Newspaper of Evening Star, April 25, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 25, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ?nin?v *pHi i?*7T. LOCAL NEWS. o ?? A'.. T<?-i?l(r!it. T.a:!'i Hum*?Cai W?)tfH!r'? nlmtriK T\.afr Ctwaw,**.? Songs bjrie*<iue*, dance*, *c. ? I ond^awd IjnuI*. ? ?? er H ilfan. of the '.M precinct. found a ?.ca?l ?lr> frualr infant thi* morning at the ?? !i-r of 1Mb. tiul T *?reet*. 'f be annual riui'Mtx* of St. Matthew'* tooV place te?terilav aiternoon. and the I wpib e?bibit?d a' creditable degree of pro Irc1rIV i in their ?tudie*. TI-? tlftv-foarth ainiTcr^arr of the intTodtc t .on o. the I. O- ' ?? K. into the l'ui ted State* will le apf'mprialCW celebrated at (Mil Fel low*' ?n Monday ernlM next. Mr. W. Boteler. of the rtrm of Boteler A Brw..ef thi? citv. wa* the sttcce**fnl bidder for f nn*! ing hardware to the In.11*11-1 at the ?>l-emn* of the bi.l* in New York. The death of Mr*. Miry A. Tahh. in B ilt.i w?"ie. danghtt r of Mr II. Amnion, of thin city, w ?'! cai -e sorrow t.v a 1 arije circle of friend? to whom >lie was tndeared by her amiable ijaals tif?. Ntectire room'** thi* ^inrrting arrested M ?r l.anhan. a *ervant in the lmu*e of Mr. K. K. Tablet, resiling at .31 11th *treet aoathw eat. ??i the .-barge of the larceny of ? ?*? nnte from ;-lr T She demon all knowledge of the mon -v l-iit i? held at police In a l.| iart r-> for an ?;* ?iu iu'iua to-B>< rrow. At a BHytiiigln Sor'h TTa hiagtaa In t ni^ht. to it,vh ze afrc in?urat?ee company,"he fol biw itf committee was appointed to *nt?ttiit )'tai>* lor rernurat organization: Samuel |i? rn mi I n:> |t:rl.? n. K. A. Walker, Conrad h. ! ?di r. J. W. Barktr, F. A. Bosaell, awl * 1 n t u Jo*eph. Tli" ? ki-ti?i'il la<l i f>' invitation* to the gran l bate ?ad ball of the t'orc-oran Zonave*. at Mit-n, c Ti-n ple. 011 M*r l?t. are very tine ? nifii? pf the engraver-' and printer* art*, f I ?? f; (^ofnj'h off the patron off tlie Zonav Mr. W W t.jrcoran, on the ladle*' inv.tat'.on*. ?!? a caj i?i?l liki-iH'j*. Thv New Y'?m- . WaaHr?? r<?* Awt?Wr?T ?r* I;?i?.roai>?The Aniapolii corroajiwn ?*.i ? i.? 1. ,? Baltimore Xun .-ay.* The cbart'-r of the Ni w \ork. \Y a-shin^on and Western Kail company wj> recorded in the executive rkaml* r on April 1?;. The inoorimr.itoru a.e V'i: 1". llanlWni .t; Tboma*, of Perth An I ? . N -I.; Sair.'l H. Bobbin*. 01 Atleatown, N V r.enj F. Smith, ol Crawford.N. v.; Chav V.. WHkernl and Samai-I Withered, of Ba'ti n.ere, ar*l TK" N. F. Wiekea, of Chester town. Kewtcountv. The termini and paint of the r*?ad are a jamf on tti?- worthoaatem boan ?!ar v 4 the I'i-tnct of t'?!nmSi*. thence by aiieh practicable route a* they *h all deem cx I - lient ?* and arpi-? the '*he?. tj*?ake bay. to a joint on ti e |h '-i?.irf ?r ?te line, at a point wberethe Xr* -ier?ey and Delaware Central 1 -* r. a-1 shall connect at the ?a;d fw-laware line With a branch t"r< m a |*?int on the m:iin line, to ai-oiDfctM * tb the'ire and Ohio rail rivU at or tieir the Rolav llou-e an l thenee ncrwaa ?ai<1 road to a j*?int on the m-nn line, to a pon.t oti Jhe IM??:irr ft tte line, where it si : <0 wet with the Delaware :iin| i !i -*a .ike ra 1; ml. The roa-1 aim it- l>ranchea are t- 1 -- thi ?;>jjTi Prince <ii .?rjt? "^. A'ine i!?l K?n?. ? '-ei! and Baltimore eonntie* and l*a t ii. re i?v. Capital t-WCK, ?? in >l.*r< - <1 ?Vl each. 1 ' t k? v? <???.? nriTi<?>- t* T!tF STRKKfJ? Am' ... h, H. ?' " R. K- r..m, "*?.-Mrv Mi' f ir?-t Hr'/i-' \ -terd it entered ?u:t the Ha'* in re a.n: ? i?iii. r 1. road ? >ui;'?in. ? ; 1 111 i'^ 'en tlro? ^atnl ?l'Jl!.ir*> ilimi:- She se?? f- r*l that -he ow - real e-tafe ?>? t'. ? corner ot Ik at?l North Capitol street*, and that the iin r ?- -cd M of' thi * ' .-tri-ct.i11 w-'snarr for I rr t >?.ite. b it that the railro^l f.niii iiiv ha wi -.^ih'Ivh trnrted I? >tre^ ' at d rer- t.nae* v., ti,,. .? ,,t .In nrv. 1< !. bv thereon ear .i. large tiiiiTil?er* a >-l *n,?erinj^he >.n: i* t-? ri it n there nnreti->n&hly I0114. a*id ti-i' g *a; 1 st* it for the geaeral purpose* off a l'i.-.J"':! \ar l. tml tl ' t?ic railr^nnl com;>anv I new-i ? ? t tni '? the-.r track acr->*> N >rt'i ? ;.;-i?o' ?tr. e -t rai feet beiow the /role, t111 r. i.v j.iev* ..,-:i^ lie r irra.i'H< of V?r?l". ? ijHol-trf r. rd obstructing tBf ace^-1 of the (la in till io be land. T- r V??it r ? .?vPANT A, WAawiS iT-m 1 ?? 'rr iNrif: :V. t" I'iiiLa ?ei rH!.\.?< ??tii paov A. W mlii. /to?. I. ^ht Iniantry. on W. d i-s* i\ ? .^lit. a; a *;*. 1. il mee*i*:g. c.>?ii?' -ted ti e nrravir t". ?itJ tor their intend--<1 visit t-j I liilnd- lj-1- ?. '1 i? v will leave here on th-" lin-ri 11 j: ot the tith of ^lav at - o'clock ti* l; il t iMrraul ??!? wrKilrowd- l?nrin< tiieu ?* tr in the On tk r th?-y wl'l he a' the !. 1 I'le' llon?;? mi j * it t,e th ? i-o-st- 0! I! eonapwav. 11 niei ? % ,tl0 ? 4; 1 ? ni. of Penn-ylvani*. (ihr rtat|>a*v turn <*1 handsome't i-i?t.-rt.iii'"il ;.li it. a vi ar aj;o) asd als?i ??! the S'a* Fen ?? |-li? '1 i.ev will tafee with them tw-atr |< ejo? ??! tWe m^r ne batwl. *i'he Goterwr't tul'bv I t-i ti i: i ;t? d atid wdlicrornp mi the co-ii-. ?? A" ii-|i | aii is an -Hue : rat -ti th 1! t'ie cit?/ -'ts ?i4 the l>i?tr. -t are jnst > |n-.-:nl ot. !"h--y will l-avc l< rlic-ii*- ?a rfce Lltb. riM hin^ here "early Wed r.? s.Say moriiiiig. Th? B-?Art?<>v MrrK?>r?*i.iT.\*i P ?t.tcr?' >M ?? i?- us imt y -t?-rdav. ai*! Samuel Kin s*?n. v a. aproii' d an wiM'tiotial private on ti. : r -? da*> a* pokind-ma-ter. Tn? ??' 11 ir^~ pr^t- rtid iirru-t iit/eiiit M ark-, o:' t. e m}? j ree ii? t. were il'intiaM. ' lie 1 |??r! lit' t!o iii?i-?r *n 1 ^uiieiuitervl'nt to f e <1 ? irtai. Otiilm/ M arch d. I'd. wa- *:iV m t ???:. It -how- tl.e force to ttfihint "? 1 < j- \ate-. *0 o-?^ea*it*. 10 lieii'enants, ?'det-'e ii\i--. 1 *-?t'ttary men, a tuijor. < ?ptaiii an-1 s ?! tailed mew. hukli^ alto^etU. r: numSer ti- h*if-', madi dttrilitf the *|ti trl-.-r, T.--1**. three of whieb were lor U'irder: tin s were inii>-tseii iti ? '(Imti. aaa u.tmt( to SV-1-.;ii. F.Mirottl r* r- were th<ni.-*tb tht lucre f?r vitiaion 11!' tin law. O A Lost. Walk. -The Baltimore -iw of t:iis re. 1 z -11 - ? 'n fl?^ln??-'-l*y l.l*t. I?r S ? 1 it r awl' a rounder h*i>ther, Henry I.-wi ;?ri1 Wei er Cor l<>n vnnri m -n an 1 r-"' I -nt? ?if Wa<kiii(lun. It t" . concluiled to ? from that city to Baltimore, ami a?cepte?l the he?l o! the railroatl track :?* their !.i?h\?ae. Th -v ac ?-?'iiiT-lishef! the task in t.'n-* and a half hoif*. ri-turw to Waehittfftijn in th" lii'.n f?. ui train the day. The ? rsr -i* mile.- of their ioar t-i*v ?.f aecontph-h'd in one hoar aini throe lii n :te?. ?nd pia- iM/ the d -?t in-'e betw.-tfli the t*.i cit-i - at forti mile*. I ho atNa;-- nam t>? 1 < f made ;> kr hotir *a? a's?ut li^'i" tu I a knli, wfcien wa* very j;'?o?l work. pKrciroise" ?>r Tut " >ai:d ??f Pt aLt V ? k? Pcriui.-aowi iia* J* en granted the ofli n o vi the Aft wan M. I . Church, 011 M - * rret, letween loth aad ItiTh atreet*. to pia-e alamo ? 1* of th<* ehtireh. T ie ?: |i rili'nniewt ot -ew? ?a and dr%'n? ha? di t.. t? -. t?-repait 1! t.tiin/'s ro^ol in the coaatv V r. -I V. I'' ark. gen ra' unperiiiteaileat. ha 1 eei -ted to h*v?- a ????aee betwe n th ? curb ktni 1-iiiUiinc liae -IT feet wille on ! -'reel, fnti- Mm* 'iri avenii". - cithwe-t, --nil I ftr I r- ti ctitie and encour tl *g.owrh ??! the irrt s reitiitH p'anted. ?? o l.ijrr P K* -P k lit V AT Ar?Tti?*.?Me?*r*. 1 * ' ? r .v t'learT. aucti ineer*. will ? i:or the 1 >r> IM-. Mitnt. Ihli' ? "at l|s| %nd l.i I .1. the 1 1 a! > | ro|^-rty now occupied by Joneph p. . a In 1 ' '1 ?i / a |**ri'on **l the e-*t a?e ot tt.e f?? | . -lollltd>n. Imrtedilte'v noji-i^.ie 1' .- Metropo? tan b"te'. a*n| fr?nt;*i*i;i ? r-'ir t1 ?? B il'iasore ai -i Potoni t.- dejutt. V." ? 1? m \ rv i piion tb'- - the m >"t valuable Aveti :e I r? | ?tt) re-l in a Ion* tiius. t ? A'I'I M IX AT I.ARISI1 \'.\IV - lleiTT .li.tinnei, tb? <li-sj*>ra<lo am*tnl h\ of t 11 sl 1 oiieek. t>ir al **ge?i lareeny 01 clothe*. C:.? reporfi?* in last ev' iii'i^*- Staa.) ?scap-.1 tti n a r? II iti tin *tb preeiuct ?tation la*t eve 1 'tif. ki lore in* the link an-1 i?ttii| mtn th4 aaril. w ? ere be -eal'il the w ?11?. A Mian look ? will It- k< p* ami his r.-arr- -* ;?? al:n >-' cer 1.. !. ,t hi r? aiain* in the IHutriit. ? \< .-ti 1 I't'M Afi-:vM *a*?eniMe?l it W i'IV ? | i 111 lli -? bight, and C'a! Wajaer"- M 11 s-ii - al*i td?o tin in a ptt-jmmit enterta nnent Tin nui-ic ot the comnam i* art.-tic an l th ? t in free from vnlgaritv. Warner an 1 H*l!. !!??. w?*nl. 4'anfleM atnl Bixiki-r are jix>1, rai h In hi? lino, an-l .?5to^ether the tro:i|>i> i* a *?-r\ nier-1oriou-oie?. l>on*t torg^-t th'' faiuili lua? nice Ite mot row ai ler 110011. I.OTAL P "T A L A I' I'm a r M UN 1 s.?\V It At - I :ti-i-u ha* Wen appointed local |m?i il agent m tin- citr. vice I", s IKtr*ev, remoreil and Y. A. Ho|'k'ii? i-*pc*>.nteil netUtaat Mutal affiit here, vice Atkin-on, pronvtt?d Salvatoc lH>u*hertv. of thi* eitv. I* appiinte-l railwav ?-o*'aI dork beto<j?n Wa?hiajton. 1? and Weidon, S. C. ? Hraiora .%>d Probarlv Fatal \c< !!?*aT? Charles We*t. a colored emplovi of the Metro I oiitan railroad company, wa* *tru.-k by the crank of a ba* -cutting machine, at the depot. veMerdav. aid hi* -kull wa* fracttire.1. l>rf. Norti*. Hacner ami S<|nire*? ilreo-o<l Ins *0 m l, anil he wa* afterward* lenioved O the Freo-I nian s liinpita'. ?? Thi iflik . .:>? ?- ?i f\e \V:**hin^ton mar ket and Ticinltv this aft -rooon were a* tollow*: Strawl^rrie*. 7 V. i^ri. iart. (hv th?b"\); |>?a?, <1 u- hi 1 bo*.) asparagus. ?!? |>er dosen iiniM he*: raibli*he*. -iais f>er |im bunches. ?? p.e*. a;!..*! |>er i>arrel; orange*. ?? V? per bo*: h no>n*. a ???*....V? |-er bm. A Cud F A Wi.ham- i* not a law partner ?l mine, a* *tated in the Rrpui.' .-mn thi? mtrn iiiu. nor i* he in mt olliee, nor hv he anv relation* with me whatever. I O. D. Barrbtt. OaLtTVOi **r* of ?nia:i poa hare been re ? 4>rted to the boird nf health to-day?one at PM 4> atreet *<>u h*e*t, and one in alley l? fw*-ra and tith. and H ami I *t*. south went. Krai Kutate KaLR?Tho*. E. Waggaman. ai.etH.Ma r. ha* *old part of lot No. 1ft in ^nare -il... 1 routing 1- feet on 1 ttreet north, to Joh? Jv .i.ser, for *1,725. A OH fraiw 1r. furrernr. 7V> fh* rf Th' S<r ? Alout ten days wif a person ca'V.l on nr, ?t TPv hiihIcm*. whw 1 **? W?lMil to irv ro< rr> lv sickness, and Mated that he called ntyciir rr?.<; 'st tf> --onvcrse with m* relative to the afair^'ot" the IMstrlct of Columbia. I to*?l the geatlrmM that, whatever in." rto*j in'ibt be. I would not under any circumstance* l < 1 ro'ight into a rK"w-<p*t>or controversy abotit public matter*, but would rather coart the rc l-osr ard ?julet 1 so much needed. With tbe usual |>ersi?fenee of a reporter he a.-k?d me one or two question*, which ( posi tively and explicitly rHuwl to answer, an.l re I* ated my determination not to be (inwn int'j a newspaper controversy, that 1*. at all times, mi distasteful to me: and yon may judge of my surprise, on seeing tn the" Tribune of the l^th nearly two column*, with twenty-two Ion* in terrogatories, with the answer*, detailing .jiies tions never a?ked me. and answers that I never gave. an?i which con'd not possibly have been fiven in the three or four minutes the interview aated. As this unjustifiable statement was made by a party prortmdly acting under veur authority atal at your request, 1 deem it due to yon, as well as to myself, to inform you of the fai'ts, and have no doubt that yon will take pleasure in promptly correcting the misrepresentations. at.<! in rebuking the invasion of a gentlrm m's quiet ami privacy, hy publishing tbis letter. Very respectfully vonrs, W. W. COSCOBAX. TV a>hirgton. April 21, IfT !? V. e take pleasure in pubksliijig this letter, and it' etpreH>:nif our thanks to Mr. Corcoran ti r the | r-mptuess and conrtcsy with which he has enabled n> to apply the proper corrective to an evil which we may say is more rarely m-t u Hi in these column* than any w here el.*. The con inui i? iilion ret<-rred to way not prepared by or<l< r of the Tni-upr. bnt was sent bv an oc.a sii.nalcorrespondent, Mr. Kdmund M. who stated that it contained a correct lepott of h.s conversation With Mr. Corcoran, aiid that Mr. Corcoian had given hU consent to its pub li ration. We had no reason to doubt these state ments. am! tl'.eri was nothing in the substance of the letter which mule them improbable. We sball take eare to avoid any similar occur r? nee in tmnrc from the same source. A con tributor will invariably fortc-it any relation he may have to this paper upca preaenticg it a dis torted or unfaithful account of an interview, or bv untmlv alleging that the person visited lias authorized the rejiort. These personal state ments are often hiteresting and valuable, but tlif v are woise than worthless unless faithtully reported.and an outrage u{H>n iKrsnnal rights liiik.-.- voluntarily gi\cn.?? !. Triomt- .J ? Tlie I'Uh Market*. AirjAM>Ki.v?Quotations of new fish for this day. furnished to The Stab by George W. Hanson A Co.. wholesale dealers in tish. Nos. 4'J King street, So, 51, 5t> H-h wharves, Alexan dria. \ a. Shad, fresh. j?er hundred, to ?11.flo; Potomac family, per bid., *11 -0*? to S12.nn; Foonomy family, (Delaware,) per bbl., f 11.00. Herring! fresh. |?er thousand, it.~t.ii0 to C*?.00; l'o<omac. No. 1. per l>bl.,*o.#nto#o.<iO; Potomac, family. roe.) |?-r bbl., *7.410; Pctomac. t'amilv, |wr halt bid.. n0; Labrador, family, per bbl., extra.*.'' 2": Portland gibbed. per bbl.1*5 i?; Hay of Island. No. 1. (new.) *3Of), ?lu . family mess, ~*k I ike Chicago, ertra, *?i.o0; St. John's alcwtvcs.^' .00; old No.l l'otomac, g !.uo. Washixoths.?To-day, at the Washington f?li wharves, the following tales to shippers were wade by II. A. ?olden Jt I!ro., agents:? 1 "? *?k) shad. Horn to *12; 4 >,lsffl h^rriugs, fiom *?? to ss; Vi bunches pocxi:, from ilto.m i ts., Iiairock. (small.) 2b eta. It?*j?l Extite Tnturrpr*, The fn; owing truiud'ers ol re .1 estate have be* ii ti;< <1 in tlit- ol'.ice ot the ltccordcr ui l>eodf i> li?* onr last rt i*>rt: \ ? li i: ?o. H. Bi Lhtw. II et si t.? M M 'llin. r rt It )j. ? in?rr vkj. i}2i7 h li? aii<l Ward, '!??? ? . t>' J lisi Chapman, rali. T, a-iaare 211. s 4- 51 iri? I. 11 I . in to C. Parkin? n, lot - i 11 <? Sjs. > I.J?'; C K ??riciT'". trn?t<*?', t" S trah A ?; 'i ?ub. Ii. s?;'v?r*7Jf, .*<.*??; G.-<> B n?e i^ > K It !i<1. k i|> ?75. t, \e*> "! J i i ? iI > \\ I. Br urilmli. iiiib. 11 M I ? . II \. *,ii?H' - ntli of 1 .i.*!' ,^X5; Jaa < K. ? '!?? ?< .1 ? !> Mill-r pirt l -t J. ?.|'i*r?-K'C, Al ,17i; J li ? - I; I ? I it- !? \1> A. I l-en,aii.-iiib. ?>2. - !>mr^ . M -:?!? 1. T' nilius ii t"> li. t. ii Suii'l-T V l:->.f i ?! J?'. res. 1", Ml.WW. A i-i I .1 ti "t H liie.rlnj W s'irnT.s.-m!> 03, in P. >1 \ er !? S. Bach- >i. I J. V . T> < k- u, |'.iri is. -iiiarc I.''.. O. 8 Fit. leu 1? -i !h. ?? irt 2. - ? :?r-s?>, .?? 1 *tl.'? W. K esi !?? h. F. L< >?.-. sab .7 axl 76, - ,uar. 21u. |MW; L >? II J III I. lilt-. I t K. f.|H?re imT, ; \V. It 't ' r K' 4. i-Miif. -jj. T. t". I em..i i li T >'ii r.ier-ealrs and W. E. II : i I ?? . -ti 1.. Vjtuir- tiJ. c 1 -!???. t i i ? 1U?Jot l L. ih t ? ? P .ik.nhorn. pin t* I* ?: It. ? i 'nr? 1/7. > l.i(?>. F. J. Murpiiy. :r ^ e-. H al M?r> O. tilin til, "i'i S. s,n?r> &.&, .$W. J A i t- 1. i-it.-ih fc M mer n. pirt 3. SiJllMI - 122. ? ??* ; G T. Nnvn ft al. t" .1 Ilie L K ?. i r'?" ii aad IS - |ii t- riT. ? : J ? R. ? I N I? \i ?? i; .s at, ' hi- ill- flit ikt-P-st iii I - t '* r r-*<At~. sl-.??i0: s. J. T>iifg- t" W. !'? r'li tan p. :: ?. - nar* 4.0. ST |-s J ? Klti h t' 1 15 tr ,ii. n,l>. is an*i p?rt sub. 9? - |ii?i??1ST, .1 I. N T.n Evan*,*nl 121,<.,i.*re Ann K : in -? al. tu I -liu t' ?i r II. part !? ' ?? r?- v .??:??' .1 T I'orrigu to F. A. Clark-, p-.itr mo. ?}?.>. s3smi. A pel 19 ?J \\ Stii G ? ri? Hattlrvr* lei 31 ?i ii p II i. -.jiiar- li2. S. Auiau to .lnhii I h-1 piri 6 ?<inarr .'^i. ."U*' .1 W.B?t;-,rl-, J *i te, . i .' in: J rf man .-aot half i?, ""iiiH.-- USn, V) i K >. *mitli, ? si'mt<? ii r'ii .J si, - II ('. ft!er, exe- iitnr. t ? T ^ni'r H : lie i.i ?? |.ar*? ?S ui -I It ?ji.are TK. |1 Jtv; S M ll?. t.-I rtlnli> Mill it, h>t 1?. ?<iaare ytf. *144} I' < ? ?? r T V M ilrr ?oh?. I ana 2. ?<i : t: ? y.>5 K. Protn l t'. K N' n. lot Is (tn| pirt '7. - wa ? ?I7. ; Ue<>> ?? (?<* n (; iliene to p 0 I < r' irhoi-. lit* 1 to 7 and II and 14. ?inar-- 7t si.ilalif '.|i:ar- 7i.'. ?. Jtni? s T. Piae to Strati 1 ). n< rt. . ?<| ? 72t. a7 A1 r Uilliaios i??.l"/. William*. I' an' iwri m.I . ;, ?>iuar- ??#, >I,S?>; J<>hn V It yaii ? 1 ..-?J T 11 . part S. -?| yX>. ?J M. > "I l < part t>.' |iiari'44l,i;.'7"> l?:?a Mi~ !? i V . 'I ' T II. Wa.k-r, pari U,||UN V, *'? J T I' '-riifaii to Jlaiy R-ilh rf,?r<1. . MS I) . o- T J. W ir to G W. Bi-li-e. r< t? - ?i.? 12 :ir?.t i.'t. ? |iiare ."kd. Car?lin< ? <?1.1 ? t ? ? I" If.r-r. fiih. 1.*. mjuare tilt. >5<?) K--?i ? 1' W?oll-J Br.rrer I, tali. I, ?i<iare tlo. -1; ? ??JK ETOW> TB1V?FEE?. W 11 < > .ni ton t.> lac tb F. Straub, p?rt 2.r, H- vt> ???1H.iv km- addition, atll. E. I) . ihir t>> V I iifI?, p-tM . ?!?>., *7Si>. Siralt K Svipp-ri to K ? 01.-1 i.-i \t I". .M tttiaclv. ail "? Aim Mat ri s: ????, Etl-nJ Km* to W. F nt, . pi .p. \ 11 f rderir!, ?tr>*:t. fiyt ; T'ranta K H ?rlaiHt !<? t'a'hanae U . .lv.pait 212. B *artjr xik) IIaw l> it * a.|d:ti 11 SIJJO; .1 iw K B >1 :n;in ' K II Trntihtll, siif. 71, TWIfld^ a.i-1'tion, ?li . J?nif? K 11 fc.-al 1 Ann K. O'Ueal, all hi :-r?-t 1'' U:* la:h-r - ?star^, aiii.nii'. .1 mi - l: <>X *' ti Gr<>r^- W. t'as-l' ar. p "p rtv ou C ?n |tm ?ttr*l.?-Wfc <-f R ad street, fiJOL": Awm K alt I. K. O N -al, uw proprtjr, ior\tt rsiv-m-. II \ r>l ! 'o\i r?itv t.' J ?r,.b Gnni.sll, p rt 15. !? ? ? )7, EAngham Flare, J >hn Pa> m t > A. II I>t . f 'a: il l. B'li!iing?- Bid*" IlllOtirl 1-5 ? ?' *"? - C. Stnitli t> CH/a Ei/.ir, 1 ? ?? halt I-. c|i 11 3 P,iti>iu?i city, l&.t, J. I ? 111 ?. to ll I?-i.' I ? 5, 5acre-,!' - Ji"U-ii' h.' .*\W, II S Pa?i-t * R H i t. t its ?? and 66. hi ? fc 1), l?n ('1 Vif Hill. *a?i, Hi.wnrd l*tiiveri>itr t-> it -'I il-.i'i". In- . k li>. $u 1: L li.Si-v-ns. 1M1 I* 11. J. Gi at , lot S, Mock C, M" rid inn BUI, ?I 1<2. I I' si.vioi 1 C F. Ptiakaw, fit 17, 11 . I' ? .t -i.-. P :i??r"> st al., trua;?<T. to M-iir) ?'i 1 ''.I 2*.- ii ?*. Birrv firm. ,?fK. Carroll l' T tt .M t,"f ii,?inii' llJj J. 11 >? iiichi nib t ? Ann >1 S hi:ii7. pari I'- Id- k HP-ii-'-tarat, ? 1.1' h h K-jIhk et alt"*'. W . Hinru-ly , |<ip 12 alii 11. Pr. -pul I!.II #1. i.vj; I., ti into J?ph T. St???,??!-. !<>ti> S an 1 ii block 14, Meridian !l ^,^7; Varali S. SkipTu>t* rl id. to E. CaMl-i aii-1 w I XattiriffiT. all of Ann Mattitigl)'? rsil <-ta'e. ? 1 ??? a W Diarn ..-k t* R lahi, p?H t Vk Ila%? it. JjiJ-'ui: (.-luailiian l'mver?ity t'? Ma'\ ' 1 ? lots l.i. 2n and '1. S-'ilth t>ll<'lT? er. nnd<, -I i. ??. V <d?ard an-l >1 r--|l, tru-t to J. II. ? .1 *)-it. hit t M/mfcat aw tlaoraai in ati'l R^ca ? ill- i-.St-, ,* 1 so. II. p. V ih-i mVC. 11 tint I".-. I >t . Co l-m *r tin !?. *3^nj. T \. Mtch?:lt ) II nrv Hurt. 1 <r: of *? Girl"-* Portion." it *?-r?'?, .a:, ?? .? I V <l<ij II Wh ?I-r. a tra< t on th? - maa<Mtera ui-iarjr ,.f th? l>i?trici. MM mm, ? . 1 ? I.. >1 < nil-Is aiid Xariauaa M .rd<? k, to R. p. J., .1,. I a.-r>> abiu 1 ? ? ? 1 - !? w?, "i50; J T. II Hall to Jus-ph C. I-wi?. ?. ] n -.u. Pl-aaant Plains, ^(i.n?j. .1 1 I ? i- t J >' 1 A. 11a !. aa.n<* '!??.; S. K f.uj il t F Gndiu r?, lot ? 25 to J7. P. -t-ct,?ol;A 11 i-. tnatrr, I ? Hfl- ti >1. II ?riik.?i. lot !.%, W a - M i?, sll?m,H KeatinC i-t al t > T Oral*. I< t- ; aiiilSI. rnatrtt. R O N-al t . Aio l{ II N'-al. ail liis right 111 hi? father'* e-tate. >1 o fi'iiipil 01 l imer-itr to Amanita M |v m. 1 t-21 i. e\?^ii 21 11 125. folios, er an 1-. f7.ti7l; J tire- p?> II- to R^ii1m?ii Git"*1, lot 11 -ar Mn M' 01-V.? . .1. hn Johnaon to Turaer J^ukii:*. i>tt ?>..?< to 1 6 B-rrvfai a. ?325 Smith P t?it l<? It .b ? 11 <" F .?. lot I, bl-s-k 1. M *ridi*a Hill, ?l.itf. P??TAt. VliMY t'ltpKK UrFll Kf? E.'i'or A I'oth Ttix s 1 ar and K / ism have re cetit'v contained communications reflecting on the management of the posta' money order ??rt ce in il -city, and stating that such offices in ? tlo r t ii ies were kept o|m-ii duri the usaat |M>st <<l'u e hours. The facts a* to these offices in twrlve of the principal cities, including Wa?hington, are as follows: New York... in a m. to T. p. m r> hours. I'rooklyn !i " 3 " G " Fbiladelphia ? " 3 '? ?6 " I'.oston 10 ?* .1 ?? 7 ?? *'incinnati .. # " 4 " 7 44 Kaltimore a 44 4 44 ?A 44 Iticbmond ... 9 44 5 44 a 44 I'tttabiirg 44 4^ 44 x 44 Albany 9 44 S 44 8 4' I'mtland..... } '? .1 44 a u I hii'afu. S? 44 .1 44 ft 44 WashitiKton.. a ** 4 ?? h ? Sliowinjt that in six ot those cities the time is the same i? 111 Washington and in live of them it is let*. None of them more. p. o. I't 11 IHMI ri-RMiTs Issrxo SutrHH-R La-?T illrt?A two-Mory Ira me. rorThomas Mtir vaee 1 >trert. between and 7th streets-oath ur t a two-storv frame, tor II. P. Brown. 1 -trie', between 2d ami 3d streets southeast; i r wo.-'arv brick dwelliiiK'*. on L street, betwivn ' a-d ?thsrre?'fs sontbwest for Thomas Col lin-. a one-story frame, on I,, between 15th and loih -*r?ets, for St. Martin's church for aschool ?m ? 1 a|>el; an addition tn a two-story brick, ? *' K -tTeet. I?etween9tb ami 10th streetj* north we-t tor O. 1>. Wassman; a two-story frame, on ? I. la ween M and N streets southeast, for >1 s's Chase Jt Morgan; a twi?-story frame, on 4 . 'a r?e?n *th and 9th streets southeast, tor Charles Harten. ?7An Iowajudge gives it as his opinion that more biams are required to play polkcr than to run a court. %i 4'astellar has induced his colleag'1'* 10 or'? the enrollment in the Spanish army ot mm twenty years ot age throughout Spain / TTtr rorRTs. COI RT IN GENERAL TRRM.-T^f. ?*"* argument hrn'i> i.f \* eynnuth *7*. the W*<liir.| tori * Alexandria and Georgetown railroad company i Mr. the defendant. by Mr. riMk.inNnittlni Li* c??e on tiief. Ttie W'1*' ln this <?;i--? i- whether the Hr\ ice of ft ?rit ?*! I' ^pn IS Stewart.** eecretarv of the c-.?n?pany in N-w 1 ork, wa* a so. >1 m?>M oa tha eompauy?Stewart at that tttn<* baring te?n enjoined by the E tUlty Court of thi< Pistr > t fr'ia urtii g >>*??? retary. ffll. ki ti k* vr? II cnrir tfcia nwm m. and arci-taining that Saturday had Iffl '???t apart fur motions, r??" notice that to m >r r?.w hewvu.d move " In the matter of the buuuty rUini* of Admiral 1). O. Farragat and the officers and dtd <>f th*? W-stern Uulf Squadron" I" dismias tl"- af p? al 11 Sir. Cor* ice. the special aasiitaat at torn?'. general. Mr. Wm. 14. Lankford. of the Mi**i??ippi bar, w as admitted to the bar of this court. Tli- fa** <?f George H Langdon against John Pur dv was taken lip?Cox and Webb for Pnrdy, and M- ?*??*. Br< ?n? and Hswe* for Langdon. Th<? cm? up on exceptions takf^n below. The recovery was n? d< r a special c^trit upon an agreement made by defendunt with plaintiff, in which Pnrdy promised, in c?ii?id< rati'n if the performance on Langdon's t art of the conditions contaiued in the contract,that lie would transfer to him an interest in ccrtain gtaas works in tlie city of Washington, of which be was the owner, or pny him fix hniidrea dollars III money. On the -part of Langdon it *a< agreed that " he will take charge of nrn coudnct as foreman the gins* work* belonging to said John Pnrdy, and devote his whole time and attention to the crudact of auid work*; and, in cast it should become u.-cev-ary so to do,?t HMnnn in th manufacture of glass him ?if personally " It wan proven at the trial below that the jilass works were destroyed by fire during the time of the life of this agreement, and were not rebuilt for seveial months, and it w as also proved that this agreement was not signed "by the parties iiritil r.K iim after the de-tn> 'iou of the work*. I pon this condition > f 'lie proof tIn- court was naked to instruct th jury tli.?i if they found from tli? eMdcnce that din ing x ieol months of the p. nod covered by the agreement, !b" elas? works were not In operation, the plaintiff could not recover under the special ngre. n i nt declared on,but ?ulv what hi s rvices were actuallv w. itb. Thia instruction tli Court refnsfd to give, ami np< n exception Purtly makes certain points wl.ich Lang.l un cum -sta. F. COI RT, Jilt* Sufi/.?Patrick R-gan was charged with an a?sanlt and battery on Cath< l ine It'tan, hi- wife, by striking h r <>u tU- hard w itli p rr^ ing pan. severely Injuring her rtng.-r- and breaking the w rist of her right arm, making \ eoni p ni .1 fracture. Pat ick got offended becaui ? hi* breakfast was liot rendy in time. He wkm aentenn-vj l<> six months it> jail; an appeal was tak< u .1 .ha Ti aver? pi'-ade I gnil" y to an asFdult aud batr ry on John B.fl d al er, *yn and cost*. A UMlTt' ( '?EOT Im>ME~TIC tvm.K'*"V. Saturn I 11 Beanier was charged with assault and battery on Kate A. B-anier, his wife,vho testified that her husband ars iulteij h-r whll" she was on a sick l?d. that she aTt -nipted to jump from the sec ond story window alien lie broke nito herr room and tbww a f rk,striking her on the head. Hie made li -r escape and has uot seen him since Tres.lay la--, the time of ti e assiult. lie ssrore lis would kill h-r. Two colored fi-Is, gaily Re and R"tty Lee, testified in Im half of the defendant,by whom ttiey are ? mpl ived as ?erv ?nt* Two gentlemen testified th ?t they were wiih Mr. B* :ttn?r during the time the a~eault is anej:> l to have been c.weniitted, an-1 that no assault ? as committed. J idgmt nt was sm pend'-d. Al l SORTS. Wm P jsr?i/i Atsrl Turner, alias Abel Sins. Were cliargrd with st aling a coat 1r in P Try's dry foodestore, valued a .*15; six nvnfr s each In juil. tebecca h.-llogg, a-ault and battery on Nancy C .rr; lo and < o-r. ^aniu. 1 M K-h\ . r ? as charg 1 with assault and ba tery on Anns M Reaver, l>oth c* h-red. This <s-ns y ca?e of w fl'c legating with a hopple. Satu i- a large and stout man an 1 his w ife a delicate wuna i and ?h? w i?~ badly hurt. In d. fi n ? of hiiiis-'lf San. said his wif. had tried f.. kill him with n hatchet; fined A5U and costs. Charle Talbot, assault and battery on M irv Lewis, who t. ?titi?^t tbi*t Tharles came to h?'ro-.tu 1. ?: w n 12 ai.d ] i clock at 111*1. , Lurst the d -or op-u, and .-u' her w ifh a rs/ T mi th--wrist, threatening t> tak h'rlife ?)., |. t h. r hnst.aiid ah.>nt one veai ar tnndis iiutnuw L'liuf vith kin. Fiae l *3) umI coats. GEOBGETOWN. The Uight IJev. Bisnor deliver.'.! a lecture last ni^ht at St. John'" chtirrli, o?i niis siotiary lite ;ti At'iira. A km W<kH m j.rose nt. atnl li.-t. m il attentively to his interest ttij; illsoours* on the mannere and custom-of the natives, their reli/Kms Lcliets, He clH;n:<?l that the \vi?rk of Cl i ifiUanizitii; M i'Mle Atrica U atlendcal with as laue.h tlanger a- the ear'}-church encountered ia Aiin3r-?igli ti en huii?lr?sl years ago. A New i'okfwtiii*eiiv Stoue?Mr. Fred stol.ln.ati lias just opened his fine new e.tnfec I t oi ? ry store. High -street, ue*' tloor to Forrest j lial!, and niukes a brilliant display of g.>o?i ? thills. His arrangement* for the aee?mmo<la i tioii ol lov. isot ice ereatns hh i water iees leave liotl.itig to be dewred in that direction. His new store i? likely to be lihera'iy |iatroiii7.eil. Hoick Kais-i><;.?Mfssrs. * & llol lingswoitli contractors lor house riisin^, h tve underwav )m*o > Xo. l->"> and Im Biid^e street, near the market,atnl No-, ol, ;hi, 4 i, 4? and 44 on cast Market Space. iVkshiso hi? Way.?President Hiker has extended the tracks of his rallruail w est Of High street as far as they were before tlio change of jiraile, ami bus repaired the sunken tracks neat the linck Creek bridge, so that the ears pass now w ithout jumping off the track. Profanity has been greatly lessened thereby. Kivm: New-?The steamer" John Gi!?oti cleared to-day for New York with 40il bbls. of flour. The arrivals were the stenuier <>. H. Stout, from Philadelphia, ami the steamer K\ press. from both with cargoes of tmiicral mer chandise. (Skain Trade.?The schooner Thomas P. Morgan arrived to-day from Alexandria, with ?en bushels wheat, and the canal bo it 1". I{. Ilmtlv, from Berlin, with 3,T0t> bushels wheat, botli for Hartley 14ro.. and the e.tual oo it Nettie tirahani, with 2*2 b'ldiela eoru, wi bar rels ear corn, 2o tons millteed, 'and idi? b* rels rtotir to (ieorgr Waters, and the canal Ih> it Red Hye. No. I, with 4'hi biislc-ls wheat to J. <i. Waters. The sales on 'Change to-d iv were 3,T?t btishels prime r d wheat at M.iaJ: !?if> bUsheLs good do. at >i.;?l, auU 1-jO bushels prime do at >; :u , to >i. >7. Fi- it Wha'kf.?Therecefj't or tis?j to-dav were lc?,r*io herring. R.tviti taylors. The herriti.' soid at -T per thousand, and tlie tiy'.or .tl -1 per hundrrd. ALEXANDRIA. Smaix Pox Another new case of small pox v. us rcjatrUsl this morning?a child of Frank ' has.', coloicl. living on Gibbon st., Ix'tween Washington and Columbus. The case from the fishing shore, that was sent to the hospital two or three days ago, died there yesterday, it is said, from pneumonia. Clerk of tub (>a* Work*.?Mcaara. Vn ler. wrod, Corse. Kidiberg,an4 Henderson, the city council committee on li^ht, met at noon to-dav. and unanimously eleeted (Jao. Bryan, jr.. clerk of tlie gas works, to till the unexpired term ot his late fat Iter.?Omt* I it, I it' airn/. A.It nim iAI. yi'ARR?L-''"<l/'?( ??i Hn1t:rnnr' He ??'<? th* f'i'y ./</?'</? <*"?' 'V .*H' rif.?A dis natch to the New Y ork Herald, from iJaltit.ior ?. Rid., April 2".!, says:-A strong sensation has bet n created in Baltimore by the resignation of SberitrKane. grow ing out of a i[tiarre4 bet veen him atid .ludge O.liner, ol" the eity cr initial court. Kane nie tune ago reins'd to place Gilmer's men on the grand jury, and since then Gilmer lias taken everv m ius to hiTider Kane in tin- discharge of his o?lieiai dti ti.-s. Owing to the inii.reglio the btisi-i <s of the court has been delayed, and about three t.uiiured cases are in jail awaiting action. The criminal c!a^>? s of the city, c?pecia!!y the wealthy gamblers, have seized upon the o;>por tuinty. and with their political power have sought to widen a brt ach which secures .hem immunity from prosecution while it exist" pj litical parties are al?o interfering, the wing of the democratic party which gambling lioascs support endeavoring to help in driving Kane out of ottice. Governor Why te has add rested t letter to Kane asking him to leconsider hi resignation, but It ia understood that he wiil n ?t do so unless tiilmer gives way to him. If the matter is pushed to extremity, Kane's friend threaten startling revelations'of the manner >*i wh ch crintiita'.s are protected by grind jurie md courts. It i- the most exciting topic raised hero since lat'^i. A Lichtmmu Kon Man Fai.lm Five Sr?> l:lr<, AND TILL 1.1VK.S TO Pl'T 1'1* MoKK I.ii.u i mho Hons.?There was an acrobatic i>er tormauce yesterday ai'iernoou at the corner o; Baltimore and Holiday streets, which f ir ex celled anything that has ever been witnessed at the circus. A man was engaged in putting a lightning-rod on the large live-storv b idding owned and occupied by Mr. George H. C. Neal, dealt r in dry goods, and was standing on a rope adder, which was suspended from a stout cable f a>tened to one of the chimneys on the opposite side of the roof. He was probably ten feet bi; low the cornice and sixty or seventy feet abuve the pavement. A considerable crowd of people were attracted to the spot, and were looking on in wonder while the courageous man plied his work without the least regard to his x?erilotis nosition. Suddenly the knot by which the rop3 ladder was tied to the cable gave way, and th - tutu dropped to the earth. Fortuuately there was a piie of store-boxes on the pavement, ami striking one of these with his feet, the man went through an inch board and was deposited in the 1k>x, badly stunned, but not much hurt Maltimor' Ammcan, 2VA. I Ml'RISOIIP IIl'MBAXDS AM) THEIR FAtTH h l Wives.? When the forgers Primrose and I>1.110van, who are now in the penitentiary, wee in the liavnioml street jail awaiting trial Keeper <' inraddy discovered one morning that t! ey had I?egun work in their cell with the view oft'rtecung their tscape. Several chisels and ti e wt re u?niai ia their posses-ion, and it was ?ub-T<j?iei.tly as-tr tamed that those had l?eeti ct>nvey<d to tiiem by their wives during a *islt to thejn. The women were arrested snd the craml jury indicted them for the of fettee. Ve.-tetday thev pleaded guilty in the sesstotis and Judge Moore sentenceti "each of t?.t m to the county jail for twenty-nine days.? .V. 1". Jlcfohl. si'i. Bale or a Valuable Estate.?The Green bii?*r (Ya. 1 ItHiepentleiit, of the l*?th inst.,SHys' "1 h it valuable estate known as 'Jaricbo,' sit* nat.d near the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs anil lying on the waters of Howard's cieck, containing K70 acres, has been sold by -latnep v. Cowardin. of the Richmond l?i? nat.-h. its late owner, to Mr. George G. Pet r km.late m Scotland, for the sum of equivalent to cash. * be trial of the Tlcheborne claimant on a charge of perjury ia in progress in London. C I TY ITE M a cry for Pitcher's Cantoris*. It regulates the stomarh, chits wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil, 4,fci*eo3: Not ojtit style rot'iviRV reap, bnt for a variety to select from (jo to Willett .? RubfTs. 9t>5 Pennsvlvattia aventie, %n't get a correct strlc spring hat. Thev have the largest stock of men's, hoys' find children's hats in this city. Call and examine. Handbook svits for gentlemen, made of rlioice English saltings, from 925 to *30, ready marie. Handsome English Cheviot suits from ?15 to ??o. Fine Brown Coats, with Vests to match, for r-t. French Worsted Coats and Vests in the nMt desirable -patterns. Seine very neat worsted suits for ?35. Gentlemen desiring choice goods will please insj>ect. Geo. C. Henwiko, 4107th street. Sr?iN? Otercoati^ reduce<l to *8, Armor price?I3, at A. Straiss'b. 3 1011 Pa. ave., bet. 10th and 11th sts. ? Reliable. Father? and Mothers? we are adding to our stock a large assortment Of l>oys\ vontli's and children's clothing. The Waverly Suits? from 3 to 8 years of age, from *5 to ??la. The H&rvatd Suit*? from 4 to 10 years of age, from to !?20. Sailor Suits, Farragut? from :< to X years of age. and other styles in end lesp variety. Ours are the best made. Best material and newest styles in the market. Noah Walkkr & Co., 4,22,8 CU Pa. ave.. Metropolitan Hotel. If a maw wants a Bottle of Whisky, let Lim buy it and take it home like a man, and not sneak home with a l>ottle of "Bitters," or '?Cordial,'" and pretend that it is medicine. If lie wants a tonic that is something better than a temporary stimulant, he should get a bottle of Peruvian Syrup, (an Iron Tonic,) that will vitalise the blood and give durable strength to the system. 6 ? Shirts made to Oroer Gentlemen fur nishing their own material, can have their Shirts made to onler at the shortest notice, at Keen's. 422 9th street northwest. Satisfnrrior.

guaranteed. 4,W,1: Take Ain-'t Ch- rry Preterit! to stop your colds, coughs and bronchial ail'ections before they rnn into consumption that yon cannot St(T]>. B.wift* * Vsf less of Doolcv's than of any other V "1st or Baking Powder, as it is much stronger. Put up 1 nil weight. Give it a fair trial. Grocers sell it. 6 . ? Save Torn I>octor'k Hill When Dr. Wis tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry will eras coughs, colds, bleeding at the lungs, and arrest the tell destroyer, Consumption, it does more than nmst physicians can do. The use of a single bottle, costing owe dollar, will satisfy the incrednlon* tliat they need look no further for the required aid. 0 The National Savings Bank, corner of New York avenue and 15th street, pays 6 per ct. per annum on deposits for each calender month. Banking hours, !< to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. 27t3,14tl6 ? . The covMrMTY at large appreciate the ise fuhiecfe of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1.5 ? S<>rsn feet being indispensable to health ar>?l comfort thousands of persons comi fiom far and near to vfsit I>r. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. Ri5 15th street, opposite th*> Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails., ,&c.. and advice as to suitable shoes. Willopx GiiJB's Siiwiso Machine. The celebrated Bazaar Patterns. Agency at 0Ua.?. Bauin's hoopskirt and corset factory, tth str- et. Intelligencer Building. ' Id, IS Thhrmoeetkrh and Barometers ars reps.rod and made to order by Hempler, near siree'. JKLA i. ( 11 :i >. OTmXNER?LOCIITI ' ly, A?,ril i I:. is;s. at Ti r iM t'h'i-. i 'i: ... r ,??, ei fc', ne^t"-et, JERK M I . I ? S > K R. <>f M* :, ii.eton, t >1. ? JHIIV 'Milt . ' \ K L.'JCHTKR. <>1 M< ntgoiii? i> < ? in t? . >1 N ird?. | RockvlUi p^p< r* pi- i-n? ? <ip> ,| * WILSON-ftAVfLTON. Ipril Jttli, M7i,h ft v R.4 r? J, Mhmw, A V" WILSON t MARIA B. HAMILU'N, le th i't ; p-.iii. DIKU. IIILToN. D< parti d t bis life,on tin 24th in-' nt. 'I 'J17 o", I ?-k ?. in , i? i t ti*' 77th vi-nr of li^r airi- Mr?,. CATHhRINK HILTON, widow >d SimuM HH' .ri. Tin* funeral w ill Iaks piar,- o?i Saturday aft-rno .n, tin-26th lf-<tant, at 4 o'cl ock li un h<-r lute resi t u< No. i 102 8' li street south i*t. Relatives and fr -u U ;ir ? invited to attend [Alexandria Gazette and S< i tinel pleas,- co|>> | " PORTER. On the Ji'li in?* \nt. at the residence of her brother, I?r. J .1 Port* r. (}<Hir?etown, MA RIA. dHtif liti'r of the late Dr. John Porter, l'iiil allphla. | Philadelphia papers please copy. | * TA BB. lu Baltimore, on lie 21-t instant, of a I in c.-iii.g Mrs. MA11Y A., wile of Mr. W. K T ibt>, and ditught>-r of Mr. II. Amid n, of tli.s city." WILSON. April 17th, a? her renidence In ftlvert county, M'i., KI.I.EN, wife of Hamilton WiU w, and elilcgt dai-'-'i* - of the late Ueor?" Adam . of this eiiy, ageu .. iler la-t wurd- were" My J<sn?."* ? UNDERTAKERS. l^lCHAaD F. 11AHVEV, UNDERTAKER, (SHccutor to H AKVhY * MAHH,) Bo. V34 F Sirket, b' twoeu Ninth and Tebtl. METALLIC BVR1AL CASES ASU CASLUT: u/ tvrry dfTipfipn: matl-ly SHK'jCUS, HABITS. r? W. BARK LH, CABIN ET MAK KB A SU U.\ U EKTAt A* C1S< ELOKb iU STREET, near f tOHNlTVKE Oh ALL FI.WS MA it t A At/ A k.jJAlKhLK ai ' tr IV ILLIAAl HAthETT, XJ3STI>i:R.T-A-B: ?B, Ko.?32 7th Stkekt, BetweenO asv U STk ??r. aft? ly C'-Wris and Oa***** of al' Jl'STI' E TO A LI,, p trt ialitv noli". ?* a'-.vay thi- motto at STRallS , t'Uihier, 1011 I'-nu avrtin^. a". J WTBRICHTWELL, 4*20 ?>th Street. SH fRTS niRite to order and ready-ma<le. a p-r fwt tit gnarsnte, <i. Also, a ehoiie line of tJENTS' Fl'KNUIIINQ GOODS constantly on band. a2My w JE h.\Ve jut keieivku AO DOZEN LADIES' fcKfttTS, WHICH WE AUK ShLLiyU AT CENTS PER SKIRT. LOfKWOOD, HL'ftv k TAYLOR, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, a8-tr Metropolitan Hotel Block. DIAGONAL COATS and VEST to match in ten ditt'-rent shades aud styles (very dressy ), at A, STRAl'S ,1011 Pa. ave., near nth at. a2a A RAILROAD and Real Estate Bortgage (??klaeli In tta f JO Gold Bond* the Northern Pacific Rail road Company fnrniabM to tba public an investment ?ecurity which combine* the ready nefotlability, the convenience, and the high credit ef a flrat-claaa rail road bond, with the aolidlty and safety of a real es tate mortcac* oa land worth nt learttwtoe the nhui oaned. They are offered at par tn currency, nnd yield a HANDSOME PROFIT to those exchanging B-Xh. The bond* are a first and only mortgage oa the road, tta equipment* end earning*, and also on a land grant which, on the completion of the road, will average 8400 acre* to each mile of track. They are tamed In denominations from ?100 te ?1,000 Coupon, aud ? 100 to $ 10,000 Reftatered, have thirty year* to run, boar an Interest of 1-JO per cent. In gold, and are RXEMFT FROM UNITED STATES TAX to the holder. Tbe semi-annual interest en the RecisterM Bonds is paid with GOLD CHECKS, sent to the post olios address ef the holder. All Marketable Stocks and Bonds received la ex change, without expense to the investor, st their hifhest current prices. I Georgetown Advertisements*. I' ?>C3fAL| Six ntw i-JxTMESSj BrJIai^J * A <;' > N >, | top B"-t' r v i. S m?_iBY "S Cosch Shop. 17 Prospect ?tr--t. ? ?2-?-5t* Georgetown. l? _ kV G?.ol'S at POPULAR PRl'ES Foi GOOD B * R?iAl NS be sure to go to BENJAMIN MILLER 101 Budge street, O^or^c-town. Japanese Pnplirs ?t 2f and 3fcc ; Japah** ? Bilk?. f*w- , 7#c., ifl; plain Or-'** G--?d-, lu all the new colors. JSc., 37,'?c.. 5tV., Black Sak? from ft is to ?.4: HI.irk Grenadine* from 85c. to $1; b-' Ui.ii" for children, l*c.,fDc.,25.-.; Victoria Lawu*. *c., JSc., 57c.; Piuo??, Jfc- , 2V- . 37c., S#r.; Black Alpacas and Mohairs^ a splendid uuality. as low a? W?-. Cloth*, C"???lm*r?. Lin?n I)rill?; all the novM ties in Psra?ols; one case mure of the splendid 4 4 Bleached Cotton, l.Sc. ?pS3 tr_ puTATOKSl' POTATOES !! POTATOES ?! J PRIME MAINE JA< KSON WHITES. 3,400 Bn>h^li prime Nr>. 1 JACKSON WHITE POTATOES, ?"* landing per schooner Carrie H. Spofford. and for sale in lot* to fait pin-haw*. Apply to HARTLEY * BROTHER, ?I7-Iw* 9i and Water ft , Owrjirtown, P. C. J^EADY~ FOR THE SPRING TRADE. With a full corps of flrrt claas workman, a rom |>'.'*te stock of the best foreign and domestic Dye Stuff*. Ac., Ac., I ant fall) prepared to CLEAN OR REOOLOR LADIES' AND CENTS' SPRING AND SI MMER WEARING APPAREL, promptly and in the best manner. W. H. WHEATLKVi P HEM J I'M STEAM UY HI >ti AM) SCO UK I iV 1} WORKS. ESTABLISHED 1931. Preminm ar.arded 1S57. Office,4^ Jefferson st .Georgetown, D. 0 P ftfflrMNm ap7-T BY THOMAS DOWLING. Auctioneer, 13S Bridge street, Georgetown. PUBIN' SALE OF \ Al.CABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE. SITUATE ON DFMB \RT"N STREET. BETWEEN GREEN AND MONT G?'MERY STREETS. GEORGETOWN, D ? . AND NUMBERED 4.>, 47. 4?.?, *1, j.l. .?4. AND A-i. ^ Having de|. rminrd to dispone of mv prop-Tn ? 33 iti tli< District. I will i?Cer "n the pr?'Tiii*'- as MB above numbered, at pnblV sale, t<> tin- highest 1-idiler on TH1 RSDAY. Ma'. 1st. at 4 p. m n valualde Hons** and Lots. The location is pleasant and healthy, the house* w go -<1 rendition, with n odora conveniences; thr sidewalk" aud street" h*?c iwn recently leveled and repaved. T'rmsof sale: One-tl.ird cash; the balance in #, 12 %nd is months; deferred payments *e. ur -d !?? deed of trust npon prenii*"-*. * lt?i paid <-n day <d sal> . Conveyancing at tte? cost of the purchaser. Tile terms of sale to be rem pi led with in tive davs. i.tie rwiae ttie property to be risold at c-.?t of .|e laultint; pet chaser. JOHN DAVIS. alt?dA.U THOMAS DOWL1NG. Anct. INSURANCE COMPANIES. THi: CORCORAN FIRE I N S IR A C E luJlPASV, or IHR DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, 0'*ntn :?/ April !>??, 1S73. ? apiial *100,0??. OFFICE No. 14si? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. lO .iK M ibi kn's Okli> Sioke.) JOHN T. LENM AN, President. A. H. 1TEKK. Vice President. J T. DVEK, Secretary. DiKKCt?>K?: Wm. Orme, II Clay Stewart, I ha?. A. June*, Jus. L. Btrb nr. E'lwnrd D.<? p, J-hn T. Leinuan, Michael Green, Jehti Biiley, ar4-tf A. H 11. rr. IK SLUE YOL'R LIFE in that STKOXIi Ol.O rOMPAXT, THE Ml T? Al< BENEFIT LIFE IMSt ? AX E I O.. of Newark, J., Organized lt?4*. A-- -,fi4 '?'???.-j-iC 44 J. STANLEY JONES. AgeBt, ;ai,7 1) * S" 11 1 7tb ?tr?et. AKL K>U lPiSl KEI> f IE Ni'T, APPLY Tt) THE OLl) Ul A.Nal.l > l \*l R.Wt t i (nli \1T, OF WASHINGTON, I? C iNCOp. p.>K? TKU HT C>'Vf i IV 1*1" Ofil< e in the bnfldirg of tho N '? H ik ! tin b"i'iihlir. No. 7 Oft D street ror<hw<?t. N? ch^rg f<?r poljri-n, i/ircdori.-Dr.JW.C ll,it,J. . , Dr J M BrisHiend. J. K< ywerth, Jts > v|> (>-iire, n tin B'i dley, Jes. II Brndley, C. 11. \\ litbi rc-T. W. J lloD- iihld, V F. M' (J-nre, l>r. I> U Clarke, J: ?: Emery. HENKY BRA DLK Y. Pr< si 1- : CHARLES BRADLEY.Secretary. 4?cV-* fltu TUF. 9UTIOMAL METROPOLITAN 1 FIRE IK?( RAK< E COMPAMT, OF THR DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. OKUABUED A Uii VST J6, 1970 CASH CAPITAL 8100,004 Office in Shepherd's Building, No. PeiiDf)! aatiia avenue. MOSES KELLY, President. , *VM B ToDD, Vice Pr.a,df?t 8AMLEL CROSS, Secretary. DiSBCToR-: J B Blake, Wm B.TodA, Wni.Wall, Charlea Juit. Wm. G. Metzerott, J .hnT. Le imau, Geo. F Gulick, Moses Kelly. A. R. Shepherd, <?cl4 tt SUMMER BKSORTS. w C M U K u B M A U I> . TheOSBURN HOUSE, Leeshurg, Va.,i- now .-pen for the accotmuodati "ii of Suniin-r B >arder? N pai!i> will be spared in the endeavor t" nakt ail ? fortHble. |sp3-lm*) .JOABOSBI RN.Pr pri-T T. l>OYS'AND YOUTH S SUIT"4 a sp ria't) tlii I > se isoii Ht A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. air., n ar ]Itt, ntre?t *8 PLATE vol K >10 > E V VIHKK E II WILLDOTHE MOST (iUOB. There is certainly uo b.-tter pUce iu tli*? city thae the METROPOLITAN DOLL\RS STORE, .'{IS 7th street, where, if yon invest a dollar, you may rest assured jou rtutvt i*i> full r i ?* ej your moMt y, and where a aav ing of 25 to So cents on the dollar is guaranteed to yon, without the draw back of receiving inferior goods. Th-s vari'-ty off-red is so large, comprising everything pretty and use ful that it has become a vain task of enumerating the different articles offered, and your attention is only called to below-mentioned goods, as all are good, desirable, and very cheap, and immense 'juan tities have lately been sold: Gente' British HAI.F" IIOSE. 3 pair for *1. Ladies'IKON FRAME HoSE.S pair for ?1. t hiidrens I RON FRAME ROSE, 3 pair for -$1 Ladies BIAS TUCKED SKIRT, 02, cannot Le bought elsewhere less than Ladies' RUFFLE APRONS, trims muslin, Wc. FiiieEnglish HAIR BR1SHES. fl. F rench Pbite HAND MIRRORS. $1. Excellent Rubber Dressing COM B?, J5 and i "c. 80 styles Gents' SILK BOWS, 25 and 5<?c. Ladies' SILK SC \ KFS. all new shades, 5<>". Solid Walnut,S Phrong TOWEL RACK,Sc. Boys' Leather BOOKSTRAPS.S5c. Four Pieces Excellent SOAP.25c. Six Handsome GOBLETS. 80.-. Beautiful Oval PICTURE FKAMES,50c A Pretty (tarved BRACKET. 2S<\ Corner and Side BRACKETS. 5i)c. each. TOWEL RACKS, PAPER RACKS, HAT RACKS, CLOTHES RACKS, nil walnut, $1 each. For a further list of CHEAP GOODS, call at SILVEBBERQ'S METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STOKE. 31'J SEVENTH STREET, apl-tx near Pennsylvania avenue. C'ARPETS CLEANED AT THE STEAM CAR ' PET BEATING WORKS. 4?#0 Maine avenu-, bet. 4>i andotli sts. Carpets called for and returned free of extra charge. LORENZO RICE. apl5-l}* '|'HE PUBLIC AND~ THE PRESS~eudo^Ttlie I superior irarnients and fairness of draims ai STRAUS', th ? Clothier, 1011 Penn.ave. a2j |^0R FAMILY USE THE HALFORD LEICEbTERisIDRE TABLE SAUCE, TBB TEST BEST SAOCB AMD RELISH MKOB IB ABT PABT OF TBI WORLD. BOB FAMILY USE. PINTS. ?? Otm. HALF PINTS.? >? Cum. tOR SALS B T ALL fi ROC MAS. H *s? >. ? l '.a GROCERS. C* ?. O'kARE t ?<' V '? v i3i3 ttii strf.t.j ?^urnvr^T, iP.^twr U a:.d X soap: scat:; rrvl?r* Gamble'* rf1?brtt?i C^Mmntl OVr? POA P. th*- be?t m the nurt !?M) cent* p-r p."ii*l I'*''-6 jC I'j thf box of 00 lb*. HAMS. Ac. uVms"1* ' rx'r* ?na!tty Sn? Cnfil 91b* ntnvhitrliARO, ?1 Frerti Graham f'I DI in |.M *h?*( FRESH OATMKAL. KYS FLOUR LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! CM Baker WH1SKT; OM Cabin* W1IISKT . S year* "M, p?-r K ttte ... .?-? 1 W California Brandy,p-r battle I ??' H> II#' d Gil . per bottle I ? Freoch Brand). per l. ?ttb > 15 SVBET CATAWBA W1XE, ?2 p< r gallon. Pnre SWF FT CIDER. riiilxlilftiil AI.K and roBTEii. I r. S. O HAKE 1 so 51. alfi 1'JI 3 Tth *t. n. w.. between M an 1 X ? LOl R*. AiiCHIVED D1KKCT frctn the Mill* in VALLFY OF VIRGINIA. Will Mil lo faniilie* 50 cer'n per barrel le?? tbar. nnal price*. Price* of SUGARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WISE, ji<?t received from Deacar.t Valley Wine C'onip.iry, a gallon. 8. II. BACON.709 Market Spar*, B ftrtS Mw^n 7th and *li *treet?. TOE TRADES. (?*11 AS. IUKTIL. CAKMSTEK A\l> BVILUEK. Ml C etn-t walkfMt. A!l orders promptlv at tended to on term*. alt lm* AW JOHN IJOOAX. 713 M*rk?? Spn Manufacturer of Att NINCS, f'>r Store*, City aud Countrv Residence* TENTS and Fl. \KS for eale or r?"tt. AH NIN<i M ATERI AL tall kio 1- f?r?.a|e. S"!e A pent for COWLES A CO.fc MILDEW PROOF A\\ NINO MATERIAL ap!5 tr pLl S1L1 Mi AND GAO FITTING. T*>o*e detirlng t" have tli-ir Plemblng and G?? Fitting done iti a n> at and aubetantial manner, and on i ? a?..|ial le l.TOi., ?h>nM lea\e their older* a* 113 Peiinny h ania aveuuc, Capital ilill. Work wai ranted. ?ig-?q' WM ROTH* KM,. C'ALL OH J All Kb r. BKIfcN. y Franumi Fi*n,>*r n*J Ui> flit, to ba\e your Plumbing, Ga-Eminc, and S-werte* tr ni|>< 1 > Ktt'-iidol t<? on ivaMtuililvteruM, No. bOS <ui-ia?a hvciiik, near 4th *t '..north *>4e. Re*idimce, !425? 2.1 str* et, mrt beast. nilt \| CUNNINGHAM, HATTEK, 1*1 ? 1U11 F Street, between lotn and 1 It n. WM.HGI, FLO:*. TE*T*. SI G COPELAND. CI 3 LooJsfatih aveutie, i:- door eaat 7th street. AWNINGS for St re?.? and C?ui ty R-*i.ler.o?? '*< %'TcAr in ati le ai.d tioieb FLAGS at:.: T? NTS r.?;. a. d cot. ROOMS I EU'KATkli A* Cm imw. art.i J' - :ne le t ? >r'I r DANCING fT ?'TH< t<-H tr J K. *rKTO!*~ CAhfEMTEK. bl'lLUEH, AND CONTRACTOR O'dcr* f r l!<W!?e Carp- r.t'-rii^t. J .l.Lli f, or Co ra. tor's Work epeedil) aiteudeU to. S'i. ?* Mid Office, ja;i22 tf 1V 1> street. b?d E ?t. iiort!.w?*t. PROPOSALS. / ?t KI< >. l'(.i>TAMUiKP<?TfOMMb<ARi OT \P >i H<l>n N'CE. (C.rEiT'i li ai?u lfitti <tre'P. W.) t? ??h:ngu>\, I? C., April 14. 1-CJ. S al'd Pr>p ??U. in dnpii .ite, witl be rec.'j*?<1 until lUn Till MM*, M ?y a*?, Kt, torall the f-rr-haii'l l\ a I Btr f an / M-'IIum re.,niriHt at ttli* Depot for one >ear, or ancli lea* time a? the Coui nii?-ary General of Snbsi?tenre may direct, com ti enciiifr July I, ISM. Information and c >nd:tiotig ot'taincd of Major J McL. Taylor. C.S.,C S. A Baltunoie, Md , or th<- underpinned. a 14 .'.t G. BKLL. S , U. S. Arw:f. I)KOPOSALa I OR -T\TloNERY DsrAKTMF.KT or STATF. Af'H 21. l-?{. S'a!cd IV r -?l> for fnriiialniiL. ?IMi<>ner> tor the i< ar endii'tf Juiii 30 ISTl.will I ?* r?^ei-.ed at th " ?? nartu.'nt until 31-t day ?>f May, liTS, .?t 12 ??f li<k SI. l>:atik f' rtn? for bidding will be farui?h'-<l npon apt-luMtioii. The bid* w ill le ennaidered and a^c pted or r?' ?c'< d item b> it' ni; and thin advertiaeueut and th* fr-jwea!-, ?o far aa a*., "pt - l by the Setretar^ of Stale, and the bond accompanying the une.ahall C<4 ptitnte the contract betw.-en t?ie Oov*rnTi?lit an<! I lie bidder or bid<!er-, and no further contract v i'. I lt> executed. 111. art Kb-* contracted f- r nu4 be firni?h<^ fr*n tin.' to time, duriiii; :b" year, in -i"iot'1?? | <u s?i?hl to order- fi"'i?i tli ? D. par'uient. Tbei'ntire anwititie* of ??ach article will, li >??- , e\? r, l?- called f..rdurit tthe >ear. Lai It Plop. -:il Iiiih; be ai*Tii d by the fn lividual or tilli. ii'UKUig it. ai.d be a . ijtipaiii.*d l>> aloud.Mlth -ult'ckent ?nretie?, in a -nm etjual to fifty |wrc?tit. of lite bid or bid* ar-.pted. apfriv?d b> a I" it.-d S'?!e? ofli. er < f t he di-tt ict in ? htch the ^uri'li.-* r? ?kle or <l<* bit<iiue??. a fnr-n t > be faruitb- d b> :h< liepartnn nt cotnlit i d |. r furniahinr ?ncfi p. r tiooauf th>- article* a-< may l*e awarded un l rit, and the ih rfortuajice of tli- ? mtr o-t. Alldeflveriea uill be ??ibj?ct | . i:i?p?cti .ii ?>\ an expert detail s! f..r the | nrp -e, b? tb-Secretary of Stati', and tb*- delnei \ ot in ii irri .r arri. le .< I b de*Med nil m ut < awe to anunl tlie couirm t. it th> oytionol t be Secret ?r? . Delivet ie* uin-t be frei* of charge at tli" Pepirt i: i-td i f Stute. V nUnjiwi. Tlie tailur ? ^o comply with anyone order nnd*r the ?onti aci will, at th- option of the Sntrftarv ol State, op-'rate a? a forfeiture of th? entire p -iiilt> of tlie bond, or the Secretary of St ate may direct the ptirchase. in open market, of ?uch jnatititiea ef ai:v aitid^f a- shall Ik* nece*?at > to nipply th^defi ci-im> caitwd by ancb failnri . and char*'-to th ? contractor* ti?t> p. i ceu'iim of tiie price it hIikII I* found n.-iee-ary t>. pay for ?nch artb*b-?. Propoiala ma. coaipaab-d by a aatiafacton bond w ill uot bo com id*re.l. and -'oiitract* will be a??nl h1 only to e?tatdiili"J mauutaciuier* >t or dealer* in the articles. Propo*ali to he ad !re?*.?d t?? th ? on lersi^-ifl. *!id marked "Prop, sal* for S;?ti. nei v a21n.ini HAMILTON FISH. SecrrfaT of State. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Pepartmfnt of thk Intkr or. / Wa>hi\utoh, D.C., March fl.lvl \ pfpi-aal'tor fiirtiiahiint ?nch articl.^ of S.aiion er> ai- may be r-^uii'd f.r thin l?p irtm.-nt an I th bureau* and office* thereof, dining the fi? .?l >e.?r endii k June ai, Wt, will b-- r' i "iv??l uatil 1 - ?Vbctm.THl'RS1'AY. SU> l.ltCJ Each proposal nni?t Ik- >iK!n-d by the iudi\ i lual or fii m making it. and Ix- acc. mpauied l?? a aati*iactor> guaranteettiat the bidd'-r will e*Hcnt? a con ra- t. a itli p - d and-lilticieiil b-ind*. if li ? Md i-a. -pt'-.l for any or all articli*. N ? L. luill be coimidereil w it bout Mich guarantee. All article* are ?tipulate.| to b" of the beet (jnali y. Kin.pli - will le- reuaired in all ca?ee. Each ?ample to be plainly Marked with thv uaut>- of tb ' bidder atnl the price B' nd. with appr ?ed*ecnrity, w ill l?e r. iuired f.f tli party to whoa the contract, or aur part of il, n.:i) be a?aided. On failur-to furni-b a?) article in a reaaoaab'.e time after being <Mh-r?-d, the right iw rew rvi^l ? f pur< lia-ini: in ? p^n market, or of declaring the con tract forfeited; ai.1 if a *r--ater pr'. e than th" Con tract price ia i>:iid foe *uch art ic e?. tic diff-rence aillbecbargial t > tIk-cmi ractor. Bid* will !??* cm ?idered on each item *? para:?-lv. S h^diilew ontaiii ii,c blank form for biddine, together with item* and e?timated unautitie* of article* needad, and full ia foimatii n in accordance with this advertiaement, ?ill be furnisbi-d on applicati on. t'ontract* will only le-awarded to i^tabliahi-d mau ufactnrer*off or dealern in the article*. Tlie S?cietary r?aer?e? the right to reject any or all bids that may !>?? oflered. Proposal* mua' be a"blre??*d to the Secret iry of the Interior,and endorsed ?? Prop wal? for Station ery." COLl'MBI S DELAXO. apl-SavMt S-crottrr. DB WORRLEV-b PECTORAL SYRUP, foi COl'GHS ARD COLDS SOLO BY ALL UR MOISTS. OtRlT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL AND DISPENSARY, J M4 M Strut, N. W., bttwm 8<* mnd tra At.. Supported by vol an tan contribntioM. Hoaptiai free to children under M year* *f age. Di*p^|i?nrj open daily <Sunday* excepted) frem 1 to I p. m. ?ediefnea furmth-d grataituualp. Coaaulung pay ?iciaoa, Dr*. J. O. Hml, Tbomaa Miller,0. B Lieb ermano, W. P. JohnMon, and Grafton Tyler. itiwi'i "? "? ' ? Dr . B. C. _ . Dr.WRDrinkard Pkvstnmmi. lh*ms&. Ttm* <tT Strviet. . Aahford, Sn Dr. B. C. Bv.?ey, " ~ WJB DrinkaV . . W. W. Johnston,"Medical,' Mon*r, L. J. Davt?, Secretary: Jam?a 0. K*nn?dy, Preal ?. g. v??m, Jjrauif* v. ?uuuwaj ? I dent: P. B- McGulre, Treaaurer, to whom all Dir.aicatiou* may ba aant; Poat OMoa Box lis ITNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, U WafHixsroa.D. 0.. April ?. 1873 On the petition ?t ARCALOCB W\ GKOPF. off Klmira. New Tork, praying for th< ext-anoa off a patent rranted to him on the 12 b dav of j,,it 1?9, and rebaued oa the Uth of Ma-rh, 1M tor an improvement in Hollow Auger*: It i* ordered that the taatlmony in thecnt beclnaad oo tb. 10th dty of June next; that the time ?r JbSi argument* aid th* Examiner', report be limited to the Mbday of June next; and that said aetition Iw heard oa the XKh day ef Jnn- next ^ * W.K.?* ?Pfo* thia ertewrton. ?U IJC M. P. LEUGRTT, " t b i I an Tlx OFF^QNAT^ |)K. >URI D. irUlNAR, ir-.HJm* IttllHISTKIKTnfTRnT < J AXES O CLEPH AN E X I BRAJLtf. CLEFHA** * ?BAlttT. -iloRTh aNI> u i.i rkkf A LI* REPORTERS Ottn?if*. 110 C (irrrt, U ?iid 34, fbcttig InJttM m\ry ne viMi tA jot. r ilm, _. _ ?F ATTCRKIT AT HW, No 9 Yo?ng'? BmMiag, *>l tf WaatiTnctT, D (' II BOOK S.^T ATI ON ER Y. *e. KT1ST1 LIBRARY or POETRY AND tMNG, H B STOWE S LIBRARY OF FA*??CS MO TION, PEECIIFE* LIFE OF CHRIST. Ac SubMi iptioua recenad at 1411 F^nii.*;iTania r<i<f t> ?r? im* iUMorjjmrv_ ^GRHTLTIRAL Books. Johnaton'a Agricultural Chemiatrr 7t Ano-ri. an Gardeei-rN A"'l?tant. 1 Jil A;l<n> Anirtii u F*ra? B>?k....__. .. 1 >t H-nd? ra?>i.'? Gard' iiu.g lot - I >? \k .triDc'k Draiuing It* profit an 1 U"tl;k I H F iller ? Small Fruit Colturiai I til V ilhr'a Grif. i altur*- _? I Al F tr'a S utlwru Ai-p!'- C?lturi?t. ? ..? Wrighl'a Pra? tiral l'oalti? k>-< p*r ? I'M l-angatroth on the H -to y B'?? ? t <?' r.m.un 'a hh- r H ai^aw *i j I 41 H rw C>< l. pa-di*. 1*1 Y'-natt ??it th- ? D..c? I r> All ttir ti? ? r.. rt\ <1 a* ? t. ?? I II* ? ? V Kli || \ Kl> B M< *111 B A ?" , K^-lr IOIAP>'Ma a- mw, ?-.,r-*r ll'h ?t rert. J iTT OK NkW But'kV AT ?I1lLLI*r.TOS * B(l#tlTOKi: : LITTLE KATK RIRBT * N Brti ,atf. x ? t M *tt??-A-ti a' at?d Catr:.*? < ?! ? THE Cl'MlX? RAt E It IM?'4 .. t4 Lt'tton ? THE WIDOW LERoGlR. A K??e|. H I-nil.. THF BKKBER; o*. THE MorsTAINKLl. k' Till ATLAS B> M f * Ni >T EASILY JK \l Ol * A N ? I. TO TilK BITTFK 1NI> B Mi?? Bn?<td-n. L AKh> ILLK R *' f. II all*. repiiles and birds. an * BUtiou. El't'OATION in japan H.VLF lio( K RE?"REATIOSS IN Port I A P. M IEN< E, N 7 A.I the I' < - ii i 1 rt i I ?? 1 P?'Pl LAIt SAILS" ? M titVj ' !'??' 1 ?I 11. ELEMENTARY TRE\TI*K ON NAT'kAL. PHILOSOPHY. B Pi 1 - r Kv^r-tt KKY To Nt'RTll AMKKIt AN BIROS, r ?ai? ing a c"iu i?f accouut ol CTery a??ck>??l Lixutg HARPER S*HAND BOOK OF TBAVBL IN El ROPE A largo rtnck of Plan* B V?. Tm? P M ntorandnni B 'k?, N >tr P ?r r. 1. ' i l'*i< r, an.l Plaj In*: ?'artl- at thr ?< rr I- >' ? ?t pnc.-a a? tr_ F^VERY MOTHER THE !?(?' Tt'K OF HER a N FAMILY if ??.?? eI?<" MAt.I.S HEALTH AT HOME *t t?ToCRMAN ? S<?N *. *54* Wh ?'r<*t n? rtli?' ?* TheCOTTAC.E ItlBLK ? ? ??* ha1 that* al?>. T?-o mad AQEWTS ? autfd ?.? fr TUVNUM WIOMil WJTlllli > P Tli? G ?|?l in E't-kW T)k- Saiiiia liili< ru?(ic?. Tho \k'a? Life. On the Paral le*. I ln?ti ?f d. Hi- akme tu lh?' H ? art. ^to<ll?-a<?f Character. Pi> m f.T K??r>-<l RIh?'I?. Tin- t itj . it- Sin? ari.t S rrr At WW BALLANTTNE r?, a.1 4 i" 7t h -t ?*?? OTIC e7~ OPENING OF \ NEW STATKMKt -Tt.i.E AM'Bl.ANK B'?OR HABIFACT'.'UT FirwT rla<? ?? ?<1? at tair 1 r caah. LI 1 HwiKAPli INU. EKGRAYINtt, PHINTINU AN1> BINHINO DONE to uRI>|.K The fubiK are iu< iU4 to coll ?i. t it w ? ??<-?. BEN. F FUEN'< H. Cn'T N itiotitl R" >t. aiiU tiett d<X)r U Jav Conke ?MJ-tf Wa?.hitigt?w l? O STEAMER LINES. |V i:? i:\ruks6 link vi a canal, Pti 11. A PFLPH I A . Ai' kn VnORIA. V* . \V A<H JNolt'N ANl> GE"KuEi<>tAN. I? aaiLisu jl?V From Pi.-r j N r(i ^ Ihtm P ! ^ ^ ? i'liin, H KI*Kk>UAt ?m<1 PAT i*? ? I I.I'A V . at 11 m. Fi in \V*t-r ??r?-?*t wn, p. C .TI'US DAY and SATI KO.A k . ?: Hi ? ni Tliia line cotmrrt* at Pu; ?.! l|.tua ait: ??V\<1?-*a 1^ ii L lie" o( ili-tai"rr f^r I' \ u?-e, B ? i> au>l Ki fciat.d State*. N- ?hart*r? io |! ?? -*i I >? tli ? line ii. F II k 1>K. Ae nt t r l? <1 C. WM P CLYltE ?(n.r tlaJ?-!?bia. F A KEIl?. Al<-*a-.ili'?. V*. AA ALlHt A PEAUt L.4A C gnni- g r- ? B ?? toll. ?;J U'AM1IXUT0N. K'iRFttLK, BOSTON. ANU PROVIDENCE. The fine Iron St. ainrr LAI* V OF Tilt LAKE h*\ lie reautned h.-r lestilar trip? to N> rt'Tk, ?ill l<-ave ln-r wharf, foot if 6th atreet, ev.-r> monday atf "D" 1 H I" U.^I'A V .at >;iii., too. hi i.gat principal R>\i>r Laiidn ra.cot-uxt.i.c at Norf Ik with S*-<i <p f tlx- M aud M Line l r B ctoti ami P'-xvli i.?, Frt iitht should fx- ?i!ciri?.'<! "rare of La.!y < f the Lafe. via Norf. Ik." Bi atirli t k?*t ? ?!?!<-?- a- K ox 'a E^ |Ww (if.ff.Ml hi. atfi>ti?. T 51. t'ROl'CH. Ac -ot. 6*h ?t '-?^?t a harf. Dt'R.-KY CLAtiETT. ti o ral he ti 14 Pui t't Stor?,c< ne: l.**t- it arid Ti ^JLNAHD LiNE. Tlik british AND NORTH americas ROYAL MAIL steamships. 6ETAAEEI NEW TORE AND LIVERPOOL CALLING AT CORE HARBuR FROM NEW YORE *Ru?fi? Wr4._Apl 16 ? ?'?.lahria_ .Sit A,>1.19 *Jk- a Wed?A pi. i3 i PattUia S.?t? . A ol. >> *Ci.l>a ...W Hl_ A pi ... I 'S< -i:a._. H'.il ,M iy 7 Al>>?>it a. Sv M?r M A>rria WeH M i) l? . Batarta >r M ay 17 8*? .m er? niAtked thua * du u^tcarr) ai ra^ ? pau> fBII-H Eu(i ?>er> tulli ? ins AAEHNESDAY ?nd SaTUU DA? ir. Ui KY>Jtk. RaTK* ?>P f Awi^k.?Cal.iii JlUO, %nd ? 13 fL.l.l, ?ccoruiii({ to artoiutu iatt.>n. ^ icketa tf Pat ta, fitt, fold, addit.-mal B-ttirij on tarorabU feruu Si- '-ia^e. j *),?urrrucr. b'.-^-t ucketii frt?i Liverpool and Qoe^natow, aij'l all p?ta ol Europe, at i.-weat ratea. Tu-. ajh billh 1>I lailmg BMeo t? B- 'tat. U,wl ?? . H?vr?, Ai.t?etf aiid .tuit p< iut- oti tbe Coutitier.t at.i f.,r M.-diterr?i.-au p> rt*. F r freieht ai.d m.. <ha'? . apply al tb<- CoOipatiy'f ofti. e. Mo 4 ?' aTiii( Grreu, for ?t**r?Kt uaataK", at fciIll Br'?u!?ay Trn l> BuiWttoir. D?'la lT f'HAS O FRAKCKLYM. a. nt. i t. LINE tT. EAMERb SAIL EVERY SATl'UDA? Paaaetifp-m b?.<-k?d to and fr.>n at<f kaiiwa; 8ta tlor. or S<-a|M.rt in t?i -at Britaiu. Ireland, a-riaa N rway, rwakii, D-*itttia'fe. C'rniaurJ4M'^g Ftai te, Holland, Bi-i^iuiii and to?* Luited^^^^^^* ?Jtat'f. CaL'i! fare fr.-n. NEW YORK to LONDON LIV>-L. uLAMidW ai d 1>ERRY, "? ' 1 7* EXCrRSION Tli RETS. |1M. Interned late, C 3A, Steerage, nil pa] able la Okniaty. P,.rti<-? ?end!nf for ttM-!rfri?Lid? In the OldC nntrp | cat. parchaa** tn k^t- at l??reat rat^. F r <<irther rirti. ii hi? apply the Acut, C. CAM M A< u , J a. 4 ? t K ?-???<. W .*?tll!.Ct Tl MKM'ERSOK BROTHERS, I me v if > P ?ling Or^eti. N-m> Y'?rR, ft I ERCH ANT'S LINE of eteamfeh 11'S. l?I m<rcc? WASHINGTON AND NEW YORR ??r?*rt?r the flue St-aniah p" ? O Khlti.T luO JOGN OlBSON will tn:-.k< refular a-.-<.|il* ^?aa trip-t^-ta.-r NT* YORE. " " * ^ ?fflll DRIA. washington aud GEORGE Tt_?W N, a? follow*:?L?-a*e N^W" StiHk fr m Piac !??? East Ri*er.erer>-SATI'RDAY at 4 j>,K.,LMt4 georgetown *ver> FRIDAY it T a v., ao4 alexandria the H?nie /ar at Ida. For fnil Information apply to R P A. DE.NHAM, Rci-t.t, oftneattd whart toot '?t H>cb atreet, Ueorte (o?i., or at th' aorner of 17th atraat And 8-w fork ar^nne ty Freipht* d?-lM*rwt t.r Kti.-i* V Evpre Or dei> left att;-n?r?l ????.--. ?>??:< P-iiii??f? -r.ia av? lw.or at th<- itvatio t v hart will be pr niptly at l?*ll?'?-4i tO. tall-tf J m THOMPSOM. Prxldat. LIVERY STABLES. B OLOOTT A St.K. J. BOA RDIN G ,* lTl V E li Y d SALE BI \BLES, 416 8th atreet, bet . D an-l E and Chain a ley, H. between Uth and I4(ti. AAffice, W tlUr-m. B'-at carriacea faruubvd bp?a lal care pa I to tfea boarding of horaea ?*??& IT Allison mailor, j?., LIVERY AND HIRING stables STY LIfcH CARklAGK* and COACH M EM du ll ly I "iWi E atreet o< ri hweat Arlington stables-r crpit. .?b. G STREET, Bitwim ITth amp I*tb Carriagaa by day or Light, and for or ^ar f ONGRKHS STABLES, 6th STREET. trnni!i p A*D g Horaea and Bu?for Hire, and ? freak auppiy o? good Horaaa for aal<> erary week. jy? ly RD HARD VANT. Prowrtato, [^NT. Pr 'prlator ? E RT. lor Rira by tka day or BoiSkT IN BANKRUPTCY ? ? D;*tb:ct o? Coli *?ia,aa : At Washington, tbe Kih day e( April, A. D. 1373. tbe uuacraiguid h rcl?> gi?e? ?tica of Itia appiintment aa aaaiifnee of JOHN LA SB, <4 G?-orgetown, D C. who bat beea aiiod ???J a bank rupt up I. the petiti I. of bla crt*llt.>r-. ">> th? SciTi-m- C"urt <?f aaid District. ... K!ikVtWA>Tp??L1-1| ,?PUETi?T TO AECJ^WHL IflUU Tba CAPB AKR GRANITE OOMPAN Y, baring aatabliakad aa Afaacy In tkia city, arw p eparad :o fterniak, at tbe ah- rteat b.4ica, tOi kind- uf CO* ORAKlTE W OBB wbtcb aiay l - r-jcirr- t?y arrbl tacta, biikdara or ?-utractora. at tka loweat awrk* rat a Wa bawa c-uatantly oa Rand a la ira aaaort* amrt ol granitr Carbing, B^igiaa Blocka, Wiadow Silla, ?'ap?, Dwr hilla, Bteaa. Wa -r Tal-la, Ba--e Cocraea, Oopiua, Ar. JAM. J. kl SHELL A <X?., Ageula. PlaM** Buitdiiig. w|T lata4.,b?t, tm IwkatMMHl Waickar'a. atrll-U .

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