Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1873 Page 1
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V?--. 41-NS. 6.27-2. WASHINGTON, D. t., SATURI^Y, APRIL 26. 1873. TWO CENTS. . _ ____ OlAIU r*MiiM nKytt4| AT TEE STJUi BUILDINGS, NawjIiMXa *?????, wr. Ulk It., IT Ml Fnm STAl SBISTiffB WlfiH. "WU'V.IC, &rt?idtat. ITIB1S8 fTAB i? acnM f>j currtMi to ! ninmitTm iji, rn week,.* Foarr * ,h* COU..!?f : \ **??!!?luoaiLs A1JU MiotoaiAa. t3j)U; om je*r,4?. ' ?1J"' ?TA??I?nbll?hrt Friday-41 A* I mo MNI a^ai . 25lf! "' l^th CMN, and | 9" WI?W ^ K-r. >l ?^?nH>i4 fwilitud Xi Bt.piic?U> a. PIAX08. ao. | r tU>> fXACTUAjk. i'iA.V it i i-k? . ?. : r'i '!.'lT f !"??" f ? *" t . I ii '"'"rl r 5* mw?y A ^ n- MNl ?M '?l? f \l'< T"nerHI B? ? ?r<1 rrp^r-r . f i-iaso.h sr. I OROAN*. Wo. 6 33 ?'* ' 5C.i,v*TrT1*1' 1*^ a*. K ?rr'e J>*walrT Wif?, n-J*J avenne; Nairn's Pro* . r?.r<>, vnrnn-F?T!TT*T!T?nia a\enH?and 9th street: !^Tnt "* ' rtt?rt,corn?r of H. will m?N>t ? '?* PTi'-mpj *r*ntlon, aa-1 sari ^faction gnaran **""*<? all-ly WTIKJ f > FlANU$, mtxiitwtl in inriwtDnw of ? ton* ?<*! "fcllcnr* of fn.nk | >? nriiya ? ard fi?i (J L. WILD A P. KO .idSg Ag?-af?. 4WB llth nrvt-t. n"*r northwest HI %V 1 r?rn" r-vfy I* an** arena*, dealer* in Pianoa nnd Instruments K?Te. ally Tn. ?-* *m R? pair!n?. Poshing ami Varnishing receive fHirhfn! aM-rtl' W. apl7 tr I F. LCC AS, 114? 7lu rtrwi u. w., rumtr and ?e . A?? ,i:,r n Pimmos ant Ortini. ? ?J?n. ?"? ?p**e4 ? TB4>b?|??b ? corner ljrh-t ?Tt ?"?;????>. Brid*-, "V'**' <?rre?wu; and M-cor. 7rb and Pa. au i'" *n<,oth-.r instruments packed and rooted AH ?..rk gunrai feed. mlij^ly Uotl.v R tK a. CO.*S m.??, *"~ Philadelphia GREAT REDUCTION IS PLICXS. CT/''TT, ,*"t riW1?nt?? *? on account cf their m rloi !t| ortf da . thir?, h?v? :l *f. w y*'4rs_aM. " ,k" r'** >op-.;!ar here, u w.-l! a* over theo-aatry, can bi hao now ft,r the fol-lll IF ItwiiJii K>% ir^c v BwrARKPrANusfr.^ j?s7#tc act. I rUfihT PIANOS from Aeuuto 4700. taRABD PIANOS trom j;ai5U. i?lj.7a. fermn wV? w>h t. fr iu .$ luu to AJuO hi tax Charms the hwt ,n?rr ini-ut ?>ut, in^ ltt^ t0 oti ftiMl n f- r Fiiuios f >r real. Pihuut TULiOg %ii?t K- ptnii/ proMi Sy ;fctu* :d?* ??? CAKL Ulv UTPUHA^r Ol^tr *<35 P ?Tf!>^9 VV AM KMABK * CO., ButltKHK, M4?TLA!?D, o*a*tv syt aki asi? cpuioaV piamos. The* ??-tTO!>f?if? h*ri- bwo tefor* the paKIc fo? ?' fJ wpoo L ti' 1 r rsccii^uce ail Quparchae^l prcomiaeacelBlB wHu n K !i?*auc.< tkewi unt^nalleU ftir their*! 1 *T" tone, touch, worko>aa?hia and di.rab'Pty. Thai .!? " "?Utj Ote g. Id aitd iiivnr atediai " ? f^Vr,J>.!rrce??etHora. All ?f ihef, r>>l A r IANOS thfir m?w iiid UDirovAt! 0?<T?rar.f Srale tut Ajr ilft. .??!? ^ PI A 5109 and PlASOSar Ar>? frem k arioru weli-ki: wn furtori-- for ?ai at>dr.?t.a? BKM.HKNB ACHH. 'H-lc tr Pi tnr Wareroonx. llth atr?st. BANKERS. OTI* BIGCLOW, Banker, t??3 D S?TBEiLT. 2?E \R SEV tSTU, P?*" ,NT>KF"T o:* PEP'^IT*. tr.'?ke<? r?T L.-.? TIuK^.aad trauaa \a ail ?* conn- t.d ?? i: li t ?rkin_v ap: I* 1> A i\ k ? > ?. }i 4> i % t: OF J. II. M!HEP. .V ro., II Hi PI.\SSTLVAM\ AVKNt't, *-rr%f*<t* wiLuts - n,.isi, W ASUINGTuN. I?. C. * ? ' rrtt. in'ttrft p.,i,l un fry ay t ' ? eT?rvwtrer>-. .k taxable CU d II .ad. Pay | :Ti -r? t.. tt'i An; i ib iul\?).r.'. .,p; ,-,? J t . VitbDHtAU, It r 4i h o r ( Ko. t?i& Penr.a. a^e., iUn ai 4, Vaakfagtoa, D C. Bp<v< ial utteution given to irivestniei.t -tecnriti-a. _li.?Itr? attrnti- o t ? ae, unties n .? oft. red at price, wfcu-hw ul pay W to U pt r cent, in H.?d .f h-batuol I iuet?cui'iii?e?t< r* Safe,reliable,profit wiusTii?A^rfeKci;RiTii!:sm ,u e'eri R !.r? by p. raiifrioii to L^wii J hriaon A C-. Ja-t.m*!^,. |). V.: M.^?9 K.\1v, Ee.,? Cashier ??ti' < ?i M, r p-'litan Bank, \\ asSiinKton, 1>.C.. H -n J M Li?~iunKl, S c??ij<1 C?titruil*T, W** hi tic fc n. I' f L .ward Clark. E*t .ArnuUxt V. S. Cap Wol, w aehin?: u, I?. C. piarlT 3u? r|'HB NATIONAL BANK ?'P THE BCPUBLH 'iJ a,jd D ?tfetK,) OPU FROM 10 A M TO a P. M deer ly_ THAS. BRADLEY, Caahl'vr. (itHMA* AMI KI4 A> MVIX.S Hl^k, v-I Nk*. did Seventh Up*o$U? uu Fom- L&c* U%KAfimt*i <J: ors: ? ? ?> to * p. m. Saturdays pp?L a: * #? u?.? to receive drp?iii only. ^ia Collectmade ai 'i aactianite tnrnt*h*-4. ,UJTZ '?r^d.-nt, A KHKRLY, V. Pr*-?V ,C k rrHK fREK??lA.V* ?AVI^? ami J- w TKINT tWflFA^V. BMtfeiDg H'.um:, lie. 1 iU7 PtuLijliAulA ftveoc^. n ? ?''PP* J*n<* Tr WMury, PAf?i;lX PARCRNT INftRKST. tke Pitst af Ewk Mont4 PA k b i'l'l H PKR OINT. on baatneaa accosnu fr m dito ^f.! p sii. Ur+4' of V-vtm bear' L(r? an H percent UitereMt, t\ nit4tl? UiV ? b^re. HAb BRANCH OJ^FICKS in all large towui and cities of the Svntb ai.d & athw?*t ? ?> ? a.m. f 4p.m. _ Wednwday ivA Saturday nighu Trow #H to t ock<k, ??> recvive dep. mta only. Call at tl?<- I' .tkrr **** *>r ? coWf of the Charter aixl B>-lawa. jlj}-ly J A * iOORC ftCO^ BANKKR8, . BUT AND MI L PORIIUN IA( H4N(ir >na ISbCK CIRC I'LAB LKTTKHs OF CRP.DIT lor #? ^ VaTal '* ?* "*? wt Of Ik4 world. Oct Dr^fti od JA* COOK*. McrrLLOCH A CO,, LONDON, areCaabod In any i>rt of R.%?Laxi>, IftZLaroand BeotLAXV. fr,, Qr rknrtt. U ASHI VtTU.1 tIT* SAVINGS BA.1A, ? ? (<r*4f 7Ik strut and Lottit iuaa atiMM, PA*B ? PBB CkINT INTBBEST ON DBPOBIT. Inter*-st omnence* from date of d?yoaita. Dep<-iU can be made and drawn at will tcrt^tf j. a. RCFF. Trwwnrer I" LATENT WONDRR of the 19th ee.tary .? i*3It IS?*mUnmm ^'V.U1< r?P <l'> at STRAIV, 1 J'eL !;?. m\ e., nr-mr llttj. ^ ' '|^HB RAPIDITr |NO KA3B WITH WHICH ZZSTT'Z1 ,?'t r'el^red. tf alltng, rrc.n ?Bniona, Bad Nail?, Ac , at DR ^ HITB S k?a? , J*"1 ?reet, opp -rite the Treasury, ia i. ?h .T^v* * lo nnacctMtcmtsl to bit aaetb'Hl oroperating,wbicti u entirely different froia the ?!., tiBio practice ot tearing iff the lnfrowingtoe> f ,BU' tbeboL'oa, adietreasing y ?'??ho?f, aitd ^ oe which obliged the saffer-<r rl m ' o't T' H ?ometim^ on crwtcfcee, for weem f ^ ?? ^oub? landed to ahorten life, at MM to make it far leaa aleaaant and oaefnl, but Y>r oferationaare rre.1o?*mly borne by cbildr<-n ^ft m,*.l l?*r* ? i It tie or no pain, uo loxa J1^ tK-inf 14*1 ?S> cociftADtlT 0'?rnj CLOTlllVt, F?'R THL MCRCHANT. he I? ?r" t<*r, tli*- L w fr.ihf ^KoIat. %n*\ the W rkn r iiimi.?I>1 RA L . toll Pmii. tmr ||th ?i 5 JBI NEW NATIONAL MALh.1T. FBBS?H. SALT and BSfOKBD MBATM m ?| k:n.i? a:-l of. the bettt anal it y, tnrn'shed ? 01 w ii'Jt'.Lr'1 ?ty A * e .poultry , FRI ITf, and VlG*TABLIC5?. n their aeawt ,cm b" pr^enr-d at this Market. ?.artl 1? ROBT II TATT.414 llth at. O it yiK-NNA EXl'OblTlUN. < l*< I LAK LETTER* OF CREDIT, Witt tl JAY lOttKE * to. Tl Cir -lar Letter l? a letter of iui ?dactioa to t auken. nf , hararter ikrouHoui thf fr -rid, tderfttfy. u>t it. u?iff aa4 authoriaiug i ?idi> n to him aa 'ewi.i'oj t fh<- . Xt.-nt of!ii> dep. ait wi h us. Full iMlMiMl?n will t? fornialied upon applica U>-u ku paraon or by laUer. J AT ( uokE ft CO.. Baaltrra, WASHINGTON. CHINJUB TEA UUAU ' Haa raoovad 10 BAXAatraat. I Between Ah M 7tfe, aortR aide TBAB cheaper than ever. Bo rent to pay L BENJAMIN. Pruprierar ff," RaAKLIN a to. - OPTICIANS. NO. I<i%7 PtMI?1LTAS'A A VIM K W Qa?tea Brazilian F?AI)le Spacti lea! janlj tT 'I'll! SIAEKtT ItofY? to lbe Vienna ExbiI" 1 tu<t> ia by the a a> of A STRAUS", lOil (Cnu ?>?.. near llth .y l\I It. BTOOW, /*?'???' FUwtr hm>>n:mrr. 1*1 ? baa M0\k.1) trum 6il itk tirMt to 4iU mq etreet?.>rtbweac between D and B Mreeta, where ibe will Be glad to recatre (Sv.libaral patrooa^- hltbarto extended t? Bar. ?iW 1m* _ FOB BALM BT ALL DKUOOI t r?nr. y * ti1 SYONB SAVONS AND Bl ilDIBsT Attend- n ia called to the In* BUILDING STOXB now being landed at l?h atre?t mmd other wharr w ?ru? tbeecowaofj. TH.HALL Order-rev m d at uJBce,B >m ?. Ma* bnii4l??, or >m bward -t t tu? JuLa, tovt ol lligb street, Gcvrgetown. apr-liu* AMUSEMENTS. | ISCUL5I UACL. FIVE NIGUTS ONLY, WEDNESDAY AND -ATURDAY MATIN EE*\X 1' minen. .ng * . TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 3<>m. v A P >weifulaiul Hii<ril> Approved Drama'u?; ion ?f T 8. ARTHUR S f. A EA T T EXIF ILK A ,V(t WOK K entitled THREE YEARS I* A MAS-TRtP! Which will be pr ^nri <1 with Appropriate Scenery aiM a I' 'Werful pr?rii?'ir Company. Admission, 50 rent*; rwi rvMl ?nt?, 75 cents. To M ilin"e. Su r? nt<; < hil<lrfii,3 en'*. !?< i rs i.p^n at 7 1." , n?mr?c? at 8. _ Seat-n ?\ l*? secured at Ellis' Music Store, Mnn da?, Apr.I 2S h. ai ? ^rie \tal1enterta7vment: Br special re<m"?t. TIIE YOUNG MEN S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA TION WILL RKPKAT THE TAL ENTUHTAIXMEST. ? .fi-in' ing of TABLEAUX or THE LIFE Of JOSEPH ASP DESCRIPTIVE ADDRESSES OF LIKE IN THE HOI V LAND. By HUM. J. H. D1KHL LIN 'OLN HALL, MONDAY EVENING. April i*. at 7:3?? o'cl.vk Admission. 2S cents; children utnler fifteen years of age, 15 cents. *ii W ALL-S SEW OPERA HOUSE. ' v JOHN T. fUKl) Propiietor tul Mtan?*r FAREWELL WEEK OF M LLE MARIE AIMEC. THE Ol'KltN OF npKR\ BOUFFE. AND THE NEW PSB1SIAN OPERA TROUPE, Th- ni"*t successful organization on record. C. A. CHIZZOLA A CO Dincton. MONDAY EVENING, March *?,? P M , Will l>* prtxtiH ? J. for tti la?t tin*'. Offenbach- runst ? el. brated opera, LA GRANDE DUCHKSSK. TUESDAY, April i|1?. the new nwera, aud t-.e er-at Parisian *~nea'ion, LESCENT VIEUGRS Sal# of prio *T General admission. .fl; reserved ?eat* In <>r< hr^tra. reserved sents in balcny, 'I ft1; family circle, M> rents: private boxes, ?1? Si%le to cou.nn-nce on FRIDAY, at Ellis' M .sic ? ore> ^yALt s'ortRA HOUSE. FOUR NIGHTS AND MATINEE, CoTi mercing WEDNESDAY, April 'J3 GRAND MATINEE SATI RT>aY AFTERNOON. UAL WAW.YEK * >11 NSTBEL*, J. H. HAVERLY, Manager, Will have th<' honor of apt* trim; before th" citizen" of tin* l itT. In ea-h Rnt?rtairtni <nt ENTIKE < HANGEOF PROGRVHME llaviogmany Pop tiiai ai"l T*i?-t?t?sl Artists, prominent among wli h i are CAI.WAGNKK.KM H ALL. S VM PRI' E, BF.N BROWN, JOHNY' BOOKER, CHAS. HEY \\ OOD. Comedians. CAN FIELD a- .1 BROKER S .tigsnd Dance Artists. GUI1 XT ' AUKiiRMA OUARPBTTK. ?? >,np of V> FLI.ING liK"* and.i.W. FRKETU.with a FINEoR* H ESTR \ AND BRASS BAND. R? ?ervt d S-*at* for sal> at Box Office fur thr.-e-lav ii. a.,vance. a2l ?t a ashiNgto* rneattKio>imue. ' ' ( El street, south Penusylvaula aveoue. R. -encaci'tr rt ? f the aopalarvonng American Star GEORGF \V THOMPSON. Wlio vk. ill appeal on>. Ak-r.l 24 h, ail ea~!i evening thereafter, in IwgrMU wdm tiorial tocaiism "f the WASHINUT01 DETECTIVF. Pioduced with a pow. rfnl dramatic cant. Engagement "f tb famed vocalist and criM< lian, mr b;li.y DEVKRE. I.Titi.u-:a-. ic gncceaa i?f th- bn.n.tiit Premiere Dan ?HIM*, Mil F. COUCH IT \ RON/ATTI. Tb ilariuB Drill Hi tinia.t*, Til K SENYaH"1' MAUDE,the Drill Queen' SAMUEL, the King of Air' TWO NEW GRAND BALLETS; Fir?t appearai'ce of the b-aut itnl Dans? use, MISS MAGGIE WESNEK. Th- rhurniiriK Uii-en "f'?t?, MISS FANNIE DWENPORT. The youthful Dutch < n:e'lian and V ?<-ali-t, MASTER HERBERr CAWTHOBNE. The beantifnl and da-hirtf dHiiseu-es, KIRAI FY SISTERS. AND Ol R MAMMOTH NOVELTY TROUPE THE LAST OF THE MODOGS, Ac., 4c. MYcTERY, Ac., Ar Matinee? WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, apil ft OLD No. j Uu Eibilutitl IKlw N ?"fe } and Sal* { 431 *th St.\ _ *t ? /7th St niHKRITER'S, So. 439 7tt rtriet, bet ween D muI B street*, elf I:, dci ra ?h<ive Odd Fellow's Hall. Oholc* Oil Paintfnffg, CuRravincp, Chr-jm<m, .to. A'ao, 1 ardent atock Payer Haiiginf*, WiLlut. shades, Pictnrea, Fran.e?, Picture C<>rd? and Ta? tela. Elm, Nail*. Ac., |a the Diatrict Kr TERMS CASH. Ple?M* reoiember Name and Nnmber. )^lTy* All kinds of oast-off wearing \p PARELcan be aold to the vary hnut ativanta^ by addretunna or calling on JCSTH, 619 i) atrewt, between (th and 7th n. w. Notee by mail promptly attended to Caeb paid. flS OLD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, OOPPBB, Btc., booght a' fair pricea for a New Tork honae. Ronet h?'id F.irnitnre bonght andaold. Notea by mail promptly attended to by ADGKHSTKIBi 1408 Pe^>iay!vanla avenoe dfi-ly* REAL ESTATE AGENTS. Jl AS BoYLE FRANK BARN uM ii ai* boTle A CO., I. Fit F.ZTATE A.\0 .VOTK KKOKEKS, No 00 o iitfi (treet, opposite U.S. Treasury . FOB SALI?A handsome HOUSE on I street, No 913. A l.n?{f d. uble HOUSE, corner 21 t H HOUSE No. 1010 M tsKHtli'i^etts avei ue. HOUSE Ho. street raet. for sale or rent, fur eJ or uniuruisbed. A COT f .VGE In Willard'-t Row; price. $2.buu. Several amall Honaee, from % i It*) to S5.t?iii; small cash patni-nts. We bav several *ery tine FARMS, improved and iinini provfd, on different railroada running from the city. f"r aale at low figure* or exchange for citv pr p-rty. 3U0.HJU I-i-t of GROUND iu variona p rtii'ijB of the city * r aab-at low flgnree, on eaey tern.*, or will exchange for productive improved property. ap25 tr ('EO.truesdell d CO.. * KtAL ESTATE BHOKERS, 7th ?treet, (over German American Savings Bank.) Special aftenMon given tw RENTING. COLLECT ING. PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. Refer (by t^ to?General B< tij. Alvord, Paymaster Geheral U.S.A.; Jan>e? Griuneil, Chief Clerk U. 8. Patent oth. ?: John Eraser, Arcli ilectj Hon. F. P. Blair; Hon. J. W. DoiiKlaas.Cjtr miaai'>tier Internal R< \eane; Win. B Mose?<, Furni ture Dealer; C E. Prentia*,Cashier German Ameri can Savings Batik; Col. John M Fessenden; Hon. Jobn Hit*, Consul General of Switzerland. h23 !ai* DEAL jE ST A T E~AGENCT FITCH A NO FOX. At ?? fcive specihl att-ution to the care of Prop'-rtiee b to ui'ti resident owuern,?paying taxe?, at ending to repairs, securing tenants, collecting rtnu, A? .. Ac. FITCH A FOX. 1??09 Penna. avenue, Fr.edtuan's Bank Building, s!2 e< Jw opp. U.S. Treaei.iy. ILLIAM OliRkOM, GENERAL INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE AGENT, No. bOj FIFTEENTH STREET, orrosiTe thkasikv. Ncae bat the sales; insurance couipabies repre Sctited. Promrl settlement of lu?aes and fair dealing guar anteed. apfl lm Austin p brown. Comer N Y. avenae and 15th street, Washington, D 0., WHotl?ALI III LUMBER, LIME, CEMENT, SAND, Be., Ac., Ac LUMBER BILLS cut to order on short uoUce. BLUE STONE for Bnildiug, Macadamising six Paving purposes dativored In any part ol the DU trict. BEAL ESTATE bought and sold and Bioney to veeiod. Ti thie branch of the bnsineva I will here aH*>r rive my personal attention, and will be at my office daily from 10 a. a. ?ntU 4 P. ??. marl tf 0K.r 9* T,IK urbat secrets of suo CS?? in life is to be well dr?a?e<i; then whv he*i ff* o fl!" B1rk Cloth Coat for ViS ' lothter, 1011 Peuna. ave., lMi. _<M harness: harness: We bare on band a large stock of all kinds o* Sin gle and Double Gilt, Covered. RUBBER. NICKEL, SILVER M0CNTED HARNESS. of our own make, which wa are detera^ued to sell at very low prion. Bole agents for Hill's celebrated CONCORD HARNESS, of which we have a large stock at Concord prices. The Concord Harness and Collars have a reputation all over the country for durability and strength, TRUNKS and SATCHELS in great variety. CEDAB TRUNKS, for protection afaiust u^ths. Call and examine stock. UTZ * BRO., aJ lm <9T PepB avr.? n^vt to Nations! H 'tel. TH GENT 1KB BEN0WSED BELGIAN I BLAt'K CLOTH SUIT, e^nwl to any custom work, tor t be sty le of ea>~h doiible-bre olni aiai s-inare freat, at STBA US', 1*11 Pcnn.t. av c.. v-Ar 11' h. sr. J?XAHIKK THl " " GOLD STECTACLB, 0*LT |l, H I. HEMPLEB, Optician, m38 t/ 1^, Slroet SFECIAL NOTICES. Fine Olr Rye Wkbkr, Fine O'.J K)e Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, K-n- Old Kve Whisfcv, F>ne OM If* Whisky, Fine Old K)i> Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, H'arramrtti IVir an.rd Warrnmttd Fire Part Put* And Vnadulttrattd, Fur Otrural and M^dmnal Vn. This is th? article we have now sold for upward* oi nva j <-*rs wiili universal satisfaction; put up in Isrge bottle* at One Dollar p< r bottle, or can b?* n *1 N any quantity. ? ??'Notice, that we will refnrn the moner if thie Whisky do"? not give satis! action or preve as repre ?< tit<-d by tie. Also an excellent stock <>f California Winee? Port, Sherry. Angelica, Muscatel, H >ck anl Claret; aim). K?-lly s I;Ui.J Ca'awba and imported Liquor* of all kinds. ARTHUR NATTANS, Druggist, ?alO-tr C >rner 11 and D streets n. w. ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, Le<\ Perrlus' Worcestershire Sane* 1-r IS lilHUrKHeaaLK. DUNCAN'S SONS, H?w York, WtTS-tawly Agents for the United States. A Card. A Clergyman, while residing In Booth America m missionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy l)t the care of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Ihseaee of the Urinary and 8emlnal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on by baneful and \ Icious habits. Great numbers have been cured by Ibis noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the afflicted and nnf >rtunate, I will aeud the recipe for preparing and using this medicine, in a sealed I'UVek'p*. to any one who need* it, Pre* of Char ft. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Bible Honse, martt-ly New York Otty. LADIES' GOODS. Kid gloves : RID GLOVES !! AT HE I) ICED Fix ICES. 1 Bnt'on. 90 i'?nis. 8 Button, 31.1ft. Every pair warranted. At M. WILLIANS, aJ.'i St* 907 Pennsylvania aveune. MRS. (>. II. GILLET, AT THE NEW FORK MILLINERY STORE, IIAS REMOVED from bl4 'J-h street 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WASh I \U TON U C., and has jnst r< turned from New Y>>rk with the latctt *t) lee an<l novelties in Millinery and fancy Ci??k Th irklul f< r past favors, she solicit* a r >n tinuanreof latronaee. ap24 lui* "V OTICE .?Bargains are n *w b lug offered in MILLINERY fiflV FANCY GOODS, By E. LENZBKRG ft CO., elS-!r 707 Market Space, A I K GOOD s7~ FIRST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PRICES. Fine BRAIDS, CURLS, etc., of our own make, *? id at manufacturer's prices, at II PHILIPPI C Haiiwcrk Fa?tory and Store, 719 M.trke; Space, between "fit and Hth streets. a21-6l* MUS McCUIOlltK, 904 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE," ca (Up Stairs,) W ill open on THURSDAY, Apru. 4ti, a large and attractive assortment of linport-d ? BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, t' v. hicb the special attention of the ladUs is railed. a2-tr j^TAMPINQ DEPOT, ?17 8kventh Street, s febn-tr Opposite Patent Office. jelling OFF I 1 SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PA RTNERSUIP. the entire stock OF THE NKW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. marT-tr NO HlHBl'G. ??F ADIES'" L FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL ts the best article in the world for doing up Linen <>< Musiin. It imparts a beautiful gloss to the fabric For sale by all Grocers. BL'RNUAM A CO.. Manufacturers, 100 Weet Lombard street, ,'anll-ly Baltimore, Maryland. 'THE PROBLEM THAT wa- EASILY SOLVED A "1 say. Charley, pardon me, but pray tell me h wis it > on *lwa>? dress cost* li*h, and li.ivine tint ? moderate income?" '? Why simjdy because I pur chase from A. STRAUS, 1011 Pcuna. axe., u"ae 11th. a 25 QUK LATEST EXCITEMENT. ATTRACTIONS FOR SPRING. THE MOST INCREDULOUS BEING R \ PIDLY CONVINCED. ? 10?Them stylish Suit* at g 10 Please Everybody. ? 10? 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HAT, LUMBER, Ac,, discharged from vessels and stored or delivered at the shortest notice and lowest rate*. ?a ir a. I. AxLK*, EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. I*TiRNiL Reyenue^-TIic receipts from this source to-day were <oOI.574.29. AimEi: as the Grand Duchess at Wall's Opera House next Monday night. Secure your scats. President Grant and party were in Law, Kansas, yesterday en routs to Colorado Tui Southern Claims Commission yester day heard witnesses in the case of Jos. Wm Sewell, of Fairfax c mty, Va., whose claim is for over $6,000. ;* Indian Sn-pi (f1 -The Indian peac? com missioners New i'ork last evening made awards for supplies o the amount o( over b;i.f a million of dollars. Tub Postmaster General has reached his home at Elkton, Md., Srom his southern tour, and will return to Washington on MonJiiyeven ing next. Senator Sumnkr continues to improve slowly, and rides out daily. The suit cutaneous injection of morphine, to produce sleep, has been dispensed with, except wlicu he is unusu ally restless at night. J.R. Nichols, deputy collector of the first Maryland revenue district, is alleged to he a defaulter to the government. He has resigned, and is believed to have gone to his home at Elkton .?Halt. American. * Two More Representatives Peters, of Maine, and Cox, of New York, have returned to the Secretary of the Treasury the extra pay received by them. Mr. Peters in his letter made the request that nothing should be saal in relation to his action. The President.?President Grant was the guest of Mr. Benjamin Stiekney yesterday eve ning, participating in a graud dinner, at which Mayor Brown and numerous friends of our dis tinguished visitor were present. It was as'rict ly piivate affair.?St. Louit Kepubiiaut, -itA its'. Personal? Mr. Felix Brunot, presi<lent of the board of Indian commissioners, and Mr. Robert Campbell, of St. Louts, also a member of tie board, arrived in this city to-dajr. ???? Minister .lames L. ??rr writes homo from St. Petersburg that his health is much improved. Si:< retary Belknap and Gen. Sheridan and start reached Brownsville, Texas. yesterilay, alter making the tour of the ltio Grande fion t'rr for several liuudred miles. Thev were re c.iv?d l<> the city councils. They leave S'i<i d <> tor New Orleans by th?* steamer, touchiug at Galveston for a few hours. C.< ne to Europe.?Messrs. l^cvi H. Lackey I riv ate secretary to the President; W.llia.u o. .Avery, chief clerk of the Internal Revenue office, and Martin, ed' the ofjlc of the Sec retary of the Treasury, left li re la'^t nUght fur N vi York, intending to sail to-d.iy for Lurppc with bond* lor ih^ Syndicate. Whose Money is It??In January, the Sixth Auditor's office received i?115.:i5 trouian unknown source. It has been retained for over years in the expectation that sonic expla nation of the matter would be given; but > i on: has been made, Judge Martin has deter mined to have the money covered into the Treasury. "Mac'' has an article in the Philadelphia I'rtr* in relation to the claim put forth in Mr Adams' memorial oration on Wm. H. Seward, that Mr. Seward haei all to do in settling the Trent affair. Mr. MacFarlaud gives s.?m< interesting data showing that Mr. Sumner was largely instrumental in settling that difficulty short of a war with England. J>r. J. M. Toneis, of this city, left this morn ing for St. Louis to attend the annual conventioi of the American medical association, which meets in that city next week. Ho will present a pa|?er on the huspitals of the Tinted States, embracing the statistics of 171 institutions of this kind, one on boards of health, including statistics of l-W; and one on the medical societies in the L nited States. Postage on Miscellaneous or Transient Printed Matter.?The law requires that full prepayment, in stamps, shall be made upou all of the above named matter. Unless so prepaid, such matter cannot be forwarded through tin mails. All underpaid transient printed matter will remain in the office in which it is deposited, and, of course, be sold as waste, after a reason able detention. A Mail Carrier Shot ry Indians The following dispatch has been received at the Indian bureau frum L>. R. Risley, Indian agent at Laramine, Wyoming territory: "I>av before yesterday my liiaii carrier was shot iu 11 ino places bv Mineconjous Indians while he was tn route here with the mail. A bond of Chey ? lines seved his life, and I m?de them ajine presents. Will I be sustaincel in this? The po*l surgeon regards the carriers wounds as very serious. La?t week the same Indians killed an i mj loye within ten miles ol my agencv. Th> Indians under my charge are peaceable." Four tan els were left iu frescoing the room of the Senate committee on foreigu relations, with the understanding that they were to he

fillert by portraits of four of the most eminent chairmen of the couimdtee since the fouudation of the government. These have finally been filled at the urgent request of Senator Cameron but it has not yet been ascertained who made the selections. The port/aits pain ted are those of Messrs. Cameron. Sumner, William Allen,01 Ohio, and Henry Clav. Mr. Cameron has had his painted over tor the second time.?Bustjn Advertisers Washington Special. Reducing the Nuxuer of Serjeants The War department directs that, until further orders, there will be but six sergeants allowed for each troop of cavalry; seven for each light battery of artillery; ami" to each battery of artil lery not mounted "and each company of infantry one 1st sergeant and four duty sergeants. No coiupan v quartermaster sergeants will hereafter be apj*ointed in any branch of the service. The reduction under this order will be made gradu ally. by not filling vacancies which may oecur in the grade by expiration of enlistment aud other casualties. Naval Orders.?Captain Win G. Temple, detached trom command of the Wabash and or dered to return home. Commander Jaine^ H. Gillis, detached from the naval observatory and ordered to duty as ordnance and navigation officer at the Norfolk yard, vice Commander James E. Jouatt, detached and placed on wait ing orders. Lieut. Commander G. C. Schultz, detached from duty in the Nicaraguan survev ing expedition, ami Lieut. Commander A. II. Wright, detached from Ike Narragamctt and placed on sick leave. Wait to Get in the Engineer Corps.?1To carry out the provisions of the act to promote the efficiency of the corps of engineer, approved March 3, 1863, a board of engineer officers, to consist of Lieut. Cols. Zealous B. Tower and John Newton and Major V- A. Gillmore, is con stituted to meet in New York city for the exam ination of the following named candidates for promotion in the corps of engineers; Captains Jared A. Smith, Samuel M. Mansfield, and Wm. J.Twining; First Lieut*. Herrv M. Ad.un* and James Mercur; and Second Lieuts. Philip M. Price, Francis Y. Greene, and Carl F. Pal frey. The board will be assembled 011 the call of the president thereof. Suspension or the Yiekea Commission ers?Minister Jay and Mr. McElrath have found substantial proof that some of the United States commissioners to the Yienna exhibition (among the paid commissioners appointed bv General 1 an Buren, the chief commissioner.) have purcha.-ed their commissions. Evictlv how many of them are tainted with the disgrace appears not to be ascertained, as the suspension of the ahole uiuuWr is coupled with th* 1*0 viso that nooueor them is to beheld guilty until a further examination. . A temporal commission, consisting of Legrand B. Caution. Thtodore Roosevelt, Charles F. Spang, Jack son S. Schultz, Wm. H. aspinwall, Samuel O. Ward. Wm. T. Beodgeth aud -James Renwiek.' l>as been appointed to act until the removal of the suspensions or the appointment of p?rma fie at commissioners in the placcof those sns per.ded. This act does not affect the sllitcd ait sans or the scientific commissioner* or the honorary commissioners who were apjioiuU* I bv the President trader the provisions ot the a -to* 1*73. whose appointments were mid* mt*o qneiit to ibe irjCKulat itics complained of?2>tli ol April, ls7v. Tt?* Indian Problem. THE POSSIBILITIES AND F KOH A HI LIT1 E? AS TO A OENKRAL OPTBKEAK. Although no general outbreak arujug the Indians in apprehended, there are a number of bands which are regarded as entertaining de cidedly hostile feelings toward the whites. Oi our Indian population, numbering largely over 300,<i00, at least one-half are friendly. and could not be induced to engage in war against th. w hites. This feeling is illustrated in the case ot the V arm Spring Indians, now rendering g<*?-l service at the lava beds with our troop* again*! the treaeherons Modocs. The Sioux tribes an ?>mong the most powerful of the trotiblosnm idi+ns, and they might probably be induced i-j join in a warfare against the whites. a* they have l>een punished several time* on account ot their bad behavior. The strength of our arin\ now is 30.00" men. Of course they could not manage the Indians in case of a general out break, and an EXTRA SESSION OF COTfC.EESS would have to be calli-d by the President i?. order to prosecute a successful war against the ravages. The President has no authority t > recruit the army beyond the number author ized by law (3o,iioo), though he has ant.hority to call out the militia in organi/.ed states in ca?e of insurrection or invasion. The older Indiaus. who have been in Washington and through thv states, are always oppoeea to fighting the whites after they return to their reservations, as the> see how fearfully the whites outnumber them ind how easily the government can organize an army against them, if necessary. the yorso warriors, however, who have never seen much of the whites, believe that we are afraid of them, on account of the treaties made with them, pres ent* given, &c., all of which they construe a? efforts on the part of the wbitos'to cwnoiliat them. and restrain tliem fn?m making airfare. Prominent officers of the army express tin: opin ion that the condition of Italian affairs iuia looks something like a general outbreak, bat ii Gen'l Gillem, or Gen'l Davis, when he take* command at the lava Iwds, succeeds in exter minating the Modocs, and Gen'l Crook kf-ep^ on administering the severe chastisements to the thieving Apaches, all of the hostile tribe* Mill t?e demoralized. An Indian war, unlike any other, would be confined to localities, an I not to one general territory. Marauding bands would commit innumerable depredations upon unprotected settlers, and shocking massacres would be an ever; day occurrcncc. No Mowey to Pay thk Twenty Pek Cetht. Claims?The recent action of the Coin; of Claims, directing judgment to be cuu^red in favor of all civil employ*s of the governui 'nt in this I >i-trict. who did not receive the Jo pet e? i.t. additional com|K'n~ati'>n allowed by Con gress on the I>tb of February, IsWJ, and wJn> were actually employed by the government a: the date ot the massage of the a -1, Settles tin matter so lar a.- the right of the claim irr> to the ? vtra c<-inp< nsatioEi ii> concern--*!; but the ques tn ii as to tlie fund, if any, front which the\ can b< paid is yet unsettled, and nn*' be d t -r tuintd b\ tlie accounting officers of the Tr a utj, The act ?l February 1*m7, auUioriziiu. the -O i>er cent., having !?.-?? n repealed, no money ? an be paid Horn the treasury uuder i' now. and the question arise*. from what appro priation the claimants can be sau-tid." The annual appropiiaiion to pay judgments a war J ? d by the Court of Cla.nis ill not begin to pa\ ihi* class, as quite* a large portion of u U ? already ken expended, or ?iil be soon t?* j>ay judgments rendered prior to this one 'lhere ate l :;v_> claimants lor this extra com pem-ation. 552 being represented by Chlpiuan. Hosmer ?.V Co.. an<1 XX'I by Joseph Daniel*, and tho.-e entitled comprise workmen in the ua\y yard. at the Arsenal, on the Treasury exten sion. in the public buildings and grounds? in short, all civil employes d: the go-.eruiuent in the District of Columbia who aid not receive the extra compensation. The Firs' Controller of the Ticasury, who has to pass ujK)n these accounts, decided adversely lo these claimant when they first put in their applications, and hence the matter was takeu to the Court o< Claims, and from there to the Supreme Court of the United States, where it was decided th*; ali civil employes, whether thev received a per diem or an annual salary. were entitled to the extra condensation. The Court of Claim* then a| i>oiiit<d a special commission to ascertain th amount due each claimant, and it was upon tin report ol that commission, fixing the am Mint due each one, that the court a few day since ordered that judgment be enten d The accounts are yet to go before the account ing olliccrs of the Treasury for settleiu -lit; bu> it stems to be the impression that they will de cide there is no ap]>ropriation from which i ? pay the claims, and Uiat aspecial one for tl?a. purpose ?il! have to be made by Cor.greas. At: one not In the service ot the government at th date of the passage of the act cannot rccelvi the 20 per cent., although they have been is such service alter tlie beginning ot the fiscal year commencing July 1st, lsei?i; but if dis missed or having resigned prior to the ?.?xth ot February they cannot receive it, neither can those who entered the service of the govern ment between February 28th, 1st', and the eu?: of the fiscal year?the 3otli of J mm following. TliS OFFICIAL VOTE OF COWWECTICTT is a' follow s ?The total vote for governor wa? ?I Ingersoll, democrat, received 45.0.W; Haven, republican, 39,2tj; and Smith, teiuperanc. -.-*>41 votes, with some scattering. IngersollV majority over ail, 3,237. and his plurality ovet llavcu. 5.SH. The democratic state ticket i elected by an average majority of about 1,JW. leaving ort the treasurer. Nfw York KhFom inu the Conork^hiona' Shummmi l.AW?The gratid jurv of New Yois las found indictments against 127 keeper* ol sailors' boarding-houses, charged with viol' lions of the act of Congress known as the nen shipping act, passed in ls;2, for the protection of sailors. Fifty-two of the indicted parti.; were airested last evening. Another New Vork Mcrdkreu Indicted The grand jury of New Vork has indicted As sistant Deputy Marshal Moses Moritz for mur der. M or it z, as alleged, in attempting to dis possess Margaret Gordon, of 73 G.?erilc street last January, kicked ami pushed her -> vi dent Iv that she died in Februarv from the efiects ol the wounds. Bikji arch ha.s succeeded in carrying through the upmr house of the Pridian Diet the br! which lie intends shall be an engine in his hand for compiling the subjection of the clergy t> the state. The commons will not oppose it.ami thus he gains another step in his w ar u;k>ii the Catholic church. A Riair of Semax ? A cannon, weighing 1,V."4> pounds, arrived yesterday in New York, from being a pre<h.iit from the Km I eror William to the Lutheran church of Til as wile, Pennsylvania. T ,e gun was cap?ured at Sedan, and will be ca t mto a bell for the chinch. The Choleka in Vienna?A special from Vienna yesterday says: '?Twenty cases ot sporadic 'cholera were "brought to the Innpital yesterday; five proved fatal. An effort is being made to conceal the appearance ot the diseaad in the city." Dr. Jacob D. Thoma?, of Frederick, M4., convicted in March last of manslaughter in killing John Lloyd Belt, jr., by shooting him, at Adamstown, lias'been sentenced to two year?' imprisonment in the peniteniiary. Dr. West, who is accused of murdering a colored man in bis irttice in Wilmington, l?el., some time since, will shortly be tried, lie has engaged as counsel ex-Seiiator Salisbury and Hon.K. B. Smithers. Married women who hold property in Illi nois in tueir own rigbtuavbe sued hereafter, in accordance with a bill which has passed both houses of the legislature, like siugle women, upon contracts they make in regard to it. As Fx-Coxgrzssmas Affointed Jldoe Governor Perhaci, of Maine, has appointed ex Kepresentative John A. Peters judge of the supreme court of that state, in place of Judge Kent, whose term has expired. The EnzooTic Is spreading at San Francisco, and half a dozen cases have terminated f atally. Chinamen are employed to carry and haul bur t7*Mr. John G. Saxe intends to establish his residence permauently in New York. ?T'Ker. Charles Kingsley, the novelist and poet, has been appointedCauon of Westminster. fi^The Queen of England, It is stated, will attend the Vienna exj>osition. ?7*A gigantic peanut swindle is agitating Jacksonville, Florida. VA coroner's jury in Kentncky took the liberty of finding a man guilty of murder, aud sentencing him to jail for life. % ?7*The Fairplav (Colora?lo) Sentinel boasts that it is publish* d at a greater altitude than any other paper in the world?10,Oft) feet above the level of the sea ?7" The only recorded instance of the rucoesn. fill employment of the niece policy towards the heatbfn is to be found in I. 8amuel XT., 33: 'And Samuel hewed Agag in pieces. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB ? This AfteraMB1! DkpatchM. ? ASSOCIATED PHhSS REPORTS. o 11IE KMT MODOtVi rOI SO! Th?> H Mrni HpriH latllnui Tr?fk Thrn- An Aiurk ?M lo hnvf Ix^tt Nndr ( imiii 1 bria L??l VI rtlao^'litj mfkt. Sas Pua>oi?co, April 35.?A dispatch from Yreka to night MjiUiat apvty oi men li??* fone to the iava beds U> bring iu the body ot .irnt Sheraood. who was i.ti ll s ?..111.1,.) ,ii the tirst attack oil Col. M ason's camp, on tbe 10th inst. 1 he bo?Iy will be sent to the ca?t tor bnrial. Neither the cavalry nor the Warm Spring Indians foun<l the trail of the Mottoes on their KOiit at first, hut tin ally the Warm Spring Indians diwovend the place or retreat of th em my, xnd Donald M? Ku crawled up on tliem," ami counted fort* Modocs, Inclu ling squaws. lie did not deem it expodieat to make an attack upoiitlum at that tiiu?\ hut it wa? expected that the troop* atnl the Wariu Spring Indian* would attack them on the night ol' tin 23<l. It if now ascertained that in the tirst d iy'* 1, at tie lhgus t. bailey atid Hooker Jui were vuuukd. Oir*nli!?l (>|t|HKlii<in (a 111K >L\V YORK IAILOI-IIiUWIII ??HOl'M FIRATEft. Kiw YotR. April *>.?The ship-owner*' mid ship-masters' association promise. in view ot the arrests last night, to *?? how tar organi e-1 l>?r>ds> of siailor-boarding-house keep* r* m ?y interfere with Uie commerce of this port. Tbtse keej>ers and their ruuners have been bol.l of late; they have prevented men from shipping before the commissioner as required by law. and even insist that the advance mjiey shall be paid within tweoty-fojr hours a:!e~' the men have b< < u pat on ?>o?rd, and often without the seaman's signature to the tnite. They al-o seek to pre rent men i rotu shipping, that thev may break down the law. and for that purpose thev hare a committee in the neigh borhood of the commissioner's ofhee to frighten <>rt MUti.tli, and U a seaman does get into lh?* fftice he is lie>iuently loliowed there ami openly threat* md with violence if be shiiw in anv manner or on tetm? other than hoarding-hoii? keejsets dictate, a number of ti-wTk with tin ir I'aipKs on hoard ha\c been dctaiucd tor day s awaiUug crews. Kf? l'ork Sole*. IllTCBER KNIVES K>'K THE ytv York. April 27.?Th* purchasing com mittee of tbe Ik at<l of Irdiati i<?ninii*.ii?wr> have contracted tor l,5ftidozenbutcher kn ve?. and UlO skinning knive<, anting other uiti les to l>e furnished tbe Indians. THE EK-HT-UOt R WAR r.^TPl^EK TILL 1-T4. Twenty-seven d? 1< gat'-- from the vxi.m tnikf union.- in the United S ate* rnrt in secret s? ssion last evening, and after di--a--iou re solvt-d-to |??tjt)iie any attempt to eufoi ce tli*' eight-hour law till 1 ?<?-!. WANT TO PEE HOW IT IU TUIMSRLVE*. Itb stated that several Tft*?jry clerk- and I>r. 1 rnig have b< en sent lo Larope auid wiii return in the steeraje of different st-'.-iin-liiiis, thev miring with the steer ag-' pas?~ngerm, re ceiving tht sunt* accuBB>?laliim in every ro -p< et without the knowledge of the o!li'-ei? the steanieis, the object being to obtain anii turnish the government with farts a* to the I nod. treatment and accomiu .station? adbi'ded t migrants. ? The At Inn lie Wreck. HOKRIR1E S* E.Nfcf ILL TWO tit X l>KEI) M<>KE bUll Hi'lUK- To isk rittllKfl IT. Ni.? York, April 2K.?A IIh1ii.iv Bpeei*l?ayt> yesterday the tir?t<iay lor a weefc tliat the ?livers Were able to explore the wrcck oi th? Atlantic. The diver? iiimrt c rpse* jaiuin >1 among the cargo in a bkLmiu uJ iudescriba hie n?H.-s, and Lhiycanuot he recovered until those obstruction* are removed. The bo>ly ot one n'.un and one w jmau were recovered terdav. Stray fragattfatsoT luggage hthI t'r?*\gbt are constantly coming ashore. Onlvtwo i?er soitf remain awaituig the recorrry ot bodies ot relatives, namely: Mr. Dorr, of Vermont, and Mr. Wellington, of ItoMon. The <lfek> oi the At antic ml! l?e blown away to-<ia\ ^Salxnlay. when it will be powihlf to recover a portion, it not ail. ui the 2<*> bodies there. m lUliiumri' PenMHiaK. MA-IOK OCMKAL HAXCix K. Baltivobk. April JC.?Major Oeneral W. s Hancock, I', s. A . ainl Colonel Wharton, hi aid, air.v?d at Harnum'n iiotel this morning having returned Irom their inspection of For tress M iiuoe. "i'h?-y iii-ixx't Kort McHenrv to ?lay, aiu! proc< t?i bcuce to Washington. Wlnle at 1'oit Monro*-General ll iucock dclivere<i tin ilip'omasto tbe gradu:Uiug class of the artillery scliool of is". 3, at the same time miking an ai drtsis to the class. ?'. C. Fl I.TOM OrtXE TO V'KW A. Among the ] asm nger* b> the s' *ai -^ip It ?1 timore from tins |h>ii to-Jay were ?>. O. Ka.ion. ofthe Baltimore American, and two .la.i^'itor-. to visit tht Vienna exhibition. From Etir<?|?e lisilny. , THE FI;EM H CARLE TKHTtli. I.cMM'S, A|?ril 2?i.?A critical t<-st ot th? French cable shows that it is broken it a dij tance ol 20* miles from the French coast. Ko (hNMI'M IX MAORltt. Pari?, April ?V dispatch from M idrid pronounces untrue tbe report puhlisbe?l here yesterday that a couiLiune had been proclaimed in tliat city. ai>uii:aL ali>EX at co*PTA?mxnri.?. Cossl AUTIxori It, April K--ar A l.uiral .lames Alden. of the I'nite l State* navy, has arrivid here. A Sporting Man killed. Baltimore. April 2C.?Ainlrew J. Crow, well known in Baltimore sporting circle#, wa instantly killed this mortiing at Henry Crey*> restaurant. on Kast Madison street, by the ac lidental and careless discharge m a gun to ?John Bell, the bar-tender. The latter |ioiiite>l the gun at Crow, i.ot supposing it loaded, when it suddenly tire?l with the above result. A Farmer and Hl? Family Poisoned. Cinciknati, U., April ?A farmer reMding iu Gumanto?n, mar I>a\tou, Ohio, named Henry, his son .lohn, and daughter i.'ath tiic, n< re |>oisontd at supper on W-dm sdaf nigl.t. It it suppoced arsenic was put in the cofl'ce. Ptrricrui BrtwersBam xthac tor0.?It i> staUd thataserloiu d'Biculty ha? occurred on the line of tl>e Southern Marvland railroad bet ween rival contractors now in tbe employ ot the company within tbe jurisdiction of Chart**countv. The Port Tobacco Times -avs: ??Justice F". I.. Dent, alter consultation with the state's attorney, has determined to in vestigate the matter, and writs of arreat hav. neen i.-sned bv bim which will involve, proba ble, some twenty Ave or thirty ditterent i>arties lor tbeir violenl anfl turbulent conduct. Messr* Starr Jt Kidetour represent, as side of tbe qm stion, w bile Momts. (iold & Gru htli, late arrival-, repres^^at tho other. The laborers in the employ of the latter tirin are sahl to be armed a ith deadly wespana, aiel e*? r fully equipped for a light while at work. Messrs. Iiidenonr \ S' .rr. we learn, do not contemplate such a resort, but appeal to the law for their protection. T .e sherifl , as we go to press, is iu that neighl?oii ood for the purpose ot serving the process, and. ii all the threats made are carried into execution, will have to summon a posse to enforce his writs.'' Thi Ft Tr?M n? thbSpawish Rsrt'BLic is menaced with danger ami uncertainty. Dis content la rue among all clauses of people?i ball-dozen political par tie? wlt? cl^shj^' inter ects luivl Jead!. hatred excite them to rebeHion against tbe go ernment. and from tbe Pyrenees to the Medite ranean the nation If on the verge of internecine war. The fedeial republicans an rejotted to be thrrat?niiif a formidable demonstration In Madrid. The troubled conditiouof the eouatrv is causing a great number of families to ieaTelt, and steam er* arriving at lx>itdoa and French ports are crowded with lefiigees. Besidos all this, the finances of the coontrv are iu the most dilapK dated conditioii. The Modoc^?Xow Yoc see 'em akd Now Yot rs>*'T sue 'e*?Tlie Modocs are and are not in the lava beds. *? You pays vour oaonev and you has yonr <?oice." the glorloos uKcer tainty lends additional ?est to the news from the scene of the war. A dispatch was received at San Fraaciaco from Yreka last night with news Irom the lava bed up to Tuumiav. Cel. "erry?*?Jlj his cavalry, had returned from a scowl, and is convinced that none of tl?e Indians h??*'?/J ttc Uva l>ed. A later dispatch -ivs *? Donald MeK?y has ju?t retaraod to ca*ap B savs tbe Modocs hav? left the lava beds. No fighting since t?ie 17th Inst." "Local omoR" has forbidden the sale of li'iuors in CuatberLand couatv. Pa. but a tram which reaches Harrisburg about to p. m . and remains aa hour aaJ a imit aftvrts the thirsty Camberlaaders an opportunity to get their tip ple, and has beendnfled the-local option train." Tirkd or Thier*?A New York r?WI special from London says the gravest upprtkas ?ons are felt In tbe highest circles ia Parts of an immediate civil war. The Monarchists arc determiiifd to c Thiers at any cost. * Uifflla'* a BM J ?b. f r>-m \ " 1 ' ? r. m t Frowi th* Kiwint of t receat visitor s? ap t-ear- that tte Linooln bm?> Mm ?,??( field is in a >lri>iui?liW c??BdiUon TL? monument. In It* rtwgn, l> *<"1! known ?? an c?tr?|? upon good taste, tnd it now i?a>? to fclif wii w? f Ibki't ewnstrn-ted th?* 1* d?*? rot protect the It was Intnded t? 'hd Ift fruB tlif nv>|rr ?>f rue vrttber. V?itora to the tolub are ???nrpri-tl ai d shocked to see tltat the coffin o ?*?"<t*I****? *iUi B tt^roi and cot red ?iUt w-_t i>,.As!<>t, instead or wreath* Of immortelles" It* Hi >?i in' lit in k.l iwrt* ?mW U) l> ' '"ll nt r* pair, au.t .1 lU roiKlitiitn is half u bad *? reprt*-nt'd in tkt? report, It i* * dt?fV4 '** tbi?r having it in cfcarge. Thf Co<i\ KRTtM M !TII(>l>l?T *1 ' 1 |f*>* T. I^lmt J>- ??i< IA* ? ?rfc.n ? Awr.*? Ouite a littl? flutter ha* been caumxl in ri ligion* firrtm by ikpniiTrifKri to Roman Catholl < i*m of ice* St?*| ben I*. Iiekin*. lat ? a Wvai macbft in the Mcttoiid F.pteropal t'hvrrk. Vest* vtay k n-pirt-r paid a ttmi li'Mr IvVm ?, a lis temporary Iioim* * th Father MclKinald. in WdtiamsViifih. Mr I> . who t? al??ut :'4 vearsnl a|<'.lvrriveil Ibi re|iortet oourtoorisl v, I'tt ?xM be cKier' r<l to remain silent for the l**B(lit r (irillnf the reasons for bi? ero brae tig the tenets oi the K >Mn I hnreh. The rtr|' he liatl taken liad rimutl ?ome t<?l*i he cwiinkftil it ?i*e u?r* man m ,i..t a* fcrtblt ?m tht' micR) of tlu |.? | WBrtrbat Bom oft. It was hi* Intention at Wti^f ilxjr. not remote, to niak.- pub r in a v rK? oi lecture.. iUe uiot. te* tbat Iib<i prompt <1 Inni to renounce I'ioU *Uuiti*m Fuilv ruaktn month* ago hi* attmtkn ha?1 l>eeii < thed to Roman Catholicism. but he had for a long time kept his feelings entirely to lim-elf. lately be < oaiu unicated hi-de*trts ui prominent homau i atbolic* among them 1;Miu|i l.otigM. i and Father hcPonuil, who enconratfel liitu h takliif tire *te|> be nmilriH right - A. I or.lti. The Him tai. V* ire Mi ei<ek at Krx r WOkllf. Mi?n.?A m*>*t brutal utii.ler w.i. .-ommitted in the Uib u ot" Kugeworth. neai 14**1 on. Wdli'inim morning, l>y a drunk* ii man oaiucd Maik Uo< . lb* shooting hi* ? .10 ?>thagtin. Aboiiteifti o'clock in the morn ing he ?a* iti a Iob ||iou'rv dr.liking, aiui h?* wife weiit In and indtu-**! h"im to *o li.ime to lirrakiM. KtiU^ring the ho iw. h arin^ hi* inw) on the sU?o|i. he *at dowi . Hi* wife t*lltd hi* atU-iitiou to Utc I cod ti jk>h tins table, hut ho Ktuftly rcplU -1 that he di I n??t aant any. .Iu?t then a fit in hi* araif i-imixtl down." an<l he calUd for hi* cnti to *li?a?t u?r, a* belaid, at thf ?auM' time bin little daughter to go and hiMl b< r. She *a d the did not know whetc threat ?ax. lie 1'ieu Mid. **tlien I will *Uooi yon." and raised the gvii. The wife, aecing the motion?tepi-e?l hetwoen t)<?? in. He rtrod. an I the witc fell, exclaiming. --Oh. rat heart." The littie child darted out to give the wlariu. W it la? outawordtii? murderer |>icke?| up In- coat. threw It r?r? lo**ly over hi? -houMor an.l ?!is| tor *ome wood* near by. The a'atm wa* iiu mediately fiten.aiHl parriea ntart?sl in pur*u.t. The SI?KAKCR* ?>f Li r>tic mill nearly *11 lie on the wing during thi* ?uniiaer lit the tiret ol May they meet at Vienna hikI partici i>*k iu the ceremouic* ot the opening ol the e? hiL>itB>n, and alter thai there ? ..I Ik- a g- u**r al inte rchange of Kaii-er W ilL lia kBBg* up hi* *piked helmet tor a while on the bot the royal palace at St. IVt*r*l?urg. the oldrxt -on ol C'Jtai Nicliida* <Iio|>k .u on A Ix-rt Kdward ?tnd Ai< xaiMlra loi *tiiki?3 and a I*, d, *ud tue I'tiiuc hiBix*If make* iaiiMuiuatu> yiiig^v\<*t ihe i-ontiin-nt. 1 hen tU Miau ol Per*'a i* ;o call around at therApitala in "iirh a *tate ?* |ia< not been *ince Ihe go'de.n piiiii - o! c -vh! II .roun AliBMLkd. \ o lor i.tBUi ?uu?'l ai?d I'liiii* +. pr< *tiiii(d to ha\<. tin i.i 1. im;>ortaiit l-u-in hS home to *par? tiBi" for more th^n a liuri I trip to \ienna. and Uie ruiei? of Spi u ire haidiy errtwin ol a ioBg elH Ugb tenure to m ifc" any oftieial engagein nt* o?r tin* lutorw. The Abu-t or "ll-x -iik" Itit.wv - fit H row ii. aha*" lloo*ier ' Itrowu, -?m to bcone ol Iht1 tno*l not 'i i. i - ri iB"Mh!- iii Hi- Wi -I. w .?? .tilt *to<l thi# loo uin^ l.\ In i.vtiver- I hi .. >i I Sii.iii_ton.ol Uie central oil'.'e, cLa<_ d ? 'i Baring stolen *?!.?'?i u ^n?? n'-.a.-k*, and a zoM ? tcli, valued at " ti "? Mr T. \\ Km! r. ;i rerMlcntot Cl.iea?. . III., but at JMn. lit lirii.g at l> I.HKl iloll*U>M *tleet. Illii a Ii I* OIK ol tiie mo*4 dc>|?'rate<barBc te?- ilt the we?l; wheie h<; i* know n a* an evprrt I. mi. r>'M>"r. burglar an I (V?iwlerte.t? r. He waubnrain Mi.-hi in, an-t ma?e hi* b< a?i>iuarU-r- at Fort Wayne, Indiana, tie i* *aid to L ?. e !..?? n eii'?g? .| in pa-Miig count* licit* in thi* cit_,. H<- * ta engag ed iu 4rvinl ro'ditrio* an.) hirglari * Sain Rivera, Harrw Hornier and >I.Bi ?'or?-v ai Mik !iart, IimI., and during ow it their raid* a batik ?fiic> r aiH> a |*olicI'D.iaii were kiiltd. Brown i* iwckid up at |tolu-e licud i.iailcle lot lUc pre* cut A. f. &?> . SW>. A% I\< ok thi: Ku riV'i>i> S\viT<? I M-am r u.?W in. 1>. tiuiid. w bo lift hi* d-ali at Ho-hmoiid *t?tion, ou Saturday ia*t. wh.l*>l *tatiding bravely at hi* |*?', ot duty a* eng.iiecr, wa* a resident of that part ?if I*rovide?ee ki.o>? n a* Klniwond. hi* hoitbe Ix-itig eloMe ' ? the rail road cro*>'.ng. VheB ever be p*?wetl thi* -pot. whetbet in tlaj.glit ar dark tie**, lie u?.l t j *nnlid a *hort, f?e' u'.lar fi^ual onth# luwitlw whi*t1e a* a greeting to In- wife ami a notifl.'a tiiHi that he wa* tliere an-l "all right."' Year in xmi year out thi> .-igual never iail?*tf. Tin- regu - ar p\**enger* came to kn >w it, and oa hearing it would kit, "Flier* <. Ids signal to hi? wile." Katiirdav mort'.ng ?he m.?- it lor th.; tit-t time, and w ill never bear it again. SniTtM tu T<>? oMMi i Sn< ihe ?Four year* ago HoikIb JBgoi. tin- mtui*tei oi li.amii Kuhhlu. wa* uiur<ier*'d by live m-n. 'I wo of them w * re puai?Hed i v .t. a'b but the othci ? wer? only impriMitn-d tor a lime, bccau*** it wt* not tin y "who projected the *cU< me. AfkfftVu year*, bdwever. twelve ni<*n of the *uhjoct* of Hoixta l^>Tii"l theDi*<'l\e* tog*thei b\ a \ >w to revenge their iBa*ter and kill the three men. \* *<?ii a-the mutder wa* fulttlle<l tb*y af? |Hal?*I to thegoveri.aaMt an*l a*ked for a |>to|ht l*tiTii*liBietit. In Ihe eleventh mouth of l*?t year they were toe >tuurt cjicide.? Joj .in HtraMar i IM. FvrAT R;> itTa.-The b'U mlurh La* pawied the New \ ork ledttlatn'*. and l>een >i^n.^l by the governor, forln.ta iiikeep?T*. Mtnm ?n car rier*. l?v land or water, manager* of th-ater* and oilier of am isemeut, an.I even *t Bfietery wwrlitiow. from miking a di-T.m mat ion again*t any one. on accouut oi color, who ma* a?k for the privileges asaal.y g ven to white (MOple. A detiuiiiic clause ot tli* hill ai?o re|ieal* all pa-t legislation tbat i* contrary to the aliote re^u.iement*. Thki:e i? an ABTMMLt viav imj to -p^aki in Rochester who survives, bnglit and lively, at the age of one hundred a-nl ?t\ yeara. apparent ly for the *ole put |>?>*e of confuting nmm folk's tlieotiea. For the vein ranle Angn*tns tobacco to exce*a. ati*l likew ise it i* rejs.rt*d <?t !? in that be ha* a p*--ion lor "mived tlriBks." Tiiere acema to 1*? no uile altout thi* iua;ter ot longevity. Mcu live until their "time ha* O0M. ' St' u nit wnn .* Kokkmw ct> Km cr ? A man silpl<?*cil to l>? Christian J. 11111*011. entered a coal office 011 W?t A iaiu- atr* et iu Chi. ago Wednes<lay afteriK-on awd quietly ask-dHie cierk to leiid him a knite for a nemo-i t. The clerk hai'dcd the man hi* ^Mx-ki t kii fe. wlii -h the man took, opened one blade ai?t .lre? it rapidlv across hi* throat, cu'ting it from iir Ui ear. He died almost instantly. A KE?rE< TABLi: vol Nti BAN ill W >rc??tct ha* been nihtiiu tn'y treated by hi* lan lla<ljr. and hnallv ejecteil from her liou^e, wb re he had all the retinitis t?iftueii(-?? of a homo lor three ilollar* an*l a halt a week. iy r-ly N* an*<J at the breakla*t table tbeoih"r niiruing.he a.l vised her. in the pre*-n*-.'ot the other t?-?ar.ler<, so *eud the butter to a hairdresser an! ftell it ? a wig. Dkamatu Si it?Notice ol atta 'h n^nts IbeFretirh theater were seired in New Yotk jre*terdav in the *nlt of Char le? Fochtcr, the actor against William Watts recover Ml'J.nOU damages tor Shei man's alb-god lailutt to fulhll !? coiitraet. A i'Rt7E rt?;HT between Ti< rury and Sloatte took place ve*t??rdaT on Ixing Island. Twenty round* were fought in au hour and two min utes; Tieruey coming out winner. Kloaue had his teeth knocked out, and wa* badly bru ned. Tieruey had his nose broken and eye# c ?7"Dan Uice has started ou hia W'^ farewell "IsrMW higan hu created a b0Ard ct ron,mi r^lonei^. ?TAn boi*?t ?rfirxlo man advertise* far tkc ?*,. -''Utt which he found on the *ide **,k:lh.tftU?er Uy. provid" **' ^ ?* to hare in -reaMd nearly *li,Ww,fr? "1 vbIubUob during the past three yenr** ._ jzxiL'szsxx 'he murder of Mr*. Lam pie v ia Baltiu. ".T* ? coainence at Anna poll* on "Moitday, May 4^ MflUe Ftiglish railway campaxiies are b?% iting to raise their fares on account of the ia crea?d price ol coal. A branch of the north weatern read ban added 33 per cent to iu rates. An old gentleman of Moatgomery Ala., requested bis little granddaughter to hand him a pistol from the bureau, IhcotMr <Ur.andiB a very short time that child had no grandfather V!t ia Mid that the "Miss" which Lvdia Th* ui|?ob puts before her name when ?ho hadn't ought to ia worth ?3on ^ week extra to her In drawing young men to her 00bcert*. ?7"The New Yorfe board of polioe bare grant - ed officer Henderson permission to bring <wit for damages against Robert Crawford, brother in-law of Commodore VaBdc-rbUt, for lUmXing huu one ye ar ago. V To-narrow will be aa evening day In Paris and tbroBghont France. Flections are to take place for delegates to the national asaem bly, Bad 1b aome districts there will be Seroe and bitter contests. VPoor but ln*laatrioiu Chinese gain a* honest livelihood by tehing Bp half-asilrs ef raid, betweea China and Japaa asd selhng it In old Junk shot*- waaaeiaed. re eentlv.with nearly two miles of cable stored away.

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