Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING ST All. iHi Kvnu iptii ao. isjs. LOCAL^NEWS. < I.O. .lix. Tlrrii CK' *? r V? yesterday. V.^* I ucy M. Stuger l:w been ip|Kiin:e<l a t; '??> f> rk In thf Trrmr| D^ptrtmiat a Bfrtinf the 11th dvtr.i't rej>nt?lieaii <'u'i en Thi siIiit evening imWIom were *4* ?>ted cenr iring the colored school trustee* l*r to pay for a j?orfra;? of Senator Si n.ner. S tiw novrrtnt, Vlng in?Mpi'r<l t'T the devil, this Kjorr. !i* stole belonging to one of the rt | orfrr* of this pa|?er !'n?iu iU moorings var tb of the l< ug bridge. The wnur ?rusts *h?* thiit may hm<- to |>ui 1 an stream >!l thereat of Ui* life vith vl?i and ti le L>n . Work on the foundation of the new jail, m *r ?t? Wiishington asylam. U ptfl^ving rapkl!]r, the !atw?r b* n( tuaiiilv |?ertormed hv the ill nab1* of tl?e a>tljm. Air. Wise has complete*! I. is nharf. mar the sma'l-pox hospital, and stone for the new building is being land.d Ttcre tlailv. The Rngenltl Innter. ruTin riK a saw trial is the ca*e of TO* WRIttHT. la the Criminal Conrt, ^.lodge MacArthur.) n.-dav. the counsel for the colored man Tom Wrigfit, who wa? convicted on Saturday la?t of the mnrdrr of Samuel Koj-rski. the peddler, tied a motion for a new trial, In the following Wrd?: "Vmit'd Stmt*t rg'. T\om** WrijK?Indictment tor m trder :?The defendant, by bis counsel, v? ov<? the conrt to set aside the verdict of the jurv and to grant him a n?"w trial, aixl for grounds sho?? the loll>wlng : tot. The error* in the charge oi the court to the jury; 3d. That the defendant bhi> discovered evidence since the t:ial material to his defense. and which nrknovn to hims'ir or hi* counsel nntil alter sa d trial and verdict. ,s. s. Heski r.ami K. C. Ix<;En?<>LL.counsel for U'' fend ant.** The motion ?ill be argned on Monday next. ? o I'^iinnripntion I??ijr. * i: n a><-lmti? rs r.'H the cblchbatios on THE 1?TH IS*TAST. At a meeting last night of the delegates from t*e several ley; "dative districts to make arrange ments for celebrating F'mancipation day, Chief Marshal John T. .fohnson submitted the pro gramme agreed upon. The procession will form vis l.ouisUna avenue in front of the City Hall at * o'clock a. m.. ar.d will n?ove at II o'clock sharp through Indiana avenue, C street and 1st street to the Capitol, thence up Pcnisvlvania avenue to r.tb street and through the President's cro-.nds by w?yof east gate to Georgetown. up I'.ridge street to Congress. i?p Congress to Stol ?'sr<l. down Stoddard to Wash ngfon. down Wa.shingtoii to W.St, down West to P, over P -treet bridge to the intersection of Connecti cut aveirte, ?k>wn Connecticut avenue to K s'reet. ?b>vMi K to 1+th. up Hth to M, following >1 to 4th, thence to -Iudiciary square. <>n notion ct Mr. Turner, the secretary wia directed to-ri'r|ne#t he ids of the various d-'part ir.i nt? to give a holiday to the colored m ployes a rider them on that day. Mr. Costin. Ironi the eonim rt?-e of arran/eni >nts, reported llm* the committee had unanimously recom in?iid?d Mr. Is.?ac K.Carey as omtiir of th'> d.?v. Mr. Carey, who was present, declined. * Ii n >lr. iVtin propose-! dohn M. I.angston instead. Mr. Jrrimr A. Johnwin Mkl h would l>e in favor ol no man who peremptorily relu-e?i to subscribe a small pittance toward | ?nakiug the cel?-l?rati<?n a aivl m 'o la> the mot ..ii of Mr. Coetin nominating Mr. j I.ang>t>>n on the ta'ol. . agr?.<-d to. Mr I lelerwiasl. from c??nim:.ttee on scounds I and xtaiwls. reported that tlo-v were ?i-ilte *-ir.? that th? y conH procure the Inauguration ha!l btiil>lii>e. and Mr. Barker, from the c<>mmitt<-e <u pi-isic. reportc?l that the leader of the ui-irine bai>?l couid fiirm?!i Ndarn piw>Tof music and a drr. m-dm jor for -sKm. The nri-ic wv!?rd.)r?l to be engag?-?l. .1. B. Kecvcs was -electol as chaplain of the day. ?? ? ?? MasrrA<'Tr?is? Ksterpki*b Mr. J. T. II. Hall.uancrot one of the b'.ue-stoii^ <pinr thrson the river a)>ove tleorietown. vesterday commenced la* t:><< the ?to?e foundation for tip* lew iron fonndry an>l machin shop of 1'ettit A l'r?'?-> at t!i? Coru.T of U and Hth Greets. Tl.r.tiillldfng. U < vJ feet, is tuj bj l>usb<d forwani to completion at tlicewHest dar p?*MbU-. It ?? to l< of brick, storiea high, and arranged for a Uige tumace capable of tundbgeul mut ciai*~ ot castings U) order. a machine shop witU lath:? mu an vie "^odem ai.pliaiicf? for d??ing all kinds Of worn, cither in brass or iron. Messrs. Pettit A Dripp | ave purcha-ed a large lot aljoiumg the situ on which this buiUling isnowWiug erected, on which the? pr.>|?ose to extetxl their operations by erecting another buiiding similar in size a-id design to the one now begun, as soon as thi^one is completed and in working Thes-? gentlemen have large contracts for n-*w work in their line, and this enterprise in which they bare embarked is just what is needed in this l?istr?et. and wili no donbt prove a remunera tive investment. ^ KemroaSI/atios OF THE S. P. C. A?An adjourned mevtiug ol the Asaociation lor Prevention of Crueltv to Animals was held at the office of Lighter A *.atcbel. corner of lltu and K streets, last nicht. President Gatchel in the cba.r, aiol Mr. 11. C. Merritt secretary ,.r>, t*0*. Several am^rximeiiU t?? the hv-ia?a, pro posed at a lormer meeting, were adopted. The amendments invest the executive eommitu-e a .tb many ol the power* of the association, and are i?.tei?Je<l to vitalise the 1 itter by increasing its efficiency-. Mr. T. F. Gatch^l was nnan; ntoaslv reelected pres.deuti X. P. Chipraau, J. Tabef-lohii-on. l?r.C.C.Cox. Kev.-J. C. Smith, and Fev. .1. t?. Hutler were e!eete?l vice presi deats. ? larence Duvall, secretary. A S. Solo mons. treasurer. A!on/o Bell, T. C- lirey, l^r. S. Palmer. Allison Nailor. jr.. William B. Keed, It. H iNinbledav. John T. I.igh'er, dolm II. King. M.C. Merritt. esecuUve committee. One of the amemlments a?k>pted last ni^lit makes the president and seeretarv of the a-?.? riation.members tjitio of the executive com mittee. ? The"*. ?o<.f. Fr>t? Coat roller Baker .of this District, has written a letter on the subject of tt?r S, h?vl fuiwl, dated yesterday.) in which he ?? The statements which appear in this iu'ril ing s K'f*> concerning the scho?l fund of V astiington are incorrect, as will appear bv the following extracts from the books of this orti.'e: The re.-eipts into the treasury of the ln-trict to the 1st instant from the school tax on Washing ton real estate amount to tb ? sum of ^4$l,!i&h, The pavments made in accordance with appro, l-riatior s ol the legislative assembly Onacowint of the public schools or Washington, including colored schools, and toe buildings contracted lor bv the lat? corporation ot Washington from the origin ol the lustrict government to the Ut i list ant amount to the sum of *377 .UC.s*: of this the ?um of *l\>,Ms.7T has been paid since du!y !. l?i" n The pRf>r.-?*:r? HEoR'-asir.ATioN <?r the Hons TrnrE?ASCK?A meeting of the oM meml^rs of the Sons of TeinjHtran.-e wa? called l*st night at Masonic Temple bv Deputy F. M. Brad lev. and by authority of the national di vision.'tor the purpose of reor<anixing the or der in this District. Mr. Bradley occupied tt?e chair and stated the object. Remarks In favor ot the canse were made by C. W. Denison, der. 1.. Kid well. ?!. L. II. Wintield. Dr. Walsh. T. C. Salkeld. T. B. Wheeler, A. K. Smith, Row A. Fish. W. H. t haae. Mr. Alexander, J. B. Dun ning. ard ethers. Committees aere ai>p?4nte<l to -tart public meeting* in variou? parts of the city ai.d organize subordinate di\ issons. A Sad Arrair "B. Russell Scarpatte was last ?eek dragged from the rt??or of the h'>'i? bv -troiig men arme?l wit'i long stick#. bu?? lle.1 I ell rnell into a handcart, thrown oat ujs?n one ?t the public square*, and there beaten. tra*n p!ed upon. ?hakcn, ami otherwise ma traalod aixl abusesl.*' This |Bthe snhat inceof a hoax in a New Or leans faper of the 1st instant, which the t'./vn U ot tht? city innoceii'ly copies thi- morm'ig. Rnis^eils carpet is gen. ra'.ly d; agged out and bentei. alx.nt this time of vear. but not alw. As so carina* on April-fool dav. o HotvTsvMMf To dav i?eing HolvThura ?lav the services in the ? atW.ic ami Kpiscoital eburchee were vary, arnl atteiMed bv large congregations. la the Catholic cbnrches the organ and of the bells were hushed tuiUv. nml wiU aot be resume.I aatd Saturday. The serviceaotto-dav and U? normw commemorative of the pasaloa ami death of our Blcased Lord are very aoiemn. This evening in the Ca'holic caurches the chanting ot the Tenebrae. a ruaat impres pivr service, will be held, and appropriate ser mons delivered. ^ Ornt cra or tb* UtaTgjcT Mam* mH la>t night to take meaanres for giving a grand vinion military ball la the Innujtirattwi ball Kaibimg dttriig Ka*er week <JP? ^ ? ti e executive commlttea, reported thai the bidding could be obtained, and preliminary arraag. meets for the ball rw* suit tee of eleven oScera war appointed to make preliminary arrangementa ft* the persaneat organisation of an officers' association, haying - its purpose the mutaal benefit of the nailttia ?f the District. ? TutFtsn Market to-dat ?Satoaof tah to ?av at Johnson** wharf are enotei as Mtovr shad for shipment at ?12; S,*M foe home market, #M *),*? herring, m 8,60 Uvlors, M; and W bunches Ash, at 29 cents per bench. It Is anticipated that the arrivals will Increase dally as the weather baoamas mare favorable jar iahlag. a ??all Fox Casbs have been reported tinea ?gatarday as follows: 1 one 1st street, between Ji and ? sonthweat; 1 on ? street, between u aadSoath CapMoi saatheast, 1 ia alley betwoea Land M and 3d and 4% streets southwest. Ion ? Street, between ?*h and 10th aoathwaat; and SM dea*. on 3d sUeet, b?fvaen a and H euaetetvuiliwttt. "I ??* U :>%!U?>|Ctoa ? ty t?rj. T1 i. NEW ^ORX tftMn CHI' K If TR'WILl MM CWIlv "tit ? NmJv heid *n aft<*rT>oon **'>n yesWTday k* the i ir-t I'burt li, I v street. J.ev..?. S. K'fTi* ??.? ront.nned u the stated m.i jlv ?' 'he lMh Strict Cbnroh. I i't. Mason Noble, of the judiciary eommit t?? . ?nbmitti d the majority report on the coui l .ih.t of iiM>inb*r? of the New York Avenue i hurch again?t these*?ion of that church a* to tb? ^lection of ruling eld*rs, that the majority ol tbe committee *n<1 the complaint in order. ju.-i recommend that it be Issued. He also ?nbmitted a minority report, s gno l hv him-elt, in which he savs; "There in noevi dence from the papers that the complainant* b^<! ever given notice to the session that they intended to complain to the presbytery, with their reason* for comrlalnt. The session. not having beer regtilarly'notified, hare appointed 110 one to manage their case, and are not here #? a party. There la, in fact, but on* party be lore the pre-bytery. The complaint in there fore not In oraer, and cannot be considered by the presbytery a* a complaint." I*t Sur'dcrland moved that the majority re j-ort 1 * a< cepted: agreed to, and the ease wa." earned before the presbytery. Kev. Mr. McFalls read the complaint to the Pie?bvterv, dated March P.<th and signed by ?'?>hn Randolph, Noble I?. I.arner. Geo. Mnsser, ?John Wilson, J. Uu?r!l Birr, C. Alexander, 0. M. Mnnrvter, J. H. Kerr, N. The&ker, Waiter Kerr, and James Wilkinson. They c< mp ain of the action of the session in author i ir.g a meeting of the chnrch to elect two elder * for a term of four rears in?r? ad of to permanent ru'.e, which meeting was held an<i two 'elected March 13,1*73,'pursuant to the action of a meeting of the chnrch of October |!?, Kl, and to the recent action of the session postponing all further action respecting rotarv eldtrship and the ordination of new elders until the general annual meeting of the church in March next, (meaning March 13, 1*73.) Also, ot the prior acts of the session an<i church, as fully net cnt in their complaint to the sess-lon. dated Xovember 22,1K72. Also, of so much of tiie action of said session embodied in their reply to the complaint as sustains the previou? a tion of the church in the attempt to remodel the tenure W its eldership, ami they resjiect fully ask that their case be considered, and ? tin y be heard in conneetion with the an 1.ual review of the sessional record* of said church; and they further ask that the Presbytery take snch action as in its wisdom it nay deem b?>l for the of the authority of cur standards in this chnrch.'' A long debate ensued, occupying the re mainder of the afternoon and evening ses sions. T?4av. The Presbytery reassembled this morning, at Oo'clock. at"l?r. Sunderland's chnrch. on 4'^ street, and, after devotional exercises, Kev. Dr. >.inderland announced the death of I>r. Mchain, and was api>oiuted to prepare a min ute tor the Presbytery. The Presbytery then proceeded with the case of the New York avenne church. Mr. Theodore Simpson, of Georgetown, was in fav<>r of sustaining the action ot the session. Mr. Yan I'oren, of East Wash'ngton, ex pressed himself in favor of the comHainants; Nir .J. S. H. Henderson, of Neillsviile, Md., ditto. i>r. ?r5i>rr.i.ASD'? aRntXKXT. Kev. Dr. Sunderland had thought much on the subject, and approached it with a proper *? i -e of the responsibility resting upon the Presbytery, He then reai'a lonj; and able ar gument in favor of sustaining the complain ant* of the New Y'ork avenue cliurch, an I gave a hi-tory of Presbyt?*riani?m both in Europe and America, contending that the principle of eh ctiiig officer* for limited terim is not sanc tioned either by the letter or the spirit of the rub s for the 'government of the church, an I that there is no documentary or any other evi dence to prove the legalitv or validity of such elections. The assumption of the defence that the churches have a right to elect their o't!cer< for a limited term, or otherwise,as they choose, car.not therefore be admitted until there i? a radical change in the organic law of the church. He read a letter from Kev. I>r. Hatfield, of \ork. stated clerk of the General Assembly, and one from Chief .Justice Ur.ike, of the l n.tcd states Court of Claims, sustaining Li* v ew of the ca-e. He closed by announcing his intention of voting to sustain the complaint and to annul the election in question. THIS COMPLAINT St'STAIKEl*. After further discus-ion on the subject, a vote was taken, and the complaint was sustained by the Presbytery Ktas. 1 >r. Sunderland and P.ittenger a" r-j, der Bassett were appointed a *t0 bring in a minute of the proc^f to plaoe OT) tbe r^'conl. * Ucr. 5. 3 ^iftchell. pastor of the N? w York avenue church, give of au appeal to the Synod. The Pre-bytery, at 2:15 p. in., t x>k a recess until 3 o'clock. r.<mr<l of Heallb, SAS1TABY RETOKT?ALLIUCD CS0APE llflLU rrr. At a meeting of the Board of Health Tnesday night. Sanitary Inspector Hunter was granted thirty days leave ot absence. PAHITAKT BEPOItT. Dr. Yerdi. health ofticer. reported the irnu l>er of small-pox cases for the week ending April ">(h at 31, and 11 deaths; nuisances re ported, J7J; abated. 214; d? ad animals remove*!. ?Z\anima's impounded?4 horses,?cows, 2 !??>,?*, 1W gnats, ?i geese; marine protlucts ins|t<;cted ? J!',J jO bunches of tish, l*i,?Siirt shaii, Ii'*,t5nt) her rings. taylors, and 8,7<)0 bushels of orsters; marine products condemned?2*4 bunches ot tish and7> bushels oysters; unwholesome food condemned?12-r> pounds venison, 9 chickens, 12 birds, ?:n poun<ls beef, 12 pounds veal, 20 |K>unds chip beef, 5 turkeys, o calves, 25 pounds sau sage. The re|K>rt was adopted. THI asn yrKSTIOX. A communication was read from Mr. Niebol son, ?u|>eriiitcndent of the garbage gatherers, asking instructions in relation to the duties of tbe garbage men in removing ashes in the cit v of (ieorgetown. Mr. Marbury moved that they be instructed to continue to remove a^bes uutil other arrangements are made; agreed to. A1.I.K<SK1> VMSAKK RCILMXOg. Dr. Yerdi submitted resolutions, which were atlopted, that the fram>; houses belonging to Win. Kiley, and situated on K street, between :?tli and l(>th streets southwest, being in an un safe condition and dangerous to life and limb, the same is hereby declared a nuisance, and that the honorable hoard of public works be rer)ne?tcd to cause the same to l>c torn down. Also, that the two brick houses belonging to Win. Masters, and situated at the northwest corner of :?th and H streets southwest, being in au unsafe condition and dangerous to life and limb, the same are hereby declared a nuisance, and .that the honorable "board of public w^eks bu requested to cause the same to be torn down. ? I'SITtD W"KKI MOXKK <?r THIS COUKTRY ? tfiwii" .19<iiiu t ik'. Opprtition JfoMptli't.?Thf national executive committee of the Vmte?| Workingmeu of America met Tuesd.iv night. It is com[>osed of one member for each state and territory. Senatoi Pool, of North Carolina, presided, with Colonel Fisk.of Montana, as secretary, and Colonel A. K. K. ? i -'one, of California,' corresponding secretary. The report from the committee on printing showed that several thousand pamphlet docu ments on organization, also a large number of lithographed forms for charters and commis sion*. had been provided, and that tbe demand for the Niut already received would evidently exceed the supply.' Si>eaker Blaine was the most liberal contributor. Several reports were read irom the organized movements of the agriculturists In fne western states, assuring earnestness of the people as against the oppres sion of overgrown mono|iolies and "clasping hands" for the practical work that is to come in the tlrst great e?ort to secure more just ami equitable legislation. &c. Gen. .John Tvler, of Florida. ??> present, and expressed himself contnlent of the readiness of the great masses of the southern people to join in such a movement for protection against the great public evils ot the tiiuea. _i: Keal Estatk Sales?Green X Williams. iuction?er*. have recently sokl the following All of lot u am be red 213," in Gilbert's reconled subdivision ot square numbered with im provements thereon, being au untlnishe?l brick dwelling-house, fronting on Myrtle s reet, to Harvev <V Holden. for ?2.H?o; tot 217. in saiae square, to Kobert H. Ward, with improvements thereon, for tt.WK lot nnmbered 2I?, same square, with improvements, to J. M. Yzmaga, for*2,uW; all that certain piece or parcel of Bnml situate anl lying In the city of Wash ton, known and described as square west of square No. i7l, and ad the wharves, wharf rights and privileges, together with iasprove m? nts thereon, to Amos Pickarl, for *9,200. Thos. K. Waggaman. real estate broker an<l auctioneer, sold part of lot 8, In square 117, to hawrenre Mcltonald, for I Aft kk the Married People.?A new cir cular has been Issued by the Moral Education Society of this city, In which the prerogative of married women to enforce a somewhat radi cal marital regulation Is again the central Idea <et forth. The question of marital relation -ITTEM toft Woodbull _ while their opponents, whose peculiar theory Is promulgated by the Moral Edocatiou Society, are on the opposite extreme. ? A rUAUiT occasion has mm promised the chUdren of Christ church Sunday school, Navy Yard, Sunday night next at 7 p. m. The lector will hOld an Easter floral service ~ them, at which time they will offer up their floral offerings and leatea contributions, making the terviee both novel and interesting. The rector, the Rev. C. D. Andrews, will he Insti tuted bv Bishop Plnekney, assisted by clergy of the District. "* m ) local option hill has peeeed the New York aseemMy. tsrThe governor of Kev York signed the civil rights Mil yorterday. A Scraaton (Pa.) pedagogue was severely m Vy half a dosen sehoS-girls last week. ?^Pennsylvania proposes a bill exempting "wines, beer, and ale" from the operations or the "local option" act. nMBRnHHBB (imri ti irr?n? Railroad. ?W 1WTFRK#T11H? T.E?1AI. *01*T. . D.Tisr'?? C'ciwfd tf fAe Bclfin-ir* <**<t P?*?s?*e Kax 'rrc'* iV .Vix>\ S i ttt Pr'tlg trrian CkurcJt. There luwabM at tbe tib street Presbyte rian church jrtb and O streets southwes*) this men iug the marshal of the District, with the jurors v.i is mo lied, lor the purpose of awarding damage* alleged to liave been witlliwl to the property of said church, by tbe running of trains of the Baltimore and Potomac railroad near the premises. There were present, the j counsel for tbe church?Gen. 1. A. Garfield . and General R. J>. Mussy??ud tlie connwj lor the raiiroa<J company?Mew?. Daniel Clark | and s. I..Phillip.*. There were also present Rev. Ma^.u Noble, pa-tor. and severa. prominent members of tbe congregation of tbe church, and Jlf^. E. 1>. DuBarry aiul o. A. Ste vens, of tbe railroad. T^te following are THK JCKoRS ! who were summoned: William Orme, Thomas J.S Perry, Wv. II. Harrcver, .!e? B. Wil *on, Jobn H. Semrae*. EiiM E. WUite, .jamo* L. Farl-oor, Peter F. Bacon. Benjamin L. lack son, Horatio Browning. Win. R. lllley. Wm. \V. Butt. John Purdy. George A. Bohrer, W. II. I Morrison. Daniel" B. Clark, G. I... Sheriff", Reuben B. Clark. Cba?. B. Church and Tlio*. Parker. The marshal called tbe Jury to order, and presided. The counsel spent a few moment* in consul tation 011 the list, each si?le being entitled to oft four of the jurors. Tae following were excused: Messrs. Orme, Seiunie#, White, ; Bacon, Bohrer, R. B. Clark. Church, and Par I kcr. aiKl the others were sworn by the marshal to answer uncli questions ae maybe put Vothem, j and having answered that thev had no interest ? with tbe parties to the suit, they were -worn to truly and impartially a?se#s <1 image*, if any, which may have been done to tl:c complainants, the trustees of the church. oB-iEcnosP Previous to being sworn, the raiirovl tiled objections to proceeding under the warrant. a> it requires tlie jury to value damnges which are not warranted by law. Also, tiled a general objection to tLc lorni of oatli administ^ed. OEM REAL Xl'SSBY OPENKK THE tlSK, statins that the proceeding w as to obtain au as sessment of damages sustained by tlie church i.v reason of the location of tlie traik in front of the . hurcli, by which tliey claim the edifice has virtually been rendered useless. General M. read the* acts of Confess affecting the railroad, dwe'iing particularly on the clause that the road ??shall pav the owner* of private property along the line of 6?h street, north of Virginia avci ue, any damage which may accrue by reason ol the laying of the track." He said that they were also" there to consider the apprecia tion or depreciation of the property. MR. PHILI1PS r<>R THK K AILR<">.4T> followed. and. while calling their attention to the duties of juries, an engine parsed along with tbe bell ringing. There was a smile on the I'MCHOf the counsel for the church, whereupon Mr. Phillips said he noticed that his christian frlei ds had raised a window, that the bells might be plainly heard. Mr. Phillips argued that the church had no right to the street, and that the law was to be construed strictly. The whole of the act under which the proceeding Is Instituted refers to grading. They would con tend that the damage* referred tobytheaet wm those from alteration of the grade. Tkecounsel admitted the acts of ineorj>oration Of tbe church and of the company, and that tli.i fee simple of the ground w as purchased by Mr. Nob e, ar.d by him was conveyed to the trus tee* of the church. the Twmo*r. Mr.C.B. ''\ur'h wa? the tirst writnes*._ His estimate of the \alue of this property prior to tbe aying of tbe track was front to would not give now over *s.00?>. (.This wa.- objected to, aiid an ex-*eptio?i was noted. Regarded the layiug of the track as having irre paiads injured tbe premises as church proper ty. Before the track was laid the ground wa< ^orti ?'n to <5 cents per font. A church like this would cost, to build, a'>out -*i"?.000. The grou.ul was worth as much per toot now as be fore. There was al>ont square feel, in th*? lot. The congregation ha* l>e?-n end-ngeied by the r inning of trains, and tbe Sunday s.uujl been has injuriously affected. Ce i. Garueld if witness was l.efire the congressional committee, and it beard when the bill was pending.' 1h* defendant QViccttM, an*' Mr. Ma-~?v - lid that thev proposed to prove that before tl?e committee >,r."Scott promised that l'iJIA( ?S j,, puiVATE PUOVEKTV WOULD RE VAIl> K?>R. Mr. Phillips said that if sn'h an assertion was made it was unauthorized. Mr. (ixrtield said that thev ha 1 expected that the other side would acknowledge such a premise, that Scott had said that the company had paid the full value of a church in Pitts burg and afterwards gave it to the congreja tion. ai.d that thev would do as weli with this church. But it thev intended to hold them to the strict letter of the law they would withdraw the qne*t;on. Mr. Phillips said that the church bad now re sorted to law. Gen. Ma ey said they had not ta\<?n th* proceeding until after rejteated effort* had been made to obtain relief outside of law. At this j>oint the deed of Noble to tliO trus tees of the church was real. THE PASTOR SWORW. />>*. <( -W '< sworn:?Witness camc here ?1 vears ago; took charge of this church; the .?orner stone of which was laid dune, l*7t. Having been ordered to sea in l*j>, in order 'Lat there might be no difficulty, hi deeded it to the trustees. Witness produced memorandum "hhAs of his collections and expenditures, from which he made a statement, showing that he bad raised 414-011, his successor expende 1 *4 tW.IT, an<l in the last two years about sd.VM had been exiiended, making the total co*t niw ?i'-O.OOO. Witness bought the ground from Col. W. H. Phillip, paying #1,000, and Col. P. w is understood to give *1 ,i*oo. Since the institution of tbe church there have beeu about 300 coin mnnicant*. and at present there are about 150. Since the track was laid they have felt that this was not their permanent home, and have been relying o'u the promises of Mr. Scott. IThis was objected to.] The property is absolutely destroyed as church nropertv; the attendance of the congregation and schoAl has diminished, jt the latter fully fifty per cent. It is not the passage of trains oiilv, but they have th;ir minies, (their engines.) which pass up and down. As soon as this jury completes ita.laboi s and does not give damages, tho congregation is dispersed, the church will be dissolved, and his labors for twenty years will go foe naught. He bad frequently had to cease in his sermon or pravers, owing to the noise, ami In warm wea'ther the church tt filled with smekft from tlie passing engines and from th?>se in the yard on the opposite side of the street. [This was objcctca to.} He had come near being killed on the road. . , Mr. C. B. Pearson.?Witness is a member and trustee of the church: also superintendent of the Sabbath school. Think the laying ot the track had injuriously affected the school. The usual attendauce has been about 1U0; since the laying of the track it has decreased to about 80. It is tue running of trains which interrupts t'ic school. The church has not been ottered for Hale by the congregation or the trusrees. A S>roposition was made by Mr. Noble to Mr. icott to take the church and give them another location. The rase was still in progress when our re port closed. tOT\ California newspaper writer has been hearing the "frogs croak in tlie silent etlier blue." ?T'Judge Tappan, of Brooklyn, decided vr-. terday that Mrs. Meyers, the witness in the Goodrich case, should l>e discharged on herow.i recognizance and surety of 91,000. WMr. James Smith, an Australian journal ist, has received a spiritual comm inlcation that the world is to be "burned a* black a? a forgotten toast by a wave ot tire" with n a year. 05f The people of Tiverton, K. I., got tire I of their female ** bi - * nnii..i^J in one y*?ar s trial, and last week eiooted a new board com posed wholly of men. K7*The 8pluntr*s autographs resulting fr.iiu the sale of the Chainbersburg Iron Works wiil found an asytnta for orphans, according to the prsvwions of the will of the late Tbaddeus Stevens. gyA gentleman who has successfully tilled the roles of bigamist, thief, forger, editor, swindler, lncemilarv, and convict, has Just been arrested at llion, X. V. He was preaching when arrested. ?sy?TheRev. Vyvyan Moyle, a clergyman of the church of England, has been sentenced in York, England, to ?even years' imprisonment for the commission of a series of torgerles, to which he pleaded guilty. ||AMS! HAMS!! HAMS!!! Read what the great Philanthropist, GEO. PE\ B01?T, said about thess celebrated Hams: 1841. S. DAVIS, ir.'i CELEBRATED "DIAMOND hams. CIKCINSATI. The follow la* letter la rm ate MB. PEABoDY was Mil Mew York nearly ID years ago: tothsm from tbe to a friead iu wer. 1 dtstrtbnted a fortJ?n of thes^ mow my Sw tham finer than Wertphaila,?. I hops yoa will cowver to yo?r friends, Me??a? Davis ? <>., ?aUsfA^ti .n 1 have had in teeeivii.g fine a spociiaen of th- pn T?. W. M. C? E.'1-i X " V "". I ?ovM rs??eetfallv iuumubc* to mv ensti-msrs ?nd tbe sablic get. ralv that I Ua e ^o-tantlj on hand a larw*- ?u^ipb > t lb* ahnre r a ( .pi- T- <? rtlu>-iit of choice GIi'^VSaIE^, mists, LlUCOEd, \c..*c. M. P. HOWARD ij j-* S. W. turittr vd aud E street*. ? t- ?-?*? ?" a " 3 ? K Tilt: (Oi Kn. VOllCt ? Ol RT. Jvirt s.u'< .-T*-4*y, H-nry Hurri", e< l?.r?d. ,irr.?te't t>* OHSr- r Br>l?l"r?t for i thr??t? >?i: ?t hi* wife, Betty, ?i*? r--<?U!red to civ* l*T?-i'Sl V" t< k>-'r th ' FihiiIi a Vfjr. rhurr- ?l wi-h t >?? l*t -iit f a tinnrh nf lt?h, worth Jfot-nt-: ?5 ,l<irk B .tJ?T, aa-1 V?t t?-ry rr. .??? W :iinn'?; *10 Christopher T?W. a-?anlt ?iwl battery on Tr?>ifrifk H'>pkti>?; S&. J.m** F-rtnn*, et.arr <1 rith Mealing two ?5"M rice* b*? I<>nt-it?t< t't:. Ri iJ <ia\R in iail. t B;ii n?. ?#?*!.!? avd l ??- ? II J.+.n Pjvi?, a r.,1. r?sl boy; f)3 aixl Ct-tlr Tli' tn?? M't)"r. * vaeranf. wa* arr.t ft:? *? rkf Frank J- nrrtan, a I i with thr<?wii:s; -t ?'t!.- ;tr??ftbe Baltimore arid lVt. mar raili-ond; fi. GEORGETOWN. The Potomac Boat ?'h b has already opened the auntie sj>orrs this season, and la*t even.rg there w??re a number of boataof that club oh the river ?bove Ueorgetowo. Their comfortable boat hott*e here ha? been put in good order. ami now ha* ? large and complete stock of boat*. none of them owned by the club ar*l others being the private property of the member*. Kiver Niws The steamer E. C. Knight vhile in tow of the tug-boat .Johnson A Bros, this morning struck the wharf of G. F. Hy>le and carried away al>out 10 feet of it. The steamer wi- not" much injured, and w ill clear to-morrow for New York as usual. The steamer Georgeanna arrivedto-dav from Baltimore with a miscellaneous cargo. The steamer Lady of the Lake cWared w ith J-.5 barrels of flour for Boston. Grain Trade?Tbe schooner .John P. Mor Can arrived to-day from Alexandria w:tli 1,000 ushels wheat for Hartley A* Bro., and canal boat Andy .Johnson to .T. G. Waters with 2.500 bushels or wheat and 100 barrel* of flour, and canal boat E. F. Wheeler with 3,830 bushels of w beat to George Wafer*. The sales on 'change to-day were 7 Aifl bushels good to prime wheat at ?l.*:i to 4. Fish Trade The catching? last night were not >o large, amounting to only about 20.0(10 herring and 5,000 taylors, which increased the prices to-day to to ?0 for herring i?cr thous and * 1 per hundred for taylors. ALEXANDRIA. The Fishery.?The receipts of !J*h at Fi<h town continue to increase, and the market is a little more brisk in consequence of the com

mencement of the country trade, several buy ers from Frederick. MJ., being in competition with the hucksters this morning; 115,000 her ring, 10,iMi0shad, and a fair supply of rock and perch liate reached here since yesterday's re port, the shad selling at from *il!? to ?12 per hundred, and the herring at from *7 to 9# per thousand. The price ol rock and; perch has experienced a slight advance. Of the shad 5,200 came here in Capt. Geo. .Jones's boat from the Alexandria gillers tishing near Maryland Point, of which number 550 were caught bv Capt. Geo. Laycock, and by Capt. Dick McKeuney on one drift of their nets. ?Joi'rskymkm Ca rpkj'ter8.?A meeting of tlielourneymen carpenters of the city wa? held last night in Muir's building, for tbe purpose of devising ways by which the daily wages of that class of mechanics, ?2.50, can'be Increased. Nineteen were present, of whom B. H. Jenkins wa- called to the chair, and G. W. Henry ap pointed sccrefarv. A committee of three, con sisting of Messrs. Kleindienst, Killee an t Church, was appointed, to urge upon absentees ?he necessity ot being present at the meeting to l?e held next Frday night, and another com mittee, also Of three, consisting of Messrs Lu cas. llichu, and Killee, wa? appointed to drai't resolutions to be presented at that meeting GattUr, b'tt re 'iMix/. Fam i ue 'J lie t'ailnre of Mes?rs. Wattles, Knox & Co., which was the all-engrossing topic on charge this morning, is attributable to tlie lo?s of their books at tbe I'nion street fire, and I their consequent inability to make available their country assets, 't here 1in? not yet been sufficient time to nj ike a correct estimate of the I liabilities and a-> jts of the lirm, but the form t | will probably amount to while flic I latttr, it ia S?id. are fioin to ??? iJii" I, l(t>t mna. I C I TY ITEM S. FlSE WOOLKSd. A large variety for gentleman's wear, to con. sumci's. or to the trade, at clt^ prices. Geo. C. Hesmwo, 410 7th st. northwe-t. ? The most VJtHAPPY rERsox in the world the Dyspeptic. Everything looks darl. an I glooniv: Ik- feels ??out oi' sorts" with himself and everybody else. Life is a burden to him. This can all be changed by taking Peruvian Syrup t a protoxide of Iron, i Cases of 21 years' stand ing have been cured by it. 0 There is y<"> ex* rsEfor jswr Biscuits. I tolls, Bread,1Griddle Cakes. Muffins, Waffles, &c., when Dooley's Vtaet Powder is used. Grocers sell it. 6 Dr. WiSTAH'sWu.n cherry Balsax?This Balsamic compound hits become a home lixtui e. Let all who Miner, and have in vaiu attempted to cure their Coughs, Colds, Bronchial or Pul monary Complaints, make use of this unequalled remedy. It can be relied upon, the miss of testimony that has been published since its intro duction/being ample proof of its efficacy. 6 Throat Affwtioms and Hoarsens"? All suffering from irritation of the Throat and Hoarseness will be agreeably surprised at the almost immediate relief afforded by the usa of "hrtiii-n't Bronchial Trorkt* Call and see in operation the most wonder fully improved Gas Burner of the age. an in crease of io per cent, illuminating power, and Si percent, less consumption of gas. But don't buy until you see it demonstrated. On exhibition an<l for sale at the mantle and gas fixture establish ment of Hamilton & Pearson, Y. M. C. A. Building, I'th and I) streets. 4,5,eo.i Pond's Extract cures rheumatism, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wouuds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhea, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of In medical writings, and known to be a cure for these diseases. m,th,s,ff ? 1 he community at Urge appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 SorwD tut being indispensable to health and comfort thousands of persons oome from t ar and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No- 835 15th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails., Ac.. and advice as to suitable shoes. Willcox ft Gibe's Skwiks Machine. Ti?e celebrated Bazaar Patterns. Agency at Cha*. Baum's hoopekirt and corset factory, 7th str. et. Intelligencer Building. 10,^ Thermometkk* and Banametera are repaired and made to order by Hem pier, near 4jf street. It a ill rsy eti-t. r.i*r? from an v part of Wa-l?injn. n H?'*i?rv. ? <nty O.xjda, ??tion?.*c., Ac., .tf , at jnCHOLSv r.-w "tore, oa 7th ?tre?t, b -twe i h L (Dtar B- gau A ^ MUad our Spring Inducements. SIO IIO flO $19 4io FOR ME.V. flO-A Full 8uit only f 10. Wf-ln all-Wool Suit only |19, IJO-A thor/ ughly-ehrnnk 8 fiO? A thorocfhly-?hmnk Buff ^nly ?10 916?2v different ulnd** of Suitu od Tj iiu. 910 ?!? ?io ?10 910 f 10. 910? A ??nt*<.l Suit only 910. 9 10?A 4r*wy Snit oalr 910. 910?A dark 8wt only 910. v 910?A tight Suit only 910. 910 910 919 919 910 910. FOR BOYS. 9 t -?9 J..?. 9*.. ?? 9 3 1 .... 9 ... 9 *. ???9* 9? 9*~?.9*?99. BRING THE BOYS ALONG!" CALL! EXAMINE! PURCHASE! FASHION \ RLE TAILORS, 1? iju D luun Georgetown Advertisements. E ADY FOR TUB frEINO T8\DE V? ith ? full ocrp* ?ffir?t cl*s? wnrkm'n. a c. ns r'rfo srs-k ??><? best foreign and dossetMc D:- ?? Stuff*. Ac.. A .. I at* full* r;?-|>ar"J to < LkAN otf Ki COLOR LAI IES AND ciENTs' SPR!N<? WD il'M'JEB W fc A KIM? APPAREL, ironti-tly *!:?J iu th<* !???? n<*u?r. W. H. WHKtTLEV. PR EMWM STEAM DYklvu A > U SCOUR l.\<i WOKkS. ESTABLISHED 1S31. Frrniicni awarded 1867 Office,* V Jeffervu at . Georgetown, D. C P ?i Office B ?x 783. ?pT t J>OTATOES! POTATOES ! 94? *arr*Is EARLY RO?E aid MAINE CAR TER POTATOES. ?? w lamlit.g frm m tit. We.ling ton. A!w,Mi:Ul? TIMOTHY HAT. In ?? v an 1 f? r sale by J U WATERS. 189 Wrt-nirrf. ??0 PARTNERSHIP NOTICE JOHN H. ?MOOT, No. 11?> Bridge rtretM, O"or?(tpu. D C., h?? associated hi* son, J. D. "'MOOT, in bi,-ine? with hiiti.C' uanenclng April l?, tmt ?ill d? bn i ne.. under the style of JOHN n. SMOOT * SON. 10HN H. SMOOT 4 SON are now receiving and w:Tl continu* to rrcWtthronfk t he seat--n, a i noi<:i Mid *fll-wl< eted ae-ortment "f SPRING AND SI MMER (JOODS. t"Wl>:rh tb-y inife the attention >f their Is Md fnrfmi?r?. [m 6') J. H SMOOT A SON. J^EW SPRING DRY GOuDS. Besutlful Pr<*i G m*!s. in s-see end mignonette shades: a \*rg- w r'Birtil <?f medium and 1 w priced Dree* U-.UU0 yards w? Sprit * Percales. Call c>cs, Shirtings; boat miikm of Shirtings and PI <-eting?, very ch-ap; 9(1 p?e.-?s Black Alpaca* and M t.uir*. from 23 reu's to ? 1 25; and Stitlr*?,(f r??B and boys. W? have a large stock, and offer frtai tarnam.'. BENJAMIN MILLER. n?2I-.Tm 101 Bridge street, 0~?rz"t<i,?-n. BANKERS. OTIS biGti OU. H a d k c r, 643 D STREET, NEAR SEVENTH, Pays INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, makes COL LK< TIONa, and transacts all business connected with Btnkir g. ai2 If t>AM K I K ti MO I S E ~ * or J. H. SQIIER k (?., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNl'F., t'lToSITK WILI-ASP'S HOTEL, WASHINGTON, D C. !* per cent. imtatst r*-d on depetieu Collection* riade every where. D<|. fit* |>avahl? on demand. Pay of officers iu ? he Army ca?h?Hl in ad'sitce. aj2 tr JF. BROOHEAU, ? B r o k e r i No. 939 Penna. ave., Ro<m 4, Washington, D. 0. Special attention given to inrestment ae<-nritie?. In\ ite? attentiou to aecnritie* !?<?? atirni at pncea which will pny 10 to 15 per ceut. in anount* and <f length of timetuKuit in\eKtor*. S.if >, r.-lialil -, pr> tit aMe a-id pr<-n;p?, niaking thoni iu a\ery respect FIRST CLASS SKCLR1TIES. R'-fera by pernii-?ti<>n to Lewia Johnson ft Co., Wafhingt-.n. D. C.: M >sea Kelly, E?j., Ca?hier National Melropulitan Bank. \V n-tiington, D.C.; U"li J . M . Bi eilliead, S o->tid C'-ntroller, Wa-bing >n, D. C.; E'lv.ani Clark, Ewj., Archit??ct U. 8. C ?p I'ol, Wa'l'ington, I). C. n:*rl7 Jt;i 'I 'HI NATIONAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIC I (C'oriK f<>{ 7lh aud D tlrwto,) OPEN FROM 10 A. M. TO 3 P M. de-17 ly CHAS. BRADLEY,Caehter. PLKMAI AAIERICAM RAVIMtiS BANK, IJ No. 414 Skvbn*i? Strket, Q)fostlt mt Posl-fjMc? IhparlHimt. k hotra: 9 a m. to 4 p. m Satnrdaya cpen no al 8 p. tn., to receive dep tiw only. Ir.lerent paid on dep-*ita. C^Uectioas nii^Vr aud Mihaiige fut liish* A JOHN HITZ, Pre*;d r.t, A. EBKRLY.V. Pr^'t. ? . F MATTINaLY,ScC ,C>. PRENTISS,C?h r n. ? I? I HIE FKEEDMAV* SAVINGS AXD TRIST 1?>1PA.\V. Bai.Wltjg Uouee, No. 140? Pennsylvania avetia?, (>|>(o?t? the Treasury, PAYS SIX PER CENT. INTEREST, InttrtU E-r'ns :kt hrst of Each Mum*. PAYS FOUR PER CENT, on buaiui-aa acc ?nti from date of deposit. linil C<rlc.<eof? of l)-ye>ttt bearing ? and 4 p**r cent. interest, available an> where. BAS BRANCH OFFICES in all larg? tow:,a and citioa of the S?-uth and S uthwest. bank sown. 8 n. m. to 4 p m. Oper. Wednesday and Saturday uiehta from 4^ to I o'clctk, to r?ceivedep<>ait8 0Dlr. Call at th? Bank or fciid for a copy of the Charter and By-lawa. jlS-ly JAY COOKE It CO., BANKERS, BCY AMD SELL FOREION EXCHANGE and ISSUE CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travelers, availabU la any part of ihi world. Our Drafts < n JAY COOKE^McTULLOCB A CO,, are Cashed tn any aart of Kutuxi), Ireland and 9coTLAtP,/r'e cf ckarit. ma> 18 WASHIXGTOM citt savings bank, w Y Corner 7<A ttmt and Lwtiisa* irtaw, PAYS 6 PER CENT. INTEREST OB DEPOSIT. Interest commence* from date of deposit*. " " "? ' uuNrawn at will. J. A. RUFF, Treatrarer. Deposits can be made aatPdrawn at will. myfe-tf PIANOS, Ae. Jr. LUCAS. 1149 7th street a. w., Tuntr aad ? n-tuiatoT of Piano* and Ortant. Or <lers received at Thompson's corner lMh st lBMSa and N. York ave. ; Getty's, Bridge, near'ilwYY Congress, Georgetown; and Manes',cor. 7th and Pa. av. Pianos and other instruments packed and moved All work guaranteed. mltM-ly rfvUBIMG AND REPAIRING, POLISHING 1 AND VARNISHING PIANOS AND? ALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Al-HIB ways receives the most faithful attention*!! Wi by G. L. WILD A BR0.,4ti0 Uth street west, near nortnwest corner of Peuns) lvanta avenne; over twenty yean w*U known as practical Piano and Musical Inatmment Makers. 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Jbese instruments have been before the pablic tot ffrtr years, aud upon their excellence alone ^a^. attatned an unpurchased pre-euiinenc {BBB which prououncea them uue^ualledfor thelrflI wfv ?one, touch, workD.abship and dtirabiiity. Tbsy *aave been awarded sixty-five gold and silver medah ?t different fairs >>ver >?*ber couipctitora. All of thalt SQUARE PIANOS bavs their new and improved Overstruug Scale and Agraffe. Wiil'w: McCan mon's PIANOS aad PIANOS aoc ORGANS from various well-known factorie* for tak sod rent, at REICH EN BACH *8, derlO-tr Piano Warer^tns. 4)13 11th street. ?L ACE VOIR MU\KY WHERE IT WILL IIO THE MOST GOOD. Tlitre i* certainly no better place iu the city than the METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORE, 31S 7th street, where, if you inTest a dollar, yoa may rest assured you alwagt ur<t? tktfnll vain* of your tnonty, and where a saving of 29 to 90 cents on tho dollar is guaranteed to you, without the draw back of receiving inferior goods. 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Tjr; a g-od article for 91 Choice Gnnpnwder Tea, f 1J?; ?'r? b?-?t, f 1 '"?Pfl*1 Tea. ?X". r*r, (1; ??| flneat, fl.i? G?od Black T?*( unlifur |l. W* have also * ?nn- of ' he fiaeet offered la the rltT A lac, an etua English Breakfast Tea. FLOCK, Ar. Welch's, Ka;V Tenney'* and other br*o's of all at lowmt *n?*ibl? pricoa. Ten poand* Lard for *1. Golden 8. rur, per sallon, "Ac; oar boat (1. Ten fl. K me p. ui dc New Pm;o(, fl. Pi abut*. half bu?h. l for f 1. BRANDT. GIN. Ac. Pure French Brandy, per bottle __ ? 1 At California '? " ., it* Pure Holland Gin " , i? Angelica and Mn?c*fel M ine, p< r bottle tr Whisky. file yearn old. M _ ) S*?l Cataw ta W me, ?2 per gallon. C. B. U'HARK * 8i?N. MO-tP UH 7tb atreet N. W , Ndw?r? M am! B PRICK LIST or OROOIRIMB AT ILfBOKZU V01!I6S * (o i, SUGARS, (BEST NEWYORK BRANTS.) "A"<clarlBedJ J lba. for Crushed (loaf). 7* lba. for Granulated 7H lba. for Light Browni nearly wbite)..AJ? lba. for Good Brown ?.j lba.fur FLOUR. Extra?cbolee.? Extra? very blab iia Extra?a g-x?d family. Family ?choice p?i Family?t lie *erv b>*t pei Family-Welch rbest-at l??e*t 1 (? 1 (? 1 ??' 1 i" 1 W trade..... Zper ? U aack, I i* ?ack, I at aack, I at mck. I .? SUNDRIES. Prtjcee?choice J lba. for ft English Currant* .. f lba. fur 1 Ob Rmm? ? fsin*?choice Vwkwli Gr^-u Com.... . Tomatoe*?3 (W T Biatoee?3 lb* Peaches?3 lba. _ F-aihe*?J lba.... 1 * 1 ift J 1U fir .A caua for .1 cwrn tor 1 JO .J fan* for 1 it; .1 c*119 I t 1 (? fjr IK Cat! at once, ?? we carnct gn*rant?e the eb->vf on paialltltd low price* for aLy deficit* length of *lm? ILPNO.^ZU VOI JI69 ft CO, OHOC&KS, E. TOUNGB. I w M U SLAKS.t MASONIC TEMPLB. K NTH AXD r ?T? <8 tr STEAMER LINES. AStENGERS BY ORANGE. ALEXAKDRiA ANH MANASSAS RAILKOAl>, On and aft? r APRIL 1, 1?73, will I-a^e WASHINGTON CITY bv PO TOM At' KERRY COMPANY"*' BOATS,7th Street Wharf. "B at? will leare the wliarf at 7:15 a. m. and 7 la p. m.; arrive at 1J. 15 a. m. and C:t5 p ni Buy Ticket* at 603 Pennny Ivania avenue, or corner ol King and Uuiou atr-tru, Alt-xatiurta. Tlironch P,i?enc#r connectiona between Oraa*e. A laxainli ia and M ana?>M* hihI Riit.m rt tul Ohn lixiln ad* oiade only by this liue. J M. BEOAt?C8,O.T A. W. E GASK INS. Ag-tii, 003 Pa ara. a2-l'n IVEW EXPRESS LINE VIA CAXAL, _ il bi:twiex PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Ya., WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D.C. ?AiLim navo. From Pier J, N<>rth Wharve?. Phil ad<lpl:ia, WKPNEbDAY and BAT " CBDAY. at 1)1 m. Prom 4# Water atr*e?,G? >r?town, D. C.,TUES DAY and SATCRDAY, atltfVm. Thia line corn, rti at Philadelphia with "Clyde'* Iron Line" of ?ta?ii>?rk for Providence, Boat on and New Etigla&d State*. No wharfage in B ?at?u by tli>* line G. r. HYDE, Agent for D of C. V M. P CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. P. A BEID.AIexamiria, Ya. WALDO a. PEARCE, *4 Cuicrwf Street. B ta lon. ap2 yyASHINGTON^ HO^RroLE, Bo"st"oN. AND The floe Iron Steamer LADY Or THH LARB h having reanmed bar regular trim to Norfolk,will leave her wharf, of (tb afreet, every MONDAY foot THURSDAY, at 8 p. B., to ac king at principal River Laadinf *, connect,n< at Norfolk with Staamship of the M. and M. Line for Boatoa and Frovid<>nce. Freight should be addreaaed "care of Lady the Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Rnox'a Ex pre** Office, 603 Penney lvania avenue. T. M. CROCCH, Ar'Bt.rh-itrfst wharf. DORSET OLAGETT, General Agent. DiW PlantV Store, c- rwer Uth at. and Pa. ave. {JUNABD LIRE. THE BRITISH AND NOBTB AMERIOAR ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. rROM NEW YORK. Algeria. W<-d...Apl. llWsva Wad_Apl. 2S "Russia. Wad? Apt. M Hnrtlna Sat.... Apt. % Oaiabria. .Sat Apl. 19 | 'Cuba \ted_ Api 3U St. am era narked thna * dv not carry steerage paa er.ger* " And avery foUowing WKDNKSDAY Mid SATUR DAY from New York. RaTBft OP Pasaaag.?Cabia, #?, flM, aod fUu r-iC, according to accommodati n. Ticket* to Paris, III, gold, additional. Return ticketa on favorabla tarua. Steerage, 830, currency. Steerage tickets fruia L and all paita of Europe, at lowaat rate*. Throwgti bills of lading gneu to B<lfaat, Glaagow, Havre. Antwarp aad other pointa on tha Coutiuent aad for Mediterranean porta. 9or freight and cabin pw ??e, apply at the Company ?* office, No. ? Rowling Green;for ateorage | - ~ _ . ,?, at No. Ill Bread way Trinity Building. Bovlft ly < HAS. G PRANCELYN. Agaat. ^NCHOR LINK STKAMERB BAIL EVERY SATURDAY. fiMTT grn booked to km! ft<m tar Eaflwtv |kt? tlon ot Seaport in Great Britain,Ireland, Norway, Bwedc-n, Denmark. Germany France, Holland. Kelgiuot ani the trtttoPMB Cabin fare froa* NEW YORK to LONDON. LIV ERPOOL, GLASGOW aad DKKRY, 8?* and |I?. EXCURSION T1CKKT8. |1M. , 988; Steerage, #88; all LUMBER. LUMBMML IAIBVOOMAI HT " CUT TO PROPOSALS. p&Ori^AL* f UK 1KM \*? UOOI* Pifir.ivfx: or :n Iitmu'I. I Vrt:?t or 1 *!?;*> Art \ ?? M?rt*h * tffs ( Sealed PlMp. 4*U, ind i?<4 * fr-Hlilf.i.'tw aill W I<< rni4 k.' S * 4# at.d 4)1 l*>* ?-?! *t-**t. >>? \ ?iu uti,! ix or: ck m . ?* Tl tM>>* tt?.i day of Ar I?S, ? ? ?111* |M? f,,t twaci ot "t CApril, 1*?3. (., ntM^'iii i tfc 4U?ats'?**?'? rtdn m,.??Trr all ,4 tik. Mtkta iw>4 ia l*' '? '*?? g ]W? p-?ir? 4 Mm a bate Mn Unar t? ni?a?ui e 72xId Mi**, and ? i*h I"*-'** Mill. It*? pair* a po?n: whit* M ark inac B'.hkrt., I. na??*ar>-6.krt m h<?. ?? .i ?fiftl *irht ?-uad* j?* p.tir* *H P-iiM nhit? M,*-ki?t*e Banket*.*. uii'MP U>W tnrti..*. 4|.| ?nffh ?'v |> u?tl> l_ pair* J poiiit ointr Markiaac Blanket#. t. 42*46itn h #. a4 a-ift ?*a and oar quarter p-u?d? BK> pair* IVpoint wWl? p?r,k-t#.?.> m-aaui. X\M inch**. ui ? 14b I tM and ofe. <i<iart*r pound* Mp?in ? p !?it acarlet i>?r |'c k<^. t. rwwirf 72xlP mh'i. and ??.??. t ? ;>?% I'^QI) I*. 1.2U0 pair- 3 point ?rarlft >1 rkina* llankHa.l, ?K Mii rMli*! tut 1 weigh atftrt Mta4* 1M0 pa:m XS p-n.t ararl-t M *. klna. P *1 k~t*.t. n?-a?tw Mvlb Mirhr., a id ?H*h *i? p 'tind* 6."C pan* 2 p ?int m urli-l n? kl?M measure 42x46 U?.b"t. at d a ig'.t t \ e and . be |K UU.i* ? *) pair* 4 (w>? nt iieligo Mackinac It i MNn r;^A . ?. ai . ? <*? pamria !.'<Wr?n? m il#-' ??'?!? Ma' kin*. B'anket# !<? m.-<*ur. bill IMk<>, and at 1Kb tlfkl P<?U> !JS|wiri|S potrt mil t ? Mo* Mackinac B an k "ia, tone acute 64\??> Iicij., aiida-iki. *11 p..u;id*. !.*?*> |m.i? I p-.ict iadife I !.,? X< Una.- It ank-4# !<? niea*ui.' 41?4k iiacb**, abu ?r fk Die PUi- nuarti-r p-uiM ?Xtpair? 1 p mt ?r.^u *4 kna." B auk*t?. to ateaaare72xMlbcfca*,aad ?ei?ht<r?;it r ? IN pair* .1 point (m i, M . kia?< B,? *eia. t< D.' Murr tOxTl u?-|if?. at d a.icb fish* p met* 'W raira 2S ?".mt ?w-.? llakia* B ? ? ? to Iin aanr. Mxoo melt m, a d .u P*kun4i? 4.0 pair* 5-Mot Mut hit l> *n. -i.. Mt-aaurr 4S?4o mcL 4..^ k< ? a?... < u? quarter p tiiid ?*' > artla Tan n Lix B ?f i l -t I.'-440 j ar-l? liivnl L ?t Blur C| -fi \ arti? (>at*d LiM S'at I t ih. *J# ) tnk Orn? Lh>I Biftr (. it 3 *0 8-4 Wool** D!ia* l?. li<'< 4 Wawlp* ftiaal*. U>?>) l>. iit l. BIiatrN. 4.SB4 |v- uin1? LlOt-n Tlir' a!. ?tai..1?:,I iwk*. \ ? Jl>. .16 ?n<1 40, t?o-tiiirxi* -ark on* Hi ird wliitf) l>r.'?ii ? Ui d</???< lp?>U C"tt ti, tm iail iiikk*, ?. > artU, 3 card aiMl 6 S86 3M >a|-<t* Catiri), wtainlard r?tt *a . ?"?j? >ard? ludiii'i Btu- Pri>ui^, 4. AM >arda si B d Tlrkiut l4"->.5 j ard? T1. ?? 11 fk||.--t 1 ^.4 4 ,1?t ,J 122.?0U > ard? atandard [>?? k. e 11. , *jfi yard# Pinul I,ip~ v. ? 2V.4J4I )rar?l. Bltir Klann- i. 'a 1 Ji j??i 1 ant? K -d Flann?4. t? i,. ? JIW jrartl* K utnt k> Jt aua. lt,K2& > ardf (*-?! in>-t. l,tW0>?rd. C I i.-iP- 1 n .M y arda Mt ? 3 tit*') ar>i? Blu l?<-tiim> I'Wvardt llirkor; (MnrtHc 34kd<>r>-u ?' .uon llatxlk- i 1, t? 6.2 4<>y.fii N 111 Wool !!> ?? . - 62? doc'ti W ni'i/ptt ..111 ??. 4N1 J<<rt'H t'luMrfu'a V ?>< ! II 44 dozen UOolrti Scart* 17.ur R.<1 riatint-l (Milrt*. 3 ?um*ray ? lano-l Miiri? 7 MS H irkttri Chlrli. 1JW t alir. Murto. t'ti * tmn-nV W .<ol || *l? li*' M i?t< V not 11 o.?ln. 140 B.-d l\? rrl^*. S *?i p'<nnd? Yarn, aiwrt-d - '? ra. 1 ,U54 potmda tiitlmeT"' . %r ! Jr ; tiuantii kmi, K ?? Sn.V ? ' ?? pound* t'->t on Mahio.l - 4 :A> U?id? ll.l'K >. S3Bil"?,'t? -t t'a?t al't I \t?- 1' 4*. r 4^1 do7cti I, ?t t'aat -t?- I! ?A\.? li. I H1W.11 A\ H itdl.-.* 1 N l ' 64? d"wn tinn.-d iiou I'r--'? . :.c K rtl . ? . 1 IV quarto. 434 d> r-n ?lt .rt-hindlp F Tiif.S.i I, t aid S Hi .juantitn - Stt4t?tn Tin P^n-. frmiil. 5, ?. aud 6 ?*i <k.*en Tin fWtn. S.t' <1. /? u T .11C* U"? pi ft*. ? ? l"r.. 11 T 11. 1 . ?? dSd*'7.i 11 Tin PaiU, t.u . \ ?, ?, 1 . ai.l 1. ?I'lart ?I'd /-n T11 Fail*, *i:b cor%ra, lo, andli quart*. 2S d- / -n Tin I>ipp*r*. t. - r ; ir.iira MI(I"MiTi:i< 4I h I' , ,.i. ? M d? Tin ( ? ,fTP t?. 4 , 613d r.fiitimml iroi 1?( i. Iliilon utiiiiiM ir.-n T' ? ^ 1 1-MS'l tfii B'itrli<-r Knn<- f lit)d'./t*ii UnntitiK knlw-.( it., ti. 13U dt-t*'U Sklliuing Klirtf,( 11.. h. U".l r.t*ti K aud Fork*, c ? J >ia ? P <!'>/-? 11 B ?-k<>t Knii. ? 111dt?t-n Taper 8a? Fil.-,4 i it, h. 47down MiiI-miw FiN X'i?.1 n n ri tiiti r?'H t-?, N 2.t??t c?-4 -? .1 l3Hd<>(fn HmidW. 4t? d..f. |i HatrlMrt*. I3d'> Hand aatin. 6'<l docen Fi?h H x-kf a? r* .U -.V. 2i'l"f n fi-li L n^.n... 11. | . .VJ> dnwu 8< win? A ? SW't.iiin Brviiir-a?l Han<':>? 112-1. fa Ca?t ?te*l 8li. ar-.T ^ and ( ml h ? 441 d-tarn t'.rtipa* C'tn!.-. 136 d..*en Fiut- tootti t'..r \ ?. 66 dt >Efn Own -. Mdoien Xino Mirr?m I7S.?*< at-aorttsl ei.'.- ?. lC,tM) N<**dl?-?. Gtotora'. 644 B-av*r Trap>. Kf?h ^ t 4. W Mink Trap*, Ii.'?li"ii SrtWCaRip K"itlt?. in tie?<? f tl ? ? t Ut) turn In ? B-ad*. aa?urt> 4 ; r? tarn battan Pipua. B'wl ?i*m?. SJ42 Sa<-k Ooat*, aaaortt-d f rui u. 4W Pant*. a?*. tt.-d ?1 r?*. f r i?. u. Wk> Vtwt*, aatu>rtt^ aim<w. f.^r itrti. 37t Looa^ 8i< k Ovrrcoat*. Iar?tf >;mi. JitjSaiUi.'^ck.t aud HMi) f.Jf Lofs Arc t? | i ?t'ar* of a*f. Ik Vc*t?, f..r It >v? fit* to ton yr-ara of ar? ?Au Mau ? V ol HaU. a- .n.4 ,,7,* and cJtor 1.5 B j - W ?' >1 II tt-. ?- t . - ? 4 .: H-*a*y CiMBiirr C'ap-. M-iia Btio<-*, g ?d quality, a^aort ~9* ^ onirti-* Slioe?, (o?| quality, .t- .rt.-. 2Mi" B ?>?" 8hj-a. food qualiu . S ?. 5 an I f. m/" 8hje*t g tal i4Uaiit). aaaort- . 324 pair*CluUlr<-u'a Stio??,go-4 quality. . ? ,t. . pound* T<>b?rc?. Pin*. UH p. uixla Hon-kmc Tobarro. v .???*? ???' ^ dflivar?J \ ? d ru 1 ot Boaluii by lb* 1*;4a. : J ju BlaokMa, whifk will U- r. 1111 red t? bt d. Inar-d t* the l.t day of A>iv-i?t neti l,4uu pair* 3 p. lut alut^ Mackinac Blankal*.ti? p^uud*" iucll"*t a^d tr^li tl.'ht ldk<0 paira 2,'?-p<-int wkkt Mackinac BtankKa. to Mtfaauif MxMit.cb??. aud vt-iirh ?i? .. .mil, 71 pair* t pttiM aliit* Macktuar Biank. t-.t. nit-aaurp 42x 46 incite* and wti?b nve and 010 quarter pound*. Ipair* S-point ac?rl-t Mac kinac Blank -tt, t? uitaaure fiuxTj u?h-?, and *re??;i ti?? pound*. * l^? pair* 2S-point acail?4 Mackinac B'ankH*. t niea*urt- Mv? mcb<-*, end weteb ?i* p... u I* 4U0 pair* t point acariet li^ina. BUiike'*. t.? ?eaanra 42inche*, and wt-igh fire ar. 1 one-quan?-r p.>und* 2,4WpalraS-point indtK-iblot- Mackinac B ?nk?t?. poimda""* inch**, aud aort .-igl.t 240Upair*XS-point indico I.In* Mackinac B!a&k<*t? 1)1 llrwurt 64\66 mcbt-*, and all P^^QfKl^ 4 390 pair* 2 point indift.lne Mackinac B'tnk-t-. to meaanrr 42x46 ;u<bo*, and ??uli live and one-quarter pt unda 100 pair* 2N piint *t**ii M*< kinac Blanket#, tc n*a?ure M\46incbm. aixl ?reich ?ix p >nnd* 2UU pair* 2 p.'lm *r-?n Mackinac Blank t?, t>. 42\46 inches, aud wei^h tj?e and one-quarter pound*. The bid# nn 1 be op-o-M in th* pre**- -e ..f tin Btiatdof lndiaii1 C.*iniuM.i uer* and a c. :u.i ut** t. be d?ai?iat*d l.y the b**retary of the Interior, a ?oon a* tbe time for r*cei\inu tli* *am> *.' .11 hat. rxpm-d. and the contract* ?iiT b? awarded aa*.*-i. tbt reafter aa prai tn altle. P^fti** l>iddio* are reqnir.-d t t fiirni-h at'.ip! ? I 1 ni1*Itt,dtAl1 ,k*lieur, ?liall b." dewci.aiH bi a pri> .ta mar* atta. bed ! . *n< fa *ample. cvfTe*pjndib4 ? itb inaik* tt pr pi? li. Tb? prict * tuuat it*fit*? anh .iU an> tu:icati .n orjprop?ia*d iu *lin< *i.< ii ? haterer. The riirlit mill be r??*rnd tt> require a trr ater .1 !??* qnaiitit) |i*K exte.?iine 26 p>-r cent, tu *4th-i caael of any of the arti.-le* than that *n>^iiir?| iu th? altoee actiedule* at the t>ric? pi . p The richt mil be r*aervt<i t r. ject auy or ail pi t puaaJ*. if an. h a cotirae *li.>aid bt duemad f r the iu terwt* ?? the <i..? ar?iaiit. All article* turniali. i uti.l-r c utract m 1 be r* quired to be delit er*d, packed and niaiked* qr *hio ?ent, ?itl*o4it extr?eh-i(t. for caaaaor nt,.T. ??V* l*' * '""'dlii# to diracii.-i,. Hi. , j. ?**. U-UM- to be 4*a%Bate,| th? r**p*c,rve.i,Wwfc^tH, r-ala are Fee*n1 mill be .ul.jeei 10 luaptxm ai by the B-ar- 4 Indian ^ ??M?^ed kMk, Pr .llmtT and r*apert fail la a?eJMsa?a^fcaRa!^s gar.'atrvsaattaf mztzivz. *P proposal ?ill be couaad ?Irktly c inplj mth the follonrina mm, i4I??U? article. Xr^ThfrZ,] ??rZ^urzi acr. ^ ggspaersaSS, txz. *.H that ? U ba t* fcta 1 ur t MNf > ??rs?asE!f ? f.umart e ./ th; aye.. ~ P' ~. .bad ... th. aj**e grafcyHaa'ss trig '.*?,52; "TBBWi ta fcifcH issrvata la tKe aa*oant of th* l.ul <?? ? ljk< eiatra-i, ?nk rta'br". "rntttJV^TjT a (Mar* m eotd i<ti?( StMthat<?? "

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