Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Lngwt Ciwlitiw i? the Putrid Beading Matter on Evtry Page WASHINGTON CITY: WEP5BIDAT .April M. IW. To Oc> Apvutisw In consequence of the great f-reesare upon oar advertising ool bbm, we bare to Mk of cuitOBfr* that they Will send in their advertisement* as early In the day as po#*ible that they nay be properly classi fied. Oar basinet* men appreciate the advan tages of an advertising medium like tuat of Tat Stab, which ha* not only an immensely I reponderatiag circulation over any other j aper. but which has also a general circulation I amongst all classes, and therefore reaches pur chaser* of every variety and atyle of good* and J Aa I nmlsUkablf faae of >'Eaolloaal Imially." The New York Post is convinced that Captain ?Tack had a lit of "emotional insanity" on last Frid ay. He shot General Canby In the back of the head. Jnst as other men in New York City during last winter shot |>er*ons obnoxious to them, and for all that is known his grand mother. or his wife's graudmother, at any rate, r av hare Wen at time* as mad as a March Lare. The horse disease traveled from the stable of the civic steed to the unlimited pas tures of the Indian pony, and by analogy '?emotional insanity" may have gone West also. In a vein of telling sarcasm, the Pott advises the leading criminal lawyer* of New York, who Lave ?bowr such seal in the pnrsult of this 1 I ranch of srleaee, to proceed at once to the Modoc country and investigate this murder 1 rompting distemper, for the interests of the !? 2*! fratern ty. If th^y shouldn't come back 1 a y more the community would have to put up v th the lo4# in the interest* of scientific investi gation. The gross injustice of withholding from the t- hool teacher.< of the District the pay to whirh t! ey are legally entitled for their services the I ??t winter, has been supplemented by an ex < edlngly mean act on the part of the board of public work*. The tearhers proposed to meet in one of the school buildings to inquire Into the matter, but the doors were closed against them, and the school trustee* publicly an nounced that they wouldn't be allowed the use ct the building lor their meeting. The trustees are the tools of the board of public works, and as it is on the latter that the blame of the nou javmeut re*t*. th-y no doubt instigated tbe outrage. ? Watkinjion "-'/"iia/." This is a blundering misrepresentation. Tha ftoard of Public Works are not such asses. Jseither are the school board. The sub-board ct' the fourth school district?or rather a ma jority of that sub-board, acting hastily, It teems, upon some misconception as to the au thority tor the call?refused the use of the Jef ferson school building to the teacher*, but the art was not authorized or endorsed by the gen eral board, and tbe sub-board of another ?':.-trict, (the second,) unanimously tendered tl.e use of their building to the teacher*. It may be added that the correspondents, who for political ends send away these statements, lail to say that this matter of behind-hand pay is. unfortunately, a chronic grievance with the teachers of Washington. We believe that they Lave reatly been paid more promptly since the present District government came into exist ence than they were for a series of rears before: t it now. as in the past, there seem* to have l>een a failure to reserve enough specifically for the payment of the teachers through the year, while undertaking to meet the heavy In debtedness for the er-ction of new school bulld Ing*. However pressing the need for additional school accommodations, the first consideration should be the provision for the payment or the r.ot over-large salaries of the hard-working teachers. They cannot be expected to do tk-ir work properly U harassed in the school-room by anxieties how to keep the pot boiling at home. Mrs. Frances Trollope, mother of the Trol 1-pe brother novelists, In her " Domestic Man ners ot the Americans" declares that she never 1:eard a conversation of five minutes' duration among American* in which the word "dollars" was not used. This was an exaggeration by this lively and not very accurate sketcher of cur "institution*," but it is undoubtedly true that from the rapid rate of material progress here there Is considerable mention made of our circulating medium, and in nine cases out of tea not in a sordid wa\, but in the large-minded spirit of those who make money rapidly and ?;>eiid it liberally. The national trait is dis I layed in the prevailing disposition to give every act of heroism, or display of Integrity, or ability in any walk of life a money value. These "testimonial offerings" are not generally in the best taste, bat we know of nothing so execrable either in taste or feeling as the car rent ostentatious undertaking in New York to raise a parse of some hundreds of dollars to give to the Rev. Mr. Ancient, the hero of the Atlantic disaster, as a reward for his services in saving human life at the risk of his own. the public recognition of his disinterested 1 rarery take any shape but that! The partisan coloring always given to ac counts of the constantly recurring political '?difficalties" in the southern states by the associated press dispatches from that section suggests witholding entire credence to the dispatches of last night concerning the bloody culmination or the trouble at Coirax, Grant Paris, Louisiana, until the other side is heard from. The southern papers, too, are jost as 1 artisan. They seem anxious to ignore or con ceal the fact that the colored people who were entrenched in the court-house were there by authority or the Kellogg government, the only government recognized by the United States courts. Tin** tame ropers uniformly in such eases speak or the murderous armed negroes and the unprotected whites, and yet ia all such frays?as in this one?it is the blood-thirsty tracks who bite the dttst and the uuottending w bites who escape scot free. The telegraphed words Iroui New Orleans last night that "there is not a negro to be found for miles around," a id "when 1 left everything was very quiet," r ? t very signifecart. In tLe report of President liorman to the 1 card of directors ot the Chesapeake and 1 ao canal company, in Baltimore, on yes terday. he states that the receipts ia the i ox.tii of March, W3, were *11,610.53 less t-ar. in the same month in 1372, and assigns as the reason therefor the demands of the boatmen |i?r an increa-ed rate of freight, Ac. The pro vident evidently forget* that the original cause Of the boatmen's strike for high ireightswas the previous strike of the cans! cvnpanr for increased tolls, which measure, it? as predicted ! at the time in this column of the Star, would tend to decrease tbe business of tbe canal and kelp along its competitor, the Baltimore and ( uio railroad company, whose president con tinually advises vwer rates on coal. Borne of the t'specials" follow the bad exam j le of the In appropriating Stab juatter without credit. For instance, several of then send off Tax Star intorvtews with prom inent officials spoil the Modoc atrocity as their Cwa matter. If this reprehenMble practice is r on unwed we shall hare to do what the Speaker tome time* threatens to do, " It Is asserted bow that Insanity may be pro ii jc?d by impare vaccine matter. It will be ia order now for the noble army of commuter* to show that Tom Wright wee vaccinated with impare matter, c a axing him to murder the ped dler Bogerski. It is a satista-tiea to knew that Captain jack's gang of Thegs have been reduced by cne. Let the good work go on. r^*AIWSIC.-*l A*KA k A. CDAPTBB, ATth test ant. Companions an ?arwiy revested V* present. Cos?pani'?n? of ?ts?sr Chatters arc c '??iiaEj tn< t?ed. By order ?f the M I IT P. iBep.I ? JBO THOMsoB.Ssc. J-~,Al1 ?* faster* IODOK. B" 7.1 O. o. F.,ar?* ??arnsstljr r? to attend FBJ1>AT EYEH1K0. MMm., at 7 V o'clock, to rtctii* the visiting Phalanx, beta of other todgss are fraternally Invited to f ?eeswnt. BJ order of a. _ rR Ji* J. T. FKTTT, B. ? UVIC ?? MO ? l?V VW ? IWIIU^ III V??II BUWI t'rclav. money being easier though still On Id wa? lover and securities generally The improvement vat ittrtbntibl* to Otf There vu \ better feeling In Wall street v*e flrm. improvement was attributable to the belief that the grand jury would notlnatitote proceed 1 g* ?galn?t violator* of the nsuary law, and that include* about everv Wall MreethMker. currency is accumulating ia New York rapidly, and the market onght soon return to Its Mrmal condition. Trade to dnll and depraaeed la every department as the result of the financial de rangements. fcltoirifH jam a*Jr!5?.li\ 16* ms ir.! mmoi _ c.g.r*, i&r. bsr*** a?'t, is*.... *s t?41S?Er:zr?^ *-?*??Jan. A Jly,W...l< fratjei.Ajij.e.ja* km BaLTIMO*!, April M.-Va. ?s, consolidated, B'?; Vert Va.'e,inf bid to-day. liLTiaoii, April 16.?Cotton steady and in fMil d- mand, low Middling*. lts'?<glsX. Floor steady and in improved demand; price* urn-hanged. Wheat steady and torn?white choice, gj lC(*gJ19. fair to prime OoT, gl 00^82.06; choice amber,, ic-khI to prime ml, gl.MM2; common to fair do., ?1 'OMgl.-U' red western, A 1.30(31-45; amber west era, gl PXfcl.96. Corn?wLlte southern, dull anil declined !<?.. 67*id8; yellow southern a<-tive, 6); mixed western uuiet, 6IV Oat* qnl.-t?southern, fr^M. western mixed, do. white. (1. Rye i^ul t and nnchatig-<1. H ijr unchanged. Pro.isioBr. steady and bao> ant. |no stock offei ing. M -s pork, (* 17S, '1- 517S. IinTk Ue at- firm r a:,.I nig!i>*i ? idi lildt'ri, 7. rib si.1-?. i..i:ii. ?!; ' !-,?r r,l sides. 9 Karon firmer aud high' r??honld"rs, 7'4; ril> *ide?, 9l?: clear rib side*. p?<; sugar cnre?l ham*. l-j.<ais I.ard firmer atol hither. Western buttet steady,?care -and aanted. Whisky firmer,91. Ktw Yoas, April 16.?Stock* flint, G >ld weak, ITU- Money tifht, '? to J? per cent. Exchange, loag.7*.: short, SV Government* dull sod heavy. Sew yon, April 16.?Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat dull and unchanged. Corn firm. Losdos, April 16,11 *. m.?Con*da opened at 91*,' f?r money.MK f- r account. Bond* of Hti6, old.M'?; 1-?7.93S. 10 new Itm, #)'i. Kri s 51 London. April 16, 1 p. ui?Consols. 95'* for both. Erie.SlVj THE WIATHIB. Warn DiriBTaaiT, OfIce Chit/ Symml OfLur,) WaeaiattTua.D. C., April 16, 1873,11a.m. ) Brsorsis roa tux past tvum-ruta Bocae ? The st< rni center that wa* Tu-sday morning in 1 * a, |* now represented by a very general flight barometric depre.-ion. wi h cloudy and rainy weath er over Missouri. Illinois, and the Ohio valley. Tie barometer ha* nwn rapidly iu the northwest and the southwest. An area of higb pressure ta* also extended southward over the middle and eastern atate*. northeasterly winds, increaaing to brisk, are reported from the middle and ?ast Atlantic coast and the entire lake region. Southwesterly winds prevail throughout the southern state*. Th* tem perature has risen slightly on the south Atlantic c a?t, and fallen over the upper like*. Clear or partly clondy weather prevail* in the western gulf state* and iu Mew England. El-ewhere cl >udv and threatening weather, and rain ill Virginia. Mary land, Illinois and Iowa. Probabilities ?The low barometer in Indiana extend northeastward during the ter?t of Wednesday toward the lower lakes. That in N . Carolina extend eastward beyond Cape Hatteraa. For New England increasing northeasterly winds. followed by cloudy stnd threatening weather. For the mid dle states, continued northeast winds, clondy and rainy weather For the south Atlantic states,south westerly wind*, clondy and rainy weather. For the gnlf stares, westerly winds and rising temperature, with increasing cloudiness. For the lake region, generally continued northeasterly winds, with cold, < loiiiiy (nd r:iiny weather. Reports are very gener ally nii**iiig from the northwest and sonthwest and B's ky mountain station*. Cautionary signal* con tinue at Dulnth, Milwaukee, Chlcaso, (irand Ha ven. I?etr"ir. Tole<lo, Cleveland. Buffalo, O-wego, Rochester. Wilmington. K rf lk, Caps May; and are ordered for New York. New IIaven. New Lou don, Wood'* Bole and Boston. |V"3?FOB THE BEST AND < 1IE A PEST AD hj&r V KRT1MNU and JOB PRINTING of all kii.d*, rlain and fancy, fr<in the small'-at Card, up IkfNp fTtry variety of printing, to the finest B' ok, or the most mazmni ent Pouter, address NATIONAL PRINTING AND ADVCICTISINU AGKNCY. Box lb. Star office, or 121 P <?t Office. ?^Parties waited on at their Residences or Places of Bnsine**. when dewired. 1V-3?B0ABD OF PI BLIC WORKS. D.-TKIt r OF Colimbia, WA?n;XGTOs. D. C., April 15th. H7S. REWARD.?A Reward of Twenty Dollar* will l>? Jaid lor the apprehen*ion and conviction before the '"lice Court of the District, of any parties guilty ot injuring, defacing, or destroy ing the trees or shrub bery planted by the Board of Public Work* in the streets. a\ence*. and intersection* of the cities of Washington and Georgetown. ALEX. R. SHEPHERD, nl.'-lt fChron RepuH Vice Piesident. P^THE I NDER8IGNED HAV1 THIS DAY disposed of their entire *tock and tracking t>u>niess to GEO. W. KNOX. Ks<j., and solicit for him from onr former patrons a c ontinuance of th? pat rob age which they have so kindly siven us dur it.g the past year. BECK A CO. Asuisr.To*. D C., April 1. 1373 all-2w ?CLAIMS FOR DAMAGES SCSTA1NED IN COKSKQUSXCE OF 1MPBOVEMENTS. B"ABD or Pi BL!C WeBB* Di?TBICT OP CotrXBtA,! Wa?hisgTos. April K). 173. < Tlie following act. ipproviK! June ?, 1372, is pub lisbed for the information of all concerned: As Act providing for the payment of damage* ?us tamed by reason of public improvements or re pairs. Be tt enarietl bg the L>ti<'atire As*tmbit tht Vi -trtet of Celimbta, That on the application, in writing, of the owner or owners of any real estate in the District of Columbia, or of any person having other than a rental interest therein, to the Board of Public Works, setting forth that special damages have been sustained by him or them in consequence id any improvements or repairs ma<le by said board, aad particularly describing the nature of said dam ages, the said board shall consider the statements of said application, end if deemed by them sufficient for that purpose, the said board, or a majority there of, shall personally Inspect the property alleged to be specially damaged, and make, or cause to be made, any examinatioa connected with said im provements or repairs which they may deem neces sary or proper. % KF Sec. J. Amd be it farther entitled. That if, after inspection and examination as aforesaid, the said botn, or a majority thereof, shall be of the opinion that special damages have been sustained by any person or persons, as aforesaid, they *hall estimate the same, taking Into consideration the benefits to said property from said improvements or repairs, and Bl? among tbe records or their office and In the office of the Secretary of the District written state ments of their action and estimate of damages, end shall make a full report, in writing, to the next ensuing session of the Legislative Assembly of all applications made to them under the provisions of this act, and of their action thereon, and of the amount* awarded as damage* and tbe reasons and grounds of such awards, for the action of the Legis lative Aseembh thereon; and no sum shall be paid on account of damages until after the same shall have been approved by the Legislative Assembly and an appropriation made for the payment ef the same. Notice is hereby given, that all parties claiming damages uudertbe above act must file their petitions for the same at the Office of the Board w itbin rtv da>s from this date, in order that such claim* ma> be duly considered and reported to the Legislative A-eernsly for iu action. Blank form* may be obtained upon application at the Office of the Vice President of the Board, Columbia Building*, 4S street. all lot ALEX B SHEPHERD. Vice President. [Chronicle and Republican.) ft-3?DR LINCOLN HAS REMOVED TO *-. U?y U'iy F street n??rthwent, live doors west of his former residence. OFFICE DOrBS: A . M.?5:30 to 10. P. I to4:M. On Sunday 3 30 to 10 a a only. all eojt* It-^?OFFICE OF THE COMMIeSIONERS OF THE BINE ING FUND, Wa*himotos, d. C TMarch 29,1873 ?The undersigned Commissioner* will receive, at tbe office of tae Treasurer, Moses Kelly, at the National Metropolitan Bank, until Tl'ESDAT, April it*, at 1'4 o'clock noon, sealed proposal* for the *ale to them of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS of the six per cent, ten year bonds of the late corporation of Washington. They reaerve to themselves the right to reject auy ofier which they may not deem advantageous. H. D. COOKE, . W. W. CORCORAN, MOSES KELLY. H. M SWEENEY. LEWIS J. DAVIS, ?jtl eoH Commissioners. ~ TO LADIES. _ How sad tt la to see a yoong wife, a mother or; who requires all her pay sisal U< fulfill her household dwties, aad A her a fetal to c??e she will reeaive the proper ears, as la the other she will linger months after months, not iMntiss worth while to aee a physician about n.aattl nature, asrrftftusifi'' r^srs?issn? r34CIBICK1 PCLMOEIC CANDY m agrsatde?rseaUtha prtaclplaeof I Pulmonic gyrus, aad while aa pi is see t to I as the pareet of confoctloas, Its "" reader it eBdul hi eeaahe* i catarrhal afccMei, Ac. _ reasedy for children or isdaata,asrfeaa be givea with Jtr.ggsyjgj; itfar lmcr" w. a. NILICftl*! ? B*W DRUG STOBB, Be. 14M PnnnvAiu Amm, Depot for Beia?? Mlaseel Wmw. ,hB-ly i I01UG MUTA* CHRISTIAN ASSOC IA >nro boom-Dt for Ladiea tad Q?atle I and Piano GSat Uli,4and?p.m. at Theater Oomlgy . CHOICE LOT Or MAPLE Sl'G Wt. AT 1? \ <*?*? K'!Pv"?d, jn?t arrived at ANDREWS 4 APE'S. !*Oi Looisiut avenue, under Wall'* Houae. al4 j|? n WAD) Opara p 0 T A T OIH| Tbreerarloads choice sWk to arrive Thnrsdav "?Hi Friday. T*r sale low Id IoU. to dealer*. dsli, - ered from cars. JNO. W. LUMttDON * CO, aM-31 Wh street, opposite O-nter Market. |^ev cruise sius " ' AA? OTHER DRESS U0 )D6. ^ Mrticnlar Mtntiog of o?r riut-* and the pUcMc to our new *t.>ck of 8PRING GOODS - comprisingall the new and faahlonable fal lics out l!'^ktST?TBTDv^ ierge and thtip fjlfv.!! ? "iPi.1*8' as we haw about one i?? ?' nittck under the imj? rter ? cost, and ranjre from ?1 per rani up; and w would ?t?t? inTf that we hare had cu*totn*r4 in our store w ithin the pa*t f?w days with ?ample* of similar good* from New York, mi murk Hither price. By One prw only, in p'min ftinret. ? W. M. SHl'STER * Bro'., ? 16 dtt&e. .2t 91t? Pennsylvania a'- enl" r a. O'uare * %ox, ~~~ ? . 1*13 7th STREET NORTH WEST, (Between M and N sts) BOAT' SOAP !! en*!?'1? *. Gamble'n H?bri!?l Cincinnati Olive ?WAP, the be?t in the market?10 cent* p-r p und bar, ifte. by the box of 60 Ibi. HAMS, Ac. HAnMS?re 1,<m lb"' *X'n I?1'*' S i?ar Cured 9 lbs extra white LARD, SI K lfJIU bMt wt,->at ri EMl OATMEAL. KV? FLOCK Liguous! liquors:: Old Baker WHISKY; Old Cabinet WHISKY. V hisky.S years old, per bottle ft] 00 Csliforma Brandy, per bottle 1 Holland (Mi, tier bottle I ,,, French Brandy, per bottle 1 a SWEET CATAWBA WINE, $2 per gallon. p?re SWEET CIDER. Philadelphia ALE and PORTER. C. 5. O'UARE ic SO X, _?!! HI3 7th st. n.w., between M and N. TH?? f5JP"IT#* NOTICE, Tliat the sub^bTr lTuax. *{?. Supreme Conrt of the Dim net of. Columbia, holding a special term, let WM? H L \ NOLK?v Yi^ ?e nJ? 'T'rw,I,al estate of W?h5 .S i' i_li' 'of Washington county. Ijimrict of Colombia,deceased. All p?-r*<>n* bavins claiM against the said deceased are hereby warned hf'mWri,| ?r,M1(!' ,h* *<>u<'hera thereof, to !.? rt^yrm.ey-o?,nhe0;wtf0b7 ft *??' ?iTen uuderBirhMd a? . ..CHARLES CLIFTON LANGLEY, ?ll wjw Administrator W. A. the ?"bscri ihe nfJt Jw i iJf Supreme Court of Columbia, holding a Special Term, Tli.TSl P<?.k"i" J.7. ? ^r,onal estate of t.n n ^ CALDWELL, late of Washing JJJj ?' ak" ^SWd* AU per?0Di having claims **?'??! ,'he ??"! deceased are Hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to th? Kubecriljer, on or b-fore the 15th day of April next I otherwise by law be etelud -d from all nTufiiw0^ #*? ?,Ten nuder my baud this LVh dav of a pril, W3 s!6 tM MARY A. CALDWELL. Eterutrix. QCR LATEST EXCITEMENT. ATTRACTIONS FOR sfRlXQ. THE MOST INCREDULOUS BEING RAPIDLY CONVINCED % 10?Tliem st) liih Suits at A10 Please E??ryb^dy. $ 10?TUem Serviceable Suits at A I? Suit Kveryb ?dj-, #>??'TUem Haud?ome Suitt at $10 Bee mi? 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IwnYno^VtVwal tea,,, >io'?r,nViN'QiayTL?,gu'L'-"5 "'a'.r N??MlCTitI0 ,'OCNDRY MEN AND BLACK k W^n.KrrSi. ?j'AT.oh,vr;;S;: ? WM. GlINAND, ?ip-3t t>83 La. ave., and foot of 3d al. g. e. C'AEPKT? CLKaNKD AT THS STlAM CAR. ; Ps!lT B.BAT,!fQ^ORKS *?e avenue. ^eV ?f^ex'lracharge? 'lKrIeNZQ1 RIcT aa^'l'^ WIS taI&Ir"gloveAdV"ot, w* a.^I aV w0*1?.,^ Vflt,OHT MEDIUM and BLACK, with l,?and 3 bnttons. a!4-3t N?* MjOLAKD CIDER, of line quality, l? now ^i^ered for eale by PALMER A GREEN, 1 ?* Ter' lw* frices. In barrels, kegs and bottles. aH-dlw PMJliC1M "V*-W0liK ESTABLISHMENT. *. MUml and Dtrlomm A%ntr4ul (Prmnce, 1861.) I dsmre to inform the Ladies of my return from ? l?rp slock off HUMAN HAIR, w l.ich r have just received at the New York custom This hair was aelected in Britaaav and Nor wltA great cat* br my spscial agent in r*rh. Havius on band a larae snanlv of onU^T tf !f?P" *P<i * ?? now ready for all orders la hafr work. By direct importation I am manafactarers prtaea. Always ou ^*1*1"* atyles in hair wosk nod made to ??? Jrrv7? wjiw ii nur von ana maae u BugStSiBStsS.S3S is* fpisr"' .? A*D MAntrTaCTTBRR, TIB Market Space, bat. 7th and 8th streets, Waahlagton, P. C ^fecial koticT! . " 404 ?"fttrtiS.r ?# ? 404 .WtS'SWiSSlMS.fBiBf Msmm Covers kmU to"ofdar** *** ltglll Mi fmltvi M?" WANT& VVANTEI'?An N URSE to trt' care ll ef ehildret , at 1 TOM I ttrr?. a!4-tf VVant>i>-a r VoiIaK de the fW general tione?werY in * private family. Apply *1 Ii<. 1394 0 tJreot, l>?4Wf? 19th iwl Kh. *1#-Jt* fXTTHTflP^S cSHKat j?ifc**ttAK]Kts ?' N ?eb*itcompattiit bends need apply at F*?< It|rc?t. It* WANT*D-F<?> AF*RKNtlCE? Apply Mn.i AR10LL. Dressmaker. ?<? F *tr.*et io,*thvest. Ii* WAKTII*?A (uod *?tont to lenrn BR FINISHING Apply to WM II. DonOf.AS k CO., Brae- Ttnuilfn u4 Finisher*. 1OM 0 Itwt northwest. It* ,TANTED? Immediately? * goed active WHITE w WOM&N t<> do general housework an! ???i?t itb cooking. References required, lu-iuire at 933 Metreet. al4-?* WANTED-A good BARBER at WATSON S ? Hair Cattitig and Bathing Rooms limmeltete ly;>C (Wr^et, or Louisiana avenue, brtweei #th and 7tb*tre?ts. ai6 2 * WANTED-A PURCHASER fr one-ball Inter est in a patent light. On*" of the nw*t valuable inventions of the age; n?ed in everr hotiseb ->ld. Ap ply WASTED?As norte and F>e*m-<tr*ss, a SEK 11 VANT (white pn-ffiriM1 who Is capable of taking entire char?? of a rhiW two years old Ap ply immediately * 1106 Hew T >rt avenne. alo 3f WASTED?A MAN to drive a mflk wagon and attend to rovr*. Apply at place known as the Villa, on the 1 em.all) town road.twc mile* from Georgetown. %\TANTEf>-A g"M Wl!irh?"UHSvco)li, vv washer and irner f?r a fariilv cl two,in (in nftoitn. Mn?t con'e well r? commended. Apply i at the Star office from S's to 4S p. m *1" | 1VT A NTKD?A re-p.-ctahl- Norwegian ?irl wtsfee* \ 11 a SITUATION a? flr?t c'sis laundc-ea In a , first cl**-family. Has good reference. Addr>--*M. I'., Star office. 1'* ; VVAKTitD?Br a re-pe.Tabl ? young white j IT a SITUATION ascl.amb rmaidor waitr. ss r t > do general hon="work for a ?tnall tamily. Apple one door from the northeast corner of 4'li.on Q I s'reet. aW-3t* j W AN IKU-Tu PI Kt HasE I NI>lTBOVED y 1 GROUND,sit el- lots or s rauare. W W METCALF Real E?-at- Broker. Plant's RuiHing, corner 15;U street sad New York . avenue. WW ! WANTBD-A TENANT f r oiie of the nio.f eh ! yf gible dwellings in th<' city, with stable at tached. Bent $40 per month The sresest occupant ; desire* to sell a portion cf th> furniture. Apply 417 ] 2d street nortliw - *t. It* j WANTED-Immediately?Families or persons in 11 n?-<-d of first cla-s SERVANTS of every d<^>crip tion, nmle and f?-ntale, to < all and gut supplieil at once 8er\ ants aNo can net ro?k! honi'-s and l?^t ot wages by appl* in? tit the Eureka Employment t*!Tlce, to Mr?. LOl'ISE l\ Bl'TLER, 507 11th str- t, nesrE. alti-lm RANTED ? A ( UAMI1EUMAID at Boyle's H"tel, white preferred. *15 2'* WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL a* ninx-, sppTy ? 611 7th street, MiLLKHS UKsTAl RAST. a!5-2f 1VASTED?Four fintt-clais SHIRT HANDS at IT GEO T. KEKS'S, 4"J-i 9th street, between D and E noithwest. alo-3t* U'ANTED?A COACH I'AIN.KR; apply at FUNK A UEEK, Bridge street, Georgetown, near R. R. bridge. UHl' w \\r ANTED?A g ><?1 WOMAN to do item-ral yy br>nee-workJ sppl> ?t 1013 N street north we?t. Call from 7.'^ o'clock to a a. ui.,or fromStoS o'< lock p. m. a 15 >:* \VANTED?A SMART ACTIVE WHITE BOV, 11 fr^ni 16 to 17 years ot ag* to make himself use ful in Gent's furnishing g'- 'df. apply at CARO'S Bazaar, No. 914 Pennsj Ivauia aveuue, between !<th and lotli streets. al5 St WANTED?A gentleman and w if ? desire UOOMS 11 ami B"A1*D where a part cmiponention w >old Ik- taken in either vocal or instrumental musical initrnctions, or in drawing ai d painting, or both. AUdie?s ARTIST. 1 141 northweM 7th st. nl.VS:* VVANTltl^A TOUNO MAN in the feed st .re " Ho. 119 U street, b-tween North Capitol and 1st street northeast; must come well recommended and b" willine to make hiniaelt useful-apply on the premises; ?ne who lias been iu the business pre ferred^ a!5-2t* WANTED ? Suite nt uufiiriiisbed FRONT HOOMS, on second 11 .<>r, wilh bn.vd. for sentlenian and *ife for one year > r tuore, from th*? ftrst of July nest; n nst be III pleasant l^tulit > at> I not far from stri-t cars. Pieferred in a privat* family not over half mile fr in the Treasury depart IneUt. References e\chatigi-d. Address P.O. Bo* ji, Wa-hington. D. C., giving location and term-. aU.-3l* W ANTED?By a y.iung Man. a SITUATION in v v the Drug bui?ine^s; Iihh had five yeMr?' experi ence in the business; good r>-eoinni?ndation. Address II., bo* 1^*3, Alexandria, Va^ all-3t* W ANTED? A g-'od. G1KL, t.> ai?si?t in v 1 C'Miking and Wa*hiu? for a -mall f.tmih , go si wmri-ewill be given to a suitable Girl. Appl-- at V19 D street northwest. alt 3t* \%r ANTED?B> a Lad) , s p.wit.?u as TCAC'HEB " in a family or private school, E gli hbranches alone will be taught. Address ?'Teacher.'' Star otice. aim* W'ANTKD?Oil* hundred first-cla?s DRESS 11 MAKERS. Appb before 9 a. in., and after 5 p.m. LANSBURGH A BBO . all St* 101 and 406 7th sfr<?et.

V\rANTEI)-A MAN, to work in a Dairy, toM i Ik vie and drive wag >o. Appl\ atQUEEN'S Farm, Bunker ilill Roaa. Liberal wage* and a ?"0U home. altSt* WASTED-Go.>d ( AN VASSEUS, ( M ?le and Fe " mal<',l for city and couutrv. No book busin?ss or patent-right, fail early and secure good terri tory. Call at 1739 0 *treet north*e*t,between ? snd 6 p.m. ali-3t* W ANTED?One hundred MEN to work on the It Southern Mar>land Bailroad. Inquire at No 1103 New Tork avenue.and CANT/ A APPLE MAN. It'll street, between Ohio avenue and C ?trcef. all It* VV ANTED?To Put chase?A small, well built 11 BRICK Htl'SE, *11'1 Dom four to seven room*; modern improvements; situated between 12'h a>d2Wh streets,and Pennsylvania avenue and N streets northweM * Price not exceeding ?6.iW0, one half'ftf which cau be paid down. Address "LAW IIENCE," Star office. all St* WANTED-A BLACKSMITH and GARDEN ? KB. Apply to ROBEBT FULTON A CO., 314 9th street, Washington, D. C. all Si * WANTED?A clean, sound nOUSE.of ? rooms, on a lettered street, between E and I and 6th and 9'h streets northwest, by 1st Mavn?*t; payin advance. Address \V. M. WOODJORli, a7 tw* City Port Office. W~ ANTED-BOARDING in the country, near Washington, by a Lady who wlahe* to teach Mu*ic in payment. AddressL, Star offlc*. aJ-lw* ANTED?LADIES tntlk*- noticethat Madame D. *. M AISuN, of New York, has opened her Millinery parlor*, at No. 413 13th street north west. mtl-lm* 'ANTED? Evety one to know that the ViOTOB SEWING MACHINE ha* its needU iinir: the moat perfect shuttle In use, restiug in a cradle; needle bar and work* of steel. Agency. 469 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mme. Dem i. w epirgB. LOST AND FOUND. LOfcT?Monday afternoon, on Pennsylvania av enue, between >d and 4th strert* east, a baby 's STRAW HAT, ti iHinied with white ribbon. The finder will l>e rewarded b) leaving it at *outl?wpr,t corner of Pennsylvania ave. and 6nnt. *16->t* LOST?In the dome of the Capitol, on the 14th in ?tant, a pair of large FIELD GLASSES. A liberal reward will be paid if left at this office. al?-3t C* r REWARD?Lost, on the 14th iustaut, be (J3 tween the circu- and Botanical Garden, a Fl B t OLLAK. The finder will receive the above rewaid by rcturuii.g lUe article to 906 I street northwest. alS-Jt* &|A RE W A RD.?L>*t, h MEDALION LOCK IU KT. black and red onyx; different crest on rach side, and contained a photograph. Only val calde to owner. Above reward paid to finder. Ap ply at Star office. alt 3t* L~0ST ? In Georgetown, on the evening of the I4?h of April, on Washington street, between Stod dart and Beale streets, a purple sa'in HAT, trim med with gold bulliou and a white feather. A lib eral reward will b? given it left at 143 Washington street, Georgetown. al*-2t* (? | a REWARD ?Lost,on Sunday night a GOLD tJIU LOCKET, black enameled,containing pho tograph colored. Lost possibly on the line of the Pennsylvania avenue car*, between the Capitol and the circle. The above reward given if left at corner ef 4'? and C streets, or at this office. a!5 St* STRAYED AW AY-On Thursday. April Wth.a O GRAY MAKE; five years old; scar on i left boulder. A liberal reward will liegi>'?fi if returned to 119 Peansylvanla ? aveuue< nortbwert or No. ltt 6th *treet ea*t. all ?t* A. SCHWARTZ. OST?Ou oue Id tw o rout?*a bet ween C and 4?s and D and 10th street*, a SMALL PARCEL w ith black cord* and fctmss rings; of no value to the finder, who will betuitably rewarded by leaving the same al this Office. alS-tf $1(|A REWARD AND FOR CON VIC <51 UU TION OF THB THIEF?Stolen i on the 7th inatant, a DARK BROWN MAJtB' MULR, with a thick neck; branded on the *? left shoulder figure t about 5 years old. The above reward will be given If returned to GEORGE S111EEY.N street,between fth and7th. aU 4f 1POARDOF PUBLIC WORKS, JL> Bistbict Of Colvxsia, W*?uixcTO!i, ApriU, 1STS. tk reward *f FUTY (?fiU) DOLLARS will he paid fou the detection and conrlction ot any person or pe?*oiia who hare stolen, or who mag hereafter be foaad stealing, the Han-hole and Sewer-trap Oovew In the cttie* of Waahington ud Ooeegetown. By order ofthe Board. EDW ABB JOHNSON, ai-tf [Repob.Chron.] Chief Ciarh. W1 LOST?On the l*t of March, on B ?"'t, betvsyen mth and M atreeU nortbweet, a RUB Y RI*G, with two nearw. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. SB* 3d street northwest. m7 Ll MBBR! LUMBERI1 WM. JOHNSOtf A SON "VICTOR DBYA1R BKFBIGJBRaTOB'' it-not expensive, and j*t It hag no *upes4or I be market. . 4 oSSOOEt, *9 fit #34 Pennsylvania av?*?e. WET Oo.J TAILOM I trU-ly lU. MBlpS?MWr?4 Wa^U^a . Sasaa?aa?. FOB RENT AND SALS. FSfofir 'XLZHL Y?r ?-? GmdJocatl.n. Ih?S?M< u. ?T?aij<i. alt 1? 5*H-??V8K N~ ??*?? *? lMi!r*u F?AJ.f^T-A BBICK HOCSE. 3-.? S!!,."? n',>r .roon?i bath ro>?. ?n.1 F F t\* F h I ajTr-.S* "i?H ^Z'^r a ? X'KSIX *'* * Bo. 603 latn ?tro-1. F !*!? E street, nw the *. TKMar) Department, ga# at?1 water. B-nt **> p^r Month to advance. K-r at 1?1? KHrwt.t ? J". *Mi >?h northwest _???_* T A MrUrQHUy E?^-?^S'to'w?SfxS: si? ar?KR.KBa jssatvj? KlftT?Ab OFFICE; ?l! |..ii?l f,,r any .vJ;iUrAf>" " No- -u Uih 1,tR()o?5VIU:V<rA ?nite ?f nifl, furni-h- I /'V .. ? u" *flV,,,d fl:K>r: *? ' ^O IJth ?tr.-et, be tw>e? fa >r,d g. All Di'idira r mveuiences. ?u j: ? F*'R>tKu' uLr,w"'r un";"y?h?J R.?oMS . 1 i? . il? "H<?* on secoft<f floor; No. T40 Hth rtrtvt, betwH*ii O tad U streets. al5-3t* FC'R BENT-iJe,ir?ble B"OMS tor-nm n r. ? ? h ni?hJ^'D..; k" ';??,? furnished or nnfur nishtd, at No. HJl 8 street north*v.t. ali 3.* L OR RKXT-B> the 1-1 of M*v . *hree >r f ur fnr ? ni-h-d or unfurnished ROOMS. suitable lor aJSTiT?'?-! ?.r 1?;,hr,rwi~; Kj. J J-J 2.1 ?treet ?*? and sottth. < apifol Hill. alS-Jt* K'iB BENT? Partly fnnti?)<ed or unturni->h<d, 2, i.v. ? cotnmnnfa-ating K' ?OMS on .-ron.1 fl (>r. modern convenient- afta-h-d. 1 *? 11 p. nn-rl \ania avun>. 1. i?.->n lr?:h and 2H'h -;re?-:s. ali jr* |A'* BENT?Twmii) k ,<>d RimiMS. well ftrr ? d' "L,h/ fXCHAMOK HOT EI . brthe l ii ! b" > "" "1?1111'1 season other I** <g>iig R'>ftni? for tranfienla nj IVOB BENT?M <?t de?iri.M.-<>|>KI< K BO'iMf in * the northwest c truer huiidiug ?.f rtt> ?n.l O -?* norihwM, H /}??>;, ii _*15 *m* "J'-i 7tli ?treft n rtbu .-'?t. F 'rnJl^l ^ ACHES of choice BUT v *' Qtetl.r,,'. ?,tb HOt>E. 1>a\ir.5.?* C" JTi"" ?f DYER a L>A>l?SOH, n r?li a?t come: <th street an i L- uta i?r>a i\>mie, ^cond fl?>or. al5-.'{* (T^LRBBKT?n'BSISHED. flt.% ft.c - C'NrI K r N Ibl) 1.1?. 5"St>. *2>t. # 15. * ?, AT (?T<lKF ?n.l WOl^K. BTOHB. ?4U;OrriOfcfl, am. *AtS ?sw. 610. THos. e. WAcuitftV; ' *19 7tl, utreot. Fobpaleor kxiiiance fobcit%* pri?p ERT\, a two-?t<.ry 1K?(T8E with brick ?>*?* inent, and alto ? comer LOT and a EARM-.f fio acre* Dear illicity. Apply to J. P COX.Comer (th i?nd Eayette ?trcet?. 0"<>rget..? n. P C. als 1m* t-OR SALE-D-iir.f.le Bril.TMBO LOTS a? th~e * ,vTi'i^f??' Mon"! within ten rafiiut?? walk of the cara. The atr.-et railroad wi.l b- ex tended ?iid? ?*? mam laid to the \ ilUir- by gepton l er next. Term?: One-fourth ca?h: balance 1,2 ?nd ^ L 8 P BBOH BT, al5 -M Corner 15th atreet and New York ave. ETOB SALE?Seveotet-n i.?t Rl'IT.MNO LOTS I in the cm- Seventeen Lota. M1) br ' *,J,k fronting Hth atre.-t n rth*?*??'. roni tnencaig at th>-circle at the interaecti >n of Ma-?a ' htiK?-tt? at d RIhhI,-l?ian l avei.U'-a. th<* entire front of iftjnare south of 1JI6. Apply to ? n m . S. P. BROWS, - I St r"_r"or ,r',b and New York ave. |TOB SALK-1 brwe piece* PAOPEBTT for *2^ T- itiZVlliPf ?' ^2I P"" Month. m^nth 6!iWe?ch; r^niiu; f ?r $25 p?r Two'piEf ES for ?2 9iV)each; rentinii f>r A >1 p?r ni'>iit u. v The are all NEW HOCSE9, tun-" II Percent. l S. ? LAPilkh. Oflice; llth atreet, between N aud O atrceie. n> i?h *ert- al5.* |T?B BENT?Three BOOMS iutlw l est l. ation r 111 th.-city. i.T-r RK'E > n^w Photigrapli Oil lef?. W17 and 13m I'.-iin-. Irauia a??. nit 6t K-OH SALE-Nr* Franw UOI SE, C r . m? an I ? hall. e.t> and water, on 2!lli ?t k--a. I. -t Lii'l*! ?l>-e..3t- WM II MIKXIX.N.^lm, I' 8i?l? H,,ti I'MMwot Frwie ? VW KLLIMG. on loth afreet, between andfl. iT ''"n'? 8 roonw. in ?<>o<l r-pair. at a hirgmn "l4 ? B. II. W ARNER. 7'i'J rth -it' K('^ ! E ?A haiid?>iue COTTAGE, wit hT7t , W*S>?? at Lanrel a tat ion of B * o R R Price I wandterm, eaay. E. K. 1 rth -t . "lt e"3' |B ?>?.] OptKJ-lte p.j*t-0ffii-^. BALB?FARM of ten a< rea in Viriaiiia. r r/. iiTT U-rvnro'rg''l('?''? D 0 Inanire of ?? SILW^KI,A^ at office of A Oleaaon, c ?ruer Uth street and >ew T"ri> aie. al4 6t* i<,0B BENT-Two large ROOM?, uufiirinithi'd, ' Bt SS per BjoBth, i?2b \efUioiit avenue, br-t R ""1 8"*? all Jt* F OB. BENT-A DAIRY FARM, .h ...t half . ., , , " . * r a Ui'i, nn ?iu Daif a ?7r.^'i /' :,"t',h" .Silver Sprmgr station, on the Me from W?J'ir? J.? "Ud*b2nt ftv,'a"d * 111'le> .App|y ?Ui-r Spring rarm.orat 16.?3 Pennay|\an'a avenne. 3t* L^OB SALE?LOT 011 East Capitol, 1mm wen 8th 4 and 9?li streets, I6\93. iinpr>-\e,i bv two Frame iitn&f**. r?hli will l?u\ thif DMMrtr Anniv to BICHABD BOTHWILt, N<Tjjr*h ^ northeast. ?H Jw* l^'OR SALE?A fine three-story BRICK. of~10 ? J"oni*, on north Fide K street, lief ween 8th and 9*h,fronting tlie lieantiful reoerration just tiui-li'-d Tbis u cut of the m ?l de-irah|e |,k-h?ioi.s in the ati er,?? ,? *?. W 1LS0N,-?11 ?th street, alt-ecjt iBep.j Opposite P.?t-Qm?e. |/?0B BALE-Sereral gw>d FARMS in Maryland .. ?I"' ? irgmia. someof which can lie tra-le.1 for city property. Also, 2m acre* new College station AIm>, ?ne or two houses in the citr, which I caii trade for vacantgronnd, well heated. all ur* rB K. WILSON, ?II 7th ? al4 eo3t [Bep ] Opposite PmtOffl. e. F'6Jt?AJ-*-AD ?,r'?!'? RESIDENCE, villa 1wo 8al.ooa Parlor, with ^ '-xir F"(w<,?4^*v T,,le. offrr" **le his * H0L8E (No. 149) and LOT on the Wrst eauare elf Ql CiPlto1-. Th* lot ?? ?Uuated onth/south ? ^r.JLi it? C;pit?' ?reet and on M street, and is O I. ??. ' inches wide and 116 feet deep, on M st. ?>?*: CHABLBg P Bl'MELL. l^OB BALE CHEAP?Terms, ?Ho cash, and |W mot?al?a "O*?' paid?several new S-atory BB1CK t2L f ?J2! Jf ,ew avenue, bet. I. 1^. 1, T2* ^orlli' l?*ve ??* moms, hall, front and backyards; houses completely flni?h*d. al2 2w Nortbea*t corner N. i. are *aud??h st. [Chronicle, B> publican, tf.] F S? i.8^?L*~0N *"SSVt, J1*?-A ,1Wk^ w<'11 ??b,iiUtte^r>: ?"CK HOUSE, with litOe X^ g|' SL""* fr?aU ?"W'faa*; has httte troat ynrd, nod sWe entrauce; contains nine rooms, besides bath rooms ami closets. Cellar und- r m . ?,mcw?'?as ami water; can ,uto ??awmei,t roouia if desired, le t ' ?- Iuuuire on the preniwes of the owner of the iir.'perty after 5 p. m., 9<i Rhode Island avenue, between Vth and loth sts. ,12 lm l^OB SALE-TW O SQUARES OFGHOLWD * Ona 111 the northwett part of the city; the other ins-.uthenst part of the city. M. M. BO 11REB, *? ?et'? ^13 7tb wtreet. 1^^'B BENT?At a reasonable price, a comfortable . seven-room HOI SB with gas and water. Ap ply on the premises,*1'.toy Wih ?treet, above M s reet. all lin J^OB BENT-A desirable BEr^iDENCE, UOO-> I street, 1?h and 21st street"'; h*? twelve rooms, and all modem improvement... p session given ,.u t he 1st of.May. Inquire at 17 33 I-itreet. all-flt * 1"lnrfrKsrffiTn two story ?* lJ?RK8?Hh Back BuiidiugH; very eait t*nji?? neat fr^nt ?ard; S street, betwe.n it'h and I6th sts.! s- nth side; two bay windows; 7ro -ni., w ater and f5V -rOW-" '"mming; T street, U-tweeu I2ih and J ith Hreete, nortli ifae; brown trimmmghj r( B H. WABNER. ?d?7th?tre?t. |V 0 k bent: Threo-story and Basement BRICK HOCSE, on Mss?a( busetts avenue, bet ween loih and llth etreets aorthweM. containing ten rooms, hall, ba?h-r ?? m ? nd two water-closets, milk vault in the ya'd, g>od wa SJ^hSFsE?"'* ^'T?. h<>? <"xl cold w aier in all of the belN, marble mantels: porch in front and rear. Rent <l vUUU a year t . . go!^ responsible tenant. Apply to P. A. BYRNE 707 7ih *B,tVw>ttnurtL<* ^' ?r 10 CUX * UALLAN. *19 F'O* BALE?By Jl'AN BOYLE A CO., COS 1Mb * ^ y.thnK betwem Uth time ' t'8, Oue-thirdcaah; balance on tine- a>0? F rftTTA5?A?n A BABUA1N-A neat rKAME ti ? u??w 1? ' ^jjuated in one of the ftnest locali Ue? In the city. Hon* contains7 roona, hall, and piatza in front, and in supplied sitk gas ana water Lawn in front, enclosed with Iron fane*. Lot 1> feet front by K feet dee. to a pared alley. Title perfect ff,hl ?? n*r <ae preiniseM. No 1127 llth street north#eat, after 5p. m. >10 \lt* POB SALE-Bargain in a K&S1DEBCE iB m f location; that elegant three-?>orv and basement brown-stone House, Ni>. 1006 Maasa shnaotts avenne; M rooms, water and gas; onoo^te NEB?T*? 7th^!?n- AWy ?? h"?jtt:3<?rj!x sskisssA as ?r?. ttt .son sijfai gasft,&?5.Mah" ?j!F s^sJss^Baia SstrS entity. M Aai^2rtD\JSft oZs rassra' town. ft taek ajsiM FOB REFT AND SALE. Kc& "?*-/ihe labge *tobb M nt, r Prnn* jl* *?i* arena- n rtkvM a-. j.'Q? M*T-?QI??I1U lfc> TO. ?, fijraria'asr'"*' -SaSS1:2p^kir ri*TnKr?V5??te PR>?wi to Mil parr l.awr. k.uEl^?!f,W. ETJTS; Vff,Z?Z? x^toMtt 9iZh?7 ?r' *** ?><+*> f*i r**nt trSf ** ?*'*??*?** ?? P?? for ?????* W -k ?? ?* lT-I? r"C,OM^- ""'ft (W, Ac.. Mkl ?r. __1| ""H f'? ? m??fr family! Th^. dV.,^n^% ? riiriactoth>'nMrlvf?a coafoitoU* H <m*> on ?a>y t.rm. ..ho,,u ?,? .?! u, c-, M to PWrhaaia* els*w ben. P" lat" J<?8 ?* >?? *W Mb ?*r<H?tj,nrthir?JJ,.T^t j/'iild K L, Ok hALK-Oii Capitol Hill. ? rented 1st >r* ??"??*T^SffliTLS mjjT^S? b,th ?' * ??or* nx?M I: htxw ??^3r>-- *?^rt??Zi ,L* ^ tl" P~?ia~*07 A ???? nill 4w htMi pr~**,>r,ck ir ,,t nir* f-*" Wltll tlimmitlf* rstrif*inin? Wi ?jit>^<h r<xH3. bot aad eTd\t?!?.r. raD|t'?, Latrol*^ nnd cv . > * ?"?:????. sr.Th'^S^MO^rp1^" ki?tbvT'fi.l k?' ?$?*? Ar.l,l^ia'^RD I ?L".' ? " "1| ?lf?H n.irh't I. The ^'ESZrTfoiLt'SL * ***"?? 1 Oroc-rr mZ .. ' ^ >n^ *<rM" iiorthiM, ttJt luj* h'SSiftb?Z.A Btin k UOC8B.Ro. .1 ? ?trrrt &urtjvt^tt (>>nlAinitu f ur r ?? JfT!"' k',cl"-". cellar. I'.thr.i.? with wS? c...?et, h?t and c? id ?at?r in chaaifcera. k*at?11i ?r' *t i Co*'k'V" ln kit' li D- Tu? I,>t I- M ,\ V .'?> !??' I -?-t derp, to a k, foot aat nd ml!.-1 k". ,^ ,C"rD?r "r lrth UlN'V York tj"' FOR SALE. |< *?!.'' ?AIi? IHIAP-T*(i MW i ol NTEK> '?'? B?: "".k i* F ? * Jh* H* <"?*AP~A <.BA y M ARK M hand* ~a??i&Rspa UV"?" ?> co f?? J 1,sth ARRivr i> AM. For s.\ilt~^r?*n ? u>? v * * ,iU'1 , 'UI,|5 Hursks ?,td c\ S Vt'? ****?" *' ??>- m<?ward hi. w ?t'Wt, bfta rt-u 6tb all'I 7| h. /WA _tll?-3' H.J LOBRBB. f1,(|R f?AI.E?Oiie pair ui<-dii,iu n,r.< MI ir? "?<? fiLrdih,^ ..I tiiMi.-aa UuKSB Sa* TTH IVfi *Te*u*' k,'l,t"1 3d auj ?ir.*t A>A sHEBirr. |? ('? SALE-Tw.> Htyl.ah a. d faat POSIES, crar hi d a hHif TOO* *f,<1 kill ' ,tMrt??-n flN rn /ton' h.,!f8 h.".b- Al^? PoNKvlirn rllATUft, with ^linft^ an! ttitlifcCLX a"w mTravIbHiafhV* vpp!- L A w ?1.A> LK, l b. htv) \M,jt *14 6l l'Ug*Lr5oY. MEN A>"?, HAt BMEX-FOB -1, a reme01 Air'v?;^ ^ToAi/ KlAUEb, but littlf u?nl. Ritual.I?- for ??? ?, "rk: ^ *111 tl' ?,uChuS^r "SS*tiRABaV1*111 alt a* 4IM1I 3th itHH.imtwn D and B f?ch i^Ywr m ? OKB 8TKAM ENGINE at R El'LTOK A*Co L ?n Uflice. 314 ski, ', .,' L , ? avenue. street, near Pcumylyauia ?n-m* ? ? ?: 1 '?* L, OR SAI.E?An fxc> ll?iitMrwd hand two h?rw it,, ?;,?,J0',^;'iPr,,'? WAGON. ,. ^y JU^ X for rarr> mg paa?-ii?rr?, a *tnz*- ,,r ,r , can !>?? .^-ii at El \C v liVi-c c vi r-ri..r,, on Br.dg. rtrA, ?ea R.Tk ,"r^'' G?- rif. to??. J> c ?i?T BRiCJL CLAY EOB 8ALB. !!1 Appl) to .,? tf DODGE ? DARftEILLB Jl " 14^7 E atrf-ot. BOARDING. chea^t B" irdin? ^iVm-ot ,? Ike cU?^ a'!4ri*?inn I>< p't C|u7. Bo> fft.8^ X! |'OOD BOABu, FLBA8AKT *OOM8~AND PERSONAL. ! "*E?v,carnoH* he pi buc^ot ^to kiit'' *Vr v? ?** r*fP>tn? ?v. if -14 * G.c. HaLKER. t on1e<-,i j\f^v" ?* ^" 'UBKCH, Ui UUtrvd tUixmkU 1TA ft,Tyn? r?i Mtditrm. 7k i ??itkwm? ikoufftn Minlstlone of cbaractor by iMwWrtujTOS 211: DRY GOODS. ? \ON8 BLACK GBOS GRAIN* SILKS. ,, . , ,, ?, ?plt-ndKl qaalmo. *t 41.60, 6175. 5f7#JJ8, $2 50, ft 75. and 53 per ? beavEr^ri iFl ?LAcrK wAHTAC^s- ??'< BEA^EB' BLACK PI RE MOO A1BS. in all qualitiea.from 37c. to *l.t6 per yard. i Sole agent for the aala of the abova ) miam'S 0,hf,r ?'* SPRING DRKSS GOOD8, in great variety, at LOW PRICES. V One prtce oulj, marked in plain figure*. JOSEPH J. MAT, ?lt eo<t 9'H Penn^ylrania arenne. UOB NEW AND HAN MO Ml DRESS GOODS * GO TO W0LF0ED A 8HILBBBG. F^Lf-AMALACB SHAWLS AMD JACKETS, of the richeat pattern*, ' WOLEORB** 8HILBEK0. Fr;o"E LATB8To?VoVBLTI*8 IM paba W0LF0BD A BHTLBEBG. FuoiiweL CLA8??a?.HIT* 0001)8 "** W0lf0ed A BHILBERG. irOK A LARGE A8SOBTMENT TABLE LI* t'oh^els en to W0LE0ED a 8HILBEKQ. IT0* *KE SPRING CASSIMEEES, 8CIT A iblr (m turii aul lion' wear, SO TO WOLEQBD A BHILBERG. L'OE ENGLISH BEUSSELS, THREE PLY8 WATTING^iVi.CA*P*T" OIL cloihs W ATTlaGS, of theneweat proUttctlou*. g, | <Rq ? WOLFOED A 8HILBERG. T" "hld0^0087""?* LIA8T money WOLFOED A NHILBERG'6, 4?7 8EVENTU 8TEEET, B.taeen D ud E.eonthveet. -U2 tr SPTHE ARCADE. I^PAI5fG A>>OI inct>1 A > T. ?" ooov3. fix is s?8?j'ten5? i*MH m LINENS and WHITE GOuDS 1 SU? ?maple gouds. ac. WU1",? _. KEW GOODS OPENING DAILT I'MMi! if1 n,*.w ?AKasoLS aud 8CN CM BkkLLAS mat ra^plved. P, u;ea frourK c.-nt? each pac'7sId" ,n BLAC* 8IL*S ^ BLACK AL WOME PRICE TO ALL. Leif WAUfflMV* ? P BLACK SILK* from &1 2u ar an oooS4 j^^?lii^lwfbP,llJiu ^ bL^* _a-? w BRODHE AD A CO*8, I E?tre.?. and a EB w E HAVE JlsT EEC] ?? dozen LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE AKE SSLLiMO At ?? CEHT8 pee skiet. Hcrrr m TArus, ?* SIM PEMMSTLTAMIA ATEJfgE, ?* tf Metropolitan Hotal Block. aasssa.'s'sis. E. C. BWaIV, Cashier. BUSINESS CHANCES. ?1>V To Loak on REAL KftTtTE ? W MBT I E*ta'> ?4 Laarawv Rr<*^v M lp|? ]w I 4 517 f On, r. pToS* #Ai4i?fcTot E .r?Tii Tt-Bi?. i. ^^yjrj^ryvtS1 Part of tbe J?tT. wa?4?^aaP?od . ^T iT i wit vli ^ rm ^ Tk. r>*reii, ,*aft*. b>-d ?1UaL?. wlrt u partor *n, onfuraMMiA AM' | ??c?. 1 l^oE"iAL?-HrTrt* e - . iixti km?t ? I tlt.*ir< ibd O r ?? > : > MtM< 4oillf ? ? >1 I I tro. . .'rr?. r ah >??<1 I. a?a all M* FV)k hiLk-i UovP '** DOALlAkl'/ turn I A<h?l Wan,?a. with tbr*e *-<?- ?|/ u ? -w of JO* r KILL T B?-al B*a*a A*-at,lT. >?* ?tli <rm,?wl atr-et nwt. rtH AC AA To f 11? aoo ? M' t?? t.>|oa* la t?M if 9*)VU Ik?|?01 i> #!?.?<*? ea city ?? f? - ty. M M MRKII, ?I1W *?I T<k tr?: 1,'UK M I K Hi.- RC Hi Hit fEMKMtLE I m STANr* w aMwwl far aa) l?m? or a ill h? nrhMr<4 Aw pri?a<e ^r??nv Apply t<? tbe ?int ?? t*?? *r?-t?ie-?, W Wl i rtlicaH corner |?k a? I I atrarpa, r>..rth *?t. Ml?* L'cK BAT*-Tb~ fTOt ^T^buD WILL, h4 r riiiiukii' ? ('4w - ? k UMl I I ?T1 ?? 1 ??> ? * . ? *?? ?> k Hi-rt aou.baaat. ?IMl' J K VtLKIKHOtr II axi Firfi bfe* - in i m ?- - .'I \ ..( ? ;? in\ It , it ? t h'R vMi ? the (<>kirR<li lb* part r4 tbe tlty. W? in urnlnm*. ?? ?i?-? al t?\ Titi- >tfrt l?yrwi?< >?) ta ? MrteE !"<' a. W?a yard ? c- nil; BU?. t. - it .at <11. ?rth ? a t <??!,. r Hth ai.d l> ? r ? ta I. r? lia, al Til" m ~4 At pi !? **. H REEII. aRi <H i>r ? ar, IDIi f atn ?t nortIt a ?*at MBOMKT <()>?TAKTI \ < \ MAUD T ? LO*M <'N liL AL K>T ATK. ?< tuna 4 > I .>k> ai>J urV-la. KILBiTRV M LAfTA. a. I'* IMh ladOar -ta. j^> \ki <.?? piblic w ore* acmip. V ?? f r ?alr in ?!# < erttfkatea t h? >U>T* fcnf. ah'.rh i> :? rxdlr M par in pa>Nfut af -I- rial |?irt, A ?i >l diecot at in parrk* 1M\I? .U>UN5 M njSlai (I'btia.Krf.l |tank?ra II,'OK *a! E i1K ?:"xT t ?r . lu-l. r rttr I ? |? rt> P.1 ja? r-al ? ?t?tr a '??* lHa ta t ? a- te? 6?i u< ii La' ?;. *? t ?? "f ?? u-. ! >u tat ? ? r- ? t < *?t. U Ai.NKi. tiiiitM, n a la 1 Al 4 P wiiiai I*ania t?an. 1VU K MLi-i ?M? .*?? i7. ?M I M l<' I P \ L ??OKI'S, ii.'t aa a ?p?~ alatf n but a aM-RtiTt . pa\inc (r.>? lu to u pmt A lut ialt? ? ;\. 1. a itU all I> >imU i M j r BR<?i?ur\D. ?iTT 1m V'tV^Pruna. ?<?., Amu A. "\|l N 11 1PM. 1H ? M ?S_A R fit OVLT ftf A? I Mri <*a 111 a hit h a at I tall ? rnp tal cat !>r t?Uk iinri'4nl at literal raira. It>l< U pt-r cvut. ua ln?4 ufl?r?k. aiiil $*? amletd. Ai pli U J r. BROPTJUAD.. ItiJT'ltn ?!* P?*tiiia am., K -tn A. BHUM'S IN rt.NttMlllATloai >4 f $ I?? ?????. AMt, aiM #1.|??|. pat in? Mm l!< p^r ffiit., rnui. ti* from I to IliNti lut-raat aud ptll.tira. v l.t il O V> : I ? r Kai* hr J. r. Btn' 1<IIA A ll, ?>ff !? lit frwa) Ii Ula avroat. Ul ARK I'H aN< 'K to purehaor ?> f.n^ pTOUK aa4 ? DWTI.LIKU tlmit, war i><*a market, 7lA ?ireH, K?, 1114. PrhT, MJM, in? i?ti HAMILTON A PKAILMkM, It *< ?f k M C. A BmMitia. Pit ait4 i> ata J L AM BUkLB. fMABk BtUM'M H AS BOTLF k CO.. KKAL ISTATk. AMI MtTK ^K'llrU,? tio. ??? LKfe Oppualia L'. ? Tr* FORPALK?A m* H'U'n( OB I atraat, *11. A >.??? late.- <1 ah!- HOt *C,e ?! aal flat 'Pl H. MOl>IC Mo. IIH MaaaachuM^ta a^^uaa. HOl M Mo Al atroc* ?-aat. t?>r aalr "r r?nt, Ilin.laliAl . tr nv.#nr>. t. A kilt a.. U 1?-1> T 1 \1.M*. faiNHi aa4 u:.imc on ?lifft-n-nt raili ?adn ihiidim lr <m tba city, !??r ?*!? ?t lo? fiaurr* or m<- T.t tit? pr..p^rtjr. AmJMt f.-?-t of GBorKD ia \aii u- p^rtiou* <4 tl>a cit> for ? air at loar figtitea. <? eaa) ! ? rtna, or a ill n l.tuft for productive iiupro\?l pr pert>. n.Jo Up ^OB SALE KEAE WAhUlSUTuxTb 0 ^ two tiriKioB ruriT faevs. Tat-1 <-Jar Grov? Viu?) ari?. axca(l-ot frnit traaa ami tii ft in trar i ^ &uv tiial>ar iaud* atrl craalta ?URiN. ALSO, BCILDING LOTS IX THL ClTf. luSo.uar* So. IT. Lot K 4 f- luarr aouib ol So. 17, Lota 1 and t btjUtttc ko. *4, Lot ktf. U. 3U " J 14 u M " 4. Sard 7. " 70 " K. U aud IS ** ** n u 4. ** u H "IS and 8. 44 a* |n a 9g _ _F(T Hjtfcjfgj ?rpj}' tT lrtt?r r in prr?,,a to MM. LkaMNO. Cedar t*r<>?e Viitrjard, unar Gw|ni.pi, l?. C. ah lp || U Its I FOE Mil Th? larfp FOrB BTOEF HOt'SB. with thraa ?tf ry exleMion. VIA B atrr<4, urarl) p?w, tw-?tr r'-oaa*,furuacr. ?aa aid aat<-r,aith larga ?ard and Maid* ia rrar. Tin- whole pr p< rt> baa l."ru rn-ntlf put ia (ouiplrtt- rrpair. and ia very cvuiMiiiit f?r | lar*r. (rutwl family, or for a boardinc t.-'Ur? Will l>e a?dd low. Iutiairr at FreedaMU1* BauA. >ppniia Tm?or) , PMiuylvaua a?Mu*. frlinid MEDICAL, Ae. IAB MOTT'8 FRENCH Pott DBR* <*rt*iu cara * 1 !? r all iliVax* ut tk? orgaaa and all urn.aiy ,.l>a..?. ^ A-l -J -? ? ^ el:lot or THE Aftfttemn Ekctre- M'dttml treatsJParaltaia, Elt^uuiatiaiu. CatatrL, th- Bya au I -r, MeaA Laaga, Caacera. Bl -d P a:?i all NVrioua Chronic biwaaee. Ofllce liooe*. 413 Uia etf -t, urar prnna> Itauia a*rnur all Iw* ? ' <TATC VOLBNCB," ob THE WILL CI mb. 9 THE OBE^IMBTJUhOOVEEk By H all diaeaaapara rarad. |u ardirtaia aaad. aad ao ia)lac on of haaAa. Taacht Ey Mra. J. B EL IOT, 4T? C atreat aorthweat. ap7-tr | AHlEfc aofferlbf fro? weakaeaa, irragalanty, or l~*Mervoua Drbilify, can Ea?e aEilifai traat?rul by ?tatiuf caaa, and addraaaia? Eta. A C E"M1EB. V aahiaytoii. I> C. a4 ii' /kBfTAC LES TO MABE1AOB.?Ma^pp M*.' VJ Jm lnraf Mai from (be Hfaota of Brrora aad Abtiaea in early lite llaaEoud raeloped. laprti iii* i.ta to MarrlM* r-aioved. K>-w atetb-rl of Mai ai?-nt. Mew aaCrt?rEaMo Paaaadkaa. B i<h 1 Circular* aeat free, in aealed ?-bt?I >paa. Aidraas Hofrtrd d>>aoa(iaM, Ma. E PoWtb Mb atraet, PUila d< ipbia. Pa.,?aa iaaUtati?n ba\In^ a ki?t r< puta ti>-D for Eouoratla conduct a?d prd'^i ?d ?kill. mart; >"ia |jE LIUM, cvMsuLTi/tv rnvsicun, Tbe oideal aMathabad Specialiat la the city. Mo. 011 14th atraat, above I. Boara: 11 to 4 and 7 to t, dally. ^MfEpadalty?Fctnale CoaiplaJaM and OMHMM L^JlMALE OISEASEti trvataA, aad confluoa r cap* tak-a. biacrilw caaa aaa apcloaa |l, vire and n.rdlctoe atII be aeat. Addraaa Mra. T11OMP0OM, Mo. E4C MortA 1Mb M ph*. WAl'AME * ILfeoB, ~ _ A Kr-mlmrt* BdwrmtuA PHT8IVIAM AMD MlkWlfB, ran be eoatultad aa all TIi'EArtES INCIDENTAL TO ladibb B>-ridt ace aad OonaultaAMKi Mo?aia. *>11 ttb rtaeri. H and 1. Eoo?a,Buar4, Madw al att lr:*n-L H aad 1 Ac., at reaannalile prtcaa. T_? i ad Ic. two bonra. Batar to .... treated ta M'aahinctoa. a Hit [\10SET MBTIBMED IP 1*A SEN RAO HLtll K T A 1L8 TO CCBB CH II ~ i bad of BEACB A ClSSBL.coraw BridA* taA _ft?aatrae4a,0?or(<?oam,aadaf tiI"E&E B T A BOB, ooraer Km Fork ataaw aad 1MB L LB. TnU bad of BE AC M arliv PLAK'i V DO*. Wl ?* < IUIK " * *?"* ? ? Aratt, wbere teatioioniala ran be aaaa. arU ly A RAILROAD AMD Seal bUlc ??rtfEgc C?Bk!ac4a In tta T JB Ookl BoadatbeBc road Company farniabaa to tb? pnbltc aa lavaatmaa* p><arity whichcombincatbe read) negotiability,tba r-ntt-niaace, aad tba bifb cradit af a Aral-clam rail r ad boad, wttb tba aoU4ity aad aafaty af a raal aa tatei JA T*A " BOZOMTH FBEBE1BM UfllQIBA Rape ??patatia*i firad/aatablMbed ta RMkat. Eoid - alj In H 1. UEEGOBV, 6S4 Peaaa> Iraaia ataaaa.

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