Newspaper of Evening Star, 25 Nisan 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 25 Nisan 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Largest Cirtil itiw ii the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY Aprtl W. 1<7?. 'Jhe trior mo is pressure ?f advertising upon cur column* tor some days has crowded oar re xding matter a good deal, but we hope our r. ??ter? will be patient while the immediate ruafe of spring advertising is npon us. In the vog run. through double-sheets and otherwise, we try to do justice alike to readers and adver tisers. 3 he .% t>ol 11i on of tke Fraakiat Privl lege la the DepartneaK After .luly 1st n^xt the new official postage t-tamps tor the different department* of the government, authorized by the last Congress and which are described in our new* columns, will take the place of the franks at present in Use by Cabinet awl bureau officers. It is pretty generally conceded that the abolition of the flunking privilege, so far as memt>er? of Con gress* are concern*. 1. was a measure of economy demanded by the best interest* of the country. TSiat the privilege was grossly abased by the in embers of b>th parties, especially during a political campaign, there can be nodoubt. Tons ai <1 tons ot campaign matter were franked by rl< rks who hail no legal authority to forge the Dames of members of Congrras; in fact, but a a?ry small j-ortion of the documents sent out 1 ii'U'UaM through the mails was personally J tanked by meiul>ers of Cougress. Under the < ircuRtstaares then, it is not surprising that the J - >| !c demanded the abolition of the privilege lhus abused. But it remains to be seen whether ti e withdrawal of the right of Cabinet and loireau officers of the government to frank O'ticial matter was good policy or not. Af ter .lu)y 1st next the departments will buy Jrom the Post office department the neces&iry tium!>er ot official stamps every quarter, and the money received will go to swell the reve nues of the latter department, but the transfer will not affect the revenues of the government. The l'ost Office department, which supplies th?se stamps, will buy them of itself, l?y simply ttansferring the amount accessary to pay for t'icni from the appropriations for the support of the department to tbe stamp fund. The whole process remind* oneof the operation of a person changing his money from one pocket to the r'her. The cost of manufacturing these stamps, which will not be inconsiderable, will of course J.e a dead loss to the government. In several ways, however, the government wul gain something by the abolition of the j-t: vilege in the department*. It has heretofore 1 <en cu-tomary to send out under franks a . Jtrge number of official publications, but here alt. r a rule will prob ibty be adopted in all the all paitnients requiring those who desire such fl uments to remit the amount of postage ne c- .-.-ary for their tran-mission through the mails, j J n this way a considerable saving will be effect ed, as there will alro be in ca?e of all letters addressed to th? head- of departments an'! bu icau officers, which now go free, but on which tl'e writers will be obliged to pav jio-tage after ?luly 1. This rule will bear hard, perhaps, on li any poor people who have business relations ?:'li the department-, such as pensioners. CLanges in tlie pen-ion laws from time to time make it necessary that pension papers should 1-e transmitted through the mail* for examina t n and alteration, and as some ot the^e pa ]?? r- are quite bulkv the amouut of i?ostage ne ??.--ary is considerable. A year's experience w II demonstrate the wisdom or folly of abolish irg the franking privilege in the departments. ? mmm ? Andnow it turns out that the so-call?d in t< rview with Mr. <"orr?ran in regard t? District a fairs, as printed in the New York Tribute a few days since, is. as we expressed the opinion i: might be. ?? wholly tietitious," no such con versation as that reporteel having ever taken , | .ace. It is to be regretted that the Tiiburt' is ' *.? enlisted in tbe work of misrepre -enting th* 1 people of Washingte?n that it suffers itself to b3 : imposed upon b> the army of disappointed lob- . I-yists and irresponsible dead-beats who gravi- ' tate here in pursuit of si>oiU; and our citizens are to be congratulated not less than Mr. Cor coran himself npon the fact that that gentle j.ian is unwilling to occupy the false and ridicu lous position in w hich he was placed by the T?V itnr'M corres;?ondent. Smith is the scala wag'- name, according t >the Trilun'? Kdmnnd 3!. Smith. Nov who the mischief is Kdmund >!.Smth. The city directary shows no Mich jiume. He is doubtless a myth in being, as well as a fraud in character. as are most of those engaged in the work of op(>o?iiig the improve iu< nt of tbe capital. ? . ? '?1 lie Attorney General to-day decided that where per*? who have served the United Sstat* s faithfully as soldiers become insane, and are hi indigent circumstances, they can be ad mitted and cared tor tree of charge into the Insane Asylum of the district of Columbia.."? t'krwmici*, hniaf. Tbe above information was cribbed from The Ft an of last evening, as our readers will at once s-ce. When we gave our departing neighbor a Jittle disinterested advice the other day, sug gest :ng that ia order to avoid blunders tbev t-hou!d be careful to follow Star copy, we did Jsot, of course, mean that it should omit to make any verbal corrections rendered necessary by the lapse of cne day. Generally we may say that m all of our it*, ins in which the com;>o;ind word '"to-day" Is used out blundering (but jo? nbly well-meaning) neighbor should change that word to "yesterday," If it desires to be *'? ictly accurate. ? ? - The rbiladelph.a /'./? heads a dispatch gtv i ? ? the pur|<>rt of an editorial in The Star ?. n Mr Blaine and the Pennsylvania protec- 1 v -ts: "What an Official organ says." Now w? ave so often disclaimed auv*pretension- to ? >i _ . > .-hip that we are surprised to see so well lati med a paper as the I'reit falling into this ? ino We paddle our own canoe and sp-'ak our owl ?.ews, commending or cetisuriug the Ad- | Mm '. at.ofl its tbe facts seem to demand. As to ? f is tbcugbt at the TTLite House about tl.e I . nnsylvama protecttonist* ami Mr. l*i?.inc We ba%e no knowleelge w hatever. ? Tlf criminal classes in New York are begin > i>ii r.. wince under the heavy punishment in ticto! njon their comrades by some of tbe city -. *iMlone of the latter recently received :? b it- r threatening bim with death if he per *? -te>! n sending up for long terms of imj?rison ouetiT iUe thieves ami robl>ers who are brought Jkiuf- him for trial. The execution of such a a lire ?? would materially accelerate the move 3i . ni .or the formation of tbe vigilance com mittee so long talked about in New York city. T-c '?says it knew all the time that i street of the report of the harbor Board ?>l >>irvey paraded yesterday was a rehash of She details given months ago by Thi Star, but 1 3bat it repioduced them now because the ques- [ a ion is to be treated by the legislature. As the IHarbor CommiMton was appointed by Congrew i fend reported to that body, it does :?? seeiu quite I ??['parent what the legislature is going to do 9il>out it. Oar debilitated neighbor must try ?ga!a. ||f Thi Wixklt Stab, bow ready, contains tg ull and late particulars of the Modoc campaign; the "J. Hale Barney swindle"; the pro gramme of public school examination this year; ietv notes; latest and beet tales, poems, *k< tches ami fashion items; together with in teresting local news. Washington news and gr<*mp. agricultural items, household receipts, Ac., Ac. Terms. One dollar and a half per annum, la advance; slnjj'e copies Ivs ceato, in wrappers, ycady for m.'-'-'ng r as O'K ? it Bi'itnM?The Captain 0<-n . iof<' has inforated the Kngltsh consul i t tbe ? itf O'Kelly must continue, and if ?> Kelt' " 19 established the Captain Gea ersl wil clemency; but he caunot stop the Ceo i ?? '!?' law. STOK'- STILt Fiohti*.. fob His Lif* luents before tbe court of oyer and tern. a New York oa the appeal and ex (tM? - m tbe Stakes' case were concluded aesi*:. v. The decision of the court i* ex jectee May 8th. tOTA stiecial from San Francisco says that the epizootic Is spreattiug auoug the cavalry gTMAHCTAI, AWB At New York, yCoU^d?v, ai? cffoit ? is bi.!j to rontinav the faerie fu money, the rnllng ratis lor rail loan* In tbe morning hour* bing 1-lCa per cent prr ditm, tnd Intrrnt. After the government fold sale the rate declined, and c'o*-e<l at 4*5 per cent, per annum, with strong indication* of continued eav Gold waa quiet and firm, closing at I17\all?1f. The stock market roue an money worked ra?v. bat pre sented no et-p^cial feature, and closed quiet and steady at elightly improved tignrea V ?-all ,,, .? ? ? >.18M. H 1?'. I 6 ? -jDAjy.W.r1, t-Ms.ktft ??, ! kHI l U Maw Voaa?First U_? CV MHL 5?NiJao WljOW. 17* ?-Ms, W61 kt . ?-?'?, nu. k, i*& ?i m'Uh. a i:-; HP'sJaa. A Jly. C.AJ\ ID M'l . . __ 11. American Gold .?. 17 \ Currency I t. 14", Rsw Fivea It Baitmobb, April 15.?Virginia g's, consolidated. *3'?. Virginia ?'?, utd, JT, W -st Virginia's, t?'i bid ???-day. Paltimobb, April a ?Oottnr dull: low mM dl inslt^lfi'^ Floor iu inptixH dem.iid, bet ter feeiiiig, prices um hji < -.1. Wli *i firm a-id steady, prices uuchaL^I. C -rn active aji-1 tirai lor southern?whit* southern. yelli w -outh em. 6??, mixed western nominal. tw..n sp'M,rij, fi-st li -II of Ma) July an ! August. Oat- tinner, ?>uinert-. JtY<J34, western mixed, 4S(<*. J. <1 >. *Litr.lK(5il. Rye quiet and i' -viy: pric*) uo chanced. H;?y niichatigii| Provisi.ns qui?*. I.iit firm?price* uio h?n "?l. W'>*tem butter tnir# .six! firm, stock scarce; j.?<1 choice tur>, Ss?#12. M hi-kv nominal 91. Nbw Tost, April 23.?M ?ney firm. G U deady. llT%iailT7? UvferMi'iillHriii an-l.iu I. Siw Y?bk, April Jj.?Fl >m st-idy. \t heat fine. Corn firm. Ln*P(i* April 2-V 11 * a n.-iv n*iti op?n^| at for both. B ?nd# of ?v?5. old. 91 t, 1?7, *J'?; U' tli'-. sl?*?. new ti > *s, <9'?, Kiic.V.', Pattts. A U.-Kranch rvntet, V> fran-* H?c?n timca. ? ? mmm - ? THE W I A1HEK. War DsrAkTMKMT, Ofioe Chief 4i|mIOfiw, I Wa*bi?otoh, April 25, 1913, 1?>.30 a. m. ) St-torsi* bob thb *a?T TWBNTT-pora hocb?.? 7 be low that ?*.< TlnnxUir niornii g -<IT th'- S'.iilli Ailautn i 'iukI is now apparently some ilit tsnce ewt of C ?pe llatt'-ra- The pressure h?- fallen d?cub-dly oorili' lake retina,tbi middle and.-a.t ??rii ilal??. and t>> a l-sn oierth*1 i?.>uth ru Ma**" an?l 'h?- n??ihn^#f. The temperature ha< very K> ii?rall> rineti exc. pt in th? snlt ?:a rs. ?li-r- it lutn fillfii ?..rui-m hat. N<>rth aid ti.>rthw.nt winds. c1<>ikI> we.Uhi-r aid ecca ioual livhi r tin or sii-.w pi- vail Iruni S-jiilli l'?r liiu .o p.-uu^yltani<t and t?hi?>. Parttr rlondy and ctear weather are repined fr?'m the jaif Mat*-*, the npp*r lake* and the north *rs? Tu>- barcrtiifter continues to fall, with < loudy weather, on the California coast I h-'Bauilit it.-.?The barometer continue to fall diiriiig the rest of Fri-lay over the lake region, the middle and eastern stat--*. with iiicrea.n.a north an4 w*-t wind*, cloudy weatti-T aud poasibly light raiu. For tin* aonth Atlantic and ea-terti gulf stales rising I at meter, westerly winds, partly cl->udT and cl-sr wether. For the r.-esteru gulf state* diminishing tit-rtbweet wind-, rising barometer and generally clear weather. For the upper laki-? westerly amis, partly cloudy and clear weather. IVS^MASoNIC?A Sp-cial Convocation of LA FAYETTE K A. OHAI'TEK, Ko. S, will b* 1. don RATI K!?AY EVFMINQ, April SC. at 7 o'cbick All B A. masons in go.v.1-tan ling are fra !? rt.allv iuMted. B> ord?r ofth> M E II P *Zi 2t JOHN EI'WIX MASoX. S^c r, M ILL BE RECEIVED by th* under U^.y sune.1 till M a\ I -T for the purchase of one or in?,ie of th-we new Brick H -uses aitnated on the noi tli -ide of Psiiusy lvaui.t avenue, between 8th and 7th-treet* aoutheast. JAMES A. TAIT. ?2I 3t P.t. av., b.-tween 21 and 3d at*, southeast. P?SPkilAL Ni?TI< E ?The stockholders -,f theNATlON'AI. CAPITAL REAL ESTATE A> SOCIA TIO N sre hereby notified tha; a propoai tion will I. mad- at the n> xt niouthly uieetiug to ta (uie ptock in series. All the stockholders are re ?ju'-ted to be present. Bv order of the B >ar 1 of I>irect.,ra. ( .U-t ? I PHIL. II. U" ELCH. Sec'y. ?-3?attektior. journeymen tailors Ujiy Tnere will t?- a mas. meeting of thej.>nr ?i. > men Tailors b.-ld at G- rman Hall. 606 llth ?trie'. l-tween F and G streets, on SATURDAY E> lNING,2bih io-lunt,atii o'clock, which every i urrejntai, is urgently requested toat''-n<l. alj?-.tb.fH MANY journeymen. p-^?YOlNG MKNS- CHKISTIAS ASsOOIA TION. t BEE READING RO<*M-fa>'y, Stew ia? tni Kiimiwypapers fr >:n ail pa t? of the Uuion. CIRCULATING L1BKARY. lJ^**; vols. T-rn.a JJ per year: If 1 p>-r 'inarter. PARLORS AND CONVERSATION ROOMS f.r Ladies and Oen:le n. ?!.; Ch es?, (,'heyners. Organ ar. l P'ano. Daily PRAYER MEETINGS at II 15.?and ?p m l.ITERAKY SiM'IKTV Sa'iinlay evening, at 7>? ? 'clock. bABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES iti Lincoln Hall at XS o'clock; at Theater Comi-jue at 7* o'clock. m37 FROM THE EARLIEST AOES TO _ the preaent day. Scrofula has been the bane, ai.u, as it were, the curat- of mankind. So terrible and loathsome had been at some periods of the world's history that a person known to be infected with it w-nld not be allowed to mix with society. Happily m our day tbe disease is stripped of its terror by the use of 8amabita:i's Root ai*k Hkbb Juicb*. and the victim of Scrofula, Uleers, Sores, Pimples, Blotches, Tetters,Sc., can berMtorodtosoand health in a few weeks. ROOT AND HERB JUICES. (IS per bettle hold by S. C FORD, 1103 Pa ave., and by Drug gists. DESMOND A CO., Proprietors, Sift Race etrert, Philadelphia. mayg-ly TO LADIES. r Howaad It Is to see a young wife, a mother ramily who requires all her physical strength to fnlhll her household duties, and all her moral ca Kities to accept the responsibility which falls upon , to see her prostrated, losing every day her strength, feeling badly without being able to say ? by. but yet suffering enough to be utterly misera able! This state of weakness and debility is more fatal U her than a severe spell of aickneee, for in that case she will receive the proper care, as in the other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to see a physician about it. until nature, exhausted, gives out, and she is carried to the grave, when a little precaution In proper time would bare spared her life. To prevent, to strengthen, to cure, nothing can compare with tbe LONG-LIFE BIT TERS of Dr. L. BERTRAM. Th-v are a safe and Inlallible remedy agaiMt malaria, dyspepsia, cos tiveness, biliousness, headaches, morning sickness and all complaints peculiar to women. These Bit ters, which are sold by all druggists, are, in conse quence of their virtue and most agreeable taste, the medicine par trullmu* for ladies jS-tr & KT I L B C ft VI S NEW DRUG STORE, Mo. 14tfV Pe^mstlvajiia Avbxib, Depot for Soda and Mineral Waters. felS-ly ft-S?THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS DAY disposed of their entire stock and trui*ki;ig bu-iaesa to GEO. W. KNoX. Esq., and solicit for bim fr< di our former natrons a continuance of the patronage which they Lave so Windh given us dur ti g the fast year. BECK A CO. a?H:sgT' N. D C . A pril 1, alt 2w R R M O V R P. DR. W H BARRETT. OS NTIST. Has removed to Ho. 14SS H street northwsst, cor ner 14th street. jeg-ly ir^aSCHENCK'S PILMONICCANDY embrace in agreat degre* all th<-principles of Schenck's Puiuioeic Syrup, at.d while as pleasant to the palate a- th< purest of confetti us, its medicinal properties render it effi-ctual in coughs, colds, bronchial aud catarrhal affections, Ac. It is the most acceptable r'-nied) for children or infants, and can be given with In punity; a bile for professional gentlemen, or thoee w ho Hcffer from loss of tolce, it is indispensable. These randi*s are put up iu II cent boxes conveni ent for tbe pocket, and are for sale by all druggists and dealtr*. J H BCHENCK A SOS, fct B tr N. E comer >th and Arch sts., Phila. DR. A. PRATT, Graduate of Ohio College of I>ntal Surgery, 411 7th street, between D E, a few doors senth of Odd Fellows'Hall. Re bn to R. A. Bacoa a ad Rev. W. R. Rvana Bilt THE BROADWAY COAT and TEST to match I 1 all the rnge at A ST RAI S', the Clothier, 10 11 Penu>) Ivama avenue, near llth street. ait a NoTHER SUPPLY OF THOSE CAR /\ PEACHES, at Ucents. at H EGAN S, *2S3t Corner L and 7th -treets northwest. KEEP UP APPEABA.M K". e.peoi.?ll> when it t usts so little, at A. STRA US , 1011 Pennsyl vania aveune, near llth atreet. HECEFR i~in(''S SELF RM"iIN<: f!7>i r". I il up Hi < lb. p:tp-i>. A new -i:pplt lust re ceived at II E'.'AN S a:;. 3t Northwest rrraei 7'?i and L streets. kiVMLI vT'M iRS sever cease' -aiT l w? m I M.-u'- Suits in three dift'-rent shadesfor the irii^ing snm wf (ill A.STRAI S', 1011 Pa. ate ,near llth street. *25 P OTAYOES POTATOES :>??<? bushel* *1 PEA( H BLOWS and MONITOR POTATOES, in Store and fur sale I f II EG AN. *16 St Morthw est c -rrier L and 7th stre-ts. TAl.lAN \ I?? LIN FoR SALE ?A dne aud gen uine CRIMoN A VIoLIN, autd- in year 17nJ. is i-lfered for sab-at hail the value. Call and see for tbf*-e dava only at the Fruit Store under the Metre ptdiian Theater, between llth aud 11.h -.ts s23 3t I'O LAWYERS-FO/i SA LA?ABBOTT'S H. 1 T. I>K;EsT,-j vols. N. Y. Repotts.iCourt of Appeals,>4t vols. Lansing'- Reports, (N. Y..) 2 v. I- Inquire at A K W1LLIAMS'Book Store, a-j:? ? b -tre. t north* est. a](-3t" Am NT~PARTY HAVING A HoRSR THAT ihey would like to have well taken care of at a Jrln te -tab'* and axslerately ns-d for its feed nriMf the sumtuer months cau address Post OiSce Box S?S. a?> 3i" HER A 1G A LAG1RPCSM, Sueceesors t? Hksbt Hoiaut, PRACTICAL COPPRRSMITHS, i97 F s'raet, ?St lm* Between Mb and (th sts. northwest. il AT THB f ERRSYILLE MARBLE WORKS. TV" undersigaed takas pleasure ?o inform the Msrtxe Trade and the pnblic genii tally, that he has C mplettd h a EXTENSIVE MARBL1 WORKS at CeresvtUe, Vred?rtck County. Md . has thesaoaa ia full operation, and la now aroduclag the Snest quality rf American Black Myrtle yet disc evered in this country. It befog acknowledged by persons cosipeteat of eatimating its wor h. aa the best and ta >at beautiful nnterit an Slack Marble kaowa to the trade. Tbie ? arble ts aow brought into the mark-t and offered to the pablic ia diflercut aizes and for v?i"?? rirpse>, smbracixg RASES, PLATFORMS, MklTLES AND CDRR ale?. SILLS and LINTLE^. as well aa TILES, to th* production tf which aarticalar att ntion ts paid and as pply consiaatly kept on hand. Orders are respactfally s flicited. Price list furn ished on application far further particular* please address SAMUEL IIORE, Proprietor. P 0 FrederickGlty.Md. aM St JUAB BOYLB FRANK BABNUM JCAl* BOVLE a CO., KEAL ESTATE AND \OTh BROKERS, ho 6M Uth street, opposite D. 8. Treasury. FOB SALI-A botdDnni" HOTSB on I rtrwt, No. "II. A uew large double HUl'SK, corner 214 H norSK Ho 1910 M?*Mfliii?etU arcane. HOUfil No. 116 M street ee?t, for sale ,>r r??nt, fur matted or untarnished A COTTAGE in Willani's Row; price. fSJUU Several email Hjam, from # t ft?) to 89,OW, small cash paym -nt*. We bare se? eral very fine FARMS, improved and unim pror?d, on different railroad* running fr?m the city, f >r sale a? low figure* or exchange f.?r city p"p-ity 30C.HU0 fret of GROUND in variotui p rtioti??f the city for **Ie at low figure*, on ca-> t'-rn.?. or will exchange for productive improved property. apg-tr I'M. ONLY GENUINE Middlesex Flannel Sniii, tboronghl) sp nge.| and made to order, to !>'? bad ?' A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa.are.,near 11th. a3> j)ET GOODS AT PANIC PRICKS. Great bargain* in DRY GOODS from the New l ork ami Philadelphia auction* Dres- Grenadines ? *?W? cents per yard; a beautiful line of I rts* at lea* than importer*'prices; Slrijx-d Swi-s y t'c. a yard. wortli 06c.. Blay Linnn at a very I ?* price; Stiii> d Yoaemite at 3?., worth 4t>c.; job lot Lncr C>.rvalue at f.1.50 a piece; a line of beauti ful Psrasol* at right price*: a few Llama Latv Shawl* at half price. EMORY BAXTER, ?t-ly 1W!I0 Pennsylvania avenue. DFATU TO THF MODOCS and death to high prices is the motto at A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. ave.. near lith ?t. a2.i F'OR SALE-Mr PL t* RE'S ABT1 FRICTIO N < HA IN AND TRAVELER tor the use rv ? f Ca*t Horse*. It prevent* the animal* back frrrn getting *?> e. For sale by ail*^^ > Harness Dealer*. Price, complete, *.1 28. THOMAS NoltFLEET, 13'li street and Pennsylvania avenue, *25 lO1 Aeent for District of Columbia. V'OI 1 H SM ITS in Scotch end diagonal, very A nobby, at A. bTRA( S', 1011 Pa. ave., u?itr Htb otrvet. h35 W* EET CATAWBA WINE,at ftsl per gallTnT ~ C'ALI FORNIA WINES. SWEET < 11>K K. 1 I RE OLD RYE WHISKY f >r medicinal use, F? sale l.y II EG AN. _?2S_3r Corner L and 7th *tteets northwest. 'I'bE FAT MEN will rej >ice to learn that they ?I cm be fitted aod suited in all imaginable st\!e* ot C:t*eimt-re ai d Flannel Suits at A. STRAUS1, lOl I Penn ave., near 11th st. ail IN 'NIK SUPREME COURT OF T1IE DISTRICT OK COLUMBIA, Hol-hnt n Sraal T-rm, Aprt'22f. 1S73. J J* the ca-e of Jatue* S>kes, executor of ^ 111 M AS ST ACK POLE, deceased, the ev-cntor a!orta.ii,i has, wiii) the approbation of the Su preme Court of the District of Columbia af..repaid, appented TUESDAY, the 1.1th day of May, A. D. IS3, for the final settlement and distnouii >n of the P r* rial estate of said decea*.*!, and ot the asae's in>l. a* far a* the same have been cojlected and ururd into money; when and where all the creditor* and heirs of said dece wed are not ill -d to attend, with tli-ir claim* properly vou bed, f f. ttey niar otherwise b) law be exc u led from all | . n-til in *aid decea*?-d'4 estate- ProriJ- /, a c"py irf thi* ord> r l>e p<iblish"d once a w-k for three week* in the Star previous to the said dar api'-fjw Test.?A. WEBSTER. R-gi?ter of Wills. HAVE YOl SEEN the Youth's Imperial (Jout md \ ?st to match' I: i< aomired h* all an ) only tube sern at A STRA1 S',1011 P*. a?e.,ne?r J 1th i^25 J>K0PoS\LS FOB RATIONS. H EAl^VABTERs U. 8. MaRix1* Corps, f .. , . ? Washington, Aprilt-?73. \ Srpr d Propc.RAl* will be rec?lTr<l at tin* ..tfioe un til o'clock p. m. of THURSDAY, the .'?th dav of .lime ii<-xt, for furnishing Ration* to the United S'atf* Mamies at the fo|tt,wirig stations, from the 1-t ? f July, 1 rfli. to th^jlltli of .1 ine, 1(<?4 ; POBTMWOCTH. Mem Hampshire; ( HAKLESTOWK, Mass kchuseits. LBOOKLYN, New York; PH I LA DEL PH IA, Pennsylvania; WASHINGTON CITY. D'-triet t Colun.bia; GOSPoRT. nea: N' rf >lk, Virginia. PEVSACOLA. Florida: ANNAPOLIS, Maryland; MARE ISLAND,Ca!if< rnia. > a> h Rati- >n to consist "f twelre ontic"S of Pork < r Brcon.or one pound an-1 f 'iir outlet .if Salt or Fres!i Re. ft eighteen ounces. 1 S..ft Bread or Flour, or twelve ounces of H ard Bread, or one pound and four->cuc*?of Corn M?al, aud to ever) one hundred R.iti<>u? fif'ei u pound* of B?Hns or Pea*,or ten T'oinils of Rice or Ii?!uiti) . ten poonds of Rreen Coffee,or eight pounds of R >asted ior Roasted and '?r> Old I Coffee, ir or>e p un.l ami "iglit niliir?? of T a; fifteen p nnd* ol Stiifar; t mripiart- <>f Vinegar; one pound and four ounce* of Adamantiae S'ar Curdle*; f.-ur poin ds of Soap; three pounds and t?- Ire ounce* of Salt, and onnces of Pepper. . The ration* are to he deii\er d upon the ord-r of theCoinmandiuji Oth^er of each station; the Fr. sli lieef.either in bulk or by the single ration, of good ?jiiiilit), w itli an e<inal proportion of hind and f >r? i:u?rter?, necks and kidu-y tallow tc> be exeiud -d; the Pork. Mo. 1 Prime Mess p. rk, tl,? Flour known a* Extra Superfine in tie- market of tli? plac- whore the ftati .11 is I cat.-d; th>- ('>ffee, g .od Rio; the Sugar,goral N*w Orleans or its rsiuivalent, ar.l tli It-an*. Vinegar, Cabdles, S-jap, Salt, Ac., to be of g. Yd iinalit) . All ?ubject to in-pert ion. arantee, *igne>| t?v two person*, whose r'*sp >n S.tollty noist lH; certifind h) a Uiiiteil S'a'rs f>i-tri< t Jnige, Di-trict Attoru'-y, or Coll-ctor, n?'ist accom put y -arli pr?ipo?al. No proposal w ill be considered nnle** iv-r ninanl'-d 1>> -n< li gnarante--. Blank fornta of proposals ch;i l>e obtained upon application at any of the Manue Si at ions. Newspaper* arthor el to publish the al< ?ve \r:ll ^? nd the paper containing the first insertion to thi < f-cc- for examination. Proposals to be indorsed " Proposal* for Ration*,'* at d adilreseed to tU>> undersigne.1. V- 1LLIAM B SLACK. eC.' 1:?W4I Maj. and Qiiarterm r lr. S. Marin Corp*. WTI'P, DEAR READER, before it i-. too late. ? How many havecom* tojjrief hr not purchasing th^ir garments at A. STRAUS-, the CI tuier, 101 I P-i na. a\e , near lith. a2."> SPRUUETlrMBER FOR SALE. A inantity of SPRI'CE LI MBER, (SIOCJO feet, more ,.r less.I suitable f.?r paving purposes and for general use. now lying in th? slip at the foot of S?,ih Capitol street, is offered fjr sale at reasona ble prices. Apply to U H. PAINTER. 5?1 14th street n rib west, between the hour* of lo aid 12 a. m.,or at tt e Law Otlice of JAS. G. PAYNE, 4*?0 Louisiana a\-line, from 9 a. m. to 4 p m. a3t 4t* COHEN'S LOAN OFFICE, corner (tf 7ik i"?it ami A'?e Yuri aven ur. entrance on New Yorkaventi". The moat private |<>au officeJT"JL inthecity. Mcney loat<i>d at the lowest rat'D O of interest on Gdd and Silver Watche*. Diamonds, Plate and Plated War?, Guns, Pistols L vlies and OentletueuV Clothing, Carpets, aud all articles of Talar. a?t ly J|EAD AND SAVE YOUR MONEY. I. (die* who have Hair Switches that have faded fr- tu use can have them restored to their natural shade in a superior manner. We haye a very large assortment of ?1 Curl*: very long and handsome Switches, very cheap. Now is the time to buy at MADAME ESTREN S Hair Factory,?1S lSrh st.. near G street. nli-tr ^TONE.-Superior BUILDING STONE, and ?3 screened CRUSHED STONE of all size*, for sale , ? J F ZCO * CO., _?Plfrlm !IT!i:i K ?tr-et, at Canal. Oli>, I i Niiw. No 4"ti' PaPEBHAKGIXGS. No. ?:<? Tih St.S f 7 ra St. NOW OPEN AT MARKRITCR'S, No. 43V "th street, between D and E streets, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, PA PEKHANGINGS of new and st) lish designs of tli'- I,* st fabrn*s and fl nish, selected with dne regard to harmony >.f cvlor. durability, richness and econo Biy . A large p rti 'n made specially to order, em *tripe and other designs in Gilt and Plain Colors, appropriate f,,r drawing rooms, <x .; 2U and 40 inch plain tints fir panneling with gilt rod or finishing plain, w ith a full line of medium aii'i I w pr:c?d P.ipers, patent and perfect represen tatioii* of M and Ma?i?le,f ir pan:ieli.,g halls and *e*titi(Ue*. BORDERS in Gilt, Velvet and Gilt iDiitattoti Fresco, ai.d Common; Center Piec-s French Fir> board Prints, Ac., making the largest ant; most complete assortment in the District. WINDOW SHADES. New de lcn?. (tiff-rent si/^s anl color*; also. Plain Go<<N m pearl, Chocojite. Livender. Gr?eii ami Sioi.e Colors lor a ak;ng into Shad ??. Sli;uU? made to order. PICTURE FRAMES S'lid Oval, ^ alnnt and Gilt, and all Gilt Frames fri tn 3*4 to inches. B >x 0>al Fr inies for M r. aths at cost. A beautiful s^ection of French an<1 American G;lt and Vcl\et f rane-sfor I?or) tk pe and Porcelain Picture*. Card Fiames in great variety. Frame* made to order. PICTl RE CORD AND TASSELS frrm Card to Portrait Size, different colors; also, Geld Plated, Tinm-d and Wire Center Picture C ?rd, very superior good-; Porcelain and Brass Head Pic ture Nail*. Ring-. Screw Eve*. Ac. PAINTINGS. ENGRAVINGS, CHROXOS. Ac. A limited, tut choice, sebvtioti iu appropriate frames always in store ou exhibition and sale. Chiornos and Eiigtaviugs ordered. Orders tor Paperhatiging, Window Shades or Pic ture Frame* punrtu illj filled and satisfaction guar anteed Teim*rash riease remember nacse. Old No 4?6 J. MABKRITER, and number 439 7th stn-et, *15 tw Between D and E stte?-i*. T B 6 O L U T 1 0 N Washington, D. C., April 15,1?73. The copartnership h?retotore existing l?-twe*n Elphonco Youngs aixl Wm. U Sear*, uuder the name and firm ?,? ELPHONZO YOUNGS A CO., is dissolved by mutual consent, the second term of aach copartnership having thi* day expired. The busi ness vlll be coctlnued at the old atand (Masonic T em ?le, corn?*r!*h and F street*,) by ELPHOMZO %Ol NGS, who will pa> all io*t claims against and c> ilect aU amouuts due said firm. ELPHONZO YOUNGS. WM. U. SEABS. Tl anking my friends and the public for their lib er*! patronage in the past. I would respectfully solicit a continuant e of the same. ELPHOHZ0 Y0UKQS. Having spent the pa*t two years ven aatisfactorilv with Mr. Youugs in the above-named business. I won d take this opportunity to thank my friends aud the public for their patronage, and cheerfully rec on n <nd whatever influence I mav have to his in ter-s-s. (apH tf) WM H. SEARS. IVO HI MBUG -L. BICE will way a fair cash iv price for any kind of Ladles', G -nts' bn i Chil dren's S. cond-hand Clothing, Boots, Shoss,*c. 643 T?h street,between F and G.aomth. Bjtebr mall pro>'pH: attended. je?-ly BTBBTI0B 0V TBS ?PBOTA A vilii'l LAB LETTERS OF CBEDIT, available V/ iu all (arts of the WorM, furnished to travel er*. Ai*c, DRAFTS on London and the principal Ceiiti- er.'a' citie?,in sow to aalt, M the FIBST NATIONAL BASK. ? _ a# lo-. . C. SWA Cashier. WANTS. il"ANIII>-Jlt 70t 14th ?trwt, i|x>>1COOK. ? ? B'Stof rrrgjlfil. It* IS/ANTEH-Six EO>8,at C ?. M'lLUFF S ? ?tr?rt B 'Willie Saloon. Wo. 1919 E ?lr~et n-vrthweat. Apyly fmnwlitlnlr. ?& 1;* WANTII>-I; a young white girl, t SITUA TION lo(Inrhamhrrrnrk W't w?il table, orrlunicvlDC r>"<l n-ffri-ucK-. Appl) -?09 south A street, betwu eu oth and 6tli streets loi thml. 1?% WAKTIB-A stout, active BOY (whitf) to at tfod in i conf.-c'ionery Dorr. Apply tt STOHLMAN'S Confectionery Store, adj'<tuiu* F'>r est Hail, H i-h street, Geor.-*town. ?% ?t \%'ANTED-A COOK, WASHER snd IBO*EB; ' ' rau?t be a -ettb-d vumiiu tinl fullv c >m?etaui to do the wot k of a private family. Mo. MO Pa. sientie, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. a* It* \VA NTED-An UN rTTlBiT^H*l> BOOlT wiTh " B aril, by a geutletnaa and wife, with one child, price U"t to exceed A**' per month, references exchsnged. Address ,4A. B., Star ofRc*. ait-it* U ANTKK-A g ~h1, steady , e* perieuce.l NUBSE I w? for children; a mlfelle-aged wh'te per? in pre ferred, references required. Apply 414 71U str-et licrthweet. II * ANTED?A WOMAN to do housework and v v nssist in conking; mint c >me well r-*coui r* ended Applv at 6'2'i Virginia avenue, between 6th and 7tli street* miuthwul. It II'ANTII)?A giunl COOK. must c?me well re '? commended. Apily at CHAELES MADES' Restaurant, ctrner 3d street ami Penu-.t Ivaula ??i-. line. \\'ANTED- A PRINTING PRESS, No. 3 Wadl " ington Press. iii g??si order, resdy for use. S'ate lowtst cinli price. Address "A. B. U ,' Star effice. a^i ?"t \\rANTED? B> the 1st ?l Msv, bv three voig v v ladies i sisters I, one large unfurnished FRONT llOl' M. wilfi Bi'irtl, in a pii\ate family . g*>d r f-r erioes Phase sddrevt, staling terms. Ac., MIS8 MATTIK ?^ Washington City Poat Office. it* \%" AN FED?A PAR1NER. who can famish 1r 'in ? " two to Htcthousand dollars, in a sate and verv piirfilalilebusiness. Address 4*U. I!. A.,'' Star of. In e, with real name and where an mter\ lew fi'i I ?? had. B-M of rnf-ri-in'e given and ris|tiited. ail : " W AM tl>?Hi a respectable y ting white girl, .i ?* 8ITI ATION to do cliambi'iK irk and help with the washing and Ironing, or would tak" t.ti - iigfor the summer. Ph-as-* address B >x *'? Siar cflice. ail 2* * \\T ANTED?A half grown WHITE GIRL t<> nurse; ou" who is willing to go to the -priitgs in Virginia w ith a family to spi n ! the hii mm< r. An |l) t with references, at No. 40 I street n?rtu wiat. It* \V'ANTED ?A IIOI'SE of al>oiit '> rootna, withn lMiiinateH' walk from 7tli street an 1 Pa. a\e.; wMti r ami gas prefern-d in same; rent not to exceed A25; beat of references given. Adilretui "Tenant," PotA Office B >x ai'.-2i* \\/ AhTKD? A COLUUll *>1KL as nur??, not vv tiuder Id year* of ag-,:?l 1013 lOlh ?t. aJI 2t* W~A NT Kl?A g"?d PIK AND BRKAt) BAR Kit CM La MB s National Bakery, 0 K ?st r?|iitol street. ?24 )i* WANTI.D-A OIKIj todo housework; Protectant pieierrtsl. Apph No. 24'27 I str?H-t, Ix'tween It'll and 25tli streets ii 'rthwest. a2t 2f* WANTKU?Liilumisheii BOOMS, I r house keeping for a family of tw?i pers .us. Ad lr>-iia Box 014. Post Office. *2t 3"* \\T A NT KD?Two ClKMAa MKM.oim a plaiu '? gardener. Oood wages ami steady wink. Arp'y on Bnrcnidy Fattn, Lear Alexandria, Vir giniw. a24 V* 11' ANTf I '?A SITU ATION iu the drug biainess, *? in the city or elsew here; Intve h-t-l six years e\ perience. Address A POTH K< ARY, care of drng stoje crner <; aud loth streeta a2l-3t* ANTkb?-At IO? C stivt, IrontiiK Indiana ?? sveniie, in a sTrall ftniily, a gie^l CijOK, \> AMI Kit aud iUoNKK. K-fen no- re i|iiir?d. a2< St* \ % * A N'T K l>? F-r hi'Usekeepiiig, l>> a t-uuily of v ? three, four unfurnished ROHM S. with gas and w sitsr. Also, wants to buy or reut uM Al.L IlOl'eR Adiir-f^ L. M. N., 8t*ri'ffi?e. alt Si" \\? ANTIID?A BRKAO ANI?< AKfc ItAKBR,t> ?? go to Leeshnrg, V*. To a g hand, penua i."lit employment and liberal waces given. Apply to J A. MiAFKIELD, 12'2'J Pennsylvania avenue, between 12<li and Utli streets a2t-2t* \% " ANTK D? A etal.l" WHITE WOMAN for ' ' bous -work iu a small pnvat< family, at 101 :t U.h St. *23 i:' WANT? I?-T" ' "l?r ??nee.i SAl.K^I. VOIES. >? at LOCK WOOD, HUFTY A TAYLOR'8, ?idH Pennsyh aii'a a\ euue. a"23-.1t* ll'ANTKll-A MAN who has had some experi t t nice at carpenter's work, to build fencing on ? tar m. Apply to LKWIS II BAKKU. 114b Hih at. n..itliwest, after A o'clock p.m. a23 3t* W ANTED- B^ 1st of May, for reliable tenants,

?* soiral HOUSES, at from *25 to jW iier mot th UEO. TBI ESDELL V CO.. i*23 tit* ili Seventh street. \1'ANTED-T-i Purchase?A BRICK HOUSE. 7 '? urSroonu!, b'-lweeu F and M and 71li aud Hilt ti'.f ets; niii-t m g.nsl order, and sold ch'*-ip. ail of OEO. TRI'ESDELL A CO., ft Id 7th st. | U'ANTED ?Sew ing Mat hiue men and every one elsi-tocall at the St. James Hotel and examine tbe Sei <rr (tewing Machine, which to ik the gold ti e.|?l atjtlit American Institute Fair, 1473. Ageats w ^tiied. a2J-3t" %%"ANTED?A HOI PE rontaiiiitis Hv? or siv x" to..ins,the front room li.rge enongh for a siunll fill I ) store, w ill relit frolu the landli'rd only, but am willing to pav any one occupying a house that euits ti e a reasonable sum of money to move out. Any ??* r-? ti owning or occupvinga h use in a suitable !? ration, such as 1 bate deM*l ibed, will pb-ase ad di a-a, en ing full partii-nlars, N. W , Star office. a22 WANTED?Tvo ROOMS,connmulcatlng, 1st or " second floor, fnrnisbed or unfurnished, with use of ntahle and catiiage house. Address Lock Box 34 , City P. O. al9 6t* \\' ANTED? Immediately?F iniiln s or persons in x ? need of first cla-sSERVANTSof every descrip tion, male and h-nial", to call and get supplied at once. Servants also can get good lionesi aud best of w suss by applv ing at the Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, i07 11th atroet, neat E^ al6-liu WANTED-LADIEStotake n .ticethat Mail tine * ? D. E. M AISoN, of New York, has opened her Millinery parlora, at No 413 13tn street north weat. mtl-lra* WANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOB SKW1NO MACHINE haa its ixtviU ulf itt irnf'the most perfect shuttle in use, renting in a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency,460 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mute, bem orent's Pattern Emporium. augSi-ly T. W. RPICER, Agent. LOST AND FOUND. I,STRAY.?A Madj Newfouii'llaad DOO cam i to * the premiaea of the advertiser, which lhe owner i an have by proving propertvj and paying chaigea. Apply at No. 10 tth Stfiet mmheaet. *25-3t* LOST?Friday evening, April 18:h, a round, Black EARRING, in baud of gold, with gold leaf anil three pearls iu center. Libelal reward given if re form il to 4 10 6tli street. nt? .It* ESTBAY? A larg- white and bl^ck St. Bernard or Newfoundland DOO, about one ye?r, old^came to the premises of the advertiser] on M?nda) laet, which tlieowiiercan have by pri ving pti petty and paying fot this advertise ment, ou application to No. 3*^'i ISth street west. a2l-2l* j* BEW ARD.? LoM, ot? last Sunday afternoon, v** near the turner of It hand K streets torthwest, a yoitug, light red SETTER; DOO; ba>l on a black leather collar. Anv otie returning him to the FULTON HOUSE, Poto mac Ferry wharf, will receive the above reward, and no intentions asked. a2l-3t* IOST?About the Ut instant,a loug-liaired, yel.ow -t SETTER DOU, with white b re Ant and. feel, tail tipped with white, and one trout] foot badly ecarred, auswering tin- name oT "Dash.' A liberal reward will be paid for his let urn to the Office of the Propagating Garden, cor nel 3d atreet aud Missouri avenue. a?>-lt LOST OR SToLKN?SCRIP Nil. 913, issued iu the year l-7li by the Peliti Mutual Life Iii-uaauce Company, of Philadelphia, to Simon Wolf, policy 5.739. Suitable reward w ill l?- paid tor returning tbt sain-to the hul-scriber at 707 1 street north west ?la lawlw S. WOLF. I OSTOR STOLEN-The following SCRIP DIVl li DENDSoti Policy No. 4.710 iii the Peun Mu tant Lif- Insurance Company. "f Philadelphia, v iz: N i. 1J51 for lui# lor S*', and No. lfr.M for ItCO fir (m. both in tavor of Wm. E. Spalding. A reward will be paid tor return of *ame to WM H. JAMES, at llie office of James Lockhtad, 414 bHh street northwest. m2s-f 6w* B OARD OF PI BL1C HORKS, DisTRiCTop Columbia, Wahhiiotus, April 3, 1373. A rewK-d ef riFTY \ %Sy) DOLLARS will be paid fi t the ortect ton and couvictiou of any persou or r-tsons wli'. have stolen, or who may hereafter be ?linil stealing, the Man hole and Sew er-trap Covers in the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By oilier of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. a?-tf [Repnb.C'hron.| Chief Clerk. IOST?On the 1st of March, ?u E street, between -t lis li and 2d streets northwest, a RUBY RING, with two peai Is. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. AOOSd street northwtat. m7 BOARDING. COUNTRY BOARD and APARTMENTS couve uieut to city,ou the Hill,close to Virginia end of Aouf-duct Bi idge, at Georgetown, fur Gentlemen Boanlers. Also, uufurnished Booms for reut; splen did view; line flshtng and boating. Apply at the flace, or to J, PALMER, Taxidermist, Smithsonian nstitutlon. a}5 6t* PLEASANT BOOMS FOB BKKT, WITH 1014 Massachusetts avenue, cor net of Uth street. a24 3t* F^OR RENT?At 343 1st street si>utbeaet,Capitol Hill. BOOMS single or comuiuuicating; desira ble bnatton for si.miiier. 18-71* L^OR BENT?With Board, ROOMS, commnni 1 eating or single; delightful auiumer locatioa; opposite Franklin Park, 133b 1 street, Sccoad door fioni Uth. al?fc* F^OB RENT?At 47b Pennsylvania avenue, well furnished BOOMS, communicating or single, large aud airy, with flrst-claas Board if desired, Irotn ftt? to $10 per week; bath and gas. al?lw* BOABD1NG?Excellent TABLE BOABD, with elegant BOOMS en rait, ou set-end floor. Also, single BOOMS ?o accommodate, in that 6m brick house. Ko. fll9 H street, near Tth.only one square from Patent Office Mrs. M. MAPES. alS 2w" LADIE8 AMD GENTLEMEN, either singly or ia parties, and families, can hear of the very beat and cheapest Boarding arrangement in the city, by addressing Dey't Clu>, Bos lb. Star ofllce. a7 tmal i^OOD BOABD, PLEASANT BOOMS, AMD UjritM moderate, at MM* coram of PoBMtfraa* SSZti? _ FOR RENT AMP 8ALK. r>n unt-au tt? booms~t? i t <i< th r?-? pr ?p>rty. *OT P IffK, near Qty Hall *M 4 * IMS UKT-HorV lfo7471 M street, b-t?e-? r Mil till MK, IS iv?? oential l o:i -u. all mod era improvement*. Ac. Apply on pr?tnis*s. s:3 3t~ 1 l/OB~TiKT-*OOIIf? , *ontb and north front r fumi?bed or UtifnmWbeg, with nil itnpr ve m-n'B >341 K'? V"tk ?tfnu?. ill-S* FV?B IKMT-T?o furnished hO??M- !>??? partmrnta. 1 rnj ntj moderate. 710 U'b street, above G. It* ro*y littie HOC8E I. kitchen aud hall; nic* yard S'rcet inipr -v .1. ! r>rnl.i>i. ArHr Ittl KtbMrwt a i. aS F'OR RENT?C.wT well totaEdl100m*TV.uth front, with modern cnnwiifu,? Apelv to ? 6o:i I utrwt n?rth???t. ur. at* I 1/OR RENT-VBRY t'H K A P?A suite of ? nicely furnished, on sec >n.J floor, at H9 I3.|i sireet, between SinilH. II >u*- has all nv?l ru | convenience*. aS-f * f/OR RENT-Three story BRICK UOUSE .with * Iihph building itnd stable, K >. WIT Mth *tr-et n Apply t? JOIIS ALEXANDER N j 1*31 Pennsylvania a?ctiue. *i'. e-$r F^OR RENT? Three ROOMS, tnfnrn ?b*), aiiif ?Mt for homoke< ping; ga? ami * ?t*r in 'l?? honae; p..mi?*niiu given I?> 1, ICS. Apply at .'?<*? ! Mh itr?rt tortlnrMt. iStr hT? bALK-Twu at ry PRICK HOUSE. 16:*I P ?tr?-> t northwest < rooms <n l bail, with valor | in the yard. Trios easy. Iniutro at j Clllpf. ?15 imIw L'OR RENT?May l?t,?ilh bo?rd,twoconnecting ? front Rot iMS, vith h"?l ?n1 r.>|.l ?at?r B >ard ami R"on!>fi>rt?u. $ti. H"deru conveniences in i hoiiw. lOVT 9lh>tn<rt. a2S |,V'B RENT?The line li?iiiif 8TAMD, corner I 8'h and L street* northw Mt. For a large neigh ! lx-rhood liade unsurp .seed. A rare opportunity for ? a business t" make money. Possession .lunel. i.25-3t* JOHN O. AD VMS , I/OR HK NT? In I*ni?nt?wii, D. C? a FRAME r IiOl>E containing "ight r "mil. one titled up for atore pnrposes.plenty of she |e a?"d water in 1 > v >i?l. Apply to P. E. 1IA!NE>. L'liiontowo, P. I C. St* 1/OR hKNT-FURXlsHEP, %<;?-. UXFCRN l>HEP. fttftl, ?>?'. $fi. ?1S, Hill, Jt?; llOI>ES and STOKKH. ?;?, 8 TORE. ?40; OK KICKS, AH>. |M. J 16: HALLS, *30. fJ . aK-St THUS K. WAGOAM\N,AI9 7th?t. hOR RE (IT? FCRN1SHED HOl'SE?HOUSE X? 600, corner F and 3>th streets n-rthwat, will be rented on reasonable te:>na Immediate p -?.i-lon srtven. Appl) toC. E. ElTTEXH'iCSE, Ageil.lli'j F <tre? t. ai*-1 l^'OK RKNT?LOTS In the nortliw. *t' rn p-Tli-n 1 ? f the rity; anionic tli?*tn nevral v?-ry ?l<-?irabb bi :l?iliig loti> on I ^nd K rtre-ta and Vermont av? ; nu.-. M ACET * BRO., B al E-tate and iiuiiranr - Br fc. r?. ?*-eotw 14U7 F i?tre*?. t~7*01< SA LE?An attractive REsrPENCE, \ i!U rtyle,9 room*, including baloon Parlor, witti two aores of land, abiunlaiire of water, st^blinit, Ac.; two miles north of the rjtv. <innrter of * mi It front tlie terviinnw of Lincoln ticuut. For t'nin. Ac., apply at 1119 Q ?tre^t. a2i 6t 1^0R BENT?A RARE OHaNCK FOB l!-?rSE K F.EPINQ? Fi*ethoroughly furoi-li"<i ROOMS, coii?i?iing of parlor, diiiinK room, kitchen on tirat floor, two cbamleTa aecoinl floor; boMao n>-w and newl> fiirnirhet]; aoulh ft<>nt. with all modern con vi-iiii-ncea; tertni- moderate' J- liglitlul locationa.h 'If e.jnaie of street cam? 1 ttfl Q ?tre?t. al'i It* L'OK REVT?Two ?r<iry prevd brick front ? IiWKLLIKQ. No 7*4 11th atreet northw?t, iK tm-t ii O and U atreeta. with 8 rooma. cellar, ta . etory brick at able, and all the modern improve ineiils con.plete, Honw in go,?l repair. Apply to JDS. F. KKLLEY. W'J Uh atreet northwest, be iw. en 1 ami K atteeta. a? tt I/OR RENT?Two FRONT ROOMS. fnrni*be<| ~r imfiirbial.etl, willi BOARP, iu a pupate t<nrl>; lii?* 8th xtret-t.corner of N. ?'JI Ji" 1/OR RENT-Three ROOMS, with priv,leg-"of bath room.t" a small family, suitable for h Ke. ping. 1613 itth street northwest. i?2t Jt* F^OR SALE?New COTTAOIT; P <t , near l.vh. sev<*n ro>>nis, cellar, front and baek P.rt caali. I.alanee in one am! two years. GEO. A. LANE. 1H-0 K stre< f north went all It L'liK RENT ? Handsomely furnished coui'ii'iincat a ii if RtMiM8, ai d single K' 'in", with U" of par I 'r,?t No. lj-rf F street north*eat. Also, TABLE BOARD. a2t 3s' 1,*0R RKNT-Two BRICK HOCSES f >nr rooma ??> h: % 1 rent per in in'h.on- half a>jn%re fr iii l4ib-atreet car?. Inquire tt*4 L 'Utsiana a'e tie, |>-tx ecu 9 and 3 orb rk. a-J? liu 1,'ORRKNT-Oue half or all of a large .ST \BLE Apply at N". 1411 P- tin. a*en?i- For Rjii:, part' f Oltice, 14 1 1 P?|1U. aveuue. WM L. 1'AVIS. loll penii. avenue. a'JI 'I I/OR RENT OR LEASK-Hol'SB No -1 IK"7. ip rth. b -t we? i sth ami 9th atn -l?, with 18 ro .n - v-ll fiirnishe<l, and suitable for a !? aiding li-uae. ten boaniera in the bonae. At ply on the pr in iaes. ail-fu * t/Olt SALE?Will sell, part balance in monthly payment*, one or all ot the three haiel aome new WHICK HOUSES aitn tted on ('. lunii ia atieet:of niealiutu ai/.e; now renteI to g.' .l t- n t?, aid al?ava In demand. IiKinire at F CI'M >11N S", 1*3* 7th st . B >ot and Sh.?e Sr.-re, ail 2t | R pub) 'OR RENT?In a privat- famil? ..f three a.lnlta t""'".1"*/ PARLOR and CliAMRER. tfl S _ ? ? ?% nLi'n aim i QA a UK H ? u the tilst t1i?.r;?er> suitable f.ira lortor or la? yer. Alao.a third story Chamber, all in ^leru con venieucea in the h >we rem lou to gentlemen. N ?? York avenue, 14^b, uear U. 8. Treasury, three doors from l?tli at. s2l-3t* 1/(1 R SALE?A very deairable BRICK 1IOCSE . r ( I'litaluing ?i\ rie>uis and < ellar, w itli water in tie van!. Thi? property ia tinely located, iu the nor hern s' (-tionof thecity,and has an ant front, wi.h all atreet improvements Computed. Price, ?l,'<*i, on easy and \ ery ad? antate.,us terms. F r tniiher information apply at 1321 7iU street north west. l?etween N and O sts. a2l it* ""OR SALE?SMALL FARM-A pla .? foui mile. iiortliea*t froni this city, containing ti acran, ab- nt one foorth in h?avy timber. The improve nienta conaiat of a double Frame House, iu c mhI ord r.with all the n?ceasarr outbnild.ngs, iu< luding an ic?- house, full of ice. Plenty of good pure water, and several bundr d fruit trees < f the be?t \ arieties. W til be sold on easy terms, and city property tak-n in part exchange. Price and term* made knowu >n application to lilt HARP B MOHl'N A CO.. i Jl-10t 1013 Peimsylvauia ax en ?e. F'OR RENT?Two tine communicating ROOMS. suitable for gentlemen only. No. *07 H street, second floor. Rent moderate. ai'i lit L'tiR RENT?A BRICK HOUSE, thres-story A atid hasemert, all modern tmpro\enietita. Ap ply on N street uorthwi^t, near corui-r 12th. Bill in wiuoow. a23-6t * 1/OR RENT?On May 1st. four nicely lurnish"d F R0OM8. single or en suite, a? & I j F aire?-t, ??n*? block from Post and Patent Oflices, south front. aii 3t* 1/OR RENT-A small GARPEN FARM , ouc-nalf r mile troni terminus of Connecticut avenue street rai'road. Apply I^'J3 1 street northwest, after t p. ni. a2.i-3t * Ij*0R RENT?'In 1st of May. t?o or tlirwien pleasant RntlMS. B--atd in the house if d' airxl. No. 900 lltb attest, opposite Franklin Paik. a23-St* L'(?lt SALE?A new and very hands<ime Ove-r om a IiOl SE. with line yard, iu a deairahlelocation. Apnly at No. 4 16 loth street northwest, between 4 and ft o'clock in tli? evening only. a2'< *>t * 1/OR RENT-sioBB 1011 K street uortnweat. n withthre,- Room* conimuuicating. A very dr sirable locality for a tailvr. In tuire on the prem ise* . ail-3t * F*OR RENT?Fine three-story pre??'-d URIUK I>WELL1NG. with all m<s|erti itnprov. ru-nt?. with store room aud two cellars. Inquire HoL LII't.K B ROS.. fe<-d dealer-, 5th and O. a23 liu LOB RENT?Two ROOMS over store on r ?trH, M l^etweeii 6th aud 7th, suitable for hoiia> ke<-piiig or au eating stloon. In<|iiire HOLLIPOE RR'iS . 6th and O streets. ail 3t* 1/OR KENT?Three story and baeement BRICK 1 HOUSE No. fill L atreet, containing niu? rocnis. pantry, and bathroom. G aid brick stable inr>ar. I mj ill re ISAAC S. HOLLIPGE, .Vh and 0 streets. a23-3t* FpOll RENT?ti ntlemen may obtain elegantly fnri ished ROOMS, iu house with all improve m? nta, at 611 13th street; either singly or eti suite, at Mimiiicr prices; new house with bay wiu d<f". al'l-ii* 1/OR RENT?HOUSE containing eleven rooms. 1 w ah all modern conveniences, No. B St??ldar<l street, between Washington and Congresa streets, Georgetown. Can tie had until 1st October, or loujjet if desired. Rent. a month. Present oc cupant. naval officer aleiiit mo\iug away. Carpets ami part of furniture offered for sale, at low rates, for < ash. Inquire at the House. a23 ft* 1/ 0 R SALE AT A GREAT SACIUFICE-A r neat two-story BRICK HOL'SE.6 rooms, bull, bath room gas, Ac., situate in oue of the finest lo cations in tlie northwestern part of the city, front and back yard, and paved alley in rear, price A3.siM; si,tin I w n and balance ou easy terms:cost, ?4.:tuu, but is oj.-red at a sacrifice in order to effect a sale immediately, the owner being obliged to leave the GEORGE TBUE8PELL A CO.. a23 St * Al j 7th atreet. I/Oif ?ALE-Tl.ree-atory BRICK PWBbLlNG. r No. .Jd street, between E and F, northse>t; 10rooms, bath-room and cellar; water and gaa; cen tral location; street improvements completed, price 67.UM luuuire ou the premises. D. A. ROBIN SON. aBk' l.H>R RENT?FDRN1811EP RESIPENCB.-We A ofler at a low rental, from the 1st of Hay, the pleasant Furnished Residence of Coiiuuander Cush mar . in" Beale Terrace,'' containing II rooms, with all modern conveniences; wtM be rented until 1st .October next, or for a y ear beyond that time. A ph-a-ant location for both snwmer and winter. Ap ply to _ FITCH A FOX. Beal Estate Brokers, ?S it 1200 Pa. av.,'FrewimeeNi Bank BMf I ^OB RENT?Furnished or Unfarnlsh?d BOOMS, sontli front; saitabla fur bouaekeeping. Apply SUA Pennsylvania avenue. apSl-lni f-^oFTALB-A well-built tkree story BRICK. ? HOUSE,7 rooms; water and gas; large rani, Ac. Price, 66JKB. Pnssssalon given immedlatelv. I?i quire on the premises, KM lotk St ., above M. all Ir*0B RENT?BURNISH EP BOOMJS, in a pleas ? ant locality; also, nnfnmished, anttable for bonaekeepifag; water and bath-room en second Ooor. Inuuue at 3*3. Missouri av?nnevopposite Butan ical Gardens. alMt* FIB SALE-LOT on Bast Capitol,between6th and 9th sireeta. ?6xM. improved by two Frame House*. #3jM?rash will boy tbis property. Apply to RKHm BOTH WELL, Mo. Mb stiwat nort heast. ? al4-tw* 1/OR &ALX CHEAP?Tsrms, caah, and fM r ai iitbly until paid?several new Pstory BRICK HOUSES, situated on Mew Hampshire avenue T and U streets north; bare ri* r*?oma. ball, and back yards; bousaa twmpletely EnIshed. pit 2w Northeast corner M l . are and IttU *t. f Cbrenicle, BepnMlcan, rf.) Mory Back BoUAto^; bonse fronts sowtheaat: bsa "itOe front ?Me entraMe^c^nttdM* n^ne rooms, beatales bath-room and closets. O^Oar voder entire house with tre places,gaa and -water can be converted into basement rooms if Hwired' Lot ISxluO. Inquire on the premises of the owner of the FOB WENT AND SALE. L'OB >ALt OB exchange FOBCITT TliO r l'ERTY -ffc.. wn?r bavin* mwl to Bsltt mnn.vlbn ki<TAI.t AILE FARM, t)-nr Bi.-Jt* ri<Cf, 'Otk' Blad n-btira and K i-hville rmd, ll aulas from M>Ui?i mxI 1 miles tr -m Waalrngtoa verj low. hroMnttulftlirm of eicelleat lan-1 ?app"^ hy a laige iNfeitbiMwdl ?*r vaats ti-?oee, So-- barn. milk h-?0"-. aeaer failing ??II of ??trr 4M y >011*. b<-*lth> . te-wriiig frait lrrr?,V?hMlr trees, ttiislsan in front tint r?*r of li?n?,(l i??r carrier runnitra stream ?f cl-?r ?rtrr.thnrhHf ?pII len.ed and m ??-if?.i ijrt. Pric?, *9.0W\ r?e third raah balance <>0 ea?y I'-rar Y* ill dn nle the ?!??<? il m ? ??*ary. and *-*11 vbk or wrthnt'i iniproi-ervnt*. Fk-ice ? 'Th <ut improve ment* Sl:d per ?m? ?asc geo TKrEsPKi.i. * co? aia tu. ?t. I^OR R?NT-An OfFhE niee larae, ~ il ?t"t) fr.?t.? r. ? F ?tree?. In iweea mh and IJ'h 11 Mi. S PANlARD 8 Lliiwr R I 4 16 IT stmt. all L"i'R kkni-a Farm in ?"St<???**r7<" <> I Mil ?A FARM f X> arm II mil ?? from Wa-h ilifton, <11- u whic'i i? a laige I?wi II.-.a H a?e. *itit ab.e for a nuiuu r residence. Tn> *1111*11 11 1* pro ve; bi*llv h"?li hy . ?t?l a iftk* ni? luay !? niilfl Willi the h< ise T?mr ntoibrate to a II ' <1 tenant. It ile*ired, the li'Hiiv ma? I* n ntrl ? iirtlrly. Aj,l*i> ?* stare Ho. I IBS Fa. avenue, A\ ashiugton, IV < . *Jl i? I*' L'dB !>ALK-tl'i Capitol Hill, a j-n.>rf P aaJ liawfiirnl BRI< K H*'f!>t,f.>tn?iiiiin ?iiw r< < m?.besides l ath a-.d store r-?oins I' lm? rw, col.l and h'<t ? tt?-i. aii<1 ? mot-cI'Vi<>i?, 'lealed Iw Lt Iri lK- and Cmpirr hratinf r?a?. Ii is ?-arljr n*?, in thorough order, in a very h'tlitir ami a?T,?abie neighborhood, ai <1 m 1II b? soi-1 very law oa e?*y 1 tern.-. App'.r totbe owner on the prcmis. <. 4A7 A utrwt southeast. ih-lm 1/OR ^AI Mill NtKV ?*? -7 A? KM OF LAMI11 HiihUMl8iMi"U. B nn-IO. It B. I tii w f. .it ;.?n H '!-??. Barn. ?????:'tre II - 1 M 1 Ik H' 'i:-f . w alt r ami k **1 fencirv. [ :<T A* HtS OF LAND; nine r ??? II n*e with r|i'?ti, B?rn. Servant*' H 'U?, pie: ?> of vater, ! Imif annttt) cb<Irr ftui! IP" ? \?rm? . A ppl> I- I KMUEL <1. A KK splS e?Sw 60S 1Mb ?tr?t, cilUt IMh hu.i F L'tK SALE OB RENT- HOI >K I*l< N I nt r<-t,l.rlw?M-ii 12rh an-l Ulli ?lp*t?.*i!li all til" B'liliTli ll:ip?.i?t^i? nl?, Bn- ?ar.| and r ? A -? I line F<>r I'arlHiilar- mppI> t<? LATIMKK Jl < LCARY, Aactton??ni aud K al K-ial' I5i-'k*?w, 1 Klar n#ii* Bn.iditiz. allMit ?.'t'K S^I.K -T if Milocrit-i'r i?fl?-ra f-?r ?>?)?? h*a I H?l>KiSo. Ill) mul LOT "iitlif fp?i r?>l of tk? Ctphol. Tii* lut ii nitiutnl <<11 th<- ??tb niii?* of I am Capital stT?*t aixl "ti 21 ?tr<? t atid in 47 ft* 1 i'lid II iu<'b<-s Wi'l" nrd lift fM (1h*P. <?n ?.l at. ?17 JW CUABLU P RlbSKLL. ?TOR RFNT?Finolj- fumiaUod Irout R<'oM8 r A ppl> ?' 4#J Ith ulrM. alj Jw* h' 'OR PALE OR KXCUAMUE rOR< ITT PH'? P EKTY. ? t*n-<iirt Hi'TfE with lirtrir h?* tnrtit, and alpn a c< rn?-r LOT and a FAKM if# acrrn n< ar thfeity. Apply to J. P COX, c?i u??r <Hh Md FayHtr atrrft*. G- '*n, D C. nl* I111* 1/ O K REHT-Mm <l?alrabl- OFFK'E RO?' Mm In r tlir ii<>rtbwt*Htcorufr building of Ttb and U ?u. Iiorlliw.-at. II. UAS< II. aU 1m* 993 7th ?tr?'t n ?rthwi-st. tH?k SALE?Syl.'ARK Hd.MI. txtwe^ii A and 1 B and 51 b and 6:b ?tr?H n.>rth"a??: ?ith?>r th? w Ii It- or in lota Apply t<> JoUK llOYV.AKI>, liutrhcr. So. bill C< nl?*r marine.curoer of B and SN ?t i-trofta norlh?-.oit, or CHRISTIAN M BKi K ERT. 4*23 li Kiiwl iinrtbwiwt. a7 l?a* LvOK KkMT-OWELLIMG HOCSE, witb ! r l-rick fr ?t au l tuarbl* trimmlngi, M >. I 307 Kbialo I-laiid irttiK, M?m IMh aud H'h aln^t-; ' tin rrnidfUCf of tb< Firat A?*iataiit Faatma?t>-r 0? n fih! for tin- pa?t Ihrw and balf yearn. lu^mr* I4M Uih?ir*rt. P< imwaiiiii I>| May. at '* L'OK SA LE?A nmiilii-r of twi>-?tory BRICK r llOl'SfcJi. ?>ii T ?lrwt,b<i,w<n'ii Itth and 16?h atr?-?-te nurtliw.-st, aiz ri ?ui? each, will , b*" atdtl I'll IrniM a? follow*: Five HOUSES from jJl-jOto ijsi) r?<ih on ?ach, at l l>alan<'? in In-DThly payment* to nut pun ha??r. Fit?-Htll'SES at fr"Oi jf-Vi*) to ? *-h. and l?uanc?* in iu nthiy. quarterly < or lia!f >t-ail> pity- i Bi< iil?, to mil -r. Tlir?-?* I|iv| aUi be excUan??<l in pirt f r | 1? ai.t grimid Al?", t*"'ral HOUSES ic tb? Llntk will b*> | Siild cli'?*.p f?!r ca^h. Each of the above Hon**c hive hall, cellar, bath- ] roniu, w ater rl.<?et. M-w<-r, (ja?, Ac., and are ? il j ?nit?-a fur a private fauiily. Thoae d -?;n?us ?f *e- j en* iiiK to thi ninflvf" a c>nif-rtalde II ii*- on i-a*y term*,ihoald n > fail to iaii at uiy office pievioua | to purcLasu^ elsew here. JOS. F K El.UK V , K *1 Estate A.<< nt f! H". 90S Mli ?treet ni rthweat.liet. I ao<l E. L "li >ALE-Holi?LoT?MEABMf PLkv> r ANT?From half an arre to eiitbt arr ?*. will *< U1 at ri*a-'inalile r ?t'-* and on i wy trruia. E? h ? I t lia* nplafd fur dwi-llinK-hooae and Iruit, aal j rii h low land f r veifetaM*-*; within a few miii:il'V r-alk from M'Oi.t I'li-a^ant ??nitiibus, aud tw :tit> - I ti%e minate? walk from B-'nridary. Healthy lo- I cality, pleaeant rural eurr->u:idiug<. and e*relK-ot | <-ili:<-ationat and r>-liri"U? advantai:-*. Apply to [ JOHN YORK. Office of C auiiivei'inei of l uatonr, Treasury Buildinff. apl-lia* 1,'OR SALE-TWO PIECES OF LAND, in-ar Ar lingtnn: al? ut one nuart'-r of a uni lr m ?h? ' Agiieilnct bridee. One cotitain* 9 and th? oth^r 3 j at 11 >?, improved |.v two ?mail frale h<>?i*i. Appl) to JACOB llllilHi Nk. 4* 3d street, G r<t town. tnarX* In* |,'oR RENT?Fl'R8ilSHEI? ROOMS: a lack 1 I'arli.r liiriiiKlK-d m* a B.dru.>m, arid two pleae ant r ?? nm, !?*? k and front, on cerund *t >ry. ia an e!ikilil>-loCated Dw-!!ir:g f.n I ?tr??et, n-ar 9tb; w ill l?- rented on r?-a?onable ternjn to K titl* Di-u only. A<l.lre?? "A. J.,'* Mational R-pablicaneffiL?. m!9 tf ( R'-p.j FORSALE. h'llR SALE?At Wijr? Ba/ar, on Saluidat noru iiiK, a tine, younc H<lRSE, well t.rokeu rv tu liainew; well rillted fur a rarnagi- r T? bn- brtntaguu. O^nei liai-uo further 11 foi li in It * L'OKTsaL*.?COW and CaLF. Apait r unineiliatel) at No. UOi S stri-et. It Cjf twi-en 13lh and Utli. a3i 21* LHiIi SALE?A large BAY HORSE, senile, aouutf r mid reliable. Can be *eeu at J M aa K l ATlKO S A CO S Stable*, -JVJ an 1 -J I I llil. atreet Dortliweat. aZi ??" F"OBSALE-SORREL HORSE.7 yearn Id.* nud , kind and gi-ntle under ?a.ldle and bar acv ne'-. Sold f .1 want of uie. In jinie al C ^ .. I ftU II -" lire. Sold f.i want of u?e. lu.iuue at C ?t IAS W. PI MPH RET S stable*. jJJM* CV\>H, OR UOOD MOTES WILL BUT FAMI y l.Y ROCKAWAY, el-rant SII>E SAUPLE. and PARLOR ORUAN. A IdreM ?'BARii AlNS, ' 8t*r office. ap 22-61 t*OR SAI.E?A baud-inii ly DiaU lied pair of BAT MaRES, kiud, gentle and *t? li?b AUo. a li -erly new FAMILY CAKUlAUE auj J HARNESS. Hi'ld forwan? of n*e Can la-rk"* m-eii at K EATING A CO V Stablea, J0?, 411, ?21.'! and VIA 11;ti street northwest, one square *outb .d Pennsylvania avenne. all liu l/l'R SALE CHEAP?A four boree double-tree r elreet PLOW SHEAR,*'>me long handled ron?d l-niit' d fcHOYELS. and xjuare feet of good 2 incli PLANK, at *7)13 R etreel. at canal. alV tf |?<>K MALE-Three firat-claa* SEWING MA r CHINES. TWO 80I)A FOUNTAINS, and ONE STEAM ENGINE, at R. FULTON A Co. . Loan Office, 314 9th street, near Pennsylvania avenne. all-12t* I/O It SALE?An excelleut second hand two horse, r |ilatforni-?rring WAOON, wide l? *ly, jn?t the thing for cair) ing pamM-nger*^ stage, or gr >c< i'? wagon; can !?-? al FUNK A BECK'S Wag. 11 Fa. t< ry, on Bridge street, neat new Rock-creek Bridge Georgetown. I> C. alu liu B~ U1CK CLAY FOR SALE. An*r to DODGE A DARNETLLB, jlT-tf 14)17 F street. PERSONAL. 'I'o YHIOM IT MA* CON 1 ERN.-I! th- owner 1 <f thi GCAGK LATHE I? fi at ui> nbopaln.ut two yt iir? aar-? doe* not call for and take the *ani" away at once, it will be *old to pay ?torage and -il- I pei.*e* (li - j B.CHUBEIt>. L'.iK.VIK: Vouaru coiuuiittiag e-if murili r. Go4 t reguiree uo *uch sncrltice. lie courageou-, and | saM' t.s Imth. Hi pe would 1'?t > uu Utile; di- ip* ni In 11 -after Would tie Iietter than ruin now. 1 w ill r >niniiinii ate nonietimeti in thi* way unle?* ; foibiiideu. "Tell !i;:n I ani a* true to biui a- lie 1* tri. t> me." Tue fnture jtfiij be brighter. C-nr *ge. H per | ail | ROBERT. MILS H. J. FLENCH, ?At I'tltoraitl Kt.tablt ( ini'toyanl ami Tt*t can be seeu a' 7*a Uth *tru t nonbwest;also,(iv?^ deliniations of . chaiacter by pbiitogiapb baud wnuug or luck o hair. 117-Mb* j BUIOAL AND FCNERAL WBEATHS, BOO QLETS, CROSSES, ANCHORS and STARt Preaerted or Euaiueied in Was. Ail kinds of Hall Braiding done. Ornamental Hair Work on Glass and pearl, t ? Mrs. FRIES, lata of Boston, No. *0? 9U street, near I, northwest. References:?Mrs. Presi dent Grant, Mrs. Admiral Ooldaboroofh, W. W1 Corcoran, General Elaey, tteaerai Tomplioi", Gen*. ral 4ik?m IwM-Iy Must and shalli?great baorifmibi at CARO'S LOAM OFFICE Mid BA EAR, No. 914 Pennsylvania avsnna, bat< ?th and 1Mb sts. The whole of the Jock, In lawt solid h an ting G Ul aad^^^S WatchM (Swiss and American nakss) OoU rkLilT Ring., ikuda, 8i^?TSt^.!VSi 'f??., MnnoaJ Inatrnaenta.Mnost aad shall baaoMtoaAkaaohTuN In business. Ton savs from ? to li m nnnt t., i . InB Kitr? fLvwta maLi 4. -*-i (U|| WIT* i SIS Fannsy?' Oooda solS am I _ r?oe. BMMte.OAROil lais-tr MMi ALEXAMDRIA?Va? BOTD M. SMITH, S. EL W 1MB ATT Alaxaadrta, T*. fliMHii, B. SMITH ft VIHUTT, LUMHER. LUMBER. HARDWOODS A SPECIALTY. BILLS CUT TO OBBBB. Oomdsm Ttei 404 ca' 404 TOUB STOCK OF FHOTOOKAFHS BU3IKE3S CHANCES. A PARTY baHi,* aurr b.>nra ia ?b-? fr.mZ 1 lkW? ?kor.M?* . . .. ,i ***? ? c* b -ofc., f?r u> a-?-. Ut ? (Mi| ? bi|. bj?i,um Adjraa, r J ti . t?t?f 0 Jco a?i > - $ 10,000, VcV?-M H# ?l W*5 ? **<S Lomla.ana ? S | ,)() * K A \ I ? ri \ ?. 7 ? . " f all ?. K V >T' ? KK N .ka * ? ,rli??. M ",, P' "? .H Mrtf |~. a,h, at l??| H ?rJ5 So?;;. ?aiAr { Vji\ i ? '2 ^ tn<4 ?rmm, , ?t l-?"l _ K lliK/BK^\V.7h>?tft?!:*.? ... Tti?bton-a:?d II *JK t*r ??mi ? I ill j, >, . , ? rtharwat. .? ? ? ^ babk orpTTffrxirr' ? Atirniwi rat, ?n?iiai1.i?.t,.fi , a ^ | r ? icr",o * h- ? ?- - .rAK* '*r c""11 01?? r ?..( *atat?. , ? ??!*;??? it b at,a* ii. trad.. 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