Newspaper of Evening Star, April 14, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 14, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. MONDAY April 14, 1*7*. LOCAL NEW8. ? it*, Ae., T?.alfhL m -'tti ormt The Lydia Thompson troupe in "Bloc Beard." ltnrrIn ffcj|?Kuliritflfin, Wi#nl?irski tB(t TkKniort Thomas' concert. t\ta?'r C mK/nf -Sonp, bur'es^ues, dance*, At. nail?Grand levee of Jefferson Cir cle b c. Frrr??.' JfcP, Georgetown?Ball of the George town Total Abstinence Benevolent Society. stalk stmt L< t?John O'Brien's Great Me i agerie arid Circa*. L?fal*. I.ookoxit for the annual hall of the Hibernian Benevolent Society, No. t. The hall of the House of Representatives has Veen dismantled, and the old desks and chairs are to be sold at auction on the 29th instant. Prof. Huntington, of Columbian College, ad dressed the afternoon meeting at Lincoln Hall jesterdav artemoon. As Mr. P. Gallagher was entering his resi dence. corner of 1st and B streets northwest. Saturday night, he slipped and fell, breaking bis leg below the knee. Be*. .1. B. Reeve, of Howard University, hav ing de< lined to nerve as chaplain at the emanct l-ation celebration on the l?th instant. Rev. .lames H. Handy has been apppoiuted and has con?ented to serve. ? , . A first-cla.* championship base ball match between the Maryland, of Baltimore, and our Dfaly organised Washington nine will be played or the Olympic grounds at 3:.M) p. m. to morrow. a<l . The Baptists held a union meeting last even ing at the Calvarv Bap*.i?t church, which was well attended: and Rev. l?r. Williams, of P.alti ii ore, i reached a sermon on the missionary ca.-e. *akii.n the i"?th verse ol the 118th Psalm * Tfce first service of the "Church of the Stranger*," an Ki-'^copal free churoh. wa? held last evening in the parlors of the Young Men's Christian AssoHstbvn, Rev. Dr. Mcllhonnev. ot Fairfax Seminary, Virginia, officiating. There was a large attendance. Tilie Pashavavs?a temperance orgam ration? met 11st night at Temi>erance llall. Mr. Con stant ne presided, and Messrs. Savage, Walsh and M'*Nerhanv. of this city, and Mr. Stetael, of Oregon, lr.sile addresses. the last named giving an interesting a* ount of the origin and propter* ot the T?a?haways of San Francisco. Yesterday atternoon an immense crowd of peotle. white and colored, gathered at Buz sard*s Point to witness the ceremony of bap tt-n: There were fourteen persons immersed t>v He*. Henry Bell, pas-tor of Rehobath church, en 1-t street, between N and O streets south we-t. at which church a revival in now in '"rts teachers of the county schools held a meeting over the Metropolitan bink on Satur dav and a committee was appointed to demand of the ocal author.tie* why the salaries of the teacher- were withheld for the last two or more months, when it i- understood and beliove?l that the cotintv school tax has been paid. Another committee w as appointed to petition the legis lature fot an increase of the teachers' salaries. ? TO^I WK1UHT REStEICED TO UK HASttKD Tbr Rucrnki Wwrder. JloTICV ?'<>K A SRW TK1AL or TOM WRIQHT ? rK>K'UIH!l8S IS COl* KT tk-uay. Tc.-day at noon was set for hearing in the Court in General Term the motion for a new trial in the case of Tom Wright, convicted ot the murder of the |>eddlcr Koger-ki. and about 11 ?, o'clock a. m. l.i? utenant Kelly and -am-' of LisoCic. r- escorted the prisoner into the court- , room- Wright seemed to he much more serums : than he has been heretofore, and conversed hut little with those abu :t him. Before the arrival ot General Henkle. his counsel, he re?|iiesie?l ol Mr. Harrington that he Wright) should be per mits ? ! to a?Ydn s- the court before the argument commenced. and the impression was thereby j created that the prisoner intended to save | further trouble by formally withdrawing anv ap|>eal. On the court being o|>eued, General | Hcnkic read THE AFFIDAVITS of Mr- Ju?tina B^nardig, Wm. Wlialea, Mrs : Fiani- Ki.ol.1i. Richard H. Mason (the j pnrport of which have bsca published in Tu* , Stajs . the first as t-j Mrs. Bcrnardig selling > HTrightstocking* similar to taio-s- which it is I claimed were taken from the rack of the de ceased. and the otheis as to Margaret Wool I not having l?een to Mrs. Keogh's tc.-tay a long time on the morning of the homicide. Mrs. Wood, it will be rtiui-inhered, testiSed that slie went to Keogh s about lo* o'clock, and re main* d ot.til after 12 o'clock. Gen. H. a!s> read from the charge of the court as to evidence of Mr?. Wood, ar.d said the chaise wm based on tie sTippealUoa that she w as not at the scene ot the murder. These affidavit* contradict her statement, and he s?il.oiitted that having -hown that -he had testifled falsely as to where *he was at tl.e time they were entitled to the deduc tion that AER whole STORY WAS KALS*. The court had said that it it were shown thit the wtman was an accomplice toe would advise her evidenee should not be taken without corroboration. Gen. H. then recited the diffi culties he bad encountered in preparing and coadtH ting the ease?not having been apprised of wfcat the wttne?oes would swear to. Mr. Harrington The-e witne-M?oould have b? en brought here in half an hour. Gen. Henkle -aid that neither he nor hi- ch eat had tit ie to look these parties up. He submittal that, had these aff ants been on the stand, the court woold have ruled the testimony of Mr-. Wood out, and there would not then have Wen sufficient evidence to support the verdict. OX THR yl lWTIO}! OF ALIBI, c.en H. contend*;.! that the charge ot the court cart the harden of pi oof on the detendaut. and rtad tre>m 1-th Iiwi.. K*0. 1'Hh Maine, .ttw. Hi further argueel that the government did not oCer te-tim?'uy to prove that the defendant was at the bouse at the time. e*eept that of the woman Wes'ds, aud it wa? not lor the defend* ant to show where he was. but for the I uited States to prove where be was, witbout the shadow of a doubt. Gen. Henkie cvbtluded his argument about Ik o'cloek p. m. Mr. Harrington itated that be h'ul exam-ned the aft.dav its. and aiao some of the autboritieB. and he had come to the conclusion to submit the case, as far as the government wat cou c? ri.? d. to the discretion of the court. ?ludge Mai. Arthur said in regud to the appli cation on the ground of newly-discovered evi dence that the facta referred to were no* those on which new trials are granted, aisl after re. fcrr.ngtothe points, he aaid that he was im 1* I led to overrule the motion. Mr. Harrington?It becomes my duty to rnov j that the sentence be pasatd. Oca Henkle said, that with all respect to the court, he considered it hl? duty to carry the case to tbt General Term. Wright** NMieaMat. Judge MacArtbur addrexned the pri-oner stating that if he had anything to say w hy the sentence should not be passed he had now an #l?l>ortratty. _ _. . . Wr.gbt rose at the front of the clerk - 'lmtk ai.d made a long aad rambling statement, again assorting his innocence, and intimating that Bemhrj a as the guilty party, concluding as Mlowc ??If you hang nie vou will hang the wrong man. lor 1 didn't kill the peddler. Sam said he knocked a man down and got from him. atai the ileu-ctive- never got doa n to him. for bwbelongedto the ?;allileani>. and thev didn't ?uspe< t bim. aisl if he got out of that he could get out ot this, if he wa- arrested." right NeateaeH le be Haaged Maj Judge MacArthur a>blresse?l the prisoner as fellows: Wright you have been tried and con victed? Tne prisoner?But I didn't hill the peddler. The Court?it is due to the community to -ay that the coart is entirely satisfied with 'the verdict, and Is my duty to pro nounce the sentence of the law. I do not wish to say anything to wonnd your feeling- ami probably could not- You h id better lay a-tde jour indifference, for the act you are found guilty of place* jm beyond the execu tive eleaiency, and prepare yourself for the solemn event of death. He then pronounced the sentence that he be taken to jail and be hept in close confinement uutil Friday, the JOth day of May. between the hours of 10 a. m. ami 2 p. m.. and be then taken to the place eff execu tion and be bung by the neck until dead. The prisoner was directed to a seat, and re keel. ?'?? *? ?Gentlemen, its bard for a man to die tor what he did not do " The iron* were placed on bis wrists and lie was kd back to prison. ?W.W fob tub Cficaua of tbb Aicnaios The Somlay school of the Church of the Aso^n ttmm (Kptecepal) held their fiaater eetebration resterday, which wai a splendid affsir. The acibool sent la their offerings of fWf. which u>unt was increased by the congregation pre ut until It reached #1.700. which, added to i morning colt -otta? from the church ef 9W, H.Mi raised that day far the aew church The whole Mount subscribed for the church aow raaehea m,ano. Tn Guafd Charity Ball?Those who have not already procured tickets to the grand ban to be givea at Mmonlc Temple to-morrow evening for the benefit of the Children's Hos pital should do so at once. Aside from the weethy object to which the proceed* are to he appropriated and which sfconld oomm?nd K to the fhvor of all, the ball Itself will be one of the most elegant and fartdonable of the season. The decorations ami appoiataeato of the hall will be pertiealarly line. Sales or titm are quoted to-day, at John, son's wharf, as follows; 8had-7,M? for ship ment, at ei0al2 per tatndred; 1.<X? for home meat, at 910012 par Mwdrad; l.*Q? for home market. tl'JnM; mMO herring,p&tri per thou, ?and: l.M? taylors, 3#C. a?l pgr hundred; no I": ft Oil fcJ? f ta Ike ttarrkM. Yerterday being Easter Sand.y, t ne of the m<?t generally observed Christian Lolidays of the y?ar, *? the occasion of Joyfu' serr'ees in many of the churches of this District, commem orative of the triumphant resurrection or our Blessed I.ord. Hymns of thanksgiving an<l Vraise took the place of the solemn services of tioly week, which were commemorative of tbe sur.erings and death of our Redeemer In Jt?Tl?J?? Chufche* y?**rday, which had spe cial Faster wvice?, the floral decoration, were very elaborate. In the Catholic temple- thl ^ndle?0^! ^hundreds ?' lighted w?? wytarS- Churcl,e,the congregations Easter services were held in the Catholic. Fpiscopa), and Lutheran cliorehes a* to.lows: c? t\ iC,A?Eot-'c <-*raciiK*. rrUL i IJom"?,ck " (Sonth Washington) was att*ntive congregation. M<> lait ** 1*IL iuafif iiw the mu*ic elected for the oecvion and was admirably rendered by the excellent choir, under Prof?Mespaw, who pre sided at tlie organ. Solemn high ina*# was sun* by Rev. P. C. Coll.with Rev.T. L. Powers as deacon, and Rev. M. B. Fortune a* sub deacon. The choir is organize* with Mrs. Browne and Mrs. S. Mattingly, so. rano; Mis? I.. Browne and Mrs. Rensliaw. alto Mr J Mattingly, terror; and Mr. M. sifCb2? The sermon was by Rev. M. B. Fortone. The congregation here fs increasing constant! v. and a m.ittd eflort is being made towards the *v>m pletiou of the new church the coming summer. The floral adornments about tbe chancel ve terdav were very tastefully arranged. At St. Mary*8 church there were nervine* at S ^i!?>a<?iotoc5.*/un,i,CODd,,cto- hy th? *^v. Alig. At the latter service the oholr 'win ,?iv:Ur- K T- Scherakopf, reRI 'j-'tb mass, the principal parts being taken by Miss Anna Oeier and Barbara buppert, soprano; Miss Kate Bischorf, alto ?ibl/,r,i?,Clp^."crLTice at St. Joseph's church was at 10* o'clock a. m , when solemn high mass *> celebrated by Rev. Father Wlg.-tt, y KlT?f?ther H?cker and Rev. Fa m J i k1!"' ?. " wa*s,lnK by the choir, (Mr. Rchstock organist.) the leading parts be *?f by Mrs- Rebstock, soprano; Miss Xeil and Miss .Juenemann. alto; Augustus Net", tenor and Herman Mehler, bass. ' .<J!Kytveriil.,,erNicc8at st Alovslus were at. tended by an immense number of persons. At 11 o clock grand high mass was celebrated by Rev. of Mnrytond,agisted by Fathers Roecotort and Morgan, and the sermon was preached by Rev. Father Lynch. The choir rendered l.evait Decbauer'p mass, for the tir>t time in this city. The Veni Creator (Donizetti) was *"'>g by Miss Eva Mills and Messrs. Puirli and Vidney. At U.e offertory, Alma Virgo, (Huramt-U s,) soprano, aolo and chorus, was ? J,he afternoon, Leg. al's vespers was ' V^10' by Mr. Wdney, i "L . ' *,rtnni Jl*?v'^y Berge.) soprano, solo and chorus. 1 he choir is tinder Mr. Harrv C Sherman, organist and director, and the lead ing voices are Miss Eva Mills, soprano; Mrs. Shaman .contralto: Mr. Job n I'ugh, tenor, and air. n. a. \\ vdney, bass. . *be Church of the Immaculate Coneen , tion. Mb and N street.-, solemn high mass was 2? fJ/ ?'CJ?Ck ?Hey,- F rther M?" cSeTran^ Sumner deacon, and Rev. Father McCarthy sub-deacon. The sermon was by r ather Sumner. Tlicdecoratious of this church were arranged very tastefully, and there was ilie greatest prolusion of rare flowers. The .?hoir sang Mozart'* lithjnass, the singers being Mrs Koechler and Mi* White, fh.nrano; Miss Koechler, alto; Messrs. Forsyth. ffeckert and ImLmond, tenor; and Mum, Grant and N'eft, At St. Stephen's church, Pennsylvania av enue, near Rock creek, solemn high mass ?a celebrated at half-past ten o'clock by R.'v f ather Starkey celebrant. Rev. Father McXallv dcaccn and Mr. McMahon sub-deacon. The -ernon was by Rev. Father diaupi. of George town college. Havdn's sixth maw was sung bv the choir, wm! at the ottertory, "Gaudeamus,'' b> I?iat?el!i; w as rendered with fine effect At St. Matthews' church, l.">tb and 11 streets solemn high masa was celebrated at 11 o'clock in the presence of an immense congregation, the church being very much crowded, lluiu mel s mass Xo. ?! was sung by the choir, which comprises some ot theb* st musical talent of the city, and is under the direction of Prof L F Gannon. The principal sing r> are Mi'ss.'la liana Mav. Mrs. King, Mrg. Holgate, MissSbul V?-^ iT."* soi rano; Mrs. Catlan, Mrs. Vav and M:.*s M. Lucas, alto; Mr. W 11 liur Si,';,l.Vr' l?avis, tenor; Mr. Gannon and Mr. I arker, Mr. \ eit, organist. At St. Patrick's church Rev. Father Waiter was the ceicl.rant of high mass at 11 o'clock a iu and the sermon was by Rev. Father Roane, aptftant j asTor. 1 he handsome marble altar of this church, together with the side altar B5"cd VirJf',1> a'"1 St. Joseph were beautitully decorated; and there were many stianger? or all denominations present w!Y!C "aydn's No. 3 or impe rial mass rendered, with ProT. llich ter at the organ, and the principal parts being sustained as follows: Soprano, Mrs. shea Miss Barry and Mrs. Small; alto* Mrs. Elliott and Miss Clare, tenor, Mr. Fgan; hass. Messrs At f'e oflertor> "Laudate" by \ egl, was sung. a. o. '?'CteriL CBIRCHES. At St. Paula (ritualistic) Church, on 23d r/i'i .i* ' Jf", Circle, four services were during the day. aiul the attendance wa ijnnsuall, Targe. 1 he rector. Rev. Augustus .Jat kx.ii was ass.?ted by Bev. James A. Har roiU. At 5. JO a.m. holy communion wa* ad ministered, in commemoration of the resurrec L.r?P.a; coming (full choral) service ?as held at 11 o clock, when Itev. 5lr. .Jackaon ' f 'v<an appropriate discourse from Ro mans. 6th c.optcr and l?Ui verse;?"Deatu hath ,M' ,uor? dominion." The children's Easter -tr uce was held at 4 p. m.. when the pupils oi th M.uday school ?uig their carols and proseiiSi tiifjr beautiful floral oft*erin^8. liuring th* m?r Tic?tbey were addre.Nieel by Rev. R. P. sweet of Wisconsin. In the evening, at 7k o'clock' Rev. Mr. Jackson preached a sermon from the nords.? Jf ye then be risen with Christ seek those things which are above." At the 11 o'clock ser\ice the choir, under the direction of the or K*nlst, Mr. John P. Franklin, executed thf> fol kiwing musical programme:? Proces-ioual? We march to victory," (Barnbv:) Venite? hn>t our ttassover, (Lloyd;) "Te Deum " (Varren;) ''Jubilate i>eo," (Berg;) "Beaedic tus," "Creed Nicene," (Hopkins ) Introitl ?The grace of God," (krn"yOHmnV Prayer Book-'?Christ the Lord/&c.; Kuchar istic h>mn?--Agnus I>ei," (Gunther;) Proce srniial HC?hymns, ancient-and modem. Ar 'J? the evening the choir sang'the tollowing:?Piocsssional?"We march to vie tory," (Bmb;;) Psalter, Auglican chant?: < antate. "Peace;'- ??Benedictus." (Gunther ^ ? Cre?d Nicene," (Hopkins;) Psaim. ^Grace oi God," I,Harnby;) Hymn t?, (Prayer Book:) Re etssional. m,. hymns ancient and modern. At the Church of the Ascension, on H street betweeni 9th and Mth streets. Rev. s. D. Lliiott; rector, three interesting services were held? 2* 1 *' ni;' ol,e mt 4 p. m., and one at 7:30 p. u J**'!.** ?"ices took place at 11 o t lock, when tbe rector preached an elo ?tuent d scoiirse from I. Corinthians, xv: ? and 57 .-The rting of death is sin; and the strength of sin u? the law But thanks be to God. which f hrV.^ .""iJ T Cf?ry through our Ix>rd desus ti,^ !.?. During this service tbe offerings of the congregation, amounting to nearly A'ji.o'io, towards a new church edifice were laid upon the altar, after which the choir, at the revest ?f, 'be rector, sun*, "praise God from whom all blessings flow. The choir, under the lead ersl.ip of Fr??t. Walter, organist, and consisting a to Mr W r Hm"V M,Pranwi Mi*. >'<>rse, alto. Mr. . C. Hill, tenor, and Mr. Miller basso, also executed the following: Opening au them?"And behold there was a great earth Muake" (Ritter); Faster anthem?"Christ our Passover" (SeilK)th); Te Ileum (Thoma.-) ' Ju bilate (Buck); Hymns, Trimugion. The Sun day-school service took place at 4 o'clock, and interesting. The little on.> sang their carols and presented their floral and pecuniary offering*, the latter tmounting to nearly 9I.00O. atter which they listened to ap propriate addresses. Evening prayer service as-rf Ten- w^en ^ K? ">r Klliott prrsehs< ami the choir execute*! some At the Church of the Fpiphanv, on G street between 13th ami nth streets. Rev. W. F. Wat kins. rector, and Rev. Dr. Knight, assistant. sith^r^ . "T*"?"ic^4"- The sunrise service wtth cami, sad Wly uommuaion, took place at >J4ia.m. At 11 o clock there were the usual morning prayers, a sermon by the rector from tk? P,aoe where tne Ix>rd lav, and holy co mm anion. At thU Mnilrt? M?C r?'r' J' Kemi*?tton Fairlamb, or fl .fl/i._ ^ "0Pf?w>; Mrs, B. C. Root, i J ' ? Kaoop, tenor aud Sl. B. Fugit, followinw musical oro EKS"*.Ai^tr; WS "?">? "?SiaEK (Buck.) At ia$ p aT, the u?Tpb' "*l?rtnten S-2S1 fo-S'. Meu* hVninT Ac*' * B*ttedle Aalma ikT'a^ rtTJSZ, ?? tion who swent so much time and who exhlbit- d so much taste in adornT^i tiTl church, that the floral deeorattoMW?i^ff^J exeeptioaally briltiaat character. The chance" and altar were beautified with crosses wreaths and festoons of rare towers, while on thTurt,.? wl,b wus plaoed a large clus ter of magnificent Laster lilies in ruII Otoom The arch over tbe altar here the inscription "I or white tube namnkS hUm. ^pKgfn?ftSiu ? t?P ?f tke arch were sjirajrs of JwmwUem palm, below trbieh was a baUorflv typifying the resurrection of the Saviour, and ivy and other clinging Tines were artistically trained on the w a IT In the rear of the altar. The decoration* throughout were of the most elaborate charac ter. , At Grace church, after the morning Sunlay school, the services usuaIou Ea.?ter Sunday to>>k l>iace; the full congregation participating. The I rector. He*. Dr. Holrnead, preached a rert ln i stmctlTe sermon from the text "There shall be a resurection of the dead;" Acta 24, part of 14th verse. The prograinnw.of music by the choir wa* a* follows: Faster Chant, Boyce; Gloria Patri. Sim in.-. Te I)c?B, G. W. Warren; Jubi late, Dank*. Psalm !?, Clifford; Gloria Tibi, Tnckerman; Hymn IB. by G. W. Warren. 8t. John's church, Her. J. Vaughn Lewi* rector, assi?ted by Her. K. F. 8weet, was most handsomely decorated, and the services were very Impressive. On the drapery in the rear of the'altar was a shield ? rought with white flow en, in the center of which was a golden crown above a cruofix. The baptismal font was cov ered and draped with dowers, and vases were placed 011 brackets in niches, and on the sides and rear of the chancel. Over the chairs occu Cied by the rector and his assistants were fixed eautiful crosses in red and white natural flowers. The whole Moral arrangement was under the management of the Mi***:* McKean. The audirnce listened with much interest to the excellent sermon by the rector, and the fine music by the choir, an octette of male voices under Prof. H. H. Bradley as musical director. The choir list for morning prayer service was as follows; Anthem, (opening service,) Mozart; Christ our Passover, Lloyd; Psalter Easter; Te Devm, Southard; Jubilate, Mason. Holy com munion service: Anthem, :Jd psalin. coni|>osed by the director, Prof. Bradley; Gloria Tibi, Morgan; Hymn. Creed. Xicene; Offertory, Be Merciful, Lord; Sanctus, Dr. ComodgV; Hvmn, :?4th, 2d verse, Hamberg: (iloria in Ex celsior, Kneutzer. Evening, full chora ser vice was ojk'ik d by an anthem by Prof. Brad ley; Psalter 113, 114 and 115 psalms; Cant ita Domino. Walter; Bcnedic Anirna Mea. Gookc; Creed, Ntcene; Offertory, Glory, Honor, ^Vc. .Mr. Fred. Kroell is the organist at this church, with Messrr. G. L. Sheriff and S. V. Noyes as 1st tenor-; G. A. Whltaker and James Patter son 2il tenor-; O. C. Brown and H. H. Bradley 1st bass, and C. W. Hancock and John B. Daw son 2d bass. St. Mark's, 3d, near A street southeast, Rev. A. F. Steele rector, was open at ? o'clock a. m., when morning prayer* were read. At 11 o'clock the holy communion was celebrated and the ree'or preached from the words "For ye are dead and your life is hid with CErist in God. When Christ, who Is our life, shall appear, then shall ye alto appear with Hiin in glory (Col. iii, 3d and 4th.) At 1 \ o'clock p. m. tne chil dren's Easter service was held, consisting of the regular evening service, followed by the singing of Easter carols and the presentation of off erings by the Sunday scflBW classcs for the building I fnnd. The Easter services at Christ church (Navy Yard) yesterday were of a very interesting character, and drew together a large congrega tion. The church was tastefully decorated with tiowers, and on the walls were the following mottoes: "Hosanna to the living God." "Vain the stone, the watch, the seal," "Christ lias burst the gates of hell," "Christ is risen, Jesus lives, alleluia." I'nder the choir gallery was the sentence, "Christ,our Passover, is sacrificed for us; therefore let us keep the fast." The ser vice commenced with an organ \oluntarv bv the organist. Mr. George Feller, and on the en trance of the rcetor the choir sang, "Come, holy spirit." The choir is organized with Miss Molly Wilson, soprano; Miss Katy Harkin, alto; Mr. W. E. Hutchison, tenor, and Mr. Frank Clofs, basso. The programme for the evening wa? as lollops: l. Anthem by the choir, "Come, holy spirit;" 2. Evening prayer?first lesson. Kxodus, xii, v, 37; second lesson, Acts, il, 22; 3. I Anthem by the choir, "Lord of my salvation;" Children's sermon?John, v, 21, "Little chil dren keep yourselves from idols." The sermon was a \ ery interesting one, appropriate to the occasion. * The collection amounted to the sain I of -200. The services at Trinity church were vcrv in teresting. great pains having been taken in the selection W the nitsical programme, and in j making the floral dlsplav attractive. The rec tor, Kev. Dr. Addison. reachcd a very inter esting sermon from Paul's epistle to the ?'ol losslans, on the rtsurrection of <'hrist. The choir is orgauimed with Mr. Pearson as fnor. Mis- Mas.-ev soprano, ami Mr. and Miss Middle ton as basso ana alto, and the music yesterday was well performed, all the voices blending in perfect harmony. Lt'THERAB CHUBCHE8. At the Ei'glish Ltherau Chiiroh the pastor, Lev. Mr. Jlelner, preached tVom John ii, l'?. "Destroy tills Temple and in three days I -jrilI raise it up," and the cLoir, under the lead of Capt. S. E. Thomson, sang the Easter Anthem by Caok and Hastings' Anthem. "Tiie Angels touched their harps," the solo Ly Miss Jeiinv Bryan. At the Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rev. Dr. Butler the pa-tor, preached a sermon appropriate to the season. At the Old Lutheran, (German) Church, corner of 4th and E streets, Rev. P. Brand, preached an appropriate sermon, and the regular Easter services were held. C harge of Bigamy. iron* LArKHlMT AND him two wive*. In the Police Court. Judge Snell, to-day, Eu gene Laurhent was charged with feloniously and wilfully intermarrying with one Ella Mountz, knowing at the time that his lawful wife, Paulina Laurhent, was living. The pris oner, a rather hue-looking young Frenchman, was in the dock, and pleaded guilty, but stated that after he married his first wife in Septem ber last he sent licr to Europe, and alter wait ing three mouths and not hearing anything from her, he married the second wife, thinking that hi* first wife was perhaps dead. His first wife was in the court-room, and a rather prettv looking woman, but wa* saved the trouble and mortification of telling her story, a* the accused plead? d guilty. The judge sent Eugene to jail for action of the grand jury, and could fix no hail, defendant pleading guiltv. Subsequently a friend of defendant came into court and stated to the judge that Laurhent had pleaded under a misapprehension of the law, and asked that he be permitted to plead not Eitilty, so that he could give bonds. He explained that Laur hent's first wife was a widow; that she went to New York, and took passage on the steamer for Havre under the name of her first hnshand. ignoring the name of Laurheut altogether, and did not write nor in anv manner communicate with him. The judge finally concluded to take bail in the sum of #l,ooo, but when the court adjourned the prisoner had not yet succeeded in obtaining bonds. Alexandria I'ish Market. Quotations of new fish for this day, furnished to The Stab by George W. Harrison & Co., wholesale dealers In fish. Nos. 42 King street, 50, 51, '<C fish wharves. Alexandria. Va. Shad, fresh, per hundred, *12.00 to *14.00: Potomac family, per bbl., #12.00 to *11.00; Economy family, (Delaware.) per bbl., ?1">.00. Herring, fresh, per thousand, ST.00 to j?S.OO; Potomac. No. 1, per bbl., #<3.50 to *7.00; Poto mac, family, (roe.) per bbl., #M.00; Potomac, t'amilv, per half bbl., #4.50: good herring, old Potomac. *4.00; Labrador, family, per bbl.. ex tra. *5.50; Portland gibbed.per bbl., *3.30; Bay of Island. No. l.(new.) #4 00: do., familv mess. *6.00; L ike herring. Chicago, extra. #5.7.1: St. John's alewives. *?>.00; white txjrch. per bunch, 15 to 25 cents; rock, do., 15 to 25 cents; offal, do., 10 to 20 cents. Herring and thad are arriving freelv. and further declines are expected, as the weather i more favorable for fishing. ? The Christian Policy Toward tiik In dians?A public meeting was held iu the Con gregational church last night to consider the -ubject of the Christian ]>olicy of the govern ment toward the Indians. The notice for the meeting was issued before information concern ing the Modoc massacre was received here. Gen. Howard, addressing the assembly. *|?ke ot the former manner in which Indian affairs were managed, saying the Indians were plun dered on one side and the government on the other, but President Grant had broken "the corrupt ring" and placed the whole quest on in Christian hands, lie had no ajtologv for the Modocs w ho had struck a blow at their own ex istence. He thought the only solution of the Indian question was in conferring citizenship on certain tribes even before conversion and re generation. The new Commissioner of I ndian aff airs, M r. Smith, said #17,000 a year had beeu appropri ated for the Modocs. which had never been ex pended. Had the 917,000 been spent, as was firomised. there wonld have been something to nvite Captain Jack eUewhere and keep him there. There was nothing to be said in exten uation of the Modocs* crime; bat afguedthat this act of atroeltv should not turn aside the friends of Christian civilization from their be niticent purpose. Frederick Douglass agreed with Gen. Howard that citizenship of the Indiana would be a means of protection. PaaaoviB 8?nvuna.?The Israelites yester dav held solemn service* commemorative of the Passover, and there was a largo attendance at the synagogues. At the tth-etreet synagogue the services were conducted by Mr. L. Stern, the reader of the congregation. The singing was by the choir of children's voices, assisted by Mia. E. Behrend; the organist was Mr. C.W. Bergmann, and the lender Mr. H. Gotthelf. The sermon was by Mr. Stern, from the fWlow ing: "The bleak winter is cone, the continued snow melted, bonntoous nature is awakening humanitv with lovely flowers, and in the woods the warblers are hoard chanting the opening of spring." Addas Israel congregation also celebrated the Paaaoirar, Mr. Cohen conducting the services. SciT8 rot Paxabb. Messrs. Kittonhoase, Fowler, and others, has* by Messrs. Bradlev and Bradlev entered suit against the Salt! more and Potomac railroad company for palling down a certain frame bnlMiag between 6th street and the canal and they eUmK^W. M tsars. Harrington and Cahill have also en tered a suit for Mr. Wa. Smith against A. 1. L. Keeae, for an alleged aaaanU and battery committed on him on the 13th of Maroh last, far wbtah bo claims daaaagea #10,?. Hrnnr Viiac. next Soar to Rnae.the hatter, la receiving new pat's furnishing l Pox r ases reported at the board or health since Haturdav. at 3 p. m..: are ?? fol lows: One CM at 1143 23d street northwest: 'wo cases at comer of Market and Water street*. .*utoWB; one CM* ?*ch Wh street, !>n ymjd Boundary northwest; between I ^ and ?th and H and I streets southwest; and k. below T ?Beet wonttrwest; two ca?e? at Cole - row. <th ? r1."1011 streets, count v: one ease walked to hospital. Child dead on >', between 1st ana u streets southwest. Theodore Thomas?RcnursTEix?WEt kiawpei?As before noticed this grand combi nation open here to-night In a concert, the programme of which eanuot be excelled. They follow in concert to-morrow uight and Wednew i7i srt<,rnoon A programme of latter concert win ?e found In amnsement column. The bouse will be filled to-night and the concert as afi<in y ? *^1*^ M tbe a^?ve mentioned are capable of giving. Abbmt of as Alleobd Pickpocket This morning Detective McDevttt arrested Edward *>"*r on suspicion of being a pickpocket, who came here to work the push at O'Brien's show, w hen McDeyltt asked him if he belonged to this city he said no. and wanted to know by what right the officer asked him such question-. ?e was told that Major Richards wanted to see

,'ni'*T,i0 was escorted to headquarters, when the Major ordered his picture for the gallery. The always popular Lydia Thompson troupe commence a short engagement at Wall's Oi..>ra Mouse to-night, and will bring out in succession the great burlesques in which they have mad* themselves famous. To-night, the rich mnsieal extravaganza of Blue Beard, in which all the favorite performers of the troupe win api^ar. blonde and brunette 1 GEORGETOWN. !w THK Ohpbtiiks?At Triuitv (Catholic) church the services yesterday wore 'mI>osing character. The altAr beautifully decorate! with lare flowers, aud a new set oi silver candlesticks was added to the already large collection. Haydn's Mass \? pj was sung with great effect. 'Mr. W. D. Clem ents presided at the organ. The singers were Mrs. Poe, Mrs. doling, Mrs. Allen and Mrs. ?>|?r*Tio; Miss O'Donoboe. contralto nJ? ill' Jo,,C8- Kleinschuiidt and Mr. Bradley, tenor; and Messrs. Hein. A. J. Jonss and Clements, bass. At tlie offertory, the Vie AltnJw .l L*ud? was admirably rendered. Altogether, this mass was the praise of the en tire audience. The sermon, by Iiev C. I Stonestreet, was well adapted to the occasion. ' The service* in Cbrlst church (Protegtnnt I ?lP!?co,,51) yesterday were verv interesting. The rector. Kev. W. W. Williams, I). !?.. preached to the occasion. I i lie chancel was elaborately decorated willi flowers and emblems of the holy season. Ti,e music was beautifully rendered und-r the leadership of Colonel Seligson. who has i?s. re til r net I from a tour in Teime<?ft?e an*t Kenturk v rhe efticient choir well sustaine<l tbeir reputa tion for excellences tlieexecutlon of the music of the Episcopal service. The Easter services at St. John's r Protestant episcopal) Church yesterday, weje exceedingly well adapted to the occasion". Kev. Mr. Atkm-r who always preaches well, sustained his rc.?n LiVh'ro T'?c fh,,rcb was isoiu.-ly'lresse-1 with rare flowers, and the font was' trimmed with white lilies and camelias. There wasalto a hne display oi flowers in the clioir. The mu sic w as well rendered by the Messrs. Kolir a MI^Yn' i ,,hU:,,,C' ,Mrs' *'prano. aud Kmily H><!e. alto. The oili-rinifs of the toiigreKation amount. d to al-out *?0o. in the morning the Sunday school offerings were a!. ?ut At Grace (Protestant Episcopal) Church the al ani"vei>arv_ meeting was held hv-t even ,!?' Bmbarin is the superintendent of the hundavschool, and leads the singing, which excelled any musie of the day. Several hun dred children can always surpass all of fin X"1?* ?,o rs 1,1 ?>usic. The school was ad ?n lTni uy Kf.v?-Mr-Atkins. W. W. Williams ?nd the Kev. Mr. McOuire, who is the tcnitto '^to.r ?' t?ie church. The church was tastefully dressed with tb>B, rs. in which a coss *nd the words ?c:.-::-t ?? risen" were m .st prominent. 1 Tim oroan wa? r< n ?! to-dsv from the Bridge-street Presbvt. , . mvii to tueir chapel on West street. laeir The Bali of the Catholic Total Abstinence KC?rV?V nii? "'Iv'-rtiM-d to take place a' wSS^'VV1" b? a 1,lea>H,,t a,", Fish WiiAiir?The receipts of fish to .lav were about l.r?.isio hernias and ;;,OIO tav'.ori. Herrings sold at *8 and the tax lor* at one eem ai'^b'iuAundr^T.1 '"e Hl>? cau*ht' ai,J *>?'? Chain Trade?The only arrival of cram to tec.a^11 ^ car corn ALEXANDRIA. The Ca ri-entkrs Want More Wa?es?At. adjourned meeting of the joiimevmcii car,,on Jy ? association was held last night, at the hall Benevolent As-ociation. in and ft B ,H- Jenkins, in the chair. ^ LLk' Henry? secretary. There were thirty members present. A resolution was adonted respectfully rf<.nr??in<T an advance of i'o i?er 'J! ov<X l'1 ? of wages. City Pahskm;er Railway Messrs Car thl i ' co,ltr.H, t?r.-. have commenced the construction of the Alexandria Citv J'as 5 ,L- breakiUKprui,nd on Pevton street, between Kmjr and Prince streets. '1'he the? Potoi licTr Wi" 6,C,e,,,, ,rorn tLe wharf ot ta? ^m.acterry company up King stre-ef u> to tl?V*a? f Ho?so, thence down Peyton street ?i Bridge, at the head of I)uke street. io?i ? . western terminus a street will be laid oat, graded and graveletl to the jrrive yards immediatelv south of that place, th^ in witt'stone embarkmentsbeing teirace<i ' AppniMMEST-Jolin E. Febrey. eRq . has tr,?2?i,?0,nVe7?' the ,K,Hrd of odu. ation, , PnWicschool* for Arlington district, in the county ot Al. \andria, to serve out the Uk1*? term of Uarrett B. Wirbirt, cuo. who has removed from the county , *>*???The house of Mr. Henry Davis aMnt was to??pih?riti10 ?f 4,die' I^oudoun county, w 811 itH content*, de stroyed by fire night before last. about to vears of age, son of Mr. D. M. Divine, was thrown J'orse and almost instantly killed near Hillsborough, Loudoun county, oil Friday last ?Caz'tte, Saturday <re. C ITY ITE M S. wbT?.h r KOTj- 8CFP*R ?*o* A cor (IB. which a few doses of Ayrr't Ch'rrii I'edora! will cure. Time, comfort, Lealth, are^ ill ?ye't by ^ m.w.f&w ?.5. B } OV* I, ?. TOR'8 Bill?When Dr. Wis tar s Balsam of Wild Cherry will cuts oo?*h colds, bleeding at the lungs, and arrest the feli destroyer, Consumption, it does more than most physicians can do. The use of a single bottle costing one dollar, will satiTty t^e iifereSu, that they need look no further for the required ? * Oewtine Guvot suspenders lor 73 cents Best imitation for 35 cents. Hne braces and suspenders of best m ikes both foreign and domestic, from 30 cents to f.i of the mo8t delicate gos- inier tabric and of harness-like structure. A Iso. boys' suspenders from 25 to IW cent-. as^>rtme,lt1 h? very extensive and Is worthy of inspection. Gko. C. Hesxtvh, tio :th street. VseDooley s Yeast Powder if you relLsh ?gllt't*0*', wholesome Biscuits, Rolls. Pastry strength"1' 8r0?er 86118 "* FuU weight a,i { *?*T t iihappy person in the world is ^Pj ref^ c.' Everything looks dark aud feU 'l0"1 ?f sorts" with himself and rln?n^y *1, ^ e '? * baiden to him. This r f by Ukin? Peruvian Syrup i?crh^^ ?f on;), Of/7 years' stand tng nave been cured by it. g Wl.Ln Balsa* This P*^.?3'C COInPpun<1 has become a home fixture. ?fl,a"W^?.8ufer- Awl bKve ia "In attemptMt r< fy*u*h*' Colda, Bronchial or Pul Complaints, make use of this unequalled remedy, n can be reHed upon, the miss of d^i^?nVK^at ha* ^?en poblished since iu intro ducuon, being ample proof of if efficacy. ? ?sas yl"| KATIOWAL RaTWU"BaVI, tOTMt mt rtf.ittis Po?d's Extract cures ffcranattan barn. Oeoigetowu Advertisements. NOTICE .?Th? #rst annual meeting .if the EIGHTH BUILDING ASSOCIATION of Georgetown. wiU he beU at Lang ? Hotel, ?n HOY DAT IVISISO NEXT, l4?h inst., *1 *S o'clock, at which tin*- an 'lection will be held for vfllceti to *nc the erasing retr. ?13 ** WILLIAM KING, See KADT FOB We" SPBING TRiDK. W With ? fnll corpa of first class workmen. a rou? Slete stock of the be*t foreign ami duasestic D) ? tuffs, Ac.. Ac., I am fully pr? pared t<n CLEAN ok recolor LADIES AND GENTS SPRING AND SUMMER WEARING APPAREL, PRtMlVM STB AM DYB1NH ANV SCOUR ING WORKS. ESTABLISHED l?3l. Premium awarded IS87. Office,40 Jefferson st . Georgetown, D. 0 Pixt oiw Box 7)13. ap7 'r N EW SPRING DRT GOODS. Beautiful Dress Good*, in *a*e mad mfgnrmette ?had- xj, a large aaaortment of medium and low-pri ed Dree* G<>od*. lOJXw yard* new Spring Percalee. Call coea, and Shirting*; beat make* of Shirting* and Sheeting*, very cheap; SO pieces Black Alpaca* and Mi hair*, from 15 cents to #1 38; Caasimeres a-id Suiting*, for men and boya. We have a large atock, and offer (treat bargains BENJAMIN MILLER. trS-Sra 101 Bridge street. Georgetown. ? REAL ESTATE AGENTS. ^yiLLlAM DltKSOX, GENERAL INSCBAXCE AND KEAL ESTATE AGENT, No. 605 FIFTEENTH STREET, OPPOSITE TRF.A.-IRY. None hat the (safest iDtonuice companies repre sented . Pr nipt settlement of losses and fair dealing guar anteed. apS lui Austin p. brown. Cvruer NY. avenue and lfth atleet, Washington, D 0., W HOT.*?AM Dkalik m LI MBER. LIME, CEMENT,SAND, Ac., Ac , Ac LI klBKR BILLS cnt to order on short notice. BLUE STONE for Building, Macadamising mttc Paring purposes delivered In any part of the Dt* trict. RKAL ESTATK bought and aold and bM*r In ve*t"d. To this branch of the business I will here after give my personal attention, and will he at my office nailv from lit am. until ? p. m m*rl-tf PIANOS, Ac. iuTIp JF. I UCAS, 1149 7th street n. vi ., Tuner ami ? fittuiaiur !?/ t>ssoi and Or ???> - Uers received at Thompson's comer litli it KB9B and N York an-. . Getty**, Bridge, near" I % 11 Congress, Georgetown; and Moms', cor. 7th and Pa. *v. Piano* and other instruments packed ami moved All work guaranteed. uihtt ly ?"IiunTng aniT repairing, polishing I AND VARNISHING PIANOS AND. ALL MD81CAL INSTRUMENTS. Al l *ajs receives the most faithful attention) by G. L. WILD A BR0.,4>10 lltb strert west, near northwest corner of P?unsylv anla avenue, ovei twenty years well known as p-nct'cal Piano a id Musical Instrument Makers. Dealers in Piano* %n<j Musical Instrument* generally. n>IO tr i JUSTAV KlUS. PRACTICAL PIANO HA II BUR, TVNKR AND hEfAlRBR?^^ Ot PIANOS ASUORUA>S. Orders r. |BH| ceivt-d at KARR'S Jewelry Store, Pa.'ll Of are., and at SAIRS'b Drug Store, corner ?<li street and avenue. f 11 UCHOMACKER * CO.*S PIANOS. ?9 PHILADELPHIA GREAT RED! CT10N IS PRICKS. Tbeee Instruments, w'.iich, on account of their as aerlorit) over all oth? rs.havo Id a few ) i-ar'.-%j?, become the most popnla' here, as well as al lUnak OTer the country, can be bad now for tbi tol-"* ' tr lowing low prices* SOIA1K PIANOS fr an ?37? to 8?T8. UPRIGHT PIANOS from Atfuut- *10t. GRAND PIANOS fr..u? ?!C6;o #i,y75. P'-rsons who wish to tave from $lou to $ J0U in pi; chaeing tie boat instrument out, are invited t .-a, and compare for th?ms<lve*. Pianos for rent. Piaio? exchange*!. Tuning aid R^p.tirine pr p- rl> atteteie. to. CARI. RIOHTKR, Ag-ut, dlt-tr 9ii P<'uua>!va'<is ??(?!)?? U ILLIAM KNAUE A CO., ?? Baliimobf. Martlattd, GRAND, SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIANOS. These instruments have tx<en betore tn- public fol f- rty years, and upon their e*c- ' euce al ? .? attained an ncpurcha?>d prr-^miiK no kaRS which pronounces thorn nr. ,u< ' r t iifi-iTlwT1 t?ine, touch, workniansliii *vd d-jrat.ilny, They have been awarded sixty-five gold and silver medal? at different fairs over other romp* titora. All of :'jet? SQUARE PIANOS have their new and improves Ov?r?trung S< ale aud Agraffe. William M<-C*nw>iTs PIANOS and PIANOS a.v ORGANS fiom variooa wali knowu factories f?r aai< and rent, at BEICHENBACH'S, declO-tr Piano Warer<<oms. 4)13 11th street HOTELS. UNION HOTEL, Oioaarrow*, D. 0. V. SHINS, Proprietor. This Hotel has been newly refitted and farnlahad It containa all the modern improvements?hot aid oold baths, bells, aud gaa. It ia conveniently lo cated, being situated on the line of the Waahingtoi and Georgetown City Paeeenger railroad, the oar* of which, from the railroad and steamboat depeta. pass the door every two or three minutes. Th> gnnata of this bonae can reach any ot the pebUt Building* af the national capital or any place of amusement, Ac., by a pleasant ride of a few minnte* Persons dmug business along the line of the Mot and on the wharves will find it to their advantage u (top at this house. d*c91 >s ||TS0M<8 HOTEL, ~ No. TOO 0 STREET, jeB tf Bktwkkn 7th >^d Orn 8tre*t?. IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMK8 SYKKS, Proprietor. ffBOKTIHS PlIHtoUTiDU Atihci, bttwun IStA and liti Urut*, WasHiKsroii, D. 0. Thankful to the public for gfnerona patronage tr the past, the Proprietor aahs his old fnends and patrons to teat the accommodatioua of his present establishment, which he promises shall be found at least equal to the best in Washington. ja.?-if I Rep., Chror.) rj"HK TBK BRYANT BOUSK, 1. Locmud m comer I4ik ttrmt an4H. T. aesaas. After the let of Decesuber, 1371, Permanent and Transient Boarders will find this bouse one of the uoat desirably and moat conveniently located in the city. The rooms are neatly furnished, wall lighted a rentilaled. and provided with all modern home i xinunodations. The chargea are low, bat tbs wants and the < :'ort of all guests will be carefully provided for. > The proprietor, E. RICHARDS, haa datermiaed tr provide a goad caterer. awB-yitf CO. WILLARD. * EBB ITT BOIBM, WAMISOTOK, P. 0. HE WORKS OF THOMAS GUTHRIE, D. D. The Gospel in Et'kiel The Saints Inheritance. The Way of Life. On the Parables. Illustrated Speaking to the Heart. Studies of Character. Plea for Ragged Schools. The fit) ; itsSins and Sorrows At WM. BALiANTYNE S, aS ? 40? 7th street. ^OTIOB. OPENING OP A BBW BTAtlOMKKT STOKE AND KLANK BOOK MAfUPAOTOKT. First-class goeda at fairarioeaJpr cash. LITHOGRAPHING, KNGRAijTsG, PRINTING AND BINDING DONK TO ORDKK The public are lnritad to call aad examine our new ftock. UNTv. FRKNCH, ? ? fir ? Under National Wnr^uw* swia. and next door to Jar Oooke A Oo.v, ael]-tf Washington. D C. J. K. Tl'RTOM, CARPENTER, BUXDKR, a m OOITKACTOK. for Bonaa Carpentarinc. Jobbing, or Oo Workapeedily attendedlo. ?<?>. bel^B*. ?mlli?MK. M APLK BUG A^B . 8,000 lbs. NEW MAPLB SUtAB, from Somer set county, Pens., juat received and for sale low by oosjmTAf B1 609 PtDtlHfiTMllE a80t {Bepi opp. Mdropolitan Hotel. ^^IBCULAB LETTKBS OF CBEDIT, available in all parts of the World, fsmlahad to travel ers. AlaoVDBAFTS on Loitdon and the principal Continental citiea.ln auma to Hit, at the FIRST BATIONAL BANK. _ ? . , I. 0. |WAIN,< T\V/.k4"boa?d will commaaea April ?, street northwest. Pi yonntOMUa. gTONB MASONS AND BUI*DKK8. Y'lXNHA KXrOSITXOJ. CIRCDUK L1TTEEI?? CEXtlT, taaves it IAT COQH ? CO. The Circular Latter is a lattei at Introduction to The Circular Letter ia n lattei or introduction to tioa la paraon or kg latter. ]. SAW COOEI ft CC?, iMkm, apd-lm jWASBIBOTOB. STEAMER LINES, I\*W EXT BESS li*Fyia CAS a l. A * BKTWTir^l Pa^45l&EHA?AAJ*J*ASP1IA. Va . WASH INGTON ASP GEORGETOWN, P C. _ ?AILI*0 PAT?. Horth Whin*. Phil >KPNE>DAT And bAT ????ATS{KT!-Srwr-;r'0-c'TrEs Ii?n Lla?? !?e**!l5wlw* mth "Clyde'. BJp-J t*a k?idTy V otC JfAjS A. AaVcS^/Aw. Street, b^ W4""w,Vvw? ?06TO"' **P >ADT or THE LAKE M r rejnilAr trip* to mill le?<* brr wlfcrT foot THt MnT?' rr7 *OHDA* ? i Sj. ??*!?. B.|t??fliin(M|riMiMl EiTor ..*"'11**-*'?y?l*< ?? Norfolk with 8t?^D-t,,r of ^iS^lSSSS^ws. ?14 rtfTwaww ViWkSS**'?* ?h?rf. W^ItCUQiTT, G-iierwJ Agent. PlAMV Wfr>. oonwr Uth at. And Pa a ^LMAKD LIKE THE BE1TISB ASD NOBTH A HEBICAB EOf AL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN HEW TOKK AND LIVERPOOL CALLING AT CORE HABBOE EBON NEW TOBE R iwIA..?Wk1?Apl M | Otlibrli. .s.vt Arl 19 :aa=*:t?. si s iVi: ?a *3 .i !>' ? : |ss ?Ssr"B,%rkBd thM *-u ?* ?"? ?-???? And ?*ery following WEDNESDAY *ad Sati-b DAT from Sow York. "TLB ..ff" ?* Pa?*A?..?CaI in, jnu, Bjqg, -nj a j* ?????SoSkw ? W.iILar.W' ? ?ddUk.uaJ Q t UTO tK kvU *U fiVuriilltt L i StWHM*. currency. Steerage ticket* from Liverpool mud itnnm.* Antwerp iu)d ot M etl itmanpAii iPDh at t L Or^u;r:.r VS^'lT, *a " T'1^ Trinity Building J ? M Mo- lx* B?w?l.ay ?*M-If ?HAB. O. EBANCELVW Ajt.n, ^NCHOE LINE STEAMERS BAIL EVEBTBATCBDAT. MPeee,?*we booked to And from Any RaIIwa* Hta S?^I? j" tVU Qr?? BritAiL, Ir<-i?r,<^^^^ Sweden. Denn.Aik, ti.n. auv StAtE*"' ' *'????>? au^ the L'uitet .^'"'Affffiw NEW TORE fn mvnn* t m ERPOOL, GLASGOW DERBY. ??*!& ??* EXCTBMfN TICEETS. 9 1 ju vUfXlS?""'' ?>" Mr an, tB Part.e* pending for their friend* ib the Old amntn in prrclm^ ai. trU At toWelt nS? V'ti Tzl niKiilarf* Ht?rI? loth** a *> /<a ma. . ? 1AI- fe'-ir w KWtNt rBt'1 r' r fur h c-^?Arcfci m*rl? HKKPkRMiMBRoTHICRS, * B' wlmg Gfwii. N-? York. J^J HWUAKn LINE OP ?slKAMMIlPS. WASHINGTON AND NEW IOBB. jcilSS!fclSflf.t3^BJ ?if?'"T? iiiK*; Tii i", sf rnS*"^ i ?* 4tX Tnu J \ AS INGTON ai d GK< Kok SAH I? E^' S^^ATl^V^tK. T/ " ALKA ANURIA fh? wnr iAr uUm. towr. of At cor^ of 17U? ?r^t AOd HewT^rt J>"-^ i W. THOMPBOB. Pr~tt*(.t. PROPOSALS pROPC'SALS K?.?R BRICKS Pin icW?tii,Di<TiicTorc?tr*i a I W AAm^?T<*M. April II, m. < fPr. ^. wm ," rl / " ! Hi'tu K?ii " r- '7'1. "5" "?? . ftr '? on?il noon _? NI A I ? April 21-1, f- r t1..- furi Mint* Paving ?ii<i R'?1 Brick, in <jHAti?t;i< - of live hun.! ?.i thon>aiid At?i npwxid*. "J,a'w BiiMfm will AlAtf I he prlo> per ih mniiiKt d L ai^J price p. 1 th. iieaml |. r |ia<i::i,r lit Ik* mile rn)Di?iti-t ? ni.1 It- ni 'iiilil) f? T ?nc|i Af'iiar Km* coutrncted for. Good ai,<j ?iil (.i?i,nBi t>.ind< wil; iH< iKiii r. .1 for the perf.xniAri'-e of ?nrh ,-..ntr?rt. .. B'ay be entere<l into. ALEX. K. hHEPIIERD *'* - Tire Pre.ident I\ avy pat oppice; V . , n Wakui scto*, D C , April U.1V3 *nTk^ P^'P'SAlf. to to euilor**-d ?? Pr ? ? ill be r>. eivtnl ?t tin* ofti.-e imtil I a m tli ? Urn DAY or AP.iL, for the be!',. <li-?rrihe<l r il t" bedeiivytj fry ?f ex pei,-. ,tbe Act'ir p?rin>; ^ 'L '"opetUou > at the U a.|iiLr <m } ! subject to the n?utl ia-p?-if i^n, to wit ' B' KKAt Kyi 1PMKNT AND KIT IJf'ITI \0 ?00 1 three kindred) l n? CiiaiberlaiKl? ..?i nJaITt.'^ i'".'" l- d-li. .-red .ii thewterf al th SLT*?* '?'".y proved bv the ? .*eni..i-nt. V ?^V ^P*'. f"r !fCOrt,if to the welfbt of Ik,. T*"1 P-Ulula to,be t.n BKMerw mc? irtAle in their l>id? the time within STiI?^Ii*^ <an ???H. R-.p.nail.|e?e cnrttj ?ill tie required f r it? prompt And fAitlifnl ?,H?l Vrr>.?M RUuk form, for bid* t.. b. Ln^i ii . ^ Tli- rmht i* re?erv?d t<> rejert ?ny bid not considered ad 1 antac:'?>ii? t<> th< m .rern ? ? B. TBORST??N, *" 3t Pa) Inepect. r | . g Na> v. puopufrALs ror stationebY7~ S. aleH rrK T? f A? T,V.FXT.! March 15,1S7S re.r i^iil- T"" 1, .'iuri1I'* ??<ti .uery f.-r the LV/ < ? 'T lN4, will b<- rwrii^ uuiil Lbe lAthdav of April. W73, At 13 ?\ Jock M. iMiicAti ST?" wHI fiTiii-lod npon Applicati.'ii, TheT e^'ir^i^.T"1 ^ c.on*'^red And acc. pted or r. *t ed item by item; aii.I ?hi- ad?< rti~^D. nt ah I the pr? t'*?* ' 80 aa ?cc"pt?d by the !v-cretMr, of the Tf ytly, .nd the b-u.1 Accompanyiu. the aa ie, H?* co.trACt between the Govern t i'll srjszsx b,?iJer,? u? T"rt*" *f'R'le? rontrActed Tor Aju-t l>e ftirninbed from tuneto time durn.c the r> at. in y.iantitiea par.nant ? OI" "?'f^Mrtnieut. The entire qnAati tie* will, howev er, be c?Jled for daring th?- y?i?r fcAch nropcwAl dum be tign^d l>y the iDdiridaAl or flra. making it, a^I be AceompAi.W by aU,uJ with sufficient auret Mw, in the riun of ten th .??Aiv1 <i.>! ik h! ?PP?"o>by A rlilted State* <>? ,.r of tbe diatrict iu which tbe anretie*. re.ide or do bum <>P * ?,""?> Y> be furnished by tbe IVpm?e*t conditioned for furniahiug*nch portion* of the arti cle* AA.iAy lx< AWArdeu under it, imI the ierf r* Ance of H? contract. ' lne ^ T'11 *???*?<* ?? in*pect|.?n by ai. * P*"r^ det ai ltd for the purpae by the hri-m*. ?? .if '->^.T.r',"nry ? >.'ld 'Jjf delivery of aii inferi?r article ?nil be deemed * u flic lent omae to Annul the con ***" ^ M?-?Auru Ptiuit,imi ( ?UHP |0 A tr*cti ^ option of tbe Secretary. Deliver!** nin*t be fr?e of charge At Department. WAehington. charge At the Tre. iri ..P"" fAilure to comply with Any one order nnder Denaltv of'the'? ?'Tr*u'<J* ?^"rf?''t?,r^of the entire penAity of_ the bond, or tbe SecretArv of th>- Treat. ?ry m.y direct tbe purcha-e. m ..per, market t>f ?nch luantitie* of any Article* a* ahAll b? ih>wwi to enpply the deficiency c.uaed by *uch failure and ?rti-Twhlch it S.'n|,|r,?Ctrr* 2P' per c",1,nln "f th' wh wlcfef befonnd cectA"Ary to pa, for .m?PSTU ?nf,<~fomP*B',*d by . AfctiafArfory l^nd ? ill not be coupidered. And o.ntrActa will be a? Ard in the Articl'JlUAnufA. lurer* of or dealer* to k* "'Wrewed to the auderaignad, And BUxknd "Proposal* for Stationery WM A. BICHARDSON. n ar7. -e.il5t Actl.g SecretATT of the Trea?ury. PROPOSALS YOB COAL." T.kat.t DireA.TV.xT. Br.EAc or Ekswvim asi. Pom Semled PropntAli until IO o'clock a. .? . M.rch X, 1373. ^re**J"^ At thia office Monday, th* <9thdAyof rj i.ffir ApriL W73, for,? five h.mM?t*" of ?"-'k ' CumbTrlATS to ^ And place*. And in ?orb ijnaatitteA, a* may be retjaired. And -nbject to tbe iilfli<lWif,y^Ti>ri Coagrem Approved July 11, lSTO, vie: Thnt *uch coaI shAll weigh 2.3m p<>and? to the ton, And ibAll I* inapected And weigh tin',/?f rfliiv qU"??tyl. of "lch ,OMl certm ?d At th* tiy of delivery, by tbe p*ra..n .pp. in ted And i.aIi nrMcril^r thatporpo*e. And tliAt the ^ CTt f"T, ''?rh t<>B of coaI in delivered, abnll be paid by the ^r"PoeAl? will be conaid*red binding for one week 22TiI..S,?iduT f *,ri1- DepArtni-ot re bidaoferwl r?J?? All or Any portion of .the nl^^0^^>*?3iLw,,, ^wxwlalned anlcMAccompA nled by iwairfActory evid?m>e of Al.llitT tof.flllthe he made the certificate of the tn.pec.tor th.t the coaI fnnikhat h**h m th* contract cnlla tor. PronoAAta ahoold be Add*?Med And ae.ttoth.of <*TT OEO. A. McCABTBB, CH1BBSB >UnifU, north ?| tkmmm. Ho rent to | !?? bbhjamih, HATT,ROADS. A .in ALIXAKPBIA A FREDERICK *B1 im R Ow* *f B But* ttrmif . ?*??? train* for Alexandria lea< ? m i? i-?; iTVw ? ?14 ? ??., u . 3 y ? *?? >> ?T..t ; V |>. to. # L111'"*??? AiaraaAna arr<*e M fallow*-.. ??,u ?? ' - -v ??1SL *?' ^ v h t m. VtfiKlT* ^ t""1-? Wmb T?2rtJ!^\ir^ /* i"1':-"? f O ff. n .^!, T> I , "1* Sltokal coraw Utt at mat JPi>?ha L kj., ?_"'rwrj ***^ M^nwilfiaia L?Mo*i " w'WW* Urveib u, 4*U aaitoa ? 0 Torso. Til,: ? ? U a.a . (Ulttnorr Mall, r\n |i- s in, .1 ax . ? . w?? Kir 4allj,axcrn BunAa*. datlr >?? Kj Baltlm-r? Af ~ BALTuiaw.tg1,f?it>"*cjc^ Ommtrn Uhmmd b tmm*. ff vH4 TKAIK81LEATg roi~7TlAIWH Aim AT ?*?'?tr*!L,2?w? T - ?- ?>*?'? ? ?*a to .Waaler* |,r, dallj.a.ce* gnnda 1,dtuyfc,m",,rrBelr, rilf."?j Baltioi-r* ic '? ? r* , ParWr K,rr ? e^ ^dM1' <*&>. eaoapt Haudar * ? r ? . C m-fnaaft I, Tjl," 7 "j^to . R,r J^-.?U4lf.a*c^tu?. rtvjM ?? M?'v |? ? \, ? \^ 4 f* *? . ?* Tr*i*? arrivtti* ?t * *?ht'Jt ' 1 -r ?_;?r. ? ?*????K-Srvv.^" "'rs' MarOoro- ?. aod ?.?u .?h ^Vto <? 55? oflW?\^S ?ndrr^!t2?| "n^keft ?*r *1 ?> >r1limaai OTner of rrr* a'd VIY^"* " f?? ?>??r tbru hxraJTVTIld Vi!*"!* * ' at ho:fin and rtvi.len . I. " rh "< *? SSKtfSfc 23 ? ?. Torgg. * 'jr ?" ioJJC r..i !?!,WTt,?,LJ,lD ? un . r<>R BALTIMORE - ?rt tnar wmamws: j l!4j ^TATIOWfl ? ?> . ? nTau<f li? m ' * 4 ? ? ? arsl - * 8 C?a. nl., a.,1 l u fk lVin!^* ?? ? ?? a.,J Tin- l ?.l Uand 8 la ? JT . ' ' ? atafi ii. ulv. vlf h,-. *!* **' >?' th" f- I LMirl, A.?a? ito h '*? ?l* Aiao. iusu r? WtutSi^; *' ?? ? JO ? ?l at p'.,,r. r" Oat. and the ??? Aauap. iir oti HqmAm1**' "J' tUl *? :r*' '? T fOR VOirOLK t *. ,'11 ,,|(*>l Buudaf. * i ? ALL PAETt> o|r xni west : -Wi*S5tr3 ffe'SK f^K^SsifjSjr- .-?? - I 1(4 I hi 9 AJ ? at ? -a* % ' *'? ^ 41' ?!*?: II I 4 m ? '? i.w., t.?.? ?. 7 .is.? 36. at.d it ja V L ? rKnM Tut vrt, l-" *? *? Throiyct (KlMl u> (Im- a^. . Aa*hirct?a fetation Ticket <?m . . JfL h*1 ?' '??? ??> . a'.a.. at th- C^^L, V ,n?7 ,c- ' * :>'? ,"*?r Pa?? !.*? r? nnr Ilh*n _ }. ^ " l**ma ?"* cf r?" ?i arra.i* to ha'?a t"h*Jr 'i " A%"' ?-0* - ^ '??' Oi 'riftOlOH LISK H?TWIE?\? ?.P.^Vl?iTHILA1.KL XX3"mmS3E CUIA, AMD NEU Yi? UK ?* Tralna b-*Wf.D WAa>*H ? a'rrm. a'f !i.?a: "??????? *VmJk * l,rra?P.KfH VOE* rkitntf nf .. roE PK'LAi??LrniA. L??*a daily taMan b<IDua> I at b a. m., \m ?u j g;* OS 81'KDAT. a rn TurkW ?*? "?? ?< 'phi? CM, for New Trt o? 8K , m, Tfarovrb tickHa to Ph'iad?lnhta n-w v r? " ^"dir u ^ w liTVSS . ad*ertt~-?n .? ^ "J^!dU2r*?T ?"lti?u<>r?-. A.:a^ ?-?* Trailta rta'loo 1872 PKH?8TLVAMl\ BOTTB I ?72 ro THE BOBTHWEFT^tTM. AAiD S jl TM Tratna laara aa follow, W-hiutloB. ?? a. j. | .... TM ., .. : ? ?. to' ????II ?. to 1 P. to. k 9? to. | MH'ILI W???r. aod 0--Dtral ; J?, h^; - r:?s :. :.r r rr,#;s: s ?i?bt ca^ W^S5^ ?*>? ?ill OoSMtCTioM ??"KUOAKA and Tickata by Uua rovte eUkTw oj ?rato aod PP1T^ BtigsSsSsFH-'B givea at aJl Unji^^^ r*u?>~ tafottotoion wiU ta " " *1ek?". ?* Orta r*Hc* ran ta Palaca Can fur Pitta INSURANCE COMPANIES THE COROORAN FIRE ISllRAKCC ruMPiKi' or THK DISTRICT or ooluhbia, (b**nf'>4 April In, 1STJ. ? a l>I(al ?Siou.ooit. OFFICK Bo. I4V9 PKBB8TLTABIA A* LSflE, tOVKK k.LtlHl l>KLi> lt?U I f-J HEKE, \ ice Prnatdent. J- T. 1)1 ER, SecreC&ry. _. _ t<IKKi T 'M?: ? m Orwe, H Otejr Stewart, U'," * Ja. L. B. . IJotrd D <x'p, ? ?H tf P^L* J -*??> T. Uuu. J, MicIimtI breeu. late ftail^r, ? i. B. B-rr. Abb toc irscredr IP NOT. APFL1 _ v ?" ?Dk? ? ** " A V fll I \f . . ?l Oi>M*KBaa la lfl?. <* ^ ?????' B?' k at tto hr'p^'0' l),tr"*t ?<>rtkwato. h ctaarga Policlt? ^it>y?aan.-Dr Jaa c. Hall. J aba Party. Brodbead, J. Re?worth, Jai C. McOuite, kn 1 . C a WihUrg. r. W?y MiD- bald, B. B. MjiUuir*-, Dt D. b. CiatV . ?. Q. BtoMT. HENKT ^RADLBT, P:-i ieit OHABLB8 BRAl'LE T. ^ nXZT ?-,> ZSm BBBCBB TOCB LIPB PfrnWUMfc.. f warrsv:*21 or TBI DISTRICT OB COLUMBIA ORVAMZMO A MOST ?. If. O M OTICB^Tbat^^*tj*^?TM. Bi

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