Newspaper of Evening Star, April 24, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 24, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES, rin&i days. BY DCSCASSOS. DOWLINO * CO., Anr'a. &> 'itheast corner 4th ami D streets n<'rt TRUSTEES' SALE or~VALrABLB IMPBOTED PBOPERTY AT ACCTION. _ t JUL Bf virtue of a d~*l of ?rost, dat-d September ?jslTtb.lflT and recorded lo Liber 494. f?if" 1?. *t ?a' i? land rrcoria of WMkiaxtva noaaty, TVs talctnf Cntmblt, eod by direction of llf boltUr nf the now secar?*I thereby, we will sell, ?t pubtte oocttoo, on the ir^mlwi.aa MUNDiT, April 81 ?t. 1473 at 4 o'clock i. m.*ll th*l?)?e??r rHire el >f gr. nnd known lad dfrrilMd m ?rifliitl t rami "-red foor (4.) in square south >f ?;uare -n? hindr-d ltd fow < 104.1 improved by a two-story Pram- Building. T-nne . f seie. an required by said deed. ere f JjWn, with ten per cent. intere* front September I7th, 1*71, to*?'S?r with the ei?*DM >f this tale, In cash, and the balance la 4 ana li months, secured l>y the ? tee .>f the parrhaeer, hearing interest at 4 per cent., n- 1 a d-'ed nf trust on the property. $200 d >wn wben the property is struck off If the terns of sale are not m pi led wtth,tk? trustees' reserve th? right te re aril the property, at tbe risk aud oat of thedsfanlt ln? purcba?-r. ROBEBT F DODOB. { Tr?? PHILIP A. DABNEILLE.f *D DIN( ANSON, DOWLINO A CO.. Aucts. ?/"THE ABOTB SALE If POSTPONED nntil VUSDAY. AprU W0th,lV3, same boar and place. ROBERT P. DODGE. ( Trait eea PHILIP A. DARNBILLB?< Trast** >S PCBCABSOB A BOWLIBG, Au<-ts. I If GRUH A WILLIAMS. Aaetloneers, | ) M? i001 northwest corner 10:h and D??. V Al.r ABLE BUSINESS PBOPBBTT. OS THE It*? liTii SII'E OP PENNSYLVANIA AVB NI E. BETWEEN 4?, AND #th STBBETS, WEST. FOE SALE AT PCBLIC ACCTION. W .? ?ill ufrr f<>r uls at public auction,in ?fr. nf ?fthe premises, on SATl BDAY. April 514. KJ, at ? ''clock p. m .the H -use and L< t known ae No. 4SS Pennsylvania arena ? nortkwost, a-id Mnt the eastern part of original Lot num l re?l six <4>, in *jiwr? numbered four hundred and 1.1acty oaej 491), fronting on P unsylvania av-nne n nefen (liM feet four (4) inches, extending the d- (th of lh? lot to an alley thirty < All feet wide, .in 1 I ? nrding oft said alley nineteen , j)) f-et eight au1 a b ?lf (AS ? itM'Jies, with 'he improvements. consisting of athrce-?tory Brick H ?use. Terms ?f .-al< : One-third of the purchase money r-<*h, at1 the in e-iual Instalments, at aix |4>. t?elve< I2? and eighteen <181 months from date of Kale; the purchaser to give his notes fi?r the deferred yayment- bearing interest at tbe rate of 8 per cent. |.er annum, a'<1 *ecnred by a deed of trait oaths faBroperty. A dep*>?it of .?448 ?ill be re-jnlrsd when - ? proper!) is b d off. ConTt-vanolng at pnrchas-r?s I a?pen->i'. LEWIS J. DAVIS, El GENE CAKUSr, WM. F. LEACH, Executors nf estate of L.Johnson, all J GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. |JSITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In strtne of a writ of fi.-ri facias, i??n?d ont ?f th? Clerk's office of the Supreme Onrt of tbe District of Colombia, and to me directed, I shall tell, in front pf the court ho?se door of said District onTHI'RS DAf. the ??th day of May. l-?73, at 14 o'clock m., ?II the defendant's risht. title, claim, and interest In and to subdivision So. 4,0." in s<inare No. TV. in the city of Washington, D. C., together with all and singular the improT-m^nts therein. Srij?d and I-Tt'd upon aa tbe property of Allison Nailor. ami ? ill be ?'ki to satisfy execution So. 9429 |u favor of A. li Kiddle. ALEX. SHAEP, U.S. Marshal,D C. April W, W.i. a!9-dta RAILROADS. Alexandria ? washing-( TON B B a*D ALEXANDRIA t FREDERTCKSBCBO B. B. Comer 9/ B ami Stxtk StrmU. Local trains for Al-tandrla leave as followar?? H, 7:08. I'M. - a. V M. lost. || Mi. m , 12^1. 1 53, 2 fc, 3.13. t:5e, 6 Jo, aod 7:M p. ni. Local train. I-n Alexandria arr'rr as fallows*? ? ?. 7:43. 8 ?. ?:M, 10 3*. 11:33 a. m ; 12:?. 1:SS, 2 J3. 3 JJ, 4:23.7:33. 8:2? p m. 'Trains nsrk',1 thus connect with train* on Waab i urton ai d Ohio B. B. QCAKT1CO Acr.ainttidatioa I ears* Waehlngtoi, 7 M a. m. daily, except Sunday. OBEAT SorTHEBN EXPBESS, via Richmond 1-axM Wasbingrou 1014 p.m. daily, axcept Suuday Throajtb tickets to all points Sooth and Soutliwset f >r sal* at Office*, corner 13tb street and Pannsj Iva avenne. and corner 4tb street and Pennsylvania ? here passenger* san lease orders for baggage to bt c lecked at ail hotels and reaidsnoaa through to deati Katun. E. 8. TlM'MO.Otol Passenger Agent. jf?-tf fttALT1MORB AND POTOMAC D RAILROAD, r?r . Cia wl b nriu, y. W TRAISB LEAVE rOR~ BALTIMORE. 1 Ma. ai? Niagara Exp., daily. 6.53 aji.. Baltimore Mail, except Sunday, UBa.a., Western Exp., daily,axcept Sunday. 8 X p. m., Baltiai?re Ac eomvrslation.daii), ex TBAISS ARRIVB AT _ WASHINOTOS. 4 ? Western Exp . daily, except Snudav . i3J8 a. m? MaU,daUv. at cept Sunday. Wartarn Etp.. ) daily. p.m.. Pacific Kxprtwa. daily, except S? u la?. mm, 9 * ?vt |>t UUU'141 . 9Mb Imtom daily. W:3J p.m.. Soatbern lx |r?se, daily, axcept San eept Sunday . I 9 p. m . Cincinnati Ex preaa^daily. except Son day. T 4J p. ?., Wesurn Exp. ?.. My. _ I Trainsleavtu* * aalnngton at'j S3an l li..3S a.m. auu S M p. m.,connect st B wie with trains tor Marlboro', teaiing Bowie 7.5f an>I II C-t a m., and 4 ^3 a m . ar rising at Marlb.-ro'Si: 14 >. m. and 12:13 aal 5.33 p. m. Train* ar living at U aahington 8:38 a. m. and 1JS at.d 9:08 p. m.. connect at B trie wirh train* leaving Marllcr>'7SU a. n. and 3:40 and 5:33 p. a. Paaaencer* |ea?inf their oijer* at Ticket Offlcea, orner of 13th street and Pennsylvaala araaoa and northwest corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvaala a-anue, can hsxe their baggage called for and cheek ed at hotels aad residence* to all points North and West. Thr.'MjL tickets to Cincinnati, Col umbos. 1 tdlanapolis, Louisville, St. Leols, New Orleans. Chicag'.Omaha, San Prancisoo, aad Ml potats north, b irtbwest, west, and southwest. E L. DUBABBT, Osal Bust. E. >. TQI NO Perl Pass'r Agesit. jyl-M BALTmO.BLANAD 0ll?SgHH| Wa??il??Tos, Jan.*, MTS. Trains between WASHINQTOS ASD BALTT MOBB aad WASHINGTON AMD THB WBSTars mow ran as follows vt*: FOB BALTIMOBB. Leave daily, sxceyt Sunday, at 4:44. M, ME M aid M:4l a. m.: 144, 4:14. IB, 4JB, 4Jo. 8HM and 4M ON SO DAT ?OB BALTIMOBB. Leave st 4 44 and 6:u? a.m., and 1.HU, 4:14,4^1.^-41 d 4:44 a. m. FOB ALL WAT STATIOSB. -aa "?? DIAIIUIig. Laavedally, except Sunday,at 4:40,4:41 aad 1:44 a. 4:10 aad 4:24 p. m.; aad oa Sunday at 4:44 aad 11.44a. as.,and 1?M, 3:14,4:24, and 44? p. m. The 1:04,4:14 aad 8:14 p. m trains rtop at the roi lowing stations only, vis; Bladenaburg, Beltsvills Lsare), Aowapolia Junction, Hanover and Belay Also, the 3 15 p m will stop at Jeseap's Oat, aad the 44 p. m. at Peon's Croaninc. BOB ANNAPOLIS Leave at 4:44 a. m. and 4 Hp. u; bat ao trains U ot frvm Aaaapi^lis on Sunday POB NOBPOLK. Leave at 1-04 p. m., sxcept Sunday. POB ALL PABTS OF THB WEST. Lsavs daily, axcept Saturday and Sunday. at 4:41 a. m. and 9.14 and 8-04 *. m. On Saturday at 4:44 and aad S:UH P m , and on Sunday at 3.U and d.m p. m. THA 1>S AERIVB AS BOLLOWS: Prom New T->rk. PhilaJeipUia and Baltimore, ai 6 3U a. m , ard 4 34 and 9:34 p. m. Prom Philadelphia and Baltimora at 4:44a.m. Brom Baltimore at AM. 4:S>. 8 44 and 11:10 a. m . aad l.M. 4:44. 4:36. 4 34, 7 4?. 9:M. and Ui.44 p. m. 4'ROM THE WEST. Arrive at 1:30.4.34 and lu 5t' p. m Throagh ttcteu to the West c?n be had at tne Washington Station Ticket Office at all hoar* of the day; aiat .at tbeC'. mpany 'sofflce, 4S* Pennsylvania aveuoe. Passenger* p irehasing tickets at the Ars ons oSce can there arrange to have their baggage called for and checked at their residence,taken to the depot, and pet into the baggage car. P >r New y< rk, Philadelphia and Boston see ad ?ertisement of "Through L'.tia." THt?S k SHARP, Asst Master Transportation L M. COLE, Oen?ral Ticket Agent. GEO S. kCUXTZ Ggn'l A'gt, WsshingtOB. jaM '|'HRt>l'GH LINE KKTWKKN 1 WASHINGTON, PI! ILADEL-i P11U, AND SEW YOBE.I W * ?h vtTi)*. November 4,1871 Trainst^weeo W AalllNOTON and SEW TOBE a '? rat. ae f ii.'St POR NEW YORK. m'tM rissn ?f ?tri. Leave daily , except Suuday) at 4:iW a. m, 1:04 ano ?.* p. m. PHILADELPHIA. Leave da:t) tsxeept Suuday > at 9 a. a., 1.04 and EB ON SI NDAT. Leav* f r New Kurk .1 <? p. m., and Philadelphia ai I S p. m. bleepitp f? s f r N w Y. rk on 8:34 p. m train Ti?rons.n tickets to Ploiadelpli>?. Rr* York anc I' ii can be !>al at tb< statR.u O'lin' at ail hour* of the dar Por Haiti mors and Ohio railroad a !vertlsen>ent set s hedoie U>:?sea H aslaugtwn, Rai;unore, Aunap>> 1 * and tbd * est. TUos R SHABP. Ass*t Master Traasportatloa L M. COLE, General T'citet Agent. GEO P SOONT7., Aifei.t. Washington. Jet* 1872 PBBBSTLVANIA rocte 1872 TO THE NORTHWEST. SOLTH. AND SOCTH WEST. Trains leavs ss follows: ? aeh.^gtoa? 4 53 a m Baltimore _.. r 34 a. m " .... .16.14 a. i . '? l.uri p. m - 4 .13 p. at . I " 4 04 p. m - Ill pBi| " 10 23 p. m THE GR^AT Bol BLB TRACE ROLTB, With el-gani Saar-ry, Palace State-roua day as* aigbt cars, with n<dcnt improvements. Two tinndr?d milus saved to Western aad Oantrai B-w Tctk. Tb* lu > a. a. dallv, except Sunday, northwest, i Up a daily, and 44b r ia.. except Sunday, west. Malt Co % v*c vlofts Taronch fosa BALTIMORE Iu M1A0ARA and PlTTsHl RG without change. TickSta by this route -an be procared at tbs offieaa, a?. ue? of Uth street and Peaast lania aveaos, and Corner of 4th street an 1 Pennsylvania avsane, anlar Rational H <sl, where reliable laf rmatloa wUl bs flva at all times. Psssenger- procuring 'irkets at this oMos can a cats acouaaaodations in Palace Car* for Pitt* lira. ED. 8. YOChQ, General fMrlMl rnUS is TO GIVE NOTICE, That tb* sohwriber 1 bw obtained Mom the Soar ease Court of the Dis trict ,/Columbia,he'ding a Special Term, letters of adnnai-'rati. n on tne personal estate ot JOHN W. FOi.iL, Ute vf Washington counev. j). r, de<eae?*l. AH person* ba in* claims against the said deceased sr? hereby warred to exhibit the -ame, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, <u or 'before the in dav ot Ap*il n??xt: thsy may other wise by law bs exi lime.1 trofn all benefit of i h- said e-'ate. Given andtr xny hand, tniaStndayof AprU, I^TJ. LDCT A. PohL. afwjw Administratrix. I BPAEAAB.?Bargains in LADIES', GBSTB' mi IS CBlLDBESiv rSDEBCLOTHISO MP ha f 11^* ? *- (?hri. i.D Aie. ciatio" Mgsuzrsisi*r i AUCTION SALES FUTURE DAY*. BT WI. L. WALL A A ici >Man, N"w M?rbl? B'n;<linr, Mo. 900 and 90'i P'-nnvylvania avenne. TRUSTEE'S SAL* OF VALTARLB PROPER TI IS SQUARE Si. 7 1 a. Bv ilrtn* of two dwid* trust .recorded in EES Liter R M H . N > 22, fo'io 78, also in Liber *aLT and R. So. 7,Mi? 109, of th?' land records of the District of Columbia, :uid bv direction of the parties *e< ured thereby, I will offer at public sale on the premises, <>n MONDAY, the 4Sth d*r of April, at the hour ? f ft o'clock in tn? afternoon, the foil iw Ing Lots of Ground. a* sub-livid ed by Win. For e?th, Hurv?vor. being Lot* number 43. 44. 45, 44, 47, 48. *9, *). 51. 52. 44, 54.55. S6. 57. 58, 59,10. ?1,61, ?. 64, 65. 66. 67, <0. 69, 7tl,71 and 72. of the sub division of original L< U numlxir 12. li, 14, uvl part of Li, In square 711. These Lota front fr >m 19 t<> 90 feat on Ivlnvan- avenue Jd -treet east, M strent north, and Colfax street. ami run bark to alleys, the aaid Lota being in depth fr m 94 to HIO fret. Two Frame H uses on Lot- CI am? 61 will Ue Sold with the Lota. T?rma of aale; One-third raeh: the residue of the pnrrhve mosey In 6 and 12 months, th" purchaser irWint bid late* bearing 6 per cent, interest from the day of sale- a deed riven, and d-?d of tm?t taken to secure the deferred payments. All conveyancing at the purchaser*'cost. A defied of #35 required from each purchaser when the Lot* are sold. Plata of above Lou ran be bad at oar store. R P. JACKSON, trustee, a 17-Ml (Repl W. L.WALLA CO.. Aucts. TOT LATIMER A CLEAByT EJ Auctioneer* and Heal Estate Broker*. Southwest corner Penesvlyani . are. and 11th street, Star Office Buildings. VERY PESIBARLR LOT AND DWBLLINO, (LATE THB REsID*Nt'E OK LK WIS JOHN SON. KSO^. DECEASED.) ON THE NoRTH BART COBNKB OP 11th AND G STKKKTS KOBTHWBST, FOB SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Bv virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of tS'li' District of Columbia, pa-'-<1 in a cause in **#a,d court depending Detwean Lewis J. Davis et el . complainant*, and Georgiana R. Davis et al., de fendant*. 1 will ?? public auction. In fr<?nt of the prem'ses, <.n MONDAY, April 'J^th, 1873. at 6 o'clock p. m.. parts of original Lots nnnb?r?d three (5) and four (41, in Souare N?. '.AS, in the city of Washington.D.C , particularly describ si a? follows: Commencing at the soathweat corner of said s iu ?r? and running thence north along the line of Uth street one hundred atd thirtv-nliie<139> feet: thence ea?i fi>rty-four i44? feet nine i9) inches; -hence south one hondred and thhrty-nine <P9) feet to G street; thence west forty-four 144) feet nine (9) inch~s to the point of beginning. wit n the Improvements, c insist ing ot a fine tbreestorv Brick Dwelling,containing all the modelu Conveniences, and Brick Stable and r* fringe-house. The yard i* supplied with a pump and well of fine stinking water. T'-ni.s of sale prescribed l>y th? decree: One third of the purchase mjn-y c ieb, and the balance m ?ia twelve* 13 > and eighteen (In) month*. The ilef. rred pavmeLts to b* ?r interest at the rate of ?-ight (8) per ci nt. p<r annum. A deposit of A.'OO will be repaired*h"ti the property is bid off. C >n vevancing at cost of purchaser EUGENE CARUSI, Trustee. a!2d LATIMER A CLB \ BY, Aqd*. ? B. H. WARNEB, K* al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 189 7ib street, l? t*n n U and H. B TBTbTKB " SAL E OP A THREE-STORY IIBK'K HorSEV No. lift FIFTH STREET SOUTH EAST, AT AUCTION. ^ By virtue of a <l?ed of trust to Daniel L Baton ^Barid myself, dated March 29.1871, and dlly re ^?corded in Liber No. <13, folio 61, one of the land records for Washington, D. C., 1 will sell at anblic auction, in front of the prenii*e?, to the lilgheet t.Mder. on THUB8DAY, the 26th day of March, 1473, at 4 o'clock p ni , all that part of Lot No. 13, iti t<iuare No 818. contained within the following mete* and bounds: Beginning for the moi at i point 17!* feet from the south'-ant c?mer of Lot No. 13, and runuiiiC tbence north 17H feet; thence west to the rear line of said lot; thence south 17H fe?-t, and th?*nce east to the place of beginning, togeth ?r with The improvement* thereon. T>rn?s: The amount of lrd?btednesa aeenred by said deed of trust unpaid, with the expense* of sale, in cash, and th? balance at six and twelve month*, to l*- secured by a d?ed of tru*t upon the property -old, with interest from the day of sale. {JOOde t? *it on acceptanc* of bid. If t.-nns of sale i?re net compiled with within seven davs atter sa'e, the pr< per?v t? be re?>ld at the risk and cost of the de faulting purchaser. __ GEO. W. STICKNET. Surviving Trustee, f22-eoAds B. U. WARNEB. Ak r *y~ THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until Till BSD AY, April lO, l873,sauio ticur and place. B> order of the Trnste?. ti'il B. H. WABNEB, Auctioneer. __ THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until W EDNESD \ Y. April 16.1573, al 6 o'clock p. III., sanie place. Hi order of th- Trustee, alo B. H. WABNEB, Anct. R/-THE ABOVE SALE IS P0STP'>NED ni.til M El>NkSD.\Y, April 30ih, 1573, same boar and place. By order cf the Trustee, a 16 _ B 11. WABNEB. Anct. Hy latimeb a CLEABY, Auctioneers and B'-al E-tate Brokers Soatbwaat corter Penusvh ania aveuue and 11th St., Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF AN ENTIRE SQUARE OF GROUND. VERY ELI07UI.Y SITUATED, M ITU IN ONE SgUARih OF COLUMBIA railway. Ry virtue of a deed of trust to th* undersign M^ed, bearing date the 1st day ?f April, A. D. 1872, ^^and recorded among the land reconls of this District, in liber No. 6a2. at folio 3, et ?e,|.,audby dirtrlion of the holder of the notes secured thereby, I w ill sell at public am tiou, on the premises, on SATURDAY, the 3d day of May A D. 1873. at i o'clock p. m., ail of S<iuare numbereil niae hundred and thirty-two, (982.) bonndid bv north I and K streets, and 9th and Kth streets northf?*t, contain ing in the whole about 73.138 sriusre feet. The property will be sold subji-ct to a prior d?e<l of trust, dated October 1, 1870, but which by Its terms may be released upon the payment of six cents per square foot. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in four equal pavments, at 3, 4, 9, and 12 months, with interest from day of sale. Doed given and trust taken. #291) to be deposited when the property is struck off. which is t<* be forfeits! unless purchaser com piles with the terms of sale within Ave days after sale. Conveyancing at auri hae^r's cost. FRED W JONES. Trustee. a8 eoAda LATIMER A CLEABY, Aucts. B VALUABLE GARDEN FARM ON ARLING TON HEIGHTS AT AUCTION. ?n TUESDAY, April 'J9;h, 18T3. at li o'clk we will sell at our auction rooms, a valua ?^^ble farm, situate! two miles from Aqueduct Bridge.containing acres, improved by a go si dwelling liouee. Jsliy 44.containing four ro<>m<: good li*rn, water close at band, ami fruits of all kinds. Land injfood condition and easy of acceas to Wash ington, fleorgetown.and Alexandria. Terms of sale: ?2W) cash, balance in deferred nota ?f 7 days. PUNCANBON. DOWLINO A CO., Awt?. Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucts. Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. B Y LATIMEB A CLEABY, Auction?-ers and Beal Estate Brokers. SuBtheaat corner Per nsy It ania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Building. FINE PAIR CABBIAGE HORSES. FAMILY CA RBI AGE. fET DOUBLE IIABNESS, BLAN KBTS, Ac., AT AUCTION. ^ On SATUBDAY. April 'J6, at IS o'clock m., we shall sell, in front of our auction *"*' s r', the above, being the property of a gent'eiiiau leaving the city. a33 dts LATIMEB A CI. E A BY. Aucts. BY LATIMEB A CLEARY, Aoctiviieeis and Real Estate Broker*, Southwest comer of Penna. a\enn>> and 11th street, Star Office Building. IMPBOVED PROPRRTY ON 11th STREET, BETWEEN G AND H STREET KOBTUWEST, AT AUCTION. J* On MONDAY AFTEBNOON. April U9th. UK], at 6 o'clock, W " shall set). In front of the ??premi-es, th" northern part of lot No. 9, in -<iuare 345, fronting 15 feet on 11th street, and running back 70 feet, improved by a three-story an.l I. ?-?-II,, nt Brirk Dwelliug, with gas aud water; Is-ing No. 7^5 Uth strtret. T-rn??: Oae-f urib cash: balance in S, 12, and 18 m'-ntb*. wiih interest. #|ijd dawn at time of sale. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. ?23dtds [Bep | latimer a cleabv. Am-ts. |>Y GBEEN Jt WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, 13 No. 1001 northwest corner UKh and D sta. SALE OF A DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT IN PtjUARE No. IM4, NAVY YARD. AT AUC TION. 9 On WEDNESDAY,the JOth day of April, 1K7.3, we shall sell in fr-nt of the premises, at ft 30 o'clock p. m.. sub-lot numb-rod thirty six <36). in square muulierednine hundred and forty f nr |944>,contalnitig two thousand one hundred (2.l?*i) Mtnnre feet of ground, more or less. Terms: Oue-third raeh; balauce in six and twelve montl s.with interest, secured by a de?d of trust on he pt' perty sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's rout. ?50 dow n at titne of sal". a2S GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. BY DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Anct*. Corner 9th and D streets uorthwe*. SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITOL HILL, AT AUCTION. ?On THUB>DAY AFTEBNOON April IT. at ? o'clock, w- will sell upon the premises, all of Lot 1, square 836, having a front of 52 fe?t 4 inches upon north D street, with a depth of 80 feet np?'n 6th street east. ThU property is situated in ? neof the most rapidly improviag portions of the city, being the northwest corner of 6th and D sta. i.orthfaat. Terms: One-third cash; balanca in 4, 12 and 18 niouths, notes bearing interest and secured by dead ? f trust upon the premises. Conveyancing, Ac., at cost of the purchaser. A deposit of #50 will be re quired aa soon aa the property is knocked off. ad DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aacta. KTTHB ABOVB SALE IS POSTPONED, on aci mut of the weather, nutil SATUBDAY, April stOth, same boar and place. a 17 DUNCANSON. DOWLINO * CO.,i s ,A<lB^ ALE OF SAALl^ABMS AND ACC0UTRX Bcbkau or 0*d?a*ci, f Narr Dxp&aTMEMT, April 17. 1873 ( There will be aold at pablic aaction t? the high*?t bidder, at 19 m.,oa WEDNESDAY. May 14, M7S. In the office of the Inspector of Ordnaacs, Nary \ ard. New York, a quantity of amall arms and ac f nirementa. a>f<dlowa. via: 4>"53 Plymouth rifles,cal. .44, serviceable. 174 Plymouth rifles, cal. 49, needing repairs. r^4l Ply month rtfls sabre bayoneta. Pltmoalb rifle sabre bavonet-acabbards. 4*44 Sharps A Baakins carbinea, cal. MX, servioaa ble. 417 SharpaA Haakina carbinea,cal. .52, needing re 27-> sfiarp* A Hankia* rifles, cal. .54. serviceable. 26 Sharps A Hankins rifles, cal. M Beading ra 278 ?(T.VL A Hankins rifle sabre bayonets and scab bards T-rnis: One-half caan in Government fond* on the ronclaaion of the sale, and the remainder within ten (10)days aft*r* ard*. dnrirg which time the articlea inu?t be removed from the > ard, otherwise they will revert to the Government It Is to be distinctly understood that no guarantee a til be give* t? aurrbaeera of articlea for sale a mi noted in the catalogue, as regards thvtr exact condi tion or ana li*y; but it is believed, however, that everything offered for ?sie U as represented. WILLIAM N. JEFFERS. Oaief of Buraaa. i AUCTION* SALE?. FUTUR* DATS. BY GBEBN # iwtlnBHn, Smth-a*t <~rner 7th and D streets. T?*ft'?vIf 5A,y!?r..?AH'AB'.E IMPR0T1D Ho??"Vhu$Siak> No- b7"' -VKUi ST .Bi yiH^ ? *"* ?rtru*t, dated April 29h, A D. 1C2, an* duly recorded in liber No. 08I, >f li" *. Ac., off the land recr-rds ffor **'a-.hingtt?n county. D. t'., and hgr ike diradion of the p*rtr Se cured thereby, I will " nhlic auctl?n, tnft'nit of the premises, on MONDAY,theill,td*y of April, A. D. 193, it A o'cI.h-K p. m . all off 1 >ts numbered on* hundred and twenty seveu( 127 > sol one hundred and twenty-eight (138) and a part of In numltered one hundred sod twenty-nine (1291, la Gilbert'* re corded subdivision of sqnsre numbered six hundred and seventy-live (???>, in the city "f Washington, wfth all th? improvement* thereon, consisting of nearly finished brick dwellings on north I street. \ plat of the pro pert J wilf be exhibited at the dale. Term* of sal** One-half in cash, of which 8100 ninet be paid at sale upon ?ach house sold; the de ferred raiment* to be mart- In fix and twelve moMhi after ifay of sale, with In* * at ten per cent. ?*r siirnni, and encored by dei-> irust to the eatisftc tion er the Trustee. Tenn? to be folly complied with within six day* after day of sale, otherwise the Trustee reserves the right to resell the propertv. after one week'* notice, at the rink and coat of first purchaser. All conveysncing at purchaser's coot. ? . _ WM H. WARD, Trustee. aS Jtawids GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auc?. ?<J-THE ABOVE SALE 18 POST POKED until Mt>M>AY. May 4, at the name hour and place. By order of ihe trustee. ?2I GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. BY KBKKM A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Nj. 1001, northweet corner Uth and D sts. TRUSTEES SALE OP VALUABLE IMPBOVED REAL ESTATE. By virtue of * deed off trust dabil on the ninth day of September, In the year of our Lord one thousand eicltl hundred ami seveuty-one, and duly reci rde<l in Liber No. G57. folio 272. oue of the land records for Washington county. D, C.. ani by di rection off the party secured thereby, I will sell, rat public auction, in fr -nt of the premises, at 5?? o'clock p ni..on THURSDAY, thelst day of May, AD. 1373, all of lot numbered seventv one, (7')in Chapman V recorded subdivision of original lots mi s.jiiaro numbered three hundred and sixty-ffonri.'Hii in the rity of Washington, together with all tie im provements thereon Terms of aale: One third in cash, of which 9100 must be paid at *?Ie: the deferred payment* to be made iu ?>, 12. and ]H month', with interest at 10 p-r cent, from day of sale, and secured by deed of trust to tlie satisfaction of trustee. Terms of Kale to be fully complied w iili within (6) six days after sal*, otherwise the trustee re*erves the right to resell tlie property, after onexwek's notice, at tlie risk ami < i?t of flrst purchaser. Ail couveyancing at the purchaMer's cost. JOHN A L. MORBELL, Trust**. ?P 21 I Rep] GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. B~ Y LAT1MEB A CLEABY, Auctioneers and Beal Estate Brokers, Southwest corner of Penn. avenue and lltli street, Star Office Building. SAL* 0* GOVERNMENT PR0P1BTT IN _ SQUARE No. 6?8. 1 Pursuant to the act of Congress providing for the extension of the Canitol grounds, approved 'May 8, l?:j. we shall sell on TH ITB^BAT MORNING, May 1 . 1W3,commencing at 11 oVlo-k, ?he following Buildings, embraced tn Square No. U"W Sanderson house,corner of A street and New Jer sey avenue,(frame snd brick.) No*. 110 and 112 New Jersey avenue; will be sold together, (frames.) No*. U?(ffranie) and 190 and 122 (brick) New J-r sey avenue; will be sold separately. N.-s. 124 snd 126 New Jersey avenue, corner of B street; will be sold together. Nos. ai,44,46,48 and 48 B street, (brick;) sepa rately. No*. SB. 40 nnd 42 B street, {brick;) together. No. 1(?9 1st street. (material brick;) sepurately. N?'S. 47, 45, 43, 41,23 aud 13 A street, ( frames,) sop arst?ly. N'-S. 33,31, 27,2S. S3 and 21. (T3 and lj. Caspnris boose, will be *.dd together,) 11,9 and 7 A street, will te sold separately ,(material brick. > Iron railings in front, and wo<id-shod?, stables snd fencing in rear ot buildings will be sold sepa rtitely. Terms of sale: Ten per cent, of the purchase moueT will be rei|inred at the time of sale; (If re maindtr witbia teu days after aut h sale. Building t > be remo>K?l within thirty days. B> order of C.DELANO, Secretary of the Interior. #21-d I.\T1MKR ACLKAKY, Aurts. BY LAT1MEB A CLEABY;^ Ar ?' ?>eer? and B-al Estate Br'>ker?, !?<'Utbwest tornei Pennsylvania nv*. and 11th street. Star Offise Building. TRUSTEE S8ALI OF V ALUABLEIMTBUVKD I'KOPKKTY ON t '? >LCM It IA STRKET, BE T* EKN PAND y STREETS NOBI'IIM EST. MBy virtue of two deeds i.f trust, dated March 6th, 1S72, and July 10,1ST2, and duly recorded respectively in Liber 673, toll" 427. and Liber ii-16, folio .149, off the land records fur Washington county, in the District of <%dumhia, and by directi <n of the party secured thereby. I will sell, at public auction, in front of the premise*, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 2d, at 6 o'clock, Lot N ? 134, in David L. M"rris'>n's and others subdivision of part of Square No. 3h6, with the improvements t hereon, consisting i>f a ?ell-l>nilt threi- f,t.,ry Brick Dwelling, with one-story back building, with ga*. water and bath r?x>ni. This property ha* a front of 18 feet on Colurifcda street, running back 1USfeet'toa 10-foot all-y. Terms of sale: On?--f'>urth cash; residue in 6,12 and IS month*. Deferred payments to bear 10 per cent, interest from "lay of sale and to be secured by a deed of trust >>n the property. $ >00 down at time of sale. 4'omeyancing at cost of purchaser. If the term* of ? ale are not complied with within t<-n da\s there after. the Trustee reservt* the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser, after live 'lays' puMir notice II 8. IIOLLIDAY, Trustee, a 22-d Ads LATIMEB A CLEABY, An. ts. Y UREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. Northwest corner loth and D streets. SALE OF VALUABE impboved PBOPEBTY FRONTINti ON SIXTEENTH STBEKT WEST, BKTWKEN K AND L STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the U9th dar of April, 1373, we shall sell on the premise-, at 4.30 p. m , all that certain piece or parcel of ground lying in the city of Wa-hington, D. C., known aa part of lot numbered twenty, in square numbered one hundred and eighty-four, having a fr,.nt of seventeen feet six inches by a depth of on* hundred and six feet six inches to an alley, with the improvements, con sisting of a two-story frame dwelling, and is situated in one of the most desirable bcalities. Terms: One-third cash, balance in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by adetd of trmt on the property sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's cos'. On.' hundred dollars down at time of sale "22-d OBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. OY GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, ? > No. 1001, northwest corner luth and D >U SALE OP VERY VALuTbLE BUSINESS PROP KRTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OP PENNSYL VANIA AVENUE, BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION By virtue of a deed executed by the late *?? Mrs. Sarah Hamilton, appointing tlie under A>Mksigned Trnst-e for the purposes therein set forth,dated the 17th day of April, 1S71, and recorded in No. 649. folio 131, one of the land records ff.r Wash ington county, D. C . and at the re.mest off and by virtue off a power of attorney from the bem-ticiarie* t atucd in s*id deed, I will sell at public auction, in high^t bMiler, on MONDA Y , th*4 5th diy of May, at i o^clook p ni., p?r\n ?.f Lot^ No*, fiv* (ft) and ?*ii (6), in Square nutn j??r*-d three hiindreil and t i?tht> ( *iiU). improved by a three-story and attic Dwelling, with back building, being premise* known as No. 944 Pennsylvania avenue tiorthwe.t. This property fronts &) feet on Pennsylvania avenue, with a depth ofab >ut 63 feet, connecting with L-?t 6, which fronU 12 feet on C Street; in ail 1,965feet. Term* off sale: One-fourth cash; the balance in twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months, with interest at six per cent., payable seiui-ann'iallv, secure.! by a deed offtrnst on the property. A deposit off $200 will be required ou acceptance of bid. If the t'-nus are not complied with wittiin seven days after tlie sal*, the property will be resold at risk and Cost of defaulting purchaser. All couvevauciug at pur chaser's cost. THOMAS McOILL, Trustoe. ? ...... GBEEN a WILLIAMS. tL-w>lw &atV5 Auctioneers. BY LATIMEB * CLEABY. Beal Estate Broker* and Auctioneer*. Honthwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th st., . War Office Buildiuc. two VALUABLE BUILDINti LOTS ON NEW BETWEEN 3n AND 4th streets northwest, fob sale at PUBLIC AUCTION. SWe will ofler for *?le, on TUESDAY, April ^9, 18JS, at tt o'clock p. ni., lots numbered f"nr <?<? and twenty-Are (25), in the subdivision off equate numbered dvo liundre,! and twenty live <526>, as recorded in the office off the Survey or of Washington city, in Liber H. D. C., totto 9o. Lot No. 34 fronts ?ev"nte?n (17) feet five (4) inches on New York avenue, and contains 2,121 v'nare feet. Lot Ni>. 28 fronts seventeen (17> feet live (6) inches on said avenue, and contains 1.250 f .rnare feet off ground. T. rms off sale: Oue third off cash; balance in ?<inal instalment* at 6 and 12 months. * he purchaser will be required to give his notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest at the rate < f eight per cei,t.,and secured by deed of trust on the property. Conveyances at purchaser's expense. A deposit off fso will lie required to be paid when the property Is hid off. A plat of tho jroperty will be exhibited at the sale. E. X. WHITE. EUGENE OA BUST, WM. F.MATT1NULY, ... _ Assignees off Jas. Q. Navlor. ?18 d LATIMEB A CLEABY. Aucts U Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aoctfameerw^ u Northwest corner or Mth and D fetreets. VALUABLE IMPBOVED IIAL ESTATE IV TUB HEABT OP THI CITY AT AUCTION v?P. *{>MDAY, the *th 4*7 off Mag, 1873, we *aU. on the premises, at o'clock p. m., Mf?* or ?t ground lying ia the cUf of Washington, P. 0.. known aa part off lot auniber five, in square number three hundred and eighty, beiac the southwest corner off Ifth street *?* aad C street north, fronting on Mth street 19 ff^t IH Inch*, and running bach on north 0 Street 63 feet to aa alley 9 feet ? inches wide, and also fronting on north C atreot Hfeet I inches, running bact 75 feet tn depth, with the tasrereoenU, con gitod"*rtek*w'arsbouee m2kk property. ' aM-eoAda [Key] QBE EM A WTIiLT 4MB. Aucttf B* "KBA.TJaiiK Wth and D sts. VALUABLE BEAL B8TATB AT THE OOBll EB Or BOUNDARY ST BEET NOBTH *Nu 7th STBBET WEST. AT THB JUNCTION or THE Tra-STBBriT CABS, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the *th day of Mar, 1873, at ? oVkrt p.?.,we shall sell, on the premiaee, being Lot Ho.V, in Mibdlvisloa off Mount Pleasant, hav ing 4* feet t inches front, running through to gth MM " iprovswient* ng-nouee. ??ins on dMs/esi blc property. iiK?.v^;r*,7o^:?iug'?y; SSB. This property baa Em ? on Boundary, 7th and 0th eta.; street west, with the Brick Dwelling-hou* building fTonte?one o also, on the old Blatfensburg road, making U valua Terms: One-half caah; balance 1 and t yean, for illbesrlng I per cent interest and secure! by a deed off trust ou the premiss*. Conveyancing at lha cast of the purchaser. Bits) down on the day of Mi*. (Old) GREEN & WILLIAMS, Atrtt. AUCTION SALES. TOMORROW. nT LATIMER * CLEARY, Auctioneers tod Real Estate Br->fcer?. bonlhwest cerner penn#> lllania avenue .tad 11th st? Star Office Building. VERY DESIRABLE RVh7NKSS PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH SIOK PENNSYLVANIA AVE |lE,TW?? DOORS WEST OF SIXTH STREET %K8T. FOB SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. e. We will offer for Bale, at public auction,in front of the on FRIDAY, April *4, 1873, M b o'clock p. n>.. the U<xur and Lot now f copied b> Joseph Plat* as a re staurant, kunwn as o. 604 Pennsylv snia tTrnw. aud being part of lot cumbered (1,1 in Sqnare numbered four hnndred and sixty-one (4>1,1 contained within the following mete* and botinds: Commencing at a point on Psnn sylvsnia avenue northwest forty-five (46) fe?t eight (8) inches we?tw?rdl) from the nortIwat corner ot ?aid tgutrf, and running thence alone the tin* cf aaid Avn.ur twenty-two (22? feet; thence southwardly and at right angle* wl'h ?ai1 arenne fifty two(H)feef; thence do*- south flftr three(63> feet eight (8) Inch** to the lint* of north Bstreet, thence east alone aaid street twHiiir-twn (22>f*et: thence north fort y -six 148) f ?et and nine (9) "Khee, arid thence northwardly to the place ot beginning. The improvements c< nsist of a large four-story Brick House, containing slev-en large rooms, Inclu ?i e of the room on the first floor, which fronts both on Pennsylvania avenne and B street north. T< rtn* ot sal?: One-third of the purchase money cash, and the balance in eqnal installments of six (6.) t*fite( 12) and eighteen (id) months from date otsale:the purchaser will be required to give his notes for the deferred payments, baring interest at the rate of eight (8) per rent, per annntn, an! *ecur?~l l.y deed of Twt on the property. A deix??tt of AS*) will be req?lr>-d when the property is bid off. Con veyancing at c st of P?n*~V1S j. DAVIS. EUGENE caBURI, W*. F LE VCII, Executors of estate of L. J> hnson, deceased. alS-d LATIMER A CLEARY, A-ofs. y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 100) , nortdwe-t corner lull and D sts. to m to SALR BY TRUSTEES OF VALUARLE PROP ElfTY ON C, NEAR THE CORNER OF !*d STREET. NORTHWEST. B> virtue of three deed* of trwst.the first dated M uch *>. 1KT2, the second April t. 1<"J. and the third May 21, 1.-C2, hih! duly recorded in liber No.679, folia Si; lil>er No. 672. folio 430, and liber No. 6S4, folio 24, respectively,of the land records for the county ot Washington, D. C., and by direction of the parties secured thereby, we, the underpinned trustees, will sell at public auction, in front of the premise', at 3 o'clock p. m., on SATURDAY. Apti! 19,1373, tha east e<ghly-three(83) feet seveu (7? irches front by therfepthof one hundred and tw?nty-one (121) feet seven (71 inrhesof Lot numb-red three,(S.)in Square nnmliered live hundred and seventy-four, (?74.) and all I he improvements thereon, which consist of por tion* of six brick houses. The brick work of these houses is completed to the height of the first floor of jots's, which are laid. The location being c?ntrU, the house?, w hen completed, will ftnd ready sale or rent. Terms cf sale are : One-half in cash, of which must be paid at the sale; the <!? ferred pa\ m-iits to l>einade in six and twelvomouihs, with interest from the day of sale. The terms of sale must be complied with withia six days after sale, in default whereof the prop erty may be renold at the risk and coot of tha tirst

purchaser. Conveyancing at the purchaser's cost. JOHN F. HANNA, 1 WILLIAM H PHILP.S Tm'teM. WILLIAM H WARD.i u 28m,w.f GREEN A WILLIAMS, A nets. fc/-THE ABOVE SALC IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY . -?"?th inxtaii'. at the same hour ai:d place. By order of the Tru-tees. aH-d OREEN A WILLFAM3, Ancts. BY LATIMER A CLEAB) , A'icti?neers and Keal Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th at., Star Oflice Building. TRUPEES' SALE 0fT/U.UABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SEVENTH STREET KOAD, NEARLY OPPOSITE THE SC1IIET ZEN PARK. Ry virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date the ECT?6th dav of May. A. D. 1S72, and record?vJ in m Liber N" <W2. at folio 3M. of the LatKl Recorils of the District of Columbia, and at the request of the person secured thereby, we shall sell in front of th< premises, on FRIDAY, the i!3th day of April. ltC3, at A o'clock p. ni.. Lots numbered 27, 28. 29 and *<, in Block 9 in Toda and Brown's subdivision of Mt. Pleasant, together with the improvements there in, consisting of a nearly new. comfortable Frame Dwelling, w ith necessary out buildings, all in g.'<>d condition; well <>f excellent water on the premise's. The Boundary and Silver Springs Horse Railroad pass the door. Terms of sale: Amonut of indebtedness secured by the deed of trust (being $4MW, with interest at ID per rent, per annum front tiu> 25'h of May, 1872,) and expenses of sale (w hirli will b< made known on day of sale), will l>e required in cash; the balance in 6 and 12 months, to be secured by a deed of trust r.p< n the property. #2U0 down at time of sale. If the terms of sale are not complied with within seven days, the property will be resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at pur chaser's cost. WATKINS ADDISON,( Trn- ' GEORGE EARLE. f Trustees. fC dA ls LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucto. Y B. H. WARNER, Auctioneer and Real E-tate Broker, No. 729 7th street, between 0 an 1 U. EXECUTOR'S SALE OF VERY VALUARLE BUSINESS PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BE TWEEN 9th AND lOrt? STREETS. 1 will offer for bale, on FRIDAY, April Ui, at 6 o'clock p. m., in front of the premises, l?o the highest bidder, Lot lettered D, subdivi sion of original Lota No. 1,3 and 4, in Square No. fronting 13 feet 1)> inches on Pennsylvania ave nue and running back and frouting on C street. Im proved bv a three-story and attic hrick store and ?lwelline house, now occupied by Oaro's loan office, No. 914. This i? one of the hest business stands id tbe city. Terms: One-fonrth cash; balance in ?, 1J and 18 months, with interest, seenred by a deed of trust upou the property. SAO deposit on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within7 da? a after sale the property will be resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyauciug st purchaser's cost. JOHN M. SIMS, Executor. a?-*oAds (Snn.Gaz ARep.] R. I* WARNER. Auct. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctionters and Real Estate Broker*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th st. Star Office Buildings. 1, A ROE SALE OT BOOKS. On TUESDAY EVENING, April U9th, and fol lowing evenings until all are sold, commencing each evening at half-past 7 o'clock precisely, we w ill sell, at our Rooms,corner of Pennsylvania ave nue and 11th street, A LARGE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION OF BOOKS, Embracing Rate Works on American History, Indian*. G-ol ogy, 0?e Arts and Sclenc-s, Army and Navy, Antiquities, Architecture, Language*, \c., Ac. Also, a choice collection of Standard and Mi<cellaneons Books, English and American editious. And many of Ihein lu tine bindings. To which we lavite the special attention of book buyers. ?y*The Book* are now arranged for examination, and catalogues will be ready on Saturday morning. Patties unable to attend the sale can have their orders executed by the auctioneers. a? tf [Rep ] LAT1MEB A CLEABY, Ancts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenue and llth st. Star Office Building. < ATALOGl'E SALE OF HOUSEHOLD Tl'RSI Tl'BE. A On MONDAY MORNING, April ilS, 1*73. Ot commencing at 10 o'clock, at the re*i.b nee ?H| "t a lady declining housekeeping, No. 30-J E I ? | street, bet ween Id and 4tb street*, we shall sell " th,v follow ing excellent Furuiture: Solid Kbewood Parlor Furniture, " _?j* Chamber 44 Hair^Mh Furniture, Marble-top Walnut do., Paintt iTChainber Furniture, Lounges, Fice Htiraud Husk Mattresses, Superior Feather R> ds. Bolsters and Pillows, Superb solid Mahogany Extension Dining Tilde, 2l' feet, Dining Chairs, Card and Side Tables. China an l Gla-sware. Silver-plated Ware, Superior Brussels and 3-ply Carpets. Itru*i>els Stair Carpets. H*l! and Stair Oilcloth*, rooking aud Heating Stoves, Kitchen Bequibites, Ac. Terms c^-h. al'dts LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancts. HV LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Beal Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud llth st. Star Office Buildings. SINGLE ANDDOUBlFcARVED OAK DESKS, CARVED OAK LEATHER COVE RED CHA! RS TO MATCH: IMMENSIC QUANTITY OF BRUSSELS CARPET: OFFICE DESKS AND TARLES; W ALNUT AND OAK CANE SEAT OFFICE ARM CHAIRS; SOFAS. Ac , Ac., BE ING THE FCBNITUBE RECENTLY IN USE IN THE HALL OF THE HOUSE OF REP RESENTATIVES, LOB. ir* O ALLFRIES, AND COMMITTER BOOMS, AT AUCTION. A On TUESDAY MORNING. April 2?th, PA lv3. Commencing at 10 o'clock, we will sell ?^?Bat the Capitol of the United States? If (About 300 single and double Car red Oak * Pe?ks, Abonl 300 Caned Oak Leather-covered Ann Chairs to match, Large niimbor of Walnut aod Oak Oane-seat and back Arm Chairs, Office D esks and Tables, S >faa. Immense quantity of Rrussels Carpets, which will Ite sold in lots to suit purchasers. The catTed desks and chairs will be sold ia the chamber of the House of Representative. The carpets and other furniture In the large I vail imme diately under the chamber of the House. Terms cash. By orderof EDWARD McPHEBSOV, Clerk of the Hons* of Bonnnnntatlvea, U. 8. a 13- [Bep.ChJ LAT1MEB A CLEAftY, Aucu. DI MATTLNGLY A WHEELER, JJ Auctioneers and Brokers, Ko. A03 Mh street northweat, nnxt to corner B at. TRUSTBE-S SALB BY AUCTIO* 0* VEBY VALUABLE REAL ESTATE ? THB FIRST WAM),X?OHTINO PENNSYLVANIA AVE* NUB A ED A GOVERNMENT BESEBVA m[Uuidsr and by Tirtw of a deed of tmat, In fl^which I have been snbstltuted as trustee in Ktbe placeef Frank D. Whitney, Amsansi, which is recorded in Liber X*. CM, folio 448, one ail i land records cf Washington ec luuibia. and at the regneet of ... sd.V.SfiSS^ lWv?STWKSW5K?: April 99,1873, at d o'clock p. m., on the premieeo, origtnnlM ' ?? numbered front i one bundr< d and tarty-nine feai and three iaci Don nsl Pennaylvnni prti jo. 1873, at ? o cioei p. m., on the pressleee, iginal Lota (19)nineteen aadtV' twenty^in square mtberad < MM) one hundred and one. Theee lotn ?nt seventy-fire foot on I street, nenr lis totereec ? with Pianflvuit avanne, and hare a danth ot is hnndr< d and torty-nins feat and three inches tn ?i.*tha,'wtth Merest nt'aix per cent, ner annum, r*sc?n?. Tmjna r^pTllATtUCLY A wV&LEBTTne^ u3-d B ATTCTTOy SALES. TMIR AmtMoon. Y B U WARNER. No 7 89 ?> Brokaad Aa. tiva?*r, no. 7 hs.reet, between C and B sts **y*?ml>xcrTx. ? THURSDar', A t-ril ??:W?XVS^SSt?2' ??the fJIo*ii.r-<Wfri?>?' real .-tats to wi?_! Xw^! t y Q> > few f ront on 7tt? <trwt l~ t?ti ?. r ?.?i 6 street* norlbws*, ?.|>p *it?. th~ Patmt ()?, , STZ2&Z? ' ?"*??? ?--??!? <*>> rJ*?Zhft? the s.>whw~et corner .>f7th aad O streets Mk*? the wlHlk "f J / ?'?'h ****** aM th-r r- by' on* hnn'1r,,d ?"*' tw., iTTi,? ? T* incbes. Th? ?a?t fixir fM bv aai i 5 4??nbj?-<1 to the *?? of Thmu Mil ? , hi* foors *bri-JTt!fh^ ? LtV "ill i" ,Th' ?? fe?* Mil oth^JttTi ?M'thi. It nr l ?;V?_ Thi* '' ? Part of Iota numbered tv-tro ?.n1 Pat. ni Oftf*. Tho till* I* n^rfisrt TVrmii of mW are: One third caulk, %nl h%l*r re in ;oV^nV:r,.vch^B ms"* ^X52ro!r ?eyanctn* at the c?ft the purrhM^r Prfju r I r?vmont? to be secured by dead of tna?( on t>!? pfPjpIlM. In Cftft* the term* ? ?f ?nle %rf> not f'tmnli .1 with ?ithin flv? 4n7? ifiw the **!??, the nrbi i* 'rtr^V0 "?*" ?he prnpertv atth-r.sK JJJSJJ of the d?-fmnl?in<r purcba?er, bv advertising thrJ time# in Ih* Evening S-ar ?JTO'l.wn <m accent ?nee of bid JOHN H OOl?I.ARD?lTJ2toT" L. O IIINK. Att >rn?v. ?*-?oAds fRep.AAnr.J B H \? A ItNF R. A act I FT LATIMER * CLE AST, ? ? B"?? Estate Brokers and Aucti n.-ers, 8 nthwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and 1Kb ?ra~t Star Office Building. ua u'n pr TWWTT TWO LOTS betU kVkN2? X?ONT,N<i oN K s rukt.T, JL n..%? 14,?AMU ,4?< MOBTHWK.nT .?*? *irtne of a deed of tru?i, date 1 tU - ?: b ?!?? A ? F1,' ?y1 >D Ltl? r IHH (fr I ?n* ian<* recnii of the II ?? I net of Culumhia, th^? M.'l*<*rth??n? will m||. oq t\\+ to the hiirhoef bid!f?r, ?n THlTKSI>AV ? be J?ih J;vnf April, inttaut, at ? o'clock p m ' km aam ii'^i ? 7IU\'9 *' 8I- 8?-M- ^ ?? **, 87. M.W. 91, 92. 9a. <M ?n.{ <?, in ?4U,r- ?*i. *<-c.>rJ ioU J, ."ih*" *'"1 P,I,n?'* thereof; beins de.-Ii r.qu?? of the partie* Ms.are.1 l>r ??;d n-T'lC,*'nn* of *?'' *l*: One-fourth ca?h. (of whi. b p per ceutiini of the <rr<??? amount of the pnrchate "'?"7 PV'i ?t thp tm,e and place of atid the residue, id equal aum?. in 12. K and ii mT^nth?, with ititereat at th?* rate of 8 p*-r cetitntn r-r animtn. pajable aemi aTinually from ATe dat of aat? tb* deferred paj^M. to be'red bra d-^d.f ! J ?f prewieea ?nM.ktid all conrerancins will Ik- at the coal of the rurchaar. I- the tarawof ?il" Sr??IC?,?r'nr .wiT" wilhiB flv" dav- frontheday of rale, the TniMeea reaerve the ricbt to r??e.-ll the jro^ rty. or anv portion there..f. 7?r ca^h. ,.n t^ d?T" jHibllc notice, at the r1?k and coat of th-? pnr chacer in default. A.HYDK. I ? W.C BKHTOB.<Tril^'^?. a< ?awj,1, LATIMER * ri-KAKt. A?r?.. li^K^fnai ' ^ILLlAMt*. A action eer>, h,>- > W?1?aortbwoat corner knb and D (treeu. T?olIErK|f"i;.^^,?' VALrABLE BriLPIXO Vufpv- ^NlTJ?4,<>N 'IfTH STREET. BE Oi^rifrii^iA v ,? BJ,K"I,T8' AT auction. H-1 at k ? I ^ ' he S'4,,, d4>r wf April, a. D. W o cl.?k p Hi., we .hall aell ,u the pr*uii*" b> virtne of adnedoftruat dated the 7<hdar of I>o A D. M71, andduiv recorded in Liber Nj W?J. tylK. 44, ??!!?? of the Uik] record* of Washiiort .n county, m the I>iMrict of Columbia, know n a* nil of ?t numbered ten, 1?, and part of lJt numben^l (9), inaqnare unnihered foar bundr<-d and nevenir h- ; en (4771 fur the .?ue, ? tha a,.u.heit c*ne? ,en <10>' ?"?1 running thence north r IT^I "treet.line *?t one hundred an* Ave, lo5> Mtrl.'l west 111 fO -three (9J) f^t four and l.nlf fl! l!!- V:Ce 8?u,h ?ne hnudr>-d and tive< |i 51 thence t*a-*t ninety-three feet four and one half in ch. M83f.-et 4S fnche.) to the place of h .Cmn"ne Terni?: One-ihird caah. balance 6 and 12 month*, to beeerured by deed of trout on the property w il l U^t'Vo! ? ,w{ re inireU on each lot at the time of -.lie. Term* to be fully compile* With within-11 <ia>* after ?ale, othcrwiae the trustee* re^.-rve the riBbt to reael! the property at the ri.k a^TT^t * A" CO'?""*** ? pr.r LI DWIO A. MRIMEBS.i - ^ Gl'STAV HAETIO. 'J Trustee?, 1. qrkeN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. |1* DIMCASSON. DOWLINO A CO , Anil. corner 9th and I) streets northweat. "sTRt'J-r VVJ^\,BLIt PR?PEBTY ON 11th m3c **AB PENNSYLVANIA AVE j?h On WEDNESDAY AFTEBVOnv Anrii ifi ?Sf ^'lM^ Vo na^Ml'haTri Kit-Re Si:- -"'s ?^T? Pro^rt> ? situated upon the w~.f of 11th street west, betweeu c ?tre*i and Penu^vlva pro^AyTb Sto c"?;. de"r,lble ??*?*? of Teriiw: One-third cash; balance in 6, IS and 13 months, notes Itearfn? interest and secured bj a de-d of trust upon the premise*. Conveyancing, Ac., at the diet of the parchaeer A deposit of *IU0 a ill bf re?inir?^l aa soon as the prop,>|-ty ii knoek-d ..IT -?* DDNCANSON DOWLINQ A CO , A.cts. ' ?^THE ABOVE SALE IS postponed ON amTkwr <>f the weather until THDBSOA Y AFTEB ? Wth.same hour and place. alu DCNt'ANSON, POWl.ind A CO., Ancf. |?Y LATIMEB A CLEABY, Auctioneers and Beal Estate Brokers, Month west corner Pennsylvania aT-nne and Uth ?treet, Star Office Building. 1)strei:tL1 in??S^,ER0PKRTY 0N rI"5*T NORTHS E8T, RtTWtEV i> aIvtIOJ^NI) BHoD,? ISLAND AVENl'E, at ? On THUB8DAY AFTEBNOON Aaril ill at d 30 o'clock, we will ta fr.??Jf it ^Tsfi'T**? 1 No. 94, in Kelly ?? subdivision of JJnSf*< ifvfajt a front of 17 feet, un the oast side of 10th street, between P street and Bhuda Islan.l ?"'nnt*> running back 1W feet to an alley, and in proved bv a three-st.^rr brick dwelling withatwo TiZ} i'^T b?,Min*- with water, tu and bath-room The bow* hM a preyed brick front with a bav window, and is sitnkted m one of the most desirable aijd improved neigh In >rhoods. Tuma - fljuj cash; residue in payments of Aso per month, with interest from day of sale. Convwr aiK-iog at cost of pnrchaser. Aluo down at time ot LAT,S" ' B1 "A"V.SLii :?? JJiUi1'"''??? VALrABL* BEAL ESTATE ON capitol HILL, HAVINGi THBEE FRONTS, TO WIT VwT?0laH^I5BET ?AST, SOUTH b STBLET auctionuth CABOLli?A AVENUE. AT 9 On THURSDAY, the *4th instant, at 5 50 P. m., we shall aril, ou the premises, all of Lot 'iJ" Byuare No. 94d. fronting 9U feet on J !\ ? ?tl*<'t, 109 feet 2 inches on luth street east and llufeet 9lnches on South ?'arolinaavenne ?Jhflil?2',ity.i" ca^?bl^ rf ??*'?>? divided into several fine building |.>u, snd offers great induce IITu Pe^OM aetkinff iuvestmeut on Capitol Terms: One-half cash; balance in six and twelve m. ulhs, with inUreet. secured by deed of trim on down on the day of sale. a31 e..Ads MATTINULY A WHEKI.ER An 's BY LATIMEB A CLEABY, Ancti, 1 ieers and R.-al Estate Brokers. ton!hwest corner of Peunsyhauia avuuue aud i enth street, Star Office Building. FIVE VALUABLE building LOTS ON THE _ _ *?LAND, at auction. 9m Ji-5SI*AlVv4rTI51#MOOK' A?ril **: 11 1 . J ?"^oc'.' on ,h'' premises, we sh:iil .ff" I4"'" JR ? ?and 29. in sqnare tv,. sitna'?l on the south side of M street, between Third and >our at,dn h?lf streets southwaat. Tetms: One-fourth cash, the balance at sit, I* elve and eighteen months, secured by aiKI ofr trust and note* bearing interest. Conveyances at ci at of purchasers; $J9 on each lot time of sale .19-lids LATIMEB A CLEAByTaucu!: By THOMAS E. WACUAMAKU Beal Estate Auctioneer, 319 7th street. VBJ. Ti.rMl' of, ? deed of trust from Charles Lis) ? Q<"don and wife to Johu D. McPherson. ?aLrecoi^ird i" L?Ut OtB. folio 321, 5 the Und r<?oid? fer M ashtpgton county, in tke District of S-JSrW8i ,OB *?WDiV. the *lTdV? Of April,187S, at 4 o dock p. m., offer for sale, at onb Ik auction, in fr .nt of the premises, the property described in said deed, to wit: Lot numbered 17 in F* ame Houses* th? i"K?t WiWU, being fom *JjtI": 0.n15-th,r'1 ,CMhL ,h" WW" In ?i* and Jv ? "*1"' secured by pur chaser s n.-tes and deed of trust npo* the aii iuices Conve>ancing at purchaser's cim4. -t. d. Mcpherson tw e. ii.20 eoAJs THOS. E. WAOOaMAN, Auct. ?^"postponed, BY ORDER OF THE TBL'S tee, until APRIL 30ni, sauie hour snd place .. .. J ?. Mcpherson,frnstee. aSl THQ8. E. W AOC %N, A'ict. 'I' B C STEM'S SALE OF A VALUABLE FARM NEIR ROCKVILLE. Cy \irtue of a dfti-d of trust from Harry Hurler Uh?rWK i?V ?n'1 *??>^ed in |* *r ? P ? *?- ?, tolio lui, Ac., otit of the land r< cords of Montgomery county, I will sell, at paldi R rk'vM ? In tbe town of R-ckvllb ,011 Tl ESDAY, 6th day of, at II it c.ock a. m . the Farm on which the said Harry Hurler now resides. This farm ii on the patrfic RockviUe to Piotmi?about a mile ?J-!. *WI from the former plus*. It has been laid i2 V ju[? **rt8< f*w he sold aeMrstely. .cV2 '""i r<*d. and Contains H7?, ? A *hich are good chestnut and oak ritab**r J* w<k.U watered, and Unproved by a two-story Frame' Dwelling House, with Barn, Btablea and Granary. L*[ 2 Itsa immediately ia rear of lot 1: U aJITwill wood^d and watered, H?d ia improv.^ by p good Ho?me,of six rooms, aa J coattiw 114 acres ' ?AMX FOWXRR, Tnwtee. RT PVTOAMO*, DOWLIU# R CO.. Anct-rs. *-* I thism oentar HhaaA D streets northwat. 01 _ By v irtne of a decree of the Supreme Court of recorded subi and reatdae oiJ*r,9mrc^m in cash; ae ia three euaal ?t?iinn st ea?. tw?! irap. wtehlateiJtii" ^SJTZSyt AUCTION SAUN. IfT LATIMKR A C1.EAR1. 1* A?rtkiiimr? an,, R %i R.iaie Pr k*n t Pr i?t Nmm ??? and OUi 8i?i iiBif BuiMiiid m IK Si'll H WASHINGTON In irrxMoir* wtlli*4 I 4?<?l # Mk Ml aa.t talf r?r?N*tla liber M. . t>U. fain 3?\ r* N .?b? I lid racXTd* of * Mil ingt< (1 rmM) .DO, mi4 by v irt n- o4 U" f ?fr? th.?n iii cklrrml u^?n ?.? w? *??? lb" r??nH nftkr uM) M tnrrd th--*?b*, I ?lll, n * fdntsnAT,ikft)< ms'*nt. ?< is ?v? <ck * Ri.,lt Ihmi the l-f ??!?. ?1 pnb Ik- auction. all 'hat wTmii fi-f* or p*rc*l 4 gr.ovad mate in >W city of Vwm*ft<'n. I?. O . ?i4k>"< i I ai*i described as pan af Urt t?-M Hw? <Rt>. In fruare f.?r htifdrvd aud sixty .?ighi, it. Mud cilv, Butuadrtd mm lollows at Ih? north 1 * >st fi?n rf tM lot Iwrkti two ,2:' >i<1 nm*H i <tn* east nn th'ltne ..f 6 ?TT-e? a-nth ? irhwa I (I1"' 1M; lh?l'r? a?:f|| ?? ?i,tr lii ? , 7?l fset, f t. ? *wl eighteen (In I l?#t; Ihmr. n >rth wrral) -6?e<7M f*e? t<> tb? * ? fbegianlag, t.gother with the ini pi.>? riwiiu ?!i.-re.?n. T* rui?: Cash. On? hitti.l-ed dollar* d-p *lt lite property U atr ick off SJti^ to b* pa <1 w ithin five (ft) days, ?r the pmp,T?y mat l? ??l.| a* th# riek of thf de'a.ilti .g purchaser OMftf aucli'g at pnrelias. rV expense B. D. Mt*?EY. ?K roMt LATIMER A CLEAR Y, A nets iv consequence or th* KUH.Tni Mi i < ttli' If p.I'd until FHOAT April Oih. * an * h 'nr and place, B? order >4 ih? Trnatee m34 LATIMR* * CI,R?KV *??*? II *"?"?! >1 \N. Auoti i.ifr, ' 1? ro? r IV h and Pa. (ri>Mr,?>ith LAROr SAL* OP PRY GOODS C. ? s'* 'rji ,?f |> u 'odf. Air*< s?. < 'aliens, I>r. 11 ff MIn lvltiiw*, S-n??. bkilmn. Sh? >il#n, I* 4 T.' Wwt?,Qiii?l.f>. CitHin|i,T? ni't Ciidnii I'lmiih-I*. Wool Flaia- t-, I am'>r?c? Hickory Stilit t r-. Blanket*, Ac Aboal t i f Sh^n. Th- ?bote *rtie|.-* K Ing fr.?m a ronntry ? i n-. Ti) kr K>M*lth?at rmric to ths highest I irt^er. SHI to fn?ip<>iifio? BiTUBDAT, lllk day of Airil.a' Illu'iUici. *.4 t * II COtlHW. Anctionear. DUNCAN? ON. I'OWLlNG ? (t).. Ana c >raai *1 II and il fir. <K? u irtli?Ml. IV VAI.l'ABLE PROPFPTT on ?rn STREET. NK*R E STREET BOOTH WEST. AT AtO TIoN. SOt. SATURDAY AFTERNOON. April *6 h. at t i.'cli rk. v. ill m-H upon ih? prraiiva. *l> ? ( Lot ?. aj?ar<- 46ft. Iiaxn* a ol XI * 12 on f.ih ?trt?*t, aritli a tlfptb of I2u fet-t Thi? profi-itr itft.i'1) *ituat?si and thrntrett inipr >?? til' tit- Dili"'. T>-rni?: Ona-thinl ra?h; t<?'an. ? in ? an-1 I! months, to ta? Im sttrc inter*?t a ad to d?-<l i ftraat. C???a* aucinc at pnrchaarr *? co?t. Till? mU 3t'l>rBCAli?Oy.T>OWLINO TO . Anrt rr BT DrKOAKtWB. IMiWLIhtJ 4 ro'.Airt. , t>'Uitira?t corat-r of Mb auvl D aimu D'.ril.w ?i TBTHTEK S BALK Op"vALrABLE PR?-P::RTT OK 6th tTBAtT SOUTHWEST. ON Till ISLAND eB> ilrtwnf i di^rd of irnit, datM on Ik* Il h ?tajrof July, A I>. IS70, aurt ivourdod to Lll>?* N i.6it. folio XI, At., of Lb* lau.1 r?r.>r<i? U aatiiactoc .'ountr. I>- C., and b) direli >n of tha nity trcuri"! lhrnl) ,t vtil ?ril at puMk aqrth.a, in front of the pram*"*, at * oVlorlt p. m .in MON DAY. tin- Tth day ? f April, A P l?.t. all of L nnmtx>rwl (41 and flT?((lio tha recorded unb d-.viaioa i4 Rgaan umbM-id fi>?r bundrad aadait t> ti*?-. (466.1 Will) all tha I in pro > .n..|il* tbrraon. Ti'rni? of Mtla: Oue-balf in caoh. of wbick 51't) aiiikt lx> paid at >alt-,tb?* d^fi rr-d pa>ramti to b? a.adc Id kit and tvlrx u outh?, with int>>ra?t at t"? 1.? t?rm? to I* aftar aala. ntb _- to rndl at th* rink and o*t of 11 rut pur^h??--r. All rwmrayandrjj ^ piircbaw-r'* o<?t. Wl H WARD. Tnntw n04 rvAd.DrNCANSON.DOWI.ISG A CO..Aorta. WTHE AB<?VB SALE 18 POSTPONED until TI E:4I>AY, April 14. MTS^aaax honrand p!a.-a. WBB. H WAR IK Trun?i~*. ?ft eoAda Dl NCANSON. DOWL1NU A CO., Aarta. B^Tn* ABOVE 8ALE IS PTBTII PR roxT POSED *i nt il WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. April SSd, 1-ffS. ??ni> hour and plara. WM.H WARD, Trn^ta. ? 15 DCSCANSON. DOWLINO A CO ,Aaota. Rr cant. p?-r arinlm from day . f mil..?tarta* to l?a II* ratnpliod arith within aix daya aBar aala, nth . rai?t ?b~ Tmatoa rraerM* tin- ri*lit to r.^atl at tha ? /"THE ABOVE SALE I? FTRTIIER POST PoNED, fti acruntaf th? rain.antil SATCR1A V. April S6th, 1573, at 6 o'clock p. m. U M H. W \RD. Tr??'a?. ?2? DCNCANsON, DuM I.INii A CO., Aucta |>Y LATIMEB A CLEARY ? ? Anctionacn. abd R< al E?tata Br.tkfra, b- utbaiat c??rnar P^niw)Ivaiiia aaanuf ana 1Kb at., ?tai Offi.a Buildings. DEMRABLE BCILDINO LOT ON sI?>th ST., BETWEEN K AND L STREETS NORTH U EST.(NEAR PENNSYL> AN1A A YEN It. AT AUCTloM. On W EliN ESDA Y AFTERNOON, April Hit, VOvl<3, at B uVitKk, ?- ahall a.-)I in fr>ut of th* ? praniidaa, M F,in Wroc'a aul>diTi?ion of part of wjiiwt* 4, frontin* 2< fwt on Ktb atreat, aitb a di-ptii of 1UU f?x-t to an allay Tt-rm?: On?--third ca?b; balaoca in I, II, and >4 month*, with intrraat, wcnr^i by a d<-?d of tru>t on the property aold. CoQaayabciuf at pur^baaer's c.Nd. AMudown at tin>" of aal". ?17-dAda LATIMER A CLE ART. Aucta ?V IN CONSE^IENCE OF THE RAIN.THE alx.aa aalt> ia poatpoii>^l until MuNDaY, April l?*;h, 1S73, aaiuc hour and place h24 LATIMER A < LE\P.T. An r?. Y S. SAM STAG * CO., Aucuon.*t?, No. till LouiMaiia are., t- t. Ctb aiid 7tb fta. B B1 Wa will ?oil. at public anrti'V. r?tnmonc nr MI on MONDAY MORNINfc. April ?<ath. at t? I B^o'clock, at tba ator* N >. 6)tA LoaiaiaM avr ^nnf. betwaaa Cth and 7th rtrwt?. ai.d ?-v>niira itic until the wholettock to c'oaa^l c ut,coDaiatiuc of the follow in* gooda : A large atock of Bvtta and Sl. .e?, ClothlPg, Furniahing Oooda. Dry O.i idn. Ctrialna and t'nrtain Mualina. Paraa^la. comprmiug 100 Suifa i f Clothing for M n. BO Suita of Clothing for Bo)a. Mfu'c Boota and Shoaa, La.lie* and Mi^wa Gaiter*, Mi*tte? and B<'J > Slioea. I nd<T?birt? aud Drawara, Wliila Sbirta, IlMadkerchiefa, Glorn. and Tie*, Collars in Linen aud Paper, Black Alparaa. Baiting Lingua, Grenadine*. Nainaook* in plain. clie. k?al and striped. Swim Mwlioi, Victoria and Bishop U?m( TaUI- Linen-. NapWina,Towel*, Biaraeille* Quilta, Cnrtaina and Curtain Net?, ParaaoU with long handle*. Trimming? a great variety, Marseilles Trimming*, EUiega, Laces, Enil>roi4ari?a, Flowera, Ladies', Men'a, Miases' and B>y"* Doti?ry in White, Unbleached, Fancy Colon aud Blue Mixture. Ribbon*?all Colors, Qualities and Width-, Haa.burg Edgiug*, Umbrellas in Catubric and Serge, Ac. And a great many othor good* too numerous to nentlon. The above stock will be *old to the bight-t bidder without reserr* Terma ca?h. S. SAMSTAG A CO.. Aacts.. al? 4t No. 6)16 La. a*e., b^. Cth and Tth <U. DUNCAN SON. DOBLINU A CO., Aucu., Corner 9tb and D KreeU northwest SALE OF IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON THE ISLAND. ON F STREET SOCTH. BETWEEN 3d AND ?)* STREETS WEST IB) Tinue of a deed of tru*t. duly n-cordi-d tn liber E. C. E, No. S4, folio* 41s. Ac., of the l?nd records of the District of Columbia, and at t lie re<iiie*t of the party secured th< r-'>y ,th>* ?oli?crib?r, an iruatee, will *> il at public suction, to t ie bigV-M bidder, on TUESDAY. Sl*th day of April, at 4', o^lKk, part of lot ft, in *<iuare inth*city of Waxhington, D. C.. beginning h.feet from the south ea*t corner of asid lot. and runuina thence w.-<t 16 feet, and extending back of tbst width ti<>rth 6.* feet, with the l.npro\.nieuta and apparten.?ncea t j the ?nme l.elor>ging. Teim*: One tbird cash, of which A**) -hsll be paid at the time of s?Ka, balance in n te? at 6 and Li nioutba, with iMtemit. and secured l.y deod ?d'trnat on the preniise* sold. Unl?> wttl-wrnt be made within .*>dav>. after wBe. a re-alt w ill be held at On cost and riok of defaulting purchaaer hale ?ub jnft to an incumbrance, the aiiiuuut to be sia;'-d at the time and place of sale. CVu\c| auciug at. ?4 of (be putcba*er. CHARLEP AI MATTHEWS, Tm*tee. : UJT>38 DUNCANSON .I>OWI.I NG A ?'Q ^ nets. By b u. wabner. Real E?'ate Broker a-d A-i tioneur . No. 129 itb mreet,between G anl H -4s. SALE OF DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF CORCORAN STREI.T, BETWEEN 14th AND 14ru STREETS. AT AUCTION. Iwillaeil,at public ?<ici n, in front of th" Hvpremises, i'U THURSDAY, M.iy I, IsTS, at *> "clock p. m., L ?t? 49, 50 and 51, i*iu*r? SH. fronting JU f<-. t each on C orcoran atr.-et, by a depth of H6 feet to an alley. Terma to be made kn< wn on d.i? of sale. $3>j po-it reunited on eath lot when *?Ul. ail .1 Ada B H WARNER Aurt. Y B. H. WABNER. B"al EMate Bp her and An> ti neer, Xi>. 7 ?y 7tL street. between G an 1 H "tn. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF V ALUABLE IMPROVED REAL Er?TATIi FRONTING ON I STREI T NORTH, BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1st ST8. EAST. ^a. By trirtne of Sire deaila of tm?t. tearing date Bon the 4th day Of 0< tober, A D 1STI. and duly ?Sr. c.>rded In Liber No. <>63. folio C. et ae.j ; Lil>er ?63. folio 24. et seq.; Liber 663, folio 37, M aeq ; Libt 663. folio M. at seq., tod Liber 663, folio 31. et *<*t of the Land Record* for Washington comity . D. C.. I aball Hell at public auction, ia front of the premise*. on WEDNESDAT, the ?3d lay of April, A. D lS"i. at 4 o'clock p. m., all those certain pieces orptr eels of ground, situate and lying in said eity of Washlngton. aud being known and described as Lot* tinnibered ninety -roar. (91,1 murtr lir. |R,I ninety-?4*,(66,> ninety *-t??i i s?T > and ninety?iiht, (?6,1 in OllWtt** recorded *ub division of etuare MMbere^aiji hundred and seventy five, (6T3.1 Each <f the above Lota to Improved by a flue tvro-atory Brick Ho** nearly ready for occupancy. Term* of sale: One-third- cash: balance in ? arx. 12 month*, with Interest from day of sale, aecured l>? dead of tm*t on pretntoea Mid: flit) to b* paid on each honae at tiasa of ante. If the term* of sale are nut complied wRh in Rve day a, the Trust** reserves i the rich* to resell the property at th* ri?k and ' iat of the defaulting pnrchaver by advertiaing three | time* tn th* "Evening Star.'' All conveyancing ?t cnat of pnrehnaer. I WILLIAM B. TODD. Jm , Tru?te?. ?S eoAda B. H. WARNER. Aact. 6/*THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED m.iil FhIDAY, Mav 9. NT). *ame hoar and place. WILLIAM B. TODD. Trnate*. *M B.H. WARNER, Anct. B BT TB<SAStf9A"A* Aactitmaer, 41B7th *treet. By virtne of a deed of tmat, dated the I4:h day Terma of sale: f 1 j?60 caab; the balanra b* nate, at ? months, *emre? by d<-ed?if trn*? on th* priprty Convtyanciag. Ac , at the rot ,4 th- r?rctiaacr. M P r4LLAN.Tr.Hte-. ?M TB0S B. WAt'ii.iMAN. Aa-'r. JSVEXINQ STAR jspszsz -?? ' 'tw *** rrr?r"r' t^?mdr. aw 14 I S?. i'r j f.; rii?f *Tf iiM^r,:,!!^''*?." wrwuK ui peaea, and tW wko ."uj Vl ? ?n?r can on!v row real' te tke d ,n?er the. i?I i" IL1*0^"* o+tdrixx- *a ?u -it m.Vr.w* a? tbe* hare at nee pn r. n th< amelvtv m w*l7 '?l"ghW prohaklefc?t Hiry eem then plated their a retched treachery, *?.| w.-re ??: ?*' ?? * **?" thr** eomm'sv n.-ra in th ,, Ew A**",orr b-?g*aalag ?to*r dreadia! ?r<<rk Hrnrrtt ywftM friet diy torn,. all who r>-(, V"? ?ntloe toe r-rnmiw? fTkT Ar ?Hr <r*r . ^ m*hl ?* *"<? ?xrt? of Iv 4-IL JT y? **?*" *rtT?*r ??cp* ? " <mr? iaHt'irm. ** ""*'? _ r?rr j vr* sfffflrs^ra^ass s..? "" ?" <? ai.d ill* < ?< * ar. black imi ..Lt ?. IV , hair i* km*, han/t^g ,*o,t, ?. ?w oHJJf, . hia face t* dc*t,tnte ,* 2^ V'4 month ia Iw^.n^ it*?hape lalcaUwTn M ard dct.-rminat .on. though u n. ,"^tT 7?-"T <"<> ??>ar1, trmTfc .r.TS *' aeem* to P"*""** above all other* It, ?,,,M. ^ beta <rnoT. an.1 rcrv dignil?? He tnaieta upon Unr treated with th< g? at-ai." rear* ct by ail with *Uai hp mmn ,., fnntnet a..A the chief riihr of ?>.** <m. ot pe..,!* than U thin ?ame mta-rable ,|MJ never amile*. I!.. greet.ngnf hia , " A,* ?"?JJ*" ot **?* referred to wa? . vpi n1 , ?vhtl.ltIonnt Ij ir^htl???'?? and irw|.ficr,.| ^r> r ? IT 7 * 4L I,,,H' h,> *? 111 > ' ?N>n I ?i"t ntattd n|>. lii-for.- thi* art ?f tr.-nrh.-rt h? ??> hrli?-T?d t.? tlir ?<ul vi h .f?,r ?. i^hen<<i(b1M>-fcood who ba.1 nanv .t.-?i,.,^ witt> him naid that thf-y im>t?t ki?-? i' ?| ? t t? do a m? an or l>aw act, *<?r w.tuld b<* * i'l ,1 1rr2l! wf haiid to ?, on.-. *' "> ranch ??. nrTfr com|>latnr.t i>f ?m act ot fxy-n.ation or other a?n?i incr. dark waa 2SL2 v,"it up<?i. tbe b.'*.i ,d th? 'iT'.rilir *'M rhtcr of u-lhp to I "f >T*r* ?n,1 "'lain*?????.?*.Ot Vrrka a< t?d a? jnflgr el Ht>rtlon?a I art wtit. h h?a alway> Mw4?- .i^ki r??t rriond II- ? ^ flu fa*! m?vi in Hit- trit?* who it w*m14 th,...rht o??ld he C>illty of ao Ihim- .,77^-^ mrt rntmly onto! fcl^altk b.M??,t rl.a.a - JOWW M'KORi l!H * ot "Old H. hoa I_ -'ark * firrdfooaaor la the offi, ? ot rliK i ?? a man about lortr rati olrt. Ho ^ a li^ht V rolorrd man than Jack, bat W . Cr!., d^ JJ2?' 1'r.^.l Hboaldrr^l .|tl,tr r.w IT . ^ f(preM4o?loaa. Hi* t %,?* I? **??? ?- ni.irb lf?d. tn wlaii look than tkr roan,. r rhW C?M l?rk 1 \ '?**' """ ?'^?oT. u,..fd Uf ? apt .lark. Ih bollfvlng that b. ba* a h.-rfii tarj rUht to the Modor tlirour. ComMn-MIt h? and -lack bar* b.? |mn o? thTl^ 'l U ia?. U>oti?b in tbolf borrible |.U?t tbi-? m to barf wwrkrd U.^tbfr He Jm 7Z ?i^ .Tr ' ?*"' ,,,rtu't^l UMwonmu i>..?, ? L.rb tbe latter ia lik. lv u, dlo. S, hon.-b a ia lotm.Tn'h,*0!' ????"? ? aotinjr in hiad.-mand* thai, -'rrn -lack h'mwtf ir-SUT:*^,?f SU^'-V ???>! vi. t uTTlif jglFJr tMfndlv tliau K,ir ot ttit ' 1 . ,,f ^?en went mi lar ?? t.. ??? ?.. MfH.-ot wiKbing to--talk ?itI, two tar ku.? " and the latter had to niakr tnni a ?'jari. ??-e. k ItmSL tm ?rdt' ^ ?,r,!T''tol * r? "" cn,? I., uio RO?T<>? CIIARIKV tUto-ton < harlfr. the man obo Miot ?>..? ,? -to.itlyk.ll^ Ke, l>r^ I,(^ ihL .'.LVii2 y. ?,a- ,le " I'raotu-allf ????! hia <-<>iii|.leiioii nuitc clear kram Uie name ot ?-Bontun." (nm, btiu bv tbe In torv"'^*.i, " He baa n., ?**?d *? pf'mine woo in tha tribe until the pear? l? (otia*iun? iM-van ah. n he acted a* mr.Tf-r' He wa. o./e of th" younC sava?., who. ameoy, K..reh,ldV w,?a thTlrt "?n, LTr\ U'^k V (,"n r"'h* ? lif ' Mareh. 1 lie iloncrai treat.-i tu-m all vep kiiHtlr, and tbelr return |?r tin. ta ln? hrutal maa*ai re. ' li.wtoir ?? b. I?evr*l aai.! SrlT-01!]1" Indiana ia U., !. .. **" *.?od-b,imore.l. llwava lau<rhtti? and talkm*. and MCt m.-tl to like tb? ahiie? i?.-t tortJrn. the Indiana. He ?a-o.i o. , dieted I.) tin*?>re?on xrand Jurv ti?r the killing Of the^ ttlera, but be ktn,an to bav. Hal iiotL.1* at all to do wiib that m ittcr bt>ui|ua the neat aide of the lake at Uic ume. ?,, . ??H?ua Jim. tJll1* *Ym 'mllan# in the wh?U tribe. He vaathe l.-ader ot the ban I who ??. m it ted the murder* in l?ecemlxr He ia touik tui vxh[ ll i"?:b,,t U ll**e a hat, I J , 'l , C r'rul'< r l,u' !?? lone- t? a band ot Indian* known in Siakivuu ? Gomo-Tn.sbea " They we npZoiJo^rJm nanta of aeveral tribe*, and have Ion* been re gained a* rhievea and m urderer# Two of the* are in the l.ra b?l -II.K,ka .l,m and the ? J?o" *nd even Cant. Jack wra* *awl to be afraid of tb? m. Thi* 1 udian ha* a had face. He u?, a a* one ot thoae who came out with Steele* and waa the only one that the Chrouiele corr. a* felt nneaay with, when on one occa aion on the route be wax left lar behind alona witb btm. It waa getting late in the af"L.-r noon, and the parte hll got tcn mil^.J ride when they atouck the ??/?lde," a ga? m abke.*??2" to ?ou,h <" L4ttta K lamaik !.* There were lire white? and fourteen In diana. Steele and Faircbilda led the partr and " tber came out of the trail ami ?trurk the'l .i rtrer road Steele put ?-urv U^U horie^d' whole party atart.d for Lome on a gallop, the I a dian. riding along heavily armfd wItk their reatbenamT rox-Uib. living like -o manr Ti m. l aiit*. They yelk-d and how k d. the partv ?nt? dc.wn the alo|M> like living Tain trsb'anu-^! Something g.uing wrong with the Cknmtrle man * aadaie. he *toppedV h* it wki.-hTok yenrly twemty m.nutet Mouka J,m^ciTl? hended Jack, aiwther ImlUn that it would not do to truat far tbe r ? .TV., .Hi iTTl l rode on a few hundred yard* ami rtai wuj ala.,' When the latter mount.* he aaw hi* own ,lr7. full> two mii''? ibtti! going like tii?* n m i |u ? run U> cmST Xm. an.l u?en Ij*1" J*t*d him, and all three went down i. \alle> on a run. The Indian* rude tk*'ir iKitiiea one on either aide, and *eenidd to >.? ? I? 'Ickl.d at the coireaiindent'* aoniew hat un*killful handling of a WT Tk^Tue, m^aTi m M*rit?ar mor*m<*iat#td?^ign?sJ tulriifln "? l?tt?r. a,Hi make himdf,K^rM*7!r^f.^ w,it^?,.,ll rf7^ bl,"!'? *,Ml OI,rr H<wk? "?. *lth a J Hi. d. liT^ratelr apurre.1 hia ,k>i<t d, .tlr agamat tbe horae?a movement that nearly accomplished the deaired object. . >n ti,? whole it wa* an iincomtortahle ride, and the wi,irSltoderitlle- "UCti ,nrr *U<!" 1,e c,w 'f ? ?ta. k jiw. Thi* ih another et the murderer* ot the .*-t i i ," *. V*"- aarege-Uokiwg fellew ? -t, f*?*' U about thirtv yeara Ac 'blui """* 4vm^Kna* aarriara a ,Mtnncaota lover lat^lr captured h ? Imicima. aged fifteen, from her reluct a?? parent*, and <lrew her to hia fore*t bom- a a ? tance of eight mil?w, on . kaud al^d |??*t mortem examination rereale l ia l:c stomach of a Bo*ton horae two piece* ot c.trk Jul of pina and tied together with a Mr;ng on which waa a piece of |>ouioned pork. ?f Major Sparka. of an Imiiana town, nn i",n? c'?y ordinance requiring Lin, tu cau*e place* ot Imaineaa to he clone.l n,. Said alb. and that -if tbe ^te wa^T h^ forced *be mimt do it tbiough ker o?n?m r?'<ng ladie* ?? Wat< rl.tirv are get tine i?, ? T-o-a o-I-d a-a ,* d- -n-c! la that t?ir la tke war one f air one *aInted another one on tbe atrweti and the aii^.>l in bind lew at.d high heel* meekly ami tMieticallv . . ;;;dvd: -Vou bet/ I m you^ DIED. . M IKMI VVK Ou W^bMiar. t> ?t t?at., .iSMg Ckl IkMlANk. Tk lUb. m. a III take |?lar? t. .-morrow if: i?t) all. rii?a, Jkti laat., at IS uViwekffrdm tot |><t -aU r?*i<l.-nr^. i . vt ; .t t"lt. John'* rhur h PM..?a?e rtreet. Or Tg t. wo. D. C. ftetativea aud f, i-i. I< are invitad to attend. * DAKE WORTH Oi th* TL\ Inat .at t| <>VlMk P. m Mr. OHKI IlLIA i?AShU..KTll . ? if* A lto lal* gtrderi.'k Dai.k* rti. ??!:? i > rar. ot buS- riu<, ? ? i .lit bore witb Chrlatiau f.rtitude. (Pinla d-1|-hia i.ap?-r? n*en*- cri 1 FnriMle of tl fa*.,I) are r*.|Wnat*d to attawt tt?a faueial.frum t?-c iat* midtac. IMC ??i?laad a\ -wue aoutLareat, at gjli < VluCk f. iu , T. wUr . Ika 2t L mat. * rALTOH ClikLll.rotiaMl at 6 kltea I>alti>a, ag?l 1 rearaml amentto | ?>->ok u,,KSfissrA-a?'-?-< H tl' O* ?d wfrtthtoeeltwa, Be can atl oar aarrwata th> real ma af Itf* atemaJ- I Ty tbe realms of lif* atrmaj? To thy k'ae among toe tlaat; unr 14 C"4 'a owu holy au#r*a. Mrtf, dear Charley, take thr I rai on Friday.9Mh inat.,at i ?. a ,Iron || Moat. nurif OattoMinatnat. at the raaidewr* of F A Loir. t?.jw? Liaaharg. Ta.. kILLIK Hit Ultj.?r* I lankier of Jama* ? aud the lata Kan i Im? h?, agad^aigkt wwaka LKOUBKBOKR. ?a lb* Mth in-taal, a'ter a .U,.-, CHKUTUKi LCOSBaRUBK, aif< d V Bm ia. h la:!>*? aad n*>ttd< vt the family ?rt ftp* ' Mg rniantid to nttwm tor fuwaral, a*r bi..iher'* raalgrnri. eorw*e ?ih aiid P airaat* ?"Wk we*t. Fridai ? at >?Ttok p m. TKHM.I. Oa the nth kTBAjf. \. . t ; - n ?? i f Jai.tau and Mary Trwn M . aftil j ? ?r- and awioatto. l4. f .'ne?a'^.vieeaon th SP h ta?4?nt. at 1? k, ?t Ww. A*C %<k alreat a- wlkawM f 1+ u4? r*a?e^t - iiiMjia* tug

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