Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. VKiniY April II, 1*7 X. LOCAL^NEWS. < MndrmH i>urnl?. J. I Paj?tt i? ltd u- U<*r[<r's 11 , tor April T?." Of Washington and Georgetown <!? ?* it Unlay until Ti'?d*v next The ve?trv of the Diuroh ol the Ascension i. a\e encair' I Mr Tk'flrtow Miller, the h**n ot Ur Ar.on (/uvtHt* Club, to till the vacancy in Unr .,nartrtte choif. 1l.e ;? th .iistrict republican club have per f?.r?.luil the ncctssary arrangements for par tteip.ttiBg in the emancipation celebration on tkr l?th iwt The superinterslent of streets baa been di i?ftnl to take out the punm on the south side r-f Mcunt Vernon Plaee. between Tthandsth, street northwest. *T>d till no the well. The tngtboat .lohn?n Brothers towed the Mtamer C. Kninht from Georgetown to the nav* yard jrMtnky for repairs sustained in the c?: -.on with the "schooner .I. B. Ward on her D|'W.inl tri|M* FrMar night la*t when off In dian Head. ai> reported in The Star. The tru?teesof the Memorial English Luth eran I'kiirrh vesterday tiled in the office of the Bet order of i>eeds a certificate that at a late ?feting it was resolved to change the name of the church to"Tbe Memorial E\angelical Loth era n i tiarch." Mr lloma.' G. Warren, a former resident of this city. died yesterday niorniug at Millville. J., in bis With year. He wa* a tailor. an?l for h rue years wwnup'oved as foreman ot Mr. P. ??? Steer, ai.d diirmi; toe war he was a rae. serger in the War Department. Prof. H. T. iireener, of the Sumner School building, has accepted an invitation tendered Itim by tlie reception committee of the euiaiici jalion convention to deliver the oration on th occasion of the celebration on the lilth inst. of the ninth anniversary of emancipation. An adjourned meeting of tlie officers of Dis trict volunteers in the Tate war was held la-t i v' ' a; * street northwest. A com ?n: tree, consisting of Captains Harrover, -O'Hngan. Fisher. Mciiraw. and Lieut. Cham pion. ?at- appointed U> draft a constitution. The ilel.rew Passover commences this even i ng ai.d wiil continue for eight days, during wi. ch time none who hold tothe ancient faith will eat leaven bread. The two lirst and th<? two last days will be more strictly observed tlian the others. A co-respondent writes that 4,some senrvv, worthies" villain on Saturday night wantonly m.tdated nearly every tree just planted on the ?M>s:h mle ot F street, lietween 5>th and :ilst asirtbeust. A rewaril should be offered lor the apprehension of ibis destroyer of the public property." The f 11 low ing officers of the alumni National Meii.cul College were elected last night: dtdiu Riley, M. D.. president, Drs. G. P. Fenwick, F. A -A ihford. and J. K. P. <? lee son, vice presi dents IVai. T. Kam*ev, M. I)., recording secre tary >. Jl Schaeiter, M. D., corresponding s? . re:..: v. Itichard .Joseph. M. D., treasurer. The Chicago papers report that Mr. Wilmer S. Shepbenl. plumberand gas fitter, formerlvof Wa?h mgton jiasbeeu made a v ict im of misplaced e? i t-.?le.j. e by his book-keeper ?? Dean Richmond ( I t 'll ' formerly of N? w York,who disap I'taml 'diking with him several hundred dollars lii -h. an 1 iea . irg the accounts of the firm in a condiruHi <? unsettled that fears are entertained if gra\e defalcations. I*p<>r.TA%T Sale?<>k Heat. I'state.?W.W. iunfrm has executed a deed to the govern ment t?.r |J ? acres of land. ' liar, woisi." ad joining the Soldiers' Home tract on the south, to be added to ihe 8oldic??" Home grounds. The consideration is <*_'?.^..n i?. Col. .1. ii. Wheeler ha.-' sold to Victoria A. Bu*r !?l acres ot land en the river, below G < -Into*. for 0o<i. Mr. .J. L. Kid we! I ha* sold to Mr. T.W. .Jones, ??! Ceorketown.*i a<resoflaii . lying near Fri/ jeii'-i. a!nve Georgetown aiv> between the Po. ma. river and the Clic*apeakc and Ohio canal, for >s.fiM>. HiM.ofCweorjrt#.ha* ptrch.ii 1 c>t T. Smith b?t F. ?. liare an, mproved by i ti?>e ?Lree--t->rv briek r-'-idr :.-e, fronting on X street. b? tween a:Ki l.tth. for ??li;,?*?>. W. S. lions1 has sokl tiie uljoliing house to >!ar I.. Pa.-ehall for the tame amoont. ?I B. Wilson ha- sold a tot. iminove<l by a br'"!.- residence adjoining, U> >'arth.? J. Geu^*. lor - i '.THi. Dr. K. S. T. Cissell has ?''ld part- of b,-.- 5 air I ?d <. witk improvements, situated at rlecor i'l < .'ii^'r. rid Bridge ?treet?. G*. to* tii o. W. Cropler. t >r The Divori k BrniiMi A'tiv*. ? The ; Kijui'v t our:. Judge Wylie, receuily grunted a i divor- e to 111 al>eth P- irx ftow thebomis or [ matrimony -*ith Daniel Perry. The ease w i? I cor no lived by the hosband against his wife. ^ rbarg ng her w;t^ crpeltv: but she tiled a cr>>s? bill cLarg ng him with abandonu>"ut and cruelty, and the testimony sustaining her petition the divorce was granted her. Yesterday two divorce case# were filed?o i> by Franci" S. Metcalf against Ad.lie I.. Metealf, u> aiiom he ?a? married m Xovemb-r. I -. He ch\-g?s ilrunkonness ami ill-treatment. He ask- i!.n an order reatraiuing her from filing tlo furniture. The oth'r ca?e wa? that of .lames Patters in. who a.?keii a divorce from Caroline PatP*r?->n. to whom he was married l^ecemher. is?r;. a?ul t?;,o be charges with" baying deserted him a week al Ur marriage. The Military Ball is the Isavufba TloN BviLPtso? At a meeting of the officer- of the different military organization- last night, to take further actio":' lor the grand ball tot ike plaee in the Diauguratiou ball building on Thursdav. April ^4th, the chairman. O. K. Dufty. reported that the ball building had Ik- -n sreured. The following committees were an nouncml: Kvecntive committee?Capt. O. E. Di'fi'y, Col. W. G. Moore. Capt. D. McCatiiran, Capt. J. I. King. Capt. Cook.Capt. W. DeMott. rapt. N. <1. Starkweather. Capt.tileason, Capt. Flennn rg, Capt. .1. B. Hanneman. Capt.>lolir H^n, l>t Lieut. A. D. Shaw. andtM l.ieut. W. A. Ci'Meara. Finance?Capt*. Duffy and DeM'dt ai.d LieuL Summay. Printing?Capt. Stark weather and Lieut. Ti'ompson and i I'Meara. The pr'ee of ticket* has l?een placed at >1. .ul 1 6 a gentleman and lad-.e*. P'l TritE Sale.?Bv reference to the adver tisement elsewhere it will be seen that the spr^ v -ale of pictures by our local artists will take place at the auction rooms of Lati mer ,V Cleary on Wednesday evening next. This sale will a^ord our citi/e'ns an excellent opportunity U> secure pictures of familiar acenes and -nbjects, from the easels of gentlemen v. iio are kin wn to lie artists of merit and stand':ig, mid whieh always have a value above that p>s s. ??. .1 hy rroresen'atioiis of strange places tlnng? by the han<lsof j?er*ons in whom no per sonal interest is felt. Of the pictures thern selve-. we may have -omethiug further to s*v once tliev are placed on view, but in the mean time we hope a?rh interest may be felt in the Mbieet as will retire a large attemiance and spirited I'iddiiig on the o<>c:?s;.ofi of the sale. e CrtifiD Pkihat.?To-day' is Good Fridav, tlie ii ?-t s kmn .lav oi the var iti the ol??ervan of the Catholic, Kpi-ropal and Lutheran cbrrehe*. comniemorative ot the crucitlxion of onr Sationr. The services in all oi these rhnrche- this motjiitig w-*r*? very impressive, aiwl the atteixlain-v wv- very large. In most ?*f the ? a'l olic churches to-n.ght the office of T?ih brae will be sung, and .-erm-'U- on the .FasMot; a'hI Death of our Blessed l ord deliv ered. T* morrow i- Holy Saturday closing the solemn -ca-on of Lent. M \s i\-. \ ? r ?>. -Mr. S-u:i iei Tt ixter <V ?s pri-enu-.! with a P.u>t Master'* jewel, by Har mot.y laxlge. No. IT. F. A. A. M.. I ?.-t m^Iit. At a ?t.ite,; , on)riinni"a*ior- of New dern-?' ni I^Otlge. No. F. A. A. M., held last evening ?t Mw ic rervde. G. .1 Mueller wk- present -1 with a baadsome Pa>tmaster's jewel. P. M. W. s. Thot"- .-.oi m'tde the present ttion si?ee.-U, tn (in)' the recipient rr?ponded vi v happ I v. T' e Knights Rose Croix, Scottish Kite, j.-ir tis k ot a gr ind banquet last night at the ivirk vni Ho?c. Thv Potii e C<>*?i--!i?s' rs m-1 yesterday evening, ai.d a resolution was adopted that ??no new or additional lieetise to sell intoxicating ii?inors. in less qnantitm than one pint, to i?e drank 4* the preiui.-e? where said, will l??:. im proved by this board before the L-t davof No vem'.-er next." t?fllcer Samuel P. Hineline having s? rve?l on the force ?o days was ordered to be commi-eioned. * TurtJ? frpoTAiLtDhear Buben?teln. Wien iawski and Theo. Thomas, with his inaguiticeut orchesira, will omit a duty incruinWnt upon eacb lover ef the art of mustc. TUer? ls no more | ow> rfm combination and arr^v ot ta>nt in the world to day than this organization, dn Momlay and Tuesday evenings and Wednesday alter noon of nest ??k they perform. Kasvbr Delicacies?By reference to tha ad>'-rt*ement elsewhere it will he seen that Mr. B. F. Hunt wiil have at hiastalls. Xoe. V*. M. and 3?s Center Market, to-morrow, a supplv of i-buice spring lamb for Eastor enjoyment. Hi>rii:g lamb and mint sauce.' Think of iC And when Hunt says it is tlie best it it the best, f Sales or Fish are ?j*oeed to-day, at John, son's whart. as follows Shad?10.000 for ship ment. at ?M per hundred: S.rtWt for home mar ket . *12a?i3; '<.w?i herring brought ?Ta^; 1 .no#, taylors ?>W at j?'-' per hnd-eil; JTO bunches ti-h at .*5 cents per bunch, aud t> large rock hah at *1-50 each. Sea;j. P??\ c a-u have beau reported siae4 our last as follows: S cases between N and O and tst and * streets so- Uivreet; 2 ca^ on 7th, fcvtaeen H and 1 southwest; 2 cases on F, be tween loth and 11th northoart; and I on X, be tween 1st and v streets sontbweet, and 1 death on N, between 1st ami % streets. Fditor Sta r :?Wfiat Is the reason that money-order offices are oten in other cities during the usual pest office pours, and in Wash ington it e!oat? at 4 p. m '.' Will not the post master c?i -itier the intere-ts of the thousand* cl work mm and op. rnttrtS wtO VC Compelled lu wrk ciAht Louis a day? C3 Tfc* Wn"hitcr?n <1?y Prfufcylrry. f K* * 11; THE rU*W? -E""!')*. At the al'*- rr.ooL mfioi ?>: the Washington ( itv Pr*?bvtery m tb? Fir?t Church, |4; stie*1.1 vestenlav. tbe rr?i(tiniti?n of Mr. J. V. A. Shields, treasure!", was Kre^M. -and Mr. V. H. Tenny w chosen in hi# ]>!?oe. Mr. Nonrse. from" THF. COMMITTER OK *IW|OM?, ? report. in rrgitnl to thf mixtion on sih street, be'ween F and ft northeast. the report ?tatcs that the Snndav school tiuml>er? 19 and the attendance 7.V Th jy re<~emine?d tlmt an appropriation l'or the mission tnr tie'd in the tonn'wi of Fairfax and Prinoe William, \ a., be asked of the board of home missions in New York, ami that the appropriation for Gur i?*y chnrch be asked to the amount of *T?W The committee nnanimoudv de?ire an increase 111 ? heir number*, and beg to nominate the follow ing additional member*: M. M. Mayti. id, from Fridge street, (Georgetown: Chw. Bailey, from New York avenue church. I>. Ha.?ett, froin Fourth Presbyterian church; Elder Leech, from Metropolitan church; W. J. Bed-trake. from Assembly church. The re|K>rt was received and accepted. KWer G. B. Patch was taken under care of the presbytery. Dr. Sunderland, from the ?pecial committee OK THK OVBKTrBItM FROM TUB A 81* KM rt L V, ?ut>mitted the following. wliich was adopted Tin* presbytery, believing that the only way by which the" office of a gospel minister can be taken away is by dei*>sition for immorality or incapacity, would give their decision in favor of an addition to chapter 13 of the form of gov ernment to this e/Tect, and that the presbytery answer the overture of the assembly ou page 50 ot the minutes in the negative; adopted. ROTARY BLDBRSH1P. Dr. Sunderland, from the special committee to prepare a minute to the Assembly, reported tbe >aiiie. ai d it was adopted, as follows: In the matter of the complaint of certain members of the New York avenue church again.-t the session of said church for the at tion ot said session in uniting with and approving of the action ot said church by which service in the eldership is to be made henceforth of a term limited rather than for life, as always hereto fore in said chnrch. the Presbytery, having ol> served all constitutional steps required jn -inch cases, and the complaint being ftu>tained by a large majority ot those voting in this body, do humbly require the session of said church to reverse their own action in the premises, to de clare tbe action complained of, whether it bo regarded as the action of the session or ot the church and congregation, or of any and all to gether. null and void, and that the elders elected u|>on the new plan recently adopted in said church be regarded henceforth only as private members until such time as they may be duly elected and ordained or installed. and that the session of said church and the church itself bo required heuceiorth to adhere to the former doctrine and practice of this chnrch until such time as the constitution of the church shall be so amended by overture sent to the presbyte ries as to make a plain provisiou for election in the term-service principle. ELECTION OK KELEo ATI?. Rev. Messrs. Henderson and Berch were j elected as delegates, and Brothers Logan and ! Mason as alternates; Messrs. Parks and Gard- , iter as elders, and Messrs. Smith and Bassett as ; alternates, to the General Assembly. ? The Sunn.or Portrait Kit si AiTioa o>- thjc cc>lokk:> w hovL tkI'stkes LAST KKiUT. A special meeting of the I* ard of trustees of colored st ho.>ls was held last night to consider a report from the building committee recommend ing repairs to certain school structures. Tin* committee was authorized to make the repair* alluded to. Mr. Lewis then read A KIKIU OF KEfSOLVTJOyg, declaring that every member of the board in dignantly spurns as false any allegation of in gratitude or hostility towards Senator Sumner, whether covert or avowed; that even if doubts had not existed as to the legality of the lat*) board's proceedings in this matter, the existing financial condition of the schools imperatively demanded their reconsideration by the present board; that any steps having tor their object a maniftstation "of honor and resjiect towards s? nator Snmntr. without necessitating a viola tion of duties under the law. will meet with tho hearty approval and concurrence of the board, ; ml, as a proof of their sincerity in this matter. t?sev pledge themselves to initiate and carry o:it a ->lanthat v. ill see ire. as a decoration for tli?* Suuner school building, such a portrait of tli-? ?*at sman whom every colored man. iruDi'i and child in the land delights to honor, as was origKiaily contemplated, and that, too, witho it having recourse to the funds intrusted to their keeping solely for educational purposes; and further, that a committee of three members I.; appoiiiti j to realize this plan at the earliest practicable moment. After speeches complimentary to Mr. Sumner by every m niber of the board" the resolutions were unanimotisly adopted. The resignation of Miss Charlotte L. Porter, a teacher iu ti_e preparatory high school, was Vcrptol. Of'5ION OK DISTRICT ATTORNEY COOK OX TH!; SI MICE APPROPRIATION. The Chair >tatod that a- the question had been raised as to the legality of repealing an act of the tornier board, he liad through the Govern ir r?*<inested the opinion of the attorney ot t:m District of Columbia on this point. Mr. Wa. A. Cook. attorney for the District, says in his opinion that the trustees ol colored schools cannot expend any part of the mini ? v appropriated by the Legislative Assembly ex cept for educational purposes, without violating the act of Congress creating the present gov ernment of the District, and the art of t!i<? legislative Assembly making the appropria tion. He further savs that its use for any oth-r object, however meritorious or laudable, would be entirely unjustifiable, and that it was, there fore, a mistake on tlie part of the old hoard to attempt to apply five hundred dollars of the school funds for a portrait of Hon. Charles Sumner, and the present board acted wisely hi promptly correcting the error. How bipsles Kettle Tlicir DlftienltioH. A FIOHT llKOKEX CP BY THE POLICE. A diffi culty occurred in the gipsey camp yes terday between two brothers called " Nailer ' and ""Sparrow," both of whom married daugh ters ot " old Mother Kiley," who has charge of a band. The quarrel resulted iu a set tight, ac cording to tbe rules of the ring. It seems th tt ou Wednesday evening seven additional bands came into camp, some from Virginia, some froiu Maryland and one lr<>m Florida, and that in the jollification at meeting alter an absence ot several months, someof them got liquor at Fox's Puiev Branch tavern, and among them th-se' two brothers, who. after drinking, renewed an old quarrel. and this resulted in tisticutis, each STB1PPIKO TO THK WAIST before "going iu." This was in front of the Piney Branch tavern, and daring the great est excitement, Officer Bains appeared on the ground. This was just as the younger of the two was getting the worst of it." The officer or dered the gipsies to pack up and leave, and they at once commenced to hitch up th sir hor'ses. and tbe officer left. The father of the two boys said with an air of nride to the officer that he bad three boys, ami tliev '?AI L HAD A BIT or riOHT IK *EM." On going his afternoon rounds, Mr. Bains was astonished to tind the whole caiup at tbe same place he had left it in the morning, and to learn that the iiuarrel had l?een going on at in tervals during his absence. He asked them why they did nut leave as ordered, and one of them, pretty full of liipior, said they would "Go WHKBK THEY D PLBASBD.*' The officer reported the facts to Sergeant Bedway. who went to Mr. Shoemaker, the owue! of tbe tavern, and ascertained tha' be had given them no leave to remain there. S-r gtai.t Kidway then went to see Mr. Fitch, the a^ent of the property on w hich their camp is located, on the Piney branch road, and got an order from him to remove them, and this morn ing Lieut, .lobnson detailed a squad of mounted men to proceed to tbe camp, ami the gip?;es were started oil towards Mar viand, making al together <jl'ITB A CARAVAN. Old Crabtree told tbe officers that th-*v never went to law about their difference*, a sl they might just as well let them tight It out thire. as they were bound to do it somewhere. T iey I* rsistectlv declined to divulge the nature of the quarrel, but said it was an old difference. The last party that arrivetMiere had Mine very fine horses?one of them, a fast trotter, valued at *700. ? Exttbsiob ok the Capitol Gbocbl>*?iijlt of hmtldimtit <m Squart Messrs. Latimer & Ch ary commenced yesterday the sale of old buildings on square No. <>K7, which has been purchased by the I'nited State* government for extending the Capitol grounds. This square U lioundtd by Delaware avenue and A and Band 1st streets. The buildings are to be removed within thirty days. Whitney's hotel was the tirst building ottered, and was knocked down to Atr. llenrv Eastman for K.Y2.V two large houses on north A street, ou lots 4 ami S, were knocked down to Mr. P. Cahnan for $1.WO; buildings on lot It to Stephen Wailes at 4>?O0; ou lot l?i to J, C. baum tor *o?s on lot I* to A. Campbell for *32. ; on lot * to G. w. Kirk lot ?35?; on lot to N. G. Ordway for ou lot 36 to H. East man tor *u*; on lots from 1 JO to 126, ou 1st street, to the Waakiact m and Georgetown rail road company for en lot 3i?, on B street, to A. Swartz for KWD; on lot Jtf, on B street, to Moses Kelly for **?; on iu? 33. on B street, to Mose* Kelly tor #1^7?. on lot ?>. on B street, to llenrv Eastman for #47u; on lot 27, on B street, to John U'Meara for ??)>; two groaps of sheds in the rear of the prtniiae* were soid.oue to Dr. S nod grass for *1 JO and the other to Mr. Maisack for ?A0; frame house and shed to C. K. liulse for frame shed in rear of B street to S. Canna dv for 077.50. Tbe toUl amount realized from tiie sale yesterday was near I v #l?,ouo. BriLWBft Aim*iatioj.?At the eighteenth monthlv meeting of the Ceutral building amo ciation last night, fifty-two shares of stock w ere adtanci d upon at an average premium ol M per cent. ? Ota Bi ll, the eminent vipliuist, kno wn to all in the land, wilf perform ou Wednowlay an4 Thor?lav evening* of next week, at Liiitjli Hail. His troupe come well recommend.d by the press, lttservtd seats at MeUcrott's. Alfxuiulrla 1'fwb Hnrkcl. i* of lie* fish ;'<>r this day. furnished I by George \V. Harrison & Co., wholesale deal j ersin, Now. 42 King street, 50, 51, Mi fish ' wharves, Alexandria, \ Shad, per hundred. *1J.00 to *11.00; PoTomae family, per bbl., to ?U.0<?; Economy family, <I>eUw*re.) per* Bbl., $l.'us). Herring, frrsli, p?r thousand, *7.o? to *7.50; , Poton;;?c. No. 1, per bbl., to #7.0?; Poto mac. ta?ilv, iroe,) per bbl., *?.00: Potomac, family. per hail bbl., #4.50; Labrador, family, per bbl.. extra,#0.50: Portland gibbed, per bbl., ?4.50 to *4.00; Bay of Inland, So. 1, (new.) *5.00, , do., family mew., *6.oo; Lake herring. Chicago, extra, *5.75; St. John'!* alt wives, *<;.00. Shad and berring on llie increase, arriving freeiy. (bnreh vena* Kailrofttl. verdict o? *11.500 aoainst the b. AND p. RAILROAD compasy. \ esterday, at ter our rej>ort closed of tbe case ?[ the 6tb street Presbyterian church against the Baltimore aix1 Potomtc railroad comiuuiv, oelore a jury to assess damages alleged to have been caused by tbe running of trains on Gth street? Hev. W. B. Evans (formerly of tbe board of trustees of public schools) testified that the basement of the church had been rented by the trustees, but that they had to give it up, as it was dangerous to have children so near the rail road track. l>r. Noble was recalled, and testified that fu neral services in his ehurcli had been grcatlv interrupted by the passing trains. Witn -ss pro duced copies of letters addressed to Col. Thos. Scott and ??. N. l?uMarry, together with their replies, stating that tin* company ?!ecltne?i to purchase the property, or purchase another church tor the congregation. Bev. O. A. Bartholomew and Geo. W.Gooda'l were sworn, and thought that the church could not l>e replaced for less than ^40,000. Mr. Norton testified that the eongrecition numbered al>oi,t 175 a year ago, a- <1 sine ? the construction ot the railroad .t numbered aboil' 7. or one-half. '1 his closed tbe testimony for the elinrch. TESTIMONY ?OK Till RAILROAD. The first witness for the railroad was Mr F Koones, who testified that he was a real estate agent, employed by the rttilroad company; had I purchased several pieces of ground near the railroad depot; people generally had asked more lor their property when they understood that the railroad was to be placed near it; thought that the property hat! greatly increased by the l)n,gv01 track; w""!d give .>*15,000 for the church now, and thought if it was put on the thousand dollars!"''"^ fr?m eigbteeU 10 tWCUt> J *s,?*"or of the 17th district, tes tified that he had advanced the assessment of property since the construction of the railroad had never had any complaints that property ^predated since the laying of the railroad K. L. nnTlarry, superintendent of the railroad, testihcd that there was no tram pass ing the church on Sunday from 11:15 a. m. until M> m.; the switch or regulating engine goes to ulor,dng and does not return .lnt" all the trains are put away; the bells are rung because the city ordinance requires it T.. VERDICT for the church. ? ? e testimony, and alter argu m. nt the Jnry proceeded to make m their ver ?.'?!, and att?-r a few hour's deliberation u* ch irch damages at -15,000 in favor of tli The railroad will carry the case to the Circuit *"1,'? obtain a construction of tho law. an I possibly the case will eventually go to the Supn me Court of the United States. FOR Granite Pavements AEorxn a 1 ART OF TUB Capitol Crowds ?Bids were oijened at the office ot the architect oftheCani ?>eN. li.l;,>',or living with granite the curv around the Capitol grounds t'roin M.iryla-i l to New Jersey avenue, as follows: Geor^r v i, ?'er 9,,pertieial y4rd; G.-.rge Neit/v ?V (o.,*!.40; I>avid Neitzvf?3 77- \V If Adams. <{.15; Munlock A Glenn, -5 Iticli s '?<w? a JLT",e /V,u'l'any. Si; G. W. G. Kslm. - (VM'r.ew GJeason, ST 1?; Andrew Gleason, ' 'olmson- ????: W. H. II nest is, ' Rowley, #.:.15; Thomas Lucas Co. A;,*' Ordwav, Si:;..*;; Hugh Maginnis, : V. "V1-1!?. Crt*? s Hunter Taylor, v'Fsi;?i '? *- ^Vfnai' <"5> VOUll') Gree.i , Charles Gydet. s5.?o; do., *5,.iv uo...-.i l>aniel l.dniond, scj,40; .1. M iirr i? ??ce, IIoHvvV Co., s:: 17. A. M Tiifok. r' H 1 ? AteliiMm* i ?- V- ? - ? U S3.15: .J. .1. Stafford, - bV iTR H r,VI'ra"1' J- P Sli.rphv, i A- Both well, *3.0!'", K. .Morgan,^;.:;:!: t ' vV \ McLaughlin, ji. Mr d.rke announced that he would render his dco.sion in a tew days. .^?rRO.NT.-.vrrivals it Bilev's wharf f?> i T . 8to,k, 'ev, Porter. SauN IiIm'r m i lumber tor Cottrell & Co.; sloop Mlue Bel!, A-lams, oyster- for market. Sailed - Schooner Maggie, Myers. H.tvre-de-Gra-.-, ^t??nerI.Pe,lrl, Williams. Gavre-de i \r W ,litcbo^Per ShoweIl, Field, SauN Ii VV*' ^ ^"ie I'ri, e of ovsters at tins *Laii to-<lay was fifty cents i^r b'ushel. ~ * <i? TBI; (OIRTN. !h - i F01 KT" J",Ue GirUtr.?Ye-t. r.biy, I ? f.i.f ,,f F"i mi. hte.r; ver.lit f,,r n|? ^ . , t iionnnHl ilrnnagM To-.l?y. ||,e case of fnited States act L >m < itTf "f l f r * -1.-1 . It j f S4..IS1 f'.HMd in th" ?jttlrnieiit ..f his s ?ill'..-aiosrs .fisher and H irriiigr?u f?rile ?' v -rntii. ni. sn i s,?| d. Ten,la t T* a ,???? wer" r ., if-d in this t.. suabb th? pi ' Illlics protnre *tJ<1 'WK^nce certain book- asevi roLFCE rOFRT, .// Isr. Sin ft.?To-day. L"ms J, assault auilbatt- ri . j, O iUf Hafhins t, hot , col. red; S3.. Junius Bilej larceny of a bra"; c.'?l li< .L .5 lo. B..-U tfniit.i, a?i..ul? and bstiei j .11 p ' Smoot; $a 0?or?p Rrown, profanity n ??"" m,v2TV," Ii;ve"'"-; h- Fred Key, itm<-. ha. _ " 53. . I.irk Bell, same; ?3. John Brown, disorderly '?/ "here he flourish ?.! a b.:,B sheath k,''^; fined #10, or sixty days in the w-rV h?-use. Isaa. La B chc, piofunitv; S? Jo? uli .^T;,^r,?5eoUwwa,on a ch,r<e ?f ji? QEOROETOWy. A Man's Lao Brokkm by Tns Fall op \ Wall?About 10 o'clock this morning, a ,m| ored man named dos. Moore ha<l his leg broken by the tall 01 a foundation wall of a house on Dumbarton street, near Monroe street. The wall had been undermined by the excavation tor the improvement of the street. He was *?en tg l'is home, on 7th street, assisted l?v < >Seer Banks, and Dr. PeU;r wat called in a id set the limb. The Coal Trade.?The coal trade for t!ic past week has not been as brisk as anticipated Nome of the companies have just commenced to load, and the boatmen complain bitterly of the condition ot the canal. The receipu this week by the New Central Companv were 3.1*10 <Jr?t'k Company, sesj tons; Bor t/ei^ t?I ^^0n,Kn7,' 3,52?t0M; Kay's docks, 1.100tors, Consolidation Comnanv, i.3?sj tons Jhe shipments were-Bv tlie New Central Company ton*; George" Creek Company, ^?0 tons, Borden Mining Company, 2,..?mi tons; 18',-?? ton"' autl "ie "Consolidation Company, 1,1, # tons. Grain Trade?There were no sales on change to-day, and the only arrival of grain up ,,c u?j i:>e ko- ?..u W10 bushels w heat to J. G. Waters. News?The steamer Geo. H. Stout aiTived to-day from Philadelphia with a cs--o of general merchandise; also, the Exoi. ^ from Baltimore, with miscellaneous freight1 and the sehr. Emily arrivetl from Norfolk \v -li lefw1 01 A??tiU* aUU J0 bb!>- ^ t- tsH W hart.?The receipts of fi-'i i> ?T,|k fish wharf to-day were 85,000 t i.i .1. sold nt *?a9 per thoitsai.d, and fi.otM t lv lors, which brought ~l per hundred. Ti.-re, ^ ? . |>vt UUUUll'U. have been an unusually large number ot lors caught here this season, and very few only 150 shadJbein^ecelvedJUKdiw The Frederick (MdO Wife Mi rder The trial of Adam G. Kicketts, of dohusviile, Frtderick county, Md., charged w itli the 111 ir der of his wife, shooting her, on the '24d of October, IjC'J, which was begun in the circuit court at Frederick city 011 Tuesday morning, closed at 11:15 o'clock" last night, the jnry ren dering a verdict of guilty of mur.lor in the second degree. Official Ketiresfrom Cojteectk tt give more votes for the prohib.tion ticket than at first telegraphed, and these, with other sli jnt changes, cut down Ingrrsoll's majority to l,-*?. Full returns to the secretary of state will very likely reduce his majority slightly. Am Indian War Threatened.?The Law rerce (Kansas) Journal learns that the Kiowas, Chevenneand Arrapahoe Indians are preparing for war, and that the government Is reinforcing all the forts in western Kansas and south of that section. The epizootic Is prevailing in Mexico in a virulent form. Many cattle have died, aud the price of provision's has been materially In creased in the capital by the panic occasioned thereby. Mrs. Meyers still remains in prison, in New .York, not having vet furnished surety for her appearance as a witness in the Qoodrleh owe. The inquest will be resumed this evening, when a verdict will be reached. An Ai.LEdED Sedi cer Shot Elihu A. Mer chant was shot and killed yesterday afternoon in San Ftaacisco by J. Samuels. The alleged seduction of one ot the latter** daughters wai the canse. Samuels gave himself up. VBelniorcemcnts. four hnndrM strong, em barked at Cadiz yesterday for Cuba. ??*The Pennsylvania legislature has ad journed itae die. ?/"Killing ftosts are reported inTexaf. Crop# and fruit are killed. ?y A state temi?erance convention 1s to be held in Baltimore May 7. ?/"Baltimore owe* *6ML53l, and expects t* reduce tbe amount to *n?.05A this year. ?/"Chickens are on datv night and d <y in ik ing premtfut'ans for Faster. Producing e,ig? ip a good lay lor a chickcn. C ITY ITE M S. Easter Hat* An elegit assortment of Men s. Youths' and Boy#' at moderate prices. Carter Jt Co., 4319th street,opposite Y. M. C. A. Use D?o? rv's Yea?t PownEn if yon relish tight, sweet. *hole^m** Bi*cu!t?. Rolls, Pwtrv. Ac. Year grocer shells it. Fall weight and strength. *> Tri *n?T tkhappy pkkso* in the world If the l>y*peptic. Everything looks dark and gloomy: ne feels "out of sort*" with hira.-slf and everybody else. Life is a burden to him. This can all be changed by taking Peruvian Syruj (a protoxide of Iron.) Cuu of X years' stand ing have been cured by it. 6 There ko KxersEtor j>oor Biscuits. Bolls. Bread. Griddle Cakts. Madia*, Waffles, Ac.. when Dooley's Yeast Powder is used. Grocer? sell it- 6 Dm. Wibtab's Wilo Cherrt Balsa*?Thi.< Balsamic compound has become a home fixture I>et all who suffer, and have in vain attempted to cure their Coughs, Colds, Bronchial or Pul monary Complaints, make use of this unequalled remedy. It can be relied ui?on, the ma** Ot" testimony that has been p?bli*ne<l since its intro duction,'being ample proot of its efiioacy. 6 Feualk Co*pi.aints should be cured, a? they ottcn can be, by a few doses of Ayr't Sar tapariHa. " m,w,f,&w Notice to Plvmbkkm and (JFitters ? We hereby give notice that we shall hereafter keep a full supply of gas fitting and plumbing materials to accommodate the tr&de, at whole sale prices. H\miltow & Pearson, 4,7,eo3 Y. M. C. A. Build., corner 9th and D sts. Poyp's Extract is ft>r sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott <& Co.. 4M> Pennsylvania avenue", and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf The oo**rwiTT at urge appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 SorwD fkkt being indispensable to health and comlort thousands ot persons come from fa. and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. 835 15th street, opposite th-i Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails., &c.. and advice as to suitable shoes. Willcox ft Gibb's Smwino MAfHtW*. Th-s celebrated Basaar Patterns. Agencv at Cha? Baum's hoopskirt and oorset factory, fth street Intelligencer Building. 10,28 Thermovbteks and Ttaromoters an repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4j{ street. Jlead our Spring Inducements. $1? *10 $io $io $io FOR MEN. only *1?. Vool Suit only * . _. ? 1 O?A thorough!) ?hrnnk Suit only t 111 810?20differeut shades of Smt? enfy *10. 81??A full Salt only ,*10. J1"? An all Wool Suit only 810. 510 ..f lo ?10 810 ..*10 810.

? 10?A gent?el Suit onlv 810. >10?A dressy Suit only *10. 810? A dark Suit only -^lO. ,?10?A Ii^;lkt Sail ouij *10. 51? -510 810 810 ?io jio FOR HOYS. ,< it 8 S <> 8 i 8 *' ; <? S ??. 8?? BoTs'Casslmere Suits only *.V 4 o?15">'?'all AV <*>l S ii;s only g o?B'^ ?' School Sttils only 8*' e?)-ll"y? genteel Suit* only ?* ??. 4 j?ll.vs' light Light Suits only ? 5. 8 ?>? B' ?>?" <lai K Suits only >.?. 8.niflimn Suit- only t-V $5?Evert shade of Boy*'Suits only 8->. S * 5 4 6^ 4 ?? 8 ?> 8 $ 8 "BRING TUE BOYS ALONG CALL! EXAMINE! PURCHASE! HABLB BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILORS, ap4-tr Corner Tth a*d D Strfft*. Js'IXE CLOTHING FOR SrRIXG AND SUMMER, MADE TO ORDER IN NEW YORK THE LA lid EST ASS OH TM E M T IN TI1K COUNTRY. SAMPLE SUITS BEADY MADE, FOK MEX, BO IS A.\D CHILDREN. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. DEVLIN fc CO., *p6-3m 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AYKNl'E. PLAW E YOUR MONEY WHERE IT ILL DO THE MOST GOOD. There is certainly no better place in the city til m the METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORK, 313 7tli street, wliere, if you invest a dollar, yon may rest a??ur?*l you always receive tke full vntu< of your money, and where a saving of 25 to So cents on the dollar is guaranteed to you, without the draw back of receiving inferior goods. The variety off-red is so large, comprising everything pretty and use ful, that it has becoKe a vuin task of enumerating the different articles offered, and your attention is only called to below-mentioned goods, as all are good, desirable, and very cheap, auj immense quan tities have lately 4>een sold: Gents' British HALF- HOSE, S pair for *1. Ladies'IRON FRAME HOSE,3 pair for fil. Children*' IRON EBAME HOSE, 3 pair for > 1. Lttdiei.' BIAB-Tl'CKED SKIKT, 62. cannot "be bought elsew here less than 8J.50. Ladle*'RUFFLE APRONS. prim? niu-lin; 5".'.-. Fine English HAIR BRUSHES, $1. F rench Plate HAND MIRRORS. 81. Excellent Rnbher Dressing COM BS. 2S and Nv . SO si \ les Gent?" BILK BOWS, 25 and 50c. Ladies' SILK SCARFS, all new *had--?, 5??^. Solid Walnut,3 Phrong TOWEL RACK. ^5-.. Boys' Leather BOOKSTRAPS, I5c. Four Pieces Kxrellent SOAP.*5c. Six Handsome GOBLETS. &K-. Beautiful Oval PICTURE FRAMES,50c. A Pretty Carved BRACKET, Mc. Corner and Side BRACKETS. 50c. each. TOWEL RACKS, PAPER BACKS, IIAT BACKS. CLOTHES RACKS, all walnut, 81 each. For a further list of CHEAP GOODS, call at BXLVSRBBRQ'S METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, 313 BKYKNTH 8TRKKT, api-tT aear Pscnsylvaala areii?. pOB FAMILY U61. THB LE1CEST KFLSHIRl TABLE SAUCB, * t ' TBI VKBY BK8T BACCB ARB RKLISH SADB IB AHY PABT OF THB WOBLD. FOB FAMILY USM. PINTS. - OETfl. HALF PINTS. M Cum. tOR SALE SI ALL tt&QCMRS. Georgetown Advertisement*. \N N U A I. B A 11 _or T .* A - GioKGFTOWM Tf>TKh " A*?TINKN< HfKTOLKNT SO'IKTT . FOR BEST HAIL. R FASTER MO*DAY. ATKIL 14tm. 1-73. Tickets. adsaittiag * g*rt *n i Udb*"- * >? all->t' RADT Fuft *M*~H>RIIIG TKM'B. With A ^11 ccrf* (4 first clas* workman. * eom plete stock of ?be l?et ??d <1 'tue-tic Dye Stuff*. Ac., Ac., I am fuli> pr- pare<l to cltAN OR RECOLOR LADIES' AND GENTS" SPRING AND SUMMER WEARING APPAREL, pri tt rtly and in th? beat manner. W,H. W HE AT LET. PREMIUM STEAM UYS1NU AND SCOCK IMH WOHgS. ESTABLISHED 1631. Premium miM 1*7. OiWc? .?? Jeffer???? ?t . Georgetown. p C pi?t <>ft)c? Box I'i3. m.7 tr J?OTAT< >ES ! P(tTATOr.8 '?! 'i?n barr?l? EARLY ROSE and MAINE CAR TIB POTATOES, now landing fr-ra sclir. W?lli** ton. Ali?,MttlN TIMOTHY HAT. in ??<*- ami for sale by J. G WATERS, af-lw 109 Wntfr?tr-?f, /'0 PARTNERSHIP NOTICE. JOHN H SMOOT, No. 11? Bridg? street, Georgetown, D. C., ha* associated his wn, business with him, commencing April I?t. and will <i' *???.i tic-.' under the st>le of JOHN H. SMOOT A SON. J<'HN II. SMOOT A SON *re now receiving *??'. will continue to receive through theteMCn.i ch< t< and well-selected assortment of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, to which they invite the attention of tMrfrl?n<l< ami customer*. |*-? 8tj J M SMOOT A SON. N JEW SPRING DRY GOODS. Beautiful Dress Good*, in sage and mignoneO-* sha.l>s, a large assortment of medium and low pro e.1 Dress Go<.ds; 10.OTU > ards new Spring Percales, Cali coes, ami Shirtings best makes of Shirtings and Sheetings, very cln ap; 50 piece- BSa. lv Alpaca* an<! Mohairs, from 23 cents to SI 2i. Caseimeres an-l Suiting*, for men ami boys. We have a large stock, auil offer fttal bargain* BENJAMIN MILLER. tr.22-Sm 101 Bridge street. Orowtowti. PIANOS, Ac. Jr. LUCAS. 1140 7th street n. w., Tuner an l ? Kttu'aivr Qf Pianos ami Orians. Or ilers received at Thompson's corner 15th st.I and N. York eve. ; G.-tt>'?. 1;- ' . near" Congress, Georgetown, and Mom-*', cor. 7th and Pa. s\ . Pian,* and other instruments packed and moved All work guaranteed. mha; ly fUNIHG AND REPAIRING, POLISH1NO I AND VARNISHING PIANOS AND_^ ALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Al |S|B way* recei.e* the most faithful attention*!! by G. L. WILD M BKO..4W0 11th *ireet we*t. near northwest corner of Pennsylvania avenae, over twenty year* well known as practical Piano and Musical Ins?Mimeut Maker*. Dealer* in Piano* and Mnsirsl Irstrtment* generally. mlotr t^CSTAV Kl'HN. PRACTICAL PIANO > EER, TUNER AND REPAIRER Ob PIANOS ANO ORGANS Order* ^ B||| ceiied at KABR? Jewelry Store, CSV Pa.*11 VI1 a*e., arid at NAIRN 'S Drug Store, corner #tli stre?? and www. fii sn? UCUOMACKER A CO.'S PIANOS, V3 PHILADELPHIA GREAT REDrCTlON IN PRICES. Tt.ese lnstmtnen:*, which, on acconut of their n perK?rit> over ail ? tl.? r?, he*e in a few y< ar?_ (m (orm the Biost p pu'ar l;? re. a* well as al!KjOH| ove* the country,can b? bad uoa tor tt>* lol-lll 1" low tag low pi i. ei P?' SO I" ARK PIANOS fr m fS7B to ?871. t'PRIGHT PIANOS fr. ic Sr?0uu S7X. GRAND PIANOS ftom S<6to rersoiui who * i??A to mic f. ?.m SlOi< to <$3uC li at> "liaru.i; O'e bf?t liistruno'iit out, are ln\ite>t t > ca. and coi>t|w?* f.* tbeiusel\?s. 1'ianoe for rent. Piai ?*, ba':Kval. Tuu.11^ ami Repairing pn.pi-iiv Mte ? : to. CAliL RK UTKR, A^mt, dW-tr Pennsylvai is arenc* WILLIAM KNAHK A CO^ ! " B.> LTiMOKK, MaKTT AMTI. GRAND, SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIANOB. Tlteee mstriinieiits hare l*->n tiefurethe pcblu. f'.-t forty j carr, and upon 'l^-ir exc-llence alone m>. at'h:Ti. it an unpurchased pre-, n iti.-ni whKli prnnc-'i them .".f>inai'^.1 for tl.eir' tone, touch, w. rkniachhip and durability. Tbey have been awarded ?ixty-ti>e gold and silver med.-'t ?t <lifl( rent t.4ir? over other competitor*. A'l it th^ti 5QUAKE PIANOS have tlioir new *ud iiiitruvn [)\er.trui:e S- all nud Ai'"iF' W ltlian. Mi Ciunmon'* PIANOS arid PIANOS m ORGANS from varions well km wn fvr' ri><i t -r . and rent, at REICH EN B ACU S, itifll1 tr Piano Warer e-ins, 4513 Uth *tree? PROPOSALS t'OVKNMKNT HOSPITAL FORTHE INSANE. J m am Washisi.ios, D. C-. April 7th, ltfi?3. S< al< d Proposals, addre>?e<l to the Superintend. :it of the Hospital, fr.'tn practical mechanic*, aro hi vitod till noon TUESDAY. April l.?th.,l)to plant r, 12> to build ttii at iirs^i; t') make sixty-eight d'>? >r? j I to triui thedoorwa>n,and lit, hang and lock the d a. jM to trim tlie window* and hang the sa'b,(() to lay tlie Hw>r?.(i> to put down the wa*iilio?rd?, aiei S 1 to make tlfty-six iftil bedsieads for the Hospital Ex tension now in pr gress. S.iu pi-? of the <jualUy of the different kiu.l< >f work repaired t^iay be seen at the li'>?pital; aud ?ll particulars in respect to the uiauu. r of doiaf : . ??e*er?l kinds .>f w ,>rk and the t im" w hen et. It m -t be rinished.n ay also !>e learned at the Iustituti >n The Supei iiiteudent reserves the right t? r j. t any or *)l pr< posals that will not,in Uis epiuioii, be conducive to tlie public iuterest. _a7_e .it C II NU llOLS.Sn-i',. pBOI OSAL.- FOR STATIONERY. DFPARTVtEVT ?>F THE IXTEBTOR, < Washin.jtos. D C., March 31,1173 ^ Pr perils for f irmshinc ?t:ch article* >f Stat: n ery a- may he re.|<iin-d f t th.s Department a-, t t ?? bnreaus and office* thereof, during the fiscal ye.?i ? mling June si, l-7t, will 1-- re?'?i\cl until l'J o'cl.ckm THURSDAY. May l,ls73 Each proposal inu?t be signed by tli? indivi lua' r Ann n.akipg it, and hi accompanied bj * <.vis!'?ct. i) guarantee tliat the bidder will execute ? c ni'ra t. with ??" d a;id sufficient bonds, if h's bid i- t- I for any or all articles. No bid will be couaidet d without such guarant 'c. All articles are ntij ulate.1 to >>f the lx>.t ijti 'i ty. Samples will be required in all cis K li sample to 1m-plaiul) m it k'd w ith the name 1 tlie bidder ami the price. B' ml. with approved securitj", will be rei|n;re.l if Ui"patty to whom the contract,or itiy part of it. may l>e awarde<1. Ou failure to furnish any article In a reasona'.'e time after being ordered, the right i- reserved 't purchasing in o(xn market, or <>f d?-cl.triiig the ex tract forfeited; and if a gr ater price than the c..!i tract price is paid for *u> h artie'es. tltediffersin-e will Im-charged to iIm* o'utnwtor. BiiN will l>er< ii sidered <in each item separately. S !n*.lu!e*contain ing blank form for bidding, together with item* a d estimated quantities of article* needed, and full n formation in accordant .? with this a-lvertisemt, will be fnrnislMd on application. Contracts will only bo awarded to established man ufacturer* of or dealers in the articles. The 8<cretarv reserves the riijht to reject any t all bids that may be offered. Proposals tmiM 1m- addressed to the Secretary f the Intelior.and endorsed ? Proposals forS atr . erv." COLUMBLS DELANO, *pl-2swWt Secret *;-y. pEOPOSALS roR STATIONERY. TRFA?r*Y Department, March 15, lST.t Sealed Pr nopals for fumtsliitig Stationery lor . i year ending June 3D, 1^74, will be received until the UthdaTof April.ltJ7S, at 12 o'clock M. Blank Jorius for biddiug will be furnished np m applii at ion. The l ids will be considered at<d accept'M or rej< *.? ed item b> item; and this advertisement and the tn-e P' -al, go far as accepted by the Secretary of tne Treasury, and the bond accompanying the sa:u-*. iliall constitute the contract between the Go?- - ii meut and the bidder or bidders, aud no further c?-;i tract w ill be executed. The articles contracted for must be furnished from time to time during the year, in i|ii ?ntities porsui it io orders from the Depanno-ut. The entire quanti ties will, however, be calli-d for during the y ear. Each pr< po-ai must be signed by the indii idual T lirin making it, and Ik- itccompanied by a bund, ?- h sufficient sureties, in the sum of ten thMnaaad I lars. t ?lli.OO,) approv ?-?l by ? United States officer >f the district in u Inch t lie sureties reside or do bu-i ue*?, ou a form to be furnish'-*! by the Department, conditioned for furnishing -itch port lis ol the arti cles asmny l? awarded under it, and tlie perform ance of the coutract. All deliveries will be subject to inspection by an -Xpert detailed fcr the put pose b> the Secretary .f he Treasury, and the delitery of hu inferior article w<ill be deemed sufficient cause t" annul the con tractual the option of the Secretary. Deliveries must lie free of chaige at the Trea crjr Department. Washington. Tlie failure to complv with anyone or<b>r nnd-r the contract will operate as a forfeiture of the entire penalty of the bond, or the Secretary of the orv may direct the purchase, in open market. >f such quantities of any articles a? shall be tioeessary to supply the deficiency caused by such failure.a>ul charge to the contractors fifty per centum of the price w hieh it shall be fouuu necessary to pav t >r such articles. Proposals nnaccompanied by a satisfactory bond will not be considered, and contracts will be *waid ed only to established manufacturers of ordeal- rs in the articles. Proposals to be addressed to the nnjersigned, a;4d marked "Proposals for Stationery WM. A. RICHAKDSON, mar!7-eoiat Acting S?-creUrr of the Treasury PROPOSALS FOR COAL. Ti*a?cit DiPtmin, / Bikeai or Exs&aviso a\i> Prixtino.J * March S, 1873. \ Sealed Proposals will be received at this offi* until 10 o'clock a. m., MONDAY, tbe SSthday of April. 1873, for furnishing five hundred (900) tons of run or mine (George's Creek) Cnmberiautf Coal, to be delivered at such time* and place*, and iu such quantities, a* may be required, aud subject to the conditions required by act of Congre** nprovsd July 11,1870, via: "That surh coal snail weigh 2.24U pound* to the ton. and shall be inspected and weigh ed, and the quantity of each load certified at the time of delivery, by tbe person appointed and^iuali Bed under tbe act for that purpose; and tMb (he prescribed fee of 30 cents for each tou of coal in spected, weighed and delivered, shall ha paid by the contractor." Proposal* will be considered binding for one *Mk from the 38th day of aprii. 1S73, the Department re ?erviea tb* right to reject all or any portion of tbe bid* offered. No proposal* will be entertained anleaa accompa nied by satisfactory evidence of ability tofafiilth* coutract, nor will any payment be made without tbe certificate of tbe inspector that the Coal furnished is such a* the coutract oalls for. ? , Proposals should be add'e**?d and seat to the of fice of GEO. A. McCARTEl. Chief of Bureau of EngravUg and Printing, T re sa ury Department. mSC-tttw NOTICE-That B.8. JUSTH, ?? tf street, ba t+t+u 6ife mud Jib *r*&i? u?rtbw**t9 mil* com on-Bid* SECOND HAND CLOTHING a less t ban ball the C"tf of ready -made ?** iLUi. I/Rikd?&) ? specialty. f?tf-l) F GROCERY .Hon: htc?I\?V DlhECT Treat :hr la VALLEY OF VIRGINIA. Will M-ii famili** i? f" |>fr bUT*l W? lk*t u-ual Pi ;ce* *f SUGARS ?ik1 TEA? all m??ik 4 flown. CATAWBA WINE, jnrtfr<b P'.ittut V?n<7 WluCuB|UT % J * giil.-n. 8. H BACON.TO* MwNhit*, n ar3P brtvwu 7ili and wh Urtrti. c. 1 I. II'HARL ft M?>. Wbaletale miH Retail ?ractra. 11113 Sirmit Mtrtkwi, *tt% TEAS' TEAS I TE\9I Jitto Tea, good, ft*. choice,**. vary * '(lunM*f Tp*. TV" a food artict* for fl Choice Gunpowder TM. * 1 *, vry b*?; t1 *0 Imperial Trt. ftr. 7fr, $1. very Hi?M, |1 k G .d B? k Tea, three p nn.l* for #1. We have tlto aonie of the flaeat offered ll rb? city Alto, au extra Euglith BreaAfatt Tea. rLOCR, Ac. , WelchV RayV Tenney ^ an.1 ?titer kr??t? (' Flour, all at |n*w a. .amble pr ic<*. Sen pound* Lard for ?l. olden Bi nip. per gnllon. 75c; oui teat $1. Ten pound* Sew Due*. #1. Nice pound* N<-w Prone*, $1. Frauuta, half btwbel for $1. BRANDY. GIN, ?r. Pnre French BrauUy. per bottle fl 1 California - ? |.? Pure Holland Gto " .... ! Angelica and M .-catcl Wine, per b tie ..... N Whi*k), live rear* . Id, " l.ii Sweet Catawbn Wine. $2per k%lb>a. C. S. O'K AR w ft SON, feJC tr lsl'3 7th atreet N W.. ? <*wee? M and N pRICB LIST ? OF OROOKRIias AT ?LPHO > ZU YOUSGS ft CO'S. SUGARS. (BEST NEW YORK BRANDS.) " A"(clarin<M) .8 it?. for |? Cmthed <1 >af I. 7)4 lha. for 1 tjo Granulated J* R?. for 1 mi Light Brown (nearly white). .8*4 tbe. for 1 00 Good Brown J Ih. for 1 uu FLOUR. ?itra?chcloe. jvr tack. 91 m ItUt very high grade per Met, t Ui Extra?a g?od family per ?ark, ] S3 Family?choice p<>r wt, } so Family?the very best. per aac?, I 7# Faailly?WelcL't beat?at low eat iaw? SUNDRIES. Prutea?Choice. _..J rba. fr* 41 li?h Ourranta ... S t??. tor I 30 Knismft?choice J ,?? fr,r 1 o0 Wiuslow't Green Com 4 earn for I 00 Ti matoe*?1 lt>s.?..?... 6 cat)? for 1 lo T. uia:< ea?3 lb*. .? cant i.>r I 10 Pesctiea?2 Ib? j can ' ? | ?* Peacbec?I Iba. 4 cam f .i I U Call v ore*. s- we cannot gfltrai t* - t?i" itx r* a paiu.leicd It* pricea for any di u . ia icngtb ?if 'tt KLPHONZO VU15IHS k C??? tf h Oi'HM S, E TUl'NGB, I HA8ONIO TEVPLB, H. 81CAR8,< Nimth aid F ??? -i-tr STEAMER LINES. PAShENGEKK BY ORAXGE, ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS RAII.KUAU, On tnd af:? r APRIL 1. MSB. will ??-???? leave WASHINGTON t ITT l>v HO R^a. ^ ToMA? r E BRY (OMI>JINV ^>MMt BOATS,"tb-Sireet Wharf. B( r?tt w ill I'-ave the wharf at 7 15 a. m. au I 71? p. m.; arrive at 11:43 a. m. an 1 ?:i5 p m liny Ticl-"-t? at ft03 P< ur<~\ Ivania it^nnc, r corner ol Kijjg and I ufon atn-et-^, AlexauJ;i*. Tlir. r.cli P^-<eene*rconnecti-im l>* tween Alexaioii ia and XaniMaaa aud BaltiUicia and Oil* * Lail:. ^ii- u.a>ie oul> l?y tlua Luc. J M. BBOADUS,G. T. A. W. E. GASK1X8. Afi'tit.Ml Pa. ave. aS-lm 1V EW EX1LE5S LINE VIA CANAL, IN BKTWEK1) PillLAnELPHIA, A I.EX AN ORM. Va. WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D C. aAlL *<? Pay*. From Pier I. N->rth harve?. Phil Kdeli>!iia, WEDNESDAY anJ SAT ' I RDAV. at lit 111. From A9 Water rreet.Georgetown, D C .TUES DAY and SATl RDAV, at 1U a. in Thit line connecta at PhiUd. l[l<ia wlth"Clvd.?'? In 1. L: i!* " r utean.- 1 - f' r I'f.v i<{ .... . B ?lon and New Euglaud State*. N ? whartag" in B->atoji l.y thit line O. F. HYDE. A; lit f r D. of L V M. P. CLYDE A CO.. Philadelphia. F A. LEID- Alexandria. Va. WALDO A. PEARCE, 44 C^cgrest Sireet. B '*? ton. - a|'2 AbHlNGToN, N<?RF0LR, BOSTUN7-1ND PROVIDENCE. Th? line Iron Steamer LADY OF THE LAKE having rtwiimud tin regular tripa to Norfolk, w ill leave her wharf, fo^rtj of 6th a?reet, every MONDAY and* THURSDAY, at I p m., toochingat principal Elver Lauding*,cc at Norfolk with Steam-hip of the M. and M Line for B<*too and Providence. Freight *buuld be addreaaed "care of Lady of the Lake, via Norfolk.*' Branch ticket office at Kaoz't Evpreaa Office. t>l?3 Penu*> Ivauia avenue. T. 11. CROTCH. Agent. 61 h-gtreet w harf. DOBSEY CLAGETT. O-neral Ageot. nil! Plant'* Store, corner llMh at. and Pa. ave. ^CBAKOLUiB. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AHEB1CAB BOTAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. FROM NEW YORK. Algeria Wed ...A pi. 9 | * Java We4_.Apl. 23 *Runh.....W?4 Apl. 16 Partliia Apl. 2 Calabria- .Sat ?Apl. ? I *Cut.a._ W?d?Apl. *> Steamert ntaiked thus * do not carry ttoaraga P** eacaca And areiT following WEDNESDAY and BATCH DAY fiom New York. Bats* of Pa?*awk.?Cabin, b*. $\o$, mad ?11 gold, according to ackwiuiH *iation. Ticketato Pari*, A13, gold, additional. Returu tickata on lavorabla tnnu Steerage, %*),currency. Btecrage tickets from Liverpool and and all pari* of Europe, at low eat rate*. Thr-.n^b bill* of lading given to Belfaat, Glaagow, Havre, Antwerp and other point* on the Continent and for Mediterranean porta. For freight and cabin pa* ?age, apply at tbe Company "a office. No. 4 B .wlmg " >c, for a* "g " * * ? " Greet; for ateerage paoaage, at No. Ill Braadway Trinity Bni.ding. novIB ly CHAS Q FBANCRLYN. Ageat NCUOR LINE STEAMER* BAIL EVERY SATt RDAI. Paater gert bookMl U and frov. any Railway Sta tion or Seaport in Great Britain, lrniand, Norway, bwedeu. Dmituaik, U--riuaar,4 A owwru. VIIIHW rn a U'l ll* France, Hollaud, Belgium and tbe Lc Cabin fare from NEW YORK to LONDON, LIT ERPOOL,GLASGOW and DERBY. *64 and |T? EXCURSION TICEETS. fl**. Intermediate, ?3i; Steerage, ?30. aU payaUe in tending for thetr friend, la tbe Old ftaUn pure hate twAtda at low^t ra.aa. > or faithai ifnlara apply to the Agent, C. CAM MACK, J*. iERSON BROTH EBB, Rrfi< ular# to I be A M3 t tUe*U W^u^c mBvl6 * Bow ling Ur<*en, New York KRCHANT B LlNB OF oTKAMSMlP^ WASHINGToITaKD NEW YORK. M&TMi IVi ^or%&rr.nTOJSd2Tl v ^ ld J"1T?US 1 to TTE n Dr.~ ? L.J. Davit, Secretary: J dent: F. B. McGolrw,* mnnicat iwimt be aent; , W . P. Jobaatoa, ~ fkfimta " B.C. Bnaey, ' Medical, Taea'y W .B Drinkard, Bye A Bar, Mon C?CV1^ RAILROATM. UALIIMiKB A K l? OHIO, t> KMLKO.M Train* tofwea B ??*l1K?T*?B API* P * LTT ? ? ( EC n.! * i>Hi> .T"N AM* IBB * *PT a.B torn i?b w Ml- * -. ?.*: _ r?i? H * l.TIM"U* L ???? daily, *mi ?p? Unwrfa- ,it id. ??>. ? .f >?4 MH a. a.: 1 vW. 111. ? ?t ,B?I.?.B ??Pa.?d ? ^ r - ovsrkVAT rom baltimobb j at ? ?B aad 8-or * in , and IB). I lt.lf ? a (?*!? ro> ALL u At STATION* Lttn dail. . ?i?rt >ui.da) .?< ??. a ?? and g 4 a. k..; 4 Ul Mil I ? t. and nv ? < It a J !? fcva a. . an-' 1A.A.BB. m4 * <a? p a. Tb* I BP. 3 IB and ! IB ? IB ttaina *1 -p at ?h- f 4. ?*iii a* i?clf. ttic Btal i.?t?uri. 1 ?ar?l,* linflHii. ti>4 B*tai A lac. iblUr av will ???>!> at J??<;p% Dm, aad tba tfli.a atfp?D'? On?in*. FOB AKNAPOLI* It" MlVt a and 4 JC p. a. but ao train* u> r f m A>u?r .ii ii? tandai FOB NORFOLK. Lf?lf a* I AO f Bi . ?*. <!* b :'?lat. PoB ALL PAKT4 ?r TBK tin Leair daily, *icrpt {>? ui t*> and PuaAa? . at < 4 a n- and SI! mj S 1* r ta. l?i. Ra: arte; al I a ill a .d ? t? ? m . and t>b K'..aar at ? 15 and Bap r at TRAIN* A Mil V It AH FOLLo** rr\oi fc-w V'-rk. Pl.i adrlpl.ia Mid Ball 111 ?r? ,{ 6 * a. a. , and 3 ? aud * Bit p. a. Br u. Phi ad, >ph't Mil H ?I'iroor* at ?'?a m * r-m Baltimore al ?*?, ? ??. S BO and II W a a: . 1 >d l ie, 3 :BU,B.?.B 3B. and UlbfL oi _ PRuM THE B ICST. Brrtxe at 1 Bt> C ? an. 1 i jp r Hi Ilpi uirhiiik.ii to lb' * '4? canto k?' al t a A ? feat i.i Tit feet OttU* at all .? ley; al*o. at the IVmpaai *a <?<?,-. t?4 rnnnlian a l.i'uur I'tuwiiVli f?nliwii? tKkio at itw Ai*> ice . Occutti'l* ar'Uif t' ? ba\? tfc-w* < # -aln*l f >r at><1 < rMtd-nr^.iafcati iu f?,? let- (. and rr.t int.. tb. bicgnc* car. ? >r Nr> 1 rk, Phiiad -'alMa and B'-iai.iu aee * ]. t -1 ttai-meat of"Tttroa*b Line" TilOS B MI\LP.A?it Mart-i T-ana?.'-tati ?. L M t'l'LK C iirt?lttik? Af t K?? - K " ?KTt ?: -T A^?. awMngtaa. jaB r I' i' l.i ? I ?? II L I i K lUTHIWlBJ, 1 W AMIISlil^ I HILAliH. MM rUlA, AMI StV VtiKK ** Vk i.h *uTi'?. N 'Tiaalx-r I, I CI TratDat<^t4r*?? B AsH SUTok aad KKW Vol4 ?-? rnt aaf-^l.-wat r?'K Sr? IOK*. r.lAoat 'Imo af L*?v^ datl) ie*c?-ft ttmida) ) al l?l a. a: A yog mi am piii. L??t? daily (eact-pt ) at S a. m , 1 <B and I 4 OX ?"NI>At. L#?v* fm Srw Y.irli at tJP p. m., aad Pkiladrlf* ? t>i--piiLt cam f* tint f.-rk on BIO p H.trat tfcoti^b tkk.-U to PI ila.IHi.hla, !*?.? f ..rt a 4 B ?ton can to bad at tb<- Stall *1 Uftcr at ail It ^ ofitoriay. r<ir Balt1ni >?* aM ??ti?i rallpaad artToniarm-nt ? ? ?-b~'tri* tor?"?i B aabiiuTi-a, Baiuai. r?, Auuaf ? l? an t tbr ?'i?t. __ . THt?l?. B J?HABP. A?t Baat-r Tranar rtat, *. L B OtiLK. fJ- iioral T'i*-! Ar-at. urn K InONTl. Aeont. Washington )?l4 ALB*AMl?BIA A ? A6H1BU TO* B. B. a ill ? ALt-X ANM5I A A > BBl'BKICKHBl'BU B la. aat ?/ b ?** StJUA bCmlf Lo al train*f * Ali*sahdital?*T?aaf Una* -'* . U.U a m IS/livlAIIVr !? Local iraaii* In ni Ai^aaudria ?rn?f aa t.-tI *? - 0 il, *8 B>. K'.aS a m .1 le. *4 IS. A fe. r S ?m *T 1 aitifc mai Ard tbua i-^uni Willi traiua ju M bk 1 i?t'? ain' Ohio K U. yl AM!t U Aft BiTi'.NUtloa l.arM B ?ahlac 0 7 ?1 a. Hi. .1 illv. ??moeiil S .',,ia> . UblAT SUTTU LKN KXriltSS. via Bi. hnv V laa? "? B aatiiuct. u lo t< p.m. daily, *acop< Mumi ... Thrvuitb tK-kn* to all poii la 8- nlli anj S-.uttia 4 f >r aal* at Olbi ?a, cora?4 IJi ti atrrw4 and l l< ?? nla afiiOr. ami c.TtnT to li ar?4 aial p.nuatlia ? v> a< r< Eaaa*ttf ra can I. ara ..r.trra for bacaa?. ti a . .ix k?d at all boti la at*, r. ?td?tic?a tbr. Ufb Ul te.^. aa: I- '*1. K H. T?>l'SO.O"ii1 Pm?h?m A|?nt. j(Jl f, UALllM-'lik ASK IVl'UJtAl'pp- " l? i.AiLKtiAi*. JLm 2 Ou "i till. %ik am; li nr**tl. X. B ** - ? *** TRAINS IT AVE Ft B I TBMN* AKB!VC AT liALl I ? v > N 4 JS a ui., fcia*aia Lip . 4 Ma m . W >-?* C\p.? d-Hj Aailp.eer^pt huv-iar -.*, Baltim&re 11 J'. < J- a ni , Mail, Ja.iy, if dallr. I c^pt Biiudai 1 a. ia.. B t+lrrt. Ei| .ill u a. a. , B at* rii Ci;., 4allt, ?i< -|#t Sat.uaj. | d.alf. e Is p. Bi . Balbanr* Ac- 0:4' p.m., Partfl Etpr ?, t .nl . ilali.'U.uaJi) . ? I ? da.l> , <>at rpi bun-ta. f>-lil buimr. <! ?*- r i" >A.. .rum tiat. a, SLtp.n ., 1 iwinna'* 1.1 daily. (.r.aa,ilailr,iACi-t>t bin. f il p ffl K >?rh> rti Ec? ilar. _ | ("a.iu.Mum ,. ? Mr tr , W jtcru Evp .1 . dail|. _ I Ti aiua l?*a\ In* B Hatiii.Kt-'n at 8:9) a m .and ? tf p. Bi., 1 > uu?t at U mi urn traina tor 1 -a* .-,f B>-a rk' .and A U p ai , ami iua ?t M ?rltH.ri>'ll.U a tr. ana 6 Up m. Traina arrivr t at B aaLuirT *? H * * ?" and! B p Di.,?a>wt at B >w1i- with tralua Ui\ii? Ma.-. *? 1 y s.2S a. m *uu p. lu. Paaa^i?eraloaiiu?tb <P nd-ra at TickM Offl -a. < on^r c* I3tb atrot-t and P iiuatlra ..a ttiup 1 j uonbweat comer *( hixth rtrr~-i mo4 P-uTi*>|ia a ^rdiut, ran bav* ;b< ir biuv . ali-d f r a 1 rb* ? ? 1 at botfla and rerM- uc<"? to all p. :nta N .rtb a 4 B'vat. Tliroturb tick^'a ti Cmcinaati, C?.luuit .a, I tdianap'li*, L"Ui*rtllf, Bt Leui*. bl>w Urlua, ?'ii.<-a?o.'?uialia, 8hr- rr?'n lac????, aiid mil p.>iuiauwt.u. II >rtlia.?l. Woal, aiwl !??>??hw<"at. E L Dl'BABRT, OcuT ?n?f. It 8 TOryQ. O^ti'I Pai? > Ag"Ut. iyi-tf I 8 t h PEN K8ILVAN1A BOL'TB I 87 W> TBE K0BTA1BE>T> M?fTB. AMD bC'tlU B KMT. Tr*1n* Ikbt* aa foliowa; taabiutflun. 4 M a n. 1&* a ni ~.... 6 3! r in T.?* r BalMm.--ra.__ 11 a m ?* p. u. ?lo.33 p. ui. THE GEE AT ttlYl BLE TRACK Rt'lTE. ? !'b ele(tai.t 5k?a Spy, Palaia Hlalr ru?M Jay a.,J iiatit cara. wltb IW?l'-rii uij roaouiant*. Tw ' bundii-d mi,'4 aa. r<| W B valara and Oantral (!? w Tcr%. TV lu:3i a. ?>. dallT, Pnr>da?, a wtbw-*?, 7 Al p. Qi 4aily , an-i ? ail p. at . aic?-p< B?ii?.ar, ?? at. Bud C<>*k?ctiox< rbronph trr<n BALTIMMRE to NIAGARA PITTSBL'BG witb<-a? chanc. Tu krta by tbln route car. to proror?4 at tto oUcm. yornor of 13th atn^t and Ponnaylaiiia an-uur. ai4 aorix-r of Bib atrw^t and P-nnarlrauia mmiir, on. -? ?ational Rot^l,wti<rc r.-'.iaMa lalurmatioa will ua given at all tim??. _ PwiK'iT pr csrli^l ti'-Wi at tbt* ?#<? <"aa a ?core accomMudati -na ia Palaca tiara for Puia tnrw _ BP 8 TUOMB. General Paaaanpwr Ar?ii, aiarW Ir Balttaa.... , Bd BANKERS. till Blt.LLOW . Bunker, o 64? P STBEET. NEAt bEVEBTH, P**a INTF.BEST ON PEPOSITB, niakwi t'OL LKi TIOKfi, and traunnia all tmMa.aa coan-^ J wfrb BaaA^ir. art ir || ASKI X ti H O i Vk 4. H. SKIIER A- (?.. 144* PENNSYLVANIA AVRNl'E, OPP< RIT? WII.LAKDV MOTAL, B'ASHINGToK, I) C. ^ per cent tnlftrn paid ?n rfepontr. t 'llln liuui made ti i r) a bere. !?? |?-it? payable on d> i'iau4. ray of ofll ?r? a tb<- Am) ca?tfd in advai c^. apt 'r r. uhuuheau, a Broken No. S3S Puma, are., Bonni A, B nabiiifrton. D C. Bpicial attentioe firi-a to lOTeatm^nt aerariti^a. lliMU-a' I :? ?!! ? vd^nii al p ?? aim li a ill pay HI to IS p* r c<-Bt. IB arn 'Onia ami 4 leiik,:' "t tin.--t'.auit Hii i-at.>ra. Safe,relial>l' . pr ' - at.l. and pr.nnpt.niak ma tli?tu la avory raap X riKST CLASis SEri KITlES. B' tt-ra by p^miiaxii.ii to Leai* J.ibnaon A C^-t B'arbitictixi, D. C.: M *^a K>-nj\ E??j., Caali * Nitiuiial M-tr. p. Irian Bank, B iiatiiiixton, |? C-i H011. J. M RrwlWart. B?- >nd C'>utr(JI?-r, B'anhu i tot. I>. C., EUwanl Clark. E?it., AroUiiocl C. 8 C >p Bo!, B*aahin4t"W, I1 C aarVB^ NATIONAL BANK OP THB BBPL'BLlO (Corn* ml 7;t. aud DrtrMaJ OPEN EBOM 10 A M TO I P B HecIT ly OBAP BRA DIET. Qaablr _ pKRMAX AM KB M AS BAVIHtiB IA?i VI No Mihcil^TBIiTliiT, Orromt :kn lAipa iwi 'I'llE boon-? a m. t-4 f m. Saturday* mmB. IntVfwi paid ob 4>-p<iaita. Ooll?eil?"? ? 411 p. Ml.,to receive (W-p ~it? onl, Ibi'-reat paid on ??chaa*?' fnrnl?h"d I f'aa n^r>>. .Vv.aM t>0 BanHn4 Mow*, N??. 1MT P?ntia> I van la at ?? r ?r.%in Wr.t/fj; - - ^ l*nm C*txMm*t * ^?u toSA<B44 par JjBereat, ai ailabla ai 4AS BBANCH OrttCKH ta cttlea of Um franlb and Opaa Wadaeaday and S Art ay?ntiuTfroia%\ t"J to ??kb JS&l Fraial^ra, memilmkU ta aap part at tM ?pmU ?" J AT*doOKK^MrCT^LOCB A OOm ara OmM B W pact 4Imud, btunill acoTLAnn, Aataf cAarn aaarB I SFUSSmSm ULm* PATS ? PEE CENT IMTEBMT ON DEPOSIT. ta tf j a. bcpr. VJBS? WITH ft W 1MB ATT, LUMBER. LUMBER* BARDB-OODb A HPEC'lALTf BILL* CUT TO OBBEB j?i Bi* Ootm in an I

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