Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING 8TAR. j fiblhbt4 tally, Sudan excepted, AT THE STAR BV1LD1XGS, PcaujHiuiia Ai?nf, nr. 11th M., tn iviwjc mi iifSFira ciwin, m, jft r yy.WJ.V.V THE IVLNINu UTAH i# b? ?"?:rlera to tb?lr snborlters at Te> Cist? pi* \7S3*,or Fobti For* C*irrs r*? moith. Copies at the counter Two Cvtt* ?nch. B, mai'-tAre* months, flAu, tlx nostra, 93.X; ohm year, 91. THE WIES.LT ST A R-Published ~Fr1day-f IJ1 ? pear. ?/"Invariably in aCvsr.ce,in both cases.and BO p*per sent kip: tt&? paid for. VblN of adverts g fnrniehed on appllraHoii. PIAX08, Ac. I JF. Ll'i AS, 11*5 Jth atr-at B. w., mm<i , ? /. '? .PT r r>/ PranOS dn.l Otimi. I ??r? r.<-?-iv?<l ?t ThotMt?iw** earner I4*h"t ni'fTII ?>?4 > V .rk a\e. ; G.-rty's, Brfclga, uear?M *? * C->nrr?*e. t?* rW' wn; ar.d M'-m-s^cot. 7TBi aou P?. t<r rj?U' ? and oth<r Suntmiih at? packed and moved All work g'araptr^d. wih? ly TtS'NO ASU KkPAlKINtt, POLISHING 1 AND VAKM'HIXU PIANOS AND ^ ALL MTSD'AL IN3TKI MEST!1. A . K^NB ways rKriiti tbe i?if. faithful itU'BtioB'l'l"' I? O L WILD A FKO ,4i? Hthrreet wm?, uev B>.>itb?et c>.rr-r f Pi-msylveola over , t??kty y-ara wall tncvt ?.* prartieal Piano and lotruM r t M ikers. D alert io Plan * arid Mcnol Ii strv rranta r^"?lly. n?KHr g~i lleTA V a 11. A rffi 'A L PiAXOtu*' IF At/.. TC.\hh AX U HhtAIHUH?m^^ Ot F1AXOS AXUOl.UAXS Ord-rs rebM c. n?l at KA KB P J< a?lrj Store, ft** Pa.lll 1TI a'e.,a:.d at NAIRN'S Dreg Store, corner 1th ?tree< aiMl avrnae. f 11-** HuBA KKb. B CO.'SKPlANOS, PHILADELPHIA QZEAT REDUCTION IN PRICES Thsc? lc?tmii.?tita, wr>ch. on account of their w Ctor Ay over all o.t?er?, have in a few year*? ? n ?*he n. at p> p>.iar kftf, a* well as jl'IrfWtl ori-r tkr ci'.aitry.cst, b?- bad m? for tita fol-*? ? * ' k-?>:?* ii'Wi ftrUARA fSAto f?7*. IPRIt.HT PIANOS fr.Ci ?<M?tt> ?7?J. GRAND PIANOS from 5*74to -flJjfi. PrriH.i,w ?bn v??h to Mtf fr?tu > k?J !?> 8$W tu P6f cbss ing the best iastru^ect out, are iuviled toonii ?nd con-tare for th*Tc*?-!vee. Pian?? for rest, ftacj* es^La:;x^d. Toi.iL* a K pairing ar.'perly -tteod * V'. r.AKL RICHTER, Ag-i :, d5* 'r ^33 p. rm#?'Tanla avor.*M w 1LL1AM EN A BE A CO., !-? di'T NDlt. NAtTUm, GRAM), tyl AH* AND tPUIOUT PIANOS. Tb?*? n.?tritn.ef.ts btt? bwn t>?f. r? tb? pablic fOf Ii rty y?-ai*. and epon tbrir e?c?-llaiK>e al.-n-.? kian. -d an anpurrbaand pr--iaal??c< |Bm lkKb (ri uontn tb* iu iitinqnallmi for :h?ir'll 1*1 t? ne, t uch, iLiMp and darabihiy. Tkey btir beau awarJnl ii*ty -d?e gold and ai'ver m'-daij ar ilif r. r: Uir? mn ' tber tnnprtium. All of tbrli Kjl AKK PIANOS hfire 'betr now and improTtf Otrriilniitr Sral?> aii?l A<r?lT?. _ Willi?ni Mctui ik' n'? PIANOS and PIANOS a'>d CBOANSfrfm rariooa ?rll-lt*H?n fartoriea for ar.d rn.r, at KF.iCHKNBAUHU 4m)i: tr Piano War* ll'h at-eet BANKERS. OTIS BlbLibW. Buulter, bl? D STREET. NE\R SEVENTH. Fay* INTI.KE:-T ON KPOSITS, makea COL Lfc< TloN>, a.i'i Iraii'.n ta all burin ?a conn--cr?<l aith M.?nkinr. at?S lv J> A .> K I .\ t? IIOtlE J. Ii. S<ttlFK A III., 14 46 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. or:- ?.Tr wii.lakI'^ u<<tkl, WASHINGTON, I) C. m l-r ci-nt. p;?i?l "n 'iffOMtr. t'i ll?? ti?r- ni:?lf r\^r> wh?-r?-. 1?. I -ii- j-aval.!*1 ot? il*-n>aiid. P.?y of oflR' -ra in tb?- Arn.) rn?M in atlTance. apS .r J?. iihol?hi:ai>,? ? 11 r u k o r i No. SJ9 Pi-nna *??., R "ni A, Washiugt^n. D. C. Hp. kl att nti. n givrn to inve^tm^nt aecttritle*. lii itf* ?t;^i.ti- i. tu neurit i ? tin* uffrrnl al pru * ?knli?il!pa> W to 16 i>- r aui?unta aut >f b-i.K*.h iif tiij.?-t?"<uit inT??t ,f. Sd.'.reliable, proiit able *i.d yr-trrt. niak'HK tbriu iu e*?ry res^-ct F1KST-CLASS SEC I KIT IKS. K< "??r* b> i ru.i--i ii to L*-?i? J.'hnaou A Co., W ??l uikt. ii, I?. M K*?ll> , E?i|., Ca*bi?r Hati. vl 51 tr p'-lit.v. Rank. \V afthiuKton, U. O.; H.'ti J >1 I!r?dliea<l. S^cnU C"i?tr??ller, W.i*Uim tof. I' C E wuilCUrk,!??.,ARkUMtV.8.Cap ttci. H Mfbii'K* n. I> C. tear 17-3m '?'HE NATIONAL BANK OP THE REPUBLIC 1 (Ci'fu< fi'f 7tn aiid b street*,) OPEN FROM IO A M TO 3 f. M dac 17 \i CHAS. BRADLEY. Civhler._ ft K.H.? AMUR It AX SAVIStik BANK, \F Ni. il i Sevemh Sm ?IT, UrrciU* 1*4 Fou-(&t* iApurimou. Bar A boura: 9 a n>. to 4 p m. Satnrda>s oik l an til B p. in.,to receive dep^ieila only. lctrrem paid <>n d. p.?ite. Collection* m&.!e %1KJ ?arti.ji *' furtiiaiw-il. JOHN lJITZ, Pr - b nt, A. EBERLT. V. Pr-?*t, W r MATT1NUL Y,3ec.,C. E PRENTISS,Cja. 'r ?"> 1/ THI MEtBMAVS SAVINGS AND 1 TKI ST tO>IPANY. L. r.??. No. 1*>W7 P-iin?>lTaiiia itdu n, opp.?ile tb- Treasnrj. PAYS ?TX PERCENT. INTEREST, Jnt'Tt.'t ?>'?'*? tk' hirst a/ Hark FA 1 f FOLR PkR CENT, on buam^M arcoa<it? from date of deposit. Ctrtifrait!' tj D-pont bearing ? and 4 per c^at iut?r^et. available luiywh-re. HAS BBAN' H OFFICES iu all large towa* tad eit?<-? of the S-rth and S' Uthwrst. t>tnk a- hp*, % 3. *i. le 4 p. m Open W -x)n ?.!a> and S?tn:day nighta from 8H to i ?'clock, to r *eiveiiep< ?itm u!y. Call at tbe B^uikor 1 f-r at* py of the Charter and By-lawa. jb If AY < OOKfc k toT7~ JBA.KKSBS, BCY AND SELL FOREIGN EXCEANOE and IBftrE ClRCl'LAR LETTERS ??F CRET)iT fot Traveler*, aeai^M m ax* pari a' i<u wot id. Our Dr.ift? < n JA* COOKE, McCULLOCH A CO,, LONDON, are Caabed In any part of E>?>LaXb, IlILAIli anC 0cotl? *if rhnrt*. tuA> !S A?HIM?TUN 4 IT* SAVINGS BASK. C*ra?r 7lA nr**t u4 iokuioM arnUM. PAIS ? PER CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT J w Interest commence from data of deposit*. Dep<*itc can be ntatlc and drawn at will. ny? -I J. A RCIf. Treaanr~r. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. \N IIXIAM Dlt k?O V <i E N t R A L INSURANCE AND KEAL F. STATK A 6 I N T , So. bOi IIFTEENTH STREET, 4?PP- -a^TR TEB*?CKY. None but the Mafirat iiuurauce couipanira r pre p?fted. Pr nipt ?ettleineb! of lo- -?3 and fair dealing z?ar antaed. a|0 lut ISTIN P BROWN. Corner NY. ?vei.oentid 14th atre?t, Waaliiugtou, 1) U . w HOl.UiH DKALtl t? LI MBER, LIME, CEMENT, SAND, Ac . Au , Ac LI MBER BILLS cat to osder on abort notion. BL1 E STONE for Building, Macadamising anc Fating yurpoaaa dvliyured ia nuy part of tbe bl? trie*. REAL ESTATE boarht and aold and money In voated. To thia branch >f tbr boaicaaa I will hare altar give my personal attention, and will be at mj ~ i daiiy from lu a. m. until 4 p. n. marl-tf ?|'H* RAPIDITY A NIVEAU* WITH WHICH nra removed and the (??< relieved. If ailing, from Bnnion*. Bad Nails, Ac., at DR WHITE'S fcatab Uahment, lit Uth street, eppoaite the Treasury, la ?*ite surer.-iu^ to persona on accustomed to his ?aetbod of operating,which ia entirely different frotn tbe old tine practice of tearing off tbe ingrowing toe Ball, or lauriu dee* Into tbe kanion, a diatresaingly ?nlafnl method, and one which obliged tbe auffer-r to fo sboeieea, nod so ma times on cratches, for weeks or months, nud bo doubt teuded to shtten lite, at J to aiaks It far lea* sleaaant and naaful, but Dr. White's operations are fregaeutiy borne bp children without complaint; there is little or no pain, no loss of time, and if nons but suitable shoes be worn, the at, evea la estraoie cases, sffects a perfect care: tbos?h tbe Iset being need so coastantlv Oocns bps liabts to come occaaionniiy with even tbe beat Rtting sboee, and mdastrions peraons think there is sj of Unas, comfort, and health In an occa - visit to tbeOSiropodtet; and it la awall-known that thousands at persons, many of tbem thoaa wat honored In noMic and private life, com from fcr and near to visit Dr. White's Eatabliehmeat, to ?aaav of whooa Dr. WblM baa ucolkctted permiealoa ? refer T" * JW. BRI6IITWCLL, ? Suctseeor to CABROLL W. W1BSL0W, SHI&TMAJLKB Am DtALKB i* Bex's Fct*i*EiX?*? 4 ttth Street. Hating Mr WmaioWs patterns ( Brae, and contml of bis mauniactnni l*s, his Old customers a. leave tbeir order with aaa. T? barbit. ?RATS. <M FRESH, SALT and 8B0BBD MEA FBI'ITS. and VEGETABLES, n thei^ ?sbskms ba proenred at this Market. ?aril ly RoVT HYATT. 414 11th st -AJ CHINESE TBA HOMO Has removed to ?1S D (JpBI *fe and 7th. north side. tbnn over. Bo rent to pop. L. RERJAMIB, Propsieter PEN MANMI IF AND THE ELBMBBTt OF GRAMMAR. ARITHMETIC, BBd ROOK BBRPIMO taugWl to iialivilwii* oc to classes, ba. tsora S and S oVlork p. m., at Prof. Young s School ??aiding. M<b St., between I and B. - J ABES CORRI DOB, Teacher V Lettering. Card-writing, and Fen Work a ?? ory dearn ption. assented to order.^Si apAlaa D CACHES. RATS or REDBrGS cannot be foand Il wk?-. Glentwrnh . RXTERB _ INATOR IS n~d. F?r**lab)Z D. 61LMAX. Mf Femn-ylvania ave., ??d HOLMES A BRO . ^ rtba^t rer. let aad Sato. ?.?. *** *?> AMUSEMENTS. \\ ALL'S ortn.4 HOI St. FOUR NIGHTS AND MATINEE, Cor roeDcing WKI'NE^DaY, Aiwil Mi ?"SSSfjiuesviMasr* J. 11 . HAVERLY. Manager, Will have the honor of sparine Wow thjfj i/?m if th s fltT. In each E'lt^rtauimpot ENTIKk. CHANG* OF PROGR \MMK P?P" illnr and Talenled Artist... pr?ifiwiHjV*ICE ?r. CA1. WAGNER,*.* HALL, 8\M PIUJK? PEN DROWN. JOHN Y BOOKER, CHAS. HEY CAN Kll LDvTroOKFP. ^n 1 TUnre Artists c ? | if dkS I \ uU AKTKTTB, rompiw u w"f'^*llwgb^;^Vw . r INK ORCHESTRA ANI> *R *S,S B VN U. Reservi .1 Stats for sale at Box Offi'-e for in advam e. ; ASIIIMGTOS thkatek coxique. (It I v<sn.b street, south Pennsylvania ttrnar.) w \\ Re-, ugsgemsnt <?f the popular yonag American Star, GEORGE W. THOMPSON. Who ?will a>>pesr on Thursday, April 21 h.aml each evening thereafter, in the great sensa tional localism of THE WA8HIMGTOM DETECTIVE. Protacrd with a powerful dramatic cant. Fngageur nr i f the fumed vocalist ami comedian, MR. BILLY DEVERE. Enl!:taiMtic iccctn of lin- brilliant Premier ? Dan SeU'Se, M'LLE COUCHITA RONZATTI. The daring l?rill flrmiiMU. THK SKNYAHS! JiAl"DK,th?- Drill yueeti! SAMUEL, th* King of Air! TWO NEW GRAND BALLETS Fir*t a^pe-ira^c of ?h?- le-aut if'il Dauscnv, MISS MAGGIE WESNER. The < harming Oueen of Vocalists, MISS FANNIE DAVENPORT. 1V|Mi1l;fvl Pytrh Comedian ami >'""*1 st, M VSTKR HERBERT CAWT1IORNE. The beautifnl and dashit'g dans. Usee, KIRA1 FY SISTERS. AND OUR MAMMOTH NOYEI.TY TRil'PE. Til E LAST OF THE M?>DOCS, Jrc., A MYbTERY Ac.' At' Matlaef WEDNESDAY and SATIRDA Y. np2'. tf ~T A LI.- S MEW O PE H A HOL ME. JOHN T. FORD Proprietor aud Maiag-r. M'LLE marTie aixef. THE Ol'KKN OF OPERA B<M KFE. ANt THE SEW PARISIAN OPERA TROUPE, Commencing MONDAY. April 23. ONE WEEK AND SATURDAY MATINEE. Wish hi-r Mitchl-es Company of Di-?tiugiii'b<-d Freiich Artists. Sal" of <wafi to c in me lice FRIDAY, April Eilit'Mun;t 8tore. all :tt ALL'S MEW OPERA HOUSE. FOR i NIGHTS ONLY AND 1 MATINEE MONDAY and TUESDAY NIGHTS, April 21 A 22. MATINEE TUESDAY, AT ? P M. WHITNEY S GREAT \LR\NY COM 111 N \* - fry be*' company ever in thin city, in the g'?at a.oral I ram a, ('?CLE TOM S CABIN. Th.- v < ml. rfnlaiMi youthful Star Actress, LAURA ALBERTA. in h?r astonishing impersonation >f "T P*v," with Song*. Jigs, Dance?, Baujo SjIo^; the arku< w lodged rival of Lo!ta. The great favorite Actor, GEORGE Kl'NKEL, tbelm "Uncle Tom'" living. The beantifnl Child Actr-**, Llttl" MAMIE as "Eva, and a most powerful cast of characters. MATINEE TUESDAY, APRIL S? P .pri \r Pe'c Admission, 1" an I SO ct?. ; re i-e*'-. ?:? i M.i'inee prices, 2o ct-.; reset-ted -iatff,Mcta. No halt price. WDon't fail to-.-e the vt-r< best UNCLE TOM'S C \BIN ?->?r pr- sented. B'jx office opea for the ?al^ of tents from In a. n?. tolp m. a!9 2r OLD No. J Ob Exhihitien i Nrw N 4*6 S and Sal* ! 4'lw Yth St \ __ at i*iu St 1*1 ARKR ITER'S. So. 439 7th street, between D aud ? street*, el^bt do^r; above Odd Fellow's Hall. Choice Oil Painting*, Engraving-, Chrooio". Ac. AI?o, largest stcck P?p??r H tnaingi, Win.l ?? ^haCee. Pictnres, Frame*. Picture Cera* and 1* tLe Dut6ict Pleaee reni<-mberN:une and Namber. Jel ly* ALL KINDS OF CAST-OFF*W EARING AP PA REL ?an be sold to the very bent advauntft by addressing or calling on JUSTH, ? 1? D street, between 8th and 7th n. w. Hotaa by mall promptly attended to. Oaah paid. CIS OLD GOLD, 8ILVMT, BRASS, COPPER. Etc., bought at fair price* for a N*w York bouse Household Fnrnitnre bought and sold. Motea by eiail promptly attended to by AD0IH8TB1N, 1408 Pen nay Ivania avenne M-lr* tttp THE TRADES. A WSISC.*. __!? JOHN < H'KIAN. 713 Market Sp ice, Mauulacturcr of A\\ MNGS, for Stores, City and Coiiatr* Residences. TENTS ai.d FLAGS for sale or rent. AW NING A1ATERIAL of all kinds for ?ale. Sole Agent for COWL.ES A CO. S MILDEW PROOF AWNING MATERIAL. aj.l5-fr pLI MBING XND GAS FITTING. Thoae des'rir.g to liare their PIxrmMn* and G is Flttiug done in a u< at and snbetautial iHanu-r, and >n rea.?onalde t?-rni?. *h >nld leave tli>-ir orders at 113 Pfiuwylvatiia aveuue, Capitol Hill. W ork warrauuU. mS7 Siu* WM. ROTH WELL. W 'ALL ON JAMES F. BK1EN, | V f a ttta. Piitmbcr nn I On Fitter, to have yi.or Pliiiiibitig, Ga? Pitting, and S werige rroti ptl) attended toon reasonable terniM. No. bOV ioni?iana avenu-, near &tli street, north side. R rid-uce, XXy >1 street,northeast. c.U m: CUNNINGHAM.HATTERr ... 1011 F Street, between HKn and 11th, Ms the pleasure to announce tnat he has received r-m the Spriug 8t> !? of Broadway BLOCK, and i>^L pr, p*:cJ to furnish New Hau< made to order ?i.^^ bem or r aiodel old styles; also, assortment of felt Hats for sale, on reasonable terms f?-tr ^WJIIJIGI, FLAGS^TEMTS. M G. COPELAND, 043 Louisiana aveune, one door east 7th street. AWNINGS for Stores.City and Connty Residences tnktrrkt in style and finish. T LAGS and TENTS f?r sale and rent. ROOMS DECORATED. All Canvass articl?-s made to urder DANCING CLOTHS. se? tr J K. TURTOM, CAKPSHTKR. bUlLDtK. aim CONTRACTOR. Orders for Boose Carpentering, Jobbing or Go r*s Work speedily attended to. ractc Shops aud Office. janB-tf lith street, below E at. north 6* HARNESS: HARNESS! We hare on hand a large stock of all kinds of Sin gle aud Double Gilt, Covered, RUBBER, NICKEL, AMD SILVER MOUNTED HARNESS. of ocr own make, which we are determined to sell at very low price*. 8<de agents for Hill's celebrated CONCORD HARNESS, of which we hare a large stock at Concord prices. Tlie CVncord Harness and Collars have a reputation all over the country for durability aad strength, TRUNKS and SATCHELS in great variety. CEDAR TRUNKS, for protection against moths. Call and examine stock. Ll'TZ * BRO., aj lm 487 Pen*, ave., next to National Hotel. VIENNA EXPOSITION. CIRCULAR LETTERS OF C REDIT, issrES BT JAY COOKE * CO. The Circular Letter is a letter of tntrodaction to bankers ot character turoutkeut Uu tear Id, identify ir; the bearer and authorising payments to him as required to the eiteot of his depoait with ns. f ull information will be furnished upon applica tion in person or by Utter. JAT COOKE fc CO., I&akera, ap? lm WASHINGTON. AVE TOD SEEN H THE LITTLE WORLD7 If not, ws advise yon to call sooa at 1HI 7th street, between K ai>d L streeU,( aaar Bogaa A Wy l>e's.) The Link- World is kept by Nioh ds, dealer w Hssssry, Faaey Ootids, Jewelry. 81111?gy, No Um >.lt.,*?..aa4 is sappeaed to be tha chsapstore of HnluMtmi. apll JgXAMIKB THE GOLD SPECTACLE, OstT 88, H a. HEMPLEE, Optic 11 4X SPECIAL NOTICES. Flat Old Kit VUiky, Fine Old Kye Whisky, Vine Old Rye Whisk;, Fine Old Rye Whiskv, Tine Old Bye Wbiski , Fiu?J Old Rye Wltfaky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Wmnanttd WarratUtd Warranttd F*rt Pun Pure And Unnduhfrafd, For tiaural and Midicxnal Vst. This is the article wi> have now sold for npwanls of ti * , irs with universal satiefa* tion; put up in large bottles at One Dollar f r bottle, or can be nad in an> quantity. WNi lic?, that ?? will ntiirn the unnrr tf this Whisk? lo-s nut give satisfaction or preve u repre sented l.y ns. Also .in excellent stock of California Win**? P.>rt, Shrrry. Angelica, Muscatel, 11 >ck and Claret; also. K"llyV 1: tiled Ca-awba and imported Liquors of all kinds. ARTHUR NATTANS, Druggist, alo tr Corner 2>1 and D streets n. w . The Gorltam Manufacturing Company nmind the'public that the Stiprme Court of the Diiltd State* lias recently given a decision in tli?ir favor, whieh secures full protection from tho imita tors of their designs. SrECMt. Attkstio* is requested to the fact that th'- following tra l? mark-< are stamped npone^ery article manufactured by them. Imd' mark for I Tmdt mark fnr U or ham Sterling Si/ftr. | Gotham Eitdro Pla>. \t STERLING c^lVM>IPcQ? Gob ham Hfn Co.. ^ftanufacturera of Stirling Silver Ware and Fim' Electro Plate, Providence, B I., and 1 Bond-st , New York. Tea Services, Dinner Services, and Wadding Out fits, in cr?*at variety, from the largest tothesmalh-if, of the highest order, are constantly issuing from tlie Gotham Works. apltin.St BitrhfUr'i Hair Dye is the best ia the world, the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridiculous tints, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan taneous black or brown; at all druggists', and ltf Bond street, New Turk. f3-eoly A Car4. A Clergyman, while residing In Sooth America m tc!?ionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy for the cure of Nervosa Weakness, Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorder* brought on by baneful and flcious habits. Qreat numbers have been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the afllx ted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe for preparing and nsmg this medicine, in a sealed envelop.- to any one who need* it, #Vm of Chart*. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, _ . Station D, Bible lloase, marM-ly Hew Tork Git v. LECTURES. "'JMIE r>TAGE,"' BT HO.V DANIEL DOUGHERTY, LINCOLN HALL, THURSDAY EVENING, April Ui. Reserved seats at J . C. Parker's, i'21 7th street. Notice?This will be the closing lecture of the Star Course. and season tickets lnu-t l>e pr-stente<l at Parker'-, i'27 7th street, and exchanged, if the holders de?iie reserved seats. slS EXCURSIONS, <fc K M<;HT? OF ST. PATH ICR ?IS THE 1- IELD AGAIN ?This popular and flourish ii g c r^mi/ation will give a gru d .*\- s i- w rtirsion to OLYMONT.ou ^ DAY, June the 12!h,U7) A in pi- n. lKraffiUi lice arimiuenieiit*. have l>een made to insure g..od ord?-r. Persons wishing to have a fine day s enjoy ment now have an opportunity of iiome.a* the Ki.ijihts propose to make this ou* of the be t und most agreeable of the season. B -at* will leave 7th ?treet whaif at * a m.. 1 p. m.. and 6 p. in. D n> i s has been engaged for the occasion. Tickets 'H itting a gentleman and two ladle-, one d< liar, to be obtained from any ol th- members. No ti> keta t'Ood unless stamped with seal of the C ?ni n-s deo. ap21.Vj* 9&U) LADIES' GOODS. MISS >|c? OK>llCK, 90i PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Jk?' <Cr Stairs,) w ill open on THURSDAY, Apkil 4th, a large and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, to which the special attention of the iadiea is called. a2-tr ^TAMPING DEPOT, 617 Seventh Street, fet al-tr Opposite Patent OIBce. JELLING OFF I ? SELLING orpI AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, tie entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. marf tr NO HUMBUG. E. LEXZBERG * CO., MILLINERY AND FARCY GOODS, HOOD-WILL AND FIXTURES FOB SALE TOT Market Space, janS-ta between 7th and tth streets northwest. |MPOBTRR OF HUMAR HAIR. GRAND BARGAINS AT MADAMS ESTRRH'S, ?IB 13(* ttrtet, tttmd door from V mm. Remember the name and namber. Cheap Onrla, Bwltdtee, Chignons, Braids, Puffs, Frluettea, of the latest stylea. Call and aee our new stock before pur chasing elsewhere. decSl-tr V4f ADIES'" Li FBENCH STARCH RNAMRL la the beet article in the world for doing apXiinen or Mnalin. It imparts a beautiful gloes to the fabric. For sale by all Grocers. BORN HAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 Weet Lombard atreet, iaa!4-ly Baltimore, Maryland. SUMMER RESORTS. RUMMER BOARD. The OS BURN H0U8E, Leesburg. Va., Is now open for the accommodation of Summer Boarders. No pains will be spared in the endeavor to make all cou fortable. |ap3-lm* 1 JOAB OSBUBN, Proprietor. 1873 spring. 1873 TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TKMMENDOUS STOCK, SPRING ARD SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING ARD SCMMER OLOTHIRG, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, BPRIRG ARD SUMMER OLOTHIRG, CALL AND 8MKi 1811! EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. Internal Rev en i e.?The receipts from this source to day were y.'?'J).ni.;>2. # A XX Conscience.?Treasurer Spinner to day received a contribution of ?20 to the con science fund from Pittsburg. Pa. Tm southern claims coMHissio* heard on Saturday the claim* of Mary C. Moore, of Alexandria, Va., for ?li.<550; Henrietta G. C. Warden, adminntratrix of Samuel Weaver. Catlett*sStation, Va., f12,304, an.l John Jack ton, of Fairfax couutv. Va-. ?3,000. Gt.1t. CANNY TO BI lit' MI ED AT INDIANAPO lis A letter from Gen. Hawkins, brother of Mrs. Canby, announces her intention of taking the remains of Gen. Canby to Indianapolis for interment. Gen. Hawkins, who is stationed at Detroit, has gone ou to California to meet the remains. Mi le. Aimee and her opera boufl'e troupe will reams to this city next w\ek, commeneing an engagement at Wall's Opera House, Monday night, the 2Mb inst. This is jrood news to all lovers or sprightly mn ir, fun, and good acting. The meiite ot the company are too well known in Wa^hin^ton to need auy extend. '1 newsj>a l?er notice. Senator Uortoi ^rrived at St. Louis yes terday, en route to the Hot Springs of Arkan sas, for the benefit of his health. Ho will ac company President Grant and a p.irtv of citi zens to-day on a jaunt to Kirk wood, tnenoe to south St. Louis, where they will visit the differ ent iron works. The Case or Representative Brooks.? Drs. Hall, Slay and Garnett recently held a consultation with reference to the condition of Representative Brooks. Alter a thorough ex amination of the patient, thev were unable to reach a final conclu?ion a? to the nature of his malady. Dr. Willard Parker has also spent some time in studying the disease of Mr. Brooks. Fkksohai Representative Shellabarger is ?poken of as the republican candidate in Ohio for Senator Tliurman's seat in the United States Senate. ??? Speaker Blaine reached home, in Maine, yesterday. Messrs. M. W. Ransom and .1. M. Leach, of the committee on the revision of the laws of the United States, are at the Metropolitan. Commissioner Smith, of the Indian bureau, has gone to New York to be present at the opening of bids for Indian goods (clothing) to morrow. The bids for Indian supplies, such as provisions, will be opened on the JEUh inst., when both the commissioner and Gen. Cowen, Assistant Secretary of the Interior Department, will be present. Senator Sumner continues to improve slowly, and h>? prescribing physician, Dr. Brow n Sequard, w ho was recently iu Washing tou, lias strong hopes of his entire recovery. The Senator is still prohibited from work of a mental character, rat is allowed to real t> come extent. He is much better now than he w:i:? in .lantiarv la?t. when liyiterderm;e in., t* Lions ot morphia were a nightly necessity. Commodore James M. Watson, who died in San Francisco last Friday, was born in Vir ginia, and was well known in this city, where he formerly resided. He entered the navy in lft!3, and had the reputation ot being one ot the best officers in the naval service. At the time of his death he was light-home inspector tor California and Oregon, and resided at Vallejo, Cal. He leaves a wife and daughter, an<t a large number of personal frieiuls to mourn his loss. The Disorder* in l^Hiiniann THE UNITED STATES TROOPS TO KEEP THE PEACE. General Fmory, com in mdingat New Orleans, telegraphed to General Sherman that he hid determined to act in Louisiana under authority of the Prr sldent's order of March 5, to prevent v o'ent interference vith the Kellogg state gov ernment, and asked if he was right in that course. He also notified the department that the I'nited States marshal, in execution of" judicial process, had made requisitions for troops in cases occurring in the disturbed dis trict and other paricbes, and he had therefore ordered troops to Monroe and Alexandria, Loui.-iana. to act as pesc ccwii(aim to the mar shal, but the governor of the state had made several requisitions for troops covering gTound in vsrious parts of the state, stating the ina bility of the local authorities to keep the neaee. I The order of March 6, It will be reiuemt?ered. directs General Kmory to prevent any violent interference with the'(Kellogg) state govern ment of Lonlsiana.] Acting Secretan of War Robeson replied on Saturday, saying: "That the order of the Presi dent conveyed in the telegram of the general of

t?ic army ot March 5, made under the then ex '?ting circumstances ofthe particular case, re fer* only to the government proper of the state ot Louisiana as represented by Governor Kel loji. which government, at its'seat, the cwlonel con mandtng is, by said order, directed to pro tect frem being overthrown or interferM with in it? direct function* by violence. In regaro to local disturbances of the peace in the state, not direct violent attacks 011 the ceutral organiza tion of the state government, the officers in command must be goterw d by the limitations of the order of. the 18th instant of the A-ting Secretary of Wardirectinghimtoaidthc tod States authorities when legally required, c v ept that his action need not be routined to any par ticular parish. If the state government ureds and desires the aid of the United States troops to maintain the public peace, or prevent rebel ' on, the legislature, or the governor, if it l>e not in session, should apply to the President di rectly in the regular manner for such aid." A subsequent telegram from General McDowell announces that General Kmory had procured a steamer to carry troops to Grant parish. The steamer" B. S. Hodge left New Orleans Saturday night with United States troops for Colfax. The Crispins' Strike in Cincinnati.? About seven hundred Crispins are on the strike in Cincinnati, leaving nine shoe manufactories without workmen. The Crispins say that their strike is not for higher rages, but for recogni tion as an order by their employers. The im mediate cause of the strike was the refusal of the employers in one factory to confer with a committee of Crispins who desired to enquire the reason for the discharge of one of their mcmbevs. The manufacturers assert that the strike was in consequence of a refusal of their association to comply with the demands of the Crispins to restore Crispin workmen to shops from which they had been removed. Michael Reardon. a shoemaker who (>ersisted in work in? during the strike, has been sobrntallv beat en by Crispins that he died of his bruises. Two of them are nnder arrest. 8rtciD? or a Naval OrrtctB?I.lent E. Dennlson.of the United Stateasteamer Saranac, son of ex-Postmaster General Dennison, shot himself In the head Saturday in San Francisco, and was immediately killed. Domestic difti culties constitute the causes given for the sui cide. H is wife Is in Sah Franeisce and had sent her husband a note, saying she would never live wKh bin again and had determined to ob tain a divorce. Three Torso Men Drowned?At Albany, N. Y., yesterday afternoon three young men hired a tail boat, which became caught la the current and carried against a canal-boat and c .psiaed, throwing three of them Into the water, one baring a moment before became frightened and left the boat. The youag men were carried under the canal-boat and droraod. A clergyhajt of Worcester, Mam., recently bad an old eoffln, which had evidently done service underground, and a shroud left In front of his residence, accompanied by a note recog nising his labors In behalf of temperance In terms of doubtful compliment. Counterfeit nrrr cent notes hare ?.? discovered in Baltimore in which the patent fiber paper is imitated by a printed representa tion of the Iber on the surface of the note as part of the engraving. The Morkon emioratiob to Arisona is be coming an accomplished fact. Brig ham Young has called two thousand of the saints to move to the new colony at 8an Francisco, In that Terri tory A Family Burned to Deatr On Kridav last, extensive and destructive Ares raged in the woods of Campbell county, Va., and it is parted that a woman and her tour children w surrounded and all perished In the * Th* Fors mass yesterday to adeputation ?asegattMSSS 111E SIIUATIOS IX LOI IMIilli. Ofirial Statement of Uovrraor Kel i?n. The following telegram from Governor K ?' logg ?u received by Attorney General W:l lUnis this momine: Ssw Ocluxi, April 2^. js;5. II< w. G'ornf If. I't'tWM, AttufH'f Gt v ral Matters are quit-1 it) the state except 111 t'o r or five parishes. My communication to G-rn - ral Emory requ Uing that troops be sent to these remote parishes wa? wiih a view to pre vent any possible outbreak. The state mei.t that 1 issued commission* to lUsion officers in Grant parish or lo any o.lier than those rtr-t commission. d is untrue. The s;ate taxes are being collected rapidly, tax re. -ting brea^irg down. Collections during the past thirty dav excecd the collections for ibesaine mut* "of any previous yeur. The amount of taxes and li cense* coll ?ted in the City during the tir-t quarter of 1*72 were *133,000. The amount col let ted ior the tir*t quarter of 1S7.1 is ?254, We collect*d hut little during .lanuary and February, owing to the politicjY difficulties. Wm. P. Keli.o*;. Hit; MODOC CAlPAItiX. bironraglng Disptteh from lieu'l McMkld. Xo Dancer of a Ueneral Ontbreak. View* or Seaator Keltojr, Kerrctari Delano and Attorney (,<>k'I Willlauam. No dispatcher have been received at the War depaitment from the acene of the Modoc since those published in Saturday's Sta.:. Gen'l Schotield, in command of that depart ment, teli graphs from San Francisco he has every confidence in Qen'l odlein and the officers and men of his commuid. Heal-) expresses the opinion that THK XODOI 8 HAVK NOT E*. AI?E'.> irom the lava beds, and that they be cap turd there. The reports that Gen. Schoheld wou d take command ot the troops there in person, relieving Gen. Giileui are unfounded. 1 he campaign against the Modoc* is b. iug ,ju ried on by Gen. Giliem in the most satisfactory mauner, and there is no disposition either on tb? j'jtrt of Ven. ScUofleld o? the vtflcials pf tu War Department to supercede Gea. Qtl'^m* Even if the lndiausbave escape from the lava beds, army Officers hare no doubt that thevwil be capture*!, as the country thereabouts is thickly settled, and it would not be a very easy matier for the treacherous savages to h <ie themselves or elude our forces long. While they might keep themselves out of sight tor i time, yet they wood event mil v Ik. taken. 1" ;,?? Klaiuath Indians are the nearest to the Mo l<> and they would not be likely to tin t any shel < r in that band, as A DEAD! Y FEt'D hat existed between the two tribes for year-, and the Kluiuathw will no doubt assist our fore s to hunt them down. The latest advices rr^ni Gen. GiUem express every hope of eaptunug the Modocs, and as that o< ? i is certainly flu me <t competent to judge oi i - : iation, .auoh weight is given to his s?;.r ?. - 1, *riuv of ticeis. as he is regarded to the coo!?t men of the army, and not liable to mike state mentsas to what he can do u .1 he is sure wl fultil'ing his prom: . >. SKNAToK KELLY, OF OREGON, ai-o express*"- the opinion that the Indians will be taken if thej Lave e?cape-d irom tlie . t beds. That gentleman is familiar w.tli the country thereabouts, and lie declares that it i impos-ible tor Gen. Gill* ui to surround the lava beds completely, even It he had ti.uoo tro >p- in stead ol w>0. Th re is no doubt in army circle that the Indian* removed their women and children irom the lava beds during the p. a.-e regotiations, before the assassiutu on of g n. Canity, and it was to secure all time possible to remove the women and children that Captain Jack resorted to every scheme to prolong the negotiations. ATTORSKY GENERAL WILLIAMS, w ho is also fans liar with the Oregon lava be.Is. is not so hojieful of the capture of the Indian if they have escajied therefrom. He think- the only time to tight Indians there isin the wintr, when they have to remain in the valley*, b ;ing unable to go into the mountains on account ot the snow. If they have t.-caped from the' lava beds they have scattered like so many part ridges, and it will be some time before Uiey c tn be found. SERETARY DELANO'S VIEWS. 1 he Secretary of the I n'.enor, m con vers*' .on with a reporter ot The Stak this mom.tig said be feared the Modoc- had escaped, but had every hope that they would be taken. Reporter?What do vou think. Mr. Secretary, ot the reports that the Modoos have e-c i ? 1 and formed coalitions with other bands .or hj. tile purposes.' The Secretary.?Oh, I don't believe a word Of that; we have no uutriendly Indians around there. All our advices through the Indian office are to the e.lect that other ludiansin that locality are |>eaceable. These Modocs inu-t l?e caught; we don't want them marauding aroutid there committing all kinds of depredations. While they cannot ioisi with other bands, nor cau. e a general outbreak, they can greatlv an noy the sett lets, and will no doubt commit mur ders w hen they get a chance. Rep ?There seems to lie but little doubt that Gen. Gilleiu w ill catch them? The Secretary?Y~s, Gen. Sherman s:iys they have enough out there to catch .til of them. I only hope it is true that we have killed this "Scar-Faced Charley," as he w;is a bad Indian, and gave much trouble. I think now if we can get ".Jack " the others will be demoralized and the trouble ended. 1 feared all the time that if we had a light with tiiem they would cause much trouble. Vou seethev know the country so well, and cau annoy >u'r troops by sccretiug themselves where Wc can not get at them. Wor.KiNcsiEN's Strike at St. Lor is.?A partial strike, growing out of a change of fore men or bosses, has taken plaoe at the Vulcan Iron W orks at South St. Louis, and a i>ortioii of the works has stopped O)?eraiions. Suspicion* were entertain 1 that the strikers intended a >me interference with the ma hinerv Saturday nigbt, and a sttong j-olice force was stationed at the works, but their services were not called into requisition. The Carlists in Spain are resolving them selves into a plundering, piUe^ing and murder ing mob. The robbery of a diligence and the murder of its passengers in the province of Geroua is their last rejsu ted achievement. The mob rules in the city of Gerona, Barcelona is b-v 4 federal republic insurrection, and there are no -Judications of any gam of strength by the Madrid authorities. Can a Chief or Police be a Reporter.? The mayor of Lynchhur* has rendered a de cision In the case of W. W. Hendricks, chief of iiolice of that city on charges preferred agai n>t him illegally receiving state fees, for reporting for the newspapers and for engaging in duties other than those pertaining to his iwlioe duties, acquitting the accused on all the charges and specifications. E*IK ikv"itigatio*, on Saturday, Mr. Shftmin continued Lis testimony at con siderable length, mainly to the effect that At torney General Barlow wassubffdized by Gould and Flak, though he admitted that he was an enemv of Barlow. Several other witnerae* were examined, one of whom declared his belief that the pre?at board was "a shabby set." Ko Gloves?There is a movement in Paris to do away with the wearing gloves. It is argued that as a small hand, like a rmall foot, is gen erally the sign of aristocratic descent, there is no reason wly It should be concealed within a vulgar integument, where the Angers of the Faubourg are on eqnal terms with the horav ones ot Belleville and Montmartre. The warn or the Dutch against the native Acheneese in Sumatra has resetted for the present in the alm&t total defeat of the fbnner. They are driven to the sea beach, and with the enemy vastty outnumbering them, an without Se reinVctdreW campaign "til they A Cttonn wairca to Raleigh, ?. C., Is to toch. Whilst an aid building to tLu city was ^-fSSSLg?, money can he found. *A street can-co> dcctor to Detroit picked up a navy revolver from the Sey asm sera j TELEGRAMS TO THE STAR This Afternoon"* Dlspntches. ASSOCIATED PRkSS REPORTS. ? ? ROOK % APACHC ( AKPIItJl. 0?rrT?? llMM?lr< ft Warrior* killri Kurrendrr ol T?? of the ?<tnl Haatta. Sam isi o. April 20._The detail* of the peaeeconftrcnee at Csmj. Yerde, A r, zona ou tho ?;t?! ?. Ai'f.1, have been raotired here u> n'g*it. The con ercace resu'ud .n the uncon ditional hiI iuiwk ii and suriender of two ol" the wci'st bait?l<' of Apsches. Punt wa? brou *ht about through the complete rout of the band* ot Apachen who hare dejted the government f,?r two vea^s past- Over Sio of their warro-s have bten killed in the la?t campaign, in ihe fast - B(M(t of ibe Apache country. The council open d at 9.30 a. ??.. ? Cracker." a Indian, w?h the interpreter. The War CI Tonto, of the Anaches. with 15o women and childr? ??. joined the coitncil. and .1 ?T"ft V.1rvOK" UAI? 1 p t?*?" arvd, when the talk began. The Apache chiefs were the tir-t apeak era. They acknowledge* their complete defeat, end express I the.r desire lor f'tace. Geueral C ooW replied bneitr, accent ing tbeir surrender. The ciiiefs i^omivNl io r",ui *or<l to outaide Indians in ?rm? to come i i and surrender. General Cnwk pranked to e. ?'????* lor the pro.t Uon of runners to be euap'oved iu Vtrkad)thi *e>? s or riAci V bM!the ??nfcenee b'oke up the vanquished Arches went up ihc rirer to the old military post, where a least was given to them. The Kll.|,0,,7 Wi", W to tre?' I ndian humanely, place ihem on icw-rrat.ono, m Ae them no promise* that eaiiiK>t be falfll).,|. to m ? *" ?Tg thrm *I:J '"-^ruc. them in simple duties thus proving to them th it war.V-^' c^k gtneral orders, commend* by name a imn i..i ot officers h,h1 soldiers for gl^Zr ?n Wli? campaign. Perfect harmony e\.?t* between the officer* and the Indian* and War Depart ment 01 Uie trealy will l* jKrnia . T1IK EPIZOOTIC has nearly subsided in Arizona, and all the stupes are running attain. h0 r*>i?meneed at San Diego on the Texas Pacific railroad, Tut day. * Sew York Note*. th* broker RANK Kits. New York, April 21?The ?nspend<>l bank '?)? nim ol tturloii and Allen have resolved to dissolve partnership, and probably Barton will contltiue the linrfnee. Their liaMlitie* are now estnuatcd at with considerable a:set?. . ANOTHER 3 AIL ROfTE COfTH. It is report, d that plan* arc now being ui tured in Kurope lor the construction of a new rsil route irorn New York to Philaielphia, via New iork hay, and acro-s Staten Island. THE INDIAN PEA. E COM MI SslOE, which was to have met here to-day will nr?t meet till to-morrow. A telegram w?* received from Mr. P.runot. announcing the death ot h ? mother and his inability to l>e in New York to day. ARKE'TEO. Thomas Barclay, keeper of a faiobankin the Bowery, has been arrcn. 1 on the charge i,t fatally 1>> atiug llerchel Meudlcbaum in the deu la?t night. ? I rum Puro|H> lo-tlny. A PARlg CA>UII>ATE FOR TUK Si ATI ?X A t. AascMni.r. PiR!8. April 21.?Col. !>t<trtel has announct'd hum-eli' at> a candidate lor the vacancy iu the national assembly front this city. CAELISTS ARKtMKH. Barcelosa, April 21?Several (tersona who are known to have served recentlv in the C a list rankf have been aircsted in tlii* citv. THE Ft'KERAL OF RAKlIX LIEB1U. _ MI EICH, April 21?The funeral of the l ite Baron Liebig took place in this city vesterd ?v. and vat attended by a large number of dis tinguished persons, including l?r. Doliiuger. Salartlay^KailriNHl Diwuler lo be Iu. Proyidexi e, April 21?The railroad com missioners have ordered an in vest, gat ion r.ia tive to the railroad disaster, on Wtiiiie.- i ?v next, at the railroad station in this city. Fire. I-HIcauo, April 21.?The flouring m ils ;<-id distillery of John Barr, at Morris, ills., w re burned Saturday night. I.oks, ?- ui,.hki. Affairs i* Loroox Couktt, Va / ? i' Accident?Lee Divine, age.I about eight v-xr-. a son ol D. M. Divine, living near HilKborou .?h, was thrown from a horse, a short distance fr>m his father's house, on Fridav last and kill d. He was be\ond the reach of rem:die? wiieu ton lid by the roadside, where he was thrown, and died immediately upou being moved to liU lather's house?Enterjtrif. Land Sal*?On Monday last, in l^eesburjr J. L. Kinker, auction er, sold at pul.lic sale, tor "? Harrison and John S. Pancoast, trustee of W. H. Sc boo ley, 212 acres ot land, four m les northeast ol Waterford, lor M3 j^r acre. John J. lHllon. purchaser. Fin-?Alex. H. Davis'house, in this county, near Aldie. was burned last Thuradav. The occupant of the house. Mr. W- Lightfo'at. suc ceeded in saving all hi? effects. The house was mured.? II arkinffiwutn. A Rip Va* Wiekle is Baskrtptcv A Chicago correspondent of the New York World says; A. McKee Bankin, a young Canadian actor, who has traveled the country for the past three years starring as '-Kin Yan tTinkle," and generally leaving a lot of debts behind him, petition*d iu the Chicago courts to-day for an adjudication in bankruptcy in his own case. Tbe schedule ot assets contains some articles of clothing valued at #100. The creditor number thirty-six, with aggregate claims amounting to over f 12.00H. Among them are actors, mana gers, theater proprietors, dramatic authors and agent*, botei keeper*, brokers, newspatier pub IrD-f!*- ^ saloon keepers. Olive I^)ga?i cla ms *150 lor the use of her plays. There will proba bly be noopposition to the bankrupt's discharge. The War ih Ckba?The telegram from Havana, un.'er date of the 17th instant, rives assurance that the colonial war against the au thoi itv of Spain is far irom emied Offi ,il dispatches informed the government in Havana ol the occuiTepce of a severe battle betwee.i the in-urgent toices, under command ofCalisto t>racia, and troops ot the republic on the l.Vh instant. Oenerai Ki.juHme rejwrte.1 that twenty-oi* insurgents and feur Spaniards w-re killed and thirteen Spaniards wounded. The number of li *urg. uts killed, if it is auted cor rectly, indie, tea that there must have be -n a good many lebel* present in the light.?.v. r. litrold, 2W Y. * The New Trawslatiox of the Bible ? E.11,.COtt' of *he British and Foreign U,at the new translation of the Bible now being made under the sui> rin Engliab and American iebolars. cannot be completed tor many vears, and after that the i>rinting and proving wlHoccupva long time. The bishop is of the opiuion, moreover U?at the English public will hesitate before they accept the revised translation. nS VArTvma2?jKr9 Davis. The Paris Kentuckian aavs: "Wm. Schwartz ?* Ohio, received a government war ?nt?^ ,^er d*Zjor**K. being his share of the *100.000 reward offered for Mr. Davis' cap ture. Mr. Schwartz was a member of th# i?t OhJ? 5***lrv, and was detailed as one of the SeRU>ar Jl "e?t '* 1,ttrsult 01 Presi A REVAtmo* took place in Panama on morning of the 5th hut., beaded by S n<terj? half brother of ex-Prwident Cerroesa. The revoluttouMi declared la favor of Demaee SEBiSa sS r'- O? of each faction was killed. tzissvsrui rtry natnrally InclndM Hresto. in the voting. ?y*Tbe OeltwieB News believes that city to 9-A Kockfovd (IU.)gbest was ererriawl )a*t tiVvTSfrj-vb ~po"' sUentlv steal aw#y bith ? aebtfle ot i two sucks of cent-' Tb^autborittes prevente?lttnSiB YrinTcjurlvl 4 Lo?era Rnrac*. trirwui >4Tii M"?'M scab rtitfis f. ? - vt. Fr. w a ?t<ortal it r*irt? C. H w. learn that Maggie rurley. a P '*m' | ft. tbuit I* year*. a nurar for ?!?? rluldret. of Jwdft Tt"lB? M' rt, attended a tr^ \ ?' Xmd'y last at ntglit, given bv fhe <??? '"*1 p*"t *o? > Of !\ III Uir imIui d II i(<tM chur.b. r-tu ?l*ig l oni' altnut t aV?ork ?- ?? . ami that rrn mi arret -*?e ar?-i?rd .Itrdge M<w?er"e f .ntitv b\ crteeo: pa to la bet iead. Tbfj >m m , ui, !i *? hi t>i hw -- * ? - ? . . ? ?-- ?? i. ?<i ir* : i or* >*i Iielat.lj Wtntto lift iMMliikt. a:>4 .'??> <1 Wr in rMivalsk** Pr. MrWbortn ?m it.t IOC ?? 4 rendered med-.ee1 a?tatanc* hut .a ?*iii iti couvt'lai.n* yc*tcrday, and apparent*y ?ib?Ur. Tbe eanie ol her atcknoa* a* g\ rra l-y be rvhtrd jwoj'tf thrt*, t? aa lolfi K ir *i.ont! ?* t*-o n? n. l.uth-r Aat'erna and Sur F'T. SiiAKiM. have be?-u p yi?g marked attention to tbe girt. alw. anon r*t ry ivraMim, showtM h#t |#tfnf?W f?r An d?i>>i, this natura'v inland S.ukBeid ? at tli. aid on Kat?M| last be cum lo At k?n ria. an.] oi< LI* fi t im ?a> heard to rrniirk ttiat '-If rwM iwf mini h n. he'.i Im ?1 d if ah.- *h.>uid marry AMMN. 'o t.e l ad thr hn a that aouM put hft akr Uian j n?u ?>> no more.** It I* said th ?t ?ki" at tlf tr?tlvtl, SlnklU'M Maggie to ta ?* IWU *itkhn? Shf not I>rlti( a?*iv that < bad ma>lr mir threat* la regard to bor. ?r. . aM on tktlt i*tnm, turn thev rat.-m4 t i room, alio kmhtii to .Agger Ud fall I . . in*rn*iMc. If *w ?uppoerdat ?rat that ti? ,t lacing was the ranee. She wa* tak-n to t?e r? mlinc* ol bor employ* r, ahrir abe in an aiBH?t in?en*ible' condition up to vo?? r ?lay. when abo a a* rrntoved to brr k?Bf. >?. er the vtilagr. w hurt abo at ill Ilea, bor coixlit mo b? t:?r, but littlr hones are entertained ?.i n.-r rrmtfrj. (irrit indignation I* r\|>ma> <1 tin ro both by'abtto Mid Mark, ami tf *he dies fteid will atan<l in <ttiigrr of a Ijrarku^, it caught. Ho baa not born seen since thr ir-M val, lioanrr, an.I it w thought be ha* kit lor other i art*? f'ryi ,?d A-atoW, IHJk. The Rallraa4 hlaaghler of kalnHii). i*uv? KiLLao abi> r.-arv nurnnnn. Ft mail and telegraph ?r bare additional de tail*?'' the latett railway ala igbter w . n rum d on MtinUav morning when tti.-irani hnnt train conveyed the New \ ark |i*?. n(,r> irom Tievtdence to B< ton. wa* plan?-d n.o the I'awkatuok river, anU m ?eral or tu- rata I'urmd. At th?- aceneof the accident tu- ir?. k croa??> tlie liver on a ?mal'. bridge jn- iwlow a larg? dam. Th.? dam gave war, carr\ ng tlio ruin* agam-t thr bridge, at d than lo a?|m other dam. The t'ofi-e ol water in I < the abutment*, and the bridge fell. I ... rr |>rar> to havr lna-n no watrliiuan to g . ? w aru ing, and the train runted tu.o thr rb ?-m at r\ ^nteKreod. TUe ri.auIt aa? terrible, .i^t ouiv ? Ike k* of life and mangling ol' njf kill, d ontr'gbt. but al-o in it* fratur. - .n |M>m liar M'tTrring. Iiumodiatrly on tbe ti tm?k. I ing tin W|> the Saia<'> burat oat of tli- < >r *a><l iar. atxl It with two other* were bam K.ictit to twelve pemona wer^ kille.1, two ?? wuo.m wrrr ? mp'ovra of thr railroad. Tlir ? tgii?a?r ilied at lita i-i^t. with hi* bar*I on Mir tuntCLte TalTr. The nunil?er of wounded ia ?> twren thiity and fort*. It i? thought tAa* *errr*l boiliea bare l*en waalted down the at.rata. a? the IhMMl w ax |>rob iblyat it* height a h it i no train ran into thr eha?m. Tbe engine .h?.W a fearf ul k-ai>. )>a<?iiig over the atrram at I bidding 1*a? It m thr ot>|Hiaite embankut n* u the time of the arcMent tbe train war i u..n .g at the tale of."50 mtlr? an h-?nr. Th? Bbooclv* S. Aki>AL*_There la ? ?- I ter |<erKinal ti^ht going on. juat mow, b a i the Itmoklyii Flagle and thr Brooklyn I i, in which wot a few element* of aocial an.t ?? i cial acantlal are mixed u|>. The (.'nion i. I Kowcu) haa, within tbe few day* |>aat. ? i I making cer .in \er\ glare iiiMnualioiir a*i Mr. Kinarlla il-'agte editor), a* a nieml* i i the board of e.lnr tttori, the *1. I aceor<li'i?i to u?wrir* mumatiow, t>. that k ? fa iia wa? maiutaioiiiti niaiion- w. i a Mr*. Field, w hoae hu^liariil had l>?.'ti a Moan l.rr o| the Itoard aceoriliug to llowt-u) by kiu ?rlla * iiiflu< nee. But Field and wife pubtlcl ami iudigwaiitly deny tbe alirgatKMi -au-i while I foimer l.i.ngs a. t ion to rrcox rr ?1amage? t.M lil el agaiuM Bowen, the lattrr i*a>lroitly woi k ing ti|> a *ort of public at ntiun nt in b * favor, by an liMlignation m-etlng at the A 'adeiuy a^aiu*t the grnt ral managrm'nit ot th? ol tdiication. What i*to bi .-oute ol it all, rc- I uiaiii.? to l?e . een. Aahile ago thr Kagl.- ,k<n sella), it will lie KMBbciu, put ' -h.dav-ry damaging M'andal alioiit B?wi'ii an t K-v Mr. Bt t v'm r, likt wine imidi.'ating a Uuly. aaM tliia return lirr ol U?. ?iu mMvmd to the ilagle editor ai.d Mm. Field, i? |HipuIarly anppoagd t? have been prompt?>d bv a dc?ire to - get even with him.' ?A' T V >?*????. 1?'*. Utei Siuikk* a?n tni Km u-HiM't I Vn\ kmkxt IX Ni* Vt?-K.?IK-legatea Iroiu ? I the trade* union* in New York city m--t Sat ir- I day evening and beard a report tfotn tha coui* I lull tee ap|H)iliU d at the Iaat Mti'tiiig lo a*k the mayor, aldcrmeu, aud bead* of depat meuta tor Uic ?iiforcemeut of the eigUi-nour '.aw. I They aeen to have obtainetl no d?tinite at??et trotu eitbrr. and stated that the matter i>nn let coiMderat ion by a conimittcc of aideratrn. The iiade? union committee wa* Ui*trurted to wait on ilic ahiermru ior a reply, and to art turtboi a* thev thought ex|ie?1ieiit. Tbe president ol the ga* men'* protective union dented there- I l?oit tl at the atriking ga* m< u aekod Ui Iw rein stated. A number ot Italian* have takrii the place* of the <iuarr\ men who *tru<*k on Thura. day on account of the introduction ot ateaiu drilling machine*, and polioe gnar.l the wood* at -loth atroot ami 5tb avenue. Tbe nmltrrra ami |?ra*ol maker* liavo resolved ta Mrtke tor higlier wagr*. The cigar inakem have ap|?int- I ed a commitu-e to report ut an-of improving their rotaiitioii by thr formation of a cw-o|? ia tive . aciety and making good* for the toai k?t direct or otherw i*e. Sthikk Auaixht a Gas Cuhpajiv?Th? people of Boston, like the people ol all oiu latge citie*, are complaining again*: the eaac iaOUs ol the ga* oomparica. Like u? here ?in Boatoii thrv cry out agaitiat bad ga* au>i high prices, hut have so far cried in vain. Tired ol compla ut and remouatrauce, and thoroughly di*gu*tcd with the action of the i*egi*lat<irr in giiing them leave to withdraw their |>~tiiion for legal protection and redrew, they pur|ioae toeuur into a aolcmn compact. ea>:li with the other, tlat they will not u*e any ga* of the com pany after the' ttiteenth day ol' Mav next, until the price per thousand fret is reduced irom three dollar* and a half, a* it now t*. to two lol- I Ian- and a half, a better <|uality of ga? fartnalied than at nreaent. tbe metre* changed to other* of a different kind, whicb will protect ennau mcrs again?t fraud, and a ??omj>et?*nt ami m partiarim>|?ctor of metre* and <|nallty of gn? provided An agreement to thi* ertect ba* boen drawn up. and ba* alreadv born num. roudy signed. Ax Ikpati aikii Baruk?A Kuwiau baron. Von Nerger, saw a pair ol -kianew twin ?m teta" at Cincinnati, Iaat vear, aud toil very mucL in love a .th one ot thrm Th< v are mu latto girl*, joined together likr the real Mm me*3 fellow*, aial nreon the whole repniaive, bnt tbe baron aaa*o miatualed lhat be overlojkt^i all bleu <4ie>. made prc*ent* to the one he favored ?he wa* indifferent to tbe other?ami finally got an engage me nt lor them to e?hib% -lim selves at \ lenna. They rode oat in hi* car riage, aud he ha* di*gu*ted lus friend- by pro claiming hi* intention ol marrying ball o: the twin exhibition. CRARoiAuAimOciiiat?Ailiapatch liom San Fianci*co. aajs: Kvory mail Irom Ansona bunga news of continjied dei>redati'*m by Cochise and hi* Apache*, irom the reservation. The |?op'r of Honora and the Mexican troop nur>ued Mm to tbe frontier, but dared uot fol low across the line. The ialr*t news m that Cochiae wa* ;^eparing to invade the dis ?..1 A liar and MagdaUo Tlic ?i tne Mo?r TX"*' V* l^l-Anng to receive them. uue ol the result* of thi* inapunitv is that Mex icans are depredating ou the pro,.ie ot Ariaona O" t?>e pr ire 1 pie of revenge andrepri^' 1^?* Wwtwaid Bonra?A New York Herald correspondent, writing from Port ^ MC:' ^ Tweed pro -eO.s! westward this morning by the Baniror am ^RERR^Rn^eeriiTngbytheBaagor ml |Maine railroad. I interviewed bim at thr Pre bie bouse. Hr appeared unbappy an I |tet" - iant. lie aatd he abooki get to N - a i ? k *? I t aon as panrtblo. In rwpoim to the n if?Uon, I Would yon like to say anything to the New | 1 Vork public through thr lieraid'. be n-|ioiHl- I 1 ed emphatically. ,rNo; I don't enrefor tin New I Vork pablic much." | I Brchii, Tfcit Biblb. aid Capital ^r*-' I isnntXT ?One of Brother Bencher'* impiir- | ing friends" writes to a*k whether there ? auv utterance o<' oar l>ord Jesn* Christ u|>on which | | to base the J art ice of capital nnm*l.uien' I Brother Dseener replies that ba does wot ? , * of anv, and add*. ?-The expadieaeynr r^tal I ptmisbment. like all other qaoatljn* r. pnMIe nohcy mwst he settled by the goo-1 - r - ' ba* given as. and those who exwse. question* solved in Scripture wUI he h^VT. ?In VIi nccordanoe with theeivil sent aerate* a co'.ored messenger In the Nov Vork eastern house has boon promoted to a ?l.JOO ctertahip *nffars*iTftey^n coantyfva^ ftethe pur g jsteUy^for^rtleer, which la JEd to bo JJJJJJC gwdlutie b va fdayhnao _ 'Whether wl*e or not, an the N>w Vo: k Fvenlng Poet, i s who i' r 1 posed to it, or who live indrend ol it, hava tttrte faith in aay policy of pence. H ' " intel or l.aara n. Pair Wtswtt Of btaffsan an. ljawra?ar"law have r imhmte s# ? 1?? a

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