Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. OWMl a loin Mtor. Largest Cirrnlation in the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: MOSBAT .April 21, 1*7*. To Oi r Ai.vekti-ehk?In consequence of the great pressure upon our advertising col umns. we have to *?k of customers that they will send in their advertisements as early In the day a* pc?*ible that they may be properly classi fied. Our business men appreciate the advan tage* of an advertising medium like tnat of The Star, which ha? not only an immensely preponderating circulation over any other aper. but which has also a general circulation among?t all classes, and therefore reaches pur chasers of every variety and style of goods and wares. Mr. W. H. (orrsran "Ialfnlfwed" by Mr. J.tmr'i E. Harvey. The New York in publishing an '-in terview" between Mr. .lames E. Harvey and Mr.V. W Corcomn. criticizing District affairs, does tot seem to be aware of the peculiar rela tions in which Messrs. Harvey and Corcoran bare stood to each other and to the District government as editor and proprietor, reflec tively. of the h?te J'atrlnt newspaper; else we sbon!hard'.y have the Tribune speaking of the utterance* at that interview a.- the "guarded, well-weighed remarks" of dispassionate repre tentitive men of Wellington "in condemna I ot) of nofue of the ttnaucial doings of the Dis tiict govt mment." Having the same fact in v.ew we are able to account for the milk in the cocoa-nut when Mr. Harvey sedulously paves the *ay to bring out Mr. Corcoran's opinions ul*oit the pre** ot Washington. Mr. Corcoran ?ays to Mr. Har\ey: ??What we need here at the capital is one or ir.ore able and indej>end<-nt journals; and un Itt# something is done in that direction, the good name and fair fame of the best ci^zens of the District will continue to l>e assailed If tliey dare to speak tlieir mind in regard to matters tn which they are deeply interested. When I returned from Euro]*. a' few month since, the Washington press were unanimous in their kind expressions toward me. and some went eveu to the extent of laudation. Vet. because I pre ferred to di>[>ose of what was my own as to me steme11 best, instead of having it taken from me, 1 have been assailed by this subsidized press in the nio-t unmeasured'terms; and if at ibt time of life 1 were to enter the contest and advocate openly what I l?elieved to be right and just, these papers would not leave a shred of uiy coat anon lay back from the way 1 would be availed." The plain English of this is that Messrs. Corcoran and Harvey having failed ignomini fusly iu the business of publishing a newspaper in WaUilngton. have come to the conclusion the |>*ople of Washington don't know how to appreciate-'able and independent journals." Now we had in the I'atritU, with Mr. Corcoran as chiet proprietor, and Mr. Harvey as editor, a realization ot tbeir Kk? ?tf >n and inde perdent journal." yet it i- safe to ?ay that never in the history ot Washington journalism have we bad a paper that -o little represented tbe pub lic .or w as so devoted a partisan of class interests. It took Tweed's money and advocated the T weed politics. D was the organ here through out of John W. Garrett and the Baltimore and Ohio railroad moix>|>oly. It was an obsequious toady to its principal owner, and the bitter enemy of the District government?when it failed to get the patronage it wanted?and tl at's about what it amounted to in the way of . an independent journal. That the press here LuawaiM Mr. Corcoran will be news to tbe people ol Washington, and it is strange that Mr. Corcoran, by making the assertion, should show his lark of appreciation of the cordial warmth cf the acknowledgments by our pa pers of the noble benefactions he has made. i Itut when, in continuation of the warfare made by the l'atri"t against the work of improve ment entered upon hvre, he allows his ex-editor to interview him for the columns of the Tribuu* to assail other benefactors of Washington, j it i? but just to remind him that the part he has taken in making Washington what it should be i> not so vitally important as the unpretentious work of many other useful citizens who have labored to that end. Thb point is well set forth . l>y the Capital as follows: Mr. Corcoran made his enormous wealth through the science of banking and the enter I rise and labor of other people. Now bank ing is not a very necessary or important rursuit to humanity. It does not make two lades of gTan> grow where one grew before, i And the fact that his liberality took a monu mental rather than a useful turn tells the 1 atorv. Tbe Corcoran Art Oallery and the , I onise Home and other charities are graceful j ar.d beautiful things. But so far as the District is concerned we would rather Mr. Corcoran had built us a railroad, or paved and drained the streets atout his unimproved property, or atarted a huge manufactory, if even he had re taint d his money and benefitted himself by the Lrotits. He belongs to a class of gentlemen who ave lived, lo! these many year*, with others paying their taxes, and he Is restive ander a law that calls for his share. That is all." '? Pbobabli Kkaiqhatiox or Secretary r>RLAX<?._And so, after all the denials on the j subject, it is now admitted tn official quarters not onlv that I>elano's resignation has been , received, bnt also that it will be accepted. Ex {Senator dames Nye still persists in the hope that he will be nominated to the vacancy." The above telegram from Washington, printed in the Cincinnati c>mm'rci*l of Friday, at tracted no little attention on its arrival here, and elicited a good deal of inquiry as to where the correspondent got his exclusive news. It turned out. however, that instead of " Delano's resignation," he wrote " De Long's resigna tion."?having reference to the mission to Ja pan. There is, we belie\e. no doubt of this fact, nor that fcis successor will soon be appointed; . ?i.?Lwe have pretty good grounds for stating i .at Hon. John A. Bingham.ex-Representative I om Ohio, will be the new iucuml>ent. The result? of Gen. t rook's vigorous cam- i 1 ? <n against the murderous Apaches, as told in oar telegraphic columns to-day, illustrates the only practical mode of dealing with refrac- | t. r> savages. Force is the only thing they re- j s) e? t in an enemy, and the wiping out of two be i ?'red of their warriors, as in this case, make's . IS-?- more aiuu>u? for i*ace than a hundred talk and thousands of dollars worth of ores cwto. When they came to talk peace with j ? rt ? k they were compelled to lay down their \ aim?do chance for treachery there. Crook is j tbe ?'ft of Peace Commissioner to send to the i Iiiill ii nwlif | Tv? Star is getting the range of tbe Chrrmi tl' ? *ve with such tearful accuracy that it can ?lr< | ? shell into Captain James' lap any day, just t?.r the tun of tn* thing.?8m?<Jay tifrabL t ?| tain Jim of the Cir?sit/< falls into our bai-' s so badly scalped by the press and the pul ic that there is very little capillary sub set < e to operate upon. Still we feel it a duty to "raise" the few hairs left. ?'i>e of the best ill ustrat ions ot the ingratitude ol |?ardoned convicts is had in ? case recently occurring in Louisiana. Governor War moth pardoned a person ?er\ing out a sentence for manslaughter, but through some mistake the convict was kept in prison nearly six months after the issue of the pardon. He now brings ?uit against the governor for f 10,040 damages, on the ground that hie retention in prison was caused by the governor's negligence. 44 Twinkle, twinkle little Star!"? Ckromicht. Stink, stink, defunct Cftrwwisf* ' It is sad to nofts that report* are beginning to Cobb* in of the total destruction or the fruit crop* in different sections of the oountry. Some thing *r other i* sore to destroy the fruit every year, yet notwithstanding the yield always turn* eat pretty well. Such report* are Inva riably pat >rth every spring, the object doubt less heir, to prepare the consumer for high jitm The .' ?<*? CkrmncU thinks a legislative in rtstig Aaaittee into District improve ments ? uuui he a good thing, aad that Mr. Pe ter Campbell would be the proper maa to head It as s ? ?ker ot tfce lover houa*. This 1* an exre. mt idea, aad oae of the first things the Hoi. tvt*r eoaM properly lavestigate would be the Mb street paviag hatch. The ChrmkU fe T*rf tow to-day, bat atill Ha gue. The part week in Wall street goes into tU tory lor the periodical panic at the Stock Kx rliange?an occurrence not ofter known at this s?a?on of the rear. Bat then the mow blockade and the severe winter put everything back three or four months, and the tumble In stocks, which usually happens in winter, was delayed with everything else. The more gratifying outcome or the week Is the decided relaxation in ir.aney, which was greatly easier aster the panic, and loaned a* low m5i( per cent In M>me tianea.tlon*. Gold ha* be Id its firmness pretty well, however, but left off a little under lift. ? Jay Cooke * Oo. furnish the followingto-dfcr. Btry't. 8tir*. But'*. Stir* O.B.r?.iasl......l#S ?<l? I ??'sjn*jy,?.17 17 H ????".WM. 17?? 17\ I 6 -lu's JaAJy.V.l'V lW B-?*s,MK___-]r? 17\ 6*)'s,jDAJy,?S.>6\ V\ l-?'l,l? .JJ'? 1*\ ! UMTS tri u* Mkw Vi'ii?r 1E?T Beans. u.B.tvun. *> ft-vsjan.AJi r*m. 17 *?'s, 1881 17H UHD's ? MTs, UU 17. American Gold. 17', ?-?'s, ISM 19'? Currency l i - U ? ? lONJan. A Jly."?. .17 ? Mew Fivee. IS t-WeJaa. * Jlj. ?7_12>'. BilTiattI, Ai>ril 11.?Virginia 6's. i?M, ST: do., consolidated, #3'?; ?'?l Vimiuia's, L!'? bid to-day. BaI.timoSX, April 21.?Cxton dull and ??18V Flour uuiet and steady; price* unchanged Wb? at dull and unchanged. Corn firm nod scarce? white southern, ews>>7: yellow southern. Si; m i x ed wdt'-ro, #4. Oat* dii'l?Southern, tV4.">l; western mixed, 46MM. Ry quiet and steady; pri-es un changed. Hay unchanged. Pro.isiotis quiet b-it firm; pricee unchanged. Western batter steady and i.ncbanged. Whisky firm^)I'i. KlW lull, April 21.? Stocks quiet and fi m. Gold firm, 17H. M >ney firm, 1-16 to 1-31 per cent. Exchange, long, 7\; shorty. Governments (lull and steadv. Hr.w T"?*. April II.?Fionrdull ?nd unchanged. Wheat quiet and linn. Corn firmer. Lo>ik>\ . Api il 21.?Conn->1* "p-n?l at 91H for b ?lh B'>r.ds of 1S64, Id. 91S; 1^67, SO-,; 10 Wi,^V; new lives, 90. Erie, 52l? Paris, April U.-Rentes opened 56 frarsci 5 ceiit in ?-?. TUB WEATHER Wa? Dip art m ?st, Office Chief Aonat Officer,? Wa?hi*?toh, D. C., April 21,1W3,11 a. m. ) Byjwpsib ?m thi rasv rwinT-rosi now ? The loeal disturbances that ?fr? Sunday m^rainit , in North Carolina and northern Illinois are now ap parently in Delaware and western New York res p ctively. accompanied with light ruins. The ba rometer Las fall-u very generally during tl?e niijlit over the northern portion of the middle state* .uel ! In New England. where light and fresh winds are , irencrall> reported, with cloudy weather on the I roasts. Northwest winds prevail from Lake Brie and the Ohio vall-'> to the middle Atlantic Stares. Westerly and soutnwest winds, with liarv weather, ; in the south Atlantic states. The barometer has fallen rapidly, with increasing southerly winds luid hatv or cloudy weather, iu Nebraska, and probably in the northwest. | Probabilities.?During the rest of Monday the barometer fell very gen. rail) throughout the Mis - on valley and the northwest, and to a less extent over the npper lakes and the southwest. Locnl storms move northeastward over New Jersey and New York state, for New England generally fall ing barometer and cold, cloudy weath*r. with pos sibly light snow or rain. For the Ohio talley.the eastern gnlf and south Atlantic stat?-s generally clear weather, followed l>y increasing westerly winds and cloudiness. For the southern portiou of the middle states, by Monday afternoon, westerly winds and tkaring wather. For riA Mississippi valley an<l the npper lakes southerly winds, rising temperature and increasing cloudiness, rantiotiary signals are ordered f?r Cape May. New York, N-w Haven and New London. Morning reportsare miss ing from Minnesota. Dakota, the southwest and Rocky mountain stations. JV3?RKMKMBKR THE ORAND LEVEK AT ODP FELLOWS' HALL, 11th street, be tweenC and l> streets northwest, gi> en l>v John F. Cook Lodge, No. ll-?l, G. C. O. of O. F , MONDAY EVENING, April 21st, commencing at 8 o'clock. * n""3?PENNKYLV.\NlA REPUBLICAN ASSO IMy CIATION. ?A *tate<l meeting of the Asaocia tio* will be held THIS < Moi,day ? EVENING. April 11. H7J, at Clarke's nail, 475 Pa. avenue, at 7.JU o'clock. A punctual attendance is desired W. H. TCRNER, PreaiJent. V H. THOMAS. Secretary. ' lt? P' ^?MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.?An A>ljourue<1 Meeting of the Meilical A-sociation of the District of Columbia will be held in th - hall of the M dical Society. No.?I4 F street northwest, at one o'clock p. m., T1 KSDAV, April 23d. sis * JAMES T. YOUNG, M D.. Sec. |rs? Y M. C. A. LAST GRAND RECEPTION ORIENTAL ENTERTAINMENT IN Y. M C A. BUILDING WEDNESDAY E VENINO. April 13. from 7 to 11 TARLEA I'X representing scenes in life <if Joseph. Addre-ve* by Hon. J. 8. DlSHt. late |T. 8. C >n-nl to Jaffa, iilustratiug Oriental habits, manners and castoms. Refreshment* furnished in the Lecture Room. Admission, 25 cents. t a!3 tr ?OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONERS OF THE SINKING FUND, Washisotox, D t' , March 9, H73 ?The undersigned Commissioners will receive, at the office of tbe Treasurer. Moses Kelly, at the National Metropolitan Rank, until TUESDAY. April ?)l, at 14 o'clock noon,sealed prop<?aJs tor the sale to them of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS of the six per cent, ten year bonds of the late corporation of Washington. They reserve to themselves the right to reject any offer which they may not deem advantageous. H. D. COOKE, W. W. CORCORAN, MOSES KELLY, H M SWEENEY, LEWIS J. DAVIS, eotd Commissioners. CLA IMS FOR DAMAGES SCSTAINED IN CONSEQUENCE OF IMPROVEMENTS. BoaRi/of Pt blic Wexxs.D:?rmicTor CoLr*?iA,J Washing to*. April 10, U73. ( The following set, approved June 10,1*71, is pub lished for the information of all concerned: As Act providing for the payment of damages sus tained by reason of public improvements or re pairs. Bf ?f martrti by tkt Lttiflmiivt Assembly af tkt lh*trict nf Columbia, That on the application, in writing, of the owner or owners of any real estate in the District of Colnmbia, or of any person haviag other than a rental interest therein, to the Board of Public Works, setting forth that special damages have been sustained by him or them in cons?auence of any improvements or repairs made by said board, and particularly describing the nature of said dam ages, the said board shall consider the statements of said application, and if deemed by them sufficient for that purpose, the said board, or a majority there of, shall personally inspect the property alleged to be specially damaged, and make, or cause to be made, any examination connected with said im provements or repairs which they may deem neces sary or proper. Sbc.S. Ani be it fmrtkn enact'4. That if, after inspection and examination as aforesaid, the said board, or a majority thereof, shall be of the opinion that special damages have been sustained by any person or persons, as aforssaid, they shall estimate the same, taking into consideration the benefits to said prupierty fr.-m said improvements or repairs, and file among the records of their office and fu the office of the Secretary of the District written state ments of their action and estimate of damages, and shall make a full report, in writing, to ths next ensuing session of the Legislative Assembly of all appliaations made to them under the provisions of this act, and of their actiou thereon, and of the amounts awarded as damages and the reasons and Kounds of such awards, for the action of the Legls tive Assembly thereon, and no sum shall be paid on account of damages antll after the same shall bav? been approved by the Legislative Assembly and an appropriation made for the payment ef the same Notice is hereby given, that all parties claiming images under the above act must tile their petitions for the same at the Office of the B"anl within TIM da\s from this date, in order that such claims may t>e duly considered and reported to ths Legislative Assembly for iu action. Riank forms may be obtained upon application at the Office of th?- Vice President of the Board, Columbia Buildings. 4*6 street. all l?n ALEX R SHEPHERD. Vice Presideut. [Chronicle and Republican.! i?rKOM JHK EARLIEST A6KS TO m the present day , Scrofula has been the baae.l aiTT, as it were, the curse of mankind. Bo terrible ImI loathsome had been at some periods of the world's history that a person known to be infeeted wtth ft Wenld ao? b? allowed to mix with society. Happily in our day the disease is stripped of Its terror by the Bar !!"! the victim of Scrofula, (Jieera, Bores, Pimples, Blotches, Tetters, tc., can be rest orsd to so and health Id tk ffW ^ ROOT AND'HERB JUICES, |1B per betUe Sold by 8.0. FORD, 1105 Pa ave., and by Drug gists. DESMOND * OO., Proprietors, *1* Race street, Philadelphia. mayV ly Pulmcnk __HENCE"S PULMONIC CANDY embrace in agreat degree all the principles of Scbenck's Pulmonic S> rns, and while ea pleasant to the palate as the surest of confections. Its medicinal properties reader it effectual in coughs, colds, bronchial aad catarrhal affections, Ac. Jit is the sao* acceptable remedy for children or Infants, aad can be given with ln.per.itj; while for professional gentlemen, or those who suffer from loss of voice, ft Is indispensable. These candies are put ap In M cent boxes conveni ent for the pocket, aad are for sale by all druggirts aad dealers. J-H. BCHENCE A SON. feba tr V. E. corner (th and Arch ste., Phils. iparsd hsr Ufa. To prevent, to strsq^wa^to ours. DRUG BTOBB, lo. l?l? Pnamvou A mm, ? ? . A?U I. IOT Sjtw ly B 110 J M B. i&fET. JJ A I K G O O D 8 . FIRST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PRICKS. JJ* EEAID8, CUELS, etc., of onr wn mUt, ?old at manufacturer's prices, at H PHILIPPIC Hah work Factory and Store, 719 Market Srace, between 7lb and 8th streets. a21-?t* THE "BUFFALO" and the "beavee" JET BLACK ALPACAS, and Silk fin ish BLACK PURE MOHAIRS. Th** goods we unquestionably superior in every respect to other brand*, a fact well known and vouched for bjr thousand- of ladies who have worn t!:em. We have the agency for this city, and pur ch seers wishing to net the genuine gjods can fiud them only at our store. S^?BLACE SATIN STBIPKI> GRENADINES, 89TTA%B MKSH PLAIN IiLACK P,!fK- iLY' MMMKB SILKS, LYONS BLACK SILK8, and a mst variety of if* and choice stylesof DRESS GOODS, all at rtry loir prist*. 0n? price only, marked la plain figures. JOSEPH J. MAY, all-eojt 939 Pennsylvania avenue. i"\FFlCE REGISTER OP WILLS, V' _ Al Wa.B.sbTox, D. 0., April 17, 1TJ. The attention of oil parties concerned is railed to thetollowinglMof WILIS filed in this office, and n?t VJl* admitted to record, during the years I37J ana la, 3. Last will and testament of? Samn"l Adam-, Louisa Maria Barry Eli*a B. B-all. Wilson Bury. Rowland Crom?li?n. Catharine Chisholin D-los Carpenter. Jacob Colclazer. Cs'hariue Connor. Mary Ann Hsnaou Robert Herforth. Victor Ilamiot. Charity Lemon. Charles A. Na? gels R? bccca Peter. A airy Ro?s. Mary Ryan. Daniel Sampson. William M Steuart. Su>an Charlotte S;m >u1i Charles Seal*. T nomas Tln.m i". Ann Ytung, Charles Vtcson. Matilda W. William*. Moses Warren. Such parties x? are interested in the record of the above wills are requested to call at this office and take the necessary step to eftect their proper ? A. WEBSTEB. "-1 34 Register of Wills, D. O. J>HOPOSALs I'OR STATIONERY. ?,..i~i ?>d?,a*tment OF State, Afr,, M.U7S. Btaiecl Proposals for fin lushim; stationery for the year ending June 30. 1374. will be recived at this fcRftr UDlH 3Nt d,) of N?y. UTS, at 12 Blank f?nns for l idding will be famished upon application. 1 The bids will l>e considered and accepted or re J^cted item by item; and this idfertiiemeiit and tke proposals so far as accepted by the Secretary of Mate, and the bond uccompanyiug the ~ itne, shall constitute the contract between the Government ?fid the bidder or bidder-*, and no further contract will l>e executed. The articles contracted for must be furnished fr*m time to time, during the year, in <iuantities pur suant to orders from the Department. The entire quantities of each article will, li <w ever, lie called forduringthe year. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or nim making it, and be accompanied l>v a bond, with >-ntncient sureties, in a sum e<|ualtoHfty percent, of ihe bid or bids accepted, approved by a United States officer of the district In which the sureties re sMe \>rdo business, on a form to be furnished by the l>epartment conditioned for furnishing such por tions of the articles a* may be awardi-d under it, and the performance of the contract. All deliveries will be subject to inspection by an expert detail, d for the purpose, br the Secretary of State, and the delivery of an inferior article will b" deemed sufficient cause to annul the contract, at the option of the Secretary. Deliveries must be free of charge at the Depart ment of State. Washington. The failure to comply with any one order under the contract will, at tlie option of the Secretary of State, operate as a forfeiture of the entire p?nalty of the bond; or the 8-cretary of State may direct Hie purchase, in open market, of such quantities wf any articles as shall lie necessary to supply the defl. cit-ncy caused by such failure, aud charge to the contractors lift> per centum of the price which it shall be found necessar} to pay for such articles. Proposals unaccompanied by ? satisfactory bond will not be considered, and contracts will b>- award ed only to established manufacturers of or dealers in the articles. Proposals to lie addressed to the metersigtied, and marked "Proposals for Stationery." aJIeolm HASI1LTON FISH, Secretary of State. TO Bl'TCHERS AND OTHERS? ICE BOXES made at 719 ?th street, between G and H. Es timates given. alt-3t* WTONE.?Superior BUILDING STONE, and screened CRl SUED STONE of all sizes, for sale 1>T M , J. E.ZUG * CO., apI9 1m 27>13 K street, at Canal. REFRIGl KAToltS. W A'.KK FILTERS, FLU TING MACHINES, GAS STOVES. OIL STOVES. OGDEN'S 3t* Housefnmisli ing Store, 314 7th st. JE. SCHEEL, Orzimir ami Tmchtr of Afv.i<r, . respectfully inioruis the public that ord?rs Wfrf left at ELLIS'musical wareroom, 937 Peun VKl? avenue, and at his residence, t>30 3d st., cor. G, norihwest, will receive prompt attention, aly-31* ^HIRTS MADE TO ORDEfC In connection with my Merchant Tailoring busi ness, I an; now prepared to MAKE SHIRTS TO ORDER. having engaged the service* of one of the best cot ters in the country lor that purpose. Being satis fied of my ability to give entire satisfaction, both in style and ftt, 1 respectfully solicit the patrouage of the public. ?. T. KEEilE, SAiri and Dr;rm Manvfarttirtr, ?"> lm 4a* 9th street northwest. |^|18BOLUTION~ WasHrseTo*, D. C., April IS, 1873. The copartnership heretofore existing between Klphonzo Youngs and Wm H 8-ars, under the name and firm of ELPBONZO YOUNGS * CO., is dissolved by motual consent, the second term of such copartnership having this day expired. The buei n.-se will be continued at the olcl stand (Masonic I^!5l&i?0TEr,,iJ.mn4 F ?treets,> by SLPHONZO ^Ol NG8. who will pay all just claims against and celled all amounts due said firm. ELPBONZO YOUNGS. WM. H. SEARS. Thanking my friends and the pnblic for their lib ers! patronage in the past, I would respectfully solicit a continuance of the same. JtLPHONZO YOUNGS. Ha\ ipg spent the past two years very satisfactorily withi Mr. Youngs in the above-named business, I would take this opportunity to thank my friends and the public for their patronage, and cheerfully rec ommend whatever influence I may have to his in lermta. [apl?tf] WM H. SEARS. Old, J c Mew* No 4H6? PAPERHAKGIKGS. 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Shades made to order. PICTURE FRAMES. Solid Oval. W alnutancf Gilt, and all Gilt Frames from 3*4 to 2Bxft) inches. Box Ov a I Frames for *?rr-a'n> f" ^ beautiful selection of French and American CjK Ijp4 Velvet Framesfor Ivorytypa and Porcelain Pictureii. C*ni Frame# in great variety. Frames made Io order. * PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS from Card to Portruit Size, different colors; alert. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Picture Cord, very superior goods; Porcelain and Brass Head Pic ture Nails, Eings, Screw Byes. Ac. PAINTINGS. ENGSAVINGS, CHEOMOS, Ac . A limited, but choice, selection in appropriate frames always in store on exhibition and sale. Chromos and-Engravings ordered. Orders for Paperhanging. Window Shades or Pic ture Frames punctually tilled aud satisfaction guar anteed. Terms ca>h Please remember name. Old No 4?6. 1. MARKRITER, and number 439 7th street, *19 5w Between D and B streets. 'HAS. HABTEL C'uao. onniaio > CARPESTER AND BUILDER. 914 C street southeast. All orders promptly at tended to on reasonable terms. al7-lm* Having fitted up a pobtion or the Washington Glass Works as a Machine and Repair Shop, I respectfully solicit the patronage of those requiring work la my line, guaranteeing sat isfaction in all cases. a!7-3t* JOHN PUBDT, JR. ^ATAWiA WlNt, OLD AND DELICATE FLAVOE. ? ? PEE GALLON. C. WITMEE, al7-<t Grocer, 1119 Pennsylvania avenue. ^TlEFF*b PIANOS, ansapasssd in sweetnew of O tone and excellence vt totab: low prices and easy terms. O. L. WlLlJ A BRO.|g||H| Agents, 490 Uth street, near northwest HI K* 1 corner Pennsylvania avenoe. dealers la Pianos and Musical Instruments generally. rt^elve'^inhfa1!^ airing^Poltohinf and Varnishing QLD kti%HI^IES, Purchases of lfl?7 W, just put on draught. ?LEE. POETEE, BBOWN STOUT, Of best brands. Prices low. sP 4l Orscee, ISIS Peansyl'vSia a^anus. F^OM IaLI CllA x ktao n two l 8. Inquire of E. LEEIBEEG A _ Market Spas*. att-tr WANTS. \|/ANTED-Au ASSISTANT COoK. lujaire " *1 Star office. If VV ABTED?At Bo. IMA E rtrfH. I good, sst "" tied WOW AH. tor>ok. wa?h andiron. >11-** WANTED-A first class 1RONKR at the UNION HOTKL.Owrnrtowi. all X \kJ ANTED ?A food WOMAN, to do feaenl h-usework; sh* mn?t hmve good recommenda tion. Apply at t?16 6>h at .lW. H and 1 <1l t* WANTED?lnmoliatrlj?A secona door ><i 3 ?r4 commodious, niifurni-b'-d ROOMS, on Capitol Htll. Addteas P. J. PEL/. <13 6th ?t. I. a. If WANTED?A SERVANT GIRL, to do general b< ii'i'work, who emu cuin? well recommend -d. A pply at?l?Mstre-t. If %\TANTED?A competent WOVAV, to do the ? v K* neral housework in m private family. Apply No. lS*i4 O street, bet IMh and 14 h '!?. all-It* WANTED?A LAl'NDRCS>; none but tbo.-e well recommended no?d apply. If HABVEY A H0LDEN,1016Pa. ?>, Wanted?a \\ hite d? housework vv and look after children. Inquire No. 4T7 C street. between 4*t mnd tth <trwt? ail it * \% " ANTED?Br m Clerk in th?- Treasury a small ] '? FARM, with furnished IlOUdE, near city," with use of Horse and Buggy. "II. D.,*' Star of fice. . aSt-St* | WAMTBD?Second haud SIKAM ENGINE mud B?1LKR. from lite to I'n horse-mower; state rrice mnd pirticv.lars. Addres-, "PURCHASE,'" city Post-office. It* VVANTKD? B. a a.lutilf .tged Ain>-ri< an L.i<ly, a ? ? SITUATION to do light t hmmbsr work and family sewing; go.xl refereuces. Address Box 9, Star office. mSl 3t* WANTED?Immediately?A SERVANT GIRL. '' to d > hotisewoik, cooking mud washing in a ?mall family. Appl> No. ^04 < th street, b.'tween 11 ??tid I northwest. if WAnTeD-B> m widow L*dy, a SITUATION me Seam'treat io afmnnl> ; > p>-rat< s on Howe's Sowing Machine; has one of her own; or would do sewing mnd chaniber-wotk; No. 814 Delaware mve., between H mnd 1, northea-it. mSl-Sf \1: ANTED?Two unfurnished c rnimtinica'ing ? " ROOMS. in a convenient location, -uitmble for parlor and bedroom, for two crown person*. Ad dre??.ntmtii |t<-rni-(*hi'hmint be moderate), '? A. W Booni 124 Patent Offlc*. hS1-3i* 4 W^^^.i^KVAN I VSMMaN. whiter ?-d referefeWa^,^rrcWo?rnker oi&hW WANTED?Two ROOMS, communicating, 1st or Vv second floor, furnished or unfurnished, with use of stable and carriage house. Address Lock Bo* 34, City P. 0. m!9 6t? WANTED?A WOM A N. to cook .wash, and iron. Good references required. Apply at Shilling ton's Book Store, corner -t,'* street and Pennsylva nia avenue. a!9 lw WANTED?A WH1TK WOMAN as Nurse. Well recomoieitd?-d. Apply to J A. BARBER. High street, Georgetown, one mile from street cars. a!9-3t* WANTK1>?A reliable Nl'RSK. who can give re ferences. An elderlj white person preferred,

who is willing lo r nisin mil night. Apply mt 8B9 20th street, corner Penna. a>enuenorthwest. al9-3f WANTED?A stesdj, middle aged WOMAN, to cook.wmsh, and iron. One willing tomake herself general!) usefnl, who cmn come well recom mended, will ha* e a good home sndgoodpmy. No. AO Gay street, earner of Green, Georgetown. ml9-3t WANTEH-To Purchase-A HoUSE. located between 5th and 14th northwest, and between G and N streets north; a Cottage or Brick, with imdem improvements, worth ?4,000 or $5.0tii. f.VtUUrash. balance in one and two yemrs. Com muniemte with nie, on 5tli street, between L an>l M northwest, No. 112.?, by letter. Locmtiou. Ac. a!9 Sf CIIA I'M AN LEE,SR. WANTED?By two geutlemen two nicely fur nished BOOMS communicating or ortherwise, with the privilege of receiving company without interference; address 8. A. B., Stmr office. mlj eojt* WANTED?For yemr or m<?re, OFFICE, or FUR NISHED ROOM, above 1st story, near Post Office; address, (stating terms and description.) LAWYER, 40w New Jersey mvenue sonth ea?t. a!8-6t* W ANTED-Bv it widow" Imdy a HOUSE TO TAKE CARE OF DURING THE SUM MEE MONTH OR LONGER, the best of reference* given; addrefi E. L. 8., City Poat Office, for 4 da? a. ?13 3f WANTED?A WOMAN a< cook, washer and ironer for one family of three. Must come well recommeuded. Apply No. 403 7th street, be tween D and E northwest. al7 ANTED-A good WHITE WOM AN as cook, washer and ironer for a family of two,in Ge<irgetown. Must come well ri*conunended. Apply at the Star office from 3h> to 4,S p. in. al6 6t WANTKD-To PURCHASE UNIMPROVED It GROUND; siLgle lots or a square. W. W. METCALF, Beal Estate Broker. Plant's Building, corner l&tli street mad New York avenue. alo 5t WANTED?ImuK-diatelv?Families or persons in need of first-classSERVANTS of every descrip tion, male and 1'male, to call mnd get supplied mt once. Servants mlso can get g-x*l homes and best of wagfcn by appl< ins at the Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, d07 11th etreet, near B. ml6-lm WANTED?A clemn, sound HOUSE,of ? rooms, on m lettered street, between E mnd I mod 5th and 9th streets northwest, by 1st May n?*t; pay in advance. Address W. W. WOODFORD, ?7 2w* City Post Office. WANTED?LADIES to take notice that Mmdame D. B. MAISON, of New York, has opened her Millinery parlors, at No. 413 1Kb atreet north w-st. ml4-lm* WANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOB SEWING MACHINE hma its mmdU ftar: the moat perfect abnttle in oae, resting In a cradle; needle bwr and works of st?el. Agency, 449 Pennsylvania avsnne. Also, Branch of Mine. Dem orest's Pattern Emporium. _ mug30-ly T. W. BPICBB, Agent. PERSONAL. 1/ANN1E: You mre committing self-murder. God r requires no snch sacrifice. Be coarageons, and save us both. Hope would cost you little; dlsap r intment hereafter would be better than ruin now. will commnniemte sometimes in this way unless forbidden. "Tell him I mm ma true to him me he is true to me." The future most be brighter. C?ur age. Hope? (aJl 6t* J BOBEBT. \1B8. H. i. FRENCH, ihs CtUbrmUd JUlimtU ivl Clairroymmt and Tut Mtdtwm, can be seen at T2S 11th street northwest; mlso,gives deUnimtions of chmracter by photograph Band writing or lock o hair. iP-fcn* LOST AND POUND. KNIGHT, ?04 9tb street northwest. L OST? On Saturday mfternoon, on 6th street, be tweeta G and Mmasachusetts mvenue, or Massa chusetts mvenue, between 4th mnd 6th streets, m GOLD BBACELBT. A suitable rewmrd, at 91V Hih street northwest. It* LOST-A SCOTCH TERRIER DOG; short ears mnd tail; had on red leather collmr.^ _ j with owner's nmme scratched on the plate. A good reward will be paid on returning T ^ bim to 1414 8 street northwest. It* LOST?On Snndmy, the Wth, probably on street car, between Nmvy Yard mnd 7thstreet,mCALF SKIN POCKET-BOOK containing The tinder will be suitmbly rewarded by leaving it at this office, or at 60'i 5th strast northwest. E. NASH. If > K BE WARD.?Lest, a Scotch Terrier DOG, yel J?J low. long hair, short tail and ears;4 answers to the name of "Sport." Thea above reward will be paid for bis recovery. hIK St* W. H. OTTMAN, No. 1U03 Pa. ave.^ I OST OB STOLEN?YonngBEWFOUNDLAND Li DOG, all black except the fore-pmws.^ A liberal reward will be paid for his returns to 343 10th -treet southeast, or 310 I3ih stieet northwest. ? al9-3t"^ IJOARDOF PUBLIC WOBKS, L> District or Colcmiia. Wasminotox, Aprils, 18X3. A rewmrd ef FIFTY ( 960) DOLLARS will l><> paid for the detection mnd conviction of mny person or persons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Mmn-hole mnd 8ewer-trmp Covers in the cities of Washington mnd Georgetown. By order of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. m3-tf [Repub.Chron.J Chief Clerk. T 08T?On the 1st of March, on E street, between I a loth and Sd streets northwest, a RUBY RING, with two pearls. A liberal rewmrd will be paid if returned to No. 30V Sd street northwest. m7 BOARDINa^^W F-OR BENT?With Board, BWOM8, comniuui catiug or single; delightful summer location; opposite Franklin Park, 1336 I street, second door from 14th. * al? ?f nOABDING?Excellent TABLE BOABD, with 13 elegant BOOMS en suit, on second floor. Also, single BOOM8 to accommodate, in that Una brick house, No. 619 H street, near 7th, only one souare from Patent OIBca. Mrs. M. MAPES. mlS Sw? 1RST CLASS TABLE BOARD AT #18 PER month. Also, several FURNISHED BOOMS to let, together with a fine PABLOR, ? one of the beet locations in the city; only a few minates walk from the cars. Apply at T13 1st street north west. " a!8-St* f ADIE8 AND GENTLEMEN, either singly or In Li parties, and fmmiliee, cmn hear of the very best mnd cheapest Boarding arrangement la the city, by addressing DepH Clan, Boa 16, Star office. a7-tmal W1 HAVE KIT RCCKIVKD ?0 DOZBN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARM SBLLlltO AT M OUTS PBS SKIBT. mi mnriTiTAiu atbvub t al tr MstropoUtaa Hotel Black. FOB BKNT AND SALE. K?>n???iS^?,iT rnfnrt,i?h"4 booms, Fi?fc?sfcia?5r la?'uLv ^ ? Miaa fZTSifzjsr* in^.g F?,? ?*N I-lM? LRS1SHED ROOMS .uu.b ? * for houaeke-ung, 7th at r ret, beyond Rnnnd mrT- an k* (< 1',.V^T~An y FICE: nice, large. necond * atory front room; F ?trM>t,b<-(vi>#n i?th ami is-h il'ISSSl SPANIABD'S Liquor Store, No 1416 * Kirrl, ^2| ^ ? pORRlNT -FURNISHED ROOMS, first fl .,', h<>n-? *" *"<1 water. Ap ply at HIS fth >>., l-etwrgp K and L <tv all V* York aTi-unr. a tmv d.-airatle 811TB OK ROOMS. furmah-d f r HTyfe*' ">*tl> fr"VV prl> entrance; water gna. Tenai reaaonable. m j(? F0.mJ"**rA ?B* "OREBOOMandCELLAR MO V *h ii n ' w ?har.,orHOLLIDUE "KO??.WnwidQ, northwest. Mw, f? ,?i im? Fnlirii'f-4 well-built thnv-atory BRICK Prirl Lri na. water an<l gaa: large yard, ic. Price. PuMwInn given imm Hal I' In qnlre on the prenii?e?. tVQft joth at . above m! a21 Fl? BKNT?Very deairal.le HOUSE. 1#06 H Mar lT" "inSSf?^1 Mr B-tn-ro; P ?ireet 11108 *? *'AOOAMAS, ilt rth " " T- all at F^Tar^ JiTiV an eight-reom COT treeir mft. "J? "f '"n<1 1011 'run 'u^' anert p m * 8vM> fr;e? re,'?^T?)'S;,v:rK-nSTT 'a F 'i?i Three ROOMS. uufiirni?li"d, anit S . ,'"L"""eekeening; also, a f. w article* .f Household Furniture for aal>', cheap; and water P"?*esi?n Riven Ma, 1 1*3 A rph ? " 6-1' it. n w., fr -Ui 4 to 7 o cl"ck p. in. a21-3i ? H'!1"_KK>"7,~JN KW BUILDIiKioii KTtrT^, \ nt?lJrr<"u n *-nd,1,f,lisecond floor, a large, well ? J" b) fw>t- fir* fl ?>. fire t,.? ? J- ready for oc<ui>aticv tin* we.?k T ie ner or hi- agent will be at the building at .V,' ocr .k on Thursday. April 24>h. to reo-i veai.pli ?^rr'..01 V1""'"!10*''"'/ through the P.stoMce. ?niu^? i P?* 4' Wl" receive attention. Bniltling op? u daily. ?21 St* F'lia El Va"iA.K^^M IN montoumWv (*o7. M(I ?A FARM "f 4a) W'r?. 12 mil<-g from Wi-b ington.npf.n which i? a large Dwelling H >u?e. amt ? !ti ? Vl?Per nce. Toe situation in ?ro J t rbiall) healthy ,?ad? portiou nftke furriture aiar b- rented with the houae. Terms anal-rate to a wnlri a <leairad,th# liotiae maybe r.-nt. i ggaaAAffi.''a In-tnne at frame houae, Ho. !'|0? #,h ?trel-t n?nh *?. a 19 ft" Ft?B?8AL*xA P"?*? ?t t-ROl KD, 43 li, Ski f.-.i. n" ?<l,I*re2W?- near State Department. Inquire west U' corner 1Wh ?Oil C Ktreeta * ? - a!3 3t? F^far^UbeS P'""n,,y|v?im? atenne, well ? KOOM8, CODltlHinfcatillff or ninffU wi,h Boar/If dSl"r*ed: lr< m to flo per week; bath and ?a? al9 lw* F0.2,R.EN?'rrl ^NISHBD BOOMS, in a pl^. lToii?,^,J?Tn? i.; ."l,f"rn>?h.-d. unliable for Iii'inne it ?CiT lt.r * V^h room on aee.,nd fl.^r. icat";ardena^ "eUW< FC!.".?E.^iT-/"ro,,? year,to ir*rrf 1 and re -irJ.J lVn'/? ' * ir.*,.K.R AM* H<H ?K on 14th aMTh* in,3l?r? S,ate department. Honso |l%. ait the modern improvementa; fr..nt and back yard Trem?^011 OB ,h' * of "->y. In?air-;o^{he VOHSALE OB BKNT-HOISS No I a 12* A, *trcet, between 12th and lath atreeta, with all the modern improrem-nt- B?-- yard an" g ~l C?I FAIy ^??r,,?,*rtil"1?r->rr|v to LATIMKR * ^olce Burfc"and R" K-i"e B;v,k.r* F^?h ?8ALC~0?X>?Uo' Hill, a genteel s atory room?db^r baPh4.1^ containing nine l>*th ar.d Ptore rooms It hax fv cold and hot water, and water-cloaeta; heated btK-' in ?iT * Empire heating range It ix n-arl> new !j!.lih?roU/f li *jn * T*rT healthy and agr^.-al.le' Iftnii Amlirf W 'K" Tflr> low on e*M> .onfh'U0 'be ?"'ner ?n ,Ue 9T"u[*~J,V?A 1^VJli.8Ai5'?~I),**'r**,'B I-?TS, B-tnare vto *25 ? , ? balance in monthlr installment* . f *jo rVhaVr^r1 b> 100 TU0S K W'AOOAmIn. 119 .tn street. FVoe?tK^uTJKM ",E HOrSr No. isllO |?h tl.e Cl! s# J M ",Jeet northweat. Inquire at g on ,he c,,rner of l<Nh and M " alS 3t" ?in iisSk '?,j ?*? ? aid 3t" l^OR RENT?Near the Arlington and Lafayette R(wi?S*rej ?'*? unfurnlahed communicating P- l notan.?n1?vA L Lp?^? * ^r?',n^ With ChlK i6th?tr^t*pp,y- Bent rtr,c,lr in BdTAn:r,.,v?? -O J1 K1jIt,HKP COUNTRY RKS r"' nsi" I^OR 8ALR-A two-atory BRICK UoL'SR ru c|rr&.,L^ i^^urb^TO K^T, Fiyedmaa^a BanS'.^ to ?*UBG? F ?" ^^7 ^tCh!^ en?i,alK'ng thirteen large roonii; cellar under the ?^^?ih^'riL'?r5r,s!i,?SoSt.,^h i??ld or rented1rery1 lo?w! *?* *c ^ * ~ LIGHTER A OATCHKL, * 11th and F atreeta. For i8AMn~5'nH5iT*Jr? 8*AT8 ~4T ACRKS OF LAND at Highland Station, B and O R B ? MllkBtt' r??" H? 'if, Ban., Poulfry HoW an<i ?i? ????t;?wfJt?r?nd^K,d fencing. a cloZta^ , i nine-room Honae with ss^SBvSsssaAs:' h a?fNkT7^A Tfi deairable COUNTRY ^-rea VoyuViTu'.^r^-.^. F' muAiir^v-T^a ^?b?^rtbr,? off<>r? for aale hla * ?f ,V8* <??- Id* >'W?d LOT 00 tb? flrat aqua re aid2 of I J J?* !? "itn?t?d on the south aiae oi Kaat Capitol street and on 3d street, and iai7 *?1?inchea wide and 1U feet deep, oii Jd at. CHABLK8 P RUSSELL. POR SALE? ^TE8)TAK*Sri!tPS?Ww?w2B?8 CEBTIFI simlile Mir? linraa V? *?r aala, a de water ?^t S0g!?t well located, nine rooms, water and gaa Certiflcates taken at their market value. For other particulars apalr to alT-lw H' CLA0*XJ> fk*f Estate Agent, No. ?19 Market Space. F0H0rKlTkS4 **r moi,h' *f,,nr room JBrick i J*OUSJa, half s<iuare from 14th atre?-t un. Go.d location. Inquire 694 La. avenue aH-l^ P"* ?Poaaeesion given on the lith in No ,6Sk~M^ibT",t.0.r7 bbick dwelling.*2?d^ej1 walk? * crs-irte for 925 per n?oi!t hP'*C*8 f?r ?*'8M?*c??;f?nting for fao per uVzOsr """N,w wpl?10?' Hth street, between N and 0 streets, no'rth alts 8t f"rcUh*d front ROOMS. * Appty at ?08?th street. al6-2w* POR RENT-An OFFICE; well boated for any SJTk3?.a?" " s" ??sF P^OB~RE^^MTwTdeanibiroFFTcF^OOMs7n m>rthire?t. CurBer huiWin? ?L7,^r? ?? 7th rtr^ n^thwcfct. FSS?*vL? "CHANGE FOB CITT PBOP A EBTY, a two-story HOUSE with brick base acrea'nemr th corD^ L0T ai"1 ? PARM of (U MdFMHU-^lL Ap?'y y J *VvC"*. ?th anq t ayette streets, Georgetown, P. 0. ala-lm* FOB 5,^*~V?T, ?Mt Capitol, between 8th and 9th streets, 45x98, improved by two Frame ??:it?ssisii!iii?ir?jrii izz D"n ncMt. Sl4-2w* F?i?wALiK,^thr,,S?Lor? *t?l basement Frame * , ELLING, on 10th street, between G and H, X> feet front, 8 rooms, In good repair, at ? bargain. B. fl. WABNEB, 789 7^1 st. F?0R8AL?-Ar A MARUAllV-New two atory BRICKS with Back Buildings: very easy terms; neat front yard; 8street, between i?th and L6th sta . south aide; two bay windows; J roon-Tw^er al^ ?*"' l*??B tr??T'?J5; * street .between ltth and LAh atreeta, north sida; brown trimmings;? rooms all-eoflt B. H. *AEM1E, Ta? "h^T P?R 8*f"E CHEAP?Terma, |M) cash, and #3U ?'?thly until paid?several new rstory BRICK HOUSES,situated on New Haapehire avenue, bet. S treets north; have six rooma, hall, frront and back yards; honaea completely flniahed. all Jw Northeast corner H. T. are.^aSid uui at f Chrenicle, Beyubltcaa ,tf.J IVOR BALE?Olt Long tlMB-A neat, weU f h^IfrJSuU8B, Witi ^ 1 aide entrance SrtK /nri, aft' side entrance; eontaina'nine PMit flp . heaidea bath-rooms and oloeeta. Oellar 2fi??SnjZ.TtXL MilM. bMlnM lb. of lb? ovn*r ottkM CVEa'SsSli.rJ^?-' "?JSK It'OB BE^T?At a reasonable price, a comfortable r seven-room HOUSE with gas aid wate^A^ SiL2? !??? MOT street, above ft street. >n.i_ FOB BENT?FINE LARGE ST * PenneyWania arenne nmi^weat ^OBUIT-Two au^ofu^rnl , Attorney^ ?mt^ 317 4H street. FOB RENT AND SALE. L'OR SALE?An attractive RESIDENCE, Mil* ? MtI*, I nx?Mi IvrMinf Wixm Parlor. with I two acres of land, tbatduor of water. stabling. Ac.; tuoailM n< rth of tb? rity, .|OUt? of a mil < fr\>m tbe terminus of Lincoln F >r irra., *t ,?r?ly at 141* g Kr*H. Fob bale at a bargain ?a neat fbame COTTAOB.niliilMiiMr ?(iIk l??t locaii tie# tn the city. H <nse ronltlm? rooms, h?ll. ai.d Hmu ia front. mm t* ?iyi>lin) with gas and ?e'er. I 1.awn in front, soctased *mh iron fence MUM (MM) 46 f--et d?? t . a paved sllev Tltl? frf'ft For terms sppl? of Hi* owner on tbe premises, No UtT lllhilrwlii4ir1)<?Nl,tft?rSt. a. al0l2l* FVOB SALE-SyUARE No . M?. M?m? A end B and 5th and 4th street* t<>rlbra?. either 1 be r*ti' le or in lots Apply to JOHN HOWARD, MrkK, S?. #411 Cuter market, corner of B and ytb street* northeast.or CHRISTIAN M BE< K ERT. 411 OitrMl northwest. aJ lm* Fbh7OB~liMT-DWBLLIRU HOUSE. with pr^. brick fr. nt and marble triniainp. K?. I JOI [Rhode Island nfnv,b*ti?n 15*h and M(h sir ??*??; the rMMracr ??f ih? First Assistant Pi?tnia?t> r Ora era I for the pa#t three and half year*. Inquire Utt l?t h street. Powwuon lat May. a< Xw m _TOk SALE?A Hmtier of t?o-K .>ry BRICK r HOUSES, on T atreet, between Utb and It'll *tr?eta B.irthwwt, containing ail roeina ea. h, will be aold on teraw an follow*: Five HOl'BBS from (IDItn |M ca?h on each, aixl balance tu monthly pavat.-nt* to suit pur. Uwrr. Five HOUSES at from |Mt? 11MV ?-a?h. and balance In monthly , quarterly, or aaif-ye?rly P*T Bx iita, to *mt purchaser. Three HOUSES will be escbsnged In part for < a. Kiit gr< ond Also, several HOUSES tn the ?am- block will be aold chrap fer cash. Each of the tboi? Houses hare hall, cellar, bath room, water-cloeet, wwr, gas, Ac , and are well MM for a private family. Tb? desirou* ef se curing to tht-mselv es a confdrtabl* House on eaay terms, should not fail to call at my oflk-e prr\ uu* to purchasing else* here. JOS F KE1.LEI. R al E?ta;e A< nt at Ho. 90? Sth street rorthwest.lwt I sn.i K. ,"OR RkNT-ri RMSHED ROOMS a ?.?. k Parlor furnished aa a Bedroom, and two pl -a* ant room*. bsck a id front, on second ?tory. in an eligibly-l< caleu Dwelling on I street, pear 9th; will l>e rented on r?-as enable term* to fi-itl><m<-u only. Addrea* "A. J.," National la publican ?Hue. mM-tf [BepJ LHIK SALE-A two-Story 'BRICK HOUSE. No. 1 lU'J 1 *treet ncrthwest, containing lour rooms; also passage, kitchon, cellar, bathroom withwator rliw>t, hot and cold water in chamber*, heater in parlor, and cooking range in kttcben. The lot i* M feet front l>v 10l< feet deep, to a Ml foot paved alley, with a brick atable and carri*re bonae. J W THOMPSON, corner of 17th etrest and New Tork avenue. feiao-tf F FOR SALE. R^OR SALE? A hand?otno|y matched p 1 MARKS, kind, gentle aud sty lish. \l*o. a niiriy new FAMILY CARRIAGE ai?l H AX NESS. Sold for want of use. Can bed seen at BEATING * COVS Staldea. W>. 411, U13 and K1S 11:1a afreet northwrat, MM a<iuare ?<>uth of P*-uneylvauia avenue. a:l lui l/OB SALE CHEAP?A four bot-ar double tr?e M atrect PLi'W >UE A B. ?<'me long handled round iH-inted bHOVELS. arid 54**' aquare feet of good 2 inch PLANK, at MlriX E ?tr?^-t. at ranal. al^-tf l/OK SALE?A superior built Jump wat ( AR r RIAOE.a fine gilt aet of HAKXItri..^mB. iMiih near I \ new. and a aplendni ) otiugUKjHR HOBSE. The whole to be auId ti>r)K:S= cheap, aa the owner intetxla leaving the city. Ap Cly to KBLLEHEB'S atablea, on (Kb at . b<'tw?en 1 aid B. UMl' L'OB SALE CHEAP-Two NEW COUNTERS, r N? rth Carolina Pine,oiled. 9 feet ra<-h. A>?>. SHELVING and PARTITION. Inquire at the Store, corner 6tb and A ata. aoathaaal. ab> 3t* 17 O B ~SALE?Three lrat-claaT~SEWING MA r CHINES. TWO SODA FOUNTAINS, and ONE STEAM ENGINE, at R FULTON A Co '* 1 ..... * tat.? a .... ? ? j? ...v... w. .. a*, r l i. i o n A ' 11 . Loan Office, 314 Vlh street, near Pennsylvania Hvenue. all lit* f^OR BALE?An eicellent aec .nd hand two hor?e, platform-*pring WA(in!l, wi.l- l?--1* . ju*t the thing for carry itig pa*~ njrer?. a statre. or Wr-wer'* waiion, can In- aeen at rl'NK A BECK B Wagon Factory, on Bridge stre<^, near new Rork-creek Bridce. Georgetow n. D C. alo liu ?9 RICK CLAT FOB SALB. I) Apply to DODGE A DABNEILLE. )17-tf 14XT F ?tr"et. DRY 0(X)DS. |)HV GOODS, c a /: p eti yc, OIL CLOTH AXD NATTIRO, IMMENSE STOCK. NEW SPBING AND SUMMER GOODS. JUST RECEIVED, BOUGHT FOB CASH. D1 BECT OF MANUFACTI BERS AND IMPORTERS : 100 piece* of plain Dreaa Goods, new shade*, at 25 c< nt* per yard. * Su piet ef Striped Japanese Poplin* at 15 cents per yard, very cheap. Su piece* Japanese Silk*, at 90,62^.78 and (1 p- r yatd Black Grenadine*, from K cent* fer yard up to ? MS. Black Hernani,fronfOcenta per yard up to |l> Tli ?e are the beat and cheapest Hernaui and Grena dinaa ever opened in thia city. Wo have them in plain black and black wKh ailk and aatia atripe. Alao, the largest and cheapest atock of Table Linens, Napkins and Towels to be found. We make aspecialty of Black Alpacas and Mohair*. Lyon* Black Silks, which will not cat or break. ""?M^hvwavo.d floo*. can be found a large stock of carpeting, oil CLOTH and MATTING. ?y"The lowest price named at once. All good* warranted to be a* represented by the W. W. BCROETTI, al9 St No. M8 7th street northwest. IfOB NEW and HANDBOMB DRESS GOODS ?O TO WOLFOBD A SHILBBBG. ? For llama lacb shawls and jackets, of the richest patterns, go TO WOLFOBD A SHILBBBG. ? I."OR THE LATKST NOVELTIES IN PAftA A bOLS go to WOLFOBD A SHILBBBG. ? FOB ALL CLASSES WHITE GOODS MEB tionable so to WOLFOBD A SHILBBBG. Fob a labge assortment tablb lib ens, IRISH LINEKS, NAPKINS, TOWELS and bed SPREADS, CO TO ? ^OLFOBD A SHILBBBG. F'OB NICE SPBING CASSIMEBES, SUIT able for men and boys' wear, _ ?o TO WOLFOBD A SHILBBBG. ? FOB english BRUSSELS, THBEE-FLTS and INGBA1N CABPETS, OIL CLOTHS, mattings, of the newest productions, eo to WOLFOBD A SHILBBBG. ? 'UHE BEST GOODS FOR THE LEAST MONET M can beliad at WOLFORB * SHILBERG'S, 487 SEVENTH STREET, Between D aLd B, southwest. alt tr lyTHE ARCADE. ^PEISe ASSOCWCEMEST. 960.000 STOCK OF DBT GOODS. |3S,i(M in DRESS GOODS. .10a?) in CLOTHS and cassimebes lluxw in HOS1EBY and FANCY GOODS. [>4JU0 in LINENS and WHITE GOODS. 17*00 m STAPLE GOODS, Ac. NEW GOODS OPENING DAILT. Three hundred new PABASOLS and SUN UM BRELLAS tost received. Prices from M cent* each ^Bargains te BLACK SILKS and BLACK AL PACAS. ay-OHB PBICB TO ALL. BOGAB A WTLIB, a?-tr 1018 and IPSO 7th street northwest. LOVELT POLKA DOT GOODS, rroa 12* < ?p. to FOULARD SILKS at fl-M, at BBODHBAD A GO'S, narllki 1B0SF street Elegant black bilk, rro? tutus.anda Ml line at all kinds of BP RING and SUM MBS GOODS jaat received at BBODHBAD * CO*B, martl-Jm ISO* F street. I^OTD^M.^ SMITH BMITU * WI MB ATT, LUMBER. LUMBER. MABDWOODS A BFBCLALTT. BILLS CUT TO OBBBB. tnusibl l>^ FKCTOBAL 8TSUF, BUSINESS CHANCES. Ill ATE A J< DOMEST fvi fMS at a** ? aaaiaat a m ih. P~naii. oft. a *k<k | wiU Ukr ??? dial*** of at i la'at 4t*> ? ?ami |n i<?pr*i(4?-iki<w)Mn P R LoRt> all It * Com?f Nh and fi a?a anrtkvaat MBOBBY T" L" A N ON KEAL KM ATI IN ? Mali Hl< f> *n r>ai" ? B>e T*y?, KvCR?t t itmnvb. arts liw III IKh atr-?t. kAkkl MAN' k rwM Hi >iK ESB ?F??r Ml*, aa ald-*?(ablfi ? 1 V U M< ? RE. lo *??< ?? r"??taj It Mia MWa*. AMrm U . B. R. Baar oWr. . tH ?? I^OJJ fc-pToKk u T7TrTZrTT?K k S 8?M?I??. r..aaaieTiac ?? Dry Q i?4i. ??rtinpa. BMa. lala.Ca^. 4.r , In I ?'?nt ?l Tk* BMBMPSttuat*?l nn ih .? -r ?? ? -fit m4MM rtr**4*.and the a?tj ?*?>Mi?Vnw? aTO.- k <a<1 ta 'h plar* Mt>itrl <r< r a wi'i?- ?>.,-* f.? a-Uia? 0 ? AP(4y C Mil LAB!> EDEI.IN7uatowt.-vn. PC L'ok SALll Hl*f-A Im cU? |<4\ k KT Mt r (X*5lf ErTI'*SEEY. k^kaeiaa |.irt.a ai<t?iti:rf*en*?M*. Apply I'K Pannarl- , I'niK, W aifclfn*. (?1 10 aim laaa*. a aa? ?? 1 <an ? r-H m HoCSE itiaf-' IOIX.M ASAtV ia pen- Will pa* fr HM tM ? > *TWiuca?ti l>alan'* ? ?H or |H< p* ai>ath Al .fr?>*a, a'atinc alit? , mw.bff .>f IMM| pri A COLTOB, Star <4Hr?. . M t ? AdTJiofififtiK iirfwmST ? ? that 1- i and wilMiiH thr**-a?i>rv an I PUKMKP HKI? k riU>RT. ? fh I iir ? la> ?> luildii.f, N" 434 K ?tr?*l 11 riliwaa' Mt ma, 7 I>^1 rosaia, cicada inf: faiav. ran? . L.ik raaa, Ac ., Iaiir< <-? I'ar ? rth a?.-> M 1? kf M M 1 ra> 111 IM rill- I . at?l> r.. ill 1. I '? t. 1 and carriage. Applt up (? 1 <-a?>. al??t* t^oB kaTK-a f I A a m.alHki ? ?_""x HAMS HOI t<E. ' ii !?*? ro.awa, t?a L*'r b*?. gaa and ?r?|ri Appl> at ?? I 7 t* "traaK ?attkareat. alT ??* \VAi.rARLi rAti r<>? kalr or u\ ? II AN 1.K FOR PRoPRi.l \ IN Tin-. ITt A (i R A' A T h A /?' ? A V ? 1 au.l, *^pa nulla for tobacco, laif mwT'U.. H?' I ? 1 K ? T 1 ai.l II '.-a . I il*?, * in*) ar 1 Oarnr< |H|l rlni?, In I?ar1if IM tri'lHaai l?i arr?? valual lf limlx>r, kllam-' araMn m4 ?HI fraeni. n*ar railr ??<! atatkm; tv.i h ura f >m Oi a dty. Prir?>,o'li #&.<*** R A PHIIIIPv ?ft' SRi IO**mt MiM.C- irpinan. P fl jlfollRT ToL??AN v RE Al ISTATB. i'l M VI KV A BR't . Ra-al Kalat 1 m.i I 1 auraae* BmI ra. IfV Itw I 4 <7 r alr--?| ?4 if; F AA TO flO.dOO V ??> t.. la aaaaa ? *?)"" (ivLi |iOf I. ,( l? IHIO i'O r t) p> >pa> t?. MM KOHKPB. all KK ill 7lhatr??t I^OALDO* PlbLl* \TUkk> IH RIP. W* half f?.r aal* lo ? l? rntHr?t(? lha iKtr* H<rip. ?hith ia r?. ??nal.f at par in pkfwt al ?pr<-iai la>(?. A a* all 4im-<kib( all<>??-.| lu |-nt oka arra. LEW IP JOHKlM>K 4 CO., apS Ini |l lii"li R'-p | Ranker* LM'K SALE HI E\i HAM.k l.-r rli?il.?^~c?f r proper!) fSJWU t - al ??tat? U"t ? On* ta lartilr ariea Oardaii LanJ, N f of cr< aii<l .?? IM atr?*t ?-a?t. U AUNFk, un4rr, n 28 lm 1014 Pt-tnia>l?at>te arouna E? tri {t A L E- i *-? lm ii f .Mt IP A L r Ri'KI>}t, n??t ?? a ap>. uUti n bit a tnnlii* arm ity . pa> inn fr ui U tn IS p?>r ? aial. | laaraaln |itru a it b all l"uda a.4-1. J r BROPHEAD.. ti V lm *S9 P-oua a?a_, R ?1 > ]\| I'NK'IPAL BOJiM ARE THE OKU MB 1*1 curl i^a in a hit k a aniali ?apitalranboiV't invrated at literal ra*?w; lu In U |? r crtat. *u t> >ada uCalaai auo imiu.'inI. Ai'Pi7t> 3 1. BBOPBEAD . mI7? lm ?3? H.-nt.a a?c , R > >ai A. BONlw IB l>KN(?MIMATHiH i>f v>?,~ll?* I taw, #3UU. ??UV ????>. aiid 8I4MV, paitna Mt* 15 p>-r earn., nit.iiinc ir<?ni 1 t< .*/, Kara lut-raai and pribcipal cUlcctrd wttbont ck?rs? pm -ai? fcf J r BKuliHKAn, nH lm ViiH PrUba)liaiilaaiaiiM RARk r*M A NrVTiTTput, liaai- a ? ~ U MoKK aad I** El.LINO rkcap, i.- ar m-w marki t, rtk MrM(, No. IT 1H. Piin-.liM. t*nu? ?aa) HAMILTON A PKAkMlV, It'JP tf ^ M. C. A BuiUla*. Vli and I'ata DDI KrORBALK I Tha lar?>> FOTR ST'iRV HorHK. vttk tkt^ a1??ry rstfiiaion. 91A K ?ir.?t. i. -arl) u??, tari-utp r<ajtua; foniarr. gaa aud * .\t- r, ? >th larcajardanA atabl?- la ri al Tin- a h 4a pr p -rtJ baa twn 1 ?? ? u-. t pi. 1 ia c<?iipl>'t< r-aaii. and ia r?r) r >a? ?tii?-tit f >r a laraf. ?? ut? l faaiii) . ar l'?r a b.?ar<luij b .Qaa. Will l? ?..U1 lo* lu<|uirp at frmdMab a Bauk , 'pp- nana Tr-aanry, Panna> la aala anaw. f?* IS ??>? MEDICAL, &e. H DR MUTT'S FRENCH POWDERSo-rtaiac.ira for ail diw-Kia ?>l tbr uifaua aud all ar.iaaiy ? ftoiplalnta awl bl Kjil at.<l akin i(iaraa?-a 1 ana?4 by :udia<retion iii youth. Puca. %3 pw !??* I >r aala li)?l. B EST* ISLE, Druafiat.i >ru-r l&li at. and Pi-nia) liauia avr., tA aabin^tun. D.C. aU lia" 4><TATl VOLENCE. OR THE WILL <XRS7~ THE GBEA'I EM MSCOVERV OF THE WORLD By it all diaaaaea arr 1 urd N ? ia**dicinaa uaad, ant no la>iiiCODof hauda Taiiglit bj Era. i. R EL IOT, 4 78 C atri^t B'.rOiwaat. aia* tr LADIES aaBariac fr-m ?? akiiHa. nrac?larttp, ar Nnioua Di bilit) , can ba> a >kllilul trraU?<-ut by ataiiug caaa, and addrraain* Ml>. A C. RO!*HRR. W aabingtoa, D. C. at !?* JJR LEOB, coNnvLTixv rtirsicuy, Tba nldaat aatabtaabad kpacialiat la lha otty ?o, 111 14th atraat. above H. Hoar*: U tot aod 7 to ?.dally. F*MALB DlSKAftlB traatad, Md couQu?? eaaae taken. Duacriba came ana aocloaa Bt ?tc* and BMdlclDa will ba aaot Addraaa!Mia THOMPBOM, ??. MB North Uth atraat, Phw< /ABSTACLEB TO MARRIAGE -Maprp *?? fri,? ?.0actt at Errora aad '?a?^*? Utm' Maahood raatorad Dnpaai *""!? *'r-moaed N-* n?rtb. d of trwat ! r^arkabla m??diaa B^oka aad CIreUlAn *f -r*. tejj&'i No iV] ^ame-v^^j-. - J? ?T.lATOWrtf.M. Mo..t nsnmmnf tw no ? IS < a Ta I Trtsfr*0''1 404 -"?AKk^*404 siwffi^iB^Bras'a'ssK TASBRll ?r rEAMB6' CORNICES. CORDS, OCR ITOCE OP PHOTOGRAPHS AND CHROM<aria?otS COM PLETE. and vaon* <* U. FINEST la tba City, all ol ?MA arc are ofleriii| at *?n W<w prtoaa. Fra*.?a Repaired aad Rf(iU kal Furnitnra Covet* Made to order aV-tMl EAR, No. Bid Pen nay It aala a*?MB, batwaaa ?th and Mtb Mi. The * hoi* of the uaialilM^B stock, ta Boast anlid hacting OoM W ate h?a (Bvlsa and Amrtcaa makaal, , Btada, Blaev* BaOoaa, Boast I naaata.jiM aad ahall beaoMkai to bwriaaat. ? aai save froai Si to ?> per eant by bay jog hi re.^ Oood? sold on postalOal^ and saa. raata arac?a.' ' wIMi Fa J' jglS?!?^i F. boataa B Oc.,1 TAiL9t ?stroaoittaa l?M, (lata Bro*ra%? ?B4f BraidlbcBom, OraaaMBtal Hair Warfc oa OlaaiaaB ^mXMM ? C. SWAIN. <

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