Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. ; fafcUehet Dally, Sandap ciMplc4, AT TEE STAR BUILDINGS, reus^imia Ay*mu*% wr. lit* St., m mm mi nvnn ctipm a. a. fjw.w.v.v, THE EVENING STAB ?? served by carriers to ttstr fcbcribera it Ir*CH? rtl WBEK,or Vom Form Cmxt rii Copies tt the counter Two Cnr? each. B, trail?thrw ido&Um, flAd, nth*. #3 00, 0B? rear, TBI WEEKLY STAB-PubHsh-d Friday-flFI ?TIirnriiMj inlihiMf, in both cutt, u< * loB|?r than t*W f^r. of ?4-rerfMaji famished on mBw>t. PIANOS, Ac. JF llCAS. 1145 7th atreet n. w., Tuner and ? h-^mlmior if Pianos am J Cb'an*. 0r__^^ den m'ltwl at Th?.tups? n'* eorro r 13'h it ? at.d N York ?t*. ; Getty V Ii <.!ge, - Cowtmi, (icvrii-tovs; and ? ? ees\ cor. 7th and Pa. av. and .rthtr ir.siran. ? , a.ked ni l raovea AH work guarmit'-ed. whJsly rT'BlHlN?*~A?IU KifPAlR POLISHING 1 AMD VARSISBISU FIaSOS AND^^ ALL MI MICAL INsTRl MI JITS. AljEJHB ware recen-a tfc- bk? faithfil attention'!! MV1 by e L WILCABRO ,?4A we?t. near Doith?,?t corner uf Penney! -nla imoiw, ot* ???Lt> r<?(i *<ll kn?n ii i < ctical Pitao Bad ? mica! Irat to stent Mnkere. D* siers in Plan"* aiyj ? ancal Ipetrr merits generally. mlo-tr g'LSTAV KiJilN, f hMTliJkL PIANO MA U Kkfi, TUN kk AND K t tA IR AK?^ Of PIANOS AN U ORGANS. ' 'ders re EH centd at KAFB9 Jewelry Sl? Pa."" 1" ? tod at SAiUi 'b Drag Store, corner Jth itrMl and IVI"JD?. fll *1 WrBOMACKfcK A CO S PIANOS, ? PillLArELPJLi GREAT BEDCCTION 121 PRICKS These tnetrmnents. which, on ecr.wint of their ? pork rMy over .ill btcwi, h&vs iu a few t?c>?<r the moot ?.>pular her< , aa art-11 a* aKJEaBIB over t he country, cat be had bow for the MTT Ivaitl low pru es* *Ul A KB PIANOS fr IB ?*76 to ??7?. UPRIGHT PIANOS front ?u?it ? *701. GRAND PIANOS from *1,.!T?. Person* who nish to aaTe irom 5 lev to $ Ml In yr 1 rha.iL* the Uwt hjgtrnmelil out, are invited u> oat ai.d roaipare for themselves Pianos for rent. P\aooe exchanged Tcsuf *? <1 R> pairu.gpr perly a*t suUec to. CARL KK UTT.B, A?eut. dl4 t? M3S P> nn?-|Tania W 1LLIAS K.NABE A CO., "? BaLTIVoSK, M*KTLA5D. GBANH, SV^ARE ANP UPRIGHT PIAWOft. TW ifr?trwDnfu;i hare hren brforn the pablto tm t- rty y ark, ar-J npon their <ic- lleueo al >n?__^^^ au nnpnrchaaed f--?ia.^- in ? fcaBBI which pr.?nu?r.c<-a th?-m unequalled for tbstrMIlP trM, t 'Ofb, w< rkniHUaki* and dnrability. They bi?? been awarded >iiti 4i? *? id aud tilnr aandnir at iliDrtrotfaini "ter ? tntT tornpetitora. AU of tfcoti HJl" A Hi VI ANOS ta-es thrir new nod unproTatf 0^er?tn>iM Scale *n<1 Af 'nffe. Hillivo McCaniirmA P1AXOS and PIANOS ant (JMAWS ? ariotra we|l-kF-"wn lufnrw* for ?*!? awl rent, at REICH EN BACHtt, rteeK tr Piano Warero..m?, 411.1 11th *tre?*. BANKERS. OT;> BlUtLtfW, Hunker, 643 P STB^ET, SE\R SEVENTH, P?r? INTEREST ON I EPOS IT*, ?Mkea'COL 1.*? 'TH'NS, ati-; ti?i?i.t# all huiit'HM ccrne?'ted ?witli B-inkir*. arC 1? I^AN K IBB 11 oT ? E~ i. H. *Ql IER It I U., I44fc PENNSYLVANIA AVEKTE, fit sITE VViILAAt's E'.'TIL, WASHINGTON, I>. C. ^ per cent 'mtrrtn pai<l on '/?posili. I'ollectTons >ua<l? evervwtn r--. ?Vi-Mta p.-iTal-le on tlernand. Payor olBcer? in the Atmy c?hi J to all mi. np2rr J I ' r. UKuUHbAU, ? ii roker, Pftits a?e., 4, Washington, D. C. Hfi'ial attenti'-n liven to investment ?ecnri!i *?. Iii> itea atleiiti u to aecnri:ie? no# ?ff> red at pr.>;e? ahi< L ? ill pa> 1? t> lj p.r c^ aiiionnl* and of len?(th of time to mit inv ?atur?. ^Hfa.relial/le, pr it abl.- ai.d or "nipt, making them iu ?very reipect FIRST 1 LASS 5 EC I" R1TIKS. Beft-ra l?j pemn-?:.^n to Johnaon A Co., Waahinap. n, l>. C.: M >aea fe -liy, K?|., Caaliier Malionai M-tr..p> lit?n Bank, Y> aahinjrtou, D. C.; H-.n J. M. Bredlieiwl. Second Controller, Waahing t4-n,B.C.; EilwanlClark, E*j., Architect U.S. C?p lti>l, Wa>hinrfln. I) C. Biarl7-3m 'I'Ui NATIONAL BANK OP THE BEPCBLIU J. (Corn, >of 7th aud D arreots,) OrEii FROM in A M TO 3 P M dec 17 ly CHA8. BRADLEY, Cashier. PUXA.1 \ >1LK11 AN ?A VlNUh HANK, \3I No did Seventh Stbret, Uw?u* uu lAjKiTiwuni. Bai.k hocra: 9 a. m. to 4 p. en. Batnrdaya opeu un til 8 p. ni.,to rec- ive d< j. ?ita only. Interest paul on depoaita. CoUectiona m-le and ?xchiuixe tnrniah<-4. JOHN 111T2. Pr??idfi*, A. EBKRLY, V. Pr- at, W.F S* ATIINULl'.Svc 'J ii. PRENTISS Crteh'r vtHi THE FKEtl^JA!!'! l\Vt!?Q| A XD 1 TKl>T tOMPA.1V, Banking Hovi^e, No. 12i07 Pe iOHjIraiiii ive^ae, oppi-tite th?" Tr^nry. PAYS SIX PER CHUT. INTEREST. Jnirrtfi B'fins the hrtt oj hark Mcm* a. PA ? tt FOL K PER CLNT. on b Jaineaa accu\&tt fr- m date c.f dej, ailt. iirsai ("ftilfaiH n1 U-fotti W-&rii f 6 and 4 per ? ent interest, available anywhere. HAS BRANCH OFFICES in all large town* and cities of the S?nth and ttonthweat. __ Bank ko* ?,8 a. wi. to 4p. m. Open W ednnsday and Saturday nights frotn 6s to I o clock, tc receive dep. .aitaoniy. Call at toe Bar a or "i fer a copy oi the Charter ^nd By-laws. j!8 ly COOKK ft CO., BLT AMD SELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and INl'E CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travelers, araiMU ut any pari <tf tA* world. Oar Drafts on JAY COOKE, MrCULLOCH A CO,, LONDON, ?r? Cashed IB any *art of K.-ttoLASli, Ik Emu and ftOTti^l. fr'? of rkart*. may 18 WAAHl NliTON CITY BAVINttS BANK. Corner 7<a and Lssuisaa wr PATS ? PER CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Interest commence* from date of deposit*. Depoaita can be made and drawn at will. ?vB-tf J. A. BUFF. Treasnrf. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. w ILLUn Dll K?u.v OZ.N EKAL INSURANCE AND KEAL ESTATE AGENT, No. t?0-? FIFTEENTH STREET. OPPOSITE TKEAsUXY. W? ne bnt th< ~al st insurance companies r pre aepte?l. p: a pt aettlcBir* t of loasos ar.d fair dealing tmar ai teed. gg> lm Austin p. brown. Comer h . Y avenae an>1 12th street, Washington, D U., Wk nam Deals* it Ll MKIiR. LIME. CEMENT, SAND, AC., Ac , Ac LI M BKR BILLS cat to order on short uotic*. BLI E STONE for Building, Macadamtxing and P*?in? purpo?s delivered in any part of the Dis trict . BEAL ESTATE bought and sold and money la ?ested. To this branch ?'f the business I will hero after gtve my personal attention, and Will be at m} (<??* dally from 18 a. m. nnti! 4 ?. m. marl tf 'j^'HE rapidity and ease with which ?rs removed and the feat relieved. If ailing, from Bnuioae, Bad Nails, Ac., at DW WHITE S Estab Uahment, i'H llth street, opposite the Treasury, is unite surprising to persons unaccustomed to bia Mth"d of operatiog,which is enttr-ly different frotn ?h? old-time practice of tearing offthe ingrowing toe Bkil, or lancing deep into the bnnion, a distressingly rHafnl meth'sl. and one which obliged ihe aafferer ?go ?h<-elea>, and sometimes oa crutches, for weeki of months, and no d^ubt tatided to ahortan lite, at laaat to make it far leas al. anaut and useful, but Pr. ft bite's operations are fre-j lently borne by children withoat complaint, there Is littls or no pain, no loss of time, and If none bat suitable shoes be worn, the tvsatment, even In extreme cases, effects a perfect cwre. though the feet being ussdso ooostantlv 0?rni are llafc> t.-come occasionally with even the beat Bttimr aOoee, aad ladustrioaa persons think there it acon<*iT of time, comfort, and health tn aa occa sional vis? to the Chiropodist; and It is awsll known hdthBthssnalsof psrsoos. mtay f them those dli public aad private life, cone from to tttlDr. White's Bstabllakmsnt, to ?i Dr. Whtta has anaoltcited permiasion VIENNA EXPOSITION. CIRCIUE LCTTCRi OF CREDIT, BT JAY IVOKE ft IV. ? ? Tne Circular Letter is a letter of lntro<luction to backers of character iVMnn?i ra? world, identify. ing the hearer mm! amb<? King pavmeuts to him as ream red t?> the extent <>f hts .tepoait with na. nil informalh.b will be farniehed upon applicn ? In person or by letter. JAY COOKS ft CO., HAakepa, ap8 lm WASHINGTON. AVE YOU BEEN H the LITTLE WiiHLUr It not, we advise yon to call soon at IUVV 7th HI eat. between K ai?.l L slre#te,(? car B-gen A Wy The Litile World la kept b? Ni. h..Is. dealer Jo Moaiery , Fancy 0>-?ls. J-w . - . ~ ' Bery,N'? tion-. sc., Ac i and i> eupposed t-> be the efesapst'ire r f * ?hin|?SB. ajpll PENMANM11P AND THE ELEMENTS OF GBAMMAB. ARITHMETIC, an I BOOK KBBPlNl. taught tn ln-li? ..r to . leases, be tween 3 and 9 o'cV*k p m . at Pr. f . Yoang s School Building. 14th St., between I an.1 K. " JAMk> t oKBIIHiN. Teacher. BIT Lettering,, aad Pea Walk of pvery descriptioB,*Bec?t?d to orderapH? AMUSEMENTS. WALL * XEW OPERA HOC.SK. *? JOHN T. FORD...... Proprietor and Manager. FRIDAY EVENING. April IS, FAREWELL BENEFIT OF Ml? LYOIA THOMPSOt, Po?iti\?Iy last arpearaiu-e but two of thj PEEkLESS OCEEN Oir BURLEsolK AND HER MAMMOTH COM PAN*. First sight of the last Tn<nip?on ^uccem, ALADDIN. take EM IN." ALA DDI* MISS LYDIA THOMPSON SATURDAY, GRAND M.VTINLE, BUT. HEARD. SATl RDAY EVENING LAST AP*?EYRAXCF Ajia,>i n to Matin K^rred M?t?, A] Seat* c?i n * b- secured forfcuth Matinee a*?i *V*in* pt-rfurniif c ?. ?i? JOHN O'BRIEN'S " Great SI* Tmt Show, NOW on EXHIBITION ON SIX TO STREET LOT. FOR ?XE WEEK ONLY. prm$W? V.nlt ?4 half PRfCES?to> aeetbe wonder* of the Triple Ci-c-i' ?a^iftJE?-?"?T'"" THE MONSTER ELEPH \NTS. TnE WON ST EE 4 TON RHINOCEROS, the wonder of the world. THE GREAT BRAZILIAN FAMILY. THE OREAT CLAR1NDA LOWaNDE The great CHILD RIDER. MOLLIS IJROW N. The GREAT CLOWN PETE CON KLIN, anl 10 other Star Artist* THREE FERFORMAXCE* DAILY. AT 10 A. M , a P. M AND 7 P. M. there'"KTFlS* 'J *'Ve" the rnor ling, b n> ' * Performances, irt i and 1 ?? - a!4?f theater tomucY (lltrealk etreet, aonrh Pennsylvania aveine.) 7V?V?* W V^lV,tTn,r, *^s,?te?"ir?a?ifis?,'c-*4 Engagement of the incomparable SENT A H S MAUDE and SAMI EL the greatest of Europe and America'* Gymna?t< aPP' ar?n?f in .Washington of the Brilliant treat Dntrbeotaicalitiee and .pecialitiei. Th.' olte fftssls "nswit. ? _T H E CAPTIVE: _ Or, THE BIRD CAGE OF EDEN' M*i.? eAU?atiSil ,La,li:.*' u"d,'r the direction of D.V'k P^Vker m.i'Wrklw V'"r*e F Th'mipe ?, lil), "'."I ?'"ma Hir 5J*'"' *? 1 "??? -"'ire Mimm't h K.Tvelt, T ?n " Yn firce ?'Dink leu pie|'? B Intuit* re. TV xrvat Circus will * ?0 KM-R.WIT7 WEDNESDAY and SATUR Jrv it mfJf1?^k A Grand Com pi i nent K ER L si w i'wr"? B- S. ?A R K KR ai.d SAMI EL C. PRO^iyir"*'"? S' PJ1.K ?H( jjw SO 439rth?rW.AflK,l,TER'?? E C?o. 43 ?t.? st.irt, between D and R fltrAeta Ai0hi Ch-lce OH?!? *, P ?jJd ' Hull. *ht Abin ?* *"Hra\ ilirf*, Ciiromoa, Ao. t^bad!* Picn^er'?r? Pap*B Hanging*. Vindiw wi. tTi', *? i ' / ran,wi Picture Corda aau Taa ,B tke Di**? Pleawe remember Name and Nnwiber. jel ly' ALp\ KELc?nVjr^?T"^IPIr w*ABlNO AP . f, can M i(?ld to the very be?t advantage by addreaair.K or mliinR on JTSTB Note, b* n' 9iD betwaen Cth and Tth n. w. _j[otea by mail promptly attended to. Oanh paid, nj | J*;? OOLD, SILVER, BRASS. COPPER Etc Hoaaehold FnrniYnre^hl'an'dJ.wr W^bya^i ^ADGEN^rS^ffl SUMMER RESORTS. ^ p M R E kToTbT: TheO??CRN HOl'SE, Leesbnrjr, Va , |g now oner, iTIro,,,m"dJ,,'ou of 8"?mer BoarderZ n" F iP*,? spnred in the endeavor to make all Mm lortaMe. (ap3 In.'] JQAB OSBCRN Proprietl! " insurance companies. the CORCORAN " FIRE insurance Cu.MPAXV, OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Orgmmiztd Ami ij(, 1&3. ta'?ila, Slow,000. OFFICE No. 14tf!) PENNSYLVANIA AVEVrr tOV.R MlL?tH.N'? IIRU A^H N uir n' Pr**si<lent. j. lmZ'2??rT'mt' u. uieciok: 1 Wm, Orme, H. Clay Stewart, luSiA? ' L- Barbour, ?,1I*? . Pro""' J' hn T. Lmman. .^Mtchael Green,, h John Bailey, INSURE YOUR LIFE A in that th? Organised 16?* STAN^JoN*4 jan7 ly* J' "AMLEY^QN^ Ag^ T"Wmi?BP? or TRK DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. OhtiXNlZKU A Uii VST It, 1670 CASH CAPITAL ZZ ?100.00, SAMUEL WmrnSi*' B.Todd, ?aij? Charles J oat, A.R. Sliephertj, CLOTUI.NO rait sriilXG AXU SUMMER, MADE TO ORDER in NEW YORK. THK LARUhST ASSORTMENT IN THE COUNTRY. SAMPLE SUITS READY MADE, tOR MEM, BO YS AMU CHILVKE.\. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDEB. DEVLIN * CO., ?113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE J W. BRIGHT W ELL, ' " ? Succeaeor to CARROLL F. WIN SLOW, SHIRTMAKMU D*u.nn *?j^FcBStt.i??8, Having Mr. Wisaiow** patteraa ?? area, and control of Me ?mnnfactBrt^r tie,, h,. old cuatom,raw72S22iL leave their order with BM. f^HE MEW NATIONAL MARKET? FRUITS, ajMl VEOfffABLESTwtK. ySR CHINESE TEA MONO I to SIS Di rr"~Rh PAd rtb. rth ilOa. MAS cheaper than erar. No rent to p?y. 1?. EENJ AMLN. Proprietor , M TSAROli POK YOUNG alte F raiiklli?p?IL CHILDRRN, MM, I ?t.,opp,w SS'ii.'EL.E.r.V??' '?yitf* Mo. 1SST ?1 Special notices. Fi?? Old Rye Whisky, Fine O'd Kye Whi-ky, Fin* Ol<l Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whi?ky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Bye Whisky, H nriinUd Wirranttd Wtirramttd Putt Purt Purt An I Unadulterated, Fcr UtHnml amd Medtctnal Vtt. This is the article we have no-* Hold for upwards of five year* with universal i*tMirtloii; put up in large bottles at One Dollar ptr bottle, ut can be nid ib am quantity. Notice, tnat we will return the money If this Whisky doe* nut give satisfaction or prove as repre sented by us. Also an excellent stock of California Wine*?P >rt, Sherry. Ans?li<\?, M ;- ??>?], H< ck an I Claret; also. Kelly s I-UliI Ca'awba and imported Liquors of all kinds. ARTHUR NATTAN9, Druggist, alo-tr Corner Jiaud D streets n. w . Bntcheler'e Hair Dye is the best in the world, the only true and perfect Hair Dye; no ridiculous tiuts, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan taneous blark or brown; at all druggists', arid 10 Bond street, New York. f3-eoly A Card. A Clergyman, while residing la Booth America as missionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy for the cure of Nervone Weakness. Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on by baneful and ricieus habits, dreat numbers have been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe for preparing and using this medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any on* who needs it, fr* af Chart*. Address, JOSEPH fr. INMAN, __ , Station D, Bible House, ly New Fork City. LECTURES. **rJ,HE STAGE,"' BY ho.v DANIEL Dougherty, LINCOLN HALL, THURSDAY EVENING, April JI4. Reserved seats at J. C. Parker's. 427 7th street. >oTiCK-Thi? will be the closing lecture of the D^ar Course, hdci seaaon tickets must presented it Parker's, .>;17 7th street, and exchanged, if the holder* desire reserved seats. all ^I'HE TONER LECTURES. ' .The second lecture of the conrse, instituted under tin- Toner fund to encourage ?"Tn>* discovery of n-w truths'' for ''the advancement of medicine," will !>e delivered by C. E. BROWN 8EQUARD, k. D . at Marini s Ilall, 914 E street northwest, on FRI 1?AY, April IS, at 8 p. ni. Subject of the lecture: ''Nervous Force; the ex tent. variety, and power of its manifestations.'' Th.> medical profession, anil all others interested in scientific studies are invited to xttend. .... ? JOSEPH HENRY, ??*> -r* President of Board of Trustees. LADIES' GOODS. >nss Mccormick, yOA PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,1 (Up Stairs,) f* Will open cn TH UBS DAT, ArR:L 4th, a large and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, to which the spccial attention of the ladies is called. a2-tr TAMPING DEPOT, 617 Seventh Street, fet'Tl-tr Opposite Patent Office. WELLING OFF I ^ . SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. msr7-tr NO HUMBUG. c LENZHEKtt ft CO. Selling ont entire stock of MILLINERY AND FA10T GOODS, at and below ? oet. TUT Market Space, laaM-tei between 7th and 8th streets northwest. |MPOBTEB OF HUMAN HAIB? GRAND BARGAINS AT MADAME BITRIN'I, 916 13th strut, ttcond door from U nrm. Remember the name and number. Cheap Onrle, Braids, Puffs, Friuettes, of the iateet sty lee. Call and see our new stock before pur chasing elsewhere. decB-ttr "f AD IBS'" " Li FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL la the beet articled the world for doing op Lineo oi byaVf K^ce A. ^ ?*"?? BUBNHAM A CO., Manufacturers, . ,, - 190 West Lombard street, JanM ly Baltimore. Marylai.d. 1873 spring. 1873 TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND SUMMER OLOTEING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHINgI MENS', TOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, k. STRAUS'S. I. STRAUS'S. 1. STRAUS'S. At A. At A. I At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S At A. STRAUS'S CALL AXL> Shiif CALL AND Shh! CALL A>V Shh ! CALL AND Shh! CALL AND Shh I MHEfMSiiiH? OKhAT BAKUA1XS! 1*11 PENNSTLVANIA AVENUE, 1911 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE! 1911 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Third Door from 11th Street. Third Door from 11th Street. Third Door from 11th Street. ?4 HARNESS! HARNESS! ^ We have onhandla Urge stock of all kinds of Sin gle aud Doable Gilt, Covered, BUBBEB, NICKEL, AID SILVER MOUNTED HARNESS, of oor own make, which we are determined to sell at very low prices. Sole agents for B illl celebrated CONCORD HABNB88, of which we have a large stock at Concord prices. see and Collar* have a reputation y for durability and strength, The Concord H all over the eoantry TRUNKS and SATCHELS in great variety. CBDAB TBUNKS, for protection against moth*. Call and LUTZ * no., 49T Penn. ate,, neat to National Hotel. ?XAM1NI THB GOLD SPECTACLE, Ohlt #9, H H. HEMPLEB, Optician, atfB-tr 4H street. JJUMBER: LIMBER!! WM. JOHNSON A SON Haveinst received a large stock of WHITE and YELLOW PINE LUMBER, LATHS, SHIN GLES, and FENCE PALINGS, ail of which we are selling at low prices. Great indocemeata for cash. Cor. Ulh eod Bsts. .near State Department. apt-lss* DM0l?iE57KAf8TrBEDBUGlcannTbe?^d It where Glentworth'* EXTEBM IN ATOR is used. F- r sale bs Z D. OILMAN. 9SIT Prau'vivania ave., aad HOLMES A BRO., n. rtheaet cor. 1st and E sts. n.w. alt 3m* EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. Internal Bevenvic.?The receipt* from this source to-?iay were tiu. J. H. Baker, commissioner of pen sion*, ha? returned to Washington from Min nesota and resumed bis duties. Resignation Accepter?The President has accepted the re.lgnation of Second Lieutenant Jacob H. Kiblett, 5th infantry. Chief Engineer Alexander Henderson has been ordered to duty at the New York navy yard, in place of Chief Engineer William H. Shock, detached. According to the Know-die papers, Senator Rrownlow is improving in health. He?ats and sleeps, and chews tobacco, and " rips out'' oc casionally, ju?-t as if he never me .nt to die; and there are those who b? 'ieve he never will. TnEcontracts for furnishing the Treasury department with stationery during the next fis cal year have been awarded to J. C. Parker, Philp & Solomons, and Win. Ballantvne, of this c'ty; J. C. Carew. South Hadley Palls, Mass.; D.'Appleton A Co., and Berlin & Jones, New Yoik, and E. D. Loekwood, Philadelphia. Personal?Representative Aylett R. Cotton has forwarded to Gen. Spinner the amount of his increased compensation, in five-twenty bonds. Jesse Grant, son of the President, passed through Chicago yesterday en rout* for California, in company with Senator Cole and family. ????Miss Sherman, daughter of Gen. Sheiman, is in Italy, with a large party of friends. Gen. W. H. H. Terrell, formerly Third As sistant Pos.'master General, was last night the recipient of a complimentary dinner, given to him by bis Wathington friends on the occasion of his departure for Indianapolis to assume his new duties as pension agent at that point. He was yesterday presented by M. M. Kaiglin, president of the New .Jersey republican asso ciation, with a handsomely engrossed letter, signed by the presidents of the several state associations, testifying their appreciation ot his courtoy, honesty and ability as an officer of th<? government. How the President Draws His Salary The President never draws bis salary himsjif. but receives it through the First National Lank, to which he has given a power of attor ney, and the money is always drawn from the Treasury by the ca-diier of that bank and placed to the credit of the President in the bank. The warrants for the salary of the President and Vi"e President are made out at the Treasury every month. the former under the new law receiving S4,10<J.W per mouth, and the latter ?833.33. Members of the Cabinet are paid from the rolls of their respective departments, and receipt therefor the same as all oiher employes. The President and Vice President do not sign any pay roll. Cor rts-Marti a l?General Orders No. <*) from the War department calls attention to paragraph 882, revised regulations for the army, of ls?.3, and a strict compliance therewith in future is enjoined. The paragraph reads:? " Whenever the same court-martial tries mare prisoners than one, and they are arraigned on separate and distinct charges, the court is to be sworn at the commencement of eaeh trial, and the proceedings in each case will be made up separately." The order says:?" It is not con sidered a compliance with this regulation to call several prisoners into court at the tame time and swear the members of the court once bcidre them all." The select Senate committee oh trans portation met in this city yesterday. Mr. Hinckley, of the Plii'adelp'iia, Wilmington and Baltimore railroad, was present, with a list showing certain persons to whom the depart ment had given to ride on the postal ca's, but who, he stated, have no connection whatever with the j>ost office service. Included in this list are grocers, tradesmen, and a num ber of women. The railroads complain bitterly of this, and also allege that iu manv instances the po. tal cars are used for the transjiortatioii of freight by these parties. Col. Carrington, president of" the James river and Kanawha canal, was present, and addressed the commit tee in explanation of the sco]?e and design of that work. He extended an invitation to the members to visit the line of the work, which they Will probably do some time during the summer, starting from Norfolk or Richmond. Messrs. Catserly, Mitchell and Davis, of West Va., were appointed as a sub-committee to proceed to the Pacific coast and investigate the freight charges of the Union Pacific and Cen tral Pacific railroads, of which there is great complaint among the people of that section. The sub-committee will also look into other matters coming within the scope of their in quiry. It was decided that the sub-committee would employ no clerk, and that each member should pay his own personal expenses. ? The New Orleans ea< ksyesterday resulted as follows: First race, one mile. Club pur>e, <500. First horse, ?350; second, *100; third, *.?50. Won by Jokn McCormick by a head, beating Cape Race second, Nellie R third, and John McDonald and King Benezette. 'J ime, li.W. Second race, mile heats, all ages, club purse *??00?to first horse, ?50??; to second. *150: to third, Frank Hampton. 2 1 1; Warwick's b. c.. 122; IOU, 43. Ruled out. F !iu? Mmbrey, 3; distanced. Kmma Latisem, ,, dis tanced. Time, 1:4*v, l:5?w. The ;irst heat was won by a half head, the third by three lengths, the last bv several lengths easilv. Third race, three miles, all ages, club purse, "-800? first horse, *flOO; second, * 1V); third, *.V). Won l>v Mary i/ouise, beating Relator, Pil frim, Winne (formerly C O D), and Flora Mo ver; same order. Time, 5:44. Flora Mclver came in first, but was disqualified for losing three and a half pounds weight. Her stable companion won the race. A Spanish Town Captvred by Carlists. A dispatch from Carlist sources savs: A baud of Spanish insurgent* under the chieftain Dor iegarry, made a sharp assault on Onate, in the province of Leupuzcoa, and after a short con flict, succeeded in gaining possession of that town. Onate is 30 miles southeast of BillMia, and contaius over 4,000population. A son of Prince Henry of Bourbon, Duke of Saville, who took ai ms for Don Carlos, is reported kil.ed in a re

cent engagement. The Case ofGeoik.k Francis Train The inquiry as to the sanity of George Francis Train was continued this afternoon before Chief Jndge Daly and a sheriff's jurv. Dr. Hammond testified to his belief in Mr. Train's insanity, and repeated extravagant and blas phemous utterances of the prisoner which led to that belief. The inquiry was not completed. y. T. Jour, C<>m., 11th. Grate Cvltvre in Vihoixia?'The Shenan doah (Va.) Hearaldsays:?"Considerableatten tion has been paid to grape culture in this sec tion. There are now within a few milesof town seven exce'lent vineyards having in the aggre gate over 15,000 vines. The pioepect for a good crop and fine prices this season is unusually flattering." CRt'SiiED His Heaet Oct?Mr. Frederick Dawson, an naiployee at the depot of the Vir ginia and TennesMse railroad, in Lynchburg, was crushed to death, while engaged iucoupling cars, on Tuesday. His heart was literallv crushed out, and death was almost instantane ous. , The Knightsville War.?There was con siderable disturbance at KnighUville, Ind., again yesterdav. While a free fight was in progress several arrests were made by two policemen, but the parties were rescued by eight or ten women. A polemical prisoner in Portland prison, In England, lately emphasised his disagreement with ine Rev. Mr. Hill's theology by erylng oat during a sermon, "You're a liar, Christ never told you to say that." Wheat in the Shenandoah Valley The Shenandoah Herald says:?"The wheat in this section is promising, notwithstanding much of it has been frozen out. The drilled la much better than that which was sowed broad-cast." Pom*t Lire Hard Work.?Nearly all the Italians who went to Richmond some time since to work on the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad have departed, about three fourths of them having retnrred to New York. * Gen. Fitzhl'gh Lee has written a letter to the city council of Richmond.calling the atten tion of that body to Its um u Ifilled pledge to place a monument over the grave of Gen. Stewart, in Hollywood. The Pop* is still suffering, and it is knuwn there is no improvement in his condition. So *ajs a dispatch from Rom? last evening. THE LOUISIANA MASSACRE. ?urn work at rami. Fori Pillow ErllpaHl and Ibc XmIoo Oviaoaf. Cold Blooded Awwmimiiou of Colored Mca After Surrender. I narmed XenHbot Don and Prison er* Tied Together and Thrown Into tbe River. More tban One Hundred Colored Men MUngbtered. Attorney General Williams this morning re ceived the follow ing dispatches in reference to tbe massacre in Colfax. Louisiana: the first conflicting reports. Nkw Orleans, April 17, 1*73. Tu Hon. George M. U'W'mm*. Attorney General, Washington : Kej>orts from Colfax are conflicting and un certain. A deputy marshal will arrive from there to-n'iht authentic re|>ort. It is be lieved to have been a m*.*,?'w:re of at lea?5 twenty or thirty negroes. Will report in detail as soon an 1 Lave reliable int'oi mation. J. K. Beckwith, U. S. Attorney. HORRIBLE DETAILS IN AN OFFIt 1AL REPORT. New Orleans, April 17, Kj. To Hon. G. If. Williams, Attornr# 'ienerul L>eputy Marshal J>e Klyne has returned from Colfax. " He arrived there the day after the massacr^. The details are horrible. The dem ocrats (white) of Grant parish attempted to oust the incumbent parish officers bv force, and failed, the sheriff protecting the ottfeers with a colored i?osse. Several days afterwards recruits from other parishes, to the number of tbreu hundred, came to the assistance of tiie assail ants, when they demanded the surrender of tlie colored people. This was refused; an attack wn.v made, and the negroes were driven into the court-house. The court-house was then tired, and the negroes slaughtered as they left the burning building, after resistance ceased. Six ty-five negroes, terribly mutilated, were found ifead near tbe ruins of "the court-house. Thirty are known to have been taken prisoner*, and are said to have been shot alter the surrender and thrown into the river. Two of the assail ants were wounded. The slaughter is greater than in the riot of 'tit. in this city. Will send report by mail. J. K. Bei kwith, U. s. Attorney. THE COLORED MEN BUTCHERED AFTER SIT. RKMDKK. New Ori kan?, April 17. Alt turu Gftttral Wi'ltamr, H i e, Mr. DeKlyne, my chief deputy, left here !*>. Saturday with several warrants of arre.-t far parties In the parishes of Grant and K tpi lt *. He arrived at Colfax Tuesday morning following the collision of last Sunday. II returmd to-dav. He found the placfi aliiixt <1: *ertel except by women, and cau?ed to be buried the remains of sixtv colored men ton"d on the field. It is rei>orted that subne<inent to the burning of the court-house thirty-four col ored men previously made prisoners were taken to the river bank by coup! -* and there shot and thrown overboard." It is nl*o rej<orted that colored men were shot in i - ? ?<( i.t -ent. woods, where their bodies are stfll 'v ?. He found also twelve wounded, some cei" u!y mortally. The colored m<'n present compo-iiig the po e, under direction of Sh. rin Shaw, white, ap pointed by Governor Kellogg, had taken jm.s session of the eourt-house, and were still hold ing it. Nash led the whites. From creditable information there appears to have been no !os en the part of the colored men until atter their surrender, wheu'i'iey were butche ed without mercy. After the massacre in the court-hoi-*. from which they were ejected by setting tire t > the building. Sheriff Shaw is missing and ?np I?ostd killed. My deputy loutid it im|K>ssible to make arrests wiibout the presence of United States troops; armed l?odie.? of whites si ill scouring the country. The assailants consist d of organized parties from the parishes of <iraut. Hapidt-s, Winn, Catapaula, Xatchitochc? nn-l Kid Kiver, and had in their iK>s?ession a six |x,under cannon. taken or, as some allege, loaned from the Ked river steamer, Jno. T. Moore. Fifteen months since troops were required to e: ecute w arrants in this parish when a promi nent white republican was murdered. Nasn and others connected with this butchery were arr ited then. No warrants have yet been i: *ncd for parties connected with this last out break. When the circums;ances of this mn>-a cre are fully known it will l>e found to be only equalled by ihat of Fort Pillow. S. B- Packard, U. S. Marshal. THE GUILTY PARTIES TO RE punished. The Attorney General has instructed U. S. District Attorney Beekw .th to make a thorough investigation of the atta<r in (I rant par'Mi, and it the l"n ted States laws have been violated.t? spare no pains or expei ?e to cause the guilty paities to lie arrested, and, if iieces.*ary tj exe: cute any Unit 1 States prece-s, to call U|k>ii tleneral Emory tor that ptir|>o e, who has l.oen instructed by "the acting Secretarv of Wir to give him all aid. The At'wttey General for warded full copies of the telegrams received l?v him to-day to Acting Secretary of War K >:>e !-on, with a request that the commanding officer at New Orleans l?e informed a*- to the neee- ity of military aid, it such necessity should exi-t. GENERAL EMERT TO RENDER ALL THE AtU KKtMARV. Acting SecreUry of War liobeson in l'is dis patch to General Kmory instructs that officer to render all the militarv aid necessarv to t'li terce the process of I'nlted States courts. I'llE MODOC CA1PAIUX, Official Dispatcher froiu tbe Seal of War. Gen'l Sherman to-day received the folio* ing dispatches: TtESDAY LASf^THE DAT TAR THE ATTACK ON THE ASSASSINS. Headquarters Modoc Expedition,; C'amjt .South of Tult Lake, April 14. S To General IK. T. Sherman: Seventy-two Warm Spring Indians, under I>onald McKay, arrived at the camp ea?t of Tule lake last night. 1 shall close iu on the In dians to-morrow, and endca.or to cut off all escape. No effort will be spared to make the punishment of tbe Indians commensurate with their crime. If possible. 110 Indian shall boast that he or his ancestors murdered Gen'l Canby. Aivan C. Gillem. Col. 1st cavalry, com d'g Modoc expedition. LIECT. SHERWOOD'S DLATH AMMOfTN'CBD. San FraKIRcO, April 15, 1&73. To Gert'-rol Shut-men in addition to Gen'l Gillem's dispatch of yes terday. just t'orwarOud to you, he report* thai Lieut. Sherwood diedol his worn''?v derday >1. AI. S< HoriKLii, Major General. ?EN. IV. Hon ELD UOINU TO THE KUONT ir NECESSARV. San Francihoo, April 15th, I(<73. To Geneva I Sherman: No news lYom Gen. Gilletn >inre the I-th. bnt 1 hojie to hear of decisive action this evening All available triops are rea>lv to m:?ve if nex* reports make it necessary, and I will go to the front if rat presence there seems desirable. J. to. ScHOrtEi.D, Maj. tien'l C. S. A. FROM OEN. ?CHOPiULD TO-OAT. Saw Francisco, April Ibth, t<7J. Tu General .Sheittian Your dispatch of this morning ia received Have no further news from Gen. Gillem vet. Gen Canbv's remains have arrived at Yreka. ami are being embalmed. A inetalic case will In sent from here to receive them when they will be conveyed to Portland in accordance witf Mrs. Canbv's wish. J. M. ScHoriiLD, Maj. Gen'l U. S. A. PEACE COMMISSIONER DYER'S ACCOUNT OK THE MASSACRE. The following official dispatch from Peace Commiis'oner Dyer relative to the mansacre ot Gfn. Canby and l)r. Thomas, was received to day by tbe Commissioner of Indian Affairs. It is the first intelligence from Commusiouei Dver since the massacre: Headm'rf Modoc Pbacs Commission, ) Corny Larm B'4, S?.*th title Tule Lmke, April 13th, via Yreka April 15Ch. > 1 have to report that on the llth inst.. while this commission was hoAding a council with the Modocs, by an act of unparalleled treachery on their part,Gen. Canby and Dr. Thomas werir brutally murdered, Meacham left for dead, and I escaped bv running, fire shots being fired at me. >1 each am may recover. Koeenbo rough na? absent, having gone two days previous The Indians are insolent, firing daily on the picket lines. Peace cannot be made with these men. Waiting further orders, I remain, L. 8- Dyer. After a consultation with the Secretary of the Interior, Commissioner Smith telegraphed t* Mr. Dver, dissolving th* peace commission sort directing him to return to the Klamath reser vation, in "regon, where he is aa India?gent. Stkikjers Supplanted.?Soae seventy-five hostlers, employed bv the Ualoa Hone tafiioad company of Cambtidge, Mass., hare stnek tor an advance of wage* mna #40 per month to f 1.7 5 per day. Their place* hare Sean filled. ?7"The Order Of th* Patrons of Husbandry Is spreading in the s*uth. THE UVA BUM or kilt Aktal Their Tbe DM A ri'i-orter of Thf Star this morning had an interview with Prof. F. V. Hayden, in charge cm tlie United States expedition for the geological surrey or the territories, who visited the 1?ti beds in Oregon last year, now occupied bjr the Modoc Indians. nnder <"apt. -lack. Those lava beds are located nc.?r Rhett and Klamath lake*, not far from the boundary hue between Oregon and California. Hep?What is the nature of these lara be?ls. Prote-sur, now sheltering Cant. Jack ami hi* band? Prof. Hajden.?They are an outflow of vol eauic luaUir, forming a perfect SEA or MtLTIU KOt K. which gradually cooled, and in cooling became broken. Innumerable Uttit* streams have worked their way through, and the whole place is Ailed with cavern*. Hep?What is the extent of these caverns? I'rot. H.?Oftentimes they connect with e.o-h Other, and extend for mites under ground. They vary in width from titty to ti ve or six hundred leet. The entrances to them are generally very small, so they can easily be defended. Thorn caverns and crevices, which are well supplied with waUr, are filled with raheit*. Ucards, sn ikes, mice, aud ail kinds of bugs and insect*. ? Rep?W ill It be possible tor our troops to jet at these Indian*.? Prof. H ? It is impossible to reach them. These beds are, as it wore, a great shell, aim troops cannot reach them. Why, tire Indian* located there Could whip the whole I'ii Um States army, if they had plenty of aiuiuuuitioii 'J'he onl) w ay is to starve them orr, but that will take some time, as these Indians eat roots, snakes, mice, seeds, lizards, A.C., an I thev get a good supply in those bed*; but they must come out some time. These Mo-iocs are the same as the iMgger Indians, and live u|>on all km-is of reptiles. They manage to ?<*w skins together by means of little sinews, and ttius make their c'othing. Rep?What U the extent of the lava l?ed* occupied l ow by the Modocs? Prot.H?Th? y comprise from Vito |(I0 square miles, probably. Indeed, the whule countrv there is al>out the same. Rep?Is there any |>ossilde war bv which these Modocs can sneak out and get away? Prot.H?Ye#, there is a possibility oi their getting out. as they have thoroughly explored every part, and are familiar with every passage. It will be a difficult thing to surround them, and there is great danger of their KLt'lMtfH lirR T ROOF ft Oil accountof their lain;liarity with the bed-, and the comparative ignorance ot our forees a to the exits and iuter.or formation. The lu diai.s know every fool of that country, proba bly. better than you do the city of Washington, and hence they have the advantage. Rep.?How large are these lava iraguients w ith which the beds are tilled ? Prof. H?They are I row ten to tittv reet in diameter, and generally very angulai and sharp anu full of holes, rendering it impossible tot animals to travel over them, and next to un[?os -ible for man to do so. We have ha t our annuals runted almost by over Hum for two miles only. Rep.?I>id vou ever see these Modocs? Prof. H?N*o, none of this particular band. I have seen the same tribes. The L ies, Snake, Logger, and Modocs are all the same. 1 have seen them gather bushels of grasshopi?er*. which they roast, and grind them to a powder aud make a sort of pudding, uj>on which they live. R? p.?The band has half-breeds in it ? Prot. H.?Yes, all the bain* h.?v.- li i.; >>reeds among them, aud they are rt'LL or THK DEVIL and cmtc more trouble than the regular In dians. You see thete hal.-breeds have all the cunning of the white mau and all the treachery of the Indians. I have no doubt these h<dt breeds have created mast ot this trouble. Kep.?It is a pity we are not uiore fain; rir with these lava reus. Prof. H?Well, this only shows the neces- ty for minute surreys ot every portion of the co in try, but it will probably be fifty years be for.- wc get the whole country -urveyed, so that we luty have a correct knowledge of all the public domain west of the Mississippi. Pi of. H&yden and his party leave here sjou for a sui vey iw Colorado. . More About the Modoc Mawtiirrr. THE M AN M Kli OF OEXERAL CANItV'* UK. T H The following additional particulars 01 <*ie massacre of the peace commissioners have been received: Captain Anderson wa- at Colonel Mason's camp when the attack was made on the peace commissioner* and i>arty. He says that Lieuts. Sherwood and I>oyle were Ll-RED oi"T PROM THE CAMP by a white flag. They went four hundred or live hundred yards, wuere they met what they sup|>osed wereonlv two Indians, who said they wanted to talk to " Kittle Tyce"?< Colonel M vw?n. They were told that thev i the officers) did not want to talk, and for the fiuliau* to go back to their camps.ami they ^ the officers would return to theirs. As the officers turned around the Indians, four in number, tired upon thciu. wounding Lieut. Sherwood in the arm and thigh. Captain Anderson, who was on duty at the signal stat.on on Hospital Rock, saw plainlv the attack upon Colonel Mason's front, and tele graphed to General li ill* m to notify the peace ? ommissioners immediately. Colonel Riddle, who was'at the signal station at General Gillem's headquarters wheu the news of this massacre was received, at once placed hi* field glass u|*>n General Canby a* the party sat together about a iude distant, and very soon afterward he |>erceived the whole party scattered. The Colonel followed the General's course with hi* glass while he ran al*?ut fifty yards, when he threw up his ai ius and *ELL BACK WA CD* DEAD. Two of the Indians who were following him jumped on I im, and one,believed to b?Captain Jack. stabbe?rhim in the neck. His Lodv was afterward completely stripped. . Dr. Thomas was also entirely stripped. His purse, contain ing alioiit m?, wa- found under his bodv.the Indians havingdiopi>ed it. Meacham wa- -hot in three places, one ball entering at the inner corner of the right eye, another on the aide of his head, and a third passing through hi* n 'ht forearm. The first two balls are both believed to hare loi'^ed within his cranium. He also received a -ut In the left arm. ami a scalp wound al>ont five inches long. He was found about fifty yards from the *|>ot where the slaughter Ik gan. in a direction opposite to that taken bj General Canby. He w as also RKTIRKLY STBtrrCD, and when found was bewildered. Capt. Ander son spent an hour with him Sundav morning, when he was conscious and in no pain. Mr. Meacham s:?ys he thiuks he shot Schonchin in the abdomi n; and bloo<l was t'ouud, which indi cated that one of the Indiana had been wound ed. The soldiers, who were ready, started on a doable quick immediately upon the tinng of the shots. Tfley met Oyer and bis wile and Riddle and his wife before they were half way from camp, The Indians retired, and kept up their retreat about six hundred yard* in advance of the soldiers, who followed them half a mile beyond 'he murder ground. The soldiers re mained there till dark, when they were with drawn, as they were not provided with sup plies. ? The rem tins of Gen. Canby and Dr. Thomas reached Yreka Sunday evening, and laid is state all day Monday. Thev were forwarded to Portland Monday afternoon by stage In charge of the general's aid, Capt. R. H. Amlenon. OK*. SC Hon ELD ba* *nt the following dispatch to Oeu. G'llem ??rtoase Inform me tufly of the situation, so that I may send more troops If aocossarv. IT the Indians escape from the lava hods I may fcWtooperate agarnat them fro,a?^ %Sb I'sonsniie ? hZl?kEZ/ullj WhMt *** ss ?z^zzzs,zssii ss ing you. dotting short of their sars destruction will satisfy their prompt and the ends of justios or meet the expectations ot the government. "Jom M. Scroti eld." A Won AS with hrr Head Tcrksd?A woman at Lawrence, Mass., suddenly turned her head to look behind her the other day, and neither sbs nor the doctors have been able to turn it back. The curiosity of the sea is likely rain, be to prove fatal jet again, tfbe should not hare been In such a hurry to see what was going on behind her, aud perh&i* she had no business to be looking back at all. The Colfax War?It is reported at New Orleans that one hundred Metropolitan police men, armed as infantry, and a battery of two Napoleons have left that city for the Interior It is supposed for Colfnx?the Federal authori ties having refused Boos Tw iuiswiu Portland. Me., yesterday It is hard to tell wi>?vo h? Is to-day. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAR ThU iflcraMBl Dl?patrli?t. - ? AXSOCI AT Kit PR km kKPVkTH. ? York *olr?i. 'li* 0*>\i B*iO. Num \okc, |m.?a Art in Omc^o jre* burned Ttie Park H 'tfl :,?rTMi ntil ont U umn uiU tiittw M'tw. law, ?ij.nw rw kbi> is r? jnwt.-d to Lave -ani vesterdav at P.wtlanl that he alirakt proceed imiueimtru to New Yoik. AFIlltl NK WAY M irt. The l?riti?h co-inul, apprr'- i;m*t that V - Doaaell, of the Biiik ol England tv?rg, iv noto riety, mif rxaw trom I.udTow ?trw jail. h?? f?i|>k'W<t the ?fllfcr? M' that !wri(ntlo?i to ke? ;? a constant watch wr hi*. A ?AH PtACt T-> C.|?*!T Mt'RDRR Ntueou Italic. who fetalis woan<l<d George Butler wilk a ?1i#'t1 In she IVntisylvama com pint"? A<??. I? r l?r*f. whlW1 the antkontj- * of -lerm Citv m?I Newark eaeh ?i\ Lite Ml" r should arrest lam. ?vit mt berk comnu t by ('tilted State* t Attorney Ill tkUt ? -f the firm of White. P.rown A I^mpfc/V t - com *?.?? tllf|i<d 4iAmn?? M?n-n <?? ? nakl by Uiat firm aad J?? amouut a.-t u. y due. Nfttt*. Ia>? k?Ot d and coni|>^*i\ l>arV< r?. ?ucceworp to Le^raud, Lock wood and . j;u l>anT hart failed. On the annoum latent of the fhilare of I. h-W wood & Co., there was Intense excit in Wall street, and the I broke t r m ?> i\. It ha* again Ik came brat and is com.ara uely quiet. WirtFTttlln MATTB. Homer l.ane, ot New York, aad John M M.t hon. of Rutland. Vt., hare bten nut1 l? I :? wrestle the hot two in ?Sr. ? .^uare h k Talhi for *. ,iJ00acd the ch-mpion <hlp o Ann iica. <* ma kiatm or tat foi*r a?*ik't r ?HTr,?. LoiiMW, April 18.?A wlrgt^ilm ? .-(?aUlt from Berlin says t*ie death of the I'm,- i* re port! d in that city tb'a morninr. No i iintat tion trom Home a* to the condition oi II >? Holi ness Iim reached Ixtrvlon to-<iat, and u.> credit it placed in the n:|tor. mm Berlin. tui rrmains or iiiaMor mUvaiiii IxmiHi*, April 1>*?The remain Mcllvaine. of Ohio, who diod recent \ n Flor ence, hare reached tkU dtv and an- ?? ?? Inng in W? st uiin*ter Abbey awaiting ahipn. m bom. . Tbrfiiieial services are to Lakt i tuday. Mr. BenJ Mot an, secretary of the t u t? U suu< 1< gat.on m liondoii. will act u hear, r FATAL H??1l KR RV roi ION Low ROW, April 1*.?A boiler in K. 1* II v man'a tannery eaploded thin morning. o.-i?nllf killing the etijjinoer named Sull.< ? ?. *ui woiiiiding fatally two other men uai.i I lit<? and Canty-. BorHKTORT'a wira nun Parir, April 16?The wife ol Heun tUtcli' lort if dead. f\RLlt?T RXrt.OTT?. M tritin, April I*?Tbe i*i!?*v l>'>:?rr n l>arcrlona at>d Sarra^wna ba* toon cut b t < arlixtf. ami travel Iwtwren liiom clU<? . t m > puiariiy Mi.-pctidvd. i arliat* have ??;.*? auThontit - ot T.imaiite and announce ' i n tcntion of boldin* tbem nntil <vm>- n ?u- y wbieh ha? been ol the town til Lave i>eeii paal. I tlVfKKlTV BOAt-RAi !???. New \<>rk. April Iv It rumore<l n . in land that the heads of the t*o ?inivei>tti<- . t? nt.der cor?Meration tbe |rropriety ot wiUi . itif tbe tacilitie* wbicb have hitherto !? . ? accordt'd to the crew* en^a^iHl in the aii:i - il boat race, ?'it-ne tfentk-nwu having U"**'!! i mitttd great latitude in k<*cpnig the.r term llif .(llaalie INiaMer, WHAT 1HI At.KM ??? INC I I >* ?AV?. Naw \ oRK, April 1>.?The H^.'nt oltheWi. '? >'ai line publixkcs a >tat< iu? tit dctaymg tb >t tl.e Atlantic wctrt to ttea r>ti?>rt of provision*, and though ahe took on board the ?vera^? amount ot coal, it wrturd to buru with anpr< - C dented r*pi<lity. From thi? caiM alone, and not from auy laiilt ot the tuanafei* ol the liwe, hLortnesf ol coal was appreheiide<1. and <ai>t. Williams decided to bear ?p tor Haht'av. lie reservt-1, hi? deciatonon the latter'* tctiMi |?cn-U ng the re|>ort ot the court ot m<iuiry. I.ATICST KROX THF W RUt K. A gentleman who ret"tiied her<- "'i? wreck \-efterdav. report* her now w? o>t ?hore, on her beam end*, with l>er *par? re?tiag on the -uila< e ol the water,aw-i completely ?uniui*rg< I at lii^li tide. !SUe b- Lrokcu in twai'u j i?t ab.t.t the lore-rigging. Tbe Itottom m entirely toi n away lor twenty-live feet. The t?ow i? x pt. ratetl some titty feet trotu tlie veaael. and lica among Ut? rocks. Kvervlbtug ha- Invii washed out ol it ai d picked up bv the wrecker*. ^ t lllRee Epina?? s ?u l tie IVtcitie Side. ?an Fkax iwo, April II ? A Bt-r.o ?? no: cccurt d te-iugtit at bacrtnien'-t am>>nt the Ch'am in which pnaolr wer* i'?-ed, an.. i?j men were dangerousiy wounded The police it tertercd and .juelled the riot. Furtiter tro.ible ip expr ctid as the Cktwei?earelatrnwly evcted. The rioi grew out of the r "*?nt murder ol a Chinese court interpreter named A. M. V A NARIU> CHINAMAN 1AITH THA -MALL f ?> IM A l-TRLI r CAR. One of the Chineae small |?o* patient* e-.-apeJ trom rite peat hott. e, and ran nak<-d into a street car on tlie Bay \'iew road. wp*cb waa <-ro?ded with ladiea and gerikuitr. The iHAwngers aud conductor H. a, tLi driver went taoidlv on aith the car rttid be niotaMc ran wUoiteiKct the Chlnatuen an?l led b'm back to the pei?t houae, giving the pa'tent all the rop^ bo wanted. Wall klreet lo-dny. Nlv. \<>rk, Ai>rtl is?The day o|>eiiel iu Wall Mreetwith improved leelnig in U?c vari ous markets: but m>ou afterward the banking and ttwk fcrm ot latckwood & Co. annouuo'd at the tftock exchange their inability to mee t their engagcateuto, w>lh the re<iiie?i that all partte* having comrade with thim cIomc theiu out uuder the rule, and thenfby fix tbe pnea for a settlement. This fail#*1 "precipitated a decline of ^ to 2\ . but very aoon the iui|>rea moii got abroad that it was a hear and not a bull lailure, and the decline wa? recovered. The underlying cause of the failure if tbe mo ney M'ltigeiicy. although the immediate catt?? w attributed to change ol f ront from b ill to bear recently. The arm ?ay they were carried dowu b) hawng axxet* not immediately avail able. ? Tbe Seward Irutntial kertiee*. Albany, April IP?The Seward nvmnrial aer\ices have eommencetl. Mr. Wiias. FrauciC Adaiufe i? now deli\cring bis oration. (Second Pispatcb j Albany. April 18?The senate ami ?-*cni bly, governor and ptate offictra, judiciary and common council, ot tbie city, met at the cap ital at 10 a. in., and forming in line marehed to the North Ketotmed Hutch < burch t > n?t<-n to the orntiou of Hon. Charlea Frauck* Ad iuin ou the late William H. Seward. After tuuaic. prayer, and read'ng of memorial resolution* of the legislature, Mr. Adam* was iairodu -.1 to t*ie audience bv Gov. i>?x, and he proc-e led to deliver his oration. o? Teiaa Exclled. MT1TIOS* AbAlkST THR KKLKA-E OF THE KIOWA ( HIRKM. Nrw York. April 18?A Hnknrll)*, Texaa, letter tUtet that there i* excitement there over the re,jiie?t Ot the I*resident for the releaaa of the murderou* chiefs Santauta and Big free. The legislature paww.l rentlutioii* .n?tn..'ting the governor uot to coiupU ? itb the i' <m o-nt a re?|Uet-t. and countie>* |?etttio*i* pour in to tko governor trom the people to retain litem iu ch? tody. Neither San tan ta or li.g Tree alio* any signs ot repentance, but the latter particulai '.f talk* of hip revenge alien be obtains kis free dom. ?aolwal ri? AS ICR JAB IN THR *T. l.?W*Wt:.^ Montrkal, April It>?loe is jam me. I oppo site thia niy, canal ng the r:\er to riae rapidly. St. Paul r .eet. between Magtll and St. Fckar oireet?. is deeply submerged. la oaany plB ia Point St. ( bar les the inkabitautp are t (?tiled to resort to boata aad rafts The tB along Lacliine road are flooded from three VP four feet in depth, ami iu some piaee* the water is eight feet in depth. l'ale? the ri ver subside* w;rwu- damage is apprrhoaded. EitraUso mi Fraleek Today, SYRAet aa, N. V., April Pt.?Hearr Fralerh was hanged at this city this aftt rnoon lor tho murder of Teter Shatler. Fraleek warcb*<%| firmly to the gallows, where he made a ^o< m denouncing tfce judge and district attorr / ia bitter language. He claaod his remark ' y say ing: "la taw name ot t.od Almi|ut> 1 u. ? . let ?* let ate go. A BrtUsk Brig i, ..... Norfolk, Y a., Apia iT?lae Brit'* brig Alpha trom Baltimore tor the West Indies, with a cargo of shook, at anchor below York Spit, parted botlt eeblss daring Wednesday's storm, and went ashore on Kgg Island Bar. She lost her chain aad wtndt sent from hers this i A MM Nlw York, April 18?A Colamhia, Soa;h Carolina, dispatch states that James X. A lieu treasurer of Greenrllle county, was arr?*Le.i tix?*r*?<i *** * dA?u,U' *t Kevr frfM iwm ?ViMe RiUFAXf Aiivil n^*Tht it^toihh1 <* \tnfi* York yester-lav tntnxf. ? ssha Fl re. sag Ott94 BIB Vimtd is Ikr^at Is PltLlMtfUU, April 1> ??, rant's sot* warku, Cd and Hamilton street, were k ip??-t "?*; nteralag. Throe men are rejtortod harnc4 to death and othertaUyed. UDtAMAiOUs!' twile'yIraTrl and |?art> paased thr ougL bceaaf 11 o'ctoca C j 1 'a rttUs t? i>Lla?uia.

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