Newspaper of Evening Star, April 25, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 25, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. Ft TIRE DAYS. It T DCNOAKSON. DoWLINO t CO., b- uth^vt cnrn?r f h anil D street* ut'fthwwt. ?TBl'STFES' B*LE OF V ALT A PL* lMPKO> CD PROPERTY AT AUCTION. Br slrtue ..f a.leed of trust, .tat^d September , 17;h. Kl. tail rxonH in Liber tk>4. f< llf> C9. of ilh- land rworiij .?f Weehiugtoti count > . D?a Siut 1 f C>>linibia. and by dir-cttoo of the hoUtr t>f 11 note secured thersoy, we will ?>-11, at ihiL r auction, on th- "a MONDAY, Ap- at 4 o'clock p. m. fell that piece or Iari"! >t ground kn.-wn snl 4eecrll>?d a* original fit numl-red four i?.l in square south --f square ?ne <? m l f nr (HM.) Improved by a two-story jprntii. B"ildlr.g. ... T in- "t sale, m reifwed by aai.l deed. are f2.000, with f< :? per cent. Interest from i?ptfflihrt 17th, 3>"*. i rli?.r ?itli thf expense* A this ?l*, to r*sn, a ih- 1 ilance in i ana 12 months, securtsi by the j,. (,??>.>{ ih- pnrcha?er. b-afinginterest at ? per cent mm| a .1 1 of trust on tli<- property. $2i?down when th-* pr ,?erty is struck off If tbetermsof saleare not r< r >p'-. ( with. the trustees' iwr" the risnt to re th pr >perty. at the risk aad c js* of l?M?nlt "" "" ir.BFRT P DOM.., , , j T,?~. PHILIP A. PARX EIL LB.S ? i?? l'l NCANSOS, DOWLINtt * CO., Ancts. (/?THE ABOVE SALE is POSTPONED until Mi M \T. April **?lb,l<C3. ?am- hour an I place. l;t>BERT P. < * ! TnntMa. I ll ILIP A DA RNEILLB..* j,? p| Nt'ASWS ?* I>ott LINC, Anoti. IV LATIMER A CLEART. a ii ma?l Ri' E?t?te Brokers, it -ttrni r "f Pennsylvania ?venue awl 11th meet. Star Orti - Building. /U . TI' N SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED i.> si. estate T><l.KN FIFTH AND SIXTH STREETS Vl.s'l \N1? <>N F STRFET NORTH. BE 1\ KEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS V E-T. Tl'FSDAY. Sn 6th, 1-CT at 3 VI ? k p tn ., 1 m ii. ? -:i. ii frt ' t > t the pteiin?e?. at ptibli. attc lit.' . p ?? f L* t 9 ? s jiiar- 4>J. beginning for the i' . - n'!. line of north E streetat a point - t,. .. v -t ,.f the north-ant eoraer of said 1*? t, and i<i . t'.. T.I-.- i!nf -nth 75 f-et, ihence .In 1 west l.j.i .I, ii- rtb 7.1 feet t" E atre?-t; awl thwien ,n . tl,e t, Un tune: ?d by a snb-ttaatial I ?wr ?i r> Brkk |>?rl''?H> N>?. ilil. Al?n, < ? tl. ?' e ere: inc. at,.I mini -di i'ely thereafter. I I ?n S|Ji..r - 436, l- itliiiiii.u f"i theaame < F -t t it'.rth ?t th< west liti" "f ?aid l'>t and ??!! i tlwnce d'i? n. rih, oil saul line, 31 f?et & I ? iK-e .'.v? 4 feet * ?! rh<-?; th?'nre n rth 6f?i-t; JI-. i,?c >?t 2fe?t d inch.-, thence nort h K| feet &S )ni k> * ' llie i ?-r.l, line i t .Dili l"l; Iheio e eaut 19 1 t 7' ? ?('he*;th. i ?? .In- ?<>'. h. tliron^'i t he reuter ? f eat l.'t. 1*1 f<?-l lo ? ti..-li'? to ^ai l T street; thrui a! ;i(*ii.l -trertlCf i-t 7S ill' '?<? to the be spii.Mt k: tir i roTed by a three siory Fr.une j c. N t-:i7 iv,r.- f-ile; F. :? the E ?tr et prop.-rt\ , on> 1 t.r-b. ???>, l.alaii.-e in I. 3 ai?<l 3 yearn, witli iuterest 1 in *1. !:?> ? f sale, at ii p- r cent, pel annum; tli ? i. it ' | \ in nr- t, I- ? -. iired l>? a ,l>-ed d trust ?!? ii pie|>- rty. K r t|(e f *tre.-t property, otw ftii: lr ,-li. I.alau*-. in <?, 12. 1- and H months, with int.i -ft m the ?la> of ?al?-. at s p>-r c--nt p?r an iii. .l?-f^rr> d p ii n.fut" to b> s<^ ur--d h* a Iwd i, *h pr p. rl>. A d.-p.>*it of .????! w ill b ? ' .o pi. ? < f pr, |?erty ?t time ,.f ,ale. Jkt , > aucit g at the o-.-t of p?chy. If the I ?i . tie ar, ti'it ri.mpli.-d with within ten da? < 1i ti . <> ? f -:il>-. I re? rve th- right t > re?e|| the ?j-r. p?ir*,attlif ri-k andr -t of the lefaiiltins pur t pnrrlia .r-.-iftt-r ti\,* da\ ?' public n >ti.e. t.Fo, W flit II HAN. Snr\ irnii Trii?:ee. % > - EDWARDS, Attorney. am - w.f.Ads LATIMER .* CLE\RY A i ; I~?\ I \TIMER * rLB~ARY. > Al n.'iieer- and K 's1 Estate Brok'-rs. h i;t . < corti-r Penn?*b an?a a?e.atfl ll'.Uatre.-t, iSt ir OflS-'e B'liMinjC. Tl.l ,-TFES SALE ok A VALCXBIE BUII.D IN?; l "T ON S >TREKT. SEAR llru ST bHI TM* EST SHi sirtne ?.f adeed <.f t rn?t. dii'e.! the Al ,!sv ' iii t !?-r. A D. IsB. a ..l rn .r 1 t in Lib -r T R.N 3, foil-, .r.". t the Lanl B ? t V . ? <n eoatity, tbe sHl.s<*ril>ers w iii m-ll t.. lb - ? i ?' i.l ier. on the premise-. .Tl'ESDAY, the X 7 i.e.. i May A. D. 1873 at-ioVlakp in L l 1.' -i ? ' I i J- nr.) in n-j'iare muiib-red iH. (two I . ?:? i thirti-. ialit ? in the <i.v..f \V:?-linr 1 i - I* - t < f Colon.lua. t.? pnv ?, witli inter S I ' ?? t- I'.-r 3, 1?I.V and e \ p?.|.* ??. II. n ? cf wl. ar- tlne-f,.iirtl.. a h.( ?? which ?? ' Ii ? paid .it th-* time of |f,e %I|.I Ihn Teaidi -i e.,?al aniiia in i?, 12. !?? aiel .'I ni?ntlis. for * i. i i i ' -1--T ? r.-t tii .* not.-. t>- arirn: int-r i -t at - ii pem ut per annum, p ivalde aemi-an t iil>. d -ecnrrd by a d-.-d o! Irnst on the prem i ? \ ?1 . u e\ ait. ink' ?t ih. . iKt >f th- pur. baser. It tli ?'iua are n<>t comir ml with * ithin *t> e l ?ys tr. i, M :i> C't ^al-.tle Tr??te?? n-"C*eth.- rmiit t ? t>- I * he property,i r an< pair thereof, t" tie' 1 k't - -t ! .nil' t u tli pr- iiiis. -. for cash, on t- ti ? r< I ? e in the ?? E* > -.iiiB Star." a-!i j- -t"i' at th-ri-U and. of the purchaser in ? \STH HTDB. / - ? , J \MES \v ruKroRAN. \ a21 ?| ?.|? LATIMER v < LE AR Y. An.-ts. |>* 1 UINER M CLEARY. ? ' A :i..Tit. r" atid R. al E-tate Br k'.rs, utLv - com-r P. riiisylr.ania avi-nue au<i 11 b St., Star liffice Baihlings. : 'Sr.I.'i ANDIM?UBLeT-ARVFD 0\KDESK?4. ? Al:. I"?AK LE I Til ER CO Y E RE1? I 'II Al RS Tti .VATi'H; IMMENSE '/! WIITY OF UN -'I L> CARPET; OF Fit K l>K>K8 AND T API.! >. WALNUT AND o\K C\NESE\T <1 Ft' ? \ KM ? II MRS; SOF *S. Ac ? *r . BF IM. H!L FURNITURE RECENTLY IN USE IN 1 ,! r HALL OF THE H'>USE OF REP l.l>' 1ATIYKS, LOBBIES. GALLERIES, AN. ? VV.TTKE R'?i>\;s. AT AUfTlOW. fX t t; ESDAY MOBNINO. April 2?th. IH 1 mtiienri-.^ ar IO ?'. ! ?k. we wills, II I, Capit f "f th- Ubit.-il 9ta|. s? # VI x *?' eiu^l ? and .1 iM C?rvisl Oak ? i /.I < irinlOali L" itiier-ciwrMl Arm Chairs t< ti a i h. L 1 rr i - lit r ? f W ilunt ?n.l Oak Cane *>at an.l IAm Chairs, If. 1 k - nn-l Tables. B?f?>. J:, tii-i . antity .f Bru--"ls C irpet^, whicVi will i i in li4n to snit purchasers. Tl fa'it.l 1- and rh?ir? *l!l be )o|i| in t(i? r' im'.r .f tlie If .use of s?-rifativ * The ? .' d .'th'T Inrtiltnr.- in In - larrf- hail laim - t! it' ll i der tlie iliau.ber of the II -use. T'-m raah. B " f EDWARD MiPnERSti*. < k of ti e II n?- ! R. pi.-sentat ii sa, U S. al2 | K p.* I I LATIMER .* CLEARY. An ts. ? * NIT fib STATES MARSHAL'S SALE In rirtne of t writ of fi-ri faciaa, i-sne<I ont f the f lerfc'- fli. e?.f the Dupr.-nie Court of tke Ii <rri.t ? t i 'tuii.l.ia.and to uie directed. I shall a-ll, in fr .lit ? f the c -in : ?. aa>-d.M.r "t said IVMri' t. on TH I'RS l'\Y.tb - *th Jay n; May, 1S73, at 1^ o'clock m , *> . tUe i|. fi-ndant'< rurlit. titl". claim, and inter-at I'. ai..l t, ?nl?|ii i.joti No. ?-C," in iqqare No TV. in |)i--cii) o| Washington. D 4'.. toeetber with ?1I and p '.irnlat the impr<>?eMieiits thereoa, ??i/?I and |. I'dupnaa tl? prpertv of Allison Nat lor. and ? ?ill - ! to ra:>sf> execution N<>. VMJ in far..r of A. ti ? Kiddle. ALEX. SHARP. U.S. Marshal, D C. Apr:: 13,1573. ali.lta SALE OF SJlALL ARMS AND AC UTliE MENT ItcREat or (laantft, t Nav* PiPaniiRM, Ainl 17. K3 < "T ? re ? ? 't |... ...! ( at pul,In- auction to th- hi^!i-sf I Wer. U r , . a W E1 ? N E -1?A \ M o II. I -': i i ft.i- ,.| tb- l:,ep<-<:t.>r of Ortnaace, N ?*> 3ai-d.N' ? Y rk. a jnantiti of saiatl-ariii" and ac ? Btrements, as f..|l. ?t, ti/ ff"'2 Plymouth rill^*, cal. ?H>. seri te al ie. 17? Pli ti. nth rifle" . al. repair-.. T-. 1 Pli ni. iith rifle .abr- bayonets. I .'>6 Plitu iitl, ritle ?ab*>- bav net s?-ahbards. 4 4i s' 'i;i A H.inkiDr i-arl'im s, cal. J3, asreicea lile. 4:" Siiat ps X Hankins carbines, cal. 52. nei-ding re pairs. - t'p. A Hankiiis rid 'S,cal. S<. serviceable. ;N M wp- ,v Hankms rille*. cal. .So ueeding re piirs. V - St. A Hatikin* tifle - ,brc bayonets atilscab bards. T- m ? tine half ca?h in Government fund* on the t ti> 'ri a of tbe *ale, and the T-uiaiiMter within t-n I ?- ?'??* ? afterwards,daring wh oh time thearti.*b*s i ?t I ? rm i ? d from tb-yard,otherwise tliey w ill jrvertt. the t?oietament. I' is t. lie dt-tindl) at.d- rst"od that n" sraarante T ill I e i.\ru to pur.-hikerrs < f .artI. les f. r salt- and i .t' Miith' ' alal- eue, as racards tUair exactcondi 1 n ronality; but it is beliered, h, wevar, t ier)thinA offeredf t sal- is as represent.-d. W1I.L1AM N -IEFFERS. I als-^'s Chief of Bureau. HOTELS. t;Moh HOTEL, UtiUiiiowN, D. 0. ?. SHINN, Proprietor. Tt's H /tel has been newly r?nti<*i and fcrnlabed Jtc. Bt?u ali the modern improvem-nts? hot and c.'.d I at hi, U Hi, and gas. It is coaveniontiy lo cal-., t-eiii# sttr.ated on the line of the Washington e:.>i ii? rgetown City Passenger railroad, the can ctwl . h. fr. m tLe railroad and steamboat depota, t??? tie 4uor eirry two or throe minat?a. The fn? il is h 'use can reach any ot the public o.itu.tfs r.t the capital or any place of mr r. ??.,*. . t y a p! A?atit ride nf afevrruinutea P. r*.i ? .I ma bnsioeaa al ug the line of the csuaj a ? * '.a"i -? w ill Ct ) it to their adTantaga to p at this b- nse Iwflly |_| YSi'hV HOTEL. No. 70* O STREET, )?? tt Bktwiks Tin avsttH St*?st?. ^JMiE IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES SYKES, P'opiiui. mbXy Ii.VA.>.A A V VI, bSV?a Lb? Mi 141A fl'tmt, WamWToJ, D. 0. Tfa-tlm to th? pstlk lor pnaroai paironaga tn Khe . ta- Propn <?r asks his old frauds sag ,?T* ^ 'e* tae a. cobuimdati .as of his K'SSOt ?*tst i,hr -at, whKb be ar< biism ahntl ha found at least ?|u*l to the beat la Wasbincton jao? t.' | R*-p . Chron.l iHB BMTAI1 aura, " l *a:*l em urrmm 14th ttrttt mm1 Jf. J rnrnmm iNr the 1st of IVr-mW-r, 1-ffJ, Permanent aal YiMinieiit Boarders will hot] this house <>ae of tha m <t do traMy and m at eonvaniently ' h' naM In tli? city. TL' i. < mi are neatly ftrtilshed, well lighted and -*e iti. .t,d. ai.d ^rosided with au tu^sl?ru Ujois ao slat ions. The charces are low.hnt ths want* and the c<w> *-n ot all aruest* will be carefully provided for. 11- proprietor, Z RICHARDS, has determined to yrovUc a | .4 caterer. noTll-eotf C. ? 1LLARD. EBBITT HOC8B, WAbHINOTOB. D, 0. *|"IUS IS TO aiVB NOTICB, Tliat the subscriber 1 ha* obtained fr.aa the Supr-me Conrt of the Dis trict of C-lambia, holding a Sp,-cial T-rm, letters ?-?taoM-H-an on the persoaai estate (4 HT.NRY FiEY, late of WxaahingTon connty, D. C, de a-aee.1. All per? n? h?. iaK claims against thesaid Ste, e., --4 are Wr- b? a arued to aihilst the same, with Ihe ? . h rs there, f, to the subscriber, .n or b-fore 11m* Si" .!a? ot April next: the* may oth-rwiae bj law tn-ea. ludeil fr. n all b-mfitot the sa. l eatate Uitei niHier Bj> haiul. thi< 3J 'iar of April. l<7t ??'V W . U W HEELER. Exec j. r. AUCTION. SALES ItTIRS H.\ V v B Y WM L WALL * CO.. Aictioneera, N? ? Marble Building, N?.900uk1 9V9 PuMnylvaui? B TRCSTEE ? SAL* OF VALUABLE PROPER. TT IS SyCARE N".Tl*i. Br virtue off two d<^d? of trust. recorded ia Liber R M H ,N'> B. folio 78, also in Liher LT and R. N? 7, folio .u, of th" land record* of the District of Columbia, and by directlnu of the patties irrnrrd thereby, 1 will off?r at public sale >n th? pri'iiinM. on MONDAY* th' 99th d? of April, at the honr if 3 o'clock in th- afternoon, the foil tw in* Lot# of Ground, aa *ub-li-i,led by Wm For aytn, Surveyor. being Lots number 43, 44, 15, W, 17, 4#, 49, St). 51, IS. 43. 54. 56. *. 57,5$, 59. W. 61,61. d3. ftt, 6*. 66. 67. M. 49,70,71 and 73. of the sub division of oriental L'-ts number 1), 13. 14, and part of 15, Id square 712. The* Lots front fr^m 19 to a) feet oa Delaware avenue, >1 atreet eaM. M street north, at.d Colfax atreet, and run back to aliejrs, the raid Lota being in depth from 94 to loo feet. Two Frame H on Lot* 61 anu t$ will l>e sold with the Loss. T> ? mi> ot sale: One-third rash, tho residue of the pur base money in 6 aad 12 month*, the purch?*er et\ ins hi* netes b-arine 6 per cent, int >rent from the day of ?aie; a deed given, and deed of trn?t taken to secure the deferred payment*. All conveyancing at the purchasers' co*t. A depoet of $25 required from each purchaser w hen the L >t*are aoM. Plats o( above L >tf can be had at our store. R P JACKSON. Tru*??.. I?I7IQt [Rep] W.L. WAUL ACQ.. A'*t*. HY LATIMER A CLEARY. Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*, buiithweal Corn? r Pe?,?\?\ l> ania ave. and Uth street, Stai <?fliie Building*. VEST DESIRXPT.E LOT AND DWELLING. ilATK TII t? RF.MD*NCE OK LEWIS JullS So>. KSU DE<EASED,> ON THF. NORTH FAST Col:XKB OF 11th AND G STREET* NfRTHWKfT, FOB SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. p> \ irtite c.f a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, passed in :* cause in said court depending between Lew i* J . Da\ is et al.. r<>nipl?inants. and Georgians I:. Davis et al., de fendant*. I will -"'It, at p-iblic auction, in front of the premises, ?.n MONDAY. April i^th, 1H7J, nt 6 ?.'cl ?ck p. ui., parts i>f original Lot.* numbered t tiree (;> > and f>nr it), in Sjuare N .. '.'AS, in th" cit? of WariiinflN,!). v . particularly daaci ibed a* full iwi: I i nni at the southwest corner of *aid s-j i ?re :md running thence north al'iia the tin?? of Uth street one hundre<l and thirty-nine < 139> feet: th ?uc? ?a-tforty! v|4Uh(talw(l)lMwwtknrsi u'h I one hmolrt-d ard thirt>-nine (1?) feet t > G street; 1 tli'-nce west forty-four IH) feet nine (9) inches to the point of t*-ginuin?, with the improvements, con*i*t a fine three-storv Brick Dwelling,rontai lirtc all the modem c> nveciencea, uud Brick StabL- &nl farriage-house. The >ard is ~uppii,>l wi:b a pump and well of fine drinkir g water. Tern - of sale a* "prescribe.1 l>y th? d-" r"?: Ov third of the purebae- money c:vth. and the b;?I ?nc? in -i* 16', t* ? Ue( 121 and ??i<ht>"*ii i Is) m ?;11h* The de!>rrt*l garments t ? t. ?r i-i!.-rr?t at tti? r?ie t-iiiht (9> per rent, per annum. A deposit of *500 ri!l b< re^nire-l? hen th< proporty is bid off. tjon Tf j tnciux at Co?t of purchaser El'fiENE ?AK|t?l Trn*t?e. at2 d LATIMER t CI.EVRY. An<-r*. Y B U. WARNER. R'-al E^tate Broker and Anctioteer, No. 7th strvet, between ti ami 11. TRl"tTEE"S SALE OF A THREE STORY BRICK HofSK. No 11A F1F1U STREET SOUTH LAST. AT Al? TlON B> \ irtue ..f a deed of trust to Daniel L. Elton Ban! my-elf,dat-d March 29. IS7I, and dulj re ?Bcord"d in Lil>-r No. 612. folio <1, one of the land re<i>rd* for Washington, D. C., 1 will s?-ll at p' Idic ai < tii.n, in front of th? pren i*e*. to the h>2h"*t ti.Mer. on Till RSDAY", th" KKth day < f March, lit.1- at 4 o'clock p m . all that pirt of L >t No. 13, in ?.piare No -*18. contained wiMiin the followlu; meteeand bonnde: Beginning f.>r th? *hmv at a joint 17' fe-t fr^ni the a>>uth'-N*t comer .>f L<?t No 13. and running th<*nce north ITS M; th<-ne.> *<?*t tt th? r-ar liiie of said lot; th'-nre * .nth 17>* f?et, a'td th* nee ea?t toth? pla?? of t-'giunmg, together sith th-- improTementa thereon. T? mis: The am >nnt of irdebtednes* ?<-cure<l hy sai I ?!**ed ? *f trust nnpai 1, with tho expense# of aale, inc.i* I the balance at six and twelve ni nth*, to i e*.-mred lyadee.Jof trust npoti the pr-perty sol .with interest fr'in th- day of sale. $A)ide p.-i. <??, ace. ptance i.f If te.-:n*.'f ?ale are net con plied with within seven ilavs a!t?r ?al", the pr nert> t?i be resold ut the risk aud Cost of thode (auftii g purchaser. CJEO. W STICK N K Y". Si;r* i ing Tut- tee. 12 ????Ads B. 11. WARNER. Autt r. t~*~ THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED oni ?! TH1 RSDAY, April lO, U73,sani- hour and pl.t . IJj l td 1 . t the Tril*t<--. ti 31 L. II. WARNER, Auctioneer. 9 f THE ABOVE 8ALE IS POSTPONED tin*. I W EliNESI' \ Y, April I i> liT3, at tj o'cl 'i k p. n...?ane p!.u ^ord'i i f th- Trii-f e. aio B. H. WARN A act. ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED hi.'. W EI'NFSDXY, Apiil ;tOth, lo7A. same ii -nr an I lace. By crd-rof tne Trustee, el-. it H. WARNER. A nt. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and lJ- ti Estate nr 'kor? Sor.lhwiBt co rner petinsvlvanM arenu*aud 11th st , Star Oilice Tfcr'STEE S SALE OK AN ENTIRE S'JPARE OF GROI N 1?. VERY EI.IUIB1.Y SITI ATKD. V ITI! IN ONE SyUARE OF COLUMBIA railway. awv By virtne of a deed f trust to th* nnderslgn ^VP>-,I, I' ariug late the l>t iia> ?! \ |.ril, A D. l.S'2, r.-<"r.| o aatoag the land record*iH tins District, in N.. 6rC. at folio 3. et w-.j., and by dirrctii n of the hohlet of th * u i|h. . i :re?1 thereby, I will fell a' p ililie auction, or, t premises, on S ATURDAY, the :t.l day of Mar \ D. 1173. at 3 oci-'Wp ni . all ot Siuari-nniiiliTe.1 nae hundr-d and thirty-two, (932.) I> >und>d l.y north I and K slr> etn. and 9'h and Hth streets northeast, contaiu ir ? in llie w about 73.1.M s.|Uare feet. The p:,ip.rty will be Mold subject to a prior deed ot tru-t, dated October 1. IS70. but which by its term* may ta- r? I'-an-J upon the payment "f -ix Cents per s,tuar>'foot. Terms: One-thir l eaah: the r.-^idue in four equal fa>tiM-tits,at S. ?. 9. and 12 month*, w ith Inter st roui day of aate Ii -.-d given and tru*t taken. ^2.'<'ti' bedep<iaited when the pr- pertv I* struck off. which is to l?e forfeitisl unless |.'ire)iw*er c<>iu | i< ? with til" terms of ?,iie within live dai s after sole. CouTt)ancii.ft at purchaser's cost. FP.ED W JONES. Trustee, a- <oJtds LATIMER A CLEARY. Aurts. \v LATIMER A CLEARY, __ Aurtioneers and Real Estate Brokers, gouthwetft corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th at., biar Ouice Building. TBi ^TEE'S SALE OF AN ELEGANT AND CoMMoPlors PRIVATE RESIDENCE. SI TC ATED IN THE FASHIONABLE PART OF T11E CITY, WITH BRICK STABLING AND OUT BUILDINGS. By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date the ?3 ??il. day it February. lt>71. and r<?nrded in Liber tolio 26. et se>|.,one of the land records for Washington county, in the District of Colum bia, and at tlie reijuest iu writiue-'f the pai?ty th-re lo p<ciir,il.lhe siib-criWr, as Tru-tee. will offer fir sa'e on WEDNESDAY, the 30th day off April, W3, at the hour of A o'clock p. in , in ttmit of the pr?-ioi>e-. all that piece or parcel of jtrot.iid, l>tn? and le*ii,2 situate in the city of Wash n gt ui. in the Oistrict of Colnmbia, and known and distinguished in the plot or plan of *atd '-it* a* and lieiiig lot "I," in Harri*aud Gran.m'-r's sulelivision of port of square nunitieresl one hundred and *ixty fonr (lit1, said sobdivi->iiin being recorded in the office of th" Surveyor of the citv of Washington, in lita-r D. folio lol. togeth-r with the buildings anil ?nipt'K ements thereon, consist ing of w large dou'.de twn -tory brick li aise, with Mansard roof, brick s'nl'le, and out-buildings, sit'iattsl at the corner of Cotims-ticut avenue ind L ?tr-et. Tt nnsofsale: Twelve tli Ut-atid five hundred dol lars in ca-h; the ri nisinder iti e<|iial yearly in*tal in?nt? at one and two years, witto intermt. to b>- ss cun-d by a deed of trust on the premises, or other v tn the satisfaction of the party entitled th"refo. Uotiveyancii g at the expanse of the purchaser. If t -riii- t -ale are to>t c^.iripli'sl with in owe week fr >m rtaj if sale, the Trustee r-s.-rver the ri,{ht to resell at the r.-k and expense ol thedefan.ting purchaser. A det- -it '>t five hundred d. liars wiil l?e re>inir?i at tlie t iine of tie -t.l i ha?e. RICHARD WALL ACH . Trustee. -1- eo.4d* LATIMER A CLEARY. \ t I?Y I. \'l IMEH \ CLEARY, ^ Anctioiie, rs ?nd R"al E-ta?e Br>t' r?, > i.thwest corner Penna. avenue an I 111 ti *tre?-t. S*ar Oflici- Buildint;. SAI E OF VALUABLE IMPROVE!* AND TN IMPROVED PROPERTY ON DELAWARE A% KtilT NORTHEAST. jf-?_ By virtio ' a il. ? re ? of : !i S pr me Court of ma t lie |>i?ii,1 t of < o'tltllbia, passed in E'i'i 11 cau-e ~*N '. ? ?. t hut ? ? rv nii-* 5. wherein Eli<ab-tn I'.reftt I- i* niplainant and Charles E Brent et al aro d-1? i 'a' niob r-igiieil. dulv appointed Trustee in sa:d cans,., w :'l -' ll. a' public auction, in fi "fit of tit-pr.-mi"-. "ii THl R.-DAY,the 1.? h layotMty, A. I' |s73. at b o*cl'i?k p. m.,tbe following L ds and I an - of L is, in S, No. t?s>: The nonh thirty (3?i? t-et of l,.t N-'. 7, running back depth of lot to ? pitbln a' lev . coutainiDg 5.1 ?? 75 a,|uare f?.?t, with the t et -ti ry lli^. k H u*?- thereon; all of lot No. 8, c t.i unit.g lt,162 25 square le t, w ith the four st ^ry Bi n k ll 'tise and two-story -ide Bri. k building tbeie-'ii' all of lot N'J. 9, containiiia 10,191 *-iu?Te fi-et. alio t '? rt of l-.t N .. to, ConimencinK foe the ,alile at a point ? u Delaware a>euue m'rtheast tSf?-t dis tant from tlie northweal cornet of?.jn?re on C str-ej lorth. riitiuiux thence ea?t 131 feet lu to a public atl? . ; t h*'!i<!? s. uth wiOi said alley 33 feet *>; thence v 1^ Irtt tSb to said Delaware avenil<>, at d thence n r'li with taldsn-Dtii'S f?et 597 to plat-, of begin l.m^ C' titaibinK 4.63n 13 square feet. Tin house-are well-known and need desrrip tnin. The extension of the Capitol xrouiets front- in part on this eonare. and their improvement will lnak- this health* . t? art iful and irjv "nlent l-s-ality < lie of the l??rt in the city lor residence and invest Bleat. The terni* of ?ale. as pre- rib*d by the deit-ei , are; One-thud cask; ami the balam ?- in two e<inal iu-tal inent*. for w hicit the notes of the purchaser w ill b> taki n, p ?) able in six aud twelve months from day of ssle, w ith interest from date, and secured to the sat isfaction off the Trustee. A depoait of one hundred dollar* w ill be required for each lot at time of sale. If tin terms of sale are not complied with within ?en davs froui dav of sale, the property will be resold at r<?t acd risk of purchasers. All conreyanciug at coat of purchasers. J. CARROLL BRENT. Trustee, an ?taw.l*s [Bep ) LATIMER* Cl.EARY, A icta ff? MATT1NGL* A WHEELER. Auctioneers, 1> ft039th street north we?t. TRUSTEE'S SALE BY AUCTION OF TWO ELE GANT RESIDENCES ON K STREET, BE TUKEN 9tH AND 10th STREETa NORTH W 1ST. By virtne off a deed of trust,dated September 4th, KJ. and recorded SeptemberItRh. 1S71. iu Liber No. , "?.fofio S3,1 shall on THURSDAY. M ii 1?, W71, ' ?'.7 o'f'ock ?. m., offer for sale, to the hiKhesf I bidder, the following real estate, situated tn Waah ? '?*,,',,.?t'y?Pi?trict off Columbia, to wit: Lots let tered i; su>l D. in Gilbert*8 recorde.1 subdiviaioa off BMnarr tu?U'i<4 three hundred aud seient* -one, l1"''' '?**'aer with the impr iveweuts thereon, b-lng two d -irable and valuable modern-built Resi dent es ,J?'" Kfperty to sold snb ect to a prior deed of trust tm an lahous. of #lu uv.dated August >d. W71, pa>i<ble in Ave y"ars, w ith ten per cent, luteceat, patnble ?etui-aiitniall) Cash for the amount realise I al< >re said it'ciia braucr to b- paid within oue we-k after ? 'Uf """* **? emiplie,! with in in* t n^ht to pr.u~rty at the rt*k:<nd< . *t ,,f the defaulting par Ci.a ? * Ad r-? it of *,>.),.neacl, h'MI*ew | **.M ? u,? e; :iu :t g at tie- purchase*-'* co*| . OK ti MATTINOI.Y. Trust ?. ?2i I M ATTIKGLY Jt W IIEI ^RR, Aacts. AUCTION SALES. 'futw? hays. ?Y GBEEN * WILLIAMS, Auctim.wa, " 6' ?tbe.atl corner 7U> aud D strwts. 7RI STU'gfcALEOr VALUABLE IHPVOVI1 PROPEBTY IN Sg tf A RENo 67A JflrBAK ST A LOT 81 US CHUB? ?, ,MAK 6"*' A . virtue of a d. -d of tru?t, date* Ap*i! ?;V Ml A^Djgfj, and duly recorded in liber No. rM, ^*r.>ln> 36j ?c., of th#1 r&od record* for ^a?hi[ifft?o eonnty, P. 0.. an<l by the direction. of ths party se cured thereby, I will * 41. at public atualoa, in front of the premises, on Mrj?DAY,the #1?t day of A?ril, A. D. 1873, at i o'clock p. m , all of ,t.ts nambored "n<- hundred and twenty seven( 127) as* om hai,ar,-d ai d twenty-eight <1*# and a cart of |ot numlcred one hundred and twenty-nine (V29>, ,a Gilbert's re corded *ul>di vision of square nunbeMd six huadred and seremty-five <67?, in the city of Washington, ?""?'J the improvements th?reoa, consisting of nearly finished brick dwelling* on i-orth I strut. A plat of the ore pert y will bo exhibited at the sate. Terms of sals: Owe-ha If iu cask, of whieh ft 100 n\mit be paid at s.t)e upon each house sold, th* de ferred payment*to oemade in sixand twelve months arter day of Bale, with iutere*t at ten per lent, per annual, and ?ecui?d by deed of teust to tho satisfac tion ?,f the Trustee. Terms to be fully complied with within six day* after day of gale, otherwise the Trr.slee rewrves the right to resell the prop-rty, ?;:? r one week'* notiw, at the risk and c.>st of first per. baser. AU conveyancing at purchaser's cost. ? M. II. WARD, Trustee. as3taw.tds GREEK A WILLIAMS Auct*. B *B0VE SAL1 IS POSTPONED until ftl< >M?A Y , M?> at the Baiuc hour aad place. By order of the trustee ??) GKEKN ft WILLIAMS, Auct,. Y GREEN A WII.iiIA.5lS. Auctioneer*. Ho. 1001, uortbwoat corner let It and D sts. TBlSriE'S SAI E or VALUABLE IMPROVED ? . REAL ESTATE. By virtue of a deed of trust dat -d on the ninth ilaj of September, in the year of our Lord one 1 lie usaud eight bniidred and seventy-one, and duly lecorded in 1. ber No. ?tf7. folio 272. one of the land r?t rd- f .r Washington county, D, C., an 1 by di t- ? 'i"ii of the party secured thereby, I will sell, at public auction, in front of the premise*, at 5}? o'clock p. ni..on THl'BSDAY'. the 1st day of Mav, A. D. 1873. alt of lot ti inn be red seventy-one, (71) in ( riipman's recm >lt*d subdivisio-iof original lots in square iimubered three hundred and -i\t; four(301' in the city of Washington, together with all tlu- iiu provtn.ents thereon Terms '..f sale: Ono tl ird in cash, of which $10iJ ninst be paid at sale: the deferred payment* to be made in 6, 12, and Is mouth.*, with interest at 10 per ?en!. from di.y of rale, ar.d secure 1 by i! e*'d of ti'n->t t the satiafacti' ii of irnstee. Term* of sale to be fully complied v rth within (6) six davs after nalo, ? t|. 1\\ is? the trifle* re-<T\ es the right to re??;i the pr. p. rty after ODe week's notice, it th - rink and i >m of fii At pure baser. All conveyancing at the pni?buyer's c >st. JOHN A. L. MORRRtL. Trmt >*. flp21 rn. J ] GREIS * WILLIAMS, Allot*. BY LAT1MEB A CLEABT, Am tioneer* and Real Estate Broker*, t- iutb?ibt curur of P? nn. avenue aud 11th strett, Btar Office Buildiug. SALE OF GOVERNMKNT I'ROPEKT* IN Syi AliK N i. b"*w. jCi Porsnant to the act of Congress pr iTi lin^ for KjSthe extension of the Capitol ground*, annr >ved >;:2. we Shall sell on Till RSBAY ?'"I'MMi. May 1 ,H73,commencing at II o'clock, the fidlowmg Buildings, embraced in 8>juare No. Mo; fcand-Tson hntis",corner of A sfreot an 1 New Jer at enae,(frame and brick ! NOS. lloand 112 New Jersey avenue; will be sold t' S llier. (frames. I S >s. llH(frame> and 121) and 122 (brick) New Jer sey^avenue; will be sold separately . N *.124 ?nd 126 New Jersey avenue, corner of B street; will be sold toRfther. Nos. 32, 4i,4?'>, 48 aud M B street-, (brick;) k pa rat i ly. Nos. *1 mii 42 B afreet. (t.riok ;?together. N . UM l*t str> et.(mat- r;-?1 brick;) separately. N'?s.4<,45 13 41, 2T? aud 1^ A street, (frames;) #ep arataly. r N s. 33,31,27, Jf?, 13 and 21. (13 and 15, Oasoaris boiis. , will be Mdd t -getber,) 11,9 ami 1 A stleot, Wll i I,.- s< | ! s,.p , i atel> . i material brick . > If li riilinif* in fiont, ami w i'v|-*h?l*. stable* and fencing in rear of buildings w ill bo sold scpa r.?ti ly. T- ilii* of eale : Ten p r cent, of the purchase tnoi.ey will be n*iiiirt*l at the time of sal-; tli- re tiiaiiider w ill,in ten days ifter such sale. Building* t I ?? rtniovtsl w itiiiu thirty davs B> order of C.DELANO, . . S' ?retar> of tli- Interior. LATIMER Jt CLEARY, Auets. HY LATIMER A ( I.KARr, A m tioro-ers and R^al Estate Brokers, Souihaest corii-r Pennsylvania avo. aud llih s!t et, Btar Offis? Building. T IM>TEE SSALE OK VALUABLE IMPROVED I'KOPKIJTY ON i 111.UM 111A STKKKT, BE ItVtEN P AND i.) STKEETS NORTH si'EST. MBy \ irtue of two deeds .f.tru*t, lut-d March 5lb, 1K72. and July 10, H72, and duly reicrde l respectively in Lil. r67^, bdi . 427. Hti<i Lib-r <.-*? folio 319, < f the land rd* for Washington c nut\ , in 'lie District id ('lumtna, and by direct! 'ti ?! .lie p ut) secured thereby. I will sell, at public anctii.n, m fr. nt of the pr.-mi-'?s, on KKIDVY AKTKBNOON, Maj I. at b o'cl -ck, I. .t N ? 134. in David L M"rcis,,n's and others siilsliv ision of par: id Square N". with tli" itnprovein -nt* tbere< ii. consisting id a w ll t-oi i tbri ? ?ti>ry llnck Dw'IIiuk. with one-st. ry back building, w ith gas. w ater suit bath room. l!ii* property has a front of 18 feet on Colombia s'reet, running back lie feet t- a in b? .t all-v. Term* of sale; One-f >nrth ca*!i; residue in 6, 12 an?I Isle nth*. Deferr-d payments to bear 10 per cent, int? i" -t lii ti, day of sale and to be sectireil F>y a <te.*d of trust ntbe property. ?!i*j lown at time of sale. i onvev am ins at cost of purchaser. It the term* of sab- ure not complied with w ithiit ten days there aft< r. the Tru*?ee re*erv?s tie' right to resell the prop' rty at the risk ami coot of the defaulting par cliii-?r, after live davs' public notice. WM. S IDiLLIDAY. Trns'e?. *22.I.Vd* LATIMER ft CLEAHY. Aucts. u SALE OK VALUABE IMPROVED PROPERTY FRONTING <iN SIXTEKNTH STRKKT WEST. ^TWKKN x A*D L KTREE1S NUUIU, AT 0:i TUESDAY, the tttfth day of April. H73, we shall ?ell on the premise*, ai 4.30 p. in .all that c< rt tin piece or parcel of ground lying in the city of W a-hiugton, D ('.. kn own as part of lot numbered twenty, in square numbered one hundred and eighty-four, having a front of seventeen teet six by a depth of oim hundred and six feet *i\ inch's to an alley, with the improvem nt*. con si*ti ? .f a two-story frame dwelling, an 1 is situated ii one of tlie most desirable localities. T run: One-third cash; balance in six and twelve month*, w it Ii Interest, secured by a deed of trust ou to- property sold, ''omevancing at purchaser's c *' One hundred dollars down at time of sale ?2! d GREEN .* WILLIAMS. Ancts. I?Y MATTINC.LY A M'lIEELElT * _ Anctioueer* and Broker*, No. S03 9tli street northwest, next to corner E it. TRI STEK'S SALE BY AUCTION OF VERY V.M.I ABLE REAL ESTATE IS THE KIRs?T W ARD. FRONTING PENNSYLVANIA AVE Nl E AND A GOVERNMENT RBSERVA T1 ON. Umler and by Tirt'ie of a deed of trust, iu ^Wwlucli I have be. n -nbslitated as trustee iu ^~th" place?f |>rank I). Whitney,deceased, which is n.-otded In Liber No. 61u, folio 448, oue of the I nc in ords of Washington county, District of i'o MiTnl : i, and a? the re.|Ue?t of the holder of the uote sect:, .-il by said d"nl of trust. 1 shall set up, expose ?i..| ???II. tothe lngle-st bidder, ..n WEDNESDAY, A pr;l 30,1873, a' 4 o'clock p. m., on the premises, oi :eii .il< 191 ninete- 'i%ndi Ju> twenty, iu s-j'iare nua liered < Jul > one Imudretl an ! one. These lots fr.-tit seventy-five feet on I street, near its intersec tion with I'ennsyhania av enue, and have a depth of on", Imi dr, d and forty nine feet and three inches to a i n! lie alley twenty feet ill width, and side alley n*: eon feet wide from I street, fronting a reserva tion and Pennsylvania avenue. This property is p< ? i mrU adapted for the erection of tirst-clitss pri v lie r. ?idences, and should c umuaud the atteuiion ot c?pita| sts and builder*. T? ii.-: One-half cash; balance in 6, 12 and IS ni i.tIi*. with interest at six p-r cent. per annum, 8' cti ed l>> a deed o| trust on the premises, a de (???sj: i t when sold. Convtyauciug at piir clc-s'-r's < ' st. T**rnis of sale to be eoiupiieil with in oi.e ?. e|5 ?fter sale. W. B. WEBB, Trustee, a22| Rep.J MATTINGLY A WHEELER Aucts. HY LATIMER A CLEARTT Real E-tate Brokers and Auctioneers, Si utliwest corner Pennsylvania avenue an,I 11 h St., btar Office Buildiug. TWO V A Li" ABLE BUILDING L<>TS OX NEW YORK AVENl'E. liKTWEKN 3t? AND 4 rn K'/LfJ'.rWKT?.*'"' "JK fALI? ?? S We will offer for ?n|<*,on TIKSDW, April ? II. J*73. at ft oVlock p. in., lot* nnriib-red iwt-ikty four 12t) aud twenty-Ave (25), in the ^ulidix isioti of iuare unmhered Cre hundnni r%ni tv??!.*>-five (.r25), a^ r*?c'?r^^d iu tht- off*-e ?'f rh? i*i:n jor ??f Wu?hi!)j?toti city, iu Libnr 11^ D. C'., ??'ij 'W. L? t No. 24 frnutfl ^e>euteeii (17) fet-t five (f it ohesouN u V ?rk n\< aue, and contain- 2.421 s>iuar. feet. L"t No. a fronts sev cn!e?n i 17) feet five |5) inches on said avenue, and contains 12511 stjinte f^et of ground. Ti rti.s of sale; One third of purcltase-money ca*h; balsece in e.|iial instalments at 6 and 12 months. The purchaser will t.e rc.juired to give his u -to- f.?r thedeferrid payments.bearing interest at the rate of eight per cent., and secur.-d by .b-isl of trust on the troperty. <"? ir evances at purchaser's expense. A deposit of will be r?s|iiired to be paid when tl'e prop, rty is I,id off. A plat of the prop-rty will be exhibited at the sale. E. E WHITE. EUQEXK CARL'Sl, V M ?. MATTINGLY, A??ign"es of J as. G. Navlor. ?! LATIMER .* ? LEABY. Auct*. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Northwest corner 10th and D street*. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, uorthweat corner 10th and D *ts. B? VAI CABLE BEAL ESTATE AT THE CORNER OK BO I NDARY STREET NORTH AND 7 rH STREET M EST. AT THE JCNCTION OF THE 7th STREET CARS, AT AUCTION, ot MONDAY, the arh day of May, 1973, at 6 " ? ?ek p. ni., we shall sell, oa the premises, te ing Lot N>>. 37, in sultditision of Mount Pleasaut. hav ing 40 feet 2 inches front, running through to 8tb street west, with the improvements, eon-i*ting of a Brick Dwelling house. This pioperty has tine building fronts?one on Boundary, 7th aud 8th sts.; also, on the old Bladenstuig road, making It valua ble property. Terms: t?ne-half cash: bataiice 1 ami 2 years, for notes bearing C per cent, interest ami secured by a deed of trust 011 the premises. Convet am-iug at the cost of the purchaser. .*)?*> down An the day of sale. |,'21d | GREEN .V WILLI AMS. Aucts. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Ho. 1001, northwest coruer 10th aud D sts. BT TBI STEE*S SALE OF VALUABLE CORNER EOT. ?0 BV 90 FEET. BEING THE SOUTH S O*" v AUD 13th STREETS NORTHWEST. By virtue of ? deed of trust, dat?d 6th dnv of March. A D. I8TJ, a?t recorde.1 iu Uber No. ' i" C7I, folio MM, of the land reconl* f?* the count v of Washiuctan, District of Columbia, and by the wtitten reguest of the part) st cured ther-liy, ws will offer for sale, by public aweti >n. on FRIDAY, tli* l^thday of April, A. D. W73, at 5 o'clock p. ni., the eastern 40 feet of Lot 16, in &|tiar? numbered ??. baviiif a depth of 90 feat. Terms'wjill he Stated at lb* tia>? of the sale. ANTON EBERLY. 1 . . CHRISTIAN O. LEDK*RR.<Tra*te(>,,? ej law ids GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. mfTBX ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY, May 9,1.1?73, at the same hour and place. By order of the Tmstees. alvlawAds GBEEN & WILLIAMS, Ar.cls. AUCTION SALES. TO'MOMUW. Y H. COL1AX, Auctioueer, C -riii r aui Pa. aveuue, south aide. B ^ . LARGE SALE or PRT GOODS. Cor ri'nu of Dres? Goods. Alptca-. Calicos, DrHI n5r??I!?,,n ?-nr**, Shirttng*. She-ting*. ??-<? Ticking*, Uut^tisnis, Oa**lmer*. Tweed's Canton Flannels, Wool Flannel*. Oambric*. Hickory Btiiii tow. Blankets, A c. Also ?lx<( Shoes. TV ?b i\f artirle* brinf toofigM from t country ?tore. To be swld without reserve to the highest bidder. * 8*teto coirtnenre on SATURDAY, ?6th dav of April. at 131 o dock. ^ H OOLMAX. Auctioneer. f?T LA TIM IK A CLBaRYT ? * Auctioneers and Real B*tate Brok?r*. i* athcast coraer P#w nsvlvania avenue anil 1th st Hit Oflke Building. FINE PAIR CARRIAGE HORSES, family CARRIAGE, SET DOUBLE HARNESS BLAN KETS, Ac., AT AUCtlON. fi\_ 8A1TRDAT. April J6, at 11 o'clock ~L ?f ni., we shall sell, in front of our auction re>osas. the above, being the prop, rt\ uf a gentleman having the fit*. s2:s dts LATIMER A CLEARY. Auct*. |*Y DUNCANSON. DOWLINU a CO.. Anct77~ ? ?* Southeast Col sor of * h ami D street* north we?t. TRUSTEE'S 8A1.E 4>F~VALUABLE PROPERTY ON fcrH tTHaVT SOUTHWEST. ON THE It* LAN D. Si By virtuoof a de*?| of trust. .lated on th<* 6' h r.f July. A D. l^U. ami recorded in Liber ?*No. e?, folio 21, A'"., of the Luid records for Washington county, D. C.t and by direction of the party urcnred thi'Ay, I will*ell rj public auction. In front of the premises, at ft o'clock p. m.,'>n MON DAY, the 7th cUiy ? f April, A. D. 1ST3, all ,.f L 'is numbered four (t) and ftv?(6lin the recorded si,f>. dlvisiou of Square nmnbered four hundred and *ix tj -five, (465,) with ?I1 the iinpn verueut* thereon. Terr- of mtl*; Ouc-half in cash, of which SHU fliu-t b" paid <kt sale, iUo deferred payments to be made in six mil tw< It e u.ontV. with interest at t* u P r cent, per annum from day of sab-?t;*r:?s to be fnliy complied with within six dnvs after nale, oth er* i*<? Oie Trustee reserves the righ: to re*. II at the risk mid ccst i f first purchaser. All c mveyanciti? at purchaser's ci>sf. WM H WARD. Trustee b.24 eoAilsDUNCANBON, DOWLINU 4 CO.,Aucts. ? ^THE A DOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED until Tl LsDA Y.April IS. 1S73, nam ? hour and pla< ? ...... WM.II WARD, Trustee. a8 eoAds DUNCANSON, DOWLINU 4 CO., Aucts. . ?/"TnE ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER TOST iON,rJ' ""'i1 WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Ap:i! V.M, IvS, same hour and p!ac?. ? WM. H WARD, Tro^tw.. ?15 DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO.Aacts. B '"THE ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER POST PoNED.oii Hcconnt f the rain,until SATURDAY. April Sifith, 1?'T3, at ti o'clock p. m WM. H. WARD, Trust**. &?l DUNCANSON, DOWLINU A CO., Aunt. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers" No. 10(11 northwest coruer lo.h aud D sts. VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY. ON TIIE NORTH SIDE OF PENNSYLVANIA AVE NIK. BETWEEN 4.1, AND 6tii STREETS, VEST, FOK SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. We will off r for sale at public auction,in ?arfri'iit of the prciniwi-g. ou SATURDAY, April ?S^ib. 1873, at 6 o clock p. m ,the II man an l Let kn >wi: as No. 4^9 Peiiusj l\ ania aveim*- u >rthweat, and being the eastern part of original L -t num 1" r< d ?ix (6), in *>iuar'- niuiiber^d four hundred and ninety-one(?!?l),fronting on Pennsylvania avenue nin-teen (1S> b-et four (4) inches, extending tic depth of the lot to an all-y thirty 130' f??>t wide, and bounding ^n said alley nin"t<.(.n ( hji f, ,.f eight and a halt ( ) inches, with the improvements, ci-uaistinij of a three-story Brick Honse. Terms of *a!e; One-third of the purchase money c-isli. and the balnaceiii en'isl ?'i-t.ifinenf?,Hl ?ix (6>, ivelve (12) and eighteen (l->> nths from dato of sal, ; the purchaser t-> give his notes for the deferred I ax nients. hearing interest at the rat" of a j,?r cent, pi-r annum, at d secured hy a deed of trust on the j rcp rtv. A deposit of .^JUO will be reiiuired w !i"ti the property is hid i R. Coiivevancjugat purcbas r"s expen>e. LEWIS DAVIS, EUGENE CARUSI, WM. F. LEACH. Exeeutcrsof esta<e of L. Johnson. ?12 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucis. I>V MM ANSON. DOW LI HO A CO ' Corner 9: li and D streets SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITOL HI LI,, AT AUCTION SOn THURSDAY AFTERNOON April IT, at o <> clock, we w ill sell up -n the premises, ail of |.,,t 1, s.|uarea?, ha\ing a front of 62 feet 6 mi he? upon n..rth l> street, with a d -ptli of ??) f?M? up<>ii 6tii ptn*ei Thi" pr**p??rt| 1* in one of the most rapidly improving portions of the city , b,-itig the northwest corner of 6th and D ats. iM?rf lip.'i^t. T- rms: One-third ras!t; balance in 6. 12 anl IS n"'i 'fc-, notes I. ai ing iutereat and s?cur.-d by deed ?d Oust upon the premises, t^onveyancing, tc at co?! of the purchaser. A deposit of $50 wfli be le <juired as soon as i lie properly is knock'd off a-s DUNCANSON, DOWLINU A CO., Aucts. WTIIE ABOVE SALE IS PuSTPOXED, on scr lint of the weather, until SATURDAY, April vb'li, sane'hour and place. ?17 DUNCANSON, l'OW LING A CO.. Aucts. ?Y ( KENNEDY, Real Estate Broker aril Auctioneer,31 o7th st. TRUSTEE'8 SALE <>K Ol.MRABLE PROPER NnrTlf1" street east, near r street By virtaeof a deed of trust,dated February

l~ 1st. WO, and duly recorded in Liber N >. tiJ4. ~folio 297, one of th> land record* of the City of \\ ashington, D. C., the undersigned trustee will sell at pnldii auc tion, to th -highest biiider,in front of the premise*, on SATURDAY, th- ^lith dav of April. 1S73, at A o'clock p m.,l-?t ia Callan's reconled suldi* ision of s.mare *V6. The above property is in,proved by a partly-built brick house. Ti mis; S:?nicash. balance in fi and 12 months with interest at 6 per cuit. pel aTiiiuin from day of sale, and secured b\ a deed of trust i n the prop -rty sold W. U PHILLIPS, Trustee. _ab I. 2' 2-; C. KENNEDY, Auctioneer. |>Y DUNCANMIN. DOWLINU A CO.. Anct'rs. MJ corimr 9>h aud D streets northwest. V \ I.UABLE PROPERTY O* 6tu STREET, NK Mt E STREET SOUTHWEST, AT AUC SOii SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 'J6ih, at ti o i lock, we w ill sell upoD the premises, all of Lot 6, square 468, having a front of 23 s-1? ? ?li t'.th street, with a depth of 120 feet. Th s prop rty ia finely situated mid the str -et improv o ii. uts n.a<1e. Ti rnia: One-tliird cash; balance in 6 and j2 months, not^g bearing interest and secured by deed o| trust. Conveyancing at purchaserscost. Title hH 3t DUNCANSON, DOWLINU A CO , Auct rs. ., Aucts. north wot. LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St., Star Office Buildings. LARGE SALE OF BOOKS. On '?I ESI) AY EVENING, April >19 th, and f-.l lown.g evening* until all are sold, commencing ??' |i evening at half-past 7 o'clock precisely, we w ill >ell, at our R< oius, coruer of PeunsyUaula Ave nue mid Il'li street, A LAKi.E AND VALU ABLE COLLECTION OF BOOKS. Embraciug R ue Works on American History, Indians. G -oI i.'. the Aits and Scienc'-s, Army and Navy. Antiquities, Architecture, Languages. Ac.. Ac. Also, a choice collection of Stat 'lard and M sce|ian?ons Books, English and American edi'i? ns, And nnny of thi-ni in fine bindings To which we ih^ite the sp~<-ial mention of book buyers. ' Tin B"..k? are now Arranged for exam ma; ion, and ? atalogue* will be ready on Satur-lav morning. Parties unalde to attend the sale can have their orders evrcuteil by the auctioneers. I.2.TU | Rep | LAT1MER \ CLEARY, Vncts. V LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, utheaat coiner Pennsylvania axeuue aud llth St., S:ar Office Building. CATALOGUE 8ALEO~F HOUSEHOLD FURNI T I'KK A On MONDAY MORNING, April ls73. 04. commencing at lO oVIoCk, at w re si lence ?HIid' a la<l> declining h?>n?"ke?.ping. N ? HO'J K f M f street, between id and 4tU street-, we shall s,-ll * Uir followbut excellent Furniture; S- lli f|,|i<-wood Parlor Fiiruiture, * *' Chamber '? H tir-dMth Furniture, Marlde-top Walnut 1 >., Pnint?<is('haiiitier Furniture. Lounges, Fun Hair and Husk Mattre-ses, Sup i ior K> ath"r B'ds, Bolsters and Pillow*. Superhselid Mali gau> Exteiisioii Diniui; Table. 20 teet, Dini'ic Cliairs, Card and Side Table*. ('hit: I 111 . Glassw are. Sliver plated Ware, Superior Brussels and o-plv ?' irpets. Bi iis-.-ls S'air Carpi ?<. Hall and Stair Oilcloths. Co king ami Healing Stoves, Kitchen Requisites. Ac Terms ct-h. aJ2 .Its LATIMER A CLEARY, Ancts. Iy\ LATIMER A CLEABY, > Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*, S lithw est corner of Peiius. a -ntie and lith otr.-et, Star Office Building. IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 11th STREET, BETWEEN G AND U STREET NORTH WEST, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. April 'J9th, Eg 1n3, at b o'clock, w e shall sell, in front of the ??premises, the nurtheru part of lot No. s>, in square 345, frortlng 15 feet on lltli street, aud muiiing back TO feet, improved by a three-story and ?1 .-eiiieiit Brick Dwelling, with gas and water; being No. 73filltli street. Terms; One-fourth cash; balance In 6, 12, and 13 months, with interest, ftluu d*wn at time of sale. Conveyancing st purchaser's cost. ??! <!lds | Rep } LATIMER A CLEARY, Anct?. IF Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers/ IF No. 1091 northwest corner 10th and D sts. SALE OF A DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT IN 8yi ARE No. 944, HAVY YARD, AT ACC TiON. On WEDNESDAY, the 30th day of April, 1K7S, we shall sell in front of the premises, at ? ?31 o'clock p. in., sub-hit numbered thirty *ix i^i6), in square uumberednine hundred and forty f tn 19441,containing two thoiuand one hundred 42.K I'i square feet of ground, more.or less. Terms: One-third cash; balance iu six snd twelve nu ntha, with interest,secured by a deed of trust on the property sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's c. st. AOOdown at time of sal*. a2J GREEN A WILLIAMS, A acts. DT THOS. E. WAGUAMAN, O Seal Estate Auctioneer, 919 7th street. m By vlrtne of a deed of trust, dated the 14th day of August, lat>8, and recorded in Liber UH. folio 91, etc , on* of the land records for Washington county, D. C.t and by direction of the party secured then by, I mill offer for sale, by public auction, on the premises, at 3 o'clock ?, m., on MONDAY, th* >iMb day of April. 1(JTS. all of Lot Nft. 1, in Square No. tT, in the city of Washington, D C., with im pr ii incuts. Terms of sale; ?1 il00 cash; the balance hy note, at 4 months, secured by deed of trust on the property. Com eyane'.ng, Ac., at the cost of the porchaaer. fifu at time of sale. MP. CALL AN, Trust e?. *19 TB08. E. WAUUAMAN, Aact'r. AUCTION SALES. this AnsanooR. DT LATIMER * CLEART, D iactiouivriMMl B*tl Br<4m Boutbwest corner p-nneyUlnoia avenue aud llth *t? Sttr Ode* Building. VERT DESIRABLE BUMNESS PROPERTY OS THE SOUTH SIDE PRNNSYLVAM IA AVE NUE, TWO DOORS WEST Of SIXTH STREET WEST. BOB SALB AT Pl'BLIC ACCTIO* W? will offer for aale, at tibk auction, in Bi front of the yrraiiw. ai F BID AT, April *4, ??lSJ, it t e'clock a. m? tbe Uvom and Lot now occupied by Joseph Pfats as a rr staarwiit. known as No. Ml Pennsylvania wroaf, and Wiu |*rt of UK numbered (1,; In Square numbered f.>or buudred mm! liltt-on? (Ml,) contained within the following mete* and bounds: Cummrm luc at a point <>n Penn sylvania avenue northwest forty At* (ttifeet eight (8) inches westward!) frotm tbe northeast corwer ot said s-jnare, and running theuce weatwardly alone tbe line of Hid Aveni:-' twenty two iB i fwt. thence southwardly and at iirfht angle* with said a> enue ?fty two(32)feet:thence dne aeath fifty three ,4J> teet night (S> inches to tbe llt*? of north Batreet. rant alone Mil street twenty-two .22'feet, thence north forty-six (461 f"f< and nine <9/ i-j. hen, and thence ur rtiwardly to the place ot beginning. The improvetDeata conaift of a large four story Brick House, containing eleven large r>'?., inclu si>e of the roo* on the first f?or, w hich frouta b^ib on Pennsylvania avenue ntU B ?treet n>rth. T< rms ot aaie: One third of the purchase money cash, and the balance In enual Installments ?? -u* (6.1 twel\e( A> and eighteen (13) ninths from Ute of aale: tbe purchaser will be rennirwd t.v gite hi* note* f..r th?- deferred pair men ta. bearing latere* at the rate < f sight (91 per ??*nt. per annum, and ?*iur? 1 by deed of 'rart on the property. A d'tfxit of $3UU will he repaired when toe property ia bid off. Con vey aneing at co* of EUGENE ?'A RUSI, WM. F LE ACU. E.xecnlor* cf ?>f L. J b?-.? n. deceased, alt J LATIMER X CLEART. Ai'r:<. |>V GRFEN \ WILLIAMS, Auctlaneprs, I ? No. 1001, norihwe-t corner 10th and D -t* SALE BY TRUSTEES~l>F VALUABLE PROP IKTY ON C. NEAR TUK CORNER OK ?l> STREET, NORTHNN EST. B* virtu i! three deed" of first dvled 't >. k;, the sec nd Aprii2. lSTt, and the tbird Mn 21, l\i, hi. 1 ,l;i!> r.'Cord?d in lit r S >.t>T9,f 'Ii > A . 1.1.. rNo.CS, foil. t?). and libor N .634, f.dio 21. r?-sp-H tii. ]v, nf thr- land records for th ? count', of U a^hii,srt?'r, D. C , and by direction of the parti.-a Scored 1 li'Teby, we, the undersigned trustee*, w il" sell at pnbllc ar.ct;.*n.)n front of th- rr 'tni- & o'Hock p. m., on SATURDAY, April 19.1373. tlie east eight>-three ( \'J. feet *even (7) |r?cbt"? fr.-nt l>> tln'.Jepthof one biiadiej and t? . utyi<- (1211 a?'tren (7) inchea< f L t tinnib,-red thr >,tS,)in Sinar nnr l <-re<l fire hnndrerl and a<-v?ntv-f >nr, iSTt.i a<i 1 nil the iiiipr >reincnt? therein, which conwist of pt ttoin of nfx brick liou*"^. Tli-brick * rk >f th'*? hoa?-? is completed to the height of th- first ft r^f joii?a. w hich are la d. The l -c iti.'-o !> -ir.g central, tlm hou-'ec, w hen c? :;.pl"ted. w ill St.d rt ?< ly *.?!e or r?n'. T rms of sale are : One-half in cash, wliich 5-*' mil'-: l>e paid at th- cal?; th d f'-rrel pay meat? to hi niid? in ?lx and t'< elve montlio, w i: h inter.nt from the day of sale. TI.e term* of sale nrns! b* c?mpli"d with w ith:u ?ix day* after s?le. In default wh r?>l the p ert> may be reaold at the riok and Cost of the hist purchaser. C nvey aucine at th? prrrhaser ? Coot. ' JOHN r. IIANNA, J WILLIAM II I'HILP.J Trn?te<?. WILLIAM II WAKD.V tr2S m.w-.f GREEN \ WILLIAMS, Aucta. B-rTlir ABOVE PALE IS POSTPONED nntil KK1DAY, -5tU ini>tatit, at tliu s?ac la >ur at d place. By order f tIf Tro-t,--?* al^d QUEEN .t WILLIAMS. An ? >V LATIMER A CI.EAK*. I> Amtioneern ana Real Estat" Broker*. SoUtliw 1*1 corner P?mi?> I* :,nia w? andllih*t' Star < >jb. Ruilditi.-s. TRl'STKE SSAI r <>V V A LI \RI.K PROPERTY IN SOI III W ASHlftUToN. jjt In accordance with provi-ion* ol a d-1 of 153t i*t,dated May l<th, I8?U. and duly r-c.-rd'-d in f.ber N^'.GIt, f di rji), t ae<i ,of the Liu 1 rt";orOn of W-i-liinpt"ti connty , D. C , and b) virt ; ? of th p,.?eri therein conferred upon ine a:id up >n the written refill.-?t ofth'-parti ..-.iired th-retn . | will. "Ii WEONESDA Y, tie ij:i 1 instant, at .Vt o'clock p. in . in fr.oit i f the pi.-n.i-' ?, offer for K^le. at pub lic miction, all certain piece or parcel - f grojud ?.'tiiiite in th' i il) of \\ .irhingtoii. 1). and kie.u u xiid deacril-.d hj pirt of L-.t twenti-tw . (221, in S.|ii.?re f oir hnndr'-d and aixty-eicht (l->3), i;i -aid citv. l.-iiii.l-l an fo||-.\?H 15 ginning 'tt th-north w ? st corner of aid lot twenty-two , T21 hti-1 mn:.,nf tb.-iic?- due i.?.i on tlie line "1 G r?rt * -nth ??i-^m.-en (1.1) teet. thciice H.ojth seve|ity-ti? e (751 f'-o , I lien < e w -t ? '..-lite n (la)feet, thence n rt!i-^-vnty-IIv?(75? f'-et to the pla-^e of beginning. to^'-tUer u itb lie nu provi j.-enia thereon. Tein?>: Cash. One liiti!.)r?.l d dli*"-* d"P 'it w en the property is stnu k off. Hiianc" rib- p.'.l witlou fi\e(5)days,??rtbe propeiey may be r?-II at the ri-W "I the defaultii g puichaser. C-?uv.-j alien ^ at pnrc h**ei V <-x p- ne R.D. MI SSF.T Tru-te?. ali-eoAdi LATIMER Jt CLEART. Auct*. V IN OONflEgUENCE OPTIIE RAIN THE al v. MK is p .-tpi-ned nntil FRIDAY April, sam?- hour ..lid place. Bv order ? f the Trustee. > LATIMEK .v CLKAKY- \n-t-. |> Y LATIMER * CLEABVT I 9 Aucti-ueer* and Real Kstate Broker*, 8oUthw(-iit corner P.-ui.sjIiaiiia a- it.ue llthat.. Star Office Building. TlirSEES' SALE OF V A Ll'A Bl.E IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SEVKN'Tll >TKKKT i:< AI>, NEARLY OPPOSITE 1UK SClll ET ZKN PARK. s?% By virtue of a deed of tnut, t. annsr date the Hv'.oth day ot Maj , A. D. 1372. and recorded in -^^-Ltl,er No. 6x2, at f.'Iio iV3. of the Lanil K oMi of the District of Columbia, and at the r'-'jue-t of tli" peroon aecur<<d thereby, we shall sell in front of tin- premiees,on FRIDAY, the V4th day of April. 1873, at i o'clock p. m., Lot? uumbered ST. 28. 2J and W.inBl.ick 9 ill TiJd and Brown's ??bdl\iaion of Mt. Ple:u>ant,together with the inipr.>vt-ni--ii!? there on, consisting of a nearly new. comfortable Frame Dwelling, with neceasary out-buildings, ail in g >.>d condition; well of excellent water on tin premises. The B-uiidary and Sliver Spring* liorse Kail road pitar. the door. , , . Teima of aale: Amonnt of indebtedn^as secured bj the deed of trull (being ?4^IUU, with interest at 10 p? r cent, per annnui fr.-m the Mth of May, 1372,) and expeiiaes of sale (which will be made known on day i f sale), will be rttjuir-d in cash; the balance in 6 and 12 month*, to be aeenred by a deed of tro-t npon the property. #2tW down at time?f*a|*. If tb ? mia of sate are not complied with withiu aeren day*. ti,r prop?*rty will be resold at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at pur chaser's coat. WATKINS ADDISON,/ Trnrfee? tiEORGE EARLE, ^ Trustee*. a2 d.Vds _ LATIMER St CLEART, Aucta. Y B. U. WARNER. Auctioneer and R*il Estate Broker, No. "J 7th street, between O and II. E\E? I ToR's SALE ~oF VERY VALUABLE Bl SINESS PUOPBRTY ON TIIK 801 TH SIDE ?>F PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BE 1 KEN 9th AND IOth STREETS. jM, 1 will offer for sale, nti KU1 j.Vl, April K3*2.i. at 6 o'clock p m., in fr..ut of the preiuis-s, ?*lo the highest bidder, Lot lettered D. suMsv i ?i. n of original Lota No. 2,S and 4. in Square No. 3S0, fronting 23 feet IS inches on Pennsylvania ave nue and running back and frouting ou C atreet, im proved by a three story and attic bri< k at ?r> and dw ellinu h?na<'. now occnple?l by Oaro'a loan oW -?, No. y 14. This is one of the b- -t business stands iu tbe city. Temm: One-fourth cash; balance in 8. 12 and 13 months,' with interest, ".-cured by a d.-ed of trust upou the property. $5.4) d-po?it on acceptance of bid. If terms of (<ale are not complied with within 7 da\ a after sale the property will be res >14 at tli" risk aid est of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at Lure Laser's coat. _ JOUN M SIMS, Executor. a7-rc Ads (Sun. Gar AR.p] B. W WARNER. A Oct. B BY LATIMER A CLEARY Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*. SoutLweat corner Pennsylvania aronue aad Uth St., Star Office Buildings. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT ON si?rtt ST, BETWEEN K AND L STREETS NORTH W EST,(NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE.) AT AUCTION. on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Aprl!^{3. I1n3, at # o'clock, ?i> shall ?<-!l in tr- nt of th ?premises, lot F. in Wroe's subdivision <>f part of wjuare 4, fronting S' feet ou 2*jtti street, with a depth of luu feet to an alley Terms: One-third cs*h, balance in 6. 12. a*:d 21 months, w'th interest, swurint by a dt-e.1 -.f trus' on the property a- ld. t'onreyancing at purchaser's cost, ftltgdown at time of sale. Hl7-d.Vds LATIMER & CLEARY. Ancta. mjr IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RAIN.THE sale i? p..iapoUed until MONDAY, Apul a?*tb, Js73, same hour and place. _a24 I.ATIMER A CLEARY. \a U. 1>V II.B. WARNER. i _ Ii. al K-tate Br.'ker and Auctioneer, No. 7 29 7th street, between G and H sta. TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED I.I.AL E>TATE FRONTING ON I fTKEF.T NORTH, BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1st 8TS. EAST. By virtue of five dee<I? of trust, bearing date ?Son the 4th day of October, A. D. 1S71, au I duly ?air.-corded in Liber No. HAS, folio n, et s-.i ; Ltl?-r twrt. f.dio 24, et aeq.; Liber ii?U. folio 27. et sesjLib -r 60:1. f.dio 29. et ae<|.. Mid Liber <63. folio 32, et ae?|. of the Laud Records for Washington county. D. C., I shall M-U at public anction, iu front of the premises, ou WEDNESDAY, the 23dday of April, A. D.M7*. at A o'clock p.m., all those certain pieces or par cels of ground, situate and lying in said city of W ashington, and being known and d<*crihed aa Lota numbered ninety-fonr. (!M.) ninety-live, (95,1 ume4y-six.(96,) ninety seven <97> and ninety-eight, (98.) in Gilbert s recorded sub-division of auuare numbered aix hundred and ae\euty-five,(673.) Each of th<- aboTe Lota ia improved by a fine two-atory Brick Moose nearly ready for occupancy. Terms of sale; One-third -ash; balance In ? and 12 months, with interest from day of sale, secured bv d*ed of tnut on premises sold: #100 to be paid on each house at time of sale. If the terms of sale are not complied with in lire days, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the riak and c-art of tbe defaulting purchaser, by ndvertiaiug three tim"a in the "Evening Star." All couveyanciug at cost of purchaser. WILLIAM B. TODD, J? , Trustee. ?8-eoAda B. H. WARNEB, Aoct. %r THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until TKlDAY, Mat ti. 1873. same and place. WILLIAM B. TODD, Troatee. a24 M.H. WABNER, Anct. BY DFMCANHON, DOWLINO a CO., Aort'ra, Southeast corner 9ih and D atreeta northwest. CHANCERY BALE OF TWO 8T0BT FRAME BOUSE, WITH BACK BUILDINO.OW SOUTH SIDE OF 1 STREET, BETWEEElf 10th AMD 11th H. W. , By virtue of a decree of th? Supreme Court Of the District of ColiaMa. aaaasil in chancery ?Bean* No. 3124. do?. 11,1 ahafl,?n THURSDAY, Mar 1, 1373, at ? o'clock p. m , offer for aale, at public anction, Lott. In Daridaon'araoorded subdi vision of part of aqoare Ho. Mt; having a front of M feet on I atreet.and running back with that width 10U feet to an alley, and fr*proved by ? well built two-?tory Frame House, with back baiid ing. Terms: One-fonrthof tbe puckm* money in cash; ai d residue ia three eonal instalments at one, two, and three years, with Intereat at 8 per oent. per an num; deferred paymenta to beaecwed by tbe par chaser'a notes and a doed of trwat oa the property. Deed given on final ratification of aale. Convey ancing nt ?L-d DUMCAK80E.D0WL1KG A CO., Aucta. \ S S.AM"?TM1 A CO., An?1i"t. -r?. N L- uisiana n\, I ? f>'h a;.d 7:!i ?*a. AUCTION SAI.KS Rr B B. WAKXKtt, D ?? ?. ^Wte-rs trr~ l*cti^oV VfiVv 'N *"''" *en C^LTy^ 2f.yiiCITT- OK ? ?*TRkltT OR rr^r-v ? JTri n< .. vfw:;; 'hh, ?? ?>->k?4? ?rri? le Wec.O^ Ufeei ? mcbe. fV .v r::r ???e??a?v '"satisf* said 1 bt ,H*? '?? Tew *'??-: rto--thtrd cash. bafynes tr * Months. wirtim* p-r rent latere The 1-f.Tr.* ?>y ? d.*?d ?f in.t a-*l|i. II? z *? , ?KW - '?*? i? >?? I'm. S. .5 '.? fi*' J*'* after aajr, itw r-ch ~,b' at ??.; ,72. <'?' ?f tliedsfaultiu ? pur. ha-er. ?MP down u J .r FBEI? H(H)Vj>. Tr..-, ' j>26-dA 4? B H W \RNER. A-i t RY Tll?rt E W AMAlAN. *" *1 E'tate AMiwaMT.tll ftb km, Oil *SiTBT SAI E Of y KKV V\l I Altl i i \i ? m.\ ii, i'K<.? Ki: rr " i ? VrKKLr it v ? >i?av*ViV:T SoUni XSl'1***" ' tffe.. tiJrrau.! ki vinu, ..fade re. f , S-ipr m I'1 nr? ^ ? of 0?t?, ,.1 m r "ii ? ^ '" r"n'M* ?.?'*. Wh.?j Ml'r "i ^ . 'wplatuam. andt I art M l.* ? I? ' T ?> n!'"f wad.-iaici.-d, Ttti.iee, .Ill R \i rWlVa* .. -STV'i*^' *} in-ii, t 5l11,gl A?. ?t rfOtl. d;? ..f >lav. Is-J. m ii> ? i" *...L } "???!??> f Mr ,i?). in tru Ml. in \? ?-? ;e~, n< i|> . in... IWtl.t, f < ;oil !.1* I' ; f 2? ?. A', -t: .? uj rtt^ni^ ,1 , !. J ?T ,Th ?' ??? r^-e r- >n4 ?ll tt?- Int-T.-t i tart )t |.s u ^U'i''? .'1 14, w l, . win . 11 ?Tdwit.1' u? in? -?<4 n ii. !'. ?un? -I v \ ,i i- ' ? ,.? r . Jini''ri.I!lf!u,.?fr^ J "? i . :1 "-1'? r i'7.. \ ' !i;,"u r "",N- '" "??* l?."?riot ? 1 t lui, i, *, *,,4 ,t -ii pr >ii.iimu*t , t? nil-til ?i.v ,1^ , ,r? j! '< J <?*? "? M)?M? vi-' ? > <i- , mill. mirrM at t-t. . ii? ,?.r , l.i? -Bit ami tiali.'.on wl ' h n >t^th* int ur t? T-.; i .V.*""*0 Jk.WJ.I-kM n-1.1 nil ? t h l...piot>il t>, n \,-rv iuro, ii, t it . 11 tt.* t .U, .to.i., n h"ight fr>>?.t t'. ?tt w. f ! iT ^4*1"' """ bi,rk tlir.-st t'i.-. ! i? V ?. vprMP?,r,> *? -?*? h- ?.fTi?. r i??, I. . v . ^'rk J - r'. f.r !? : Si-.-,. iwlfw *h*n?mhif r ?iai .u.mitl, ^ pritiKgpioy, thur it u, r. i.t ,i t r'"t"sl ??!?? aaii5? tera.? at t i?u. n I t r I' r-Tto.1 fn n\- >? ir-. t " C?'r.!?<t III L iNt vs. t >Ho 4 VI T:,rt.n,-,.f^ a* |??writ> -I bv ?l.?d- >?*, *r? ?????? ;n < anh. ai.d 11|. iti -rv.. ii. ti r,-x ..|, iMiaiai.-bt fr.HM :>r i .al., II. 7 P*v lU'.it* t<? |m h |?.t, p, p,.lM , T.i -d <^ r^nirM a I of *?>. H| th tlw- of ralr, ami if tii-. a*', *,,, m-,,- * ? . vttliin Mt d^j? from lim? <>f aai ,tl. T-n-' ?? t.. at <1 h?r -t.v, r.-?. km th- riKh' to rII rr m 1 ' *" r ?t *iiid ri.k ?.f .l- f^iilrme pftt.-' .*?-i \(i . .?n\ .?) au< in< at nrcbav rV rn? * *M.K Kl>Mi.N?TON, Tr..-<?. [" TIIOS. B WkOUkMAN, km ? 15 .N ?;a4 i,,,. ? mi.-, b t\? ? 6*h .?: d 7'i, ?t ?: - , nt,r,n neiili'litb* wb'.U-at.M k I. r'.mMt ? HT.r. ?iatio? ??! ' " I".?"1."-' *'*"*: A la.itc K*. ^ ..1 u .. * 'I?ii :e, f nriiiat.u.K ? -1-. p. > i; , '*r'?? Mrtai? Mu-Jiu. I'.I*..,. , till.' IWIinita i.| ( Mhiar f r M n. M f?llit? < | II,it,- f,.r I) *1 . Ii M>t. an I ttti. ? ?. I ??ii. - and M ?,.? r.. .Mi*..** ai.d It v*. Sii'i.., j ii '. r?liirt? m,d I?r.i? -r- U ? ? ^ ? r? lii? !??, .tii I Xi?-> < "IImi> in Lit., it an^ P*i?*r. JJIa.k Alp?'-aa. Suitinc I-i.i 'is. Ii- tig . ^..ui?j I- in pUu.., , k < ,.i 1 stria i. S'.'V . '"?"'?O 'ct r?? ab'l H:>li c |. T .'-J 1. ih-ii-. NapkiiM. T >J?r^ illt ? guil t una i.? j C tvuN I w nt, |.,|,? K.t? <:. !. iii.iiin k?a sr-at \arirt\, -i 'TM'.IIr. Triii mine.. E leit.ff*, I t. t r . d ?! i*?. fl ? i., ' . Mn1", M ? iuj |: vI! ~ w I t". I atliwl, rai.t> t I i? .j.l |; *11 \T nrc, |;n l.? ??Hi| folora, Qnaliti?* and \k i .. I' * I.I .;IK Kdvinu , I lubi. ila? ii, ( 40it>i ir ard tfr; >, Aiid a 11>-at ?>tlirr . .1. t,M> i,.i ,,-r .??? t ? r.t.'t.u ti. Til. ali .vr -tock will Ii ?? I I t.^ |n,tl bill.. I vitl,i?t Kxri* T. rm? . *M| hv*AMhT4<. * c\>? t La I. t ?; n 7,|, Rl ?? H V AISBR, V !* aI K" ,fr BroV"r and A-irti .ti*. . ^ ?lii It!<??<? 1*1 vi n Cv at* I ii *:%. t V..Er vK .fK^'RABKE Bi ll.DIM; I .T*< \ r''TH t*ll?K ?>r < <?!.< . '' \ v sr l;tr r At?TD-V ,4r" AKl> l*,U t,UtKTs AT ft, at pnbli. aurti..<i, in fr ?r ,.t th * "**'i i.'!lW*. "" TUl tlf l?A V . M ?? I 1-71. at t. t , ' ' r n> ? L .t. ?... ? a,. ! j|. . , 1Hr<. .V'!' ! '/.??' 1 c"r? ?trr.M.b, a Ooptti " ' ? ?'l t>' an a!|. > . T in,.t,. |,. awd. kn.>vn ? n day of .?| cj,, t-. P'Tlf I .'.| II l| rd ob fat b lot alirli Mild ^ B U WAUNKR. Ai:<*t. 11 KCAN80N, DUVLIHtt A Co.. An-t? b. at li< ant corner ?tb and ll ?trc?ta i.ortlmwt VAI.I ARLF GABDRN FARM nX \RLI\?; __ ? Tl>s bxwbtt VT IVCTIol 9(:' TI K.i?At. April 1".*4. at I'i 'r!k m. wf will m-ii at ..or aa.ti..n r.. ni?. _ ? ?' i?rni. .ituat-d tw.i mil^ from Atoalnr' 1111."'-.o ntuairf 6'4 ?fn?, impr .v. l t.. a ?) honw 3J b> 44.r .n?Miniiiif 'tir i h'Vi- >| '?am. water rb.w at hat:d. ai, I frui:? of all kiadt l-au.. in e .Ml roDditlon and ra** of acre*, tu Wa-h 'i,G"ore?t' wn.and Alexandria T? int*of aale: ?*?ta?li. 1'ilauc- in d f TT dn d? ?1 7 till V * a? Dl Xl Aims. DOWLIKO A 00.. Aarti. Y OKEKN A WILLTAM8. An~l .n-ra, >o. lOWl, Nortbwmt Cururrlo-.b a;,J 1> ati^u. l?K?IRABLE Bi;ILfUXz LOTS IX < n kkk t\. rl v ^ "s K STRKKr BK ai MrTi'dN 4luSTKKETSKuliriiKA?r. flA ad?H-d M.r',1.1 bv th* late Mn arrilah Hamilton, datwt tli? |;tli !*v ,.j April. .T?.1*1: ??'1 ?*..ivlej in K ..??S, f.,lio lu, on" ..f ?1". rroorda for M a.liniirt..n connt)', in tli<< Ui-trirt of Columbia, and at t?ir r-iii?l ..f, H'idb. virtue <)( a r>?er of att >ru?-t fr .mtli- I.?n ti iari?*. nam. .1 in Mid d.?d. 1 will aril, at public aiirtiou. m Ti'*^a w*.^rIm.i-7' 'V 'ht* hichrat, on Tl EM>A1. th? btli day ol Ma %' .1 4 . m lot. i.iiniU-ndaiiii.Ija-*. ai.d e'ltli' -.Hn Ii ?'? ''all ? recordrd M.bli i.ion i.f?.|iiar.' tun ib r.-.| arven liundird and aeventj -f.,ur(i7?:l xai.l b>u hav ing a tr.,ul of IS fret each on K <tr. rt i: >rth aat, b. lIV'V' KI'^ **'? atrreta, and running bark 'it iiar.'fret *D ^ coutainini id a!l Terms of eale: One-fourth caali, balance in II H. an.' rn,mtli?. f.r note, b-arint; iutrreat ?t ^,<rlit c^nt. per annum, pajrabb- ?-mi vr.aallj.. ured 1 dr -d oftrm-t ..u the pr..p.-rty a .Id A d. p ?ii of LI will l.<- required at the time -f.ale irtheterma of .a!. ar? not complied with withsti seven da>? fr -n day of .ale, the pn.pertr ? ill I? res I I attberUk and r +? of the dt faultinKptircUaarr. All Conv yau cii.j. at pnrrhaaCT a coat. ^ THOMAS MrGlLl. Trn.te... a?3 >-..iwAdt? OBEEN A WILLI OH, Aurt.. Bi latimer ? cle\ry, Auctioti. era and R.-al K-ta4?? Br .k~r?. 8011II w rat corner P'>nn.\ Ivani 1 avenue attd lit Ii at. Star Olti. e Buibling. A [[ T'1* S A I. E OF A PLEASANT foiSTKV M-.AT. IN THE I>1 HTK1 < T oi" I'OLt'KlIU j VNT \1MN?1 THRKE At'RES, M<?KE OR ? JbS, LOOATEH A BO IT .too T\R1>< K R -M ?."KJL'L'i SEVENTH STREET ROAO T.'LL Vl KKIT,,E PROPERTV a ffiw.Tt.'i"." bi ,iss **? :i gc.. vuTliqjUDAI. Hat ICS, ?? 5 i' in., I u ill ?'??II. ?ii fh?- pr.*:ui ?%. nt p?iV?*i< ??*r all tract or par. -1 of b?r.d, .iuiate hi tbc ln-tr.ct of I olumbia. tioni.d^i a- f >11 .?? ? B - fiiui.ine at a point or, t|?. a-'n'b liae ..fa new r.*.l ubicb in la?l .rparat-l the land. ?,f B iiistniii S11111 n:j and William Little. 3u and 16-< lo> r rchra fmni it* interarcn. 11 a ith th ? raatern litir ,.f auother ii?m roa.l.ialiicb p. int ?.r interaection ih - ?orib-a.t co.urr of lot iiiiinlM-r S of th anlaliriaion of the ai, l purt ha^M b> V illiam Little fr. m B-t.i'no and w ..iihtii II ThvIw by Marrh 2f l%4 i ,h'Vx- l!'.h ,h" ",b |M"* "Mil- II rat nirnti-.n -vl Mid VBJ'iree. # *1 l?", liai p. rcb'- t,. tli- m tn-r. tioi, at r. aal l; tbence with th,- ~a?t line ? .f th? la.t inriitlo.ird |.?<i 6. ? dejrrr*. 24 (tu |,t trr.'he? thrii. e fe. 3K degreea ea-t IS perclie.; then in a' htraubt line to th- Ir-ginuinc, c..nta:uiti?- 3 a rea . f land. in. re or lea?, and briu* th- aam. pi .v ,t> ybich w ta conveyed to ?r..rpe Mar.,-bv U illiam Little .truster, on tb? 13*h ..f i,il..r. 1?>|. hu prvvrd l.y a la rite and conifortal le fraui" daolliu^. with nefH^nry T -niia of aafr On. fourth c??h< the balance in 1. 2 and 3 > ear* from the dav of sale, witb interest at a |H i centum per ant.nm. tha drf.-rred p?> m -nts to be ?retired b) a deed ot truat on th- proncty If th tertus of aaleaiw not c .mplitsl witb wuhin teB da. a from the day of sale, 1 reaertethe riiht t?re??>ll the property at the ri^ aud cat .?f the JefatilOtic pur rhaaer or purchaser., after etv in* flVe dav. pnt.lic notice A deposit.d ^ ?aj will Ik- rejnire-l at time of aale. All conveyancing at pur, haarr's c ..t. t?EO. ^ . Cot'H RAN. Surviriutf Truatee JAMES 8. EDWARDS, Attorne, . * ' a2l-eoAdi LATIMER A CLE ARV. An. ta BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Real Estate Broker* and Auctioveers. B. utl.aeat corner Penua. av. noe *?d Utli atre?t, Star OSce Building Af CTIO* SALE OF VALUABLE IMPRoVIIi K.?AVSSfVtVai ww.ssa*? m on E' EDNESDAY. May T, itfj. at b o'cl *k p. ?., the unexpired t?rm of a certaia I-a. ? f ? ?-W years froM Autruat 1,1SH, tubj-ot to i yearly rent . I f 240, p*jable .marterly, without dednrtioa ?. '*1^ *''? the privilege <,f parcha?ii>c the tee, at Mr tinw witbin the urm. for .5 par. of Lot 9, in liHian tl and beginning fur tbe ?am? a<a pof?QMtWegjt liaeofwud lot Ju'mI from the northeast corner thereof, and ruatinf tb*oca south tj aiid witb aaid east line 40 feet, tbenc. du? r** ?" M to aa alley aat off frun the ?itmr weatera portion of said lot 9. aud oponing on E JJfeet Morth. and to reiatti aa open alley forever for the Sole aa auii benefit of loto a aad I, ia .aid auuare. tbM.ce due north by and witb ihe .-aat line uf aaid alley Kite>t,ai d thence cart <ff t~m U. the befiu mub. imprr.vtd by two t^ro-atory Brick B-ild.n*., which will be aold separately. ^ Terms uf aale : One-third caah: bataiK- la <. 12. |j and 14 aionths. witb iatetvat ai I per eent. p-r an - bum from th. day o< sale, def-rred pat ments to be ?scored by a deed of trns. oa th. propx ty. 4 de posit ol AM a ill be re<jHirnd ou each pi?r? of prop erty at time of sale. All coaveyancinf at tk> r *t ?f purchasers. If tbe term* of sale arv not plied witb w itbia taa days fmai the t ims <t aale. I r.aerrs the ri|kl to resell the p.-operty at tbe r?a* and r mt of lb* defaulting parrhaaer or pnrchaw>rs, afiey dre da\-pulll< lew ice. GEO. W COt HRAN.Surviv :i.c Tracts* JA8.? EDWARDS. Attorney. * , KJ^oAd* LATIMER A CLEARY, A; H r> ATCTION >Al.KS BV PI >' ANSON INMI'LIKU t l\< ct'f i" i N h k m,.i 11 alra rs* T??r f? -;?;irf < akbi o.kmaknkm A V I ? S A 1 I'< Ks k r At ? T' < N <?a S\T? KI'A* M'llMX'l. Aerat Vf> I. M itf *.. W-Wlti IMI, IB fl >111 ?f ? mi aurtl- n M*?"? T nt-k W ar W.Conl Ra-mw. ( a'fv iB a ??',l?earli *? ? 1 . k : .. i an ?????. Bid? kaddtaa. hi.- ? a-..1 lie *r * It 1>1 X? AN?-?N.lH?? LISU A CO At a HI ?M I MAI.L A t'O .Am. *-r?. |l-*r?, w <1 TailtAf* J*' 1<'?mint atftja*. h-tw.???ii Mli ?iiJ M"> stro?<*a pe\vral pine hor.?E? one ri*? Tni v? i; i- ? V |-ki>M1?K* T.? B* r?M III Oi IK 4. I,\KM? I' . \f At Tlo\ Oi.SATI'CfM H'-HMNi.. Apr<l?M. ??<><? 1114 it in . ti?i, ar ail ??4. at ui Iwr ?t ?M? M -I ' II ?r ?e. ll?On H ?? ? ? ?r Id t: ?, ?? .war lUt 4 ?o-.i 4 . l-t .hi I ? li ?? n aa. pi .? ?1 U fast, f J<1 "l. No. IM. an (??leial I i .? mi A ? t>4 II >r>?a and ?(ir?a 1L*0? A : amtal aft ? |?T < . * at <>. N . I >(i fti( f> . I tr <i ??> Wrahan M I' tis*4 II . Si* aU i ?ril iM* I at; .f iiA ,!ea' r | It 1 M ! I! 1 LATIMER A CLE M> . An-11 n?t" ?r<? R--a! Ra*at-- Bi >k?rs. t,.|llh?i? cori ' li ania a' uu? and Ilth 0 , biar liflii' Ri'ildiUft sale f? iiorwaioLi' <;?? ?i?? up mi:ki i itM idrri's r\ o- s\; i 11- m >i i.m\ . * V\, i a it V wIW? H ' I ? I II''' , t f^l Ii w I - -I" ?? ?|? t t > |t tltlof II *.?vi?* Ii At* -1 ? -ikrr r* : -r ! n' . tui V?rh|? '? f T?t ? UmI?m \t ifit W -|l| IU l?'l < t?ft >? I .*?|I i* , V m'i * |t'i'?*iAti'* li ill U. I'ft r ?? ;?( rin^i ?l.| K \ ??, ll^'r r I H?*l M*M. I r?. f? ?'? I* ? ? *?. M? ?t ? e ?r?' <'? okinn!*'?*< ? a *?+ ??!?*. A? .. A < At n I H ign''-!1 T*M >r r t . 1 I* l-%1 UNFRl <1 f Mil ISY i; V'NSr'M1- It -II;- i- ' M i i v^r r OKI IN I ?IIIHV> * h IIMii) N nLaial link Mrf (<? fail > VLE i ? HOI M'H"I VTl KMT- If?C I Rt^<H M II MI Mil.I "K- \ \ 1 V I V yl > A '! I Kl* A \ I | I | ?1 out a' tl?'t> r ii- ? ?? 11i*i a' a-? t .i ?! * E ir III.-.- K .>1 T? ?? liat ..!?? in-- ? r**n< li f?l?lh Voi?IHrt"? t ?' ? I* ? r. ?illi Ma! ai.4 H n-k#i, V alimt Mini ? '?>> ? bii.Im i I'kiiilw . Hlutk V alWM I'ai . -I A II". ill Ii l-ii-iiti *ti Ii- | , VI al in SI *i Talil - U ?l:m< li <i Ka> k , alimt li.x )> <a??, Muihi' >. v'-i^i ?% TaM*a Mbl Dili-rig Iii>im I'll a la, fam't-l B *4 ? a<l. |t>ira.m-.. W a?h>i ati'1 an I Ha .1 ??.???.. Ma Ii ?i > fid* T ?!?! a, fjirinc Ma?traa?>? II ail, llti-fc Mill < .i|< li 1"? MaMl- I ll'ik-U, Spira l' ami <\.nil rt-. ?. M ??>1 T? A ? - . i i i i > . \> , t Ii ii? r. ?? ami I t m k* i at P< I-. (Ml< l.illaP, N kill tin, ( klUie. It'll lu 'UI %h4 ? ik? i hl-'u ?. A I.Ml. Ok*1 Rlflll-IUT.lMl'. ? |- rt.?rt .| ! I 1 l.llil V i I I.I.I \ MA. Il An-1' -fi-K |M TB .m ? i w i ? ? I? L >1 An- li -U-- r, 419 7.h **ra?l M< I I IVI U< "M B?I>K V I <11 M*TM MiHT. WITH X Ai ANT l.i'T ON kll>K jy- I > 1 I I ?!' .* I . A i ? 11 W*. ? 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A?<-?b. \ I H K- ?l E-ibi. Bi k<-r an l indiosNT, Alt rikA. AT A I f TION-THKEKSIX BOOMKII T K A M KD Bnl sRffoM STREET.UN" E\>\ 1KKMS Ui -ATI BI?A \ . .11. V * ?>'. 1 ? W p m . I v ill ?*|l. arp?ra.M? . ill front ?f tin- prruii? -a. p?rta ,(t l? l? ?I?1 IV aa?. mi prm ~>l Ii> tlir?- -?? r. i. -d Frnni Hon--a. iU- aaiin* l? m? N" ? *Oi. rt?l? i'ui Btr?*l. kt??Mi I and I BlT*?-a ?MtkwHl. . , _ Trrcn#: on? f-urtli rt*>li; m |?ir?"?w k *?? P r uivtilk. t?il-'vti ??-?!??_ . ai" rt C RIIKUfV A iti n ? H \ Ll TTLELL a IM NN1N<;TUK. lnni"U*?r? a*4 C-^n-miaai >ii M- harta. M I 7 L<>i.isiaUB bi ?till**. I?*-I. /tti and I-Kli air- -la. TBI'STER A SALE <>F A WE\T TWil sTORT I KAMI llul SK. M ITII 1 MO SToIlt I R" MR S1.M LE AL?m?. IKM.HIL \ M l AKI.K HI ILMNi. l.oTs AIJoIMNO, 1>N EvsT sll'l. UE a- STREET HETWEK* A AM- B M RI ETS NOR! HEA81 ( AIMTOl. IIII.L B? * in -i- ,.| ;? d- ?I .-f t'li-l ! ?' d < I ' ? T. 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The Move pr< p-rt> * 'I In* avid ??. parat-; 4ik ? irr in. ib'-v ii on la* i f aal<* T<*rtna of aal- Oua-tlnrd raaS lialMK* In An-, two, au4 Uir^- ji ara.w ith t> ?i p.-: ? ??ft. i? ? -at, pa\iililt-am Mali . f r mlilrli tit* |>urrlia>w U 4*a w ill I*- ri'.jinr-d. a^ ur-d In <l?~d l ti >iat n, p p-r .jr mid; (l<JU uti ?*B- Ii p: ??? of pr--, -rtv m l?* pail.n .1.: .!fai < in ?-) am in?; an I ? ? >t -cat l-iirclia-t r* c ?ta. | t'-ri. ?>-4 "al *? n >r ? p;-. -t ?nh ?tthiii ?t* ra\ a ift-r - tl->. IS- pr..p rt? ? i - I l>? n? -I ! at ri?k bikI ? -at t 4-laaltinc i .r l.%- r. V M P. II U.T/M 4 V. Tru-t . I I TTKEl I. A I I NN IN T"X. A BV L M INER A CLRARI. i: al E-tatf Bri4i?>r? arid Atlrf|oti**ra. S.-Utl.Bi-al C^lli- r-lili-> Iv b:.i? ar.-,.i|i aiaj ll'liat.. biai Offi' ?' B.iilitiu.1. TBI>TIPR* SALE ? >F A ALI'ABI.r Two ST?'I.\ BRI< K I'V ELLlN'i ON ll >l NI?M:T STRI E1. iCUKNER <?! BROW N CUl KT.I NE Mi it in M KI.ET NoUlU?i>T i ? nt- ? : a . t ii .-?. d . . <? ? ?? tH >??!.. A ii ls'l. M?l Unit rm ? M.hLI Mi. I . J- I I W .i-liu.^ton ? >untf, m Mi- p.-tn^t - I ? ? I?:? i '.i ?, ami !?? d :m-ti- >m ? f tlw i. ld*r tli n-?tea*-. nr?-1 kf ?-ai l d*--d .-I ;iu-t. I-t ail ? I. at p..Mi nurti n, in |fi nt 4 ilii* pfolina.?. I Li- Ii ifli?al IinI i?r. .?n Wi:l>XlH<AV.N? l? l-Cl, at - ... ok p iu ill Ikat i rrtaiii . .t ? r p. ???? -i trrottu i in tlia I It : W a-L ^ 1 11 11.1 kii.*n a- I't ;.i.:.ilifti-4 i.:i t ,? in \\ a II ilrii?k'?nMii i>i ?(f ?rftin lm> m a.^uari- uum In-m! two 1-rwlrnl ai.d ttiirti -I Mir i 2141 aa a:ti-| ?ali ?Si? in - r-f ult^l in tk* hurreriir'a i,? ? -ail cit? , ui ai;liii% i-i i. I*?>k 'I'. II B lull - 1'J. |.? g.-lli-raillitbi luiprai ??m*nt? tk-I* n 1-rma of sal. . Unr-third . aak. f-4 wkfk 11 4 r.u-t Iv d p.f-iK-d at lim- .f aa! .1 and tti Ii4w.k ill oiie, t?. aral till * < nr?, to la- aeru??d 1.1 pur rliaa<-r ? n 4?*a. arina t?*ti S-t ? Ml. Ii.'er?1 pa? ? hIiI* annnall) .' and a di-?^ .4 trim on prnp*rt\ ? M C-i.tivi ar ci-ip and ieo?nlinf at Mrdbaa^r a a* 11 l-niik <4sale afi- a<4 roiBpll-d * Illi wltliin la*-, tli'-tnn*?^t??-iT?* the riflrt In tea. liar, -t and ri-k oi d fauUinc purcka- r. E HULT/.M\S Trnai-a nti LATIMER A CLEARV. A i.-ia ill tit AN'SUtl. UOU LINO A CO., Ac ta corner Mh and D ?ite ti iiurthvad. TBI -TEE'S SAHOeTaI I ABI EIMr?oTEI? REAL Eh IA I E UN THE Nil TII Sll-Kor PI NN-1LVAM A AVENUE, RKTWEEN tfl-r AKI> 'i?n hTREET- MORTBWEAT. Bj- iirtae r4 a de*d <4 rmat. dat*d on tli -|*h gT lay of U.-t<ihrr. A !>., Iffl, and rt--?rd-l lu **-liher Ra. ?M. f?4l.> J?.-? ?<f th- land r^. -r4i f.-l W aahinfloi. ( .null. |I.C..M?br llie dir*. tton <4 thi part) a^currd tfieirl.). I will ?U. atJ^^Wjc anrti m. la fr..nt of the pr.-mtaea. ?>? B Ei)N EA I?AT. Tth day of Mai, 1S74, alj* o cl .ch ? v. .11 "Utail ii. tkirili .4 . kitwnn aud A* ?M cAr aa pan of lot nineteen (14.i la aqtiar* nnm'- r-4 a?? ??' j tiCiW.'la(liininrf?r tli* aama kt ?h- n?rthw-.t rorie-r of -aid lot nnail -red tonrtei a, 114.1 and m mn? tliewce M^nliw>atnrli M ri(ht aa?iea wR h th litiei-f P'pnarl'Bilt aietine. e.ght>-ai\ faw aul ai. e itirh??, th*n<~e nuth taml) -t\e (JR- fawt, fk?act ??a* alio?t f-*t> f if feet, theaca n inn>aa eiljr ntMtv f-et and ait mi h-a ia thr liae of P. nn ayliania aveana, and liieyca areafrriv fnrt| n.n f.-H nine lneh<? to the pU>-? ?f hetUinins t?*?t Ii -r with all I lie imirtietgi t>?a I here"*! T- tai: TW ann^nt of in l-ht*dn-?a a*rar-4 Sr aaS! 4 tm?t Qt.pBi I . and ttie 'l^Mn ?' aal a ii l?lance at '*e and two 7-ar-. with ikf-rr# | UN dryall OB ari-pptwirr of I i4 If tei ma of sal* are |.<4 r nipl I ad with witkla aaren dai-a after aa*a, the pi..|?Tt? wtU be repaid al rt~t and rs^et tha 4 -fai.ltu.A putkLkarr. Cwa??-> ay; Hair** "f >*r cliaat-r. It. A LI TtTll. - Tf^tee. aSS LLECANKK. PQWLIhU A CO.. Aacta. fitvi AT j^gHET*a If.fc ^ a.ileas - Hiner laimmd. I at'"" ??" *'? am ti? a. ai tn Powm!.f*a*? New T'.** *??? t>l atiasf northwest. Mi'Nl?*% ?'?? , , ? ?i U I ak a ai . swe Bd r.m. v k wWt- -at-, taken up in Qf rg-t.iwrti and Imp >uie1A a 0. J 4 V MAMICL EINUIUN. P t'"? Ma. -r. IiAT. 7th day 01 Mai t 11, j. ai .. that r. rtain piece or parrel ot cr.-uu V ae>iu>Aton. I?istrict af Columbia. ?l-nait4 fii the rronnd plat of lh* a

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