Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. (VMBT B. IOTDI Miur. Largest Circnlaliw in the District Readitg Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: rmn*T .April ? ?? 1<? Mr Ai>vi.uTisKi:e.? In aonscquence ?f the grc-at i?rc**tire upon oar ?JfCftbiBg co - uia:u>. we have to ask of customer* that they will send in their advertisements as early in the dav a* prss.Me ????? ,he> mMJ ^ ?<n'Per,> C}**' ttrd. Oar kntM* n,en appreciate tlie ?dvan 1,'C* of an advertising medium like tnat ot Th? ?t*h. which has not only an immensely ..repondcrating circulation over any other paper. but which has also a general circulation ?iuor ,j-t all classes. and therefore reaches I* ?r thascrs of every vanet> and style of good* ami wares. _ ?.. ? ? - '?The eui?fm*iit over the non-payment of tl.e tcacbers of the District increases every dj?v.**? H ull. 4i*p?fcfc '? Tnlmi'. This corr? spoud^nt ot the TiSbwae, wrho i* hi ii:iiu>trii>u.s!y (S(kaTorin( to entiarrns* the District jtoTrnimrr.t, does i*t ?e,-m to b** aware is no new thing for the teachers of Washington to be unpaid, end therefore tUat One is not enough novelty abont it to create a>y grrtt ??excitement.' however r;n pic*-ant it may l>e for the parties concerned, litre, a- in Philadelphia and many other cities, t, a< hers have bad long and bitter experiences in the way ?f behind-hand salaries. Only a ,?r t-r two be fore the present District govern ment cams into power, the Vac hers were live mowt!.s behind in their pay. and hell a mi rr of indignation meetings in con. M?in? n< e, It will be remembered. It i.- a shame that tli? harl-working teachers shot !d be eempelb-d to ?ait for moderate salaries. and w. had hoped that the eril wouM he remedied by tbe new IHstrlct government; I nt it seems that It Is the old diiHcalty over ji^i.Bof the want of resources to sustain our ciMMnmnsly hoedeusraae school system. The mIioo'. fund has not been diverted to other e* l?enditi'res. a* charged, but it ha.* not proved adequate to pny for the erection of the new ? ??boo: buildings (ordered by the old corpora tion! it iid to provide for the salaries vl tbe teachers, and tbe other working ex penscs of tbe schools at tbe swine time. We should be glad to learn, however, from the controller, or whoever is qualifled to give the information, why it is that the contractors tor t^e school building*, or those to wboin the> sold their requisitions, should be preferred creditors to the school teachers. In any event. the pay of the teachers should have been held -acred, because they work tor a saaH fixed sal ary, and cannot afford to submit to a shave, whereas contractor* are pretty apt to leave a margin for that in their estimate*. Instead, however, of abasing the District "wvertiment in the matter, the corresponded ? f tbe 7 should bestow his censure upon Congret# for failing to ad in sustaining the exceptionalburdens of tbe tree-school system in t bis District. Ctn. Walker, superintendent of the Census, in i-rce remarks at the inauguration of the ?Seator. School Building. set forth the eirciim stanci of e\cr| difficulty under which the citv of Washington labors in maintaining a school system up to the highest demands o: the age. "lie presented data showing that the school ta\of Chicago for the previous fiscal year was 17.1 cents for each ?1W of taxable value: of Boston. 1T? cents; of Baltimore. 2! rents, of Philadelphia, 2o cents, of Cin cianati. jo cent-, of St. Louis and 8a-i Francisco, 40 cents; of Washington. W cents. The reasons for the remarkable difference to the disadvantage of tbe citlacns of Washington, i, in the large amount of real estate which is exempt from taxation as the property ot the tieneral Government; and the tact that the tax-pavert in this comparatively poor city have bad to shoulder tbe entire cost of providing school accomasedations for the children ot tbe tioii-tax-;a\ ing elem-nt -liovcr'"*)"t ein t.inp~?, ??>o *ne immense number of "contra haads" thrown upon Washington by the war. Despite the fact that these exceptional bur den* have fallen aj?on Washington through its l>eing the seat of government, Congress, has tailed thus far to grant to this District even the ordinarv donation ol public lands it has so ireely given to the various States and Terri tories tor school purposes. We trust that Con gress will do this simple act of justice to the District next session, and in the meantime that the District authorities will take such ste|>a as witl insure, without fail, the regular payment of I he teachers. Th^t'tvler of the Patrons of Husbandry, which ?s now making a prominent figure in tbe West through iu organized warfare upon the great ixilroad monopolies, was started in th< State of Iowa, and now granges are to be fonnd in a rooet e.ery community of farmer*, in twenty two Stato of tbe 1'nion. and the aggregate , membership is estimated at l,*)u,WO. In Iowa they claim patrous. while there arc said to be still a larger number in Illinois. The primary object of tbe organization was to enable tbe members to cooperate for the re duction of expenses. Tbe idea was to buy all i their agricultural implements ami machinery ! on the cooperative plan, from first hands, thus dividing among themselves tbe protito u-uallv pociti :ed by tbe agents or middle-men in that trade. The grange also partook somewhat of the character of a social and literary club. Tbe , wives and daughters of the patrons are eligible ' to membership, and by means of the social character of tbe organization, it was hoped by the originators that tbe tillers of the soil might l>e stimulated to aspire to higher aims and pur ]o-es in life than to be always mere del vers, without knowledge. 1M late, however, the order has increased so taV'.dly, and it bas become so formidable in n umbers, that it has conceived larger and more ambition? l_eas and now proteoses to deal as au iimt with all political or social movements bar ing any bearing upon their interests. For the present they content themselves with a demon stration against tbe railroad monopolies, de manding a reform of various abuses u|>on the public by the railroad kings. li.dian Commissioner Smith relates that when he wa iu one oi the territorial cities of tbe Far West, Miuie months since, he bad occasion to exp!am his views on the ludiau <|iiestion at a public meeting of frontu-rsmeu. lie began by stating that be believed the best plan was to get Indians on good soil ami then to plant them. Tbe backwoodsmen mis xppreheudiug the >;<aker*s meaning, ami giving the slang inter I retation to tbe verb "U> plant," loudly cheered the sentiment, when Mr. Smith was obliged, in selt-deicnse, to explain that what be knew s'o'it farming and their own ideas of agri culture differed widely, ami that what he really ? meant was to settle Indian* on good laud and try to induce them to become tillers of the soil like the whites. From the silence with which tins explanation was received, it was evident that the frontiersmen did not fully appreciate Mr. Smith's j-olicy of dealing with the red shins. It will be remembered that the Legislative Asm mbly passed an act last sprlag providing lor payment of damages to persons whoe? prop erty has been iajnred by changes of grade by tbo Ikiard of Public Works. The law provide* that i the owner of any such property shall tie his claim with the Board, who will audit the same and report thereon to the Legislature. By a notice In another column, It will be seen that ?!r Shepherd, Vice President of the Board calls upoa all claimants to present their peti tions within the next ten daya, so that they may t<e audited at once. In opier that action may be taken upon them by the Legislative Assembly, which meets on the 2ist instant. Blank forms w ill l-e furnished on application to the office of the Beard, in the Columbia Buildings, on 4 street. ? ? mmm m ? We are sorry to Ami the still un reclaimed. It net only fails to return that extra rompeasatioa swag, as clerk to the House linking committee, bat in the saam spirit It appropriates no end of Stab matter without gitlag any credit. We hope its conscienoe will yet prick it to make amends, both to govern ment aad to Tn Stan. The corr<"?roiiJti)febrtwffn Preai I -r.t Gml arid Mayor Medlll, of Cbicigo. rtMbh'1 In Thi Stab to day. shows that the e vil aprvice rule* are not to b? aet aside, ma wae newspapers continue to UMrt. Mayor Medill resign.' i hi* I ositlen on the civil service rommwion because aider the I residttit's recent order he could oot bold the mayoralty of Chicago at the same time. In accepting his resignation the President as-ur a l.iin that the spirit of the eiril service inks will be adhered to. The Wheel* Star, just out, contain? the thrilling detail* *of the wreck of the Steam ship Atlantic; the conviction of Tom Wright of the mnrder of the peddler, <?nd an In terview with Wright; description of the new ?>ba rvatory dome; the death of John Kane, who ww stabbed by his brother Michael; society notes; latest and best talcs, poems, sketches and fashion items: together with interesting local news, Washington news and go-?ip. agri cultural items, hon-eiio.d receipts. lc., &c. T-rmt One dollar atlfl a halt |>er annum, In advance; single copies live cent-. In wrappers, ready for mailing. rilAM'UL Ain? (WUJCBC1U. ( otitrarv to general e*|?;ct ?tion, th-; mon -v market yesterday gave re new id exidcnces of the power of the Wall street monarch*, and call loan# commanded % per cent, per diera, tlie market closing verv tight?a bad sign f>r to day's borrowers. Gold w?* quiet and Arm nix! governments were strong. The street pre mium rsnge?i Iruin 17 \als . and closed at H ,. '1 .? ock ma-ket presented no especial feature. the Markets. BaLY.Moai, April II.?Tii** -t' * k !> ?rd i* not in ? t >-,?.?), a it is G >od Friday. BuT:xcil, April 11.?Cotton I'sist, H'? 'liS. >l< m qt i*t and sN-adj ; prli ?* m, Wheat ft a? white. rbdce, Cora in ?.?m] de [ii"i*l, ?t ck scan e?whirr imithfra. Sj, yel I->w tK'Otlirrn.&t; mixsd western,41. Ost* active? -ou t. :u.i7(ail, w-?|e; i< mixed. d ?. wliit.i V ??. . Bjre stead. ? ?j. Hay nr. eeang-l. Pro, l-i.-ns h -si y and Ion *r. M-ss p-r's '?.*.(1v , ?nf" *17j?. . Bulk meati??ahould-rs, ,alei fc?0!bs a* S',; rib -i ies, 8'f; clear rib sides, 8,. Baaon inaciivt?shoulder*. rib side. n .rui i.?l, ? lear rib side*, 9 sugar-cnred ham*, l*JSl*^15 l.ard dull, 8?4. \V?tern butter tirui-tj I.'-.V , "tarn-; .b. ice role, n<-? tub, 3a. W1 ky " nr.. ? 1H1 HLAfHER. WAKl?F*KTMBfcT, OJic* Ciitf Signmi OJlo*r, t *ahiiimtiis,U.C..April 11.1&J, 11 J BiMr>u n>s thi ea*r ts k.itt-mvi H'jiu* ? Toe 1'iucniftfr liwtnll>-n e*<mewhar, hnt continue* t. k. i-si in the eastern gulf and South Atlantic Hates it baa risen in the middle an-1 ea*tein at*t-? A | r*,l Moras Jim apparently advanced during th* ntghf from Hansa* eastward to southern Indiana. t?n?l t h-re ire indications of the t>r.*s?nc? of a second one appr<wrbtnx lake Huron. 1 ki*- pressure hax r.?eti d-. id -dly ?itb coin northwest winds ,?nd -l^?r ifiK ?<-?tb>r ..nth* npp?r lak?-? an.l Mi<s >uri valley, ? tar a-lea'dtroni. It haa t.l l-n in Ore con and jul-nbly ii M -niana. Th- tenjierature has ri?en wtrn threatsninx weariier iu T>-niies~*f a'ld th? Wiio vall^jr it ha* ri*?*?n with <*loii>ty wealb**r <>n th I'.wer l?k~? and lakp llur-n, auu ? ith cl. ar or h?/.v *fatb?-r in the middle and ea?t?rn state*. PaofAHiLiT'r*.?l?nrir? th-- re^r of Vriday th< storm III tlie Ohio valley extend rapi lly over the r sit lakes and to a less ext-nr toward the mid II A*I it t!C e >??t For the loner l;ike. easterly win ! - tbreatealua weather are! light r.iin. Kormiiidle and' rn -'ate ,n ?v*tIi and <"?st wind*.falling btrome ler. andrl.inil> *n<1 hn/? wearhor p >?-ib!> followed bj rain Krulaj nieht in ih- mtddb- Atlantic state 1-r ???nth Ailamir -'at?*--a-t?rly wiix1?,cl >ud\ an I threatening weather, f or Fl .rid* railing bar >m ter.<-| nj and r^iLn. > ir eaat'-ru znlf *m'-s * >nth et-t nod-ot>tbw-t ? iiids, ttir< .ii?'ni:iK ??a(b-ran<l po-.-M, r;,i? For th. ai>athw<-?t ri?ing barometer and col weather. For tli? n:?p--r l.ik>'4 risitiij b.x ronuter atd cb ar weather. Cintlnnary sivnabt ar rdemlf >r Detroit. T?dei|o, Clevel:?nd and Buffalo. R ;V-rt? .ire very (r-nerally nifxint from Texas the Missouri talie) . the northwest and l*ke superior. p-^?WANTIl> TO PrHCH.\SE.-A HtUSS worth fr >ni ?t OUU t.. $?.i)W, between il and !?> -"--ets iiml Penu-) Ivaniii avenue and M street I ? rtha ?t Address thr .n^li p...t in? d'> - riptl -ii, iiiimiier and ca- b price. BL'VEH. sll I'* KAhTKR FESTIVA L will be held at the >?> nav^iie of fh -M'.i-hinifton H brew ? m t. catioc. 8th street, between H and I.on THIS v ^ 'j*'*.'at h't u' |..<-k p m .and on SATt Kl'.W ami >LNDAV MoRNlN'U, ?t 9 ? ' rka.m. tiy order of th- P -? d-nt ?H -t A_ ADLKI. S-crefarr. P^S?1 i; LINCOLN HAS KKMOVKD To N. F street uorthwe-t, h>e d-ors west of In- t< rn.t r residence. OFFICE HOI KS: A . M ?8:90 to lti i*. M.?.Ito l.flu. On Sunday s:.*? to lo a.m only. al|-A.>||* r^S?~MAH?IIIC-A IHAPT fcK J?F SORKOW w I be held on SATI'Kt?AV KVKSlNd. rSawwwsf ' ! ; -?UFaTITTI K. \ | n A I 1 ts R, hi', s*. in >i<?Ti??r th?? vvi* rn-?rv our ;ite< >mpanion. ill >?v Atsavtt B**:'.v-tkk, w!i i dml on the rh in?t. I.ver) lie mbi r is re.|U -.t-H to L ? preset t. All K. A Mas os in ? h?1-tan liiii ar fr ?:ernall> Invite *. B* order ol th<-rhan'-r all 11 JOHN Kim IN MASON,Secretary. ft"' ? |H. F.i C OF A.? Ml members of V ASHINOTON CIRCLE. N >. 3, nr?? ? -My r^|iM*ted to ?t?oiMl th? of th *ir ' 'Vt-lVtf' nail,on TH IS ( Frid.ij ) KVENINO. at , m)'t rbs-k sharp, to mak- arraint-m-n's to att"ii I the fiiiieral ot rnr late Brother. Thoma- fli rt hkk ?i>*. The funeral will take place on Sitnrday aft-r noon. at 3o clock, from bis late residence, on th ? Uthw?t comer Of 7th ar.d E streets aontheast Xembersof -ister Circles are cordially invitel to attend. B> order of the C. W. ?I* E. P. COOPER, H. S. K. AA.iLKB ?RVI( E8.-CH C RCJH OF TUB u rJi*1' Bf'. * r WaTKISs, Rsctor, R v. Dr. K sight, Assist ant Miniater. Humise Service ?Carols ami Holy C.immunion at ':9ia. m. Morning Prayer.?Sermon and H lv Communion at 11 a. m. Ev-niug Prayer at 7 .H) p. m. fund a) -Shoo) Anniversary ?Carol* and Address ?t3 Jf p. in. Gen. E. D. Townsond and Ricbard p. Sup. rmtenib nt*. The Sunday School exer ci-es will b- very interesting. Choir ?J. R-mington Pairlamb, Organist; Mr*. ? amp, Soprano: Mrs B. C R^, Contralto; E. Kii.n.p T'-uor. N. B. Fugit, Baaso. It* ?CARD TO THE PUBLIC. " -fie FRANKLIN TELKORAPil OAK PANT have juat establisbid an oBce at th-Washington Ilonse. corner 3d street and Pt-uusylvauia avanne, sUrh ?ill l.n a great convenience to all persons east ? d Cth affect who may have occasion to ?en<l t>-l - grama. I>irectconn?ctionsto all part- of the United i?rat-s. to Canada ami to Europe per cable Mr HI OH COVLE will have charg - of the office on c< niDii?ion, and he wonld resp-cttully notifv his customers and others in Georgetown that he still re tain- contrr I of his office in the Union ILdel on aim ilar r..tuition* from the Franklin Company. The busmesa of both offices will be attended to with prompt uses and diapatch. Answers obtaiued at the ? horle-? possible moment. Rrsp.-ctfolly. HI GH COTLE. Operator Franklin Telegraph Oflit e. I" Washington House. I L* IMS Fi"R DAM Ai;ES SUSTAIN EI) IN COXM^UKNCE t?F IMPROVEMENTS. B"Aisor Pi blm WeR*?.Di?T?icToFCotr\tatx.# , WaslliXGTo*. April 10. M73. ( The I_ l!ow ing act, approved June Ju. IVS, is pub li-b- d fi.r th- information of all concerned; Am Act providing for the pat nu nt of ilama^es sits tain-d by reason of public improvements or re pairs. B- if runrUd bt tht Lttn'attrt A??#wS/y nf tht Unrrirt of ('?i'?tvifrM, That on the application, iu w i nine, of the owuer or owners of any real estate in the IM-trict of C ?lumbia, or of any p-rson having ?'V'.r ?.li * "'"'si inter.-st therein, to the Board .if Public Works, setting farth that sp-xial damages have been -natained by him or th-m in > onsei|uenre id any tmproveiu-nte or i ?T>airs made l.> said board, and particularly describiogthe natur- of said dam Mr-, the said board shall consider the stat-menta ?jf -aid application, ai.d it deemed by ih-m sufficient t r tiiat pirpas-, th- said b iard, or a majority there T, shallI personally in-|e <.t the property allseed to I - -p-cially damaged, and make, or Cauae to be ii ade. any < \aiuinati >n connerteil with said im pro* -meitts or repairs which they may de-m neces sary or proper. SF-C.2. A?'i h* r I fartnrr fx art"!, That if, after iL*p-ction an I examination as aforesaid, th- aaid I" ard.'*r a maj >rit> thereof, thall be of the opinioa it it special damage* bate been sustained bv anf perai.n or p-rsona, as afore->aid, the* -hall estimate the same, taking into consideration the l>*neflts to ?aid pr p-rty fr-?n? said improienaenta or repairs, a thi fil? among the recorda ot th<-ir office and in the free of *h?S< cretan of the District written state ments of their action and estimate of damages, and shall make a foil report, in writing, to the next ensning ?e-si. n i,f the Legislative Ass. of all applications mad- to them under the provisions of tins act, and ,.f their action thereon, and of the am..iint* awarded as damage, and the reasons and ground* of such awards, for the action of the Legls litiv" A-seinblv thereon; and a<> sum shall be paid on account of damage* ?ntll after the same shall have teen approved by the Legislative Ass tnbl and an appropriation m.tile for ilie paym -ut sf the same. Notice i* hereby giveu, that all parties claiming damage* under the above act must life their petitions f->r tlie same mt tlie Offio of the Board w ithin TEN da s from tbi- date, in Older thai ?nch claims may t edvlyc nssjered and reporter! to the Legislative A*semfcl> for its action. Blank form- ma> be obtains,) upon application at the Office of the Vice President of the Board, Co;umbia Buildings. Os street. all M ALEX R SHEPHERD. Vice President. JThromcle and Republican.! is ie?t*. alOSt rr^a EXCELSIOR LODGE. No. 14. K. OF P. vf^-y F.itr) niember of thi* L-alge who intend* to v isit Rn hmond will meet at the Hall, corner Mh and D streets, nest HON DAT. Uth i list . at t 30 p. m. sharp. Members >4 sister Lodges are invited to unite w ith ns By order. SHU' JNO. W FALCON ER.K.of R. and 9| THE TBACHERS Ot THR PUBLIC SCHOOLS are ranoeeUd to meet in the Jef f. run Building HEXT SATURDAY MORNING. 12tk instant. at \H o'clock. The obiect is toaacer I tain, if possible, why the law haa been violated In tx >n pa v meat of the tear hers and who has bean bn ettlrd ther*by. |Rep ) slO-tt ir3?THE PUBLIC 18 HEBEWITM HOST respectfully Informed that THE PARK of th.' 'Washington Scboetse* > ereln ' Is ahaalnlely cloMd oa Sunday, except to active, paasive, or hon orary members. Any respectable person desiring to b c -an- s n'-nfber caa receive information by call ing or. 8. WOLF, President ,T#T I street ,J NO L. VOCT, Vice President, 4??7th atreet; 0. RUP PERT. Treasurer, 4*3 Tth street, or ef theSnpar intendeiit of the Park. By order ef the R >ard of Directors |ChronARep?tjSnaday papers It. | tf g TTTTfTT I iy-3?office or the commissioners of THE SINE I Mi FUND. WasatKoto*, D C..March *?, 13T3?1 In* undersigned Commissioners will rfttlft, it the office of the TrtMurw, M'jw? Rally, at the National Metropolitan Bank, until TUESDAT, April )iil. at 13 n'cliwk nonB.w*!"! propcwala lor the sale to th>*m of ONI HUNDRED THOC8AKP DOLl.AEs of the sit per cent.f^n year bond- ?f the late rorporation of Washington. Thay reaerve totbems.-hes the right to reject any Offer which they Mar u t deeni ?dvant *?e >us. H D COOKE, W. W. CORCORAN. MOKES KKi.LT, H. M 8WEENEY, LEWIS J PA VIS. IT 31 -en* it Cnmnitsslen-rs. MllllLAL HKPAKTMINT HOWARD UNIVERSITY . uv First Course of Spring and Summer Recita tioa will rootmnif* MONDAY. April 7, P.m., ai d will continue for three n><>ut lis. Tuitlon free to matriculants. JOSEPH TABEB JOHNSON, M B . aj-eolw Secretary Faculty. OFFICE OF THK BOARD or TRI " , TEES OF COLORED SCHOOLS OF [SHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. StnN?B School Bt ild:xg, ) Cobnbp I7th and M Sthpkts, } . .. Wa?h a, D. C., April 5, ltv'3. S NOTTCE.?Act ordTng to revolution adopted by thi- Roard April 4,1S73,1 hereby give aotice to all p-rson* having claims agaio*t the Colored Schauta of Washington ai>d Georgetown to file duplicate copies m tfiis office on ar before th" 14th of April. h?3 H. W. I'ARKE, a7 lw 8rre:?.->, Ac. j?^?YOUNG MENS^CHKISjTIAN A3S0CIA JHI.E READING BOOM-i*?i'y, IWeekly.Secu lar ar t Jieliturv} pap'-r* from nil pa: ts of the Uni >n. CIhCCLATINO LIBRART; 11JW0 vols. T-ni? rtr year: ft r-r auarter. PARLORS AND CONVERSATION BOOMS for I.adie* aud GemJe nien; Chess, Cheuners, Orssn anil Piano. Daily PRAYER MEET1NGSat U If,6 tnd 9 r rn. LITERARY SOCIETY Saturdar evening. at 7S o'cltck. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES it., nail a: 3'? o'clock, at Theater. Conn jm*? at 7S oVlnck. tu/7 M I L B I K N ' S NEW DRCG STORE, No. I4JIS# Pess?tlvamx Ak'i>?, Depot for Sf'da and Mineral Waters. felJ ljr IS PKCIAL NOTICE The Tar ??vfr. < ' the Di-trot are n lifted thai we hare CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, (xtikh are retched a: par in paynetit of taxes,) b> the H .n. ral ls Board of Works. Apply to R. FULTON A CO., 314 vili street, near P-nns\ 1 taiiaairtiui-. all lit* \ 11! GUSTAV K I II N h?* so arrang-1 an up l~ I tight Ea:.l P:ai.o for Mi*. Admiral S-lfiidgt- by the addition of iron tan, a* to! eff -ctaallv prexent it-> the tarn,* tin e obviating the necniitj of fre,jn< nJ tuniug, ( > faclt ata>ost mi'. e?>al t j instrnm'- its of this cla--.) ami it aft'i.rdti Iter mncli pleasure to eive this testi monial to hi* abilities and skill as a IMano maker. Georgetown, D. C., March 2uth. all-ft* I 7RIIT' FRUIT FRUIT ' J l-t received, and ready for Saturday's market, prime l<?t of BANNANAP AND HAVANA ORANGES. ARLINGTON PVCKINO COMPANY, D-aler* ti> nil kind* ot Foreign and Domestic Fruits. SuUCvt, Pitklf'-. Ac. It* 4*T mid 4**g C.-ntei M >rk-t. WI RING LAM B8 FOR EASTER. CHOICE SPRING LAMB, the fiaes! to he had at this season, will t * F"U:id TO MORROW MOKNING at tlie ataiid of tIf ntidersignrd. R tue " B. F. HIST. ft ?il-> ??0b Jtfi**, It *: ntei Mark t. HA% E VOL* t-EtN rut little World: I' I'?*, w? advi-- jron to call sunn at 7th ??tr ?? .between K at ?) L ?t reel?, < u,-ai B >gan A Wv lir'e.i The Little World is kept l>y N rinds, dealer in Hoaiery, Fare? 0<?>ds. Jewelry, Stationery. S'.? ti?o.- Ac., Ac., and is supp I to be the cheapstore of W isbiagtoa. apll \ A V V PAY OFF ICE, ~ Wa?iii>oto*. D C., April 11, l'<73. ?*?:? ed Prop^aaLs, to t> ? tndor?ed " Prop ? ill be r rciiNl at thia ofti e until lii m. th. I7ru I'UofAihi., 13.*.;, for the b low -described Chal, to I deliver*d free of np w^lli" contract ir paying < M of ii,?p<ctioii at I lie Washington Nav> Yard, srbjeot to tlie iLsttal insp"ftioii, to wit: Hi IIEAC EQUIPMENT AND RE' RCITING :o>0 (three hundred > Ions Cumberland Coal. The c >al is to be delivered on tbewharf at lit Nji y Yard into tarts provided br the gorfrmifiit, nixl will l>e paid I >r a< ording to th ? wfight f the Navy Yard scales?2 2K? ponmls to the ton. Bidders tnest state in th< ir bids the time within ? hit lithe coal ran b- d,'liveri*d. Responsible se curity will I* revjiiired f,T its prompt and faithful d? livery when awstd-,1. I'lauk fi-rnis for bids to 1 ? hnd at this office. Tlo' right is reserved to reject at>\ bid not consider, ,1 advantage >ns to tie-g >*erti ment. G. E. THORNTON, all .Ht Pay Inspector I". S. Navy. rIN1TED STATES PATENT OFriCE, Washisctos.D. C.. April 9.1873. On the petition ot ARCALOl'S W YCKOFF. of Elnnra. N>-? York, praying for th? extension of a pat-nt granted to him on the l>tb day of July. IBi?, and reirsued on the 13th of March. ISM, tor an ?niprovement in Hollow Auger*: It is ordered that the testimony in thecase berlos?d . on the ltnh day of June neat; that the time for tiling arguments and the Examiner's report be limited to the 20th day of June next; and that said petition be h-ard on the 2J?h day of June next. Any person mar oppose this extension. all f.3t M. D. LEGGETT, Commissioner. MISS HARROVER'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNt; | LADIES AND CHILDREN, 1336 I st.,oppo- j site Franklin Pifrk . Fourth quarter will Itegin Api il , Ifith; fal 1 term September 9th. aplO-ltn* 5H|J1 FARfs'f f^OLOVX^POT, (1^51 UUjiailj ?.!? Pbxhstlvakia Ave., UifllUl W W B?t.?th aNDlOTHSra. W ! ?^"SPRING STOCK ju^t received. BLACK. LIGHT and MEDIUM A8S0RT- I MEN'TS? I and 2 Buttons. alo 3t H A M ?, Ac r. 1,000 MARYLAND SCGAR-CI RED H\MS. tl <JAR CUBED BREAKFAST BACON, SMOKED BEEF, BEEF TONOLES. HAM SAUSAGE. IIAM BOLOGNA. LEAF LARD.6 lb., 10 lb. and 25 lb. tin*. Just received and fer sale by BRI AN BROS., 60S* Pennsylvania avenue. a!0-3t Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. rpHE "VICTOR DRY AIR REFRIGERATOR^ is not expensive, and yet it has uo superior InljjST] the market. The Sole agent for their sale is II. I. GREGORY, s<t-fit 6.14 Pennsylvania avenue. w C HAVE JU!?T RE( El \ ED 60 DOKBN LADIES' feKlKTS, WHICH H E ARE St.l.HSU AT (lENT.s PER SKIRT. LOIKUOOD, Ht FTV fc TAYLOR, 6X3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENGE. aS tr M?tropo1itan note! Block. tMBEU LUMBER'!^ WM. JOHNSON A SON L Hare just received a large stock of WHITE and YELLOW PINE LUMBER, LATHS, SHIN- I GLES, and FENCE PALINGS,all of which we are M-llirf at low pricta. Great inducements for cash Cor. 151 h and Bsts. near State Department. ap91m* in | Mcelroy, kairdaco., iai 4U4 NINTH STREET. ? lUi our spriuc stock of SH ADB FIXTURES, F1NB GOLD iwa naDHi/tvd nnans * We have just received i HOLLANDS, SHADE 1 Is'v I v ?mdj r ???* uuw i/ ABD W ALNUT FRAMES, C0BM1CKS, COBDS. TASSELS, Ac. OUB STOCK OF PHOTOGRAPHS AND CHROMOS is now COMPLETE, and is one of the Pllf EST to the City, all of which we are offering at very low prices SSTFraKea Repaired and Regilt aad Furniture Covers msde to order. a9-t?l ?1CILLIRCC Is MpprtcimttJ, ?tit tktmn in tkr continually in crtartng tal* of the celebrated IPENI'IRIAS STEEL PENS. ? ? (???????????????????????????a eeeaeaaa ?? t* st(?(t ? TiMe pens are comprised in IS numbers; of the Number On* Pen alone, we sold mors thau 4,200,000 ia 1372. Thar are of superior English make, aad are famous for their elastic It y, durability, and even Bess of poiat. For tale trtrptekere. t^ter the fnrenienr* of that* tefca may aiU to try tkeu Pent, we will tend a Sample CnrJ. contain isf (U of tkt M numbers, fry mail on rtenX ?/ M ?sti. IYISOK, BLAKEMAN, TAYLOB A CO., a4-ao4t 138 a?d 140 Graad St., N. Y. ^?ALTI SALT ! I SALT ! I f The undersigned offer for sale, in lota to Mit, the cara* of the British barque Hanna? l4K?sacks GROUND ALUM SALT. SalasfrMB ship wlU ha at rednred prices. _ r TMOB. DAV IS, R* Water atrast, BS^eSv I Rep) QaorfatowB, D. 0. WANTS. w^t.ep-a ktksk. lamlrr at lrti:< i,m, atfet.orwer Ma?e?rhw?*?ta ithihi?, all-.t: \\ nrjjeatn?' ?? ? ?m fl,.,( ham .mj1*8"* id; lx?t of rff>r?nf? re-,nlre<i. |j* \\ antel?a competet.t n.irae; mid ||?.aged art t? '"r?l Apply at 7*ti <*li ?< if* W ?,ni^ii{ra wt>man. fc- r.?a, waah an i ir m, " *1" ppniiiihunu ?t*?n if. n|| 2rw \\cook1 "* cuambkklivld ...a ?mt*h?Zc?.14,541 D^' ?*?? \VANTBD-A SERVANT laai general ' . *fk; diufl fx- h o.e* and ? r?fn -nc teqmred. Apply at 707 8th >l. mribvmt. 1t? y^a.xtkd-doakdkk^. in alevao Iria, h .nrt addr^^^*mda?y i1'*'*- *c' ?*o>ulii.nt. andrew. b>.? 363. Alexandria. a a. all-st* \1'AHTKD-tw? hrst-clmo millineb8, al.o. \vft?tei>-A j OLOBKD MAN. ab aw co7?i! ltC'lte >*"1" arp,y ?l 1?1? d mkfl, \V p7?tv-? c"~u' * f -n ^ i 4 i t. or pre I n hi. A<illl PM P ist H.. v 1 4.i . ii i. \\ r ...vj ; vy? ?!??** ??r i n?ckt-rini? nre i ried. Addie** f ,?.t Office box li|.?. an j; \VA.sJEK~?'" M A It R l k i'ol ?41 dstj*.? " j?l'vmal-8 Marble Yard. \\ antkl?a dlai KS M 1 i h . tod * s!i<>eing :?vl ifTV'!* w'ltk . i<"i"ire ?i BARTLKTT ? 11.. majls. Til>er Arch. nil 3i* \Vwnt,'d~* hl.aokmhth and GIRDEN ... , *?? appjy ??' robkkt i i I.ton a CO ?t h ? h st i t-et, Washington, D. C. all 5i * \V ANTED- \ colobfdhBOY. f>r a farmi,, ; "???'?? AppU t.? k FULTON a CO., .il ? u? strtyf, near i?. una. jircuu'*. nl] wa*T.'p-A -?'!! -1 WOMAN, to (Ml, wmk .1 , v " i' ah<? htwlf ^dp'?!!v |J, f?| lj v ?"txl referent ??*. Anp:,' ht no. -.7 0 11th .tr.-.| northwest. it" \\ Ki'vt-'i'it< tame >ounir whit.* |in~, ?lie ? . ts v ?n.,nd'."'ha.-nberwork and help ? itn i , i1,'.* "ii1 ir- tunc, or would tai.e nur in ' ' frldtes- ? x ip. smr .?ffiri?. ' j{" a n1 kd? T\v<? g1kj.s?mi.. |, | ? -ii.M .tl lions?'v ork. m,.i nnc to take raro ??f a |(fi| t ? ???? "iir IU i <tH*~ fhvfl (ii a i?nl ,ah k, ,wo"n *IirW'N \\ aht*j>?HOUSE ' i r-?? >u>*-. w'ii, ? f u itt, hatlir.m in aiul irn*; p!?*? - a i|( | icatii'ii i? addr^ L.k-k B .v I), V.i jiinjt.'Ji ? i'lilf c llll-v * W SIT?ATI??. i>\ ? raailiniair. ?!.??? ii 'i? i"" w thorirtwhljr nu<4<'r,taods n \\ i|*** refereoct*. A Mr.--, |. \\ 'j"' "[ mn, a muali bkictx .7?ii i tl,e ? ?r? ??* rn k^tion of tli,. cin m>?.l ra?li paj ni' i.t, and about .?.vi monthly A t '? ?'' wllh *'?' Raymond, ?ur ?f. di ll* %1 AMTtD? \ w1utk fSfcBVAN'T i (i..niitn pi "fell i-d, >in a very small fainily of ?hiw??at kiw.v h..w to wash and iron, and l.i. " ,mi ? UrnVtLKH A I o .361 paavoniie. alls'* \V an,i^.u_a n^t <1?ks MIl.r.IMKR, at ,T M. will1ax S,t?q7 Pa avr w? tbd-A wii1tk womam. t? c,..k. wasl ii j1 ?n for ft finiflll thmily. luauire iit 131*5 II slr-. t. ik-toe. p 13th and 14th ms. 1",,ulr, 3 yyrANTEl>-A rol MTRV qa rdsnkr. <rh > is ?'"l industrious, and ra-, r l rlt r v feci?miih'itd^l. II n. wao^woktii iouitt vt iinom hvtmi' ?n<l l ?t. al0 .1i* V^'K': " b.ri?hr *rwl affwtionatv . *'r rl, ??f ii'?t len.s than one n?r more tli?n irrr.'i^- s,!''wi|l r-r?i?f. th- l.ving car? of t ut i. lmt>-aved t,? thor. apply at thi. ..ttl v al.i s - \v ant?d-a y iiitk UIRL.15 yeain of *gv, C? k ?.,Appl>' 611, Urfw .'n w ftM u gtreeto northwett. a9-.1t* w ?m "UnXtZi v? "fr^- l.?l? johnson a son> lutiibvr V ir'i r. r. p<*r 1st !? .ii'i k street* u"? thyvvsl. ?'? ;{'" ' \\ \x^k1i> ? cfotkt CAN vassibs?mil* and .< "n>alt?f.>r ntr ?i?-l country. \u i?, .k bu.i strl f t r rVJIey v' r*ht 0*11 1 7:j'? 0 ft Lorth?< s., lui? rt u 4 ai.d ii p. ni. n't t *

\\ b^,ik,!'-bv * ronuif man. a SITUATION i y. an(1 s,*'?uiiery utoro. ?%n ?:?!&? <n .?>?-?. or. k?j <1 ilo c<?p) injr kof r*-nc. ^ f, jlt . pr^m employer.. AddrvM a. B. c. cuy'p"^ - ? h'J-? >j * wanss^ifs r^itl,oV.ONfs- *?????7" ??*!%&?> w 'l?l1;,1')(t^c"pl;111" oikls tor h mwework. n? l',,,"!rw,;r.,;.t:r'- j w"1 hd^ ajice^ Address HOUsrf.q.ty p" t Office ' ?JtSrHSTx,.' ?"?!*-1 Wavis;i^B.^K1,,?? in country! r i Mr. t ? tiv a L i?4> ubo wl^hni to tearh Mnslc in payment. Addreaa L, Star offi'v. a.? 2w \\ vv-m\Vs.!*5:st,kr? ?>at M.ii.. 1. maison.ot s^w york, h*s op?ned It ?r 1 w ii ' p*'1""- ? *?? 13th atr^t m>rth : bimim' v\ asktvi1sa'uAt ui'KlZV1CT0B . ?.o " MAI.'hinb hu it* nectU ulf-sti pJXaCiSts^sskr'wr- ass ?? ^5wrks.*5sr^~. br*neb ????? ^urrsniy T. w. 8PICBB. A rent. \V ^|) j.^7.ever>b"djr lu f?vor of tboroa*(7ly t? c'j'a,ie^ almoat aa briaht aa new tn ?^nd order* to L. bicfc, at the Steam (farpet boati'ug i m*'"* ?vfoo?>. bet. 4h and ?th ttr aprlj l? 1 LOST AND FOUND. "wsa'-w; I Ruder will pleake leave them at y*j3 ii atreei ana receive a suitable reward. 1 "lr.<7,t 1 lobt-thell,att,calj ''ndine, painted lead irfn *' *' ?v?*1 l"ud "r,,""d the top, and ?re.-n to w " h ^ p?'u f"r h, r retnrn i ost?on wi^lneaday evenine, the <?th lnat t.?t I ^con?reaa w-t. and ga^ anV qr^ne* at, th^?jr/f",ow"> ? bracklkt. a?t with (jarneta uii? xr * rec"n " ? suitable reward if left at I?? * alf>-3t (|ST-A, Scotch terbikb D?m;; y..||.,w |?lllf ^ hair; abort tail and e;.rs. an.:! ! ' ' u' , io the name ol BOB A liberal reward^ss^ 1 will be paid for hia return !</ alu-ai. fkbdinand BUTLER, 1407 t st . ? w. j 8 i 0 ^fciwt?u~s,r?>"u lh * 7ti> """t r'em^ir i ?^n i brown marf. mi LE The abov, /kv \ j,!.ri ?!!*?iir<i,.1ilrne<ji?oboroe MKT " ntr6#*ty between dlb and <thtn. w. a9-3tm m v* A PAID, and no (jues irui I'" ,ho return or % bbindled SLUT?feet and tail ticih-ilsaau rr,.ppe,l-to JOHN i(o 3?k ?*i p Best an rant. .101 l.tth st n w. a9?t* STRA Y*D-kroDi my oreiniaeh, about tyvo weelts *f*! ? *jr> ('"fli rtpcow ; medium si?e. .. old, in good condition, with long hornx actjjt amiable r. uard will 1h? paid for her return tosol me, or for such information a? will h<ad to her r.. ? T. BDW DCLABK. ?9 3t Prnna. avenue and uth st. Southeast i10abd ok PUBLIt; WORKS, district op Columbia, A rewardI r^, fotiiid stealing, the Man-hole and Hewer-traD oovera "bi"?v i"r vf.iw?l",,?,"n *"J So?? By Older ot the boaul ?- If | ay , kdward johnsow. *" tf | Bepub.Chron.l Chief Clerk. I^nj.-'.b STOLEN?The followiuc SCRIP divt i dkndso" polio No. 4,719 inthe Penn M, \S. r,",."i2'ire wn.pany, of Phila lelphia.ti/ coi i . k ?r. . *"? i am for u7o for $44). both in littorof wm.K. hpaldtni; A rewaid . ii ii f si.nie to M'M h. .JAMES ?t the . ltice ol James Lockhemd, 4id loth street noun* est. mw-fiiw* I .sfkv.v,'! .i*, m*rr1'-e afreet, b^twi^tn ? J loth and itd atreeta uorthw<?t. a bl'R y rinii with two pewit. A lith-ral reward will be aaidii returtied to No. sow 2d street north west. tnl .ve BOARDING. fo?.batvTOaut,viiiAra r*~ouM. rate,.^d and cheapest Boarding arrangement in the city bv mdreaamg Dep't CluC, Box fb. *?r '.w.^ ^ BOABP, PLEASANT BOOMS, AMD at corner of pdftiuvlvbnib avenue and Slut rtreit. wSTyl-l? yiexna EXPOSITION. (irc ILAK LETTCRs OF CREDIT, iwikb bt JAV LOOKS U co. ?a.'ft^Xsamraiaire?r?h- - tnn.n k^'orbyl^'te^. fur?i*h?< "^.aphica JAt cooke k co., ?aaktri, . j**".1*. washington. Jw. BRIGHT WELL, ? successor to CABBOLL W. wibmlow, SHIRTMAKM* Akb Dial** in mm* Tc?suhik??, 4 i* 9th Street. Having mr. window'? patterns aad c,'intr?lof kto **aof?ctbria? factll-lMl hi? old cuatomera art recouiended t^bv i?ve their or4er with?. m a-la m i^wbi LIME i LIMB i Beat wood bnmt LIMB at b1 per barrel delirerad (?all put* of the city. m ,-wi?: THo^ gg?^r?. inumbeelavd COAL. joal^^c'vark^;,' * 3jis Peu.?te.,<?et.maad4ha( i atreeta. FOB RENT AND SALE. L'CK BENT?Two neatly Fnmtsh-d BOOM>-u r second floor, with BOARD, south trout, N ? ?!.*? K ilrM, Hwi-*# jih an<l s h streets sll-3t* I "/OR RRNT-De.ral.le FRONT R< >1 > M, anfur ? ?hnl, with BOABD. iu ? printr faiuitv. at ltf.iW SMi ?tt?*t rerihw nil J** . |VOR RRNT?HOUSE and FURNITI'RE; HtMr I 1 i n.ptet-ly furnished Inquire 41? ?,b -tre-t nortlmM ?ll->* l/OR RENT-That veiy <i sirabl- STORE. 3 I T I a 8tn street northwest. Market Sp.t. f: Tllos?. E. WA(i(;AMiN,ilH;tl,^r ft ,n v LViR RENT?At a maouiMf pi ;.e. a c. rat-.rtaS. ? r HOr^R ?iih tii'i ?3t-r Ap p'y on t'le pri m I JIIJ lii b str-t, al. oe X 1 street. all-lt.i IJ*OB r.IST-T?t' nicely futn.*h-d ROOMS, ? tti or *ithout BOARD; ho! ati.l old water lb tbe lwu?f. No. 1110 So* Yolk ??run", carucr 12.U atreet northwest. all Si* IV OR BKNT?9*4 Ma?ae< hus?tt* ave .'ie. en large FRONT ROOM. on se< nd fl . .r. fur u she?i. with or without BOARD. bath ami w tter | < lt?et on same floor. all Jt* ( LMiR RENT-A de?ir*Me RESIDENCE. JOO-i I I street,(Sjtli an ! Ji?t ?ti<*et? , h.i- iw> Ive rooms, and al! modern litiprottnim'*. Pixwuimi k ven on the 1st of May. Inquire at 1 7 ,'trt I street. al!-St* l.'OR RICNT ? I biTifd is bed FRONT ROOMTou I second floor,suitable for one or tw t- Btl'-uiet, on ver? reaa- t.ablc terms, on 6th ? -en N ami O, second <1 k?i ft iu the roiuer i: O street n>r?h , ? sat. It * l/OR RENT?PI ;?<;?':( ROt?>lS, v ith or wi h ut i BOARD, in a d*si ruble lo ation. couve ? ut t Depaitmen s, pi tt cipal li-????!-, and street t-an. Bo. I?>'?11 1 street mi .hw??t. Ol I ICE ROOM f t, .ii i ' I/Ol: hA 1.Y.-AT 1 KAl.l'ilA-N-w l>, I BRD KSnilb Ba 'k B iildijiK*: very ea?v ten . uea; fr..m yard; S street, bt-lwe n 14'b and UOi sts . i>'iitli aide; two bay sind'Wi; 7 nwRh. water and | ca ; I ro? n ti 'i"iu:n^; T street. Mv<-?b 1;Mi ?n?t 1 tli ?t eets, horlli ? le, brow n trinuu tigs: 4 rooms. :.ll-.-.5i B. U. WAKN'KK. 7 Hit 7th street. j/ O U K E N T~. 11ir. . -?tory aid Baeewett BUD K HOUSE, on I M?*>arl':>ett4 atenue. betwit-u lwh a' I Il?ii ntri-et* : u >rthue*t,r etaining ten ro<>ni<. hull. I>?th r.-otn and tw<>water-b>?et . milk vault in tl.- yard, (??! ' ? la", c m k'tic raitg>-, Eatrobe ?tov???, li >t au4 c.?l l ; wu'er in all cf the room*. ra'l l>?ll ?. inartd-inantr|?; roich in liort ?nl rear. Rent f 1 jain a v.-a- to :? ?. .? -d 1 renftonsiMetei.tnt. Apr ? to P A BVRNK.70J 7:1^ r?tt in rinw ? -J . ? r to t OX ,v 1AI. LAN. 41:? I 7th ?!Ieet all 6t* | V?inr?;NT-ElN E LABOR >TORE~7.t~2 i-i l'*'lUio) !? Nina avenn>- n"i th?e>t. alO Sw* | j l.-tiK RINT?Two unfiirniabed ROOMS. Ap,.l ' B 61'i 9tU street oppoaite fatft Will, al' it ? 'OR ?AI *-At lll?7 11th ?tre--t," HOl'SE of 7 r toons, ami lot 4-ixliW f"-t. Enquire >n tU ; preuilx-. alo-V * I?OB 8ALK-LEASE aLd Fl'RNITCRE. Very d> -IraMe House filleil wi;h 11 'aril rs: ?2..HW. sln-it TUOi?. E. WAO.-;M AN. ??! ? TOi *t r -t. I/TTrBENT-Tlii.e nnf trin?h< ROOMS ?nttal>l f?r In a?ekeepiim. llUtt lit li street, m-ar M )--tro*t. alO 31' I~?OR BKNT?HOUSE 1114 lltb reet.10fg.ini. ni- deiti imprweiueuts, Ac. Apply t>>M TRIM BLE. 61 4 l?lh street. ?- ahi-'?t\? 1~5olt RKNT?FURNISHKD "wt street, near II. E'ltlu r. - m-. o^ntler, ?"4 iKtfarc iu. Ad lrt-s JI AN BCVBlwOO., t?#i 15;fa strict. hIO ?* f/OR RENT-Two coninnniraj.n HOOMV N ?. 4lo ti sireet. h.'iwoeii l' iin-? Ivseia aveit'i" and E street, to a reliable party. Water snil bath on second floor. Good ref> r?nce? required. al.i 3i * I/OR ftAEl-By Jl'AN ItnYLK ? CO .604 Lv| street. LOT ? nth side K ?lr. e{. b 'tween 1M'? si'd 16th streets, t7*I -t. One third cash, l>?la?ceou time. *10* I/OB RENT-A foui ?toi> t.r.wn stone HOUSE, with all m< tl< rn courrun nrn?, -ii uated in * vecy desirable location. Poaaession qiv-n inuneliat-ly Ai-plTtoNo. TOT* U;h btreet. between O ?' 1 II sir. ets northwest. alo 3' * I/OR SALE-^A"two-story BUD K HOUSE, with s. ven rooma,In the r< rtheru pari of tli^cily. ch<i?r location A small cash payjneul ami inoi tlily. Apply *t Bookstore, lii^I F -tr?- t northwest. alv-St* l 1V0R"ReNT-KRAME CMlUlil ~i Hill, with live ro"tns. -outh fr'.nt, within a shoitd's'ai.c- < f the llth street cars. L I 5>>\W Price, 625 !>? r iiiouth. Iiiiiiu'diat. p.?i n FITCH A Fi?X. al? .11 1409 PeiiuaylvMiaavenne. I" VOR SAI.K-T*o SM K LIT HOUSES. N' -~ 11 i J ami lilt 1li str>-e?. Desirable location,park.*<t. .?1 i-'v) i si h. Also, two HOUSES on Madi?in stn-.-', j fj l.JMU each. Stn.ill < s-h pavni-nts: balanc* rnanth- ! Ij. JOHN 0. Adams, lio-^ bib street north , west. al'1 3t* IVOR SALE AT A B\K*. \IN V n .t FK A ME COTTAGE, situaleii in pio- ?il tie- tin ?l 1-s-air- ; ti's in the city . Hou e coiil nr-7 ro<-nis, hall, an ! j Liarra ill front, and is supplied wit ti (tas a'm wal'-r. La* n in trout, enclosed with iron feiie*. I.-i: It f" -t | lr>nlb> 90 feet d -pto a paved ?ll?>. Tiil-p-rf, _i i For terms apply of th? owner ou the premises. No i 11-J7 ljth street n-rthwest. after S p. III. alu6t* 1/ORRKB1?S xeral new"BRICK HOL>KS oa in street, neai' PeiinsjrIvania avenue. UK. WILSON. m9 3t ?'? I 1 7th stre.-t, opp P.xt ' >lii.-e. j I"/OH RENT -STORkImT4 7ih street, bp! m'ifli 1 ? str>-<t si it N'-w York aieuiie Apply to LOCK WOOD, HUFTY Jt TAYLOR. OJJ Peiiu-ylvama a^etiie ail 3' * L'OK SALE?One of th<sie tine new BKIChS on ' * north snle N stl e<-t, between 12i h and 13' Ii U.K. WILSON, u9 6t 4 11 7th street, opp. P >st O.tice. C"?tR RKNT?FURM1SHED. th*' 7~lL'N r ri RN1SUKD. ?tu. ??. %25. ?a>j *12, ?lo I STORES, *So. aw: Hall, f?>; oFFIi'k", fan. , *2?,816. fit) THOS. E. MAOOAMAN, il? 7th sl reet. a''3t F-OR BENT-That Tery d< -irable HOUSE in ; Georgetuwu, at the corner of O'een and Gay | streets, formerly occupicdb) Mr. Mullet E. K. WILSON, ?9-6t ft 11 7th street, opp. P ist Q[1i<-e. F'OR SALE?A FARM containing W acres, situ ated on the 7th stieet road, 4 miles from the Dis trict line, in Montgomery county, Md. Will sell 1 cheap. Apply to W. H. REARDEN. a9 6t* No. Htl.'J 9;h street northwest. j IVOR SALE-A tine Tbree-story BRICK HOUSE 1 on I stieet, I .el ween 9th aud loth. Also, a de- [ -irable BRICK HOUSE, on I street, b tween Sth , and Wh. 1- K. WILSON, ?9 6t all Tth street, opp. Post Oflic.-. J SOB BENT ' Marshall iiall pavilion. This lieauiiful autumn resort will be rented to a ; reliable tenant. npou liberal tenns. Apply on or i Itefore April 16, to JAMKS STE ES, aiMw Imperial Hotel. 1/t?R RFNT?One of thoae new press BRD'K HOUSES/No. S4 K street, between North Cap it?d aud I** street*nortb'-ast All modern tmpnue meiiti. Teini? nnslerate. Three minutes walk from Columbia cars. Applv to P. A. BYRNE. 707 7th street, l?etweeti 0 and II, uoitbweet. Also, a suite of ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping, at No. ?jl. mf ii" IV^R SALE?A nice, tire-r x>m FRAME HOUSF. r in K04st order; title perfect. Apply en the prem ises. 1917 E street, from 3 to 6 o'ebs'k p. iu. as-6t* t/iikSATTK CH EAI'?1 wo sin.ill Bro k DWELL INtiS, siuiati-d "li <? street, ItetW-en 15th and 16th streets northwest; contaius six rooms, bathroom; water and v'as throuithout. Terms easy. Inquire on preioiees, or at ltill Madison street, between 16th ami 17th. a8-4t* IVOR SALE-Bargain iu a RESIDENCE iu a P health location, that el>-*ant three-^torv and basement brown-stone Hou^e, No. lOWtt Maasa cbusMts avenue; 11 rooms, w ater and gas: opposite * overument reservation. Apply to B. 11 WAR NER. 7 29 7th street. a7-e.-6t IVOR SALE?SO I'ARE No. ?39. between A and B and 5th aud 6th 8lre?'ts northeast: either the w h'le or In lota Apply to JOHN HOWARD, butcher, No. 643 Center market,corner of B aud ? h stieets northeast, or CHRISTIAN M BECK ERT. 44U G street northwest. a7-lin* 1,H)R RENT?Two cotnoiuuicating frout ROOMS, with Board, furnished or unfurnished, at 1016 Massachusetts ave ,corner llth st. aS 6t* IVOR BENT?Two snites of uiifut nish.s| ROOMS, P suitable for housekeepiug; also, an uufnrnished HOUSE. O. D. BARRETT, Attorney at Law, Mfi-ljl a 17 4X atreet. ?VOR RENT-Two largo PARLORS, fronting 1 south- llower cardan, two cb??et?; 412 p-r month: B14 C street southeast, near the New N?r ket. >p5-fc" is*OR SALE?HOUSE and LOT, No. 33? llth st. r southeast; eight room frain- house,k smI cellar, cistern, 8^H) square feet of ground, all kinds of small fruit, a nice home, aud w ill be sold low for cash. Inqnlie as above. *5 7t* IVOR RENT?Fine BRICK STABI.E. where 16 * horses ami carts cau be placed, suitable for a contractor, at the corner of 2Jd aud U streets west. Apply at 4Q3 7th street north. at dt IVOR RENT?DWELLING HOUSE, with press r brick front and marble trimmings. No. 1407 Hh'ide Island aveuue, between 15th and 16th streets; the resilience of the First Assistant Postmaster Gen eral for the past three and haif yean. Inquire 140S 141 h street. Possession 1st Msy. al 2w 1/OR RENT? Handsome RESIDENCE, No. 1SS3 r 6th street, between M ami N streets northwest, with sll the modem implements For particulars apply to LATIMER A CLEARY, Star oBice build jpKW. fOR SALE?Eotim SO CARE OF tiROOMD, r (?61, betweeu 6i h and 7th aud F streeU north east . cheap, and on very liberal terms. J AMES F. RUSSELL A CO., Mo. 1 IT 1Mb street north west. **?* PALE-All of SQUAjtE No. ???, bounds F F?br by East Capitol street and Massachusetts av enue and 10th and llth streets east, improved by two small frame bouses aud stable; good water: frait trees of all kinda. Apply at corner hKh and East Capitol streets, Ho- 1W4. al-Sw* IVOR RENT-A two-story HOUSE, completely r furnished, situated at 4N 1st street southeast, corner 1st and D streets. Apply rorwer ?h and D st reets northwest. m*l tw* MRS. NORTHEDGB. ^SALE-TWO PIECES OF LARD, wear Ar jton: about one quarter at a mils boa the Aqueduct bridge One contains ? ami the other 3 acres: improved by two small frame houses. Apply to JACOB BIRCH, Ho. ? atreet, awrK town. IVOR REVT-Becond story r the National Bank of U the Bask,southwest corner f'oirUj- I ?"o* fational Republf IHIL IVOR fAXt, CHEAP-A r HOUSE, with staae Uti rooms and bath-room, hot aai e^td water.cooAing raufes, Latrobes, gas and na flztares, manits man tels, etc., situated oa llth. between O sad P streets corner |,M)BhRROT-RWM^^^^?^lfU]llagk FOR RENT AND SALE. F'OB SALE ?A nam It of i* -?t,r? K U I i K HOlsES.on T >it), ?;i i >, ?Tr^n n?r?hw,?T.r Mtainm? an . ,ch. %. It be aold on term* a. follow* Five HOl5E> frnw 5J.*> t? f ?< c??h o- w - r.' r' Five Hot 8k> at fra? f ?? t . ?'?<??' <Mh.-?n! Miaace inm -nthlr. quarterly, <^i h. VHito.Umit uirchiMbT ' Tbre~ HOCrKS ?iU bf nrli\' r?) ia i>?-| f .r ??rant gTund Al*>, i*vera] HOUSES iuCrtean I . -ck ? .11 be *<>ld t!i>t?|.r cash. *?' ll tbe ab>>< r II ?w?n have Ml, ofllar batli ?>iit*?f..cnpnv*t? fan.ilj. Tb 4?-I rone 4 ?? <'irttiK to tbf-c.?. ;> n a conif .rt?i - H>u?e > u e*., trlM. ?h?,| J Di>t ftll to <*11 at 111t I.ffii* p'?\ I !]? to punii?..!j rl??->?h-i f. JO# F KEI.LEt. _i: _ Ko Wh ?tre?? IIt K . F?lv?V.,KT?r 7. l a:Ti Bl ILP I 5 .? ? l tlw nith?*?t Cv?ro* r 17th 4\i4 t, ,701 uonhwr?; agnare 1M II . gas< H.VJu j (l!irtKniii,rtb*n*. al I* * 1 pOk ^AI K-H.'I>K M'TSNKMi VT TLkA^ 1 m.. *?a? Front half ail acre to e.?b< acre.. will t - ?"Wat reaM.nable rat.* and *1 mj term*. E ?? !i Hifcf?"i ! ? dw?llin?-boa?. att.l fruit. a.. i ; J, . ? M nnt Pi. a?ant onniliM. ??J to nit ? i ! l alit. J? I! Va " ' ?"? 'I aitnv I - h rL'.fn,?*! <r':' * :M ' V John t?.ka,~ | Tr. -ur, lu,M^,.t9ot C ITOK SALE?Ou C*rnl Hill, a g-uteei Sarr. r , ?,*".* "Or*B. contain.?n.L? IT ^ ???th aid at ore riNiw it h*. c*. : ' ' 1>1 ?nd hot ?#N,?iKl??!ef !oaet?, kMtnl !)? La ,. ,hr. hr,'pi!"hi' *,i,;c r?n?- ? i? ?????'?? i? 1. ill? I.1' li r,J" * !rer* l""*I,h4 ?"' ?: ti< Ul.lw>rl.o..d. ai-d ?ii| |?. k.,m ?.r> K>-.< n e?.r ?tmmf&itf.' 0,"""r ?"lh" pr*to^f?I A l,,(inuS'JI.K_.A HKKK ttcfSE. No 1 1?? I Mtr^ft notthveat, roMaininc four r.. <i?* *, V^"- i ;h" l>alhr H?ti ? ith *?? >r cl~-1, li t and col4 aater in chamUr-. h.-at*i n fa^lyr, and e?v kii.g raag^ in kiir*i-n. Tli? i t i?i*i -T.i r*'*?* I '. r*H f<K?t |>?;cd all?k T ii.ipyrlv ?nd carrla** h?ti?- J THl M^O^,c? rii?r of i?tb \u 1 N**?- V k f.? 3u tf FOR SALE. I /' l? A 1.1. - r, v B:t ? ? X v ? i i |Vr4 " ?.*."? Ar.- <uii* of rlfcK< K Ml . MAKfcL.a; I irr<i . Millx. in K xk ? r k. Nil % "sim iii A F<?i \ r ai>?. ?,.i I <i^' *IJ ?"?*' R- FI'LVoN a . Vw"uu?- " ????*!. ??*r l\-un?', all Iti* ?.'Oi: J?A|.R? A m?.u v.,., ..1,1 HoKSK, ? lit m ? ?' ? f<>i l.ii>(u- s- r 4 f.?iMh , fw r|. . (|, . _v ai.<U< ml,-. ( hu be v u at t?i. t? tbl^c. ru . K t aiul Nr? .1 i>f> atcnuf BorthwwT cfj-l I 1 " s" ' ''<?> ?? D.-.< r al y?l 7l h t.p ? ? SA I.E?An ? v.-.-ll^ni *tc >:.'l hau l iu.< |'ialt<<riu-s|tr!ng WAOOii, n idl h J. |? JJ* ? ! ' *"?>??* pajwt iiBHi^.. H , r ? ^ Citll I' *' ???'? ti nt f | V L i I * I'l ' L" ^ ?? Fact. rt. . ? ?\Z, Brar . V M * ,,^.,,,1, v: " u<* u \\: H A tLx luM 1,1. "? ? if A KaN I...!ii fiitir^l\ n#?w. K\* ? hand., in*? S..rr.l IIOKSK. a tirKt-cU^ turn out. Ai?dIi ?f !?? .?? ?? r^trnt Ofticr, between th? hour- ,,f li' an i 1 mi* 'rOP^PHAETON r?t .1*41.1 -AT^li .t l I. ?1'iL ?^4*IAEIOS, with rum- - Mr?.g, I* Soiks*K .iV.^ir-'** WI7 ??U?'ri..r W oUK ?7.a"? i 1 ,?? *?-r>- tinr Man ^ev i roW ? v*'"J'*' Hl<i' KLY j^TTk , , T ortable. New York avenue. I.e ^QS 1? enr fti h and ?t> atrewti nowhwwt. n-^l ??? ? JVOTICE TO COKTBACTOttn.?Sn^to, i-,rw A * ? im1 f t'?r^ Tix>U <?f e\ 4,r*' ?i siTni-? ? if'? "I BiMom prioKb; L U 9C0KE1DKU HIIO Pa.nve .ar-Btf.^g (| MaR-,,. b . ? ""ii "1* i |?kKK CLAY FOB sale. ? * Apply to >"?? **"*" * D,\\YiL.^ ! PER.SONAU I /!" .S ,7A'' "" Me of W~lne?1 c 1 ' I') ( . H., i":u??iii|( Intmi'n ,? ? ... i. <-?il *?*iu this , vtM? rl . e'. ? hII 1/ANNIK.? Bl.??ine* ?? m^,.t,i r .??? at'uiz 8 'bOHEKT 'M'"< I KTTEB M?.NEI> T MANY YHTvkS fe-hiVn/rTB.!"1 i\| UI*L. u' far KettmbU 7 -^3 I ith TtU M"ttwm,cmu be aeeti a i ii street D4irtbweat;aiao.giTe? d^iiuiati a- t?f ba?rr%CUr ty PbH??r,?u writi^ ^l"^ ^ ? tlT-fcn" DRY OOODST t^l'KlKO A.S>Ol MtEME\r #60 000 STOnTcF DBY GOOD 52.SJU, 11, HKE8S GOODS *? 'KMVO u> cloths and CAS.-I M Y. K K< hMm> ID HosierY and FANt y goo'i^ j;.?WU 111 LINENS and WHITE GOOD* ?7*W 'i. STAPLE GOODS. Ac uyul>-" ti GOODS OPENING DAILY. nirtlTJU'' new PABASOI.8 aid St*N I M ?. A7 ' rnteiTed. Price* froui 25 ceut. eaih iD BLACK s,LKS ?nd BLACK AL ONE PBICE TO ALL. _-H .O.Hand.O^VH^^VtV^t. |\EW UOUU&. XEH' STYLES. JLST BECSIVED. Ot'B PBING 8TWI OF DRY GOODS AND CARPETIXGS, <>r tlK lateat pradnctiona on tbia and otb?r il.I- of lb*- Ailautu. wbicli will be open for inwetiou tib8day, APBIL 1, 19T3. The goada we offer, enmprtaea a full a* .rtment of new and beam it ul DBESS G?ODS. auchnTDlaiu btjired and .Oi^ Japan^ Silk.. iW.iiiEom ?i?' JT Colored Silica, the beat fabrio in Black Groa Gram, colored and black Alparaa. Mohaira I'JT ' 5T-d- * ^*1.1 ** choice and tmmcr printa aud ' r me* a^o(k1h, too Domeroihi to iu<*ntiou. jW e .ball niao exhibit n full and eutirely new at <ck cabpets, OIL cloths, and MATTINGS. Kncliah Tapeatrr, Bru.^la in hand^.-me Paft rn. chofe^l"trmlna,Oil Cloth. ,f u*.Vrtic .lgna, Straw Matting, very fair, at as cent* Our variety in either branchea. Dry Gauds aad ( arret*. i? aaperior to an\ ?outb of New *#k. aii l fnTeT.u """? ^ Cbtaper lt,ao *e the public in eeneral to in*n.ct onr goedk and price, before puu haticg ular a hi n . WOOLFORU tc SHILBERG, 4SI7 7th STBEET, Between D and K, aontbweat. ?-THE arcade. Lovely polka dot goods, from iw~^ up, to i0llabd SILKS at ?1 JuVat n,?r*i bbodhead k co-a. IMl r atreet. SILK, ffl 9u up. and a . <...t i " kind, of SPBING ?t>d nL'MMEK OOODSjuat received at ?taieii n.Hefi bbodhead * CO"9. ""<rn *" l!lOi K rtreet. PROFESSIONAL. J AMES O.CLEPHANE. E.Z BUAILEY SHOBTHAmTJ?KITEBS AVbep^'bTKBS i,?. MARY D. t PACK MAM, lnl>-tw' ?634 SIXTEENTH STBEET DB J. 8. DELAVAN. HoMOBoraTuic Phvicia*. 1340 F -treet. 7 W> *,oru"1?' * to *? ?ft' "''' ">n, ' u>8, '?ontn*. ni? m V. HARMA, J OHM del tf ?o. 8 Ton 'ATTpRRBT AT LAW. w2&bZ:gTa?? (^ibculab LETTEBS OF CBEDIT. available ' 111 ?" W'.rld, fariiiahed to travel ?-r*. a1m>, DBAFT8 on London and tlie principal iWi'ssA'saf? * - ?" ?'*** H. C. SWAIN,Caahier. 'J'BK "BOZOBTH FBEEZING BEFB1GEBA TOR" hna a reputation firmly ealabliahM in thi.R3S market, bold only bjr a9? a.. ? l- ?BBGORT, 634 Pennaylvauia avenue. J^APL B g U O A T ' ?.000lb* NEW HAPLB Sl'GAB, from Somer aet count), Penn., joat revived Mdtor .aieWV, BRYAH BROS.. ul, ,rtoimlvuli avannr, *g"*t 1**1 CP>- Metropolitan HoUl atreet aortkweat. Particular atUatu ? fannc >i|Ui. ^TOMR MA8QB8 AMD BCILDKRS S tSiOSS* ' M"" business chancer i *>500 tm'JtaziU'M-1" *?>? ? ? II V* .ffftftl p..e - ? r ? . ~?k Mr ?<% , _ ??# *lli Mr v* , OK Ml l-I M , > Ms ?FGKO' V > < fc" im<>! ??i \.fr '".Tirsr ^ -? ?? I J . th Mr ??. 1 ?-K "A1 k ?" ? i<?MK\iiL,i: F 15 \\ n?. , - aU.4* TrT~" ???*?<??? appi, m?ii ?*?** ? BVfUtVVMMI ?i m eks* . ii a n. r -r r.~ > i? >? ,.? . , ,, 'ii*. p o#?, an INTj itrsT is it r la if ?"*' *?*" .t ^;?2r p..;;hiu'r "* ?n ,.,.rv?w. AM,^ - \| AM> a. 11 HER*. . A 1*1 I M I ' ? >AL|.-((ii. ,.f ih? ??-i <<>tvN . |;4 , W ?, fb. rlt,.. **?* ftl tat. Tl'la |?t rf ?t. ? laiprm d ?.* t? ft ri M?".? ??' -mw. } -It-i.r 1 n 'tk *? I comer Wtb and D *r?i? u ? ?., ?> tt9i* *??, - JrM' " ??<"?. ^ fcrww, till ? V ?rr.-t ?f?rn ?.-at 4 ^PL?KDII? Bl'MM? OPP.RTl NIT* i*.Vr,iiVi.'-*?.,il.r? :LMir-" *?>?"? * * *! r '? * ' KIM. B | >|\ ft.*. ( >|lu K.,u || i ,? . *i iwk.<. t r, . j t . t:.^. W;:? |^OANf t>S klAL KITtTT W- ar- p" p*-,d to mot, |, *n l: ?? r..?.. ? Wtn.a of euv af I nrn, j" f r f, , , ' 1 ''t^ai K<?1 B^K k MI DPI. tCT*\ '* m - ?? 1 3 1 J. - M ? I !?t* I II . f rnrMC MtrtrT' , ' ' fr lu t> I t *\C| iV 4 ' * ?*??? iv . V ' ?;>M IN ip I k*Ti\> ? i n ? N<| \ T| i ? \ ?Im ..I li ! r *' * * n ; 'I .. Lrw ;}'>NrMvkrr;,, ,rv^- v "7 , .* * r *' ?? ?" T-II1?I '? a t ri.t-1. si ? |.v ? h ? >. r?.r? ? II ft u Ttli? ??-, knr r | R ,. | ^T" v,v M A K O T ? I i \ \ . I?KAL Ui Afl, in .( ?? i .. ?P??r4a. K I i, t?0 ,'KN A Lsfrs? . U:li <a. ; i. . AllOrstiHU 3i?. i V. rm .ti- ? ffwr,"^2r . m" '(?.? I ^mTJv'V,\lMK ? <>h"? I hi liicltK. I, nikifro Bi alut ? j Hi.>r> , i JL i- vns iv '*r * SSta ?' w I^oakiTOT piblic ?t ^ xjfi h.Y.'.'Ts \ r ,n f10" r'rr ??? ??w??.?ra ?pflil Ulit. A ?b all i|is?- lift; ,)| ? i , l , LI* it. iOHHsi.jf a fZ "ptlw I'lir<.>??.| L'^R ^ALItjl tViUANi.i i ta. hti ?< u? 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