Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. \ I'MVIT ??rll is. IWTS. LOCAL NEWS. ? Amn^mfiih, Tw-nlcht. H aWt Oy ???? //< w The Lydia Thompson tr<>u|-e in " Al-Mblia."* Tk*&:*r *?.?Song*, turlesqae#, JanMS, Jkc. Si*fk 1st.-Jofan o'Rrien* Great Me Tiaitene an>l Ctrnn Narim*' #/*/!.?jaeeowd Iflnre of the Toiler course, l>\ I>r. Brown St >|n aid. 4 ou<lei(<M>?l Lwl*. A colorcd man nwr l Simutl Jatkmnwu am -t..l hy Infective* Sar^nt an.I McKltresh yr'ttnla;. rk?|?t ?itk Mealing *Hio worth of clothing from a merchant taiior on E street. t tarie* Wiwtr had a lit on ljth street, near ttir ?;te of the l>iidte over the canal, 1 ?*t night, ami tell and severely ininrcvi himself. Officer Hugh* - took h>in to hi* Iu)b( on 1> street, Uc :?'fn I U at?l 14th street*. southwest. The cwtnmdtee on examination of applicants for appointment on th? Metropolitan j>oliee force will hold it* regular n:eetiiig at |tolice Lead-marter-on Monday aesl, 21st instant, at I o'clock p. m. The S. P. O.. Ac., ha-? thisceek tnrneil out of harr.e ? hve hors^- that were attached to carta while afli.cted w.tli sore !ut k' unit other ailment.*. To-<lav Mr. tiatcl.el arrested Bar Mid Holmnon the charge of driving a lame hvr?e to a cir: on 7!h -trcet. iiecr Pennsylvania ave?ue, >r<l ?Imtcc Milla ti icd the accused *?"? an. I costs. ? "iff. J. II;?!?? Birney'*' Maimlle. iM'i HKf ;-p?- r? -Trosit!) amithk M(MI rA?;Tir? -T.M is .iaii.. The lienajin fieM ? o. it s. Par?'r? alia* "?I. Ili!e B irney." artl A. r.efcnyler Sutton. < cte^l on tnrhw 'e o." obtaining muni'T oy n?e of the name* o' th* l'r. ? i|eiii *i?l (iener il H,il.f?rk a- st i -I in levterdiv'n STAR.) did not con e off r.? Police I'ourt thf* morning, but w.i" |o*tpoi*'d?t the instance o liistrlet At torney Fi-her. There is to le- a <erie< of rha'lji ? ^rl>^^^-?i?l the pi|wr? lure not yet b? en | rej ar. I. In>|>nrt..nt witnwes *re al*o t *| ?< :ed to tc lit te. who have l?eei. *nmmoned bx te'.e^r .ph All thele.'Ts which arrive for ??Itev .1. Ha'e liamev" in every mail are harded over to the Po*tm*?ter general, in vfci'w f!i?.?lT they will he he'd until Tuesdav wrat, when t'uer will tie prodae. I at tke Poliei> 4'onrt. Tke prl-oners are in jail in default of ?J? 1 ?> h ul. Tke poc master at RinfhamptoR, N Y.. a; nve?i h"re to-?l*y ?? a witno? m the case, la\ <?2 been told to the tune of ?lo l?y tlie ltev. Durnrj. T l??- Satiiinnl triiileiu> of Seietc^. PK'H OK THE HATJIXH. At the condition of Profw*ir Newton'* lec ture on "Repeating Curve*" before the Na tioiiai Academy of Sciences, yesterday, Prof. I'.er aci.n Pierce made a few remarks on the ?i:.e -ubject. Professor Newton then read another paper on ? ? on,| ars-;>n ot tlie Sj>ectraof the Lull and of the a'enre of the Sun made at the Sheffield S?->? n: 11,i Sv'l.oo! bv Mr. ? liarle.* S. Ill-tings," shewing by diagram* on the Idack-'toird the ? I ?'? r. i ? j i.a-? - ->i the refraction OT the s:in"? ia%? on the sj>ectra. 1'roii >M>r AU*vai' ;er followed, frivMig *?me ae< - ot hi- evperi-nce on the ciwt ot C iro I:i a <one year.' ago with the spectrt. Prof? ?.s>r -I. Watson next delivered an In t? r? ~* discourse on ??Kecent I>iscoverie^ an org the St*r?.** I'ro-e^-tii nyot followed with a paper r>'i the atf"t;,?!e ot <iray>atu! Torrev's Peaks of the K vkv nKinntaiiis in I'olorado. He thought ?"<> |? :ik in theb>rtieot range h is lievarol with anytliiug like aeeura-'v, pro!> a< le not within several lmndre<t feet. The Af.i'! jr.v then :td.;o*!rne,l. - ? T1 >k ?' .r\TT s, h?x?l Tisi'^tk s-5 ni<*t 'as* ere ait*: in i mate of expense* for the neat ' t? -'? ye ir was ?ul?ni:tte.| by the finance com- [ n itte T-* follows Kxpen<es of the neat sehool J*ar, I'w d-r!. iencie?i on the e\p-*ndi- j tur>-: the la.-t two v ?r^.-Jf. total. To meet thi? the eommittee nay. a tea ot til Ty ' ?** rits oi* * he 1. .iii,! ? rd dollar* ot j?rr>p( rtv In the ! eoi nt\ ? || |,e re,|'nre,| f??r the next vear and i thirtx -t v ?? -ents for the detiiien.?>,>.. Theifmi ! on ?!.;,-?! r e mlBiHim |anj ire <t? MImi I . '? r? eti pri! r!p-il t?iebers it *"iii. ?t'l.'Jici; l!?tee*ia?- slants, it stoo, i tUr seeret?ry aid II w finniture. <><i; r wtttoml taMtag*. ?*<ni; janitor*' wage?, ?: ? ???? 1 and -ti>\?- ti \ ? :|re~. -l.tOl; Mltj 1*. ? t?" ll. - ?.J.'irt. |l. fieiericV fo' tile ?text two \i .r> iMieon contract* for new rtirtu tnre. li?|:T?!in.j r>s!*. e . *:'l .T'.i. Mes.r*. .1. K. Keene and H. Pettr. *. hool tevlie'-i. a<Mre*c ???! the iHisrd otl tlie *.|l?i ct of imrt.MV of s il.irv. Mr. B'irr said it w ?* an aK*nnlitv to ?-k lor ah .nerease al ter the ertaibii jn?'>-. and he ahonWi enter hi- protect. Mr. Sli.-k -nlimittetl i r-.-opition re.|ti?*stiTi/ th.? ?eg.- ative ?-- 'n>h'v to incre**^ the sa!'?>-!e? of ftaehethist. I'iie e-tituafes of the finance ci mn.ittee were then adopted. an>l on motion ?>t Mr. tk( -ill- e, t ni iMNMaf til t? ???!:( r?"; o- w.i-. rc.erred W the committee Oil M.HItCe. ? Br*l Emu l?L?k-l -r?. I 111? Jt ? ? .ti. an- ;>??*??ers hive >ld tlie followiit/ ft a Ia.t? .1. j" ^,39aiKi -|itrc ???a tail ii i' |i'.-Vn ? juare n et. to M. Iv ihy, *' *li!'- '? lots Jo arid j|. and improvement.*, in ran.e ^ uare, to ,1. K. Kellev. for *_',7j". this | re| t: t \ . - - : ?teil i I street. |n-t ween ? , and #fl: * r ? ?? iiili*. ~t A Is', 'i?t b ttere<l \,in *ul?! \ -? ??i ?>? s-iDare T""?,on K sn-cet, l?et".veen l'?l and I t cxiiitaifing ?*? nb^iare feet, t i litnrv Saiuleis. lot ? A'so, we?t put of lot Jo. ,ii ?, ..ire i.i. a' *? (."etilf |ier ? |U ,re ns>t; th - i re|?eity is on N s reet, between Tt?i ami Mh northwest. Aid lo: -J. in ii?i. & Wright's ?nl oi Mo.itit Plea*.iot, on the ?th ?'re?t road. nearly opposite but - > nh of the Howard l iiivorsnv, w.tli the improvem 'nt tLere? n, eon-istm^ of a iwo-Mory a .nie 4l*.-ll ii-t ???ii'l -:able. !?> l?. Fit7(jera!i'. lor *1,|V. Ai-*? lease lor a term of year- of ail that part of so.i^re m ? ? i aMtH9*? cMtainiag i. square ftvt,toli, W. Uiggs. lor wo!? the ? La. iiiig | tiviit ifts attach* d. ?. Dr< 'iB*Tti?s or tiiii Gbivka .>r iJehmas A*iaii \> : <ij.i>ikks ?At a meetiii_? of t?i *xreut;\e t ommiftee of the t,erman Veteran I nioii ot llii.- 111-Jilet. .*tp|*ointed lor tli*fc pnr I ?e o: i *i. n iriangemeiit- jur the ? r>ra tu i . t-ii the .. Ii 01 May. ot th? grave.* of Iier ii. in-.Xnur ? ?ii -o!n . t? burietl at Pro-jiect 1111 no ? r\. Mr. \\ am I'- ,i hnid in I eha r aid Mi i; spri' g.j.vith-em tarv it wa-a?re-.| to ;i? t' ? cer mo'ii -- at th it eem-t -i v on the .awj; oi m?. until alter o'clock p. m.. in on .r net to ii t rt. re ?;th the cerenio i? ? at Ar'.:i:pt?.|i Height*. The io;lon.iii{ coio n.ttee ? rie api-iniitid :or decor i'mi da\ . to -i'-t i- m ex. t ye coirmitt?e \\ u. Btirchard. !mr ma? . I;, ^iiii.ijv'h. sj-.-retarv; i l#. t art ? trea rrt i; Hugo Kicliholts, eomniittee on i. ' ha- 11' i-rt. cimimtteo on di-cora t ??? I; : t ?-^u'h. committee on printitu at- avitatioai*. ?? K*. ?? ?-t* Tt^ri ai; Kli n '% %t a-t?orial ? ?ii .vt o. ii?- Mo!ay (iomiaaiiib-rv No. I. i K? fct.?.- Timpltf*. a-t n-ght, tlie Ij! "-.ving ! ii ,t? * ? re Hi rtiil .lame- P. Pear-on. emi- I m i t -r:iin ? i-? e' I?. \V K:alloch. cneral.-wima; j fi.t.r^e B ii *k cat-'tin general: I. i. -lohrj- J -??ii. | relate: ?*. 1.. p-atten. *enior warden: It. I I*. y,' rzi\ . i . r warden; A. M. Haniels. | t ii i. I ii. I\ 'u'i t-r -tandartl bearer: K. Ii. ? haj in'f. i? llden. T!ii< election w i t r-leie' bv 11 e Crat'd Ma-ter of Templar*, and w i- rendered nei - irr bv the re? <nat. >*i of Mr ,lo*e;.h I ? nr. '-. a? eri'nent eomna inder Tt ?- ii - i?- / it mi i- nmler ?li-|u>ii-.?t .m n>t v I l.av ? ? i ? i.! i chart) r which ?i!! yciikahli I-- .ait da* tie in xt ft inn?l conclave of tl.< liti c il liranil r ir?aa.lerv. ? ? \ yiiTiji; ? i" ? ? ? x- ok TKMrKR.c w ? hehl it T? in j era nee Hall. K street, l>et ween N't ;u ?' 1- ?tn et-. I i-t . \ tiing. for ??>?? nur |" -e it -tit i.tie j Hot:;" Ilk - oil. N.i " ?!.? tr ct 1?? j '*tv K. V Brail!*x cona|i|c*(sl t ,e 'ere li or \ ?he new divis'on ? l- ln-titute.l tie lo i _? ??!'? c- r- r* re elect# il ami i i-talle I I. r tl e enrrt11 .| ir* r Im d Metn'o-h. W P " K Hut? \V. .* .lol>n It Wh ?? r. I: S: M mi-on i: \rro .l rhai li n; .1. p. |l. P' eli .? m I i.inn ? ion n. I S Tu iotli r ?I v - i i - one near efh atnl street* north we-r. ai d the o*her near theaavy-vard?will i.ein- . tntcd next week A l*f*KTr!? Hi ?a?Mi * r?? ua I?i \ ? \ w - t i .l ?e.-terdav Mr i it vntre o' H- i.r Hartnii irom S trail liar- oi. |j., t sta'i - ;ii his i^tithin that he w:*s luirriedm Baltimore in fhat he live<l peaeea <lv wit'i | li> v t .'or a vear ami ahull. " ti ?r a(UfW4l | she did all in her |o?er to make huicom t..r,a' 1**. He farther chargen that -he left hiiu in |st<> iimI rrmaineil awa'. tor several iieinths, bnt r?turre?l ajpiin. making fwoml*? of /oim| lelavior. and in March .-he abawktne^l b m tntirtly. Ntw Prni.ii ation* ? >"rom I. ? P irker we have Ifiirprr't May*!***, T"' and the f* o.ifk '?/?/.all tor Mar: froaJos.Shil^in^ ti?li we h ivr //.' r f -/.I.MI- ami Fhs ' lil l jf fer Mav; from Keivaiwl A Tower- //.rryr't W?iiii?' for Mav. Krom l>. A Brown in we have the ''-i ?<'it II r/J lor May. am! the R-ri' for April l'?. kt-rtnttr'.- At th?- meeting of the Oram) l.rlge of' Virg.nia. I. l>. O. F., held in Kich ?hhimI yesterilav, Hn^h l.athtm. e*-mavor of Alex aielna. w:is relr.-eted Ke|.resent ii ire to ah* liraml Ixxlgeot the L"nite>l States, for the Utm of two yaar*. A Ftw? blonde, golden color, and red hair switches have been re -eived at Ch?>. Bauni'* hum.i n hair depot. Wb ita street. Call ,?rlT" t t PRira** jewelry store No. IT Penn-vlvama aveiiue. receive?l some beautiful styles u> ***- . f* hatter, next door to Henry Frinc, 1 eelim^ goo?J goo-hiatlowprices. t fV HiTt *t A.Straus*, t The rrlfbmliMi. l'<TI'Bf?Tl'VH AW>*r?KS ?XP r.ltTT*?? 'lt?? in>r.?vion ye-ter-iay to celebrate the li'i tp ki ?*iv?r^ary o:' the emancipation of -drives in the I'j-tri. t of Colnnhls, retarn<Mi to the ' '*J ITiM ihrmt " _ o'clock p.m.. and I>r. Bowen cnll> d the a??i'nib'aj(> to ord-'r. Pr*m was of t^rfU by Key. dames A. Handy, after wfc:ch Prof. H. T. Jirofi i r the meeting. am] was followed hv Mr. Frederick Douglas, both ol ?Me arid irterr-?ilug speeches I ? tters wet* read from President Orant, \ ic? IT* - d. nt Wilson, Senators Anthony, Pratt and Si<nuier. Representatives M.avnard and B I" Butter, tierritt Smith, Hon. A'. G Kiddle, S- I l otren. ICobt Harlan, X. G. Ordway, A. M Cl?|'p, and other*. 'ISATOB ?r*KM, n i''*1 "'fter. says Emancipation In the ua t)onal ***I*}t*J was the experiment which pre emancipation everywhere throughout the country. It wa- the beginning he great end. Here, as in.other thing-, you are an example to our colored fettow-citiz?n* it the >,aUf. \ our success here will vindicate th< <apacityof colored people for citizenship. and \our whole race will lie benefited thereby. Tier? let me ?]>eak franklv. Much ha* been d<?-?e ! nt n?>re remain* to be done. The great w..rli ?i,t yet accomplished. 1'ntll voiir equality it civil nitite is assured the pillar of your citizen, -hip is like the column in honor ef 'Washington nntiiii-hed and imperfect. There is constani talk of finishing that column at great cost ol monev, but the first thing to be done is to tir.isl the p liar of yonr citizenship. Here I stial gladly work, but I trust that von will all work I kew -e nor be content with auv tlung less thai the whole." vh k pRwmm wiLsn* *iTS: "In looking back over the past twelve year*, and noting the wondrous cbang.- so short a time ha.* made in the fortunes of the colored race, let us lK>pe that the retrosj>ect will serve tostim ulntc them to greater exertiou for advancement in the future. I saw to-day the beautiful build ing recently erected for the education of colored chi.dren, a 1 "Idin^ hardly excell <1 by any at the north, and I ant glad to see it hears the hon ored name of," mv colleague tor so manv years m the Senate, i was fweibly re mind ii.>t the change by rememberiu* that when I t(H>k mv seat here, some eighteen vear? ago, the only attempt at educating eolor.-d peo ple was by a .Miss .Miner, a brave, devoted wo man, w ho kept, by the aid of subscriptions, a small school k r colored girls, and even that wa met liy sneers and threat* of violence." r.ERhrr smith whites : "1 'ear Abraham Lincoln must not '.c allowed to tade trom our memory."' . A k**w?i.kvke axi> nAix at , l o inauguration ball buikJmg in the evening elo>?d the celebration, which was in many of . xer> pleasant one. The inaugu ration ball building was handtoniely decorated !;" ? Kb** awl the l?rfje companv "present en Joyed them.selves greatly until a late hour. The music was by a portion of the Marine band. ? Alexnmlrla llsh Market. ^notations of new fish for this day. furnished to Ihk S'iar by George W. Harbison A" Co.. wliole-ale dealers m fish Nos. 4- King street, ,o d, Mi wharves, Alexandria. VaT Shad, per hundred,911.7? to si::; Herring, per tl...usan.l.v, to White lVrch, per biioSh, J?? to _5 cents; Lock. per bunch, 25 to 35 cents; oral. | er bunch, 15 to 20 cents. Arriving iceely. Wasfjixotox Fish Market.?At the Wash ington fish wharves to-day the following .ales to shippers were made b> R. A. (Solden ? Bro.. auctioneers: 1 >. *?. shad. irorn sspito *13; in o> ui he^mgs. from 96 to -7; 2,iss? eels., at 1 cent; 100 riM k. linn |5 to J*) ('puts. Sales by others: r,.i?o shad, from ?ll to ?ll i.yiM?Ltrriiig.?, from ^6 to ^T. rr ? ? ?P T,IE SevTKX( K OF f ? ki k>. \\ f iinit tlie loilowing in UiatVWi'e A- r? ? jor April 1!?: St. Patrick's CHr*cji, > W .^nroiTox, |?. o., March 1-73! Ti it.., n,r Ufri'w _'rT? M-VM/tIO? of the New York X.t'i-n that tue President commuted O'lfrien's sen tence ???.?! the prayer ot the Catholic clergy infnifr ""1! I have taken pains'to it!';U.r< . and have a.certained that not onlv was "'"'"tation not granted-on the p'raver .,'n ? Va;tl0hc" which 1 knew well ? t.ou?li !.?tore any inquiry, but that no C ?'ho ic . Ur^Mnan had anything t?? do withohtain " / 'I ? mmutation. || the New York X - .nx:ons to ascertain how it was obt tined it ma> g. t all information from the Grand Army ot the 1.epublic ai.d Hon. H. F. Butler. 1 ay ni.ike ,-i . h ii^.- ol >lii? <b> you plcaat, lor contradicting the lie. J rulj yonr-, ?T"tts J. Keane. < ?;i:a.ndFxiiibitio? ok Mex \<?e I..E. Ml ?r*. ASU AliEXIC N VELTiKs, Ull.ler - X M p irate pavilions, for the intinitesiinal sunt ? wi-nty-tive cents, close* it> successful as ton 011 tl.e gtoutnl*. sixth street, near Pei.iisylvama lUriiiif, to-BM-rrow evening. It should be ?,'-"i:< t;\ in d? r-tood that on to-morrow the last ti.tertauiments will take place, momin : at 10 a iter noon at 2, and in the evening at 7 o'clock. ?,?'? "??onl.l fail to attend this excellent l ooloi Iiau-ra. histor;,, oiul.ination of ani mate rind and inanimate curiosities. a:id w.fru ti e <iiver?it:?d performances of the cxivlleut ?'? ut -ir an. k\mnostic. and acrobatic featsof he coB>nanv. Kemember, to-morrow 1.- the 'ast day in this eity. Coixcil met list ni^ht. and Mr. I^eilstone, from the comrnitfe^ on mass meeting, st .fe.1 that tliev had ei deav or*d to obt air. the hall of the House of K-pro I:.a?u? > to meet ir. btit were unable to do ? ?. h - V "?tice that ;lf the next "ting I ; ' v'/"tue to .unend the constitution ?;niakiiig the meetings monthly instead 01 > n.i irornhlr. Mr. Williams urged that the c."ii eil extend a hearty sympathy to thefarm ' ?; t-e 'lit ri nt stat(s who are organiz iig to r. U,e encroachments of monopolies, and'ex pre?-,n^ the Ml f that the s ire 'way P. -cure ;ei'"s i" in perfect combination with the '?National Labor Council." ... ? HI* t ARiir-T ai diexi e of the sea-on was rtilmD ih ' ,l't'ra House last night, illm,. the sta.s and crowding the aisVs and pa-.,ge>. the attraction bung the appearance burl/ !,"v , m""'1 'roupe in their new bnrle-|Tie "Hobin Hood." the hits in which w. re received with sliouts of laughter. It hi i fi? r It1" the fair l.vdia l^ar ? which occasion she wilf ap pear tor the nr-t time in this city in her ik w \^r?n.|l ot "Ala.l.lm, the Wonderful Sc mi;.. i:1.'"* fP'STRK'T v."LI*tkkrs who ,">rved .. tire ? ar org:?i.!/ed hist evening as "Tlu . -la'ioi.ot t Iiion Soldiers Of the l);>t: ct ol !/;' 11 1 * ' T^l'ollowinfofHcer? were f icctcd lor one >ear President, M. P. Fisher, vice pr? ?11 lei t>. .lames I;. Ilarrover and Chnrles \ I Kro. se; reeordingsecretarv. Wm. If. Champion *?? "?*?*>?> t'! \o 1 s'r ?it!'rt? n,al'uf*c,nri,1?? establish,uet.t to No. 1. ith street. above 1? street, iinmedi Hail' 4>, ,,<'>l,e Ll* ,,i<l -'and, under Lincoln ? ^ Smaji have been retorted since >e-,erd:?v a- follows: One at No. 2t. F ?treet ? ? ? Stanley has gone to Kurope. Boston has licensed 200 organ-grinders. Many intelligent teaehers are now con ,":c' " li at memorizing is not education. 1 V\V! i'.,1J4 lady's i>ettieo?t t<> tie. little above two fet-t. Five county sni>eriiiteiMlents of schools in urt woiut'ii. ?/"V iriegati d marble, susceptible of a high |s I.a* b. en found near Winchester, Ya. ?/" I he trus'ees ot the Staunt in. Ya., female 1 id. mv have voted To tran-fei that iriet.tiiti >11 t?> tr?t* trrt* o?' the city* A Mobile city ordinance prohibits >??.! ' i'~ t"te y o'clock. Tho is t J enable 0-01 le to ?tt their eytji o|k*ii. a/"Fdw:trd llannan was -t-utenced in Brook l> 11 >est. rda> o 21 years in the state 11 .son for highway robbery. ?STBi. hard siktwood, formerly a dry goods l.ant, coamuietl suicide in Baltimore vea trhlay, ' An accepted California suitor lately ts/d his int-rrs: ami go<Hl win in his affianced to a ri\a t'?r tlit* |?ri?*e i?l a new w;i!?tcoat fcTA boy in WilUam?i?rt, Pi., got a billiard 1 ail into bi> mouth recently, and the help of a physician wa? meded to get it out again. A woman has been lecturing in Salem Massachusetts, uii -the man, ladv and land ?juestion." * ?#"princess I.vtor, , ,t Pn->ons, ot Ohio, an American 'ad\. taore ol the ieign<ng 'lueensof fa-hion in Pari# jnst row. fcr Printers of the Cedar Kapida, Iowa, .?1 11 I i.ii', aie on a s?rike, because a nc?ro boy i? employed in the office. ?.USTw U" Bruw,,? '1 clerk at Winona junc 011, \\ was arrested yesterday, charged with from^the wreck,A 1 t*nt,c ***' " "tolen ^oo.? ?y rheSw>tsw.s?.i Hot. I lot ami three adjoin ing lots n. Richmond. Ya, h?ve I*-,, Jd at auction tor the ag^rrffate anion,? of ?js -.?i r? Col. < 'arrington, t!ie propretor of the Ex.-hang" . <Mr.T,' ,ma".W K!e,,t' *uf*r?n?endent of pni, li.-scho.Noi BrookH 11, lias sued the Brooklwn I idon to rec.n ft Vpsi.nno for Ubel in intiaaafiur that the p'aintie secured his election in a dis honor:.ble manner. W A m. e'ing of southern .and western Con gre-?ineii will be held at St. Louis next month to ijiiestions ot interest to the states of tiie MissL-sippi valley. Berdell liondholders of the Boston Hai ttord and Frie railroad met at Boston ye? terd^y and :..rined a new cor|>oration. under ti e II <me 01 the Newr York and New Kiigland rail roao ccni] auy.witb a capital s'ock of ?J0.'W0,W0. THE COrRTS. nnrnr covrt, j*m ctrtt?r.-To*-\y, k?t anaiigh ?*t. Barrick; verdict for plaintiff. Dastin a?t. Air rop; replwren; on trial. POLICE COURT. JuJtt S,.WJ.-To-day, Chirles Uiiio'ti, rbarpcd ?illith*'larc -ny of a bag of coal worth Bfty tftlf. k'nilt> . ami wax wnl t^joil for 10dajr?. Joha H. Tkumpann. ?ol.>red, ch*rrM with the larceny of k yard* of cloth fr >mT.>. Xaudain, adry ?o>?l? dealer on 7lh street; jail for * ?H'Htha; a|iral tak- n. Joseph Carroll and John Rurnside, chargisS with assault on Patrick D?rl?; f id ? ach. J.4ih I. JJ.?rrl-, charct-d with the larceny of ? pocket book cmMmiDK A6 canta;# Month" in jail. Saninel 11. ?earner was charged with threat* toward* Kate A Bsaiuer. Mr*. B. testified that he thr-a;. a d her. at the aame lime exhibiting a brfly, but sin- wm not afraid of him aa lou* as she could face lii?. The dufeoce claimed that the parties had mutually aermd to tepaiate, and that Beamer had * iten her money to so t? Philadelphia, hnt, instead, -he had gone to Cajpitol Hill, and wax continually haratwinic him. He ?u required to give b tide to keea the peace- Cluirlotte Johnson, charged with aaeanlt on Priacilla Scott; ?S. In the caaeof Hamilton WMeon. charred with aell inet slandered horac. a aolU prof wan ?;?*? red. John ijmlter wan cbar*ed with welling !i a?r withont I ire tow. The prosecuting witness, a colored woman, testified that she tofcl Mra. gather shewa- feeling badly and aeked for Ii<|iior. which she Mid for. and that Mra. Unilter gave h?-r a pieceof toUcco. Jiw Iice O. 8.B. Wall t<-?titii-d that the prosecuting uhnesand another woman were unite drunk anil w#re brought to the ?t?tion: th..t (the did not then ?ay that (>he got the lienor at ^nilter's. The court imposed a tine of ?lil3, and en appeal was taken. Dennis ynill, failing to k>-?*p proper distance with hi*' art. 5.1. Annit E. I>avi?, load and boisterous talking; $5. Rachel Fortune, same charge, .5;.. Kate Johnson, same charge; ??5. Ella Washington, same charge: 9*. Hathan Watson,a vagrant, wai setij to the workhouse. GEORGETOWN. Mibpiosary Mketino?An interesting mis sionary meeting w..? he'd la<t evening in Christ (Episcopal) Church, in behalf of the African minion, to which the Iter. J. U- Auer was con gecratcd bithop v. sterility in St. .John's Church of this city- F.ishop Smith presided, and the services were comme:.ct .1 by singing the hymn "Nearer, my Go?l, t3 thee." Addresses were then deliver d by the Kev. l?r. Nicholson, of New Jersey, ati<l Bishop Auer. Bishop Auer gave ati interesting account of his work in Af rica. He stated that the inhabitants of Africa were lazy, dressed very shabbily: they had it.J liferent streets, and roads without bridges, and consequently did not use heroes; aM of which he said could and would bo remedied by the introduction of the light of the blessed Gos p?l. His picture of the yonng Africans singing the hymns of the Episcopal service was good. He irged his hretheren to aid him ir. his great work, and stated that he de-ired to take with hiji from llie I'nited States a half do/en young men as helpmates. After the addresses a col lection was taken np for the support 01 the mis sion. T IE TAFLEArx last nitfht at Weft-Street chai>el were a dec Hied success. The representa tion of ' Judith and liolofernes;" the "Artist's I>ream," and "Country Courtship" called forth the admiration of all present, and will, by re <jue.-t. be repealed to-night. K vK.r. News?The steamer George H. Stout, from I'liila-lelphia. and the steamer Kay rem, from Baltimore, arrived to-<lay, with full car goes of general merchandise. The schr. Look out, from Baltimore, arrived to-day.with H>,onn laths anil iu.^jo feet white oak lumber for E. Pickerell vt Co. (i Iain Trade?The sales on 'Change to-day WI r.' :**> bushel* good red wheat, at *1.90. Fish Wharf?The receipts of fish to-dav were 16.000 herring-l.flOfl taylors, and lot shad; the icrringsold at *T.o0 to ?8; taylors at per huiidrt d; ami the shad at -215 per hundred. ALEXANDRIA. H.inEAS Corpus in s Bankbtpt Ca<k A csee of some interest under the bankrui ' l..w was heard here yesterday before .Judge l*n ler rood.inthe I". S. court-room. In August, I*?-', ?lolin Caldwell, of Fauouler co-ir.ty, w.'iit into l.anlmptcy in the ussial way, and "was abjudi cated a bankrupt, .iolin S. Fowler bein^ ap pointeit assignee. There w:i* t bill in chaneery for t:ie tale of his projierty, which was held in com non with others pending iu the Fau>|tiier circuit court, to which Caldwell replied h ? pei.ding bankruptcy and asked a stay of pro ceedings. The circuit court disregarded Cal l well's answer, and pass, d a decree for the sab ot the property, ap|<ointcd eonintlssioners 01 sale an<l also a receiver. In this condition of atlairs the assignee obtained an it:un.-tion from the I*. S. hark nipt court ag'iinst thee >111 missioners and the receiver, which a rested ficir proce?dirc?. ai<d atV.irs remained un chan^ed until the pr-'sent term of the Fan juier circuit court, v. hen Caldwell w;is attache i and biougtit int > court to show cause why he should not be punished for a contempt offered the court in not answering a rule of the court i - sued in April, 1872. Once in ciiurt, anotherrtilo was served upon him to show cause why he should net l>e punished for a contempt offered the cou^t in suing out the above injun-tion procured by t'-e as-!g.iee>, and also for disobey ing the decree ap|>oiiiting the receiver. 1'alil we" an-Tered those rules, and the caus?s were heard by -lndge Ke'.h, resuliin'j in thed'-mis -ion of the atta rhment. and the eonim;tiu. iit of Caldwell to jail for ten days and a tine of 1 tor the ether alleged cont -mpts?that is, th ? -n;ng out of the I". s. di??rict court the s ii 1 in junction. an! d'sobcdi-tice to the r.'e-.ver. *'aidwell now obtained a habeas corpu; from .ludge I'ndervpod, directed to the slieri fof Fau.ii ier. who jesterday brought up Caldwell iml his cans,' for hearing. The e ise was \ ?joi - onsly contc -ted on both sides and resulted in the discharge ot t'aldw *11. lMPi:i'V?-y?:>Ts ? tiie improvement. in the way of new building to b?! ereetr 1 this summer, iire four 'tore-houses ?t the inters ' on ot l niouand <';?m- run -tr.-ets, bv Mr. W. 41. Cazenove; house 011 I'itt, .ictween (.'am -ron ?i'd Queen -trci ts, by Mr. Thom;is Lantion: i ous.- near the intersection of Cain- ron ii>1 Fat! i< k street*,by Mr. Jasaes Ohstku; hoa? ?>ti King street, between Wa 'lington and Co lumbus, by B. F. l'rice; parsonage for Chris' church, on the -ite of t!:e present one; and tvr ? houses at the intersection of I>eke and Henry -treats, by Mr. .Michael Norniile. Jruv ?>p I.aa YKiss?The jurors summoned for this term of ihe co'poration court being out io-dav on ca-es, a jury, by consent of counsel ? >n both sides. wa? empaiirieled. com[>osed of the following named members of the bar: h. B. Taylor. W. Willoughby, M. I>. Ball, Linden Kent, George A. Muskhacb, C. K. Stuart, jr., ai d -lohn >1. dohnson, w ho were sworn to trv in issue. Case submitted without argument, ind jury having retired, returned and rep Tt.-d they could not agree, were discharged, an l th" . >e continued. Death op Mr. Geo. Bryan We rep- t to UHMUM the death ot .M.. (leo. BrjSI, wlMM illness we Lave mentioned. He died this morn ing at live o'clock. At a meeting of the city council cnmiiiittce on light, It Md to-day. resolu tions of rcs|>ect to the memory of Mr. Bryan, who was clerk of the gas works, were adopted. Horrors Made Ka?y.?'The price of liquor on \ inegar Hill, as posted on a groggery In that locality: Ten cents a pint for whisky, two .'rink- for five cents, three drinks for "seven cent*, ami three cents a glass for ale Giz- i? , !'<st?mriiif). MARKIE ? WINTER < HAKl.ES b this City, April I7tk, In !???> Mr. Pit/ r, Mr. IIKNUY E. !? kVIS T El; to MH. E. CIIAKLES, both of tins. ,;y. ? S - DIED. FOSTER At 12 m., F-brnarr 27, ROBE UT F. 1 l.R, in the ,'rtt|| \. ar or his ag". I New York city papers copy.1 > OSTER. Si,.i.Ici.!j, of Leal t Uis^nse, nite' o ci.s k p. m.. April 17. Mr*. CHARLOTTE \NN I- (<STL It, in ;h Wd year of le-r ????, w if? o. Die lat> U' I rt F F? ?t< r The fum ral * ill take plac?-nt h- r lat<- residence, t'JI 13*h t n ?-t - utheast, oil Suud:i at 3 .?'cl ick p 111. 2t* I EPERKR " 1 h< 17th imlHiit. at 5:2f p. ni..of . -1 n pt ? . ri'l lUMIII US W .thirdsoil"*'John ' . lid I i-i.i 1- M Led*Tor, a^ed 3U yars, ?.? :nontti 1 d 11 \ ? ars. The iiiiduight ruoou is Lraaiuiiig I pori Ins sil"i?t gravo, \V le re sleep.- (1 v llhotit ilreamiiiK The urn- we culil not save. I.e elor.ds oi wriel are le aping '1 le-ir ?!>aiiov - on my brow; Oh chi.le no- not fir ?? ?ping, 1 have 110 hu-kand u>>w . Th'- tun - al v ill t.ik.-place fr 111 his Ia'er.--idenc> , N-w llanip?!i:re avenue. b-ta< 1 24th and ?>tli sta ? n Sniid?\ at 1 o'clock p ni. K. I itivos and frlen ls a? iiapitWI) invited to atteMl * TODEK. CHARLES WILLIAM, infant son of C. T. and Annie E. Vod'-r, a^eii 4 mouths and 1 ?lays. * rOB FAMILY USE. TUB HALFORD LEICEbTERSUlKB TABLE SAUCE, THE VERY BE8T BACCE AND RELISH HADE 1M AMY PART OV THE WORLD. eor fAMJL Y VSU, PINTS. ? ??? Cksts. I1ALE PINTS.... 30 Cbnti, *OH SALM B Y ALL GKOCMKS. PUNQ. f OR RALE BY ALL DRDOOISTS, Can ba had by the trad* at CHARLES HTOTTI CO. 0i ??. ??? r?BniTittia mibmi d*cv<a 4 _ _ * MhlBftM City. "<? rffrrr?i| to the noblr system ?t ?J?*>r?TC,nent* that the corporate government of a-hinfc'ton city is vigorously carrying out **cecd? in boldness and wisdom that In progress in any other city in the Union. It is expensive, indeed; hot we predict that it will }'*>' **cbly *Ed will prove te be a inott lucrative investment. Washington will become on^ef the aM mac aificent cities in the Tnion. Independent of its attractions as being the capital or the nation am the depositary of innumerable things that both interest and instruct the stranger, it will be admirable for its fine and woil -graded streets, i'a elegant buildings, and its ornamental grounds. It will be the best graded of all the ?rities of the Union that have any hills, ami will ha, therefore, one of the most delightful to travel through. Besides the attractiveness of Washington for *n^e?^CR"0,l*?t?1*' 'mProve?ients she Is making will have a powerful -bearing npon her com mercial condition. She has a tine harbor and a Sue road to the sea for first-class vessels. When her routes to the interior are direct, wh.rt is to hinder her from becoming a place of great com mercial importance? Nothing. If her mer chants shonki turn ttieir attention more actively to importing and exporting, there is no ob-nacle in their way, and they roav make tboir city one ot ?er>' great commercial importation. Tfie at tractions of the city as the seat of government, and as the depot of a great many things or.ri oua as well as of national interest, wtil be high ly favorable to lier commerce, and we may look forward to the day when "Washington wifl be come the Paris of this continent, with the ad dition of a sea-going commarce which Paris cannot have. Washington is setting an exam ple to ether cities which they may well imitate HickiniMd Difpatch. Ronunre of frime, STEAIHt?: SKyUKL TO TUB BANK OF EXOT.AND FORCJKEIE3?A THIEF FOLLOWING TK? S>f TKCTI'. KS. A llav&na dispatch says:?Inspectors Hayd?n and Green, of the London police, and Mr. Good, clerk in the Bank of Kngt.ind, arrived h< re 011 the steamship Moro Ca-?e from N jw York. A man named Oscar Wilson, wk) is supposed to be a celebrated thief iu New York, took passage on the same steamer shortly be fore her saving from New York. When the vessel bad been at sea but a few hours, Mr. Green's trunk was opened and forty sovereigns and some jewelry were abstracted. P'ir>er Himond, of tLe Moro Castle, suspected Wilson ot the thet't. On Saturday evening he was in vited to waik on thede. k,atid whifedwngao the satchel which te brought on board the steamer | was inspected. In it 'were found a complete set of burglar's tooir and skeleton keys. The Moro Castle arrived here 011 Sunday evening, and passengers were not permitted to land on ac- j count of the lateness of the hour. While the passengers were on deck Wilson went below and forced open the trunks of Hayilen, Green and Good, abstract* 1 a quantity of papers, and then bid the burglar's tools uiider a closet in Green's room. Wilsan'sohject undoubtedly was to get hold of documents in the hands of the inspectors relating to t*e forgeries of Kidwell on the Bai'k of England; but alter the first it trinj?t to rol? the truuk^ the Loi)<louor8 removed the papers and kept tliem about their persons The Havana authorities have arrested Wilson on a charge of buiglary. The crime wa? com mitted iiikide t ie harbo- of Havana, and the case is con^'pieii. iy under <jpani?ta jurisdiction. The Brooklyn Sc.Osjjal Again in yes terday s Star mention was made of a reneoiitr. between two ladies, the wives of well-known Brooklyn men. The New York Herald of ves teru..y gives s. different version of the affair", as I follows;?For some time part the City of | Churches has been considerably agitated over ; various matters connected with the board 01 education. Mr. Fields was recently appointed to the ?uperintendeiicv of the public schools by r e mliueneeof Thomas |>im-lU. Scand:U of v.irious sorts were yesterday increased t--n'' ?M by a circumstance which happened Tue-Iiv. ot which the following arc reported to be t'i mam details:?L?ate in the afternoon Mrs. Kin sella was observed to drive furiously to tlie 01 m htead tavern, on the Coney I .-land road, where she .i' ^Lted, atid entering, discovered lier hu< band and Mrs. KiebN_fn <.?* of the rear room*. I he language Mr-. !\ "i is re:?orted to have used on this occasion s ? < ntiy indicated the light in which she rt ;-:*' ' ? r i:ttion?li!p ex isting between her lm>;, ?, , i ?iio wife of the superintend, nt of schools, und -he is ereti said to have a*saalu><! tl.e i, ;?,vtill restrained by Mr. Kmsella Brooklyn, as might well be ex-"

pcetrd, is alive with the . itement which nat urally arises. EriHAXAsiA at Sax ?1 singular s'orv comes to us from San Diego, in relation to the death 01 Fenwiek, who was awaiting ex ecution for murder in the jail at that p" ice. t he man died tin?ler circumstances provocative ot suspicion, ami a |>?st-mortem analysis re vcaled ?he lact that he had been supplied -villi letters the paper of which was saturated with morphine, and f>v chewing this medicated paper he had succeeded in killing himself. This Is a new departure in the annals of euthanasia ai.d therefore deserves to be noted. The nvthod Piopted was such as to elude the vigilance ot he most careful jailor, for though the prisoner had been s?eii chewing paper pellets and throw ing them about his cell :f was beyond the b >.mu> of average imagination that he was at th" same time eo? -uhide before the eve 01 Ins keep a. r it will be necessary for Jailors to twv all letters sent to prisoner-, under sentence of death, or to submit the paper to chemical analysis .v,?? /va? , /??. l?r. S.'JIKTHIX. 1 I! A I WA* XnTlltXO I.a4 n'.'ht oflieer Smith, ol the western station, produced ? n.ldle which no per-on but Justice M ;ll eoal l s?jlve. 1 he riddle is in this wise: Hurin ? tbe njght, the otliccr brought something to the station, yet he brought nothing. Tlie- .no thing was placed in a cell, and after the door bad been locked, there was nothing inthero im J his morning, however, something wasse>*n in the room, but ujK)n thet irnkeyoi>ening the .l.?r nothing was found. Justice Bell asked wh it case was to be brought before him, and wa an swered that there v .? nothing for him. His reply was? tuen bring nothing before iu.-. Noth ing was, therefore, brought before him. and as nothing could be made out of nothing, the ius tice sent nothing fo jail. The nothing was .t'ohn Nothing, who had been arrested and eomt:; ttud on the charge of drunkenness.?//.,/;;.,,/r. ,y ,<?? It !n, ?*^At Ridge, C01111., a few days ago, the l>ev. W . S. Clauson, aged ninety-sev.oi, was married to .Mrs, Urowii, a bloouiing wi l >v o' tiiiictv-four. -"Andrew J. Garvey was arrest..! in \>w 101k yesterday on complaint of Itichar i V. Harnett, that Garvey alt 11.s.><| him atel tli r-- i*en e*. his lite. <>arvey was bound ovei in - !'H) to Keep the peace. ?^"Thomas L. Freeman was sentenced to nineteen years' imprisonment iu the Tenn ssee state prisou five ytars ago for murder, and it has just been proved that he is iunocent. ot course lie will be discharged, but what compen sation is there for him? Two thousand six hundred and seventy two women have petitioned the Illinois house of representatives to amend the temm rane ? law so as to make it more stringent; not a - .ml - woman has asked to have it repealed 01 modi E VOIR .MOSEY \IHF.HF it W ILL DO THE MOST GOOD 'T There i? certainly no better place in the city than the METKOPOLITAN DOLLARS STOKK, 3151 7th street, where, if >ou invest a dollar, yon may re-t assurtsl yon always nctu-e the full vtlue a/ your rnonty, and where a saving of 25 to So cents ou the dollar is guaranteed to you, without the draw back of receiving inferior goods. Tbe variety offered is so larg.-, comprising everything pretty and use ful that it has boeon-e a vain task of .numerating the different article* offered, and youc attention is only called to below-mentioned goods, as all are good, desirable, and very cheap, and immense .*nau tities have lately been sold; Oenta'British IIA L K IIOSE, 3 pair for *1 Ladies' IKON KKAMK HOSE,3 pair for' *1. < hildretis' IKON FRAME HOSE 3 pair t V ?1 Ladles U1A8 T I CKED SKIRT, 42, cannot be bonirht els. * here Ie-- i .*2.5U. L'?.li.^ RUFFLE APRONS, prime mu-lir Boc Fi ie English HAIR HRrsii?!s. ?1u,u ?w,c-. F rerich Plate HAND MIRRORS. AI. avcellent Rubber Ilressinu COMBS, 25 and 50c LK Hows, 25 and 50, . ?".1^-8?LK SCARFS, ail new sh*le-, 50c. b'did alnnt, S Plirong TOWEL RACK, 25c Boys'Leather BOOKSTBAPS, 2#c. ? ?.III; Piece* Excellent SOAP, 14c. Six Hands .nie GOBLETS. SOc Beautiful Oval PICTI'RE FRAMES,SO*. A Pretty Carve.1 BRACKET. 25c ?''rne?: ?'"! Side BRACKETS. fiUc. each. Rsrvs PAPER RACKS. HAT ?u .. C,I,!A,'<iooB3' SILVERBBRQ'a METKOPOLITAM dollar store, S?s SEVENTH STREET, ->>l tr Pennsjlv .no. , nB,. ]^|08T WOHDBRtOL^lHVMITIO* OF~TH> Electro-Galvanic gpiOTA.^M^ CLE0, Patented Jane a, IMS. ^ VJI | JKITKB STATES PATENT OFFICE" V. .v ? ASHINSTOJI, D. 0.. \ ur I 9 lH7t On the petition 01 ARC ALOIS w/oKoFK of N'-^ York, praying for V eit"n,i! n of I ffi a to him oti thf 12 h dav <.f Jniv UB9, *ii?l reisgucd on the 13th of Alarch, 18 i6 tor tniprovement in Hollow Angers: cn' ,or?n !iU?S?rf^ that tbetefltimonyin the cm* on the loth day ?f j??P n,II; th,tth?o!^ rtrnuTl Examiner's report be limited to k ?^i J'1"" next; and that taid petition he beard on the 2Vh day ?f J?'ne next. *^ UOB n n i.1W** this ext-nslon. all f.3t 31. f5. LEOUETT, C'ommlwioner. CITY ITEMS. ,1's* vm of I>ooley*s than of any ethT \ea?t Or Powder. as it la mnch *tr*n\grx. Put rp fall weight. Giwe tt * lair trial. Growers ?ell it. 6 - ? ? ? Sat* Torn Doctor's Bill.?When I>r. 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Manking hoars, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 an 1 6 to 8. STt3,14tl6 Tri cowwrHiTT at large appreciate the nse I'qIiiOv- of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 8orm> fkct 'being indispensable to health and comfort thousands of p**ceons come fk?m far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. 835 15th sti?eet, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad naila., Jfcc., and advice as to suitable shoes. Willcox A Qirb'r SiviHt Machiwr. The celebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency at CLa?. Baum's hoopcklrt and corset factory, 7th strt?et, Intelligencer Biilding. 10,28 TmtnoviTiKS and barometers we repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4 if street. Georgetown Advertisements. r-S?TABLEAr\ ASP MUSIC, FOB THE Benefit of ?he NEW PRKSBYTEBItN CHTRCH, will be held at WEST STREET CHAPEL. Georgetown. P. C ,on T H IRS DA Y ami FRIDAY EYENINCS. April 17 an<1 lt?, H7t, at 7 SO p m. Change of pjograiume second ev>nru A liniMd n. Hi cents. al" 2t* Potatoesi potatoes:; potatoes!? PRIME MAINE JACKSON WHITER. 3,400 Bushels prime No. I J ACKSON WHITE POTATOES, now landing per schooner Carrie H. ?Word, ami for sale in lot* to aait purchasers. Apply to H ARTLEY A BROTHER. al7 lw" ??.?> anil 99 Water st . Georgetown, D. C. J|EADY FOB THE SPRING TR4DE. With a full corps of fir?t claes workmen, a coib plfte stock ">f the best foreign and domestic Dye Stuff;", Ac., Ac.. 1 am fully prt-p ired to CLEAN OB RECoLOR LADIES ANI) GENTS' SPRINO AN*P SUMMER WEARING APPAREB, promptly and in the best manner. W. H. WHEATLEV, PK2M1UM STEAM II VA'/Yl* A.W SCO UK lyii WOK KS, ESTABLISHED 1*31. . Premium avurdtd 1867. Office.49 Jefferson st .Georgetown, D. 0 Post Office B'i* 7tH. ap7 'r J^'SW 61'RING PRY GOODS. Beautiful Prewi Goods, in sage ar.d mignonette shades: a large ammrlnu nt ? f medium an-l low-priced Press G?kx1?: HijUUU yards new Spring Percale*. Call and Shirtings bei<t makes of miJ C.ies. ami pmrtings best makes of Shirtings and Sheetirgs. very cheap; Su pieces Black Alpacas ami Mohairs, from 25 cents to SI 25; Cassim r-s and Suitings, f< r men ami toys. V o have a large stock, aud offer BENJAMIN MILLER, n>22-3nn 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. PROFESSIONAL | JK. MARY D. SPACEMAN, m.-J 2\ ? lti.!4 SIXTEENTH STREET J AMES 0. CLEPHANE. E. Z BRAILEY <LEPHA*E~A RKAIf.EY, SHORTHAND \t KITER.> I. v A Khl'oRTERS. Office?No. 110 0 street, le'ween l-.f aril 21. farit e Indiana aveniif. aih.1l ly JOHN F.HANNA, ~ _ ATTORNEY AT LAW, No. 9 Y< utile's Law Buildiug, del-tf Washington, D. O. BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ac. BRYANT'S LIBRARY OF l'OETKY AND SONG, H B STOWE S LIBRARY OF FAMOUS FIC TION, BEF.CUER S LIFE hnbscriptioua received at 1411 Pcnii?> Ivanii av ?tine by a^ In." BISHOP A HA/ARD. A gricclti bal BOOKS. Johnston's Vgricultural Clifn.Utry fl75 American ' ?r?leu- r's Assi-tant 2 50 * Alien s American Farm B">k 2 S>) Hcitderson's Gardeiiine for Profit 1 50 Warine's PraiuiiiKlor Profit au i Health 1 .V) Fuller ? Small Fruit Culturist I 50 Fuller's Grape Culture...^ 1 it, Fit/.'s S utliern Appl- Culturist 2 75 Wiight's Practical p.-ultry Keep.-r. 2 UJ Laiimit roth on the Honey ??? 2 a> Bamiall's Sheep Husbandry... 1 M H i>i se Ownera" Uyclopx dia 3 75 Yoiiatt on the p. p# a 75 All the new book< recemM a- s.mmi h? put>ti-licd by RICH A BP B MOHl'N A CO , ?>>-tr 1 Ol it Peiilia. a\ enue, coriier 11th stre-1. ? 1ST OF NEW BOOKS AT SIIILLIMGTOX'S BOOKSTORE : LITTLE K ATE KIRRY A N< vel. Bv tli -author ? t Matlie A-tia\ and Carrie*- Confession. THE COMING RACE. B.. Edward Buiwer, Lord L\ tt< 11 ) THE WIPOW LEROGl'E. A Novel. By Ejiil Gaboriau. THE BERBER; or, THE MOUNTAINEER OF THE ATLAS. B M S Mavo. NOT EASILY JEALOUS. A N .vcl. TO THE BITTER ENP. B. Miss Bra I I >n. LAKEVILLE. B> Mary ll ally. BEPTILES ANP BIRPS. A New Edition. EDUCATION IN .1APAN. HALF HOUR RECREATIONS IN POPULAR SCIENCE. No. 7. All the back numliers on baud POPCLAR SCIENCE. Monthly volumes 1 an.I 2 ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. B^ Profes^.r Everett. HEY To NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS. Contain iliff a concise accouut ot every specie* ot Limiik and Fossil Birds. HARPERS HAND BOOK OF TRAVEL IN El ROPE. A large stock of Bl ink B- . k?. Pass B >ok". an I Memorandum It 'k-. Note Pap<-r, Letter Pap?-r, ami Plaj ing Cards at th* very lowest prices, ai-tr F^VEBY MOTHEHTtHR DOi'TOU OF HER A OWN FAMILY if she gets Dr. HALL S HEALTH AT HOME at STOCKMAN A St'S V 9th street northwest The COTTAGE BIBLE to be hid there al*'. Two (rood AGENTS wanted. ni25 tr rpBl WORKS OF THOMAS GUTHRIE, 1>. P. The G.#pel iu Ezekiel The Saints Inheritance. The Way ot Life. On the Parables. Illustrated. Speaking to the Heart. Studies of Character. Plea for R?Kqed Schools. The fe'ity; its Sins and S rrow^s At WM BALLANTYNES, it] 4519 7ih atr-et. MUT1UL OPENING OF A NEW 8TAT10HRRT STORX ANP BLANK BOOK MANUFACTORY. First-class gorsla at fair prices, for cash. LITHOGRAPHING, ENGRAVING, PRINTING AND BINDING DONS TO ORDER The public are invited to call and examine our new Mock. BEN. F. FRENCH, Under National Metropolitan Bank, and next door to Jay Cooke A C". s, sejj tf Washincton. P. 0. THE TRADES. AWXIKUfe. JOHN C. HOGAN. 713 Market Sp^ M.iiiulai turer of AWNINGS, 1 r Stores, City and Country Residence*. TENTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL "fall kinds tor -ale. Sole A tent lor COWLES A CO. S M1LDEW PROOF AWNING MATERIAL. apis tr pLUMBING ANP GAS FITTING. Those desiring to have their Plumbing a-id Gas Fitting done iu a ueat and substantial luauner, and <>n reasonable terms,should b-ave their orders at 113 Pi-nns) Ivania avenue, Cspitol Hill. Work warranted. m27 6m* WM ROTH WELL. g-?ALL ON JAMES F. BR1EN, ^ PractteMl Plumber and Has PitUr, to have your Pluuiltiug, Gaa Fitting, and Sewerage trcmptly attended to on reasonable terms, No. bU9 ,ouisiana avenne, near tth street, north side. * Residence, iii/9 3d street, northeast. mil M'cunninghamT hatterT ? 1011 F Street, between lotn and 11th, has the pleasure to aunouuee tuat he has receivedra the Spring Style of Broadway BLOCK, and is^^ prepared to furnish New Hats made to order them or remodel old styles; also, an assortment of Felt nats for sale, on reasonable terms. fg-tr ^WRINGS, FLAPS, TEMTS. M. 0. COPELAND, 643 Louisiana avenue, one door east fth AWNINGS for Stores,City asd County rtdurtkt in style and finish. FLAGS and TENTS far aale and rent. BOOMS DECORATED. All Can rasa articles made to erdsr DANCING CLOTHS. TCMTOM, CAKPMMTKK, BVlLUhR, a 50 CONTRACTOR. Omen for House Carpentering. Jobbing, or Go razor's Work speedily attended to. Shops and Offlcs, . . _ jaiJS-tf lJth street, below E st. northwest. BB,,D""" *]?.?? r ? sr-'l l,forcash, at the loweatmarket prices. < Call and amine t&eir stock, marS-9n4 GROCERS. ^ lO'HiRCklUA, ISIS 7th STREET lOltTBWm. I B?-Iwmi] M an J S ?t? SOAP *oap :i PTYVt. rA Rvnhl' ? ce"?*!rated CH;/-ic?a*1 Cltxe inth* ir-xrket?M ce;its pontui lar.PSc bftbf boi?f MH?. HUMS Ac. In store 1,400 lbs. extra quality Sacar-Cnred HAWS V 11m e?tra white L A RD. 4fl Ki*?h Gr?h?n FLOl H. lr>?i bMI wh?at FREKH OATMEAL. Ki E FLOl'R LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! Old P. ak?r WHISKY, ?W Cabinet wmm. VIM;.] year* old. per Mtlo ..............f 1 W California Brandt , p-r l?. - 1 ?*> Hollaikl Gin, per bottle ?.. 1 French Brand) per bottle- 1 Si SWRE1 CATAWBA WINE. fl per ration. Pnre SWF.ET CIDER. Philadelphia ALE and PORTER. f. S. ?'HAKE * SO *. alS UU 7th st. a. w., Mwi? M and S. L* L o L R 1 h t.l'kt V tV DIKXCT frosri the Mill* in VALLEY OF VIRGINIA. WiR sell to familie* io rent* pec barrel Ic*? than uoual price*. PrK>? of SIGA He" and TEAS all carkod down. CATAWBA WINE, jiwt reeHvfd from Ple^aai.t Valley Wkx? Company, t -J a K?lku. g. H BA<V*,7??t Market Upace. mar28 Mw.fii 7th and nh atreets. P RIC 2 LIST or OROCBKIB8 AT RLPHO >ZO TOCXGI ft CV'I. SUGARS. (BEST NEW YOKE BRANDS.I ??A"(Clar11edl. J Ik" for 100 Crashed (loaf). _...7H lbs. for 1 oi Granulated......... .754 lbs. for 1 U>) Ltcht Browmnearly whit*)...8* Ibe. *or 1 Wt Quod Brown J it*, for 1 oo FLOUR. ?vtra?choice. p?r sack, ?1 W Extra? ver; hieh grade-. per aack, S 0U Extra? a ?.-*! family... p?r aack, I V Family?choice P"r aark, t SO Family?the very t>e?t... p<*r sac*, f is Fatuily?Welch's beat?at lowest raua. SUNDRIES. rrnnea?choice ?.J Ilia for 01 Eng!l?b Currants Jt lbs. for 1 at R?i?ins?choice t lbs. for 1 uC Wtnalow's Gr<*B O/rn...... 4 can* for 1 uu Tomatoea? 1 Itia...................... ? -ana f?r 1 10 Tomatoes?S lb*. 4 raoafor 1 10 Peache*?J It* 9 cids for 1 ??> Peacfcea?I lb* _ , 4 cans tor I I# _ r#'' *f CMP. m we cannot gr.arar.te? the abe? ? no paral.eied low pricee for au> d< r.nite l-njth of slwf RLPHO >/.0 VVL'MGS ft CO,. VKOCEKS, E YOCNGP, I MASONIC TEMPLB, W M. H. SEARS.( Ninth F -rs. ?S t? STEAMER LINES. VrEW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, mrai PHILADELPHIA. A LEX ANDRI A. Va . W ASH INGToN AND GEORGETOWN, DC. ?A1LINO PAY*. II ?" 1 k From Pier 2, N rth W harvea. Pltil- Cc:^i? r adelrlita, WEDNESDAY atrl SAT I'RDAY, at 1U m. Fr< m 49 Wntcr *tr?^t,Geir*etowTi. D C , TC^S DAY aud SATI'KDAY. at IO *. m. Thia line cotiTi>-ct( at Philadelphia with "Clyd*'* Iri n Line" of steamers for Pm\ideuce, B"?t >n and N* w Ei gland Stat?-?. K" wbarfuK* in B by thi? lin? G F HYDI. Ar-ni f .r D.ofO. WM. P CLYDE A ?0. Philadelphia. F A KhII? Ab'Xandria. Va. W ALDO A. PEABCE, A4 Congress S;reet. B t ton. a^S WASHINGTON. NORFOLK, BOSTON, AND PROVIDENCE. The fine Iran Steamer LADY OF THE LAKE haTins rt-siuiii-d her regular trip, to II ? >- k N rf. Tk.wiil lt<a\e her wharf, fmil of 6Jh street, every MONDAY TH L RSDA Y, at 2 p. m? tou< lungat principal River Lai.diiig?, connect.i ( at Norfi Ik with Steani?hip of the.M. and M LiLe fr B<>"toti and Provid'nee. FreiRht chonld !?? addrr?n<-d "care of Lady of the Lake, via Nort.ilk." Branch ti< k<t eflcn at Kuos > E\pre?n OBice, fcO.'i P nn?vlvani> a>eniie. T. M. CROI'CH, A ir-iit. 6t >i-?t reet wharf. DORSKY CLAGETT, G i eral Ae.-nt. n 14 Plant 'e htore. c< r?ier 15!h *t. and P*. av?. ^C&ARD LINE. TUE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS. BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL CALLING AT CORK HARBOR FROM NEW YORK. Calabria. .S??__Apl. 1? ?Ruei-ia Wed?Art. 16 *J >va Wad?A pi. 23 'Cuba. ?.WXI_..Apl "St' tia.?. W'?d..M ly 7 Aifteria Wed M iy 14 Steamers marked tboa * P artiiia bat A pi . 3u Al t *-iiii.i . ,8a*_. M 1' ISat .n la. v,(. 17 do uot carry H??ra(? paa enicera Aud every following WEDNESDAY and SATCR DAY from New York. Rati* op Pao-abe.?Cabin. Sew, flop, nod ?12 fid, according to accomm< tfation. Tickets to Pans, $13, gold, addition*!.< Return tickets on tav^rable tenua ? Storage, ?30,currency. Steeragt ticket* from Liverpool and Qoeenatuwn, and all purtt ot Europe, at loweat raUa. Thr->ngb billn of lading eiven to B~lfa?t, Glaea >w, Havre, Antwerp and other points on the Contin*ut an 1 for M<dit- rratieac ports. For freieht and cabin pv ?a*e, appiy at the Couipan) 's office. No. 4 B *Im* Green;f< r Meeiage j*m*age, at No. Ill B<? vjwa) Trinit) Building. no* 11? ly CHA8 Q FRANCKLYN. Ag>-nt. A NCHOR LINE STEAMERS SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. Pasee: s- n> booked to aud from any Railway Sta tion or Seaport iu Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, D-nniark, Germany.* France, Uollaud, lt< Ijjnau and the Lulled' States. Cabin fare from NEW YORK to LONDON. LIV ERPOOL,GLAMjC'U and DERRY. and #T* EXCl'RSION TICKETS. ?IM. Intermeddle, ? 3A, Su-?rage, S ?*". ail pa) able Id Uorrcacy. Partita sending f r their friends ia the Old C>untry can purcliaae tickets at lowest rate*. For turlliet pnrticolarw nppiv to the Agtut, 0. CAMMACK, Ja. 14*3 F street, W a*niiigt. n. HENDERSON BROTHERS, ma>16 T B<<?ling Gre~u, N<-w York. WE&CUAKT'S LINE OF aTEAMsUlPS. iKtwtm WASHINGTON AMD NEW YORK. ftereaflar the fine Steamabipa R O. KNIGuT and JOHN GIBSON will make regular weekly ^MBft trip# between NEW Y'ORR, ALEIAN-^U^R DRIA. WASHINGTON and GEORGE-*?"? TOW N, as follows:?Leave NEW YORK fro* Pier 3V East River, every SATURDAY at 4?. ?., Leave GEORGETOWN avary FRIDAY at T ft. m., ftud ALEXANDRIA the same Say at IS a. For fall Information apply to R. P. A. DEM HAH, Agent, office and whan toot ot High straet. George town, or at tks corner of 17th strsst and lew Y.rk 'gj^-Fr#.isht? delivered bv Kir > ? Expr. ? Or der? left at General Offi<-e. 603 P.-nnay Ivauia a* . - nne.or at the steamer wharf will be promptly at tended to. _ jall-tf I. w. THOMPSOl. LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT A SON, . BOARDING, LIVERY d SALE STABLES. 41ft 8th street, bet. D and E,aud Chain Alley, H. between 12th and 14th. Office, WiUards. Beat carriages furnished. Special care paid to ttw boarding of horaea.. <l"rH-? LL1SON NAlLnK. Jtu _ LIVERY AND HllnNG STABLES A STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHMEH ly llllii E ?tr?? ARLINGTON STABLES.?R. CRT IT. JlT G STREET, Bxiwiin ITth axu I9ti. Carriages by day or night, and for wadding* or par ties. I?c20 1v CONGRESS STABLES. " " L Pth STREET, UcrwgK U a!?b E. Horaes and Biggies for Hire, and a fresh aupply of go?<1 II [?? for sale ?very i?i. lySl-lr BU HAKD VANT. Proprietor WASH BAILOR'S STABLES 13sift E^t! ** CARRIAGES of tb? lateat styles conatanUy on h*ud and lor hire by the day or month Parties, wMUInk-s. and receptions tarnished with the niost comfortable and elegant Carriww Particular a'tenti- n to boarding Eonea, and Hones always for sale and exebauge. duel* if RATl/ROAT>a. UKXAM'KIA ??A(H!VO l ToN R ft. mianpriaT rRtrrRTrKdnrfto b a. Owr *J H m?4 inrtk bMl tt?'M for AI'itM u leave aa follow-? H, ' < t. 7 M. tvW It *c Intl. liMt.a.. i:u < 3 ii. ml 7 tti p. na lowitniM fmat A le?*? dria arriee a* T*t1nw* ? *tt. r?.>> ?? iii> it S3*.m u oa i- i. : -t, 1 5.2ft. *U,bJ?. 7 S *2cp in. ?Trwuawiwi ih<wcutii?(4 vttk train* on W Mk lan?? to4 Ohio R H. Ul'lKTIill ? - ? Ql'AltlCO ioawM4(ll>% |mtm guhlutiLi w i. w. dally, *v?m| ?"A.r K/t TMbUbri'UM. n? Dew ^ nr?Ui*hiMiiMkiil - ? j"T"' wm m.rmtt- ?d. L>ALT1M<AE AMI' PoTl MAC, t> kMLKrAP, J rr. IU ?U i> ?????. * W ? TRAINS LEAVE FOB . TEAIX* ARRIVE KX BALTIMORE | WAMlINtiToM iMt. ?>., Mu(i(? Bi? ? ?M? B .tlwiNTi Li?., tell|. | 4*ilr.*in<f||?n4t| f M a m . Baitiai?r> Mail, n* a. m . Mait.daiit . mm 8wd?> ? _ I mh U?I.- ?M?Suuda*. toUp.a^p, tmJS9 hit*-*" ? ??P_^Oirtaaatt Ri ,lMri, "" *?? jraaa<daii>.?oep, sun :?-? r .. . *wh Et T 7JI -? y""mtrTr> ?*? I dS"*'<UiU ? Sau Trniualeavtti* Waahtr?t. ? at sS tixl 1 ?- a <a ? i4 |B| ?..cmbmIMR*'' r *1 . Iw ina Rate ' .-am. a ??! < !Wi V n , ar- | ri? nc >i M%r1t>oro ?l|i a an.i it it u< ? n. I Tr?-?? arriving at m a>ht'i*-t.-u - - a. ai and ? u nlMI p ar.ouaaart at H ?v art'ii tra.u* i-a\ iu* Maril-cro' 7v a. m and 3 e> t i l r m fn? i lea*Ing rh?-ir ?nHi at Ticfc?4 <?f*~ea, ? -rtK-r of 1Mb atree4 and P? ntoaylvania a>- a. 4 i. .ttliaeat ovrM of Bl*'h aire* ami Prti.m :? urn fM k?T? .. D>. l.???lt*. N"W !?? ? all*, i RW-vf .t'waha. fan f \ a>d all point* north, i onbweat, meat, aud aouthweat EL T>rRARRT.O-i?'l R B TorKO.Oon-i Paaar U>M. ?1 tj_ UALT1MORR A H D VU 1 UfQC D RAILROAD iai-yHP? Vi>li!WTuii. Tran.a betw~-ti U AMIlNoT?>N AND IHLTI MORR and W ASHIBOTON ARD THBVUTh* m? run aa follo?*,vi? FOR BALTIMOBB daily, nrfji H>:nda< . at ? tf ? M. ' <1 and li. ?l A. m.: IM, I U. ? M. t RI. ?Ju, S:'.V a .-l BJU '*"* OB KCRDAT FOR BALTIMORE Loa*? at ? U and e:WI a m . aud l.DU. J.U.lR.t.lO da.W | tn. FOB ALL WAT t?TAT!"NA Lo*??dailT. okc^pt 4 a. 6 tf ai-1 ? It a to . ? 1(1 aiid t lu ii ai.: and <>n h'iM<la? a: ? ?? an4 8.DIW. m., an.l 1 uu, f:U.t:Rl. and Atlu p in The l.-tft. S:l> and 111 p m train at.-p %t th? f..| o?u ? atadona ?i,It, *it: B*ad>-naLnrt, H- ltartll* Laarel, Atir ap> lu Jnnrtioc, ||?r, .?.r ai d U- lmy. Mao. tlx* S.IS r m ?<>? at Ji<?auv% Cut, ?ul ' Mtp a at PMm'aOroaaiiiic FOB ANN APOLII* Lf?? at a. m and ? U' p m, but no traiu* to "< < am Aooa^-liaoti MM ' FOR NORFOLB. Lravf at IHIf m .aiirpt Snndar. FOR ALL TARTU OF TUI ? IST. Lrttf dally, rac-pt Saturday and KnMat.tll If a n. kixI 3 IS ai.d ? tC f n On Ratunla) ?'6 tf *..i and tub p. a,., and <? Sufday at I II aiHl StW p ni. TRAINS ARRIVR At* FOLLOW* Fro? St-? T< rk, Ptitlad. Iptiia aud B >.; u >rt, at C > a. m , at;d 8 ? and 9 16 p la. Fr m Plulail-'lpliia and Bait i?nr? at l-W?, m Baliim r<> at tail. ? *> e ai an I II :j a it , aid 1:41). J.4U. S.?. ? TV?M and U A. g tu FROM THR ? t?T. ArriTr at 1 *' 6.J6 ?ud It V p tu TkrtrafkUrk'-ta u> Ok- W 4t ctr. b# lt?.ii' r*t? A aMT." lft"U tMaM..|i Tl V-t I' Sc- at all 1... ? I : i.? 1a> . al? . at tliri 'tnpai.> '? Itlir. 4 |" ? . ai a iv* tits*. Paaafiigcra parrRaattic t?A.-t? at kv. jDf (.iter c*d tin re arrano t?> h??r tl.. .. | . -sall -J for and i tn<< k*d at th<-ir r<?i i- ac?*,:al- u to tua li e 4, aud cut Into th?- I ai-rac- < ar F'-r Snw T rk, Plitlart. 'f. .ia auj B < a tmal* i.f '"Ttir n?h l.n ? TUOS. R hUARP. A-a't Maft'-r T'at.?^ rtaiKut L M. OOLR, O^uoral T M ifn>t. i.l" ^ K' ?STU U ia* ??III;.M.II I INK "HM)V rmf W AMIIN<JT<<N. rillLMtRL Ifll'zrji, I'aiA, AND NK'A %.?UR Wa?H vstot, (i.iiitii'K-'I.ICI Trattub'tweon W AtHlNUTuN aud Nk'A VoRK ?t tut a? f I! FOB NKVk VORR. *rrk**t '*?a?? a' "??* L?*a> ? daii) I exc< pt S>' i. l?? ) at t> tK a in . l.tAJ an<l t? ?.m. PO| raiL^DILPRII. Lave dally .tio-pi Mttiat ;*tea. at., ? ! f X ON Sl'KDAT. Loavefor N -w Y i k at s.Wp. ui.,and Pti'la' ipbla t il p m. bimpmc can for S -w l rk or 8*0 r m rra.a oul?. TUri tu?b tlfki"t? to Piulail' Iphla. R-ar V r* an<l B ?tfb can U Lad at tbe Stall, u Oltice at ail "ra ofiIk day. F"r Baltlmot* and OMo railroad adT(.rti? ? ? t aoe - hwitrl?-1>? ??-"n H a?L:n<l< n, Baltim r>?. A ipo * air. tl. - W --t TUi'8. B MIABP.A-at Maat??r Tratm^ r'ltlos. L M COLE. O't?Tal Tick?l A*ont GEO 8. K'MiJiTZ. A -'.t, Wn-lu'igt.m I'M 1872 PENH8FLVAN|TA R'HTB fO THE KORTUVkK^T. J^OL'TU. AND WH.'TU W tfl. Tratna l? are a* foil >wa: * aabioctou. ? M a.m.) Baltimore ? T M a* ?? VkX - ? 1 '?'HI 1 ? a-* - ? Bl. Sfl p. tu ?7:43 p . tn ?- 1W p. m. * llS p. U| . - l<1B ?. THE GREAT BOl Bl E TRACE Rol'TK, ?F It fa i-l. ?an: Ocr~ rj . Palate SiaJ-rootu dap MtC iigtit c%r?, aith u. id* ri. T?' Li.iMtmd Biili? itfil to W.atiTii aud C 'ttral S?** If ? rk. The lti:3$ a m. dally, **r. pt <tnnd?y,r '??.*?at, r U p m daily, and Ifi p o.. f? - pt auula*. w?at. Ma IK ClIJMC V'OHf rhrT.f h from H A LT1 M< ? KE tu K1AUAUA and PI'i 1>BCRG with, lit cbaiifr. Ti.a.<U by tbwti.ute can !*? prornr?d at th- <flc?a. xirto't of Utb atrcH and Pennaylama ai - and joriii'f <?? As b atrwt and P?-unai Ivania aw i u. ud-r Sationai Hot-I, a hi ra roiiabla uilotiuati m ?ill bo ci\?'B at all tinioa. Paaaru*" r? procorlnf flck> ta at thta ran ? -euro accotnni.idati ua m Palaca Car* for Pitta iorp. KD 8 TOlNU.Oonvral Paa??ng?r Ac t;t, marlS-(y Baltim r-. Ml HOTELS. LMUN UuTKL, <ltiit?nu?'.>, D. C. V sUINN. Pr .pn t ,r | T!ii? llotrl haa bt*n iifw ly rv(Tt:?d and fcrLlsbod (tcontaina all tba modrra Improrew1 i- t 4 and sold bath*, kwlla, and (aa. It ia con. r lo 3*1 i~d t- :u* -itnat<?l on th?-liu?ot the Wa?t. vt .n Itid li"' rg.t Vti Cltj Pami-nit^r rallri a>I. in^ rara >f aSucb. frotn tb? and attain I -at l-p-'ta, paM the door every two or tbree B.mii'ea. Tba gneata of tbia li> naa ran reaih any ol the public DCiidinca of the in.ti - a! . up %l r a- \ plaoa <4 aoiUM-nx iit, Ac., b) a pl*a.?*ol of ai -a minatea P*-raoj>? 'li ins btntiti'-"" ^ 'h? li'je ' ?(< ratal and on She wharvaa aill (in ' it t ? tbt iran-' ? to ?tup at tbi? h. uae. j^TBOBM MOTEL, 1 No 70H u STREET. jeB-tf Bktwpk 7tii *>b?TK Stantn. 'UE IMPA.R1AL UuTEL. ? JAMES SVRLS, P'opritin HitrttMlSia u Ml l firms. VaiR'MVu*, D u. Tbarktm to the pnMtr for e'oervtia patti uaga tn il>e past, ;t.?- Pr..pti?-i i n?k- Li? old '? If and pair, t.a to t'-ft tiie a<-- .noti .'ati .n? ? 1 ?? pr? >atabllab:i?-i ?, w :? icli be i ? -. aball I' ui leaet Ojtiai to tb? b. ?t IU W aalilLitton. jatd> tl I P.-P., li 1,11K BRYANT UOl'M, Lur?U'l im roraar 14'* ore* mm* V T man. Att.r tti?- l?t t D-N il.1-.-i . l-CJ. Para . t ai d Traiiaient B<>ardera will Cnd tin* houa? .Me the uuoet deatraU) and tl. at Conn uieutly local <1 bouaaa o the city? Tite r. - urn are neatly 1 ithad, wall'od aad rentilated, and provided aitb all Ui aiern n wm ac .Hlationa. Tl.- cliat'fcea are low. but tha aant* at.d tfto COM fort'of all ir?i?-ata a ill b- pr .t i l?l f r. Tli?* proprietor, Y. RD H A RDs. ha* liei^rininad tc pr. ? il?* f.?d calfr. Tt-aotf fro. VHQK EBBITT HOUSE, WASHINOTON O. O. OVD M SMI 11 ~B. H. H I kl>ATT. Alexandria. Va. kk aaL ^ u.D- ? B RMITH * WinUTT, LUMBER. LUMIKR. HARDWOOD*- A SPECIALTY BILLS CUT TO ORPRR jand-Atn- Co* ??a Tth ami Bit, acrra ? an IMPOBTAMT^^BCHItW^ BLILDBli S?^/TEWOM>^5ta?l2!V?' A?oS < 00* OBAN ITS * ORB which Map ba required by archi tect". ?>??.?<**? ?* ??Mraclora. at tha lowaat atark<? niti. W? biTt ctutiiitly on h4nd a Irtcp mm, fts tnent of cranM* Cart-it*, B ' U. acPa "a?e bTT ki. Window Bill., Capa. Door S^a. tSbC Pen nay Ivania avenue Ladiaa' aad geutl?aaaa*a Lnuch ever day, from 11 a. at. tot a. a, for M cent*. LmkA CMB(W dat p My facllitlea for aapplylac Part lea, Waddinca> Dinner*. Ac., ooaipleAe, ara (l - pen or to any other In b; line In tha city, aad wosM aoltcit a liberal abare of poor patrot mf. F FREt'ND,Oaterar and OoafaottoMT. HRl Panu ry It aula a*anoa MMf NO ?DEBC?.-li. B1CB will aap a fair aaah pnee for aay kiad of Ladiaa'. Oeat^ aad Ohll dr?B^aecoad-handC1oth<ti?, Book-Bhoaa, Ac. IKS ftk' aad O. aoata. M<** d2 enebal EMPLOTMBHT off "

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