Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES n TiKr utw HJ (.KEEN * W ILLIAMS, An<-t| ^ c.-rn rner 7th Mi l P str-ets. Ti*i TKmsM.r?>?? \ \n" \b* r iwpi: >\ ep PI.OPER1 V IN ^'Jt'AKI N?. ?>7 ?. M.\i: <l. AL?>YSU'S ( HUB' H. jf-s Bv virtue \,t a de.-d ? f trn-t. iat April WV. | A i?. Ki, ? I Jul* recorded in li "?r S W, - >|in .V. ,tc.. ? -f r??? land records #?r * ??hir?gT<?n * by the direction of rh J>srry *. c .? th reb* . I *? ''I sell, at Mhlir aoctb.n. in fr mt r' th. pr-T) i.*.., .?) Mi'NPAY.theJllstdxrof April, A I? K', ?t & oYt i-k p in . *11 f l.f- numN-rei ? !? tiaadred an I r?wit seven( 127> ml nm hntetr. 1 ni <! ???!?% eight (If' in I a | ?rr of ht nasnliered ?>if ?! tw^|-.'9), in Oill?ert'* re ..i-il.l > ?-. -i. f ?iu?f nmnte-r-o <11 hundred ? 'i,l . i"ity (!*?? id the city of W>?tiiiuitan, * li ill the ini|noifmfiit? thi-rmn. i >u:<iiuK of i. .rl? tim-h. I l>: irk )w"lntigs "ti n rtt. I -rr-.-t A I .* ?f the property ? ill be exhibited at th sale. T run of sale; One-half in cash, of which %m0 n.i>-t be paid at sale npon each housesold; the d? t ! i ? d nientsto I# mad*- in nil and twelv- months <:t r ill*, of with interest at ten per cent, per ?i. i! i.?Di|*-(nr I l'f il'H of KiiM l>i tkr ulblar ? f the Trrstee. T-rm* to be fully compli-d ? I'll ? ithin six lav* after .1 ,?y of sale, -tI er?i ? th ? ? re-ervea the right to resell tie nr p--i i v, ' i one , notice, at the ri?k twi Co-1 of first I rrhaaer. All cwuvevancing at piir.ha?r's cat. W M II. W AFJO. TrusTee. * ' CKEKN A WILLI > M I? V LATIMER A CLKAI1. * Audi >neer* and Beal Estate Broker*. r it h west torn-r I'-n-rlv aiiia aad llth St., Star Offlc- Buildings. T I.r-TEE'S S.' LI Of V ALU ? BI E IMPROVER PROPERTY UN SEVENTH STREET EX ? I M'ri' NFIRLY OPPOSITE BI' I SOUTH >? HOWARD UNIVERSITY. CONSISTING ? r A NKAT TWii STORY KR'.ME PWULL l*?; ANHTWo STORY STABLE-LOT H BY 'Jib ? J lOrt. wj_ I' Tirti i--f trti?t i|V"t N 'TfmVf ? 1. A P Ivi. ?m1 d'lly rw' nH in L;l*?r X ?. i iio 115. on- of the land r?v .r l?f >r W?h _? r r .iirty. t ? h? |?i?trlrt of Coinmbii, and hy .. -ei"4'i of the par:* ?*-cnr ?d ther-by. I will ?ell, ?i fiM f in front r-f th,> sremi*"4. on HI R?1>AY. th- I 7 h lay "f April. A. I> 1<3. ?t ? k t ill f*i it c-r'ain pin e, par. I.<<rl.>t ? "i il, mP- it l> in# apd beitu in the rontity >f tH et"Bx hi - I Iii?'ti?-t, and known as lot r r ' ? -1 eiglry-twn, |4,l in the ?tiMm^ion of ' i.i P' ?? fe. am m id" hr Vm, P. p .le >. ! J. !.n W : ic'it, ami recorded am--na; th? re i rda I r'aid to- 'it* in the <dRr<* of (he rointv ?nr ? - ? -.i.d 1't h'tt ?- c front of 25 fe^t on the Wa?h <1 I? rkrille turnpik- or 8ere?ith ?tr"et ??!. ?i 4 f- inii of i d**p#li of JA6 <S7 h?i f?er,ront ?ln l <!.4I6 75 lt*> ?nn ire feet, ni-'te or |i?,t ife'.hfr v ''ti 1 lie ioipro^ -n lit* ih -reon. T-n-aiif -<.?>: i> ; rhiidin ca?h, of whl-h ^100 ? - h - p;?:d on > ceptai>re of bid,h?l iti e in *i*, eel?". ai,.l ei?h'i? n m nt?i?. ?ith int?*r?it at te?i 5 r cent, per ai inini. payable ?.*nii-?nitnnlly, and to ? ??enredb? not? of pnr.-liaeer andde??l .'f tru<t on i nit) ?M. Convey arcing ami r-cotdiiitf at yor t roit If term* . f wile are not r >iupli<*d ?? ?! ?it)nB div? nf?er ?a|e. the Trn?te-re?iervea r ?h' to r^-ll the property at the ri?k and ci-rt < f d fail'.tll K pr,rch ?-er. V. M P HOLTZMAW. Trmtee. *?-*' LATIMKR A < LK\RY. Am-ta. B. H. W ABXKB, K -I E-tati* Br iker ?n-i A'irtioueer. N T'J'* 7th otreet betweeu <? and U -ts. h B 711 STf-.E >? S ALE OP V A (.TABLE IMPROTBD *L BSTATE ERflKTINU >>N I PTKK I- r north hkth,.e\ north capitol and ?-i ST8 LAST Bv virtue of five deed* of trn?t. Ii -nriui date .-?'!i ttt?* 4th dav <>f th-toLer, A P. 1-Cl, aud duly r* ? - rd? I ii N ? i?i.l, f.di ? 2J, et i ; Lilier ? !ii'3l >-t - Liher*43,folio2T,ct <eiLil>"r ? '"Iiort M' ,.. BBtl Lili?r C6>'(. folio S,?t ae<|. of l I .rid R-vord? f ? \\ a?h'TMr'nti c?'niity,P. C.. I ??hall -??!! at pti' lie anction. in front of the prefciiet, ? - V I PNE>PAY tli- ?3d lay of April, A. D. 1S73. ?? !cck p. m . ?!l thoae certain piece* or p,?r - ? gr Ub!. ?i'.iate and l>iac in ~ail ?iiy of v. a-iiin.-ion. :,i d I""lit kn-an ?n l d x il.'d a I i.mi ? I n'u t ( nr. i'm.) niurti flv?, (:?.> 1 'v -i? !*i. ninety ee\rucff>a>l ninetr-eirht, -ii lii:hi*ri . record-M nib diviaion of ii|T|ar*? i ? !? i.ei-,\ hninlreil and ?eventy ti* e. (?7.>. I E?-h ? tf at >. L 'ti ?* improTIHl by m flue two <torr b' ? k U ii?.- n aili renlv f >r ??ccnpan.'jr. I?iit- ? f ?:i|. : on>-third oa-li; l alaiue in fi and 1- n'h-.with int'-ri'^t from da* of -ale, secured I 4.- d or trn?t on premises a?d.l ,^li?? lo b-- paid rin :i h' n-e at l me of-ale. If the term->T Kale are r i< ii'idi- d with in live day-, ihe T u-ree ri-'-rvea l t i?ht to re-^ll the prop ri? at th>* ri?k an-l co-t li . fault i . :i'hai.-i by a.l. .-rti*i:iz tli'?-e i - n ik* '-E*etiing Star." All i .m>eyaminz ni . -? . f pnrcl a-er. WILLIAM B T0PI>. lit . Trn-fee. B. II. WARSKE. A net. |?V latimer A fLKAKT, ? ' A >?? tlon?--r? and R-al E-tate Brokera ^ ;th?*el corc-r Pen*i<'. 1* aula avenne Aud 11th jt., Star Office Building. T1 1 STVT S SALE or an ENTIRE s-iFARE I - i;i. '! NO. \ l.RY ELIGIBLY 8ITI .ATKP. rvl"\'V\v"N|: >VUA KK Of Con MBIA f * irtne of a deed f tmat to tle? nnder?!*n ? ?riu? date th? 1-tdav ?f April, A D. H"j. - >C? the laiid ri-iordsof tin I - I.' li li*.er N? ii-5. at folio 3. et *e.i..aodby ri 1*1 "f the h'lider of 1b ? u-itea iec'ire.1 thereby. I ? li ?eU ?? p b!i? an- tion. on the prnnii-e-., on J?.\Tl Rl'A Y. the 3d day of M y A P. 1<V at 4 i .1 rt; f>. ii, . all of > mare n'tnili Te.1 ilia- hmidr -1 ?i d thirt . -two, i*c,i boond'd bv north I ami K ati ?rte. ar >i !i: (i-a'id Ii t h *tr"*ta fiort he.if?i. contain - l ? in th' ? lede ati -nt 73,I.i* *i-iar -feet. Th- pr.'p, rtv w ill b.. M>ld unbject to a prior de?d < t trtiet, itat-d t.d er ]. I37il, but wUteh by it* left;? mm be r* b ,i?il upon the pa) meut ol six cents p-r -.mar- foot T? rm-: orie-?i : 1 cash: the residue in four e.jnal ra-!? -tit-, at 3. 6, V. and 1J month-, with int<-r.-at Ir. in day of ?ale p-eil Kiven and tru*t taken. ?J-)t? be 1 p..ait- I ?lii-n the property in atrwk ? ?<1. which - lo I*. f ?rfei|.*l niil?aa purrhaar <->m plire with the tern:* of sale within five day* after ? ile Convey anciuir at pan-baaer'a cost. . FRKB.W JONES. Trustee. eoAds LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. Y UREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001. northweat corner loth and D street*. TRf'STEES* SALE OF VALUABLE IHPROVEP REAL ESTATE IB SUI ARE *Y3. KRONT I>U?.PENNSYLVANIA AVEMI E, BE 1 * ERN 6tm ANP 7th STREETS CAST. at& ?> V'J1? of a deed of trn?t, dated on the l5?h S3 day of Mart h. A. P 1472, and duly reconl#! in ??J-LiWr Ji". ffj. folio B. et se?j. of the land rec I'pl's of W aehington county, Di-trict of C ilumhia. and by direction of the party secured thereby, we w irleell at public a net ion, in front of the premise., ?b MoNPK V. the 14th day of April. A. I) KJ. at ? t? cl?<k p. a., Lot nunib^r**d t> ur,( !,) io m|Qir? inin?r>~r*-d ^jrht bnmlml Mnd ?venfT tbre#,(S73,Mn the city of W aehington, Di-trict of Colnmbia, with of the improvements th-reon, consisting of thr?e n-w Rnrk H- nae? We Wlj] ?eii on<l h,use, with th. privilege of the real. T'-rnia of aale- On- half In ca?h, of which ?B0 mnst I e pan] at ?al? on each bou-e, the deferral payments t be made v? ith intereat at th- rate of ten per cent, per atnum, in?t* and twelve m -nths aPer dav of aale, ?r.,i ?cured b* geed of tmst to the satisfartioa ? ! the Trii-t?-?. or the purchaser can pay the whole am tint "f purclia-e money in c:uh, at his option. Terms to l-e fully complied with within si* dav* after ?ale. otherwise the Tru^te*** reserve the right t re-ell th- property, aper one week's notice,at the ii?k ande. -t of Sr?t pnrchaaer. All convey ant ing at purchas-r?scoat. F X DOOLEY, f _ SAM L N HILTON. {Trustee*, n r ec*d? GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. BY PI NrANSON. POWLINO A CO.,Ancta., Soiitii-aat coiner of Hi anj p aireeta northwett TRI STEE S SAL* OF VALl'ARLE PROPERTY ON *t* SOI'TH WEST, ON TH K IsLANP l*ji B. virtnet?f a de-d .f trust, dated on tli- (th r-3 'ay of July, A. D. 157t>, and recorded in Lib*-r No.?J9', folio 21. 4c., of the laud records for W aehmirt n < %nty. P. C., antl tfv direction of the | arty aecnr-1 thereby, I will-ell at public auction, in fi..nt of lite premises, at A o'clock ?. rn .oii MON I'A Y, the 7th da? ?f April, A . P 1-573, al! of Lota l i b--red fonr(t> and Aveitlin the recorded suh d ?iai >n ot S-j'iar-iiumb-r-d fonr hundred and six I - tiv". (Mis. (with all the Irnprovt menta thereon. Term-i.f -ale: One-half in c.c-h, of which AliW ti ..-t I* paid at sale, the deferred payments to lie nade m "i\ a?l twelve aocth-. with interest at ten l-t e?-t. per anunm from day .if ?al-?terms to be I I - complied with withinaix da?s after sale, oth er* - th- Tru-l? reserves the right to r-aell at the riak and -t . f tir-t purchaser. All ?- .nveyancing ?t pn. :,*-.r s r..,t W M H W ARP. Trustee. u..* ev.Jt. -Dl NCANSON. POWLINO a C0.,Aucta. A B.iYE SaTTIS POST PONEP until TI r.SPA 1, April . It73, same hoiir and place. w? H WARP. Trustee. a-e. |?1 Ni'ANSriN. POWLINU A CO.. A?ct?. |> Y W. L. W ALL A CO.. I I* Marble Building, N - '*00 and ?0.1 Pa. ave , south corner 9lh street. EX ELLENT TWO STORY FRAME HorSR. < ont IIMKU TEN ROOMS. I ii *? tm STREET. r^A,,AU'!,K steAt^ nokth On WKPNESPA Y AFTERNOON. April 16. Kaat 4 ..'cl.s-k.ln front of th- premi?es, we will me-x -?-!l th?- above pi-ce of property. being south p-trt of Lit Bo. 12. in 8<inare KB, said part of said W bavirg a front -f >i f-et on 8rh street, and run iii v back 70 f?-"t. and c. nnecting with a ihr-e f<K?t fr" aie alley with the Is fcetwide yav. d public alley in ?:i'd ?jiiare. T'-rae On- third cash, balance in one and two y- : tf sernrst by a le-d t?f trust on the pr-nna-e. A1, "xnv^yanrmg at the expense of the purrhaaer. ? W'tv be paid down ot the day of sale. _a7 d W L WALL A CO.. Anff. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Northweet comer huh and p street*. J..SITIVE SALE OF~INIMPBOVEP REAL A~<TATB ON NORTH CAPITOL STREET. BE T.VEEN M AND N STREETS NORTH, A* ACCTION. Son THI'RSDAY. the lTth instant,at i* o'cl"ck p.m., we - hal I sell, on the pre mis-*. Lot No. 11, in ii are No. <73, being 137 feet J to*he* front bv IM feet deer, which will be aold all I. aether?r - iUIi* i.led to suit purchasers. T* rn.- . On- third rash, balance ia f, 12 and IS li B niorths. |. r notea bearing intereat. and secured by a i .- ? --i:.t on the premaas. Conveyancing at the ti*t of the purchaeers. 1100 down on the day of sid OREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. A DCN? ANSON. POW LINO A CO., Aocts. curner tth and D street* northwest. BAlEor VALUABLE PBOPERTY ON 1 lrn STREET, NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVE NL E ? On W EDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 1?. si A o'clock, we will sail, npua the premisea.all i f lot 14, ia ???nara 3S3, hav lag a front of SO feet m o-i 11th str? t with the depth of lot, with improve ??eat- apn-i the ?ma. The above progert* is aituate.1 npon the west side of lltN street west. Wsess C street and> Ka ma avenae, aud one of the Biai desirable pieces of property ia the eil y. ... . _ _ . Term.: third cash; balance ia ? M and 13 a. .atha. n-.t^ tearing ?nt-reel and secured b> a deed ..f IrM upon the rreml*es Conveyancing. Ac .at the -ort ./the parchaser. A Aefostt ofjM? wiU be ,..,1 ire.1 as --Ml a* ?he property,? knocked f as DI'NCANkoN DOWL1NG A CO., Aaeta. AUCTION SALES. Fl T? RE D.AVV 1 ^TIVEK ? CJ KAKT * " Aucii. nt-.-r- nud K. ?; L- :at? Br kru, ?? corner of p tic. areiiM aad lit a etrMt, ^tirOllr* CiIll!MlrK *?!?* KLSO\KT Hor?K. ? OLD H KNIT I KK STERLING SILVl.R J A If DIXON A SON'S MIK FEIELD PLA TM^VABE. CUT AND ENGRAVED GLASS f?\ Oi TI'ESDA V MORNING. April li.lCJ, VHl at 10 , cbick, at the rMid?iir(> of a gentl-mio leaving for E-r.p-, No. ill 09 H street , being I ^ -?m.lh?r<( corner of II 2Ul sta. north w* "h?II sell th- following elegant Furnitn-e One Drawing r >m Suite, Marie Antoinette style", upholstered in Bine Satin Damask containing 1-' PtffM. S'j-erb Manila Clock, beautifulljr inlaid. Bmiust Table, elegant Lace Curtains and Cornice. One ir^fKFi Mo?|ti<*tte Carpet, containing **> >nt **r eat* -ff tf > anl*. Thrve hnudred ounce* of Sterling Silver, made by TtiTany, roaprieinf Dt-vert and Table Torn, I lease rt and Table Spoon*. Teaspoons, Ch-es. scoop, Batter Kuires, S up Ladle, flat Fork, two "r>vy L?dl?? Fi^h Knif* mid two Stu?a: Todcii. Dixon A s>on?_ Sh*fBi'M Plated Ware. roinpr|<<(i;( two Round Vegetable Dishe*. two Oblong Dishss '**? rx,r* ?'ze Shifting II in,lie- two extra mze >hiftitigHan?1le Dishes. ?'Wall of Troy pattern '' Superior Plated Ware. Fine Table Cntl-ry Superior <"m and Rngravtsl GU>a War-* w ?lnnt marble top B-nffet. Ornament* Superior French China Ware. walnut Extension Dining Table. W alnut i abinet. with Glass front. V alnnt Secretary atid H.okcase. K eg .nt Lung.- Ar, !<ino Chair*. fi '",e , Pl,"?ting*. Engraving and Cliromo*. One \V "Intit Suite, upholstered in Cretonn >. Elegant B'sck Walnut marble-bp Ch ?*i:5.^r Siite^. , jflVte', Mtttn**, Feather P.Iiow, ai,t 2jtp<-rior Brnaaela ard Thr^e-plr Carp-ts. Hall. Stair t :irpet and Velvet Ri ga Toilet \\ are, < ard Table*. Shad.-*. C >! ing #,,d II> ating Stove*. A tine nsoortment of copper an 1 o!herCo>king C!-n ells. Ac., ,tC. N B ? F r fnll particular- of this elrr*n? m'. ptni? wishing |.< atl -n l vr.ll call on the auction ????r* f,,r it catalogue. T* rm?> i '-U<1s LATIMER .1 CLEART, Au^t*. j 1>\ GKLEN ??' W ILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, Wo. IOOO Northwest ltftb and D streets. * b\?- 0,l:,H0r9FH0LD FCRNITt' BE, C \ R w\m A,i'CAL%'!o^LASS AHDCBOCKEBV. On TUESDAY, the I Sth day of April,l?73, VHL commencing at lOo' a m.. we .hall noil, ?' the rcoidenee of a lady declining hooaekeop .5 1 i, 4r' 0 83 street, between North Capitol *?''i? *? reeta north*eat, the following named arti J) "V'H '"J*" - ?"n an* and Si.b-> Table#. * ?? ' Jr rame L ?iwige. an I R>*< lining i.'kaira, up b lared in Green ReP, Walunt C?u -w t < tiair* and Rock era. a 2LExtension Table, M^.gany M?rble--op Marble-top Center Table, Oak Di ning-roo'ii rhairs Lady a Work Ba-k. t. Window Shade., >rrM.gj, Pamte.1 B?lat?Mb, Bureau-, iM.J P.ntM-eia.Three- ply ar.d Ingraiu Carpet?, Velfet ?,,<1 Do.,!- IliHtl !!?li Oilcloth* and St Air C*rp?t?, Stair It *1* **] i r???n. Iln?k atxl i otton-tor Mattraa*e?, Peking Race, lifting and o her &?.??. Crv, k?r) anl (Umm v, K itch* u Re<jiiisite*. ,Vc. T-img cash. GKKEN A WILLIAMS, . Auctioueeif. |i^ GREEN A M ILLIAMS. \nctloneers, ?-? Noritwpst corner of loth and D gtreetn. TRt STEE S SALE t.F V NEW tOTT\.'ir DM Kl LING ON P STREET HKTW? V AND 16th STREETS, NORTH W EST *" By >ir'ue cf a de,*J ,>f trn-t. dated on th" 1S.I inlihlr Vn^' f u *V- '"<72, Teoortled iK ltJw NO fol.o l.*>, *c.,of the land rec ord? of Washington countt, D. C., and by direct on ot the party ??cnr>-d thereby, I will sell at nul.lir 7th V ^ f /r??i' "/<>n MOND.V*. he 7thda> of April. A. I> 1-Ci at 4So'cl<?k p m L jt nnn.berjjd -ixt> -eight. ? in Lane's sot-lfvisio,, ,.f f oir"!KS" . V,M 'l,lni'"'reiloiic hundred an l nincty r, i l?t. 11ron1111^: 21 feet s inrlo-aon north P 3tr> et with a depth of 100 fe?t, to a ten-foot allev ' b, r?i,hir<V r:Vh\ ",f whi<,,> ?hl6 routt be pai I ,l?w ii at time of sale; balance in ?i\ and twelve de."d f trait* 'r,T? ***"" P"r cent., attired by A" convoyancinirJ If the above terms ar.- not compli?-d with within five davs after rale.the Trustee will re<ei| a, (iie ? ?s>t %,'f tht default inir pvirchiMer 8AMI EL T. DRI BY, Truster. _ fn^iediafely after the al?>ve sale, w- will sell l?t, I*. 15 and ia, in -atnc sijuare. said lots frontiu 'JU fe_r each or, y .tree. ?i,? , d-ptta of ltx) feet. Tertns One-fonrth ca*N- balance In -ix.twlva at;d eighteen months, with inter.-^t at sev.-n per <?? i t secured the preiuiwa. ?.5? i wn .n . :i. h c<!i>t * A" c,,n??*y?ucing a; purchaser's "SAl CREEN t WILLIAMS, An. ta. ,S W.-TPOXED until ?i 'N ? . t he 14: hi list am at ih, sam ? U >ur an I pl.?c*. By order of t he ?ru?t?*^ ? GREEN A W ILLIAMS, A wets. |*Y LATIMER A CLEART, ?* Auctieneers and Real Estate B-okera, Bcutuweat corner Pennsylvania avenue auj nth st btar Ofticf Buiidio^. *f T PROPMTV Lmv'FxY^I 'MTROVED ?ENDPU KARLV OFlSsift filF"^URL ETT !!#Ti. f'lio 3M. of the Laud B-cord.s of th? PuttKl of ColQBbia, and Ht the request of the person seenredth^eby, we shall sell in front of ?1 rRII)AT, the 513th day of April, M73, at a o clock p_ni.. Lots numbered 17, 2$. 29 an<l in. In Block 9 in TirfW and Brown's subdivision of Mt. Plfarant,to?fthfr with the iraprovrm^nt* thfr^. ? n*ar|Jr ?"?*- onifortable Fr iui J^V.i??'.'Ii n^'"*!7 o^t-bnildino, *11 in good IT. L ^*ee||eut water on the pr?mt*e?i pa'-Mhed^ ",1 S"Ter Spril'** H >rse Ra?roai , Term* of sale: Amount of indebtedness toenred by Ihe deed of trust (leing S?W, with interest at lu ncr cent, per annum from th* 25th of May.wri > aid expense* of rale (which will be mad- known on da> of sale), will be re<tuir<>d in cash; the balance in 6 and IS month*, to be secured by a deed of trust apon the property. #aOU down at time of sale If the term* of sale are not complied with within *eren day*, the property will be rraTld at the riJk id?3 of the defaulting pnrehaaer. ConTeyatiiir ^ .u^ Chaser sco*t. WATKINS ADDISON?/, . .a?. est*??* EABLE.^J Trn.tees. *?* LATtMER A CLEART. Aucta |?T LATIMER A CLEART, Auctl-.neers and Real Estate Brr.ker*, BoutnweM corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th ?? Star Office Building. TKISTRE S SALE OF AN ELEOANT ivn ATri??iV0TWy^J.* kksidenve sm? iutriTv T'.'F FASHIONABLE PABT OF OUT BrnVNGs" BB,CK 8TABLI^ Aff? fimfL'J'V* Kf * 'rust, bearing date the Ev"iJ '^1?'."''1WI- *n<?/?C'>rded in Liber foTw-K^^i l?' V '"??.?* the laud record* l. i *h.,D?t?n count) , in the District of Columbia. ai.d at the reuue*t In writing of the party therein .-1hf^uoscril*r as Trustee will offer for sale ho Z" SSP,A Tw the aith "f A prillSTJ ,at ?he wro.'i uV'i''k, J>-. t" . *!! that pie, e or parcel of ?S . IP* *'!d b^'Hg situate in the citv of Wash ington. in th.- District of Columbia, and known and distinguished in the plot or plan of said city as a id ..T'/^ VLnlD H^risand^raion,^ *?W?taR5 r:!?ruu T2ISrtJiSf,^er>J ton^ed and sixt) - ? ' , .7 ?ulxUv Lilon h-Mus record Hi in tbe ;.?ce of the Survey, r of the citvT.f W a^iMton in lile-r B, folio lvl, together w ith the bnildi^gs an.l improvements thereon, c. nsiring of a large JT.uble ir?l.u ILiy ha"' ro..f, l.rick Stable, and out-bnildlngs, situated at the corner of Connecticut avenue an.l L str -et. corner oi la7r[J,","? Tw,'l>> thousand flye hundred dol ,n f'eh.thf rfnmiDdfr in *oual yearly iUAtal ?V";- ??; ?>;d two year,, with int.^J?. f?'ta cur. <1 by a deed of trust on the premises, or other ?we to the ratisfartion of the party entitled thereto ? onveyat.ciiig at the expense of the purcha-er. If terms of sale are not coniplied with in on- week from da of sale, the Trustee reserve* the right to resell at the risk and t xptii-*- of the defau.ting pur baser A fcywit of five hundred dollars will |>e required at the time of the purchase. RICHARD WALLAOH. Trustee. h* eoAds LATIMEI! .V CLEART. Au. Is. RY B H. W \RNER. v ,OQ *?J E??J? Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7 SI9 7th street, between G and H eta. PVRTX^ * ?*aV'Rlr VALUABLE PROP rTRK^Ti OPPOSITE C. S. ddrcbase one of\iTe besthp1ecesof PROPERTY IN WASHINGTON CrTTCES?F Til i'isKiv"! P"b,'c auction, on RfDAT, Apnl *4th. at 6 o'cl?k p.m.. ?^the fol owing-descntssl real e*tate. to wit ? <?) feet fi-ont on 7th street, betwe-n F and G streets northwe^, opposite the Patent Office, c.?menriu* ju a point twenty ,aui feet south from inrw.'.?bWM?.cor,"'rof L,h (i ",r''rt" northwest, th. I? it f twenty feet, and thence by the width ct twenty feet east one hundred and two feet and three luche*. The e*at four feet by said 7-'*-subject to the use ,,f Thomas Bates, his h-irs fu!.??> ^'r> . The alley i, eight feet and three inches wi4*, mmd far th* aae of this lot and Ti*^^ W?P^t'jf loUnumbered twelve and !? ?<J*re n?uub.-red four hundred and flftv P*'.'.*"'1 i? Improved by a t hree-?tnry and-attic brick l'"MeJnt^ffiJe,on?^Ki?et'W'> ^ ?f ,h" The title I* perfect Term* of rate are. One-tkird cash, and balance in *ix, twelve and eighteen months, with interest. Con grw-lng at th^of the pur.-ha*er. Deferred payment* tji be aecured b? d.*ed of tm*t on the KT^K.,n S"* ^ irrwS. <*-*??'"ot co^pllSS with within 8t* day* after the sale, the right " reeerred to re*ell th* property at the rtok aiol t^'s'.'L^'. V SlvTrthdni c^Jl^Tf hid Et*bU? *"? down on ? f?"K H. tWDDARD, Executor. ^ ibAau^/SV^er . Auct. ,*-w' ** 01 r II rail. a> mm lie auction, ia fr.njt of tae p on MOVDAT, the I4th day of April, A. D. MCI. at 4 o clock p ni., th* amitk twenty feet front on S* ond f- * a* " " ? sat, by the depth of the lot. of lot nun ber*d fo*? (?>. ia *onare tmaab.-red *e.en hundred 173#t. in the city of Washington District and thirty of Colnm i* Teem* ,f rale: One-half to c**k, of which 8MO he I'M at rale; th* deferred payments to be . whIt interest at the rate o' ten per cent, per . l i? * JW a m B _? w iBBov, In l?. ?1 II month# ift^r day of et>r?d hy deed s?i uuft to th? mm- ^ifjhCtfton of the tm rt? TVrml'tob^/*lly c -n pUed Wita within *tx I* " c -n.pUed wita within ux day* aftar rale. otkMVM 'fe* right to re-ell the property, afterbne week'* notice, at the risk aad cost of tm AUCTION SALES. THIS A#TERKOO!l. Br LATIMER ACliRART, A '???.?????- :u.* R -?: K*tst B.o*rc*, SottLweet cortiT ^iitnl'lait v?e vi.>4l?U str?*t. Star OA*- Building. SALE OF GOVERNMENT PBOHBTT IK t?<lCABE ?>** Pursuant to the set of Fougrees providing for the ntnwlot of thfl Capitol 6ronn.fc?, tynrorrd Mav ??. IC2. ?f shill sell, on THURSDAY. April IO. 1373,rom reducing at 11 o'clock a. m . tin following buildings.emhraced in Square N<v 637 : Whilwy's Hot*). e. rner P*l*war? innu* ud North A street K -tJonal brick, three etorie*, with three-story back l.> ?Mii g Nos. 4 anl 6 North A street, thraestories, attic and l?t*en-etit. No. 6 ha? a thrsc-st.-ry back build il'g.wili l?e sold Ijt Miw i:. 16. l-<, X, SI and W. N >rth A str?e?, will l? M?Id sep(iraf?-ly N.h. iju. 13. 13> will be eaU in a group-; material, wood N->?. 27,29,33, aoi 33. B street, will b* syld sepa rately . Iron Un til ? fr>4ita to bp sold scjortitety. Terms of safe- Ten p*rc*nt of the pur~h is.^ m .rv?y win I** requir'-c. at th? tim* of wlf, thd reu: liuj -r to fir p:ii.l within ten da> * after such sal*. Buildir'gs t He removed withiutliirty day* IJ> order of C. Psl\no. Seen tary of Interior. ? 1 LATTMFR A OLEARY. Amh. B Y IHOS WAOUAMAK. B< al Estate Auctioneer, ftl^ 7th str<et B* virtus of a d?ed of tnMt,4iM 'h,9:bd*T ^3. fMnr.ii, A P 1S7J, and recordr-d in L'bwi X f !i- 42-1. of f ij hind r^oH* for the county <>f W Wellington, Pi-trict of Columbia, and by the wi ittc-n re-iu*et ?f the p*rte swtire.1 th*r*br.w w;!l . ffer frir fale, by p' auction, r u THURS DAY . the lOtb day of April. 1371, on the pr*mis.-j, *? & o'clock p ri.. the *r?t<>n niwtrm fmt of Lot number-,1 24, in Sqrrare i'O. hwing a it*ptliof7$ f*et ii inches,and improved by a three-story Brick Dwellirijt. Terms of sale; Oi*-third cash; hnlanc* insix and twelvemonths. with ii>t rest, at lit per cent.. fr.vm day of ?al*, and secured by dep.! of tr i*t on th? pr >p ertv sold All conveyancing at pun ha>*r's r.e.t; #100 down when the property is sold. FKEPERK K W. JONES,? Tr? JOSEPH 1! EPSON. ( rimer*. a9?t THOS ? WAOOAMAN, Anrt. TO* MORROW. BY LATIMER AaCLKABT, Auctioneer* an-i R"al Estate Brokers. !>? uilie^at comer P. nn>-ylTania *<enne bud 11th St., gtar Otlice Building. HOCSEHOLP AND KITCHEN FURNITURE AT Al t TI(?N. f7\ On ritlDAT MORNING. April 11, at 10 W. o'clock, we will sol 1 at No. 4 A street north, between Delaware avenue and lat ptr?-'t ' a?t, I 1 lnext door to Whitney V Hotel, th* ruraiture, Ac., therein. cor?i*titi? in p?rt of? \\, Bedsteads and Bureaus, Pinii K and other Taides, Chairs. C?rpet?. Oilcloth, Stores, Window Cnrtains, Venetiau Blind- and Sli.t l Crockery and Glassware, Kil' lien R' jilisitis, Ac , lc. LATIMER A CLEABY. ?P-?lts (Rep.) A'ictioaeeis. 1>Y B. H WARNER. ? ? R> al Ksiat'- Br.ker and Aucti oneer, No. T'J'.t 7th street, b -twees G and H. PI RLIC KALE OF NEAT ERAMI HOUSE <?N THE SOUTH SIDK OF O. OB i'OI.KAX ST , BETWEEN l.?TH AND lbiH STREETS, Nj. liltl. 1 will nffi r for sale, to the hiclieit bidder, oa CI FRIDAY AFTKBNoON.April 11. Is7l. af .".y. "?o'clock. th?-ea<t 15 feet 3 iin'lies of Lot 2.*, ia wjnare l;?S, by about ii>i feet de? p to an alley, im proved by atwo-story Frame ll,>n?e of si* r >onis. Term* of sale: ca?h. and the balance in monthly payment* of ?35, at 7 percent, interest, dow n on day of ^ale. Abstract of title at mv office. The location is rapidly anprovin?, and here i? a chance f,.r abareain. at coAde B If WARNER, Til?t 7th <t. Y THOMAS B. WAUGAMAN, Real Estate Am tioueer, S1W 7th street. \\ YEBT VALUABLE PBOPF.BTY. ?>! f FIFTH SHIF.IT NORTHM'EhT, OPPOSITE .1L MCIAKY n?UA1!K ^ . ?>n FRIDAY. Xpii' 11 ;h. at ?> VI V p m . [ 1 -iiail sell, on tbf prt-ii!i?i s,tli'* .*!< *v?- p1 "p rl .'. i\\ ill ? ll.-r a* a whole. If not - id. will o'T-r s. | nr?i lj . TM? is an "PP -rtunity -<-ld?ni ne t ?ilb in tk't Mj to tM*n to amraMs a property, l>eto( imp'oTed by eb-eant li"U*<- of twent?- r . >ms. bath r oni on erery floor; c mmodi^m stable, aud larife <zt> utkd*. with tli i.c-brof ry. Terir* ? One-nftb ca-b: Iwilsltce in 1.2. ^ .ii'. t ye>-r>, deii-i rad payment* iecnr.-d on prop- r: - j|J. at time <>f *ab-. ai d |R. pl THOS W. WAGGAM AN. A ict. B Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Ancti ?>n"<>rs. No. 1001, Northwest corner 10th ani D itre<-ti ? CIIANCF.RY SALE OE VU.UVBI.E PR iPK ! TY ON M STREET. BETWK.KR 6rK AND "Jin STREETS NORTHWEST. el iider and by virtu, of a dwree of the S i pr?-me Court of the l?i-tiict of Columbia, i>is.?l in Foully cnuse N"o. tJ'fl in said C'..urt. wherein Wm. W. Willin^sfonl mid wit- ar-com pbtinants. and Trninan A. O >ok and "tli^rs ar * det' iidants, th*- nndei -i<n-d.trustees duly appointed in *aid eaoRo, w ill * II at IvMlt nctloB. IiTmiI of the premises, on MOHP \ Y, the 21st day of April. A P. Is7'?. at 4'? o clock p. m.. all tliat part of lot sixteen (16) in f-jnare f..or Imudred and foity -nin* (4t9), h> the City of Washinaton, P. C., beginning ai the nortb'-ast corner of the lot and running west twenty -fine (SI) feet; thence south one hundred and twenty-f'.ur (ltt> fe?'t: thence ea*t twent* one(21t feet; thence norili one bniidred and twenty four( 124> feet to the place of beqintiine: togeth-f with the improvements thereon .consisting of a tbr*.--st .rv tii irk house, fronting twenty-one till feet on M stre*t, know n as No. Old. Terms of sale, as prescribH by decree, are; One fourth cash, and-the balanc- in thr.-e e^ual instal ments,for which the notes of the pur< havr will bs teken, payable at six, twelve, and eighteen mouths r? sp?et|TelT from day of sale, with interest at the rate of eight percent, per aiiiiiiui. and secured to the *ati*factioa of the trustees. A deposit of 92C0 a ill !>? required at the time of sale. If the t-rm* of sale are not complied with within Ave days from the ds\ of sale, the property will be resold at the cost ?i <! risk of defauRipg purchaser, after ten davs n< tice in any newspaper of the city of Washing ?u. All tonyeyancinjr at the cost of the purchaser. WM. F- MATTIN?iLT{Trlwt_, M. ?. MORBI9. j Trustees. a*-d*ds GREEN 4 WILLIAMS. Awt?. Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Mo. 1091, northwest corner kKh aud D sts. B TRUSTEE!*'BALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION?TH BEE STORY BBICK DWELLING, WITH FBENCH BOOF. Jin STREET EAST, BETWEEN B AND C NOBTH. By virtne of adeed of trust.dated September EH. 1571, recorded in liber o57, folio St*, of tne ?B^land records of Washington county. District of Columbia, and by direction of the holder of th* n< te secured thereby, we will sell, at public auction, on the premises, on THURSDAY. April IT.lflJ, at 4 o'clock p. m., all that piece of ground in W ?sh ington city. D. C , known as Lot lettered F, in Ches ter A Jnnkin's eubdit ision of s.juare 7S5. T.-nux of sale: One-third cash; balance in one and two years, with interest at the rate of ten per cent, pei annum, payable semi annually. secured by n<<tes atnl deed of trust on the property. to the satisfaction i f the trustee*. Conveyancing and recording at pur cha**r's cost. If the term* of sale are not complied wi-h in tire days froui the day of ssle.tlie trustee, reserve the right to re-ell the property at the risk snd cost of the defaulting purchaser. B. P. DODGE. I Trn P A. PARNKILLE.t Tru*,e,M s7-d GBEEN ? WILLI A MS, Ancts. 1?V B. H. WARNER, > Real Estate Broker and Aucti"Ueer, No. 729 7th street, between G and U PUBLIC SALE OF L(?T ON THE EAST SIHR OF 1ST STREET \\ EST. BETWEEN P AND K STREETS SOI TH. I will sell on SATURDAY, April 12t!uld73. at IHPhalf past ftreo'elock p. m -part of Lot E. in sub ? itivislon of s.|uare (V. having a fr >nt <>f M f<?et on l.-<t street west, and running back to and having h tioiit < n Pelaware avenue of 15 feet 6 , inches. T rms: One-half cash; balance 4. It and H month* w ith interest. #9Udown when the property is struck off. ConTeyancing at the purchsser's c.yst. m a4-dAds B. H WARNER, Aurtir>n<??r. By~b. h. warneb, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T99 7th street, between G and H. PI BLIC SALE OF bTTlPING LOT ON THE \S EST SIDE OF I*t STBEET WEST, BE T WEEN D ANP E STREETS. 4^ I will sell on 8ATUBPAY, April 1W. 1373, at W?a qnarter past 3 o'clock. Dart of lot 21, in sub. ^^?of suuare 4*1, having a front of 15 feet on l*t street west, and running back L5i feet to aUfeot all. v. T* i ids One-half cash . balance in six and twelve months, with interest. $flu down on day of Mle, Conveyancing at pu;chaser*s roat a4 dids ~ ~ - B B H. WARNER. Auct. Y DUNCANSON, DOW LING A CO., AucU. Corner 9th aud D street* northwest. SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOT* ON CAPITOL HILL. AT AUCTION. SOn THURSDAY AFTEBNOON. April 17. at & o'clock, we will sell upon the premis,-*. ull of Lot 1. square having a front of 52 feet ti ln< he* upon uorth D street, with a depth of feet up?.u 6th street east. Thi* property l* situ:it.-d in one of the most rapidly improving portions >.f the city. being the northwest corner of 6tlt aud D sts. northeast. Terms: One-third cash; balance in ft, IS and 13 month*, notes bearing interest and secured by d*ed of trust upon the premises. Conveyancing. Ac., at cost of the purchaser. A deposit of S Jo will be re quired as soon as the property is knocked off. as DUNCANSON POWLING A CO.. Ancts. Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Northwest corner luth aud D streets. TWO STOBY FRAME BOUSE AND LOT, FRONTING ON 7th STREET WEST, BE TWEEN R AND S STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, th* 14th Inst., at Hi o'clock m , wrs shall sell, on the premises, part Lot o. tf, In Square No. 419. being a good front and bio feet deep, with the Improvements. c<>oslstuif of a Frame Dwelling Hone, Mo. 1T36, and aear th* b>-w northern market. Terms: One-thirdcash, balance lilssd Umonths, f r notes bearing Interest, and secured by a deed of trast on the pi i as I ess. Conreyanririf at th - cost of B Rc the purchaser, f 100down on th* <ta? of sale sSd QBE EN A WILLIAMS, Anf. AUCTION SALE OF STANDS IN CENTRE A MARKET. Will be sold at public auction, in accordance with ?actio* 1 of-th* charter ot th* Washington Market 0<w?sty, on THURSDAY. April 17,1S73. at 1 o'clock p. in., at th-i Maik*t th-y right to occupy for the remainder of two > ear* frogs July LISTS: 4 Butchers' Stand*. ft H?kMn Stand*. 4 Butter Stands | Bacon Stands. I MisreUar.tou* Slavtls. 5 Wholesale Hons.-s. and an> s*auA that have been abandoned by the occupoa.s Also at the sans* time **dplace any stands Ososd t>T parties who deeire them Willi at their expewee, aid / which a notice ha* bejm girt* > th* CJoeh of the a*M Market Compwy. The ftanaal csiasasffiS^. - 7^' * ?-.t^r?w^gr.rsr wiris AUCTION SALES. BT Dt NCANM?N. DO* I.ISO ft CO.. KncTt corner >h ?:??i D street* norilaw ???. OAERIAOKS TV* BCOOIBS. I?(KTC?> PHAETON*. * \10NS. ?MXNS.'S, S.S HI i? K > A1'(>I E>. A r AM'TittK On SATCROA* ?>R>ifNO. Apr IV. c 'irttn uMuc *! W o ? I *1. hi , w ?? "-1?wl'l ?4; iii fr >wt >f ' ?* W'io* r .?n*? Two iif? r? <tor- Hij tons. ?o nfwuut of ni?y concern. inw Saifti > g-top Bu/;g Two Top Buggios Tw<' Carriages,( ionr |i w?fn? *r .1 Oa-fimil) Cju r i(?. fjiai rt> ??n I b( A'ausm L'licoln. ? Two Kn to;- W -ton*, One Depct V* ??, Fi'C ??> Hsru.-ws, U II Sni" S;?dd I e-. ?ld DUN< \lWOV. D<>? QIKO A CO , *. pt?. B~ \ BH. WARNER. B"il Decker Mil An:tione?r No. ti!9 Tik street, krtwtti 0 aud UxrMi. rrBt.ic 8ai t of lot on dismobe stbeet, BETWEEN *?TH AND J.?th AND E AND F STREETS SOUTHWEST. ?I wilt sell at public auction, on MONDAY, \pril 14, I3T3. at 5.'t o'clock p. m.. tta- south half of Lot SI. in Square SSi, fr utiag So feet on DiMtHitf street southwest. T?- nis; 0:*e-third each, balance in 6 and 12 month*. $5t)d>wn on acceptance of bid. Conveyancuig at parrlisvrl Ciht. ali? B. H WARNER. Auctioneer. Bt latimeracleart. Real E?ta?" Brokers aM Auctioneers. S"utliwt??t corner Pennsylvania hmw* aui Uih at., Star Otf c? Building. WALNUT AND M AHOGANY PARLOR FI'RNI Iflifc. FRENCH PLATK MIRROR^. \\ VL M T AND MAHOGAN* M ARBLE-TOP TA l'l FS. ( RIM>'?v RKP LAMBROKIN AND LACE ClKTAlNS. MANTLE "RSA MENTS. VKItl SrPERlOR BED LOCNQK. KSUUI^H BODY BRUSSELS AND OTHER CARPET*. NEARLY NEW; fTRAW MATTING. HAHOG ANY BOOKCASE AND SECRETARY, OIL CLOTH, UAT RACK. WALNUT A N l? TAINTED \\ \RDROBE$, MAHOGANY I INIKGTaI LE.OAK C.S CHAIRS, crock FHK AND GLASfWABK. MAHOGANY AND WALNl'T M. T CHAMBER FlKNiTv'RK. II MR AND HUSK MAI TBESSK"*. BOLSTERS AM> PILLOWS. STOVES. TOILET SFTT-. < OOKING STO> F. KITCHEN Btl^UISlTF.S, Ac . Si . AT Al'< T(ON. A On THURSDAY MORNING. %pril ITth. PA at 10 o'clock. we will poU. at So 7'i'tlft'h Mkitrti't, hetwa> n New V >rV a- ?nn? arid H I 1 l-H -et, (adjoining Welk*?r's restaur ?l.t.1 the ' abore-iianicri goods. together ? tli man) oHier* tiiinecetsarv In mention, alt) .1 LATIMER A CI E ARY. A-ictn. BY It. H W ARN i:if. R at Estate BrcV#r an t Anr?ii?neer, Ni>. 7Uit 7th street, between G a:i?l U. TBI STEE R SALE OF ATIITEE STORY BEI' K HOCSE. No ll.> FIFTH STRKET SOUTH KST. AT AUCTION. By virtue of a dee.1 of trnit to Danii-1 L. Eat.?n ^Baiid in>selft dated M ?r< ti 29. IV.I. arid duly re ?*c.>rded in Liber No. 612, folio61. one ?f the land records for Washington, D. I w ill sell at public auction, in fr-nt of the pn-niiscH, to the lugbe^t bidder, ?u THl R9DAY. th? ??th d%? of Marrh. is?3. at 4 o'clock p. m . all that p-irt of Lot No. It. in square No slS- c >iitain?*d within the fo'.lowiiie ni-1' - and bound-: B-? nniii? f'?r the satn? at ;t point 17?, fe^t from tin- a-iatli^ast corner of Lot No. 13, ami rnnniMf thence n> rth 17'j f?-et; thence weat to the ri'iir line of Mid lot; thence south ir>? feet, and tli e?-t totbe plac?* of beginning, together with tb" improv?mcnts thereon. T- rnis: The amount of ir>l^bt"dnes? ?"'tired by Mid deed of trust unpaid, with the e*p?.!i?e? o! sals, In caali. and lb<- balauce at sis mid twelve nvntln, to 1>. secured by ade^l i>f tru?t up-.n the pr .perty tolil. nilli litterest from the da> of sub'. S'.'wlf p sit on acceptance <.f bid. If t?nns of ??!>? are u?t c. :i rli"d with within s< %*ik davs atter ?a'e. the property t? be resold at the risk and Cost of the de faulting purchaser. GEO. W. STD KNLY. Surrivii g Tru^ti'e. f2S-eoAd* B II. \\ ARNKR. Auct r. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED in lii Till R>1?AY. April |t?, K'l,same li >iu and place. Bt oruer <>f tli? nJl B. II. WARNER. Anrtioneor.

THE ABOVE SAI.E IS POSTPONED t 'i I A'. EI'NESDVY. Aptil lt>. l-".t. at ?> o'eb-k p. l.i.. same place. K orJ-'t "f th?- Trii-te*. hio B H WARSTKR. A'l'*. BY V. KENNEDY. K' al Eitut' Bi >k? r :ti d Auctioneer. 51 ?> 7t!i-?t. VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE AT AUC T10N-I.01 ?>:<. IN SQUARE 44S. SOji MONDAY. tb.-a 1st U> of April. 1873. at A o'clock p. in., we will ?~il at auctiou to tin highest bidder, in front of tic prvmisee. th>* r !Iowing dey?rib.-d pr?>p*>rty. disti:ixnt-h?d ai, L ?t tif'v three, i S3, iii ?|iurt- numb'red four Imnlr-d and t rfy-ei^bt.(||S.) in tU? city of Washington. Di-ti ict of Colanilda. and boiind?*.l as follows, to wit B-'finning at a p"int >*li the south si?l^* of north N street one hniuiCc- i and forty six < 146* f??*t west of tin- northeast corner of .-aid siuare t' >ur hundred and tol f y-ciglil. I 41-,) ill lie.. -"Ill]i i ne hiliidr-d and ti > ? I He. i ?< i t ;1 inchi-s to a fifteen f.w.t alley, th -tice w.--t tw nty six i 'Jfii feet, ?hence north one hundred an 1 tiv.-( 105) feet 9inches to ^aid north N -tree*, tle-nce ea-t along *aid north N street to tin- place of begia ni< g. Term* of s?le : One-third cash; balance in two ei|inil payments in -ix and t? He month*. ?t ten per eon*, interest per annum, s.-cured bv deed >f trust on :he property sold. A i pj?it of ?luuuill be re guired on acceptance of bid Conveyancing at pur i b -er's c .-t. If terms of -ale are not complied with within five days thereafter, the Trustee* reserve th>' rig lit to resell at the cost aud risk of the defaulting pnrcliAaer. WM B. WOODWARD / Trll,f(.?, JNO .T. GIVEN, \ Trustees. i.1o d O. KENNEDY, Anet B Y C. KENNEDY. Real Estate Br-'k'-r and Auctioneer, 615 7th st. TLCSTLE'S BALE OF VALUABLE PROPER TY AT AUCTION. B> virtue ..f a deed of u u,r, d tt.-d JitntK'h, Woi-wl. and duly rei-oide,! Juue HtU, 1S71, in L'b? r 6l5, folio ti.of the land records ijr the Cit? and Countv of Washington. District of Columbia, and by nirectlon of the party secured 1 hereby, we will sell at public auction, to the higli'>Ht bidder, in front ol the premise*, on TL ESI)AT, the 2-J'l -lay sf April. 1S73, at } o'clock p m., lot unuib -r i*i. in W. B. T slds recorded *ubdit isi.>n of original lots numbered sis (6>. and aeveu (7l, in *.|iiare nurn b-rt-; five hMildred and tkirljr'Sevei^SS."). T-rnis of sato: One-third cash, the blUtice in nix ncl twelve month-, equal p*yinputs, w ith ten |vr cent interest per annum from date of sale, secured by diH-d of trust on projvrty sold. A of $luu on acceptance of bid. If terms of ?ale are not com plied with within fite days after sale the trasteas reserve the right to resell at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. Convet ancing at Burchaser's cost. WM. B. WOODWARD,/ JNO. T. GIVEN. ( Trustees. HlO-d C. KENNEDY, Auctioneer. BY LATIMER ? CLEARY, Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, Southwest corner Pennsyh ania aveuue aud 11th st.? Star Office Buildiug, TPI 3TEE 8 SALE OF HOUSEHOLD Fl'BNI mm . ti re. A Br virtue of a deed >f tr'ist.dated the 11th ttl day of March, K3. find rtordsd in Lilier No. ??k702. folio 425, oue of the Chattel Records for I ? I Wa-hington cowity, D. O., I will sell, on * TCESI?AY. April VJ I, 1873. the entire con tents of house No. 305 D street, b.-tw.-en 3d and 4*It Mteets northwest,consisting in part of? Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Furniture. W iilnut Marble-top and other Tab! Brn?-. |-, Three plv and liii;rain Carp-ts. Walnut Extension Table. Lace Curtain-. Cluna. Crocker) and Glassware. Walnut Marble-top Chamber Furniture. Painted C->ttage Set V aidrobe-. Bun-au-. B,-dMem|- and W.?-hsian l-. Hn?k an>l Cotton Msttrew.. Tucker Spi iug-. Feather Bolster* and Villous. S'raw Matting. Toilet Sets. Kit- lien Riiiuiaiti?.i>:.,<iC. Terms cash. WM L KIMMELL. Trustee. alP-dts LATIMKR * CLF.ARV. An?rt*. Ruction sale: Br virtue of a deed of iru-t. b-armg date No ven.W. r 21st, lio7. and n-corda.l iii lib^r E. 0. E . No. 21, folio 471. one of the land record-, of Wasniugton county. District of Columbia. I will sell on SATUR DAY. April 19<h, H73. at 5 o'clock p.m., on the ?.remises, at public auctiou, to the highest bidder, lot No. 4, in block N >. 1, in property ku >*u a "M -ridian Hill," \VashiU|{ton county, D. 0. T' im-id sale- One-third cash, balance iu 6 and 12 months, with inteb'st. secureil by a dei.l of trust on tin property. If the terms of sal ? are not complied with in live days after sale, the property will be re sold ar the coat of the defaulting pnrcha-er. 51"" ca-li required at the time of ?ale. All conveyancing at the purchaser's cost. JOSEPH T. STEVENS, Traste?. aM-enftds DrHCAWSON. DOWLfNG A CO . Anc C"C TION SALE. B'" virtue of a de,-d of trust, dated June 9th, l-VM, at d r< corded in Liber T and B. No. 2, folio 33, Ac., one ol the laid records for Wankiugtmi county, DUtrictr.f C< lumbla. I wi'l sell on SATURDAY, April ltfth.llO. at i o'clock p.m.,011th* pr.-mi---, at Public Auction, to the highest bidd r. Lot No. 1, in B1>>ck No. 17. in property known as "Meridian Hill," Washington county. D. C. Twins of sale: One-third cash; balancs in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the property; ?100 casta required at the time of sale. All con* e> ances at the cost of th" ?wrchaser. m>*?? LYNDON If. BTEVENS.Truste*. aluepAds DUNCAWSON.DOWLINO* OO.Aucts BY DUNCAH80N, DOWLING A CO., Aucts. Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. TBI SRs' BALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED pwma PBOPERTY AT AUCTION. j*. By virtue of a deed of trust,dated September fS 17th. 1^72, and recorded in Liber 694, folio nt, of ?taiihe laud records of Washington county, Dis trict of Columbia, and by direction of the holder of the note secured thereby, we will aell, at public auction, on the premises, o? MONDAY, Apt il 31st. KS. at 4 o'clock p. m. all that ptoce or parcel i t (round known aud described as original Lot numbered four (4.) in square south of square sne hundred and four (liH.) improved by a two-story Ersni-Building. Terms of sale, as required by Mid deed, are f2,09O, with ten per cent, interest from September Uth, !t?72. together with tin expenaes of thi* sate, in cash, aud the balance in 6 and 12 moatlis, secured by the note* of th* purchaser, bearing interest at t percent., and a deed of trust on the property. ft2U) dawn whe? the pr >perty Is struck off. If the terms of sale are not compiled with, the trustees' reaarve the right to r? sel! the property,at the risk and c <st of thedefault tng purchaser. PH*LlV APDAB!?EILE.(Tra,tM,s *9 DCNCANSON, DOWLING 4i CO.. Aucts. BY THOS E. WAOtlAMAIf. R ial Estate Auctioneer, 7th atreat. ^ By virtue of a deed of trust froaa Charles Y. Gordon and wife to John D. McPherou, ^BLeecnrded in Liber M, folio SM of tte land pa cords for Washington county. In the MMrict of Columbia, I will, on MONDAY, the ?ist day of April, 1?S, at 4 o'clock p. ??-, offer for *a!e at pilhlic auc'ioo, in front of the premises, the Property da scribed in said deed, to wit: L * t.iwahered P. la scnare Bo. 14# wtth the iaiprovesseata, b?ing four ' Te-ma: On^ihird rssh.the balance In six and twelve ?norths from day of sale and eecwreJ by purchaser's Botes and deesl of trust upon the premises. Convey ance at purchaaer'a coat ? _ J. D. ? jPHERSON.Trnsfee. m3? eodtta TH08, f. W AGGAMAN, A act. EVENING STAR. I.ADi'.A Ktni IK CorKT?lu th? miikerior court social t.-rni y.>erd ty the ?wtt of ML>? I .aura kcci.e *gt. C M breUtord.ot the An, r h tti Utiirv Bnrmu. vm OkiM The action aa* to r< cov er s$.2O0 damage* f?M allegro false m *r*Qrtsci>tatk>ria oi Mr. BrelaCotd. who. M:.*> Kf< nt wiys. dect-Ivfd her tr the man.-tgcni nt of her btisinese. She **ys that lie a^t*e.| to pro c?r>' Uer loo cngaf.?w tit-. profr<?in{ that he bad cjtens'tre connection w'th i:t-rary societies and 1 cture remittee* throughout the United States. w) err a* in (act, ahe * a.- not eng.iged by audi a*9cciitM>r*. but by hill owners aiid spec ulators. She ni> con* qricnt'T put to great ex pen**, btinc ar dor contract Witt lior artist*, and loat tti-1 rM aea^oc's wt>rk. Tbe?dcfcnd*nt dt nlcs the I'm night.-' crjig 'm -nte. saving tha' it ia i ot customary to niik<* njreerserT- fi>r a definite time. Ho* Ob -qted to tne jit:i*dl<"tion of rti-' court, and dotrand'-d a j*xrv trial. ?tirh. ? Her argument, wa* granted bv the court ?A. 1*. 6?n, ??*. A Last Cu?rcoMtD bv lit kularh Be >wc(n ^ indS o'clock yeaterdfvy morning bur glars entered the residence ol Abraham H. Rem-en. on Shelter ave., Jamaica I.. I..through the rear parlor window. Mr. Krronen**daught er, who tor sonic time past has been ill. and who slept in a too in Bear the parlor, ww awake at the tune, and a light waa burning in her rrom, T'.i? burglars entered the apartment a ad a'U'r turning up the light, went tothe IhhI where fl e Iny. The lady feigned rt<*ep and decotvt.i them.* The> rar^acVi-d the r?om, taking all of Mis^ lUm>en> clothing and toilet article.*, re maning a quarter o: an hour. Th,? lady bid f< v eiflj oi J ortunitiia for acting the two bur glar.-. They were apparently twenty yearaof age. She was afraid to give an alarm, a* l?ot'i m? i. were arnacd. They were in the hon -e over ! a't'an hour, when Iteiiig <lii>turl>ed by a now up ?tail*, they ran ?X. V Tri'-un*, *4 ?7"Tl>c most patronized barber in Providence is i> nritc gentleman. ?^"Some Cincinnati school j:rl.- h*ve organ ize-! a mutual pawnbroker's shop, win !i makes tli !>> ok trade lively. ?7~Herr de l.aporto. a German advocate. ha* l?et 11 sentenced to titteeti months' inmri.-on ni? tit iti a fortress tor libeling the Emperor William and inciting high treason. 17*1.adv Kllenst-orough's relatives announce through the l^ondon Times that they "have the best reason to believe that the rc|>ort of her death is as unfounded as tho account ot her caiccr being false." ?VA worthy Kentucky farmer being naked it a (laughter, recently marriid was st.11 living with him, replied: ''No, sir! When one oi my gals sw aims, she must hunt her own hive." AT""Have yon ever observed a parrot," said Thcif*, "when about to come down from his perch, bow he holds hard by his beak, and feels about with bis foot, but never lets go with the beak until the foot is tirmly secured'.' I am the pariot." ' MARRIED. ItlRR'tWES?Bl'RROWES Ar-H *?>? *'v ?he I.' v.C |{ Muinger. Mr. J. A. Bl IilMWKS t ? *1 i- M. E. BIRROWES. \VALLA< E-BRADl. At th" r?iil-'nr? of the bride'* parents, April i>, 1H73, br Rev. J P 11\ . .IA:-. P. WALLACK of fieorgetnw n, B lt" M?ANNIES BRADY, of Clarke county. Va. * DIED. CARPENTER. On Thursday morning, April 10. ?ttlif heweot her brother. Pa) lnt-p"' t .r Carpeu t. > 1 749 E street n >r1hwe-,t, Min- ELLEN CAU P ENTER. CETT1" In Georgetown. Wednesday, April 9tIt. ls73, NAltGAIiKT GETTY, ? id u ??! R-bs.Ottl?, in the 85th year of her a^.-. Notice of fuu ral ail! be ariveii in the m >miug p?p<-r'>. HCT< HERfOW. At Jo'cl.iek a. m . April brli. Is7.'i. xfter a-liort but painfnl i|ln?aia. wtiM-li lie -nf f' .1 with Christian resifitalion and f<>rtiii?|e. THoMAb 01 T( UER>0N, iti :h.- i.*ih > ar-d lii^ a j II - fnnei<?' w ill lak" plw Saturday o .t i>*< lirk al I i- 1st'' rt sM'-t:ce. sontbw -t ci?r:i r of 7th and E llrcrtltlav) Y.?rd. FtVail4 Ma tamil* ?r? in \ it.d t ? ? attend his funeral. 11', alum r? hikI AI xan d: ia tapt r^ please eo|>>. | li* K rHNS. Ou Thurad?>, April I". JAMES EP G \ R, na?d IS nionlln and J da>?. intaiit i?<u of J - A al d ,T ilia A . KuliM. ? Kiiui i 'ti w ill take pl?e>- from (J: ??"e ?t i f, C' ?rgr t( v 'i. Saturday, April 12th.-d .$ p. in. rrieti ln ?[ the family invited. H UNDERTAKERS. It HARD F. HARVEY, UNDERTAKER, (Svcotsor to HARVHY t MAKR,I No. ?:14 F Stbeet, b^re?n Ninth and Tectft. METALLIC BVR1AL CASES AXU CASK Iti af trcry ?/'$rr?>ri??; tnarljy SHKOVUS. HA HITS, ??. ^11 HARD W. BARKER, CABIN tT MAKER AX I) UXUKRTAKB*. 61X ELEVENTH STREET, n?ar T. FCKtilTVRK OF ALL KlXuS MADE AHi REPAIRED auVtr 1LLIAM HAtNETT, UNDERTAKER, No. 734 7th Street,Bkiwep.nQ asd H Stkbkt? apW-ly Oofflna and Oaskata of all kiuda PROPOSALS. |?U0Pt>SALS FOB COAL. Tsu?r?v Dr.PAiTxi\r, i BlKEAL OF E.VttP. AV13G AND P*I?5TIS?,J Mareh 2rf, 1473. \ ?l<d Proposals will !?? reeeiv^d at this om<-e moil 10 o'clock a. ni., MUNT)AV, th - H"*th layof Apnl, 1jC3. for fnrniahiiiK lv huudrad (SOU) tona of run of mine (Qeorxe'a Creek > Cumberland Coal, to be delivered at Mich time* ami place*, and in such tin.mtitiea, ar may be re<iuired. and subject to the conditions required by act of toncreaa approved July 11. 147u, viz: "That such coal shall weigh 2MO pound* to the ton, and shall be inspected and weigh ed, and the quantity of ttach load certified at the time of delivery, by the person appointed and jaali tied under the act for that purpose: and that the preecttbed fee of 20 crnta for each ton of coal in sp>-c(ed, weighed and aelivered, shall be paid by the contractor." Proposals will be consid'-red binding for <>n? week from the 2ith day of April, 1-73, the Department re serving the right to reject all or any portion of the bids offered. No propoaala will be entertained nnleaa accompa nied hy satisfactory evidence ot ability tofufiilthe contract, nor will any payment be made without the certificate of the inspector that the coal furuialied is such aa the coutract calls for. Proposals should be addreased and sent to tha of fice of "* GEO. A. McCABTEB, Chief of Burean of Engraving and Printing. Treas ury Department. m29djw ^HE NEW NATIONAL RABllEl, FRESH, 8ALT and SMOKED MEATS, ol al! kiudsaudof the beat quality, turuish-d ? in the beat style: aUo,G AM E, POCLTBT, FRL ITS. and VEGETABLES, in their aeasonxau be procured at this Market. mar21 ly BOBT. HTATT, 414 nth at. ?? ** CCHILDREN'S HOSPITAL AND DISPENSABT, / S04 ? Street, N. W., bttteetm 9tk mud ki ill., Supported by volnntarv contributiona. Hnapital free to childraa under 14 years ef age. Diapsnaary open daily (Sundays excepted) from 1 to 3 p. as. Medicinea furnished gratnitoualy. Consulting phy ?iciana, Drs. J. O. Hdl, Thomas Miller,C. H. Lieb ?rmann, W. P. Johnston, and friflon Tyler. AtUmd'i Phytinam*. Distant. Txmt of Servut. Dr. F. A. Aabford, Surgical, Tuea'y.Thurs'y, Sat'y Dr. S. C. Buaey, Medical, Tuea'y. Monday. 8*1*7. Dr.W.B.Drinkard, Eye A Ear,Mon'y.Wod'y.Er'dy Dr. W. W. Johnston, Medical, Mon*y,Wed'y,Fr'dy. L. J. Davis, Secmtary: James C. Kennedy, Presi dent: P. B. McGuire, Treaaurer, to whom all com munications mar be sent; Poat Office Boa 44S. Ms ^ O T I 0 E . ^ The copartnership of ANDREW J. JOYCE A CO. la this day dissolved by mutual conaent of all parties ANDREW J. JOYCE, FREDERICK A. JACKSON, JOHN L. JOYCE. January S7th, 1ST). ANDBEW J. JOYCE >? authorised to receive noneys and settle all accounts against the Arm. ANDREW J. JOYCE FREDEI JOHN L 1 ACivasan J . JO X V1W, FREDERICK A^ JACKSOB. ANDREW J. JOTCeT"Carriage Manufactarer, IB, 414 and 41* 14th street. janM-tf K TIIE St PREME COCRT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLTMBIA. The Id dmy of Ami. 1<C3. John Galt vs. Joh> Wilkes?N >. li),S7i), Law Docket. Oiim,dion of the plaintiff, by Mr. W. I. Matting ly, bis attorney, it ia orderetl that the defendant. Join Wilkea, cause his appearance to be entered herein ou or before the first rule-day occurring forty da>a after thia day: otherwise the ranae will be proceeded with aa in cane of default. By the Oourt: _ D. K. CARTTER, Justice, Ac. Trua copy?Taat: al-th 3w R J. MEIGS, Clerk, Ac. IN THE SUPREME COURT OP THE DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA. Chaslbs MreriLT et al. va. Jois J. Mc Coll a a et sL?J,138. Equity Docket Mt. Wm. P. Mattingly,Trustee, having reported to the Court that on the 24th Pebrnary, ltffs, he sold the real estate mentioned in the decree in this cawse, (part of lot 8, in square 447,) to Stranribnrger Bros., for tMM. and that they have coaptted with the terms of side, it is by the Court, thia 1st day of April, 1X73. ordered that said aale ha ratified at the eoetiing May SpecialTersn. unless eanae to the contrary be shown before the first day of aaid Term; provided a copy of thia order be pnfclielted ia the Rveniag Star ones m week for three aucceaaiva w eeka prior thereto. Ry the Conrt. aawtna A- FTLI?. A true copy. Test:?R. J. MEIGS, Clsik. B) L. P WILLIAMS, Aasiataat Clark. a?-thJt THIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE, That theaobecrtbsrs 1 havetihta tasdftnasthe Supreme Cowrt of the Dis trict of C1 laik is. holding R^sODD. -iata"*j*W'Singtoai coanty. D- C" All wmmm having cMdpa MaiMt .tha aaid hereby warned to exhibit th* mm, 1 ms thereof, to th* aa been her, on or M. t pi northwest between D and E streets, where aba w ill be glad to receive ttw; tib-rat patronage btthert* extended to bar. vS-ba" ? 27 th.? LAWS or I HE IMTKD HT41M mt l*? *? 0f th' /'vrfy. &*emnd CoafrHi, r(iEKKKAt * *T? UK ?>?? ? *4 I C' ?*TI W f U?. * AC I'lriRTItltT. For f.)nipffiMtioii ?. Ui. fwrclirr of War. right t dollars; chief ee-rfc. at two tliwiEd Ave I rinJrfd clerk*. at two ? nui-iotld thi*-e cicrk* ?f rlwfi>nr, tor kilAlMtl to oM elerk of rlM !om,?. dis bursing e'<-rk. two hnndr^d dollar-. tor six ??? rUm rUMtkrcr three clerk* ot ri\? two. r>ui OM. ?hr BK^ nti r. three a->i>tant <n w np r?, #!,(? laborer, ia a?j. forty ? <fli thousand two hundred and twenty doU Ifcls. . To tenable the Secretary ot W?i t.> bare th^ ** *' Wrhna?nai?nl. ?ud oti| i'd t urm-hed m il time to tin., tor the ussoftb. government, si* tb. uoi.nddt.nar* Ihat no clsim *8*tti?t the I luted Sti.ten for coilcctiiig driil ?nu or ? rkanmn- Mnntw. fur Uie w.?r of tie rbelion shxll he audited or paid unW>?-pre sent. d belore the end of the fiscal r rat eu.lmg .1- lie thirtieth. eighteen hundr-.Hl and ik-rmt * IV>ur, act ail claims tor hon~ ? lost prior to Janvary first, eighteen hun-lred andNerentr two. .-Lai! be presented by the en?t ot saul U.- al yrir. For contingent exptijies, iwti\ e thou.-aud dollar*. t.f tk' tmnt- ?For chief clerk, two thou and aoilnni. mi clerk ?of ei:?*- lout t*cltf fufk.' ol cIkmi thrt f, lilty-four rlrtk* ot c'.-ss two. forty clerk* or class on , and two n ri-tfipTk, one *?u?-?nt u^, i one ?n nai:. in all, one L udi.d and tm> e.ght tbcsHibd K\ft huudred and ilCMy dollars. Por c< iiLU(i hi (>)'. iim>, ti jUla'U tLunsiUil dol'hJS. ? ?L* ' '*?' (funr iDsdjl r G<*rra! For chici cleik. two thousand* dollar*. ?Urk? vt cl*s* four. eight clerk.- of cUn> three. t w. utv clerk* of class two. seventr-iive ckrk.of claas or.-; tbirtv copyists. at nine hundred each: *u|x-rin*.ei>dciit ot tbc building, two bun dnd dollars; one Rifta-engrr. t to a*?i*Uut mo? sci gers. and -ix lahoier.- in all, oik* hundred anti seventy-two thousand dollai-. For contingent expenses, ten tho -and dollar-. ' */ U' I'pi,'m -re!. Fot chief clerk, two thoosaud Man; tour clocks of four, nine clerk* of rla*- thnc, tai'ity-thm rVtk?uf claw ttn, tvalre clerk* of cla? oaie. *n.l two ni< -M'njj ?!>. trvfntr-oat t!iou?a:id eiglit hundrod atul ^iglitv dotlara. For cvutiiigri.t uve U.oa.-atid dol lars. ' <?'< of tk* C?i?wi(>?rf-Cr?/r4' For rliirt cl. i k, two Uaeeaaud ?lollari?; one clerk ot . tl.rt-e. eijjbt cl. i k? ot cla*? two. titUen civ k ot < Imm> one. one nu-??ei)g.'r, aiMl t*o laborer* in nil. thirty-fire tliouKaiut and eigUtv dollars. For contingent nawelx . tiftie?-r?ut, n i ait*, and uiiiKcllaneou.-it. m>. six tbiM-aad dolian. th* Sm rasrw-Central.?For chief clerk, two thousand iltrtlam. one cleik ot clas? tUreo, two clerks of cla.-s two. ?.igbt clctks of tl?i? on.-, one nit-Meager. au<i one lalnwet; iu all, Kvtatwn tivc b indred and sixty doi lai-. For contingent expenei, blank bo.ik?, stationery, binding, rent, fuel, and mcluJiug r? M of Surgeon-Generat's t?iliee a;ul Army Mt <lual Museum, eigbt tbt.ustfuti dollar-. 1-th11 i.f Ckirf A"?'/ti '<r?For chief clerk, two tli.msHijd dollars; three clerks of clas- four, tour clerk* of class three, four clerks of cia-tj two. four clerk - tof cl. *s one. one iqiV it'lljjcr, ?nd one lalMir.-r; in all. twenty-tite thfjsaiMi N'VCII bundrt d and .-ixtv dollar-.' I or ^oi.tit.|?vut expcnaeii. namely: tor -tation crv,office-furniture. o:mcellaaeousaiMl incid ti til ex^iiixs, including mfowlaaal book*, and two daily Wasbuigton>cr-, three thousaiiti five hnntlre.! dollar*. f?t r*? CMrf qf Urituitt*.?For chief clerk. twu thousand dollars; three clerks ot el*-.- tour, two clerks of class three, tour clerk* of claw t*t?. six clerks of class one, and one lui'-rteugcr, in --II. twenty-four thousand two hundred a id tolty dollars. 1 or contingent ex|>en.-es, namely stationer v. env,lop.s. wia|*|iiiig pajx-r, lor sending to Hie ats?'i;al>. lorts. |Hruiancnt batt- ri??. and fro??|ts in the ti.-id. t.-le^rani.-. expres- charge*, aii.i iii. idei.tals ol a similar nature, furniture, infctlin^. carpet*.oil-cloth, prefeasioiial h-M?k lot Ordnance IK-partment library, paiuphlets. and newspapt rs, t?\o thousand b^e huuiied dollar*. ' 'f vf Military ?For one chief cl rk, at two thousand dollars;on.- elerk of cla? three; ? n - . lei k of . lass one. Mi all. tour thoakaiMl eir lit hundred dollars. For contingent expense*, five hundred dollar*. /' His/mi! ?For two clerks oi' class twj, two thousand el^jht hundrtd dollars. Ofioe of tltf /?(/? ? '?r Grmfral.?For one elerk of < ia.-s three, one tbousaisi six hundred dollar WAK I'rrABTMENT Hi ILDt NO- ? For eoni |m i.sation of superintenfi. nt of the building .?e t ui-ied by the\\ ar l^epai uncut, (t wo hundred aii.l fifty dollars.) lour wat,-htu n. and two laborers, in aH. lout thousand five hundred and seventy dcilan.. fur labor, fuel, lights, and niii>eellant>ou.. it. rus lor the said building, ten .lol lars. For s!ii>erintfndent of building corner of Seventeenth and F streets, (two hundred and tittv dollars.) and four wat.biueu and two labor ers: in all, four thousaud fire huudred and seveutv dollar*. For fuel for warming the entire buil.ling, and for n{>eratiiig the ventilating-fan iu summer, lepaiis ot steam warming ainF rentilatiug appa m:n-, pay of" engineer aisl tiremau, matting an.1 oil-eloth tor hall*, gas. whitewashing, and other in. idental expense*, ten thousand dollar*. I or siiiteriiiteiideiit of the building occupied by the i'ayma*Ur-t>en?-rMl. (two hundred anu tittv dollars.) and for tire watchmen and two lalxtrer*; in all, five thousand two hundred aud ninety dollar*. For rent of building, and fuel and contingen cies. twelve thousand five hundred dollars. haw okpactiikxt. For compensation ot the Secretsrr of the Navy, eight thousand dollars; for coiu|>eu-atioti ot the chief clerk ot the Navr l>epartment. at two thousan.1 two hundred dollar*, and. addi tional to chief clerk, three hundred dollars, to continue while there is no assistant secretary, aist no longer; one disbursing clerk, at two thousand dollars; lour elerksof class tour, four clerks of class three, two clerks of class two. three clerks of class one, two messenger*, and two laborers; in all, thirty-five tbousaud *ix hundred and tweutv dollars. For stationery, furniture, new*pai>er?, and miscellaneous items, live thousand dollar*. ISurrau of I'ai-dt and D>*k/ For Civil engi i:eer. three thousand dollar*; chief clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars: daughUman one thousand eight hundred dollars, one clerk of claw four, two clerks of class three, one clerk of class two, one clerk of < las* one. one raei*en g. r, and one laborer; in all, fifteen tbousaud seven hundred and sixty dollar*. For stationerv, book*, plans, drawings, labor, miscellaneous items,eight buudred dollars. /lnr*fu if Equipment end MecrttiUmf, For sliief?-|.-rk, one thousaiiti eight hundred dol lars; one clerk of class four, one clerk of clas three, two clerks ot class two, two clerks of class one. one messenger, and one laWrer: in all. eleven thousand nine huudred aud sixtv dollars. For stationery, books, and miscellaneous items, seven hundred and titty dollar*. Burran of Sarigntimm?For cbief clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one cletk of class three, one clerk of class two, one mc?Hen ger. and one laborer; in all, six thousand three hui.tired and sixty dollars. For stationery, books, and miscellaneous iteniS, eight hundred dollars. Hnrfnu <f Ordnance?For chief clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; draughtsman, one thousand eight hundred dollars, one clerk of class three, two clerks of claM> two, one mes senger. and one laborer; in all, nine thousand tin1 hundred and sixty dollars. For stationerv. books, aud miscellaneous items, eight hundred dollars. of Voattructum and ft/wir.?For chief ch rk, one thousand eight buudred dollars; draughtsman, one thousand eight buudred dol lai s; one clerk of class four. two clerks of claM three, two clerks of class two, one m.-saenger, and one laborer; in all, twelve thousand uiuc hundred and dxtr dollars. For stationery and miscellaneous items, eight hundred dollars. hwrau <ff Stram-Enm?fn ?? For cbief clerk one thousand eight hundred dollars; draughts n>. n, one fbottnand eight hundred dollars; one cierk of class two, one thousand four hundred dollar*; one assistant draughtsman, one thou sand two hundred dellar*; one messenger, and one laborer; in all, aeren thousand aeten han dled and sixty dollars. For stationery and miscellaneous item*,eight hundred dollar*. Hmrram of /*niriti'Mi and CloMny.?For chief cleik, one thousand eight hundred dollars, oue clerk of class four, two clerks of clam three, two clerks of clans two, three ckerks of class one. one messenger, and one laborer; ia all, housand m fourteen tk a ass ad seres hundred ana sixty dollars. For stationerv and miscellaneous items, eight hundred dollars. Btrtamvf Mrdtcii* mmd Sarwtry?For Me Clark ot class fuur, one cierk of class I m nger, and one laborer: In all, nine hundred and sixty dollars. For stationery and misceUanc hundred dollars. For superintendaat, (two dollars:) Ire watchmen, and the Nuldtnt oeca ' '? ment, in all, l*e ninety dollars. For incidental labor, fnol. lights, and aais ce I la neons items for said bwthling, aeren th sand dollais. wamm or m mmmsou. Fur compensation of Urn Secretary of the la rlor, i ? p r^^reeJhoosaa^tjre^hwidred^^Uars, cht a clerks of class few, any af - two hundred dollars additional, ift of the Interior daem it mcmi . _ six cieiksof cIsm fbui, one of whom may be ilMtoalHl by the gtuetary * act rA aaperln teialent of the building, wfc* Aall reeelre tare hundred daUara additional jr aonum; additional to three di, six clerks of clam three, six r>rfcs of i and six clerks of dam vrjt\ three nine hundred dollars f-jt __ iikl (vfDty n*k, *ii4 ?? la h? rer* li? tfc'* i * -*? .nail *?**s-r>i ??? four h?nlns' artd e.ghtt d<4taiv f*? m* t?|'? n ol ?ili'k, OW lh.r??i 1 itt Iiui*ir<?i<k>: >r*. a *1 l*riity tortlH'K-n niM-iTi. fof ilir lw-f ? l?- p*'t n>< atbmld Kg iml nil tl.e Kwf?a?* tliee. i?. ?? b?* alSdo>ri t rttt w ????? tJ?:j at tb- Interior n*?* dire<t. U>o'u*a;.d tWiy bandr-si iu^ >.<tt for rtrttf fi. rirmtur*. a?l\ -eli?ng. >?<? gr?| hirg. *'?<! ?ii.trlliixMar iUw? UloM.-alid dO^BI* Km n;?iim?oi I'Cki*! d^riWm^ ?' fir ?' d><*i*ri.i' iwl; li?| nUit at ti.l d, Bt. *ec?-jt tli*uan*d dollar*. F >r rent awl fiittnc ?;p m*' for ilw ???.? af the IViim(I) e and l<x the U-ir*-?u ?? Kdo 4 a*; jr. *i* t??eT IhOH.nt ad rtoll?r? For nrnl repair. of the I ha .14 ing. ImIvMki nra foi I1 "tree* >m. rtfxilriiif cwiliap i?i ??il> ot i?4. i patttiuc and k*i*oa*ining ai;i rrj>ai.? b? the rw?, focrtrm (k<"MM 4->l?wr? For twel. light. Ml ?l Mi*r* ?* U?e ei?r>?-er ?? ( ?? tlM>n*oad tour hat ured doilar*. and r-epaifw o? Ih* two l.ui:<iit>. dollar*. Urnr*ml La* i ' ?? t For ? ?< tfc* (*<?11 ral lainl ??tho-?, Urif iIk>??bi1 Mltn. chief el.-rk. two llw isami 4?liv?. iiWNlft, l?? tl o mhmi Oollar* , r>i? a* MM tWi*and eight hundred d?'..?r* e*. h thro* elf k?oi tUi* tonr, Uritr-tiirM' . ><m thn-e. forty rl.rk* it rwt> t*n, tart* <l-?k*ef c'*-? t ne. one draught*!*** m nw rhi>-i?at>d ?l> li' rdnd <K4'.?rp vwaMttUm iran^'VMiitti, Bt < lit* t tot I kuialitii iUS ?' - I ?v a>e? *ergit*. tl roe a?ai*t*ut m< *"ritger*. ?ev nU bol ? t>. two patker*. in kll. ulf Iii|litri4 ami ?? H'Utiinr U?>i-?uJ B.M Iiu;mIi.<iI ?m.1 tvi nti wiltar> A ???, Im a??d?i??n*i o!.-rk??ia account ot w litary Iwuuly-llBili. iuin> U I ? |m.i ijitl i kik, tM Iky. ? 4iiU on i >?h V ni itav ihnr. tour ekrl* <>f rUw t?o, '''"j i > . I .. I > k Kt ? li? HBC, ?! ' ? * ? I . flttv two Uioi.*and ?i? bundled aii'! tori ? doitat*. />, , - i, ibut the Iwnttri of ili.- Iu; n m.*i h - .In-, reuon. *ka'.l Im*. and Ue l?kint?y.*Mtinr ir.e?' to u*.- m v |?>rlion<H ?*id ?(i|itO|-ritbM Im pir. r-Btrk, ur ky tl.?- 4a? , tu<>utl. o: >?>?j. at an* li rale or rule- a* he may <Uui Jr *t and Imt, nut i-toistmg a ealsry ot one IkouMiiJ . aiibun dred dollar* pt r auiiuui. For iua|w. dlt|taBi?. *ta*i licry, Inru 'BtB, ami repair* of Ikr 4?i. . BiiK-rlUnwn- nm?. lit* In.ifc.g two ol tl..- titv I v>i*|.l?. to l?? til. .1. bt-uiid. at??i pmi? i?. U loi tii*- uk'u( iU? ? frcr. Hin. rtipia.- ai^l iu <*Wa nc?ti.> it. w on actouul ??! !>?? ? ul) Iiu4- an4 military |>at?*iit* u ad<*r tli?- n-virnl anJ ct>i Iilirrtl etpiiti i.u.Ut tbi ?* uui> Ua.l art, tliirty tli>uiMUiU Uol ?!*. /?? Jian ?I'm .H>lU|?*li*aU.-Ii ot tbf t <ib tttwlBBrt ol' li 'iiaii AMaiih.tUr.-.- lUoM-auJ dol lars. < liirf rU-rk. two Ibou??!?1 doilar>, lit rlci kf ol rlkw loui. ii.ur UhiuniU .loliarn, .-i^iit I'li-ikcol claar tliror, t*t*lv? tUoiioand ? i*U? Liuiidrt-d dollai>, twelve rWi k> ol <-Ua* lw?. mi t.t-ii Uioui-atxt eight liaudn-d duiiwh. unu- .'i.*ii? urrlkMoor, trn IUoumikI ri^kt liunur. d (W Urs lour <-opM?l*. al mue liuo lrrd d illftra each, cue ? at. Imian. one lalioror. one Ker. bimI oim> anciaumt ttM-MM-iiKv-r. iu all.**tf tJiou.-aiMt nine buudn-d aim eiftliti dollar*. I-or blank l>ook*. blb.llilf. ?tall.iutv, I n'l, light*, and niiiK-eilaiM-4'a? il?au>. ia lu.iing t?* cit\ law >|ta|K-ra. lo In- tllt-d. Ih>uii4. an t |?r.' >?-1 \td lor tbi* um. ol Uie orti.e. live l:uu.ial dollar*. /Vmv *.Ofl< For t>im|?eti?at urn ot" M.i?MMM i <>i I". iiM?iii?. lbr.-?- ilH>u.-anU .1 .inar?, t?<m?-two cU ik* ui riaM? tour, bii> -Unrknta ol ( l*i? Ilir. e, etgkly-loui .k-rk* ol i'U?? tw.?, one biin<lrid aiMl t?.-irty-ai? ? k-i ka ?4 ?.**- o?et twenty ? li .e cu|\ikt>. at niiw- hundred dollar* rack, vac nenMafer. twclrc a?-i*taat m - ??a |MV.*ix laiair. ro, tour aau litn -a. ?ueengiaewr. ubc tlioi ?an.i tour buinlred <loilar?. one a at fngtBinr. oae tkuwal 4*Uar?; iu all. tour bulair.d and Uaity-vi^bl tbou.->audwue bundled ati.l eighty doilar*. For otaiioiiery. encraring. and retou.-Uinf plate*; lor bonnty-laiMl aariaiit*.Vriutiug an) liili.ling tin- moii'. an.l |'rint>ng |--n M ui .'.-riili.' tt' ?>. *Am laruil ire, and ropan > >g the *alin-. aial lulM<-liallniu? Uea*. im lilill*( two daily M-?>|?|ii^. to Im* tilcl. Iki'HI'I. *iiI ]>r< M-rnii for Ibt-um* ot tbe ufl'i*. aud ior.|et<i?;. tii n and inieMigatioii ot liaud. wveutr-lire il..'ii-ai;.i tkiliarn / ?n;?-d Stntrr t'+trm< OiKcr.?For r.iUl|i?IIMtiiHI ol I be t.oiiiiuin>i?ii?i ol tb<- I'atout-i ?rtice. Iwir (ImiumiiiI live hnnuiod .ioilaro; l?u ?w.,.t*iil eou.niir-Mouer, thru- IbouHaiwI dollaia, Ix t lilfl clerk, two tbourand tire buudred dollar*, tbu-e tiaaiutrt-la-tkirl, at llnee I!w?aa4 dollar* eaeb. exaiuiu.* iu .-Uarge ot ml rter < net *, two tbou*and lite buutlre.ldolIai ?, I mark exaiiiux-r, two tbou^an<l litebiinlred dollar*, twenty-lour piuu-ipal naainen, at twotboui-and live buiHlred .l.'llar* e?.-b; ty f?iii tiivt awi.-tant exaniiaer>. at one tuom >and i -gilt l.nndrvd dollari. each, twenty-tdor *eeoi.d Mtwictaiit evaiuineo. at one tbo'i^and *i? hundred dollar* each, two ot wliom ninjr be leinale*: twenty-lour tlnr.1 ai?<?tant rtaaiiirr*, at one tbouaatai lour hundrtd dollar- e*i-b. on i lil.iarian, two tliouaand .lollar*: one ma. ntairt, ?jfit- tbouaand ci* hundred dollar*: WMfU ci'*rll* ol elaa* lour, eight clerk* ot iIbm. throe, tbirtv one cl. rk* ot elaaa two. au<l lorty-b. e clerk* t?i da*a one; alao, tor tbirtv |>eruian<-iit clerk*, at one thou*aud dollar* eaeli; lor tort* |k-ilaan.-wt clerk*, at nine buudre<l dollar* oa. li: lor thre>a >killed draugbtnneii. at one tbonnan 1 two Imw .lr?-d dollar* each, lor thirty tirc copyivt* ?) diawing*, at one thousand dwllar* earl.. tor ?????? m. htaiiger and |.ui.-ba?ing eterk. one tb.Mi*?i?d dollar*, tor one akillod laborer, one ttmunaad two hundred dollar*; lot eight attendant* ia amdel-riHitx, at one tbounaiM dollar* each, for eight attendant* in aitalel room. at niae hun dred dollar* earh; for tliirty laborer*. at *erea bundred and twentv dollars eack, for *t* labor er*, at *Ik hundred dollar* e^rb; in all, lour hundred ami *eventy-t?o tbouaand eight hun dred dollars. For rontingent and mucellaneou* evpen*e* at" tiie l'au ut-<'Sice, namely : For atationery lor u*e ot oBice, re|?air ot atodel-caae*, *tationare portlolio* for drawing, furniture, repainag. papering, i?iating, <arpi-t*. tee, airertiaiag, book* for library. monry> refund<-<l. pnutiag. engraved patent-beada," international ?? change*, plumbing, gaa-bttlng, estra labor mm indi te* and al>*trm-t* tor annual re|?ort*, BlUag room*. tem|>oiary clerks, laborer*, and otfcer coiitingenrie*.one hundred thousand dollars For pboto-lithogra|ibing. or other w i*e produc ing copies of drawing* of current and bark i*mic*. for u*e ot the office and lor *ale, includ ing pav ot U ni|>orary draugbUmau,fortt thuua an.l dollars. For photo-litlMtgraphing, or otherwise produc ing plate* tor the Official Uaiettr. luclntag pay of employee* engaged on tbe Oacctte. forty thou*and dollar*. Fcr photo lithographing, or otherwise produc ing copies of the weekly in*ne ot drawing to bo attaclad to patei.ts and copio, forty tLuu*aMd dollar*. ii?rr(* of Kdmrali'm?For ("niami**ioDer of Kduratioti.' three tb<>u*and dollar*: ebi>-l clerk, two thoUKBiid dollar-, one clerk of cl*** lour; one *tatistician. with the oom|H-n*ation of a t-lerk of cla?? lour: one clerk of claa* three; one tran*lator. with the comi>eti*ation ot a clerk ot cla** three: one rlerk ol claa* two; lour copyiKU. at nine hundred dollar* earb, oae mt**eiig'er, at eight humlred and forty dollar*; htatioii. rv. oi.e ibou*aiid dollai*. library, one thoii*aiid'dollar*: current edurational |>eriodi cals, two hundred ami flttv dollar*; other cur rent publication*, two hundred ami twenty-flra dollar*. c?impleting valuable *et* ol |ktio.Iicw!o mimI publication* In the library, two hundred dollar*, collecting *tati*tic*. an.l writing and compiling matter tor annual and *|?ecial re l<oit>, and editing and publi*hing cirrular* af information, thirteen thousand dollar*, tuot and lights, two hundred aud seTeuty-Ave dol lar*; contingencies, one thounand two' Uuadred and *4xty dollar*; in all, thirty-tour thousand eiirbt hnndred and fifty dollar*. Shrrrtf<*r?-GrnrrmJ and tkeir cUrin?For emm tM ii*Btibn ot *?irvevor geimjtwI td Louisiana, tot thousand dollars; and for cJerks in his other, two tbou*and live hundred dollats. For *urvevor-goneral of Florin a. two tbow *and dollar*: and tor clerks In hi.- vthae. lUrea thousand litre hundred dollars. For *urrevot-general of Miane:?U. two thoa *an.t dollar*, aria for clerk* In hi* after. eight thoir*aud four hundred dollar*. For sur t eyor-general of the Territory of Dakota, two thousand dollar* and tor clorks ia hi* office, si* thousand three hundred dollar*. For surveyor-general of Kanea*. two Uhmi sand dollar*; and for rlerk* ia hi* office, ocsaa thoukand live hundred dollar*. For *urvet or-gt neral of Colorado, tkrea tliou*and dollars, and far elari* in Iu* *ix thousand three kundrad dollar*. For surtreror-general at Sew Meairo. tbraa thou*aud dotlar*; and lur rlerk* ia kia o*oa, six thousand three haadred dollars. * For stirveyor-geaeni of California, three thousand dollars; a*d for clerks lb kb office, twenty-five tkousaaA dollar*. For sorveyor-f eaaral Ot Idaho, throe thaa *and dollar*, ai d tor clerk* la Us office, toaa thousand dollar*. For *ar rejror^general of Nevada, throe *and dollar*, and for clerks la t ho a sand tkr?e hundred dollars For Mrre /ur-general of On kre hundr^ dollar*; and fori?- - live tkotwiBl four hundred dollars. For ?a r ret or-general Of tory, tw% thoasand flea haadrod ? for clerla ia his office, *??theeaand doliMa. For ? jirveyor -general of >cbraaka Bfd lo^ two tf iinftnd dolltrti ind for clerks li fcli < fire, da thoaiand three hundred dollar* r. I ,, jcncral tf Moataaa T? thr ^ thoaaaad dollar*; aad Cot ctarkala of .c-a. tii thoa?a 4 dollar*. K? fimM al r-d-Kwi pciem otfsfEst?

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