Newspaper of Evening Star, April 12, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 12, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING Eeadirg Matter on Every Page ? WASHINGTON cTtyT NAT! R1?%Y April 13. 1H7S. ? an O krliy ?>* H'W ?? ? The arrest apd threatened trial by court t> artl.d a* a *pr of the ventur< soiu?? Celtic AinrTtran forti>|i?lidf!it. ??'Ke\ly, in Cal?, raise* the ?jitestioii a.? to whether O'KeUy is really amenable to the laws as an faiwirytf f !??*? Cuban i atri .t?. Webster ?K-fine> the word ???!>?*? a-? "A |?-r*c>ii m i.* '.fito an fnfnu'k camp to in Mt < t ihrir *ork?, trrrrtain tlieir strength ami tl-eir intention*. to watch their movements, and wmtlt coniitiuim ate intelligence to the oftu-er. By the laws of war among all ? ivili/'?it nat'->n.-'a ?fv Is subjected to capital punishment.** liad there been x-Mnl to this definition the ??atcn*ent that a -py invariably conceals hi t ??????! tractor nmb-r a. disguise of some kind, it vralri. we think, he more complete. During t':? w.ira n ioi!?'rot spies w< re executed on I >th idfr. and in ail ca-e* they were in dis j;The? s.-e ol Richardson, who was hung at htitrirk. Maryland. on the return of the Are; el the Potom.ic ir.?in (lettysbiirg, i- in I ?.t. Kieh.irii.-oti had followed the army from the time it w is tir-t ilic*B|>nl m Vir/inia. in I'.t capacity of a book and trinket p--d er_ It. w? nM oc--.?-i >n ?l'y disappear for weeks at a I ? niili! tina'!\ attention wa< dr iwii t ? hi k ? - movements. and he was chr--ly ? ? ? It v. i? r-? i> a- -'t? (m d 1'iit be ? * iiiu onr li>:? s i- a spy. and t'a ?t when he ( a] , ? .it ?! !.e w. nt into the catup of the en ? riy wit!i ??! al !? information in reference to t ? -treugtU of the Union army, its movement*, ?'> >?. lie wv raptured n> ar Frederick in the r. tot it>t-> the comederate lines, tried )?> a draai-head court-martial and hung ?all w i:h.a two hours after I..- arrest, in ?py wo>:'d dare to follow Ins datigerou* calling lor a ui' merit without a di-gui.-e. It may In* raid Major Andre was a- a spy, and t! at when captured he was attired in British Tin.form, covered by a large cloak which heha<l t>?en prevailed upon to *,'ar. The justness ot ?Andre"- - ntence ha> never been adtuitt-d l?v iiiany, lor the reason, a- i- cl*ini<il, that he wa> not. when arrestrd. acting in the capacity of a sj * tl.vbewa-t t even disguise-': and that li!- pre-cnee within the federal lines ?a< the re m : of accident. and not design. lit the ca-c ot n'Keilvit must be remem'iere l lie wcut to Cnt>a a> an independent (natu laii.til American citizen, and not as a parti s-.ii. ai.d tl. it lie h '-ii vcr di.-gui.-<-d or attempt t ,i to ii:* his trne character. II- re>jueste-d I i m.-nivn to ^o into the Cuban lines as anews l per c?>rre>| ui-'.eiit. a:i-l the Spanl>li a*it!ion t es ;' nc li in leave to go. but al^o yue hnu 1' e coni!ortingaik<iiran,-e he he rbot i: l. returned. Subx , :? ? 11T! ?. ;'-e Sp ,i.;-h ji- ri < [in *hoN i ri.-tlu'tion O'KeUy wa? inolilie?l I - threat, aixl ^:<i lie wo<il,l haniah liim if lie i- irn<"<l. ?'"Kelly retnrne<l. aaearreste?l, an<i i ?'er.- ^i\ei: for hi.- trial a.? a spy by court* i, ? rt..iI. A late du*patch says that two letters l'r s>1 nt Cesp-des were to-ind on liia j.. i -4.;i ui.-l u tin- i- trrie hi> case is made* con ^ ?:> ?"!???. There i.- no di>^ui.oiag the I-it t" Kel'\ has k?en guilty ot a serious ???*! i.t'c. and that tin- s- anish auth ?ritie? would J. -jn>*'i i d in seii.i.n^ hnu out of the country; I i they are not warranted l?v the facts in l:eatii>g ) \m a.? a *py. for the re ts-jn th ?t he la<ks tlic ? i-tinctive ftatiire of a spy.Ti*., a -e. We tru.-' that tlen. Torbett. the coii-iii ^ein-ral at Havana, lias taken :< tirm j-tainl in tl.e matter, an I Iris placed ?? Ke'.l .'- cas ii: -;i' li a li^ht to the Spanish r horitie? tn ?> will content then?-elv?* . v rh -?-i.<i ns hiiu out ot the country. As a J: >tur ot jH'liey they would hi id it a great I :tl.i;er to ex -elite I. in. 'I lie t.curtii Ariiilralimi. 1 i?c second volume, '-Papers relating to the Foreign Il lations o< the I'nlted States." com BitmUated to Cvngre.-* with tiie President'* annual mcs-age on the 'Jd of Itecemher last, ha jiu-t lecn published. It i> devoted entirely to the proceedings of tlic arbitration at Oeaeva li contains ati introductory report by Mr. Ban cott Davis; protocols ot the several conference* o: the arbitrator-, the Ueeision and award: the 1 iH'veral op-in on- of the re*|>ective arbi trators: and the reply of the Secretary of > Svate. acknowledging the receipt of the rc|H?rt of the agent of the t inted States, j ai?l commenting upon the opinion of the frbiUttw; ap|<oiutcd by Urcat Britain i Th>- Secretary, after saving that if Mr. Davit ti:ul been able to ??become acquainted with the coi.tent.-of this extraordinary document," he woakl have IVIt Ins '-right and duty to object to the reception ami tiling of a paper wUich wot'bl probably not have been officially re- 1 reived by the tribunal had an opportunity beeu aAntilt u to invite their attention to some of its Tctlci tions on this gtivernment. its a^ent, and Conn-el." proceed- to recapitulate various ]>oii-.t.- iu the opinion ot Sir Alexander Cock b'ltr:. i:i which he .-i>eaks in the name of the liriti.-h government, and which are calculated to embarras* that government in its future telations with foreign powers. This volume, and erpet tally the rej-ort ot Mr. Davis and the Teply ot the Secretary ot St*te. cannot fail to teceitr great attention iu view ot their genera importance. . ? t'.eneral Fremont ha- come to grief through the decision of the Correctional Tribunal in i'aria. This court ha- just rendered a severe iii<igment adverse to liim iu the c toe of the ;? mphis and K1 I'a-o railroad company a;iJ i e French bond-holder*. In thi* case, Fre i -nt. president of the company, and hi? a>-*> i 'e?. French broken-and other*, were charged ? i detraudiiig the Fiench purchasers of the l>- .Isotthe road, by obtaining the orticia! qno t. n ot the bonus at the Pari* Bourse by ii . --g use of the forged ccrtiti ite of the Xew 1 Stock Fxckange;andby fraudulent adver t - _ and other meaus to indin-e a sale of the 1 y t - The court condemns Oeuera) Fremont, A ruanii and Prob-t ea?-h to five years' im pi - uent and a tine of ->,??<?? francs; Cramp-in to !? r years' imprisonm-iit ami franc is:o-. i ?n!dree-Boll lea i to three years' impris t>: d. ?. Lissignol to two years' imprisontnent mi <i francs fine; Ponpinel to one year's j n> pi . uiaent and l.(?4i francs hue. and al-o ?oi.< t :n? Jointly all the acciiscd to pay all >l?n. - to the injured pirties and to pay their ? -t ?;eneral Fremont, who is in New York, ? ( .?ci.. m? all knowledge of the fraudulent j?rac T'?,- ,ti;cge?l. He will probably not go over t? P.i i? to Accept the impriaonment and other p t'-iiiie? a<ljii4tril him by the French court. T!- R-f u/.inan is yet unreform -d. It appro 1? ? ? ? without credit the Co, v procured of i ti rrespondence between the /".resident and j > ?* ?r Medill.a* it doe? other StA*.' INei.her has it re.-tored to the tiov ernmenr I ? louse clerpship tit teen p-i cent, extra cjni[>en Action. ThU is very mmI. Onr credit mobilier, extra comf<en>ation r?il *caiJ and Indian ?teal neighbor of the CKmm- le vlo<]ttently urge* u|x>n boy* the nece^-ity of learning a trade, to that they may k*ep out of the penitentiary. What a pity our neighbor jtfkl not learn a trade. K sewkere will found an article giving an iim-f*>ung ??^"(rtt q( thf operations of Prof, ?^..^d. National Commissioner of Fwh and fisheries, in nocking the river* and lake* of the country with useful llsh. ?rS?rOCN'rftT M. X I IICIUI l?!h and O an-?s -l?? U A I'livmu, paator?at 11 a. 1* -w*r ot Cl?ri-i ? K ?urrectiou," at 7 l1 p a ? ' > 'ing Man ' &*> Ko.' It ip-3H;??i :|i TVPOOKAPHICAh I'HIOH, 11^9 h o| ?An Ailj<>?renl *s-tim wi I be JieidTH ? r.MNtt. at IS o eloca, at Colniabia Lam B > Mk Mr? t k'l?r.-n llaixi li It L U PATTKB??N, B S. VTW#?'-The Devil is to be De . ( Hebrew*. J, 14. ? A disc-Mir?e fr<>ni tbr'B;' ? i-given urn the above t TU MOR' ? fc\ kNIFTG. at 7S o'cl'?k. at tne Hall b.m-1) - ? -rnar of 7tk ?tr*et and Mew Tork avenue CotH Public invito. fr-M* free. It* ir^.1 . TKKNiH t?I?T*l< T BCrt BLK AS KJ? ?, B ?A nH-etiu? of this Club will br btld koM a\ kVIIIKO. l?h luMant,at Wall*'Ball. i*i 7'a . .oca. for the purpo-; of making yran?? ??*ui* for the emanciMt ion al-bratiei. aiel for slec f T. f o?ceVm ' A h BBJWNIC Fn-a, 19th Dut. E^p. Club. A r?i?ric an O >ij ]?, , Ci:rr?T)?v n j;{. N "w Fiv?? u?, FIIAICIAL ARIICOIIXICIAL. <:.??? Friday wa> <d _,rvd a- n clo- holiday !?? the ^{ork ?n1 b >.ir N an 1 by tli? C9tt*?a "i t |-rcdnr?eacliaeff?? in N-w York. v".t<?rd ,v 111 rotton e\ch*r,g.? adjournal over nnMl Monday m.jrrin* In I a -idon, I > d*v ?thJ Mon i da* wi.l mIh> l?e uk-^rvc-d as hol-lay ? Vnfraatn s^mritlM Jay Cooke A Co. t uriusi, u?e lolio?inrto-<imT; MfeSL^a ???! if> r s i. i^' M ?"*b~"','?st b^eo. * * I ??;.Viz -?-,?> r?. ? ?>; m?:.?:r h ' v - > ? SN.w*- - ~i? ? .17 *-?a,Jaa. A Jiy.?7 _1> Xll# BBriRU. Baltivobk, April 12.?Va 6 t. c a-. We*; V?,V i \ ??.( to dav ' * APri' -V-'?ton dnfl-I>w m l Wlii' (J?* ? ?Ld ?i:i?|W;,i{.d , , , & ,n stork s. ar? rudull white a.'iiih>tii. M; yell w i ti:h>rri Kt ?*Zt?'Ul" au l 8r.ii?-out hero' ? ??-tern mixed. ?7<a*- <1o.whit-.4i K.p anrtera d' " D1 a! ' ' '"d l,"'? ?n ! *v ? * ? Pr ??i?i :i?iiu|| iij.j nnrhtij I min^lly miriiar Erxf,5Pt price-* v-, ? . 1HK HUTHIIK. fg*.ofr-r.i Th'i-.V - I KsSrusr^cs ,:1."v^r-K'. '?>?:' 7-vV*3?S M;;V.-???r; ,?M~r ?v kin"??nhmtnt i * it,! 1?^, .I'm" <1 i;<1? >i.i| t lmrinf *>;,?! ,.r ,,r ' ' * 'l i I*' "? ?..Mh ? '.: s \V irr ?-?j - ? K.W El.tfl.t .1 ni'.'l H ilikKXS "J* '1 ;. "?' ?'-i d-?. i :? j. ?j. m . ... , ,. ? . A N? It. v!.,? ! ,. HI.1 ,ir u ?5I ? Hfc rtinwl Mri r,.n. r..r ft,.. 1 >w'-; l'.t ! ? J'.: S.* "V^.hV.rrlhK ,:am:"",v ,,,m'? ?? ?' ..??Ml , -r?nV" .nr1|iirnx.^.y ''Tr iSaSSa l' v s v~"ia ?'hi ir>uMi 'tv asaaa^^&? . -V M" ;r -'V ? ' ?!?<? I' l>iir arc c r.i.all", Il* I ? ,>,hl. V.',.,x"l>"i*..("?? ,;?[ ?' ?- I fr. MHt. lt> unl. r 1 * p?' I ? I I 1> ? | ",lv ;? T ./'r. ? *' ?i;i t.. i, | ir v v * ,. / a> ?' n ni ? 2r at the i h rnn i* r.. jf It- ? JAS K DEMRNT. ?? "f K PS ' AT TKNTloV r ? ? ?IW! mi < t*initt!'ir A GRAV.ri.a rimn K\?v~iiti??. raster .>Dii ? ? \\ .11 Ih- i:.;.rk-.| V in. fh- n?g .1 reli>i?uJ0|.,erTanr.^. Tc xoiiov ?Un i.. fNMIiuf to readT*. t!??- att ar MNI>\V MORN IK (J OA/KTTB ??V'fi UA^ETTE ?h?.nld l?e ob:.?inf?l early to l'-r?l ? ? .*'T1 l'-.,t "w veili-ii^m-diiin,. ^ 11 u * "?d Ad?.-.t.-?i??-nt? rerciv.-.l nntil la.?", lot k to n..),. r'"1 THK .-A/KTTR to^.rrow j,* T" Pl'IfH \SE.?A floi'SK , st Ad?ln* through p ,st ..fhc-, emm? .I riytioa, wwr and cant prtco. BL'VER all jt* (TS? USTER r K8TIY AlTw.i ft? |,>ld H ? ? A. A1)1KK. S>*crptary. M Wtir VV'? '?7k' "?? cj?.1., "iivs-Si;."""*'?"? r ir.Crr 5V i,;;1,'..?,: VSiSS ,r .'-C;""" .11 j: JOHN RDWIW MAHON sflr^.,, t3>Ci!;;M,ls t."R ''A.macks si:stainkd ih tU>MijDISct Q|- IMPROVRMRNTS* B.MEPOFP' BL'f W<%?K?.D.<TmrTorrotrM?tt I T1 f .1 "A'MIWT'OI. April |(?, 1-ff t ( i Jl 'd t?P.Pr?v7' June to, 1<71. ia pub A \ a1 t ?. !?"? V V" of *" c,>nr? rn^.l .til- paynit'ht -.H J.Hira. ?l public iniprot cm?utH or r. AyfA' 'afire A"rm>.in of the irmnff .f.h T'"1 ?" ?PPt?' ?ti'i,. il! writing, of th?* owner <?r owner* of any r. ?l o "r&'-trirt ofOlomb.a.or of auy^.hX P.J I.c W?.r*kr* ,t!n,ef"1Jl^"T"'"' ,'1- B "?r<l "f riii.Mt w. rk-.. -.-ttii.^ turth lint ep?< ial damarm f ?! > i"n!?r' ^ 1 '.'r tli'-m in conaequ'<tice t at.* iniprovenit-iitH .<r ri-p.tir^ nuo]., i,v ,,,,1 ?'J^1 P*r... nl .rlv .l^ribin^th- t.atf.r ? of i,.| . the ., ,,rd -hall O'liaidf-r Ih-S'te of .?M :.P(.|,ration, and if ,?, etmd bv th-n. f..r j .. pnrp.-. th? ,a.,l l. .ar.l, ..rama.orilyThir" , ' ^I5r*?y?l!> inspect th** prup**rt> ailee <] tn iM -fHOMiiy .lamafrM, and make. ,.r c?iw> to h? ?- -p-nauy .iamaf(*<l. ah.l i.tak.-. ..r chump to b? ii .i<1t . any e\Muatiati.'n connected with naiil im I.ry '?r'pr" ^; T' ^T? "Wchthe, may de. m ,, r ?. A"'1!" " flrr,"T '?? "*. Tint if. aft.^r iii-p.-.-i.,i, ,,?i eAamunti.-n ?, aforeaai.l, th- said b"?r.!...r a ma< rity th-r-.f, -hall be of til ? ? 'n .- .Lmace. I,?w h.?? ^"an" fVr V " f'.'r'"*- ? aforesaid, th^\ .h?l| estimate fh. tsklyg into ci>i??i<|.-r.ition ?..h,.ttto i. i u ^ y ,r:'n' inipr or r. r.air?. .Sr^rfXiV^tK' :?^hf .???.??* iu tn? RH Mtd* ! tlu ir urtion ati<1 Jof 3Uit#fl ?h?!l u.ake h full " Jtlrtrt wr'f m.' ai,t] "'.'XM,*? ^i-i-tV?"!&, mi!ih*.f'"*i t'li'- art In.1 f ?i,h"nl nn,,er ,h Pr .vi,i. n* of a, ."7; awardf-.! a?.| of th' ..n acr,n,.t' of ,g^({ "W""?1 ? > ??"" ?'"?i'latire A??. .nblv Md( an appropi latiou m.i.le for the payn, llt efthi ??ii :.r t. mii.I.ih B .il.u: j*. i*, ?ti.*i all 1W A I- I X K >HKPBEKD VicePreaid at IUrofcicle aikl Kfpubliran | v EXCKLMOK LODtiR.No.l4. K OK P 1 *TiVK: " ^'1 ?1 ^'rU IW?iV: oll^rVii Zilm?k?ay,litfcte,;4?%h "'witPh nfXTriV"*" "re aU> 3t?_ JX<>. \V FAL? OXKB. R of R and S? ot.ry in-mb^rv Aw ?*"'V ?r ??on b?*c< ine a m. n.lVr , ?n '?bh- person doairmc to SM "v 5 ? v' ?~5S! > SflXSrJgtft JKS?*k^ISTRR"? OrriC'R" ... I>?*TKICT0PC0Lr*BU. V .1? ^ . ^^H'itcTo.t, D. Cj Marrh M, lfCS h tire to berebf ^ven that oa Tl'RMDAV Awil f 3f "'1' *"mP'r<* all "reuses giraa bv the 6istri. t All peraoaaengaced in laid bnsi/iesa, trade* or aro f^i,.t,.mu.l promptly renewsaM licenses in accord anc*- with protons of the uueaded act n-gulatiog ltce??a. approved Jaue au. M72. Tir "That ever? la-nniii engaged la aay trade, oarupatioa or pr .fJs ?ion for whkh a license tax is mipoaed by the laws of the District of I'oluaibia ahall, at the time for prurnriBg the same, make apalication to th* Regis, ter, and shall state nnder .>aih or afflnnattoo such 1?? ts as may he applicable t* lit en*ea " ? ? ? I- Register Otall then tssae to the aai hrutf. fllAtin<r th? aartt^alae hi?t * iJ ??The Kegister -hall then issae to th* applicant a cerebrate Mating the -artiraUr hind of liVena.. for wbi< h applM-atit>n has been made, and the amount of tnofey required b> law to l>e paid therefor Maid rert.ll> ate aball be detiverwl to the t%>ll?ctor, who ahall, upon the rerejpt of the saai of uo?ey stated Ihstna. give a certifloate <>f deposit, stating the ani 'iint of m<>ney Paid and .h- kind of Ih-eaae re qcired, and it shall be the duty of the Register to isene -aid license.** "That every person liable f >r a lirL>aae tax, who mm fail to pay the same Mart- ? ugaging in the bujti ess for w hich a license tax may be required, ?hs'l, in addition to the license tax ltnp ?sed, pay a die-..r p-natty <>f uot lea. than live, nor more than ?ft? , dollars, fvr each offence." JOHN f COOK, n 22 - dot R? glster Dis?r?, t of O damhia. iTgnr? ? o ni DR. W H BARRETT. _ OSNT18T. ??* u *?- >??* ? ?orthw*t. eor a*r l?th atrvot. laf-ly ft-3? OFFICE OF TIIK BOARD OF THUS TEES OF COLORED SCHOOLS OF WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. SrMKKR 8< HOOL i Cobs** 17th asd M Btrkkt*. D. C., Aprils, MT3. \ NOTICE.?According to raaoiutien adop'ed bv Ibis Board April I, KJ, I hereby give notice to all person* having rUin<- ag?in*t the Colored Sch >ol* of Wwhliut in and G?<>rctovii to #!? duplicate C. pi?s id this office on er before th* l#?h of April, 1-CS. H W. PARKE, a7 Iw S-cretart, Ac. JV^?B O S A DA L 16. Ekv.T W t'ni iiTtll*-, 8 C.. further **y? * * M ij* th' r. agod sixtr tw . h*d been in d'dicate htaltH for years; ?h? n-el R?i ltli* ?- * tonic and renotator, ?iJ bit enjoyed excellent health *lnce. ? ? ? * t t ? ? A lady near 1'iiionville had an nicer on tb? side of k?-r neck which threatened to eat into her jugular vein Sh?> w.v* treated by th- h -t physician* in 'hi* section (and there are som? *.kiil~d oil"* here) with onl an> benefit. She u*ed RoaadaU*, an 1 '-at rtf -i On the whole, I recti 1 it * gr-at medicine. For sale by 8. CALVERT FORD, 1105 P-nnayl vmtaatenne .|.V?n6t NILBlftVS NEW DRrO 8T0BK, No. 1449 Pkss-tlvaxia Avenvi, Depot for Soda and Mineral Water*. tellly fr"3?DR. A. PBATT, Graduate of Ohio MM of Dental Surgery ,411 7th street, bet? eenJD and B, a few doors south of Odd Fellows' Hall. Re fers to B. A. Baton and Rev W. B. Brans nil V"EW ENGLAND CIDER. nf tine quality, i* now ottered (? i ??le by PaI.MER A GREEN. Gwrger-wn, a; rerjr I- w prices. In barrel", keg? Ml .1 Sol l< * al2 dl w ItREMlI'M UtlKiUiliK E> I A B I. l?ll mITnT . Xtrfnl an<1 Uiplin.n Avar Jrd ( franc, 1*>1. I de-ire to inf. in. 11.*of my r-turn from New Tork with a large *tock of HcMAW II KIR, ' v (lit h I hat * m:-? r>-< ?it . .I at t be New ioAcwMt1 I i;-i Tlii* hair w its seU-t t"d in Britai n) *>??! N jt ? i ? i> . ? tb wi? .ii care hi in) ?pe, ml i|M| in i Pari-. llnting ? n laid a large supply of halt of all l'*nit: I - ..'id color, I nin no* ready I"! all | oraer* iu hair work. IjraKtl importation 1 am ?' -ell at manufacturer* pri. > ?. Always on t ;?i'.l the latest ntyl' . in hail u >rk and made to . . i?!? ' w.tli li'do* >.?ii hair at the ?h<>ite*t MtiN. I. ?!:? - r n bii g? netted b> the roots by \ n.-w pi t ? -? All lull >1 In in the best manner ainl s.vlisT* ei .i I'Bt. cd Oid< r* by mail promptly attend?I t WIG."* and TO! PKT> a-p.-cfalty. II PH II. I P PI. Ism M'.m kapt''!, 1 I'? MarK -t Space, bet. 7th and 8th slr.-ets, ?12 Im Washington, D C tj*0B NEW AND UAKMOII DXUS flOODS oil ro WOI. FORI* A 81111. P.ERG. 1,'t.R I L \>! \ L M E >11 AV LS VXD \CKETS, I of tile rit lieit pattern*. IO I WOLFORD A Ml I LB ERG. ? ,"i'i: THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN PAR\ ? UL> <?" T't WOLFORD A BlIILBERii. 1,'oR ALL CLASHES WHITE GOODS MEN I t I - ?.n To WOLFORD a SHILBERG. 1/On A LARGE ASSORTMENT TABLE LIN I EN.-. IKIMI LINENS. NAPKINS, TOW LLS ? BKl' SPBE \L'S. W01.fori'.'''.t S11ILBER3. ? L'CI! MCE SPRING CASSIMERES. >'IT I ?ibit* f-?r men a:*ii l?ojr* war, C.O T11 GO T?? MOLI ORO a SHILBER'i 1'i.R FN- L1SI1 l!RI SsKI,8. THREE PI V- . ? ao.I INtiliAIN lAKPkTS OiL I Ll/lilM. | M AT i I Nt?>, ? I iheii. ?.-t pr -lu1. . ? fit> T<> V OLFORD .\ SIIILBEKO. ? ? 'I'M* BEST GOOl'.- FOR THE LEAST MOttEY ? ? in te I.iid al WOLFORD 1 SH1LBEKGS, 4?7 -LVENTH STREET, It r v i -t. I> ltd E.' .'.tliw est, ? 12 tr ?/'THE ARCADE. pllVfO>ALt FOB Bklt'ks B i ED O: p., Bl. C WoP|.,D - M- M r <?F (' Ll <!B A . ( Aptil II ? 1S73. \ Pi p.-.|-uilll' i. . .-it. I at thl- 11. ' ii i. 111 ti i n ? I MONDAY. April 21-t, for the fnrn;*hing <d P it lug and B-M Brick, in |(Mtltln l lie ku Irod t I ' l'-aiid mi .1 nptt ,trd?. Ili.ldert ?iill Htate th> price per th kiln iti d priM mi Ihnn*and :.-r kMUlM by th ? mil* Pi. > tneiit* to !?? nia.le in utldy f >r -nch a* may be coiitrurted for. Got d and ?ilb?tantial b .ii 1- it ill be i nir.-il fcr the performance of ueh coatraeti an i t> b- cut. ml ii t". ALEX. Ii >IIKrilKRD, h 2 Vice President. Pll'lAL NOTICE. TI"-Tux-p:-t er- i f the fn-tric* nr n-tifled that n liai < EBtlFK ATR8 OF IKHIBTEDIIR8. i v I icb are ro.iM'd a* p:ir in ru) m.-iit <?! taxe*,) i*-int| I t t he Hon "fa'de Board of Work*. Applt to R. I I LTON A CO., 314 '.nil htrevt, near P'-nn* 1- I taiiia aveiin* . all 12t* ^1 R. Gl'STAV KI'lIN lit- ;?rr.iu< d itn up i 1*1 r:ght Erard Pniio f..r Mr*. Adniiu!_-w^-v > liiidge hi the addition of irou bare, a- t R^t r. 1 eft.itM.ill) preient il* filling, at th<- *am ?II*li lit!'., obviating the noce**ity of frcjuent tuning, (a fault aim .*t nmier*al to inatrum. tit* of thi* cla--,) :ii d it affords her much pleasure to give thi* tenti lix nial to hi* abilitien and skill as a Piano maker George'tow n. D C., March 26th. all 2f ||AVE YOU SEEN THE LITTLE WORLD; It not. we advite yon to call ?oon at 100'? 7th r* . rv**t upfin w ??i.i i -??*- ** y ^'y deal**r V i ? t (.nn w)on .n iuu. * between K and L *treet*.(near B gan A Wy lV Tho Little World ia kept by Nichol*. in I 'wi. ii /-t .. i , i . 'i._' o. :. "> .uv u.iik- ?? m in i* Kepi ny mch il*, dealet in Ho*ieryr Fancy G .od*. Jewelry. Stationery, No tion*, Ac., Ac., nud in supposed to be the cheapitoro of W aehington. apll IV AVY PAY OFFICE, W AtHisiiTos. D C., April 11,1*73. Sealed Prop'eal*, to he endor?<-d " Prop.?Al?," w ill he r. ceiteil at thi* office until 12 m. the 17th hay of ArRiL, l(J7J, for the b. low-de*erib.^i Coal, to bed.-liver.-d free of expense (the contractor paving coet of inspection) at the W a*hin|(ton Navy Yard, subject to the iirsiial in*pection, to wit: Bl REAL' EQUIPMENT AND RE< BUITING. ;,?!? (three huudredlton* Cumberland Coal. The coal is to be delivered on the wharf at th" Nat> Yard into carts provided by the government, and w ill be paid for according to the weight of the Nai v Yard scnle-?2,2t? pound* to the ton. Bidder* mii*t *tate in their bid* the time within which the coal can be delivered. B-*ip<?n*ili|e ?e cnrily w ill Im- required for il* prompt and faithful il litery when awaid>-d. Blank fonu* for bid* to b< hail at thi* office. Th<- right is reserved to reject ant bid not considered advantage <n? to th>- g >vern nient. G. E. THOBNTON, all .It Pay Inspector I*. 8. Nary. (VIISS HARROVERS SCHOOL FoR YOUNG iVl LADIES ANDCHILDREN. l?3?i I *t., .pp . site Franklin Park. FoiirthijuarU'r will begin April lbih; fall term September 9th. aplO-lin* JOSEPH J. MAY S PARIS KID GLOVB DEPOT, ?:<? PrNvmvAMA Ave., Bet. 9th and 10th Sis. ?/"SPRING STOCK just received. BI.ACK, I 'GHT and MEDlltt ASS0RI MENTS?1 and 2 Button*. ?l<V3t || A >1 ft, Ac. 1 OOO MARYLAND SI GAR Cl'BED H\MS. M OAB^T KEII BREAKFAST BACON, SMOKED BKEF, BEEF TONGI E8. HAM SAISACE. HAM BOLOGNA. LEAF LABD.ti lb., 10 lb. and 26 lb. tia?. Ji;s| received ami fer sale l.t BKYA.% BROS., P.-nnd) lvanla avenue, ?lo-3t Oppo*it>. Metropolitan Hotel. 'PUE "VICTOR DRY AIR REFRIGERATOR" is not e\pen*ive, and yet it kai no superior in^g^|J the market. The S<>K' agent fur their sal* I* H. I. GREGORY, .*?? <t 634 Pennsylvania avecu*. ^ E HAVE Jl'fcT RECEIVED ill DOZEN LADIES' SKIKTS, WHICH HE ARE SHI. Li Mi AT CENTS PER SKIRT. LOCKWOOO, HI FTY fc TAYLOR, MS pemhsfltamia avsnue, a3 tr Metropolitan Hotel Block. MBKRr LCMBEB Lr WM. JOHHSOM A SON Havej?*t received a large stock of WHITE and YELLOW PINE LCMBEB, LATHS, SHIN GLES, aai FENCE PALINGS,all ftf which we are welling u low price*. Great inducements for cash. Cor, lath and .Rsts..i>esr State Department. apUm* 404 "'^KiaVlSSr* c* ? 404 _We hare just received our spring stock of SHADS rfiW.oTCJ. U,t.HSBSSfKLiS FINEST is the City, all of which we are offer lag at f erylow price. tUT Repaired and &egilt and Furniture Cox ers made to otder, aS-tml WANTS. WASTED? A <ini-t, trustworthy COLORER " NIKS* OIRL, it! 101J 10th ntre-t. under IS jrnr- n?vd apply. it* \jlrANTED-To r*nt part * hoti*?; rent taken " iti thMx.srd ot on" person. Injuire 474 C street northwest. all J;* %V*ANTED ? A r-'i: of wwll match*^d BAT ?* HORSES, mu-t b young, fast *nl v??rr?n'?l Mtd Iim'-irx at 93'* Pe?ns? ivania ae. ult tt | \V ASTED-A sn.sll MKL to tit * li?!'i. " uron' to do Imua-'wrotk; n ferine* ftS-.' He* Terk utMiuf. lt'_ \\ ANTSLi-HW1<? t. ir-u au<l gl >** ?? shirt* cellar* and ruff? Applv at the Oap?t?-l Lam dry, K street, l?v?*???--n l>;li and 10th ?t* all tt II'ANTEP-A r?-?|?''Ctabie GIRL to do (t'wrnl vv h<>usewf rk . g ?->?1 reference required. App*? f> r!?.'d?>s.ii 111? I't avenue, between 4 and * o'c'ock j? m. all t?* \\* AM 1,1>?A \\ III I k. CU \MBKBM.\Il) rsp, ?? ble a- waitr- s* la the din'ii* nmstbii m coo l r? (inundation*. Arr'? !??!?* > erm->nt sr. nuc, opposite Arlington H >tel. ?12 3t* \V ANTED-A re- t e. a>.le lOLORED WOMAN v? a* chanter nun; al?ot-'do tine w?-hii.g and ironing; ninst bring g.?od rK?mm?n4?li '#'i. Applv c -mi r Id und I> street* mr hw >-*t. a t .It \\' ANTED?A n intelligent BOY, al.le an I wu ? * ItnC to wrrk, as ippfflt^fr at G 1/ WllOl KUO.'g Musiral Manufactory, N i i't lltb ?tr(-i*t north w??at. I'* WANTKTT-setti.-l WOMAN, i * Ck.w ^h ?? ami iin, and mske hermlf geuerally n?'fnl: mii-t eta* nights, and bring good references. Apptv at No.-">10 lltti ?tr.- t . It YV ANTED * t I>1?- ii.i-l-ll< ag t white *'_ik man,aS!TI ATl'iN ??' -V; will al?o wa?li and it-ii f..r a unail faniilv ; willing to ?;?? t?? t-e i >?ntr); (w4 rrfrmcM fivN Aptif at Star olBce tin- li ur* of 11 and 1 o'clock on >t >. d ly. It \VANTKI?-\ M W; l- nsir- a? 10|:? M*h v? MrertfCornfTMd*ncliti^tt>avftw. ail R W'AN'I KI)-Kl.lAkllKK?. in Al-\au tria; li mrlv ?v co&uiianira;i<>u 1 1 rail; vr-* -1 ac. iintumUti -n-. Vl.1r.~- 1! x A1 VHtidri > V . all-.V VVAKTED-1 u ? lint clMD MILLIHKW: alan. it (w.i ? \ |m i it-f < i d hal> -laditra. at Mr*. M J. Ill NTS. 1> ?tr- ? t. all :t: ? \V AVI kl) -T . ton t i i .?-!?. ? .ir-t ><??>- ? c id ** liuin! riANO. St tnaa) or f incki i it;.: pi - f rr-d. Add - r ?-? -r, R.\l-J.", all a \\ a vi rTT.T m ai;in.i*< - I. ?? 1SBEH, Ut J JOl'VENALS M.ub! Vul. ' HI 1 D -tr<-.'t. al! 2: * \\ AN I I 1' ? \ 111.At K.-MI r 11: i '~. l >? if--T. r:sI w I 1,. .. r. vt UAU11.KTT W II. L i A>1 f. T11? r A trb al I 3t? *\*AN! Kl'- A hi AfKSM ! I 11 ,.i r,\Rl?ES ** KK Apih t 'HcbKKf I I LToN .v i ?? . | :> I I y i. -tr t , \\ . Ini kt-'ti. I?. C. all 5:* VV'ANTKP?A < OI.OKK1' IMY f'>r a firm in i * * V irgiu'a A ppl ? t ? K. K1' LTUN A CO .'>11 it li atr?^rt i n'ar pi-naa ? 11 im . all 3t" 1 \\ ABTEP?TWO oTuJ i in TT ItoiiM-u i? a: d li" t-i t.tV>> ? > <? c a li-tl.v \;i'h ,it Ko 1-14 12th Mrwt, b^twwiMand N urtfta ?ortlwmt. all-st* \\r AN TKl>? llt'l >K 't al' nt ??i^lir r ..?tn-, ? i I, "T watri, l atlii 'iu u.d ga~ nl -K.:mt bx-ati-n in <;. ,.ig. t. w n. A?Jdr>-?~ L"?.k I!"\ L>, \\ ,i-<hiiii.'t n P.*t Office all 31" \* * .\NTEIi-A f*ll I'ATI*?N . t ? r ?a. 1,-iian. (K iijjli-lj.? on. who tli-.r ?iir!?l> un l'-r-tand tlie pthbli*; ar .7, first rt ffrt-nc.-s. Ad lr. -?I, II. W., Mat r all .1'" \\" ANT 1 I'-r- tli l-to!~Mav.a t-mall 1SRHK '* HOVHI.iiitlitwirtli i -1 ?? isi -?t i i >i i i>f th? city; -mall t .i-li p.i) I; ? i t. and al.ait ??.'?. > >u t li I \ . A! witl. 1 > alit). .V UaV.MOND, St ir . f li.^j all It" \\'AKTK1>-A WlilTK SKBVANT ifi rtiTTii ?> pr.t.ii. l,)ina\er> -u:all funil) of tlii <?<?; tii'int kif v li v? Uiwa-baiul ir. n.atid ! a^ tocum<* w>ll ? nil !. Ii iiiin1 >t tli ?1'itiiii.t; ?t t' ! I. r.Urm.U .V < 'I ,.'>|>1 l* I ?ven'??. all 2' ANTEK-A (;i-t ? - VII.I.INK!!, tt ali 3t M. \V ILLlAN S. 007 1'a w \r A NTBD?A WHITE WOMAK. to cook, wa?l ! '? .ill iron f.r a ^ until faruil) . 1 , . at I.; I ; II *tr. .-t. betw ??? ti 1 .?t li and 14th .its. ?!?> it" \\ \ N I KI> ? A ? Tii VI la ?; A KliKN K i: ? h - ?? ii.tiipet' tit, li..n>--t and ii>. 1 ii-t11 >na, an4 can : - u !! rrrotutu tided. II N. WAD8WORTH, ? .Jin i Wrni.'tit aven'i" and L ?t. aluy* \ % ANT I I' - T ? Kt zht'and aft ti * ? I? 111- (. IKI. I ii. t |. ?? tli tii - .i ? in-r in?>!?? tli <n n. yearn ? I :i? S?' i- ? ill r- tIi' I ?? inu ? ar>- of a I >t* Iv -Mtai ? d in--tIf r. Appl> It thlioBm iJO-Jt* UrANTED TO PL'K< ilASE OK KENT-A < Ol'N'TIIV l:K>Il ENCK.wOIi - t. lo acr. t -round, iii-ir a -tati n. on'ili^rtlo-B .Itilmic mil Ofii" hi I' 'Hit .' K 'c;,? Ki'lr. "1. Apply to.I >TANLKV iI0M'>, N i. All 7;li -tn- -t, ? pp'?iit ? i lie I'oat tillico. Uantkii-aTT an, und lliU'SKi of ii r<?>nii. on a InttiTi d i-tr. ?-t, b?-iw -f-ti K and I and Stli I 9th -tn-.t- n rtl.wi-t, l>> lit Ma> n?-\t. par in ?!>anc<-. Addr?-.? H*?l'SE.Cit> Poat Offi.-*' a7 i*" ANTED?BOARDIMQ in tli?- country, tmt \V . t - In i ? ii t ? ii. I \ :i L'l. v li.? u i-ht-s to t.- Ii ; M ' i - i ? in pa) unlit AdllmW li, StaT oftot. a I't*' I \\ AMI ED? L \ I?11^> ' t?ki* ii -ti. i-1li ?t Mad na *? D B, MAISOM, of New York, luKopeMd h*r , lliiii-r> parlora, a! ti. 41 .'S U:ti fctrct n rt!i a *t tn2t lm* V%7AKTED?Ererj onct'ilkvatliattkt VICToB '' M.'VVlNli MACHINE ha* it* n*"tU teLf ttl- ? lm*, tin- in nt perfect akatU* in ute, Mtilf in a , i H'il<-; ni-'-dlf 1-ai and aorka-if atwl Aifoncy. 4*?4 P-ntiijlTiiii* ?i"t.ttf. A lc , Branch ol Muip. Dt-ai i.r -nt'n I'ntitTL. Kuipi riiini. in.K.'to 1) T W. FPIt'KR. Aif^nt \\.r ANTED- Everybody in favor of thoroughly " cl.-aned (;arp?-t?, alm mt ai> bright hp now^to ?? i d old. r? to L. Rl< E, at the St'-amCat pet B -atuic W rk?, Maine avenue, li.-t 4S and 6th nt*. aprl] ly LOST AND FOUND. April, a male CALK. The owner ^m ; pl?-a>i. Con.e and pron._ prop- rtv and pay IOST-On tie- e\ nii ir->f tli" lotli in<t , a n?-? low i iit < "NiJBK>S 8UOB, I i.-1'incitiK t" a yooaf man. A naitablereward wfl) I. - paid it left at 911 21"t street west. all 2t* IOST-'Oti .'lie I.f two roatMMwMI C an i I'j t and D an 1 lutli Htreetg, a SMALL PAK' KL ? itli I'lai k Cord* and lira-- ring-; of no valu- to the tii.iler, wli-i will be-suitably reward^l by leaving the I ^?me at thitoffice. alt tf J' AM E T?T M V PIACK, _0N THE lira I if P'e . . . [nu^i. \N M LEB. canal road, above Ue?rKetown, D.C. aW .lt' S!r KEWAKD-L'.-t, a HtitTCIl TERUIEB i/ DOO; yellow, long hair;->h->rt t ?il< ?tid ear*. Aimwers to thenauie of BOB.; rbe above lew aid w ill be paid t.-r hisr? :overy. EEKDINAND BI'TL EB. 1107 E itreet. all 21' CTi iklk BEWABD AND %124 EUBCONVIC t?J UU TION OK THE T Ii IEF?Stolen .n tin 7th instant, a I?A BK BB< iWN* MAKE MI LE, aith a thirk ne< U, branded on th?< ??ft khoulderlhpire 2; about 5 years old. The above -eward will lie given it returii"d to (>E<*ROE S k IT/.E V N ?treet. w?*en tith and 7th. a!2 6t* I ??ST?Corner of 10th and I? street* northwest, on -J the 11th instant, a Bl'NC'H UK KEYS The inder will please b-a\? tl. -iu at D utreet and ?iteive a mutable reward. all 2t" OST-The dATTEAL' I NIHNE painted lT<d J color, with r?vl band around the top, and gfee* tihido. A suitable rewaril will lie paia for her return o W U. PBENTISS, 13th street and Maryland iveliue nouthw eiit. all-3t t'OU N I)?April 7th. a BE VOL VLB. ApplyT Lelter-Carrier, No. 19. aid 31* IObT?On Weduenday evning, the 9lh inst., Let. a Congri H* and Wit, und Oa> and Grt- in ?U., n Ueorgetown, a BRACELET, set with iiaru>-ts. Ti e tinder will receive a suitable rcwarU if left at his office. alo 3t t,>" BE'AAKDWILI. UK PAID.and uo 4'fs C* mm?P tions axked. f.r the r-tuiu of a ??&? _ 1 liBlN'L'IiKD sLl'T?f'-.-t and tail 11 t-!>.<l~^^Sj r, !? ii v iute, ears eri pp'-d?to JOHN ItO ? SKV S Restaurant. 301 13th st ti vv. a9-<f BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS, District of Colombia, V A8IIISSI0.1. AprilS. 1373 A reward of FIFTY t $5ui DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or mtm.iir who have stolen, or who niay h.-reaft.-r be

onnd stealing, the Man hole and S-wer trap U.>vet? li the cities of Washington and Ueorgetown. Bv order of the Bear J. EDWARD JOHNSON. *3-tf (Bi-pnb.Chron.J Chief Ch-rk. | OST?On the 1st of March, on E street,between l i loth and id streets northwest, a RUBY RIN'O, Kith two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if ?eturned to No. 001* 3d street northwest. ni7 BOARDING. Board can be obtained at catlett'S Station, Va., (0., A. A M. R B ,> durii g thfe pi ii g aud snwnier months at reanonable rates. Ad 1 n -? L C.C.,Catlett 's,Va. ai> 3t' I ADIES aNI> GENTLEMEN, either singly or in Lj parties, and families, can hear ot the very best ind cheapest Boarding arrangement in the city, by iJilriwiuK Dep't Club, Box lb. Siar oBice. a7 ttnal I rOOD BOARD, PLEASANT BOOMS, AND II .prices moderate, at <161 corner of Pennsylvania Henoe and Mst street. mayl-1? yiENNA EXPOSITION. CIRCULAR LETTERS OP CREDIT, IbSCED bt JAY COOKE * CO. The Circular Letter U a letter of introduction to Sankers of character throughout ?*< worl4, identify ing the bearer and author lai ng payments to him aa ri-quired to the extent of his deposit with as. Full information will be furnished upon applica tion in person or by letter. JAY COOKE ft CO., Baakera, Xftlm ? WA8H1MGTQB. J W. BRIGHTWELL, ? Succeaaor to CABBOLL V. WINSLOW, SHJRTMAKMk And Dbalbb in Mb*"a fuBSuawea, 4 ?>? 9th Street. A Having Mr. Winalow*a patteraa and MM'flM are*, and contrid uf his manufacturing faclli-lml lies, his old customers are recommended teJV leave their order with me. aa O la ? L?' IE I LIMB I LIMB! "Beet wood-burnt LIMB at ?1 per barrel, delivered FAHBT, 10th street, ml4-ltn* near La. avenue, northweat. ? fountains, VASES, BETTERS, Ac., sultaUa r Mta"-5!lSri. BHBPDBKD * CO. a?--i S? f Republican and Ohroatde.] c 0VU-Sdimari&AW? MMALMMi 41 FOR RENT AND SALE. L'OR 8HK.CH*?r-.\ sm.llsiv r -nn KRAME * HOC8i,No. 914 Lkib 'rthw-?t,b-Mw^ii 9th and 16th sta. Iiejmre "T\ Mi? pr.-m>-?? >l.'-3*r POR 1 i ?II RENT?Six Cnfarna?hed BOOMS wi _ i ?-i?t?-.l logflh?r or s put it". *l *OJ I -tre.', bftvm Kb an4 f h north* ??? R nt 111 .?d*n'?ce, and references retji: r <1 1 * fjM'R SALK.AT A 1T\ Rti A. I N Y1 ? - fy t K \ M E UOT9I.'b g ? -1 < >i ' i'.< k:?< ?en to n<s IwoUii and ' T -?? -sto? ri'mKif Appl, oiitii- premise Ml 7 6'ti sir?-t north*!-** alt J * F~OR IIKT-IOl'sB lilt E -X ? ? treason Departmeii' . fa* and w a f,,r. R- at H p r month ia sdrsnce K < ?t l.?l<? I -v i i -- t i*' -n 13th ami ltth northwe-t I.* T A M LAlGHl.lX F~ 'OR BALE CHEAP-TTr | i ? V* ui nth.) until paid?M-ivular* SaMT) HRi< K , HOUSES, situated >>n N-w H *u pshir- a> -11 '? i 1 T and I' street* north: lis?e -it r ra- ball f: nt ! and back yard*. 1. use- CumtXH) lini.hvl. J. W. >TARB, ;il- Sotih'-W c.>rii''t N % . at e k'>d l."< ti -t. | Chronicle, R.-ptihln sn. It I I/OR KALE?ON LoNt. TIM F. ? A mo. ? II ' bn It tlir?-? itt r* DKH'K HOT"!. wuhtw.i a* rj Itm k BaiMiii; bum fronfta miIhmI; ha* | 1 tt!**fr>nt rard.ani ?:d~ entrance: r n*nin* i r"on?, 1 ??? J - ba'h r^<>iu< m.I chisel* ? ? I. ?r und.-r i entire ho?*e. with lire places, gas a*. 1 tratft: r?i te> COttiert'd 1 lit? > l a-' I. 1-lit i ? >m- 11 d'*irtsl. I. t Hnltt) Inquire "ii the p'Mtn!- ??* -.f t' e ?*. ii-r : t *.? ? |'t-|x>rtv mtrli r.B., VU Kh *1e l-i-ti.d tvrnw, l et w -en 9 li ai d liih ?t?. sli Im I/UK SALE?On iipt ! Hill.t i i ?-* ? > -tert and back huildiiiii pr-?-???( br ? -fc l"r nt HOrSK.i'?uta.ii ik ei. ui r ? >, *.n >n p' i. I ? tr l> ? *!? te. marble mantle* Tin* 1. >M t, M built to order h. days'w rk the \ -rjr l?">l m?ii tii'. hi. 1 .- hand* 'tt el* p ip-T'- l ti ? -sir I t. 11? ? it. Mil i? within a at no', th' w alm xd <>f tl?- n ? Bi.i' k-t; sa- 11<r->ii<;?i ?n? ?It? li.*iin>-. aud ? v? i ?>n t h li- lui-t ?, lot III lus. Pi :r?* 5 t ?! Im I? ? - h ? I i|i>lir- 5SI? p r niortll Appl? .'I P*? n ???, 81 i ; t h ?>' i ?>?*t aouth* ;<?t, ?r to iimiri. N . I ".'b il ?t; ? * ntlieafl. al! S* U I/OK uT.NT t?K 1.1". \>K?T i.v * I. ? " * t trv R?tr?*?i i>i Fiimtc mnt) Vi? "( M'klNtiS.'' Willi nil it n<-. -??.ii > i ii! . nn Pi X" - ?! T NHMMlta, >'? ? fei i Mtli - fr< w lhi< r-t\. lai".<> puilfmi. l-at r >m, 1 i? ii?.?|ti in..! ki<< ti?ii. tw ? |:iic ?l?nn.*? 'l'? i*.-r. i.? - h: ?( ->h fill v't 'in.d- T' W i- !.> . hi i A* \ i i.i i * :i: - p .ttli.? plait- I -.! > T* I w 111 1> It ui -1 w 11T1 t iii nl?''i 'f 'I - ? I f'K f-ALK-l , At Rt> i-l 1 \ X i? I NlM 'I'i.Miid pdllinc Mr- <t?|i?" l.ifiil wit.i i HovmcontaiaMic 7 rwoM^ i ?r. ? at It vi'<>d wat< r. K' 1 Iiu'kIiuii, $5i??i, uii-"tli.t I im'u, I nlatue tu ulir au 1 tw veat? CMIX l ? ALL \ N alj-?s>2w R'-al F<t ?t" Al- ut- -?l# 7ih ?t. I/..K Kl Vi ?1? ? i. hi 1 Km n -I- 1 ROOM" i >ftm I fill r. with 11(1 A RI>, fl !.'. \ K atiaat, bwranM aa4Mrtinti ^?ii It" (/OR BRXT?l>n>ir*bl*> PROXT BOOM, ant ,, I n'-In-it. villi IloAltli. i.. .? p?i\ it' i< l <! IMSKh 4tMl Mnkarat. all . I/OK RENT HOI SE FI RKITI BE; II r(iii>p!*-tr|) fitrni?!t?d. It.'iuir- 117 ?? ti -f ' Mrthwit. all-It* i ? ?' .ii \RLIX I/OR KENT?Tw ? i . ?)> ti n, -li. I 1 V .til lit H?> KI>. *1 t ' ! I/OB RENT?That very d'-airahlt STORE. KIT ?th ntrn 'iinrtliwiit . Marki-t >, i ? . A r1. I'll < ?> | R. WAGCAMtS I?? .,11 H I/OR RKXT?At .< r ;i-? u.i1 p*.. ? . -mt.-i: *ttl trirn-ranm II<?r>K vitkns indarat?*r. An I pU on tli - pt m- ?, 1 J't-J lo h >itr ?, :tl iv?- M MltM. allln d ROOMS, v mi | . M vratfi Id tW h li ?? N II IO N? w \ ; W i \ ? * ?i- . < ?i r | j ?II M !? i tl.v . -t Ml 1 3T" (/Oli Hh-Nl?92 i MIm-*** t-? . ?n. I KKONT KOoM. -*-r .jt i r. f r j ti ?lt*<i. with < r v. ith tu l>l?AUD; a;< \ w i d Kt OBflHMfloOf. I^OU RKNT- A d MtJtl > EKSIMCN -ioo ? ! t. (2ut h an<1 21*?t rttrott" ?; hH-? |w??hf ro.-iih, iiid all moJirn inpi return** 1* -- *? H-f lnt ??! Ma> . I r ui? ? i! i ? .1 .i I r m : ; ?it * j I/OK ItKNT-Vl Km >| i:<?A l: I?. it. a i a??l? i .r: u. . !*? p t*tTit r1 |?rs ri| *1 h 1-, mm 1-ti * li>^7 V iibilbittt. Ui f I< K i nt. 17 o K B f N T~ 1 In -torj- ui d It i- :?> i.t Bl.l' K H-'I SK. I M hi.-* ??? ii v t-i.i I v i '111 ->r -! ti Ml:wf?t.i .iitiiii im; t.-n rf>' in*, hill. I ith r in j and ?ww nt.'i -i |> ?-t-. milk > .iSl: it: th* j jr.l. e ? t ! ? <? lar, r,"'kiiift ra:.?i', L.iti I"* -?.????*, I1..1 mid. II | w i . r iii all < f Ih r.??ii.-. ra'l !? ? noil M inaiitt-U. pitch Hi f i ont .ti.d r. .<r. K"i>: $1 .i>< ? \ ? ti t ? ? ? ?! ; i -1 iii-;l |f t?-i iut. Arp! t> P A r.VKNI. 7d7 7?li - ri ? t ii i thv ? -t, i t to ? ?t\ \ (ALLAN. 41 ? ! Ith rtnH nil it" I/OR KKXT?FINK LAK'iK >T^KE~ .? 'J p. nn-ylrai iH at .mi. t. ttliw?M tl-.l t .* L'iiK KENT?Two utifuruiaked RotiMS A I SISMk i' - I' ? ut > I/OK SA I E-At 1107 lit i -tt "i 1101" S E if 7 i i oiii-, aii'l li t 11\ 1 v f t. K.i 4uii 'i III | i u.i-. - .1 ? .?? * 1/OK SALE?LEASR a FL'RM ii Kr. \ -i ? !.? raldf 11 r.llf-1 with 1? .?'.|-r-, a..'nt 1 -at TH"s K. M AGOAMAX. -? I > [th I. ' R RKNT?Ttirfi-unf roiaked ROOMS ftllitaidt I fur If uit-ke<piuK. II'^M 11th i-tr.-t, i. *i M Mn*t. altfH' I/OR KKnT-lllTl>l lilt IM -TT-T 1' r |,~. uiidt-rii imprr-vt tut ul-. At. Appl> I ?l TKIM RLE, 614 lJth ^r?ft. alp ?/OK KKNT KI KNISHUI llol SK ? m 15 I rtrwt, ii' Ht II. E zht r mt. if wnt^r. ? ?! batbrm m. AJ-lrc-n Jl'AN liti) I K t < >' i?0 ? lith -ti et. alo St* I^'oR RENT?Tw..CMiMUraiiaf K<>t?M"?. X 1 4U* luh slrwt.b- tH'-i-D P'uii-i Ivama -O'l and K i?tret t, to a rt-lialdi' party. \\ ?t?-r ml l>a*l: on n?-cotid floor. G u4 r< f t"iic?. i iuir?-l. al 3.* I~/OR BAI.K-Bi Jl AN It'fVLE ? < O . ???4 L h strtrt. LOT utli md? K' et, k '??tn I5t!i a: d ltiili otieeta,27*Ki. Oi.o thirdia.-ht tn n ..11 time. al" ot ?/OK RENT?A f"tu *t'.r, hr wti .{.me flOl'SE, 1 w ith all niniUrii ? nitriiKtici'ii. -iiuat-d in ? v?-rjr d.Mialil" l<ii ati? ti . I'i*a??'ion git-ti imin.-l'it**l.. Apply to Xo. 70"i lltU Btre?rt, between O a. d II 8tr< et? Dortliwc-jit. alu 3t* F'OR SALE?A two -tory BKI<_'K IIOt'SE, with at'V"Drooma, in the northern pari of tltecitv, choice location A "wall cash paymfut an I V#' monthly. Apply at Bookstore, lilJI F -tre--t northw*-' ali?-3t* L'OK RENT-FRAME COTTAGE m, C .lle<e 1 Hill, with nte rooniK, - isth fr..nt, within a abort distance of the lith ?fret-t car*. Lot Ptu'r. sap- i month. Immediat- po>.?eHsion. FITCH .V FOX. ?10 3t 1409 Penunylvanii avenue. f/OR SALE-Two SMALL HOl'SES, Nil*. 114 J 1 and 1144 Hth ati-t't I?e?irable b-ration.parked. ftl.Walearh. AI?o. two HOUSES "ii strt-.-t, ?l,'3?iea(h. SidhII c:i-h pavno'iits. balauce uiontli* l> JOHN O. ADAMS, li?a 5-U *tr ? t n .rtii IK. ab'St* F /OR SALE AT A BARGAIN ?A FRAME _ COTTAOE, *itiiat?'d in out- of the tint b>cali ti.-? in the city. Hoti-e i out niii- 7 ru m-, hull, and Eia/./a iu front, and in -uppli- d w ith g.ts and wafei . aw ti in front, enclosed with iron fence Lot 'ii (? -t front by >5 feet d- ? p to a paved *ll?v Titl>* p-rf' t For tfiins apply of th? owner <>n th? pr,-mis>^. No 11 V'7 11th street, aft.-r 3 p. in aid 6t* l/OR SALE?One of thaa? flue new BRICKS on E borth side X utreet, between 12*h at'd I3rh E. K. WILSON. 6f 611 7th atreet,?pp. Post tlltire. 1/T7K REXT-Tliat very d lirable HoUSE 77i Oeor?etown, at the corner of Green niidGav streets,formerly occupiedt) Mr. Mullet. . E K WILSON, fcf 6t .?! 1 7tli street, opp. Post O * e F'OK SALE?A FARM containing 3u acres, ->itu filed on the 7th ?treet road, 4 niilt? from thi D < tii'time, in Montgomery c.'unty, M l Will sell Cheap. Apply to W. H REARDEX ?S? 6!* Xo. 1913 9?h street uorthweat. I/OR SALE?A tine Three-story BRICK HOI SC E on I stieet, lietween 9th and 10!h. Alio, a de sirable BRICK UOI SE, on I street, between sth ami !<th. E. R. WILSON, aiJ All 7th street,upp. p.>?t Ofli< F~OK RENT MAR4IIALL IIALL PAVILION Thi? lieautiful -unim-r resort will bereute>l t ? a reliable tenant, upon liberal terms. Apply on or before April 15,to JAMES SVKES, ?5MW Imperial Hotel. F'OR REXT?One of thuw dk* press BRICK HOI SKS.'No *4 K street, between N 'rth Cap itol and 1st at reets northeast All modern impr. ve m* nta. Terms moderate. Tlitee minute* walk from Columbia cam. Applt to P A. BYRNE. 707 7th stt.-et, lietween G and II, northwest. Al?o, a auite of ROOMS, auilatle for housekeeping, at No. at. a??; *_ FMiRSALE-A nice, fiie-r.K.m FRAME HOUSE, in good order; title perfect. Apply ?u the prem ises, 1917 E street, from 3 to 6 o'clock p.m. a.1-^>t* t-TlK SALE CHE AP?1 wo small Brick DWELL I I NUS. siluat'd on O street, l?-tween lith and l'ith atieels northwest; contains six r.mmt, bathroom; water and gas throughout. Terms easy. Inquire on premlaea, or at 1611 Midi?on street, between 14th and17th. aa it" 1/OR SALE?Sy I ARK No. 9J9, between A and B and Mli and lith atreets northeast, either the whole or in lots Apply to JOHN HOWARD, butcher, No. 644 Ceuter market, corner of B and 9th streets northeast, or CHRISTIAN M BECK EBT. 423 Q street northweat. a7 Im* F'OR RENT?Two suites of unfuruished ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping; also, ah unfurmaheU HOI SE. O. D BARRETT, Attorney at Law, aS-Itt 317 tS atreet. 1/OR RENT?Two large PARLOR&, fronting r south: flower garden, two closata: flJ per month: V14 C atreet southeast, near the New Mar ket. ap>df F'OR SALE-HOUSE and LOT, No. 338 11th at. southeast; eight room frame honae.good cellar, cbtern, 8^10 aqnare feet of ground, all kinds of small fruit, a Blc? home, and will be sold low for cath. Inquire aaabova. a>7t* FOR REKT?Fine BRICK STABLE, where M horsea pud carta can be placed, suitable for a contractor, at the corner of SM and G at recta west. Apply at 403 7th atreet north. a4-8* FOR RENT-DWELLIHG HOUSE, with preaa brick frowt and marble trimmings. No. 1407 Rhode Ialand avenne, between 16th and 14th atreeta; the residence of the Flrat Assistant Postmaster Gen eral for the paat three and half years. Inquire 140H 14th atreet. Fosaeaslon lat May. ? a4 iw 1/OR RENT-Raadaome RESIDENCE. N i. 1M3 r 4th atreet, between M and M at reels northwest, with all the modem improvementa. For particnlnra apply to LATIMER ? CLRART, fltar office build ings. aS-lm E/OR SALE-Entire SOCARE Ot GROUND, " 961, between 4th and 7th and F atreeta nOMn east. cheap, and 'in rerv liberal term* JAMEST. RUSSELL A CO., Mo. 11? 14th atreet nortk weat. allot* FOR SALE?All Of SQUARE No. ?66. b< und^ by East Capitol atreet and Maaaachnaetta av enue and 10th and lith atreeta raat, improved by two enne and 10th and iitn atreeta east, improved by two small frame honaea and atable; good water: fruit trees of all kinds. Apnlr at corner 10th and Ei CapOol streets,Mo. ISO#. al l*' E/OR RERT-A two-atory HOUSE, complrtely r furnished, aitnated nt 406 lat atreet aonthenat. corner lat and D atreeta. Apply corner 4th and D atreeta in rthweat. nil tw* MRS. NORTHEDGE. 1 FOB RENT AND SALE. vol; S A I t -1 ht. ? <? i) M. I< K llut fk I ? ? .m l?-l fniit Hi ck S'?t ''.it a . a?aut Bui pr?vi'..g port :i f the c.t I. ?l ? 1 I" tak.n iii putt ptwi'Ut. ? .11 at 411 !?lS ?? H n >rtli? ?r. *" LV'R SA IK-That tali ? H?m rk -. I "T r ?wi'tont ? #i iim i f oh and r -?? ' -? The hn> t*'i<". rte?. ? and a;' t> 1. ?( *>vlli'?. with 1 V i<k ulil'l ami* >11 * K K * II.SO* #ti mm it - r -? oui-". I/*'k hf N i *'1. ? ? t 111 * -i 1 - ? . t ?. ? t. \ R D R \ I" \ K M * 'itaiuin* about A . re? -? i ti'ie )>u:l'l i IT Bp. I a? Il. Mal-le*. t a. I .a*- k"??* Ithl !????'if t ?*? t? at -? ii td?--r Tims r' ? ?ith:n < ii ?* ' 11 ? Capitol. at 4 iiri ft? iw--n" ',?> ?' i i xilr-'aai ? 1 rvnthi'tfl it, .nd it w *l.| a.ik r 1 tlie l"?t I'Vouniir Kii'iufii l> <tr 1. A u? * ?-d rli h i'i tmnftiii ?> uV4 ifi* ???-il t I k *t ?t. 1 In <!? i# l-i.*"- ?im^i W mU i biM^, auk L iti'ti * ?ii'itsi, n' I v -M make tin- l?a? C'.ru' ?' d 'it t'i Dl.Tiot. Ait'vih GEO M A TT IM.l.Y. * '?? P . j1' ?? L'OR 2*A I k - A Dindfr nl t> ?' > H K I > K I li' ' -l> > T rtrff* h^wrfn If ?tt"l' i >rth?*?t,r iitaimiiff ut t fn> a il li?* ??lil on trmik .i> f Hi ?? I If II 5K> from tlt?M-< S**1 rv-h ? ' 1 I :?<?! ? in I. nl! It fkinHttll - . |r ?->? F IK TSCS at fr tn $ "??? t *. *- > I li ?iii> in nthl*. t|?tart erljr. or ha.t >-ai I p.. fc ?nta. to an t mtIumt Tl.te- II*1'~8Es will t?- \ i 1 la p?'' v a. ant gr in .| AU',M?rnil HOr^ES il Itnonv I' , >. ! ? ai'M t" ll'np f?>| '4?k. !.?' h ? t I lie ib* i e ha*# t?.?l!, c?1 1 ir, - r -niii. ?iiift I'li'trt, ?e*'ti i|k*, Ac . at ? * hi- a -II ai;it-<1 t?T a pi it at*- family - Tt>-* wmIi -a t oe i m to th? ma '\e?a iailif r' I1- ftl -n. *ti ?-*-) l"tr.i>.-Im>i Id |M-t fall to <all at ut? ? ?!!> - f'n iia t ?uitlia?u ? rUtah'Tr. JOS F K EI.LKk , R ti fc-' ?.- A - at hi N "Oti ?tt.ft n?rO-we?t I t I ... K I^OK MlI ? ? I ? ifulft i- at.-? WILP 1 Mi l.?>1 > >1. ? ? !i-a-l 1 ti t l'?ii..t. malhaftf; ????> U li >.\^< I.Mt JtliMPit Ittif1kai4. ?i J?* I7t.K K kN f~- Sir -Iia ?? : KI.I'NT ' M ? ill- Nut! tial I. ti.k -f tli K- |miI I t tl.? Hank, niwthx-*! fin ?> <({|ii mil D-'a h" t? I. 1 ? 1 M?.< l> i>t LAM' ? V I Mi Kt??n: *1 !? ? %i* t i ii ?V A *' 'iliirt t?ri?le- Oi"4 c?m. ???:- 9 ? I ? < v j.' x I vi *? - ill fV%r?H? t - - \ l? J M OB HIS H? N il Ji ? \ ? V? I I | . KKNT-FI MNIMIKIJ ?? i. I pMtiov <1 ??? n l< ?1r i r- *?? r? - nie. f %? k h? <\ fi <?t t9 on ?? n?l . i ? ? ?*?ic?!?!>I?u? ilitiC oil 1 *t!????%i & : ? Jl I- *"? on r* t?*rn>* t . e?*i tl ?????'. !*?y. A? ?44 A . J . i'Jil-l ? *?. inlfjf | H rj I, K t?Al V i IIKAr-A flu* ? .M 1 Hi'l >K. w >li ??! ?i?* Im.::!i:t-1 <> '.*.i 1 i?H-tn?? hji?! I? *tli I i- ni, h ? Mini ? M v ?t ? . s ^ r*i *??*. *. tfn* ?m1 g?. i.\ti ??. ti.*' .? ?i ti li>, ei(.? m; . .to ?i oil U < u O aii I I* - ; ? ?i i' * "?? "?t. Priro, ?#;;.< i ApJ * KI?'H\RH II"! IiWKII,K' 2 4 9?t\ ?ti h* 4 t T It* i - ii t. I pw?n by ;*T ti ?. ? ? i ? ? v - * ?* ? ' 12 ?' j .?r tliMc^r n.l^ lm* 1, KJiAlTc !i. I >K I < TS Si \(;V. I'LrAS m \M - K in ludf *n trrf t > . lit a ? -. *i' ai*-?i aii4 ?n < v K \*U I t h?? r.plmid f t ?lu I1 uz l?? n% *i< i tn 1 li l. I ? Irih! f *r S ?itMt i V9ValM - v ?!V from M ni t PlMaaM BtnlIWi, < I ' ?> ti" miiiutr. ?alk (row It ui.lirv. li .111 I ? alM|. pi- aaant FWM NHMlllVitnl . ii ii ? hhI ^ud t<-li(.. ii' nlt?n* <e -? \p>!t t. JOHK Yt'liK . OC.t C 'uumac I.-. ' | i. ? inn Bi'iidn *. ? 1,'t'H SiLK-tlli CaiHui Hill, a n '. a> I. aii-l l>a?-?-iii- i i HKI< K 10 '1>K,. ??m m', i r. . I- -.!? -?nl I...tli ai il ?* Tt- i ma I' ht- c?>, r??!. .t11? t l...t ??t* f. ai..l uatt-r t l -ft?. li.- .:- t I > l.? ti 'i Kni|> i ? I. alin( raa?'? I' laMMit . | in Hi roiickorder, ill t \<-rt b^altli) aii-t -<T. ?kl I.-i?lt|.4.i li.**!, at .1 aill l.? a?<!d v>t) km -*n--a-y t? tn.,. ArH'ti.tki- o?nrrMili' pi.un- - <*T \ ?ti. ?-t aoni li- aat. n;21 ? l;KM K"">t v ?. ?' i .t l. at (?!? Km *r1ni*.-tt? at t-tin^. f..i t --r II Ii atr??t lul.t im" 1 LMK 8ALK? \ to BiUt K H"l ~i.. N I I It1. 1 ??i>-et iwrtli* ? ?t. * mi ? f ti n al? [h'- i^i-, km li n, crilar. I.atttr-- tn wirh ? ?t-i cl<art, hut ?i?l told (Mr- i ihaail/ ra.t .*? t ri paii r. ?t?d rooking rseea in kit. li-*a. T:i- I ?t <2i {??? t ti tit bf t -t d"?->. to \ %> 1 > >t pav- .1 ?||t-.. ?. :tli a hi Ml at MMh ati.t .'nrt i ti;-. li "i,-* J V T it? >M PSOS. ri.rc r of I7tli atrft-l ti;! N ?? V .i k I I -? t i:f* for sale. ?/? l;?.M.K A l.aii-U. in- PAIK ?< A IS I klAtik 10 IS>K>. ? ' i ? .. ifnd A<1 ti>--? If <? It t jfc'i i I - Kf?Al.K -It \ |t > t > -tit Ail., t ? It. ?, A* . liMikr .1 rifcki t Ml 'K M A h kIS, at r.. |. . . Mill-, m H-m H r- K. all Jf I.MR RiLK-Tkrar ?rat |a? 8R? IV- M A i il i Nkv T\? a Nil) A K'tl M MN> . ? .Ni. ?l KAM KMIIM. ?? i: I I I 1"N v < I Ohcf, .>14 :?t. Hlift, t! I* I utt-iive. all Li* 1,'OB 8AI K- in i \. ? !. : i ??. l-hai I I* Ii .n> I "' .11 tin -|.i t.ii \V A". *V v , I j -t tl.- I till ^ f- r ."art > II.IC pa>?- t c- ? a -t ? g: ? ?! - V - I.. t an I '? -*? I* -tt VI N K . Ip. l-< K S VV . 4 F?'i"ri. "ii B. 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" llthatrnet nortbvmtialao.giveii d'iiniati iQi of rtin-utter tf photograph baud writtug or l >ck of ha:t Jir fcn DRY GOODS. h ? III II ALU BLACK ui leUet I ? A to F, prirt-, front Iff to Bur . p T > aid . iiKAk EB IILM K MoHAlB. from* lj to N? ui; price*6i to #1.25 per >ard. V. ? are aolr a^eat for tbe ?al- of al>ova. Jt^EPB J. MAY. KTklPEO SI MMER SJLK> at Al aad 61-*".. PLAIN JAPANESE SILKS, at 7i SIIS1PKO J A P A NKSE 811.KS at anji'. Ilnitaliou JAPANESE tll.KSa' JV ? JOSEPH J M\r CINIINE LYON'S Bl. A' K SI LK>. n.!ik? At tt ?t tn rect.nini.'lKO at gl .75. t?2, :jC 25. 3! 50 ^2 "j iitd &3 per >aid, all *t-rr cheap. JOSEPH J MAY Imported Sh.twU. M'.urtiilic G" >4., Iiu - W -lit" ti.MHi?, Lineup. I1i>ii~>k.-epiiie 0r\ G" 4>. Print-. I'll.? t." -, I'-r. al- -. atul lar?.'" -t ? l? ..t I???MESTIC I'l'ITOk Gi?Ol?S ill at M t> I .a-ut r*-li pile -. tS~ one prict out} , lutttL-i in plait, fintti ???. JOSEPH J. MAY. ?- ""V Penn^ylrani t .?.-r, j Wl KlNO A-NXOlUCfcMltXT. ,*R0 OOO STOCK or I'BT GOOl'S. fi'JW 111 PBKSS GOODS Al' otxj iuCLOTUS and CASSIMF.BE5 m hosiery ?ud i am % goods f mw1 in LINENS and WHITE GOODS. ?r,u?> III 8taple GOODS, ki). NEW Guol?S OPENING DAI1Y Tliree hundred to w 1'ARASOl.S and >1 N I M BLKLLA8 iqm receivcxl. Fiicdlr mti. ? n l'l!-rgaiM in BLACK MLKS knJ BLACK AL ' PA< As. l/l>'E PRICE TO ALL. BoGAN* A WYLIE, Pt-tr 101 * and lU'il) 7th ?tr-et u-.rrua -<t. LOYELY POLKA DOT GOODS, from 12', ceuta up, to FOLLARD till Ks at at BBODHi^kD A CO S, D'*rll Sm KUi r >tr-?t. Elegant bla? k ^ILK, tr. ni si auup. ?uia full line ot all kind* of bpring auJ 8L M MER GOOD8ju?t received ?t _ ? BBODHEAD * CO 9, r aitl-Sro l^0j f atr et. PROFESSIONAL. JAMES O. CLLPUANE E. Z. BBAILEY <lephakb~* BRAILEY, 8IIOBTUAK1> WRITERh J. LAW REPORTERS lltire?Mo. 110 C atreet, between l#t and U, far.i.g Ii diana av-Bue. Hih^l-ly |^R. MARY D. 6PALKMAS. Pil9 tw' 1661XTEENTU STREET DR J. 8 DELAYAN. HoXtFopaThit Phv?IC!4S. lJtitt T itreM. Office Hour*:?9 to bi, m. ruiug; i to 4. aftern?*.n; 7 tod.evening mil lm Tohm ?. hanna. J ATTOBKBT-AT LAW. Ho. B Tonne'* Lav Buildiac, d<4tf fa*h|loi.D.O 1 C^ibculab LETTEBS OF CBKDIT. ava.lable J in all partaof the World, faruiabed to travel er*. Alac. DBAFTS 00 London and tbe pnuripal Continental aum io auit. at tbe F1B>T national BANK. a? lot H. c. SWAIN.Caabi-r. JHK B0Z0RTH FBBKZINO BEFBIOEBA TOB" % baa a reputation firmlj- eatablisbed ta marktrt. t?old only by ? . H. I. gregobt. al-M *14 PenaaylTania arenn* WmM U (too Iba. NEW MAPLB 8C0AB. fn.? Soin^r aet touut) . Penn., juat recjired wi.d tor a*le low br BBtAH BROS.. MB P?M*rltiaia aiennt, ?8 4t (Repl c.?p M*<r..f?olKjui Hotel. The sfbing term of tb- misses os BoBNkt boarding AND DAT SCHOOL wilt commeoce Apttl ?. 1<5. 943 M, ct-rwr Knh atreet northwest. Particular MUutu-c C'*en (0 jonng pup;la. hi? tw% ^ToNR MASONS AND Bl'ILDFBS^ *" Attention i? railed tn th* tn* BC1LDTNC STONE now being landed at 14th street au4 ?^tber wliarv^t Iron tbe wowi of J T.H. MALL. Uidmrwrittd at office, R. urn y. Mar Raitdiqf. of fe board at earn tn* Jults.fomotBigketreettOiArg'twwm tf In* BUSINESS CHANCES F'OBMLK-A ?UOI' aud 0??\L TARl> , . (Ik?l K *)lvt. (Mil llir? * ?r. |<? Iim I a ?'f/US r HELL) K *1 At I V boit! AtSk ft ".fill T" f I" nttft M ?? n v '* * ? C.MHP [||?|<?? SHMMMI .,,, . ,1, N M KOHi;fc?? ?? ^i|j Tihm.-r+i " "?* i?B?l?*i%L? . BT.IKR'*i*?<TAIilr-?a ? ,(.| m|.< ?? i?-> VTT? "' * '" '* aiif I f r p?i?a?* rr..p ,*?? *ff? to t?? omr,.., M tt? .?? tnf*. N t |< 9 MMmM c n?rr 1Kb nl > atrorta. Mr % ?11 *' K'Sri viiEil'V VH K WM.L, ? I ? n* i ? Hlt> Clfv mkI n f| 4 a^' *?* *? ? r MittiMtiR R<> v f V K 1 ? r ???. ATI Kl ?T . * i- <i oi 0-.- ad.til ?<?l ? ?r 'a' f* , ? , , ??? Wl>nir?. Mil-*. Wbl.-a?*r. - II lit M. ' v. \| N i ? _ A UiU'f | \ \ | ? I MfcN r ><>? SALE y- ?? *4 ?h* N > i.'kSVR* th* lb- t. V . >>-H at ta\ 1 II - |? !1 . t I ;pt . ,,| ? , , IJ. * II ??-. - ? .li iid |. ,, \ 1 ? i ...i j .. i, ??? I ' ? NtlllUl.d I' - |. !?.. ,? m... Y?. ... -t i Airi ?? v m ft rrrr> M ? ?-t ' stl 4 I ? i | N KK \L K:T* l K *' ?" ???I !? ,1. I. m a-inin *?! ( ... | , '? ? 1 NIHII "T >\ 1,1 'I ? ? : " ??'? " >? -..".v iv,'; 1 *??11 In- lit |i| *i \i.a "?? ? i ?* r t * * ? " k. ? it i. m. -it,... ? ? i' , , , ,, A I 4 Mil 01c ? ?| I . , i" ; I* I J '? \| Nf'l ' A-T'N ! \ ,|\ II \M? ,?? ? | ?.. ? Ml BE \ i . - \i s??.|p Kl 11 J< n l ?i M. > I G I " xN? T" i:< T ' I \\ ii , ? <?!;<? i.Kt > r li\ nt- m- winttp t ?. i s. j A| pli ?.?ri,..( ^ ?ANM\ |5"Vl.i> c? I I III v ;.K> .. i;ip ? t ? Ml, , , LI. .. S nr. * tin ti i> :?l t.'% . A .n ml 1,1' 1 '! ' ?' " " II A . " ? ' iNj N ( ni ?i<J lm (t . ^ I;..J, , I. "K f. .Mi K\? ;< ?N t ? K-1 ? a. , r'lt. ha IU .'<W? L r" ,h?? m, ? ' 1 imt It * i? ai?i|ti|? I*1 vi'nr.>L,v, t v m v*""* ? "* ?? i?'1.. ii '.V A (i ???*;.. i. m.u, . 1 ? ? " ? ?: ?? ? aasiasstts-^r'- - IN I I N MIMTI N >lww " W " " - _ ftitii t m: *f, II ^1 i iltil.u VII.. ..... wnwv ^%4#, J ? ?KOil1|>.tll, ... ?- - >..t ,t ?| ,t, / ? ? , I. |ti nil HI, , ,IC t | , .>?,>. | I *j?1 |miuc||^I t IWiiuJ villi ?? u*i ? t * tin bf KWi'mnJ V' " ' '? I v I <HK B',4 i ? '.No.iVrj- v,'? ^ ? - ? vV-',.' ^ ^ | J1 A" kLlt- ? i. vNo l> \unt a : ?U V"; at Ikt'l ?l- Mi.- at..??. K -> ="?? -1 - ? ? .- l . ri-m li.ii,i-l,.tl?.rn- ? .1 in- M'.TTAM - W?,,, u v;',' %- ?? .i ?!^ C ? wlf .? nt*. |"nr.- MiTS , 1 ' " 1 li'.i ?!?? I Ja il Im 'T Ti L.u U,j' l;::' U'** ?'? ?? ? ? ft" r 1 .. ..! until,pi f.|, oi i . V."i'.:1;,r.':x" ? ^ ' ?> ? ? ??' r u>. ..? ** I M J 111 *?"* "U" I n'' 'f ?' ?t? fcurr.. , . ...... v. . 'I i"i | tt* ? ii g.|.. Uiji? im KHll lilt lut VUBIXtflill p. two fct rf.i.r?!: r:.i u T?. IVi?i Crov- ViM)arJt, r*CfH-^l fr?il ir?w ?u l ?iur? it b-*t :.g l.ur I. UUi ?uJ (-mN? yuiniif. ALSO. Bl'ILMKu LOTS ISi 'iJifc, < |T|' In -in ti- N 17, Lm N ? .... - <iibt.i N i;.i. :?j tuJt M<i. S|, L- ; S Jj '? SJ " ' z ' r. " ? " ? 5?iii7. ? :: |i ?^? ? " 2 *? l-'Alldft ' W.l ?? j; _r r I'mii-'ii'at? ?n<r t,. i w?, Lkamm., tiJ o, w ? rrt ' .aiu, I> |; ?!is FViKKK?rr.T-"iiT,'" k will..,^ri* IS! |j>>' <:n| fc | KNZHKKm iM) MEDICAL/Ac. [JH UIM.HAN ul NtW ti'iii'i <>r rut A7?r ro-M.4"mi Jo*?ml K?r M .'i i""'' C-lMTh tl, K ? an I v ^ Lu?(fn.C?iK>n. v ..mi p..m>?iki V i\ou?Clar*?tii? Ufti. K . .U(, 41 ; iLli alrtt-l, uew |Vi,uaj It ?uia av-uu- all |J^ <4JSTATV wa, KACK OK THE W ILL air 111K OkLATKM |i|scu\LUV B* if all <4 Of Tliem.RLD D> !,1 ?" . urrd. No Hi..,1 rim? ??? I"n 47'5 V*'V* Taught b> M... J K Kl. IOT. 4 ?? C ?fH 11 ?t Lft?.','** "y'T1"',"*"lr *"*' ?kiH?.. irrttKii.arii) ^ ??mii e . --V - A,CJ" -.Lil.ful lixatui-nl b) (| 1ST A I'LtS TO MARK FlTl. K-H,pr* Alui**! I'""1 **n ?'?r' <r* *i.l? *17?!*'?'"Mny. n aaotH K . m-n,-t. j ,rUi. lUfHI lift Mid r(Hia(t?Uf P Uitiltn h Hik? mutdi ?"??I'M - ilri'lor., A.!.,^ I f.'i" ?> VX?"" *"< ? 'ut!' * li atr-i-t. Hmla II n Jur i'"11" ""?"tUti ii li?Mii( a bt,h', ilTill lii-' n-utiucl ajl 4>rI4?J - ' ' niartM i-.<Sm yb LltOh. Cf\t> VLT/AO FH ISICU >. Tbf I'ldl Jt eatkl-k^Ulrl :u lb<r city. Ko. #11 Ii:b vtrt-pt, it n H. H'ura; 11 to I and 7 t' (. daii/. ?rSfatliltf-j;.^^ C v:plaiuta till l-'tttoa D>^.? jTir* |< LSIaLK> DI>EA^t; iraal.4, ?i.; Ct 'I'li.-^iiti ( lA<l,7 li I>I *' rit?* CMf M<a ?-|lCloA' f4 VSuAri? mTT'S TiJUMi i.Ofc, No. tih NurtA U iuo. M PLhiM \ 1 V'.N KT KITLKfttrrr? r a . . ? tl 1XIH FAILS TO C t Kl QijiLLR UT . '""IBRACK A CISSKL,corti?r tlridc< tol PLANT A BUh. tt rwi Sir* 1 >rk titont tul iftft BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ac. HKVaHT'S LIliHAKt HF FOKTKV AM* ?N <i, T j? hTOW t: * LlbHVL* OF F.VMoCS FIC BLCCUKB - Lil t OF CHItlST. *r S'.l -t i .*?.! Ul r.?. n.d .11 1411 F. UU.a. . ?liU< !?> ??"'"? BISHOP A IIA/.AKII. ^Olilt t Ll l HAL BiKikll. J.-I,i.^ti>i,'a Arru-Hif i.ial Obf-iicatrr . SI7S Ani. ii'-aii (ianti'Ot'1 * A>>MtM j Sii Aik-ua Aiii-.kku Ft rut IL?'k.2 m U-vHfrat#i, V U?id-uii.s t?i I'r- t,t | m * ? *?? for Fr< ft and H-allb I M FuUr . tat.ll Fltlil Cull III,at i ttra^t- Ighnre ? u u'-t Ay1' Culturm; 2 7ft Wright a Prai t"-al P..uln > KtH-p-r _ 2 ?*? l.a"*Hiroibotiibf H m-? . tm li-tnalall a Mtf- ji Ha.l.aiiir) | vi H'>meO?t,?*rr' Crrl?#*4fs... J 7* Y<-natt oil tb- D k? . j jj All tW bt-w bool.? r...nrd a* a....1, u Mih|..,,w b>-8 lr iii. ftV H ABI> ? iT'1 - I W| A I'-ima,-.r.^uff ||tb KwntI. ?^1ST OF KKW BOOK.>i AT IHILbl^GroK'l BUVKITOKE ^ LHTLK KATE KIBRT A K .?^ R. tfc. - u T?J?&":1 fc EACE B) IC4mar4 ?????-ri TS.k.^"!?W LEKOU|-K. 4 MoTfl. ... .T THE BKKUF.B. ok, TBI. MOl Urn u ^TBE ATLAb B> M " Mar? -*KK? BR'Sbw'fBfc ?4fKK "X*D Bwr^ or tkavkl IK JiV BoTl^T *4#Bp'Mk"'rPTL? mn4 ??#Bih"rfJ "w ** ?? 8TO?kMAN A WK*. P*Ri???5f MATEK1 CLH if .11 klo4a. Pin A EL!.." WK. MAKtttS. M VMKLS. A.?. ,,"r" . ditcui 1 ? ?o i,?.r.1 AI.IX B SHtPHMBtci * to ( Kf|>tl.|:<-an ft:>4Chr .fakli-.|

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