Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1873 Page 3
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AJVTTOX SALES rt Tl KK DA W H Y B H. WAKNICR, n , ... o *"*' ? 8' '*'T and AwtlObm. Bo ? Wi Seven: b at '-i.Vlwui G ?ud H ri *^IS?i)L8ALB or A T ALCABLB r.\BM LI.1*0 ?N PBIJirR r.JMBiit 8 COCNTY UiDi'n THK WyUIXgTOB AND CPPEB ? iLfV TTBNPIE*. NEAR FORREST I B .1 .r;ue of a deed of mm dated April3.i*>7 land f ly recorded in L<> -r F 8 No 4 E >!??' L4*? ? ' of the land rfrnrlt of Prinee Onnra? <>>nnM . M I . and al*o by ?irt::e of a det re,. of^he *2T.'?J*J??rtet of ColtunbhT. Marrh n i-Cl. In B.joHr cauae No. ,.f L^Td Mann-, a, \? m. H.|ntliif th? nn Inr trr.;ee In pl?re of ,h. ^ Wm H wJVi i S&swinAM a-sKi.'.w'iafws: i ztss.tA&-t? I-ia h5i,'S *th 344 *rrfT ?V1 ' "n acre. n >n> ..r !- rYhrdt.,^ *??'? "?nd? which are particularly ' , ' 'VSr.u 'V "Xf'y nnr" fr"m Adam Deihl ? , ' ^ ' W?lHam B ?>-r, * iiich ? u> r*c?r.N 111 i.ii?-r ? - s ?. i r.dtu a*. *r ,nDf ?f tCrTLS r-ror l- ,,f p: fv*^?ni?v: ???f.rjr. Md.. and *1*0 a r3r> ,i'-Ts-V.2 *V,,,uh,? tract , , , T ?* L'?e|?, C'.I ????> h-indr-f) ?-r~t w,; u ?ttt'. ,J"- *"?">- ?u '1 Vti I %n1 Hn * i|?? convHTed to (I.a WJU ..I ,m K >??rbt. , rt wn d?t-.i of cnn?r ?^.."i " I *1"'- ?? ft" ?<?!' -?f D ember, ha; ! i" ' tk? imr f-rr^l. th*r~>,i,,?t X? h ?? b'r?. ??*?K Si e-TSt" ?nd ?L .|?|,?c, in 1. J. and.) .. 1 T>. ?*; ^ ***' ^~P"*'t 01 arc^pttacc of pj-n n. li ? ^ KNEB, Amtionf?f*r. B H WAttMR. A nc tioueer |>r LATivrm * < lbariT A; '' ?T ?'J8-al !<??( Brok?r?. ? '?m5j?e?;!?ssr ?? Tf ?r.V? ?tt\" VrV &:$"?!? ivj\m>'tT\\Tm t"J",'y FR^K pvi-Vll' *-#? ?7 Uo sTuUY ?T VBUK-LOT cv ^ Anc^a fn,,t N .vemfrT Er . ' 1* W7at 1 d.. . t\ >r j-?! in I ih?? v . t . m. oim. of t< ? ..,.1 r?r ,ri?f, wA Vi?rM. n Vi 'Lrt^ ?^tri 1 ?f C\.luiuhia. ,..4 * A. ^V*'S^r*b'r' 1 TH( R<n\i tfcS?fiiftkfe # , ^ premi^ii, on ? 1 1 .1. tne 17th J4) <?f April, A D R"3 at ? ?>? -ck p m . ^11 thaj certain plicV. Lr"'., ..m .1 W' n iS**' 'V0? and b<>i"? i* c muti .1 ^ ??* ll' la MlJ ?!*tr .rt. and known al l C? ? r.4;.ty two, , ,t. in ,If *ud?. y wWm!r?Tl.?,r? V bT Wn' p O-'I I, -?* , ? " ?n?ht. and r?-. .r I. i iuii .na 'lie r? ?r ?? f..i ?m i county in lh* . ffl- + ,.f th- e .nntt a ir ' V-ri' v rb !b, tmpr-M pmenH ?h rt-..n, ' n T'TT' * f J*1*1 ?D?-tbiid in ca?h, of which Clou f.rfy:f I'M, balance ,n"iT J, ' ?? vi <^eh?. .>n ?. .!;t *itb iaterost at tai, f?. mS. '' TJf P*r?ble ?--tni annualU, *nd to ?i a'tf," iShiir""' " "" - - UEM ,Vlia* ?"-L|AV? Ai> ti<>ii>-T4. ? ?. 1QWI, D.?rthwf?t , i.rii-T Itfrli and D at*. r&lSTi E'S 84LI OF \ ALFABTiB PRitprw E'h S.T- ALUVSIF8 1 Hl'R< ii ^ T? - fl**4 rtf ,r''"r- A'i-o,? ?!, f ! * r?-i"-rrt.-d in Lilfr \ . iit. t I, r ? r K r' ?.J K ."J Wj-.hinK | ? , .p , *';d b> >i.ration of the part) . ? ftli- rr-B '1 o? w!Tii rf?"?- awetion, m trm,i 1473 M aTvTlk " 3, nr.>Ti Vp-il U b A L>. h imi: ? 1 V ?' . ?Wkui ld ofin f - n ul, l 'i**?1 ?a? hundred aud 'i *'!_. * and ???' entjr ?i%, irVd.. j. ;;r *r^\'n v *?*??< ??* hnn - -??n ? v: ?,?:%?:?& ^.rWCMr1d i*ITk d^Ur^' Vi!nearly Mnul, | f ,h r'J ffh: balance in <ix an I ?r fc'r-v , ,T" !> i Owl -f Iru-t on tbo pr .p.r.vt r?,^ U..T) ,>f fk# Trviat*^ % V. r?The"tCe r Kl"?I'v1 ?" honne ' .? ^ , *'I Tertna'o be fnllj" cmpiicd with llrh,.:;i^ "?h-rw,?tl,? Trnate* Ji.'l IT , T 'hr ?" rra-ll the pr 'partT ?t the ri*t *V 1 ;:r^r^;*::r"rrh*"r- LW WILLIAM H WARD Trn.t-.. OBIBX A WILLI*M MT LATIMIB A CLBAST ?? H. -*l Estate 15 ' km and An<-?ion?er. 1 iii&Mr1''R''NT 1 noTTnTi?stberT' f ti. in * ? aQ<l rec??nliu in Lib. r ;^,m.ritTu!e mTof'j'jtpnra'm '4 isrsuz%b?z?L?r?s> !zsSr&i- SfI zz .^xrwrj^Lr? ',,ifX,&:5^ii MssftsarfSSTt^SSSSS ?ropert* ,By portion tber^.O"'cl.h^l ^ i?y* pnblir not I.e. at the rtak and ?L?!vr .1? fn rha~-r is. i-fmit a HTI?B ^t P,lri . ..JTC BBSTOB.< tATIMKB B CLBAKT. Ann. IV ? IT LAtlMTR * TLkAlt I > A n. 'i .?nn awd Beai Mat* Brofeera, Simtbwsat coraer Penn?)l*ania aveutw ain4 U?b St.. , Bur Oflica Bwihiiaga rBUSTKK?' 8ALB oF A COMPOBTABLB Bblt K BESIDBNCB OB C 8TKBT. MEAB 13th STREET NORTHWEST AA B< virtu(>of ft de?ni t > a*, dated Hay S. A. f? D . Ifl. and r?ci>nled in lilxar IM. folio ?"W <im1 b\ direction of the party aeenrad. we will ??II. ?t pqblir awrtion, in front of th* premism, <?? XI" ESP * T. the 16th day of Ajpriinext, at ? o'clock p. m . L >t No S, it Ckarle* .1 White ? ?oielivUi-ia ? >f ?iuaro S >. XX, with impr >v?aaentH, which conaitt of a Tery comfortable three-atorr and attic residence, ?ontamipe <?? ?ht room* and hall, b?ia? the tun*# Kv IIO F ?treet. Term* One-third caah: re?tdn? at 3, 6, f, 1J. H tad 14 nm.tha with IntarMt. SltJO down when the hottse i? knocked off rUD. w. J05BB, ( - M AIILON A>Hr0BD.< mJt SawSw L ATIM E B B CLBABT, An t*. 1)1 GREEK * WILLIAMS. AaettoaMn, I * K ?. 1901, northwe?* corner liMh aud D ?*. tbistee?? sale oe valuable improved ; AND I'MM PBOVBD PBOPEBTY IN Sol ABE I No t,7rf. NEAR ST. ALOYSIIJS CUl'MCH. B? ? .rttie of a deed of truat. dated oathettrat ? <i? of Jane, A. D M71, and daly reconle.1 ia > ^?libet Si?. ??tf. folio te?. B?., of the laud record* I 1 <r Wwk i r"! ? "Onty. D. C., and by direction -4 | the part, thereby. I will sell, at aulilic au. ti ti. in ft nt <>f the premiaea, on MONDAY, th- I 14th da) of April, A. D ICS. a? A o'clock p ni . the ; follow! ua de? ril.ed lota ia Gilbert "a recorded anbdi ? MM>o of ?.mar - numbered atx hand red and at-vent y - tueiCi. in tl..- city of Waohington, that ia: Lota I N ot lit. 113. lit and 1U. each improved by a nearly | flnialie,! h, ai?e. froutin* -n ix?r'h I ?tr?et. Lota N -a. 152. li?. l'-t 145. 146,157. 1?, U?. lw), l<ii and loj, all nnimprove?t. and fronting on Myrtle atreet. T-ini< of . .U iaai|e kn.-wn at day .>f aale, and d* p>atil at aal- of A |i 0 on ea. h improved lot. and ?3 ?n-ach ??n;ntpr->?ed lot. T-rtnt of aale to be Inlly - >ntplied wrtn within ?i* >lava after day of a^le; ?ther? :? th- trHater reaervea the ri^ht to re?e(l,af t-r on~ ?ed,'? notice, at the risk and coat of nrat p?:rch*aer. AH conv?yan? in? af pnrchaeer'aeoat. W* II WABD. Trnatee. ?.tl eo.t ?* GREEN Jt WILLIAMS. Aw*a. HI f!T<'> E W AGG AM AN, R-Eatate Auctioneer, i 19 7th atroet. Jk By lirtue of a dee.1 of truat fr->m Charlea HI \ G rion and wife to J <bc> D McPhenaoa, ?*rec. rd -1 iu Librrfta, folio SU af the taad re oorda f> r Waaiunatou ctmnty, ia the Dial net of Columbia. I ?>11. on MONDAY, tha Blat day af A pill. Kl. at 4 o'clock p. a .offer for aale at prtiir aiu tb.u. in front of the pren.iaae, tha property da arribr>l in aaul deed, to wit: |>?t utimoered 17, in ?itjaare N<> l?u with tha improvement*, keinc four fraaw h.uaea. Trrnta; One-third* balance in viz and twelve naowth* from dav -f aale aa<1 aeenred by part haaer'a iMttet. ami (V-?-d of truai apon the jpaiiii. Convey tnciBB al porvhaeerlpcuet J. D McPHKBSON.Trualee. m? ~v*d? THOS. B. WAGGAM an . Anrt. IIY W L. WALL B CO , ? * Marble H . ldin*, N a ??K> and ??3 Fa. are , aoatk corner 9th atreei. EXCELLENT TWO STORY FRAME HOC8B. ? W-UMIfl TEN ROOMS.ON*rn STKEEt. HETWEEN I AMD K STB**TS, MOBTS ^BST. AT Al'CTIO* On WEDNESDAY A ETBBMOON. April IS. ? ? i " front of th* praiaiaiai, w will the above piece of property, bein? aonth part of L t No. 12, in friaar* *US. aaid part of aaid . hatm< a front of *? f-e? on ?k atreet, ami rna nln? ba>-k ui feet, mm] eoiwertinf with a three f^ot private alter wit* the 13 feet wide pavd pablic allay in aaitl ai4i;nre. Tana: Ow third caah, balance in one and two yeara.eekUrBd by a deed af trwat an the pr-faraea. *115?*^^?? the expena* of tha purch.A?-r. 9 MIO to be paid down aa the day of aale a*-d W. fc WALL A CO., Aoc*.. Asm.^vuYs^ue sssx accordance with aecttoa S of the charter of tit* Waabinffton Market C -mpanr, TBf'BSDA Y. April SilC. at 1 o'el.<k p tu . at the Market, the nrtt to orennjr for the rwainder of two year* froat Jnlyl.lATt _ . ? Batcher* Stand*. 9 Hncksten' Stand* 4 Bnrter fHaad*. 3 Bat on Staad*. 3 Miaeellanet>na Stand*. t Wholeeale Hoa*e*. I any ataadi that hav* baes abandoned by tha XHTaMbe **a* time and place any stand* owned by aartte? who daalra them raaold at their niav, andof which a n-.tica haa heaa (tap* li WTtltm to tha Clerk *4 tka aaid Market Ctia^ay. Th'atM th* Clerk of thai ,? rewtal, with trrmaamd condiHana of pa> meat, w01 iw atnted at <B? ?< ftmra a??aja. ? - Tr O EWMY. Freatdeat W*ahin?ton Market Coatpany. W*??:*elo3i D C., April 4, UT3 aAMt AUCTION SALES. FITl RE PAY*. I? Ok LATIMER ft ULEARY. _ I > . cti neer? >n<l R~?! Estate _ . ^iiithweM comer of P^dd. i^dq9 itw ilto itrwti 8rv Office Building. I'AT^I.Oflri SALE OF Klt?*KT HOUSR II<1.1. FIRNITI RR. OTKRUMO SILVER U \RE.I?1X?N A SONS SHRFFIELD PLA- ! TED WAR*. CUT AND ENGRAVED GLASS m ARK 0;. TUESDAY MORNING. April 15,187.1, Vi^at 10 u'cL<k, at the residence of a gentleman *M0 leavingfor E-:r..P?, No. itIoe H street ,!.?ing J ^ lthe south* est corner of H ani 51at ?ts. north west, we shall soil the following elegant Furniture: One Dr*? ins-room Suite, Marie Antoinette style, upholstered In Blue Sana Dallas*,containing 12 ?j< r?. _ ??uneih Mantle Clock. be%utifnny inlaid; B u^uet Table, iu Lace Curtains aud Cormca. One French loqqrtlr Carpet, containing about wv enty-rtve ?aras. _ ? .... . , Tlirf linDutrd uhkft of 8lfrlio? Silver, made of T'Rauy, <""irrri??u? De?*rt and Table Forks, IVwit aud Spoons, Teaspoons, Cheese ??<>??. Butter Kntt^.S'iip Lad I". Flat Fork, two 4,rat r L*dle?. Fish Knife and IV* Sugar T >ng? DxonA Sons' Sheffield Piated Ware, compiising t*.. Round Vegetable Dish's. two OMong Dish) -, two e>tra size Shifting Handles. two extra al/? I Sltiftiiifr Handle Pieties." Wall of Tro* pattern.'* Sup. ri r Plated Ware. Fine Table CntWy. ?nii' i kit < at and Engraved Glass W*r?. W i-lnut marble-top Bouffet. Ornaments. Superior French China Ware. Wjlnnt E\tension Dining Tabic. M alnnt Cabinet, witli Glxss front. Walt lit S-cretary and R.K?kcaw>. El--gai.t Lounges. Antique Chair*. EineOil Tainting*. Engraving* and Chronica. <>ii?- W .ili.ut Suite, upholsterea in Cretonne. Elegant Black W'ali,nt marti|e-top Chamber Suites. S ip.-ri.-r Hair Mattress <?*, Feather Pillow* and BolMi-n. 4i SuiH-ri- r Brussels and v C*ri>-;->. IInil. Stair Carpet and V* Ivet Rug*. T ?ilrt \N are, ' ard Ta'ies. >had'-s. Co<>l:itig and 11 atii a St<v\ .-s. A t ?s*< ituitfut of c pp r awl other Cooking Uteri sils. .vt., Ac. N B?For full parr.n Jar- of thia elegant sate parties wishing t<> ?-:rul will c ill Dl tli? auction ? > a for a cafslosne. -l'.ijm. ' ' LATIMfR * CT,f KRV. V 0K>KN' * WILLIAMS, AJictuiie^ra, Km lOOO Korthwost KH!i ami D streets. >\IE OF HOUSEHOLD FCRWITI RE. < *8 P El >. i ?1LC L< ?T II S.O L ASS A N 0 CROCK t K V - W ARE AT Al t T ION f* on TUESDAY,the 14thday of April.U7t. i>4. <? inmencing at 10 o'clock a. m.,we ?hall a*ll, WSiai ih^ reMdnnre ..f a ladt decliliniK lioii-w|,.-?p I ^ ling. No ?>:? II street, t.-.-tv. eon North Caait d and l?t streeta uurthw> <, the followiug nam d ?rti C|o#? \\ - Inat B. l?tcadj. Bur?iin< an.l Sid - Tables. \\ a nut I rame Lonnce. and R<<-linine Chairn up bolstered in Or,-cn Rep, Walnut> s?it ? hair* and Rixfc?r?. Walm t Extension Ta'de, Mah >g*nf Marblt -top Sideboard. Marbte-topCenter Table, Oak Dining room fl airs Lh.iy'i Work Basket. Window Sbndea, Spriigs, Painte-I Be-l?t?"da, Bureau-, add Waabst and?. |trn>.- la. Three-ply and Ingraiii Carpeta. V.d*et Rue* and Door-mats llall Oilcloths aid Stair Carpet*. Stair R "1s and ? raah llnak and Cotton-top Mattraaaoa. Cooking Rango. Ileat:ui< and o'her S'o*ea, Crockery and Olasaware, Ritcb^n Re.juiaitea.Ac. Terma cash. GKEEN A WILLIAMS, as-d AucticM^ers. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, A'ictloneera, tiorthwea; corner of lutb and D streets. TRISTEES SALE OF A NEW COTTAGE DWELLING ON P STREET.BETWEEN Irfiii AND 16th STREETS. NORTHWEST. By Tirtue of a deed of trust, dated onth'23d ?l?. of Noteml er. A. l>. 1ST2, and duly recorded Lin lit>.*r No 7^2. f-.lio l t?. Ac.,of th- l .nd rt< onls of Washington comity, D. C., and by dire< tion of the party secured thereby, I will sell at p iblic Miction, in front of the premises, on MONDAY, the 7ih dm of April, A D lrtTV at 4>? o'clxk p. m.. L ?t :ii ?ixty-ei?h?. (?a.> in Lane's -ul>li?i?i >n of l';?rt Square Bnmh r?d ftne hundreil and ninety foitr.i 1M.) frontIr.z*' f.^et S Iti^h.^on north P stre.-t, with a lepth of I0>> feet, to a ten-f ?>t alley. Terwa: One third ea?h. of which .S1 JO niuit be paid down at time of -ale: balance in alv and twelve months, with Intecat a* aeven p-r cent., a -cnrnl by deed of trn-t op the premises. All convey anci ig at cost ..f the purchaser. If the above terns are nrtt compli'-d with w thin five davs after sale, th- Trustee will rtswll at the < o?t of tbe defaulting purchaser. baML'AL T. DRl RY. Trnstee. Iinm?sliatelv after the al>ove sale, we will sell L >ta *1. 75 ai.d 76. in same sun are. said lota froutiug'A) feet .-a? h <>n Q street, w ith a d> Pth of MO fe?-t. T^rnis: One-fourth oaah: balance in aix, twelve and eighteen months, with interest at aev.-n p^-r j r, lit-. ?ernrnl on the pretniaes. .^.Vtdownon ea< h 1.1 at time of sale. All convey anci tig at purchasers ' ai d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. g/"THK \BOVK SALE IS POSTPONED u^if. MONDAY, the 14th inarant, at the aaui. hour aitT place Bv order of the Trustee a- d i.KEEN A W ILL! \ M", Ancts. UY LATIMER A CLEART. D Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers, South*est cornet Pennaylvania avftuc aud 11th st., Star Office Building. , TRUSSES VALI OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SEVENTH STREET I ROAD. NEABLY OPPOSITE THE SCHl'Er ZEN PARK. By virtne of a deed of front, bearing date tho ?Bp?.')tn day of May. A D. W72. and recorled iu ea^Lilar Ka. M, at f?li??f the Land Records of the District of Columbia, and at the request of the person aeenred thereby, we ?!i?|l sell in front of tbe pr.miaes.on FRIDAY, the "iith day of April. 1873, at t o'clock p. m.. Lota numbered S7, tt, 29 and J), in Block 9 in Todd and Brows'a subdivision "f Mt. with the improvements there on, consisting of a nearly new. comfortable Frame Dwelling, with necessary out-buildings, all in go.^d condition; well of excellent water on the premises. The Boundary and Silver Springs Horn" Railroad pass the door. .... Terms of sale*. Amount of indebtedness secured by the deed of truat (being ?t.uuO, with interest at 10 (ier cent, yer annum from the 26th of May.U72,l and expense* of aale (which will be made known on day of sale), will be required in cash; the balance iu < and 12 months, to be secured by a deed of trust nponthe property. C2U0 down at time of sale. If tbe Utm of sale are not complied with within seven days, the property will be resold at the risk and cost of tbe defaulting pnrchaaer. Conveyancing at par S?V?J?WSESK"'j v?~ a2-dAda LATIMER A CLEART, Aucts. k WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, I, northwest corner 10th and D Ms. IALE JT TRC8TEES~0T VALUABLE PROP RETT ON C, NEAR TH1 CORNER OF Uc STREETS. NORTHWEST. By tiitw of three deeds of trust, the first dated March JO. 1<72, the second April J, M72, and the third May 21,137t. and duly recorded iu liber No. <79, folio 3D; liber No. I7U, folio 4M, and liber No. <04, folio 24. respectively, of the laad records for the comity of Washington, D. C., and by directiM ot the parties secured thereby, we, the undersigned trustees, will IV seven (7) (ncbsaof L<4 numbered three, (J,) in dinars numbered live itundred aud seveiay-four,<574.) and all the improvemeut* thereon, which consist of nor. tionaof^ii brick bouses. The brick work of th~te houses is completed to the height of the first Soor of joists, ?hi?.h aia laid. The location being central, I lie houses, wKsii completed, a ill And ready sale or rent. Terms of aale are : One-half in oaeh, of which 02>O must Iw paid at the sale; the d ferred payments t.) I?e made It, six aud twelve mouths, with interest from tte-day of sale. Tb- terma of sale must be complied with within six days after sal*, in 'lefanlt wheseof th- prop, erty m.?y be resold at the riek and cost of the first purchssrr. C. nvtyauung at ths purchaser's coet. JOHN WILL] WRL1 n.2Sn s,f tiREEN t WILLIAMS. \nrt? John f hanna, j WILLIAM H PHILP.S Trustees. W M. lil A M H. WARD.N B? THOMAS R. WAGGAMAN, R .al Estate Auctioneer, 919 7th street. tllANCERY SALE OF A COMFORTABLE DWRLL1NU ON 9th STREET. BETWEEN P AND O NORTHWEST. Il'ader and by virtue of a decree of th ? Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, dated Janu ary 10th, M73. ami pa?"d in a certain cause in said court, in which Francis M-diun and others are complainant*, awl Charles W. Perkins and others are defendants, numbered 2,891. Bqnity Docket 12, the iibriervianed trustee in said caus<- appointed. a ill. <>n the ISth dst or April. A.D. 1873. at 4:30 o'clock p. m .sell at public auction, iu front of the premise, lot numbered IS. (thirteen,) in Thomas Young's and Samnel F< wier's subdivision ofsjnare aiinil-er sl lour hundre?l and twenty one. <421.) in the city of Waehin^ton. District of Cofumbia. The property is situated on 0?h atreet, between P and (J streets northwest, and Is itnprov?.l by a very c.-nifortable brick dwelling, three stories iu height, and balcony front. The terms of sale, as prescribed by said decree are; One-third cash and th* residue in two equal instal ments of O and Id month*; tbe deferred payment* to bear interest from day of sale, (t per centum per aunnni.) and to be liana ou tbe property sold. ?2%) of cash payment to be given at too time of sale, and the reaidue of cash payment to be made within five day s, otherwise the property will be resold at the C.wt and risk of tbe defaulting purchaser. Coavey aiH ing at purchaser's cost. GEOTr. APPLKBT, Trustee. n,a >-2w THOS E. WAGQAMAN, Auct. Y B. H. WARNER, . . .. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Ko. ItV 7th street, between 0 and H. TBUSTEE-S SALB OfTTW0-ST0BT FRAME Dwr B i?i STB 'TEE'S SALB OF A TWO ST0BT FRAME to Daaiel L. Baton Jk By virtnsof adeed of trustto D Sand mysalf, dated Jus* It. 1872, and duly re ?*cov.l?l is Liber No. 470, folio 400, one of th* laad records of Washington, D. C., I will sell, at public ' front f* the premias*. to the highest bid '14 o'clock p. abdivMon of ??Bi M|M ' Swy' m urn ftr in IslllseUon SATI BDAI, Afril IS. 1ST*, VBa luartex past ? o'clock, part ot lotXI, Is <sb. 3Kf -nusri tW, han^f a front of U ?fc (A 1st Mreet wMt.sad ruontug back US feet to a 1*feet Term*-One-haTf cart; halawce In sir ?s4 twelve ?Mths. with iuterest. js>' dww* ew day ?( soil*. Conveyancing at ps;cha*er'sco*t. a4-jids B. M. WABBBB, Auct. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERMOOM. B T GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucti. Sc.. 1001, nnrtli*r?i corner 10th snl D ?t* B TWO HANDSOME PRIVATE BEHDENOBS, FRONTING OK I STREET WORTH. BR TWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS, W EST. AT AUCTION. IOn WEDNESDAY, the ?th day of April, 18T3. at ft oVloek p. mwe shall eelt.on the pre mises, f*rt of Lot numbered two (2). in squire numbered three hundred and eevsutvthro" iS"*', having two- three-story press-brick front Houw<. c>ntsintiig 10 rooms each, with * flue cellar, bath - fimn. water, m r<?ikiM range. Latr >b* mIuv*. Ac.: being bouse* No. ?07 and 009. with wide and back alley*. Per?>n? wishing m?d;ura-size b ?osae will do well to attend the Bale. Terms: One-third caab; balance tai. U, 18 ana H month-, for notes tearing 8 pr Cent, intermit an.I secured by a deed of tru<t on the premise*told. All conveyancing at cart of purchaser. 3100 djwn on earh house at tin>? of sale. s2>l J Rep ) GREEN A WILLIAMS. AncW. YB H. WARNER, _ . Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Ko. T'it ;tb street, balweeu O and II street*. PUBLIC SALE OF LOTON DISMORE STREET, BETWEEN ?th AND 10th AND E AND F STREETS SOUTHWEST. _ 9 1 will sell *t public suction, on W EDNES DAT, April 9, 1KT3. at S'i o'clock p m , th? south half of Lot 31. in SjnareS-a. fronting ?6 feet on Di?nior? street southwest. Te-n *: One-third cash; balance in 6 and 15 W>nth?. Srudowu on sect ptance of bid. Convej ancitig at purchaser's cost. . __ iio-"1.t'I* " n V ARNER. Anction*?r._ UV LATIMER * CLE ART, Auctioneers and R-al Estate Broker*, Southwest corner P<*t r.VTlvanis avenue aud lUh st., Star Office Buildings. 1MPBOVED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTHEAST t ORREROr?Tii AND BOUNDARY STREETS. A'1 0? 'WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON April?? 1-C (, at * >' I cV.we shall sell, in front of tjie L|.r the two-storv Frstn ? If >ti?e. V ? 1 *? 4.1 9t h sir et, corner of B>Mind ?Lot 25 f-et ft cut 75f??t d^p. , , Tphix Carh C'?ttv*YH?>*ing *? jwifchMW * c*M. Hi <U<I? LATIMEft k CLKARY. . By "t ii osTY7vf aT.gaMan, ' Real Estate Auctioneer, #19 7th street. CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT. FINE FRONT ISO FEET ON MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, BETWEEN 13th AND 16th STREETSEAST. On WBDNESD AY, April all, at 5 o'clo k ip m.. I shall -*11 on the premise* abore men ?tionetl. L>t- 3 and 4. iu square sonth of MJTi. Terms da\ >>t ?;.!? _ _ ?7 (Rep.) THOS. E W ACS AM AN. Anct. TO-MURROW. OBEF.N .t WILLIAMS. Aucti >aeers, No. lOOl northwest corner loth and D sts. MAGNIFICENT WALNUT FRAME PARLOR SUITE, UPHOLSTERED IN RED PLUSH; HANDSOME W ALNUT ETKGKRE, MIRROR RACK, BLACK WALNUT BEDSTEAD. StiPE RIOR BLACK WALNUT MARBLE TOP FRENCH PLATE GLASS BUREAU, WALNUT MARBLE-TOP WASHSTAND, GILT FRVMK MIRRORS. BLACK WALNUT MARBLE TOP SIDEBOARD, MIKROR BACK: WALNUT CANE SEAT CHAIRS AND ROCKERS, ONE CHILD'S COTTAGE SUITE. WITH WARD ROBi: M ADE TO ORDER, ROSEWOOD ( RIB WALNUT LIBRARY TABLE, BLACK WAL NUT LIBBART CHAIRS. WALNUT FRAME LOUNGE. WALNUT EXTENSION TABLE AND DINING ROOM til AIRS. REFHIGERA TORS, WIRE SAFES. CHILD'S CARRIAGE. ONE SEWING MACHINE, (WILCOX A GIBBS;) WALNUT HAT RACK. MIRROR BA(K; FINE HAIR. HUSK AND CoTTON TOP M ATT It ASSES; FEATHER PILLOWS AND BOLSTF.RS; BRUSSELS. HALL AND ST AIR CARPET S; WIN DOW Sll \DK.S.STAIR ROD*: ELEGANT RKI SSELS. INGh AIN \ND OTII1R CARPETS; VELVET RUGS, DOOR MAT-. CROCKERY AND GL VS8WARE. H FATING STOVES, KITCHEN REyUl SILI S, Ac. A OnTHURSDAY MORNINIJ, April lOih. m 1S73. c .inuiencing at lO >VI<>rk. we <hnll sell, ?^?Mat the ivaidence of a eentl 'man ?leclinlng |T|h.msekeeping, No. 14*2^ Q str.-et. Mrnvn ? l?th anil 15th streets n<>rthw,-st. the above de scribeil snperiorcollei^ion of Furniture. Ac. M>>.t of the Furniture was male to order, and in iv rt'e?-t ord?r. Terms cash. ?5-d | Rep J G1! E EN -V W I L1.1A M S A nets. Y DUNCANSON. DOW LING A CO., Aucts., Corner 9'h and D streets uorthwert. HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS OF 1*31 !?rit ST., BETWEEN M AND N STREETS NORTH WEST. AT AUCTION. A On THURSDAY MORNING, April lrtth. Bl comnienciiig at 11 o'clock, we will sell, at lfl| 1 231 9th street northwest, all tLe houieliohl I ? I-' ksU. consistini? of? ? Carp?-t?, C ?tti?t;e Sets. B-datead?; Wnsh*taiKls. Tables, Crncerjri Ac., &?'. Sale positive. DUNCANSON, D0WLINO A CO., a3 1 Rep) Anctioneiw*. B1 B Y B H WARNER, R- al Estate Broke nd Anctioneor, No. 7519 7th stre?t, bt? oen G and li streets. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE. No. 11? FIFTH STREET SOUTH WEST, AT AUCTION. ^ By ? irtue of a deed of trust to Daniel L. Eat->n ^Band myself,dated March 29. 1H73. and duly re i^Bt .ird'-d in Lil>er No*612, folio 61, one <>f the land records for Washington, D. C., I will sell at public anction. iti front f.f th? aremises, to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the iltitb dajr <>f March, 1373. at 4 o'clock p. m., all that part of Lot No. 13. in s<iiiare No 818, contained within the following metes and bounds; Beginning for the saiue at a point 17>? feet from the sontneast corner of Lot No. 13, aud miming thence n>>rth 17>i fe?t; thence west to the rear line of said lot; thence south 17H feet, and thence east to the place of beginning, together with the improvements thereon. Terms- The amount of irdebtedness secured by said deed of trust unpaid, with the expenses of sale, in cash, and the balance at six and twelve months, to be secured by a deed of trust upon the property sold, with interest from the day of sale. de posit on acceptance of bid. If terms sal-are list complied with within seven davs alter sale, the property to be resold at the risk aud cost of the de fnnfting purchaser. GEO. W 8TlCKNEY,8urvhing Trustee, f22-eoAds B. H. WABNEB. Auct'r. KTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED nntil THUBSDAT, April 10, M73,satne hour and place. By order of the Trustee. mSl B. H. WARNER, Auctioneer. |)Y LATIMEB A CLBABY, I) Auctioneer* aud Beal Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and ll:h street. Star Offise Building. SALE OF GOVERnIkENT PBOPEBTY IN SQUARE 097. Pursuant to the act of Congress providing for ??the extension of the Capitol Grounds, approved ??May 8, 1S72, we shall sell, on THURSDAY. April 10,1S73,commencing at II o'clock a. m., the follow ing buiidliiMs, embraced in Sgnare No. &a : Whitney's Hotel, corner Delaware avenue and North A street. National brick, three stories, with three-story bark building. Nos. 4 and 6 North A street, three atorias, attic and basement. No. < has a three-story back build ing, will be sold together. Nos. 12,16,18,28, 2S and 30, North A street, will be sold separately. N<*. IS), 122,124 and 126 will be sold in a group; material, wood. Nos. 27,29,33, 33 and 39, B stnet, will be s >ld sepa rately . Iron Railing fronts to be sold separately. Teams of sale: Ten percent. of the purchase money w ill lie required at the time of sale; the remainder to l e paid within ten days after snch sale. Buildings to be removed within thirty days. Bv order of C. Dki.aso. SecnHarv of Interior, al LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, Northwest coruei lu ii aud D streets. B < IIANCERY SALE OF VALU VBLE PROPER TY ON M STREET. BETWEEN tint AND 7tii STREETS, NORTHWEST ats t'nder and by virtue of a decree <>f the Su E3 pn me Court of the District <>f Columbia, passed ?i*in Eo'iity cause No. iu siid C oil!, wherein Wm. W. Willinzsford and wife are com Cainants, and Truman A. Cook and others are 'fendatits. the undersigned,trurteesdnly appointed in said ? aus-, w ill sell at public auction, in front <>f the premises, on MONDA Y, the 21st day of April, A. D. 1 "O. at 4.'t o'clock p. in., all that part of lot sixteen(16) in s.iuare four hundred and forty-nine < 119>. in the City of Washington. D- C., beginning in the northeast corner of the b>t and run mug west twenty-one (21) feet; thence sonth oue hundred and twenty-four (124) feetjthence east twenty one ? 211 feet; thence north oue hundred and twenty-four (12l I feel to the place of beginning; together with the mprovenn-nts thereon,consisting of a tliree-storv t.rick honw, fronting twenty-one (21) feet on M street, known as No. 618. Terms of sale, ae prescribed by decree, are; One fourth cash, aud the balance in three e.|iial instal ments, for which the uot'-s of the purchaser w ill be taken, payable a\ six, twelve, aud eighteeu mouth* respectively from day of sale, with interest at the rate of eluht percent, per aiu.uin. ami secured to t he-ati-fa< tioB of the triiste -s. A deposit of .fi.6 will be required at the time of sale. If the terms of aale are not complied with withiu Ave days from the dav of sale, the property will be resold at the cost and risk of defaulting pnrchaser, after ten days rotice in any newspaper of the city of Washington, All conveyancing at the coat of the purchaser. WM. r. MATTINgLT* TroHt-e, M T. MORRIS. ^ Trustees. *8 dAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. BT GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1 Ml, northwest corner ltfth and D Ma. TRUSTEES:BALE OfTaLUABLE IMPROVED PBOPEBTY AT AUCTION?THBEE ST?BT BRICK DWELLING, WITH FRENCH *001% St. STREET BAST, BBTWBEN B AND C K0KTH. By virtue of a deed of trurt, dated September Bll, 1871, recorded in liber *67, foliolU, of tne ?bid records of Waahtnctoa ooutjr, DMrict cf Colombia, and by direction of the holder of the note ?aenred thereby .we will sell, at public art ion, on the prtmiaas, om TaUBbDAT, April IT, I ? o'clock p. m., all that pteoe of gronnd In Wash ington city, D. C., known as Lot lettered T, to Ches ter A Junktn's sobdivision of man724. Terms ef sale: Oae-third cash; balaace to one and two years, with Interest at the n?te of ten ner cent, per mumb, payable seMl aanoally, secured hy notes and deed ottrnst on the property, to the sntiafm of the trwstees. Convey anct a* and receedtog at chaser's coot. If the terms of sale are net sens with In AveOnrafront the day ef sale, the reeerve the right to reeeU the property fet ?7 d 0SBKX t WILLIAMS, on ir B Trnstees. Ancts. Y B. H. BFABNEB^ Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7*97th street, between 0 and H. JBPAT,A>rUl?h, W*,* s^divlalon of sqaare*W^I?r)yafront jjufset ATTCTTQy SALES. fit DUNCAfcfON. DOHfclNG A CO.. A net're, ?J orner M. iUi4 I) *ti-ets n jr;hw~?: FIVE NE W PARI Of SUITES,COTTAGE SETS. LO! NGES. WARTROBFS CHAIRS, COCK STOVES. MATTRESSES. BEDSTEADS. *c.. Ac., AT AUCTION. A On THURSDAY MOEMM, April l?th. HU r<iBnrnriu( *1 JO o'clock. by ord-*r of n W^^-'able. we will sen at our auction i>va?s t:.e f^n aboi f it oc k. ' ? S*lf pron pt at 10 <?*' liv^ a.* DUNCANSON. DOW LINO * CO., Ancts. By thos. k. waugauas. B'-al Auctioneer, i 15# 7tU street B* virtne of a deed of 1rn*."l??M tb* 9-h day |of March. A. D. 1871. and recorded U? Liber No. Iff. folio |U. of the l-ind records for the county of V a-hingtn. Di-drict of Ct-lumbia, and by :lie writtt-u request ?f tb? party secured thereby. ?? will offer for sale, bv public auction, on TRUR** DAY.the lOtLday T April, 1STS, on the premises, at # o'rlock p. m.. the we??erti fi' fe?t of L?t numbered 24, in Square fit, having a depth of 74 feet 6 inches, and improved by a three-story Brick Dwelling. Terms -f mI?: Oi??-tbinl catdi; balance in six utl twelve mouths, with in!?r??t. 41 li> frr-nt., from ilajr of sale, and act ured b) deed < f trust on th? pt p erty sc>!d. All conveyancing at pur< has.-r'* cost; ftlOn doivn wb?n the property la ?old. 1RKDERICKW 'ONES.J- . JOSEPH R. EDSON. * 1 rTUtI *' a?2t THOS. F. * AQI1AM \X. A n? t. IV f?Y I.ATTMF.R A CLLART, I* Auctioneer* and R ai Estate Hrokers. S .utheaat corner Pennsylvania lueime and 11th *t., Office Buildii g. HOUSEHOLD AND EIT' HEN FURNITURE AT AUCTION. f\ o:v FRIDAY MORNING, April 11. at 10 U4 o'clock, we will "ell at No. 4 A s?r*?t nortb H&l' ctvseen Delaware avenue and 1st ?tr>- t , l\ " i < *t d or to Whitney's Hotel, the Fttriiti:' , | Ac., tlH-rrln,oi>wl-tlng In rnrT at"? W nrftr >l??, Bedstead- and Brf'-ans, Diiiit e ?r<1 nth-r TChair*. Cjirp? t?, Oilcloth. stoves, \\ ittdow Curtains, Venetian Blinds and Slitv I ?! I'ri cUrt i?iid Gla!<?wnre, K it> l.rli Ri'<iHi?ite<, Ac.. .' LATIMER A ("LEAKY. | W?'p | A'v-rloueer* UY~B. 11. \\ ARS'EH, R'-al Eftate B'^ke'- a'>d An?*tl 'ne-'r, N >. 7th stn-et .betwt-eu O ant H ???. PrBLH' 8M.K nr V*M'AW1,F BCILOINT LOT ON Til K E AST 811>R ?>K 1 :?th HTKCKT, KKARM STREET, IN ONE OK THE Most l'ESI l; ABIK ANI> RAPIDLY IMPBOVIHG 1 OOATIONS IN THE CITY. 1 vill Off r f,ir -.a'e. .it the pramia,'*. >n ?WTHCirsnw. Ar<il 17 117S at ? ,'c| .-k p.w., ? lot 8. in Davidson*? anhdlvlalon of ?,|i>are fl, frontine fe,?t on l.ltli "treat, by a depth of t<"t. to ? paved alley :j| f,.(>t wide. Term" One-tliie-1 oaah, and the hsilfttire in ind 12 nioi,:liK, with six pnrc<-nt. iulen-tl, >?'ur?- i b) ? deed of !ru?t. Will *>e aold Cheap. ?9-eoA,l? B. H. WARNER Ane?. _B "n. Warner, Real Eatate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7!f? 7th street, betw.-en O aud H ?t?. PI BI.1C HALE OW DRSIHABLB BI'lLDINO I OTS ON WEST SIT>E OF ?th ST?KKT. BF. TWEEN RHODE ISLAND AYESCB AND R STRFTT - ATTENTION PARTIES WHO WISH TO P.C1LD SI will offt-r for -ale. on the |,remi>e?, on FRI DAY, April I**, 1<7T. ?t i o'clock, two Lota, fronting 11 feet .t incliea e ,cli on9th -treet, liv a depth of feet 9 inche* to a jn feet alley. Title p'-rft ct ? T'-rm ? ? One third cash; balance in 6 and 15 ni >nt h?. ?ec?red l-y d< ?*l.,f trntt, w ith tlx pnr c?nt. intMr"->t. Conveyancing at seller'* co?t. The atre.-t car- will run by theae lots w ithin G0d**?, and Rhode Ialati l avennewill aoon be it.- e<l. Attend this aaJe if

yon wish a bargain. B. H. WARNER, ai>eo*d? Anctioo.-?r. BY~f:REKN ,V WILLIAMS. An-tioue. r-. I!?*J1 D ?treet northwest, corn?r of U> h. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A SMALL HOUSE AND LOT ON f'EDAR STREET. BETWEEN I*?m ANI? 19th 8TKKETS. NORTHWEST. MBn virtue of a deed of trust dated the ll'liday of April, 1871, aud recorded in liber No.ii*'. fo lio 313, Ac., of the land records for Washington cf untv, IV C., atnl bv direction f tl|? party secured thereby. I ? ill sell at pnhlii auction, in f'ont of the l<rmi-' -. at 3 o'clock p. m., on M< 'NI> \ Y.t<ie ?|| <t day ?.f A pril. 1-7.T, lot nnuli -re,I thirty-tour (3? , an t the eaut five feet of lot No V>, of the rec ird""! ub divi-ion of square ntimb-re?l <m<- hnndro-l ati<l tliir tv two (1.12 ?. Term" of sale.- %.?,28 in cash, "f which A.S) tunst b> raid at sale, the balance in b :>??) 12 niontns, in n t<-, ??earing interest and secured by deed of trust on tS property. Coli\e> ancini; at the cost of the piir . baser. M. P OALLAN. Trnsh?e. a9--o.v-Is GREEN A WILLIAMS. An ts Y DI'NCANSON, DOW LINO A CO., A nets S"Uth'-a?t corner 9>li and D streets northwest. B TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION. !i By virtue of a de' d <d trust,<lat?d September 317th. lsT2, at>d rec in Liber 6 <4. bdi > Zi9. of Ka-th- land records of Washington county, His trictof Columbia, and by direction of the holder of the note secured thereby, we will sell, at public anction. on the premises, on MONDAY, April '41st. 1*73. at 4 o'clock p. tn. all that piece or parcel of gronnd known and dea? ritn-d aa original Lot numbered four (4. > ins >nare south of square ?tie hundred and Tour (!?.,/K.iproved by a two-story Frame Building. Terms of sale, as required by said deed, are ^I.tkin, wilh ten p-r cent, interest from September 17th, l->75, toj{eth?r with the expense* <>f this Hale, in cash, and the balance in A and 1? inoathi, aeenred by the nxtesof the piir> baser, hea ring interest at ( percent., and a d< ed of trnst on the property. $WUdowu when the pr?'p"rty is sf ruek off If the terms of sale are not complied *Ith,the trustees' reserve the richt tore sell the property, at the risk and cost of th- default ing purchaser. ROBERT P. DODGE. { -r PHILIP A. DARNEILE (TruMe*" a9 DUNCANSOK, DOWLING A CO.. Aurts. BY GRBEH * WILLIAMS, Auctioneara, Mo. ItlOl, northweat corner loth aud D streets. TRUSTEES' SAL* OF VALUARLE BUILDING LOTS FlUiNTINti ON FIFTH STREET. BE TWEEN Q AND R STREETS, AT AUCTION. On THI'RSDAT. the 24th day of April, A. D. 1873, at ti o'clock p. in., we shall sell on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dated the 7'hd-ty of De cember, A D. 1871, and duly recorded in Liber Nj. iW, foil.. t4. one of th? land records of Washington connty. In the Diatrict of Columbia, known as all of lot numbered ten (10 > and part of lot numbered nine <9?, insoiiare iinmi>er"d four hundred and seventy seven (477) for the same, at ths aontheast corner <>t said lot numbered ten < 10), and running thence north along Mb street line west one hundred and Ave < IUA> feet,thence west uiuety-three < fOI feet four and half inches, thence south one hnndred and tlve < lrs ? feet, thence east ninety-three feet fonr and one-half in ches (9} feet 4H inche?>tothe place of beginning. Teims: One-ibird cash, balance 6 and 12 months, to l>e secured by deed of trust on the property sold. A deposit of $100 rfoulred on each lot at the time of sale. Terms to be fully complied with within >ix days after sale, otherwise the trustee* reserve the right to resell the property at the risk aud cost of defaultine purchaser. All couveyancing at pur chaser's cost. LUOWIG A. MEINERS./Triw,_ GU8TAV HARTIO. \ rruatees. a!) GREEN A WILLIAMS. A.kIs. AUCTION SALE. By virtue of adeed of trust, hearing date Oc ?BPtober 23d, ls67, and recorded in liber E. C. E . ^~-N". 21. folio 461, one of the land records of Washington county, D. C.. and also by virtue of oue other deed of trnst, Imarinir date October S5'h. 18'.7, and recorded in liber B. C.B.,No. 21, folio 4l>4, iu the same land records, I will sell, on FRIDAY, April 11th, 1S73, at 4 oVWk p. m., on the premises, at public auction, to the highest bid b*r. L >ts Nn?. 1, 2 and .1, ill block No. fi, and lot No. 3. in Ubick No. 3, in propertv known as "Meridian Hill," Washing ton county. D. C. Terms of sale: One-half cash; balance in and 12 months, with interest, secured by de.-d <d trust on the premises. *1<W cash down on each lot at the time of sale. All conveyancing at the c.xt of the purchaser. J T. STEVENS. Tru-tee. D UNO ANSON, DOWLING v <0. a9-eoAds AnrtmsssM, A Ut'TiOS SALE. By virtue o| a deed or trust, bearing da'e Au."|st 19th. 18i'>8. and recorded in Liber T and R. N ?. 1, folio 149. one of the land records for Washington county. D. C., and also by virtue of auoth"r de?l of trust, bearing date Novembor 13th, 18SS, and record ed in Liber T and R. No. 6, folio lo, Ac. in the -aine land records, 1 will sell on FRIDAY, 4pril l*?lh, 1873, at A o'clk p. tn. on the premises, at Public Auc tion, to the highest bidder. Lot No.(, in Bl-x-k N >. t., ami L't No. 7, in Block, iu property known as "Meridian Mill, in Washington cunty. D. C. Ternt* of sale- Oue-third cash; balance in C anj 12 month'. ?ith interest secured by deed of trust on the premises; ?lon cash down on each Lot at the time of sale. All conveyance* at the cost of the purchaser LYNOON H STEVENS . Trustee. i'O-e.? Ads PUNCANSON. DOWLING A CO .Anct B Y GREEN A W ILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Northwest corner 10th and D ntre *ts. B POSITIVE SALE OF UNIMPROVED REVL ESTATE ON NORTH CAPITOL STREET. BE TWEEN M AND N STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. ?On THURSDAY, the 17th o'clisk p.m., we shall sel'.on the prem s -s. Lot No. ll, la Square No. <73, being 137 feet 3 inches bv 1.K1 feet deep, which will bo sold all together or suMivided to suit purchasers. Term* : One-third cash; balance in <, 12 and 18 months, lor notes bearing intere?t, and secured by a deed of trust on the preaiise*. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchasers, fM? down on the day of "w?-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucta. comer 9th and D streets nonhweat. SALE OF VALUA?L*~PROPERTY ON llTH STREET, NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVE MUK On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April IS. ^?at A o'clock, we will sell, upon the premises, all ??of lot 14, in sou are 313, having a front of 80 feet npon Uth street with the depth of lot, with improve ments upon the sauia. The above propftty m situated upon the *e*t side of Uth street west, between C street and PennsvIvn nia avenue, ami one of the mo-t desirable pieces of property in the city. Tanas: One-third cash; balaace is |, U aad IS O'ontba, notes bearina interest and secured by a deed of trnst upon the amisM, Oanreyattctng, Ac., at the cost of the pnrcbaeer. A depsit of |M will be required aa ?oon as 'he property is knocked "If. a* DUNCANSON. DOWLING ACQ.. Aacta. BY DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Ancts. Corner kb aud D streets northwest. SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITOL BILL <AT AJJCTION. On THUTK8DAY AFTERNOON. April IT. I f orlocg, w? trill sell apua the praaaiaaa. all ?of Lot 1, square 8M, having a front of at feet I i oc ha* upua north D street, with a death of SB feet upon fch street east. This property t? situated ia me of the moat rapidly improviag portions of the city, bviagthe northwest comer of ?:h and D sts. Terms Ose-Uiird cash; balance ia 6. IS and IS " nth*, notes kesiring Interest and secured bv deed of trust npea the premlaea. Convefaucius. Ac., at cod of the purchaser. A deposit of 9&i will be re quired aa aoon as the property I* knocked off. aS DUNCANSON. DOWLING A CO., A acta. EVENING STAR. "Other" S<?* who Oav't Take Caul or Htn-ai ?*.?Wht n Kt|?ina 111 died. oneot htaaons wa- in New York citv on Li- way to th< Pun tic rot4 to laprtn his for tunes, and n Pari- p?per hw J'??t (iTts wist new* of him in a h ttn from bimeelt. Ixwiu Nipoleoa .l^mnr Howard U the ?>n of l?uii Bonapartr m<1 Mia* Howard. w*? bom in l<on don tn !!47. and ereati d b* hi# father C?Mt de Reiin?it<t. Naj oleon III. fare M**e Hosrnrd the chateau de B?ai regard In !*;. On Lor death the chateau fell into the pOMsM?ii<n of thm Count de Beauregard. He was ?rll tunctttd by kin father, and toeght is the late Frtao* Prussian war. He lately ?#'d ttie prepettv tor I3#.wn franc*. and determine ! to settle iu Amuii'i. He hat- Lad had lurk aireadr. as the following letter from him Indicate*: "I Ian led tn New York after a very pleasant voyage. an?l had a splendid time at three dar# in the irace rial city of the new world, which. If It la not like Paris In man\ r<*jwt? anrpite>es onr great metrojolla. Then I left for the Weat tn a mij mlicent cleeplfig-ear, the unwonted luxar? of which enabled me for the first timf in mv "l fr 1 to sleep aonndlv on the cars. I thought it was retry nice; bnt the waking wa? terrible. for In the' morning when I drcised I found that my bear* w-aist -oa? had been cut open arid that the !>l.oor> franc hills which I h:?d aewM in there had been abstracted therefrom. I wa? bevond Buffalo when I a-? ertallied tliat my money was ? Thb 1>kn??ws Won a a Still i> a Taticr The iouhk Kuu'tii wlio i?'nlt'>l in M. Yiaeviit St. Paul's OkutiU, Williamsburg. on Tkiirxltr night. and who has siuce remaiiwd uncoiicm*. w.ts taken to the SiMer'e H?^i?ir:?l on H?ckv ?tieet on Saturday nifiil. Ail efforts to laarn w ho shei< aiki where she IIvea have be*-n uawc Wwful. SI.e is evidently a |<eison ot rvtine mert. sue *?? drewed* in deep mourning Repularly she hail attended St. Paul's. On Thnrsda v she eii(cr??1 the chtirCh at II o'clock in the foreman. and at 5 p. in. was preparing for conteswion whenahetaiubd. Her clothing .s mark*d ".Varv Ague '?If. V. 8rr."ith. Kr.ave of Club*?Captain .l ick. ?WDehts ot" ali nations *ll,?tt,0O&.ftM. %ry armers' elnhs are lively in Illinois. It to-t a m:in in Or"en Bay. Wis..*-*.000 to ^pcak of a woman as '-that nottir:ou? woman." M7 The woman's ceiitenuial associatiou ot Philadelphia is to he made national. fcT Koch ester ice-dealer* relu-e to deliver ice on Sunday* this season. *>Hali the honey bee* ot the northwest have been killed by the i**i-re winter. KTAn f >hio congregation recently pelted the pastor with unmarketable eggs for preaching a temperance sermon. Wit cost a man in Mrtf'ord. Mass.. ?6?>toh*? ten the speed ol his horse l>y sticking a kiute into him. 9&~A lather te under arrest in Wore eater. Mass., for w hipping a one year old child tor an hour and dislocating it.* thigh. ?^"Fifteen Detroit clergymen have published an open letter to Governor Di*. commending his course iu the Foster case. Capital punish ment has been abolished in Michigan. a^"A I>ca Moines (IowaI chap lias fitted np a fiddle to run by steam. And the horritied neighbors are looking about for some contriv ance that will enable them to run by Rteaiu. DIED. FROST. Suddenly. at hi* n?*r G > ?1 Hope. M?nlay, Aprd 7, LEONARD FRO&T. aged 6" years. Funeral from the residence of K lwa-1 SI K mn. 1-J1* Ulh street east. Thursday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. ROLLINGS. At lloYI'k p. m..SUSAN EI'HK I. inf?nt daughter of A an t Annie It .llitig*. * SEVALL. In Georgetown, April mh, Mr*. MARY SEW ALL, relict of Beiinet Sewall, in tip* ijgth year of her age Funeral to-morrow (Thursday) at 5 p. in., fr< No. 7 Market -trcet, Georgetown. Fri -uda of t family in* ited. ?ui the UNDERTAKERS. I^ICHARO r. I1ARVEV, UNDBRTAKBR, (Bmntum to HAKVhY t MAKR,? bo. !#?'?? F Hiiiit, betweec Bimth and Tenth. METALLIC BURIAL CASKS ANU CASH Bt* (J retry nip.rl ly SHKOUDS, HA SITS, |HtHAKl) W. UARkER, CABINET MAKER AM) OH DERTAK MM, 61U KLCVSKTU 8TBKET, ue?i F. rVRfiJTVKK UE ALI. MINUS MA UK AN f R KfAtHKO wiMr ^yiLLIAM HAI KETT. UNDERTAKBR, No.734 Tth PrmKKT, BnwmO a*iD H ?T??wt ?p381r t)"tBns and Oaakets of all kind* AUCTION SALES. B Y UREKN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. Northwest corner lo b and D street#. TWO STORY FRAME HOD8JC AND LOT, FRONTING ON 7tii STREET *E8T, ?E TW EES E AND S STREETS NORTH, AT ACCTlOlf On MONPA T, the llthinst .at #'4 o'clock ?B p m . we shall sell, on the pr>-nu?es. pait L >t ^*tfo. 9, in 8<4nare M<>. 4la. being a go at trout and hH) feet deep, with the improvements, consisting of s Frame Dwelling House. N >. 1136, and d?w the new northern market. Terms: One-thirdcaah. balance In < and 1} mmtli*, f"r notes hearing interest, and secured bjr a dendof trnsi on the premises. Conveyancing at the cost jf the purcha?er. QhJOdown on the day of ?*le. asd GEEEN a WILLIAMS, A nets. DI THOMAS E. WAGGAMAK, 13 Real Estate Auctioneer, ftl9 7th street. VERY VALLABLE PROPERTY. 414 KIFTH STREET NORTHWEST, OPPOSITE JU DICIARY SQUARE. On FRIDAY, April 11th, at i o'clock p. tn., ^?1 shall sell, on the nreiuis. ?,the above property. ^?Will efT^r as a whole. If n'>t sold, will off?r a?-paratel>. This is an opportunity M-ldom met with in this city to obtain so desiral.le a property, Iteing improved by eh-gani h'>uee of twentv rooms, bath r. on. on every floor; couiniodion* stable, and large grounds, with choice shrubbery. Terns: Oue-flftb cash: balance in 1.2.3 and 4 vesr?, deferred payments secured on property sold. ?2i?J at time of sale. ?H-d | R?-pl THOS. K WAGGAM \N. A net. I?Y B U WARNER. I# Auctioneer and K-al E-tate Broker, No. 7ti9 7th street, between G and H. KXEt I'TOR'S SALE <>F VERY VALI ARLE BUSINESS PROPERTY ON THE S?H Til SIDE OF PENNSYLVANIA AVKNI E, BE TWEEN 9th AND 10th >TREETS. , I will offer, on FRIDAY, April i ii->. at 6 o'clock ? m . in fr.^nt of the prem'- ?, ito the Iiighe?t bi.l.h-r. L"t lett>T?sl D.-ulsli*i ?i..n of original I.ois No. t.3 and 4. in S.jnar? N->. 4H0, front ins n feet l'< inches on P?iin*ylvauia are niie ard running ha< k and fronting on C ctreet.iin pro?e.l bv a three-story and attic brirk **->r- and <'?elliti? lions.-, now occupied bv Caro's h>an i.fli.-e. No. H14. This is one of the h?-st busiue*- stands in the citv. Terms; One-f.urth ra-li; balance in C, It and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of tru-t upon the property. ?2M) depo?it on acceptance of bid. If term- of sale are not complied with within7 da*? after sale the property w ill be r?*old at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. JOHN W. SIMS, Executor. s7-*oftds [Suu.Gay.Aliep.l R. 11. WARNER. \uct. GREFN ? WILLIAMS. Anetioneer*. No. 1001, northwest corner ItKh and^i sta. TRL'STKE S SALE OF VALI ABLE CORNER LOT. 4O BY SO FEET. BEING THE SOUTH WEST CORNER OF V AND 13th STREETS NORTHWEST A B> *irtueof a deed of tru?t, dated <ith dav of HPMarch. A. D. Itff2, ami recorded iu lib-r No. ? 874. h'lit. 104 .ot tlie land r".'nl? for the comity of Washimtten. District of ('? lumbia, aud by ths wiilten request of the perty scoured thereby, we will i'ff?-r for sale, by public auction,?n FRIDAY', the l!?th day of April, A D. 1"C3, at & o'clock p. m , -he eastern 4<J feet of Lot W, in S?inare n>ioit>er<'d ?:X. havltie a depth of 9l? IVet. Term* will be at at ?1 hi the time of the sale. ANTON EBERLY. / Tn.^..?i CHBISTIAN O. LEDERKR.< Tru""^? *J law?da GREEN a WILLI \MS. Ancta. BT f BE NEW NATIONAL MARKET. FRESH, SALT and SMOKED MEATS, ot til kinds and of. the beat quality, tarnished ^ in thebertatyleialeOjGAME.PODLTRT,!^^ FRUITS, and VEGETABLES, in their season (Can be procured at this Market. marTl ly ROBT HTATT, 414 Mth *. ~ ^HILDBEl^HOTPreAJUAirjD DISPENILART free to aa iyiaaari Dr. W. W. Jobnaton, M<a Lj/TFasKs:v Iowa may be?t; I IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That tbe mbacribar baa obta^aed from the Supreme Conn of tlw THbl2 District of Columbia, bidding a special term, letter* of administration W. A., on \he eeraonai estate of WMTH. LANGLY. late of Washington con ntv,D.C., deceaaed. All peraona having? deceaaea are bereny warned toexbibitft i voucher* thereof, to the anharriher, on er Mom the lath day of March next; they may otharwiae daded trom all benelt ot the aua amata. at) hand tlua Mth day ef March, 1 m. fn.?-w*wi JA?r?. paths. fc-AWS *f THE (KITD NTA1 ",A' .ri?, A?nr IC.?*WUt *ATt *??Xo. 54,]_C. XTim-I^ IfmHHMSTTDt,;-!, 0?ceef tbe W^tul Ueaaarer at New VjrW Fcrassistant treasurer, eight thousand *r ft^LfZiTV**1 to*"-?-- tj....^,H? *,,nUr^'0"*|,?.**?h,erai?.1 chief clerk. fv-r t.:<>n*an1 two hundred dollars ?-). ?t? ?m ,o;rd I0,,r ?>????< .i?n*r?. chWof.<*e ??Hf division. thw thousand 4o:iarf. rti.f i> chill Xr iV'hre* .loii*i. .^T r!!fM ^UndrcU MV' fk el o: two thousand tire h JSuZi t?o ^-'- ft*cMwMl-?in?B, V d *rimv>n S*.irfS ttiSS'tSfr; v*? ? s?' cblet ot canceled-cheek an. I - **ll?r' ?ml four fe-mdrcd Mmma.^ rrt>rl.,? f*o hundred dollar, eacb; l#? eiiv* ? Ko^.<?n"w ***e*rb B'B<' ?ierk.. at ofl.: 'ho-i-ai.j tight hundred <jul2 u- exch foui J*? ?; M ooe thMnai seven hadr d dollar, ?scfc, f..ur clerk*. at one t? mmm* .., hundred d-.!arsear?i.traeterk*. at one tboisand lour ' t?;dr?sido iyseach; tliWf,<lk.,it(MW th?u,. , d W? hundred dollar* each. It > e Tnwngti ? -t o*e ,h*??"d three hundred doilarseecb.'w k! ^wTV. V? thousand two b-jn Ircd dollar. ,7* V*I of *, ,1'd"|?*?" Omrni cijrtit hun w .1 W,*?" i '*r 'b**etive. OU* thousand eight .' Tta-i i ' .?flTT'ffli* c< *e. one thou tl oMMiV - , m lour ball men. at ..n iwl>; st* watchmen. -er -n ?., dre<1?,Kl ,^rty..JiUr!. ench. one ^^.ne r ^ UtU0,^Md"^1 on- l^r b*?Zi I. *t* one hundred and fwtr-,ul(t *"'" ' hundred Mm! ei(htrdol!tt?. <?' o! the iMrtitnt tre.*surer ?? Koiton to* r:Vr!t 'rrfM,rpr- ? "' ttmaud d... ,r. 0 chm cierk, two rtiounMnd lintidre-l ! 'r'i j1?- PV'^-t ner. two ,h?S?| | 7' ^,r'in* Tr*x <-u*k-t:?SAa"i1 nifd r ?h.i. r r?';v*,t,< <?!*??. one tumi hul*drod ao;,?r> iirM tvMk-kompr ??\":OI"'ad ^ren H.i.dtM dol.a , \ .T? a c?uut? n\e !. '\ * dollars; two coomti clerk* %t 0?!.? n?r'" lwfr ba,"i"'ddoIUr- eiu U; tr*,t:onil hni.drM c'*'rW-"n^ two '?i'i <l?l1|y; ?l?^k. one ?tl?on *-.,-^"5ncr r^eini.tioo tlwa^ud ?i JL j kl>d <?'"??? ?Mrknw on - au^ inxtTHolUu>, two w*tctm.n at r,*!!L T iT" *,,d ?l*??lolUn. e*ch: !?r^ 'Tn Jil .i^ U>iudre.i ,to! ^'tc.5ilw r T* tUou-^"<? ooe hau trod ? 'fliceoi a.v>^?*i,t hvt?arrr at Sai. Franci*<-.* Kor a-alMaat ?rea*urer. in to hu ?aI%i \ *> trcitMirvi ot tlie liranrli mint, one tlwJwni do'u's" ',>r c,u''"*rt!'r?* do .a>? for bo k keoper. two tliousnud lire hun ?iJi.I *s??tant caalUer, two ?ho.i*a;i.i do'lwn!- rT book-keeper, two thousand d<?llai> for j.tan.jKi-terk. two thou?N'i 1 tonr bnndrrd dolUrt.; tor one clerk, owe tboaaand .n'V ? dollar": for tbroo alcbt-w^teh inen.loiir thousand hre hundred dollar* for Tov^rjrr^; ^ h*,,dr?* -'*<% ..V doK' tUoU9""J?" hiindrt d and ot Hssietart treasurer at PliiladHnhia 1 < r a^tant tr.-^urer. h, addition to bl.?Kurv a^lir i' ?wint. one thousand fire hnn *1^ Ufor rH>h,?r ?i.drh . t <'let k, two i i i! " MVTtn hn?dred dollar- chiet ?l.fef iiV^r." fT0 tl,'0,,,""", Mre fc??dreddollars. dolUil "".e !Ilons*'^< uine haixlreJ H ht I. < n keeper, one tbou?w.( J-Ven 1 . n ^ r ^ nrS C?'!!,U',,er- ?,M! ??? >?>-*?? ? 1 '"W'fd dollars, registered - i ntere?t clerk one thoi nand s von huudr?"<? dollars' a?>U',nt tr'a'IJ?" rI,'*,k one ^ousand six bun.|i?d do!la/-, ra. tion:,! oirrenry clerk, one m* oti ? mT ir>>: registered-loan clerk one thoiisanii five huiHlretl dollars- a*u-tant ?lt5dt?ri clerk, one thousand four htiii ? >red do11ui>:aosistant coin teller, one thwMnd rrnev WL dollars: awiistaiit fractional cm ?'o"e t'owr bw?4re4 dollar Tf ',er' thousand three liun ir.d' 'k"? ?*????< receiving teller one thou-and A?^?1 '? L%r''; rec. iving teller, ne tLousar.. two hundred dollars; miperinten ^ ot building, one thonsand one hnn lr"d dollafw" V'nVi'e C??"ters> "< B,t* bnntired i. !l! r thousand three li indr.-.l do' ?'i ll/r e *? ^Flen' V ?'nr ''undre?l an t thlrtv <i liars fath, three tliousaiHl acven li'indrei and twenty dollars; in ail, thirtr-?ix lb>>usau l three hundred :?mi tweutv dollar*, ? -nice ot assistant trei.?nrer at Saint l^>ui? chi.*^'>tl,lt treasurer, live thousand dc?!lar-: dAifan Jl Ut>* teller, two thousand tire hundred i*!'A's':z ?$Fi?L'ssrs; thousand two hnndred dollars; n<wenUr' one ,0,,r w atchmen, at neven hun dred do.larseach, two thouaand eight hundred dollars.' ' lft*eo tboU!,??<? hundred (?fliceor assistant treasurer at N'ew Orleans For assistant treasurer, four thousand Ave h-m dred dollars; for chief clerk auJ cashler two thousand five hundred dollars one^-lerk' hoU?,.d dollars; two clerkt^^lhousind m'iVjI'i 0ne porter' nine hundred dollars' two watchmen, one thousand four huiidrni' >?> i toity dollars; amounting 1^11^' nSl!I?<! 'hree hundred aiMl forty dollars. t'Hice of assistant treasurer at Charleston tS,?'lU' For assistant treasurer, four tl oi aand dollars; one clerk, one thousand eULt {milidJSi i ?i ' one c,erk? owe thousand si* hundred UoHam. one bahi>taut xne^Miirer wvpt. hundred and twentv dollars* anTtio wTtrt men, one thousand rour hunbred and fortv dol IwiyA"" "?-?J!2rSi OfHce of a*?istaut treasurer at Baltimore For assistant treasurer, fire thousand dollar* for SSSSStrS?- Ave hundred dollars: for . u thousand four bund red dollars irtM r C t 'our thousand two hundred XSttdr two thousand Tour liun SStTdX?? "'?^"ger. eight hundr.-d ?"? iorr\ dollars; tor five vault watrhm?n six bun,lred dollars: in all' dollaf?. tLousand nine hundred and forty .??fTw??r ^fPO^^rvat Chicago: For cashier two thousand five hu wired dolllS.; forone^Jrk' one thousand eight hundred .1.ill_ cierks, three thousand dollars tor -*- ? * one thou-and two hundr^ d^^^,;^: senger. eight hundred and fortv dollars for one watchman, seven hundred tj twent^do liars /i* ^"thoa^id and siatj dollars. t'ttlceotdeiKJSiUrv at Cibbinnati: For caah ler, two thousand dollars: for one clerk one thousand eight hundred dollars; forone cierk one thousand live hundred dollars; toTtwo clerks, two thousand four hundred dollars tor two clerks, two thousand dollars; for one mes ?eager, si* hundred dollars for two watchmen one at seven hundred and twentv dollars mi ?}'e *t l*? hun.lred and forty dollars, m all eleven thousand two hnndred and sixty dollars " ttMoe ot depositary at ix>uisville ; Forcashie! IT.0i i ' 1***' tOT on* c'erk. one thou sand ti\e hundred dollars; for one clerk, one thousand two hundred dollars: for one watch nian. seven hnndred ami twenty dollars: in Tsrs thousand four hundred and tweuty dol < Klice of depositary at Pittoburgh For ? "ir'"UL thousand eight buudretf dollars; one ?I hJ?" thousand four hundred dollars; one ^i Vi. *Ten bnndred and twentv dollar doluVs " 0Ufc*UU Ul,,e huBJrcd and twenty t?ftice of depositary at Kante Fc: For deposi tary, in addition to his |.ay as receiver 'Two tbousaiMi dollars; one clerk. one ^oi^nd Zo bundrrd dollars; two watcLmen. eaclb^eren hundred and twenty dollar.,, i? all, four thou sand six hundred and fortr dollars Office ot depositary at tucwon. Ariaona For depositary, in addition to his pay as i>o?tjaas ter, one thousand live hundred dollars^ tor com|*nsaUon to designated depoMUnes lor rc-cei viug, keeping, ami disbars log public money, tire thousand dollars. For checks and check books for dtsbomng others, and cerUficatesofdeiKwit* tor the treasurer, assistant treasurer, and de signated depositaries, thirteen thousand dol iATHs For compensation to special agents to exam ine tbe books, accounts, and asoney on haud at It- ""h-depositaries under tbe act of _?** ot Auguat, eighteen hundred and lor ty-stx, six thousand dollars. '.f c.w"tl,'?5pt expenses under tbe net of the "*tb ?' Augu^^ eigbtoea hundred aud forty ? the collection, sale-keeping transfer and disbursement of the KTCffiTSS hundred thousand dollars: That no *UM *k*il ^ expc,Mk:41 for clerical For additional eterlu under tbe act for the better orga^ixation of tb. Tr?a?ryf M suck . , ?iay i jut mad reasonable, ten tbswsand Mian. CaiTSD STATES HUT, MAIOUI, Ui> AMiT orricaa. Mimt mt Philmitlfk??.?F?r salariM M tbe director, treasurer, sssayer, me Iter mI refiatr, chief oofner and engraw ? and nm oterks. thirty hundred dollars. ot I For Incklewtal eluding n lbbty<eo< . ? For ?peeiKCH ot mi nad coias, to be s< rved in tbe eabtato eC the miw*. six bum hnndred dollars; far fret* kl on bnlllon ul ^ *' Mimt mt am F??i*em, C. If* of mi ? IN THE bl'PBEME COCBT OP THE DIaTBlCT I OP COLUMBIA. D An mIE Pkll ?? al*s. B. H Cltiiu.Ji. M ?I?Mo. !W Equity D?. Job* P. Ha una, llic trust'*- in this rtM>.kl> ii g r?pt>cv-d that he ?? Id Lot So. 12. <4 tb> kmn of William Whater .ft, etiMit iai<>a of original l*a ?<* < aal 7,In wmrt l? CM. in th- eltr of Waafc ii.ffou. D. < to Hiehola* H Hhoa tor B?>M. an I lli' |MHM haa eoeaglied with lh*tanM?( aale ft i> ordered thia An* daj nf April, A. I' . lv J thai wlr Iw ratlM, ?la? caaN l? lb* o urarr k? -!. VI <>u or bofarr thr 3Mb da; of April. A. D. UTS. P'?w*d*d. A copy ot thi* nrder I- pnbliahed la *? m* in aapapr in tb# rttjr <<t Waabiagtee ? a fit for tare*awx-aaaiw waeka b4antW aai4 Bib dar of April. IOT. By tfcefluwt, A. W! LIB. A tme tnpf?T??i B.J MEIOft, Cirri aS.Ji B> L. P. WILLIAM*. AmM Clark. F? of amlBM and ?4jial?n. airtp WM <1?/i ; ar* For rhcmira!-. cbinaal,a??i'.aiii l?r?.ia?. tal ripMuM,'Ui.i t^wtul twv hundred d?- *r*. ? ?*v ?"* ?. .Vir*. For aalarv of a ija?e. Itt.n. I t. I'*f tbuMkiiid trc b'iWllfJ JoCera tc>i \ o: amover. tUr. .- tlio .*?ii.i doi.*-*. tea *a ?r> ? : and ri'lm-t. ti.rce |bn i>Ml dollar*, lot (?an?a"aHoti ?t clerk*. at the d*? rr- tu* it Uar Mrcretaiy at U? 1>rtRty. lea t)><e*dtod 'wo hondrwd dolkwra For wag?*<?; <i>'?^'|bt taai do'lan . I or :ne.denta: and coatingeat i twent* two ttaOOMMd .lellar* r *?-? a' /? ? "or Mir ?J ail bave Charge Of eaid mint.1 two tb ?*?%? I tire hut dred <ioTiar?, lof aar.ti?r. tw* tbauaanO f.v i, f dollar* . ... . Por thtee clerk*. af W thoisand eaght In. drM 4? iai? r*rb, l?f fhe uoaad i*m KtJrtl dollar* . Por w?raanen. afreeti thouaand ibi* bnndt.-d %?*! Ihirli -B\e dollar* For loc-rtsatal a ad contingent e\pem-"a, i*. i '|?in ami waalage I ft t hoiaa ".d Bpi l*r>. ?' 1 Cifp. /fil? - Kor *uartao ot niaw. abo abi.ll b??f (Aui(f ol tbr ,?*?.. ? i '''t and r i?*<. kiitl r>i k li< tb?a mp^ mtir bandroal dollar*. tot werkaaeu. tbrw M tar* For ine-dental and contingent evpensea mo tboi^i"' b^e b(i?tr"4 deMara jls, i -0? .r?'pi?rflf,',.N ft Cn abia -Par mtertoe :<MUrn. ane flio??*a?..t B\r h>?n4r J ao!'ar>. ni' ltri ai* wbacr. ?*?? th??i?ta>l far<? ?<o'ar?: wa*?-? o? ?MUiof aU mill. t?o WnArnl aud a;M?-t?? iio'lart. . . . .. , _ ("octinrvtit charcoal, fwrt .tjhta ?. . ?. i ..v *. c".ici:?V " lie ^ r>.t o.ta?o l...ak?. ^fat<?in41?. ?' ?crll?nr?v ? itraaa r?^>Mfa of a^ ?avii.j 4itartmni . w*i iu? ??lt ntai e?ja-??<w. M e tlionw.1^1 lix-e I.?t4li*4 tloiiai*. I* TMK Tei:*iTrt?:?*. y?r r ?. < ? Ma*M Korialarww c >?w*ar. c? i?*l JwMicJa. at??1 iao a>-oriati? .laricra. tai v. iiiti>rff?il4>r, aiid tran?la! .?r. t? tae o* ?ea t!V?-1 " re. lo.irtooii tlioa??".il dollar*. Im u'i.!ot I'flot.ltirt. Iir+r?. lo-tajr*" ac<* of ???n>f*<rp ?? tliO V. ^??ati*r a? *? .t e*i*i>- '**t IM rarr. thrrr rb?i -?v.t .laV .?< /V..r?W'... Tl?l?f U' ,a? ol ?II\ iwli'aiti .?-?iaJa ti.u r-Ua: l>* ti1 maIo or ?-i>< I I * ?bicb t*P tQ(,ivltfih ui .-ct? ol aiiv i?-rr,r?ir.i?. I''d,fcli* tutc scaU t'f '?"* coui|vn?*tioti ofhor ISa* II af l?io\ Wl?-C M tl??*la??- of fh- Cfi ? M Sfaroa For wtitifigwt r ol 'be Territory o?? tlionMiii) dwtar?. fy?nli,n tf r..'.?ra*> ?For atUrf. ? of jot rri.or i?f)t1 w|nllllll?te?f of M'an aTtlra. cb-?"f jvrtt?-o nfnl fw?> aoMH-lafo ,1w<if-?. M?A ?or rclarr. Ibirtifn tbouiai il flirt* fiu?xlr*><l 4*1 - 'vor (wM.rrrnt txpfowof fbt Twtt<rf, thrti?Mi!.<l dt'Uar*. For confinjenf rvj^rsc# of the aocmarya ofjico. two thoTiKafwl ?iollara. T'rritoryf fi?lW?._For wlartfl? firorwir arxl MMriaAMAMII of In<1lan a*!air?. c :i??l i?? tice PtiJ f*n aM*>ciate Jwlfoa. at?t aecrrfbry. IImmimI thro* hiiiwlr^l .lol arn. F?r ?>tif?n?ont e*i?ew*f o! tbe Temtorj-. ?*? tliouMitKl 'U?l>ar*. F<* r< nf of tocretarr ? oWp*. ?tatfonory. l-'atiVf. lifcUt, fuel. l*Kir. ?f.rtac'- ?u1 MMMtitt of t-lmilw rhara.-t< r.oiiv fho I?*a4 MvfB bnr<1ro?l atwl Bfty #BHar*;f>?r lu.-flcatal i-if?Bm.t??bi!i<Kil aii<1 fifty ?1o:iar? in aP, t v o fkotiMtid dollar*. TVmfrry <f Mtbn For salarl** ot gnr>ri?or and nmbf? t*twl*iit of liflian a? aii>. chirf jaa tice ainl two a>M?-iate judgr* and aecrrtaiy. tliirtotn fboiiKaitKl fire btii?tr??.| 4<?llafv. For coiitu?*''iit cipcaaci ol the Temtory, ??? tUov.sarid do'Var*. T-rritcry of *oa*-Ul?.?Fur .v?ro;<n'*t">u Ut ?urertMr.?mcf ? natk*aat41woa?^?c *?-.Im !*???. nr.d accretarr, thlrtocti tbou.?and tl%c bundrcA dollar*. For contingent ??' the Tcrnto! t. ??< tlioriaui'd <li>;.!.rh. . Fi?r t er diem atid mileaee of meninrr- ot t?? Vjp-iative aiu-nM;. ei^faf tlion-and dollm, f< r i>*t ol officer* and enii-iove.-*. two thon??aJ tl.ree tandn 4 daltars; for prudin*. foil thui Mi.ddor.aii-; for furniture, rent, stationery. I octage. f?rl, UjsUt*, clerk hire, an I ucce*?arf 'readenta! e*|?e??** of similar character. #r? tti 'iiaand -fvi n hundred dollar*, in ail. tweaty Tb'U-and dollar*. T mtory nf S - If'rtro ?Far aalaries of Z>r ? ruor, cliief junice and two aw??ciate a?id aecietai\. and e*ofllcioeeperlateudeat ot I ul.lic ItvfMiwa and groiiudi*. tLirtoeu tii^a aand ?\* liundred dollai*. For lntoTT>retrr and traiwlator In the execu tive ofhee, Ave hundred dollar*, for conti^jfeut en- ut? ol the Terrttor),onetfcounaiad dollar*. For oouenMtlMi and mileage or tUe raein bert ?! Wgi^latlr* aowuiM'. fWer*. clerke. and coutiv.ieni expente^ of the noeuiii.*, fa? nut of office fuel, light#, aUtionory. i^infiaA. -alai v ol wi-wa nger. and otlii* incidental e? ,ol the ?ei retar> ? oflice.tweut) th-a.-a?4 iollar*. T-rxit-rytf rt*k.?Foe ralarie* ol goreroor. i hief ju*tice. fao *t*ociate Judge*, and aecre taiv, thirteen thousand live liundi -u dollar*. For contingent ex|>eiirtt ul the Ten itory, one thouaaud doUara. ... .. For compenaation and mileage or the na.*aa l?er? of the ieginlatire a^aemldy. officer*, clerk.. and other*, and contingent and " <-x[>enaei- ol the aracinl'ly, twenty ... ? ? i lar?. _ . T'rritoyof U'?tkiHflom?For aalari-aof g?e ernor. chiel' juatiee, two aaouciaw judg - and aecretary. fourteen thousand <lollara. For contingentexpeuoir ol the Territory, one thousand doilara. For i?r daem nod mileage ol member* and oM - rem ot the iegialaUve ao-embly. fourtoan tboa aand dollars: Prvrvird, That the aeaatoaa nf aaid legiiiat ive aaaembly shall not hereafter ea tend bevoud tortT dava from the Brat day t me* ting thereof, for printing lawaand joarnaia. tour thousand dollar*; for stationery, fnai. liglita. reut. aod other incidental eipcme*. tmu thousand dollar*, in all, twenty thouaand dol ferri/aeyof IT^aiap?FfWieUartea of govor^ nor and *m?enntei?dent of Induia affair*, chief justice, two aaaociale Judgea and aecretary, thirteen thousand eight hundred doilara. For contingent expenee* ot the territory, ons thouaand doUara. For i-er diem and mileage of o Seer a am m< miners of the legmlaUve ass. ml?iy, incidental exoero-es ot the aaaae. printing ol the Una and the journal* of the two boose*. *tatiou rv. lighto. iKMttage, rent of office, priaung. atorage of 1 ar mture. and ao forth, twenty thouamid doilara. Ihttmi of CMmm+U -r<H "alary of the gee ernor, three thousand dollar*, far aalary of the secretary, two thouaand dollar*, for pav ol tbe members ol the council, two thoa*and eight I,ii mired and eighty dollar*, for aalariea ol loar in* ml>ers of the l?oard ol public works, tea tliou^axid dollars; for stliTier o! the ?rm , ot the board of health, at two thouaand dollar* each, ten thousand dollar*; uaakinAjla all. twentv-aeeeu thousand eiitht buadred and eitfhtv dollar*, /'nonded, Taat no |*art Of the sum Wreby ap|?ropriated shall be paid to aatr m? nil?er of mach boar da who shall hold any other federal office. ( fV. b* oa*/?*??e<CJ B'VKKI PT< V SOTK E.?This ia to give not ica: 1 \i*x ii tl ? l-t ?? of April. A D LCl, a ? arrant in bai.kruptt ) * a? ioxte-1 ? 4x1 list th? .-ataia o| JOHN LANE, ot the Oil) of Ha biiift'ia, ?>( th? Pi?t 1 i.-t of Columbia, wtao h*a ? a<lja4g'd a bank ? nipt otitic peflU'? of hi* crmlil >r. That th pa* mint* of any AHM* aai Mirnr nf *wy M-opsny b? Inarini fo mhI hankrnpt. bo him or f.* Wm a**, aad the tranafer of any prop,-rf> l > inni. ar. f ?rl>i?*a ? >jr law : That a niM-iingof th'- rr-ditor*of the aaii haakrupf to prove th- ir 4*4>t*. and rh^oae oa* or aiorr *.?!(>' ? ? of hi* "MmX* ? will t* h- Id ar a ? ocrt M haiikriiiMt jr. t hol t 1 *t Ibe CH> Hail, ia tla* f waabftaa, hcfor>' J favi** Br-'?n R-<i fer. on the Uth do> uf April. A !? IVt ail.' 1 . k m MIX *H Mtl?. a!? r H Marshal >f I' C .aa Miaa?a<se IKTUL M PBEMB OOCBT OP THEPlfTBH T 1 OP f'OLl MB1A. To (eroad day of A^*w. KS. CiTiui.M M. Bo\LB II. J*a>? Boll* N' .1.1*1. E'iait> Docket fin m>4ion nf th< plaintifl. lo Mr l>?nisl E Cahfl'. h 1 att< rii<-i . it i* id- t d that the gHaedam can* hi* appeaianca t.< Im- ? iiterr*i li r-ia >a or Iwforr rh* find rale-dar ocrnr'in* f rt? 4a>? aft-r this da> : oiherwia.- the . ati? trlN be pr * osdad I* 1th aa la caae of dadhnB. 8. 1I1M .mrt . * ILIE. Jaarirs, J M fcli.S. Clerk. Ac. Bi L P. U ILL! AM8. Assiataul Ch rb aj w At ?

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