Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. it n. norm Largest Cirrnlatioi ii the District Beading Matter on Every Page ~ WASHINGTON CITY: 1HI KMIAT April I?. 1*7*. T<? ort Ai>viktiseks.?In consequence of the (rfat |>r>>Mure upon our advertising col uninf, we hare to ask of customers that they will send in their advertisement* as early in tbe ?lay as possible that they may be properly classi fied. Onr business men appreciate the advan tage!* of an aJvertising medium like tnat of Th* Staf. which has not only an immensely preponderating circulation over any other paper, hut which ha* also a g?>n 'r ?1 circulation a rnongst all cla-ses. ami therefore teaches pur chasers of ev*ry variety and style of goods ainl w area. (.nrrrll'H >ew Knilr?Mt<l Combiniilion. At a meeting of the stockholder* of the '?range and Al^^mlria and the Lynchburg i d l)an^ ille railroad*, in Lynchburg, on Tues day, the two matt.? were consolidated, under the authority given them by the Virginia legis lature. In order to do this, four act.- of the -tate hmuMt bad to be acceytfd.oae of whirh authorizes " the company to extend it* railway frt.m tbe present northern terminus at Alex sn.iliit to a |?>'nt opposite to or above the cities ol Washington ar.?l Georgetown.on the Potomac river." A resolution accepting the new name of tli company, the " Washington City. \ irginia V.dland and Great Southern railroad." as nro v ;?d by act of assembly, was unanimously adopted. A resolution was also passed that the ccmpany accept the act of the general a*-*'mbly 01 \ irginia. approved February i.l, IsT.t, entitled an act to authorize the Washington City. Vir gil ia Midland iml tireat Southern railroad ?? mpany to issne l?omis to provide for the pay no nt of the bonds and debt* of the Orange. Alexandria and Mantissas and Lynchburg and Danville railroad.-, and lor other pur|iose*. Thi* is a further ?levelopment of Mr. Gar rett's schcme. in concert with ccrtain Virginia railroad man:.gers who play into hi.-hand-, to make a nii>no;?li through line south from H.V. t more, and head off Tom. Scott, who ha* been -e?-k>ntt to niake a _reat through line south in connection the Pennsylvania system of loads. It world seem to be ta? interest of Vir - ma ami theHouth to have as many coni(>eting ri.iids as possible. but the sapient legislature of that state not only refused a charter to Mr. Siott to make hi- connect ions from Fredericks burg to Richmond, bat nn-ler the influence of Garrett and the local railroad moiiopdi-ts, ac tually voted tlowu a free railroad bill, which would afford ? nconra;emrnt to healthful coiu |K'tiuon from any quarter. The state of Vir ginia, therefore, instead of coming up to the advanced ideas u|>oii these matters, absolutely take* the retiograde. ami adopt.- the dog-ln-tho niangrT railroad policy which won so much xii'iiu for New .Jersey ati?i Maryland, and which th?M* states have recently discarded. In the war ot the railroad magnates generally, we here are not particularly concerned, but in this case our citv has considerable interest. Mr. Scott's through line makes Washington a prominent busines- |*>>nt in the connections. Wc have the a.--u iauce of this in the expensive and permanent uiiproveni. nts m ide here, or in progress?the c??stW I^jng Bridge, the heavy tunnel through the eastern part of the city, the Aiaccstia bridge, the new station houses, depots. Ac.. Ac. All th?-se point to heavy bttsi ih s? operations in and through Washington, as soon as the needed southern through connec tions are perfected. Mr. Garrett pro]>oses nothing of the kind in his high-sounding ? '?Washington t'ity. Virginia Midland, and Great Southern railroad." He will not spend a dollar in tunnelling or bridging here;or in the erection of any structures calculated to develop any railroad business here. Whatever he does will c< rtainly be of the cheap, picayune order to enable him to get around Washington and to Baltimore, his objective |>oint. Instead of building bridges and tunnels, costing millions of dollars, a* Scott has done, he will hire scow lerrv l>oats ami obi ricketty omnibusses to get bi- passengers through or past this city. And f he has his choice between renting a comforta ble and safe bridge and rail line, and the slow and tedious omnibus and ferry route, at the same price, he will inti itably choose the latter, as he ba? in his late "new arrangement" for ti:m-|M>rting travel through Washington. Of lairrnl to Publisher*. The Post ? >0i< CawtUr for April calls the at t< ntion of publishers to the necessity of arrang ing their busines* to conform to the new postal regulation cutting off the transmission of t'ree mail matter after the :10th of dune. Attached to the appropriation bill for the Post Office department at the last se-eion is the folt>wiug: Prfi'l' J. That all law* and parts of laws j>er n ttmg tbe transmission by mail of any free natter whatever. 1*. and the same are hereby, repealed from ami after J one thirtieth, eigh hea huudred ami seventy-three. [Approved, March ?>, US2.) This law will exclude all exchanges between publishers, ami weekly newspaper* which are printed in the county where delivered, from free circulation. Regular pontage must be paid, as provided tor other matter of this class. Ftom ami after the 3othof dune,then, newspa papers afld periodical- now sent free will be subjet i to the following quarterly rates of post Not excelling t ounces in weight, sent to any part of the I'nited States WeeklT, 5 cents: -cmi-weekly, |o cents; tri-weekly, lo cents; six times a week, 50 cents; dailv, 35 cents. Eveeed mg 4 ounces ami not exceeding s ounce-, 10. JO, ?0, and TO cents. Exceeding * ounces and not exceeding 12 ounces. 1.1, JO. 4-1. HO cents, and -1.05. Exceeding 1'J ounces and not exceeding ]?; ounce-, 40. 60 cents. *l..n,aii>l *1.40. The Baltimore Am'rir-?? says of the attacks ? ??on the Hoard of Public Works and the reply <>! Mr. Shepherd ? Some newspapers and t'ongressmen have i~>-n crying fraud at thr heels of the Washing ton Board of Public Works for the last two trsra. and now Mr. Alex. K. Shepherd, vice j r>- dent of the board, disposes ot them in a br : letter in which he conclusively shows the U sid to be at present entirely solvent ami to ba\ on hand assets amounting to tl,7.;i,Wo- It ? only been recently tli&t any endeavor has ben made to transform Washington from the coi. non of a country village to that of a place w< t-fcy to be the capital of the I'nited States, xi. ro this board are due tbe great improve in- nts which are as yet but half completed, 'ft - re is no reason to supjiose that they are not ct i ? ncting the immense work honest!v and e<. i. bIcoIIt, or that they will fail to bring it to k -access!ul ending." Mr. Bergh's proposition that dogs ?hall be c?>?htwith scoop-nets early in tbe morning, at <i taken to a house where they are to be -n- thered with carbonic acid gas, is a reason ai !e one. and its consideration is recommended t% our board of health before the approach of ti e dog-days. We have double the proportion ate number of dogs to population that New York can show, and nine out of every ten can very well be spared. If the tenth one should happen to get smothered, too. the public would try to bear it. That miserable humbug RoUrt B. Roosevelt hag, as aa electioneering dodge, given hisextra compensation steal to the pul>U? school- of New York. The papers rap bin dtaervetily over tbe knackies f?r hi- transparent attempt to make a little capital for hisaself with the funds he admits belong to the government. Instead of retnraing the stolen money to the 'freaavy, he Applies It to his own politic* purposes, and is in a worse attitude than If he had pocketed it aad said i Wo didn't know the K'ftMiemm had taken oat ? coyyn?bt for Mr. A. B She pherd's letter. i kft. MlSHAt. ABB LITE BABY \Lj? ) - SBTAIMXBBT at the >'in* ??s5 < Rrrl h ?trnt. M??*i O u4 I, FRIDAY KVK> \pvil llth,at7'. u'cluek. Aisaission, 74 ret aJO Jt jps. >I> TO PrSCUKSK-A eorst |L.y . iiktNall^ltollMtMvmM aixl liib-?!-??? ?i?> Pennsylvania seenns and N Srfft sr .?^'gagCTr"*''-'ar o ? c - "will meet at th?* Hall. Coratr tth >xt MOBDAT. ISth lost .at a. sister lrd?M are invited to "j5Q.~W rALC OhlR. K. of R ani '1 he extreme ran^e of the go'.d premium at New \ork yesterday wis from 117', toll<V closing at 11*. and shewing a tendency t?> lower Pgnr- ?? Money ft" more abnndant, and not * :ih>?*n?ling the efforts of the loek-np cliqne the rate lor rail loan- could not be forced up shore 3-lb per cent, per diem the ruling rate h- ing The indications of a more legitimate ?tate of things were Terr apparent. To-day the AmMuI Tria.-urer will *11 *1 ."?00,00'.'' gold, tor wlufli proposals are invited. J a j Cooke & Co. fnrniah the ioilo?rin#to-dar B\it'*. SfWt. Bwy'c. Stil t. U MB 20 ? 3U". ' ? a,*Jn*J7,ft.l7 17* BlOs.MM V\ 17\ I ? W'sJaAJy.', 19. ? ">12*- E!? u 5 *?JnAJy,*B.17l< 17\ SSL 19, W\ II US n a .. ,J?*W *??**-PlEe* BoaAD. c. s.rk, uu ? - MB. 17* 1364. V\ ???, MB I'S H0VJn?.kJIy,w...i7'? ?-?s,Jan ft Jly?-W, s*rsjau.Jtjiy,u?8. J7?, ? u, AMflcu Orld.....^. H Currency i'l li\ H?w Fivse. L'i BiLTIHOlI, April lo~?rgtrnI?-*, old, V. dv., coupon*, old. 3T; Virginia'*, rouvililMnl.U; Went Va. ?, I3f*i bi?1 to-day. Balt'mobs, April 10.?Cotton iu'et? Ivw mid <llir <s. h^wlVr Flour dull and weak: .inntation.s barely m .iui*in?"l?H '? ird street,supeittne, il.7i ?*?>; .lo., extra, $<? {4V<v7 10: Jo., family, %itfy?75; City MiM?, vup, rfine, ASian; do extra. 50; do., family, 9* TJV'Vll ?: We-tern, siipert!ti<?, Jf*75 extra. JO; do., family, W h"iU firm arid in *<>-*1 demand?white, choice, 14; tair to prime do., $1 V,ch>io? amber, $2 l< 1<?;.l.'). good to prim - red, ?1 >>'<t 2 OS; common to fair do.. ? l.'i"(<tj, red wcst-rn. *1 -sM^I !*>; amb-r western, 51 HO'tl.tW Corn lower and in b<?<m1 demand?white southern. Si, yel low southern.83; mixed western steady,61. Oat* artive and tinner?southern. 47flfltf; western mixi-d. 17. do. while, 48 Rye ?t>-a>h aod nnchai.g Hay unchanged. Pro* isions?dowt.w urd tendency. M ??? p ri. ^I7tei7'<. Bulk n .?t- ucImmN. B con in.changed. Sugar-cored ham?, ll'?>" 15. I.ard, F?&9 vTestem butter active and flnn? choice tub. .1s<*t41. Whi-ky, small sales?91. Nkw Toai, April K>.?M-ck* very strong. (5 Id st'-ndy, lASj. Money firm. *, to and interest. Gov ernments dull aid >ti idf. New York. April lo.?Flour dull and in buyers faror, unchanged. Wheat quiet and unchanged (.'?'TO quiet Losnos. April 10. 11 3* a. in ?4'.nn-ds opened at 9T'? for money ard !Tt'( for account. Bonds of 14&5. <>ld,94'?; ISii7. 93",; 10 w'?, *9, new Stm,W(. Brie, in M, London, A pril 10. 2 p in.?Ten-fort) bonds,89V. E ie. tl*,. P<His. April I'l ? R- nt.-s. 5S fr ?nc* 3)cntim?4. JdiMH'i, April 10, 3 p m.?The lutllini in t!?? ffaiik of Kn? l:m'l ha? d'-ereaaed n?m duririg th-? past week. Colt?-N ct..?,d cockanx-d. B >:ids of Wh .:?I (. Brie, si^?. P?Ri?. April lu?The *p.-eie in th-? R?nk of Fiance ha- <l?-i rea^-d SSiumi franca the p.??t week. THE WEATHER. Wa? DsrARTHKirT, 0#c? CkUf Sign*1 OJbar,) Waohiiiutoh.I). C., April 10,19T3,11 a t*. > BlS?>Wt? Ml THI FAST TWIHTT-FOffl HOtll ? T1h? -toini rent re that w.i> Wwlti'H',iy niornit'lf in m>p?-r Mtrliifcan ha? ne>x?^I n >rtuweat over Canada b^%"Twl sir Malions. Tl>--?t which w:ia apparently in W. st Virfinia lias mo> rd sastward and north ~ast t<> Maseachwx'tts Bay, arr. nipsnifsl hy a pr.-ttv eX tensive local a'omi in the midlle Atlantic st U?v>. The ar?a of Maim southeast winds which h.v? e\i>t?-d for a week in the sr nth Atlantic *tat"? is now followed by cool northerly w inds mdcl'-ar weath?r. North and west wirds iiicreasinc to brisk with cool rlenr or clearing weaih'-r are now tvp-?rt>*d over N?*w York and tie- lower l*k>?* and tliencp to North Caroliua and Kenlncky. Fr?sh to w<*at.-rly w mds b.u kinx to lonth |>revaif over the upper lakes ai?l Illinois. Probabilities.?Th- barometer continue rising ?luring the rest of Thursday in the K i?tern Oulf, ^??''th Atlantic, end middlt* states, with g?*n"ri?ll) clew ro,d weather, and n-Ttl w?-st winds in the Atlantic Btatfs. South-rlv wind- and p>stsil>ly tsll inii bar. tii?t' r and rising t. mp. rature w ill prevail in the gulf states west of Alabama. An area >f low barom- tfr advance towsrds th?* ntrnne northwest, ai.d sonlln rly winds with cloudy weather and rising ten perature prevail over th?' upper l*k?? and northwest b> Friday moming Westerly winls continue with partly cl--udy and clearing weather in Nrw York ai.d New England. Cant ion ary signals (ominae at B' Ston. P'>rtlaud, Kastport. <>s?. go, P"< li<--!?r, Buffalo, Cleveland. T"ledo, D>-troit, Crand Ilaven.Chicago and Milwaukee. THE TEA< HEBS t?F THE Pl'BLIC SCHOOLS arc rm|ii>-st*-d to iii>*,*t in th?-.Iff i^rson Building BBXT 8ATCBDAY MoBNINU. 12th instant. at 10 o'clock. The object is to ascer tain. if p >ssild*, whi the law lias l?e<-n violated in n-'n pai iiit-nt of the leat hers and who has been b u ethted ikereby. (Rep) aio 2t lpS?Al.l. TIIE Oi ril-BRS AND MEMBERS or J. N. F. W1LEERSOS LODGE. No. I 3iJ,G. U. O. oi O. F , are h?-rfb* renented to nir^t at the l<*lge at 11 a in. FRIDAY MORNING, the 11th instant, to attend the funeral of our late Brother, Gt 'ir.c Ohm nv. P. N G. All officers and members of Sister Lodges are hereby respect ful!* invited. By order. If CAREY PARKS. N C,. jV--3?TIIE PUBLIC IS HEREWITH MOST U^iy respectfully informed that THK PARK of tie ??Washington S-huetr.en V-rein''is alisolutely closed ou Sunday,except to actite, ptssive, or hon orary members. An) respectable person desiring to l? come a member < an receive information by call it ( or. S. WOLF, President.707 I street; JNO. L YOOT, Vice Pretideat, Itl9 7tli street; C. BI'P PERT. Trea-nrer, 403 7th street, or of th- Supir iatendent of the Park. By order of the B >ard nt" Director*. |ClironA Kep4t.Sunday papers It ) ad-St |V-S? OFFICE "oF~THE BOARD OF TRUS lir-y TEES OF COLORED SCHOOLS OF WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Si mnkr School Bi ildisg. 1 Cmvn 17th ash M 8trk>:t?, > WasH!s<.to>. D. C., April5,1**3. \ NOTICE ?fticording to rea-dution adopted by thi- Board April 4,1.C3,1 hereby give notice to all person* ha\ ing claims against the Colored 8ch >ols of Washington and Georgetown to tile duplicate copies m this office oa or before the Uth of April. KS H. W. PARKE, ?7 1 w B>-cr?lai v, Ac. REGISTER S OFFICE, Distiict or CoLrviiA, Wash iXSTox, D. C., March A. 1373. Notice is hereby given that on TCBSDAV, April 1.1*3, will expire all liceiuM-s given by the District id Colcmbia, to all frvduu dialer*, peddlers and r+nimrrrtml Mrstf. All persons en gaged in said business, trades or pro fe-sion- mnst promptly renew said licenses in accord ance with provisions of the amended act regulating licenses, approved June 10.1871, vir; "That st?o person engaged in any trade, occupation or pr ?f?w sion for which a license tax is impoeed by the law* of the District of Columbia shall, at the time for pr<>< urine the same, make application to the Begia ter. and shall state under oath or affirmation such fscts a? may be applicable te liceusee." " " * "The Register shall then issue to the applicant a certificate stating the particular kind of license for which application has been made, and the amount of money required by law to be paid therefor. Said certificate shall be delivered to the Collector, who shall, upon the receipt ?f the sum of money stated therein, give a certificate of deposit, stating th? amount of money paid and the kind of license re quired. and it shall he the duty of tke Register to inene -aid license." "That every person liable for a license tag, who may fail to pay the same before engaging in the business for which a license tax may be required, shall, in addition to the licenee tax imposed, pay a fine or prnalty of not leas than five, nor more than fifty, dollars, for each offence." JOHN P. COOK. niS eoiot Register District of Columbia. g^P?R OSADAL1S. Biv T. W SniTH. Cnionvilie, 8 C., farther says: * * M> mother, aged sixty-two, had been in d'-licate health for years, -he use 1 Roaadali* as a tonic and renovator, and has enjoyed excellent health since. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? | A lady near In ion v ille had an ulcer on the side of her neck which threatened to eat into her jnjulai vein. She was treated by the best physicians in this ?? ctioU( and there are som? skilled ones here) with out any benefit. She used Roeadalis, and icat cmrtd ! On the whole. I regard it as a great medicine. For sale by S. CALYBBT FORD, 1105 Pennsyl vania avenue. s.Veogt YOl'NG MENS' CHRISTIAN A3SUCIA ?0*. ? REE READING BOOM-Aiify, Weekly, Sr? Krhttovt papers from all pa ts of the Union. CIRCULATING LIBRARY; 11,000 vota. Terms ? s Jw,ri ?> fr "inarter. PARLORS AND COKYERSATION ROOMS for Ladi?? and Geotie Bieu, Chees, Chequers, Organ and Piano. Daily PRAYER MEETINGS at 13.U,gand ? p. m. LITERARY SOCIETY Saturday evenine,at 7S o'clock. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES in Lincoln Hall at 3>? o'clock; at Theater Oomiqne at 7S o'clock. mg ra? .TO LAD LBS. UJy How sad It is to see a young wife, a mother ??rfsaiily who reottirea all her physical strength to fnlfill her household dntiea, and all her moral ca pacitiea to accept the responsibility which falls upon her, to see her prostrated, losing every day ner "trength, feeling badly without being able to say w hy . but yet wlglig enough to be atterly mlsern sblel This state of weakness and debility Is mora fatal to her than a severe spall of sickness, for In that case she will receive the proper cars, as in the other linger months after months, not thinking bile to aee a physician about It, until nature. her life. To prevent,'to strengthen ,to cure. nothing can compare with the LOaO-LIFB BIT TBBSofDr.L.<TBBBTBAM. The* are a safe and Infallible remedy agalnet malaria, iyeeeprin, eon compjSntsT'pe^aJia?0to"eomeo. BiT (era, which are sold by all drnatata, are. In enaas q??mce of tha4r virtneawl^Mg agreeaMetai^Ow IpSaeCHKBCBf PULMOBICCABDT ihf? Imt In agmatd^reeaU the principles of Ichenek's Pulmonic 8yrnn,?nd while as plea sent te the palate as the pareet efconfections, Us medicinal properties render It effectual la coughs, colds, bronchial and catarrhal affections, Ac. It is the moet acceptable remedy for children or infants, and can he glren with Impwjj^while for profeadlonal gentjeinen^or^thoae Thees candiea are pnt ap la ? cent ho zee convent history tfent i weald not be TlliyOB ._, , --.--Tin.. 910 further information in juire u "the H ?Dital 1 r.4f*PBt"- J0SKi*H *A ???R JOHNSO N, if D. " m ??7 New Tt.rk aVetme. NILICKRi| WXW DRUO STORE, Ho. 144V Pisksylvaiiia Avimii, Depot for Soda anS MlwraJ Water*. feU-ly MIW HARROYI* 8 SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES AND CHILDREN. 1336 1 *t.,opp. :H,:r:?n.k!in P"rk- FonrthqaarterwUli>e*in April lfith; f?lI term September ?h. aplO-lm* JOSEPH J. MAY'S PARIS KID GLOVE DEPOT, M* PlXHSYLVAJlIA Av*? Bit. 9tm and Ivth Sts. SE^SPRING STOCK jnst received. m.?vV?K5 *nd MEDIUM ASSORT MENTS?1 sad I Button*. alt)-St U A at ft, *71 1 r.?,G* R-crRm> h %mukedVeek.r1:akkast bacon' BKEF TONGUES, HAM SAUSAGE, HAM BOLOGNA. LEAF LARD.6 lb., 10 !t?. and 25 lb. tin*. Ji ? received and f?r sale bv ? BRVAM BROS., t>0*? Penrv Ivnia avenue. ?l"-3t Opp.Mttc M'"r<ip->liti?ii Hotel. ME ^OfBT OF THF UNITED rf.k Tr\"8 hasj-ecently given a decision in favor <'? ttie Gorham Ma?nra< tnring Compativ. enabling then to protect their d-'izns from all oth-r oinnu 1#< tnrers who imitate and copy them. FARTICtTLAR JtOTICE j^reo nested to the fact that the same arti?t* are ev Ju 'h!' production of designs, whether for the r. rhi^ 2ll\:TuDr??r1!r"'t <* {oT th" celebrated ? l.Jii vi . ?i ^ ,mP*n>r never repr >dii<*e in ,i?i? ? I"**, Department thed?-ign* which tlieydevoe to Sterling..Silver. Each liax its ow n auf.Je ! ? mark, as follow*, stamped upon every n Jra,i'?Vkr" , T'?4< mark for Oorham Sterling 8,'vfr. O or km in JSitetro-Pia't. % STERLING GORIi AM MAM FACTI RING CO. Pritulattt, R. /.. ami No. 1 Bm4 st., A>*c York, Manufacturers of Sterling Silver, Tea, Desert, and Dinner Service*, :md Wedding Outfits; also Man nftictnrora of the celebrated Gorham Electro n 10-th .31 r|IlE "YH TOR DR\ AIR REFRIGERATOR ' 1* not expensive. and yet it has no superior inSSjjl tlie Market. ? The Sole ageut for their sale is ho ?? .... H- I-GBKGORT, ??>< P-nnsyhania avenue MttfcR' LIMBEB ^ M JOHNSON A SOX vfVt?? "fr'ii'tMf Itnil,.'.!11!1 * KJirK PALINGS,all of Which w. are rv!l 55?k 2 TBr 5^*' 0re,lt inducements for ca?h. Qr- *M*' *"d Ruts.,near State Department. ap9-ltn* 40-1 M?'ELR?V. BAIRD ft CO?,777 NINTH STREET 404 ffiK" rSSHV^XiVi'.'coEDs" OUB STOCK OF PnOTOGR4PWR a vn r?NK8T?i8 {hn'>W roMptl*T?-*n<l i* one of the verv |. ' 8 of * *i,c'' we "re o^rin? at R*p.?ir'*d an,i B"?'>tatid Furniture I oviT" made to order. aO tnil II lm?EIl AiND *"?R ?ALK BY JOS. GRIF Market. Hi bunches ol pl EBERLAND COAL. rl M 'rvprir* *jn'/iV'J .for -*1-' * lar*? 'luantity of CI MB^BTAND 0?AL. ii. L Ml ERIK K, "s2l ?^P?nn. ave., bet 3d and iX street*. 3| A 1' L E 8 l*GA IT a.OOO Ib- NEW MAPLE SUGAR, from Bomer < iuiit> , Peiin., joat received nn?i for sale l??w I?v - BRYAN BROS., ??cf ,? o0? PenuKylvauia avenue, . f KepJ cpp. Metropolitan Hotel. (yARy.1A^*^', "armiagesii OAintiAGaiiiTi jt? On hand,a large assortment of P"nyAflS9, Phaetons, With top a,,d without, Mid with ?im1 without rumble, single and d<-ubl<> S&~3tSi AI*o, a laree stock of Cashionabl- Family r?r of Barouche*. Victoria*. Br^tts rabriolettes. Extension Tops, 4r , Ac T."d and No top Buggies, In great varietv. at B.H.GRAHAMS N JX >s i t o ry and Factory, Renairln* "treM northweet. ?epairing promptly attended to. a* Jt" \Y^ HAVE jr?T RECEIVED d0 DOZEN LADIES' SKI UTS, WHICH WE AT.E SELLlNlr AT 9? CERTS PER SKIRT. LOCRWOOD, HUFTY k TAYLOR, S*3 PENNSYLVANIA AVEN0I, ?8 Metropolitan Hotel Block. A r2^0^n^N/rDVT7^CTAV,C "ANO, ?>. bf RENTED very roMoni^^B^ ?u^^oundjhttepFiRrT NATIONAL BANK Ule Fi*8T ">M)t H. C. 8WAIN, Cashier. 'pHE "BOZOBTH FREEZING REFRIGERA TOR'' ? ne?akli.hed in thisSS Hi?rket. Hold onl> by Mg n '? CREGOBT, _ HV 634 Pennsylvaiaa avenue REWARDS THUS L S AR01ND THE THE'wom nK!AK?D S, TEAVEL8 ABOUND T ? "ORLD will be received by the Publisher's Agent, and supplied In different atyle* of binding at - ?*? E0B*"?*"i!^.?gga!. l,TfS25?S^}8!gi.?"?'i?. rp. A^*xr R- 8HEPHERD 4 CO. ??S-erJt [Republican and Chronicle I ^TONR MASONS AND BULDEBsT Attention ia called to the An* , .BUILDING STOKE y,?" landed at 14th street and other wharve? from the ncowa of J. T. H. HALL Ordera recei.wl ?i otttre, R'x>m V, Mav Building, or on board steam tug Julia, foot of Hutn street, Georgetown. ap*-liu piXE CLOTHING FOB SPRIXG AXD SI MMER, MADE TO OBDER IN NEW TOBK. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN THE COUNTRY. SAMPLE SUITS READT made, E9R ME',, j>0 IS AND CHILDREN. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. DEVLIN ft CD., MHi 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVRKPR. N Tu'iu !J? 0B. WOBKLBYV FXCTO&JLL STBUF, Bf ALL 01IVfifn. WANTS. Wanted?a mcIm milliner. * ?lost M. WILLIAN'S, *07 Pa avs. l|7ANTiD^AnFEITr^Ikir5rnar^7~r^(77 Sv encea required. Inquire at IMS Mat. north wot. M?>t WAHT1D-A WHITE WOMAN. t> cook, wash SY and iron for * small family. Inquire at 1913 H street, between Urh and 14th ?ts. ab> 3t* \VAKTtD-Bir a white woman, a itlfVATIOS S ? as rook, in a familv when there ar-no wa?!i ng 01 Ironing. Addreas 'Cooh,' this It* WANT1D-TWO HAIVkH MAKERS, at THOMAS KORFLEET'S, No. 413 13 h.tret ""bwwt. It ANTED?A COl NTRT GARDENER. wh > is competent. honest and iixl'istri"us, and can come well recommended. H S. WADSWORTH, corner Vermont avenue ai.d L st. a!0-3t* \V* ANTED?To adopt, a bright aiel affecti >uato SS little GIRL, of n<>t !???< than one nor more than two yearsofage. She will receive the lovingcare of a l?t?-h bereaved nuttier. Apply at thi? office. ali> .St* \Y" ANTED?A youi g ex-chief of music, SS France, arrived i tew days. desires a SITUA TION in a pri* at? family a- teacher in French. Ital ian, and Spanish'. aN?. les?->n* in Mnsic a'd in?trnni< n?al tar.sTif. B"*t ..f referenc-s given. If required. Allies. M. l>eCUBRIOT. *0* D ?r. northwest. It* YVANTKD-Two good MILLINERS, at 8. HEL SS LER 8. Market Space. a9 2t* \V ANTED-A WHITE GIRL. 15 >tai. .f ago, to SS nn'seachild. Apply 611 7th street, between f aril G streets northwest. ?9 3t" W-*NTKI>-A c .-.1 WORK HORSK. Inquired SS WM JOHNSON .* S?#N> I.umber V ?H. cor ner lttli ?nd R streets n ?rthwes? a9 WANTED TO RENT-A HOU>E contain!' g SS Iron* seven or nin-r" m?. urif>irnisV-d or far ni-th-d. Address W. W. W.,Gity l*o.,t Office. ?>I:" W ANTK.D?Two second handSHOW C ASKS, SY plain or !?ilv?r-tuouut' 1. t OUNTERS ^ud SIIKI.vF>. at 61'J 9th stro f, opp-~ite P-tr^nt Office. w'J it W A NTKD - Good CAN V \>SEKS-M ile and SS F-malt?forciti and country. No bool. busi ness. Money to right persons. Call at 17 39 G s reet northwest, bt-rween t and o p n?. ay 3i* U- ANTED TO RENT-A small STORE, suitable for tin ?? gar aud t obacco business. AI o. tho?e already established. wishing to sell "lit .are requested t" ?'i<lress SI>lMONTON. this office, stating t?*r>- ? in full. a9 2t* \1; AN rED TO PURCH ASK <?R KENT?A SS l ol'NTRl RESIDENCE, With 5 to 10 acres of ground, near a station. on either the B .ltimore ana Ohio or Point of R"ck? R olrosi. Apply to J. STANLEY JONES, No. 511 7th street, opposite the Post Office. a9-ot* \\MNTKD-Two soo.1 BILI.IARD TABLES SS Parties bavins them to rent for five in<>tit)i-> will pleaae a-Mress P. <?. Box No. l*'t. a s 3t* VPTS'tED?By ? youth. a SITUATION i-i a St store, to make himself us fill. O jo<1 reference*. Addr? n E. R W., S:ar office. a3-3t* \\r ANTKD?Thlt. ueck. * Fl RNI5HED HOOE, S S eiehr or niuo r-<?>m*. by a small private family. A'ldreae E. R. 8., Star olnce. a^-St* \\* AHTEI> ? laiine.iiatel) ?At I nion Hotel, " Georgetown, a first clans I HAMBEUMAID. 1 White J a j-2t * UfANTED? 30 MEN l-r ti?liins ->hore. AppH at 10i* E atieet aouthwcst, b tw-en l?t aud 2 ! street*. fa8-9t* ) R MILLER. \VANT*r-Tliree DRESSMAKERS and two SS APPItEXTI^'E^. Appl) afll33 3th afreet, between I. :<iid M -treetf northwest. a5 3t* WANTED TOMENT-A STABLE for one hor?e; SS I cation to lw between 9ih and fl;h streets and NfwTork avenue and M -treet northwest, '"all it 103A 7th street northwe?t. aH St* \V~A NT ED? A WHITE WOMAN who is a god SS cook, w asher and irouer. Itioniie of Deputy Governor, Soldiers' 11 lite; or, .il'lres-- Star >m Box I. nSat* \\'ANTEI>?A clean, M>nnd HOUSE,of 6 rooms. SS on u lettered atreet, between K and I and 5tii and 9ih .".treet^ northwest, by 1st May next; pay in advance. Addres-HOUSE. Citv P"*t Office h7-?\\' WANTED?A gentleman with a small faniilv SS vishinc toreut a FURNISHED ROUSE lot the summer in a god locality. Inquire at U.S. Marshal s Office. a71m \tTANTED^T" pill l,..-e l'NIM PROV ED SS GROI'ND, eith.T single I its or a ? iuare W. W. METCALF. Real Estate Broker. Plant's Build ing, corner 15th street and N?w York ave. a5-M WANTEI?~9"Teraltrustworthy CANVASSER?. SS to v liotn a lilx-ral percentage will be paid. Ap Pb ?t Mine. DEMOREST'S Pattern E:nporium. 4t?7 Pentjsvlvauia avenue, between 4'2 and 6th streets. at il W A NT ED? BOA UI>1N ti in ^he country, near SS Washington, by a Lady w ho wishes to tenrli Music in payment. Address L, Star office. a3-2w* w ANTED?LADIES 1 >? take notice that Madame SS I). E. M AISON, of N-w Vork, has opened her Millinery parlors, at No. 413 13th street north Wfst. m24-lm* VL'ANl ED?Every oue to know tmu the VICTOR SS 8EWINU MACHINE has its m't/ilt ttlf-ttt t'*t: the ne st perfect shuttle in ose, resting in a cradle; needle bar and works of ?te?l. Agency. 469 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mine. Dem orest's Pattern Emporium. atigXt ly T W SPICEB. Ag?nt. V17ANTED?Everybody in favor of thoroughly SS cleaned Carpets, almost as brisht as ?-nd orders to L. RICE, at the Steam Carpet Beating ^ orke, Maine avenue, bet. 4S and Cth sta. aprlS-ly ~ FLOST AND FOUND. l/OUND?April 7th, a REVOLVER. Apply to 1. Letter-Carrier, No. 1 *>. alu-3t* LOVr-Oa Iks Mk faMt., 1 KIT.It.ME A sultatl' reward will be paid it returned to WM. C. SCRIBNCR. It Business office of "The Oap'tal." ? OMT?On the Hth Inst., a pair of OOLD SPEC 1 J TACLES. The nuder will tie r?wa'ded by leav ing them with H. F. SMITH, care of W. B M"?ea. It* LObT?On Wednesday evening, the :?th inst , bet. Congress and Wwt.and Gay and Greene sta., in Georgetown, a BRACELET, aet with Garnets. Tl ? finder will receive a suitable reward if left at 1 his office. al ) Jt LOST?A Scotch TERRIES DOG; yellow, long bair; short tsril and ears, ft iirrr-Tit ? _) tj the name of BOB. A libtral rewar l^^aC will be paid for his return ?? T * ?10 M* FERDINAND BUTLER, l?07 E st. n.w.

&1A REWARD?Strayed away, on the 7th inst , vl" a 'lark brown MARE MI'LI The above reward will be given if returned to GEORGE NIET zet, N street,between6tli and7?h,n. w. a9-3t* kk)* REWARD WILL BE PAID,and no itaes vfail tiona asked, for the return of a_ > BRINDLED SLUT-feet and tail "| I *1 igTC with white, ?ara cropped?to JOHN E0- ? NET'S Restaurant, 3U1 13th st n.w. a?-ttt* thJTRAYED? From my premiaes, about two weeks i? ag*, a very dark red COW; medium sit',?m i old, in good condition, with long horns. AyjT : suitable reward will be paid for her return tuMQk | me, or for snch information as will lead to her re covery. T. EDW'D CLARK. a9-3t Penna. avenue and 14th st. southeast. C[C REWARD?Lost, in Center Market, or be tween 7th alreet aud Georgetown, on the 27th instant, a large-sized ACCOUNT BOOK with name ol owuer on the back. The above reward will be given and no questions asked if ret urned te J. H. t.RO^ N,No.4?l renter Market. afl-3t* ???)? REWARD?Stolen from the office of the V'v Washington City and Point Lookout Rail road Company, corner 13tli street and Pennsylvania avenue, PAY ROLLS from July to January, inclu sive; TIME BOOKS from June to November, inclu sive. The above reward will be paid to the person first giving the company such information as will lead to the detection and conviction of the party or partiea who have purloined the same. ap3-ltn Board of public works, District or CoLrxBra. Washington. Aprils, 1J7J. A reward ?f FIFTY 1 $??> DOLLARS will be pail for the detection aud conviction ot any person or rrsons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be und stealing, the Man-liole and Sewer trap Covers in the cities of Washington aud Georgetown. By order of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON a3 tf [Reptib.Chron | Chief Clerk. LOST?On the 1st of March, on E street, between 10th and 2d streets nortbweat, a RUBY RING, with two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if returned fo No. AOV 3d street northwest. oi7 BOABDING. Board can be obtained at catlett*s station. Va., <0., A. A M. R. R ,t doricg the snriLg aud summer months at reasonable rates. Ad uress L. 0. C., Catlett's, Va. al> S* T ADIES aND GENTLEMEN, either singly or in Li parties, and families, can hear of the very best and cheapest Boarding arraugement in the city, by addressing Dep't Club, Box 16. Star office. a7 tmal 00D BOARD, PLEASANT BOOMS, AND V J prices moderate, at BIB* corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Mst street. ?arl-ly HOSE.?CARB0L1ZED HOSE, warranted to re main unaffected by tuildew or rot for one year and a half. ALEX. R SHEPHERD * CO., a<i-eo3t [RepAChron.] 910 Pennsylvania are. yiENNA EXPOSITION. CIRCULAR LETTERS OF ( REDIT, ISSl'ED BT JAY COOKE * CO. The Circular Letter is a letter of introduction to >aiikers of chinctor .< ??,J "? will DV tion in person or kr latter. ar COOkE k, CO., BaUrrt, apglm WASHniQTON. J W. BR1QMT WELL.^ CARROLL W. WIN SLOW, SHIM TMAKMR An Duin 1* Mirt rvininwi u wtS^SSA. iMvttMr < Lime 1 LimR 1 luAi , Beat woodburnt LIME at fl par barrel, delivered lnaU partaof tbecttr. ? THOMAS FAHBT, 10th atreet, ?M-taa" near La.amae, northw?at. pOR RALLS AMD PARTIES. ?1 TO flJSS PER FAIR.' WALL, ROBOrSOE ? 00 FOR RENT AKD SALE. K?J T-Tliia LARGE Mori w a*., ? ?yU>iiti irmnf ?io t-* - 1* IrJT? BOOMS. AijC m. ?i? ?tfc street oppoalte Patent Offl, '. alo-Jt IVOR SALS?At HIT Uth street. IIOl *K of 7 r r*om?, anJ M lixUv feet. *?.,?& .... ,|?. rr^WM". alO-J.* 1^ ????< re KM 11 KK V.|( f wfrto B fXJW ?*b t THOS E WAOGAMAN. JH* 7th street. K?f*A^NT7Th'r* U"l^r;u*h-1 ROOMS suitable * f'?r b. uaekeeping. 11*9 utli street, n-?r M aloft* ?< OR BENT?BOUSE 1114 lith -tre t. 10 r*?oi?, ui ? Ac- Atpty to M TRIM DL.E. on l.?th " 1* I ti^T^ w'. Bt|ht r<M>n?, (?,, u?{fr. and A<tire*s JCAIC BOYLE ? CO.. ??* 15th street.* . P? BBBT??TOBK and DWELLING 638~ O i'/H' w? niarket. Al* >. a i ^ ? . *,T1'"1'^ p*rty. Water ftud t.arh , < ft secm.d floor, (rood r^fcrt'nc^ r?Hjuirt*d. alo-3t* l/OR SALE?By Jl AN BoYI.E * CO . 6<I5TTh ? a ?!;??** Lt?T *->uth aide K -tr et. b"t***n IMii ?'j*1lwh "tieets.rxKS. One ! bird cash; balance on j ' tl'ttt I^OB BEST?A four story brt-wu *tone HOUSE, ?n*u?*t?hwm- 1Uh ,"',*"on ???*.?* IVOR SALE ?A t?o-?: .rjr BRIt K HOUSE, with ^ n( ',n rrHI'"*. tn the northern part of the citv n . Vr.li00*'*1,1 t A sM,d" .' **h P11*'"'"! and .?*? ShjL, ArP'v at Bookstore. 1WJI F ?tre.t _ ___ al?'-S?* |<^5 SALE-TI.reu.-tory HRlik HOUSE; lot St * teet trout; Brick Staple, in a p!ea?.-tnt and im proving portion of the citv. Real .state w ill te taken in part payment. Call at 41 < <n!i ?tre..| lU'lIllW Wt . lilt/- i-|4( * F".? B?>T-rKAME COlTA'iE t liege ?I A-vi; ? * aVL r,.",|,1lfc' HU?th front. with?, ? short disarce rf the 1 It?i str?et car*. Lot frvijo 5?i per month. Immediate p<v ...? ? rifcn V FOX. l _ >*?<>** P-'piisy|< ania ar.-tme. l^B SALE-Two SMALL HOI SE8. X ^7"Tl t J 45 ii I V, ?tree,ilDesirable I.-ration,parked. AU". two HOUSES on Mu l*?>u str-et, IV rimvV / fir. pavm-ftta: t..l m. .? mouth. ??,. ' AUA5,S? 3th atr>-et n-.rth me*t- aloft* J^'c'VlTTArrAT A RAH,; VIS -A neat FRAME ( I .. J VE' UU',,"1oae wtth- ftii.-t l.irali ' s 11 the ritv. Hon>e C(M>taiii?7 nmniv hall, ax.l r ?'*? in front. and i% .?i,p^!i-'d v irli eaa au?i jUawn 1b_tront. enclosed wf'Ji iron fent-e 25 i .?? tr..|,t t>? s?r f,*t deep to a ptred allev. Tit?.- p i t'-ri ? fi?V,l2t*f2!i."''"'t0*"** -II the pi. V . 1IJ? 18th at reel northwest, aft.r 3 p. m. :iln?t* HKK1-S< r-ralmew BnlClT^UoT^Es-^ * 4A HrvKi near P<*inmyl\ auia a\ enr.v Ao xt -it -.w . *? K ViMOX, - ^11 <th Htre?'t?opp HEN r~STORK 904 7th dtr<*et?^^SPtripc*(i 1 \TnrIf?'eijV??5m Fork avenue Art^r K 1 A TAVLOR ?'<?3 F- ?n?)liatiia _ rl !'e as? J? ? I^OB BENT-PART OF Mul'sc <? room* ^TTl bathl.auitablefor hotxek -p a*. T rm- low to nnstai^" ' chUdreu- Ml 14th <tre-t. |{. upiiiHirs, a * F'C'R SALE-One ofth .-e flj.e i?o. BRICK8~Ju hoitb side N street, b?twe<-n 12;l> and i3 h. ?q si r,,-. E. K. WILSON, _ ?* 11 ''h?tr lit, ..pp. p .?t K^ri?DlJlun'iED. i? 1 m! * ,5 I'M ?BM^HLD, Ail. H?3. .^25. *-ii. ? 12 ?ui TOKES, *i?, sttf; Hall, *30, OFFHis' f : *1? '?? 6 "J Taos E. W Xoli A MAX.4 ltTtu ?:*Jt 1-^?!'* BEST?That verj- dt-ir?t'l- llu('SE in Oe >rc?town, at the corner of li.-eeu *ud Vav strceta,formerly occupied by Mi. Mullet. ^ ?' 1 1 7tll sue t. opp. p.^t t?;Y-e. -A * ARM coutainiiiB 30 .i.-t-*. -;mi tri, t:,|,7V"'i. M .ro'*'1- 4 from th. I) i> '.! 1,1 ; Ul, niery- c untr, il l Will v?i| '??ist- v bearden - : H' tl.^S'h -treet Borthweot. 1/OK f>ALE?A riiie Tt.r -e-st. t) KKK'K lidi .MC oil I KtK-et, between ;nh and' lir h i ]? , , -?BKliK *?.'*'on __ ??! 1 'tb street, pp. p 1,'OR REM- : ??. . Marshall hall pavilion Th ? beautiful ~u:nnwr r.-?ort will be rente! to a reliable tenant, upon libnal terms At.plv ...Vo? M?rt April li, tj JAMES ?Yk KS. *" Imperial Hotel. l^OB BENT?G ntbmen who ?r,?h ROOMS will A find a lonely suTte, handsom?ly fumi?Ued, wiUi all )niprovemerit>.for lee* than h?lf ?r ce ?U.| ?. ver, fine UININO ROOM"nd KITCHEN, u Jur * M uih'l?eftAKL?U BKOBOOM. if J-^red. P'tfoteK.y?%ricas,.Er.?-5 ifgj ltol and 1st Streetsnorth-a?t All u. ?lern impr ove n? i.ts. Term* moderate. Three mlnut - w.,u fr.,m U>ltm:|.iacan. Apply t? P A. BYRNE. 701Vtl /lBn]iMsffn 0a,",d "? northwest. AN . a suite f ROOMS, suitable for housrkeeping. at N>> a.' ?t* K}'B SALE?A "ic". five-room FRAME IIOC!?E. * J Vut'i vrdtr;' r Ariplr on the p,. n iwes. 1-917 E street, from 3 t . iIqcIkW p. m. **-it* I1'lini?LrH"i'~Jliree ,.lorr. Min-ard ro?f BKH K * HOLbE. one square fr.m stret-t cars gas i-, li> use; water in yard. A25 ' "??< 3t THOS E.WaOOAMAW. 419 7th ?t. F'OB SALE?That valuable Uol SE aul LOT at southeast corner of tith ami F *tren* north we" *"*I'a? two stories, basement and attic, L >t ?isllO?, witA bnck stable and wo.*dhouse s<e,ju *??r.. . E. K WILSON. - *? *11 7th St., opposite P *t Oflfi e. FtfnSV'5z3!?#?"'^SESos llth Street, between 'II ^ ZnH Qir n*' bniMlncs; N.*s. ?Ho ard HIT. Pnre. Al.ouo. Each om tbi?d ra-h th* balance on Anpk ? H \ PM \\ LEV ^tween?? in!r*f Jc2kP B> rmjl <IWa,>5tli -ttrnef I t^lwe< n L ^nil M. northwest. as 3t* ^I*!?, K4i?i VA?rT*o??*" Brick DWELL i sltQatcd on O itrwt, betvmq Uth andl i'h ?'JTtliweat; contains six r.-.rns, bath room water and ?ns thr<xuhom Terms e:.?y. Inouire nil SSdmh M 1C11 Mrtdison "reet, betw^VwS FatS rKiNT7T?*' ST<|R*?t> tl"* comer of uth ,4 *nd * streets, formerly occupied by P. White A Hi'andTf r "j* and in.^t d-~iral>|e f".r ?rocery business in this city, the busi ness having been conducted there fir upwards of jn years. For terms apply at K . 6QQ 13th st. a8-ft? K-?JH?T"Vy !,f the m -<t desirable GARDEN * ? Ry.S'.^?PT*lniabout 8aeres.with fine buili H KS. barn, stable*, carnage kuM,and fine spriiia *rr T,h? P|:'r- wftliin one nlile ?iflH,?? Tl ' aud?iu * f?v n,r>nth9 ? Street railroad m.lrunthrough lt;and it would make one.d the h<wt pleasure gardens in the Di*trict. Any g'.<Ml club or compauy would do well to loufc at it. Th<- ab i?e place would be sold cheap, w ith 13 .vres added ? m,i Z'"u ,n?"ke ,he <*"*"'?<% in7he^ A^'> V' GEO. MATTINGLT. ":> ,olut Ko. *?? fth.twt. ABE No. ?3?. between A anil * B and yth and t>th ftret^U northeaat: either the bi tche?rNo fi?a rApP,jr to JOHN faoWABD. S.H ? ' ?* Center market, corner of B and EST ill nV.^T*' ?T, t/HBtS^IAN M BECK a*3 G afreet Dorthmet. a7-lm* K??, RENT-Two communicating fr.-nt ROOM*. * with Board, furnished or unfurnished, at 1016 Massachusetts ave . corner ?th st Udt' |<"OR RENT?With Board, at Vli B?ew York ave ??fthwe^',MO?1??autly fumi*h.>d PARLoRsi B^M lnthjrdWor^' ?"u^uruuhed^FBoyT K ^ Rf;KT?Two suites of unfurntsh'-d RfTo SIS iVojr'^^R^ ?;? 31^ IS atreet, it 011 BENT?Two large PABLOBS, frojitina niont?" i?i4/'Vr <fard9"' tWu cl..*eta; ?12 p-f jnonth, ?I4 C atreet southeaat, near the New Mar ' ap5 6:* i* ?B SALE? HOCSE and LOT, No. 33w llth si '^rV -iuare W WuX?? 'Eh larerrb^r *11'1*"'bf FOB SALE?A large, two story Brick HOl'"*E wn,*"?? ten roouis. on I street' r.o. iiO.iO. between 90th and 21st streets? i.J...; ? very desirable and cloae to the avenu - c'a^ Ti " ?8 ? Real Estate Broker.Vll Sth"!^. i.h'.'SSaSkf10 FV.f.rk frNJrDa'ELLING HOUSE, with pres. Rhrii-? if j ,nd Marble trimming*. No. 1307 CM be porchMad or leMed. T?w Part c^h kalltlM OB HfMwUll l-a a -4 .. ' . CM bo purchaaed or leMed: farma ParT cash Imlance on tbMwith interest at tlx per centTm.^V each annual payment lew than ordKary houMrraf ir^paruHrni. a4-itw TOiKSffljagair .i^i. km F?A',!aSS5S,JBS,ja TlssFssz FOR RENT AND SALE. F'OB SA L E ?A n?nil-r of Iwo-tlorj BRICK HOUSES. on T street. between lath and I4?li rrffi? n< rthweet, enntaining six roem* firli, will be mU on trnp >< (vll??<: Fit. HOI St* from ?????" <-a*h m ?a. h. mo4 balance is m <athty payment* t<? *utt r?r' riveMoUSEl* at fr .m f:a?to ftl.??* rash. ?..<| baiarwein ?!? uthly.nnarterly. iK litlf furl) r?? m?jir*. t<> ?oit ?uncha?--r. Tkm Uorsss will be ?ch*ntf^ in part f r vs. ant gr and A l*>,several IIOCSKS iilliroaM' M<fll ??!! sold cheap fai < a?h. Each ot Ihf iboi? H have bat'i nwi.??t<f-rloMt, c??. Ac . a?d ure ??!! unit id for ? pri? ate family Th ?? de?iroua <>f se curing to thf-meelv?? a cnrnf rtable Htiw mi term*. *honld not fa.l to call at mi ofti< # previews to purchasing el*ew here. JOS F EE1.LEY. Hi <i Estate A<-uf ?# Mo ^?OB 9th at^^ee! n rthweet. t?-t I an t K . j>OB PAl E?MO( ii( lot* KKAKHT nitfti r AN1?from halt .tn acre to eight acres, wt'l Ie sold at re*- DaMv rutx and on fut tmw. E-oh l< t ba? upland f<ir dwllii'* h'>n?i> and trait, and rt h l?w land f r tfpHtkha; within a few nfaiilM' w?lk from Mount Plea-snt onmi???a. and t? ? -i.r > ? ??? uiinutea' walk frxu B nudaiy. Healthy I> < a!it>, pli aaant rural niTTMliidilX* and rtrflli-et ? .ideational and relig<.-os ?m mC-s. AppN to JOHN YORK. Office of C'nmnsn ner d Cnaioai*, Ti'-s*iiry Building. apl 1m* IVOR RENT?A tn awl H<iUSE. completely a ft;i ni*h?*l, Miiuint at 40<? let ari^ eou-hea?t corner l?t and D "tree;*. Apply v:u*r Stli <i>l II ti?rtkw rtt. iiji mii" xoBTnrp?;F I/OR BALK?On Captt.vl H II, ?a pntrrl l-worf aalba-arut BUI- K HOUSE, conl-ming nine r.?<.b"sadiw liath aid store r<> ni* It li?s n>, cold and ly?t water, and ?*trr-rlv?ft>. Imatrd by La and Empire l??-nt: :.#r ranse. It '? nearly new . in th rough oiirr?in a \ery h~atih> and arre*wble tn iglibot lioial, at.d w II l?e ttilj very low aaew t?"iui? Apply to tlx? own. r on the pnviwu. *0 7 A street southeast. mjl t*' I,'OR KIMT-ri KMHIKD ROOMS: a i *< k l*a?!.<r furrieli'-d ae a Balro. n?. and two pi< ae ai:t room, back ?nd froot. on sevond atorv, in >n eligibly-K?at'-d Dwelling oi. I "treet.near tth; will I ri-U'ed on T - asonable term* t > gentlernew only. Addre**"A. J.," Natiotia! R publican efti #. ml? if |K-p | l.'t'R SALK. < HK\P? A fine pr.?? lirtrk fr^".t I HOl ^E, - tt Ihi .? i r?i< m< and h.ith riM>m.hH and r Id w ati*r. rookiuc r:'i:|fin. L?trol?-?. ga? ainl c?* Ixtnrn. inarhle man - lil?. etc., eitnal'il oi: I lilt li-tw ?n() tad P ?:ret? ii..rtl w ?t. Piir^. A?i.iuo A^.l? to Kl<"II V Kl? ROTUWKI L. No. '44 !?th ?tr ? ? nTtea t. 1 - In-line n.i) lh' ?een by ralliitii at lk?fl(oc*rt "tore Curt er of O and IDh itti-ote northwe?t. mil Itu' LHIR BKNT?KOOMB.wtMikautf,at lOlb M ? ? 1 achMMU avenue,corn?r 11th ?tri-el. mP l ii" I^t'K hALE?Tho?? fonr pri>?fced Rtt k ft "it HOCKES on n-'tih aide of Pennavlvatiia aTenw, lietwcrn 24' ti and JS'li ?tre.t?. northweat, betuc tiite* a*ori?a and attic, routaiuiiig i-ii;ht room* etch, and alao varant lot a-lj oiniuc. Will be aold rt. :ip. either ?? parat-ly or t.>gMther, for the parpnte ul ~ ttlmg up an estate. A^'nigf pru-e ah >nt ^1AV??ach. Ttn-bi-et mv<H>tni?-iit now ofTen-d in this city. Fteewl all laxta, and titlp iud.-putabl", Appljr to L r. CLMtK. . Pap*rhan?tti< t?t.?re. mll ltn Nf liillt Peitnayh auia avenue S. W. ? iK SaTe?A twro-atory BKIt'K n'JC>E. S ?. l?5? I north*"at, containing four kiwi; alec px?age, kitchen, cellar, hathro-wi with water cl ift, hot and ci ld water in chambera. bi'atet in fwri .r, and ci^.king raOte- in kitchen. Th? lot i? St i i-t front l>y liii f -i-t dwp, to a 3U foot ptiwl alley, with a l-rt'lc atalde and carriage houae J W THt'MPfcOS.corcer of 17th atreet and N- w Vnrk avi'ii r.e. f-bSU-tf t FOR SALE. F'"lt HALE ?A wmi-ji M "Id , -nitauli ? it a- or a fanill> p- : tl? ?> nii.d , and itmtlv, fan In- m*ii at the B'.alde corii--r h -iii-,t ai .t .li-ri.i-> av.imp nutliwift lief' re " o'clock a. tn.. or at *01 ftli at. n. w. aW It * I," till S A l.E ? An e\c.-llei?t ? c ?*:d hand two hora. I piatlotni aprtng WA(?t>N, w 1e b ?dv, ju?t tb> tliintc f-r i arr) ins paaei-iuri-i-. a ?t.i_- gi ref - w .g'.n; can l?e aei ti at PI NK i I'.KCK'S H auoii Pait<>r\, on Brid*i- >tree?, niat new B'X-i. creek Biidge, Ocorgftoyti. D I'. alo ltu ^"R >ALE?Cheap? A nupirior built jUiup a K(?< KAWAV.huI tine gilt e, t ol'^ " II A lils K5t>. l-ot || flit i I- l:?-W Al? ?? liHi.-lsi nte H?uiig HOR>K Tin J wliolp a firMt-cla-K turn out. Apply at Ro-*m I* P tti iit Office, b'<tween the liour- if 12 and 1. a t 3, * 'IVIP PHAETON FOB t?ALK.?An exr^lieut A Lehtlier top PHAETOK, with rum Ide. -iik trimmed, -i.uien r < over*, t 'oat ___ o\i i .? >??, pri '? n ?? >| ' ,~l. Mi) I VTV" ' ?en at Mi DKIIMOTT* BllUt* . Peuna>lvania ?v?., I.i-tween Jd and )'< afreet*. a9 3t POK E Seal frAI.E?A ftae, lut^e, yollltg llt?R.*K, *1* . l ar* old; alao. a g "*1 w"rk MARK, ?.??td t- r no fault,owner hat mc u Initbi't iiw for ti" tn. Inquire 3Q? wh *t. n. w. a*.a' t'OR SALE?A Ur-'ie of very auperior W <JRK llOR>ES; alao, ?ome very line l|arne?*fv nn<l Saddle Holaea jn-t at't'Heil. Hl'Gl'ELV A BOW EN Sitalile, Km York tieuue, be Imoti 6t b and 7tb ?treet? tiortliweat. 2w" VI'TICK TO CONTRAOTCIBM.?Bbovala. Pick* i a and Ciintract'^ra Ti-ola of ever/ dw ripti iu for rale at Boston price* |>t L H SCHNEIDER. IOIO P?. ave., ac*'ut for 8 H ll'inaon. B<?toti mil liu* Brick clat fob balk. Apply (o DODGE A DARNEILLE, J17-tf MKT F atreet. PERSONAL. Letter signed ?t."? many thanes. pieaae grant an interttew. Oonhdeutial. Br tueenS and 7 p m. aid St* \1 R8. H. J. FRANCH, i?? (<MnM MmM i'l Clairvoyant and Trst Medium, cwn b? anew m 1 Ui litb atreet northwest; alao.gtvaa deliaiationt of cUaractor by photograph haad writing or lock of hair. jI7 ?mm PRY GOODS. "|?l FFALO'' BLACK ALPACAS, from letter B9 A to F, price* from .<7 to inc. per yard. "BEAYBB BLACK HOHAIB, from K >. 10 to No. to; price* 63c to BI AS per yard. W are sole agent for the sale uf above. JOSEPH t. MAY. STRIPED SI MMER BILKS at ftl and ?l2i. Pl.AIN JAPANESE SILKS,at7> STRIPED JAPANESE SII.KS at 46 atidsoc. Imitation JAPANESE SILKS at Mr. JOSEPH J. MAY. GENUINE LYON'S BLACK SILKS (make* that we can recomm- nd I at BI -74. $2, ?J 28 5r2.iO. f2 74 aiid per yard; all verr cheap. JOSEPH J. MAY. Imported SbawU, Mourning G > -d?, Fine White (i Kidf, Linen*. Hou*ekeeping Drv Ox?d?. Print*., Percale*, and large *tock of DOMESTIC C'TTON GOODS, all at lerjr loweet caab pricee. One price only, marked in plain flgtfree. JOSEPH 1. MAT. w3-eiAt Pi-nnaylvauia avenue. J^I'RI.W AXXOISKEMEST. ?60.0BB STOCK OF DBT GOODS. . W in DBESS GOODS. *Hmjw inGLOTHSand CASSIMEBES. SltUW in HOSIERY and FAN< Y GOODS. Svuuu in LINENS and WHITE GOODS. Q7aU) tn STAPLE GOuDS. Ac. NEW GOODS OPENING DAII.Y. Three hundred new PARASOLS and SI N UM BRELLAS itiat received. Price* lroni 2i ceuta each to ft7. Bntgaina in BLACK SILKS and BLACK AL PACAS. ?/"ONE PRICE TO ALL. BOGAN A WYLIE, i'l-tr 1019 .and 1020 7th atreet northweat. [\L\V GOOI)S~ NEW STYLE*. JOT RECEIVED. OCR PRIKO STOCK OF DliV GOODS AND CA.RPETIXGS, of the lafi-at prodrtction* on tUi? and other aide of the Atlantic, which will be open for uwpection TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 19*3. The gcada we offer, coaprlaee a fall aaaortmeot of D' wand beautiful DRESS GOOD9, aoch a* plain, fitfurcd and (tripe Japanese Sill;*, ranging from (Ac. t' 41 Colored Silks, the beet fabric* iu Black Groe Grain,colored and black Alpacaa, Mohair*, Per cale*. and a full line of choice aud fancy print* and other nice good*, too nunterou* to uieution. We shall aiso exhibit a full and entirely new stock of CAEPETS, OIL CLOTHS, and MATTINGS. E^.glisb Tapestry, Bruaeel* iti handsome patterns, the very choicest Ingrain*, OU Cloths of newest de signs, Straw Matting, Tory fair, at SS cent*. Oar variety in either branches, Dry Good* and Carpets, ia superior to auv south of New York, and propose at all time* to sell cheaper than any boose tu t lie city. We invite the public in general to inspect oar g<x<4* aud prices beforo pun hating elsewhere. WOOLFOED ft SHI LB ERG, 4UT 7th STREET, Between D and E, southwest. 3n? B^THE ABCADE. t>LEGANT BLACK SILK, from Bl Ai a?, aiid'a ll^of ?" ki?U. - BUM ME B GOODS just received at BBOPHEAD * CO"8, ? IMS F street. PROFESSIONAL. JAJLEfc O.CLEPHAJiE. E.Z BEAILEY SHf)BTHAflfw Rl" ERf A* AVrBPOBTERS . Cffi 1IB O street, bet wee. U aid M, facing Indiana avenue. aahtl .7 QK. MARY B. tfACKXA.1, ml? *w' ?S? SIETEEBYB BtBEET. |UJ. S. DELAY AN, i-P IttMCOMTItt PBTMCTaW. 1MB 9J Office Hoars ?g to M, Morning; I to A, 7 t?t. eveuing. mH ToftV V. 1aVI1.a ?o. B ~ BUSINESS CHANGE*. I*cR PAI.K-Tk'- Mi?' K, %? lt.L. a?l ri\T( kll'rf ?C T-lwi?-<ifc rv<i>*Hg ? i>?4 i-?a.?.-e. T< rm? M"4rr*ii A?|4) ??** 1 u l ?t--t aaal ha?* aw-** j t nimiiiMi Bl'MKKir ? HAN' I.-T n^-l the .lentaari in P -l irt ard ea'-r-l ? pavti-a M K? ?-? nt ^aD*. ?? niTliliIiT n ??? Btjoi ?r (tiiil additional capitaf P?rtt<"ilti? ??' iat ? ni?*. A<iJr?H I > ?' W >?. ?w> MT\I I A< II KKK> < \flTUl?r# A tiOOl> INVESTMENT F??R SALE-Ow ?f ih- b?-at CORNER* la * paul .4 tfc* rltr. N't in ntia??e?i'. e. aa ?i?c k l??. Title p-rf-ct ImKiiixJ !?? ?*>' Vriri || .n?W n c<-tn?t. ,i \ | iat.-* north n ir?'?rl?h mi T? -'?-t 1.1 ma. it WM.K R?El?. tir-a'ar, 1VI 4 V aire** aort . \spt7riTFff* rumkr*! opmstimtt - . A mull . ap tal mill nmri- a pat in* VkNU FACfl Kim. Bl MMSS < .'I m K mi I I r 1 e-al Block. euroer of TtH and I* mtr?iw. ^ ? | CAN"8 OX UAl t srui V* <? are f*'"! (?> mak<* Lank o?t K -al K?i?i> ??> ? ul and W ft ? n ?>??? to At* 5ear.. N<>( K-k. A rfMU.l T.'V a" M ?? I ? I ? li ?i ? ?*1. i nriToFSli r I W \HT I ??? *CF\T? t. ii?M?f tik?< ??? PI.ET k IILKH Al. I> I I ?ill girr -url, term. m4 faiii fh -u li *? fitiMM fa-ilti ea ttat no Ban need a ake i aa than % J? per tn mih aa d all "%|?"ne?a - n% ni*ttrr a h-tt. r h' ??* ruv taml Mow >tr M A-'.rirt-a Di.O PHKLPS K K? * \. V< *1 tirand ?trre?. < Hp. K.J , awl fall pari-ulara mil be mi by irtaru Mail. ?* ft r| 'H K "? Nik o? * \ * m v n airy I FARM ?i<4mi? -Krlianr fra PRO|?KRTT i# W??bin*i 'n Th?rf er*? ith<-i*ra ?u*l buildinra. and ptcii'v of frail. oar h Mir'aiMlrrmai Phil; di'lplii*; 1 % at ilea front th? "tation; a fur ?>nitl.? aroaadj a b*a1thr ..iiitra \ rII N H. IXK'K RICI I .7th atr**f4. le-la ?*eii I) an.l K U ? -' I _ TH'??K UKalKlVi I" ll^h K ? .V M . \ kiT VK ? ?Wain It < li III*- lit -l i?^ml able iti.d ?a>t i fr III iIk- I MNkl : V t || 1 ||?AK \ T| \ r Bl I III IN'I M*SOClATI"N R. .ul r Monthly M ? 'im uiII be held *r?M>\Y knrl 1 4, ? ?, ?VU^k.T at '.'OA F M ?? in T ii |>l?> I nf< >rni>tt inn Hill b?- fnrai>li*fl ||| ll.a H- r<+?rf, Al 4 9tli air--el ui*rih?< I u?*.<rF. |R pi a'-4?* M l NFY i o>vT * >'TI V OK II v k P To I OAS ON RFAL EPT*TK r ?im f a I a?4 llfWKKla. KILR<>t*ll\ A Hfrt, aT-li* IkK anj 4 alr<-a|a. \l L Ok" Mjl A K ii >u '' rai 'm h?ihi? an4 I ati??etai uor'lia-at. n?nt nnilM -| iara f .-t. ?*!?? 'ti III- ral t-im? l?? Kll IIJl'KX A I M TA. Ikh ?ii'. it ?lr ? - at tt 1 W AST To HI > TH k I" !? v. I I I ?? a .mail 1 i.Koi'KKV ?toHt. <*r t.. r- it a H ?K|i f .air ?'t II* r |*v m? a? hi-rr a i.i.ic?| >? ra- ran hr !.<???. Ai-fl? i.'Uh-i Itth at.l M ali?r|a u >r:li?"al. t> W. BAN \ I V a?-** |^oa ki> Or fti?i ic unki> ? Kir. XV.- h*ia for ?ala m Al1*! rertiti at?a th*ab<r? a* 1 ? . ta i? "Iiatlr al pal n. pa> m-ut ?( ?r twibxx. A ?a all ?ll v -.1 i-urcha ' r?. I.B.W IP J"iiN}i.iN A co . ?f3 'in |('kr'Hi B-r I Bankfca. L'OR kAl t OR R\l U A Nt?l ^ i . . ? k IMIfHIl r?^il .-'nt'- Ona t* twt-Mi a<-t<<-Uai It-n La ul, *M.i| ?i t.-.l U atr?-? t <a?t. W AliNFR Ull4*r, n ?? Im IOII Pi iiiwi It una aiM>a*. | O iNs t l> k \ L KM kl K A| pliratioiia ran Iw nta<1<- I >r l<>ana f r t ?n? or -Ii i' i iitit-t.. ?uif korroavn. in aiitna aa rn|i>iri4 III.' hall t|i<-1 aluf lit |iki4 real ?t hi?* u tlir liialriot loaiw-tl. B U WARKKR, lOt TUtTiliMraat. VoTii x io ta"ki ir? m.i.i.isO at aoo TlOSi I'arti'* il<-?uit-f t' diajv.?.. of property at pvl.'.o ?air ?lt<> a ill |4arr tlir .un<- in no liaiwia.ran >lxaia liii Duiart l< Mi ia; th>- >amt ? ith. it c<*fnttjiaai u. B. U. W AUS'tR. K?al k<?al- B' kaf, m2S 1?^ <? :th >tr*x4. 1/ OR ^A LK? *V-.0 OOU Tu Ml Mi IPAC 1 UHMiS. nut i llrrnl aa ( -(v .la'i u Imt ? (tlliitf awurilr. pxiitiE fr >m In tu ii p>-t ?ut A i?Hial? ii11**ii With all !? iid* a>44. j r RKi?PHr\n., n J7 lm P-iiiia atr., R- .wn A. \| I M< I PA I. HON I?8~A I! K TIIR i)\ L V SR i"l cnri t ? ill ? hkrh a ?.mall rtfiialraal- -if'1* itiv<?tr<l al literal i? ' ?. Iill ili |> r ct?I.M kau4i nilaiKC aii'i tumtan'.od. Ai p'j to J F. KKOHHRAD , n.rritn !>3* P>-iina. atr.. Ro-hh A. B(iM? IN PkVuMISATloN ? Jll, *?*?.$ Hai. >Nai. ai;<1 % I jiUI. pa> i n? Ml* li f-t-i criii., iittmii.K ii<mii 1 to Wyrara lutoraat at.d liiluciMa! cvUrclr4 with-ml chair' P'>r ?ai<- kf J r. BKolHIK All. liiZ7 lm VJV Prnnajltaaiaairuaa RAI.K < if A NI 'I to ytiriliaar a fait pTuKI. au4 l?Wk.Ll.lNti i h ip, if ar n< w marki t, 7til atie.-t. No. 17 li. Prur. i?.mi? <-aar U A MILTON A PK AR>OM. b.S'tf _Y M. C. A. Bnildlu? ?h and l> ?U JLaJi BSE FRAMk BARRUM. Jl"AM BOYLE k TO.. RKAL tSTATH A>U SOT A" fcf.fUKKS. feio. kUk lith ati'ft, Opp?aue C. t). Tinaaary. F?>B SALE ?A haivla mr HOI'>F on I afro*, Nc. SI J A tie* laigr doubl* HOl " K. ? <>rn<*r Slat ?uii H HOl>K No 1U10 M laaachuwtta airaaa IIHI ft Mo. HHk 3d atreet ?*aat. I t aalr <-r rant, tin nialii-d or nnfuroiahMl. A CoTTAt.K in M illaH% ..nmr.iinlirru lalU BIM1 101D ?? ? tlaV* a-tartl vrrj lur FARMS. Improtitd and UBimpri>??-4, mm diflrrmt railrxada rutiniuf trim tb? city, far a*M at low fljrnrea or axrhaucr for city pruperti. aw^M feet of OROrVD 10 t artona portion* of the city far nale at low Itfuraa, oa ea?> teraa, or will etrhi l..r prodiHtira improt ed property. ukl ? pOR 6ALB REAR WA6UINUTOK. D ? . TWO SUPERIOR FRUIT FARMS. Tlw Cedar Qrora Vinej-arda; ex eel I eat fruit aod riaea In beariuf flue timber land* aui tmitek. ALSO. BCILDISC LOTS IN Til A CITY In Hynare Ho. 17, Lot Ho 4. btinare aouth of No 17, Lota 1 au11 bnuare Ho. 24. Lot No. U. 44 44 Al 44 S 44 44 14 44 ii And 7 44 44 !? 44 It . 12 ?u*l 13 44 44 7l 44 4 * M " TU " |a and S a aa |jyj aa Wa F-?r particular* apply by lettar ot In panoa U MM. READlNti. Cedar Orott Vluejard. aaar Qeory-towa, D. C. aal? ka F'OKPALR-The STOCK.. GOODWILL and FIE TURSSof tba Millinery and Faacy Stora, Ho. T?7 Market Space, bat . Tib and fth atreeu, uortR waat. tJ)R?All R LEMERRRti A OO. MEDICAL, Aa. ttWlATl'YOLKNCR OR THR WILL t I RK. k^ THR tiREATEM UltiCOYERV OF TUR MORLD B? it all iliveeee are > nred Mo nn^liciDea uaed. and uu la> iiir oh ul haada. Tan^lit b> Mia. J R ML It'T. 47? ?' atreet aortliwoat. ap.'-ir LA lil KS at^eriPK from w.-akio-a-, irieicuUnty, or Heiaoua D'-bilit) , ran liare aAiliful treatm -u: by atatioc raae, and adalrcaains Mt>. A. C. K"S11KR. Wa-hunion, D C. ml' lm* OBSTACLE? TO M ARRIAUK -Hvn Rtl'tf /ar Voarnff Mm 'rota the efl^-ru ot Rrroea an 1 Abuaea is earl) lite. Manhood roatored. luipaai Bieiita to M.trriag* f-nioied. N-w Bietbod ol treat Bii nt. N'? a?4 nturiablr rttauediea B -oka and Ciri ulara aent fare, in aealed enveloptw. A l lroaa Hu-'irrf iiwcanwi.Si' Ha nth ?:h atr-e?, Piula - de'phia. Pa ,?aa inatltuu 11 baxing a his1., r-fmtm ti- n for honorable conduct a?d mal akill. m?r>' n .tia MALAMK MILSOH, I A Htm imt It H4+mu* PHYSIC1AH AND NIBWiri, can be cotunilted ou all DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIES. Residence aul Ci>naaiiati<>n Roma. Ml ait atraak, betaeor H and I. Ri-otne,B ard. Medical att-u Jaaoa. At , at reaaotiable price* Ta#ewona raoi?t ?l aitt head in two hoar*. Mai to paUoaU aucoaaafaUjr IraMR VMhlnfto*. totUta* u RLROH, CONSULTING* PHYSICIAN, The oldeat ealabkaUed Specialist In (He city Ho. Bl 1 14th atnaet, above H. U .nra: II to 4 and 7 to S, daily. ? Female Cooiplamta and F"RMALR DISEASCs treated, aad ? 7| caaaa taken. Deacribe caaa MM inrlow gk M. Kosusgiras R3J5: REAL ESTATE AGENTS. yyiLLUH BIIKMH, GENERAL INSURANCE X AND REAL ESTATE AttENT, Ho. Mi FIFTRRNTM STREET. - OfP'"ilTl TtUlltl. Nt tie bat the aaleat it Fr MptaattlaoMat of luaaea aad Uu dealing cwai an teed a pa |a A"ffli RSi. ka? a. qyEMT^RAHD^?a.' ^ Vvivi'^r.VIVS wUl caww April_?.147J, SAS M. coraer OA ?H ?? PanwaUAr attention |i'? ( C"*%i HAL L

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