Newspaper of Evening Star, April 22, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 22, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. a. Hoi Largrst Circulation ii the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: IT WHAT April U IWl The enormous pressure of advertising upon Our column* for tome days has crowded our trading natter a good deal, bat we hope our reader* will be patient while the immediate rush of spring advertising is upon us. la the long ran, through double-sheets and otherwise, we try to do justice alike to readers aad adver tisers. The New York Tribune had a thoughtful ar ticle upon the condition of fallen women, treat ing upon the newly-organized Koaine A.?oci ation for the aid of needy children, the object ot which is the reformation of unfortunate women, at well as the protection of young girls in danger of falling. Both cIuks are received, provided with a home for a yea^, instructed ia ail kndsof housework. and placed in families or radored to their homes. The Tnbune says many are disposed to doubt the permanent good eitect of mechanical general systems, and even thoughtful reformers -*re of opinion that deal ing with individual cases is the only true meth od. It says; "Let a port*. good wnm? take one of these wretched * intern to her side. ami surround her with borne influence and ChristV love, and her reform is sure. But here are thirty thousand to be cured: and where are the "eood phy sicians?" '1 hat these poor wreck? are reel aim able where the proper tflutt is ruatle i> demonstrated by the iesult in the ra-* of the unfortunate girls who were taken in charge by a band of Christian women in this city some time ago. Though the project of providing an asylum 1 uilding for the poor outcasts fell through, lrom various cause*, yet homes were found for them in families where they have been able to recover their self-respect and earn an honest living bv house-work, sewing, teaching music, A'C. Out of twenty-four thus furnished with reputable employment, but si* back-slid to their former courses; and this probably shows about the relative proportion of those of the t Vlen who are naturally vicious, and those who luve been betrayed into a life repugnant to them. and from which they would gladly escape. One of the m??st pressing need - of our growing city is the reconstruction and extension of our tire alarm system. Most of t&e alarm boxes now in use are the old imperfect crank boxes, (the results of the first experiments in fire tele graphy,) and are continually misleading the firemen; the wires, which hare been in use for many years, are nearly worn out and need con stant repairs; and the system, with all its de feots,.does not sufficiently protect many sec tions. including the northern portion of the city, > hu h is rapidly filling up with some of our herd xt -idences. Georgetown too only has live alarm boxes when there ought to be at least double ttiat number. Mr. Miles, superintendent of the alarm telegraph, sets forth these and other important facts bearing on the question in his annual report, which was submitted to the Board of Fire Commissioners Friday night to be transmitted to the Governor and through him to the legislature. The expense or a new and extended system with the latest improvements will be considerable, but it must be borne in mind that a failure to do this necessary work may be more expensive. One fire improperly * gnalled, or not signalled at all, may at any ln>iir lesult in a loss of property equivalent to many times the cost of the proposed extension. Tl.e project of the National Sanitary Bureau at Washington, which originated with Dr. C. C. ] ? ox, pre-ident of the board of health, of this city, is meeting with favor among the scientific aud thinking men of the country. I>r. C. B. Agnew, president of the medical society of the state of New York, thus alludes to this import ant measure 10 his late inaugural address: ?' It is a most cheering indication of progress to know that a bill has been introduced into the Senate of the United States to establish a bureau of sanitary science. We would recom mend that thi? society take becoming action to express its approval of so desirable a measure, ard by ?uch an expression of approval, If by no other means, give willing aid to the grand ob ject which the act has in view." The entire bill, as offered by Senator Patter ?on, in the Senate last session, is presented in the able address of Professor Agnew. Lack of time prevented action on this bill at the late ?es.-ion of Congress. Members generally ad mitted the great importance of the proposed bureau, in fact, the only objection that could I-issibly arise would be the expense of Its main- ' tenance. This, however, would be more thaa counter-balanced by the benefits arising from a properly conducted bureau of this kind. The percentage of life loet in ocean travel is cf course greater than in travel by rail, but we imagine it is not nearly as large as most people ?oppose. The statisticsot the several steamship companies now in existence show that of the 3.320,000 persons carried on their vessels be tween New York and Europe, only 879 have lost their lives by collision, shipwreck or foun- > denng at sea,?or almost exactly one In 3,400; ! and this includes the 54tf souls recently lost by the wreck of the Attamfic, and the 177 who went down with the ill-fated City of Bot*tm some time ?fP> The aggregate number lost seems large; but, taking into account the large number of people carried and all the perils of the sea. the ]>ercentage of loss i? comparatively small, and not so great really as to deter many people from < tossing the ocean who might be otherwise so ? -posed. There are a large number oi people who would 1i? *? to know why the Botanical Garden cannot l? Kept open on Sundays as well as week days. It is one of the mo-t attractive places in the Ijie'rict, especially at this season of the year, but Seing closed on Sundays is not available to a \ t ry large class of our population, particularly the | or people who are compiled to work hard ;?1I il - week, and have no other time but Sun day 't, which to recreate. If the Congressional ?P! r | riai.on is not sufficiently large to pay the *n,p:<.ves for one e*!? day. the garden might be c -ome other day (n ti>? week except 8un ?lsj. when thousands of our citizens throng the ! 1 arks - eking for a breath or fresh air and a glint ,-e of natare's attractions. 1 he New York Of raid noticing that the law, the ?.?? vernor, juries and the public, are alike is eatable in insisting upon the execution ot m?r?i. rsrs, who a little while ago might hare ***'*'?" ti< flo*i? the reason in the fact that mur ders t??! other crimes of violence have been so Jr? -p.. nt ot late, and so many of the criminals bate rscaped the full penalty for their bloody d?e. ?. that the public has become ''"mod ? ' i Z?ne frrt! "*** ?#eietJr be protected, nc? the demand for punishment that will 3>rove a terrible example. Judges, juries and tthe executive, are only carrying out the will of m Jeopardised community. ' The Ckt+mclt cruahingly calls us Ttwo-cent Iphper. That's so; but there's nothing ""?sn labout us. We promise oar departing neighbor m couple of our bigg at pennies to compose its eyelids, the Moment it needs them. The epizootic has at length reached the Far ,Wfd, and at last accounts was threatening the of the cavalry new in pursuit of the Xodocs. Should they boo?no Infected, the irusfs will he obliged to depend on shank's snare, in which case wo fear the red bends will distance them and make their i . bo?-d the spirit of mortal be proud, % hen the a' esakl mortal Is liable to be kicked fey a ja<- '. or called "stapid" by Brother SlarlaaV./ ip Kinuiy Cmdmwer.' It should not, Kb . 1-?A nsw Division of Suns of Tsmpsr* r clorl ? Teatpsrauca ?all, on B strsst, between ? ft i o ? j V-ftf Jia*JbSuS'. I.V b*lM.M jTrt?'oo c?dI?; to be hadftl fhllf i Soil miAsn n amp rommtfiAU Tlie Wall street iurkcte were free from ox ritrmriit jrtiteriU;, awl all apprehension* of tronbk hare pai?cd away. Quid waa lower, in anticipation of the payment of the May inter est, which will commence on Wedneaday, with out rebate. The aixxmat to be paid ii nearly ?ID.OOQ.ATiO. Money war eaaler. call loan* ruling from 7 per etnt. gold per ant,am to 1-16 per d em. the latter rate exoeptionaL The *t?ck market was somewhat irregular, but eloaed steady. The New V?rk Tribune say* ?"There l? danger that Wall street, in the buoyant relief of an escape from Imminent peril, will again ruah Into over-tredin*. The .stringent time* which have measurably paaeed away with the laid week hive wiped out a great many margin* In the stock market and have wound up not a few rmall concern*. This, of itself, baa relieved the street. Th?*i* !? much cheerfulness on 'change. Now, look out for a fictitious riae." ? Jay Cooke 4k Co. rvoehthi: Bwt'g. StiTi. rjB.r^iaai. *?*. u . i AWsjnAJy.^iiJrv it\ ih*% | id ? W*. ? JD>Juij) ,W.I7*, U'! t-B)'*,llMfi 13\ *i\ ! lt)-4d's 13\ 14w _ liw I?ai-rm?i B?akd. P.^S. ff*, MM. ?'< frVsJ*u.AJIy,l?. 17 UD a*)1*, ian 1>, ? MM IV. 6 ?'?, IMA ? ?-*) ?Jan. A JlyW a-arsjan. * jit. m -in lo-4u's It American GnM 17 S Currency ?'*. J4X? Mew Fivse. 16 BaLTIHOBI, April a.?\ ;r?inia 6's, consolidated, . do., old, 57; W? Virginia's, U.^ bid to-day. B>lt:mobk, April 23. ? Cotton dull?low mid dling*, IS'.falAS Dour st*-ad> and dull. Wheal t riii. C< rn him?"lock scarce; wt?de ivulh ru, W; yellow southern, *4; mixed western spot,6s, M?y, At*. Oats firm???-at hern, 4*<J3J; western mixed, ?*. white, 444**'. Bye steady and unchanged. Bay no changed. Pro.isions buoyant, and mors active and firm. Pork, SlaJitoSU fcitlk meats?sab-* fe'.UOU 11m. *b lUldent, at 7H; I?o.oJU ibs. rib ? des, at 9V uuw h?'ld at ?'?. Bacou?advanciug tendency; shoulder*.. E^?h'?; clear rib sides, WdlOU. I.srd ?jniH, but tinu?Suyar cured h uns? l..V?IS We*ern butter scare* and wanted?choice tuh,*?<Stf. Whisky?sales at 91"*9I)?. Kaw loll, April 23.?Mocks uui*>t and firm.'.. Money firm, 1 to 1 M. Exchange, 1- rg. 3%; short, !?*?? Governments dull and steady , Stw Tobx. April J2.?Flour d'lll and unchanged. Wheat quiet aad firm for prime spring. Corn st rone. Lomdo*. April 22.?Consols opened at 98S f'-r bMh. B"tids of 1866, old. #1'.; M7,tt\; 10 40 ?,*V4; new fives, 90. Irir.UH- _ , Framfobt, April 22 ?B >nds opened at K ? for issue of 1W n^?TH* u HAKD^OMB VASE OF WAX FL0HEB8 that was on raffle at Si. Vin Asylum was won by Mr. P. JOUBDAN It* ft HUME DIVISION, Mo. 5. SONS OF TEM PEBANCE, meets TO NIGHT at Mariui's ng, B street. Members of other Divisions and persons desirous to join with a* are cordially invited SoJSY'wiiiSLili. g ,?"?*??"?". r rr^?A RKGILAB MEETING OF KING SOL OMOB '8 LODGE, Mo. X, 8. * U.K. A .will benieW at Mae<'aic Temple, on WEDNESDAT EVENING.2Sd instant, at 7H o'clock. A full at tendance U requested. By order of M E. M. A. ???? JOHN H. P1CKELL. Sec y. lf^?BKD MEM MEVEB 8LEEP.?ONONDAGA TBIBB, No 10. 1. O B M , will meet hereafter on TUESDAY BWNINGS.rommencinc onthe 2?t i.|eep. Plant moon.G 8. D. M. at 8o'clock, in their wigwam. 9th street, b?-tweeii Pennsylvania avenue and D street northwest Every member is requested to be present Treedsy eveniDt,asbnsinesi of sreat importance will be brought before them. By order of the Tr?be. If C. M. KEBPEB, Bar hem n-s?onio BEProLioAM association -a Itiwlne-s mee. rg of the OHIO BEP17BLI ?TN ASSOCIATION will be he'd THIS (Tu -sdav? EVENING, at 7 o'c'ock- Anril 22. liTS, at M:trini s. A fn'l attenuance is earnestly rei|iieste<l, as business of impor.arce will l>" tran?a<ed. The variolic rim n ittees fur the en-uica year will be appointed, and a report received from the cmwiitVe on constitution. B> order of J. M Mi CREW, President. J H PALMER. Secretary H_ rr^?BOsADAl.Is FOB DISEASES I'kCl'LlAB TO FEMALES. HrstTsviUE, Ai.a , April 2. Iii#. (imtlrmnt ? I desire to call yorr attention to the case of Mrs. Hatton. Ton will remember that last summer 1 r. ^MiltM \ ?u in regard '?> b'r disease that of Fall in* of the Wo<nh, or a similar affectiont of * hirh women of all classes surfer so murh. I pro cured two bottles of Bosadalis. which, with a few more bottles, I am bsppy 'o <a> , have bed the ui -1 beneficial and gratifying effect. Too are at liberty to r?-for to me ,tnd use Mrs. Hatton's name, if you rr> d -sire, in making known the merits of your valuabl- preparation. B ^adalis. In conclusion, accept the thanks of Mrs.H., and compliments of Toerstruly, E.C. HATTON, Register I' 8. Lard Office. For sale by 9. CALVERT FORD, 1105 Psnn sylvaniaavenue. a22 eogt CLAIMS FOB DAMAGB8 SUSTAINED IN CONSEQUENCE OF IMPROVEMENTS. BoAkDOF PCBLIC W?EM.Dl?T*ICT O* CoLrJfBIA,/ _ Washington. April W. 1873. < The following act, approi ed June Ju, 1S72, is pub lish>d fur the Information of all concerned; As Act arovidiug for the payment of damages sus tained by reason of public improvements or re ?T' tr rmart'4 by :h* l.ttitlatwt Ass*mb:v th? District of Colwr bta, That on the application. In writing, of the owner or owners of any reel estate in the District of Columbia, or of any person bavins other than a rental interest therein, to the B >ard of Public Works, setting ferth that special damages have been sustained by him or them in consequence of any Improvements or repairs made by said hoard, and particularly describing the nature of said dam - aces, the said board shall consider the statements of *aid application, and If deemed by them sufficient for that perpoae, the aaid board, or amajority there of, ?hall personally inspect the property alleged to be specially damaged, and make, or cause to be msde. any examination connected with said im provements or repairs which they may deem neces sary or proper. Dir.! And bt it fmrtkrr t*Meud. That If,.after inspection and examination aa aforesaid, the aaid board, or a majority thereof, shall be of the opinion that special damages have been sustained by any person or persons, as aforesaid, they shall estimate the same, taking into consideration the benefits te said property from said improvements or repairs, and ftl* among the record* of their office and in th* office of the Secretary of the District written state mente of their action and estimate of damages, and shall make a full report, in writing, to the next ensuing se<sion of the Legislative Assembly of all applications made to them under the provisions of this act, and of their action thereoe, and of the amounts awarded as damages and the reason* and B unds of such awards, for the action of the Legie tive Assembly thereon; and no sum shall be paid on account of damages entll after the same shall havs been approved by the Legislative Assembly and an appropriation made for the payment ef th* same. Notice i* hereby given, that all partis* claiming damage* under the above act moat file their petition* for the aame at the Office of the Board witbin TBI da>? from this date, in order that such claim* may be duly considered and reported to the Legislative Assemble for Ha action Blank forms may be obtained upon application at the Office of the Vice Preeidmt of the Board, Columbia Building*. 4H street. all liX ALEX B ^HEPHEBD. Vice President. [Chronicle and Bepublican.l |V5?MEDICAL A SSOCI ATI O N .?An Adjourned Meeting of the Medical Association of the District of Columbia will be held In the hall of the of the __ J of the Medical Society, No. VI* F street northwest! atone o'clock p. m., Tl K8DAT, April Bd. si*-St JAMES T. TOUNG.M. D., Sec .?alt were, the cut** of mankind. Bo terrible andtoatheoms had be#a at *oa? p*riod* of the wortdh history that a person known to b* Infected with it would not be allowed to mix with society. Happily in our day the disease 1* stripped of its terror by th* u*e of Bamaaitas^* Boot ahb H*b? Juices, and the victim of Scrofula, Uleer*, Sore*, Pimple*, Blotch**, Tetters, Ac., can be r**tor*dte*ound health In a few week*. BOOT AMD HBBB JUICES, ?1B per bettl* 8?ld by 8.0. FORD, UN Pa ave., and by Drug gMs. DE|BIOMD A CO., Propristor*. SUMUos - ,TO LADIES. How ad It fate see a young wife, a aaothar - illy who r*qairee all b*r physical strength to fulfill her household duties, and all her moral ca pacities to accept the responsibility which fall* upon her, to sr. ?- .nrsted^ loaf ng every day her strength. fsaUajt Kadly wftftoot b*lng w>: to *ap why. but yet suffering enough to be utterly mieera ablel This state of weaknM* and dsbilitr to moie fatal to her than a severs spell of slckuees, for in that case sbe win receivs the proper C*re, aa in the othsr she will linger month* after bo*Oi*i not thinking " until nature. Hi and all _ tar*, which are soli ly all auence of their virtue end moat i medicine per sarrsffswrs for ladlea. lit JTWTs MBW DKUG STOBB, ?o. MM PunnrAiu Aram, Depot for Ma aafi Mineral Watan. felt-ly IE UNDEBSIONED HAVE THIS DAT rs"?s' Wif8r?^'^rj?ra him from onr farmer patrons a coetlnuanea of th* (Mebthey Wav* *o kindly given usdar year. BECK A CO. Tew. D C., April I. 187V al4 Sw CXflT Waiiixa' 'iutu&r aacsmon give two or three short aMreeae*. ill?4rating Orien tal Csd*a, Hahtts. sn.1 Manners, illaetreted by Urpc mag* and diagrams, abd aul also appear ia repr*a?atlng seeaea la life of J<m??h fhrntohed in the f BrfmkMHI Ad?l*k>n, ?? NTIiELitmpS Hucf SooifsSS^! R lenzbero * uo : Mfc: *?* _ tot M>rk.. Ma <J57 *MSI?i OBANOKS, c? oici vTi mSifiTl ? "t*"n">r "<'* T"fk. Alii.?, it fcVT.. ? Vi CAP'pr*ww" KBKNCH PaVKRS, . r jSP.^hb5Si'*: ^M,< OCOA HUTS; pgr*tea!E - *a * JWO. W LUM8DON A CO. j^TLICg * HA Kr ,/oot Of tth an i f strut*. c.,^cSWdi7?c^tSD di rhiTajji r. . HATi LCMHB, Ac., fk^.i . from ?whU ud ?t#r?d or delivered at the shortest notice and lowest run , *a '* ? Q t AtLEE. |?KAL EbTATK AGENCY . FITrH AND FOX. k*i?C ?rZ attention to th<' rare of Proportion "r,n;r{,?M?it owner*.?pa> in* tare*, timU,Ac.Ae '' *fnrin* tenants, collecting FITCH t FOX, 1209 Penna. arenn??, r rt-rJmaa'a Bank Building, opp U. 8. Treasury. CAOnh??|1Ml (,AR?'*,:K? CABB1AQES !? * '*/*?_ ?"<< complete *t?rkAn^at?, of Brsf-clans family Carriages at reason - MOGr T^-d aniC??\ Pb?tooa.l^^3B Jn?v?JS ?*?* ?????*> ?? great variety. Several ?treet. A K00*1 smart boy wanted for"the trimming ***>? . a?-3f IJOCAPI ft VIYLlE, FOREIGN AW DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, 101S AND 1020 .SEVENTH 8TBEET N. W. NEW SI'BING DRESS GOODS, WHITE GOODS, MNENS and PABASOL8, jnst received. Only One Price. IJ*?*d states patent orrioK. V. .. WA??IK?T??*. H. 0.. April 19th 1S73 On the petition of HBNBY B. WOBTIIIMQTON ??f ?rI,V**Vn ^,'or'1, ?r*r>?JKfor tne extension Vase ?%*ent franted to him on the 19th day <>f lult ^ *" improvement in Pumping Ennit?>> ? on th? rfi*1? testimony In the case tx> rioted unmS^ 2% tlLwZJF*t:J'>at ,be Um* fnr the tfth Examiner1* report be limit*! te a >s2Urj??'zxM "M "*^1 ?J>P<*ejai* extension. M. P. LEGGETT, Commissioner. JJ h I B GOODS FIRST CLASS GOODS AT LOW TRICES. Jd"? "n-fa&JSSW'c^-WPHIL1PP1S ()rilCE BEGI8TBB OF WILLS, ThA W*gm.ycrow, D. C.. April 17. 1873. and" *3 ?dn??tted to record, during the year* 137J La?t will and testament of? 8atuue| Adam*. L?"'** Maria Barry Elixa B. Beall. r> ilson Bury. Bow land OroBi>ri*a C atharine Ohiaholm Delo* Carpenter. Jacob Colclazer Catharine Connor M*ry Ana Ilannoa. Bobert Herforth. Victor Hannot. Charity Lenion. Sharlea A. Naogelt. -becca Peter A airy Row.. Mary By an. D%iW oMi>p?on. y illiam M. Steimrt Susain Charlotte Sinioii le. Charlee Seal*. Tliomao Thorn a*. Ann Tfcung. Charlea Vjnnon. Matilda W. William*. Moees Warren. p^!,ie" ?? ? intoreiited in the record of the Tike *sl? ? *n' r*<u*ifwl to call at thm office and record. ecewary rpt to ^ Register of Wills, D. C. TO BITCHEK8 AND OTHERS->ICE BOXES ' ?L"rS'. ro.i OftDEMA nl9 3t* Hooar ftirnlsh Ing Store, 314 7th st. I E. SCUEEL. Or mm st a*<i Tracker of Afiit?< r- "V"./?*????"?? Public that onier* )ttrJ ?* ELLIS mtiaical wanr^m. ?37 Penn lBs ? -?????> -? -arvrfom. ?37 Penn ?j'.D^?k f h.? residence, 030 3d st., cor. 'A 0 . northw^-wTll ,^jSSAS^JST. j^HIRTS MADE TO ORDBrT ' In connection with my Merchant Tailoring bitsi n< ??. I am now prepared to MAKE SHIRTS TO ORDBIt, ha* mg engaged the services of one of the best cnt ti-nt iu the conntry for that purpose B.-ing natis fl?M of my ability to glre entire wuiafaction, both in ?tyle and nt.l respectfully solicit the patronage of the public. c. . A. *?*?***, alt 1m ' *ndJ*?'L7* Mn*H.f*rltrr<T, - _!2 *** Mb street northwest. J) I S S 0 L U T_I OK. ' T, . WA!>H!ti?TO!i, D.C., April U.U73. ,71" copartnership heretofore exixting between Elpbon.o Youngs and Wm. H S- ars, nnder the name aad firm of BLPHONZO YOUNGS A CO , ij dissolved bymutual consent.the second term of such p ^7,n? thie day exnlred. The bnsi n ?s will be continued at the oki stand (Masonic ?OI,waK03?[ '?treets.) by BLPHONZO 11 . S* Who will pay all just claims against and collect all amounts doe said firm "*?"?? ane ELPHONZO YOUNGS. WM. H. SBABS. mr friends and the public for their lib eral patronage in th** past, I would reaBM*tfiiiiv solicit a coLtinuance of the same re.pectfully ELPHONZO YOUHGS. wn h VMr* yfTy Wktisfactorifc n?n?fi _ih# ?hove named businesa, I r'il', : this opnortunity to thank my friendu and the public for their natronage, and cheerfully rec ommend whatever influence I mav have to hi* in ten?ts. faplMf] WM H SBARS? \V* HAV* Il'BT RECEIVED ?0 DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH Ift AHE SELLIHU AT ?9 CENTS PER 8KIBT. LOCK WOOD, MIPTY * TAYLOR, ?*3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, rttr Metropolitan H ?tel Block. C'HAS. HABTEL, ' _ CjfiPJA-foit AND BUILDER. C street southeast. All orders promptly at tended to on reasonable terms. aif-lm* ^'ATAWBA WINE, OLD AND DELICATI FLAVOR. PEB GALLON. ? * C WIT ME ft a!7-<t Grocer, 1919 Penasyjvania aveiw'e. STIKr!t?FlA.?0B,5r,,?,FW11 lB lwpetl,<>" *t K3 tone and excellence of finish: low r-*-? and eaay terms. O. L. WILD * BRO jdKl Agents, 440 11th afreet, near northwestII11F1 c<-rner Pmnaplvania avenue, dealers In Piano* aud Musical Instruments genernllr. Tuning and Bapniiing, Polishing and Vamtsbltm receive faithful attention. apl7-tr QLD BYB WHISKIES, Purchase* of 1M7-Va,jnst put on draoght. ALES. PORTER, BROWN BTOl'T, Of beet brand*. Pries* low. ?O ? UM. 1910 SIS;, j J^RlTiFRlHOnB?OD4. n ~ I *?*??? fWttor, (M Pen My I aad Ith streets, has_^ irfBTOfS^^gojTWBHKia On motion of the . - r.t* Tme copy?TssT' "" a. th Pw R. J. HUM, Clerk, Be. want& \t'AKTKb-r <w first-class COAT HANOS, at '' KEEN'S, 49f 9th at. a?-Jt* \\ ANTBD-a WUI1I WOM AN to cook,, * * nad Iron; ? rafwrnn rvqniiM. Affl; M No aa? <ow?ii a tr.-o c?i?tt(>> bin. iaa-s-* WiNTIIi-a conn-i-ot ItkUtt CLItK; rrf* 77 ences required Dr. WoRMLEY, cotot L street and Connecticut avenue. aM-ft* \VANTED?An intellifsat WHITE GIRL. tor ? ? Beu?ral li'iKtwuik in a family of fmr, Gei into preferred Inquiry at 61?M ?t. northwest. |8 ?' WAN TBI ? Br * young colnrnd man. a SITUA TION ?> wkilrr in ? hMel or private hmilt; food rrf^rtncn. Apply 709 G st. northwest. li* \\'A>TKD-A genteel COLORED BOT, from 14 '? to IS | (-an of ur; tb? boat of refrrenc a rt quired. App'y at 407 pth at. It W ANTED?Immediately?Two (J) O pIFvtoSs ?" on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing in?. l?n ?, toan>rk on fine shirts; none others need apply. Mr*. L A. McLEAN,$16 F wrM, upstairs. ?U-1* WANTED?By a n-*p>-ctable white w >mm, a ' ' SITUATION aa Srii-cliM cook, will in* to ??? sist in washing and ironing; beat of references. Ad J ? " *, Star c ~ ?lr<K Box 15,"8tar"office. It 11' ANTED?By a respectable girl, a SITUATloV " a* cUatrbennsid or housework in a small f*m ilf. Aral)- No. 1117 Sew Jersey avenne, between L and M sts It* WANTED?Two WHITE SERVANTS, mast be well recommend'd?a *ood cO'dt, washer and I ir-nw; also, a waitress andchambetiuaid. Apply 1 >t IVI4 K street north*e?t. >82-3'* \Vr ANTED?A SITl'ATlUN as ? hamlyrinaid. by 77 a German girl, who iacompetent, and can give g'?>d references. Ad iress No. 71!# Jth street north west. ifi J1' W'ANTKD?By a respe-tabl* white wniu*i? ? 77 SITl ATluN te <-?ok. wash, and iroa for a small tamily; good references. N<>. 1-6 1st street, between B and Penraylvania iQ'-ni.e. It* \VAnTkd-A COOK. CIlAMBKRMAlD. and 77 MAN, to g > to the counti y; colored preferred Apply 7 o'clock this evniug, 14 19 1 #tr<-H uorthwot. It* WANT ED?GOOD CANVASS* BIS, male and f~ mule, w irb small capital, to introduce the bet* selling article iu the city. No book business. Call nt 1 7 (i st.. n.w., Iwtween 4 and li p m aVt St* WANTED?A HOl'SE containing tire or six 77 n?.ni?.the front room larg* enottgli for a small : fanc^ store; will rent from the landlord only, bui am willing to pav any one nccttpj lug a hoase that suits me a reasonable hum of mouey to move out. Any r-r?on ow ning or occupying a h use in a suitable cation, such at. I have described, will please ad drars, glvins full particulars. N. W., Star office. aJ2 WASTED?At Bo. lll'i't E street, a g.xtd, set tled WOMAN, to cook, wa*h and iron. all-St* WANTEI>?A urst class IKONK B at tin- UNION HOTEL, Georgetown. all >t V^' ANTED?A good WOMAN, to do general 77 housework, she must have good recommenda tions. Apply at t*16 flth nt .,bet. U and 1 *ts. aJl ji" %MTANTED? A competent WOMAN, to do th? 77 general housework in a private family. Apply No. 1?94 O street,bet. 15th and ICth ??. a21 3t* WANTED-A WH1TM 4* housework and look after children, Inquire No. 477 (J st reet, between 4>? and 6t h strata. all -St * WANTED?By a Clerk In the Treasury a small 77 FARM, with furni-hed IiOliE, near citv, with use of Horse and Buggy. "U. D.,' Star of fi<?. alltt* WANTED-By a middle aged American L? ly,a SITUATION to do light chamber work an l family aewing; good references. Address Box 4, Star office. all :?* U^ANTED-By a widow Lady, a SsITfATIoN as Seam?tres? in a family; operate* on Howe't Sewing Machine; hat one of h -rown; or would do sewing and chamber work; No. *? 1 Delaware are., I>etween H and I, northeast. a21Jt* \Vr ANTED?Two unfurn^hed communicating 7 7 BOOMS, in n convenient location, suitable for Sarlor and bedroom, for two grown person*. Ad re**. stating terms (which munt be moderate), "A. W Boom l'.f4 Patent Office. all-3t* J W'^^TW)-Two BOOMS, coDimuiiicatlng, 1st or 77 eecond floor, furnished or unfurnished, with ti*e of stable and carriage house. Address L<?k Box 34, City P O. al?-6<* WANTED?A WOMAN. to cook, wai-li, and iron. Good references required. Apply at Shilling ton V Book Store, corner 4H street and Pennsvlva liia avenue. a!9-lw WANTED-A WHITE WOMAN as Nurse. Well 77 rec< mniended. Apply to J A. BARBEK, High street, Georgetown, one mile from street car*. a!9-3t* \\.r ANTKD?A reliable NLTBSE, who can give re 7 7 ferencea. An elderly white person preferred, w ho is willing to r< main all nii;bt Apply at 2?W h street, comer Penna. avenne north wist. al9-:tt* WANTED?A steady, middle aged WOMAN, to cook, wash, and iron. One willing to make herself generally useful, who can come well recom mended, will have a good home and good pay. No. SO Cay street, corner of Green, Georgetown. al9-9t WANTED?Tor year or mare,OFFICB,or fl'R N^HED ROOM, above 1st story, near Post Office; address, (stating terms and description.) LAWYER, 409 New Jersey avenue south east. al3-?t* \yANTED-A good WOMAN a? cook, washer 77 and ironer for one family of three. Must come well recommended. Apply No. 403 7th street, be tween I) and E northwest. al7 ANTED-A g .a! W HITE WOM AN as cook, washer and ironer for a famih of two,in Giw>rgetown. Must com-- well recommended. Apply a? the Star office from SH to 4H P- m. nl6 #t^ WANTED-To PURCHASE UNIMPROVED GROTND: single lots or a square. W. W. METCALE. Real Bstate Broker. Plant's Building, corner lMli street a ad New Turk avenne. . a!4 St WANTED? Immediately?Eamilies or persons in

need of first-class SERVANTS of every descrip tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Serv ants also ran get good homes and best of wag?s by applvincat the Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLSR, 307 11th street, near^E. aM-lm WANTED?LADIES to take notice that Madame 77 D. B. MAISON, of New Tork.bM opened her Millinery parlors, at Mo. 413 1Mb street north west; mHlm' WANTED? Every one to know that the YIOTOB 77 SEWING MACH1NB has its ?mtdU (twr: the most perfect shuttle In oae, resting in ft cradle; needl*bar and work* of steal. Agency, 469 Pennsylvania avenne. Also, Branch of Mme. Dem oreefs Pattern Emporium. augSO-ly , T. W. 8PICBB. Agent. PERSONAL. l^ANNIF.: Ton arc committing self-murder. God a requires no snch sacrifice. Be courageous, and save us both. Uope would roet you little; dbmp r'intvent hereafter would be better than ruin now. will communicate aoniMimes in this way unlet* forbidden. "T?dl him I am as true to him as he is true tome." The future mcst be brighter. Out age. Hope? (all-Gt*) B0BERT. \l KS. H. i. ERkNCH, (As tsUlnmud tUlxmU? 171 (latrroysai mmd Tut MUtwm, can be sasa at 1%} 11th street northwest: also,gives delinlations of character by photocraph Mad writing or lock o hair. IB-M' LOST AND FOUND. L0ST-0n the Ktb of December, a GOLD EAR RING. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the ?aine at 191 or 117 EaetCapitol street. B* Lt'ST?On Friday ^probably at Hare wood, a LADT'S UMBRELLA, mounted in silverl monogram V. W L. Pleaee return to 1401 street. Liberal reward. a2I St Sf CjK BE WARD.?L?Mt,a Scotch Terrier DOG,yol low. long hair, short tail and -??-?; m % answers to the name of "gpott." TheSSSflf above reward will be paid tor bis recovery.' ? . ? si'-* W. H. OTTMAN, No. 1903 Pa. ave. I 08* OR STOLEN-YoungBE W FOUNDLAND 1 j l>OG, all black except th?- fore-pa we. A liberal reward will be paid for bis return to 943 loth street southeast, or 316 13th street northwest. al9-3t |>0ARD Of rCBLIC WORKS. U DUTklCTOP CoLtMBtA, _ ^Washixotoji, Aprils, 187S. A reward of FIFTY ($60) DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any persou or persons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Covers in the cities of W ashington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. BDWABD JOHNSON. a3 tf [Bepub.Chron.j Chiet Clerk. LOST?On the 1st ot March, on B street, between luth and Sd streets northwest, a RUBY RING, with two pearls. A liberal reward will hs paid if returned to No. ft09 Id street northwest. m7 BOARDING. L'Ok RENT?At 393 1st street southeast, Capitol 1 Hill, ROOMS single or coauuonicating; desira Id-location for sntnmer. a22-7t" '|*Q CATERERS" Alout six gentlemen wish to be fnrnishod with BREAKFAST and DINHER by the month. If sat isfa< tory. the arrangement will be tor aome tune None but first-class applicants need apply. Greasy hotel varirty is not wanted, nor dishes much out of season. Even-thing most be first-class, attendance excellent, sufficient variety .punctuality, Ac. The Dinners to be together, the Breakfasts may be sepa rate. Location near lath street; good room necessary. W iue not Included. Any person capable of furnish - ing the above can addresa.givlnafafl terms, particu lars, prices, Ac , O. P. Q., this office. Papers to be returned need not be sent. and none b?t strictly flrst claos practical professionals need apply. aMeoat* KAAK LAWN" IS NOW OPEN FOB THE v/ reception of Boarders. Several dasirable " vacant. Bladeaatmrg station. Inqattw j store. at L'OB RENT?With Board, BOOMS, cc E catinc or single; dtltghlful summer 1 opposite franklin Park, 13361 street, secc from 14th. aw ft* OB BENT?At 476 Pennsylvania avenue, well furnisbed ROOMS, communicating or single, large and airy, with first-claos Board if dssired, from #4 to f 10 per week; bath and gas. al> lw* ro?Excellent TABLE BOABD, with . BOOMS SB salt, on secead Boor. Also, single >OOI" honse. Wo. 6 (Ms raMN i KOOMSto acouaimodate, la that Sao brick EtfUs 3r aad cheapest Boarding arranceaisot in addrsnstag Pep-t^lag, Box 16. Star o? [^QQP fQW FOR BKNT AND SALBL SooiT loiwif. i r+rii. Mo<ntcaM water. j, * K?flhift2T?"I?L*!P BhlcK DWELL (MO ail * .il ifVf. JRA nf*r 0 northwest. Apply to ?. m. bomber. ai3T?h ??. na m Wl? BAH-ioCB^ Wo. 103 ligih >treet, w*' n Mw> ,erBMl Apply *? p'^wliw, aVvWt VVH luST-f?..?rf??.. ?htiJ I K'?NT ROOMS, iV.itlj1 ?i'mT' ?** ?TI "???nlh; ref.reuces re HIT MMNcbiMitt aveuae north w ': ______ a? *? KVl? ?tlTiarTfcnrl23rr l!Ki< K "ABLE and ?K?r A?%lAGI-HOuSlf, ?uppli.-J with water, in 1 a 17 G MrMI. A ppl) at M ?0DI>ARP9, corner O and ltth ?ts. ?g.ti* F tn.wi.j.j,.;. ?i ?rJn?i V'5'' $IM9 ve ry de-.irat.le LOTS. 51 JO, 90,70. hi, 25 anil ai cent. per foot a3-3t THOS. E. WAOOAM AX . Jl^TthKt. F^hi.^?**7?OOMi? 1" ?rat,aec.i?d and ,i i.LS / . ^ r"'^ur"i1*h''d C"*?le?el} or partlv far n ?h?2 ^ ?V?'*" ?*? rent-d unfur ??J tfLi il : ? J6' <*??>er of 13th ?tre-?| F<iR, BARGAtji-lttt 1 4-> 7 kn ?l? * lMand avenite. two-story-and-basement Brick ^ Water, A?.; lol 25vMO, C2.0Mlra.h, balance r-asy, N0UMB * MID61.ETOX, 613 lvhrtroH. K?v? *a\IkK?* ?"?? r brick dwelling, ... ?y?- "'r^e*. bet ween T. *ud r, northwest; IV rooms.bat h-room ami cellar, wnt-T ati-l fa*; <-?n a-,i? to0; J**9** improvements completed, pri. e c/.Ci In,l*ire ou the premise.. D A n.'BIX ? ? a? s^? FK?KP?3j~i^*A.!!,t CHAMOK FOR HcfSf furawh~d BOOMS, ?E2L??25b22.?LV,nd *r; h-use n.w and J?*,1' J*""**"1*' "onth front, with all m-lern con venlences; term. mod-Tat?; delightful location.half ..j'-areof street cars?1431 Q street. a22 it* F?^KKNJ~,A ?>TTAO? HOUSE and IV acre, * of Wrontid already prepared for gar-len purpoaei ??/?>?* "f?e..r^o?? n.^,. ?r<ss% y lef t, containing fonr roomx. kitchen an I cell.r fin P."*1?1*? 't'QOire of JOHN K CR WES, i i irreP *??*?' Georgetown: or A B.COTLE. v'VV'AK"T" ?th street a:7d Hew York avenm-, W wlifngtrin, I>. C aSi .'?? K?? LHM8HKU KKMDKXri.Ztt", . t * 'T fro"' ???? 1-tol May. the ? f?*^"t..^lrl>.t*ferd of rumaaandorCwOi Bj?n, in B<*ale T?fr?ce, c ?nt tinii?c II room*, with Jit. i ' c.onT"n,#"ce"; Will be rented until U Uctotx i next, or for a Hummer and winter AbdIv I t0 ? FITCH * rox, *P * ^ a -nu n 1?"*1 K?tat# Broker**, i 1?*09 P<i. '> R,(nk B >\t ) F25.?SS-rui-fci,"4 "r Vnfnrniahad BOOMS, ?Ilia *i; for boua?ie.-pin*. Apply *1 IS Pennsylvaniaavetn,?. ' anll lm FS!f ^NLrt.TK.AM* faorsM, on L .t.Toe,u MI^MhVt **'J1 ?<reet?, five tonmm. In^nire H. m I KKAT, cor. Pa. avenne and iitli lit. all 3t* Ff?r h*,JiTrl .?iTithh' * for b<>n?<'keeptng; 7th ?tr.-?, beyond B -nnd - J! *21 V * F2B?"r""T"An <?'??*?? nice. Ur?e ,TTT Ii ,iulre Mr"?P* >?tl. and I5rh. r Jirlnt ' 8PA1*IAKD 8 Lienor Store, N? 14 16 " "rPPt- a21 <tt * rLHN-KOOMS< fll<t fl ,iir ?lr it l(ii#fcfc houj*ke?-pjnff: (ta? and water Ap ply at 101)18th st., >N>tw^n K and L *ti. a2l-.1t* 1< 9*. BINT?At 1013 Hew York ntohtih a ?m-v fumkhtid f , F?.B 5MVT~A "n* 8TOBEBOOM and CELL AB W?'."iTt *"> ??n-in??. In-iiiirn BRO V ?i?hiir?CE- V4*1 Hl> "???'>r HOLLIDiiE BKO ", 5th and O, north went. Prlre, .515 h21 1 <u* Fu?, 1 4b1'? ~A we|l bu''? ?hr ?t'Tf BRICK Prio- Afir?"?r:-w*t,,r an'1 '?fp yard, Ac. frice, 96JU). PiiaaeaKtoii g.reu immefiatelr In <i"lre on the premlae*. HtQ? loth at . above M." all I^UB RENT?Very deairaM- HOUSE. 1?W~H 1TnoS"'}? ^'AOdAMAH;P*19"7?h a2l 3t FA?&^.?^iJKasa??B?a^S ^t,?ne7*" d??r- Ia'il,lre at .^?R& &v? " ??? j"?l, ??iit ariicl<-? ..f and water F0* BKNT-Tbr? BOOMS. uufiirm.h ' "ble for houacki-epiUK; alao, a f.-w ar Hc.lL. hold Furnitare t r sale, cheap ann wmt^r "'J ?'%4,n .Ma> 1 Applv at **'' -11 *?' fr"W i To 7 o clock p. ni. ail 31* |/"?R KENT?Th- NEW Bl'lLDING on E-ir 77 v?" r'^ c,,.;,. or'nc?^m^ivVtioiigrtb^uijh''tlI^r?<'?t^OOic. BuiS'o^^if;:*94'wi"'^nt, .,: F S.Ba-AL11A P'*0* OBOCND. 43 by ?M fet a! h J 1"ire.n??r State D'-partm -nt. In?i<iir? at Hotel Luti, corner luth and C street. 2 ? al9 3t* F?a?tV^U^l^NISHfU ? pl-an - ??. r1*0'.?l'T?rn'Hhfd "1'tabre for fi? *f aBd ''?,h r,k"m on fl?or. icXuLrde,^''-1 M'M,?Ur' *Venoe' op?08it<>i,1i? F(i!iM?lNT~.roroBe *!??",t?? ?raref..| ?od re. .tree ^?04*?L!^*t.>"SAM* HOt8K "nli'h ji.ii^-a^iKJ?{sra? |VOB SALE OB BENT?HOUSE No. 181^N .V, rtwyt,between 12th and 131 h rtreew, with all tbe modern improvement*; fine yard and k?A C^EaIt ^?nrM?*rt, ^*?,|, LATIMI^t A 8tV^ScY,'|00ffir"and Eauu> fl1?* BALB?On Capitol Hill, a genteel l-Mwr BB1CK HO U sk, contain! uriUne b??ttidea bath and .tore rooms It hutu w*'eri ,B<1 water-cloeeta; heated by ft !?J *n<i ??plre heating range. It la nearly new in .horoajy^r, In HmZ hewlthy and^Kwe' tM-mS loIjlv.Ik wi" ^ ?old Wf low on eaay Mn^ aotrhil^ th< ?WB*r oa "?? A *IDKNfVif -R18U "P COUNTRY be8 Jf. ?1>**CE, with card, n and ent buildinn, near Bladen.burg, to a auall family, the owner SSeVvi^ iDomp and boarding with the family. For particn' lar. atldreM L. M~,lIyatUvllle, M.I. al?^ F^M.AcJ'hair^ -Tr? d???t>le COUNTRY iiiw ? ? ? mile from C^orgetown, on T?n m hV r**d?l,IUProT?<l hy a very comfortablu ten ro<.m houw-. aiid ev>nr nece?*ary out haildinpi. al. -6t JUAN BOYLB A CO.|6i>} 15th street. F?lfni4?^^T?a??b^ril??offer? for .ale hit not SE < No. 149) and LOT on the Ant ?*..n.r. ^ide of t?frPl'u!d The ,ot If on the ftouth iL ii^ c?Pitol "tree* *?*>."? >1 "treet. and u 47 feet and 11 inches wide and lit feet deep, on M at y 3*1 CHABLBS P ^USSBLL. FOR HALE?A Hne FABM, of BV >cr?intiil Marlboro road, half mile from Good Hope The .. new and contain. 8 flwrWj piR//ah, and commniids a moat maffnifl* out viAw at the city and nur 1 cunjing country/^ 'eW <* al7-po3t >11 7th street, o^p.^P^St'offi.-e. fTOB SALE? ^K?8aBsrsMflarass value. For other partimlara apply to W. H. CLAGBTT, BeSf fciite Ageot, "" Wo.81? Market Space. F?m>r?*TT*i#ft ^r?onth, af.Hirr.KMn Brick n Jr. LS?' h?lf ????* from 14th street car* location. Inquire 634 La. avenne. alG-lw ' ?ALE?Ibree piece. PROPERTY for S2aWU *_ rentiiiB now at $U per mouth. mouth 51-3U0 each; renting for $26 per JwoPUeiSfor ?S3l)0e*ch; renting for ?30 per are*11 IfIW HOUSES: paying about H percent. L S ('lUPlIAN Office: Uth street, between V and O street*, north a!6 St F IntTihT'i fu/nU1??<? front BOOMS. Apply at 403 6th street. alHw* F4!? B*KTwM.wt desirable OFF1CB BOOMS in Lhw,r c?rner kuudin? ?'!%?*????? 9UQ 7th rtr"t northwe'Ht. F?J\>?\-L* ?? MCHANOB FOB CITY PBOP .* ,or' H^18* w?h brick ba-e went, and also a corner LOT and a FARM of tin Apply to J. P COXcor" rfith and Fayette rtrae^i, Qf^rgftown, D. Q. al5 1 m* F*i^MKL?~i0T ?JI ?""* Capitol, between Mh * ,.*"d Improved by two Frame T. A p| Kh ?tr. al*-tw" s,^"?ssraraff srrb^u,v L^OB SALB CHEAP?Terms, |M cash, and A3D Hnninra T*eT?"d new l-story BBICK T ?lJ f alHf* Ha?pahire avenue, l>et. and^k y^di; ' - ^ront al2 2w Northeast corner [ Chronicle ? ~ SVfVMD, U?|| irOO wea cumpletelv AuidhM. ? J. W. STARR, \ corner H. T. ave and 15t h ?t. icle, Bepublican, tf. 1 POB SALE-ON LONG TIME-A neat, well ? rv R^kb?Eft?or!r ,BklC* HOUSE, with two 7o^} j^g>f frwnU southeast; has llttiefront y<rd,yj aide entrance; contaiaa nine roomst bMBdea bath-rooms aad cloaet*. Oellar ond^r Z& blZ?3TjJSL 13 U*M. Inquire on Ue nremiM ?ths owilir of the aU-la alS-eoXw I two years. FOR RENT AND SALE. F?? _ BENT-F1MB LABGE STOEB at *3* Pennsylvania aveaae aorthws*. i? t? FVOK MU-flimKnn BtlCk MOC*E. !?? Ml feet fruat. Brn* Stable, in a i? p-oving portion of the ch' ft?u at-will b? taken in ftrl payment. Call at *1* *h ?f M n<?thweet. a*lw* li?OR SALF AT A BAEGAIN -A neat FBMIK r COTTAGE, ?Itnated in owe of the finest TucaH* ties in the cit \. Roiw contsAnsT r?.??.hall, ai.A e<au* in front. awl ?? (applied with ira* and water Lawn in fmnt. epiksn d ?uk Ifwi taire MM fm?tby M feet d- a to a mH Title perfect F?r terms af>r? > of tbe owner on the prMMeee, Bo lilt Uth street n?rth?e*t. after if m. all) 111* L',(,t RENT?One of the most durable DAIPIN r FA RMS. contain! lie about 9 acres, wit h Una build - in**. barn. ?t*Mea, csrrlage h -a-e and fine apri'ig of water at the door. TMs pho-v '* within one mile of th? Capitol, aid in a fr* month* a atre-t i ailr a-l will rnn thmagh it; :md it wni'M make one of the l?4 pleasure gardens in tlie Di"trl.1. Air good club or traiHK would do well *> look Ml It. rke above place would be aoM che*p. arith llart?? added; and would make :ke l-eat WrjrjwH 'EJJi AM*I> to OB'* MAIT1 MOLT. afi-eoMt Nrv??3 tth atreet. t'OB SALE?SQlAKI So between A and 1 B and tth and ?th *tree<* wort heat, ait her the ah Ivor in lota Apply to JOHN IfOWAEP, hntrher, No. bit Center market? corner of B an.I >h streets north, est. or CHRISTIAN M FE'K I.RT. 433 O rtwrt northwest. a" lot* IH fOR RENT?DWRLLIMG HOPSt, wtth pre* brick front and marble trimmin^a. No. I<#J Kli.<li Inland avenu?. between l?h and Miti etreeta; the rwidrnrc of the First AwMant P'??tt?'*?ter ?en at al for tbe pant three and half year*. Inquire I4M Mrk *treet. P. aetaaion 1st May. at tw L'UK SALE?A nnmb?r of two-etory B R 1 C E i HOUSES. on T atiret, between l??h and IMh strecta north we*',c^ritairing ait roraa each, will be roM ?u term* a* follows: Five HOU8K8 front 8100 to $VH ca?h on ee.-h. ar.i balance in monthly payments to ?nit pur< haeer. f.u HolbtS at fr*iS) tl.'M) caah. an I balance in m nthly,*uart?*:y, or half-year!) pa) ni.-nts, to suit parchaw-r. Three HOUSES will be exchanged In part for vacant ground. A tao, several HOCSFS tktkfMOi* Block w ill be sold cheap far cash. tack ol the tboie House* have hall, cellar, bath- ? room, water-closet, ?ew?r, *??, Ac., and are ? 'II mit'd for a private family. Th.?ee d??irou? ?* ae- , < uring to th? maelv e* s comfortable H-use au eaey terms, should nut fail to call at uiy office pretuua to niirchseiug elaew bere, JOS. r. EELLEY, R. *1 E?tate Agent a! Bo. VOU 8ih ?trr<?t northwest, l>et. I an.I K Ooi BBBT-Fl BBISHBU BOOMS a t a. k I Patlor funuahfd ae a B-Jromn. and two pleaa ant roowi*. back and front, on ancuml atory, in an eligibly-located Dwelling on I atre^t, near ?5U, will be rented on rraaoliable terma to gentb-men only. A<blreaa "A. iNational Republican office. nil?tf | Bep| I.H'k SALB-A two-atory BKH k UOb'SB. No. I IBS I atreet northwest, containing four room; aiao paeaage, kitchen, cellar, bathroom with water cloaet, hoi and cold water in chamber*, beater in Klor, and cooking range in kilrhan. Tha lot la * front by W feet deep, to a ? foot paved alley, with ? brick atable and carriage honae. J W. THOMPSON, cornar of 17tk atreet and New Vork avenue. fob?-tf FOR SALE. |/<?B SALE?At agreat l aigain. >ne aecoiid-liaD'l r I'lANu. Parrit*leaving tlJ*citi Addr^aa at 22 M* W A H, City P. O I aab-. la tbree year* old. perfect I) healthy, and a flne singer. Can be aeen at No. 111 7 O1 atreet northaeat. ap B It l^'OB SA.LE.-A FINK MOCKINO BIBU for and at n CV>B SALiCHEAP.- Nin. aecond hand SI NO IB I SKW INO M AbHIK K8 for leather work in nrat clae* order Apply at JOHN K L1PPHAR1* 3 Leather Stor*. *03 c Leather Stor*, *03 D atreet aorthweat. ap B-)t 'A^ta, OR uooit NOTES WILL. Bl'T rAMT ^ LY BOCK AW AY, elegant Ml-t SAUDLE. aid PARLOR ORGAN Addraaa - BARGAINS. ' S;ar office. ap K-?t L'(?R SALE?A hHiido ?no-1) m?ti lied p?ir of BAV I MABES; kind.senile and *t> liah. Ab>->. a nearly new FAMILY CARRIAGE ani HARNESS. S.'ld for want of ua<-. Can be. a-en at EEAT1NO * CO.* Stable,. ?09 ?ll, ?J13 and MIS ilth atreet northatwt, one agnare tx.uth of Pennay lvama avenue. all 1m FV)R SALE fHKAP-A four horae double tr<-a atreet FLOW SUEAR,a.>nie long handled round pointed feHOYELS. and i-MU ?Muare teat of goo-1 2 tncli PLANE, at S7 23 R atreet. at canal, al* tf L'OE SALE-Three Irat claaa SEWING MA r CHINES. TWO SODA FOUNTAINS, and ONE STEAM ENGINE, at R. FULTON A Co. ? Loan Office, 314 9th atreet, near Pennsylvania avenue. all la* L'OR SALE?Au excellent second baud two-horae, I piatforni-apring WAGON, wide b-?dy, ju?t the thing for carrying paaaeugers^a atage. or gi icer'a wagon, can be aeen at FL'NR * BECK'S Wagon Factory, on Bridge street, neat new Rock-creek Bm'.ge. Georgetown, D. C. . alo Irn BR1C? CLAT FOR SALR. DODGE * DARNFTLLR, jl7-tf IIItT F atreet. MEDICAL, Ae. DB MOTT S FRENCH POWDERS certain cure fur all diaeaaen of tbe organ* and all urinary cumplaUita and blood and akin diaeasoa > anned by iiuliairetion in voutb. Price, $? per box. For aala by W M. B BNTWISLI, Druggist, corner 13th at. and Pennsylvania ave., Waahington, D.C. alt Ira* *'<TATlVOLRNCR,"OR THE WILL CUR17 ^ THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD. By it all diseasea are cared. No medicines used, and no layingouof bauds. Taught by Mrs. J. R EL IOT, 478 C street northwsat. ap7-tr | A DIES suffering from weakness, irregularity, of LjNervotis Debility, can have akutfal treatment by Mating case, and addteaaiug Mb. A. C. ROSHER, l>E LION, CONSULTING PHYSICIAN, Tha oldest set ab Ma bad Specialist in the city No. 611 Utketrest, above H. Honrs: 11 to 4 and 7 to I, daily. ijw-m F SMALM caass takes. Describe vice and medicine will be THOMFSOM.Mo.MB North Wh MADAME WILSON, F H T 81 'i iVlklli k JD M1BW1FM, can be oonenlted on all DISEASE6INC1DENTAL TO LADIMB. Rnevleuce and Ooneohatiee Roams. M1 ~ krd, Medical I between Hand I. Rooom, Board, Ac.,at reaeonable prices. bead in two boon. Bef treated in Washington. ao IS < i' ONE! RETURNED IF SENKAO MLJ11R FAIL8 TO CURB CHILLS. To be had of BRACK A CI88XL,corner BrUtrmt M Wa?t>Hifton streets,Georgetown,a?d of GEORGB M PLANT A BON, corner New York aveuue and 1M ?treet, where teetteonials can be seen. atyU-ly HOTELS. VMlOM MOT^gfiVWg&O. This Hotel has been newly refitted and famleh (t containa all tbe modern improvetnente?hot aad oold baths, bells, and gas. It ia conveniently lo cated, being situated on the Line of the Washington and Georgetown City Paasengsr railroad, the can of which, from tha railroad and steam bos* depeta, pass the door every two or three minutes. The gueeta of this house can reach any ot the pubU : building* of the national capital or any place of amusement, Ac., by a pleasant rtde of a few minutes Persons doing business alone the line of the canal and on tbe wharves will And tt to their advantage tc stop at this honae. deeB-ly fJTSOIV HOTEL, ?o. TB9 0 STREET, jeji-tf Bktwikn 7th and 8th Srtsrrs. TU IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES 8YKES, Frspriasr. F*o!tTl!t? FennsTLVaHIa Ari^n, Bttwtf* VUk tmd 14tk ttrttu, WukiMTQit, D. 0. "tnnkfnl to tha yoblk for gaperous patronag? ?? past, the Proprietor asks his old (Mends ons lo teat tbe^aoconunudationi of his prs toihebest In T HE BRTAMT HODSE, After the 1st of SI'S:! ?t LUMBER. LUMBER. IARDWOOD8 A 8FEC1ALTT. BILL* CUT TO OMMBB. i IBl QEwoiaq^iv OOUBMff Alt BOLD Mt ALL DB BUSINESS CHAN0B9. EH? SALE Tbe frT'K K, ?;<>(i|? * II L L^?Ti *lhr *i l nfeCT au-t Faa,> At ?rr, a. TBI Mark* Spare. b-t *tfa an- ?h at. a nb ???? l?a trj ? LENlBEKG A CO LOBtaLl-T^ sToCt "?** nxTfitrH^ra ? blOvjt.Kl ?Tukl. Juiu a feaeiaaw Tta ft.'t* uhI II 'iim ! A IK, It 11 Wli ?,i?l TTfiTopfcl^ r s ittT r-rti*' ran aW eati--* t-.r< r- ?? - |? tit'' a p*?i to ? . m b<- *ai ? #ra?-cla?? FA KM An ra.fa.rttf ta* ha !>'? with atock In |;t|aT?rtlVcni?llti?- ta.litr*' ?^.'.huicw ? 'Ha and faral?n> rnanoi a.*.**! i-?*il n faaa .tat rr of |uv and tr?<a*. frul?- aM timta* Mo rtia* to a?n?*> rtlhatdt. a* chnrrW*. a. Ko?>k and puat ??(*.?*, n>k mi ?? nioat d.*irabia. In r?trut <1 la *44 wit* n*i |fc- <* atifli i. and wrrtrfaWi1 tm lrr. Tbe*e W al? art- -intra 'he al ?e* *?.???**?? Hrr la* Trar"t of V afr*t, iK-?rl> all In rtlim""* B tli thee* Farui? ?r?- ae*rfr iJI Aral ?? ??? m. an t wpl proee a Mn?iifriill?* -etmeni The pmprtet ?r ?? prepared m n--?o?i*?- at'h ia yiTfhamrt tif tbaar F.?aaie at I>r?T .lift ? t -ar^h-r aad he ia ronS'b-nt tfe? arfaaa t'HM tbfi ^ MN> Ihp i?*? .* akhlilli^ a ?? off- r-.t. thf? will .uamU ? r?ad> ?al-' I ?i?i Atgx VILVB. 4 I? Tife a4r^?? aorta* eat. I HAVE A IKJMRST fnr M? ? and f I cm* nftiuM a ("Ifit in ?h?- l'-*?l>-n lifti*. ?kid I w aid Ilk- t<> ii kaf ?f al a largo Mm-.m, fat Iiomt rml Jin ihtn >aara F H L<>Kli, all ?i* Cornel .vri an ti ?t? ti >r:faa??? MUNIl) til Loan ON kkal ?..-iaTk. fit I . at!in- to auit I irlr'i*nii?|"ll?f rwi(*. NolKaK A MIMU.fc.TnN, arBlw feII Ittkilr A KAKfci I1W k. ?"?IR III MM.^ -F #*l?. ? a ai -Id <-?tal>li?i 4 CIii\K itTi'ltt, I P-tia*>hama ai *unr. A'di<-?? W B. B . ?*? . fli. at *? A "PROFITABLE IA* fr>TMEMT-F->r eata. thai <s?*?\ri.icii! a*:?t mi ill tin ????at or > aad I'KEStfKD RRI< K FK??NT.wlth l..??r-a?..-t Ixtrfa building. N" 4.14 K -lr*?t ii-.rtliw~at H r ? in.; 7 bedroom.. al.aa^a in ?; lurnar*, iauf. ha'li r ?*? . Ac.. I area r.-llar alih-ton.- ?????; 1.4 * b? l?o faet to ia?nd i' fu-K all j, ?tal>>*- rn?i for two h >r-a? aad carriage, Apr ) -o the pi-*>lM?. t'Tm? raay. ala-W* \* AI.FABLB IFaIm FoS BALB" <>B BX ? H ANi.K FOB PBOFBK1 V IN Till* i ITT ? A b H E AT b A hit A I ?> -fm ??: pon r iaixl. ?afe* cislly fur tuiiacro, lar.-r or* T 'lia. >?<? ItaiII, |l* 4l tiir .Titian' H<>?ar and "?ibuildiiut*. ? nn-t aril <>f Ha Colirord grape > (nr., in b^arintt and trrlltaad. !%? a< .?? ralaaUr timlar, l*alau< < aratdf and aaH f' tirf?i, near railroad atatloa, tao h un ti na ifa a city. Prir?,Ml| liAMl k A. PllIl.l.lF", apB lfe |*4 ail dTM. O- :( D C \|('ILT TO LOAN < A KKAL KST \TB lM M VfllY A HR i . B'-al Bfctati: and InmnTir. B'.iki-ra, ?yH lrn 14m F ?tr**t. C; f IWI Ttl A I O .llOO >t n?? to loan la a una of VwTFU frvfe |#4l In 110 0U4 i*< it* propav I). M M Ki'UKkB, ?11 lflt -l.? , -i. ?< IJOAbU Ot HbLIC Wokki (H B1F. Wtkaw for aala it all* rrrtlli tl?? Iktakntt 8crip. a hit fa ia re< < i? al>|r at par 111 pa>in<i>l of -r?-< ial taara. i mall UnrrniiT all nil In iiarrBa a?-r?. LEU If J"UN??'N A CO.. apS Ins |('kri'a,K>'p.| Union, t*l?F SALE OB FX iH A NUB to7 ?li?il>la . tar r pn.pi-rtl tldwi I* al >?lati- notaa. Oua la taent) a< r?-a Qard< u Lai.d . M f-^< of (t>.and >a tat ?tr?-l -aat. W AON KB. Gild**, u'? lni 1014 Pi-iina> Ivauia ai?oia. ^iTB_Ta LB- ??*? ??? iu Ml M? I FAL PONDS, not rfl^rifd aa a ?p- ulatl >b tat a (i mniH a^rnritj. |>a> it.* In Ui is p*r . aad A caaraatM fitvn with all b ind. a..|>| J F BRODH BAD., ?iS7 Im *J* P tma air.. k>?l. \| I KIi'lPtl BONI^ ARI TtlE OMLY 8B i* I carl K-a ui * hi. t a atnall capital rati !?< >a'ai? larMtMfeMmI raiia; kitnli yrt cual. i? bo*Aa ofUrw. atid mmuio^. Arpii u> J F. BBdI'HBAD.. mST-lm 9.<y Pfoua atr., K nai I. B_ OM>8 IN DENOMINATION t??7 Bl*? ?Ml. ?JH), ??w. %MV. and ( I .IUU, pa) I tic Ml* V> prr cfnttatitiiiiK from I t<> W>?<ara. Imrraal aiid pflucipaJ collected aiUiout ibarsr. for aalakf J F BKODHKAD, n.r lm *3*>) hamakima*. RAKE CHANCE to purcliaat* a giMid HTOBE aad liHELLlktt ch?ap. u*ar bear niarfant, Ttfe Hitit,M?, Ull. Pun-. liM.tMnwfwi MAMILTUN A PkAkM'M, ti.ap tf T. M. c. A. BaiMiac.Pth a?d D Ma. F PRY GOODS. tW BfKlftU kILkk ASB OTUEB DKB8B OOOl>!? W> rail the pferticniar fettoot: in of ,.ur ruat->m t? and tin- public to oar uew at <k of (TKI.SOUOUltb. ( ..nipriauig fell Ibr sew and faabi<>nabla lalitioa oat tliia araaoij. and to our unnaaall) lar(a and cfeaap at'<k of HTBIPKD SILB8. aa ae bav* abotn ?i< hundred ptccaa. bought at aactioo roach undrr tin iajp?.rt?-r"a coat, and raujra froai $1 pur >ard up, aad wr a.-uld state L>*r>- that a?- ba?<- had i.uatom-ra ia oar ature within tha paat ft-a day* with aamplaa ?( tuuuar good* frofei New York, a; aiacA a utter f" ?y Out prtct oa.'y, ta pteta /fares. W. M. IHUTEB ft BRO., aK-d*Ae<il* HI* Prnua; l\auia aaeaaa. 'UK SEW AND HANLifk'MB DBESS OOODA ?o ro W 0LF0HD A bH ILBEBU ? 'OB LLAMA LACE SHAWLS AND J ACKBTI. of the i ichaat patt?m?. wolfobii'aVuilbfbo ? 'OB THB LATEST NOVELTIES IN FABA fcOLS feo to W0LF0BD A bUILBEBi. ? <R ALL CLASS Eli WHITE OOODS HEM tioaifehle eo to WOLFOBD A BHILBEBQ. OB A LABOB ASSORTMENT TABLB LIB ENS, IRISH LINENS, NAPKINS. TOWBLS and BED SPUADS, W OLrOftlf ATbHILBERQ. K^OB NICK SF&IKO CASS1MEBKS. SUIT E able for luen and bora' wear, WOLFOBD^ A Vh ILBEBO, I^OB ENGLISH BRUSSELS. THREE -PLTfe r and 1NORAIM CARPETS. OIL CLOTHS, MATllNOS.of th? ti-VHt production*, W 0LF0RD aVhILBKRU. ? 1'HE BEST GOODS FOR THE LKA9T MONET 1 i an be Lad at F F F F F Lovk u?. LFORD it hHILBKKG'B, 4S7 SEVENTH STREET. Betaeaa D and K.aouthwoal. all tr By THE ABCAPK. OVELY POLKA DOT GOODS, fmai IX* oaata ? U> FOl'LARD BII.K8 at Bl JO, at B ROD HE AD A GOV, aartl >i I?A F atraK. ELEGANT BLACK BILK. fr.4a BlJUua.aadfe full line of all kiud* oT SPRING fefed SUMMKR GOODS jaat received at BRODH BAD A CO*. Biarll SU I Mi F Miwl. 4041" 1 EL*1N 1H "sTREKT* co' 404 We hare inft receleed oar aprlng atneA of SH ADB HOLLANDS. SHADE FIXTURES, FINE OOLD AND W ALNt T FRAMES, CORNICES, CORDS, TABSELS, Ar. OCR STOCK OF PHOTOGRA.PHS AND CHROMOS w bow COMPLKTE.and u c of aha FINEST in the City, all id which ?<- are offerlas *1 irt) loa price*. BuTFraK-aa Repaired and Refill aad f uruitar* Cot era mad* to order. ?Wal Most and shallh-grrat aaciuf at CABO<B LOAN OFFICE and BA EAR, Mo. Bid Pena*j Iraaia areooa, batwaai ?U and Mth at*. The whole of the r?i*lnli? atock. in Bnrat at lid hnntiuc Gold and W atche?<Swia* and Ajnetloan a*k?l, Gold < _ Ring*. St ad*, IHeere Button*. Anna Fur*, Mi lnBtraawfeU.^feiiMt and *h*ll bea?4d toaafceachate Id tiuaineaa. Toe aare from MtoM par oeat. bf b?p (?B hep*. Good* aoM oa ItKalmwAa. Oall aad ant It will par roa. ?fl.r,CABQl,?l? PaaajyT fT^^'uVf. l^aAOaj" OITIZkWs, AIM! AKDjBATT<^r ^ IF1A-1F Ho. SSS Paaaa'ai pOB BALM AMD FART

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