Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. b FITI RE PAY>. . IB H K>-al k-iBr -k?r and Auctioneer, ' Kt>. 12* 7ih Hmi! b-tWceB G aa?d U. TRI>TFE ? SALE OF ATIIKCT STORY BRICK HOI M. No. II* FIFTH &TKKET BoOTH WE>T. AT ArI'TIoN lit v.rtne of a d?e<l of truat to Dani"li?. Eaton ^Hai ?! m .--If. dated March 29. 1373, and duly re lBr<in Lih?r K'' <12- f lio (I. one of the La-td rrcur<l'< f- r WulitiuRuii. 1). C., 1 will Mil at public an.-tion, in fr nt of the pr*n.|a?a, to the hlghi-at I iWw. < u TBI KaDAY. th- 9?:h day of Mar. h. 4 u'rl.ick rm . ill tin! urt <>( L >tKo.U. in ?tu<rr Sv 81S. contained within th? following Kfln i'1 Lonnda: B*cinr.i;.g for tU- *aia" ?' ? p^nnt IT', fe?-t fr. >iu th? tout brant corner of Lot No. 13, *11(1 ? u:iuint llfiKt north 17't feet; th-nc- ??l U> lh? rur line of Mid lot, thence mull 17)4 and ? ? the place of l> ginning, tog-:hor with Ik-improM-uients thereoa. . . T rmv The am--ant .?f ir AeMeteeei s?rnr*d ?>y ??:?! ilf j >4 irnet unpaid, with the MfiwN of Ml*, th? balat - at ui wd t*'lr? m ?att>s, to b" *-< nr-<l by ?4 mI of treat npoa the frop^rty fiok), v th i'ir fr ?iw th * thy ?>f fr-tl*. 82)1 I ? ait on arc -prune1 "f bi 1. If Irnat <>f ??li* ?re n?l t ->tnplied with within tfv n dars after aa'*- 'h* w< t? b* r -add at tk- risk and c >at of the 4e ui-* f KNIT.BarfltlMTfwtr*. I f~ r-H U P II. WABNER. Auct r. . ?/-THF ABOVE SALE 19 POSTPONED Tint>1 THI R>I>AY. Apttl 10, M7J,saio.j hour and Hare. B, wider of the Traatri.. n?Sl B H WARNER, Auction* r. ?jTTliK ABOVE PALE IS POSTPONED i i.til V Kl'NF.M) vY. April 11, Id. at ?> o'clock p. . ??: p.. II v 01 !? r of Of Tru?t-?. _ B II WAHSKR. An (? LkTIMER A CLKAKT. I ? An tii.n ra and R-al E-nt- Be-.k-r*. f ktbv c i'D'T !'? nn?. Ii:a ii? a\-nur itu! lllls ^1,, ? *r 0!Rce Building. \ ? RY 1 V >TRABLE HUS1NE>- PROPERTY ON *111 k. ml Til SIOE PENNSYLVANIA AVE M E TM liIiOORH WEST OF SI XTH >TKfcET MM. > nR ?ALE AT PI BLIO ACCTIOM V ?. ?! ..? . f.. a* r'ibli n '? 35 fr. : : tt p ? ? <i I RirAV, Apiil il ?, *i-~ ?? ?i . k ? -ii., :h>- ll ii? an li itoi > . ?pi^<: I., J - i.fc flm'r a? a n-atauran', known <vh .. ?. M?1 I* > 1> a11i? HMHW.anl b?*ii?e p-iri of I >f I i n Vr ! (I 'n N|U4>- suiuli red f ^ur hnudi J iii.'Iik; ... riiBtiiurd wttkl* the fotl^wiaf ?? .1 J. i-i ii#. r.m.ui^n i'i<at a p?'iut ?? P- iiu pyhliaa naf wfttawl l>rif-ll?? (H)frfl rlfhf ?1 no I . ^-.twMrtll) fr ia th?- i?orlli?*a?t r"rn? r of m;Hk|tu", ai il rum.ins tli<-tic? wt^'war-llv al<>n( tneliti. f m>ii| A?rw?r twfiitjr-tWo<22) fr?"t,th"l?r?? f nthwar: > .n?i nt rlrht aiigl-a w.rli-md a* e:oi? fit; I* i.'iif'?t. Ui. nc iln?- w nth BftT 'IimiSII MlHfktt'1 loch ?> t tW- llti" <?f B"rth B''r?\ i.kflid ? ,>t aaiil ?lrwt twa*tv-two (211 f<-<*t: - ui : Hi f..|ti-?i\ i v>1 fi*H ami Biw|?iiii l|M, ??ii4th?-M' in rthwarrtlt to tli<v pla<~* of bmtlnnine. The n; p-- *?-ni'nt? cmaiat of ? lartr? four-at->ry Unci. II ?iK?.>'DiitwDib<*l' ten laic,- ronaw, mi l i ,-nf "I ihf >0111 on thi- fir?t 1t?w>r, wfiich front* ? i Pfi:i:-\ Ivar.ia avrun^ an.l B <?reei n->rth. T rm- >t ? il?: On* third of th* pnr. hai* tuowy r"k, -r.! *'.n l?alauc? in ?in?l ln?t*llnii'nt? ?f ?tx . ? twliri 12) and ai*!it-?i. i Ml month* fr->m d*?? ? f?ali-:tii? ^nrrkiM-r will l?> rwiiiirad to ifiva hi* - t ? .i-fi rr.-d pa> ??????. k?arii* iate-? *ht(Ht p^ri-?nf p?r annnni. anl ?*>-ntvil I ? <1.^-<1 ? rii>t on ih?- ^rop^rty. A d' jy?it of ? ii: r. >:ir?d wh -fi th--|" ip.-^ty in l.|?l off. tJou i aik ? itc *t i pun b >?? r LEWIS J. DWIS. El likNI OA It I'M, UM V LEACH. 1 i r ? 'ora of ?*tat* i f L. J hro -n. di^?-a?,^l. .12 L \TrMEi! A * LK\?fV. A c - I?\ I.MIMtk A CLKAJtT. ? A rt. u?*r? and R *? EaUM* Brokira, itbw,- vuru?*r P-nn^l. aioa avrnite aud llthat., St-vr OSff Bitildint '1 RI M * - 8 W.E OF WLI' Altl.r IMPROVED PRO|-|..KT* <?> THt SEVENTH >Ti:ilET R9AI" NEARLY Ol'POJjlTE THE SOHL'ET ZEN r\t;K. > B *irtn?*of ?d<. -d 'f trn?t, brarinc da!a In" fryJTi !i 1i> ,f M.ty, A. I?. 1-72, arid r.?-i.rl?~l iu -*-L ' N M, at f. I? ? ? ,1W. if the Lai. I R ? -rj? . f tb- 1 -ictof Colnnibta, and at th- r?^|U.-?t -f U.^iwi- th?ti-l" , *? ?h?ll ?'ll in fr nt >f ih.-pr-n.' .. ..n FRII'AT.thi* Wtk <11? of April, 1V3, a! A ? M-x-k p L >t? MWilxri-d 27. IS 29 an l .a?,i-' 1< 'li T ?ld Ml IiuvbY npdiTWDt of Ml Ti - uil.t.'ilk?r witb 'hp improv, m-nt'? tbor - . ti, f u< of a n?arly r; Jw. c"-nf .rtabli" Erarn I?wi-Il-. K. with ntN-eaaary out btiildiiiKa. all in ? ><>1 t nditi i . well i.f .ll^rt * h??t on fhi? p "in'ae". B sr> and Silver Spring II >r?e Hvi!r >-ul pa?a II. door. T'-rni" ? ' <ale: Am..?nt < f ind? bt?|n?wa seen??! fcv tin- .'..-d ?f tract (tieinc *Omi. with i'ltiTft ?t |.i arr r^n? per annum fr m th" 26:h of May,ld72,l ?ltd rip i - ? of ?ll*(wbk!iTlH to- m:xl>'known >n day ,.f .?!. i, will b?- r^jnirr^ in raah; th? b lan'o in * ar d li m^nth*, to b- ?> cnr-il by a <t?.| ot tru<? up..i. th-pr-porty. -I??wn at time .;f *a|o. If the tertn* of sale are*ot i mplt.^l with wi'hin a^T.'ti ?*ava. tii> pr p?-rty will b ? r-? >14 at the ri?k and r <r i f th" it- f ."l;irx pnrrhaaer. r.?nToy<nciu? at prr ciiwr -c W *TKINS APPISt>!l.< Tr w. ^ OE'iRUE F.\RLE. < TruMeea. at 41 l? LATIMER ? CLE \RT. AacU. H * MM lNStlS, P?' ?t LINO A CO , Ar.cta. cornt-r >tli and I> streets noribwi-at. PALE or V A LEA BLF PR'iPE RTY <?N Htm !<TKUT, NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVE NIL. , On W EPNE8D4Y A KTERMOnN, April IS. I at vk, Wf will aril. np.n the pr?'H-?. ?i I ot 1^uari. 321 ' ?. inn .? fr tit ? t SU tr?t npon Utk ?tre*t with the d-p*h of lot, with impro^D UK-Mta tip. i; tli?- *an e. Th" al. pro^-n> m aituated npin th? w.-at ai-I? c.t ll'li i *t W'*i, b"t?e-n C nri"t <?l PenaaA lt> ma BTi-uii-, and one of th ikht deairablo pieces of prop?-rt* in the city. Tein ?: One-third raah; ?a'anre In S. 12 anl 13 nM'btlia. n ? f> l.-arin* int.-re?r and mx tired by a dwd ? ?f irtiit t:!?-? n lh? rr'-mii>e*. Conaeyani-ioc. Ac., at t)>en?t ? ithr pnrcha.?. r A depnait of Saw will be j s|itit. -l ?? i"on aa the ?pppi-rtx i* kn'wk-d ?(!. as Iil'Nt \NSQN DOW LINO A CO.. Aw-ta. |?Y * L WALL A CO.. I> M:?rl,l- B -.'l line. k'?. SOII anil *?03 Pa. are., ninth corner 9th street. (XCKI.LENT TWO story FRAME HOUSE, CONTAINING TEN ROOMS.ON9tm STREET. BET* M.N 1 AND K STREETS, NORTH WIST. AT Al CTION ^aa. (in WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 1?, IB at i "'clock, in front of the prenlaea, we will ??aril the above piece of property, tteinic eonth pirtotL' t No. IS, in Mqaare ?U3. aaid part of aaid M havu.< a front of fD feet on Mh street, ami run :nn? ba* k .0 feet, and connecting with a three-foot private alley with the lA feet wide pavtd public alley in aaid SMiiare. Te-m- On- third eaah; balance la oae and two j-ar? an urrd by a deed of trust on the premise*. AH con**v:.nctng at theexprnaeof the porchaarr. t loo to I*- paid 4'wa os the day of sale. a7 d W. L.WALLA CO., Auct*. Y OK KEN A WILLIAMS. Aactp.ueers, Northwest corner lUth ami D streets. IS POSITIVE SALE OP CWIMPNOVED RIAL ESTATE ON NORTH CAPITOL 4TREST, BE TWEEN M AND W STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. SOa THURSDAY, the 17th i-i oVlm-k p m , we ihall aeP.oa the prmiia^, lr4 Ni>. 11, la S-iuara No. <73, b"ing 10 feet 1 inchea front In l.'W feet d"?p, which will be sold all t ?HhiT'>r subdivided to auit pnrchaaers. T*rni? . One-third caah; balam'e in *. 12 and IS 'oomha. tKitw bearinc mteivat, and Kttrnl by * l. ed of trnat on the premiaea C.<nvfyanriiic at the c.?t of the piiri baser*. 41UU down on the da> of aalr. till GREEN A WILLI \MS. Anrt*. ItY LM1MKR A CLEARI, 1 ? R -I Estate Br?>k*r<i and Anctloneen. S -nthwi-.; coru*r P"nnevl\aiiia avenue and ll'li Siar Office Buildlug. TKlSTEE S SALE ?T HOUSEHOLD Fl'RNI TURE. A B v irtue of a ilevd of truj?t. dated r12 h fit i'.*? f Hin-h, IjCS. and ri-c >rde.l in Lib -r N ?. ??I' . I !i" (2&, one of th* Chattel Rn- o.|* for fT|?i.:,i?(ti'ii c-.anH- D O., I will a*ll. ->n ? TUESDAY. April R-i'l, 13T3, th- -ntire cm t-nt?ot h- n-r N". 3W4 P*fr.*t. between 51 and 4 h ?irMi n< rthaeat. coneiatmc In part '?f? Walant ami Mah-?any Parlor Pumltnre. Walnat Marl>l*-top and oth-r Tai>l ?*. Brn-~ U. Tbr"* pl\ and Insrain Carp*t*. Walnut Exii-urion Table. Lace Curtain*. China, Cr.x kery and 01a??war* Walnnt M.irbl* top Chamber Furuitnr*. Paintrd l .ttat- S"t. * antri b-a. Bncan*. B?->l?t"ai|'? ami Waahat.m l^. Hn-k at** Cni'"ti Enttnaw. Tuck*r Spring* F*ather B >Mer? ami Pillows. Straw Ma'tini;. Toilet Sets. Kit? Ih-b Re^uiaites, Ac , A<". Termach WM L KIMMELL. Trm' ??. aM "It- LATIMi.R A CLEARY. Ancts. B V B 11 WARNER. R. al Ea ate Broker and Anctii?eer, 7th stre*t, between G and H. PI BLK SALE OF BCILDINO LOT ON THE U EST SIDE OP 1st STREET WEST, BE TWEEN D AND E STREETS 4^ I wil: sell oa WEDNESDAY,April lft.lH73,at mJPb quarter pat A o'clock, part of lot SI. tn sub. ?^?^of a^aar* V4, bavin* a front of IS feet on l?t. ftrniwm.aud rounibg back Ud feet to a 19feet allay. T-n?*: Ona-half caah; balance in ?lx and twelve Tnaatks. with interest. down on day of sale. onve> alS-dJ Jt.l- B H W ARNER. Anct Y B H. WARNER, _ R. al Estate Broke-- and Auctioneer. No. 7th strwri, betwaao G ami H 15 PUBLIC SALE OP LOT ON THE EAST SIDE OF 1ST STREET WEST, BETWEEN D AND E STREETS SOrTH A 1 will sell oa WEDNESDAY, April ltrb.MTC. Wat ha'f pwi ftveoVI k p.m.. part of Lot E.insub ? fin i*ion of s^aar" ??, having a front of 13 feet ? irret west, aad running back ta aad having ? l?kata 11-U ware avenue of U feet C>s Inchea T> ? 1 ae half cash; balance 4, IS ami U ? >nth> wn .Jlat 4. f 3D down when tkepiapsiLj is struck f~ I "n* yaaciag at the pa*ehaasr*s e?ia*. _bB ?a.u B ? WARNER.Anct. Ill LATIMER A CLEARY, n Krai Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, 4oatbwe*t cugkPf Pennsylvania ave. aad 11th T R USX EES* SALE OP TYkBNTT TWO LOTS IN ?*'TA RE ??A. FRONTING ON R STREET, BET k REN 1 Aim AND IAtn, NURTIl W EST. , J 4 trra* of a 4e*d>f trust, dated th* 4<h day M > atrmber, A. D. H7t. aad recorded In Librr lie Sit, oae of Use laad recerds of the Bia trictof lumbia, the sabei-ribers trill s?ll, ?a the prrmi* to the kigkaat bidder, en THURSDAY, th* V . , day of April. Instant, at I o'clock a. a., Lots > ?. 74,7*. 7?, 77.7*. 7?. *>.?!.?,?. ?.%, #. S7., M aad * la a?aarr Mi. accord ii* f*R n?iaad Plaat'saubdi*i?w>n there-if; being ?*lHl th* re.tueat of the parties secured by said i ,v terms of gala are: One-fourth caafe. (of which ?* -anna of th* gnai aataaal of the parehae* *t -irt be paid at the da* aad place of sale.I residae, ia e.taal sums, in B~ 18, aa4 SI * ith interest at the rate of S per rent aiu per "meMa'to^e7 '"""rarf b**' j ul^f .' Wii* nrsmlsas sold, and all corrveyancing will 4k coet r^rtfce awrrkaaer. If the terms .if sale w a ft complied with with la ive 4ars from the day ' r-f>. the Tnmteea ryaerve the riaht ta reaell the .Spetty, or aay portWt th*re f. kw caak, na ten ?ya' pwklH- aotice, at the n?k aad coet of the pat .aer in ^"bESTOr I ^-ea. I Saw A its LATIMER A CLEAR) , Aacts. auctiBn sales ri TIRE DAYS. B? GRKtN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, K<j. 1 Aftli nurthweet corner 10th Aud D Its. SAI.F BT TRrSTEES OF VALUABLE PBOP IKTY OK t, NEAR TUB COBBER O? SId frTBEETS. NORTHWEST. By *irt?*- of three deed* of tru?t.the ff r?t dat*d Max U V. IS"2, the *eci>tid April 1, 1172. and the third Mat 21. L372. and duly recorded in lib?r No.679. folio *>; liber N". 472, folio 41U. and liber No. W4, folio J4. respectively, of the laud records f?r the county of Washington. D. C., and by directum of th* ptrtin secured thereby, we,the undersigned trustee*, will ?ell ?' pntdic front of the premises, nt i p.m.. on SATURDAY, April 10,1473, the **?1 eight v-thr"e (SI) t?t mii? (7) HkIm front by the depth of one hundred and twsnty-one( lllHeeg seven (7) inhes >f Lot numbered three,(3,Mn Square nawbered five hundred ami *e*enty-foitr,(474,1aud ail Ihe imp; >?en.. nts thereon, which constat of ?or non* ?f an brick houses. The brick work of these honmt ti ronylttel to the height of the firm Snog of joini, nhirh iu? laid. The location tain* central, th" lume,, when completed, will Ind ready sale or r-*i??. Term* of sale are : One-half In cash, of which $200 n Tint be pant at the sale; th*' M?rr?l pavment* to I - made ia aix and twelvemonths, with interest fr >:n the day of sale. The t-rm* of gale mud be complied with within si* davs after ?al~. in defanlt whereof th" prop ert> n av \f resold at the risk and cist of the ftrst ptirctaser. C? nveyaucinz at the purchaser'* cost. John r. h anna, j WILLIAM H PHILP.J Trustee*. V II. lilA M H. WABD.S n?i .w.f GREEN A WILLIAMS. A art*. !> Y GREEN ? W ILLIAM3, Auctioneer*, No. 1 <<<?!, N riUuest corner hKh and I) street*. < llAKCEBY S \ LV. t>F VALUABLE PROPKR T? ? N M STREET, BKTWKKN' brH AND 7tit STREETS. NORTHWEST. X d r at d l-t virtu- of a decree of the Su I,;y ,-r. Court of t I* l>i-ti ict .f Columbia, j> as-"d it cau-e N"?. 2.*Sd in *?id Court. nhTiiu Wu<. W. Wiilingaford and wife ar.-coin i'i:>inanti?. ami Trntnan A. Co>k and other* ar* 1. i ndants, tbo und"rsigb"d.tru?ieee duly appoint"! it' *aid ran ? . will ?<*11 *t r iblle auction, in Ii ont of *! premise*, on M<>NDA Y, the21st day of April, < I? Wt. at 4 '* o clock p. m.. VI Ihtt part of lot sixteeii(14i in *>inare four hu;i Ired andfjrty nlns (<?91, in the City of Washington. D. C..beginning ?? the northeast corner of the I' >t and rannlnj we-t I*- of* - no (21 ( f?*--t; thenre ??>Ti?h oue hsnlri l and ? wenty-font (1HI f?*?-t; th>neA east tet-ntr ia?i!II fr?-t; tb. iire n,>r h one hntidrt ?! and tw t ty -f inrt 1241 f<?-t to the flare of Iteeinuinjf; tugeth >r with t!?9 improremeat* thoreon,con?i*tmg "f a three-?torv in k li- fronting t?t-nty-one (211 ft-.-t on M street, known a* No. 618. Ttih~ f sale, n* pr??crlbed by d -eree, are; Or^ i;rth r*-h, a>Kt tli ? l>><- inthr-e eqn tl in*tal I'm lit*, fur v Mch the note* of tli?- p;ir<-ha?<?r will ho Uik**!!. pavald- at nit, twelve.*nd rijliteen in iiitln r ? p- itiv ly from day of saP'. with int"re?r :?t tlie r ?te of eight p-rcn.t. p-r nuiiinii, and ? onr d to the satisfaction of the tragteea. A d'-ponit of ^*.t) will te required at the time of* ?!e. 1' the terms of ?? le ar>* not c xnplitsl with within live J;?y? from the dav of ?a1e,tlic pri p??tty will bo rcadd at the cost aid rink of dofsultitig pnrcha~or, after tin day* ? tir in any newspaper of tho cifv of Washington. \ II cum >) aiiiiog at the crurt of tin* ?nrclia.ser. WM V M ATTINGLT ( Trn-'o.** M r. MORBTS, \*. aH-dAd* l.KKKN \? ILLIAMS. \n tt. ? > k LATIMER ? CLKABU, 1 * Ancti' reor* a'id Real E*'ate Brokers, uthwe*t c* rner Pen->lTaiiia avenue and 11th ?t., Star Office Building*. TRCSTEE'S SaLF OF VALl* \BLR IMPROVED I'KOPEBTT ON SEVENTH STREET E\ TKM>K1 ?. NEARLY' tipPO.sITE III" T SOl'Tll OF HOWARD I'NIVKRSITY, rONSISTINO t>F A NEAT TWO STORY KR\MK DWELL ING AMD TWO fTORY 8TABLK?LOT X3 BY 67-100. B> virtneof a d<?<l of trn*t dated N iyeniher A I> IS7l', and duly recorded in Lib^r N >. U31. f.dlo 112. on- of th ? 1 Hi 1 r^c -rd* f >r W ?-!i iiigtoii comity. in'hi'Di**rict of Columbia, and by Hrcctlon of the party aernred thereby, I will sell, at rnblic miction, in fr'nt f f th? premise*, ou 1 HI KSDAY. the 17th dify-f April, A. D. 1)73,at i o'clock p. in., all thaTcertain piece, parcel, or lot ' crotii^i, situate. 1; in* atid being in the county of Wellington, in said I?isrrirt, and known as lot i'iuilv : -l i-igtity-two, (S2.> in the anb<livi*ion of Monnt Pleasant esraf, *s trade by Wm, P. D de and John W. Wright, and Htn<>ng th- re cords f r *:iid conntv in I he oWo* ? f the ri vutv s,jr ?ev?-r. sa d lot baring a front of 25 fe.>t on tin) Wssh iiij'or. a:.d R <kville turnpike ..r t?-\?"ith *:r"ot r a.1, .ittd Icing of a dtpih of J56 CT-100 feet,cont tin ink: 6.4i<?-7*-Mi ?Hjiiati- fret. inor?i or lesa, together v ;'h the itr.provenieuts ih*reon. T'-it s of ??!?: One-third in ca*h, of which on* be p.iid on acceptance of bid; balance in six, ?nelve. aiid eij(hte?-ti mortlt*. with inter??t at te'i per cent, per |, payut>le scnn-aninullf. and to teaeruradliv no!- * ?? parcliaser and dead of trust on per'ya'-lil. Conveyancing ami recording at p-ir rli>?i'? nut If tern s of sale ar- n> t complied with within si* day* afti-r sale, the Trn-<ee re-i-r\i-s l<e ruht to resell the property at the risk ai^d cost of defaulting pure hsser. V M. F. HOLT7.MAN, Trmtee. a2-4 LATIMKR A t'LF. \RY. A net*. 1?Y C EENNEDY. I ? R.-al Estate Broker and Ani.tionecr,31 7thsf. ? ALL ABLE PBOPERTY FOR HALE AT AUC TION-LOT .">3, IN SuUAKK 44^. S(?n MONDAY, the illst day of April. 18TJ. at 4 o'clock f>. m., we will sell at auction to tli ? h ghest bidder, in front of the prentices, the to||,ia ing-deser|bed property. distinguished as Lot Jilfv thr?-e. < 63.) in ^jnare nniubered four hundred and I- rty-eiglit,(US,) in the city of Washington, 1.1-tnci i.i Colniubia. and bout de<| as follows, to wit : B-ginning at a p >int on the aonth side of n-irth N street on.- hundretl and forty si* (Mil f?et west of the northeiut corner of *aid s.?iiare four hundred and f rty-eight.(+4s,> thence *onth one hundred and rt*? i lofiifeet <l i?ch?s to a fifteen-foot *ll?-y, th'Mice went twe|,ty-eig 116 > feet, tnonce north -i ? hundred and fi\e( ItKI fe-*t 9 inches to said li >>"'i N street, th-nce ea?t along said nottk N atreet to the place of Itegin ni' g. Term* of *aie: One-third cash; balance in two eitual payment* in aix ami twelve months, at ten per Cent, intrreat pr anunin, secured by d-e?l of trust on the property ar.ld. A deaoait of 9100 will be re nuired on acceptance of bid Conveyancing at pur chaser'* ci>st. If tonnaof sale are not coupli-d with within five day* thereafter, the Trastee* reserv th" right to resell at the coat and risk of the defaulting purchaser. WM. B. WOODWARD ( Tpn.t4Ml. JMO. T. GIVEN, \ Trnstee*. a MM 0. EENNEDY, Anct DCNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., Auct*. Southeast corner 9thand D atreet* northwest. m BT TRUSTEES' BALE OF YALUABLB IMPBOYED PROPERTY AT AUCTION. By Tlrtne of a deed of trnat, dated September I7th. W72, and recorded in Liber <M. folio Xii, of th- land record* of Washington connty, Dis trict of Colnmbia, and by direction of the holder of the note aecared thereby, we will aell, ar pnblic auction,- on the premiaea, on MONDAY, Aptil U 1st, H73 at 4 o'eb^ck p. m. all that piece or Circel of gronad known and described as original ot ntunbered four (4,) in *<inare south it square ane hundred and four (MM,)improved by a two-story Frame Building. Term* of sale, aa required by said deed, are 92.000, with ten per cent, interest from 8?p'emb?r 17th, 1-C2, together with the exp-n?o? of thia sale, In cash, aiid the balance in < and 12 months, secured by the nwteaof the purchaser, tearing interest at 4 per csnt., snd ade?dof trust on the property. 9JOd >wti when the property I* struck off. If the term* of sal" are not ci inpli"d with, the trustee*' reserve the right to re sell th" property, at the risk and coat of the defa ult ing purchaser. ROBERT P. DODOE. I -r?e PHILIP A. DABNMLE.(Tro,t"*' a? DUNfANlWN. DOWLINO A CO.. Auct*. BY fiBEEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1901, northwest corner loth ami D street*. TRUSTEES SAL* OE VALfTARLE RI'ILDINU Li'TS I'iIontINU ON EITTH HTBEET, BS TWKEN O AND R STREBTS, AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the ?4th day of April, A. D. 1873. at # ?'clock p m., we shall aell on the premiers, I by Tirtue of a d"ed of tru*t dated the 7'hday of D ceml?er. A D M71, andduly rec'*rd-?d in Lib?r No. | 6>W, foii,-<1. oue of the land res?>rd*iif Washington , county. in the District of Columbia, known a* all of 1?t nun.I" red ten (lot and part of lot nnmb"red uine I (9), in s.tuare numbered four handr-d and aevent> .eten (4*7^ for the sam". at ths southeast corn-r ct said lot numb"red ten i lo), and running thence north slongS'h -:reet line west one hundred and live(ltKi wo*t niuety-three (9TJ) fo >t f >ur art-1 half iiM-bo*. tliruce *??uth one hundred and tire (!t'5> fe-t, thence east uinety-tliree feet four a'xl one-half in cbe- (99 f"et 4-? inches) t" the place of h-'giutiing. Ti-mi?: Oio -ihird cash, balance 4 and 12 months. I to br *e? urt-d by deed of trust on the property sold. A di p?-it of 9100 reuuired on each lot ml the time of -ale. Ti-rnis to be fully complied with withiu si* days afti-r sale, otherwise Ihe trustees res-trve the right to re^ll the property at the risk and cost of I default ing purchaser. All conveyaucing at pur chaser'* coat. LUDWIG A. MEINEBS,/Tr GU9TA* H ABTIO. J Trustee*. *9 m,A1s GREEN k WILLIAMS. A nets. BY GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Anctioneor*. 19)11 D street northwest, corner of M>th. ' TRUSTEE'S BALE OF A SMALL HOUSE AND LOT ON CEDAR hTRRRT. BETWEEN ISih I AND 1 0th STREETS, NORTHWEST. ? By virtue of a deed uf trust dated the 14th day of April, 1)?1. and recorded in liber Mo. 447. fo il o &< Ac., of the land rwoordafor Washington ? ountv, D. C.. and hy direction of the party secured thereby. I w ill-sell at public auction, in front of the nreni-ea. at ? o'clock p. m., on MONDAT.the Hist day of April, 1473. lot timubored thirty-four(3?), and the oaat five f?-et of lot No 35, of the recorded sub division i?f square numbered one bondrad and thir Urtwo(US). Vavms of sale; in cash, of which BSO must be ?aid at sale, the balance In 4 and It months, in notes ?earing interest and aecured by deed of trust on the property. ConTeyaacinf ?* the eo? of the pur? chaser. M. P. flALLAN, Trustee. aO-eoAds GREBM A WILLIAMS, AncU By b. h. wabbbb, _ Bral Batata Broker'and A nrttnnesr Bo. 780 7th street, bat ween G aalH sta. H. WABVBB, Anct. BY B. H. wabnbb, ? _ Beat Bat ate Brakes' and A act ion < Bo. TOO 7th street, between G aad ? sta. depth UW, at i o'clock, two Lou, "Tt S iac^ee each on 9th street, bra k of 138Teet 9 inches t* n M feat allay. TUe ?liSe AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW. KIT LATIMKK A CLEART. Aucti aeers ar.d K--al Estate Hrot?r?, bouthwest turner of P-ua. ?vfnu? an J 1Kb street, Star Office Building. CATALOGUE MLK ~Or ELEGANT HOUSE HOLD FURNITURE. STERLING 8I1.VER WARE. DIXON A SONS SHEFFIELD PLA TED WAU, CUT AMI) ENGRAVED GLASS WARS #n On Tl'MPAT MORNING, April 14, ICS, Ul at lO oYlock, at the raald?nc? f a gentieiuan IS|lra> inflor Kur?|t, ITo. Ill?# H ?n??t,Mtn I ill he tvtthvwl corner of H aud 3M n?nh , we aha* sell the following elegant Furniture: One Drawing-room Suite, Marie Antoinette style, upholster la Bine Satin Damask,containing 12 P "ft s, SiuM-rb Marftle Clock, beautifully inlaid; Bouquet Tabic-,! Laro Curtains aud Cornice. Ou> Frencl M-juette Carpet, containing al> >nt sev enty-fire .-ards. Tbrne handled ounces of Starling Silver, made by Tffany, coaipriekig Dew-e-rt and Table Fork*, lleaeert and Table bioons, Teaspooas, Cheese scoop. Ra'tei Knives, 8 >ap Ladle, Flat Fork, two Gravy Lad'ea, Fish Knife and two isagar Tongs. D xogt aot.-' Sheffield Plated Ware, comprising two Bound Vegetable Dishes. two Oblong Dishe-. two extra *!*<? Shifting Handle*, twj extra aire Shifting Handle (tithes. " wall of Troy pattern." Sup, ri. r rlaltd Ware, Fire Table Cutlery. Superior Cat and Euarn??d Glass War*. Wslnnt marble-top B 'uffet.Orttaai'Juts. Superior French China War*. Wslnnt Extension Dinli>g Tablo. Wnlnnt Cabinet, with Glass frttat. Walnut Secretary and B .okrasJ I legal! L .unge?. iMifiw Cliaira Fine Oil Palnffngs, Engravings and >s. Om M'llnni Sniii1, npknMerid in I ? -tonne. El1*fant Black Willut ianrble-top Ghisoile-r Suites. Superior Hair M.?ttrese.*s, Feather P.11 i*s and Bolsters. Superier Brussels and Three-ply Carp-ti. Hall. Stair Carpet and V<-lv*t K'izs. T"iltt War.-, I-ard Tuldes, Shade*. Cooking and Heating Stove*. A tfue a-sv/itu.ia'i^f copper and otta -rC'Jokincr I tan *il?. Ac., Ac. N 11.?For full particulate of this elee.uit sulo parties a ishing to ?tt nJ will cali ou tb ? ?uction eers for :< catelcpr.e. Tt-rnio <b?h. . _ e.S-d.Wlt. I VTIMVR A CLEABV. A-vts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No.lfMMl S 'Tlhwe-t loth and D street*. !> SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. C \ R PKTS, OILCLOTHS.GLASS AN D CROCKER V W ARE AT AUCTION On 1 L'ESDA V, tlie 1 3t *1 day of April,1373. ^HL^coi-imereiiig at lOo'c! ck a. m., we shall sn||, r?^-l n' !h? residence < <f a lad> dec'intnn h "m>k rp I ?? line, No. 6H II ??reet. Hvii N -i fi Capitol and 1*1 streets northwest, the following n;i nod arti e!?a? W slnat B-idstead*. B'trratts an l S: 1 Tables. V'a' lit Vra?- Lounge. and Berlining Chair*, np ho|?tered mi Gret-n B'-p. Waiiwt Can -seat Chairs and B clers. V ilctit Extension Table, M.?h >gany Marble-top Sideboard. Marble-top Center Tab!?, Oak Din'ne-room Chairs Lady's Work Basket, Window Shades, hnrinpi. Painted Bedstt. uls, Bureaus, n iil W.isbstands. BrnsMta, Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets, Velret Btijrs and Doormats Hall Oilcloths and Stair Carpers, Stair 11 ?N aud Crash. Husk and Cotton-top Mattrass?s. Cooking Ranee, Ileitting *od o'her >?t.>ves, i r.x k-r?*#u I Gla->s*nre, K.trben Be<iui?ites.Ac. T mi. cash. GREEN A WILLIAMS, a^-d Anctioueors. T M'KCAXSOH, POL LING A CO., Anct'rs, Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. SALE OF CABR1 \GES, WAGONS. PHAETONS, ?lOT AND NO TOP Bl IiGlES. POSTPONED. .flQUj Wi" m.II--Hal our a'\cti"n rooms on yggBfTI KSD.Xl, loth April, at 12 o'chx-km p^t p'>M d from Saturday. 12th, on ac count cd ruin,) tne above stock, <>* exhibition n >w at eitr n>f ira. Bli PCNCANSON. DOW LING A CO.. Aacts. u 15 {>Y DI'NCANSON. DOWLING A CO.,Aucts., i S uth< aat corat rvf 9th and D street!* northwest TBI STEE'S SALE OI" VALUABLE PKftPEKTY ON hTH SOI Til WEST. <tS THE ISLAND. B? virt.ieof a ?|<-,al ?f trnst, dated on tl?- #t h fn?dav of July, \ D liTU, and recorded in Liln-r I ^1. .. of :!'? I Old rt-<- o Is for I Washilictoft coanty, D- 0.. ainl by direction of the party aectgradtBereoy,I will <>-11 ?< poblic aurti.m, in fi 'tit of the prenii A o'clock MON DAY,tb? 7th d- > ? f April, A. D. W.^. all of L >t? i<und'<ied fonr(l) i>nd tiM-(S>iii the r^cor-'-d aub diimii'ii of S-4'iaiv nmnle-rfsl fonr lum lred and nix t> live. ( Hi.'. > w it h s'l the improvemi nts Ikereoa. Terms of ?ale: One-half in cash, of whi h $lll0 must be paid at sale, the deferred payments to be ii arte in six and twelve aoutlK. with interest at tan ]>? r cent. per from day id sale?terms to be f'ill> complied with a ithin six days afl"r sale, oth ers i/ . tie Tru-*' ? reserves the right to r-s^U at the risk and cost . f fir^t pnrch:is< r. All c nreyaneing .at purcbas' r"? c"?t. WM H. WARD. Trustee. n&icoJkusDL N'CAN&0N, DOWLING 1 CO.,Aocts. ?/-inn ABOVE SaTe"IS POSTPONED until TUESDAY. April 1$, l%3,s?nie hour and place. WM. II WARD. Trustee. a? eoAd- DUNCAVSON, DOWLINO .V CO., \u-ts. \ B H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 7 VJH Seventh street, between G and U. PUBLIC SAL* OF VALUABLE BDILDING LOTS ON NORTH SIDE OF PENNSYLVANIA AVEM'K, BETWEEN 6rnaM>7iu STREETS EAST. Br direc'ion of the owner I will offnr for sal" ?Mob TUESDAY, April A1, o'clock ?^p. nj.,_parts ot sah division Lota 24. ?Jt and X, in Kiuaro ST3. fronting ab >ot 62 feet on Pennsylva nia avenue, between<th and 7tli streets east, by a depth of about 10U feet, or the Lot will be sold iu two different portions. Terms: $1 j)U0 cast; balance in 6.12 and 13 months aith7 percent, interest, secured by a deed of trust A rare chanc for a bargain, flflu) down on day of sale. | a3 eoAds j B. H. W ARNER. Auct. UI I.ATIMEB A L'LEARYT M3 Auctioneers and Beal Estate Brokers, S. lit Invest corner PtfinsyWania avenue aud 11th ?t., Star Office Building*. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON N STREET, BKTWEEN 7th AND t?TU STREETS, AT AUCTION. ^ On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, April 10th, *Oat 4'? o'ths k, we will sell, in front of the ^"-prtniises, the west part of Lot No. 10, in Square 124, haviiig a front of M feet 4 inches on N street, with a depth dflOnfoet. A ten-foot alley on thesid". Terms: One-ftfth cash. balance in 1, 2 and 3 years, with interest at ?per c^nt. Conveyancing at coat of purchaxer. ?80 down at time of stile. all dAda LATIMER A CLE4RY. Ancts. ? 1Y GRBBNV* WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, L> No. 1901, northwest comer kith and D sta. TRUSTEES- sale of"yaluable impboted PBOPBBTY AT AUCTION?THREE STORY BRICK DWELLING, WITH FBENCH ROOF, 'in STREET EAST, BBTWKEN B AND C NORTH. ^ By virtue of a deed of trust, dated September Eh, 1871, recorded in liber aH, folio318, of the ?a*laod records of Washington county, District f Columbia, aud by direction of the holder of the note secured thereby, we will sell, at public auction, i#lhe premiaea, ou THURSDAY, April I7,WT3, at 4 o'clock p. m? all that piec<* of ground in Wash ington city. I>. V . known as L t lettered F, in Chea ter A Jnokln's subdivision of square 72S. Terms of sale: Oie-third cash; balance In one and two years, with in?reat at the rate of ten per cent, per annum, payabl* semi-annually. secured by notes and deed of trust oa the property, to the satisfaction if the trustees. Conveyancing and recording at pur chaser's coat. If ike terms of sale are not complied with in live days from the day of sale, the trustaes r. serve tbe right to resell the property at the risk u.d coat of the defaulting purchaser. R. P. DODGE. / Trn-tev. P A. DARNKILLE.iTrns''* a7-d GKEEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. 1> Y DUNCAN SON, DOWLING A CO., Ancts. I> C jttier SHh and D streets northwest. SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITol IIILL. AT ACTION. 9 On THCB>DAY AFTERNOON April 17. at 4 o'chick. ae will sell upon tli?? premise-, all of Lot 1, s.| i?r. S3r>, haviiiK a front of S3 feet 6 nclies upon northD strset, with a depth of 30 feet upon tith street ea?t. This property is situated iu owe of the most Aoidty improving portions of the city, being the mttbwest corner of Cthaud D sis. northeast. Terms- Oue-thild cash; balance In 6. 12 and Id months, notea beating interest aud secured by deed of trust upon tbe premises. Conveyancing. Ac., at co*1 of the purchairr. A deposit of *5o will be re quired as soon as tae property is knocked off. ad Dl NCaNSON. DOWLING A CO., Ancts. [Y B H.~WaKNEK. Anltloaeer and Real Estate Broker, No. 749 7*1 ?treel, between G and H EXECUTOR* SALE OF YEBY VALUABLE RISINESS PIJOPERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF PEINSYLVAN1A AVEMl't, BK TWEEN 9th AND 10th STREETS. r I will offet for sale, on FRIDAY, April ,5i0, at 6oVl.?k p m , in front of the prenii- --, lto the highed bidder, Lot lettered D, subdivi sion of original :? '?* No. 2,3 and 4, in Square No. 3ho. fronting 23 fe4 IS luclies on Pennsylvania a*e nua andrunniag tfrk and fronting on C street, im Ii' fi croved by a tlir<4-stor> ami attic brick ats>re and dwelling Donse, n*r occupied by Caro's loan office, No. V14. This itoue of the best business stands iu tbe cit?. Terms: Otie-fonah cash; balance in I, 12 and M months, with int#eM. secured by ? dead of trust i the property. |M deposit on anreptanc* of "T terms of i?le are not complied with withia7 upon the bid. Ift dayt aft< r sale tboproperty will be reaold at the risk and coet of the d-tiuUfng purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's coat. _ JOHN M. SIMS, Executor. a7-eoAdstSun.0a?ARep] B. H. WABNER, A net. Nin.Q^.i t 1 0 ^ W O t 1 M 8 ALB. ?By virtue ofa deed of truat, bearing data 0? tober 2Sd. and recorded la liber E C. B , No. 21. folio 1m, one of the land records of Washington countt .0. C., and also by virtue of one other deed of traabbaarlaa date Or tober 25th. 1857, and reconlad in mar B. C. B , No. 21, folio 464, in tbe same land ra^fda, 1 will sell, oil FBTDAl April l^tk, 1873.T? o'clock p.r In 1 r.&>: S, la propi ^ ton couaty, P. C, . Term* ot tale; ^a-balf caab: balance la ? and 12 mcntha, with intent, secured by deed of truat oa 11 caafc down ou aarb Mat the onveyaucing at tbe coat of tbe J. T. STEVENS. Trustee. DCNf AXBOH, DOWLINO A CO. af-eoAda . Anctiooeera. A CCTIOB |ah" By virtue of a detl of trust, bearing dale August t?Yu?a. and recorded in Liber T and B. No. 4, folio 1#, one of tki land records for WaaMagton coanty. D C., andileoby virtue of another dead of truat.bearing dateNoveasber 13th, BK, and record '"crsriimic: lo. g. In property kagwn atjfl^coat of the N H STBVEN8, Trnatea. )H. DOWLING B 00.,Aaoto AUCTION SALES. this mnMoii. BY OBBBB A WILLIAMS.* Northwest corawof MUaodl) T?X8J**"? SAI.B or A NIV CH ?**VfeIMO OK PSTBUT.IITVt! AND 16th STREETS. NOBTHWEST ? By virtu# of ? desd of trast, d%t~d "on th* *M asasHsIS'**** Muciinn, in front of the wrmlw*, on MONDAY. th* llhday of April, A. D. 187.1, at 4Wo'cTock? m T S P_w?>yg'*??T -ight. \SS5\u L*?e. ?!',} I*" of 8qnare numbered one handred and nfn?t ^h'l%whr?rUS^fS/'T* 4 inch"*on north p ur^ti with ? depth of 100 tut, to a ten-foot alter Term*: One third rvb? of which %im ???.? u. J*in?KOWM ?LVm'' ?*!fit*l?nce in *t\ a ad twMv* months, with interest at seven p?r rent . ms-n'M i,> sf^sn^ssr??? *" c.'Xvur. r ftsrffirtaj sras cost of the defaulting purchaser. BAMPBLT. DBUBY, Trustee. Immediateljr after the above sale we will sell Lets 1 J ^f'd W, In fame square. *aid lot* front mgju feet each on Q street, with a depth of M) feet T'ran: One fourth cash: balance in six. twelve *i'd eighteen months, with interest at seven e?r lf lt\Tarr? ?,n the nremtoe*. 990 down oa ea h co** coBTej-anciuf at purchase 'a ? OBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. vnvl!^?0^1.1 IS POSTPONED until MOHDAl , the 14th instant. at the uuu- hour an I place. By Order of the Trustee. "*?!_ GREEN A WILLI And*. T GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer^ I No. 1001, northwest corner Wth and D streets. |^'.^rES;8AI.E OPVALUABLE IMPRO\ KD ? sVl'ARE ???-FRONT PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BE TWEEN, bin AND 7th STREETS East! riM,,"'2f *dl'e(,of trust, dated on the lsth B * W? r maV I niM , ?! \U>\ . II Ul? KtH [ill .1 ?f Mujv-h, A .0 K2, and duly r.orded in ~7L,t**r No. 6<$. folio S3, et *<-q. of the lull r . oMs of Washington county, Di?trict of Columbia, ii Hi ?recV(>n ' th" party secured thereby, we mMx *! .p".,l,'r ?nr"on, in front of tlip pr. mi?-,

i*' *1^ 1 ? tbS 14,11 ,1*v of April, A. I? li'l. ?t "timbered four.(t.l >n square numbered eight hundred and*e\enr\ tlire?-,<d7i,> in1 Ji'i'S,i "1 M ?*S,":,?,0?I. District of Colombia, with , ? thereon, <?, n isti, r of thre ? ?t\^\,v;:fTh.:,eY *"? *?? o,'? Terms of sale: One-half in ca^h, of which Sflo mu?t I" ,P'ud "? "ale on each house. the def payment* to in' mane with interest at the rat?* of ten per c?*qt. per annum, in six and tw<-l\e month* hfter d?v of , *? Hj?<> ?? -curwl |.j deed of trn*t to the anti-faction of the Tru-iteo*. or the purch't^er can pay the whole *ir.'nut of purchase money in cash, at his opti-m T>in.? tr be fully ciiinpljed with within aix day* f-'ii*". otlier? im- the Trusteea re??*rve theriiiit r. resell the pro??-ity, after one week", the i ,?k and ci'-t of f.r?t l urchaber. Allcou>e;au nc a* put chaser nciet. ' 5 F. X DOOLEY, f ^ ? bAM L. N H1L.TON. { Traste,*? ?t 27-eoAda GREEN A W ILLIAMS. Auct?. \Y GB?EH A WILLIAM?. Auctioneer*, No. 1001 iioithwi??t corner lutb and D ?t?. TBt STf!E8? 8AIi? OF VALUABLE PROPERTY JN hQUAKC 730, FRONTING ON' SECOND ^EET KAST, betWEKN PENNSYLVANIA AVENl E AND SOl'TH A STREET. ?4 * H IT"? <,f " 1' ?n the lrh a\ of June. A. I). 1H72, and duly r^cordt-d in jLiwr No. <>*?, folio 4J, eteeq.. ?,f the land re eorda of ? u-hinirtou county, District of O 'l uiiM*. H1-'n irt-cti.>'i of 1U>-party secured th-reby, we * MAt/niv1 I If >n Trout of to?* prenii*'?, on MON DAY , th?- 14fh day of April, A. D. 1ST.?, at 4 O'clock p.m., th? ?<>uth twenty feet front on S >c orid street east, by the depth of th- lot, of M iinm tx red fonr (4), in s<in.ire nnmb re.1 seven hundre.1 *f Col'unViiI"*'' ""* '? ^ a"Iii'i?*ou District Terms of sal": One half in cash, of which #100 iLiifit be paid at sal*; the d *f.'rr<?.1 |i i\m"ut* t". b?* made, ?ith interest at the rate of ten percent p< r annum, in 6 and 12 months iirti-r day of Kat?, and *<>. (,':r^d l.y dt*d of iru-?t to the satisfaction of the tru? tces.orthe purchaser can pay the wbol?am .untof pir r< liat. ni. i: j in ca^li at hi* option. T.-rnis to be fully c mplied wito withiu ?U da>s after salt, oth rwise the triihtres reserve the right t.i r< ? II th ? pron- rt v ^fi.-r one wek ? notice, nt ?h*ii k :?n 1 c -?t of first purch^er. All cnnveyaticme at purchaser"* c >*l F. X. DOOLEY. / ^ ^ SAM L N. HILTON, ^Trustee*. n 27 eoAil* GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auct*. |i^ OLkW II M.V.Ms. A>;. ;:<>ne?ri. ? ' No, 11101, nortlmest i..ruer 10 Ii aad I) *!s. TRI STKK ,S MI.K OK %'ALUABLE PKOPEK TJ NBA It ST. ALOVSIL'S ? lU'RCII. . bj. iJ'"- ? ; ad'- dof trust, dat'-d An^i^t S, fjj A 1? 1871, and duly rec rd.-d in Liber N i. <>52, folio 41; of tlie land records for W tsbinx t n c< nnty , r?. and l?v direction of the purtv ?<? ' yr?u ' w ""?ell at public a.iction, in front t-J ' Preniinet", on MONDAY, Arril 14;h,A I) ,?a i o clock p m., all of lot* uumbere<l on ? hundred end sejenty-f.-nr, .1/1.) <.t?e hundred and t-Vf ' oup bnndred and enty iix, ,176.lone hundred andseventv seven,(177,) mehnn dr?d and ^veutv-eiffht.(17*,) and on>; hundred and ?te^eutv-iiine, (179t) in Gilbert's recorded sub.iiri sion of square numbered six hundred and ??vWitr nve,?73,)in the city of Washington, with all tli? briclt'dwethii(jh' ' nearly finished Terms of sale; One third caih: balance in six an I twelve months, to be secunsl by d-ed of trust on the property to the sutisfa n .f the Trustee. Ale ^*'t of one hundred dollars required on each house at the time_of sale. Terms to be fullv complied with within six davs after sale, otherwise the Trtistee re s?rves the right to resell the property at the rKk and cost of first purcbaeer. Ail conveyancinf at nor chaser s cost. K WILLIAM H. WARD, Trustee. ?4 eoSd* GREEN A W ILLIAMS. AncU. i GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner l?Rh and Dsts. B W5KTB n wJ NEAR ST ALOYSIL'S OHI Rf il. . J ,'ne of ade?d of trust, date.] on the ?r*t fA?I).'5,J ??>recorded iu f r u ?tLi II; ? Ac.,of the land record* b.r Washington county. D. C? aud by direction of ! I will sell, at pnbli< anc I V?K i" frr: ?Vh.e P?\n"'-es,on MONDAT, the r Ii ?i D. ItffS, at 6 o'clock p. ni .the f. Ilowine described lots in Gilbert's recorded sobdi vision of s<iuare numbered six hundred aud seventy ni iiViu c'tJ of Washington, that is: Lots Nos 1U us, U4 and 115,each improved by a nearly fln'shed bouse, trontiiyt on north I street; Lots N.?. 1M, 1SS, 154,156. M, 1ST, 15* 15#, i?j, i?] and 152, all uiiimproved, and fronting on Myrtle street Terms of sale made known at day of sals,' and de posit at sale of $1(0 on each improved lot, and *25 ?!Prov/,l-,ot- Terms of sale to be fullv complied with within si* days after day of sale; otherwise the trustee reserves the right to resell, af ter one week V notice, at the risk and cost of first purchftser. All convey?onn* at purchaser's cost. ? Ji OR*&\\,SlAI??TMS RY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anctl >n?er?, II Northwest corner 10th aud D streets. T*0.8T0RY rBAME HOUSE AND LOT, T\vv?X .P /IK. 7t" STREET WEST, BE luCTlON D S BTR"T8 NORTH, AT Ou MONDAY, tbs 14th Inst., at o'clock ? mn' 7**0 nail s<-ll, on the premises, part L >t ??? 419 front fttwl let) teet deep, with the improvements, onsiitin* of a Frame Dwelling Uonse, No. 1 736, aud ne." the new northern market. Terms: One third cash, balance In? and 12 month*, t r notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. $100do?rn on the day of sale. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. 1-1 y b. h. warner; V sua , . Beal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7 49 7tb Btrmt, between Q aiul H itieetf, PBKTW*KVIa?f * wn0.'!.?18*011* STREET, J?tr^etsVitVwest?th a!,d k and r "I . 1 *'11 *?-ll at public auction, on MONDAY. ? ? ?' ?>? o'clock p. m., th? south i. n 3l\,D Sqnare38H, froutingM feet on l'ljniure street ?< utburnt. C I6!?1- One-third enmh; balance in 6 and 12 ni<iiitb?. *30 down oa acceptance of bid. Conveyaucine at purchaaer's cost. _*L? B. H. WABNEB. Auctioneer. IT t:. KENNEDY. Real E?tat< Broker an?I Ahctiotieer, did 7thst. TRUSTEE'S SALE OK VALUABLE PBOPEB ? , TY AT AUCTION ? Bv virtue of a deed of ttust, dated June ?>'li, 1S71. aud duly recorded June Ktli, IVI, ? i JJI. ** F ,?46' fo,'?,?>) of the laud rec<irds for fVu"V; of Washington. District of Columbia, and by direction of the p-irtv secured thiMreby, we will sell at public auction, to the highest ?/"f? premises, ou TUESDAlr, the *-n 1nru: ?P? *' m < ll?t uniulter i .1 n _...B T"?W ? Bnbdivision of original l"fi niynb**red six (6),and seven (7t, in square ntun betv,! fn eh mid red and thlrty-seven(B7) One-third cash, ths balance in six and twelve months, equal payments, with ten *-r i "nJ ,nJrV*" |K'r annnm tr<jm date of sale, secured by deed of trust op property Stdd. A dep.?sit or S10U ?fc*P***?' of bid. If terms of sale are not com plied with within Ave days after sale the trustees rMi-rro tha <*!.? ?n .? tk. * i ! '"VT" 1$ BY latimbb a clbaby. - Real Bstnte Brokers and Auctioneers, southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St.. Star OBce Building. - JtMi C'OOBINO ?ToVb^^ Ac., Ac., AT ADCTIOh. SI On THURSDAY MORNING. AprH ltth, Blftt lie-clock, we will No. 7il? uth ? (AdjoiniDg Welksr's restaurant,I ths .. above-named goods, together with many ' Theodore Eanfsaftnn, Max We*l, wXlUL^d, E^ensi.VoMe, 5; *? day, the 14th T en? ? , 114MM LATIMBB A CLBABY, AncU. AUCTION SALES. DCKCAN.-ON POWi ING ? oo An - ror??rfh anl p aonhweer B* TEAS-CANDLR*. COFFEE* RAHIV> ^?| <>?> TFEMHY MORNINO. Apr*] 1* |ij>V< innfncinc t> 10 o'clock, *r will ?.;i of G'oc->r<>?. ?' mf Rooms 7^y? rrirrA vsok.powling * o ?. .*??<-?? HY LATIMKB -t CLFARY, ~~ Auctioneers and Real Bstst* Brot er?. hoiilh?i?! cot nrr f?m.* vid Uth att"! Star Office II F1AMK STABLK AKD BLACKSMITH SHOP (TO BE REWOVSn* \T ACCTION 4ft..0'1 TL.*5P4T AfTKRMOO*. April li h B.w 4 ? ?i' fk ?' *111 oall, In fr >?? oftie |.r--T> ??l?e?,on New YVrk avet a ,b-?w -en <t-h *rd7: greets, n?>rth side, ? two-story Frame Stable and Blacksmith shop. Term-. ca.-h. (R<-rl LATIMER ft CLEARY. Attfts. H~Y LATIMER a olearyT Auctioneer* ltd Real Rotate Broker*, i-oathwn: corner Pninfiltui* arruue and 11th ?? Star offi.--- Buildings. riiXOfOBT*: FBENCB PLVTK *'RR?RS; REP PARLOR FFKMTIRE. HA IB-1 LOTH PARLOR FPRWITl'RK m*r ?iSiXop.TAnL,c*- whatnots anh ktk fc!KS.V and I'BKOHOv LA< K (trtains * alm r MARBLE TOP CHAMBER SET>; M VRaLK Tvn iIA,vLrL.VrliXIT, KE' MVH0U\Nf ^PwPJI?lKU ri-RMTiHE, HAIR AN?> l,iJ,K=M>UJJ,E*SKS FEATH&R PlLLo*'< .1nl?ST.,L,lS; BRl***ELS. Tims? PLY IN(;|tA,N VABPKTB; RKliS \NP M \1 TlM.S; L0LKGE8; EXTENSION PINIV; ?A.V?,3% AKB OTHE? CiMIRv < n.IWA AMI GLASSWARE: RI'PERIOM STEWART rOOKINii STOVE < ?Mi,LFTv 7v ?; MJ T H M^?' OTHER COOR AV IH1TK8 N T?' " ASU KIT HkS OS K L\I>IE> HI NTA|MJ ' ASE QOLP V. A" t H anp seyei;\l scpekkm: mlVi.u w \TCHE? VT ALi'TIOS rTy-. Ou WKPNESP \ V MO iN|X(i, April lo. ? II *1 Ir. w. w>shall -:i ,TM i.-i -c a^-tl.1. m ??I t ' f ? ?>??"?? ? -fa. T?: n n fuftli. ?14-* LATIMER a < LEAKY, Am. !?V liKKrs .V VILLIANS A ? , I * N . rf liu . .r r i , .? i t I. .11. Northwc-t c >rn-r Mth and l> ?trw^. fj On 1 R1PAY, th. IS;li in.-iHnt, at 6 i . , j p. m , v.e sliitll ?B. in fr.>u! <.f Ili-- U.-C H- s, n V,twntnry Bri.-k H-':? >? I L !)?!;,? ? *'?! ??? an ?ll-y, l^jj;^ I, T,. X. ' I ' .1 L I I < . ? r .i . V > ... ? - ,(<li . , y _ 1 ?" 11 ii ?"" ? . ?t ?>, siMiH.f <1 oil Nt-\i ,li rn?*T t? Mv^-i f \ K f>rr.'?>lf ?<>nth, opposite th- l:itc rwhliuri* .,1 t!i? ?-'\J'?rT bHoiii(ini( lo Mr*. M^rKirr"* W aklrou. T. be? M In ihr bi?W M.1'r l >rr? ?M-? <JREEN ft WILLI \ MS. Au"'?. HV LATIMER A CLEAR!, A i? u?.i.r, r> ?ini Rf-ai K.ta'f Bi ok?'r?, Soutlit-ab! toriifr Pt*uiu>> Ivauia *?<>anc .?:.J iltli ?t Siar Office Bulldiiig. FViS.Ti'? REHIPENCE WITH ?VLLMf*BKKN CONVEX I EN( ES, N,. ?#:?? t>i BEE r NOKTHttKST. AT Al'< T!o\ & On MONJ.AY A KTEBNooN. April ill. at Ilia"* ??".<? dock, *? mill ?< II in fr.,nt or il.e ar?ru ?we. tlw weet half ?ri.< M.lx-ing * ?ubdirU,u? cf on^lnnl lot 1?, mi s<j?i:ir ? STS. Ttii* nr .p?>r:\ Mtnated on th<> aonth ?idf of E rtrert, bctweon 9*!i and Hwli Ktr??etF northw.-?t, n-.d i? tmrrro, ^ hv thre?-?tory l.romn front BRICK i>U ELLIN'O r?n tainlnn ten rooms with l?*h wat.-r clowt lar*,* cHNr, raitKM. hot and cold ?at.-r. ?<*ri v rolistan<l?, mat Me mantle*. &c , ft,-., an t b?tr within two minutM walk or th>> moat central p?rt r Hentw>\ lvar>a a-. entiM, t>ffer? n rat* opportunity') mercuantM .|e?iiinn to piirrha** a tir?t clas.< resi lencf r. i.venient to tli>-ir place I. i?ii..?<, or t < tulalitb ui?iiir.g f.i make a! inTeKtment Term-: OiK'.juarUr caah, r. eidtt" Iv, . '(thtfen, lu /?KTv-rmir, thirty and tliirty-.U n.L'.flj villi Inter, ?t from day ot ??ip. at . .?? of pinch i?er; d.>wn ??time ,.f . ,i? ?.H dftdt- L ATIMER A CLE KEY. Anete. !?l GREEN A V ILLIAMS, Aneti..?i?*' r-, ? * K >. 1061, northwest corner lilth a>id t> ntn. ALOABLE EEAL ESTATE KR'?NTTN-. OX .iVovi&Ft-1 M KST< between E AMi ^ north, at apctiom. On I IIITJA'i . the rf'i.l instant, at t?'* p we ?liall pell on Hie pr? :ui*...aH of L -t N . 6 in atti>di\lei"!! of N js. bt-itig ?; f ? t * l<i ii.'J ^r!"'l by ft* feet t ite.|.-.-p, t? , tine (Mve. ini|<iovetiient?. ttiakins tw . tir-i claj '"llW'ns ???*?, which ? ill |,e?>M wparat. ly. Tt'ia property offur* Kie^t in<1?cefn.*ii,< r?,r Mi^atte"*!."* < iiUta Pr"l rty, to which we atk T rrn?: One-third cas-h; Balance in ?. 12 and I fitoiilh's f?*i rifton bfarici; 7 p?r cent. ? rurfd ?>> H if truM (?n the prcinitec<M l?i ? 1 tiovn <>uthe<1iiy of m|i*. * c all d I Rep| GREEN <1 WILLIAMS, A-i, t.. I?V LATIMER A CLKABYT I * Aii.ti. nwm ana B al Estate Broker*. S uthwrMcorn.'i P.-i neyltama ?,-e aad 11th *tt. ? Star tiffice Bttildin^n. TRl'STEF'S ?%LE OF V AI FABLE PROPERTY IN SOI TH W ASHlMiToN ,1'' jrcorduice with pt,.>i,i?,? ?r a d.-?,l of Li ' ^!'ie.l.May 18th. lS7o. and duly r.-. .>t<1 <1 in f u. eif 11;' folt".{50, .'t ?e<|.,nf the Und record I Waahinct..n (onnty,D.C ,and bt rirtce of th wri?<I!! ! ?T?f*ITwl up>n HI'S ami up.n the ? It.^i th ???>> , I will n KPNKM*\\. th#* 2-il irifinnt. &> .i , u'cl.n k p. m., id front of the pr -tiii??*, ??ff^rf .r ?ale, at p ih lie auction, all th:tt certain piece or purcol feronud ?i.ti?te in the city of Washington. H. C.. and ku v .| ??ii.l deacril ?d aa part of L ?t twentt-tw> (121. in Njnare four hundred and ?i*tv eiifht < l?S>, in said cn>, bounde,l ar. followa: Ri-(ianln? at th>-u .nii ?cat corner of aid lot twenty-twj ,22) and r on nine theuce due eaxt on th?llne<>fG -treet ? .iith eighteen : I feel, tlii ti" *.uth-evenfy tlve (7.M f"et; th*nce y*' eighteen t Hi feel; thepce uorih twenty ith */;', f. el to the place of beginning, together *ith the im |ro veil lent* theremi. Term*: Caab. One hun lre.1 d.dlara de?.wt when the properiv t? struck ..ff, Bslanc.- to be pod ? ithin hve (5)dav?,or th- pn.perev mar b- reaol< at the ro-k of the defanltinc pur. haaer. Convey ancing at purchaser'* 'jipiiiw. ,, .. . R. T>. Ml'SSEY. Trustee, ull eoftd* LATIMER .v CLEARY Aiicts. IfY B. H. M aRNEK. v . ?.*!*??' B.r,,k<,r Auctioneer. J, >. 7 <th street, between G aud H. ' rw^VKVsYt?TB>J.(trll>BLE IMPEOVEP . ATE ON THE North sipe of i STREET NORTH. BETWEEN 1?th ANI> 16th STREETS WEST. ^Sft?B n; T't ??* drcrT.*tf ,h* Supreme Court of thePi?trict of Columlua. muaed in the cause of ?Cnix et al vs. Crux et a~N<>. S,USe<iuity, I "aTreltiSv a,l,nlSu',^Iro",i>f ?rP?"ise?. cmJ^i .n.AY#??Apr<,.X.9'?,:rS ?t 6 O'clock p.m., part of lot 3. or8anine| Pa> idson s ?ubliviw>n of lot i'eii '?? by,""""* t'V the sam- at the north ?e?t corner of aaid lot 3, thence running south lit JhTn^? lUCl"?- 1? \ ? ??orJh 'me of I street O'.rtli, I iJ? t?" ' ^ '"Cher.; thence n. rtli 7j feet i f^t iX i -ii"?;!?"?,13 fp<>t.3 Inches; th noe u >rth 67 a,,p':: ?Dd thence west to the l.egia ^h%r2or,vhb^rd^lnV' ,heM?"- C?*""ting Ternif of sale; One-thirtT of the pur< ha?e money f - ? on the day of sale, or within live daj- thereaf ,n M?ree equal instalments a' ?. 12 ilS-Li? from the day of sal.', the purchaser or i.iirchaeers to give his, her or their promis.>ry notes lor ttie deferred payments bearing int.T?t from the riie HtV r"^ of 9 F*r c?'n,u," P^r annum. the title to be retained until the whole of the pur clmae money with interest, is paid. In tn- event of ?Sr StaKk ? pn#rh*fer ^ P"rfkaaers to com , } IP" '"""e "t sale, the trustee ii*. the right .Vef.^Ti- the property at tli. risk and cost of - ich >-i? lmgi_FnPr *^ or P'"chasers. A d?p.sit of -i. ffM'tired on the a,-, eptance of bid. and all cosyej ant ing at purchaser's c.?t, .ii ? ? s. JAMES 9 EDWARP*. Trustee. - *!< ???? ,**de B H. WARNER. An. t IIY LATIMER ft CLEART, ' ? .U Anct'0??'? *nd Real Estate Broker*, -?HJUthweet corner Pennsylvania avenue and llfh St., Star Office Building*. "?yAtJLANDPOCBLliCARVBP OIK PEsks ri. wV^uK L**THERCOVEREPrH A1 It??' To MATCH: IMMENSE OI'AVTITY iiv TA?I ViVi J^FICF. PKHKS ANI> tp?,v?A;\i'.ko0F THK uou-JE OF REP ?wiiXi?*??>'? k?8E,KS galleries, ANPCOMMrrrKK ROOMS, AT AOrTlON 1^B,TI I8DAY MORNING. AprH 4?rh. U* iva. Colliuieucing at 10 o'clock, we wills'-ll I^Bal.the Capitol of th- United S'at.w I^IAIwiit t.j single aud double Carved Oak \bout 30" Carved Oak Leath* r-corered Ami Chair* tonia-ch. Large nuinlH-r of Walnut and Oak Can -? at and hack Arm Chairs, Office Desk.- and Tables, Sofas, In.mense .luautit) of Brussels Carpet., which wiU he sold in lots to suit purchasers - Kl5S?*rTS4.^e*fe and ch*"> *>ll be sold in the chamber of the H-uiae of RepresentsT. ?. Tli" cari?ts and other fnrniture in the larg> hall imme 2> y G?e chamber of the Hou??. Terms cash. B> ti KI,wAKD M< KHERSON, Cleric of th# HiiMRi. ?>f it s ?i2- iRep.chi latimera cleart, Anct*.' V B. D. WARNER, B M? ,ouBe?' E?t?le Broker and Auctioneer, ?o. 7?? 7th street, between G and H. TBUSTEEM SALE OF VALFABLE IVPBOVEP REAL ESTATE ON D STREET NORTH RE TWEKN Stm ANP 8TMETS eas r.' B? .Jy \irg*A* *??l of trust dated SepCesnl^r |R19tb, A. D. ISC, and duly recorded in Liber E. E., V>. 1? f.dioAJbet knjj one of the land recorfl* for Washington county, iV C., I will sell at P?bBc ao<*tion, la fr mt of the praises,onlTFES ' 'iT,l! 15L0' AP1""' A- ?-?? ?o'clock P- m., all those certain pieces or aarcels of ground situate and lying in the city of Washlagtoa, D. C., and known ami described ml lots It^teradLxi^ "K"ud"g," in the s?bdi*ision of tke weat half of s-i.uare numbered nine k ?:n "" Wl" ^ third Is cash; bolanoe la ? and Sgi plied with in Ave days the trustee reeervea the right fo resell at the risk aad cost of thTdS.StiiS J5?: chaser. All conveyan?wag at real of the purchaser. Mn...* ?sTSAsM.'IjJiSgS: .ssks veorfaiKs with section t of the charter of the W.irM?' 1 ?:??? at.the Market,the iSfufE?,or M^t^Tsr?s 4 fwtchera' EVENING STAR. A TrRtlSLI FaCMK,! TO Otl?L>?< V"Tm* -ln a teoenjert in ar obvurr c-urt, in the rear of Ko. St. Jote street re-ldee ? Orrain taeehamc, ttunl R??ke|e. and his fata'ly. cou*i?ti?ig of * wife and tw mill chtldreq. \ ??stent** , at noon. the ?a -thev I?n thr hrwj* U, j,< t? tn?rlcct, leaving the t?o cblidreo n- ~' nt little* girl. 3 k, ] )f i^old, niid ? b*l>r ttuv, alone. In room , *M * llrKp Cook in wi icb i ttr* ?>? ranting brightly. and the cotter to Close t:.e dovrt- .n iror.t. tt'h- n *?.e retirninl. an lour and * half att?r. a horrible ?rv*t?,-i?- i I confronted b r. About three y*-?fs from the I j-tove. men ih* floor, laid ?imuim.Tiiu the charred remains of th- lift)* Ktri. wUh r?iT< shred ot clothing loirmd I row the bsly. and the flesh si! btwned fro* tbe lower ItnS* Thr I body was btsckt Tied and disfigure* ?n<1 Ufo hxt ] fled In a wrw r of the room th* orfcer ranf- | ster- *? round. ga*;ng intently a poi the !ife- j less body Of hi* sister. :.nd tie wa* striying to g I as tar out of tin* reach of it as josstble Ipon | the stone hearth ?tr discovered piec- <<t charred paper. It la sqppo*?J that the j child had be* tj playing wltJj tlie tire, and the clothing c night from a p.ece of lighted p?t?er. rii.icri.oaMi whore it laid the Are burned alarge hi I* in the taor?fn jvrer. l*f*. A Hot Son s a * bvliit ?A <*>n ot Martin P. I SUvew, of Stm>h?s, Washington county, some Nor 15 )Ttn old, went to bed a? us'ial np- I stairs In hi* fatlur's house, which la a two story I oi:e. After he had fallen asieep h"? arose au?l j j"roped tJiroojfh a wtfldow at the weat cn I of tbc hove, bie?k!n|llw **?h atid g'.a*- ot the lower pi?rt of the window. He at rack on the I:oxen ^rjur.d below rerjr clo** to a pi. tot fe*W, a d'*tance cf abou* ??? ?r t -t from the WMuv. tie then wen* to th front do.v and f'l |"Ml, I. - toother a*ked him wlu ??? th-r ?' I lie answered. ? It ia me." she liiDnin; h - | v?.tce let bin in. and s*ked h.m ho? he cam. t<> ' ein Mieti a p'tgbt? He said tiicy t ? :j li r-i the ln.'ise a as on f r?r, and f>>r him to"4-g *t I ap and fit," ami ??! did. von bctt-r believe." j A.: this titue he via> atill a?ltvp T?ie fearful j ieip and the manv made by tbc br.?ken ! |laf? *?b?- tliro^gh t^ku window, from ! whicb ti.e b?????<I ?.t? II 'Winji freely, did ni?t awake him. A'.i Mill wo bare ?wtiaa?l Ira*- | ^pirt*d before he became eontciaiti ??t hi.- r tut- j tion. Although it occurred a week ago he ia ' ?, iiito lame )tt. Hi> ankles- aeem to h'tve been ] injiirod more than any other part, aa he pr^l> ?- ' fcly -.truck on his feet. It U rery atrauge th ?r he eM*?|>co withont broken bouea. or that he was not killed on tho apot.? Tntv I'rrti, ;f.V. Fdtication i? so common In Iowa, that hen* lay egg* w ith inscriptions upon them. ?V A Pei:it?r! vania Ci)ivre--ui*ii is cr.Nlit*'I w ith sa>ing that he will pay hi? debt* with fall back pay. tLu* placiug it where it will da the Uil?t good. ?V The complete revised official vote for samen in the Al dmUict ot Sr?-Hami< shire i^:, lO.I^t, Bell, M.7T3. Ptke'am. Jority, 7. f/"The name of the war ateamer <"hicam*'i ga, pnrcha^l by Npain from the Anieric<Ti?, lias Wen changed to the Kazan. Rh?Ur??t v for a ciuiw and will carry two heavy guns. ? ? ?i ii ? i (Orrit 1AL.J I.4WN ?r THE I KITrn STATER Putttd ml l*? Third V?rt?? ?f lltt t-'-rty ('MgrMi. [UtlHAl KATt'lIB?V'O. 5>*i J Ax AtT makingapprofiriattoaafor auudry civil e*|-ei *?s cf the government tor tae ti?<-al year I ending .Ii.iic tliirtieth, eighti>eii hiiu-ircd an I seventy-lour, and tor other purposes. Bt t" '?"< '? <1 ?<y t\' S ttaif tut4 ff-tmi' *f R'prr- I "x'a'irfl of tk' I'hitrJ .V?V? Am rt 'a t? i . (??''? assrtuhlrd. tlic following mibi< be, I ur.d the Mint are hereby, appropriated, for the otij< cts hereinafter exprw?fid,fu! the tiwval year ending dune thirtieth, eighteen hunired aud etvelity-four, namely: vt iti lc raixnxa axi> nixntxa. For tLe public printing, tor the public bind ing, and for pa|>er for the public printing, two million dollar*, and of the auui hereby appro priated printing atnl bindiug may be done b. the Congresjuon-i) printer to tho auiouni< fol lowing. namely: For the Court of Claim.*, fourteen thousand dollars; tor the I k-paivm< nt ot State, twenty tive tho.Dtand dollars; i?>r the Trta?ry Hepart menu three lnii. irt.l aud tweutv-tiva thouaand dollars; for Uie War I>cpartraeiit. one hundred thon-^nd dollar-: for the Navy I'epartwnt. ei^h'y-nve thousand dollars; for thts Interior Department, t wo huntired and twenty tl*>u?au<i ?iollais; tor the Ai;iicultural Department,twen ty thouranti dollar*; for the Department of ?nistice and the Attorney-General's office, ten thousand dollars: for the Supreme Court of the l uited States, twentv-five thousand dollars, for the supreme court of the District of Columbia, one thousand dollars; for the Post-Office De partment. one hundred and seventy-live thou sand dollar.-: and for both houses of Congrcs.-. one million dollars; and the amounts herein ?icsignaied for the several Executive Depart ments may be distributed to the bureaus thereof at the dix retion of the head of each Impart ment. who shall certify such distribution to th l'ublie* Printer; ami the last proviso to the act pioviding for printing and reporting the debate in Congress, approved April second, eighteen hundred ami seventy-two, is hereby repealed: /?o ri'tnl. That until a contract is made, the do nates shall be printed by the Congressional Printer, under the direction of the .loint (Vxn mittee on Public Pnuting on the |>art of th s Senate. For printing the preparatory circulars, and for priutmg and binding, at the ifOvernmL-nt Printing office, the rej?>rt on life-insurance sta tistics, made under authority of the Kighth In ternational Statistical Congress, by William Karnes, a de-legate from the I'nited States, in accordance with the planof publication adopted at the said eongre??s under the direction of the Secretary of State, three thousand tive bundled dollars. For lithographing, mapping, ami engraving for both Houses of Cotigrew, the Supreme I 'onrt. ami the Court of Claim*, fiftv thousand dollars. TMASfRY 1-Er ARTMKNT. For Li/*-Sarin# Stntionr.?For salaries of two superintendent*of the lite-naving stations on the cemsta of Long islaisl and New Jersey, at one thousand tive hundred dollars each, three thousand dollar*; and for one superintendent on the coasts ol Cape Cod and of Block island, Hhode I-land, one thousand dollars. For tifty-tour kee|?ersof stations, at two hun ?'re?t dollars each, leu thousand eight hundred dollars. For seventeen keeper# of station*, at two hun dred dollars each, three thousand tour hundred dollars. For ten keeper* of stations, at two handred dollars each, twothnusaml dollars. Tor pay of crews of cvt?enenced sun-men at such stations ami lor such period* as the Secre tary ol the 1 reasury uiav deem neceasarv and proper, eighty-live thousand dollars. i or (nUblMhiw new lite-savitig stations on the coast of the United States, one hundred thousand dollars. For contingencies ol life-saving stations on the coast Of the L'uited States, til teen thousand dollars. Ami that the Secrotarvol War be. and hereby is. authorized to establish signal-statious, at light Louses, at such of the lire-saving sta tions on the lake or sea coasts as inav be suitabl v located tor that purj>ose. aud to 'connect the Mine with such points as may bs nr -nsusrv for the proper discharge of the' s:gn.V. service by means of a suitable telegraph-line in cases where no liues are iu operation, to be con structed, maintained, aud worked under the di rection of the Chief Signal.Officer of the Army, or the Secretary oi War. and the Secretary ol the Treasury, and the use of the life-saving-sta tions as signal-stations shall be subject to snch regulation* a* may be agreed upon by said offi cials; and the sum of thirty thousand dollars i* hereby appropriated to carry into effect this provision. HrrtHUfCntUr For pav of thirty four captains, one hundred aud one lieutenanm. and sixty-three engineers and pilots employed. three hundred and sutv-one thousand three hundred dollars. For ration* tor otfeers: Thirty-1 oar captains, one hundred and one lieutenants, siatv-three engineers ami pilots, twenty-live thousand ttve hundred and eighty-three dollars and forty cents. For pay of crews: Kight handred and sixty !<ett> officer*, seamen, cooks, steward*, bovs. coal-passers, and lire men, two handred and eighty-two thousand seven handred and torty eight dollars. For ration* for crews: Kight handred and sixty petty officers, seaasen, cooks, stewards, t-oys, coal-passers, and Bremen, two handred and ninety-eight thousand seven handred and torty-eight rattotw, at thirty three cents, in cluding the liqner equivalent, ninety-eight thousand Aye handred and eighty-seven dollars. Fee fuel far tfcirty-oight nam, repairs, and outAte for same, ship-chandlery and engineers' stores for asms, travelling expenses of officers travelling on doty under orders from the Treas ury Department, oesumutaUon of quarters, and contingent axponsea, including wharfage, tow age. dockage, freight, advertising, and sur veys, and miscellaneous expenses which cannot be included under special heads, two hundred and sixty thoueand dollars. JbHseMM^ital arrets*,?For supplying dffi ciency in the fund for tie relief o< sick anddar abied seamen, one hundred thnueand dollars; " Secretary of tho Treasury Is hereby nod, ia hie alserstten. to sell ths il grounds and unfinished cast pitA buildings, located to the ctty - ?-w Oi loans. Umfitono. and oat of the jiraB?to e? UI6 tl* ti *)|? Kftaniiul be /nrtAer, Th'.t u cam the ?*? k^WMMip ran wit* . ?,eI, ,n ?w NWf'.rt.M at oftov . *^ il *> ?"**? ??mi tfce taottt of Um , ; J?* 4*tonatN? IL^Jr^T^l <* **? Tr??a,r, ,. Uerofcy ap proj-r ?U-J tor the nijli al ii ? ' ? . ??? ??: *-.v nv't ? ?? t: ii:,!,^. . ,. I *<?? ippnfrltH. " "?* v^?-^of Cvrrrixy - For r*5Wr ,?r,^ ? i '?!>?? charge*, and ...J-^f., ot Making ami waving ?be national nriwp, one h nndre.1 tti.xiMUwf dollar* for r*pl?di>? thr worn and mttila* rwrm mf MOratJ banking aa??Ma< *'? lor ?|fntry and preparing in ao.*fc Man n r U4 on ?mI |?k> ol tick fjrm an J ?'"ui ?- ti. MMaiyd ihe nan <*?. |>rr?? rib. . ti? ? lltli|Mk? for i>u 1 a-mm riB??on? to r- pUre no*ea of a deeign a*4 ?e KSSfT?"** fWwWIj iiiaaknlUMB Mb ? Wd .bdlai ? /'?, . TEaVawM I ?ik?^r?fci???L!fc,a,us ?wocteew aJuUl re i,pwcasr-' trial and M?3lf3a?? ??? J *i > ?? ? ' d the <""navotherBof.aaBIBrBat?(w?b,.I fraud* ii|??ii toe 4,-uv. rnmeat. on.* l.iu.trLi - ? taeatf-flre Uk'omiui _ jtmcubt. I ti I ,Wtr*v',:? *'"? ?*a|?ei?^a Of thr Oirta of I P* ?SUt.a, including tKr l?.t.i,-t oi ? olnaibti. I >r Miroo and a Itri' an<l riiw^M I * <"wtiick the |*MM Slat * are roi,. c- rn-.l < " ! r -.,??? ? - t ? on. . . , T i ? x r "1 v,,t- ??* tiir k?', i . ? of i rtaoiut>. BM f.?r tb*- r*|. !,??? '? ? bo lu?-orti<d In tb<< rnioreeni. ni ..t , I tirr to tbr nKtit n r >,f . ..ra?i? ? twenty-oi. I "... ? ;1 f.-.-n kit'. Irod a.d -?? ? one. or at i arte aB.--ndit-?rr thr*-*m or amiMe I met.tai\ tl.i iric( thr.*. iml! n.ti dvllarn. ? 1<> | ureLaar ?no bundr??t ? t. . f ? u.'a I'? CM. tv l?o , .|,.ni II >ir<trd'a ? I<.>|.or?? *e?en r lIiiB!*,) and lt;?A VKri. <n? wo *., I, v. p( t f-. V for mo t\ in ... tl?o ? I l'ted Stat. . t,.| .fi,.,h, t:? 11 I'S .'"Ml. t' I" I'. r .- >vl*l , lit! . ,.^114-t, ? M.a tfir'tona! ji?.v , m . I ,??i siavw. I ?*"?? th... v?|:d I'.lfu' I l.l 'U.-.l ilii'laia, MMl ' ' l*r|,:.i'o?.-iit O! .Ill (toe a'.alt be <-ii%r?-4 *?'??' ?? 'tton (.1 ??.? \ariouj. inU-o^aiMt ? r.-'M.oi "ie? ar?lM , .nj o!k.-r <??. ? t'!"' ???" I.' - i.i w j,:, . .t fo, br ta? Teee able tin- Son -tarr ?u the Irior to ? J.urcha^ot 1,?tir. J:,,,*, , ,. ,.x I ; i i. mm. ..- the l tilted States Stmt m. .?t I ?rr'!-?r.1 - r ?'n,_ ?/ro? i , t, . qj , ? j., . i ImS ? . i ..tiu-i .. mi t.. . ..and ."?? 'HI* I < ? M-. m ; j-or i ai.l ti an t< ?.*!,??, o! 11 i ? j, I .L' VV.'? ?" ? i ?? I tln nninl ii illai*. Irif!"r M"?' - ot d.-'eti line I f * lh.- e.>:iveiitioU witti M- m.-.? oi foiirM . eitflite.-ii hiiintrod and ? .^bi ' f M" !??!<>! unrt r fl?. ,tir.-.-ft.ot t... A" '* ' ?"*-*?" I"'**!. ten t'.o.iiKAjid dollar*. I I W?!?! MMtfy ftMMH . ?"?.! !" d'fu.liim mil- H^an.-i tio v,ir ? tury of tlie 1 it-ajoiry or In* a^rutv t .r tbe >c r.ure o' ? ai'tnrcd or abaii<loi>rd | i rt? an 1 l'" " f ' it ion of wit near I V*iM the I i. t. I .'? ? |w.tidi?? |, paitmoiit. at.d tor tin d. 1. iw? wt tl.e t'uiU>4 I State* in tlie Court ot ? la.n.a, Uk? ? rrnlirt I ;:'?1er be dirrctioi, ?.c , \* !???>< !;? t. ??;? i.u * \* mi f. For IhihMim, or no uiiicti thofoof tiitr Im> ' " ' ' <?' " ' ? ? 1 t,..n and ; t1 > t !.< ?.- *itollav For c\)m nst> to inenrred m tlie t r<>ae<-H llun.eI",.l.7"Ti;'" ? ? . ?.. .I ,.- Ih. I nit.Hl I rt" ?! 1*1*1!r> .1 I , J.?. ,i rt ? ttio Attorn. >.?;rnei tiHemth . , ' . ar For AUetittf and |<iin.?h(M viola- t'io I "!* ' ""^rr"- ?" l tr*ii<f? <- >ia i I T. ' " to I,. I I ".M AOwwi^whI; to allowing I Mieli mcrear.-.! f?*. ? and eom|.on?ati.>ii <>t ?n "''%T - aai 1 ril and III .1 i ? :ivm a ? enckoOMTet|^ti., sa> nuvb. aeoesaari tor tk.a I | nrptfir. td, UH>u?aiiiKt dulfarv. lyr |jK. n of t!j^ I f **T' . ""?n*'- ?<? ???? |*i ?*?eutod in u>e '? '?? '' ? "? At ? .nitfreM, l? ? cludtnf the f>a\nieiit of salaries and >n-id.-ntal . t *.. ? ot t n<^k. an-' i.r.*| aring ppofwr ta ? d.*. i* Motet... t.. I, . v|wi?l. .| ii lid. i the ?nper vtMon <f tlie I>ej*artiiit-iii ol .lu-ti.e, t? , ? tliouaand dollar*. I rri?lL*r *** <**? RaH bunding an4 ? vfiitti^tHih ??l the ro??n?' I ' l?\ Th ?i I r. me <ourt ot tile I?i?tri? t o( t .ltinil.ia two tin ti'MIKi Ih e lmndred dollar* 1 TV? be <v>afma'-4.1 I D1KI). tilth lUKIi On M *a<la> , April loh. a* < a a. ?? lid i'TVAr"U"r- - l . and n K pukl >rd, aa**! ?? v >.-??? in r m *ni ?* at -l twenty ttir-e data. | Portland . M.-., an I K -a t in*, Pa , ia|-^i? p| aar A m I * ?' Cauu on tb. b-iaom .4 tt.jr U ~l, luanat -pirn, r. .t th^. ? E^on nliib a hli ua th* to .t?t?p- tro4. Ho ?aa on th> brow. f *l?" '"k- ?< ? "rrr.b?r,.Pa . Ii AhBIM^N. At S oVIork m^rn ?? April 1.1th. PAXrtL C H A bRI?. IN* "j (??7f ' "? "? a .4 Tu~**> * Apr,I U, at ?TvbI k Mil.IKK. Apr I Ink. IKJ BAKAH '? - - a ife of ti^org. Jailor in ?b. oJ b year .4 b-i aaa 31 <41 ?h?- r^ct in d< ti l. *? ..?"ISS roaid.nca .4 , r ,BI**tiii mm* Vir*i?na ar.-tine aoufhwaat. ta niorroa < Tu.-~ta> 1 latl, ln?i?ni. all o'elxk a ai MMml * ,r,''D** "f tliefanJI) ar invited la ^WQtrC^.AtJa'elocfc a. m., April U. in, Hmi a, ? I a* ^' **"!? ? y*'4'* wf nmonta runeral Tnoaday, April li ICt. RH?tit?at . v, ;d: V tv 'Uru^- I **> 9 ?JZ ""tnnWrfT, t UNDERTAKERS. ? CHARD r. HARVEY, UNDSRTAJ iS-rrt*$mu mAkfMf ? MAKE.I ?o. ?14 P Sriin, tuam Kiutfe and t^ata H2TALHC bVhlAL CAS AH AH O CASK BWA W warf f.?Tif iaa ^ MHKOVV8, HABIT*, ft I^k haro m. lAiku, " VABlAATMAKkK AND UNOhKTAK MM ?1? KLBVKMTH CTKItT. near P \\ IIXUM MA. KKTT, Bo.TM Tt? grirtt, Bmriiid tin | 0 *1* ^ OcdBaa and Caakett of all M*. HTfH'PS, A'arirral AVny. kmhntm? * MOVKIl from nj!3 7tti atroot to 4 .'<? 4 a 2fl7k ^l? ""d ? *raw?. a h.-rr tr*"* ^ "Urai fHE MEW bATIOfti AL MAE^T k HMOEED HKATK o* Ml k.ndu and of. tb? (mm .iialin, lurm.h-d _T w^.ter fil'i?te^.|yc.-?&*<'"** ? l*. ir'B ri M ? a. PO L L T k T . r?l 1TP and in tb?tr ?^aaonxoa br pro. nrrd at tin* Mark.* aiartl ly EnBT BTATT.?I4 lllka pOE BALLS AED PAEtiEB. !S^ EIO DLtfVKB. BI TO #1 JIB PEE PALE WALL. ROB IN Sua A 00T Ml J\] ? T I U, i'P of AKPEEf id b? matnai ro aSDEEH J JOTCE, j^bh'V^ jAoiJ Wdl1 I The copartnorahlp of AKDEEW J iOTCE * OO la tkaBay diaaolvad br aatual ronarnt <4 all 1 aSdeew J iO~ AKDEEW J JOTCE la aoaara ai * - !)*? P*CTOfcAL STRUP, OOCttEB AID OOLBS MAD Mt AML MMVJtn. Oatbe petition u.Su.'^'S SsSSBi??= av? &.TA srsrsrc oSXl

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