Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ?IB>I>I)4V %|trii ?. 1VJJ. LOCAL NEWS. (ondrnoHl Lornli. Tbe Natioul University law school has se l?ct*d Mr. T. D. Yeag^r, of PcbmvIt?iu*, to *i? !iver the valedictory at tbe annmtl f-omm?a?ce nr&t next mi'ntb. I' ?treet *onth. fronting tbe Smithsonian In st.tut.on. is tuny and The thermometer is pung up, ?wl butter is ?* down. The fountain at Mmnt Vernon Place is rearlv completed, m<I will be in operation in a few days. Tbe southern republican association last night elected officers for tbe eusuing term, as foliww* Dr. rbarle;- Murphy. president; P. H. Mmt<ipe. l>r. A. S. Pierce. Wm. S. Hughe*. Kicbard I'll ion. ami J. E. Collins, vice presi eent-: C. T. Cotton. recording secretary. Mr. L. S. Abbott, who cultivates ye toil of Virginia at Fall's Church. *ends us a specimen of tbe growth of that pro'itlc region in the shape of a mammoth Uoasian turnip, weighing eight l?Bdi. The remains of Mr. Oliver Wetmore. who died at. Providence hospital on Friday night last, were taken in charge by the Mfewntc Ira temitr. and a committee ?a? appointed to es cort them to Arkanaa*. by order of Grand Mas ter Stansbury. Detective* McDevitt and Coome* arrested a woman last night, named Lou Grant. charged fcy a constable of Prince George county. M<i.. rarned Kmantiel I.?<? v. with snatching e-jn from his pocket while he was in a '-Divi-ion" bar rtom She was locked up tor a bearing at the l olice Court. Tbe foot-bridge over tbe canal at 13th street was removed to-dnv, leaving only the 14th street bridge remaning over that "old dii?-h. which will soon tilled up as far we?t as 13th Mreet. Footwalkf are to lie constructed at the points where these bridges stood, and it is hoped that a few street lamps will be added to cheer the traveler on his lonely way. Arraageweats fnr tbe Obsfrtanec of DeceratiM Day. The committees appointed by tbe posts of the (iraiid Army of the Republic to make arrange ments for !>ecoration day met at Grand Army Leadquarten last evening, and organized by electing Department Commander F. H. Sprague c La.r roan and G. K. Corson secretary. After a tree and full di*t-u?Mi>n. tbe committee unani mcusly agreed that the decoration be confined to Arlington. A communication was read from the commander in chief, Weneral iiurmude, re questing tit** committee to invite all clergvinen within the limitsof the department to deliver a sermon suitable to tlie occasion on tbe Sunday preceding Decoratien day. The following chair men of committees were chosen: Decoration. A. H. (i. Kichardson; transportation. Alexander I.? i cb; music. It. K. brouner; correspondence am: reception. 1.. Twitchell; to procure orator* and joet, A. J. Gunning; finance. Commander feprague. From the interest manifested by the Kit mber* there can be no doubt that tbe ob servance of the JOth of May will be a grand success. A Marjlaad I i?|m m< ut. A FARM i<AM> RI'K* OFF WITH HIS KM - nOTU'8 PAtOHTRR FR"M nOARI><RO HIIOOL-THI FATHEK Of T}< K OIRL OVKR HAI LS THK KLHPJCR9 A>U VL'T* A H1AU US THE FARM HARD. Lieut. Jobn*on. of the second police precinct, received information yesterday morning, through Off.-er Pt'afi.that a man namud A. G. Wari:eld. alias Everly, a farm lal>orer in the employment of Mr. Hovatio Griffith, a leading farmer of Howard county, Md., had formed a plan to elope with the daughter of hi* employer, a girl not yet fifteen years old, who had been t laced bv her parents at a boarding-school at isbon, in Montgomery county. Md.: aud fur ther. that it wa? their intention to be married thi.- morning at the TIi>x>n buu^e, in this city. Lieut. Johnson, thinking there was *<METJirS<; WRORH AKOt'T THE AFFAIR, (tbe g.r! l? under fifteen years of a^e.) set a boat his plan* to prevent the intended marriage. He accordingly went to polii-e headquarters, ut.d, aft? r a r<>ii*ultat:on with Major Kichards. Detective* MiUcr s?l McEliresh were detailed to a**i*t the Lieutenant. A telegraphic dis patch was sent at once to Mr. Horatio Griffith, who was Serving en a jury at Kllicott City, in forming bim that HIS I'AtoHTEi; WAR AROrT TO RfX AW AT from school with tki* man, an-1 a ivising bim to act promptly. Lieut. Johnson then di* lat. bed Detective Milter and officer Pfart'to Blair'* gate, in the county, to intercept the eloper* if {>o?sible. while himself and Detec tive McKlfresh tovk their station in the vicin ity ?f Tbyson's hotel, to watch them in ca*e thry arrived from any other direction. The offsets were, however. MTtd any further par ticipation in the mattet, as the father of the girl. on receiving .the dispatch from this city, started at once from Ellicott Citv to Lisbon, a distaix-e -?f al>out jn miles, when "he discovere<l that bis daughter bad already left the school. He -uiunioned three young men to accompany him, an.i thev all .?farte?l together on Hcet horses arter the eloping coo pie. ami overtook them in a huggv on the Koekvilte roa>l. some te? miles this city, about 1 o'clock this morning. Here THR vrortD-BI HrSBAXD wa? help^-d from his buggy, and soundly thrashed, each one of the party takiug a ham! ir. turn, and alter fnllv satisfying themselves they replaced bim in his buggv and started him tewards this city. Mr. Grinith then re'urned home with his daughter. Warfiehl arrive<l at the Thyson hoarse a>x?at " o'clock this morning with a"fearful head on bim. but declined to give anv information as to h'?w -'this wa thus.' Tbe officers who wen' out on the road returned to town about 4:30 o"?*'tock this m-?rn ing. after seeing the anti-wedding party safe on their way home. PiTfRCB Casks is tub Evcity CorRT? In the Eqnitv Court, .ludge Wvlie, vesterdav. a petition for divorce was filed by David Mtikie. He stated that he an<t dane Haferty were married November ^Oth. ls?i%. ami have two children: that Mnee their marriage his wife ha* led a life of drunkenness, and has fre.jnenil v threatened to take his life. Julius Leine was granted a decree of divorce ? p??<i(b mairimtmii from his wife, Lillian Leins. He states that he wa? married to Lillian Evans by Kev. J. J. Keane. of St. Patrick** Church, on November !:> last, ami the plaintiff sets forth in his petition of date March Irt, 1*M, "that they mevii! into a house on Capitol Hill, where they lived peaceably as man ami wife for several weeks?before two months had ela|>?ed she became dissatisfied, and refused to live with him?that ?he disregarded her marriage row . atid left hi? bed ami board on February *?. 1*7 <. ami went to a house of pnblic prostitution on 13th. between C and D street*; that sine; then she kas continued to lead a life of prosti tntion, although her mother ami friend^ have n?ed every means to dissuade her therefrom, and that *he is now living in adultery in the abovt-dtscribed house." ? ? Tm laim*s would do well to consult Davi*' advertisement* ap|>eartng from time to time in onr column*, particularly at tbi* season of the vear. when new spring' outfit* are in order. "iThe establishment i* kept constantly supplied with a complete varietv of the choicest iroods the market* a fiord. and one of its fixed rule* is to sell everything at the lowest possible margin of profit. Its bulletins are therefore worth re ad i eg. A Small Pox Patiert or the Last evening a colored man. named Mike Hiley, broken out with tbe small pox. wandered about the street* and finally seated himself on a curb Mure on I street, between *th and Tth southweet, creating great excitement in the nelght?orhood. Word was sent to the board of health, ami a *hort time afterward* Mike was In one of their ambulances and on his way to the small i>ox kdfttal. Removal of Deai> Hodie*?The contractors for the removal of the dead bodies in the Young Men * burial ground, (colored.) between 12th ami Uth street*, near the Boundarv, have already carried to the new ground at Mount Pleasant about 100 bodies, and there remain probablv 300 more to be removed. Some of the Cund being low a id damp, caused some petri i on. and to-d*> an entire body was found as hard a* stone. More Gtp?ieh Comirq?The Alexandria (Va.i S'mHmtl of last evening *ay?: "A large hand of Gyp*ie? came down the Leesbnrg turn pike and passed on in the direction of Wash ington tfci* afternoon." The Fredericksburg (Va.) Lrdgrr save: "A Urge tribe of <iy pries nassed through here la*t Baturdav, with a considerable wagon train with several horses. They were gwingIn the direc tion of Alexandria." ? Bad Street Worr to ii kadi Good Full instructions were issued by the board of public works this morning to its inspectors to see that all defects in the work of the contractors are corrected. The streets are to be cleaned, and all deprewiou* either In the carriageways, foot walks or curbing, to be levelled up to the enure satisfaction ot the board. A thorough work of repair i* to be carried out in detail in all the improved streets, sewer*, ic. C<>lli*io* os tm? Uivkr?The *teamer E C. Knigbt, en her trip up the river last night, collided with a schooner betow Indian Head, and received alight injurtee on her starboard ?juarter. above water mark. The night was hs/y on the river, ami it I* not known what damage the schooner sustained. Stit a?airst a Life Irsi rarck Compart. Mcmt*. Henkie and Arrkk kava for Wi1m.ii K Hicks, admiaistrarar of Norman G. Claou entered suit again*t the National Life Insurance Compawv of the I'nlted States of Amtriea t.? recover the amount tf r-ViOO. wtitrh the de fendant insured on the life of Clapp )u ] JJL Small Pox ?-a?r? have ^een reporiwl -*nee o ir !a*t as fellows: * eases in ? o*e> K jw. oi 4tl vfreet Lorthwest exts?*l?-d, and ouc ? Jtotoert Smith, at JXS G south west. <I?J Prwfcy ??ry. The Washington <*1fv PrtshyfSrv m<-1 la*t >cV* ** ?he rh-rrch or. 4 s street. TV' rfntnf i twti *s< delivered bv Key. Mr. Beech, or I >aj bestow n, after which tier. Mr. Beech called rche i r<tli|Urv *o order. ard ji*wr *?i offered % Pi of. Nonr?e. of ?he Naval Observatory. P>v. J N. <"oomb? was chosen moderator, an.l Nr..). Red-'rake secretary. After prayer by Her. I>r. Coensbs the session closed. Tb? presbytery reassembled at ?> o'clock this morning. and <n>ent the first half hour in de . otiona! exercise*. The moderator announced THE COMMITTEES a* fallow?: Judicial?Revs. M. Noble. C. B. Boynton ai?! J. C. Smith, and M?m. William Strong hinI H. C. Newman. Bill* and (>??? ture?? Revs. .J. Chester, S. 8- H. Henderson and W. H. Logan, ami Mtwrt. D. Bassett ami S. Kerr. Narrative?Key. 8. 8. Mitchell ?.id C. Parks. Minutes of Synod?Rev*. B. F. Bit tlnger and B. Sunderland. Treasurer's Ac count*? <1. R. Mavtiehl and J. H. Herron. Church Records?.!." C. Smith and H. H. Smith, 14*, street church); M. Noble and O. Knight, Sew York avenue); W. H. Logan ami 8. Kerr, (4th): ?l. S. H. Henderson ana C. Parks. (As sembly*-, D. H. Riddle and J. F. Zug, (West ern\; J. C. Chester **nd H. C. Newman, (7th street): J. G. Mason and J. Kline. (6th street); A. Fairley and J. H. Herron, (North): B. Sun derland and C. R Mavfleld, (Metropolitan); W. Bvalley and C. W. Fenton. (15th street); J. L. French and Wm Strong. (Georgetown); F. W. Simpson and I?. Baasett, (Alexandria): W. T. Vandortn and J. T. Keller. (NeeUrille and I i?rne?town); B. F. Bittinger and S. Smith, (l.eweiisville ami Fail's church); J. S. Murphy S A. ?oe, C. Btaob ami W. J. Wilson, (Prince William and Gnrley); C. K. V. Bomandt and G. W. Mitchell, (Manasas ami Mifton); B. F. Bittinger ar.d C. Parks, (Big Oak ami Freed mau's Village). thi nvirRirr.zi) or the oeskral iisiwbit were taken up and remarks were made bv Mr. McFallsonthe proposed additional section to chapter xv. of the Form of Government, de claring '-The office ot a minister of the gos|>el is perpetual; no one can lav it aside at his own pleasure, or be deprived of it but by de|K>s;tion. yet tor reasons not calling for discipline a min ister may. on his own request ami with permis sion of his Presbytery, cease to be an acting minister, or, if "permanently disqualified for the work, he may be required to demit," Ac. The subject was referred to a special com mittee?Rev. Dr. Sunderland, Rev. Mr. Hen derson. and Klder Strong. Statistics were called for. and the several churches reported. The iollowing is an ab stract from THE RETORTS OF TBI CITY rHTRCHES: First Church?Additions 15, uumber enrolled '2f>2, Sand ay school 200, contributions *7,721.7!*. New York Avenue?Additions 57, members :;,S0. Sunday school 3*1, contributions Fourth Church?Additions 25. membership >45?, Sunday school 4s3. contributions g?,224. Metro l-olitaii (Caritol Hill)?Additions W, meml-er <hip 293, Sunday school 4*4. contributions #?,842.55. Assembly?Additions 21, member ship 231, Sunday "school 141, contributions *4.5ttt.51. North?Additions 13, membership 7t>, Sunday school 134. contributions f 1, Seventh Street?Additions 11, inemt?ership 125. Sunday school 140, contributions $2,775. Sixth Church?Additions 5. membership 14'?. Sunday .school 142, contributions ai,S76. Western Additions 16. membership 1<!0, Sunday school ?."20, contributions 82.?&*?. Gurley? Additions 12. membership is, Sunday school ISO. contri butions Bridge Street (Georgetown)? Additions tJ. membership 25?'?, Sunday school | 350, contributions ?.'>.3ss.,fi. Totals, 224 addi tions. members. 2.??27 in Sunday schools, and S49.1M.K2 contributions. Seventh street church was tixed on as the place for the next meeting. The certificate of llev. Samuel 11. Howell was received, and his name was placed on the roll. The nanve of Rev. Mr. Howe was placed on the roll or sj-eakers tor this evening. Rev. Dr. Smith was excused from service on the judicial committee, and Rev. Dr. Chester wa.? -ubstitnted. Klder Strong was excused on the same committee, and Rev. Mr. Noitrse wa apjiointed in his place. THE WABKATIYE ok THE STATE OF RELIGION was called lor. and the ministers with the dele gate ? submitted the reports ot their respective fields. Rev. Mr. Henderson, of the Neelsville and Darner^own churches, stated that he had an a|.)<ointmerit on the line of the Point oi Rocks railroad, which would no doubt become an im|>ortant i>oint when that road is placed in operation. Rev. Dr. Sunderland, iu his report, referred to the drawback-of his congregation, the principal one being the tendency ol persons to settle in the western part of the city. He congratulated the New York avenue and west ern churches, who are growing from the sauic cause. The regular order of business was suspended to take up the case of SiK. J. T. KKLI.T, A CANDIDATE for admission to the ministry. Mr. Kelly was examined in Theology by Mr. Henderson, ni'l Ecclesiastical History* by Rev. Dr. Sunderland, after which he delivered his trial sermon. His i text was from John xv, 1. 4,I am the True 1 \ ire," and he preached a sermon which was 1 highly spoken ot by all who heard it. The Mi d era tor then propounded the usual questions and licensed Mr. Kelly according to the form of the church'. [Mr. K. is the son of our well known cit zen Mr. Moses Kelly, cashier ot the National Bank ol the Metropolis, and hecomi from4th -treet,, Dr. Smith's.) making the 12th young man from that church to the ministry.] On motion of Rev. .1. C. Smith, the presby tery agreed that when it adjourns it will W to meet at the Fourth Church, (ftth street.) on May 4th, at 11 o'clock. "the k eg r la it CRPER OP BUSINESS? the narrative of religion?was resumed. Rev. Mr. Murphy, who is laboring auiou^ the fretdmen. principally in Amelia county, Va., re'atid that tLere were four churches there, n'l e?tabli-hcd since the war, and that the freed om were improving in conduct an>l morality, aiid there was but Tittle opposition to Presby terian preaching at this time. At 2 o'clock a recess was taken until 3 o'clock. The YMhting Nea<ton of 1*73. From present indications this will l>e one of the most active seasons in the history of yacht ing upon the Potomac. Each year improve ment* are being made in models, ami the speed in some of the regattas of last year will compare favorably with tnat of yachts of the same class in any water*. Not coutent with the size and modelsofthe production of our naval architects, a number of gentlemen in the Treasury depart mentorganized the Washington Yacht Club, and contracted for a sIood yacht, to be built by Mr Munn, a celebrated Brooklyn builder. She will undoubtedly be the finest specimen of naval architecture in our waters. Modeled after the celebrated yacht Datiiey, winner oi the Cape May cup ot" 1#72, her owners ex.]>ect sj ut that will astonish the native hereabouts, lirr length of deck is k> feet, keel, 40 feet, with i , leet beam. According to contract, she w ill lie ready for delivery by _ May l"?th, but as rhe is now nearly completed, it is probable that rbe will be home, or on her way, ere that time. Ca| tain Wesley Davis, of Alexandria, accom panied by several members of the club, will proceed to New York for the purpose of bring ing her home, and the adventuresome party an ticipate a pleasant return voyage. Several of the yachts of the New York and Brooklyn clubs will'escort them oil Sandy Hook, and it is to be ho)>ed that her speed and the skill of Captain Davis may leave a favorable impression upou Gotham's yachtmcn. After leaving the Hook, no port wlil lie made, unless from stres- of weather, until Fortress Monroe is reached, from which point their safe ar rival will be telegraphed. It is pro po-ed that our vachtmcn shall meet them Ixlow Fort Washington, and escort them to the city, giving them a genuine and hearty wel c? me home. The beautiful vacht Americus.ot the Americas club, will, with her new cabin at d suit, make a line apj>earanee. In size she will be the only rival of the new yacht, and from the pluck of the Americusian* we may ex|*ect some lively sport ter the championship ot our waters. A* new club Is about to be or ganized, and it is said that a tine 24-feet yacht bas already been ordered from a Philadelphia builder. The yacht Tarboo. nearly completed, under the superintendence of Capt. Smithsun, will soon be launched, and her owners enter tain the highest hopesof her proving more than a match tor anv yacht of her daw on the river. The Witch of the Wave i* owned by the same gentlemen, and thev hope to occupy a jsmition with the Tarboo which could not be attained with the Witch. The Kxcelsior Yacht clnb have purchased the Mariah, winner of the first prise in the Glymont regatta of laat year. We understand that they are alao having a new vacht built. The l>olphin, East Wind and Dauntless will, a* usual, spread their canvas and gallantly respond to every attempt to take their wind. " The Dolphin is probably the fast est vacht of her sir* (21 feet keel) on the Poto mac. Fannie Bell, champion in eight oat of ten regattas, and holder of th? St. James* hotel cup. is being newly painted and fitted out in a substantial manner with wire rope for standing rigging. Capt. Bell ha* no fearot her losing her enviable reputation. General Whipple ami Dr. Barnard, of the War department, are having their yachts, the Hesperus ana Blue wing, put In first-rate order In anticipation of lively sport. The Spray, | Gertrude and Kcho will be soon launched, swelling the numbeT to a respectable flotilla. They are each fine yachts, and with skillful management are matches for CTaft* of much larger si *e. The Kcho, owned by Capt. Gaaa way, although having participated in several regattas,* has never occupied the position which is evidently entitled to. It h> doubtfal whether the Little Ella, so long the champion of the Potomac, will again be fitted up. However, it is rejwted that some of the officers on the I'nited States receiving ship New Hampshire, at Netrfoik, Va.. are about to buy her for the pnrpeee of runuing the yacht Atiams. aa old rlyal of the Klla, owned by the cadets at Annapolis. There are numerous o'her smller yachts, many of which are know u as swift sailors. We behove that the friendly spirit nf rivalry which has always characterised oar vach'men, will ? ontinne. bv which yachting is elovated to the fiont ran* of popular sports. Colorapo BarrHtRk* and cut opals in ?'.>M beantituI settings, at Prigg's jewelry store. No, 4K Pennsylvania avenue, near 4* street. t Oar Public IcJmoIii. Mrrrimi or thk ?m?n or tri'stve* last VIQUT ? THE COAL COHTRACT ESS?TH E SCHOOL rr*I>?FBIZE*. ETC. A Nfllv iMftlni: of the Board ot Public Schwl Trn?tf<n w twId at tb-' Franklin School MMtn| last evening?V r. Murtagh presiding and I>r. A. P. F-trdon secretary. Mr. Richards |irtwntM A CoXMFKICATIOH Fr.nM *R. W*. Ol l5**D, ssNMttnK ? mode of wttlfment which,'' be tbiaks, "will be more acceptable than a legal adjudication." In hi* communication, Mr. Guinand expresses hi* amazement at the report of the committee, an, in hit humble opinion, it was not justified bv the testimony. The com mittee Mid that be "malt have known that there was a law governing coal weighing. He amwers that he dia not know of the provisions of that law, and that it is impracticable, and there is not ? coal-dealer in the city that complies with it. He never supjsssed that the hoard would act on mere presumption and would pass judgment of condemnation on the actions of one of its servants for acts not actually proven. He was a tared for a censure for not supervising his ness better, but certainly was not prepared to have his bills mulcted to the amount of ten per cent, in addition to the scathing rebuke of the committee, and he therefore very naturally, at the instance of his counsel, protested, and gave the board a notice of his intention of appealing to the courts. Divesting the subject ot all legal forms, it reduces itselt to a simple business proposition, viz: how much coal has the board lost? It is for the board to find out? not pre.-ume? and th?n make the demand, and, It' found just, restitution must be made. That is the pro|>osition he made to Mr. Hart on the night ot March #, when be was sent for by him to meet the committee on accounts, which did not meet that night, and that is the proposi tion which be now renews to the board. He will pay for all the coal found short. It has been sliown that at diflerent times and in differ ent districts four loads of coal have been weighed for him and found correct. He had therefore as much right to presume thit all the rest of the coal that was weighed was correct, as for the board to presume all the rest incor rect because they found some few loads short that had never been weighed. He does not offer this as a compromise, hut as his original proposition. In conclusion, he repeats the statement made by one of the trustees at the last meeting, vi*: If the board will take the trouble to look into their coal bills of the last two years and compare the number of tons and the amount of money expended, besides taking into consideration the addition of the Jefferson and (.'ranch buildings, coupled with an almost unprecedented winter, they will find that there has . been a less number or tons and less monev invested in fuel than for the last two vears, al though the winters were mild, and that Guin and has not cheated them so bad after all. The communication was temporarily laid over. Mr. .J. O. Wilson, the eui>erintendent, pre sented the abstract of THE MOKTHLY RETORT? FOR MARCH showing number of pupils on the roll last day of the month. 6,9*3; increase for month, 1st; aver age daily attendance.0,074; vacant seats, l.nctl ? 20*. first district, 219 second, 392 third, and 211 fourth; applicants, 33?fi in first, 19 in second. ? ! in third, and 3 in the fourth district. Cases of corporal punishment, 35?12 in first district, 7 in s?C0i)d, 5 in third, and 11 in fourth district; j number dismissed, 21; do. suspended. 42. Mr. Wilson also presented the application of I Miss Jennie W. Henry,of Bethlehem, Pa., for ! a Uachership, which was referred. >IK. Ol l> AXD'S COAL BILf.S. Mr. Hart, from the committee ou accounts, i rej-crted a number of bills, among them several of Mr. (iuiiiand for fuel with ten per cent de ducted, as also one with a deduction of *17. be cause Of an alleged failure to deliver coal when ordered, causing the bursting of the steam pines. Mr. Richards moved that the bills on which there is anv dispute be laid over to the next j meeting. He would not like a snap judgment to be taken by the hoard. He had, since the ! last meeting of the board, heard some state- | ments in reference to the coal contract*, which, it ti lie. placed the affair in a different ph;ise. | He urged that the board should not act too | hastily; that they should not ru.-U headlong into the courts, where they will surely lose the case if thMr insist on a deduction of 10 j>cr cent, be side the amount actually proved short. He did not know Mr. Guinand until the investigation i was commenced, and from what he had learned j no man stood higher than he as a business man before these charges wire brought. This motion led fo a long "febate. in winch Messrs. Hart, Khees. Harris, Wilson, Stott and others took part, which was ended by the c?n skieration of the bills of Mr. G'linand being postponed. kew nrftixES*. Mr. AtLee. from the committee on rules, re l>orted an amendment to the rules providing tor examinations of candidates for teachers on the third Saturday of December and the last Saturday in May of each year; laid over. Mr. Kliees ottered a resolution, which was adopted, that a copy of the testimony taken in the coal contract investigation be furnished Mr. Guinand. Mr. AtLee otiered a resolution directing the committee on legislation to secure from the le gislature at its next sessitui. the passage of an act prohibiting the ringing of the bells on the locomotives in their passage through the citv. and especially in the vicinity of the public s lioo! buildings; adopted. Mr. Harris offered a resolution amending the ! prize list Cor spelling, which allows one m-dal tor the first grade in the secondary schools and one in the second grade; adopted. THE SCHOOL Pl'KD. Mr. Kbeesealled attention tothe fact that the teachers had not been paid since December, | and he hud made some inquiry as to the condi tion of the school fund. The Collector intoruieii him that from duly 1st last to March 31 there I had been collected for the supjiort of the public schools *142,779.7*. From otlier sources he had obtained the following figures: School bills actually paid, ?45,746.14. Kills also approved to the amount of 922,307.91 are now in the bauds ot the Controller, but hot paid. Kills have been paid on account of colored schools to the amount of about *1.1,000. It anpear" that of the t-ixes already received forschewU. amounting to over ?142.(KO, only about $u0,000 have been actually paid out. lie ottered resolutions: 'That the legislature be urged to provide by law that the school l unds shall he held in trust for educa tional purposes; not to be used, even temtora rily. for any other object. That we deeply sym pathize with the teachers in their unreeom pensed labors, and we thank them for the zeal and fidelity with which, under neculiarlv try ing circumstances, they discharge their duties." After debate, Mr. Hart moved that the suh je-t be referred to a special committee of tour, with instructions to report at the next meet lug. agreed to, and Messrs. Harris, Khees, Scott and Cliampliu were appointed. THE PRIZE nrsfWES*. Mr. Harris offered a resolution, which was re jected, ?'that if It shall be shown to the satis faction of the committee oil prizes and exami nations that any teacher has violated the first rule governing the award of special prizes, the said committee be directed to exclude the xctiool under control of such teacher from participa tion in the competitive examination.'' Mr. Woodward offered a resolution to abolish the giving of prizes and medals for spelling, which was laid on the table. Adjourned. Our River fr'rout. THE PrEIXG TRADE?riSH, OYSTERS, C >AL, Ll'MBER, ETC. Business about our river front begins to pre sent quite a brisk appearance, esj?eeially about the fish wharf, where already numerous wagons from the surroundiug country have commenced to arrive for supplies of fish. The arrivals of boats reported to-day at Johnson's wharf, foot ot 12th street, are quite numerous, and sales are ? I in'ted as follows:?12,000 shad to northern mar kets, at 910 per hundred; 4.oon do. to cltv deal ers, at 914; 29,000 herring sold this morning at *7 i>er thousand. The oyster season i? nearly over, with the exception ot those brought tYoni the lower bay by way of steamboats. These are generally of the flnest quality, and arc sold at high prices?triyn #1 to #2.5o per bushel. Considerable quantities of coal and lumber are arriving daily. /rriralt at Ribu't W'hirf To-day?Schooner Tropic, Hooi>er. baulsbury, Md., with lumbar for J. B. Ward <& Co.; schooner Beersheba, An derson, Havre-de-Grace, with white pine lum ber for F. Mohun & Sons; Schooner Maggie, Myers, Havre-de-Grace, with same for Mohun ?? Sons; schooner L. and W. Showell, Fields, Saulsburv, Md., lumber for J. D. Kitch & Co. and N. B. Fugltt; schooner Pearl, Williams, Hawe-de-Grace, lumber for Cockerill A Co. and Kitch & Co.; Schooner Win. Donnelly, Ledge, Philadelphia, coal for order. Departurtt Schooner Trusty, Keed. for Alex andria, Va., to discharge |>art of cargo of grain; schooner Beersheba, Hooper, for Havre-de Grace, light. Tm Kailkoau-Chi rch Case?To-morrow morning at io o'clock the proceedings before a Iury Instituted by the trustees of the nth street ? church, (South Washington,) agt. the Baltimore and Potomac railroad company, to recover damages alleged to have been caused by the running of trains and the ringing of bells on the street tn front ef the ohurch, will be beard. This proceeding is instituted under an act of Congress, and the trustees having made complaint before Justice J. T. K. Plant some weeks since, he issued the warrant for the summoning of the jury to assess the dam ages; and they have been' summoned by the marshal to appear at 1 o'clock to-merrow to hear the case. Gen. B. D. Mussy will appear tor the church, and Mr. Daniel Clarke, or Md., and H. L. Phillips, of this city, will conduct the case tor the railroad. Thko.Thoma*--Kihiistbi-WiniAwm. It would seem to be;necessary, only, to call at tention to the advertised concerts at Lincoln Hall by this powerful combination of the world's choicest m isicians; for they noed no personal mention, each Is so well Known to Washington and the world. A like combination has never before graced any stage in Washington. To have works of the best oomposers interpreted bv suck grand artists is a privilege not often enjoyed. As it is their last appearance in Wash ington for the season, It will bo well to secure seats early, fbr it Is certain thai there will be not even standing room on the evenings of the performance. GEORGETOWN. t'HWApeakx amu Ohio Caxai A meeting of the stockholders of the Chesapeake and Ohio canal was held at Annapolis y?*t?day. Presi dent Gorman submitted hU quarterly rejKirt, but inasmuch as it covers the three month*.lur ing winch navigation wan suspended it contain* nothing of special interest. The receipts from toll* from December 1, 1K72, to February J*, 1873, amounted to ?3,*n.3o; receipts trooi water rent* and other source*. *4,984.17; total. *!>,371.52. The total expenditure* for the same period for repairs, ?&c., were Thk Aoed Voxix'8 Homk?The ladies in charge of the Aged Women's Home bare ac cepted the offer of Contractor Glea*on, an.I Cssed a resolution ordering a vote of thank* to sent to him. They contemplate erecting a new building in front of the Home, aad as they only hare about one-third of the funds neces sary, they will give those of our citiiens who are charitably disposed an opportunity te aid them. Some' have already made liberal do nation*. River News The steamer E. C. Knight, due yesterday, did not arrive until about noon to-dav. She brings a fall cargo of general mer chandise. The schr. Mary Standisn arrived to day from Boston, with ice and furniture for

Hartley & Bro The steamer Lady of the Lake arrived to-day from Norfolk. Gsaix Trade The canal boat A. S. Trun dle arrived to-day with 2..VK> bushels corn and 100 barrels ear corn for Hartley & Bro. The corn was sold P. N. T. The only sales of wheat to-day were 3.?>0 bushels prime red at Fish Trade The catching* last night were 25,000 herring and 5.000 t.iylors. The herrir.g sold to-day at $7a#7.50. and the taylors at *:l per hundred. ALEXANDRIA. An Escaped Prisoner.?John Lee, tiie colored man who has recently been serving out a tirm on the chain gang lor assaulting Mr. ?loJin Arnold with brickbats, escaped from cus tody yesterday evening, while working on the lower end of" Princess street. The ball and chain were loosened by a colored chum, who came down from Washington on a little private marauding expedition, and, after making an unsuccessf ul attempt to steal a pair of pan's from Mr. Simon Blendheim, corner of King and Fairfax streets, he wended bis way down in the direction of Fish town, where he met Lee, an old partner in the cabbaging business, and suc cessfully devised and manipulated his e?ca|w\ Lee was, we understand, pursued as far as Slater's bridge, at which point his pursuers, finding that it was impossible to recapture him, fired h couple of shots at him, one of which took effect in his arm. A Trio of Crazy Prisoners An lnqniol tion lunatico was held upon the three men ? one w hite and two colored?who are confined in the city jail, by Drs. French and Gibson, and Magistrates Whittlesey and Mav. at 4 o'clock yesterday evening. Tfcey were ail pronounced to be insane, and will be'sent to nn asylum as soon a? arrangements to that end can'be per fected. Fiphtovtn?Since our last report 100,000 her ring have arrived at Fish town, which sold at *7.'.0a**; 7.000 shad at *11 a? 12; bunch fish are abundant and command no price scarcely. 4.s00 shad, all caught bv Alexandrians, came up in one jagg this morning, and were sold bv James H. Watkins?Sentinel. last evening. CITY ITEMS. Wasted?Three goo.I. competent salesmen: must thoroughlv understand the clothing busi ness. Good salary and constant employment guaranteed. Address, by letter only, with cor rect name and references, Hable Bko's.. Washington, I>. C. The most is happy person in t tie world i tlie Dyspeptic. Everything looks dark ?nd gloomy: he feels '-out of sorts" with himself and everybody else. Life is a burden to him. T:ii can all be changed by taking Peruvian Syrup (a protoxide of Iron.) Cases of 27 years' stand ing have Leen cured by it. <; There is no ExccsEior poor Biscuits. K 'Ms. Bread, Griddle Cakt>. Muffing, Wattles, tV?\, when Doolej'? Yca-t i" n d^r is used. Groer sell it. 6 Dr. Wiptar's Wii.d t\ Balsam This Balsamic compound has become a home fixture. Let all who suffer, and have in vain attempted to cure their Coughs, Colds, Bronchial or Pul monary Complaints, ma!.e use ofthis une<|ii ailed remedy. It can br relied n|>on, the mass of testimony that has been published since its intro duction, being ample proof of its efficacy. tJ Fkmate Complaints should be cured, a' they of ttii can be, by a few doses of A t/er't Sar sayirilla. m,w,f,A.v Notice to Plchbeus and Gas Fitters We hereby give notice that we shall hereaiter keep a full supply of gas fitting and plumbing materials to accommodate the trade, at whole sale prices. Hamilton A Pearson, 4,7,eo3 Y. M. C. A. Build., corner 9th and D sts. Pond's Extract is tor sale at wholesale bv Chas. Stott ?S: Co., *-<0 Pennsvlvania avenue", and by druggist* everywhere. t,w,f,tf The community at large appreciate the use fulness of SirgPr's Sewing Machine. 1,5 Sonro Ft;:. a* indispensable to health and comiort thousands of persons come from far and near to Tisit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. 636 15th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails.. Ac., and advice as to suitable shoes. Willoox & Gibb'b 8bwins Machine. The celebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Banm's hoopskirt and corset factory, 7th street, Intelligencer Building. 10,28 Thrrkomrters and barometers an repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4^ street. Head our Spring Inducements. $10 *10 $10 $10 $10 FOR MEN. 910?A Full Suit only 910. ? 10?An all-Wool Snit only 9 10. 910?A thorouchlv shrunk Suit only 9 1 <?. 910?20different shadrs of Suits only SIO. 910 910 ?io $10_ 910 510. 910?A genteel Suit only 910. 910?A dressy Suit only 910. 910?A dark Snit only 910. 910?A light Suit only 910. 810 910 910 910 910 910. ? FOR BOYS. 9* 9* 9? 9* 94 04..._.#?. 94?Bovs'Csssimere Suits only 94. 95?Boys'all Wool Suits only 94. 94?Boys' School Suits only 94 94?Boy a'gent eel Baits only 94. 94?Bovs' light Light Suits only 94. 94?Boys'dark Suits only 94. 94?Boys' medium Snlts oulv 9.V 9 4? Every shade of Boys' Suits only 94. 64 94. ..94 94 94 94 94. ' BRING THE BOYS ALONG!" CALL! EXAMINE! PURCHASE! HABLS BROTHBB8, FASHIONABLE TAILORS, ap4-tr Corner Iru anb P Btreeh. pOR FAMILY USB. THE LKICEST1 TABLE SAUCE, THB TERT BEST SAOGB AND ERE ISM MADE IB AST FART OF THB WORLD FOB rAMIL 1 PSE. nUTE.....??Obrts. HALF PINTS. 9 FOR MALM Mf ALL 9MOCMMM. IDGLOYES! . _ . KID OLO? asE Georgetown Advertisements. J^EADY FOB 1UE 8PRINM TR*DB~ With a foil corps offir?t rla? li ? * ?. 'P* ^ foreign an.; domestic D Stuff*, Ac., A<*.. I am fully jrr?p?r-4 to LADIIS ?N^?' irmt pWttptljr tl>(i in th* niiDoj. * PK a MI I'M ST&jFufifiyb V* a scooh ESTABLISHED 1-31. Pretuinm awarded 1867. JrAiwm st Georgetown, D 0 Poet Office Box 78.1. apTrr POTATOES! POTATO*# !I ?5i*JSBrn!i!^mi,T *os* "n1 Maine CAR TER POTATOES. now landing fr.-m ?chr W?-liimi ton. Also,MO bales TIMOTHY HAT . in store aud f0L'V-b,r J.? WATERS. PABTNEBSHIP NOTICE. ' JOHN H. SHOOT. No. 119 Bridge street, Georgetown. D C, has associated hid son, J. D. SMDOT.fn bn- n<? Willi him. commencing AprilIt, and will .1,. hn.i neaa under the style of JOHN H. bVOuT A 80*. JOHN H. SHOOT A SON are now receiving and will continue to receive through the s. aeon, a c hole, well -Nflfded ifortment of . ... 8p"l?? and si mmer goods, to which they invite the attention of their fri?n ds and customer*. f M <t) J H 8MOOT A SOX. J^TKW SPRING DRY GOODS. -k Qoods, in sage and mignonette 'frKe.1?^rt,n^nt rf m.dinm and low pri.ed Dreae G'hnN, 10J00 yards new Spring P-rcales. Cali coes, and Shirtings; beet makes ..f Shirtings and Sh. eticp, Very cheap; SO piece, Bla.k Alpacas and Mohairs, from S& cents to A] 25 CtM>tm?re? ar?l ?"'t'y<for "J*" 't"1 We lUve a large stock, M?a offtT wreai bargains. _ _ BENJAMIN MILLER. ^^_^_J^j_Bridgestreet. Q?.rg. town. BANKERS. f\TI6 BIGE1.0W. U Banker, 643 D STREET, NEAB SEVENTH, Pays INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, makes COL LK< TIOKS, and trantatU ail toiiseM connected with Bankii.?. *p2 ly A R K I .1 G HOUSE 1. H. SQUIER ft to., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'E. OrPoSlTK WILLARDS HOTKL, WASHINGTON, D C. ? per cent, tntertst paid on dtpou:s. t ollections made everywhere. P*+it* payable on demand. Pay ?f offi > rs ;n the Army cashed in advance. ap"tr JF. bruohead, * Broker, No. ?39 Penna. ave., Boom A, Washington, D. C. Special attention given to investment securities. Invites attention to securities now offered at pricfe length of time to suit investors. S?f.-, reliable, pr fit rHRST-ifAbSPSECCKI^IfiT' IU Mp>c' _Befers by permission to Lewis Johnson A Co., Washington, D. C ; Moses K.Ilv, E*i? Cashier nJ?J?5 ?.*V3K>,lLmi,-BMk' Washington, D.<\; ,n ? _M-Second Controller, Washing L?",' I>.C ; Ldward Clark, Es-j, Architect D. 8 Cap Itol, Washington, P.O. mar17 3m '?'HE NATIONAL BANK OF THB REPUBLIC ___(Oorn* rof 7th and D streets.) OPEN FROM 10 A. M TO J "p. M _decT7 1 y CHA8 BRADLEY, Cashier. GERMAN AMERICAN SAVINUS BA\K No. ftlft Skvkxth 8ib*it, "ASK, Opponit <4s Post Qfi* lUmtimtnt. ?i^mr\.ho?r": ' * ? .to 4 r- m- Saturdays open on ?II 8 p. iii . to receive Je|K?Hit?f only. ?*""!? ano ATTIHGLYC. E* PBENTiasXS^ T" '-HBHmdW.-"- ^"D Banking House, No. 140T Pennsylvania avenue, P?. sMVKTK'f.REST. pawHSBS %lfS*??."? ? . ? from date of dep^it. Ismt! CertificatfS of D-pcsit\-eHrin* 8 and 4 p.-r c? nt ass i<? a JS.*''"*'"" *"I'"'re. HAS BRAN' H 0FP1CKS in all Itrne t"*:i8 and cities of the Senth and 8. uthwest. .. -..*>*** lours, 9 a. m. to * p. m. -,'Ji S Wednesday and Satnrday rich's from ?*% t. I j ? ' roceivedep<-?itsonly. Call at the Bank oi ?<>ud for a copy of the Chart-r and Bv ".J. ?* l> JAY COOKE ft CO., .JSSI ^llfP.5.,e.LL-r0B*,0!* EXCHANGE and IB8rB CIRCULAR LETTERS OP CREDIT for ** mi pari of tkt world. Unr Drafti on JAY COOKE, MrOrLLOCH ft CO.. ? . London, w AsL"&'r, PATB ? PEB CENT. INTEREST OH DEPOSIT Inters coaunencea from date of depoaita. Depowta can be nude and drawn at will. ">**> * J. A. BDrr. Treanrer. T)LAl E VOL R MO.IEV WHERE IT I WILLDOTHE MOST g "d T There is certainly no belter place in the citx than the METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORE, 313 7th street, where, if >oa invest a dollar, you may re?t assured you almtiys reeetrt the fnil pmlm o f yotrr monn, and where a aaving of J8 to Su cents on the dollar is guaranteed to you. without the draw back of receiving inferior goods. The variety offered is so large, comprising everything pretty and n#e ful. that it has become a vain task of enumerating the different articles offered, ami your attention is only called to below mentioned goods, a* all are good, desirable, and very cheap, and immense qnau title* have lately been sold: Gents' British HALF-HOSE, 3 pair for Al Ladies'IRON FRAME HlW.Kp forAl Childrens' IRON FRAME II08E 3 aairf.V ?i _ Ladies-BIAS TICKED 8KIKT' A2 ran , . V: bought else* here lets than SJ.5U. ' Lndiy BUFFLE APRONS, print# mu-lin ?>e FineEnglish HAIR BBUSllES. ,u ,ln-JW F rench Plate HAND MIBBOBsTfl. Exeellent Dressing COM Km ? a>u, k<l. SO stales Genu" SILK BOWS. lT.tK * " ? 'ijVI SCABF8, all new shade*. 60r Solid Walnut,3 Phrong TOWEL RACK ffl' B. ys Leather BOOKSTRAPS.*c^ Four Pieces Excellent 80AP,J5c. Six Handsome GOBLET8. 50r Beautiful Oval PICTURE FRAMED ?... A Pretty Carved BBAc\W*e Corner and 8ide BRACKETS.40r each RAOK8 n nTnlSp/V*8 RACKS. HAT For aVrther hsfof AC*^^ Wa,um' ^ call at CHEAP GOODS, METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, SIS BBYENTH STBEBT, '?*?** aear Pennsylvania avenoe. A1*'!! P*> r?st?.niers from any p*rt of Washington at N il ?u"! T ' V*m y UoodH' N. tions. Ac.. Jt,-X at Hit HOLS new store, on 7th Mreet h.iiin.m i? and L street. < near Bogun A I^YLER'S ~ LUNCH MILK BISCUIT, The choicest, moat delicate and finely flavored Cracker in the United States. navorea GIVB THEM ft TB1AL. Especially adapted for LUNCH, TBft TABLB^ AND THE IJSB OF 1 - For sale by Grocers generally. Trade (applied by TTLEB ft BHOS., 11-1? Sole manufacturers, Baltimore, Mil GUTVJni.e.V?o^Vfe,c01.T1K^"4S? BsbIaH PrAMAaala - ?J ' a^ &L. a o?Tciiisaaifc^i5^2ieES-s*!? teaakm now in progress. ?M*UI **" 13 may M teen at the Hospital* ud all _5?5i C H NIOHOLS. 8apt. BorSJLSKfc. W^SSStV. LUMBER* LUMBER. ?AID WOODS A SFSdALTT. BILLS CUT TO OBBEB. iVBBABBll GROCERS. P L O V k : RkCStfEU Din Ei T fr m ;h# Mr I* In VALLET or VIieiltlA. Will etll to famili?e AO f n!? P*r barrel l<wtk?i. BTOtl Pure* of SCGAKS ai .1 TEAS *1! ?ark"d do* n CATAWBA WINK, jwt rfrtltnl fros Plrtaui Tiiltr W iw (XftHW ? 8. H BACON 10* Wartr-t Spar*. **r2i t?*?Ween 7rh and ?h *tr*?'? ^ ?. O'HAHE * MS, WkclfaU Retail orntri, 1X13 S*rt*ik &??! .Vertavt.?:, idtNM M IM ff TEAS' TEAS! TEAS t ^J*paa Ti?. go?id. Mc, choice, Wc. very ftaeet, 9 Gunpowder T?, TV" ? good art tela for fl Choice Snnjnwtiw Tea, 91.*; very b?, f 1 M SW*k'?nr fcjf?? ?** i.T ?. . ? V*i *^ry ??"<1 Otioi Blark Tea, three ponnde for II. . We have alao a. m? of the ftaeet offered la the city ?lao, an extra Engliah Break feet Tea. _ . rLor*, *e Welch*, Rayh, Tenoeyh and other brand* <?? Flour, all at iow.*t moeaihle pricee. Ten pounde Lard fur 01. O Men Syrup. per gallon. 71c; oar beet fl. Ten pound* N- w Date*. fl. Nine pound* New Prun^e. 91. Peaaata, half boal.el for 91. BR.ANlf*. GIN. Ac. Pnre Trench Brandy, per fc- ttl* 91 > California " " i a Pure Holland Gin " , | m Augelicaand Mntcatel Wine, per bottle a Whlaky, five year* old. " |ji Sweet Catawba M ine, f 2 per pa:; n. C. S. OHAKE * IOI. feao tr 1M13 7th atreet N W ,Mw>n M aad S PRICE LIST or QROOSRIH8 AT U.PHOKZO YOU*09 * tVi. SUGARS. (BEST NEWYORK BBASM.I ^A"j clarified I A lb*, for I OB #m?h-d (loaf J.. 7>? Ibe. for I M Orannlated ? 7* the. for 1 00 Light Brown<nearly white) ,.A>? lb*, for 1 uu Good Brown J Iba. fbr 1 go FLOUR. _ per weft, 91 a Katra?very hie h frade per tack, S ?a Mxtra?a eeod family per Mirk, S a Family-choice per aack, t M Family?the *?rjr b.?t |?r Back, t 7| Fait-liy ?Wtich'* heat?at leweat rata* SUNDRIES. - ~j !b? ** 91 Knattah Curraat*. I Iba. for 1 ? jUMpe-chdr*.... ? ? Iba. for 1* W inali ? ? Green Cort-._ 4 r?ui for 1 ? Tomatoea-S *??. < cane for ) M T uiatoe??j it*. j can* for I K ;**? A cati? 'or 1 ? Ptachee?I Ibe...... cac* for 1 U Call at one*, *? we cannot guarantee the above in paralleled low pricea tor at.) deflate length of tliie KLPHO> to VUlXb? k CO., GKOCAA&, E. YOUHUS, I WM H SEARS, ( MASONIC TEMPLB, N.mth awt F *T*. jf tr STEAMER LINES. c is 0 Orricr PoToM*r Fiiit 0.^**1,; Seventh Wit***, 5 M i'Hiv.Ti'i. D C., March 29th, WTJ.V On and after TUESDAY. April 1-t, boata of thia Company will l?-ave Waahiugton and " Alexandria at 6 a.m., 7 15, B. 9, 10. 11:lti, aiid 12 m and 1,2. 3, ?. S.C.aa " 7 10 p. m. TlieOranr?* and Alexandria railroad pa??on^er? go OTer ty boat now. t>. S. HuWISuN. Preeld>-nt P 'toniac Perry Co. S.AMI EL GKDNET. Bnp t. \y?i PASSEKGEKS BY OR ANGE, ALEX AN1>KIA AND MANASSAS RAILROAD, On and after APRIL 1, liffs, *ill l?-a?e WASHING! t?S CITY t.y PO TOM AC PERRY COMPAK Y s BOATS, 7th Street W l;arf. Boata will leave the wharf at 7 1Sa. tn.aud 7 1? p. ni . arrive at 11:45 a. ni. and ?.*J p m. Boy Tiekett. at 603 PrnneyIvania avetioe, or coraer ol K11.? anc. I'uion street*, Alexaudt la. Thronrh Paesenperconnecti< n? between Oranee. Ale.xaiitlria and Mnna?-a? aud B iltim rw aud Olti Railroad* tuadc oul> by thia line. J. M. BROADCS.G.T A. W. E. GASKINH. A?r< nt. t>03 P? ave. aS-l 11 \ EW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, 1^ BETWEFt PHILADELPHIA. ALEXANDRIA, Ya.. WASH 1NGT0N AMD GEORGETOWN, D C. *A!L'*G DAY*. From Pier 2. N"rh Wliarve*.Phil adelphia, WKI?Sfc?DAY and SAT-I I7RDAY, at IS m. Pnwi Water rtreet.Ge^MpeiowB.D.C.,TUES DAY and SATURDAY, atlOa n. 1 Thia line c<jinerta at Philadelphia with "Clyde'? Iron Line" cAte uner? for Providence, B ?ton and I New England State*. N? wharf**.- in B >et*??i t.y thia line G. P. HYDE. A*, nt for D. of C. WM. P. CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. P A REID- Alt xandria. Va. WALDO a. PEARCE, 44 Congreee Street. R hi ton. apt \\ AbHINUTON^NORr^LE, BObTON, AND The fine Iron Stealer LADY OF THK LAEB having reenmed her regular tripe to Norfolk,will leave her wharf, foot of tth afreet, every MONDAY anil' THURSDAY,at I p. M., torching at principal River Landing*, connect.nn at Norfolk wtth SteamHbip of the M and M. Line for Boston aad Providence. Preight ahonld be add ream d "car* of Lady of the Lake, Tia Norfolk." Branch ticket ofllce at Kaox'a Expreee Olhce, 603 Pennarlvauia avenue. T M. CROI'CH. Agent, ath-atreet wharf. n 14 i ? v aw v.* 1 vu ? ngrui, vi 11-011 mi w? laaai ? . Di'RSEY CLAGETT. G-10-ral Agent. Plant1* Store, corner lfth at. and Pa 1 ^(JNARD LINE THE BRITISH AND NORTH AM BRIO AM ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, ?KTWEEM NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOB. FROM NEW TORK. Algeria Wed...Apl. SI'Java Wed?Apl. 23 *RuM'ia......*ed__Apl. 16 Partliia Sal Apl. 'I Calabria. .Sat Apl. IS I 'Cuba W?d_.Vpi. ?i Steamera marked Una " do not carry And every following WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAY from Mew York. Ran* or PaaaaaK.-Cahltt, 9?, 9m, ami ?ISu ?old, according to accewimodaUoa. Tick eta to Parte, 9U, gold, additional. ticket* on favorabt* 9*. 1 ? ? ? ticket* I ruin Liverpool cket* fr ?d all part* of Europe, at lueta ratea. Throagh bllla of lading givea to BellaM, Giaagow, Havre, Antwerp and other point* on the Continent aad for Mediterraneaa porta. For freight and eal.ia aaa SKiT.ft'^S^SKSVK-.^ '???? Q. FRAMCKLYM, A MCH0R LINE S7RAMMR9 BAIL EYERY SATURPAf. Pmmwmi hooked ta Ooa or Seaport la Great ? orway, Sweden^ 1 Cabin fare from NEW TORK to LONDON, LIV ERPOOL, GLASGOW aad DBRRf, 9*A awl ?T?. RECURSION TICKETS, 91M. aU mMlih ParUaa aendlngfor thatr Mead* ta the Old Ooaatry eaa parchaae ticket* at Iowa* rwlea. For farther aarticuiaraapplrtothe IUERCKAJTTS LAKMOF WASHUfQTolnAND katlroat>s. B ALUHOBE * * D OHIO) BAILBOA*. 9r?Z?Ww2l"VA*i^^Roi? AM> BkLTl ?i k? matWaseiwgtoIi aV* tCBvIYt ?? ,J .?vrin^; vr, o? M >r*t fob baltihobb L?a?* r. a *t ai.c ? ?N a m . and 1A *-W. I * ? * 4 a At > ?> _ FOB ALL WAT STATION* u??? tkU). *-o> pi Swi Ul.M ? 4ft. 4:4 nad ? ? ? b . ikuJu > a .iU iRak?' ? ' - t ??a.? ,uj i?<*,lu.iift,*y *m# -?? Tl># 1A 1 11 i?4 I II in >rtia< atop at tb? U .Am .i.? 0*9 ?-t - ? ?? ? - ?'*fi?? 1 I ****< ouJ?, v|*. ^-? , >m| B >>?? l_ I ATlLitW '"f^TTZIrSr aad RrUr. A a?, tbe 3 at | . M. Will atp M [ mi' 0?U end 1M >?l ? Mr>tnVCrM?. W ' . . _ fol ANRAPOLIS f 4ni2U2Vif eliU" ?? ^00 u * * , _ fob BOKPOLE. koare at IdBp n ,n<*|< Bnaday. ruE ALL PABTS or THE lw dulf, nrfll S??i4tr hI |nadk< ? a and 1 II aad IE P. a. On fUturdai Ml fl 1 ? ad I'M ?. ? . *?4 <? Niiu at l ift aad fWpm. TBA1ES ABEP E AS FOLLOWS: Frew Sr* Ya-rkTrbtladelplua u4 Baltimore, %t C i a. * . and ft..* and ? ?? ? ? fr.M Fbilad. lpbiaaunl Baltanoreal IH> n Fr.*i BaUia* reatS*, SJ?, Art and 11 lo a a , ? * i*, fcdft.r*.? a?. T m. r?. ?i w*i a ? FBuM TUB * 1>T ArrtT* at 1:10. 6* aud IiI* p n. Ttr.tgb tHkn* to Ue ?<? tllkt M M tM ? aebingtor Butt"! Th OfSce at all h..or? K tM to), ai*o,at lbet.V?npMv'*ofn. ? . 4*A P> ? > ?iruu?. Faaerng^r* purchaeing tickete ai The A < e ja* ? See can there arrange to have their t agsage *I.?J for aaiImMtf ibnr ra*i<1?tkoe,tek*a to rw lepot. aixl flit into the t?CM" rar. F r N?? T rk. PbiladrtpUa aad Bjrtnn ?a* ad ??ctl??met)t tf*,Tliron?t Cine." TH< 'S B IHABP.Xi'lEMlor Tran?r a L M ('OLE. 0<'ii?nl TtrkH ifiit UKi B EOOBTB lr>? 1 A 'gi. Aft aahIn* 't>. OS 'I'HRorGH LIKE BIT* *rs ^ n-^_, 1 ? ACHlkUT?>N.raiLAI*BL lOE^PRKl PH1A, ASP NEW TnKk ?* 1 ? H tdlMTni, L "1 Tratr*t^t?<^Ti? AMIINUTuN and BlUU ar? rcu a? t > ? ? FOE NCW TOEE. la?f<i' '? < L?a?? dai>) (MCrft bu tdai ? at 6.tA a B. , 1 Jt t'-id L FOE PR IIA DELPHI A. L*?t? datl> (*ic? pi M.i?u> > all a. b .IE aud I E) OS BI KDAT. LMwvfov E#? *> rkat I io p. a., aod P: ? i?-t?M? a* r * p m. bl?-< p ;.j car* for K< v Tork oa g.H p m *.r?io ftro?*t tklH? to Pklltd'lyhli. E<^? * r* an4 B ?ton ?i. i- bad at lfa< bl^ti u Ulbva at a*i a* or* of tb?- dap. For B^ttlmor# and ohi i rallroa/! *.'< ? HtUwitoB, Mltlacrt, A^>p<> l?a and ttw B ??*. THt'8. B hHABP. A?t Barter Trac?p n?t< ?. L M COLK. O^nrral Tirkot A??*ot. CPO. B EOOXTl. Ar~tit. W??liiiwrt"fi |fH ^LEXAELEM A V8UUi0 iBSWB ALKAANPBIA A PBEPERfCESErEQ I I. Cottur b mmd Stzu StrmU. I Ural tralna for Alw?Ddrtal?waifoll..w?.-'? g, . Il ila. tu . 1:49,-S.S-.6 Ji 11 V p.m. L**mt train* lr. m Al- laudrl* arr|v?- a> f . ?- - 6 U.'IJB, K-JSatt .1 10. *1:18.??. T:* p a> 'Tral* Biarked tbus o>u*eel wttB traim ^ * ?? l> 1 ftoti aad Oblv B B. QCAETICO A.'ufltmodaMoi l^araa WMMMtJB JO n. m. d?ilT. ?xr< pt 8ui>da> . UBLAT bylTbSHS kXTKtKH. rla B' -biu^ii, >?> ? ? i. ii' M p m d?'.,. ?ac?>i S luday. TLr o|t. ti. k< t(tv?UM?U luMb Ml S f * aaia at 0?c?*. corner Utb itrwt and P . m,.?? i ta av^aor, ai4 coryxtltli atrmd and P ? . ? ? h#re r??'?'??'*r> ??ti !#?>? ??rd-n> t r . jacked at all hflftal? aud roaidriiCM ttii |fl aa* it t - V'1! Nl.twl P?>n?r Ar*i' \ r 11ALT1M< KE AM) l UTi'MAt f-j-. D kailuuao. ig|J ,? -Si (A/ui iKii? A TEA 1KB LEAVE T* B ThAIVs' ARKIV* AT BALT1MOBE. I WAMIINO. N t S3 a. u.., Biayara kip . ? 5? ? n, ^ e*i?rii t.' p daHp. I " ,vS8 -.mi., Baltiiiorr Matl.| dai'.p. H Jb ?. m . Weatcrti E\p ? JkiI) . e? .p- Suitdajr. dml? , rar pi 6 ? *? i H<u!,ua?.>. c't cent Buitda* llj?a.eVWed^ra t.p daily. 6 Js p o... r? Ac- b:tS f.oi., Pa^tAr E>pit<aa, e< ti.i< <-d??i. u,dailj ,tx- d*ii>, ?-*c?-pi ? ir. C? pt Su!i<U> . fUlJ pllljkcuiu- n.?:.oB, IS l> ?i.,('ibcitiuatl Ii | daily. ?rt??(il?ii),<rKi.rpt i>tUi |WJ3 P.M.. 1$' ttt? -ru E?> 3ar. _ I f -?,<lmilf, pi J;.!! 7 ftS p w.. ^fteatera En .l day. daily. I Ti?:u* UavltiB WBaht. ?t o at l:W a P ar.d ? P r. ? . i^tiUKt at Bowie wilb trauta t r V aMi>c B- ?>?- k:.Oi u. . ?i..l I II a. u , auuum at Marlboro' 11 S a. ? aud lllp.a. TralK* trnirni at WMbiuprtoti HE a n a; ' 9 t in . luBUMt at B. wi* ?ilb UaiM l? ,. i o' 1:11 a. m. and S.SS p. ?>. Fam>urri kaviitf their order* at TVck-t OSr*. c.rii.rof Utb >tre?t and Peauayl\ama av.tior ai 4 i orthweat c*>nier <4 b, vlti atre*K aud Pm tsltati a ? teBoe. can have tb-ir borate called f<? a- J rb^ck rial b<-tela aud reaideacea t<. all ta N i'tt ai.d W t?t Tbrouch tirketj to Ctnrinnati. C" -Ii ? haa, I ..:ianap< li?. Loniavllle, Bt L?ai?, N -w ??r C licaao.OaiKha, Ban Prairiar .atolall a -ru:, ti xtkweat, meat, aod aoathwat. E L t>l'K A KRT, OoB't 9if t K.B. TOi yO.OeP l Paaa'r Agent j>1 'J 1872 PESNSYLVAkTa EOrTE IH72 TO THE KOETHWEbT. BOL'TH. AJiD SC'LTU* WW. Tralna kav* aa follova: a aebiL^loa. 4fl a. Bi BalMm?r4 t. " hx? a. m ? It* r m. ?? ...... t J3 p m " ...... P 3 pm. ?? Ttt p. m. - Ii 33 p. ni. THE GEEAT BOtBLE TBACE B >ITE, ITItb tlefatit Scar-jrp, Palara Stale room dap abO ilrht car*, with modern iaiproT<-nn>iita. T* bnadreA aalca aa*ed U> WwtuL a:.J C?c.tral Sl?w Ti rk. Tbe Mtje a. BI dally, excefl Bnndav. r ?rb* -?t, :iipa. daily, aod 1:40 a. at., except Su^da>. wcat, Bitt UyiMttiOM Rtruasfe tram BALT1MOBE to E1AGAUA ar.<3 PlTTsECBO witbout ckaum. Tiiketa by tkia route can be proenred at tt>e fBcaa. x>ruer of IJtk atreet and Penn?> lauia av ? ..<:? ai. 1 lornar of Itb atraet aad Pmrnai Iraaia nw. t .d- r National H i el, * bare raUabla lafumatioo <iJU rlT?a at all tarn raaMfMi prncarlnc ticket* al tbta office ran ? ?can arnwiwndalliiBa ta Palaoa Cart lut Pitta """'Br. 8. TOCEO.Geaaral Paaaiap i aarlMy Bait in. r-. Ml PROPOSALa tUUI'USALb ruBCUAL. TtEt'I lt DF.P*IT*txT, BVKU . uF k>tol I DF.rABTMCXT, J KiViNu as: Pa %t \ ..J Mar< h 2> I\1 \ Scaled Prv.p. ?ala a ill lie re. ?i* ed at ? i ?? fl nn*il I? i 'i l.<k a. m , MON DA Y. 'h' h '.<>1 April . 1(C3. f<>r furni?biuA Km-bntidixd . N> ? ? i ruu of uiioe t Gi-orcr'a Creek t CumlerUni < a, !?? delivered at enca tliea and plaoe*. aud i ?uch 'lUMiiiitiee.aa n.ay be r<-it';irad. au l an* f! io tbi require^ b> act of <'uagreen approved Jaty 11.1870. v iy "That mrht'ial dull ?' :.'htj?0 pi'Budr to tbe t?a. and aball lie inapert'-d aw.i weif ti ed, and the qaautity of aw h toad cert ti i at t tiun < i iii-li\er) . |i> the per^ ii app'inte.: i : .ugli fied under the act for that ynrpM, an- t'iat the pn-?. nlied fee of > ceiita for each ton ? < *1 m aperted. treicfend aod delivared. ahall be ( ?;,l t y the coiitra?-tor.,r Prupoaab ?ill be conatilered biadiaf for re week from th> Mth day i4 april. 1<TI. the D- pa' :aii'ut re ?? rilajtkrri|bt to reject all ?* any poruoa of tbe N? pr?p<aal? Will lie etitertalued nnleM ?. - aipa nied l>v Mti?faactory evid?a<-e at? 1111\ i ? - M tl. ? contract. nor ?ill ai \ pa)m-m mail" witliont tbe rertittcate of tbe laep^rtor that tbe cuai fan.ltlinl ?a i-acb aa the contract rail* tor. Prup<?al? abould be a^Mn-eaoU aad aent t :h? of fice ./ GKO. A. MiCAKTKE Chief of Bnrean < t Encra\ mg and Prtutu . . Treaa nry IVparttin-nt n.a iHw pBOl'ObALS FOB STATIONEET. Tauat tt Dctahtvknt, March 15.1?C1 Sal-.! l*r"L>?al> f. i tiiri..?l.iiig 8'nti 1 year vihIibk Su Kt.mli t- re.n.. I . lAihdat of April. 12 o i I K-k M Blank/onua for biO'iiuK ?iU I.. f? , arplK at ma. The bida w ill be cuaeiilr-rod and accepted er reject ad item b) it^?. arnl thi- ??! ? i-t i?< aai-ut au?l ' Ue pr ? ??al, bo far a* accepted I., the Secrete' f tan Treasury, aud the b int accompanying thie aaaaae, (tiall coaetitule tbe couirai t bidweea tli^ <i *^ru ment aud tlx-bidder i>r bidaera, auid no further eou tract will lie executed. Tbe article* routracted t -r miiM 1 m lino- ti. time during tbe ?-nr. iu g?aatiti~ ; iraaat.t ta onlera from the li?-pan?i-nt. Tlie ?-iit?r.' laaotl tiee will, however, be calb-d f.>r during th?- far. Each aauot tw- -!?ii-d by the ?: .. tual t firm malting It. aad ai r .mpaiiled by at- !.*ih aalScietit *nretiea. la tli? *ntn of ten thoifuidd I lar*. (?klAOO,) aaproved by a Tuited State? ffic r l the dtairict iu aim Ii the euretie* reatile . i i<> I n?l aaw, on a form to be farni^h'-d by tb^ l?-ii-taa? r:t, oonditioaed forfamiehincauch portion^ the arti rle* aa nay Ii* awarded und--r it, aud tbe pwtfowa aace?f the contract. _ AlldeliTeriea nill be aul^i I to laeperti n by aa "ipert detailed for the pnrpaa by tbe tx retar* <4 ? be Ti' aeary, aad the delivery at an tafpri-r art ir la "" be deeined *uftcieiit caiwe to an in I 'be c.>u tract, at tbe option <4 tbe B-cretary DelHeriea maat be free uf charge at the T Deaanmeat. Vablaglia^^^^^H failure to roan pi j with any one or<!cr ander ? aa a forfe* cao tract will op* rat* a* a f<*f?ttarei f the entire of tbe bond, or the Secretary of the Trea* - . ?craftary ?.f th- Treaa ?. tn ?B>e4 market, .4 each ?aaatltiee of au> article* a* ahall be watrr to aapp^y tbe diStlanry caaaand by sacb faiiara. au4 'bar** to tbe awatrector* fifty par cent m of th? web*^ticUa mmemmmrj u> pap for ""'topioaaia aaaceomaaniad by a aatiafart ry l.on4 will art be c>u?id*r?d. aad cotrtracu will !?? award ... +*r. wa. A. *1. H \KI - 'N. **"?** AeWW Iwt^in ?<th. Tr.?itj |>?OPOeALb fok CftAVltft PA\ EMeST! Correal tbe acnth of tl ?Tnu'fiasrtyifc, ?? ?jf aeeaaaa. ?- ? - prtee par enparfi.-tal yard. *? *** wlU be eeaaidfrfd aalaa* MMMpaaied with a in tbe earn of (k jUW. tW nuBcietici ,.f which f*> yg??*Jy ajartfii W^? Mare fur tbe D?a tnct af Colambia, or a Judge of the l nli..l gtat-e Court, coaditioaed that tbe party bidding ?ill ? I into contract ta can* H I* awarded to hi*, and Plato tb* work la ?cc--rdanoe witk U?e cation*. EDWAED " ' Architect V

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