Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. riTIRK DAW |)T LATIMER * CLEAR*, O An. tw?r' ?r? and R-al !"??? South*eai corner Pe?n*yItania a\euue w. U'bat., Star Offi' - Building. TRrsprr sal* orTaCABU improvrp r KOPAKTY ON THE KVtSTH XTIIMT |OAl NEARLY OPPOSITE THK SCHCET ZEN PARK ? virtue of *di--d of trut. bearing d*t? the ?H 4?? nt Ma*, A D. 1572, ar1 r?c MH in H:t>T No. H, at fr|l ? SM, of the Ltnd K"c 'pi* of the Pi*r1tt at Colombia, atid a* the re<jus*t of the person secured th-rehr, we shall vll in fr .nt of th- pr-mi*e*. on FBIDAt.the *?? h dv < f April, UH. at A o'clock p Lor* ruimbrr-l ST. ?. 19 .md .D,lr B! <k ? in Todd and Brown'* >n of Ml. PI"f?nl.t"rt|iT witbth* iB?roT'iamt?th?r? on. consisting of ? nearly new. rr?fnf..rt*ble Fr:?ui? Dwellit g. with n?Tff-?ri ail iu g ?xl condition: well of excellent water on th? pr?roi*ea, Tti? B nr.dary aid Silver Spring Horse Railroad t i-? :h?- d *>r. T?ir-? of sale- Am- unt of IndeMednaas secured *>y th. deed of trnsti being #*m jrtili lnt-re?t at h per '< nt. ?nu?m fr->B th" Wih ?f Mar.l8T2,> and : *?<? of sale , which will be mad* known <>? d.?r of .tki.vill be required In ra?h; the balance hi C ai o i; months, to be seenred by a deed of trmm tip-n th prp?rty |M d<nni M tla* of If thr tfttM of *aie are not complied with vithiD d**s. the K1 *H1 b?* resold at the risk and ro*t cf ?!.?? 1 fsnliing pnrrha?r. ronrerancing at pur ChMrr'> WATKINS ADDISON, t Trn,t* GKORQK EARLE. > T?'" a2 d.tjsL ATIMKR A t'LEARY. Aucts. Y imi.tN Jt WILLIAMS, Au<ti> neers, Southt-a-t corner 7th aud D *tr?et?. Ii B TM>TEF.B?ALEOF VALCABLE IMPROVED I i:TT IN AKK Si.. 67??, NKAU ->r. AU>\MlTl CHUK< ii. I. ?irtu- f a <i> ed "f tm?t. dated April Wl, ? a I> KI, ai. 1 9bIv r?H-onl"d iu libel Ru ill, Mt?f..| >< 'and records f.?r Wa?hingion ctwtitj. 1?. <'., a:id J.y lh- directi?u of ll? - partjr crre." fi.i rel.y. I will sell, ?? piildie auction. In front ? t the r hi-*--. >i M<?ND.\ ai?tdav of April, A 1> US. al i i> .;?.?< k p. ni . all 'f !<?(? u<un!?;rrd uti h';t:.'r. ?! an.l twcnt> arvt>m lJ7)auil oim> hmi Ir.-d *'.d t??it cisrh* <1>) and a fart of lot miml^r^-d < -I ;? lainl lwntynin'(123. in GiiWrt* r^ cord.c. (. -i dni?i> n of ?)narr iiiiuii'>rol ?i* l?undr-d and ? ?i.ty-hvf (o75>, in th?citr of Wa?hington. will .1 thV iniproTcujfa:* th? rt-on. ci.u*-.tin/ "f n?.?ri' tii !-h?l t>*ick dw' llni** on north I ?tr?-H. A r' ?t ? f ?!.? ?r >p?rtr will ??xhil'lied at thi- natr. T. rt. v i,f m>* Oiie-ba'if ia ca<h. of which SMI ij ? ?r I ? paid at til" npon #acli h>'ita?> ???!?!; th?* >1" I?tM raj .n-ntato I* maiV In <ii and tw^lvt- m>r.: Ii? afi-r ?! i' *aV. wi'h iiit^r?-at at tea ?er par atiunn;. ?nd **cw -1 by dwd of truvt to th** it tion of iho Tn-tce. T>-rm* to b* fully c?mpli-d with w rhm six day* afrer "ay of nair, i41?erw?*? tli^ Tru-t ?- r'??r*^? th^ right to r>-m>ll lh? property, aft^r on ? w? <-k> si'tici'. at th^ ri?k and c.*?t of tir?t Mir< luafr. Ail con*?"yancin* at purrha-er'a c.*t. **. IT WAHl>. Tru?tfec. aS-3tawnSda GREEN Jt WILUA1S. Auct*. Y It. H. WARN KB. R--al K-tat?> Broker and Auctioneer, f 7*J9 7th itreet. between O ami U *t?. Till >TEE SMI.IOr V M.nARLE I?IPR<?VEO ?:r.AI. K>TATK FRONTINU ON I STREET N< ?:TH. BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND l?T MS EAST -n. Bt *irtne..f ire d?ed* of tm?t. l?-arine d?t? CTlm. the ?th dav of t?.-tol>er, A. D Kl, and d-jlj ?earn' rde?l iu Liber H >. folio ti. et ?~| ;L|litr *->t. fvl- It et ee?|.; Lib*r ?6S. folio 27. et ?e?] ; LiW tail 'JJ. ft ?e.|.. an<i Lib? r fdio SJ. ?ej. of th- I i <S Record" for Washington c>unty. I>. C.. 1 i>hi?ll ? 'i at pnldic auction, in front of the premi-ea, ii, V EI?NESI?AY t i *^3dday of April, A.I> 1573. at & o'clock p. an . all Ih certain piece* < r pir r?l? <d cr >nnd. <ituate aud lying in ?aid city of V ?diii.?Toii. ai d l?eing kn wu and d"*crile>d .-v. t? !.iiUil>ered um-ty-f"Be, (??!.> niuetv live. tyS.i t'Hiej* ?i?>*??,( ninety ?evetM'"7 1 a'i'l niuety-eiglit, (*?.? in tiiiWert * r?c..nle.| aub-diviaion of a>m*re nmlwreii lii hundred and aeventy five. (gr,'?.' E h ? f th> ?l' .\e L"ta ia improved ??y a fln-two-4tory Bri' k H n?e n> ar!y reatly f..r occupancy. Tern.- of ?ale. One-third ea<"h; l.alt?'ice in * and 15 ii.onth-, with intrreot fr >m day "f-.ale.jiet i.ed It dee. J , f trn?t on premie* sold, fWt?i b- pud on e?. b !.? i -e at time of ?ale. If tn" term-* <>f ?ale are b? t cii ??1: .1 with in live da>?. the Tm*?ee r>? rvea tlx r ilii to r-oell the property at tli? ri'k and c <t ?>f tb.- d?-fjnltirg pnrcha? ?r. by ?>!< *rti?iii^ three t n.<? it. the ??Evening Star.' All couvcyancing at <' ?t . f pnrc?'a*er. >V I LLIAM B TODD. I? . Tm ?-?-e B. H. ? ARNfcR. Anct. BlM HCANSON. DOWL1SO A CO., Aucta. corner 9th and 1? street* Uunbuvit. SALE (? F VALUABLE PROPERTY ON 11th fTI'.i LT, NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AYE M E. ^ On WF.DNK?PAY AFTERSOON. April 1?. Da: i o'clock, we will ?ell,ii^ .u the preinM-a, .ill ?"ni H 14, in - jnare TH. having ?? fr.'iit >f Wfeet tipot. ilih atreet with tho Jep'h of K>t, ? lth improvo Bsent? ?p ii th<? *ame. Tlie al' property ta altnated npon the wpit *ide rd 11th ?t?eet we<t, between C atreet an 1 P-'nua' lv? fi'a, and one c>f the mo-t d.'?irabi? pi-vrt of property tnthechy. Tettn- One-t!iird ra?b; balance in 12 atid 13 n. utb?. n >f>"? liearina interest and vcured b> a Jo -d i f irr-' npon the rr"fni-e?. C 'nyevai.' iiig, .to.. ?t tin r. -t ??! the purchaser A dep-sit o? Ji* >*iU be t t? -.m ii aa 'h?- pr> p> rtv la knuckt-d oSf. as I I NCANSON. DOW LINO A CO.. Aacrs. Mf"THE ABOVE SALE If P<?STPi>XKD ON a .itii-.t ? f the wetther until THCR^DAY AFTER hiK'N. A i-ril 5?ih. aame h"iir ?? ! p!? . a I" II N? ANSON, DOW 1.1 NO A rO.,A?ct*. BT i KBNNEDY, K al Eel ate Broker ar d Autti, n-er.51rf7th at. TPI STKK 8 > M.E OF DESIRABLE PROPER TY ON torn .-TKEET EAST, BEAR R STREET Koin ii. , B irt*e.,f a deed of lru*t. dated February I l-i. :-T0, and duly rec?.rd'il in l.ibr Bn. t>U, ?Ef. j-, 2'ir <>ne of the land record* of the City of Wsuli n, D. C.. th- nnderrigned truitee will aell at pcbhi au<Hob, t? the hivheat bblder. In front of the wen.e-, . b SATl'RliAY, th' ?^?ith day of Aprtl.lC3. at i o'clock p. m..l^t i>. iu Callaa'a record* d -nUii\i^ioB of a<tr.are S3*. The al.-ive pr jper.y ia improved by a partly-built kri? k h n?e. Terni-: ?M?) ca?h, balan<-- in fi and H in nth* with in*ere?t at 6p? rc?ut. per atinuin from day of sale, and ? > by a J>-ed of Irn-t .<n the property aold. W. O. PHILLIPS, Trustet-. alt" d C. KKNNEOY, Auctl ot.eer. B- 1 UK KEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. Mo. looi north*e?t corner 10:h and D it). A CHOI* E BUILDING-LoT OK RAST CAPI TOL STRRET AT ATCTIoN ?On MONDAY, the 41?t iaat, we ?hall aell in lr nt of the prenireii, at AH o'clock p. m.eaat halt of L><N.?. 1, in auaare N ?. 7*, near Id Street ? a-t. hating a fr<n? on the north aide of Kaat Capitol ?tr.-et of .'l feet 7-, inche*. with a depth of 1J9 feet I inch, with wide paved n lo and ba'k al ley*, making it arery d-air^l.le and keautiful Build ing Lot. Term* Oae third <-aah: balance In ? and 13 month* for note* hearing interest from day of *ale. A de^l given and deed of trnet taken .m the property *old; all C'>tiveva**ciag at coet of Burrhaaer. 9100 to be paid down wh -u aold. Title ftxliiipatalile. _a?e vAaJRepJ GRRKN A_WILLIA*S.Anct*. PROPOSALS. pKOrOSALS FOR BUK'KS B- a a: or Pnut W?>Kg?,D!*Ta ttof Our*! a,/ WaeRi.aGr<>!(. April H. 1473. ( Piop>'?al* will be receiied at thi? "ftice until no.>n of MuNDAY, April 21-t. for the fnrniahitig of Paving and R- d Brick, in ?tuautitie* of live hubdrad th"n-ai d and upward*. B dder? will ?tate the price per tbou?and at kiln at.d per thousand tor banliti-' by th.- mile. Pay n ? 1. U to be made moathly for ?'ich aa may be c i.11.>< ie?l fur. Oo?al and <nbatatitial bond* w 111 be le juired frrtbe performance of atirh contract* a* may be entered into. ALEX. R SHEPHERD. a.2 Vloe President. Proposals for coal. Tttiirn DuPAttxtvT, 1 Bi xeai. orEyciAViye a\i> Paiir >?.J _ , , _ March?, l'ffJ \ S-*l-d rr .p.:?al* will be recejyed at this offlce until IV o'clock a. m., MONDAY, the 4?tthdayor April. Ufa. for fnmi?hing live hundred (MM ton* of run of miii* (Oeorge'* Creek 1 Cumberland C' be 4e|ivere<l Bt KUCB tinie* and pltte*. and in such (jnatititi- *, ae may be re^nired, and subject to the tondl'ii'M re>|uired by act of Congrea* approved July ll.K*'y,?iz: "That unch coal ahall weighljil pound* to the |.>a, and ahall be iwperttd and weigh ed, b:hI the quantity of each load certifltd at the time of de|:*ery, by the peraon app >int*d and ?iUali ted nnder the act for thai purp?*e. and that ?he prescribed fee of SI cent* for each ton of coal in spected. weighed and delivered, shall be paid by the contractor.*' Proposal* will be considered binding for one week fit m the >;h day of April, K), the Department re aen ira the right to reject mil or at y portion of the bida oflercd. N ' pr- p? *ala will he entertained nnlee* aceompa nied by aati?fa< t..ry evidence of ability tofullllthe Coaitract. aor will any payment be made without the cerrifcate of the inspector that the coal furnished la >wh as the contract tails for. Proposal* should ba a. Id- ?(J and aent to ths of fice of GEO. A. McCARTEB. Chief 'f Bnrvan of Kngraxiag and Printing. Tress cry Department. tn9 ttw pOB BALLS AMD PARTIBB. RID e LOT KB. ? I TO ?>.?? PBR PAIR. WALL. ROBINSON A COT ?scM tt MI P*nngylraalaar*n?a. IN THE M PREMK COTRT OF THR DISTRICT OF COLl'MBIA, Tkt 3d da* *f April, M73. July Oalt ??. Jobs Wilis.*? Mo. Law Docket. On n. tion of the plaintiff,by Mr. W. F. Mattiug ly, h;s attorney, it is ordered that the de.'eudaiit. Join W ilke*, cause hisappearac.ce to be entered herein on or hefvre th. lirst rule-day occurringfony day* after thia day: ottn-rwias the cause will be pcocrtded with asln caae of defsalt. By the Court: _ D R CARTTER, Justice. Ac. Tree ropy?T?ll: sl-th Jw R J. MR1Q8. Clerk, Ae. 1KTH K Sl'PBBI'BT (? F THR DISTRICT U* CULl M B1 A. Cnan.1- Ht?r*i.T et al **. J?as J. McColi *.* et aL ?2,198. Equity Docket .0. Wm r. ??nmffty . Trust, e. hat ing rs?>rted to the Court I bat OB the ?h February, U7J, l.e *old the real estate BeBtiooed in the decree iu this cause, / bbti of bit a, tosunafe *C.) to Strau.hurg, r Rr.*a., for f s Jt*>. and tVat they havs complied with the term* .d sale, H is by the Court, this 1st day of April, yrs. ordered that said *ale ha ratified at the snsuiag May Special Term. BBles* caase to the comrary be skowa before the flrst dsy of saM Term; pr >i idwl a copy of thia order ba published ia the Rrrniag Star oBCe a week for three sacceeslve week* prior thereto. ^ J M.1G8,C?.1111' By L. p WILLIAMS, Asaistaat Clerk aUhJt AUCTION SALES ?; TIKI ?m. r> B T ORITN A WILLIAMS. Aucti ?n?er*, No. IMli N-rthwest corner Wth sad D streets. ClI ANCEBY SALE oTtAIUABLE PROPER Vy OK * ??TRi:rT. BETWEEN ?TH AND 7tn STREETS. NORTH?R?T. ,. I'nd*'r ti'1 by virtue of a <* tat* w ?jjjpreme Court of the Di*ti ict off Columbia, pa*?ed ???in Equity f'u? Bo. W in **>d C "ir?, wherein Mm. W. WillLngsfnni and ?ife ar" c?in Sla-nanta, and Truman Jr. Cook aid other* are ef<n<*ants. the undersign-d,trustees duly appointed inMidraoi^.vil! HUt public anrti?>q, in front ??! iIm> pr?mi*n, on HON DAY, the 21st day #f ^fV'' * 1?. 4K o'elnrk p. m .aH that part rfflot si.vfecr i 16) in square four hundr*! and Tartr-nine (44*?. in the City of Waahtnston. D. O.,beginning ?i the northeast corner of the lot ana runniu* wi?*t twenty -on* fllJfeat; th?-ncf aoath on* huodrwl and twenty four? !*?> feet:thence east twenty-one t21) feet till nil on* hundred and twenty -fcurt12t> fset'tothe place of beninnlt.g. together with the improvement* thereon,consisting of ? three st->-v t>iick house,fronting twenty-one (511 feet on H ?treet, knrwn as No. 618. Terms off safe, a* prescribed by decree, are- One for rib cash, and -the balance in three eqnal in*tal ment*. for which the note* of the purchaser will b? taken. payable at at*, twelve, and eighteen month* respectively fr >m da) of *ale. with interest at the rate of eight per cent, per .annum. B?d secured to the satisfaction off the trustees. A deposit of ?5 0 will be required si the time of sale. If the terms of aale are not complied with within fire days from the day off aale. the property will be resold at the cost at:d risk of defanltine ptircha-er, after ten Java n tire in any ne*nr?p?r of th? city of ashington. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. 1 W SI. r M*TTIKi;fcYiTru<t<^ M F MORRIS. i Trustees. a* did* GREEN A WILLI IMS. Anct*. Y PI SCAKmiN, DOW LINO A OO., An?*., South ast corner ol 9th audD strwt* northwest. trustie s salt of valuable ru^rEitTY ON (tr SOUTHWEST. ON THE ISLAND ji. By virtue of a deed of trust, dat-d on the 5? h fs lay of July, A. D. 1S70, and recorded in Lit?-r ftjtNo.OD, folio SI, Ac., of the land records for Wael.incton county, D. C., and ?>> direction of tha party secured thereby, 1 wtll ?etl at public auction, in frout of the prMuuri, at A o'clock ?. m.,ou M O N ? DAY, th* 7rh day ef April, A. D. 1<"3. ail of Lot* numbered f or (4< ar.d five(5)iti the recorr-1 snb division of Square numbered four hB>vlr< i and ?i\ ty five. 146ft,I with all the Improvements theteon. Terms of *>ale: Oue-half in cash, eff which ?li# nin-? l<e paid at 'a!e,tlie deferred pnvmtn s to be m.ide in *ix and twelve n ontli*. with interetit at ten Cr cent, per annum fr >m day of sale?terms to be My complied with within six day* after * lie. oth ?r?iw the Trustee reserves the right to rese I at the risk and cut of first purchaser. All convsyaiicinf at purchaser's cost. M H. ^ ARD, Ttnstee. n.M-e< &d?DUN"CASSON. DOWLINtt A CO.,AucU. SV'THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPOSKD until TL'ESDAY. April 1?. lST3.?ame hourand ulare. \VM. H. WARD. Trmte*. aS eoAds DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CO., Anct*. ?/THE ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER POST PONED nntil WEDNESDAY AFTER SOON, April 43d, 1573, sauiu honr and pU" W* H. WARD, Ttnst??. a IS DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CO,Aucti. ByTTatimer a CLEARY, _ . Auctioneer* and Real E*tate Broker*. S< utlie;mt corner Penn*ylvatiia avenae Uth at., Star OffUe Building. FIRST CLASS PBIVATK RESIDENCE WITH ALL MMDERN OONVENlENt ES, No. E STREET NORTHS EST, AT AUCTION. ^ On MONDAY AFTERNOON, April *1, at ?is i 30 o'clock. we m ill aell in front of th" prenn ?kal^ea, the we*t half of lot M. being a tuMivisi .? of original lot 16. in ?.iu:ire 37S. Thu projerty is situated on the *outh side of E street, between 9th and 10th street* northw st. and i* improv jd by a three-story brown front BRICK DWELLING, con taining ten room* with bsttb-rom, water closet, large cellnr, range hot and cold water, *t?4ionery v a-h*:and<, marble mantles, Ac., Ao., an I being within two minute* walk of the moat central part of Pennsylvania a?enr.?, offer* a rare opportunity to merchant* de-iring to purchase a fir>t-cl*M r?-i dence convenient to tl.- ir place off loi?iiia?s, (.r to capitalist* wislungto make a g.M>d investment. T tr.i?: One-.juarter cash,re*Moe in six, twelve, eighteen, tweBty-four, thirty and tliirty-*lx month* v?ith interest frt-nidav ot ?aI?. Conveyancin,' at cost of purchaser; %V?> d- ? n at time of *ale. all aids LATIMER A CLE\RY. A<Kts 15 Y (JREKN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, norihwvKt comer 10:h and D -t?. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FRONTINO ON tiTii STREET NV EST. BET WEEK E AND F STREETS NORTH AT AUCTION On TUESDAY, the il'^d in-tant, at o'ch-ck p. n>., we Hhall sell on the premise*, all of Lot N -.6. in *v.b<liv i*ion of Sjuare N >. 4^, being 47 f-et 10 iT.che? front by feet 4 Inche*deep, to a fine paved alley, with tmprovenients, making two tir*t-cla*s buildincc sites, sliiiii uill be sold separately. This p?v?perty offer* great inducements to pur chasers bn> ir.g !irat-c!asi projerty, to ? hi< h w ? theii attention. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6. 12 and li nionthr. for uote? bearing 7 per cent, interest, and ??cured by a deedot trust on the premisessolj. ?10 d< wn on the day off sal". al4-d { Rep) GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anct*. B~Y C. EEHKEDY. .... Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer,?*li "thkt. VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE AT AUC TIOB?LOT 5a. IN SQUARE 449. 9 On MONDAY, th tf 1st lay of April, 1373, at 5 o'clock p. m., we will sell at anction to the highest bidder, in front of the premises, tha following-described property, di?tiugntsh'd as L t fifty three,(43.) in Eanare nntnl??red fonr htiu-ired and forty-eight, (44^,) in the city < * Washington, District of Columbia, ami bounded ?- : .ilowa,to wit : Beginning at a point on the couth .f north N street one hundred and forty-six (I4d? feet we*t of the northeast corner of aaid snuare four hundred and forty-eight. (448.1 thence south oae hundred and five I Uj6i teet t inches to a fifteen foot alley, thence west tweuty six feet, thence north one hundred an l live (106) feet 9inche* to said north N street, th-tice east along said uorth N street to the place of begin ni< a. T: rm* of sale: One-third cash; balanc* in two eiiual^yn-eat* in six and twelve m >utli*. at ten per cent, interest per auuum,*>-cured b? de<-d of trust on the property s-dd. A deposit of ? 10) will be re quired ob acceptance of bid Conveyancing at pur Chaser's cost. If term* of sale are not complied with within five da)* thereafter. th? Trnstees reserve th" risht to resell at the cost and risk of the defaulting WM. B. WOODWARD t Trn,tf.P, JfcO. T. GIVEN, < Trustee*. alo-d O.EENNEDT Anct Y DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CO., Aucts. Southeast cornel 9th aud D streets northwest. TRUSTEES' SALE 0F~VaLUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION. By virtueof ade->d of trust,dated September ?317th. 1H79. and recorded In Liber 6M. folio 239, of ?*the land record* of Washiu^ton connty. Dis trict of ColuBibia. ar.d by direction of the holder off the tiote secured thereby, we will HI, at public acction, on the premises, on MONDAY, B April Slat. M73 at 4 o'clock p. m. all that piece or Circel of grontid kn-wn and ot numbered four (4. ? in square south off square ?ne huudr*-d and four (104,) improved by a two-story Frame Building. Terms of sale, as required by said deed, are $2,000, with ten per cent, interest from Septemb-r Uth. WJ. togetnerwith the expense* of this sale, in rasli. aiid the balanct in 6 and 12 moath*. secured by the n. te-of the pur haser, Ts aring interest at ? percent., and a deed of trust on th>- property. d-wn when the propt-riy is struck off If thetem>*of sals are not emptied with, the trustees' reserve the risht to re ?ell the property, at the risk and cost off thedefault ltig purchaser. ROBERT P. DODOE. (Tr,?t.H PHILIP A D \RNFILE ( Trn?t?e-i. ?9 DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CO . Anct*. BY LATIMER A CLRARY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers Southwest corner Penn*vlv ant a avenue aud ll!h at.. Star Office Buildtuc. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF AN ENTIRE SQUVRB OF GROl'KI>. VERY ELIGIBLY SITUATED. WITHIN ONE SQUARE OF COLUMBIA RAILWAY. B> virtue of ad'-ed f trn*t to th? and?r*ign ?Of . d, beariiik" date tin- l?t day -f A pril, A D. lj^2. '?^and rec rded an. ug the land records of this District, in liber Mo. HI. at folio 3. et se.i..and"by direction ?.f the holder of the notes secuied thereby. I ? ill sell at public auction, on the premis>-s. on SATURDAY, the ad day of May A D. Kl. at 5 o'clock p. m , all of Square numbered ?ii?e hundr'-d at.d thirty-two, (S?32.' bounded by uorth I and K street*, and 9th and Uth *tr-eta northeast, contain ing lu the w hole about 73,1W sutiare feet. The property will be ?old subject to a prior i-ed of trust, dated October 1, 1370. but which by it* terms nia> be reh-art-d upon the pa\ ment of six cents per ?>|i?are foot. Term*: One-tl?ird cash: ?h? residne in four eijnal pax uieuts, at 3. 4, 5. *uU 12 months, w ith interest from .lay of sale. D -ed given and trust tak<-n. Si?4?to la deposited wh- n the property is struck off. which isto be forfeits! ui.l ss purchaserc im plies with the terni* of sale with'n live days after sale. Conveyancing at par<-ha*er's cost. FRED W JOKES. Trustee. *9 euAd* LATIMER A CLEARY. Aurt*. |> Y L ATIMER A CLEAR! . IP R> al Estate Brokers and Auc?ion?*r*. S> uth west corner Pennsylvania avenue aud ltth St.. Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNI TURE S9\ By t irtue of a deed of trust, dated the 12rh Ul day uf March. UCj, are! recorded to Liber No. folio ?K, one of the Chattel R-c i dsfor |T1 Washington count v. D O., I will sell, on ? TUESDAY. April SSd, Lffl. the entire con tent* of hi use 304 D *treet. b twe'n 3d aud 4th streets northwest, c-usistiiui Impart of? Walnat aud Mali >gan) Parlor Furniture. Walnut Marbletof and other Tables. Brussels. Three ph and Ingrain Oarpets. Walnut Exteneion Table, Lace Curtains. China, Crocker) and Olasaware. Walnut MarUe-top Chamber Furniture. Painted Cottage Set. Wardn>bes,Bureana,B?>lsteads and W i-hstaivt*. Husk and C<ti* Mattress -s, Tacker Springs. Feather Buleleraaad Fillvws. Straw Hatting, Toilet Sets. Kitchen Requisites. Ac^ Ac. T'-rms cash. WM*j. KIMMELL. Trustee. sM-dts LATIMER A CLEARY, Aact*. BY GREEK A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. Mo. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D *t*. VALUABLE BD8INES8 PROPERTY. OH THE KOBTH SIDE OF PENNSYLVANIA Avf N I'E BETWEEN ?>? AND StH STREETS. W Eg*, FOB SALE AT PUBLIC At CTI0N. ^a?L We will offer for sale at public auction, in ggfront of the premises, on SATl RDAY, April ?S.5J6. un, at e o'clock p. m , the House aud Lot known as No. 49(i Pennsylvania avenue aorthsrert, and being the eastern part of original L >t uum brpvl six (?), in sonare nuntbere,! four hnndred ana Bin??y-oti?(t(l),ffr?Bting <>n P -nnsplvania arenas nineteen (19) fsst four (4) inches, extendiug the depth of the lot to an alley thirty (*>' feet wide, and bounding on said alley nineteen (19) feet eight and a half (8H) inches, with the tmprov ewents, consistiug off athree-storv Brick H use. Terms off *ale: One-third off the purchase money rash, and the balaace in equal *ix <?>. twelve (12? and eighteen (1S> months from date of *nle;the purchaser to give hi* note* for the deferred pa) meats, bearing latere*! at the r?te of 8 per cent, per nanum.atd *ecar*d by a deed of trnst oaths property. A deposit of 9tu> will be required wb-a the property is btd off. t ja\evwtk: 1 ng at purchaser's sxrense. LEWtS J. DAVIS. EUGENE CABUSI, WM. F. LEACH, Execut. raof estate of L. J >hn*>n. all i GBEEN A WILLIAMS. An- :s. AUCTION SALES. Fi-TCRiBira. B T B. H WARNER. R .al btttt Breker Ml At-ii 'T>er. No. T39 7th urtrt, kdw?B U aud H. TBUBTKK'B BALK Of A THRU-STORY BRICK HOUhK. Ko. Hi FIFTH STRUT BOOTH , AT AUCTIOH. ' virtue of ft deed of trust to Daniel L. Eaton 13. and duly r? ,on* of the land Bfront of the premises. on v It IDA t , April SI 1ST3. at 0 o'clock p.m., the Hun* mi l Lot no occupied by Joseph Platf ah a restaurant, known nui r??, ao. l J J ? I EAST, AT AUCTIOH. Br virtue of ft dH i ?nil niysetf, MH March 9. MR. ftnd duly re rotted in Liber Ho 611. foHo (Lone of the land record* foe Washington, I>. C.? I will wll ft? public atrtirn, in front of the premises, to the li i ghost bidder. on THURSDAY, the JMMh day of March, U73, at 4 o'clock p. as.. *11 that part of Lot Ho. U, in ?imr? Ho' 8Ut contained within the following inrtw and bound*. Beginning for the na? at ? p< -tut I7S feet from the southeast corner of Lot Ho. lS,aod running thence north 17,S feet; thence went to the rear line of Mid lot; thence south 17S foet. and th?-ece eest to the place of beginning, together with the improvements thereon. Terms: The aanonnt of irdobteduese ? scored hr naid deed of tfwat unpaid, with the expense* of sale, it. cash, aud the balance at six and twelve month*, to hem-cured by a deed of trust upon the property eold. with int"re*t from tb? day of sale. JHode posit on acceptance of hid. If "ran of mlf are net con plied with within seven dart atter sale, the property to h? resold at the risk and coat of the de faulting purchaser. BtO. W. BT1CKNKY. Btirvl-. !ng Trmt??, fK coAds B. H. WARNER. Auet'r. _ THE ABOVE BALK IS POSTPONED nvitil THURSDAY, April 10, 1373. same hour aud place. B> older ul the Trustee. rJl B H. WARNER.^uctioueer. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED ntitil WEDNESDAY, April IB,1373, ai 6 o'clock p m.,s ime place. Bv order of tlv-Trii-t e. ?10 B. H WARNK.K, A'trf. CTHE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED nrtil W EDNESDAY, April 30th, 1S73. sauie hour ami place. B> Old-rof the Tr?et?*. a 16 P.. If. WARNER. Avi t. BY LATIMER .1 CLKARY. Auctioneers ami Real Estate Brokers. South?e?t corner Pennsyly anin ave. and 11th street, Star OflicA Building-. VERY DESIRABLE LOT AND DWELLING, ( LATE THIS RKMDWMOR OF LEWIS JOHN SON. ESQ.. DECEASED.) ON THE NORTH EAST CORNER Of 11th AND G STREETS NORTHWEST, TOR 6ALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. By virtne of a dicre-? of the Supreme Court of K9the Dlstrlrt of Columbia, passed in ft cause lu ?*eald court depending Between Lewi* J. Davl* et al . complainant*. and Geotgiana R. Davie et al , de fendant*. I w ill fell, at public auction, in front of .he prcnilwii, on MONDAY. April 39th, U<*J, at 6 oVl<?k p. m..phrtsof original Lots numbered three <31 and four (4). in Square Na. :?45, in tbt> city of Wasbington.D. C . particular!) described a* follow*; Commencing at the southwest corner of *aid square end running thence north along th? line of Uth atreet one hundred and thirty-nine< 139) ieet: thence es-t forty f-ur (M) feel uine (91 incho*;thenc? south one hundred and thirty-nine (139) feet to G street; thence west fortv-four (41) feet uirn- (9> Inch'-* to the point of Itegintiiu#. witb the iuii>roveiiienu. con.tat liicot a fine three-atorv Brick Dwelling,containing sllthe modern conveniebcet, iuid Brick S(al>lo ,iud Carriage-ho uae. The > ard ia ?uppli-d with a pump and well of fine drinking water. Terni? of aalo aa pre?cril?-d l>y th? decree: One third of the purchase money c??h. and lh? b.t'ance inHlx(6>, twelve(12) andeighteeo (18) month*. The d.-ferred pa;mei>t8 to bear interest at the rate of eiaht (8) per ^ent. per aanuni. A deposit of *si?i will l>e requiredw hen the property ia bid off. C<?n ve) aucing at co*t of purchaser El OENE L'ABUSI. Trsatee. alg .1 LATIMER * CLE \RV. Aucn. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*. Bonthwe?*tcorner Pennsytllania aveuue and Uth *t? Star Office Building. VERY DESIRABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY ON THE bOl'TH SIDE PENNSYLVANIA AVE Nl E. TWO DOORS WEST OE SIXTH STREET WEST. EOR SALE AT PI BLIC AUCTIOH. , We will offer for sale, at public auction, in front of the premises, on KKIDAY, April U"?, ... " ot now , as No. fi04 Pennoyfvatila avenue, and lielne part of lot unnil>ered (1.) in Square numbered f 'ur hundred at d sixty-one(461. i contained within the following ni?te>. and bounds: Coniinencing at a point on Pann #)ivar.ia avenue northwest forty-five (46) feet eight (8) Inches westwardly from the northeai-t corm*rof (?aid 'ijuare, aud runulng thence weatwardl) aloin; the line of said Avenue t wenty two (22 > feet;thence ?? uthnardly and at right angle* wilh said avenue ?ny-two(.'3)feet:theme due south fifty three(H* teet eight (8> inches to the line of north B street; ?hence east aloni; said street twent) -two (2!)?'/>et: thence north forty-six (45) feet and nine (3) in lies, and thence northwardly to the place or beginning. The improvements consist of a large four-story Brick House, containing eleven large room*, inclu *i e of the room on the first floor, wnlch fronts b'-th on Pennsylvania avenue aud B street n >rth. Term* ot nsle: One-third of the purchase money Cash, and the balance In e<iu?l installments of *ix (6.) iw' l'.ti 12) and eigliteen (18) month* from date ot *ale: the purchaser will b? reqnirsd to give hi* notes tor the deferred payments, bearing interest at the r?t? of eight (S) p--t cent, per aunnni, and secured to deed of iruet on the property. A deposit of A 300 ?ill be required when the property is lad off. Con veyancing at cost of purchaser. LEWIS J. DAVIS, El'GENK OA RUSI, WM. E. LEACH, Executors of estate of L. J< hnson. deceased. b12 d LATIMER A CLEARY. M et*. |>Y LATIMER A CLEARY, 1 > Auctioneers and R?'al Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud Uth it., Star Office Building. TRUSTEE-S SALE OE~AN ET.EQANT AND COMMODIOUS PRIVATE RESIDENCE. SITC ATED IN THE FASHIONABLE PART of THE CITY, WITH BRICK 6TABLINU AND OUT BUILDINGS. Bv virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date the K5ijith day of February, 1371, and recorded in Liber **No. 640. folio26, et se?4., oue,of the land records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, aid at the reuuest In w ritinc of the party thereb) ?e< ured, the sui?cril>er as Trustee will offer for sale oi. Till RSDAY, the tilth du> of April 1873, at the hour ot S o'clock p. m., all that piece or parcel of ground, lying and being situate in the city of Wash ington, in the District of Columbia, and Icnown and distinguished in the plot or plan of kaideitr aa and M ing lot "I.** in Harris and Crammer's siittdivislou of part of square uumltered one hundred and *ixty four (16t>. said subdivision being recorded in the of the Surveyor of the city of Washington, in liber B, folio lol. together with the buildings and improvement* thereon, consisting of a large double two-story I'tlck house, with Mansard roof, brick ?table, and <>nt-buildings, situated at the corner of Connecticut avenne and L street. Terms of sale; Twelve thousand five hundred dol lar-In ca?h; the remainder in equal yearly in-ta' ments at one and two years, with interest, to lie se cured by a deed of trust <>n the premisvs, <>r other wi-e to the satisfaction of the party entitled thereto. Conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser, if teruisof sale are not complied with in one week from da\ <>f sale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. A d, posit of five hundred dollars will be required at the time of the purchase. RICHARD WALLAC1I. Trustee, e* eo?d* LATIMER .V CLEARY. A.iets, Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Ko. 1001, uorthweat corner lotb and D sts. SALE 0E VERY VALI'TbLK BUSINESS PROP KRTY OH THE S01TH SIDB 0E PENNSYL VANIA AVENUE, BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. AA . B> virtue of a deed executed by the late Mrs. Sarah Hamilton, appointing the uieler *-*?igned Tiust-e for the purposes therein set fot th,dated tlx-17th ilav of April, 1871, and recorded in No 640. folio 131, oue of the laud reords for Wash ington c unty, D. C . and at the request of and by virneof a p?>werol attorney from the beneficiaries named in ?*id deed. I will ?elt at public auction, in fiont of the premises, to the highest bidder, on MONDAY, the ftth day of May, at t o'clock p in., p-Mts of Lot* No*, five <f) and six (6). in Square nuiii nered three hundred and eighty i-mui. improved b> a thiee *t?>rv and attic Dwelling, with back building, b- ng premiaes known u- No. Pennsylvania avenue n. itliwe.t. Tlli^ pr-ipertv fronts 3i feet i>n P utisvlvanift avenue, with a depth of about 33 feet, connecting with Lot S. which fronts 12 f<-et on C -treet; in ill 1.9n.' feet. Terms of sale: One-fonrth ca-h; the bafince in twelve, eighteen and twenty-four month-, with interest at -ix per cent., payable semi annually, secured b) a deed of trust on the property. A deposit of ?2110 " ill be required on acceptance of bid. If the terass are not compiled with witliin seven days after lie -ale, the property will be resold at risk and Cost of defaulting purchaser. All convevntKing at pur ch-?er'*<.oit. TIIOMAS Mr GILL. Trustee. (iREEN A WILLIAMS, til.1-e< Je. JtdtM5 Auctioneer*. B* LATIMER ? CLEARY, Auctioneers aud Real E->tate Brokers, Southwest comer Pennsylvftnja avenue ?nd 11th St., btar Office Buildings. SINGLE ANDDOUBlFcARVED OAK DESKS, CARVEDOAK LKATHEBCOVEREDCHAIRS TO MATCH; IMMENSE QUANTITY OK BRl'SSELS CARPET; OFFICE DESKS AND TABLES; WALHUT AND OAK CANE SEAT OFFICE ARM CHAIRS: SOFAS. Ac ,&c , BE ISO THE FURNITURE^ RECENTLY IN USE IN THE HALL OF THE HOUSE OF REP RESENTATIVES. LOBBIES, GALLERIES, AND COMMITTEE BOOMS. AT AUCTION. A Ou TI ESDAY MORNING, April 4?th, P4 1n3.Commencing at 10 o'clock, we will sell lH|at the Capitol of the Uuitrd States? |? (About 3i?i single and double Carved Oak " Desk-. Ah-'tit 3tv Carved Oak Lent her-covered Arm Chairs to Uia cu. Large number of Walnut and Oak Cane-seat and back Arm Chairs, Office Desks and Table*. Sofa*. Immense quantity of Brussels Carpet", which will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. The cat ved desk- and chairs will be sold in'lie chamber of the House of Representatives. The carpet* and other furniture In the large ball imme dlatrly under the chamber of the House. B)'?"le"f' EDWARD McPIIERSOM, Clerk of the House of Representatives, U. S. ?M- [Eep.fh] LATIMER A CLEARY, lucu. BY B. H. WARNER, . Real Mate Broker and Auctioneer, No. TS* 7th street, between G and H. ~ LOT 0* THK WIST, BR B _r? A?rll U.1,1473, at quarter poet I o'clock, isit of lot a, in sub. f square IB, having I front of IS feet on 1st street w**t, and running back 1H feet to a 19 feet Tint; One-half caab; balance ia*lx and twelve ths, witb|interest. #10 down on day of sale. BY *? M" W?5d "'ate Broker and Auctioneer, Ha. TM 7th treet, between G ami H. HESDAY, April S?d,1 on 1st street wetrt, and rnmnlng hack to and having a front on DeUware avenoe oris feet Inohea. T?rw: One-half caah; balaaoe f, IS and U month* with Interest, fw down whso th* property la struck off. Conveyancing at the purrhaaer's cost. aUcoAd* B. B. WAKNIB, A net. AUOTIONSALKS. TMIB AFTBRNOOM. " B T LATIMKB ft rLIABI, Auctioneers and Beal Estate Brokers, vaesusr ??? T?P?5H#^0.WWl{,?1j|ff,T3S JfMSAV.ASM,TOVTV?TD,SS P/A NEAT TWO STOBT rEAMK DWELL 256 <7*1 qV 8TOBT STABLE?LOT *4- BT AjfTItWofa deed of tnnt d*W November A-Md dnlr rtsroried iD Liber No. ?M3I, folio IB, one of the land records for Wash in*tea connty, in the Di*trict of Columbia. ud by direction of the party MrvM thereby, I will *<11, at public Miction, in front of tb? premie*, on TIICB8DAT. the lTth day of April, A. D.hsr3,at So'clock p.m.. all that certain piece, parcel. or lot of gronnd, situate, bin* and being in the county of W whington. in said District, and knnwi a* tot numbered eight y-two, <?!,> in the subdivision of Mt!in?twPIS?**? *?$!*?' ***** W? r. Die and John W. Wright, and recorded among the re cord! for Mid county in the o?ce of tbe count) sur vey or, Mid lot baring a front of It fe?t on tbe Wash - IrgtonaudBockville tnrnpike or Seventh itmt MAM ?M n? rJt m /t?ndk nl t?4 CT ??M * ? _ . Term* of sale: One-tbird in cash, of which 9100 must be paid on acceptance of bid; balance in six, twelve, and eighteen month*, with interest at ton Cr cent, ner annum, payable semi annually, and to secured by note* of pttrchaser and deed of trust on property m id. Cftnveyaacinf and recording at pur chaser's cool. If terms of Halo are not comiriied with within aii day* after aaJe.the Tru<tee reserves the right to rooell tbe property at tbe risk and coat of defaulting purchaser. . _ _ %M. F HOLTZMAN, Trustee, ?i-d LATIMER ft CLEARY. Ancts. |)T GREEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, I* No. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D?U. trustees- bale ofValuable improved PROPERTY AT AUCTION?THREE STOBT BRICK DWELLING. WITH FRENCH ROOF, Wt> STREET EAsT, BETWEEN B AMD C NORTH. , , Br virtue of a deed of trust, dat?d September Ell, 1871. recorded In liber o67, folio 31*. of tta* ?*la:>d records of Washington county. District of Columbia, and by direct inn of the holder of the note secured thereby, we will sell, at pnWtc auction, on tlie premises,on THURSDAY, April 17,1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., all that piece of ground in Wash iueton city. D. C . known as Lot lettered r, in Ches ter A Juokin's subdn ieion of square 733. Terms of sale: One-third cash, balance in one and two years, with Interest at the rate often per cent, per annum, payable semi-annually. secured by notes and deed of trust on the property, to the satisfaction '? f tlie trustee*, Conveyancing and recording at pnr cbastr Ni cost. If the term* of sale are not complied with in five days from the day of s<U-, the trustees

reserve the right to resell the property at the risk and ce?t of the defanltlnf purchaser. R P. DODGE. f Tr?-t?. P A. PARNKILH, Trn,,"M' i?7-d GHKKN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. BY B. II. WARNER, Ri al Estate Broker'and Auctioneer No. 7UU 7th street.between G ant H sU. PUBLIC BALB OP VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON THE EAST BIDE OP 13th STREET. nkarm street, in one or the most DESIRABLE AND RAPIDLY IMPROVING LOCATIONS IN TUB CITY. 91 wiil offer for sa'e, on the premises, on THURSDAY.Aptil 17. 6 o'clock p.m.. lot 8, in Davidson's sulalniidou rf square 241. fronting 3* feet 6 inches on 13th street, by a iVptb of L5T> fee! 1', iik lim, to a paved alley .V feet wide. Teims; One-third cash, ?ud the balance in 6 ari 12 months, with aix percent, interest, secured by a deed of trust. Will t?e sold clieap. ?? << n. H. WARNER. Anct. V GREEN A WILLIAMS. inMonw, Kv>(thue?t^ .-er UKh and D streets. POSITIVE SALE OP UNIMPROVED RE \L KSTATE ON NORTH CAPITOL BTREET. BK TWEEN M AND N STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. 9 On THURSDAY, the 17th instant, at 3'i o'clock p.m., we shall sel'.i.n the prerais-s, Lot No. 11. in 8<iuare No. 67 (. being 137 feet 3 inch* s front by 130 feet deep, which will be sold all together or *ulidivide?l to suit purchasers. Terms: One third cash; balance in 6, 12 and 18 nw nths, tor notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on tbe premise* Conveyancing at the ccst of the purchasers. .* Ioli down on the day of '* s'd GRFF.N A WILLIAMS. Ancta. TO-MORROW. Ill' W. L. WALL A CO., I) Marble Building. V>s. U00 and 903 P i. ave , aouth corner 9tti street. EXCELLENT TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, CONTAINING TKN ROoMS.ONSrH STItKK T, BETWEEN I ANI? K 8TUEETS, NORTH WEST, AT AUCTION. a On WEDNESDAY AETKRNOON. April 16. t':3at J o'c|ixk,iu front of the premises, we will ?'isell the al?ove pi* c? of property, bein>< s?>ntli p-.rt ot Lot No. 12, in Sonare 403, said part of said lot having a front of 20 feet on ftth street, an 1 run ning bark 70 feet, and connecting with a three-foot pi ivate alley with the L5 feet wide pav. d public alley in kaid ik in are. Terms: Oue third cash; balance in one aud two years, secured by a d'-.-d of trust on the preraia?a. All conveyancing at the expenae of tho purclt:wer. A IK* to be paid down o- the day of sale. a7d V . L WALL A CO., Aucts. i^TIIE ABOVE SALE is postponed until FRIDAY. April l*Mh,at Hatuetini-- and place, in c. na< iiuence of the rain. aW d | Rep.) W. L. WALL A CO.. Ancta. BY B. H. WARNER, R<-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7119 7tli street, between G and H ?tt. PIBLIC SALE OP DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON WEST SIDE OF ?th STREET. BE TWEEN RHODE ISLAND AVENUE AND R 8TRAET - ATTENTION PASTIES WHO WISH TO BUILD. SI a ill offer for sale, on the premises, on FRI DAY, April 19. 147.1, at t o'clock, two Lota, front i ne 21 feet 3 iuchea each on Wh street, by a depth of 138 lect U iuches to a 3u leet alley. Title perfect. Terms: One-third cash;balance in (land 12months, secured by deed of trust, with six aar cant, interest. Couvey.iDCinff at seller's coat. The street cars will run by these lots within (50 days, and Rhode Island avenue will soon be improved Attend this >ale if you wish a bargain. B. H. WARNKR. ??9 eoAds Auctioneer. BY "GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 10U1, northwest corner U)th and D sts. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE CORNER I.OT. d? BY 9<l FEET. BEING THE SOUTH WEST CORNER OF V AND 13ih STREETS NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of trust, dsted 6th dav of ?OTMarch. A. D. 1<2, aiul recorded iu liber No. ?? C7t. folio KH. of the land records for the county of Washingten, District of Columbia, and by the wiitten request of llio party kcured therel.v. we will offer for sale, by public auction,on FRIDAY, the 1H|1, day of April, A. D. K-i, at 5 o'clock p. in , tin eastern 40 feet of Lot 18, in Square numbered ?ffi. bavine a depth of 90 feet Tei ins will be stated at the time of tbe sale. ANTON EBKRLY. lTr?? (i CHRISTIAN G. LEDEREIM Trn',,"'*? .-2 law Ada GREEN A WILLI AMS. Ancta. BY.GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auetioaeers. Northwest corner loth and I> streets. On FRIDAY, the 19th instant, at 6 o'clock Hap. in., we shall ??ell. in front of the premises, a ?*i{.M>d two story Brick House and Lot, being a front and depth to an alley, being honse N ?. WOi, situated on New .l< rsey avenue, between I aud K streets soutli, opposite thf late residence of the late Harry Winters, belonging to Mrs. Margaret W.tldron. To he sold to th- hiehest bidd-r fir cash. alt (I C.BKEN * WILLIAMS. Au-ts. U C T i O ? SALE. ars By virtue of a dt tsl of trust. bearing da?? Oc ^MBt<dx-r ?t>l. l.so7. and recordist in liber E. C. E . ? No. 21, folio tel. one of the land records of Wa?hington ennntx, D. C., and also by virtue of one other deed of trust, bearin* date Oct<iber iMh 18uT, am! record's! in liber E C. K.. Ni. 21, f<-Iio t*>4, ill the ssme laud records, I will stll. on FRIDAY. Arfil lWtb, 1873, at A o'clock p.m., on the premises, at public auction, to the liiKhest bidder. Lots Nos. 1,2 and 3, in block No. 8, and lot No. 3. in block No. 3. in property know ii as "Meridian Hill,'' Washing ton county. D. C. Terms of sale: One-half cash; balance in C and 12 months, with intere?t. secured by deed of truston the premises. Aloii cash down on each lot at the time of sale. All couveyaucina at tlie c.?*t of the purchaser. J T. STEVENS.Trustee. DUNCANSON. DOWLING A CO. ?!)-??Ads Auctioneer-. ^ ICTIOS SAL E^ By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date August l'.HIi. 1868. aud recorded in Liber T and B. No. 4, folio 1?9. one of the land records for Washington cotiuty. D. C., and also by virtue of another deed of trust, beartint date November L'tth, litis, and record ed in Liber T and B, No. t, folio U. Ac., in the same land records. I will sell on FRIDAY. April 19th, 187A, at & o'clk p. m. on the premises, at Public Auc tion, to the highest bidder. Lot No.#, in Block No. 6. and Lot No. 7, in Block No. t, in property known as "Meridian Mill,'' in Washington connty, D. C. Terms of sale: One-third cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, with Interest secured by deed of trust on the premises; floo cash down on each Lot at tte time of sale. All conveyances at the cost of the purchaser LYNDON H. STEVENS, Trustee. ag-eoAds DCBCAN80N, DOWLING A CO.,Ancta By thos e. waggaman. Real Estate Auctioneer, 010 7th street. ? By virtue of a deed of trust from Char lea V Gordon and wife to John D. McPherson, recorded in Liber M, folio SM of the land re cords for Washington connty. In the District of Columbia, I will, on MONDAY, tbe Slat day of Api il, W73, at 4 otolock p. m.. offer * A pi il, 1873, at 4 o'clock ?. m.. offer for sala at public auction, In front of the premises, the property de scribed ia aaid deed, to wit: Lai numbered 17, In EETJssj?*? wi Terms: One-third cash,tbe balance In six and t welra montha from day of saia andeecured by p?rrhMfrt notes and deed of trnat upon the premaes. Coarey anciig at purchsaer's coat. j. d. Mcpherson,Trustee. m?-eoAds THOS. B. WAGGAMAN. Anct BF C. RENNBDY. Real Bstate Auctioneer, 019 7that. TBOTIIV l?? A By virtneofadaadof tnmt.dated JuneMth, #!f v,Kf s&jft thereby, we wUl aaU at aoblic anctioa. to the highest bidder, In front of the a^mia^orWttDAfTS lota ni be red! ?_? .rl? ,. Terms of sals: One-third caahJAM balance fn aix reeerve the right to resell at the anal and rfcfc of the AUCTION SALES. B B?W* t. WALL A CO., ApctKmeera. ? r? Kim-M- BniMng, |Im. 909 and Mil Penn*) !?acia ???rr? PEREMPTOF.T SALE OP SSTS OK ELEGANT WiLNPT BROCADE. a*P ??d UklR< loth PAULOR SUITS; TO* WAIAIT ?rid rAiWTr.n chahbih* suits. side BOA B* DREADS, ri rk at*. W*?H STANDS; *aI.NI T ?-H OAK KXTKNHIoN' T?BLE*. Tl ? KVB-hPRINGR >nrrKl<>Ko 1*0 ROLLS OILCLOTH LOT SECOND U AN li carpkts Rr*ovci> to o' r STORES F4 R CONVENIENCE OP ?ALE. OR THIRTY -ltd SIXTY ?>*YS' ORKHIT A On IRH'AT MORNING April 19.1*1., V^^coinBenrtng at 10 o'el ck, we * >11 eell at onr f^R auction witbnttt r"?erva. mi er?lit? M I Biocatell- . R p ?T"! H%ii cloth Parlor s?ult?. ai.d P?inlol CliMabrr Mni'v TiWi, Bure?u? ?>?) B r -ll- Ol^'wli. tw ?wn-ini W?rh:n - -, M?rhlr toy Walnut tirl Oak 1?, VInl-inU.ltrcciw. Hal r?~k, Walnut Wardrvbea, B'*<kca*e, atid M*ttr*aa.?a, Lot of gKOB^bul Put r*t? kitciien Bf-:u'afte?. Ac. N.B.?We call special a'V ntion Of buyer* t<> the al< ?? mIf. ?? frffy lot will k"1 ni l pe-emi?*oriIy. 7?mia- All sum* of 31M> and ??.i*r. > ash; all ~nm? over ttiMt amount a ere-li' of 90 iu-1 4*1 days. with ?otea with approy i security. All ptrM'tM wishing tO m:ill thema?|r*s of ths opp-rtrnitj of credit will report to the aucttoae rs before the sale. It W. L. WALL A Co.. 're. Y DUNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., Au<-ts. Corner 9th ud D streets north* e?t. SALE OP YALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPTTOL HILL. AT AUCTION SOnTHUKhDAY AFTERNOON April IT. at 3 o'clock, wo will sell upon the premise?, all of Lot 1. square 83t. bavin* a front of 5* feet * inches upon .iorth D afreet, with a depth of 90 fwt i:p? u 6th *tr<-et east. This property i* s.lusted in on" of the most rapidly improving porticaas ?f the eitv,being tbe northwest corner of 6;li aini D ?t*. nort hen*t. Terms- One-third caah: balance In *. It and 13 Bx Mb-, note*bearing interest and mm nr-<l b> itewd of IrM upon tha promisee. C >nv>.r anting. A. ., at CO-? of the pnri hi-er. A deposit of .? VJ * ill be re I quired as soon as> lh>- property i* kn.s-k-d off. ?>S DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO.. AucU. WTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED. >n voui't of the weather, until SKTl'BDAY, April ?26 h. vain.- hoar and p'ac?. air DUNKANSON. I>OV? LINO A CO Anrta. By latimkr a cleart, Auctioneera mad Be*] E?t&tf= Brok?r?, Aculhweat corner Pennsylvania are, and Hth atreet. btar Uffiae BuiMinx. SPf OND ANXI AL SALE BY CATALOOl E OP OIL PAINTINGS BY OCR LOCAL ARTISTS On W KI>NE8I>AY BY EN I NO. April l?th. 1CJ. commencing at 7*t o'clock. %t our Auction Ro 'tua, <rp >1)1)11 HI ahoul 100 Oil P?iutinc>,C'>:iipri*inK I.nudscapo and Pigure piece* by the foil- win? la al Mtirte: Theodore Kanfmaon, Mas Weyl, RoaaTnrnor, E?i*?ne A. Po >1#, Wn McLeod, H< ine, and other Washington artirta. K. B ? Palntitifr* will be on cxhibitioti on M -n dav, the 1 ttb inst. Tennacaiib. _ all JAda LATIMER A CLEABT. A'tcta. IV-fK CONSEQUENCE OP TUB RAIN THE al.o?e i-al? i* po*ipon?d until MONDAY E^'EN 1NO. April Bl,sam>' b^nr. a 17 d LATIMER A TLESRT A i >a Hy LATIMKR a CLEARY. Auclionterx ?>?'! Real K-tat- Broker*, l*< nthwrat corner Pennqlianlk avenue and llth ?t., Office Rnilding* VALI'ABLE LOT FRONTING ON R STREET, BETWEEN 1:<th 13', STREETS SOl'TH WEST, | in front of the Agricultural Dcpartoi'-nt,! AT AI CTION. , On TI'F.SPAY AFTERNOON. April *231. nffS, at AH o'clock, we ?h^M ?e||, iu front of th? -preniiae*. all of Lot 14, in ?inar<> ?i Tula lot fronta ??* feet t Hche* on B street aonth, bjr an arer wp depth of isl feet, to a 30-foot alley. Terms: One-third cash, balance in $. 15. and IS month*, with interest, wcurtd by deed of tri??t on the pr?.per?v sold. Conveyancing at purchaaer'* Cost. ? IiiO Jew ii at tim<-of-al*. >17 dAds LATIMER A CLEARY, Victa. BY LATIMER A CLEARY. Auctioneer* and R?-al K-tate Rr-iki?<??, S .uthwi-et corner P<??<n?ylvani? avenue aud llth ?t.; Star Office Buildings. * DF>IR.VBLE BI ILOINO LOT ON 'JUrn ST , BETWEEN K AND L STREETS SoKTII WEST.(NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVENCE.t AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April U.i. IwvIO, at <?*t o'chs k. we sliall wll iu fi-.i! ot ih" ? |iremia<.*. lot P, in Wro?^? siihdiriai^n of narr of a-inare 4, fronting Ji f. et on 25th street, witli a dert h of 100 feet to an alh-y Te-ms: One-third cash; balance in # 11 ard 1? m?>!ith*. with inter?*t. aecur<-<l l>v a.d<-*d >f trn*t on th^ property s-dd. CofiTeyancing at pur. haaer's cost. 4 hot down at t 'ni.- ? >f aal>-. ? 17-dAda LATIMER A CLEARY, Anct* B Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Ancttouerni, New Marble Building, No. 909 and 904 Pennsylvania avenue. TRUSTEE S S ALE OP VALUABLE PROPER TT IN SQUARE N >. T14. By virtue of tvro deed)- of trust, recorded in Liber B M H. No 3, fo'lo 78. ahoin Liber LT and R. No. 7. f<dio lo<?, of the land recoils .f the Dirtr;ct of Columbia, and bv dir?ctiou of tbn pai tie* i ecnr* d '.hereby,! will offer at poldic sale on the pr.'iiiises, on MONDAY, the 3t?th day of Aoril. at the hour cf 5 o'clock in the sftcrn ion,the f->l. >w inc L<4s ofGn >>ub-ii?ided by Win. For avtli, Surveyor, heing Lota number ;J, if. IS, 44, (7, 4*1. *?, &?, 51, .12, M. Sf. S3 >>. 57,53, ZJ. ?0. ?1.?. ?S, ?i?, 05. *i?. 67, i)8. 70.71 at!)' 72, of >je a-ih diviai 'n of oricmal Lit* Jit*tn,H?r It, 13. If, au<l part of 15, in ?;iiare7l;. These Lota front from 19 to >i feet on Drlawarr avenue, id street ea?t M street north, and Colfax street, and run back to all-y*. the faid Lota Iteinz in def4ii fr<.m 94 to lfr* feet. Two Frame II- use-' on Lots 01 au< Ct will 1 e 4<dd with the Lot*. Terms >>t sale: One-third ca*h; tUc residue of the pnr<-tia*<- money in t> ?f?1 12 month", the parchaaer giving hi? note* l?-aritiK ti per cent, interest fromthe )lay of *ale- a deed given, and d>*ed of tr?-t taken to secure the <lef?rred payments. All convey inking at the i nrchaaeris' co t. A dep .,t of ifsn required frun ea'-1' pnrchaner wh.-ii the Loi* are sold. Phil* of aboia L ? " c"?n he bad at our store. R P. JACKSON,Trust<??. Hi; lot | Rfp| W L. WAWL A CO.. Aucts. Y DVNCANSON, DOAA'LINO A CO., Anct rs, Southeast corner 91 h and D streets northwest. CHANCERY SALE oT~TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, WITH BACK BUH DING.ON fcOUTH SI HE OP 1 STREET, BETB EEEN IOih AND 11th N W. By virtue of a decrei of th< Supreme Court of B **.-au District of Columbia. paa*e.| in chancery atw) No. S12a...doc. 11,1 shall, on THURSDAY. May 1. 1S7."., a. S o'clock p. in , offer for sale, at pu. lie auctio i. Lot 9, in David?>n's recorded subdi \ision of part of?|U?re No. Mi; having a front of 91 fee. on I street, and running hark with that width ion I)*, to an allev. and itvprove?l by a well built two story Frani)-Hou*<', with a brick back build ing. T' mis: O-ie-fourth of th>-pu"xhase money inevth and reMidue in thre>- cjual ios.almen.M at one, two, arid three veara, with intereet a. per ce,u. per au nuin: .leferred pnvment.i to l>ea'^:ur?-d bytn?*p:ir chasi-r"'nstes an)| a deed of tm*t oj the pr<>pej.) . De. d given on Hnal ratitic.uion of sale. Convey anclf g at purchaser'* cost. AMI to be paid at sale. REGINALD KEND ALL, Truatee. air .1 PUWCANSON.DOWLINC; ACiV.Ancta. By b. h. wabneb, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 799 Seventh street, betweea G aud H. CHANCERY SALE OK VALUABLE REAL PROPERTY ON 4<, aTREET, NEAR PBNN SILVANIA AVENUE. Bv virtue ofa decree of the Supreme Cjurt of ? he District oi < olumbi?, paeeed in equity cause lNo. 2^19, doc. 11, McOmre et al. v*. Hurry et al.., ami by virtue of an order pa-se.1 in said cause on the i5th day of April A. D. 1<".1. Hir. < tiny a resale of said property aud modi f)Ing the terms of sale, th?* und- rsignM, trustee, sprointed bv said c >nrt.wiU sell, on TUESDAY, A|>rtl 99d, at i o'clock p. in . in fr >nt of the premi part of lot 24. in square No. ?:il, in the city of AA'o-hington. fronting 23 fe?-t aud 3 inch*, on 4S ??tret t northwest, aud bounde<l and described a* fol low : Beginning for the *a>ite on the east lino of said lot on 4>a street at a point twenty three (21) feet aud thr-e ,3) inches south of the northeastern corner of said lot, and nmning thence north tw -nty-three 12V> feet ami three i3> inch- s: thence west al >ug the north line of said lot ouebundn-d and five i luft) feet, thence south along th>- w>-*t line of said lot twelve (li'ifiet; tb<-n? e in saoutheast> rl> direction thirtt six i>"i> feet and three (31 inches to a point distant sevente-'U 117) feet and tour (41 inches due aouthof the north line of said lot: tb^uce south- a*twardl) thirty (Sj) I'eet and Ave ir.che* to th" <iivisit.ii wall of the two brick house* standing on said iot; aud thence east through the <-?nter of said division wall tbirtwsix , 36) fi-.-t t>> the place of the beginning, wiili tbe improvement* thereon, consisting of a fine three -tor) Brick Dw ? lling H"i;-e and back build ing This property adjoin* tbe Columbia Building, on 4.S -treet, a few doors north of P?nnavlvania ave nue. and is at present occupied b> the Howland Dental Association The terms of sale, as prescribed by the above order modifying tbe decree, are c*?h; ot' which A loo must he paid in current funds, or by adulj csrtitted check, at the time of the purchase. And if the remainder of ?!ai)l purchase money -hall not be paid within five (5) dav. from and after tbe day of s?|e, the trustee res*r\es tbe right to resell tbe property, upon tve (51 day's public ?otice, at the risk and coat of the d?taulting purrhaaer. Tie' Trustee will execute a deed f ir said property Q|s.n the full payment of all bis purchaaamooey, and the final ratification of the sale by the coart. M. ASH POBD, Trustee. al? dAds B. H. WARNBR, Anct. DT GREEN A WILLIAMS, AacU 15 No. 1000 North we* 10th FORTY BUILDINQ LOTS AT HUVTTVOTON. IN PRINCE OEOBGE COUNTY, MD., AT AUCTION. On tbe 9Xn A o'clock p. m.. we ?Bp-hall sail at our auction rooaas, tbe above named -^?iots. in block it, T T and 0 0, toithehichai bidder for cash. _ aMjl OBEEN A WILLI AMS, Au-ta. LiSi _ Southwest oorner Penneylvania avennaaad llth at.. Star Office Bnildlags. TBUSTEE8' SALE oF A COMFORTABLE BUCK RESIDENCE ON U 8TE? 13m STREET NORTHWMT. BT Byvjrttaaof a deed to Vj cf a ? ?rir comfortable three Ciintaimng eight roaaa ai 1S4A U atreet. Terma: One-third taah; rwidas 9 I, I, f, U, n ?nd U moaths, with Interest. flM dowa whan the house ia VTU ABOVE BALE 18 POSTPONED TV cons, iiuence of t'-.e r?in mail WEDNESDAY, tbe 83.i instant, mom Ujur and place. P. VrTjOHES, Traet n!6 LAT1MXB A CLIAKT, A A tacts. EVENING STAR. "The ohitutiun ?Im) leeks swee? P*trj '<* a rtiiladrlphh I'*!*" li?il ? rough * ?* '? ir.aking a i li>niP foi the to?> WfT?l??l d.aeas? ol the irttor.bttt nually priMucfld ths follow - tag Onr tittle Sallie dkl U bMTfn go Btliy lit* m ?wft is. She *kr with the Spin*'. manlu^iU*. *T'? a* rd to lose oar little NaUie so. Hat A? r*ffotto? aweet is, Tkkl ?hr ku |*w ?lMr?tknrr'?M oerebrs " ' meningitis Jssirs SiSUJ ^SSSir'^ 52SJT* Lwr^'* I?01!!1* 'e W'1?p' ^ down with' aw.ui relocttr on thu s<raper. Tbrn b? ro'led oxer Mi the mow, and kVrk^ h" le~?.?{ sti *#bt, and rescbed oatln the air for a month ftal. and looked a* if he wasted to taj war thwg. i ut cou'da t think a hat it tat And h.*e I e Uv until the neighbor* picked him up end carrwd him into the house And ererr 1::*"?"*'^ *" rnM*,<' ?? t*<ng up ths f 'KZ /r t ?TV" U '* ktm MHM*hi>r? Fl?e next Lent Will be mora strirtlr by on? tamilv an North street.Xru t. I official.! LAWS ?? TUB IIITn RTtTn ?? ""dM ?rifti fWrff. tffnd UafrtM. *vrrita-Nn ?.; -Co?tiarm. ? Brut"as, ?id X,m;. to^at^^S* Of theTght-hense Naah s U:;c?J coast ot M**n* tKr ?, thousand dollar*. ? thrw? For rebuilding C?e upper part of the liirht itKSXl'Jff *r*r.,*?',u**nd rtny-l?eacon? de?trorrg br the ?ce on the enaxt of Maine and Mt?i t, ,., / thirty thousand dollars eetts, For a <t?m fop-sljual at the Hi^hlati.I* lira* *?~at:ha?otU, Ire thousand do! l or a steam tog-signat <u> guide into a harbor Itace poiut. Cap, Col. JU-?,hu iwtti*, ti i c thoiiHuiul dolliirf. **Vr **tt'?m log signal *' the month ot the lio.'ii-* Ter' hftecn IWaaMil For placing a light on Mu.clebe-1 beacon do'|!T?r,Mrtl lpimn,X ?^thou?ana For new dwelling at Conlmjcut light-hoii^. Narragansett bay. Uhode lalaAd, fifteen Uiou sand dollars: /Vnn.w, That u|k?u the conirle tiou o| sax! dwelling the Secretary ot the Tr,-a* ury la authorial and directed to sell, at tub he auction, after doe and either in one <* divided into lou. the la-?l oet^titu tlB? the site 01 the old light-ataliou at Nayat For wharf and boat bona* at Pumham rock Providence river. Rhode Island. one tho i.auJ two hundred dollar.. ' For a fog-Hignal at New I^ndon. Connecti cut. lour thouKaud lire hundred dolUra. t n??r lc"n,I",eti,t* ,h? light-honi* at K?oe rock Um* sound. NCTenty-tire tho isan ? dol tJ-'r * day? eacon at Black I.e.lge, entranc ??????" a.' I-or protecting the foundation* of the liaht fcrflWh^nK#Pk"?r bead,A?d For commt nrlng a light hoa?e on <touthwe?t Lc.ljfC, entrance to Nea Haren iiarbor Con n?. ticut. flrty thousand dollar*. -4rw>r* ?t. or, the w^iftfaction of a light-howa* tn take \h* ?',,ie *t Stratford hhyai Lot.j; island ?ound, fifty thou-and dollar*. For protecting the alte of eaat beacon and fo* ir'tlil h*u,.,.v1^??'k. K? ^ ork harbor. t^eu ty tlioii-and dollar*; and the fog b?ll auth ?rm-d by act approve.| June tenth. eigtit?on handr-*4 *licL ** For cijitern*. coping of e?t,>rior waJle. and the coniiilation ot other work* of improvement ,t N. a fork ?a"? ^PHr^ei^t.,-n UUn.1. i. >ork, tire thousand dollar*., tor commencing the construction of a li^ht ."UT R 7''UC* ,he ?t Cro^ Led', shoal. Delaware bay. fitly thousand dollar For commencing the construction of a liiflit &???%&'XT,hM For a ltght-hou*e on or near the M>utb end of J?* dS??**"*' ei?kt thoa rhJLTSiml'-?int th,e r*r??^-*ight? for Craigt.ill OotlarT. ' Ptllke bav' twenty thousand For rc-cstabliidiing the li^ht at Lova Chesapeake bay, ten thousand dollars. ' For commencing ihe coiu-trocTTon of a l>ht Ssuiss&ir *"*? ftV nniisss'staarsar ?? For bnllding a ?crew-pile l.ght-hoane on Jii<,,r,s/KPO,nt ,,b<iSl- to uk? place ol the old light-house on Tbomaa'a ]>oint Marvlau.i twenty thonnand dollars. ' **rJrl*nd, ?.F"r d?y-b*?ooio> in the P.^omac rirer hltcen thousand dollaia; and th^ wiTr authorised at Ship|>ing point mav be i>Uce?t "at any point in U,e ne^Trinity Xat the Sh? Ho".* board may determiae uoon * vlZ^ffSS. Ii*.Ht",><>u**at untch-Oap canal. ' ^ tbouMtiiil tiollsrs For a screw-pile lighthonse to mark thee-, trance to the sounds of North Carolina b\ Hat '"^'t eighteen thousand dollar ord^r ??n??TicUon Of a first order light-hooM at or near Tomer's hill a point midway between Cape HenrV and Bodr'i Fffr ASSffi*"" 1?"' l"t5r tbon#ind ^lars. ' I.?f co*,1,*n^ng the reouildln* of the first order sea-coast light on Morris uland So itu liSawiJr*?' J,rtM *"? *"> u8u,..t,rr^ Georgia, eighteen thousand dollars * For day-beacons in the rirer Savannah. Oeor f Th*? m!**"* flve hun,lml dollars /V? ?n*sssftts:tsjsJ'~' "? _K^r.* ?-rew-pil? light-house at the eutranee thousand dollar*. twenty nas^ ^ght-house at Horn Island do'a'rs Meuco, twenty-two thousaud For protecMng the light house depot at the he-.lof the Parses, rirer Mississippi, troiu the erosion of the shore, ton thousand dollars For completion of the Gulf coast iron l.*ht ??UlKat T,ni^r coast of Louisiana httv thousand dollars. ' For repairs of the screw-pile licht-hoiise at Southwest reef, La>aiaiana. damaged bv a hur ricane, live thuuBiiiid dolliri. For ecmpletlon of the first-order iron li?ht ?",r "r M?'~- f?r,V For a lake-coast light, at or near Thirtr-Mile oiz: sissixsa'fsjtsM ^aiib"u' thon^doW ,igbU OU 1 ?I? completion of Spectacle Reef lighthouse Lake Huron, twentr thousaud dollars. ' For oompletion of a second order light-house For a light-house at L'An, Lake Superior, ten thousand dollars. For surreys, examination* to determine the practicability of building a light house on Stan nard's rock, Lake Superior, ten thousand dol lars; and the Light-Ho?ase board may, in their discretion, expfend for a light-house at the en trance to Portage Lake ship-canal the appro priation heretofore made for Eagle rirer, Lake ouperier. For a light-house on Isle Royal, Lake Supe rior, twentv thousand dollars. For a lake-coast Ught on Outer iaUad, Lake Sui*erior, forty thoumnd dollars. For a light-house oa Poverty ialaai, Lake [Ichigan tdghtoeu thoueard dollars. Michigan For a lake-coast light at Twin Ktrer Mint. Wisconsin, Lake Mkkigan, forty thoeeauddol lars. at Port For building a light Saginaw bay, tea thorn For a llght-bouee at Barbara channel, C " sand dollar; i prUted for a I rert to the tn ^For completing the light to? at Peti Pablo, California, thirty thoaaaad doliai the light-house may ho built at Psto<?au or at such ps*atm the aaar tUsit* Li <ht-House beard i r Per building a am the ?antk J ika thirty thousand dud For building a I Straits of Fwea, j, For a light aound, KmI point m Pug ? a elect, twenty-fire I . ? For b?ndlng a stoaaa-toadar ft the trarik'if*' ??) rirer Se nt I For Waitding a r*i,mt Mckt ?*tp tm gensral aea ?W?, tkn ty-kve u*?M'4 <tollar*. For iftw "nf ?(??!?< pc war r???* * ?> tar*. co*X o* ???>? that*-?l 4 4 I '??" rot a 4rt? fnc-aigaa'. at Ur e*tr?noe Hnmboldt bay. wifawt*.Ihi 4?iiy> 1*4 lb* light linw appropvituwi it **? la tk> art fOrsperik' abject* Skatl be (.?? the date ofthi?act rwr*rn rrm rn??rrT i??r?BTu?" , . _ . ?? i* m a aivr. fkMr Ku^m?i For nf th* hu-lditig for the ru4kt?m houar *4 I*w' .,*? ^ at Kociiaart. Man*, sreoaty-tre th^uaaal dollar* For a'trratoftm and rep*1** of the butMa* for rke riwtoa -bona* at Boagoa. MiWH Uuactta. thirty Uicuwtil iollut r? fvrr-kaa* of i4te and rouiimc*Km of ? hnVdtra t?tr tbe n?t(?v-kMn at FaM Rim, M a?arknwtl?. two k?Mrr4 ?hou*an4 d<v't?r? For ?wnt?a?t thf work on the ?ew Htate, War. ai.4 Niat 1 >?'?<??1?? r< ko* grating - -??- ??mi ?>wiHac w, rv?nr>, mMMott w?f k jndred tha-taanl dollar* Perth* par-hear itn parti ot a aite far a btioditg tvarpaa** if tbr general gttwrrf ?< nt. at ?IUtiT. w tork .i>Bf hM>ir<<4 and ttftv th^w-and dollar* f?-?f 4r*. That ihe oar |H.t?fM?rt UM Mtrrt Albany . at tkf r*tt?M tl.'t 'Cttl. make the |urcba?e ot tlte 1-a'ancr of th< gronitd hi v??arr far *akd *M*. te ttit *a?t? Cart *aat tl<f 4miUtf at tibe Tt*??iirr. r?i j?nr< ha.c at aitc ai I ta? rwmivmy tko wr< l?vr of a b'lt'dir^ at r).il?l?lt>kta.l>m.4rl MTiik, for a iwt cWr? and I'nlted fltatoa r?u*a. mw (rllllnn tire kowtrNl tknnunildM' !ar?. /Vartdrd, Tbat the mrrrfat* coat at a*tca ? ir and bu tiding *hall not rueed three mtlnea dollara. For complctiaa o( tlv t ul'4>u( tor a r i*u>a hause at t liarleaUiu, houtb t aro mt inc'uding lk> arm ot tacatp tkrw t??ot*%n<i two handr-J and tvriily sti dvl'ar? ?t.d m? ckU tar c im rtiurtwaof u?l re | our ot wkwro. am- kattdi r4 ?nd nrvriitvt** tlauMtid autl eighty-one 4e> lar? and fifty-tao n-nt*. ...v ?-?? ' ?w h<r cwaliaiiaUon at construction at tie but t ? it g for raurt-kNW aa4 po*: ??ftc at ?'-*laiaVi%. bon th Catalita, one hundred tkoiimul iMimi. For coiaitW-tien of the fcu.lding tor tbe cuatr a k?u? at New <Hlt-ana ljoai*inna. ooc k?Mln4 and Kunt\ tkM>ai4 dutlw* Fur |xn l>wr?i ikratr arxt cntrmenctng con - ?triirti?ii >4 tb? bunding tot the rirtna hMiK and poetoBce at Part H jim. Mirhi(*a, w? kuiMtitil thousand dollar* Kir |iurrbatr at nito Am tk^ I uiMI?| tar < a* t. it. honK tixl |i?t ulket at tXariMwti, Okie. *? v? n hurtlmt and bity thonaand dollar*. F??r row pietionot thf'kalMiif f*rik? r ?? <a kouM* at kaairille. Teunmaee. one linndr 4 and Mxtv-M* tUou-atid aewu bunired and tortr mi n dollara. I tH er? rtton ot kutiding tor nw?of nn?a l,??n?e. |*'M nn-i oeurt houar at N??tirt1>, T?NMH. one bundrad aud ttttr thju-xi.4 dotlar*. Fm ranttraatioa ot (ativrii tton at tk* k?il< ing for tbr ru^toa-koM and aub-trea?ar? ai Cbtraga, Ittinaw. rigbt a and red tboaaanJ .tot - latk. For the marin" Wfita! at Chicago, l!1itM?t?, tur engtto'. coal boa?e. laandrv. Mtaobinerr, wat? i -aorkh. eiigitM', and aimilar n?ro? eatiea, tw<' three U>ou-aii<t eight kun4r?4 ai d tw Hr-ln doi'ar* ami fartt-war oen'a For c? Biidcftot. ot the building lor tbe o#ac? houw and |>ot4-office at Omaba. SrkrMa, N vtLtv-rni' tbouKand dollar*. Kur l.u Ulit.g tut aMtraiMT1* *tore?. a:>4 o*b*r r>ur|>ow*i>, at S.n hktii'ik.0, Califoruia, t<?ar Lundred tad eiplit tbomwnd dollar*. For cviBplet i?o nt' tbr bntlrting tor tli? e??? t?n liou^e at I'ortland. Oregon. *e>eiity-?n. tbuu*atMl five buadmt dollar* For cootinaatlon ot co!:*trurti?n of the bt'.ld ? lug for tbe rii*toni-boti??t, court bouae. anl |HM>t-office at Paint l^oai*. Mi*aoiiT m Ui??a ?tollar* fV? *?4*4. Tl<at the total <-o*t ot ? b ? building aud ?ite ahall not e*ce?d four milhoa dollar* For coin|.leti?>n of a bnitding tor po?t and court-bou?e in the cit> of Uate gl., M<>rth Carolira. one hundred thoniuiTid dol'ar^. To enable the Recr? t*nr ot the Trea-nr? t? obtain b\ I'urrhaee. or to obtain (>t cotidrmna t'on iu th>* coun*ot thf K ate ot Ma?vkuvtU, th?- m reral 'ot* or paroel* ot land tjrlng *a-? -rlf ot ti e |>K*ent *'t?' ot" the tru pat* offj.-e in B'>? ton. atrtl t>oiind*d I v *ald *it?>, Water itr?et, C'ongrc** *tre< I, and V'lk rtrert. n|?on the Itn.-a of Mid *tr?*et* a* ther are iiow e?tabl>*U*<t or n.ay hereatV-r beaatahli<*e<l I?t die |?n?cc*? ni !aa . and tor rr|>aii tug tUe itijuro-a to the pofct oilice buikliug. canwut b) tire, aud toritaad the bulltling over eai<l *ite, eight hundred tbon*aa4 d Tart, /'-wvt'd, That wo tuonejr k|>|ir*i>riat"d tor thi* |>arj>o?eehaU be u*ed or exi>etKt^! in ika pu:chaae of tkf levfral Wf nr ptrcela ot land for -aid adte until a valid title thnreto ahall he vet4<;d intbc I'nUoi stale*, nor uutil tbe Stale of hla^t-athuhett^ ahall it* juriHlutiou or?r the Mime, and *ha.'. duty relea**- and reltnqaidi to tbe CnitMt Statrn tbe right to tat or ta anr way ???<** aaid *ite and the proj?Tly ot thu I nttod State* tbat may be thereon daring fh? tiatt that the Cnited State* ahall be or rema>a tlit ownet then.of A*4pnri-UJ /wr'Wr, Tba' the Secretary ot tbe Trea?urv *ball make n t purchase ot land nn<trr tkU prvvl**on, until th? city of Boston ehall cauae the tnangalar *pac? bttaein t'on^rra*. Pearl, Milk, and Wator atreeta to be o|*-urd to the loiblic. and graded atwl paved at the exp<-ii*f of the cttjr. and *hUl wideti MUk and Water xtreet* where the baild tugf hare be? n dwtroyed bj fire, to a widtU 9i at 'eaat aiKty feet. And tbe MM hereby appropriated for tht construction of public buitdiug> under tti ? Treavury l^epartment. including the bmM'ug for the new State, War. and Ktry Depurr ment*. ahall t>e available immediately upoti tkj approval of tbie act. For machinery tor the new branch-mint build ing, San Franctaco. California, two hundred and tiltv thouaand Are hundrod dollara. including *u? li part of the appro) riati >i. tor the *?mr ab ject made tor the preaent fi?ca1 year a* aha!) be etpendod prior to .lune thirtieth, eighteen hun dred and aevenfr-three. For the mint* of the I'nited State* : For wage* of workmen, from April flr*t U June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and aerenty three, thirty-one thousand two hundred aud fif ty dollar*. ' For ordinary etpeaae* for aame period. Altera thouaand dollar*. For wage* of workmen for ft*cal year ending June tbirtieth, eight<-< n hundred and acreaty four, oue hundred and taenty-fl.e tLonaand dollara. Foe ordinary expeaaea. rej.air*. and machinery. ?Al, dice arid-, coal, wood, and other miw-ellancou> Item* for aatue period. Illy thousand dollars, to be avat'able immediateiy ujmiii the paaaage of thia act. For repair* and preaerration of all the public buildin** under the control of the Treaaury l?e p_'tment. two hundred thouaand dollara For the annual repairs and Improvement* of the Trea*uy building. Washington. Oiatrict of Columbia, twonty-flre thouaand dollar*. I#W br otmHnuri.] Ill A/EL? LEWIS. On tb* Uth inatant, ai ?*. AI y*i ii- t'bnrcb, kf Rev B A. Hagtnrr.8 J , JOI1K BA/KLto Hiaa AKKIC C. Lfca|^ Ml of M ?*hiiirtoa. * LAkB-CLARK. On tb-knb >t S moimI ICf. b) the Rev. Franci* A. M'-n.-r, Mr MILM iT LAKE t- Miaa FANNIE E C'LA Kk. tMthof ? inctoD. D ? M BIVEKER-CCRL. O0tt,. \\ h* Ret E D. u?en. WILLI AH B m RilKSKR. of WaahiagtoL, U. L , t. M>< ? AGU1E A CT RL, of New Jeraey. ? | DIED. LANGLFY Departed thi? life 11. - 1 'o, tb* I??b iiMttant.) moraiag, at 2 ,aftor a ita aerilig :lln-a?. ? ti .< Ii It li r. ? ? li ( 'jcti tude.uEOKOE U LANGLEY. Iu tk. Aat ,ear of hi* mtr. Service will be beid at the re?i4eac* of ha* a ta in la?, Barrt King, Ku iJl) *h atraa) north MJOo'clutk, U> morr < In U> ? uioraiu?. To' remain* ?ill be r. mo**4 Baltimore f..r ia !? rnx i.t Friend* at 1 reiaMte. ..f rh- faault, aia<> nun t.r*of th* O <1 r of laipruted Bad Rat. are renpectfull) United to attend. * H \HI? Ou tbe i?th inat ,att:?%. m? B AT Tlk PAkKEK MA-m.S -li.-t da^bi^.t J A.ardMar) I raucea Maaoa,age4 8 <atba | and Udaja. Hie relatltea ar<d friend* of tit- famih ar> re?*?ct fni:? ii.ti!"d i" ait'-nd the f antral, fr?ai the r. .)<?'* <4 Bean Wood, 1S30 1Mb ?tr**t, on tc mor row.(Friday.1 April U. ISTt. at (oVIuck p. m. * ROBERT. Ot tk* Ml 4 April. JAMES M. ROBERT, aced lw montha. vouageat aoa ol Joaegh and Mary Robert. Fr.eada ot the family are r??.? rfttlly ineirad te attend th? funeral lr>?au the re?.Je'? ? .4 kia parvata. "?1? D atre?t uurtbaeat on Fnda> k iuktant. at S o'clock TREB. On tbe Mtb instant, at L >uUvill*. Rr . after an Itliieaa nf a hm day*. JOSEPB B TREK, in., a native of thia city. in tke ltak year ?f hi* UNDERTAKERS. glCBiAB w. ium, MMTAU.tCBVM.lAL i #mri d ?HABIT*. R CABIMMT RdfXI AUD 9H DM AT A* MM. ?IB B rUKBITUBM Oi Ym*Ukfl"~ BOLD Mt ALL 0<W?tf||

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