Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Largrat CirealiliM ii the District ~ Beading_Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: Wo*PAT April 11, M7I. The half-and-half policy which h t? fur soin _? time characterized the dealings of government with the '? noble red man" riafcid a logical culmination in the coolly p!itJte<l tMUwlnation of General and -Place Commissioners TJioma> and while in conference "wdh the U^idets of the Modoc tribe on Friday la?t. the sickening detail* of which ar-i given elsewhere in to-dny's paper. Thi* event will haTe the effect to sadden and at the anme time arouse to Jn?t indignation the whole country. Of the murdered commissioners lint Uttlo is known hcrr, but in the death of General Canby the country sustains a low it can pooily alord. In all the attribute* which go to make uj the highest type of soldier and citizen M Bikit in the army wu b>s superior. We doubt, indeed, whether hi* equal can be named; and thi? in Mid with due recognition of and the highest r?-.?pect for the long list of bright name* ii<Kiibe)l on id rolls. In the deep gloom which his untimely and melancholy deat'u ha' cast over all hearts there in little need of questioning aa to the proper C"ur?? to be pursued towards hi* cowardly 1U1U>1?U 'l a&ii their comrade* It la idle now to talk of a peace policy or measures of reconcilia tion. It is nor?e than idle. The life of one such man a? Ceueral Canbv i* worth more to the woilo and the age in which be lired than ten thousand , yc? thai, a hundred thousand of the brutal thieving outlaw* who so treacherously munUrcd him. and there i* only one righteous way oi avenging his death. That is by sweeping trom the face of the earth the whole miserable band* and this, it is a comfort in this sail hour to kt.ow the government ha^ ordered to be done. Nothing short of thi* will be worth any thing. Let them be wiped out root and branch, even though it requires the concentration of the whole Army at the l.tva trios and the callftig out of half the i inhabitant* ot the Pacific slope as volunteers. ? here is only one thing under heaven that the Indian foars or respect*. That is irresistible l?owet. promptly exerted, and to the last de- 1 .tree. He has a su; reme contempt for hall-way j measures, and he despise* mercy. He keeps faith only with superior force rigorously cxer clsed, and he make* a show of rude honor only to betray, it is now tirns. therefore, for the government to make him understand that the i price of tieachery is extermination. This course is due, not leas to the memory of the gal lant dead than to the government itself. It will save thousand* of live* and millions of dol lars in the mora', effect It will have on the other tribes, who are watching with eag*'r interest the result inthiscaserXiAl who willliequickto profit in their cruel way by any hesitation or senti mental clemency. ns have no mare falter ing. The christian lollcv. as it is falsely called, sounds well from the pulpit and on paper, but H is too coetly to be indulged in practically for ?very day use. Let Generals Sherman and .Nhetulaii have the.r way untrameled for a little ?htla i I'm-Keprescutatire Kouacvelt had a goo?l deal to say in lougres* at one time and another ;?bout the sum* paid to the papers of this city for advertising by the l>i*trict govern ment. lie had a way of rolling his eye* alto gether too much to l?e perfectly lionet in his horror, a- uny one could *ee:but we didn'tthiak his fingers were so badh tarred with the same stick a.- recent developments show them to have l?een. It appear*, however, by the state ment of the Controller ot New York that the ex-honorable gentleman's wishy-washy weekly ' paper The Ci??:rn t?wi Romm'1 Tibl* was sub .-idiMrO by the corrupt Tammany ring, which ruled Nen York, by official advertising to the extent ot ?*^,f*t6.50 during the five years pre- ? ceding its death; and this, too, in the face of the fact that wun its limited circulation all its coinmus together couldn't possibly have been worth the tenth part of that sum in the period of time named. glt>,0on a year and over su!?sidv tiom Tammany isn't bad for a reformer! Hut 'twas ever thus with these fellow who are always reading moral lecture to the poor devil* on the lower planes. ? ?? It turns out now that the Spanish authorities in Cuba Lave arrested O'Kellev, the H'rahl mail, not because he is a corres|>oiident, but be ca>e he isdubbed "commissioner," which they conceive to be something very much more awful and dangerous than a mere correspond- . ent, as we donbt not it must be. Now, if the same authorities, or some other, equnlty power ful and determined, will only corral all the other young newspaper gentlemen who are weak enough to st>le themselves 'commissioners.' they will confer a lasting favor on the public generally and on the press guild specially. Like wise they will materially lighten the labors ot the fool-killer, whose duties, bjr the way, are becoming se much more arduous every year that they are in danger of being neglected altogether. . The folitical pot is beginning to simmer again in Yirg'.nia, although the next election for atate officers and a new legislature will not take place until November. The state republican com- | Tuittee have hxed u|on Lynchburg as the place and the >tb day of July as the time of holding the republican convention to nominate a Gov cinor. Lieutenant Governor and Attorney Gen eral. Col. Kobert W. Iluglics. of Abingdon, is talked of a* the republican candidate for Gov ernor. C. P. Kamadcll, of Surrey county, as Lieutenant Coventor, and Lunsford L. Lewis, of Culpej* r county, half-brother of Senator Lewis, as Attorney General. Encouraged by their success in carrying the state for tirant. 1 the republicans express conhdeuce of electing state officers and a legislature in November. Among the few doctors in the world who are willing to take their own medicine are Howell i A Co. the great New York advertising agents, j Not only does this Arm induce other i?eopie to advertise liberally, but they advertise their own busines* very largely; and, as an evidence that they are iu earnest in the matter, they offer one ? lollar to every person who will read through j the two-column advertisement which they print in some of the New York paper* of Sat- j uiday. ? ?? The ice companies of New %ork are combin ing to rax the prlceof ice during the coming summer to a figure even higher than it was last year. There ia not the slightest reason for this I lopoxd extortion, and the movement means nothing more nor lei* than organized robbery. The noble army of commuters are doubtlese already getting their petitions up to save the neck ot Captain Jack. The Kev. Dr. Tyng will per hap* be able to call to mind ihat the captain graduated at his Sundav school. The C'fwt/Mwa, with hands full of clerkship t xtra compensation grab tad Sraa items, is slill unrepentant. The lamp holds out to burn, however, for a few days longer. The Baltimore denies that Represent ative Swaun has taken the extra pay. He is no John Itnskin, the well-known English fanlt ttudti, is Insane. i talks with the Modocs. res IHDKU1GNBD BAY* TBI* DAY U?o? d their entire Stock andtra. kmc to GBO W KNOX. Ks<i , and solicit for Inm fr-itn oar former samo* s o>ntinaaac* of the patmaaf* which thsy nave so kindly jtven n? <lnr iMlfc* pM rsar. Ili'l A CO. Waaaix'.iox. D C., April 1. U73 sit lw r^Miiup bstbbtaimkbt MOI ST OLIvif OBOYB. to I, OBPEB Of CUBUTIA9MKBTBLBHIM SHIP Will hHvn at th? SaafsvtMind Ball, mraer offth "^TBirS^s^BYftlBO, April 14,1*73. for the btwlil of their widows and or?h?oa. Tickets only M cents, iacladia? *npper. Uood Nnis Basic has also been sasac?d lor the occa | sioa. A good tlmsmay be sipsct-d. li .Tt; ?< 4 wilt ceatlaee tor thm months. Tuition tres to nuUriculanrt. J04KM TABBB JOHBtON, M. D , jJ ettw Secratary Faeaftr. niilCUL t? WMMCTU, I.a*t week ia Wall rtmt was noted for tli? l?rri*ttut and extraordinary rtrio^ncf ia money. the stock broker* poring on Saturday all the way from 7 to ISP per rest. per ???* f->r tLo UKof balances daring the interral to Monday morning. The goldcllquo took adran t <ge of a thin market to ran th? prico np to 1!?-,. With all this. stocks atiwd the pre*ure with remarkable Brmnto, whilo government bund* were exceedingly strong. The bank i?ta>emei.t proved favorable. ana prudK" re lit i to tLe money market. Jay Cook* 4k Co. forolak Uo toliowingto-dar tSfcSLrzS.. k.fti'i lMg ia l4.k I , ?s . Jn*Jjr,*8.17 17li W('i.ak-^.-i>. i! 10-40 * u\ ui? Jf?? Tons?Pin?T Baaed. C.a.g^MB..- _?*, ru ?" W ? ? U?. ?*S ? ? ?'sj*n. A Jly,?...17S, IIMt'l t! Americas Gold .... Irt'f Currency IV, ??w Five*. ?. 15;, BaLTIMOBB, A pril 14.?Va. 4 '*, consolidated, Wi; \V ?t 1'!?. N". U.,?|SM, old, J? bid to day. BaLTtboba, April 14.?Oottou dull aud nominal? I w loiddlnga, I0*i^r Mh. Flour?dull and uo ? hanged Wh??t firm?white choirs, 15. fair to prime do.. 9l.aK4g2.u6,ch'riee i?ml>-r. $1 lu V! 11: food to prime rn). In l?.r, S1.7l'<a-I ?*. red ?i?|frn.4l,Va|l.?. ainh*r western, S1N0S1-K. C >rn dull?white southern. 6T'-W. yellow * uth-rn. U; mixed western, 41fi Oats Irn;?southern ,5t?<Sj5l, western mixed, 4S?10; R>e?unchanged. liny unrf.anged Provisions M ss pork V?t ITS. I'.nlk m-aU??houlderet 6S; rib sides. s clear ril' rtln. V(. Bwn ruiet and sti-tdi: "iii'r.klrrt, rib Hide--.. Mtt'l; ?-b ar rib alar*,US; -nifti t tired nam-. li'.'fcU;lard. i; I s\ W-t-rti 1 niter trm. r-< ? ipts bett r; pro- - unchanged. Witisky nominal,9y'?. tiiw Ivii, A prtl Tl.? Stock* steady OAdflrin, 1M?. M> ney Arm. '?<?"? percent. Exchange. louj, 7'.: short, 4**. G ?vermnwnta dull and steady. Nsw Y<?*?, April 12.?Flour ?iutet and un tbsog- d. Wheat Bitu and quiet. Corn <|<tiet. THE WEATHER! Wil D*PAKTM*ITT, OJiet Ckitf Stanal Oflur, ( W a*hihotuk, I). C., April 14,11*73,11a.m. ( Ktwmh roi tii put iwiRTt-rori hoci- ? The storm renter that was Sunday m <rning east of ? are C>*1 ha* nmrni very slowly eastward, hii 1 ie ?till apparently orer Massachusetts bar. N >rth easterly witrfa barkinc to northwest, with clowly weather, pre*ail over New England, and lisbt rain iT-ii a liar beer. rep t-.1 fr >m Ih- immediatec ast. The area of highe-t barometer baa runed slowly eastward, with diniinisliinf pra^snr*. ami ia n<-w ceutral ov er the aonth Atlantic states. Diminishing northwe?terly winds, with clear woattv-r, nr-vafl ov?-r the aoiitb Atlantic and middle ata'es. N >rth ??aMrrly aitidaaud faliini; baromxter are reported frm Lak- Kri--. The a?.>nn centertbat a aa Suuday nio;ni'ii< ?n Dakota has rontinued slowly dcrelopirif over Nrl :?ka aud Kansaa. wtiere the l<i?mt pru sure ia now r>-ported. Increaaing aoutbeasterly wind', with threat' nine weather, prevail In the we-tern eulf atat-s and thence northward to Miune. M.ra. Cold it'Ttberlr *alea, wi h snow , apparently pr>-? aii in southern Dakota. PKOFAfcrMTTEs.?During the rest . f Monday the at.'rm renter in the Misaouri valley extend eastward into Illinois. For the gulf ?tat?s ?uutb?*<ttrly wind, threatening nd rainy w sal bar. For tl)4 south Atlantir .tales falling barometer, southeaat ??rl> w itxls, risitig temperature, and heavy or clou iy weather. For tm nsld.lleatat?*> the ItftMrtfT rise somewhat, followe<t Monday afTern<x<ti b| ?Itniintwli infjri?nrr, a<'Btbweafrly winds, exr.-pt patrihly it: S"W Y-irk, and eenerally heavv w.-ather. F T swmliern N>'w Kt>gland rising barometer, north ?esterlr * inds, atid cloudy or clearing weather. F<t Lake Brie and the Ohio valley falling barome ter. increasing easterly winds, and rloudv weather. F'r tlie uaper lakes fresh to brisk, and pewibtv high, s?ntheast?rly winds, backing to north?a-t. F T tbe nor'hwe?t cold northerly galea and r|otniv weather. Cautionary signals continue at Bmt 'ii. Portland. Bustport, Chicago. Grand IIsTen, Mil w ankee and Dulnth. Morning reports are missing from Ma'ne. T?*x?s,the northwest and R s-k> Moun tain stations CLAIMS FuR DA MAC E9 *C8T AIN KD IN COXSBQITBNCK OF IMPROVEMENTS. Bkaisot Pt BLtc * ?Ris.DisTBirTo?C.>t,rM?ia.l Wa?HIVi,M\. April 10. 1573. \ The follow irg act. approved Jun?* 3u, IC1, ia pub lishwl f,,r tb>* information of all concrnwl: A> Act providing for the payment of damages sus tained by reason of public improv etuenM or re pairs. B' it '.pnrtu! bp ikr L*ti*iatire A 'vmV'y of tht U'strt't qf Columbia, Tuat on the application, ia w rt'ing. of the owner or owners of any r-'*l eatate in tbe District of 0- >lnmbia, or of any p rsoa having other than a rental inter"st therein, to the B iard of Public Works, setting forth that special damages have been .ustained l>> him or them in consequence ? fan) improvements or repairs m.t.ln by said board, ami partn uiarlv describing the nature of said dam ages, the said board shall consider tiie statements of said application, Bud if de< med by th-m sufficient fortliat purpoa.-, th- ?aid hoard, oramajoritr there of, shall personally Inspect the property alleged to be specially damage,] and make, or cause to be made, any examination connected with said mi j-rovcmeiits or repairs which they may d-.-em neces ?ary or proper. SEl'.l. And bt it /ortArr eMarl-n/, That if, aft? r 'inspection sll,{ examination as aforesaid, th ? said board, or a majority thereof, shall be of the opinion that special daniag- a have been snstain-d by any person or persons, as ar?r??aid, thev shall estimate the saiiie, tskit g into consideration the b?neflta to said property fr->m said improvemeuta or repoirs, and file among the record* of their office aud in the ? ?fficeuf tbe Secretary of the District written rtate u.ents of their action and estimate of damages, and shall make a full report, in writing, to tbe next e nsuing se sioti of the Legialative Assembly of all applications made to them under the proviaioaa of thia art, and of their action thereon, aud of the amounts award's! aa damages and the reasons and ground* of sneh awards, for the action of the Legia lative Assembly thereon; and no *nm shall be paid on account of damages Butll after the same shall, hare I ?ecu approved by the Legislative Assembly and au appropriation made for the payment of the ?Minx*. K<*tic? is hereby ciycd, that all parties claiminf damages under the above act mnst ftle their petitions for tbe same at tbe Office of the Board within TSJl 'Iks from this date, in order that such'claim* may he duly considered and reported to the Legislative Aseembly for it* action. Blank forms Bay be obtaiued upon application at the Office of tbe Vice President of the Board, Columbia Building*, 4,S street. all Wt ALEX i SHEPHERD. Vice President. (Chronicle and Bepnblican.) TV^?I?R LINCOLN HAS REMOVED TO No 13*if? F street northwest, Ave door* west of his former residence. OFFICE HOURS A . M .?8:30 to 10. P H.-3 to 4 JO. ? On Sunday ri:30 to 10 a. m. only. all-eolt* lyS^OFFU'E OF THE COMMIrSIONXutt OF THB SINBINO FUND, Wasb'sotos, D. C.. March 19,1?7J ?The undersigned Commissioners will receive, at the office of the Treasurer, Moaes Kelly, at the National Metropolitan Bank, until TUESDAY, April Hit, at 19 o'clock noon, sealed pr? 'poeais for the sale to them of ONE HUNDBBD THOUSAND DOLLARS of the six per cent, ten year bouda of the late corporation of Washington. They reaerve to themselve* the right to reject any offer which they m*y not deem advantageous. n. d. cooCB, W W. CORCORAN, MOSES KKLLY. H. M SWEBNET. LLHI8 J. DAVIS, n>31 eotd Commiaaiooer*. lp^*Y0lNti MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOC1A TION. FREE BEADING BOOM-iAa>;?, Wetklp.Steu .'?rand K'lttioyi papers from all pa. ta of t he U uion. CIHCULATINO LIBRARY; 11?? voU. Term* A3 per year: tl per iiuarter. PARLORS AND CONVEKUATION ROOMS for Ladies and OeaUa ni?n, Che*a. Cheoiiera. Organ and Piano. Daily PRATEB MEKTINGSat 12.16,4and 9 p. m. L1TBBABY SOCIETY Saturday evening.Bt 7H o'click. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES in Lincoln Hall at JS o'clock; at Theater Cotuiijue at 7H o'clock. m!7 TO LAD1B8. PL How sad h is to see a young wife, a mother /amily who require* all her physical strength to fulfill her household duties, and all her moral ca Bcities to accept the responsibility which fails upon r, ta see her pr<?*rated, losing every day bar strength, feeling bttlly without being able to *ay w hy , but ye* suffering enough to be utterly mlsera ablet This Male of weak nee* and debilitr is more fatal to bar than a severe *peil of nckneas, for ta that case she will receive the proper ear*, a* ia the other she will linger months after month*, not thinking worth while to *ee a physician about it. antil nature, exhausted, gives out, and she I* carried to tbe grave, when a little precaution in proper time would hay* spared her life. To prevent, to strengthen, to cure, nothing can compare with tbe LOBQ-LITB BIT TERS of Dr. L. gTbEBTBAM . They arvaaaf* tb, dyi en. These Bit iufallibia remedy against malaria, tiveness, bihooaueaa, headache*, I and all complaints peculiar to women. ters, which are sold by all druggiat*, are, In com*, ?jnence of their virtue and matagr***ble lasts, tha medicine par mMmr* for lad tea. jM-tr fr"S?SCHKNCB-S PULMONIC CANDY mbrtta in * great degree all tbe principles of Sckenck** Pulmonic 8> rns, and w hile aa pleasant to the palate as the purest of confections, it* medicinal prnpsitl** render It effectual in cuugbs, colds, bronchial and catarrhal affection*, Ac. It ia the moat acceptable remedy for children or infants, and can be glren with twipunity; while for professional gentlemen, or those ?m suffer from loes of voice, it ia indispensable. Theee candle* are put up In M cent boxes conveai febB-tr N. B corner fith and Arch sis., Pbila. I) 0 ACHES. BATS or BEDBUGS caajiot be found IV where Olentwortb'* EXTEBM INATOB is used. For *ale by TV. OILMAN. MT Pennsylvania ave., and HOLMES * BBC., northeast cfr 1st and B ?t* n.w. al4-an* pa kft'iH)11?l6ybadbA?t, ?? Pxkmtlvaju Ira., Bst. m a*b Ida In. VFull stock WB1TB. LIGHT and ? SMITH ai^ BLACK, with 1,? sadSbuttans. al44l MISS HAERoVlk^ AcflooL fAI T6CVG LAD1BS AMD CHILDBBN, ISM I *t.,oppo site Franklin Park. Fowthgnastsr will begin Asrll Wth; fall term September 9th. aplt-lmV ?pHB " VICTOB DBY A1B BEffBIUBBATOB*' i* aot expensive, and yet it ha* ao saparior Inj^M tb* market. Tbe Sole iffBl far their sale ia _ ?. L GBBGOBT, *9 ft S34 Peansylvania aran 404 404 [.recei ved onr spring M' Framea Bapalred and Begilt i Ooter* made to order. sg-taU r 1010 ?*>aCK GBOH GRAIN SILKS, Lj _ Klendid ^unlities. M #??*>? #1 7?. At, AJ ?, $2 50. ? t 't. and *3 per yard. Full stock just ret?ived. . '** black ALPACAS. and "BIATII" BLACK PURE MOHAIRS, in all quaiitiee.fri ni Se to %1 SS per yard. (Bole for the sale ol the above.) SPRING SILKS and other new SPRING DRESS GOODS. In great variety, at LOW PRICBS. ar One price only, marked in plain figures. JOSEPH J. HAY, ?8-eott 93* Pennsylvania avenue. 1~N TBI SUPREME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA, MoUhnt t Spttta: Term, AP'i!\UK.\3n. In the case of Georgw Callahan, executor of DAYlD REKDT, deceased, (be execnt<>raforeaaid has, with the approbation of the Supreme Court of the Ewtrict of Columbia aforesaid, appointed TUESDAY, the ?th day of May. A. D. 1973, w*r the Stt?< esttlemeut and dlitrttme"" of the per aona) estate of aaid deceased. and of the assets in band at far as tha same hare been collected and taraedinto mopev; when and where all the creditor* and heirs of said deceaaed are notified to attend, with their claims properly vouched. or they may oth?rwise bv law be excluded from all benefit In said deceased's eatate : ProTided, a copy of this order be published once a week for thiee weeks In The Star ptevious to the said day. Teat: al4 m Jf A. WEBSTER. Register of Wills. IS THESUPRKMECOURT OFTUt DISTRICT Of COLUMBIA, jrrit 12. ucs Maria W. Marroo> v*. Cur to* Hrt.LRN et al.? No. .n.lJC. E-niity Dncki-t 12. Oil in.tin of the plaintiff. b> Mcwrs Henkle and Al rick, her attorney*, and it appearing to theC >mt b> the return of the Marshal ebdorgtd on the inn tnotis issued in till* cause that all of th'1 defendant* have been duly served except Clifton Hellsn, Clar elite H**llen and Eugene llill.n. ?? J that a* to then the return " not to to found"' lias been made, l't is ordered that the said Clifton Hellen.Clarence Heilm and Eug?ne II U?u can*' their appearance to bo enter-d herein on or before the first rule-day occur rine forty day* after this dav : oth?rwl*e the ca:ise will be proceeded with a- in case ot default. D.C. HUMPHREYS, Justice. A'rne copy. Test: R J MEIGS, CI rk. aU mjr By L. P. WILLIAMS, Asst Clerk. (\JEW KNGLAND CIDER. <-f fine quality,*. now II offered for ?al?* by PALMER A GKEKV, Ci ornet. uu, at very 1. w price*. Iu barrels, k<gs and bottles. al! dlw PREMIUM HAIRWOHK ESTABLISHHENT. JI7etlal and Oip/vma A iraT(fert ( France, luil. I I desire to inform the Ladies of my return from New York with a lame stock of Hl'MAN HAIR, v liich 1 have jui-t received at the Hew Yoik custom house. Tin* hail w a* selected in Britanny and Nor mandy, with groat care by ui> special agent in Paris. Havfiig en Land a Urge supply of hair of all leneth* and color. I am now ready for all order* in hair work. By direct importation I am enabled to sell at manufacturer* price*. Always on hand the latest style* in hair work aud mad ? to order with ladies own bair at the shortest notire. Ladies combings sett ed by the roots by anew pro cess. All work done in the beat manner and saM*far lion Knur*iiteed. Orders by mail promptly atteuded to. W ICS and TOUPETS a specialty. H. PHILIPPI, IMPORTER *>D Ma.MFACTIRER, 719 Market Space, bet. 7th and 8th street', a!2-lm Washington, D. 0 J^PECIAL NOTICE. The Tax -pavers of the District are notified that we have CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, (which are received at par in Mjmeul of taxes,) ?suited b\ the Honorable Board of Works. Apply to R. FULTON A CO., 314 IKli street, near Pennsyl vania avenue. all 12! * H AVE YOU SEEN the little world; If not, we advise yon to call soon at 1009 7th street, between K and L streets,(near B<>?an A Wy? *ieV) The Little World i* kept by Ni> hols, dealer in Hosiery, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Stationery, No li' i'?. Ac., Ac., aud is supposed to bo the cheapstore of Washington. apll E HAVE JUST RECEIVED 60 DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH n'fc ARE SELLING AT ?9 CENTS PER SKIRT. LOCftWOOD, HI FTY * TAYLOR, ?513 PENNSYLVANIA A VEND*, a8 tr Mt?tr >poIitan Hotel Block. l^tMBKR: LUMBER!! WM. JOHNSON A SON Havejnst received a large stock of WHITE and YELLOW PINB LUMBBR, LATHS, SHIN GLES, and FKNCB PALIBOS.all of which we are selling at low prices. Great induceawnta lor cash. C'or. lMh and Rats.,near BtateDepartment, apg-lm* 1873 spring. 1873 TREMENDOUS STOCK. TRRMKNDOUS STOCK, TRBMBWD0U8 STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOOK.a TREMENDOUS STOCK, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUHMBB CLOTHING, MEN8', YOUTHS* AND BOTS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS. MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAU S. At A. STRAUS'S. CALL AND SKk ! CALL AND Skh' CALL AAV SEE CALL AND SEE! CALL AND SIM ! VRttAT BARGAINS' UREAT BARGAINS! GREAT BARGAINS' GREAT BARGAINS! GREAT BARGAINS! 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNCB, 1S11 PENNSYLVANIA AYENCB, Third Door from Uth Street. Third Door from Uth Street. mSS Third Door from Uth Street. PLACE IfOUK MONEY WHERE IT I WIlL DO THE MOST GOOD. There is certainly no better place ia the city than the METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORK, 319 7th streat, where, it you iaveat a dollar, yoo May rest ?nrad yoa always receive the/mil value af your simmv,and whereaaaving of StoWoantaon tha dollar ia gaaraotaed to yoa, without tha draw back of receiving inferior gooda. The variety offered la so large, comprising averything pretty and \ ful, that it haa becoaae a vaia taak of eaa tha diflhrant articles offered, and you attention is only called to below-mentioned gooda, aa all an good, desirable, and vary chaaf, tad 1 titles Sara lately been aold: .Wit ?KKiSBBl CHEAP GOODS, call at IfTESNilfAR SIM SBYKBTK STKKBT, WANTS. .1 W A KTK1)?9nt hiudml MEM to work oath* . W *?':?tfcarn Maryland Batfr ??!. Inquire f Nj I ltll K?rtorltiaM*. ?K W AIlfkl>-A rtluMc TTt 1*E l-T fiwur.*. "" r>'tpa<''> Apply at 414 7thstreet. b?t?Mn D ami I BorthwNl. It* \v A "TO D-A ftnt-dasa i OITlK E T M A V B ? vv HER. Apply a* 1 Hi* Pennsy 1> am* at -o?i n?rt)i?Mt. PAUL ROBAVIRBS. It* t* Aji?I>-A *eaJy *osIaR r &|k|.. f,r "7 ( ban.t erworklatil to assist. 476 Penn?yl t??I> arcntir. It* %Lr ANTED?A g.Mid. strong BOY, to learn Con ? ? f'ftlonery; mart nwie well r-c imtneutlej. G. O. WALKER. ?m?Fitr??t, II' W AN TED?A Whit* GIRL, to do |?g?nl I ? * . #??: must conic witk rrfcc*)u< ?. Apply | st l.?37 13th street, t>~tw??>n P and Q n w . It* W AN TED-A blTLATlOM, by a rMffcUliK Tonng Wonun, to do Chnmberwork and will | mgto make herself gen <-rally useful. Pleas* cs'l fur two day at 337 4th street. bet. O and H. If WANTED?fir ? young Ma n. a SITUATION in the Drug bminm; hu hud Are ye?rt' Mffi ' ence in the business; good recommendation. Address | H . b<>x 1**3, Alexandria, Vs. al4-3t* \X7 ANTED?Immediately?A wheelwright, F ? and oao that thoroughly understand* ihf bits Im?. Apply at 1 'ill iKt street southwest alt 2t? JOHN 0. STAFFOBP. Contract or. l|L' ANTED?A rriprciiililt' WOM VN on irucw vv a Situation for Cooklug and Vashing f>r * >ery small family. Apply at lOOtt Pennsylvania avenue. aU?t W'ANTED-A YOUNG M AN, of g >?.! habits 77 and address. from 17 to 19 years of a<c. On* who?ej?srerit- reside in the city preferred. Apoly ?i FKEN< n'y wiNic stone, asi lvim. ?t< 2* Wanted?a resectable woman to Cook, 77 W*?h and Iron in s priva'e fatnilv. li st r el erences are re iwired. Call at '?? 10 l*t Krw! somh ea-i. Capitol Hill. If* . \\^ANTED? A c'od, s'eadv GIRL, to a?si't in 1 77 ('? oMng and Washingfor a small family; g >od I waircswill Ik (i<cn to a suitable Uirl. Appli at | 919 D street northwest. all Si* \V" A NT K i 1?To tut/, a ; > *1 Dririug MARE, 7* about IS hand*, without fault or blemish. Ad dre?a,giiin? s*e and particulars, Post Ofiice Bos ?;?*. an a * \VANTK1?-B--- ? Ladv.a pMtioil a- TEAt'l!ER vv in a family or private school, Ene'i hbranehc alone will be taught. Address "Teacher.'" Stas uffice, all St* \l/AKTKD-Oni' hundred tirst-clas* DRKsS 7v MAKERS. Apply before ? a. mi., and after 6 p.n . LANSRIJRUH K BRO . nit 3!* 401 *n>l 406 ithMrft, IIFASTKD-A MAN, to w.>rk in a Dairy, to Mill' 7" nuildrivn u?g m. Apply at Ql'EEN' ? Far; 11 Bunker 11 ill Rvad. Liberal wuges aud a (<>?d lo-nie. all St* ANTh'D-KMPLOVMKNT by a Vir?inian. who has had six > ears ,-n pvrieuce in mercan tile life; was book-keeper for four years; is willing t? mske himself xenerall) useful. Add'ens R. O.. care of Newman A Tolson, Louisiana ave. al4 2t* \V' ANTED-Good raN \ ASSER>,i Male an i male,) for city and country. No book busiutss 01 patent-right. Tail early and ?e<-ure good terri- | tory. Call at 1739 G street northwest, between 4 aud 6 p.m. ali-Sf \VANTED-A SITI ATION as Clerk 01 B^ok" 7 7 keep<-r in a Rankin* Hou-e, or Sale-loan in si'tiie veil-drtalihslted mercantile bininess, by n young 111:,n who ha?- had several years' experience in New York and abroad. Tin- very b<-st reference^ gi ven as to character and ability. Address C. W., ? Siar office. alt 2f , YV'ANTED? To Pnrcha--?A small, well-built *7 HRICK HOUSE, with from four to sereu I room*; modern improvements; situated between I2:h , a'd'ioth streets,and Pennsylvania avenue aud N I streets northwest Prli e not exceeding go,nou. on" i half et which can be paid down. A'Hre*a ??LAW RENCE,''Star office. aW-St* ! IVANTK1??A unlet, tru^Mr. rthy COLORED 77 N I' USE GIRL, at 1W13 K>lli street. Noim under 18 years ueed apply. all 2t* YV'ANTED?To rent part <>f a hou?e; rent taken 77 iu the bo'*rd ot one person. Inquire 47tt C street northaest. a 12 3l* UT ANTED ? A pali of well-matched BAY HORSES, innst be young, fast and warraut-^ sound. In.jUire at 93'.? Pennsylvania ar. itlt-Jt IVANTED?ti-xxl HANDS to treu and gl^s 7 7 shirts collars and cuffs. Apply at the Capitol Lnuiidiy, K street, between 9'h and 10t!i st?. a!2 3t UrANTED?A respectable GIRL to do general hons?wotk; good referenc-- renuirei. Apply for twodays at 1419 Pa. avenue, between 4 and 3 o'clitk p. ni. al2 21* \V AN'1E1?-A WHITE ( H AMBERMAID cap t 7 7 ble a? waitriss in the diuini; roomj must In i .g good recommendation*. Apply >enij"nt sv.v uue, opposite Arlington H del. al2 3t* %|/A?iT*D-A renpoctsbk COLORED WOMAN 7 7 as chambermaid; also to do tine washing and ironing; mutt bring good recommendation-. Apply corucr Id and D streets northwest. a.2-3t w w aSI-eoSt* ANTED TO PURCHASE OR RENT-A COUNTBV RESIDENCE, with 5 to 10 acre* of ^ground, near ? station, on either the Baltimore and Ohio or Point of Rocks Railroad. Apply to J. STANLEY JO*"*"" ** *" ? ? the Post Office. STANLET_ JONES, No. dll 7tU aiwet, oppoaite WANTED?A clean, sound HOUSE, of 6 rooms, on a lettered street, between E and I and 5th ardftli streets northwest, by lat May next: pay in advance. Address W. W. WOODFORdT a7 2<* City Poat Office. WANTED?BOARDING in the country, near Waabington, by a Lady who withes to tea<. h Music in payment. Address L, Star office. aS-Iw* ANTED?LADIES to take notice that Madame D. E. MAISON, of New York, has opened her Mitliner; parlors, at No. 413 Uth street n >rth

wst. m24-lm* W~ ANTED?Every one to know that the YI0T0R SEWING MACHINE has iu net iU ttnt: the moat perfect shuttle in nse, resting la a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 469 PennsylTania aTenne. Alto, Branch of Mme. Dem oreet's Pattern Emporium. LOST AND FOUND. NOTICE.? a large and very fat HOG was taken upon the UKh Instant. The owner can nnd it at No. R street. Prore prop erty aud pay charges. It* |^Jg| f? REWARD?Lost, on the 13th instant, in or it near Washington, a gentleiuau's GOLD ATCH CHAIN. The aboTe reward wrtl be glren it returned to lVii lttli street, between R and L northwest, Hair Store. all 2t" Strayed away-ou Thm?.iay. aphi ioth,a 9 GRAY MARE; Hve years old; scar on left shoulder. A lib.-ral reward will be given if returned to 119 Pennsylvania avenue' northwest or No. 19 Oth street east. alt 8f A. S' HWArtz. LOST?On the evening of the Kith Inst., a new low-cat < ONGRESS sum:.. belonging to a young uian. A snitable reward be paid if left at 911 21st street wast. a 12 tt* LOST?On one of twe routes between C and m and D and 10th streeu, a SMALL PARCEL with blsclc cords and brass rings; of no value to the tinder, who will besuitabljr rewarded by leaving the tame at this office. alt tf tf 'AME TO MY PLACE, ON THE 11th OF V. April, a male CALF. The owner as please come and wove property and Bay ei-DjP Kuses. WM. FOWLER, canal road, ?d?ove*JL ?orgetown, D.C. all-3t* REWARD?Lost, a SC OTCH TERRIER DOG; yellow, lung hiir ihrrttiil^ J and cam. Answers to the name of Tbe abort* reward will be paid for hit re- ? ? covcry. IIRP15AND BUTLER, 1407 E street. aU-St* o? thejth instant ,*a DARK BBO^'N lAOlfli ?VLB, with a thick neck: brand Ml on th?AA left shoulAr Inn S; about 6 years old. The above JdU & ?<*?*? ? returned to GEORGE ET53 KBrfziY, M ?treat, betweM?th and Tth. L^J^Thg.BATTEAU UNpIN* Inside. A'nit to W. H. PI 1MB ?rVSlt?mri DOARD OF PUBLIC VOUl, D District op Colpkbij A reward af EI for the detection DllTiKT OP COLVMBIA* . ? j Md convictio? of pay per* persons who havs stolen, or wh fotni straliM. ths Man-hole aa in^hecR^e^of Wsshiojtoo and edwaEd jQiuraov. ? ?BefUer1 a3-tf [Eepob.Chron ] OhUf Cierk. LOST-On ^MM cR.JW?t? wtth'two 1 v^SS2SBfifiBu l*ANTEl*?A NURSE. Inquire at 1013 lnh I sircet,corner M?w? hrttetts avnue. all y L-r A N T ED-BO A RD K RS. It. Alexandria; hourly v comn unicailon by rail; good accommodations. Address Boi 363, Alexandria. V?. all-3t* U'ANTED-Two first class MILLINERS; *1?>, 7? two experienced Salesladies, at Mrs. M J. HUNT'S. 091 D street. all 3t* WANTED?T > boy for ra?h, ?% tir->t-class second hand PIANO. Steinwav or Chickering pre ferred. Add 1 ess Post Office Box 19-?. all-3t WANTED-A BLACKSMITH.todo shoeing and v v general work. Inquire of BARTLETT WIL LIAMS, Tiber Arch.* %\*ANTED?A BLACKSMITH aud GABDEN 7* KB. Apply to ROBERT FULTON A CO., 314 ?th street, Ws'hingtou, D. C. all-St* tV'ANTED?A COLORED BOY. f r a farm in Firginia. Apply to B. FULTON & CO., 314 9th street, near Penna. avenue. all 3t* WANTED-TWO GIRLS?one for general housework, and one to take care of a baby. Apply at No. 1914 12th stieet, between M and N streets northwest. all-St* WANTED-HOUSE of about eight rooms, with FF water,bathroom and gas; pleasant location iu Georgetown. Address Lock Box D, Washington PoatOCce all 3t* WANTED-A SITUATION, by a coaclunan, FF (English.) one who thoroughly understands the stable; age 27; flrst-class references. Address I. N . W., Star office. all-St* WANTED-By the 1st of Mav, a small BRICK HOUSE, iutlie northeastern section of the city; small cash payment, and about A60 monthly. Ad dress, with locality, Ac., RAYMOND, Star of fice. all-tt* WANTED?By nyoung man, a SITUATION in a book and stationery More, (speaks Spanish,) or won Id do copying. References from past nnd present employers. Address A. B. C., City .Post Office ?n?t LIMB I Lltffe I ?M-lm* mot La. arnse, m northwest. FOB RENT AND 8ALE. I^OR BENT-^A tarnished ROOM on the ??H B.I ? ' ? V,#*?1?llOWtHT#. All.** I""*!" ""Wn" fc.oM? mil.. m itsava brwaianssff-^ap _ - - W,-W *1W?IX.Ki boa IV h at. n w. FcH?M?ItRSAM FAkLu#K ?""*? 4 * , ? A thfri loor, unfarrtsbM; ?nti>r s&w&* "i -r"' *???? p'oB RENl-Pleasant iirilurni?h -<l ROOMS iu a i-U;w Br:?k P"14" ??? *??h and "-eT?? TIT xi'Tl' r *tn**fsrR *?r sws **? ^?pt???? ? fy^Mij^oi^iiWM<MWt of Capitol grounds alt it* i?T~Vir*inIa. CIO ItTT U'rvtir"IT' ?\f ? 1 ??!'?'?* of "T ? I'SDER, at office of A. Gleas.-n. corner IwH street rvnI New York trt. nil-At* "Tr^*0 ,?r**]BOUM!?. unturusb-4, rent Jk?^r m -th?^o!f?n*; tw * ",,i" f,un"2 P^fJBoath, 178b Vermont ?renue.lvH r ?14 St* 1^(m\S*l'lKik)>'r'TJi01? *"<1 I'iwm.-nt Pram* 1 iif. ]Rr["If'JBO.oBMth ?tn*et. between 0 an 1 H it?/To"*>? ?ooa ropj*#* at a bargain. I *** <*>* B H. WA RNER, 73*4 7th ?t. 5** E?A hand* COTTAGE, with lot l?Ox*? at Laurel station of B 4 t) B K Pr c "Tl4"^% rnW "1+ E, K "lk*0*"ill "hrt ' 4 I R'*P | Opposite P wt-f>ffi, ?. K*'" *II*T-A pA'HV Fa KM. ab -nt half a twt^ it.n ^i'ii lf l.7 -tatton.on the H fr, m m*r 1r*,,r"*d* "boot fir. and a half mile 1 F. i, i?-??nr',r App4r at Silver Sprine j m,l'rai 16.<3 Pennsylvania avenue. alt Jt* I l, U.^liLK~V?T. ??Ii ?"?' Capitol,betw-n 8tli ? and tfth ?tr?efs, improved l>r tw.. Frame , .Ho"T-v, ?**?"?"?' ?".v ,bi* rr..^rtv \pply I i'ni?Ji "AK" BOTH WELL. No. suVh strS* UOrt heart. M4-?w* |?,UB SALE?A line three-story BRICK. ef l<i I <? t &?"???.' K Mreet, ?.etw.?ri rHIi and ?i < r ? the beautiful reservation just fi r-l, d This is cue of the most durable location* in th? ! ' 'V? ?> 1^; 1* ? WILSON, All 7th street, | _*l4-e<<3t I R'-p | Opposite I Hf,r ??'<*? RESIDENCE, Till* i style. 9 ro. m-, inflii'litic Sal- on Parlor, with ' l*o yre, of i?,d abun.lan.-e of watfr.^al.lTt* fr n'. tfc0^' ^ ?"rtl? ?f the city, quart't ,f a ntif u m tfco teroijiin of Linc dn are; ite. F t t-raj *?- ?l>pl) at 1 4 1 ?? Q street. ,j, ? ' I f (m.rVvKv T'."i .'"Uc,rll,,r. v n' r? f-r "al. hT- | . 5- ? l ? I" ? 145) And L??T t^ii t Ii4j tir^ hh ti&rc 'Th ft v.. ;?*'!?>; The ,ot '* "StuateJ < II the -..qth I I i t. r ! ;?*? f-*P?tol ftt-eet and ..n 21 street, an.l is47 I teet and II in* he? wtd?* and 115 di">p. .?r, M %t < 3t CHARLES P Rl S8EI.L. i'OR 8ALK-Sev. ral g. o<l I'AliMj i?> U'al -l"i , f *hich cau ?..? traded f>r I e ty property. Al?<>, m ne?r 0<>l|ee^ ata'ion iJfOlr** "r ,4V" h"?-e* in rtir' citj. which I can trade for vacau'er^nnd. w.-ll li>cat?-il .u ^ .? Ki WIL84?N,?1I Tlbatm-t, Sl4-eogt (H-r l Opp^wit .? poet '?ITi. ?. f?Hftt;K?EliCBo1.jr'rA?iii.?II six-room KUANK <*l, ?i?'? ?1?.L atreet nrthw??t, b.-tw.-. i, ?il? hdq loth atit. In-imre on the pr^miges. Bl2-3t* I* Mi t^nroe'i BARGAIN?A three-st..rv i. n HOt SE,in good condition, containiog *1"1 "?ter. P?-^'--?i^n 5i ? ?.i ? i ?"""?? Apply on the premi*.-n, v 1 7 6;h atreet northwest. alt Si* l^OR SALE CHEA P? T?nns, $l?i . ash, and i.1i nni^iira \ nn??l,P?'<1?tMal u .? i stor> RKi*'K HOL8E8, sitnatej on New Haropaliire are:ni?, bet *1 ^ Y *tre<''s ijorth; have sis rooma.Uall. front and backyard*, h-ms^s rompb-tely fitii-lirsl ... ^ ? J. W. STARR, *12 2w North*?aft corner N Y. are. and 14th st |Chronicle, Republican, tf. J L'OK SALE?7?S~ LONG TIME ?A neat, well "r b*ick House, with tw> r ^ Biiildibg; h< nv? frwuta southeast; his I- liT ?>n ? THr?' 8il,e pntr?nce; Coniaius nine rooiUH, lies.des baUi-roous an I < bvsets. Ct-llar uu.l- r ,fir? Places, gas and wafer; can .T rs^ t "? nt" ha-^-nient rooms if debited L t I8*1UU. IuQiilreoii Ui* nr<>iui^ ? of the own-r Jl liif tssrssawrs.*" b ' ?r.? j * * r^'* ",v aaiiv-uc* i'MAua aveitu ??*n 9tli itiA l<?th *U lm i OK LE ~0ii I ;? If ill? a tir^j t la?is tw >?* HOrsr''/.0, ck t ildiiif pcea~ed-brick Tront ittjl Sh,containing eUlit rooms, saloon p!,rlor.L^ tr>'b?' stove, marble mantles. Ac. This h ><ise ? m to order by days" w -rk of the rery best m?te hr. ' IV -papered froiu top to bottom, n.,. i- .. A' m " 'urow almost of the n> w ?.. . 8?i tlirongfcout the boose, aud water ou the 22 1 lasvPrict' ?ne third cash m! ..L? P."' Bl'",h Apply on premises, a 13 ?onthM^t"0' to owner. No. iw?j >|stieet tl2'Sl l^'OR RENT?Two neath Furnished ROOXS ,n fl'JV'. **?th BOARO, south front: X... - 1 ?> K atreet, l>. t?-eii j:lt nj 9 h streets ail-Jt* K0? .1{PTr.":ir?^ fhunt huo.M. untu. r "?h BOARO, in a prtva-e 1 ^?ii p??rthwe^tt ?11 .it * I t-'EMTI RE: Hoitse noruiwert f'TntaboJ. I^mre *17 ^street I^OR RENT?Timt v?ry d<^irable STOKE, :U7 K UAfnl u.rtbwe-t. Market Spa, 3*1. THOS. K. W AGOAWAN. ^19 7:li <tnet. all-St F^OR RENTe-At s reaaoi able price, a . . rat .rtabl? ?er?'ii-rot.m HOCSE mr liens and water. Ap ply on the premises, HO* 10ih stroet, above M 81 all-lm F'OR RENT?Two nicely turtiish<-d^(<^0M8, w:th "?"?'thoiit BOARD; hot and e dd water in tie ^?n^hweT htfW >0rk ttty"Ue- ?orSii a}' h I F'QR *VLT?"?S.1'1. Ma?v?chur?etts arenue, on ,'*r*e 'H^'HT MOM, ou second floor, fur nished. with or without BOARD; hath and water ol<?et j>ujiam? floor. all Jt* Is^OR RENT-A d<-*irable RESIDENCE, ?dOA~I 1 . "tfwMWh ?ml list street*); has twelre rooms, and Ail modern improvements. given ou the 1st of May. Inquire at 1733 1 street. all-It* a SST.-P ??"fi.EV? with or without 5 IWAKD, id g flemabli* li)ciUiuo; coaveuiout to Vi5Vt2^*B,,? Prt?cipal hotels, and ?tre-t . ars. No 1J?7 r street northwest. OFFICE ROOM for **"'? all ?? FVmiMtete NAKOA/N-New two story B*l( K8 with Back Buihiiufft: very euy terui**: n*wt fr4it yard; BstreM, bwwe. n i?th and 15th ate aouth aide, two bwj window*; 7 rooms, water and *Z\i trimming; T street, N?tween 12th and uth streets, north aide; brown trimmings: 6 rooms all-eoM B H ^AEKEK, 7 ?? 7th stre*T |T 0 S BENT Three-story and Basement BRICK HOUSE, on f'"I""' bf,"r'-'n Uth snd 11th streets northwest,containing ten ro w, hall, bath-room and two water-cloaets, milk vault in the yard, good cellar, cooking range, Latrobe stores, hot and cold water in all ofthe rooms,call bells, marble mautels; P"r<=h ?n<l rear. Rent ?1 *?U0 a year to a k ??i reaponsihle tenant. Apply to>. A. BTRNE. 707 rlk .7e,.Dorth*?*,1?r 10 co* * ?ALLAN. *19 I tii street. ? Bll-Stw POR RENT?FINk LARGE ST0BB at #3 I Pennsylvania avenue northw'eat. a!0-?w* K0R BBKT-HOI SEU14 lit h street, Itf rooms, Rl i"?P"vt'n'et,t?. 4c. Apply to M. TRIM t>L&v ol4 15th street. al0-6t* F^OR balk?By ji an botle * co ,w>4 u.b J Jir?*'1 ? 1?GT *<>uth side K stre#t, between 15th and 16th streets.27xli?. Oue third cash; balance on alO At F%TT?n*AT,* BAROAtN'^-A neat FRAME A COTTAGE, Hituated in one of the fluent locali ties in the city. House contains7 rooms, hall, an.l Diazza in front, and i* supplied with gas and water Lawn in front .enclosed with iron fence. Lot St feet Iront by K feet deea to a pared alley. Title perfect 1 ?L?et2,'t*P*ly. the owner on the premises, No 11*' Hth street northwest, after 3 p. m. alodt* L^OR 8ALR?One of th*s? flue uew BRICfcS on A north aid* & street, bet we. u 12th and IS: h. ?o?, . E.K.WILSON, *9 ** 8?17th?treet,opp. Post Offi.-e. BENT?That rery desirable HOUSE In A Georgetown, at the ecmer of Oreen and G*y stKeta.futmerly occupied by Mr. Mullet .oa. E. K. WILSON, *1* ail Ttb street, opp. P.Tt Office. IT^B SALE?A EABM contaiuing >0 acres, sua ated on the 7th street road,4 mile* from th. Di? irict line, 111 Montgom. ry coauty, Md. Will ?-U cheap. Apply to W H. BEARDKV __a? Jr No. 1913 *h st " northr?Ut. F^OR SALE?A flue Tbree-stury BRICK HOUSE on I street, l^tweeu 9tb and loth Ala., a -3g.??lCi HOI'S., ? U U-?t *11 7th ?re*;oua pi,t office l^OB RENT r_.. .Marshall hall pavilion. This beautiful Munmsr resort will bevnted to a reliable taaao*, upon liberal terms. Apply on or beW, Aprii 16, to JAMES sYEBs" ?*"1* Imperial Hotel. Itol and 1st street*northeast. All modern improve Bienta. Terms moderate. Three minutes walk from Coluniblacars. Apply to P. A BYRNE. 7#7 7th ?*rfStjhetween 0 and H, northwest. Also, a suite of ROOMS, suitable for hoasekeepfag, at No ?J ? a*At* l^pB^AL*?A nice, flve rona FRAME HOUSED . fS^T' t,Ui P?rl?*t. Apply en the prem IwlT 1 itreet, from I to 6 o'cloct n, * *w??mUI Brick DWELL r INGS. sltuated on O street, between ItthandMth streeu northwest; contains six rooms, bathroom water and gas throughout. Terms easy. Iuqaire on' HT&: ?r l-*~l*h F<i,B ^LE-#OUAEE Mo. Ml, between A aa4 E] B and 5th Md <th streeta northeast, either the fe-ai "jiff1 ta.mssss.'itsvs^^" - appty to; f'sssh^efbsff? RDSSEL?' t-C>?.,t7j?.mvit Uth F<g 5al i&jtjssAia saa&aft. tat FOR RENT AND RALE. F . fcMlOtSCt ?? t oB +~2X "loo* ~ bvKti ??*??<>, IS rooaf. water and e?#. o ?????!? Apply to fl. II WA* NER. ?S* 7th *treet. a7-eog? EH>> SALE?A iralirr ol t*rv>-*?or> BRICK r HtiCU.von T Mwl.M?*N 14th and M?h ?tracts WHih?it .c mii?n| an roebi* each. will bt Bold <* term. a* follower Fi?e HOI PIS freaa |M t? 99m ca-h on each, and ha laser in monthly pavtu?at* to unit p?r> t.aarr. Fire BOfBES at fl-"? iSMto AIJUI ca?h. an.I b*itM? in M' Mhti', gurtwl), or Mlf i wl) Hf B.' nta, to rait ptirt liut r Three HOCIES w til be ntkmH la part If Tar ant jr tind Alan,several UOCSU l? tW >ia' Muck will b? ?old clw?| far n?k. Each <>f the ahova H n*e. k*Tr hall, cellar, bath r.-o*n. water-cl.xet, *ewrr, (M, Ac., and are well ?tilt*? for a private family. Tb"? d*?iroi? i* ae ?? ui ing to tbemael?ee a coaifurUbl* Honae on ???T tt-rni*. >bould not fail to call at BJ ufln p;*? ioua to purchasing eleewhere. JOS r EELLE1, E> al E<tat- A?-*>t a> No. 9C*'J ?h idreet northwest,bet. I aud E. IVOR KALE?F?ur b^aHMIf I??t44 Bl 1LD * 1KO LOTS o? the irtbeaat coraer of I'th ai.U P ?treel* D<nbwnd; n^narr !?.>. H CAf'H.Mt "tli Hreet northwr?t. al tw " F'OK KkNT-Secoud won FRONT ROt?M~o%^r the National Bank of the B>'pubiu Inquire at the Bark, ac.uthweat corner offth and Data, al t? L't 1. I. II K< l>OF LANli.u. ir Nr 1 tii.rton: al.'tit one <juarter of a mile fi ru the Aqueduct bridge. One contain* * and the other J acre*: inirotM k> two ?mall frame liou.^t Applt io JACOB No. U? Si atreet, C.-.r#e town. mar*. liu* b"Ok Kut'M> a be. k purler fut>It? J a* a H 1 ? 1 ?? ant rm??, l irk aud float, on ewond nt?rv. la a:i flijiMj?l,?a!ed Duelling .>u 1 street, i" ?r tlh; w:|t be letjted <? r? aa-?ralde tern* I.. c> uti.'ii.en only. A<Mre?? "A.JNaJional R.pnllk *??? -e. tnl? if I*e?.| _ L^K SAI E-Wol sk LOTS M. VUMT l'L?A> L A NT?Fiobi hiUf an acre to ei?rht a* r>~>, w ill Im> *<>ld at rea*on*Me rate* and on aaaf t?*rmv K x'Ii lot ha* upland fur dii>llin( li i?? and fruit, and rkh liiw laul for > wlalilw; within a few aiinatea' walk from M'>nut Pl*a?aut ?>iuniba?, * >d I* 'ot? litr aiintito*' walk frnn B tindery. H-althjr I > cality t pl-atatit i?ri,l *nrrouudiair-. and esoelleat atn-iial and 11a advant**-*. Apply to JOHN YORK .Office of C'auiu?i a?r of Citat'ti:*. Treaeur>* apl Itu* f'OR SALE?On Capitol Hill, a gtr.*l j ?t r> and bati-n.^rt BRIt E HlU'SE.c ?atainlnt t.inr r'.. n)?,I ??n1? I.hi h at d at<>re cooma II ha? ???, c? Id and h<" water, an?i wat?-r-t'l<?rt?. heated bjr La -1 l-<-Had Eaipire heating ranre. I> i^n-atU iic-? . iu Ihori ukIi order, in a Tery hoalthy and acr.^al-'.i' nelglilotl I. .trd will l.e ? ?Id Very 1 m> ? lcrni?. Apply to th>- Cvner on the premier. *117 A ftreet aoutlx-aM. UiSl lw* L^OE HALE?A twoHKurr EEICK IOU?i. No. r 109 I t cortbweet, c uiaia uK f.-ur ro-anv, ?t!?" pasaa^re, kitchen, cellar, bathrovaa vritb wat"i ck.ix-t, hot ami cold water in chaaibera, heater 'n parlor, and co<>kic? r^bce ia kitclieo. Tb?' lot i? V ieet front by luu feet d^ep, to a 1U f ?ot pared allet, witii a trirk atnMe and carriage hotiae. J. W. TIIOSU'KIN, corner of 17Ui llrett auj N--w T."k a*enue. fihJD-tf FOR SALE. t|V>R hALE?One pair luidinui lit<- Ml LES, '.nicL, actire^nd without bleuitoh. AI?o. rv one tine diiting ..r bueioeaa UORHE M* I ?" petina. ati'liut. between 3d and <'? atrert *** * a 14 6T (i. L SHEBlk'F. t|*OB KALE?Two.tyli?h and la?t PONIES, gray aiid bat , younK.aotuKl and kind.thfrteer, ey ?i.d a bail b?ud? liigh. AI?o, PoNKY'lX^ PFIATON. aith -haft, and pole, wiih^^ZX ?totibb' and ?i(i|(l<- U \ KN ESS. A pply to C <oimaode| A. W. WEAVbB, U. 8. Navi Yard all-<>( 'f'O LIVEBY |MEN AND U.M KMEN-FOl 1 SALE-Oiit mk vpniiK fall el ??? - anaB. t LAKKNt'E. Ala... oeteral' P'-n ("AR Kl AtikS. bnt little u?e.]. eiiitabie for t iifHf trade, and w ill be ?>id clie?p. to niaki- r?oai for lizlit work. BOBT. H GRAHAM all 3t* 4 10 41 4 jth utreet. between D and E I^OR SALE?A bandaoiue PAIR i< Ali a K1AOE Hi'BSES, Tery (euile and o| iroodsperd. Addretw f O Bo* . alJJi. fI*ORSALE ?Bt* Bu.iies, baret Srent< d M>: ul?, Ail.'.rt it? -, *c. li. iuire of pICRCE MI"K MAKER, at Pierce*# Mill*, in R?k k Creek, all .V* F'OR BALK?Thraa ftrW-claea HhWlN<i MA CHINES. TWO SODA FOI NTAINS. and <)KE STEAM B. Fl LTOM ft Co. a L"BB Olbce, 314 PlIi street, uear PeBHayl? aula attune. all Ut* L^UK SALE?An excellent iwt Jtid li tud IVo-hofwe. r piatfottn-spriiic VAUHX. wide btidy, jnat the tbll.g f?r carr\ lit# pa?>.. iiK* r-. a utmie, hi gruCet '? waiton, can b<- ae'-n al rl'NK A BECK'S Waion Factory, on Btidge street, Bear new Rock-creek Bridge. Georgetown, D C. ? alo lni UB1CK CLAY FOB SALE. D Apply to DODGE A DABNETLLE. j!7-tf I4HT F treet. BOARDING. ~T ? ADIES AND GENTLEMEN, either aingir or iu 1-t partiia, and f.imlh>'i<, can bear of the very beat and cheapi-at Boarding arrangement in the city, by addreaalng Dep*t Club, Box 16. Star a7 tuial i ^OOD BOABD, FLBA6ABT ^OOMS, AMD VJ.price* moderata, at SIM o?KB?Wf Fannaylranla areane and Mai atraat. mayl-ly Jl"ST ARRlVkl) ANI> FOR SALE-lau?I?) l*a*i of go.^J .ound ? nunc lluKSKs an ' fry M \ht>. ti.|. *e.-u at the HOWARD Sta 1 bb*. ?n G *tr?et, bet ween itb atal 7 th ^ a ?14-** H.J. LOEBER PERSONAL. DR B. KEFF WILL LKABV SOMETHING of interen to hiBMMdf by '-ailing at B.h>qi 3X, third ll?or Treaaury Department. li* WA-ltlNoro*. April 14. HEREBY CAUTION THE PLBLlC NOT TO pa> any bill* due nie to any . tie escepiiag nit - i* al4 *-^ 6. C. WALEEB, Confectioae". M,gJLi,FJ2Ifa'? TU 11th atraat aortAwaat:alao, character hp phntngrapfc hand wrttteg or lock of hair. DRY GOODS. F OR NEW AND HANDSOME DRESS G<?ODS co ro WOLF0RDA SHILBERG For LLAMA LACK SHAW LS AND J ACKETS, of the ric heal pattern* . CO TO WOLFOBD A SHILBERG. m ?^"R THE LATBST NOVELTIES IN PvBA r bOLS oo to WOLFOBD A SHILBERG. ? L'nR ALL CLASSBS WHITE GOODS MEN r tionable go to WOLFOBD A SHILBERG ? ? I^OR A LARGE ASSORTMENT TABLE LIN V ENS, IRISH LINENS, NAPKINS, TOWELS ami BBD SPREADS, GO TO W OLFOBD * SHILBERG PMIKtt AK.NOtNtlME.HT. ?+,000 6TOCB~OF DBF GOODS, in DRESS GOODS. It'OB NICE SPRING CASSIMERES. SLIT E able for men and l?oy?' wear. ?o TO WOLFOBD A 811ILBERG. I^OR ENGLISH BRUSSELS, THREE PLYS r and INGRAIN CARPETS. OIL CLOTHS. MATTINGS,of the Bewoat production*, ?<> TO WOLFOBD A SHILBEEG '?'HE BEST GOODS FOR THE LEAST MONEY 1 can be had at WOLFORO A HUlLBERG'S. 4 517 SEVENTH STREET, B-tween D and E.aoutbweat. all-tr STTHE ARCADE. ins m*mm urv?vi/u, *?v . NEW GOODS OPENING DAILY. Three bundri-d new PABASOLS an SUN UM BRELLAS tost received Price* from a cent* each to ?7. Bargain* in BLACK SILK8 and BLACK AL PACA8 V-OKK PBICE TO ALL. BOGAB A WTLIB, al-tr 1018 and 1MI 7th atraat oorthweat. Lovely polka bot goods, ?<>? n* UP, to FOULAB^ft.BS?H|^.rooi| IMS F i Ett?(l^V^"iVrkWS!i".EVai It0DHlA? , oo,, marXl -9b MB* W PROFESSIONAL. E.tBRAlLEY i. bum. ^ D^* MAm?J BlUa' IBS* MXTBBBTfl STREET. iftiitagiiw _ OAoa Baan ?ff lo m, aaanteg; * t* *. *???"? T to>, araaiag. *14 1* BUsinbhs chancer 1^5? 8ALl-Tbf STlM'K mm # l\Tl Kfti ?? A r ti^m and Orr*!, Qr,^ ^ . , I ??!?*?? <>?>r?>?-r f*h a.wt I. ??? t'OMK MEM K.V k?Ar oil **lI-T?? 'i C .i1' lASP b"mf, ?wlr Iroji. Bomaiar? ur-mt oa B?ad.-.-I . r* rail r>^4. l-ft baud, ?U p.* moi,;h Aim. .*? Mtl? ?< ? ll.ibf, Ut?r Ixaaa, Mtlf. ? ama*- Itvmr . b* ? ?*? 1"**>"*? H< li land. ? w art mcrf. II , us LLS **" .Lp*h to Ml lit FAUt.A* w.> |? n "'w?tl? |??mi>iiiW p. -I 't-r ? f?: -r. ?f .f 4 ^sagsc-?-" ABT ~? ? "If 2 I^O^jALt-A *6W a?4 6oaL tAkl?~. of jSb rn<KKijlT,'Vir?*'*r' ***" mSL M*W?T. Irt! K-i.ta Af-n'.N. Hi wtwK.MtrlMiwi wwi. " sit a ?500IXiVXrZiziZx; -m 'ill to mT|. kOHNI R. . f'JJ? it j r(?i "AU-rn'o *vi 4kjr.< r>f (iiioi'.sa ? Vw in Ihr n-.r-b a ftiailuT Ur i * Ih? ut..*i 'V.V"b^ * ? Bo it bum. I"1 *13 7ib ?!!*?', .-?J 1 L'i" wij I>Tr*f* A BLK III SIN ksf ST A Jf I*S ? oWrrad f.?r ?*!? <>a ??if ?' i* '* * . ** t??T pn<?lr P' r rk Apply to tbr nuiMT -t t ?a arrni:a~a, K . I I wu<* *** ma* * MnU.. t ?r !, r*4- All-** F 'rivii1 Sf?'T ?>,T?r^ e?H)i? will. ?4 - ,rJ.X" 1 "?* .f af l*ar?' ' Ht I *?.? : *?**?am> ?*<<* <h atr-?* M>u.b __jl I V ILK INS >M. II AKir\< irm?> < m it*li?t> rom *AI t ^,0" W'WMMT. .-;Lt :";*, , % tw ;{?;.;. 'j.* ? **???<*. imprm ,i(1 ^r?\* I1<>a?'? v% Mxttard or im-r 'm * ' ' 1 LtoADa.r^taio.thl . 'T, '?*?-*r* "? M R?l" ?" ?* ?. 1 i 1 4 ? | ^<?ANS N I.KAL K"l A i K ~ W* mr, MVft-tl |o Ttinfc* L .*IV ?i R *1 ?.?. . ?r,?i.? ol 4-a ??.l ui M ira ?. f , fr .,1. ,?, .. ., * 'TP* *Ul ?> i MiM.I.KTl.k ?** t* I H 1^1 la > <> w frI! >> !'tMiTi;(Trrii.,?K,,w monkv? ak ? <4tair It . b II.. m" l ?i?itat-l?- ?,? fr <iii |H? I R i N M | \ I il ui'l u\ti\ ?at i-isi ?<? oi-i k *ri\ k r ii I. ^v.rri'^i^K;^>vr r,;?; ?.UA r M t-.,,, r m [T. 14 ? 's "11 ? ?? ?' J,,n ' ?1 '-f. '?!? h . r { u* ?* ? i ? h M^VVKALTirTIJ "N ,M>1 T,. , its ? y ErTATK. tvi ? unin ,?f ci .kl ?rw^. KlbMOCHM 7 LAfTA? " J U ?t t?. |{0\KPCF n-BLICMOKKH K Rlf. . fcf ?l* In fldo 1H-in Ik* -? - - ? *Kirh i? r<-. . uaTla- n par u. r? a, ,i ,.r M*CI?I taKM. A an all di., . unt ailra. .1 i l>?r< h? ?lvJ ltn 111 af 'l,HKfct?K A OO . ?yL?* t? lit'B.B-P | H.l.fc-^ L'i'K >AIK t?B KV HA Wit t? alia ? I *7*. r jorrt, rial ^1^,. m.Z. ^ aavsr*"4? c t< ^ .,J) A L K ? **40.00tt ii, ui \ iiipif bi'SVH. u<M oft-T A? r. VulLi^ bi. Hull* a? rnrity . r <>l??r fr,*. m'T, ,2 ' r ' r',* k l**r?alu corn ?ilh kl! Immi, a..M ti.J7 Itn i r- BBUDBKAP^ j~ "" ?'? P?M at*., H in A 3f Vi'* ,p^1' B?>M?8 AUK TilK UMI ^ gT :?.? .^7,^raV,,r^4.T^lu*l:::i;ri: r;v. -y ?, ll'Wf lft M- ?Wit., ruuuiu* fr ?ni 1 to lu\~mrm I ...iil ??iJ pn^ti^aj collect** ?iit...?u , I,MKT rnr ?|iTC wrr lm ?A' Bit..nil K A U. AMKlVt R Vw"iri,!'ivi4tri" ^urrU""-"?'>-<l?1??KI': ?ni . ? Kit u I' V m.r l?. |_ fcd, 11 i u f JM. lana? ??> w ?. ,r v M,A*?1I;T??> A I'K AKMtSI. * * M. <.. A BliWIif, ? ?, ai.d l> ata. J I AB Bol Lk * BAB K^BAJtB Ki M H Ma i .ft* ? MVIR *r !?., So' w'i ?4<V" '*"W bKftKliK*. So. *?A lat!, ?,,*<U.S. Tr..Jirr N^l?ia'4H1~A I^*"^ nM> DFW ""'l ??ih-h, M HOi:? Wi'f1: HUl Sk.c^ Slat u )i\r il ?io? 1'. *?.a,|,?<ii. t<fh|. n??l . It >?. Hit, Mrw| ,.?*? t .r aal?-..rr?nt r '.w UBn "ri- *1."'"^ ACOTTAtiKiu * .:,ar*V 9*UXi U ?ina.. . a.1, MTMiitu Tur-?r l.OTfc L?" *od ?l*li aldr i4 Kli l-lau ! utb ?"4 um* *? i-*? TtT> I.AKMh, ai d u^uupr.^ a, 01. 4ifterrnt ra:!t ?aUi- mDLM.c Imhu tlir . It) , f.ii aja ml .Vr bTii\m?'hm''^r r ftt> *?'*? . . T*?i Bl> iu I?n ?> r>rtlwua uf ihr cl?r f.r , <>ii eaxi tfivia, or ?ill n ntui for prudtirti%<* improMtl pr- |? itr tu%> )? P??B 6ALK NEAR VAKHIBUfuMTl) 0.^ TWO M TKRIOE ruriT FABIH. Tin- C'"d?r Gro?? Vib*v*rdc; aio*ll?ut Irml tr?M ktid Vint* in bftrinj - tue timber Itnii mu4 trMHt net. ALbC?. 1U ILMNC LOTfc IB 1 QK OITf. Ii. Ninarr Mo. 17, Lot B<>.? b<4Uare aoutt ?M N.?. 17, IkH, | ?r,j ? *4?iar?. *?>. 14, L.< K.! U. *4 ** W **2 " " ? " ?:*?nd7. 70 Itl.UauJU ** ?? 7| u 7 """ u " " 7? ?? I., .u<| ? " >' M ?. JT. uii,r Bea8i&u b>?,'"n*r "r "> to STOr VAVIkU HUT AMD MOT Owrf M "iSs??r~kud ?^ '??*??? - ? B W.DVWKMaN, *<-?! E-tmtf Ami, ??1Ahw>1? on fih atraot. MEDICAL. Ao. D't MVi17,a PuUDKk> oxttMti. .... I ..rail dia.a?^? ..I iM organ, an.l all uriiiai * <owplainia aiitl Mood a*.d ak n, uiaoaaC, anUiril i'^WjT'bVS Vw ISI Kr,n ' ** **r U,t r ,r i^*r^'ST.'.gtVSggg Ty if,",;'. |JB. blk?HAH. of toutr, SKITOB or THK _ Awj<rir?? fciarrrn Jo*,mm!, ?T V A"1"' Ki"? .Catarrh, tlj. aai K**, Lu^^Oaticc ra, K1 hmI P,..?H?a. aud all N^rvoua CIip.uu Uiaeaam. Olh.^ B > .ui?, 4 13 13th ?iraet, mrw Priiaajivama at on nr. all |w* ?*WTATrvoLKXCK/'OB tUK WILL t'CitR f TUB GBKATKbl 1?Im;u\KUV n .. i.^i OF TUk WOULD B) It all dtaeaaaa ara riuvd. Ma a.-4lria?a na?1, an I wW a??VJlL ??) Mr. J K KL I<.?T. 4 7 4 C ?tfy?t p??rtiiw^nt. ?j?r-u LA DIK8 wiifff nog fr nn *< nki.<-?**, iiittfulAi ilk t?r Dft?iliO'.can h.^^ll.}?lt^a?^Vi; i aa<. and addiraaiiiK M?-. A. O. IMMII.B, W a?li lug ton, 1>. C. ^ Iim" D |B LKOB, COM, L'L TtMto p/1 YSW1A.M, Tli? oldrM aMabkabad Spacialiat il lAa eng. Ma. 911 l?k at mat, alxnr h . Boon: II to ? and 7 to I, daily. r-Famala Coa.plaint* aod ? lllai rlkt , 11 PiicitM.' u aa. vicr aod BrdiclM will br a, ut A4dmaa M?? ' Dr THOMPbOB, Bo. M? K.rU lUb ^ PmJ* j%dV If* MOBlt BKTLBMKI) IB ? "1 StNHAU BX/liB _ f AILS TO CCBB CHILLS. h*do<BEACK a CIS8KL,cor?or KriAM M PLAJfTB BOM. coruar Ira fork atauar aitd MB tr^. wbera taatfocial. or br ,> Urlf BOOKS, STATIONERY. Ac. IJBTAKr^-libbabT-or-puktbt abu fTOW K LIBBABT Of FAMOUS HO BKKCBEB ? LIFB OF ( HKI8T Be. Sabarriptioti. reciii ed at 1411 p. bum It ama ar anw bf M*1"' BIRHOP A HAZARD. ^OKICTLTIBAL BhOKiT ~ J"l.n?t?Hi a Arri. oltural Cbrntialrr SI 74 Atortcw. ttardt^er'a A?ai?taot IM Allrli a Aimtk all Parai Bw4 . t M MeeAeraooS Oardtrtnac for Profit I M WviBf ?J^rainincrerrrotii and M??ltli in E?Mw* KatU Fruit f ahariat ? 1 a* Falkr a ?r apa 0?Bttra I M :s 1 taaalrntA otBa Hnff B? I m Baalall'a Sharp Haabandi ? ID Boraa Oau?r?' C>. lupa-SIs ? ra T<>uat1 oa tBr Ouca S *??? . All tBa Mar book a v ad aa ano? aa mm*'' * *>' t bicuamd b. momcn aTm.; - ?S-tr ISIS Prima ifnw, cuiuar li;h * .-a* I^IMT ?F Mk# b66KA a* * ilTOKK t T^6W8T4c??,Cta5?e3U,l IMOW LKMOSLK. A s K fS?' '* ' rWuu.?rrAt**'' 99 ?ooi or tmat^J. iX'

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