Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. TTMPAT Ayrll 17, 1*7*. LOCAL HEWS. ? ? T*-ai|hL Well't f>p<r*i H'tf?The Lydla Thompson Troup* in ?? Robin Hood." T\fcUr ?Song*, burlesqnes, dances, Ac. Jtur'k Ut ?John O'Brien's Great Me nagerie ?uid Circus. 4 oa<lru><(l Larala, UnptoB. of Howard University, Itt toitil b?i?rr tii? colored people of Blade us t<u*g last evening on the "importance and value of edncation.'' An alarm of lire was struck from bo* 63, corner of 7th and J street* northwest. last even nig, resulting iron the explosion of a barrel of ?Ml oil in the cellar of Mc< arty's grocery store ?n ,'? street, lax H. caused by a servant girl gir! go ng the cellar with a lighted caudle. Fortunately bot little damage wasdone. mx A Batter," whoso arrest a few weeks ago in New York, on the charge of obtaining money u islet pretence*, by representing himself as ? member of Washington tirms, has i-een noticed in Thi Star, pleaded guilty to tne charge yesterday, and wa? sentenced toine mj>ri.vjnmciit in the peDiten ? ? 'HE Pf .tXriPATIOJi tlJ.EKRtTIOX A <?la D?y hmnong the Colored Tr?p?f. The eolored citizens of the District of Colum bia having been disappointed iu their pn>po?e<l parade yesterday?the ninth anniversary of their rmancipation?bv the rain which fell all day. the pro ?e*e>!?n aiid celebration was r>o?t Ione.l until to day. The weather this morning was ?g in very threatening, which dampened the enthusiasm of the officers and members of the organization* that proposed to join in the parage, and quite a large nnmber failed to pear in front of the City Hall at nine o'clock a. m. as was proposed. At that hour there were bnt few |*rsons present at the design 4ted ?neetinjt place, except the marshal-; bnt grad ually the crowd increased, and by noon there was a great mass of person* waiting. It then became apparent that a number of organiza tions had Ken informed that the procession had been abandoned. It was, however, determine,) to hare a proff^ion, ar<) icrordiuct? wonl wn* sent around, ami by one o'clock a sufficient nnml-eT ot organisations had arrived to make a goooly show. Shortly after one o'clock the orcer to march w?< given, and THI I'RIUKSSIOX in the rol lowing order: Detachment of police under Lieut. Johnson: Marine Band; Co. A, Stanton Guards. Capt. Marshall; Co. C, 8. 'w *!1' Barson; carriages, containing f>r. J. L. V Bowen. president; G. W. Smith and E. " J urner. secretaries; W. C. Cost in, sergeant ',,,hn A ,;ray. Jerome Johnson. J. F. N. W ilkinson, and Walker Lewis, chairmen of committees; K. T. Creener ami F. Douglass, orator*, and Kev. J. A. Hamly, chaplain; 16th ?'W'f''.r'^satmn. with -Ionian's drum corps; ?. H. Williams, chief marshal. With them a. co|Mi|a1,> Of mouiited men. commanded by I>. L. Mornn. all bearing smail Hags; hose carriage, drawn bT two horses, on which was seat?d a female attired as the Ashless of Lib erty. She wassnp;>orted bv thearinyand naw, represented by a diminutive soldier and sailor. S. .1 Bowen Pioneers, Capt. Beed. Sonth Washington Pioneers, So..', Capt. Tvler, head by the South n ashiugton Band. ' Shepherd Pioneers. King '? I.ami. V est End Pioneers. Twi light Cad. t?. headed by drum corps. lltb. 17th *, . f 1 '''strict delegation-*, .lohn Brou-on chiei marshal. Chariot drawn by roar horse*, ami I., aring a young wouian representing the t.?ide?s ot Liberty. s:,e was surrounded by girls bearing -trail llags representing th> sev ? n'lAUr\ Laboring Association No. I, Lewis v\ slli*- ami John Stoddard marshals. Friends ?r Zion. wiih banners ami rlags. mar-haled by Henry Bird. M? Hope Lodge No. T Good Sa maritans. L. Cooper marshal, and the "Protec ti*e I ii'.oi, ' In consequence of the late hour at which the proce -ion moved th. route wasgreatly abridge. 1 and aiter marching over a |*.rtioti of it, the as semb.age retari.e?i to Judiciary S.ju;ire, where li'V? f" K*Wfl by Prof. Ureener ami 31 r Frederick lH>ugias?. The graiMl ball will take place in the Inauga. ration tall-room to-n^ght. ? fssserralien of Ri?h?|? tnsr. HTllEtTIII) A5D IMl'KESSIVE CKKKMoX I K?. A Oxttin.jn K'l at .St. Jt\ns CKurdk, <Jei jj' fotcn* St. John's Protestant Epiwopal Chnrch. comer of _d and Potomac r-treetf, Georgetown, was the scene of an unusuaily impressive cere mony to-day, the occa-ion being the consecra tion of Bev. John tiottlieb Aner, D. D.. as Mis sicnary Bishop of Cape Palmas ami parts ad jacent, in Africa. '1 he Kev. I>r. Auer. after graduating in the theological course left tor Airica. where he asMimed charge of Epi^-opal interests in that benighted region. At the la?t vesMon ol the Episcopal convention be was elected bishop o! Africa. He ia the youngest bishop im the churcli. but having had much ex perience in missionary woik in Africa, is emi ii? lit iv nil til ior iLc of tim new an<l ii*|oi?M)?le ?iiities. As the bi-fcops, clergy, ami members of the lore*gn committee entered tho church bv the main .b^.r about 11 o'clock a. m.. ami pn?cee.le?i np the main ai>K to the -eat> a--igned them within ami sn front of the chance!, the choir sang the hymn commencing? "Glorious things of thee are spoken, Zion, city ot our tiod; He wfco-e word cannot be broken, .Formed thee lor His jwii abode." j?* r""-i.*i*AKr anvicis H I.' w(?i, i'cmtneiiciiig wiili tbe niumiuiF i?r%v ?r ICi vs. U. Oyer. D. D.. chairman of the lii rtian commission, W. B. Nicholson, I>. D., rec tor of Trinity church. New Jersey; B. I. ttaight, I>. l>., assistant rector of Trinity church. New York, and George Leeds, I) |) | rector of Grace church. Baltimore, officiated' "I The church was crowded. Mr. W. W. Corcoran was among those present. the mom of th* rarm. which cviw?b oj the Kohr brothers, tenor and bar:rone; Mrs Bailey, -oprano, and Miss Hvde. afto. wa? a--iste.l ontiiia occasion by Mlsa KaUs! daughter ot Gov. Cooke, who officiated as as. sistant soprano. Prof. Lawrcuce presided at the organ. * During morning prayer the *hoir sang Te l*um Laudamns, JubiUte D?e, and the Uvmu rcuiic* '? And is the time approaching, By prophets long loretold, When all shall dwell together, ? ?ne s!.e]fherd and one fold?* Bishop Antitage. of Wisconsin, then deliv ered a sermon from the ^>th verse of the 8th ? hajrer ol the Gospel t,f John?"Au I He that ser.t me b with me; the Father hath not left me alone. It was very able, and was lin t.ned to with great attention by the lanre congregation. ? The Ibhop*, clergy, an 1 comtuunictnts of the church tten partook of the holveonimu tilon. alter ?hi. li the choir sang the hvrnri pe culiarly appropriate to the occasion, beginning ?' r rom Greeniami's icy m>>untaitin. From India * coral strands Where Afrlc's sunny fountain Boll down their golden sand; From many an ancient river, From many a palmy plain, They cail u? to deliver Their iand from error's chain." , TH* ClBZliUXY OF COXSKKATIIIN Wllowe.1. I lie j.resi.iilij bishop. Bight Uev. B. B >muh. bishop of Kentucky, (th-; oldest bishop in the ch'jrch.? officiating as consecra trim* h} Bight Kevs. Wia. Whittingham. 'J:'J?l2a John?, D. D.. and Alired I?. of MaryUmi. Virginia. an.1 Delaware. The presenters were Bishop Payne, late of Cajw Palrias. Africa, an 1 tUe t-isbop oi Kaston; the attendant pr^hytcrs Bev*. Julius ( rammar. D. D.. au.1 Aii liaou B* Atkins. re|.rr senting the action of the houae of bishops, ami consent ol the bisUoj* to the cin sr. Tai.oii, He . Henrv C. Potter, D. D.. secre ff*51 >l^e house_of bishops; ami representing the >? usent of the sUnding committees to the AT THE CWCirBO* OF THE ( IRIKOJT m.-'rUm1 r?li""thh,f choir "*"* *" aiiprwpnate Wecttoa. and tbt congregati..u made libera1 Offerings to be devoted to the African iu.?iou Tbe cbi>ir tbrn - " lrt O" jO'? onr Cheerful With anseU round the throne. Ten thousaml thousand are their bmgues. But all their Joys are one." The benediction was then pronounced, the bishops and clergy retired, ami the congn ga ti?.n dispers.d. Gov. Cooke was present during the consecration services. This evening, a miseionarv meeting will be held at tbe church, at which addre**-s will be .Irlivered by the Bishop of Africa, I?r. Haight ami others. A 8?iora i>ck r.?I?ay before rrsterday Mr. .lame* I .ah'ity. cmploved as a rigger on tbr i?w Slate T? ;.?rtment building. wa!Tl?a.lly ii.. ur?d by ? b.o<h railing and striking him on tbe head fracturing h s aknil. He was takeu to bis residence, near .*4 ami D streets miuh west, and now lies in aj>recariou? comlitiou. SnaLi--rc?T_ caana have ken retorted daoe yrstei.lay as Oneat No. 141 Sth street southwest. aiM| one m Cole's row 4Ci sTrtet hr vor.d Boumlary,and twodeaths?? ??,? Fowke* ?reet, between C and ? Stjite PK'iiT?The board of publi. works o? Vitginia yest. rday appointed John H. Par rot. es-q., of Alexandria, proxy to repr. sent tr?e date's interest in the Alexandria canal eon? p>sj at ihe annual useetJug to lie held in May fet-at. in place ot the late Capt. N. Bonsh. OarE* turtle soup to-day at John's restan j.-n?, siiitv.KT ?th and D sirtets. , A BIO KWHTDLr, Attempt to (M Mwj from ?wr? mrnt Official* an?l Olhrn ?(> ? lorcrd itrralar PiraortiBK ?? be from UM. Itekrark TM >?mfi ?*f PrMld^at brant a Ml Mwator a Iim> t'?Ml by lk? !'?*?? Ho* tlw Frand ?a* MM?vcrM-E R. Pardee alias R?f. J. Hal* Barmy. A daring. tmt ratheT clumsy, attempt at j fraud, through a forged circular purporting to be uvued by Gen. Babcock, the private secre tary of the President, has come to light, awl arrest" were made yesterday of three of the parties ?uppose?l to be implicated. Some days ago the fact that sech a fraud was in progress was developed through the reception by Gen. Babcock of a copy of the circular mentioned, which was sent to him bv a postmaster of North Carolina, in the Way of inquiry. That the cir cular had been sent out widely it shown also hv the fact that a day or two since another copy of it, mailed from Washington as lare as April 4th was received hy the publishers of the /"??< Of rt 1 irtrrt, Messrs. Judd A Detweiller, from the postmaster at Carthage, Missouri, with a note of inquiry, as follow*: Cabiha?k. Mo., April 9th. grlitor* Tout a! Gazette The follow la* f ircular was addressed to me fraui Washington, D C.. anst-marked April ?th, l.<7*. G*o. KitiKK. P. M ., Carthage, M?. Rev. j. n.t-t v?imt, E.r?, nttrr StfT'tart. WVn*m rltm. D.C ? 8ir Please And nn le*"! ten ?loll?r< in currency, * hwli j.'O can a?pl> in any nay >ou think neiti-sary f. r the (iicd .?! the cause. ?? >ir* truly, ? . Dated at , Um of . Cir'War ,\?.H E.xecvttv*: M ^?'ox, t W??n ?sT?i, Afril S. W3.< T'!? miiinwl conversation* are isl<mittrd tv tlie trienos <?f the President in confidence; Onr ftii ?'d* c?n address R- t. J. Hal* B-irr.ey, who isten-pf rary secretary in that behalf. Any one b.ivint conscientious convictions sgjunet contrifcntin*. need only silently decline. The Pre*i,|snt has act*d in good faith, arid confi dently r'*lfes upon an actrre and cheerful assistance. Snpi*?> nothine hsd I'een done, and the state of sffair* exi*tirs ia Lonisiana had un-re extensively prevailed, what w< uld have been th- result' Bead carefnlly the President> views, and act as roiir 'mlmetit dictate*, remetoberlog that this sub ject is confipkntiaL, and known only to thr<-e p-r ?on* t??idea t he President, snd that whatever ia tent ?honld I* in rrr afncv in the tncl<aed eavelope. Very respectfully, O- K. Babcoik, S* cret;?ry. KxKcrrtvK Ma**io!?, ( Wa^htsgtov, Oct. li. Mil NEXOIAXri OF A COWKRSATIO:* SETVVEKX T1IE mi*IDB>T AND II I* sBtBETAR%. V ? Mr Pre*ident, I wish to refer to this Tele yrsni of Senator .Morton's: To the Pr?irf/iif- A conspirary ha* h*rn formerl to orrrrum /II.. tnrf., ?*</ Okto, ani to kfp :he rolorcl vote from ik* poll* ?a tke Soft**** Stmiet. Snrrnl tkoti*an>i monresntent* tart tut! rotni in 1ml. Men onrl mrm'y mrt neeiletl. 1 >?*</ a man to yex fc*e xn? been in their emmeil*. O. P. Morton. Psr-'T Yes. I bave thought that matter all oter, and had a longtalk with the man the Seiiatur sen*. ' V hat d? e? Mr. Cooke nay ab->nt money? Yoakniw j that we liave none, and that the <'<>T?initiee?? tneati? | are all necessary t??r the regular bn^ine^a. Secv: Mr. Cooke will fnriuah you aar aiu-mnt yon I re<inire. Pkks't: Very well. I will take the re*pon.ibiiity. H?*e Capt.C. *elect aih>cenmen togoSoatli an>) i We*t with ttin?l? and ortranize. The merefnri of a jfo. d organization w ill di-ter lawless Ixidiee from at-| i ten*ptintf to itefrand the pe< pie at th<- HI*. ATDITIOJtAt. t'OyV RELATION M\KCH24,W3. Ssrv Mr. President, have y^u <letertnine<l how i >ou will reimburse Mr. Cooke tUe none) furnished I l;?ft f>ct- l?er* PrI"'t: ?e?. ? have. The Bi*hop has *us?!:ejte<l I Ke\. J. Hate B.,i nev t.. o-t ;i- 8 xret.iry in that mil - ! ter. App- int tiiin ininu di:<t> |y; and :u> ourni-til-ar? *? iar*e, :Vil ico to clerk* to 1-e .irranffi d and brieftd before we *ee them, yon will have all letters on the *til? eet ad?lr?**ed t" him. Call upon our frieml*. and all. w no one p< rson to cntribnte o\et Ten dol lar*: and. to pre?ent publn-it\ arxl trouble, direct the rtmittiUiCea to be made by a single tea-dollar Uote. Registered letter*, "lraft-, or cxpre?*. would uecea *ar>!\ tend pnblirity. Mr. Secretary, >ou a ill make an alphabetical list of eve?y w hich wec:in hereafter refer With the circular was enclosed blank form given above of the return letter, and this wa* acconi|>anied by a stamped envelope tliu* ad dresse?l: ? ?? Ci rut or .To. 11. I 1 Key. .1. HAt.K B\RJ?KV, t : Ft. 3" ceftcw, <fe., : : 4J?; Sixth street N. w., : Washington, 1>. C. I TUCKIIti THE SttlNDLKRS. The Pre?i?lent and Gen. Babcock were justly indignant at this unwarranted use of tlieir names to further a swindling scheme, and, by direction of the I'retddeut, lien. Kabcock in toruied the Solicitor ot the Treasury I?t part ment of the facta tn the case. The government detective force wa* thereupon set to work to ferret out the gnilty parti *. Their lirst visit was to the house designated in the circulars, No. IJ?; street, at?d there in large printed letters was found the name of the Kev. J. Hale Barney placarded on one of the front parlor windows. The landl.-dv of the house, on being ou est ioned, stated that about the JOth of la?.t March -hereceived a letter ad>lressed from the National hotel, in this city, to Madame , ??landlady, 4JK Hth street/' asking if the writer, who signal himself Kev. -I. Hale Barney, could rent the parlor when vacated by Senator Clay ton. She finally determined that he could. Nhe w a* about goiuf north on a visit, and did so, at>d tor some time heard nothing from him KtV. 4. HALS BAKJEY'S TKT5K. On the 26th of March a small new trunk and a package wac bronght to the house by Adams express company, wnich her daughter refused to receive. Indue conr*e of busincs? she re eeivt'd a letter flom Adams' express asking what should be done. One B. S. Pardee, a native of Connecticut, who had an upper room in her house, advised her by all means to receive the tiauk. and to accept the rent for half a month which had been ten lered, and. taking the advice, the trunk was received, placed in a back comer of the room, and with instruction* in a letter from Kev.??. Hale Barney (who had not yet put in an appearance) that all his mall matter should be deposited In it through a letter hole in the top. In the meantime, by previous aKreement. Mr. I?. S. Pardee had moved down into the bedroom back of the parlor. Kev. Mr. Barney also sent the landlady from Baltimore a sum ot money to nay for registered letters. and< by his request tne' sign above referred to wa piit upon the parlor window, and also on the parlor .loor. The mail matter began to be somewhat liravv. and was duly deposited in tli?. trunk, awaiting' the arrival of Mr. Barney. One ot the detectives rented a room over the parlor iast Kridav. while another was instructed tu watch the house from the outside. From that nw went to that of Pardee's arrest yesterday tiiort ing he I f not for an instant been beyond THE *TH T?-'l -? ItVKILLAJtCE OF THE s t;. RKT SERVICE. 1 he lock of the trunk was an ordinary one. and a kev that would open it was -ooii placed in the bauds of the officer up stairs. In the meantime afac-simile of the circular an-1 all its contents were printed for decoy let ter* Marked money was inclosed in the letters, and various excuses were made in apparent good faith tor the small amounts. They were signed "A Friend ofthe Cause,"' ??A Sympathi zer." ?'pej.end u|a?n me," &e., Jfcc. Two let ter carrier* were instructed to deliver the let ters at any hour of tiie day. Madame received them and put them'ln the trunk. TH* FIRST ARRKST. Y?strr<lay morning B. S. Pardee left h ? lodg ings about s o'clock and went to Dubant's for hi- breakfast. While he was gone the trunk was examined and the mail found undisturbed. He returned to hi? room, and after remaining a tall hour be again went out. In less than half a minute the trunk was again examined and the letters missing. The officer outside was signaled; Pardee was (jtiietly followed to the l?-t office, and while in the act of dropping a letter was arrested. He quietly accompanied the ?.t:icer U# the headquarters' or the police. His |k r*oii was searched and a |>ortiou of the tends mailtii to him Tnesday evening by the officers wa? totuid on him. and other (etpcrs, confirming the suspicion that Pardee and Kev. Mrs. Barnev were one ASP THE SAM K IJtDIVIDrAl. He was left at Police headquarters, with the .-trictest orders that he should not "he allowed to communicate with anv one. The officers th -n returned to Irs back parlor where a search was made, ami a lot of blank paper, similar to that ou which the circular wa? printed, was found, together with a lot of . nvelopes like those with the printed address. Among other things found was the address of Bai lee. 4ft' Pennsylvania avenue. THE KECOSD ARREST. The third *torr front of 4'2H 6th street was occupied by Mr. A. Schuyler Sutton, and the various observations of the officers led them to the conclusion that he was concerned in iheplot. Tbev had been seen together a good deal, and it was'known that he had been writing more or lew for Paidee. He was at one* taken into custody. but denied all knowledge of Pardee and his operations, until on arriving at the * a'ion bouse he broke down and acknowledged hat he had been employed writing for Pardee, and had received his pay. On bis person was touisl some of the marked money inckwed to Barney the evening previous. He was leiked up and not allowed to communicate with any one. not even counsel, or to know of the arrest ot Patdee. THR THIRD ARREST. Immediately alter thi* an officer returned to Pardee's room, ami when they were about leaving, the door-bell was rung. It was answered t.v the landlady, and a young man Inquired for Pardee, stating that he bad a package for him, and an engagement to see l!m between 11 and 1J o'clock. He reonested Ma-lame to inform Pardee that ne had called, and said his name was W. McKean. The officer followed him up 7th street, and when opposite the Post ^ iffice he stood there for some minutes, atitlous'v looking up and down the street, aa if wa'tingtVr Pardee to come along. Finally he went Into the Patent Office ami was there arrested. It turn-d out that he was a printer, and had been em ployed in the office. 1RS1DR OF rilDR'l OFFICE. Having Dm address of Pardee's office, the officers compelled him to a .-company them there, and with ?h# key* taken from Pardee, the office IH opened. Haif way up the first I f ight of steps the sign "B. 8. Parties" ?U I to a rt?p, At fne tii> of th? ?r>' door lett, Pardee** slfB again appeared, and on ent- ring the room several desks and two new chairs. a store, ooal scattered about, and a pile of torn np paper, and among it a portion of the circulars, were found. There was a sinaT printing press, several new cases tilled with new tyne, two or three oM eases with old type, and a quantity of partial "pi/' which was a portion of a story which appeared not long since in the Sunday Capital, according to the l statement of McKean. There was a new com peting stick set for the width of the circular, a new planer and mallet. new brushes and a new but small composing stone. In the northwest corner of the room a trap under the floor had been constructed, probabry for the purpose of biding the printing material should occasion require it. In the minds of the officers there is no longer any mvstery in reward to the Her. J. Hale Barney; lie and B. 8. Pardee are one and the same person. He is a genteel-looking inau of good address and plausible manners. parhee's aktbcedents. Pardee is said to be the son of a wealthy banker in Hartford. Conn., and otherwise re spectably connected. He wa? a colonel in oue of the Connecticut regiments dnring the war, and since then has acted as clerk to an Indian agent is Washington territory. Since his arrival in this city he has given it out that he was settling Indian claims. He took theofhee at 4?*? Pennsrlvania Javenue soon after bis arrival here, "ard procured tynes and other printing material necessary for the printing of bis circulars, and engaged Mr. McKean to do the work. A* IMPORTANT WITNESS. Mr. McKean, who has beeu released on ?2.000 bail for his appearance as a witness, and against whom no charge is made, states that be has known Pardee for only a few weeks; that he kLewfno other man in connection with il i - busi ness but Mr. Pardee, and was led to believe that he (Pardee) was an authorized agent ot* Cen. Babcock and a personal friend of the President, and Interested in the North Pa ciiic railroad company, and that the most of the work he has done for him has been netting tvj?e for a pamphlet in the Interest of that road, and to print the circu lar* and envelopes. He states that when spiroHched by Mr. Pardee, he told the latter tha. he w as so'engaged that he 1m I no leisure time except nights, and that Mr. Pardee stated tha~ was just what he wanted?some one to woik at night. Another occupant of the same house on Pennsylvania avenue had suspicions that SOMETH1NO WAS HOINO 0* WROHO thei-e, and reported to |?olice headquarters some two week.-* ago that he thought parties were en gaged here in making counterfeit money, but no notice was taken ot the report?at least so far is i> known. At all events, the work went on. THE OTHER PARTY ARRESTED is A. Schuyler Sutton, who is believed to be a nar nerof Pardee's, as the money appear* to have l?een divided between them. Sutton is from Ohio, and was a captain in one of the Ohio regiments during the war, and was wounded in the tace in one of the battles. Sub sequently be held a clerkship in the Census office. Among his effects the officers hive found a large collection of autographs of Seu atois, nu mbers of Congress, and other distiu gniihod men in all parts ol' the country, which, frou letters louisl on him, it appears that he ol'tnined on the pretext of collecting an album ol autographs, but which the officers think was to be used for some fraudulent purpose. THE Dt'PEI> POSTMASTKUS. T ic Postmaster General has telegraphed for sevtral of the jostmasters who were duped by the circulars to come here as witnesses. and it Is rot probable that a hearing will be given until their arrival. THE irrSM STILL COMlN<; IN. T!ie scheme was evidently in its incipiencv, as hi far as known there have been b'lt about ."V5 letters received. Kvery mail, however, brii t:H In more, and on application at the city post of ice at 2 o'clock to-day a Star reporter w as shown six letters which had arrived this morning, addressed to J. Hale Barney?one mai.ed at Paducah, Kv.,oneat Angelica. X. Y., one at Chilicothe, Mo., one at l.awrence btirgh. Kansas, and the other two so indistinct as not to be read. Some of the letters, which have been opened by the officers contain *lo. seme ?3, and ONE POOR POSTMASTER states that owing to pecuniary embarrassm -nts. and his salary being only $ ViO per annum, be could forward only U2, which was all he had, but it was cheerfully given, and he hoped It would be satisfactory. Sonir are returned w ith the simple words "too thin," and others state that if the endorsement of the Postmaster Gen eral was attached to the circular the mtnev would be forthcoming. PARDEE'S PRECAUTION*. It seems that every precaution had been taken by Pardee that ue could think ol, but b>' could not guard against marked money, w hich is the strongest evidence against him. After sending out the circulars and envelopes, in order to test whether or not the scheme had been detected, be sent out decoy letters in tlie ?ame kind of envelopes, some ot which fell into the hands of the officers, ami to keep up hi* contideiice these were all returned to him through the regHlar channel by the officers. The trunk and coriteuts are in the hands of the IMstrict Attorney, and will be produced at the hearing. All the money thus far received, as far as known, is ?79, ?19 of which was recov ered? ?12 from Pardee aud ?i from Sutton. The Colored Public NehooHi. CONDITION OP THE PREPARATORY HIGH SCHOOL. At the meeting of the board of colored school trustees last evening, Prof. Yashon presented the application of Mrs. S. A. Martin for ap (?ointment a- teacher of drawing; referred. Also, the application of Miss .lulia Luekett for leave of absence from May 1st next ou account of ill-bea'th; granted. The superintendent, Mr. G. F. T. Cook, pre sented a report on THE PREPARATORY Hid!! SCHOOL. in compliance with a resolution adopted at the last meeting. He says the condition of the scbool cannot l?e considered fair. Since the month of I>ccember its irregularity and disorder have been a constant source of aniiovauce to the other schools located id the building, and as a consequence have been prolific ot iiuui-ro-.i complaints. The furniture and other S' liool property has not been well cared for. As to the cost of conducting the school, It loots up ?2,994.05; whole number enrolled, 92; average number enrolled, *2; cost per pupil on whole number, $31.90: do. on average number. v.,5.Ti). In school years'71 and *72, the whole number enrolled was-to; average number, 33; cost per pupil on whole number, ?20; cost ou average number, 919.00. From the above it is seen that the cost of conducting this school for th>' cur rent school year, aside from the ordinary inci dental expenses, will lie $2,904.95, which is *2,039.95 greater than that of the previous year. Since, however, the entire enrollment, the"cur rent school year is twice that of the previous year, a fairer estimate will be found in the cost j?er pupil, which, on the entire enrollment, is *11.90, and on the average #x.52 greater than the previous year. Accompanying the re|H>i t is a complaint of Miss Kmuia Y. Brown, the principal of the Sumner building, that the con duct of the pupils of the high school is such that it is utterly impossible for her to maintain order and proper discipline. Miss Addie Howard was elected assistant in the Preparatory High School in place of Miss Wartbern, resigned. Mr. Ryder, from the committee on supplies, rej>orted that he had the sewer under wu\ from the Sumner building to 16th street. Mr. A. Lewis ottered a resolution repealing the appointment of Dr. A. T. Augusta as teacher of hygeine. anatomy, &c.. in the High School, to take effect on the 1st ot May; adopted. Tdc president announced the following com mittee to procure a PORTRAIT OK SENATOR SfMNKK, for the Sumner building, by other means than from the school fund: Archie Lewis, Marshall, and Ferguson. Mr. K>der, from the special committee to in quire as to the CONDITION OK THE S.'HOOL FI ND. repotted that he bad been informed thai on the 1st Inst, there was due the colored schools t24.2-V7.n3. The secretary stated that up to the 1Mb inst. bills to the amount of jW4,!i27.19 were outstanding, and this does not include the sal aries of teachers and Janitors, to whom over $21,000 is due. on account of the Emancipation celebration to-day the schools were ordered to be clostd until Monday. "Reception to Foreiox Minister*.?At 12 m. to-day Governor Henry 1). Cooke will tender a reception to tJl the foreign ministers resident in this city."?Chronicle. This is about as near as our blundering, sleepy neighbor gets to the truth usually. The tacts'are that Governor and Mrs. Cooke w ill give a reception between 4 aud 6 o'clock this afternoon to the blshoj* and clergymen of the Episcopal church present to-day at the conse cration of the new bishop, Auer, in St. John's church, Georgetown. Pied op Small Pox?Captain Fowke, a well-known steamboat man, and for several y< ars ia command of the steamer Wawaset, died last night at his residence, on 7th street. South Washington, of the small pox. About ten days since Captain Fowke lost a son by the same disease, and Mrs. Fowke and another child are very low with It at this time. The disease was taken by the family from clothes sent out to wash at a house wnere there was a case of the small pox. The Lydia Thompson Troupe appear at Wall's Opera House this evening in "ltobin Heed" which drew large audiences at Wallack't theater, Mew York, for several weeks. It has never been performed in this eltv. but (Tom the fsvorable notices of the Mew Turk press, it is fair to infer that it is one of best barleeques on the stage. To-morrow night Miss Lydia Thompson has a benefit. PoeTPonxM ent By reference to the adver tisement it will be seen Uiel the sale of pictures by Latimer &- Cleary for last evening, has been postponed, on account of the weather, nntil Monday evening, the 21ot inst. SATIOKAL 1C1DZMT O* SCIENCES. After our report of the session of the Nationa' Academy of Science* closed yeettrday, Proies ?or 81111 man read a brief account of his Investi gation* with Professor Chandler, of Columbian college, in treating hydro-carbons, suggested by Mr. Merrel. a practical chemist, of Bjxton This method consists in assisting evaporation of the lighter hydro-carbons bv Introducing into the still super-heated strain. TBI THIRD DAY'S SK*?10S of the Academy commenced at noon to-day, the attendance being larger than any day yet. The first paper read was by Prof. "Benjamin Pierce, superintendent of the United Coast sur vey. It was entitled, "The Geodesy of the Coast Survey," The ne*t essay wa* hy Prof. A. J. Woicikof, of Russia, a prominent member of several scientific societies in that coantry. His lecture was on the general atmospheric cir culation. The discussion was continued bv Prof. Guyot, and subset) ucntlya vote of thank* was tendered Prof. Woicikof. "Prof. H. A. New ton next read a paper on repeating curves, and was shaking when our report closed. Alfxaadrla link Market Quotations of new fish for this day, furnished to thi Stab by George W. Harrison Co., wholesale dealers in fish, Nos. 43 King street. 50, .*>1, Vi fish wharves, Alexandria. Va. Shad, per hundred, Sll to S12; Herring, per thonsand, f.5 to f#; White Perch, per bunch. 20 to 30 cents; Rock, per bunch, JO to 25 cents; oflal, per bunch, 15 to 20 cents. ? The Sixth Pkesbytbbiax Chi'bch and the Baltimore and Potomac Kailboaiv? The case ot the trustees of the Sixth Presbyte rian Church against the Baltimore and Poto mac railroad company, in which a jury of in quisition gave damages to the amount of #11.500. in favor of tin- church has been hied in the Circuit Conrt for the afiLmance of the award. New Pcblr atio**.?From -I. Sbtllington we have Frank Leslie's Lody'i M-gniin' lor May; from Kervand & Tower* the A'ortk Amer ican /f'tietclor April, and the Atlantic MontUhi for May, su?l from Robert Beall floc/xr't Wrrkly and Frank Leslie's Illuttmtt<l AVietpa (</? for April 26. Also, from ,1. C. Parker we lave Jlarjrr't Weekly for April 26. A New H all to be Bm.T?St. Joseph's So ciety have recently purchased the lot at the northeast corner of 5th ami H streets, on which they propose to erect a building 32 by 100 f<-et. three stories in height?the lower story lor stores, the second story for a hall and concert room, ami the third for society rooms. ? Giseat varieties of new things in ladies wear lately have been received at Chas. Bautn's, 408 < th Street. Pon't mistake the place. f ? Shirt*, bought at Henry Franc, ne\t door to Franc, the hatter, are a perfect tit. f THE CoVbTS. riBCriT COURT, Ckitf Jvtuct Ctntcr.-M >re A Br:giit ap . Green, commenced y< sterday, ?lie jury found a verdict for $ 14A for the plaintiff*. Hs-i?on agt. Brvwn, verdict for plaintiff for $],0Ut. M it ingly vs Stsnton; vridu t fur plaintiff for $?*). POLICE COURT. JilttSAtll ?To-day. R?nhen

Davis, disorderly; lined ?6. Charles C. Dick**, Crofanity; ?.1. Hmr\ Bwsrsenberv, charg-sl with roping hie bar-room open o? Sunday; ?20 an I cost* J;in en, i. d<-< ent '?xpi-iirf; .*'5. C <r lo lins Ware, profatdi> ; .? i Alms carrying con cealed weapons?? razor, with which he attempted to kill hia wife and also the officer: .?2c, or SO days in workhomw- Mm. .Ihsjwt. l?ud and boisterous lai gunge, ?5. Ofo Richter, trei-passing ?n the rub lie park* on K street- judgment sasp?tM*d. .1 .hn Oonners, asfault and battery on Cornelius M '"^auly . GEORGETOWN. t?rain Trade The only receipts to-day were l.soo bushels corn, 1,00i'b n she Is wheat .in<i loo barrels flour, per i?oat Andy-lohnson, to .1. O. Waters. Three thonsand five hundred bush els wheat were ottered on 'change, but vritb di awn. Fish Wharf?The receipts of fish to-day at the fish wharf were only '**? hening, 2,000 ' ij lors and 150 shad. 11 ? n :n? sold at iht thous and . tavlors at !?1 p i . idrcd and shad at ?'J0 per hundred. Appointment Mr-.?? ' *??v<mi*luu> been appointed superintend! m m lii" poorlions ?. to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death oi her husband a lew days i- n c. Canal Trade?The Cumberland Tivtrx of yesterday says: 37 boats ci< ir<d this port yester day, carrying 4,h i.b: tonsoi coal. The TAiti.EAt x at West street (Presbyterian chapel to-night for the benefit of the n< w church will be well worth seeing, and there will be some excellent music. ALEXANDRIA. W. \ O. Railroad?A called meeting of the stockholders of the Washington and Ohio rail road was held at the company's office In thi city to-day. Mr. Lewis McKenzie was unani mously chosen president. The following direc tors were elected viva voce: A. Jamieson.C. F. Lee. Alexandria; C. B. Ball, H. F. Hcaton. Loudoun: B. Morgan, 11. 11. Lee, Clarke; and W. F.M. Holliday, Frederick. Champion Fight Mr. A. J. Wedderbttrn and Mr. Marr'ott Hill, both of the city of Alex andria, and ' \ ' glnia. and brother pro fessionals, (bu;li i.ciug young men, and printers and publinheis,) were so unfortunate as have a little unpleasantness ve-terday afternoon, in the way ol a fi-ticuff. " We have not been able to ascertain who struck the first blow, but we very well know who has the "blac k eye."?-^n MmI, latl i renin#. BEODH.AD ? ^ ~ buy and I, for cash, at the lowest market prices. Call and amiae their stock. marll-tai E HAVE Jt'ST RECEIVED SO DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHJt'M WE AtiH SELLl.SU AT **> CENTS PER SKIRT. LOCH W OOD, Hl'FTV A TAl'LOK, *>J6 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ag tr ^Metropidltan H'Hel Block PLACE VOl'R ?05|EV WHEkr i-r WILL DO THE MOST OOOD IT There Is certainly uo better pUce in the cit> tlian the METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORK, 3151 7th street, where, if you invest a dollar, yon maj rent aw>ur?sl you aii#ay.< reteivt Ike full rtittt of yn?r t/)ON>y, sud where a ?a\ inx of K to SO c^uts on the dollar is guaranteed to you, with >ut tlie draw back of receiving inferior goods. The \ aric-ty ollered i* so large, comprikiug everything pretty and use ful, that it bas become ? vain tu?k of enumerating the different articles offered, and your attention i? only called to below mentioned gi"?l*, a* nil are good, desirable, and very cheap, and immense i|u>tn til its have lately been sold: Gents' Bi itish H ALE-HOSE, 3 psir for itl. Ladies' IKON FRAME HOSE.3 rair for' SI. Children* IKON FRAME HOSE, 3 pair tor *1. Ladies'BIAS TUCKED SKIKT, |1. cannot he liouglit elsewhere less than S) N. Ladies' RUFFLE APRONS, prime mu-tiu; 50c. FiaeEnglish HAIR BRUSHES. #1 F rench Plate HAND MIRRORS. 91. Excellent Rnbber Dre??irtg COMBS. 15 and 50c. SOstyh-s Genu' SILK BOWS.? and Mr. Lailiea' SILK SCARFS, all new *hade?. ?w. Solid Walnut,3 Phrong TtiWEL RACK. 25c. toys' Leather BOOK STRAPS, rtc. our Piece* Excellent SOAP.S5C. Six Handsome GOBLETS. 50c. Beautiful Oval PICTURE FRAMES,50c A Pretty Carved BRACKET. 36c. Corner and Side BRACKETS,eoc. each. TOWEL RACKS, PAPER RACKS, HAT RACKS. CLOTHES RACKS, all walnut, ?l each For a further list of CHEAP GOODS, call at BILVSRBBRa'B METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, SIS SEVENTH STREET. ap>-tr nt Psmnsylvaala ay?. iaia-tT ,u'fc#^yaafe cJ^jKf>yga.*g'jgga8r&rr 00. f?mwEwM' ?SU1-UI, CITY ITEMS. GnmcxKii who irruciin a aie? fit fen pantaloons, shoo Id examine my extensive as sortment of perfectly fitting ^utalttnt of bt own manufacture. I hare aim a limited num ber of marseUles vesta of my own getting up, of superior fitting qualities, and in choices ?tvle?. Qbo. C. Hbbnino, 410 ;th street. Sat* Tor* Doctor'* Bill?When Dr. WL? tar's Balaam of Wild Cherry will eras coughs colds, bleeding at the tonga, and arrest the fell destroyer, Consumption, It does more than most physicians can do. The use of a single bottle, costing one dollar, will satisfy the lncredukra* that they need look no further for the required akL _ 6 U*b Daocrr's Ywkt Powph if yon relish light, sweet, wholesome Biscuits. Rolls, Pastry, Stc. Tour grocer sella it. Foil weight and strength. 6 Thi most ruHiPPY riasoa in the world is the Dyspeptic. Everything looks dark and gloomy; he feels "ont of aorta" with himself an<l everybody else. Life is a burden to him. This can all be changed by taking Peruvian Svrnp (a protoxide of Iron.) Casee of 2J years' stand ing have been cured by it. 6 Covens?A mediciual preparation in the form of a lozenge is the most convenient. "Brown's Bronchial Troches" allav irritation which induces coughing, giving relief in Bron chitis, Hoarseness, Influenza. Consumptive and Asthmatic complaints. t,th,s Poxd's Extract la for sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott & Co., 490 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf NoTtCR TO Pl.rmtKRS AND G AS Fittbrs We herebv give notice that we shall hereafter keep a full supply of gas titling and plumbing materials to accommodate the trade, at whole sale prices. Hamilton & Prarsox, 4,7,eo3 Y. M. C. A. Build., corner 9th and I> sts. . Thi 9?atioiial Savikos Bank, aorner of New York avenue and 15th street, pays 6 per ct. K'r annum on deposits for each calender month. anking hours, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to g. sa.mie The rMHirHiTT at large appreciate the nse fulneso of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 8oc*d rcsr being indispensable to health and oomlort thousands of persons come (Tom far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. 835 15th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from oorna, bad aaila., Ac., and advice as to suitable a hoes. Willoo* St Girb's brwiro Macbikb. The celebrated Bazaar Patterns, agency at Chas. Hasn't hoopsklrt and oorset factory, 7lh street, Intelligencer Building. 10,28 Tbrrwombtbr* and barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4 ^ street. Georgetown Advertisements. ft^S*TABLEAl X ANT) Ml'SIC, FOB TBE Beuetit of th? NEW I'KESBTTEBlaN CHURCB, ?ill ? *> held at WEST STREET CUAI'KL. Georgetown, D. C .on THURSDAY and FRIDAY E\ ENIN<.S, April 11 and IB, 1973, at 7 30 p m. Change ??f pjogriiunie second evening AilmisM.'n. Sl?? cents. al7-2f pOTATUESr POTATOES POTAfOE* ! ~ PRIME MAINE JACKSON WHITE*1. 3.400 prime No. I JAi'KSON WHITE POTATOES, bow landing per schooner Carrie H. Spofford, nud for sole in l?l? to suit piirrhawni. A| ply t ? H WtTLEY A BROTI1EK, al7-lw mill 99 G'-urgetowii, D. C. J^EADT FOR THE SPRING TRADE. With a full corps of first claw workman, a r mi Slete stock of th<' best ti.r-igu and tlom ?:ic D> e tnffs, Ac., &r? I an fullv prepared to CLEAN OR RE( OLOR LADIES' ANI. GENTS' SPRING AND SI" MM KB WEARING APPAREL, promptly and in the bee* manner. W. M. WHEATLEY. PtihMlVM STtAM UYMMr AM) SCO US ING WOK KS. ESTABLISHED 1*J1. Premiun award d 1867. Office.4W J"(T<>r??>i> ?t ,Georgetown, D.O Put Office B"* 723. ap7 *r J^EW SPRING DBY GOODS. Besntlfnl Press Good*, in Rage and mignonett" shades; a large as*- rtnu'nt of tnt-dtum and low-priced Drees Goods: in,000 yarda now Sr-rmc P?rcales, Cali coes, and Shirtings; best tn:?k"? ? t St. i rungs and Sheetings, very cheap; 60 piece* B>ack Alpacas and Mohairs, from V, cents to ftl 26; Ca*?iuiere* and Suitings, f..r men and boys. We have a large stock, and offer 'rtat tar tarn*. BENJAMIN MILLER, ni22-3m 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. PROFESSIONAL. JAMES O.CLEPHANE. E.Z. BUAlLEY. CLEPHAXE~* BRAILEY, SHORTHAND WRITERS Jc LAW REPORTERS Office?No. 110 0 street, between 1st and 2d, faring Indians avnue. ailal ly JOHN F. BANNA, _ _ ATTOBNEY-AT-LAW, No. 8 Turing's Law Building, dej-tf Washington, D. G. "books, STATI0XERy7ac~ 1JRYANTS LIBRARY Of POETRY AND D BONG, H B.STOWE S LIBRARY OF FAMOUS FIC TION, BEECHER S LIFE OFCBRIST, Ac. Subscriptions received at 1411 Peun?> lvania av ?nne by ape im* Bisnop ? hazard. AGRICULTURAL BOOKS. Johnston's Agricultural Chemistry...?.$1 75 American Gardener's Assistant 1 au Aliens Americau Farm Book......... 2 V) Henderson's Gardening for Profit 1 so Waring'* Draining for Profit and Health 1 Ui Fuller's Small Fmtt Culturiat 1 60 Fullers Grape Caltnre 1 5^J Fit/.s Bonthem Apple Culturist 2 75 Wright's Practical Poultry Keeper 2 U>) Laugstroth out he Honey B>-? 2 if) Randall's Sheep H asbandr) 1 M Horse Owners' Cyclops dia 3 75 Y"tiatt on the Dogs S 70 All the new btniks re<*eived as ?o<>n w puMislied by RICHARD B MOHUN A CO., a8-tr 1014 Penna. arenue. corner Ilth street. |^1S>T OF NEW BOOKS AT J SHILLING TON'S BOOKSTORE : LITTLE KATE K1BBY. A Novel. Bv tli? snthoi of Mattie Axtrav and Carrie's C'onfeSPi>>n. THE COMING RACE. B> Edward Buiwer, Lord Lyttou.) TBE WIDOW LEROGl E. A Novel. By Enile Gaborian. THE BERBER; or. THE MOUNTAINEER OF THE ATLAS. Bv M S Mayo. NOT EASILY JEALOUS. A Wove!. TO THE BITTER END. Bv Hiss Brad.i >d. LAKEV1LLE. By M ary Heallr. BEPTILES AND BIBDS. A Raw Edition. EDUCATION IN JAPAN. HALF HOI B BECREATIONS IN POPULAR SCIENCE. No. 7. All the back iiunib-rs on hand. POPULAB SCIENCE. Monthly i *?d 2 ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. Bv Professor Everett. ? EY TO NORTH AMERICAN BIBDS. Contain ing a concise accouut of every species of Living and Foseil Birds. HABPEB8 HAND BOOK OF TRAVEL IN El'ROPE A large stock ?>f Blank B*<k?, Pass Book-1, and Memorandntn Books, Note P?p>-r. L 'tter Piper, and Playing Cards at the very lowest prices. ?5 tr ? Every mother the doctor-of heb OWN FAMILY if sh* gets Dr. HALL'S HEALTH AT HOME at STOCKMAN A SON'S, 9U8 9th street northwest The COTTAGE BIBLE to be had there also. Twog'KKl AGENT? wanted. nia-tr 'jrUE WORKS OF THOMAS GUTHRIE, D. D. The G.ispel in Kzektal The Saints Inheritance. The Way of Life. On the Parables. Illustrated. Bpeakiug to the Heart. Studies of Character. Plea for Bagged Schools. The Gity:itsSins and Sorrows. At WM. BALLANTYNE S, s.'! 4<S 7th street. O T I 0 I. 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OVAftK * it*, 1813 Tm STREET KOlTHWKST, iBi??d M and N sta.) SOAP! SOAP :i _ Proctor * ONri>k'i celebrated Cincinnati Olira SOAP,tk?beet la the mart*?14 ceata per pouud b*r by the box of *o lb*. HAMS. Ac. HUIS** l*"- ertr* quality Sugnr-Curad 9 lb*, extra white LARD. fl. Ft^hGrahsju FLOl'B, frwu I >eet wh?at FBK8H OATMEAL. RVB FLOTR liquors j liquors;: OW Baker WHISKY; Old Cabinet WHISKY. Whisky. 5 v?ar* old. p?-r bottle ?-#1 00 California Brandv.|w>r bottle - 1 <W Holland Gin, per bottle - 1 ?W French Brandy . per bottle - 1 >3 IWRT CATAWBA WISE.* f! per gaSlou. Pure SWEET CIDBR Philadelphia ALA and PoRTEB. C. ft. ?'HARE * BOM, _al? imi7lk>t.?.a..??IWll m4M. ^ L O I E 'f KbCSIYEV DIRECT from the Mill* in VALLEY OF VIBG1NIA. Will sell to families AO cent* per barrel lees that wual pric e Pricts of SUGARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINE, jn?t received from Pleasaat Valley Win* Company ?* a gallon. S. H. BATON, 709 Market Spae?. rrarM between 7th and 1Kb streets P RIC X LIST or QR001RI18 AT urHOKzo yoinoi * co b. SUGARS. (BEST NEWTOBK BBARDS.) "A"<eUrt1ledJ. A I be. k>r inn Crushed (loaf I J* lb*, for" 1 go Granulated T* Km. for 1 <r Light Brown (nearly white) . 8H lbs. for 1 *) ?"?d Brown j Iba. tor I uu FLOUR. 22: ?! 3S SS; 53? SUNDRIES. Prunes?c he. tee j lbs for efitas5?r?z: {ft- ? 15 Tomu'cZJ-tn^" 0or" ? 4 cmr" for 1 01 /J* ? c*n" f"r 1 l" - A cam for I W 1 IS? A cane r. r 1 or lib*.. ...?? ~...4 canafor 1 y> ** r*nD<* IKiarantae the above en paralleled lea prices for any i! J^c*tb uf tin.# ?LPHOSZO YOl'XGB * CO., tt A OCA" A S, I. YOONGS, ( MASONIC TEMPLE, ft M. U. SEARS.| Nimh mlm. M-t? STEAMER LINES. IV'KW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, 11 BKTWEkV PHILAPELPHIA, ALEXANPRIA, Va., WASH IKGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D C. *AiLi*e n*T*. ? ?? ^ Prom Pier 1. North Wharves, riiil vfeSaar adelphla, WEDNESDAY and SAT-*"""*1"* CBDAY, at 1st m. rrobi 49 Water street, Georgetown, D. C., TUES DAY and SATCBDAY, at 19 a. m. This line connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde1* Iron Line" of steamer* for Providsnce, B"St>n and New England State*. No wharfage in B >et?r by this line G. F H YDE. Agent for D. of C. P. CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia, r. A. KEID. Alexandria, Va. WALDO a. PEAECE, 44 Congress Street. Bea ton. ipl YY ABBINQTON^ HO^r<^LK . BOSTON, AND The line Iron Steamer LADY OF THE LAKE havina resumed her regular tripe to jr^"" ^ Norfolk, will leave her wharf, foot of (th street, every MONDAY and^^B*^*^" THURSDAY. at S p. as., touching at principal Biver Landing*, connect jig at Norfolk with 8tnam*hip of the M. and M. Llns for Boston and Providence. Freight f>honld be addrrsril ''car* of Lady of the Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knox's E^preaa Office. 603 Pennsylvania avenne. T. M. CBOL'CH, Agent, 4tb-street wharf. DORSEY CLAGETT. General Aeent n>14 Plant's Sture. c<>rv?*r lttb M and ra. rSSS LiBB. . ave. THE BBITISH AND N0BTH AMERICAN BOYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YOBK AND LIVEBPOOL CALLING AT CORK HABBOB. rBOM NEW YOBK ? ?Run" 1 a Wed_Apl. M 'Jaxa ftad_Apl. S Cabs Wad?A pi. 3U 'Siotia ft'<4..May 7 Algeria - - - ' Steaa engers AUerU .? .ft ed May It Steamers marked Urns " Oo not carry Oalabrta. .Sat Apl. 19 Parthia Sac... Apl. ?j AbvdMi.ia 8a?... Mat lo Batavia Sat May 17 M 8AT0B |ickeUto tu.j^SrSSdtt^^aMlfc. Ret am ticketa on favoraUa ' Steerage, #30, currency. Steerage ticketa from Liverpool and Quaenatown, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Through bills of lading given to Belfast, Glaagow, Havre, Antwerp aud other points on the Connuent and for Mediterranean porta. For freight and cabin pan ?age, apply at the Company's office, No. 4 Bowling Green; for steerage passage, at Mo. Ill Broadway Tr'.tiitj Bu.Uing. 10118-ly CHA8. O. FBANCELYB. Agent. ^NCHOR LINE STEAMERS SAIL EVERY SATCBPAY. Paaaengera booked to and from any Bi tlon or Seaport in Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Swedeu, D-imiark. Geruiany.' Prance, Holland, Belgium and the United1 Cabin fare from NEW YORK to LONDON, LIV ERPOOL. GLASWO* and DERRY, #** and #?? EXCURSION TICKETS. (1M. Intermediate, ?3*; Steerage, B30; all payable la Currency. _ _ Parties sending for their frlewds la the Old Ooantry can pnrcliaae tickets at loweat ratea. For farther particular* applv to tha Agent, C. CAMMACK. jt. I4S3 F street, Waalungtou. HENDERSON BROTH BBS, mayII T Bowling Green, Mew York. ERCHANT S LlNB OF aTEAMSHIPS ?inriia washinoton"and MKW YOBK. D^TaTwA8HINGTON^MMl TOWN, aa follows:?Leave NEW XOBK from Ma Freiclit* delivered by KBox's IxnreM Or der, left s Mineral office, 003 Pe?My tel^Wto1 ,h* "te*""r WhMf wUI h* WLVUJ at. MM ' S. LIVERY STABLES. J.AaSSTlMSI 41B tth atreet, bet. D iad between 13th and UU Beet carriagea hrakhat. boarding of hoceee. decfthly 13B4 B atreet aorth Arlington btarlbs.-b. cbdit, jb. O STREET, Barwari 1 Tra asn? lftra Carriages by day ornight.and for weddings or p ? f D AM0 E. H'ltwes snd Buccios for Hire, and a freeh supply ?f gomS H'-rees for sal<- every week. jyM-ly RK BABD VAMT, w AfB. NAlLoR'S STABLES 131)0 E ST CARRIAGES of the lat??t atyli on h-ttid a>?l fnr hire by the day or t? r Uc oD ?i."ki %*hi toe lure by the 4a/ or ? ath partiea, <*?^<, and r^reptioM fitrsisb>d wtta i- c-ret MaifoiiaNe bt4 elegant Carrtacre Pvrticilar atumti * to boardiMt^ Hoims, mi craaa always for aO* aad agebange. dedS-rf^ PROPOSALS. plOPO*AL4 ros ISPlAM OOOD? Dtfiimn ? tit I*tm ?i?. ( Prrtri ?p I*n*a Arrets*. H?rck to. iffl \ Sealed Propoual*. indorsed " Propoaals l?* lnx Ul S<?4f."?lll be il l>? 4# and ?* U 1 lr4 KrfM, Mew York, until 14 *YI?ich oa Tl tfPAY. the t4d day ?* April. will he open for I'Minow oa and ifttT it" ** ?? ?< April, lKfj.f * fnrni*hin*. la the gn*M>< ? th- -?n Kten. U) i/t Ui ibc uliclN lllil^ m .h* U- ? ( 1M: m p*'r* ? |w!rt while MitckiMt P'e.-k-u. ?* m-a*ure 7zxp# in, b.-a, ta4 a pound* 1.008 H<" 8-point white Mackinac Blank**, to JMk pair* IS point ?Liu- HktiMe measure MaW inch-, aid wetgh all r uafc. fi3B pair* 8 point white iMkuif Blan*- ??, to B'MW- 48xd8 llchri, weigh tu aud iM qtttrtK pounds 8?ft' pair* l.s jj' iit white Mackinar BU?kH?,t8 xM inches, m id weigh four wl om luart'-e pounds Nt f?ini t h*i ?i*rM lirkinat B'.a> kef?, to meaamre TXttV inches ahd w.ign i??4te pounds. |.W H>n & point Mackinac B!*rk*t<,to ua wnr< *)?72 iiKbes.Md ?- eh eiiriit pound* 1M) pair* 2.H point scaudet MtrktMc B mUti, t? Mi* iii< hw, iMd ?<i(k alt CM K?rlrt li- kltM llmikHa.ta uiH?':r? tf< 4* llichf, |?J weigh Itr tltd ?M quarter pounds. 7j0 pair* 4 point indigo kl?> Ms<kina< P ank> t?. t<> measure niW in<h?s, and ?n(|* pound*. IJ00 pair* s p- <nt in-lig>> Wa? M?< km*- Bank** t< nioaure Miil iwln, and ?miu an* lit pound*. 8.J86 pair* pHnt indigo Uw Mackinac (?*>.hiM<uurrM\* in.h*, and w?i?h >n pMUlAi. 1 OW fair* Sp-int Indig Mat Ma. kinac B'-at-.k-ts, t. r..?asiif- 4it4t it,.h??, auJ ?. i<k n?t ?u4 Ot>e qtiarter pouuda. ?.* pan* ? er~-ii Mukltiar Blanket*. to Bieaeur. 72*ann. hee.an4 weightmeit ? a. n la 706 pair* S potlit green M ?ckiaac Blink fa, to tVxTt inches, aod weigh ?>. ?0P pair* IS point green Ms. klnac B.s ik?-ia to meararv MvW iuvi, and w. ;?it ?<? p'ornh 4S0 pairs 1-point green Mockinac Blanks*, to measure 4-'t?> m< bee. and weigii ft.* a 4 mw <|iun*t pound* F?ni> Li*t BivCI'ith. W* yanl? 8tvn! L *t Blu (I ?rh. 16.776 tarda t?at?rt List *. arU ?*? yard* lira) Li?t Blur Clotto. SJfS M Wo.drti 8ha? la. V?>l?i t*hn?W ???' 11-av> D' uklr ilbanlt. p> r.ndf Li*< ti Thre ad. <*and?rd n.*W?. 30.S6 a?rt m>, two tbirdt dart* lit nd ahitej br >an 70S do/<>n 9p<>ola standard u.aka, ji* ?ard?, S cord and I ooH Be.vS yard* CaJioo. standard nrinta . K jard? In<l? Blu?* P.iIUmc. ?MK yard* r-?d B d Tiokio*. > ard* Br. an St'iiiui; I tataoda.'d U2 IW1 ) aid* *taudard Pock,* owim ?. >>.7M yard* Plaid LiMef. >'^60 yard* Blu?* KUnn.-l, twill y|. % AM yard* K?d Fiatiii>l, tw ill^d tMU >?rd* Ki-Muckf Ji-aM. * lf.82S > aid* 8atiii<-t IdUi > ard* C dorad Drilltnjt. (for dr.** Ii. ,? ?W ? arda Hl a. h.^1 Sli.^tn.^,, for .hr^ j.. ) SJkMi j nrd* Blu* Dmiim?. #oW0 yard* Hirkory 8liirtiac. Ml dot. D ? Mttta Handk. r. inrfa. CLi dot. i M-nV W.Mtl M-x k* W d. lrt, U hm-ii * H a* fd4uirit Chlklr*n'( W?il n ?*. M doirn Woolen Brarta 17.1* R^d Flaouel Hlnrta. IMlUriv Fianttfl Mnrta. 7AtL Hickory Bblrt*. 1.1'*? ( aliro Mitrta. 11*1 VuM * WikiI H Hid*. l?i Mlaw* W .Hd H > Iki B?d (Vii*rM?. SJuw P' uiid* Yurn, a?ar>rt*d mlora. l,uM p..un?I? UiiiniK Twin#, J and I c. ?? ( *. * g'-.aiitin. .. .?!. K and ?a. " P'UB^ (V4ti* Mailt- , f.jr bf .ur% >?' i^miid* Indico. 6MdoEfii Ut Cant it?d Aim. .t to 4'? p *** <" ' 1 ?'? II ? ? ? * Md'?-iAi U^.dl*i.M N . 1. ' Im7 .Io7.?-ii titiD. d iron Cruwri iu< K?Ctl> *. ?'. fo lu .,'iarl*. .aw d?/-ii all. rt liatt.ll. Wry Pan*. N ??. 1. i. at i S. iii'-^ual giiaiatili<*? 5? oiri Tin Pan*, prtwa^d.t 4. and 4 t tatta. fci lor.-ii Tin Plat*-*. Said' ???!! Tin Cnp>, pints. ?.'d' /.-ii Till Cnp?, <|iiartf> Wil"M? Tiu Fail*, bo covara, 8, j.>. ? i >a ?tnarta. 4"d./?ii Tin Pail*, with coyer*, g, Jo. a> 1 1 ^uarta. ? d. /en Tin J-ipper-. I.-be han Ilea. I ii Tin ri'ffW p.?tn/j jujir> ew d-?k Tin Coi?- P Ka, 4 auartt 614 J. c?-u tinnwl iron Tablt. Bpuuua lJ?"|../'-n ?inn#?i1 iron T-a Sp< lAUSd B'ltclier knloa.fiu h" IKd.>/eii Unntin* Kriir*?,( in, h. 13udoc. a Skiui,iu4t knn**,( 11j. n. 2JHd CPU Kmvoi. and Porks, ?u..d iir.a 6d. wti P K'k.'t Kuit.-a. ???ril-a,4* inoli. *< dozcti Mill -aw Fit**. IJnd >r*t Ho* HandUa. 40doc?>n Hatchrta. l.ldocrn Hand saw*. *1' 4?BP? Flab H -ok*. tasiftid *i/.w 2?doffn Pi*h Lines, assorted aw lo/.-u 8? wii.? Awls. . dozen 8< wiliK-aw l Handles 11? 5<*? 1 8h-?i>. 7S Mid 6 ii lies 441 il'.ree < ..arse Cotnbx. l?d .ren PiDe tooib Cotub* IS doian Oprc Ttiilnlilua. (3doc?-n Zinc M rrr.>r? I73.(kk' Ne?ll*a, a^, n?l sices. 87,'WU M. edie*. UloTer,'. M4B ;ayar Trap* Mew honae. H > 4. M Mii.k Ti apa. kewlninsi . 1A1 t'anip K -ltl-a, In neat* of thn-a. e 4M I'linch.-* B -ad>. aa* .rted c.dors 4l*' Powtiattan Pipvs. ?uti Reed Slants. 8.I4J 8a< k Coat*, saaorled sires, for men 4W fasti. vairtid aices, for m.-n 100 V est*, assorted aires, for siati. 37t Sa?-k t)**ercoats. lanre ?i7e 2^. Suits i jacket aud pan la I for b .r? ftre i?.r y ear* (.( ace. IS Vests, for t> ?jw r ? 176 ?*i ki* avy i aoiwari'? ape. '"66tf M-n1" Bboea, (ood ijuaiily, avi ,-tisl ai/'es ^ 4"?4 ??ality, a - .r*td t>. pairs Misses hhoes, (uod Milalit> , ?. ried 8' H'r' Children * Sli<iM,(ood uualry. rted 9,<Ui pounds Tobacre, Pin*. Si# p .nuds Bnniiiif Tobacco. v .,fc r??^ dellw. l <11 M.-a* t^|tk, Philadelphia, or Baton by the 1st da* Jaua l,0tV pan? i't-poirt White Blackinac Blauk-ra. tit n '-aanre MvW inrhe*. and areif ti -I* t> i inds 7? pairs I point white Warkina. B' kieitsur* 42x?b inches aud weigh Hi.- aod on* ?j'larter pounds. * l^SOpairs 3 point s. arlet Mackinac Blank la. t* measure U)i7! inch.a. and w-iyh e|sht potter 1 J&J pair* JSpoInt ararls* Mackinac B'anl.-fa to liieaenreMxsd lb< he*. and weigh *i\ i wi~ 4Al pairs S point scarlet Mackinac B anker, to measure 4J\46 inches, and weigfi fi\a aud one-quarter p?>ubd*. S.48t? pairs S point in.lie . Mackinac B ankets, j1' iTHr*? ?'x7, ,tMb^' *^<1 ?ruh eight J.aOupMral>, point imUco Ho* Mack ma L'ankla, to ???a.ure MvW inches, and w.-irh sis ponnd*. SS? pMr* 2 point indi?o Mm Mackinac Blanket*, to measure KiK inches, and weigh nve and one-quarter pounds. ]<* pair* 2Vpoint ffretrn Markinac Bla ikets. t.t nteasme MxM incbe*. au.l wei^h *i* p.>au4s aw pairs 2 point rreen Mackinac Blsnkeia, to m.asare 42x46 inches, and weigh fiva and one-.|uartcr pound-. The bids will be opened in the preaen. f tho Board <4 Indian Cunimia*ion?rs and a c m-n tee to ba. designated l.> the Cretan of the Interior, aa soon a? the time f?f ret. it tug the aauae al,.4t| bate expired, and the cor tracts w ill be award.-) ?a ?mu thereafter as practicable Parties bWiac are tv^nired to furnish aatnplsa A the .ankles bid for. All the samples of each bidder ?hall be designated by a prit ate mark alt. hed to each sample, corr?ap?uding with Mark* >i. ? pro m The prices mu? b?' giren without any m ' neati n or propiaed m.aliAcation wiiMeter. The risht will be reaert. J to require a rr-ater or leas unantity (not exceeding 86 per cent . either raaelof any of the articles thau that aterii.,| m tha above schedule* at the price* pi .p.<ae.l Tlie right will lie reserved to reject any or all pro Poaaia, if auch a c.^irae should he deemed t?f the in trtvaU of the Government All article* furnished under contract will be r* uuin-d to be delitered, packed and mai ke.1 ship ment, without ertrschar*-- furcawanr bal.n* when in oriciual packages, according to direrti..i.? whiek will be given, at a warehouse to be 4esignat'd in lb* respective cities where the g.MtU are re.-ejted,aia4 will be subject to inspection by the B?aru f Indian Commission*!s appoint.4 by the prestd- nt, an4 ?web good* or article* a* mat ia nay respe. fail to conform to the sample, will ha reiected. ann ia that case the contractor will I* b .und t* fumi-h other* "J tbe required kind or quality within <r* lays; or f Ibat be not done, they will he purcha*' 4 M hia % ? Hfp <?1 ?ff . !* Vesrtw.Jgr b vs |T4 to ten rear* of see. S* 5*" r H '*} 5***' an-1 r .p*. 1.6 Boys W .M.I Hat?. a-? .rted *i/.e? a:, t ' ! ,* ?sj U< *ry Caaeimere Cap*. iSpetiae. Mo bids will he conaidered from person. ?ho has* failed to comply with the reqnirsmeata .4 afcirmt coatract. Mo contract, or part thereof, will be p< ? , it ted to he assigned or tiled b> other parties w itl...?| tho ? ritten rneaewt ol the h-crstary of the li. erior. Payment will he a.ade tor the good* pur haaadoa the pri*?MMi??a? of the in?olc*a there .f at this iflloe. after they shall hare been properly asproead. Mo proposal will be coaaadere* mat aotw nod _ . - l.k *a ? a. a a. ?irtrtly comply wtth the foil owl nc form: ( "Ilor we) propose to furBWTSL* IodUa Da^art Lewt, *orording to the tsrwtf the adrert .-eiaant oC tbe . ? .n.n,is.>?'... r of Indian Affair-, dMed March ? . IK73. the following articles nt tha prices thereto affixed. * Here insert the list of articles pr. p?ed tob* rurniahed ) SMd article, are to b* d*4lTer-d in 1 b*r* inrr ?Wa r~'J "~t r*"" m J~" T''t t"-(inaert dMe.l And ifthta pr.tposal ha aooaoted. 1 ?or we> I will, within ten day* after being notlhed, execute a contract according . ai.<1 rite securit) t. th. C *n 1 miaaiouer of India-. Affair* for the Mtkf il perforaa ot the same." Ka< b proposal must he acronmM by a J in the following form, to he wgwad by n sible persowa, arhats* salklwoi Judge or District Attontey : joint!) and sererally guar ante* that nor bidders,>ir aeootract shall ho for PruoosaU f t Indian ti I*. d*i??8 , W7S: sud in theeient of hi* (or t*aeirl fail sc. we hettby agra* and blod mail in and adminiatrator*. ?* forfcZ tha e*. as domagea. a sum nai nt . on ihe amount of said bti March W ore to do oan' heirs, axerutor* and and pay to the C ulted tee* thoa ftfteea per c. * propuaal.' ariM he reaaiired in the 1 per* ra ter the faithful peif,.rwtsnce of the contract, witfe two or mere caret!**, whose aaWtdmti must it ear :i*ed to by a Pwhed Btaies Ja4r or Pi-t ict Attor.

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