Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ft. no Largest Cirralation in the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTONCTTY: ft \TI RD4T April 1?, 1W7?. lo Ul K Adyxbtiseus. ? Ib COBSeq nence of the great pressure upon our advertising col umn*. we hare to ask of customers that they Will s nd n their advertisement# a* early in the C ?y as that they may be properly clawi fct-J. Oat business men appreciate the adran of an advertising medium like tnat of 3 hi Star, which has not only an immensely preponderating circulation over any other I'?[*r. but which has also a general circulation amongst all classes, and therefore reaches pur fl'Mtff of every vuktj and style of good* and ?.irts. 1 dcuKe-distilled of Indian rfafbtry. the notorious Capt. Jack, and bis tvtnd of lavage assassiu? have bee n dislodged liom their ?UonglioM in the lava lied, but. a* eras teared, they hare eluded the vigilance ot ??? r troops and escaped to the mountains. There lieed he no doubt, however, as to the result. A ilntle* pursuit will be kept upbyour troopers. Mid the savages mill have no safety but in di> P ir .imjr and scattering in erery direction. I>is pati ben leave u? < ntirelv in the dark a* to the rr-inner in which they extricated themselves Jihib the lava b*-ds. but it to inferred onr troops vi-re not -uftlrient in nn!iil?er to surround the #*vagei-. and that they slipj?ed out in the night *h a jap in out cordon- At any rate they liave temporarily escaped their jnst deserts, and ii is |4?.-itde they may do considerable damage j t l?.-for< they can be overtaken and inter xrii wed by our cavalry. Fire soldiers are riporltd killed and ten wounded, while tl.e Modoc* are known to hare lost ten or twelve killed in the three days' tight. TTtie Warm Spring Indian allies ot our forces tovk tour scalps, and a cavalry sergeant " lifted the hair" of one of th-- miscreants yclept " Scar Faeed Charley." The savages were evidently gieatly demoraiiz'-d by the shells from the mortars, which dropped among them and ex ploded, causing, as the report say*, yells Of |i.<:n an<l dismay. TUc Indian allies of our lorce* seem to have done excellent service, and v 11! doubtless prove valuable auxiliaries in the pursuit of the fugitives. We hope soon to be ? Me to chronicle the capture of the red fiends, l>ut t'.at e ent may be necessarily delayed for kuine days to come, as the savages are fleet of loot ami hare the advantage over our troops of Itiorotighly knowing the country. The cy-mxirir thinks we want it to die. Well in?,?not exactly, riot unless it feels prepared to g>. Still we can't see what it has to lire for, loaded down with credit-mwbiller, extra-com pensation, railroad and Indian steal obloquy. It can't expect ever to hold its head up again iu lie cent society. Besotted, demoralised. |'ev:?h, idiotic, unhappy, crushed by public contumely. why should it linger: why ask to M?y'.' Kut the Cttrvnut* doubtless sees risks in 1 r > ? r<to l>e an angel, that gives it pause. It 1?? -.tar .-about shuttling off-until It knows where it * M sL;ifHe to. The fkr^nicl' doubtless de nivc- a hot hereafter, but probably idiots are j. >t judged very harshly there. Saint Peter mould drop a pitying tear over the ineffable Kuphiit) of Brother Harlan's seven day's de Ct s*r? ? i, and pas.- it in. Still we don't want to hurry the funeral. Villi our enormous circulation many times that (<i our cotemporaries. pros|>erous in business, respected and admiral by everybody but our ? mtankcronsold tip of aneighbor. we cauafloid a " "liny toleration ot the peevish drivel of an invalid nigh nnto death. 1 h<- teachers of the public schools, at their meeting to-day. took temperate action, it will l>e seen, on the salary ?ine?tion. They declare thit they do not charge that the school fund ha-Wen overdrawn, or that it has beenirn projterly used, but they complain that in the expenditure of money for school purposes doe pro virion has not been made for the punctual monthly pa> incut oi their salaries. They say this is an old grievance of vears, ami as the ex ioting laws seem to furnish no adequate reme dy, t hi y propose to petitiou the legislature at it- coining session to provide, by enactment, that such part of the taxes as is appropriated for the payment of teacher's salaries be set apart, and sacredly held for tliat sole use and I pin |o-e. Tins is but just anal right, and we hare no doubt the legislature will piomptly respond to tlie rc'inest. The teachers, it will be seen by the report, were paul to-day for January and JFcbruaiy. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? - The Stab long ago set forth the necessity of nn outlet lock from the Chesapeake and Ohio cii>?! into the Potomac above Georgetown to relieve the usnal jam of boats in the busy coal sea.mjii and prevent much ex|>ense to boatmen ?n account of the resulting delay in unloading 0 he ? anal company have at length recognized the necessity for this *ork and have already ron.n>env*ed the preparatory O|>erations at a point just above the old foundry, which, in the ?|.in i<n of many well-informed person*, is not *v e!l suited tor the purpose, as there is only a werv narrow ?trip of land between the canal and river at that point, and no harbor lor boats on the r;T*-r nor room for the horses and males on J. nd It the outlet lock was located at the low piwuiMit above the stop-lock. there would be a 1 as;>t for beats, plenty o: room for the hor-es ?nd males, and the lock would be far above the l-oint to which the jaiu of boats sometimes ex trnda, which is not the case with the location ?t tetmined uj*>n. I he New York 11- rain does not UiuiL the stock n. ttket panic is going to be much ot a shower r all. The merchants, it sars. are all right, i: - db-tanUing the mone> p.ncli. and as money j- , ming in freely ftoiu the cotiutry. Shy lock w. not be able to exact , tor his grcen much long? r. But the H'rafd is lugTu l>rii.. us about the future on accouut of our iut i>u?l extravagance in the way of excessive ini| ? ations. causing the balance of trade to 1?*- an *'list us. Well thi.- matter of the balance x>t ti ie is pretty certain to regulate itself be lore ai.v great mischief it done Importers are apt !?' keep a prettv keen eye to windward to svr. I ; inging over more good* than the couu ?rv t an pay for. 'I h- National Academy ot Sciences, which ? .<wi is tenth annaa! session in this city yes t> mi was a sU' cess both as to attendance an<l the - -oentihe disquisitions presented. The _\. luy already numbers among its members n dh uf the most eminent scientists in the I nit.d States, ami during the brief period of its e< istnncn has been the means of stimulating n i' original scientitlr researches of the most ji -ting and valuable character There is a y >>g interest felt in this organisation from jmi ?o year, and the present Academy is prob ftblv the nucleus of a great national body which ? ill in the future embrace every scientist in the vouutrv. ? ? ? ? 1 be published statement or Pbeip*. l?o.lge A that they were innocent of the charges of fraudulent invoices. an<l that the sum of fJ: 1 000 ma- forced out of them by way of a compromise, 5-effectually disposed of by the emphatic con ?ra<iiction of ex-Secretary Boutwell, which we j-nnt in another column. Mr. Boutwell says Ihe l>epartm? nt does not compromise with iu 3?oeent juirties. A dispatch to-day from the Modoc coautry lurt that John Schonchin, the Modoc devil who "w as shot by Peace Commissioner Meacham, in afead. That's the'sort nf Peace Commissioner to send after -h? re?l ?kina. Bully for Meacham! JJ^?*LP uo D UiiODKrr r ..f >.nn ?ticnt, ?" . ?? a* tb-Cit> H?ll TO MOBBOW, mi il a i > and 7 p. ai. Public i*vitcd Ssata Sres. _ 11' ?? ? B.CHi KfH -Pr-?rkin* TO p-y ? a ti 11 ?. as., by ttw pIn. r. r*a? N k at 1 39 s a> , b? Uh- Fresidiac Xlder. I Ji as Laxamax P. P. If |v^~> I I Nl'RY CHI Hi H, l?ih .im! C.jsireju - IT 3 II A Clbvblaxo, jM^tor, TO MOB If,. a m ftjhret st tW gBAff b** "ftllM* weft' * i Bxamioation it on the II s iMOBDaT, April 11. t. st lo'clotk ?? m . . ._B,T _ . ? -*; f. A. LAZIXBT, Secretary. The New York financial circle* were thrown a state of excitement early in the da* j* ttrday by the announcement of the suspension of the banking and brokerage house of woo<1 A' Co. The stock market, which had opened strong, suffered a marked decline, and lor a short time a panic *M fearad. Wa^n it was discovert d, however, that it wm "bear" failure, aided bv an easier money market, con lid* nee wa* restored and price* again ad ranged, and at the close of the day the markets gener ally were in favorable condition fur the "bull*." Tbe amount of the liabilities of Lorkwond A Co bare not been ascertained, but the failure is not supposed to be a very disastrous one. M?w>rs. Barton & Allen, who* failure wan an nounced on Wednesday, expect soon to make a satisfactory arrangement to resume business. The gold premium advanced from 17 ^ to 18}?'? and closed frm at 1? V- The rate for call loans was not above \ and interest, an-1 the market closed at interest to 7 per rent. gwki. i?IM Jay Cooke A Oo. furnish the follo%thrto-<laT: Bwy'i. Stiff. Bm, *. 8*11 ? r S.Ca.lflgl ?S 21 ? i WiJnUT.H J7S W ? w-.mb irv is* | ?S-UT1 ? ? ? ?*'* ?\ ?WsJnJ?7,WJ.K ? HO's.ldMu. 19* ?* liar's - -V\ 1?* Mbw Iiai-f cT Boaan. C. 8.9VJKL ? a?r?Jen.AJIy,l*l \?\ ? ???, MUX 11 10 40T. 14 ? Vs. UU. M?i American O <iJ.1.1 . 6 ?'s, M? 1!*S Currency fi's. 14, t-lQ'a.Jaa. * Jly,*...17\ Mew Fives 1? l-DVu. A Jly.?7?l? . BaLTllloai, April 19.?Va. 6 ?*, old, 37; Ya.'s, c >n s< l'J?;ert,&J Wiii Va.'it, 1?S2 lud to-ilay. B&LTUIORS, April 19.?Cotton dull, low middling*. L~M1&V Fl <ur steady and unchanged. WU<-atdull ana m.changfi. Corn hrin and scarce?white south ? rn,ir*ar, yellow southern. t?3; mixed wmtem, (&V 0 Us uwiet?a- 'ith -ru,S0<e?J, western mixed. 46(<*-47, do. white, ?V<fiS0. K>vinii't?Hay un changed. Provisions strung and buoyaut; stock K/-*rce. M-s* p>rk, S1?H. Bulk m*ats?shjuldt>rs, 7 ,W7'?, rib old** nominal; cl?ar rib sides, sale* pou:Ki>,9'r .now heU a' 9% Bvon unchanged. Il?nu> vnchauKHt. Lard mifhtiitM Western b it tei fitm?choice tub. 3t?C?ll, g hmI to chotc* roll,%'6i 37. W hl?k> firm??;i Niw Toll, April 19.-Stocks firm Q.-ld not so Arm, 17?4 Money firm. 1 tt to 1 IS per cent. Ex change, long,7Hi short, V*. Governments dull but strong. Niwr Tons, April 19.?Wheat firm. Corn firm Flour dull and heavy. Lospom. April 19. ll:k? a. m ?The amount of bullion withdrawn from the Bank of England on 1 stance yesterday was A'1U0,"Q0. all of which was for shipneni t? New Tork. Consols-opened at 93S f r l*>th. Bonds of l.??. old, 91S; H67 , 95'i; ItMO, W ?; j new fives, 9? Erie,SP? Losnojt, April 1?. l .'op ni ?Tb? rate for m moy at the Stock Exchange on government securities is 2 per cent below Ih* B ink of England ral<>? Con tula and American a?-ciiriiie* close,! unchanged. THK WKATHIB. Was Piti8t*mt, 0JUt Ckitf SupuU OJUtr,? Wasm*eToa,D.C., April 19, lfta, 11a.m. j Stuonis fob thi east twimtt foce Hon* ? Tie-area of low barometer that extended Friday morning over the Obi? valley and lower lak?? is now over the lower lakes and New England The pie??r.rt> hai risen very generally through out the ^oathcrii stati"#, and the uppr lakss. e<terly wind", with light rain, prevail on L*ke Ontario. Easterly winds, with cloud and rain in Maine. Vorthweat wind*, with clear weather, in the Middle Atlantic and nouth Atlantic Hta'e*. I.iiht winds and cslm ?r? reported fr ?m th-O'ltf s!:ite-, excepting in Florida. where freah, norliierly a lt d- continue. The temperature has risen slight I) on the middle Atlantic c,?a8t and fallen in Iowa. I'aopAETLiTiE-.?Tbe barometer continue to rise dnring the re?t of Saturday over the upper lakes, the Ohio valley, and Gulf state" Southwesterly wind? prevail oi. the south Atlantic cast, and ?? utherl) winds <'ij the inui:"di?te Uulf ro??t West erly winds, with cloudy weather and local rain*, pi * vail iu the Middle state*, mid ver> generally over S ? Y'rk and New K iel n.d Easterl> wmd-con Uniie io northern Maine followed by w??terly a tnd? Saturday night. N .rtnwea* w inds, increasing to brisk , extend . \er Mi< hignn snd the lower lak?s Clear and partially clondy W'-.?ther prevail oTer tbs r.pper lakee. MiseeHiriami the northwest. Caution ?r)> continue at E'Stp >rt, and ordered for Milw unkee. Cliivag. ,Grand Ila\ en. Detroit, Tol*s|<>, (1.V I:?nd- Buffalo. Rochester, and Oswegu. l ur rent report* are very g-nerally mi*sin? froiu the northwest and R<wkv Monrta>n stations hOLCMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL I'NION No. 101 ?A Stated Meeting will b? held TIT1S EVENING, at 7Si o'clock, at Columbia La* Iloilding. Slh street, betwe. n I) and E. Election of l)el?-ga<e? to International Union. It L. H. PATTERSON. R. 8. l>^S?E.O. L. M -SPECIAL NOTICE -A full at l>j?7 tendance of tbe members of RKOSTONK SUOP. No 1, E. O. U. M . at the next regular n, * el 11, g. TIESDAY, Aprlxii. as buiiues^ of im p< rtatce will l?e brought before it. It* G M BO WE. Secretary. nr-S?MOl NT VERNON PLACE M. E. CHI RCH SOt'TU. at the corner of 9tb aud K streets northwe?t.?Preaching Tt ' MORRuW, Sunday, > at 11 o'clock a. m., by R-v. Bishop Kkexkr, of th? JWetb di-t EpiM-opil Church South, and Rev. Jott> Ha >>o?i, at 8 o'clock p m. It fy^3?I. O. O F.?The Phalanx will !>? re< eive?l b> BE \CON LODGE, No. 1A. st it* rega ular n.eeting. MONDAY, 21st in-tant, at 7 V p. m. A !l members of said Lod/e are specially regueateil to be present,and th->se of Sister Lodges %refra ternall) invitnl. By order of N. G. li* L. B. ALLYN, R 8. IV^SaATTENTIO*. JODRNEYMEB TAILORS. Uyiy There will be a mase meeting of the.lour ne>men Tailors held at German Hall, 606 11th ?treet, betweeij F and G atreets, on SATURDAY EVENING,26th instant, at 8 o'clock, wbich every oiirneyman is urgently repeated to atteod. al9 f3t MANY JOURNEYMEN n-S? 'THE GREAT SALVATION. ' (Heb. J.3,1 tanght by the Apostlea. M hat is it, and what sreat calamity are we expose to. provM-d we d - not accept it* Subject TO MORROW IV EN INGat 9o'clock. at the hall northeast corner of 7th ?? re?t and New T<rk avenue north weat. Pulilicin vited. Seats free. P. 8.?It is proposed to show Irom the Scriptures that the popular belief conc?rn i ug fnturity ij/?/.?. It* ir^THl SC5IDAY MORMNG CA MT ZETTE W ill be as usual an attractive issue TO M0BB0W maintaining it* fast hold and established tame u the FAVORIVB FAMILY METROPOLITAN 81 N DAY JOURNAL. Containing a copious variety of Interesting Editorials. Correspondence, 8>ciety G<> sips. Local News, Stories, P.vetry, and the latest TELEGRAMS up to THREE O'CLOCK on SUH DAT MORNING. ?/-Remember, for divers, substantial, and ad mitted facta, tbe St'NDAT GAZETTE is one of THE VERY BEST AD YEBTISING MKMI Mi) ?VAdvertisements received up to TWELVE O't'LOCK to-night. ?/"Our earnest advice to every body is to be ?ure to read tbe SUNDAY MORNING GAZETTE to morrow. It* If-S?M?D1CAL ASSOCIATION.-Au Adjourned u-t-y Meeting of the Metlical Association of the District of Columbia will be held in the hall ot the Medical Society. No.H14 F street northwest, at one o'i'b<k p.m., Tt E8DAY, April 23d. sin ? JAMES T. YOUNG, M. P.. Sec. ? NOTICI.? The General Meeting of the PROTKSTANT EPISCOPAL SUNDAY srfiOOL ASSOCIATION OF DISTRICT OK ('(?Lt'MBIA will be held in Ascension Church, Wsabirgton. on M??NDAY, April 21st,at 8 p. m siH2t* ROBERT REYRURN. M D ? S r y VLAST grand RECEPTION ORIENTAL ENTERTAINMENT IN Y M C A. BUILDING WEDNESDAY E YKN'ING. April tt, from 7 to 11 TABLEAUX repree> u'iiig*? ennsin life of J-meph. A idresee- by Hon. J. S. DiKttL, late U. 8. C >ni?nl to Jaffa, illustrating Oriental habits, mautiers aud Refreshments furni*bed in the L-cture Room. Admission, cents. all tr ir^?FOB THE BEST AND CHEAPEST AD VERTISING and JOB PRINTING of all kinds, plain aid fancy, from the smallest Card, up tlir ngn every variety of printing, to the finest B ok, or the nio*t mtenifii-nt poster, address N\T1??NAL PRINTING AND ADVERTISING AGENCY. Box 16, Star office, or 481 PostOfflce. my Parties waited on at their Besidencea or Pisces of BusineM. when desired. ap!6-.m KT ROSA DA LIS Rkv T W Smith. Unionville, g C.,further says: * * Mv in. tli?r, aged sixty-two, hail been iu de|i< ate health for yoars; she useil R.isadalis a* a tonic and renovator, aud Iim enjoyed excelleut health since. . ? ? ? ? ? I A l:?dy near Uiiionvllle had an nicer on the sl.le of her re ck which threatened to eat into her jugular vein. She was treated by the l>est physicians in this s> etion ( and there are soma skilled ones here) with out an) benefit. She used Rosadalis, amrf trnt turtd ' On the whole, I regard it as a great medicine. For sale by 8. CALVERT FORD, 1105 Pennsyl vania avenue. a&-e<4t ranftOM THE EARLIEST AGES TO (L2? the preeeut day, Scrufala has been the bane, and. m it were, the curse of maukind. So terrible and loat hsome had been at some period* of the world's history that n person known to be Infected with It w vuid not be allowed to nix with eoclety. Happily in our day the disease is stripped of its terror by the use of SanaaiTAif's Root and Hub JcicBa.and the victim of Scrofula, Ulcers, Sorsa, Pimples, Blotches, Tetter*.Sc., can be restored tesooud health tn a few weeks. _JHBMCK<* PULMONICCABDT i la agrewt degre* all the principles of Schenck's : Syrus, and while as pleasant to the r remedy for children or Infants, and can be given with impMuty; while for professional gentlemen, or those who suffer from loss ?f voice, it is WsfMBMi*. These candies are pnt spin ?cent boiiNi coovsui ftjpgsr te fulfill snritlss to stA-'n^h ."h spared her Ufis. To prevent'to streogthsn. te eve. few omro stokb, ?o. 14S* fiMiTiviau Avaim, Depot for Soda and Mineral W aten. MS-lf P"3?TBB UNDERSIGNED HA V K THIS DAT dwywfi t< their entire stock and tru.-kiug I ii?ineas to GEO ? KNOX.K-j., ? :m1 solicit foi him fro* oar former patron* a c >ntinuance of the patronage which llMy have so kiudlr *iv ?a u? dur I!e the pSet year. BECK A CO. V to?. P. C . April 1. 1T3 ?14->? IfS* CLAIM* FOR DAM AGES SCSTAINBD IN CONSEQUENCE OF 1M PROYEMEN T8. Bo Am? or Prw. ic W ?* *? Pi-tk irT or CoLtmnt a . f Wasbitot"*. April 10. 1873. { The following set. approved June SO, 1<72, it pub lished for the information of all concerned; A> Act providing tor the payment of d* range* liln^ or rwvn of public Improvement* or re pair*. Be if mnrtfri by the Am*tbty tf tht District of That on the application, in ? ruing, of the owner or owsers of any real estate tn the District of Columbia, or of any prion having other than a rental interest therein, to the Board of Public Works, setting forth that (??"rial damage* I have been sustained b> him or t lien In consequence I of any improvements or repair* mad*, by said board, ?ad particularly fcieribini the nature of said dam- i sge*, the said board shall consider the statements of said application, and if deemed by th^m f>n9ici-nt for that purpose, the said board, Oram ajorlty thare of, shall personally inspect the property alleged to. be specially damaged, and make, er canoe to h* made. any examination connected with said im provements or repairs which they may deem neces sary or proper. . > ? SKC.l. And bt it further enact'4. That If, after inspection and examination an aforesaid, th? said board, or a majority thereof, ?hall be of the opinion that special damage* have been su?tained bj any person or persona, as aforesaid, they shall estimate the same, taking into consideration the benefits to aaid property fr>>m said improvement* or repairs, and ftl? among the records ot their office and in ths ? ?Sire of the Secretary of the District written state ments of their action and estimate of damage*. and shall make a full report, in writing, to the next ensuing se-ei->n of the Legislative Asseml ly of all applications made to them nndsr the provisions of this act, and of their action thereon, and of the amounts awarded as damage* and the reasons and f rounds of surh awards, for the action of the Legis itive Assembly thereon, and no sum shall be pa'd on account of damages ontll after the same shall have been approved by the Legislative Assemble and au appropriation made for the payment ef the same. Notice is hereby given, that all parties claiming damages under the above act must tils their petitions , fort be same at the Office of the Board within tk> davs from this date, in order that such claims may be duly ccnsidered and te parted to the Legislative Assembly for its action. Blank forms may be obtained upon applk atioa at 'he Office of the Vice President of the B >ard, ?Joinmbia Building*. ?H street. ?11 1 Ot ALEX R. SHEPHEKD. Vic- Presideut. (Chronicle and Republican.! W B B M 0 V B D. DB. W. B. BARRETT, DKNT1BT. Has removed te Bo. 1(11 B street northwest, ocr* ner 14th street. jeB-ly DB. A. PRATT, Graduate of Ohio College of Dental Surgery, 411 7th street, betweenJD E, a tow doer* senth of Odd Fellow*' Ball, Be to B. A. Bacon aid Bev. W B. Bvaas mil TO BUTCHF R8 AND OTHERS.?ICE BOXES 1 made at T19 9th street, between G and H . Ks t mates given. al9-3t* ?pHIS~I8 THE LAST SPRING MOON Ths 1 next diwd is the first summer inoon. It is twnn t y days further from the sun than it was this time list year. |lt*l 8. BODGAN. S~ TONB.?tiimerior BUILDING STONE, and screened CRUSHED STONE of all sizes,for sale I y J E ZUG A Co.. np!9 lm UTita K street, at Cttinl. REFRIGERATORS, WATER FlLTERsTFLO T1NG MACHINES. GAS STOVES. Oil. STO VIS. OGDENS al;?3t* Hon*' furnish ipg Store, 314 7th at. JE. SCHEEL. Chxanisi an I T'ncSer of Mi'*tc, ? r< sp? ctfully informs the public that orders k Uft at ELLIS' musical warer<?'m, W37 Penn.U a.. nil'. and at bis reeideiioe, t>30 3d St., Cor.TL C, northwest, w ill receive p>onipt attention. al?-it* ^HIRTs1?ADE TO ORDER. In connection with my Merchant Tailoring hiwi u *ss. 1 am now prepared to MAKE SHIRTS TO ORDEK. h iving en^iged the services of one of th? best cut t< r> in the country for purple ll-ing satis ti> <1 of my ability to give entire satisfaction, both in st>le and tit. 1 respectfully solicit the patrouag-9 ot tl e public O. T. KEENE. Si?r: nn I D">'?vrs PlnnufartH'-r, al'.> lm 4th street n<>rtliwt?-.t || I M H L 1' T I 0 N' , WismXGTii* , D. C.. April IS, h'l. Tl ie copartnership linetolore exiMing between Elphou/o Voungs and W m H S an, under the tianie and firm of ELPHON/O YOL'NGS A CO , is dissolved by mntual consent.the secoud term of surh copartnership having thi* day expired. The busi ness will be continued at the old stand (Masonic Temple, corner 9th and F streeN.t by ELI'UONZO \OI KGS. who will pa> all just claimi against and i llect all amounts due said fiaai. ELPBONKO YOUNGS. V M. II. SEARS. Thankine my fri-nds and the public fnrth?ir lib eral patronage in the past, I would re?p*-ctfnlly solicit a continuance of the ?<uue. EI.PUOKZO YOUNGS. Ha* leg sp -nt the pa-t twoyears verv satisfactorily with Mr Toiinga in the abov<- name.1 business, 1 would take this opportunity to thank my friends .m l the public for their patr unige, and cheerfully rec I ? mend whatever influence I mav have to |-.i< I|. ter.sts. | ap!9 If) WM H SE AKS. |) RT GOODS. C A/l P ETING, OIL CLOTH AND MATTING. IMMENSE STOCK. NEW SPRING AND 8UMMEB GOODS, fUST RECEIVED: BOUGHT FOB TASB. DI BECT OF MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS: loo pieces o\ plain Dress Good-., uew shades, at 23 ctnts per yard. Mi pieces Striped Japanese Poplins at 25 cent.* per yard. ver7 cheap. 5u piece* Japanese Bilks, at SO,62*6,75 and ?1 per ya?d Black Grenadines, from 25 cents per yard up to 9>.?. Black Hernani, from (0 cent* per yard up to 81-25. Tli *e are the best and cheapest Hernani and Grena dinv* ever opentsl in thi* city. We have them in plain black and black with siik and satin stripe. Also, the largest and cheapest *t>>ck of Table Linens, Napkins and Towels to be found. W e make aspecialty of Black Alpacas and Mohairs, Lyons Black Bilks, which will not cut or break, from 81.10 per yard up to 8* ALSO, ON OUR SE? OND FLOOR. ran be found a large stock ot CARPETING, OIL CLOTH snd MATTING. ?^"The lowest price named at once. All g'*ods warranted to be a.- represented by the salesman. R * M . BtRDETTE, alO 2t N?. 7th atreet northwest. Old. ) _ V New, No 4?K< PaPERHANGIXGS. No. ?:<V 7 i h Si.S (ITU St. NOW OPEN AT MARKRITER'S, No. 434 7th street,between D an l E streets, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Ball, PAPERH ANGINGS of new and stylish designs of tb* b<?t fabric* and finish, selected with due regard t<> harmony of celor, durability, rlchnesn and ecouo my. A large portion made sp<-ciullv to order, em bracing beautiful stripe and other designs in Gilt and Plain Colors, appropriate for drawing rooms, Ac.; 3D and 40 inch plain tint* for panneling with gilt n*l or finishing plain, w ith a full line of im-dium aiel low-rrict-d Papers, patent and perfect represen tations of Wo<s) and Maude,f. r pai.neliug halls and vestibules. BORDERS in Gilt, Velvet and Gilt Imitation Fresco, and Common; Center Pieces, Krencb Fireboard Prints, Ac., making the larg'-st ;md moat complete assonment in the District. W INDOW SHADES New designs, different sizes anl colors: also. Plain Goods in Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender. Green aud Stone Color* for taking into Shade*. Shades made to order. _ PICTURE FRAMES Solid Oval, Waluut and Gilt, and ail Gilt Frame* from ixi t?> inched. Box Oval Frames for Wreaths at Cost. A beautiful selection of French and American Gilt and Velvet Framesfor Ivorytype and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames in great variety. Franie? made to order. PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS from Card to Portrait Sir.e, different colors; also. Geld Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Picture Cord, very superior goods; Porcelaiu and Braes Head Pic ture Nails. Riuga. Screw Byee. Ac. PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS, CHROMOS, Ac. A limited, but choice, ?election in appropriate frames always in store on exhibition and sale. Cli'omos and Engravings ordered. Orders for Paperhanging, Window Shades or Pic ture Frames punctually filled and satisfaction guar antied. Terns rash Please remember name. Old No 4*6. J. MARKRITER, and number 4 39 7th street, aiptw Between D and E stteets. C'REEN TLBTLE 80UP ~~ ? At JOHN'S RESTAURANT, ?@Q? *17-3t* corner7th and D *ts.. TO DAT. ?'BAB.^HARTAL,^_j^ BUILDER. 914 C street southeast. AU orders promptly at te tided to on reasonable terms. sl71?* flAVING FITTED CP A PORTION OF THB IE Washington Glsa* Works as a Machine and Repair Shop, I respectfully solicit the patronage of tbose requiring work in my line, guaranteeing sat Ipfsction In all cases. . a if-st" JOHN PURDT, J*. / 1ATAWBA WINE, OLB AND DELICATE FLAVOR. ?U PER GALLON. C. WITMER, a!7-4t Grocer. 1919 Pennsylvania avenue. WTlEFF*t> PIANOS, unsnpaastd in sweetnes^of tone and excellence of finish: 1?>w prioee, ?i ^ and easy terms. Q. L. WILD A MO Agents, 439 Uth street, near northwejrt III Wf I nmtr Pennsylvania avenue, dealers In Pianos and Musical Inetmment* generally Tuning and Repairing. Polishing and Varnishing receive faithful attention. *?17 *r LD BYB W HISKIES. Purchases of 1967 *8, just put on draught. ales. POBTEB, bbown stout. Of best brand*. Pi ices I w. 0. WITMER, al7M Grocer. 1919 Penns> Ivania avenue. tsyfrsis? icv 0 WANTS. YVANTED-A SERVANT WOMAN. White or vv c Itrtd, mainly fw housework. Apylir with

good references, to 92617th it., c >rfr of K alttt* fVAMTBl>~AWOMAN, te <*> Ti work. Mv?t be a K^om cook. Inquire b4tw-eo w \\ ANTED?By a respectable white (!i|i,togO l v? SKAMsTRESS in a private fsniity; can ci \Y 9 a? m an4 1?. a- 1 f | 9 "H Stfe -t nort hit It ? WA NTED?Immediately?A tidy W HI J dlBfc a* chant.. miaid and waitress Mn? krn? t '>d reromm- ii at I >ns Aftl* "tl Vfrm at ???., opposite Arlington House. Ii* ' ANTiD?Tiro EOOM87 (omu?< icatiaf, H nr ?? secnd floor, fumi-hed or iinfiiriii.hed, with '.IT 'it ?*"nil carriage h -use. Address Lock Bo* 34? City PP. ^ al>6t* ANTED?A WOM A N, to c jok, wa-h. and irou vv (rood reference* required. Apply at Shilling ton s Book Store,corner IS street and Pennsylva iii* a*nine alt lw \\ *"*I1?-A*H1TK WOMAN iwNurn*. W?5l TV recnmendetf Apply to J A. BARBER, H gh street, l.fot(ctn*u, one mile from street an** \\r ANTKJj?A reliable NlRftE, who c*a |?v i< . An elderly wfcite per* >u pm-rredi who ta willing to rmalu alt nieht Applv at *>519 *?*h street. ror?f-r Penna. *?enne northwest. al>-5t* VV'ANTRD?Au active OIKL.Iruib lituL* )nrt i J* i? '??'?fharge of a bahy. and be g-n -rally use'til. Mast come wail rwt<aui)i>tiilnl. Inqu-re I 740 6th afreet northwest. It* i aa - - ?- . rut and lit < hilJrens clothe-; ran furuish machine It ni>. Cai: at No ftlii llth itrtwt, between B ard r. It* V\'ANTED?A ?lead> . nu ldl - a<' <i ? <^>ok, wasl, aud iron. Oj? willing to make I erse|f generally useful, who e*n come well rcfni nietided. will hate a good home aud good pa v. No ????)? street, corner t?t tireen, G'-org'towu. al:'k ANTEb?T Purchase?\ IUICSE, legated, b< tw->n 5th and Mlh northwest, and between t. and N streets north, a Cottnge or Brirk,wi-ii modern improvement*. w >ith ?4,w*i or , ? ?.<UD cash,- balance in one and two years. 0 >n: municate wit h rae, on 5th atrcet. between L sad M ii" rtbwest, No. 11-? ?. by iettet. Location. A. . | ?!? ^ CHAPMAN L^E.SR. U'ANTED?LA l?I as t<> sew on pantaloon*; ap pl> at 114- New J-ra*y avenue,between I. street and New York avenae northwest. al.s i.% I \vantkd-b > a K-utit niHii for the summer, nn I UNFURNISHED ROOM, with gas. south froat preferred; address, stating terms, "CBN TRAL, Star office. a1S2t* ! VV^AN TED-BRICK M.\ h KUS ? Ten firsdata " Brickmak-rs watted iinnied.atel) ? bighent wag? given; apply to HERRKLL * CHII.DS, . ? ard, corner Soirh ('apitol ai d 0*orciaa\e. aU !i" \1TANTEI>?B? ? yotinj girl a situation to do ?? CHAMBF.R HdRK. is Milling to aaai?t in cth'T work; no objection to trarel, p.-a,e a-ldrea* Box 3. Mar office. a IS It* VyANTBD-HoFfT K of i> or 7 rooms with modern ?" CoiiTenieace*. in the northeast or northwest part of th" city; would purchase if suited, ad dre-<i, atatitig location aud pi ice, OH E V AN3. Star office- aid ft' \V A NTKD-K. r year or m-re.OFFICE.or BUR " N I!>U1?I> ROOM, above 1st story, near Po?t 9 . (elating tenui aud deacri^ion I LA* TER, 40* New jeraer avenue ?outh a?6l' W ANTED-POPLAR WOOD?State how many . * hether hark Is >>n or oft, and price per cord,deliteit-d in Philadelphia. Addr-aa W. W. HARDINC, ?ls'> Philadelphia. W ANTK1. - B? ? Widow l*]v a HDl'SE-T<) ?? TAKK ? \RK or Dl'RING THE 8l'M MKU MONTH OR LONGER, the heat of references i*eu; address E. L. ft . City Post Office, for 4 ?>??,, iH,?' \\*K""?.rt' "T"a1)r COLuKKD WO MAN;one uli.?i*A gtxxl wa?h<*r and irooer. and willing to make herself generally uaefnl;can tin t steady emplo? m^nt by calling immediately ?t N<> 9 H street northwest. ali 2t* \\TAKtKD?ACTIVE MBN.witl. sn, ill capital". ?? to ranva?s a unrful article that Bells on sight Steady employment and money to the right man' Call for one week at 17 39 G street northwest, be tween 4 and 6 p m. only. alvjt* \V A NTE1?-A 1 TK\M an I DRIVER top! m ?? and haul wood and tiuihei near tli" citr. AI dress TIM BER, Star office. al7-3t' \\rANTED?3*il LADIKS toexamiu> something ** to w . and what ueith?r young or old will d > v it h-ut ?heu seen. Call at 59 U street u ri h a!7-at* WANTED?T" exchange REAL ESTATE in TT.t.Y."*1"1* f"vr A DBCG PRESCRIPTION MORK. or pnr. h.ise the whole or half inter-at iu "tie Apply at the Star ?17 St* U ANTED?A g 'od WOMAN as cook, w.t*li?r and ir. ner for one f^niilv of tl:r< e Must come w.-h recommended. Apply No. 403 7th str>?et, be tween D and E nonhweet. k|; W" ANTED?A MAN that uiid'-rs'ai.d* th-? care of ?? cattle and pi .in g .r lening Call at 1109 F street northweat betweu the Ii >ura of 9 and 11 airjf \\* ANTED?Two r?-pectable WHITE WOMEN ?? One to cook, wash and ir >n; the other for housework and to a*?ist with washing and ironing at northeast comer (ia> aud Oreeu streets, O?orge |n*"' a 17 3t* ' ANTFD?An experienced NI'BSE lotak- care ? f chiidrei . at 1 709 I street. alS-tf W'ANTED-A g.M~l WHITE WOM NN as cook, waaher and irotier for a faoiilv of two, in . tir?utowu- MuHt **?" recommended. Apply r,t *"** ^tar oflic*' tr.'in 3H to 41, p ni ?16 6t \V ^NoT^.Iir;To Pt'BCHASE CNIM PROVED * * GRut N I); hitifijl** l<>ts or ft wMtare. ni HBTCALF. Real Estate Broker, Piant s Buildiug, coruei 15th btreet and li-w T >rk ?vt uu?- alt> at \V ANTED?Immediately ?Families or persons iu ? " need of tirst class S E R V A NTS of eyery deacrip tioti, male and f-'male, to call and get supplied at once. Servants also ran get good homes and best of wag?s by applv me at th> Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOLISE C. Bl'TLER, *01 11th ?re-t! n"?rJL___ aUHraJ ANTED?A cl-an, sound HOUSE, of 6 rooms, on a lettered street, between B and I and ?h and ?h streets northwest, by 1st May next; pay in advance. Addretw W. W. WOODFORD. ?' ** City Post Office. \\ ^{ijTED?BOARDING in the conntry, near J\ Waahington, by a Lady who wishee to teach Music in payment. Ad lress L, 8Ur office. a3 1W \Y*ANTE&?LADIBUtotake noticethat Madame ^ D- B. MAISON, of New York, haa opened her Milllnerj parlors, at No. 413 13th ?tre?t north w, Ht m24 lm* \\* ANTED? Every one to know that the VICTOR BKWINO MACHINE haa out; the most perfect shnttle in oae, resting la a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 469 Pennsylvania avenue Also, Branch of Mffle. Dem urest s Pattern Emporium. IlliJl _Jr W. 8PICBR. Agent. s w w LOST AND FOUND. 8r REWARD.?L?-.t, a Scotch Terrier DOO.yel* ?> I >w. loug hair, short tail and ? ^ J ansv\ers to the name of --Sport.*' The_ abov e rew ard will be paid for his recovery . al? .;t* W. H. OTTMAN.No. 1J03 Pa a%e. LOST ORSTOLBN-YoungBEWFOCNDLAND DOG, all black except the fore p?ws.< A liberal re? ard will lie paid f ir his r--turnt to !i43 loth -treet southeast, or 316 13th stieet northwest. aL>-3t' LOST?On the 16tli iu-tant,on lo'hst., between E and the avenue, or on the aveum- from luth st. to the Opera House, a GOLD BRACELET. A lib eral reward will be paid if returned to sou heast cot nti 8th and D streets northwest. a!7-M* REWARD?Lost, in Georgetown, ou the 12th instant, an E-qnimaux or 8pit/en beri; DiiQ. answers to the name < f l tain;''had a piece of red tarletan a> und his neck. The above reward will be given if left at 110$ 1Mb street, oue dooi above L . al7 3t* Board of public wokks, IiisTKirtor Colpmb:*, Wa?H!!*gtos, Aprils, 1J73 A reward ef FIFTY i 6601 DOLLARS will be paid foi the detection and conviction ot any p-rsou or fierr-ons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be ootid stealing, the Mau-hole and Sewer-trap 0o\ ers in the cities of Washington aud Georgetown. By order of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. a.Vtf (Repnb.Chron.) Chiet Clerk. IOST?On the 1st ot March, en E street, between j lUth and Id streets northwest. a RUBY RING, willi two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid it returned to No. A09 3d street northwest. m7 BOARDING. WkAK LAWN " IS NOW OPE'N FOR THE ' " reception of B-arders. Several desirable Rooms vacant. Bladeusburg station, ltnjntre at store. al9-eoSt* B OARD1NG?Excellent TABLE BOARD, with I ? elegant BOOMS en suit, on sect nd floor. Also, single ROOMS to accommodate, In that tine brick bouse. No. 61!* H street, near 7th, ouly one square from Patent Office. Mrs.M MAPE4. aW-Jw* FMRST CLASS TABLB BOABp AT Jtt? PER month. Also, several FURNISHED ROOMS to let, together with a tine PARLOR, in one of the best locations In the city; only n few minutes' walk from the cars. Apply at T15 1st street north wesr ald-3t* E A DIES AND GENTLEMEN, either singly or in parties, aud families, can hear of the very best and cheapest Boarding arrangement in the city, by addressing Dep't Club, Box 16, Star office. a7 tuial C200D BOARD, PLEASANT BOOMS, AMD T.prices moderate, at Mill corner of Pennsylvania avenne and Bit street. mayl-ly W' ?0 DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARE SELLING At 69 CENTS PIB SKIRT. LOCft WOOD, UVWTT * TATLOB, ?V PEBB8TLYABIA AYBHUB, aS tr Metropolitan Hotel Block. LM cai ? arena retumc, aplfr ly" M)E MKT AND SALE. F'i? BINT?FtBNJ>MEI> ROOMS at ?it p. ?. v PP^* at 1^? Poiiiii. " if I< ***?. *Lr*T~T,ro .1 NFURNI8HBD ROOMis ^fv.' . i %i>:"*S? "ster in the h i*. M**? at ffsaie kw, !f 1109 sih -tr*.t r. >rth _*? si*** 1?<>* *-A ft*# t MMI'M,. ? D-p.nni nt. In.,.,,,, Motel I.utr, cornet loth and " atieet. ?. th _ - ali> S\' F'f T"iA! J--nn-? l? am* w Hi * BOoMS. Communicating or aiueia I'r'? flr*-clae? B .rd if deair-l 'r"m -V?_to ?!?> p*r neck. bath and g?? ai-i j? ? L'OK IIKT-M Kb B"*r?l. ROOMS, cmmnui ?^11 J or ? nil*; delichlfttl summer baatioa Park 133<? I ?treet, --C >Dl I ?. from uth. #l9 . F^wnrJw*~A "" *"J f'Mir-rnoni BRICK ??i!f?L Li ^ Boundary ami l?th street ? r.m a*?%V c*r*- Apply to j.B.?Nni> *> Ertreetnorthweet. It | F0,*. 3**T-One of tli- nnwt .lesiral.Ie p\v K1~ m,i Jh!'5 *?*'? tlH-ftr; rent 9*n p?r month; statu U.H! .?.!?? present occupant -letira. to a-li * r.rthJ^It **? A'rl' 90 ?417 il poB be nt-fubn i ? h ed~ boo * sT^TTp i.?. * *r ?4*'*iltjr; al?, Tinfnrt iph^j ?mt*hl? f, r bouMkf^^Inc: water mid fcathr?4M on *~comd fl<*or M"1" ?? ^3 Missouri a*euue,opp.~it* II..2, ical hardens. 'r a!9 gt * l^OB BF:NT?Pnroo* \.-ar.t.- a <-ar?f..1 an-1 re fRAMB HtH SE on Uth .irTlhL' L? 5,** s??* MniKHrt. H wii*. 1':.'?* T"?pr" improvements; front and back >?r.| i?lL n R,v*n ,>n 1* of M it. Inqnire mi th r ,?e-. nu 3?* l1 <>B BALK OR BKNT-HOISK >\,. | j fj~fi th*'I'JX*' meet' Wlb *n ' uih aft?l*. with all (oe B'ttlcrn unproveuaats, Hue ?ard and g .od 1 ni f>v Vr ?p,,h to LATIMKR A s/irAJS . ?,K*?",I^r? Md K al f>ta?f ?tai o?n< e Biat<lin?. a)9-t>( kALK-J^^JpAP*}0' ??>. a (fhtfui s m.Tr HOCSk.^nUtDU* nU,i> . ?, . 2 ^th "!d *,ore rutni" " h?- ?a.. J?i i ? unii water clofetfl. hoated by La Ir',^ Kwpirr beating rune- It i? n?arlv now, l li h-?l?hv aU.t iiviCiiborlivwd, and will l? ?r,w varr low ti fni*. Arpl? ?o the owier ou tlir pr"iaii?'-?. WO7 \ Mr?-?-t ncutlicant. ml' lm IT0!* BKNT? A thr-H?.?ror? BRlrK^Htirsit, * ??iKht riMina: e?? thrntish^nt: nator in th- > <r.i v"r?o-^ 1 ? r. ?f w. T. MI Kl'H \ ,Cr^or. Uth at..rvrm-r of L n w. al-> r |l "j' BKHT?HOl'fE Jio. 1 *?<I lith ?tre"t noi th . **"? ti^ar Stat* Department, enntainine ttv, BARilVi'SniTn3!!^ . Ap^5 JAMKS W. BAKK IK. 1106 H itrfet nnfthwi-<t. alij ;? F'OB 8ALK?D-?iralil? LOTS, b<,nar- ?ss aup; halanct- in mouthlr inatalln.-nt*. .4 *ln l ot 1- f?*rt b> 100. THUS K. WAUOAMAN. Am * th atrert. mUi 3t KU.K BKNT-HiAMF. Hfil sK No lilt, )(Fl, * ?trr<H, fbo\e M ?tr?-et u.>!tiiw^.t lujuue- ?t th* yi Jig btcrc ou the curau of lo;h and M ?ti?*tn. al-t ?? |,ViH BKNT 0* SALE-HOUSE ANdToT..?07 M. 12th at reel, Let wcenS aiul r atrn-tn boiiM* ron'* room-, with vut**r nu'i iza9 Iituiiir#* nt A I'AM Sub U, 30 A <ith ?rttt .'{V * U'OR KKNT-N ai th* ArI.nsrT.?n hh.I l..if ftnnuaUtl uiifnriii?l,.^l cuiiiniuni itiue BOOMS aiid HALL BOOM Penoni with h,Idr--it i'JT DOt "PP'V- Bent strictly in ?It.hi. ? 'iO'i lblli*trert. alri-3t* F^S JiEPJ-* /^KN^HKD vol NTB * BES J Jvantl, With gardi 11 and otitkniMii^. ntutr d t<l? ii-l?nre, tt? a amalt fnutti. th?- ov?er p^'Tvins m ibmiikI hoarding with th-? fi.tnilj. f r particn .nr? a.ldr.-^i L. M . Hyatt"* ill*. M l. aH .ii F^OB SALB-A two-?tor> HRIi'K H'd'HIf e**, w ater, Latrobe. eight ri'n*,. hath. ,?an try. <lo?t?, Ac., altnated In th* northern p.irt f tl> k"Jw ''C'ce. ?3,r?i Apply to GEORGE W. STIPR hlY, I r-'itlmtn t Rink. al?l3t* "I' KENT ? A Ihrr-- ?t.,rj DOfBLl * mil' K HOI SE jiio. I 304 3d ?ti-ei iu?nt||?-a'-f c- iitaimng thirt<-<-u large ro?tn- rellar nii-l- r th entire honm ; large >ar<f in r. hi and un the aatnOi s ite, ,11 whirl, then- are fruit tr?'n, flow.-rn. ice lmuM>flll*dwi<h Ire; brick ?tahle. A,-. Will b sold or rented very low LIGHTER A GATt HEL, _ JL___ lltl. ami r utrei-t*. K?,* BENT-Tw-i u.g.- a,ry ('HAMliKRS at , J V ,,''?<l?wi-at. without BOARD An Pm imnn-riittt?ly. K* ti-n'ii* ^ exchung ??<. nir.t;" L'OR BENT?Kiirci-hed KOOMS,on nerend rt ^Tr . M"n*?? pl' iia.uit local 11 > : f. >r g,-i,t I ??in ->i, .?nh It H'-'re 1 107 i>;h ?treet. b-twi-e,, L tnd M al7-3t* l.'OR BENT-Knrniahed HOUSE,c niplete iTiriT. r ? "a"' f',: ni?. water, gaa. and l.ath ro.-m._Apply on premlae* 751 i^j, ,tr,M4. air-3t' l/OR BENT?Two H \ LLS, 7ih Mr.-et. t.,-t? .-..n"r> "?'!<1 Loniaiana avenue, ?.? ,,?j sJL TH08. E. M AGGA MAN". ft IH 7th stie.-t. ul* 3t 1,'OB RENT?Two roun'-cting furnished B>miM>. * north and ?cuth front, t.. g. ,,tie,,,???,) n-*r h.-at Claija Bearding hooae. llli H street north ****: air-.** 1,'OR BENT?DWELLING HOUKB No I .Mi O ? afreet northweat; contain- 11 room* pr-aa . . ?font h?nae. ?tone triinni'-J: m d- rn improve > i-ta. U IMisOli BlbD. No 3 J7 Mutonri a?. 'i!Le ? >17-3i* K?M *^fN,TT7A \r> desirable COT NT BY * C, half h mile lr*?m Ofor|{**town. on T^u 1 a.lytpwn read, iniprjve.1 by a very comfortable te? rt?>ni hou- .and ever* nece?e*ry ont bnildiuoi. &L *>t JL AN BOYLE A CO., bi) j 13th at reef. F' IIIThe ?iil?crib.r offers for aal<- I,fa east I!, ,) ? ,l4?l*l5d "n 'he llrat ?<inare , 'J"' < j?l'itol. The lot la -ltnated on the k.-nth r r 0 a C?P'to1 str,*pt ?n<l '?? 2-1 atr<-,-t. and la |7 If ^ i1 ?'"1 115 feet deep, ou J.I ,t _al7 3j?- CHABLES P BLS8KLL. 8ALE?A fine FARM, of 8IV acre* on the * Marlboro road, half mile from Qood Hop.- The boiifte i? new and contains tJ tine rooma and ainnlo I r,'?/7?u>, and commands a most magnifi. emt *iew of tje city aud turroumling country. .17 E. K WILSON, I aI7 ec3t <*11 <th street, ?pp. po<t Offia.* L'OB SALE siruble BRK K HOUSE, well Ixated , nine rooms, water and gaa < ertihcate. takeu at their market value. For other particulars applv to .it 1 W H CLAOETT. Beaf Estate A?ent, 1,17 lw No.M9 Market Spa<e. FHfnSu. TT?i* ** ?"f'h, afonrroon, Brick ^ Jr.0l^r' ht'f from 14th Street cars. Good location. Inquire t>'J4 La. avenue. al<-lw FOB BENT-HOUSE 1410 E Street, uear the Treasury Department; (as and water. Rent ? "IO F sti'eet, oe twe^n iStli aud 1 fttii northwest. . T. A M. LAUGHL1N. l^OK RENT ? Pimai??ion given on the jnth 111 v tBrje-atorjr BRICK DWELLING ?<?. bUo ma98arhiH?*ttfi avenup, c?<tit.tinii?j ro'?nw and bath. Colnmbift railroad p;t^th- ?t ?or Eti'ioire at NOAH WALKEB A CO . Oil PeilD syl' ama avenue. al i-2w KOR 8ALE?Three piec.-~ PROPERTY for &1.WU o- now *' P*r month. month ^or ^2,2uo each; renting for $25 per Two PIECES for ft I AX) each: renting for *30 per month. Th, above are all NEW HOUSES, paiing ?l?.ut A,rce'iV.i . . L S. <'HAP.MAN, Ofhte. Uihatreet, bclweei, N and 0 streets, north * **"' ? alti lit F'OB BENT?Finely furuibhed front FtOdMS. Apply at 4o*i 6th street. als-'^w" l.-'OB BENT-An OFFICE, well local.* for aTTv B bnafnew. Apply at No. 317 13th street, be tweeu t. and F. a 14 St ^OB RENT?M- at deairabh- OFFICE BOuMsiTi * the northwest Corner building of 7th and G sts northwest. H QASCH niyiiu* 9'jtt 7th street n<<rthwelt. J\>tVlk or kxchance foe city i>bop EBT l , a two-story HOUSE with brick base ment. and also a corner LOT and a FARM .f 60 acrea near tbecity. Apply to .1 P. COX, corner 6th ?^"1 ? ayettestreets, Georgetown, D. C. al5 In," OB BENT?Three ROOMS in th* l?est location , "iL1'.\clt,'j IVf BICE S new Photograph G ?l let>. 1217 ana 1810 Paknuilvaiiiii ate. all at F*"!?* ^ALE?FARM of ten acres in Virginia. rvn ?-IVv2^,r*,:t'',Lu *>? C Ibjiuire of GEO. OTT W I NDEB, at (*ffioe of A. Gleason. corner llth street and New York ave. alt-6t" 5.^I-??LOT on East C'ipi tol, between Stli and Jtli atreets. 45xil3. improved by two Frame H' ftS.O*1 cash w ill buv thia property. AddI* to RICHARD BOTH WELL, No. *4 9tb Mtr^et north east, . all-2?* la^OB 8ALE CHEAP?Terms. $lw? cash, and A3u *^"1 > nntil paid?several newS-story BR1< K i; L 5 'sllu*'pd on Nem- Hampshire avenue, b?t. T and L street a uorth; have *ix rooms, hall, front *Lil back yards; houses completely finished. a *r -*1 _ J- W. 8TABB. al2 2w Northeast corner N. Y.ave. and 15th at. t Chronicle, Republican, if. | F'OB SALE?ON LONG TIME-A neat, w.ll bu 1 It three story BRICK HoLSE, with two at, r> Back B aiding; house fronts southeast; has little front Tard.hnd side entrance; contain^ nine rooms, besides bath-rooms and closets Cellar uud- r entire In uae. with Are places, gas and water; can be converted into basenwut rooms if desired; Lot ItixluO. Inuuire on the premises of the n? n-r of the Br. perty after 5 p. m., 943 Khvdo IsUud avenue, et ween 9th and loth sts. alZ In, L'OB BENT OB LEASE?Tltat d -lightliil Coun I trr Retreat in Fairfax couuty, Va., "CARLIN tPBINGS," with all the necessary buildings for umtuer Pic-Nics or Touru&meuta. about four miles Ir m this city; large pavilion, bar-room, dining toom and kitchen; two larfsprings of water; large *twldelightful grounds. The Washington and Alex apdria cars atopat this place daily. The Furniture will be Bented with thej?|ace if desired. FOR SALE?1^ ACRES OF LAND bordering on this city, and joining Mrs. Galea' land, with a House containing 7 rooma; a grove of shade trees; prod water; good location; 9MW; one-third cash, balance iu one and two years. aR-eoSv afortable la^OR RKNT?At a reaaooable price,a4 ?a seven-room HOUSE with gas and water. Ap ply on the premises, 120* loth street, above M "t ? all-lss For RiffT-rfHB Large stork at S3? Pennsylvania avenne northwest. aB?r' l?OB RENT?Two suites ?f anfurmshed ROOMS. s^Brw^^is^1 ?m S17 4H street. FOR BALE, CHRAP-A tea prees-brick front HOUSE, with atone trlmminn, containing M " ?t and cold water, cookl streets rooms and bath room, hot and t?Td water. To. psaLCist sr.w^,s,h?S'ivsis,o'<^s-s? FOR RENT AND SALE. SKTKS- ;?? 5". MttH f.r*.i??. or Liacolti iiZZZ T >r f r^I ^ALI.- ?tory PRICK Hoi>t lot ? f? Bru-k Stable, in ? i m. flail , ">r,,, nof the cit> R~? ?iil ^!nh?lHf**rt ?? *l< ?t. l-V-nTT?\*?-AT A RARtiAIM - a nrai r K V M K PlarrVin fri . . V"* r"'" I- ? ?> <! I ?"? IU Iruli! *n<i !? ?Heplu <1 ? " |. CM and water ,r- f?'~ i. i ??, r ? ? ? i /?** ?iN'r. Ti ir^ r* T ; II "Wr ?? tiie prriUise?, K? ! * ' " lrt**???? ? ?fW j r n, alt) l?* 1/OR kA atII aide H<M 8K Vi.T LOT at ' "...i ?!' '.?' "?""T ?f "'I' ?'??< F Mre*?? untb* ?t "* hiHwnn.ifiMi. >??i?iiii ni and attl I ? KilliSi Titk ktick MtMe ind w<m4hi>a?' i ...... i.Twiim. . ^ ?i i - p ?-t i'ff ??. F?a I?i'? T~4'?r "? ??"* ??<?' ?? A KI>KK i*c*Mb,"? irhHne bniM -i tT,. r'^it d.H,r- T,'"* .??!; v^nM Im* tolti rh#iii, wkk < AwiS te*k' ,h? 1,1 f",rie ??"?' I" I?i?r'ricl - - I. OR >sA L K?l*y I Akk No. vli Je'or il'' l*i,d 6 h* ?<*?*?? u TtS.-n,., ??h;.r Ull nra^f5^t^Ell,sTUN m ??!? F'?.?irklrrK,T,~I,Y*LL.I,KU ?*?*"?. ?"h 5,i "J i , _j "n'' "??'"Me trimming*. N ?. Uo? I?Un?l atcnm , l~tween 1Mb ami l?th Ir?lTr Mn0'C!1^ Tint ' UtU mr?: F5C^kT5 vJh nortbweat. -ontainiug hwoNim . *, ? ? n h'wMm termsa* follows: ' 111 .. ii i ? ?KS ft,,ra tMlo $?? r<?h <>t? I, iru'i norRr*''11,'i,f r^j ni. nt, t .^.ui piw. j riU'HiMsrs at fr.?oi ?.V?>t.. r.,.?. ?or^"' 1 ?11 b" "c'''' ' 1 ? ?? ,n'h"? "-k ??? >" K?*l< ..f tl?? ab >> ?? H <q??? hav? h*l!. cellar b?*h Liilli T (?. Jtc . a?,4 ,rV.Vll Hoitrd f..r aptn.t.. family. Tlva- de?,rmi? ..r ?e < imtiK to th> nit< U?-ii a conif rtal.l- H miv oh . ?.r ' 'r^M "*2 to ?U ?? ?>? 3r? Pt 'w.'m to punbtaiug <?!?<??brrp. J(b! f ^E, Lr;*. *- "'?? &Oi <ih itrcef tt.?rth?!5r,^t ^l*a I t K. ^ORMLK-t?U NIOIIOP Ar ? litiKtoti: about om> .mart.-r ,< a tniir from th Ayi.' .Juct l rt'lff<- On.; contain* 9 and fh? (.ttw>r J ?< ro? iBiproTt-if |.y two ?mali lioum Adi?!% t? Jacob iuk< ii, k^. ji ^ ' I mi ma,*. Ini* l/OR RKNT-KI'RSISHKH KOOMS: a ? Par|..r furni?li"d ?? ? B"dro<?ni, and two piraa i ?". !*' a* k ?t><l front, on ar*-ond ?tor?. in aii rliKiMjdocatnd D?Hlin? on I tttr<-<-t, mar *b, ?iil ikiu/XIli^a0,,ir,^??^W* only. w'|!> " [R^p l ,Z)Tmorr MIH'M, h7. j * I rtrnH D?rth?fit, containfour r?.?u? al?o pawa^f. kit<h<-n, cellar, bathroom with water S.'JLTV' ?ud cold water In chamber* fa-aj-r In parlor, arid co kiuc mac in kitchen. Tii? lot !? * w.'rh a?l r?l *'- ?'** <17,Pi?o ??fo.H paved allfy. lili>MPhOM,corner of l<ih street aud N< w T?rk . a ""'*? fftJu-u ( VvlKiS'?V;(wi'v>,VTks U.,LL bl v ? \ 1 1 ?..Vi. % ?*'7f?n? >II'K S \ni.!. f . ..? ' ti OK'.AS. Ad'lrt rM "BAt;< AIN>. >?ar : It I |. OR ^A LK f H RA P?A four h.?r?e doul,]- ,..?. ! ?*' Dollar- will bqv a \\'k<*. |. r ? is ^Sr; sa,.Tr>w4ssr- ^ \hu'lil|1F.m? SAI *-H *Rr>\VABK Cf'TLEItT. t i a- i* k. "lid TIN W \liit I- I sll I N Q T?i n n" "iJ' SKriKNISHINU Oijy>l>< e, .,.r ?1 >, -rlliag oft AT and BRI.OU COST r?lli, |\ a line a*e?rtui?nt i? complete, at K ?. 10uy P< ,,e' wie, tlir.. door, b. low 11th -t. ?""? ?????* I' ri!?^iVLI?TA ""^rtor built J limp . at (AH 1 J. I AO E. a tin. ki it ?-t of H A KKKsg, n <. o i./'"*' ?,>?, s *ptewdi.l )?!,,,* I "KM. th,- ?bole to be ? id tmgjfc cii<-ii|?, wi tlif "*m?r iiit<*ii>U i<*a%iiff the rfttv 4 n f >,1,:i?KLLtUKK s 'h it. b' lwXr,, ? - - ?!>-** KHfrtkr11 (iUlti'-*?0 NIW COIMTKRS, ?nw '""lOiW. a feet e>? ti *U.. Ht r" e .??'?? PARTtriHN lujuire at tT. Store,corner 6th nnd A Hi. soatbeaM. alo jt" I''*'u,^.AHK CHK^L A<. RAY MARKTm hand* * hull. 7 yearn .Jd; warranted ? ni?i, \r?* <? ? ????te.K ARRIAOIC au.l HaR 1^1 7?- if ,^?,re "f t LKXZBEKO A CO /Qj 7?? Market ?pace. alS tr |,'<'R SALE?One pair medium eite MI LKS. ? -4'iick, activejind without blemuli. Ala-.rv ?ne liue driving bu-meea HORsI. nZTH Vl*^v11 ? k' t?een iJ and 4?? atreet - "u u u L sHERirr. KH-1*!8EWIVO rfl ohK J?^?. J^DA 'OCHTAiliS, aiul Loan R rU, TON 4 Co . avenne ' 4 * 8trcW- ue?r P^BDa) Iv aula ? ?UL all la* FOK SALS?An excellent w-corvl hand two horae platfortn-apring WAOOK. wide bodj . juat the BJ RICK CLAT FOR HALE! u Apply to JP tf DODO I A darneille. _Jf7 tf I4*T r atreat. DRY GOODa [\tW tPRI.<10 SlLkk ~ AND OTHER DRESt> U00D4. j J",' IJ}? P*rticular attention of .igr cu?tomer? Hint the public to our new *t.?ck of SI'UINU U??ot>H coiiipr iring all tlM- new and taabionable fahrica. ut Xra!Wrtft.!Sr. K!??' Ur?'> ?u<1 et ck of STRIPElt 8ILK&, aa we have aboat one ku?-irr<i pttct*. bought at auction much under the ini potter'* coot, aud ranue from ?1 p-ir > ani ui> and Kr*t,U" V b*yr ha4 ' u-tom-ra in our-tore within the paat fe? day? with ?aoit>lHi ^f similar good* from New York, mt muc* ktftr rue. ?/ Out ftrttt only, in r'mtn Afwrfi. " ' ?? ?Hl?TER ft bro., alt? i!2tAeo8t 1*10 Pciui?yl\anm avenue. It"OK NEW AND HANDSOME DBESS QOODtf * Go TO WOLFORD A 8H1LRERU. I^OR LLAMA LACE 8HAWL8AKD jackets, A of the richest pattern*, RO TO WOLFORD A SHILBEBU. oK THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN PARV tVLo G<? TO WOLFORD A 8UILBERO. ? ? FV'R ALL CLASSES WHITE GOODS SIEH tlOUhble GO TO wolford A 8HILBERG. ITOR A LARGE ASSORTMENT TABLE LfN Lv,8d Wiltii!***' ?AfKl?*<Tuw kLS F f.O TO \V0LF0EI? A bfllLBKKG. F OR MCE SPRING CASSIMERES, bl'IT *M?- fur iu^u iiid k)K wear, go to WOLFOE1* A ?111LBE KG I ? F^OK ENGLISH ItKOSKI.8, TBCKE PLY8 ^TivAGEfViaN CAKF*T^ CLOT 118, ?iA 1 liNuS.of the n? ?eat prcduiliom, GO TO WOLFORD A SHILBERG. ? ?? HE BEST GOODS * OK THE LEAST MONEY ! caii l? had at I WOLFORD A kHILBEECt, 4-J7 SEVENTH STREET, Between D and E.southwest. ?*** ?rrn arcade. ^PMlNCi AM.%OLNCEME.\T. 1 9600U0 STOCK or %MY GOODS. ?<UU in DRESS GOODS. 1UANW in cloths and CASsIMERES. 1UAWU in BoSlEKY and FANCY GOODS. ?vuuu in LIVENS and white GOODS. *7aw .u staple GOODS, Ac. wvuo NEW GOODS 0PKK1NG DAILY. ? ?2DdIT4?'7JrAILi^0V.8 ^ 8rH r? *0^7 racalTed. Pricoa from R ceou each P^FfS1"" iB BLAC* mm! BLACK AL B^OKB PRICE TO ALL. -tr I..SandlA^tVl^i2* ?RODH^r^_ D* VOIKUII RCTOIUL 8TBUP, OOUOHS SOLD M FALL PERSONAL. lllHt ? > rkmcH, tu ci+? 1!A ??"?*??? mmd Tt?t M.rltwm.c, ' <4 lltk Mmt ?orthweat.ftlao.ffivM d ch^act* by pboU?r^ Uad .nTi. MEDICAL, Ae. BBAUCM*

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