Newspaper of Evening Star, April 24, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 24, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING 1 Ml K*PAT April U 1H7S. LOCAL NEWS. ? AmnwaMM, *r., TMlgkt Wall'* Ofre // Hir.?t'tl Wagner's Biistrcl*. Tk'tUr Cv.-afcjae. ?Songs, burlesques, dance*, ftr. i II ? ' The SUge," a lecture by Hon. l>aai?* life ? roadraoH I. rain. From .1. ? Parker and Robert Beall we have s tor Maj 3, with nuui'-rous Ma Hoc ,llus. rations. U?n. A. W. l>imo<-k kw sold to )ir. John ftoberts hi-* flue lit.le farm of *2 acre*, in tii > wontj, known as Y alley View, for $l,?tt. Tb?> gr tml milit try ball, winch wan an nounced to take place this evening at tl?e In. anguration ball building, h. s been postponed until further notice. <;?'?ern--r Cooke hru> received a memorial fr in the Society of Friend* in Maryland. Penn nlr?t"i?. Iowa, and *he l?istrict of Columbia graying for the abolition of the death penalty in this District. A Baptist ministerial institute it to be held at Way land seminary, on I street, between 19th Jtnd' 31th streets, three days this week, during ? hi- h R?v. Mr. Stone, of Olio, will lecture for U.<- kurtit of the pa tors of that denomination. A number of prominent citixens of W*sbi9f ten. including several m?mt>ers of the board oi' public work* and other IHstrict government a>fticials, went dow n the Potomac to a shad l.ake to-day. under the au?nices of O .pt. Sam. GeJ ney. and expected to have a good time. The last iceept'on of t*ie season by the T. M. C. A.. at Lincoln Hall, 'ait night, wn a great ?access. The tableaux representing scenes in Ike lite of .losepli were much admired by tlte large andi*.nee prevent. Miwes Ilo>e, Moore and rtlors entertained tLe assemblage with ?ii?g '*?? . J li?*>tit??li*M oi Rev. Nr. Aailre??, MTlUilISM ? IIUIUSU* AT ? HKi.VT (t>. E.) CHtECH, n AVT YAKD. TLe interesting and impressive ceremony of in*, .tait.n i a rector took place at the venerable i hi -t jl*. E-> Church, near the navy yard, yesterday in the presence of a very large" con grcgai'on. The altar and sides of the chur.-h were beautifully decorated. The rector, Her. C. D. Andrews was instituted by Rev. Bishop PmcVuey. and RevV. J. Deimiaon, of New .lersey; W. F. Watkias, of Georgetown; J. H. Chen , R. F. Street, of III., assisted in the services. Revs. J. Vanghn Lewis. Tliomas li. Addison. Augustus J. M. E. McKee, Floridus Steele, <1. A. Buck, ami F. lierold, Illinois, were present. After the morning I rayer the candidate Rev. Mr. Andrews took Lis 'position outside the chancel t ail, and the Bishop read the letter of institution, k Iter which the Senior Warden. Mr. P P. Little, presented the new rcctor with the keys of the church. The collect i>.nd Lord's prayer were th/'n re cite.I. and the Bi?iop received Mr. AiwV'ws witb.n the chancel acd presented him with vh*> book* of the church. Mr. Andrews ttienkn ;il Ml the altar and ottered the prayer of consecra tion to the M-rvice of the Muster. The was closed by the liyliin '-Father of Mercit* b?'w Thine ear." Bishop Pmckney delivered the Institation sermou in which he referred to J the duties of the ministry and the dirt;ultie* in i the r way. Ti e communion service in which the nrwly iiistitnred minister corns crated the e!e- : men's followed. The choir?Miss M. Wilson, 1 S4 pi ano; M ss Kate Hobb#, alto. W. Hutchinson. It nor: Frank Cross, bass, with Mr. George Fol g' r. ?rgtiust?sang the usual music d'iriiig tlie services. Last evening the chnrch wa? again crowd d *o wvtn* ss the rite of confirmation. Alter the j evening prayer. Bishop Pinkney delivered a very instructive sermon on the subject of con firmation. The candidates, thirty-one ladi<*> and gent'emen. then presented tbe'mseh es. and ha\ ing answered the usual ijuestions they weir coi.tii m. d according to the i>rescribed forms. i i'BAW.ior Honr.ERv Aciisst a Lawtir. Ve-t> rday ait?-r!M>on Mr. John Hum *, a w 11 known d< ai? r in real e-tat" -. informatlou nt the Police Court that on rhe luth instant on? >.. A. V illiair?. a younj lawyer, ba.l robbe I I it" of sixty dollar - in mote v. while comingotit ??I a rt s.aoi ant. on the corner of Louisana av> n?e and 41* street, arvl a?k.* d a warrant for h's arrest, which was made oar. and la'er in t ie nay Mr. WiPiauis was arrested bv Olflcer Mn.r j by and locked up in the 7th precinct sta 'on ?ion"*. wJieu hi- father obtained the cons.'nt of ?liialgi- Snell tor his release on bail of #K>?, tor a hear ng this morning. In the Police Court, to-day. Mr. CI*- stated that he held a charge fcf grVn.l tarv^rj ?**<?? Williams. Mr. W I l am . wl.o *as present, ? r^-n. tnent rf the hearing nntil next S tt'irday. whleli WVs i grafted, ami the be?nd? of were renewed. | Sir. Il' m? aKo gave bond-: in the sum of ?l,'M>i 1 to prosecute t*ae cx-e. ^ Titr Firrr Bite a 5 crvTRit. c>w?iitt*e of the lrtstrlct of Columbia met last tdght,and | Mr. Andrew Gleasoa submitted a reflation, { which was r?lop,_,d. '-that thr e |?erso:i.s fr.>m J each district be chosen to constitute the g? rie- I ral comn itte*- for the ensuing, agreeatile t to the rules adopted for the selection of d<-!e- | j at - to the convention held Angu'-t I, for the n?mina.?on of a dcleg .te to Congre^; and tha: meetiii^s be held tor this nnrpo:.e on W d nesday, the TOtb ins'ant, between the hour- ol 1 and 7 o'clock p. m . or at such other hoir s? lh? off . ers of the club may design ate, and that ? a<'li district elect two alternates to act in tte i absence of the regular delegates, excepting those districts that had already elected d> le- ! yatestoanew central coromitt-'e."* A vote of thanks was tei <lered the president, .Tohn H. Prooks. and secretary. H. A. .lones, for 'he faithful manner in which they hare discharged their duties the past year, to which appropr tte response* were made bv those officers. O ThkNkw r>Ksa? asi> Seats mRTHEHor-*E. Mr. Edward M. Clark. caj?itol arenitecr, and Mr .l W McKnigbthave be?-ndesigna'e<l totur nish the new dcCk.s and chairs for the Hal! of It' pres ntatircs. and th> v have s>*b?ct?-d the kamlsome model devj?r?ed bv G. M. Wight for the desk, which is made of white oak. and do s great credit to Mr. Wight and hi* workman. The chair urge?l by Mr. Clark is a reclining spring-back can?-seat chair, which is oi-en to the obj. ction that it is better fltte?l for the nor. s? ry. or for sick people than for a legislative hall. Three hnndred big and sni^ll men sitting at as many different angles will pr. ?ent anything but a digmtied ap|>earan<*e. The House hail, with its fancy chairs and new de?-ks. will cer tainly present a great contrast to the Senate chamber, with it"4 plain, rich mahogany chairs and desks. C ai. W a?* er's Missteeus.?Not withstand- , ill* the cold rain .form last night ther, was ?niite a large audience assembled at Wall's <?|-era House to welcome Cal. Wagner's min strel-. The performance had so many new I'sa tnres and was so lively that every one present came a?*v well ppMsed with the entert uu ni* nt. The comicalities of Cal Wagner and Hall, the songs and* oi Cantield and Booker, the excellent singing of Hevwood and other member* of the company, were all very fio<? in their wav. and vor* loudly applaud*d. 'he troupe appear iu a spleislid progravune to-night. They are worthy the patronage of our citizensjutdahonlduraw well thereiu.i iider , ol tLe week. I Et uuiio Pku*its.?The following have b? *ii i-<unl since our last: E. Thacker. ' *o storv trame. Lingan.b etween Bridge and Pro*, pect"streets' P. Brennait. three--torv brick, oar ner I4*h and I; street* nortbwe-t: T. T. Mc'au lev. 1 two story frames, 4'h, between I and K southeast ..I. ?.L Stntz. two-storv brick stable. 11th .-treei. between Rhode Island avenue and V street northwest. Mr?. Shoemaker. two-?u>ry brick. New York avenue, l<etwcen 10th and 11th northwest; t?eo. Brown. Jtwo-story fiaoes, 7ih. ^between south Carolina avenue and E sfrtei southeast: Anna E. Xfisin, one.-torv frame, '^".th street. l>ef ween L and M northwest. The Masom. Choib at tlieir annual meet ing. last itigLt, elected oit.cers for the ensuing year, as loPow.- ?Itot>ert Ball, president: Gen. V'. H Browne, vice president: K. S. H >'u?es, first leader: Samuel V. Nove*. 'Cond leader; I. L. Blout, third leanier: S. M. B. Serves*, first c. W. Chapman, second organist; l?r. E. S. Kimball, third organist; J. F. Patterson, secretary; Benj. F. Lloyd, treasurer; .1. E. lho'glass. librarian. The choir contenirdate making then anm^l trip this year, to the Mam moth Cave, Kentuck\. and a committee was ap|>ointed last n'.gl t to make arrau^ements The Alexandria correspondent oi the Wash ington Chronicle save * "Hon. Lewis Mckenzie left for New York c+ty this morning, for the purpose of rawing funds for the Washington and* 'range railroad We were ?"t aware that Mr. McK-azie wu mnnect: 1 with the "Washington and <>,aoge railroad." Ami ia going to New York, we learn, hi* business is personal ami private, and ha> no connection with the ?? Washington and Orange railroad."?ilerowfrM Sentinel. Un teTivE Pavuixn T<> i-.b Ke?ai*ei>. Mr. Baldwin ha* been directed by the t?oard of public work* to repair the wooden pavement at the intersection of Yermont avenue and K street. and also to repair the defective portion of K street, between l:>th ami JJtl street- north west. .lohni' Lv a ns has been directed tore pair the defective places on the 7th street pave ment. between B street north and K street northwest. Sut A?.aixot the It. a*d " H iit.?ftt". M<ssrs. W. A. Cook and 1?. E. CaV:M have tor Tlieai.'- Croft entered *u.t against tiie lialti n.ore and ? ?hio railroad company, claiming *4.2* I'amages for the alleged loae of trunk si ; l?ng hi April. *"!>'< ts*.?Tf Bn k Bekr "Our Frit? ' at ?*Mv * 't^ce" restaurant. May's building, corner ?7*h and E street* has a supply et the Above; also, e\ erv delicacy of the sea?on. f + ? The styles of jewelry at Pr'gg's jewelry st. re -? *:? elegant tl. ?-prtng than ever. No. i'tuajltauatviii^MV l.a sUtet. t rtm* *?K?Tnwt ? *eveath Street. norojiD ucossTircTioK of odd fellows' _ , . MALL. The trustees of Odd Fellow* Hall. 7 th street, iTJLTtt" vi???1 K? Pr?lK>* to remodel and ex tend the building, ami will soon cumineo;e the work, which, when finished, will virtually make ?JI*W *^?ctor? ^ The hall wa- built in lMo. and for many yean wm regarded as the largest as it certainly was the most nouular 1-ubfie hall in the Dwtrict Tfte?L?^th? public balls were built More in accordance with modern progress, and Odd Fellows' Hall |"i ? portion ot Its prestige. Over a ye? aeo the teas asisssr^SS. B ???. sssa 2r,&r rjr^:; Pr*u, e?ure,y new *nd handsome front ; t?.rawe l*e Uoir of the encam;. C?^t k?T ?J!?fi ' 8Uge in the NU,)0n it! L re*Twall. thereby adding te lnril. i ch*"?? IMWitiOii of the library, lodge and en? ampment rooms, ?o ax to run iH*nb and aoutl, the floors of which rooms rest un heav> iron girders, and at the same time to rearrange the ante-rooms, stair*. aad in geu V?"*of the most build?.,gs of the kind in this.section of the conn?rv. la making these impiovenienU *, _ . . , VK*TlLATIOX *i*I l>? kept in view, and every portion of the VtiU?e ,il" ^ fnreie*ed With improv d ventilating flues, and on the root there will be * large ventilator. The air ducts will be arranged In the ends of the saloon and above they will pass between the upper rooms u>d ?r?' ? iUlV ,the vel,til?tor on the roof, jne building, a? reconstructed, will be 7ft fret f,om on Tth street ami * feet high to tile aliLvi th? C?ni1f': ,n H16 0<?tor ?f rt|e frost; but *U#ve thi* will be a )iancl?omie iron ornHwent fr?inSli?fcW Wl" reach to * height of lof wet irom the pavement. ~"~? . , thk kiw promt will be of pressed brick, and the triiMMingi w 11 be ot galvanized iron, many of theui of unri n d tleMgniL 1 he Iront may be said to be dtvid <1 i er **7into tive sectn< at gahanized iron columns will make it thus appear. In the center section there will be t * o windows w,th segment heads in the m*n story J?1* circalar-headed window, jUanknd by smaller ones m the upper story. Oyer this in a send-eircle. wi)l be the words ?? Odd Feb k>ws Hall in large letters. Above this will i* 1^*11 cori,)ce ? feei wide, the aides of which ?J? capitals of the columns before notie. il Kiting on this cor rice n the iron ?raam*nt mentioned above. This section w n feet in Th^jJ^'mht?^ri "****> Wfeet lu lieljj'jt. The sections on either side of the center con tain one window in eaoh wOorv; aad besid ? the rosettes, etaiblems of the order will be dis played above tbose o! the main story, topped br | ci^uKVZ^' ,r,he cn<l will contain I circ ular head wiiklows, aiK^have cornices and crowning ornament*similar in design to those ?n the center section, but inaeb smaller. On a _ 7.V. *''J1 ,h? **l<*>n floor a handsome baicony ?ill be placed along the whole front. . ?* TUK LOW Kit I'UJOR the north entrance wiU remain, and there will be two stores ol JO te? t Iront and one of 14 feet tront. besHles the main entrance at about the present location. The stores, a/also the saloos \?1 V .^er rooms, will be lighted by windows o? ib?' sides^opening into courts? the court on the sontk 1 htiiig .T7 feet by 9, ami the north one vi by :?tcet, J here will a ho be windows in the rear thk saloon or main hall will be 41?* foet wide bv 100 feet loiij?, with a height ot i_' i.'eet from floor to ceiling. It will l?e reached by w' stairway of easy a>cent, and as the prestnt stairw HJ OB the north side of the saloon is to remain w'th (he door leading to the sa:?K)n it may be Cu^i?!ied of an audience in a very few minutes. At hea?l ot the nuin ft airway th* ticket Ouicc- 5 bF * '<et. ?> loc ated, within a tew steps C* f',e ?aln door. Oirectly opposite this door a stu l" tioor ,ea,|ji to the ladies room, 47 by 12feet anu' ,here an entrance from this i"oom to the salo on? ab??t ii'.'. ?m^5o1 th,'1nlain door, excessive cro" ' ii'g will be avoided. This room is fiirn. 'h,?' ?.thw,?. basins, closets' nderL.n,, - shuh It 1;;a;lst,? f,he r^nien'* room aU?ve ' Around the saloon 1^. om^ coVJi^'e'^11?^ fas \ture? ami. In tact, everything about t'ie saloon w ill Ik? new. An entirely new sUae will be constructed, and it will be of a neft and TSZXA&SZ-J"-"" o-. c .^T.RE sP?*PRn room, ? V i r I v eef' *,u'iin entrance t<>lt is i<r.> rided just beyond the stage for the gent'em u Ins room may be al,o us^d as a diwine-?on dramatic and other performanoe* as ii^, My ^ THt Boow^ TUg THIRP "TORT will utidergo a complete change. The library, is at present, will bt on the iront, measuring iTi py ;* 5 feet- may be reached as at present, ?y the mir'L or south stairway. To the soutli of he library (over the gentlemen's room) will be le reading room, 13 reet by 47 v . and near ttv -'Ut'i stairway a siore r.oiu ior old books Imm. diately eaft of the library is a lodge n?..w - b\ 41 feet, the ante-room <?> by 16 te t 'con tha north fide, reached bv the oil iorth s.anway Another lodge room of the amesise and the encampment room. 26 bv $; eet, are also on tins floor, the ante-roam and i committee room being between this io-ifc ind thc_ tiu.imnment room and the anrc oom ot the latter being loiate.l south ^ v'*.'!"^ u fr?ni the old store f,1 in southeast corner of e m ? repT" and encampm nt corns will be reacheu l?y a corridor (C6 feet bv running trom the upper platform of the m un ?tairway. These rooms will be 16 feet in liei 'tit md convenient thereto will be wash burins'W water-closets. ith the windows op|>o>ite to tach other and the ventilation through the ?halts above noticed, the membership wilt be enabled to perform the duties required of th^m tatedThsl ,hee,ee ?,T Cnn,f,,rt- 't should be ? . i! ? grand secretary's orti.-e wili re. 1,1 !ts Present location, opening on the ? i Tr?.r*^ '""n^Jiately beneath the ante b**?'y Jron which will be , e'-t i ? havf a!r' ad.v been ordered and arc ex pected to arrive by the 10th of May, ar.d THE Woi:K WtLLTItajr UK ('OXMBXCCn Jtv l!*.ca,culatc?4 that with a K.>od r?. fi*?r. 7 reqnirs aln)ut five mon bs. ?r,d that the total cost will be aftout^CO.uoo. The Ketheri i??kbeen eT,tr,,?^ Mr. Sam..el ^ well-known car|ieliter and bui,.ler. Susjurisdic^o.L0*'11011 0l gra"d tre4SUr" "f There is but little doubt but that under the financial management of Mr. W. W. Mo?e who has been president of the trustees s nee oT ,he present hal! was first pro I'ostd.) the iiew btu'dinB will not only b-an ornament to .th street, ami a credit to theor ler. hut a Hnaticial success. The Fish Marked. Alkxam?ri.??Vu'Jtatiou?of new fish for this ?lay, furnished to The Star by George \V. Harrison A Co., wholesale dealers in hsti. Sos. 42 King street. 50. 51, 50 hsh wharves, Ale\au dria. Va. Shad, ffsh. per hundred, *1000 to *11.00; Potomac famiU. M r bid., 911.00 to .*12.n0: Kcoiiomy family, i I)elawAre.> per bbl., #11.oo. HerringI Iresh," j??r thousand, ?5.00 to ?6.00; Potomac, No. 1. per bbl.,?5.08to?6.00; Potomac, family, (roe.) per bbl., *7J>?; Potomac, family, l^r half bbl., M.OO; Labrador, family, per bbl., extra.*5.2.". Portlandgibbed,|?er bbl.,*5.0I?: Bay oi Island. No. 1.(new.) 95.00: do., family mess, #5.50; lj?ke herring. Chicago, extra. ?6.oo; St. John's alewiyes,96.09; old No. 1 Potomac, ?XoO. WifimoTOV?To-day. at the Washington fish wharves, the following sale# to shippers were made by K. A. Golden Jfc Bro.. ajfents: ? ln.oao shad, t'mm P10.50 to ?13; 25.000 herriags. from?6to*J?; 100 bunches i>ercb. from 15to2<? cents. 300 shad sold to Capt. S. Gedney, for shad bake at Ulymont, Md. A Detkrado Captvrkd?About 1 o'clock ti.-day t?rticer Shimoneck, of the sth precinct, was on duty on :id streei. In the locality known i? ??N ig-er Hill" southeast, whfen he discovered a i olured man coming out the back way of a fane* goods store kept by Mr. S.Ward, with his arms lull of ladies' and children's wearirg apparel. On theorticer approaching inm he ran towards Gmnaud's wharf, hotlv pursued by the otlicer. who over took him on the" end of the wharf, when the fellow ttnding escape imt>o*sible without taking to the water, dropped his clothing md made fight with Shimonncck, drawing a long kni>. with which he tried to cut him. 'I ' e officer held % long ami open light with li m. defending himself with nis club, the tlnuf retreating and lighting at the aan ? time, llie ofbeer followed, and called ujsiii some colored men to aid him, which they refused to do, but finally tome men came to his assistance, and the fellow was knocked clown and tied with a rope ami carried to the station-house, where he gave the name ot llenry Johnson. The ofllcer was considera bly list?1 up, though not seriously hurt, .lohn ?on has just been released from jail, where he has served a term for larceny. ? Small rox casks have been reported as follows since yestetdav 3 at the Alms-house, and one each at 314 K street southwest; h, be tween 3d and 4,i< streets southwest; 1st, between N and O southeast; 325 F street southwest, and one in indefinite location. tar A swindler who talks French, German, ami English fluently, has been playing the deaf and dumb dodge at Sacramento. VTbe conservative state committee of Vlr Cnla is to meet in Richmond on Wednesday, ay 7. 9TK Butler county. Penn., girl has twenty one lovers, yet she never saw a steamboat or railway. tBTA Nashville man. In a paroxism of anti Modoc eutbus:a?m. attacked a wooden Indian in front of a tobacco shop. gTHet>rv B?*rgh wa? arrests! in New York yesterday o?? a suit of Dennis Christie, for al fegtd false iui| riscnment. iiergh r *?> released on tl imjO bail. THE fOdBTR. COURT IK GKNEKAL TCRM ?Te day, L, T. if-rri-d to' |ljlJ''''n ''iriiiBlKloii to the ?? r. MTI^.<i?e? ,1hBB1>"r<' of Public Works agt the lu.i*th?ei11' ' 0 *?* rMniwl.iBii Mr.r.i -k S* at !*?,-7|l^ 'r)?Ua^Ut for,ht b *r'1' couUmM?g C sV^'V*. ??yUT', Jmdtt ???"?-T^d.y, Vs. *?? charged ?ltli threats to A B U -dger fS'j.I TM' ?w<j clerks In the I'ateat ultc<-, mkI Hi a faculty originated ik<>ai a??n?nd nuuie by defendant (or the pat n?? ut of a bill alleged to be due , _,. */*"*"* 7,:rd* Mssed defendant ;hreat<'tied to cowht^e i .'iiipUiiiaut. S hoads to Keep the peace. Huiilum c*rtwri?tit. larcenv of H h.nd of nisimre worth us cent.. *lo nod co*t?,i r thirty 4tr?. 1 1-aiali ?od l>i?niol Stewart, wi-rw chained with STT^ !D,lV>!tUtr? on Martin Lanhady. A w tness text 1 fled to stein* one of the dnfeu 1 (I*nt* on top of complainant in front of * res filT*. i street, an4 the other oue giving ia .'rjKt'OD. bow to flog him; that oiau^la ?? i "H. c0">P's:naut, and h,> WM l"*Hr ronghly inrt t h.T iir' f ' *ri*b." ?rr<1rt^ ??>? Stewart* testi hSt M hhl! ^ ?hammer and trowel on thru, ??i?tfd L witnesses f.,r defence were gngegted^ aad the iudge fined them ?W each. ? ir^ . w"",V?nl1 '""^y on Martha ?a?215&fi/!!,.,?Ja*' J? ?h" coontry. it I,JV?Li#k J"?*? irom ronutry. Jt J^" te?t!tied that he enteral the limse where tbi? *?p'?'? *n<1 made a rude and indecent aw-anlt iiik." herduniMf the abaeuoe of the hoase oftSLkJJI115?e l'ut * little daughter 'Ti . "l* complainant; fined ?10 cT*?S*2l MJ*" I.rew, a toy, rrr .-' r.\ <-*? ?*?. Atwn urew, a ??y. l.atged with petit larreny of wrapping pap**r, key*, door knob^. A.-.; flu f m^leJ. Lee /mm%m charged with tusattlf and battery on Patrick Kc vMr^iW that he is an ciDpl'o^ it the Metropolitan hotel, and had occasion to n-L Jon-o to leave a ?? at he was occupying, wten J. Mien ?. ^ btscane. He was not a enes-, ?-,J ?av niaktiiB h niM lf obnoxious to those about him C;;"',"'*":,*"', Mf":rw ?rrt" p,,t bill. Mr. Donate" r I"*?1, tnrtiltod that McV. ry had ordera n !,h<" '"'"J*"- ^ bv ?' '! inadebim erit?.r , Witney had told Mr. J n..t t< ent?>r there atrnin. as he had raised a ttirht prwvi. n* at "oV"V .* "h,,Mr ""Henry. who*" . vW* r fc.H Vl!T Mnny com pi aii re j1!h?Tu?, Si!' *"-te of his habits. ?r. nf il r I IF iMJ - to MeeiliK the t*jert Ill-lit ( hi rLW?"'trikiiig Mc Very several tin oe HtVi S r,'11 ol1 ''del-keeper, *,?] i ? ? I' ?J"1"' * m,l,l * have before this .<casi >u l""dte ? iu hie own behalf,*?y il .Vl, '1 th-re to m^et a fri? iel- t m>1. k V i,re'/n'1 W"K r,?deH approached bv astr i 1- 1 VUt- ",,d ,,B ?-mpt bei?V!i^to nnt^ui ?rn 2l*T '^r irt"n' b'' CHn,?,, ?*ail ?: " *,l# feeble <*trenirth aouUi all .u ,?n ?Sfi^V01, ffi'Ction. ho hid oiinp to the dettwmi the ll'^r-1 hV/ki f u'."1 K* V:a""" ,he Proprietor- of ./ ' j, he felt to be due to society, as well its hioiHH]f,and had lu^tituted ?och pr<>c?H(iinir* wLi^h knowledge, 1^ prPesu.u.d, *th< T hid ?ki .k ,hjN.c?"rs^- ilt" wittiea^ee guve test mini w hi.ih ? a* to the tanie effect aa above ataled fee. b< e^*ilt?**""V to *P*t ,he '!,K>r- ** bud ? 1. by comp.'amant. Col. Duncane..nteHtl fitd that Mr. J one* had been jn the habit of .allioe h^',,m"ihm,Meh*L',vMr Harrington rtatedtS antfnritl H*lcV^r7 ?PP"T.d to ha*e th ? Umt he diw?lliT f,?.on tBf" occasion, and aa?J *?. "*y ""I? ,orw' than wa* n?,-a 22KL'ir # ki fT 'Coone,*"ltr Ml ionea, (poke in Mtalf of hta client, clairaing that he had a riiht to i(ifU U"-.Pr,UiC ?'? beh?T?! ? m r'- ? S^ntlwKan mr)J , ?rkt observer fi?r abo ve t hin' f?/1 f 1 ^1' > Hp hun ? i ' *'"1 be wa* well kn>wn in eI^?S'?h),'h,i "t" " r?TKh H? hid eiiUrid the h.-tcl peaceatlv, and behaied hiun lf thero *"?* ???<1 ? ri?h< to remain Vf r -i? Tij aaaault took place ?>i the .Sth oi Mar< h. and w by trM n< t fbe c*v ieailtated l,ef ,n fh?? hue* Col. J<r?ea had clearlv Indicated whv? vroDrletotw VftJ"# b ,f"r'* ,""roni" known to the s .A,t?r f,|r""'r W*i*rk* h* co?!ia.-l ti.p jiulgi hnpoaeit a fine off*, am con.a t"? o wa- akenatd aecnrlty ^ven. -auapp..,i DornLE E.\K( ition'Tn Tkx as.?Two m 11 named liar,!o? a?,l Kimball were executed u v""i ?ueva^- ou lUe Monday following ti ,oi F riday, thf crime tor whicli tb"y anfrereil beinc ?' ?rosef,h i'hilpot on ;!" >"{1 ' Thfy were convicted in October last and sentenced on SI arch 7th to be hanged on April 11, but tliey were respited until the 14th on account of the religious MHoeiatioas of th? former day. Kimball wan a man tan ln.e fix f-et high in In# stockings; he bad large b!?e eyf?. brown hair, and a .lark complexion; be orated the matter out, and tj the last assert- .1 bis innocence. Barne* was a smaller m u?, T. yeari old, with a round lace, straying l,"u-k hair, and shiny little black eres. He also t>r<> t-:?ted bio innocence, but, tinlikc the other he did not pretend to have no tear 01 death ' An l4^meitte crowd, ronija^d chiefly of negroes wih. *he ex?rVi,?n- W1,en Kimball had asceno?. , ??*?oid lie cut a double sbuilU' on if, and bls conscience wltli a large ,,,i-d of tobaceo. ?. ':,rnes was 'juiet and lbey Loth died JwlT A MfST f?iNut i. \R "AvVVKT^ias ju*t taketi place in Pari?. A M. l?^v*ro're invited several uf his friends and a "m<tll ?f scientiiic men to dine upon the llenh 07 horses who had ii?d irutii the glanders; of cows " victims of the rinderpest, and of an ass, j '-t k. , jr hyhrophobta. It was a "test banauer-olre that proved the devotion of each man "therr cience, and that he was willing to risk his lii'e a demonstrate, in the most practical manner. iat the flesh of animals is not affected ts hmuan lood bv eTen the worst diseases. The Hre purifies it and purge* away all infection. 1 he director of the Pai is Zoologkal Gardens is laid to corroborate this theory from personal experiments on tho condemned meat sent to leed the animals. So with this ijuestion lina!!\ -tiled by M. Decroire and his friends, and -,v tfi (lie approaching ??l>iet Congress." the gav capital will have an opportunity, at some future Jay, to erect statues to its dietary benefactors. NEST-if.c.9 are frequently made a? fol'o^i Take an egg and break a* small bole in t:ie round end of it, and remove the contents; 11 it fill up the shell with plaster of Paris wet up ?ith water to such a consistency as to admit of its being poured Into the shell; after it "sets," paste a piece of white paper smoothly over the tiole: 11 this is not done the hens peck at tids end of the egg and toon destroy it. This kind ?l nest-egg is cheap and easily made, and they w ill also last a long time. Porcelain eggs u-e hard to find .iust when von w int 'hem. at?d lieslde*. thev are often made so t'dn s? to be easily broken, which is the great ob c tton to their use. A CARKFt l HKtbKi.KooM in f'lavelaud I I t the w dilitig ring in his mouth during the 1 ?re pprt of the ceremony, so that he could tin I it when the proper moment arrived. He mum bled along all right until the minister wink tl, a? a hint to produce the ring, when In his nervousness be swallowed it, and, there being no stomach pump 011 hand, he wa? stood ou liis head by three groomsmen, to recovei the ?'golden pledge." The people of St. Louis talk 01 sending L. I", lteavis, the "capital mover," to the Vienua K^jKisitmn to present the attractions of this country and encourage emigration. Keavin is an uneouih boor, whom no gentleman wottld voluntarily come in contact w ith. He does \ j-v well to comnile statistics and do the heavy blowing for St. Louis from a home staM-i... nt, but they couldn't do a sillier thing than >.iid him abroad.? /mUt Journal, ^"The first fractured leg of this year's :>ase ball season is re|K>rted from Iow a. fcf"An advance of ten cents per ton on the whole line of coal is announced in New York. W"Lucc".-liere now," is the way a Pittsburg paj^r announces the presence of the can/at,-? ?9~The hornets and wasps, which are of an industrious if not aflectionate <lis|?o?itioii, are begiiining to reconnoitre for summer residence. ?yThe richest man in San r rancisco is sensi ble and hides under the table when asked to respond to a toast. MTA ltochester woman worked three h >urs to throw the freshet out of the kitchen window as fast as it came in under the door, but she finally gave np in distrust. *7"The Sharon Herald, noticingthe approach of the "Black Crook," wisely remarks: "This is a su|*erftuous performance while the erodings are so muddy.' &TAnold woman at Liverpool, *>ii>0, "d dn't want 'm to take any trouble utter she was d jad but if it was just the same she'd like to be b.tried with her s|iectac!es ou." 07"Bosses at Cedar Kapids, Iowa, charge in surance agents and sewing machine runners hall a dollar an hour for talking to their h tnds eluring working hours. i^Ell Brow n, said to be one of the most dan gerous counterfeiters in the northwest, was ar rested at the Fifth avenue hotel in New York yestciday. ?K?LLE<iB OF OBSTITB1CS AKD GYNECOLOGY. TuVfJL'i?K ?w ^^nre# in thin CoUe?a will Uegin TUC Hhl>A Y, May 1, at the Columbia Hospital .cur n-T or ?h Ktreet ajid PeDMylvauia avtuur, at 6 o clock p. m. Prefp*or -?f Obatetrlcs, r. A. Aahford, M. D. Profeeei^r of Oyn?ecolo*v, J. U . Thompson, H. V. Profi twiirof >eneral Diseaaea of Women, J. W B':ikley, M. D. ^P|ofe??or of Diseaeee of Children, B.C. Baser, frrofri?or of Microscopical Anatomy and Pathol ogy, E. M BchaeJT.-r, M. t?. ^Pjosecfor of Auatouiy and Carat or, P. J. Murphy, The object* of this College are to enable atadents snd Dlactitioner* of niedicuie to avail themwilrea of the MCilitin aSorded bf this li .spital aad Dispeii sarv to ohtahi a pnactiaal knowledge of the science V*i,,rt of Midwifery, to tatf aad obaerve the pa thology, ihacnoels and tr>?f?at >4 dlaease,T?f wanueu and children, and to secarea tboroogli kaowl edJ<> <*. *1< ro*opical aiiHtomy and pMhology. Two lectures a week will bedellvered by each Prw ^faring tlie uiontlis of May,/aue and Sep The CHnkral Lectures by Professor Th .gip.oa will be free Ihroua mat the wtafer to the mudenta ofthia Ssbf'rtf ** Willaleotboee of Profeaaora BsMey and Terms: For an entire eonrae.including gradnation fee- 9*0; when two coaraes are taken?for th-tir?t. S'.H*. for the seCetMi, f1l). Tor fnrthw partioulaia adu rema P. A. ASH FORT). M. D.. Dean, al7-ect*ia) I 13.>0 New Yorkav-^ntie TBI BBf AMT UOUSB, ?L~ t . L*mf>L<m earner 14U tlTMt m*4 Jf. f atatw. Altar the lat of Deoambar, 187], PeAianent and transient Boardera will find thia boose one ef the ntmdeslraMy aod aiost coovenieutly located hooaa* Tbe roo?a ara neatly tamlsbeil.wen Itgfitad and the com Tbsi cbanres ara low, bat the wanta aod th< ort of all gweats will he carefully provided for. The proprietor, jj. MCHAKDS, has detertniaed tc ,?rc vide a good caterer. novl] sotf Fairfax and ?eoi?elm?a T?raplk? <eni|*Hny. KLBfTinjf or r KE8I ">EKT AND P!?*CTOR?. Er-ning Sfar.] c Chi rch, Va., April 24. ??? T ,?tnr The "toclthoJd rs of the Fair i?* ami Georgetown Turnpike company ha 1 "J"*5"* at "?'? place yesterday ?hI-I,,?.aml elwtwl the following officer* for r*r. Phil Mr*, president; ??*?IwMlc ''"xsrain. Col. Aul? pi WiddJeomb, Truman Brash, Allen Pearce, an.! J. C. DePutron, director-! ?. ?<W*tloa 01 this road is one of the mo*t wflL. JniI,roT?"?''ft" contemplated near Washington, ?? the road in one of the principal hijjhtfaTSleading U> the Capital city from Vtr F,,"! Through the fart of there being no road ?\i^?t?firoe*Ingthe Potomac at Georgetown on ivin?^?e" years past, this fine country o?!P ^^he,*0,IU,Wr!,t?t Washington had no ,eart,nS. throngh It, except from Alexandria, OTer which great quantises of PJ^?n?e are annually sent to the markets at tnat place. The wholo farming commniitriu this region say that WM?n a* this new turnpike w completed they will prefer to transfer all of their marketing, and consequent trade, to Washington and Georgetown. Another ?ne of the important advantages secured by this roa.l i? that it will open np to the people of the Dis trict cities the most nealthv and beautfttr) sec tion of country near them'for country Lom s and suburban residences. We confident! pre dict its speedy completion uinler the mar; '4ge tnent of such enterprising men as the stock holders hare now chosen to push forwar?. this 1 inJ'ort ant enterprise. Win*: Awtf e. 0E ORQETOffN. PleasantMiiojir Kkimon TheGoorr? L.hoir Rnye their animal rc-uuion ji d dinner last night at Fugitt'aon Congress street. ?e\ era! members of the choir were present, also, a number of honorary members, and t e occasion was a delightful one to all concern. '. ine dinner was bounteous and savory, tin liquors abnrdant and excellent, and the usi a! toasts and speeches fer such o?-asiuns were a ?? nounced and made, interspersed with a varie v ?of songs and glees. The party separated a.: <t wasonaMo hoar well pleased ??ith the eut. r tainmenr. ?r8?2I -The improvement ot W estsueet which hh suspend*! last wiuior has been resumed by Contractor ileason, w jo ^ completion from wSd? t*rk ;Vn'^ Tbe ""W ?? west ? ?S ,'*et ll;ls r,ot been established, and not only prevent.-the mprovetj"nt of the th'af "f tbo, l nio? -treet railroad it that point which a.1 of o?r up town people T^i ot- 1 ciJnap'?tod Hf early a? |K>ssil.'e. Prospect street, between Hi 'h and r otomac is about completed, and adds very much te its appearance. ' ]i>veu News?The steamer Oeorgevina ar rived to-day trom Baltimore witij a iuiscellano oous cargo and the Lady of the Lak.? elearil for Norfolk with flour. The seiiooner Ij. M. ?i",?lnJoc rr've<^ ^rwn> Salisbury, Md. with

ftO, OO leet of lumber to Joseph auj J. R. L Gbai* Tradk? The schooner Manr .Asn r L!?w . r f""" A,e*?'?<?riM wit!! bm4j Is wheat to llartiy & Bn>., and the canal b it Seneca with jV) barrels flour, '*v> bushels V I ^ bushels corn, and loo bushels oru.-ro i:^hc^r'a,,d 1,10 buxheis com to 11 *f. I wa'f ??' rLle fales ro-<lay were bush ls wheat trom store, at 91.93. wcrl-Ts !^.H|ARF ?The rf,f"eiPt" of fish to-dw ?-k-1 , herring. 2,000 tavlors and loo sha I lorv f1'1 ;U ? P? r thousand: ta v huiidrcd? tKT li""drLj a"d >U"' a! " >i'or j cit y Items! Ah Vr R L?^?T" K rT" thc m-'iny pitrorw d ' ' ummirw immense shoe cstibtioh* inert, and the wlujle community. Do not fail to ^ofw1,**. W a,id beau tit",11 n ew spr! 1 fg ro< k ot boots and shoes of every deseri'itii.n il^U be ab",l11 J to ?temut to . numerate -o ereat a \ ariety, but the truth of the fact i- t ? largest and select in the eitv V " h street, next to corner ot K and new park. " ' If I It \t> Kjow.v it Last Ybar Th-> w ,n, tTgUage 01 ? P??r cripple, who, fourt. 1, HeVia!? t *{? ""der an iron bea. 1 lie had been allow'd to sutler pain an.i iss-n,. . flir^?? de,0Lm,tjrbUt I,e had ^"vered the uge ot one knee by the Centaur Liniment w^nnotluMue.4 ^ ?o swelling i, ^,co-j Prict^r' a^?'UA1 s forni ;r t o ., r. , -A- STBAPSS'S. ?> 1011 Pa. ave., bet. loth and 11th si-. Reliable. j?k ?hers and Mothers? we are *?our stoek a large ass.ortuj ^it Of l?ov?\ vo. aim cliiMrtirs TheWaveil> ? from 3 to 8 years Oi from to The Harvard Suits? fr< m 4 to l? years of age, fro in c; to -20. Sailor Suits, Fanagut? from 3 to 8 years of age, and otti^r styles in e> lews variety. Ours are the best oaade. L' ?t material and newest styles in the marn."t . ? o ^ Js'oah Walker & Co., 4.--,S 611 Pa. ave,, MetropoliUn llot.jl. Ir a van wants a Bottle or Whisky, l?t him buy it and take it home like a man, a ad not sneak home with a bottle of ''Bitters," jr '?Cordial," and pretend that it is medicine. If he wants a tonic that is something better th 111 a temporary stimulant, he should get a battle of Peruvian Svrui., (an Iron Tonic,) that will vitalize the blood and give durable strength to the system. * G Shirts *adi: to o' n f ir nishing their own material, can have th ;ir Shirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Mens. PJ2 0th street northwest. Satisfaeiiou guaranteed. 4)19>,: An FiTFSDKn Popilarity Fach vear finds "Browu s Bronchial Troches" in new lo calities iii various parts of the world. For re Iieving Coughs, Colds, and Throat Diseases, the i rocLes Lave been jtrured reliable. t,tlirs Pond's Extract cures rueumatism, bums, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, co'ic lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhrpa, and all hemorrhages, etc. Ponu 8 Extract differ* from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medieal writings, and known to be a cure for the&e diseases. m,Ui,.8,tt' **?. 1 Rfs of Doolev's than of any other Yeast ?r Baking Powder, as it is much stronger. Put U1i ?? Weii?bt. Give it a lair trial. Gro.^rs sen it* ^ Save YorR Doctor's Bill?When Dr. Wis tar s Balsam of Wild Cherry will ctrk couijhs, colds, bleeding at the lungs, and arrest the fell destroyer, Consumption, it does more than most physicians can do. The use of a single bo*tie, *??e dollar, will satisfy the incredulous that they need look no lurther for the required am. g VTH* Rational Savings Bank, oorner of J?ew York avenue and 15th street, pavs 6 per ct. per annum on deposits for each calender month. Banking hours, d to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to8- 27t3,14tl6 THEcnvHUNiTY at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 SouiTD feet being indispensable to health ana comfort thousands of persons come from tar and near to risit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No- 835 15th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails.. Ac and advice as to suitable shoes. WnXMK * Gibb's Srwino Maohinb. Th# oelebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Baum's hoopsklrt and oonet factory, )th street, Intelligencer Building. 10,29 ^ barometer* are repaired and^made^to order by Hempler, near 4jf srreet. UNDERTAKERS. RICHARD F. HARVET, (Sututw to MAR TMf t MAHR,) Mo. V34 F Strkkt, between Hinth and Tenth. METALLIC BUKIALCASKS AND CASK of utry dturiftie*; marl ly SHHOUUS, HABITS, #1. RICHARD W. BAR It KB., CAtilNKT MAKER ANU UXDBRTAKMM* ?1? KLXTKNTH BTBKIT, near V. FORNJTUKM OP ALL KIN US UADK AM A HK PAIRED. Tnttr yyiuiAM mcuTT ?o.TM TtbStbbbt,BktwbbnQ and IS?1 ?ee-ly Oofllna and Oasketa of all k<' <*. D? WOBULBTV pectoral syrup, roa OODGB* AHD OOLM. t,m xf?LD ALL VR U09ISTB. CVi,vl'?L"j?ri^i^ZS swa&rJart agyy--?-& ?icians, Dry. J 0. BmI, Thorn*. MilUr^flYiX. AS713* tent, r H. MrOntre. TrwMnr.r. to whom *11 cam axuiucatiuasoi.y Le Ml; Puct OBce Box ???. J fc Qeoryetowft Adv^rtliamonti. ?/OR Stlit T S.x new EXPRESS B PSIMMM W M'.oys. tor nrd n<> ??? ?" J. E.PBoBT'SCosobS: p. 47 Troep ?ct-*r. ??, ____ 0?K* G~rwetow:., 11 \j |\gy <;i?oD* AT POPULAR IRIOCD. \J For GOOD B\RCAtNS be snre to *o to RUN J Alt IN MILLER. Ml BriH*e *re?t, G^orget^wn. J ?r* "<'?<? I'oplif-* at 28 and 35c .;* S lk?. PUc . 76c . ^1. plain Dress (J -nk in the new ?.4*ra. J* . 37',e., l*> . Black Silks frora ?1.J3 to fx. Black Gr-uadlDes from Sc. to #1. b-autifal laid* for -hildr-n. Sc.; Yideria L?wn?. ?6r.. ?7c.; Planet, ?* , 23c , STf., Mc .Black Atpaca* awl M. h?irv a *plendM anality. aa low ?? Mc. Cloth*. Ca*siiaer?, Lim n Drill*, allthe novel tie? in P;?ra-ols; >n* caae more of the splendid 4 4 B!"?K h?'l Cotton. !])((. tp? tr pOTATOKS! POTATOES ! POTATOES !!! PRIME MAINS JACKSON WHITES. 1.4W Bnsheis prime Ho. 1 JACK.SON WHIT POTATOES, 10* landing per ?rho?n?r Oarri BpofTtrd, and for *?le In lot* to snl? pnr<-hs?-r* Apply to HMtTLET ft BROTHER, at7-lw* *4 ?mi 91 * atnr ?t , O??rr?*owii, ' D C. J^EADY FOB THB SPRING TRADE. With a full corps of irst class workmen. a com l>let* at,*k of the be?t foreign and domestic D>e Stuffs, Ac., Ac., I aw fully prepared to CLEAN OR RBCOLOR LADIES' AND GENTS-SPRING AND SUMMER WEARING APPAREL. promptly and in the b^t manner. m. U. VHCATLKV. PRKMIVM STXAM DYK1.VO AMJ ?*'??? INI* WOKKS. ESTABLISHED 1911. Premium awards IS57. Office ,4* Jefferson st .Georgetown, D. 0 P ? Office B"t Tal. apT T Y TIlOllAb D<>U LING, Auctioneer, 139 Bridge street, Georgetown. PUBLIC SALE OF VAl.ULILE I*fPR??VKl? REAL ESTATE. SITI'ATE <>N DCMBARTON bTRKET. BETWEEN UREt.N AND MONT GOMERY STREETS. OROKtlKTOWN. D AND Nl MItKlUCD 44, 47. 40, 41, -?3, il, AND -VJ Having determined to di?pa*e of mv pr,->|w>rtv HS in the Di-trict. I will ofT-r ? c the pr ;>* ?i?bo?erarahi,r*< at public ssK, to the lii*h' ?t hinder, on THURSDAY, M?> l?t,?.t 4 p. m vatnabb H< iMs ainl Lota. Tho location i? plewnt snd healthy, the honse* in good <ondition, wi'h modern conveniences; the *tdewaTk* and streets iiave been recently tevi-N and repaveil. Terms <>f sale. Oue fkird cash; the Glance in 4, 1? and 18 niontth?; deferred p?\m?uu secured b> ?l^ed of trnst up?wi pren?i?<Mi. .* 1JU pain on day of m?!o. ConTeyatir-Jn* at the coat of the pnrcha- r. Th'.' terum of ?al* to be complied with ii. fixe d tr?, othTwire the pr?f>?rty t? bo reaold at coet of .ie fanHlne pnrcliaser. JOHN BAV1B. all .l.\d> THOMAS POWLIKG.Anrt, LIVERYSTABLEa JB. OLCOTT A SON, . BOABDINO, LIVF.UY 4 BALI STABLES 4 14?4lb etreet, bet. D And E. aiul Cbitia AIU/, U between 13th and 14th. ttCii.-, Willard*. Beat CMTiaxea farulatwd. Social care paid u t b? boarding of ho twee. d?rfl-ly Allison nailor, j*., LIVERY AND HIRING STABLES. STYLISH OAKBIAGES awl COACHMEH. d<-<H> Iy 1JM E ntre?t northwest ABL1WGTON sTABLKS ?B. CBUIT. JR. G STREET, BPTWFt.x ITth aft) 19tb. Carriagea by day or uigtit.aixi for wadding* or pnr tie*. dtrftl' t'ONGRESS STABLES, 9th STUEET, Betwksm D ass B. H^rsen and huKtiee for Hire, tud a freab supply ?' good H'>rse* for aale every w< ek. jj31 1 y BK'HARD VANT, Proprietor WASH. N AI LOU'S STABLES 13'J6 B ST CARRIAGES of tlie latent atylea conktaLtl; on band and for hire by the day or month. Partita, wedding*, and r?cepti< u* farnUhed witt the moet eo?nf rtal'le and elegant Carria^?a. Particnlar atf>nti< n to boarding Hor*e?. ay H< rw>a alway* for aale and erchange. derlft tf ()l R LATENT EXCITEMENT. ATTRACTIOXS FOli SPJtlXn. THE MOSTINCBEDULOCSBEING RAPIDLY CONVINCED. ^ 10? TIk m 8tyli?b Suit* at .5 10 Please Every bi*ly. .a IO?Tlicm Se^ iceable Suits' at ? IO Suit Everyh - Iy. ?10?Tl)"ir. II and come Suit* at *10 Become Everybody, 5 10?Them Nobby, well-made Suit*, at.? 10, AKE SOLD TO EVERYBODY. OCR JUVENILE NOVELTY. NEW SPBING STYLES. $ft-0ttr fnl! 8tiit for Boys' School W ar at $-V 8 i?All the Boys like? ? 4 % 5?Our School Suits at S ??. g3-All the Boys want?.*5 54-Our School Suits at 9 A?All the Boys wear? ?.i?0'ir School Suits at ~ ?>. 84?Our fashionable aud well-made School Suits at 8 4 ABE MADE OF DURABLE MATERIAL. HABLB BROTHHRS. FASHIONABLE TAILORS, ?pis tr Ooh!TKK 7th AND D STIIKT*. J. \V. BKIt.llTW ELL, 4'20 9th Stkeet. SHIRTS made to order and reaily-niade. A p.-r fect fit K'l.irantod. Alio, a choice line of GENTS FURNISHING GOODS constantly on hand. aii 1 fCARRIAGES CARRIAGES:: CARRIAGE-" V> Un hand h large and complete stock, of ffvst -cla-s family Carriages at reason-? able prico*. All styles Poney Ph? ton*.J Top and No-top B"ggi<*s, iu great variety. Se*er?l fine Victorias at a bargain. Repairing promptly at tended to. ROBT. H. GRAHAM, New Repository and Factory, 410-414 dtii street, uerthwe?t. my A good -inan boy wanted for the trimming shop. airj.i; * EW SPHlNtt UOOUS. >Ti 1! H. DUVALL. Merchant Tailor. 449 Pennsyl vania Itruw , between 4>* aud6th ?U?K8. has ust rectOed a choice assprtnn-nt of the tat est styles SPRING GOOl>8, comprising French and English Cloths, Caseimertw and Vesting*, Diagonal, Banket,ami other go.-d*" suitable for the present and approaching seae -n, which will be made up to order in the most (a-!i. >n able manner, at moderate prices. Also, gentlemen's hne Ureas Shirts, Gar.?? Mei ino Undershirts. Muslin and Jean Drawer*, Scurf*,Tk?* Glove*, Handkerchiefs. Umbrellas, Ac. Hi* friend* aud the public are invited to call. al5- * 2\\ IVO HUMBl G -L. RICE will pay a fair . a*b IN price fur auy kind of Ladies', Gents' ana Cnil dreii s Secona hand Clothing, Boot*,Shoes,*c. *>4<t 7th street, between F and G, south. Note by m&il promptly attended. jeUly M?BT iitB,"patented June *r W0NDBRFUL1HVENTI0M OF TH1 AGE I J. Moms' Electro-Galvanic SPECTA atch Material*, docT ly " ' " "H. HOFFA. Sola Agent, Dealer In W ate baa, Jewelry, and WaU Ho. Pa. ava.. U>. ?. h and Tth sta. 404 Wct^VH^,Rlt?TfcCW .404 We have jtwt received our soring stock of SHADE HOLLANDS, SHADR FIXTURES, FINE GOLD AND WALNUT FRAMES, CORNICES, COltDS TASSELS, At. MR STOCK OF PHOTOGRAPHS AND CHROMOS it now COMPLETE, and is one of th* FIN EfcT in tte City, all of which we are ofleriug at v?rylv^F prices ?WTFraiBM Repaired and Regilt and furniture Covers aaada to order. ai-tml K ... rpHlS ISTOGIY* NOT ICE t That the snbsenbar I has obtained from the Snpraie Court of the Dis trlet of Ooinubin, bo Mian a Special Term. h-trer> iMtamoatary on the personal eMato of Li t Y A. WHEELER lateol Waabingtun countv, D. C .4? ceaeed. AH peraona uaviug claims againat me am 1 are kareby warnea to exhibit tt - ...... ML ???! the wlm the vouchers thereof, to the eubecri ?? r. on or b^bre the Utb day uf April uext: tUev may (?therWtoe hi law be excluded from ail benefit ot the aaid estate Given un?t-r aay hand, this I5t ti day "'at^thi" CHRISTIANA SIMPSON,R*e<-ntrix. PTHESUPREMECOUJITOFTHE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Ohablis Ht ar el* et al vs. Jobs J. McCollax et al ?2.138. Equity Docket i0. Wm. F. Mattingly, Trnstee. Iiaving re portal to the Court that on tne Mth February, K3, he ?ohl the real estate mentioned In the decree in this raiwe. 1 part of lot 8. in square 447.) to Strausburgrr Bios . for 95,SOU, and tant they hate complied with the terms of sale, it is bi the C.mrt, this 1st day of April, 1873. ordered that said sale be ratiHed at the ensuing Mav Special Term, nnleea cause to the contrarv be shown before the tirst day of aaid Term, provided a eopv of thia order be pubii*li?d ia the Evening Star ?Mice a week for three sm-cessive weeks prior thereto. By the Court. . A-JF1*"1* A true conv. Test:?R. J. MEIGS. Clerfc. By L- P WILL1A MB, Asalslant TWrk. a3 th Jt /JRHEmfL. RM|XOYMmOTO>M:-AiJirr ?I1 to 0^1 at ?SsBP^B^WM^jte^llUytrMi GROCERS. r ?. u uihc * inn ytv street northwest. lBfl?wn M ukI K ?ti?.) SOAP! SOAPM PrrntorA Gamble's celebrated 0i? Innati Oliv ' ^O A P. the b,?i iathe if wkm?ki coal* per p >ua t by tW box of 60 lb*. HAMS, Ac. I-,.*.. 1/* lbs. ti'n Bifar-Owred Plba evtra wbtt? H RD, 91 -?lT*t',Gr*h*ir rL," ?. friiu kM wheat P2ESH OATMEAL. UU FLOCK liquors: liquors:: OM Baker WHISKY; Oi l Cabinet WHISKY V htsky. b year* old. pfr K?tl? 91 ?J California Br:?ndy, r--r Mtlr ? ? I 00 Holland per b.4tle 1 ??> FreutkBruJy, per buttle _ _.... 1 IS SWEET CATAWBA W IKE, #3 per gallon. Piw SWHT CIDER Fbilad. Irtua ALE and POBTE3. C. ?. ? HARE * SO fl, tK UU 7th st. ?.w.. Mww? M aad N. l r r RMCE1VEV VlRkVT fr. tu the Mill* in VALLET OP VIRGINIA. Will **-11 to families A# rent* pet barrel less than w?l price*. Pmc<-? of SUGARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAW BA W IKE, J net receive frow Pleasant Valley Wine Cotsparv, ?* a gallon. 8. H. BACON, 799 Market Space. mar? between 7th and Ufa atr~-ta. THE TRADES. C'HAS. HAKTEL / CARPENTER AND BVfLDEK. M 4 C street aontbeaat. All order* pron. ptly at tended to on reasonable terms. >17 lm* WNI!I?I. JOHN O. BOOAN. 713 Market Spare, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for btor?s, City and Country Residence. TENTS ard FLAGS for aala or rent. AW MNG MATERIAL ..fall kind*for sale. R.le A rent for COWLBS A COTS MILDEW PROOP AWNINQ MATERIAL. apl.vtr pLUMBING AN1) GAS-FITTING. Thnie dMirtni to ban their Plumbing and G*? Pittini done in a neat and substantial Manner, and on reasonable term*, should leave their order* at 113 Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. Work ?*rr*nu?i. H7 6?* WM BOTHWELL. Cal!p OR JAMES T BRIEN, _ PractuMl Plumber ??</ Um Filtrr, U have y,.ur Plumbing, Gaa Fitting, aud S~wer ire promptly attended to on reasonable Wius, No. bOJ L<xii-<atia avetiue, near 6tt. street, north side. Besukute, WM9 Id street, nortlioaet. mil M CUNNINGHAM, HATTEB, ? 1U11 V Street, betaeeu lOtn and 11th, has the pleasure to aiin.uucetnal he ha* r?i?i>?4rB the Sprite B;yla of Broadway BLOCK, and i?^E pre par. a to furnish New Hats made to order ?#n^? then or r model old st) lee; also, an assortment of r?lt H?t? for sale, on reasonable terms. f?-tr ^ WKIKGS, FLAGS, TESTS. M G CO PEL AND, ?43 Louisiana avenue, one door earn 7th street AWNINGS for Uteres,City atiUCuUtit) Residence# r*tkrrch? in *ty!e and firtsh. FLAGS and TENTS f ir sale and rent. BOOMS DECORATED. AI! Canvass articles Made to ?r<ier DANCTXG CLOTHS. * sen tr J E. Tl'RTOM, CARPENTER, bOlLVER. AND OOBTBAOTOB Order* for Reuse Carpent. ring, Jobblug, of Oo ractor'* Work speedily attended to. Shop* and Ofiice, jai M tf lfth street, below E at. northwest. INSURANCE COMPANIES. THE CORCORAN FIRE ISSIRAKCE C u N P A M V , OF TUB DISTRICT or COLUMBIA, OrrantZfl April J", lijTJ. Capital 5100,000. _______ OFFICE No. 14519 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. fOVRB M.LBLRS - liKU Sl.)Kt.) JOHN T. LENMAN. President. A. H. HEBB, Vice Pr tident. J. T. DYER, Secretary. I>ihbciok?: Wm Ortne, H. Clay Btewort, Clian. A . Jamea, Jas. L. Barbour, Edwani Droop, J ?hn T. Leniuaii, Michael Green. John B*il?y, ap4 tf A. H Herr. INSURE YOUR LIFE in ?hat 8TRONH ULU COMPAN1, THE Ml'TTAL BEMEFIT LIFE (NSCR AM( E t O., *f Mewark, M. J., Organited 1S4?. A-?et?, fJ4 44 J. STANLEY JONES, Agent, jat>7 ly* ; No. >11 7th 'treet ABE TOO INSURED7 IF NOT, APPLY TO THE OLD FRAXKLIS IXSl RA>? E roMPA.1t OF WASHINGTON. D. 0. Incorporated bt Co???rk?? is ISIS. Ollce in the bvilding of the Katioual Bank of tlx Republic, No. TOb D ktreet northwoat. Mo charg< Tor PollcieB. Ihrrctvr*.?Dr. Jaa.0.Hall, John Ptrrdy,Dr. J.M Br.tdliead, J. Keyworth, Jaa. O. MoGoire, Bradley, Joa. H. Bradley, C. H. WiHbarfw, W. J McDonaVl, F. F. McGulre, Dr. D B. ClaAe, M. Q Emery. UENBY BRADLEY, President CHARLES BRADLEY, Secretary. decflheoSm The satioxal metropolitap FIRE INICRAMfK COMPANY, or TKI DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. ORGANIZEV A UU OST *S, 1STS CASH CAPITAL |1BI.?M Offlre in Shepherd's Bnildlnf, So. Pennsyl iania avenue. MOSES KELLY, President. WM. B. TODD, Yios President SAMUEL CROSS, Secretary. director?: J.B.Blake, Wm B Todd, Wm. Wall, Charles Jnst, W tu. G. Metcerott, JohnT. Lenmaa, Geo. F Gulick, Mom* Kelly. _ A.R. Sh. phenl. ocU-tt dlaie voir mosev where it I WILL 1>U THE MOST GOOD. There is certainly no better place in the city than the METBOPOLITAN DOLLARS STORE, 313 7th street, where, if yon invest a dollar, yon may rest assured yon mlwmys rettire tlu full ra.'a* ysvr m<nty, and where a saving of 26 to 9U cent* on the dollar u guaranteed to yon, without the draw back of receiving inferior good*. The variety offered is so large, comprising everything pretty and use ful, that it haa becose a vain task of enamera'.iug the different articles offered, and your attention is only called to below-mentioned gooda, a* all are good, desirable, aud very cheap, aud immense quan tities have lately been sold: Gents' British HALF-HOBE, 3 pair for ?1. bought elsewhere leas than SI. Ladles' RUFFLE APBONS. prims muslin; 50c. ? FiueEtigUsh HAIR BBU8HES, fl. ? 1 F rench Plate HAND MIRROR*; fl. Excellent Rubber Dressing COMBS, L . AO style* Gents' SILK BOWS, JS and Mc. Excellent Rubber Dressing COMB&. M and 90c. SO style* Genu' SILK BOWS, B and 60c. Ladies' SILK SCARFS, all new shades. Hie. Solid Walnut,3 Phropg TOWEL RACK.Sc Boy*' Leather BOOKSTRAPS. Mo. ? Fiiir Pieces Excellent SOAP,Sc. Six Handsome G0BEETS. Kk. Beautiful Oval PICTURE FBAMES, Mc. A Pretty CarrsJ BRACKET, 25c. Comer aud SMe BRACKETS, flftc. each. TOWEL RACKS. PAPER RACKS, hat RACKS. CLOTHES RACKS, all walnut, #1 each. For a further list of CHEAP GOODS, call at METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, SIS SEVENTH STREET, fp?-tr asar Pennsylvania avan?. | UMBAR. lumber:: W M JOHNSON A SOR Have just received a large stock of WHITE am YELLOW PINE LUVBEE, LATHS, SHIN ULES, a..4 FENCE palirgs.all of whkrh ws we selling at loa peic,a. Great il selling at low fioe. ureal t ad uc-meats for caak Cor. &h and Rsig . near State I?parta?oat. ap?-lm /-"ABPETf cleaned at the steam car pet BEATING WORKS. 4VS Maine av?m>. hrt. tS and (tli Ms. Carpet- ca';l?4 f?r and returned tree of extra charge. LORENZO RICE apl&-!y* pEODHEAD A CO^ f ^ bur and I, for cash, at the I jwest market prlea*. Call aud amiue their stuck. martl-Sm professional. MARY D. BPAt BWA*. J _,9?w* 1*34 CIXTIIIITR STRETT - aim o. cLcrfaAvr 11 iu{ur fLCIHAilC It ?IAILKT. SHORTHAND * RITE RS 1 LAV MPOITM* Offxe- No. 119 0 KrM. between 1* anJ ?d, fwitt lintUnt ?T?r?. mL8l 1' J OHM ?7|iANNA. a_ ATTORMMY- AT-LA Wt Me. ? Toting v U* ButMiag, ?1H WwMnfti^.DO BOOKS, STATIONERY, ike. |?RYAtiT<S LIBRA rV" or POETRY AMD H B.STOWEB LIBRARY OF FAMOCS F10 bee'chfbw lifc of cyetst. *?? (iulb^rl*ti?IU r*er,M* ** '4l* Peua*) traiila av ape lau* BISHOP A HAZARD A GRUTLTl RAL BOOKS*! * ** Ti Ii?>ii?'? >gTin" Oh^nwrr _fl"? Aiik IMi: % AB*Wtaat - I >? A Ilea * ABiern an Farm !?<** ? ? ** ? - J *' Winu i Bnunliwtor Ft* "H 8?>llk I ? Fuliera Swi II Fruit CaNriA ? I ?? YnU<r%?rwCriMi*? ? *> Fi'r'a -Hihern Apple (wMrM J .? Wright* Practical PotiRo I '? Lanc?roth ea the H o?T Be* ... I <?' Randall* Sheep H aahandr? I M ?iw Oauer* Cy li.'pwdia- ? "? ?natt OB tbr D> g*.._ > it Au (kr ur? b?"k? rH-mnt a? ? ?> br Rl< I1ARI> B MoHl'N A OO , s*-tr 1 ft 1 A !*? tins a* ennr, <-ot ner ll'h *tr?et. OF MEW Books At ftHlLLISOTO^'l IIVOMTORC : LITTLE KATE K I R It T A N ?v*l Hi t h - atltli ?f ?l A-t'"a\ ami ('arrtrV<'?ii|.?i >n THK COMING K. B Edward Bit* r . L rd L> ton J TDK WIDOW LEROGt'K. A Novel. By E-i la Gabvrian. TBI BERBER; oa. THE M<?rNTAlNEER ? F THE ATLAS B M s M*?o. NOT EASILY JBAL'HS \ N ,r*\. TO TIIE BITTER EMD. B M.** Brad.! oa. LAKEVILLE B> Marv 11 -ally. REPTILES AND BIRDS. A N- w Edition. EDUCATION IB JAPAN HALE UOt'R BECR NATIONS IN PoprUB WUKCI. Bo.f All lit'- baik MHfcw "ii hand. POPULAR SCIENCE. * wittily volume- 1 ant f ELI MENTARY TREATISE ON N A TI R \ L PIULOIOrUT. B? Kn??it. RET TO MOBTH AMK.RIC.Mf BIRDS C -nta a flic ? cuhrw wrvul of eaery i^rcmal LItiiii an?l K?"*il Bird*. HARPER'S HAMD BOOK OF TRAVEL IX El ROPE A law atock of Blank B *>k?. Paa* llok?.?-i<t M*m?taii<lum B >ok?. N<4f Pap-i, L-4IT P?r r, U<1 Pl.iv it( Card* at the ?ory lowest pr irx al ir Evbrt mother t:?e doctor"of Hkr OWN FAMILY H *h* r-t. Pr HILLS HEALTH AT H?>MR at STOCKMAN A ROM *. PS* Mk ?tmrt n,?rth?#at ?b? COTTAGE BIBLE lo t? kad thor? al*n. a-o (oo4 AGENT? warned. nJS ?r yUK WuKkt OF 1 UoMAA~SUMIIA, B. Bw Th? fi"?H M Bc^kM Tiif Saint* Inheritance TIM- Wa* of Ufa. On Iho P??M?. !l!n?lr?lM. Bprak<ut??? ih?- H?art. Biwdtaa JOktmi>r. pi. a f-T Rar?'-d Sch- l?. The fj'lfr; R? Bin* and S .rr<?w? A'| Ot 1GB At M M bA LLA NTTNE 'S, " ?*? 7th ?tr, -f n _ OPENING OF A FEW BTATIOBERT XTORB _ AKl? BLANK BOOK M ABTEACTOUT. Flrat ? laaa gi?d* at fair ?ricr*. for r?th. LlTHUr.RAPHINO. LNOR4VING, PblNTlNO AND BINDING DONE TO ORI>kR T> < publi?. are UiftM k call and m?i <tr D- V ?Cock. BEN F. FREN' H, . Cnd? r Nat<'W>a? M' tri.|?>litaa Bank. mm! ueftt *K>r to Jmr Cooke A Ik' ?, Waahft^tor.. P Q. STEAMER LINES. KAPRKMJ MM: VIA CABAL, IN irmrtx i'tilL A l*K L Pll I A . ALKXAJIDBtA,T*. WASH INGTON AND GEOROKTOWN, 1< O. ? A.Ltvj rif<. From Pier 2. N rtl. W tiar* Phil adel.M.u, WEMiliSlUV auJ SAT t'RI'AY. at 14 ai. EroaiAV Wator ?tr?et.G*'>r*etowii, l> r .TUL3 DAY and SATl RDA Y . at Itta m Thi? line n nw 1> at Pb> adelf-hta wttfc "Orde'a Iri.ti Line" of steamer- f-i Pi ?? id^tice. B n ?n<t Mew EntflAi.d State*. N ? wharta*'- in B ?????! l.f thie line Q. f HYDE. AipM f 't D i?I C. P. CLYDE A CO . Ph.ladelphia. F A Kill). Alexardna. Va. W aldo a. PEAR*. t.i4 Cougrt* Street, B s loB. atJ WASHINGTON, NORFOLK. BOt>TOB. AND " PRiiVIIiENCE. The flue Iron btoamer LAI>Y OF TUB LAKS h?T'i,? retnmed her re^ilar trip* to .ir""k MorfnTk, Will leave ber w) arf. fo?.t of iih frrrt, erery MONHAY a THI RSl>A Y. at t p. tn., t<-u< htnc at principal Rm -r Laudinx*. connect,at Norfolk with St. am-hip the M and M Line for B aton and Frovidanc*. Freight ahould tie addrn*< 4 "rare of Lad' of tM Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ti? kw ufBce at Esoi'a Expretw Offce, 603 P<'Uti?> Ivaiiia avenue. T. M. CBOl'CH. A***>'.Itk-atr?-?t wharf. DORSET CLAGBTT. G neral A*, at. ml4 Plai t'* S?< re, corner Utb at a*d p? ?>?. qlhakF umuT THE LRITISB AND NORTH AMERICAM ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, RFTVkEEH NEW FORK AND LITEl?P0<>L. CALLING AT CORK HARBOft. FROM NE? YORK. *Bu!M<ia._...W'<id Apl. 16 . Oalatria. .Sal_.Apl 19 ?Java W ed_~Apl. riParttix B*t_. . Apl ? ?Ci.ha. W**!....Apl S'l *S? ???!*._?._ Wwl..Ma> < | Abva-ii.ia..P?'- Mn 10 AlgeriaM'ed M ij It i B?t>i ta... ..Sal M . <7 Bt earner* marked tbua * do not carr) au?raa? pa* rat-it Aud *ver> following WEDNE8DAF and SATLB* DAY (rum New York. Kara* or PaMAAB.-CaMn. ??, f 1?. and glSO f>ld, acowrdihg to ar ea?wMiatK>n icketa to Paria, ? U. Koid. addlttoaal Bttun uckata on fav?ral>ia Sti trwtf, fdu, enrrencj Steerage ticket* fr<? I K^epool i?o wb, atnl all parla rtf Eur >pe. at Uwut rate* ThrongR bill* vd lading aivea to II -Uiki, OImkus, Havre, &t.twerp and "tuer poiuU on tbe Continent and for Mediterran-aa porta. F t fre;?bt and ca' m aaa sag- . uppl)- at tbi Cotcpai.- *? >fbce, N * Buw in| Gr?9cn,f<>i stM-rafe paMa?r>, at Mo. Ill Br-adway Trimtv Bulldiaa. pqvWIT CHAP G r RAN 'ELY N .A*t I j^NCBOR LINE STEAMERS BAIL EVERY SATCBDAV. .?ari booked to and fro? any Railway Hud ot Seaport in Gr< at B' it au., Ireland, Noraat. S?e?len, D' i.iaik, G rniaiir,4 Era;.i e, Holland, fe' lgr ui aiidtli- I uite,'" State*. Cabin fare fro? NEW YORK to LONDON. LIF KLPOOL, ULAStiOW abu OERRY.BSA aud ?1*. EXCCBSIOM TICKETS. BIS*. lrt? mediate, Ste?ra?e, all pa) able la Oanwtr. Part ie? K-ndtng for their friend* la the OM Ootiatrp can pnrctiaae ticket* at loweat rate* For further partu ulara applr to the Affeut, 0. CAMMAt.K, J a.. 14*3 ? atreet, W?*hu.?t *i HENDERSON BROTHERS, asayM 7 B ?wliii* Green. Nea 1 ,rk. IR< HANTS LINK OF eTEAMSHlPS itTwtm WASHINGTON AND KEW YORK. M Mereaftor the One Steamship* B C KM1GBT JOHN GIBSOB wjU makrj;ti|iltMra?U; trip* between NEW YORE, ALL dhia. W ashington and george TOW N, a* follows:?L'-ave NEW tURi tram S? East River,erery BATCRDAT at I ?. ta.. Lear GEORGETOWN everr FRIDAY at * a. a> . an ALEXANDRIA the same day at IS m. For fall Information applr to B. F. A. PENUAM, Arent, office and whan toot ot Hifh street . Ueorge town, or at Um oorner of 17th treat a*d B*w York ?^Frelftlita delixered l?r Kdoi's Etrrea, Or* del ? lett at General Office. 6ff3 P- nitsvlVMnia ai?? nne.ot at the strain r wharf will be pr.*nptly at* teiMle<l to. tall-tf J. W. THOMPSON. I PROPOSALS. ARCHITECT'S OEEICE. I CAMDFN STATION, _ _ BtLriMoaK, April If. 1?7J. SEALED PROPOSALS will be receiw-d ai thtd Office until THUBSDAY. Mar l?t. l>o'clo.-lc M . for th? ERECTION OF FOI R STATION* HOI SES at DicReraouV Germaut -wn. Bockrtll? and Silver Spring, ad the Metrvpolitati Branch ut the B. A O B R. Plan* and Speciftcatt<-tia cau be ?een at this The right is reserved to reject an> or all of said aro po*ats Bida will be ip,ar4 at this Offl- e at 11 o'clock M. ?f aainu day. - E. F. BALDWIN. all rr<U Architect B. A O. R. R BANKRUPTCY. Di-ratcr or Cwictaat a . sa : At Washington, th. ka<h da> at April. A. 0. ICS. the undersign*<t Uerekt glees notice of hia 1 *pp intaieut aa aasiKiiee c4 JOHN L \SE, of Georgetowa, D.C.. wh<> ha* been adjotfml a bank* rnpt ap?? the Petition <4 hia creditors ?y tMS Supreui< C"*?rt of aanl Dietrict BEGINALD KANLALL, I alT CHABI.ES ? ALTER, \ A**H'M*a. J^JTONB MASONS ANIMBl ILDEBS Attention to called t? the ffn* Bl ILD'NG STOVE now being landed at It t< .feeet and "thee Irxna the erows of J T H HALL lMn?ti ft <>*ce, B?fl?i #. Mai B-it'dint, or oa bod id tl| fM flf Hi fit rn* r?fff , Ap7 1in*

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