Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1873 Page 1
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fat TWO CENTS ( THE EVENING STAR. i iMI brtf tally, laaday* cit^tcd, AT TUB 61 All BULLDLSG&, Af?aue, Mr. litk St., at m in? STA* 9IT3P1HK ttlPM a. m. jm fru<. I TBI ?VEN1J?? STAB *.*-rrea L> carrier# to ???if rat-ciiteA mThC.ih r? a w?sa,r r Iuetv It ti Csit? r?a ?jjstm. Cop?a? at ,h? tco.'-r Two CB!?? aBcb. B, niai.?iIum ttiOwJu, ?ljb, I au motktbM, ?3.a, ooa I?b, i? f TUI HEBBLT STAB-Published m^fll '?year S/'ICTkriktlf ill lilTMCf, IB tlAU UM, 1?J p*L'T Mat looser than paid for. * ay E?*?? of KJTerrWiii* fornlabad ob application. HOTELS. l v? Akl) Uli'sil. (VwrM t'rtt: ?r? , U'a<4ia.-.v*, i. C, R. WOOLS, Ptop'r, ii kM jMl aatertMc a aeriea of ekjatt imp: nt ? tbir. litirg DffB thor uglily ren-rated aad T*^ X'.f t:? b?-u thr< uchoat, tualung it at preset ?oa of tee *? at deairalle H tels in Waabfngton. * D. H ?ard.Iate proprietor, retain* an i???re?t I* the Bwtrl, where h- mill be pleaaed to ?-*? hi?t ?'?! T fflt auJ f m? r patron*, pr< mi>it| thca llrsl c *?? acioU.r, ?is?tk.i?i? at al. time*. "IW-mia, $J p*r d*y. Tablo Bv?ard, ?20 p*r ?? mo. lull lw I" 7 ii ioa~hotel! ^n<'*?nuw*,i>.c. ? V. &HINN. Prprietor. Tfcla Betel bat beei. n-?ly r* filled acd forclahad. If i.'aiiia all the modern improvement*? b-I aud c.ralaUi*, L?, ar.d ga*. It ia eonvanlautly lo ?at*d. being Mtcated tn the line of the Waahingtca ai.o ttorffli wu City P?*u{f railroad, tbe cara i* from tha railroad and ?teamboat dep-u, |u< the d*>or nMj two or three minute*. Tbe (->rta of ttva biige can reach any ot tha public and-.nga af tha nati mal capital or an) place of a?::?#tieBt, Ac.,by a pl-aaatit ride of afewminntaa F~r? w?d? ilb tuineaa along the line of the canal a<-J (t tbe wharrea will find ft to tbeir ad?ar.ta?e to 0' t it thia bona*. Ml-lr Tee ekta.nt house, Lc*mud aa rornrr l?ia ttrim and X. f. arena4 After tba 1st of December, 1ST*, Permanent ai.d Transient B-aider* will IIimI thia house one of tba B**t ioiriUj and wuat conveniently located bviiaea la *be city. TBe rr.rm* are neatly forniabed, well lighted asd aear.lated, ai-d presided witb all modern home ac f r medatvna. Tte tharc-a are the want* and the e-ia? f< rr of all gnrrt* will be carefnliy provide for. T!je proprietor, X. RICHARDS, baa determinad to p-n?i1a a f"4>d atrrer. botIJ-* :! IpTlCS OUTKL., So. 709 0 STREET, .??*' Bctwubi Tth a^p ire Srp.iar*. H'BK IMPkHlAL fiCTKL. JAME5 S?Kt9, rtcrvuiot. fllNTIS* PoXrTLT?!IU Av i > r t, ??:ict.a lia n? i lira struts, W^H^stos, D. 0. TtuMtl tc the p-.blic for generocs patror&ge In t>? pa*i, ti* Proprietor a*ks his old fri?ud? a^d >?'' : ? to teet tta arc<.n.!in?'.Atioi>a of hi* prtaent ?-i luim eu;, which he pr>n>ia^a <naU te found at trv ??ual to tha Leet in Wa-hin?ton. ;s * tf | Bf-p., Cbr.Vnj rTwiLLARD, KLBITT HOT7SE. WA.-UINJH S. D, C e. BOOKS, STATIONERY, A* PKTiSTj L1BBABV U# PoETST ANi> I* MiSG. IT B jTOWLS LIBKAI.V OF FAMOUS F1C U<X. KIltB > LIFE '>F CUniST, tr. ^ ? i t 11 i ? i i. i.idat 1111 P<ua->Svaii ?av ai ?? b> ..?sjn^ FISIft'P k II \/AKt>. % GEiClLTl KAL BOOK!*. J : -?i n'a \s.-ri<-"lt'tral Cli^iiii'try ??! T.1! AM* i iraii Oariten r"n An-i-tatir 2 M Allett '* Anterit-aa F-irui B ? 2W 1! n.ler* >n'* Gardraiug for Pr..tit 1 W .'ijiff'-P:?itiiiigfor Pr-lit and Health 1 >1 Fu.!tr'- Mull Fruit Cultnria? IN F (> ?i- rultnr~... I >? Fi'/'a ?? ntht-rn Arpl** Caltnri?t 2 7d Wr^iht - Piattical Poultry Keep- r 2 i?l Lancatroth ? nthe 11 >n? y K?-a 2 00 lia: lull ? "he^p H 4-baii<1r) .... 1 S"i II I'n n?-r*' CjrK padia 3 75 V Atx on t he B g# 3 75 A11 the t.ew tx-ok- rn-eived ae ???on ?< pnt li?iu-<l t RI< IIABP B Jt Co.. ? t-'T 1 ?? 1 3 P?ni;?. avenue, corner 11 h -tre-t. | l^T OT M.W BOOK5? AT IN1LLHGTOVS BOOKSTORE: L1TTLK KATE K IRKT. A lafel. Bv the anthor ? ? *le*fi^ A-tra* and Carrie** Confea'i.,11. TF K COMI5G BAC'E. B\ Edward Bulwer* L ?rd l.vttt B ) T Ii K WJPOW LEBOGI E. A Norel. By Emil^ THE ' BKKF? R; o*. THK M?'I STAISEEU OF THE ATLAi*. Bv M S. M?yo. X? T EASILY JEALOD8. Afiwl. To THE BITTER RID. Bv Mi-w Braddon. L AKEY1LLE By M%rr Ileally. hi PTI LI S ANI? B1KOS. A New Edition. LBCVATIOll IX JAPAN. HALF HOI R RE< REATIONS IN POPULAR M 1ESCE. No. 7. All the bark inni'?r* 01, haod. F?'PI LAR SCIKN' E. Monthly voluw-r 1 and 2. ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON NATUBVL PHILOSOPHY. Bv Pi.I-?or Everest. SI) TO 5"RTH AMERICAN BIRDS. Contain ^i.m a cod* -;* account of every apecieaof Liviug alio F- -pil B:r?tr>. HAKPEES ll.\ND BOOK OF TRAVEL IN El" ROPE A larg- stock ?.f Blank B ?-k*. Pi*? B and >T ux raiid'iBt B -k-. Note Pap?r. Letter P?r r, ai,?i I'la> jvj, C.trde at tb? very l??wa?t pricea. ai-tr 'pHE WuRKS OF THOMAS GITHR1e7d. D. The O ?p<-l in Er<-ki?l The Sair.t* laheritacce. The Way et L'fe. i>R the Parat !ea. Illnotrated. Speaking to the H -art. >tndiea of Character. Pl?-a for R'<irire,| s? h? 'd?. The fc'itj: ite Sin? and Sorrow*. At ?M. BALLANTYNE~S. 449 7th at r<*T. INVERT M'lTHkK THE DOCTOR OF HCU TjOKN FAMILY if -he pti Dr MALLS HEALTH AT HOME at STOCKMAN A SON'S, M*9SKh sfre.-t northweat Tbe COTTAGE EIBLE to be had there alao. Two good AOENT? wanted. m2S tr ^ OT1CI. OPENING or A a aw statiobrrt store _ AliP BLAKK BOOK MAjfUYACTORY. Firat claaa ?- .ode at fair 1 " F-*t da* oda at fair prlcae, for caah. LITHOGRAPHING, ENGRaViBG, PBIMT1NS , AND BINDING DONE TO O^DBB. Tha pnbllc are invited to call and ezaaatna ocr Dea K <?. BEN. ?. rbench, Tnder National M?tropcdftaa Bank! and tut door to Jay Cook* a Oo.S, "" tf waahlnatM. D. C. INSURANCE COM PAN! THE CX)RCX)RAN f IKE l39iKA!lia t O jI r A .1 i i OP TUB MSTRICT OF COLUMBIA, April l.??, 1STI. * ?pital *100,000. t FFICE No. U'rt PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, lOrii M.LKix a Dmk. Sio&?.> J"HS T. LENMAN, Pr??.ieut. A. H HERR, Vira Preaijrut. J. T. DYER, S<-cretary. * in. Orn e, 11. Clay Stewart, i '*.<? A. Jaiaea, Jaa. L. Btrb?<ir, Edwarc Diaop, J hii T. Lamuac, Michael Green. J -haBxiley, a|4-:f A H. H?-rr. 1 SBC KB V0UB LIFE In that BTKONV OLD CO. THE JMI'Tl'AL .%>? etc Urganizcd 1P4I Anar-i i. STA1IU Are you insuredf IF NUT. APPLY TO THB OLD lycoiPoiAtu it Comim ii 1911 (He* la tha build iu? at ika K at tonal Bui of tA* Kepnb!*c, So. 799 D atraat BOrthaaat. Bo cbargt fur PolfeMa. Ov?am?.-l>*? Jaa. C. HjJl, John Pur9y, thj. M 5'EsS?r&^A&&.V7 CHARLES BBADLBY.idcratary. dac?-aofci ?V TBS DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. UhUAXlZKV A UU VST 99, 1919. CASH CAPITAL f'? ? 0?c? In bheptortd* Bnilding, Mo ?;S8.? |SlLTtrj uaCBL CKVU. ? ? . bibbttom: Ss ? M^rott J?" Geo.> GulicA, 1 " A.B.T yox CBINE8E TEA BOM? to ail Patraat, lb wm* 7th. aovtb TEAIcka*|Ntte?t?. No rant k L. BENJAMIN. AMUSEMENTS. R l Bl>?TCI.\ A> U THCU. THOMAS. SPECIAL NOTICE. In toil p'ian<-t with tiunnT' U* requests to accom n. 'late re?i,1ins >mt ofthecitv, A GRAND < OM-BtNATION MATINEE will be given V\ KDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 16 b, At 1 o'clock. Fare-well Joint Appearance of ANTON RUBINSTEIN, HENRI W1ENIAW3KI ? ? Anil TH *o. THOMAS, WITH HIS UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA. H*wncd seat- to the Matin re *1 only. as-st* LV D1 A TH0*Tp*0W AND HER MAMMOTH COMPANY, Incln WK.f tlK" f?n:on? C')ai?di*u?. HARRY BE'KETT ANI? WILLIE KDOCI.N. Will appear at th* N>'W Op~ra H< ui>e, on EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 14, In th*- >1 leical Extrav asanza of BLUE BEARD. Sat?ofacata toconon tee SatnrUay,at the Opera IU ?j apg-.H |^1 NCOLN HALL. I LE BI LL 8 FARUVELL SEASON IN AMERICA. Mr. T. R. Ti BNBitL respectfully announces the i *r- * ell A?i ? aran'-e ? f the prsat Violin \.rt\iM ?, OLE BULL. IN TWO GRAND CONCERT*. WEINESDAY AND TBI ESDAY EVENINGS APRIL lb AND IT. Or. which 'WWion he will be in> st ably ne?i<ted by MISS GKA/.IELLA R IDOL WAY, fee lavorite v..ung American Pi ima D?nai Soprino; SIG5IOB FERRA.1TI, The p pnlar Baritone C"mi'jne, and the emfneu*. Pi av>i*t and Conductor, Mr. JOSEPH HART DEXK. Ailmi -i'-ii. 51. N..extra i-'iiirsre f .r re-t-rred <?'*{?, w ich can be obtains] at M<-tserott's M'!* c b'w. O ini'tClUi A|-rii Wrh. The C iioerf u (1! c. mmecce at S o'clock. The Gi an 1 Piari. f .rte* used at th?->e incerts ar-j fr-ni the celebrated manufactory of Win. Knsbe .?< C* .. B iltitt-re. <? a? 7t | I N ITo L~N IIALL. MONDAY AXD TUESDAY EVENINGS, Apr.l 14 AtiU 15. THE GREATEST rnVERT. COMBIN\TION ON RECORD^ COMPliUlN G Rubinstein! Wieniatvski! AND Tfieo. Thomas! WITH LIS UN RIVALED OR<HESTR\ OF SIXTY PERFORMERS, w!l L-ive in Washington I NLY TWO URA9D CONCERTS MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 14, at jP M. TCFSDAY EVENING^, APRIL 14. at d P. M. Only .Mnt Appearance* of l>TOS Rl HI S ? T F IS. HENRY WltMVWSKI, And THEII. TIIOMIS, WITH HI- UNRIVALED ORCHESTR * ' R - ? d ? H.? t ;? i d 52 &?. according i ,?.. ?i ??. S.?l>- of >rat? ?otnwtan< ? ? at Metzerott'is ?lu?;c WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 9, at 9 i>'clock. -'e! .*. ** Pianos ri*.-,l at these Concert*. VV ASH ISGTOS theater iomiuueT * * rE.?venth ?tre*t, atuth P?uus> lvania avenue.) ANOTHER STUPENDOUS SENSATION' THE'?OFT Y CUOFTY COMBINATION *l-ich hi? jO-rt ronclndtd a highly sacasufnl en gage mint a' the Holiday stre. t th atr-. Biltmur - GEORGE W. THOMPSON. Great'?? ? f M*l-rn Sen??ti"ns, "YACUP!" "YACUP!'' "YACUP" Also, the nesr Sensational Bullet, arraired b M i s Ale*. Blard^ w*ki, Hft^r tlu ri Micip.i sccttic ? aliet in -L"o and Ljf?," from Ntbio's Garden. N--w York,entitled THE CAPTIVE; Or, TIIE BISD-' AGE OF EDEN! A brilliant Sp^ctacala- Ballet, in three pr > dw*rd with f^r^ofla Keo/n^iu^iuykofntcoitni? ?, snpwk properties, ntni ;? NEW BALLET TBOUPs! tojrether *i'honr erev Olio, a iiiainnio-.h variety tr.npe.f FORTY STAR ARTISTS. **r,u> Th.'irr^at Vei -atil*', EAGAN AND EDWARDS TUe charming; vocalHt, ? ARRIS LAVABNIE ! The original *n4 vei itaM* ri. LEVANTINE BROTHERS' KJBALFY SISTERS! KIRALFY SISTERS' ?? ^""re *reat Nov? Ity Tr.^npe. THE 6REATEST SHOW EVER IS WAsTngTON Mai m-es M, EDNESI'AY and SATURDAY. a7 if OtpKo.J OB ExhikltUa iNewN 496 } ?b4 ItU { 43? marrrWfr s, 't? ' So 439 Mh atr^t, betwe?n D and I street*. ?Irht doj>r? above Odd Fellow* Hall. ' K ,Hiw No t 43v markAiter*s, '1ih bftvwj D and B< ^ FelJow't Hah. Choice Oil Painnrgt, Kngravinirw, Chrnraoa, Jlc. -SAffikW.-.l? '? ^ u-rt" Please rem-Cibt-r Kac.e and ?mmtbmt. jolly * ALL EINDS OF CAST-OFF WEARING AP PAREL ean be aoU to the very ban advantage ly addreaain*or calling on JUSTH. *1? D?reer betw*M4tfc?Bd7th a. w Botea by mail promptly attended to. Owh paid. fU SUMMKH RESORTS. t^l'MBBB BOARD. TheOsBUBN HOUSE. Leeabiirt. Va., is now open lot the arcon.nidation of Smuimr Boarders N) Cin- wiil be spared in the endear,>r t< make all Arim rtalK- l^pa-lt.-J JOABOSRUBN. Propriet or. 1873 string. 1873 TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, T RE MEN Dors STO< K, TLEMENDOUS STOCK, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING. SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND STMMKR CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BoYt), MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, BENS', YOUTHS AND BOYS, iU rs. CALL AMD Seh' CALl AMU SUB! CALL A1*V SKK! CALL AMU SKh f CALL AMU SUM! tiU HAT b A HO AIMS .' (rki'if B A HO A IMS ' O h EAT BAHOAIMS! OHMAT BAROAJMS' OHEAT BAHOA1MS! 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENCB, IBU PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AYBBDB, Third Poor IWI fhlrdl PXABINE THE GOLD SPECTACLE, OSLT ??, . M. B. HEBFLEB, Optician, ?flB-lr 4K fpTUK'l LUNCH BULK BISCUIT, Tte choice^, wxmt delicate sad Ml ? la tlM United Cracker CIVBTBEB ATRIAL. LUNCH. TBA TABLB, ABB TBB USB OB 1 YAL1DS. Far aato by Qrai? geperoUy. TYLEBA BEOS , ' mli'tm foh ?mtxnirw, ^OUm-jco, Bii SPECIAL NOTICES. J >Mr Old Kk Wni?ky, ?Fin* ONI H)i- Whisky, Fine Did Rr? Whisky, F*ne Old Kye Wni?kv, Fine Old Bye Whi?k>, Fin* OM By Whisky, " :1*we ?id Rv* Whi-K>, ffarwni WiirrnH Ud Wa "nn'rd Purt Putt Purt Ant Vna-lulbrn'td, Fit UtH?f?.' om t Mtdtiita! Use. This if the articl" w? have nov <oM for upward* ot h\f ysam with universal satisfaction; put up in l.irjj'- bottl^e at One Dollar p*r bottle, or cau be n*d is any quantity. Sd^Noti?-e, that we will r?tv.rn th? money if fliU Whisky does not give satisfaction or prere ai repre sented by ns. Also ?n excellent stock of California Wines?Part, Cherry. Angelica, Muscatel, M ok An I Clarot; algo, Kelly's I-land and imp rUsI Liquors of all kim?.. ARTHUR NATTANS, Druggist. (Xhtr Corner 21 and D streets n. w . A Card. A Clergyman, while residing In South America, as missionary, discovered a sale and simple remedy for tbe cure of Nervous Wt-akaess, Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on b> baneful and vicious habits. Or-at numbers have Been cared by Ltli noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit ihe afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe f >r preparing and o.kig this medicine, In a sealed ?bv?i>p>, to any one who ne*ds it, fV? of Ckmrgt. Adr.rese, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Bible House, margly N?w Tork City. BALLS, Ac. sLlOND ANNUAL BALL FOR Til* BENEFIT OF THE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, AT MASONIC TEMPLE, TUESDAY EVENING, IAtu AlR!L, 1*73. Tlie Directors of the Children'* Hospital have much pleasure in annonncing that the second aunual bull for the benefit. f thin deserving charity will be as above, under th ? mbiiageineut nazn-d be lt w. In correction with this amymncfut, th<> public i- oked to consider the broad and noble purpose for which the iust.t utt<>ii wa? t*?ablish?<d, viz ? th ? care atij mdical tn-atm'-nt of all poor children who may be sick, diseased or temporarily disabled, without ,?ny distinction on account of sect, rive or color, a id aKo the gratuitous distribution of medicine* to the j ?>. r. T.iiiTT? may be obtained from any of thedirec t r- < r la<ly visitors. an.! it tin- i>. iiv-ipal hotels ami book and iewelry stores, at the fdiouiug prices, in cluding snppor ? Admitting ? entbman a?1 lady... HO one 1??1> U ??0 REFT.ESHMENTS BY CRTTCHETT. t.'EXFRAt. COVMITIEE "F \RRA*?KMEXT-. Mr. L<wis J. Davis, Mrs.Genera! Ri ketts, Mr. S V Nile". Mr*. Oi i>.-r.?l Co wen, Dr. W. B. Drinkard, Mr*. F. B McQnire. Bec Err on Committer. Mr. ?. V.Nile., Mr. \ E. P-rry, fu J. C. Hall, Dr. Thi.m.i-M.ller. D-. C. II Li* berr.mnni I'r. \V. P. Johnston. l?r. Grafton Tyler, Mr. ti. II. kauftmtnn, >li?. A J. Brown. Mr*. J id?e Pascal, Mrs.Mar.y, Mrs. C. Delano, Mrs. Af'dr ?*" Coyle, Mrs. L", Mrs. b. V. Nile*. Mr-'. S. II. Kauttuiann. Decoration Comv itee. Mr. F. B. M> Oti>re, l>r. W. 15. Drinkard, Mi.M W Gait. Dr. A?itf?rd, Mr- <.-n'l Hi. kett*. Mrs. W. B. W?'1>1?, Mrs. Wm. Wail. Mrs. Jo*. Redfern, Miss Fr'linghuyseu. f"i TnKIlt INVITAT'OX* Mr. S. H. Kauifiratn. Df. W. W. J-din t n. Mr. F. B McOnire. On liKfRE-sHMENTs. >1 . II. S- mken. Dr. ?. C. Basey. Fioor Ma*A(.kr. Coi 'Del And< nri?d. A^'iTiM Floor M\\v;S*?. Mr. \Villinm C. Hill, Mr. William L Nicoll. Mr. .lohn Da> is, Mr.U.G Freliughayscn, >Ir. Frank Oilmore, Mr. J.J.Chrw, Mr. M.Hibl*) Seveianoe, Mr. Aulirk Palmer, Mr. F. W. Poor, Mr. George Morris. K^A basket will b? found near the main entrance of the 1'all room for the reception of sucn contribu tion* as the charitably disposed may wish to bring or s^nd in for the ben-fit ol" the little sufferer- on -he occasion of the ball. ap'j dtd |Bep.,Chron. and Sunday papers copy.f ^LADIES' GOODS.. miss mciormick, 90i PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,1 (Up SMiKt,) a s Will open on THURSDAY, April ?th, a large and attractive aesortm<-nt of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, to which the special attention of the ladies is called. w2-tr ^TAMPING DEPOT, 617 Seventh Street, feb>l-tr Opp.ndte Patent Offlce. SELLING OFF I SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. marT-tr NO HUMBUG. e. LCNZBCR6 ft CO. Belling out entire stock of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, at and below eoat. TOT Market Space, jattlO-ton between 7th and >th streets nortbwert. |MPORTER OV HUMAN HAIR. * GRAND bargains AT MADAME BITRBII'I, ?IS lilt street, wcnU deor/rom tf ftratl. Remember the name and number. Cheat Ourto, isitcbM, Chignons, Braids, Puffs, FrUcettes, of the at est sty lee. Call aad see our new stock before pnr skasing elsewhere. deeS-tr MT AD1ES"' L FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL la tbe beat article in the world for doing up Linen or tfoalin. It frr.carts a beautiful gloea to the fabric. For sale by all Grocera. BL'RNHAM ft CO., Manufacturers, 160 West Lombard street, tanU ly Baltimore. Maryland. HARNESS! HARNESS! fed We have on band a large stock of all kinds of Sin gle and Double Gilt, Citverrd, RUBBER, NICKEL, A!?D SILVER MOUNTED H ARNESS, of ocr own make, which we ar? deteraiiucd to sell at rrry low prices. Sole agents for Hill's celebrated CONCORD HARNESS, of which we have a large stock at Concord prices. The Concord Harneas and Collars have a reputation all over the country for durability and streugth, TRUNKS and SATCHELS in great variety. CEDAR TRUNKS, for protection against moths. Call and examine stock. LUTZ ft BRO., allm 40T Pen a. ave., next to National Hotel. 'I'HB RAPIDITY ^N^jSASB WITH WHICH I relieved. If ailing, from at DR. WHITE'S Batab ^.-^^^^ppostea^^Treaay ^ts sc( tearli aail, ar I painful la go ah ? ormontha, aad aodoa ? least to make it far leas alsssaataad aasfui, but Dr. B*0DH*AD . ^ f ata idwa&a: EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. I>TlbnAt. Revencb?The receipts from this source to-day were Rfar Akviral Aldfn, commanding oar European fleet, u at Athens, Greece. ConsrL ArroiNTBD.?Tbe Pres.Jeut, on the recommendation of <"olonel Mos'iy, li*s ap pointed Richard N. Brooke, of Warrenton, V.i.. to l?e counsul at New Roclielle, France. TrvroRARiLT Appointed?Attorney Gene ral Williams La-^ appointeJ Mr. Wm. F. Ped I'riok to act as chief clerk of the Department of Justice during the ab??noe of Mr. Falls. The Senate committee to investigate the postal car trouble* heard more railroa*l presi dent* yesterday in New York. Mr. Davis makes his argument tor the Tost Office department to day. Ciuef or Bi'REay ArroiHTrn?'The Presi dent thi* morning appointed Captain Win. N. Jeft'crs. U. S. N.,to l>e chief of the bureau of ordnance, Navy department, vice Reaf Admi ral Case, resigned. Admiral Case, as already stated in The Star, will be assigned to the command of the_Kuropean fleet. Col. It. J. Hinton, the well-known newspa per correspondent, left the city iast evening to *ail from New York on Saturday to enter upon duties as inspector of consulates at the ports on the Mediteranean. During his absence Mr. Charles F. Benjamin will act as correspondent tor the papers supplied by CvL Hinton. A Model Resignation.?On the day that lion. Wm. A. Richardson, formerly of this city, received his appointment as Secretary of the Treasury, lie forwarded hi" resignation as a director in the Appleton National Bank, and also gave instructions to have his bank stock -old, thus '?bowing a delicacy in discerning the incompatibility of retaining his connection with a national bank, after accenting a govern ment office, which is unusual, to say tiie least. ?L'ltcrll Conrier, April 7 th. Fon Vienna The commissioner of educa tion has received for transmission to the Vienna exposition from the board of trustees of public schools in this city a larce album containing beautiful photographs of the Franklin, Sunnier, Wallach, Seaton and Cranch school buildings, iimJ diagrams of the elevation and ground work '?I the buildings; also, from the same source, -pcclmt ns of the penmanship, neatly hound and ?itlt.d, of the pupils of the public schools. Mr. II. C. Spenccr, president of the Washington llusiiuss College, has prepared, to be forwarded lirough the bureau of education to tiie exjeisi tion. a chart showing at affiance the e>lueational -talus of Washington. The commissioner re ceived to-day from the government bindery over '?! volumes containing the reports of various >fate and city school institution a catalogue of ? Uraries. journals, &o. These arti 1< s will be forwarded by the Bremen line from l.i'itimore on the next steamer .-ailing, Shoe maker \ Co., of that line, having kindly voluil *?.? red to tians|>ort them free. A Ciishci, Wanted A dispatrli received 'it 'he Navy Department this morning froiu Com mander li. W. Shufeldt, da ed " I". S. Ship Plymouth. Port'- Grande. Isle of St. Vincent, :'apede Verde, March 10th, announces that he trrived there from TenerilFeon the :'. l instant, lie says:?-'I tind this town growing iu com mercial impoitance. the harbor being the only >ecure one in the < ape de Verde group, and tving directly in the route of the steamers from be Pacific,"Braxil, Cape Town and the coast of Africa, has become a coaling station, at which some 80,000 tons of coal are annually de livered. It Is also understood that the tele graphic cablo beiween Europe and South America is to be landi d here, thns making the port a point of call for sailing ships tra versing the oceiin from all parts of the world. Although American trade with the coast of Africa h.-is been very tnneh reduced, t still represents, in the aggregate, the sum of ?j! .OOO.Otio, ami these traders stop here, both in ward and outward ltounil. Our whaling vessels ilso make it a rendezvous. 1 nder the>e cicurn -tances. it seems strange that we have no con. -tilar represeiitajlve here. Krom the absence ? d*a const! 1 and the rare visit* or our men-of war, it can readily be imagined how little of American intlu. lire i? felt at I'orto It is perhaps true thst neither consuls nor men-of art ne< did where there is no commerce to p, but it is ei| ually true that there cau be ur permanent American trade in these remote parts of the world without the presence of both. Officers : nd men were all well. The Plymouth was to sail on the 11th of March for Porto Pi ay a ami thence to the coast of Africa. Ly*ch-law in Illinois?A mau was ar rested for murder, tried, found guilty, and hanged, all in one hour, at Streator, in Illinois, iast week. The excuse of the mob for this hasty and irregular justice was, that the guilty man had committed two murders, and a> the conrts had let him escape punishment for the first, they wanted to make sure he expiated the second. Close or tiik Mormon Conference The spring conference of the Lattur-day Saints at Salt Hake closed Tuesday. It was not so large and successful as nsual.' A number of prouii uent church men were sent on a mission to Kurope and islands iu the Pacific. New offices were created and tilled. The vacaucy occa sioned by the resignation of Brigham Young as trustee iu trust of the church was also filled. Confessed when he Saw the Rope? There was one remarkable circum>tance in the execution of Smith (for murder) at Louisville, lately. With his eyes appropriately closed, he stood ujion the gallows and made a long prarer. all the time protesting his innocence; but when having finished this exculpatory ejaculation he opened his eyes ami raw t,lie roi?e?be confessed: Tiie biennial election for mayor ami city council of Ellicott City, Md., came' oft yester day. The council elected is composed of three republicans and three democrat*, whose names were upon the same ticket. The republican candidate for mayor was elected by 3* major ity The Ohio Constitutional Convention ? From the most reliable returns from < >hio, the !>oiitical complexion of the constitutional con vention will i?c fifty-one republicans to forty democrats and seven liberals, with seven comi ties yet to hear from. Lost#23,800 by Carelessness.?The pocket 1kx>K of Nelson Curtis, was stolen in Boston yes terday from a pile of lumber In Devonshire street, where he had momentarily laid it, while examining papers. It contained'g&,*00 iu bank bills and g'JO.nOQ tn notes ot hand. A Defaulting College Professor? Professor Koch, of the Hahnemann Medical college, who disappeared from Philadelphia three weeks since, it has been discovered is a defaulter, having squandered the funds of the college by dissipated habits. Thb JAtqtks will case has been com promised in a way satisfactory to Worcester, Mass. By this means the city comes in posse* ,-ion of f'iflfl.OOO. left by the late George Jacques tor b city hospital. Jeef. Davis is to visit Galveston, Teias, shortly, and one of the local papers says there is a growing feeling among the citiaens in favor of giving "this eminent American'' ? public reception. _______________ Thb Ebpbbor William and Prince Yon Bismarck and General Yon Moltke, accom panied by a brilliant retinae, will leave Berlin for St. Petersburg, on a viait to the Caar, on the 25th inatany Five bodies were recovered from the wreck of the steamer Atlantic yesterday. The divers continue to work, but can net do much until the arrival of the New York wroehers. - Tebbiblb Aooidbwt ib Cobwbcticut.?A new building atJIiMlKovt, Conn., fell yester day afternoon, burying fifteen men under the rnfns. Six bodies have bean recovered. VMn. jdlaWird Howe asks all London to 4n*ti n day to prayers fur peace. ?WTkc happiest man In Virginia City is lie whose wife eloped. ? VHendricks and Hancock Is toe ticket h Pennsylvania democratic paper runs Bp for IKS. ?7* Illinois pays the cost of the litigation in taiwl toy those who refuse to paytfcs excessive railroad rare. ?^?Governor Hartrantt has signed a bill re pealing the cumulative plan of voting as ap ftted to the bo>*ath rteefohs In Pennsylvania. ?9?Dogs in i*ttoitdp sfUaw many ehances ts hark ar.d Mtr, as their tiatdreuietates, be cause the playful peutig De tan iters throw snuff in their ty s, acd they can't see where to get a B??lheX. C.*iraa R?lir\r tholr Coa ami don U??d Work. Jfr. Eiiitur Siar: As their ?eess* ?o l?e ? d<*lrr on the part of a great many members of the ;*>i C*agre*s to return to the Treasury I>ep*rt iu?m the -salary steal" which anpears to be giving them a political nightmare sines their r? turn Lome among the r constituents; and where they feel as though they had b?*eu gn.lty of ?heep stealing, suppo-wi yon pmpwf to ?tsosi patriot.* that the beet use they can make of tLeir ill-gotten greenbacks is to donate tlieiu to waids the completion of the Washington nv?a uiuent in this city. This iDonnmeni then, \? litn completed, would serve the double pur pose of perpetrating the memory of tlie '-father of his country," and also the memory of the cot sei nee stricken members of the forty-second ? ongress. The itrm! wa*ab>ut a ni'llion and a half, and it will require just about that ntn >>mt to complete the monumeut. H. S- 1>. CnNTINt'ED BlO*. KADK op THE Ml*i>I?irvi River at SorTHwt?T Fam.?Some t'm" since mention was made of the fact that owing to the collection of mud at the bar at tbe mouth of the M>**issippi river known as the Southwest Pa?s. which 1* the chief inlet to the navigation of the river, a large number of ve--els?steamers, "hips, Arc?out warn and inward hnnnd. *>? gather* d on either side of the bar, awaiting egrrss and ingress. I'pon April 1, this condi tion of attaint, so disastrous to commerce, ?tlll continued. There were, at the date mentioned, a fleet of from thirty-live to forty sail, the greater part fourteen days awaiting a |ta?*sge across the bar. and mam of the rebels under sixteen feet draught. Many plans have been propoMd by engineers to remove the present bioekade; anion* them is one by Genera! P.G. Beauregard. Tnis plan is that "of a self-acting bar-excavator, the current being made to <lo all the work. The surface current, directed downward. Is made the scouring agent and the removing force. The plan has not. however, l>een put in ojteration, and it* utility ts a matter of conjecture. Thi: Late I-ady The sVtry in regard to l.ady Ellenborough, which origi nated in the German Gazette, and which told of how tbe lady resided long in tbe East, where she l>eeanie addicted to polyandry and has so many husbands she hardly knew what to do, is denied in the Pali Mall Gazette of March -Jfitb. Mrs. Isabel Burton, wife of Captain Burton, the famous African explorer, who knew the in Hsmascus, says that the slanders in regard to her were idle tales invented by newa-m <tig>'rs. Tbe truth is that about si vtren years aga she made tjp her mind to b-ave Europe ami live in the East. She arrived at Beyrout, went to 1'amascus. and from there started aero** the desert to Bagdad, having Sliaykh Mijeval as the comiu'Liiderot her escort. She wasextreniely beautiful, and the young Shaykk fell in love v.ith and proposed to marry hei. The mmmtic pi? ture ot becoming a <jueen of the dssert ex act'y suited l.*dy Ellenborough *s wil.l fancic*. and she inariicd the chief, and ever afterwards lived honorably with him, a fxithful wife. she pa-sedhalt of each year at Damascus an 1 hall in the desert. Axothfr MrnnKR Mysterv-The dead lH>?ly of a m.iti was on Monday af ternoon seen floating in the I'ise.ita . iog river, near West Go!:stown village, N. H. Tuesday the same body was found in the Merrimac river, near the of the Piseata?iuog. and secured. It was perfectly naked and considerably decom|>o*?*l. i he throat was cut, and there were at>out a dozen vounils upon the head and lace. Tne wounds appear as though they were caused by an axe. It wai- evident that the man was mur dered. Coroner James w as called to view the l.odv, which has been identified ay that ot Frederick G. Merrill, of Golf-town, who has been mining since the beginning of October last. Soon after he wa.- missed it was.suspected that he might have been foully dealt with. Merrill was married and resided with liis.wife at Got..-town, mar Paikei's station. It was said that be had been eugaged in a-t iarrel with some patties at his house on the night of lilsdisappearance, and blood stains were found on the tioor and walls of a bedroom. Bi rring Forests is Virginia?.1 Gr*a ''ovllagmivii Kajirg in th' Keiokbtrhfd of Gvr ? luinriih?A telegram from (Mkdonsvllle, Vi, last night sav*: A timber conflagration Is raging on*11 s*les of this v'IIh^c. The eniir* popjla tkm are nanic stricken, and some families are leaving tLeir homes to avoid destruction. Th* lire commenced south of th? village, on the farm ot Mr. Micbie, in the Green Spring n igh hoihood. and swept acros* the r.*ilro?d at V -li??n -taiion. on the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad, three miles south, destroying tne stat'.ou, duell ing houses and everything in it* path. The railroad track is rendered impa-siMe. ami tr? as w ill be delayed probably for hou. s. The :;,-e ha* swept all tbe fencing." Ac., in its tra.-k, and eaused great destruction to timber, bou* ?*. vVc. The loss is heavy to farmers. The .ire aa? ex truded to4lie mountains. %nd along the ? * range an?l Alexandria and Chesapeake and O'u.o rau rca.l. The latter will lose heavtlv on wood ami buildings. SaVAOE AtTA'K OX AN OlFiClAL BY A Prisoner.?In the *tate's prison at Ch*ries town. Ma.*s.. yesterday tu ruing as the convicts were maiching in line fiom breaktast, William Patters*m attacked John K. Shaw, a prison otfl cial and one of the escorts, ami dealt him two terrible blows with a large knife, which lie had secreted about his |>erson. Shaw's hand wa* ncai ly cnt off and his face laid open with a gash nearly eight inches long. He was removed to tbe hospital iu a precarious condition. Patter son was at once secured. It is told of one of our citizens who has re cently been made a father tliat he enjoys the heir hugely. Being of a social tur n he attends many parties, and on his *' iparture places the sweet cherub in l*ed. tin his return he get* into tbe jilace warmed bv the darling, and puts the darling at the foot of the bed, where he can keen hi.* t'eet on it. He says a cool room is the healthiest to sleep in, and that a register is not only a iollv, but a i<Ot-itive iajary?Dan>>-ry A>ci. Temterakck Law Excitement ix Indiana. There is much excitement in various (tortious of Indiana over the new terajterauoe law. now being enforced, and which is verv strict in its provisions. In Indianapolis the saloon-keepers threaten to resist the {>oliee with force, and a warm time is ex{iecten next Sumlav, when the latter will make an effort to keep their saloous open in deliance of the law. The striso ti ?>??d* are passing otf without doing much damage am where except in the vicinity of Albany and koohester. The Sus quehanna has been twenty :eot high at Wilkes barre, but is now tailing*. The bursting or a dam at West Milburv, Mass., has il.todej the country near bv. and tn Michigan the Snginaw is getting too high for the comfort of people near its hanks. At the KAXvrrr given to Hon. A. C. Cat tell. financial agent of the L'nited States gov ernment to Euroite, at tin Continental Hotel, in Philadelphia, last evening, Thos. itobius, ot Philadelphia, presided, and spee-h-'s were made by Morton McMichael, Colonel Forney, Mr. Cattel, President LitUctou, of the select councils, and others. Little John HANLEV.the one child saved from the wreck of the Atlantic, has become a hero. People are sending money to hiin in New York, and a Rochester man with a comfortable fortune has offered to adopt liim. But the little fellow prefers to remain with his relatives-the links which bind him to the parents whom he lost upon that fearful night. France is beinf depopulated from the same cause that has swelled emigration from Ger many?the desire of the young aaen to escape military service. In some districts so many farms have become tenant less as to render the neighborhood unhealthy. The mass of the em igrants go to South America. VTndiana cats are having the small-pox. Win Chicago red-haired girls are called hr* belles. WA snow storm prevailed in Minnesota and Iowa yesterday. WThe inhabitants of Salamahca, Spain, have expelled tbe Jesuits from that city. f9^Clarksville has a ladisa* society called the they are deaf andduab. VAsmMi far the correction of gance in ftaala disss is talked af i 1 of Memphis. ?TTbe executive asaitoioQ of Illinois Ike scene oC a sansto and ^itk festival on Thtustday WLadies can, in the rrMMM< ? tton, either buy their i b*ir,ordXetb4?rbalrt. (Wttrce the Minasss QOw n A IllwiVf ovTviwI wmtu-rn in, two months and a half ?GTThefMaM^n gas company have all supplied their places. WThe gentleman who baa hitherto per foimed the part or xHldman In a Chicago ?osenatlwp wt^w(rl<e he gab his last month * waiges. TELEGRAM TO THE STAB. Thli. Afternoons DUpatckea. ASSOCIATED Pith** REPOKTS, A* AXXKXATIM KRXNtntX. Military n?Kmrnl? oh the ?r?|riiH Borilrr. Nrw Y<?!.k . April I???A San Intonia,Teva*. i" tersta'c* tli*t well regiments are uo? .in 4 t'fv.hlr; that (ifMral8kerMu, Swre ?'i j I??- kii?|> ami other military officer- there . ? in coi.s .mt consultation. to the he. i that some military move ment of importance ' an foot, involving the possible acquisition of C*W' l'<,rt,y,, wl **?*'?? bordering on *'? l?rfc %>nro. **it'tT BY CTU1KKR?. Nm\ ^?HK, April 10?A (tcrruan #i\>? h; ' I ."vnitnt at the gas-works las* evening w ** ' aten and seriously -tabbed by striker*. VELUM- rivili |\ TUB UtUO|. rfveat the crew of the bark Peter C. XVar ??ck, Irani Kia. which arrived at wsterday, were down with the yellow fever i nev were immediately conveyed to ti?e W>?; u"iiVi. J " U,!f 01 iheni. a cook, named )\iliamc. Houson, lias since died. No ap,re bei.aion need be felt, a* evert precaution ha? i taker, ta arret the spread of the dnmase ?y tlie quarantine authorities. m?H KVIl.KN. k I ?'???? discovered every dav at the Bill's Head bank. clearly pointing out the defaulter, i iwl tnklii.^ to ni?'ul|i4t^ oth^.r* ikK vef men* t aned. One of the book keeper* Iias been I'.aeed under bonds to appear as a witness on 'be trials of Merntt an-1 IVek. . . .J."11 BILLIARII t HAXriOBSHir. . i .i.'L*29? a,ll''e h** been deposited In In billiard championship game betw een Ij.ou .and .Maurice Daly, to be played May 10. . HK IXSFRAKt K (IN HORACK '? UKEIEV *S LI TV ?I0o,fta?, has l>een collected. 1 he policv i* Hie ..irgest that has l?een paid in the last decade. S??VK N??T>>KI<?t-S PKIHOSERS. JamesC. King, awaiting trial on indictment tor tue wilt ill murder ef Anthony F. O'Siel. is i ii the la*t stages of consumption, and lial.le to ?n early death. Nixon, under * uteiice to We I angfd b improving. and "natch" Helm'.eh. tin' wwbrAtfu 1k)t?U robber, ip initio. 1 b'Si ?TBOT,< TISO?oX-W,?TT WORK MR*, fvilee are_ protecting the non-*o< ie?v stone ' otters at \orkville, t,ie so<Mfty in**n havir r jTtick U-causc of the < iupio\ nit nt of a tea o7 the tonner. 1 HEHE WK!:r N.'VKTEBS Hfl>? tor go.d to-day, aniontitiiiij to *? .oT.'.VW at ,r?'n to lis Tue amount s>;i<l ? l?tie ly" *IKl * *1,1114 we,4t *l <n"" ,1K"''to ?tOHX H V Nt.KV, |be? youthful heroot tke Atlantic d!?a'??r. vU ii?-d the flock exchange to-day an i r* iived TIIE .ICVKL W JLI . ?>K ?line up to-day in th<> 1'mted >:ates ein'!'it <- .t nibers,on motion to ?ettle the bill ot e\ ? t'ons taken luring the trial, but wm adjoumod till Tliumlfty. w IN Tilt POSTAL 4 Aft IN F.*T'CvAT'OX o-t.Hy, >!r. I! riokh-v ar^iir?l m f'a\or ol th,k | ailrojHl companies befvi^ f ? by ni^a?!irtMiieii( itudead of weigbt, Jor carrying tu-til matter, 1 i Oil against beiii^ to u^e patent tpparatus in |K>>t^l cars. S". I?avis, a?:<tant -iil-enntendent ??t the |>ostal vt\ ice. r< plied for ' *? government, and iea<l a statement show n<? lisit the middle and eastern states were paid tn of _1? |K?r cent, since an,I in . instances, on western road>, a? !.;gh a- !?*? t even ity par ceat. w I rout l.nrojM* l.i-ihv, t:.\rU>SI<lN t'N A BKIViXIf Ul'WKKV SHIT I.omm>x, April lo.?A shell expiated vc-er ? ay an lioard of Her MaJeatyV gunnery t> ' am bridge ditrin^ practiea at Itvroniiort. It ba> l>een as? eitain?Hl tbat many persons wre nurt, but beyond tlii* nothing can be learned as the autbontieo refuse to allow the detaiU of ' he occurrence to be made public. i??"Pmnn?HT riti wek* pkks. h actors? (IkK KI LI Kit. PaFia, April 10?A desperate tight occurred a lew aayssinee i?> the sin nil town of Fionnel det>artaient ot Vendee, between two oaiap t:ii<*? "f ^trulliug actors. Nine of the oomi>atants were killed and tteveral in lured. 1 HK C A KMSTs a->VR VRl lXG A 4 f \?l?n T??W \ A> dispatch ft.,in I'orpignon ?avs thet ail -ts nn.lei Sei.alls app ared before Kngierrda. ia , "Wine, of <;nroua, this moruinc. :||><1 d 1 the surretvb r of the town. T!.* trvaij.M.retused to yleM the place, and th.j insur (leiii:- ni'iii'd tt? ]yop>iied lire. ? ? ?re*hel in Walaho. I HA?K?V1L1J, U.VT., April lo.? Tiie ^rcau-sl <'?n! ?irre for fifty M*re is now <lev%?*?*?4tig :>t>.pertr, rai sing excitement and an*i**iv 1 -11 ee- .ourtb- ot this village is aubm^rg'-^ lany famil'o have l>een compelled to rntve ;nd others, have t.tken refuge iu the upi>er w>> lltVJ' tlirir dnellirig*. Manv farm bwiiae* are inuMated and horses sihI cattle are strugglin* (?reach place ot safety. In the principal ot tJii' P'aoe t',tf water la four feet deep rhe post oftie- and some st?ir>s can oalv be reached by t^ats. Four bridges on Grand rixer, between Brautlord anil Onaudaaa hive i*en carried awav. % Railroad TrainVuinkle* Dowa nn Cmbmikni^nt, St. April ui?A?> a ma;) train on the >t. I .on is and Kansas City Northern railroad was passing a |*oint two miles cast of Wellsville, yesterday morning, at a high rate of -peed, it .jumped ;he track, and the whole train, except the engine, tumbled down an embankment, the V*"01" CP* Henry p. Darlington, of Philadelphia, was cut about the head, but not daniittouslv hurt. W.A.Barrow, of Bo? tou, had a leg broken. Several others, nam-s unknown. w cr< more or lev injured. The cause orthe acciilent was a loose rail. o The Wreefcaf the 4ilaatir. f *l O<;i.ED SILKS. New York, Apri' in._A Halifax disratcli says the I iiited States consul is ferreting out the names of the owners of the silk? concealed in a case of cro? kery recovered from the wret k ot the Atlantic. THK rt*KI?H*EXT I? .C,rrf?ent ccwrt of inquiry Into the loss of y* ? tlantic canaat go beyond tlie revocation ol the cernficati-s of those fouml guiltv. Tl?e < at tain exj?ect* snch a iudgment, and it is prob ib.c the fotlh cfllcer will come in for a share ol the sentence. a The Nprf ng; Frewheta la Xe? York OHWKfio, April 1?.?The dispatch from A I any yestetday stating that the new high d?ta kcross the Oswego river, near this citvhad been carried awar to Incorrect. The only material ? lamare that har been done so far, to the loea of t he crib protection to the lock embankment. 1 he volume of water passing down the river i probably greater than ever before known. f atal Uad Nllde. Port .Tkrvis, Anrll 10.-Am?ther immense and slide occurred on the MonUcello roa<i ruesdav atternocn, earrviug away one hundred feet ot the track. An old man walking on the was injured and has ?inee died. Smaller -Hoes have oecuri cd at other point* on the road several slides occurred on the Erie railwav. de-' aylng uaine u much as ?l* hours. ?ale afa Bailie. ** 'M"*.' V,m' *?c -April 10?The Wiiaainc ton, < harlotte K Kntherford railwav wm aold at public auction to-day under a "decree of \X?rT\or co*? of sew Hanover connty. Inward Matthews, trustea fo? the bondholder^, ?l,? purchaser at eleven hundre<l thou ?and dollars. TrciritRTOW*^aP^., April Ml?The ship >latere on Barnvgate H. K< h Is tke from Bnll rtvar. fc.. for New York, with a ^ of femb^The cargo will he a total low. The rtiip lays on the bar leaklnr atfke rate of eightaea laches an hoar. Her foratop and main royal^were carried away. Chicago, April M?'ThlT^trtai-TMLprSl. ?f ,Anr* ^ ***** liushaad to Lorraiae, in., Unt .Jaiinarv rZ rhMA4^o^tud ^Cle*rly pr?Ten ?tceeoUectw oftte port tJmVS^kla8* * ^ Tk#aM*' _ ** ? 1 ^ AUiir. ta retain aU in the Aprnm?Ia jMpnSwParUa ^ H | i *<>?*, ApnTiai?it u ???! d ??,4, th_ J ?rJ ?? investigating thr m -?-OI ?... cral bank* tn tbe rwrrnt laAnp ?m kM*r, ait* * ??rUialng th* r lab.TTvto T ?u.?? t omJei tin ?.?! , u?-. I* ?ak? a.-d fending bukM|l|MN*?1H he "v*u tomarian. bu. the *. .?, I roUaoe rarhaag ,j, wt.t be c?m5 Retire* wliii t Piiui*tr?u. A,.m |. m,..,,,.; B%lrJ "wf "" ?,h" - ?*' ?r? ooauol. a? h? H?.T *,um haa 55*1 >, v, in Tl*e work* ? " - - . ? ^ T??l l>HV<.??on? M AnnET I'Wntl meofha KC**Uat.aact*ddimngtbe |a?t w.,k allbanah |<r?hahiy greater in amount Lima** l-redece?.a?rat?iW aeaaoa. wa-far rr. m aa'atfnc u>r> - ' he amiai aoi..-i?iT .tr nr n. v a.?l tb? nn*ettb*l . ImaoUr of the weaker .>>m.,t?.j weie pr. jud., ial trthfdrvrliiiiiii n: .( an ? trade. and I.?t little ap(x>*r?M>e or rea' !** ??*** hT rtibir a^?a or joi. .JuTVk ?? **>'"?? a**lerafoly brflw . *-15 *?f <u"u? * near by |, is ,.c?- ?, ?hi- h*v?' ^ blAwtr sasssrir^ F--^ v ? ".;.v r; thr market fbr other pwu " war* a.cordingly. bnt n,,. , ^ runty won* off a* ft* ^ the became ?<"*?,* ^ ** ?^ -1;;': wa* <?tcnd?-d. not only to prin- '?u-1.1 Uv ... tie? p>u,-rally. Tb? volnm or ?1m g.vM? ? to* ?he f,*m w~ k thoiri a mir\e.i de. re,* when compared with th. corre?|M?nd ?* week Ot the |sA>t two Vflrt?.y. |\ /**, r , t, Tub I*i.ra op .a h r.?m i > I\?an tt Ble.ikl. * ?t?. tr;?i ID Nr? \.?ik t... ? . or rj, r ot bi? niece. Maud Merrill. after m rgn ii? uti evan.ination b\ a .-omui ?,on ioi insanity. w l.trh r?|?ortf?i It'm etit>rrlr Mnc 1. *? |-fa!> d to the ?x.?rt (nrndi mmb^m ?? IreiaM tvawfUihi ?li< th?>r <>r not hi* U'fc.? at..l B?o'k*r are t?t iH>nn< th<>?tri'. (?raetiJmi* ?af itot itimitr.l l.\ tU?> voart I'.eaol .iii-e-ti ?l imaMt> In bar n .-rime w?v. yrf re<^t>?s| rffigfultlvii Vv tf r ??<. ir' I lie New York Tim?*? w?v? ? li i.irk M a t-citiuii.?i<>ii Wiv tonic tini. M?.-e t?> inquire into the atnity of the |.r ??. r. and re |<?rt??1 kiru to tw- p-rte. tH -mK-. a ro,.iu ,, i, ?i-the | l< a of Imantfv kac not ?w .... f>is leti tioo thiv for a mm ?h.ii rototo Irt land ? one ot the ooo rit?,ta to ? u i?T jiioti^-e that onr rrimtu^l ieo- .. ba?e r? - oently afoi<U<l. .tu.tgr v . w-n-il< ? ? eolined t?granl the 1 -ne. A, ? m? .loan the cane i^reu., I,.. Ji5 ??I " H K ? l?KAtH or A~Xem Vi'Kii a ? ? nr A (?toman r>t<r<iilMi tou^l.r.r the a wv 4:ouae. ? ho <Im>1 in Ne?\ork J u.- lV n, ri. i?s, mgtu MAty-two. leaM, a mile a I , ? tnklirn. .?u<l a roi.i-Ie million 'luHnri. r ,. <>ran|iir aa>a ttetatu n he Im rata tn Wv ?ork b > v.ile ixmmvmou ?a> a York .1, l.n* lii\eKtiit|( bt? BrrtvaritiUfi n rinr?, W ?? .! ??U.) Ucm about Uu- a.. *- ??t.f U J* TTle " f" JJ* " 'lit l*ibarr? l u-iurw r?r l iia? 'l: in I "i "iT'i! *' fropltty li.* aim m >no\ , a 1.irh he in^e^^lin real ?Ui... oat.I * tiie i t-M*l hi??leath he ?a. |mm*w4 ot proMr* v .*.?7 'jM.i'rf. at the?.?oii,,.f broa-ta.i* : 1 Cflfllatwft Atnrt. and t.?- <; T , HalJ. an.I a iar^e amount ?i \ at ? Cfi'ltt |??t!il> Oli !<???'<. J W H \ ' ?T"B-*ELATt"lt" or ' ?? >?airt ?fUW?r. t,j:.i*an.M ? are nu Intimate that an ta on t?. I l!;4' crt,tJ*,r ?? pr,?i?.-ep a I.K.- i?n a-, ii ,V . Cylvn} *U X" <" the g*f m -n ai -l 11 ? . ..t > .i ??!?? ?1 ?f r ik' . . '!,f| ?, , OI New Vork fiiM faithful j BK iita oi, the working m a ot I'll ! nr . > ? , ahoiu ftUit lnjj), laV.i . <r..e,u.,.t I which i-roiiif* ? toreault in the a.loi.t .. j.. oi ahatever -U't^ fda; t -? t.ik. n !? t' ? let; in \ea Vt?. 4lrra?1x art ft.i \ aa-a>t'i.rthe .WlM.n.oi Ike l,e^.t? ,,, Se? \ ork a** thetlailitmi j.u,. taken In- wilnnal .e. hy the strike t,t tbe 1*1. !*?, . a i.nWife. ' tu" AWovw I'lHAoMtu lUki-ci. \|r. \i ? ottwi, th. *V(t Au.klan t ...... r. . ( \ ? " iV i? *" "" ' >tin.;i a .< kovl IMtrharn on Moiwlav. Ma,. !, ^t|t. | - a - man Mit>|>oK-<| to liav ? |?.is..m?.i . vtr-. n oi ?. i >>a i . In .Jren aii<I t!ir?-. im-? > , ,v n . , j , ?*<d m|K>i?w a taartli Lu?!.?n i, ?' o n ?. h r tbtrd n theorrler ?T nurr hit la lel in tt.e fMfi*: hhowwin tr.. .l for one ,r , r< although f|? |mlice authoritie? ar? .1 i , have to ?*i14 <*? ot ?? w r i ' * hail it I.e.*ti broiijl:t foi - 0?>l?*kei> Jru<<*a ta Pt' wrLVAitt Tuv ?al.jPCt oi .Iraa ui* l?rie i. attra. tii^ *rr it MtUntion juat now in P<rtiii.?ylvania, i .aHv a* t*> the <m?tu.i ot' negroc* be i ? ,n h'^.- 'in e *??????*. ?|k*ii ?hi.-b -I i<U HaM, of ma.or.i o.unty. thu? in?uu>-t? Uie ,ur? fl'J ! ^"nt5LL 1 uot on' vV a vi ,la r.on ol his oath for a Jury rommi?>toti?r ta d? ,,VH*.5ly voxH:i4e a r,i*?r? troin the wheel ?iinf>l-. Iterauae of li,? color t 'te i* otheraiae .,ua..tU^. but it w.mM be a raiMUmtaiior in dice, a. l alj |.ar ,< . > j ,"*1 cuni ?:'v ie ? "IIU( TTn>s )>x I m, I M-rASTIAL fvnr^. i Art- not cositiiif-.l to ninr.i.M aw.! o'!, r i I >?, . . ',r;. *r'r? nf ^ork. i ac Jti?f ituiwt -e,l ten tbowmaa dollar* ,HK?K?r bv l,^ ????,* , .. I'l'^Hv broken Ms btomIm la wirrr M,.? u ,. lhJ^-iuJ*t vVr?*-'' tlia jury tuat ? K, .? iM.o! marKagr mi^ht bo intern I le*. t v ;i.,.u * tioii*. ami the jnry w?. ot^t-.-nt tott.- mo.,, on. Ahmsiriage iFa civil eontraet 1.^4.?e i.MWdinctoXea York law. at lea-?. no lorm or aafc-mnw.atioB caaential to ite vaJiil rv. tbe *"'?* i 'nM "l;4t ** *|'t llral.!c to ottier .?ontract* mti^f bold *oo1 m thi? also. Prad- nt over* muHt henceforth be wary ??r imn! ca* on FhI IS*tTUtLK KAILIOtP eMBploiM "WAl J* ?i> *>methin<t more than a dee, nt lion . ?Jiare of the {.rice obtains! in i:*?tern market ror the |.roduce nf the Northw. ?t. A hurt** ?"', ">*n lately bonft'f two car |or. |< c. rn in Iowa for ten cent^ a I>ti<he1 and ??bl it n 1yiii|fltM tor aev^nty cent*. That 'o?.k? Ik a l>? avy profit, but 5.-^ cent* ur bnalMl had 'K*n |>ai,l for freiKhl. I ho. U whv corn - Hieaf^r than kindling a jwd in lowa^A. J ?t(i If ? 'J HE St I: KtSl V bH'?f, M tiaiMil, i? ;n dearing himaelf to the human b, irijf. ar ,A.?.l him. The \ al.lo-t* Time- an: < Wc a. re MMwntki* ai<ai t' tr by Mr. Surfenev'a ?on ?ey eral piece* ot silver currency, lo O"^ *?Hl A half, that he a OW. a* r? 'brown into the hou*r aeveral li ght* -ome unknown han.l. It wa- not re, al having lieeti the |.ro|iertv of an* one on th, hremlaaa, nor ha* it been Claimod l.y any one.* \iA WjxiaTER** Wire Mi bmr* a Rtrat Mr*. Vork man. the wife of a Methodic m tn ter, ha- cotiuiw d the murder of Mr*. Hed^e At Kareka, III. She my? f?he d'd it in aelf-de lenae. The general reeling i- that Mr*. Work man. driven frantic br the dU overr oi her I'itMtand'* t.w intimate relation* w th M ?? Itetlgeh. inalitol.le?|>eratioiikitle>l Oie- .oi cau*c ot her dometdlc m;mtv. Ihpaiitk-inir Cairmco -I'raula Srwini'st. mho, with Iter count.. William K<le?,wa- ar re^ejl at Naj*au, Iowa. Ia*t Hawdav. lor 'it murder oftheu ille?iitima:.' child. 1,'ae m oi, a ? all conlewdon. Mieaav^ thai Kllew drow m4 the chibl at Cedar r alii, on K.,.UvM It I, .?the unnatural parenu have been comm.tied to jail in default of l>ail. A Mkxk-ax I?E?rKBAiM> Kill an on Vua .lay ?everal "fflcera from \a* Aug, :, * went .r, * Mexican deio.erado. M.^rue' Itji They found him concealed in the wfn?, h.*1 ,efu*?ng to rnrrender ?he him. Bai returned the fire. Kigl.t ?ho--1\ ? K?d klUed-bnt ,te SrilMlw'l rery far advanred. bat vh chll ?yi" ?*** ?r iwot. topat tbe blood in order. 1 hat la a great notion ixxn.le I av, about fitinn uy the blood when Spriiig com-.. They are particular abonf their bbioT. Thev want to ^ ?t In good order. mo^niro.! ?re arouad they will ragret what they have divJ^af."rqitTAI? rwm in the Indiana ?uvoroa law are tlrac, requiring a bona tide cMdet^e af tao yaan. in the atato, aecojl u* 1? d'voro'e to a ??! year., and thlnl I n "*? ?iwc? to thcoauaaa aimciftod in Uic Miaw^ai ul1** i1"*** FAtL 1W5 *P**T T* a jiiin at Uie B ?rdtu m utt n#?iar rm?tii >ra : *~J ?*? haraa kicked the ooapllng precipitolad to Um ?*--=- ? l?CC I-kugle> wa? iantanUy klllod. * "wm euch'Uf mra imta dartrte la Cafaaln, Ala., lataly a?,d truSt?l?, Std. IU b.1?" r#r ?" lr?"' j la tie Hm?i haliier* p'lHli-^inc *??, La yard toand a buahaloi magmfying _ . the political mardorar, Hi *?????wbawaa condemned tw twenty Mara' e*ile ^tU. hard labor. *hol hlmw r a!.> on it;. ??> - ??

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