Newspaper of Evening Star, April 22, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 22, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. 91 rADAV .April ??. IH7i, LOCAL NEWS. Amn*ftnral?. Ar? To>alcti?. Wrnli't t*p*ra Mm?v The Albany Combine I.hi in ?? I'fc'le Tom's Cabin.'* Comiqu?.?Songs, berleeqe#*. dances, ?f. < Urah. "So case of small pox has been reported ?1nee at the offli'i" of tb* Iniard of health. BlaiAtrond'- Ma<r*r'?' for April, r*ceive4 from Kervand A To?*r?, i* a* excellent number of this ?t4iHlani monthly. John P. Sampson.'a graduate of the " Na tural I .aw InkfnitT," was admitted to pr 10 tif? in the SnpKne Court of the Ihstriel this Urai (Ira res wu eleeted president of the W? hngton Gwi*iii?r!'| last night, in place of Mr. O'lonofU. resigned. Mr. L. K. Fretwao wax fleeted secretary. A cocking main to* *a.<W>. k? which the par ti?-? are Virginia and District of (otamtoifi a**. ?t the southern states. Ui?e? place at Ur eal nr. Ala.. on the 15th of Mar aext. Ti.s second game iM the rht^piomhip wnies be*w en the Baltimore ami Washington baae bati riati*. played in Baltimore yesterday, re suttea in favw <M the Iklumurt club by s. score of I" to 2. The handsome model of the Franklin achoel bin* In/ whi.'h i* to be sent to the Vienna ei poia? on by the -t?ainer which sali' from Balti ?M?e on Saturday. is now on exhibition at the boo* < tore of Mesir*. Plii'.p 4V Solomons. St ne thie.. not hiring the fear o? th? law before bis eyes, broke into the magistrate's of kce of.liiKiifHj. T. C. Clark wmr.iait between Sal niiay night ami Monday morning last. and stele a valuable ebx-k and a quantity of old * kev ? from a drawer in the Squire's desk. Tb<- l&h district republican cluJi last night elect*d the lollowing officers for tke enduing year A K. Browne, prevent: .1. M. Tally, rice pre-ideBt; C. C. Rri**o. secretary; an<l J. A- Ferkias, treasurer, also, Un> dele n"? to the central ooaniuittee: W. i . Ed la bor o. O. C. itriscoe. aaO J. V . Fre?Bi?n. ??n S.iiMia,' last Rt. Iter. BoJiop Pinkney coniir a claw of twenty |>erson.i at the Church of C.t Incarnation. In the afternoon the Rwiertnle celehratioo of the Suniav school of that church ;ook place. and Uie rector, Uer. I>r livibaid, iklJirjoed the flaniea (eighteen in iniBMt;}and the congtegaiio&, a:i<l the of ferings were pitv-'nted, amounting to over #<*V Certificates of hoaor were conferred by the rec tor on 72 scholar* out of 29k. ? Rial Est vte bai.e-.?fireen A William", auctioneer*, have recently sold the lo'lovuig property : Lot 4. square IW., opposi'.e the C*f t tol gruund>. fronting on north B street, between 1st street east and " >elaware aver. *i tu H?? - kins Taylor, for fl.lK.i-er foot. lots 11?, 175, I'.r. In. 17h awl 1T?>. in* i.iibert's aul?Ii\Uinn of square <73, with sij nearly tini-hed brick dwell ings, Myrtle Avenue, between I and K and ??"orth CapiUi: ar.d l*t *t'eet ea^t. tc W. R. Tudd. for *1,7X each -*..?.7h); loU 112, 113, 1J I and 115. each improve- by a nearly t^rished three-rtory brieJt hou.-?e, fronting on north I rtreef, to T..1. Bunant, ?or caeh?si-i.Oin, eleven lots, (uuiciprovol.) fronting on Myrtle aven ie, near N?rtb <"ap. >l street, to T. .1. i>Hiant. for eaeii?giaVI; lot *?. laef's MbdiriaiMi of part of ihi.tare KM, on f* street, between i.>th and streets northwest, to Rel*cca M. I.ane. fjr #1JV. lot 4. s<iaare iTi, with i .iprovrra- nts. consisting of three n?? brick buosea. to trwHt^e* tor a building a*D<M*i& tioii, for for each hoti^e?jWi.T.ii, sn.tli Itet lot 4. square ;.xi. frouting on 2d reel east, Vv.<ef,i PtfikrvlfaBia trenue and A street, to trus'eeo f<* iKii'ding awiciation, at ??' ! |>er (ooi?,: hoase WI6 ,\t w ,l?'r<ey are- . ?we, between I and K streets. ?t?.o-storv brick 1 b?"h-?-. !??? < !?-!i. to < ornelt'i* MeAulitl'e. fi,r ' fWH; part ??! lot 1??. ?"|i.are *???. i.uproeed or ' tkree ?f?rv briek h^'ise, on 51 between ?th ar.d 7th .-t.-eet* northwest, to ii Burkhart. for J.V ? A w*?:T!*o . ? a??istaxt asses-ona of in- ' ?ernal eerenue who held ortice an'l prior t? tl-e yea. l^'i L. tlii> ltistriot was li?l<i vestcr ?iay to take atw action towards obtain 'ig the 2" p? r ccnt. e\tra ? oiup< :tsali?>n graii'eu by act of Congress approvetl Fehrwar ^"th. cf thit ??ar. to ctvi! eii ?!'n. - of tbo government in the IMatriet oi t o! u.obit, but aTlirh a :u de nied the a%-^tant A*ee?sor*?some eight or ten in number?at 'hat, on the ground %Yit they do not cc me witlii.i the sco;>e of the act. not being rexogn;zed !>y i'ontroll** Tartar as b?lciig;ng to any dcp^.tnient of tie gove-t inetit or l.nreau thereof, notwithstanding they were ai pointed bv and held commissions umier the Secretary o< the Tnasziiv. Mr. Ikomas f;. Mar.'lif wa? t booen tf> preside, with Mr. John S. Sl it' r se< retarv. The chairman relrarssl in detail the circutu<tan< es ?.innecte?t wi'h the |>as>Ageof the a-"t. the .-ai.-e^ and necessities i which led to it. the cou-trnct.on given to it bv j the oil.i-iaN whose dtuy it w:?.-j to carry"omt its provi>:ons. JLc.. an?i cangratulafe?l all enttt'ed w ho have been thus i?r Jenie?l it" benefits tk-tt at Urt by tiie recent decision of the Co.irt ot Cla.ii..- they were in a fair way U? hare justW done tbeju. After tL- a<-i>oi:itn?r.'it of a exe cutive ? oiicio ttee, and tiling upo?. the duties assigned it, tie m. eting a<ijour n^d Jiibject to a rail of the t&airmaii. --?# Pci/ri?Ti>I JCriMt>rU SlUDtl S> ?<v.?L As?< < uti'iv. 'flic qaartrrly meeting of tliis association was held at the Church ot n ?* A - c? t:?:on last cven;ru. Religion* iTrice* were faductiil by Bisi'jp Pincknev, with R"v. Mi ssrs. < hsw. Hams aiid McRe? as-, after which Bishop pif. Vney took the eh itr .is pre*.dent r aiki l?r. Rol-ert R-?vbnrn aet*d as secretary. Nearly all the Kpiscopnl rbnrehes ami sebesds in !u? t>istrict w?>re r<*pr>" senttd. A letter whs received from Hon. Mont ffomerv Blair tendering the k?e of the grove at Silver Spring* :\>r a reunion ot all the Sunday Bcbeols in the l?i?triet. and reipiesting the rlergr to meet hini at b.s residence on the ere ning of the 1st of Mar for a genera! inter rbai ge of views in regard to transportation, refreshments. A'c. The ietter wai referre?l to tke clergy. I>r. Williams, from the coK-nittee on mils.c. reported that tbey bad sent cotamu niiaiion-to the several rectors, iaqnuing kow many of the new selected hyiuus they would require, and Lad received hut three favorable respond ?. Several of the rector* hal become attae'hrd to a ret tain list ot kvmns, and did not feci inclined to i hange them. After i|iacu*4on, the -ubj.. t was recommitted, and Mr. I. Ren. ingfoii Fairlaaili a i? a>ldcd to the cum.u,ttee. w ? ? A'.t'ATti" SroRTS.?The AnalostaTi baat rla'i at a inciting Ia?t night, ma?te all the necessary arran^riui nts for their proposed race w i'h th^ Ch? sa| ^ake Viat c'nh, of Xorfbtk, on the Ith of .Inne next or the rutoma.- river, a* also tor tbeir contemplated fotarvowred shell race with the Nassau tmat elnb. of New Yi>rk. on the Harlem river coi the Jnth Of dune n^xt. In this contest the A na!o*t-ms w>11 use th* faaao-M shell America, in which the Bigl'ieCoalttT crew actiievid their tr.umph over tiie F!n^H-li cr ?w at Saratoga last summer. Mr. >lohn B:g!in. Ike rkiiiupiun oarsman, will arrive here next wtrk, ami put the Analostans in training. ? Tut B?At??r Hialth held a con'orence '?N-ctnig ve?t?rday prior to the departure of Messr? Bliss arsl" l.ang*ton to the northern eitir? to invest.gate the working* of the various ?maris of health there, w ith the view of adopting here ?v>-h a* are ib-eraed beneficial and appropriate to jur system. I ?r. Verdi baa re eel vr. I bia commia-ion from <lor. Cooke as spec.a! sanitary officer to risit tha cities of Eu rope. to investigate their sanitary laws and reg ulations. with the view of improving the sys t? m in this I>utrict. Pr. Verdi will start on the tour on >lar 1?t. prerions to which he will re ceive the neceasary credentials from the State 1*1 artmmt. He pay? hi* own expenses. o IlilFr.MA* BK5*Tot.*J(T SoCtrTY. No. 1, last night elee'ed the !ollowing orticer*. Tbo*. Kroderick, president: Michael Burke and Ja?. I.ackev. rice presidents; I?. iiUaunon. rec. ae.\; Thos. Feely. hri'l. 10*.; Wtu F ?g in, treasurer: Edward Vuaile. mir*!.al. Rev. Iv. M-r>?ritt, chaplain, -loin T. McNally. Thomas Trarln, ?las. ,1. Flanagan, Michael McKeerer. Owen M> (.? ii tiie and Lawrence Conner,directors. The ?at eting was a very animated one and w is largely attended, over JW vote* being polled for most ot the ofWeers. ? The ??!?*?*? ?.r Tkxi'ck cjh-k" Revival Messrs. KUaard Jolinson and ?). B l* have obtained a charter Tor a new division of Son* of Te?i?erance. under the recent efforts ?Mule by the gran-l othcera ot that to re tire the old organisation throughout the oou:i trv. Thw diri-ion will be instituted hy Mr. K. M. Bradler. district deputr. tbl* evening, m T< in|*r*nc~* on F street, arsl is to It* called Fidelity l>ivi?t?>n. No. ?. Another rtivt. nion will he instituted to-morrow evening, at the coruer of 14th and N ?treeta. + A a tin jim or cAirixTtas took place last aught at Mechanics' hall, and a branch of the Anialcaaiaflve Society wa* organne-i. with t!ie following officer* ?J. P. White more, precMeut; (i W. Corbett, secretary; Samuel Reed, tram urer; J. W. Foster, check steward; .1. P. Mackev. ?i< k steward. David Brennan. door keeper: -loweph Mi'Mahon. I>. Brannon. Phu p ^yles. W Ha/el and M. Lowe, trustee*. The parent socletv has existed ia this conutrr s n<* IMA. ? I:xt*?sj.,s or THE M*T???r?LITA* Stbk?t I.'ailroap?Workmen are row cugiged In laying th' track alon? B street north from 'th in i.tb street, ni-der the superiuteudca -e of >h. dames ?iriAil., for the Metropolitau r:.ilro?d. ai d r \|a et to have it completed br to morrow a'gbt. The *?*!? and tva street branche. of thn r ad will ^e" t?e connect si. xn.1 th-re will be a tre of r"< k ' t>m 31 ?tr -et north to tta ? ar- n al g*?e, wfcicii wlH fa a lew weeks be placed In operation. w r??B A*T?OT?T*c Mabket?Boa ?/ ?f //S./I4 AiifrhomM The following Is the report of C. l.-'dinfon. iuBpect^r of marine r?ro?lii?rlB. kw t .. t?.e? ead:ag April !*-24.1.Vi bitic'iM M, t-,a*nekou, l.crriujr. .Y?m? tavlw ti?h. ?j i.v b sh?l" eysters. i ass d in^jssttion, and s Lu. C-'-c Ilab tUlMlelBJtcd. THE "lET. I. HU.E RAX5Er* "Ike PriMMnivlhr Pollt-f Court. TBI! WAIVE AX tIA?I1tATl<>K ABO ARK RMT ba? k to jaii?< H <R(?en or "n.?ri> axd ?<>*?***" TO HR BIOKIBT AMAIXftT PARDILK. B. 8. Pardee tliM "Bev. J. Hale Btriwy" and A. Schuyler Mutton were arrested in this j city A few days since, It will be remembered. | committed to jail to answer charec? of usinir the Pn*t nffiof c<-i.-iMi''hmein 0r ftie United State# tor fraudulent purpose*. The warrant* were t-ued from the Poii-e Court on the nth inrtant RT?n the sworn information of A. L 1 >rnmmoi?^ ani officer or theocret aerwe of the . '?**'v <Wpart mesit, "that on or about the :>l of Aprt defendants devised * M-bpme and arti n7. I -*"*11- U 0mM Hrui mhpr P*T I '-TT11Ugeorreej.on.Jenee and comran ??''l-Orant ami other rwn." by Fn??VL%L P02. ??????h'?i?ent of the ?,nd^"lt ?* ??d for executing rV- **d *"i?ce there was placed a fetterte the Port <1fflrr of the Unite.! States. at l Washington, and that other letters were taken *rd received from said ofllce with intent to de fraud sasd H. L. Grant and other person* to affiant uii.iwwn, against the form of the statute in Mich cane made and pre .-i.led, and agaimi the peace andgovprnaseatortoe United Stat/*." The warraarts issued upon this information were placed ia the haada of A. I,. Drumtuond who returned them to the oourt on Saturdav last with cepi attached, and the prisoners wert oommitU'd t<> jail to await a hearing. . tbe *r<xeri?'nws to-oav. .??I'1* JK^in? tbe l'ri?ner?were brought over ir*UTtJTOm Vhejail an,i K * wh^re ^ev "Mined dnring morning hueine**, after whieh Mr Harrington K,:vrT,m< ,,t' ?ta,*d <???t the ease a1?ove would not be jue*?ed now, but he had brought charge -on which he pro|Mtoe?l to hold the prisoners, and other eiiarget* would be pre pared in due tune. 1 *lu,d1|* **ey proposed to plead not gutfty towhatever ebarga*. were brought; they had no r? ai-on for-demaodwig a hearing before this court a- the case would have to go before a higherconrt ?lr. Harrington stated that the ckarge he proposed to bring against Pardee now, a as FRArr> ASD FOHIERY of the nsme of Gen. O. E. Babcock to a certain V*i ** t> n-portlng to ask for contributions to aid the Prasjdeat of rhe I'ntted States, thereby tD de fraud o:ie H. L. Grant and others, against the ?U totes,Ac-, and he asked that bail be fixed in the of S2n,P00 lor the action of the grand av^?',? Vi!* CMe of A 8 Sutton* that * be ixed by the court. Alter some dis VtT % oouns?' ?? to the amount, asked^ wh.rh Mr. Rkldle sai?l was equivalent to an indefinite enmialtmeat, the ?mrt asked if a hearing was waived ia both eases, and heirg Informed that it was, Uxed the baiV ai the amounts staiwl. 1 he prisoner* wtte then re e?)iun'ir>d to jail. Serera: post ?iast. rs were preaent in court, also Mr. Mckean ms witnesses, and Detective ? IH-nir.inofcd with a large bundle of letters, to be opened in ca.?? r. hearing was had. j For?3 *1051 L?TTER? OF I5QCIRT from !????)n. ??ter relative tu the Barneyswiud'e j were receded at the Post Office Department ! this mf>rnin^. The ]>ostn<ister at Tullahowia, Tenn., writes: . .. k r*<? ,v*t i!i respectfully referred to tbe Postnu ster General for liis atlvice ami nnd act-on. Ihe wiole thing bears evidence of ? rami and swii^lliu^ on its fare. I <ttnw,t lelieve enr good and high-niinded President rould so net ion such a acLenie, uuf b less receive lu-jney in such a way. Mr. Bnli?v.-k'>i signature, ! if genuine, is tise thing about it to civo authority. It m?ut be a forgery."' Toe postmaster at New Madrid, Mo., savs: '?It *e< ms that sbme r.vindltr has invented a metluM] of extracting,or at ieast attemit | 'I'K t? ntr?ct, from too credulous persons, mo ney under the cloak of j;.*triotisiu, but at the evperoif of tLe fair name and rcpirtetfon of the rrwdent and some otL.r proiuisent gentle inen. Confident that neither t^e President nor anv of the other gentlemen named had .anything ;j do ?iiA the scheme, I transmit Oie circulars to you. * * * For patriotic purpexes I aru generally willing ^o coa-trUi-te as liWr.illy as anv one in proj^irtion t? uiv limited roems; but nof .i cent can I spare to auxt<-'n even for a mi nute. the miserable e.xisU'Ut'e of an impv?ter " I he pontmaster at Gl?.,go;v. Mo., aenda the circulars to tlw> Postmaster General, witk a re 'juesi /.>r iniorniation, saying: -'It appear* like a liniubng." The v? tma.-ste?r at SKelbyvillc Tenn., write-, saying. -Ireeeiv*-d the cne?o.sac . *o tiavsago, and bei.evin? it to be a swiihife. i iiclose it to you tor your inspection and advice about tbe rnimr. I think it is entirely too thin, aad thererore aid not contribute nary cent.'' Mixkbta I.oim.c, April 20. t?73. -V f , I have a grievamv. 1; is a tig one, too. I ?.t?peal to ?ou for protection. IHm t yo? think it 1* al>out time for certain boys and g-ris to tind o?t that beitg .< -red up ai.d poktd at from morning to night, it a cage a here we have to stand end take it, U exceV aively annoying,.Kot to say exiuperatiafV 1 like to sit still on mv perch aavtimes (especially .S .iHiars, which I consider a day of refct, and waik my eye oceanMnallv, ui a tran iuil man ner, to see that the optic maehinei*y works vrell. I prefer to be quiet, solemn and wue-lwkiug. by can't I be let alone? Careless children (4 reallv believe in ttelr h? a*t.? they don't mean anv harm, ble* them ') think it s great sport to jab me with a atiek, or worry me with various devices, ji^t to discover kowr ir-iich patience I've got. V ell. I've inherited a go^l deal.but mv stock of it is geitirg low, and t give theee youthful fornienters fair notice that, if Uiey don't stop their proceedings, I shall get out a wiit of K t b'<u.irrjnf or do something dreadful, by whieh I shall l>e able to pounce upon thorn all un awares. and damage their personal beaitv to a considerable decree. I shall pay no respeet whatever to color. I keep awake all night now, devi.-inir some means of protecting myself if worst- shonld come to worse. Perhaps, though, a word through vour col? umns will l?e of ava^. Just ask these little I<eople. one aial all, if you please, to atop har ras?mg and annoying me when they come to see me. I ve got used to be:cg stared at, and can gi\o as gooil aa I get on that score, but 1 won't stand insnlt and injnrv muck longer. I write to you because I consider all the Stars my friends. Yours trustfully, <>SE-T THE <}*L? m FRAKKLrX S*tVA R*. I heartily rnncnr tn the above, my broth er doesn't eemplaiu half so bitteriv as the facts warrant. The Oth*r o-.vl. Ca?ks Uxdes the Bev ex i k Law Taeob Both was arrested and brought before Commis. sioner Muzzy, charged by the assessor of this iMstriet with makiug false entries in his beer books. He waived aliearing, and gave bail for his appearance at court. Thoe. Coleman was also arrested and brought l> Commissioner Brown, on the charge of violating seeUon I'l, act June 6,1872, whi.rh pre scribes that anv i>erK>n who shall draw fer merted liquorti from any package without first defacing the stamp thereon, shall be liable to a tine ol *im> and imprisonment for net exceed, in* one year It appears that one of the officers of the assessor's office, in visiting this party's place of business, found on tap one m barrel of ale brewed by C. Dickson, with the stamp lifted, and the spigot driven in. This Is done for the pur]K*e. when the ke^ is empty, of reusing the stamp: a practice whieh is followed by some in this nu.tri.-t to a great extent, and the officers are determined to stop it, by enforcing the full penalties of the law against all who are caught at it. These stamps are sold back to the brewer at a discount, and again used. This party is a driver for C. Dickson, an ale brewer In this Dis trict. He was held for court, and gave bail in the snm of awio. ? The Coiorano sarpiiiRR is one of the most ex>|u!Mte of modem germs. The rays it redacts are .mite as brilliant aa those of tbe diamond, and it is s,^eiallv adapted for atuds, earrings and solitaire rings for ladies ami gentlemen. Next in the order of novelties is the cat opal, which, by many, is considered almost equal!r desirable. A magnificent collection of sapphire* and opals set in gold can be aeen at Prigg's Jewelrv Store, No. 457 Pennsylvania avenue. In addition to French and Kngllshgilt sets, , copied after the moat approved patterns of gold I jewelry and English Whitby Jets, elaborately I decorated with bird's nests, acorns and medal- j lions, Mr. Prlgg makes a specialty of these fine | goods, and w> observe he ha* fclso just received an extensive assortment of spectacles and eve f la*pe?, from 91 to IS per pair, white can Vat ami leather traveling satchels. He receives fre?U goods every day. j Cal Waoher's Mi*rtruji.?Mr. Sam. P. Br ttingham, the wide awake advertiaing agent of < al Wagner's minerals, is in town, getting things in readiness for the first appeatasci or the corneal. v at Wall's Opera House to-morrow night If the southern papers are to be be !lLvw!~4nd rtje>' neT? **11 ? ?? except in po litical matters?this troupe Is one of the best th?t has travelled In that section for a long time, and plays a new Une ef Ethiopian busF w ss. witty but free from vulgarity. Cal Wag ner Is spoken of In the Western papers as about the beat "end man" In the country. The Rich mond Wkig says: "i? their specialties they been excelled by any minstrel troupe which has visited oar city sinee the war." Torxo Mn'i CitUTUi Aaaort atiox.?A ^ ^ Yoau* Men's t.hrisuan Association was held last (nmini Mr. O. C. Wight, chairman of tte MbraJy committee, reported that about lAOO new and nop.lar works had been added to the library. Mr. ? arren ? boate. chairman of the commit tee on benevolence and emplovaaeat, reported that manv situations had been secured for men se-king employment. Mr. George A. Hall re ported the work of the evangelisation com mitter as succeawfai ia all its departments. Mr o. C Wight made some remarks as te the or ganisation of the asportation twenty-one years sgo. Messrs. F. H. Smith and L. L. Crmme were appeinti da committee to make the nocee sarv arrangemrnta for the anuivenary celebra tion or? the 1 rh of Mav. ? ? ? ? Attfxym<\ is called to the advertieem^nt of ?Jr. en W <tliam? of a sale to-day on Ctt rtreet. i>etw>eit K am! F. The property to be Sold is op?v of the best iii the city. r !????>< of Pnbllc Work? and ?J?f ?o?t (ieorfttowa Rail I!* COrRT TODAY. | The rnt?of the Washington and Georgetown M^adM** the bo?r<l of public work* and Toard of public work* against the rai'.road were taken up in the Court in General Term to-day, and by agreement argued a* one case? Mesa* P. Phillips and J. IT. Bradley, jr., far tberaiWoad, and Me?m> W. A. Cook, S. K Bond mhI S. L. rh.. \;s for the i>oard. It will be remembooed that when Pennsylvania ave nue east and *th street east were being graded and paved the board of public works proposed that the railroad tbould move tholr tracks and , f>?re between them. The railroad petitioned ' tor ?n in in notion to restrain the board of pnbllc works from proceeding, andJudge Humphrey's granted such an injunction, and also dismissed ne bill of the board. tKB RAII RnAJ* CLATKS *"e prwk^on of their charter requires that the roads are to be laid in the center of tho streets and avenues. TWf is a duty Imposed unou the company by the law. It is afro a right which the law oenfers. Tha coanpary being organised to pave its road, and ?o nigteri..l King designated, It was at the option of the company to eelect snch as it thought proper, provided that tt was suitable, arid sneh as was ordinarily ased ferthe purpose. Whether stone is suitable, and the company had the right to use it, ts a aaestton to be de cided uw.ter the condition of things that existed when the road w*s constructed wk! accepted by Congress- If tbe company hail then tho right nndec tbe charter to use stone, it must have that right now. That it was not intended to compel the coapa-iv to take up stone and put down other material. That to adapt the rail road Ui the new sfevle of pavement will iiuolve an expenditure ct over #4M>,<?M. The charter limit- the capital *o 8500,000; and the charter is a contract a.? well a'- a law. and there Is no pewer intended to be conferred, or which could l>e conferred on the J>istrict government, that can impair irtsebligatlon. T18 MARD CONTKKI?S that under the powers vested in thrai as ?uece? wersto the late corporation of Washington, and ot the organic act of the District of Columbia, and the aetol the legislature of duly loth. Kl the-' had a right to j ark Pennsylvania avenue and pave tbestreetwuli wood .ami that under the clia-ter of the l ailroad it must alter it# said road to conform to the altered grade and pavements. If tills is a correct position, a bill lor injunction will n*it lie on behalf if the railroad company aga n*t the board, because the railroad is guilty of illegality in endeavoring to lay a cobble, stone jtavement. not conforming to "the altered pav?n>ent?;" am!- tlieoraer granting tbe injunc tion against the board %as erroneous. It" the conclusion Is correct as claimed, then an in junction is tho proper rensedy to prevent a pri vate corporation <rom ex. eeding its authority and doing an nuiawful act to the detriment <4 the publh^ for which reason tho onlar uismL-s. ing the bttl of the Imard w?< erronoeu*. The Ml Xnlranre, TV) f if EdHfjr of tk* t'-eninfi Air.* Sir:?I b-g spaoc ii? yoiir paper, in behalf" of j a large nuKber of citizens ot South Washing ton. to call -the attention of the members of our legislative assembly to the gteat annovanco, and also pecuniary loss to which who re side and owe property on--Maryland and Vir ginia avenues and streets adjacent thereto, are sub. ccted thsuugh tbe infernal?that i< not t >o strong a tern ?clan^.Tjg of locomotive belU I?aj and niglri. Sunday* as well as week davi, the infliction is kej* up. and, pt lueipally'in comequenoe of this ringirg. property is greatly depreciated no' onlv imaediately on the Lne of the Baltimore and Potimac rail roai , I>ut all that which lia* within !? earing of the je!ls. ia moio or iese uttavorably affected thrr ngli this cause. Wel*?lieve in railroad*). They area reces. I sary element ot our prosperity, and bek g .-har tere-i by Congress, we bar.- tc submit to ha . in j thcti rur. these avenues: btt to the >:une< e? ?; v ' additional infliction* of having our rest brokeii ?t night, enr sick driven to <iisti action, an I, wj may believe, sometimes to death, the congrega tion* in our churches disturbed during divine worship, a>. I the comfort and edmiencv of the I,'"-' ic schools in our new and splendid "Jer tei.-on School Hiiibling1' seriously interfered with through this conthiual, though real I v un neogssarv jangling of ponderous andnnrntislcnl bells, is somen:Ing that we should not be sub jected to; and &gainst vh;ch we, au> cii wen.- an<l tax-pavers, soW.nnly protest, and call for som i , legislav veacuoc which wU rid usef this terrible nuisance, even H' in order to do so. it is neces sary to compel the railroad company to i?jice in their track withis the city limits, and statin.i Cagmen 6t each civy?sing to prevent acci<*ents, SoiTH WASHIKOtON. ? " Sl AP Doctoh" Abottt '?Owing to the frequent finding of fragmentary human re mains about the til7?hardly a week pa*sli-g without the police being called upon to bury a face, foot, haitd, leg or other part of the bnait.n form?tbe old *tory of "slap doctors" has been revived among .the colored people. There are sowc uneducated colored people who believe th? ranch of the medicine sold by druggets is made from parts-of the human bodv, an.l that castor oil is made by boiling down a go-?d t'at [ colored man or woman, a,-d that some of the white powders are made by grinding the bones ,? ""PP'y '* ke?,t "P by ?-slap doctors," .so ?"ailed because they ?lap sticking plasters over the months of inten.le.1 victims, and thenhurrv them oil to sccret places, whore they are taken in and done for. 1 estcrday two boys found two human batids, apparently of grown persons, on the lot between Indiana avenue and I) stre( t and 1st street and New der*ey avenue, and car ricJthem to Lieut. Kelly'sstatiop, and later in the day officer Fitzpatrick found in tin same vicauitv the lower part of a leg aixi foot, appar ently those of a deceased colored person?ail with the bones carefully remo?ed. In the neighborhood of the station-house all the ta'k of the colored people was about ' slap doctors.'* It is thought that these remains were from souie dissectjag room, and the medical students who "v* ?'''?Itv.of throwing them about so careless! / should be ^anUbed. J Bntniwo Permitr issued by the Inspector of buildings icnce our last report: Brick back bailding two mories high for dwelling honse, ta Thcmas fc. Ko?*h, on P street, between 4th and 5th .northwest; two-story frame, for William Mayse, O street, between 4th and .jth north west. aiso, a hrit k back bailditig two stories nigh-on same street to same; two-story brick dwelling, on S street, between New Jersey av enue and % streei southeast, and a two-story brick on ewl side, ofjj street, between M and . W),? ' ^or Williams; a two-story frame dwelling and storehouse on O street, bet ween t.tb and 7th northweot. for J. E. Snodgratw- a triee"^r? Vrifk dw?hic? *o<l store, on west side of North Capitol street, l>etween H and I north, for C. F. Eckloff: sixteen two-story frame dwellings on souare No. ?'V, between E and F otb liortheast, for E. M. Whitaker; a two-story frame dwelling on north r ? between 8th and !>thsoathwest, for yV. W. Davis. Row at a Political Mkbtiho ?During the meeting of tbe I'th district republican club last night. Bernard West insisted on speaking and was called to order several time*, and the st g'-ant-at-arms (Braxton) ordered him to be quiet, or he would put him out. West defied any one to attempt to put him out, and nraxton seized him, when some fifteen or twenty men ro?f i? eir ^ * scrimmage#ocarre?1. in which several blows were struck, chairs being uhm. Some of those present jumped from the windows to a shed in the rear, and thenco over the fence. Word was aent to the 7th precinct police station, and in a few minutes Lieutenant Kelly and a number of officers arrived and re stored order. ? A nr.est or a* Allkokd Mclk Tiiief Tiiu. morning Detectives McFlfresh and 8ar gent arrestetf Henry Randall, alias Randolph, charged with stealing a valuable mule, wortti ?.10o, from Mr. A. w. Wadsworth, of Mont gomery county, Md. The mole was recovered and turned uver to the urouerty clerk, and tlia alleged thief was committed to await the reoni sltion of the Maryland authorities. Randall ihi ?iSv??<^.dence? Ri f' anJ known in ,!f.nity of Oceoeiuan, Va., where he has the reputation of being a notorious horse thief ever ^eNga'lcrV. ? ? Ukc" 'l,r thd PrRCH ASB OF CORI'ORATIOH BONDS BY Uxaiwioxns or thb SixKixa Fiiid The commissioners of the sinking fund accepted to J ofTers amounting In the aggregate to ?52.250 for the purchase by them of ten-year currency bonds of the city of Washington at 97 *?* *?<???<??. ??* of the acoepted bids oeing at that Igure or a llttle behnr tc . THMr**TIO? of parties wishing to Invest ft** bnsinww property is called to the sale advertised *iy B. H. Warner, real eaUto broker, ? ,!iMwpmyoppo^te the Patent Office^ on 7th street, to occur on neat Thursday after ik on. a t W* isvitk the attention of the public to the sale of valuable real ertate, this evening at 5* o'clock, by Green A>liliam., mueSoaM The property is situated on ?th street, * E "ertfcweet, and Is one eT tbe

most dealrable locations la tha eity. f WAlbany is going to try to make its bread In a co-operative bakery. ?B^Fire connttee of Iowa have female super intendents of public schools. . *^The women of 8C Louis are moving in sr.3 baywhile plaj-ing in Charleston, 8, O.. Thursday afternoon, ran against an iroa awn ing-port and broke his noclf Eight prisoners, including the negro mm derer of All Ingham, who is seatmce*] to b* hanged, esnaped from Washlagtou (Pa.) Jail early Saturday night. Small pox has closed the Free-will Baptist school at Water bury. Conn., the paplls being wbe.y sent home to disseminate the contagion to wlich they have been exposed. ?STA Crispin of Mercer. Pa., beiug a suitor who we id is vond bis last, In mercenary moo I ??a* a.da young wounn who jiit?d him for breach of promise, laying his daasages at *2,010. ^ AlciwMt Fhh Inrkrt, Q^ationt of f|?h for Hi(? tUv, f*irn\+*ie?t t? The Star by George W. Harv-son Jfe Oo.. wholesale dealers in fish. So*. C King street, 50, SI. M fish wharves, Ale* and i ia. V*. Shad, prr IJK) to *12.#; Herring, per thousand,?. J3 to 96.2A, White Perch, per bunch, 20 to 73 cmts; Rock, peT bnncb, iS toMnnU: offal, perbnnch, 15 to W cents. Warhi??tok Fisb Mirkkt.?At the Well ington fish wharves to-day the following -ale* to shipper* were made bv H. A. tioldon Bro., agents: 13/00 shad, from #:> to *11; .ft.noo her rings, from 93 .'iO to f?: 100 bunches flub. from jo to :;o cents; 100 rock, rrom 20 to 30 cents; 1,000 taylors, at 1 cent. ? 0 THE COURT**. rol'BT IV GENERA L TERM -To day all the jvitlge* on the bench. Tb6 bon?l of A. 8. Taylor, as J i 1 P*?ce approved. V**rmilUon Mgaii'Ot Phillip*, appeal <fi?mis**d. John P. 8ainp *. graduate of the Katii>nal DlircnUr L ?w . i . .'iT?' OB ??otlon of Prof. Widguroud, admit ted to the bar. VALn>!TY*or A COMMEmCJAL T.FTTM o?r,r*S?XTV. The case of Henderson et al. against HeiU et al. was taken np. Messrs. Cassin and Johnson for ap pt'llants, aod Mr. Caperton for appellees. TUis case comes from the Ore nit Conrt, and is an action Tor goods sold and delh ered npon a letter or offer to (nrrsnty by tb* defendant*: that James A. Malc ney would, as agent of *.*a?on A Sons, or Bait - more,make monthly return* of all moneys to tlio of fl.SPO. Tlie cart below instructed th i.nrJ '(*' 'o entitle the plafntiffs to recover on - aid letter of guaranty, tbey mint prove that notice had been Riven. in a roai> nttble time after said Utter <>t ruaraoty had been accepted b> them, to the defend 5r f ? ?2f ' ? ??nie had been acre pit e,t;" that the , V?nnot trover upon the connt for *n?U sotd and delivered,for the res-on that n|w.n a col I at Tlr sort no such suit is main tainable; and the nirv were charse I "that there tM lnirno evidence showing or tending to show ^ny notice by plaintiffs to defendants of th?ir acc?p: ?nce or said offer to gu iraan and intention to ct ?p?n if the jury innsf find for the defendant*.' POUCK COUBT. Judtt S*,IL-To-day, Wm Ferguson,load aad boistemvs talking; #5. F lit Joeter an.1 Jacob K<M?, same charge; #3 each U rn Ktn?. ns. n. violation of crt law; V cnarle. n^'n"' c,,*rK,>^ wj,h making a disturbance at a meeting last night at Wall's hall; *5. Cha? pViSIf^nf0 was before the court yesterday ou the c harge of horse-stealing, and which <-as" was con f<Vr'n7ti''n fVh<,*y f",? hi* wi?'"'??ies, wan sent to is I in hii k-S of the grarKl jnry?no witnesses apjx aril g Ln^if #? John Sherlock, charged with as-anit and battery on his mother, Bridget Sh?rl.?ck ud reshrtT 1 *Z\ charged with assaulting and Officer Taylor in making the arrest, tl.r.-e BoPdvo $3 Jones, assault un Ella Georgetown. About 12 o'rloek to-dav a man about 441 years ?ld, mined N. K. HeUloii whone residence i* on K street, between \ >rth Capitolland 1st streets, WasLiSSTjam "5 froin ft street car on Bridge street near Hi*?') an, running toward the X^k Jteack !>U toot against the curbstone and fell Oilic. r ll!P*,d hlm "p an<1 uad him re ^iiV? the station house, where Or. Sheck Be wa^r^T ^ h7^i,r<Hin't Li* *ntie fractured, ne was sent to his bon.c in g carriare. SlitiSiojiARY Meeting?Bishop Aner. tlie biahoji of Afrioi., w ill a l 1?S? ii! Xlr V'"8 of Owgetown on 1 is mission 1n Thnrsday evening, at St John's Episcenal church. Those who hive ?i^iL ? k'? ,,'s description of kwi work in p g -aT"1 is 'n^uwly interesting. Presii.est Coujian, ot the Chesapeake ??| f hlo canal, who left Cumberland on & tour of Uispection on Wedne?,lav last, is " ^ t ? reach here to-ii'jfht via canal. ' tWI 10 Xkws?The steamer Jfew Vor't f9,r Philadelphia wiU, a mlZ\ Uiieone carjro. J he schooner Carrie H. Snot ??('iRAI1' ', RAr>B?The onJv sales on 'cianje 0/^.r^"h""' ?' r>rim^ Herring soW at ?r, to m;; triors. ?i ,?T dr<<l. and ti e sh id >1 > per hundred. /f*1. Trad*?The Cumberland V. ?? of yesterday s*v,: 40 boats cleared this portj e-ter d?y. carrying tons of coal. CITY FTEM& St-rino OT?n ;oAi - 1 toM f price *12, at Sra vi ss" ?J 1011 Ph. ave.. bef. lot!, and lithVta. ,or Mice, or Ko%che?. r-e J., cents, at |?.\ 1; uY's, corner Penns> u ?ama avti.ue and 4 j street. ?""cimsji An Extenbed l ^ttiTr._Each vear fln Is "Browu's, Bronchial Troches" in neW 1 ui ! c\!" Ii.tri0"s Parts of the ? orld. For re lic* ng < onghs. t olds, awl ThroaiDweas. s.the J r<M.hcs have been tn-<ured reliable. t u. ? ? a ''?'V' , Ol"R tl'STO* HWABTMHKT. belt^1Mfer?tinn"t^k ?f p,6Ce ,or the best selection of piece goods for Coats and PanV' i?e finest assortment of piece goods f .i and 1 m "Jf^^nable cat; a faultless lit and lirst-vlass workmanship. A call is aollcited At ?Arfj.B Bkothbus, Faahionahle Tailors. j \ Corner 7th au? lists. I Spriku O.flvm tor dress, c!ri*ing. and ivalk *i'g. irom ?te to ?, in new awl desirable ^vies aiid ?ni .?o.r r,H' "ew tf00'1*' <"?' V?c, 75e, -I i-HafSi Har'"-'" '?*. In new numbers, for r *? ?' au" ' "?Jf do*en. l.atcst styles iti tine l.inen I'ollars for *2 V) per dozen. Geo. c. ?KV V|n * " 410 7th street. r , . R*' iaklk. Fathers and Mothers? we are adding to our stock a large assort uei.t Vh-w yo"^l s and children's clothing. i he W averly Saits? b ,r"!:\V> 8y?af*ot age. from ^.5 to s IS. The Harvard Suits? of a?e- from to JJO. Sailor Suits, Farragut? age' and other stvles ia end ?ura **? the hest made. Ce t material and newest styles in the market. 4 ?>? a /?..?? 5foAH WAWIB A ?'<>., ,a '?'l Pa. a\ ?., Metropolitan Hotel. hilFv WA>'TS A Bottle or Whisky, let ni7\?UyJ\ai,d takP lt h01ue ,ike * man, and not sneak home with a bottle of "Bitters," or ^Cordial, and pretend that it is rnMicin.*. if he wants a tonic that Is something better than atom,wary xtimulant. he should get a bottle of" Sy^l', (an Iron Tonic/) tlat will Xe sy^dt m6 and g,ve Jurable strength to *ade to ORt>EH.-Gei?Momrn fur S M , OWI,' material. can have their Shirts ma-ie to ordtir at the shortest notie,;. ;lt ?,ioe" s, 5?U? street northwest. Satlsfactloi! guaranteed. 4 111 e^rrd **licit?al preparation 111 the nlole,'?e1 ^ U,e most conveiueitt. f?"."' Bronchial Troches" allav irrit ition 7h\ti* ,JSduce8 *???]>?"?. giving relief in Bron chitis. Hoarseness, Intluenza. Consuniptiv,! an I Asthmatic complaints. _ t,th"s ',fB. [?EPB Hooley's than of any other Yeast as it is much stronger. Piu sell it. weig Glve il a ,14ir trial. Grocei s 6 taf's Bili When Dr. WN ? ,8 Balsam of W ild Cherry will ci rk coughs colds, bleeding at the lungs, and arrest the fell' 5?^er' C?n8nmptlon, it does more than most physicians can do. The use> of a single bottle costing one dollar, will satisfy the incredulou^ that they need look no further for the required ? ^ ^ thi"rL*HVpKM<'* ,nth? is 14KV"Tthin* ,ook" dstrk gloomy; he feels "out of sorts" with himself and everybody else. Life is a burden to him. This J,fedbytaklnK p*r?v?aii Syrup J/ha? w? - 0ni). c.a** of27 years' "tand ing have been cured by it. ,5 vH5?-^LAT10*AL 8a^*os Bark, corner of Tj* 15th street, para 6 i?er ct. ^enositsfor each calender piouth, Bankla, hours, Itoi. Saturday., 9 to 4 and ? ? ?t3,l?tl? Tr* CoinrrviTT at large appreciate the use fulness of Slngj^i Sewiug Machine. ij "Mispen^ble to health SS? I^t Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, K&. ng Mth street, opf?osite the "J**??! tor relief from corns, bad nai's.. Ac and advice as to suitable shoes. * ' Wnxpoya Qtuu's 8kwtm? M AORtNB. The . oiwi.ii iwauhipb. me Pattena. Agency at Chas. KSiSSJSrRfi^l00^fketory- ^ 53T* ry^lf tPS*0* Wa.? " I*dia?A telegram -ondon reporto that the forces of Hi? Ms Jetty the King of Holland have retreated lia KrTK.'gSi srstegi& bat our advWs tiuM rh.? . lne* r? -v7t wnnrn up on tne < lina if^.^ ' U Ach*e?ese army to n?mbers. The leero ls2?^0*5.i*d?* heavy to date. The conn .kiakV. _T_77 . ggftgtfgaBagSS ?f/y.""? sss. now r. JW., wMofc h? Georgetown Advertisements. pcTATOKS: POTATOES'? POTATOES '! ? jm1?1? *A1"* JACKSON WHITES ?JWf3L???h,'ta pI'm: N,v 1 JACKSON WHITF. I ^ rno" t?T ?fhoun.r c?rrie H. Spofford, and for sale m lots to unit pin-haaer* A*pljto HIBTLRT A BROTHER, '* 9ft ami (>1 V ?f , H*vr(?|n?n, D. C. |^EADT FOB THE SPRING TEAd!! With * full ?>?. of lir?t cla? workman. a c>m pin* stock ?? 'he w>t f<>r>*t?n and .K>m?ntic Dre Stuff*, Ac., Ac.. 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T..v_a . < oimtrv Besidenre*. ravssa s&nsxw |>LLMB1KG AKD GASFITT1NG. .1T,hi^\?",ir,n* t? bare their PItnnbIng and Gvi Fitting done in a neat and aubslitntial manner, and H jywlj1* terms, ahonld leave their orders at 1 V&TSl'.?&?'"?? <>?*<-* B.ll. " mg-gm* vrx BOTH WELL. (^ALL ON JAMES F. BRIEJT V/ Prattle*} Pimmbtr and Uas Fitter, ar<rfn*a I EHS"*' ^ *'?"??. Sewerrv?e f'0*!1*"' Wended to ou reaaonajile ternia. No bo? Louisiana avenue, near 6th street, north aide Besidence, Vll9 2d etrvet, northeaat 'mil JVf ???,N1I^QuHA*rHATTIB, has the nl2iirf? ****' brtW'W'n 10(11 *??d 11th, iSt? 10 e tnat* b?> baa receWedr ^iLr^a 1 ?wf BLOCK, and i- V1 Kernof r l5Uii i?Ti ?at", m,Mle to order 011^* IK?0,d "J'**; alao, an aaaortmert of *?lt Hatw for op rwwontble t^nni. fl-tr ^B NiSOl, FLAGS, TWTI. M. O. CO PEL AND, ?43 Louisiana avenue, >,ne door eaat 7th street r^5/fn%^^a nS{S,ltr Md 0oontT BOOMS MO^TrE-* W r-nt OA NoiysrOLOTHR-*10 order Jt m. TVRTON, carpenter, boilman, AMD CONTRACTOR '"00 Shops and Office. hit 1 , below 1 it. nor bw^t, PROPOSALS. A BCH1TKCT S OFF1CK? ?*X CAMDKN STATION. SEALED PRnpos \L^wul'*.-'rer.'i! , Otbce until THl'BSOA Y.May 1-t Kt at If *VlJl HOI SES ? nVJ?rT10^ VK ""I R STATION fn litil?fa picket*.,!, (i, Gerniantoan. R.<kvi|i. ?heJB A O lf R*'OD *' trop"lltat) Bran -h !>f r*r ,,p """ %t th'? "? r<?ala Pi,?a ?7n f? ,,r "" ff ?aid Pr<? at ,hU ?fflce 141 1 al7?rit . ?? F BALDWIN, '' 4 Architeci B. A O. R tt pkoI'osals fur statiunkrv: DsPAKTMSNT OP THK I*TFT!i.Ht. i r> 1 AAMlMGTO!f? I> r , M;ifr)t X] !<7t v Propo^alaf.Tfurnulmv , ?nn 1** ,.t s-^i .. ^s^Jsrrilz^rsrs^B kkss firuf^naEmTTt'*'.?^K ,H' l y ,h' '"<??? !'?" ?l ' *uai ^rtw ""T,*" ",l *** aaatiatactory s.?i? ?f\7.a;td aithoMmicbgnanwIee *" b'"d ? t^"s?Hsr -a "X^Uh^pAcl,Ua^tJ WUh lh' ^ W1,h *PPfoved ?ecur5tr, v ill he re.jnir." I of ,u- *?r p-tr,f J ?spsn^nst,vs <C!u;zxzs*s ?urcljaKlpff iu open ruarket, or ?*f fierlariiijr the con ""?I ifr ? ?r,Ver 1 h h 11 t ha con - eat imated qtia.titi^ of article ,?"d^7?(l fSu in will In* fiiniiMlied on application. ?f!!5*t t8 ? w aw arded to eatablished mati ti sl? ' ?* 'n th^ ariiclea. uJMfSSSyWKS"'"" Propoeala mnat be addressed to the Becret ?rv of ?i.<-Interior,aud eud-.rjed ?? FroWSto &Zt?oZ _l?rl 2?wI0t C0LCMBU8 DELABO^ OtR LATEST excitement. ATTRACTIONS FOR SPRISG. THE MOST IKCBEDULOU8 BEISG BAPIDLY CONVINCED. ?10?Them atyliah Suit* at .flo Please Every IkkIj-. ? 10? Them Serviceable Suits at #10 Suit Everybody. 5 IS?Them Handaome Suits at -*1S Become Evryhodv. ? 10?Them Nobby, well-made Suita, at f 10. AJiK SOLD TO EVEBYBODY. 01'B JUVENILE N0VEL1Y. NEW SPRING STYLES. ? ?-0nr foil 8nit for Boys' School Wear at ? A?All the Boys like? #i ?4?Our School Suita at $A. 83?All the Boys want?SA * f 4?Our School Suit* at f?. ? 4?All the Boys wear?*4 * ?4?Onr School Snitsat $4?Our fashionable and well-made School Suita at $4 ABE MADE OF DURABLE MATERIAL. BROTHRBS, FASHIONABLE TAILORS, apl6-to ? OomwKK 7f An P Stkkct POB FAMILY 0 8 B . THR TABLE SAUCE, TBR VERT RR8T SAOCR AMD ?" |fH * IX ART FART OF TRR WORLD. FOR FAMILY USE, FOR BALM Mt ALL 9MOCMM9. GROCER*. 1*13 7th STREET NOBTHWE'T, i Between M 4i.u S ?u.) so**1 ?' oihj ????jrs? ssk* -- ?" HAMS, kt ?,.|u C?t*^ ,B rfcr* \#X ?? extT* ?&*?** LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! Old B%ker WHISKY. OM Cabinet WTHSKY. Vhmkj 5 year* old. per bottle?.... .......$1 i<l t'aliforni* Bmndv.per bottle ... ? 1 ?*? HoIImmI <?in. per bottle 1 (W French Bran.fv per bottle ~ 1 23 SWEET CATAWBA WINK, ? $ 2 per gallon. Pure SWFIT CIDER. Philadelphia ALE Mid PORTER. T. ?. ?'HAKE * SOTI. ?16 ltlS7lkrt.n.w.,MtMtllia4K. p L <MJ R : KhCEJWBO I)IK ECT fr< m the Mill* in VALLEY OF VIRGINIA. Will sell to families AO cent* per barrel le?s than nsnal prices, Price* of SUGARS and TEAS *11 marked down. CATAWBA WINE, jw*t received from Pleasant Valley Wine Company, t'J a gal) am. 8. n BACON. 709 Market Space, n:*r!8 between 7th and Sth ? reel*. STEAMER LINES. fVK* KXTRKSS LINE VIA CANAL, It BtTWIitl PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA. V* . WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOW N, D C. ?Allllo PAT*. _ _rt ? w From Pier J. North Wharve*. riill f pa I adelphla, WEDNESDAY and BAT URDAY, at Us. From 49 Water afreet. GeorfHoa u, D. C., TUES DAY aad SATURDAY, at !? a. m. This line connects at Philadelphia with 'Clyde'* Iron Line" of steamer* for Providence, B -ston and New EnKlai J 8tate?. N" wharfage in B'-ston by thi* line G. F. HYPE. Aful for D. of 0. WM. P. CLYDE A CO . Philadelphia. F A FFTD. Alexandria. Va. WALDO A PEARCE.A4 Gongre** Str -et. R ?* ton. aj'J WASHINGTON, NORFOLK, BOSTON, AND YY PROYIDENCB. The fine Iron Steamer LADY OF THE LAKE having reannied her regular trlpa to fe. Norfolk, will leave ber wharf, of 4tb street, every MONDAY THURSDAY, at J p. m., touchingat principal Elver Landing*, connect ,iig at Norfolk with Steam*hlp of the M. aiid M. Line for B<?t<>n and Prorld"? o? Freight atii'ilil l>e addr^aM "fir* of Lady of the Lake, vih Norfolk." Branch ticket attire at Knog's Ex pi en* office, t??:i Pennsylvania mennc. T . M. CKOl't R. A pent. 4thstreet wtiarf. DORSEY CLAGETT. G-neral Agent, n 14 Plant V St .re. c?rv?r l??h *t. and Pa. ?' f^CBARD LLNB. ave. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YOKK AND LIVERPOOL CALLING AT CORK HABBOB. FROM NEW YoiiK. 'Riium*. *ed.. A pi 16 j Calatiria. .Sn?_Aft 19 Java___.Wag_.Apl. 23 i PartUia .?..Si4l_... Apt. ?' ? uba. Wed... A pi. 30 I *S? ? lie Wed..M ay 7 Abv*?'r,i;t M 1' Algeria ......We.1 .M ?y 1? li. 'a* H ' I" Steairera markud tliua * do not cat r> steerage paa engers Atid every following WEDNESDAI and 8ATUB DAI from Nv? York. Kate* of Pam-a?k.?C?i>in, $M. )M0, and $13 avid, according to aLCemruolati u. Tick'-t* to Paii*. CIS, g >ld, additional Return ticket* on Uvorable U>nu*.^^?*?B Storage. &3u, currency. fi'.eerage ticket* from Liverpool and Qneenatown, and all parta <4 Europe, at lowest rates. Through bill* of lading given to Bella**, Gla*gow, Havre. Antwerp and other point* on the Continent aud for Mediterranean p- rta. Fir freight and cabin pa* *age,app:> at the Company'* olflce, No. 4 Bowling Green; lor at<* rage paaeage, at No. 4 11 Bread wa) Trinit)- Buildiug. novIB ly CHA8. Q FRANCELTN. Agent _ MCHOB LINE STEAMERS A SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. Paaaenger* t k-1 to aad Itna ar.> Railway Sta tion or Seaport in Great Britain, Ireland,^jA|a N'raay. Sweden, Denmark. German J Trance, HoKana. Belgium aud tba L' SUtN. Cabin fare from NEW YORK to LONDON, LIY ERPOOL,GLASGOW and DEKRY. and *7* EXCURSION TICKETS. ?ltf0. IBtermediate, fa?. Steerage, S^O, all parti le ll Onrrency. Partie* tending for their In th* 014 can pnrchaae ticket* at loweat rate*. For fnithoi rirtimiara applv to the Agent, C. CAM MACE, J*. 41*J V *trv?t, W a?t>infton. BENDERSON BROTHERS, aril 7 B wl:ng Green. Mew York Merchant ? line of oteamshipb. IITWEIR WASHINGTON AND NEW YORK.. Byaaff tba Sn? Steamahip* ? 0. KMIGET MM JOHN GIBSON will make regular weoAlj wMaa triaa between NEW YORK, ALEX A) DRIA, washington and GEORGI TOW N, aafoilowa:? Leave NEW XORk rroa* rt?r IV Ea*t River, every SATURDAY at I I, a., Laava georgetown every FRIDAY at Y S. m., and ALEXANDRIA the same day at 1? m. For fall information apply to B. P. A. DENHAM, k0?nt aAia* -? ni?a- -a ' "~ . ??,VM "Fry ?v v. r. n> uaii ? ah. Agent, oCioa ana whan toot ot High atraet, Ovorca ^??ratU* corner of 17th 1YHW, 'Fretght* delivered bv Kno\'* Erpre?*. Or der* left at G-tHful Offic ?, ?OS PewnayIvania av nue.or at the steamer wharf a ill be prmt'lly at tended to. JaD-tf J. W. THOMPSON. Preaident. ^ RAILROAD AND teal Estate lartgagc CmMm4. I* tt* f -KI Gold Bond* tba Northern Padtc Rail road Company fnrniabaa to tba pnbUe an Inveameui ?eenrfty which combine* tba ready negotiability, the convenience, and tba high credit of a Srat-olaa* rail road bond, with the solidity and safety of a real fa tal* mortgage on land worth at least twice tba aatoont They are oSered at par in carrency, and yield a HANDSOME PBOFIT to thoae exchanging ? ?0a The bond* are a Srot and only mortgage on tlx road, it* egoipment* and earning*, and al*o on a' land grant which, oa tbe completion of the road, will average ByOUO acres to each mile of track. They are lasned in denomination* from |M u Cl^JOU Coupon, and ?100 to fMMUO RegiMaraa, bar* thirty years to ruD, bear aa interest of 7 Jo per cent in gold, and are EXEMPT FROM UNITED STATES TAX to tbe holder. The trail annnal Interest en tbe Registered Bond* is paid with GOLD CHECKS, sent to tbe post oflos ?f the boldsr. All Marketable Stocks and Bonda received In ax change, without evpenae to tba tan big beat curroat prtoea. JA WASHINGTON. I^UMBKEl LUMBER!!' WM. JOHNSON A SON Havejnst received a Urge stock of WRITE and YELLOW PINE LUMBER, LATHS, SHIN GLES, aaSUNCK PALINGS, all of which we ara selling at low prices. Great inducements lor casb Cor. nth and Mats., near State Department, spg-lnt* IN BANKRUPTCY. 1, _ _ DitThic*?? Colcmiia, s* : At Washington, tbe M?b Say af April. A. E a 17 :lKH<?#,VrL' I ^JFBCIAL WO TIP > . 14 Mb S TOMB MASONS AMP BUILDERS. KB bo at oRce. Boom ?,Mair ^ii&T ^ on tag Julia, fact of High straat, Georgetown. ap7 lm' PROFESSIONAL. |)R. MARY ?. IPittMAII, n'llta* 1(31 DIXTKIRT' tiWo cumM. b.s brailbt nrmtKi * brailkv, PHORTH AWl? WR1TEK8 A LAW KK !'?> RTEB* ORk~e?B?. no 0 atreot, Mvm In ??r1 fcl, 'WM Indlnnn ?f?w rWl H ? OHM F mamma, . ATTORMBT-at LAW. M ? Mo. ? T??m . Lav 2~~ Waeblngt.ia. R. p BWKS^^A-nOXERY, Ac. IJKTASTTJ LIBRARY^ or POETRf AMU TU)jf. 8TOm * * LI"A|^I OR ramocs ric eime^hy received ?> 1411 ** BHHOP* II aearit ^GBICCLTCRAL Mooiti: ? J> hnrtont Atfrlrnltnral Chemistry f I Tn Aiurtraii tt*rd<-n. , ? AMi.tul j?l AH?-? ? Anrrii u Rami RfMrnot^ 6>m1piiii4 (h Profit . ? ?Rr?,?t??forfrt<i ?r><l H-aliii I m ERnller ? Mull Pratt Culturtat . i u uU.r'.ittry Cnt^.-SZZ.ZZZ ! M ?'** H. oth? rn A| pi- ttnlfiiri?t 2 7? n?l,t* Pra. t.< al P....H rK-. prr j K2JSE? ) Br*. 2 ,M Binjillli Mie< p Ha*t>aii. ry. ... I ao 3'"* *'**>*/?' Cl< U pe-d? J. 3 yj . J' Wait OB I h* I)i ? -? UlkrMvkmk. ? ? n ?? r'i'1 ?h.-J Vur in lift ABU R RonrN A ?'<? . -it!I ?*?*??-?'? ?'?M e. crwer llth a4rw4 |^I!>T OR NR? HOURS Af *HlLLl*ftTO VR NOWMTOKP i iw*" *?r? vriuzrtsi TaJir* ?*>???? * *"?<? c,?.. . InTuim JBALot S A Morel {MftffFV. ISP, u^J1- -? jiTOVUifTi' "i"Vx * ?i * nthlj '. I'ino | ?>?l ? ?VE?,\ t?W.2t*. fc*J5 * BB? TO KOBTri AMl Klr*> BIKOM v <ntaia tssvtm?tfS H?lR"?K UAHD B<K>K ?r TBAVKL IX A lar*f' *.<fl of Blank B-?>fca. Phi Bo..tea anil M-?n<-rami um B....k,, |?a*.r i p.", and Pla> |0|i C?r.|. a, ??? ? K^oVn TlVif1Y T"1. ,mi'ToJ! "r "?* HRAITH it I. Mr . ? Dr. U U.L M ??*man a *,m?. T h. CO TT ?CM Mni L K to.* h?(l tbere ale... Two good \t.ENTt? v>am?d m?-fr yHB WuBhS OF TIIOMArui:THRIK. D P. Tlie (..?|w | tB Er. Wiel T?i?- iSaitta lnh> ritaucr Tbr W?* nf Ltfr. On h?-ParaM?a. Itln-tra'-<1 BpvakiiiK (o thr II. art. jl*IN.if Charart>-r. Pl?a f ?r .1 S. Tl?e titj; it* l*i!ia ai?l h >it"V? At U H BA LLANTV V Rfi. ?V- " M otiom: - KBsrt.r ? W^Ta ^NU^^i^irVHrBR, B. AMD BIKDIlio DONR To okDER ^ ^Ntc ^ ??"*? t-fallarj S1 ,, 0,w Cb*t Watlonalig^r. boWm Bank' "Wtf LIVKRY STABLES. JB OLCVTT it 84in ?~? ? LlVkkfr d 8A M HT A P .ifcatL b,., D , , . K, a ui < i?n a, ,, ?x^w^r. iJih Mud 14;h va i| '? AUIKon nailob. Jr. - 1 9frw4 0?'r?hw ^t Ahlinotob stables ?R (inir I it GSTKKET. Brrwrt * I 7 rV*T\ J. by foe wall, A ? pOJJGREB? tiTABl.EH. or MKHABP VaBT. Pwrw? W ACA RafiorS *JLA,B LIS 1IM M bT _ w a ^ Ifctt-tft ^r|?i ccnRfHntIv RwSljSteP br ,h' <?*' wS^itR. ' 1 ?"l rwvc??oii? ftan.tatM4 with Mid omchaa^ T^U tf^ IXSURANCE COMPANIES. thjc oorooran FIRS INlt'R AMCC c or TH* DISTRICT OR COLCMBIA. Orrwa.twf l?r, l?-j <a'IUI ORRICB Mo. 14^4 PESK>TLVaMa tV(*r> (OvKk Kaili,^ Diuc Btoit ) L5C? ? J. T. d/AR ^?.i^'drut T. DYKK:n-, M?rT _. _ D.'KKCT?1t?: fAafsr- _ _fcftfcfc,-: TJ " "I - -J1?41 A. H. H^rr. ISKtRE T0LB LIRE K tn that the n.. Am OrtaniMd j?i?7 ly" Mo. >11 T?h tntt, A BB TOC IK81 BED? RHAMiA>^VTAW^?A,? . ?? WA8HIKOTOM, V. C A W* IKCOlFolATKD BT CoMSRm im IAi^ jS^rwis-fSSs LLV"^. '???AkSwm^iSSX? or rmm DISTRICT OR COLCMBIA OKUAIUZSD AUVOST ?. 1ST* CA8B capital OW<? to Bh^Bb*rd'a BuildiiiX. Ho Htk BAMCKL CBOBB^JUta^ ' Pr**>4^ ? a ? - W??CTO?t* tjfr 7??JSfr ?r?:fer P"w'ltl#??T38''.5o.TW?!?"B* ,T Tb?rt ia certaialy no hrtter plrne* in thr city tb? METROPOLITAN' DOLLARS J?TORB, SIB 7th atTMt, when-, if yoo levant a dollar, y<m M| rnM aaramd yon *Jmm*? r?r*tr? lAa/nil mU? ?/ ynar m?a?ir, and nrherr a anviaf of BloMoMboi the dollar la gaaraat**d to ron. withont tha?r?? back o*receiving inferior fooda The earietr offered I*ao large, eoaprtainc everything pretty aad nae fnl, that R haa kirani a vain taak of i n naii n InR only called tn helnw ?antloaad ?ooda, na nil arc tit lea' have lately been ?omV*' *"**

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