Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. ftTCRE DAYS. l*timer acleary. B1 Awtiotwraiiid K-%1 lut<l>Br'i?n. t '-'?a est corner Pen us > llltmn aveaur tad lilk ?li. 8ur Udic* B Hiding. TFRT DESIRABLE BI'SINESS PROPERTY ON IHKnOlTH SIDE PENNSYLVANIA AVE M B. TWO l?oo R> WEST Of SIXTH STREET VEST. FOR SALE AT PCBLIC AlCTIOB. V . will off-r for safe, at public aactl<?n,In front of the premises. on Fit ID A %, April J)?, Kj ?t ? o'clock t. m, t he How and u >x now ?*-cnai~.l by J.-seph Pf*?r v a restaurant, known as Ml I P"nn?yfvania tT?no?, and being part of lot ?uml.~r-~i (1,? in S?iuare numbered foar hu:idr<sl An1 sivtv-one, ?6I,| ontaoed within the following Bnetr- and b-unde: Commencing at a point on Pean flrv l\ania avenue northwest forty-five (til feet eight (?) inch*# westwardly frm the aort heart corner of ?p.lntn*r?, and running thenc* weetwardly al >ng ?|ie line of ?aid Avenue twenty two|B> feet;theace W ntbwardly and at right angles with said *Tenne Bfty-two (?2? feet, thence do - south fifty three(U) feet eight (S> inches ts the line of a orth B street; th- s-e ea?t along said stre~r twenty -two i 221 feet: fl.ence north forty-six (*>> feet kbd nin?<9? inches, #n4 th-iir ? northwardly to the pi see of heglnuing. The imp-ovenicats ct nsist of a larg>< four-story Jlricg H'-trse. containing eleven large roowi?. iaclu IftP?i the rootu oa ttie f.r>t fl *>r, whi<-h front* both C>n Peansy Ivaruaavenn*- aixl B *treet north. Ti"W" (tfle tfi nl of the purchase m<vn?r Cash, ?r.?l *h> balance in eanal Installment* of six (f ) twei- ?( ]2) and elgl?t-ea | M) month* from date ?>f*ale:;H.- pur. ha~r wii! b? required to give his Totes for *h? deferred fa* men'.*. bearing latere*# it r.?fe ..f eirl>t <*> perc~??t. per annum. *nd secured I ? d-e,l .d ? rust <>n the prvpertv. A d?p.-it of ?9M w ii' I- r* r?d when the pr-p ity i? I>td off. Con ?e> aicilc M corf 0# r>r^wls J n KCGINE*' \KI'SI, ? WSI F. LEACH. E\rcntor* of estate < f L. J hii-" n, aec easel. aij d Latimer a clcakt, \nct*. ? ?f LATIMER * CLEAR* . I > A-:rti- neers and K al Estate BrokerV St '.tb ?? eat cimer Pennsylvania avenue and 11th rt., fciar MtRft Building. jrcwrs' jalj or v \"ltable piprwup Iroprrtt on tup seventh^trkft M AP. >KARLY OPPOSITE THE SC'IIl ET TIN P\KK. SBv *nttie of a de-d ' f trnat. bearing date the 25th dat of M ?y, A 1). 1ST;, and recor led io L'^er No. 4*2, at f >H? .t!W. -?f th? Land R-r >r-L* ?>f the IMr'rict Columbia, and at the request of the prr?< n *?cnred thereby, we-hall ??U in front of th? j.remi*e?. on KBIDAT.the 42th day' of April, JrC3, at a ( 'clfK-k p. m..Lo|a numbere.1 27, K. 29 and iti Hi rk 9 in T?dd ard Brown'? ?uMivi?i >n "f J?I?. Plen*ant,together w'th the improT?ra?nt* there cn. c>n*i?tin* of a nearly new. coaif'rtable Frame I>v ellmc. a ith nece??ary out l>nildinff*. all in good c i diti i.; well f excellent water on the pre<ni???. The b -ninlary an<l Silver Spriugi Hone Railroad j> <?athe ?!?' r. Tetma of ?ale: Am nnt cf indebtedness ?ecnre<l l'f thede'dof trtnttbemg with iutere*? at 3o per cent, per ani.iiiti fr -m the J6th of May,lj72,) ? imI ejp. of aale (?hich will be made known on day i.f ?al-> will be required in cash; the bal*rtce In 6 sihI 12 months, to be secured by a deed of trnn tip ii th' property. #3JU down at time of ?ale. If the term* of sale are not i mplied with within aeven days. th? property will be resold at the ri?k and cost *>f tl e .1-faulting pnreha?er. tConveyancing at par ch **'r * -t. f _?>? d.^S LATIMER A CLEAKT, Aura. 1?T UREEB A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. * Northweet comer luth mnd I? itreets. On FRIDAY, th? l*'h in?t*n?, at 6 o'clock Cap m , we?hall?ell. ir> front of the premise*, a <?.! two story Brick H"i*e and L?H, being a f>~ d f 'lit and tle^th to an alley, being h"u-?e s ?. lioi.-i:1 N? ? J. r?ey avenne, between I and J ^irecin vinll:, pposite the late re*ideti< e of the late Hairy W inter*, belonging to Mrs. Margaret %* iMn.n To be sold to ?he highest bid-ler for caab. | it 1 iiREEN A WILLI\MS, Ati<-t* THE TRADES. ?)Ll MBISU AND UAS FITTING. Th-?e d>sirirgto haTe their Plnmbing an.1 O.ta Jitting d<>ne in a neat and substantial msuun-r, and ? r> r? u?' al ie terine. ?honW lea^e their urders at 213 P-ni,-<> Ivan i t atenne, C?pitol Hill. W ork warrauied. n.27 ftiu* WM. ROTHWET.L. Ci ALL ON JAMES F. BB1EN, / ft in'.tral Pimmbft an I Oat Fittrr, t hsTe y< ur Pl'imtiug, Gae Fitting, and S 'wenge ?j' n.ptly attended to on reaaoiiable term*. No. t??i# 1 ui-iana avenue, near 6?h street, norili side. Resid< n< e, WUV Al strMt, Dortbeaet. mil CTVNINGHAM, HATTER, 1(111 F Street, between lOtn and 11th, ltaa the pleasure to announce tuat he has received ?-? the bpring Sty I* of Bromlway BLOCK, and i*uL ?repare?? tu furnish New Hats made to order gh> m or r ?<*lel old styles; also, an assortment of Fk!( Hat* for sale, on reasonable terms fi-tr Xw aiftSR, FUME TMMTE. M G. COPELAHD, 643 L- tuslaca avenue, oue door east 7th street. AWNINGS for Store*. City and County B< ?id t* in style and Pnisb. F1 AOS and TENTS for sale and r?nt. RO?>MS DECORATED. Ali Canv ass article* mads to erder DANCING CLOTHS J E. TI MTOM, CAHFEXTEK, BUILDER, as? CONTRACTOR. C'rusra for Bow* Carpentering, Jobbing, or Oo r *ctor's Work speedily attended to. 8^ )a Sh >ps and OMce, JaiJAtf lith street, below U at. PROPOSALS. |>BOPOSALS FOR BRICKS. is ABD or Pi bi:c Voik.Diitkictor Cmtat!*,! W a*h156TOM, Apgtl 11. W73. ( Pn p< ?als will he reeled at this ottce until noon of MONDAY, April 21st, for the famishing of PaTing and Red Brick, in <inantiti?s of live hundred gboaeand and onwards. Bidders will state the pr>ce per thousand at kiln gi.d price per thousand for hauling by the mile. Payments to he made monthly for such as may he Contracted for. Good and substantial bond* will be Te-.n'r .1 for tbe perform ?nce of each contracts a* may be entered into. ALEX R. SHEPHRRD, ail Yice Presidaat. J)ROPOSALS FOR COAL. T*ia?rBT DbpaBTVBJtt, 1 Bcbkai si Issiavim Sealed Proposal* will ha received at this office until 10 o'clock a. m.. MONDAY, the S9thdayof April. 1"C3. for furnishing Ave haixtred|StU) too*of Bun of bubs (George's Creek) Cnmberlan* Coal, to t>e delivered at inch times and places, aad in sach quantities, a* may he required, and subject to the Condltkvae repaired by act at Coagress approved July 11. Ko.vis: "That such coalshall weigh tOM yonnds to the ton, aad shall be inspected and weigh ed. and the ijuantlty of each load certified at tne time of delivery, by the person appointed aad ?jaali Hed under the act for that parpose: and that the y>re*rrit>ed fee of V cents for each toe of c?a! in spected, weighed and delivered, shall be paid by the Contractor.'' Proposal* will be considered bin-ling for one week fr.-?r. the >th l?y i f april. 1<3. the Departaieut re aery tag the right to r?u?ct all or an; portion of the i l ls offered. Ko propoeal* will be entertained anlesi accompa nied by satisfactory evidence of ability to faflll the Contract, nor a:'1 auy pay ment be made without the certificate of the inspector that the coal furuishod is such as the contract calls for. Proposals should be add'eased and sent to the of fice or GEO. A. M< CARTER. C ef of Burean of Ei.?ra. iug and Printing. Treas ury Department. iuS L3w |/0R BALLS AND PARTIES. RID GLOVES, ? I TO |12* PER PAIR. WALL. ROBINSOH A CoT fl?H tf ?H1 Pennsylvania aveaae. iN Tilt St PkEMK COl'KTOF THE DISTRICT OF COLI M BIA, Th' ttrimd Jan if April, lfl. Caihah \l M. Bo\lb vs. Jaxu Botle. No. 3.111. E-i'litv Docket. On motion of the plaintiff, b> Mr. Daniel E Cahill, !?er att> mey, it is ordered that the defendaut rasas bis appearance to be entered herein on or g ? fore the llr?t rule-day occurring forty day* after Jhis day : otherwise the canse will be proceeded B* ?. b as in case of default. Bv the Court: A. W YLIE. Justine, Ac. Tr??e copy ?Ti-st: K J MEIOS, Clerk. Ac. B' L l? WILLIAM!*. A^istant Clerk. a2 w !lt 4N THE Si PREME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLI'MBIA. JJ Abchik P*i L et ai vs. B H. Chebvbb,JA. et al-Nu.2JW. E<ioity IK*'. John F Hanna, the trustee in this cause, hav ing reputed thai he sobl le t No. 12. of th- heirs of William What<roft, svilaii, ision of original lot* M-?. ? aa>i 7, in suuare No. all, in the citv of Wash Ingtun, D I .to Nicholas H Snea f ir (UAIV- and the pnrrhaser has complied with the terms of sale, it Is ordered th'? first day of April, A. D ,Kl, that aatd sale be ratified, anles? cause to the contrary be ab 'lion or before the 2l'h day of April, A. D. 1>CJ: P'mrfsrf. A copy of this oriler be published in ?ome n< aspaprr in the city of Washington once a wt'k lor three *acceeeive week* before the said 21th ?lay of April, 1ST3. By ?he CoorT A. WYLIE. A true ioay?Teet; B. J. MEIGS.Clerk. aS wJt B> L. P. WILLIAMS, Assistant Clerk. I^HIS 1STOGIV ENOTICE, That the subscriber has obtained from the Sa - - ? Supreme Court of J)i*tnct of Coltunhla, holding a special term, letters of adminMtratioa W. a., on the personal sststs of y M H LA NO L Ylais Of Washington coantr,DC., ?eceaaed. Ail persons having claims against ths said dirssssd are heteay warned to exhibit the same, with T?Th.rr* ,hrT2T1' *?? sabecriber, oa or bstors the l*h day of March next; they may ky law be excluded fro* all beaeAt ot the saaa satats Jfiven under my haaa tble W?h day of March, 3*?- fiftt-wtw) J AS. T. PAYNB. Is and the Examiner's report I Che LKh dap of Jane next, and that said pilirina Beard on the 10th day of June aext. A ay peraoa may oapeee this evtesatna apt wA M f>. LEGGETT, Cvaamissioner. ^?'HIS IS T6GffBll6TICTrthat the mt-crilsi A has obtained from the Snarrme Court of the Dts trirt of Columbia, holding a Special Term, letters ?f aJai'B on tae_personal estate ot JOHN yi. POOL, late sf Waahtaglo? coanrr. o. C., Ibiibit* All peraonshavinx claiaaaagaiast thesaai gisstsssd are herehf warned tu exhibit the same, with the eowchers there- f, to the suWriber,?aer the *a daw of April next: they may other alaatsi tr?aa all haaettofthe said AUCTION SALES H TIRE DATS. BT GBEEN * WILLIAMS. AW<r*r*r%. No. IUV1, Northwest cornerlCHU and D streets. c?AlfCSKT SAL* o7~YALCABLE PBOPBR I1 *THEET. BETWEEN 6ih and *TH STREETS. NORTHWEST el wl'r and by virtue of > decrw of the Su preme Court of the District of Columbia, [>???< in Banitjr miim No. SJfS in said C-.ort. wiwrem Mm. W. Willingaford ami wife are com plainant*, and Trniuan A. Cook and other* are defendant*, tb- noderslgne.1, trustee* duly appointed In *ai.| ran*-, will ?e|| at ant.lie auction. io fr nt of the premise*, on MONDAY, tbe lot d*y of April A. D. W3. at 4S o'tloek p. m., all that part of lot 22nS 'A* f, or hundred and fortynine <4r*>. intheCity of W a*hingt >n. D. C., beginning ? the northeast corner of the lot and running west tw -ntr-one < J1 > feet; thence s.iuth nn? hundred and t'"nrl,w! feet: thence east twenty one , 81 > I .5?* n1orih one hundred aiui twenty-f?ar, l?| feet to the Pl?ce of beginnitiff; together with the ??.proTement* thereon,c*""tatin(r of * thtee ?t..rv (M'wt ?a m Term* <?# sale, a? preecritn-d by decree, are- Ooe tourth ca*h, and the balance in three e<iual insfal onsets,for which the note* of the purchaser will be taken, payable at *1*, twelve, and eighteen month* respectively from day of eat-, with interest at the rj ta-of eight ptrceat. per annum, and secured to tbe satisfaction of th? trustee*. A deposit of A'jO w-B Ih> required at the time of ss'e. Ifthe term?"of ar le are not complied with withiu five day* fr .m tli' day of sale, the property will be resold at the c"it a>d risk of defaulting purchaser, after fen days n tice in any newspsper of the city of W ashingt ju All onvejaiicin* at !he coat of the anrehaeer wm. r mattingly/" ; M r Morris, ( T <u?tee*. _ %s-.Md? ?;RFEN A WILLIAMS. Am m. l5V!?Nr JNS"M Vi!!* L,NG 4 OO., Anct*., ? * Boutheaai corner of tth aud D streets uirtbwest. tit ^ K I 'If VALUABLE prspkbty h?? TH W EST. ON the 1>LAND ^ , By virtueol a deed of trust, dated on th - ?t h iiatv*1 ^1. ! ' *'"1 recorded in Liber w i'. if#*.' "f rec. rds for W aalnngt.n county, D. C.. an 1 l? direction of the rrf V:r^,'h' r, h> -1 wll,"? ?? pnblic a>tcti'r>* TiA V tlTl f pren.iH,at ? o'clock p. w MON. .. . r '?.y 'i Ip^'jA.d i?rs,an of l.?, dpi .l-' red f..nrjtland ttr7(?)in the recorded ? ,b d)Ti?toB <^8c|uarp nntAberi-d f?Hir tmiMlns! hii?1 hi*. Tiilil^f' hn11 thereon. li : Ono-haif in c.ksb, of wciich Slu*) n n-t l>e paid at sale, the deferred payment* to be n.-Kle in ?i* nnd twelre n ontli.-. with interest at t^n F JT.T from d?y of aale^toroM to l>e fillj C"Bipli.-.t with within *ix day* after, ale, oth ^ the Trn>t"?- rexerte* the right to re*II at the r-?k ?r.dc ?r of fir-t pun hjwer. All eonvoranci ig a? i-nrchi-vr ? c..*? M M H W%RD Trustee u U eoAd*Pl'NCAll301l, DOW LINO i C't'. Auca. 7 v AABrrU?iSA^ 18 POSTPOBCDuntil 1 L >. i Ai.Aini 1^? hanraDd place. ?B-eoAd* DrSCANSOX^POWLlVu^Jt COUf Aiic:*. J HE ABOVE SALK T8 FTBTHER POST a'?"V->3 i Tvy' WKPNESDAY AI TKBNOON, a 9 . ? J l, ls/3, n.uiif hnnr nn^i plv??. ??s nrvriv ??\*' " WART>, Trn?fee. al? PUKCAN8QN. DOWL1NO a CO ,Aucu. H LATI MKR * CLEABT, k . ?i A'M ti"n? rk and R-al E-tate Broker*. ^ utheast corner Peiin?> iTania avenue ami Illh at . btar Uflice BuiKliug. FIRST CI.AS? t'KIT\TK RESinrvcv u'itii s\L'vV"To'l M BELT NORTHWEST, AT AI"<'TIoV A ,MmNI.AY AFTERNOON, April ill, at b;:; ?' 1<0'? clock, we will #ell in front of the premi ihe we?? half of lot M. being a snhdivi-i .B ^/ti.?VS .ll w-STa. This property m i.lli i.^t0 . .'on "J of K street, between 9tli and Mk street* northwest, and i? improve,! by a i!7.T.'??.r bro*B frolM BBItfK DWELLING, con t .ng t?-n room* with bath, water cloa-.t Wrc. cell.r. range h >t anH cold water! *Utb',^rV vn-lmtand", marble in-??!l ?, *c , Ac., and b?i ig it!?m two titinuted ? a'k of tlj^ central p^rt ??f I rtinay Ivaiiia avenue, offer* a rare opportunity to merchant* during to prroha-e a ftr t cl??, ?,|. ??> ?l?c? of bntineaa, or to flu he to in ike h x : merit Tern*; One .juarter ca*h. r.^ldu ? ia *l\, twe|. e, ^e2 foe/' th!r> and *h?rty-*U mont w with interest from day at -^le. Converancin? at c -t ? f rnrch-tecr. BJWd. wr. attlme of *ale. HltMlAd* LATIMER x CI.EARY, Anrt*. |i^ ^ ILLIAMS, Anctiuaeers, I* o. 1UO1, north a eet corner l(Kh aud I) st*. a a i,carle bea l estate fronting ov ?>tii .*>TBEET WEST. BETWEEN K a*i i -IKKfTS NOBTH. AT AUCTION. ? ? On TI E80A Y, the 2iM inctant, ?? i'% o'clock p ?r the Premieea, all of Lot N ? 6, ? o *nbdiyirion of Sjnare N >. *???<, being t7 fe?*t M illeT " witK Vl * 4 I tic he* deep, to a fine pated ? by, with iri proTetiieiita, making two first-<! n* btuMmg aitea, which a ill he *oi.i separately Thi* pro|ierty offer* great iixlucemeHt* to pnr ^oLneXn"ttr,tLl^ Pr""r,)''' _ Term*: One third ca*h: balance in 8, 12 and H i'e< nl?d'hS?nrt?-i r*)*?*)* 7 !TT CM>?- ii'tereat, a..d r??rlb,Ve^;:ffnv"D1 ,ieprem"eB,aM- *1 * alt^l |Bepl GREEN A WILLIAM*. Anct*. |l?c. b?:nnei?VT 1* Beal Estate Broker nnd Auctioneer,51 5 Tth *t. YALl ABLE PROPEBTy'fot! SvLE AT AUC Sii. miln. w* S:WlAUE 449. ???lf!-k ? m T' " ^.,,U l1.** of April, 1T3. at b i Pi i ' 11 ***", *t auction to the followifo^JiJ'-l !T" ,n fr"n' ?f the premiae*, the nft^0.r^e TM ^-Pr' P 'rt> ' Lot "i d f ,?.5T1*P" nwnbered hundred i?i*tri^i.f ? Uk!1"* I"/ nt Washington. B -a-lf1,'i tol'Uiibia. and bounded a* follow*, to wit ? ftr^. ? a on the aonth si.ieof D' rth N r?? ?rjY'n*?* ?"d f'?rty *i* / 116) feet west of i t ,f "a"1 *T,ar'* hundred and U- ' Jf i i'/Jt*'''h^nce south one hundre.1 *IMJ five t? t ? ?f ?'n foot aMey thence w??t V-Vr '. ? ? ? ? thence north >n? hundred and ea L, -??,nr n ,rth * street, the," ??r'g " UOr N ?treit to the place of befin "***.: Pn?-third cash; balance in two Miual i-avmeot* lit si* and twelve months, at ten D- r ZnL + r Mnnm,^ bTde?lTttS SjjA ^ Property ?oU. A deposit of %10Uwil| be re 2? red on ece*?"<nce of bitl^ Conveyancing at ?ur within ft^d'aa!'I*' *C not coa?Pll"l ??h rilht # ? I?* th*- TruHt^H r??**rYf> the p'frchlwefr * r0,t and r'#k of the l B. WOODWARD I - JNO. T. GIYEN, ( Tru*tee*. OJIENNEDT, A net. It* Duncanson, dowliko a co.. Aict* * Bootheant corner 9th and D atreeta i northw?*t. tricf of rJU!aahia^ton county, Di* Oict ^Co^bia, and by dirwion of the holder ^11..? thereby, we will ??.||, AarTl a Pr-mi??*. on MONDAY^ rStt! if JSLfi^ C,OC* m ?'l that piece or i fT i r ,Tn Jegcrihed a* original f',or (4.) in *>tuare*onth >f*otiare ane ^Wldlng." by a t'wo-^ a^'t^be^LT^in'6?*ZTir? 0^!hi, c?'h,' Jo te?of .? t"" 12 '"piatlia. secured by the ; i^^** ">?w*t at < P?r Cent., Hi" pur^tTr th? rwk auJ c,)* ot ?h-def.nlt BOBEBT P. DO DOE. PHILIP A. dabnkile ( Tru*tee*. ?? DINCANSON, howling *Vft IM LATIMER a CLEABT; ' ' lh^lcti^,*t'r" B,,?' Estate Broker*, t .uU?weat corner PeuM)Irani*avenue aud 11th St., otar Omce Biiikiiugf, Pr!4(?l\n^?J>VtBL?^ABVK" OAK DISKS, To mailln* t*\TH?BCOVF BKDCOAUtf BBrSiR^T^'?.1rFiWilSSra abT, tables, wAlnl T AnII oak cAkK ? JKC JH*/c^bn'itckk nLcVkfti IN CSE ttHivvrLivra0'. THB UOUsE UF UK P SLlflW" ?f VoE^k.Ver,L ifc'li M|at tl.. C*p,tolofthe rnite.18fat. s- * *eU V^IAbout^M single and double Carved Oak A b-tAj-Carve, Oak Leather-covered Arm Chairs L*rgly?^r^ynnt "al C uie-seat aud Offi. e D?k. ai?| Table#, Sofa*. WMttM Br.U,S"U. r*rIKtS Whkh Will J* Sold In b.te to suit pur. 'laser*. rl.!jr?iv!,7,.j,<'8^i *rul ci"'r? will be sold in t|,~ *mber of tbe H-.ii*e iif Reur.-seritativ?.s i?i,? B> n^r^r ,*... I1,wrA^D K< phersov. .. i or the II"use of Representatives IT S a 12- I Bep.t hj LATIMEBJ^CLEARY, Auctsi IM GBEEN * W ILLIAMS, AuctionT^ Ho. lOOl northwnt corner lOcli and flat*. ABLE BU6INEt*8 PR'^PKHTY OV tup Nl5*1iB8^IBE^\^^Y^A^i?v2f "^"wi wVlfrff J"? AT ,PPBtIt AUCTION. ' frn?? ?# .L r fi'r 8al' *' P"hlic auction, in StK Lr? ??P^7n,T"' on 8atcbday, April ku .w> arid L t ? , VU.M P^noiylraDiaiveQiito'YrthB-Agi P?rt of original L >t num ^nrwti^t'BrTrt."",**g< f?"f hundred and ,n*y ()n?<ttl),rruutin^ on Pt'nnpirIrauiA tr?*nnfl d^utiT^rA? i '?cbe?, v-xtending the deptb of tbe lot to an alley thirty (30) feet wid** and l!^*1 i!!hyt!l'<1,1 f-"t ?'Uht and a of a thre?-atorv Brick Houae'ri'VB1,u'nt?, cou^Uti.ig lTl? W '^h.eenTlST ^C'utKom Mvii^. iI!f.rVf"Fil'.*iTe hu "<*?>? for the deferred ptjipoti. twtriDf reterent at tke rate of 8 mi rent arTa*fu"*ji'-'l hy a deed of trust on tie ^ raqulred when !iyErw*"-' LiK,Li';v^}.v?v,s-' ? ?CGBNECABLSI, ? Exwtttors of eitate of L ^rthn?*?n B1 "if.' ?.f, ... ? . tBIBTIAS1#!1 LEDEBER.i Tn* at law?4> QBE EM A WILLIAMS, i SM?rth west between h* rtad foreceive theHbrafi V9 HBn tb? liberal AUCTION SALES. rtTL'RS DAYk* B Y B II WARNER. B"al E-da?? Broker Hud Avtlmwr, No. 789 7tli street. betw-en G and il tU. prBLic sale or vert valuable prop erty on 7th STRSET, OPPOSITE U. N. PATENT OFFICE-A RARK CH\NO? TO PCBCH ASE ONE or THE best pieces or PROPERTY IN WASHINGTON CITY. We w ill offer for pale, a* public unction, om MTHURSDAY, April 94rh, at ? o'clock p m, ^?tlie following-de?cril>ed rMl estate, to wit:? Twetty (9ilfeHrr.?ti>i 7th street, bet wren r *n<l G ?t" er? northwest, .pp <-tt-> the Patent Office, c. aantencing at a point twenty (*' > feet south fr -m < the southwest corner of 7th and G streets northwest, and running thence south twenty feet, and thenc- by the width of twenty feet east one hundred and two feet and three inches. The east four feet by said width is subject to the use of Th.mise Bates,his Itelm and a?sign?. for an alley. The alley is eight feet and three inches wide, and is for the use of this lot and others. This is a part of lots numbered twelve and thirteen, in square numbered ' tr hundred and fifty five, and is improved by a th- ry awl-atticbrick building. It b opp*wi:e ne...the center of tlir Patt nt Office, on 7:h street. The title is perfect. Terms of sale are: One-third cash, and balance in six, twelve and eighteen month*. with inter?st. Oon Tf-ysnciiig at the coet if th' purchae?r. Deferred payment* to be secured by deed of trust on the p> '-mises. In case <l?e teniae of Hale are not complied wi:h within five days after the gale, the rifjht i.? reseivtd to resell the property nt the risk and cost of the defaulters purchaser, by advertising three time* in the Evening Star. $AW down on ac ceptance of bid. JOHN H GODDARD, Executor. I. G HINE At?orn-v. sS-eoAds [Rep.AAm.j 11 II. W ABXEB, Aact. 1>V C. F ENNEDY, ? > Kc.i! Estate Buker and Auctioneer, 415 7th it. TRUSTEE'S SALE Or VALUABLE PROPER TY \T AUCTION. Bv virtue of a d?ed **f trust, dated JmteJn h, ?Swl*71. and duly recorded June 23Ui, ls'i, ?s iit L'ber f'ib. folio 6, of the land recorthi for the City and County of Washington, District of C It mbia. ami bjr direction of the party secur-d ther. by, we wi'l sell at public auction. fo|liA highest bidd -r, in front of the premises, on Tt Es>l> AT, '? lie 'il \ day ? f Apfl. 1675. at A o'clock p. m., lot nunl> -r (ill. in W. B. T "Id's recorded suMivisii n of original lots numbered six (6).and mvca (7>, in square auua t?-r*-.l five hundred And thirty-sevi-ii(537) Terms of tale: One-third cash, the balance in six sndtwehe months, cijual payments. w ah ten p r rent interest per annum fr< m date of sal.', secured l>\ deed of trust of) property sold. A deposit of ?100 on aen ptanoe of hid. If terms of sale are not coin pli*l with within five days after sale tlie trustees r. -erve the right to resell at the Co"! and risk of th-1 defaulting purchaser. Convevancirg at purchaser's c. st. V M. R. WOODWARD./ Tp,.,tMM1 V J NO. T. GIVEN. < Trustees. :10 d C^ K ENNEDY , Auctioneer. I?Y LATIMER I CLEARJ. * Auctioneers anr. Real Estate Brokers, fc utliwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11th street, Star Office Buildings. TRUSTEE S SALE OP VALCABLE PROPERTY IN SOI TH WASHINGTON In accordance with provisions of a deed of Eltust,dated May 13th, ISiV. and duly record -d in ?"-*liberNo.6H. f dioSSft, et se<j.,of the land record* of Washington count) . D. C.. and bv virtue of th P' wers therein c- iiferr,-?l upon ni? and upvn the written rent!est of th" party secured th -reby, I will. i'ii WEDNESDAY, the 'J3d instant, at o'clock P in., in front of the premises, offer for sale, at pub lic auction, all that certain plete or parcel of ground situate in the city of Washington. D. C.. and known and described as part of Lot twenti-two (22), iu S jiiare f.'ur hundred and sixty-eight (toil, iu said ciiy, bi undeil as follows: Beginning at the north *.-st corner of aid lot twenty-two (22' and running thence ilue e*?t on t li" lino of G street sou'h ei/litf'en (|si teet; th?liee aouth sev ent y-ttve (75? f??et; tiience v -t i ;fhteen (I8>f*et, thence north seirenty-Sve(7M f. et to the place of beginning, together with tha iiu p i" etntrnts tln-re.-n. Terms: Cash. One hmelre?l d liars depnit wiien the property is stru k off. Balance to 1>" p?'d w ithin nve(5) days, or the properey may b'1 resold at th" risk of the defaulting purchaser. C >nvcy ai.cing at purchaatr's ? xp- ns--. R D. Ml'SSEY. Trustee. ?1I eoAds LATIMER J> CI.EARV A nts. B1 B. U. WARN fc.B. ; R. al Estate Broker and Anr'foneer, No. 7UV rtli street, between G aud U. CHANCERY BALE(?r VALUABLE IMPROVED LEAL ESTATE ON THE NORTH SIDE OF I STREET NORTH. BKTUEEN ldTU AND Itiiii STREETS \\ EST. By v irtue ota d cre?< "f the Supreme C?urt of g the District of Columbia, passed in the cans*- of Crux et al, v>. ( I H et a"., No. 3.Ill equity, I will -?ll at pnldic auction, in front of the premises, ft. TUESDAY, Apt il tt'.l, 1X73, at ? o'clock p. m., p.irt of lot 3, of Saninel Davidson's subtiv ison of lot 4. in s,tnai?. 199, beginning for the -am ? at t!i ? uirtli west corner of said lor 3. thence running south 142 feet 7 iiii lies to th< north line of I street north; theoee ea?t at) feet <i inch's; thence north 7.*> feet 1 inches; th- no- west 13 feet 3 inches; tli?nce north 67 feet, to a 30-foot alley: and tlience west to th" begin nii.g, w itli the improvements thereon, consisting of a il riestory brick dwelling. Terms of sale: One-third of the parcha-i" moner cs-h on the day of sale, or within five days thereaf ter. the residue in three equal iustaliu-nts at 6. 12 and Is months from the day of sale, the purchaser or purchasers to give his, her or tle-ir prnmlsory notes f; i the d>'ferr<-d paym -iits bearing iiitTeft from tli" day of sale, at the rate of 8 per centum per annum. The title to be retaintd nntil the w hole of the pur cliH?e money , with interest, is paid. In the event of the failure of the purchaser ar purchasers to com ply with the terms of sale, the trustee has the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of such defaulting purchaser or purchasers. A dep-wit of ?ISO will be required on the aci-eptance of bid, and all conveyancing at purchaser's cost. JAMES S. EDWARDS, Trustae. *ll?,w,?Ad? B. H. WARNER. Auct. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northweat corner loth and D i B ?ALE BY TRUSTEES OE VALUABLE PROP ERTY ON C, NEAR THE CORNER OE SId STREETS. NORTHWEST. By virtue of three deeds of trust.the Br?t dated Maich 2U, 1872, the second April 2,1X72. and the third Hay 21, 1872, and duly recorded in lib?r No.679. folio 3U; liber No. <72, folio 43t). and liber No. 644, folio 24. respectively,of the land rocordafor the county of V a-hingtnn, D. C., and by direction of the parties eernred thereby, we, the undersigned trustees, will ?ell at public front of the premises, at i o'clock p. m., on SATURDAY, April 19,1873, the w-t eighty-three(83) feet aeven(7) inches front by the depth of one hundred and tw?nty-one(l21) foet ai'i-en (7) Inchesof Lot numbered three, (J, (in Square uutnbered five hundred and teventy-fonr, (674.) at?d all the iBarovementa thereon, which consist of por tions of six brick houses. The brick work of these houses ia completed to the height of the first floor of jois's, which are laid. The location being central, the houses, when completed, will And ready sale or rent. Terma of aale are : One lialf in cash, of which $300 must be paid at the salg; the deferred payments to b- made in six and twelve mouths, with interest from the day of sale. Thetermaof aale must be complied with within six days after aale, mi default whereof the prop en y may be resold at the risk and cost of tue first purchaser. C< nveyaucing at the purchas'-r's cost. JOHN f. HANNA. J WILLIAM H. PHILP J Trustees. WILLIAM H WARD,' ti:2S m.w.f GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. V GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, uorthwest corner 10th and D streets. TRUSTEES SAL* OP VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ntONTING ON riFTII STREET, BE TWEEN Q and R STREETS. AT AUCTION. Ou THURSDAY, the '24th day of April, A. D. 1-73, at b o'clock p. in., we shall sell on th? premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dated the 7' li day of Do C'-rul>er. A D. 1871, and dillv recorded in Lil>er No. 6>'. >, folio 44. one ot the land records of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, known as all of li t numb -red ten < 101 and paM of lot numbered nine (9>, in s.|iinre numbered four hundr>-d and seventy en en (4771 for the same, at the aonth?*a?t comer ol said lot numbered Ud (10), and running iheaco uorth al .ne Slh street line west one hundred and five 1108) feet, thence west uiuety-tbre.- < <j3) feet four aud half inches, thence south one hundred and five (1<S f-et, thence east ninety-three ft et four and one-half iu cle ? (98 f-et 4^* inches) to th" place of beginning. Terms: One-third cash, balance 6 and 12 months, ti. lie secur>-d by deed of trust on the property sold. A deposit of $100 required on *ach lot at the time of sale. T- rmi to be fullv conipliel with witliinsix di. v? after sale, otherwise the trnstee? reserve tlie ri^ht to resell the propertv at the risk and cost of d> faulting purchaser. All conveyancing at pur* Closer's Cost. LUDWIO A ME1S ERS,/ TrilJf ...4 GUSTAV HARTIG. ^ Trustees. i.3>oAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. A nets. BY B II. WARNEB, Auctioneer and R<-al E-tate Broker, No. 7'JV 7th strei-t, between G an I ll. EXECUTOR'S SALE <>F VERY VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH slDIC OP PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BE 1 WEEN 9th AND 1<Mh STREETS. I will ofl-r for sale, on ER1DAY, April . iiA, at t> o'clock p. m . In front of the premises, l-to the highest bidder. Lot lettered D, subdivi n of original Lots No. 3.3 and 4. in Square No. 380, fronting 13 feet I4* inches on Pennsylvania ave nue and running back and fronting on C street, im proved by a three-story and attic brick store and dwelling house, now occnpied l>y Caro'a loan office. No. 914. This is one of the b >t business stands in th?- city. Tenns: One-fourth cash; balance in #, 12 and 18 months, with interest, secured bv a deed of trust upon the property deposit on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within7 days after sale the property will be resold at the risk and coat of t he defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purcbasor's cost. JOIIN M. SIMS. Erectitor. a7-eoAds [Son.Gat ?R-p l B. H WARNER, Anct. I C T 1 O N 8 ALB. ? By virtue of adesd of trust, bearing date Oc tober 23d, 1W, and recorded in liber B. C. I . No. Zl, folio Ml, one ot the land records of Washinetoa count\, D. C., and also by Tirtne of i>m other ileed of trust, lieariag date October Otk.Uff, aud recorded in liber 1. C. B.,No.*l, folio ?M, in the same land records, I will sail, oa BBIDAY, April lStk, 101, al f oVloek |.B.. onlh? inkIsm, at public auction, tothe highest bidder, Lots Nos. 1,2 and 3, in W??i Wo. I, and lot Vs. I. In block-Ho. S, in property kaown as ' Meridian Hill," Washing ton cuaty. D. C. , cash: balance la 6 and 12 months, with interest. secured by deed of trwton the prsniiaea. (loo cash down on each lot at the time of sail. All coaveranclag at the cost of the P#tCbM*r" DUNCANBON, DOWLINQ A CoT*' s!>eo AAs Auctioneers. ^UC.TIOH BALK. By vlrttM of a dead of trust, bearing date August l!*h. 1868. and recorded in Li bar Y and B. Ho. 4, folio 1?9, one af the land records for Washington county. D. C., and also by virtue of another dead of trust, bearing date November ltth, 18(8, and record ed in Liber ?1" * lsndrecords _ la73, at A o'dk tiou, to the rg date Noveasber 13th, IMS, am "twpi of "sale: time of sale. AM o imsiMim ?i tba coat of the K^'piisj^VNrosss-Krtu AUCTION SALES. THIS IVEX1 Kfl. By latimeb a cleary, A sctioaeer* u4 BhI MM* Brnkwi, Bo ithwest corner Pennsjlvaaia av?. And 11th street, buur Olw Baildiii. SECOND AWFUAL SALE BT CATALOGUE OF on. paintings by ocb local artist*. On WEDNESDAY PANNING. April'l. commencing tt?S o'ctork. at our Auction R-.rns, ? e shall sell about 100 Oil Paiatlngs, comprising Lan4^cift w4 Figure pieces by the following locd attMt*: Tlrodor* Kigftuinn, Mav WeTl, RissTwmer, Fhm? A Poile, JflM, H-I?e, and other Washington artist* N. B?Painting* will be on exhibition on Mon ds .the 14th inst. Terms cash. all dAds LATIMEB A CLEART. Anns. TO-MORROW. BY LATIMEB A CLEARY. Real Estate Broker* and Auctioneer*. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud lUh at., Star Office Building. WALNUT AND MAHOGANY PARLOR FIT.NI 11 HE, FRENCH PLATE MIRROR*. WAL NI T AND MAHOGANY MAKBbM-TOP TA BLES, CRIMSON RKP LAMBKOR1N AMI) LACK CUHTA1NS* MANTLE oRRaMRNT*. V? Rf SUPERIOR BED LOUNGE, ENGLISH BODY HRl'J?S>'LS AND OTHER CARPETS, NE ARLY NEW; PTBA W MATTING. M AH >G ANY BOOKCASE AND SECRETARY, OIL CLOTH, HAT RACK, WALNUT AND PAINTED WARDROBES, MAHOGANY DININGTaBLE.OAK OS OHMRS,< RO :K ei:k and gussware. mahogany and WALNUT M T. CHAMBER furniture. HAIR AND HUSK M MTBKSSKS. BOLSTERS AND PILLOWS, STOVES. ToILKT SETT*, t OOK1NO STOVE, KITCHEN REQUISITES, AC , Ac., AT AUCTION. A On TIM RSDAY MORNING. April lTth, py .it 10- Yl"Ck, we will sell,at N > 72W !5 h ?MB ?tr<?t, between New York ?VfPi? and H 11 I street, (adjoining Welker'a he above-named goods. together with m in) others uciii'cn.'Sii't to nun* ion. 810 d LATIMER A CLE ARY. At-*. I>Y LATIMER A CLEARY, I ? Aucioneers and Kml E?tAte Brokers, S. r,l!i?(?t corner Pemia. a*ei.n? rind llth street, Star Office Building. 3.000 FRT'IT. ORNAMENTAL AND EVER t? R ? EN TREES AT AUCTION. Sftti THURSDAY MORNING, April IT. 1873. at 11 o'clock, in front of our M iction rooms, we shall sell an extensive a?* "rtn.ent of th- above tret* from th>> well-known nursery of R bert J. ltolliday, Baltimore, Mil. T 'iu? <a-h. LATIMER A CLEARY. nl8 f RepAChron. J Auctioneers. A- UrTl7?N~ SALE OP STANDS IN UESTRE MARKET. Will be sold at pub'ic auction, in ?c<-oidai>ce with section 2 of the charter of th?* Washington Market Company, on THURSDAY. A pnl 17.1S73, at I o'clock p. m., at the MtrW-t. th<< ri.-ht to occupy for the remainder of two years from July 1,1X72 4 Butcher*' S'ands. 8 Huckster*" Stands. 4 Butter Stands. 3 Bacon Stand*. 3 Miscellaneous Stands 2 Wholesale Houses, ard an) stands that liaveboeu at and jued by the occupants. Al-e at the sane time and place any stand* owr.?d bv parties v?h" d>-?ire th* ui resold at their ex pens*', si.f. f whieb a notice has been given in writing to lli Clerk ot thesaid Market Cotupanv. The&onual rental, with term* aid conditions of p.t) ment, will b- stated at time ut.d place of sale. M O. EMERT. President W ashitiBton Market Company. Washington D. C? April 4, 1573. a5-lot ? >Y LATIMER * CLRATVT. I * A'.cti 'iieers and Real E?tat" Broker*. 5 iitiiwest corner Penylvania avenue and llth St., Bt?r Office Buildinga. trustee's sale of valuable improved PROPERTY ON SEVENTH STREET KX TENDED. NEARLY OPPOSITE BUT SOUTH <-K HOWARD UNIVERSITY, OoNSlSTINO

OF A NEAT TWO STORY FRAME DWELL ING ANI> TWO STORY STABLE-LOT siA BY u:>6 67 100. B> virtu-of a deed of trust dated November gfi'M. A. D. Is'O, and duly recorded in Liber No. 631, folio 112. one of the Und records for W?<h insum county, in the District of CdumlM. and by direction of the part* secured thereby, I will sell, at public auction. In front of the promt?ee. on Till RSDAY. the 1 Ttli day of April, A D 1873. at 6 o'clock p. in., nil that certain plei e, par.-fl, or lot of ground, situate. Ij in* and being in the county of W xeliin?ton, in enid District,' and known as lot numbered eighty-two, (82.) in the subdivision of M? iint PI' a-aiii estate, as umde bv Win. P. D de aii'iJohnW. Wrisjlit, ;md recorde?I amougthere c< rd? for said comity In the office of the county aur vevor. said lot having a front of 26 feet on the W ?sh itvton and R.?kville turnpike or Seventh ?tn'et r^ ;?d, and being of a d-ptb of 256 67-lun feet,contaia inu 6,416 76 100 square feet, more or less, together *i'h the improvement* th-re .n. Ti-rina of sale: One-third in ca?h, of which ?100 n n*t be paid on acceptance of bid; balance in six, twelve, and eighteeu months, w ith interest at ten per cent per *i.num. payable semi-annually, and to le-secured by notes of purchaser awide>?l of trust i>n property sidd. Conveyancing and recording at pur cbnser's cost If terms of sale are not complied with ?itliiii six days after sale.the Trustee reserves tlie right to r-sell the property at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. WM. F. HOLTZMAB, Trustee. *S-d LATIMER ? CLEABY, Aucts. Y GREEN 4 WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Ko. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D stg. B TRUSTEES 8ALE Or VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION-THREE STORY BRICK DWELLING, WITH FRENCH ROOF, sip STREET EAST, BETWEEN B AND C NORTH. eBy virtue of a deed of trast,dat?d September IS, 1871. recorded in liber ?57, folio318, of the land records of Washington county, District of Columbia, and bv direction of the holder of the note secured thereby, we will sell,at public auction, on the premises, on THURSDAY, April IT, 1S73, at 4 o'clock p.m.. all that piece of ground in Wash ington city, D. C., known as Lot letteredF, iu Ches ter k Jnokln's subdivision of square 725. T> rms of sale: One-third cash; balance in one and two years, with interest at the rate of ten per cent, per annum, payable s?a>i-annuaUy. secured by noter | and deed of trust on the property, to the satisfaction of the trustees. Conveyancing and recording at pur chase's cost. If the terms of sale are not complied with in Are days from the day of sale, the trustees reserve the right to resell the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. R. P. DODGE. J Trn.t. A^DARNEJLLE.? Trustees. B B : 7 d GREEN *~WILLIaMS, Aucts. T Dl'NCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucts. Corner 9;h and D streets northwest. SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITOL HILL. AT AUCTION. SOn THUB>DAY AFTERNOON. April IT. at 6 o'clock, we will sell upon the premises, all of Lot 1, square 836, having a front of 52 feet 6 itiehes upon north D street, with a depth of tW feet upon 6th street east. This property 1* situated in on.-of the most rapidly improving portions of the city, being the northwest corner of oth and D sts. northeast. Terms- One-third ca?h; balance in 6. 12 and 18 months, notes bearing interest and secured by deed of ttust upon the premises. Couveyancing. Ac., at co>t of the purchaser. A deposit of 450 will be re quired as soon as the property is knocked off. us Dl'NCANSON, DOWLING A CO.. Ancts. Y B. H. WABNER, Real Estate Broker'and Auctioneer No. TS9 7th street,batween G anlH sts. PUBLIC 8ALB Of VALUABLE BUILDING I OT ON THE EAST SIDE OF 13th BTBEET, NEARM STREET, IN ONE OF THE MOST DESIRABLE AND RAPIDLY IMPROVING LOCATIONS IN THB CITY. 91 will offer for sa'e, on the premises, on THURSDAY, April IT. W73. at 6 o'clock p.m., lot S, in Davidson's subdivision of square 2-il, fronting 18 feet 6 Inches on ISth street, by a depth of IU> feet 11? inchex. to a paved alley 3fl feet wide. Terms; One-third cash, and tlie balance in 6 and 12 months, with six per cent, interest, secured by a dei d of trust. WU1 be sold cli?ap. ?0eoAds BH.WABNEB.Au-t. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Northwest corner loth aud D strerts. POSITIVE SALE OF UNIMPROVED REAL > STATE ON NOBTH CAPITOL STREET. BE TWEEN M AND N STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. SOn THURSDAY, the lTth instant, at AS o'clock p.m., we *hall sell,on the premises. Lot No. 11. in Square No. 673, being 1J7 feet .1 iu? lies front bv 130 feet deep, u hieh w ill ba sold all together or subdivided to suit purchasers. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6, 12 and IS months, tor notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premise-*. Conveyancing at the cort of ihd purchasers. 9100 down ou the day of GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. BY JAMES GUILD, Auctioneer, No. 1014 Pennsylvania avenn?. SECOND M EEKLY SALE OF FLOWERING PLANTS ? On Till RSDAY,April 17tli, at half-past ,4 p. ui . we will sell iu our auction rooms a line collection of Roses, G, raniims. Ac. hew sales will continue every week al.S-tt J ?MES ?{UILD, Auct. BY LATIMER A CLEAR I, Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenu* aud llth at.. Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP HOUSEHOLD FUBNI TUBI. gfk By virtue of a deed of trast.dated the 12th \U day of March, 18TJ, and recorded in Liber No. ?^?1702. folio 425, one of the Chattel Records for IB |Washington county. D. 0., I will sell, on ? TUESD A T.April B0d, WS, the eutire con tents of boose No. 309 D street, between 3d and 4th streets northweat.conaisting in part of? Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Furniture. Walnut Marble-top and other Tables. ? ?- "" ^ -? rrain Carpets. iace Curtains. W alnut Marble-top Chamber Furniture. Painted Cottage Bet. V inlrobea,Burt*?.Bedsteads and Washstanls. Husk aad Cotton Mattresees. Tucker Spring*. Feather Bolatere aad Pillows. St raw Matting. Toilet Beta. dy B. h. Warner, ^ d a yMt iV. "21 ^ is -?fronton* 21 feet i Inches each onfchltreet, by a depth of KB feet 9 jncbea to a M feet alley. Title pfTWCt ? Terms: One-third eash; balance in taaAlSmeattoa, sefnred by deed of tntst, with six per cent. iataresT Convey uacingat seller's coet. Theatreet ears will run by thsee late wtthtn O) dars, tit Island avenne will aoon be Improved. Attend this sale If yocwlshabarfhlu. B. H. WARN BR, AUCTION PALES. R,H?KSALE-\A ?. U It MUKKUW,, Tuiua r ??),)*( V?t|'? Bazar, * ?nj>?ior > t fel H s uo<l sal j?iit!-, ti?t thoroughly hr?kM to aa dtm; a m>s?t 1 eui'aLle Ik rae for a business wagon. It * BY 1>%NUA Nt# >N , W)* LINO a Co., Aact'rsT" ] SkkIi iwI corner 9'h ?kj U *tliwrth?i?(. P.* RI.OK griTS, COTTAGP SETT*. BKD !?tkai>.<. sideboards, vivi>ow shi t TKRS. DOORS, TABLES. CtMlK STOVES, I MAiTRVUsK* < *r . AT xitTloB m On THI KSWAT MORNING April IT. Bl ctnawncina at 10 v'-l^rk, we will e-ll in ?flfefroolof ?tr aucti n r.??>???. ? collection of | f ? f second-band Fn<niture, the effects of a gen tletsaw d-^lininr h""- V It DlNCANSON. DOW LINO A CO.. Anet*. Y U. L. WALL * COv, Marble Bu.ld ng, Nos. 900 and 903 Pa. ave ,aru?h comer Jth street, EXCELLENT TWO STOHY PRAM K HOUSE. CONTAINING TKN ROOMS.ON Stm STKKk I", ItETMEhN 1 AMI k STREETS, NoRXH W EST, AT AUCTION On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 16 H5? at & oYlodt, In fnnt ??f th- premise*, we will ?S?-sei| the above piece of property, bein* aonth C?rt of Lot No. 11. in 8<j?*re Nil, mit part of said it having a fr "tit of 20 feet on 8th street. and r in nir.g bark feet, and connecting with a three! ?u Ct ate alley with the 1& feet aide pa.. d public aliey ?aiil square. Term*: One third cash; halsncs In one and ttrn year*, secured by a deed of on th?pre?n s-?. All conveyancing at thee\p"a?*of the pnrchi.ser }1W to bt paid down on the day ot sale h7 d W . L W ALL A CO., Aucts. ?rTnK ABOVE SALE IS posrpovrii until P K11>A V. April l**th, at ?ai:ietime in ccutrtitn'tiff <>f the rain. a * d 1 R?p.| W. L. WALL .? OO., An B BY B. U. WARNER, ? , . , , B- al E-tate Broker and Auctioneer, No. TJI9 Seventh street,t?'two*-a G aal 11 CTTAKCKRY BALE I'K VALUABLE RE \L I R' PERTY ON 4', fTBLEf, NLAi> PliN N MLVAMA avenue. s B) *irtu. i fa de-roe' f the SttMWM C ur of EitIt IM-tri. t ? t 'it: t I i ?. p-n-t d in ? i '?No. SI?, d.'-c 11 McG'i re et al. \?. Il-;rry el a'.., ant! by virtue of an order t<a -??! in '? <! run-e on the 15th day of April A l?. K.I. rili<?<ting a reaale of ?aid property and uio.1i fyin?r thet -r??? of ?ale, the on!? r?ign?>d, tru-?'ee. appointed by ^aid ' 'tirt.will a?-ll.<>ti TCE8IUI. A| rii at ft ? 'clock p ni , in front >?f the prenii ?-?.part of lot 2!, in innate N>'. ??l. in the city of Wnsliingtor. fr< iitiiig it feet and 3 tnclin* on i't ?tr>- t nortliwi-at. and bounded and de~;rlt?>d a< fol !"?? : for the ?ar>e ?in theea*t line f -aid 1- t on 4*? ati??t at a point twenty thr.-e (21) f-..-t and tbr-e (3) incl). ? aoutli -if the n -rth?-aMerti corn?? r4 | *ai<l lot, and inunitig thi-nce north tw*'nt\ thr t4', fe? t *i d three (31 iuch'-a; therce we?t aWtig th noitb line of said b>t one hand red and five (1U61 feet; tb<'tic? Hinth along th*-weat lin- of mUllo lw -l*e (I" >f"t, theiu e in a aontliea-it -rlv directi .n thirtr ?fx (3S) feet and three (3) inches to a point di-Unt *e?*tite< n (ltlfeet and fotir (ttinche* d'te a titfiof | th'-north line of aaid lot; thence a?>?th"a?twarll? thirty (3o> feet and Bve inehea t th-dlvi-i ti wall of the two brirk rionsea -landing on ^aid iot; at: I th-uceeaat throvgh thee-nter of raid division wall tliirlj-slx (36) fi-<-t to the place of the Iteginniuc, w it It the lie ?>ro\ ei'-ient. thereon, cotivi^ting ?>f a tine thre' ?tor\ Brick Dwellln* Hitn-e and back lojilJ. ine. Thl- property adjoins the Columbia It nH'ng. on 4'* street, a few d(M>rt< north of |*r-nna< Ivania ave. nne. and is at present occupied by the llowland Dental A-a ciation The terns of salc-.a^pmscrib -d by the above orler nullifying Ihe de.-r?e, are ?-.??h: of which $St*) mnst 1?- | a i 1 In cnrrej.t fund*, or I t a da! v cenine.1 check , at the time of the pnrcha-e. And if the reniatnder of said purchase money -ball not l>e paid within tlve (P> days from and after the day of eale, the tro-tee re-ervee the right lo re?ell the property, up >n Ave (PI <la\ V public L"tlce, at the risk an 1 coat of the defMiilting purchaser. 1! Trn-tee will e*ec?te a deo4 for aaid property np< n the full |M> m-'iit of all lii? pnrchaae mo i.e. , ai.d the fiual rutiliiation of th? sale by th court. M.AfHPORD. Trnste?'. r< '.n C<A(|S B. H WA UN KR. A net. Y GREEN # WILLIAMS. Anctioneers, No. 1000 Northwest lotli and It streets. FORTY Bl ILIUNO LOTS \T HI NTINtJT -N, IN PRINCE GEORGE COtMTY Mi-., AT A I'CTION. On tli<- *23n instant, at 5 o'cl k p. m w? lB?v-hall sell at < nr auction r- ? nlm-e n:i? -1 ? " iots. in block 12 T T and O O, to th ? highest bidder for < a-h. i.]i>-d GREEN * WILLI VMS. At: t?. Y LATIMER * OLKARY Aucthiaeers and R-al Estate Brokan, 8outhwe?t corner Pi-nn.?)l\ania avenue aud 11th St., fctar office Buildings. TRUSTEES' SALE op" A COMFORTABLE Bi U K RESinENf'K ON C STEET, NEAR 1;<tii STREET NORTHWEST. ? MB> virtue of a deed to u*, dated Mav 3, A D .Kl.aud recorded in lil?er 6il. folio 113, ana by direction of the partv sheared, we will ?ell, at public anctiou.iu front of the pretnises.ou V EI'NTtSDAY. 16thday of April ne*t. at ? o'cl.icfc p. ni.. Lot No. 2rt, in Charles J . White's snMivisi n of s inare No. X3S. with itnpr iveni-nt?, which consist of a \ery comfortable three-storj and attic residence, containing eight rooms and hall, being litu h 'Use N ' 134ft U street. T<'riiu>: One-tltird ca?h; residne at t, 6. 9. II. 15 si"! 18months,with Int-rest. ?lt?0 down when the house ia luioik-d off. EKED. W. JONES. I Triwt,.? MAHLON ASHr<?RI>.< Trustee*, n 24 3a?3w LATIM ER A CLEARY, Anets. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTP tNEI> IN coi'^^u-nce of the rain until WEDNESDAY, tic* ii3 i instant, MUnc hour and place. P W. JONES. Tni??ee. all LATIMER A CLE A BY, A acta. Y Dl'NCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., Anct*. corner 9th aud D streets northwest. SALE OP VALUABLE PROPERTY ON 11th r-TRKET, NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVE N IE. ^ On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. April 16, Bai at ft o'clock, we will seR, upon the premises, all ?c* f lot 14, in auuare 313, having a front of 90 feet upon llth afreet with the d?ptli of lot, with impr?\e ments upou the aame. The above property l? situat<-d np^n the west side of llth street west, between C street and Penns) Iva uia avenue, and one of the mo?t desirable piecaa of property in the city. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6, IS and 18 mi.ntha, notes bearing int<-re?t and secured by a deed of trust upon the rremisas. Conveyancing, Ac,, at th- coat of the purchaser. A deposit of ?3U0 will be required as soon a* the prop?rtv is kmtcked off. ni DUNCAN SON, DOWLING A CO., Aacta. KTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED ON arronnt of the weather until THURSDAY AFTER NOON, April 24th. same hour aud pl?c<-. alii PUN< ANSON, DOWLING A CO.. AnQs. YC KENNEDY Real Eatate Broker and Auctioneer,41ft7th at. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP~DESIBABLE PBOPER TY ON 6tb STREET EAST, MEAB B STREET NORTH. I By vlrtae of a deed of trust, dated February 1st. 1370. and duly recorded in Liber No. &?t. Lfolio 3*7. one of the land records of the Citv of W ashington. D. C., the undesigned trustee will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the premises, on SATl'BDAY. tht- 510th da? of April. 18T3, at ft o'clock p. m..l?t 2.1. in Callau's recorded subdivision of s.|tiare 81*. The above property is improve4 by a partly-built brick house. Terms: 644)cash, balance in 6 and II m >n?lis with in'ereat at 6perc?nt per annum from da> of sale, and secured bj a deed of trn-t on th?* property aobl. W G. PHILLIPS, Trustee ?1M C. KiSNNEDY, Auctioneer. B B B Y B. H. W ARNER, R-sl Estate Broker and Anet|oneer, No. T89 7th street, between G aud H. TBCSTEE'SSALE OF A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, No. lift FIFTH STREET SOUTH EAST, AT AUCTION. I By virtue of a deed of trust to Daniel L. Eaton and myself,dated March 39,1873, and duly re corded in Liber No. 613, folio 61, one of the land records for Waahiugton, D. C., I will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, to the htgheat binder, on THURSDAY, the ttbth day of Msrch, 1473. at 4 o'clock p.m. al^lhat part of Lot No. 13, In square N<> 818. contained witnin the followiug nietea and bound*: Beginning for the same at a point 17S feet from the s..utlieast corner of Lot No. 13, and running thence north 17>4 feet; thenc>-west to the rent line of said lot; thence south 17)i feet, and thence east to the place of begiuuiug, together with the improvements thereon T rms: Tlic annunt of Irdebtedneas aix-nred by haid deed of trust unpaid, with the expenses of sale, ill cash, mid the balance at sis aud twelve months, to l>esecured by a deed of trust upon the property sol-t, with interest from the da> of sale. de posit on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are net Coi..plied with within aeven days atter sale, the fti perty to be res<dd at the risk and coat of the de faulting purchaser. _ GEO. W. ST1CKN EY. Surviving Trustee. 121-eoAds B. H. WARNER. Auct r. B/" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THI'BSDAY. April 10, 1873,same hour aud By order of the Trustee, n .51 B. H. WARNER, Auctioneer. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED 1.14111 W EJiNESD.VY, April 16,1*73, al 6 o'clock p. m.. same place. By order of th" Trn?t??e. alu B. H. W ARNER. Auct. ?y-THE ABOVE HALE IS POSTPONED nntil WEDNESDAY, April UOth, 1873, same honr aud place. By otdsr cf tin- Trualee. aln B. H. WARNER. Auct. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, NortbwMt corner of Mtb aud D streeU. VALUARLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN THE HEART OF THE CITT AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the ftth day of Hay, 1873. we shall sell, on the pretniaea, at Hi o'clock p.m., ^?all that piece or parcel of ground lying in the city of Washington. D. 0., known as part of lot number five, in square nnuib r three huudred and eighty, being the southwest corner of loth s'rmt west and ('aireet north, fronting on li):h street 19 feet 3S Inches, and running back on north 0 street ?S3 feet to an alley 9 feet 9 inches wide, and atao fronting on north C street 16 feet 1 inches, running t>aci 7*feet in depth, with the improvements, con futing of a two-story brick dwelling-houes and a good brick warehouse, making both pieces valuable property. Terme: One-third cash; balance Int. IS. 181 IvlH*. UU? -|Q1(U LBiiU, Wi|nvv w mmmmm. month-, for notea bearing hiUrert, and n??wd bp a deed of trust ott the premisss sold. Coareyancing at the coat of the purchaser. #106 down on place at the >'me of aale. a 16-eoAds f Bep] ORBEN A WILLIAMS. AnOa. BMf GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anctiouw. 1W1 D street northwest, corner of Mth. IT.rSTEEt SALE OP A SMALL HOUSE AND LoT ON OEBAR STREET. BETWEEN ISra I AND ntULSTRBBTS, NORTHWEST. ? By vWne of a dead oi trnxt dated the llth day eonnty, D. 0.. and hy direction of the party " thereby, 1 wijl sell a* pvhUc ancjioa, GTfen nreml-es, at ft o'clock p. m., on M0ND AT, day of April, MPS. lot numbered thirty-Ss^~ tbe enkt i*e feat of lot Is B, wf the divi-lnn "f sgnare numbered one hia !> Term's^ snie: f3M in caah, of which f?i nmst be paid at ?al?, the balance In > and 13 ?oyhs. In Mtas bearing interest and aecwrnd hr dead at ratsnHw EVENING STAR linWMlbfr?h)r.?rilM Lvtfia T1i??p aost lr*a|K. Ulm'ir?rc WHAT **kl? TUB BL??M?S? hO ;uLLT iirKtla Tdl PLAT. Tbe Cincinnati ? orrespoad'-nt of the Hi-da* *n*> recorder bad an interview with Ms* of the Lydia Tbom|>aon r<a par.y. The ladv said to her attentive visitor v .*I C. * Innumerable silly communications, but take no notice or the senders; why, at Mil waukre, a g< ntleman sent me. one eTen<iie, ? m*4{TnCopnt U-quet several tret square, with a 2 fcVotc?YVin* ** Introduction. I re ,ar *> ?t inform ing b>m that his request could not be (ratted; that I mailt; do acquaintance* except t *ose ln trductd by my friojwU H ? Miowed iu to Chicago bad a private box at the theater there, and n ut me a basket of chamaame. The C' 1* *i?d I and Willie Kdouin drank tne chain | ague and entered it hugely, but no further att rtion wi? shown to the Infatuated donor Owe day at Mobile I received a sent; mental note exprts?mg intense admiration, and requ-st'ng mo to wear a white roue on m\ ?*%g" cwstum that evening to signify mr appreciation of the tender-heaitcd youth. I exhibit -d the note to Tbe rest of tbe troupe, and Willie.our ome dian. who is a greatf wag. appeared that exen if.g on the stag- wit? an tmm-use wh'te rose on hi.- t win and untied and threw hi*** con stantly touard the location where the p n>r note i"'' dt r ha?i said he would be in the andieace. It * * f unny to us on tb" stage. Here inCincin ? ti ti e other day I got a delicate missive full ol ulnratk>n, in wli.c U the writer gave the seat 1 would occupy at the theater, and stated that I r glit rtc.^tiire b.nrbv his having his hat on b - nmbrelia. Sure enough. wt> n (he curUIn * "I >'l?. there he *at. To make certain of be ing 1- u>w n he would d ?tiee ht? ntn'?rella up and di. vn with the bat on it. most ludicrously. We Is licit d a great deal at It m during tbe piece, and I it Mr he injured his stvll-h Int. Surh eat. -f- c- constantly occur. an?l they are often the ca-i-e of our appearti ? *> Jollv during tfie Pay. A I RI.-sTEI> r?R A M tt>KR C<?*XITT?n rr?t*R tJAi.H A<io?l.ast Saturday a man named \ Muslin, with si* ali i- ?, was arrest *d In Mem phis t il suspicion of l>eing the man who a?-a> sin* ted Gen. T. <' Hindman, of Helena. Ark., srme four years since. while sitting by the tire surrouiMled br bi? family. The poTieo are rerv reticent iu regard to the'niatt-r. but it o> *tat?d tb ?t the arrest of Vaughn i? based on a letter to do the deed by partiea wti<??e obfwet w*? to avenge the ruin of a rntinic ladv bf Hindtuan Otter parties. It said, will a Ibe arrested, ai -i the whole matter given to the public in a ftw days. Thk x Aftt rat Tt'KK or Ktliw con: "je :ieed in Aui;ui>la. Ot-orR.a. The ice is iu?iiuia> tirrd from tlie river water, completely purnied by a double distillation. Water for cooling pur |>o?ck ean only be obtained, however, from w? lis dug on the premise# of tbe company. A nea an<1 larger ice machine bas iu?t been ere. ted by the company, aud artificial i. ? to tbe extent ot ten tons a dav. if nece.taary, can be roanufactureti. Thia new industry, th<> pati nt for a h cb Is of French origin! appears at Ihm to bare a fair prospect of aaeeeM at Augua t:> and New Orleans. HoBBiitLX Mt khki: or a Wovax i> Fkarik?1 he I'a^ris Figaro report- an atro eioits murder. On the m?miug of March S *>me peasant* found, between Uaell and Sun s iie?. the IhsIv of a woman. The tnedical exam ination proved that she had been outrage?l an I ?tlHii|!le?l, alter a h^rd i>Uuggle, l?v the gra-p of a band strong enou/h to crush (he vertebral rol 'mn. What add- to tbe atrocity of the nrrr der I-the fact, which is aliaoat int-rolible that the head had been torced under one of the arm ol llie victim. ? /" ISaron I.eibig ia dangerously ill. ?y"Thev said tb?v wanted men with ? ha<*k bt>ne" in detersville. Va? in I they've g.#t ??cerebro spinal memngoter?," aul yet thev art- n<d liappo. ty.Mr#. Scott,of Omaha, a-'ssher thres bn? bantto through a newa)>ai?T advertisement to meet lier at a certain hotel, there to bottletUeir to;dlicting claims. *y*Ona train from Pari* to Versailles rcctnt ly the |.lacuid"tor ladies" imltcatlug a reserved compar*turrit for the fair a.>*. wa, accidcntly changed to '? Unclaimed baggage." WTo defend them in the ? lit- aVmt to be instituteal bv the Kovermueut growing out ol tbe credit niobiiier inveatioation*, it is said that tbe railroads have retained as counsel Messrs. Kvarts, Curti#?,ol Boston: Sidney, It t ticlt, and Caleb Cushiug. ?yAn exebange ba* the following observa tion: We always get mad when we walk along a street about nine o'clock at night, and |>aw>irig a shaded jiorch where a voting man i<* bidding his beloved a good-niglit. hear the girl exc'.aim in a Iot.d whisper. "O, atop, George, vou haven't shaved." , [orri< ial i LAVH *r TUB ( KITED HT4TES ml ?A? Third tfmHmm ?flh? Fsrfy. 0*emmd f'ssgrm. f < ? E* KB A L KATt KB-Ko. KJ-ColTtiriB Lifn$tt of thf C-lUctioi, of K-'n*. fr?m 9*1'$ >>f I'ui-lic Lonrls?For salaries and commissions of registers of land-office* and recoi vers or pub lie moneys at ninetv-two I and-offices, four hun dnd and iiiuety-elght thousand seven hundred dtdlars. F or incidental e*|^n*es of tbe land offices, tn cli ding rent, _tiity-hve thousand and forty dol lars. * For expenses of depositing moners reeeired from sales of public lands, tbirteeu thousaud dtdlars. To meet the expenses of suppressing depreda tions ujK>n tbe timber on the public lands, eifbt tliousand dollars. For this amount, or no much thereof as may be necessary, to defray the expense* connected with the appraisal and sale of tbe tracLs of laud in tbe State of Nebraska, belonging to tbe Omaha, Pawnee, Otoe and Miaaouria, aud the Sac and Fox of Misaouri tribes of Indians, in accordance with the provisions of an act entitled "An act for the relief ol certain tribes of In dians in the Northern su|>eriiitendeacy," ap proved June tenth, eighteen hundred and sev enty-two, twenty thousand dollars, said amount to l?e reimbursed from the proceeds of the sale of said lands. -V. trupolitan Pnticf?For salaries and other necesMU-y expenses of the metropolitan police for the District of Columbia, two hundred and seven thousand five hundred and thirtv dollars iW-t.fc<*, That a further sum. amtunting to one hundred and three thousand seven hundred and sixty-five dollars, shall l>e paid te defray the expenses of the said metropolitan poll fie loice by the cities ot Washington and George town, and tbe county ol Washington, bevotid the limits of said cities, in the District of Columbia, in the pro|iortion corresponding to the number of privates allotted severally to said preciucts; aud tbe cor|iorate authorities of said cities, and proper authorities of the District of t olnmbia, are herebv authorized and required to levy a sfiecial tax. not exceeding one-third of one |.er centum, which shall be specially depos ited once in each week, as sach collections are made, to be appropriated and expended for said purpose only, for the service of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four: /Yoriderf/wr'Aer, That the annual r< j<?rt of tbe board of metropolitan police com missioners shall he re alter be made to tbe Attorney-General of ffie United States, who shall also be charged with the disbursement ot this appropriation. O'i?rrmmtnt for fit Inmnf For the support, clothing, medical aud moral treatment of tbe in.-ane of the aimv ami naw, revenue cutter. and volunteer service, who have become inssne since their entrvlnto the service of the United States, ami of the iudigent insane of tbe District of Columbia, in the Government Ho*, pital for tbe Jnsaue, including five hundred dollars for books, stationery, aud incidental expenses, one hundred aud tweuty-five thou sand dollars. For repairs a:id improvement* of the hospital buildirigs, twenty thousand dollars. For the ereofion of a stock-barn on one of the outlying farms of the institution, aint a hay. barn on the other outlying farm, and of a i?o?l try-bouse within the" hospital tnclosure, n.ue thousand dollars! For the erection, lighting, heating, and fur. nishing of a detached bulldlag to ooatain tai lors', shoemakers' and mattress-makers' shops an<! store-rooms, and dormitories tor mechauics ami farm-laborers, without families, tea thou sand dollars. For moving, repairing, and building cottages for the occupation of the employees of the 1 m ^a ? pltal having families, five thousand seven hun dred and twelve dollars and twenty-two cents. For completion of the roads and walks ia the exercise grounds of the patients, two thoasaad dollars. Columbia Ituhtmtvm for tkr D"tf end Dumb? For the support of the Institution, including salaries and incidental expenses, the main tenance of the beneficiaries of the United States, and five hundred dollars for hooks and illustrative apparatus, ferty-eight thousand dollars. CV'Mattes Hurpiinl for oad Lpinj jm A tyt" m. oad Mktr Ckmriti^t.?jTor tbs supportef the Cot am Ma Usspltal for Wmm and Lyiag in Asylum, over aad above the probable r which will he roeeived from nav-o. the late war on behalf if the TbImi of E INI ?? InrmHrf f?1*'r. 1U?l no ?h?4 h?T<M remato in n?1 Imi' ? .t To^d! ?* mt%~? *"?" |dtal in tlx- rilr JrfVlah *2--t'ntr0r % *L" rb uff and control ? ...Tl^'""0'1 r th* tt?r, in *M riu ? noi. M ?***? Sa.nt John. twe^^T? " U>rr\ r appropriated .Nit of 7!? ^ ' Jf* trraanr* n..? ?.?tirT?i-< appro,.eL!!!!]?!?.!? ?? the mm MKK-uit^V ,!^1' **W l*H IhaWfa.lee?For prr?^r,?,._ ?? """"l1*#* of ttir citTfttm a no r?..i ..... A.iu^!'?l4,> Uir ffWo ?h Ftoattlayaprhe new hall* re in red for the a V I *??"*? >??. fl'UeU tjot*a;* 4j4 f~ Uc ?? ?*' ?* J^V^-L'Y 7,r* ^*7"*^ dollar.*' **" h. r or 7r^*V,'? ? ? ,0 fhp *'*'u' "" m ^ .t w'? glaph, 1< ,i ,.!? 1^ ^ bT :^,':vr,:;;::; i?~hx ThM th* ivnnitt! nt4 n?nvi<ytmn of th?. * ,r ' * tli any ot Um i-ul.ll. haildmgt. *t?all I,.- Blt.i. JaiiTid " ?* *?'* f?"it?i ir ii.X i.. ,? i'uwi'Kjaics;-" ? -? <???!?""? "<?" For krnd;nr iud p?r*1|t the atvw*. a.,d i.?t fSLJETS" ,up h?4 r?miSm BfTlum* * * * to l> afj.<eu> ihiii'i ?.. i *"it?..>o the line ?, l,o east l"wiSrcS ?*???*? ..thin that * ?. ,otff liiJHirwi Iveati^iv# :u.? i**u?i rf.Tt.u4, Tltat 1.1 u... ,, '?WW ^?ll MTMI t)M| ((tf, - -. - -II i-iw.-r.w, .,?.,e i? |rout ot .U p.i I ,M U"' 4",,"'l"'M?w?<ou w?kM??4 bythe 1 i^tiu* .uUmiik, 4ur Myil4<jll l| f.H tw Um?us?,i ?l(,(lt humliod and , rt ? iMi on South , "o,air.r|' Sot tli B will. tlie buikluin i44?.i>u w ^ n1"",01 !'m' ? - y. i,?ui i 'L!'^' of u??i An . Mi^il dJS'llL'^ VU,,rcU- thrjr l.ll . * ***1 *,Hl u?> t. ?:. .t ! !????"?> #w,.?.rf, TU?t ^t tii^: t? Of Bi?? have U?? rijUt to r. iuore ??.? l.uil.l".* Ilirrtvu knovii *? thr |>?rNint(i' mim| tht h >i. ?Itmn thui) ?]?;? ?n?-r lM-ii>K ii..liii,-,l t-i re ^T,r ttu**g tr ^ Ari t"u '1 ? *'?!? '?!. II * *U4i XWtiM Ui. I|?|| oi tun tlK'mc^V'' "* *"? -Ut!o? UM increaM<d imiiuImt..l mi uif?. r??i..i ti. .?, ait? tli.?r.-oi. to b- ??* h, kl,|,M Ul" AurhiWvt A t^ . irri ^ J *t?'"Moii. ?,-,-orUiiig to a i.lm to ?*? <4al>M>< ?1 by renolutliMi ot tin Houm> luilr IIioumiimI doiliith. anU tin muoaiiLr b< rcfa- *J sart?s xrr^ - ?ic^inS /*"m.V/ A # frn.n' thf Ol till- 4-t. I /. ! ?. ^rfrn?l'- t?MT ooiiatrurtion ?t ? : ' ?W,*U a on* Kir-t ,tr,.( ? ue tw?-,-n I CMu^rlvmuia aiKi MariUnd a.enu-m ?i?SJ&42KJ? ? ^ to m ?iaJ., four th..uK?i?i a?iUr?. I or n>|>aii>. to building, l?|uo>onnitt. t? ^^?OTUt, ?u.l aii>l tor ura.l...^ ? '?'? lo?n'tr "-nuar. on MaryU?.t av. ru* oi ^, T?'> i 5ft!!!?1 S*^c?i. Mv?lrd ! v S... ?n.| Thmi. aiiJ B Kt^u. lol ere. ,;?i TtTr liouNfi* f<?r I'Ot*. i?oil ct.a! ,.. > . i * mmI.i>ui4in| Ak liuiMlriU iloilni -. ' I'"4' *? I or<*oni|>ietiitgthenewooiiM-rxatorx liver 'ct m! l,"? e*f'ru e'-??- <oV,zm fiwe hSLJ^i ml2frn ?>crei, thou^apj J* "tolUrB: an.l the aevcral an?. rfta ?rr!i f' f* the Botani.'ai Kardeoa h J* Irom the |.a?*f~ mttfu, ?,-t. ' :'1 "-J'/ *'???/?For ontiiaiiiiK tlie i?r Jf.V "i* Atlantic and tiuir ru??t* <>i n,? I lilted state*, aud i.*he Chaeylale. laeluliac ?osu|*,ii?tio,i of eiviUaiu* einf**.^ it, the ? aiKi ex, ludm* |?y and en.,ruaMnt? o! o^i. rra ^,U> M,,U |>ettv otli.-er.- a^iil Men of the na?y crnj.lox .it in the work t.iur hiiiidred and ten Ui,? dollat>. 'or ooiittnuiitf the surrev ot tlie ic? thof1 ?' ,llCi1 s,atef.. inoladinc coin;. -n?a ^ *'?! !'?> ?..a iati ,n? ol' en?. mrt> of r>tftiuer? in the wurk t * ? " ' ***? **??]? ttlTT? ?< dullu. . ' w trianaulation of the <; ,??? S r><7,to a* to form a geodetir conn. . tiou be l^idtili lit*. 'Vc p?0lttc co*?ti. .?r th* I nited htatea. aud awiriliu, m tlie sta?,. pur vey*, including c..tu]H-Hhj?iij|, of civilian- en V\r iT e wwrk- thirty thou?au4 du!lar? .,, ?r, all>i* of the com,.,e ESiTsfir- ??"" t"~ ?-~ '*?% For continuing the |>nldicatton of the oS^erra butM made in tie progr.^ ol C ??-t s HTer in'fh * .co??,t'nj'*tio" '?r civilian* euu^f in the work. tl*r publication lo bt m^de ai tli? (Government I'rniUn* office, ten thou^uj dJl I.igit-ErtaMitkmmt. For nalari?> nf kt^nl^d'n/ii ""^V 'hrce litfht-h.,ua. a<?|Kr* aiid light-beacon ke.|?r?, and tuair iMivianto, live hundr.d and IkUtt-(ve tbuu M?.d eight hundred dollam. JOTtVJ^n *nd incidental euN>n?M m r -nt ^li,,,Z'rov'n? and bulldiriM connected tfcenrwifh.Two hundred ami twenT n\e thonaand dollars. ' ,i/^'WrSth' ami W-hm, * ^ ^ U,uU- l-*ke' W Facte SL^' ^ ' ?l*"*rh'mnej>, cliamoia ?ler tow^U Kr? r,U*' *h'H"K !->>?ahin? |h?w , r' wwel*, brmthea, aoap, i.aniia and oti,?r cleaning materials, and fof ex\* Sf renii" t.',f 'r u f iB rePa,r illuminating ap/ara tua and machinery, and of (aunntf tfvrrj ,,r^ *'* 5 yto> tor ligHt-h?ra, and other incidental necewarv exjietiaea. three h indred and airtv ttiouaam{e.ght hnndnxl aud Uiirty-^ven d^ " * vlaiting and inapectlng l gSta "aw "* n*v,ffat'OB! thousand dol Forwamen * wage#, rations, repair*, salariea hlrbtHtTi, *,Kl?,*i>eaaea oCtoreatr two *ven relief llght-rea*. |af two Bundffd ftiKl veventren than?nn*i him <r<* i and thirty-two dollar* and flit y cent*, h. -ftfff!* ?>??! Incidental M|^in?> in renew* 1 * lnii.r?,\ ing fog *ignai> and SuST ">?*? tUe^XTKuSI For expe?ea of ral*.ne, cleaning, paint n* repairing, renewing. ai3 w^iIm \m?1| bnora, epindle*, and dar>-b,*a<'.,iw, and f.?r chafna. ainkera. and aimilar aeoeaaario" thrZ hundred ihouaand dollar*. t Fe fee nmtxnwl ] MARRIED. LANOLEV-I.WCKI:. At th. ||. h.?dr>-. M r ? Uurch, on T.iMdar, April II,. J u *2"h'V L??kir' ol ti. ..-!??. M| Lor*"'mi wIlG?** ianghterot 11 n ihStoieJrVi. -? l? C.,lormmi, ^ ,3* Iu ,hi? , !'V . April 14th I-Iil '' hwreti. ?r k-? ?|, ^.. M ' l?k* ,kZ ciir 1L*"* l" Nu'r b * Ku i-i.L DIED. roPMAM At twam i*M,. ?A BT lloL't Ml ? ,ao* ?l Joki. J. au.i U** .b U .ru, ,n, ag?d t Ui"l,lb? *nd 4 rlays. f i.u^ral will take place from th< r?-i4?-ne# of hit Rrecta, tio 414t M ?trrrt,iionli*t?t. Tliurwltf, h io?t.. at 3 4U p. iu. The fii?-udt of the faiuilr are r??pectluH> in* ited t.? attend. NHAltllt AKN1C V. t* H A F F T. R. b-l .?~l daukbt^r id Mary A. tkaafl-r. ?f- I- paart, II n.onlbs.l la). Depart.d thi* life April Ifcb, 1% u tkick, after a *li..rt illne?. 0 t boil who in the Olive*. Wben the dark bai van, .,?,. l>'.l. t ?itb a breaih of h.-avetd) lore, Balific Iter ol lt?r pam. * M!N(ihTA( K. At 7 oViock p m.. Apt.I lik, 18T1, after a long aud paintal iIIi,<-m a 1,icl, *b? b >r? ailb ihrietian fortitude. K ATI. old?M daagbt?r af Ckw. A and Mart J. tf- ugatack, in the 3d year af liar *g?. Fnneral aerricaa take place from MeK ?idr*a < liapel at S o'clock Tburaday. (Keiatdi. aa plaaaa UNDERTAKERS. ||KHAkl) r. auiTKT, (fciiiiiirnaiirir * ma um.,. Ma. *14 W Ituit.I MMTJLLL1C bVRUL CASKS ABO CAW Mi tart ly BHR&CDB, HABITS, ?? ^IIUAAB W. HMW, CAB It! xt MAM MM AMD UMVMMTAMMM, rtKiriTVMM MAMM+MM D* nCTCMULL 8TEUP, utimjpL? at all mMvmm

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