Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ?IDM.M?*V Ipril 16. |HTt. LOCAL NEWS. * Amnwnriits A r., T-va.'KhL H'm'i Oi'rti Mm*'.? l'bc I.ydi* Thompson tow p? in ??Larliue." Limci* tlxII Knben-fein, Wiai4WiU and Tin ilore< cotw*-rt. Thtaitr Ccmique.?Songs, barley aw, dance?, &c. gix'\ Lf?.Jolin O'Briett'i Great Me nagerie and Cirv.u?. M>fT' mpl'?Grand Kali for the lag:on City Hibernian Bene vole lit Society. 4?Rfl<-as4M| L rnl?. Smt A.dr *,Kl Print*"* Agency. fSSXm *7*^ as ? ?/ ?wl?'i<w last night re *1 11 applications for membership auU ,1j? ?u??ed "Unul extracts." rLTr!rtT*pW??f.nK,ntV?t,n,t Ea<t'r *? LSch.Sre;urch?"*,,,ghtby *?????** Sam. Owen, who has l?een quite ill with an affeetioa of the liver for a few days past. i? nncb letter. J I nl" RiT". daughter of the late .John ' **?'?* th? tl sailed from Vrw "M* lor hurope io the -teamer Russia to rit? 01 confirmation wa? .id ministered at the church of the Asccnfton last night l>v light He*. Bishop Pinckney to tive BM and eighteen t. male candidates. t he Baltimore annual confirrenceof the Afri can Metl.odist Kpisecpai Clmrcb, whi.-h was a| |<*nte<l *o meet in Baltimore April 2td, has l..en postponed nntil Wednesday, April 3??th. ?^?r- Clarke iV Given, wood and coal deal rrvte-day received a note faying: "Please Iji.I enclosed the ?im of rwenty-tive cents, wb ehamount isjn?tly due the firm frotu me, aid ct> lrge the ssme to ?Monsoience." An scitiMimrnt to the t>otind laws adopted b v the board of health at tlie last meeting pro vides that all animals impounded are to be sold ?it'r twenty-four hours without notice. Other amendment- have reference to the details ot tie g< neral management of the pound service. The return gr-me of ba?e hall between the Jlaryl.ind club of Baltimore and the Washing ton club of this city, pl?ve?l on the Olympic irrourds yesterday, remitted in a elctofy for wU'SSS..^* "OOJ Controller Baiter, of the p-?trict. Is to-dar paying oft the police force for the m .nth of Jan uary, aft, r which the public school teachers are to be paid for that month, and afterwards the ctcrks in the emptor of the District gov ernment, and the firemen are to be paid for th-? ?ame month. 1 The following patents hare been granted to persons residing in this District: C. P. Welch M^rTOW"' rn',.,'"in-rs P'lrit er. (rei-sue.) Win' Washington, apparatus for cl^anin ? Waahiitgton I. SuJiow, Washington" _ ? *???*=ii?rtl* %Knin?t Flr??. lATEKrsns- EiHlKITIOJT or TWO VALUABLE ixrrsTiom. . ,',;Vrc>,inK e*hil.itn,u was given in front J ,e Arrrjti? Hotel this morning of the pr.u tu-ai work:rf of two in^enioas and valntMe iV rl >,r Mmrtln Cronln, chief engineer J L T,rt* *Jerartn?ent of the District of Colnm ~ ? m ?t the*.' i? a new ho?e combln i i.Vt'V,, ^ ]?' '"row two or more tire engines is forced throu?;li one nozzle, gre i'lv n.creasing its volnme-an.l velocity. The otl^'r i'.:4 n.ew method of raiding tire lailders. The 'improvement was te?te.l ome six or seven nn.r.ths ago ni tront of th<- Bank of Washington m. h a torty-foot ladder, hat ?in.?e tLattim" a j ew 4a.i.!er . Igfctv rCet In length ami verv |.?avy?the toi:ge>t flre ladder in t'ie countrv? ** '"t" constnicte?l.and !hl< was the tirnt tim i. has been raised. The exhibition was set for tb? mirning to accommodate the chief of the JVew \ < rk lire dppartm. rt. Mr. Jo?>ph I, j^r 1. \. and Mr. William A. Torrev, of Torr^v's cart ?vic hose ntarturing romj anv. al^o'of ? Previously sigui!i<j<| til >ir tU>n?t^ted T""th,? thi* c,t>'tu we those inven An alarm wa? stmck at l?:2T? o'clock, an l the ? vrral ct i.:p?m s arrived on the gronn 1 in the l..,:ow;i.g oiderand timer-No. j hose carriage, In I nil nut** .*?> No. I engine, 1, 32; Xo ; i* **'? '? ' No - engine, 4; hook aWladder,* ?.?. >i?. I ??, jo; No. | engine, s, 2-r.; s<* .i.i'^t a,i engine came in ^ the same time wmi >o. t. *o. 5 ^Georgetown) va< not called The carriage containing the new ladder was at once utilimliered. and the toot of the ladder ';45r' 'i:rft'.t,-v ^,w^n the two entrance wavs ,1=1 f ?otel',wd ,n ? few minutes after it was ra.srd. tnrT.ed aronnd and -he top lowered to ?t? placc between the tilth story window- under the cornice w th as much apparent ease a* u it hsd l>e*ii trade of jack straws. c?'ml.inat:on hose coupling was th*n attachtd. uniting the streams of water from two engines, and the full power was put on. throw i.'g an immense stream somed stance alnive the t. p ot the hwtel, which, .as Is well known, is ??e stories high and surmounted bv a French the District* ^ U"* ?f UlC taIlcSt iu I he exhibit ion wx? a success in every par ticular, ai.d liotw ithstAtiding the inclement father a large crowd assembled to witness It. irciti-.iiig the fire commissioners and minv otb. rs wljo take an interest in tiie fire depart VT 1 }'* \ ork visitors expressed th.-m Il'tVTW p'ea^ed with the tests, and think thl* "VProvements ot great imp>ortance, ami tt at tiie\ m-i!.t 1^ generally adopted in all arge c,ties.( The whole affair was over bv 10 t.-Vt?ire' engines were sent to their res P 'tive sTat.ons. SfrwJ. Perlev and Torrev ?o;.'Sr,"a:t, L*'re ,?*'U'r ai,d the engine ?"r ?omnrissiowecs and engineers, i! i -til* to ?DOrr?w at ' o'ciwk p. to., to ?wl the Baltimore tire ilepartment. ThCiwaituki ASD Onto Caxal? r. sf TTh< president and directors of the <( l esai^ake an.I Ohio ? anal companv met in BaUimore yesterday. The president ?ub n.itt;.l '?'* re|?ort, showing: Revenue for the n ot ^arch, *5,105.47, expenses, ^li.sjo.jn. V . "The interruption to our trade and diiiKi.ytion in receipts are niainlr attributable to the rel asal ot the l>oatmen to carry freight >Li Tu Georgetown gl..V>, and Alexais.ria * per ton. Thev aeman.|ed of ten.c^,,N I^r ton. which was re fused by the coal companies. Th? difficulty . 1*" jU on l^^'fh bv giving an advance ot tve cents per ton. and the shipments of coal have been active since the first dav of April, htsi there is everv reason to expect a largely increase,I revenue during the pre?ent sea?)n. frVrVt n T" C?n"' >?tn* *<kHl condition to ni+ri th^ <t? nian.ti? ot the trail*- ** Jn contormitv with the president's recom 7!TJ' ?1l? WJt* appropriate,! to pav the ??Wi?ry, 1*5, contions on preferre.1 con?truc tM i, ami after 1st of Mav next, at fcrown g Son.-' banking house, and ?il '?? was appropriated for a -teaoi pamt. for t. umbcrtaiM, mvision. Is, \tmxs.?Tuere were filed in the ellice of the kreorder of I) yesterday, cer titicatfs of incri-oration of the following: ?? The New National Kra ami Citizens* Pu'? lishtng Csipony," the capital stock of which is fixed at with the following trustees ? L. M. lH>uglas", K. W. Tompkins.George I>. .lohn -oii. K T. Greener. John H.Cook, Charles It. lH>nglass aad Frclerick I>otiglass, jr. ??The tierman F.vangelical l.utherin 7ion <'ongrrgaUoii," the object of whi>?h is to pro mot, re' g ous worship according to their creed. The trustees ar>- 4in?tav Oiessler. .tohn Schlut t?rbe? k. H. A. Seiuihach, H. Vierkotn. Thei> aiore I'htt, Charles StruckharUt, John B. 8cl:t lubcrt in?l .lot.n Schopp. Misa LVDIA ThOM I'SOJ'H CO>f!?ANV at tracted another very large audience at Walt's ??p*ra Hon*e last night, and the bur lesque, '? Kenilworth,"* was performe,! with ??"? new ami tunny feature^. The burles-jae circus was very comical. The infant skater ami dancer was warmly applauded, as uanal. T?enight tfc-j companv ap|>ear in th-* bur!es,|ue, ?? 1 iirline," in which Becket's ami Fdou.n's at.tie* are warranted to cure the worst possible ?-asC of blues. Thi Sah or Pu Trarsthis evening at the auction rooms of l.atimer & Cleary should not >>e overlookci by those who wish to properly ecorate their homes,?aad who doesn t ' it is iiMleed rare that an opportunity la afforded to select from so large a variety of really goo.1 original pictures, and the range both of subjects ono treatment is so wkle that someth'ng can be fowad to sail nearly ersry taste. We hoi>e. therefore, to see a large attendance. Thi To*** LKTTBN?The second lector* of the cooree instituted snder the Toner Fumi to enceoraas the discovery of aew truths for the Mtanctnest of Bsdiciae will be delivered by thodistingulshed physician. Dr. Brown Se-iuanl, at Martnvs Hall. April l*. The admirable ??Toner Pan,!." providing for the delivery an nually or two lectures by eminent members or the mod leal fraternity, was instituted by Dr. J. M. Toner,ot this city. SwatZ ?t rasas have been reported since yesterday as follows: One at Island station; one at lilt Madison street, between tth awl 7th and M and N streets northwest; one at No. S precinct station, one at corner of 3d and M Mreets southwest, and one 1n Cole's row. eountr. One death?on Half street, between U and V streets sooth west. Tn EaanciraTto* Celebration Post fcjtp.?Owing to the heavy rain to-day the proposed grand procession and celebration of the 9th anniversary of the^ prockamanoa ot to morrow. CstntiDO sapphire*, aad eat opals set in gold, beautiful, ami French gilt* and Kngli?h jet sets, received at Priggs* jewelry store, No. 457 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4% street, f Fna sownrtw in neck wear go to Henry Tranc, neat door to Franc, the hatter. t The National Aradrny of Sd??cs. ?AVAXS I* corxciL. I The ?i*te*iitli annual convention of the Na Aciul- iuv of Sciences, commenced at the Sn-ith-oinan Institution yesterday. Thl Academy * as ncurporated in 1063, aixl a char ter ?? granted upon the condition that when ever eaJlrd upon bv any department of the royernment It would investigate, and report ufKMi any subject of science or art without om P? usatlon, the actual expenses of said investiga trons. however, to he borne bv the government. 1 be membership numbers about fifty, among ?l:om are many of the leading scientific men of the rouiitry. The following are the officers: Joseph Henry, president. William Chaovunet, vice president; I>r. Wolcott Gibbs, home secre tary: I-oui* Agassiz, foreign secretary; Fairra&n Rogers, treasurer; John T. Hoover, clerk. At the opening session yesterday afternoon Prof. Henry, the president, presided, and Dr. A?a Gray, the celebrated botanist, read a enlrgy 011 the late Dr. John Toitv, of the United States mtay office. Prof, benjamin Pierce followed with a learned paper on "The IM-tt rmination of Singular Points of Curvns and Surfa. es by the Methods of Quaternions,*' which he illustrated by diagrams and equa tions on the black board. to-day's pkoce*i?isos. The academy resumed its session at the Smithsonian Institution at noon to-day, Prof. Joseph Henry, president, in the chair, and Mr. John Hoover secretary. There were present Protestors Joseph Henry, Benj. Silliman, Bent. Pierce, S. F. Baird. J. fl. C.. Coffin, J. E. Hil cant.J. Homer |Lane, J. L Le Conte. F. B. Metk.W. B. Rogers, S. Newcomb, Chas. A. Schott, James C. Waters, W. I). Whitnev, Ar nohl tiayot, S. S. Newberry, ami J. H. "frum bell. and tlenerals JI.C. Meigs and A. A. Hum phreys. Several ladies were also present. Prof. J. E. Hilgard read a paper on determ:* 'nations of longitude between Europe ami Ame rica l.y tLe l*nit?l States coast survey. He il lustrated by means of the blackboard the de ter mi nations between certain points in Europe and America, by the electric current through the cable. The time of transmission betweon Brest and St. Pere and Valencia and Heart s Content i? alout identical; the former distance is l.Hfti, ami the latter 1 miles, ami the time of transmission between the two points hrst named is -"rl of a second, and between the la*t two JS of a second. The time of transmission between St. Pere and Brest and return occu pies .?> of a second, ami l>etween Valencia an J Heart's Content .56 of a second. The differ ence between Greenwich and Washington is five hours, eight minutes, and twelve secou<l*. Dr. J. S. Newberrv, of Columbia College. > ew Vork. read an able paper on the structure of the "Cincinnati anti-climal," illustrating geological -tructures by colored draftings. The Professor's essay elicited a nnml>er of rineries from Prof. Hilgard and others, all of [?? hich he answered in such a manner as showed ' entire familiarity with the subject. The Pro feseor is a blue-eved, scholarly-looking man; wears a long, full beard, and is apparently about forty-six or seven years of age. He is a ready sneaker, ami evidently thoroughly inves tigates hi? subject before preparing nis essays. Prof. Simon Newcomb, of the Washington Naval Observatory, a studious, young-look ing gent'eman, next read a paper on the ne*l of more accurate investigations-and tables of the celestial motions, aniiwas listened to with great attention. He was speaking when our rejort closed. Real Estate Transfers. The following transfers of real estate have been tiled in the office of the Recorder of Deeds smce our last rei>ort: April 1.?C H.W. Jnnken to W. Griffin. mb. 4-?. IT!', K. \Vaf>-riii?n to Chark* \V?lt?r. all ripht, tnb-and inter, st in ??atstei f Robert Ro**, : District of Uetanilda to Frank .1. Brain'i dl, north half lot 2n. square ; W. Ktinr toll A. L' tic-r, p?rt lot hi, s-mare 140. W. H. Campitt tn Pati ick II. Roche, p;irt lot 8, square 75. 8?75; W S R ->*e to Mary L. Psschal, part lot 3, -?inatf jjW.iM); L A. Wi?J to G -orgs W. Wood, p?rt l<>t 13, -?inare 'US. : G. W. W "?l to L. A. \Viha} saai* pr->p< rty, 81,7<0; G. W. II irknes* to L. J h??U, un l"l .1,a>in*rc lit. G. E Cameron ti'T.X'fiillMdJ SI. Witiierow, parti tZ, square 33, 81 at v. Aptil 2?Ell**n Reynold* to Ann Byno|. Is, part hi 2, squat* 477, M.Gr>-eu I'd'. W.Cun t,ii phsir. ?ub. |5, square 312 8*>a|"M; T. J. 8bri*?-v? ti' tli.:il>rih Ann Untfte. lot 15, s-,u?ie 4,*>, 8 J 0. A T. F x. trustee, to M'. B. E\ans,t-ub. 125. viii.?r? 1.V4V April 3.?W. L. Bramhall to I". G. Dani ?!?. suits 2T> aiiti 2s. A ami B, square 21U, *.VA"d; T. A. C.irtis d a! . p?rt l.-<iUi?rD(05. W. > Wli-atley t ? li MrCanley. tart is, squsr.- 7^, ft2J???; W. Cl^nd-niii to Enoch E<1monst..n. part 7. -inarf 525. $1410; L. J*. Ch ipuian to C. It. Pearson. , square id. * liwt; sanie to W. E. Hamilton, same, >l.>?v, A.J BrowwtoJ.M. pari" M to Kiuan- 212 r^^Jt.-los. Anthony t?.C. I' it> Brown, north ii ?lf suh. 9, si|iiar?* 4i1. |17W; A. M S:nitli to .1 S hieith srl. iai ??,uar? ??; *2J0U; John Hoover t> J. D. MrPherson. , ??|nar- 4-3, .?2.U?0. April I.?D. L. Morrison to Elt/.?b?-th J. Hamil ton, parts ( an.I|i;are 7si, i%3jn>i; P. A. Bar nieltet, Eli/n (*ntallwon4, atib. H . s-in^rt* f? ?? ; W. Qnnton ?t al , trtwtoes, to K. II. Rvon, lot V.i. s.|t;are ?S.i. #2.i>sS, C. T Snn(h to B U. 11.11, ?ub K. -itntn- 2nj. # G H f'in-.n'l? to it. Looi>ii<;?r, ,?l?iar? ?91, #. .tWO, E. Mi l.lleton t > saan^, part 3, -<|tiarc 7'.?t. .?1 *?i; F. A. B *w-ll t,> F. A. Pan nel!. notth half 26. sonar* Si*, A. Joa*-". trn?ter. to Iloswell, sai-ie pri.p.-rt>, ?l.'Mt; N \Vils<-n, trcnt-e. to K. Jewrtt, sonar) we>t of ?,|iiar?- 471, J. L. Carl.ery, trustw, to J>*h?a A. Ritchi>', luts 1 and 3, square lu. t, s.|nare 21, ?n<l 9 to 12, square 7."4, ; Cath'-ri t'art.ery to J. L. Carl.ery, trustee, ?ame as ab v with lot 5, ??inars 573. an?1 1, s<inare H7, $??"?; Da* io P. ttsto T. Prke, sub. 24. s<inar? 312. ?U.H|. Pike to T. L. Tnil.ick. do., 91,1110. U. W. Brew to 0. K. Ilat . oi k, part S, s<jnare ?4'. ?7&*): T. Fi ch C. B -) nt?n, sub. 12, s,|n?re ^tl, G. K. IIaII t ? Haoiiah M. 8h"phar.t, b>t 31 so'iarn 163, S"JW; O. E Babci ck to J. ?. Fitch, >-uh. A autl psrt !. ?<iuare aw. *2'< UW. April 5.?B. Cratty P> Tneker and 8hcrtnan, snh ?d.'onare eait of 509. $2,2i*>; JatuHi t'ftrter to J. E. M.. actaas, part lot 4, *juar? W. *376; J. B.Jon-s to S, l> m.,n 8toier, lot 5, aoitare 116, $1.41'1, B H Warner to Lizzie B. PnuipLrey.sub. 13, *4Uare33t. ; . II. Puwphrey to Warn -r, same, d-J., ; G Kissnbrann tc S. C?bb, west h.tlf lot 13, s>?uar IjM. ?210; JH art man to M'.C O. B?4?, lot 13 ?<l'iar* %iS. G. White to K. L. Grant, sub. IV *?itiar*-94. J^l-SiO; J.J. Johnson t<> P. H. B. T <n!i(. jrt aint 27. s,|iiar? r.M, fb*4ii; C. Gamma- k, jr., '?i al. to 8. 8. Phillip* and J.J. Johnson, north half lot 4. soiiai-56, , L-.vejoy and F-adnll. trustee, to B H.Waiur, snb 8, ?i<:are 33t. ?925; F T. R.-inliiiics to Jr >b K VaiBCiT. irab 12. s.|nar? .Ml. #"28; B. H. W'?m?r to F. B Lontis, |.?t *. s<i?ar? R4. %2--.2B: c. W. Ha?snn>-rto W. U 8.dd?-n. suIm. T and I", s.jiisrs 133. and ?ub. 12. siiriare 9U. April 7.?W. F. Holten to T. F. Dolan, sub. C, sf)Uar?'west. f 5K3. ?3i*i: T. A. Curtis, trua'es, t <>as?awa> Ta> lor, part 27. s<jnar<- 639, T. T. P?rker to C. Conrad, , a-piare 31. ?1.2?M, F 8<*?jntoE L ftanton. pari l,s.iuarfStS, 9M0: J. I?. B? ardsle* to M . M. R-hr^r, his rinht as ati heir of H>-iiry t'oat, <i<r^aaed. In squareK*?. ; K.N. Sn.itb to Emily idwr* ,~*1. sub If, square 2U)>. J3-V?>, S. Flanaean to C. II Idckson. anb. 29, square #<v. *4 fit*', E H. I? ugherty to W O. Le-. sub.'s) --lUar--11*4. 8731; F. Ilantia to th? Un't.?d 8*at>*s, !?>< 13and parts 12and II. s.tnar- tiSS, . W. W Cox, trusts, to Joaeph A. Tarkingtou. suh. O. square 87u. 04A0; V. A. Kidder to B.M.lburu. lot 9, tqiiare 777, At&O Aprils?T. A. Fitzpatrick to Isaac <>om, sub. I) of lot 23. sonar* aid, 8300; E. F. D'-xter et al. to Harve\ Lindsley, parts 61 and ui, square 62S. efjOOO; G .C. B. Miu hi-ler. trustee, to Burns H it Ian. , square north of 128, 8?>M; Wiiht Koch to John Markriter. part 13, square 437. B5J<S); N. Ack?r to Thonjac t'larke. part 17, siinare 536. 86tt<: John V. 8niith to (Vila J. Pluialey, lot ji, square 1^127. 8733: H. H. Waiisworih to W. Downey, trn? t<-?*. south Part I, square 77*. #3M); 8. II. Howell to Msry Jane Baker, sub. 119, sqnar.> I""?. 82Ju); Elizabeth L. Watson to 0. E Pal-cock, su??. A. V. and C, square 1?. frAO1.'; J. Jackson et al. to Julia A Griffin, parts 21 and 21. Sonar* 12??. : M M Rohrer to t<?rett Wro-. part J. square630. 91W: W. M. Harvev to D J Partello, sub. 2t. musr- 642, 81.450, 8. 8. Phillips and J. J Johnson to James A. Win*-b*-rger, n ?rth h?lf t, s.|iiare 36. ?100; Eli/a Doiial,l?on to , sub. 14, square 829. >273; Ch?sap< ake and Ohio Ca nal t'oirrany t Washington City Ga<- l.ight C?m par.y. Any years on certalo parts of s<iuares 2 anJ 3'~ ? Alexandria Fish Market. (.'notation* of new fish for this day, furnished to Thk Star by George W. Harrison Jt Co.. w holes-lie dealers in tiah. Nos. 42 King street. M. Al, V> tish wharves, Alexamlria. Va. Shad, per hv.ndred, ?)) to ?11; Herring, per thousand, W to *?!; White Perch, per bunch, to till cents; Rock, per bunch, A) to 2!i cents; ?>tlal, per buucb, 10 to 20 cents. A Sad C'*?i or De?*ravitv? Tke Ditgrnct-i Domykter of H'?>??<tabif PartrUt AtUmu/* ?Suiri-U. , Yesterday afternoon Mr. George S. Henault called on l?etective McDevitt. at police hcad I ?iuarters, and re|>orted that while absent from his place of busiitesa?the restaurant and liquor establish ment at the aoutheast corner of 8th and D streets?his sleeping apartment had been en *ered, and hia trunk and bureau drawers ran I sacked, papers awl jewelry strewn around, and 1 that he hau missed a valuable gold ring. Mr. McDevitt at once went with Mr. Henaolt to the establishment, and there learned that during the day two young girls had vlaited the house and had become very much intoxicated, and Mr. MeDeviU found one of them still there, and she then was beastly druuk, carrying on fran tically and begging'that her family should not be disgraced. He recogained her as the daugh ter of a very respectable citizen of South Wash ington, and advised the proprietor to give her a room where she could star until sober. Mr. Heaault agreed to do so, and she was taken up stairs for that purpose. As Mr. McDevitt was leaving the place with one of our business men, they noticed the girl getting out of one of the upper story window*, and hastening hack Mr. McDevitt took charge of her, and far a carriage conveyed her " she is still " " termined trouble, ?_ ? rn~m m uui wouia cut her throat. She also stated that both she and her w? * *r ?- s ,<>?n_deceived by a bu^, ? ? officers hava Want everything like a knife or daaewoaTwea^n out of her roach. Mr. Mc De vTttaotiftcd Vu nsrsnte this unlu a# _v ?" WaSHmoTon FmiMauit?At the Wash ington fish wharves to-day the following sales ** V *? ?****** A Bro., aactiousers: NJN shad, to rikippers, for gi:i; Hjm herrings, fMm 96 to rTsoo tailors, at 1 rock, from 15 to cents. others; 8MOO herrings, from *fi to *7: 1, at 813; Ijm tailors, at 1 cant; 1,000 rack, boa 13 la ? cents. desbjr I shad, ?The alarai of Ira at lu this aftemooa *!*? hn* 21, (corner New Jersey avenue and C streets, was caused by tre being discovered in a one-story building on Delaware avenue, be y?*on D and E streets, belonging to a Mr. Blake. The interior was damaged consider ably. A Cwr of AMnrtiM. r. 'i,cJ s,nr in y>ur lurt WMnanlar'j i??ue I * FTa?rapfc belied -'Maryland KlafA meiit that more properly m<ght have been railed ? on*# alfiuetvm. The fellow (whose name 1* Incorrectly veil, has no alias, the latter name giren being bis only a ail true name,) had l>een for several years a field hand, or servant, t? (tentleman, wboM ehild was at the semi nary in Lisbon, Howard county; and, taking a<l vantage of his being known as snch, drove to the seminary on the evening of Tuesday last, ami stated to the uneusttectii^c child that her mother bad been suddenly takeu ill, and desired ber immediate presence. The plausible story induced the preceptress to permit the child to .lm\ ^hen P???ing the road that leads to her father's house from the public road they had traveled, she warned the fellow of the fact, who drove more rapidly; she then became alarmed, and made several efforts to escape from the carriage, but was restrained by the man, who> moved on at a rapid pace until over taken, some ten or twelve miles from the dwell 15 of. "If ??*toT?d father, who inflicted prompt and energetic chastisement on the vil lain, in the presence of his brother-in-law, the only person that had accompanied him in the pursuit, and who took no part in the flagella tion, more than to see it prudentlv, properly, awl well done. Yours, truly, Veritas. Howard Cotxty, April lOtb, 1?73. the cortTs. TOM# K COUiJT. Sim//.?To dav, Siiltjcy Jf-*"?El|t ?''<> battery on Stseh?n Till?v (.n tu?- Shtb el March: plea of guilty entered. It wan t.Miti.d that Mr. Tilley was nrettv hsdly h*aten and that lie Was con.pelled to keep his bed far ten days or more; finpd $l?io. ? ... ? lost hi* Moxey. iJ ! ??!T wnS 'barged with rtea'ine a vest con aiiiiriK .?.hi from M Hlism Poster. Th" Utter t?*?|. li?d h?t l.e wr* with the girl last ufght in a h?n?" on ??ii alley n? ar 13th street, an.! after she I.-Tt the ro m n? n.i?s.ii his vfst containing the ni..n.y. Sergeant Faint* r testified that he 1 mud the vest on the stairs I ut iitiuci.ey. Hattif was s?nt to jail six months a sorio SLEEPER. Lewis Beratney was charged with th? larceny of a i oat and other si i ichw front William Willcs Th latt. r testifbd that h?- ?m at the Baltimore ?ui Ohio Jff,r ? train to leave, anil f.-ll as!-.,.p, i U'i ok. his overcoat and hie studs an.' ? ther articles were gone. Officer McH?->irv te-fifl -d ?o rtiding the accused on the car- with the stolen wssftisfsat:-' ASSAVLT casks. Lecy Gray, assault on Anna Th .ni* . Prosecuting T theaiMMMlIt wa? until" on Mot" qm morning. nod Lucy alu?? cut iid Iit , Auna's) h-dsiead Defendant tUht Attn? bS In-r has it 1 ? fHlled federal veea, but no no tfce sssanjt eoauaitted. Fined (M and costs James intent'?? KfiFwau,i battery with m?!i i ! Kate Thorn. The woman was not .UIT-i' . "eTtr*1 ',ft" er? of th- covet Instilled that ?hen hecante to the conn he s.iid that he h >1 st-nck her in the head with an ax- to kill her, ? ,"n',,,'7.d him by charging that h? shot two fing-rs ofrto get a pension. Mr Bar rett appeared for the prisoner, and submitted' the prisoner could uot%e held .in hi* ow n statement I.rir-1. f H'i ""bniitted that th. pri i "i'-'?"" n,l,<d' *n'l could not be liel ! . A 8l,,*e?iuently itn officer appeared and te'lifted that on the night of the id of Msrch he w is informed that a party Iih.1 given himself up head nt ?rtsn;?ta III* that h- h ?l killed a w.?a?, JSi to th- house named,on f street, near 3.1 street -..uthaest, he f?un , ? woman with V"r hea-' ent paudmS? **" c<*aa"tte<1 the action .,r tl,: GEORGE TOWN. COJISKCratio* or a BiSHOf._Thoconsecr.i ['"!! *'? G- Auer, BUhop elect ot Africa, w 11 take place to-morrow in St. John's (KttUi gnpal) church, in Uiis city,at 11 o'clock. IBishot. Sibiw, the presiding bishop, is the guest of Gov. /.rT^t *n' * hf present, together with t.;?i or twelve other bishops, antl about one hundred ci-wgymen. Oeai> [sfast Forxn?This morning,Ofti -er Burroughs lotiti<l a dea-l maleinftnt I !V W:iV rl'-on tl10 'ot on West street, near' th? P street' brnigv, and carried it fotlic?tati m x0"*- i r Rn?nmoi?e<l,and thinks it tsa. a Lcalthy child, but died from heiu>r | ri?5jp0. IJiVKit Ne\v??The sre.imer .T^bn Oil??on ch ared Jo-day lor New York, with s<J2 barrels four and 1*3,liU pounds tal'ow. Fis#? Wharf?Thereceiptsto-diy wereIC.oVi herring and 10.?m taylors; fie herring sold at S5 to per thonsand, and the tavlors at ?l per htiti-lrcil; SOO shad sold at f l.*5a?18 per hundre-t 1 ^i^ V." ^urt'8' and nor tlr?? of Betij. MayfleUI, shonM have been printed in our hM vesterday of the recently elected trus teCh of the Georgetown Presbyterian church. ALEXANDBIA. Yaoit Capsizkd?The yacht EreeMor. 1 tormerly the Maria, which won the prize in ihe regatta .ast year. made her first cruise vaster ? lay afternoon under the management of h *r i?wners' Ihe wind was blowing a prettv e.eze at ,he t!me' an<l * rtaw striking her otrtlie Arsenal she was cap<4ged. and her occu pants thrown into the water. They managed, however, to cling to her nides and bottom until the ferry boat City of Alexandria, which was on l,er three o'clock trip from Washington to this city, went to their relief, and succeeded, utter some delay, and with groat difficulty in V'?s ixtrty' ai"""^ ^bcm cliTtaln t.iilis, of the I . S. Nary, and General Kyan, .L?U *n "O,ori'>t>'' though lif - in somis of rTSS fv .extU,ct wUen they were dragged on the deck of the steamer. Tuev *JTe landed at the Arsenal wharf agam-it which the ste amer. In her e?b?ts to s ive th. ni b*l 'lrift.Nl and had a small hole knocked In her side in consequence, and the yaclit l>eiug subsequently righted they again (ook ^eats in h?r and sailed back to the Navy Yard. The only loss sustained by the accident, save the .Isma^e to the steamer, was a new hat belong ing to >fr. Frank Wolfe, proprietor of the eat '"*j '?jj?* OM the steamer, and an account bonk belonging to Mr. Dave Lowe, both ot which were dropped overlioard during the exerti'in* WDc" t? r?8CUP,the downing men, but both cf which could have been eaailv saved ha<l it not been that the parties to whom they belonged hesitated as thev ??y, "in look their own property, while people were drowning before their e ves." TradeI niow.?As will be seen bv a notice ewwhere in to-day's Gazette, the master car. TllA01'1 ? *t M uir's hall next Friday night to consider the request of the jour neymen carpenter# for an increase of wages af ter the 1st proximo. Several of tue master car enters who have been conversed with on the ?object express their belief that the re-iuest will i?t be granted. They acklowledge that con sidering the pay of other mechanics the request is by no mean- unreasonable, but say that the scarcity of work will compel them, in a few days, to discharge some of those they now em ploy even at the present low wages. Aid from the Pbabodt Krxn The citv KUpcrinteiiUent ot public nchhota rectMvt j, t>v Bight's mail, a check for fifteen hundred dollars, from th# Pealwdy education fund, in aid ot our schools. Thi# money |s to be use<1 for building putposes, Alexandria being entire ly unsuppleil with proper school hou?rs and furniture, ami it being the aim of the eitv school bovd to repair the dtiicicncy as soon a? pom Propfrtt SALr?Messrs. Green * Wise, real estate agents, solO to-dav for Mr. W. T Kagan, a farm near Bealton sUtion, Fauquier eounty, containing IfiO acres, improved bv a dwelling and fine orchards to Mr. Nathan W I-t'Wt, of Ohio, for ?10 per acre Oax tt<, hxti tctning. Carrolic Aciu mk FuEsKaviKu Bodies It is stated that Prot. Gulllery has demonstrated anew the powerful antiseptic properties of car t>olic acid in some additional eynerimentslatelv made. He enveioiwd a lresh corpse in a cloth saturated with a solution containing two per cent, of the acid, and after an interval of four or five days poured more of the solution over the body. By this treatment putrefaction was entirely prevented, the body after six months exhibiting no signs of decomposition, and being but slightly altered in appearance. At the Morgue in Paris a solution containing one twentieth of one per cent, of carliolic acid sprinkled over the bodies arrested putrefaction even during the heat of summer. Ghlorine had previously proved ineffectual to disinfect the atmosphere of the dead house. 1 he New Political Pow er?In rogard to the new and rising political power in the west, among the rural population, it may be stated Uiat scarcely two years have eUpsod since the first grange, or lodge of the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry was organized in the state or Iowa, and now granges are to be found in almost every community of farmers, in twenty two states of the union, and the aggregate membership is estimated at 1,*J0,0U0. In Iowa, they claim 166,000 patrons, while then are said t? be still a larger number in Illinois. Ix the Sandwich Iolards afl classes of people?the natives and foreigners alike?are said to be anxious for the negotiation of a rieiproelty treaty with the United States. They think it will give a decided impetns to commerce between this country and theirs, and lu this opinion San Francisco merchants agree. The Hawaii mis are willing to code to the United states a naval station there in return for the treaty. To Pcvtm Bribery.?An net providing for the punishment by imprisonment in the peni tentiary or persons oonylcted of bribing officer* or members of the general assembly hu named both branches of the Ohio legislature. 'Ohio psosssts to pay its Illinois! is of Hi i It Lonle Tn, 8t. Louis, and 91,000,000 is offered privilege. ?&? prepwto?10 , A* number of woasen recently agisted at a lynching at Fort Srie, Canada. KTMIh Kdmonla Lewie, the colored Ameri can sculptress, is about to be married. T Dob*T??' ??? *ntenoed to twenty T*rk Dry . _ T"he New York Bulletin of yesterday mvk /?? weekopens with ? mora active movement maw v nA Ink h Im ? * m _ a a * v In the jobbing trade, and certain orancbes pre sent mcrtMM animation with the i .MW.v?Mi?ion house*. The market for cotton goods remain nominally unchanged, and the beat makes of cottons are firm and clonal? sold np to pradac tion, bnt there is a palpable weakness tn the lower qualities of ahcetings and shirting, which are offered by the jobber* at reduced prices in order to reduce stock and stimulate trade. Colored cottons are very steady, and stork* in first hands are merely nominal; hence prices are exceptionably strong, although some of them hare distributed fair qualities of bea vers, chinchillas, and other heavy overcoatings to the aarly clothing trade, and prices for the staple are now so low that mannfketurers are enabled to produce fabrics which are likely to realise a reasonable profit. Prints are In mode rate request, but are less brisk than they were some time ago. Shirting stripes are nearly all

reduced to 11 cents, a?d are selling well. Polka spots are less active, bnt white grounds, per cales, and medium colored fancies are in fair demand. Shawls continue quiet tn first hands, bnt the jobbing demand is seme what better, snd prices rule .steady. Imported roods con tinue quiet in first hands, and the jobbing dis tribution is not satisfactory. Two Additional Kailroads Through Nkw Jersey?The railroad legislation in New Jtrsey in the passage of the "free railroad bill" is likely to result in two additional lines to the P> n* sylvama line throughtout that state. The Nati >nal line, the opponents.of the Pennsylva nia line, O'ganited immediately after the gov ernor signed the ?-lree railroad bill," with a strong financial president, Saru iel K. Wilson, and a board of directors, snd paid in the ten ]?er cent, on the estimated cost of construction throng): t'te state. The survev for the Nation al air-.ine, it is stated, is a Traction over ten m !c-i shorter than the Pennsylvania line. Al?out twenty miles of this road has been grad ed, and the work of construction will soon com mence. The law requires Its completion tn two years. More recentlv the '-New Jersey rail road company" alleged to be in the inter *st ol the Pennsylvania companv, have orgttiiiM, and the survey of that portion of the line ex- I tending to Bound Brook has been Hied. In many places It is little mere than 100 feet from the rocte of the National line, and it is intend- | ed to l>e parallel with it. Both start from al most the same point on the Delaware, al>ottt four m 1 ?? al ove Trenton, and run side by side to found Brook. It is the intenthm of the' New Jtrsey railway company to continue this par alleln-m ami to construct a line, as declared, to the city of Newark, where they will connect With their ro ids already established. A Mtrdfrocb Somnambulist.?In Candia, New Hampshire, Monday night, a mysterious attempt was made t-> murder a boy fifteen year." or age, named John Emerson, at the house of Charles Hone, a farmer. A noise alarmed M>me of the family about midnight, when young Emerson was found in bed quite iusenslhle, with three terrible gashes upon his head ami face. inflic*ed with an axe, which was found on the floor. There is slight prospect of his recav try. The assassin obtained an entrance through a window and escaped the same wav. Som- of the neighbors think the act was committed by a boy about the same age, named Fit*, while asleep. Fit* is a somnambulist, and lias fre quently gotten up in his sleep, and one night last we?-k he was found in the attic of a neigh bor's house fast a-loep on the floor, with a largf l>road-axe by his side. Investigation showed (hat he pot'out of a second-*tory window at home, went to the tool chest, took "an axe and l.idder and went to this neighbor's house, where he was found. A Ciiiid Dies rnoM tik Effect* of I'aiMiiNo Whisky.?An inquest wa< Ue 11 t-\ Coroner Amirauv at the Passaic countv court house, Saturday night, on the body of Nicholas l>orinan,a boy aged seven, who died Saturday morning from the effects of drinking intoxicat ing liquors to exccss. Mrs. Doruian, the mother ot*deceased, who formerly kept a liquor-saloon, testified that the boy foad been drunk on a pie vioua occasion about a year ago. an I tlitt she ha t whipped him for It." Since then he had n ?t indulged until Friday, when ho came home grossly intoxicated. She did not know where , he had procured the liquor, but'had heard that | he had accompanied Kobert Schulor, a little l>oy aged live, to procure some tor the mother of'the latter. Sue knew her son was drunk when became home, but did not think his con dition *a> dangerous. During the night lie ap peared to be in pain, and on Saturday morning she sent for the doctor. When the "latter ar rived tlic boy had just expired?.V. 1*. 77 ?i ?, 1414. ?^"Connecticut. getting tired with her sele t men. has elected liftoen select women. l?"Mr, Phillips, of Augusta, Me., has i'oir daughters who assist him in his copper-shop. ttf A son of the late President Tyler Is wast ing his time in lecturing on temperance to Californians. ?yAn Iowa womnn. who owns a coal tnlnrt, says she might have married two men a day for the last two years. Indiana tobacconists are pinched to chooo between shutting up shop on Sunday or paj inj $20 fine for selling a cigar on that day. The effect of newly aroused religims emotion in a Minnesota convert was to induce liim to brat his wife almost to death, on tin ground that she was liia flesh and consequently ought to be mortified. C I TY 1TE M 8. Tn* Singer Sewing Machine sales of 1*72 were ?219,?G0. 4,12-s,wti Savr Your D??ctor'? Bill When I>r. W.s tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry will cike coughs, cold*. bleeding at the lungs*, and arrest the fell destroyer, Consumption, it does more than m>x physicians can do. The use of a single l>ottle. costing one dollar, wiK satisfy the Incredulous that they need look no further for the required aid. ? Use Dooley's Yeast Powdbb If you relish light, sweet, wholesome Biscuits, Rolls, Pastry. <lc. Your grocer sells It. Full weight arid strength. a The vost vkhappv person in the world is the Dyspeptic. Everything looks dark ami gloomy; he feels "out oi sorts" with himself and every body else. Life is a burden to him. This can all be changed by taking Peruvian Syrtif (a protoxide of Iron.) Cases of 27 years' stand ing have been cured bv it. V ? W K SHOCI D NOT SUFFER FUO* A COUGH, which a few doses of Ayer't t'Kerry PtcU.ral will cure. Time, comfort, health, are all sav. <l by it. m.w.f<&ar * Tn* National Savings Bank, comer of New York avenue and 10th street, para 6 per ct per annum on deposits for each calender month. Banking hour*, 9 to L Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to S. S7t3,14tl6 ? Tosd's Extract cures rheumatism, barns, piles, nlcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhoea, aud all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations In the fact that it Is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a cure for these disease*. m,th,s,tl ? The comitrNiTT at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 Sound fnnt being indispensable to health and comfort thousands of persona come from far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, Mo- 530 18th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails., Ac., and advice as to suitable shoes. Willcox A Uibb's Hxwiso Machin*. The celebrated Bazaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Baum's hoopsklrt and corset factory, Tth street, Intelligencer Building.^ 10,28 Thermometers and barometers are repaired and made to order by Hem pier, near 4)f street. D OACHE8, BAT8 or BEDBI'68 caunot be found Ik where Glvntworth'a KXTKBM- 9. INATOR is tuw-d. For sale by Z D. iilLMAN. HI Pennsylvania ave., and H0LMB8 M BKO., northeast cor. Isi and K sts. n.w. aU-3m* flkODBBAD * CO.,4 r ^ bo* and I, for cash, at the lowest market price*. Call and ami? tbelr stock. warM-Jm ^01 V A MI It 1 0 81. Tn TABLE 8AUCB, TBB TOT BUT BAD CI UB UUH SAM IS UT VAST OV TKB VOUB. fOB FAM1L1 USB, FIITI.. ?ALB FIMTBL?. " ?. it BOB BALM Ml ALL 9BOCBBB A 9 II B U H A B. a.OO? lbs. NBW KAPLB 8COAB. (raaSoswr sst county, Pean., J mat received and forsale low kf BET ABBB08., 109 Peansylvaaia aveane, K4t | Bey I ?f?. MetropoUtaa HoUl. Georgetown Advertisements. ^liBT FOE THE STRING TRADE. W ith s full corps of first class w >rkm?a. a cow 8lrt* stock of tb* l>??t foreign txl ilontttic Dm tr.ffs, Ac.. *?*.. I am fully pr-r ired t? rLF.AN OB RECOLOR LADIES AND GENTS SPRING AND SUMMER WEARING APPAREL, fromptly ai^l in th? b*?f manner. . W ? H 11 ft. A T L Y? PHtMlUM STK4M DYKIXV AMU SCO OR I yd HOKK8. ESTABLISHED ISSt. Frrnsium awarded 13S7. Jeffen??e ?t .OrafHon, D. 0 P'Urt Offit* Bn 783. *p7-tr j^EW SPRING DRY GOODS. Beautiful Bw Goods, in mum and mignonette shades- a largo assortment f medium and low-priced Drew Goods: WMO yard* new Spring Percales. Caii co?% and Shirting*, best ntkn of Shirtings and Sheetings, very elfsp; SO pieces Blsrfc Alpacas and Mohairs, from 35 cents to A1 35; l'wn*mi and Snitin**, for men and bori. We hare a large stock, and offer frtmt bmrrmim.'. BENJAMIN MILLER, B)S3-3m 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. PROFESSIONAL. JAMES O.CLEPHANE. E.Z BRA1LEY. CLEPHA*E~fc BRAILEY, SHORTHAND WRITERS A LAW REPORTERS. OBire?No. 1IO U street, between 1st and 3d, faring Indiana avesne. aiMlly J OHM P. HANNA, ^ ~ ATTORNEY-AT LAW, Ho. 8 Tonne*s Law BriiMinf, d*5-t.f Washington, D. O. BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ao. |>11Y ANT'S LIBRARY OF POETRY AND I> BONO, H B. STOWF. S LIBRARY OF FAM<fcUS FIC TION, BEECHFRS LIFE OF CHRIST, Ac. Subscriptions received at 1411 Penu?) Ivania av ? by apijlm* BISHOP A HAZARD. ^GRICULTURAL BOOKS. Johnston's Agricultural Chemistry? fl 75 American Gardener'* Assistant 2 SO Allen'!! American Farm Book 2 50 Henderson's Gardening for Profit 1 50 V aring's Draining for Profit and Health 1 50 Fuller > Small Fruit Culttinst. ? 1 50 Fuller's Grape Culture 1 50 Kill's Southern Apple Cnlturist 2 7# Wright's Practical Poultr)Keeper___ 2 00 LangMr >th on the Honey Bee...?..?_ 2 (.?) Rnnnall's Sheep H ssbandry I 80 H'tw Owners' Cyelopjedia 3 75 Y"??att on i he D . gs 3 75 All the uew books received a? soon a? published by BICIIARD B Mi'HUN A CO., nP-tr 1014 Penna. avenue, comer 11th ?tre.-t. |^1ST OF NEW BOOKS AT J SHILLI.NGTOVS BOOKSTORE: LITTLE K ATE KIRBY A N 'Tel. Bv the anther (?I Mattie Astray and Carrie'" Confession. THE COMING RACE. By Edward B.ilwer< Lord Lvtton.) THE WIDOW LEROGUE. A Novel. By Emile Gaborisu. THE BERBER; on, THE MOUBTAINKER OF THE ATLAS. B> M.S. Mavo. NOT EASILY JEALOUS. A Novel. TO THE BITTER END. Bv Miw Braddon. LAKEVILLE. By Mary Heally. REPTILES AN1> BIRDS. A New Edition. EDUCATION IN JAPAN. HALF HOUR KECREATTONS IN POPULAR SCIENCE, No. 7. 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The variety offered is so large, comprising everything pretty and use ful. that it has becoare a vain task of enumerating the different articles offered, and your atteution is only called to below-mentioned goods, as all are good, desirable, and very cheap, aud iinniuuse ?juan titits have lately been sold: Gents' British HALF-HOSE, 3 pair for ?1. Ladies'IRON FRAME Ho8K. 3 pair for fl. Cbildrens' IRON FRAME HOSE, 3 pair for ?I. Ladies' BIAS-TUCKED SKIRT, ?2, caunot be bought elsewhere lass than AS JO. Ladies' RUFFLE APRONS. j>rim? ran-lin: 50c. FmeEnglish HAIR BRUSHES, f 1. F rench Plate HAND MIRRORS, f 1. Excellent Rubber Dressing COMBs, 25 and 50c. 60 styles G-nts' SILK BOWS, 36 and BOr. Lsdies" BILK SO A RFS. all new sha<le<t, t0>*. Solid Walnut,3 Phrong TOWEL RACE,23c. Bo> s" Leather BOOKSTRAPS.SSc. Four Pieces Excellent SOAP. 35c. Six Haudsouie GOBLETS- 3U>~. Beautiful Oval PICTURE FRAMES,50r# * A Pretty Carved BRACKET. 25c. Corner and Side BRatRETS, soc. each. TOWEL RACKS. PAPER RACKS. HAT RACKS. CLOTHES RACKS, all walnut, fl each. For a further list of CHEAP GOODS, call It PS METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, SIS 8KVKNTH STREET. apl-tr near Pennsylvania avenue. yiEXNA EXPOSITION. C IRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT, IS?CKD BT JAY COOKE ft CO. The Circular Letter is a letter of introduction to bankers of character ihrourhovt Ike worU, ideutify itig the bearer and aiuhoi iaing payments to him as reouired t? the extent of hi? depo?u with us. Full information will be furnished upon applica tion in person or by letter. JAV COOKE fc CO., laakrrs, arS lm WASHINGTON. AVE YOC SEEN H THE LITTLE WORLD? lr not, we advise you to call soon at 1009 7th street, betweau K aud L streets,(near B >gau A Wy lieVO The Little World is kept by Nichola, dealer in Hosiery, Fancy Goods, Jewelry. Stationery, No tions, Ac., Ac., and is supposed to be the cheap store of Washington. apll ^TONE MASONS AND BUILDERS. Attention to called to the Is* BUILDING STONE now being landed at Mtk street and other wharves from the scows of J. T. B. HALL. Orders received at oflce.Boom V, May Buildlnj, or on board steam tug Julia, foot of High street, Georgetown. ap7-lm' OALTI SALT ! 1 SALT II undersigned offer for ?*to, h? lota to rait, the cargo of the British barque Banna? ? pflBsacks GROUND ALUM SALT. Sales from ship will be at redneed prices. I. TH08. DAVIS, ?? Water street, aS-eo3w |Bep] Georgetow.D.C. B01 UL?Sihfi. . SMITH k WIMSATT, LUMBER. LUMBER. KAEDWOODS A SPECIALTY. BILLS OUT *0 OBBBB. >?" Oiim vtb An I Bi sylvania svsnae, where he will cowtiaae the BOOT mi Hf GROCERS. p l o t > : R tCElVEV DIRECT ft'ta tts Mi :? in t ALLEY or TtMfSli. Will sett to fiKlll"! it r?rt? fw Urrtl V* thtli ami prices. Plit* of 9fGAltS and TEAS ill w irked dovl. CATAWBA WINE. jwt received frcm P>u*! i Valley W'ne ?< rr.panj. ? ttagailoa. 8. H BACOjf.YOI *vW?r?". tttsrg l?Tw*en 7th and Mh *<r~-?*. P&IC1 LIST of OBOCBRIUS AT fLPHOSZO TOCX6I * CO B. SUGARS. (BUT NEWYOBE BHAH 1)9 ) ?? A" (clarified" t if . for 1 <N Crashed (loaf L _.7* lbs. lot 1 00 Granulated 7H lb*. f<->r 1 00 Light Browni nearly a kite i.. 89* If-s. #or 1 fK> Govd Brawn J lbs for 1 * ' FLOUR. Bztra?cbotca. per sack, (l M E*tra?very bieh *Tmde~ *? * ? Extra?a f.xl fJULily .......... p^r n^k, I ? Family?rholc..._ per sack, I ?P Fatnliy-the very beat- p?r ?rl, | T$ Family?Wtich ? ftsst?at lowest rates. SUNDRIES. Fronen?cbclce J lbs for Rl Enahsh Can-acts J lbs. for I 40 Buna*?choice ? rbs. for I ? W inslow's Green Corn 4 can* for I 00 Toii*to<?-1 It* 4 cans for 1 10 TuMIom-I lbs. ? ........ J cut for I M P?wchew-| lbs J ctai for ) J> ~?" lbs. ._._.4 can* for I M Call at ?m, a* we cannot r"* ran tee the ab-ive ?jt paraa. I?J prima for any definite length of Mm* ILPHO>?0 VOl ?l(iS k CO.. VKUCKhS, B, YOUNGS, I BASONIO TEMPLB. *>. H. BEAK8.1 It-iTmifr^. H t? STEAMER LINES. \LW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, IKIH ll < PlilLADF.LPIII \. Al KXASDRIA. Va., wash 1NGTOB AMD GEORGETOtt Si, D C. #AtLIS6 DAY*. _ll ?? 1 k From Pier t. N> rtli W liarro*. riiil- ^ adelpi.iit, WEDNESDAY a:.U RAT " ? ' "? ?* ' (,'RDAY. at l?u. Kr.>nj an \V?r?r stre<>t, Georgetown, D. C., TUES DAY aid SATURDAY, ?; lOa.iu 1 hi* lid* connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde** Ir<-d Lini*'' <1 .inmer f< r Pitn i4<-nc?, B ?a'on a'-d New Et gland State*. N ? wharfage id B"St?n b) tbi* line ?. F HYDE, AfMt f>r D.ofC. VM. P CLYDE J? CO., Philadelphia. F A. KLID. Alexandria. Va. WALDO A. PEARCE,*4 Congress Street, Ba ton. a[J W AfcHISGTON, SokkoLK. B0ST0N.AND ?Y puovil?ln?:r. The One Iron f?-.-iui,*r LADY Or THE LAKE having her r^irolar trip* to k. Norfolk,will l?-av* h.-r abarf. f<??i of 4th street, every MONDAY Till' USD A Y, at 2 pm., touching at principal Ruer Lhii lir,e?. curriKl ,iiu a: Norltdk with St*a?n?Mp of the M. and M. Line f r B"5ton and Pi aiJ i, Freight *b' uld t>e addrv^aetl --careof Lady of th* Laka. *ia Norfolk." Branch ti k?*t office at Knos'i Expreaa (?Hic?-,l)0il Petiu?v|%ania aT*tiu*. T. M. CROTCH, Aeeit?. 6'li-?tr^et wharf. D'lR^ET CLAGETT. O t? ral Aeer.t. Bill Piart'n Stor*, c^rv-r 15th ct. and Pa. av?. ^ChABDLUiR THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL steamships, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT COKE HAKBOB. ntuM NEW YORK *ntiM>ia...M.We<l__Apl. Ill Calabria. >it_Apl. 19 *Ja\a__?.W?d Apl. 23 Partlna b*t_... Apl. ii *Culia.? 1* <*1 A pi. 3u I "8c. tia Wed..Ma) 7i Ab>s?iiiia ...Sa?_... May lo Algeria Wed. May ll , B?ih. i? Sat M ?? 1< 6teaiuera marked iLua " uo Uut carry aieoraca paa encera And every followla* WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAY from New York. Bate* or Pa??a?i.?Cabin, (so, (loo, and ?t> (old, according to accommodation. Tickets to Paria, $16, gold, additional. R< turn tickota on tavuratie Uitua. Steerage, (Jti, corrency Storage ticket* frcw Liverpool and UaeenalovB, 4C.'.1 fclL^1* "f Earope, at lowest rattw. Throogta bills of lading given to Beltaai, Olaegow, Havre, Antwerp and other point* oo the Coutinent and for Mediterranean porta. r?r freicht and cabin mm M?e, apply at the Company* office. No. 4 Bowfing Green; for ateernge paaaage, at No. Ill Braad?a7 i_ T.' -r "'y'Nff paaaage, at No. Ill Braadway Tnnity BuiMitor. norlfily ( HA8. Q. FBAN''KLYJf. Ay apt NCHOR LINK STEAMERS SAIL EVERY saturday. A Paaa^igen booked to and front any _ (Ion ot Seaport iu Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Grnnany, Prance, Holland, Belgium and the United itatea. Cabin far* from NEW YORK to LONDOB, LIT ERPOOL,GLASGOW and DERRY, $6* and |T| EXCURSION TICKETS. ?!??. Intermediate, %4A, Sleerage, %'JQ, ali payablaU. Corrency. Partiea aending for their friend* la the Old Con ti try can purchase ticketa at lowest rates. For further particular* applv to the Agent, C. CAMBACK, Ja. I4S3 r street, Waehingl.-n henderson BROTHERS, mayH T Bowling Green, New York. Merchant s link or steamships. mwin WASHINGTON AMD NEW YORK. BaraaRar the Sns Steamships K 0. KBIGHT at JOHN GIBSON will make regular weekly lrips between NEW YORE, ALEXAB <Zl^k DBIA. WASHINGTON and GEO RGB TOWN, as follows.?Loavs NEW XORK froas Fiat 3V East River, every SATURDAY at 4 p. ?., Leave georgetown avery YRIDAY it T I, ?.,aad ALEXANDRIA the aaiaeday at IX m. For full Information apply to B. P. A. DENH AB. Agent, ofhoa and whan toot ot High street, O^.rge town,or afttha eornsr of 17tk street and Haw York " bjt I reislita <leliver?d by Kn x ? Expre-". Or .ler* left at ti. a? r*l Offi'-e. 603 P.-uitaylv uii.i av une.or at the steam, r vharl willU- pr ui,.tly at tended to. , tall-tf 4. W. THOBPSOB.I LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT A SON, . BOARDING, LIVERY d SALE STABLES *18 8th street, bet. D and B, aud Chain Alley, H. between UtU aud Mtb. Office. \S illards. Beat carriages furnished. Special care paid to th? boarding of horaaa. dectl ly Allison nailob, j*., _ LIVERY AND HIRING STABLKS. STYLISH carriages and COACHMEN decJO-ly 13XA E street northwest. A KLINGTON STABLES ?B. CBUIT, JR. A Q STREET, Bnwii.t 17th t? 16ta. ^Carrtagsaby day or night, and for ^paAdlnys or LES, ??T, Bktwxbk D and B. a for Hire, and s fresh sapply c< WASH. BAILOB'B 8TABLE8 13M ? ST. CABR1 AGES of tba latest atylaa en hand and for hire By Use dap or tlaa, weddings, and reeeptione fm lost comfortable and elegant Carrti the Moat comfortable and elegant OarHagea. _B*rtlcnlar attention to boarding Horses, and Horaaa always for sale and aaehange. derlMf ?pu CHIBB8B TBA MOBQ to BIS rth, north i , Bo rent to li. BEBJABIB, -TW E 8 JBiW, *10 feskrayt. ka gtk and 7th st?is>s northwest, aaHa i?? SECOND-BABD CLOTHING S lasathan half the oust of randy mads nasr ?n. . BILE DBESSBS a specialty. fsISIf RAILROADS. LBXARPBfA A*A?HIK0| TON R B ill .LCXABPRlA * FftKPBBI^R'BCBQ (Vm ?/ i ?U Sum . ?'?Im fo- tkliirfrla leave M Ml "???-<? 1', ?&??;& STrrfi1----- ^ -*? t J**" Alaaandria arrive aa fallow* ? ? ,* * M U.33 l.? i,< ?.i^S&Vr?- ?*?-?<? w-? kifl p m 4?ii>,n<* Thruach ticket a to ail point* Hi nth ana aatua. E * Tcrso o-?n fcA mU b MT?M, jlf. ir l TBAIK*LEATBPOB "KUKU ARB;t| ?t WAaHIBuToS. , Baltimore. *?.?,? * 1,1 < "J ?* ? Baltimore Mail ?-\?- |?*, "*?. *.. Wimm tir . aacept (Mindaf. 8*????? BaRla. ?? A? Ml r?'???. r%rlf|- Evpr* wSsSelK* ^,W' a ?*<*?* Stu.Ur, 3fcSSinjr *5e.SJjff ????'?? "(ft-7*?*??? cep< baiwia. . ?*l Ciuctnoatt K< " - ? r? CULHHI, "Ijjy- >?l?| iaUja, ? ?""?daily, except ?? r ? t Kt. ' 4.r?v"" ??r J ?M** ?? . ? a at '* r.S*?,i 1 . m ? ? m_.c ui.r<rt a: fc. w tb train, f .? ?*?, l?a itif H ? !?? ; , . ( - ImiZJ T 7?~ ? rtv.,* at ?' Ma H a!d ItJt f ?; *" Traf-a arrtvtwt M V? aabift.t. . J^Vf M L22? p. ? "*???*? " R ?'? art*b vraiLa T-^/r . Maritcro 7:w? |.B art 1:40 ?r,,i :-3lVm * ,u? 52T2f2^J!55 ,kr.'r "*" ?< Tfcr'k* ?-IBe-a. ^ 13lh Mr?ft ftiMl P^noirlTiknli tT 2 ti rthwaat corner of Hitrh a reej aud We2rhZ!a *?at b?*la and realdrnce* to all p. Ir,,, \ nh a A v*at. Thro?*h tlrkrta to riiwtiT..??7 ? * '* L-? * K^wl5 ohSZ* B j TorKQ.Q^iV^fiLy'aeal^au WUWIIMTWII. Jan. inn ?MiUMfoUo?t,T|f' T?* HfcJT?r? . ro^ iALmiou. r^?. ,M' 4:l#'?wi? ? "AH"1*0" 6 , t s* ? to ?*-i*. ? ??. e * 'OB ALL WAT CTATKiKa Lew daily exoept *--i rj _ _ . 8?*a. n.,?Ml 1 ? . 115.8 in. ai^*5jf? ^ M 4 48 ??'< "u'.r*"j' ?? '> t the f J AnTia**..!!* juiK^l.n. Hanover''alvt i^u" Alao. th. I:U f m. wilt ?| .> -I R^Ur. ?? ? ?. B at Pant. Vi Cru?iu? Cai, ?a4 Ui? BOB ARRAPOLI* ? Ir;.r4."?.?V3i" ^ ??? .... BOB KOurOLK Leave at 1? ? hi . axrept 8ut.<tar ? rrk. ALL pABTfc OF TUB WEPT :&Sv? ^?sr.-vrii a .J #?? r Di . and on S',;^ay at 3 II an J ? <?i ? m _ iiiAiJis arkhias roLL'i*/ Bro?o Hew Tqrk" Piiiia<lel?liia a-.j ,re ?? t? ?' ?. Hi . and & 38 and ? 86 p. ?.. re' '? Jn* riiitadelpbia aud B?lUt'a>ira at e V ? n, rrori llaltiniore a! | ?. ? n, ? iu ,Uil , . , *? *?* Tm.?*. *,4"jJp m ' . . ? *<?* Tiik W fc>T Artltre at l 80. 6 Ji a?d I ?. r m Tlir.crttkl.-tt t? th- W??t ctribe k?.iu t?. A aaoinguw 8i%ti ? Ticket tHRoaVt all ho^ 4 imy; ale. at tiM-C -a pau, ...rue, J-' 'P"n??rlvmS iO<- cflSce ran th> r? aiTaiuie t.. l.aee ?k <- ?. _ ? f-rand rback^l .m,,''.^r ?ep..(. and put mt' tb? Wor - ar 10 ,li* t -r N^w V rfc, I'tiia-Vf .fa and' B ? m ...? .? ?. rtiw n? nt <>f'-TiiroMh Line " ** W" j>ro S ROONTE ?wiT A'gt. V-httir^. >3 'I'HRt.rOH LINE RKTwiEB, ' ?; 1'an<' 'v ,N rj,|LAI>r|. | IliJA, AM' SLM TORE I Train, between W^HiSu^k^T^^ISW > ? lull wf How*. FOB K1CW TORE. ?er-%a?f rkmtt *f f iV*i '****** ******??? e.ou a. ?>., IaW mj4 i^. .. r0E ph"-AI>BLPHIA. L?Av* OAily ( BunUaf) at 8 a. ia? l jy ?uj j ? ? - 011 ICKDiT. ?? t*7 K * *"rka?s.4op. W , and Phflafelpbta odT""* foT **" Jjrk ?* ??? ? -.trait, Throndi ticketa to Philadelphia, R-w T H and " l- ? the offic at LlVjrl B- R"QRTE. At-Ll, I aMiiwtflii. <el4 \Hl 2i pessptlvaiJ/a ROITB 1872 fO THE KOBTUWE^T. W>tTH. ABO ttJtTU* WI9T. TtaiM leave aa follow*. Balttnora TM A. a. - !?? ?. w. ^ Pt? p. m. ?BEAT BOCBLE TRAHE Bol TE*, J(Jt? ' ?*imr* Rtate roo* Jajr ard tF^ car.. wHh mn4era tutarovemepta. ?11<" "T*5 10 w ??**? ^ Oeotral r ?1v nF~" Sindar. n-Tthweet, ?. B. flail) .and ?.jo % mm' -w ^ Maei tt.juftioMg ^B?ST?Sii.,222S? ?" ?"???* ^ .~rSSJ3S5 SfSUi sS.5TM; A ?akiuctoA^... ?AS ft " IttJI A IR p ,?M p HOTELS. IlffESr bT"*' O". It ia eoavvntently lo r^,- bHti? "^??ted OB the line of Um Wa*hiutaa Oy W"^ Citjf Paaaencer railroad, the cars Iw ? tke railroad aud Mean boat dep^ta, nT"rr two * f"** ?ilium. Tha fu'?ta of thia hntiM can reach anr at the aahite OftlMinn ef the aationai c.^u!lSr mJ piSf'^ ssrirjrrra HTBOBB HOTEL. ?<?. *?? 0 STREET, T ? Bi:tw?x\ 7th a!?i, 8tm Stxtrtra. HE 1MPEB1AL HOTEL, JAMEb 8TKES, Pr^rtacf. bmtrttm U(A mmd Ink Hrwt, WuiiMtuR, D. C. Thaakfcl to tha P?Ui? for feuaroaa rati -.ate ic Aa paat, the Proprietor a-a- Li* old .ri.-i.ia aiS. aair.*iia lo teat 'ha accoajftmlatloia ..f bt* prea*-bt wtal-lMhn.ent, wbich he j>t.mnaaa ahali ha f^uud at ?aat^aaitothahaal ia ?^hiurvu j a tit Lf [Rep. i ChrntTl I^BE BRTAVT HOL>E, E L?cmud mt cormm UiK ?rr? tmU N. f ataiia After the lat ot Deceit.h-t. 1^71, Peraaiirut aad rranan-tit Boarden will lud ih.. huae- oae of tha aoat daalraU? at>d moat cvn?eutanU/ located kowa >a the cttr. The room* arc aeatly farnlahed, wall litrht?d aud 'eat -lat"d, aud pro>id?d wttb all nudern b ma ac ia?ii'idaliaaa. The chareea ar* low, but tha wanta and tha e.a ort of all rceata will he caretnlt) provided for The proprietor. E. BICHABOb. tea determined to provtda a good caterer a..? M-autf r* 0. W1LLBBD, BBBITT HOURS, VAMiagroi. d.o. Mcbt abd BBALLl-C at C A BOY LOAN OfFICB EAR, Ho. Rid Pennaj lvaaia ataaa ?th aad 10th ad. Tha whola of the EwjinSir sy sii s>yttsSh.flr^^p

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