Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. riTIRE DAW B ?i - r> V O.tFFN t W'H.U < V?. Ku. 1001, noctnw--1 corner ljt.i an-1 D -t?. ?T T RI"STBKS~oF T A I I*A BI, K PIMP *"11 ON r. > it A K THE CORNER OK 5*l> STREET. HOftTHW'EST. 0 Bv vwta .>r thw ,|-ed? ..f tr ;.t.ili-? first dated M ?c !? * . I<2. the second Apni J. I-Ci. ?nd ?h? r>lii 1 M.?* II. I-CI. sn.!dnly recorded iu lil-r N-> 679 Mio M N ?72. . 4A>. a It. I li?-r S .. *>t t-Sio 24 wW <U !l'n 7?" I*"1. r"\ ,ni< f T ll?- c >nisty ? ^ 1 th? parties ^1UT" " "!"lT"Uil*(l trustees, will aril at r' Mie auction, in fr..nt of th-pr^ni.-^.ar i ?risk;. ra cn J*ATI HI) \ V . AprilV* 14T3 the ;r/'V ? ."""te front by wwe'? -.roMl.unUrwl a..d t? (lli! f.-t *1??' . f h?~.fL"t awaikerc*thr~-.(S.iin S|-.ur* ^JI ,. t l'? Iwsdr -J and ?ev< nt?-f -iir, (5T| ' m l ?V i.!"V "x>T"rrr**y thertwjj, which consist of por ', * " ,>p*rk W?-?o. The brick work of tli .se . ' *, '? " to the height of tb- first ><vtr of ? ? ?* i.< i?r? laid. The location l-eing central, lent s-?hen completed. will Mud ready sale or T*T' ? ' f '??I* arc : One half In ca.h. of which S3? p .:1at the ?a|c; the d-f-rred p:ivtnentsto i<en.i-i '?nar, lt?flifiii tiths, with inter ?>? from Iri?- d.?r - f -iT\ n - f ???* nin*t h" rompli-d with within nix d -- Ml. , in default wheroof the prop W> r. >r he res. hi at th* risk anj coat of the Brit PUT f'l. ts? '. < :..e>ai>< ing *t th* purchase-'* cost. JOBS E. II \5NA. i WILLIAM II PHILP.J Trustees WILLIAM H WARf?'i n -> f ?.f ?? KKKN X WILLIAM?. A nets. vV V*? A"?J2k ?-*Lr IS P?*TPOVKT> ? h >ur r.KBEJf * WILLIAMS. \u,*ts. V i. U. WARNKn, " ~ * -..a '* 'tr"1 Anctioneer, r Sc?eL:h ?ti?H,U-twe * O *ud U. C r A I ? ktv o\Lf. JALCABLt RKAL MLr"uTA0mi,?mE1' XKAK PfcXN ' * r'n-? ?>f x derre* of th? Supreme O>ort of JLa k '.r" ! PJ ' P>? I in ?-.|Oit? cHu-e ? - f<- 1 Mcttu.r- e. al. Burrr ?i . .. j |.t vir'ne ?.f an oi.ler ??? -..-i in ? i r' ???on the iiij, dar of April A. I?. IC3. 'ii-.i I ^r?P'-rtr and m?li ' ,111,1 "ai'' . nn'1' r-i*n?l, trti-r<-?, Apr sir a.;*" ; "? ?>!? *11 Ot, TU*SI?\*. h. ~ V . . , ' l,^k p m "> ^ont of th- premi u " ?*? w- !" ?I'lare No. r..|. ,n th- citr of w ."r.n. from.I,a if f-t *,*1 3 ,uctl#, i * ? r,,,w'??'a?d boo nded an.l descril>-d n f..| It, V . r ,h" "n line of ?hr ?" , ?t a p ..nt tw-nty tlir-e ,m fr-t ?nd m.i II,' f " ""?th "f th- nrth>H>trrn corn.-r of Vl ? 't"4' f*111 11,4 thr-eiUi Mrlkl i thence *e?t alon< the ??k l 'ivn'h,,nflv"? 3!im -lMf .? .1 , *** thcw-st lin>-of saij 1>- t? he .."L, ^JUT " ???'hea-Orrlv direct in fhirtv H. Tenr . Clfe.^'a^Id V^- tZ^ 5?"" tl.eno't l f'. ii i. inchee due aontliof iliir- -nt ^ot' :hence 8"nthea->twar.IlT *he V? . LrZl Tl fiV" ",rh,r 1 ? ,h ? <1'TW >n Wall of ' . ,K ho??ee -taiidin^ on -aid iot: an.l 1 ,h|";"?rhthec-nter..f raid diri,i..? wall J .V.. f" ,t,*> ot the le-ifinnin* ? ttr i pn>retiieiit?there..n, COfi*i?ln^.f a Aim nS" Ti i!?"? ^ haiW T; P'" ^ rty ?dj. In? the r Iniii.ia BniMine. lire ' i ' * ' " r" ,,,,r,h of p.>nn<\ Irani* av. J r?5j.?a*"*ut ,,ct"pieU b> til.- H wlaud -T.TJ f V ?"pre-cribed by ,h -above order i lt. .Wree. are ro,h. of ? hich Aim mnit ?? th- " fir ? rby ndoly cert . he.k, -"fthe jarch^. And if tit ? remainder ?* i ,i i ! haee m,.ne> ^hall n.>t be paid within five _5)d..?,fr. m?i1,|af,er the dav of -al.-. th- trw- ? ' re-e!l tlte pr..p,nv. I,p'.n* ?u! .i.^C/'haV, r"' ,h" r"k ?f T'v-t-ewilleiecnte* de-ilfjr Mid property Sin ? I1.! !Vin "f PU Cha-e in M.ev. .*nd llie , ,*1 ratincation of the ?*|- t,v tli c-.urt " M. ASHPORB. Tmi'-e" 1,1 ? B H W ARNER. \.?t. |>V LATIMBK A CLEART, w Au? "oneer. and K-al Estate Br ker*. C> ulLw.-?t corner Pennsylvania avenue aud lUh r biar Offic- Boikluif. TBt ST EE'S SALE OK AN KLEQAVT ivn ll"i BrTihiVc " BKK K ?tAiLK5TA^ '' . ' irt-i " dec-il of tru-t, bearinr date the E\! .*1 "t f' !ir,*r> ? lrt>1* mt>,% Libei f r i. 'Ii' **t 9^) iOM of tii?* !;in<1 r'H'onli ? . ?,*r ;"^"n c"""t) .?' the I?,.trirt of Colittn 1-1 J ". I ll r*-n ?nti,.?of,he party there ?? -< ? ..,.th- ?.il~cri?.?r, as Trn-?te-. will off-r AJr.r^-rJ'P^Vv "" -tOtli day of iirril. I t at the hoar of .? o'rh k p. jn ?H that piece or parrel -,f FI2!:,M| "n,l W?f -iMMte ii, i|,- , itv ,.f W'aah Vi^n V. "l iiic"'j,rn,*i?. *n,i known and i.r,, L' i ?I ??H ii* ?"?deity an and i ",lJ , * . ? Harmaml ttramnter'a iinbdivision f rPr hnndr-d an I sixtv i r.r ( i .. . i-1 ?nhdivi?i .ii b-inir r-conl -1 in ?K? V7 " I. V"; Snrxevor-f thecitv ^ W ^hi-,?" . Iter B, f.lio hti, together with the buildiHiri an.l i"'P'.V.7 I!!Vk'h' nf ? 3oahle Maid* ? ^ t.hVV ? *',h *?"?:"-d r.x.f, brick c.ii.-.twS^'SSitaK?"' - ""?<"?? ?" ,',lt a,,J'wo y.-ar?, with interest, to be w , S! f ,r?',t i'n th** Pfemi-w, r.r other w i?e t- th- -.tti?fa.tion of the party entitled thereto fuMnai .mg at th.Hp.n-e ..f the purcha-er If len I,,, . >al* are not c?Mplied with to ou.- werk fr -m day . tthe Tr-istee rewrraa the right to resell a thr r'.k jimI expeitee of the defaulting purrhaaer ?b^K"; d,,u"wil1 ^r-""^ ^ lili 11ARI> WALLACH. Tru.fee -"f?- .*? LATIMER * <'LEARY. Au. ts. II* l.ATIMEB A CLEAR*, if ...I *nd R?-?l Estate Brokers, ""c-Va^c^MS.^ "th ? ^corib.nce With provbiotta of a deed of J L.; %n<11?"1' in ?.f W i of the land records n- wer tt i rou^,v' C?and by virtue of the ?rif? r ',""r**,n conferred up-.D me and up-.n the i v. l.'l?1*' of the party Secured th.-r-bv I will l">EM>AT thr il3d instant.^ it 4*4'?.UA' :\T!?cm, ;htfLT ?ni >i i ril.d as part of Lot twenty-two .22> in '"u.r ?0,1 oixty riKbiit^M,, ;?id city, L n:ideil as follows: B ?innin? at the north X?c?dEre2. ^''"^""Vtwo .S.'ind rnnrn^ i Is) f- , , t.l 0,1 thrl,ne "* ? street s-.uth eighfeeS tl*' feet .thence South seventy-Ave i75) faet'thenee f et t', *^ ?in '18'/r*;'-.thence northseventy 'tive(75) proV;;^,:, 1 n nu"*<w,th th. im Ti-rni-: Cash. On- h'in.lre.1 dollars dep.?it when wTthTI tf*'r!\?JV* 'tru<k ?'* Balance be paid M th' r..k ^I'heprop^r,, niHy be resold .7 purchaser s'-xnense* P"n Wr' C>nT^ alt eoAdo LAtImiR^ ^-VaRt''Aucta. * B II. AHSErT ^ 7J1? Aactione?r, f> ' 4* 11h Street, betw-en (i and H sts. rl??Tfv .!,i.L^0ro\JtBY VALUABLE PROP pATrNT orrtr* .*EJ:=-p K. i s JM ki UASK. OXE OF THK BEST^ ItCESor PKOPEETY IN W'ASHIS*TON CITT tfl 1 hi"a>ini'fr.!?!*"V* P"hl'r aaction, on ? A i !? UY' ^rill,4l',- al 6 o'uli^k p. in , |^"the f. llowing-descrit^.1 r.-tl .state, to wit ? 3%Vteet, I. rthw 'V' "n 7,h between F and r nn northwest, opposite the Patent Office c oin -n. ,ng at a point twenty (9i? feet south from the st nth. est corner of 7th abd O -tr^ts n"rthw^ I*"1"!? "J 111 h twenty feet, and thenc- by the w " th < t tw-nty feet east one hundred and two 'T* 'nrhr Th" four reet b w.dtl, IS sr.bject to the use of Thomas Bites, hishelri M r f"T ?n "Heir. The all-y i.s eight feet and ' *1^ -; "r ,h'' uv "f this lot and Ik .. Tl,i" * Pl?rt of l"t? II1U11 be red twelve and flVeHId' 3JSTb^,?a f"or hand red and fifty 1-uiwTa *1 ? thrae story an-l iltic brick p?e'^K,^r?i?of the The tiji,- [. perfect s.s.T V ' ST ,rr t*"'' third cash, and balance in r.Vai 'i t'."Vh" * ,lh 'ntereat. Con > i ^ >it tnt* c?>?t <>f th<- pi:n I>.*f??rp. .< fn^iiirr s |o |h? s- ur'-l hv ?>f P- n... - I? case the ter...s> of^ Ijl?fp ?iLll ,'i lrIL* l",r' h?~-r. by a-t?ertising ihre tryn - i ? ti,. E^-niiir Sr?r **kldown on ^cc-m ance of l id. JOH N H ?ioI|l.ARD, . . . . L O HnK, Att>?rit. -JL ' "*JR P-4Ai.z. J B II. W'ABNEB. A net. B II M auner! " \ T"*1 R *l ?:-,,,f,' Broker, > 7UV <tb street, b-twoeu ti anil U. EX E< I TOR'S SALE "oV VERY VALt'aRi r .-15ESS PRupKRTT OK THE Sol TH MM or PENNSYLVANIA AvVniChV TW I.EN ??m ANU 1 Urn STREETS. 4a>. | *"1 ?>? FRIDAY, April I, J . * ? ? 'J fr>mt of the premis. *, ?- L .i:if.n i. mT'sH'* D ?abdlv|. .. f . Ia?Mo, ],3 A*i i 4. ill Viiurn N tin#ar^n nnS/TL'k*!?? i'ell .?hr i on c street, im tle'cit). J?oo? of the he.t buainess stand* la Terjns- One fourth cash; balance i? r |s ,nd ,s months, with interest, secured by a deed of Oust upon the pr. perty f*0 il If n W^acceptance^ i ,! ,enur ?'f ??'e are not complie.1 with within? " V i"? "iT"' ?'?> he raadd at the risk ?-1- "f?he defaulunf purchaser. Conveyancing at p?r. liaeer i coot. ? a7^ n I ^ JOHN M SIMS Bvsrntor. at -ei-Ads [ Saa.Cm JtBeo. i B. M WARNER, Anct. B \\ It KENNEDY. Le.?. Estate Broker and Anctioneer, i 11 7th ?t. B| 1BOTEK-8 SALE OF VALUABLE PB0PKB TT AT AUCTIOK. By v irtae of a deed of trust, dated JuaeXth, and daly recorded June 28th, Wl, ^*?u. Liber lit, folio t, of the land records for the L'lt) and County of Washington, District of Columbia, aud by direction of the party pecured thereby, ws will sell at public auction, to the highest lodd-r. in front of the premises, on TUlSDAT, the 2>1 day . f April. If], at I o'clock p m., lot nnmle r < ?I. in* B. T-ld's recorded subdivision of original lots numbered sis (?). and seven (7), in square auaa le re,: five hntxired and thirty-?even(07). Tei n:s ? >aale: One-third cash, the balance in sis and t? el\o month*, equal paymtnts. with tea per cent interest per annum fr. m date of sal*, secured b> deed of trast on property sold. A deposit of fhW cn acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not com plied within Ave days after sale the truism reserve i he right to rewell at th* cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's cn. WM B Wp<>t)WARl>,, JNO. T. CIVBW. i Tr""**"" tIM C. EENNEDT, Ancti.mesr, BY GBKEM * WILLIAMS, Aactianssra, Mv .lOOO Northwsat Wth and D streeU. FORTY Bl ILDIWO LOTS AT HCKTIHOTON. IK PRIKCE tikoRQE COUNTY, *D., AT Al CTIOK. (? . the *3t> iflkT*VT.ot * o'clock p tn we ??ftsball sell at oar auction ro>^as.theabcve nsaed atl.ts, in block IS. T T and O O. to' the highe* liiJtfer for M-4 GBIZN k W ILLI AM8,An^i. AUCTION SALES FI TIRE DA VS. |>Y L?TIMFR A ri.RA R> . I? A-icti <n*-r? ?r.J Re*! E*t?e Brokers, Scuthweet corn*' P-?tn?y!vanin avenue ?nu litb st. Star Offic? Building TRT'SFES' SALE ( F valuable improvko PROPERTY OS TBI SEVENTH STRERT IIOAP, KEABLT OPrOSITS THE SCHUET 7 EN PARK jr. By virtue of *d??<lsf twt. b'srinj dutf ths Cw.'tb day I>f Mar. A P. l<"2, and rwordtd ia ?^^?Liber No. 6s2, at f >lio 35S, of the Land BfurIs of the District of Columbia, and at the renn**st of the person secured thereby, we h'i.UI sell in of the premises, on FRIDAY, the U3tb day of April. IS3, at A o'clock p.m.. Lot* numbered 27, K% 39 and *i, in Bl ick 9 in T<*1*1 and Brown'* subdivision of M'. Ple??(int. together with the improvements t h?r? >n, consisting <>f a nearly new. co nf>rtabl? Frun? Duelling. with necesesry out buildings, all in ( Hid condition; veil of excellent wa'?r on the premise*. The Boundary and Silver Spring Horse Railroad pa'* the door. Terms of sale: Amonnt of indebtedness iwnr ~l by tin-deed of trusteeing jiwu, with interest at W per coot, jfr annum fr-m ih" 25 b of May, 1472.) ana expenses of salt; (which will l>e mtd* known on day of Kale), will be rhinir-d In c;i?h; th" balance in 6 and 12 months, to be secured by a deed of trust np"ii the property S2>Ji> d >wii at time of sale. If the terms of sale are n?t compiled witli within wren ?lay*, the property will be resold at the ri?k and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at pur chaser's cost. WATKINS ADDISON. ( Tr??, ' GEORGF. EARLE. { Trustees. a2 LATIM ER A CLE ART, Aucts BV M'M'A>MiN. ItOW LlNll A CO., Alien., Southeast comer of 9' h aad D streets northwest. TRUSTEE'S S % l.E OF~vaLUABLE PROPERTY ON 6th SOUTHW E>T. ON THE ISLAND its By *irtneof a d?ed <if trust, dated on th ? 6t h .3'?ay of Jnlvj A D. H7o, and recorded in Liber ?*No.<a9, f. ho 21, Ac.. of the land records for Washington county, D. C'., and by direction of tbn party secured thereby, I will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, at 4 o'clock p ra.,oii MON DAY,the7sh day < f April, A. D. 1<I, all of Lots nnniliered fonr (4) and five (5) in the recorded ?nb diviaiou of Square numbered fonr hundred ami six ty -five. (465, i with all the I niprovements thereon. Term? of sale: One-half in cash, of which 5100 mu-t tie paid at sale, the deferred payments to be made in six ami twelve n.onths, with i iterest at ten iwrcent. per am um from day of s?l??terms to be In I * y complied with within six days after s*|e. nth em ise the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk aud cost of first purchaser. Ail conveyancing at purchaser's ri?t. \YM. II WARD. Truste?. m34 eoAdsDUKCAKSON. DOWLINO A CO .Aucts. mrTHE ABOVE SALE IS POST PONF D until TUESDAY, April Id. H73. *ani? hour and {lace. WM. H WARD. Tru?t?e. wS ecAds DUNCAXSON. DOWL1NG .t CO.. Ancts. WTHE AROVE SALE IS FURTHER POST PONKD until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April ^23d, X-H3, same h"ur and place. WM H WARD. Trustee. hI5 DUNCANSON. DOW LINO A CO .Ancts. Bt DFNCANSOH. DOW LING A CO., Auct'r*, Southeast corner 9th aud D streets not th west. CHANCERY SALE 0~F~TWO STORY FRAME IIWl SK.willl ItAi'K BUILDING.ON SOUTH SII?EOr 1 STREET, BETWEEEN IOih AND 11th N W. Hy virtue of a decre -of the Supreme <!oiirt of Esthe Di-trict of Columbia, passed in cl tncery ?c*. ause No. 3124. doc. 11,1 shall, on T HI* BSD AY, May 1. 18.3, at b o'clock p. in , offer tor sale, at pnl lic auction. Lot 9, in Da\ idson's recorilec; snbdi i ision of part of square N ? 341; harinc a front of*) feet on I 8treel, and riintiinc back with that width 100 feet to an a11"V. an I improved by a w >11 built two-story Frame Hons**, with a brick back build 11 B mi Terms: One-fourth of the purchase money in cash; at d r'-sidue in three e.jual instalments at one, two, and three years, w itli interest at H per cent, per an titim: defer nil payments to lie secured b) 'V put < has<-r's notes and a deed of trust on the p'operty. D- <sl giveu on final ratification of sale. Oonv?y arcinE at purchaser's cost. $.rji to be paid at sale. REGINALD FENDALL, Trndee. a 17 d DniCANSON.DOWLINO A CO., \ucts. I?Y WM L WALL A C??., Auctioneers, > NMarble Rcildinc, No.'JOOand 9lia P* iiusylvama aven'ie. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALl'ABLI PROPER TY IN S<il ARE N ?. 7 1J. I By virtue of two deeds of trust, recorded in [ Liber R M H-.N" 22. folio 7^. also in Liber LT and R. No. 7. folio 109, of th" land r<s ords of the District of Columbia, nn<l bv directior, of the parties ?e< nr?d thereby. I will offer at puldi-: sale on the premises, on MONDA Y, the 2??th day of April, at the Imur < f 4 o'clock in the afternoon, tin foil iw - ing Lots sub-11-. ided by W'tn. For syth. Surveyor, l-einu Lots number 43 , 44, 4fi, 4?i, ?7, ?. 4!*, ?>>, 51, S2, S3, M, &5. 56. S7,5S, 59.6t>. 61,65,63.04, t>6. <>7,68,69,7ll,71 and 72, of the sub-diTision of original Lets number 12, 13. It, and part of 15, in s<jr,are712. These Lots front from 19 to 3) feat on Delaware avenue,2?1 street east. M street north, and Colfax street, and run back to allevs, the said Lots being in depth from '.*4 to loo fret. Two Frame H' uses on Lot* 61 an<* 6Jwill l e sold with the Lots. Terms of sale: One-third ? a'th: the residue of the purchase money in 6 and 12 months, the purchaser ftUiug bi? netes tearing 6 per cent, interest from the day of sale; a deed given, and deed of trust taken to seeure the deferred pavments. All c >nveyanring at the purchasers'cost. A dep-,st ot ,$25 required from ea'-h purchas.-r when the Lots are sold. Plats of abovs Lots can be had at our store. R P .lACKSON. Trustee. ?17 lot [Rep], WT. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. LATIMER A CLEART" BT Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania areune aud Utb St., Star Office Building*. TRUSTEES' BALE oF A COMTOETABL* BbICK RESIDENCE ON (' M*.ET, NEAR 13th STREET NORTHWEST. M By virtue of a deed to us, dated May 3. A. D.,1371,ai.d recorded in liber 644, folio 113. and by direction of the partv secured, we will sell, at nubile auction, in front of the premises,on WEDN ESDAY, 16thday of April next, at 9 o'clock p. m., Lot No. M, in Charles J. White's subdivision ofsijnare Mo. 236. with improvements, which consist of a very comfortable three-story and attic resideuce, containing eight rooms and hall, being the house No 134a V street. Terms: One-third cash; residue ?? 3, 6. 9, 11. 15 and IS months, with interest. $100 down when the house Is knocked off. FRED. W. JONES, ( Trust? MAHLON ASHFORP.< Tra?*?? n 2l-3aw3w LATIMER A CLEARY, Ancts. ?/?THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN coi-M.jneuce of the rain until WEDNESDAY, the 43't instant, same hour snd place. F. W. JONES. Trustee, alo LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. lOOl, uorthwest corner 10th and D st? BALE Of VERY VALUABLE BUSINESS PROP ERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF PENNSYL VANIA AVENUE. BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS W EST, AT AUCTION. MBy virtue of a deal executed by th? late Mrs. Sarah Hamilton, appointing the under signed Trustee for the purp-wes therein set forth,dared the 17th dav of April. 1S71, and rec >rd-*l In No.641<,foliu 131,one of the land records forWash ington c iinty, D.C , and at the reonest of and by virtue of a p?>werof attorney from tne beneficiaries ranted in said deed. I will sell at public anction, in front of the premises, to the highest bidder, on MONDA Y, the #th day of May, at A o'clock p tu., Rarts of Lot? Nos. five <?> arid six (6?. in Square iiura ered three hundred aud eighty (3e)0>. improved by a three-rtory aud attic Dwelling, with back building, Wing premise* known a? N^>. 9-J4 Pennsylvania sTenue nortliw',t. This property fronts A) fe?t on Pennsylvania aienn?, with a depth of ah ?it S3 f-et. connecting with Lot 5, which fronts 12 feet on C -treet; in all 1,965 feet. T-'ims of sale: One-fourth ca>h; the b.aianc" in twelve, eighteen and twenty-lour months, with int-rest at six per cent., payable seminnn-ially. secured by a deed "f trust on the prop -rty. A dep >sit of $'JW) will be re-iuired on acceptance of bid. If the term" are not complied with witniiiseven (lays after tin -ale, the pr pert) will lie res ?In at risk and c.iat of defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at pur- i chafer's cost. THOMAS MfGILL. Trustee. GREEN A WILLIAMS. al5-er Jy? AdtM5 Auctioneer*. BY LATIMER ? CLEARY, I Auctioneers and R-al Estate Brokers, Seuthwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and litb St., Star Office Buildiugs. SINGLE AND DOUBLlTcARVED oar DESKS, ? V RV ED OAK LE VTHERCOVE KED CHAIRS 1?i MATCH: IMMENSE QUANTITY t>K BRUSSELS CARPET: OFFICE l>l>KS and tables, walnut and oak cane seat OFFICE ARM CHAIRS; SOFAS, AC , Ac , RE 1NO THE FURNITURE RECENTLY IN USE IN THE HALL OF THE HOUSE OF REP RESENTAT1VRS, LOBHIES. GALLERIES. AND COM Ml TTKE ROOMS, AT AUCTION. A On T1 ESDAY MORNING. A >rll 'J^th. ut l<73.Conuiviicirg at 10 o'clock, we will sell ?^?Bat the Capitol of the United State*? IW|About single and double Carved Oak * Desks, About 3U) Carved Oak Leather-Covered Arm Chairs to mach, Let ge numb' i of Walnut and Oak Caue-sent and back Arm Chairs, Office Desks and Table?, Sofa*. In.menae quantity of Brussels Carpets, which will I* sold in lots to suit purchasers. The carved desks and chsirs will b- sold in the chamber of the H 'tise of Represeutativi?s. The carpets and other furnltnre in tne large hall imme diately under the chamber of the House. Terms cash. B. orderof EDWARD McPHERSON. Clerk of the House of Representatives, U. S. a 12- ( Rep.< li) LATIMER I CLEARY, Aucts. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001 northwest corner 10th anil D *ts. VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY. ON THE north side or Pennsylvania avk M B, BETWEEN 4', AND bTH STREETS. WEST, FOR SALE AT FUBLIC AUCTION. ? We will offer for sale at public auction,in front of the premises, on 8ATURDAY, April ?J6,1873, at fi o'clock p. tn , the H mis? and but known as No. 4S9 Pennsylvania avenue northwest, and being the eastern part of original Lot num bered sis (?), in suuare numbered four hundred and ninety-one (491), fronting on Pennsylvania avenue nineteen <19) feat four (41 inches, extending the depth of the lot to an alley thirty < 39) feet wide, and bounding on said alley nineteen < 19 > feet eight and a half (8S) laches, with the improvements, constating of a three-story Brick Honae. Tenia of sale: One-third of the purchase money cash, and the balance in equal instalments, at six <6). twelve (1>>aod eighteen (18) months from data of sale; the purchaser to give his notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest at the rate of 1 per cent, per annum, ard secured by a deed of trust on the property. A deposit of 9M0 wUl he required when ihe property ia bid off. Conveyancingarpurchaser's expense. ^GENic ARUM", WM. r. LEACH, Executors of estate of L.Johnson. al2-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. BY w. l7 ^^^SSST' Mo*. ? aad tM Pennsylvania atwH. SALE or A VERY 8TYLISH FAIB OT WELL BRED. YOUNG AND EAST POEIJM. rONY PHJiTON, HARNESS, Ac.. At AOCTlOK. fiv , On WEDNESDAY. AprU JUd. at 11 JUZVko'clock, in front ut our new Marble BuiM ?C21i?l, we ahall cell at anction n pair of stylish Ponies, which work in ringle nnd double harness: are sxcellent riding ponies, perfectly sound, and wP.bout n Mesiah. One rony Phivton. with pele nnd shaft, robes, aad seta of donbie nnd tingle har ness made to orArr, being the property of Com mander Weaver, U.S. Mary, who i* sailing on ac count of leaving the city. alS-d W L. WALL ? CO., Aucts (Bef,Daily Chron, SunHer, Cap, Fornsy?* Chron.l AUCTION SALF.^. Td.Mt'R ROW. B Y B H WARN KB. R---.1 B-oker and Auctioneer, No. 129 7th itreff, between G and H. TRUSTEE* SALE OF~YAI.CABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON I> siKBKT NORTH, BE TWEEN 9th ANl> f?iH STREETS E f. MSi By virtue of :.deed of trust dated September M:~ I?th, A. D. 1?>7, and duly recorded in Liber E. **(;. * , N . H foil ?.tt> ?? acq , ore of tl>? Innd record* f r Wubinltmi county. D. C.,1 will ??ll at public miction. in front of the premises, on TUKS 1)A T . th" 5?2d day ..f April. A. 0. 9 o'el'.ck p. m., all those certain p --ces or parcels of (ron4 sitnale and lyinti in the citT of Wiwliingtoa, B.C., Mid known and d>-vribfd as lot? lettered an4 marked " B" and "S," io the riMivMsnof the west half of eqnare numbered nir.e hutt<*red and sixteen, <914.) ?i'h the improvements thereon. Each lot will bo soI I separately. Tents of ?a!e: One?third in cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, to be secured by notes of purchaser, with de< d of trust on premises sold, with interest from dav of ?ale A deposit of ?Sfl wi'l be required at time of sale on each lot. If the terms of sale are not com plin* with in five days the trustee reserves th? right to resell at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser. All comeyaiicing at cost of the purchaser. W. B. TODD, jr., Trustee, n .-11 SawAd* B H WARNER, Auctioneer. iv MATTINGLY .* WHEELER. Auctioneer, No. 503 Ninth street northwest. TRUSTEE S SALE BY AUCTION OF TWO HANDSOME noUSEJ* ON K STHEET, HE TWEEN 9th AND lOtn STREETS, NORTH WE>T. By virtue of a deed of trmt to me, the under KS?-iniied, dated Angus! 3D, 1872. and recorded All *? 30, 1872, in liber No. 69t, folio Ittf. one of the land lecords of Washington count1, D. C., and b> the direction of the holder of th? note of *7,7:0 secured 1 her-l?y, I shall.<n TUESDA Y, April 1873, at 4 < 'clock pre., set up, expose and sell to the liiKhe-t bidder, oh the pretniaes, Lots A and B. in B. F. Gilbert's recorded sulslivisiou of a part of Sqnar? three hundred and seventy-one, (371,1 in thiscty. The improvements are two elegant French roof II n<es, with ;.ll medern conveniences. T' rnj* ot Kale : Cash for ihe amonn' of above deM of trust nt.d expenses of sale. A deposit of ?2tW when the pioperty is sold. JOHN n WHEELER, Trustee. t> 15.18,21 MATTINGLY A WHEELER AucU. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, uorthwest corner 10th and D sts. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FRONTING ON Out STREET WEST, BETWEEN E AND F streets north, at auction. On TUESDAY, the 'iiid instant, at o'clock p. m., we shall sell on the premises, all of Lot No. 6. in subdivision of Square No. 488, being 47 feet In inches front by 8A feet 4 inches deep, to a tine paved aiby, with improvements, making two first-cla*s building sites, which will be sold separately. This property offers great inducements to pur chasers buying first-class proierty, to which we ask their attention. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6, II and IS months,for notes bearing 7 per cent, interest, and ?ecured by a deed of trust on the premise*sold. $1*j0 down on the day of sale. al4-d (.Iter) GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker', Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud lltli St., Star Office Buildings. VALUABLE LOT FRONTING ON B STREET, BETWEEN 13th and 13', STREETS SOUTH V EST.i in front of the Agricultural Department,) AT AUCTION. 4Ek On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, April USd, WBK'S. at ft* o'clock, we sb ill sell, in front of the ? premises, all of Lot 14, in square 2>>4. This lot fronts 48 feet 4 inches on R street south, by an aver age depth of 81 feet,to a 30 foot alley. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6, 12. and 18 mouths, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the property sold Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. A It*) down at time of sale. al7 d.tds LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. B GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Northwest corner 10th and D streets. PCMTTVF. SALE OF UNI M PROVED RE A L ES TATE on north gapitol street, uk TWEEN L AND M STREETS NOBTH, AT AUCTION On TUESDAY, th- 'J?l instant, at 5:30 B^P"Vlock p. in., we shall sell, on the premise*. lot ^??No. ll,m square No. 673. being 137 feet 3 in ches fr nt by 130 feet deep, w hich will be subdivided into six building lots or sold to suit purchasers. T-rnis: One-third cash; balance in six, twelve Hiid eighteen mouths, for notes bearing interest, :id<I eicured l>y a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. 3100 on the day of sale. slSd GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. A U C T 1 O N SALE. By virttio of a deed of trust bearing date June 17th, 1870, and recorded in Liber No. 616, folio 4*0, of the land records of Washington county, District of Co lumbia. I will sell, on TUESDAY, the SSI 1 day of April, 1873, at A o'clock p. in., in front of the prem ise", at public auction, to the highest bidder, the one unditid'-d third part of the house and premises de scribed as part of lots No. 4 and 5, in square No. ,W9, Washington. D C.. bounded *? follows-?Beginning at a point on north L street, 60 feet from the south east corner of lot No. 4. running thence west on the line of L Street 20 feet, thence north 120 feet, thence east In feet, theme south 120 feet to the place of be ginning. Terms of sale: One-half cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the property. All conveyance at the cost of the pur chaser. JOSEPH T. STEVENS, Trustee. DUNCAN SON. DOWLINQ A CO., a1-2awAd* Auctioneers. B F, Y B. H. WABNEB, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T29 7th atreet, between G and H. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE. No. lid FIFTH STREET SOUTH EAST. AT AUCTION. ? By virtue of a deed of trust to Daniel L. Eaton and myself.dated March 29,1871, and duly re corded in Liber No. (12, folio 61. one of the land records for Washington, D. C., I will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the S6th day of March, 1873. at 4 o'clock p. m., all that part of Lot No. 13, in square No. 818, contained within the following metes and bounds: Beginning for the same at a point 17/i feet from the southeast corner of Lot No. 13, and running thence north 17>* feet; thence west to the rear line of said lot; thence aouth 17H feet, and thence east to the plaee of beginning, together with the improvement* thereon. T- mis: The amount of irdebtedneM secured by said deed of truat unpaid, with the expeusea of sale, in caah, and the balance at six and twelve mouths, to he secured by a deed of trust upon the property sold, with intereat from the day of sale. 0200 de posit on a<yeptance of bid. If term* of sale are net ?on.plied with within seven days alter sale, the >roperty t?> be resold at the risk and cost of the (le aufting purchaser. GEO. W. ST1CKNET. Surviving Trustee, f 22-eoAds B. H . WABNEB, Auct'r. feTTHK ABOVE BALI IS POSTPONED until THURSDAY, April 10, lg73,same hour and pise". By order of the Trustee. n>31 B. H. WARNER, Auctioneer. ?r?r THE ABOVE 8ALE IS POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY, April 16,1873, at 0 o'clock p. in..-ame place. B5 order of the Trustee, alo B. H. WARNER, Auct. ?*"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY, April 30th, 1873, same hoar and place. By order cf the Trustee, ali? B. H. WABNEB, Auct. BY LATIMER A CLEARY. Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Soi.thwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and lith street. Star Office Buildings. VERY DESIBABLE LOT AND DWELLING, (I.ATE THE REMDtNCE OF LEWIS JOHN SON. ESO.. DECEASED.) ON THE NORTH EAST CORNER OF 11 rH AND G STREETS NORTHWEST, FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. , Bv virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of [th- Di-trict of Columbia, passed in a cause in '?aid court depending between Lewis J. Davis et al , complainants, and Geor^iana R. Davis et al., de fendants. I will sell,at public auction, in fr<snt of the premises, on MONDAY, April 3"*th, 1873. at 6 o'clock p. til., parts of original Lots numbered three (3) and four (4). in Square N?. .'i45, in tbf city of Wellington.D. C , particularly describ *d as fdlows: Commencing at the southwest corner of said square mml running thence north along the line of Uth street one hundred and thirty-nine (139) feet: thence ea-t forty four (44) feet nine < 9) inches; thence sjuth one hundred and thirty-nine < IS)) feet to G street; tln iu e west forty-four (44) feet nine (9) inches to the p lint of beginning, with the improvements, consist inr ot a fine three-storv Brick Dwelling,containing ?ll the iiKsletn conveniences, and Brick Stable and Carriage-house. T'ie yard is supplied with a pump and well of fine drinking water. Terms of sale as prescribed by the de^reo: One third of the purchase money cash, and the balauce in six (6), twelve) 12) andt ighteeu (18) months. The d'-fi rred payments to bear interest at the rate of eight (8) per cent, per annum. A deposit of 4300 will lie reqnired when the property is bid off. Con vej (toeing at cost-of purchaser EUGENE CARUSI, Trustee. alSJ LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Northwest corner of UKh and D streets. VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY AT AUCTION. MONDAY, the 4th dav of May, 1873, we -hall sell, on the premises, at 4>i o'clock p.m., * all that piece or psreel of gronud lying in the city of Washington, D. C.? known as part of lot number five, in square number three hundred and eighty, being the southwest corner of loth street west and C street north, fronting on 10th street 19 feet Si* Inches, and running back on north C street <3 feet to an alley 9 feet 9 inches wide, and also fronting on north C street 1C feet 1 inches, running bar* 75 feet in depth, with the improvements, con sisting of a two-story brick dwelling-house and a good brick warehouse, making both pieces valuable property. Terms: One-third cash; balance inf. U, 18 and S4 m?nth?, for notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises sold. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaasr. down on piece at the time of sale. altf-eoAda [Rep} OMEN 4 WILLIAMS. AucU |)Y GEE IE * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, D No. 1001, northwest oomar 10th and D< TRUSTEES' SALE OE VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FRONTING OH E1ETH STREET. BE TWEEN Q AND R STREETS, AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY,the S?th day of April, A. D. 873, at ? o'clock p. m., we shall sell on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dated the 7th day of De cember, A. D. UTI, and duly recorded in Liber No. ?M, folio 44, one of the land records of Washington county, in the District of ColamWa, known as all of let numbered ten (Ml and part of lot numbered nine (9), in sunara numbered four hundred and seventy seven (477) for the same, at the southeast corner at said lot numbered tan (K>>, and running thence north along Mb street line west one hundred anl Ave (105) feat,thence west ninety-three<?>feet four and half 1. thence south one hundwd and tre < ljr 1 east ninety-three feet four and one-h ches (M feet 4H inches) to ths placsjot beginning Terma: One-third ewh, baUnoat and 12 1 B inches, thence sooth one hondeed and lve(V>?)1 feet, thence east ninety-three feet four and one-half In to he secured by deed of trust on the ptoatrtj sold. A depmit of ^M>^o||^^?ney>h la* Jt the hme of solo. Terms to be fally compl'et with wittiia six days after sole, otherwise the trustees reserve the right to resell th" property r.t the risk and cost of r. All conroyoacing at pur defanhlng purcl chaser's coet. _ LUOWIG A-. MEINEES.I Trtl-^ GL'STA* B ARTIO. < J" sS-tolds OKEI ? WILLIAMS. AucU. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERXOO*. B B Y GRKfN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, Northwest cornerlo.h and D street*. CHANCKBY SALE o"F VALUABLE PROPEK TY ON M STREET. BETWEEN ?rn AMD 7th STREHTS, SOBTIIWKST. ^ Cuder and l>jr virtue of ? decree of the Si WB prenie C<>ort oftlie Distiict of Columbia, p*ss*l ?=a in Eguity c?wf Wo. 1,'M in sail C >titt, wb?reiti WDi. W Willlngrfon and wif* ar<- com plainants, and Truman A, 0?>ok and other* ar? delctn suits, the u?d ndgned,troste -eduly app dated iu said cause, will sell ?t public auction, in fr.>nt of the premises. on MONDAY?the 1M day of April, A. I). 1873, at 4H o'elock p. m., all that part of lot siveen (16> in (square fc?*r hundred and firty-nine (U9?. in the City of Washington, D C., beginning a: the northeast corner of the lot and running w.?st twenty-cm'(21J feet; thence south one hntidrel and twentv-four <124) feet-th'-nre fiwt twenty-onei31? feet;thcnce torib one hundred mid twenty-foor (124) feet to the place of beginning; together with the improvements thereon,consisting of a three-story btiik house, fronting twenty-one >21 > feet on M street, known as No. 618. Terms <>f sale, as prescribed by decree, are; One fourth cash, and -the balance in three ejnil instal ments, for which the notes of th? purchaser will be taken, payable at six, twelve, and eighteen m mths respectively from day of sale, with internet at the r ?te of eight percent, pr annum, and secured to the satisfaction of the trustees. A d >?ii of $2,1) n ill be re-juired at the tlir* of ?ale. If the terms of ssle are not complied wtth withiu five davsfr.m th? day of-ale, the property will be resold at and ri-k of defaulting purchaser, after ten days 1 ? tire iu any newsp?pT of the city of Washington. All conv eyancine at the co?? of the imrchwer. MM.F MATTIStiLYl,..,.^, M F. MORRIS. $ Trustee*. as -dJLds GREEN * MIL LI A MS. Au rta. Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Anct*. Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. TRUSTEES' SALE OF~VALUABLK IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of trust,dated N?ytetnbsr 17ih. 1K72, and recorded in Lilv*r 6:4. folio 2J9. of -^th' land record* of Washington countv, Dis trict of Columbia, and by direction of the holder .if the note secured thereby, we will sell, at public auction, on the premises, on MONDAY. Apt i? 21st. 18T3 at 4 o'clock p. m. all that piece or parcel of ground known and desrrib.-d as original Lot numbered foor (4.) in square sonth of square ?ne limdrd and four < lot,) improved by a two-story Frame Building. Tern.s of sale, as required by said deed, are $2,000, with ten per cent, interest from September 17th, ls"2. together with the ex tvns.-s of this sale, iu cash, and the balance in 6 and 12 moat lis, secured by the notes of the put < hatter, bearing interest at 6 per cent., and * deed of trust on the property. il'JOUd >wn when the properly is struck utl. If the teruis of s tie are not Complied with, the trustees' reserve the right to re sell tlie property, at the risk and cost of thedefauit Ing purchaser. ROBERT P. DODGE. (Trns*ees PHILIP A. DARN KILE.( an DUNCANSON, DOWLINQ A CO., Aucts. B~ Y LAT1MEK * CLKAKT,

Auctioneers ami Real Estate Broke/s. Si utli' ast corner Pennsylvania avenue and Uth St., Star Office Building. FIRST CLASS PRIVATE RESIDENCE WITH ALL MODERN CONVENIENCES, No. 930 E STREET NORTHWEST. AT AUCTION. , On MONDAY AETEBNooN, April til, at J 5.30 o'clock, we will sell in front of the pivmi Lies, the wi-st half of I >t M. being a subdivision of original lot 16, in s.inure 578. This property is situated on the south side of R street, between 9t!i slid 10th streets north west, and is improved by a three-story brown front BBiCK DWELLING,con taining ten rooms with bathrom, water closet, large cellar, range, hot and cold water, stationery w a^istands, marble mantles. Ac , Ac., and being within two minutes walk of the most central part of Petmsj lvania avenue, offers a rare opportunity to merchants desiring to purchase a first-class resi dence convenient to tlieir place of business, or to capitalists wishing to makr a . >od investment. Terms: 0'ie-nu?rter cash, residue in six, twelve, eighteen, twenty-four, thirty and thirty six months with interest from day ol salo. Conveyancing at cost of purchaser; 8250 down at time of sale, all dads LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. Y GREKN .V WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. * 1991 D street northwest, corner of 10th. B TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A SMALL HOUSE AND LOT ON CEDAR STREET, BKTWKKN I?iu AND 19m STREETS, NORTHWEST. Bv vintie ?.f a deed of trust dated the 14th day ?fijjj of April. K1, and recorded in liber *^li? Ac., of the land records for Washington county, D. C.. and by direction of the party secured thereby, I will sell at public auction, in front of the Srenii^'-. at 3 o'clock p. ni., on MoNDAY.ths \l 1 -t ay of April, 1873, lot numbered thirty-four (34*, and the east five feet of lot No 35, of the recorded sub division of sijuare numbered one hundred and thir tv-two <13S). T' rms <d sale: f!25 iu cash, of which *80 must be pai?l at sale, tlie balance In 6 and 12 months, in notes bearing interest and secured by deed of trust on the property. Conveyancing at the cost of the pur chaser. M. P CALL AN, Trustee. ay-eoAil* GREEN A WILLIAMS. Au ts B Y TIIOS E. WAGOAHAN. R-'al Estate Auctioneer, ft!9 7th street. By virtue of a deed of trust from Charles V. Gordon and wife to John D. McPherson, Irecorded in Liber 002, folio 324 of th" land re cord* for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, I will, on MONDAY, the illst day of April, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m.. offer for sale at public auction, in front of the premises, the property de scribed iu said deed, to wit: Lot numbered 17, in sijuare No. 140 with the improvements, being four frame houses. Teims: One-third cash,the balance In si* and twelve months from day of sale and secured by pun has.-r's note and deed of trust upon the premises. Convey ancing at purchaser's cost. J. D McPHERSON,Trnrtee. mSO-eoAds TH08. E fTAGGAM AN. Auct BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Anc/ion?ers. No. 1O0I northwest corner 10th and D sts. A CHOK E BUILDING~~LoT ON BAST CAPI TOL STREET AT AUCTION. SOn MONDAY, the tl 1st last., we shall sell in front of the (remise*, at iH ?'clock p. m., east half of Lot No. 4, in square No. 78ii, ne?r 3d street east, having a front on the north side of Bast Capitol street of 24 feet 7*4 inches, with a depth of 128 teet 1 inch, with wide paved side and back al leys, making it a very desirable and beautiful Build ing Lot. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6 and 13 month* for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A de<d given and deed of trust taken on the property sold; all conveyancing at cost of purchaser: $100 to b? paid do? n wheu sold. Title indisputable. alS eoAds [Rep] GBBBN * WILLIAM3.lucts. BY LATIMEB 4 CLBABY. _ . Auctioneers and Beal Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and Uth atreet. Star Offlse Building. SECOND ANNUAL 8ALB BY CATALOGUE OF OIL PAINTINGS BY OPB LOCAL A BTIST9. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, April I?th,1873, commencing at T>4 o'clock, at our Auction Booms, we shall sell about 100 Oil Paintings,comprising Landscape and Figure pieces by the following local artists: Theodore Ranftnann, Max Weyl, Rosa Turner, Eugene A. Pojle, Wm. McLeod, Heine, and other Washington artists. N. B?Paintings will be on exhibition on Mon ay. the 14th inst. Terms caah. a)l dAds LATIMEB A CLEARY, Aucts. *TIN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RAIN THE alK<\e sale is postponed until MONDAY E* BN 1NG. April VI, same honr. a!7 d LATIMEB A CLEABY. Aucts. B Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucts. Corner Wh and D streets northwest. SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITOL HILL, AT AUCTION. SOn THUBsDAY AFTERNOON April 17. at S o'clock, we will sell upon the premises, all of Lot 1, s<|iiare 834, having a front of S2 feet 6 upon north D street, with a depth of 80 feet upon 6ih street east. This property Is situated in oue of the most rapidly improving portions of the city. being the nortnwest corner or 6th and D sta. northeast. Terms- One-third cash; balance in 6. 1J and 18 months, notes bearing interest and secured by deed of trust upon the premises. Con\eyancing. Ac., at cost of the purchaser. A deposit of $00 will be re quired as soon as the property is knocked off. a8 DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO.. Ancta. K^THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, on ace-iint of the weather, until SATURDAY, April tfOth, same hour and place. h!7 DUNCANSON, DOW LINO A CO., Aucts. BY B. H WARNER. ~ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7a9 7th atreet, between G and H. CHANCEBY SALEOrTALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON THB NORTH SIDE OF I STREET NORTH, BETWEEN 14th AND lbnt STREETS WEST. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of .the District of Columbia, passed in the cause of M'rox et al, vs. Crux et a'.. No. 3,13t e<iaity, I will sell at public auction, in front of the premi-es. on TUESDAY, April 89,1873, at 6 o'clock p. ni., part of lot 3, of Samuel Davidson's subdivison of lot 4, in square 199, In-ginning for the same at the north west corner of said lot 3, thence running south 142 feet 7 inches to the north line of 1 street north: thence east 36 feet 6 inches; thence north 75 feet 7 inch, s; th- nee went 13 feet 3 inches ^thence north 67 feet, to a 30-foot alley; and thence treat to the bsgia ning, with the improvements thereon, conaiating of a three story brick dwelling. Teima of aale: One-third of the purchase money cash on the day of sale, or within litre days thereaf ter. the residue in three equal instalments at ?. 13 and 18 months from the day of aale, the pat-chaser or purchasers to give his, her or their promisory notes for the deferred paymenta bearing interest from the day of sale, at the rate of 8per centum per annum. The title to be retained until the whole of the par chase money. with Interest, ia paid. In the event of the failure or the purchaser er purchasers to com ply with the terms of aale, the trustee has the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of such defsuMing purchaser or purchasers. A deposit of ?3BV will he repaired on the acceptance of hid, and ail conveyancing at purchaser's cost. JAMBS B. EDWARDS, Trastee. _ al4-tn,w,aAds 1. H. WABNEB, A act. OF SMALL ABM8 AND ACC0UTBI MEBT8. Bvbiau op Oiduki. i Navy DtnimiiT, April 17,1873. ( There will ho sold tiaebHc wwtion to the highest bidder, at IB m., oa WEDNESDAY, Mar 14,1873, In the oAce of the Inspector of Ordnaaee, Navy Yard, Mew York, a quantity of small-anas tad ac coutrements. as follows, via: 6753 Plymoath rites, cal. .69. aervioeabU. 174 Plymouth rifles, cal. M, needing repairs. 6M1 Plymoath rife sabre bayoneU. 63M Plymouth rtlle sabre bayonet-scabbards, Sharpa A Hankina carbines, cal. A3, ^arvicsa gAL. Me. 417 Sharpa A Haakins oarMnas, cal. J3, needing re sn gbrpi A Hankias rMaa^al. JK. iii.jiii 9> Sharp? A Hankina riflaa, eat. aiVwdHnVrw-' pairs. 378 Sharpa A Haakins rifle sahre 'irarnnsts mi srah Terms: One-half caah h Gov jnasat faafi oa the ^5!-^^S?<s!Sier,?,S5,,?: noted la the eatalcth#lr exactcondi t ion orqnslHr; ?^ U hSt^!hUm3TtSt everything on Ved for sale is as represented. WILLIAM lT JBFFEB9. Cniaf of BarAa. A * fti APCTION salks. i IIT LATIMKB * CLEAR) . I " Aoctiow. r- ar..| B k, K?, ?fl. nr ^ | ""SJSS?b^-" AVIiri NOlfRi'lt ARfc ISy virtn.'of . .t-ere-of the Huprm* ?V>urt of the Dujnctof . olumbia, pv??l iu Kr ? c*ne Rr. 9h*""ry f'- S- *h-reia Ki!7?t> 'ill 1* J "l*,"" and (Vju Brent et ?r? d? fi-iyi ai.ts, the nnd"r>.igtoed, del. n^Mulcl Tru??f>? .L d *' public tort i .u. in fr nt 'if on li h<torif*M. mt ? c,!5k r in .tbf f Bowing L <ts nut <?.7fei' ofiVm -h""r" N" The ?,orfh thirty Mhlt .nlf ' N' ' ' 't>?ok dep'h <1 I t to a Fnrtt,l Hrr,?S m"*5?{* f~'t.w>'h the cor tair ln? H ict J* 0** U,'r'"n: "" <* 1* ?? Wrjrt n *.. ' f1 square leet. * ith the four.tory there J^ k Trr "Me Bricteh?,Ming f*t u w ' Itilsir s-;n*r? .r ' I0- Commencing fo- r I, kW<. , r ' J1 Delaware aienue nor'ht-jw: 21 f<?t ii< ! Ik ' Tthwest corner ofwittrr on (" strn-t torth, running th-tice e i*t it! alle5 ; th?r,rc"r.ih wVh !s 1 ilr/S fJ*. ^ we*t 110 feet ? to (.aid Dela wa7Jav?r?T 1. U Ik ,K north wi'h said a**n?e?b?n nin*. containing*.** IJsqnarefeet c ?i ' 2^""^ ??? * <'H-known and need no d^rm ?art (P'1 ?f thet apitolgroundsfront, in t ,*SUa"'l their Improvrn .nt will oneof till l*e*?My.^eautifalaadconvement I .cdlty ?Kit r f"r r<v*'1,'tlr ' ?"1 invest ?L "*'?! f 9n*-rU** by th- d?r^, ?r.: ' "f,'btr*1 < a?h; tM the balance hi two equal in?:>,' tn?-nt?, for which the note* of the purchaser wiU b : ' ,"/iv *n?l ?*??!*<> niont?i? fr. n>-1av of * ', ? uh Ln,<'r?^! from <Ut.>, ?? ?) ?Acr.rr'd t thf ??l t ?i J! n rX Ihe Tr'"*^ A or 1it?'i.Ji*'| It "J r for each lot at t.m, of ?,|. of ,?>?? <-cnip:'.^ wit), ^tthin vn r *V L,'?? ri^ r ''!"' pr p, rtv w'" b* r^"! l .It c?l *f rurc'rre,,BM?rh- AU CO?V" '?'- ?" J. < A RROI.I RRKVT. Trn<t?* m21 Jta* i<|? (B-p. | 1 ATIMKRACI K\RV A't-'n |?Y LATIMER A CLlCABV. ? Auctiifpers and B-?l Estate Br -k r?. BoQtbweft r ?i.t ot P.nnovlranl* a? ?i up at> t ? > Mith Rtrp.-t, ftar Offlc BniMinc. H\E VALI'ABLK BUILDING LOTS OK T1IK n tb??o?H|i M ?treft, Im tw-fo Third ursi Foyr-and a half street* ^<>nth*e?t ,uTT^"iJ)nle"J.>Urth r"''. ??'- balanr.. at aii. trn?- i. 1 . n "OBtha. ???cured by a d.-ed of trua and note*bearing interest. ConveyanHiut at c,:,^r.P2rch-eny ir,?" ,*rh ?',im ?,,f ?lH-.IA<a LATIMER * CLEARY. Aucta! |>Y Til OS K. WAGtiAMAN. ?* Real Estate Aartioueer, 51? 7th street. At By virtue rf , d ? ?d of tru-t.dat 1 th? !?'h l^r lvv,i""?l ir> Lilw?rM*, f "ftlw. !?*I reeorla f.)r Wa,l,tneto,, Oterel?' I L.i,aDi 4ir.X?lon of the partv si-, u red J" r ) i I ^ill offer f??r ?*?!<?, by pnl?Ii? au tio?i.on ?;nrTV-.5 m<?m'av. o, v r- jJ f, ^ ^ 1873. alI of I4r?t N ?. I, in 8-pitr* pr veni. "., y W lshl,""OIJ- 1? C.,with iai ^ J; "f'",l" #Ithe l.alarire l,y ? te. at 6n ? ntl.a,ae, nr. X I., .J , ,| ?f tr,:,t r|*1 *' "" ??? -? "? *n TR08 K. WA.^g'a'maX ^JMlEll STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. n! rb -Lrt'? ?r Df fi"ri i?U.-d out Of the orV ire of the Supreme C^ "rt of tt- Di?rl.t of Columbia,and to me directed. I ?!ia!l h II. in fruit ??f the court hoaae door of said District on TH I US I nV ITf j V,! M*v' *t la oV lock tn . all ii.e defendant's right, title, claim, ant jntoren Ih^eil^0 /w^VH011 *"."0," in iMjuare No ti7 in ! n^ ?r f,h n D- <- ? together v ,th all ,?,d Miiei.lar the iniproremei.t? there,,n, ?ei?ed and lT?ll lilSfM1? the property of Allison Nailor. I A.'<; IMddli 5 ex^'"'"ln No- ?.*? in far.?r f AnriiK ,o?KX- 8?AfiP,L".8. Marshal.P r.. _* pr" l(v3- aU d a l?Y LAT1MER A CLEART, C .I fc-tate Brokers and Auctioneer*. southwest Coriif-r Pennsyh anis avenue and 11th ?? . blar Office Building. A VExV'^CEEI^'iT^A^D^trH ? *?"* a? 9-,*'*"1 n?*ZHr*t- ? TlESDAt. April ' - ,orl<^k. p ni . 1 ts numbered , twent)-f._ur do and twenty five (2V. in tli tw^ .V??2 tiunil ered Ave hundr.-i an I Inrvl! #'i? V?" recjid. d iu the ofli - ..f tli? fo iosn' l*!. v 14*^ "f,on <?*> . inLile-r H. p c? Io.io90. Lot No.?t front* seventeen ?IT? fee* five ?? inrhe-;,r,N,.wY .r|< .VeBOe, aiid c.-i tains J ?2I fi\e/I T. Ai N" P fronts seventeen , irii-.-r r "" ,,*,J ?venue, and contains 1j?i VS feet of (rround. T' t V.f '2t: P'-'e t,'1 ,f Purchase m ney Ca?h. The nnVi "-"t" ?n<t 12 months. ih.7f^.T" W " t* ""^"ired to give his uot?^ f ,r ofei??l^ Payments, bearing intereM at the rate ofieight per cent., and secured by deed of trn-t oD the prf.peity Conveyance-at pure'raser's expense ? A Jepont of sau uiii be r ,mired to he paid Wh-ii bt> ex|ijh*ited at the'^ie.A pl" ?f tU" Pt 'P rt> * ,!1 E. E. WHITE, EUGENE CARCSI. MM r MATTINULY, . _ Assignees of Jas. G. Navior alB J LATIMER A ? LEARY Aucts! O* LATIMER A CLEARY " AucDoneers and Real Estate Brok-r*. Bouthweat corner Peuiisylrania arenub and Uth st . btar Office Buildings. DBFTWKrv Kl IPi?iLN? ^''T ON *?TH ST.. uriir *S?I AND L STREETS NoRTII AT AUCTION? PKIyN8YLVANIA AVRNCE,. A.. Jin WEDNBSDAT AFTERNOON, April *:? p?rm?iir^iSSr^^'in** *'{*" *t" fr,'ut <*f the f premwea, lot F, In Wroe's suUlivikion of part d^r.niMo^ntiiJrou tith,trw'wi,h? Terms; One-third caali; balance in ?. 12. and 14 the nro '"twert. secnred by a d -ed of trust on the property a?ld. Conveyancing at purchaser's coet. A100down at time of sale. alT-dlds LATIMER A CLEART. Auct* BY LATIMER A CLEARY, ~~ U .. Anctioneers and R al Estate Brokers, oouthW6*t comer Penneyivania av ?nut* au J 11th ?troet, Star Office Buildiog. nffLV,BTL'i?lfS^sfKWR?TV??,NN,"'f AUCTION ND BHOD? 18LANI> AVENUE, AT A -.?f AFTERNOON, April ?4. BBat ? d0 o clock, we will sell, in front of the s.uiK^rt~ **' '? Kelly's sabdivision of f I ShT.3^' hf\,n? ? front of 17 feat, on the east side of Htth street, between P street and Rhode Island ?venue, running back lot) feet to an alley, and itu proved by a three-story l.rick dwelling with a two story back building, with water, gas and bath-room. The hotite has a pres^d brick front with a bay window, and Is situated in one of the most desirable sijd improved neighb??rhoods. ^.T'J"if.i. tiltt CMh. residue in payments of fw per month, with interest from day of sale Convey andcg at cost of purchaser. *100 dow n at time ,,f LATIMER A CLEARY, *18'*" AicMggw. BY LATIMER A CLEART, .. Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*. Southwest corner Peiinsylliania avenue a?j mi, ,t? Btar Office BaMding. vtSI ? yj A ?VJF J* IS IN * S-s PROPERTY ON THESOLTH SIDE PENNSYLVANIA AVK u ilirT ?A>J)uOKS WEST OF SIXTH STREET M t^T. rOB SALE AT Pl'BLIC AUCTION. ?fp*;itl*'1i,offer for ?t public auction.In E^-ntot the premises, on FRIDAY, April i5, oc^nT.:^ h, i TDf ,"-,ht H?u?e and L.t now No^li? vy Ju*'Ph PJW? "are staurant. known as n.?? t*04 P^tinsyfyania avenue, and being part of lot nuniltered (I,I in S<juare numb red four hundred JUid sixty-one (461.) contained within the following nu tesaud bounds: Commencing at a point on Penu /8 ioM VenV "OMhwest forty-Ave (tfij feet eight 1^'J tv,.*rd'> froIB the northeast corn-r of thl. li^U*V' rnnt"l'(t thence w iitwardly along a J of Mid Avenue fweiti -two (81 ? thence iftT tw?w*a/lfVi ri*Ut ?ngles with said'avenue P1.J?!!f&tthence dne south fifty three(?) teet eight(^g) inch?s to the lln? of north B ?tr^-t thence east along said street twenty-two i it > f,-.-t ? .5 north forty-six i *31 feet and nine (9 i e lies and thence northwardly to the place of beginning' Rr.rk^n'Provera?,nts consist of a Urge fou: sto'* d ?JfrtS!ll!l containing eleven Urg rooms, in. In ? ^.otthe roosn on the first floor, w hich fronts both on Pennsylvania avenue and B street north One-third of the purchase money /?i.'_i'^ h e<,n*' Installments of six !,f' ?f4 ?i*hteen (18) months from date ot sale the purchaser will be rejuired to give his notes foijhe deferred payments, bearing interest at the rate of eight (8 > per cent. per annum, and secured by deed of rast on the property. A of ?5uu Willi* required when the property is bid off. <JoU *e> nncing at cost of purchaser. LEWIS i. DWIS. EUGENE CARl'SI. ?? . . WM. F. LEACH. w . Executors of estate of L. Jobnson, decease.!, >li d LATIMER A CLEARY. Aocts. |1Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Auct*: ~ corner 9th and D streets northwest. triiM Hy.V1! PROPERTY ON 11th STREET, NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVE 4b & ^.*^NK8D^J AFTERNOON, April IS, f J* ?*? wil1 ?fu. ?yn the premiaes al{ lot 14, id Morn SB. havinff a front of ia fe?t upon Uth street with the depth of lot* with improve BieuU upon the i&iue. * .The abova property n situated upon the west side of 11th street west, between C street and Pennaylva nia avenue, and one of the meat desirable pieces of property in the ciiy. wi *?S~ B' ?igfia.'aiia ? TRUSTEE'S SALE OF^HOUSXHOLD FURNI m . ?rjlT^s of Sdeed^trf trust, dated the nth VL Sjy *??, recorded ia Liber No. between 3d ?ad 4th strest* northwest, consisting la 'ValM Tacker Spri^JT Fainted Cotts?e Bet. , Waidtuksa, B ureaos. Bedste?j, an,< E itc hen Reqaisites, '?cT\c. Sts tSa^SBBhT Trustee. " A?W AUCTION SALKS. |1T ri'SiCA N * ON. DOYLING * CO . *,j.t r, Ci?ru*r 9?h and D n^rthir ??<(. * iiArVLI?''/''' IO*M. ? ANDLR*. JP'ftV,?!??*?8HEKKV **?",* ??0 he.'Oav Morning a? i v,., Ill ??" ??"* ?* >0 ?.\ , , .?to I ???. w?h amuomir n _ dcmcai[*om dow ling * r.?, \,c? BT WM,; v 11 v v L .niai., . >1:10 ti rl llirur, lT??? . n^*,. and |Jth atreeet. 0~f-,.5,c^? :v;r, a at?? p-*r an.latylUh * "W' ?" '' t?Bf I'f. ? n ?lv }-?i^44 , he?ei?hirfli and ?eime in h?j-ue?*. \*rv I. an Um. ' w .i"/ wake ai. el gant mare for a pinal- *ir'.*t~ A Lao, A ?.?mberof II ra * of ?hicli a full d-?cnp: .r. ^ill U diicu it tiuc c?f ?>?)? , 1 '? y ? L. wall A CO . Am'fi liv LATIMER A CLEARY, ?? Au. tioaeere and Real Katat B. .k?r? ovuthweat corner Penn?y|vani:i ao-un- an,| Ei ?T entli stre.t Star Office Buildings KV-Sf?w/??Pforte, prkncm pi, *tk J. 11\ K< >IS^, KKP I* \ ]{i ? t if riik n iTrfeL' II W"<?-I.oVh' r\RLu'KM'?KSiTCKK M?k ?'?}.;r?* TABLlTv WIiVtnJITS iNOETK l ?v . IT IN,iv A,n> ?'HROMt>S I. ?M> 1 M r- ''I'Rtainm. wai svt M\KI LE TOP ' ?lAMBER >ETs v i i-m v a\?? m o'v. r*ATHEI5 PILLOW* AM* B *L8TfcK5. fl Rl HSRLS. TRRKt pi v T pJr'l^i^iVvi VAK, KTS- ****** ANI> 2.191*8. Lot M.KS. K\TR!IS]0N 1>!\v\. ?hi\FS;r Uthkr r?^Rv 5. !L. . a>i> (ii.ahk T()qi tjtk JV- T"TIlKRroiiKIVi; *M* i|riT ING &TUYC8 AXl> KIT' HEN UKglMTi> OM' La Pi ts* imntin?; ''^tfloinwiT n AKDHEVPRM. *r PE R l" K MLVF RT " T- ric. ta?!i _"P ? *' LA TI M E R ,1 CLE A R T. A n<t . II* ?BKKK A WILLIAMS. ?orthwert comer Lk1i and D sir*?**. SAl K OK II ANPSoME KRENCII PI \TI 11 4 v J\[ ANI> PIER MIRrROKS ATUTIO* * ii ''.^.^'^^sI^A^.A pril 'JIJCJ, chiiiii-ik in* at 11 o rl.jcka.m , *c shall *? 1! in front r>f ,.n. n,1'. J" '". tilit frwii >1 Kr ? , h Pl??. M <ntel p|^r Mirror*, rn Maotal?&?> iticl? a ?<i i w l ? " M " ?' .. i. ' " tit 44 " 41 t. .i " M) '* ?? 4} *' " 41 ?? " 4>t u u 11 4*> 14 W ^ I. 44 Pi-r?71 ;ii. h?v I >n*. 14 mm*, " it '? " ? JJ U H " " ? 20 4. 4 " Bo 44 u 44 ?. ! I " tU 44 44 X>1 "4 4. W ?* rail lb* att*nti"ii ot p?ra^r-.? wi?h:a( fin M?rr >r? to att<*n4 th?- aa!<?, an tb? al? ?ve c ill^ct ?*i ?.l Mirror* ia la good rontttioa T-r 111a < anb. J5 ORKKN A W ILLI \MS. \n-a. B1 LATIMKK A CLEAR*. Aoctiooeor. au4 R.-ai fe?tat- B>">k~ni. Boctbweit corner r^iMilfnuiA lono^ iltii ?r Btw Office Buildiufi. fcrECIAL AND POSIT I \ R SALE OF WHIS VJI.RSVA.V *?nl <4. i)*vJ, at IO ' il'K k, *m nli it! itril in lr >(ir .?( "?II iMO,i"i" B ,"n" t!"* I 'Howia^ , f?~u ,r .. .. branila of Li'tti'TH ?? ; ?.J W (Jafl WMakr. Rv ? W iiiakr I !'.'!? P** ki iih-m.-r W i.i*ky I bl>l. II un, \\ bikk)-. 1 l'l l.?j n?>r Itiniidi ? l>bl. Lj l? li W hioki .(?i.ff ?.|,| 1 *?' LATIMER i CLEARY, Anr*? |>Y LATIMER A CLEART, ~~ * , A ucti'-tiPcra and K <,1 k,tat Br. k?r,. &uu.b<?t?t corner of P'-nn. a\. im?- ai,l ll'h atn--t btaru?ceBuiUiu? ?"?"*. ? BALK OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY IN SQL ARE K?. 6>* B,, urM'?bt loth* ?;i?f Coast <w proaidiuc for Mm KlNii L i .M on T" 1 H>1?\T ,V 1, ? MSy * ??nrin* at I 1 k, ^be tollowaig Builaiiig,, <-!nbrac?-<l id N|nar - N .. ?P^ilas?r5g frtrM *n4 j ,Srw J-?-> *?? ??' ? 4* ? n- k ? k ?j - v:8z^r^ "?*<?< b tw'. l'j "a'*4,46'*i ?u<1 43 B atr.-?t. (Iirick.l a pa k r?'^ ? B *r-rt, r l>rick; ?t .(-t her. ?1 ? ?'? I* ?"?r'-et. ( malarial brick. r ?epar?.Hr arat*) ?l,?a?4 1?A atreet, < f:|iU*.,. ^-p. Koa. ?. ???.?. ti and 21. , U and 15, Cnpm* bo?MH',?iil be a<d<l tog 'ib' i ,1 II, 9 and t A atr-n-t hiII bea<<ld separati I)., luatei ial brick" Anr^ JV" r*!,n??s in *"1 w>,vl-?hed?. ?tabl?a rat. [> MCl?* 1B rMro1 will ba h .Id aepa Termi* of aale; Ten p. r cent, of th? ?nrchaae money will be required at the time of t|? rr n an aer ?ithiti ten day* after au> li ?al- Ra.'diui, \ed ?itUin thirty da>? * B> order of C. DELANO. , , *m.SrZrS*ar7.J* "w Interior. "*1,1 LATIMER ACLEAKT. Aurt?. |>* LATIMER A CLEARY. U .4 Auctioneer* an,1 R -?| E?tate Broker., if-?uthweat corner of Peunavltaniaavenua an i H:h vtreet. 8t?r Oifice Building. I Al ( TION SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED ItlCAL ESTATE. ON E 4TEEET BiOKTil MIC AMD^bJxtH\""iSh \ w i.!*T. AM> ON F STREET NORTH he WICTK SIX? ANI* "? STREETS . ?'1,1 1 EPDAT. May 4th. IC.*,. at f o'clock a m . 1* id m?II, In front ?.f fde prp>i)i^,^t pui,<i ftQ, . tloi). part of Lot 9. in &juitfv 4^9. bpsitiuiuf for th#* on the s.>ath line of north 1 iifeet weat of thenortlieaat corner of aaid lot, and running tli-nce due aoutii 75 feet; thenc- du- waat ? feet. tli'itce due north 75 fe*t to E atre^t. aud (b-nci do.- eaat to the beginning, improved by a aubstautial four-atory Brick Dwelling, Ko. 41*. Auo, on the ??me evening, and imm -diately thereafter. *^ i. 1*"' '? i? 8<i>iare 455. begmuiug fvi th - ?ame our street north at th. we.VT.n- of LildI ..^Sd rnnuing thence due north, on aaid line, si feW s incl'es.thence eaat 4 feet ( inche#; thence north Sfe-t. thence eaat 2 feet ? mchea, thence nortk<>4fe~t 5S incbe*to the north line of aaid lot; th-nce eaat 19 feet_<H inche*;thence dna aouth. through the ceuter of aaid lot, lul t'-ef lo , inches to aaid W atreet* thence along said street X f?-et 7H in. h^a to the t.?" finnn.g,^ni|roTed by a three-atory Pram* DweU Tetaaa of sale; p?r the E ativ.-t proprtv. on. - fourth ca?h. balance in 1,1 and 3 y.-ara, with tatereat fr.m the day of .ale, at 8 per cent per anuam; the deferred paymetiM to be aecor-l by a d^.-d of trust -?ti ilie pt^iv-rty. p.>r the P ?tree? proprty, oae third c**h; balance iu 6, 12, j, an.l 24 month., with inter, st from the day of sal. , at 8 p-r cent, per an 11*1111; the deferred paymentato be a.s ur d by ad-ed oT trust on the property. Ad p->ait of %*^willlv r- ouif J on . aril piece of prop.-rty at time of ,al All c .nvev*ncing at th?- coat of purc haaera. If the ternw .1 sale are not complied with within ten da> a from the ..ay of sale. I re-erve the right to res-11 tlia property, at the ri-k and coat of th. def?,!tiue pur JA8. J?. EDM ARI>S. Attorney. agl-m w.f.Ada latimer ACLEARV. A ic;.. f>Y LATIMER A CLEARY, *' Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*. Boutli? eat corner P.-ntia) Ivania atenur and 11th at 8tai Office Building A Li!'0 K ? ALE 0 ? A PLEASANT COr*TRY SEAT, IN THE DISTRICT OP COLI'MBlA fVLTAIWIKG THREE ACRES, M'lRE OR located aboct 3?? tari>s from ?.^|FJ0L^.8*VBKTH street road toll. G\TE. AND FORMERLY' THE PROPERTY OF THE LATE GEORGE BURNS On THUR8DAT, May 1. 1*3. at io'cl.s k p. m., I Mill aell, on the pr mis.-s. at public an. .1 .V""',*" 'j*?-1 'r>c.' ?T f"" ' "f Und, sitnat. in the Diatrict of ColBiuhia, bounded aa follows ?B ' gi ui. ing at a <>u the ao?tb line aft uew road Mb'cb in !1.M1 aeparated the lamls of Bnijamiti Sum m> and W ilhani Little, Xi and 16', lap p rchea from it* interaection with the eaatern line of another new road,( which point ol interaction ia the nortli~ast corner of lot nunler 5 of th- aalstiTumn of th ?n f,lrcn*rl Little from B-nj a O. and William H. Tayloe by deed dated Marcn 15. 1>54 1 thfiica with the aouth line of the flnrt rueutioued n*d V ? d. greea M . 1j I?s 1(JW p?rehea to the tn teriwction aforeaaid; thence with the *ant line of the lnat mentioned road 8 S decrees >4 60 l?i perchea; then.e 8 ? degree* eaat 1* perchea; thence in a atraight line to the beginning, containing S a re. land, more or leaa, and being the nae pro pert t y bich was conveyed to Gmrje Itm. b> William Little, truatee, on the 13th of XeM-mbar. l#i i.? pro* t-d by a large and comfortable frame dwelling, with ueceeaarr out-honaea. Term* of aalr: One fotirth eaah; the bal?:ic> in 1, 1 awfS year* from the day of aale, with inlet*,i at S H-r centum per aniiMa, the deferred payntenta to be aecured by a deed of truat on the M-o*erty. It tlae ter?a of aale m not complied witkTwithin ten tor* from the Aay of wOa. I reaerre tb? rifht to re^l the property at the ritk and coat of the defaulting pur chaser or purchaaer-, aft?-r giving flre dara pnMic notice. A depoait of (M will be re^viaad at truar of gnie ? AHconTerancing at porchaeer1* Coa?. I .!,??? J^^OChTaM Surviving Triutee. ... ? KDWAJIDA, Attorney. atl-eoAd* LATIMER A CLEART, Atet*. OT LATIMBM ft CUART, S3Anctio?nraand Real Em ate Broker*, Southweat co?y P^yylvaninaee. and Uthatreet, -wr.Yy.T.wn ?.?*M.*a.l,UI?eSn,ot the Land Record, of '"?RV!,l*0l??,ty?the aSbncviher* will aell to the & ?a ?* ?Hxk p. m . Lot SemUH numner?)A4. (fo?r,> in ?Hnare n? k mil XM, (two hundred and thittv-euM.i in the city of Waalnng ton IXtatrict of Ooln^ba, to pay ?1JU. with later <-?>['^Ocbber a, l**i. and expenaea. ?T/ve terw* of aale W* Oue-f..urth caah.fof whie Withe( . to tesen the property, higbant bidder on the prem .. V '' M.IJ4# MltM III tW " ' - W day a' pnbUc not ice In the 44 ^7^,'*, -LV? ? ?t?r." Wash P*rchas-r 11 AH'TION SAI.fX I IV " 11 wAHN?H, K i,.-1: *! ?' ker and 4*? ' ?ar* I ^ ?*?7'h?ree?.l?*tweeaOa d H .!? ri "i iroi VLLt T. K?' * 91'1 LI>' *? 1 vriA ?? n?.. iI.' "? ?" "TKkBT.BK jirVa r ? a*i? k v*i. *. biVl?*110* pieties who I w ' ?ft'"* f T *M Oil I hr<>>- M |i ltk W>r\Y A*rTfl '< V a tvp r'twaT.i ? f' ?? >* Tl f- ? .* ., h-aaachouy ' ??&t f"' ' ,,,fb~ ?>? ? * r.ut 1 raw One thud ra?ti. halat>< e ia ? ?r*"ur,'?l ??? de?d <>f It u-t, a Mb *i ? pe, r?H.t ltlat C^M?ai r,,^ al rtjs ? r ?t T*e atria r?~C?n rm h? th-- a ft ,],.., ?T?'i K?- -t ? l?laad aienaea1tla.*>ti h? in,proved An-m tbi??a.-,i i J4*" *i??i ft l*Argftin *_ ___ ?? ? waebme. IV M4TTIVJLT a UHriLKK 4acti,.?*ar,. A0? *b afreet n nhwaat ESTATE 0> ? ?P|T<M. o\ ?? WJih ^EEE U?M?.T ? HIT jPrT1t?/?"?Kn?i it&cirti ? U! h |> . * MA i IIKVLI A ?h?:>:..kk 4 A? J !?th it ii wn *ft On TH-bkp^t. IL, r ?U_> 1.. f- , ?? ? , 1.^ , > ?rit ? ; U?J| V " ?*"'? Htti r,w '* T' ?>?lf 'aah; l> in <1 v aad mm,. !?****? *"* k??r?i l t 4^r?? wl (r ,.?? h, ? ? v\-? 15 TEt'STEL b SAL!" P\ ACVTION OF TWO ri 1 VuV?-?- u t>,:n M 1 " ,,N K HTRk.i T 11 M WAST 5,110 f T" J; d I p. ..d?.-i Hk . ] iKorifl h p.???t lx: .,Mi. t* f. i? i,il>er V. ?4"?Iui 1 "" "" ?' Ma, 1 ,., ucj. T a? fi"*h if TL'* *" fl? I>UImi i1* fj *,|#l ir V ??k n city, I?*^f ??f? .4 (' 'lnr t><?, t?. it ! ??#? u 'i:"?"* h?? ?ti*4 au4 artnti ,k-#. ! '?' ?iil? ih? until..???mr-ni> th?i ? ?* ?H ii.?t^ valuBMr iu U-iu ??..,!? k-?* U* H? M Tbi IK I^rt, ?? ? ?id ?rl.,.rt to K ?rt.? 4 v4 ?? IfUrt ?l, o?< It nowr i>| fc |o ii|i,4it<xl ? m ??, || |c"| |<?va? l<- in fitr rrar?.?tt|| trti t. i r, ut |t? ..???; annuall* T . , n.? ot ??!. < ??!, il, ajtt.tvnt r-*li?- I ab >*? ??Ml iinil>rau'.'<'. u> l? *?><<? iibm ..n^ ? ???-, !?."? ? **1 !i *f* l"?t I?'upli?<1 ? ' Il ,a that tinn . llir Ti!'?(? ?' r> -rr> ? ? -b, rivlii to ti ???*] Ua pioprrl) Ml lie "i?4 .ti,.1 mat i if ,h iK.altkM.Lv Ui.p r. A 4. ?.?* ?* 5jw m ? a. I, kM? alt.^ rtilt-} aiM-inx ?t tk- t?in ba?-i 'a r.tat Oi l' <1 IT1 INlil T Trails d M XTTIM.I V * V H* ,1 l k T. 7. IV 1 ,AM^ ? ? Nj. IMI, ?urtb?Mt <'i,r?<<r itr i> *ad V *a TKI ^TFE > bA I K orVALlAWLI MU'RuVRtt ? ? kftAL KbTATK. <l?\Tcrf'rHl!a? L? r" "' J"1" dm' 4 m ,ll# nay ol b? |.t. ml- r in i|,r yrar .H our L >nt .?? tk<u?ni <1 ,-;ah* lilt! 4rtrf ati<! Rr,fti> - ?,.r ...j .tai. lJ\S- m-? Or- Ui!i jwww (>v Waahtnil n i .i?nt, . |i. V ulkt ii LTi'"1 'J11' r"r,> ?" ,,r'-1 '>">'? l.? . I ? ill . fl a. |?:Mi. WMttcii. Il frut of m A n .^x1" .1 ?"iT"1 .< Mai , IWS.all ??! I t hi i Uinl >111 ntf mi.f, < hapitiai. "a rerord?4 ?nlxiit laioti of .r ?inal l??t? ,? tlyr k?tri< m 4 Bill-f Ml Ml J;*~*L",w' lf * ??>iitict.Mi, luifllwr v ith ali tl,.- ia 1WM ,.f *alf tlve tlnrd in r.)?|i, of ?rh>fc f 'M Z-l . *' -,l' ?t?- d. f rr^l ,..?ia nt. i , !Z * Nn???iith*. wrtli HitrM %! It; <l*1 ?!? *1'. ! <??? ut?-1 t> 4? -l .( truat t ' tl* antiafaril r of lrn.| f. T-taia aal? t ? k? 'tl.?-r?T r.r '.V'11 ?ft<t -al. . M. ^T.r Ik" TM - "???' ?" r?<l tba 1 !-?;?. ntH w.^V . . nr.. at |I? ??> >b4 . i* 1 P*"tka?<r. All ? .>iivctKi,ci.. at u.? |>'U* ft 4lt JOHN \ L M?1Kia i I frMM .. 21 ,.t<?i umv AmliamsTZ |>T WIIXIAMi*. Aurtii.,,-^., * ^ I , hOltbVl?( CUfDN i^tl ftU-l p fit. V?A.i r.^,l.I;K. Kt,T\T^ AT Tin CiikNkR KiBat hl. " * T AN., j" H4I.1 W K>T, AT Til .11 Xl.*\ ??&* JJlloviW^ ' 4Ii> AT At' TIOK ?r O* MOM'AT. tb arh <l.? ??< Mai, 1*7; at ? 1 'J'n V ? Hi t?i- r. ?ii,. i in'?^f JT V'i'"'! i!",n *' * "l,f *nl "" *? * M * In>? be- fr.<nt. running tliro?Ki, t? tik ??ivet ?.-at. a uh tl' laiprotMu>ula. < i|i-ta(lbc of a Buck p*? 11 iitit it. ..???- Thu ptojMTtt l.aa ti,.a liUi.dlUK ft I.ula?uitc uti u ,1 i.dai > 71 h aud Sin as? ?>;; V-rtv? ???>uu! r.7?' T?rni?: One-half ca?t,: l>alancr I and a far* f.? liotea l? ai UiC >i p-r'-eiit inter. ?? ami *i?mii?1 l,? a *!"' ? <'oiitet anni * al the < oat of the |,ur h??-i. tlnu4>ivii . n tl, -di.' 4 aalr. [ all -d | m.CI.N ... W fLI. I A Mb. 4" Ta If V B H WAKMCR, K? **<? k",l *r,,k'r and Atin,.?aar. ? o. 7 * .? 7tk street, bet?^eu Q mlMx ft ^^a. ctAlr^fit*w ilUJalV,iv!D ri al BH X *L?* ^ ^ 1 ^th tiTEKkT W KfcT lik ru i,- a m */*? rk??tkf.m NOKT tifc a Nil roMkJ:S A I.I. k.% IN TMt KiAK TMIBkoi' .?Si ?l???-of ?4erreeol t h. bupreme Court. Dta 5 ' "?? ? P****"1 the l anaaof u it-tii'-t and ao?*. t? I it. |, et al . Mm. SaM -ouit, 4?-4? II weahallaell on M0M>AY. th<- -llidi of Mar 1x 5. at 6 o eft* k P ni . in of the pr ni.- at ptiliHr aiH ii'.ti. lot* j?. ty 41, tt. tiS, and 1 in ra'lrT ner ?...<I A lie.* iK.; V"^ ri*?y - k) ?re two-atury and o?a hree-atotj I.rirk fwrlliitp, Dearly let. *TW ?*'*; One f,.unit caak ou tbe dar of ?al* or uilhlabve da>? t bet .after, aud tbe laatJu* u> f nr .Hinalin.talln. .,,, li. |A. ,5 * m .0ih? frcw. tV da? of .ale, tbe pnr. ba^r ,7 ?u"l,!le^ KM Hie lua. bet, or flteir promiaaort notna f IT Ilia rfrrr?^ f"',"*"}"- kearin* Intereat ln? tbe d*a ,4 ?ale, the title to be retaiued until the ahole of tHa parrbami mnw . ?It I, t he 1 uter^t, 1. p?,4. (? JJJJ eteiit of tb. failure of the pur< UaMtr ot ?urthaa^ra to C'<npl> a ith the terux if aale, the tru?;..? Itava the riglit to rea.-|| the prwjHTtr at tbe ri*k an 1 of -u. h defaultinc a > |*T* f* '' CoB*e> anetmr at pttrrhaaer a JAMKS ft KI>W AKDS * l! . .?? ? a L.rHANK JOKK8, \ T ? il m w AaO. B H WAlNRR. 4ant ||T OBKEN M. WILLIAMS, A?et?n,?^a. " fr'Utheaat corner Tth aud liatraata. TrkoT?KkTvAiKK^f. VAt111 1 ? proved ? * ? ^Q( AUIl No i?7.i v i' 1 it ALoVsil'g CIICB< H. *??*. MlAU ?r. Ka Bi, xiSir i i <*tnwt ? April t9 h, Aij ?an<''*,|y reettrd^d ia lil.ei || . ??) ronnt. 1^1 ? facorda for Wa?b:n?to? X'"d ?ST.Tirfta'L'f one S 'lari-'a'* *(,*',A*.'k.*l.i 4ar of A,?-il, ?????! '4 1 ?"? ?uaberW ? nd ?'mi lr 1 kaii Ir -d aMkZSiit^! (l? "? l"? nnml.?t*d ?????&). IB tiillert'a re. ""WnWon ?f Nnar> *iunker?l ate hundred ^Itll All tu<* ilD?rOT**ni??ntM th**r?-.?rn riiaaial,i Sat'1 f fi".'"1"*1 brM'k <l?"'"in*a ,m Uoftb I atr-?t '4 P T ^H.bVr*T?r,'[ Wl" ?-*kikl.ed at th- aale _*??? <* ??Te: One-half in raah. of wh'ri. 9la ** W **lr "p -il rarh bouaeaold the d> ferT-d nai toenta to K made ,n -1* and twelve n >atba ?fter day of aale. with inters at tan per, ?t IT atmuiii. and aeeured l>r d.-ad of I mat t.. the aal|*JC^ witha Hbll Tr"?**- J T* b" f""4 " "<s '*}? Bf,,r d"? of?da,^ I Jet li Trustee rea. t ve, the ri*h? to r?el| the pr a r after or.e Week* ,h- ri-k and ?J J7 Zi r*?r? All Co!?\**v?r?cinf mi PMrr!,n?-r r? j J ?SKfvspjmili KTTS'iE* i"i? orw#r *#1 the trusts ^ d? OKtry 4 W||.j,|AMs MY L \TIMEK A CLE4RT. u .t ? >'*???'^ Broker* arid \nrti .vr m cortfc* oif.'e Ksayr iuu A' t-'TIOK SALK OF V \LI" ABL E i?p?.iv>ii rROrKKT?Ob- 7m HTKKKT t :l;TW ICR\ I ??TR EE Til. RllllTH* k"r RI'IKll ?L??*? Si! ?* AKDMI.fu- *? .I'l l W.K BV B r ISIIMAN 4KB r I ij IflfiLl. 1 IB on UEHNE8D4^ Mat b. /--V . ^ ^ P til . the Iinevpir d term |.| ? *i*n 1 ' t >otr? froa A?ttru*t l ? C rttit I'I -r r*-atof #240. ^nait. ilv * l^lV^at'^.Ve*r|y for toMa, 4e., and with tb> |^,r I ha fee at bl,y t ime v ?hi? th? .*T part of Lot ?, m Square u; m. rr' ?'*ti;,,a ou ?* "??' A aaiiT!"a,11J-Wfr ? Ibr m rthea.t corner thereof - ??' V:1? ...Ulhtyand ^1 aaat | ^ t^.,1 ? eat 47 feet to aa al!e> aet a n ? ,1^ weateia portion of aaid 1 ""*** ?tr.fl not th, and to reaalu tl.e aol. na. .ud lieuaAl if|> ,u , "JJ i u JiT tlieuce doe north l.? aad , 1?fc .."f '?'q y* ??!??*?. ? lie, m fart, ?ltd lltebca 22rira^''.V ?f ??"? |.iaipi >ted li? two tka rirhi to reaeM thV aroheMaUT ? ? of the detail It lac pa rt haaeV^,^-Jl ?be riak ??. lr*i data publi. a.*' ? ***** ** .-chaaar*. atter ?.< Old. T: 00m im J** ? ktt*, ^ntiiai Tnidee all-eoAda L4TIMIR *'* ? 1M" * CLE4RT, 4acta. fortr -ear rt'SSS _. Owr thlrd ?1* aU aad twaive ia au aad twaive aao?tba. at t? aw *?*? ">f?raM per b*.a?M, acwtd hi 4a?i <*?,?! jsuVo^v^i?d (IBT.kwt ABOTK SALE l? BOOTftOBED till WEfKkMiAY. tW *l-i da? of Mar, k aTj., . Ika 11 uateaa, at ?k-?^ plae, and 1 iai; JJ uT * * " * ael.i ' JSL> t ?IVIK. C. KFNM: 'j Tw?at?a?. iLT.^rt

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