hav? iu?t nDtiil stock of SHADE HOLLANDS. SHAPE FLXTCBE?, FIVE COLD A?P WALNUf FRAMES. CORNICES, CORDS, ?OlS^ BTOfR 0* PHOTOGRAPHS AND CUROMOS i? BOW COMPLETE, and iiunenf th? FINEST in the Citr, all o! which we are offering at mrN; price*. ?ST" Framaa Repaired and BegUt ttd Furuitnre ( avers made to order. aO-tml 'I'HIS II TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber A has obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dia trict of Colombia, holding a Special Term, letters of administration on tue p?r<>ual estate ot JOHN W. POOL, late of ^ ashlnrton coun*v. i>. O., deceased. All persons h*vine claims against the said d-Tt-awd at* hereby warned to exhinit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the vr. davof April next' they may other wise by law be exclnaed from all benefit orthe said estate. Given under my hand, this Stn day of April, ItCS. LUCY A. POOL. ai>-w .3w Administrati Ix. Received and for salf. bt jos. grif > IN. west wing Center Market. lou bunches of PRIME BANANA8.SMJU COC0ANCT8 in -man titles to suit dealers. aH-3t* CTMBERLAND COAL. .1 ust received and for sale, ? large Cl'MBEUI.AND < OAL. G L. MIKBIFF, .Inst r?-ceived aid torsale.s Urg- quantity- i.f tlBEUI.AND < OAL G. L. Ml K BIF F, ?8-6t 339 Penn. avt?., bet. 3d and l>t streets. M * p l eTTgTbT JOOOlb- NEW MAPLE SI OAB, from Somer set county, Penn., ju.<t received and for sale low 1? BRYAN BROS., 60? Pennsylvania avenne, SflAt iRerl cpp. Metropolitan note!. f'ARRIAGESI CARRIAGES!! CARRIAGES!?! Vv On band, a large a*- <rtment of Pony, Phaet-i - i' it1 ton and witlioiit. and wit hi s "1 without runii'le. Mug'e and don Ma. Al??, a lm?e xtoclt "f fashionable Family Car r .-g-s, consisting of Rar.>uckes, Victorias. Brett*. i r ibriolt ttes, Ext' usk n Tope, Ac., Ac. Top and No-top Buggies, in great variety, at R H. GRAHAM'S New Repository and Factory, _ , 4 !? 414 8th street northwest. Repairiay promptly atteuded to. aH-Sf yy E HAVE JI ST RECEIVED so DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARE SELLING AT "9 CENT* PER SKIRT LO( EM OOP, HIFTY * TAYLOR, M3 pennsylvania AVENCE. tr M-tr ipiliian II >tel Block. f[AAis: hams:: hams::! Read what the great Philanthropist. GEO. PEA BODY, said about these ceielxat -d Hams: 1941. s. davis, Jr.'i celebrated "DIAMOND" hams. CINCINNATI. The following letter jn regard to them from the at*'MR- PEABODY ?? addreaeod to a friend iu New York neatly Iu years ago: , Lo.nbo*, February 12,1853 My D*ar Sir ?I owe you a thousand apologies r..r my n**glect in not before acknow ledging, in a direct way, your kindness and liberality in sending me such * bt Autiful supply of Ani?*ric*an Hams 1m( sum nier. I distributed $ portion of them among my friei.da in England and Skotlaud^ill of whoa bear tea tintonjr of their superior quality, thinking them flnei than Wectphalia's. I hope you will convey to youi fri.nda. Davis A Co., the satisfaction 1 havs had in receiving so fine a specimen of the pro ductionaof their noble State. I am truly vours, _ r ? GEORGE PEABODif. To. M . M C., Esq., New York. I would respectfully announce to my customers and the pnblic generaly that I have constantly oi, hand a large supply of the above HAMS, together w ith a complete assortment of choice GROCERIES WINES, LIQUOES, Ac., Ac. H. P. HOWARD a8-3t* 8. W. corner 3d and E streets. ?<TOKE MASONS AND BUILDERS^ Attention is called to the fine BUILDING STONE now being landedI M 14th street and other wharves from the scows of J. T. H. HALL. Orders raceived at oBre, Boom ?, Mav Building, or on board steam tug Julia, foot of High street, George own. apTlm' piNE CLOTHING FOB SPRING AND SUMMER, 0 MADI TO OBDEB IN NEW TOBK. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN the C'OUNTBT. SAMPLE SUITS READY MADE, FOR fit EM, BOYS AND CHILDREN. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. DEVLIN tc CO., ap6 fln 1113 pennsylvania AVENCE. Lawn gba&> seed. for Grass Plats, Yards, Ac., LAWN MOWING MACHINES. GARDEN and FLOWER SEEDS. GABDEN TOOLS, FEBTILIZEBS, tc. J NO. A. BAKER, Agricultural Warehouse, a4-eo<tt* Louisiana ave.vbet PtUand loth st?. yiEXNA EXPOSITION. (IRCl'LAR LETTERS OF CREDIT, 1MIF0 |T JAY COOKE k CO. The Circular Latter is a letter of Introduction to banker* of character throit*ko*t the trorli, identify ing the bearer and authorising payments to him m required to the extent of bis depoeit with us. Full Information will ha furnished upon applica tion in person or by latter. iiT COOkE 4k CO., Itakfrt, ap61m WASHINGTON. J. BRIGHT WELL, Successor te CABBOLL F. WIN8L0W. SJJJRTMAKSM Axs DtALiB lit Msa^i rwmaaiiiM, Raving Mr. WuSew^SSnia and nw ^ urea, and control of hia manqfacturing facill-jfl^J lsaTve^batr*srd!sc',irith maT* r" """Jii'.'ln'* nm ram nv Beat w^Jiurnt LIME at ?1 par barrel,delivered in all parts of tfca r"~ eo"" U1Z; 10th street, >, north pOBBALLB AMD FABT1BB. ?I TO #1.S# PBB PAIS. WALL, BOBIMBOM 41 OO" prwsiHifr21 FSCrOSJLL 8TSUT, LO Ml ALL OA W99JMTB. WANTS. \|?XNHff>-A \fTHlTEGIRL.U >ears fy- ?? If nurbeachild. Ap^lr 111 M -went. h*w<? ? F ?d Q #r*ets mrth?wt. *^~:h WAN?iFrA"ZJ7Woluruir^E TSnlreTt W 4. JOHlfSoN 4 SOU'S Lumb't Ya?d.c.?r 8<f U( h B -trwt? n> *? *'. WnlffS-4 CHILD S 15l'yK\^,S?^2V" mended. Apply immediately at 111? l?th attest, between L niiH M >tn*t? urthwwt. It YV ANTED TO KENT-A HOl>K containi. g II Iruni seven or nine unfnrnisVd or in> - niibnl. Iturta W W W.,City PdiIOBM f VlTANTED-f*' ?.Ton>l-limi?l SHOW CASKS, vv plain or BwnntfJ, CUl'KTSKi1 and SHELVES. at 119 ftb street. .?p*>-.iie r*>?t Office. ?? WAWTED - Oood CANVASSER*-*"* ,*?? 11 F-'tnak?for city and country. w b1?.?' n??s. Money to right person*. UaH at 173? O n twi northwest. bstween t and < p. m. ?>3t VV ANTED TO RENT-A small STORE. suitable 77 r,r the s? gar and t obacco badness. Al*o, those already establish d.wishing to sel I out,are re.,ue?t.*l to address SIMMOJTTQK, office, stating ter-?.a in full. a9 IV ANTFD-A c- Ijred man want* a SITU A [DiN 11 ficoHCuman and eroom. B ^t N?w Tor* r? frffiCP". Pifaw call, or irfitre"* J, R KI( n.Aup SO*, No. 1514 19th street,between r and y for one veekj _lJ WHjS ANTKl'-B a young man. a SITCATIQNin a b'ok and stationery a'ore. |sp--aks Spaui?ti> or wou'd do c< p? inp References fr ?m ^"*'1 pres-nt employer*. Addr> ss A. B. C., ''|'T "'*? Off.c?. U7AITED TO Pl'RCH ASF OR KENT?A I? rorSTBT RESIDENCE, with S tn 10 acre# of jrrotthcL nw a Htatioa, on eiih^r tlif B*Ittm r and Ohio or P ?int of Bock* R'tilroai. Appljr to J ST \ NLEY JONES, No. Jll 7th ?treet, oppostt the Post Office. W A NT K I>?T? o go<*l BILLIARD TABLES v7 Parties having them t<> tent for fire month* will pl<-a?e aiUlrew P. 0. B"? No. 1?S. ae it* \VTNTED?B> ? y-uth, ? MTIATIOH in h 11 store, to n>ake himself usefal. G?d refe^'nc*. A.hir. ?- E. R W , Star office. aS-.1T VV ANTED?A first-claa? plain CANDY-M A KF.R. 11 Apply wt 47? Peun-jlvaaia aVetiU*, tHtW'*n 4S and 6th street*. a8-2t r ANTED-T!ii- week.n II KNI5HED HpF>t. eight or nine rooms, by a small private faitui) , Address E R. S . Star office. art at" WANTED ? luiniediatelv ? At I .11U41 U'l' \t 0 oigrtuwu, a first-class CHAMBERMAID. (White.) ?*?** VVrANTED? A good IMUSE SERVANT. Apr1," w itli reference*, to No, Vift? 17ih street, south west comer of K. aj 3 * %VANTEI>?30 MEN for ti?l>iug -hore. Apil> 17 at 10*J F street southwest, between 1st :<?>! 2d streets. | ?s-3t* 1 H MILL El! _ VITANTED?Three DRESSMAKERS snd t* . APPRENTICES. Apply at 1133 8th str??t, betwveu L ,hk1 M ^tre.-t- northw"?t. as 3t* VVANTED-A respect:ihl<- Swiss man wi?lies s il SITl'VTION as head w aiter in r. spectald.' pr< rate family Cill or sddre?? .^0^ 14th street. ??* -"t * VV ANTED TO RENT? \ STABLE f >r one hor-*; tl location to be between ??h and 6th -Greets an.I N?w Fork avenue and M street northwest. Call ?t 103& 7th street northwest. a8-3t' VVANTEP-A >\ H1TE WOMAN who is a g..?l " cook, w nnher and iroti -r, Itniitire of Deputy Governor, Soldieta' H >me; or, i?4dres> Star otSoe, Boa 1. VV~ A NTEU-A ifi.vd I! li EAD .<t.d CAKE H\KE> ? ? to i{o to l.eesburg, V*. To a % >od hand, liberal waaes .ii:d peitnanent empIo> meut will l>e eiT^'*. Apply to J. R. BENCHLER, at the American House, coi ner 7th street and Pi-uw'n a'etiue. 'if* VV ANTED?A GARDENER, one who i> acctff r? toin^d to ornamental ijanlening and und?r stands tV.e prmiine ot fruit trees. Apply t>> S.T. Sl'lT. southeast corner ??! 13th ?treet and P?na ?ylvanta avenue. wl<-2' WANTED?By a middle white woman, a tl SITUATION as .ock.ort .take charge of a d.iiry. Countr> prefer ted. tJood references. Apply at tl>e Star office, between li aud 1 o'clock, W e.|n-? day au?l Thursday. "??>* U* ?ANTED-A ? OLOREP ft?t>K, ?S? two o? p..lil - OIKLS tor housework; refen-n? es re .(uir?d Inquire at 14113 I street northwest. a7-3t\ IIJa STLP?1fw.> iiipHlde OIKLS f.o ij"ii?e?ork, It to *o North; rcf-reno-s re<in!r>*d. Inouire 14^3 L street northwest. a7-e- 3." VVANTEP-A F~."RMER m O XRI'ENERTref-r 11 en re. re-juired. Apply 1317 Pcnu-yPaiiia s\ enue, before W a. tn. a7-e'*4t* WANTED?An evperience.1 MILLINER, to f vv to Btauoton, Va. N tie but a g"?.si trinnuei tief>d apply (at once) at 7U4 7tli street. a7-3t MRS. H ROSEN BALM A SON. \vrANTED?A M-tthd COLORED WOM \N.t"io M cooking, w a?hing ami ir niug in a private fam ily; uiiist c-.nie well recommended. Apply at ?-ll I street northwest. a7-3t II"ANTED? Nl'RSE and SE\MSTRESS. a li person t white prtf^rre.11 enpalde of t.iktn^en irecharge of a child two years > ld. Apply HO? Nt-w Yotk avenue. a< 3t VVANTEP? B> a i-spe. tatde, h u-?t 11 a POSITION a? hotel clerk. >r -ae place ol trust; security given. Address ALPHA, City P^st Office W ANTED?A clean. w.n..d HOUSE, of 6 rooms, vv <>u a lettered atreet, between E and I and Mh and Hh Streets ii"rthwe?t, b> 1st May nest; pay in advance. Addres> HOU^E.City Post Office a7 !W VVANTED-A middle-aged WOMAN, white pre 11 ferred, to cook aud Keep ho use for three pe? Rle; gixsl wages and honie. Apply, after 3 p. m , at To. 7 lib luth street northwest. ;w -31 IVANTID-A gentleman with a amall faiuih vv wi?hing to rent ? FURNISHED R<'USE_tor the summer in a g?^d locality. Inquire at L. S. Marshal's Office. a< lm VVANTED?Immediately?Competent MAN, to 11 take charge of a small farm, two miles above Georgetown. None need apply who are not entirely familiar with gardening and fanning. HealthJ |rtape and fair wages. Apply J. C. H 18? ALL 1 CO., 310 7th street. R.W. CARTER. a7-3t WANTED-To punhase UNIMPROVED 11 GROUND, either single lots or a square. H. W. METCALF, Real Eatate Broker, Plant's Build ing, corner ISth street and New York ave. a6-flt

WANTED?Several trustworthy CANVASSER^, to whom a liberal percentage will be paid..Ap ply at Mme. DEM0REST S Pattern Emporium. ?t?T Pennsylvania avenue, between iX and ttii streeta. M " , near teach a3-lW" ANTED-A PARTNER, with M,0W or ?3.000 capital, in a genteel and lucrative business. A voung man of some musical talent pre ferred. CARL kfCHTKR, ?34 Pennsj Ivanla ava nue, ??" Wanted?LADIES totake notice that Madame v v D. E.MAISON, of New York, has opened har Millinery parlors, at No. 413 13th atrest north west. nitttin* ANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOR SEWING MACHINE kna its nmdU ttl/ tm the Boat perfect shuttle in use, n*lng in a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency ,48? Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mme. Dens orest's Pattern Emporium. . aogV-ly T. W. BPICER, Agent. WANTED-Everybedy in favor of thoroughly II cleaned Carpets, almoat aa bright as send orders to L. KICK, at the SteaaOarpet Beating Worka, Maine avenue, bet. 4K and *th sta. aprU ly LOST AND FQUJd! Mra^ou tl WANT ED-BOARDING in the country,! 11 Washington, by a Ladv who wishes to t Music in payment. AddressL, Star office. a3 Cf 1 /\ REWARD?Strayed jUTar; ou the 7th iust.. ?1U a dark brown MAKS Ml LE The above reward will be given if retnMMTy?GKORGE NIET ZEY. N street,betweeu 6th aiMt4p?n. w. a9-3t* REWARD WILL BC tiona asked, for the r BRINDLED SLUT-fe.-t and , with white, ears cropped?to .10 NEY'S Restaurant. 391 13th st n.w . agot* STRAYED?From my premises, about two weeks age, a very dark red COW; medium old, in good condition, with long horns. ADjT suitable reward w ill be paid for her return me, or for such information as will lead to her re covery. T. EDW'D CLARK, a9-3t Petina. avenue and 14th ?t. southeast. REM ARD?L -st, In Center Market, or ?4 tween 7th street and Georgetown, on the Z7tli iiistant, a large-sired ACCOUNT BOOK with name ot owner on the back. The above reward will he given and no Questions asked if returned te J. H. CROWN, No. 4?1 Center Market. a8-3f LOST?On Saturdat. April ftth. a snail Mack and tan TERRIER SLUT. A liberal re-?^^j ward will he paid for her return to H. HOWARD, corner 3d and E streeta north- _ " west. a7-3t* gfcOCTtEWARD?Stolen from the office of the U'Mthiugton City and Point Lookout Rail road Company, corner 13th street and Pennsylvania avenue. PAY ROLLS from July to January, incln sive; TIME BOOKS from June to November, inclu sive. The above reward will be paid to the persow first giving the company such information as will lead to the detection and conviction of the party or parties who have purloined the same. apS lm HOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS, D Distjlk t of Columbia, Wasminotok. April 1,1873. A. rew ard ef FIFTY (?<U> DOLLARS wUl be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or persons w ho have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Covers tn the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Board.KJ)WkMJ) J0HM8oa. a3-tf [ Repub.Chron.J Chief Clerk. with two pear la. A liberal reward wiU he paid If returned fo Mo. >??? street northwest. ?ICKLLINCE It appreciated, <u is ikovm in the continually {*? creating tale qf the celebrated ?PIHCIRIAR ? T MM M* Pllli ? sss ssee ssasas* Theee pens are comprtaed in IS a umbers; of the Nmmker On* Pm alone, ws aold more than In 1VI. Thayr are of anperior English make, and are famous for their elnstfctty, durability, and even MWf point, ftr taU ertrwwkere. 9T Foetkt (Meatuses of UgM wka matt tew* *? try tk-tFmt, we wiUtend ?BrnmpU Card, cmtatm ?M all nf tH* U mmmk*n, ftp smU am rtcnpt afK MMI. IYISON, BLAKE HAN, TATLOR * CO., i n4-eo4t llta^lM Grand at., ?.Y. C ALT I SALT 11 SALT I 11 The antes sign id offer (or sale, In lota to anit, the aS-eetw [Rep] Georgetown, D. C. __ FOR RENT AND SALE. 1/H)R RENT?Sue er two ui futtushe.1 BOOHS JT Arp'/ SSSI|th?tt?et northweat. central I j-a rt<w?. it* CH>K new BRICK Uul SU on r Id street, nror PMMpIvania a>enue. E. K WILSON, aSSt 411 7th street, opp f,m i>iH' ? F~OB RENT?STORE 904 7ih street, 1 ?trot and Hew Turk ???*nn?. Applyto L(H'K | WOOD, HUFTT ft TAT LOB 6J3 Knn->lv?iili a. erne ?9 I' * F'ob bent-pabt or hdimk r ..?n. ? >i b>tli i. tnittblclur hnnvk'T iK. Term? low ?? > tenant wiUtuutcbiUrcu, 011 141 It street, above U, upstairs. sJ-Jl" l/OB SALE?One of th iw (Inr nf* BRICKS .?M r nortti M-le N suSet, between l*fh and 13 h. 1 B. K. WILSON. a9 fit All 7th street, opp P st Office. ! MfcT-fuitti?tiKi?. 9\- i n r FI RMsHED. AjW. St5, ?iS. SJU. *11, fit; STORES, *M, 4*0: HALL. Sfc>; OFFIt k*. ) >35. Sis, flu Tubs. K. WiOUAHAn. 419 7th j utrwt. * 1 It I L,X)K BBUT?That ?wr de?ir?I.le Hot SB in ! r Georgetowu, at the c. rner of Griwi and G?> ' street*,formerly occupied by Mr. Mullet, t E. K WILSOW. ?Ht *11 7th stre -t. opp. P ?t Itrtire F'OB SALE?A FARM rontalnii.* 20 vr-si, ?Hii airdon the 7th street road, 4 front the D-< i triot tine, in Moutgomt-ry o-nutF, M i Will ~-U Cl.eaii. Applt to W. H BK.vRDEV ?9-St" N". 1913 5*h street northwest. jt^OK SALB-A hoTThree-st ir BRICK"HOl^E r Oil I street, |ie*<ve?ri 9.h nid Mrh. AW), a d ? siralle BRICK HOOK, on I itrwt. h t*i?n < li and Mb. E. K.WILMJN, a9 6t ill 7th street, opp. Post OtHc'. F^OB bent MaB<UALL 1IALL PAVILION. Thi? beautiful mmnw reeort will be rented to a reliable tenant, npoL libti *1 term*. Appi> on or ix-f.-r'' Aprii If. to JAMES S7BES, ay-la Imperial Hotel. l/OB BENT?O-ntlenten who wish ROOMS will | r find a lovelj suite, handsomely furnished, with I nil improvement*. for less than half pi ice. AI? >, ? vary floe DIM lira BOOM and KITt'H KM. unto ni*ned. with PA BLOB and B> DBOO.M. if <1 -sired. >11 IHbntfwt. aJJt I/OR KENT?One of those new press IIRI' K HOUSES. No >14 K itrNl, Ixtwern North C*p it< I a:nl l*t ?rreets northeast All tit slern impro?e*. Terms Besb-rate. Three mhmtes w:<lk from Coli.inl'ia cars. Appl> to p. A. B\ KNK. 107 7th street. lietweeo G and II, northwest. AUo, a an te ? >f ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping, at No. il_ aJ 6;" F^OB SAI.E-A m< ? . FRAME HOUSE in good order; title perf-<ct. Apply ?u :ii" pr* : ises. 1917 E-treet.from 3to ? oYWk p tn. a>-' * I/OR RF.NT-Three-ston , Mm-nri ri?.f U K 11 K r HOUSE- one square from Btre?t cam; ets in house; water in vara. ,*?S a8 :W THOS E. WAOOAMAN. 419 7th ??. yOB RBNT ?Ki?e N ?. SI3J ii utr -. " r ttetween O'l. ami Uaiyl.uid avenue ii.?rtlie:t-t Inquire at Mo.coruer of l?t and K ?ts. nort'i wwt. aj-at? L^OB 8ALE?Two HOUSES on 12th ?tr?tet, hetwo-ti r I and E atreets; 3 atorea and lia? k htilldltiK-; N-ia. 915 arid Wit. Price. S?.0tbi. Kicli nrn third i *-li the i?a!aace on time. Apply t? CHAPMAN LKK. (Am? nt for heir, of Joaeph Byruin. di-* <t,'5th atre-t. hstween L atal M. northwest. as 3t* LHIB SALK CHEAP?l?o Mii.tll BrTTkTtV ELL r 1N<;P, sitnat ^1 on ?> street.between 15th md l'?'h atreeta northweht; contain* six rooms, l?ath rociit; water and Kn* thr .u*li >ut. Temiseaay. Inqnire n pren i*e?...r at IW1 Madinoo street, between Wth ami 17th *8 <t* I F'OB BENT?The STOBE n tie corner of l.tih and F atreeta, t<?rtn*rly oacupind by P. W hite Jt Co. Tills i? one of the olde-t an l ti;?t de-ira' le staiids lor the grocery hoslne** in tliis city, the lot-: uetis having bean Conducted there for upward1 'f S1 years. For terms appl> at N ? 000 13th St. a.vii* I.^OB BKNT?Pleasant B???>MS for ntttmn -r :?i a delightful situation, 13SI1 New York ave li ue. a7-3t* j]M)B SA I. E ? S*nialt HOl'SEf: smi.ll c.isli p i> 1 itieiits: balance monthly inaiaimeuis. TUit^ K WAGG AM AN . 419 7th street a7 ?t 14'OBBENT?TaoBOOMSovet ast re on P st.. between 6th and 7th? <M>P"?iie Corcoran Market Inquire of H0LLII*0E BEOS., 3th aul 0. or on the premise*. <7 1>OB BENT-HOl'SE No. 1010 F *ti -t i. .rth. vest, coutaiuiuM 16 room-. with all ni.elern itn provi ments. Imjiure at J. WALTER'S, No. 1011 E street northweat. a7 3t* F'OB RENT?For h ius.-ke<-ping, Furni*h?l or l'nfurnished BOOMS, in a n w hmio-. Closits. 1 bath, Ac. Apply at 1441 Columbia street, bctw en I 9tli and MNh and P and y streets. ap7-3t* j 1/0R BENT?Throe *niall h iuse?, from 3 to S 17 rooms each. situat?-d in an allev on I street, near PectiS^lvania avenue; rent from >6 t ? a^lo pei montli, in advance. Appl> at N T. IMLaYs *e ond-hand fnrnttnre Store. ?314 I street i7^3i^ L/OB BENT?Six Cnfuroished BOOMS.-n ?i ?r..l r 3d floors, together a ith bath-room, suitable for ! housekeeping, n?ar the ttorcoran Market Po-s*-s j sion gi?en first of May. Inquire of ISAAC S HoL LII'OE, ll'iS 6tli ?treet no rth wee*. a7-3t* i 1/OB SALE?SVl ABE No. ?ii9, hetwe?'ii A and 1 B and .itli and titli atresia northeast, either the , wlnleor tn lots. Apply to JOHN HOWABI*. Imteher, No. 049 Ci-nfer market, corner of B *nd !?b otreeta northeast,or CHB1ST1AN M BK< K EBT. 423 G street northweat. a7 lui' L^ok SALE-Bargain in a RESIDENCE in a j r lies It li; locatien; that elegant three-story and [ ha*eB>ent brown-*tone House, No. 10W6 Massa ' ihuf?tts aveune; IS rooms, water and gas: oi-po?i*e ? pe>sr?im'>nt i iser > at ion. Apply to B. H WAK ! NEB, TJV 7th street. a7 eo5< ; I^OB RENT?Two commuuicating front BOOMS. I r with Board, furnished or nufnrnished, at 1016 Massachusetts a\e ,corner 11th st. a? t> * fj'OB BENT?Two suites of unfurnlsh -d BOOMS. ?uitabUfor hmisekeepin*; also, an unfurnished I HOUSE. O. D. BABBETT, Attorney at Law, | aSSt 317 4H street. Fl'OB BENT?Two large PaBLOBS, frosting south- flower garden, two closets; $12 per month; 914 C street southeast, near the New Mar ket. ap>-4t* Li*OB SALE?HOUSE and LOT, No. 3S9 11th st r southeast; eight-room frame house,good cellar, cistern, tiySltt square feet of ground, all kinds of small fruit, a nice home, aud will be sold low for cash. Inqulrs as above. at 7t* IT0B BALE?A large, two-story Brick HOUSE, r with attic, containing ten rooms, on I street. No. 9030, between 30th and 21?t streets; location very desirable and ckwe to the aveuue cars. The lot fronts 42 A>?t by 100 feet deep, with back alley. Small caoh required: balance on long time. WILLIAM TTLEB. ag-at Real Eetate Broker, T IS 1Kb street l?OB BENT?Two communicating BOOMS, on the r corner of 13th and F streets northwest. Apply at No. SOO 13th street. a4-6i* OB BENT?Vine BRICK STABLE, where lu horees and carts can be placed, suitable for a contractor, at the coruer of 23d aud G streets west. Apply at 403 7th street north. ai-St y 0B BALE?A tne BUILDING FRONT of 2<1 ! r feet; central location; wood pavement beiut; laid. Only small cnah payment required of reliable party. THOSE. WAGOAMAN, 410 7th at. a4 FOB RENT?DWELLING HOUSE, with nreas brick front and marble trimmings. No. 1*07 Rhode Island avenue, between ISrh and 14ffc streets. the residence of the Firat Assistant Postmaster Gen eral for the paat three and half years. Inquire 1409 14th street. Possession 1st May. a4-lw l?OB SALE-FBAME DWELLING No. 1431 r aeoond street from 14th-street railroad terminus. College Hill, containing eight rooms, conveniently arranged and nicely finished; also summer kitcheu, bath-room, pautries, cellar, Ac.; fruit trees, grape vines, and shrubbery. on the premises. The ground can be purchased or leased. Terms: Part caah, balance on time with interest at six per cent., mak ing each annual payment less than ordinary bouse rent. Apply on the premises, or at Boon) No. 14,eecond floor, Navy Department. at-<t* FOB BENT?Haadaome BESIDE NCE, No. 1X43 6th street, between M and N streets northwest, tn ith all the nualern improvements. For particular* apply to LATIMXB A CLEARY, Star office build ing^ a3-lm 17"OR SALE?A number of two-story BRICK HOUSES, on T street, between 14th .tnd 15th streets northweat, containing six roeius each, will be sold on terms as follows: Five HOUSES from f 100 to $300 cash on each, aud balance in monthly payments to suit par- iiaser. Five HOUSES at from 9300toSl,00U cash, and baiance in monthly, quarterly, or naif yearly pay ments, to suit purchaser. Three HOUSES will be exchanged in part for vacant ground. Also, several HOUSES in the same block will be sold cheap fer rash. Each ot the aboie Houses have hall, cellar, bath room, water-closet, sewer, gas, Ac., and are well suited for a private family. Thoae desirous of se curing to themselves a comfortable House on easy terms, should not fail to call at my office pre\ ious to purchasing elsewhere. JOS F. KELLEY, Real Estate Agunt s! No. 90X 3th street northwest, bet. laud K ? l>OB SALE?Four beautifully located BU1LD r 1NO LOTS on the northeast corner of 17th and Pstreets northweat; square 180. U.GASCH,?9? 7thstrex northweat. al-lw* 17?OB SALE?Entire' SO C A BE OF GROUND, r SSI, between 6th and 7th and V streeto north liberal term*. JAMES F. 17 14th street north ?1-Mt* r ?si , between 6th and 7tl east, cheap, and ?s very lib; BUSSELL * CO., No. 1 small frame houses and stable; good water: rruit (Of rai new J-story BBICK ' 1 "jrwrsTABm, "sssss l^OB BALE?TWO PUCES OF lAND.Mr AQueSsot We. One cosrfhttM * and the atbM BOOMS: a ' two iCwcailok t ~ FOB RENT AXD SALE. l^qbsalk-aorsilutareakmt i'LlA r AN i? From halt an acre to e tin a. r-a. ? -l i - ?om at ntacml^ rati and <? <???? tem.a. Each l"tki? upland for 4??ihbi ho?'1 and frait. ?,. i rl.-fc low law! f r rut-table.. within a f-* i in t ?' walk fro? m 'out flu?ant ana :bus. an1 tw ?? ? ti\* dimfma' walk from b andar Healthy i ? . altty . pleaaant rural sarroimdlnr*. and eacelb-nt ?-dwcatioaal ami religi.>we adran' **??. A|?l?ly to JOHN YOBK Oiler of ci?d? f t'i.i Trea?i:ry bmldii.g. apl lm* i.^ob iwo-nnrr fltil .*k. c?mpi t>-ly i farui?fcf?'. t' nu'm at 4?b i" atr.?ot eolith ?-*. corner mai^l t> ?t tvi., Apr'1 ocni.-r #h and D at n-eia boll liv.rat. ajl n' mr<. nobthedof F'ok SALE?on cijiti'l Hill, a (?nivl s-at'iy and itawih"* bkuk hoi 6k,entraining n ie iwhb?%otwm bath aid mot* r -ma r baa g*?. > .'1.1 aud h?>t ? ?t- r, and ? atrt < i ?eta, heated t?jr la trobe an*1 kn('tr* heating ran** ii |? nwirlv new. In thorough .rder. In a wry health* and agreeable neighboi hood. and will be *ou very law on eaay term*. applv t ? the o?*rr on the pr?"mi?-- wl A atreet m>mhf??t bi21 jw* I^i'r SALE. ('hi\P-A floe pre* brick frotit HOl>E. with atone ti imaging*. containing l?> roctn* and bath ro? ro, hot and r tl aal*r,nicwa| rangea. Latrolx-a, fu aud (a* liitur<?, maiM>- man tele. etc.. aittiatrj on 11th, wl?t*n O aud P atre? la n. rlli*?l. Price. (iav to rk'h\p.D B<>THWELL. No. ?4 ?th *treet The b-'Bae u.a> b.' aeen by railing at thr tirooty -i ra cornet of O and ljth atreet* northwat. n it lm* L't li SALE?at a baigam- A omtrtalv m a r ? u bdl> e. frf"?lbrick fr> at. ? 4k era con*? nienee*, large w4.1r. appl) on the premi?-?a. i-JOV lull. <rwt. ahiiir M. tnli lm l'OB BENT?BOOMS, a uh b .*rd, at 1?1?> Mara i acbuxtu avruw,rortioi 11th atreet. all lm" I^"ok SALE?a tw >^r bkh'k mocsb, Bo. i 10* i afreet tv.rthwaat, c<?nta'n*ng i n- r > >:n?; |ajm? p^.nj , kitchen. cellar, bat jirooj.i wjih* ?? r nnd cold ??lrr in chainb. i?. heater i aiKO p;lr'.l? Cbmet. 1x4 _ pari- r. and or.king itv>" in km lim Tbe lot ia M fret (mat bv |i?i f.rt d""|?, ui a u fool pa -si alb <?. with a brick ?? ?l.|. ami c*mi??i* h'uer. J. w tht'm ccrner of 17ih ?trv?( ana n ? vorfc ai <'iine. f ' ju tf for SALE. rj'uk V\1 E- A .. h'h |t??\ x- ?? -t, iti * khl i <!? i , 4*!i frb'.. >2\aia* uv ..h , l> - w ti t , nniklb mil it* l^ok $ale-< ..eap? A -iip? b ui. ju* .y ?? il I koi k A \V A y. nal tint* - It - t i-l. habbbm,both m ill i c,<w. A n-, ai i ..mi*, ii i joti: i i?"r *1 ilukse. X'i?-j whole a fir*t-cl?*? lurn'"i:t. A|>j?!> ?t ko >m i * i'ai.-nt Oilier, bet w?< D thr li .ni> ?! 12 and i. r.? J.* 'pop 1HABTOB rOB ratb -An ?*ce'.:ei,| 1 L'j >th. rvr I'HABTun, with rm.i . bli', ~iik tribiiiinl, ~aaim*t i ov^rr. * '?tl u*fr fit); rrifr n * - 17; . .ir ti M?> ?mb tt ni fikrmoti B uob.. i'etm?> i* ania a\.-. between jd and i't atrei-tr. nil ji 1/or 8alb?a lar, la'irr. y- uaf iiobsk. -i j -!?. .i. *i? ig .-i? ii. make, f-r ? ?i balingn- flrlki ' r th. in. iiiiiuirc 30? Vth ?t. n. ? . af? u* ? ,?"1 V. mi.E-A fineyul'm! H"kse.' ? > > - r ilil; kind and gt-ntle, and ?'--rki> wr|| in ainele ?r d mtble harn'-aa, anitaldr for a bnce> Jii ?p ? ?r kelitlrmwiv arriaf- Will be aotd n^^-a. r-aao| aid-t.-rn>-. arrb pir. i Mil' S k" 311 Sd ?tr. .-t. |.-t?i-en < and 1> -..atnrart a7 jt f^ob SALE?a ilr i i?rj> tnpon i WORK hor>ls. al?r, vi ry tin-- llarr. -a- gy sad Smldli horim-ajiial airi?r.l lu'oi'Il.v a liOV kn > .tahie. N>-w yolk atruuc, br- ^ ^ "k i w . ei. 6: ii and ttb atrei-ta ii. ribw ut tn3l 2* * xtotick TO contractoka.-siv th?. pi. k. ii and Coutraitora T k>la .'f e*riy d -rcripiion t.n tale at itoat >u price* b> l. h .SCilNEll'klt 1010 Pa. a\e., a^i-ut for S. ii. mitnaou, B ??ton. tuu m" R1CB CLAY rorhallt apjly to dodub A DAKS ril.bk. jit-tf U Jl r afreet. BOARDING. iktiard CAS ItB OBTAINED AT VTLK1 i ? i* Station \a., jo., A M B. k .) darn 4 tin : -rrii.s and aanitner niontb* at rtweoualihi ratea A i j di?-a i. c V .1 itlett v... a'.' ii * L'aDIBS avd gentlbmeb. either aingl) >r7n l^kitiea. ami families, can b>-ar 1 f th<" ?fi y bml ?r.<l cheap<-?t Boarding arranc* ineut in the city. b> addrmaiiig l)ep*t Club. B x ib.starofli -. a7 tmaj i^"001> BOARD, PLEASANT rnobs, ABT \i.price* nn derate, at 5*104 cvruer of penbirl^ania aveane and Mat atreet. ma>l-ly "personal. i\l frekih, Ik* l>UMmuri Hniatu { * t <a?'vevai?i an t T,it M'Jivm, tan be aeen a. TJi lltb street uortbveat.aiao.givea deliiualioua or cliaracter by photograph baud writing or t-ck ot bair. jl7 sni* DRY GOODS. 4^1'kijic assiolhitbikt. sbo.OOO STOCK OF DBT goods. ?2j4w in DRESS GOODS. > iij .imj iu CLOTHS nnd < assimkiiks ^iu/mu in Hosiery aud fancy uoods - uuii in LINENS and WHITE GOODS. ?74<w in STAPLE GOODS, Sr. NEW GOODS OPENING DAILY. Three Imndrid new PARASOLS and scn ib P.BELLAS itiat received. Price* from tt cent* ea? h t- ?7. Bargain* in BLACK SILKS aud BLACK al PACA8. ??ONE PRICE TO ALL. bogak a wylib. a?-tr 10l(* and i0<0 7th atreet northwr?t. j\EW GOODS. SEW STYLE*. jl'st RECEIVED. Of K pb1nu STOCK or DRY GOODS AND cabpktings, of the lateat production* on thi* and other aid* of the Atlantic, which will be open for iu?pecti?b TUESDAY, APBIL i. 1ST3. The goad* we offer, coanpriaaa a fall aaaortment of ew and beautilul DRESS GOODS. a?ch aa plain, .igured and *trtae Japan*** Silk*, ranging traa ?gc . r |1. Colored Bilk*, the beat fabric* tn Black Groa Grain, colored and black Alpaca*. Mohair*, Per caiea, and a full line of choice and fancy print* aud other nice good*, too merou to mention. other nice good*, too 1 we shall alto exhibit a full and entirely new atock of CABPETS, OIL cl0th8, aud MATTINGS. etifluh Tapeatry, Bruaaala in handaome pattern*, the very' cboiceet Ingrain*. Oil clulb* of newaat de cigu*, Straw Matting, very fair, at ss cent*. Our variety in either brancbea, Dry Good* and ( irpets, in aiiperior to any eouth of New York, and pi opoae at all tune* to aell cheaper than any h?o*e iu the city. We invite the public in general to inap^-t our good* aud price* t>efvra pun uat-mg elaewhere. Vt'OOLFORD A khilblrfl, 447 tth STBEET, Between D and B, aouthweat. ni31 3ni VTHB abcade. L- OVELY POLKA DOT GOODS, from I2H oeutt up, tv follabd SILKS at ft j9. at bbodheaD A co s, niarjl 3m lkoi f street. 1" ELEGANT BLACK SILK, from tlsone a7s~a a lull line of all kind* of SPB1NG and sl'MMEB OOODS ju*t received at BBODHEAD A c0"8, eiartl-3m PiUi F street. professional. J AMES o CLEPHANE E. Z. BBA1LEY clephani~* irailby, sllobthamd writers A LAW rkportebs. Office?bo. lit C atreet, between lat and m. facing Indiana avenue. aih311y d" uilt tw 1C34 SIXTEENTH 8TBEET. DR. J. s. DELAY AN. hovaioratmir Pmt?ici4!?, 1jm F street. Office Hoar*:?t to iv, morning; J to 4, afternoon; 7 tog, evening. all ira johb t. mabbat MAM* D. bpalkmax, Bo. d?d-tf _ _ ATTOBBBT AT LAW, 8 REAL ESTATE AGENTS. ILL1AM DIC MBON, general insurance amd REAL ESTATE agent, bo. ml FIFTBBBTH STBEET, oproaltk TIKitl'it. None bat the safeat luaurawce compauiea repre aeuted. pruapt settlement of loeae* and fair dealii^ guar anteed. apS lm vnuuliduinn ^f|?b?lvl1i**..cemb?tvbab?lbo!, aa:, A* rylyanta av^nw^wb wrharjlu o?^(muw^boot rswiimsu a n d'dat8Schosl woe April_?, lgr*, ?4j M , eorMr Mth BFSTVESS CHANCE*. AJtTLIKDIP Bl'MIKM (t^HTCMTl - A mail (?pital a ill I???irr ? roi'X * ? N It FACTI RISC. B' BINEW ? -MatR...*, 11 f ?. era: Bl<* k, c OW 4 ??* F ?tre.-a*. a? l ? | OANBuN KEU MflTT trr p*iaI to k?lL !?????? B >aU !???" I t ?it'iia ot ft.4v mi-1 ???*rda. fer fr 'aa -if to rij ?ea,.. * 1 MlDPr?T??!f SI 61* t-V'a atie*' AltlOill-rotMiK-AM*-wn lil>l>C. iH-ail) N*?. o?UIMI| * t" >t"*i *' r?M?(.(*k<k?r'4<.M?iHi?i V n?.g| ??Mmtt'H V iniw north* w . front>iif| |?Mk Mri . ?|r? >?ct. front ? t?J mi , h iw riii'j f >r II' yri a. n Price oal> J1 MC. ? Vd ??b, >wr* on t mf I.Ii.HTKK * (Uti'HKi It I R-y I t'rfi Itth and r ?!ri-"t? fmnoTMitif "" U ANT 1 ??? *tiSNT> a Miiiwf .rtt>*? >rn PLETE HERBALIST I rfll |(tr - *t?h in.n. t?t f mi -h ?a "h ? iwtHlif fartliui* that n? mt i? t e ak* I ?? than 9 Aa pet Biortfe M <1 all a p~ua >*?n ? ntetti?c wheth r b* e*er cati?ae~>.1 i. ? , AiMn-a pr ti rHt LPt* MOWS, K? tl llran ?tr< ???. J*r m Cltr. K.J. ud full pan. ular* * It hrMUbrirtariinwil, a.* St 'I'HE "tlMTttiriPI>NMI t AM t DA 11. i I fARM ?i>tu?tii iiditwr f"f ? PR<?PERTl it W a*hingt>*. l? I? ?< r? in th'- *ai *, tv ?? buiMii **, atj.i pirntv ..| ft it t. ot?i* ti itr * rid? f m r .ii! dilylii. t\ mil'* froa* tV atatto*. ?ti. ? ? >| tn'le* %i<*ar>A; * h'*lTh> i < it iii r> Applt t> J 'US II ( IN K RE II.. 7th atr-et. tri?im D an 1 E ?ant ., Vidiitcli it. P. C rtk' TIKHi: I'l.MKING T?* H 'RE'iA* M?MI t IN . Maift tt < It th- nt n|lll(Mr ant '?"T ra . (? it. it.- in ? <? ??r*:? vTi\ i i<! i: :? IN?? AMIX'IATI"N Regular M M.hh M ? ?e ? ill ??? held Mo\|?AT. 14.7* .. cl ? W. a r altM, Mita.iali T-mi l ln't?n?iiijtoo ?ill tw- f itut?ti?<1 (if iH* S ri-tff, ? 11 >"li s'r-et n -rthee-t. twnr r. K i> I a*-4-* 'I'lit MBHKiniii, mhii \f\? ?irot** I '??!> drtut> . t.-rk f tit ' 1' -an .f i inien PI a* a* Cn.i it na't, pr*aid?ta jia-tce that r .on on. ol tli* three < oatinmii Pieaa itMge* un4-r Ih v* ? ? ii- itutwii o( Ohio, h.'Mtac '""tart* at CmrtMai i p- -t?-r ? I the Supr-ate C> iirt ot i?hi ? , ant a -via ? ?*1 'h> court la*t Haiti*^, a 4 a h ha* had a <411 tr vk - ri."i? practice in Ofci<> and K t Turk* , a >h">lii|i>ru, ? t * ?liiiitfi n.a I'tKI Kl K*IIIP with * (1.a> or a I'm*f la?>?*? ta full piacM..-, F ? I 11 >t papnannMla. h** taiaVl pi .-far a<>t (? t*W- <<? - Itt t'l al arenti ? nt. 11 ?i?*jtlk* <ti4 triiita <? ri ?i atnl r?v?-U bimI art il<?? J mt> ti Tk* i>?rii"ia|ilf 1 -4 not t<> mlo imnt.iliai*- ? fl.-t. 1 >niiii?NH< ?????' ? ? t t 1 al li It VAIJI'F.N ilh l '!h-ti. t If '?Hi V.Mill anuF-T?m w.>ri h ? ? ? Tl HK AM> URI ^srt !? V \ I: TRTI N1. t ? I' l ''I t'K"i Ml. AMrati4tiia|li?aii''':. * ? ScRTB. ? I?tar ..?re, a . * \| N H t ??N>T A NTI V ns H **I? T ? I i'l < N KLAI I.? I MK. in* ? nyaratil*. KII H' IKN a l.tTlS. a7 l&ih *tul O ?;t. ?*i?. A LL oK m;I ARE n Vnrat >ut **-ut: - aa I I" utifM-t* ti >rili? -?t. oMaiaiuc mu?? ? f?rt. t-r ?al? ua li'i-ral I tn?? l>) K1I h ll'KV A I.ATTA. lath and <? ?n*n?. a7 S' LHiK SA I. K- KiiWt or Tf* H uk?lr-'4 I> 'llar?' ar t 1 r of NOTK8, a* ? tif<t lit" a it?- -?1 < t ?in*r n * * *?! fircaof proprrtjr. It. ,u:ir f U0LLIK1K PR')* . Mli and O *tri-^t? tiottliw -at a" %' * I WAHftl> Ri A Til K ? 1 ? ILL I (iRoCKi:^ ST 1 |RK >1 or tlf r<>< in* ? lo-re a ?.i.? ?-r? S ura> rw I* ? A ? ortirt 111 h ami N at -r^t> n .rl li a- **t. t W, BANMV. a7-?* | h 1 IIA I'M V N li' 1 i- ? ?l?r, ti'frk >! i??*?'fm , an ( fVnVr la KW Kira'- *?a?.a"'? Ol ?I ? ? ? i't. ?'1 i. I" ? ? a N aii4 O, u-rlka *-? Miif-ltfUH Ta I'tli ?tr.-^?. AA *?H .*.. fx . I? t* , April 7. I(Tt T ir>* twr4*ir*lilr?iw"t?? HKI< K IIOI'""!.*, oti ti ?tr'i1 k?t*a?t 111 I atxl Uth *iro^?* ? r'litrr t. fot mI?. Ptitii* ?h" ran pa) all ra>h. or naarlf a>, can w< ttr - a uriat l>ar?aiii Ala-. ??!<*ral -tit*!! IktMF. IKM -tFS of ? rtmaiw and t-atlt tooai. ntuat?l in k "tr?^t. l.-ia * ,1 9lli ?a <1 lot It rtrw'? northar^-t. A. a lin?- Bl ll.l>INta L??T on li'li m ? t??-*t M. Call at tIw ll(lirc-I atrulli atr?t,brtiit?i, S ?? I O alhTtf it. rtlia?-*l. ?7 3t L.M. CHAPMAN li OAkli t?? ??l BLU' A* nKhS Sa'KIP. tti-liatf for *a!a In fl'W rertlri-al*a tha ??. ? Ctrtp. vlmti in ra?-?-ivatil* al par in pa?iu -ut f >r rial u*'*. A ?B ?M li I-., tint all ?H t' i?urti.a ?rr?. I KW If JI'UNjuX A CD , ap3 Int |l lii.'ii.R'r I Banker* Ch?R hAI t i'K EAt IIAMt.h I r HiciMa ct. I |uo|wrt) r- *l ???tatc d ?(??. <????? a t*?nt) Km Oar li-b Lant, W M i4 cr<>un4 u 14 ?tiwt ? a*t. AAAUNER Uii4?r. n.28 I tn 10I4 P-ni?ai Irati >a attn* I j OA Kb l'N liLAL K>1 Alt. A|'pl""?tt -I:* rati to r ati* for ?'?ana f >r I -ae 'T ?h'ltl tittie tl ~ 11 fT 1?.rro?<Ma. in ?utu* a* iwauir ?i Ilit*' b.ill thr taluc vt ( >o4 r?*l ???tala m tin-1' ?1 net loatii.1 B H WAIINCK. Hits llA im itlintrnat JVoTUR if parties 8ELLiKXi~AfM T ION . Partn-* (1<-? rii ? I" iliapw of property at pnbl i *alr at lio ?ill plaic tin- *aiiw in int liand?. ? aft 4>la. a I. liipviar> I' an <* th?"ame aHh al r<>miuiMi ?. B. H. WAHNLR. Real Eatatr Brokar. *iJS Rt Io.TMrthait*?? F't'U SAL E? ftX<*0 OOO in MlMi IPAL RdKIll'. ll'H I'ff?r?4 a* a *pta uiall li kill ? ??Iittin* nwurit)'. pat Ittc from 10 til u P*t t?i.l. A Riven ta alt all U.n?l- aol4. J P BRODREAP. n>27 lm S3S P-niia ata Mr*!. IPAL BON f?8 ABET HI ON LT Bl ruri in ? hu b a *ntall ? ap'tal ran t>* wfr , mi w-?twJ at liberal rata*, W t? U prt cwt. on bwu ta oAvrad ami fmrantnd. Arplj to rr. BROPHEAD., mJ7-lnt 93V Ponna. ara., Ro-iut A. B~OND8IN DRNOMIMATIOV of (IM saw. a JW. gaui. AMU. ami fl JMU. payinc 14 ;? 15 per r?tit.. tunning ftu?i I to RU va?n. In4ar>**t auid print iahi collectvd ? ithoui chare*, for aal? br J. r. BkODHEAD, nXT lm ISfMiiM) liaaia atMoa i> ARE CITaM'B ?<? yarchaaV ? Koo4 HTORE a .4 IV I>AA ELLING cheap, near new mwfcat, 7th 4tnH,K0. 111*. aTea^aon, ni? tf f. M C. A Baildtaa.Rib aad Data. j car boil*. ruit B&IIH. HEAL AS^AHHOKSK*. Ho. MB Uth ureat, Oppoaata C. 6. Traaanxr? EUR BALB-A HOl'SB 'Hi I atraat, N'o.VII. A new large double HOUSE,cjmar Rlat au<t.H. HOl'BB Ko. Raaaacbuaatta aaaoa* Mo. RR* HO I'SB Ma. SB* M taraoi tmt, for aale or raat, funuahed or oufnrniahad. A OOTTAGR in WUtard'a Kaveral amatt Hooaaa, tr hb . tr; prioa BS4 . ?3JW to kuB>. ant all cmB jM?taaaka. Three LOTS north ai ie and one 01 aaatb atAr of Rhola I-tanJ av?*a*, betaraan 14th and 14th *? hatra aereral vary fine PA BUB. inipratraA aud oaiaa proved, aa diffenrnt rati 1 aad* running froaa the ctty, for aata at lua Bcatre* or axi haugr For city property. RUM feet of GROUND in aartooa portions of tBa city for ?ate at lot* figures, oa eaa> t-raua. or will aarhaagi for productive iatproved property ui*) lm |^OB BALB KB^B W ASH INGTtiN ? D TWO BCPBRIOR ERLIT FARMS. The Cedar Orore Viaeyarda; eicell-at (riit tr** and Tinea in bearing- Due tiaaber laud* audgiaa.ta iltlllln. ALSO. BUILDING LOIS IB TUB ?TT. InS-jnare No. 17, Lot No. 4. Niuare aouth of No 17. Lota I and I. Njuaie Mo. 34. Lot No. U. ' H I. || ft* J " " RI " 4.Rand 7. " " H M )?, It aad 13. " 71 " 4. ?* ?? 74 " 18 and S. M M ggg M W For particular* apply b> lottaar >t In porao* to IR. READING. Couar Grova VuiayarA, naar Gei.rgi t "wn. D. C. n.lw lui UTOP FATING RENT AND BI T One of If k? ma- tw..-*tof| and l?a. k-builaing FRANK HOI SES aT atiaot, between I7th aud l?h? mall t aah 1 lutiutle of H >A . DWWNM AN, Ri al K*lai- Ai?ut, n.15-*' ltu 4IB .th atr-wt. || O C b B FOB SAL R. The large FOUR BTMRT HOUSE, with thr?e ?tory extenaion ,VU R meet. nearl) new. tweoi y rooai*; furuace, and aater. with large ? artl a .4 ?table in rear. Tne whole propeit) ha* been re vnatijr put in complete r- pair. aud i* very roaaeai^nt for a larae. geuleei faaiil), or for a boarding boaaa. Will be a< .Id low Iuqoire at Ftwd*aa% S*ah. oppoatta Treaaui y , Peunaylvauia aaaaaa. fr h?tl L"UR RALB?The 8TUCB.GOOD WILL^ad f lA ? r T ( RES of the Millinery and Faacy mora, Ifo. is ??"lassr "?.-t.VafKs.'sc" MEDICAL, Aa. U^TATUVOLRNCB UR THR aa ILLCl RE k^ TUB GREATEST DISCOVERV OF THR WORLD. By it all di *aaa* are cared. Mo aiedtciaea n*ed. and uo lajiug on of hand* TaagUt by Mr*. J.R EL IOT. 479 C street aortbwaat. api' u L t-iMeaaoaw. Debilit) , can luiae akilifnl treataient by aiauug caae, aud ad<li?aain? Ma*. A. C ROSHER. Waahiagton, D C. ak loi" M^i^m..*a. TsoarmMtTm* mm

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