Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES r? T' H?. M l^ *. 15 v C?EPN A WILI.1AMS. A?cti-neera. I K<>. IOOI, nortbweet corner Wth atid P era? 1*' fM.r by tri stiks .>r valuable pr.op EKTV <'N C. NEAR THI CORNER Ol ?r pTRkETH. NORTH* EST. B> vtrtn- of three 1M1 of* first dated Win > WI, I hmwond A wi I J. 1 ^ th^ Ui r< H <? 21. IflJ. sr*l .Inly r*eont?d in lil**r f-ilii> B !il ? i S- d72. folio (V. ill i liler No. H84. folio 21. y p~ r.v?.|j , of th* land records for th- coanty of ^ *?hit iron. D. C., a? d by direction of th* parties f nt-d th-reby, ?f, th* nt?d*ra*','t>*d trn?*??B. will a . a! pnldic frot.t of the pr-m'? ?*.?" A r t? SATIRP \T. A pell l?,h>3. the tlir<^iSI l<--t!i???n(J)ii>ehe? front ky j- rf.-f.rh .?f u? haadr-d and tw. nty (131 > feet p?ven (7 > it he* of Lot numl>*r*<1 three, <3,> in J| j, nite r.-d five Imndred ami seventv-fonr. i57?.i aa-l r ?>!???? imp' '*emiats thereon. whi. h consist of ?-r t, ait brick hon-e*. Tlte brick * rk of these i - i .*??d th ' >f ili- tir?i fl?*-r >f j -??. win. h are laid. The k>c>!ion b-ir.g central, I' I. u- -,*h?u completed, will llnd ro-ulf ?a!?or J-' I T<" *u-> tf s.ile are : Ow-hllf in rvh. of which $99 T I# fid il th* <*lr; th* d-f*rrml pavm-nt* t > I n *'ie tw *ix and twelve m- titbs, with internet from 1 <!?y i f *ale. T1 eterMof late trust he rompli d with within f \ Mir, defanit ?lierm! th- prop erty may l> rr?. J at lli>- risk and C'*4 of the Brit *? inryuctof illh# ?Brth?JJf'l?Oi?. John r. hanna. j WILLIAM H. PHfLP,} Trn?tees. WU.61AM H WAR1> ' r? r GBUX A WILLIAM*. Ancls. LATIMER a CLEAR*, A K-tt i.-*rs a-*! R** Estate Brokers, uthw-stc. rt r F?n?)h?ni* avenue and lltb ?t.i Star Office Bmldiug*. SRI8TEE !* SALE OP T ALTABLE IMPROVED ON HVRNTII sTHKi.1 K\ T h N I> Kl*. NEARLY OPPOMTE BI T SoPTH ??? in".i \ kd i*>ivi:k"*ity. ionsisting <??" A MAT TWO HTuR V KIlxME I?WE?,L A N l? T? u STOKV ^T ^BLE?LOT Si UY ?J*6 67 lOO v?. B. t *iP4- of a d<"-d of irwt ?fV?d N OI>i. A P h7#, ar -1 dnly mcof'M ia Lih?r N-?. f .1^. us, one of th- laud racorda f ?r Wach f-ir? ii rr"ir>tr. in ?hf P!??r|r? of ('??liinihi^. and h* <j rert <n >4 th* party aKored th-rt-by, I will ?wlf, a r'' I'ict >n, tn ti->iit f tl?? pr'-nm??. "D ? I' KSDA Y. th<- 17th <!^y f April, A. P. 1573, at i 'rl<Tk p. m.. all that c-rtain pl*e, ?i\rc-i, .<r 14 < ct< iin<'. <itiia*?>, 1\in? and l>*inn in the connty f A -? _? :i. in *aid pi^rrict, niid kntwn ax lot 1 ? t eighty-two, (H.) in the >ti of 1 ,?it Pi ?nnt (H>tat?*. am made bv AVtii. P. p -le S ' J hti \> Wrijlit, :i!.l r'*cord??il am >n? tli- re ? r-l? f r -i id c.ntfctr it. the ofllr* of the r.nir?t\ ?>tr * > ?r. waul lot ha? in* a front f S feet on tli4 U .t?h 1 -i.n liT.d K ck*ille tnri,|vike S-*e'j?h *tr?-<4 r ?d. :>?d being . f a ? ptli of ]&$>? luu fe*t,r int<'n i 1<*i ??jtiare f.-e? , or l?^????, t ifetiirfi > I'h the ini^rov ement* ?h-re.?ij. T nn >.f ?ale ? tine-third iu each, of whi h ^I'?? t *x l>? !>??.! ?n areep*?t f hid; bitUar^ in mi. twelve, ftmt ?-t?h'een ?H>iith?. with iuten-it at ten rer cent, yer>, parabie e- ini annually. atvl t<> ?f-ftir- l>v of pnrrKaeer an<l de -U <>(tnut >n l?r. p-rty mt Id O"*?') aticiiy and recoriIit;c at pur tt .- r'< .<?t. If tenr? ?.f *ale are mi c>n?( i-d ? Ith ?ttfcir ?i* day* aft?-r - il-. th?- Trustee rucrvm f ? rictit t > rrwll the prop>Tty at th~ rink and c >? li U> futilttt r pi?reh??er. W M P. HOLT/.M\H, Trintee. ??d LATIMER .? f LEAKY. \ict?. JYL \TIMEK A CLEABY * Amlintttri Mid R' il rotate Broker*, t utiiwr?t corner Pmripylva- taaveaui-auJ 11th St.. Star Office B'uMin^i. 7i:t iinr.*- su.i or a c<>mport\bf.e BMf K RESIDENCE oN I" STEET, NEAR l.tTU STKKET NORTHWES.T B- xirtue?.f a deed to n?. dated Mir t. A P , 1*71, and ree.>nl-*<! in iil>er M. folio ILs. J B and I > direction nf the party ?*<-ur*d. we wlli ? II. at anetion. in front of th- pr-m'?e<, ,?B V y I?N r ^T* \ Y. Iftth day of April n?t' at ? oVl <k I in , L'; No 3d, in t'ha'le* J White'? ?ith1:*ini in t*'.,nare N ?. 2t*. w ith iniprov?.n?ent<. which con-vt *f?^?r^ c .vif-rtahle thr-? -* r and ittl ? ? - 1 ? Maliiw* rowan ai d h.ill, ih<* h >otc t 1 31 ^ r <tr-et. T ?m~: Our *hird ca-li; re^idne at S, *. 9. 1? is ai-d Hmotitho, with interest. 51<J0 down wlieu ih 1 '.45t i- kl. ?. w- d ? ff EREP W. .TONES, # _ . MAULON AHIIPORP.S ' ? r .1 .tie.Tw LATIMER i fl.EARY. An-t<. I f > I E H WARNER. Re.ii E'-?t" Broker and Anc'ii'iiJ* 729 SctcDtk ?tre?-t. between U and H. j T'BLir SM E or YALI'ABLE BI'Il.PINi; I 1 TS ON NORTH SIIO or PENNSYLVAN I \ A \ KM E. BETU EEN ttiM tnnltii STREETS EAST 4^ B' d ? recti >n of the wrv r I will offer fnr aa|e M n 11 ESDAY, Arril U.l^ oVI-k A p m . p.irtx of ?nl ?!:- i-i"'i Lot? 31.25 and i>. 1 ?.|nar -7 frontine ?l> -nr H feet on P-nn?yl\a 1 ft avrtiin . betaeru 4*h ari l 7th ulri i'tn ea?t. by a ti ?'i ti of ale.nt lw feet, or ti.- Lot w ill be M>ld iu :wo C. *er?nt p rti n?. T- rn .?1j?" ra-h: halance in <!. 12 and H month* * ith 7 per cenl. int?-r?*l .???? ?:! e.| tiv a d-*ed of rr.Mt > r ?re chaj ce f. r a Laritiiin. ?l'?) d.-wn ou day of t |aJ-eoikd?| B H . A' ARNER. A net. V Vjlt-.kN .V WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. 1"IV1 D -tre? t ti >rthwest, corner of Kh. m B _ Tlil >TE? > SALE or A SMALL UorSE AND LOT ON CIDAK STREET. BETWEEN 1??|H AND 1?th STREETS, NORTHWEST. ? B> V irtue of a deed of trina dated the It'll if of Arril, I>71. and rKorihd in liber No iv|7. fo lio SI, Ac.t of the latxi record* for Washington c ruty, P. f\. aud !?;. dir-. tion of the party aoenred lher>l y, I will ?-U at public .iiiction, in front of th-* Jr- mi-e . nt i o'-tuck p. m., on MOJiPAT.the 2 1st y i f April, |37j,lot nmnb -rn.1 thirty foitri It , aad tb ' trtftirfwlnflot No 35, of the record"*! -nb i} Ti-i.>n of aitnar* numbered one hnndred and thir li IWo,l.C T-rn - of ?*le: If' t3> in raeh. of which ??"> mint r-ud at ??le, the balance in 6 and 13 u?ntb*, in n t? ?r:R< ia'e-.-t and secured by deed of trn?t on th pre pertv. Cor-y?>am inK at th* coat of th? pur ?li*?er M P. liALLAN, Trustee. * GREEN A WILLIAMS, A nets IIYB. U. W ARNER. ? ? Anctlwiit and Real Estate Brok*, S" 7)tV 7th atraet. between G and H. ITEriTORg BALE "or VERY Y ALU ABLE BIMNESS PROPERTY ON THE SOVTH MPE or PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BE TWEEN 9th AJND IOth pTREETS. jB I win offer for sale, on ERlPAY, April Els Hi. at f> u'ckitk p. m In front of tlie premis-a, **to the hifhe^t bhider. Lot lettered D, snbdi*i >i..n of original l ot* No. 3,3 and t, tn S^nara No. SO. fronting XJ feet 1>, incite* on PauMyWanla ?r? on* and rnnuinu ba> k and frontin: on C street, ita JroTe.1 b> a three-story an l attic brick atore ar?l arllimc h'.cse, n >w ueropie.1 by Card's 1>an oflft-e, K?>.??! 4 Tliis is one of the h- et buainMo stands in lhe city. Ten?.s; On ? f nrth cai?h; balance in C, 13 and W ?iot til*, wit't interest, ?*? nre<| by a d-ed of trust ? pou tlie property. depoeit on acceptance of I .1 II terms of sale are not complied with within 7 s aft* r sale th- pr.ip.-rti will be rw ld at the rink and coat ..f the defmlting pnrchaser. Conveyancing ?: pun ha>er s coat. JonN M STMS. Execntor. ?r-cc3d? I <in_Cu au-p l B. H W AUNEIt, Auct. nY b ii wtnn, Real E?tate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 729 7th ?tteet listwwu U an 111 sts. T"'ELK sale or vali \rle BriLPiNQ TOT ?iN THF E \ST SIPF >F 13th STREET, NEAR Al ^TREKT. IN oNE Of THE MOST I'ESIRABLE AND Rtl'IPLY IMPROVING lOOATHi.VS IN THE CITY. jn I will u#rr for sa'e, on the rramiafs on EWthI RSDAY. April it. 1-CI it b .. clock p.m.. ^^lot 8, In Pa' idaonN snNli>laio* of Miuar- 3si, 1' ?t.'irz 3- fet-t?? m< lo * on nth grnt, by a d-pth of J- f 'i h- -. to a pav-<1 alley .4feet wide. T~rm? (?n? tiiifi| cash, und ?he b tlanc- in 6 ?ynd 1-nioi tli*, whh six per cent, interest, secured by a ii- ^'1 of trns?. Will h- sold clieaa. ??-e...\.Ia B. H. WARNER Anr*. Ill LATIMER A CLEART. ** R-al Eat ate Brokars and Auction -e?, KbtLweat corner Pennsylvania ire. ai.u ilib ?ir5^t, Star Office Building. 1 Rr?TEES* SAT E OP TW ENTT TWO LOTS, IS s.iCARE ERONTINO ON R STREET, BETWEEN 1 * rit ANP l?TH, NORTHWEST. A B? ?irtqe of a d-tsl "f 'rnst, datet th ? Ph daj f l?.y, a. P. H7I. anil recople,! in Lile-r folio 211. one >f th* land record* of th# Pi? t ct. f C> lnmbia. the suba<-rib*rs will s-B. on th* to the kifh-M bikler. ou THl'RSpAY, tn Mt'hlay f Apr:l. instant, at A >'clock P.m., *.nt?N . 74,75 7?. 77. 7*. 79, ?i, ?.?.?. M <, ?. ? ? W 1 it it .nd '*1. in ?unare JH. accorl i. ? t -Riifjai pint's snhdiMKi -n thereof, being I I " re^naat of the part lea secured by said Tha t*rri* ..f sale are: One-fonrtli cash. |of ?Mch E" p*r '-eo'iim of tb? gro#? an. -nnt of tli* purch ise 6 *ey Bo.-1 be paid at th? tint* and piar* of sal.-,) *'.d lite rmkiae. in *.|?al sum*, in t3. Is. and St *? nt's. ?ith mirmt at th* rate of a p*r cennm par ?, pa) lb la semi annually frotu tV-day of ?ale; tli* deferr-c) paymenta to b* ?ecitr.-d by a d>-ad ?f J'-.?t oD tbr pt?*itsea *. kl. and all Ci?n?e>bih iiii a ill I g ili?c.4 >f tkr nirrka?-r If the ?? -mis of sale *rs tot c??>plied with within fl?*da>? fr.>m th*- day *f sale, the Tm*tee? r<?erve the riuht to resell tlie Kep*rtT. .* any portion there..f, for cask, on tan **y?' public notice, at the ri?k and cost of th- pnr tLaser in .i-fault. A. HYPE. jTrn. ?* W t" BEMTOR < Y'Hst^s. J4 taw id, LATIMER ACLEARV . Aiff |V ? H WARNER, B? Rstat Broker snd Ancti ?ne*r, _ "k??a*t, Iwtwaen G and H. Trw al mm --?IApril. A. B VLttVt'oMk p Hi an tkoM certain p-aoea r parre't. ^ Krou?i Si u Mid tyfng In the city of WsahlnntoaTT) O and known an-1 described as lots let tared and mark*.) ' k and "S." in th* subdivision "f the wsstkalfaf a,uate numka .'sd hundred an l sixteen, Jlt,i ? Ii th. :tapeo<IMtBts th-rron. Bach lot a 111 be t> separately. Terms of sal*' One-third la caak; balance in t and fin-nth*, to he secured by notes of pare liaaar, with d*-d '?f trw*t o?i pr*mi*ea ?.>M. with lnter*at from day Ct -ftis. A deposit ur #9U will be reunired at time of ?s.e on each lot. If the terms of sale are ?d cora I 4 with iu hv* days the trustee reserves th- right l? r*w|l at the rwk srvl c ?S of the defaulting pnr tklnr AUv-uvt)?n ing at <-<t of th* p?in-hewr. W R. ToPD. .??., Trustee B H WABNE1. Aarrt-'iiaar. Ulu N ii ALE . k. Mriaaof sd*edf trust baa ring date Jan* 17th. El,sad racorU-4 ia Liter No. fl?. folio ?3tf, of th' ?cdtacorda <4 Waatington coanty. District of CV ? I will sell, on TrESPAY. the-.Ml day of yru. iiii. mt A o'clock p. m.. ia front of the pTeu ?t ?atoc anrtioa, t.. th>- highest holder, tha oae "i*d th'tv part of ib* honae and pesmi?*a de S^hsd am part < f lots N<> t and 5, ia square No. Ml, "?kiairua, D C. h. ntMi*d ae lulfow*?Beginning *? ^-mt ?a north L *treet. ? feet from the a.n'h gacorp^f ,.f I t A i. 4. riintiing thence west <>n the ?*'! ? street 3. f**?. rhenc* n >rth 130 feet, thence i tkrso e illi IJblsrl to the place of ba V?f. *er?.? ..f *al?: Oik half cash; balance in * and 13 anh tut-re*', secured b> d-ed of trust an JrP"p-r1). Alt r-sveTaso at th* c*t of the pux - JOSEPH T STEA ENS. Trustee. Dl'Nt. ANSoN. DoHLING A CO Ancttofteers. AUCTION SALES. 11 TIRB DATS. BV LA TIM ICR A CLEAT. Y. A nctloneer* and R>-al Estate Br ,k?r?, :> . ?hwee? corner cf P tin. ?ud nth street, friar Office Builiiiag. ^ATALi>m*1t M|,J or ELFGANT HOUSE HOLD >l KNIT! RE- STFKLING t>|| vm T Af W l\i i ^.WS- ?H*?T rt LD PL * W ABE ?NGBA\ ED GLASS & .f?1?Tr*!4?AT "OBBINO. April 14.1IC3, 10 .. > b-rk, at the re?iden. of a e-ntleman m Europe, No. VIOO H street.being *. *??< *""-?? corner of H ami 2h?t *t*. nwtb we?t we *h*|| ?.|| the following elegant Furniture: !!** 'Pg-r> >oy M*ne Antoinette ?tyl*, 'OWenti in Bin" Satin Damiik containing 12 piece*. Superb Mantle CI.-ok. beautifully iuUid; B mwt Table, elegant I.a ?? Curtain* and Cornice. One French M "ittette Carpet, containing al' iit set ??nty-five yard*. Tlirne Iisuiim) nnn''P? of Wi-^ine Silrer, made tr Tiffany, < oa> prism# Deeeert ud Table Fork*, I? ?.-rt and T?We Spoon-*. To'p.owi, Cheese .rp Butter Kni*?~, S>up Ladle, Flat Fork, two ? irarjr Ladle-. l"i-h Knife am] two .Sugar Tonga. 1' . .n,l S>. ns Sheffield Plated W?re, comprising two Rouud Vegetable Di-tbee. two Oblong Di*h->*, utra *i*.- Shifting Hat dies, two extra si*-? S Ui ft tag Handle Wishe*.-? Wall of Trov pattri " S..p? ri?.r Plated Ware, Fine Table Owtlery. Superior < lit and In*r??eil Ohx War? W *lnut marble-top Bonffet. Ornament*. Snperior French C1'""" Ware. ^ alnnt Kvl. n*ion Dming Table. Walnnt Cabinet. *ith (ilaia front. Walnut Secretary and B '('kcitae Kl' irant L->nn?p >. Ami'ine Ch*i:l. Km" Oil P lint ings. E? irravin*> *i?l Chronica VI " *"*<-'"rh latere* inCVotonn*. ' *i?i t Blsr* ? alrmt marble-top Cham! r Sn*t B"I?Sm - r ' F ather Pillo-.v* and >"ren.;r Brr.^Wand T;.re.-pU Cai pet,. 11*11. Stair < arp-t ar.d Velvet Rum 1 ilet v are, i ?r.l Tables. Shade** r.?.king a::d II -ating Stoves A*lZ\T.'T\TUt , f' 1 0,h'rC' ?>kir? K-.B.?'r??r full particnlv of this ei-jr^nt . witi ?uciion Term cash. :<<<-dAda LA TIMFR * CI.FARV. Anets bl?i|[S A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, I* '- lOOO Northwest hjt'i and D streets. OF ??rsFHOLP FCRNITI RF. < VR '7be at AnV!osLASS ASDcB0tKERV f?\ ??? Tl ESP.W.the lithday of April. 1^73, .aimei.cing at 10 oVI.?k a. m.,weahal| ?e||, reeW-nceof a lady deoiimiii; ItoiHckicp I, ! B < " street. l?etween North Capitol ?tr?*?r? northwest, the followin( named ar i jv l::nt n-'i-t.- i i- Bnr>aaa and Side Tablaa. w Biiiut ItWi L?? :'W. and K< elining i ha'M, t:n < K.*.'rr'. ''r' n Kep, Walnut Can Mat i nair? a<id Rocker* U'jlant Kxtoaaion Table, Mah-^any Marble-t >p *I..:l !e t..|?Cen'':r Table. OaV Dm>r?-rv)ai Chairs Lady , Work Baik't. Window Shade*, ?rr1 ?*"' Painted B">l9t?ad?, Bureaus, a |j o ?-!>??!arwU. ' nrU* Rn??ri n,,ly *- In*r un Carpeta. Velret Kniw aiid Pimr-inaU Ha . Ourhthrt and Stair Carpets, Stair Bub ami fn A aad Ccrtt M*ttraa*e?. rookin;? Ran-e T -in, (Mb. CKEEX * WILLIAM-.. Auctioneer?. |?\ GRLFN A W ILLIAMS. Anrf|, " ftorthweat corner of ly;h and D street*. TUf't'TEE'S SAI.E OF A NEW COTT*i ? i'vn ,iir,SU^.N P stRKET.BETWEEN 1*'ih AM> Jbxii STREETS. NOR MI WEST B? Tirtne of u d--d ..f tru-i. dar-d on tli- Z3.1 "f N"*' *"*?'T; A. U. u:t. and duly r.-. rd-d o, of \v i '^rrl f",'? I*i *co'f ?he litid r.-c V ' * a?liii?|rt*?o count* . P. (' . 1T? \ l?r n ? partv - :r J tjr-r do . I w ,!l .e? at'pl.l.c -?L ' I'. "/'l''' pr-.-im*.-, on MONDAY.the .thdav of Arril, A. D. W?.at 4'to cl ck r in I 4 i^niber^Hxty-e^h,.,!* >i.i Lane". suMfri.iou { i..'" I94 fr nt?."n*, fr<'\ a htiadred amlniii' ty lv*- .|r' luch^on north pHtrtt *i h a depth of K"Teet. to a t?ii-f.?t allev. ,r.UM: One third ca*h. of wlii^-b s|.?i mn<t be na'n.'i " ?I ',me balance in ai\ and tw. lve S- d . f t?.!l? 91 ar s xen |v>r c*nf-. ??cured bf ? ,lf V? *rp " * compli.-d wit!, within . f.7 I f Trn-teewHI r-ell at the < s. ct thr defaultintr inirclia?r SAM I EL T. DRL'RV. Tnatce. Ir_rnedijte'v aft?r the above ?al?. w? vrfll f,o?* . I. <5 and <S. in ^aiiie *.jnare. said |,.ta froiitiu 'iu t ;rh ;vQ :lr*w,,h ?* >* r- V ... . ","t<'n'-'f",r*h ia*h- balance hi six.twelre ; , wi"' <nlere?t at seven r t It'-'n T1"-" ??.?.?Wtti.n .-ill lost of ?a.e. All couxeyaacing at purchasers ?? GHEEy A WILLIAMS, AucM. *I^D\V ^S-0|W.AL.E ,S ^TTPOfED in til . : * Rv Ar uJ fJk nt piac**. i>\ order r h<* Trusts UREEX * WILL! V MS, Awta. ||T LATIMER * CLE ART. Anctianeera and R -al Estaie Brokers, &' uinwcat corner P^nnpylTjinia aveune an J lit h ?? Star Office Building. "* LK OF VALCABLE IMPROVED ??2n*?n?V? THK SXVENTII STItlFT /E* P*Rk L OI'POSITE THE SCHTET fiLj![ d? ?n bf'*ri"? date the 2^llr *A AM V?V^' D. UJ2, tnd rec Tjed in , , ''O. 6i2t Ht fulio 3M. of til? LAiiri KxrilP id < f the District of Columbia, and at the reuiieitt iif the |~r*>n secured thereby, we i*!ia!l sell iafrTnt >f hepremtae. on FRIDAY, the ?5th d^% ApriK 1/1* ??? 1 W Pi?, i Lot* n'unberud J7, 2^. 29 .imi Mt fE^,',1! ^"-1 Er>wnV,uMiVw ,nof n . * rt'1 ",w iciprovenients there tl- !'i ?*"r!y new. comf -rtabl- Frame l>?elling, with necewary ?nt-? nildinra, all in s-. xt condiOon.well i^excelleM wau-r thepremW I!'e.?tUd^ry SUver Horae Railroad K' T c"*- ??,?????? from the *th * May Tij4 n'":hicl,i,n ^ ^*k*' wfon % 1 ^ w,ll ?>?* reqairnd in CAflh- tii? i,a|a " jLi^oL^*011^1 t?? be teoured by a 'dt^d .?f tra-it property. #3u) down at tim-cf h?|.. |f the lertua of aal ? are not complied with within ?;T' ?h-property will be re/dd .t th" rUk .".?*2? cf tbedef%ultlnjj pqrrhaaer. Convernrciu* at ?nr ' Inaer'tcoM. ? ATKINS ADDISON,# . 0E'R?EE\RLE (Trustees. ?2wIAd. LATIMER A CI.CART, Ancta BV*?!?.* Anctlon^rs. " ?o. lOOl, northwest corner 10th aad D street*. if 9ALV Op* VALF \ BlilC Rf'fT ntv/i T^VNKoV^^^Jyi7i? ?5illcT?M0 (Ir*HrR$D\ T tL8?aR,EV9? AT AI CTI6N ? r^Mtfeof'0^ p. *2 ?fa^l ^y|l on the premia^ cjS^ ?tS.'ilSRSly^reeorded^ & ?,lo,a 1.,^ record. of W^hlnaton <i onnt), in the District of Colntnbia, known as all of 7, i10' f*) p"rt <* "?f num^r^l ninef eev'Ja ?'.?* fonr hundred and *er?ntv ?"'"heaat corner ot Jrf'?"<? "tanin* tbence north cL.. ?i ?*reet line weat one hundred and Are i Iimi thrw < *> feet four and half luchea. tbence sooth otie hundred and OTe/irs, f...? oience east ninety three feet fonr ^ one ha f io' cbe*(??Nt4H inches! to tbe place of herinninir Tenn,: Oneahlrd cash, balknce i.ifij months . ??*ared by deed of trust on the pnp.-rtv ?,| l' A dep.?it of ? luo reoiiired on each lot at the time of "Ith within*!: ?rji!? , aale, otherwiae the* reserve the def^aSJraiiSLE!i:'*^i. ?*,be r"k *i"1 ? ^ rf -vHu^TT Fnh~*T- A" conT*Tftncing at pur LCOWIO A. MEINEBs I _ Gl'STAY HARTIG. i Trnatees, ?? ecAd. GREEN A WILLIAMS Aucts. J{T Dl'NCANSON. DOWLINO * CO., Aucts corner ?th and D streets uortUaest. /a^ a '*y ' 11 il "? *? having a front ? .f sti 1 ot ?i^n" ' iiipon the Mynie! drP<h ?f ,ot' with ywr ?' ?ilnated upon the weat si le OT lltb street we?t. betweeu C street aud P -nnsih a propm7?in Umctt j ?f ot wKJSiS^^r^^Tjc^^ X 3 the'coat ott?e VnU^r^ a'^ u?^r.7>rprro ?wiu u " PCNCANSON- "dq^,,xoTr^.7*. Ajicts ?IT W. L. WALL A CO.. jr* u?? Marble Buildin*. N ? S?00 and ?93 Pa. are . sooth corner ?t& street. *roKT*Tv*.? two^tory frame h?t>e. hCTwrvw^9 ?W ROOMS. ON 9t,i STREET SBSWaUWn" *0BIU <ln WBDNBSDAT AfTEBNOON. April IS. *?ael?ih ^"nt *2 ,be Prf*?>s' *t sre wili iwTrtttf li^Mo ie ?f*5* of r^'^rty, h ing so?-h r*.".''' if *p.11 ? 'n St'iare 403, ?aid part of said fT"M "? ?' f< et on 8th street, and ruu ni.ixbackiO feet, ami connecting with a three t .ot L wMsSwe tb" 15 feet wiJ" ^v"?P?tlu alloy Term*. One third cash; balance in one and two fears, seenred bv a d~-4 'of trust ot. the pr"m? , a'iwV^ H* the expense of the pure ha* r' ? .?> to be paid wn op the day of #?|^ F r .? ^? L. WALL A CO., Anet?. \ t' c T 1 o N S A L K~. ^^,?V;ad*ri?ln'" ? d.te Oc sa recorded in libe, EC.*. coantj b C .'l **cords ef 'i''*' ^ r^;,rfi:^%.5aw tJllSKd.T? - mJfnTLTi?en?h; balance |a ? 4n. ., tb- ?r.wteM. |M caab"iiOTra ontS?h'l?nS*t2 ftrtlsfr- A ^*v7'rlR*v*MeSWri th* a? eoAri, Dr*CA!fS0N. DOWLINO A Co'"* Ancti?my<fa. ,^1'CTIOII SALE. ; J? asrisf >^4' Y?"f sr:JvirJi'h itav iww,?1 ""TtrnM^rf'sal?Up^* h!' ?" j*""1'' <?**; balance in i> and U ??ntbs, with jyerert ayarad by d-e?i of oust on izr&x* " ?* "*rh *",??? th? tirrte r4sale. All conveyances at tb- cost of the P'.rctiaaer LYNDON H 8TNYEVS Tr.wtee w** MJBCArfSoii, BOWLING * co!a?ct. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTER*00*. c T B II WARN KR. R-at E?tat" Bnk*r an! Auct'-neer, No. 799 7th atreet, bstween O and H . PUBLIC SALE OF MAT FRAME HOUSE OS THF SOUTH DIM ??F O. OR < 0|,FAX ST., mvkm 1-th AND 16th STREETS, No. 131V ? I will offer for sal*, to'he highest bidder, o? ?1 FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Afcru 3H ? o'cWk. the east M feet 3 inches of lot 9, la Minnro 196, by about ion feet deep to an ?I1er> im pro?ed by * tw,>-story Frame House of six room*. Term- of sal*: 9><0 cash, and the balance In monthly pavments of 938, at 7 percent. interest. ,?9ii down on d?T of sale. Abstract of title at my office. Tl.e li f-ition hi rapidly Improving, and here it a rhanre f?>f a bargain. a3 enAdr B n W ABNER.799 7thst. T TUOM A> k. W AUG A MAN, tcai E?tAte Auctioneer, *19 7th street. VFT!Y VALUABLE PR''* ***ITT, ?14 FIFTH ST I.KKT KoRTHWL. OPPOSITE Jl' PICIARY Syr ARE. ? On KKUiAl. April 1 ltb. at 5 o'clock p. m . I shall sell. on the premise*,the abwve property. W ill (iffir ax a whole. If not sold, will offer separately. This 1* an opportunity te ld->ui met with inthiscit* to obtain so a"*ir?lil<" a property,being improve*! by ??! srant h-nse of tweity rooms, bath ii oni on everv floor; comm--dions stable, end large i.r- finds. with rh >k ?? nhrnt berj. Terns: One-*i^h c?sh; balance in 1.2, S ani 4 ? r-. deferred j??\ meiita secured on pro|> -rty sold. ,*2'*) al time ot sale ,? d |IUp) THOS. E WAGOAMAN. Auct. B TO.MORROW. u Y PIKCANM>N. l)OWI>INU A CO.. Aucfrs, i,ii,ct ptli aud D streets u irthwest. CARRIAGES. TOP BIGGIES. DOCTOR'S PHAETONS. W A "JON'S, I!\RNEaS. ^ND SIPE-SALPLFS, AT AI't'TlON , On BATUVDAY *OR*lKO. Apr I . I '2. < >1: Hi' n<: ng *t 12 o'cl ick 111 , w i'! ?oil 1 f; -r.t f -ur s>. 'i r m.? Two n?w Dostors' Ph.i'tons, on accor.nt of whiwi it may co?cern, Ope Shiftii 2-top B"gg>, Two Top Buggies, Twi Carrlng??*, ( f- 'ir pnwi-f'r'.l On- family C.-irritr -. f rrr rly ..\xi?elby Abrah r.n Lincoln, Two N" top Wagon*. One Pepot wagon, Kt*" Hi?riif'^, Ot SMm Saddle. ! 11 PUNCAKSOK. POWLINO * CO Al.-i. B~" T~TlioM AS E WAGGAMAN, R>ai Es'atc Auctioneer, 519 7th -street. t IIANCERY SALF. OF A COMFORTXBLE 1>W ELLING ON e?TH STREET, BETWEEN 1? AMD y NORTHWEST. its Under Hii'l l'v virtu-- of a <Wreeofth?8upr?mft lTsConrt of tho Pi-tn t of Columbia, da: ,1 Janu ILi?ry Wh. 1H73. an I p;tss.-d in a c< rtafn cause in laid court, in w bi< I, Fianci* M.-hiin and other-tare toniplainm.t?, a^<5 Charle- W. P?>rklna and others t re defendants, nuniered K'ltiiMr Pocket 12, th" iit>drr?iirn?M trnx'ee in said can# appointed. > ili,on the Kth day of April, A P. 1/CJ. it 1 SO <'cl< ek p. m , aeB at p<il>lic aucll->n. in front of the ir-minea. lot nunit.cred 13. (thirteen,) in Thomaa Vonna'a nud S.tniu>-I F'-wler'a ?nb<Uvi?ion ofpunar 1 nndiered four huiidp-d and Iwentv one,; 421,1 iuthe <ft> of Washington. Pi#trict of Columlda. The property i- Mtuated on Sth ?tre?t, between P rnd Q utreel* ur rtliwesT. and i? improved hy a vry con .fort side hrick dwelling, three stories in lr-ight, a?-d balcony front. The teriua i-f ?alc, a.^ pr?icr:b?>d by s.nd decree ar-*: On. -third ca?b ?r?i tin r-sidue iu two e<|iial in?tal neTits of 12 ami 1.4 month*; the d- ferre.1 p.n m -nts to 1 -ar inter- -t from d*> of sale, (6 per centum p*-r to b'- lieus on the prop-rty aold. ?2M < t ca?h payment to be given at tro- time of vile, an I t residue of cast; payment lo be made ? it hill live r.otherwise tlie property will be resold at the oat and riak of the defaulting piirclia?er. Convey* an. iueat purcha?erV c?-st. ' GFO F ATPLEBY. Trnstee, r2n?'2w THim E. W AGO AM AN. Auct. |>Y B. H. WARNER. ? 1 > H??l Estate Pr-kerand Auctioneer, No. 7'J9 7tli street, between G and U. M'BLIC SALE OF LOT ON THF FX?<T SIOF, ?>F 1ST STREET WJCST, BETWEEN P AND E STREETS SOl'TH A 1 mill sell on SAT I'RPA Y, April 12th. 1973. at IVv'ihlf pOKt five o"ci?x k p. m part ot L t E. itiatih ?^^<li? isiou of s<|r.are 635. having a fr- lit of 15f? -t on 1st street west, and ruuning back to and haviug v. front on Pel* ware avenue 1 f 15 f-et fi'i inches. T-rms: One-lmlf cash; balance ?>, 12 and H months v ith intereat. ft" down wheu the prop<-rty is (tru. k o !. ( onreyanting at the puThamsr's coat. ? 1 '.Ads B. 11. WARNER. Auctioneer b7~11. WARNER, R -a! Ejt?te Broker and Ancttoneer, No. 789 7th street, between G and H. ri'BLIC SALE OF Bl ILPING LOT ON THE VEST SIPI OF i-T >TREET WEST, BE TWEEN D ANP F. STRKETS. I v ill sell on SATCRDAY. April 19 l'CS. at H|a qnarter pa?t 3 o'clock, part of lot 21. in sub. "?^ol ?-i'i:ire 4-1, having a of 15 feet on 1st i-tre'-t west, and miming back 1&5 teet to a 13 feet alley. T> nns: One-half ca?h; l-nlance in alx and tw?k ? months, with interest. > down ou day of r.ale. Con A-vancing at pu;chaser'? cost. a4-d.vds B H. WARNER. Anct. IV B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Anction^ers, Mo. 1001, Northwest cornerltnh and D streets. CHANCERY SALE oVVALUABLE PROPER TY ON M STREET, BETWEEN 6rii AND 7tu STREETS, NORTHWEST. ? . Cnder and by virtue of a decree of the S't Capnoie Court ofthe I?ist?lct of Columbia, passed "t*in Equity cause No. 2.793 in said Court, wherein Win. W. Willingsford and wife are com plainants. and Trnman A. Cook and others are defendants, the undersigned,truateesdnly appoiut<-d in said canae, will sell at public auction, in front of the premise*, on MONPAY, the 21st day of April. A. P. 1371, at 4,S o'clock p. m., all that part of hit sixteen 1 IS) in square f-?ar hundred and forty-nine ( 419'. in the City of Washington. D. C-, beginning nt the northeast corner of the lot aud running west tw .-lit> -one (21) feet; th-iu e ?outh on* hundred and twent)-foul (124i feet: thence east twenty one (21) feet; Uience north one hundred and twenty -four 1124 > feet to the place of beginning; together with the improvements thereon,consisting of a three-story Mick hoase, fronting twenty-one (21) foet on M s?re?t, known as No. CIS. . Terms of sale, as prescribed by decree, are: 0n? fonrth cash, and-the balanc- in three etjual instal ments, for which the notes of the purchaser will be taken, payable at six, twelve, and eighteen months respectively from day of sale, with interest at the rate of eight percent, per annum, and secured to the ?atisfaction of the trustees. A deposit of $200 w ill be required at the time of sale. If the terms of k*le are not complied with within Ave days from the day of sale, theJproperty will be resold at the coat si.d risk of defaulting purchaser, after ten day* r . tice in any newspaper of the city of Washington All cont ejaucin? at the coal of the purchaser. WM. F. MATTINGLTir-.^. M F. MORRIS. j Trustees. a? d.tds '.REEN A WILLIAMS. An. ts ?FT GRKEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, ?) No. 1001, :.ortbwes* corner KKh and Dsts. Till STERS SALE OF~VALrABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION-THREE STORT BRICK DWELLING, WITH FRENCH ROOF, ?in STREET EAST, BETWEEN B AND C NORTH. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated September IS, 1471, recorded in liber on, folio311, of the land recrds of Washington county. District ? I Columbia, and by direction of the holder of the n< te secured thereby .we will-well, at public auction, on the premises, on THURSDAY, April 17,1473, at 4 o'clock p.m.. all that piece of ground in Wash ington city. D. O . known as Lot lettered F, in Ches t> r A Jnnkiti's sulativinion of square 726. Terms of -ale: One-third cash; balance in one and two years, with interest at the rate of ten pei ceut. per annum, payat le semi annually, secured hv notes and deed of trust on the property, to the satisfaction ' tfie trustees C inveyancir.g and recording at pur !.riser's cost. If the terms of sale are not complied ith in fl* e davs from the day of sale, the trustees r" risht to resell the property at the risk nud c st of the defaulting purchaser. R. P. POPGE. t Tr??, P A PARNEILLE.< Trnst ei' ?7 ' GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. 1>Y l>lNCAN>t>N, POWL1NG A CO., Ancts. > Corner 9th aud D streets northwest. SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS OX CAPITOL HILL. AT AUCTION. SOn THI R.-PAY AFTERNOON. April IT. st i o'clock? we will sell npon the premises, all of Lot 1, ? |Usrc83f>. having a front of Mfeet 6 inches npon north D street, with a depth of 80 feet upon <th street ea?t. This pr-p>-rt? is situated in on?-of the most rn:<i*lly improving portions of the city, being the northwest corner of 6th aud D sts. n< rtheast. Tenns- One-third cash; balance in 6 12 and 18 n i th-, note*bearing interest and secured by deed of trust upon the premi?es. Conveyancing Ac., at t -t of the purchaser. A dep-isit of %/>? will be re fined as soon as the property is knocked off. s Pl'NCANSON. DOWLING A CO.. Ancts. I>Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. ' Northwest corner loth aud D streets. r(isLTIi*i:^SAI',: OF UNIMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON NORTH CAPITuL STREET. BE: AN0 N STREETS NORTH, AT A t vTlU^ ? ? On THURSDAY, the 17th instant, at :>* o clock p. oi.f w(? Niiall wll, on the preniisi, ? Lot No. 11. iu S-iuare So. gfj,being 137 feet 3 incises frout by 130 feet deep, which will be ?olJ ijj to etheror subdivided to suit purchasers. Terms: One-third cash, balance in 6, 15 and 18 m. nths.lor notes beariug interest, and secured by k d> -d of trust on the premise* C uney anciug at tl?e cost of the purchase rs, tjldu down on the day of ?\U GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Northwest corner 10th aud D streets. It iKr/gJ; TWEEN R AND II STREETS NORTH. AT AUCTION. _ , i On MONPAY, th* 14th Inst., at o'clock p. m , we shall sell, on the premises, part Lit Ko. 9, in Square No. 419, being a good front aili M*< f<-?t deep, with th? improvements, consisting ef a Frame Dwelling Bouse, Ho. 1736, and near the new northern market. Teems: One tbirdcash. balance in< and 12 menthi, foi notes bearing Interest, and secured by a deed Sf trust on the premises. Conveyancing at the coat #f the purcbaser. A100 down on the day of sale, ? d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. AUCTION BALK OF STANDS IM CENTRE ?tV MARKET. Will be sold at public auction. In acco-dance with section 2 of the charter of the Washington Market Company, on THURSDAY. April 17.1873. at I n-ehs* p. m . at th* Marke". t& right to occupy for the remainder of two years from July I. lfft 4 Butchers' S?and?. 8 Hucksters' Stands. 4 Butter Stands. 3 Bacon Stand*. 3 Miscellaneous Stands. 2 Wholesale House*. and any stands that ha\e been abandoned by the occupauts. A Is* at the sam* time and place any stands owned by parties w ho desire th -ui rewold at th -fr expense, and of Ahich a notice has been given in writing to th? Clerk of the said Market Company. Th- annual rental, with terms and conditions of payment, will l-e stated at time and p^c* of sale. 51 ?? *1 tiRY , President Wsshi'-effn MsrKet Corapanr. Wa?H'>i?to.> D. C., April 4, 1873. aS lot AUCTION Sai\KS. B1 OCF.KN A ^ ILklAMS, Audi nt*r?, No. I <101, n??ri eor???*r lorh And T> i B 10 IX)ZEN WALNUT CANE SEAT CHAIRS Sr? t'f irtfrmit rtM*# ami ?i ?iriinn. <l m. "?r k;ir'io?i ro-.rvs. TO-MORROW MORN Ml ISO. at 10 o-, K?k ?. ??. f ^ IT- rmir^h. " *11 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. GREEN * WILLIAMS. Awt i?neers. No. SOOl n .rthwes* corner loth and Dfts. SALE OF HorSEH.^LD rrRNITURE. PI ANi'8, WALNUT BEDROOM SETS, RTI fTH KELS AXP OTHER CARPETS, FEATHERS. IIAIK MATTRIKsrS, *c., Ac. Ob TP M"RR?W, (S?tnril*T,l th? Itf'h jinstant,R? 10 o'clock ?. m , s(i*|| sell, n front of our Auction R the fallow - ingYoods, vta: Two v?ho*>?iiy-cawe Plan m. Two Purl r mii'rs. npfcolvt r?t in rep, Wnl'int m irMW'rpoaniN r S*uit??. C ttage bets, Cane ?. at i:?nurv/?nrt k<Kk<>r?, Fiu? Lao- CurtftiiM and Lanut'-xQuui- sol 0>t nic*. H "Missels, Ingram ami Stair Carpets, M'ainut 3J>d Oak Extension aa>t Dining Tabl>??. Lunges Hat Trr>e, M;ittivs?os and Springs. China Sic* a in! Crockery Wi?re, Parlor and other Stoves, *?.. Ac. T?-rat?. rati). It f.RREN A WILLIAMS. Asctv RT WM. T. V ALL A CO., Auction**"*, Original Horse aiid C-trriafe Btraar, Looisiana avenue, between 9, li and 10!h streets TWO DROMES ?>F ?7r<?E FIVE. HEAVY BoRSES JI'ST ARRIVED FROM WESTViR GINIA, ANI> WILL BK SOLD AT OCE BAZAAR Ti? MORROW MORNING, APRIL 1'Cth. 1973, COMMENCING AT 10 OVLOCK tv TWo pair <>f Bar Hiir< su.t? vears-id: JWT 'oil W bends niaf*i; war rai:Te?l ->uuil au.! kilel in hart*-*-. One Rav n ?r>e, -t years old. 16 bands hl?h; -ound and kind in ham****. Ciie R an Horse. 8 years old; 15 han la liigli; sound aiid k!n<i in ham--? One S rr>' Mnre, 4 yi srs t Id; 1.1'.. pariially broken; very st> .ish. A*.-o, S< ver ?! low-prlctd Workers. One Miik Wafi'-n Or.? M"wire Msrh!n?,iti perfect ord?-. Several Second-hs' d C?rr'aK--s, R-<cka ways, Ex press U semis, IMir tries, Carta. Ao. Li-t New ?nd Secowt-hstal 11?t It WM. L. WALL A C0 . Aucts. !>V LATIMER * CLEARY. ' If Auctioneers and Real E-tate Broker*, Southwest comer Penn?jlvania ave.iue and nth St., Star Oflir*> BnildinK*. ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE; FRENCH PLATE MIKHOUS; RK P PA KL< >K FIKNITIBE 11 AIROLOTH PARLOR FC HNITTRE. MAR BLE-TOP TABLES; WHATNOTS AND ETK C.ERES; LN?.RAVIK(i8 AND CHUOMOS; DAMASK AND I,\> r. f'PRTAINS; WALVPT 11AKBU TOP CIlAMRBR SETS, M\RdLK TOP MAPLK FI'RNITL'RE: M'aHOGANF AM) PAINTED FIRN1T1 ItK; HAIR ANI> Hi.SK MATTItFSSES: FEATHER PILLOWS and Bolsters; rki shei-s. thure plv ANI? INGRAIN carpets. Rl'OS AND MAT LOI NOKS, EXTENSION DlNINt. TABLES; DININU AND OTHER CHAIRS. (HIN A AND GfASSWARE SPI'KRIOK STEM ART ? OOEIN". STOVE ? OMPLKTE. TOGETHER M ITH MANV OTHER C)?OK INi. ANI> HEATIN*. STo\ *8 AN1> KIT- UEN KEyl I8ITES. INE LADIES HrXTlN??'< \8E HOLD M'ATCH AND SEVER \L SI PERIOK MLVEU WATCHES AT ALCTION. On SATI'RDA V,jlo iu Trow,) April I j

?"i"T"I^S73. a' 1? " el < ? . in front--f our ancfi n * f ?ro'inia. ??hall sell an Pxteu->iv? ?rtni"i,t I the :il?>Te Ku<>Us. Terms cuah. It LATIMER ACLEARY. AnrM. I?Y I.ATIMER A CLEART, ?* Aucti ineer* and R<*?1 kxtafe Broker*, fc utticast coruer Penn?ylTania avenue and lltU gt . Star Oftiie Building. SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION gk On MONDAY MORNING, April II, N73. \H r.>innieni-irg !?t IO o'chnk. we shall n.ll, mi lflkth'- r -idene N ?. 910 E str-et n..rtliw.xt, I tiif- follow ine r. li... Ii.,,1 Ot II -II- h >ld G ? ?|v _ Row-wood ra-e fori.-, Pian.. Cover K -Kevvool Pari -I Suite, eitflit pi.-ee?. M.nole-top Ceiiit-i Tables. Dam i?k an 1 Lace C;ir til J 1*1*. Im aihI Thrw-ply Cnrpf-t**. Bru?o?-l? Hi d 41,er Sta.r Carp -?? Oil CI >th?. M.limit Marble-top Cliatiih r F i. niiure, Walnut M ?rd|idie?. M ali.ut Bedete? 1?, Itnrenn?. M'a-'i-'ands. '. 'ta(fi?Suite*,L<-oiiKea, M alnnt Can< -te?>C!iairs r ' Hther B- Is. R Uters and Pill..?? Hair and Husk M-?ttr?wes, Toil-t Ware. Malnnt Extension Dininif Talde, Ma not Cine. *? it Diuing Ohaira. C " king and Heatin? Stoves, Kiichen R .111 ?ite?,Ac. - 1,11 1,1 LATIMER A CLE\RY. Anrti BV LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer!* and Rial Estate Broker*, buiithweat corner Pennaylvania avenue and 11*U st . star Ofiiee Baildinga. V?kL>B, K BUILDING LOT ON N STREET, AUCTION 7l" AND STliEtT-> AT , On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. April l.?ili. >at o'clock, we will sell, in front of the -jmimsee, the west p :i : Lot N-i. 10, in Sinare i.'4, having a fr. nt of W fe t 4 inches on N street, w it h a depth of lw?fe,-t. A t ? n -r-ot alley on the sid?. Tenns; One-fifth ca?h; balance In 1,3 and 3 years, with int. rest at S per cent. Convevanciu* at eost of j-un haser. gfludown at time of sale. ?11 jAli" LATIMER a. CLE \RY, An ts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY~ Auctioneers and B^al Rotate Brokers, S utli.vest corner Penniiylvaniaav?. and Uthatreet. Star Offise Building. AjyjLAL 8ALK BY CATALOGUE OF BY ?(IK LOCAL ARTISTS. <?nMEDNE3DAY k\ EN1NG. April IKtli,U73, c mmencina at 7}s o'clock, at our Auction R.?ni?, w?? shall sell ab?^ut 100 Oil Paiutiuica',c-?inpri'4ini< l andscape and Figure pieces by the folluwinn local aitlsts: Theodore Kaufnanu, Max Wejrl. Ros. Turner. Eugene A. Po -re, M ni. McL^od, H< ine, .. and other M'ashington artist*. Si B ?Paintings will be on exhibition on Mon <Jh> . the 14th inst. Terms cash. 'I*''" LATIMER A CLEART, Aucts. |il B. H. WARNER, ~ ? via Ke*1 Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T J9 7th street, between 0 and H streets. loton DISMORE STREET. RKTM EEN 9th AND 10th AND E AND tf STREETS SOUTHM EST S.1 at public auction, oa MONDAY. ?'cii2:k, p- m-? ,h<? south half of Lot 31, in Stuare 38S, fronting 31 feet ou I'isniore street southwest. Taims: One-third cash; balance in f and 12 month*. J.'<ld"?n 01 acceptance of bid. Conveyancing at puichaser's cost. B. H M ARNER. Auctioneer. ItY B. H. WARNER, v _0Be?l Estate Broker find Anctioueer, No. 729 7th street, betweun G and II. T ?8AI;5 ^JLathreestory brick Arcriu". SIKI" B0UI11 I ?,y *'rtue of a deed of trust to Daniel L. Eaton and myself, dated March 29,1873, aud duly re corded in Liber No. 612. folio 61, one of the land records for Waahington, D. C., I will sell at publio auction, in front of the premises, to the Inchest i'^L* T THURSDAY, The ilfllh dav of 1S.3, at 4 o clock p. m., all that part of Lot No. 13, in square No_818, contained within the following metes and bounds: Berinning for the same at a point 17 t feet from the southeast corner of Lot No. 13, and TTJ* nf. ?nC?iJ,?irt ttM?nce west to the rear line of said lot; thence south 17* f,-4t, and {he'imp^^e^H together with Tenns: The amount of irdebtedness secured by said d?ed of trust unpaid, with the expense* of sale, in cash, and tlie balance at six and twelve months, to be secured by a deed of trust upon the pr operty sold, with interest from the day of sale. #2Uude P?-?lt on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are nst complied with within seven days alter *ale, the property tu b^ resold at the risk aud cost of the de faulting purchaser. 0E0. W. STICK NEY< Surviving Trustee, f 22-eoAda B. H. W ARNER, Auct r. ?ABOVK SALE IS POSTPONED r ESDAY, April 10, lK73,sauie hour aud p? B> order of tbt* Troitfe. B. H. M'ARNER, Auctioneer. ?~f~ THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until M EDNESDAY, April 16,1473, at 0 o'clock p. in., same place. B> order of th^ Trustee _Mli? B H. WARNER. Anct. C. KENNEDY, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer,5li 7th st. BT -'Sv'S 5S?A8?mT aoc JM . On MONDAY, the SI 1st day of April, U73. at c|ock f-m., we will sell at auction to the "^highest bidder, in front of the premises, the following-described property. distinguished as Lot mty-three, (43.) in Square numbered four hundred and f''rty elght,OM8,) in the city of Washington, Disfrict of Cidumbla. and bounded as follows, to wit: B-ginning at ap dntontlie a>uth si.teof north N stieet one hundred and forty six (146)feet west or th northeast corner of saids>iuare foar hundred and forty-eight, (MS,) thence south one hundred aud Bve 11 HK>? feet i iaches to a lilteon-foot alley, thence west twenty six (28) feel, thence north one hundred and nv e (]<?) feet #inches to said amh N street, thence n" K ttiud norlh N* street to the place of begin eJ.aVSivm..!^?!-' cash; baiaace in two r.. payments in six and twelve months, at ten oer cent, interest per annum, secured by deed of trust on the property sold. A deposit of SKNwill tw re quired on acceptance of blJcooveTancinVatair ?* cost. If term* of sale are not comnl>?><i iitu * i' hin five days thereafter, the Trustees rnnrn. H.I? nu cti^err>"" co,t dSSuiS WM. B. M'OODM'ARD ) ? ? JNO. T. GIVEN, t Trustees. 0. EENWEDY. Auct B* jKi Bf rirtue of a deed of trust, dated SpctpmhAP mn<1 forded in Liber 691, fol& C9, of ^?the iaiid records of Washington county, Dis l.sf. ^ dir^tlin af the holder of the note secured thereby, we will sell, at public auction, on the premises, on MONDAY! April 81st. 1H73^.at 4 o'clock a. m. all that piece or parcel of groend known and described as original Lot numbered four (4.) in square somh if sou are ana hundred a?d four (UM,) improved by a two-story Fi ame BntHHn* Terms of sale, as required by said deed, are |im wirh t~ci per cent, interest from September 17th. 1S72, together with the extx-nses of this sale, in cash! and the balance in 6 and 12 moatbe. secured by the net en of the purchaser, bearing interest at < percent find a deed of trust on the property. $;i?d.wn when the property is struck on. If the termi -f sale are not c.implied with, th* trnsteea' reserve the right to re sell th property, at the risk and cost of tbedafaalt irg pnrch^. KRT p DODOE, , PHILIP A. DARNEILE,(Trort?*? ?3 DUNCANSON, DOWLINU A 00., Aurts. EVENING STAB. A Lo*r, SLnr bt a Cbild,?9Cr. Peter Brntrhtr, *ko does bwisewon WUw rtreel, in this city, kv- a little boy, TMI?oM, who has slept atmoet constantly for three month - The ohiM m first attacked by ? P?in in hi* foot, and tl>to ?i? soon succeeded by * ?lent 5>a*Ba, which were followed by p*r*lwi> Wlieii the spasms j?*-#"d off the little follow went to sles-p. a? < 1 confiiiurd to ?!eep nntll rotifd bv vtsdent nhUini;, or nntll the tvtnrn. Bs taV.-h such nourishment **the phy wnars prescribe for him, and ilo.?? >>ot -eom to have waited fn Hi oh. He has 5o?t the power ot s| e ch. and. in tact. w? m> to hare n<> control o>cr his notseles, except that, when ri-nwi), he opens hi? ink i; injr>l% ;/.i ii>?) Journal, April 5. Maris Lk\tu?,th?Qu?ri)Ot tbe Vondotis. apMated as a sp> etatur in tiw lobby ot tlie ??! iininsl eourl in New Orleans tbe other dir. ar> art .tig ? g"od deal of attention. The 'I "Slir was dn>#ea 1 a all the soiled Hint tiiijr frtpi?rv of an impecunious princess with lu"-r commanding form encircled by a r-<1 .ftawl, ami x ladt-d yellow Madras, wrap ped in tl.e form of a turban, around her head. Hft eve had all the teeming Of a demon that was dreaming." A FOPl'LAK Boston CLKUUTUAN Well says t> the yontig women:?*' Thi re1- no ruder vul garity than to whi>per in the pr ?s-uoe oi the f w; and the burzing pests w hose chronic treat ment has made concert an J lecture room, and even rhmcb. almost unendurable, whatever t'.eir social position aud self-sati-iacLioa, arc simply vulgar and rude." ?^""The truth tor a change," is tlie title of a San Francisco Post editorial. An Ohio woman who claimed tfaniages frotu a barkeei?er who sold liquor to husband has obtained a verdict ot 10 cents. 1 h b the said husband r-'seuts as equivalent to an insinuation that he is good for noiUing. MAItRlKI). ? 'ri.LIK-D AVIS At the p*rsinar>. >n th ? 1- ' h ii St.. l?y Rev. Xhos. a ?t T'. intv ? liurch, CUAKI.K8 W. CI LI.KM. .?t 8t. P?ui, Minn.,to Miss BK8SIF 1? PAVI8. of Richiiioii<l. BocmJs. | R'chmond. V* , D ?- M ?in ?. 1 >?.?, ami St. Paul, Mian., papers picas,- op> .] * ? ?? - ' DIKD. IIITCHERSON. A' 2 clock a. m.. April 10'!i, l->7.", alter a sln rt l-ut p*i:ifu| liliw--, %, liicfi he Mif ?itti Christian rt-si'naii ,.ii ?u?t fortitude, THOMAS BTTCUEBSOK.iatht Sth j aroi his S'-'e. 11 s fanersl will take p'.aci Satnntajr at 3 o'clock, at his late residence,southwest comer of 7th an l K etiects, Navy-Yard. Frb-nos <>f I. is family are in vited to attend liis funeral. | Hfiltini Tb ;ui'l Al xa' ? di ia papers pi' copy.) 2t* W A KKItN . In M111v ilie. N *w Jor-,e\ . Thurs,!ly, A i t il lotli, IST.'t. aft.-r h hum and painful illne*., THOMAS G. WARREN, ^t Washington. DC., ?K<-d 6o years. UNDERTAKERS. J J it HAH l> r. HARVEY, UNDkRTAKKH. (SuwstofU HARTMV t MALR,l No. F SiFt*T, between Ninth snd TfvtJs METALLIC BVKIAL CASKS ASD CASK Bt ?f irery d-smr'tna. n.arl-lT SHHOCItS, H A HITS. ?< ? ? l< I1AKD W. ItARkCK, lAblMUT MAKEK AM) V N I) Eh TA K if A. til? ELKVENTU 6TKEET, near F. tVKKJTUKM Ot ALL KINDS MAUKA>. KEHA1KEO ai'S-o UX1AM H.Vt k?1T, UNDERTAKKK, Ko.T3A 7tu Biswft, BktwkknQ and H M^srT* C'"(nua and Caskets of all ktu-1* AUCTION SALE>. BT By latimeh a cleakv, Real Estat" Brokers atid .ttic!1mw"?. boutliaest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St., Ofiice Buildnig. W ALM T ANI? MAHOGANY PABLOB FI'BKI Tl KE, FRENCH PLATE MIRBoB?S U AL M'T A Nit MAHOGANY M ABBLE-TOP TA IlLES, CRIMSON REP LAMUBOKIN ANU LACK CU RTAINS, MANTLE'iRMA MENTS. VERV SUPERIOR BEI? LOl'N<i?, ICNi.LIMI BODY BR18SEL8 ANT> OTHER CARPETS. NEARLY NEW. STRAW MATTING, MAHoti ANY BOOK! At?E AND 8KCRETAKY, OIL CLOTH, HAT RACK, WALNUT AND PAINTED WARDROBES. MAHOGANY D1MN0 TAItLB, OAK C. 8. CHAIRS. < ROuK KRK AND GL A 88 W A BE ? M A HOG ANY AND WALNUT M. T. CHAMBER HRNITURE. II .MB AND HUSK M ATTBB8SE8. BOLSTERS AND PILLOWS. STOVES, TOILET SETTS, COOKING STOVE. KITCHEN REQUISITES, AC ,?c? AT AUCTION. A On THI R8DAY MORNING. April lTth, PA at 10 o'clock, we will ?e|l. at N >. 729 16Mi ?fltstrcet, Ixtureu Ne? Vjfk at,-nus au<l II I V I street, (ivljoin'ne W?lkerV r-stiiurant.? the 1 aliove named (foids, together with iuan> others utinecessary to merit ion. all) d LATIMER 1 CLEARY. Ancts. 1>Y LATIMER * CLEaITT ' I* R'-al Estate Brokers an-1 Anctloneera, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th st.< Star Office Buildiug. TRUSTEE S SALE OK HOUSEHOLD FURNI TURE. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated tlie ]2;h lit day of March, 1473 and reC'>r?|ed in Liber N >. t^P|7<l2, folio 4S5, one of the Chattel Bee >rds for f ? | Washington county, D O., I will s?!l, on ? TUESDAY, April fiSd, Iff), the entire con tents of house Mo. 3wi D street, between JJ aud tth streets northwest, consistitic In wirt of? Wslnat and Mal?>gmv Parlor Furniture. Walnut Marble-top and <>th?r Tabb-s. Brussels, Three ply and In/rain Carpets. Walnut Extenfion Table, Lace Curtail.-. China. Crockery and Glassware. Walnut Marble-top Chamber Furniture. Painted Cottage S< t. Wardrobes,Bureaus.B<slsteads and Wa-hs'ands. Husk and Cotton Mattre*e?, Tucker Springs. Feather Bolsters and Pillows. Straw Matftne. Toilet Sets. Kitchen Biiiuisltes, &e , *c. Termscash. W;M. L. KIMMELL. Trustee. Hlf-dts LATIMER * CLEARY. AiKta. B. H. WARNER, Beal Estate Broker and Auctioneer. No. 7119 Seventh street,tjetwesa G and H. TRU8TEI-S BALE OF A VALUABLE FABM LYING IN PBINCE GEOBGES COUNTY, MDj ON THE WASHINGTON AND UPPER MABLB0B0' TUBNPIKE, NEAB FOBBEST villi. By virtue of a deed of trust dated April J.1W, and duly recorded ia Liber p. 8. No. 4, Folio 648, one of the laud records of Prin- e Geont-'s County, Md., and also by virtus of a decree of r><" Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, pa- i March 14, 1873, in Equity cause No. , of Levi D. Manns, vs. Win. H. Ward,substituting tbe under signed trustee in place of the said Wm. H. Ward, I will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the "City Hall,1" in the City of Waahiag ton, D. C., on WEDNESDAY, April tth, U?3 at 4,'t o'clock p. m., all those certain pieces or psrc?ls of ground lying ia Prince George's County, Md., and being knowu and d"scribed as Magruder Plains Etilar(M,"The Levels" and ''Good Luck," and also "Offutt's Adventure,'' and"Addition tc Offutt's Adventure," aud also part of atractof land eall?d Woodland, the said pieces or parcels of laud con taining in all 624 acres and 2-10 of an acr*, more or lem.lieing tbe same lands which are particularly de-crilted in a certain conveyance from Adam Dei Id ai<d w ife to William Bowser, which was rocordtd in Lil>er F.S.No. 2, Folio SMS. Ac ,one of the iand records of Prince George's County, Md., aud also a part of a tract of land adjoining the above tract called "The Levels,"containing ?ne hundred ar?s of land more or less, and beinf the same which Washington I. Beall and his wife conveyed to the said William Bowier by a certain deed of convey ? aDce. bearing date on the Uth nf December. ISM, together with the improvements thereon,consist inir of ago<d dwelling house, barn, stable, aud other out-houses. Terms: #44UI cash and the balance In 1,2, and 3 rears with interest. flOOdeposit on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within Ave (S)darsafter the sale the property to be resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. vvu eyauuu* JOSEPH DANIELS, Trustee, ? 19 B. H. WABNEB, Auctioneer. I/" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THUBSDAY, April IT.1?3. s7-eo4ds B.H. WARNER, Auctioneer. By"b. H. WaBNEB, Beat Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 72V 7th street, between G aud H >ts. PUBLIC SALE OF DESIRABLE BUILDING 1 OTB ON WEST SIDE OF ?th 8TBEET. BE TWEEN BHODE ISLAND AVENUE AND R PTBEET? ATTENTION PABTIE8 WHO WISH TO BUILD. SI will offer for ssle, on the pranites, on FBI DAT. April 18, 1873, at ft o'clock, two Lots, fronting 21 feet 3 inches each on Vt h street, liy a depth of 138 feet V inches to a 30 feet alley. Title perfect. Terms: One-third cash; balance in <and 12 months, secured by deed of trast, with six per cent, interest. Conveyancing at aeller's coat. The street cam will run by these lots within 90 day*, and Bli <1? Island avenue will soon be improved. Attend jhls sale If yon wish a bargain. B. B. WABNEB, s9-eoAde Auctioneer. fiT&A??f!&r.?l Auctioneer, 415 7thst. TRUSTEE'S SALE oTTaLUABLE PROPER TT AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated JnueM'h, WmUSl\, awl duly recorded June Wth, 1871, ^ is Liber li, folio 4.of the land records for lbs City awl Count/ of Washington, District of Columbia, and by direct lou of the party secured thereby, ws will sell at pAblic auction, to the highest bidder, in front ?rfrt?e premises, on TUESDAY, tbe Xkl dsy of April, UTS, at ft o'clock p. m., lot namber (91. In W. B. Todd's recorded subdivision of oriainal W 1. ia si* _?. 1,with ten per rent interest per a anna fnaidauvf sale, saaa red by deed of traat on pronsrty eoW. A.deposit of $ 100 on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not com piled with within five days after sale tbe ttwtsea reserve tbe right to resell at tbe oast and risk of tbe defaulting purchaser <>'nveyaociag at purchaser's cost. WM. B. WOODWARD,/ - . JNO. T. GIVEN. \ Tn*?. alO-d C. KENNEDY, Bactioaser. i strest to 41# 4th M. street northwest between D and E streets, whers she will be glad to receive the liberal patronage hitherto extended to bar. aS-lai" lawh op n*? i riieu otitw m? !*? T Mrd Mmumtmn *f I A* Party JWaMt* [Okkekai. > *Tr?-Ko. M.]?C"*tijh rwi uprui prrmr??i. For cesnpon-atioa of (ho Postn. ?a'^r'Genei *1 eight tho s*i:*i dollars; three Assortaat l*.*-t laasbra-Gcneral, at 'hr** th<v:*and H*e buti cied do*lar? eiu'h; suiwriiueudeut ol m in?? order tvrU B, three tb**u?tnd def.*.-*, aiperin tiadcat ot foreign mail", thre* thou-xn-i dui:*r?. <Oi OKi*| h?r ot lb* Pn?t-<'HiOf Department, t?u tire hundred do'.ltf*, clm*f of t'lvl." on tvt the tfliw ot mail d? protlatioa*, !*?> th.o san*; r v. hi isir*-*i dollar*. duet of tlxv on cf di ?l-lfll?if. t?b tliDUMUid rtvo linuliol d??l iu>; suj<erintendcnt of Pim-t'ih.r t'likiiiij an<1 di-b rsing c.T.ccr, two tho i**?A three hundred ? lo'.lar*. cliii't elerktothe Fustmaeter-Oeucra'.. two tl eusand two hundred dollars; one chief cl? rk to each Axiittiit Fo#tm??>W-G?neral. at two thousand <lulUr? on* fbirt clerk tn uit ?< y-order oflre, two thousand dollar-; one < tiM i cWrk in office ol ?si*rmt' Dd''Bt ol toreign nikiit. tvo tk< uwiiid ii?!Urs superintendent ot Msnk agtn?y. oik- thousand eight hundred dol lars. asi. stant *rp? r:nt< 'talent ot blank-agency, cwthousaiU*.xhum reddollars. tonr aasistamt*. at one ttovninl two h :n*1r *d dollars t *oh. 1 unrteen clerk* ot rl.-v-* four, twenty-five tboa - m<lt?ol win d d'lllnri, *.*ly-tl?rc-e ciar k* 01 ? ass three. one hundred thousand right huu rtr?d dollar*, titty clerks ol etas* two, ?er <? tv thousand dollar*-. sixty-nine Clerks ot class one, rigbty-tno tliOdMiid fi|Lt liun . red dollars; tifty-e ren female clerk*. at nine I uixlr<d d*>llai?,' one mnwttt' i of tue Post Bi?tw-UnMal. uine handr* <i da liar*, ote nrw?nyM' to carta A?*isia?it 1'iwtmwter-Uen? ? i :tl, at eight Luiidre>i and forty dollars ewli t. ur .*?nt messengers, at *"reti hundred ktul twenty dollar* each. one captain ol th * natch. .it one th*n .and dollar*. at.'i nine wafch iii* n six! tmatr-Avf laborers. at M-vtn hun dred ai.d twent\ dollar* e ich. one eugineer. one thousand ?i\ bundi>d delists, one j,?*??tant en gitncr.onc tbouiMwl dollars one carpenter, oii*> tho'..*aiid two hundre i and hfty-twe dollar*: one a*si?t&nt carpenter. one thou*ati.| dollar* one Iirt man and blucksniith. nine hundred dollars, two tit*men. at trrrn hundred ai. i twenty dol lar* eacli. one ll.oii. u J t<<ur bundled and tortv dollars; three limtle laborers. at four bnn-tr?*i :iml i igl ty do^ *r> eM*ii,oue ttio'ioar.d tour bun dritl alul fort) dollar*, one ?t-'i?irra|?b*T, on<? tlion*atid eight Liia?lre<t dollar*: maki ig. tn all. four hundred and tw#iity-*ia tt:owaa*id *er*"n iiar.ilre<t ami Miiitv-twoastlara. And tho an nual compenMtion ot axl?!ant n??-???*nj{er>. aatcluuvii, ai;.i lalK?rer? in the r.?>t ? ?rt .v II* l*artmont ohall Ix-*cren bundreal and twenty ilallarc, and no more, and *o much of *eetlon fonr ot the act approved .lune eirhrb, eighteen hundred an*l *evc?ty-two, entitled "An :*ot to re\ i*e. consolidate, and amend the i*t?t"i *> re lating to the Po*t Ota Iie|*artm-i.i.?? j*ro viiln a gic-ater ani.nal compensation ' <r ^Hi.t assiatant ?nrtweiifrer*. ?a'i hmoii ai?l la.?orei>, i.- herehv rcj.eahM. For tem[*orary clerk*, ten tb MiMnd dollar*. Contingent cspeim-*. Po*t-??rtice l?^i?art ntent: For fdationery. ni^f- thousand dollar*; fuel f**r the Oeneral l'o>t <?t'iee*. incJ fling the Auditor**olBee, ***ven thousand tour hundred dollars; for gas. tour thousand doilxr*. plumit iTic s?i:d r*s-fl\ture*. three th??u*aRd dollars: t?-'.egrai>hing, tl rec thoo*ai*l doll ir*. paintiag. . in- tbon?and five hundred dollar.*, cai;?ets, thr< c thoti?aiwl dollar*: furniture, three tliou sr*nd fire hundred dollar*: k?H?i* ng h?>r*<>?* an*l repairing carriage*, wagons, and hartiewi. t welvo 1 undred dollar*: hardware, eight hundred dol Uis: tnif-cellaneous item*, seren thousand five l ;>ndred dollar*; making, in all, fort;, three tlionsand nine huhdr? d dollar. HH'ARTXOT ?'K AfiEICrLTTHK. For compensation ot Commiaswn -r of A^i cuitnre. three thou.*aml dollar*, chief ch-rk, two thousand dollar*; em inmlogist. two tliousuid dollar*; ch< mi*t,two thousaiid dolJar*; :?s*i*taiit chimist, one thousand ri* hundred dollar*: *u H^tnltndent of e*j*erluicntal gardens and ^lot'.iuls, two thousand dollar.-, autistic ail, tvo two thousand dollar*; disbor-ing clerk, one thoieand e:j;bt hundrc<l dollar.*; mnerintendent ot seed-ro<'iii. one thousand ei^rhf hundred dol lar*; librarian, one thousand ci^Ut hun*1re<i dol lar?, botanbt, one thousand ei^.t hundred dt>l iiir.*; tor salary of niicroscopi*t, one thou*an<l i iyht hundred dollars, four cl<-rk? of cl-t*- four, tve clerks of class three, *i* clerks of cU? two. tevt n clcrks of class one; vngiucer, ouethou* ai.d four hundred dollars, ?i[*?ruiteudeiit ot to!ding-rooiu, one thousand tao buu*lre<l dol lars; assistant superintendent ot e\j?eriuiental garden and ground.*, one thoii-and two huudrcd oollara; a^istant superintendent of the seo?l rixini, one thousand two huu lidollar*, three copyist*, at nine hundred dollars eaeb. two attiMianta in museum, at jne thousand dollar* each, chief messenger, eight hundred and titty dollars; two assistant ineHwngera; one car penter, at nine hundred ai.d sixty dollar-: ihne and nine laborers; making tn all, seventy -live thousand turec Uuii-lred <*iid ninety dollars. For collecting statistics, at. l compiling %m? v. ritiiiK mattei lor monthl v, annual, and special rejurta, titteeu thousand dollars. For purchase and distribution of new and valuable seeds and plants, si&ty thousjin 1 *1 >1 lars; for exi*eiu>e of putting up the same, for labor, bagging, paper, twine, guiu, aitdotuer necessary materials, hve thousand dollars. For labor on ex|?et imental garden, and for t1ower-i>ot?, rerairs to green-house, and pur chase of new plauta and seeds fir tlie same, ten thousand dollars. For stationery, two thousand dollars, for fn igbt-charges, one thousand eight hundred dollars; for fuel, one thousand eitht hundred dollars, for lights, live hundred dollars, for re pairs of building, heating-apparatus, furniture, aud water and gas pipes, one thousand two hundred dollars; for keep of horses, one thou sand tire hundred dollar*; for new furniture, one thousand dollars; for paper, twine, and gum tor folding-room, three hundred dollars; tor canes for the Department museum, one thou sand tire hundred dollars; for collecting and nM*delling specimens of fruits and vegetables, ai.d collecting and preparing specimens for the museum aud herbarium, two thousand dol lars; for cases for the library, hre hundred dol lar.-; for entomological works of reference, two hundred and fifty dollar*; for works on chemia trr, mineralogy,'and charts, tire hundred dol lars: for cheniical an*I contingent ex|>en*e*. seven hundred dollars; for current agricultural works for the library, two hundred and fifty dollars: for incidental and miscellaneous Item-, namely, for advertising, postage, telegraphy, dry goods, soap, brushes, brooms, mats, oils, paints, glass, lumber, hardware, ice, purchase of ohl reports, live thousand dollars; In all, twenty one thousand three hundred dollars. Jt DICIAI I'di'M Statri Courti?For the Chief J ustice of the Supreme Court of the Cm ted Stat*-s. eight thousand fire hundred dollars; and tor ei,-ht associate justices, eight thousand dollar * each, n all, aeventy-two thousand five hundred dol lars. For one retired Justiceof the Supreme Court, ei^ht thousand dollars. And that the salary, emoluments, and fees of the clerk of the sa pi * me court of the District of Columbia shall not ejeeed the sum Of sti thousand dollars per annum, and that the excess of fees collected by him above that sum shall be past into the treas ury of the Vmtcd States; aud that said clerk shall make semi-annual returns of theaniouut of fees received bv hint to the Secretary of the Treasury of the I'niled States. For ni'ue circuit judges, to reside in circuit, fiftv-four thousand dollars. For salary of the rci>orter of the decisions of the Supreme Court ot the United Stales, tao thousand dollars. For salarv of the marshal of the Supreme Ct uit. three thousand lire hundred dollars. For salaries ot the district j itdges ot t he U nited States, including the salaries of ths retired judge** of the eastern district ot Texas, southern district of Ohio, and eastern district of M?otai uan.oue hundred and ninety-three thousand dollars. For salaries of the chief Justice of the su preme court of the District of Columbia, an l the four associate judges, twenty thousaud live hundred dollars. 1 or compensation of the district attorneys of the l ulted States, nineteen thousand three uun. dred and fifty dollars. For compensation of the district marshals of the United States, eleven thousand seven huu drcd dollars. For salary of the warden of the iail in the District of Columbia, two thousaud dollars. Court ?f Claimu.?For salaries of lire judges of the Court of Claims, at four thousand hve hundred dollars each, the chief clerk, three thousand dollars: and assistant clerk, two thou sand dollars; bailifT, one thousand live hundred dollars; aud messenger thereof: in all, twenty, nine thousand eight hundred and forty dollars. For stationery, books, fuel, labor, and other contingent and miscellaneous expenses, three thousand dollars: for reporting the decisions of the court, clerical hire, labor la pret?aring and mi iriiitending tlie printing of the ncrentli rol* utne ot the reports of the Court of Claims, to be paid on the order of the court, one thousand dollars. To pay judgments of the Court of Claim*, fonr hundred thousand dollars. DCFAnrnairr or justice. 1 met of ttu alMorwjrCcaera/.?For compensa tion of the Attorney-General, eight thousand dollars: Solicitor-General, sevea thousand fire hundred dollars; three Aasirtnnt Attorney-Gen erals, at fire thousand dollars each; one Assist ant Attorney-General of Peat-Oflloe Depart ment, foar thousanddoUara: solicitor of internal re venae, five thonsand dollars; naval solicitor and judge advocate-general, three thonsand fire hundred dollars; examiner et claims, three thousand fire hundred dollars; law clerk, acttag as examiner of titlea, three thonsand deUer^ ehief elerk, two thiaeaa* two hundred deHsr* stenographic clerk, two thonseni dotlara; <me clerk, two tho?and dollars; seren class fonr; addltieaal tee disbursing elerk, twe hundred dollars; twe clerks of dan three, on# clerk of clam two, two clerks of clam one, ona messenger, two assistsst asemsagets. tan labors ers, and two watchsaen; la all, eighty thonaand six hundred and slaty tollers. <H*tx if tk* Mieitorf tke nearer*?IFto oam sS tor three tkowsad deltms; chief olerk, two thousand dollars; (tonr clerks of clam fonr, three ekrha of class throe, three clcrks of dam two. two elerk* ?f dam one, one messenger. and one latere*. in 'wontr-eight r? hw i ur> <1 ?ml Mity iluiikrt . ?* '7 *ap?*?ea of th * |i -i?rt(in.l udl^St rart- >*!?. ?'??**?. jjaa nrtwB*nrou> (trmi, ?n?^ t*. <a?,1 ,14 MuX*E*rJ* " U 4 25 bo?V-. MX ,Loi.. 4 ,25LS ?he Tr? *n-v 'a ! ssrssstr r .ssn t-r ?i . f eighta or tnmqMrtatiee t.*e? Ui. ,r 1 <*,.'-rt,? rau*of mi; kind. to the amount made bvtb- li.itad Stati. 1 * ietcte.t ? i hondsef Ikr TanM NM? ta?and to %r_ ^ . j ( and which shall *ot tare hven rH? I rsrd. t,v-. u..r with tb. t.\? |<r ren* 01 n,-? | pining* ?iMf a no unapplied. a* prori-ied i,r i ??J *urh r?|?kj mar iiniif rm ta | tije < omt ?t ( laiw> to ri ivitr tiir j-ti.-?- ,>( ?? a 'rt and trait?|Hirt*tnin, tad in such i-n.t r gbt oi Mrk <vtipiii U> rero>rt thr aaie Jjl<* tlic law ami the facta ot the ces-- ah*!. fee d< termiiird. and al*>> tAi rights of the ('an 4 .v.ate* op.u ii,, u of :i!l tl,o point* tn set*ad by it tn an-w-r thereto bv them. and e tMf |?rtT to ?ofh tint mat Jt<^, tn tt,? *_ p?e?e Court. a-.d both mm , ...rt, ah?:: giro Mioh cause or cauae* pieced-acc 0t a.. oiiaea bastne? str. S. That frotn awe a'ter the tir-t dar M ly. eighteen l. u?ii. .i an.i arrant? -tt.rou, the salary ot the Snprrriran Arrhr vt ?? the Treader* *bxll be tivo tho;.*aud dollar* |?.t anrrie. and the Kiait? ?; tiio F.taaip.-t <w Claim* tethe Department ot Malr.CteiWirtiti O! the 1 roasiary . thr C< >*iar**i<<ner ot A;ti il tnre. the C?nmi>?ii>rrt c< ()im|<im*. the' uli ? toisol the Tree*ary, the 4 \>mtni.?Mon*r of t ho lirtH tiil <nd t(f-ir.-. 11,? < <iiuii.i???.?oim r ? -I P n * 1 ti*. .tin) tli?* a*?*tant |K*tatKf< r?-(i nrral, tin* mi; <>ritit?>i.d<'ut <>t ttir monr^ i>n|< r m^< mi. tn-t the *t!t>orii!toti<1rtit ot'tdr>;gr trail* i>! tt??> |\>?? ?Itopartnictit *>inI1 l>e i?*ur tlto ?a?4 .|.m i?r* iwfc |*r ?nti' tn; ?ihi th?- ^ > t ot iti ?we rliiet* ot tin- 4i|>l<nuitir >n l <>1 ^ ????? i'?i l>RR'aa? n thr l>ri>Mrti?toat ot Ktat^, atnl o' th ? ciitri rlt th?- htirran* <?t ?? c> uil% atsl ot in.t.-\ ?* an.l ar? liiro*. *?iai; bo tao thnn<*n<1 ti>ai hua <1r?d dol!ar*oaoh |?rr ann ua, ian.1 a >nft toet Uli' to carry into effort the | rovlMo?i. ot th ? | * .-tioa to th.- red of tho l5*oa! voat eedieg .??1*0 thirtlptb. oigtitron liniHinKi aed nrr< Bti uur 1* Ik I?'t>y M| |.ro|.ri*t. <t. Sm .'4. That the \t( ?rr> ?v-?i -n"-a1 ?!i?llran?o * auit in e<|iiitv to he wttutod 11 rho earn-- ?? j t!ir? 1 nttrd Matr* rho I ni>>e Par.ftc l.ailioad| ear.and afuio' all |.or* ?r ? h? i n.:iT. ta thotr ?wn* tr thr...lf|, ant ,K i??. I liarr ??i1?rril^d for cr rotvlvd raj-itnl ??.. 4. tn *a <1 rt?a?l, which Mock ha? not b-?on p?id tin in I 'mII In money, or ?l>? hare ro< *?*. t a* i ui\iut ot othtreiM |H?riionn of the rartai j *took ot *?itl teed, or thr |.r.?-^o<|. ,,r ki. u j thereof, or ether pteperty of ?ai?i inl? w - tullr aritl contrary to e.jiiitir. or wlio ieav h tm i t > . ivuii ?.?* * 1 r? tfiretl ?> profit? or f r<>i<rvtU of contract* 101 eo'iidrarttoe or cortipBieNt of mtid road or o?h??i contracts thcrvaith. ru tnetN or other p-. t?ort? ttluch ou^lit, in rt|U>lv. to tfloii^ to >ai I rat; r<?at1 rt>t|.orat<ou or whouixr. tiiioer pretetico ot having coaii-ited with the act* t?- which Una 1* an aJtiition, hare nNcfaliv and ui ia^tMCf rtoeu td Iron the I nited Statrw. hen.1*. tn?oera. or land* which ought, inron'tt . to In- at . oun'od f??r and f.Miti to >-arfi railroad t >ai|*anv or to the I intcd State*, and to con.pi t paytu. nt tot aai?t >t?>ck, ai.d the (*o1Kctlon and pa\nit*nt 01 ?Hh tuoiirya. and tlie restoration ot *in h pree eitv. or its value, either to *ai<1 railreail c?.ti^t ration or the I nitrd Mates, whichever *lia!I ta fijiiity be helit cutitUti tiiorcto. Naul *riit mar U-J 1 ought in the cir? ult court In an\ circuit. hi id all mi?t nay l?f n. I'tc dftVitdn; t? in one Miit. Ii.-crn * may 1? entore<l an-1 ewtorctst :*k.'aii:*t any oim or uiorr parties deteinlant with out awaiting the tinal ilet? riu.nation ot Ut?t cau*e agam-t other partle* The c? irtwh-i.? *aid can* i* pending mar mnke *n -Si ord-r* antl decrees and Ismk'*ucii proce** a< it ?ba1l deem woof^m to hrieg In new | ?rtie* ..1 th^ rrpresetitatu r? ot |.art:t> drceaxd, or to earrr eflect the puriM-?e* of this act. on H!tn< the |.i||, writ* ot stih|xi t.a iurirl>e K-ue.1 t \ ?t..t court am parties defendant. whicfi writ snail run into any di*trlct. ami *lial! he sorrv t. a-other like proceas, by the marshal ot *uc'u d.? trict. Tlie nri'vilt, (?.irriS|mii.|i>tH'? an-l all other ilocunient* of the Inloti Pai i? Ka" ma<1 Oompanr, shall at all times b? o|*u to in spection by the Secretary of the Trca*ury. or mm li |a rsonsas he niav <1rlegate tor that piir|.<>^*. 1 he law* of the I'nihil State* providing lot pro r- riling* in bankruptcy sha'l net ?>e hel.l to ap ply to said coiporation. Kodivideml shall ht-re atter Ik- made by said compativ bat from ths iictiial net earnings thereof, and ih> new -dock shall he issued or mortgages or pledge* m*do on the property or future earnings ef the ton 1 any w ithout leave ot Coiigre**. eaoept for tho pin pose ot funding and securing iiel.t now e? isting. or the renewals thereof. No it-roctor or off cer ot said road shall hereafter be inter ested. directly or Indirectly, in ativ contract therewith except for hi* lawful coauten*a.Uee as *uch officer. Any director or officer win* Htall 1 ay or dwUrc. or aid in paying or declar* ing, an> dividend. t>r creating anv mortgage or idt dge prohibited by thl* act. sha'. he punisho<( by imprisonment not esreed'na two rears, and by tine not exceeding tire thou* v d dollars The proper circuit court of the I nited State* shall have .inri*diction to hear aisi detetmine all ca*e* of mandamus to com|>el *ai.i I'uion Pa cilic Kailroad Cemj.any to o{erute Its road aa required by law. [Approved. MaroV 3, |<> THE TRADES. pLIMitlKG ASU UAH FlTTihU. Tho** deaiting to have th.-i. Plutubinc au4 Qa? ruiH.r d?nr in a neat antl ?ri Mantial tua i?r, ant rea?onaf.le t-rms. leava tin it rl-ri a> H* Prnn**It ania avenue i,?#uul U.U. W ork * arranted. MM KOTHttKLt (>ALLON JAIU I . KElKSi. Prmntfl P:*m ~ am<j p,lt0r to have roar Plumhin,, Ga* rttiinc, anl'fS frMtendwi to . raaeartlPterSS!, hT m( awMtact, ?t >11 iwe, Bortlieawt. ait - ?7 *?at. an I i JS.-SS a?S/31 A WHIMOe AND DCOORATlOhff -AVIUM WAOOh OOVBM, 0 flCdAIT, ?..nnfactnrwr, a*r? tr ? . 'I; llarkta tfsa, dscj-tr B*tw??l 7|A aad tit an. aa ^ WRIKOt, FLAU^TIMni .... ^ "OCOPILAK D. ?43 Loaisiana aveaiae, ..oe 4uor ^at Txk -~rt ?JZ^ggSSiS* ^ . 5w.?"b Dico'ffrtD "*? ? " All Caavaaa articl.n mad* to arder 1'ANCINU CLOTHfi K. flETOS, ? CAamyTtR. bvilvak, a xi) COHTEACTOh Order* for Re - - i*p? tf lith bolow K *t Boetaw^ I'Ht MW AIAT10KAL MAJtfcSl . T*16?, SALT aad BMOKED MKATh m mu kind* and of tha beat qaalitr. fami?i. <1 ?J''{"??^??"t>le-alao^AKlt.|loi ltRT ^ r?lITl?, and VEckTA BL 9^? thJir* I ga-ir txrsiRf.tet,?. |TOB BAAL* AMD FABTlKh. fn. oi aii kip sutrn, ?i to n ti ru PAI* WALL. ftOBIMSOl A 00T (hdH> vai J\ o T 1 C E . The er |>arth*r?b*B of AVDRKW J. JOTCK A OO la tlua da> diasolt wl tr mataal rooa?ot / all aartiM* ANPBIW J JOTCI. "n,m fSfVBIroV4^" Jai.uarr *th. UBt. " AMiRIW 9 JOTCK to aiouej* aad aaui* all ae IK 10 iaain!Hr trictl iMiamnMnMHF BBOOK?.nfato of toaaAlagt.* _ru|i ^ JLM puMn CAMM or* tha lat aar rfT^ii ^5! ? ?? * m,m i*PL* MT OMU991MTU.

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