Newspaper of Evening Star, April 24, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 24, 1873 Page 1
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*#4 *4 V?-\ 41-N2. 6.270. WASHINGTON. I). C.. THURSDAY, APRIL 24. 1873. TWO CENTS. ? . ? ? THE EVENING STAR. faUbM lillj, Iu4aji ex?epU4, AT TBE STAB BULLDLXG9, rMaqrlmla Aiwm, ear. Uth m rriioH nn nrsririi mhsi n M. UfWiiV.V, t THI ITISISO STAB m i?n?d 6] cvrlm to ik?< nKribwiu rn wcrg.or roin Win Cum ta mojih. Copiee at the counter T?? ClJIT? Mck. Il Mil tlim ? |)J|; mm Baonlhs, #!.?, one year, |l. THE WEfKLY STAR?Pub! Shed Prldey-f 1 ?' iittrltM; lu advanr-, In bo'h caw, sud (??CM |Mi Wf. > of advertising furnished on PIANOS, AO. O t'.u* and excellence of niush, and ruj t?r?? tt. L. WILD A BBO.A^Rm Agenre, 4*9 11th street, w northweat?HBI 1 e??rn?r P aiM|h Mii ?fenne. d?nlf?? in PtaButAnd |n?K4l UMrwwfit" ifww'f. Tinting titd H??p%ir?n*. Polhbinf Mid > 4mijhii| T+T' ir* fut^fcl ?pl7 tr J_ F.LrCAS, in? 7tfe street n. m..T*mr?m4 . K,rv <?/ Piaao* awd Oriam*. Or-. 4* rs ree*ivd at Theti.psori'e comer 15;b St.! aid W V->rk eve. ; G-ryVB'tdge, near*.. . Contrrsa. Georgetown.' -?nd H hm1, cor. 7th and Pa. ?t PiatK<e an<1 other iw-t rnirenta parked and moved All work gnaranteed. m^y It WCHOUACAKk A CO.S PIANOS. O PHILADELPHIA GREAT BPDUCTIOH IX PEICEB. T?w? instruments, which, on account eC tbetr n< n? r? r.iy w?nr ail otii-ra, have in alk-w 7" ars?^^w^^ bee e?o Uio i?Mt -popular here, aa wril mm n, IOM| OT' i the uniiirr.caa be bad uow for ibe lol Jl? BYl WwibC !' W prices SUlAUE r IAN?'S fr.-m $374 to *?,'?. CPKIl.HT PIANOS fr. m GRAND flANoS from |Ato?lTfft. Per-ona s fco ? tf'i to awve from fMU) |Mla put cbarii,* the Vat iTi-fnment ant, are invited to 0*2) aij cr ii'?W' (nt UltniKiv??. Piauoe for rent. Piaw.4 exchanged. Turing ?r?l Repairing pr. perty attendee to. CARL R1CKTEB, Ageut, IN rr dSS Pmn?f!?ipii??T?nM Il ILL* Ml h.J?Ab? A CO., BaLTI*<.?**, M*T.TLAI?Dt GKANO, .-sil AHE AND U7R1GUT PIAMOB. TI-- -e l-etr ;ui?uts lui?tira before the paMMfn fr rr. j pc.a, aid d^d thHr excellence alone? attained an <ii: purchased pre-en>iner<c>-|BaHH| which p- -Boai:ro? :h*m u->f*rnalled for Uwir'llll' ton*, track, worfciuauahia and durability. Tlx; ta?? kf?a aw?rJ?-d ?ity lh? mid and ail*<rr nnHali at different fsim u??r<>trirr rompetitura. AB <tf tholr PIANOS Hats their new and tiorovM O*?r*?ronif INIe and AerxBe. Wfl bun M<*<'ama?rti,a rIAMOS aad PIAH08ar.d OBO..N0 fr.j? *ar1o?a well-kn >wa fartorlas for aair and rert. at RKK HKSBACH'H, iW?li Plaits Wufro??a. 4)13 lltl> ?tre*' BANKERrf. OTIS BIGELOW. Be n k e r( 643 P STRBET, NE \R SKVI.NTH, Psjp ?TKR1C>T ON DEPOSITS, nutkea COL kK4'TIuBS,and trau<.<ita ail ba*ia*M conn^-t-d with Binkine. ac2 If || A 1 k r* ? H O l ? E i. 11 sqi ier A III., 14 46 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNl'E, ?tK-.TI VTILLARj'i P."TluL, WASHINUTON,d c. &B*rr?vt inrrrfM palii o? CulkfUwif nri'lf evcrj * h? r?>. D?p>-?? f :<> able on drmacd. P ij of oifl'-. r< in tb?* Arm ca<hrtl in advance. afC-tr Jr. iikudheiu, ~ ? B r o k e r i Mi). #39 Ptnaa. ave., K<" ni i, \V ,i?!iiinjton, D. C. Bpvcihl attention el Ten to inTi-a?m?nt "ecnritu**. llivne* attefitii n I" aeenritiee a w ?#ered it |?r?t? whifli Mill pay HI to U prr c-fit. in aniotutla and >1 lri.P; I. ? 1 : iUlf to mi it lux Hl'ti. S.if ?, reliable, pron' abl- 4i d nroti i*. n,..Ka.* them tu evcrv respect FIRST-CLASS SECTBITIEr* K< fern by p- niii-* to L< wit J lin^On A Co., Wa?hin^t n, D. C.: M E 'ITt, E>?., Cashier Batiotiai Metropolitan Batik, Wnxhiugton, D O.; Hon. J M . RrMlb?iu1, Sc iwl Cvntroller, Waabitif U?u. D C.; Edwarii Clark, K>?.., Architect U. 8 Cup Hi'l, M*aaliingt?u, P. 0. marl7-3ni 'I HI NaTU'NAL banb op the bbpublic A (Ct iki (of 7tb and D MreeU,) OF KM JfRt'M IB A. M TO V P. M dec 17 1? CHA8. BRADLET^a-bl-r g ?" IKMA1 AMKHM AK SAVi.>U? Ai A >K, vJ No. an Skvusih Siuit, Opjwmm (aa fMi-CGu D*pi:*utU. boon: ? a. a. to 4 p. m. Saturdays opeu nu til S p receive dep-wita orl*. lui'-^eat pahl ou d> puuta. t. ll-cticua made ar d OckuKc funiwM. JOHN HITZ, Prea lent, ?. EBKRLT. T. Preat, W r MATTLNOL*>ec.,C.E. PUEBTlSS.C-.h'r jK?i|ly 1'HE VBEEBMAN't SAVINGS A> 0 TRlkT tO.nPASY. Back in Hoove. >? . AeB7 Penaa> lvauia aveune. oppoeite tbe Truaaurv. PATS Sli PER CENT. INTEREST. imernt h-tin* the hrtt of Kach Afoatk. PAIS roUB PER CEJtT. on buaiueM acc.oujia from date of depoait. iit*M (VMrttu *f Orr^sit bearing I and 4 per cent, Interest, available anywhere. HAfi ilHANCH OPPICBd in !an?e town* and dtiHi of tbe S~uth and 8onthvveet. ?ia* aewm,? *. m. u 4p. m. Opew Wedneaday and Saturday nigtiU from 6S to I o'cl <k, to receivedep-titaonly. Call at the Batikoi ?end f?r a c< pt of the Charter and By-lawa. jM-ly JAY tOUKcTlO., BANKERS, BI T AND SELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE arxJ iser* t IR<1 LAB LETTERS OP CREDIT foi Tra^ ? It ra, aratialf u* mmt rmri 4f tkt world. Out Drafts on JA1 C OKE^eCCLLOCH A CO. ire Caahed la any part ol k>?uii, IXKtafD and BcoTLA^T>. ^v?t o< flir?. m?> 1? io/AtHIIATVIl LIT* SAVI51US VA.Ik Corner 7l* 3tr*tt cm ! L?a?MM mvtmmi, PATS ? PXB CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT latere* rtmuaencea froaa date of depiaiu. D-r ?iu can he Biade and drawn at will. ?T? f 4. A. RUFF. Treararer ?|'he raplditt *"h whicu are removed and the feet relieved, tf ailing, from Bunions, Bad Mailt, Ac , at DB. WHITE'S Estab UatiD.eut, iJi Hit street, oppuaite tbe Treaanry, k ?mte sarpri?ir.? to peraona anaccnatomed to bii ?ethod ofo per at which u entirely diSerent froa the old-tlnie practice of teartnc oBthe inxrowinf toe nail, or lanein? dees Into tbe ba;ilon,adiatreaiiasll naintul method, and one which obliged the aoffer. r Id go sh -eieea, and aamet iniea on crutches, for weeki or mntte. aad no d >ubtAe ?ded to ahorten life, al laaat to make it (ar leaa alHwant and naefnl, hot Dr W bite's operallona are frequently borne by childr?i without com plaint; there la iittie or no pain, no lo? at tile, and if none bet anitaAle ahoea bminu-th and if n-'ne hot anitakle ahoea be worn, tlM *'>?*?* '? eitreme caaea, eBecta a perfect ??re, thongh the feet betug nawl an constantly Corui are iiaole to come occaeu nally with even the beat Bttlng afeoaa, and iodaatnona peraona think there u Moacwiy of time, comfort, and health In an occa ?tonal visit to tbe Chiropodiat; and it u awall knowr Act that thonaaoda of persons, many of them tb< a? f* honored 1a anblk and private life, oome fri.n Hi and near to Tiait Dr. White "a Batabliahment, tc ?f whom Dr White Im unseOcited permission ?I*"- _ fl-tr rpUI HEW NATIONAL HAJUlET. IRESa SALT and SMOKED MEATS, <* al kinds and of. tbe beat anality, turuiah^d a I nils sua oi me nest inaiity, Turuiab^d In the beat style; alao.GAME,POCLTRE, FBI ITS. and VEGETABLE? m their ?eaeor |au be procnre-1 at this Market their Rl/BT ilTATT,414 in?st yitNNA ?XI*Ut>lTlUN. ? IHri'LAB LETTERS HP I KEDIT, MsrtD BT JAY tOOKE k to. The Circular Letter is a letter s>f lnrr?durtl.>n fo barkera of character t?'cu*ao?r :n? vcotli, identify ii g 'he bearer and aiithi riaii.g payment a to hiin ae reuuired to the extent of hia dep>iait with us. Poll information * ill be furnished upou applir.v tion in person or by letter. JAY CUOkE k CO., Biakers, are lm WASHINGTON. G'7 BuXks CMulCE MESelNA oRANGKS* ?As ft ;ijt rtetiotl per sf.-at??er N-w York. Alan, choice VALEM I ;.- , KRKNi'H PmI'NES, la kemat??l b.^es, freahCOCOA NITS; per-'??am ee J-nt Gibaon. ai-Jt JNO W LL'HSDON A C0. | ' "AW BA ? ABB, OLD AND DEL1UATE FLAVOR ?2 PER GALLON. C. W1TMER. al7 ?t Gr?c?r. IS19 Pennsylvania avenue. yil CHINESE TEA HONQ _ Has removed to BIS D street. ttb and Ttfc. Kwtk iM? TEA! r has par than ever. Mo rent to pay. ?ells-im L. BEBJAM1B, Proprletee ^Ll> BYE W HISE1ES, ParrUaeea of l.vC7 4e iast put on draught. ALES. TOBIEB, BBOWN STOLX, Of I-est brands. Pi ice* low. . _ ? .... ^ 0. WITHER, ali B (ineir,ltl8 Pennaylvanla avenae. R u and HOLMES A BBO., sietksaU ewe. let and B ate. a.w. ?U 3s>' |,-U>KLI!I So. It'll Ptns u vtJii Aviv ? Pennine Brazilian Pebble Spectarlee. janlt tr 7th atraat to 43* ?tk RE. BTOOPS, Hmmrvl . has MOVED front 6*J i ?treat aertkweet between D and B Urease, where ski aateaded** ^)pc*>T* tk? liberal pntronagteMt herto ?""%? ?A**" BT DBUOBI8TB, AMUSEMENTS. WALt'ft 1EV OPERA HUtSE. JOHN T. FORD.... Proprietor ?rul Man M'LLR MIME AIM CP. the orBfcs ok ??pfra boupfe. \ypTi12 SEW PARIS1 \N OPERA THOL'Pt. CuiTnoncinir MONDAY, April 79. ONE WEEK AND SATURDAY M\TINEE, Wiih her Mitchles* Cunjruiy of Di-tiutfaMied frewh Arti***. Sale of seats to c tnmence FRIDAY, April IK, at'Mnaic Store. a2i it ^ ALL S OPERA HOUSE. POUR N1GI1T9 AND MATINEE. Cor TBMicinK WkDNESDaY, April 'JJ GRAND MATIN RE SATURDAY AFTICRNOON. CAL WA8SER'ft MIXITRELI. J. II. H.WKRLY, Mauser, W ill h?T? the honor of apr?-?rtni; before the ntiiMis of ths city. In '?rli ?nt?rt*i''m?nt ENT1KE I'll ANGE OF PROGRVMME II >vin* nnny Pop ular aid Talents Artists, pr^rnitunt an?.m*whni are CAI.WAGNEK.E M H AL1, S\M PRI' E, BEN BBOWN. JOHNY BOOKER, I'HAS. HEY WOOp, CnrnwlUim. CAUFFKLD ?nl BOOK ER, 8on( and Dance Artists. ttHKAT CAMFORNIA UUARTETTE, cnnip.?Ml of WELLING BR'?S. and J. W. FREETH. with ? FINE ORCHESTRA AND BR *SS BAND. Reserved Seat* for sale at Box Office for three day in advance. |EM|_ WASHINGTON THEATER CUK1QIE. (CIvTMJtb street, eouth Pennsylvania avenue.) Ri-euf afemeut of the popular youne An.tri. an Star GEORGE W. THOMPSON. Who will appear on Thursday, April 24'h, and each evening thereafter, i? the (treat sensa tiopal )o< altHtn of THE WASHINGTON DETECTIVE. ? Prndn< ed with a pow. rfill dramatic rant. EnKHtf' iif ut of the famed vocalist and comedian. MB. BILLY PEVERK. Enthusiastic success of the brilliant Preisiere Dan fit'11' ? M'UE COUCHITA RONZATTT. The darine Drill OvnutiitU, T1IE SE YAIIS! MAI DE, the Drill yueen: SA MUEL, the K in; of Air! TWO NEW GRAND BALLETS* Fir~t appearance of the beantifnl D<mseuse, v- MISS MAGGIE WESNER. The charming Oaeen of V?c ilists, MISS FANNIE DAYENPORT. Tti'- y.utLful Dutch C-*iediaii a id V icalisf, MASTER HERBERT CAWTIIOKNE. The beautiful and da-Lieg da.isetmus, MRALPY SISTERS. AND OUE MAMMOTH NOYEI.TY TROUPE. T11K LAST OF THE MODOCS, *t.,Ac. MYSTERY , Ac Matinetp WEDN ESP A Y and SATURDAY. ap21 :f OLD No.) Oa Ethibititi iNtw N 4M> J and Sal* { 43? Tth ST.\ _ AT f Tin lit MARKETER'S, 1 Ko. <39 7tk*rMl, between D an-! E streets, elsb door* above Odd Fellow'* Hall. Choice Oil Paiuungs, Engravings, Chr< won, Ac. AW, largest stock Paper Hanging*. Windjv -hadee, Pictures, Frame*. Picture Cores and Tae ?? {| titSit'*'l?"tf*U 'IB 1 Distcict. Plr-a?e remerr.tmr Name and Nnmber. lel ly" A"LL KIN DM OF CAST-OFF~ wiTJlNG AP PA REL can he *.>ld to the Tory best advantag' by addressing or calling on JU3TH, 61 ^ D *tre?t, between 4th and Tth n. w. Botes by mail promptly attended to. Oa? h paid. fU OLD GOLD, SILVER, BRASH, COPPER, Etc , bright at fair prices fur a New T irk house Hon*> h^Td Furi.ifnre bought and ?? Id. Notes by mail ?r nu'ly a'rond-d to br ACOKSSTXIH. 14VS P?ri!i*ylTan1a *T?nn? 4E-ly" SUMMER RESORTS. ^ L M M E U BOAR D . The OSBl'BN norSE, Lee?bnrg, Va., Is now open for the accomiiK dati u of Somnier Boarder*. N > paibi- will be?c:ir<d iii the emleavor to make all com fortable. (at4-lm*J JO A B OSBL'BN. Proprietor. REALESTATE AGENTS C"2E0.1T.L'E!<DF.LL * CO., ? HhAL hSTATK BKOK ERS, Hi 7th street, (over German American Sating* Bank.) Special attention iriven tu KEKTINQ- C^LLEI'T ING. PAYING TAXES ?uid NEGOTIATING LOANS. Reter(l>jr permis*io?l to?General B nj.Alvord, Pa>niai-ter General U.S.A.; James S. Grinneil, Ohief I'lerk U. S. Patent tiffi- e: Joliu Fra?er, Arch ttft: Hon. F. P Bhtir; Hon. J W. DouijI.umi,I'.m mi??i Internal Kci euu.-. Wm.B M ?es, Furni tirs Dealer; C. E. PrMiti**,Ca?hier German Am ri csn Sa?ing? Batik; Col. John M. Fe?,>nnden; Hon Jofca Hit/.. Consul <.eneralof 9nit*erland ?23 :?rn' EVL ESTATE AGENCY PITCH AND FOX. R ... *i?vs? a*sv ruA* y e CfVe Apetutl alt* ittion i*> \ care of Prop -rti* n iHloiiflrn.K lo iion r?fiid#nt oWDf?M^pHyin?f to repairs MHrnring tenants, colKfclii? rtut", ?? .* Ar, FITCH A POX. |i(9 P'-nna avenne, Preediuan'B Bunk Bnildinif, >>22ei.jrw ?pp U.S. Treasury. w ILL1AM 1)|(K?01, GK.NEKAL INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE AGENT, No. bOd FIFTEENTH STREET. OPPoMTK IUAKBV. Nrce bnt the eafent u.-urauce coiap*nies p'pro ?tbtal. Prompt ?ettl> ment of |o*a#s arvd fair dealing mar antee.1. apil lin ACST1N P. BROWN. Ouiim li. f. Mvune and 14'n street, Waehiugtoii, D O.. W HOLtsaLB D>aL>K I!l LtMBEk, LIME, CEMENT, SAND, A?., Ac , Ac kt'MBEB BILLS cnt to order ou abort notice. LL'E STONE for Buiklin?, Macadainirins aoC Pat lug purpuaa* daliTored in any part of the bis trict. REAL ESTATE bonfht and sold and money In vetrted. To this branch of the bcunneas 1 will her* after riTe any personal attention, and will be at my ogee daily from lo a. m. nntll 4 p. m. marl-tf EDUCATIONAL. M ISS UARROVER'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG _ _ LADIES AND CHILDREN, l*t.,opp . ?ite F rank lin Park. Fourth <tuarter will l>egin A pril 14th; fal 1 term September jjk aplOlm* PENMANSHIP AND THE ELEMENT8~OP I GRAMMAR ARITHMETIC, and BOOK KEEPING taught to indiTiduals or to classes, be tween Sand toVleck p. m., at Prof. Tosiig'* School Building, 14th St., between I and K. JAMES CORRIDON, Teacher. S^* Lettering, Card- writiug, and Pen Work of svery description, executed to order.ap3 lm Jt^LXE CLOTHING FO* iiPRlMG AND SUMMER, M ADE TO ORDER IN NEW YORK. THE LAKH EST ASSOK TMC>T IN THE COINTKY. SAMfLli SV1TS READT MADE, t'Uh MEM, HOYS AM It CM L DM XX. SHIRT!* MADE TO ORDER. DEVLia u CO., apt-3m 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNI K. ^4 harness: harness: We bare on hand a large slock of all kinds of Sin gle and Doable Gilt, Covered, RUBBER, NICKEL, SILVEE-HOC&MD HARNESS, ?f ocr own make, which ws ax* determined to sell at very low pneea. SdU agent* for Hill's celebrated CONCORD HARNESS, ?f which we have a large stock at Ooaeord price#. TtoCoacoid Harness ana Collar* bar* a repaiation all over the country for durability and strength, TRUNKS and SATCHELS in great variety. CEDAR TRUNKS, for protection against moths. OnU aad ff-'" stock. LUTE ft BRO.i aS lm ??T Pen a. ava., next to Rational H?l, I^XAMINS TRR GOLD SPECTACLE. Obit fs, R. a. aXMPLER, Optician, 4H street. j^TLRS'S WHARF,/ax Hkmndf stmts --S'iniS.'Z&i" ""CSAHW. ^ ? ., . iuT, una**, *c., t h^?ho?.w 7 v?wls and stored or delivered at notice and lowest rates. ?*l* 0. T. AiI.II. WanaHtiU Purt 31 ECIAL NOTICES, File Ola Hie Whisky, Fine Old Hy? Whiaky, Ftne Otd Hye Whisky, ? in? DM Kyw whirtry. Fine ow Ry? whuii-! Fine Old Rye Whisky, Tin? OM Rye WhNJty, Wirraniul UnmdmjtmmUi, Fur hcn*r*i and Mwdir\*ni Wmrraattd ? Pun Vst. This it the %rtM-> now sold for upwards of live fe*n with universal satisfaction; putnpiu l.irge bottle* at One Dolljtf- p* r bottle, or can bo had in any quantity. ?rf^Wirflc*, that we will r?twrn the mmer if this Whrsky doea not give satisfaction or prfave as repre an rxcelleatstock of California Winer?P >rt. lh*,TTT???PitS?' Ml^atel.Hock and Claret; also, Kelly's r>land C'i'?wlxi and import"*! Liquors of %|> ARTHUR HATTAN8,Druggist, Corn?r ii and D street* n. _l?'lly kinds. alO-tr Tht Supreme Curt af the United State-. Hub recently given a decision in favor f the Gorhun Maantactnriiig Company, enabling tli-m to protect the'r Ci 'ign*> from all other utanufactururs who init iate and copy th- ni. PARTirCTAR NOTICE is reqni-sted to the fact that the same artists are .>? ga^Mlin'be production *>f designs, wh'ther for th ftiilinK Silver Department or for the celcbrateu G? rh .m PUte, but the Company never repr->du'-e in tlieir Klec.?o-Pla.e Department the design* which they devo e to Sterling Silver. Each has ita own ape< ial trade mark aa follows, -.anipd upon every article : Trade mart far Trade mark for G?rkmm Sttlinr Stlrrr. (inr/iam Kltrlro- Plate. ft STERLING GORHAM MANUFACTURING CO. Protidentt. K. and -Vo. 1 Bond St., New York, Manufacturers of Sterling Silver, Tea, Dessert. and Pinner Service, and Wedding Outfits; also Man ufacturers of the celebrated Gorham Electro Plate. alo;h.8t A Carl. A Clergyman, while residing In Booth America as mi*?ionary, discovered a safe and at tuple rem.-dy for the cure of Nervous Weakaeas, Early Decay, Diaeaso of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of diaordera brought on tl baneful and vicious habits. Great aa.'utr? have neea cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe for preparing and using this medicine, in a seated envelope to any one who needs it, Frt* *f Cuarg*. Address, JOSEPH T. IN MAN, tnarS ly Station D, Bible' H nse, N?w fork City. LECTURES. it t J'HE S TAGE, ' ET liO.1. D11IEL DOUGHERTY, LINCOLN HALL, THURSDAY EVENING, April Si. ReM-rxMi eeate at J. C. Parker's, J2J 7th utr-'H. Notice?This will be the closing lecture?.f tl-* Star Course, and season tickets must lie pr -went-'11 - Parker'*, 6!17 7th street, and exchanged, if the holder* desire reserved seats. al8 LADIES' GOODS. re red iu m Ry 8 22-ir V OTICE.?Bargains are now Mag offered MILLINERY at and FANCY GOODS, E. LEN/BKRG .? CO., 707 Market Space, |J A 1 R GOODS. FIRST CLASS GOODS AT L<?W PRICES. Vine BRAIDS, CURLS, etc., of our own make, sold at nianiifatlnrer'a prices, at II PHILIPPI'S Hairwork Factory and Store, 719 Marlut Space, between 7th and 8th streets. a21 Si* miss Mccormick, 904 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (Cr Stairs,) f* Will open on THURSDAY, April 4th, a large and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND UATS, to which the tptcial attention of the Indies is call*.!. a2-tr ^TAMPING DEPOT, 617 Skvbnth Street, Opposite Patent Office. feMl-tr CELLING OFF I SELLING OFF 1 AT COST, TO DI8S0LVK PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NKW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. NO HUMBUG. |MP0RTER OF HUMAN HAIR. ?BAND BARGAINS AT MADAMS ESTRCVI, ?18 Uik turn. Meant tfasr/ratn ? ttrttt. Rememtwr the name and number. Che?p Our la, Switches. Chignons, Braids, Pnffs, Frizsettes, of the latest styles. Call and see our new stock before pur obastng elsewhere. decSl-tr M f AD1ES'" V. . 'yj.0? STARCH EN AMEL )SkDU-lT 1873 STRING 1873 TREMENDOUS STOCK, TKEMENDOl'S STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TKEMENDOUB STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, SPRING SPRING ?SPRING SPRING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, AND hCMMEK CLOTHINO, AND SIMMER CLOTHIN AND SUMMER OLOTHlNt AND SUMMER CLOTHING, MENS MENS MENS Y0UTH8' AND BOYS, YOUTHS' AND BOYS, VOUTnS' AND BOYS, MENS , YOUTHS' AND BOYS MENS', YOUTHS' AND B0*?,' At A. CALL AM LI SUM! CALL AND SMCgf CALL AHD SShf CALL ANU SSkf CALL AltO SUM I HMEAT BARGAINS! IB1 1*1. t?ll ! ?SS?IILTA*IA AVBNOB, I1 XEFMtm UiSSS'. ^HIRTI HAAC TtOKOUU In connection with my Merchant Tailoring boat. m, I mb bow prepared to MAKE SHIRTS TO ORDER, having engaged IE* Mrricaa Of o?aof the best cnt ters in the country for that porpoaa. Bsing satis Eed of my ability to giro entire satisfaction, both la style and At, 1 respectfully toUcit Um (tlmaft of tMv^lic. . tttim Skirt 1 IM Ml ?ortkwost. ^FECIAL iotioi. R. FULTON * 00., lit *h stmt, uTm* EVENING STAR. Washington New? and Gos?ip. Internal RavENCE^-The receipts from this source to-day were ,3. 'Tib Conscience, &c.?Treasurer Spinntr tjir? morning received two contributions to the coast knc? lund?one of three dollar* front Bos ton, and another of two dollars and sixty cents front Charleston, S. C. Till SPECIAL DISPATCH STEAMER Tallapoosa will leave here early next week for Annapolis, Nortwik, Philadelphia, New Torlc, Boston, and Ports-month, N. 11., with freight for the nary yards and stations at those places. Entitled to Admission to the Insanr Unrn?Oii a question presented by the War Department the Attorney General has given an opinion that indigent persons who volun teered in the t'nion army dining tlio rebellion a?m have since that time become insane, are eutitlid to admission to the Government Asy lum for the Insane in the District 01? Colombia. " I'nter deii Linden."'?The Board of Puh* lie Works intend planting with four rows of American linden, the entire length of Massa chusetts avenue. Three miles "Unter der Lin den,' and the American linden, at that, this will be one of the finest promenades 111 the woiUI. Thus the work goes bravely on of deco rating the tuition'* home and making our city the "Mecca" of America. Tiie.Pcblibhkd in the Chroni-i* 01 this morning that there is no prospect of an agreement between the Post Office Department and the French Government upon the adoption of a postal treaty between the two governments, is incorrect and unauthorized. Negotiations arc still pending between the department and the French minister, Marquis do Noaille*, who holds authority from the French government to conclude a treaty. Crook to Sicceed Cooke?There seents to be no doubt that Biig. General Philip St. George CotAe, now In command at Detroit, Michigan, will be retired by the President soon, he being over the prescribed age. This retirement, as stated iu Thk Star a tew days ago, will occasion one vacancy in the 1st of brigadier generals, the number now being six, as authorized by law, and it Is the general impression that Colonel George Crook, who is now doing such excellent service in Arizona, will be promoted to the grade of brigadier general. Colonel Crook is jiersonallv one 01 the most popular ottici rs of the army, and his promotion will be generally acceptable. The coin balance in the Treasury depart ment at the close of business yesterday wa? ??5,bOC,!)14.S<>, including the coin certificates, which amount to *23.711,200; so that the avail able coin on hand is but #4!*,?95.714..V!. These coin certificates are held by New York mer chants and others, who have deposited gold with the Ass:stant Treasurer there, and received certificate* therefor, which of course are re deemable upon presentation: so that the amount 01 coin represented by certiticates cannot be ealkd the property of the government. The letal tender*outstanding yesterday amount to ?;>j7 ,'OT ,-2ti, a decrease of *20f,-t'*J since Tues day. The :tmount of legal tenders now ou - standing it smaller than it has been for the past month. A short time since tue Treasury depart ment received a communication from Professor Benjamin Pe-rce, superintendent of the coast survey, which, 011 first examination, ereatcd great surprise. It was an application to have his pay, now $6,000, increased by authorizing him to receive subsistence also at the rate of ?."< per day; and the letter concluded by assigning *s a rf asort for the request that he had discov ered that his expenses exceeded bis present com pensation s*2.5C0 a day. As this ^tatefueut in volved a deficiency of nearly $1,000,1 .J annual ly, at the first reading the officials here look- ;: grave; but they were proportionately relieved when it was ascertained that Prof. Pelreeha?l written the word day when he intended to write year. The Solicitor of the Treasury was called upor. for an opinion as to the legality of allow ing the increase asked for, anone has decided that the law does not authorize lt.~?Smiun Ad rerliter, Sptcial. Personal.?Jesse Grant, son of the Presi dent, arrived iu Sun Francisco with the family of ex-Senator Cole la*t night. ??"Secretary Belknap, General Sheridan, and party, leti Kinggold barracks iu Texas on Tuesday for Brownsville. In that state, where they a^e ex pected to arrive to-day, and a grand reception will be given them by tins authorities. ????Senator Boutwell has leased the handsome new residence just finished by N. W. BircheU, esq., at the corner of L street and Vermont avenue, and will occupy it at the owning of the next session of Congress. Represent five .laiues Brooks was somewhat better to-day and his physicians are more hopeful. ????Sec retary Belknap is not expected to return bore before the middle of May. ??? Mr. Charles F. Conant, chief of the warrant division. Treas ury Department, is quite sick at his residence on Capitol Hill. Mr. H. C. Whiting is the aet ng chief of the division during the sicknes? of Mr. Conant. Nodal 4 liit-4 li:<4. Ladies' raittv-w eather round hats are now trimmed with Kussiau leather. Feiuine coiffures are drifting slowly back aga.n to the old fashioned chatelain braids.

Amb?r jewe.ry is becoming very fashionable again; it looks very well with light spring dresses. In their costumes our belles are adopting gradually the styles of a hundred yearsa<o, and we may soon expect to see theiu arrayed in the slittest lartliengalcs the pencil 01 Holbien ha? bequeathed to prosterity. It isn't always best to call things by their right names." A young gentleman calld a ctiacli dog a Dalmatian hound, and was inform ed by his.lianctr that if he could not refrain from profanity iu her presence they must hence forth be strangers X. Y. Hail. The ihji nction against the Richmond and Danville railroad to restrain the company itotu altering the gauge of the North Carolina rail road between tireeusboro' and Charlotte, wa? continued by Judge Albertson till the- hearing, but u|K>n coiiditioii that the state give bond for *50,000, with good security, to indemnify saiil company for damages that urght be sustained ou or before the 1st of Mav; if not given by that time the injunction will he dissolved. Both parties have given notice of an appeal to the Supreme Court. Marie Taolioni, whose death was reeentlv rcported In a cable telegram from Paris was born at Stockholm, in lsot, where her father, Filippo Taglioni. was ballet master. She at tained great celebrity as an opera dancer, ami performed with brilliant success at Paris. London, and the other principal cities of Europe. In 1832 she married Count Gilbert de Vomits, a rich French nobleman, and in 1*17 she retired from the stage, having amassed a large fortune." A Revival h itu<h t a Preacher Fifty one persons joined the church last Sunday at Middle ton, Des Moines county, Iowa. This is the resu't of the Methodist revival w hich has tren in progress there. A singular feature of the revival was that <C was conducted without the 1-elp of a preacher. Attempted Suicide ix Maryland?<>n Sunday morning last Mr. Israel Williard.a farmer, aged about ?# years, residing near Sir billasvlUe, Frederick county, attempted to coss mlt suicide by cutting his throat. The wound Is thought to b? of ? ratal character. He had twice before attempted suicide, It Is statad. Tit? iwyestio atiow by the Hew York legis lrUve committee Into alleged Erie railroad briberies closed yesterday with the examination of Attorney General Bartow. He denied gen erally and tpecificallv all the charge* of bribery and corroption in whielt he was implicated. A WirE MfRKEr. Near Boston?At Edge* wood*, wear Boston, yesterday morning. Mark Bratbby, a carpenter, while drunk, dell berately shot his wife, killing ner instantly. The mur derer escaped, but his little boy gave the alarm, and he will probably soon be arrested. VKas Franc isco?wJovod three slight shock* of earthquake on the evening of April 12. ?TAn I HiMts editor gives every year*; sub* scriber a box of boot-Marking ana a dinuer borr. WThe baseball championship game In Bos ton yesteiday resulted as follows: Philadelphia VTke winters tf the isastry presa of North Alabama have resolved not to work Cor any paper using the patent outside*. ?STi unkards is Albany are fined ?j, or ban*, isbed to Troy for two weeks. They alw-iyi pav the fine, If they have to steal it first. prisoners occupying the same cell, on Sunea* ?'?**. attempt*! *9 cut cfaotr throats Twl Trip Afrww (he AdMUe. THE ITlAMfHir I.Kir/IO, AMD CArT?t* JAEOER? UoW TUB ItALTlNoUE f|L(ir< DC TAIN MAIL STEAMERS?TUB MtKI>LE* AN i> THE ISLE OF WIGHT. [CorrttjivK'Uner of Tkt S'?r ] Steamship LBirzto.'April 10, 1*75. Lltzard Point Is In sight and oar Journey i> almost ended. Tbi? ka? ben a thoroughly de lightful trip across the ocean. We left Btitc more a week ago last Saturday, but did not pas* Cape Henry until <<o'clock on Sunday morning, becausc Baltimore pilots prefer to leave ship only I* the day time and thereby compel a mai steamer to lie still for their special benefit. It in to be hoped that, fhr the sake of the comnier cial int?r??U of Baltimore. an opposition and com|K>tition will noon spring up to rem.-dt thin delay. A gale in the Gulf stream gave old Neptune' a ehues to demanl his tribate, but the eai?y motion of this splendid rtwel mvle i? very sllglit indeed amongst the ladies as well a the sterner sex, and the whip's larder has t?eeii .-uttering severely ever siuce. tor our Ajipctit Is really unbounded. At eight o'clock the breakfast gong is heard, and a beefsteak, a mntton chop, eggs is every form, with lish and other substantia Is, greet the eve, accompanied by coffee, tea or chocolate to wash them down. At 12 o'clock a flue lunch, with raw oyster* and the mont costly delicacies that the mark* to of Bremen, Southampton and Baltimore afford appear. Tbe dinners at four o'clock aif appre ciated by the most exacting appetite, and, by way of a sample, we give tliis day\? bill of fare : Co neon me e a la jardiniere, sweet breads with tomatoes and roasted potato***, roaxt beet larottes, pearl beans, potnmc dc tcrre ? u Strasbourg, poultry, cornet, rice puJUug, desert and coffee. Captain Jaeger, the commander of the I^oip zig. officers and engineers are all w?H-l>rc.l gentlemen. treating the passengers as their guests. The captain's friends In the capital are numerous, and they will only crub* the oceaa in his vessel, ami not without good reason, for whilst during the most fearful wiutcr stasou hardly a veswtl crowed the ocean without los ing deck houses swept off ot boats carried a war, he has not even smashed a iky light or turu'a sail, which shows liu <iuality as a sailor. Bnt we are now approaching tbe Nerdle? The passsge of the Needles (several perjien dlrular rocks rising out or the sea) leaving only a narrow channel for vessels to pass, witii the I si# of Wight on one side ai<d the main lan>i on the other, the water crowded with vessels from all | tarts of the globe, affords one of tin most beautiful marine views in the world. No donbt many of our Washington f r lends will p v through them during the suiumcr on their wa\ to the Vienna exhibition. Joski-uinl. I! aii r?'ai> Strike as i? ii.LEiiin Attuvtt to IliSTKOY A Train?A dispatch to tlie N>? York Tribune from this city saw "A uuui!>. r ot white workmen on the western division >?< the Chcsapt ake and Ohio railroad, in Virginia, to whom a small amount of w.t?e? is due, in duced a few negroes to join them in a strike last week, anil have made attempts to destroy the property of the company. They first misplaced a switch near lliwk's Nest, in in order to cause a collision between an cxpr freight train and a construction train. Th. form- r * as running so slow] v that little datuigc was done, They then placed a can of nitro glycerine on the track, fu order to blow up an expret* train soon due. ami also obstructed the track with a disabled flat car. Both were dis covered by euipk>y< ? of the road in time to pre vent a terrible accident. Twenty-live of the men were arrested and sent to Charleston. West Virginia, but were sabseuuciitly dis charged/' TERRIBLE MATRICIDE IN INDIANA A S(>C cial to the Indianapolis Journal gives the pai ticulars of a terrible matricide near Lebanon. Boone county. Indiana, last Friday. Mrs. Ann H. Davis, aged tin years, was struck in the back ot the head with an axe helve in the hau ls ot her con, David Evans, aged 40. The blow crushed her skull, and she fell forward into tUe tire, where she wan touml by I>avld's wife, who came into the room. David Evans waa formerly a druggist in Lebanon, but went to Missouri, whence be returned a short tune since in :ui insane condition. His wife and mother lived alone, but he wan not cons.dered at all dan>< r ou.? until tUs sad aud fatal event, lie is now in jail. SlIOCKIKU lilKPKK UK Twu *. MILDRKV BY an Insane .MoiHklt?Ju New York last even ing Mrs. Anuie Hinacesv, an years of aK'e. wife ol George Hetinessy. a resectable shoem aker. during a tit ?f insanity, killed her two children ?George, aged 3 years, ami France*, aged * months. On returning from work th j hnstiauo found the door of his room locked, ami atiei considerable trouble gained admission. 11 ? found a tub standing iu the center of the rapid, in which the bodies of the children were lying. On inquiry the woman said it was all i igbt Tbe mother, who lian for some time been a?li$t>:d with religious mania, had choked the children and then ro-cted their bodies in the stove. She was sent to the hospital. Cai*se or the LateIt iciimoxdS witch Mis asi kr.?The official investigation in the Ui- U nioud switch disaster commenced at I*ro\i dence, It. 1., yesterday. The evidence went to show that the railway officials did all in their power for the relief of the passengers. W:n F Demey, repairer of bridges for the road, test! fled that he examined the bridge a fortnight ago, and found it sate. The owner of the Jam testified that he had no doubt some person started the wrter by digging the ditch ot th. draw dam. The result of the inquiry will be re|>orted at the May session of the Oeiieral As sembly. Thk Erie Investigation?Attorney Gen eral Barlow, in Albany, yesterday appeared before tbe Frie investigating committee ami denied as utterly false the statements of Thonia G. Sherman. Mr. Barlow said he never de manded a cent from Mr. Sickles, aud never re ceived a cent. He never received a cent from 1 ink. Gould, or any other jiersons concerned with tbem, ami never wan a party to any ar rangement tor receiving a cent aud never offered a cent, neither betoie ue was attorney general, nor since he held that otlice. He never wrote to Sickles demanding S1<X*,0<0, nor any\ whatever. The Governmknt Still Sellino oct tiii New York Central Kailroai> npii fAI|. Collector Bailey, at Albany, tes??rdav, ?oio eight locomotives belonging to the New York Central and Hudson Kiver railroad company seized by him lor the non-payment of taxes I hey realized .*?.??,7.'hi, and were bought on be halt of the company. Tiie attorney for the company protested against the nale on tlu gtound that the tax was assess:d against tbe New York Central railroad company, and therefore could not be collected of the X-w \ York Ceuiral and Hudsou ltlrer railroad coj?- I pany. _________ Another Octbace in a Child in IVbi. v ware.? Another of those fearful crimes? Uiat ol assaulting au innocent child?for which tiie court at Georgetown, Del., recently sentenced a man to death, was attempted on the i-erson ot a little daughter of Eliza Short, about ten vears of age. The Wiluningtou Commercial na\> ? " The affair occurred Friday morning, in ihe neighborhood of Lewes' Cross lload". Broad Creek Hundred, Sussex county, and the lieud. who this time failed in fus terrible pur|to?e. go#r by the name of Fostiue- He was arrested aud lodged in jail at Georgetown yesterdav. He U a white man." Kelh.ioi s Lismtt in Japan A curious statement comes through tbe medium of ? Herald special from Berlin, to the efloct that the Japanese Ambassadors now in Euroi?e have been seriously consulting as to the wisdom of introducing Christianity as the state religion in Japan. An eminent German endeavored to dissuade them f rom It, using pretty much the same line ot argument as in the United states justifies the entire separation of chore* and state. He advised tolerationof all religion, and they expressed their favorable impression ot the proposition. The Bot Somnahbi list still at his Mtbderocs Woke.?The hoy, Wildfred L. Pitts, af Uweii, new la a eell in the Exeter . N. H.) jail, while In * somnambulistic state, got ? raaor beiwuguig to <*ae of the _ - a we "?i?htly woonted before ild be seen rod, as be was ia a i raving eon dltion. and it was xmifliBn 1 adore he cosld be brought to his is?e?. He new careful I* watched when asleep and awake. Stbanob Stock Transactk>n. ? Profes sor W. Lamoreaux sent V/OI to Jones ft Co., to be invested for him. TIM latter boaght with it north western steek, and dncina the "cor ner" In that stock the protsssor'a entire asargii wasexhausU-d, and he became, as is alleaad. In debted to them in the sum of 914,000 far anvance< made to cover the "rte' in stock. He brought ?nit Hi tUc snprems eoort to reeever the *loj5*. and to-dav a motion wis haaoe In the raprtne and granted. to put the ease on short cause cal endar.?AY I". ''e*MMA.utf,crkf. WTtodiap Orchard, 51 ass.. In nttraoU^pepu lation awav from 8prlngfleld by charging T> cents Ivat line for intoxication. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAR Tblt 4ftcra| AbSOCIATED PRhSS RKrORTS. * Vwrll Jiotf*. r.A*cr*T or *t. oboboe'b whiitt. >'k? Vihk, April 24?At the annual banquet o' liii- St. Otorfe Society. last nurbt. the imn) sptecb?a *fr? n?l?. including o* hr the I ri.ish consul. felicitating both America and England on the Oeneva arbitration 1BF KILL1BO OF HER TWO CBILPRE* by Mro HcuiK'NX'jf, last ulgbt.vw mi net ?f um iDupledbutrur. Tl?? t?o Miw wrw boil .hi) mutilated* their feature* being tin rerognitable. The llrsh *w burnt**! t'rom their fact s and sbonhlt ra, and their eye* had been roartvd out. Her eldest cbi.d, a little gir' #1 five years, vu found quietly asleep In bod in atiutbti rocn, unharmed by her craiy mother. The children were evidently tin>; strangled, tften stripped, and thenroasftd on top ot the ?tove. a> portions of burned t'~li and hair were found on tbe *rx>ve, antl the ma ? a* tilled a ith the sickening ms> 11 of burned flesh. She bad alto atabbed l?otk of them iu tbe neck, and twisted Uhu bead* around. antl beat tbeui over tbe bead, in order to got tut lr Mmw into the tub. tteligioua uiania and sick no* caaaed tbe a* ft.1 deed. (HiiPKKS poinoxrn. Two children. James Dal\ aud 1 bos Carl n. were fatally pnwounl on Staten Island by tsat ing wtM i ?f?Mip. PI \ TKITX HoRPK<* "TARVEP TO DBATH Sixteen valuable horses, belonging to Thos Far rail, a Itrook'yu ulrcct contractor, who ha* been away sick, have literally star\mi to death, alter eating ap their bedding. pine hoard*. ?t., in tbe stablea a bore they were lor bed np. ITTTERSATIOXAI. BILLIARD TOt' ESAMEVT, It is piopo*ed to hare iu this city a giand >n tt i uaitoiutl billiard touruameut, at tUo three ball carom. open to all the world. AX KM Bl'ltOJI TO THE ?E*EBAL II'\ OK II l? i?*:k? UP. Robert P. Weakley, wbo shot and killed bl? niece, Maud Merrill, In a house of ill-fame. *aid jc steid ay. * lit ii called to plead :?"1 am guilt jr. I killed uiy Hitt-e. I am not insane, and if it was wrong to kill her, 1 will antler tbe eouao tjueoces." THK ItOARK OF roj.icE r*ovMi??to*Kna of City art* considering llie *|o?Mn! iu<nl of Mr*. Saral'i IleHart ait city physician. FATAL FALL OF A St AKFOI l?. Ane MB wa* fatally and four aerkmafcr m jnr: d in Brooklyn yeaurday aitrrnoon, by the falling; of a sea Com ting on a'new building. ? WOLIPH tUli'KANT PWIKOLtBa. It U stated that over AW i migrants an it d yesterday. ?bo had been proru<*ed by ui nb iu London lliat they would l>e given work imme diately on airi\aT. bat tliey found the promise eut rely ixl)*'. t <at ol some 5,(' to emigrant* wlio have arrivtd here since 'a*t Thursday, al*'.:t 4 J no are unprovided ? ith in<'?n<, ha vine sjieu? all their monev to get here, o i representations that they wooM be employed upoii landing THr xr* ATLANTIC CABLE. The steamship Kangaroo left to -lay for llojr ls'and inlet *0 lay the shore cud of She new Atlautic cable. THE STFAVIER ALHFM IHIK eaiVd to-day for Bermuda, to raise the * reek ol the steamship St. Petersburg. NHH. AH* COPTEI LO was bitten, knocked down, and tr.iaapl?d it.on l>v a vicious loo* last evening iu Brook yu. Sue will die. THERE WERE TWEiTT OFFFltl OF BoKOS to-dav. :imounting tj s-.%,C10yMO, at from 117 ?1 to li;.:?%. The amount tube sold was a mil* liou and 4 half, which went at from 117.(s to 1 IT" 1 ? ? From l.nriipe To-day. THE k.rr-<' M RACES. Lminos, April 24 Tbe Kpaoiu vpring in -el ing was brought to a close yesterday. Morning ton won the tirand Metro|>olitaii Stake*: l> itch Skater, last yearV winner, second, and L blati a gcod third. The race was a hanthcap. twenty fve sovereigns each, two hundred added. Twelreborn* started. A BEVoLT TIIBEATE*FI? AT MADRIIV Lo*ikiw. April 21- A special dispatch trom Madritl to the London 7?<??? says tbe teiatsirarx retirement ot Pretident Figueras and the apjiointment by the ge-emment of Senor Pi \ Marfrail to atliuinlster the duties of the ex ecu" live office ha* cau* d intense ereit'ment in Madiitl. A rising ol the |>opiilatiBa it imiui nent. PiTiciPE of the earl or r?r la wabe. Luxuon, April 24?The report which was crrrei ?. last evening that the ?arl of De (.a Ware had committed au>eide proves to h*re bt en well louud'-d. H's body was found this moiuitig iu the river Cam. the Frrwi-B t.F xvale* will leave l.ontion to-iught for Vienna 'o br pr sent at tbe opening of the Inlet national Exfiusition on the 1st of May. MADIilD vntTEr. Lomiok. April 24?A dispati-u r-.iui M? to-day ?ay? tbe city ia quieter, and there are lets a?pprebeu?*oi>8 of an outbreak. THE SL'LTAN SERIOCPLr ILL. Lt'*oow, April 24 Kumors wi?? from '.'on Mantinople that the Sultan is aertousfly ill. TW'EMTT THOrSASO COAL MIXEfcS in Leioetdershire have struck. CABLE COBSOLI D ATI OS ? At an unofficial meeting ot tbe sbarebo lers of thr Atlantic Cable et?mpany. a resolution *o adopted in favor of the consolidation ol' the companies and the amalgamation of all caMe inteiccta. The BlMd) fliejeane* -Tbrealeiietl Indian War la kausav the arRVEYoKa wekb miroekku optcih THE RESERVATION a?PUBVEYIXO oftBA TIOBS BTOFFEl*. I.eaveswokth, April 21?Captain Darling, ebiefoi the survey ing partv near Medicine Latlge creek, artived here last rveuint aud coriol>oraUs the rejtorl ol tbe Medicin? T.<?lge outia?ea. He charges the cr;me to tteeOsagca and Cheyennes. These band* were fifteen miles beyond tbe reservation bouuoary. Sur veying operations have been suspended and tbe surveyors have withdrawn from the ladiau countrv until tbe governui-iit affords protec tion. SotwithstMiidiiig letter* ?M 8>|<?riatep dent Hoag au<l dispatches ot liovernor <>sborne. to the eontrarv, the Cheyenne* and ?>?ages are away from their reservation*, driving away stock antl pluiiilecing and killing wttiois lit southwestern Kat***. The settler* will organ ize and tight before tearing (heir claim*. Tli Indians threaten to drive Uiciu away from Mcdicint Ixidge this fliramT. ? More Indian laaalearr. OREOOB Btl'PKiaa THREATEN IKU WAH. New Toke. April 24 A Portland. Oregon, letter state* tbat at an interview between the chiefs of tbe K? Pi rees and tbeiHiperiiiteudent of Indian affairs there, the Indians dem-ualed tbat all the whitea be expelled from Walla Walla valley, in eastern Oregon, which was decliued, and the ?u|Hsrintenileiit warns emi grants not to art tie there. The iadiaus hare ueeu paid otica foi tbat lantl. and now threaten war lr it is not. givea back to tUcta. Triable 4s soon apprehended. A < Itjr I* I DE^TKICTIYE F1US UaulM, A1 ?0111 i^OTT, ?avaaa. Fort Scot K ab*a*, April 23. midnight.? A terrible ffre ia* broken out on Market street in the centnil business portion of tbe eitv. ? ??- and It u ion will there seems no way to prevent the detraction of a large portion of the but tness par^ of the city. Many building* are already in flames, ai impOMiihle to tell where the courtagratio end. iireat eonMeraaUen prevail*, as A hWitW Uty IKaira> t-tl kar Firo. Mew VtMtK. April M?The m uiuiaeturing eitv *f doackimathal, la the n. autain* ?m Bohemia, waa deKroyod br Are on the 31st of March. Oat of 5?; houaea 1b the rilf 489 were completelv burned, and J.ono p* >rw were rendered aoua< le*a. The magnificent church*, founded la the day* of the rai'ormatioa, fell a prey to the fliiafi. a? did also valuable palnt iug> by Lucas, Craaach, and Albert liarer. t Bu auo, April 24 -rThe filth triennial ? vetrtion el' ? 'oii(refatitmalistf ?f the oocthweat concluded ittar vion hetelaat erenUig. Director* and visitors for the ensuing three rear* were elected. A wrtBttoa expreaMna the <lealre that the direotora ol the TTantei ? irTmitoa Sedetr decline to aM into the mtaiatrr any vonng i who naes tohaern or oilum or (a connected with aay aecret oath benud aocUtv. waa adopted. Loci a, April M. r?tdant Orna* and r toft here thif morning Ihr Dearer. They op orer at Kbuu Citr to-night and the midair aajdan. and killed hia with la BdgeaiSttSUtt, baa delivered hiMtf on t?the authorities and been * * :aaraer. tted tor (?4rr?M4 Um ? raw rr%.<r*t? .>? wr ?e ? ?>-. ? ?rn*?? ihe ji -.??*?t roa n.atrioa r r*?rjtvooi> r*"H m? *? K?? T?i?, A|*ll 24.?A dfcpatch ft?i? I ' ?aaiaar*. il?. in j r, w Catft of a , 4. ? hav* rriMlrrH ? dci ip'?h ??? ^ f i?t ? ?|rr WWnd >i| lb* JII t?il i nf the ?\>rp??raTton tourt t* Aiexawdra Wtai. h ?iiyeetod a writ to ???.. .lu.l?? lader wood. Of the l'Ulh)d Ntwtea 4 laUirl l(if of a l.a?A*>ae* n?i'i< n ^ .?% AU-aandrta tmrchaa^ l>? h<m n? a ?Mata<mi Mir ordered by himarlt in ?*n? McVeigh the C?ner ol tbe property . ?M who mrtu t > Rich mond Arrrf^g die reheYIHn. iut*-a4??*-<l t. monv to show Lb At i*k-? Aw?.l?li? ?. All*. Sajauel Hmyft. mhI I mtuaial A ftoa. had ar(Win d to r??? eenftara t? The |^m|t Conrt. to giving ? drrtataff, d - rltmt. hi Ha opitilnn. tti?l Viw1'rw?.?t,? c-n? ? art had been ?n< h a- i* -bock the M*l ari.?e of tmy b?m ?n." Mre I rlt. r% New ><mik April ?4? <!m ?T the National M-ard of Ktrr I'm! rar ? ?? ??? mr? lurgeit aiU ud. <1 etnai Lban Ti*atrr<tai I he cvuKUtN on local l-tsarda r*c?*n?iu? ad.*t. after giving atatrmi nt* relative to the -abject, tbut N|X'nwilt( agent* khatM k? a?totlK<l Ui?tUiiM piitatrlt tkf h?*k>?( Mt i*aaman<* act lit MM|Rd< 'l ?) uimUx Ui?i. <1* Tbl* ncoBJMtMlaloia, after drl?ir, *m ?-ar r1?l. Oth? committer* made A re commendation o'the >t?nimtti.<e that a mj.v of the Ke? Vorb building law* be art it la tf>?; I-oaida ot altera r iter* ol aU other rii . a, ?ith tber?.|Utst the\ re.onnu. u<l then aocp t ion l>) each fit lea. waa pamrd A reaolutton w?? ad?|ded that a lnn.1 of he r?i?etl lot the |nr|?? ot |trlv a ifnanl ?* tl,?Uv tor eaery iat?.mii4r\ 4rlciU4 i anil puii|ehid. Affair* la Jersey. vxtka n-n?>? ??r tiii arati ?r? in. 1 kttlM. N. -I.. April 31 The eitra ? a ol (lit hcua uitt tLU b??riling to act ?u noun tmR dry .'r*?rr eattr.ean <-?iieA?n . rect niW arrant aed under I lie general la a It IT a road I ion i lNU??ir to Hudson. arr actively I'leiaiing Utt the pntM.t-utioii ot the ??rl, n< inj at Wavetly, auhurha of Mewarb. 1'id wothlig aontherlv. The r?m|>in? claim that it a ill be the li?l road built a< roa? the state under Uie << iki?' law. I'he t.oa e rat aaienl brl?e?marr l^iftaia Uiea Muff tara al the Meat 1 arb l?a tral Katlr?a<. A i aik % . N. \ . April '.*4 ? I mu d It-Ma Ool lector Itailv bat aeired Iwrntflkr** looonio tire* antl thlrt* -eight pa 'fnm and tbri? hag (?liv ear*, belonging to the Vorb antl Hu?1m.ii river itllrowl oumpant l?r um I*) m> lit?! lax< ?. Aaalhrr tlnlm ?l the Rl<hm<u<1 ballrli lll*a?ler. PB. V||.??< k. A|?ril ?Vbere w rea?'H U? ftat tliat loim C. Mkl'lK-nwu, ot Hriwl.vii, i ? ri?ln tl in tlie .li?a?t. r at lUt-biaoixl Kaib Mr ?a?evpe?-tr?l to attcml thr r??nf<-r? hit W tli" l.atler l?ay Kallito, aitl lelt lioae, but ?1h1 u?4 inut here. ? ? ??> i ItomicD Ilivari r?A SHrp m'(I <? tf< ?-.i' - * ?)? < lal d?|>at?-h U> ?be i?tii< ax* Tribune. fr??iu |ii-f Moim?. April ^1. cav? ?-liavitl Harr'?, >>t |)t l??att CoanrJn|>. ih llua fouHly, waa ariwat ? '1 >i*tiiil^>,aad Mftl iii jail'?> tiu> > it\ Uit't-Laigr ol graiMl ;ar<v nj. La?t Ai.gnat th? ai-t-uaetl lM>iroar<l M-lfiw tbe t irat Natioit il Itmil, ul lit la city, to bar callto. "# Wain ? ?lay ;#>l Ue m>1?1 tin- calUe in I'lucanii. " ' 1 liuiMlay eveiiiug Hum* arrivol boma tioia I'lm ajio. t l.i.iuiitg Uial lie bail loat lli?? ?<>aey I iiiumiI lot tin call It- on the aay. ibe |>l< ici k?l tU: ? < i* ol tUc l>aiik ?fif aro i ? <1, loi *1.. it itvn tliat il.ti I >? >i?i u<*t report hl? < to llir lank. Ill (Mrmiitl liome. la. lv> Milta uiftant. ?'ii Satufln- i vrnin;. M.-nlt Br.n. botl attached llarria' pio|<ert\, atiiae lilting lLat <ia> Ix-en U*n?tcrr? <1 to Harria' wlla ??u Si;inl.i\ iLcatitrill piarared a March aiiram and a a arrant lor llari'*' arrint Harria via arretted and arnt to Ih* Mnlnm. Search of tlit |ireiiila> i> waa tlien i-ommenoed. ami, aft.-r a m itft li ol Ml Ihnii?. Lhr Klivtitl and ptrt) loun I MJ720 la ? dMaerrcotrpe ?aae laa Uul< in f > ci llai wall. 1 In- ?!icrih lml<l- Ibt- tuotu \ uu l -r atta? Imo-nt. The atriaoaer admlta ttiat *I.(W of tin* money are the i-nxieili of the Cbica^i tattle eaUe. O51 I>AT"a l.iaT ?>r Srn it?t? 1* Piri? Tbere ?i*?r no fewei tlian eight muctdea In one ?l*y 111 Parin lately. A lady 111 the Knade l? I't pmitre Mraug)t<l bcritli ailb a c?M<i at ?< nVlot k in tbe luornlng, leaving rr?ry one in fgroranre af tl?e catn?e ??t her fatal determina tion. At the name hour a man precipitate-! ti'tnaeIt Irom the Auatctlita l.rnlge into tbe Ah inc. A punUr ivilnaitl uu- example lalei 011 iu tbc alUruoou. Tbe 11 a young taau adopt* 4 ttic atmnge methrxl of tbfnaliif blai^lf under iSe feet at omnibus Itor"**. and waa. of conr-c, mortally iajured. Taa ea?e? M ?i? .?tb h? ib-lib erate riitlocattwii took place, one being b\ a young man cro*"?ed in lo\e. The aa<He?t of tlie eight .lf atb* a a.?. liom-ever. that of two g*rl?, young awl poor, who, after <laiieing all melit at tbe ball rt tbe I*arn?ia?i lori^to." ivgr. ?*J t)?l ctly to put an end to their exlatence. i>ne of tbeae, Ai gell.;re I.atbemy, ?Hetl for tbe very nimple re_a?oii that she ta> tired of life. Tim other. I ngenle Harde. iiaiaitM anletde frem el>: j;rln caiiMil kt d>sa|'|>oiTituicnt In love. L'otb th< k girhi wrre <.i:?t tlftn M.T.K ImuaS ATI'h ITtEa IUr<?T<n.~ A rnrT<a|4>ndent of the AtcUman (Mo.) Hu'y Cham|4on. a'ntliig from ArVanaa* Cltr. ??p a man named 1 liom(won arrtrnl thereon rh> joth iiaUM, a bo atal<a tl at on the Itrh In ?<* rol'bid Ui baud of indiaus, neat Medicine I o?lg?'. ret V, and hi* four < OTni>anlon* kille-l. They bad aith them a -pan of horaea. wagon, camp equipage and ai Hon In moaey. On Kri. uay,tU? llili hwtut, J liompaon waa about a ouarter of a mile from camp, uhcu Uc ?*w Hi roe or four tin n-1 re. 1 Indian* ?'irroun.l it, and "diortly alterwarihi h?-:.r.1 flr<ng aiKt utr the In dians umiiji tomahawk- .hi hi* eonara4<*a. He Mipl<>(4-> lb.1)' were al! kilkd at the time of tb? attack. Tart ot tbe bale! took b'Ui prisoner and trd>be.t him of ill li* La.I. tut finally b-t him go. He atTie> I at t'aMwtll al?o?? no m of tbe 14th. and while there ra? told that nltie otb? r* were kiiioi at Medieantr l>?t?e ere? k bf the ImIuhik, abuul tU time cauip aa* ul tacktd. Pkokaok t* f-acn RI?It la generally l?c lievtd tbal tbe day* 01 * ?very and |m-oh ig. arts over, ami that 111 tin* free land al! m.-n are p.?? w seed of equal right*. Hut an iaeMeii* cain^ to our kno?ledge ve?terday that entirely di proica Uiir lact aiwl rliowa that all veatigei. of that b^ibai ic custom bave uut ret t?oe 111(lii'iHl. A resident of tbl- city *li? liaa by *?ine pecu liar and, to na. nnarcontttalde mean*, obtained alaolute and unlimit 'd control over a large and ata.wait liuliau. Taii-tuiik-ab-eba bonaka by name, recentlv bec.tmc |>ecuLiarily embar ra?ned. and in hU finan. ial distreas be actuallv mortgaged the aaii Indian for a smatl aim of Biom-y. sufficient, however, to relieve him irom bis teiiilxiiarv vtuban ts-meiit. The wonder to us ia ahcre lie cwald tind a |<erauti willing to adnnrf a loan on an.-h aecnritj. Tbc iu >rt gape waa tiled vc-terdav in the ofti c ot tbe coiiiitt register. th'Mlkslly, arfcere It 1?.?|h 11 to public luaimcliou Si. J???/<* Ibrulit. 1,. <i VMk' W.t t It Niivh: ii.> i?t-T-? It l? a vear. - \ mi'iitlir and utiie data amoe tbe are of tMob-'r '.l. 1st!, and vet. atlaliife U> relate, two geirle rnt d claim that the ciiampiou bbur af ?r. a- ion baa nM anha.ded ret. While a party of g. title men veatentav were pnv-ing the ruina a t!i?s Catholic brothers' actool. o?i Van Barenatree*, east of Clark, their attention waa attracted by tbe e?ca|>e of ?moke, and. out of curioaitv, tbey inatitnted au Investigation. After making an excavation, a small pile of flowing eoala waa reached, ami when the aa i-am in contact ?.<b 111 vigotoua tiauMr bursi lortb. Tb. diatov^rcr rtaoUed utxin making tbe fact memorable, and ?citinliiigfy obtaining some notat-ieii roa?ted ibem bv tbe fire, its a In neb. then IH aome cigar* at tbe blacr. covered the live eoala over with brick.ami<Jk|>aiUd.?Clanp> Inter-??, Afrit lt?. _______________ Inpcoecs l'-icr a <>*?? ??*?*!?*? Fkawk. Tbe name el W. X liolartf, m> ml>er of Con - g.ess of N?? York, is being uaml to traak over tbi- country the msculara ot a dirtv. robldng scheme, that ia being perpetrated under the name of I>r. J. M. Cruse i Rone. No. V>i Bow err. New York. It la the old dodge of ??love charm," "that will never fall to act in Mr caw, male or temnle," &e. CM cotirao the efrcalar directs that the cash mud he aeut with the or der. There la no douM of tbtie circular*, un der ?eal, being *eat all orer tbe conntra. tbe ewvelo|>e bearing tbe name af Kobtiia twtead of a po-tage-slam;' ? C'laa aati Commrntal, A/tH ?^"Tht Praphytoriaii churrhaa af BmIauJ are to be ntniaj ti'rirr owe tira l ^ firl at ? at Babul Ool lege Ohio, bare formed abaae ballciah- WatimuAt it would come to that. "A Peunaylvaata auaiu challenges ?nv . I11 ber county to a wraatlLug match lor Uie champion*!) j. M7~ Three ladle* hare Men choaea <m the for Che hiiifff of Craotey ta AmaSa****' _ ?narahan.tred S^.?^rfD^?SuS1',? ?TAcolored^maii haaeued the] tl? \ ^^iitMa******* i%m~ -circle after be bad obu i?e?a*uobat ' ^ ef (hegraat Arml ? that VA LaetavlU* aowapapcr aatoil aluoe the Indiana Sunday U iuor la oyeraHoti the^lar ger rt are of the fern tbe Kentucky aide af the rirer. u. haw *1*257 J^^t ^tIS'haSnrha carioaity of each waa fully 1

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