Newspaper of Evening Star, April 22, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 22, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. B 1*1.1. WALL .* ? (>.. A"eti.>t.e->r*, New- yt 'M B 'MIn*. K'>. VMai lot P-unsyli aui* n<-u??. Tlil'sTEEYi S.O.E or VALUABLE PROPER TY IN SQUARE S-.1l*. a , ? lit virtne off t? ? of trost. r?-c Tied in n I. i. r R M U . X ? a. Mi" w. ?? Liber -mexf %,?i R.N' 7. f ?li-> 100. of the laid recordi of tbe D-tnct ofOotaMi, and k? direction of the ~*-<-Trrr4 rb-rehy,1 will a&t? at paMIc sale "? the pr.triees, on MONDAY, the B?th da* sf April, at the h"T t f i *VK->ck to th?- aftern.?on. the f.?ll -?w iu L' ?? of Ornd.? snh-1l\ ld?-| W Wm. For* artb. Surveyor. *ein* L<*? mbrr 43 . 44. 4J, 48, 47, 44. 4?. W?.5I,52. 83.54.5* .*. S7. M. ?. Sn. SI.?. 03. '4. 6',. w 67. ?*, ??, 7?>,7'i ami 71, of tbr ?uIhUtw^q of *>riirinal LO number 12, It. II, and part of 19, in a-inare 712. Th"?- Lot* front fro* M to B? f-et o? l>ei??> ?r- aTeBne.11 street east. ? <tr-et north .and Colfax atreet, and run bark to alleys, the said Lota N.-inc in depth from M to MO feet. Two Fr?a* H. pms on Lot* CI and 09 will be sold with the Lota. T-rn>? .4 sale: One-third cash: the reaidoe of the money ia ? ind 12 monthe. the purchaser aiiiM hi* nete* bearing ( per cnt. (itrrMt from the il?f of Male- a >lml (iven, and d'-ed of trnst taken to Ptaf th? ief-rT^ payments. An convey lucing at Hie parrhaseiV eo4. A dep ?st of fSJ required ftua rich pirrliawr wh*o tbe Lot? are ?old. Plats of sbovs Lvt? can ? a 17 lOt IB-p] W. L WALL * CO., Auct*. ?1T~UREIM A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, I# Ku. 1001. northwest coraer lUtb and D sis PAI r or VERY VALUABLE BUSINESS PBOP ARTY ON THE SOI TH 8IDB.OF PENNSYL VANIA AVENUE. BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS W EST, AT AUCTION MB> virtue of a '1?-d executed by the late Mrs. Sanaa Hamilton, sppoiutmc the under mn'i Trust e for the purples therein ?et forth.dated tb?- I7t't<!ay of April. 1 <71, and recorded it. N ME(oli?lll,iae of tbe land record* fiiWwV iigt.i* c..iiaty, P. C , and at the request of and by Tirtoe of a power of attorney from th? beii"ftciaries B:uneo in Said deed, 1 will sell at public auction, in ft' n' of the premises, to the hicheet bidder, on M ON l> \ Y. tli" Atb day of May, at 8 o'clock p di? rurta of Lot." N->s. fire it) an<l six <0>. in S-juare nnm ?r?l ?t,ree hnnH.rxl and ejchtf (M), Improved bv a th"* ?t >rv ar'* attic Pwln""*. w l?h hack buiidiuc, l^-ine pr- n>i?ea Iuowr ae N >. 9*44 P nii-.yl*ania avun* nrtliw? -t. Thi? property front* Jii feet ?n Peni i\ Ivauia atean", with a depth of ?b?>nt SI fe4t. rorn?Ttire with Lot 9. which fronta 11 feet oti C street; jtli 1JU feet. T?rm^ of *al?-: Oue-f<>nrth c?<h; the balance in twelve, eirbteen and twenty-four month*, with irteri-xi at i?ix per c?-nt., parable ?emi ann'tally, P^rered i.r a de?d i-f lrn*t on the propTtjr. A depxit ?>f ? ill b" r?-iuir?*d on accentani-e of bid. If th? t-tni* ar- not complifl with within seven day* after tl ?? i?lr, the property will be reaold at risk aud ? f <lefsrt*ir<t pnii ha>?T. All conTeranciin at pnr rhaM-r*!i c>>at. THOMAS MrOILL. Trustee. GREEN * WILLIAMS, al.'-e< J*r?dtM5 Aucti<>neer<. Y GREEN S WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. ho. 1001, northaeat coruer ltfth and D <ta. \ AI TABLE REAL ESTATE AT TIIE CORNER 0> Bt'l NDARY .-TBEET NORTH AMU 7th STREET WEST, AT THE JUNCTION OF Tbl 7 TH STREET OARS, AT AUCTION, ot. MONDAY, the 1th day of May. IS7.I, at 6 oVkirk p. ni., we -ball aeli, u? the premlseK, l>eini< M X" V. in ?'ihdivi?ioB of Monat PVwitit. hat inz4u1-t-; 2 inobe* front, rnnninc throiuifi to sth >ir#*et w-at, with thv impr ren^nti, con^Ptias of a Biifk P*?-lliiif-li >nse. This property has fine I r.ildiiiK front*?one on Boundary, 7th and Sth st?.; ? n ?h -old Biatfi nsbar^ roa<l, makinK it ralua i I ? pr p?-rty. Tttt-^: t?i t>-h.ylf canh; balance 1 aud 2 years, for till-* I? .irin4? pTffBl. interest end secured by a ?!??? I f irint on the premium. Cotit e> ancin^ at tb? c. -t < f th<' | nt>'bs?.-r. .?iu>do\< n on th?-d.n of | -21-st| GREKN A WILLIAMS. Anets. B RAILROADS. Ai eeandria a Washing ton r B. ASt> _ 1 ALEXANDRIA A PRBDEBICKSBUBQ B. B Comer af B a*i SixtA Strut*. liocsi trains for Alexandria leavo M follows:?<1.1. S 7.,???. s if. 9:s?, 10:55. ll il a. m.. 12.05. 1.45. 2.*. ri. in. Lrocai rr?* fr. n> Alexandria arrive aa fwllowar? * is 7 4f. $:2S, 9:55. W:?). 11:35 a. ui.; 12.55. 1:33. 2:33. 3J?. 4 i:S, 7:33. * 2* p n>. 'Trains marked UnucoaMCt With iratua on Waab ioft.T ai-d Ohio B. B. * Ql'.ANTlOO Accommodation leavea WaabiuKtor J ii a in. dally, except Sunday. ORE A t W'lTHERN EXPRESS. *la Richmond, leaves V aabington IDAS p.m. daily, except Sunday Tur >ajih tickets to all polnta Sontb and Southwest f >r sale at Offlcee, corner 13th street and PeunsyIva rtait'iior,and cora<*rtth street and Pennsylvania v bere ean leave orders for bagraffe to he < (kecked at all hotels and residences throagh to dssti Bat ion B YOUNG. QenT Pasaetxer AtWlt. JrM-tf BALTIMORE AND POTOMAC, t> RAILROAD, i Lhrv. . CiA aad B streets, y. W.' TRAIN? LBAVB FOR" Baltimore. d:B a n... Niagara Exp., tail] 6.0d ajn . Ralttmore Mail, eac*-|>i S, JJ> a. a., Western Rip , daily. asrept Sunday. 8 38 p. m , Baltimore Ac coeiir.ud.Uion, daily, ex cept Sunday . < im innati Ex ^resejUaily, except Sun 7 M*p u. . Western Bxp., daily TRAINS ABBITB AT WASHINGTOM. 4 53 a. m , Western Kxf., daily , except Sunday. 3:38 a. in.. Mail,dally, ex cept Si day ll.itf a. to . Western Bxp., . daily S:23 p.m., Paclflc Bxpress. daily,except Sunday. PnJ8 a m .Accommodation daily. MS p.m.. Boothern Ex press, daily, except Bon day. Tiaifaateastac WaatringixaB(:Sandlft;-VMl.a( S .* p hi .connect at Bowie with train* for Marlboro', 1 aarmx B -srtsT War d 11:29 a. B., and 4:55 p.m., ar rivtas >? Marl1>->ro'9:13 a. m and 12:13 aad 5J5 p. a. Tra'*? irrlvln* at Washington 6JS6 a. ?. and IB p n?? connect at Bowl* wltfc train* isavina Bar 1> r?*7^"?. at. and 3: and 5:tl p.m. Passrntprs Isavinc their sfdere at Thtst OBtst. corner of 1Mb strwet and Pennsylvania avsnns aad ii rtb* est corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania a?enne, caa base their bacgace called for and check el at bo'els aad risMancss te all points North sal West. Throncb tickets to Cincinnati, Oolumbue, I^dianap- lie, Louisville, 81. Lasts, Mew Orleana, < tic a*".Omaha. San Francisco, and all points north, uortbwsat, west, and sonthwsat. B L DUBABBT, Sent Bust. B B YOUNG. Genl Psss*r A<ent. Jyl-tf BALTIMOBBlAND WitliMTos. Jan.M, 1873. Trains between WASHINGTON AND BALTI ?OBB and WASHINGTON AMD THB WBBT ara Bow rmn aa follows, vix; FOB BALTIMQBS. Lease dally, except Sunday, at 4:4t. I:B. 840, !:? aad a. at.-- 14*7 t:13, 4:10. t^0,?d?. 840 and 8JI ?*"* ON SUNDAY FOB BALTIMOBE Leave at 4:40 and 8.1N a. m., aud L00, EU.tJO.lOO dtAi p.m. FOB ALL WAT STATIONS. Laavedaily, except Sunday, at 4:45,1:40 aad 8:M a. n.; ilv and 1:9 a. a.; and on Soaday at 4:ii and S.tta. m., and IM, 3:lA,t:J0, and &00 p. m. The 1:00, t:lt aad 8:18 p. m. traiaa stop st the fol lowing staiioaa only, vim: Bladensknrg. B*ltsvills Laarel, Annapolis Junction, Hanover and Bsiay. Aiao, tbe S it p. m. will stop at Jseeap's Oat, and the SAB P- m. at Fena's Cmnstnc. FOB ANNAPOLIS. Leave at 0:M a. m. and 4:10 p. m, but no trains to or fram Aanapoiiaon Sunday FOB NOBFOLK. Leave at 1.-08 p. m., except Soaday. FOB ALL PABT8 OF THB WBBT. Leave daily, except Saturday and Soaday. at 8:41 a. m. and 3:M aad 8*08 p. m. On Saturday at 8:48 and aad 5 ut' p m., and on Sunday at 3:18 and S.UU p. m. TRAINS ABBITB AS FOLLOWS: From New York, Philadelphia aad Baltimore, at S 3b a. aand ? JO aad PAt p. m. From Philadelphia and Baltimore at 8:80a.m. Frow Baltimore at 8*0, 8:90, 8 00 aad U:M a. m., aid 1.-00,3:40,8JB. 8:38, 7AO, Fit. aad 10At p. SB. FROM THB WBST. Arrive st 148,0JI aad 10A8 P. m Tbrixch tickets to the W est ctnbe had at tbs Wssbin?ton Station Ticket Office at aU hoars of ths day : aha, at the Company'a office. 4*J Pennsylvania avn - - Pae.'e-i Kera purchaaiug tickets at the Ave nue office caa there arrange to have their banan ?*??" " laatoSs' srtiM-D ent of "Throncb iTine"." "r?t? THOS. B. SHABPjAsel Master Traamortatloa. L. M COLB. General Ticket A*ent. UK''. 8 BOONTX QenT A'gt. Wasbtn?tea. ja? 'I'HROrOU LINE BFTWEBNi 1 WAMiINtiToN.PHIL.ADEI. i Pill A, AND NEW TUBS.* W??H!lsiii!i. November 8,1871 Trains between WASHINGTON aad HBW TOMB ars run aa follows: FoB NEW YOBB. vtilssl rinticmrs L*a? ? daily (except Sunday i at 6 JU a. m . 1:00 and FOB PHILADELPHIA L -eve daily (except S : .day ) at8 a. ai., 1.-08 and AM ON SUNDAT. Leave for New Tork at 3.50 p. tn., aad Pblladelpbta a: 5 Mi p. m. bisepiuc can for New Tork on 8:98 p. m. train tickets to Philadelphia, Hew Tork and B at on caa be bad at the Station Office at all boars of tbe (lay. Fer Baltimore and Ohio railroad adrertiesmsat ass fc -b?luie betweea W sahiufton, Baltimore, Annspo l!S and tbe West. ZHOS. B. SHABP, Aast Master Transportation. . M. COLB. General Ticket A rent CEO S BOONTB. Aasat. Washln<rtoa. )e!4 1872 PBNNSYLVANLA BOUTB 1872 TO THB HOHTHWBSTggSpCTH. AMD B00T1 Trains Isam ss follows: ' 1A8 p. m. M p. m. MS p. m. n JStSrl : IT BOUBLB TBACK BO I ?ew Tcrk. ,?Z JPiASJSlVSJ fferowb I riTTfliu \kL' is Co BO witboat BP. ?. TOUBG, rM-ly rk. Aieo ntveen e?w,-"*. .msw* tO tMVtl MATIONAL BANK. ' m ?Ska C. SWAIN.Cashier. AUCTION SALES rVTBAK DATS. BY LATIMEB A OUAIT, D Aocti(??m and Bftl nUI(> Brokers, Suuthwaat corner of r*". *** ?tr?e?, Star Office Building. SALB OF OOVBBHMEHT PROMBTY IX SQUABE Ho. h&s. pursuant to the act of Coograaa profidlnf fur Btbo extension of the <W|?lgrou Hxu 8, 1S7S. ?? ahall *11 o? THlBsBAY MOBH1HO, May 1 commencing at II o-clork. the followID? Buildings. ambraead in S?nare Mo. ^Banderaon hooae,corn?*of A street and Haw Jer arv avenoe,<fraa?e and brick.) Boa. 110 and IB Hew Jersey aveuue; wUl be aold tocKkn. (fraanee ) St*. lM<fraa?e) and ISO and 13 (brick) Hev J*r a?y avenue. will be sold separately. , _ H<*. 134 and OB Mew Jersey avenue, corner of B street; will be aold together. N->a. 32.44.4S, 48 ami M B at reel, (brick;) aopa r*H<?/*. 40 and 42 B street, j brick;) together Ho. 109 1st atreet.t mat-rial brick;) separately. K??. 47,4ft, IS, 41,29 and ID A street,(ft ames; I eep 31, 27, S5, S3 and 21. (IS and 15. Caaparis bnmc,*ill be s> hi tugetb-r,l II, 9,and ? Aatreet, will be aoM separately.(material brick.? Iron railings in front, and wo<nl-ahads, atable* and fencing in learot buildings will bt Bold sepa 'tf/i of ?ale: Ten p-r cent, of the pnrclv.*a money will be required at the time of sale; t!t? re inaiiMler v> ithiu ten day* *fter such sale. Building* to Iw r. moved wit Liu iUirty da>?. B. order of C. DELANO, Serretarv of th-* Interior. *21 1 LATIMER ACLEIBY, \nct-. |>Y LATIMER A CLEABY. I? indi?DMn auJ R< *1 Estate Brokers, South weal corner Pennevlv ania av.-uue and Utbat., Star Office Building. TKUSFES' SALE OF VALUABLE IMPRnvrr PROPERTY OH THE SE V ENTIU t>TR*ET Rl'AD, NEARLY OPPOSITE THE S^Hl ET ZKN PARK. S By Tirtue'of a de?-d of trust, bearing date the 26th day of Ma>, A. IV 1871, and recorded In Liber Ho. ?82, at folio 358, . f the l. u.d E-C 'r4 of the District of Columbia, and at the request ot the person aecared thereby, we fbsll tell in front of i be premises, on FRIDAY, the iJth dij of April. 1873, at i o'clock p. m.. Lot* numbered XT, S3.13 and in Pl -ck 9 in T??1<1 aud Brown'* subdivision of M?. Pleasant.togetb?r with the improTctnent" 1 aere ?n, consisting of a nearly new. co-nG>rtahle Fraine |>?i lling, with necessary out-buildings, all 'n g ? *1 condition; well of excellent water on thj prexilo-a. The Boundary and 8il\er Springs Horse Bail road pn-e 1 be door. T'-rma of dale: Amount of indebtedcesa ?e;ur?d by thedeedof trust (being wtth int?-r.** ?t lo per cent, per annum from the 25th of May,1872,' ?ii<1 expenses of sale ( which will |>e made knocn on i?> of f.?le), will Ix required in cash; the balance mi ? and IS monthe, to be secured by a deed of truat upon the property. #SuO down at time of sals. If the term* of sale are not complied with within seven .lays, the property will be roaold at the risk and coat of the defaulting Ptgehaaer. Conveyancing at pur chaser's Cc*t. gS^mAggWm.f Trualee,. a: d.tda LATIMBB A CLEAHT, Aorta. ? ? Y USEES A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. L> Southeast corner 7th and D streets. tbi'stbbbsaleof Valuable improved PROPERTY* IB CAKE Ho. 674, NBAlt Sr. ALOTSIU8 CHTRi H. BB* virtue ?f a deed of trn?f. dated April 29th. A. D. 1S72, and duly recorde?i in liber Ho ftdl, f'dio 36, Ac , of th<' land records for Washington county, D. C., and by the direction of the par j se cured thereby, I will m'II. at public auction, In front of the premises, on MONDAY, the )I1 ?lday of April. A. D H73,at i o'clock p. tu , all of lot* tiumlierfld oi?e hundred and twenty seven(137 >and one bundr'jd ai>d twentv eiclit (13tO ami a part of lot nntnlierod onf hundred and tweuty-uiiie<129>. in Oill??rt's re cords snlwliv i?ion of square numbered si* hundred and serriitf-five (673), iu the city of Washington, with all the iniprovem?nta ther>*on. conaistii g of n- arly finished brick dwellings on north I street, A plat ,,f the property will be exhibited at the ?al>. T? rina or sale- One-half in cash, of which 81?" must be paid at sale upon earh house aold; tl e de ferred pas inentsto be ma'o- in six and twelve months after day of aale. with interest at ten pr celt .twr annum, aud ?ecur.-d by deed of trust to the sa* sfac tion of ihe Trustee. T?rms to b? fullv complied with i ithin six days after day of sale, oth Twise the TrnMee reserve* the right to resell Ihe proierty, after one week's notice, at the risk and cost of first purchaser. AllcoDte>'ancingat purchaser's c >st. WM. H. WARD, Trustee, a? 3tawAda GREEK * WILLIAMS, Au;ts. ?jTTHF. ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED nntil M"NDAY,Ma) j, at the ~aiue hour and place. Bj order of the trustee -.21 QKEFN A WILLIAMS. Ancta. BY prBCAHSOH, DOWLIHQ A CO., Auct'rs, Southeast curlier 9th aud D streets northwest. CHANCERY PALE oT~TWO STORY FRVME HOC HE, WITH BACK BCILDIKO.OH SOUTH SIDE OF 1 bTKEBT, BETWEEEN lOlU AND 11th H. W. Hy ?irtue of a d?cie of the Supreme Court of HSlhe District of Columbia. p.t.<*"d in rhaneerjr Bcaow Ho.3124.doc. It,I sUall,onTHl'BSDAY. May 1, U73,at 6 N'clock p. in , offer for sale, at public anctlon, L<?t 9, in Davidson's recorded subdi v i?ioii of part olaiuire Ho. 34t;haviug a front of IS feet on 1 street, and running back with that width 1UU feet to an aMer. and improved by a well bnilt twu-storf Franie Hons,-. ?ith a brick back baild ing. Tertna: One-fonrthof th? purchase money in rash; and residue iu three eoual instalments at one, two, and three years, with interest at S per cent, per an num; deferred payments to beaecnred bytnepnr rliaeer'f notea and a deed of trust on th? property. Deed given on final ratification o<. sale. Convey ancing at pnrcliaaerHi coat, ft.m to be paid at sale. REGINALD FENDALL, Trustee. a!7-d DCHCAHSOH.POWLIHQ A CO., Ancta. BI LATIMBB A CLBABT, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokera, Southweat corner Pennsylvania avenue aud lltn at.. Star Office Buildings. SINGLE AHDDOUBLE~CARVED OAK DESKS, CARVED OAK LBATHBBOOVB BED CHAIRS TO MATCH: IMMEHSB QUANTITY OF BBU8BBL8 (JaRPBT, OFFICE DESKS AMD TABLES; WALNI T AHD OAK CAKE SE AT OFFICB ARM CHA1BS: SOFAS, ?c , Ac , BE INO THB FUBHITUBE RECENTLY IH USE 1H TUB HALL OF THB HOUSE OF BBP BESEHTATIVES. LOBBIES. GALLERIES, AHD COMMITTEE BOOMS. AT AUCTIOH. A TUESDAY MOBBING, April 39th, BI 1873. commencing at 10 o'clock, we will aeU H|at the Capitol of the United States? IV | A boat 3uo single and double Carved Oak Deaks, AI>ont 300 Carved Oak Leather-covered Arm Chaira to mat en. Large number of Walnut and Oak Oane-aeat and back Arm Chaira, Oflrs D eaks and Tables, Sofas, laiam?i jnaiitili ?f BrnaM-la Carpata, which win be sold in lots to suit purchasers. The carved deeks and chtira will be sold in the chamber ?f the Honae of Repressntatives. The carpets and other furnltnre in tne Urge hall iam> diately nnder the chamber of the H >uaa. By'orderof EDWABD McPHEBSOH, Cl'-rk of the H use of B<-presentati\es, U. 8. al2- LATIMBB A CLE ART, Aucta. Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Ho. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D ata. B VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY, OH THB Ht'BTH SIDE OF PEHKSYLVAHIA AVE ME. BETWEEN 4>, AND ?th STREETS, WEST, FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTIOH. We will off.-r fur sale at public auction,in ?SS front of the premises, on SATURDAY, April W73. at ft o'clock p. in ,the House and Lot known an Mo. 4 99 Pennsylvania avenue northwest, and being the eastern part of original Lot num b? r -d si* (<>. in ?-juare numbered four hundred and ninety-one <491), fronting on Pennsylvania avenua inn.'teen ily* leat four (4) inches, extending the depth of the lot to au all?y thirty (30) ftet wide, and l-onnding on said alley nineteen (?) feet eight and a half 18*?> Inches, with the improvements, consisting of a three-story Brick Htnse. Terms of sale: One-third of tb? purchase money ar?l thr balaacein e<|iial sit (S>, twelve <12) and eighteen (BI months from date <?f *ale; tlie purchaser t > give hie notes for the deferr>-d raj tnents. tearing iuter^-t at the rate of 8 per c*-nt. per annum. a> d secnr.-d by a deed of trust on tha prop. rty. A deposit of 9BMU will be required when tV- property is bid off. Conveyancing at pnrchaser'i ttpeuse. LEWIS J. DAVIS, EUGENE CABUSI, W M F. LEACH, Executors of estate of L.Johnson. al2 J GBEEH A WILLIAMS. A'icts. By latimeb a cleart. Auctioneers and R>-al Estate Brokera Boathwcat cortter Pennsylvania avenue and lit hat.. Star OMce Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF AH BNTIBE SQUARE OF GROl Nl>. VERT ELIGIBLY SITUATED, V ITHIN ONE hQl'ABE OF COLUMBIA RAILWAY. By virtne of a deed of trnst to the undersign Wed, bearing date the l^t day ef April, A. D. UTS, ^^and recorded among the land records of this District, in liber Ho. feg. at folio S, at aeo..aadbjr direction of the holder of the notes secured thereby, I ss ill sell at public auction, on the premises, on SATURDAY, the Hd day of May AD. 1473. at I o'clock p. m , all of Square numbered nine hundred and thirty-two, (932. > bounded by m>rth I and K streets,and 9th and 16th streets northeast contain ing in the whole ab<>at 73.138 aquare feat. The property will be Moid subject to a prior deed of trust, dated October I. 1870. but which by its terms may be released upon the pa>meutof six cents per sqnarefoot. Terma; Oaa-third caah; the residue in four equal pat ments, at S, ft, 9. aud IS months, with intereat from day of aale. Deed given and trost taken. f2W to be dep>eited when the property ia struck . 0. which U to be forfaited nnlesa purchaser com piles with the terms of aale within five days after -* jSSSkTn?. aS eoAda LATIMER A CLBABT, Aucta. DT B H W A BBBB, E> Beal Estate Brokar and Auctioneer, Ho. 789 7Ui atreat, between G and H ate. PUBLIC SALE OF VBBT VALUABLE PBOP BBTY OH Tm ST BEET, OPPOSITB U. 8. ^KSIsb0^fAtAXHs^p^^ PBOPEBTY IH WASHIHOTOM CITT. Tweotr (SO)frat^ont on Tth suaet, bet wet w Fand ?, TrZi cowaranag n a poiat taauur jw leet aouth iroan the towlhwMt corner of 7th aod 6 stTiata aorthweat, aad nuiwlng the ace acnth taati Md.ted thMae by & width of twenty (M eaet <w hmdred aad two and thraa lachea TV ftasg four feet bf said three teSteawida, and tafor i>, otheraT Tkta ?a a part of lots j thirtaan.Ta aquare numbered f, fire, aad ia las proved by a thraa atery building, lib aaariy oppoa' patent Office, on 7th atraat. , Meheira > title la MS, veyanc wUh wtt hia ? of mm are: One-third caah, aad balanoe la eive aad eighteen aaoatha, wkk latereat. Con lag at the coat of the purchaeer. IMerred ?to to to aecared By deed ?f traat oa Use | In caae tha tain of aala at* not complied ' fiva daya altar IH aala, tha rlght fai SSTi1 ?? *?? rtakaafSaat 5*^*4^ultiDgl ?trchiiir^'t,'' ertfsl ngthrwe 2rrj\ih; (Bep ftAus j B H. W&rIiI, A*t. AUCTION" SALES. /itvri da?ts. _ By omen * william? Ho. lOOl, nori liw,-1 c +tm0r IBth and D-4*. VALUABLE FROP SF&S'sSkfifih?!" '-V"S'R W " B) j!rto? of thru- de,-d* oJ-tm?f,llii? frst 4ttM Mtuch ?. 1872, the vjcoihI Ap<-?1 2.1V2, and the third May 21, Wl, and dalt r-fi* tr4 iu lib?r Nu. ST9. folio to; l:ber No. 472. fdio 430. ti^iWr Jin. 6M. folio *. rwyfltlTrljf.of the land r;- ord? for the cmuty of W?d)iB(toD, D. C , and by ;Jr*cti?n of the parties ?f ,*** thereby, wp, the undersigned trwsteee, will (7) i 1Kb ???of Lot nti.efeered three .(S.iin Square Mia>t>?red five hnmlred aud savant y-foar,(5?4.) and all Ibf lmtivTnirBtr which consist oil por turn* of nil brick Imdmw. Th? brick work of these hons-* ia completed to the height of I he first floor of jois s, which ar* laid, rt?e location being central, the houses, w ton completed, will tad ready sale or rent. Term* of sale mre : One-half in ca?h, of which $200 mu?t be paid at the ae?e; the d-ferr-d payment* to he made In six and twelvemonths, with interna from the day of sale. The term* of sale mnit be complied with within tdx day* after rib, In default whereof the prop erty r;ay l>e refold at the rink and coat of thftflrst purchaser. CcnTeyanclnj^^'^e^nrrha^j^1 coat. WILLIAM H. I'llifcP,} Trustee*. V1LMAM H. WARD,\ n:28?r,w,f GREEN * WILLIAMS, AjacU. S^THE ABOVE KALI IS POSTPONED nntil I Hll?AY. ?5:h instant, at the saute boar ? tid Blare. By order of the Trustees. a 13-d GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Anct*. Bt B. a. WAKNKR, Ri al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7'Jtt 7th strevt, between tt and 11, TRUSTEE* SALE OT ATHREE STORY BRK'K Hol>S, No. 11A FIFTH ST BEST SOUTH EAST. AT AUCTION. , By virtue of a deed of trust to DanM L. Eaton and mvself. dated March 2?, 1871, and duly re 'corded in Libc? No. 611. foiio?, one of the land record* for Washington, D. 1 will aell at public atirtion, in fr-nt of th* premise*, to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the 96th day of M-.rch, 187J, at 4 o'clock p. m., all that part of Lot No. 13, in square No 8M, contained within the following m-t>-H Mid bounds: Beginning for the same at a point 17S feet from the aoutheas* corner of Lot No. 13, aud running thrace north 17% feet; thence weat to the rear line of said lot; thence tooth 17* feet, and thi-nre eat* to the place of beginning together with the improvements thereon. Terma: The amount of irdebtedneas secured by said deed of trnat nnpald, with the expense* of tale, iu cash, and the balam e at ilx and twelve month*, to beseenred by a deed of trust up >u the property ?old, with interest fr >m the day of aale. 3>w<i> p.-ait od acceptance of bid. If terma of sale are n?t complied with withiu seven days atter sale, the property t? be reaold at the risk and coat of the de faulting purchaser. GEO. W. STICK NET. Surviving Trustee. fS ecAd* B. il Auctr. __ THE ABOVE BALK IS POSTPONED until THUBSDaY, April 10, 187J,sam<j hour and place. By order of trie Troutee. nOl B. H. WARNER, Anctioneer, ?f THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY, April 16,1873, at 6 o'clock p. ui.. same place. By order of tlr Tru-tee. ?W B. H. WABNEB, Anct. STTH* ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED ""til EDNESDAY, April 30th, lard, same lionr an<! place. By order of the Trustee. B. H. WARNER. Anct. By latimeb a cleaby, " Auction* em and Baal Estate Broker*. Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11th street, Star Office Buildings. VERY DXSIRARLE LOT AND DWELLING, (LATE THE RESIDENCE OF LEWIS JOHN SON. ESO.. DECEASED.) ON THE N"RTH CO>N;b or ,,T? AND G STREETS AUrTK)N BALK AT Pl;ULIC By virtue of a decree of th'' Snpretne Conrt of ?he District of Columbia, passed in a cause iu laaid court depending between Lewis J. D.ivi* et al . complainants, and Georgiana R. Davis et al., de fendants, I will sell, at public auction, in fp?ut of the premiaee. on MONDAY, April 99th, 1873, at 6 o clock p. m., parts of original Lots numbered three i*> and four<4>, in Square N?. ;^S, iu the city of W aahington,D. C , particularly descritw-d a* follows; Commenting at the soiitliweat cnrn?r of s.tid square an,l running thence north aloug the line of li b etreet one hundred and thirty-nine (139) feet: th.-uce ea--t forty four (44) feet nine (9) inches; thonri sout h one hundred and tliirtv-nine <l*t> feet to U str?>?>t; tin lice west forty-four <44)feft nine (9) inches to the point of tieginning, witli the improvements, consist ing ot a fine three-storv Brick Dwelling,containing all the modern cot.veniences, and Brick Stable aud Carriage-house. The yard is supplied with a pump and well of line drinking water. Terms of aale as prescribed l>y the decree: One third of the pnrchax* money caah. and the balance in six (6), twelve (12 > and eighteen (18) months. The defi-rred payments to bear interest at the rate of eight (8) per cent, per aunum. A deposit of AN*) will be required when the property is bid off. Con veyancing at coat ot purchaser EUGENE OARUST, Trn-tee. H-d LATIMEB ft CLEABY, Aucts. BY LATIMEB A CLEAR!, Beal Estate Brokers and Auctioneer*. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNI _ TURR. A ^ Bf Sf the 12th PL j?) of March, 1873, and recorded in Liber No. folio 425, one of the Chattel Record* for connty, D. O., I will aell. on ? THURSDAY, April B4, 1873. at 10n'cliA a. jn.. the entire contents of house No. 304 D street, between 3d and 4th atreeta northwest, consisting in part uf? Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Furniture. W aluut Marble-top and other Tables. Bi uaM.Is, Three ply and Ingrain Carpets, ? alnut Extension Table, Lace Curtain*. China, Crockery and Glaasware. W aluut Marble-top Chamber Furniture. Painted Cottaff Set. Wardrobe*.Bureaus, Bedstead" and Wa<h*l>?nd* Husk and Cotton Mattresses, Tucker Spring* Feather Bolsters and Pillow*. Straw Matting. Toilet Beta. K itcben Requisite*, Ac., Ac. T- rniacaah. , WM. L. KIMMELL. Trustee. alP-dta LATIMEB * CLEARY, Aoct*. BY DINCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucta. Corner 9th and D streets north weat. SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITOL HILL, AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY aVtEBNOON. April 17. at ? o'clock, we will sell upon the premises, all of Lot 1, square 336, having a front of 52 feet 6 inches upon uorth D *tre?-t, with a depth of 80 feet nponSth street east. This prop.-rty is situated in on.-of the mo*t rapidly improving portions of th? city . being the northwest corner of 8th and D sts nor'heast. T< rma One-third cash; balance in 6. 1) and 18 moi.ths, notes bearing interest and secured by deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyancing, Ac . at cost of the purchaser. A deposit of #90 will be re quired as *oon as the property is knocked off. a8 DCNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucta. ?S/-THE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED, on account of the weather, until SATURDAY, April 26'h, same honr and place. al7 DUNCAN SON, DOW LINO A CO., Anct*. BY Dl'NCANBOV, DOWLINO A CO., Auct*7~ corner 9th and D street* northwest. 8ALR OF YALUABLR-PROPEBTY ON 11th >TREET, NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVE On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 16. ? f"?ch, we will sell.upnr the premises,all ^"flot 14, in suuare 323, having a front of SO feet upon 11th street with the depth of lot, with improve ments upon the same. The above property t? situated upon the west side of 111 h street west, between C street and Pennsylva nia avenn'-, and one of the most desirable pieces of property in the city. Terms: One-third cash; balance in <, II and 18 months, notes bearius interest and secured by a deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyancing. ,tr? at the cost of the purchaser. A deposit of $3*) will be required as soon as the prqpertv is knocked >?'.T as DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Auct*. ?^?THE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED ON secoiint of the weather until THURSDAY AFTEB N< 'ON, April 24th, same hour and place. al? DUNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., Anct*. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Re*l Estate Brokers. Southwest Corner of Pennsylvania aveune aud Elev enth street, Star Office Building. FIVE VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON THE ? ISLAND, AT AUCTION T?^58I>AY AFTEBNOON. April 514. ^P1873, at a.tOo clock, on the premises, we shall ' Lo'1*"'iware 545. situated on the south aide of M atreet, between Third and Four-and a half streets sonthwest. Terms: One-foprth cash, the balance at aix, twrtve and eighteen months, secured by a deed of trust aud notes bearing interest. Conveyancing at coat of purchasers; *2? on f*rli M a* tim~ of sale alf-,lXds LATIMER A CLEARY, Anct*. )Y THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, " Real Eatate Auctioneer, H9 7th street. M Bv virtue of a deed uf trust,dated the 14th ilay B rif August, I*i8, and recorded in Liber Ui, folio W, Kc , oue of the land records for Washington C.miity , D. C . ami by direction of the aartv secured thereby, 1 will offer for sale, by public auction, on !iSL^Tmto5,?** J"'?l'*'kp ni.,on MONDAY, th 2*?th dav of April. 1873. alf of Lot No. 1, in Square No.j?, in th* city of Washington, D C., with im provement*. T> rus of sale Al 4)00 cash; the balance by note, at 6 m?.nth*, secured by detil of triMt on the property. Conveyancing. Ac., at the coat of the purchaser, at time of aale. M P. ' ALLAN, Trnatee. THOS E. WAGOAMAN. Auct r. CSALE OF SMALL ABM8 AND ACCOUTRI O MEHT8. _ _ Bckkac of OsDXAmg, / _. P?a?T*?W, April IT, 1873 \ Thor* wiHbs atdd iat public anetiov to the highest bidder, at IS ?., on WEDNESDAY, May 14,1871, In the office> of the Inspector of Ordnance, Navy Yard,New York_,anqantity of *Mall-arnu and ac onwti s*nnnta, as foMowa, vis: ?751 Plymouth rifles,cal, .?, serviceable. 174 nyfiwtk rMUa.enl. .?, neadi^ repkirs 4401 Ph month rifle sabre bayonet*. M Plymouth rifle sahre bayonet-scabbards. 4344 Hharpa A Maaktw snrbinea, cal &L, servicaa B1 417 Sharps A Mankins carbines, cal. 52. ueedinff rt' V* XiZ. A Mankins rifles,cal. JS. serviceable M Shar^a A Hank las rifles, cal. J4 needing ra 171 sSumk Hnnkins rifle sabre taroantannAaeab Terms- One-half ra>Ii iu Goverantent funds on th? c inilHin of the esUv sM HwtMl?h4*r within ten (10) day* afterwards, during which time th* articies will be gU*? U> Purc'.nsecM vfjuticies fnrsale and noted in ttie cntflfrr je, A* regard* tbeU exact condi ootrdlS Hie catrti-r 4e, as regard* tbelr exact condi AUCTION SALES. H BT GREEN * WILLIAMS. Awlii nwri, Northwest corner lOtii and D streets SALE OF HAHT*OME~FBBHCH-PLATE MA TILA-HD PIER MIRRORS AT AUOTIOM. Or, Wfi>KE>DAT. Ap til 99. UPS, coataencing at It ? <~k? k a. ru , w? fh*ll wlli< front of oar Auc tion Rooms eleven handsome Ollt-friai4 Preach Ftate M antel mid pier Mirrors, vi? : M? atel?M inehi ? long, 64 iwhH wide. u g| u 44 44 ?? ?? w SO M (i 44 ** ti M fiu 4* 44 a M w ? 44 *4 41 40 41 44 u 4^ it 44 40 u ? n^r?71 inches l^n*. 24 iochec mid?. *4 k% 44 20 M 44 44 4| ii *t 20 *4 ?? 44 00 II ?? j| ?4 It 44 Qp 44 44 JO 4 44 -_We <"*11 the Attention of persons wishing fin Mirrors t > attend the sale. u the above collection of M irror* is in good condition. Terms each. ?21 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. BY W. L. WALL A CO..Auctioneer*, Hew Marble Buiktirg. Hue. 990 nod 9M PraMflTtm* arena*. 84.yLPr A T**T STTLISn PAIR OF WELL TOUNtt AND FAST PONIKS, PONY PH.ET0N, HARNESS, Ac., AT AUOTiON. fi\__ On WEDNESDAY. April at I# X^9i)'r.l?ck, in front et our new M.irble Rail ! ' ? ? ipg. we shall sell at Miction a pair of styli.<.h Pou*?., which work ia Single and doable hsrues-; art- excellent riding ponies, perfectly sonnl, and without a blemish. Oue Pony Phse'on, wirh p?le "Bd shaft, rol>e?i, and set* of d >uble and single h%r ne^s made to order, b*lng the property .>f C >m mander Wea*er, U. 8. Nary, who U selling on ac count of leaving the city, al8-d W. L. WALL A CO.. Au--ts. IB. p. Dailv Chron. SnnH"r, Ci\p. Forn?*'s Chron.] BY II. H. WARSKR, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T29 7th street, between O and II sts. TRUSTEE 8 SALE OP VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTAT K FRONTING ON I t*TRKET NORTH.BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1st ST8. EAST vj. By rfrtue of flTe de?d* of trn*t, Marine date ?Bon the 4th dav of October, A. I>. 1S71, amf duly recorded in Liber Ho. 6Si, T->li22,et ?eq ; Lib -r 6?G. folir>24, et seq.; Liber 663, follp27, et seq.; Lib r 6*?3, folio 29, et set)., ind Liber 663, folio 32, nt ?h|, of the Land Record*- for Washington county, D. C., I shell sell nt public auction, in front of the premise-, on WEDNESDAY, the 231 day of April, A. I). 1373, at&o'clock p.m.,ail those certaiu pieces or par cels of ground, situate and lying In said city of W ashington. and being known and described as Lots numbered ninet) -four, (!NJ ninety-live, (X.) ninety si*. <96,) iiin<-ty seveu (97) and ninety-eight, (96.) in Gilbert's recorded snb division of s-innre iMiinlM-red six hundred and seventy -live, (67.1 ) Each of th>- above Lots is improved by a fine two-atory Rrp-k Honse nearly ready for occupancy. Term* of sale: One-thin! cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, with interest from day of sale, secured by deed ot trust on premise* sold, glOO to be pud on each house nt time of sale. If t lie terms of Mile are not complied with In five days, the Ttu?tee reserve# the right to resell the prop?rtv nt the risk and coat of the defaulting pnrchaser. by ad*ertising thre# time* in the '-E*euing Star." All conveyancing at coat of pnrchaser. WILLIAM B TODD, Je . Trustee. *9 e -\da B. H. WA*RNEB, Auct. BY DUNCANSON, DOWLIHO A CO., Aucts., Southeast corner of 9th and D streets northwest. TBl'STEE'S SAL* OF"vALUAHLE PROPERTY ON 6th SOUTHWEST. ON TUE ISLAND. By virtaeof a d*--d of trust, dated on th ? 6t h lOday of July. A.D.137U, and recorded in Liber ~*So.(lJ), folio 21. Ac., of the lnnd record* for

Washington coHnty,D- C., and by direction of the party secured thereby, I will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, nt ? "'clock p.m.,on MON DAY, the 7th day t-f April, A. D. U73. all of Lots numbered four (4) and five (6) in the recorded suh diviaion of Sguare iiuinl>ered four hundrHd and six ty -tire. (465,) with nil the improvements ttv-reou. Terms of sale: One-half in cash, of which ?M0 tnn?t be paid nt sale, the deferred pavmenta to be nude iu six and twelve n onth?, with interest at ten percent, per annum frnn day of sale?terms to be fully complied with within six davs after sale, oth er** the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and c<?t of first purchaser. All conveyancing at pnicha?er's cisit. WM II. WARD. Trustee. m24 eoJtdsDl'NCANSON, HOWLING A C0.,AucU. 4/'THI ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED until Tl'ESDAY, April 14. 1<73, saunn hout arid place. WM. H. WARD. Trustee. aS loads DUNCANSON, DOWL1NO A CO., Aucts. ?V"THE ABOVE SALE 18 FURTHER POST lONED until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April it3d, 1473, same hour and place. WM H WARD, Trustee, a 1# DUNCANSON. DOW LINO A CO .Aucta. HY LATIMER A CLEARY. Auctioneers and R-nl Entnte Brokers, Southwest corner P<-iirsy|vaiiia are. and 11th str-et. Star Office Buildings. TKl'STEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY IN SOUTH WASI1IHOTON. eln accordauce with provisions of n deed of tust,dated May 18th, IS/0, and duly recerd-?d in liber No. 614, folin300, el seq ,of the land reconis of Wxshingtoo connty, P. C.. and by virtne of th>? powers therein conferred npon me au<l upon the wiitten re<ine?t of the partv secured thereby, I will, on WEDNESDAY, the 234 instant, nt ft* o'cl.K-k V m., in front of the pr< -nisec, offer for sale, at pub lic auction, all that certain piece or parcel of ground situate in the city of Washington, D. 0., nnd known and described as part of Lot twenty-two (8), in Square four hundred and sixty-eight (463), in said city, bounded as follows: Beginning at the north west corner of aid lot twenty-two (22) and running thence due east on the line off street south eighteen (18) feet ? thence south seventy-five (75) fset; thence we?t eighteen (M)feet; thence north seventy-fir?(75) feet to the place of beginning, together witn the im pro* ement s thereon. Terms: Cash. One hundred dollars deposit when the property is struck off. Balance to be p?<d w ithin five (5) davs, or the properer may be resold at the risk of the defaulting purchaser. Convey ancing at purchaser's expense. R. T). MU88EY, Trustee. a!4 eoAds LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. BY LATIMEB A CLEARY Auctioneers nnd Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue nnd 11th at., Star Office Buildings. TRUSTEES' BALE OF A COM PORT ABLE BKICK BESIDENCE ON V 8TEET, HEAB 13th STREET NORTHWEST. ?????*? M By virtue of a deed to us, dated May 3, A. D . 1871. and recorded in liber 648, folio 113. and by direction of the part/ secured, we will sell, nt public front of the premises, on WEDNESDAY, ISthdny of April next, at ? o'clock p. m., Lot Mo. 26, in Charles j. White's subdivision of square No. >36, with improvements, which consist ot a very comfortable three-story and attic residence, containing eight rooms nnd hall, being the hoase No 134?U street. T< run: One-third cash; residue nt 3, C, t, 12, 14 and 18 months, with interest. (MO down when the house is knocked off. FRED. W. JONES, I _ MAHLON ASHFORD.f Trn#tw* n.:t ia*?3w LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. K/-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain until WEDNESDAY, the 231 instant, -ame hour and place. F. w. JONES. Tmstee. LATIMER A CLEARY, Aacts. HV LATIMER A CLEARY Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St.. Star Office Buildings. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT ON 86th ST., BETWEEN K AND L STREETS NORTH AT aWSJoM PSIfKSYLVAKlA AVBNUE,) On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 93, ?Ifv3, at 1)4 o'clock, we shall sell in frout of the -premises, lot F, in Wroe's sub division of part of square 4, fronting 20 feet on 96th street, with a depi n of luu feet to an alley Terms: One-third cash; balance in 4, IS, nnd 24 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. *100down at time of sal-. al7-dAds LATIMER A CLEARY, Ancts BY B. H. WARNER, _ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T99 7th street, between G and H. PUBLIC SALE OF LOT ON THE BAST SIDE 8'betw"m d and 4A. 1"" <? WEDNESDAY, April 93d, 1873, ^Wat half past six o'el'k p. m.. part of Lot E, in sub ^^-division of square 6w, having a front of U feet on 1st street west, and rnnning back to tad having a front on Delaware avenus ofu feet tt|' Inches. Terms: One-half cash; balance 4,12 and 18 months with interest. #50 down when the property is struck off. Conveyancing nt the purchaser's cost. al2-eoAds B. M. WABHEB, Aact. By b. h. warhek, ~ Real Estnte Broker and Auctioneer, Ho. T99 7th street,between O and H. PUBLIC SALE OF BUILDINe LOT OH THB WEST 81DB OF 1st STREET WEST, BE TWEEH D AND E STREETS. I will sell on WEDNESDAY, April 93,1873, at Wa quarter past ? o'clock, part of lot SI, in snb. ? "f square 481, having a front of U feet on 1st street vest, and running back 1M feet to ? 14 feet aller. Terms: One-half cash; balance In six sad twelve menths. with Interest. %90 down oa day of sale. Conveyancing nt purchaser^ cost. a!2 eoAds B. H. WARNER, Auct. BY GREEH A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Mo. lOO* Northwest loth and D i FORTY BUILDING LOT8 AT HUHT4HGTON. IN PR1HCE GEOBGE COUHTT, MP., AT AlCTIOH. ?On the Up 4 o'clock p. r ? -hall sell atonr anction roo?s, the above ? lou. in block B.T T and O O, to; the b b'aMedfUf GREEN A WILLIAMS, A nets. Anctloaeec*, Sonthweet corner Peniwylvania avenue and 11th St., itar Office BaUAtng. TWO VALUABLE BUILDIMO LOTS OH HEW YORK AVBHCE, BETWEEN Sn AHD ?th IIVL^AU^NttW,tOT' r?B 8ALS AI S We will offer for sale, oa TUBSDAT, April 99, 1873, at ? o'clock p. Ma nanabered twenty-foar (St) and tweaty-ivs (*). ia ??" subdivision ofsanare 'ntsaibered tvs handred ?weoty Ave (&28>. an rrce?did in ths oMce of the Surveyor of Washinftea city, ia Liber H, D 0., *4- Lot Ho. si^oata seventoea (17) Iset Eve (I) Inches on Hew York avenue, nod contains l.?l s<i oare feet. Lot No * fronts seventeen (tTXW five (tji laches on said avenne, a ad aoatatMlJH ?aaa re ftwt of aronnd. Tferaas of sale; One third of pnrchaa*-?0ney cask; balance In a?aal lastnhaeats at 4 aa^. n Matte! Ths sstrrhsssr will as reqairwd to give nis aotes for bhsdefsrredpaywato.heartaetaiereel at the rale ^"oTthe*psr>pertr'wiii be e^hibtted at the sate. *. B WHITE, s.I'GENE OARUSI, WM. F MATT1NGLT, mm AUCTION SAIiKS. TMIS AFTKRNOOH. B T B B. WARN Kit, u _ Real R.tat*Broker MM] AarUoueer, N<?. TW Be?eeth#twie?w<wi^e O and B CHA5CKRY fcALK OK VALUABLE KKM. itsrsfi ihw-***"1 "" ^ By^lrtna of a<lecree of th? Pnpreme C -art of I IJ" Pwnil ?i id roaitr rt?' *l?, inc U, McQnire rt ?l ,? Harry ?,?" ? ttxl by ?lrto? of as order h?m) i* ???d < ause on the tvh day of April 4.. p. js-j, of sa?i propertr and nodi tying tMtmm of m!<>, the aader?igned, ! ?FPow'w'br said oovt,will aril, on TrBSn\T. April SSJ, at 9 o'clock p. m , in froat 'jf th* pretai fart of lot H, 1a square No. 491, in th* city of Washington, fronting S3 f?et and 3 inch** on 4> ?tntlMrtliwNi.aBi bosadrd awl dwcriM a*fol |?* : l"(1nil| for the >nn> on tb? ?mi 1 in* of sad lot on ?H street at a point twenty three till M au.i ? FT? * inches south of ths north-sale? corner of Paid lot, and running tb-nce nortb twenty three (S> three (ij Inches; thfticf wmt al <m Ui? north line of said lot one hun-fre* and Ave fHi#> fret; thw?ce south alone tb- w?? line of amid je twh r 1 (.?'TO *^*c? '? ? sath.sstailj direct i n th.rty 11-1^*1 three (31 ipehes to a point di-lant MteoY^ii and tour (ihnrbM du^ ? >u:h f er?0rt?!.&5 <'f lot.theuce south?a?twar!l? I tbirty (*i?fr??t and live tuches to the di? i-i -t, wall ,.f I the two brick hon*es standing on said i?t: anl tbe?>ee east through th? cent* r of -?? dU ?*i ?n wall thirty-aii (36) fwt to the plice of th* t^ylnniikif, with tbe imprnvements thereon, ron<i*ting of a tine three-story Brick Dwellms H?uv asrl back ">?? This prope rty adjuiusthe Columbia Buildtug. or 4.S street, a few door* nortb of Pennst lvan;a ?ve Pv0''. f I*1 ls ** preaent occupied by thf B >w!ari Dental A?s- elation The tfrm? of sale, a* prescribed by th* above or'-r modifying th* decree, arr ra*b; ?t which S&? mu*> be paid in current fends. or by adulv check, at thetime of the pure haw. Aad if th* t>-iu*ind-r | or satd purr hose money shall not be rati within five (B)daysfrom and after the day of sal?, t!;? tru-*? reserves the right to resell th* property, 11 P'?n five (51 day V put.He tot ice, at the risk an.1 c<*t of th? detunltiac purrhaspr. The Trust.* will e*?-cute a dee.1 f..r aaid property np^in the fall payment of all hi? pqrr)ia?e tr. ?uey. aud the final ratification of Ui" ?*I? b> th'- c an M. ASHFORT). Trtiate...' a*dAd? B B WARNSn. i\*c+. BV B H H A HN KII. R-?l E?tate Broker and Anctiune?r. Ko. 729 rth atreet, boiwivti G a:il H. T?V81E*'8 SAHCOPVAI.PABM i*pRovrn RKAL K^ATK ??N I> 8TRKKT htiRTU, BK TURKS 8th ANI? 9th HTH.KKT# E\*r. M. By yirtne of a deed of truat datel Heptrmbcr 19tb, A. D. H67. and duly recorded in Lib -r K. C. C., No. IS folio 4J6 ft mv|j one of th? l?n-i wcord. for Wa?bitiKt?n county, I>. C., 1 will ? -1? at rnbnc nnrtion. In front of tbe pr>?tni*^<,on Tl'ES ?A Y, the 84d day of April, A. D. WJ, at ? o'clock p. m.. all tb<*<' C'-rtain p eCM or PHrcel* of Kronnl Mtnate and lylnc in the city of WaobinKton, l?. P , and known and described a* lou lettered ui.i marked "K" ??iid "8,'' in the aubdivUioo of th? wot! half of ?<ittare lnitiil er'il nine lniDdn-d ard sirteen, (?J6.I with the impronoH-nt* thoreon. Ki*cli lot will be ?ol?! ?' paratelr. Term* of ?afe: One thlril in caab; balance In S and II nn>nthti, to be aectired by note* of parcbiMer. with d?-d of tni?t on pr-nitee* ?M, with intereit from day of siile. A deposit of #80 wi'l tw r^uuired at time ?f ?ale on each lot. If tLie tefma of aal? are n >t com plied with 111 th<-dHV?th<- trustee referred the right to resell at the rl*k and cot* of the defnultiTie pur. cbaser. All conveyancing at coat of the ptirchaaer W. B. TODD, J* , Trustee. n..H li*,tds B B. WARN KB. A-ictioueer. rO. BENNKDT, Beal K-rtate Broker and Auctioneer. Hi 7th*t. TBlbTEKS SALKOr VALI ABLI PBOPKB TT AT AUCTION By virtue of a deed of trust, dated JnneKth, ^Mls71, and dnly recorded Jnue Wih, UTI, ^^?in Liber 646, folio 6, of tbe |!vnd r?-cord* f r the City and County of Waahincton, District of Columbia, and by direction of the party ??vur~d theieby, we will ?ell at public auction, tothc high?>t Udder, in front of the pr< niiae?, on Tl'KSDAT, the 22>i <!ay of April, 1873, at i o'clock p m., lot ouiiib"r ifl>. in W. B. T'sld'w recorded subdivision of original lot? numbered ?ii (61. and eeven(7l, in aquare num bered five hundred and thirty-aeveu(&3T). Terms of sale: One-third caab. the balance in ail and twelve month", e^ual pa> nienra. w iih ten p r cent interim per annum from date of aale, secured bj il. ed 1 if trust on property Bold. A deposit of $100 or. acceptance of bid. If term* of aale are not c >m pliisl with within fire day* after sal- th? trust?* reserve the right to reaell at tbe coat and rink of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purch tssr's c??t. WM. R. WOODWARD,/ T t JNO. T. GIVEN, < _?W d C KENNKDT, Ancti.?ne"r III GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. " No. 1001, northwext corner lu:b and 1) sta. VALCABLE REAL ESTATE KBOHTIS'5 ON bT? STREET WEST, BETWEEN E AND t STREETS NORTB AT AUCTION. On TrE8DAY,the iiil.l instant, at iS? o'clo-k p. m., we shall sell on the premises, all of Lot No 6. in subdivision of 81 uare No. 444. being i,~ feet 19 inches front by 8H feet 4 inches deep, to a tine paved alley, with improvements, making two tirst-1 laaa building sites, which will beaold separately. This prop, rty offers great inducements t* pur chasers baying firat-cIaiM prv>ferty, to wbicb we ask their attention. Tirms: One-third cash; balance in ?, 13 and 1J mouths,for notes bearing 7 per ceut. lutereat, and secured by a deed of trust on the prt-mi?e?*jld. Alou down on the day of sale. alt-d f Rep) GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aurti. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneors and Real E?tatr Broker*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th ?t? Star Offlce Buildings. v?iE&5!yLW 'bonting oh b strcet, BETULEN 13th aMD 1S% STREETS SOUTH - A"? AL'^Tlolf ?f the Asr'CQ'turkl Department,! On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, April 321, ^Wl873. at AH o'clock, we shall sell, in front of tbs -?^-premises, nil of Lot 14, in a.juare 9M. This lot fronts 48 feet 4 Inches on B street south, by an aver age depth of 81 feet, to a 30-foot alley. Terms. One-third cash: balance in $, 12. and It DMictha, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the property sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. A loo dewn at time of sale. al7 dids LATIMER A CLKARY, Aucts. B Y GRKIN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Northwest corner 10;h and D streets. B _ POSITIVE SALE OF UNIMPROVED REAL ES TATE ON NORTB OAPITOL STREET. BE TWEEN L AND ? STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, tbe Stl.l instant, at 3:99 fP'.'clock p. m., we shall sell, on tb? pr miset, 1.4 ^^?No. 11, in square No. 873. being 137 feet 3 in ch'-s front hv 130 teet deep, which willbe subdivided into six building lota or sold to salt purchasers. Terms: One-third cash; balance in six, twelvs and eighteen months, fur notes bearing interest, an<l secured by a deed of trust on tbe premise*. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. ?100 on the 'lay of sale. al8-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. A nets. ^U C T 1 0 N 8 ALE . By virtus of adeed^f trust bearing date J tins 17th, 187u, and recorded in Liber Ko. 616, folio <St, of the land records of Washington county. District of Co lumbia, I will sell on TUESDAY, the ?*] day of j April, 1873, at A o'clock p. m.. in front of the pee en lses,at public auction, tu the highest bidder, tbe on* undivided third part of the bouse and premises de scribed as part of lots No. 4 aud S, in square No. 369, Washington, D. C.. bounded as follows ?Beginning at a point un north L street, Mfeet from the south east corner of lot No. 4, running thenee west on tbe line of L street 10 feet, thence north ISO feet, thence east >0 feet, then?e South UO feet to the place of be ginning. Terms of sale: One-half cash: balance in ? and 13 months, with interest, aeenred by deed of trust on the property. All conveyance at the cost of the pur chaser. JOSEPH T. STEVENS, Trustee. DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO.. al-3awAds Auctioneers. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers aud Real Estate Broker*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania aTeiine at>4 11th street, Star Office Building. DESIRABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON IOtr 8TKEET NORTB WEST, BETWEEN P STREET AND RHODE ISLAND AVENUE, AT AUCTION On TBI RSDAY AFTERNOON, April 8t. at 1:30 o'clock, we will sell, In front of tbe ?premises, Lot No. 94, In Kelly's subdivision of square316, having a front of 17 feet, on the "a?t side of luth street, between F street and Rh'ide Island avenue, running bach 100 feet to an alley, aud im proved by a three-story brick dwelling with a two story back building, with water, gas and bath-room. Tbe house ha? a presaed-brick front with a bay window, aud is situated In one of the most desirable and improved neighborhoods. Terms- fl..W cash; residue in payment* of $50 per month, with interest from day of sale. Convsy aacing at cost or purchaser. AUMdewual time ot sals. LATIMER A CLEARY, al8-td Auctioneer*. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers aad Real Estate Brokers. Boulhwest corner Pennsylllania avenue and 11th ?t? Star OSes Building. VERY DESIRABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY ON TBE SOUTH SIDE PENNSYLVANIA AVE NUE, TWO DOORS WEST OF SIXTH STREET WEST, FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. We will offer for sale, at public auction, in front of tbe premises, on FRIDAY, April S5, ??1873. at? o'clock*, sa., the Hons* awl Lot now occupied by Joseph Plata as a restaurant, known a* No. M4 Pennsylvania aveaae, and betag part of lot numbered (Mia Square ?Wed Mr hundred aud sixty-one (461.) contained within tbe followli* srfvanla avenue northwest forty-Ave (46J feet (0) Inches wsstwwrdly from the anrthaast sot said square, aad raaataig thsors westwardiy Km line of said Ave*as fweaty -two (31) feet; I rHS'SS siMofthsrooaioaMM lrstfloor,whishfroi Mmm** four-story rooms, iacla froats both 1 of six ?f sals: the pasahsssr wta ha rsaattad to givs Ms aotes fee this jrfsrttd i?y?ats,>ssriBg latsrsat at the rate of sJgh!<4) pas cast, per aaataa, and secured veyaaciac st cost sf \ Exscutors of sstate DAVIS, IJN1TED ljAT^llER^A CLRAJeV, A acta. STATES MARSHAL'S SALS. la ititas of a writ of Aeri I ? va as ^^ee w ~ a as %. 9 ? ? AY.tbs 8thday.of Bar, Ml, ,st. IS oVlooAm. I I _ J% rUB, tills, . i a and to sabdivisloa fo.'C," iassaarsMs. ?M, ths city af WssMagtoa, D. C.,tp*Sher with aUa S3S.1 will be sole to satisfy exscatioa No. IA| In favor < I fl Elddls ALEX. SHARP, U.S^Harshal.D. C. April 18, UT3. UNO 15 AUCTION SAliKS. BT LATIN VK A CUT K KT . Anrtii??r? ul R-n< ?<??'? Br ?k T?. B nth* a*i ?>raer Pnnsyl' via a?~tia<. auJ l?.h ?* . (Mar (tStf BuiMlnf CATALOGUE BALE OF HOUSEH' LD Fi RSI TIRE m Op MOND\T MOBNING April *?* i-rr al i auim a. x <t 10 !.*V . n? I -w* H| lit ? ><it< <1 ?'lining hoa**k-?-pi'>g. K A f V I stteei. lei >? ?-eu >d I<wt t k ?:rw(?.w? ?hnu *???! ?h' i .i .? ? lc.ikit Furni:?r' 8 Hi! Roeenaad Pa: lor furiiiiiur, " ?*hwnb?r " H ir cMb Fnrr.itt.rr. M>rW?-V>p Walne* Ao . f ;n on?iit?r fi miinri Fisr H irkir) Hn?k Wa'T?e*a. Fernh-r B ds. B later* and Ptl!o?e. Nukucur r vt.i... i. t)iwii< TtW.ti <rvs, rif.iii* Chairs, Cud ar.d tod* T?W?. 4Ti:i.? in . Gla-??are, Steer p w-d Were, Nnperi<-1 B and 3 r-lr r?ri?i<. B n H'?i? <"nrp*t?, H<\l acd R?lr 0>VIMIm Cooking mm) R'Vim Hi r?>, Kiii tw-ii Kmum<w,*c T' rmcwk. mat dto LATIMER ACtKART. Aurt. T DVM'ASwtS'. DOWI.lKt* * 00 . a t? tfbrwrt c iroer W h and D atreeta a irtfcwest TRUSTEES' SALE OF*vaLUARLR IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION. B ? rtn?o(?J<-4 f tru?t,dat?d 8?jt?mber ?I? 17th. I*7J. and recordet in Lih*r ?m. fi?i XT', of ?a-h' lai d Washington < lr* t of Coiumofa, atvl bj directiwi of Ih- hold r of ihe aole secured taereoy. we a ill *ell, at public auction, i'i the preaiia, ?. n MON i>A i , Apt i. 21st. laTJ at 4 o'ci <ck p ??. *?. that pix# or parcel .f kt,4ii.d luoan and described a* original nun Aw w< f->nr<t.? ir - .uaresouth jf ?i?ar ? an* lor i!rM and f?ar (im.tinifriTM kr k twn-ttorr T rstm- RiilKmc T- no* if mi r*?juir*d kr said deed. ar fl <*? ntb ten per cent. inter,?i fr hh t? pteuiber t.'lh. Iv2. ii it- ir. r * itU lit* aucaoe* . f1hi- ?*'*, ia < a?h 1 tfci I .lane- in i and IS n? s-h ur?d bv th* iic'e^of th* put ohtser. bearingluter >?t at ? per c?n? ., an.-; ad--d of trust on th" rr ^rtr. ??;'??d -wn ? h*-i th i?r-|-?r?r i* #>-rurk off If iVt?nn *? U? ar? u*i r<TiMi d wtih. the truv^' rwrri* th? ritht t? r? wll th<- property, at tb?- ruts and c.<? at tl'd-lanii Iiip ?t!rcba--r. ROBERT P DOI'GE. PlllLir A DARN til l K (TrnM "** M MCAWSOK, liOWLINU A CO., A-icta. BS~T1I E ABOVE SALE IS PO?TPOV?l> tnrtil Hi'MAV *w IiHih.H'J >aa? b ui aii-l pit -. ROKART P. OolniE. ( ?_ rHItIP A ItARSKII.I.R. i Trn?'?,< ?:2 I?lT*rAK80* a ik>\v l.i No. A<f-??. f?Y UREER A WILLIAMS AbcUi?mn| I) Ncrtbwwt ooracr luili *ud I> ttrw(? SALE or V ALU ABE iM"pR?>VKI? PROPERTY FroNTINC OR ?!XTEr *Tn STREET WE"T. IU TW f EN K AND L 8TREE19 NORTH, AT ACCTION, On TI'Et>DAY,th* S?th da? r? April. ICJ. w rh?t| o il on tlx- |>rr4ui?f-. at A.SU p n , ail that (rrtaib |.in-? or parcel <>f gr ai.d I) iu? ia ih?- nt> ,?( W a-luutfti'i., D. L'., know n *? put of l<4 D?iut>w<-1 tvpiitj. in square mtmb-rM i>n?- bundrwl Mil ftsli!} f. ur. havit g a front of apr?nt?t>o l?>l ?1? inch*'* tr * d^pOi of ona hnnJ?*J ?'id ?i* fwH ai\ <i>rh?? to an nU?y. with th? improv?n?nt?. fflti pi-'iiiC of a tw?-*tor? frani* du'llmr, and l*?ituat>-<1 in on,- of thr Boat <lmirabl<> i"caliii**a T ram: Ou?~tbtnl ca*h, balaac.-in ?i? atid i?<-|t? kxtith*, a lib i?l>rwi.axurrd b^ a d"?d of tru?t on tiif propi-rt) aoid. Convrvanring a! pnrch*?-i'? c.?*. Ou?- hutKlr?<1 dollar* down at tt?i?-of ?al?. .fid GBCEN A WILLIAMS. Aart BY GREEK A WILLIAMS. Auction on. No. 1001 northvrvt corner 10th aivl D at*. SAIE OF A DESIRABLE BTILDINU LOT IS S<j( ARE No. V??, NAVY YARD. AT Al'C TION. . . BO* WEDNESDAY. .R" ?Oth dar of April K], ?r nhall wll front of ib<- pi 'rui?-., at S U0 o'clock p in., aub-lot nnaib-rod tbirt> ?i* (j6l. in aiinarf nnmberod nin? Imndi -d and t 'rt? f'?tn ( <M>.rotitainiuK two tlu?i?and on* b?ndr>-d (J.liti) ff^t of ^ronnd, ni'T* or l*?" Tarma: One tt inl ca*h; balano- in ?ix and tw>*Oe ii" titba, with intfr?f?t, wcuri?d bjr a d ?? I f trnal on tin- propi-rry ?oW. CvartratMIl at pankaa^i <i coat. Aat" down at tim<- of aal*. GREEN A WILLI A MS. Ancta. BY MATT1NGLY A WHEELER. Au. tion?->r* and Broker*. No. 503 9th ?lrr?*t northwest, Bi*xt Ij orawEtt. TRI'STEKT SALE BY Al'fTION or VERY YALI'ABI.EREtl ESTATE IN THE PI K^T WARD. FRONTING PK1 NSYL\ \ N I \ A V K M E AND A GOVERNMENT RE*ER\A TION. . . l'nd*r htid br Tirtu* r4 a d*- I of trnat.ln H|uhith I hair be-n anb?>tit?ted ?? !rn?l*e in the p)a<-e "f I raiil. D. Whittle) .dw?a??d,?? htch in r?r .rdi-d in Lio*r No. <1<, folio (W in- of th ? Und rr? ord* of Waahinft^n c^intr . District of ' o liiiubii'. and at the request of th" holder of the ti *t* wrtir-^d by aaid de?l of tmat. |ahalla*t ??,eip?H, an*l sell. lo th* liiehest bidder, ou W kI'N ESIi A Y . Apiil 3<*,1KTV a? 4 o'clock p m., on the premises, oiinitial Lota 1191 nineteenaiuVAO tweuty, in aiusr tiuniberHl i lull one hundred and one. T'leael ts front set enty live feet on I stroet, n. ai its mteraer tioi. with Penn?yl* aoia a*enw. and ha*e a depth of one hnndr?tl and tort> nin* li*t and thre*- im li? tn a public alley twenty fe*t iu wi.lth. and aide alle\ 6 flee it fe*? wide from I street, lrontin<i a reserva lion and Pennsylvania avenue. Thi*- rroparty i. p?-i i:liarl\ adapti-d for the erection ot first-class pri a ate residences, and should contmaud tiie attautiou of capitalists and bnildera. Terms: One-half cash; balance in I II sod H Bii nths, with interest at aik per cent. p-r annum, by a deed of tru-t ou the premiaes. A de poait <f 9soli when sold ConTtyancinc at pur cha-erV rr?t. Term* of sale to be r implied with in one week after aale. W. B. WEBB, Trustee. ig il (Rep.] MATTINGLY A WHEELER Aorta BY LATIMER A CLEARY. _ _ ^ AocHoneera and Meal Ettat- Br ikera. Bouthweat corner peaasylvaala a?en?? and Eler enth Street, Star Ofllc* Baiidines Trt STPE'S SALE OF VALUABLE INTERESTS IS REMAINDER AND REVERSION IN THE WAREHOUSE AND STORE ROOMS, ?t?* PENNSYLVANIA ATENUE SOUTH 8IOE. RKTWEEN FOUR-AND A BALFAND SIXTH STREETS MOBTHWEST Bv virtue of a deed of trust to a?e, dated De-em lier 15. IMA, and doly recorded in Liber (96, folio RW, one of the laud record* for Washington county, DiMiict c.fC< lumbla, and at the nwiuext <4the party a?-rnred thereby. I will sell, at public aoctl??n, in front ofth<- pr>-uilae?, on WEDNESDAY, April JO, 1875, at ? oVI?<-k p. ra.. aa latereat ia remafader of one-half (Hi aod an interest in reverai >n of oae tenth 11 -It) fa Lot numbered Jl, raservati- n B, lying and l* in( in tbe city of Washington, D.C.. with im proveaien'a thereon, coasiatiug of a substantial Brick Warehouse; said lot fronting twenty St*(?) feet on witith ?ide of Pennsylvania araen-, and run nirtcone hundred and twewtv-aeven tW7? feet A?? (S) Inches to alley In re?r;aaid revarsl >oarf interests to be acid subject to the life estate of a widow, who ia abom 71 vaara iA age. ....... Terms: Ous half cash, and residua In ? and 12 mouths, to be secured upon tha property sold, and to bear interest. The sum of one hundred and liny doll irs to be paid at the time of the acceptance of the bid, and if the terms of the aale are not complied wHh in Ave days from the time of the sale, the prop ertv will l>e resold at the coat of the defaulting pur chaser Couveyancing at purchaser s coat. RI''E W. PAVSE Trustee ar 8-BtR LATIMER A CLEARY. Auct BY LATIMER A CLRART, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broken, Southwest corner Pennsylvania a vs. and Uth (treat, Star Offlae Building. TRUSTEE 6SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON TURNER STREET, BE TWEES' P AMD Q STREETS NORTHWEST By tlrtn^rtftwo denl# of trawt, March fSB fith. U-7t. and Joly M. Iffl. and duly recort?-d JcJLrespectively in Liber ?7S, folio ?J7. and Lib. r 4Wt. folio 549, of the land records for Waahtng? ?n count \, in the District of C4mnbta, and by direction of the psi-ty aecured thereby,! fublic auction, in front of the pr.-misea, oa FRIDAl ^KTRBS<?ON. May <d. at 6 o'clock. Lot No 1J?. ia David L Morrison's and others subdn laion of part of Square No. SS6, With the iiuprovem- nta th? reou. consist inn of a well-bnilt I hree-at ory Brick Dwelling, withiHie-story ba^k bail ling, with gas. water and bath-room. .... _ This propert) has a front of 1? feet on Turner street, running back h6 feet to a lo-foot alley. Terms of sale: One-f mrth cash; reaidae in I, U and U< month*. Deferred payments to* beat hi per cent Interest fn m day of sale and to be ae.-nre<l by a deed K* trust on the property. * 81i?nlown at time of sal*. < on\ e) ant ing at cost of purchaa-r. If th? terms of sale are not complied with within ten day* there after. the Trustee reeervi s the right to resell the property at the risk arid cost of the defaulting pur chaser, after Ave days' public not ice. WM. %. HOLLIDAY. Trustee PC .lAds LATIMEB * ( LEAKY. Au t* ^'ONSTABLE S SALE. By virtue of a writ of Jkri /mcmm issued b> E C. Weaier, one of the jurtices of the pesce in and f ?r tae county of MTaahington, District at Columbia, at the ruit of Charles C. Burr, plaintiff, agaiast the goods ami chattels of Anson Dart, defendani. to m* dtredi-d, I have seiaed and taken into execution all the right, title, claim, iatcivrt. and eatate-at-law and in etait) of the aaid Auaoii Dart. defendant, in and to one promissory note,dated December *1.1CJ. for (Ml,signed by M. M. Wheelock, payal.le ninety day s after dale to the order of said Anson Dart, *u^ doraed by said Anaon Dart, Theodore A Milla. aod Ftsk Mills; and I hereby give noth* that oa the JUr* naT ot ArniL. A. D. U71. alUo clock m . I will vRer for sale the said property ao selr.-d and taken ia execution, by pnbllc anctlon.t^the highest bidder for caah Balete take plaj- M K -OOO fth street northwest. . FT<>^*N, CoaataM*^ Waahlngton. D. C - Apetl Mth, IdTI aC ? bt ^tiggaAajS' SPECIAL AMD POSWIVE BALE OF WBIS bTHURSDA1?8MORNING, April *4, ? wSar. 1 tw! fcwenWWaky. 1 i.hl Ginger l *m-f a J tbi: migffiflTcftlar. s^.. B* d ?, TRUSTEEDBALE^VALUABLE IMPBOYED By tiff* of ? dasi of tms> OaW, an tha ninth day of BvfliMH, Ik tha vast of our Lord ona l hoi and etchft hundred and aarauty -one, and duly recorded in Libet No. <E,tu? JfT ona <n th- laad racorda for Waahinfton conaty, B C., nnlbr di rection cf tha pnrfyfcatured thaw, 1 wMI sell, at pubBc anctien. Is frmt of the premiaas, at ?a oVlock ptn-.on THURSDAY the 1st day of Ma). A B. wi all of lot numbered ?vinty-o*e. (tilIn Chsnank recorded snhdivimnnof original tots ia square nam hi red three handled aud sixty -fonrfJMl hi t lie city of Waahlngton, together aith aRthe im srsMsr p?n*aser*c. ^ MOBBELT.. Traat*n. ??n fEepV CBJCW * WILLIAMS, Anrta. I EVENING STAR. liiiM ?< * wkiatlM *1 ?' *????> ? >r A KM ? * I ?t(Ai A ?< i.t i? ,n i lirr and ?u|>ywl kn f ritlv and w>-ll m W?k iteWii ?? a..?a. ? fr?r. Tktt Hty w b? UO ?"?iu Ua? too-4 ? ? Bilft C t> in tho CBiintrr if* livr i?i tn !(?? Mpr,t> it * !' ? hi II.if. Ki nt? irf m m L vb in H uk ii jfUir a* th" ?ip hm . a<i4 board i aft be had foi J. Ib?- ntrl^> ??. ni f' t'>iilK**i> ? It tUiriiil. S(k. (Ml and fowl of ?!; kit^i ?? ?.at?d? tlie ifM round ntdadiiif ???? *a ii l"? ol Stiti* and lr*lk*r?4 (an* nakiiv** Ui lb* w rat mtrkrlt, sort the gen-ra'. ? pt IW'? Ol llVlltf ? AH H?>l?1*?'l> I. ?t)W k|? w ibrrt lliai k<rr. Tbe bureau <?kr<*? iw tha d flitrnt ili|?iUlr?l*, lli<' auditor*. o?mw MoiKr* ?tf. I.?r.'Iiwii r.vrtimi owlt a i?m raiacd u> m?I they k*? HmKVfil hi lire t*i W??kil?<M ?li? !???<. an.' iiae ?rll. whil? m ?!'<<? M tkiHgn-a w# ?p y rerjait t-d 11 U tW ? portii* vf ?*rk . But tbe> I r in an im?t< ntataaa* ? a?. mm! ?le not try to kt-ep up w.tb lb* whirl ol ??awnif'* or tiitiuii' tl?i4i|rm milli nia^r.-a. *ko ara U * |. ol \ autty Fair. ??; ? .tuna. a maa u?a? If be rUo ?**? i uil| rwa hi* r\pcMT( id Ivr, if*, or twfiilj tnouMnd d?llan a iw, lot auar Im> oilv ?1. i> a Hurt m4 o? (rrolor ia duct m* nt* lor eatraaaganc*. bat H ..It-rn hta* la? ihtrcfM rrr?i?f, tun, If aur offlrtaV < kMK> to |<ract>c? that t animal virtu* AaoM.or na tab * tlilorrarr Mam arakan m* oorig* ?Mi bureau i it i? that the UUn are xr.rl If t>ioti ihited ftota r'tftfiaf tn any other haa n< i*.* title o>i>ifnaant- it may. ami man* <?i ibo? do. tollow then |ir?f"?l"ii' at homr ot ia wa?b in(tmi, tn great tifTiitaf and eaMali'm -at Tliiw roanKbrtt out a?nM, ot cow roe. aj.??tf again*! aiiy inrriitf ot tberect-wl ral*ol ???at priaalion. l w< th* coawtrv mtnlil karr I'lmfl thato?er In riimir.if ant a|<|>ror.n|lr. had ik*t not reached lark and wM thomaelvea tw? whole yearaot eitra par. Thia wa the oat ranona, the dtagtareful. the atttrl? in.lfi. nw hie part af the l>u tanaaa?/-ktmJ Tki *u k-chlim Titu rint-ai'i a*?T?i Iwi *tre? t railway* baa come to ig aomiutoa* |ri?i ia I?ayton, Ohio litat Januair, the otB. er* af iha < oiu|.an\ obaervei thai the amount* take* up tr??m the botrt of the i-trt. that Mood Ia lb* car ali> <ta over nifhi ware not mi larpt aa they aboukd b*. Though i?a*p< . ting certain drive**, tiit) turned tht-M oil until there had been aa'al ui"*t ft uiplete ctaiicr ill the toroe; l>vt tha theft* continued. until it wan found. b> a jwraati whoaecreted hint a It ia the Mable, thai I'ant. l Tttnibl*. the night watchman. went tot lit l?Ma, vohirinl theai eaail^ . an<I att*traet*d about kaM the content* of eaeli Trimble confix* ?*# thai he ha. ? kt-? which he made kiiaMI, vitk which he unlocked the hotr* What reparatiaa la to In made U> the HijMIt aa*pected and dia thai god driver*. we ate not informed CirmoAl Wrut H? A cwt'mpitrarj gives an mteieeting a. <-oiint ot Miar cl. rn al MuiK-han*?iiK. In a hiatorv written ia Urn taclltl. oentnrr hy two arrliOMivit*, Arthur of Briloti.i* aauf to hare killed * on< Kituo, a ftant. wIkj had clothe?l hiioaclt in farm-'nta ai in? which *rn eom?H?H"?lentirely orthe beard* of hni0 whoai he had aloin in 'battle ** Thia Kti|li?li "part-e of veracity" tt. matrkeil by tha account of Kellow* Falla. in ahiatoro wrttun bf cirtmnin In ? arly Colonial timea ?"'Th. a atei. roeliitit' l?etwi?*n "perpendicaUtr rocWa, b> ma prrioed to tacli ? di'jree tUat it to conaoltdatal wldvut iiwt, and tloata and iron croabar." PkeoekvATt.-w or Frk?.-AI thio aeaaoa abet at i>ut away our winter fur*, I a til ?"? tion tiow I prexrre nine entirely free from the attack* of the moth. 1 trut hang then oat tn the aun tor a day or two. then (ire them a (*?l btatinf and ftiahim up to be aiirr tan btath La in them alrctdr. I then wrap up a lump of camphoi tn a ra| and place tn each, th-n wrap up <acb inaaound m wapaper and |>a->te to g?ttier. ?i that there ia no bole or ironea throufrh ahicb a moth caa gain antranee?and my f lira are perfectly aafe.?''J'tfrnf," im 0*r moi Iiraa Wf^rajd. A HUB vot iro mak atood mi tht^ ? oraer ot tw.t atreeta. He had juat had bia buota |a>liaiaod to the highr-t di fri-c ot (Iwluw*, awl it waa a ?t-rioua ?iue>-tiou witti him bow to uaki-tbe rroteing without gi'Uitif hi? bo?ti> aoited. A Couple ol taabioiiahly drewfd ladiea were ap proaching. and the mind our voting man waa mailt-up in an inetant. he quietly aailid uotil t hot" I ad ie>- had aweid up the mud with tkoa trailing akiita. and then croaat-.l in jwrtect aafety. I? it rot rather coot in a San* paper to advuw young men to *-go we?i M*An Iowa merrhaut wont Mteertu^ in tha pat>eni, hut patnto on the fencea, ? iwlwt AlleiiV tor yor drt good? " l/A ilea: mat. entered a Peoria aaloon. late ly. and wrote ou bia aiatc ??Oirt me an I O I* tier." VCul For ii' y offered a town in Teta* a troo library. l>ut, alter con-ultaiton, the ciUc-aa decidcd that tbey would rather bare twelra t agi-ol buckaiaot ami twclic alaot-guua, ii ha daJbt mirnl. MTA thief ha* been con no ted ot Mealing paal try trom the Nakdiera' Home at Madiaon. Waa , neglecting, probably, to plead IM adtio* af PoTonitia: "LM all the boor thou auueat at he thy country'a." ?/'An Iowa draggiot haa been ?ned far damagei. |,y a woman l<<whuae huabatid lr i< la the habit of felling liquor. Hbe aaya ahe dtaea not ae< any difference between drug abop wbaafcf and dram ahop uhtaky. ITOn Friday laat, John Benelcld the moat deal-crate kuklua in Vork county. b.C .waa convicted at YorkvUle, of the circuit court, be fore lu.lge Mackey, ai?t aantenced to ftlieen yearo Imprbonatent in the penitentiary. Creditor?" How orten niut 1 climb three B-o: before 1 get the amonul ot thia i account"" l>ebtor?"Do yon think I aa going to rent a place on the brat door to accom modate my creditor*'."' ComaH-nttng on a late editorial by Alesaa I Kf#*a?>a aa. * *1 " *' ** m WW a<o> < VUlUlt 1?1 I'J Jl IfXIB* der H. Steven* tn Uae Atlanta Son. to the effect that "the democrat party muM be preoerred,** the llarrtabnrg (Pa) State Journal wanta la know bow it i* to be done, alcobol having I wiled to acoompliah it. ?^While the ci? ilired world waa feeing the full oliock ot the wreck of the Atlantic, and the bodi** of the dead Mill lay fatten on the be aeh, a man la Toronto neat tbefollowing unique dta tatch to Capt. Williaaaa "Thia i*tbe b< ?? mar el tor t>ale of damaged good*. Let me hear from yon." VA weatcrn joarnal teuly aaro that pearti callv the common-achool teachcr* in tbe raited State* are now women between the ngea af werenteen and thirty-tire. In the country M-bool* they are virtually the *ol* occupant* af the Held. In all the western Htica tiiey art gradually taking the place of men. DIED. Dt 8CLDIN4. Ou mday m-traiag. tha It H ? Bctaiit, M tltf roaideace of til* aon. Kdwarf f. Dr bt lilii.g, N*. tl. n*ri a Pa. ^ Br ....kl> a. H T .. CtUKLtii ot ihia t tt) . in tha 7Mli ) oar of hia as*. PI CK H AM . April ?.t, Mm. SOPHIA PKO& HAM in tlia tWtb J ear <>f tier ag? . Her funeral will take ylace at H? Patri. l, '.rl.nn h oa Wettiittadar. 211 p . I^k.witl. B? n u I em Maaa. K'latitea uf lite taa.i.> are reapwttwUr re<, neat e l to attend. * ^IIIEAlt. On tb< Hat inMaut. ia thia ritf. at tM rt?Klrt.f'of hit l.r.i(l.vr (en. A. E Wiiraa.C I Amu , Mr. JAMKeK. bHIKA?,of Mouut Hilt. KVwJraet * W'ATSOti. At Vallei?..Cal, on tb* ITth laataat. Coauiitdore JAMCS MCIK W ATMiK.of th*ll ? Kav) UNDERTAKERS. ||ICMA?I? r. HARVEY. iSnctutmu HAKVkY * ?AKM..I Mo SU4 r STBEiT.hMweae MiMh and 1 METALLIC HVKIALCASKS AM V CASK MM marl ly ^ ""sHROBuT. HABITS, #a l^ltMAKB W. MAA1U, CABIHKT MAKMK AMU OXVtKTAKM*. ?Ill BUVUTM ntUT. aw r. F0KPI1TVKM *AVjJZ* ^ iixiam UAtkirr

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