Newspaper of Evening Star, April 15, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 15, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Urged CinalitHi ii the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: TrPDAT Jlprtl 13. ?W?. To Or i Apvrtiiiim?In eoMfqwiia of the great pressure upon owr xlrertiilng col BBini, we hare to ask of customers that they will ?end in their advertisements as early In the day as powMble that they may be properly clari fied. Our bu?in?w nrn appreciate the adran^ tage* of an advertising medium like that of Tub Stat, which has not only an immensely preponderating circulation orer any other paper, hat which has alio I general circulation smorgst all classe*, and therefore reaches pur chasers of every variety and style of goods and wares* The cable advices show the Pope to be so so riously U1 that the agitation of the question of his Miccesror is world-wide. He was born at SinegagiLa, Italy, in 1792, and will be 81 years of age on the 13th of May, should he lire so long. He was elected Pope in 1JW, and has Uiti?- held the po-ition for an exceptionally long peri?>d. He is held to be the 2->3th Pope in the long series that claims St. Peter for its head, fty ussge, but not by any fixed regulation, it I.a* been a rondit'on of election to the papacy that the candidate be an Italian. There is some dupo itiou now manifested to break up tliis custom, and should the choice go outside of Italy, it is possible that Archbishop Man ning, of England. or Archbishop Dupanloup, cl France, would l?e selected. T?>e electoral body, according to the present i;s:?ge. is the College of Cardinals. Preparatory 1 t<> an election the cardinals are shut up in what is ca'.tid "the conclave," all communicatiou with tbe ontei world being interrupted until the election shall have been made. A two thirds vote Is requisite to an election. There are four modes of eleetiou?"scrutiny," "ac re**." "compromise ' and "inspiration." Twice cach day. during the conclave, the cardinals assemble, and each deposits, in a chalice placed on the altar, the name of his candi date. If the requisite number of votes are ?>ot found ter any one, the papers are at once burned, and the smoke of the burn ing votes, which escapes through a small t'.ue. is a signal to the expectant crowd outside that tio election has taken place. This Is called the "serntiny." If votes be added to those already given for one candidate, so as to make the required two-thirds, it is called "access." j If the cardinals of two parties, finding that : neither ran hope to succeed, unite, it is called "compromise." If by a public movemeut a particular candidate be brought forward an I carried, a* if bv acclamation, the election is -aid to be by "inspiration." The present Pope, Pius I \... was elected in this way. Archbi?ho| Manning, named as one ot' the cat didatcs tor the Papal chair, is the son ot a l.ondon merchant, and was !<om in ISO*. He f.>ok first-class honors at Oxford, and reached several preferment* in the Church of England. '1 hfse be resigned in K>l,ou joining the Koman Catholic Church. On the death of Cardinal WiM'Di.l, he became archbishop of West minster in 1865. He ha<? been a prolific and v igorotis controversial writer. Archbishop Pnpantonp was born in 1W2, and was ajqointed Bishop of Orleans in 1M9. .Dur irg the sitting of the Vatican Council (1^3LT0) l.e was regarded as the leader of the Oallican I arty, a-opiosed to the I*Itramontane party, t ut when the Council solemnly declared the iiitalibility of the Pope he promptly acquiesced in It.- decision. He is regarded as one of the ablest oi French writers, especially ou religious and educational subjects. The press of the country is of course absorbed w ith the assassination of General Canby by the Modoc*, and the Quaker policy of dealing with the treacherous savage* is for tbe time being at a decided uiscount. The Springfield R'pHbtic&n draws the consolation, however, that while the assassination of General Canby standi alone in ?taring of conception and vigor of execution in the long line of bloo<ly deeds of the race with whom treachery has ever availed more than open war, it will also st^nd at the end of such detds. There will never be opportunity or heart tor another such: and "when the student of history in the year !:<#> runs along the chro nological table to find the las; demonstration of Indian vitality, he will fix upon that day of last week, made conspicuous by the bloody fin ger ot Captain Jack, the Modoc." That i*per a'gues that the i>eace policy in its essentials must be maintained, but says that the Government will tind the most peace in tteating the Indians still more strictly as ward* and paupers?savages in their second child hood, whom we may feed and house till they die. but for whom pistols are dangerous play things; not nations with whom we may parley or trust ourselves. Our peace must be the peace enforced by might, not resting on treaty or tribal consent. Chicago is agitated over the question of Sun day laget. The city authorities are enforcing the law prohibiting its sale on Sunday, and the beer-sellers are holding indignation meetings. TI.ey have voted to yield to the Sunday law, i nt.der protest, and also voted to make it as ob noxious as possible bv ordering the brewers not to allow private parties to purchase kegs of lagtr on Saturday evenings. ? ? ? ? Somebody threatens to gather from the coiumcsof the daily papers through the coun try the poems that have been written on the ad- , vent of spring, with a view ^o publishing them in a collected form We U<5|?e that this will be ? tone, and that Capt. Jack will be compelled to \ rtad them. Hanging is too good for him. The KffuUimn helgs itself like a little man t ? our Modoc matter and other Stab items. '1 bat's right; don't be bashful, neighbor. We Iik ve enough and to spare. P BIGCL.IR MONTHLY JlKKTlMu I l4*TWki^ ASSOCIATION "ill !?? Tuesday) EVEN ?a* * ? _ K C. S PRICK, S^crstary. 82 ?MASONIC.?The officers and iu-robers of COLUMBIA R A. CHAPTER Ho. 1, are l-trd to aaseinble at M**"nic Temple, at 1't k, TO MORROW (Wsdue?la>) AFTER N< v . t attend tb?- funeral nf .>tir d-ceased Com p?i n. B r R v. All K A. Ms-on* in g >od ?tai . are fraternali. ioitnl B> older of the .M. 2. H. P., Il' L O. STEPHENS,S-e. ?HOARD OF PL 8LIC WORKS. Disraicr ok Colcwsia, WasHiBotox, 1>. C , April 1Mb UTS. Iki WAKP.-A Roward of Twenty Ii.dlars will l>? ta or lbs apprehension and conviction before the r rs C urr or the District, f an* p-irtiss guilty of ii t.Mi*g, dafartng, or dsstroving the trea* or *hrab f?i . planted k; tt* Board of Public Works in ths n't i?, avaanaa. aiai intersections of tbs cities of V .-luDgton and Georgetown ALEX. ft. SHEPHERD. * w-St {ChroB ftepuH Vies Pi-?id*nt. |v J?THE IMDERSIGNED MATE THIS DAT L diapou-d of thair entire Mock an.I tracking l#t.~ineas to GEO. W. KNOX. E*?, aud solicit for hiai from oar lonuer patr -n> a c? atinaatice of the aatroaafc which they bats so kiu.ll> siv.n on dur fiTtbe past year BECK A CO. Wassixstss. P C., April 1. )OT aU 2w It rtLMOEIC CAMP frDd ?" JW./tVttpTlis for cm Sr ? BART RIDOKLY ; A 8TORT OF NORTHER* OHIO. iMtun: Hirholit 1?U. | Tarongh Ksr vsnd A Towers | ThU story, it ia andertood, *u written by I distinguished member of the Washington tar who wh formerly i memlinr of Oomgnm from Ohio. It depict* the career of a western boy, ardent, impulsive, sensitive. gifted, who, after various rough experience* and exciting adven tures, wins his way throng* nn propitious sur roundings to distinction as a lawyer; and at the Basse time finds himself fortunate In his low affairs, after stormy, adverse weather in that quarter. This outline of the story, however, affords very tittle indication of its bright, piqoant flavor. There is not a dull line in it, and yet as a mere story It is by no means satis factory, though the lore-miking is skillfully managed, and the incident ia exceedingly vivid ar.d well sustained. It is poetic, romantic, biographical, autobiograj hlcal, political, Bpi *o<lical, and all sorts. The reader is introduced to Ben Wade. OMrfinp. and other political and l^gal notables of the Western Reserve; and the scenes and incidents In the career of a western law student are depicted with the truth and force of one who '-has been there." In a certain waywardness of fancy, leading the author to abandon the thread of his story in the way of brilliant episode, " Bart Bldgely" reminds one somewhat of .Jadd'a " Margaret;" and it may be noted that be brings ranch the same keen appreciation and felicitms powers of de scription to bear in depleting external nature in the West that the author of ?? Margaret" has displayed in painting the scenery ot' New England. The instance* in this country where men prominent in politics! or professional life have achieved success in the field of romance are not so common as on the other side of the Atlantic, bnt the appearance of a novel of the unmistakeable originality and merit of " Bart Kidgely" from the pen of one of our bnsiest and moot successful lawyers, indicates that the twin capacity exists here as well as with our Great Britainous cousins. THE PARTING WORDS OF ADOLPH MONOD TO HIS FRIEND* AND THE CHURCH O t , bUt.lo March. IW. Translated from the fifth Bar in edition. New York: D. Appleton A Co. | Tt r..ugh J. Shilliugt >u 1 These addresses were made from the dying bed of Adolpe Mo nod. a French Protestant pastor, eminent tor piety and for bis great abilities as a preacher, Sunday by Sunday, du ring tlie closing months of his life. They are ?I ietmgiiLrhed b> Christian liberality and breadth of view. THR M YHTBRT or ORCITAL Br gtnile Ov vorlan. B<*t< n J unes B O-go >d. (Through B. B. Motion A Co. | A vivid sensational story of the modern French school, well translated by George M. Towle. (il'BRNS. Bv E. B. Finery B-ton: E>tM A Lauriat. | Thrmgh J. C. Paiker.) A ee mi-religions novel. FIHAICIAL AIB COMKBC1AL. The week opens in Wall street with a urich les-display of feverishness than might have been anticipated, and the concern felt at the close of the Exchange on Saturday much lea apprehensive yesterday, despite the fact that the proceedings betore the grand jury tended to the withdrawal ot money balances by promi nent parties who are not disposed to risk them out under threats ot contraction. Money is, to l>e sure, very dear, but barring tlie pressure ot a few cash stocks tor sale at the first of business yesterday, at concessions of * to ^ ner cent, from transactions in the regular way. there was little of importance doing in that direction. ? OtTeruneM Meeurltlea. Jay Cooke Si Go. turniah the loUowingto-day: Buy'i StU'g. Buy'g. Stll't. C B.6VUBL 1^? I B X?.Jn?Jy.-6B 1>', 17 ft-BU<s,Ufit. 17 I7S I ft *>?? JaJtJy.V.Is*. M>. 6-K's.MM. 17 1(S | ft?'<JnAJy,W.V<\ 17* ?-a)'s,lMk~~?! V>A)'? 13', US ? _ _ New l1 Ki-r r-t BoaBB. c.s.r?, ibbl a> BRl's, ISA 17 >4 Wl, 1*6*. 17 V 6 ?'s, 1? 19 6 JO-sJsn. A Jlj,*B.,.16\ 6-30*8,4an. A Jlj. 67 _1M', B-BO'a Jan.AJIf ,13B. 17 10 40's la'. American OcId 17 Currency C'a ir, Hew Fives... .. ..... 14 BaIVIMOBB, April 13.?Va. 6e,cons?lidatrd, S3H; West Va V, bid tonlav. Baltimore. April LV?Cotton dull; low mid dlings, Floor dull Wheat quiet and uiiciiatig-d. Corn tirm?white southern, BBtariB; yei low southern, 6-i, mixed western, <1*,; do. July, r>l Oat* active and firm?southern, So?&S2; western mixed, 4e<a~*<>, do. white, 91. Bys steady and un changed. Hay?w?tero. Provisions a shade firmer and .|oiet. M"?* pork. %17<a?17H Hnlk meats?shoulders, rib sides, 9*,m^?; clear rib aides. . Bscon??houMers, 7J*; rib aides. clear rib?id*e, sugar cured hams. I2'i(a.l5. Lard,4\?s9. Western butter steady and g.-od demand, prices unchanged. Whisky firmer, yw'i^Sl New ToBg, April 13.? Stacks dull. Gold firm. Id. Miu,?y..VW<S'4 per rent. Bxehance, long,7'?; short, 8S. Governments dull aad steady. Nsw Tobk, April U.?Flour dull aad unchanged. Wheat <iuief and firm. Corn firm. Londox, April IS, II a. m.?Consols opened at 93*. for money, SOS f<-r account. Bonds of 1466, old. M'? . 1-sC.MV 10 HI'S, ?s: new fives, Brte.Btl*. Kiamfoit. April IS.?Bonds. (6 s for the issue ?fi*a. Pskis. April 15 ? Rentes. 10francsH. Los mo, April 16. I J' p. m.?Bonds of IJk, 95; new H'es.iK'1,; Erie, 51V War DnAmusT, o?m Okhf Bigml Qgtmr, I WABmiMToii,D.O.,April 15, 1MB, 11 ?m. ( Bvnorsu bob vhb past TWBBrr-rovB iobbs ? The storm center that was Monday morning on the coast of Maine has moved northeastward beyond our stations. That which was in Nebraska has moved very slowly into Iowa. The highest pressors is over Florida. North and northwest winds, with partly cloady weather, are now reported from New Bog land, and clear weather from the middle Atlantic state*. Clear weather aad light winds prevail en the lower lakes and thence to North Carolina. S"Utherly winds, with cloady and rainy weather, are reported from the south Atlantic and eastern Gnlf states. Fresh southerly winds prevail svsr Missouri and Illinois, and brisk southeast winds, with threatening weather, over Lake Michigan Cold northerly caies, with snow, have prevailed over Nebraska, Dakota and western Minnesota, and probably throng bout the upper Missouri valley. Pbobabilitie*.?F >rthe rent of Tuesday in New Rrgland light and fresh northerly winds ami clear weal her For the miiidle statss falling barameter. noitheast and southeast winds, rising temperature, i-nrx I. cloudy and hazy weather. Tor the sonth Atlantic states rising temperature.cloudy and rainy weather. For the w estern Gulf states rising barom eter and westerly winds. For the Ohio valley in creasing southerly winds, threatening and rainy weather. For the upper lakes brisk easterly wiod> and rain, except for Lake Superior,where no**',, and northeast ? inds are more probable. The '?t?rm in Iowa extend eastward over Illinois and '^incnn sin. Cautionary signals continue at D'liuUi Mil wankee, Chicago and Grand Haven, r\j ue ordered for Detroit. Toledo and Cleveland.. orasreu ft-"3*CLAIM8 FOB DAM>.GB8 HfSTAINCD IN ijy CONSBytJIKClOr IMF^YKMBNTS BoA.kDor FfBiif WeBEs-Dt'TBtrToy Cotr*?'*.: W??Hivr,Tov. April 10. W7j, J ? thi'i'Uoflng net, approved Jane Ju, is pi^ iirhf d for the information of all concerned: Ax Act ero>iding for the payment of damages sus tained by rea- >u of public improvements or re P*irs. Bt u marttd By lit Luialmtite A'^wh.'y (/ tkt Ontrutif Columbia, That on the application, in writing, of the owner or owners of any real estate iu the District of Cdutabia, or of any person haviug other than a rental interest therein, t? the Board of Public Work!>, setting forth that special damages have been sustained by him or them in consequence of any improvement* or repairs made by said board, and particularly deecrlbing the nature of said 4am ages. t he s.iid board shall eonaider the etatementa of said application, and if deemed by them eufllcient for tiiat purpose, the said board, or a majority there of, -hall personal!) inspect ths property alleged to be specially damaged, and make, or cause to be made, any examination connected with said im provements or repairs w hich they may deem neces sary or proper. tic.S. And Be it fmrthrr macted. That If, after inspection and examiaatioa as aforesaid, the aaid tx>ard, or a maj rit> thereof, shall be of the opinion that special damages have bean sustained by any person or persons, as aforesaid, they shall estimate the same, taking into consideration the benefits to said propmstp fruas aaid improvements or repairs, and file among the record* of their oAce aad in the office of the 8. crstar) ?f the IHstriot written Bate meats of their action and estimate at damages, and shall make a full report, tn writing, to the next enening session of ths Legislative Assembly of all appiicatioaa made to tl this act, and <4 their a Notice ia hereby given, that all aarttee t damages under the above act most file their ? for the same at the OMce of the Board within m dare from this date, la order that tmth claims amy be duly considered aad reported to the Legislative AsstdUr for Be actioa. Blank forms may be obtained upon applicatioa at ?lank forms may tie oetaine<i npoa application at the Office of the Tic* Preeideat of ihe Board, Colambis Bnildlngs. tKstreet. all lot ALJCX R. SBRPBRRD. Vice President. [ Chronic U and Republic an.1 0 S A D A_L I 8 . Bav. T.W SvtTR, Unioavtlle, ? C.. further says: . ? /. My aM4her, aced sixty-two, hml tern la delicate health for years: she aned Bosadalis aa a tonic aad renovator, and has sajoyed saaeBent health rince. _ ? e e eeeee A lady near Ualoaville had aa ulcer oa the aide of ol' Si nhSeJ ^s^t tTgr^'SdteJTI o&9 m vP Bn. BraaBB Mtm fan. VP Foil stock WBIT*. LIGHT aad K?Bin| ami I LACK, with 1,Band J Buttons. all B QXJft LATEST EXCITEMENT. ATTRACTIOXS FOR SPRING. THE MOST INCREDULOUS BEING RAPIDLY CONVINCED |IO-Tbra ilrlilh SnitiM ft 10 PI rase Everybody. 910?TLem Serviceable Sail* at #10 .8?it Everybody. f 10?Them Hso lsome Suiti at 010 . B*?oaie Everybody. |IO-Tkni Nobby. well-made Suit*, at #1V. ARK SOLD TO EVERYBODY. OUR JUVENILE N0VEL1Y. NEW SPRING STYLES 0*-0ur fall Suit for Boy*' School Wmt at 05. 0 4?AH th? Boys like?0 5 05?Oar School Suits ?t -5 5. ?5?All the Boys want?05 05?Our ScU.>j1 Sui;*?t 53. 05?All the Boys we*r-<S 05?Our School Sutsat $4. 45?Onr fasUiottalil? and well-ai*'t* School S uts at Si ARE MADE OF DURABLE MATERIAL, i ?e nn?y I 11 HABLH BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILORS, ap!5 tf Ookw?? Tth ASP P St?hts jyEVI SPRING GOODS B H. DI'VALL. Mtrrkant Tntlor, 44'? Pennsyl vania avenue, between t>* ai.d 6tb -itreet... hit* 1 ust received a choice assortment of the" latent style* SPRING GOODS, comprising French and English Cloth*, Casshneres and Vesting*, Diagonal. Basket, and other rood* * suitable for the present and apprcaching season, which ? ill be made up to order in the mont fashion, able manner, at moderate price*. Also, gentlemen's One Dress Shirts, Ganse Merino Undershirts, Muslin and Jean Drawers, Scarf*.Tie*, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Umbrella*. Ac. Hi* friend* and the public are Invited to call. al.Veotw (CARRIAGES' CARRIAGE*1 CARRIAGES ' J On band a large and complete ? f all kind* of first cla*s Family (itrriftMUIft? ages, at reasonable price*. P..ny Phi*- BcaK ton*, (all styles,) Toy and No-top Burgles in great variety. Several tiue Victorias at a bargain. Re pairing promptly attended to. ROBT. H. GRAHAM. New Repository and Factor) 410 414 8Hi?tre?t northwest.* Awnings. JOHN C. HOGAN. 71.1 Market Sp^e, MaiiUfai turer of AW NIN^S, for Store*, City and Country Residences. TENTS and FT. AGS for sale or r?nt. AWNING MATERIAL of all kinds for -ale. Sole Agent for roWLES A CO S MILDEW PROOF AWNING MATERIAL. apl.Vtr tVOTICE TO FOUNDRY MEN AND BLACK IN SMITHS ?I am expecting, daily, a cargo of hard WHITE ASH COAL, steamboat *izs, suitabl ? f ifmeitmg purposes. Haveon hand,also, a large lot of CUMBERLAND COAL.for -ale low. WM. OUINAND. slS-St* 693 La. ave., snd foot of 3d st. s. e. C'ABPETS CLEANED AT THI STEAM CAR ' PET KEATING WORKS. 4'<0 Maine aveuue, l>et. 4H and 6th *ts. Carpets called for and returned free of extra charge. LORENZO RICE. apl5 ly* VTKITBD STATES PATENT OFFICE, U Wa*h:sgto*. D. C., April 12 .13T3. On the petition of JOHN W. MASCRY. of Brook Ira,New York,praying for the extension of a pa tent granted to him on the 12th day of July, 1S5K. for an improvement in Paint Can*, Ac.: It is ordered that the testimony in the rase be closed on the luth J.?? of June next, that th? tiiue for filing argument* ami the Examiner's report be lim ited to the ?tb day of June next, and that said peti tion be heard on the 25th day of June next. Any person may oppose this extension. alS-tu.3t M. D I.EGGETT. Commissioner. IV EW ENGLAND CIDER, of dm* <iuality. is now IN offered for sale by PALMER A GREEN, Georgetown, at very L w prices. In barrel*, kegs and bottles. a!2-dlw PREMIUM HAIR WOKK ESTABLISHMENT. Medal and Diploma Awarded ( h'ratve, lull.) I desire to inform the Ladies of my return from New York with a large stock of HUMAN HAIR, u I tch I have just received at the New Fork custom house. This hair was selected iu Britanny and Nor mandy, with great care bv my special agent in Paris. Having on band a large supply of hair of all lengths and color, I am now ready for all orders Id hair work. By direct importation I am enabled to sell at manufacturers prices. Always on hand the latest styles in hair work and made to order with ladies own hair at the shortest notice. Ladies combings setted by the roots by anew pro > ess. All work done in tbe beat manner ami satisfac lion guaraateed. Orders by mail jpromptly attended to. WIGS and TOUPETS a specialty. H. PHIL1PPI, IXtPOHTrm A>P MANl-FACTfRFR, 719 Market Space,bet. 7th and 8th street*. sll lm Washington, D. C ^PBCIAL K 0 TIC K . The Tax-payers of the District are notified that we have CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, i winch are received at par in payment of taxes,> issued by the Honorable Bo.u-d of W'orks. Apply to R. FULTON A CO., 314 9tli street, near Penn*> 1 vacia avenue. all lit* HA VE YOU SIEN THE LITTLE WORLD? If not, we advise ron to call aoon at 1009 7th treet, between K and L streets,(near Bogan A Wy lie's.l Tha Little World is kept by Nichols, dealer in Hosiery, Fancy Ooods, Jewelry, Stationery, No tlnna Jb r* m a?/4 2_ u.. _ , ? _ ?? _ _? 'V *'v street, lie's.) in m auvi wvwua, ??weiry, stationery, Ho *?r?c < aud u to be the chea* store of W ashington. aall w apll have just received ?0 DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARE SELLING AT 09 CENTS PER SKIRT. LOCfcWOOD, HIFTY k TAYLOR, 043 PENNSYLVANIA AVENU1. a8 tr Metropolitan H>tel Block. F)LA(E YOUR MONEY WHERE IT i WILL DO THE MOST GOOD. There is certainly no better place in the city thaa the ? METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORE, 31S Tth straat, where. If yon invest a dollar, fern nay rest assured yon ml way rttttvt Ike full r aim of toirr money, and where a saving of It to SO cents ol the dollar is guaraateed to you, without the draw* back of receiving inferior goods. The variety offered Is so large, eoaipriaing everything pretty aad use ful, that It has becoas a rata task of eawnaeratlnf the different articlss offered, and your attentioa ig oaly called to below -Mentioned goods, as all trf good, desirable, and r?ry cheap, aad Inu&eose tour titles ban lately been gold: &*!?'MS* 54?-HO?I,la*,for #1 i v&ri bought alar _ pair for jjl, ^Bhisn CHEAP GOODS, call at ?RTiOroLIVAR DOLLAR STORE, tio IITUTl RREET, i WANTS. WANTED-A t HAMBKUMAID a? R ?.? I? s ?? Hotel, white prrf Tr?d ?IJ 1'*^ CUIlTtD-A hVnMAN UIHL M l.urv,?i^? J? ?H 7th Dint, MILLER'S BEsTAU KA?T. ? al3*i* WAHIBl^VUgT Ot SEOOBD FLOuB. fcr " btu?- keepimr.etatr terms and location; addre-*' HO*K."Star olfcce. If \JL ANTED-a iwi wSiiirupiiXiosriir* 'J, ?I> immediately M Til llirkit ^HC?,brtnck limine. Demnrest. It* %VAllTlu>~f''>ar flfwxtoM SM^BT uAfcDSat ?' GEO. T. KEEN ?8.4W 9th r.rwt,MwMi D ?txl B northwest. ? al3 3T WANTED?A COACH PA INI EB; apply at FUNK A MEEK, Bridge stieet. U^riHovn, wif K I. budy. al> 3t* \VANTBIt? a BOT to work u (be plumbing ? " bciiBNi, oar who baa been at th. trade h^ure preferred;apply to GEO. COUBTNEY, 616 I*. avepne It* w ^fi^ -ISS.WrSIZtiSl**- ",P %JLrANTED?A MTUATION, by i r*i?vul'k "? Ti>an( Woman, tod" Chamb*rwork and will ing to make herself generally u?efnl. PI- aae call f>r two day ? at 33T 4th O and H. It* \E/AN TED?A gixxJtllRL to do kcdtiI hon?e *'?k;a*lnf one preferred,for a small fami ly; apply to 309 H .between 3d and 4:hstreets north went, It* w /ANTED?A $.?< <t WOMAN to do general > b?nse work: applv at 1013 M street north west. Call from 7,'? o'clock to # a. ui.,of from 3 to 8 o'dock p. m. a!5-3t* WANTBD?Imnvdiatelv?A tiret-class OPERV TOR on the Wbeel?r A Wilson Machine; aw ply at Mr*. COBET 8. 4*1 llfh, between E and F street*, northwest. It* IV ANTED-rimt < ta.--.MHRT HANDS t.. work v Y a? custom work; apply immediately at SCTII ERLAND S Shirt Factory, 814 F street north west. It* \%*ANTED?A SMART ACTIVE WHITE BOY, v v from 16 to 17 yean of age to msko bunielf use ful in Gent's furnishing rood*: apply at CARO'S Bazaar, No. ?14 Pennsylvania avenne, between ?>th and 10th streets. a 18 3t \V'ANTED?A gentlem-yn and atif' ilesire UoOMb v ? and BOARD wher* a part compensation w.?iild We taken In either vocal or instrumental musical itistructioris.or in draw ing aod painting, or both. Address ARTIST, 1144 northwest 7th ?t. al.vst* \\tANTED-A good aud reliable DRESS MA " KKK would like to aew in families who would prefer to have mant tiainaking doue at home; also, other aew ins. and the u?e of machiuo. A ldrew HOME-WORK. 8tar office. lt wANTED-A YOUNG MAN in the feed store ?? No. V9 U street, between North Capitol and l*t street northeast; muit conic well recommended and b- willing to make hiinsMf useful: apply on the premise*; ?ue who has teen iu the business p'e lelTed. al.r?-2i ? WANTFD ? Suite ol unfiiruished FRONT ROOMS, on second floor, with board, for gentleman and a ife for one year or more, from the tirst of July nest; must be in pleasant locality and not far from etreet cars. Preferred in a private family not over half mile from the Treasury depart ment. References exchanged. Address P. 0 B n 2u, Washington, D. 0., giving location and n-rnu>. oli .It* WANTED?One hundred MEN to work on the Southern Maryland Railroad. Inquire at No, 1763 New V. rk avenne.* YVANTEi?_a White GIRL, to do general v? Hoiisewrk: mn?t enme with reference. Applv at 1 j37 It'll street, between P aud y n. w. It* \17 ANTED?By a young Han. a SITUATION in v Y the Druit business; lias had five yearn' experi ence in tlie business; goo?l recommendation. Adtre? H.-box 183. Alexandria, Va. al4-3t" \VXnYE D- Immediately - A WHEEL WlTlt fHT, YY and one that thoroughly uiiderntsuds the bus IneeS. Apply at litltf street southwest el? 2t* JOHN 0. STAFFORD, Contractor. %Vr ANTED?A re?p?<table WOMAN cm procure " a Situation for Cooking and Waithitig for a *ery small far.iily. Apply at 1006 Pennsylvania avenne. all lit WANTED-A VOUNO M\N, of go.?l habits " and addreas. from 17 tola >ears or aj?. Oue w hose parent-rei-ide in the city preferreil. Applv at FltKNl'H S WINE STONE. ft31 15th st. ;?l>-2' U^ANTF.D?A juil. steml) OIKL, to ?mI?i I 'ookins ami Waahiiiir for a amalt f miih a waif' "OI'.W-A *""1, steady U1KL>. to assist in C<n>king and Washiug for a small f imily. good '?swill be gi\en to a suitable Oirl. Apply ;.t *21W D street northwest. al'j'St \\TANTKI>?T<> bti>. a go nl Driving MARK, it about 15 band*, withont fault or blemish. Ad dre??,giving age and particulars, Pjst Ottice B- \ ; fcl?-?t* W* ANTK.I'? B* a Ladr, a position a* TKAfHEH ?" in a family or pris ate ^rhotd. E<i?li li branches alone will bi- taught. Address "Teacher," Star o all 3<* \Vr ANTED?'One li'iudre<l tirst-ilaiw DRESS ?? MAKERS. Applv before 9a. m.,and after 5 p m. LANSBCRaH A BRO . *11 31* 101 and 406 7thstreet. Ur ANTED?A MAN. to wi.rk in a Dairy, to Milk and drne w.igon. Apply at QUEEN S Farm. Buiiker Hill lU'itd. Liberal wages aud a g< ,?d home. all-iw* WANTED?EMPLOYMENT by n Virginian, who has had six years' experience in mercan tile life; waa book-keeper for four years; is willing to luske himself generally useful. Address R. <? , care of Newman A Tolsoti. Louisiana ave. aU-2t* WANTED-Oo.kI CANVASSERS.! Male and FV- I *' male.) forcity and conntrv. No bo<<k busiu?ss ! or patent-right, fail early and secure go,si terri- | tory. Call at 17 3tt O street northwest,between 1 and 4 p. m. al?-3t* I WANTED-A SITUATION as Clerk or Book- j " keeper in a Banking House, or Salesman in some well-established mercantile bnsiuess, by a young roan who has had several years' experience iu New York and abroad. The very b?et references giten astochaiacter and ability. Address C. W., Star office. all 2t* WANTED?To Pnrchase ?A small, well-built t? BRICK HOUSE, with from four to seven rooms; modern improvements- situated between 12tb a'danh streets,and Pennsylvania avenne and N streets northwest Price not exceeding o?e balf ?f which can be p?id down. Ad<IreM"LAW HENCE," Star office. al? 3t* WANTED?To rent part of a house; rent tak-a " iu the board ot oue person. Inquire 479 C etreet northwest. al2 St* WANTED-A pair of well-matcbed BAT ?T H0R8ES, must be young.faat and warranted sound. Inquire at 039 Pennsylvania a*, a 12 31 WrANTC1>-<;o"1 HANDS to Iron and gl>sa ?r shirts collars aud cuffs. Apply at tbe Oapitol Laundry, F street, between 9th aud 10th ata. alS-3t W" ANTED-A WHITB CHAMBERMAID capa v ? ble as waitrtss in tbe dining room: must brlug good recommendations. Apply 683 >ermont ave nue, opposite Arlington Hotel. all 31* ANTED-A reepeciable COLORED WOMAK as cliaoabermald; also to do fine washing aud ironing; must bring good recomniendatioua. Apply

corner Sd and D atreets northwest. at2-St Wanted-a blacksmith and GARDEN >> BB. Apply to BOBEBT FULTON <* CO., 314 ?th street, Washlugton, D. C. all-Si* ANTED-By the 1st of Mav, a small BRICK HOUSE, m the northeastern seation of the city; small cash payment, and about *60 monthly. Ad dresa, with locality, Ac., RAYMOND, Star of lice. all-4t* WANTED TO PUBCHASE OB KENT-A IT COUNTRY RESIDENCE, with 5 to 10 acres ot ground, near a station, on either the Baltimore ana Ohio or Point of Bocks Railroad. Apply to J. STANLEY JONES, No. All 7th street, opposite the Post Office. a? 6t* ANTED?A cl?-au, sound HOUSE, of ? rooms, on a lettered street, between E J and 6th and 9th streets northwest, by May n*xt; pay iu advance. Address V? . W. WOODFORD, a7-8w* City Office. WANTED?BOARDING in the coantry, near ? ? M aahington, by a Lady who wishes to teach Music In payment. Address L, Star office. a3 Iw* WANTED?LADIES to take noticethat Madame D. B. MAISON, of New York, has opened her Millinery parlors, at No. 418 13th strevt north west; tn21-lm* w/ ANTED?Every one to Anow that tbe VIOTOB ? SEWING MACHINE baa its n$?lk ulf-im tint: the most perfect shuttle In aae, resting in a cradle; needle bar and work* of steel. Agency, 489 Pennsylvania avenua. Also, Braocb of Mme. Dem -est'? Pattern Emporium. .n.y-l> T. W. 8PICBB, Agent. soabding. f AD1ES AND GENTLEMEN, either singly or In L< parties, and families, can bear of the very beet atxl cheapest Boarding arrangement in the city, by addressing Dep't Club, Box 16. Star office. a7 tmal IJOOD B0ABD, PLEASANT ROOMS, AND VIprices moderate, at Bit# corner of PennaylvatUp ??sane and Mat street. mayl-ly PERSONAL. 44 OBUDENCE.''?You will 0n4 letter at previous K address BURCHEB _lt*>. April 14. HEREBY CAUTION THE PUBLIC HOT T TO pay any billa due me'tcTany one excepting my*<df. al4 3t? %. C. WALKER, Confectioner. ItfBB. H. J. FRENCH, iJu 5ttS Bsttmkh 1*1 CUnrveiNMi mmd Tut can baaaea at T88 11th street north weal; also, gives deliulationi of character by photograph band writing or lock at kair. 117-3m * I^CMBEB! LPMBBBI! ? , WM. JOHNSON k SON Have inst received a large stock of WHITB and YELLOW PINB LUMBBB, 1.ATM8, SHIN GLES, and FBNCB PALINGS,all of which we selling at low aricsa. Great indaoemanta far ci CorTlkh and fcsts.. neat State Department, m* rJpHl "TICTOB DBT-A1B BBPBIGBBATOB" b not expensive, and yet it has no eaperior I "4b j'gposi|s5sS?' |S Covers and Begllt and r?niltnre i rtk+mmmnhm 2ssi-? I* m fLMMM V 1 A& . FOB BBST AKD SALE. F - ???? . ?? tk* ?** iaor; at 4 3" "H. - - umsttug 43<> K ?trer< n?r?b It* IT^y^.FE^TXH^^^A^inti^rnir^iyTnrni-hwU ?w?io.'SdH,*A.7!li,or;W 1*? >*?>?< r~t,b? wwtfmdw. Alt aodyrw rntiTMiMi^n. a!5 jr S7k7S8~S^ K^? "HT-DWabw kOUlD for ?umta?-r. ?.nth ni.h^i i.'v i L a", "i" *'n*,p- f>>rai*M or oafur nished, at No. 14*1 g?r?f> northwest. *1*-** SKT~ """ "f l*r, 'hrw or four fur u_nf1f *00 MS. anitaMe for Ii<t>> furnwheri M Ta!ii.^?Zr l 19,1 Peniwl ?nu a^iBf, Mr?#n l^tli md nwb itronii. *ia j*? y~Tw?p?y ynj ROOMS. well to7 Lk or i'Jl J'ir jxchange hotel. bv ,L 7** w n>?nrhdur1ng the summer seMon t-ther j '?B'xhus for transients al& at * Kdesirable OFFICE ROOKS in n?-rtl!we?t corner bu.idm* ?f rtk and g sts. ! ,U1?: ?? Jth *trZ< F?A?l!,? *?. A?E?of ?*???? ?or STAR! ? ilS D. ft* Giesboro', w,th HOI'M, DAVins/iN ^ JTiT .# r"'*t.wa?<*r. i.tkr * 1 i--?*? "OlyMt corner TtU street and Louts j 1111 t^nn?,g(>foi)d floor. *l?-?t FHf,^?,T~-rCBN'??? ?? ?l2i UNrITK Hni Jr II V? H3"' 2,B- * V t"; ?>ToRE Md 5''l25; ?*?' **<>**? *??; <?rkrc?s.??o. ??, THOS. B. WA??A*aN7 -".KV* -1? 7th strwit. 1 FVniv111 OR kX(HaNOE fob citt pr~op ' i(-.,t,?3 '.r '?ro","r? HQJ'8* wi,h brick ba-e n put. ai d Alto a corner LOT atul a P\HM..f?i i "c7V""*,e<*ity * App,> to ?' f ''OX. c u-ner ?? U an^ Fayette ?trwt>, Georgetown, P. C. al?lai* j pOR SALI-DMinbk IUILIU XO 17?tTSa?*he I Moaut Pleasant; within ten miuitri' ' tl 1 jI the care. The street railroad will be e\ 1 Vi ? ?n<li *** ni*"' '*M 'o the villag- U S?M?m Tt>nut; Oiic-fou. ili ca*b; balance 1,7 and ??5^" n 8. P. BBOWN, 8-3t Corner U> h street !<n.l N>w Y rk mo. l^OR BALK?gt'veBteen b?? BUILDING LOTS 4 'n thocirv. |lf-v?nr?*n MS bv 1 >?? f,.,.? ,,D ????! ?!.!<? ?nd fronting HMi utr .'t north.-om "J****'r'"* v ,h<> infprneclion nf M*?? < hii"i?te>, ar.d Rboite |?lan.| itmiihh, >x*ln|r th? f>ri:r? front ..f *.timro ?outb of ]?. Apnly to ? ^ ^'rn^r tVh ?tr?t and W?w ToHc ?tV. _ F""OB 8ALI-tfclw pi?*c?- PROPERTY fur -i uuu _ ? a'^', r^nnne t?"ir ?t .?54 n?r m >nth ? moMh ^'r rara* r?ntiiiK f'?r .?25 per Mb'1'" ^ ^'r renting for 4*1 per ^?boveareall NSW HOUSES; M. lnc ,b?nt 14 P<TCPIlt. L Jj ( |{ 4|>\I 4 \ Office, lllli street, between K an4 0 ?rrei?. ii Tth Tf": alfl H KST-R turniah^d BOOM 011 lb- mend "fK>r, 9-1^ Mfi^nchn^rtt- nil 2c* KS''.P^J TUree ROOMS in tiie t>e?t lo< ?ti?>n i , I ? iiViii ,'a ,r.?. ' E "S Photograph <i .1 1 1^1^ *u,l I4IS Pi'in?) Iviniiiiie. alt fit F chamm?8a,12Vn- pvklo*- " ??-.? <1 * , ' ,? R; third flo. r, unfurnished; w*ter BOARDERS "tF'"t nor,l,U'?s,? "ls ? TABI-K F^J'b 'NT-'Mfuatit utiltiriilxlml ROOM* lu a n'* H??ii?e; gut. bath and water closet >d ?..nie floor; F street ?ar? paw; 303 Enr Capit.l -.t,. cor. M,tw.. Mtnare# ??nt of Qapit<?l grounds, alt tl' l^^l'B SALE FARM of ten arr^e in Vinrtuia. ? EO. 4TT VLNPJ.B. at nfflre of A. Ole%a?*n comer ltth street and X. ? Y?rl. ave. ?U ?i' K?",^rN,T~T*? 'rrs RVOM>, tiiifuruiKh-yt. !i? "le '"r to * *'"aH famin ! ? I't'r nn.nth, 1726 \ertuont ?r?-uu> R antl c Dili, m 11 *il * pR'TtXT-A DA1BY KAHM. ab uThii?^ .r^ ?i'/ rt""1",the Silver Sprltie .tatlon, on the Me tropolitan railroad, and about five ainl a lialt mile I.-.!?., ,A?P?r at Silver Sprint' r nun, or at 16^3 P"iin>> 1? anin tvenue. nil .It* It1''".KALE LOT on K tut Capitol, between ,itb A and ^th streeto, ?\93. ilnpr..\i.,| by two Fratn* 4-IJWcmh will biii thi- rr Mtv \r?lv ;; RICHARD ROTUWELL. No' B4*h ?tXi "' "lu*". all Sw* l/OR SALE?An attractive RESIDENCE, villa -Vrl 97^,|nV ,D?c,n''!"? Saloon Parlor, with two acres ?rf land, abundance of water, stabling * ?? tw" milea I'rth of the cttjr,qaarter of a tuile frotn the terminos of Lincoln avenue. Fjr t?-rtn *f .apply ?t 14 1? Q street. ,],% ' K<m?r4U^irT!fai!?beSirt,T.Loffer* for *?** hia * Ho. 14 A i and LOT on the fir-t aqoare ast of the Capitol. The lot is situated on the s..nth side of East Capitol street and on 2d -tr-et. *n<i ft*t and 11 incheif wide and lli feet deep, on Id ?i _"14?Z CHARLES P Rl 88ELL. F*i?Ol s?EirC?u*APrA *ma" ?,1* ro"? FRAMK HOI SC. No. 914 L atreet aorthweat. between Jth and loth Hi. Innnira on Ihe premises, al2-.1t* F?RA8???m?,A BAROAIN-a three st..ry , 'MAMIE HOI SE, in gmid condition, coutaiuiua {*o Latrobea, gas and water. Poaaesaion ?l l'?H I i '""y ? Apply on the premise.. ' 4th street uorthweat. allJt* L^OR SALE CHEAP?Terms, jjlw *i) uni"L*lhly nnt'l patd?se\eral new 2-story BBICK t9jS; ou X*"*' Hampshire avenue, l.^t j? , "'r*"'"'* north; have six rooms, lutil. fr, ,ut and Lack jarde; houses complet*-lv finislieil .... J- *'? STARR. all 2w Northeast corner N. Y. ?ve. and 15th st t Chronicle, Republican, tf 1 i.8JiJ,'~ON Lii5U TiM.*-A ueai, well" storv ?iI-lr,b?^iS0r> ,BRICH with two houa* fronts aootheaat; has little front yard, and aide entrance; contains nine roasts, besides bath rooms and dosat*. Cellar und. r entire bouse, with fire places, gaa aud water'can feSTSWrffS, ?SSSI?ayi JKsto Kl^- l">"*zv;z F(iSrvA?5r?)^.VCwP't^! UiU'a ?M flMI t*o hmlding praased brick Front HOI St..containing aigkt rooms, sabe.u parlor,L.% LruAT.,*t>T.*- "arbla tc. This huiue ww bitili to order b> days work of the very best mate lial, and is handaomely paaered from top to hotkooi, and is within a atone s throw almost of tla." u?-w markM; gas throughout the house, aud wafer on the rsUn^Ti?tSrbL1<I?ihFrir? OM thMMik, xsi, sr. rz'sgj! F^Jt k!?T .S* Jf"K*SE?That delightful Conn SPRI^nS "^ with coullt^' Va., "CARLIN orBiAU9, with all the Decewarjr buildiiiM f.?r Summer PK-Nica or Tournaments, about four mib-s rr,'f5f. P*T"ion, bar-room, (lining ,wo larg<- springs of w ater large andril&nM 7 Washington and Alel IlVii i. rt'hta place daily. The Furniture vis ?mthe place if desired. on tiu fit i i^ ? ?' LAND bordeting a^is&sxt&ib> -????. ? , _ COX A CALL AN, _* - iT Real Estate Agents il9 7th st. F^v.l^rmTm'^unvRw"^? comfortable 5. '? riH'm HOI 81 vith km an<1 water -At ?re2?n Premises, 1*09 10th str.-et, ab<We fi[ wrw- all-lm F^OB RENT?A desirable RESIDENCE. V0#A I street. j 9* 1, and Zl* *rmtM>:l? tw '^ rZL, and all modern improvement*. ^o?e?,iob given " the 1st of Ma v. Inquire at 1733 I street. all -<>t ? JT 0 R R E T . Three-story and Basement BRICK HOUSE, on Mas?a< husetts at enu-, between luth aud lltii streets northwest,containing ten, hall, bath-ror.m ?ilk l?1' iD 'he yard, gold ' s.! L', [*n*ei Latrobe stoves, hot and cold tot eh In room*Lc*11 bells, marble mantels: IQichlnfraat and rear. Bent ?14u0 a year to a *o<sf responsible tenant. Apply to P. A. BYRNE. 707 7th ?13k ' ^ to COX * CALLAN, ?1? F?,P. ?*fT-ri3flc ^ARUE STORE at 93i A Pennsylvania avenue northwest. alO-tw* I F?J* JPAlj BOYLE < OO..OOS Iftth ?% K street, between 1Mb f;V?? *' * * One-third cash: balance on "*"? alO?t L^OR SALE AT a BARGAIN ?A neat rmvt ^ |/,0?XIAiV*'utU*,eJ in ou" of t,,<- fln^et loc.ili Lu?. i!ffc?jr? House contains7 rooms, hall, and piazza in front, and is supplied with gas and water b\\[nlrt^i'Pu:U)^ w"h iro? Lot uKU front by 95 feet de. a to a paved allev. Title p^ rfrct rI ?PP?y.<* lha owner on the pi mises. No * 12th itrwt nortbweat, after 3 p. in. alt) It* I^OB SALE?One of thaae Hue new BRICRB on A aorth aid* N street, between 11th and I3ih. ?0*t s..T.u^_ *? K. WILSON, "?* ?*lTth?treet,opp. Pust office. ? HOUSE in Oreea and (Jay |? RK.r,T_Tuat very desirable A Georgetown, at the corner of Qree streets, formerly occupied by Mr. Mullet. .0.* an t,i..-~J-* * ilson, ,S* ftll 7th street, opp. Poet QQica M acres, sitn from the Dis I^OR SALE-A fARM oontalning I . ^he_Tth htreat roadt 4 ami mnn w vis* trict lin?v in Hootgoiaery coast v. MA. Will a?11 Che.;., Apply to ^ H RBARDEN, >8 <H Wo. 1913 Mh street northwest. IV^OE BALE?A fine Three-story BRICK HOtJSl H'd.a'*0* ?<??* ?Table BBICK HOI SB, on I street, between ttth "Iff *** >11 7th Mreet,op^ Poet OMet. FWB KMaBSHALL HALL PAVILION. This beautiful wiiaw resort will be ranted to a reliable tenant, upon liUral terms. Apply on or before April M, to JAMES STABS. - **~*w Imperial Hotel. ?? . a -" ,"T " ".yj" SESSSS jroBv bgVAjkD. FOR RENT AND SALK. 1/OR Bt>T- D<il>I 1114 l*h street.*(vows. * l<f?twr?"*??t?- *f- Alt1? to M TRIM BLK. iUKkrfnM. a*-** fOlTlQ? hreenory WM'lk HOfIf. lot -4 r leei fh?i. Bi ck 8'aM*. in a fi ??i't ?IW MM pr..riM port'on >1 lb* city. *-?' ?* ??* will N* tan in part payment. Call *1* *h ?'**< B-fth* ft. ??>?????? I I/OR SALK-Tbat ?1mM' HOlSK ml LOT at r eon ? linl rorwf of Oh m>?I Tkr kw two Moriw. !? imaiinii ?>?l aide. Lot *xllcS ?** brtrk st.lle and YtrSTiBOV. l??0 *11 Tibet., ?pp-?ile P.?l ?. LX?K *KNT-One of tbe m?rt dr-ir*bl* ULtPI^ * FA RM8. ? itaiatng al?o?t (acree.a itb - i(<n< l?ni.?t?Mf?.i-iiiiw|i h n>r. >ih1 toe apcing of valor at tbedonr. Thle plwv m within nw ?tlf of th?- Csp*to1, at 4 la a f? month* a ilrM rtllrnrf will run through il.awl it w nl l mak* o?? <4 tkr l?ee? pleasure **rde.,? in the Dndrict. AirJf"""* c'ab or nwpMi ??'tild4o*fllt l<>ok at H. Tn* above pltrc W'ttM be sold r-h?.'i>, nitk 12 wm a?M?-t; and w. uld Uakc the ?>est fairground m lb* Dial net. Apply to ?iBO MATTINOLT. a?e*ltrt No. *Q3 Wh ?tre*4. LMtB SALK ?A nnn?h*r of two-etory BRICK r H0C8KS. oa T atreet, between I4?h aud 1Mb *tr.->ts northwest,containing six roeots, each, will be aold on term* a* follow*: five BOUSES front |Mto #300 ca?h on ea-h. and balance in monthly payments to unit pur. !?? H*? HOCUS at fr<? fMvto Ol.iitW caeh. and balance In m> nthlj, quarterly. or half-yearly pay tn-nra. to ante rxmbaa-r Three BOl'SIS a til be exchanged in yitrt ( ?r vacant ground. Alan, ?ert-ral BOf?IS la the asm* b! wMI be ?old cheap fnr ca?h. Kacb ol tbe *b>'\ r Houses have ball, cellar, bath room, water-ch>*et. warr, (w, Ac., and are well (i;itrd for t priiai* funilf. Tbw 4 airon* of ae luuhgtnthnnfi'lini t roiufnrtable H na- .>u ??**> term*. <4touM not fsil to call at B) office pre? luw to purchasing else* here. J09 r Kit LEY. K- al K?tate A< -ut at Mo. ?02 8th atreet northwest^ Let. I and 1~?V K >A Li-'l Vk~<7 PI KCK8 or LAN D. Dear Ar . 11i trtoti. about one cjuarter of a mile ir m th A<i induct bridge. One contain* fandtbe other 3 acie?; improved b) twoaiuall frame bon?e* Apply to JACOB BIRCH, So. 'J* W stre.-t, Oeorco- I town. tuartt lm* LOB SAl.E-UOCSE LOTS NKAR XTrL? AS r ANT?From hslf an acre to eiirbt acre*. will l?e sold at reasonable rates and on eaay term*. K.>ch > lot has upland for dwelling-honae an. I trait, ant rich low land f >r vaaetaUea, within a few niinntaa' I m alk from M -unt Pteaaatit .winil-iia, ao?l t wenty tiM- minutea walk fi >ui Boutxlarv. H-alil.v l > ralit), pl -aaant rt.ral aurroiiuiliu^. .m??1 ?-v?.|ir?t I etiiicational and rrligion* ?lvaTit?C'"? Apply to JOllM TORK. OSce of CoBKiUaatoBer of ?'u?t m?. Trt-a?llr> Building. apl ltn* 'OR 8ALK?Ou Capitol Hill, a C<nieel J-?toi y arid baeeineut BRICK H<?l'SK. coutatniux nine rr I'ina. besides bath aid at.-re rooma It lia? zaa. cold and hot water, and water-cluaeO. healed b> La trolie and Ktnplre heatlnt rati?e. It l? nearly new , in thorough order, in a very b<*alth> and a?r?eabl* nf-isbborbood. and will be aold very low oa e%*y teima. Apply to the owner ob the prt iai?< ? 9107 A atn-et aontheaat. n?21tw* t't'R SALK. CHEAP?A llue ptmn kick front HOrSK, with atoce trimminca, contaiiung lu r'"?nm and bath-room, hot and e .Id water, cooknut ranges, Latr. U a, gaa and gaa ti&turea, aaarble man tel*. etc., aituat'd on Hth,l?"tw?en O aod T ?tr???t? iiortliaeat. Price, Sftju6. Apjly to RKHARI> KOTHWKLL, No. M 9th atn-et norheat. The hon?e may be aeea by calling at Ih" Grocery at.>re l comer of O and Itth arreeta north went. lull lui' LHlR SALK-A iwo-atory BRICK HOUSE, No. j r lOV I afreet nortbweat, containiug (our rooma. alfto paaaage. kitchen, cellar, baibr.Kjwi with water i cloaet, hot and Cold water in cbavibera. b-ai?r in parlor, and cooking raage la kitchen. Th-I t i-* feet front by ItlO feet deep, M> a SU foot pared alley, with a brick atAble and carriage honae. J. W. THOMPSON,corner of 17lh atreat and New Tork avenue. f~l?-tf F FOR SALE. ^"(.?R SALK CHKAP?A 4.RAY M ARK, M hand* r luirh, 7 yearn old, warrante<l ?o?ud, A la" a tw o m-ated CARIClAt;K an I II A R NESS. Iu.juir-, f K LLSZBER". A CO 707 Market Space. iB-trj OR SALE?One pan ne-tliuui aitr MI LES, .,uick, activt-.arvJ without bl?mt?h^ AJao (It " " ar he?d of good aound youtitf HOR8K8 and g\ MARKS,to Ik* ae-ti at the HoWARD Sea TL-T?! blta. on O atreet. between 6tb au<l 7th. X alt 3k' H. J. LOEBKR. ? ne fine dri\ing r biiMii- aa IIOKSK 3^"a ' I' a* nue, W. twi < c J>1 ami 4H a;r??t * alt 6t* B. L. SHEK1KF t^OR SALE?Two dyliah POKIES, gray at.d bar: yonn?,?ou!id aiid kin<l,tliirteeii rv and a half lianda high. AI?o, PljMV TiLfl I'H.V.TON, with aliafta and pole, willi"2i. double ami ainele HARNESS Apply to Commander A. W Yk KAYKR. I*. 8 Nary Yard. allM '??"O I.IYKRY tMKN AND HACKMBN-POR 1 SALK?One aix tpring fall rl-*H CLARENCE. Alao. ae\era! open < A R K1AOES, but little uaed. PUitaMr for tin trade, and will be.aold cheap, to mak- rooai for ligbt work. ROBT. H. 'iK\HAM. alt 3t* 4*0 414 Ath atreet. between D and C. L'i'B SALK?A bandaonie PAIR <44 AR I K1A<-K HoRsKS, very gent'e and of *o?>d ap<-ed. Addre<? p . O. Box MX. all St L'OIt SALK?Thraa Iratclao* RKWINU MA r CHINKS. TWO SODA Pol NTAINS. and OtIK STEAM It. Pl'LTON A Co. . Loan Oftk'e, 314 9(li atreet, near Pi-nnaylvania avenue. all-lft* I^OR SALE?An excellent eecoud hand two-florae. A platform-apring WAGON, wid? body, juat th' thing for carry ing paeaeiieen,, a atagp. or *rocei ? can be aeen at PL'NK A BECK"IWagon Factory, on Bridge ?tre?<, neaj new Rock-cr?ek Bridge. Georgetown. D C. all' 1 in iVlUCK CLAT FOK 8ALK. D Apply to D0D0K * DARNKILLK. jl2 tf 14*7 F atr~et LOST AND FOUND. LOST?In the dumie of the Capitol, ou the uth in * Mant, a nair of large F1KLD GLASSES. A libel al reward will he paid if left at thin office, ali 3t t r. RKWARD?E*>at, ob the Mth iuatauU be V" tween the circne and Botanical Garden, a M R COLLAR The ttnder will receive ihe above reward by returning the article to Mb I atreet nortbweat. alS St* WIA REWARD?Loat,a MKUALION LOCK C I ? KT. black and red onyx; different creat on each r^ide, and contained a photograph Only val Biilde to owner. Above reward paid to Under. Ap plyat Star oMca. a!8 3t' LOST?la Georgetown, ob tbe ereniug of the Uth ot April,on Waahingtoo atreet, l^ween Stod dart and Be ale afreet*, a purple eat in HAT, trim mid with gold bullion and a white feather. A lib eral reward will he given if left at 149 Washington atreet, Georgetown. alStt* (I A RKWARD ?Loat.on Sunday night a GOLD tj? 1 U LOCKET, hlack enameled,containing pho tograph colored. Loet poaaibly on the line of the P< nnaylTania avenue cara, between the Capitol and the circle. The abov e reward |)th if left at corner af and C ktraata, or at tlii* office. a!8-3t* CjC RKWARD?Loet, cn the 13th mat ant. in or near Waahiugtoi^, a gentleman'* GOLD WATCH CHA1M7 The above reward will Ite given if returned to lilt lftli atreet, between K au<l L uorthwefct. Hair Store. aU-St' I^TRATBD AW AT?On Thnnalay, April loth,* O GRAT HARK; Bve year* old. near onSX? left rhonlder. A liberal rew ard will be given if retnrned to 119 Pennsylvania avouuc-CW^a n< rtbwert or No. l'J t?th street east. alt ?* A. 8CHWARTZ. T OST?On one of two routes between C and 4H Lj and D and 10th streets, a SMALL PARCEL with black cords and bras* ring*; of no value to ths ?iider, who will be suit ably rewarded by leaving the aaaie at tbia office. all tf Z^AXSTO MY PLACB, ON THB llTK~ot V/ April, a male CALF. The owuer wilt ^ pleaee come and prova property and pay ei-DjP Cases. WJ(. FOWLEK. canal road. above? ?. e<.rgetowu,D.C, all 3k* Qinn RKWARD AND Slstft FOR CGNVICS ClUUTlON 01 THB THIEF?Stoleu i ok the 7th instant, a DARK BROWN MARK' MI LK, with a thick nack, branded on the^ left shoulder figure I. about A year* old. The above reward will be given if returned to GBOBGK NIIT/.EY. N street, l-etween 6th and 7th. m!2 4i* REWARD WILL BK PAID, and no ^nes V?v tiona aaked, for the return < ' BR1NDLKD SLLT-feet and tail tti with white, ears cropped?to JOHN B0 KKY'S Reatanrant, 301 13?hst n.w. al-h* I>0ARD OF PUBLIC WORKS, 13 DuTitrror Cdlchiu, Washington. April S. 1S73. A reward af FIFTY <4*" DOLLARS will be paid for tha detection and conviction ot any person or person* who have idolen. or who may hereafter be found stealing, tbe Man-bole and Sewer trap Oovers in tbe cities of Waaliington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. KDWARD JOHNSON. a3-tf (Rf'pnb.Cliron.) Chief Clerk. OST?On the 1st of March, en * Mth and >1 streets with two pearls. A lil returned to Ne. MB Sd L( ?t of March, an B street, betweea reets northwest, a Rl'BT RING. A liberal reward will ha paid if IV Sd atraal Mocthwaat. m7 PROFESSIONAL. JAMBS O.CLKPHANB. B. Z. BRAlLBY. CLCPHAMB-* BRAILEY, SHOBTHAMD WR1TKR8 A LAW BBP0BTBB8. Office?No. HOC street, betwaaa 1st and Sd, facing Indiana yenae. ihM-ly |jft. HiftV B. BPACKMAM, wlt-Sw* 1634 SIXTEENTH STBBBT. JQU V. MAMMA. Bo. ? TB. "BOZOBTH FUBUKfi BKFBIGKBA TOB Mfi H. I. GBBGOBY, ?Ht 0S4 Pennsylvania avant ers. Also. DBAFTS on Londoa a?d the wiwdnal SwtfrKrt" "*?" ?r?ai ?*** ? C. 8rWAIN.Cs*l?i?r. BUSINESS CHAVCR. < .1 1 ? l 'bdAf IaMi> n?? ?iTM?iTTm "I' V ACBE8 uf line LAM*, b>aae. ataMe.A, - mil* tr?m B"?i??<1?ri arm*. .m H\4?t-htiri ? *?' r ?l. Ml IiumI, $ U prt B?wk ll?i. It A< R * * adjeintag large bouae. araM* rtrrtc lr 'extra latol. **M ctUi f *' p-r *? e Al?>. 4. * ACRE8 adytaiag. rt< k la*..), ?Ji< m mi* if > ?>% l ? laa Jaae Apa>IMoM> ?< fABlAN. Bo. t* R r^.offXHr f P',m.Li' -l! ' ? k .?r nm tw ireti I?e*. t ? ( H A ELK* *TKW ,ET. Bom ?H * fc*Of 8&LI-A *OOH M4 OOAL ^AbP. n. a r g<?^ l.< Miw.?nti :Wrr* y?-ara I? ? ? ??ViTf .rfjftn r kiur E-ai B*??te AfMi.MM wk BIT I ?>HM Mm. *U> 4gA|| TO HMM M??? a? fcoaa la ease >t ?r?? ^ ?a" ?"VTwKkt' lUM MS Ttb ttf# L'Olt 8aI I ~ f pkmrabLk r 'TAyOKtio^^MhiMi^r t>-rme nraill be rirktai'i ("f n-t'ete prop rt? irtheaat corner 14th ?'.i 8 atraata. north am*. all-H* F'l'? IAI.I-Vbf rffM K. W?^ WILL, FIX! dlllrftCtW aad T.>bar?-.. r 4 *<?? > fn?4 Trrm Boterrr Apply *t?tk MAXIFACTI KKB*. ' AI'STALlsT*. A UOOP iXkKSTMKXT r0? 8ALE?<hie of tbe t-*? t\?l.!fi:B? In th ? *'^'11 part of Ifcf fttf. S" i?ruwkr?ri'>. a < ?!?' '?i lu. Title p-rf.<t Imptoi -.1 by ?w. Brink Hoa??e U ..?< >.id ? c.< -ner. HI "1. itaat-.t north !?< WIM l?k u4 r Tk- ? ?| .Her-l uema. A. pi WM.I BEKD, Oi - ??:, i . 1 ? | nn?< twit?I. M'KJ \ ' ' N "1 *NTI i' . N H A X P T <> L<? A N OX REAL Uf ATI,, ii ?iin.a 4 j I mta uj KILPOCRKg LA-fTA. lath aad U Wrum. |?OlRP U? PI BLIC Vi'KKS WHIP. We hare for ??1? in 8 ** rcrlM*. at?e the ?b<~a Scllp. ah.<h ?? re<-.;?aMe at per Hi MMl m ?.d. rial tkin. A ml< 4Im??w ??!<?? ??? ii,r?trfc? ?T? L? ? IP JOBBMlB * NT . ?|vj 1m I jfcJ EaaA?re F-OB 8AI.E OB KX<11<X<<K I T eligible ntr proprtty #5>W r.iJ taeuty arte? GarJ. u L? . d, i' , <("* ?tr?H Mtt, ' ? AliX'Kfc. Hil4*r, ? V tr.i loll P<'i.W)li?iiit*tMi*?. I/ O K b ALk -M'V ???? ia MIMc'irtL * H*'XI?S in< ofrr?4 ?? a uiatl a t>nt a MMH MBriti. ? fi mi 16 M a |wr iti.l A (tttnin lixili witk all lh>tid??..M. j r RkoiniKAn, n sr lm ?3? r-aua l\r , R .nb R MrXK TPAL BOXI>8 ARK THK^NLT fi? carl l?i lu * ktik ? ?tnall rap ?a1 ?n !?<? ?<\*al|> in??i4vd at liberal rat-n, IP t ? U prt r?Ml. on kuaii ?iflorac and gttmrunUtd. Applf to J. r. RRol>BKAP , :Tlm ?' ^ BOXPpIn PKXuMIX VfloR ?* '*+?. (>?. f.W?. ????. a Ml. aiHl f 1.IMI. pa> in? Mt ia liver c*nt..* fr-'fn 1 to *iir?n and prtocipal ci Uril^-J altboat rhargr. p <r uli kf J. r BRWPHKAD, BiZT 1 fa W39 |ViiiM)Uan<< tona*. RA RK I'll AS' k lu P'trc 1im?' a K?ud BtOKIi aad I'M KLLIXU . h'?|. a>ar n< ? n ?rkM, Ilk ?trn-t, So. 111 'i Prir?-, ?}J<(, tm?n>a?r. MAMll.T"X A PKARtM>M, n JPtf Y M C A Rmldlim. Bih aad U ait. JUAB avru. I'BAkh HAkMM ITA9I HUVl.t ft IO? HKAL KSTATL ANU XtTlL HHHKKHS. Xo. b#4 1Mb drwt, Olfcalir I 8. Trcaaory. FOR SALE?A hai l, HOCSE "a I alraat, So.VlY. A lira latr> d uklr 11 vH >K, c rii^r tlai II. HOl^K X<>. IIII O M ??rliuwm at?nuo. Ilul t>E Mu. WH*> 2i ar?*t -a*t. I r aalr >t r?at, luiuiptird or aufuriiioli-4. ACOTTA'.Kiu Hk'iUard% r-a . price JJ.dni Vvcitl ?mall II 'i?, fr -ai ?3J?v t" #64*W, abiall i'Wk p?? ia Tarw LOTS uutihiMf aud "nr ?a aoiith sid' -f Kli >d-l-iaod ? K-lilr, Mw??n l?lh and 1Mb We ktf* *e%?nl ??-rj-fiii>- KAKM>. unproved and uairapr>?od. aa diflrreut rail read* rumiinf lr>>ta ilie cit) . I<>r ?%lr Ml t?a Hfuri* (>r en haiige I'.ir ell) pt ?pertf. IMjM ?r GRorKP lu ?tuioa* p <ni- u? >4 tl.- < n? f<? ?ale at l'>a Acanw. im earn U ram. or will ekrhaiiae fur productive inipru^ ad pr< p- n>. mki la ^"OR SALE BEAB WASUIXuToxTp v7, TWO tfl'PEBIOB FRl'IT FA RH8, Tk? Odar Urdic Viu?-j ard?. excelieat fruit treaa aud *in?a in bearing- Hue tuaber tandi aad craatu guarrira. ALSO, BllLPIXtt LOT? IX TUB A ITT. Iii Sinare Bo. 17, Lot X >. 4 fejiuue x.ulk uf So 17, Lota 1 and I Square Bo. 24, Lot X?. U. tt tk It | ? 44 " W 44 4 S and 7 44 44 I* 44 HI, 12 aad U. - 44 72 44 ? 44 44 7k 44 I? aad a. 44 44 6!tt 44 ST. F r particular* apply b> l-ttet <>r la p^raua ta V II kXAPIXG. (Uu ttiiitt \iu")ard, near (??Tfitowa. P. C. ml?-la || O C 8 E F U~U ? A L K~. Tbe lar?a FOl'R STOET BorSB, aitb tkrae itury extcnaloti, VIA B atr'ft, u.-arl> uew. tweatp ron.?;fur?aci-jfM aitd aatet.aiUi latKe >ard aud ?Table In rear. The arbole pr ?p?-rt> baa keen r~ at If rut in complete r> paii. aiid ia rer) c<>u?eaieat Tf m [arte, genteel faoiil) , or for a boardii* boaar Will beawkllow. Imiwrrat fri^dauui'i Eauk. oapoaita Tn a??r?, Peuiia> lraaia arenue. fa 12 .-otf l^OB 8ALE?TXa 8TOCK.OOOD WILL aad fET r Tl KKh ( th* Milliner) and lane) tkora, Ba. 191 Market baaoe, bat. 7tk aad Mb atraeta, north waet Ii3mb?I B LBMKBBRgk OP MEDICAL, Ac. D?. MMTl FBEBCH Pi'WUKB4 cnaiomr* I for all dietheea uf tbe or(ana aad all uriuarp cmpiauita aad blood aad ?Rn< diee?aa cwaiJ b? ltHiiat retion in youth. Price, a;; p<-r Uos. For aala bjrWM.B INTWhLK, brugftaT coraer lltb-t. and P<-niaav hauia a*e , Waabiactaii. U C. ai4 lm* nc RHDK OF KBW Vobm, i: t ? ? or m* Amtrumm kUctr*-Hedtcal Jaaraal, tn-ata Paralyai*, EbeaaMtiM, Catarrh, tbe Eve an t Ear, Weak Luft.CaBOeri, JUuud Poka >na. aud all X> nrou* Cbroalc Pmeaaaa. Oflkce Eo>hud, 4 I 'A UtU ati. neat I'etiaaylTauia aTenne all lw* *4^TATCTOLEKCB," OE THE WILL t CEB. B; it all Uiaeaaaa are cared. Bo MaBMaak no laying on of kawda Taagbt by Mr* IliT. 4 71 C atreet aortbwaet. UE LBOB, CON&VLTIXU FHY31CIAH, Tbe old eat aetabMabad SpaclalM la tbe otQ. ?o. H1 14th atreet, above B. U to4 aad rtoV.datlr. '?Famala Complaiata aad L" EMALE 018EASBM Ireaiiid, aad E caaea taken tH?cribe caae ana encloee ||, an awmea Sxw^ gut m' A DAME WILbOB, A A? ?.imrmu4 PHTSICIAB ABO MIHWIFI, can he cn?altad on all DI8EA8E6ISC1PEXTAL TO LAD1EB E aidence and C>>nenltatl*n E *ma. "11 Kb I between 11 aitd I. Ei??a, Board, Medical l Ac , at r> aenaabla pnoea. Tap bead in two hoara. Eator Is DRY GOODS. F OR XEW ASD UAXMOMB PEE88 OOOP8 GO TO WOLFORP A 6HILBEBU. F'ob i.lama lace 4Haw ls axd jackets, of the rk beet pattern., i.o to WOLFOEP A sUILBERij. F ^"R THE LATE8T BOVELTIE8 IM PAB\ bOLS ao TO WOLFOED A 8HILREBU. F .MR ALL CLAB8Eb WHITE OOODS MEB tlullAblf CO T<? WOLFOEP ? kHILBEBO f^OB A LAB0i~A8R0KTMBBT TABLE LIB 1 EX'8. 1 It I Mi LIXKS8, KAPK1K8. To* EL8 aad BEP BPBEAP8. WOLFOBP^k T8HILBEEQ. ? * B^OB SICE 8PEIKO CA881MEBES. bllT r able for aien aad hopa' wear, WOLFOBP*A 8HILBEEO. Fob kxglibh bbcbbelb. theeb flt8 aud 1MOEA1B CABPEfi, OIL CLOTHE. MATT1BG6, of tbe neweat pcudacUeaa, WOLFOEP** VhILBB EG. r|'HI BKST m>OP8 FOE TMB LBA8T MOBET WBLFOBD h UHLBlatl, 4*7 8EVEBTB Betweea D i , tr EFTW ABCAPB grama arxeirckmut. jevshp^sr d" o00" VI! OOttOB. to BLACK 8H1I kad BLACK AL B FE1CE TO ALL. Bt GAB * ? TUB. k4-tr 1818 and 18HR Ttb atpee* MmM. 1?LE<?ABT BLACK S1LE, fr,? JIRyiirii JCd fall Uae of all Liu* U 8FEIK0 k^ 8CMME?

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