Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1873 Page 4
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_ EVEN TNGST ATI. ?CXDAT April 21, 1*7?. LOCAL NEWS. ? ?r., Wa.'."? dcrii Hew The Albany Combina 1:rn :fi ?? Uliflt To?'s Cakte." T*?a.'?r Song*, b-irlea'ines. dance*. Ac. - Tbe Penr. Krp. A-?'n m'-ets to-night. Stead. Several stal'sin Ctitff Marker were sold 011 batnrdav a' ?<te minms of fro*n M to $."V>. r?hMirl s W < ?wei.. rt??? bv been re port* .1 in Trnt St * c. i? >v?tter to-day. Mr. rohiHl?< Jcffmiiicd su<ldeuly of apo Sahit<! ij W t it i't'h hotel. awl a nn:nl?eT rf adjoining Im>u?* are 1 ein* ror. down to mike rooiu for the ?xt?ns onofthe Capitol ground*. A correspondent.44H. ' w rite* frrm George to? ii <-on>"l ?in:n<? ?f the <t-ingeroUf< con<lition < i a I*.rob. "H" ?* referred to the immeetor of (?niltiiiiit*. *o ?b?m tiie complaint should be Mdf. romr trt A. W. L-1., at their last m:et?ig re?olved totakr no p? the military ball to l?e give n O'i the >*b instant. This company will i ay a visit to Company D, W L. I. this eveni'.j:. The tru-t^e* of th* Pb nix Arbeiter I'nter Mntznngs \'er?in?Hoiuan Kirehner. Herman Mi<hM!<*, Herry krm<<. Ckail.'i l>?v*nt?r, Henry Lie*n?ann. and dohn Wcntrr?to-day fried a cert i tic ate of larar; o. ation. The object# ?<f the a-?*>ci?tion are be evolent. The dWetm* of the Washington l ibrary t*ou.;.anv. on s i.urdav erniiaj. elect d Wil liam V- force. presidenr r. H. Smith, trea u rev. ,Wih Meigs. aecretar- : and F. H.fcinith K. H. Kn'gfat and .John Mcig# executive com m *tee. Tte teaohcrsof the oohMj school* organized ? Utrliriy' n itute Satipikt afternoon ky the ?!e< ? ion ot the foOtllkf MMfR Mr doseph k Krene, presidert; \liv Lnmi.i Miller. v:ce president; .V >-# Ka<h? 1 J. SveLe, secretary. *?r?. K. I N>ngli?-* jr.. treasurer. William 'J'lioina* Miller, a ?ton<- ins?in ly t a le and t'wrmerlv a r?-?ider: cf thi*oiv. wk-< ?i.?t killed atew lave ?itiv a; I iamb in a* xille. Montgomery county. ? *mo, l?v being ervslM 1 in t ie machinery of iu. oil miil. He leave* a wife and three children. At a nteet ng of Typographic*) ' nion. No. Ml. on .Saturday Might. Me;-rs. K iiuuel 11 aide man, Ww. It. Biaufy and Chark* M. Knhin mii were e ec>ed delegate* to tie National Typographical convention. wh'*?. me<'t* in Montreal. Canada,*u the first Mvkiay in .June next. ? Th* "Rr* 4. lla'.E Hahiy" Sv.f5Dt.c ? Two more letter- ??re rertiitil tddtv by the Postmaster General from postmaster* upon wbom thu"lCer. -I. Hale Barney" triou t<? levy eon tri buttons. 'I he jiortaiaater at -lacks <ii|>ort, Arkawan, tl u? write*: ??I inclo*- ro?? the wrilten papers f?>r pcrn.?-?l, t<e!ieving tl.?ni to be *. ("rand and gotten up witli a view *o imnose upau the true frlecdaof c ? Pie*,.l 11. aiKl otb r *.ate offi -er*. Sb'jiiM tb? | ?| cr* te ger.'.iire antl the object refer red to l?e oorrvct. mv^lf as well a* other* here won'd viillii ^ly contribute a* .?'i?it<**te*l, but feeMng It t<> a -windie to inj'ire the faaae ai <1 b'jjli ?f'n?!ing our Veloved Preahleat, I await lb- return ot'^.e paper*.** Tb# pos'iuastcr at At belt.*, Penn., writes as follow ? ??The iDclowd circular* wbicfc were sent to one n !1 explain thenisel\?s. Having coin -i^n t:ou? ?? ruplc* %gain?t contril<iitli.g ' i an ent'*r pi>k in ? uicb but tl n-e p.'rwu Miln our Pre*;i!e?it kn<iw? am thing al>oiit. I U*g !?-av.jt<? ?mlently* In mv M>inton tk" K-'v. J. Ha!e I: trney !>- * man fiat ougH tc uake the ac>maintai:< e of the itelcctire'."' Mud^e lidniuu>>?. city |.o?tmi-ter. has rc ce frit livr b iiers : ln.-?- Saturday, (n.aking H iu a':. | addre* ed tj the ??Uev..i. Hata Bar iri." Tb? y w.lMfre i r?>,lii< Cil at tbe toariag in the ca e to-"morrow. ? ? srr< tai .Mkltitvi ? >r thk U <.\r.??F Hkaltti. Aa..i ,-f K'jju-t'u ,.4?Dr. > 'tritrt II m't M?rt I'll _ 7i' Ya rina'i' n KJ's <-f th' I'i.??; inn* '* .'Jk? /'?r.?At a m* 'u! Mkeeting of the l>oard of health on Satui<lav ni^Lt, Mr. I.angaton, from tbe ovtliaaiice committee, submitted an onli ce in relVior, to the sale of animal- im ponmted, ati-1 the c'erlc instructe?l to ascer tain tbe co-t of it* publication in the <laily f aper-. in.l r'Miort. Sir. i^uigston al-4? ask d Hi it the -^ventb sect-?n ot the code regarding v? .i?? r c. ?- *?u| | r .it-s in liou?e*, Jfce., l?e re ttrtr.l to the comm'tfe on ordinanc-.**, witb the rec?-n bi< aialioa that all alteration* that are n^eiUti l?e Made hy the committee and reported to tt.e board, agreed to. A coinnini.i.-ation ww received from T>r. 1?. ys. St ca nr. j.kitig com;"-n-at'.on tor .-Ttr-i *er *ic?- r?-t? rred to hnaticf conim;,tee. l>r. Verli ttiovtrd tbat 1 *r. Stew art be placed on the s-?me looting with the |-h\snan- to the |?x?r, an<l re reive VI ernto |?-r nea.l tor vacciuatMHU !?y bim; referrol to tinanee c<?mm;ttee. The matter of pay::i: nt of the phyalcian* to the |h<?t I?t service* rendered for vaedaatioa wa*di*c*t<Mrd. an<l ? projM^ition of l>r. Verdi*# to | ay oi.e-tblrd of the ?ui? due th III out of tbe fund* appropriated by C >ngre** t<w the ft?<-al ?? ar coniiuein'ing .Inly 1, l>C'l. and a?k tli ?t the fotlance l?e p?nl i>v hn appropriation by tbe f.< gislatnre, was adopted. ? Sax*or Valvule Bt sime Pi: ?n rtv.? Attmtwn is Liviicd to tbe advt-rt<-eui**ni of ia!u?i>le busiiiC -s property by Me* rs. Ureea ,v Wil'*. who will *??!1 for l..vui-< J. l??Tis, F.iigene C..'?i i. and W'm. T. Leach, executor# ot? state of I.ouls .lobn?on. d<-ceo#.d. ??ecw<-?'n 4 u arid Cth rtreets MM, on Saturd .v. April 2<:. Is.3, at?; o elock p. iu. The properiv en?i?rac.** I art of oTig-ual lot No. 6 m ?|i<are 4 <1. being 1? lert 4 ii,ehes fmtit. e\tfTNling the <le;<ihot the b?t about i:ui fee*. t?? an allev iVet wide, and bounding on s?id alley Vj feet 8^ incbe*, with the improvements, eoiiMatiiig of a three ?tary brick Lou.-e and hack huiUling. Special atten tion is t ailed to tbe : ,'e. a* tbe pro|?erty is sit uated in tbe he*r;o" tbe city an I adoid# an opi iruiriiy for invest<nent. t I* TMi> TO RK A.N'THKR Homictdr??-A .hi. i'-. l.iif,* i fata!. Biff.?A tight oc curs d on Saturday bet wren Charles Miller an 1 a eolored man naiu< o ./eakinson, both employed 1<> Mtsor*. done# ?v Colnc*. contrvtors. anl doiii( work at ami fi str^eU, during which Jenk>a*on thnw i ?>rick. wlidi etruf* Miller in iJti s>'lr ct iU* l??K. i? !??* ?n<1 Aliiler tmatd work, lie complained I a n trom th?- blow, an-i at 1 o'clock p. in fell to tbe ground exhansted. II<-was eonveyel to the cnitral guard-house, where an evaiu nation was made bv Dr. Harttgan. who pronounced the injuries of a dangerous nature, and he wa? then removed t-? Providcitce Uo-p:tal for fur ther irta'meut. BrtLL.Stt r-t. MtTi.-TU.; ;oliVw ng p. nnits irre i.vut'dSaturday ami to dav: BrWa ". rv awi. iwv^tww - a ? ?? ?- r.?v ? ?< ?> 1? B a*Hi ?' gntli ie>rthwest. for Itevam A Sh^w traine hou^e. two storiefc high. c??rn?-r ?f 17th and S streeto northwe-t. tor Win 1'ear Mii; a'.?o a small frame, J -tories bigh, for -I. .\ V'neberger. JOd *t., het.?: and II -t*. nortiiwe?t. Wm. P.lxsiand. two-*tory brick, *J -tre^t, lw tween'.<tb aiwi 10th -treefs northwe-t; B'ake X Krllty, 1 two-?tory bricks, H -dreet, l>etirecii 14tb and 13th street*. ^ Thi Total Abhtissucb Mhvhxvt.-A (?iiblic trn>i<eranee m<*ting wa# hold yesterday* aflcrmea *? Lincoln ball, at which "a I fre.-sels w? re ma<te bt Iter. l*r. Chickering. K-r. Hr. Kaiikiu, Hcv. H. W. Kead and Prof. Chicker ing. The I>ashawiv* last night were a ldress-*d bv Mr. Ililluian, Kev. Mr. Kea<l and other*. A rircular was reeeiTrd ironi Pioneer Council, Son* of Jonadah, inviting them foco>p*rate in a goo-l temperance rally on the oeeanion of a ?,- tof the "Timperance Ble??ing'* of Phtla delpbia. and a coaim.'.tee wa> ap(Mjintc<l on the subject. Trr rt'MEAi of the late Mrs. .lohn -\. Bit ky, w.te of Fire ? oDimis?ioner Bayley, wbicii tiH.k place (rum bis residence ou" Thirteen"'a Mrttt. near I, ye>tcr.lay afternoon, wa- at teinKo l<y a large nau.'.er of triends of the fam llv. 'I be funetal service* of tbo K.'isaopal 4'burcb were rea?l by Her. I?r. Atkin*. of tirorgetown. at tbe botue and at the ground. Among th' Sr pie-?-nt were Gov. t'ooke. the Kir? ? ommi? oner.*, tbe clerk# in tbe Fir?t National ar?l .lay ? 'ooke & t'o.'s banks. ai?l many other frii imIs of tbe liereaveu uu?t?and. The remain-, in % ro*ewoo?l .>asket corer?M with llowcrs, were interred in Glenwoo.1 cemeterv. ? ? PiEi?*n*T and Potomac KAit.aoatt.?Th<* Fairfax County *ay*:??'We uudenta'id that the engineer* will verv soon commence tbe wurvey on tbo eastern end of tbis line, l?-irln sin( near Aldle. in Loudoun county. It h i* alsi been incniatoi that a route lving'.-on*i<!er ahly M>n'h of that point i* now belnz favored by the officer* of this enterprise, an<! ?t Is l*e li? ved a line bv Fairfax O. H. will prohaMr he ultimately a>t?-pted. We trust this ma prove a weil-groumle?l b*lieT** A Bary !YSIrtAJOi.iJ??Tin# v.orring a eol? re?l mati named Maraiiail Kow m r rei^^r'-d ai the fourih precinct -taiion that there was abox con tai Ling a dead infant on <? street. l#twt#ii Jitb and 2l?t street*. Li ?ttt. <>r< rr dtwputched ? ?Wcer Hiley. who brought the Im x to tbe station. wbei> it was found to contala a UrW-kMB colored infant, which ha-l fi"r<i ?'rangl?tl to d< ath. a cord or string being fouml ti?d ?!.*btly ?routMl Its Uiruat. Tbe co. vucr was Isiufidl. ? ? Small ?<>i ?*?? bave been r*|??rte?l since Mir la*t 'ww. a* follows, .lobu Kellv. who to fit li?] ita'. and one eac* jac)t on 4 stiett. brtuecs h a?.d 7th rtreets southeast; ,*?-m . i .:<?:? ? ? O iH H. mrfknd; Ma.4 I >*n -trect -ourhwe-*; >-o. V str-er soutU . ??,Va iXt'lK*T>i]tl> tbat Me**rs. JlavtiM A TH . .*r t. .ct?.r- ?>: Csl.^awit^l. M. R. R., > . \ o" 'lie' I - fj-d-y in -j>e .-ie. f or* PTBUC WIIOOM. rr.>pr*mn?f f?r ?t?e* Eiamiuli< I TMa Tw. The committee ou examinations and priie* of the trustees of public schools <Messr?. French, I smart, Champliti and Rheesl have jo-t issue t ' (br K^-igi nirtt lor ihe ejiniimtiow thl? T#tr, commencing June :>il and closing Jau JKu. The programme is m follows: ORAL RIAJIIJIATIOSR. j?M, VY ? Fir?t l> itrii t? Primary 5, Mia* 8t ?bl?r, 9*> > lk ; Primary 14, Mi? Marf o'clk; Sec otidarj ?, Mis- 6r"wn, 1 JO "'elk. ?eC'ndary a, tti?* ?i I t ?, 1 . "elk. jw. nd District?Primary 14, Mrs. \V .iker.So'clk, Primar> IS. Miaa Trevitt,! o'clk; Se. ? n.iary 9. Mi.? Kate T. Brown, JoVIk : ffe-c nida. y ' 11, Mi--?? ? Ail-k. 8wund?rf UJIiH Kui*,9 o'. Ik Third District? Primary 13, Mw Dodg**,3 .. rlk, Psnuar> IS. Mi? Crosby,3o'clk; Primary 17, Mi*?Kellv 3o'clock. Primary 13, Miss Van D >ren, 3r.'rlk. Fourth District?Primary 3, M is? Haliday. Kinclk; PrimarT 4. Mi?a Uray.So'clk; Primarr i, Miss W. rrell.So'clk : Primary 9, Miss Lucas, J o'clk. J?*i Vk ?Fir?t Di-trict?Fninan *, Mis* Jallien, 9 o'. !k . Primary 11, Mi-s Snx de r, 9 oV Ik, t?.-coti.1ar> 3, >1 i*? MiMahon, l.yu o'elk, Secondary 7, Mrs. Coofc.l 30 o'clk. 8ec.%d District?Primary 7, Mi?s M. P. (lark. J o'clk; Primary 9, Miss Hatslnp, S o'clk. Primary 11. Mi?s M. C Johnson. 1 o'clk; Primary 1?. Mi-? Mab.oe, 3 o ilk. Secondary In, Mi** Free.loYlk. Th:W District?Primary l,Mt-?. Clark.3o'clk: Primary J. Miss 8and*-r*on, 8 oVIk; Pi iniary.9. Mna 8tr;>ml>erger, 3 >> ? lk; PrimarT II M'-? Mfrh??laon,3oYlk. Fourth Di-trici?Primary 4. Mi-? M < an leT,#J? o'clk: Primary 10,Mi-sJ hti son, 10 o". Ik. Priii'ary 11, Mis* ?Ueck.3 o'clk. ./? ??? ?f*.?First I?i tricl?Primary IMn-l >rKlnf-, 9 o'clk. Prinar* J.Mis- Wiggin,,9 oVlk: Primary ?. Mis- M*s?lings, 9o"clk: Necuixlunr 2, Mian, 1 ?*>> "ilk, Se, ndary M), Mi-s H t!Uran. 1 30 o'clk. t.coiil Di-trict?Primary 6, M'ss E L. Wilson. 3 ?? elk Priioar> ?. Mi-? B ????, 1 o'clk: Sw.indnrv r, M m ^ hitni-x.9 o'clk: Female Intermediate 2, M's. M e.s.l-OcY.k. District?Primary .1, M . ? M ilk> rsoii.3 o'clk . Primary 4. Mi-? nWr, 3 ? li?; lViu.-rj 1>', Mro. McCslhru, 3 nclk; Primary 14, M is* Aiken, 3 ? '. lk Fourth District?8*. ndary 8, >| -lVxt t . *.?.? "'c'V Primar. 7, Mi*s Pninpl.r.-y, :t?Ik ; Trin ary 12. Miso Allen, 3 ? elk. Pr'.aiai) 13, M ? - bit' 1*1,.' elk. Ji m* First I?i?trlet?Pr mnry 3. Miss L - r.'io'elk;\ l.">, Mi? W>'igiitiMb? 'J ?>"r k : Seo i .larv 1. Mi? Fnll- r, 1 oVlk: S-.- ud .r> 9. Mii?* Hick'}, 1^9 oVlk. S^oiid Diatrti-t? PriniH?y 1 'lim. Oitlin.^-, 1 <?'? Ik; Pr m.irv 3, )li*.s Fit-*.,3 o". I' Priniarv 8. Mi*a Barilett. 9 o'rlk: Set - .?mini y 6. M is- Jan?- Tli-'n.a-, 9 ..'elk. y>-iii?l>' Inter ii diati 3. Mi? K' 'n, 12) o'elk. Third Di?tr ^1 ? P>in ?ri A. Mi-* h*-i|ev. I oVlk: Primarr Mi?* M Cutehcii, 3 oMk; Prljiary 12 >1 i s Bland. 3 .."elk; Primary Ifi. Mi - Tew. 3 "(1;. F .iirthDi fnrt? Priirir- J. M.-' ? Fowl r, lu ?>*. Ik Primary 1, Mi?-Carritt, 3 o'<U; Primary G, Misn H)bi:i?n,.l o'rlk. Jitm- 9tn.? Firs: Disiri. t?Primary 10. Mlt? M il i* n,9o'ilk, Prinitrx 1.1, Mi-e Olipliant,9u'clk: 8 * r-udary 5. Mi?? M -Cill.' >? ??e!k ? condary ?j. Mrs. Rili-r, l^OoVIk S?-e.*nd Distrk??Primary 3, I Mi*> H'>ll>ug>*wlb>lo'rlk. Primary 4. Miss Walali, I 1 o'.lk; ffo'sdit) 2, Ml*s E. Robinson, 9 o'. lk ' <> t-ondart -. Mis* Ida N. Rcwe.So'clk. >lale Int^r >nediate3, Mi a M. I. tMK,IDo'clk Ihn-dDis tSri.I?Primary 7. Miss Armi-tead. Jo'. Ik; Primarv Mis-Pvlis. 3 o'.-lk; Secondary I. Mm faxi n, 3 lk, Secondarx 2, Mi? L i?l>y, 3 o'.lk. F "irtli I?i-iri' ? S. ? ? ndary 6. Mi?- Da\i-, o'. ln.b -c i. larx 7. Mi-- Dunn. <? o'clk. Jvmt b'i't.? First Dlatrict?Pi iniary P Mi-sHar-h. 9oclk; Primary 1'.'. M ioa Haiuli-1,9 oVlk; Female Ilit.-mieuial^ 1. Mis* Hoover, 1 W o'clk. Second I Di*tri> ' ? Primarx 10, Mi-s Prat her. 3 o'clk: Prima ; r> 12 Mis- < . ?itei. |i, 1 j'clk; s-c .ndarr 1. M -- < a t ii So'clk; tjfcon.lary 4. Mi?*Colliua,9o'clk; Mal^ Intermediate 2 Mi-- Tail, 1:C" o'.lk- Thipl Dis ' tricl?H?c >i darx 3, Mr?. Roxxl.tud 3 o'. lk; 8 c m.l a.) 4, Mi-- Moijfan,3o'clk; Secoielary .'. M ?-O ila , haii-3 o'rlk Fourth Distri.-t?Seeon-lary 2, Mia A.'sm-. J "'elk; S ? Iniary 5. M'-s Riley,3 o'.lk, Ji a ll'?.? I'.r-t District?Primary 7, Mrs.8.?mp l si-n,91. . Ik; i'r.marx 9- Mita Bi hop,9 u'clk; F> - p al>- Gra:i-Jiiar. Mrs. Iforftt, 1:39 o'clk. Becood I>i-tri. t?S*-co: dar* 5, M t? E i- , 9 ? elk Male In t*-: meoiat.' 1. 'lisi* Julia A. Broan, 1:311 oVlk. Tliir*I Di-iriet?Secondary C, Mis- M*?*,3o'cIk; Secoudan I 7. >1 -- ArmMead, 3 u'clk. Fourth Di-triet?S.-. i.ilar) 3- M.-s Garrett,2 oVlk SiCoadai) 4, Mis. It. aen. 9:>io < tk. J? <i- 12.' ? Fit>t Di?lri. t?M;:l?- Inten?i>-.l:at. I.Mr. *n v art, o'cl k ; Male Grammar. Mr. Mv K-?,1:30 . o et'k ??. <. nd Di?ttict?>e< oti.|a.-v 3. Mi-? II-ik r. o .l'k, F.-ii.alo luterm.siia'e 1. Mis- Killings, j:30 o'. l k Tliir.l D'?tri??!?e. ndai> M, M.-s Dtalin, 3 ',-l'k ; Se. ? ndary 9, Mis- Scott, 3 o'el'a; 8ce.Mi.lary Mi? Tin ma-. 3 . l k Fou>Hi District?Male ! I ili indlati T. Jliaa I nr l~Ht VI'h.F-male Intel . n- iaii-3. M-s Lanel* v. l:i o'cl'k. iu i' 13ia ? Fir?t Di-trict?Female Interniedi ?ta!. ! Mi - MmiIi. 9 o'clk. "f.ond Distrnt ? lir, Mi-* l.ane, j ai.d 1 o'cl k. Third Di* i tr et? t ? ii' ile Intern e liate2,Mi? Johns, n.i o'cl'k. | I". in tli I' -'rict?Fan ale Interni-.liato 2. M ? Vm 11 ? rti, 1 VI k . S c. pdary 1, M>?? Tro..k,10o'< I'k. JuM- lfi'a.?Fir*. Dn'ri.? M de Interinedi-ite 2, Mi-* Milt n.9o.l'k. S?eon.l Di-?i ief?Mile Oraai i uiar.Mr 1 oVI'k. Third Ui-triet?Mala In lein -dial 3. M i-s Kellx . 2 o'cl k: F -inale Intern?n I Mis* Da,;*. 2 ??'? 1 k F ur h District? I en.ale Inf-'fntfii >! 1. Mis- i-e.9 tlo'ci'k; Mai** | Ii. ^riHe-liate J. Misa I' lD ,?!- ex , loo ..i'k. Im' 17'" ? ? -4t District?Male Interm'-di i?e 3, Mi-aGibb" 9 el k T'nrd Dl-triet? Penal* Gram l n ar, Ml? Mirick, 1 '?'cl'k. F.mrtii District?Male j l-'e* in-.!:-ii. 1. M. T'i inj? li.l ''.i'k. 1* i ? Fits! District?Male Int*ri?e?t'aT>- 3, M -- Gi. 9 ..'cl k. Tliiid District? M#le Griuji I n*ar. Mr. Hilton. 1 o'"I'k". .if** ly TIiipI District?Male Tnlerme.1ia'e 2, ! M -? M'-'ine, 2 o'i|'k; F*-m .le lnterm<*<liate 3. Miss j A ;ka?rd. Jo'c ii. 1 nnli Di-trict?Female Grain ' ii ?i . Mr* M-*rtin. 1 'k. I. it Z?, -Thin; District? Mai- Intenii-Hi ite 1. I M ? Morrhv ,2"'el'k. Fourth Dt-trict? ui i. Mr. Th* n r-on. 1 o'cl k. OTtlFR fx*hi!?*tions. TIi- G*-rit.aii cliiam - in Ihe nev.-ral n. hool dis'ricts a |i be esamii!?d bv the wh* le bntrd. on the foil .x* . ii ; da- it- May 27. First Di-frlet, Franklin Bnil l iln- Max >,S ' m|..1 Diatrict.Seatoi B'.ildine: Ma* ?J!i. Thir.l l?i-?rict,N* abai h Buiidinir; Jlay F urlli Di-triet, J*-A>r>"b Boildine. These ex.imiiiAtioiia commence a 3 " Clock p. m. esch d.iy. Ti t ti?N E.\*vinatiu*- of the Gra*nmar -'t .1 I .it.-rni* dilie S h.ail* v ill tiikt' pi w Monday. Ju >e 2. at J 13 i.Yli fit. -PF< IA I. r.XA VI5aTT.i\s If. Scellinc |< .r M-dals, Gramuia^and In'.-rni' liate S ? i? -, xxi.l !ak>- 9'aci- Friday. May 2. at tl.ree clock p in , a; the .!? f?r*on Bnililli'*; Se< ?lidary Scl. Fir?t Di-tric?. Franklin Butldlre: Se ..i..l:.rx 8ch.rf*is. Sec.oid D'strict. Saat.'ii BuildiUk'. SeC'i.larx S?-h' 1?, Thiril Diitr'rt. M'-illach R'lilil ? re: Si-condarf Sclfiola, Fourth District, Jefl-raon II. ililicv. In'ish (.rammar, for M-dal?, Grammar S I' i-, ill ta'.e pi Sa'tirdar. M'tx 1- at . m,. at JtfT isoti Bullying, c.uidiicted b) Mr. 8. John Tb tj *on. In Ari limelic. for M^d.i!*, Grammar ft-bn-ili, <atrr'la> . Mai 17, ?l 9 a. m., at J-ff-rs-.u B ti.dio.', . <>t..!n- te?l I.) Mr. Ilenrv X. C-^p)'. <?' I'. t.n ?n?lus.for ? hoiar-hip-in Rr.?ine^. ok* - fatr.rdav , M-tx 24. a. 9 a.m., at 11*? C-ill"g", C"i dret???! hi Mr. II. C. S|v-near For Kendall and K'titf 8*'li ilarship?, Sa'nrd.iy, Jm.e7.atf a J fferxon BuildiiiK Eraml ner? Messrs. O. C. M'igbt, C. H Youiik and Otis Maeoii. ? f* Hahiucton I'isii and Oyster T ratio. REPORT OK OKK YEAR'S OFFICIAL liHi?KC TIOK9. >fr. C- I.udington, the Inspector of murine prixlin-ts under the l>oaril ot health, has m t'!e a rei-ort for tLe year ending April 15, 1-C^, wliich the health ofticcr pre^ uteil to the board at iheir meeting la*t ir^ht. Frcni it we learu that trom April IS. to April 15, K3, the following products passed inspection: April, 1*72. (last jjiJf?f month)?22?. 150?had, 1,*?2*,000 herring, \ > bn,,oh ,i!*h* ^ gturgflon. II l'-H busbtlaoysters, ^ - craJ'S. Mav?ID-.MOO -*h^?l, i.,.<.. ncilii'iJ l.-JWi taylors. H,U9D bunch fish, stur>{-oii. bushel- oyster*, 138,000 clams, crab*, .lune?in,ism shad, 7>?.*iO herring. 33.M5 btincii ti*h lit' sturgeonf. 314 ov*ter?. 2l'?,000 flsrws, 2.150 erab?. -lulv?:W.7?w bun-h tl*h, 26 -tutget ii!*. oysters. v.n.Woclams, l.vacrabs. Anjt:>t 14.Its bunek ti>b,CjO bushels oysters. *i?4.*4m clam* " 2-"i0 crabs. Septeuilicr?1.">,120 t%l.4'sn'.^?oii. 12.9-fi p|i-"-^ :r(te", ?IO.j'OT bunch iL*h. *1 biisliels ov-ters. November?5,830 bunch tlsh. ??.( ?.f*i buslielsoysters. l>eceml>er?21,500btirch risli. !?'.*??? bushels oyster*. January, 1*73? 41.01." bunch fish. K>.125 bushels oyaters. Fe'o ruarv?bunch lith. 8>.,000 bushels oysters. March?V, 100 sbsul. 1.K0 herring, 82JH5 bunch fl?h. "si *?? bu-hels ovaUsra. April, ^lirat half of B1itith". 163.900 shad. 492,400 herring, 1".,400 ta\'io.-. id buck ML 17,1^X1 btt*bel.- oy-' :r.-. Totals-S2* .4511 shad. 4.2V?,fiOS herring. fl2."i00 ta> t>t-,:T*:i.4-1 banches ti.-h. -2?;sturgeon,22^.2*i1 liuoheU oysters. *44.'K> clams. 3**43 crab.-. Condemnations?-".o shail, 9l.0"i0 herring, 2.1?77 btmches tish. 24 sturgeons,7.113 bashels ovsteri, 2,iiJ? crabs. Total sing'etisb in*pected.S.C.l..">.Vi. ."i..rj0..?:|0 jsmnds; bunches, :'*!?".i.4^7, weighing 1,791,5iM pouwls;total pounds,7r:77,131. ? IlAti'soMK Domtioi?The iollowtng cor rtsMiiuience explains itself: T' lh Vi'.ltr, J'r-fi'l'nt >J tit V--H al B'rtnl ?f lir i htUimi * Hospital: StR: We .le-ue to present to the Chil lren's Hcspltai. thiongh vou, a? rresident of the Medical Boartl of that .Institution, a Screen, made l?> the undersigned ladies, and others, in W a-h'ugtoii. for the purpose of attordmg amuse ment ami comfort to the little sufferers. We beg that xuu will also offer for the use of tie io-i'ital, "the inclosi^l check for *1IT. a men nt obtained trom the exhibition of the *i retn. and donations. W< are, with great resi>ect, K. Kl', G. DK P.?TKSTAD, ?;klksti>i: Eustis. andother*. Wxanimi.ToJi, April 14th, liii ? To Mrt. K. f. Spragut, Madatn' le J' -tatad. Mitt t'.ustit. itfti oth'rt: 1. a nuts I am instructed by the Hoard of Hos pital administration of the Children's Hospital to expreaa their sincere thanka for the beautiful scteeu. presented tor the use and auiuaement of the little sufferers, and also for tlit hand some donation accompanying it. | We tsel very deeply," ami appreciate most Ugl^y. the warm Interest you hare manifested in our aork. and yon may rest asaured that ths ii.einory of your name* and kind act will ever 1 e fi.sli n the minds of all connected with the ? biblren's Hoepital. With renewed thanks, I am rery sincerely ?mi truly yours. Tno. M i i.h, Chairman, Jtc. Wa*hi?(0T0S. April 13Ui, UO. The ladies named above take this occasion to ac i ewt* dee the kindness of lien, /eilin In endeting the services of tbe Marine band; of *'-s?r . iTooe. in offering the use of the exhibi tion h II. and of Messrs. Philp ami Solomons, aid others, *?to reudeted efficient aid in the good work. ^ ? > 011 cm TO THI Pcblic?Attention is dl reetfo to the advertisement of Messrs. Green A 3' .111an?*. auctioneers, announcing for aab*. o*. the 'OA in*t.. at 5.30o'clock p. m., valuable u-.'iej roved property trontingon North Capitol >t rrt.Wwrrii L ami M streets, north, which will be subdivided into six building lots, or sold to suit j urchuiaers. t s* > mkii t *I'K* wear, at low prices, just re ceive*. at Henry * ram*, next <loor to Prano, the bat . r. t ! inttrntlat ?iitolw?iw? mt tbe tote ill# B? Tod?t. TH* BROWTH o? W ASHt WOT'">>*. The subjoined letter Is no doubt the produc tion of Mr. William C. Todd, a highly intelli gent eltisen of Newburyport, who w?? 0:1 ? visit to hi* eou?in the late William B. Todd when his sodden end lamented death occurred, and remained among us several week* tbere i after. He was stmek with the wonderful im ; provemcnt the city had undergone within the <hort j<eTiod More his last vWt, and consider* it bar a brilliant future and that at no distant day. [/Vr m lh' Xntbmrypori Daily //'roW.l W a ? hi KOTOW, l>. C., April 10,1873. E, iiort >,f Several week* hare elapsed since the death of Mr. William B. Todd.butlt is not too late to write to tbe citizens of his na tive town how highly his worth was appreciated, and how sincerely ho was mourned in the com munity where he lived for more than forty ' years, Mpl so Identified with it* various interests-. He camo to ^ ashtr.gton In 1830 when not yet of age. It was before tbe days of railroads, and. he was a week on the journey, traveling mainly by stage. He commenced business on Pennsyl vania avenue, where now is the store of " .lance* Y. I>avis & Sons,"rebuilding in 1*51. His first customer was l?r. John B. Blake, the present gentlemanly ami popular president of the Met ropolitan Bank, bis life-long friend. Entering into business earnestly, as he did into every thing. he soon oitthl'-Mil the roost successful bat i-tore south of Philadelphia. At that time members of Congress, spending many days on the road in a stage coach, came in their old clothes, and their first care in Washington, was to purchase a new and fashion tb to outfit, which, when the session, was over, th? y cart fully laid away till their ret.trn. Many, too, from the western wilderness con fessed it would endanger their popularity to apj>ear lu their fashionable Washington garb among their plain constituents. He continued in his store till 18W, when his private business demanded so much of his attention that he sold out to Mr. .lames V. I>a\fs. who had been with him from a boy. Soon alter Mr. Todd cam<* to Washington he took son*? lots to secure a debt, which lie sold at a large.advance, and this di rected his attention to a class of property in which he became so largely interested and was so successful. He foresaw the future of Wash - in'fton at a time when it was small, land diffi cult of sale at any price, and the street* no bet ter than ordinary country roads; ami when a go<nl opportunity ottered he 1.ought. Probably no one in our city has ever had so ni"iny trans actions in real estate, and no one was so fa miliar with its value and hit tory. He stated ret ently that he never made a l6*s in real es tate, except in one small puichasein Blad'-ns burg. and mr.cli of the land he purchased in Washington at a few cents a foot is now worth p- mail) dollars. Though so much occupied in hlr private busi neis. be took a deep interest in all public and l?eiievolent movements affecting the welfare of Washington. He was the oldest director of the Metropolitan Bank, which General .lack son us, d to say saved the country by a Urnelv loan to the government in the war of 1812. He was for years treasurer ot the Orphau Asy'urn. an ! to hi? excellent management of its funds, it 0W'?s largely its present prosj>erou<? ccudition. He was long" a warden of Tiimty church, and to thit- and every other Christian cause was a con stant and generous contributor. Endowed with rar? ? good judgment, hisadvice was much sou gh t, ami as cheertully given to the poorest as the ricli. Almost the last act ot his life, the writer happeno 1 to know, was to loan sour* mo icy to a i>oor market woman, who hail leen unfortunate. He held manv trusts, and no man in this community stood iiiuher for integri'v. Decidd in his convictions, lie was so sincere, so t )m|H'rate in expression, and so anxious to do wlis t lie thought right, that he had no enemies. Nothing could he more just and happv than the language of Hon. A. IX. Shepherd in the renin tior.s ottered by bun at tbe meeting of the di rectors ol the Metropolitan Bank, when hi sjoUeoflum as'-a gentleman well known an I highly esteemed in our community for his sterl ing integrity, sound judgment, humane and christian character, gentlemanly bearing, ami modest aiul unpretending walk through lite." Long will his memory be cherished in this citv of I is adoption, and which he loved so welt. Your citv Is with reason proud of the children she has reared up ami sent abroad to do her honor. In the long list of worthy names, it would noi be easy to point to a better and m>re successful business man. tior oue purer, truer, more conscientious in all the relations ol life than William B. Todd. A few days ago 1 vuited the Franklin school, and was shown through its different room.* by the accomplished superintendent. .1. ??. Wilson, Ps<], It isone of the best school buildings in the United States, recently constructed at an ex ! |*i>se, exclusive of land, of *'4)0,000. There are 'JO*' pupils, and the neatness and go^xl order per vading every department indicated the excel lence of the school, though I was not able to attend the recitations. I examined the wr tin? nook*, and have never seen better exhibitions or peumansliip iu any school. Not a single book had a blot, and the teachers said it was not per mitted. A great advance has been made in the public schools of Washington, and they are now among the best in the country. Much 'credit for this is due ltichard Wallach, esq., who. when mayor, cave such an impulse to the cause of public school education, and for whom one of the schools is named. I wa? introduced, yesterday, to a bank direc tor here v.orth halt' a million, m lie by his own efforts, who never gave a note! Washington is very quiet now, the President, most o? the Cabinet, and, of course, the crowd of office-seekers gone. Fx-Senator Putter->? s still here, and contradicted the newspiper report by telling me, yesterday, he was n irer in letter health in bis life. He will pmb-ibly 40 t j Kurope in the summer to beabseut a voar, though it is not definitely settled. Alexandria Fi*h Market. Quotations ol new fish for this day, furnished to The Stak by George W. Harrison ?& <Jo., wholesale dealers in h?h. N-m. 42 King street, 50. 51, -V; fish wharves, Alexandria. Va. Shad, per hundred. 110 to 812: Herring, per thousand, 85 to White Perch, per bunch, 20 to 30 cents; Kock. per bunch, 20 to .">0 cents; oft'al, per bunch, 15 to 25 cents. Other tish same prices. Fish of all kinds are now arriving tYeely. and a decline in prices isdailv expected; 25fl,0co herring and 28.900 shad arrived yester day. and sold readily at quotations. WAPHfJCOTOK FtSlI M \RKKT?At the W tdl ington tish wharves to-day the following - ile? tosliippers wore made bv K. A. Golden ?* Bro., igents: 30,000 shad, from 8'J to 912; 1,0m <;?v '"rs, ut 1 cent; aim bunches fish, from .it to 49 cents; l.oofl efls, a; 1 cent; 30,000 herrings, from *0 to --ti. ? Koal liHlale Transfers. The following transfers of real estate Uave been tiled in the office of the Itccorder ot l)_ed? sMice our last report: Aprils.?A. H. Holdsn to G. G Cornish. hall sill'-. 6 au?l 9, ? iii.?re 7S", Cnp<- aii'l W.i<ht, trn-tee?, t? P. M. B. If01111?, part 8. s-jua-' US. $2.SU),C. II Dieks<>iito K. Mi le an, sub. 29,n.| iare ?>s9, $5,10U; A. M. Smith ti> Mar> t. Uull -n, -,n'> 1W. stjuare a>6. S2.4U0; Sarah E. Skippeii et a), t > K Cmrii'i sntl W. F M ittinvly. all re;d estate of Aim SfaiUrgiy, i'-JfSHi *:*-' ratti1 tj^. Oubt. ??st f.aff 2, ?.|Hkre iuuS. .*5U), T lit.. K .ti B Csrl?'W,sub 2. S'juare 2S1, *3>t5i;. II M sioderroO R>wi su! \ 8louffhton.*ub V.siriare !4o.g2fi'; A I* Fardoii to G. G Bnrtior,suti. 4. m, 11 are 134: &133u; Jsm-s r? irrett t- M Hii,?ub ?iu?re SiSJ. 99)<0; C. Mtrteu to G W. B i^iier, pait S, sunare 314,875. April lw ? .If *-eT P-ck the Srra.~na* Uiiiver sit>. twoboUMS and I >ts on 12'h street, hot?c -ji G aiid H, ; W W. Mstcalt to L^wls Clwards. iari 4 and k, <<iu?re 132. $433; K. K. Ilalght to John Liow r j. ?nb. >>, h|U&re SOU, S J jIiu L 'Wry to Lnc UaiKlit, d<> , do.;K. B. Uaight to Joseph Loek'-v a'sl C. Seat< u, subs. 2J tu2>aad 32 tc 35, s,it!:ire S.ij. ?23^UU. Frain is E. Hauptmanto G?<irge W . II nipt man, p?rt? 10 and 11, square 320. . April 11 ? C. F. Eatwisle to Allen P. Brirnni.-tt, b. S"4?ar?flu0, ; Eliza Fr'-manet al. t>. s.trah P it'- i-son and Eliza i?c<itt,part ZC.Mjuareliir, .? l^JO; K T. Fan or l> C'-raA Hntcliiiiyiu and Ella II utcli 11 s<>n, part 4, s,(iiare ?'J9, a lflj: . A. F ?uor t?< saute, p.n i?. square 7W. >112. L?vi Loi'Uiis to T. B. CaM w>-II. .-,'1X1 9.VJ. .51^. April 12.?I? ?ac Cross t j A. U. Scott, jr., sub. l? s.;n.?re >1 ?Lv0; T. Hutchinson to S. Mille-, part 1, ?., S74. 82 J<?i; Jsmej. E. Fitch toO. E. II iln-ock, pirrj -,nar 211, il<lJS; C. M Matthews v. T. M ^t????p. psri 1, sijnare 7il, l5fl,t.'<; J . E. Il**rri'tl <t al. to H . Petlit, part l5ts?tuars 971 8 IMS; .1. V H iff >rd to G. Biire'-ss, ?nb. Uni. ?>i :aie <75. fiJtM; G. W Col?* t" Girrn A MiT' II, trnn'e ??, p ?rt I.' s-iuarc ?06. 8*?i. W. Williams C and S. Ford, p.?rt 13. s<iuare 761. 88,14V. 8. F"rd to C. Ford, ime-hstr above C. Fi>rd to E. C. Klrkwood, p.?rt 13, do .07JUO; E E. Whits et al , assign***, to C B chard* et al.,trustee* Kiel*- company. -uH. 3'(, ?. it,ire N?>. 614. Richard* ? t al. t.> D. W Martin, same, 82.6*i>; w. B. T'sld, jr., trnsiso,t<> Mary C. 8nel|, sub. W. ?!lari- 679, *I,i?i; John Ketlv to S?. Bran*<>ii, part 14,s.|U:ire 24. 849*? April 14 ?John Bob-rts#* al toW. rietch-'r, jr. ru t li.t 10. square vd. 83J0O; Max Qrir insrto Heiirv lerktrn. sub*. 22 to J4, sonars 479, 81J27. J. ?? Pillins to W. Clabanch, subs. W and ?, ?|itsre ?h. A3.90U; A. V. Muk?r t<> Mary P. gimni >n*, parts ? and l?i, saaan- 322. ?2^t*i; J. H. Marymon to A. Swam, part b412,square857. 81,131, T. J . B.iksl-r, jr., to * T. Thonia*. In trust, sub. 44, sonar* ?*>., ; Eli/*t'-tti V.Welch to D Gre^n, ?art lots J and 4, SMiiarr 161, A4-"115: Ann MeDaulel to 8 S. Bmo?t, lot 22. reservation lu. 814.000; A T Br*dW>v, trust**. t? Henry K ttmau. part lot S, square STJ, 8SJ?. ? " A Dritx Challjoiob?Messrs. George Hol comanddobn Henning. of the Corcoran Zou.tves of this 1 i'y. have challenged any two of the Heath Zouaves, of Pittsburg, for a competitive drill for ?100 a side, but the Hearh Zouaves have I ailed to reepoud. Messrs. Ho I com and Hernlng accepted a challenge ot two parties in Bcston for a competitive drill, but since doing so have failed also to get a reply from them. Thi Picttb* Sm To-wioht.?Oar readers should not forgot the sale of paintings by local artists to take place at the auction rooms of Latimer Jk Clearv this evening. So good aa opportunity to procure desiraufii pictures will not soon agaiu occur. m Thi sai? of furniture which was announced to tako place to-morrow at No. 305 D street, is postponed until Thursday morning, the 24th tnst., at 10 o'clock. t Latimm A Clbart, Auctioneers. i^iTwh? The ti COURT IS GENERAL TERM.-To-day the April teem of the Sn?r<?? Court of the l?i?trict was c Jmlges Olin. Wylle. Humphrey* an 1 Mar Arthur <>n the bench. A.?. Caywood *.*? *p point>-<1 a constable. Win. I. Meloy, J. 8. ?wl T. A L Hubert were appointed the examining <?? rmitt.e. The application of John E. Patterson for a<lnii-?ioo to the bar ?as referred toihe cot li mit!.*. Rail-lull Hsgner, of the Mary laud liar, wa adn l'ted to the bar of this court. CIRCI IT COURT. Jmdfi Cartttr.?Rills' execu t rs up. E*i?x; judgment by default. Stafford act. Chester; leate to amend declaration. Ceas agt. Willi-; moti. n to act aside judgment overrnl?d. The jnry ?a> then discharged tor the term. POL1CC C0l'RT, Ju,lte Sntll.?To-day, George Butler, aeeanlt and battery oil Charles Miller- coin u.iit?'d for a hearing. John Ogleton, assault and battery on Officer Heseand resisting an arre*t. Ogie ton bit the officer's hand durin# th ? struggle, an 1 it became giiite sore and swollen; J10. Molly Tierce ami Kate H ">p~r, aesi nit and battery on Mary Brown. who tentined that the assault was made on Saturday In-complainant's boo*. at the comer of 9:h and H streets. The assault consisted in blow# arid choking, mtministered after a deirand had been made f.->r r< nt by the def ndants; ff 1 >'ach, without

costs. P-tiick Connor, assault an<l battery on Jaiues R. Warwick, 43Vandc<?t*. William II. Ih'>mw, assault and battery on Thomas Brovn: $10 and cos's. Fayitte Dame*, assault and battery on Abraham Taylor: (5. B. A Owens, violation of cart law; ?5. William Kil Simon Do. kett, Molly ( mia, Albert Wilson, I.ncy Brno-. Michael Dow ney , Ji nn I.jd.-n, forfeited collateral, charged with die rderly conduct. Martin Doherty, fi>ud aud bois.erous talking: *5 Cornelias Noons. -?m charge: #5. Barney Mclntire, a young man, ? htiged wall marking obsceue language ou a store front in Geoige?,.wn; 45. Froli'rict Fowke, Julius Slack, John Minitor, Fanny Kelly, Henry Berg; forfeited ,?5, each collateral for profanity. Jsm - Hay v. as fined f "> for using I u<I an<l boisterous lan guage. O org* Kelly, disorderly in Georgetown. M. George Washington was tint! $3 for cursing. P.u Co.inor, chargwl with playing a game of hall on Sunuay on the street; SI. Christopher t'rous . urunk and <lisordetly in Georgetown: ?5. W lliam Daly, selling on Sundev: ?3U. William Joh won, cMnted, was charged with stealing a horse f>-.?ni t hristopher McNall', a gray, who testih-d that t>ie horse was taken from his can. p. one mile fr .in the river, in Virginia, on Thursday last, and If fonud it at the horse bazar. for sale. Johti-oo s ? t >ry was that lie got the horse from one Mr. Cia-k. and got a friend of his to sell it at th? auction. Mi ? Sally thought the horse might hare strayedfr.?n h ? r imp. as be had bought him only a few davs pre i ouey. J?d>nson waseomtnitted for a further hearing. DIED. EARL. On the morning of the 20:h inst., HAN NAH, wife of the la c Richard Karl, in the 4Uth year of her age. Funeral from No. l'J'J4 H street ??orthw 3 o'clock Monday, the 21?t. R-Iatives and frieud- are requested to attend. * roWKE. In Washington city, Wednesday. ICth ?n"t.jtf small pox ,in the 51th year of his age.Capt. SAMUEL EOWKE.onlveonof the late Thomas a jd Susan Fowke, of King George county, Va. The Boldest eulogy that can he ascribed to human frailty is fidelity to God and mun in all the varied relation* of life. Such may l>eeminently said of Capt. Fouke. In business, of unfliecuing integrity; as a husband,tender and provident; as a father, bn ing ai l kinn; as a friend, warni-he*rt>sl and sincere; as a Christian, . igiiant and faithful, he lived an orna ment to socieii , died -trong in his faith and rich in bis hones of a blissful immortality. Slav our hea *enlj Father speak p*'a. e and c.inifort to his lu >urn ing iored onei. [*1 C. JOHNSON. April 2", ls7.t. at LingW. Fairfax countv.Va . FRANCIS ANTONIO JOHNSON,in the ;gM year ?1 bis age. Funeral from Trinity Church. G- orgetown, at l't.'a o'ek'tk Tuisday.the 22d in?t. LYNt'H. <>n the V:h inst., at a. in , Mrs. ANNIK LYNCH, wife of ilainel Lyuch, in tin Jitli year of her age. The relatives a Oil friend" of the family are re spectfully incited to attend the funeral at Mo'< I < li Tnes,l?> morning, from her late residence, N?>. 33 1 6ih ?tr<'et. between Pecnsylvauia yentii mid I' street,southeast. (Bait, papers please copy.J * Georgetown Advertisements. POTATOES! POTATOL8:: POTATOES '! . PRIME MAINE JACKSON WHITES. 3.400 B<ish. !? pi'ime No 1 J A< KSON WHITE POTATOES, how landing per schooner Carrie II Sp 'fiord, and lor sale in lot- to suit pure has <-r?. Apply to HARTLEY .v BROTHER, air iw* 15 and Water st., Georgetown, D. C. J^EADY FUR THE SPR1MG TrVi>IC. With a full corp? of first class workmen, a nm pti-t?- stock of the best foreign and domestic Dye S*ti?, ?c., Ac., I am f-i*I> P' -pared to CLEAN (Hi KKt'OLOR LADIES AND GFVT^ \.VD SUMMER WE \RIMi A IM? \ ItK(?, promptly and in the |.-s' ? W. II. ? lit. v l t.fcV, PKEMIUM STUAM itYbSIWw A A Li SCOUH I Wi IVOKKS. ESTABI.ISMED 1-31. Preniiam a\iard>d 1S6/. Office,40 Jefferson st.,Georg< town, D.C Post Office B 'X 7'J3. ar?7 T JVEW fcl'UINU DRY UOULS. lieantiful I)rese G'Vids, in sage and mignonette shades; a large assortment of medium and low-priced Dr<-gs G x-ds, lOvUUU yards uew Spring Percales, Cali coes, and Sbirtings; best makes of Shirtings aad Sheetings, very cheap; ?0 pieces Black Alpacas and M hairs, from 25 cents to $1.25; Caasimeres and Suiting*, for men and boy?. We have a large stock, and offer trtat bar taint. BENJAMIN MILLER, ir!2-Sm 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. UNDERTAKERS. IIHARD HARVEY, UNDSRTAKBR, rr hf.VEY t MARK,) No. U34 > ci.iti, h-tween Ninth and Teeth. METALLIC BUKIALCASES AND CASK MY f ?/ tt eiy U'.vriptton; marl ly SHKOUUS, HABITS, ft. J^HHAHU W. MARKKA, CABINET MAX UK AND ON DERTAK BX, bl-J ELEVENTH STREET, near f. t UKNITUKE Ob ALL KIN US MA UK AMI KEHAIKKO. aul >r ILL1AM HACKKTT, UNDERTAKER, | , No. 789 Tth 8teeet,BftweenG asd H ap38-ly Coffins sr"i Caskets cf all kina* HOTELS. (THI0N HOTEL, UxoR0KTow!t, D. 0. U V. SHINN, Proprietor. This Hotel baa beon newly refitted and fttrni? ied It coatains all the aiodern Improvement*?but ano -oltl baths, bells, and gaa. It ia conveniently lo j*t?-d, being situated on the line of the Washingtoc ind Georgetown City Pamenger railroad, the can >f which, from the railroad and steamboat dc.ota >aes tha door every two or three minutes The fnesta of this house can reach any ot the pi.hllt >Vildinga nf the national capital or any plat:* ot imu^niei't, Ac., by a pleasant ride of a few tttin tea ?etso;,s u. <ng busiiio* along the line of Ch< c ioa ind on the wharvO* Will find Ft to their advantag? t. tor at this honse. derTt \j j^JTSONU HOTEL, No. ?Utt O STREET, jeM tl Bktwkkw7tb a.md3th Sum,. IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES SYKES, Premeiot. r?ust;x? Pemiistlvania AVEHV1, btlwie* 13Ik' a*d 14Ik itruis, WasH!*?T0S, D. 0. Ttankfnl to the public for generotn patronage ti he past, the Proprietor asks his old friends and jatrons to test the accommodatli'Ua of his present ifltablishiueut, which he promises ahall be found at east e^ual to the best in Washington. jai.-?-tf [Rep., Chron.) THE BRYANT HOUSE, Lota ted <m corn* 14/A strut and N. f. at ntas. After the lat of December, 1S71, Permanent an, rrausient Boarders will flnu this house one of tbt Host desirably and moat conveniently located hit n the city. The rooms are neatly furnished, well lighted '?ntilated, and provided with all modern hou>e ar jonimodation*, The charges are low, but the wants and the cob 'ort of all guest* will b<; carefully provided for. The proprietor, L. RICHARDS, baa detenuiuadU proTide a good caterer. ?otf CO. WILLARD. EBBITT H0USR. WAMHINGTOH. P. 0. BY LATUIKH * CLEARY. Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, S< uthwest corner Pennsylvania are. aud 11th street. Star Office Building. YRl'STEES' SALE OF TWENTY-TWO LOTS IN SOI'A HE SO!*. FRONTING ON R STREET, BETWEEN 14th AND AAth, NORTH WEST. a By virtue of adee<t of trust, date.i th- 4ih day Ml September, A. D. Id71,and recorde.1 in Liber * <64. tolio 214, one of the land records of the Dis trict of Columbia, the subscribers will sell, on the premise.. to th** highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the 84th day of April, instant, at ft o'clock p. m , Lots N?a. 74,75 . 76.77.78,7?. ft), CI, M,83. M, Ss, W, 87, 88, S9.*?. '.'1, yj. 95,94 and M> in aquaretub. aocoM ing to Riggs and Plant's subdivision thereof; being sold at the reijuest of the parties secured by said deed. The terms of sale are: One-fourth cash, (of which Are per centum of the gross amount of the purchase money must be paid at the time and place of sal.-,> and the residue, in equal sums, in 12, U, and 2? montlis, with interest at the rate of 8 per centum |**r annum- payable semi-annually from the <' > >f sal"; the deferred payraenta to be secured b> a deed . I trust (to the premises sold, aad all conveyancing will be at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not compiled with withia five days from the day of sale, the Trustees reserve the right to retell the property, or any portio* thereof, for caah, on teu days'public notice, at the risk and and cost of the pur O/V* Li**'1 t? Wow 6rM ?ok V/ reception <4 Boarders. Bersral des Boons tscant. Bladenaburg station, lay1 ?tore. re GEORGETOWN REMOVAL OF TRC P RES HYTER1 ATI CBl'Ri'H. THr tearing down of the old Prtobytrtun church, on Bridge itrMt. and the removal of the material* to the site of tbe new church, on W'ett street, is progressing rapidlv. The stee ple. the roof, and the interior have all been re moved, aiul the contractor expect* to commence the removal of the brick wail* at once. In the meantime the foundation for the new building 1# being prepared, and only await* the removal of the stone in the foundation walla of the old church, which will be used for the-new. The New School Bi'ILDino?The founda tion walls of the new school building on 2d street in abont finished. and the work u being pushed as fast a* practicable, Canal Trade The Cumberland ,V>w of Saturday says:?4' Thirty-nine boat*, carrying 4J8M3 tons'"of coal, cleared from this iK>rt yes terday." River New*?The steamer Commerce has arrived from North Carolina, with 324,000 shingles for E. Pickrell Jt Co. Steamer New York, from Philadelphia, arrived to-day, with full cargo of general merchandise. Including a large lot of iron for the navy-vard; and the steamer C. Vandcrbilt arrived from Baltimore with a misce'laneou* cargo. Schooner 8. P. Kirwan arrived ffom Baltimore with salt to I. Tbos. Davis & Co. The steamer E. C. Knight cleared to-day for New York with W barrels Hour, and the Lady of the Lake for Norfolk with 400 barrels flour. Chain Trade?The schooner Thos. P. M^r fan arrived to-day with 1.300 bushels wheat to lartley Si Bro.. ami thecanolboat Medley with 1.000 bushels w heat ami U barrels K. corn for H. M. Talbott; also the canal boat Millard w!th 100 barrels E. corn for H. M. Talbott. The sales on "Change to-day aero iWO bushels good red wheat at l.'JO^. Fish Market The receipt* of tish to-dav were 15,000 herring. 2,000 tayWs, and ino sha.f. Herring sold at #C.50 to AT; taylors. T."> cent* to ?1 i>er hundred, and the shad *15 per hundred. The canal boat T. J. IJaker arrived with -?>o barrels cement to Geo. Waters. ALEXANDRIA. Property Sale Messrs. Green Jt Wise, rial estate agents, sold to-day the Eldridge property, situated on South "Water street, to Mr. Edgar Snowden, for 81,000?ScutuKl, 19tJk in t taut. The cattle firm of Brusow & Lee, of Loudoun county, has been dissolved by the lat U r who ha* decamped with 92,000, leaving hi* partner to liquidate an indebtedness of several thousand dollars. MR. GEORGE WashinotoVs litti.e George, while playing about tbe wharves yes terday afternoon," accidentally tell overboard into the oyster dock, but held on to a boat until he was rescued. Mr. Cornelius O'I.eary, whose sudden and mysterious disap|>earance was mentioned a day or two ago, has returned to the gre#t relief of his friends, bringing with him a youthful bridle. Tilt rksipkm E of the late Nathaniel Good hard on Water, between <;ild.on and Franklin streets, was sold to-day to Col. J. 11. Brent for ?1,000.?lintrttt, 18M init. CITY I T EM Take Ayr't Cherry Potoral to stop your colds, coughs and bronchial affections bet'?re they run into consumption that you cannot stop. "m.w.fJtw If a maw wasts a Bottle of Whisky, let him bny it and take it home like a man, and not sn<ak home with a bottle of "Bitters," or ??Ccrdial," and pretend that it is medicine. If he wants a tonic that is something bettf r than a temporary stimulant, he should jfet a bVtb* of Peruvian Syrup, (an Iron Tonic,) that will vitalize the blood and give durable strength to the system. ? ti ? Shirts made to Order Gentlemen fur ni.-hiug their own material, can have tlieir Shirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Keen's. 422 9tb street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,1'i.i I'sr i.ffs of I>ooley's than ol' any other Y<*i-t or Baking Powder, as it is much stronger. Put up full weight. Give it a fair trial. Growers sell it Save Yocr Doctor's Bill?When I?r. Wls tar's Balsam of Wild Chfrrv wi:i?-raK coughs, cold?, bleeding at the lun.'*. and arrest the fell destroyer, Consumption, it dues ni >re than mo>t physicians can do. The u*e of a singl? battle, costing one dollar, will satisfy the lucre*!!!!!!!!" that they need look no further for the required ?id. 6 TnF most unhappy peesor in the world is the l?ysi>eptic. Everything looks dark and gloomy; ne leels "out of sorts-'with himself and everybody else. Life is a burden to him. This can all be changed by taking Peruvian Syrup (a protoxide of Iron.) Cases of 27 years' stand ing have been cured by it. 6 Pond's Extract cures rheumatism, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhtea, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a cure for these diseases.,s,tf The National 8 a vinos Banc, corner of New York avenue and 15th street, pays 6 per ct. per annum on deposits for each calender mouth. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. 37t3,14tl6 ? The comnrwiTT at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 8orvi> feet being indispensable to health and comfort thousands of persons come from far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. B35 15th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails., Ac., and advice as to suitable shoes. Willoox ft Gibe's Sewino Machine. The celebrated Basaar Patterns. Agescv at CUas. Baum's hoopskirt and corset factory. 7th st- et, Intelligencer Building,^ 10.J8 Thermometers and Barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4* street. (JUR LATEST EXCITEMENT. A TTRA C TlOXS FOR UPRlUC. Till MOST INCREDULOUS BEING RAPIDLY CONVINCED. $10?Tlitm stylish Suits at 510 Please Every!- Jy. $10?Them Serviceable Suits at $10 Suit Every b sly. .*10?'Them Haudsome Suit* at $10 Become Every b-nly. $10?Them Nobby, well made Suits, at $10, ABE BOLD TO EVERYBODY. OUR JUVENILE NOVELTY. NEW SPRING STYLES. ?4-i)nr full Suit for Boys' School Wear at $4. $4?All the Boys like?$ A #4?Our School Suits at ???. $4?All the Boys want?$4 $4?Our School Suits at $4. $4? All the Boys wear?? 3 $4?Our School Suits at $4. ft4?Our fashionable and well-made School Suits at $ 4 ABE MADE OF DURABLE MATERIAL. ,OTl FASHIONABLE TAILORS, a?U-tr Ooenee Tte aire P Bteeets I UMBER! LCMBEEII WM. JOHNSON * BOM faveiust received a large stock of WHITE and ELLOW PINE LUMBER, LATHS, SHIN GLES, and FENCE PALMOS,ail oC which we are selling at low prices. Great 1*-" Cor. Oth and fcsts.,n ipaSaSf?,,, pyfc- Fowt^mttr will begin YOUNG roarth quarter Will beci uAkU ibertth. a?fc-ln?v or Columbia, ss: ~ April, A. D -lA<a notice nf his JOHH LANE, of kas been adjndred a bank Jtric^* <r*il r^HfDALL, | Assiguw. Tb^Su^w5reUW$keral GROCERS. I. O'MARE * 1813 7th STREET SO*THWt?T. < B' tw*en M ai.<l N Rl.1 proctor* ^ r *kVrSc~~> ??j?-4 lo tore l/? 1* ?*? 11 - -kvs' r uock FB*?U OATMEAL liquors : liquors!! Old P*k*r WHISKY. ?Id Cabinet WMSIT. Whisky. 5 y*r* old. per bottle ..._? ? fi 1 00 California Brtndv . |>r bottle - 1 IW Hollwd tiit,*rr f>4tlr 1 ?w Fret-ch Branrfy. per bottle...... 1 ? SWEET CATAWBA WISE, fi- P*r gall' n. Pnr? SWFF.T CIDER. I'hilad' Ipliia ALE and PORTER. C. S. O'HARE * AO 51. _?)? I Si t Kilirt .n.w.,M?>.'i M and N. Loir: RECEITEV DIRECT from thf Mill* in VALLEY OF VIRGINIA. Will Mil to faniilir-s AO r*nt* per barrel lew than utual pricee. Fricce of SUGARS and TEAS all mark*! down. CATAWBA WINE, jt!*t received from Pleasant Talley Wine Company, fit a gallon. 8. H. BACON. 70** Mark* Spar#. irar-28 Mw*n 7th ud Ah I' rM?. STEAMER LINES. \ EW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, i 1 BuTWKK* PHILADELPHIA. ALKXANDRI Vi . WASH 1NGTON AND GEORGETOWN, P.O. SAILt*? DAT*. From Pier J. North Wharves, Phil- P edelphia, WEDNESDAY and SAT-M?SO?^?? UBDAY, at IX m. Fmtn Water street. Georgetown, D. C.. TUES DAY ard SATURDAY, al 10 a m This line connect* at Philadelphia with "Clyde'* Iron Line"' of *teamer* for Providence, B'*ton and New England State*. N" wharfage in Boston l>> this line G. F. HYDK, Agent for DAf 0. W M. P CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. F A BEID.AIexandria. Va. WALDO a. PEARCE, 34 Cor,gre?s Street. B ?e ton. apl ASHINGTON^NO^Rr_(MLK, BOSTON, AND The line Iron LADY OF THE LAK.K hnvirg resumed her regular trip* to w Norfolk,will leave her wharf, foot_^^^ginm_^ of 4tb street, every MONDAY *? THl'RSDAY. at 3 p.m., touching at principal Ruer Landing*, con at Norfolk with Steamship of the M ai.d M Line for B"*ton and Providence. Freight shonld be addressed "care of Lady of the Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knoi*a F*pr?-? Office, COS Pi-niit) Itania atetiar. T 31. CROIX H. Agent. ??h-*,reet wharf. D??RSEY CLAGKTT. Genera! At >nt. mil Plant'* Store. e> rwr 15th *t. ar>1 P.?. av>>. UN ARD LIN K~ ~~ THE TRiTISU AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, CETttEEN NEW YOkK AND LIVERPOOL CALLING AT CORK HAUB.'R FROM NEW YORR. "Russia Wed_..Apl. 16 j Calabria. .S*t_Arl 19 *.'ma.__....We?L_Apl. 23 P^rthiA. t it . Apl. t "Cuba. ...U nl... A pi. S> I "Sc-'ii*.. V?4.Ju) 7 AM-- ? ia c?' M ij M Alberta W??d. M ty li | B Sal M i> IT {???an.t r* marked thus * do Dot carry |i?rra||t pa# n(Mf And every follower* WKDNKSDAY aud SATUR DAY from New Y rk. F*t*? c? Piiuti.-Cabin, ?80, SI JO, sod f 13 told, according to a<< nniii. <sati n. iiketsto Paria, %\t, g Id. a?l?l.iioi:al aTCT? Return ticket* ou fatorable terms Steerage. Scurrency. Steerage ticket* fr-in Liverpool and Qaeenatown, and all pirta of Europe, at I-west ratua. Through bill* <>f lading given to Be lfast, Glaogow,, Autwerp and other p<jiiita on the Continent arid 1<r Mediterranean p-rts. F-t freight ar.d cabin paa ?ag?, apply at the C 'lnpan) ** oltoe, N->. 4 Bowling Greet;fi>r *teerage paa*h?t>, at Kb. Ill Biwadway Trinity R'uidii.x. novlS ly CHAS O FRANCRLTN. Ag?nt. NCUC'R LINK STEAMERS SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. PaMtt g-r? booked to ar d from any Hallway CHa don or Seaport in Great Britain, Ireland, N- raay, Saeden, D'-am ark. G-> Frat.ce, Holland, Belgium and tUe Unitad^^^?^* Stat?-*. Cabin fare frim NEW YORK to LONDON. LIV CRPOOL, GLASGOW and DERRY, ?6? and ??? EXCURSION TICKETS. 91X0. Intermediate, f3i, Steerage, f j0, all payable It Ourrency. Part:.-* kending for their frlenda la the OldOoonTy :ati pn.rbaae ticket* at l<<w?at ral<?. F r fur.aer M'-ticiilara appK to tb? Agent, 0. CAMMACK. Ja 14X3 F ttreat. Wa-hi'.frton. HENDERSON BROTHERS, maylt T B 'Wluig Green, N-w York. Merchant s link of atkamships. BE1WK?M WASHINGTON AND NEW T0BK. U^rearter the fine Stetmehlpa ? 0. KNIGHT aaa JOHN GIBSON will make regular weekly trip* between NEW YOBK, ALKXAN 4?|^ft DRIA. WASHINGTON and GKORGK-^^^* TOWN, aa follow.:?Leave NKW YORK from Piac SV Eaat River, every SATURDAY at I j, ?? Leave GEORGETOWN every FRIDAY at T a. a., aol ALKXAMDR1A the Nine day at in n. For full Information apply to K. F. A. DKNHAM, Agent, office and whart toot ot High atreet, George town, or at the corner of 17ih etreet and Mew Tort ?teme. W Freight* delivered bv Kti?\> Itw??. Or der* left atG- neral Office, fiO.1 Pennsylvania ave nue.or irt the steamer wharf will be pr. niftly at tend?d to. Jell-tf J. W. THOMPSOM. Prertde?t. A |fINE CLOTHING FOB SPRISG AND HUMMER, MADK TO ORDER IN NEW ToBK THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN THE COUNTRY. SAMPLE SUITS READY MADK, E0R MEM, BOYS A.\U CHILURE V. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. DEVLlX fc CO., apt 3m 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUK B"0DE1UD ? CJ.., , buy and I, for caah. at the lowaet market a-leea. Call and amine their stock. marll-Sm J^PKCIAL M0 TIC K . The Taz-peyera of the Di?trict are notified that we have CERTIFICATES OF 1NDKBTKDHKSS, (which are received at par in payment of taxe*, 1 iMned by the Honorable Board of Work*. Apply to B. FULTON A CO., Sl? fth etreet, near Feoaavl vania avenue. all-Ut* s TONK MASONS AND BL1LDKB8. Attention ia called to the fine BUILDING 8TONK now being landed at 14th etreet and eth* from tbeVoweof J. T. H. HALL. Ordepa raoeivU at office, Boom *. Mar Build inf. or oa Ward eUia tag Julia, foot of High atreet, Georgetown. ap7 1a' 1M THK SUPBKMK C0UBT 0F THK DISTRICT 1 OF COLUMBIA. HeUaog a ^wwai Arm, April 14tk, UJS. In the caae of Georse Callahan, executor of DAVID RKKDY, deeeaaed, the execntor aforceaU hae, with the aoeronation of the lli?ri Cowrt tor the final ettlut and dtoribwtioa of the oar ?oaal eetate of aaU deoeaeefi, and of the aa*te ta haM r To , a copy of thie U tatheeaM day. ?14-m J>* A. WEBMTKR. ia erderl The* 1M THK S0PRKMK Col BT OFTMK DIBTSICT 1 OF COLUMBIA, April U, 1873. ?'?'* ?? v.*ks? s&gs*B"' - On motion of the piaiaUK, hy Mem. Heakle aad moaa iened ia thi* cause that all.of the deCaadauta JS?S.'? ordered'that t^"^M Clifton Hellen,CUreI^*Heik? ?al Baaeae HeHea naee their anpaarance to ha PROFESSIONAL. |JR. XiRV O. IPUKNiJI, n',? ??? i?u MXTrgsTH -teeet JAMES O.CLEPHANE i.i.iuuir. (LEFHaSE* BR.UI.rr, SHORTHAND ? KIT! RS A LA** REPORTED. 110C IITMC, MW(? l? ?ut II, facm? li.dlana a< <-n<ie nihil-"* J OHBfiau, ?? ~ * ATTOBBET AT LAW. ? Bo. ? T ntvf ? Law Building, ? " WMlimttftk.D.C. BOOKS, STATION ERY. MKT ANTS LIBRAKV~ UF pt'E* li Y AVI) I * S?'NO, B B STOWED LIBKM.Y OF FAROlS FIC TION, fkechebk Lire or chrirt. te. Snb-mpti u* rmnol at 1411 P'l.iv.. Iituil Br at. is** by >pt) Uii- B SHOP A HAtAKIV GKK I LTCRAL BOOER hurto?-# Arr<ctilt ral Chemiatry ?1 -? Am-ricnn Oarde??-r'? Aa?i?taut - i *? Ail.-n ? Aliw-r>r%u Ear* B ?'A.-- X h? H'-tidereon'a Gai.l.iung V?r Pr..Ri.......... 1 M Wmtuf a Draiutncior Fi< ttt and H< al:h I to F'tllrtV Small FruH C a It n rial 1 *> Fulb-rV Grape Culture I 3U C Dlkrrn Ap?l" CtlJirW .. I ?? W ri|bl'< frmiifti r>?hr) t ? I '? 1 a*(Mroth unit" R"?f ??- _ J ??' RardallV H ??l??n4r? ' f" H"r*e * ??n?M Oji lnymlit. ? J Y natt ii " 1' g* . 171 All the new book* a? ? > n a- p l.lialM-,1 by bt'HABDlt M'lHTN * < " . a* tr lfll J ftnr? ? r? if, d'Hi?r It'll IfcT OF NE** linvkTAT SHILLIXGTOVS BOORlTOKf ! LITTLE KATF KIRHV AE t*I. B? M.eawth*] . t Matti. AMra\ an>i I'airi > t ? THE COMING RAlE B> El?*id Bula.-riL r.l Lrtln.1 THE WIDOW LEBOGl'E. A Korrl. B> E Oaborlaa. THE BEEPER oa. THE MOI NTAINLI.K OF THE ATLAS B> N * M?>n. NOT EASILY lEALot * AN TO THK BITTCK EM' !'?< Mi~ Bra.1' m LAKEVILLK B< M?n H-ally. REPTILE* AND BIBDS. A New Edition. EDICATION IN JAPAN HALF Hoi R RE< KEAT'ONS IN PoPCLAK H IEN? K.N" T AH thi- i?? k nnmt- r? !i h? d. POPI LAR SCIEN< E M ? ithly *. Inmr. I aa.l j ELI M EM ABY TKEATIfE ON NATtRVb PHI! OHtPHT. B> P> F??*r??t EET TO N"RTH AMERICAN B1KDN C fain i w .'unt of nery specie* < t Li\u.jt and F"?il Bird*. HARPER'S HAND BOOE OF TRWKL IN Et BOPE A larf? stork of Blank B ?A?, Paaa B ang Memorandum Book*. E 4e P?p--r. L II r P*r-r, ?lid Playin* C?nl< at th? \?ry l?? H ptKv*. 4 ti FJYERT MOTHEE THE ~D?" T"R oF II E k iOHN FAMILY if ?h* D'. HALLE HEALTH AT HoME at STcKEMAN * SOS *, BstS nh rtrrrt Tli* COTT AOE BIBLE <? !>? ha.! th?r?> al?. T?? *<?d AGENTS ?aiit?xl. ">JB ' H E Vk O RE B O E T H < > M ATi lTU U I L U H ~Th?C?prlta EfV .| T>?' Saint* liili'ritMirf Th*1 Way ??f Lf?. Oil lh* Parat'l**. IllwtratM Rp^akinr !?? ?b?- H art. <>f t'barart<-r. PI>-? f.r Kit'i?! Srti. ? Th< '''iiJ .It- - * n ???. At VM ballanttne ??. ?S ?WM N _ OPENING OF A NEW RTATIONECT *T< ? EE ANDBLANE BOOE 11AK IF ACT JUT. E<mt -rl??? at fair ar|o?? f,?r oaal LIIHMOKAPHINC. E >'<??. A \ IMG. Pril.NTJNO ASP BINDING OONE TO oEl>LK Tlif public ?re iiivited ti> rail an 1 rcaii.-nc nr c ?tock. BEN. F FEi:N? II. Cu<1rr Natl'^nal M?tr<^pnltta? B?, and D*Kt i-Hir l? Jay C<*4? *( m-11 if W anhlmtw . IJ ?). LIVERY STABLE?. B OU'ofT t ?<?N, Jo. VL' "il ? WR, . ROAblUNG. LIYEKT <1 SALE STABLE", 416 o.ti ctr?<-t, t?-l I> ami E. aiul C li? ? A Al, Iwtww ii la. h ait4 I4?h Offir*. Wiliar ta. B-'"1 rarnafft? furuiati*^!. Bpftlal care pa d ?n tu? tn acOK.( of borara. <l-rll l? LLTsoTTnaILOR, J a .. LIVEKY AM' HIKING fTABI-E" PTT LI5H CARRIAGE* and COACH SI EM It 13HA E atr.^H n >. Arlington *tables?b < ri it jk~ G 8TKEET, Khw?k% 17th a*t? I?t* Carriacoa by day or iii*ut,an4 for par ti.* d??lp "?ONGRE88 STABLES. Sth STREET, Brrwily D t<r E B"tw? and Bucjrtea for Htra. aud a freak .jpplf at fo<<1 Huraea for aal?- ??-iy *fi j)II ly RK HABn VAKT. Pr prtu*. W ASH. BAILOR'S STABLE* 1IM B ST. CARRIAGES f th* lat?at atylaa o-<>iatautlf on hand and tor hlr? by th* day or m -r-a Parti??, wmMhik, and r*r*pti"ii? fnrtii?u?4 wttfe th< in *! c<mifor(at.'* and *l*?ant ('arnar ? Partimlar aM. titi n to boarding Hor- a. a:.J Horaa alwaya for aal* and ascbaac*. d?? If if INSURANCE COMPANIES. th? CORCORAN FIRE ISftl'RAKCE fuKFISV, np TUB district OF COL( MB1A, April Inf. ICS. capital flou.oo?*. OFFICE Ha. 1451V PENMBTLYAMI A AVENUE. (Oveb Hano i Unto St<*rk I JOHN T. LENMAM. Fr-id*n!. A. H HERR. > if* Pr?aidfut. J. T. DVLK S-orrtary. tiimuit: Vn Oiw. H Clay 8traart, t'lia* A.Jftin**. Jaa. L. Bail. 'if. Ed a aril Droop, Ji4m f. U'i'ii : . Micbarl Ur?t-ii, J hu Bail*-), ai l-lf A. H H* rr. JNSI L RE VOLE LIFE tu thai Are toc inhcredt a The old I K ANkLI N I Y&IRaYi fc. OF WASHINGTON, D. C. *I,W* Uk-opporatiu bt C">?bk*< m i*ia. ^ National Bai k of TM for^lkiVT0" *lr#r< No ruarg* .Hall.iohB Pnrdy, Dr. --?y.?? t*''? d?u,^i?nn mrqy, ur.J. ? Brodb?%l J. Rnworth, Jaa C MrGi-i.r, Hour} Br^di. i H. Bradlry. C. H Wihb*rc*r. W. / McDobaJd, W. F. MyGnlr.-, Dr. D B.Ciarfc.., M Q Earry. HENRY BRADLEY* CHARLES BRADLET.??^il?r * T"?E??V.V.??VAV5,gJ18^V!M op thb DISTRICT OF OOLCKE1A UKVAfUZHO A UV OST ?. l*?a CASH CAPITAL ??!??? 8amc,l ^o&^j^odd, i: B. Blafc. 6,1 WT?a? ' vZff? aZiZT^ ????> Gallca. MWEalip. A. E. BbapbarJ. nellE I>LA? E VOI R MOYBY WHEME IT 1 WILL DO THE MOST GOOD. Thrrr ir errtaiiily wo^Ktlrr place io th* < itf tl.aa tba METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STOLE, 318 Tth Btravt, wb?r?, if yoa lnraat a (1 !l?r, poa Bay raat aaaarod yoa *Jmi> rmn tkt tmll Miai a/ patrr *.<mu|, and wb?-rr aaa\ lug of MtoSU ?aU in the dollar ia guaraatr^d to yon, vHbont th? draw back of racelTlag inferior food*. The variety oMirnd M ao large, coaipruiux every thing pretty and naa ful thai It haa beroae a vala taak of eaumerati^ the different articlaa oger^. a ad pour atta only cat lad la below-Bent ioa*d gooda, aa all Md eery rbeag, and tm title* have lately Geo la' British , Ch?ldrewC?BoV FEA^ Ladtea' BIAB TTCEED boagbt elaew Ladle. A Pratty For afBTtbar call al CHEAP GOODS.* IETBOPOl.ITAN DOLLAB STi ? SIS BBTENTB BTEEET.

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