Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. B FCTC*E DATS. t B. h. warnkr, TOiA'?1 Brolrnr and AneMoneer. ?o. 78? 7Ik street. between G and H. trustee** SALE OF ATHREB-STORY brick HOUSE, Bo. 111 FIFTH STREET SOUTH EAST. AT AUCTION. _ . . It ?W?? ?C? rftrl >?J>mML. j?>? ^?and myself. dated M ?rrh 29. 1871, ao-1I duly re ^?corded in Liber No.012. folio 01, one ?if the land Twflnh for Wwtim|tnn, I?. C., I will sell at public wuction, in fr. nt of the premises. to the htgh??t Bidder. . n THUBSDAY, the l*b:h du of March, 1873. at 4 o'clock p. m.. all that part of Lot No. 13, to Mtnare Ho 811. contained within the following nv-tes end t?>o*4e: B-ginning f..r the mm* at a point 17 ? fe~t from Ik* corner of Lot Ho. IJ, and nmnn-g th-nce north 17 H fast; tknrr ?(? to tha far line of sntd W; thence s->uth 17H feet, and thence eact to th* plaee of beginning, together with lb" Improvements thereon. T?rnu: The aaonM >f ii debtedneas secured by ?aid deed of trust unpaid, with the np?n*i of sale, in rash, n->d the balance at nit and twHv? month*, to towrBMd by a1-*l at tru<t up>m tha property ?old, with inter?-et fr >m the dav of sale. $2Unde p<s?it on iroprano of bid. If terms uf sale are n?t Complied wtth wtthin seven davs alter sale, tbs ?r wrtj l? b>' rntnlii at th? risk and (fmt of th<" w I?>:!\iEg purchaser. _M?_ - ? GEO W STICK NET, Surviving Trust**. fS eoAd* I' H. WASNIE. Auct'r. ?/"TIIF ABOVE SALE 19 PligTPOSW tn.til THURSDAY. April 1871, same hour and place. JJ. order of the Trnsfee. BkSI B. H. WAKSEBi Auctioneer. %r TIIE A BOTE sale is postponed until WEDNEM? t Y, April 18. L<73, at 8 o'clock p. n, , plact. Bj ofii-r<< th" Trustee. ,10 B H. WARHEE, Aoct. ?STTHF ABOVT! SALE IS POSTPONED m.til V EPNISDAY, April 30th, 1473, MOf boir ai ! p!ac B? ord?>- of the Trustee. B H. WARNER. An-*t. BY GKKEN A V1LL1ANS, AM'ionrm, N. lOOl, f rtbwest toruw Itfth ai 1 D <treeta. V ALNUT PAPLOR FURNITURE. PAINTED tOITAGE SI ITES, WALNUT EXTENaloN TABLES AND DINING-ROOM CHAIRS, ?ALSIT WHATNOTS, M * RBL ? TOP CEN TER T\BLE*. BLACK WALNUT KRVME MIRROR. WITH *i,\B AND BRACKET, PAINTED BED9TV4IS. BUREAUS AND WASHSTANDS. BRUSSELS CARPET AND STRAW MATTING. HAIR-TOP MATTRKSS ES. CHIN A. C.LA*S AND CROCKERY WARE, 4 fNiKINU AND OTHER STOVES, KITCHEN UTENSILS. Ac . AT AUCTION #7\ Ou THURSDAY, the 1st dap of Map, 1V3. rcn.iKciirint at IB ??'cloa k n. w?> ??hall ?"11 l^lat th" rr?id*'nra ?.f a L >dy drclining h m?? I ^ 1 keeping, No. US** Ma^achnaetta a* ?nu?. cor ner of .'Id ?tr??? northeaat. the nbuve collection of I urniture. Ac. T?-r.?.? raah. ??d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. I?T LATIN ER A CLEART ' R*-al E?tat>- Br kirn and Auction -en, B- atbwaat corner P?nn?ylv*i.ja a?e. ami 11th ?tr"?>t, Star (>?e?- Building. ftByTirtneof n d^etl of trnat dated the ?'h<lap of March. A D. U7I, aitd rw>?rded in Lil>erN?. ?76. f ? li 4.3, f th-land records fur th" con at p of Waoh nit n, District of C'lwnbia, and bp the ?ntt?-n r?-.jn?rt of the i?;irty secured th*Tebir, wa *?11 > ff.-r f -r-ale, tv public aartion.on FRIOAY, lb. Jld day <>f M%r, l<73, nu the premiaen, al ft >'cl *k p m., the ?>"tera niLdn-n fret of Lot numbered 2i, tr ?-juair i'4?. ba? ing a d- pth of 7t feet < incbeg, and ii*_proTed by a three-?t.>ry Brick Dwelling TcrniK of *ale; One third rush; balance in lix nirt taeMeni nth?,anb intvreet at 1 * percent, from day ?.f -ale, at 'I ?? cfired by ilei-il of trn4t on the pr >perty a- Id. All conTeyancitu at p?irch??er'e coat; $VM t. an ? to ij th* pr jwrtv is ???id. FREDERICK W. JOKES,I JOSkPH R EI?S<?N, S Tni,WM^ TH<>M AS RUSSELL, I S. T. LEWIS. ( Aaatgneeg. ?3 d.?d? LATIMER A CLE \RY, Ancta. By tuumas e waggaman. Real Estate Auctioneer, 419 7th street. JfICK FIVE ROOM HOUSE. No. I?i3 NINTU SHEET. WITH VACANT LOT. ON SI1>K ^=1 t>n TUESDAY. April BB, at S o'clock p m , IB 1 shall eell. <>n the prenns s, abore-mention-d Mrt "f L->? 7, in Stu tre N<? 33!, baring a front of U fe?-t <>n pth straet H? nse M feet front. Ttubs ?!.? of ?ale. THUS. E. WAOOAM AN, !.v.A?cti"iieer. RAILROADS. Alexandria a washing-, ton r r. a aso 1 ALEXANDRIA A FRED BRICK SBUBO B. B Corner a/ b a? i Sxrtk Struts. Locm trains for Al-gaudria IrSTe as follows:- fi It, 7 ui 7m. # 53. 9-5*. lira. 11 S4a. m.; 12:53.1:53, 2:3d, 3.13, t id. 6.M, and . io p. in. LK<cnl train* Ir u. Alexandiin arrlTe as fallows ? B 38 . 7.43. S 28, 9 33. W ?. 11:33 a. m., 12:33, 1 33, 2:33, 3^. 4:23, S.S>. 7:3S, n:2S p m. 'Trnlua marke<l tn is connect with train* on W asb logton and Ohi<> R R. Ql*A VTICO Ac.. mmodatlon leareg WaahlngtoL 7 SU a. m. daily . except Sunday. GREAT SOUTHERN EXPRESS, vto Bichinona lenvea Waabington l?:i3 p.m. daily, emcept Snndaj Throngh tick-ts to nil p>>lnt? S>nth and Southweat Cor sale at Ofllcea, corner 13th street and Pennsylva nia asenne, and corn?r Pth straet and PannayIvnnia where nsssncrii aau I ears orders for baggage to be c decked at all hotel* and resident** through to tod llIlM TOUNU, OenT Paaaenger Agent. JT*)-tt 1FALT1MORB AND POTOMAC I> RAILROAD. i O+ot em %ik mud B <trtett, y. W.1 1RAIN8 LEAVE FOB > TRAINS ARRIVE At BALTIMORE I WASHINGTON. ? m? Niagara Eip., ? daily. 6.^3 b.b . Mall, except Sunday, 1'J.JR a. a.., S min u Exp daily,except Sunday. a ft p m., Ba timxre Ac comnM.da( i->u, daily, ex cept Sunday. t SI p. m .Cincinnati Ex are?a,daily, except Sun day. J a p. ?>., Western Esp. dtnr. Traina iew. tng W a* n at 5 53^nd UvM a.m. and n Hi .r-iii.i-^** a? B..?U ? ue m? M *" ?:?? m? Western E*?., . dally, except Sunday. "3S.SW-?sw. 4 ? P,m ? P?clSc Expreas, daily,except Sunday. wAcc onmicslation. W3? pm. Southern Ex CT' dally, except San ?? i.? ivi ?i:? a.B. aM S 3d p m .connect at B<wie with trainafor Marlboro', leaving i'?i- 7:M and 11:29 s. m.. and 4:53 riitnv ?? Marlboro ?13 a. m arxl 12 13 aaa 5.33 p. m Traiea arriving at W ashington t:.ft a. m. and 139 an-1 9 fit* p m , connect at B-'Wte with train* leaving Beriberi*7.l*> a. m. and 3:40 and 5^3 p. m. Paaaenger* leasing tbetr ??ruera at Ticket Ofllcea. c <msr of 19th street and Pennaylvanla avenue and northweat corner of Sixth street and Pennaylrania atsote, caa have their baggage called for aod check el at hotels and reetdenca*to all point* North and M ?et. Thrut.ik ticket* to Cincinnati, Ooinmhaa, l ?.Haaap> lis. Locisritla, St. Leuia, Vew Orleans, t hlc^o,Omaha, San Francisco, and all point* north, x ilk*tat, west, an<1 southwest. E. L. DUBABBT, Genl Supt. K 8. YOUNG Pen 1 Pas*> Agent. jpl-tf IJaLYIMORElABD UB.Ojl?s WtmipsTHSjIsn. M. 13TS. Trains between WASHINGTON AND BALTI M<>RB and W ASHINGTON AND THE WIST at* low run as follows, via: _ FUR BALTIMORB. Leave dally,e*rep< Pnnday. at 4:4is IB, IB, Ml Aid 10 a a. o..: 1D0. S.U. 4:10, Ml, ?JU. 8:00 and 3:* *'"? ON SUNDAY FOR BALTIMORE. Leave at 4 ?6 and S:i? a. m., and LOO, A1A,C?. 8? Uk.M p. n. FtiB ALL WAY STATIONS. Leavedally. except 4 44.4 41 and 8:44 a m.; ClW ami 4.2b a. m., and on Sunday at 4 44 ami 8 VP*. m.,arw* 1:?0. 3:1*.4:2U, and d.UO p. m. The li?. 3.18 and 8 13 i m. trains stop at the fol towing stations ou'y, ? ix: Bkkl?Tisburg, Belts -ille 3 sure!, Arv.sp"li* Junction, Hanover aitd Relay A 'so, the 3 15 p tn. will st p at Jeaaup's Cui, and the at peuri*!. Croas-ng. FOR ANN * POMS. Leave at ?:49 a. ni and * lo p. ui, I it n<>tr ?.->* to ot 1 tn Aai ap-i'm na Sundivy FOR NORFOLE. Leave at IW p. a . except Sunday. FoR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave datly, except 3v.uilay aad SuaJa. , at ?:4t a tn. and 3 15 ate! 8 U0 a. tn. Ou S^turdaj at ?:44 tnd a id S ut' p. n> , and on 6 .;?1a> at S.U and 8:011 p. n. TRAINS ARRIVE AS FOLLOWS: FromN>n Y<-rk, Phi.' eielpbta and Baltimore, at S 30 a. m . are! i it imi i Vi p. in. From Pbiowl tphia aim Baltimore at l aua.m. From Be'titnora at 4:5ii. t ?, d 40 anl 11:10 a. m . a .d 1 JO, 3:4U, 58 3, 7:*. 9:54. and 10.RI p. in ?K<>M THE WEST. Arrive at 1 90,0:34 and lu jo p. tu Ihroogu tickets Is the West cm tie had at the W sahi-igt?'u Station Ticket Of9ce ai all h<>ars-4 the de>, als<', at tbe C* ir.p*n> *s<'Clce, 4S4 Pennsylt ania a. t nue. !'??? <Ts percliaen.g tickets at the Ave tw oflce caij there arrange to have their bag*ig* called for aai'checked at their r~odenCe. taken to the de? t. and put into the ba??*g>- car. F"r New Y >rk, Pbilad fp..ia and B sto* see ad T. rtiss ni, i.t of 'Throngb" Th"S R. SH ARP, A?t M tster Transportation L H COLE, 6 -neral Tickeg Agent ? 'kO S. KOoBTE Gent A'gt. Washington, jsfll 'I'HRi ToH I INE BETWEEN > 1 W A >11 f BGT'*N, PHILA I'KI. mM " * 'iZ.'Qi i'UIA.ANDNEW Vi>BK.?*? W*-.U'N6toji, November I. 1871 Train*betv een W ASill>GTON a' d NSW VUBB a e rnn ae f FOR NEW YORK, fi'4uat rA?aa? of mvs. Leats daily (except Sunday > a: d.JO a. Tn.,l.<Vaad ' **"' FOE PHILADELPHIA. L -ave Jail) (sarept Sunday ) at a a. in . 1.110 and AH ON SUNDAY. L-savs for a York at 6.30 p. m., and Philadelphia a' 4 1b p. m. Bleeping cars fur New York on 8:90 p. m.tra.s oriy. Tuouh tH?ts to Philad ?Iptiia. N-w York and B etva caa he had at tL- S.ativn at all h< urs ill the de > For Bwltltrore ard Ohi railroad advertisement see acuislule beta-vn Wsahin^txa, Baltiniora, Auuapv li* and the W v ?t. THOS R SHARP. Ase" Master Transportation L M. COLE. General Ticket Ageni f*EO. S. K'tONTE, A?e?t, W-v?ningtoa. jel4 IK72 PENNSYLVANIA ROCTB IS72 TO TUB BOBTHWE*T. SOUTH. AND &OCTB WEST. Trains leava as follows: 44 sshtrgtou ? 4:31 a m I Baltimore .... f ? a. m ? ' 100 p. m 4 ? p. m. ? 15 p . _ ?'?Mp -. I - j" r p' THE GREAT BOt BLE TRACK Bi?L'TR ? E . a -- al ^e. r> u. - v _ ?' _T UJ. KJ r TK a c |. |[T j B Ui e>' gant S. s~ ?t) . Palace State-room ilay and aL&t cars, atth m"d?ra imcr .?etoe. is. T?" hundred aavad to Western aad Central Me* Ycrk. The 1. a a m. dally, sxcept So relay, nothwsst, ? 7AS p. a. daily, and 4 so m. m., except Sanday . west. H.ii t^?<?"f*cfio^? TT-roagt fr tu BALTIMORE U NIAG.VBk and F ITT SB l R? withont change. Ticket* by tlua rente ran be pr<^c?red at ins ofllcaa. garner of lib street ami Peonsy lania avseos. and u*iu*t sf 4th s?re?? and Pent*v|vania avenue,*?i le National H'tel.waera reliable lu( <n>iatioti will be glssa at all 'tm-e Pi?f i pr-'enrteg lirt-s at tnts flee rst aseara acooKUB<dati' ?? in Palara Cars fur Pitta twrg ED S. fOCNO,General Pawnaer trsat, narS-iy Baluators, Md AUCTION SALES Ft TIRE DAYS. B* |?T LATIMKK A CLE Mil, ' " K-*i E<t<ir Bn>k"r? tml Auct i.neera, c<ntk??a| conif r PinnnTimti ???#?? Md lltkit., Star Office BuiMiajr. TRUSTEE* 8 A L1C or VALUABLE TWO HTOkY ItKK'K DWELLING ??N BOUNDAUY SfKEET, il'iiB.NKK OF BK?WS COUBT.l near 14th street northwest. Br virtue <>f ? lf<~i of irnst, dat'-d October HlCh.A I). Ifl. umI daty r?roM<4 in Lik>r Ho. folio its. ?-f ?*<!.. nn? of the land rec t4s for Washington county, is the District of C .Inmbia, ? ?<1 by direction < f the holder of the note s-ture.1 hy said de??l "f tru-t, I ?h?il eel) at pnbli. auction, in front of the premises to tbe high**t balder. on WEDNESDAY. May Trh, A.D 1 {fo, .t ? ov{?^? I>. m , *11 that certain lot r pirc- of ground in the ctty of Washington, District of Columbia, and ? f"?n a* lot numbered ninety in Win. H. BrowiV inMhi^ioB <?f c^rtils liiti in mjann* mini ler?sl two hutiaired and thirty-four ( ?14), *? said sub division is rec< rded in the Surveyor's >fflce> of said city, in xtiUliti-ion book 'C H.B.," folio 353, to crther with the improvements tb rcm. Term* of ??le: One third cash, fof whi h must le ti-posited at time of sal-;) and the balance in one^two aid three year*, to be secured by pur < b*Mr . note*, bearing ten per cent, interest, (pay? able annually .) and ade?d of trust oti property sold f% i.teysrcitg ai.d recording at purchaser's c ?t. If terms of sale ;?re not complied with within nix days tie trustea-r>-*-rvee the rifbt to reaell at cost and rbk ot defaultire purchaser W>1 F. HOLTZM \N. Trustee LATIMER A CLEARY, Aacts. BY B B W AP.NER, K al K-tate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7<9 7ih street, between G :in<l H. '^ALEOFTAtr^BL*IMPROVED k>-Al. K>-TATK <?N THE NORTH SIDE O* I ^TRF.ET NORTH. BETWEEN ldiu AND IbTH STREETS WEST. * Ei Bv v irtne of a decre.- of the Snpreme Court of |?3*ha District ? f Columbia. p.iss.-d in the cause of ,' rj'* **t al, vs. Crux et a., No. 3.133 e-jtity, I v i'I ?? ll at pnM;c auction, in frot.t nf th ? premises, < B TUEsDAT. April <9,1S73, at 6 o'clock p. m? I*trt uf li't 3, Puninel DhvhI?ou> Htibliviton of lot 4, m square 199, begiuninc for the same at the north we*t corner of said lot 3, thence running south 142 f?et 7 inches to the north line of I street north: t bene* ens' M feet 4 inchas; thence north 75 feet 7 inches; th uce weat 13 fset 3 Inches; th-nce n.rlh 57 feet, to a 30-foot alley; and thence weat to the Iw-gin nlng, with the improvements thereon, constating of ? three Mory brick dwelling. Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase money ca-b on tbe day of sale, or within five day* thereaf ter. the residue in three equal instalments at 6. 12 and la months from t he day of sale, the purchaser or rurehasers to give his, her or their promlsory notes >r the deferred payments bearing interest from the <!ay of sale, at the rate of 8 B?r centum per annum. The title to be retained until the whole of the pur chase money with interest, is paid. In the event of the failure of th< purchaser *r purchasers to com fly with the terms of sale,the trustee has the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of such defaulting parrhaaer or purchasers. A denoslt of will be required on the acceptance of hid. an (I all conveyancing at purchaser^ coat. JAMES S. EDWARDS, Trustee. ?14 m.w^Ads B. e. WARNER, Aott. B. H. WABNEB. _ _u_ Be?l Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. TB9 7th street,between Q and H streets. CHANCERY PALE orTMPBOVED RE.VL 18 TATE ON ItlTH STREET WEST. BETWEEN T AND L STREETS NORTH, XnD 0E AN ALLEY IN THE REAR THEREOF. B> virtue of a decree of the Supreme Conrt, Dis trict of Columbia, passed in the cause of Wheatley ami sons vs. Fitch et al , No. 1.639. eouity docket 11, we-hall sell, on MONDAY, tlie At h day of May, I.v3, at 6 o'clock p. m .in th^ ?t pablic auction, lot-fi8,M.6l,?2,t?3,and71, ia Fvlca i er and Allen's recorded snMivision of parts of square 374. improvatl by five two-story and one I lirw-story brick dwellings, nearly new. Terms of sale; One-fourth cash ou tlie day of sale, <t withiu hve days thereafter, and tbe residae in f nr eqnal installments, at ti, 12. 14, and 24 months, from the dav of sale, the purchaser or purchasers siving his, her, or their promissory notesfor the c.eferred payments, bearing interest trom the day of -ale, the title to be retained until the whole of the {urrhaae money, with the interest, is paid. In the ? vent of the failure of the purchaser or purchasers toe .tualy willi the terms of sale, th< trustees have the right to rea^ll th? property at the risk and cost f such defaulting purchaser or purchasers. A ds pofcit of f li*> wil! be required on the acceptance of each bid. Conve> awing at purchaser's cost JAMES g. EDWABDS,/Trnmt^ FKED E W. J0NF8. \ Trustees. a21-ni.w.fts,ta B O. WARNER, Auct. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Buildings. LARUE SALE OF BOOKS. On aT'ESDAY EVENING, April a9th, and fol lowing evenings until sll are sold, commencing each evening at half-past 7 o'clock precisely, we ? ill sell, at our R.>< lus, corner of Penna) Ivaiiia ave nue and llth street, A LARUE ASDVALCABLE COLLECTION OF BOOKS. Embracing Rare Works on American History, Indians. Geol ogy, tlie Arts and Scienc-s, Army and Navy, Antiquities, Architecture, Language*, Ac., Ac. Also, a choice collection of Standard and Miscellaaeou- B ">k<, English and American editions. And many of Ih-m in *t?e bindings. To which we iaiite the speciiU attention of book buyers. ?^"The Books are now arranged for examination, and catalogues ail) be ready on Saturday morning. Parties unable to attend tbe sale can have their orders e*?cuted by the auctioneers. aS3 tf [ Rep.| LATIMER A CLEARY, Ancts. BY DUNCANSON. DOM LING A CO., Aucts., Corner tth and D streets northwest SALE OF IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON THE island, on f street sofTU, between *i> AND 4S STREETS WEST. ^ B> virtne of a deed of trust, duly recorded In IBliber E. C. E , No. ?. folios 416. A. ., of the land ?^records of the District of CotwubU. and at the retjnest of the party secured thereby,the subscriber, as trustee, will sell at public auction, to the highest b>dder, on Tl'ESDAY, 8Wth dav of April,at 4,S o'clock, part of lot 6, in square v?, inthecity of w ashington, D C., beginning ICfoetfrom the south east corner of said lot, and running thence west 16 f- et, and estendinji back of that width north & feet, with the improvements and appurteuauces to the s<inie belonging. Terms: One-third cash, of which #200 shall be I ail at the time of sale; balance in notes at 6 and 12 months, with interest, and secured by deed of trust on the premises sold. Cnless settlement be made within 5days after sale, a rasnle will be held at the c>?t and risk nf defaulting purchaser. Sale sub j>ft to an incumbrance, the amount to be stated at the time and placa of sale. Conveyancing at cost of the purchaser. CHARLES M MATTHEWS. Trustee. ?24 JS JB BUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucts. Y THOMAS E WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 419 7th street. stb By virtne of a deed of trust from Charles IssV. Gordon and wife to John D. McPherson, ?*?rec. rded in Liber tsfl, folio 324, of th? land records for Washit.gton County, in the District of C< lumbia. I will, oo MONDAY, the iilst day of April, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., offer for sale, at pub lic auction, in front of the premises, th? property described in said d-ed, to wit: Lot numbered 17, in s-iuare No. 140, with the improvements, being four El ?me HoUa>'S T-rms On?-third cash' the balance in ?ix and taelve months from day of sale, arul secured by pur chaser's notes and deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. j d. Mcpherson.Trustee, n 20-eoAds THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Auct. ??^"POSTPONED, BY ORDKR OF TIIE TRCS t until AI'RIL 30th . same hour and place. J D McpnERSON, Trustee. a24-eo*ds THOS. B. W AGGA M AN, Anct. B \\ V Y GKEEN A W ILLIAMS, Anrtloneers, No. 1001, aorthwsat corner ltKh and D ata. VAI TABLE REAL ESTATE AT THE fORN ER O* BOLNDAKY STREET NORTH AND 7th MKEET ^ EST, AT THE JUNCTION OF THE 7 rw-STKEET OARS. AT AUCTION. MONDAY, the ?th day of May, U73,at 0 ?'<1. t k p. m., we shall sell, oa the premises,being L< t No. 37, in sutsliv ision of Mount Pleasant, hav il.g 40 feet 2 incdes front, running through to 8th i-'reet west, with the improvement*, consisting of ? It i<k Dwelling-house. This property has flue I oilding fronts? on B mndary, 7th and 8th sts.; on the old B.act nsturg road, making it valua ble property. Terms: One-half cash; balance 1 and I years, for - bearing 6 per ML inter-st" and s.-enred by a '1 --4 of trust on the premises. Conveyancing at ibe cost of the purchaser. fSliaidown on the day of ,;,le._ |a31d) GKE1.N A WILLIAMS. Aucts. Y B. H. WABNEK, R-al Estate Broker a?id Auctioneer. No. 7X0 7ih street,bat ween UulU sts. 8A1 E OF DESIRABLE"BUILDING LOTS ON HIE NORTH SIDE OF CORCORAN STREET, HK1UEKN 14th AND 1?th STREETd, AT AUCTION. I ? ill sell, at public anct ion, in front of th" Fypremises, on THURSDAY, May 1,1473, at 6 clock p. m., L >ts 4?, 80 and 51, square ?K, ft n'irgaofeet each on Corcoran street, bj a depth if 96 bet to an alley. T- rins to Im* tnsde known on day of sale. (Wda p- -it rennired ou each lot when sold. *24-dAds B. M. WAENEE, Auct. Y DUNCANSON. DOWLING A CO., Ancts. feoutheaet corner 9th and D streets northwest. \ ALUABLE GARDEN FARM ON ARLING TON H Eli; UTS AT AUCTION 9 On TUESDAY, April *J9th, 1873. at 12 o'clk m., we will sell at our auction rooms, a valua ble farm, situated two miles from Aiiueduct Bridge, containing 6'? acres, improved by a go.?d tlw lliug boose, 32 bj 44.containing four rooms; good Itrn, water close at hand, an 1 friiits of all kinds. Land in good condition and easy of areata to Wash ii gtoo, fl-orgetown. and Alexn vlria. Terms of sale: f auo cash , balance In deferred noU af7 days. _a? DUNCAN SON. DOWLING A CO , Ancta. OF SMALL ABM8 AND ACCOUTRE MENT n SALE ? _ Etraia* ot ??nsa!?r?, i Matt p?raKTMKgT, April 17,1873 ( ? cas ut ivcw a vi ? ? " c utr-ments, as follows, vt*. 6.V1 Plymouth ritla*,csl. .<?, serviceable. 174 Plymouth ri(!?a, cal. .69, ne?-ding repairs. tool Plymouth rifle sabre bayonets. 6.?6 Plymouth rifle sabre bayonet-scabbard*. I >44 Sharps A Haul ins oarbiasa, cal. servicea ble. 417 Sharps A Hankies carbine*, cat. .52, needing re Sharps a Hankins rifles, cal. M. serviceable. M Sharps A Hankins rifles, cal. M6 needing re 378 S^nut|S A Hank ins rifle sabre bayonets aad ?<~ab Terais: One-half cash in Goventaient funis oath* err. uaion of the sale, aad the remain?la>r within ten l It) i days after* anl?, during which time the articles n.a-t be retnovrd from tbe yard,otherwise Uwy will revert to the Gov itaaiat. It is to be distinctly understood that no guarantee will be given to Mirhamrs of articles f>?r sale and noted in tbe cafal' gne, as regards their exact coodi tK?ornali>y; but It is believed, however, that everything offered for-a'e I, as issnwntMl. WILLIAM lT JEFFEE9, al8-dts Caief of Bureau. AUCTION SALE?. VTTURB DAYS. V GREEN * WILLIAMS, A?rllni~r,, b utb-iwl corner 7th ami D streete. B TRUSTEE'S 8ALF. OF VALUABLE IMPROVED smwavwiffiv** " A BrtirtiM.>f *4wd4trM,M?4 AprilMi (3a. I'. 187?, and duly recorded in liber 1to. Ml, *c., of the land record* fbr *ashtngtoa county. D. C.. and by tbe direction of the party ee cur^l thereby, I will *ell, at public auction. in front of the premises,on ilO> It AT, the Slat day of April. A. I>. Ml, at ft o'clock p. la . all of Iota numbered one hundred and twenty-sevea( 117 land one bwwdred and twenty-eight (ID) and a part of lot nlimbered one hundred and Iwenty-ntne (I?), in Gilbert'* re corded subdivision of a*ware ? umbered lit hundred and seventy-ftve (ffi), in the city of Washington, with all the improvements thereon, consisting of l??erly finished brick dwelling* on north I street. A plat of the property will b? exhibited at the sale. Tertmi of sale: One-half in cash, of which 3100 must be paid at tale npon each home eold; the de ferred payment* to be made in six and twelve mouth* arter day of sale, within*' * at tea per cent, per annum, and aarured by det-, .mat to the satiefac tion ox the Trustee. Term- to fee fully compliM with within sis day* after day of *ale, otherwise thp Trustee reserve* the right to resell tha property, after one week^ notice, at the risk and coat of first purrliaser. All conveyancing at purchaser's coat. WM. H. W\RD, Trustee. a8 3tawAda GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucu. Sy-THB ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until MONDAY, May ft, at tbe same hoar and place. By order of the trustee *21 ORBKN A WILLIAMS, Anrta. BY LAT1MBB A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Batata Broker*, Southweat corner of Penn. avenue and 11th street, Star Office Building. SALE OF GOVERNmInT PROPERTY IX SQUARE No. 6S9. Pursuant to the act of Congreea providing for Ma tbe extension of the Capitol ground-, approved **May 8. 1*72. we *hall sell on THURSDAY MORNING. Mm 1 ,1873, commencing at II o'clock, the following Building*, embraced in Square No. 688: feanderson houae, corner of A street and New Jer sey avimie,(frame and brick.) No*. Uu an i 112 N?w Jersey aveutie; will be sold together,) frame*.) No*. 118(fiame) and 110 and 122 (brick) New Jer sey avenue; ?ill be *?>ld separately. Ni*. 124 and 116 New Jersey avenue, corner of B *tr?et; will be aold together. Noa. 31,44,46,48 and 58 B atreet, (brick;) sepa rably. No*. 38. 40 and 42 B atreet,(brick;) together. No. 109 lot street .(material brick;) sep irately. No*. 47% 46, 43 , 41,2* aud 19 A street,(frame*;) sep sr*t? ly. No*. 33. SI, 17,15.13 and 21, (13 and 13, Caiparis Lorae, will be sold together,) 11,9 and / A street, v iK be *oM *epurately, < material brick.) Iron railing* in front, and wo>d-sheil*, *tahl?* *nd fencing in rear of buildings will ba sold sepa rxtHy. Terms of sale; Ten per cent, of the purchase money will be required at the time of sale; tb ? re mainder within ten <iav* after *nch sale. Baildinga to le removed within thirty days. Br order uf C. DEL ANO, Secretary of th-> Interior. S'.J-d LATIMER A CLEAKY, Auct*. BV LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*, bouthwest corner PeniiayIvania ave. and 11th atreet. Star Offise Building. TR USTEE'SSALE OF~V%LU ABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON COLUMBIA STRIKE!. BE TWEEN PAND Q STREETS NORTHWEST. A By virtue of two deeds of trust, dated March Sth, 1872, and Jnly 10,1871, and duly recorded respectively iu Lib?r <73, folio 427, and Liber 6.<6. folio 349, of the land records for Washington county, in the District of Colombia, and by direction of he party *?*nred thereby, I will sell, at public suction, in front of the premises, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 9.1, at 6 o'clock, Lot No. 134, in David L. Morrison's aud other* subdivision of part of Square No. 3rt5, with the improvements thereon, consisting of a well-built threo-*tory Brick Dwelling, with oce-atory back building, with gas, wafer and bath-room. This property has a front of 18 feet on Columbia street, running back 10f> feet to a 10-foot alley. Term* of sale: One-fmrth cash; residue in 6,11 and lationths. Defern-d pajment* to bear 10 per cent, interest from day of sale and to be secured by a deed of trust on the property. 9'00 down at timn of sale, t 'Uiveyancing at cost of purchaser. If the terms of ?x|o are not complied with within ten days there after, the Trustee reserv,* the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chtser, after five days' public notice. WM 8. HOLLIDAY, Trustee. *:2-.Ud* LATIMER A CLEARY, Auts. ?Y MATT1NGLY A WHEELER, Auctioneers and Brokers, No. 503 9th street northwest, uext to corner E st, TRUSTEE'S SALE BY AUCTION OF VERY VALUABLE REAL ESTATE IX THE FIRST WARD, FRONTING PENNSYLVANIA AVE NUE AND A GOVERNMENT RESERVA TION. Under and by Tirtue of a deed of trust, In IHPwhich I have been substituted as trustee iu -^^-the placewf I rank D. Whitney,deceased, which i-recorded in Lioer No. 618, folio 448, one of th-> li-ad records of Washington county, District of <'-o luB'bia, and at the request of the holder of the note s ?eureil by said deed of trust, 1 shall set up, expose, *i>d sell, tothe highest bidder, on WEDNESDAY, April 30,1873, at 4 o'clock p. in., on the premises, originalTiOts (19) nineteen and<?> twenty, in square numbered (101) one hundred and one. These lota front seventy-five feet on I street, near its intersec tion wjth Pennsylvania avenue, and bavo a depth of one hundred and forty-nine feet and three inches to a public alley twenty feet in width, and side alley tmeen feet wide from I street, fronting a reserva tion and Pennsylvania avenue. This property 1* peculiarly adapted for the erection of first-class pri vate residence*, and should command the attention of capitalist* and builders. Terms: One-half cash; balance in 4, 11 and 18 months, with interest at six per cent, per annum, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. A de posit of j*5U> when sold. Couv,yancing at pur chaser's cost. Terms of sale to be complied with in one week after sale. W. B. WEBB, Trustee. *21 d |Bep.] MATTINOLY A WHEELER. Auct*. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Real Estate Broker* and Auctioneer*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania aveuue aud Uth at., Star Office Building. TWO VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON NEW YORK AVENUE, BETWEEN 3d AND 4th streets NORTHWEST, FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. 9 We will offer for sale, on TUESDAY, April 519, 18^3, at 6 o'clock p. m , lot* numbered twenty-four (14) and tweaty-flve (25), in the subdivision of *<iuare numbered live hundred and twenty five (328), a* recorded in the office of the Surveyor of Washington city, in Liber H. D. C., f?(io80. LowNo. 14 front* seventeen (17) feet five (6) inches on New York aveuue, and contain* 1.421 square feet. Lot No. 25 front* *eventeen (17) feet five (6) inches on said avenue, and contains 1,250 ninare feet of ground. T>rms of aalc: One third of purchase money cash; balance in equal instalment* at 6 and 12 months. The purchaser will he required to give his notes for the deferred payment*, bearing interest at the rate of eight per cent., and secured by deed of trust on the property. Convevances at purchaser's expense. A deposit of $90 will be required to be paid when the property is bid off. A ptwt of the property will b^ exhibited atH.bc sale. _ E E WHITE. EUGENE CARUSI, WM F MATTINGLY, Assignees of Jas. G Naylor. al* d LATIMER A CLEARY, Auc's. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Eatate Brokers, Sonthweat corner Pennsylvania avenge aud Uth at., Star Office Buikliuga. hlNGLE ANDDOUBLeT'ARVED OAK DESKS, CARVED OAK LEATHEROOVE RED OHAIRS To MATCH: IMMENSE QUANTITY OF BRUSSELS CARPET; OFFICE I>EsK8 AND TABLES; WALNUT AND OAK CANE SE VT OFFICE ARM CH AIRS; SOFAS, ?c, Ac , BE ING THE FURNITURE RECENTLY IN USE IN THE HALL OF THE HOUSE OF REP RESENTATIVES, LOBBIES. GALLERIES, AND COMMITTEE ROOMS, AT AUCTION. A On TUESDAY MORNING. A>ril 39th. Ot 1873, Commencing at 10 o'clock, we will sell l^P|at the Capitol of the United States? ((I About 3uo tingle aud double Carved Oak Desks, About 300 Carved Oak Leather-covered Aria Chairs to uia ch, Large number of Waluut aud Oak Cane-so at and back Ann Chairs, Office D esks and Tables, Sofas, Immense quantity of Brussels Carpets, whicU will be Bold in lots to suit purchasers. The carved desks and ch*ir* will be sold in the chambtr of tbe House of Representatives. The ci rpets and other furniture in the largo hall imme diately under the chamber of the House. Terms cash. By orderof EDWARD McPHERSON, Clerk of the House of Representatives, U. S. sll- |Rep.CbJ LATIMER A CLEARY, Auct*. GREEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001, northwest comet 10th and D st* 8AI.E OF VERY VALuTbLE BUSINESS PROP ERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF PENNSYL VANIA AVENUE. BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. A^^ By virtue of a deed executed by tbe late ? Mr*. Sarah Hamilton, appointing the under fciBLsigned Trust e for tli'< purposes therein set ft'Hh, dated the Uth day of April, 1871, and recorded In No 649. folie 131, one of the land records f >r Wash iitKtou county, D. C., and at the reouest of and by virtue of a power of attorney from the beneficiaries named in a*id deed, I will *ell at public auction, in fi"iit of tbe premises, to the highest bidder, on MONDAY, the Atb day of May, at A o'clock p m., t.rt? of Lot* Noa. five (4) and *ix (6), in Square nnni ered three huudred and eighty (SIO). Improved by a three-atory and attic Dwelling, with back buildiug, being premises known a* No. 944 Pennsylvania avenue northwe,t. This property front* ? feet on Pennsylvania avenue, with a depth of about &3 feet, connecting with Lot 4, which fronts U feet on C street; in all 1,9*4feet. Term* of nate: One-fourth casfcn the balance in twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months, with interest at *ix per cent., payabla aemi-annually. secured by a deed of trust on the property. A deposit of f2U0 will be l _ terms are not complied ' _ tlie sale, the property will be resold at risk and coat " conveyancing at pur w eed of trust on the property. A deposit i required on acceptance of bid. If the complied with within aeven days after property will be resold at risk anc of defaultiug purchaser. All conveyaacing at i *)A-eolw AdtMS Auction WW. TRUSTEE'S SALE or * VALUABLE FAEM NEAB EOCKVILLE. By Tirtae of a deed of trust from Harry Hurley and wife, dated May the 8th, IW, and recorded la liber EBP, No. t, lolio MB, Ac., one of the land records of Montgomery county, I will ?ell, at pabli* au- tion. at the Ceurt-house door, In the town of B'ckville, on TUESDAY, Sth day of May,1873. at 11 o'clock a m , the Farm on which the said Harry Hurley now resides. This farm is on the public road from Bockville to Darneetown, about a mile and a half from the former place. It haa been laid oft into two part*, and will be aoM separately. Lot 1 front* on the public road, and contains 117T? acre*, 15 of which are go,sl chestnut aad otk timber; is well watered, aid imaroved by a two-story Frame Dwelling House, with Barn, Stable* and Granary. Lot 1 lies immediately iu rear of lot 1; is also well wooded aad watered, and to improved by a good Frame House, of six room*, ami contains 114 acres. Terms: One-third cash; balance in one and two years, with interest and approved security. For further particular*, or plat shewing the preia iees.apply to Richard M. WiNia?s, attorney-at-law. Reck* ille. Md. *tt-eo4t* 8\M"L FOWLER, Tra^tee. AUCTION SALES. PITI P E ntvh. Y S. SAM STAG * CO., Anctimwr*, Mo. 684 LvwFiui tvt., btt.<lkail7th Mi, We will sell, at public aacti"*, rommsnciaa cm MONDAT MOBSIUti A prll ? ?? o'clock, at the store Nn. 6US L ouitnitie nne, between ftb and Tib ?treets, aid rontion B m tug trnttl the who lei lock t? r'o#ed out, rnn*i?Mng of tl.s Ml"w?ne goods : A I stock of B >ots and Klxx'?. CkHhiug, Furnishini Ou<t?, Dry Q>ods, Cur'alns and Curtain Muslin*. Parasols. c ?mprtsiug: )W liiiii lYClothing for Men. M) Soils of Clothing fur Bv)t? Men's and Shoes, Lndles and M!-*es Gaiters, M and B"jV Shoes, Undershirts swt Drawers, White Shirts, ll mdkercM- fb, Ulon? and Tit*. C ?liars in Linen and Payer, Hlack Alpat as. Suiting Linens, Grenadines, Nainsook* iu (lain, clicked ami ? ripei, Swim Mu*1!i>, Victoria and Si-hop Lawns, Table Linen1. Napkins, Towels, Marseille* Quilts, Curtains and Curtain Net*, Parasol* with long handler. Trimming?? great variety. Marseilles Trimmings. I<ltinri Lsces. Embroideries, Flowers, Ladies', Men's, Mi?se?'and Roy's ll.miery in White, Unbleached. Faucy Colors and Blue Mixture, Ribbons?all Colors, QuaMties and Width*, llau.burg Editing*. I rnbf 11 a* in (Cambric and ^erg*, Ac. And a treat many other gool* too numerou* to mention. The above stock wil be sold to the high *t bidder without re*?-rv?? Tfrmseaih. 8. SAMSTAG A CO., Auc's . s?t-4t No 6yi La. a*e., be*. 6th an-- 7ih sis. 1>T LATIMER A CLEARY, I ? Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenae and 11th St., Star Office Building. CATALOGUE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD Fl'RNl TUKE. A On MONDAY MORNING. April 3?*. 1*73. Ill rouum ncirg at 10 o'cl>>ck, at the r<-*i.i-nce Hk"l a lady declining housekeeping. No. 303 K f ? ' street, between Sd and 4?h street*, we iihall sell Uje following excellent Furniture: S"Iid w-*ewood Parlor Fnruiture, " ?' Chamber " IT?ir?l< th Furni'ure, Marble-top Walnut do., , Paint*d Chamber Furniture, Lounges, Fine Hair and XIn?K Mattresses, f-uperior FeatIn-r B*ds, Bolsters and Pillows, bupt-rbsolid Mahogany Kvti-nsiu Oiniio Table, 20 teet. Dining Chairs, Card and Side Tables, China nn . Glansware, Silver-pi at til Ware, Superior Brussels and 3-ply Carpets. Brunei* Stair Carpets, Hall and Stiir Oilctothi. rooking and Heating Stove*, Kitchen Requisites, Ar T--rmsca>h. allots LATIMER A CLEARY, Auc's. VFY LATIMER A CLEARY. I* Auctioneers and Real I-tate Bn>ksr?, fcouthweet corner Peiinsyly ania are. and 11th street, Star Office Buildings. VERY DESIRARLE LOT AND DWELLING, (LATE THIS RESID*N<E OF LEWIS JOHN Soli. ESQ.. T'ECEASItIT:* ON THE NORTH EAST CORNER OF 1 Itm AND G STRKKTS NORTHWEST, FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. By virtue of a d?cr<M> of th'- Supreme Conrt of ?he District of Columbia, pa*?--d in a canse in ?said Court depending not ween Lt-wis J Divi* et al., complainants, and Georgiana R. Davis et al.. de fend ants, I will sell, at public auction, iu front of the premises, on MONDAY, April 3&th, 1373. at 6 o'clock p. tn ., parts of origins! Lots numbered three (3) and four (4), in Square N>?. 545, in the city of Washington,D. C , particularly described as follows; Commencing at the southwest corner of said square and running tlience north along the line of 11th stre?-t one hundred and thirty-nine (1391 feet: th'-tice east forty four (441 f<-et nine (9) inches; thence south one hundred and thirty-nine (1391 feet to G street; thmice west forty -four (44)feet nine (9) iuches to the

point of beginnii:g, with th. improvements. consist ing ot a fine three-storv Brick D*<-liiuB, containing Mil the modern conveniences, and Brick Stable and Carriage-house. The yard is supplied with a pump and well of fine drinking water. Terms of sale as prescribed by the decreet Oae tl iid of the purchase money cash, and the balance insix(6), twelve(l2)audeighteeu(li)nionths. The deferred payments to bear interest at the rate of eight (8) per cent, per annum. A depisit of A.VJO v> ill be required when the property is bid off. Cou Teyanciug at Cost of purchaser EUGENE CABU8T, Trustee, ali^d LAT1MKR A CLEARY. Aucta. nY DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucfs. Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. TRUSTEES' SAfE Of"vaLUABL* IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION. By virtue ??ff a deed of trust, dated September 17th. 1872, and recorded in Liber 691, folio 2(9, of ?the land records of Washington county, Dis trict of Columbia, and by direction of the hold?r of the note secured thereby, we will sell, ai public auction, on the premises, on MONDAY, A pi il Sllst. 1873 at 4 o'clock p. m. all that piece or r.>rcet of gronnd known anil described a? original e>t numbered four (4.1 in wiuaresouth ofsijuareaue hundred and four (lot,) improved by a two-story Frame Building. Terms of sale, as required by said deed, are 92.0nu, with ten per cent. intere*t from September 17th, 1.-72, together with the expense* of this sale, in cash, and the balance- in 6 ana 12 moat lis, secured by the notes*>f the purchaser, bearing interest at tS per cent., and adeed of tru"! on lb-- property. 92U0d >wn when th<- property is struck off. If the terms of sale are not c< mpiied with, the tmste"*' r serve the right to rs s. II the property, at the risa aud Coat of tbedefault ti.g purchaser. ROBERT P DODGE, rillLIP A. DARNKILLE,tTrnirte""* ?9 Dl'NCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aucts. *X"TIIE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONRD until ?.UNLAY, April s<9th,l*73, same hour and place. ROBERT P. DODGE, ( Tr?.f*?. PHILIP A. DARNKILLE,,< ?-"2 DUN<;AN80N a DOWLING. An*ts. It Y WM. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers, > New Marble Building, No. 900 and 90'i Pennsylvania avenue. TRUSTEE'S 8ALR OK VALUABLE PROPER TY IN SQUARE N?>. 7l!i. By virtue of two deods of trust, recorded in Liber R M H.,No 22, fo'io 78, also iu Liber T and R, No. 7, folio 109, of the land records of the District of Columbia, and bv direction of the parties secured thereby, I will offer at public sale on the premises, on MONDAY, the'A^th day of April, at the hour ?f & o'clock in the afternoon, the foil iw ing Lots of Gronnd. as sub-divided by Wm. F.T ?>tn,Surveyor, being Lots number 43 , 44 , 45, I#, 47, 48. 49,80, 81,52. 53,54,56. 86.57,58, 39,60 , 61.62,63, 64, 6: 06 , 67 , 68.6r, 70,71 and 72, of the sub-division or original Lets number 12,13,14, and part of 13, in square 712. These Lots front from 19 to K feet on Delaware avenue. 2d street east, M street north, aud Colfax street, and run back to alleys, the said Lots being In depth from 94 to 100 feet. Two Frame II euses on Lots <1 anil 62 will be sold with the Lots. Terms of sale: One-third cash: the residne of the purchase money In 6 and 12 months, the purchaser Siving bis nates bearing 6 per cent, interest from the ay or sale: a deed given, and deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. All conveyancing at the purchasers' cost. A dep ?t of $25 required from each purchaser when the Lots are sold. Plats of above Lota can be had at our store. R P. JACKSON, Trustee. al7 lOt (Rep] W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. BY~LATIMER A CLEARY Auctioneers and Seal Estate Broker*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and lltb St., Star Office Buildings. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT ON SI6th ST , BKTWEKN K AND L STRKKTS NORTH WEST,(NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,) AT AUCTION. ?Ou WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April *3, 1873, at 6 o'clock, we shall sell in front of the premises, lot F,in Wroe's suMlvision of part of square 4, fronting 2u feet on 2\>ih street, with a deptn of 100 feet to an alley Terms: One-third cash; balance in C, 12, and 21 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's ci st. AloOdown at time < f sale. al7-d??U LATIMER A CLEARY, Ancts. WIS CONSEQUENCE OF TIIK RAIN,THE et.ove sale is postponed until MONDAY, April 2t*th, 1673, same hour and place. a2t LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucts. B Cj B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Northwest corner of loth and D street!. VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN '1 HE HEART OF THE CITY AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 5th day of M:iy,1873, we |shall sell, ou the premises, at o'clock p. in., 'all that nit-ce or parcel of ground lying in the city ?f Washington, D. C., known as part of lot uumber five, in square number three hundred and eighty, being the southwest corner of loth street *e?t HLd C street north, fronting on 10;h street 19 feet 3S inches, and runuing back on north C street feet to au alley 9 feet 9 inches wide, and also fronting on north C street 16 feet 2 iuch?s, running buck 75 feet in depth, with the improvements, con sisting of a two-story brick dwelling-house and a g. i<1 biick warehouse, making both pieces valuable pi operty. Terms: One-third cash; balance in6,12,13 and 24 months, f->r notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trnst on the premises sold. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. 9&I0 down on pi? e at the time of sale. al6-eoAds [Rep] GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctsf Y LATIMER A CLEARY, Anctloneers and Real Estate Brokers, 8<uthwest corner of Penna. avenue and 11th street, Star Office Building. IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 11th STREET, BETWEEN G AND H STREET NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION. Or MONDAY AFTERNOON. April ??Sth, 1873, at tt o'clock, we shall seii,inlront of the premises, the northern part of lot No. 9, in square 346, fronting 15 feet on lltb street, and running bark 70 feet, improved by a three-story aud kM-ement Brick Dwelling, with gas and water: being No. 73> lltb street. Term: One-fourth cash; balance In >, 12, and 18 months, with interest. ?100 down at time of sale. Conveyancing at ?nrchaaor'a coat. >23 dtds I Rep ] LATIMER A CLEARY, A nets. DY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. D No. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D its. BALE OF A DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT IN t^l ARE No. 044, KAYY-YARD, AT AUO SOn WEDNESDAY, the 30th day of April, 1ST", we shall sell In front of the premises, at ? 10 o'clock p. m., sub-lot ananberod thirty six (36), in square numbered nine luiodrM aad forty fnu (944),containing two thousand one hundred (2.1(0) square feet of grouud, more or less. Terns: One-third cash; balance in six and tvrwlrs mi nths, with interest,secured by a Aeed of trwst on the property aokL Convejancing at purchaser'? t-?t. #50 down at time of sale. >2? OREEN ? WILL LA 1|S, kmc*. IJN1T1D STATES MARSHAL'S SALS. la virtae of a writ at fteri hdii, iasned oat of the Clerk's oSce of the Sapreas Court of the District of ColtBibia.aitd to Ma airsated, I shall sell, li ' of the cart-boaoa door of saldDistrict. < the cit singnl le\ted ? 'A ' *? ta .AL*X. 88ABP, V. S. Marshal,D a April W.U73. AUCTION SALES. THIS ArTER.WoS. By prKCAKsoB, powliho * ro . Southeast ctiwr of *h ud D ?n*ta uovhweet. TRUSTEE'S SALE OfTaLUABLK PROPERTY OK 6th STREET SOUTHWEST. UN TUK INLAND. , B> vlrtneof ? d*?d of trust, da**d on ?h ? gt h {day of July, A. D. l?~?. and teoora^ in Lil?-r LNo.flB. folia fl. Ac., of th* I kI rrrorda (or VMklaituB coitt). D. C., Mul b? dlrec?i>a ..f I Il eal"! y secured thereby, I will sell a? pnMir aactioe, in front of the premise*, at ? oYlorfc p. ai ,ou M' >N DAT, the Tth ilny . f April, A. D 1<3, aft of L 4a cumbered fnnr(4) and fln(IMn thf mk d Tiwou of Hquut numbered foar hundred aad six ty-five. (4tt.) with all the Improvement* thereon. Tmw> ? f Nk: Onf-htM to rwh, of wfeich 9hN mtv-t be paid at kale, Ui? dtrfrrrnl pk)wnta to l> ir.arle In six and tw?|ve u.ooths, with interoat at t -n f? r cent. per annnir. from da) of sal*?term* to be rr.llr with within six day* after ?ale, oth erwiee the Trustee rrwrx the right to reeell at ?h? risk and coal of flrat purchaser. AH c>? > rrannnr at purchaser'? Mat. *M H . W A Kb, Trn?tf?. m3? eoAdsDUNCANSON. DOWLING * CO..Aacta. ?TTHI ABOTESALE IS POSTPONED until "1 UESDAT. April 1*. 1CJ, ?Miie hoorand place. VI. I WARB, Trustee, a? eoAda DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A 00., Ancta. VTH ABOVE SALE IS FUBTnER POST . POKED until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, LApril 43d, 1373, itnr boor and place. P? WM. H WARD, Troatee. ? 19 DUNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO ,Aucte. ?/"THE ABOVE SALE 18 FURTll CR POST P< tN ED, on Kvouttnf the raio,ontil SATURDAY, April U6th, 1873, at 6 o'clock p. tn. WM. H. WARD,Trustee. a?4 DUNCANSON, DoWLINO A CO ,Aocti. Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Mo. lOOl nortt weal corner lO.h and D ate. B VALUABLE BU8INE!-S PROPERTY, OH THE h'KTH HIDE OP PENNSYLVANIA AVE NUK. BETWEEN ANI> 6th fTREETS, WEST. FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. eWf will offer for (ale at poblit auction, in front of th?> premise*, on SATURDAY, April <6,1873, at 6 o'clock p. m , the H >u?e and L< t kiioan at- No. 499 Pen^ylumaa\enue n ?rthw?st, and being the eastern part of oricmal L t uum Iwred aix (6), in suu.t:e nnmbered four hunlred and i.inety-one(491),fronting on p -nosy Ivauia avenue n:neteen (19) feet four (II inrhe?, extending the depth of the lot to an alley thirty (30) feet wid?, and bounding on said alley nHietifii (19) tret eight and a half (8M indie*, with the improvements, consisting of a three-story Brick Honee. Terms of sale; Oue-third of the purchase money cash, and the baluitfoin equal innafin. six (6), t v elve (12) and eighteen (18) months from d *t a <rf t>al?-;tb?- purchaser t? give bit note* for the deferred l>?) niente. bearing intereat atfhe rate of 8 per cent, per annum, a* d nfnrwl by a deed of trust on the property. A d"poeil of JSOO will be required when Imp property is bid off. Cocvevandngat purchaser'a txpeu-MS. LEWIS J. DAYI8, BI UENE CARUSI, *W H. P. LEACH, Exeaut^psof esia'eof L,l?hn?on. all d GREEN A WILLIAMS. A nets BY DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CO., Aurts. Corner tth and D streets northwest. 8A1.E Or VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITOL HILL, AT AUCTION. SOn THl*BM?AY AFTERNOON. April IT. at $ o'clock, we will sell upon the premla"*, ail of Lot 1, square 838, hat ing a front of 5) f?et ? iiK-.hex upon north D xtreet, with a depth of A) feet u['<?!) 8th street ea?t. This prop<?rtj ts aituaW in one of the most r.tnidl) iniproviag portions of tha city, h< ing the northwest corner of 6th and D sta. uortlieaat. Ti rnm- One-third cash; balance In ?, IS and 18 tcotiths, notes bearing interest and s^cur^d by de~d of truet upon tlie premises. Conve)nncing, Ac., at c<?t of the purclia?er. A depi.sit of %S0 will be re qiiirf-d as soon ??? the property is knocked off. uS DUNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., Auctr ?^-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, on arr .unt of the weather, until SATURDAY, April h, same honr and place. g!7 DUNCANSON. UO^ LINO A CO ? Ancts. BY C. KENNEDY. Real Estate Brnker ard Aucti.>m-er,il47th st. THl'STEE'8 StLE OF DESIRABLE PROPKU TV ON ?TU sTKEET EAST, NEAR K STREET NOKTII. Bv virtue of a deed of trust, dated Febrnary f.:n 1st, KO, and duly recorded in Liber Mo. 6J4. A-1* f lio 2JT. one of the land records of the City of Washington, D. C., the undersigned trustee will sell at piiMi< auciion,tothe iiighest bidder, in front of the premise!-, on SATI'RDAY, thf Ufi:h dav of A pril. 1873, at ?> o'clock p. ui..lwt 29, iu CalUu's r? i i rded sulidivlrlon of square SMI The above property is unpr<>\ed by a partly-built brick h .use. T< rmv: %3D0cash, balance in 8 and 12 months with itrerewt at'fiper cnt. per annum from day of sale, and secured by a de?*d or tm?t on the p'op-rty ?o|j. W. G. PHILLIPS, Trustee. hK.17 S?.2fi C. KENNEDY, Auctioneer._ S?Y DUNCANK?N, DOWLINO A CO.. Auet'ra. I coruer 9th and D streets northwest. V l-UABLE PROPIKTY ON 6th STREET, M AR E STREET SOUTH WEST, AT AUC TION. SOn SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April *46.h. at ? o'clock, we ? ill sell upon the premises, all of Lot (, #i|uare 466, haviag a front of 23 S 12 on Ath street, with a depth of 12U feet This proierty is fluely MtuatrJ and the strott iuiprove ii" titk uiace. T< ruis: One-third cash; balance in 6 and 12 ti oni lis, notes beat ins interest and secured by deed of trust. Conveyancing at purchaser'!coat. Title P'ifrrt. ?:i 3t DUNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., Auct rs B Hy luttbell a dunnimgton. Auctioneers and C >muii<siou Merchants, 917 Louisiana avenue, bet. 9ih and hi:h streots. TRUSTEE 8 SALE OF A NEAT TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, WITH TWO STORY FRAME SI ABLE: ALSO, SEVERAL VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS \DJOlNINO, ON EAST MDE OF 3d STREET. BETWEEN A AND B STREETS NORTHEAST. CAPITOL HILL, jf-s Bv virtue of a deed of trust, dated October 7, Eja V. D. 1871, and duly recorded in Liber N".662. ?^lolio 94, it se^., oue of the Land R^conls for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, and by direction of party secured thereby, I will sell in fr< nt of the premiaea,on TUESDAY, May 6, A. I>. 1873, at 5 o'clock p.m.,at public auction, to the hisbeet bidder, all thone certain pieces or par cels of Ground,situate iu the city of Washington, in said District, and knowD as all of Lot numbered seven, (7.1 and the south twenty-flve(2i? feet one (11 inch, fronting on 3>1 street equal depth of ninety-aeven (97) feet of Lot numbered eight(8,) iu suuare numbered seven hundred aud eighty -five, (7-i ) together with the improvement* thereon. The above property will be told separately; dia gram shown on day of sale. Terms of sale: One-tliird cash; balance in one, two, and three year*, with ten per cent, interest, payable annually,for which the purchasers' n?tea will be required, secured by deed of trust on proper ty sold; flu) on each piece of property must be pakl on day of rale. Conveyancing au i recording at purchasers' costs. If terms of sale are not complied with within six rays after sale, the property will b? resold at risk and cn?t of defaulting purchaser. WM. F. HOLT7.MA*. Tmatee. t25 LUTTRELL A LUNNINGTON, Aucts. Y B.H.WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7 UH 7th atreet. between G aud H sta. TRl"STEE'8 SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE FRONTING ON I STREET NORTH, BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1M 8T8. EAST. va By virtue of live deeds of trnst, bearing dale f^aon the 4th day of October, A. D. 1871, and duly ???recorded iu Lib?r No. 883, folio 22,et stxj.; Liber 863, folio 24, et seq.; Liber 663, folio 27, et ?"q .; Libar 663, folio 29. et seq., and Liber 863. folio 32. et seq. of the Land Records for Washington county, D. C., I shall sell at public auction, in front of the premises, on WEDNESDAY, the U3dday of April, A. D. 1873, at & o'clock p.m., all those certain pieces or par els of ground, situate and lying in said city of Washington, and being known and described as Lots numbered ninety-four, (94,) niuety five, (95,1 ninety-six,(96,) ninety seven(97) and ninety-eight, (98,> In Gilbert's recorded sub division of square min:bered six hundred and seventy-five,(875.) Each of the above Lota is improved by a fine two atory Brick H >u*e nearly ready for occupancy. Terms of sale: One-tbird cash; balance in 8 and 12 months, with interest from day of sale, secured by deed of trust on premises sold: $100 to be p tid on ea< h house at time of sale. If tn<-terms of sale are not complied with In five days, the Trustee reaervea the right to resell the property at tha risk and cmt of the defaulting purchaser, by advertising three in th? "Evening Star." . All couveyancing at coat of pnrehmer. WILLIAM B TODD..I*., Trustee. eS eoAds B. H. WARNER, Auct. ? ?/"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED ul*il FiklDAY, Mav ti. ICS. same boor and place. WILLIAM B.TODD. Trust.*., *24 B. H WARNER, Auct. BY DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CO., Aocta. coruer 9th and D street* northweat, Tr.l sTKE'8 PALE OfTaLUABLE IMPROVED LEAL ESTATE ON THE SOUTH SIDE Of PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BETWEEN *I*T AND 2*0 STREETS NORTHWEST. MZi By * irtue of a deed of trust, dated on the4tb KT:: day of October, A. D., 1871, and recorded in liber No. 8(8. folio 212. one of the land records for Washington county, 1?. C.. and by the direction of the party secured thereby. I will sell, at public anction. in front of the premisea, on WEDNES DAY, Tth day of May, 1873, at |? o'clock p m , all that c?rtain piece or parcel of ground in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, known and de signated on the ground plat of the said city as part of lot fourteen, (14,) In square nnmbered seventy five. (76,) beginning for the same at the n^rthwe-tt corner of said lot nnmbered fourteen, (14,) and run ning thence southwesterly at right angles with the line of Pennsylvania avenue, eighty-aix ?feet aad Uii e inches, thence south twenty lire (Ml feet, 'hence east about forty-four feet, thence northeast erly ninety feet and six inches to the line of Penn sylvania avenue, and th?uce weeteriy forty-nine feet nine inchea to the place of beginning, together with all the Improveaaenta thereon. Terms: The anoant of ind?t>t?da*M secured by said deed of trust unpaid, and tha expenses of sale In caah; balance at one aud two years, with intereat. $ 100 depoait on acceptance of bid. If terms of sals are not complied with within seven day* after sale, the property will be resold at risk aad eoct of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at coat of par chaser. V. A. LUTE, Jm., Tnsetee. a28 DUNCANSON, DOWLINO A 00.. A acta. DUNCANSON^ DOWLINO A CO., Auct'ra, BT Cl^.^IT^,B\cYB^L0Df5g;oV^U?S SIDE Of ^STREET, BETWEEEN 10th AND By virtue of a decree of the I " District oT Golumbi ee Ho.lU4.doc. 12,11 100 feet to an ailey, aud iis proved by a wall built two-story Frame House, wtta back-build inf. Tartna: One-fourth of the porchaee money la caah; aad reetdae la three equal laatahaeato at oae, two, and three years, with tntereet at 8 per cent, per aa paymenta to beaecarad chaaer'a aotea and.a deed of trust on the property. Deed given on final ratification of sale. Convtr aaclng nt purchaser's coat. BS0 to be paid at sale. REGINALD FEND A LL, Trustee a!7-d DUNCANSON,DOWLINO A CO., Aocta. AUCTION SALES. |>Y 1 ATlKkR i Ct.KAEV, ? * Arctic recr* * 'ltd E*'**? Brokers, S r T?r at-d Itth rtW!, Biar (>?>- Bui I line H?>rprnoTr FURNiTr** at at-ot?ob O an * EUNASDAY MOKNIN.J. A p.I )?, VjL 1C.1,commenting ai IV Vliirk, wr >h* I m>I, frl?! ''-e reod t-ce Ne. I5JS vi a-reet A>rtheea.. \ H ?*??(! ?ldt?-- ?4?: ??'?? Ore?i Kr P^l-w Unite, M T Table, CT-^. 'V Parlor C.m? U>4 Hotitic ttovm, fc't lift, Ftiraiture, Ac.. 0c <% d IS B1 ranch parts or mm ?? Mtisf) Mid debt. if sale: One-third ca Term* of Mle One-third cash; balance in ( and J DT B. H. WAKNtR, D Beal Bat*te Broker and Auctioneer, Bo. TOT Seventhe*reet.betwe*a GaudH. TRUSTEE'S BALI OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPKBTT IK TUB MoKTIIEkN SECTION OF THE CITT, OS O STREET OK COLFAX STREET. BETWEEN 13m AND ISth STREETS NORTH WEST. H) vinof of a deed of trwet.dau*i M??ck l?t, INI, ??id duly recorded in Liber Hi, folio IN, ??n- of the lnud fvc? rda for eouuty, District of Co l*tb>a. Uil by direction of the palV ?e<-Tired, | will ? I , ?n front of the premiae-, or FRID AT A FTER Ni'OH. Hit 9ih, M7J, at ? o'clock, to th~ Iu4h?et bidder, the weal 44 feet 9 inches frmnt of Lot J?, is Square is?; improved br three two story Fr one H ?naee.oreach parts of Mid premises as may be ? inwtry oM'isfy Mid debt. Term* of Mle: One-third cash; balance in ( and 12 months, with six per cent. interest. The deferrvQ pai nx nte to be eecored by k deed of trwst and in a- ranee on the property sold. In erne ?(>? teroe* are Pt complied with In fire daya after aale, ibe r ght re?etwd to resell the property, at the riak Md ??1* ?f thedelaulting purchaser. AfcMd own on day of -ale. FRED. EOONES. Trustee. ag-dAda R H. WARNER. A net. OfC. EENNEDT. I> Real Estate Broker and Anctioaeer, 414 <:hst. AT ADCTION?THREE 81X-BOOMED FR AMED HOUSES ON 4ft bTREET,ON EAST TERNS On TUESDAY. May Sib, at ? o'clock p. aa.. I will eell, separately, in front of the premise*. parte of Lota 14 arul 16. Sqnarr 938, Improved by tbra* aj* rooMed Fnuwe Hwes, the eame le*af Nut. M*. ?04 and MB ?S street. between R and F stress OT>" fourth cmL; balance in p-.yiu- uta of ?4tf per men h #* do* n ?! ??>? _ aM-H C. KENNEDY Auc'.r.n**r. uATlllER m CliV \RT T B 1. WABNBltr tVMl RimU Rr^kar No. Ta? 7th, w?u uWodil ' EXECrToB* SALE UF TERT TALCABLR BUSINESS PROPKRTT ON THR BorTU S1!>R t?p PENNSTLTANIA AVEBLB BE TW KEN ?tb AND l#r? STREETS I *111 ..Rer f >r a*l", <>o r KID AT, April "4, at ? f Vkifk p n , la fnel of tbe prxiuwa, ?to tbe hich?*l bKMer, L?t lettered D. ??lali<i a-u of original L''*? No S.S and 4, la Squar* No. !rootii?n |3 fppt I>? ii?chc? on P?uo*v i\nii tip n?ie a> d rtiiiiiluK back and frontli * >a C atreet.ini b? ? three-atonr and attic brtrk et.ire and dw? nine b"n*e, now txy?ip?ed by C*r ""a |i*n No ?14. Thia ieone of tbe beat buaineea etauda ia tt e city. ? Te.jna: One f.*ar-?i ra?h; balance in 4, It and I* nioi.tiia, with inter?et. a^cared by a d-?d ,if truai npj.n tb^ pr. p^rJy, fJiO deposit on acceptance of t i 1. If teims ^f aale are not cmplied with ?i?h(n7 1?yB afti r aale til- pr p. rtr will be rx >ld at the rmk ai^f rM ??f tli^ l-f?ulnn?p'if. h*- r. lx>nT*yanriii? at ni'chaa r'aro*. JOHN M SIMS Kv-r.nor a7-t nAda |Snn.tiar AR?-p.| B. H. WARNER, Aact THE ABOVE BALK I< POSTPONED until VH-NKSDAY, April SO, 1CJ. ??m.- h ur and rl?- JOHN M S!MS. Ex-cm ?r aS4-a tn Ada R H W A1X EK Anctio?e-r. HV THOK. e. wagu akai. R< *1 E?tatr Ati.1 j,.nerr, *l? 7th atreet \ ALTAPIE PKOPKVTT ON N STREET. BE ? TWKEN 4n AND ?t? WICST THl IttDAY, M*y I, at i;34 ?'Vlooh p in . I ?Iiall km, ?n tbe pr^niiaea above n>?nti'>iird. L ?? N<i. 19, in aqnareMS. fr. ntlng 15 fi?t on N atre? i, irj>r.<ved by a amali T> netuent. T'-riUsda) of sale. a:4 THOS. B. WA^UAM AN. Aact. BY LATIMER k CLEART, Ancti neer* aiid R**al E?fat, Brokora, mbWMt cora?r ot nn?yl\ama a??. and Rler enth atreet, Star Office Bulldinjt. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION fBa . Oa THURMiAV MoRMNO, May I at, Q1 l'CA.commencing ?? 10 .,'clock. w? i.h?ll aell. U| <t the mid-n< e *ai9 I3th atr^et, near Uouo | ? |?erjr atre^t, the following Qornl* " W alnut and Maboitaay Marlile-top Cha nber Furtitnre, Marble-top C -nter Table, Hi naaela and Three pl> CurpaU, Hair and Husk Metireea-a, Fealber B la: rs a. 1 Pillowa, Superior Chromi?. Ornamenta, Kine UlaMaware, China* are. Cooking and Heating 8t"v.~. Ritchen R.-^nioitea, *c- LATIMER A t LEAKY. ' I R' Pnbl Aw ti..n.era, BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Aocti neera and Baal Rotate Broker*, Soathweetcorner Penu-Uania arenoa aad 11th at., Star Office Buildinga. TRUSTEE'S RALE OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS OF KVERT DESCRIPTION. A By virtue ot a de?-| nf truat, dated March vA. 81-t, 187J, and r"C"rd?d in Lilwr No. 716. at m[ojje 4.*>, I mill aril, at public anctiou, on I T| THURSDAY, the lit lay of May. A D 1S73. at 10 oVIock a. m , all the HoawksM Furni tnre in houne No. l^OAHatreet D*>rth, near L%:h ? reet.(except that in tbe two roouiainthe ??-> ou l 8tory,)euibracinf : linircloth and other Parlor Fnrnitara, Marble-top Tabha. Walnut Wliatuota, A^'alnnt Marble-ton Chamber I'uroitur', V altiut Bureau', B -.Uit-nda and W.i-U-rfa <U, Cane aeat Chair* and Roi kera, Hair and Huak HattrewMt, ?VatIn re, B-dMera and Pillowa. Heating and CookingBtoeea, Ac., to. T' rros ca?h. W M.JOHN MILLEK. Trustee, dta LAHMER \ CI.i:\RY. Aoc?a. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and R'-al E>tat? Broker*. S>iUth*tstcoru' r P nti-sy lllanix arcnue and 11th at,, Siar Office Building. VERY DESIRABLE BUSINESS PROPERTT ON THE BOUTH SIDE PBNNSYLVANIA AVE N I E, TWO DOORS WEST OK SIXTH STREET W EST. FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. MA. " e will off^r for aale, at public auction, in Kafrontof the preniirea, on FRIDAY. April ii, **'^1 at to o'clock p. m., the H?a*e ai*d Lot now J>?eph Plats aa a reatanrant, known u N". o04 Penna^ (. aula avenae, and l?>ing p?rt of lot una.bered (1,1 in Square numbered f.'ttr hundred and aixty-oue (461,1 contained within the following mctea and bouuda: Commencing at a pont on Peun ?> li ania avenne northweat forty-tire (4?)feet eight (S) inrhee weatwardly from tbe aortlieaet corner ot ?f id square, and rnnning thence weatwardly along the line of aaid Avenue twenty-two <81 foet; thenca ai-mbwardly and at tight angles with said avenue Pity two (SJ) feet; thence due south Bfiy three t AO leet eight (8) inches to tb? line of north B street, thence eaat along Mid strwet twenty-two <M) fs^t; tl.ence north forty-six 1461 feet and nine (?> i> hes, and thence northwardly to the place ot beginning. The improvement! consist of a large foor-atory Brick House, containing eleven large rooms, lucln ai e of the room on the flrnt floor, which fronts both or Pennsylvania avenue and B street north. T> rail ot sal": One-third of the purchase money caah, and the balance in ettaai inatallmentsof six (?.) twelve* U) and eighteen (18* months fr-mi date ot sale: tbe purchaser will be reuu.redto give his 0<'t?-a for the deferred payments, bearing Interest at the rate ot eight (81 percent, per annum, and secured In deed of trast on the property. A depoait of ASUU ? il< be required when the property is bid off. Con vey ancing at cost of purchaser. LEWIS J. DAVIS, BUOBNECARUSI, * _ WM. F. LRACH, Executor* of estate of L. J' hnaon, deceaeed ?12 d LATiMJtR A CLEARY, Awcts. Ba^THE ABOVE BALE IS POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain, until THUBSDAY. May 1,1S73. same hour and place. By order of the Executora. aS6-d.Vda LATIMER A CLEART, Au^ta. |?Y DUNCANSON. DOW LING A CO., Aocts., * * bout beaut corner 1Kb and D streets northwest. TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF DRY UOODK AT AUCTION. We will aell, en THUBSDAY MORNING,May 1, at out sales ro?m,corner af 9:h and D streets noith west, coBimencing at 1# o'clock, and continuing evening, at 7 o'clock, and every morning and even ing until all are s..ld, the large a->d well-aelected st^k of M. Taylor, moved from 70A Market 8i?ce, and name, in part? 2,i?i yards Calicoes, 3f0 Striped Catibrica, 2,1*' " Plain and Plaid Mohaira. 2.'?W 41 Plain and Striped Qrenadinsa, ? Twiat*d Bilk Greuadui<w, "JO 44 Flench Lawns, 36U 44 American Lawns, 2S0 44 French Oin^bams. .'#JU 44 Japaneae Cloths, 1?44 Sea aide Poplin,.,. I?l 44 Silk Pongee, 15U 44 Silk Vellours. " Plain. Plaid aud Striped Japaii-ae Silks, f?" 44 Silk Poplins, ' Il?? 44 Japanese Stripes JiJti 44 Plain-colored Silks, f.t 44 Black Lyons Silka, ft.t 44 Black Shotted Silks. 212' 41 Plain and Striped Pique, 27o 44 Striped Suitings, SNl 41 Plain Color-d Alpacas, 110 44 Camels' Hair, .'44i 44 Plain and Figuied Linen, '_'o 4 Linen Drillings, ?:0 44 Black Alpaca*. 75 44 Black Mohair, llfi 44 Black Empress Cloth, T.MI 44 Colored Emprens Cloth, .'?i 44 Lupin's Boinba/ 'i,*, 3?) 44 Colored Freuch M?-nu.-es l.r4) 44 Scotch Plaids, 275 44 White and C?.b>red Flann?la, 130 Striped, Plaid and Real PaUlei Sua* i: a .<ne very fine in quality, 12 Llama-Lace Points. 2it> pair* Ladies' Kid Gloves, pair* Cotton Hose, 212 uauce and M< rin<> Ves s. Thread Gloves, Hardkercliieta, Cor^eta; B iek Silk Lace; thread, Valenciennes and Hamharg Kdgfngs- White Cambric, Nansook and Swias Mus lins-Tarlatans: Veil Grenadine, Parasols, S in I'ji brellas; Table Linetia^ Cl"tln, Caasimeres, T? e<-dr., Rentucky Jeans; Spool Silk, Bleached au l Browu Cottons; with every de?criptioa of goods u^uallv found in a first-class dry goods store; all of which will be ?<dd on tbe following term*: Ail eum? an;, r .< 1 < . cash; all sums under si\i> da s. all soui< under 82M). nine.y dare; all soma over $Mu. four liion hp, with approved iudorsed notes, i'*j abi? in banx, wilh interest at eight per cent. The attention of ladies and buyers is cslled to thia sale, m the gooda are atl perfect, and will be s id to the highest bidder. Scats will be furni>hed to ere s'jtj-dAds DUNCANSON. DOWLING A CO., Am is. TBOS. B. WAGGAMAN, R"al Bstate Auctioneer, 519 7th street. VERY VALUABLE CORNER, B AND THIRD STREETS SOUTHEAST. On FRIDAY, Si day of May, at i o'clock p. I shall offer for sale part of L ite 1 and 18, in square761, fronting 62 feet on eontli B str . This Is one of the m?et v a) us Me corners on Capitol H ill. and afford* a fine chance to secure a good h?si> uess property. Terms day of sa'e. nSC-eolt T. B. WAGGAMAN. Auct. EVENING STAR. fcPUBu iimk. TVw!V^ *"f" **??** *? * *?-. The I lot. Mr twit the ? ,,,. I Void' r if the Mgn. ar< ' * Ami Wmt.-r rr ,lh tvintoy-.' t?*? n -of new* ft arw tin * , me 1l.i4 g? ntlr String ?t ? ,-om, Tti- wrj Mii'i vi I saw m ItftJ * l?ut he ? w t he *-<df don t neerw to a* yo? ? I li'M th< > *re rotted ^ W'interV been m varv v>l Hutahaii we bttf more acttk-4 ??eathe?* 11'< i* f.oecy rlead*. on high that Win*. t an weep likr NioSeV *ad datiirh'rra Ana we par.hauct nut> fad the spimg A ?pr ng of *Mrri Ok gentle Spnrf' hotrsv n. not. A.ST f*" ^ f'yr*1'4 y? SJ* I'1**. **?-k the wittering pot I" January** ?m Aquart?.. * 1 nin rr >our UBJ ??* *ha!l toncb. F,!!i ring . the grrentwaid fret tin* - we w M i|>|>itttf for ?uch, -( TH' Lrm*rm r*?. ThM nc*d* 00 How thi Matphhal linrvrt m Hr*? ?? whenever* oweer ot hem i. enrace*1 7^2! diarr-tng to ntrnw th.. ^nnilTt* r *???rr of thrai. The ^ancwa-Vh^ ? aup|cr, and the wire oh*er*e*. ?Thai valler pullet I* on th* tM-Bt agai ? .*? Th'-n tb? m >? foe* out to the roof, ami m?? ''What In thnn l?r 4* the iralter w I.Ii tin btM, aMTaai?" And crawj* in under the roo-t to the n. at an t nacbea in and bring. nut a I lm?i ,| or feather. 1, a ".a^T W "T*"1' *,>4 ???'? for the loor. aid the other hen* art Hp a howl. and likewise depart tor aperture, a ad nT-i"?2 -n?-?r'y by teat her* . undcd by dn?, fail* #r.-t the wat.r crouch an.l *" ii'." ' " of the K-aea. and tlnallv hurata out into U'e >ard. a .th , plrc of ?,rlrk m hard, and s aTi that p-liow puMet w th hia ,ar* a> re,j aa ak>h?ter and hi* ha< k carlo*? l> * roaabt m itl, amaaica from the floor of that Th* t.i ? hr catchea the hen he eyfT. it ..?<* ? k C . ? fr,w toakmrtt how he feeU then he jama Itund.T a bunt, ami pour? a ,,%l| of water through the crack*, and teare?. tt there till moml tjr. when it ta releaa.-d, ami the Kama operafwn ,rone orer again in the ermine _ Am. ? 1 l lm- .??* **** . KrctMuea are certairtl* ir.orr gi?en to lo*m> T. Attrr,.n,. F??r one l>rea<^[ of pn.Biiae caM- in our court* there are tire la l-birltekoiioa. The laet ia an actioii uauuM a MHing wtiM- Merchant nam. .l M ?<i?tri< h Not 0. temd by till* unreaatinahla nanJ the t.^ daughter of a hardware dealer fell in love wit* to kirer. a- he with her. The feartul uumh?? of two hundred and forty-four lore letter pa*a.d b.1 ween the palr-a liat which her?? 1.'mI t? *"<1 poetic manner. ? ml ta)>er<<d nil into a reapectlnl nxri m-a* on tbe part of the ungentle M iiatrich. Mr i rotfUtWI in < October lliat Ite lovrtl late 1c?>?d bimscll rery a?iKrv with her father tN-iauae that venerable |- r>on wantMl to know when the marriage waa to be. Froai ?? M v own darling Sa. your true lover .lim.M he turned t? 1'i r?*!? MTV?Ty re?|^ectfully. .1. H *c?. trick. l>fi thut hint i?lif upHke lo n fur* aiid the reault ot f.l.tNai damagaa now gito W ? Il only excune the nuneral.le man had t.. ofter waa that hn. fe? ling> ha<l ehan^ed; toit, graceful a> it waa. It did not serve tht licet and deluding McOatrich. . T" .LA,.,V who *riU? letu-ra froiu New Voik to the M. 1a?ui. kepuhlican eK(Meakeh her oi..a lon on a certain aul.ject in thia etrain "If 1 waa a man I d never tali in love with a literary ? a ?'.*P Tkrrc " ??*Uihg aU.uf >?i .Ireadlal. I ueir * iew?. of hair-dre?.ttig alone would ke. w me from kiting Vui Oue wmh a h-iol atuui,.* ifrfnad^'1 Vr3- "di htl U n,, le- thrti *.ringlet* dabbling down tacli ?hcek. ai.other a ?.Lock of gray Inccfte hriMimg toward hoa T,n- ? tourth acall<>|w a big piece of hair nearly to her eyea at the ude, and bwdtM a piece of velvet atraight a< ruae her forehead 1 hen they are given U> tying up their toi.knoU In green veil*, and they are .lead *,ire to w-ar blaek kid glove* too l-ng in the liugera, ao tha i.t1" ,Uin U?' 1 ho> ?>??"y have noUoi? M ir?. * a h-v*1, "?> ?< of coatume that hi* very ti^ht al?out the tu^, where the literary womai l? economically l.ullt, anj vorr looeely around the Ui Te waiatfull) constructed 1 art of her. She will wtar cougrea* ra.tera w?k^.Ut*h " ,her* u ?" ?rucfe that ake* the deepeat emotion in mv nature tt'a a hee"*11 * t lu * congrtna gaiter ? mliiu. a Did vor ev*k hi ? ruan ttah araund in tha ini ?f.?K * tD ?f ***** fwr * r"*0** oi *oap At r^Ikt nmHy rejiche*. down upon It to pick it right up, and la much aurpriaed to find that he haan t It. Then he approachea It more cautiously, put* hi* hand over it, and the* iilU'T d?,*n ?U he get* every linger atout it. and then a<]ueeees It tiaht, and - m;i<*e? ?. tie look* at it for a moment hefor* making another eflort, and nil* up the interval with a tew remark*. The third attempt ia a ai;rt of a. mi wrcle described with a great deal Of *agacity, but a failure. Other remarka fol ll^L .? f make* a *uece**w>n of dire* and riop* the ??ler orer hi* clothe*, and drt a. btw the carpet, and catche* hold of Uie man aeveral U^'or LriUKt,?f " ? t>d^cream* at the top of hi* voice, and tiuailr. in i.. r?ect dea. air, *it* down on the floor and aTtu^fr how la?i'Uf'/ary A>?e?. " ' DIED. Mr HEIR. At on**?> rl? *ck i m ..n ?k?. w. l . rtoiii, AMMIJ M< h KI K, aged t went j cwu ? eara daughter of fhoma. 8 M h^iT.K-- ' U rriendk ofthe faniily are laiii>4 to att<-nd k? funerml , n M txiaj . 1Mb ia?t., at h*if put Uir*a o cluck p. ? ,fr-rri Vornon M-th 'U.m knia 0 pal church. ( Bundt) paper* p|?*AM?> i >i>\ I ? 1 Imparted I hi* ur* or, tb* XV h of April, at ten tmnulrr p**t eistii ?vI<h k p rn ln tha SI'TmIA3 ^sr- " U-OOMNBLL? J*'OCounell. who Iravra a d?ar btc "'d h\e little children to m< urn h?.-r lua l> a if.- then kut left a?. we th) l<>n* m>?t d>- ply f*e| ? "'ii Ma G??d that hath n-r^ft na. He can all our aorrowa heal *'2 ?*%,n bop* fn aw( th-e. _ * beta the day ..f |ifr haa IIkJ, Th*,"i" heaven, with joy ?n creettb**, w b?r% *<? farewell tear i. ah^?l Kon* knew b*r bat to love her. A on* named her hat to praise ? Wri^iid : j y q *l,d fr?"rd* ofthe family ar- r apart. nillF in%fled to itteb<l thm funeral iu Mo lb u EZLZrbm'*'" lu ~ uV,-k - OXLkTT^??l^.XkCVKR1TT '? Oh' brit:* u? back onr father, Asleep in d-ath'a <mhra. ? F >r ne?er cau an-tfi? r Fill up hi* \acant place. Oh' never can another In thi. c<dd world l.e f.utid w ttli heart ae waim and g*wt|e. And voice of pieasii.jj a^uud. back to ua <.nr faib. r, i'*.*** blue, iauichll.c '???* v ith shinmit hair, and a ble hrow. And all too tweet to die. B**ma? -o kind and ireotle, II..w can we five hin. up* U..W tan we .till lite <,n. and drink J rom *fict a bitter i up* Brinr back fo u* .?ur father? Oh! Would thai this ? ..old b?* liut, lath.-r, we in list wait a whtle. Before we meet withtbee. I! lativecand fri ?nd? <4 Ihe fan.ilr are r?>wact (uil> requeeted tv atu nd hl> funeral tr >m late ram d.' Ce. tlh *tieet, beta, en L and It air.-el. . .... ea-t.w. M -ndavlait., | n; lxhertakkrs. JMtHAkhK MAK\ kl, XJ1MTD SRTAK KK. (Smrcetftw tc HAH FA Y t MAR R,? Ho. *.<? F between Kiuth and Tenth MlklALLIC hVKlAL CAbUS ANU CASMMtA ?/ d.xrtpriea, a*rl MHMOOU8, HABITh. *. M. kAKkhh, CABINKT HAKKK. ANU VNUKKTAKMM. hilt KLEVMTB STECKT. nW. tVHNlTVUM O^L^iNUM MAOISM. \\ ILLIAM UAIEETT, h'-Taa TtsItebbv, apK ly Ooffiaa Mi Cjr.M IKE bOOT* H t HAVIOT Kl ITh for |H 1 aial*l6, MA. bTJtAl b't 1*11, near 11th ut 8WEST CATAWBA |< pit gattjaT C'ALirOBMIA WIBEB. RU BET ? 1UEB. .PI KB OLIf BTE W DISET f-r medicinal aaa. Fr >a^ by _ B EUAM. f [MTED STATES ^ATEBT O^^ICB, *?' ?0?IMTn-l.DC . A well t. WS OMBpfKHKB of WILLIAM 8TE A BBS, of Hn.. ch<iter, I.E., praying for the extenai >c if a imijt* rratrtei tc hta~m thi kh day of jTlr |? imrr.,v?nent hi Pietar Hv^o. for Pow^ ** a; uTig3':m? tr:rna%'v russK^ts^ iiihmiT f Baeeaaaar m ?. >S. ABMT AVI* '-.W ? Oa..i IFU tjr ?V. ABMT AVI* BATT g,L?a.

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