Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. * m. Largest Circulation in the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY .April K I'd. Tt? Ota Adveuti****?In consequence of the great pr??sure upon oar advertising col li run*, we hare to ask of customer* that they v ill s- tnl in their advertisements *.? early in the day a.' i*i?*ible that they may be properly classi fied. Oar business men appreciate the advan tage* of an advertising medium like tnat of 3 me Star, which has not only an immensely j to4?>ndcratir.g circulation over any other j *|-er, but which has also a general circulation ?rnor.gst all classes, and therefore reaches pur chasets of every variety and style of good* and marts. TUe authorities of the l?istrict of Columbia I nvf concluded to st'p the public clamor by ]>ayir.<! the policemen. teacher*, and clerks of tie District ;? month's -alary The payment 1- ^ai> to-day with the policemen, whose claims J'lor to Feb-uary 1 were settle!. To-morrow II e wages of the public sc*'Ojl teachers for ?l:iTu;>ry will be paid, and the next day the ? erks w ill It made happy. This, it is hoped by ILe l>istrict authorities, will i>rev?nt any ii.rlh<r scandal; ami as the cbairmmof the c mn;itt?*e. anointed oy the board of school lr i?*ti is to investigate the failure of the teach ttr to get any money during the past three lnonth and more lia- been given a contract to )>ave l.-t street, tt cannot be eiutftwl that any aery RnpVa-art revelations will be ma le at the next meeting of the board?.Veie !"? rk Tribune a- " -i n Tins is a fair specimen of the accuracy of the fctatr ments sent to the Trit-une from this city concerning the l???ard of Public Works. The c i.tract referred to w\? given out about one 3 ? ar ago to Mr. I>. U. Smith, of this city, who, I' anable to complete it, has since turne<l it over to Mr. Parisen, by the consent of thel>oard. jMr. Oacar Harris, chairman of the committee, Is not a contractor, nor are any of the other u;rtubers of the committee contractors. Commodore \*nd< rbilt is a hard headed, and, *ome say. har l-hearted old file. Anyhow he is noted lor the promptness with which he gives ' the cold-shoulder to any of bis relatives in their I'tTuniary straits. The public is familiar with the story of hi* refusal to make good the indebt- ' cdnes* of his sou to lloiace Greeley, who was so l>eavi)y victimized by the young scapegrace. ago he quarrelled with bis son-in law, Horace F. Clark, refusing to back him up jii the purchase of Western stocks; and now he Las "goue back" on his nephew and grandson, Ji;*rton Jk Allen, who counted upon him to help t! em out of a tight place in the stock market. "> anderbilt is a rigid disciplinarian, and shows no mercy to anyone who disobeys orders. Yet l.e ba> been known to do a good turn to those ? ho have Knight bis aid and advice with proper Kit mission, end it is jaid that he has put John 1 Motrissey in the way of making a good deal of X.cnty through stock operations. ? ? ? ? . Tl:e ?flicial reports of the massacre of colored on at Colfax, Louisiana, which we publish to ? ay. are sickening in their bloody details, and i: ike out a far worse case against the assassins tl an we tho-ight possible when we commented ? lew days since on the first dispatches which 1 arported to give an account of the affair. We then spoke of the usual result of such "diffi c ilties" in that section?how the bloodthirsty i gioes are always shot down, and the defeuce J< so u hites escape. These official reports show l.ow it is done. The bloody work of Nash and his f. ing shows th it they are capable of even worse 1 ngs than Captain Jack and his band of n? ir ckrous redskins. Shooting the blacks who es l tped trom the burning building after they had f-urrendered, is bad enough; but what mnst be thought ct men who can take prisoners out and fchoot ana iIivku ikcat iu o?i.t Mood." The malicious animus that prompts the at tack* ma'ie npon the District government in the New York papers is shown by the fact that the writers have sought industriously to prevent Congress irorn making any appropriations for this I >istrict. One of this gang of battled black mailers and ex-office-holders argues industri ously. in a communication to the Tribune, to frhow that the District of Columbia has no jus claim on Congress for appropriations to aid in the improvement of the city. These fellows, in revenge for being kicked out of office for cause, t>r for failing to get the pickings they expected, would not hesitate to furnish Keavis with argu ments lor the removal of the capital, just as they are now seeking by every mode to cripple the improvement of the capital. Elsewhere will be found some interesting data in regard to the formation of the lava beds of the Modoe country, and the nature and habits ?t the Modoc Indians, obtained from Prof Bayden of the U. S. geological survey. The difficulties in the ?ay of dealing with Captain clack and his gang of desperadoes have not *>een overrated, it seems. The lava country, l?y it- peculiar formation, see rues to afford a Stronghold for the ModoCs <juiet a? impregua Me in its way as were the swamps of Florida for the Seminolci. Fortunately there is but a liai.dful of the Modoc? to be dealt with as Compared witL the Seminole*. 4- We are grieved to hear that Harlan's seven day stupicitr is on its last legs. But then the l'-gs nt xer were reputable legs, go perhaps it Vere better to have them decently interred. It the legs w>-re but stronger. Our story were longer." Capital. The trouble with the Cbruni'te is that it is really too weak to ?? kick the bucket." It Wants to die and everyl>ody wants it to die. but it L-i-n't strength enough to draw its last breath. '' he Buffalo fnawrciml thinks it was a gross v ativn of good taste, and an insult to the 'Tiiment. to hold that Indian peace policy ' u.i ting in Washington just after the receipt of t!i. intelligence of General Canbv's murder. Vi. . the facts are that the meeting was called the news of the atrocity was received j?t<? :here was no opi-ortunity to postpone, 1 ur t e intelligence from the Modoc couutry ' ? d the tone of it. altogether, and it was ; ?.ti th- whole a good deal of a war meeting. . ????.-?? I; .- Dodge ot the Dodges'" is what Hie Ke# ' York >??#? irreverently term- the explanatory *?' ?t< ti .-nt of Phelps. lKslge & Co. about cheat ing tit.- government by faUe invoices. These ? ;?ris*- in merchants do not seem to have much I.omr n their own city. The way the Star pats i* is. f at they are either guilty or innocent; tl-at ii guilty they were fortunate in getting tleir check for 1,000 accepted in rull dis but tiat if innocent it is i|Uite certain *bcy would never have paid a cent. l.i man Bee. her used to pray "O Lord! keep *:?? ii m despising opr rulers, and keep them 3' " acting so that we can't help it." The \ork CkmwkM hopes, now that the New 3ork chartei has settle,! who are to be the directors of tke municipal destinies of the city, *hat all good citizens will remember Lyman 3*eccher's prayer, as it is not wholly impossible ftliat they may have occasion to use tt. The Spring tie Id K'j-uUtco* has this neat little Stint: " A correspordent writes tr ..v ???ri1.t bas ymrv L Dawes doae "Tiib that is.W. " Mi. J?awes address ing the Congressional reces? is Pittaflcld 'Amtr ?? 6 * y ii* Wkbxlt Stab, now ready, contains in teresting particulars of the Modoc massacre of the peace commissioners, and Interviews with, yrominent officials la relation to the matter; the Aillmgofone hundred colored men at Coifax, J ouislana. and the causes which lsd to it; Pro Ji-s<?r Baird ? views on flsh culture; society 3-otes. latest and best tales, poems, sketches ?i*l fash ii terns; together with interesting local new- Wtshingtou newt and gossip. agri Cultural > household receipts, ic., Ac. T'rm$ .iollar an<1 a hair per annum. In *<!vane> j'- copies five cents, in wrappers, ready t. . ng. >? l l' \L ASK(M'IATIO!l.'-A( AdjoarnM I Hi* .f ths Moi.caJ A-s<?iatii.ti of lbs ' Ci.laaibla will hr held in lh^ hail of the -sH-tr. No.WlA W strict northwest, atone ? tl MDAT. AsriltH james t. Torso, m p., ssc. > 1 ica.?Tb? General V<Miu; ilii IL^ | KOrEOTANT BPIh^PAL 8t NDAT l association of distbp t or tfnLIUBIA will be h^M ia Ascension Church, V **l""Ctoi>- on ttOMDAT, Asrtl tl?f.p n J: l*' axxfit&x. * V , Lc ;. niuciu An couucial. At the opening of tUc Now York stock ex change \eatcrday there wv a very full attend ance. arid m an v "exacted a rthpw into the ex r ti mi nt which was at its hfijlit W?lnr?l?v a*Vrnoon between two and three o'clock. When, however, t>ui>iues? fairly o;iened, it ben. m-evident that an im.-rored feeling pre vailed. for prices advanced- This continued until the money market o(>ened, w'.ien it wan found that mouev was still very dear ? ^a ^ per cent per day. Then rale* began and were con tinued. everybody preparing tor any contingen cy. The Evening /'off says: "There is no ground fcr apprehension ot a general panic. Specnl tti ve Mocks may decline, and a reduction in their price* would be an uumixed blessing to mer chant* and legitimate business borrowers, for money which na* been employed in carrying stock* at high prices would be reloaded and sub ject to the use of merchants." ^ ? t 9 Jay Cooke & Co. fnraigii the tollosringto-dar _ _ _ bttt't- S*il'g. Buy i. S?Wl. T B.rn.WSl. MS 19 I ? ?>Jn*Jy,? 1SS 1? l-W'slW 16Hi J 6 JO'i JhAJr.-W J7 -, IS'. 6-W", MM. 1?\ !?'? I l ?Wi>Mr,?.K 1?S i-i"-,nra ,T i i*\ ! hMB't ii ir* _ Hew loai-rift'T Bttiin. V. 8.9V USL !??-? , ? *)> Jau.*Jlj,l?8. K'? W?0's _ ? ll'? American Gold 17 v Currency i'l. 1J New fives. 1A?? P.?t, 1JD1. - AJU's, 190. 16 141 1? iftg. 17* h-apsjan. * Jly,88 i:X t-k-sJkD. A Jly.?7 _I7?i l'li? Markeu. Baltimoik, April 18.?Va. 6 s, old, 37; Ya.'s, con solidated, 63. West Va.'*, 1? bid to-dar. Baltimore, April lv?Cotton dull and nominal; low middling*. I^foild1^ Flour .jsiet and stead> ; p icri unchang.-l. W heat dull and lower?white cli -ice, QS U6ta *2 If; ftir t>. primed.., $1.7M)il choice amber, $2.(j6' i$2 10, go. ?1 to prim" red, ?l 46 <*61.96. roniiuon to fair do., 9t.70@)li0; r?d west ern, %1 8o/.i.>1 amber western, J! Wl?SI.|9. C> rii ?iuie? ? white southern, yellow southern, rid, mixed wcat>-rn,62< v'4't. Oats dull?southern, t**a< SI. western mixed, ?5fa>|7; white, St' Rye quiet and pt ady. Hay unchanged. Provisions strong and buoyant; st.* k very I ght. M-ss pork, $17*?. Hulk an-ats?MonM>m, 7fa7\j: ril> sid-*s nominal; clear iit. sides, SWs,. BaconaiiM.ballmand hi(h r? sli"uld>rx,M; rib sides. 9SW?\; clear rib si.|~s, 10; sugar cured hams, l.V,<" 15 Lard firmer and higtier? >'4W^j. Western batter steady?choice roll,34'*il. V l>>-kv firm?ylS Kkw Tore, April H.?Stocks quiet an.l firm. Gold steady, 17**- Money firm. S@'s P^r ceut. Exchange, lotg, 7; short, S. Governments dull and b svv. New York. April H.?Flour dull and easieT. W heat dull. Corn steady. Lomhis. April IS, 11 a. m.?Cons ds op ned at 9>H f r l>oth B iids of l-<66, old, 91S; e\-<- up >u 1*#7, JC1'?, 10-40 s. 8?>'j. new fives, !*i Krie,51's London, April M, 2p ni.?T'i:-forty bonds, W1*. THE WEiTHZB. War Dipaetmkkt, Office Chief Sxanml Offietr, \ WaeaiiroTOR, D. 0., April 18,1973,11 a. m. ) 8tMOP>IS Won THE UiTtWIITT fOII Hor?? ? The art aof low l>at< m-ter that extend-d on Tnurs day morning over Indiana. Ohio aLd Mirln^an, Dow extends over the Ohio valley, low>*r lakt-s, and mid dlf states, with special |i cai d?-pr<-?si .ns in southern Indiana, ?astern Lake kri-, aiid south of Kit sie Inland. Easterly winds, ihcrsasing to brisk, with st.ow and rain, are rep-'rt.-d tr- m New Btieland. N'>rlh and w?-?t winds, witli pally , i.mdy an<l clear Vfather in the mulol' Atlantic ?tatcs. l.ight, vari able ?inds and ihreateuinx weather, and occaoi >nal luht snow and ri?in are rep.>rt>-d fr.ini the lower lake* Fr. -h north -rly *in l- from L ike Michigan Partly elondy and cb-ariuK weather from I.iwa and L;?kc Superior and the western gulf slates. Probabilities.?(luring the rest of Friday 1h barometric depression* on the lower lakes and ofl the N*w Kn^laad cat c tntinue slowly mniug borthenstward, with winds <>f inrr asina int'-usity and continued light i aio or -now . Tli - lo< al storm in r iitbern Indiana n ove into southern Otiio and Kentucky. Cloudy and rainy extend from tlii?regi<n to the! arolina coasts. For the middle Atlantic states, southwesterly wind- with rapidly increasing cloudiness,aa4 p- s-ibly light l>?~al rains F r the gulf states, westerly winds, partly cl .udy at <t clear weather. For the npp?r lak.?? and the ii rtIiwi -t, ? !? ?r ?? a'h-r an I light winds, f l >?-d F'iday night by f.dling barometer atd southerly winds. Cautionary signals continue at Oswego, K Chester. Bo-ton and Portland; and are ordered for Bastpor'. M un-. D""i3*I O. O. F.?The regulat meeting, of CEN TB%L LUDOC.N... 1.1. O. 0. f. will l.e Ii. Id THIS (Friday) EVENING, at 7:*? o'clock The attendance of every member is earnestly re une-te-l, a- business , f imp -nance will come before thej. lur. >>nsideration. Bv order, r F B. I.OKD. Jr.. R c S'v'y. TV^? T. M C. A. LAST tiBANP RECEPTION OH1ENTAL ENTEBTAINMKNT IN Y. M * A Bl'I l.llINia M KPNEhDAV EVENING, April 23,from 7 to 11 TABLEAl'X representings? enes in life .f .1 s?eph Aidresse-by Hon J 8. Die nr. late I'.S.Cinstil t Jaffa, illustt atui^ Oi iental habits, ma:in -rs and ( ustowis. Befreshment* furnished in th. Lecture Room. Admission. !|j cents. ali tr [VS?NH1ICE.-Tlie Committee on Bxamiuati >n of Applicants for appoiatmeut on the M < tropolitan P dice f ?rce, will h dd its tn^et ii g at P lice Head.jiitriers on MoNl>AY, April 21, le 3. at 1 o'clock p m. a)7 3t F. A. LAZENBY. Secretary. iy-s?THE TEACuans or tuk public U^' 8l?HOOL8 are r- ju-'ted to In-et at th- S-a t u 8"'h<M.l Building at 10 o'clock a. m. ou SaTCB 1)AY, April 19th. This meeting is called to organize a permwent Teacliers' Association, and also to consider in what w it such legislation may be obtained as will secure tin- and regular pa mei.t of our salaries in future. ? P GAGE.Id Put , JOHN E THoMPtH)N. 4fh Dist , R. M M< KKE.lst Dist , V. E HILTON. 3.1 Dist. ?17-2t | Repnb,Chroo A Critic.) IV3?F<?R THE BEST AND CHEAPEST AD VFBTISING and JOB PRINTING of all kinds, plain ai d lancy, fr..m the smallest Card, up through every variety of printing, to the finest B -k, or the ne>st m>ignifi.-tit Poster. a>ldr*ss NATIONAL PRINTING AND ADVERTISING AGENCY . Box lt?, 8tar office, or 4ill P .st Ofllc ?. ?/" Parties waited on at th?*ir Residences or PWices of Business, wh'-n desired. splS .m IfSaCLAIMS FOR DAM AGES SCSTAINED IN CONSEvtUKNCE OF 1MPR0VEHINTS. Boabdof Praair We**s.D;sTBicTor Coir*3iA,( Mashisgto*. April lo. 1S73. ( The following act, approved June 2u. 1<72, is pub lish. d for the information of all concerned: A> Act providing for the payment of damages sns tained by reasou of public improvements or re pairs. Bt it *n*rt"l bg the L**ifla!irt v af lit* l)i*tfrt of (Wmt.'.n. That on the application, iu writing, of the owner or owners of any real estate in the District of C lumbia, or of any p-mon having other than a rental interest therein, to th* Board of Public Works, setting forth that special damages liaxe been sustained by him or them iu conseouence of any iaiprovementa or repairs made by said board, and particularly describing the nature of said dam ages, the said board shall consider the statements of said application, and if deemed by th-ni sufficient forthat purpose,the said board, or a majority th-re of, shall personally insp--ct the property alleges] to be -pecially damaged, and make, or cause to be made, any examination connected with said im provements or repairs which they may deem neces sary or proper. Bee. J. Ami be it farther enacted. That if, after inspection and examination as aforesaid, th" said board, or a majority thereof, shall b>- of the opinion that special damage* have been sastained by am person or persons, as aforesaid, they shall e*:tmate the same, taking into Consideration the heuefits to said pr pertj from said improvements or repairs, and fil? among the records of th- ir . ffice aud in ths <>ffice of the Secretary of the District written state ments of their action and estimate of damages, and shall make a full report, ir, writing, to the next e;isuii:g session off the Legislative Assembly off a|l applications made to th-ui un-ler th- provisions off this act, and off their action thereon, aud of the amounts award' I a? damages and/h- reasons and grounds of such award., for the action of the Legis lative Assembiv thereon; and no sum shall be paid on account of damsg-s antll after the same shall baVe !>e?-n approved by the L-gislative Assembly and an appropriation made for the pay UK lit ef the same. Notice is hereby given, that all parties claiming dan.ages under the above ac: must file their petitions for the same at the Office of th- Board w itbin TB^ days from this date, in order that such claims may be duly c. naidered and rt-ported to ths L -gislative Assembly for ita action. Blank forms may be ob'aiu-d upon application at the Office of the Vice President of the B -ard, Colnnio.- BiuWilm. IS street. all hrt ALTX R SB EPH EBD. Vice Piesideut. {Chronicle aud Republican.) ? TO LADIK8. ~~ r How Bad it is to see a young wife, a mother who reunirea all her pnrsical streugtb tc fulfill her household duties, and all her moral ca Kities to accept the responsibility which falls naon , to see her prostrated, losing every day ber strength, feeling badly without being able to say why. but ys? suffering enough to be utterly misera ablel Tbis state of weakness and debility is mora fatal to ber than a aevsre spell of sickness, for in thai case she will receive ths proper care, aa in the other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to see a physician about it. nntll nature, exhausted, gives out, and she is carried to the rrav when a little precaution in propar time would ha spared her life. To prevent, to strengthen, to cure, mitbtng can compare with the LOnO-LIFX BIT TEB8 of Dr. L. (^BERTRAM. They are a safe and infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, cos tiveness, biliousness, headaches, morning sickness and all complaints peculiar to woman. These Bit ters, which are sold by all druggists, are, la quewce of their virtue and mosTsgrsaatls tai __ ths uedicins par rrttllmt* for ladiss. j?-tr alt wars, ths curss at asauktnd. So terrible Btheome nad been at sosns psriods of the world's history that a person known to be Infected with It wsnld not be aBowed to mix wRh society. Happily la our day the dlaeaae is striayed of Its terror bp ths in a few weeks ROOT j Sold by 8 BOOT AHD H1RB JriCRS, ?1J| per battle T ?X?nFOBD,1188 Pa ave., and kf Drug ?KSSSSS5L.* ->'rt~-awr |^?T0CHa MBN^CgBISTiAJi A3S0CIA FRRR BRADIH0 ROOM-OatJ*, We*k!y,S?* IvJriiStiM eiotSTZ tsasstmt,, ? LlTEBABY SOCIETY Saturday TVeniwr at TH O'clock. SABBATH AFTERNOOW SERVICES la Lincoln Hall at IS o'clock; at Theater Ooai jue at 7S o'clock. nig MILIUN'I MEW DBC0 ST0RX, ?o. 1488 Prrmstltavia A VBNSB, Depot for Soda and Mineral Waters. fell-ly ? ? 0 T ? P~ Jnssst. a ?~s Mr^, ft-S?BOAKD or PUBLIC WORKS, 1>t?r District or CoLrxsta, Wash mt. ma, D O., April iaoi. 137S. REW ARD ?A Reward of Twenty D >llm><? will he Pud lor the apprehension and conviction before tlit ollce Court uf the District, of any parties guilty ot injuring, defacing, or dertro) Ins the tr?-es or shrub bery planted by t?e Board of Public W .rku in the ?treets. avenue*, and intersections of tl>? cities of Washington and Georgetown. ALEX. R. SHEPHERD, *15 4' IChroti Republ Vice Pieaideat. ITS?THE UMDERSIGNED HAYS THIS DAT disposed of their entire stock ami tracking business to GEO. W. KNOX. Esq., and aolicil for him from our former patrou* a continuance of the patronage which tliey nave m kindly given u< dur u g th<- past year. BECK * CO. Washikgtoii. D. C., April 1. 1373. a!4 Iw iYrs?orric e or the commi?sioners or THE SINKING FUND, Washington, D. CTMarch *>. 1873?The undersigned Commissioners will receite. at the <>Bce of the Treasurer, Mos?-s Kelly, at the National Metropolitan Bank, until Tl'E8DAY, April tW, at 1* o'clock noon, sealed ri p< ??ln for the aale to thi'tn of ONE HCNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS of the si* per cent, ten year bond" of the la'e corporation f>( Washington. They reserve to thetr.seh es the right to reject any offer which they may not deem advantageous. H D COOKE, W. W. CORCORAN, MOSES KELLY, H M SWEENEY, LEWIS J. DAVIS, n-.*le^td Commissioners. ir"^i5cMEKCK1 PULMONICCANDY embrace hv in agr at degree all the principles of Sc he nek's Pulmonic 8> rup, and while a* pleaaant to the palate as the parest of coufections, ita medicinal properties render It effectual tn coughs, colda, branchial and catarrhal affections. Ac. It is the moat acceptaMe r- njedy for children or iufauts, and ran be given with bupnnitjr; while for professional gentlemen, or those w ho suffer from loss of voice, it ia indispensable. These caudies are put up in 13 cent boies conveni ent for the pocket, and are for aale by all druggist* and dealers J. H. 8CHENCK * SOS, feliHtr N. E. corner 6th and Arch sts.. Phila. DR. A. PRATT, Gradnate of Ohio College of Dental Surgery, 411 7th street, bMweeniD I, a few doors aenth of Odd rellowa' Hall. R? to R. A. Bacon and Bar. W. I. Brans ^ aU KEEN TURTLE SOUP JOHN'S RESTAURANT, ?17-3t * corner 7th and D -I*.. To DAY. UTi C'llAS HARTAL. CARPENTER A .VL> HIJILDEK. ??14 C street southeast. All orders promptly at turf ed to on Teaaonahle t?-rm?. alt Im" HAVINgTfITTED UP A PORTION OK~TiTe Washington Glass Works as a Machine and K' pair Shop, I respectfully splint the patronage >f those requiring work in ciy line, guaranteeing sat isfaction in all cat-en. ar a* JOHN PUKDT, Jr. PJATAWBA WINE, CLD AND DELICATE FLAVOR. ft* PER GALLON. C. WITHER, al" G! Grocer, 101 ?? P nnsylvanla arenu >. Wl IFFF'ft PI ANOS, au?ui>asse<i iu sweetness of k tone and excellence of finish; low pric>-s__HB_ and eas> terms. G. L. WILD * Age-its, 4i?0 lltli street, near northwest III % 11 corner P?nn*ylvania avenue, dealers iu Pianos and Mutical Instruments geneially. Ti ring and Repairing, Polishing and Varnishing receive faithful attention. apl7 -tr QLD RYE WHISKIES. Purchases of 1*7-*S,jnst put on draught. ALES. PORTER, BROW N STOUT, Of best brands. Piices low. C. WITMER, al "6t Grocer, 191^ Penns) l\ auia a\ en in-. IN BANKRUPTCY. Di?trict of Coltmbia, ?s : At Washington, the ltith da> ?t April, A. D 1873. the undersigned hereby gives notice of his ?pr? intnient as assignee of JOHN LANE, of Georgetown, D. C.,*no has been adjndind a bank rupt upon the petition of his creditors, oy the Siiiiieiii.- Court of said District. REGINALD FENDALL, I a!7 CHARLES WALTER, ^A-ign<ea. A CHOICE LOT OF MAPLE SUGAR, AT lb cents p?r pound, just arrived at ANDKEWS ,V WADE'S, WOO Louisiana avenue, under Wall's Ope a House. ilfi *' JTO T A T 0 E S ! Ttree carloads cli' ice stock to arrive Thur-xlav at.d Friday. F#rs?h- low in lota, to dealers, deli^ - ered from car*. JNO W.Ll'MSDON Jt CO., alo 3t 140* 9*li Mreet, opposite Center Market. QUI; LATEbT EXCriEMENT. ATTRACTIONS FOR SPRING. THE MOST INCREDULOUS BEING RAPIDLV CONVINCED. 4 10?Them stylish Suits at $ 10 Pl.*as? E^erybody. ? 10?Them Serviceable S'tit" at $ 10 Suit Everybody. S10?Them Handsome Suits at 410 Betjine Everybody. 5 10?Tiiem Nobby, well-made Suits, at ? 10, AKE SOLD TO EVERYBODY. 01 R JUVENILE NOVELTY. NEW SPRING STYLES. ?.'?-0nr full Suit for B >ys' School Wear at 5 A. ? A?All the Boys like?% 5 ft ft?Out School Suits at ? <t. 5?'>? All the Boys want??4 ft d?Our School Suits at ft 5. ft o?All the Boys wear? *3 ft5?Our School Suitsat ftft. flri-Ou fashionable and well m:?d? Sc hool Suits at ft it ARE MADE OF DURABLE MATERIAL. HABLB BROTHERS, TASIIIONAELE TAILORS. aplSlr CoRMEk 7th ilfc D Streits. t'AKPETS CLEANED AT THE STEAM CAR ' PET BEATING WORKS. 4??0 Mai ne avenue, l>et. 4>? and 6th sts. Carpets called for and returned free of extra charge. LORENZO RICE, apis 1> * IV EW ENGLAND CIDER, Of flue ? i u a 111 y. is now < ffered for sale by PALBIER A- GREEN, Georgetown, at rery low prices. Iu barrel*, keg* and bottles. all dlw ^10NE MASONS AND BUILDERS. Attention is called to the fine Bl 1LDING STONE D' w being landed at 14th street and other wharves from the scows of J. T. H. HALL. Orders received at office. Room W. Mav BuildinjC, or on board steam tug Julia,foot of High street, Georgetown. ap7-im* lyRfMll'M HAIR WORK ESTABLISH MEN T, I H-Jal and Lhploma Atfarde't (trancr, l^Jl. I I desire to Inform the Ladies of my return from New York with a large stock of HUMAN HAIR, * hich I li(ive ;ii?t received at the New York custom hftis* Tills hair w selected in Britacny and N^r inai,dy, with great care l>r no special agent iu Pans. Having ofi hand a large supply of hair of all lengths and color, I am now ready for all orders in hair work. By direct importation I ani enabled U> sell at manufacturers prices. Alwavson hand the latest styles In hair work and made to order with ladies own hair at the shortest notice. Lndies combings setted by the roots by anew pro cess All work done in the best manner and satisfac tion guaranteed. Orders by mail promptly attended to. w IGS and TOl PETS a specialty. H. PHILIPPI. I*PORTKP A>D M**l rACTt'RElt. 719 Market Space, bet. 7th and 8th streets, a 12 lm Washington, D. C yy E HAVE J 1ST RECEIVED ftO DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH Iff AH E SELLI.SU AT 99 CENTS PER SKIRT. LOCtWOOO, HI FT* ft TAYLOR, Ml PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, s8 tr Metropolitan Hotel Block. c&tHxvrvsas iysnm.; stpfft?iw^sn xs'i'srvssss! open daily,(Bendays trmm I toTp. m. iKdDic?l_. S23SSi!f:l i? Dr. Dt R. ?^,ThmiVr,|s4>. *t; r. B. MoOwlrs, Treasurer, to whoso all com> ? My ke seat; Poet ORcs Box4?9. Mm WANT& I \\ AKTKI'-LMUCb to ix<? "n inntt'ooiK; ?p ' vv pi) at 114:4 N?w Jersey avenue, betw*?n L ' stree' end Blew Tort trfnaf northwest. slA 1 * KK'ANTEO?Au K iifo ai d iattlll|Mt "San" to 'V superintend dining r "oms; also, l?n) good WAITERS. applyf.ST CLOUD HOTEL lt? YY" ANTED?A respectable young girl wirings a vv SITUATION ii> ? private family l<> d? cham her work or ??-w. Address B >? H. Star office. It* W ANTED?A respectable GIKL to 4o (h* ?? general house-wtrk for a email famil; , apply 614 !?tb street, <*?posi!eJ>atent Office. It* WANTED- B> a g-ntleman forth* summer,an ?? UNFURNISHED ROOM, with (tan. eou'h fr. nt pr-ferred; addres-. stating lenni, "CEN TRAL," Star office. alHSt* tlrAKTKP-By i*u gentlemen two nicely fur v v Dished BOOMS communicating or orthei wise, with the privilege of receiving c inpany without interference, addre?e S. A. B., Star office. alj t*o3t* , YY'ANTEP-BBICKM AKERS-Ten tirs'-class 1 ' * Rnckreakers w?4.t?d imui-diau-1), nighest ?a?? given, apply to HERRELL A CHILPS. i Y ard, comer H?nih Capitol aid Ge>rgiaave. aU-2'.* | Y\*ANTFP?By a young girl a situation to do '? III AMBER WORK, n willing to in other work: no objection to travel. Pl-a?e *d<lr?M Box 3. Star office. *13 ?f ~W ANTE1>? Ten hrst-class COAT HANDS; n?n? " but ni"ii cor<p-tent to do the ;in-st work wiu ted; to such the highest hill prices paid. It A SAKS A CoS31?>7thstr?et YV AMltl-A YOI NU LaHY to w..rk in a ' ' P.V togrn ph Gallery. Call at WHEELER A ANGERMANS Photograph Gall-ry, No. 4IS 7th street. It* 11' ANTED?HOl'SE of h or 7 rooms with modern " c? nvemences, in the north->*?t or n? rthwe?t part of the citv,'d purchase if suited. ?d- , dre-s, statiug location and price. CHEVANS Star office. al8-Jt* \VANTKI?-Bv an invalid TWO FURNISHED | *? BEDROOM 8; one large and one single, on : first floor or In hack building '"n a private family, on i or near a car route; addre? "M Star office. |i * W "ANTED? For year or in*re,OFFICK, or El K- I vy NIsHED ROOM, above l?t story, near Put | Office; address. (Ma'ing term* aud descrip'ion * LAWYER, 4l>*? New Jersey avenue aon'h ea*t. alH-6t* WANTED-POPLAR WA?OD-S'?i? In* many j v? cords, w hether bark is on or oft, aud priie p>-r cord, deliM-red in Philadelphia. Address W. W. HARPING, ?lH-K Philadelphia. i WANTED ? Bv a wid >w lady a HO I'81 TO ?? TAKE CARE or DC ill S(J THE SI M MER MONTH OR LONGER the best of reference* given; address E. L. City Post Office, for 4 dips. 3t >\ ,'ANTED? A smart, steady COLORED WO . who is a good ?a?li-r and ironer, nnd willing to make herself generally useful;ran tiil l steady employment by calling immediately nt No. 9 H street northwest. aM-2t* WANTED?ACTIVE MEN, with snmll capital. M to canv a<s a ii>< fnl article that sells on sight. Steady employment and money to the right man. < ail for one week at 1 7 39 G street uorthw-st. he tween 4 and C p ni. only. alS 2t* \VTANTED?A small quiet family with hut one v* child desire to rent a six or seven room Ilof'SE with modern conveniences. u?ual ommis sion allowed ag<-ut securing acc-ptahle hou'e. ad dress CI.ERK, Geu'l P. 0. Department, p. o. Box MO. It* \1" ANTFD-A c-n1 TEAM and DRIVER to plow " and haul ?o k| and timlier near the city. Ad dress TIM 111. R. Star office. air-3l* \\rANTED-3 Jl LADIKS to exainin"*liing vv new, and what neitli-r young or old will do with 'lit when once seeu. Call at 59 U street nortli wmt. a!7 31' WANTED-T. exchange REAL ESTATE in Virginia f..r a DRUG PRESCRIPTION STORE, or purchase tli- w h de or half iuter?s* in one. Appl> *t the Star office.* \1""aNTED?A Hol'SE LOT; 60 to75f?et fr .iit, v v ((<>. xl depi li; well ?itutiil, northwest; m<>d"rate price. Aildresa for tw <> dny*. "tating price, location, term*, HOCSE LOT. Mar office. al7 li* WANTED?A g'^il WOMAN as cook, washer *? and ironer T?r one family of three. Must come well recommended. Apply N >. 403 7th street, l>? t?MB l>and E nonhwest. al7 llTANTED?A MAN that ii!idersi'aud> the c?re..f v? cattle and plain gardening. Call at 1109 F

street northwest between the hours ot 9 and 11 a. m. al7 S:* ANTED?A HOCSE with about eixht ROOMS; modern improvements; must be ea-t of 1st h and w e?t of Is: etrectf- and south ? 1 T str?-et. R lit n <t to exceed %40. Address B ?* 5, S ar office. al7-St* %1'AN'TED?A neat and imlu-tri oii WOM \N to vv do housework and assist iu washing. Must he well recommended. <?????! w ige? and a good li inie oft'r-d. Ai i'l) 1SI Wa-hingt"ii street, G?orget'>wn. D.r. al7 It* \1TANTED-Two respectable WHITE WOMEN. ?T One to C'>ok, wash and ir-?n; the o'her for housework and toa?-is; with washing ami irouint;; at northeast corner Gay and Grteu streets, tieorge town. al7 3t* WANTID-A SITUATION in a Grocery Store vt or aa a BARKEEPE R by a young man who hag had experience in both and can give the best f' ferente. A good house preferred to a larg salary. Apply to FREELY.v BRENNAN, corner >' h and R s reets northwest. ai7 2t* WANTF D?An experienced N URSE to take care *? ?f children; at 17 0* I street. al6-tf tl'ANTKI1 A WoMAN to do the ?? general housework In a private laiinly. Appl\ at No. 1-tUA O street, between 15th an I lS'h. ?lo-St" W ANTED?Inim>*diaie|y?A good active WHITE vt WOM AN to do g'-Meral housework ani assist witli cooking. References required. Inquire at 933 M street. al? 3t* WANTED-As nnrg- and seamstress, a SER ! VANT (white preferred) who is capable of taking entire charge of a child two years old Ap ply immediately at 110b Ni-w York avenue. al(>-3t* I %%* ANTED?A M AN to drive a inilk wagon and " ettend to cows. Apply at place known as the ! Villa, on the Tenuallytown rond.twc mile* from Georgetown. alG 3t* | \V ANTEK-A g ~l WHITE WOM AN ascook. washer and ironer for a famih of two,in Geo rgetown. Mnst come well recommended. Apply . at the Star office troiu 3?? to 4>? p. in. alo ? \\^ ANTED?By a ret-pectabb- young white Woman | vv a SITU ATloN as chamb'-rmaid or waitrvsa or , to do general housewoi k for a small taiuily. Applv one door from the northeast corner of 6th, on street. ali>-3t* | WAKlED-To PUR< HASE UNIMPROVED v v GR01 SD. single lots or a suuare. W. W. METCALF. Real Estate Broker, Plant's Building, corner IStli street and New York avenue. a!6 5t WANTED?luilio-diatt ly ?Families or persous in " need of first-claseSEliVANTSof every deacrip i tlon, male and female, to call and get supplied at once Servant* also can get good homes ami best of ; w ag?s by apph ing at t he Eureka Employ tneiit Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, 507 Uth stre. t, uear E. a 10 lin Y\r ANTED?One hundred MEN to work on the v v S' ntherii Marylaml Railroad. Inquire at No 1703 New York aveuue, and <?ANT/ 4 APPLE MAN. I4ih btreet, between Ohio avenile and C street. al4 6t* Y%.'ANTEI'-?A cleat,, sound HOUSE, of 6 rooms, vv on a lettered street, between E and I and Mb and 9ih streets northwest, b\ 1st May nrxt: pay in advance. Address W. W. WOODFORD, a* Tv. * | City Post Office. YY*ANTED? BOARDING iu the country, near " Washington, by a Lady w ho wishes to teach Music in payment. Address L, Star office. a3 2? * WANTED? LADIES to take uoticethat Madaiue " D. E. M AIS0N, of New York, has op-ned h?*r Millinery parlors, at No. 413 13th street north west. mll-lm* Y% ANTED- Every oneU> know thai the VICTOR ? SEWING MACHINE has its tutUU uLf stt tint the most perfect (buttle in use, resting in a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 469 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mme. Dem on st's Pattern Emporium. LOST AND FOUND. IOST?Early ttiis morning. Ivetween *204 F stre-t -i northwest and Rlnsle Dland avenue, the PLAN ol two buildings, drawn on tiaciuff cloth. Please ret urn to Chief Messenger, S-cretaty's Office, Inte rior Department, or *J04 F street. ll* LOST OR STOLEN?SCRIP No. H13, issued in the year D70 by the Penn Mutual Life Iiisu;iauce Company, of P iladelphia. to Simon Wolf, policy 5 Suitable rewsrd w ill lie paid tor returning the same to the subscriber at 707 I street northweat ajo-law lw * 8. WOLF. L'OIKU-A "mail, diamond set PIECE OF JEW 1 ELKY. which will be returned to ow ner by call ing at M ILBl'RN'S Drug Store, No. 14)19 Penna. avenue, aim pa> ing for thi* advernaemcnt. Call be twiin 8 and r? p. m. a!7-tt IOST?On the Itiili instant, on ln:bst., between i E and the avenue, oi on the aveuue from lutb st. to the Opera House, a GOLD BRACELET. A lib eral reward will be paid if returned to aou beast coi nei 5th and D stieetB northwest. al7 jt' " REWARD?Lost, in Georgetown, ou the 12th V?' instant, an E?<iuimaux or Spitzen Uig DOG, answers to the name of "Cap-^ tbiii, 'had a piece of red tarletan around his neck. The above reward will l>?given if left at 11#S 15th street, one door above L. a!7 3t* C- I AH REWARD AND SH3 FOR CONVIC c ' UU TION OF THE THIEF-Stoleiii on Hie 7th instant,aDARK BRoWXMARl' MILE, with a thick neck; branded on the* left shoulder figure t; about 6 years old. The above reward will be given If returned to GEORGE K1ITZEY,N street, betveen 6th and 7th. al2-4t* Board or public works. District or Columbia, M'ashi!?gto!j. April 3. 1873. A reward *f FIFTY ( ?80) DOLLARS will hi paid for the detection and conviction of any person or persons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be foui.d stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Covers in the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order cf the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. *3-tf [Bepub.Chron.] Chlel Clerk. LOST OR STOLEK-The following SCRIP DIVI DENDS on Policy No. 4,719 iu the Penn Mu tual Life Insurance Com pan y, of Philadelphia, vlr.: No. 1351 for 1;H9 for 930, and No. 1 994 for 1M70 for %4i . le ili iii favor of Win. E. Spalding A reward will be paid lor return of same to WM H. JAMES, at the . ffice of James Lockhead, 41ft l?Mh street northwest. mtf f iw* 'f CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT, available L> iu all parts of the World, furnished to travel ers. Also, DRAFTS on London and the principal Continental Pities,in sums to suit, at the FIRST NATIONAL BANK. a9 lot H. C. 8WAIN, Cashier. |\!OTICE?That E S JUSTH, 619 D street, he ll tween fch and 7tb streeU northwest, sella cos tom-BAde SECOND HAND CLOTHING ?4 leesthia half the cos* of reedy SILK. DRESSES upecialtf. onsa. (eU-17 FOB RKNT AND 8ALR. three-stiry BRICK lioi st ? T ?*****? ***hrt? corner of L n w.alSTi* r 'n^irJ^?' ^ ?'?II. ciifortibC sur-oni E .Rffj! i\p^*nt???rSmSSiS^ Z f"J8 tmattes. T'""' -4~:,.W yOKBKWT-MUU8J Ho. I?<1 i?th.,^ ^iT_ f 8tX? Department containing fi? BaRE'iRlioJ? nlfri. Ap?ly JAMES W. . "* 1. K, 1 106 M itr^t ricrtlifM. *h tw FV?heA,L?-D'",ir?hU Lt>TH.|?rv is SB i . ' '.'"'"nee ?" monthly installments . f an. nh?r??lb> m thos e * a?Samak; ?? ?14 * F?.R RENT-KdiAMk; HOl'SK. No. 1 -J | o lull the Dni* ^ ??'"*' n',r,hweat. Inquire at street. 8 0n th" c>'rn"' of 1Mb and M "? ?WJt* o* SAI.t-HOrSK A5P LOT, 307 1 . j ?trret, l?Hwe?n K mid f hou?r cot fj?lli? Tiinr with ?jtier *? I ?r? ' J* "-f a I'A MSO? ?. 3ba*h?r?t *M- '"I'STS.*1 |* nsfii!?r?'NT7?'i*r thf Arlington ""I Lafavett "ALL room'"^ZTX'IZI Mlh.twt ' Ut ?trictly ?'W.tu,-V >?o? FW(V'1 kn?hed coustrTTO I IJJASI(L.witli urin and outbuilding* u^?r B 'i-n-bnrK. to, small famil,. the ow n?n?-r?h!J Wi. ?,<*rdiu?with lh< family. |" .r Part-.',, li'jrs^ldr.?, L. M . H> attsville. M l als St F?vR?ler * l*7?r BRICK Hol'SE ~g*~, arw "^vz.: ' ?EUR,iI W/*?* p''I /ALE?COUNTRY 61 \TS -AT iirlr<t * Oil LAND at Hifrhlaiid Stati c R *n.1 O R r SiiTl h" n',,m U u^V Barn. Ho ,.. ,*;i >l ! K Hou-e. water and good fencing c",-A<BR" s , , A Hmsewith i _ * Barn, R**r\a?it? plenty of w .iter liire< 'jnantitr choice fruit tree- Terms .-*.v Apply to I ENl'KL CUKK* afl.s ' "- w fil 3 l.'tb street. corner i3th mh| F i?K^T-A ? hree story DOUBLE I . .M?! i .1 . -E. N". 1304 3d street south-a-d ( tiiirti'ttti l:iru?- room^; rellar r thA ' iMerh!,0*W|!*.r|lfPy*rd '5 r"*r "n - Mil, I ? ? i *rt' fru" "??*??. 11 ?,r?,.Vr l??- house flllml wibic, J,rick HtHl.l . Ac. Will |...' ?<>ld cr reuttU very l<>w I -ju*. LIGHTER A <IAT<'HK!., . al" lltl\ and K ?r^-t?. I F?-nJ^?J-.Two.,U:?" *irf CI1AM ItKUS ?t uorthweet, * ithoat BoakD Ap pi) iiimn-diat.-ly. Bofer>'inf? excliatig ^1. al< 3! * F*"i?* *jENT?ruri'i*l??^i Hltn||j,?n ..nd tiTT7r I Milire l'l O*"' fo.r ' n'v I i-mir? 1 I Q7 i?tl> atrx-t. I^tween L an.| M . ?17 St* F110181 ? c 'lnplet, liu n. i^. ?. * ' i ' e,8,', ro?>Di<, w?t?-r, kh?. and butli ro. m. Apply on pivmiw-s. 7i 1 15:h -tr-et. al?-3t* F?.^ R,K ?nTrTwo n ALL8'7th ",re"t' b Jiiaq ? "P" Louialaua avenii**, t;^i & -v. TB08 E WAGGAMAX", ftl? Tth atr^t. ag jt l^'IB ,;KNT?T? " coiinectiti* fnrnish<sl HOOKS r . .. K l"1 ?' ',"h " Mtl-mei,.. ??;?r tirat c?sa B^rdniK-hous... iu^ U wtl^, ||>rth - ml7?* F?? KENT-DWELLING HOI KE No lib |? I i i. L !>?*?? i* T"*' c'n,1,iD> 11 r "'in*; pr-ss J ii>k lront h?ui?<- ktone triinui.'d; m <d> rn nunr v M 'NDSOIf BIBD Mo. 3J7 Mi" "m _ ^ ' - ?17-J?* F?PI *('-f NITT7A <.'*ri <l?*?ir?blf COI NTRV ii LAC-E. half a milt* fr 'I>L Q'*?'f i'"t<>wn oil Ten r* 'nVho,Lr^iir,prm ^ b> ?v?r,r^!mT!ltX??5i Ml" <!l ll-l i? ""*aiy ont I'll Hi lies. _ Hi, 6t JLAN BOTH A CO..CW^ IMh .tr>,.. F''V^c.r'b-r for ul,- hi. * . 1 ,'^i! LOTonth^rtr^t ?.i!iare , . ?I !}*5 ?,p .0'*, 'ot '? "itiiated on thea<.nrh ? Capitol street and ? n ?l str.-. t, and ih i: 'w 19" n'WVS Sst'^YSVV.: aiiiib.e BBIC'K HOUSE. ?eli l.arat-.!, nine rooma r"?:: *".1 C-rtifioat. s tak. il at their kalue. For other particular* app|\ to ?17 lu ^ " H C'LA<iETT, B. .r Estate Aient, l>I7 lw No. ?I9 Market Sfar^. Ftiii?r?;*TT*J4pwn,"?,h' " f,,nr Unck i ii .i ' Lt'f fr ;u 14th atre.-t cars (?oudlocatl. i,. Inquire Hit La ?.-n-,e. ,U-|w F'i?ree.A ?K yHYS1 H"'I'** N'?. 11 j'J, ?pt>i!^,pI^;'^t",,u- >,,r """ '"W;? F?'K KENT-LAHGK 8TORE and fTxti Rffs, fi'ii ? 1 ? *','->'l?ania avenue Al?..,aCOf\ K?."?,!5!^calss''" "F?A,REN'T?A thr.-e-st.irv BUK'K HOUSE, ' containing nine r.w.w-, Vatl. ro.,t?. t 2te'ir Ut " Ml,h ?hruble-rv and ^It* - W* H MINNIX. {L No. 603 15th str.-t. I/OB SALE-lhrw pieces FROPEBTV f >r t? ,t?i Tw^pV^L"? B,lw "? P?r month. **?*' n Mjh ^2,2?io ear!,, renting f >r $25 p^r ? ^'r renting f.jr .510 per uV^rh;rareali neu H9rv?iI^i'in? ?*??? j-i !?? r cfUi. i w <11 1 iiu & V Office: 11thstreet, between N and U streets. n..'rth - 1 a 15 tit F'iK BINT-IKU SE 1UO K atreet, near the 1* 1 !,'n"ly D'-partineiit, gas and wafer B nt .?:?> p< 1 iiioiith m h>1\ance. K'-y at 131U K .im t f , t*" n l^thaud nth noilb?eM atreet.b, al?> .?_*_ T. A MrLAUGnHN. 1< <?B RENT?Poam?aiou Kiven on the auTh T11 N ftO?~rr>"t.1r,r BBICK DWELLING, r . aveniio, rontiiiniri^ lu ^?oma and batli. ColnmbU railroad paaiVthe door Eii,|Utre at NOAH WALKER A CO . 611 p i: ?)l'ania avenue. ? aK-jw F0AVyBJ^IiTi^hl^re^rnlS,,?,, fr?Dt A?a0*? ItMjR RENT-An OFFICE; well locate! for any .VeenTa^ F APPl> * N0" 517 ^ ?? a to ot * L OE KINT-M ilfMrnhl-ofKlrK ROOMS in Lxzsr*-co??? 7th ttreet n*rthwe'st. F?tp?v1'* ^l1' "CHANGE FOBCITT PROP BBT^ , a two-story HOUflK vrith hrit-k tnent. and alto a corner IiOT and a FABMoffei acres near the city. Apply to J P 'o* 7?,?.rto and Fayette streets, Georgetown. D. C. ' al5-lm* Ffi,Pk^.^Thr^ ROOMS in th? lx>?t locatu.n I1-1 ^ ? oir??i ^ new ">otogra?h Gal let> lit!7 and 1319 P?an?>lvania ave B a", ? ' F'h.i? oLE~?"w rrwn" HOUSE, 6 toiidw and 1^ '11, ?ALE?FARM of ten acre* in Virginia CEO OTl WraDU^T D C Inuuire of corner 14th treet and New*York'are. aj't""'"' F' Ir!u^i'i'v^ tl'r,-e-?tory and ba?em< nt Frame ?,r. ?i fr . i ' on loth street, between G an.l H Jul et front,8 rooms, in good r<-p?ir. at a bargain ' - e-s* h h. waRner,T?9rth<: K'l* SALE-A COTTAGE, wi'h lot I li'i\Son at Laurel station of B. 4 O R R Price nu'^TUU> "Tr Ki K" WIL?ON 411 "hat , ? 4 ^ I R"P-I Opposite P.wt-OtHce. Pa 5,j jSr^.?L;s. fiS.Sf '.r,1 ? Krwr ^^srssti^^riri^ iwa F??..SA-LE-An attracti?e RKSIDENCET villa ?t>le, 9 rooniM, iurlntiinR K;U(h>d Parlor, with JtVI'apply ""ITiVq *Ve"Ue- '"VlTS8' L^OB SALE?A fine tliree-st .r> BBIC'K. of In 9tli fri'Ht'iii'JI/"'P '!*?? ^ atreet,l>etween Stb an t ?! j .?utmg the lieautifal reservation just finished Thiamcne of O.e mo?t ?ii 1 ?i h t, " 1L80N, *>11 7tli BlrM, alt o3t | Rep.| Opp.<?ite Poat-Oftj. e. F?mWASzSrfnl &?>?***? Maryland ^ u ?\KOD'e of which can be tr ute.) f,,r nt) property. Also, 2!?4 acres near College at a'ion Also, me or two houses in the city, which I can trade for vacant ground, well located. alt er It i? K i WILSON, i 11 7th street, 14 3t fllep.| Opposite p.wt Office. F' BBirKH ?-ifif n V.jl7JW?N*'w ,wo ?torr ith Huck BttildiiiK^; very cahv t<*rm^ neat U~?l yard; 8street, betwet^i?h and l?th ?. ; southi side; t?<. bay windows; 7 rooms, water and Ki' , trimming; T street, between 12;h and lJtli streets, north side; brown trimmings;6 room* all e, 5t B II. WABNEK, 7HD 7t|| ?reer ' L OR SA LE CHEAP?Terms, SltW rash, and #30 iinrE**l|l> until paid?several new S-story BRICK T ?? d ti lr"V 1 New Hampshire avenuu,, I. ii.i'i* north; have- six rooms, hall, front and back yards; houses completely finished ,.i? ?>,?. ?r ?. ? ?? W. STARR, nl- 2w Northeast corner N. Y. ave. and 15;h st. 1 Chronicle, Republican, tf.] FSB .BALE-ON LONG *TIME?A neat, well st. rv W ,1,KIC1i HOUSE, with two # Bill Wing; house fronts southeast; has little frout yard, and side entrance; con'aias nine room*, liesides beth-rooms and closets. Cellar under entire hoMa. with Are places, gas and water; can \>f converted into basement rooms if desired; Lot lisi 100. Inuuire on the premises of the owner of the property after 5 d. 944 Rhode Island aveuuc, between 9th and loth sts. al2-lm K'OS BENT?At a reasonable price,a comfortable * s"ven-roo?l H0L8* with gas and water. Ap ply Ou the premises, 1209 10th street, above ? **rgeL all-lm For rent-fine large stork at otj Pennsylvania avenue northwest. aM-tw* F'OR SALE AT A BARGAIN ?A neat FRAME COTTAGl, situated in one of the lulm l.A"i. ties in tbe cay. Hons* contains7 rooms, hall, and tiu/za in front, and is supplied with gas an? water *?n in front, enclosed with iron fauoe. Lot U faet front br 96 feet deen to a pavsd alley. Title perfect fi'or r.S?"Jpll.u*tha owner on the premises. Wo lltlT l*hitrpftBorth#eil,iftif |p. m. aIOIK* K^B SALE-B^UARE Mo. ?*? between A. a^ ? ?Md?h fch streets northeast,j?lther tSEs whi le or in lots Apply to /OHM butcher, Mo. 648 Cento marke^^-ner t northeaat, or CHRISTIAN'H. oaki LRT. 483 G street aorthwest. ?7 1ta* I^OB RENT-Two suitea of nnfurniahsd ROOMS, u n.Viiiab,^folhonsek^plTig; also, an nnfuraishmj HOUSE. O. D. BARRETT, Attoraa* at Law, 'y l* 3IT ?H Street. F%?-l*^5.'S:j!Sa5EJrWt ?nM at f ?aa a?wl a. ? ?old at raaaonabla rates aad on easy terma' l lot has upland for dwelling house aad fniit. rich low land for vegetables; wkUs a few miuvtes' ceS!,^i.^r^ TBtsra-say-4 JOHN TORK,Oec^fOo22?5^of C^mJf Treasury Building. ?pilm*' FVHOU8**;UhkJtoi"^J^ K?-hrtcV front rooms m>d\ath-room.ko4 ranges, Latrobes, gas and was flxttirea mar'bleman^ iM>rthwp? ?^Lt?i a^1 O and P streeU KIHSLA'2i ^ ii?1*. SSErWiSUTr. FOR BENT AND 8ALtf. Kw*. *fK*-P?'KLLI*U HOlKE.wtth Pr~? ft ? j"* triouuinr*. * I 4?? Bh?<b Island between 1Mb ai*1 Hn ?ir s !?; *,r" Asataaut RlMFr O- "?? riJ py *y? h*if > w. in j-.T-140.1 i^iHrfH. Po>w>H'D k M?f, H4 tw nJB,,M-r < Iw M or j B R> c K iifUL ^L-"1 T irti ? 1*4 iSth b/J*d ^VrriTl; rS I^'"* 'fh. will jSiKrSnlSS, #h*t r~h ?? ^*1. i? vT?^>r r??rn."iir ?????*?? ??? ""t ? orW^r,> >-> ^ '? **" r'r AI<K.,?^^r?j HOrscs intbesaai.- bl-rk w 11 be ?Old rh<^r^r r**h. r *?f*J!f.??J^2r *"???" b^* **?? cellar. bath 1 T ^ ^ ? **"''? ?*?. tC . ai?* w.-ll ?u,!"? for ? priv ate fisw ily. Th-?- itnirvtu ?f *? I ciirU,stnth."??. He. ? r ?nf >rtahl? II .n*.- ?>n *x*r ?h?m|<#a>t faiI t? call a: atj ..ftio. to pun basin# else* her*. ^ "" JOS f KBLLE1, ?S M? UflO Jw ? ?r*1 B?taW- AjTut ? * _ ""? ?- *h ?trerr n.?rth?~?t. h-t. I anj K I*lIK| f ALK-*>n Capilo! Hill, a iiS5SiT? rr sSSSES^SisrCES'tr sassr: &>FZ?r*-lr?iWs; s^^OTta'wrrs rfr.^V.^tKU"tbe ow"'r OB ?*? P"?w.~ ??? A I KJ'H M?-T*U PIBUBHOr LAND ? ?aT". ' ' _ mar* In,' 1,M>K BENT?El'BN 1>H Kit ROOMS: TSS I 5 t r-fir iy ? B drwm. and two n* a* HigitHyJlucat?4 I>*.Miug ou 1 *tre*t, Dctr 9th will 4 1 !r If'-llf oul) ?"?.'.yrt'?'??: l" 'l!? ?>?t.ny BKIrK SUl'SK. V. M IMS I t>treet northwest, routaititi,* f or r . ?J?<> pa-.***.-, ki!. lien, r. liar. bathrioi wilh . , V hut a.* cold aater i. rhuDb.T,, h?a" r ,n y , rl' *fi<! ?"?w*r ill Iu!c!m>?. tL I t l? J6 iM front bj lull d>?-p. i.. ? *i f,M,? hS, iii*.^ TBoHMOK *"tb,P ?'i1 .L""-'**' h '?"? 1 THi'JUf>ON.c.iru? ?4 17th and N-w Y?rk FOR SALE. I4 l!E I> .iUr? Hill Onv \? .. ? ? ? I W ?,?* SKW IN a M M'lilMI,,,,), ,|| ,,,.. i..?* un|?ri?A< in*-!,!*; ?arrant>-4 in |mrt.. t ..r t. r, ?n.| A wVLLoV^fr^w KSY,Ks',?KTa? ? all'i'"1 n"' UOOI.S g-n r S i f aixl BCLUH OUST < *U wlT ?IiiIp aiwtartnit nt i? c<>ni|kUt^, at N<i lOO't l'n . ..' thr<'?? d' ..ral^l ? II t,-t v FmaIVS area fVi" ?r"ics< *,.w,s-iV;"ifS@fe cl,. ?|?, h? tl,.-..wo^r |d,.-ihU loavinc tberity. Ap f> ?i'.t k U6 ou vli at., t> :? cn L- ' 1 *' nl- J ? 1<><^ SALE CHEAP?Two NEW COt'NTFKS t? Amrp-fxiMtij. t3?!? 8n>ri ,curuw 6th and a ?ti. m ntli">a?t. alS i:* F?JAAL7E.CniA f. A ,;RA Y MARt.M hau4* * biifh, 7 f ai- "Id; warraiu^l r 'nuin N r ?' f.wo ?f "????/ * KH1 AG ? and H A k WiWwsyJ* Lts/1";"" *cu ?tie hue driving ..r biiMu>-ii? IHiliM aU't'irrta I. i.ti^ ?>iuu?, Ktt*. en Sd and 4*, <r-ei. ZQX u'4 ?t G L MiEKIKK L'l'K SALE?Thw tir*t<li?? SFWIvTi u i o?eStka'W IV\^k nta'ins. J sfc ?? Jf-AM ENGINE, at R. Kl'LTUK t ? h'SLUflK"'3,4"??? i| ^vi!:,I; . . 'r;. ? . - |< SALE?An excellent nt-ciid han.l tw. h <ra? 1 platfonu-aprinc WAUtiN, whir li.dy.iui nT^ ?l..r.Kf.Tc.rr>.i.? paa^tur-r.,? st^., . , i . . *?Km, can b<- B^'ii at EINKA HECK'S U . jurt"!). ?in RiHg.. -tr.-ct, ur?r u<-? K .<k-or- k H'"!???. Qforgftoon. D C. ai i I..T BH1CK CLAY roft hALK. L A|?pl> to Jl7 ,f DODGE A DARMriLLE. -?"' U? K ?tr -tl. boarding. yasas.rsta -a t& t L"1H>T CLASS TABLE BOABD aTTi- i kr ' moDth. Alw. wirrtl FUKNlsilElT Kimims {,ati^pablob ?.?*?<*? fr ni VT* . f.1,jr? ?,;'y 14 uiiuutea' walk fr m (he car?. App;, ,t 71- Ut ,tr,^t 1 *i?-ar I ADIBB aNI> GENTLE MEN, either aliiely or in i*!!k U wn''''"s"ran hrar .if tlM icrr timt ai.d rh?*ap??it Boardina arranct-nient inthecltr bv adjreamiig D??1 ClnC, B?? fc. Star a*, * ^tmal |jJOOD BOARD, PLEASANT BOOMS- AND PERSONAL. i\|"(?- ?- '? BBENCH, tkt CkUbtmud Ht tabU 7W4 Mh?r?Lr?^ *L* can br ^11 a cbHrM>nw^.^lk^rthwej?;*tao,?lTea dt-Uniati n* of cbaract* by photograph hand writing or b<ck of ? 117-to* DRY GOODS. I vofcb BLACK GBOS GBAIN SILKs, . *pl<*ndid [UalitifK. " VAM ?" VASf .."ffl qn?litiea,froni 37c. to ?l ?i per yard <N>le agent for the sale of the abore.) nnnnLSS 8ILKS aud other new SPBING DCESS GOODS, in graat variety, at LOW PBICES. ?V 0u? price only, marked in plain fiftirea. JOSEPH S. MAY, >l? eoSt Pennsylvania avenne. l^OU NEW AN1> iiANDSOMB DBESS GOODS 4 __ GO TO WULFORD A 8IIILBKBG. F' ?.LL^1ti.L^?* MAWL8 ASiD JACKET#, A <1 the noheat patterns, (O TO WOLFOBD A SHILBEBG. FfK?uTPE latest NOVELTIES IS PABA * CUL5 Go TO WOLVOBD A SHILBEBG. ? FVR A,VL CLA8SBS WHITE GOODS MEN * tionable 6<( Tu W0LFOBD A SHILBEBG. K<'? A LABGE ASBOKTMENT TABLE LIV r ENS, 1BISH LINENS, NAPKINS TOWELS and BED SPBEADS, ' lu*ttl's GO TO WOLFOBh A SHII.BEKQ. L^OB NICE SPBING C A SSI M EKES, SLIT E able for men aud boys wear, _ so to WOLFOBb A SHILBEBG. ? ? POE INGUSH BBl'SSELS, THBEE PLYS M \TT\(NiAhi CABPBTS, OIL t. LOTUS. nAl ii2iuo,uf the Dc* t?t productions, GO TO WOLFOBI) A SI1ILBBBG. 'FVfii b<EhadGatOI,S FUk TUB LKAST MOfc'KI W OLFOKD A SHILBEHG'V 4^7 SEVENTH STBEET, Between D ax.d E. aouthweat. *12 tr WT1IE ABCADE. ^l-HUia ARKOlNCEMCSr. *^,?60 0.?^-?TocB or DKT GOODS. $2S,HV in DBESS GtMiDS AIuaMI in CLOTHS and CASSIMEEES ?1UMW in HOSIEBY aud FANCY GOODS. fjtUW in LINENS aud WHITE GOODS #< AWJju STAPLE GOODS. Ac. NEW CK>ODS OPENING DAILT. RvviTi'H "T11 ^7 FABASOLS au.) SL'N I'M t. a7 ' receMe^- Pricea from 36 cents each B..r*aina in BLACK SILKS and BLACK AL B^ONB PBICK TO ALL. a4-tr !?!? and 1?5?7th^tfeeT u'.n'if.^t, _ . BBODHEAD a GO'S, ..riito imr?M. Elegant black silk, fro* ?ijoUp, aad ? fall line of all kinds of SPRING and SL'KJLRR GOO DM J OK received At BLKJAEK BBODHEAD * CQ%, ?MM-? IMi r Street. I>* WORM LBS *8 P2CT0BAL SYRUP, m OOCQHB'AHD OOLDB. lJPLU "AU UAWU1ST+ pom, BAitU AND PABT1BB. BID OLOTBBi ?1 TO |1H PSft PAIS. WAUn BOBVB BOM B 00 BUSINESS CHANOE& ?"??? MLICHUr-A Ii4 dMltkui r ooKru-ri ?bbrt.w.,? M eX?vr *"l ,'r,,?? "A^TINUL* ? >Twitm. a|S ? 'fmiTLv ?si'ssrf*",: V?Tv ?*--?? ? ArKtintutii TItTnMrjiT r r ..v Ifc* * '"?"???imwi an<1 vH|. u, 1. .. . KzSf %11/??**. ?.S Ho 434 K Mriwi n< rt ><???? i* , >nia ? ?"-rf r.?.?>;**? '? >; fi rnar. . r.i,( .; b.,1, , L? Ar., Itt? cellar ?iihat?ne tl ,-r 1 * ?. ?.. '. . ? If *"? .l.r,; M.t, : n>.'?a i?&Ii\S2 ? <* ? ?r*ta?*. App v nr u Ihr pr-?Ue. , riT ??# jMMj.'rf -1- * boobb*. ?? * _^? **+*?*>. I.'OB XAllt "i valual ,|e fAtrVT f .r ? ? , ? W(Vrt? ea-?? t' maimer tr ? ?. ,( a,. ? ,?e _ r;.rd?..? e of o L R !LI? I URO , ^ 11th ~4 iT#f a rtkw<*?- , . K'/^iri *A'*trn. v, F |, ??m iT*u7, *. *'_??*?* lllW v|? <?.*????? eg |e? . . .?,. **" W*'er- ?? " ^ Pt^V'TV^.^rTV"r *? <,R<*'t:B1 PITRVifoN STMpr* Iiu'?? iu. i?uii..e c<? ??%?. ? t , . -_ -? t ?i..r pur r?IrxlMUtf ? il? . ** .? J* \ ALIARLB F\RM ><?? *ALIC~~a?? mtr 4-.t \kn !i\tktrVwukn ,n tl ?"< itV fU? &**!?!?&* iiT.rirr ; ^ < M T'r5^r H"U"* *IMl < 1.0. trf grape In an* tr. , Ci ?en~ Tal*^A, ?,?, ir, i,Uw?' arable arT .!? (?'?md: Mr r?iir..^.i .(?? ta.. k..,ir.7! * r 4 -hi.t.'ph- "? ??l. ^1. 1??? .tl -t . ,1;..,..*? | ^ lIvKKl T<? Lm.\\ ,.\ I.H.O, l>TATR u . ? . M >CtL\ lrlf ,m R *' ?wl Iivrnwr R' k. r?, 'inw > ->?;?? K|,~ up. ,j, klL?uC!UlTtl??" "" . 'V X1.1 U J^OAia? u? pi bi io^r oRKti w jfj-p; (Willt,|Ti.,wUri ?*J" '? ?|M? ***** ^*? ** ? *?s *'? * *??!? At IW.t J , r?M V r 1 , I ?# .^3 In. r. t** L* J';"**>? * F" . K'r'tVt," - tr 0krj,-n vro^?jr^S*>? li.fti ltti . Al . ? AliRKIk #<l4?r. - _ _ ^ L JL5 ?? imM. 1<'8 A i, K-m "ill N' ? ?11 r Bf'KW. ?ut ,>.rvrt .. . .V I , .utt *< nniiH- ?? , nntjr, fr .m 10 to u .^L* A itarMiu m?rh ?KL all ?? lid. .11 n.l7 lm ??''KtO.. ^r'!T **? ffl,l,?. (i tJ, 4 Jill M< II'M. ROM>8 AEK THC oil \ si" 1 1 *1'1 ?? ? w.ali ? ?pur! , w,.'. .??re: v llOM?S IK liAN'ulM IN aT1?>K ? ? ,.>? * 1 tojr: ?="?? .ttifi.n.* tr.?, 1 U, J?77?r. rriuci|>al cuut'ciod itli- -nt * strife t 1 ^4.,, k. Bizr im ?.?Jpr ?*"*??>:*d. ? 1 *I?U?> 1% mil IM 41 **li?4? R*if*iVuv ' infc?|,H?rom?4 ilrVt K '.?.V ***' " *r " ? Diarkrt. 7tZ atTM-t.No. 1*1*. rn-...?&>?. If v ? ?AMILTON * I k v l;- >N iiiS tl M < a I j,"^ jianboulr. ruiK jAusa .... ..{t'ij BWUfrfo., sJs"" aV* ,i^r,st.."1YirV.T!, 1T3, I . , , I ?*" *' ntnrt ????!, l .r ??!<?,* r?M. t v ^-.1. * ^ fv-v?-rai Muali U ?"?<?.. lra *? ' **h M> T*r? L t?T? ?Hi ? - "Ur r1' ?,"*L B'?.lf l.laaS ?<?-uo-, l?th ?n,1 15;h. He |,.v? ?!?* r ini|>t,<??) a-?j untiuprovr4 on ?iB.-r^ut^. ruui,:,.* Irth?at,^2i.? ?2 !.7/vTiiV,fchau?* , r ' T- n, "^ Mil ?tV? i ,U ,an"u* P 'n...n? ..f ibM citr fur # m;r u.rei? ?n t rn.#, or will *%.* U*t>mm for v urwwfj pr, p^rtT. i.Ju lSf l^'OE SALE IBAI H AdUINUTuV, D ? . TRO 8CPELI0K FBI IT FABM8. Th.- C?te Oro?e ViucjarJ., nC*ll.-ut frail lr*m ?nJ Tiut* ib bt^riiiir Id* imkw Undi *o4 ?raait* ^tartlfc. ALSO, BCILL*IN<? LOTS IN TUB CITT I? t*.jn*re No. 17. L >t N1 ? b-iuare nmth of No 17. L^? 1 at?<] I byu?re No. U, tul No. U ?? 44 3U 44 z, n ?s r ? :: % ? " '* " 1- ?nd B si* i?^.^^&?zrix Uforrt.i??, i*.c. 1 a ||oubs r o b balk. ?? Th* larfB FOrK 8T0BT IOOII vfth thr-a. ?t??ry fXtciiMOL. 91A k Hfr. a? JTi ' tnr?# wwHBSr? ^ ^^|Ti^>tiri4)litiiia Mtnut |r jj U|J{^ MEDICAL, Ac. DThOT*'"?S2r""IKSc'n- ur# u.|,iMin?r Iti 1 V'x?> Att ? f".rLi: ?vsifK-'ii'r' l4JSlAl ? L L CXBBr ^ TUI GBKATEhT IHHCOVIBV Rlil .... OF TUB RUBLD B> it all 4i?oa???ft ar?- ur. d No ui ! ? ti?? "??1 a>.? ?svvnr^;^?i3"- >./%? Ls.^'rv.'i?, ur ttsssarsra-s ssiaas.-.s'^"'???"? a <?? 0B>TArLKs TO SLABBIAOE ? Hirr* k? '??/ ?l ^ JMt?ifi,,ni tl,- t fl t< ?.l tri .r? an4 n.^. ,T,.<UJ*r" ^ M*uh ?<! r.-?t .r?-<l 1.1^7 k!,,*rny " ""?N ? 1 r^5 1 *?** *:?4 r'u,ark?l'le rcuinll . b *i and ? i ?*i f^. in * -*lnd r:.*^! |W>? a rlr<HM ,1*? >? t-utU ?h aft. ,t. fula tlf ?? P? ??au iiip*itati< it 4 tiuli r put* .tiVi h. u oral ill. couuuct a?d p-via^f.n*! *hl" ni?r?j .? 4a |^B LEON,' CVXSVLTJ.\U tnVSlClAN, Th? '!au( MtaLkfh^d Sp^cia'ist In tb? city N*<. Ml U U ?tro?t, il>oT( U. Uosra: U to 4 and T to $, dally. "J* ;Wty-F?a,al? C?niylilnt? ?ru3 Octaaeoes ?^rrr. jrT^r tr??t?d, aad - I 1 . c"""* L?*t:rit? catrau Bft- ad ?TZl? & V AUdta? THUM^SOMt Ac. ti4b Nortli Uthitr?x>t, Fi.kmM . ?mF1t* MU'AME R ILSuN, "1 _ A Krtu* r.v FH TBICIAK AN l> X1DVIFI, - c*n MHWlRtlH All DIHEAhES INCIDENTAL TO LA DUB Bt?i<lri,<'* aud C"u?ulia: i?u j^.?oa, ?11 ao. atn Hand I. B.- HW.B ??xd. Modicai Mi^udaa Ac., ?t rcMiiDtl>l? prioaa Ttrnnra rtawtd w h?*d in i*? bonra. IMar to r???-- aucoMfa IrMMItVitklattnii -.0 'j , UOKET BE11BNED If 11 SKSKAU kLJUH _ FAILS TO C CI* CI To U had of BBACE * ClSSEL.-o R aaB*uatoi, alrwrU, Qfomton.lli 11R BILL*. To La had of bbace * CISSEL.rorner B-i* at .vbenlMttMonlilteMi b?WN. BTU lr* ^PECIAL HVTICE. Tbf TMjtn*? ?f the District nr? n-tittM thai we bajr CEKT1FH A1 E? OF INBEBTEDKEH*. (* inch are rM-lirf at aar la aaruwnt ?f iu?,i V"ur?.!'''_,br H ia^ral le B->?rd ofRrork.. Applr ta B. FLLTON B CO., 114 fth itiwt. near P-nr,.yi > an ta avenue. all tsi * 404 "'kLM%_VAttT* 404 We harejnat received our ?prinj ?t<ick nf Ml ATE HOLLA Nut*. 811 aDE FIXTLBE8, FINE ?i<?LI> A^WALKIT FRAMES, COBNICE8, COBDS, Ol'B 8TOCK Of FHOTOOBAFHfl AND CHBOMOO hauv t^oMFLETE. a*o hi .me of th FIKE8T la the Cttj, all of which we an oBeraU at tw l"w frtcaa. ~ ?^Fr^w Beyalred and Berilt and Farn tnr* ( o? < r? made to order. a? tial MpiSiwimm E^af^iKKisa^.^ In boaiaaaa. Tun ?ave from S to* par em* tr *0 jrttra.> y aaaa^as'*. ail aj Z^"-.i?r- ? .r B??BT?f CW^Z^BCB j'^a*8Vfiib B^In^|aLentDal F^1r Nrif FMjR. Ut> rt| Bi-t- o.h. ??? 4mt 6rant, k?? k<*W Qeaw?>,tfwir?l i'Wlf ? *

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