Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1873 Page 1
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He f Ucfiina ftat V--. 4I-N2. 6.261. WASHINGTON, D. C.. MONDAY, APRIL 14. 1873. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. ! hUkk?4 tally* Sa>4*p evcy(e4, AT THE ST AS BUILDINGS^ rtKMjhuU Avnae, MT. Utfe BtM m mrK stii nwsfiFn ciipot, jl m. mjrff.njjyr.y, rrn<M. TBI EVENING STAR la by carrieri to Uatr aabcribera at TcsCxsra pie wxxg,or foni Form Casta pk? Ccmiea at tb? counter Two Cvtts ascb. Bj'?tJMaa mom ha, I1JD, ( ?tx moBtha. $lMi OB* year, 91. THK WEEELY ST A R? Pnbl:ab*d Friday-fin ' ? fear. ?Tlavirwtli 1 ' _ in ad ? ar.oe, 1b both caaaa, and bo paper #*nt tcvf?r thaa raid fur. o* adT?nW'H fnrtfrhed oa application. AMUSEMENTS. \Y JOHN 0'BtU?S'2> Cireat M\ Trnl Show, SOW ON exhibition on SIXTH STKKLT LOT. FOR ONE WEEK ONLY. ADMISSION t'VI Y CENTS-NO HALF FBICES??? ???tfc ? * >n?l?r-f T th? Tri p!e Circa-, tTriB> M-"na*ere, toe Triple C travail. ami Tripl-- Mu?eum. the monster et.eph vnts. the MoSrTtiR n>.\ rhinoceros, the ? ood.r of the ?. rl.1. THK tiltEAT HRAZ1I.MN family, TI1E GREAT clarinda lowande, Tb< rreat ( HILD RIDER. MOLLIS BROWS, Th? 4.BEAT CLOW N. PETE roSKLIX, and \) ? ?tfcer S-ir Artier* THRKF. rER?t)R'1\Mr^ D \ IL V. AT 10 A M , !l P M. AND 7 P M. *h???-?r ill' rr<'<-. -*j r: i? ffr~n in th? niornini: there mil I* oijy 2 t -1 >iui*af s, at 2 anl 7 9 ??_ ?H-? * aVh 1 N (.TUN Ti IK A T E R (OMIQI'r l Eleventh street, vc b P.-iikeylvaaia avenue. ASOTlirn YT \LAN< TIE OF NOVELTIES 1 \Ett STARK. 7 S?rc?1 wnk 'tth- M nir. >i if D<itrh i '.?median-. gforce w. Thompson t. :3'ni<-ni t the i;. inp iraSI- jRNYAllS, MAI DE h.,1 SAMIEL. the *reat--t if Eur j ixl AtBerii aV G|?*it<. Firat ap?> an.nee ii> W?hii?:.>n of th*> Brilliant I- .. K i ? A ar -1 preni!-r< D.itn- u-e. M ILECOICHITA RoS/.ATTI. Fi:-'t ;?i p. r;inre in ?-l,inirt i, .f th?* Jnvn:> Fr-die . *#?im U KKT.ERT ? AWTllORNE,in ii< ffrrat l ui. 'i cowicaliitev md-p-rialiiie-i. Ti"* r il >|.<I !M S '.e .?'i ' Dar.< B .t?, MVNTHE^ TER au-l JENN1 At S. E- e?? inent of tie- Bew.t. h ine tJneen ?.f J* vb, M -F\NNIE DAVENPORT. Cur U.' at Call* t Tr >np? in THE OAPTIVI; O'. THK birdcage OF EDEN* Twelve B'-auftuI Ladt-a, ur.-ier th? direction .?f M nif. A!-\. B'aini >w?ki. fl-oriw F. Th'?nlp<- :i, Dirk i' ' Laura and Smoan H tr r?e,'i', and onr eMlre Maoinx th NnvltT Tr inp.- n the peroaaiiBK Dn'rli tir.'e entiitel Dinkl^pi**!a BlciM^-ra." The zreai Itnrle- ,ne ???ir- ue will ?Mo I* ar<dnr<.l. Matir-ea U EI?NEVDAY and SATUR DAY FRIDAY", A f1 I 1i J-r i.Uriad C'>mr>livivit ? fir* B n>fl?t.>ib< er. I T'|coo?, R. S I'A R UK 1 - \ V'" F I. '? PR"' T'T. _l! |> A S E BALL. ?.R ' NO ??H.\MHI<>N-H I P >lATril 1 WASHINUTi'S - M \R\ I. AND. .>1 B lit n r .. <>l)i:i|>it tirour. - Tl ESl?\Y. April l?. l.-v t. iip*i..|rn I.Nine eail,^ at 3:'IU p. ni. 1** | nttLl MALL->I xTISk^r Ri;l)ln?l(Hi x Tlico. Thomai G RAX It k'AREWKLL MAT/XKK. V KDNE8DAY afternoon, April M>b. At A nVl' fk, riotnnvi r.lR t?is matixkk: . A '? rr?> M' oerja.-, _ u... , Ai ? ? ? b M |.?, * ? 1 * h.d> .1 1 I ?: ? ?? i <: - ;ra N" . I, O iiiim r M iid-1 - !in S'r. Antca B hi i I ? ;i % .1 Or*'iietflra. K- r?r?- in r B---th ton ? W. , . . i M H 'if \\ if n?>t,i .>!?! (iiTli?'r| 0*er?nit~E -i.-rt B * li .v n _ Tl..- > T ? .i- 0.chea;ra. War-'m. Y ? *ei air P. .1 . . II T Ti Sain a In I I S Ball ?? . , ^ ? .C.I pin Mr. Ant v 1* .. -*ein. A t Kueee. .W.eliia* ki ^Ir. It . \\ tWifct. ???rtnre-Wiir.op T il n ?*int Ti* '!. Tl* -ruus On b rira. *?'M? t.. tl ?- M I'.n'-e, two d->!l ira: m ?j- r l- t?.i ?; M 'i?r ?tV H>i- ?t .re. .i i WALL* ;tw OP EH \ HOISK. 1? JollN T. FOK1 ._...Pr jpn?-t'<r au.l Man.i?"r. E"ra(|. mert, at very irr* at 'xpeu?e, of tli- w-rld funinl PI.Ll:i I>< Ol EEN i>F BI RLESO! n. LY Of A THOYIPSON. AND HFR M\MMOTH fOMPANY. Tfce lu. .| ) < Uiplet?- bnrl ?orfe'uiii/.atiau iu the w.-rld. n?l? CHB >? ?. r. I\ MJ L. 1 W i '.it E\-Bii:ir. April U?Bl.t'K BE\RD Ti.-. I- 4pi.l I.S?K EN I I.W i >RTII W-^n.adnT, \pril It?Ll'RLINE. OKAND MATINEE, SATCBDA1 AT U. i- Ci*T' ' " 'Ted. cimm-nrlni. SaMinlnr at ii " * * OrH n?e Ad :ii4.i .B,? aiHj 7>c t?; Kf>?nwl geatn. wlai -1 ^1 J# ?]? | * N ? O I. N HALL. OLE PI LI * FA HE WELL SEASON AN AMERICA. Mi.T B. Trtwn.i r?"p. ri fully irninnu-w th f Art' aia'ice ? f i!?*- er--at Violin Virtu ???, OLE BULL. . IN TWO GUAND CONCERTS, WEDNESDAY AND Till R*DAT LY'ENIN';* APKIL It, and 17. ' On wh:rh i cra?i?ti hr will b. ni-^t ably im;.J?l |,r ckaziella RIDGEWAY. H"1* ' "" >? "?* Am-rinn Prima Donna ??< MIGNOR FERKANTI. b? pijula. B ?ri? i^- V-ml-tv, and ibe eu.iii u: Pi ani.'t ai d C-'bduotor, Mr. JO*CPII MART DEN< k. Ateiaaion. ?1 Ji >**tra v har** f,.r n-i ri'l .w?N. Wbich can t>? bta.n l at M ireroti V Mils c S re. ? liiiii. r iiiiu A;*# ii Kali. Tbe Ciim->-rt u .li c< u. mi-nce at Soelock. Tbe Grand P aii.. f?rli* u*-l at th- *^ C- nc*rt? v Jr.*. ll,^. letra*.d ln .nnfaet,.,y of Wm Knxb-.v t ??., ii^itiK? rr. jc4 7* I^IICULI H A L L~ MOM'AT AND Tl'ESDA Y ?V*N1K<;S, April It ami la. THE GREATEST concert COMBISYTION os record: r?MpKi?ixo Rubinstein! Hieulaw^kl! AND Ttaeo. Thomas! WITH UIS FN RIVALED ORl'H ESTK \ or SIXTY PEREoRMERS will jiire in Waabisston ONI.T TWO CRAND HiNCIRTn MONDAY EVENING. APRIL If" >1 , TIF8DAT EYESING.VpRIL 14, at j P M ANTON RriisCTri^"^ MENRV WIE5il(WHI, ?ith h,? K.~rv^ aeata, and f .? so. accordine I <a Sti re . i. ' l"M*w:ee at Metzen.ti * Mn^ic WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL ?# _. at 9 "'eb-ek. glen way Piubk n?e.1 at there Concert* ?r td JH' i ...? <1 > !ra b1h>?? Odd Fuiiow't Hall ' ' ?4'-' '^--T iiVJ1 _F'?aa. r"Oie*bvrJ|laine a?d Saeber. >el ly" ALpL. ^?*^ Of OAST-OFF WEARING AP FAREL cat be a?.|ii to I La vary be-t aittnUat ?I addrraaii'ft r rail in* ,>n Jl'STH ? D b -twaen ftk J?\ ?tb V. ?. ?otra by Mil promptly Mtandad to. Caab paid. fl? I IV1* ^"-D SILVER, BRASS7CUPPEB, BW , ?J2LZ?to nXSJfSi SI MJIKR RKSORTS. J^I MMBR OAR IT. Tbr OSBl EN HOlSE.*Leeabar(. Va..I<n..wop?n fi r the aci xuBiodaliuB of Sanimar B^ardera No f+'O' will be tparvd id theeiMfc-avor t<? make all fc ttat le |ap>-Ua* ) JUAB OSBCRN . Frapnet lr |^xamikTt?b GOLD SPECTACLE, UV.1 |?, H H. HEMPLER, Optician, *Wtt .t reat URODHEAD A CO , ' w ... ?*?* F at met, C?L a?4 Xs *A,U>IIT WHICH S2yr?sa.5.?n asraSS^ b go aboelaaa a^. iMHtlMa on enuefcaa, for vmAi ar MOBtha, aod nu doubt tended to aiiortau llfa, M laM to baaAe it far laaa ai.aaaniand Maful. bntW "?J1** ; oparatl^aa are frfMHIi bone by ckiUr^e Atti*f aAxea. aad ladmtrioua aoon?*?f and bealtb la aa ocew ?kaai ytatt to the Chiropodist; aad it taawalt-kaowa fact tbar tbojaaada peraoaa aanr ?4 them tfeiaa SPECIAL NOTICES. The Gerhain Manufacturing Company Muindihi- f#Mlc that the S ipnn" Courl of 'h? Ciitnt Stat*# ha* siv.o tiheMoa in th?ir f.iTf r. which full protectionfrom the i iHi'i tors el th-ir desigue. SrKci?i, Attrition is re"in-?t-tl to the fact tha* th ? fr>H.?w?ng fra I* mark- are stairp- d up >n e-. ery article uianufactnrtM by them. 7 mtU vnrk frr I Tratlr mar it for litruain S:<r tr.r Si r?r. | Her ham E turo Plat*. " -i STERLING GiliHM Mfu Co.. M^nnfKtariT* of Stirling Silver VTtire anil Fin? Electro Plate, Providence, B 1 , and 1 Bond-st., New York. Tea Services, Dinner Services, and Wed.ltns O it fi:c, in treat variety, from the largest to thestiialh-t. of flu- highest order, are constantly ismiing from the Gorham Works. aplA in.8 Fiae Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whi?ky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Wnrinn!'tl Wxrramtd Warranted Purt Part Part A H>t Vaadalurattd, >ur*l and Mttlictmai Us*. This is the article we have now sold for npwnrls ot Bve years with universal satisfaction; put up iu Large bottle* at One Dollar i* r bottle, or can in- u id in any quantity. ?^Notice, that we will return the nnney if this Whisky does not give satisfaction or prave as repre sented by us. Also an excel lent stock of California Wine,*? P >r;, Sherry. Angelica, Muscatel, H >ck an I Claret; al?o. K-llv s I-land Catawba an>1 imported Lionorv of all kM.di. ARTHUR N ATTAN9, Druggist, alO-tr Corner 21 and D streets n. w. Ba tc heler's Hair Dye is the best fa the wortj. the only true and perfect Hair Dye: aoridiculous tint*, no disappointment, harihlea-. reliable, iu-?t?-i taneons black or brown; at all druggists', and lb B 'nU street, New York. f 3-eol> A Card. A ClergTrean, while t,g la 8-inth Am?1 a. As nie?i<-nary, discovered asafeatid simple rew-ly for the cure of Nervons Weakaess, Early D*c?y, I '.eeise of the Urinary and 8<-niiiial Orgtus, and tiie ? bole train of diaorders brought on by baneful atid vicious Habits. Great numbers hare been cared hy this noble remedy. Pr< ruplcd by ? desire to ben- tit the Milicted and unfortunate, | will send tbe recipe f t preparing and usuig this medicine, in a sea <j %nj one wli ) iit-e,'.-. it, Ft.' of Cm'h. AuUiesa, JOSEPH T INM AN. Station D, Bible I! -ttse, niarJJ ly N?w York Oity BALLS, <fce. (jJEAMi ANNUAL BALL * ? ?)t T1IK W AS1UN.;TON ? 1TV II IltERXIAX BEXEVO I.EXT SOi'IETY No. 1 >V masonic temple. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1C,|.?7.T /*% T'Cfc * ?. 1 omitting a Kent ler-;,tt? and ladie*. ONE DOLLAR al' " FOR THE BF.NEFIT OF TIIE CHILDREN'S 1IOSHTAL. AT MASONIC TEMPLE, Tt E>I>AY EVENING, 14th Ai RiL, 1%7J. The Director* of the Children's II <p'tal have much pleasure in annottnciiig that iliesecond annual hall fui th- l^r-ftt- f this <1 -er\i;ig . harity will l.e ^i*en aa above, under th ? uiauagemcut naiacil be In c->?M>cii<'U with this aim utic-ment, tbe public is arkeii to consW< r the broml and uoble pnrp' se for which the iuelitntion v as eatablish?d, vi/ ? th-; c ?r> aidni'dii-al tr> utmi-ut of all p>e>r cMkirea who may be ?ick, di?"asKl or temporarily disabled, with -ut any di-t itictior. on account ofacel, rac? or color, a id al o the sra niton-- di-tntuti m of uietliciues to Uie pO' r. T:<kft? may lie obtained from any of t!i? direc tots or lady visitor", ar.d at the principal h >tels and book and jewelry stores, at the following prices, in cluding supp?-r: Admitting- ntlcman and lady gS OO " me lady Si.40 EtritEtiiiiKNTS BY CRITOUETT. CFNFitAt. CoM>;iTi?a or Aiuscimimi, Mr. L- wi- J. DaTis, Mrs.General Ri ketis, Jlr.S V Niles, Mrs. G 'tieral t'owen, Dr. W.B Driiikard. Mrs. F.B McGuire. BE( kJ iiOS IVutJIITKI, Mr. S. Y. Nih ?, Mr. A. E. Perry, I'r. J. C. Hall, Dr. Th ma-. MaKr. D-. C. II Liebermana, Dr. W. P. J 'hn-^ >n. I'r. Vral'en Tyl?-r, Mr 8. H. Kaufftuauu. M rs.A J Browti, Mrs. J nlg>- Pascal, Mrf. Many, Mrs. C. Delano, Mrs. Ai^lp-w Cojle, Mrs. L J.DatM, Mr\ S. V. Niles, Mis. 8. H. RauiTniaiib. Ceiiaimi. Mr. F.F. M Guire, Dr. W . B. Driukard, Mr. M Gait, Dr. Ashf?rd, Mr- <>-n'l Ricketts, Mrs. W B. WeMi. 31r^. \\m. M ail. Mr*. Jos. R-df -ru. Mi*# Freliu^huisen. ? >> T CUTI AM" lSVtTATIOMS Mr. H. Kauffn.ann< D.W W.J liu-tt'ii, Mr. F. B. McGuire. OK UbFRf^tiMfST*. Mr. H Semken. Dr. S. C. Bns. y. Ft.or.m MAXtr.tR. t lonel AiKienried. A?'*T*vt Floor Mavsc.rr'. 31 r William C. Hill, Mr. William L Nic II. Mr. John I'avis, Mr. li U Frelitigiiu)sen, >lr. Frank Gilno-re, Mr. J.J. Chew, Mr. M. Bibh-j S-vi ranc . Mr. Anlick F ?ltn>*r, Mr. F. W . Poor, Mr. George M 'rris. basket w'll be funnd near the main entrance of the hall room tor the reception ol such contribu tions as the charitably-di?posed may w ish to bring or send in for the bent-lit of the tittle sufferers -.u the occasion of the ball. ap9 did | Rep..Citron, and Sunday papers c >py.| LADIES' GOODS. J1IW niltfRMUE, ??0.> PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE.^? <Up Staibs,) W til open on THURSDAY, Apr-l ?th, a large and attractive asaorUn-nt of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, to which the special attention of the ladles iscalle l. a2-tr ^TAMPING DEPOT, t>17 Street, _Jet'21jtr Opposite Patent Olice. SELLING OFr 1 8ELLING OFF I AT CO!*T, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORE BAZAK, 441 Seventh Wreet, near E. n sr7-tr NO HUMBUG. E. LINZBIftfi ft CO. Belling ont entire stock of MIlAnKRY AND FANCY GOODS, at aad below coet. 191 Market Space, )anS) kn between fth and Mb treete northweet. |M PORTER OF HUMAN HAIR. GRAND BARGAINS AT MADAMS IITEER'lt tie UtA strut, ncmd U?or from U ttrm. Iwi>ir tha name and number. Cheap Our Is, Switches. Chignons, Braids, Puffs, Frtsaettae, of the lateet at rise. Call Bad eee oar new Hock before par elsewhere. dectl-tr L FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL is the best arttcte ta the wortd for tMai up Llaea ot ?asm. It iawitt b beautiful gtassls the fabric for sate by ail Grocers. )an!4 ly Baltimore. Maryland. HAEMIU! HARNESS! ^4 We have on baad a large stock of all kliMl* nf Sin gle and Doable Gilt, Covered, RUBBER, NICKEL, SILVER MOUNTED HARNESS, of oar owe make, which we art determined to sell at very low prices. 8"is agents for Hill's celebrated CONCORD HARNESS. of which we have a large stock at Coacord prices. The Concord H arnoes and Collars have a re potation all over the country for durability aad strength. TRUNKS and SATCHELS ia great variety. CEDAR TRUNKS, for protectioe against mot Its. Call aud examine stock. lctz a bro., a? 1m 4*T Penn. bv.. n?st to National Hotel. f?y MM A N hHl P A Sl)T a* ELEMENTS OF GEAMIIAR. ARITHMETIC, aad ROOK EEPING taoaht to hhRv iduale or twaea 3 a<?i t o clock p. m? at Prof. Young a School BaBatn?, Uihst , te-?fc?en i \lKi k. ^ JAMES CORR1DON, Teacher. mr Letter!Bf. Card snusi, and Pen Wort Of ?very descriptioo,executed to eidsr S* a#Mm EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Se<retary Robeson returned on Saturday. INTEr.N al Revenue.?The receipt* from this source to-day were S44*.**1.P6. The Preside*! will leave here Wednesday evening for St. Loul*. At the BKgrifT ot' the Western India cable company, Commander Ralph Chandler, U. S. X., has been ordered to superintend the laying of the cable between Key West and Havana. <?* AccorxT of a death and serious illness in the family of Ole Bull the grand concerts an nounced by him to takeplaceat Lincoln Hall on Wednesday and Thursday evenings of this week have l?een indefinitely postponed, and the money will be refunded for tickets already sold. Persohai..?Mr. W. O. Metzerott, of this city, lias arrived safely in F.urope, and was in Bremen yrster.lay. ????Senator Morrill, of Maine, wa? at the National Hotel, Jackson ville, April ytli. ????Dr. Brown Sequard is in town to attend the meeting of the National Academy of Science, and is the guest of Pro fessor Henry. I>r. Sequard will deliver the second lecture of the Toner Course on Friday evening next. Competitive Fxamixation for a Cadet ship.? Representative Wm. J. O'Brien, from the third district of Maryland, has followed the example of Mr. Hambleton In the first district, and made the nomination to a West Point Csdetship, the subject of a competitive exami nation. Nine candidates competed, and Master Charles G. Woodward, residing at No. 21 South Kden street, Baltimore, was unanimously decided to be the best qualified. APPOINTMENTS by the President The President has made the following appoint ments : Postmasters^-Jas. W. Wakefield, Bath, M ?.;* B. F. Kmlnh, Pitt?ton, Pa.; .John S. Wilg-is. PrnwnsviHe, Pa.; Luel is Whitney, Morris, ill.; Wni. Tracy. Flint, Mich.; Daviu O. Atkisson, Virginia < ity, Nevada. F.gbert C. sum mis. of Fla.. consul at Stntt eard; Alexander Clark, of Iowa, consul at A ix Caves. (ieo. Ttyrcn Hanna, mclter of U. S. as.-uv of fice, Charlotte, N. C. RaMSdSLL lias a capital pen and ink sketch of Barnum. the gnat showman, in the Cincliinaii Comm'rci-1. Barnum walked into the Trihu >? office. Newspaper Row the other day, a id liam.-dt II took him on th? spot. Aiu<>ng the pet schemes Barnum ha- on hand just now, if a p.ift nt flgure-of-c<?ht circus ring: an exhi l>itii>n of American Indians at Vienna, the pro duction at the Philadelphia centennial exposi tion of the famous panorama of London; and a sharp little operation hy which Barnum has ontmanonvend l.ent. the rival showman, in getting |rt*-scsslon of the lease ot the old Harleiu atid New Haven depot lot, New York city, n iw occupied by Lent. ThefioviKNJiEST'K Leoal War with t;;e New Y<>rk Central R. K. Company.?Col lector Bailey having telegraphed to Comm -- sioner Dongl:i?< this morning that the N *? York Central railroad company had sue<i lii s, and wer ? aliont to replevy the'goods seized '>y him. Conmiitsioner I'ougi.iss replied a- fol lows: Washington, April It, 1-7.1. J. X. P i7 j, f'olt'ri- r J i'erital K'rtnw, m. r.. Retain j.ossession of property of New Y?'k < entrnl and Hudson river railroad company distrained by you. It you have already ad journed sale, fell on the adjourned day; other ?ise proceed to sell as advertised. District At torney Crowley has been directed to defend you, ami to proceed criminally under section gfxtv seven of the act of I**; against all persons who interfere with your po?*eaHion oI the property. J. H. DoroLAS*, Commissioner. ? ? THE flODOf WiSSlCKE. The (vwardly Murder of Cen'l . Coinm 1?*> lone ra Ttioina* KIIIimI mm*1 WearlMin IMmgeruusli WoiiimI ?>?l-Ollio(Hl Oixlor of tien. Nherimtii Aanonnriaglkr Oralis ofbeu.t aahy. The community was shocked and grieved to learn yesterday by dispatches from the Mo<loc !a\a beds, via Yreka, Of the brutal and cow ardly murder on Priday last ot Geu. Kdwanl It. S. Canby and Peace Commissioner Thoma. by the notorious Capt. .Jack and his band, whose recent exploiU have occupied so larg a space in the telegraphic columns of the news papers for weeks past. It is unnecessary to -ay that the ne?? of the massacre created a profound sensation of sorrow ana a feeling of deep indignation .against the per|>etrator of the outrage aifti his savage allies. It seems that on Thursday afternoon last five Indians ami lour squaws came into camp and were made presents of clothing ami provisions, and am.-* age was sent out hy the commissioners asking for a talk on Friday morning at a point about a mile from the picket line. the first act of treachert. Later in the evening Bogus Charley came in and told the picket that he could take his gun. that he (Charley)did not intend to go back any more. The picket brought him in and took him to the tent of Ceneral Canby. where Char ley left hi* gun and remained at the tent of Frauk Kiddle during the night. Friday morn ing Boston Charley came iti and told the com ni-sion that Captain Jack and five otheT In tl.aus would meet the commission outside oar lines. Boston Charley and Bogus Charley then mounted horses and started for the lava bed. eoreo to their death. About an hour alter their departure General Canby, I)r. Thomas, Mr. A. B. Meaeham and Mr. Dyer, alth Frank Riddle and his squaw for interpreters, started for the place appointed The party arrived at the appointed place and ? ere closely watched by the signal officer. Lieutenant Adams, from the signal station on the hill overlooking the camp. About half an hoar after the party had arrived, a cry from the signal station was heard, saying that" THE INDIANS HAI> ATTACKED THE COMMIS SIONERS, and that an engagement had commenced be tween the Indians and Colouel Mason. lu a moment the troops were under arms and ue ploytd as skirmishers, under command ot Colonel Green, and orders were given to for ward double-quick. Soon after Mr. Dver came into camp. bringing the intelligence that tue Indians had attacked them, and that he thought he was the only one who had escaped. But in a tew moments after Riddle ami his sqaaw were seen within the picket line. HOW THE BLOODY DEED WAS DONE. It api*eais that on meeting Capt. Jack and his partv. Peace Commissioner Meaeham made a short .?i?eech, and was followed bvGen. Canbv and Dr. Thomas in brief addresses. Captain ?lack then make a speech, asking for Hot Creek au I Cottonwood, places now occupied by Fair ebi d and Dorris. for reservations, Mr. Meaeham told Capt. Jack that It was not possible to give him what h4 asked. Schouchin told Meaeham to say no more; that he (Meaeham) hail said enough upon that subject, and while Sehonchin was speaklug. Captain Jack got up and walked behind the others, turned back ami exclaimed, " All ready." He then drew his pistol and snap ped the cap at Gen. Canby. He then cocked his pistol again and fired, and ? GENERALCAXUY FELL DEAD, shot umler the eye. Sehonchin then shot Meaeham In the shoulder and head, bat he is still alive. Bostos Charley ami another In dian shot and killed Dr. Thomas. Hooker Jim chased Dyer for some distance, hut Dyer tamed upon him with pistol in hand, and Jim ran. An Indian knorltM the squaw of Riddle off her horse and took it, but Captain Jack made him return it, and then another Indian chased Kid dle and shot at him. ? ECOVERT or THE BOPIEE. The troops were at once placed under arms, and orders were issned for an advance along the whole hue at ft o'clock on Friday afternoon, on advancing the troops found Mr. Meaeham about one hundred yards west of the place of meeting, badly wounded with a pistol shot ever the left eye. He wa? immediately attended to and carried l>aek for medical treatment. Fifty vards further on was fonnd the body of Dr. Tito mas. lying on his face and stripped to the waist. Life was extinct, from pistol-shot wounds in the head THE BODY or M1UAI CANBY was stripped of every vfhtlge of clothing, and lay abont one hundred yards to the southward, with two pistol-shot mounds in the head. Paus ing only to glance at the body of the mitf they both loved and respected, the' troops dashed on, ami the two leading battalions were within a mile of Ute murderers when the bogles sounded hslt," the Indians having all reached their is stronghold. The troops wore tUcn ordered to fM.ll back for the present. Tni TltACIlltKCI ACT FREARRAS'ir.P It to believed the attack on tieneral Canby and the peace commissioners was in pursuau.-e of a plan to capture and kill all ths chief m11 i tarv and elvH officers. The Modoc- sent for General Gillem and Colonel Mason a- well a? General Caubv and the peace comm sioners, bat fortunately the two tint-named officer* could not go. About the time General Canby and hi? party were having a talk with CauUl't .Tack, l ieutenant Sherwood, the officer of the da<r, raw a white flag outside the picket li-ie, and went to see what wa< wanted. Lieutenant Boyle accompanied him. They found an Ind an bov. who wanted them to come np in the rock* where he wt?, but they would not go. Steam boat Frank then arose Trom the rocks and called to tl em to come, but they refused, whereupon the Indians opened fire upon them. LIEt T. SHERWOOD DANOE?;OUSLV WftniDtn. At the second vollev Lieutenant Sherwov*! fill, shot through the taigh, the bullet breaking a lone close to the hip. He also received a shot in the arm, which severed the artery. The trooj s turned out under Colonel Mason, Captain Kagan leading the skirmish line. So rapid wre tlieir movements that thev recovered the officers 500 yards outside of tLe picket line. Boyle Is unhurt, but Sherwood's wound is dan gerous. The news of the murderous treachery of the savages created intense exe'tement in San Francisco, and in .Jacksonville Secretary Dela no was hung in effigy. PEACE COMMISSIOSER M EACH AM was never very sanguine of the concluding peace negotiations with the Modocs. and was alw ays suspicion? of treachery. On the 1th of March last he telegraphed to Secretary Delano that the Modocs rejected all propositions and proposed to meet in full force himself and Ap plegate in the lava beds. He added: "This un doubtedly means treachery. We are still will ing to ine'et them in a conference, but not up in their terms. # * * The commission i* a failure." When Mr. Meacham left tins city several weeks ago he said to a friend to whom he was bidding adieu: "Good-bye, my friend. Yon way never see me again. 1 am going on a very hazardous enterprise." OFFICIAL REPORT ov THE MASSACRE. Gen. Sherman received a dispatch from Gen. Schctield late on Saturday night, giving the news of the murder of Canby and Thomas, and saying lit-had telegraphed Gen. Gillem to let the punishment of tho Modocs be as severe :?s their treachery merited, and hoping to heur soon that he had made an end ot them. Gen. Gillem telegraphed Gen. SctoHeld on the 12th instant that lie would at once begin active ope rations. THE PRESIDENT AND GO. SHERMAN'S VIEW* ON THE SUBJECT. The information was communicated to the Pr? fident at a late hour Saturday night, l?v Adjutant General Town-^nd, and Gen. Sher man was also apprised at a late hour of the oc currence. The President has unreservedly expressed his pi net ion of the severest ni a-ti ? now necessary to properly punish the Modoc*, and his view s* in tlii* respect have been f i' r r-tattd to the authorities acting under the W :r deja- tm**nt. UU.ERAL CASEY'S DEATH OKFICALLY AN ASXOISIIU) Gen. Sherman, in "General Orders, April 14, 1<I?J," announces the death of G i. Canby in feeling teims, and siys, "that suck a life should have been sacrificed in such a c;w>c will ever l>e a source Of regret to hi* relations and triends; ytt the General trusts that al! good soldiers will be consoled in knowing that Caa'- y lost his life 'on duty' and in the execution of his office, for he had been specially chosen and ap pointed lor this ilelicate and dangerous trust l>y reason ot his well-known patience and forbear ance, his entire self-abnegation and fidelity to the expressed wi-hesol his government, and his large experience in dealing with the savage In dian.- Of America." He then -ketches HIS MILITARY RECORD, which he says is resplendent with noble deeds. Gen. Canby was a native ot Kentucky, and graduated front West Point in IKi'J, since which time he has bceD in the service. He served gallantry in the war with Mexico, and when the civil war broke out was in New Mexico, where, after the defection ot his seniors, he remained in command, and defended the country success fullv against a formidable inroad from tne

direction of Texas. Afterward transferred east to a more active and im:>ortant sphere, HE EXERCISED VARIOUS Hii'H COMMANDS, and at the close ot the civil war was tn chief command of the military division of the West Mississippi, in which he had received a painful wound; but had the honor to capture Mobile, and compel the surender of the rebel forccs of the southwest. Since the close of the civil war he has repeatedly been chosen for special com rnan by reason ot his superior knowledge of law an<l civil government, his known tidelitv to the wishes ot the Executive, and his chivalrous devotion to his profession, in all which hto suc cess was perttct. He leaves a wife, but no children. Gtneial Sherman *ays every honor consistent with law ami u^age shall be paid to his remains, full notice of which will be given as soon as his family can l>e consulted and ar rangements com luded. The death of General Canby reduces the list of Brigadier Generals on the army register from seven to the limit of six established by the recent act of Congress, aud hence there is no vacancy created. The Serious Illness ok tub Pom.?A cable dispatch of yesterday from Koine says: the Poj>e, after suffering many hours of great pain, is now in a lethargic state. His physicians have forbidden the issue of bulletins,'and the clerical papers have been ordered to abstain from making reports. It is feared that his re covery is imjKMsible. It is believed that his tleath'wili be kept secret until the Conclave has elected his successor, iu order to avoid the in terference of Germany and Italy. All the car dinal save two are at the Vatican. There were 4^0 Papal troops inside, and orders have au given to allow no one to enter. SnciDE in Baltimore.?Sebastian l.eim bach, a German, aged 32 years, committed sui cile on Saturday at his residence No. South Bond street, by taking a large dose of arsenic acid. The deceased was the proprietor of a tin and stove store, which he kept at the number above stated, and resided with his wife and three children, the youngest an infant, iu the dwelling part of the* house, every part of which seemed to Indicate cleanliness and eomt'ort. There can be no cause assigned for the rash act a?he lived agreeably with his tamily. and was rfoing a fair business. It is understood Ci*t he had a policy of *1 jOQQ on his life iu favor of his wile?American, 14/A. A mysterious TiiAOKuv occurred last Tues day at Cape Komau light-house, otl" Charles town. S. C. Mrs. .lohnsou, wife of the keeper, was found dead with her throat cut from ear to ear, and a ra/.or and a revolver lying by her side. A large sum of money which the deceased had lately drawn from bank is missing. It is not known whether she was mutdered or com mitted suicide. Wall Street and the UsraY Laws?The New York World is reasoning to show that the prevailing extravagant rates for money are due to the absurd laws, and these alone. If the legislature cannot see this (the writer says,) let it at least repeal the Usury law so far as regards loans upon personal aecurtetiee; or, asabank president has suggested, repeal it for New York and Kings counties. Selling bt Sample in Yiroinia?For some time sample merchants have been allowed to sail goods by sample in Virginia without any license, because it was understood that the state law levying the license was unconstitutional. The court of appeals of Virginia, however, has decided that the law is not Tn conflict with the constitution of the United States, and therefor* may be enforced, Fihe i? a Cumberland Coal Mine.?The wood-work of the Borden coal mine shaft, near Frostburg, Alleghany county, Maryland, caught Ore yesterday ^morning and was entirely con sumed, together with the machinery, houses, ?c. The loss to estimated at >60,000. The shaft is about 165 feet deep. Mo lives were lost. The weed-work will be rebuilt tmmertlatsly. Life Bafts?"Mark Twain" publishes a let ter showing how the Atlantic's passengers might havsbsen saved by a 111% raft. He says a number of theee, nine of which woukl have saved l ,000 passengers, would have occupied the space uf four of the Atlantic's eight boatt. Wheat tb. Gold.?It has boon said that the wheat of California is worth mars to that state than its gold. ? six months' review of the wheat trade of California shows a crop, sold aad unsold, valued at *24,0(10,000, and it is estimated that the aext crop will yield centals. Bale or a Yieoinia Fae*.?'The farm be longing to the estate of the late B. W. Harrison, situated near Noland's Ferry, in Loudoun coun ty, Va., containing .100 acres, was purchased on Wednesday last by Mr. Powell Harrison, for CM per acre. A ci'Eiocs story has reached How York by way of St. Thomas aad Havana to the effect that the American colonists, who recently stiled for San Domingo were not permitted to laud at Saasana. It is evidently acsnrrf. Bom Tweed arrived at Toronto Saturday night. THE MURDEROUS MODOCS. Aa ?r4tr for tkelr Biteraiuttoa. The Lava Bed and ?hf Pf?rr Nicy. What tn mM la OOdal ilrrlfk Vlf??ar?Mfral ShermM. IWrflapj ltelano. ud latflM ?leaer Hallli. The feeling of horror and indignation in tlu communitv at the tragic fate of General Can'i\ baa had no parallel since the MM*?in?ti?n o( President l.incoln, and every published state ment in reference to the terrible art air is rev with great interest. In order that the reader of The Star may be informed as to the latent develop mint* we have collected from sources to-day the following: A War of Eiterminatinn Ordered. About midnight on Saturday night Gcnei a' Sherman forwarded the following dispatch U> Gen. Gillem; lltad'iuarten Army of fA?r Vmitcd S'ttUt, T~ \\ ASHmftTox, I). C., April 1*2, 1^3. \ G'n. GiU'm, Vo<ioc Camp. ???<! frfin, Cul.: Your dispatch, announcing the terrible low 'o the country of Gen. Canity by the ol the MimIoc band of Indian*, has been shown to the President, who autliorizes me to instruct you to make the attack so strong and persistent th it I their fate may be commensurate with their crime. You will be fully justified in their utter extermination. V. T". Sheumas, General. A copy of the same dispatch was forwarded to Geu. Schotield at the same time. The following dispatch was yesterday for warded to Gen. Schotield by Gen. Sherman : Il'arfqvartrrt Army of (he CiiiUd ?Vatrt, ( W A SHI KOTOS. I). C., April 13, K3. f Gtn. J. M. Xcltttjitld, Vtmmmmding Miliary U - S'iH Francisco, Cat.: Your dispatch of yesterday if this moment re ceived. I.ast night, about 'midnight, General Townsend came to uiv house with a dispatch from Gen. Gillem to the same effect as ?nr?. which dispatch he had shown to the President, ami I answered Gen. Gillem direct with a co,-v of tiie answer to yon. The President now sanctions the most "severe punishment of the Modocs, and i hope to hear that they have m -t the doom they so richly have earned by their insolence and perfidy. * Consult Mrs. Cauby, and have every nonor paid the remains of Geu. Canby. This is Sunday. 1 will see the Presi dent this evening, and' to-morrow will notify vou of any change in the existing commands, it made: but you may be sure that aii)-'raea*ure ol severity to the savages will be sustained. W. T. Shkkmak, General. neXBBAL CAHBY'S ?rtCE??OR. <!en. Sherman to-day directed Gen. -left. C. Davis, by telegraph, to re|>ort at once to Gen. Schotield for assignment to duty in place of Gen. Canby. Gen. Davi*. who has recently lir? n ii: Indiana on recruiting service, will le.ive at once for San Francisco ot? receipt of the order. Gen. Davis, wlio ha- : creditable nri. tary record, liae been attach* . ?'ie ui; division of the Pacific for->nt * ??! ;?i?t. lien. Gillem will retain the imiu-u aand of the troops In the Modo<* <?<? mi -y, unless iicii. Schotield should order otl. r\ M i:ts. HIMRAl. I AXBT is at Portland, Oregon, which w as the head quarters of <!en. Canby. Her or it her. Captain John P. Hawkins, of the subsistence depart ment. L". S- A., who is now in Chicago, has been directed by Gen. Sherman to proceed at unci1 lo Portland and escort Mrs. Canby and the of Gen. Canby to Indianapolis for interment". When the General was very young his parents migrated from Kentucky* to Indiana, from which (*tate he was appointed to the military academy. He always considered his homo at Crawfordsville, in that state. ft hat Ueueral Sherman Kay*. In conversation to-day, General Slieruinn was a.-ked if he did not believe this act of Indian trtachery was unparalleled, upon which he replied in his quick, nervous wav, ?? No, sir; treachery is inherent in the Indian character. J know of a case where the Indians murdered the man who not over two hours before had given them too<l and cloth ing." He then related several instauci* of Indian treachery aud barbarity of which be l?e canie cognizant* hen in the west. He says the President is deeply affected b?- the death of General Canby, and fully concurs with him in believing that KO MERCY WHATFVKr. should l>e shown towards the Modo"?. Ileitis perfect confidence in Generals Schotield and Gillem,andlielieves they w ill t?e fully equal to tiie task of punishing the Mo,toc?. He does not think the Modoc* will l>e aide to ewca;?e, although the topography of the lava bed? is something of a puxilotb him- He has no in tention, as has been stated, of going lo the Modoc country to i?ersonally su|>erintend 0|>e rations. as he deems his presence there quite unnecessary. e Some suriirif* has been expre?*ed that Gen. Canhv would allow Capt. .lack to snap his ?>i tol at him without offering any resistance, but it must be remembered that the public ha? as yet BIT OXE ACCOrjTT OF THE MASSAC KK, and that by Peace Commissioner Dyer aud 'lie friendly Indian, Riddle, both of "whom were probablv so much astounded and frightened at the sudden onslaught that they dbf not stop long enough to learn all the particulars. It is customary in many ca^cs to carry no weapon of any kind under such circumstances. and it is quite |iossilde that (ten. Canby was entirely un armed, and seeing the futility of resistance' m?t his fate heroically, Instead of endeavoring to escajie, as prudence would have dictated. Yleaa of Neeretary Delaao. Secretary Delano declares that he will a.-k no mercy for the Modoce, as they have acted in the most outrageous manner, and are no longer entitled to any protection uuder the peace policy. A Star reporter said tohiai this morn ing " The public mind seem* greatly excited now, Mr. Secretary, and the peace policy of the government is eariiestlv denounced." Secretary Delano?Well, we must maintain an even balance, and not be carried away by public excitement. Reporter?Will this have a disastrous influ ence on the peace ]>olicy 1 The Secretary?I think not. If is not an ob ject of the peace policy to deal with hostile In dians leniently. Its object is to protect Indians as long as they behave themselves, but when they become unruly aud hostile we TI EN THE* OVER TO THB MILITART. There is Cochise. He has gone on a reserva tion, and we will protect him there, but these thieving bands of Apaches now out will be dealt with by the military authorities. Renter?The peace policy does not seem to be thoroughly understood, anil it is condemned in many instances without being examined. The Secretary?Yes, that is the case, but I think this terrible affair will serve to bring about a better understanding of it. There were circumstances about tiiia thing which caa never occur again. AH OLD TRADITIONAL FEUD between the Klamaths and Modocs was one ot these circumstances, and again there were a lot of half breeds aatong these Modocs who per suaded them not to give up, and represented to them that they wou.d be hung or severely punished otherwise. A lot of bad white men among them also kept up the feeling for war as they wanted to aell their corn. Reporter.?Gen. Canhy was in perfect aocord with your department, was he not? The Secretary?Entirely so. 1 had every confidence In him, aad he had fall power in the premises. He could remove a commissioner If I eceasary and da Just aa he pleased. The In diana have murdered thetr beat Mead. I hope they will be punished severely, and shall ask i The following conversation took place this morning between a Stab rcptntor aad Mr. Smith, Commiaatoaer of Indian Affairs: Reporter?What effect will the i of Gen. Canby have oa the peace pottcyT Commissioner Smith.?Well, popular ~ Is very much against that policy now on a of the ?s ei i, aad It will be art hack i consequence. Rep?Will It not result in the i of the peace policy altogether? The Commissioner.?Xet at all. As I aald the policy will be sat bach until the people un ierstand what it means. The peace policy dam not aaean that Indiana are to maraud aa they please, hat only that friendly ladiaas shall he grvcraed by it. Hostile Indians are to be rated by the army when necessary. The I?ti uetisaa to Mr. Meaeham will show this, (reading from the infractions paWished below.) Rep?Gen. Canby was aa excellent oMeer. and people all over the country are much exci ted at htgaimaaighl?. The Commissioner-Yea. he was aa exeel tent sjm! tbc igft bmui wt oftufai afford to spare, having been selected far the ?^ leat tharg on hooeut of hts< j judgment. hi* de?*re to de justice to the Indians, and his entire accord with the at I psirtment. t-'ATTAIH J A' K A*P ?"<'?T*R, THE CAK HOOK urtMiii. Reporter -Indlaas ere trea. lierou*. anyhow'.' The Commission* r - Well, Cant .lack" l? no more a repre-entatlre of the Indians thau Pu?. tw w?s of the rowdies of New Vork. Rej.?You believe then that the mnriltt of General Canhy will have no diaastrom- e fleet on the pcace policy? The Comm:?ioner.?The peace policy kv sustained its greatest b>ss bjr the death of'Gen eral Catiby. lie was just the officer we nccsieo at prtati where delicate matter* were to be settled I-etwee n the settlors and In dians. 1 believe if this peace |*>iicy ha-l beeu commenced eight j-ear* ago and cm ried out faithfully until* this time we would have no trouble now with the Indian*. Ii agent* and officer* having dealings with th* Indians had been held to a *tiict a. ouMabil.t all trouble would have l>een a\oidcd. On this very Klamath reservation tliere ha? b?eii an annual appropriation of #17 mi for tbe it*.t eight years, and it tiat had boen expend..! ?, it wan int. nd.d.Oie place couM have been made *> attractive that the Indian- would have been glad to go there. The death of General Canby eannnt be called a defeat of the peace |<olicv. a* the Modoc busmen* wan a? much of a military ?Mfaral as a peace luoyement. It was a inoven&nl well planned and wejl c.411 led out by an able oWoer. luMrariiany to the Peace t'oiuuiiw ? ?l ?afn. The follow irgare tbe Mrtcdowgi .en I'oace Commissioner Mea<-ham when he wan sent out to the Modoc*, dated February 5th, 1K7J; "Sir; Haying been appointed bv the Hot Secretary ot the Interior a *|>ecial couitni?i ?ner on behalf of this department, to be associated w ith ? I esse -Applegate, Ksq., of Youcalla, Ore $on, and Samuel < ase, Ksq., I". S. Indian agent tor the Aba sub. agency in said state. lor tli. purjioi-e of proceeding to the scene of the troubles w .th the Modnc Indian* in the ntate ot Oregon, the follow ing detailed ir.-truetiou> are fly en :V>r jour guidance: The commission, before entering upon th 1 active discharge or its duties, will confer wit It lien. K. K. 8. Canby, ami fnr this pui {?<??? tn'.l ai range to mat bitn at the m<??t available point. Tbe commission will a!*o confer in quent proceeding* w ith Gen. Canby, and will act under hi~ ad\ Ice an tar a- possible, and al wav> v itl. his cooperation. The objects to be attained by tbe commission are these : First to ascerta u tbe can?ea which have k- t to th' difficulties aud hostilities between tbe I"lilted States troop* and the Modoc*. ar I secondly u> the iuo*t effective and jn b i ioiis measure* *?w preventing the oonttnaan of these hostilities and lor th* restoration of peace. It is the opinion of this <1 partm?nt, from the best information in its poss?*s.on, that it is advisable to remove the MikIk Indian*, with tin ir consent, to some nnr rtftrratioa. ml it in believed that the Coast reservation iii Oregon, lying Itetwteu Cape Lookout ou the north anl Cape Per|?etua on the south, aiul bounded ?>;? the ? ant bv tbe coant range of mountain*. at 1 on the went by the Pacific ocean, will be found to furnish the best location tor thev Indians. 1 be Commissioner will thereiore endeavor to ert'ect an amicable arra'ig - ment for locating these Indians on mho** portion ol this reservation. provide I it 1- to*- - ble todoso.and provided that the CJtuin -- ia 1* not ot the opinion, alter fully investigating the case, that some other place i* l>etter adapted to accomplishing tbe purpose 01 the depart ment; in either of which events the com Mission will, l?etore finally concluding an arrangement with the Indians, hold comniriiilcation witUt'di* office and receive further advice. The coin^ mission will in no wise attempt U> direct tlio military authorities in reference to their move ments. It will t?e at liberty, however, to intorni the commanding officer of the wish of the de partment that no more force or violence be used than in his opinion shall be deemed absolutely necessary and proper, it being tbe desire of the department, iii thin ease, as well a* in all otu?r cases of like character, to couduct it* commu nications with th* Indiantffii such a matin* r as to secure peace-, and obtain their confidence. 11 poHsible, and their voluntary conscnt to a com pliance with such regulations asmavbed eiu-d necrsnary lor their present ami tutiire welfare. B> the Jd article ot the treaty concluded with the Klamath and Modoc tribe* ot Indians. Oc tober 14. 18t+. (stats, at large, vol. 1<?. p.""',) the following tract of country wan *et apart ? a reservation for said Indians,' rlz:?Beginning ujion the eastern shore of the middle Klania'.h lake, at a point of rocks al>oul twelve miles tie low the mouth 01 Willianmon's river; thence following up said eastern shore t<> tbe mouth ol Wood river; thence up Wood river to a |4>lot one nile north of the bridge at Fort Kiantiih thence due east to the summit of the ri-lje which dUides the upper aisl middle Klaiu.tti lakes; thence along said ridge to a point due east of the north end of the upper lake; thence due east, pansing the said north end of the up per lake, to the summit of the mountain* on t iie east *ide of the lake; thence along said m ?un tain to a i?oint where Sprague's river is inter. p~cct?d by the I*h-tinli-ea-wax creek; then- in a southerly direction to the mimmitot the m ...u tains, the extremity of win. h form* the Point of Kocks: thence along said mountain to the place of beginning;" aud it was stipulated bv tlie me article that "the trtbet*aiort**ai<l agree and bind theninelves that iinmediate!y after the ratification of this treaty they will remove to said reservation and remain'thereon, uiile^ temporary leave of al*ence 1* granted them *7 th or **ent haviug charge Tbe Modoes. however, or that portion of them not now 011 the reservation, have refuned to locate thereon on account of the Klamath*, with whom they are not on terms of amity. Instructions were given to Su|>erintendent Odemal, under date of tbe lAh of April last, to have the Modoc* removed, If practicable, to the ?fid reservation, and to protect them from the Klamaths; but if they could not be removed or kept on the reservation, to aelect ami retiort tbe boundaries ot a new reserve for them. It in presumed that tbe attempt to permanently locate these Indian* has had the effect to dm satisfy them in some degree: but of this fact the commission will be enabled to judge iu the course of it*Investigations. The commission will keep the department ndvised as Irequcntlv as possible of its progress intll the work whicli is asMlgn*d to it shall lie .tCCOD'J'lisbcd, or its further progres* proven to be mifleopssarr. when a final report will be *:ib metted to this off Very resnectfully, your ob't servant. H. R. Cli M, Acting Commissioner. -*? "? V?sc*/?s?, **?/.. t'bnrals Comma Washington D. C. ?A XMiiRtAt has been sent to the legislature at Albany by the merchants of New 1 ork city praying for such amendment in the skippiuji laws as wPl exempt vessels arriving from Balti more, Georgetown, Washington, Richmond.and 'ther domestic ports from the unnecessary dMay of quarantine examination during the summer months. V"At Cha: lotte court house, V*., on Tuesday night last, John Day. a borne trader, killed a negro man and escagied. KTTh< re has been another aborti ve re vol u t ion '? Hayti. Thirty of the Insurgents were exe cuted. --'Mr. Klenen, cashier of the City Savings bank of Hoboken, X. J., ia said to have ab sconded with about ?jo.iiw of its funds. WOne hundred dollars worth of sheep was butchered by dogs near Fredericksburg, Va in one night lasf week. _ j Norfolk Journal says that eoMidera SltfriS?lrjb?e" u P""P??y >n Um Great Dismal Swamp, by extensive Ins. ?TA boy eight yean old at Lowell. Man., spelled seven thousand words without a mtsa. stedTrtJem.nflred *? ^ MBaittr* and sportetion is the demand of the ?^aaa?ueasaara, arouiSI that city, durit^ , was polled from bis 1 of SIM, on Sunday night laat. lenoa mv Alum Spring church > Mauntaln, Va. ?TOn Thursday last the members of tke Now Yark legislatnre witnessed a swcmTiI trial mt a metlisJ of heating railway-ears by steam from the tooomotive ?TTIw quarrvmen of tbe Eaghioa district, ?e HUnault, Belgium, who to the number of two thousand have been on a strike, have returned to than nark. SVFidetttr dix Mon, Sons af Temperanee. of Richmond, va., has received a vary large sup ^ly of tem^erany^txacte from Vies-President m ** among the oolor agon f^b the*'fbshtoa?fff*Sr*onaawr?m gEh^ha y ingsn perseded the kangaroo flop a<vl TELEGRAM TO THI STAB . Ilk Antra?^ Dispatch**. ASSOCIATED rRk&8 RETORTS. e umr mi m nu be??. Tkf Trnp to IfifNiy Saw York, April 14.?A Ut? t?ed the Nth N\t "The UW|? w\t Into caw* to morrow <Sund*y> aV?ut l,3nr ja.d-Ir ia Cap tain .lark'* rate. and active o|-ra' on? mil couannce laiw<l>W^T' The Warn S|?r?rg Ind an* truder ItonaM M. Kav. ??' empe.Med at Colon*; Maao r m?|> Sundae. Ttie u< (iftrrtl CM^V?lli| l?r. l kt'WH Wl M W1' I-lii tor Sau Fruu .^Ow lwh \<H?v J*1T* "r m TiAi?-rr>p fu vl.?. 01 flM limiff li* vl \ea 4f < .y,. T, terday Iron the c fleet* 01 Wiii^ run o ., r b- ? horar-car. WM 1'iirM ?t \r?t?rUv ? th cc - mutralilf ccreatonv. orniN Charle* SchrWI. who walked into a gro ? ry .'ii ?iM ntrret Saturday. eating tbrie tu?~u . ( a-?aulted him ai >1 ml b?- thmat, an i 'he- t il dead aitb lu? Ih?I nearly ?rterf<l irem !.? body, it i? i?>??.- ax'ffUimsl, cuaiantt4 ??t chle a iraxti *' rnm Michifl Brwen *a? tatal'\ murdir. .t la * -lianty tig lit on Kid -trwt, \r?trntay. (tjr Pat Wood*,ah?> ?a? arretted. TBt*lK< <.*? H? *TTA? I T*tf ?la?AW AXT* ??TT THK Wi>K*T or IT. Tro(l??.aii? at the Nt?Y k g?? work*. on leaving lor bom.- la?t ? ? rv ?tt*cked by *triki i?. aixl hi den-n-tln* il?.. ?< ?rlTClft^tktlMklli' ? ? Ir Mooney. *er'i> ?1\. Tli* nio!> t. i; mi ;hcm. awl would bare killed both hi- < w'h?' arrival ol the police. a ho arret**! thr- -H ti,.? leader#. U'CSTTI vtvna, the WMnc -* iti the (joodro .i .?N, a l< re ltaac<( to-<lay. OMUIBATIOS OP ?AU?T*UT ??*l\ l?*l> IW. It I* *tated th?.l lliv Wall (trrft bi . irul era. iti retaliat on :i<t threa*>-i?'d u?ui iiuiii'. |liivr combined to withdraw ia??W uxl relu*e to lend at atttr rate. it tkaih ?tAir" The iii'iuirv iuto 'be canity ol Oeorfa r?ai>. - Tiain will la- contained tom'-rroa . bi> *uianioni-d a- I. - *,fiu??e? acarlv <*\ ? 'a'r ataii. flnaacler. edift>r and ph \ ?iciaii Ii- r ? ? a ri li vax t'Ai.A<-t: ai.Ksna?*? ? ... valued at *:.'.i*IB, wa* aliuoot entirely >t Ifp^t by rr?- tlii? uiumU( at the I'fMvvlt > aia roa?l depot. .lereey Citv Wall Miwi fa 4?>. Nl* Vhhk, A|?ril 14 I'be >Uiu <>i m Wall ?lrwt ic \(T> inu. Ii the ?auie a* la work, nioiiev eonti titling high and I a.d to ol " u, a' I aat ? ? Nt M-f ^ I n?U M'Ui tin geneial t ?-? I tiifC i? anything I lMact.ry. Gold o|>ei?od at I*,, a I to I IM,, and ha* mih* dociiiMHi U> II- , gv>M loan* tatr* ba\?- 1h;?b ?%, t>, T. ai . . ! rent. |x r Minium. an<t ' :tt an?l l l' ol ? j cent. |<er day tor can ving. KuKUli ttchanir in weak. immb na r, . ba\iiij iK"en redu< id ti-r |>rint?* -i-Tlni(t u and lft? v ronpei tively. with liu?.?e?- al* ' unarter t? low theae rat<?. Uat?>? loi ui I on di-mand loan*. ?ocnred ar'th aj?pri>re.t lateral*, have ??????? ? ?ir ?? ; oi-at. i^rday. % having booa ih?* an ?t i-oaia rate. >l< rcantiU- pat>et m>aiii>al. <iotd Iniuda.. trd loarr with ?<>id. The only Nali* ot' m>u'. I erti i^ate IhiiiiU at ?h* 1 oard wire ?Viian j Mi^omi'* at a.>?4. The *to k ruaik^t lia> !<?< i lever.tli. but without aide ilii -ination*. ?r I rom lnr?>|??' laday. A ? AKLI'T *? Altr AT bARI CI >\ I. Mai<Kii>, A|>nl 14.?There na* grt-at e*^?l?^? inent in Karrtluta jn**ier?1ajr. in coMc|*"tii'> >a a ie|*>rt thai a Car|i*t ton'-e ??- a|?pe"??i"h t ibe citjr. TIm: volunU?er* were ealUd i>4*. a; I |r.'ui|'tlT nlK'ytsl t*:e *uinm.>n*. Il ?*? aowti diM-ovi red that the report aa> uiiti ue, a*-1 the e\Cit?luPlit *ul.*ided ? ARLI*T? IN A TI?:'IT Tt.A K. P \R|*. A| ril 14.?A ?li?| ati-li Itiuti p.-rpi^iiaii ?a>?. "It i* m |a>rt? d that the toiee <?f C*??**>?' mid. i Seball*. ahieh letrea'cd l.oui bcltiro Paigeeida. I* in a critical condition. A TmriiAM r T??t?t?v. -Htauuton liii take a **wbeat hi .n toddya tablafimi t'ull of hran to hali a glax* ol a alet. ikmc tiiat* adav. Itelore nieaN. ai?d nh it a ? ert.i ue i.e. ?-whiaky toddy being noth.*ig to r?>ni}.are tott, and lutter-nowhere, a* an anti-bi.lm t? and geiteral cathartic, a* well a? in afeUio*.^ tonic and rtomaobic?-w s,- t A Milwaukee t?aner *a ?! a ran*way t .1.1 "(?lanced'" over a girl and Killeai her V"Any beer r?bl to nolwidy" a .?::-e?tnu which giaceil the trout ol a 1 one Haute e?t-<i lL-hnu iit, la*t Sunday. I/A |>ailiter in lyoui-ville, Kv . in put* m* ap hi? *tagln|(. let go the roi^e'to ?(>?( ot> Inn h*..-!*, and broke hi* leg on the Mdewalk below. ay M. I^oui* threat. n* Anna l>b-kin?oti n 'h i on il tor breach ot |>roit>ir?. in not 11 ill 11f Ul that |>lace accoiding to auuouu. ratewt. ay ln?Uana|>oli* father* are l? l?e >'i?ni?n li>|. They hunt their big -out. out ot ?alaan? witli hoi we whips. ?yChicago dog* are great efticurea. They wont eat l?eel when thi'y can get livel>abi< *. Thu. taMidioume*- aer.oimly affect* the growth of population inChicago. ?7* Aga**ix Mya'that anv tail pnwn mm can live lor ten 'day* by chewing at a pair oi boot*: and ret there are men who will growl it they dont liave mince pie every meal. ay A western paper nay* Wirt Kike*, the ?ilenl partner of Olive l^tgan. wi? oim* a |?or pointer l-oy. but bygeuiiia. mduatry and tact he hi came the hu*band of a womau who can earn ajia? a night lecturing. !Um4 our Sprint 1** *!? *10 ?.!? *10 fou men. ? *?7* full Unit oalr *10 aia '"?,v *,w ? ,?-A th<ir..n*bh vbrvink Hint only a |? ? !? X'difl. reni 1I1M1 of Sniu .-n' f IV. -? ?? ?10 f l? ... a 10 110. SI??A *fnt?-l Suit only | iu 81??A dr~aay *.|lt ,.n|y ? )n SI??A dark Mtoaif #l? SI?-* iifbt Suit uaty *|W Sio~. -tir?...fio...._ifio.._. ?io. si?. FOlt BOYS. Si S* ?* S* ?* S* ...%?? Bovc'CaMiiinetPe fun* oaly 14. JA?B '?* all M ocj Hultii only ?*. Sa ? B ?<*' School P?nt?> f ). ?*?Boya' f*ateel Suit* only 9*. JJ-B. ? ligl.i Loabt Hint* only ft. fta?B)? dark Suit* only ?i? ?"<*' nirdoin. litilti only 11 |4-|t<T) abad- o4 Boya' OoiU naty 9>. sa.._. 8* ?? ?* ??? S* .s>. "BBlSti THE BOT8 ALOVG"* CALL! EXAMINE! PURCHASE! VA8BI0HABLB TAILOB8, M?4i Oeaaaa Tw at P piNE CLOTHING roB SPRING AND SUM MEM, 8AK TO OBl?rB IV raw Toll 'fMB LAkh est jMotnur SAMPLE svm ' * BKADT MADE. tOU MEM, MOVE A*B CUILVEEM. SHUTS HAM *0 liisruMKUTAIUATtll*

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