Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Ijrgcrt Cunliliti ia the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: RDAT April *3, W7B. To OCK AarfM?>?In consequence of tbt great pi tmn upon oar advertising col iih, we have r? uk of rutonen that they win send in their advertisements aa early In the day aa possible thAt they may be properly clasei led. Oar butiMM men appreciate the ad ran tagee of an adrertU4ng aediim like tnat of 1 hi Stab, vhich ha* not only an Immensely preponderating eireolation over any other 1-aper, bat vhich has also a general or eolation amongst all classes, and therefore reached pur chasers of every variety and style of goods and ?area. The recent "enthusiastic" mention of Speaker Blaine'* name for the Presidency at none din ner-table pitting of a few gentlemen of some lolitical prominence, seem* to hare caused quite a ferment in rarioos quarter*, and the protectionist* of Pennsylranla, it la hinted, are disposed to make warfare upon the proposed nomination, on the ground that Mr. Blaine is not sound on the tariff question?that is to say, though not a free-trader, he is supposed to faror ? reduction on high tariff rates where reduction ts just and practicable. Mr. Blaine is too ?state a politician not to see that this early mention of his name for the Presidency is cal culated to do hint more harm than good, and so we are safe in assuming that the present talk about him in that connection has been withoat his instigation or consent. But if the Pennsylrania protectionists really go on in this blundering way of declaring oppo sition to him in adrance, they will put the free traders up to considering the question of his eligibility as a candidate on their platform; and It is likely that the free-traders will hare quite a* much to say in regard to the question who i-hall be our next President a* the protectionists, especially should the Jormer be reinforced, as seems probable, by the formidable organization of prodacers known as the Patrons of Hus bandry. The high-tariff men had better not be too vociferous in proclaiming who they will or won't hare for President. ? s ??? - The dispatches from the lara beds which we I ublish to-day seem to Indicate that the Mo docs, after being shelled oat of their natural defences last week, merely retreated to new hiding places in the rocky fastnesses, erery foot of which is familiar to them. The eridence of thiaseeaos very clear. Wandering Modocs still " I "Other the troops" in camp by desultory firing, attacking pack trains, &c., while a circuit of tne lara beds fails to discorer an Indian trail, and our caralry returned to camp from their wild-goose chase without haring encountered or heard of any of Captain Jack's men oatside of their old haunts. That the Modocs can easily keep up their game of hide and seek in the lara beds, is demonstrated by Professor Havden's description of these basaltic rocks and the innu merable nooks and crauniea by which they are perforated and the food which the sarages can l.nd in them, which was published inTas Star a few days since. If the Indians are still aboat there in positions where they cannot be shelled, Ue most feasible way of conquering them would seem to be to cut them off from the lake, to which recent dispatches say they still resort for water. Any other plan would doubtless cause a disproportionately heary loss of life on cur ride. _ It is now stated as certain that the Baltimore and Ohio railroad will next month commence vanning passenger trains to the West from both Baltimore and Washington orer the Metro politan branch road. The date is eren men tioned?the l&h?and It is declared, also, that the time tables hare already been arranged. This sounds like business, and yet similar assur ances hare been giren from time to time for many years. There is no doubt, howerer, that the road is ready for work, bat the belief has pre vailed in Washington that Mr. Garrett did not intend to pot it in operation until he had com pleted his Gaithersburg and Laurel cat-off, by which he could take western passengers and freight orer the Metropolitan road to Baltimore without coming to Washington. We shall be very agreeably disappointed if he does not post jone opening the Metropolitan road antil he has constructed his cat-off. It Appears by the Tennessee papers that the farmers of that state hare entered upon the co operative movement, through the formation of granges of tne Patrons of Husbandry, which In Illinois, Iowa and elsewhere hare taken initi ative steps for the protection of agriculturists from the encroachments of other classes that operate through chambers of commerce, boards of trade, transportation conventions, manufac turers' and mechanics' societies, and, above all, railway monopolies, to tlieir prejudice. There m little doubt that this organisation will spread rapidly throughout the country, bat the danger Is that It will Call into the hands of political speculators and demagogues, and fritter away all its real power for nsefolz Thi Atlantic asd Great Wistiis Can at A call has been issued by Governor Smith, of Georgia, for a convention of gover nors and other prominent citizens at Atlanta, to consider the propriety of constructing a canal from the Tenneseee river, atGantersvtlle, Alabama, to Sarannah, Georgia, by way of the Coosa. K tow ah and Oemulgee rivers, thus con necting the Mississippi river and its tributaries with the sea on the Georgia coast. The ad vanta ges claimed are that tne line Is 800 miles shorter than by the present route, through a country that is not effected by frost, and will baikl ap the business interests of the South and open a market for the surplus products of the West, besides bringing into closer anl friendlier rela tions the two sections. The -Worming Ca-larer viciously expresses its determination to lire as long as possible, so that It may keep Its eyes open to watch any schemes of Thb St ab. Alas! we are afraid those bright, vigilant, virtuous orbs will soon be closed, and weighted <lowa by the proceeds of a copy of the immortal Evkxiso Stab, which shines for all, price two cents. But we submit that It Is not quite fair in the Ciiarer, after enjoying its good things in life, and faring sumptuously every day on credit mobilier, extra-compensa tion, railroad and Indian steal swag, to be taunting Its living cotemporaries to see that they dont get any nice little tid-bits. It is downright hoggish. The Springfield R'p*blv m suggests that a lew words from Charles Sumner on the sub ject of the salary grab would hive a joeitire value for the country under ex isting circumstances, and a still greater ralu* lor Charles Sumner's iriends in Massachusetts. It sdds ??He is the meet distinguished of a group of distinguished gentlemen, whom it ought not to U necessary to remind that there are good ac tions which gain nothing, but rather lose, by being deferred. or that the public servant has no right to cultivate his persoual dignity at the exi?ase of hie public daty." And sow ,*Gath" censes with irreverent tread Into the rick room of the Cknmirt? and quote* tipoa oar departing neighbor the words of Arte ritis Ward: "He had hat one tooth, and yet this venerable man played npon the baes f-iu*." The mayoralty question begins to agitate Baltimore, and there to a disposition on the part of quite a number of the beavteet property holders to bring oat an independent candidate. Seme sixty prominent Citizens have signed a request to Mayer Y>nsaat to place himself on the platform of a candidate far reelection irre spective of party. He, however, decline* to come forward apon any bat aa exclusively po litical and democratic platform; ami the signers to the call are now looking about for another candidate. Mr. Robert Turner will possibly be the one i We art glad to have the y.'/)?Uwm, a paper neat In imcacs I* Tax St a a, t meats of oar aMieted Kh street ootemporsry. 'J be CArmitit still liagers, bat to very low, IB*?<L flUAMCTAE A?n> (OMMEKCTAL. The Wall street market* yesterday were di? Unguisbed early In llie day by easier rate# for money, but before the close eall loan* were d- arer. the extreme rale being 1-16 and interest. Stock* were dull generally throughout the day, ar>d declined at money tightened, olo^ngat the lowest prices of the day, and at a decline of km j, t>er cent, on the closing price* of the dav be f .re. Gold ranged from 117Mai 17*,oj??nlag at 117 k. and closing weak at V?\. Foreign ex change tv dull and tower, bat gPYernmnU were strong and a tfracttan higher. ? v? ?? t ? H UUHW1 "V>?i V X7 -choice tub,3n?M2. Whisky firm. 9l. I, April 33.?Stocks dull. Gold very Money firm,7 to i n. Exchange, long, Jay Cooks Jk Co. firaiih ths follow i ngi o-dar: Kn'f B$Wg. Bvy't. BtiTt V 30?i Zl I MTsJoAJy/M.1TH 19 la* S i-1. ? *>j?*Jt, jo |-3*'s,1M4 la , m, \ MO-sJaAJy.SBj:'. VH M% Wf ! lHB s 13', 14 ? _ _ I?w Iokk? FlAsT Boakd. SiW % i IS1!, MM. Is', ~ ? ??Vi, MM... 3D ?-MVJaa. S-M'Maa. AJly.C_liJ\j TM _ BaLTIHOai, April S3.?Virginia #'s. old, 37; do., c?n?'IM?t?t, IS^, Went Virginia's. l?l? bid to-day. Baltimobs, April CT?Ootton in fair cemaid, !"<>!?>,. Fioar steady; prices unchanged. Wbeat <4iret hat Hrai; price* unchanged. Corn?white ?? ulii<rn easier, Kjjeilow southern firmer, upot; May, CM. Oats firmer?axathern, w? stern mixed. 47($48; do. white, 4A&3M. Bye qui-t. Bar MMtr-wNltni, Provisions strong, with an advancing tendency; business ?mall. Mi-s p?rk, 9MH#9lC Bulk meat* firmer and higher? ?h nlders, 7H;rib side* nominal; clear rib side*. Bacon firmer aad higfcer?shonld>-r?. 8S," rib sides n inn si, clear rib snlee, io'? Susar cured h tmii, IMaU. Lard firm, 9Sa9\. Weet?rn butter near.-.. ai?l wanted?cl Raw Toai, firm, 17*,'. _ __ short,#4,. Governments dull and firn~. Nkw Toll, April 33.?Flour steady and qniet. V heat firm. Corn firm. LoSf.'S, Apri a m.?Consols op*ne?| at 99H f. r both. No traa??ciiou4 thus far in American securities to-day, and prices nominally a- last aeut. Erie 51. Paris, April 13.-Rentes opened 36 francs 10 cent tin e? Losro*, April 33 1.30 p. ?.?Consols f.?r account #3\ EtieSl-,. TJUC WKATHIB. Was DBFAKTHBaT, 0?m OUtf Of**, I Wabhi*oto*,D.C., April 23, una, 11a.m. j BtHOFSIS Poa TU PAST TWSSTT-POCa HOD1P.? The area of lowest barometer that was Tu-sday morning in the lower Ohio valley is now central in North Caiolina.the barometie disturbance having eowewhat diminished during the night. The pres sure ha? riaen decidedly tiirooghout the lake region and the Missouri valley and is Highest in the extreme northwest where clear cold weather has prevailed with northerly winds. The area of warm ? >uthwest winds ts now confined to the Soath Atlantic and eastarn gulf states Cold no rife easterly winds with threstening weather and ?now prevail fram Illinois and Tennessee eastward to Virginia and In York. Northwest winds with partly cloudy weather prevail fn New Cngland. Tue barometer has risen in Southern Florida with light winds. F?obasilitiiis.?The area of lowest barometer advance daring the rest of Wednesday eastward over Cape Matter as. For tbe 8 mtk Atlantic states south and west winds and partly cloodr weather. For the gulf states winds veer to northwest with falling temperature, atd for the western gulf coast light rain accompany ing brisk northerly winds For the Ohio valley and apaer lakes rising barometer, northerly winds and clearing weather. For th" lower lakes and middle states northerly winda with threatening weather and light rain or snow For New Bngland rising barometer northwesterly winds andc.oudy weather. Cautionary signals continue at Wilmington and Norfolk. E3* A" Co W. L. I.?A special meeting of "A. _ Id - ?re/ Company. W. L. I. will be held at th* Anuory THIS( Wednesday) EVBNING at dp. m. A punctual attendance Is deaired It* F. C. HABBI8- Secretary. fp^a YOlNti MEN'S REPUBLICAN CLUB The regular monthly meeting of the Younx Men's Republican Club will be hAd THIS (Wed nesday ) EVENING, at the Club Honse, at 8 o'clock. A punctual attendance of every member is reanested. _lt FRANK T. HOWE, Cor. Ekc'y. s SPECIAL NOTICE ?The st >ckh dders of _ the NATIONAL CAPITAL REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION are hereby notified that a prop,wi tion will be made at the next monthly meeting to Is sue stock in series. All the stockholders are re quested to be present. By order of the Board of Directors. [a23 3t) PHIL. H. WELCH, gee'y. |f3?A STATED CONVOCATION O F WASH UV? INGTON, R. A. CHAPTER, No ?, will be held at their Chamber, Masonic Temple, THURS I> A Y, 34tb Instant, 7>? o clock p.m. Members are specially reou. iited to be present, and all B. ?. Masons are fraternally Invited. By order of M. B. H. F. It C'HAS. D. CAMPBELL, Secretary. ir"^?A REGULAR MEETING OF KING SOL oMON'SLODGE, No. 3, 8. A M.E. A , will betield at Masonic Temple, on WEDNESDAY EVENING. Jtt instant, at 7H o'clock. A fall at tendance is reonested. Br order of M B. M. A. a3Z 3t* JOHN H. P1CKELL, S-c'y. | ir^aLITERARY ENTBRTAINMENT AT TUB UNITARI AN CHURCH,corner of ?lti and D street, TO MORROW (Wednesday) EVENING at 8 o'clock. Blading and Becitations by Miss Aame D. Ware,MissHopperton,Mr B.S.Fletcher, ai>d Bev. Mr. Hiackley. Ilasic by the ChMr. Tickets, st) cents; to be had at rhilp k Solomons, Crandell a Riley V aad at tbe church. a32 2t Hr^FKUM THE EAELIUT AG KB TO the prsasat day, Scrofula has bsen the bane, and. ss It wars, the curse of mankind. So terrible and loathsome narfbsaa at anai psiiodaoftbsworld's history that a psrsoa knowa to fes infected with It wamld not be afkMrad to mix with soetstr. Happily la oar dap ths dtsissa Is aUlppad of tta terror by ths ass of SamaAtt ab's Bo or and Hbbb Jcicas.and ths TlctiBB of Scrofula, Clears, Sores, Pimples, Biotcbss, Tsttsrs.Ac., caa bsrsstorsd tesooad hsalth In a few weeks. _! BOOT AND BBBB JUICES, ?1M per betas Bold by B. C- FORD, 11H Fa a7e? aad by Dr^ |OND * 00., Propristora, 9lvsr ? ,TO LAD IBB. How ssd It is to ssa a yoaag wHs, a ?othsr offamlly who raaalrea all hsr physical strength to fulfill hsr hoasshold duties, and all her moral ca pacitiss to accept the responsibility which Calls aaoa why. bit yet saBaitag soough to bs atterty mlsera ablsl This state of w.akasss aad dsMlitv ta mora fatal to hsr thsa aaavsrs spall of sic kn ass, for la that esse she will rscelvs ths prop sbs will liagsr months Air worth whils to ass a phyalcian about It, aatil aature, exhausted, gives oat, aad aha la carrlsd to ths grars, whea a little precaaboa la proper tims would Bars spared hsr Ills. Ta prevent, to straaathsa, to ova, a?hlag caa oomaare with ths LONG LIFB BIT TERSof Dr. L. O/BBBTBAM. they ars a aafe aad infallible riaii? agalaat maiarl tlviaim, blUousnsss, headaches, ' all eoaiplalnts ainta peculiar towom i aold by aU draggiats, Ir virtue aad moeTacrai queacs sf their i for ladies ?TtTCE N I NEW DBCO STOBB, Bo. Ill* P?!ih9Tltahia Avimra, Depot for Soda aad Mineral Waters. feM-ly ITS?THE UNDERSIGNED MAVB THIS DAY disp>ieed of their entire stock aad tracking busuiess to GBO. W. KNOX, Esq., and solicit for him from our former patrons a continuance of the patronage which they Lave so kindly given us dar irg the past year. BECK A CO. WAsai5?To?t. D. C , April 1, 1873 al4-3' B ? a 0 T B P. DB. W. H BABBBTT, UEJfTlSt. Has rsmorsd to Bo. 14M B strest northwest, w asr 14th street. jsgly Y M C. A LAST GRAND RBCBPTION ORIENTAL ENTERTAINMENT IN Y M C A. BUILDING WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 33,from 7 to 11 H n. J. II 1'IEHI.. lat" U. S. C'tisr.l at Java, will give two or thre?-short addr-"?ee-, illnstratintf Orien t?l t'ustome, Habifn. and Manners, illnstrated by l?r^>- in up- and diagrams, and w ill al?<.> appear in Oriental Oi??me TABLEAUX representing scenes in life of Joseph. RefreshnM-lits furuisbvd tn tbe Lecture Room. Admission, cents^ alt) tr jp^SCHEMCIH PULMONIC CANDY saxbraes in sgTest degree all tbe principles of Sclteuck's Pulmonic S> rus, and while as pleasant to tbe palate as the purest of coufectioas, its medicinal properties render it effectual tn coughs, colds, bronchial aad catarrhal aff-ctiona, *c. It is the mod acceptable remedy for children or infants, and can be given with ttnpui ity; while for professional gentl'mia, or those who suffer from loss of voice, it is indispensable. These c and lee ars put up in M cent boxsa conveni ent for the pocket, aad are for Mtobrail druggists and dealers. J. H. 8' HENCKBSOfl. febB-tr B. E. corner fith and Arch sts , Phils. __ DB7TrPBATT, Oradaato of Ohio OoUaga of f Dental Surgery, 411 Tth street, betwsaa D ^sitows^HaU.^Be a< B*rs JOSEPH J. MAY'S PARIS KID SLOTS DEPOT, ?aa P?\x?iLv*viA Art., a"t It Brr. >Ta a!?b h?ra Br? W. BRIGHT WELL, ?ra STBKrr. SHIRTS made to order and resd>-tnade. A per fl^,,ia"vh?ka Uae of GENTS FURNISHING GtlOPS co nstantly on hand. s23 ly i ? EO. TKUEM'KLL M CO.. ll HEAL ESTATE BROK ERS, *14 7th street, (over German Americaa Saviaga' Bank! Special attenH^a ft'?n i? BBNTING. COLLECT lW?; PAYING TAXBS and NEGOTIATING LOANS. B-ter(by perml?s|oa> to? General B-nj. Alvord, P?>master Geaeral USA.; Jlvs 8. Grinnell, Chief Clerk U B. Patent OAcv: Joha Fraser, Arch itect, Hon. F. P. Blair, Hon. j. W. Douglass.Cotu missi-r.e' Internal Re\eaia; Wm.B Moses. Farm tars Dealer; C B. Preatisa.Cashier Germaa Ameri raa9*<" (s Bank: C<d. Job" M. Fessenden; Hon. John Hit*, Consul General of Swltierlaad att-Sa* A tLEE'S WHABF./eety M?dh TO CONTRAJJOBS AND MKBCHAMT8. Carr? ?< ?T0*rf, LUMBEB, Sc., discharged from raisals aad stored or delivered at hor If the shortest a-Uce?Ww-*--^^ T_ 4tL|| New Repository aad Factory kflMH tth street, ? ue?r A^good smart hop w?aMd fer the trimming ?hop. ? j ??* MOST WONDERFFL DISCOVERT OF ltiH CENTURY. JHI Or. ?. 0. Howe's Arabian Milk Curt, FOR CONSUMPTION. Cum erdlaary Congh? and Colls ia a few like mafic, also, Dr Arabian Tonic Blood Parlflor, Which fa part Testable, clranw* the intern of all lakf4trft|M, fwflds it right square op, aad makes pore, rfrh blood. . Fofr ' Oeaml Debility," "Lost Vitality," and broken d< wn cor-stttawotis. "I CKa'ienf the Nineteenth Century" _ T<> And its equal. I?M7 bottle is worth ita weight in cold. Price a) yet bottle; or nix buttles for #A. Sold wholesale aad retail ay Chas. Btott A Co., 490 Pennsylvania avenue, A I'd at retail br 7. D. Gilma* , 6'JT Pennsylvania armi*. W. G. Dt c*irr,?orner Pena. are. and tad *t. J. P Miiiiin A0<>., near Ireanar; Dtper;ni-ut. A Davm 0 Co., 14th and L streets. J I. Majoe, 7ih and H streets. J. H. Sto vk,7th aad L street*. D. B. Cvamkk A Co., 4>? street and Penna. are. J 8. JORK4, S3d and A streets southeast. Tabs* A Co., A?9 Tth street southeast. F. D. DnwLis.i, 4>? aad 0 streets south wast. A. J. St HArHXKT, North Capitol and H streets. P. PHiraLiSG, >01 fennsy mania are. and 3d st W. R 8tom, corner 7Ui and O streets, Wilfkbp MrLxon, Georgetown. apg-wAs,3m~ New and beautiful DRkss goods JUST OPENED BY BOOAN * WYLIE. 1018 AND 10*i0 SEVENTH STREET N. W. POLKA DOTS, in Percales, at So cents; in Alpacas, at 2i cents, and in Japanese P ?plin?. at 25 ceuis. JAPANESE SILKS, ft and MH cents. PLAIN SUITINGS, at 18, ?i aad ? cents. BALKKNO CLOTHS, 4U and 80 rents. PLAID POPLINS,? and 15 cents. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN BLACK SILKS, MO _ t HAIRS, AND ALPACAS. We have a??o.oi*) worth of roods now on hand dnd are constantly receiving fresh supplies. ail tr IN bankruptcy! .. ^ District or Colvxbia, ss: At Washington, the ? day of April, A. D. H73, tlie and>T?ij(ued hereby given notica of his appoiut aent as assignee of BRAT BROS., of Washington. D. C., who hare been adjndged Bankrupts np' n tlieir own petition hv the Supremo Court of said District. faJVm At} A. CHBSTER, Assignee. 'THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber M hat oltiined from the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, holding a special term, let ters of administration d b. n. c. t. a. on the Personal estate of LOUIS M. GRAMMER, late of Washington county. D. C., deceased. All per sons naviag claims against the said deceased are hereby wanted to exhibit the same, with the vouch ers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 2Jd day ot April next: they may otherwise by taw be exclude! from all benefit of the said estate. Given under n j hand, this J2d day of April, 1873. ? ^ . WILLIAM B. TODD. *23 w St Administrator d. b. n. c. t. a. OFFICE REGISTER OP WILLS, , Washi*oto>, D. 0.. April 17, 1*73. . *l>e attention of all parties concerned is called to the toilowing list of WILLS filed in this office, and DO< *y'et admitted to resord, during the years 1872 ana 187J. La?t mill and testament of? Samuel Adams. Louisa Maria Barry. Eliza B. BeaU. Wilson Bury. Rowland Cromell?n. Catharine Chisholm Delos Carpenter. Jacob Colclaxer. CHtharinc Connor. Mary Ann Hanson. Robert Herfortli. Victor Hannot. Charity Lemon. Charles A. Naegele Rebecca Peter. Aairy Roes Mary Ryan. Dsniel Sampson. William M. Stensrt. Susan Charlotte Simondi Charles Heal-. Thomas Thomas. Ann Yanng. Charles Vinson. Matilda W. Williams. Moses Warren. Such parties as are interested in the record of the above nills are requested to call at this office and take tie necessary steps to effect their proper A. WEBSTER. *21 ? Register of Wills, D. C. fcJTONE.?Superior Bl'ILDING STONE, and p screwed CRUSHED STONE of all alzes,for gale bT ?, , ?.J *ZUG A CO., _aplMn 8T'J3 K street, at Canal. Oli?, 1 i vcuf No 4^?s FaPERHAXGINGS, No. 4:i? 'in 8t.\ >Tth St. NOW OPEN AT MARKRITER'S, No. 439 7th street, between D and E streets, Eight doors above Odd Pellows' Hall, PAPEBHANGINGS of new and stylish desifmi of the best fabrics and II nisb, selected with due regard to harmony of celor, durability, richness and econo my. A large portion made specially to order, em bracing beautiful stripe and other designs In Gilt and Plain Colors, appropriate for drawing rooms, ?c.; 30 iQtJ 40 iucb di&id tints for panneling with gilt rod or finishing plain, with a follline of medium and low-wriced Papers, patent and perfect represen tations of ? uod and Marble,for aanneling halls and vestibules. BORDERS in GiltTTelveC and Gilt Imitation Fresco, and Common; Center Pieces, French Fire board Prints, Ac., making the largest and moat complete assortment in the District. WINDOW SHADES. New designs, different sices aal colors; also. Plain Goods in Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender, Greeu and Stoue Colors for Baking into Shades. Shades made to order. . PICTURE FRAMES. _ Solid Oral, Walnut and Gilt, and all Gilt Frames from 3x4 to MxSO inches. Box Oval Frames for Wreaths at cost. A beautiful selection of French and American Gilt and Velvet Frames for Ivory ty pa and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames in great variety. Frames made to order. ^ PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS JJ-0?} Card to Portrait Siise, different colors; also. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Picture Cord, very superior goods; Porcelain and Btms Head Pic ture Nails, Rings, Screw Eyes, Ac. PAINTINGS, EN GRATINGS, CHROMOS, Ac. A limited, but choice, selection in appropriate frames always in store on exhibition aad sale. Chromos and Engravings ordered. Orders for Paperhangins, Window Shades or Pic turs Frames punctually filled aad satisfaction guar anteed. Terms cash. Please remember name. OUNo 496. J. MARIRtTIK, aad number 43W 7th street, uW iw Between D and E streets. D 1SS0LUT10N Washington, D. C., April 15,1873. The copartnership heretofore existing between Elphonso Youngs awl Wm. H Sears, under the name and firm o? ELPHONZO YOUNGS A CO., Is dissolved bv asutual consent.the second term of su?-h copartnership haviag this day expired. The busi ness will be continued at the old stand (Masonic Temple, corner 9*h and F streets,) by RLPHONZO TOcNGS, who will pay all just claims against and collect all amounts due said firm. ELPHONZO YOUNGS. WM. H. BEARS. Thanking my friends and the public for their lib eral patronage in the past, I would respectfully solicit a continuance of the same ELPHONZO YOUNGS. Having saeat the past two ysars very satisfactorily with Mr. Yonngs in the above named liusiuess^I would take this ops" * the public for the) onimend whatever terests. fap19-tf] _ WM H. BEARS. linings in ine aoove nanie.| nusiuess, 1 this opportunity to thank nty friends and for their natrunaae, and cheerfully rec tiatever influence I mav have to his in w I HAVE 1CST RECEIVED AO DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARE SELL1NU AT 89 CENTS PER SKIRT. a LOCK WOOD, HLFTY * TAYLOR, 0913 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ag-tr Metropolitan Hotel Block. ^ RAILROAD AND la Its 740 OoM Bos4stlwI< 01 AH Coupon, and |M to t>M? t^Sist, hsn In gold* and an ' ITAlUTAAtothal is paid with GOLD CHECKS, seat to tihepsati I ef tha I / WANTS. ANTED-A fwjectable W dlTE WOM AN for hoa??>work Id h small private family, at 1013 14th at. ag 3t* VkTAmmb~\ situation, by a r ?m ?in. ?? " ??e*atar an a machine; i? a comp-jteat dr^fS msker. or cant furnish machine, if desired. Call rr i>n?1 door ti|d. It* CATION ascook i? a ?rl> ?t# encea and aatisfacti >a JU Star >ffioe. It* fVANTn-TwtT^riiwd BALKS LAMES, W at LOCK WOOD. MUFTY * TAOOt'S, 641 PrnniflTaii'kitnnc. lOJt" WANTED?SeversI good bKESSM \KERS, at Misa KLLIS'.BOi Market Space, Room Bo. ?. ' It* \V*ANTED?A competent WOMAN, to go north ? ? for the summer with ? lady, a* nnrw and eeam streaa. Apply 1381 H street, earner Vermont are wie. aCVfc* ANTED?A MAN who ha* bail come experT ?nce at carpenter'* work, to Vulld f-nctng on a farm. Apply to LEWIS H BAKER, 1146 3th at. northwest, after 4 o'clock p. w. a?-3t* 'AKTKD-B^ lrt?f Mart K>r reHalde ?w*ui?, per WANTED?B# 1st of May, forfeitable tewai several HOUSES, at ftnrn 8? to ft to mnrth. GEO. TBUE^DKLL A CO.. atJ St* 414 Seventh street. WANTED?*?? Port ha?e?A BRICK HOUSE, 7 * v or 8 rooms. between F and M and 7th and tub streets; must be In good order, and sold cheap. aSl 6t* G?0. TRIESDELL ? CO., *1* Tth at. W/' ANTED? Sewing Machine men and everyon" tl elw to call at tha St. James Hotel and examine the Secor Bewtne Machine, which to ?k the fold ii edal atjthe American Institute Fair, 1S73. Agent* wanted. a23-3t* ANTKti?Ifonr flrat-claas COAT HANDS, at KEEN'S, 48S Htbat. a:a-S. \V ANTED?A WHITE WOM AN to cuok.waab. " and iron; a rHerenc*- required. Apily at N > !I23 8"?ih A ?trwt Capitol hill. at!->* WANTED?A ttifcpetevt DKllOCLERK. ret?t Micik required. Dr. WuBMLKI, comer L street and Connecticut avenue. a?2 T* Wanted?An intelligent WHITE GIRL, for vv general housework in a family of fonr; G -man preferred Iuqnlre nt 61** M at. northweat. at2 7t* KXTANTED?Immediately?T?o (3) OPERATORS " on Wl.eelerA Wilson'**>'Wing machine, to work on ft tie shirts; none others n- ed apply. Mr*. L. A. McLEAN. Pitt > ilrwt. apalaira. a32-Jt* W~ ANTED?Tw.. WHITE SERVANTS; must be well recommended?a aood cO"k, washer and troner; also, a waitress and chambermaid. Apply at 1814K atreet northwest. ?22-3i* \VANTKD-A SITlATlON a- chalu bet maid. by

vv a G-rnian girl, who ia competent. and ran give i good references. Address No. 7 18 ith street north west. iiE 3t* \VTANTED? A HOC8E containing five or oU I tv room*. the front room large enough foraamalt fancy store; will rent fr. m the landlord only, but am willing to pat any one occupying a bouse that suits me a reasonable sum of money to move out. Any per*"ii owning or occupvinga h use in a suitahlc location, auch a? I have described, will pleaae ad drata, giving full particular*. N. W., Star office. a22 w ANTED? At No. E street, a g ??d, set tled WOMAN,b>c<M>k, wash andiron. a21-3t* Vl/ANTID-A giH>d WOMAlt, to do general ill boiisnwork ; ?ne mnat have good recomuienda tiona. Apply at Pitt 6th at.,bet. H and 1 sta. a31-3t' WANTED?A competent WOMAN, to do the general housework in a private family. Apply No. iStfd O atreet, bet. Uth and 16th at-. a21 3t* \17ANTED?A WHITI GIRI.,to do honaework " and look after children, lieiuire No. 477 C atreet, between (l, and 6th streets. a21-3t* WANTED?By ami Idle aged American Lady, a SlTl'ATIoN to do light chainb?r work and family sewing; good references. Address Box h, Star office. a21 3t* WANTED?Two unfurnished communicating ROOMS, in a convenient location, suitable for Sartor and bedroom, for two grown persons. Ad reas, stating term-(wbicli must be moderate), "A. W.," Room I'24 Patei.t yillce. ajl-3t* IV ANTED?Two ROO&IS, communicating, 1st or v? f ccoLnl fl- or, furnisht d or unfiirninhed. with use of stable and carriure houae. Address Lock Box 34, City P. 0. ; ?1J 6t* ANTED?By t?g gentlemen two uicely fur . . nish-d ROOMS communicating or ortberwise, with the privilege of receiving company without interference; address 8. A. B., Star office. al;}-eo3t* VVANTED-For year or nwre.orriCI.or FUR " NISIIED ROOM , above 1st story, near Poet Office- address, (stating term* and descrip'ion ) LAWYER, 40p Nt-w Jersey avenue eouth ea?t. ala-6t* WANTED?A good WOMAN a< cook, wasli?r and ironer for one familv of three. Moat come well recommended. Apply No. 403 7tb atreet, be tween I) and E norihw?*t. al7 \VTANTEI??Initnediatel) ? Families or persons in It ne?-d of first -class SERVANTS of eTery descrip tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Servant* also run get good homes aim best of *" Ei ? " " "~ w | ObT L SET wages by applvingat the Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, 407 11th Btre. t, near E. a!6-lm WANTED?LADIES totake noticethat Madame D. I. MAI80N, vf New York, haa opened her Millinery parlors, at No. 413 13th rtreot north west. ml4-lui* \kj ANTED? Every one to know that the VICTOR ? SEWING MACHINE baa its tutilk ulf-m it**; the moat perfect shuttle in nae, resting In a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 4tttt Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mine. Dem urest'* Pattern Emporium. angSO-ly T. W. 8PI0ER. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?Yesterday, on Pennsylvania avsuue, be tween yth and 1Mb streets, a pair of gold frame SPECTACLES . The linder^^ will be suitably rewatued on leaving them at SIO 19th street. It* r? About ihe 1st instant,along-haired,yel.ow SETTER DOG, with white bretcst and feet, tail tipped with ahite, and one front. foot badly scarred, answering the name of - ? " Dash." A liberal reward will be psid (or his teturn to the Office of the Propagating Garden, cor ner 3d atreet and Missonrl aveune. aH-4t LOST?On Friday, probably at Harewmsl.a LADY'S UMBKEl'LA, moanted In silver! monogram V. W . L. Pleai>e return to 1401 K street. Liberal reward. *a ti* 1>0ABD OF PUBLIC WORKS, D Dutmct or CoLtTMBIA. Wash:moton, April 3, 1873. A reward ef FIFTY < ?6UJ DOLLARS wUlbe paid for the detection and conviction of any person or persons who have stolen, or w"ho may hereafter be found stealing, the Mali-bole and Sewer-trap Covers in the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. _ EDWARD JOHNSON. aS-tf (Jtepub.Chron.J Chief Clerk. V OST?On the 1st of March, ea E street, between Li loth and id streets northwest, a RUBY RING, with two pearls. A libera! reward will be paid if returned to No. *0? Id street northwest. m7 BOARDING. FSOR RENT?At 3U3 lot street soqthea*t,Capit4>l Hill, ROOMS single or comiuunicatuig; desira ble location for summer. ag 7t* l^OR KENT?With Board, ROOMS, commuui r eating or aiugle; delightful summer locatioa; opposite Franklki Park, 133S I street, second door from 14th. alV 6t* >OK RENT?At 47b Peiiuaylvania avenue, well furnished ROOMS, communicating or aiugle, large and airy, with nrat-class Board if desired, from >4 to <10 per week; bath and gas. a!9 lw* Boarding?KxceU^nt table board, with elegant BOOMS en tnlt, on second floor. Alao, single ROOMS to accommodate, in that fine brick house. No. 61? H street, near 7th, only one square from Patent Office. Mrs. M.MAPES. al8 Sw* T ADIKB AND GENTLKMKN, either aingly or in Li parties, and famllbai, can hear of the very beat tent in the city, by Star office. a7 tmal i "?OOD BOARD, PLEASANT BOOMS, AND ll ^prices moderate, at BIBS corner of Pennsylvania a'snae and fist atreet. mayl-ly and cheapest Boarding arrangement in the city, by addreaaing Dep't CIud.Box 16,' PERSONAL. I DANNIE: You are committing aelf-murder. G >4 regnire* no such sacrifice, lie courageous, and save us both. Hop<- would cost you little; disap rintment hereafter would be better than ruin now. ?sill communicate sometimes in this way unless forbidden. klToll him 1 am as true to him as he is true to me." The future most be brighter. Cour age. Hupe* pill-ft*] ROBERT. MRS. H. J. FRENCH, (A* CtUbrmud tUltmbk and Tut Medium, can be aaao at 7 Xft lltb atreet northwest: alao, gives deliniations of ? ? v uiu nrtwi uuiuiw*?.?twt|iiw ucuuwtiviu character by photograph Mad writing or lock o hair. tP-te* DIRDS FOB RALR?CAB ARIR8 and MOCKING D BIRDS, male and reaale.bMt singers; also.jpi^ OAGBS. No. 1ST South B street, fronting*^ 'ssaaj-""--0*-"'u!uoisr 404 "c"-ffa\h%iSSi*ca > 404 We haTainat received our spring atock of SHADS HOLLANDtS^HADE FIXTURES, FINK GOLD AND WALNUT FBAHKS, CORNICES, C0KDS, TASSELS, Ac. OUB STOCK OF PHOTOGBAPH8 AND CHBOMOS ia bow COM PLETE. aad ia one of the FIN EST ia the City, aU at which we an offering at **Sr FrMteaT^Bapaind aad RegUt aad Fnrnlturs Coven made to order. aHal l|li?*TilliMl'l?irt'hnl Swft MMMCHANT TA1LOM ?i, (late Brown *1 hljirtiny ^ eaiap?gj. aoagriliatte?. FOB RKNT AM) RAT.R K t*rw>V<j*IZ?l:'nd *?>'"? -or/ front *?. Ay.?g:.w*^?nwrt*"-o.t br mv i? * m li street north WW. Also. taMe board all J< ? I* .??? contmnmratinv K9VX1 r ^Vk*!fc?. S ^7 Hrri ??? -7 71 ? _ ?orthwest, near corner lath. B-ll ?iRill ?a-*f ? Fw? frZt. ' " r"*t a,lJ **?? yiR>'^.,,,7h P('^, "f-V7A """?*? GARDEN FAK*. one nTTf railroad TfSjJTitr! ? n??i tUcut avenue ?tr?-t I li -Apply IjJJ I street nortLwaat, after 4 ". ? ia-ji* F?i>u^^TRnn J? ?L ,w" or threevwry *re<f aJiK ?!. ?: *<*rd >n ,h* bouse if <1 s?ed.^ No. ?00 Uth atreat. oppose Franklin FHfo? sSr^hi.1*" ,0^>';rr h?nd?om? aTf-r.a Ms,' j&:ffigx,xsi ,.v?tssLlu,'st:. and* o'clock in theevenhMt onij ' ^ 4 F^h\\?Tp?T?"1#I1 k ??"?? '> >"'^.7. ? withthree R?<??s comniuai< atio* a r?rv ,i. i.IT locality for a Ulivr. Jo imn* uu tin- prriu *?3 31* KS)V*LLiTwii i-!?i!hrse ,t?r7 bbiitk ^rt?T.r ?I-LING.wlth all m xi?m impro\. m~nts LITUJE BR oh"'f*!!. i1 w,? Inquire HOL _ J- _ BROS., feed dealers. ?th and O. aS3lm I'1 t?!?,i{**T,r*w''-Ri00*t' ?*** I* street, or ^r.Vi' , *"d 'lfc' "??blf f.?r housekeeping tthando^&Siy- 1?">ir* . F'iror^K 1?rTbiT. "V7 ?nJ BBlck r.Mvn! 1 ^ street, conr*in'h| mn* r K>nii, pantr>. and bathroom. Q-?od brick kUM? 0 It,,iaipB 18AAC 3 nOLLIDQR Vh .aJ ?JJ v IVOR KENT?(J ntifarn Bay ubuin eleirantTv 4 farni?t>ed Room*, in hoaae with all lianr >Tf H! ? .??.' 811 'Th *?*K; either singly or en suite, a?J r Pr^c?9i new house with bar win ? a?' 41* pcontaining eleven r...ioi?, y'A!1" ""fr? c?HWenlanr<ia, No. S? Stoddar.i wet, between Haeliington and Congress atrart* fcr?*a; ' ^ ',e W "Mil lit 0'-tolK>r or c..^? *???*"?"? Pre* it .? 1 "pant, nav al officer about moviojt axay. Car???* and p?rtof furniture offered for Mile, at low rate* for <ash. Inquire at the Hu?e. ' ' F?"sale Af A bhixi aACKiriet-i BUICK HOVSC. 6 rooaaV hall, b?h r'KHu.Ma, 4c^a,,uat? Con-i ?/ tha An?at U> cation* in the northwestern part of th" city front #1 *4iM wn1?' f{,diMTed 1"e' ln re*r- ?n<5# 91(M0down and haUnre on easy tet.n?; cost, ?? -j-o but la offered at a ?acr11lr* In .?rd r to effect i ?.|i' lmee?iBtelr,tkeew?erl*ing ol.lifed to leare the OIOBGI TRUBSVKLL * ro , *n* AlATthsti^t. J K Aktt* W KX< U\No* ,oB * ITY |,R^ n.nali'fr^ .. lTd'n"b'Jr" %ud R <ck*ill? r .?d f', ? rTi.lir iCj^,0?.aD,l 4 nil lea from Washing m. i*. It con?i?t? of 4U irrnd of oicflleut T.m I [ K* double hnn?e (11 r,' "' " fHilin^ weM w7' ""'k h me. , never laiiinx well of water, 46u >huiik, heaiihr bearins f i '? > line lawn in front 'atMl r.<ar aater'The wbSe' r"?u,u? rtrfam ,.f cl-ar Pr.vJ' ?a i fenced ana in perfect order u^;m J *?#>;, "T? c**b, haliiiK ?? on ei.y term* ?o?! nV?** pl*ce If necessary, and ?el| with ..r ?e?U#l?,S?T^r,,to- V"C* WH,,OUt U,,pr"^ ?? ?"' CKO TRCE3PELI. * ro..aia 7th st. 1/OB KEKT-J|TRNI?lltD ROmMS. t .K.utl Ktreels"i il7th *,r,'et' lwtw,H'1J U "nd I Btreeri. Hot and cold water. b22 it* t^OR SALE?HOl'M N?. 103 Uuh rtr^i. r'erniats5' n' ?*'? ,'u easy t?r?v Awl^ L^Oli RKNT?T*i> unfurni-h.-d FKUNT ROOMS .iiiirS!tC S16 ni n,h. references re MaasachmotU avenue north lfI' a22 2t ? l?re.- Itkli'K 8TABLK and CARSIAIiR-HOCMK. fuppli.-l with waler in 'J!*!?**** 1 <17 O street. Apply at 'm (lODhAKD^, corner O and l>ih i>ts. nS-.V* I^^B ?ALE?HOI'SES, ?ai4Wi. f 1.1,1111 *^jj(,i J7 J.?-;, ?. ^ .Vt'r> "J"-'r?hle ?oTS, v. J oU, 2ft and Jii c*?nt? rn r fo^?t a22 St THOS. E. WAttG \ M A X. 51 tf 7th st. K?,B, ^t*=A BARGAIN?No. 14^7 RL.Te * . I-1"1"' avenue. tw..^t?ry-and l.asenieiit Brick g?", water, 4c., lot SxHMI. f ash, balance easy' kwcrsk * m.id6letox. ?_? ^13 15: b Htreet. BAIJC?Thrae-story BRICK DWELLING". Su. dUi 3d street.between E and f, northwest ?"r?i iOIU".'- '"roon' a,,d c,'"*r; water and (t? en A7i??? t",,; i",re**t improvements completed, price on the premi?ea. I>. A KoRIK Htl ii* KkevpivT^Iw RABE CHANCE FOR 11!>CSE "l>u?Five th.>r>uKlily furnished ROOM S L'***?1'"""K of Mrlor.dinin* r.K.m, kitchen nrst r^h*"1 rS"'"1 house n-w aa!i rami shed; aoiith front, with all m.?l rn c>n veniences, tenus moderate; delightful location half square of atreet earn-1421 Q street. - FVOK RENT-A COTTAGE UOL SK and iw acrT of Ground already prepared for garden PUI i^me" ^reet e<^I# i?! ' ?**or?etown Heights, oil (Jreen 1 ? nr ro<'??i kitchen and cellar ivnR"rticulars inquire of JOHX B GRWIH !o?i yrte}> ?trf^'' Gf<,r*etown: or A. B.COYLE, K? al Estate Agent, Plant a Builciin*, iftth atraet and N' w York avenue, Waahltigton, D C. aB j"* l*,0w RENT?FCRKI8HED KE4IDEXCI ?We 1 "Ber at a low rental, from the 1st of Mat the pleasant Furnished Resfdence of Commanderdu?h !rn'^J ?* *l# Terrace," containing 11 rooms, with ?;'^!rn conveniences; will be r'nted until li" October next, or for a year beyond that time A [ily 'to' f'T both ?umm?r imd winter. Ap .?? ,t 1 . *eal Estate Brokers, ?3 ?t 1^09 Pa. ar., > | readme*'s Bank B dg.l F^OR BENT?Furaiahed or Unfuralshed ROtlM^ 41A p eu.'lahle for housekeeping. Apply ? i 1 i Pennsylvania avenue. * ar?2l 1.., Faf V** UW8E, on L st., Detw^n MrRRAT ? ?rfeU; live rooms. Inquire H. wiltaAI,cor. Pa avenne and t4th st. aXl St* 1/OR RENT?UNFURNISHED ROOMS. suiubFe E for housekeeping; 7th atreet, beyond Bound Wl) * mil-St* KEHT An OFFICE; uic**, Urgp. h?*c-?n<i- I , Btory fr?>iit rooni: Frtnrt,between Htli and 15th V?X?iMr- 8PA*IAHD S Liyuui StoreVWo 1416 m tireet. a2j? F?u?tahf?NfoT'UKKMHED ROOMS, flr-t floor, y, rfy.'.a, a ,,v FMot ki1'?-4 well-built three-storf BKICK. PriJi ?? Si r'",nM; water aud gas; large vard, Ac Price, g6J00. pnweasion given imm -diat lv Iu qulrt. on tW premises, tloth .r^bo" M. at1 I^OR RENT?Very desirable HOUSE, 1W06 H L-ur:-DKoS:u^ Ua^mTn; ?srrfc " ? 1; all 3t K ?AG *Slith ^"ntr f1' Md ' ?n elglit room COT . ? ?'H,nt four acres of land' 1U0 fruit street *after 4 pfm!.' dt*or' Iniutfat B^-frys rarYo%r8UnoI;'x^ I'Sft iH,y'yat lii3 8am*"u irR?NT?Three ROOMS, uufnrnisle-d, si.1T A able for housekeeping: also, a few artirl... V.f Il Miiehold Furniture r.r sale, cheap; Kan and ? ater la*,?uTeJ p -Vl"n ?<*??? May 11*3 Apply ? 30^ 6th 8t. n n ., fr<?m 4 to 7 o clock p. in. a21 3t " F0.?,K,KNTrrl BNIsHED ROOMS,.n apl.-as .\ -*?.'? 1(,f !lty '< . also, unfurnished, suitable for Inomre at "til?"if f hath-r<?,ni on second ioor. icaleardensf -venue, opposite^ B Han FOB SALE OR RENT-HOISE No. l?li N * Wre<>t, between Uth and Uth streets, with all the modern improvements, flu- yard and good CLKaIv r*??r ,rrticBUw>tf1' to latimAa Bt^oKlijg' *Dd 1 "l E<u,e B:;9k^' the modern improvements; gne yard a'nd g.H?d clkaIv r*??r ,rrtiouUr,>5^> to latimAa st^offl^^Vd'inr">Dd h >l E<ute B:;9kir'' tt^OK SALE?Ou Capitol Hill, a genteel 3-atory rooms bedd^h.?h l^ HOUSk,containing nine ro<?ns, besides bath and atore rooma It has fas cold and hot water, am) water-cloaets; heate.1 by f.a !???f * Empire heating range. It is nearly new "fiWili a Terr healthy and agreeable terms Annw'tn*.nh WiU ^ "??? Trrjr low or. ea^y ium aottheli ?WBer 0D the Prem"^1*?I,A FSK f*F2~A. JBBISHED COUNTRT BEg Bladen?burgj't*a anSll'faal*)"^tbe owner'rMM)'rthsis ^^tb tbeV^iV0* F^rrScu* lars a<ldresa L. M.,Hyattsv llle, Md mlS4t F?M.Acf Nhllr^-iTT ^rable COUNTRY "WiTdri F^otr"n for ^ ???? * . HOUSE (No. 144) and LOT on tha first aquare ewrt of the Capitol The lot is situated on the south s'de of East Capitol atreat a*4 ou ?1 street, and is tf feetand llTui ljee wide and 116 f-et deep, on Id ,t al7 Jw- CHARLES P 11U8?lL. I70R SALE fA^KES'i/^VfiKW^^STC: sirabie BKICK H0U8I, well located, nin* roooM K'syKfiirisarlr FOBCITT PBOP ^mgitsrssiii'tsL^ssnni. & nort"*?*? al4 tw* T and U streets nort ??< back yarga; bats sU rc^.VSr. KoIt ?M? Completely Uutalied. back rarfls; bowaa oaagMatv teUhad. FOR RENT AKD SALE. j. om (.? st* in mowtgombbtco _ Md -A Fill <?MirtM. U ('?? WVb in* ton. nr? ?h*l. * ? *nr?a H?m*, ??li st e fur a mmn?r Ta.*tnali;U is pro vei Lially health) u4 a pOrti?* the fcniltwe ?ay b. rwatet with the bona*. Ttm? to a r d tricot. If dwti'*.tW ren?-d wimirif. Aj-rb m rtottI?.U''> 'i "US*' ? aahi ?n<?, 1> C UV*?w_ *3* i(TM nf ?Al^*n*r?rvv.m H -aee with j flc?%, Barn. 8m<ant s* Bona>, ?l?m> of water, large .jnatit uj choice fruit trees Terms em*r. Appli to LRMTSI. CLARK. apU nto mi wwi, coraer lMh u>l f. ITORRBNT-Most desirable OFFICR BtM?M8 in r the northwest corner building of 7th ami O ?t? Bnrih<mt. H OAtTH. lit In' >? 7tB Umi ?'irtliwwt. K^OB SALli-A Uiri? *er7 and \ aaaavnt Frame ? r rWKLLlSC. on KMh afreet. *etween G ai.-l II front, ?< room*, in Cood reaair at a bar ram. all b H i AWlH*? 7th at. L'OR KK NT-FINE LAKUK mil ? <M r P.nht;Uania a^tiwt noithwesl alntw* jLV?B fALi AT A BA KG A IN.?A ant f K \ME r CoTTAGB, situated ia on* of the ????( bicel' tie* in the city. Hon-* contain* 7 riv?,liall, aid r>ia?rain lr?t. *t>. as supplied with caa aud ??'?. i l.Mii in fr nt, enclosed with irwa f?r?. L?t MM ; trout by X> f~et deea to a paved ailet. Title perfect For tww *ppl> or tha? ob tha pr?ai?'?. So 1U7 IShnrHtfirttaM.rtrrlii m. aid lit * F^OB KkNT-DWRLLlNO HoWl, with press brick fr nt and marble trimmings, So. 1M? Bhi4r I?Iand avenue, between lath and Wtk (V residence of the Firat Aasistant Pi?waw?t U*n eral for the past three and half rean. Ibqatrr 1404 Mth street. Poseeesi -n 1*1 Mey. a4 Sw 170R f?AH- A imtnNr at twe^tory BUCK HOUSES, on T Klml.Utwafu 1Kb aud Ifh (trrfU northwest, containm| six roems each, will be aold on tntua aa (uliuwa. Five HOUSES from flint ? ?S0T cash na each, and kalauct ia wnathlr latni'tta to suit parr hi 1 Fiv<> RorSES at from ?Mut<> tU?a> cash, and balance ia m./tithiy. quarterly , or aaif-yenrly par menu, to ?ult purchaser. Three HOl'SES a ill be exchanged la part far vacant ground. Alao, several HOUSES in the same bl ok will ba a- Id cheap far caah. Inch ?>l the aboie Ho?ie*? have hall, cellar, bath room, ? ster-closet, ??? -r, (ae, Ac , aud are well ! suited for a private family. Those desirous of ae curtn? U> thewMrliea a coatfortable H >uae on <*a?t temia, ahonlii not fail to call at ?>) ..ft.-a praviooa to Joa KKLLEl, B**l Eatate AJt-nt a2 K'i. WOil Sth atreat Bortliaeat,l?etriaii.i K. L'OB ?ALJK?il?H'?K LOTB KBAk*T PLEAS r ANl ?From halt an acra to ei?ht acrea, witi I* I a<-ld at reaeonaMa tatea and on eaay tanua. Bath I'd haa n pi and for dwelling honaa ahd frnH, and rlrh low land for vec^tablaa, within a few unautea' aalk from Monet Fleaaaut omnibaa, and twenty five ailnotea walk from B >andary. Haaltht lo cality, pleaaant rural aurronnditur* < aud aicellent iiIik atiobal and relifioa* ?dTanfa(i<a. Apply to JOHN TOBK. Office of C *mmi*ivnvr of Cu<otn?, Treaaary Bmldirg. apl lm* L^OB SALE-TWO riECESOr LA Ml. lo-ar Af r linyton. al?'Ut ona quarter of a wile fr<? the Aijneduct bridf*. Ona eoatains ? and tha Other 3 acrea: improved hy two aiuall frame honaaa. Apply to JACOB B1BCU, No. !*? U ?raet. 0?->rfa town Bm lm iToS BENT?rUBNitfBBb BOOMS: a back I Parlor fumi?hed a? a Bedroom, and two pl-aa ant r<M>nia,bark and front, on aeoond atory. in an alidibly -U>cat>-d Dwelllnc on I rtreet. Bear 9th; will t>e rented on reaaonabla tarmato geatlemau only. Adilrana "A.J National Be publican afflca. IlilHf IBep 1 L'OK tw. aiory BBlt B. UOL'SE, No. r lO# I a: ?et northweat, contain:n| fonr room*; alao MMfi , kitcban, cellar, bathr -an with water clnaat, hot aud cold water ia chamber*, heater in parlor, and cooking rahga in kitcb-n. Th? lot la M teat front by 1U) faet d?ap. to a W foot paved alleir, with a brick atable and CHrriaaje honaa. J. w. TBoMPhON,cornar of 17th street aud N<-w T?rk avenue. febJu-tf FOR SALE. L'OK SALE?A lartr- BAT BOBSE, gentle, sotiud a aud r>>li?bo'. C.m be seen at J. KEATING'** C0.*S Mai.lea, JO*' and St 11 Ulli street nert h ???at a2l-?tr |/OB*ALB?8<)HBELBuR*E,7yearaolJ aoutid a kind ami Kentla nmi.-r aaildle and bar- , u?aa. bold fur uant of naa. Iu^aira at C at , J AS W. Pl'MPBBEY S Stabltw. jS-3t*^ IVOB SALS?Low, ow lar?e BBFKIGEBATOB I ab -ut II feet I 'tig 6S ln?h aii i4lee\ wide. Alao,3.0lW 11- go.?l c'uBN BEEF at 6 centa per pound. Applyto J. BoBEBT-a SON, Agt ., No. 60 Km ot St., Oeoree-I town.D C. H* I li'OH BALE?At aicreat bargain,->ne second hand E PIANO. Partietleavibg the city. Ad.Ire* ap 2Z 3t* W * II, City P. 0. {? TOR SALE -A FINE MOCKING BIBO for sab . Is three years old, perfectly healthy .jmjt and a fine ringer. Can be k-tii at No. 111 7 Ow street nortb a eat. apJSAt* ??? I/OBSALBCHE AP. Nine aeooad hand SINGEB SEWING M AC BINES for leather work in tirat < taaa order. Apply at JOBN F. LIPPBABD S L-atlierStor? "03 D atreet n<>rthwaat. apt3-5t* C|*A*B, OR UOOl> MOTES WILL BI T FAMT ' LY BOCKAWAT, elegant SIDE 8ADULE. ai d PABLOB OBGAN. Aldrea* " BARGAINS,'* Star oflice. ap 13-4t tHf'OK SALE?A handsomely matched pair of BAY MAKES, kind,gentle and atyImh. Also./ a nearly new FAMILY CABBIAGR and' HAKNeSS. Sold f .r want of use. Call tx-4 s-en at KEATING * CO.*8 Btablea, *??, 1111, 213 and Kit Tlih street northwest, oue a^nare south of Pennsylvania svanne. a2l lm L'OR SALE CHEAP?A four borae d >uble-tree I street PLOW SBBAB;aotne long handled round Bmted SHOVELS, and ?vMW square feet of good 2 1 :h PLANK, at *183 K street, at canal. al? ti F>OB SALE-Three Brst-class SEWING MA CHINES. TWO SODA FOUNTAINS, aud ONE STEAM ENGINE, at R. FULTON k Co.'a Loan Office, 314 8th street, near Pennsylvania avenoe. all ?' IT^OR BALK?An excellent aaxond batad two-bone, r platfonn-spring WAGON, wide body, jaat tha thine for carrying pa?*euger?._a ataaia, or grocer's wagon; can be seen at Ft'NK A BECK'S Wagon Factory, on Bridfe street, near now Rock-creek Bridge, Georgetown, D C. alo-lm IF RICK CLAY FOR BALR. D Anii io DO DOR * DARNETLLR, jlT-tf 14*7 fi " MEDICAL, M DR. MOTT'S FRENGB POWDERS certain cor* for all diseaaes of the organs and all urinary ?ii plaints and blood and ski a duiuaaea caused by indiscretion in youth. Price, S3 per box. For sale by WM. B. ENTWISLE, Druggist, corner 12th st. and Pebusy 1?auia ave., Washingtou. D.O. all lm* " WTATUVOLRNCE. 'OR TBR WILL CURir O TBE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF TBE WORLD. ly it all diseases are cored. No medicines) o layiug on of bands. Taught by Mr*. J. lOT, 473 C atreet northweat. ap7-tr OF TBE WOBLD. By it all diseases are cored. No medicines used, and no Jayiugon of bands. Taught by Mr*. J. R EL LADIES suffering from weakness, irregularity, ot Neitous Debility, caa haveakiliful treatment by alatiug case, aud addreaaiug Mlv A. C. KOSHER. U aahington, D. C. ai-liu* D R. LEON, COMSCLTiyv PHYSICIAN, The oldest eotabhutiad Specialist in tha city No. 911 Utb street, above B. Boors: 11 to 4 and 7 tc I, daily. jyW-t? EM ALE DISEASES treated, aad couOueMaa I caaes taken. Describe case ana encloae |l, ad vice and medicine will be sebt. Address Mrs. D> THOMPSON, No. fe46 North ljth street, PhMadal phia. jaaVly* M AD AMR WILSON. A KtMulmrtt Kdmtmud PHYSICIAN AND MlBViri, can be conaalted on all DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIL_ Residence and Conaoltatien R??tn*. *11 Ith bux between H aud I. Boom*,Board,Medical attendiwM &c.,at reaaonable prices. Tapeworm removed wttl head In two boor*. Refer to patient* ?ncoeasfallj treated In Washington io 111' Iff ONKT RET LBN ED IF S&MjLV MLJIJR FAILS TO CURB CHILLS. To ba bad of BRACK A CISSEL.ooraar Brtdjw and Washington streets,Georgetown, and of OBORGR H PLANT A SON, oorner N.w York avenae and 1M street, whsrs liatlinisulai* caa beeeea miM lr* HOTELS. ?top H ?o. TH a STREET, Birwtii m a*s tm Stxut*. PHR 1MLT KRAAL BOTKL. ISTMifNprMir. Fumtltakia A' ?1M mdtoku* WUIIMTOI, P. 0. 5,f3sc^sarK^ir!. 9,* A hi BU8DIEHB OHAKCW, 0,000, Vutr ? ?*v* w4^ELi2^T: wt <?_e am' mti k?.> or a Ok^tRr *5 imi lot t* la. c?r?-r .?f ttkHdi wr-i ?onhm*et. HdMr *u4 itorr for r*?ot. A??4? o? K'lii#'^ it) j|? A 11ft S.'fr1- * am. rix "198 rtm*? fUt 0MHtir arvfti. *11 n.-arl) tf?. Arpl) dun H *trv?t k?nk '?f ?OlI. f.?1! xtl ??Wik < - k ia. ? " ei I* Vrrm1 T.l*M'H*? VIIL ??4 fSSpmvaKfct ?JPP1WJK?S r?.i nj K I, M/Ig I I ??* ? Di)fU*M. (2J ^ hake orpoTfmffWT gjis^AafaLr*-'" ? ?*2rr^?Mr *"*"*? ",i" *1 trwM rT2? S ^ T bf* ??rk?l?, ruin**., mi ^I,,,,,' t) n??t 4. *"* ??*?. ? **? IM>KV<c "? "*?"?? -?? '?y !? "te" Mi >ititn? the u?i. ? . _ ?????? Rsr&'sa.'SSrrS . "tL?1-- '? r-?. ii*r. n .. t?wi ssS^fjEKSgsas :?ysw rsr. ?^!Sr^ af&T ni *iloin to l-e ?MieeeedV T^ml> ???. Coa?ti i3H> ... ALKX MUM. *** iikrir??iiiirtii<mi I HATE A .TTHJMEKT forJNAM , jWRy'^&vi: 5"?'rK?ir"if y 'ay- ?g?a. ^ .&Mr MOKBT T<? LoaK OS KEAL ImaTi: ii ?urn. to rait f?r o?, , 1" ?M? In. *01**81 A mi>M.RToir, -r" '- HI Mth?tr~t. A ifircn^Y? v,f"5 lii??!rrx:vriT?'Ktrc( SfSfar "??? ? ir V rH a **^ M.K or IT: I.'i t ,?^TCC<,; l*r,r* ?*w Tnbr, o Barn |)w^T nit, 5 i>wI>dIMiu>; 'idi>tu4oIM ?sy^-p?.y rfrf. <?? kyrin"*uSSilESi. S frUTLt !. _?? ?? *r?Me Mtd ?H| flUf kr w r^ rT~1 t?r.? h Him fr >ai tu.a ?rI7 ai, *? ?? JkVf?- A A PHILLIPS, IW Wt^^iH.QriiU'Inwii. li. (J \|OBEY TO loam OS KKAL ESTATE c i . MAl'IIT A HKo , ? rl6 lm ^ br K-r*. 14*7 r ?tr-?>f JJOAED Of PL?LIO_Woitki scEir JKjra. rszx ? PjTiaJ u?1. A uiiall d;?r<>ti?l u. march* Lai lm ...k,tmL,' JVU!,Sl?'t * Oo . 1~-- rn^jvtT n28 lm 10IA P,>ih.. i.^Ji ""'?'i ,Tlt r*-aM)|riii|t i<^um K^mV.^.V^T. v"?f?'KS niT lm <? <? . r ???,PHE\D^ ??<? Pruua ??> , 31 c2n'i!? ^L?k?J**? A?E THB OMLT If. ? 9^ J * ID 1 iiiib a niiAil CAA:I&| fan c_<1 XSTlii L^;?'?4 A ajjU fuaramlfed AMtfto B"w" 16 |Kr c?ni., tuiiiiiuc buiu 1 to a, \>-LtT ' - " ?iiu prliicifMU CuU*Ct?4 ?ltb"UI cbarcr f or -?It ka n>?lm .J.>-?|W>Llr ? " ??? Nmylr?ii>t>WM. i!viLLiK^surtr 44r 2^** ? ?UMt.Ko.iTm. p^.?*it?."^L,.72rr,'t'm ..?? r i-yg'Ssfflj aSa. J|0C#I r O E S_A L E. ? Tb? large F0t*E 8TOKY BOCBE vttk iw Jtonr, ?!? B JK*ri-2y* J2? ,2^ ilfcTVh*" wm4M-*tt>? !??*? ?ard Mi4 "?* 14 r"*f? The whole mr m+ny hM >? uV^^i ??!<*? Uxnliuf hi>?? fi| If ?MW Uflii M rrevdiMii'. n- - WAM Trr?ury. PmMjr|T?ai? fe jjT^Sf DRY GOODS. the mbkatii" 1 iraia ftiffAVSs,*' - - n!!nu (ALL rNA 0*KSAMWE5, c&oicu,u.ofi^teauiovi.Mlr^fJSJ,,'^ One Irtdi only, B*rfcwl lm ?uia r __ _ Jotipii j. may. Nwflmlt irnDM. ^OK NEW ASD HAX1)8<iM? mr^ liuuitj un' i*iritigiT mi] F?alL^!Uj^r8iAWL? AHD ,AC"?. ?O TO WOLFOED A 6U1LBEEQ F?t^"K LAT*STG*V*i-T1" ? ' A E A - WOLFOED A HHILEEEG. CLABSEE WHITE OOODb HER. w OLrOED<AT?mLBE&Q F *k? uB? ^if^THEKT TABLE LIB J-l BE1) SPEEALB*"8, TOWELS SO TO WOLFOED a BEILBEEQ. <*???**?. WIT WOLTOEl^a VllILBEBO. F?JSd three pltb lLura' WOLFOExTa^'hILBEEu. T^itfSL^S0?* rVR ?* L*A*?T HOEET WOLFOED ft SHILBCBG'E, ABT BKVEMTH STEEET. En ween D ?n.d E,*OTTth?e?(. *tt tr ?/~TUI AECADE nir- beodhIaiTb CO"9, -5=*Lf5 iMirwH. EI?Sttl,T?.mV.lV,L ? .u ?iT7?t; . OOODB ji*^ 8r 111 *U V bL MMEK eeodhead a CO*, m?a r?r*H. pOE EALLB AED FABTlEt? El? BUITEt, ? I TO BUM FEE FAU WALL, BO BIB BO E A oo.T BOTUUXCK ^ Sfc OOCOHI abb ooldb ?m-wPtv MT ALL v*9***9**

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