Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1873 Page 1
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fjje fdetiina $kt V?. 41-N2. 6.263. WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16. 1S78. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAB. ' foUhhe* tally, 9u4syt AT TEE STAR BUILDINGS, IT m irnrw iru insure ctnin. * m. mm*wmmjuwm, TEI rTll?I*6 STAR la tarred W l1*'M to Uatr eubcrlban at Ts> Ciirrt ril w**i,or Foett fcrm pee ?>sth. Copiea at the eoaotev two Cut* each. B) mall-tkraa nontha, tlJ9; its month#, *3.00; on year, |l. TBB WISELY STAB-PnMMiM FrMay-flj; ! I,itr. iriiTuitbl; in advance, la b?U catea,*^ . SO Mm tent longer than paM lor. i of alT?rtMnt HihiMmH mi appttcartoo. j ? AMUSEMENTS. \\ AKl *>EW O PER * HOI SE. \ ? J._ H.\ T. FORD.? Pr ptie;or and Manager. H tie^ac tUw-wlj ' ro?4j-1 with the rlit* and f-.*k> .. of Ti.N N?h..?a lin^H I. ? nty thr-.-?- More, and mTl HI A\ MATINEE of thr ?crW-f*R^l _ peekle^s oueen or burlesque, MI4S LVOIA THOMPSON. AND HKK MAMMOTH COMPANY, WEDNESDAY EVEK1N?, April lt?, Tt* t.i.n ! Spf tmrvUr BhtT a.Tie, 1.1 RI,I> E. ??AND YET I AM NOT HAPPY." Thnr-d^i?KO?*IN HOOD. F i-U..-ALADDIN. ???!? c*h be Kt ued at t'oe offict tin N?*w 11 n-e. ;?!? I JOHN" O'BrtliNS Great SI* Tent Show, KOW ON EXHIBITION ON SIXTH STREET LOT. FOR ONE MEEK ?SLY. ADM1*<*H>B ONLY 3* CBWTB-NO II \LF PKH F.>?t" ?ee th?- woadem of th? Triple Circa*. Th?- Ti i>l' Mfwagerte, Ike Triple Ctravan, and T.ipl. Mnwum. THE M?NSTSr EI.EPN \NTS. THE MONSTER 4 TON BKINOCERO*, tkr wnnder of the wortd. THE GREAT BBA7.IL1AV FAMILY. THE GREAT CLARIXDA LOWiHDS, The trreat CHILD RIDER. KOLME BROWN, The GREAT CLOWN. PETE COMKLIN, and 10 ? ?titer Slar A ft1 -1 ? THREE PERFORMANCE* DAILY. AT lO A. M , * P. M. AND 7 P. M. M benever (be frwewi"* it given in the ntorning, tbrre will b*j vuly 2 peTforuianc-t, at J and l p n?. alt-ef %V ASHINHTON THEATER COMIQLE. YY (Eleventh Krwt, twh Pcuue> lvauia avouae.) ANOTHER AV\LAF?.UE OF NOYILTIES1 7 SE\EN KCW STAR*. 1 Scccnd week t-f tlie M tur h of Dti;ch Comedian., GEORGR W. THOMPSON. El Btfaiejl of thaiucotrparahle ^RNYAfl'i, MAUDE *and 8AM11L, th' greatest of ?'irop- uimI Aui-tic ?'? G? inn*-**. En'X appearance it Waahlngton of the Biiliiant St.ttoeet, Bop> A^ceaaloiBlat sad P-wmi.-r.- Dan-?v;i-e. M 1.1 E fVrCBITA RONZATTI. Fir*t appearance in ^ a.liingt';> >f the Jirvenile Frorfig. Mantrr HERBERT CAWTIIORNE.lii hi great Ihstch con>>eaiitie- ami *p.-cialiti<??. Th-- ir-'-at ami anexcellwt ?*? nc Dane.- B->ys. M \NCIIES TER ami J E^NI N*. S. Eiigaff-m?ut of th* Benr.t. Ii tac Queen of S Pg Mix* FANNIE DAVSSPOBT. Onr Or> at BilM Tr?->np<- i? THE CAPTIVE; Or. THE BIRD CAGE OF EDEN' TwelTe B an"fnl Ladi*?, nnter th-> dirocti >n of 1 n?. Alex. B!*P'l'>w?ki. 4J. ?rgi- F. Th >nipi'?n, I>i- k Park'r, Ott'i Bnrbnnk. Lui' i and ImtuHir rie.?t , and "ttr <-ntir? M iniuii tli N iveltr Tr >up - in the ecr>-aainig Diitch farce entitled "Diukl?i>l'? Blnndor*."- The tT-af B-i l im ine Circn" will il? > b? rroloeed. M >tiii<-~? MEDNESHAY ar.<; SATTB 'AY. FRIDAY, April IS, 1-C3.Gr.ndC-'inilin. -nt ar\ B-net4' to ih gr-nt T'imt.l-ronic.>n?, R. S PAR K ER n. 1 "AMI EL O PROCTOR all OtP Bo. J Oh EthibitUa tNswNo 4?? J aiiti Sal* I (3V Yth Si.\ at (7th St MARKRITER'S, Ho. *39 7th ??re?t, brtwe-'u D and E ?tree??, eight d^r? afore O ld Fellow's H"?ll. Ob^lce Oil Paiuting*, Eriiira* ing?, Ctirurao"*, JtC. Also, largest H el Hinirrr", Micili* Bbaden. Pictnr-#. Era?n,-s. Picture Cvrda auJ Taa ?el?, h. tr?. Nail*. Ac., in the Dutria. ?>"TEK1I^ CASH. P;> a-- rt-m-nilwT Nan??> and Nmrher. j?! lr* LL KINDS Of CAST-orr WEAKiNO AP PAREL can be ?? III to the lerj beat alvuitlgt bj addreseiR* or calling on JUSTH, bl** D Mre? t. between 8th and 7th n. w. ?oteabr mall promptly attended to Cwh paid. fU ^ |LD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER. Erc., \J buasht at fair pticea for a N?w Y'>rk booae. Hoaaeh Id Fcruitnre b >ngjt and*- Id. N"tea by mail aiptlj attended to by ADUBHBTB1B. lt?9 icsylTania aeenne dJl-Iy" A ?r' SUMMER RESORTS. l M to E h B O A B D . The OSBCBN HOfSE, L^esbtirg, Va.,t? now open for the accounii Nation of S'ltnnier B ?ardors. No aain* will be .pared in the end^amr to make all cora fnrtaMe. (ap3-lm*j JOAB OSBL'RN. Proprietor. ^INSURANCE COMPANIES. TH? CORCORAN ? RE IMS L RANGE COMPANY. OF TBI DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA, Ortanizft Ayrit l;t, 1873. Capital *100.000. crricE No. 11-y Pennsylvania avenci. tO\ kJt M<uiit.i * Dku 8tuit.) JOHN T. LENMAN, Pr?ident. A. H H ERR, Vice PMident. J. T. DVEB. Secretary. DiEBcti>*?: Wm.Onae, II Clay Stewart, Ciiaa. A. Jauiee, Jae. L. Barbour, Edwarii D. uvp, John T. Letuuaa, MKbael Graen, John Butay, _ ap4-tf A. H. H?-rr. 1 BSC RE TO L B L1FB A In that 8TROXO OLD COMfAIty, THE MITt AL BENEFIT LIFE INSUR ANCE CO.,af Newark, N. 1., ftfHM 1MI. AMeU,ftf4,0V?JI40.?? J. STANLEY J0NE8, Agant, ja?<7-ly* Ho. #11 7th atraat. Abe toc insi redr IF MOT, APPLY TO TBB OLD ERANEL1N INSURANCE COMPANY, OF W ASHINGTON, D. C. ISroKPOBATID BT CorMgg.a I!V 1819. Ofllce in the buiidiug of tba National Bank of th* Bepnblic, So. 799 V street northweat. Bo cbargt fuc Folk >??. lHr-aurs.? Dr Jaa. C. Hall, John Partly, Dr. J. M Brodhrwd, J. Key worth, Jaa. C. M-Oaire, Bean Bradley, Joa. R Bradley, C. H. Wlltberfaf, W. J McDonald, W. W. McOnlre, Dr. D. B. Clarte, M. Q Iiwry. BENBY BRADLBY, PraaMaaft. CHARLES BBADLIY. Secretary. In> liti T"%.aV.V&Yfc.cffSBK?fT** OP THB district or Columbia. UKtiABUKO AVHUST H6, 1971. CASH CAPITAL- f 100,*09 Ofllce In Shepherd*! B uldinf, No. S0?H Pennayl aaaia avenoa. MOSES KELLY, President. ?M B TODD, Vioa President SAMUEL CB0S6. Secretory. SIEBCTOE9 I J B Blake, Wm B Todd, ?? Wall. Charlaa Jnat, Wm.G Metierott, J- hn T. Lenmaa, Oeo F Valick. Moaaa Kelly. A. B Shepherd, ocM-tf J.'INE CLOTHING FOR SPR1XG AND SUMMER, MADS TO OBDEB IN NEW YORK THE LARUKST ASSORTMENT IN THE COUNTRY. SAMFLB SUITS READY MADB. tOh MEM, HOIS AMV CUtLORMX. SHIRTS MADB TO OBDEB. DEVLIN ft CO., u9la 111* PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'E. J. W. MlSBTWlUa CABBOLL V. WIBSL0W, SmtLTXAt.SU. An Duui ta Miit rniMum, ?*? Stb Straat. JK. ra ifiSssJSCmA 'mmmssvW , SALT aad SMOKED MAYS, ot jBsmmi* 17^ SdBT BYATT.414 lttbal. - Si Y r~.nk.iwur ,U1 ?KU mb: toll ura imwiliw 9ta. aplt-ua SPECIAL NOTICES. Tin* OH Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky^ Fiue Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Wbiekv! Fine Old Kye Wlii?ky. , , Fine Old Ry> Whisky | W ariaH'td Warrant.,I WnrrimM rutt . JSn Ptut And Vmn-tu'Urn'at, tor fitMtrml a*it Mtdi ciitai Us*. Thia is the articl-w* hare now fold fcr upward* ottiv* year* with nuiveraal *at?afa< ti<>n p it up iu large bolt lea at One Dollar ptrk<)ttle, or can be hid ?? anv quantitr. .^Notice, that we will retwrn the money if this - V. "0,>* not give satisfaction or prxve aa repre sented by na. Xiao an excellentstock of California Wine*?Port, Sh-rrr. A n R.-lira, "M u?ate? ,ll <k and Claret: *l?o, *"?]> a IMainl Ca awh.i and imported Liquors of ail kind-. ARTHUR NATTANS, Druggist, "Hr Corner 2d and D itrw'io n. w. ON THE BREAKFAST. LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, A Pertlit*' Worcratrraiiirn Saute I? lXPl?rBM<*Bt.*. P'fCAS S WINS, N-w York, ?Ctl5-2aw1y Agent* f..r the United State*. *!a,rj***.'* ,he b*t?? *"? world, the only trne and perfect U lir Dye-in ri.licnlom tint*, no disappointment, harniie**, reliable, in?Un ? or brown; at all drugsists', a id ltf Bond street. New York. fj-ooly , ? A Car*. ^rS}SiK7mMDlw hiresiding In So nth America. ?..w"e ??d simple nm.siy vL i ?J[ Nerruos Weakat-ss, Esrly Decay, inanr and Seminal 6rg?us, and the -'-t l ka'hltn ttr,br0Ku'hl0? bL b"n< r>1 ii>?reat nnmbers hare been cured br Prompted by a desire to teneflt tne afflicted and nufortnnat*, I will send the xjM !^.J?rrp*?n* ?"*?? this medicine, in a *?5d sot slop, to an/ one who need." It, Fret ?> CkmrTt Addreaa, JOSEPH fr. inmaut tnarM it Station D, Bible Ilowe, war?-iy N?w rf)r> ()Uy ? LECTURES. ''JUE TO SLR lectures^ The *eeond lectnre of the conr e, instituted in W l?'.7 " ? Y'ti to. -The iti'iMverv ff n-? &mdb,- f'E^ToVill^^rk *d" at ifA^apsrvs.tvp^m''^ uorth?^ "? FBI Sultfert ofthe lecture: Nervou* F.,ree; f| ? !? a P0*** tts manifestations ' Th< ?i?tlic^ss'^e i^Ued'to"?*nd i,ttrM,0d Pr^dentlV^ll^?;. BALLS, &ct (|"and annual ball V ASHINGTON CIT Y HIBERNIAN benevq ?' KNT !<o? IETY. N... 1. MASONIC TKJIPLK, M RDNESDAY, APRIL 16, In73. , ONE POLLAR."ag * glD,knna" ",,J 1*dle*i,4.3r -> EVO A LADIES' GOODS. J|p\ MI?S MctVRMICK, jv PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,wt um states,) W ill rpcD r>n THURSDAY, A rati. 4th, a Urgf and attractive amortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, j-ti- 8ptCi41 M,entio" ot the ladies is callej, ^TAMPUKU DEPOTS ?I7 Sevkvh stkbkt, Opposite Patent Oflce. JELLING OPFI " AT COST, TO DISSOLVE pa'rtseksh'p ' the entire stock *>? THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E ?nar7-tr NO HUMBub g LEHZillRG * COM Belling out entire stock of MILLINERY AND FARCY GOODS, ?4 ?od Mow coat. - . . *91 Market 8pace, fc'tawu Tth and Mh streets northwest. |MPORTEB OP HUMAN HAIR. ORA9D BARGAINS AT MADAMS IIT&lfl ? R, ?18 liiA UTttt, i?Md 4m .from U urm. -****** name and number. Cheap Cnris 22?it atvJ?s Fritxettea, of tk? ??f ADIE8' " . V . FRENCH RTARCH RNAMEL BURIBAM A iCO., Vannfactnrera, ta?W l. * Lo"?Bart street, ^ Baltimore. Maryland. 1873 SPRING. 1873 TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK TREMENDOUS STorS', TREMENDOUS STOCK, 8FRIEG AND SOMMRR CLOTHING bPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHINfJ* SPRIRU AND SCMMRR CLOTHING' SPRING AND SUMMER CEOTHING* bPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHINGi 2555!' JorTHS' and boys, **N? . YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS , YOUTHS' AND BOYS MENS', YOUTHS' AI?D BOYS, MLNs , YOUTHS AND BOYS, RAt'l'S. CALL AMU 8MK f CALL ANUSKK! CALL AMU SB A ''ALL AN U SB K f CALL AND SUM! ZMLiL ****** IMS! %#?.4?* AAT HAKdAJXS ' BAKOAiNS! OH MAT BAKU AIMS ' }?}} PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE }JJ} PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 1*11 pennsylvania AVENUE*, ?wl2 s?orIroiB StTMt. soort?" ??t> Street. Third Door from 11th Str?? ^4 harness: harness: wfissuajatrfis&sp' *"??? rubber, nickel, silver-MOUNTED HARNESS M ve^?^tsi.wkich " ^ *?*??*'"?<? to sell Bote agents for H Ill's celebrated CONCORD harness, ftres^i fc^?^?-kgasa all over tha country for durability and at re net h. TRUNKS aad SATCHRLS ia graat variety. CEDA%TRUNK?, for protectioa afais^ taoth* Call aad examine stock. LCTZ ft bro? lai ??V Pom. ?*?.. aevt to National Hotel ?^XAM1NB the " T SOLD SPECTACLE, OSLf |t, ? H. HEMPLER, OpUciaa, Mr 4H AT MARSH' EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip, ISTMnit Rivmui.?The receipts from this roaTce to-?jay were ?l8I.i>80.03. Thoxas H. PVjclps was yesterday reappoint etl by the President postmaster at Cincinnati. Gen. SnKitVAS has received nothing yet in relation to the military movements at the scene of the Modoc troubles. The President. Mrs. Grant, Miss Nellie Grant and Gen. Babcock leave here this eve ning for St. Louis, to be absent from the city about three weeks. The Louisiana Trouble* The Attorney General has received no information whatever in regard to the troubles between the whites and blacks in Colfax, Louisiana. He Is of the opinion tuat the matter has been exaggerated. President Grant, accompanied by Sur geon General Karnes, gave a sitting yesterday to L ike lor a portrait. While in the studio the President examined the picture of Rawlins on Uike's ea?el, with much interest, and pro nounced it an admirable likeness. Person At?We see by the London Xewt that Pay Director Cunningham of the United States Navy, was presented to her Majesty by the United States Envoy, at the Queen's Drawing Room held at Buckingham Palace on the 1st inst. ????Ex-Senator Frank Biair, who is still leeble has gone to Clifton Springs, New Y ork. TheSovthern Claims Commission yester day heard the cases of Wm. R. Snow, Thomas M. Smith, and J. C. WiMbn, joint owners of Clover Hill farm, in Prince William county, near NokrsvHle. Va., amounting to *11,-yj, and Dr. I.. C. Osmnn, Nokesville, Prince William couuty, amounting to 94,900. Appointments?The President has ap pointed H. C. Alluian United States attorney for the district of Colorado territory, and Thos. P. Ochletree United States marshal for the eastern district of Texas; Joseph J. Henderson to be consul at Anioy, China; David F. Wil liams to be collector of internal revenue for the 15th district of Pennsvlvani i; Na'haniel Ship man to be U. S. judge for Connecticut. The Gotscnmlnt Claims Aoainst thk New York Ckntkal IUilroau Com pan v. Commissioner Douglass this morning received the following telegram from Collector Bailey and District Attorney Crowley, at Albany: '?The locomotives of the New York Centr tl railroad company, replevied on Saturday bv the sheriff, were this day returned to the'eo! lector. The sain will take place on April 2AI. Necessary papers will be hied to-morrow, re moving suit Horn state court to the U. S. circu t court." The Mopoc War.?A m<l>tary*otticer of high rank said yesterday that he thought popular expectation in regard to the speedy annihila tion of the Modocs would of necessity be dis ap|?ointed, and that he would not be surprised if it takes several weeks to make a finish of them. He says that the cry of '-On to the lava beds" reminds him of the crv of "On to Rich mond," raised at the beginning of the late civil war. He says the lava beds are almost impreg nable. and that it would be the height of ratli nes* and folly to send men into them to be shot down by the savages lurking iu th'; caves and fissures. He belie ves Gen. Gillem is no*v vig orously besieging tl.e enemy,and that it isquite possible that lie will semi no dispatchcs to army headquarters until he has accomplished some thing decisive. The Keliey-Oakes Ames C. M. Dividend. Agreeably to the request of .Judge W. D. Kel ley, Gen. Spinner, United States Treasurer, has covered into the treasury the *300 which Oakes Ames handed over to Judge Poland, chairman of the House credit mobilier commit tee. a? a dividend on the credit mobilier stock which he (Ames) claimed belonged to Mr. Kel ley. Gen. Spinner held this ?300 until vested day, in the hope of getting back the^l/WO iu bonds of the credit mobilier, which Judge Po land turned over to him at Mr. Kelley's request and which he sent to Ames, asking that he so endorse the bonds that tliev could be sold and the proceeds covered into tin? treasurv, as Mr Kelfey suggested. He hoi>ed that Ames would do this, but as the latter remains silent, he con cluded to cover in the #aoo dividend, without waiting any longer for the tardy Oakes. W<?men's Rights Umuerthe Fourteenth Amendment?The case of Myra Bradwell, plaintiff in error vs. the state of Illinois, hag been decided in favor of defendant by the I nited States Supreme Court, the ChieT Jus. tice alone dissenting. Mrs. Bradwell, who is the editor of a Chicago law journal, applied for permission to practice law iu the supreme court of Illinois, submitting the requisite certificate as to character and qualification. The applica tion *vas denied on the ground that a woman is not entitled to admission. The applicant ap pealed to the Supreme Court of the United States, claiming that she is a citizen of the I nited States, and, therefore, is entitled to the privilege of practising law in the state of Illinois, under the provisions of the fourteenth amendment. The United States Supreme Caurt affirm the judgment of the Illinois supreme court. Mr. Justice Miller delivered the opinion of the court. Justices Bradley, Swavne. and Field concurred in the judgment, but not in the opinion. A Credit a tile Piece op Work by Female Experts?Miss Patterson, of the United States Treasurer's office, with two female as sistants, has been at work evA-y bright day for two weeks past in overhauling, for the purpose of identification, the packages of bank notes and securities which were so badly burned bv Anderson, the Insane cashier of Lambertsou's bankt at Franklin, Peunsylrauia, about a month since. Many of these papers were almost wholly destroved; in fact, in some instances bills and other pai?ers were completely con sumed, nothing remaining but small portions of the ashy tabric, which a breath of air would have broken into minute particles. Notwith standing this, so delicatelv and carefully have these vague vestiges of what was once moncv been manipulated by the experts that almost all of the notes and securities have been identi lied, and those issued by the government will be redeemed bv Uncle Sam. The railroad and other corporation bonds will doubtless be re deemed by the companies issuing them. Ez Kepresentative Giltillan, son-in-law of Mr. I.ambertson, the president of the bank, and who has beeniu Washington for several weeks watching the process of identification, is greatlv pleased with the result, and speaks in hl/fi terms of the skill of Gen. Spinner's experts. Something About the Sew Postal Card*. On and after the 1st proximo the common query, "Have you a i>ostage stamp about you?" will be changed to, "Have you a postal card about you?" Evervbodv is on the qui vice to secure some of the first' cards Issued, and one gentleman writes to the Post Office department saving that he would like as many as 100,000 of the S.Oou^no instalment to be issued on the first of May. Requisitions from postmasters all OT6r the country have been jouring Into the Post office department for weeks, the aggregate of which exceed the number of cards which will be ready on the first proximo. In filling these orders the target cities will take the precedence, and out of the 3,000,000 New York city will prob ably receive alout 1,000,000. No requisitions for leas than 500 (five dollar* worth) will be filled, and all orders most be tor that amount or Its multiple. And hare we mar give our cit izens the assurance that Washington will not be behind hand In securing a supply of the new cards, which will be for sale at the of the post office as early as any other elty in the United 8tatas. The eards can be carried In aa envelope of the ordinary sis*, and one of the latter will eonrrntentiy incteee twenty-five cards. Aa many persons desire to send some of the first cards to distant friends. It may be well to state tor their benefit that the post office authorities an of the opinion that they can be transmitted safer by sealing them in envelopes and paying letter postage on them, than ae printed matter. It Is considered doubtful whether the cariosity of the average country iirtmXlt could with stand the temptation of "taking .last ?m" of the new cards when they ire enveloped similar to minted Blatter. They may, however, he seat in that way, and postage paid asoa ordinary printed matter, ila, one cent tor every two All reqnMtlons of jieatmrntosn will bf tiled Item Springfield, Mamachasetl?, where the postal-card agency is established, mad where the cards are manufactured. After May 1, It is expected that the aaMufectory will he able to make them fast enough to fill al> requisitions as they are received. The question was raised yesterday at to whether misdirected or uncalled-for cards shall be returned to the dead-letter office, the name a- ordinary letters, and the opinion was gener ally expressed they will not, but that such cards will be treated as printed matter, i collected and sold for waste paper, or destroyed. 8honld they be returned to the dead-lettsr ofti ce they would hare to be enclosed in envelopes bearing three-cent stamps, and when returned to the writers three cents more postage would be necessary. The cost of manufacturing these three-cent stamps and the envelopes would, therefore, be a total loss to the government. For this reason the cards will not probably be returned to the dead-letter office. ' The Charity Ball. As was predicted by those cognisant of the arrangements being made, the Charity Ball last evening for the benefit of the Children's Ho*, pital was one of the most elegaut and delightful af airs of tlie year, even taking into accouut the many brilliant entertainment* of the ante lcnten season, although the attendance was not as large as was deserved, either by th<i pur|x??e for which the ball was given or the character of the ball Itself. What the assemblage lacked in ?l?iautity, however, was amply made up in uital ity; and if tho affair did not partake of the nature of a crush, it was all the more enjoyable on that account to those who participated, and particularly to the dancers. Not that the room was not resj*MJtably tilled, by any means. It was quite that, anti by the very beat peop'.e in Washington, both in "official and private life. Indeed, it was much more like an Hegant pri vate party of selected guests than the ordinary type of public ball. The decorations were elaborate and beau tiful, and reflected the holiest credit on those having them in charge. The four essentia! requisites to success on such occasions?viz: flowers, flags, birds, and music,?were provided in the richest profu sion. The supper, too. was all that could be desired. Indeed, everything was done that could be done to gratify and satisfy tins guests of the exening, and where that is the ca?e it I- a work of supererogation to enter into details. As suggested above, the attendance of per sons nottd In society was very large, and the display of rich and beautiful toilet- was un usually tine. Among those present were the Prvident and Sliss Grant; Attorney General Williams, and Secretary Richardson and daughter; General Hunter and Mrs. General Stewart; General and Mrs. \f.trey; General and Mrs. Kicketts; ex Mayor Walla'rh and neiec: Mrs. Admiral Dahlgren, Mrs. l?r. Magrudcr, and Mrs. Dr. Brown; .Judge and Mrs. Paschal; General and Mrs. Townsend; Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Niles; Mr. and Mrs. F. II. MetJuire; Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Kautfmann; l)rs. Johnston, Tyler, Liebermann, Bitsey, and Drinkard; Mr. M. W. Gait. Mr. J. C. McGuire, Mr. W. C. BfStor, Mr. Lewis J. l?avis, and Mr. Franck Taylor; Mr. and Mr* W. B. Webb: Mr. and Mrs. I). C. Cos; Mr. and Mrs. I?r. Wads worth; Mr. A. S. Solomons and daughters; Cel. and Mrs. Aud< n reid; Misses Frellnghuyscn, B.irnes. Ray, (iranger. Fletcher, Porter. Cox, Fracker, Brool>?, Demo rest, Alexander, and Gallagher; L'apt. Burritt, Mr. Franklin Philp, Mr. H. C ?swain, and Mr. dam?*s R. Voung; Mr. and Mrs. \V P. WyvlU; Mr. and Mrs. ,F. W. Boteler; Mr. mid Mrs. .lotejih Macl'arlan I; Mr. and Mrs. Tl oiuas Wilson, and many others, ineluding a 'ar^e number of secretaries and attaches of the ft reign legations. The ball closed about three o'clock, and ali present were so delighted with the evening as to cause them to look forward with pleasant an ticipations to its successor ne\t year, and to in wardly Iesolve to not only attend'it themselves but also to persuade their friends to be there as well. So let it be ! Seriovs Strike Riot in Indiana? War Bel I'een Whiff Coal Mine Strikes and Colored Coal Mine A'an-Striker* A serious riot at Knightstown, Ind., l?etween the coal mine strik< rs and the colored miners lately imported from Virginia was in progress yesterday, and nearly the whole town was engaged in the inelep. An associated press dispatch from In dianapolis dated last night says: "The negroes are now at tlieir boarding-house well armed and well guarded bv local police. The crowd is surrounding the house, ami throwing stones and other missiles. A company of colored miners from Brazil and vicinity cauie to the aid of the colored miners. M any shots w?*re tired during the melee. Governor'Hendricks has b?en ap plied to for troops, and it is expected the Inimet Guards and a body of jiolice from this city will leave for Knightstown a!.out 2 a in. and arrive there about 5 a. m. fftae indications are tliat there will be bloody wSrk before the\ arrive. One of the guards over the negroes has been injured, it is not known-how seriously. The town is full of rumors. The women are most furious and are leading the rioters. Pennsylvania Coal Trade?Coal produc tion was a little slack last week, and in the Schuylkill region the surplus of water in the mines continues to check operations. The trade is not as active as it should be in view of the demand that It is well ascertained must continue through the year. Besides, the com bination being strong, will not permit rates and proes to fall below pa ving points. Those best informed are quite sure there will not be lower prlccs of coal tills scamn. Holding off will do no gcod iu bringing down prices, and those who hope it will be mistaken, as rates arc agreed upon already bv the parties in interest. There is to be no surplus coal on the market.?Pitila. Ledger. Kc-kli'x Marauders Worsted.?Accounts from Kdgeficld give the following of a ku-klux raid:?One night last week a party of Georgians, thieeor four in number, visited the plantation of Mr. Frank Sharpton. living in the Dark Corner, iu search of certain negro laborers whe

had left them. Not finding the negroes for whom they sought, they turned in aud whipped all the blacks on Mr." Sharp ton's place, and tipon leaving told them they would return 011 Tuesday nijtht. This they"did?the party in creased'by one or two?anil found the negroe armed and ready for the frav. The latter fired promptly, killing a man named Fobb and se riously weundiug another of the same name. About thirty shots were tired by both parties. The Great Storm in the West?The storm on the line of the Union Pacific railroad proves the most violent of the season. It bagau two days ago, and continued yesterday with un abated fury. There is no means of "communi cating with' San Francisco, or of ascertaining anything further about the army movements against the Modocs. The wires are loaded with sleet. The storm Is from the north, and mostly between North Platte aud Trcmont. At Grand island and vicinity, where it seems to center, no trains are moving at present. No one can face the storm. . Khiva Caving?New* having an Important boating on the future f the Kbivan expedition has been received at St. Petersburg. Internal discussions have broken out in Khiva. The reigning Khivau has executed his chief coun sellor and imprisoned his uncle ami other influ ential Kb Ivans who were enemies of Russia. He has also released the Russians long held as prisoners in KMva, and sent them to meet a detachment of the expedition advancing from Orenburg. Ki mor or the Pope's Death?Dispatches f rom Home state that the chamberlain of the Roman church, the Cardinal de Angelis, has been summoned to that city. This may be pre sumed to have some special significance In reference to the perhaps dangerous condition of the Pope. There was a rumor on the Paris Bourse yesterday evening that the Pope was dead, but it lacked confirmation. A New Yore Mi:rdereb Dtino.?King, the murderer of O'Neill, Is gradually wasting away with consumption, and Dr. Nealis, the Tombs physician, thinks his days are numbered. He is also suffering , from a painful disease which compels him to almost constantly lie upon his bed with his faee downward?.V. r. Stmr, 10O. B7~8amuel Campbell, of Oneida, was chosen trustee, of Cornell University yesterday in place of Herace Greeley. VThe Michigan legislature yesterday passed a resolution asking Congress tobuild the Niaga ra ship canal. KTGot. Hendricks, of lad ionise that his re cent visit to Washington was with a view to tho organisation of a new party. ? Detective* have arrived in Havana from London and fully identified BUwsll as the alleged Bank of England forger. o>A western naner states that Governor Os bem, of Kansas, thinks he Is tho ooming man tor the United States senator from that state. t0 Tho examination of the New Tork brokers by the grand Jury yesterday relative to the con spiracy of usurers to nso money stringently elicited nothing. ?7"Henry Coulter.'of Pittsburg, will row in the race with John Biglin and nils Ward at Sprtnj^eM JM?s.,^on Jnlpr tgthfar *1,000 and OBTHenry Wnslhsll, ? hoy, tar stabbing a teacher la the Hew Turk Honse of Refuge, was yesterday sentenced to Ire yean In t?? state prison. n^ ftTwIwillsg leMwiftSte^^rt post sflce. the UWIAH "PEACE POUCT." InMrinl Utter frwa IMO-Wliat Ike -Pwe PMtr," *?a.?. nm* Mow 1? i- ?*??? *? iorewL The following correspondence was telcgtaph- j ed to the New York Timet last night: Washington* D. C., Ai?ril 15,1373. Hot. r. Ptlayto, S*<r*1ary nf tif Int'vvr 1'ear SirThe excitement and exa?perat on in the public min?l. growing out of the treach ery of the Modoc*, which resulted in the*leatli 01 General Canbv and Commissioner Tlionw, and the serious, it not fatal, wounding of Ootn miMon^r Meacham, has ltd and will eonttnue to lead to severe criticisms mpo? wli?t is termed the "peace flolicy." Many obserration* have l.e< 11 and are likely hereafter to be m id-. of * general nature, condemning that which-is n*.t pel Imps. well understood, and exprtssiag gen eral optt ion.* in regard to a subject upon which the parties making such utterances are not a> well iniormed as tliey should be. All thi?, how ever, is t>o natural an" to be anticipated, and It rnu-t l>e received with patience and forbear ance by those who take a calmer view of the subject, and who ought to coon pre hend it bet ter than many who are so free in their expres sions of opinion. Would it not be well, how ever, to Pliable the public to uii'Iec^t.iiiil :u?e<* aiid distinctly what la meant by the "peace policy," what its object* are. and how it is pro jiosed to attain them by executive and legisla tive action? , _ , 1 have the honor to remain, very re?pectfal ly, jour ob't serv't, L. L. Ck^nsk. nCRKTART l>EL.\NO'(? KKPt.Y. Jntkuiok Oki'aiu mk>t, t Washington, 1>. C., April li, Inj.) L. L. Crvutut, fw-' . . l>ear Sir?Your letter of this date, suggesting some utterance from me, at the present mo ment, as to the plan, purpose, and scope or the Indi.ui policy of the department, which has i*>pu!arly and proi^erly become known as the ? peace policy'' ii we. It ought not to be necessary?and so tar as the purposes of the internment are concerned it is not?to enter u I -on trcsli ilticldation of wiiat is ui"ant by this nolicy. But as the public mind is sought to be contused, if not inflamed, by the criticisms and misrepresentations to which you allude, *-? to the real purjxtscs animating the government toward the Indian tribes, 1 veritnre to present briefly as I may, and as distinctly as possible, an answer to your inquiries. J irtt. Tlie peace policy proposes to place the Indians ujioii reservations a? rapidly as possible, where they can be provided for in such manner as the dictates ot huiuanity and O'uristUTi civili zation require. Being thus placed upon p-?er various, they will be removed from such con tiguity to our fromn-r settlement-* as ot tier wise will lead, necessarily, to frequent outrages, w rongs. and disturbance of the public peace. On these reservations tboy caft l?e taught a fast as possible the art* of agriculture and such r ureuite as are incident to dvilix.tUuii. i hrougi' the aid ot tile Christi.<u organisations ot the country now engaged in this work, acting in harmonv with the lederal government, their lnt? llectual, moral and religious culture cim be prosecuted; and thur it is hoped that hiui uiitj and kindness may take the place of barbarity ai.d cruelty. If a majority of the people ot the United States prefer extermination to the course here indicated, and desire to s-e al* th. horrors and bloodshed and loss ot life, aiu n:? both whites aud Indians, incident to the pjlic> ot externiiuatioli, then it Is well enough to de nounce, in vague and general, if not unmcau ina terms, the "Quaker policy." hcrnd. Win never it shall be tonnd that any trll?e or band of Indians persistently refuse to go tpon a reservation, and detcimine to con tinue their nomudic habits, accompanied with depredations and outrages upon our frontier settlements, then it is the jioliey of the Presi dent to treat such band or tribe with all weeded severity, to punish them tor their outrages ac cording to their merit*, and thus to teach them that it lsbetter to follow the advice of the gov ernment, and go upon reservations and become civilized, rather than to continue their native habits and practices. The recent conduct ol the Modocs will tumish to the government au example tor the treatment of snch tribe* ami bands as refuse to accept the benevolent pur poses of what is termed the -Quaker poiicy." There niav be some so impressed with the ne cessity ot' non- resist^ce as to object to the punishment of Indians under the circumstances last referred to. If there be any such, they will. I teel assured, tind opportunity for complaining because the nclicv is not peaceable enough. Thii<K It is'the determination of this policy to see that all supplies, of every kind and nature, whether tor food or clothing, purchased tor such Iudians as are upon reservations and remain at peace, are procured at fair and reasonable prices, so that the Indians meriting these supplies mav receive the game without having the funds of the government squandered n their purchase. If there be any whose voca tion mav be interrupted by being deprived ot the profits which speculation or peculation may have heretofore afforded iu the jmrchases for Indians, such persons will And abundant reason to complain because the ?? Quaker policy" de prives them of the opportunity of gains and profits heretofore enjoyed in this business. fourth. It u the purpose of the government, as fast as possible, through the instrumentality aud hv the advice of the religious organizations, and by all means within its j?ower to procure competent, upright, faithful, moral and religi ous agents to care tor the Indians that go upon rtservations, to distribute the goods and pro visions that are purchased for them by the benevolence of the government; to aid iu their intellectual, moral and religious culture, and thus to assist, in the great work of hnmantty and benevolence which the peace policy means. If there be any who are thusdeprired of govern ment jositions and oflice that have hitherto afforded large profit without labor and without merit, and ? ho are to be preveuted in the future from defrauding Indians for their own personal gain, those persons may complain of the ??Quaker Policy" and demand extermination. Fiftk. It is the purpose of the peace policy to establish schools,and, through the instrumen tality of the Christian organizations acting In harmony with the government, as fast as possible to build churches and organize Sab bath schools, whereby these savages may be taught a better way of life than they have heretofore pursued, and be made to understand the comforts aud benefits of a Christian civiliza tion. and thus be prepared ultimately to become citizens of this great nation. These, I understand to be the purposes of the President's peace policy; and this seems to be the occasion when it ought to be so studied as understood, tor I believe that when under stood, there are few American citizens who will rind the heart to condemn it. 1 also feel at liberty to sav that, as here explained, it has the apptobation'of every member of the President'* Cabinet, and that the Secretary of War aud the Secretary of the Isterior mill hereafter, a* they have heretofore, act in perfect accord and with perfect sincerity in endeavoring fully and completely to carry out and execute this policy. Very respectfully yours, C. Delano. CBttT>r.EN Curshed Bkneatii a Famiro Chimney?A mo?t distressing accident oc curred yesterday at Xewburg, s. Y. A nutaber or children were plajlng about the ruins of a building which had been burned on Mon lav night, when a chimney which had been left standing toppled over and buried five little girls. Alice C mlerhlll, aged 11, died a few hour? afterwards. Mary Coleman, 12; Kate McKin nie, 11, and Elizabeth Sinni, 13, were seriously injured, and will probably die. Kate Coleman was also injured, but ?will recover. An example was made yesterday for the consideration of the horse car thieves by Re corder Hackett, In the general sessions, on the person of Michael Mahoney, whleh, it is to be hoped, will hare some effect. Mahoney, as was sworn to. seized a gentleman on the front plat form of a Third avenue ear and with eiolenee robbed him of his pocketbook containing*^ Mahoney was particularly vnfortanate, Inas much as a policeman was asar and arreatwl him. Finale?Twenty year* at Sing Sing?X T. Herald, IM. KajrrrcxTKc ncx Waeiid cr a Plcckt Fasxxb.?A special to the Cincinnati QazetSe from Frankfort, Ky., aays tkstaiaMsUt on Saturday a band of masked men called Richard Williams, a farmer la Henry eoanty, to his doe ami commenced shooting at him. WilUams had been previously notified to leave, end-having armed himself, he returned the tire aad killed ,ef New York, will ?Am fee ker of the bsar 1 of saper S?d of^^asnovta^.^oakTbe iff} remunerative. BLOODY WOKK I> MdUAXA. Om UI*rH !?? Klll?4 THE M'UIBTITV IFH THE CorRT-KOt'SE. A terrible affair occurred at the town of Col fax, In Grant pari A, Louisiana, on Sunday last, which resulted in the killing of between eightv an<t oue hundred colored men and the wounding of two whites. ORIGIN O* TUB DimCTLTIl<>. It seem* that ever since the 1st in?tant skir mishing bas been going on almost daily between Uxiie- of armed white wen, supporters of the McKnery government, and the ofhcials recently api*rinted by liovernor Kellogg, wbo had, in accordance with their instruction*, taken pon >ession of tbe court-house, driving out the McEneryite*. It is claimed by tbe M Knery taction that after tlie colored supporter* o. Ktllou seized the court hunae they committed * number ct outrages on thewh.te*. niiuvof whom they robbed, and some of whom tl?rv dure out of town, among them one Mr. H?| not. who determined to hare revenge. Tlieae acconnts were evidently grvatlv exaggerated, but ever since that time the McEneryite* have l?etu striving to dislodge Oovcrnor KciloggV appointee* ami thetr colored enpMrters, who lonnd it necessary to throw up earthwork- and to guard tbe court-house u>glil and day. TiiK iloouy wokk a uu u followed is tliu* told i>y au associated press dispatch t'roiu New Orleans last night, purporting to be tbe statement of a passenger by the steamei South* eaten: ? n Sunday, about 1 o'clock, about ouc hun dred and titty men, who had gathered from the -irrrout.ding parishes, made an attack on the breastworks, and a brisk tight was kept up until somewhere near 3 o'clock. The breast works w( re then stormed and captured, tbe ne groes taking refuge in the court-house, the doors of which were barricaded. After some : in tin r lighting the negroes threw out a Hag of truce, and several detachments of m?*n ad vanced on It, when they were fired on by the ;>e*it ged party, wounding several.of whom wx< Captain Haduut, who was shot in the bowels, and it is feared fatally wounded. They re treated on the outside of the breast works, an. I. ?s the on!j m< aiir of dislodging the negroes, 'he court-bonse was set on tire, and thev were ?hot as they came from the burning building. It is rci?ortttl th U between eighty and OKI 111 MDEED XW.ROIH WERE KILLED, :uid there were none to be found for iu:les irotind. 'J he captain of tbe steamboat Southwestern males the following statement; We arrived at Colfax on Sutidav evening about <S o'clock, and i'oi:nd that the white people, and Sheriff, 1 sup l*>se, at thetr head, ha<l captured the town after navinc a conflict w ith the negroes. It wa* r? pprteu to me that about one hundred n^gr<> ? lia<! Ik-cu killed and many others won tried. W -aw from the boat dilccs or twenty lying about Oil the lisuk, dead. OSE WHITE M*X WAS REPORTED KIL-KD, whose name I did not learn, an<l two \er* seri ously wounded- U'jaars. Hadnot anl Harris. Mr.'Hadnot was shot through the towels, and -opposed to l>e mortally wounded. We brought Ira'rig and II a<I not down froru Colfax to Alex ?ifidr'a. Three or lour other white m n were -lightly wounded. About WO negroes escaped, l u't it w as reported the whites were still pursu ing them All ot the leaders ol the riot escaped, especially the white mm. The whites are now in possesion of Colfax, and when I kit last Vuiie'ay night everything was 'iuiet. A Little Fiend.?Mardsr of a Coir* F /?t?>y <jf krr SitUr?Oneoi our agents, writiug Iroru l.a-Craade, reports that a lew days ag? a little ittgro girl, eight years old, living on 'he plmta .louoi Senator George Peavy, in Meriwexttier iWuntr, growing weary of nursing her^little bi<by brother, laid hnu on the lloor, and with an ixc split the baby's ckull open, after which she .-tit his hand off and put it ou tbe iuantel-piece. On being questioned as to why she com in tte I the awful deed, she replied ahe would treat all >1 them in the like manner tie ft iu her care. But :? lew week.- ago she threw the same child she killed into the branch, as she declared to drown it Alia it 'a lb raid, M. SfPBKME Loooe, K. ok P?The Supreme I.odge of the World, Knights ot Pvthias. met in Kitbiiioud yesterday. Supreme Chancellor 11. Cherry, of Illinois, presiding. Nearly everv state in tbe Union was represented, together with delegates from Canada and other places The resignation of Clarence >1. Barton, of Washington, Supreme Scribe, wa* tendered and referred to a committee. The reports of the supreme officers show the onl<;r to embrace 1,300 lodge* and over IOO.Oini member*, includ ing lodges iu Australia and the Sandwich Is Innda. Willof Cowkodore Matthew F M vr*Y. The will of the late Comui'jdore M. F. Maury was on Monday authenticated by the great seal of the State ot Virginia, preparatory to its transmission to England, wbese much of the liroperty disposed ol by the will now is. Com modore Maury died in very comfortable cir cnni-tances. and leaves his family well pro vided lor. The Mexican C<>n?ue** reassembled on | the 1st inst. President Lerdo's message an nounces the prolongation Of the term ot the ; United States and Mexican mi ved uuiausmn ! tor two years, expresses sympathy with the ?Spanish republic, and promises to increase facilities for education. Debate will soon be gin in Congress on the Plumb and Rosecrani tailroad. Who is Ceazy?Tkain ok the Doctor*?? The investigation iu New York as to the mental condition ot George Francis Train was resumed yesterday. I>r. Thaddeus W. B. Cross testified that, at "the request of the district attorney, he and !>r. Hammond had made an examination of Train, and from tbe conversation, manner, and appearance of the subject, formed the opinion that he was Of unsound mind. O'Kelly the imprisoned N. Y. Herald corres pondent remains at Manzanillo. Captain Gen eral Cabollas evidently intend* to leave the de cision ot the case to his successor, Geu. Piel tain, who is expected soon. The life of O'Kelly is in no danger. CsugreM sf Machine Isaalariarc r*. Philadelphia, April 16?The National As sociation of Engine and Machine Manufactur ers of the 1'nited States, organized last Octo ber, and adjourned in Cincinnati, Ohio, last December, to meet in Philadelphia, met to-day to hold its second animal meeting, but owing to rbe non-arrival of mem tiers the meeting was somewhat informal, and adjourned to meet to morrow morning. This afternoon they will, in charge Of the Philadelphia members and iriends. visit the prominent establishments. ? A Fatal Drink. Atlanta, Gkougia, April l?i?Last night Dr. J. W. Craig, and Judge Thotna* Pullman, wealthy and leading citizens, ami members ot the Drug tirm of Heard, Craig and Company, took a drink of liquor in their store, and by mis take put in as a flavor aconite for elixir of orange. Dr. Craig died in four hours in terrible agony. ?I udge Pullman has recovered. A Mr. .I one's, an employ* of the store, fixed up the drinks, unintentionally making the error. The affair ! M cast a profound gloom over the city. ? a MCRDEEEE DYING. New Yore, April 1&?The sickness of King, who murdered O'Neill, la this city, is so serious that he will be removed to the hospital to-mor row. 11 Is doubtful if he ever will be well enough to be tried. OWtSG TO a BLCNDER Saturday, a large portion of the mails for En rope were left on the dock, and held over tor the steamer Kussia, tiling to-day, ~ ~ 1 Kaklax Lezivqtoh, Ky., April M.-Lart fall a negro tamily named Hawkins, consisting of throe penou, wore token from their home, in J ^????nnty, and. it issapgeod, t while of sly appeared ?AE Fraectwoo. ApTil*is?The epizootic is sf^fdtoSr' tho*?b ^ TIm lew Terk* city* .? alniry. ^prtl 16.-AII * i or A otifei l?one the Ki ? ToWt? ^ ,ini *? "TSZuZnt May 30 fo. burglary tokUi. TELEORAMB TO THE ST AH ASSOCIATED MM* MZPOBTK. ? Ti? TM*a<1n Hi ihf (1?U RnH rilM. [S/xcial iHtf+tck U Krrm*i Sier.l New York. April M?The Stews *?*>!*? ton dispatch aanouncea tl*?t til" President bti filled the vacaucles la the drU envire Mvwrj board. OKlflOM<l by the rerfgBatloti ef Measr*. C rtts and Melllf bv IW ?pf*iiKuM( eC Bob. IHmaaa ?. r?*n?. mt Nr? kor*. awd Hon. Sawuei RheiUhaig*"! ??f '>k<o. Both ef theae frnti?Btu ire rwucrf friewls #1 civil ser vice niwrm. - ? ? Til TftElf ??*??? ??????. latent rata tmc lata DtATH OF UMT.kUUWi KKIBXIRHIM. WITH THEHU*V? ??eRMlMilaWt|K4 (Nil Uea.UlllMi Mw??r? UHrMl IhmiAIIUIhrNap. K: JiaaUBN lirwwk - laiPrrvai<> larral ?! bra. r?ak) ??<? Dr.lhaaiMiai *P Sa* April 15.?<>e?1 hu nmtcd trow (i^'MrtlUiiln*. dated at Yreka m flay. tnnounriaj the death of l.ieut. 8ber?< od. * ho ??? wmimImI in the att*ck on Col. )lwon'? r?a|> >tn the tlth ia?' . while the lu utet ant w?s holding an latmrit ?r ? itli an Indian bjy alio a|'|>rwuLc<l liie |>icM tine inter a white Il4|. .v? attack or tn? M<?i?o?a BRrri.?Ki*. A*n OKI KILA.KD. l.iVA BlpCiHv, April 14 ? On the MHM!| following the Biu xlcr of t.< a Canby and f?aiv itiani'.Mltfiirr Tioiua*. the V.?U> atta<~k>.| I'ol. Mwnu'rrirlf a, 1 ailri<>wt <?f flu Ms ilw camp. Ike nickels wire nnirkljf rcut fore?d. ab<1 drwt the mvum* back, killing o.ta Modoc and ci|<t itnigh-iiWa'*. iKm ild Mc Kli na arrived here y? ?torda) with 72 Warm Spring Indian*. A* ioon a* Mr. Mr>artxm i* ??ut ot danger Mr l>m will return u? the n*-r \ a;ton U? attend to the Modoc ami hlamatli In dian* there. '1 In Kuake and fitt rim lalltM are still oaiet, b it are watching the event* ot the conflict with great Interest. and t'oamiHwiu-r Th?n>aa took place an the inotant. lue cereaiiwies In camp w-re very iB)ire?ire. The troop* were drawn up and received the remain* in the custowaiy maimer. ? ilk aalutea sal muffled drum*. INK TKRAt Hkl.'>ti? IAVAOM TO KB BirlD art. K?n Fkakcimo. April 15.?A dispatch t'roua <?? iit'ial liilkw to tietieral Kcbo4i.-M, received in Oil* city to night. *a>? he will ?? e?-ery endeavor to prevent the e*cape ot the Modoe*, and that, if |*i?ililr. an hd.mi ahall not he kit; to boast ot the wurder ot Ocaeini CawUy. a moihm siukal o*ricia. 1 he regular courbr arrived at Yreka to-night, litiUKtiiK the following ??? wrtrum lie?d.(uai w r?: I VeMterdav worniug. while the *igB:ti oti.-er | w< fe enlaced iu *.*[nallcihg between Goaeral ttillcm's h? ad ,uan< r* and <\?b?nel Ma?m> ! camp, a Modoc In.linn g?>? upoti a ridge near ' Captain .lack"* eawp. and. mtth a wkite rag oa ] a pole, imitated the n?o?eweati- ot the signal ! officer*, waving the ra^ to and fro. KtV HAM'* CKOITIOK vi ax B'.orc hopeful at the time the courier left ; camp. Mr. liver, tin- ronvni?loticr who wai unhurt, ha* teWrfiaphed u? Washington lor iu rti?ctii)Hh, aayii g that there i.? | vu LOKr.KK "any ra? tkvuk. tb? rr*> it MtK v toward* these Indian* There ia no (hitlit that Iho Modoc* CtfMUtl to get |?*v ?1?*|| oi I he |m risoie- of Gcii. tiillcm and Col. Maaon. t? n. Hilh dj intend) d to be present at the eonnc'l, but on the mort.injr ot the nn*f-*aore wa< t)*i III t? leave hi* tent. It i? nr.* atated that item. I'anhy aini <i:ll< ai aud thi |K.'aceouuuui*?uiucn had a talk about Rtt>T>I.E'?* TUMI*. an?l eatne to the eoncl?*ion that it wa? on'v a rtiae ot Kiddle'a to dela\ iD gotiat ion*. Tliey had not the utaio*' continence in K*ldle'a \e racity, hut on thi* oocasiou it aeeui* he a i? rl^bt iu hi.*- su{>|>o*itioii. ? \ MtHit Horrible 4?uIra|t?'rn?I >ltir?l?*r. ?W1KT AM* TiUCII'Li: rtMi-rtMKar ?/ run PBRrBTBAToBi. Mevphi*. Tes*., Aj-nl 16.?Tbe Ang *'a (Arkatiaa*! Hnllrtin pub.iahe* a letter trow, t'aior countv. Arknti-a*. gu !Bf an a'comtt ?>t a Loirihie outrage ti|x>u and murder of a white woman by a m gio iu that comity. A IVw week* agu a married woniau went to a t*? i,?hl.?r'a h> uae to remain aeveral dava. bnt found no one at boate aiMi atartci1 to return, when Hie uegro ato| ptd her hur<i?' and took her o^. aixt drove, puAlied and palled Iter e:ght mile* iuto tbe hot toui laml*. where he tie?l her to n tree and rav *hed her, kce|?iuc her there lor tkree dava. On the ae<ond day. w hih *ull tied to tbe tree, ?he ei<\c Ura to a chiM. Ob tt.e third day tbe liu*han<l of the unforti.nate woman aot finding ber at the neigfilMw'*. l?ut di*corer tig her bor?* aliete tbenegri' had left it tied, collected ?hmw; friend* and begun a m arch, which re*ulted >a fiudiiig ber dead Unl v tietl to the tree, the ne gro bating mnr<leri)| her with blow* uj?on th<i bead. InHieteQ with a clnb The murderer wan mooii afterward* ^apturi d by a party of ix-groe>, who were aMiMiug .p tbe *caich. At tbe bu? handV reoueat the negroc* built two I04 heap*, and vetting them on fire placed tbe negro l?etweea thew. Thee were twent v-tonr hour* burning him. ami at tnbxrala aubfectiag him to horrible torture.auck a- euttiag oil h> 'oee and *tri|>* of hi* liodv. Thev were three oth- r nofroi * concerned in nriniini; the wo man. They were *ubae<iiiently caught aal aliot. THI MW MARKET K1 l-'v N?:w Y?.RK, April 16 -Negro won the New Market < l.tiglanu biennial *tak<-* veaterday. Tbe race wu lor veariing*at 1'Tt, awl he<i.uie* interesting a* probably |> out the a inner of the succeeding l>ert>y. KO RKV.iLT AT PORTO RTrn. Madrid, April 16?The report that the Spanish troop* in an i*Und ot Porto Itico kave revolted again*t the government 1* nntrue. TKflrr . ? - ?- - * v?v giMciuinrm in HI They merely a*ked an Increaae in their pay. which waa grauted them, and uo dcmotistrauou waa mvde. THK POPE BCTTKR. Home. April lb.?It haanouueed thia Biornirg that the Po|?e la iBiproving. CARLtaT REVKR?8? IK ? TAI *. Mapriii, April !K Many Carliat* are sur rendering to tbe fro\erumeut troop* in the north in hope of receiving awnoaty. It la repjrte<l that the aon of Prince Henry of Bourbon, the I>nke of Seville, who took up arm* In the cau?e ot Don Carlo*. wa? killed ta a late engagement between tbe nat.oual force* and inaurrecUou i*t*. The detachment ol Car I tat* under Saballa, which, before the attack on Puigcerda, waa aent to haw|>cr the iuar<-h of the regular troops who were baatemng to the relief of that town, wore repuleed by the repuMieana and loat one huudmi men. exclusive ot prisoBers. OieM EieMeweat la Wall Mraef T FAIL! KR ?>r TBE >EI'HEW AXD URAHM JX OF Vi* DERBILT. New Yoke, April 16?Meaara. Barton & Alh b, broker*, iit'phew and gratidaon re?|?ei I lively of Commodore Vanderhtlt, hare failed. There 1.- wuth e*cit< tm nt in Wail street. (Second dispatch.] New Y"EK. April li>.?Tbe dei?reaaion 111 the I Wall street markets, whieb began yesterday I alter noon, coBtiawes to-day. awl the moaey tfaaan l?eing still severe, there is an In creasing disposition to aell securities. Alt aalea ot gold have been at 117 ( to 117 \ On fold loan* rate* have been flat at 5 per cent, for carrving. Money wa* lent on call loaas at *a\ of 1 perl cent.,'ia addition to the T percent. |*or snaim. Mercantile paper Is nominal, i.ovetnmewt iiowis are lower. in sy mpatliy with gold. Mar ket continaes excited, and average prices are lower thaa yesterday. Alain la Mrwphis, April 16. ? tt ?????. 4'reswell and partv leave to-morrow tor Nashville and the Mammoth Cava. RAILROAD DAMAGED BT A FRBSBIT. About a quarter of a mile of the Mewphlaaad Little Koch railroad, toar mikes east er Hope field. was waahed away by the overflow of the river last night. As the river la still, se rious damage to the road Is (tared. TBR Ht-BDIR OP (IRK? fltKDMAB. The impreenoa prevails Vaughn aUas Flowers, alias Frank Bardett. had writtea letters to Mrs. Hiwlwaa la regard to the aseaaeinatiou at her hashaad 1 scheaie concocted to obtata awney. V? alias Burdctt Is the A. P. Bardett who we . ?tattooer of poUee la this dty, awl tiase a detective. A Hartpord, f Wcleh^ F has of MMJW by ^'^tks^r^f6Brtsto? withw"! dispatch to the iM-esachiae oa More thaa half af

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