Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. B 11 riTCRE PAY*. T II H. WARMS. ? _? B-al Enuir Br ktr m 1 Auctioneer, No. Ti# 7th itr#*-t, bt?n-D G tod B. T*r?TKl-*8ALB OF A THREE STORT BRK'K HOCSE. Ifo 114 FirTH STREET SOUTH EAST. At ATCTIoM 4^ Br *trtn? of a deed of in?t to Daalsl L. tuton ^?and myself. datej March 20. 1871. and duly re mini in Lilx-r N".?i2. folio tl, one of the land records for Washington. I>. C., 1 will cell at public auction. in fy nt of the premiss a. to th? high-st bidder. ?n THIB8DAT, the Jbth day of March. 1873, at 4 o'clock p m , all that part of Lot Ho. 13, 1a *>inare Mo ?18, contained wtthin th? following rn<-to> and bounds: Beginning for the <an? at a point I7S fa-t from the ? nth-awt corner of Lot Mo. U, and running thence north I7J* feet; thence west to the r? ar line of ?aid lot; thence somh 17* fee*, and th-oce eaet to the pl*?. >>f beginning, together with the impr-veonentat hereon Terms: The am nnt ..f irdebtedneos aecurad by Mid deed of t mat unpaid, vith the expenaea of Ml*, in caafe, and the balance at ill and twelve m nths, to be secured by a deed of trust upon the property ?old, with interest fr?m the day of sale. $9X> de posit on acceptance of fcid. If terms of aale are n*t complied vith within seven davs after aale, the propertv t? be reaold at tbe risk and coat of the de faulting purchaaer. GEO W STICK N KT. Surviving Trust***, f S eoAda B H. WARN KB. Atict'r. WTBK ABOTB 8\LE 18 POSTPOMBD ontil Till RM'AT, April !?, UT3,?aue hoar and place. U | order of the Tmatee. n 31 B. H. WABMEB, Auctioneer. my THE ABOVE SALE 19 POSTPOMBD tit.til W r!?MB>D\T. April 16,1873. at 6 o'clock p. B; . >am ? pla t. B> orl r of th" Trustee, ait) B. H. W A KM Kit. Anct. ?TTRf ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED wtttil V El'NESD A Y, April :?Otb, 1973. *am? humr ai : place. Ity ordercf ih- Trustee. ale B H. WARMER. Anct. LATIMER A CLEABY, R. al K-tate Broker* and Auctioneers, ?? uthweet corner P?nna avenue and llih ?treet, Siar office Building. AICTIOK 9AI.E OF V \LU \BLB IMPROVED PKOPfRT* ON 7th STkEET. BETWEEN I AMD K >TRKKT-. M'?RTII WEST. BEING 8TORFS Mo ?.? AND W35I. MOW Ol'CI'PIED BV 8 FISHMaN AMD F CIMMIN8. "" WEDNESDAY. May 7,H73. at 6 o'clock up m.,tbe unexpired term of a certain lease f >r ^frm Aiiiru-t 1, l>38. anbj-ct to a yearly T- nt a < ?M?. pa > able lu.irterly, without d-*duction f r tazee. Ac., and with the privilege of parcha-iing tlr?f>*. at anv time within the t'-rm.fur %4^IUU, of p lit <>f L<>l in 8<iuare 427. and beKinnins for the ?aine at a point <>n !h?"r??i lineofaaid lot ?Ieet from the nerthenet corner th?-re..f, and rtinhiug thence ?? nth by and with aaM ea?t line to feet, thence dne w?at <7 feet to an all?*? s**t off fr..m tne ex'reme ?-?t*-rn portion of aaid lot 9. and opening on K r'reet north, and to remain an open alley forever for the aole na* nnd hen-fit of I >ta ? and 9. in *aid aouare, thence due n<-rth b> at.d with tbe eaat line of aaid alley ?o f^t, an-1 thence eaet 67 feet toth? begin ning. improved by two two-atory Brick Building*, ? hich will k? aohl aeparalrly. Tertna '?f aale Onr third caeh; balance in 9,15,13 and M m^ntbe. with intrreat at 4 p?r ?ent. per an num fr>>m the day <?f aale. <j*r--rr>M paym-nUtobe ?ecnred b% ade^dof Iriui on the property. A da pant of ,?J? will be re?jtiir-d on each piece of prop erty at time of aale. All conveyancing at the coat cf pnrrhai~ ra. II the terma of ?ale ar* not complied w ith within t"-n dara from the time of sal'', I reserve tl.e right to teet-ll the property at the risk and coat ? f the d?-faultinv purchaser or parchaaara, after five days' pnMic no'ice. GEO. W CO^HIJAM. Snrvhing Tnwtae. J AS 9. KDWARl'S. Attornoy. a2l-e?4da LATIMER A CLEART. Ancta. BI LATIMEB a CLEART, Anctione^raaind R*-i?l Estate Brokers b utLwtat corner P?nnavlvanta avenue aod 11th at.. Star Office Building. TRC8TEE SI SALE OP AM ENTIRE S'flTARE t'F GBUVMD. VERY ELIGIBLY S1TL \TEI). WITHIN ONE SViUABE OF COLUMBIA BAILW AY. jggh B> Ttrtiteof a deed <>f trnst to the and,,r?iTi' le"arine date th^ l<t day -f April, A. D. lt'2. ^^and rrcord^il among th* land records of thu Distri?t,in liber Mo at folio S, et ae<i.,andhy direction of tbe holder of the not>-* aeenred th'-reby, 1 wil' aell at public auction, on the pr-miaes, on BATl'BDAT. the 3.) day of M ?y A D. U73. at S o'clock p m. , all of square nnmbered niae hundr>*>l and thirty-two, (iB2.) Imundtd by north I and K streets, and 9th and Uth <tr-<*ts northeast, contain Irg in tbe whole ah>>nt 73.1W sunare f~et. The property will be sold aubjoct to a prior d""d cf trust, dated October 1, 1870. but which by Its terms nia\ b? r? leased npon the payment of sis cents per a<inare foot. Ternsa: One-third cash; th? residue in four equal pa> ment-, ar 3. *. 9. and 12 month", with interest mm Jay of aale. De-d given and trust taken. (^Ilto be dep..sited wh-n the property is struck off. whk h is to be forfeited nnl?s? pnrchaa.-r com plins with the terms of sale within five days after ?ale. Conveyancing at purchaser's coat. fRED W JONES. Tmatee. aS eoAds LATIMER A CLEART, Ancta. OREFM A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, Mo. lOOl, northwest corner IWth aud D sta. \ ALT ABLE REAL EST\TB AT THE FORMER OP BOl NDARY STREET NORTU AMD 7th MKIKT WEST, AT THE JUMCTIoM OF TUE 7 m STREET CARS. AT ACCTIOM. On MONDAY, th ?th day of May, 1573,at 6 c'cb-ck p. m., we ?hall sell, on the pretui*e*,beiiig Lot Mo. 37, in anhdivision of M >nnt Pleasant, hav itgMfeet 2 inches front, running through to 3th ??reet west, with the improvements, consisting of a Brick D*e.ling honae. This property has fine building fronts?one on Boundary, 7th and 8th sts.; also, on the old BlMfensburg road, making it valua ble property. Terms: One-half rash; balance 1 and 1 years, for notes bearing ? per cent, interest and secured by a deed of truat on the premiae*. Conveyancing at the coat ?f the pnrchsaer. |M down on the day of pale. |*J1 -d) GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancta. BT HOTELS. NIOI UOTBL, UiowiTiivry, D. 0. V. 8H1MH, Proprietor. This Hot*I has been newly refitted aod IJ It contatna all the modern' lmprov o ld baths bells, and gas. It la conveniently lo ?ated, being situated oa tbe Una of tba Washington ?od Georgetown City Paaaenger railroad, the cart of which, from the railroad and steamboat depots, pass tba 4or every two or three minutea. The cuesta of tbis b us* caa reach any ot tbe public building* ?f the national capital or any place of amusement, Ac.. bv a pleasant ride of a few minutes Persens dolus buain-as along tbe lis* of tba and on tbe wFarvsa will tndTt to their adv top at thla house. aiitage to deoflly ||T80SH HOTEL, Mo 7?? G STREET, j?a-tf Bitw??* 7th a*i> ?th Sths?t*. T UK IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES STKES. Prorrimm. VawimjM PuMnrasu Avini, teiwtm 13cA and 14tk ttruU, WasMisatos, D 0. Thrrt*-' to th ?noUc for geuerooa patronage tn gbe peet. tne Pr i,ri,i.?r asks his old frieud* and petrous to test ti>? accommodations of bis present establishment, which tie promisee snail be fouud at least e<jual to tbe heat in Washington. jan9-tf (Rep., Obron.J Ca ^ 0. WILLARD, CBBITT H0D8B, WA?HIMGTOM. d. 0. d 1EMI INE St oT< 11 ( HEVIOT SITTS for fU "I at id ?IS, at A. STBAIS*, 1011 Peuna. ave , ?ear lit h. u24 L;V EET iTtawb \ WINK,at s - pi.1 i.all a.' CALIl'OBNlA WIN Ed. 8WEET t'IDEB 11 RE ? LD BYE WHISKY for m dirinal use, For *.ale by H EG AM, a25 3; Corner L and 7th streets northwest. % 9 AZA A BBaraalna la* LADIESrttEMTS'aad 1> (.'H1LI REMS CMDEBC LOTH IMG may ba foend at Women's Christian As?.elation, JudMslarr 9-iUare. All order* p-mptly and neatly executed, lttewii a?MHPaat. be<. <th and ?th. noil-ly J- HFIBEBGEB, _ . . a ? iSncoaaortoH P. Loudon A Oo. J CITIZENS. ABM I AMD MAVT _ MERCHANT TA1LOM. Metropolitan Hotel, < lata Brown^i,, |ylf-ly K Penna'a ave., Waabingta IN THE SOPBEMECOl BTOt TUE U13TBICT OF CULIMB1A, Hol'hnt a >peca; Trrm, jipnllilt.MT]. In the case ?.f tieorge Callahan, exacator of DAVID REKDY, U-ceased, the executor aforesaid baa. with th," approbation of tbe Supreme Court of the Diatrici of Colnml-ia aforesaid, appointed TI ESDAY. the ?th day of May, A. D. 1873, f r tbe fit al *? ttl< n ? nt simI di-tnloition of the per il- ca! estate ot said tfere-tw d. and of tbe assets in band a* far as the same h?< e be<-n collected and turned into n ? ney ? al er. a:id ahere ail the credit, ts and heir* << said d- e?~-d are u-titieii to ar tend, with their daime pr- peri* voitcbed, or tb~y may otherwise by law be ex. , fr tn all b -nefit in said deceased'* ??tate; Pr?oi?1ed, a c..p\ of this onb-T be published ?tceaw,efc f t three wveKs in The Star pievioua t> th* aai-i dav Test : all HI A U EB>TKR. R. g-^t"T of W 1 la. S THL^L'PRl-M E COl KT or rHE LISl BlI t OF COLI M HI A, tprit 12. Wl. Mnu W. MiTT 1.1 ??. Cl Ftii* Hellen et al.? N S,t*7. E i>iit> D>cket 12 Ot ru ti. u of tl?e pla:ot ff, by M'-a?r* II -ikle and bt r a-t rn- y?. and it appearia^ to the C n t bj th*' retu'i. of the M'-rshai etnloraed on th? suni r? i s is>n>-<1 m thl? cause that all of the | f-ndants bate been du. ? 'ervrd eX? ept CUftoii U -li?u, Clar ence II-II. t and Eug- lie Uelleu, *f?l that as to them tbe return *-i I to be f." has been made, it ia oi ler. J that ?b- - iid f'lift n Hellen,Clarence Hellen ai.d Lk'Ui U.IUu cause their appearance to be erter*d here ? d or before the ftrst rule-day occur ring forty d - aft' r ikis day ; otherwiae tne cause Will be pr< < e. t.ed ? ith a in case of d-fauU. D C DI MPIIREYS,Jiiatka. A'rue copy. Twt: B.J MEIGS, Clerk. *M " > B? L P WILLIAM*. A sat Clerk )ACCO VMALMKt *J"Va, %fJSSStV: SMITH * WIMIATT, LUMBER. LUMBER H A RD WOODS A SPECIALTY BILL* Cl'T TO OBBEB ImHR* OolHil 7th sRP IMt.aotftww Have >oi hee^ 1 he l'outb's Imperial C at awl Via Ui match' It ia aumiral by all ai?l only to be Ice* at A. STKAlS.lOll Pa. ave.D-ar " " i itreet aSi AUCTION PALES. Fl TIRE DAY*. IV 1 Hon K. WAOGAMaN. R- al Estate Auctioneer, A19 7th street. kHAKCKET SALE or \BBT TALDABLI l7 1'KOMCH PROPERTY ON 4S STREET. HK TW FfcN C STREET NORTH ASU PENNSYL QaSIa ATIKII. IV I'ndfr iiihI k* t Irtaf of 14)>ri*r nf th? Snprcm* 1 Court of (be DiMrict of Colombia, holding an Eunitj C? nrt for said Di->t rut, passed on th- lit Id*)' of A pril, 1H73, io csnse Ho. 3JU9. wherein Silli n:n Blasdenet at. sreomplainant* and Clark Miiia et al. are defendants, the und-rs gn*d. Trustee, will sell.ln fr-nt of lh?* premises, at public auction, on TUESDAY. the aoth dav J.f Mar, MrT?t is o'clock. L<4 twenty fonr <14). in Reservation ten il#?. in W a-hingtoncity. in tbe Dial rict of Colombia, having a ?? ?4 ?n *S street and running b .ck that width 1*3 feet 3 inch.-*, and all the Interest of Clark Mills in aud to aaid lot, which wUI be sold snloectio a certain deed of trust mad- by aaid Mill* and wife,bearing date on Januai y 9th, U71, aod r? C rded in Liber N?? Ml. folio ?;<?, et eeq., on- of th.? l?t>d records of Washington county, in th? District of Columbia, and mad- to secrre the paym nt of a certain pr-missory n<>te for nineth asand dollar*, dated January 9th. 1871, and parable Are year* after date, with interest at ten p-r o-nt. per annum, pava I ie-. oil annually.on which note the Interest up to ? nd dne r if Jaunary 9th, 1873, haa been paid Thin lot is improved bv a very large Brick Build ing lour stories in height fronting on IS street, with a *ery commodious back bnilding throj stories in ?Z.\'hi WV l*1"'*! on beptember 1st, Wl. 1>T * lark Mill* to Joseph Oerbarilt for the p-ri.*l of n ve year* at and for the monthly rent of ?133 33. with a pri?il~?e to Gerhardt to rent it for two year* longer utK>n the aaoii term* at the expira tion of the period f .r Ave years. This lease is re corded in Liber M6, folio 4*5 The term* of sale, a* prescribed by the decree, arc: One third in cash,aud tlw residue in two equal in stalments at twelve and eighteen month-, with in terest ou each instalment from day of sale, the i. ferred payment* to be a lien on property sold The d- cree of sale r".|uires a dcp<*sit of ftaou at the time of *ale. and if th? cashmi ibctii i* not male within six d?T? from time oflal--. the Tru*tee. ha* end her' by. re- rves the right to resell.the premises at the c sit and risk of defaulting parchasr. All conveyancing at purchaser's coat W M. B. EDMONSTON. Trustee ?25eoA.U THUS. E. W aGGAMAX, Auct. BV LATIMER A CLBABY, | Auctioneers an i B'al E*tat" Broker*, I Southwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and ll?b street, Siar Oili e Building. AUCTION SALE OP VALUABLE IMPBOYED * STREET NORTH. BE T>? BtKN > ir-T#* AND SIXTH STREETS WEST. AND ON F STREET NOBTH, IIK WEST XTH ANI> S*VKJiTH STREETS On Tl'ESDAY, Mar 6th, 1373, at # o'clock p. ra I w ill mI], in front of th* pontine*, at public auc tion. part of Lot 9, in Square is), beginning for tho **ine >.n tb? south line of north E street at a poiat l"feet west of the nortln-ant corner of said lot, and rui.mi,u thence due south 76 feet - them e duo west at feet. thence due north 75 feet to K stre t; and thence due va?t to the lieginuing; Improved by a substantial four story Brick Dwelliug, No. Al-J. Ami, cti the ?ame evening, and iium.'diately thereafter. I art of Lot j, in S>iuare 455, beginning for the sam>* < n r ?treet north at the west line of *aid lot and running thence dua north, on said line, 31 feet 5 I lie lie* ;t hence east 4 feet 6 inches; thence north 6feet; thence east 2feet ? inches; thence north 61 feet 5S inehesto the ii?.tih line of said lot; thence east 19 feet inches; thence dna sow> h. through the center of *aid u?t, li'l loi. inches to said F street thence along said street 26 feet 7* inch-* to the be ginning; improved by a three-story Frame Dwell ing, ho. 6.17. Terms of *ale: For the E street property, one f"iirtb cash; balance in 1, 2 and 3 years, with interest fr> m the day ..f sale, at 3 per cent, per annum, the d*-f. rred payment* to be (lecured by a d??d "f trust <?? the property. For the F street property, one third cash; balance in 6, 12, 13 and 24 month*, with iiit. re.t from t h" .lay of sale, at 8 per cent, per an t:ini, the deferr.^1 payment* to best-cured by ad-ed ? f trust on the property. A deposit of $2hi) will be required on each piece of prop?-rty at time of sa!? All conveyancing at th? cost of purchas es. If the t. rni* of sale are not complied with within ten d^v* fr. in the day of sale. I reserve the right to resell the property. at the n-k and cost of the defaulting pur chaser or purchasers, after Ave days' public notice .. GEO. W.COCHRAN. Survivinl Trustee J A 8. S. EDWARDS, Attorney. a-ii-m.w.f.,Vds LATIMER A CLE \RY. Auct<. By latimer a cleaby. Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. S- uthwest corner Pennsylt ania avenue and litU St., Star Office Building. lArCTION SALE OF A PLEVSANT COUNTRY fEAT, IN THE DISTRICT OK COLUMBIA, CIlKTAININO THREE APRES, MORE OR less, located about 300 yards from HIE OLD SEVENTH STRKET ROAD TOLL GATE. AND FORMERLY THE PROPERTY | ZKA'SloV." *"*"?A!"' "ow" -ti On THURSDAY, Slay 9. 1373, at i o'clock ?3 P- m-t *el|, on th- premise*, at pubiicauc ?tlon, all that tract or parcel of land, situate in the District of Columbia, bounded as follows:? Be ginning at anoint on the south line of a new road which in 1361 separated the lauds of Benjamin Suiu my ami W illiam Little, 2D and 16.V10U perches from it* iot^rsecvion with th*4 ^nntfrn line of another new r.a?l,< which poiut of int#-nM?cti?>n in the northeast corner of lot number 5 of the subdivision of the and purchased by William Little fro ti B -nj n O.aud William H. Tayloe by deeddatnl March 2S, 1354:) tli.tice with the south line of the flrst-mentloned r ad N. 89 degree* W 2U 16f, 1U0 p?rch-s to the in tersection aforesaid, thence with the ea*t line of the last mentioned road 8.9 degrees 24 60-NW perches; thence 8. 89 degrees east 18 perches; thence in a straight line to the beginning, containing 3 acres of lan?1, m??re or 1p?s, and beio^ th* ia!iie property which was conveyed to George Burn* bv William Little, trnstee, on the 13th of September. 1861, im proved by a large and comfortable frame dwelling, with necessary out-houses. ? Term* of sale: One fourth cash; th* balance In 1, 2 and 3 years from the day of sale, with interest at 8 per centum per annum; the deferred payments to lie secured by a deed of trust on the prop-rty. If the terms of ?ale are not complied with within ten days from the day of sale, I reserve the right to resell the property at the risk ami Cost of the defaulting pur chaser or purchasers, after giving Ave days public notice. A deposit of $3*) will be required at time "f sale. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. GEO W. CorHRAN Surviving Trustee. JAMES S. EDWARDS. Attorney. 8 a21-eo.tds LATIMEB A CLEABY, AucU. UY LATIMEB * CLEARY, ? F Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Soutbweat corner Pennsylvania avenue ai?l lit t> at . Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF AN ELEGANT AND -SHIbSH BKICK 8TAB"?U AS*> By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing d*t? the E2I9rta day of February, Ufl, and recorded in Liber ^*No.640,folio28, etseu.,one of the land records for Washington county. In the District of Colum bia, and at ibe request In writingof the party there by secured, the snb^-eiber, as Trustee, will offer r"r ,mI* ?o WEDNESDAY, the 3?th day of April, 1873, at the hour of i o'clock p. m.. in trout of the prrmises, al) that piece or parcel of ground, lying and being situate in the city of Wash ington, In the District of Columbia, and known and distinguished in the plot or plan of said city as and l>einglot "I,' in Harris and Grammer's subdivision <>f part of s>iuare numbered one hundred and sixty f.-nr 11st>, snid subdivision l?-ing recorded in the . ffice of the Surveyor of the city of Washington, in liber B, folio H)l, together with the building* and improvements thereon, contiMing of a large double two-story brick h"Une, with Manaard roof, brick s able, and ont-bmlding*, situated at the corner of Connecticut avenue and L street. Terms of sale; Twelve thousand Ave hundred dol lars in cash; the remainder in equal yearly instal ments at one and two years, with interest, to be s? cured by a deed of trust on the premises, or other vise to the satisfaction ?f the party entitle.) thereto, t onveyanctng at the expense of the purchaser. If t rmsof sale are not c 'tnplied with in one week from day of sale, the Trustee reserves the to resell at the risk and expense of the defau ting purchaser A deposit of Ave hundred d. Ilans will be required at !ne time of tb? pnn-bsse. . BICH\RD WALLAHH. Trustee. <1^* LATIMER A CLEARY, An-ts. |M LATIMER A CLEABT ? * Real Estate Brokers and Auction-era, S- uthwest corner Penusylvania ?ve. aud 1Kb street Star Office Building. .Bj *'rtne of a deed of trust dated the 9 h day Jf ?*rch, A. D. 1372, and recorded in Liber No. folio 423, of the land rewrds for the county of Washington, District of Columbia, and by the request of the party secured thereby, w? Vn ? Psr for by puwic auction,on FRIDAY, tbe 41 day of May. 1873, "o the premises,at 6 o'clock P? the western nibeteen feet of Lot numbered 24, In square 2.'*), having a depth of 76 feet ? laches, aud urproved by a three-story Brick Dwelliug Terms of sale: tine-third cash; balance in six and twelve iiu>ailks, with inUrest at M percent, from day 0 '. o11,1 by deed of trust on the property *. Id. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. SlyO d. wn when th-property is sold. FREDERICK W. JONES,/ - ^ JOSEPH R EDStiN. < Trustees. THOMAS RUSSELL. I . S.T.LEWIS, ( Assignees. "a '?*?*? LATIMEB A CLEARY, Aucts. Y GBEFN A WILLIAMS, Auc'toneers, No. IOOI, northwest comer Iwth and D streets. B WALNUT PARLOB Fl BNITl'RE, PAINTED (olTAGI SUITES, WALNUT EXTENSION TABLES AND DINING BOOM CHAIRS, WALNUT WHATNOTS, M 3BBLE TOP CEN TER TABLES, BLACK WALNUT FBAME MIRROR. WITH SLAB AND BRACKET, PAINTED BEDSTEADS, BUBEAl'S AND WASHSTAND8, BBUSSELS CARPET AND STRAW MATTING. HAIR TOP MATTRESS ES. CHINA. GLASS AND CROCKERY WARE. COOK I NO AND OTHER STOVES, KITCHEN UTENSILS. Ac , AT AUCTION. #J\ On THURSDAY, the 1st day of May, 13M. Ut fommea. n.u at IO o'clock a. m , wa shall st*U ffl*t the residence of a Lady declining hoiise I ^ lkeeping. No. *4S*I Massachusetts avanue, cor ner of 3d street northeast, toe ab^vs collection of Furniturs. Ac. Tern.s cash. ?2Sd GREEN A WILLIAM 3, A nets. SALE OF SMALL ARMS AND ACCOUTRI MEET Be*(ac op I Navt Dv-paKtmbxt. April U, 187$ ( There will be sold at puMic anctiou to tbe highest bidder, at 19 m..on WEDNESDAY, May 14. 1373. In ll?? office of the Inspector uf Ordnauca, Navy Yard. New York, aqnuttty of siaaJl arias and ac c< 01 re ments. as follow*. vM: CSS Plymouth tides,cal. .M, serviceable. 174 Plvmoutb rifles, cal. J?, ueediug repairs. r?H PI vniuMk rMs ?abre bayonets. t3M Plymouth rifle sabre bayonet -scabbards. ?M4 Skwrps A Hank ins carbines, cat. A3, servicea ble. 4t7 Sharps A Han kins carbines, cal. A3, needing re 279 Sharps A Hmnklws rifles,cal. J?. serriceabie. 36 Sharps A Hankias rifles, cal. M needingrs palra S7S Sbarw* A Hank ins rifle sabre bayonets aod scab Terms; One-half cash In Government finds on tbe lusion of the sale, and tbe remainder within ten rhich time the articles .othsrwise they will (Mi 1 days afterwArd-,dnri?g whi inu>t be removed from the yard, revert to the IVnernment. It Is to he dUrflnctiy arulerstood that no gnarantee w ill be given to purchasers of articles for sale and noted In tbe catalogue, as regards t heir exact condi Iion or quail'v; but It is thieved, however, that everything offered for sale is as represented. WILLIAM If JEFFERS, alS-dta CWefof r AUCTION SALES. FCTCRI DAYS. BT ft Mi i GRKEX A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Buathiwt corner 7th tail D itcNtt. Tltl>TEEJ>SALEOF VALUABLE IMPROVED Ko- N1AR 8r* By virtue of a d?ed of trust, dated April 2Mb, A. D. 1ST2, and duly recorded in liber Ho. 681, folio JS. -*e., of the laud record* for Washington oomity, D. C., and by the direction of the part/ se cured thereby, I will sell, at public Miction, in front of the premise*, on MONDAY, the Slat day of April. A. D. Iff 3. at I o'clock p. m., all of lota numbered one hundred and twenty-seven(lff land one hundred and twenty -eight (1X8) and a part of lot numbered one hundred and twenty-nine (ltt), in Gilbert'* re corded mbdirMoi of square numbered six hundred and seventy-Are (676), in the city of Washington, with all the improvement* thereon, consisting of nearly finished brick dwelling* on north I street. A plat of the nroperty will be exhibited at the sale. Term* of sale: One-half In cash,of which 9100 must be paid at sale upon each house sold; the de ferred payment* to be made in six and twelve month* after day of sale, with int* ? at tan percent, per annum, and secured by dee.. .ruat to the satisfac tion ef the Trustee. Terms to be fully complied witb within six day* after day of sale, otherwise the Trustee reserve* the right to resell the property, after one week's notice, at the risk and cost of first purchaser. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. WM. H. WARD, Trustee, as 3taw<*ds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. ?/"THE ABOVE 8ALK 19 POSTPONED until MONDAY, Hay 4, at the same hour and place. By order of the trustee. a21 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anct*. BY LATIMER A CLEART, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*, Southwest corner of Penn. avenue and Uth street, Star Office Building. sale or government PROPERTY IN SQUARE No. jM. Pursuant to the act of Congress providing for En the extension of the Capitol ground", approved **May 8, 1ST2. we shall sell on TIIl'RSBAY HORNING. Blar 1.1373,commencing at II o'clock, tlie following Buildings, embraced Ni Square No. 633: Sanderson house,corner of A street and New Jer *<?)- avenue,(frame and brick.) Nos. 110 and 112 N.-w Jersey avenue; will be sold together, (frames.) Nop. 113(frame) aud ISO and 122 (brick) New Jer sey avetiue;. will be sold separately. K'W.lMand If New Jersey aveun*, corner of B Street; will be sold together. No*, a, 44,46,43 aud 53 B street, (brick;) sepa r?i?ly. Nos. .33, 40 and 42 B street,(brick;) together. X". luy l?t o'reet.(material brick,) separately. Nos 47, 45, 43, 41, S3 and 19 A street, (frames;) sep Nos* 33. 31, 27. 25,23 and 21. (13 aud 15, Caspar!* Iionse.will be sold together,) 11,9 and 7 A street, v. II bes^-ld separately.(material brick.) Iron railings in front, and wood-sheds, stables a I'd fencing in rear of buildings will ba sold sepa ri-tely. Terms of sale: Ten per cent, of the purcli.ise money will be required at the time of sale; the re mainder within ten days ?fter such sale. Buildings ti be removed within thirty days. B> order of C. DELANO, Se?re?ary of the Interior. s21-d LATIMER Sc CLEABY, Aucts. BY LATIMER A CLE ART, i Anctl<>neers and Real E?tate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11th street, Star OBise Building. TRUSTEE 8 SALE OF~VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON COLUMBIA STRKET, BE TAKEN P ANI> Q STREETS NORTHWEST. ? By virtue of two deeds <>f trust, dated March Mb, 1S72. and July in. 1372, aud duly recorde<l lespectively iu Liber 673, folio 427, and Liber 6ri, folio 349, of the land record* for Washington unty, in the District of Columbia, aud by direction ol the ?>arty secured thereby, I will sell, at public suction, in front of the premises, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May ?d, at 6 o'clock, Lot No. 134. it David L Morrison's aud others subdivision of p irt of Square No. 3^5, with the improvements tl i reon. consisting of a well-built three-story Brick Dwelling, with one-story back building, with gas, water ana !>ath-rooin. This proper!) h:is a fr< nt?f 13 feet on Columbia s'reet, running back W5feet to a UM'>ot alley. Terms of sale; One-fourth cash; residue in 6,12 and 111 months. Deferred payments to bear 10 per cent, iliterest from day of Kale and to be ?e* nred t>y a deed of trust <>n the property. fMUdown at time of sale. Conveyancing at cost of purchaser. If the terms of side are not complied with w ithin ten days ther? h ter, the Trustee reserv.s the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaultiag pur c laser, after five days' public notice. WM S HOLLIDAY, Trustee. s22-dAd* LATIMER A CLEARY, Auct?. 1 >Y MATTINGLY A WHEELER, 1> Auctioneers and Brokers, iu>. 803 9th street northwest, next to corner E St. TRTSTEE'S SALE BY AUCTION OF VERY VALt'ABLE HKAL ESTATE IN THK FIRST WAliD. FRONTING PENNSYLVANIA AVK Nl-E AND A GOVERNMENT RESERVA TION. Under and by virtue of a d?od ef trust, in Mpwliich 1 have been substituted as trustee in ?^?"-the plarewf I rank D. Whitney,deceased, ? hich is recorded in Lioer No. Old, folio 448, one of the bind records of Washington county, District of Co lumbia, and at the request of the holder of the note secured by said deed of trust, I shall set up, expose, and sell, tothe high--*! bidder, on WEDNESDAY, April HO, 1373, at 4 o'clock p.m., on the premises, original Lots (19) nineteen an<l<2iP twenty, in square numbered (lul) one hundred and one. These lota front seventy-live feet on I street, near its intersec tion w ith Pennsvlv ania avenue, and have a depth of one hundred and torty-nine feet and three inches to a public alley twenty feet in width, and side alloy fifteen feet wide from I street, fronting a reserva tion and Pennsylvania avenue. This property Is peculiarly adapted for the erection of first-class pri vate residences, and should command the attention of capitalist* and bnildetv. Terms: One-half cash; balance in o, 12 and 13 months, with interest at six per cent, per annum, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. A de posit of $500 when sold. Conveyancing at pur chaser's cost. Terms of sale to be complied with in one week after sale. W. B. WEBB, Trustee. s22-d |B< r.l MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aucta. Y~B. II. WARNER, . _ w Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 749 7th street, between Q and Hstreet*. CHANCERY SALE OF IMPROVED REAL ES TATE ON 151th STREET WEST. BETWEEN T AND U STREETS NORTH, AND ON AN ALLEY IN THE BEAR THEREOF. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court, Dis trict of Columbia, passed In the cause of Wheatley and sons vs. Fitch et al , No. 2,639. equity docket II, we shall sell, on MONDAY, the dtn day of May, 1373, at 6 o'clock p. m .in front of the premises, at public auctiou, lots 63,59, 61,62,63, and 71, in Falco ner and Allen's recorded subdivision of parts of square 274, improved by live two-story and one three-story brick dwellings, nearly new. Terms of sale: One fourth cash on the day of sale, or within hve days thereafter, and the residue in f' nr equal installments, at 6, 12,13, and 24 mouths, from the day of sale, the purchaser or purchasers gi> ing his, her, or theit1 ^promissory notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of s:ile, the title to be retained until the whole of the purchasw money, with the interest, is paid. In the event of the failure of the purchaser or purchasers to complv with the terms of sale, the trustees have the right to resell the prwperty at the risk aud coat of such defaulting purchaser or purchasers. A de j,<-Mt of $ loo will be required on the acceptance of eacli bid. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost JAMES 8. EDWARDS,! FRED K W. JONES, < rnwtees. ??l-m.w Asds B H. WARNER, Anct. UBEEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner luth and D sts B B SALE OF VERY VALUABLE BUSINESS PROP ERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF PENNSYL VANIA AVENUE, BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. MBy virtue of a deed executed by the late Mrs. Sarah Hamilton, appointing the under signed Trust-e for the purpose* therein set forth,datej the 17th day of April. 1371, and recorded In No.643. folic 131, one of the land records f r Wasli ii>ton county, D. C , and at the request of and by \ :i :ue of a power of attorney from tne beneficiaries i.tuned in ssid deed, I will sell at public auction, In front of the premises, to the highest bidder, on MONDAY,the 3th day of May, at ft o'clock p m., its of Lots Nos. five (61 and six (6), iu Square nntn i-red three hundred and eighty (330). improved by a three-story and attic Dwellinr, with back building, bi itig premises known as No. 9il4 Pennsylvania avenue northwe.t. This pr >perty fronts 20 feet on I' nnayh auia avenne, with a depth of about 63 feet, connecting with Lot 5, which fronts 12 feet on C street; in all 1.905 feet. Term* of sale: One-fonrth cash; the balance in twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months, with interest at six per cent., payable seuii-anii'tally. se< ured by a deed of trust on the property. A deposit of JJ2U0 will be required on acceptance of bid. If the t< i ms are not couipli'-d with witnin seven days after the -?le, the property wjll be resold at risk and cost ot defaulting purchaser. All ronvevancing at pur chaser's co*t. THOMAS MrGILL, Truttee. GREEN & WILLIAMS, aI5-eo2wAdtM5 Auctioneer*. Y B. U. WARNER, ~ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer . No. 7il9 7th street,batween G ant H stt. SALE OF DESIBABLE~BriLDING LOTS ON THE NORTH SIDE OF CORCORAN STREET. BETWEEN 14th AND 1?th STREETS, AT AUCTION. SI will sell, at public auction, in front of the premise*, on THURSDAY, May 1,1373, at 6 (?'clock p. m., L its 49, 50 and 61, square 2tK, fronting 20 feet each on Corcoran street, by a depth of '.18 fe?t to an alley. Terms to be made known on day of *ale. $60 de pe-it required on each lot wheu sold. *34-dAd* B. H. WARNER, Anct. rj'RUSTEES SALE VALUABLE FARM NEAR ROCKVILLE. By virtue of a deed of trust from Harry Hnrley and wife, dated May the 8th, 1366, and recorded in liber E BP, No. f, tollo Ititi, Ac., one of the land records of Montgomery county, I will cell, at public au<tion, at the C-urt-house dour, in the town of R ckvllle, on TUESDAY, 6ih day of May.1373. at 11 o'clock ft. m., the Farm on which the said Harry Hurley now reside*. This farm U on the public road from Rockvtlle to Daraeatown, about a mile and a half fro* the fonaer place. It ha* beeu iaid ofl into two parts, and will be *old separately. Lot 1 fronts on the public road, and contain* I177f acre*, 25 of which ara?ood chestnut and oak timber; is well watered, and improved by a two rtory Frame Dwelling House, with Barn, Stable* and Granary. Lot 2 lie* immediately in rear of tot 1: is also well woodfd and watered, and is improved by a good Fiame House, of six rooms, and contalas 114 acres. Term*: One-third cash; balance in one aud two years, with interest and approved security. For further particulars, or plat showing the prem ises, apply to Richard M. Wililaa*, attorney-at-law, R. ckv ille. Md. ?24-eo4,' B KMX FOWLER, Trustee. IJN1TED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of leri facias, isaaed out of the OWrk'* office of th?8upreme Court of the Dietrict of Coiambia.and to m? directed. I shall aell, In front of the court-noaee door of said District, on THURS DAY, the 8thday of May, 1373, at IS o'clockm., all the defendant V right, Utle.claia, a^ interest la and to subdivision #o.l'C," in square Eo. Iff, in the city of Washington, D. 0., together with all and singular the iuiprovemetits thereo*, seized and levied upon aa the property of Allison Bailor, and will be sol* to satisfy execution No. 9.69 in favar of A O RMdlu ALEX. 8HAEP, U.S. Marshal, D O. April 13,1373. al?-du AUCTION SALES HTIRE PAY*. UT DUNOAMSON. DOWLING * CO., Aw* , J ' boutheaat corner #th tnd D streets northwest. TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS' WOBTH OF DBY GOODS AT AUCTION. We will sell, en THURSDAY MORNING, May t, at onr sal?s ro>m, corner ?f 9th u4 D itiwu north west, commencing at 10 o'clock, ud continuing ?"'"?wn*. at T o'clock, and every morn in* u4 even ioc until all ar- child, the I arc *nd w-ll selected stock of M. T^lor, moved front 7OA Market Space, and n?me, In part? 2.000 yards Calicoes, 300 *? Strif-d Cambric?, 1,100 44 Plain and Plaid M .hairs. 24'V 44 Plain and Striped Irenadmas, .S6 M Twist'd Silk Grenadine*, tm " Frencb Law uh, ."5.HI " American Lawn*. }30 " French OfrghanK, SO? ?? J apatites# Cloths. 10t " Sea-Aid* Poplins, 1W 44 Bilk Pongee. 130 u Bilk VeHours, 6ri0 11 Plain. Plaid and Suiped Japanese Silk*, f? " Silk Poplin*, * 200 " Japanese Stripe*. 44 Plain-colored Silk*, N> 44 Black Lyons Silk". AS 44 Black Shotted Silks, 212 44 Plain and Striped Pique, 270 ?' Striped Suitinrs, :vso 44 Plain Colored Alpaca?, 1 It' 44 Camels'Hair, fOO 41 Plain and Fixated Linen, 2.T0 4 Linen Drilling*. 2T0 44 Black Alpaca*. 75 44 Black Mohair, 125 44 Black Empress Cloth, S.*0 44 Coloted Empress Cloth, SO 44 Lupin's B'ttbarini'i. 200 44 Colored French Merinoes, 250 44 So>tch Plaids. VTH " W hite and Colored F!annM?, J3a Striped, Plaid and Real Paisley S'iiwI,, some very tine in quality, 12 Llama Lace Points, 2>6 pairs Ladies' Kid Gloves, K2S pairs Cotton Hose, 212 Gaure and M> rino Ves *. Thread Gloves. Handkerchiefs, Corset*; Black Silk Lace, thread, Valenciennes and Hamburg KilgiiikS' White Cambric, Nauao -k and Swiss Mus lins: Tarlatans; Veil Grenadine; Parasols, Snn I'm brellas, Table Linens; Clotli?, t M-nneres, Tweeds, Kentucky Jeans; Spool Silk; Hlraoh^l and llrown Cotton*; with every description of good* umixIIv found in a tirst-clase dry good* store: all of which w ill lie sold on the foil..wring terms; All sum* under ? 1<">, ca?h; nil minis under sixty davs; all sums under (Jitfli', ninety days; all sums over ?3otl. four months; with approved indorsed notes, pay able in bsn?, wit h interest at eight per cent. The attention of ladie* and buyers i? called to this sale, aa the goods are all perfect, an I will be Bold to the highest bidder. Seat* will be furnished to I n' era ?'J8-dftd* PI NCAXSON DOWI.INGft CO , An ts. 1>Y LUTTBELL A DINKINGTON. 1* Auctioneers and C -inaiissi>>n Merchant*, 917 Louisiana avenue, bet. 9th and lt*h street*. TRUSTEE'8 SALE OF A NEAT TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, WITH TWO-STORY FRAME STABLE: ALSO, SEVERAL VALUABLE BCILD1NG LOTS ADJOINING, ON EAST SIDE OF 3n 8TREF.T, BETWEEN A ANI> B STREETS NOBTHEAST, CAPITOL HILL. I By virtue of a deed of trust, dated t>ctober 7, I A. D. 1S71, and duly recorded in Liber N'.t><>2, ?folio 94, ? t seq., one of the Land Jl"oorl* for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, and by direction of party eecured thereby, I will sell in fr? nt of^tbe pretniaes,on TUESDAY, May 6, A. D. ls7S, at 3 o'clock p.m., at public auction, to the highest bidder, all those certain pieces or par cels of (iround,situate in the city of Washington, in said District, and known aa all of Lot numbered seven,(7.) and the south twenty-live(29) feet otie (1) inch, fronting on 3d street east, by equal depth of ninety-seven (iff) feet of Lutnumltered eight (8,> in F'luare nutiib' red seven hundred and eighty-live, (o-<5 ) together with the im-- -omenta thereon. The above property will bo acid separately; dia gram shown on day of sale. Term* of sale: Cne-tliird cash; balance in one, two. and three year*, with ten per cent, interest, pay able annually,fcr which the purchasers'notes will be required, secured by deed of trust on proper ty sold; 0100 on each piece of property uiu?t be paitl on da> of sale. Conveyancing ano recording at purchasers'cost*. If terms of sale are not complied with within ray* after sale, the property will be resold at risk aud cost ot defaulting purchaser. WM. F. HOLTZM \V. T. ustee. *LUTTKELL * LUNNIXC.TQN. Aucts. HY LATIMER ft CLEARY. Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers. Sc uthwont corner P.-nnaylllania avenue aud 11th st,i Star Office Building, VERY DESIRABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE PENNSYLVANIA AVE Nl E, TWO DOORS WEST OT SIXTH STREET \N EST. FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. We will off* r for sale, at public auction, in ?a front of the premises, on FRIDAY, April 'i?, ?"'?IjCS, at b o'clock p m., the House and Lot now occupied by Joseph Plat* as a restaurant, known as No. 604 Pennsylvania arenne, and being part of lot nnmbered (1,) in Square numbered four hundred and sixty-one (46K) contained within the following metes and bound*: Commencing at a point on Penn sylvania avenue northwest forty-live (16) feet eight (8> indie* westwardly from the northeast corner ot said square, and running thence wpstwardly along the liDe of aaid Avenue twenty-two(22) feet; thence southwardly and at right angle* with said avenue Bfty-two (62)feet: thence due aouth fifty three(43) fe< t eight (8) inches to the line of north B street, thence east along aaid street twenty-two (22) feet; thence north forty -six (461 feet and nine (9) inches, ai d thence northwardly to me place ol beginning. The improvements consist of a large fonr-story Brick Houae, containing eleven large room*, incln si e of the room on the first floor, which fronts both on Pennsylvaniaaveune and B street north. Terms ot aale: One-third of the purchase money cash, ami the balance In equal Installments f sis (6.) twehe< 12) and eighteen (18) months from date ot sale: the purchaser will be required to give his notes tor the deferred payments, bearing Interest at the rate <4 eight (8) percent, per annum, and secured b> deed cf tr?st on the property. \ deposit of S500 will be rtqnired when the property ia bid off. Con veyancing at co? of P?rcha*er.,i9 ^ ^ El'GEXE CAKCSI,

WM. F. LEACH. Execntor* of estate of L. Johnson, deceased. .112 d LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts, ?VTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN conseqnence of the rain, until THURSDAY, May 1, Is. 3. same hour and place. By order of the Executors. a2t. dft ls LATIMER ?* CLEARY, Ancta. Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Ancta. corner 9th and D streets northwest. TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. BETWEEN JlsT AND 3Hd STREETS NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated on th"4th day of October, A. D., 1871, and recorded in Liiber No. 638, folio 293,one of the land recorda for Washington county, D. C., and by the direction of the party secured thereby. I will aell. at pnldic auction, in front of the premise*, on WEDNES DAY,Tthday of May, 1^73, at |3 o'clock p. m. all that certain piece or parcel of around in the city of V ashington. District of Columbia, known aud de signated bu the ground plat of the said city as pirt oflot fourteen, (14,) in square numbered aeventy ? fire. (78,) be|rinning for the same at the northwest corner of said lot numbered fourteen, (14.) and run ning thence southwesterly at right angles with the line of Pennsylvania a>enue, eighty-six feet aud nil e inches, thence south twenty-five (tt> feet, thence east Kbout forty-four feot, thence northeast erly ninety feet and six inchea to the |jn? of Penn sylvania avenue, and-thence westerly forty-nine feet nine inchea to the place of beginning, togethr with all the improvenjenta thereon. 'firms: The amount of indebtedness secured by said deed of trn*t unpaid, and the expenses of sale in cash; balance at one and two years, with interest, ft 100 deposit on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within seven da\ s after sale, the property will be resold at risk aud cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at cost of pur chaser. F. A. LUTZ, Jr., Trustee, his DUNCANSON. DOWLING ft CO., Ancta. BY GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, Northwest corner of luth and D streeta, VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 4th day of May, 1373, we ? shall sell, on the premises, at 5X o'clock p.m., ?all that piece or parcel of grouud lying in the City ?f Washington, D. C., kuown as part of lot number five, in eqnare number three hundred and eighty, being the southwest corner of loth street west ana C street north, fronting on 10th street 19 feet 3* inches, and rnnning back on north C street 63 feet to an alley 9 feet 9 inches wide, and also fronting on north C street 16 feet S inches, running ba.-k /5 feet in depth, with the improvements, con sisting of a two-story brick dwelling-house and a good brick warehouse, making both pieces valuable property. Terms: One-third cash; balance In6, If, 19 and 24 months, for notea bearing Interest, ai>d secured by a d?ed of trust on the prnmiaea sold. Conveyancing at the coat of the purchaser. #2u0 down on piece at the time of sale. a 16-eoftds 1 Rep] GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Acctaf BY DUNCANSON, DOWLING ft CO., Auct'ra, Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. CHAXCEBY SALE OF TWO 8TORT FRAME HOUSE, WTTH BACK BUILDING.ON SOUTH ^ "I OF I STBEKT, BETWEEEN 10m AND 1 ITH If. W? By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Conrt of Bathe District of Colambia, paased in chancery ?*ca?se No. 8124, doc. 11,1 shall, on THURSDAY, "J?.1' mt6 ?'c.l"ck p. m, offer tor sale, at puldic anction, Lot 9, In Davidson's recorded *ubdi "f ?-* of sqnare No. 344; having a front of IS ?t, and running back with that width alluv and * -* _ Is < * ? . B vision of part feet oa I street ie?-i on i street, ana running nacK with that width 100 feet to an alley, and Improred by a well built tw -story Frame House, with back building. Terma: One-fourth of the purchase money in cash; and reaidae ki three equal instalments at one, two. and three years, with Interest at S per cent, per an num; deferred payments to be secured by the par chaser's notes and a deed of trust on the property Deed giTen on final ratification of sale. Convey! ancing at pnrcha*er'a cost. *50 to be paid at sale. BEGINALD FENDALL, Trustee. ?17 d DUNCANSON, DOWLING ft CO., Ancu. tbe RY GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, D No. lOOl, Northwest corner 10th and D streets. DES1BABL1 BUILDING LOTS IN SQUAKE No. TT4, SITUATED ON K STBEtTT. BE TWEEN 3d AND 4th STREETS NORTHEAST, AT AUCTION. By vlrtae of a dead executed by the late Mrs. -arah Hamilton, dated the 17th day of April, ?1871, and recorded in N?.(I0, folio 131, one of ? land records for Washington county, in the Diatrict of Colombia, and at the request or, and by virtue of a tower of attorney fromtV bane fieiaHes named In aaid deed. I wfll sell, at public aaetNs, la the premises, to the highest bidder, on Tl BSD A Y, the 6th day of May. at S o'clock p. m., numbered sis <6.) se> en i T,) and e?gt?t (8,) In B. M. Hall's recorded sabdlrisiou of Kjaare numbered seven hundred and seventy-fonr (774;) said lots hav ing a front of 16 feet each on K street northeast, be tw?en 3d and 4th streets, and rnnning backalvmt l.*2 feet to an 18 foot alley, containing in all 7,110 square feet. Term* of aale: One-fourth caah; balance in IS. 18, aik1 24 months, f.?r note* bearing interest at eight Sn cent, perannom, payable s??mi-aniiually, s?cared y a deed oftru?t on the prc pt-rty *old. A inp.Mii of will be required at the time of sale. If the terms of sale are not complied wiib with n *er*n day* from day of aale, the property will be reaold at the risk and r?rot the default ingpurchaeer All coareyan ciuf at purchaser's (o?t. THOMAS Ml GILL. Trus'e*. hSS-eolwftdts GBEEN ft WILLIAMS, Ancta. AUCTION RALES. TO-MORROW. B Br LATTMER ft CLEART, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broken, Boatbvut corner Pennsylvania avenue tad 11th at Star Office KaiWaf<. SINGLE ANDDOUBLECARTBD OAK DESKS. CABVEDOAK LBATRBBOOVB RED CH %I its To HATCH: IMMENSE QUANTITY OK BRUSSELS CARPET. OFFICE DEMK8 ABO TABLES, WALNUT AND OAK 0ANE-8B AT OFFICE ARM CH AIRS. SOF AS, ?r , Ac , RE ING THE FURNITURE RECENTLY IN USK IN THE HALL OF THE HOPS* OF REP BESENTATIVKS, LOBBIES, GALLERIES, AND COMMITTEE ROOMS, AT AUCTION A On TUESDAY HOBMIHO. April **th, Bl. lgjf.nmi?BctD?at lO oVI-icb, we will sell Mlal the Capitol of the ODiinl States? IV I About sou single and doable Caved Oak ? Desks, About 300 Carved Oak LnsAher-Coreced Arm Chair* to na:rk, Large number of Walnut and Oak Cane-seat and bark Am Chair*. Office Deeks aiid Table*, S.fav quantity of Brussels Carpet*, which will be sold in bit* to suit pucrhaser* The carved desk* and rb4lr? will he sold in 'he chamber of the Hou*e of Representative*. The carpet* and other furniture in the large hall imme diately under the chamber of the House. Term* cash. By orderof EDWARD MrPHERSOB, Clerk of the H<">nse of Representatives, 0. 8. all- (Rep.Ch] LaTIMERA_CLEARY. Anrts. Y B. H. WARNER. Real Eat ate Broker ant Auctioneer, No. T?9 7th street, between G and H. CH ANCERY HALE OfTaLU *BLR IHPBOYED REAL FST\TK ON THE NORTH MDE OF I STREET NORTH. BETWEEN 14th AND 16th BTRKKTS WEST. Bf virtue of a d-cree i f the Knpreir? Court of Ith- District of Columbia. paseed in the cau?e ot Cru ct al, v*. Cm* et a'.. No 3.1.U equity. 1 will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, i. TUESDAY. April 49, M7&. at 6 o'clock p m , p:trt i f lot 3, of Samuel Davidson's snbtivison ol lot 4, in square 199. beginning for the urn-' at the north west corner of said lot 3. thence running aonth 143 feet 7 inch'-* to the north line of I str?wt north; thence ea*'26 feet ?> inch"*; thence oort h 75 feet 7 inches; th- nee wM 13 feet S inches; th-nce n >rth ?7 feet, to a .HVfoot alley ; and thence we*t to the h?gi? nirg, with the improvements thereon, consisting of a three atory brick dwelling. Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase money cash on the day of eale, or within live days thereaf ter. the residue in three equal instalments al 4. 12 and 18 month* from the day of sale, the purchaser or purchasers to give his, her or their promisory notes [it the deferred payments bearing interest from the day of sale, at the rate of 3 per centum per annum. The litle to be retained until the whole of the pur chase money, with Interest,is paid. In tne event of the failure of the purchaser ar purchaser* to com ply ? i'h the txrms of sale, the trustee has the right t<> resell the property at the risk and coat of anch defaulting purchaser or purchasers. A deposit of (iiiirill he required on the acceptance of bid, and all conveyancing at purchaser's cost. JAMts S EDWARDS, Trustee. *14-tn,w,sAds BH.WARSKR.Ant. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Real Estate Broker* and Auctioneers. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Bntldiug. TWO VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON NEW YORK AVENUE, BETWEEN 3d AND 4th STREETS NORTHWEST, FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. ? _ ?We will offer for ?*1". on TUESDAY, April 519. 1873, at 6 o'clock p m., 1-4* numb red twenty-four ill) and twenty-8ve tS6>, in the suMi vision of square numbered live hundred and twenty live (525I, as recorded in the office of the purveyor of Washington city, in Liber H. D. C., to io go. Lot No. 24 front* seventeen (171 feet live (fi?inches ou New York avenue, and contains 1.421 square feet. Lot No. 25 fronts seventeen (I7>feet Hie (5) inches on said avenue, and contains 1,280 fqnare feet of ground. Term* of *ale: Oue third of purcha? cash; bn'.iitice in e<iiial instalments at 6 and 12 months. The purchaser will t>e reqaired to give hi* n?te? for th? deferred payment*, bearing interest at the rate of eight per cent., and secured by deed of trust on the property. Conveyance* at purchaser's expense. A deposit of .*?) will be reqnired to l*? puid when the property i* bid olT. A plat of the property will be exhibited at the sale. ? E. E WHITE. EUGENE CARUSI. WMF MATTlN'iLY, Assignees of J>is. G Naylor. nHd LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucts. HY LATIMER A CLEARY. Auctioneers and R-al Estate Broker*. Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave.and llihstre-'t, Star Office B lildiugs. TRUSTEES" SALE OF A VALU \BT.E BUILD ING LOT ON S STREET, NEAR 14ru ST. NORTHWEST. SBy virtue of a deed of t rust, dated the 51 day of October. A D. 18#, and recorded in LiberT and R, No. 3, folio S21. of the Land R-cords of WaKliington county, the sulmcribers will sell to the hiahest bidder, on the premises, on TUESDAY, the tf7lh day of May, A. D. 1873 at o o'cl ck p m . Lot numbered 4.(four,) in square nnmbered 218, < two hundred and thirty-eight,) in the city of Washing ton. District of Columbia, to pay $2,343, with inter est from October 3, lfti?. and expenses. The terms of sale are: One-fourth ca*h,(of which SlKiniust be paid at the time of the sale,) and the residue in equal sutus in 6,12. IS and 24 months, for which the purchaser inuet give notes, bearing Inter est tit seven percent per anunin. payable semi-an nually. and secured by a deed of trust on the prem ises. Ail conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms are not complied with within Ave dars fr m the day of sale, the Trustees reserve the right to resell the property, or any part thereof, to the highest bidder on the premises, for cash, on ten da*, s' public notice in the ?' Evening Star," Wash ington city, at the risk and coat of the purchaser in default. ANTH. HYDE, / Trustees JAMES W. CORCORAN,j Trustees. ??] 2aw<ds LATIMBR A CLEARY, Aucts. Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING a OO., Aucts., Corner 9th and D streets northwest B B B1 SALE OF IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON THE ISLAND, ON F STREET SOUTH, BETWEEN 3d AND 4)t STREETS WEST. ^ By virtue of a deed of trust, duly recorded In KB liber E.C. E , No. 14. folios 414. Ac., of the land ** records of the District of Columbia, and at the request of the party secured thereby .the *ubscriber. ar- trustee, w ill sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, on TUESDAY, iltfth day of April,at ('clock, part of lot 5, in square 538, in the city of Washington, D. C., beginning lfifeetfrom the south east corner of said lot, and running thence west 14 f< i t, and extending back of that width north 65 feet, with the improvements ami appurtenances to the gsme belonging. Terms: One-third cash, of which 5200 shall be paid at the time of sale; balance in note* at 6 ami 12 month*, with interest, and secured by deed of trust on the premises sold. Unless settlement be made within 5 daj ? after sale, a resale will be held at the cost and risk of defaulting purchaser. Sale sub ject to an incumbrance, the amount to be stated at the time and place of sale. Conveyaiicinf at cost of the purchaser. CHARLES M MATTHEWS, Trustee. *rt,2CJ8 Bl'NC ANSON, DOW LING A CO., Aucts. BY DUNCANSON, DOWLING a CO., Aucts. Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. VALUABLE GARDEN FARM ON ARLING TON HEIGHTS AT AUCTION. 9 On TUESDAY, April '29th, 1873, at l'J o'clk m., we will sell at our auction rooms, a valua ble farm, situated two miles from Aqueduct Bridge, containing e1* acres, improved by a good dwelling bouse. 32 ny 44,containing four room?: sr-W bard, water close at hand, and fruits of all kinds. Land in good condition and easy of mccet* to Wash ington. Georgetown, ami Alexandria. T.*rms of sale; $900 cash; balance in deferredc' * DUNCANSON. DOWLING A CO.. Aucts. f C. KENNEDY, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, ftlft7ttist. AT AUCTION-THREE SIX BOOMED FR \MED HOUSES ON 4<j STREET,ON EASY TERMS. On TUESDAY. May 6th, at A o'clock p. m.. I will sell, separately, in front of the premises, parts of Lots 14 and 15. Square 6M, improved by three ?ix ro.imed Frame Houses, the same being Nos. 5OU. d04 and 500 4>? street, betweeu ? and F streets southwest. Terms; One-fourth cash; balance in payments of ?40 per month. 850 down at sale. ?25-9t C. KENNEDY. Auctioneer. THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 419 7th street. NICE FIVE ROOM HOUSE, No. 15J3 NINTH SREET, WITH VACANT LOT. ON SIDE. Ou TUESDAY, April 519, at i o'clock p m., K3 1 shall *ell, on the premises, above-mentioned ?^-part of Lot 7, in Square No. 397, having a front of 32 feet on 9th street. House 16 feet front. Terms day of sale. THOS. E. W AGGAMAN, ?25-dAds Auctioneer. B~Y LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Buildiucs. LARGE SALE OF BOOKS. On TUESDAY EVENING, April 49th, and fol lowing evenings until *11 are sold, commencing ea< h evening at half-past 7 o'clock precisely, we will sell, at our R>>oms, corner of Penns) lvania ave nue and 11th street, A LARGE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION OF BOOKS, Embracing Raie Work* on American History, Indian*. Geol ogy, the Arts and Science*, Army aud Navy, Antiquities, Architecture, Languages, Ac., Ac. Also, a choice collection of Standard and Miscellaneous Books, English and American editions. And many of them In One bindings. To which we invite the special attention of book buyers. WThe Books are now arranged for examination, aud catalogues will be ready on Saturday woruiny. Parties unable to attend the sale can nave their orders executed by the auctioneers. ag-tf [Rep.| Latimer a cleary, Anct*. DY LATIMER A CLEARF, I) Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Bnfldinc. TRUSTEE'S BALI OF VALUABLE TWO STORY BRICK DWELLING OB BOUNDARY STREET. (CORNBR OF BBOWN OOURT,) NEAR 14th STREET NORTHWEST. a By virtus of a d?sd of trust, dated October ^HMth, A. D. 1871, and duly recorded in Liber Ho. ^^658. folio 448, et seq., one of the land records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, and by direction of tne holder of the not* secured by ?aid deed of trust, I shall sell at public auction, in front of the premises, to the highest bidder, on WEDNESDAY, May Tth, A.D 1&3, at A o'clock p. m., all that certain lot or piece of kround In the city of Washington, District of Columbia, and known as lot number*! ninety (99), in Win. H. Brown Is subdivision of certain lots la square num bered two hundred and thirty-four(tM), aal division is recorded in the Surveyor's vice of said city, in subdivision book "C. H.B.," folio 353, to gether with the improvements thereon. Terms of sale: One-third cash, (of which fM9 most be deposited at time of sale;) and the balance in one, two and tfiree years, to be secured by pur cb**er'. notes, bearing ten per cent, interest, (pay ? able anuually. > and a de? d of tru*t on property sold. Conv eyasrinf and recording at parcbaeer's rust. If term* of sale are not complied with within nix days, the trustee reserve* the rlrht to resell at cost ana risk ot defaulting putchsser. . WM F HOLTEMA*. Tru*?en. s25 LATIMER A CLBARY, A.ucts. AUCTION SALES. THIS Arv-UMOON. n Y LATIMER I CLBARY, A lie! i >neor* Mid Kf*l Estate Br >k *r?. g;t?nt come* P-? s*> I'Mn ave. and Uth tfrMt, Star office Buildup. FRT PBSIBARLB LOT AND DWELLING. il ATI THS BEMD*N<'E OF LI* 18 JOHN S<>N. KSO . PSCE-ASED.) Oil THI NORTH EAfT COBNBB OP Htm AND U bTKKIT* KoKTHH K&T, roB BALE AT PIBLIC AUCTION. . -**? B}? irtos of a decree of th* Snprsm* Court *f ?a th? tl?lrifl of Columbia, passed in a rnw in ?SAsaid c. art M??n Lrwlt J D?< I" *4 . rotupiMlnants. and Ge'rgtana R Davis stal., 4* f?'tdauts, 1 will |?Uic tw tion, in front ,<f ths P'etuise*, on MOM)AT. Afrit USih, ICS. at ? M *k |? m . Hru of original Lot* numbered thr-e ' and four (41, In Square Ma. 3U. In the city "f ashingtou.D. C , particularly described a? folloxrs: ?ihiwIm at tbf oornsr of said n??r? and* thence north ai?ag tk* Una of llth strvet one hand rod and thin; nis* il3?i (oat. thears radfartf'MriHiMniartDlDchM.thoa^Matb one hand rod ard tbirtv-tune ?1M> fact to G ?root; 1 thence seat forty low <?A> feet nine (9) inches to the ?tut of beginning,with the rajtrxriaxUf. cou*tst .g ot a In* three-etorv Rrtek Dwell tig, oxttiiiac I the modern conveniences, and Brick DutiU and Mrim Iowa The > ard if supplied with a ptunp and well of Am drinking water. Terms of sal" ?? preerribed by the decree- On* lid of the pufchaae tn<?t?ey ra?h. and the balance iii ?ix (6>, tweWeil2iendeighteeB<l9lni mtha. Tha lerred pa? nwnti to hoar interest at tho rata of irbt <4> per coat, per annum. A d*p.istt of ftafti ill bo rpi|iirn<?krD tba property ia bid off. Con ey anciag at eost of por chaser EltSENE 0ABU8I, Trustee. all-d LATIMER A CLEARY. Aorta. It ? D I'M.'AN SON, DOW LING * CO.'. Aurta Southeast corner 9ih and D >:ro b north wset. TRUSTEES' BALK orVALUABLB impboyed PROPERTY AT AUCTION. jB By vtrtoent ad*ed of tru*t.d?ted S*pteeih?r I Tu 17ih, IS*, and rerorded in Liber *M. folio 13V. of a*i*-fh?- land record* of Washington r <unty, I??? let ?*f Mai I). 4ir-40'w ? -f 4I11" UoMsr of tho uote secured thereby, we ?ill aril, a< pnMir auction, on th premise*. on D \ V. prii lil*t. 1<C3 at 4 nYlock p. m. all that placwnc Carrot .-f ground ka<>mn and d**<-rtb*4 aa original ?>t numbered foor<4.' in ?nuareaomh of aqnar* ??? hiiintr'-d and f>nr {hM.Muiprvitd by a two-story E'luue Building. Terms of aale, aa reqirred by aald leed, are fl 000, fth ten per cent. lnter--*t from September b'Th. LsTt, together a ith tho <-iiw^iae? ,,f th<? ?alo, in <-a*h, ai d tho balance in 6 aiid II m' hilia. a--cnrod by the tiotoaof the piirchaet r. bearing inlrraat at ? pt rrmrf., and adoedof tru?t on tin- propert) #?>?? t >?n a n<-n th" pi p- rly ia atrurk off If tho tenu? -f aaleare aot mp.ied with, the truat.-oa' rea- rvo the riaht to re 11 tli.- 'property, at the risk and c jet of the default lut ruiT' ba?er IiOBKBT P DODOB. ( Trnatoe. PIIILIP A DARNEII.LK^ Trnateoa. 89 Dl Nt'ANSOK, DOWLINU * CO., Anrt*. ? y-TnK ABOV* SALE 18 POHTPOVKD nitil KOKDAT, April <?*ih,lCS. aaiuv hour anJ la?e. BOBERT P. DODOE. ( t?. ? PHILIP A DABNEILLB..< Tru. ow. -n DfWCANSOV A DOWLiN??, Aurta B Y WM. L. WALL A CO.. Auctlonoera, N. ? Marble Bulldinir, No. 900 and 90S Pennsylvania arotiao. TBUPTEB'8 8ALB OP V ALT'ANT. B PROPER TT IN KglrARB Ri.TII. By Tirtua of t?" doo.1* of tr i?t. r.?r .rd>^l in Litwr R M H . N ' 9, fo'io 7j. %)*>> to Liber LT and B, No. 7. folio 109, of the land ro.-ord? <.f the Di?trict of Columbia, and by diroction of tho Btien wnirid th.-roby, I will offer at pnMic aalo oa promiaea, on MONDAT. the S^th day of April, at tho lionr < f U o'clock in the af>-rnoon,tho foil tw ine Lota of Ground, aa aul>-di\id??d by Win. r>?r- I tl>,Surveyor, boin* Lota unnibor 43, 44. i&. ?fi, ?7, ?. 49. 80. 61. 5J, M. M, 56. 86. 57,86, S9,?0. M. M.?. 6l. 6.* H6, 67. fist, 7u,?l and 73. of the aub-dlriai >n of oriKinal L< ta nttnibor It, IS. 14, anO part of is. in a<inare 71J. Theae Lota front from 19 to *? foot on lMaware avenue. >1 at root <-aat. M etreot north, and Colfax atroot, and run bark to alley*, the aanl Lo4a being in depth from 94 to WW feet. Two frame U' life* oti Lot* 61 anc 61 will U? *< ld with the L t*. Term* of sale: Ono third raah: th* roaidue of the pr.rrliaae money in 6 and 1J month*, the purrhaaor giving hi* note* bearing 6 por cont. interest from the day of aale- a deed given, and d*'"d of tru?t taken to w-turo the deferred paymoiita. All ronveyauriag at the |>urchaaor?'co?t. A dep-at of f 21 required front ea<-h purchaser when the L 'ta are aold. Plat* ol above Lot* can be had nt our at or*. R P. JACKSON, Tnr.t?o. ?17 lOt [Repl W. L. WALL A CO.. Auct*. BY LATIMER 4 CLEART~ Auctionoera and Real Estate Broker*, Scutbwvat corner Pennsylvania avenue and Uth at., Star Offi ? Building*. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT ON 5*6th 8T , BkTWELN K AND L STREETS NORTH \\KhT,(NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVBNl'E.l AT AUCTION. ?Ou W EDNB8DAT AETERNOON, April at, If?J, at 6 o'clock, we ahall sell in frout "t the premise*, lot E,in Wroe'a aubdiviaion of part of square 4, fronting 2li foot on 96th atroet, witn a depth of litO foot to an alley Teinia: One-third caah, balance in S. 1J. and It months, with interest. aocure,i by a d-ixl of trust on the property *<>ld. Conveyancing at purchaser'* coat, ft 1(0down at time of aale. al7-dida LATIMER A CLEARY, AqcU. mr IN CONSEv(l'EN? B or THE rain.the al>< ve aale ia p otponed until MONDAY, Aprtl 2?'h, 1S73. aanie hour and plai:e. aJ4 LATIMER A CLE ART. An t*. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*, boutbweat corner of Peuna. *> enu- an 1 U'.b str-et. Star Office BuiMing. IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 11th STREET, BETWEEN G AND H STREET KO*THWS3T, AT ACCTION. Ol MONDAY AETERNOON. April Slt?th, [lSTS, at b o'cliKrk, w?- aliall aeil, in tr. nt of the 'premises, the northern part ? ! lot No. 9, in aiiuare 346, fronting IS feet on llth atroot, and running bark 70 foot, improved by a throe-atory and basement Brick Dwelling, with gas aud water, being No. 736 llth street. Terms: One-fourth cash: balance in (, IS, and 19 months, wiih interest. ftlUU down at time of sale. Conveyancing at purchasers cost. aZTdtd* |Rep 1 LATIMER k. CLEARY. Ancts. Y S. SAMSTAG A CO.. Auctioneers, No. bUi Louisiana ave., bet. 6th and 7tb sts. B We will toll, at public auctna, commencing flion MONDAY MORNIN6. April sl?th. at 10 f o'clock, at the store No. 642 Louiaiana ave nne. between (th and 7tb streota. and continu ing until the whole stock is c'osoii cut, consisting of the following goods : A large stock of B<*>ts and Shoes, Clothing, Eurnishing Go?d*, Dry G?od*, Cur'H'n* and Curtain Mu*lina, Parasols, comprising: 100 Suits if Clothing for Men, 80 Suita of Clothing for Boys, Men'a Boot* ami Shoes, Ladies and Misses Gaiters, Mi*ses and Boy's Shoos, I'ndershirta and Drawers, White Shirt*, Handkerchief*, Gloves and Ties, Collars In Linen and Paper. Black Alpacas, Baiting Linen*, Grenadmea. Nainsooks in plain.checked and atripnd. Swiss Muslins, Victoria and Bishop Lawna, Table Linens, Napkins, Towels. Marseilles Quilts, Curtains and Ourtain N 't*, Parasols with long handles, Trimming?a great variety, Marseilles Trimmings, Bdgings, Lace*, Embroideries, rlowers. Ladies', Men's, Misses' and Boy's Hosiery in White, Unbleached, Eaucy Colors and Blue Mixture, Ribbons?all Colors, Qualities and Widths, Hamburg Edgings, Umbrellas in Cambric and Perg*, Ac And a great many other g'>?ds too numerous to mention. Th* above stock will be sold to the highest bidder without reserve Terms cash. S. SAMSTAG A CO.. A'icts . a!4-4t No. 62A La ave., bet. 6th ant 7tb .ts. B Y B. H. WABNER, Real E-tate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 1 29 "th street, between G and Li ?.to. TRUSTEE'S SALB OE VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL EST.ATK FRONTING ON I CTRKKT NOBTH, BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1st STS. EAST. jtj. By virtue of five deed* of tm*t. b-arine date ?3on the 4th day of October, A D. 1471, at?i duly ?An?corded iu Liber No. 6ui. folio 22. et a< >? ;L I or 663. folio 24, et seij.; Liber 663, folio 27. et Libei 6C3. folio 29. et se^., and Liber 663, folio S2. et *eu. ol the Laud Record* for Washington cotintv. D. C . I sbsll sell at pnblir anrtion. in front of the premises, on W BDNESDAY.the *3dday of April, A. D H73. at 6 o'clock p.m., all thoae certain pieces or par cels of ground, situate and lying in said city of Waalungton, and being knowu and dascribed as Lots numbered ninety-loar, t?M.) ninetv-fiv*, <9S,? ninety -si*. (96,) ninety seven (S7) and ninety-eight, (9R.) in Gilbert s roc-rded sub-division of sonare nntnberodsix hundred and sevonty-fiv*, i(7s.l Bach of the above Lots ia improved hyaline two-story Brick House nearly ready for Terms of sale: Ona-iliird cash; balauce In ( and 12 months, with interest from day of sale, serurod by deed 01 trust ou premises sold: ft lis) to be paid on each house at time of sal*. If tne terms of aalo are not complied with In Ave days, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the ri?k an I curt of the defaulting purchaser. b? ait\ertisiag thr.-e times In the "Eiening Star." All couvs>'anc,ug at cost of purchaser. _ ? _ WILLIAM B TODD. Jr . Tru*to*. aS-eoAds B. H. WARNER, Auct. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until BKlDAY,Ma> U. 1CJ. same h ur and ptaie. WILLIAM B. TODD. Trustee. s2t - M. H WAHNEK, A Oct. B. H. WARNER, Real B*tate Broker and Auctioneer, ?o. Til Seventh street, Ls.twe< a G aud H . TRl'STBB'S SALB OE VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY IN THE NORTHERN HKCTION OE THE CITY, ON O STREET UK COLE AX STREET. BETMBKN liju AND 1?th STREETS NOBTHWEST. _ H> virtue of a deed of t rust, dated Maeeh 1st, 141, and duly recorded In Liber 664. folio W, <??* of the land reccrds for Waahiugton couuty, District of Co lunibia. aud by direction of the pariv secured, I will ?<1 , in front of the premise*, on r RID AT AETBR N??0N, May 9th. 1373, at < o'clock, to th* highest bi'lder, the west 46 feet 9 Inches front of Lota, ia Sqoar% 196; improved b? tfcree two.story Erame Houses, or such parts of said promise* as luay be m. 1 (whTT lO RBtl^ft ft*id dfbt Terms of aale: One-third cash; balance In 6 aud 12 uioutha, with six per cent, interest The deferred pa* meats to be sernred by a deed of trust and iu er ranee jn the nroaorty sold. In case thi terms ars no* cnKpiied with in Its days after aUe, th* rich is reaerrsd to resell tko property, et the risk and ci at of the defaulting perchaaer. ftloo down on day ofsalo. ? RED. BOONES. Trustee a?-dAde B. H. WARNER, Auct. DY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aartloaem. _ D Mo. 1091 northwest corner Mth and D eta. SALS or A DB8IBABLE BUILDING LOT IB ft^UAU to. 944, BAVY-YABD, AT ACG On WBDHE8DAT. the 30th day of Aprll, 1873, we shall sell la trout of the BT ?I M o'clock p. as-, sub-lot aumbertirf thirty ? (?>, ia square numbered nine h'tndrsd and fiietr foui (944), containing two thousand uue hundred (J.ltO) syuare fost of grMwd, Mure or less. Terms: One-third cssh, balance la six and tv*4re mt.ntna.wstn ia<er*>%, expired by a doed of trust on the property sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's curt Bit down at tim* of sal*. la * QBIEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. AUCTION S\LE BY ??*. L W M,L ? CO., A act w-r.. Or *i al 11 r*. at*l Cart .a;- H?mr, L uis sua ate >?*, ti yrh an4 hftfc .-r ok b ram n?Kn k< i.T.? or white cnk<'k A?^MCT|i?M* N*TlSi,J* Oil. t LorII*. A . t?a TlESDAY IHIMM, c at I * ??tl a. 11 alaw ot?e tt>.o..? l r II. <j? * .tie, Ch-ck *?<l f? r* *1 ?'r?t c* .4 4 *i UN, nil fr??h ao<l o! thu aeaaoa I itup >rtau>*a, httiinr mrf irTitc4. Al?o, too pW*S r>t O I C'"U??, lifl fHI ?i4iIm T'ib>?: All >??? nfcd r ()?< ? <?h .?*rr th?i ?XI U?( ? f'^tl M tl ?nd <11 d*?S.f*? ft.iui mii.(Zc b rtly endoraed, be*""* W?nK It |Rrr? W L W Al.'. A rt\ . Bl Mn b. hall a <V i Nea *1 ?fWf B'litd: ug, K ? 900 ami OOB fcMirl'kM* avenaa entire uTorm orTior?>?? wn owciiwa TO M LIMIT. IK sT- is N.? AIA THI Kit STREET MH'TH. BETW*E> YIROIMA iV ENIE AM* l> sTRKET. kX AUiTlOB ft ?f\. ?p *ll?K?M>AY M'iRNINt]. Apc-l f ? 'CA.C UMn-'f -m ?l 10 >'c|.<ok. ?? will U th. enure ?t ? W ' .kd.ur.l iuu:il?|. rv. e name Itt |>?r , *i? P'"'1' G?ff. SiflM, W, ia n?. Curl rh*m?r, jj'7''?; Daytoa. > Hum. and u t>*aa * hiakirs, * u.tag- fr.?m ate |o ae*. n * i.?r> aLW, Eancy Importd aad W ?es aoJ Liua >rs. t <Ktur, *, Stand Caaka. k< , Ac. We call *pecia! attention n| hjiTi to tti* ah?va ?air, u> Mr L?-ahy liilfwh cloetnc o?t hi> enttra ?I. < k |>r<ftrali r* to Ini li t for lnr.i? aj> ?' H M L W ILL A CO . Ami. BY LAIlMkR * CLKARYT ~ Auctionerr* and R-al tC?'et<- Broker*. S-atheaei corner Pn rw* livw *> cnae an. I n?s ?( . 8;m OISc Be Aiding FIRST SPR1VUKM I or URKIN H<?r?r AID HM'I'M. PI ANls (FROM Til I. BUMSERt or J NO. SACf. 0 rBWAl ?l' >kKI \i; Ni< m.ia. MMMI ? 1 ? , fc ~ -"?? I?i ..?ina a large c.,||-eti n <?f wing Plnut*. cwa.atitis .4 choir* R ?w, Pa lar touiontaM rai ?!??, l.ilMs, Fuchaia-.Cai ala titf, Colon-, V?rbena*. Olaiti >lna, A< .. Baaketsof *. u.l plait*, Han cm* R .*? n? A. T- ?m? . aa>li 1. ATI'IKK A CI.K \RT. ?W d f Rt I Anrfi ?nr.>m LATIVCir* clKAB\. _ Anrti-ti~rT? ami K**ai t?'?'' BroArn, 8ualh?aat cumrr P-mia) h auia ?' nim a<?l llth Star OBcr BtiMinc VAI.I'ARi.K BI'ILMNa tor-i ??M fth 8TUEKT ?k?I AM* RHODE ISLAND Avrxrt l!v ? irtwr of a 4~cr*e .4 thr t<n|>^r?ll? OkM <4 Itimrwi of O. lnu liia. ???--? J m au-f S ? ?^,rUaa<-?r? tow i, *h?r^lti Klica |.<Mli Br.-ut U ?i..| ('hurl- K Hrwl i-< al. ilrfi'iulant. tbr uml<-r>i?nr.l. <|ul) app >iui<-l lru?(-? ill ??i'l cauar, ? 11< orll. al pulilu am i i >li, lu front jf tli?-I'trni ?r? "ii Trr^DAT. th? OOtli <1av of Mar, A I* 1ST], at t <>V|.?k p ra . Oi-??r ?alnat>l? Ruil i i?f L 1* <??? Htli ?ir"?i ? ?l and>' lalaad at ruo, numttrrrd 11 ami IS, In Br- ni 'a ??I'liiinl >n <4aquara No ??!. lot II calamine IWS tguarr fret, au4 IA 12 iMt< i)|Mur fw?. Tlx laraw of ?.ale, a* ?ri-acrilnsl b> thr di- iw, ar?: Our third ca*t> at.j tli- balat.or in t?" iN?aJ Hiatal ?i i-nt*, f<<r which the no ?? of tbr pur i.aarr ?til b tak?-n. pa) able in ?i( and twelir n.ontha, witb intar iwt from 4atr. and Mrnr'il to ih>* aatiafacl im of I lie T mat** A drpoail at At', will I ?? rrauirrA f.?r aacb lot at tinta of aal?. Il ibr trrva of ?air ara D-d coai^lird anh witbiu artrn da>a fri* >tw af kal> ,tli?- pr"|H rlt ? ili i^aold al tfcr coat aad riak I'fllf mrchaa-r. Tit I- dirr.-t froai fovrromrnl of tlir I'nitrd i?tata? All f-nrfMrn-liif al nf pur rha?er. JOHN ('A RR< iWI HKflTTfii-" aZH-Xav A da LATIHB* A CLB akt. A acta. LATTMKR A CLRART, IV BT B Anctioarrra and R- al K>tat* Bmlr-ra, boutbatwt c rnrr P<nna>Uania ?*? n*r akd lltb atrrct. Star Oic? BuiUiut; nousEiioi.n fi rniti nr at ai*cttob f?\ OnWEDBRRDAT MORNINO, Ar. I to V^^1-75. MMnaarltit at IO < lock . we -hall ? rv4 ?' th- re*idrncr N .. 1 -?.10 uorthwrat, I 1 tlhc fo||o?iuK H ii'rii 'ld U ???da Waliiul Oreeti R -p Parlot Ouilr, M T Table, RriinM-la hikI Tbrre jd) < arpi ta, Pa'plrd B d?l' ad?. B'irran? an.I Wa?l.?*au.|?, Hajr-tcp Maltn-a.ra, K mbrf R !.ti-r? and P I i*t, Oak Exienaiun Dining Tabic, Cati>' ?-'at Ctiaira, Gta*a and Orockrry Wah> ?"'? k. Parlor r.Hifc and ll-'alioc 8to?ea, K it< lirM Funiiturv, A< .Mr k? d LATIMER A TLEIRT. An-ta Y B H. WARNER, Anction-rr and R-al Rarat* Broker, No. 1U? 7tu atrr.1, bet warn UauJIl exe<tt*>b,8 pale or vrur vali abi.r IHS1NL8B PROPK.RTY ON THE SOITH MI'K OF PENNSYLVANIA AYFNl'K. I'E TWEEN Otb AND IOth STREETS I ?ill ofl>'/ for miI?, on FRIhAT, April R;jt 2i, at b .'cl.Tk p m., in fr<-nt of th- prMu'-n, **!?> Ilic hlKbret bidder. Lot 1 -*tI,*r.NI D. aubdl*i ?ii'B of original Lola No. S.3 and 4, in Square N ?. **'. frnMfti( >3 feet 1!? inches on Pvmiarh ania w? hue and rtmutnc hack and fronting on V ?freet, iia broT?J a tbrm- alory and attic brick ator>- and daellitiK bona,., uo?r (H-cti|?ied li> Oar>i% loan ofllre, V>.V14. Thi? l? one vt the b<t bmiLaaa atanda la the city. Tct-ma: 0ne-f >nrih caah; balance in ?. U and lfl montiia, ?ith interest, wcared br a dead <if traat n>?"ti the pr.ipertv. depoait on aeceptanca <if bid If tetnia of aa|e are not complied with within T daya ?ft? r aalc the property will be roa-id at the rtak and coat of the defaaltinc ptirrbaaer OinreyaiK iuc at piirchaaT's caat. JOHN M KIMN. Eiwitnr a7-euA<l?(Suti.Gac ARep.) R. H. WARNER, Auct. ?y THE ABOVE RALK 18 POSTPONED nntil WEDNESDAY, April 30. Wl. Mat h.ur aud Place JOHN H ST*?. Ev- ?tor. ??? a tn Ada B H W ARNER. Awctioneer. If Y* TUot? E WAUUAHAN. II Real Relate Aoctiuooer, 31V 7th draat. YALl ABLE PKOPErIt ON If 8TREET, BB TWEEN Am AND Ath WEST On THURSDAY. May 1, at 3:30 o'clock p m . I 'hall veil, on tke arrniiaea al.. ?e luauti ?ti -.i fc-H N... 19. in aquare 613, fronting |5 feet ou N atraat. Iniproved by a aaiall Tenement. T'-rnie day of ?ale. ?:? THQ8 B. WAOQAMAN, Aact. B A net' neera and R-al katate Broker*, Boutkaeat corni-r of Pt-unaylvaaia a' ?une and EIst ? fbth atrect, Star OBce Uuildiug. H0r?RHO_LJp_rrRNITt*RR AT AOCTtO*. % fndari atre>-t,the following O . id* ? W aluut and Mahogauy XarbJe top Chambar riin.ilure. Marble-top f-riter Table, Hntaaela and Three-ply Carpet*, Hair and lluhk Maitraaai-a, reather B>Utcra an I Pillows, Hnperior Clironioa. Omaarnti, Fine Olaaaaare, Chtaaware, Cookiutt and Qeatliig St >\e? Ki'cli?n Reiniaitaa, Ac LATIMER k OLEART, >38-d (R.pat) Auctioneera. ?T LATIMER k CLBARY, I * Auctiotiarr* aud Real Estate Brokers, Bonthwaat cwrtsM Paovlrania aronae and llth at., Star Office Buildings. TRrPTEF**" PALE OE HOrREHOLD GOODS or EVERT DEtM'RIPTlOK. A Bt virtue of a de-ai >d trust,dated March \H 31?t, DCS, arid rec .rded in Liber lflfef..|iw ?&, I will sell, at public auction. .>? |X?THrRfDAY,the 1st day of May, A D UTB. ? at 10 oVI.?k a. ra , all tbe Hona^liold Pumi tura iu kcu^ No. I jot U atreet n.irth.nw Ivn s reet,(e\cept that lu thr two ro>?0M la Ike aee.ul Btorj, l embracing : Haircloth ate. other Parlor Fnmitora, Marble-top Tables. Walnut Wliatnots, W alnnt Marlile-tor {.'haruber Furniture, \S aiuiit but,-aua. B?*i?teaA* nud Wi UitaL 1?, rai,e-?eat Chair* and Roe W-r?, Hair ain' H ?.Mattr. -a. a. Feat he r>. R Ntera ?n'l Pi!l ws. H il.iif al,d t) >kiuc St ivw. ti- ,4x Terntacaeh. M M JOHN MILLER.Tra?*a? do LATIMER 4 i'LK ARY. Aueta. |M MATTINULY A W H EELE K. Auctione--ra~ * A03 Pth street north we ?t. TRI PTFE S PAT E Py"aTCTIOB OF TWO EI.R ?.ANT RESIDENCES <?N K STREET, UK '1.11K Vih AND 10th STREETS KoRTU " fc^la R> i irtne of a deed of truat, dated Septembar 4th, Kl, tt.d iKiTdil hi ptrtnla-tlutli.Ki hi i,il?r M'i 65*. foli . rs, l shall on THIRSDAY, Ma> I at ICS. at a o'clock p. m . offer for aale, to the hichaat bidder, the following real eatate, aituatnd ia Wash ington ctt> , Diairict of Columbia, to wit: Lota let - ter* d C and D, in Gilliert's recorded anbdiviai'ii of S.juar,-tiun l.eted three hutidred and ae?enty-oae. (371.1 together with the improvements ther-oa, beifc two di?lralde ai.d valuable amdem built R-rsl det.ees. Tina property Is fr>id sobject to a prior deed af trost on cacti hou~e of klu wai.dated August M.M7I, payable in bve y?ara, with tea per cent mlsrsat, p.-i ?tle M ini-annually Terms of aaU : Cash forth*1 anoont realised *h >?? said in<-umhrance,to lie paid aithiu one w?*k after the sale; and if th- terms arr not i miplird wttb la that time, the Truxtee r?serves the nrht to masll ths pi. petty at tlie rtak and e.iat of the dHTaultiug aar -chaser. A deposit *Jf ?SW>'.n each hoase when auM. Cuuve)abciug at the purchaser's coat. GEO MATTINOLT. Trnat<*a ?"1 e<<! M ATTINGLY A W HEELER. Aacta. HBY LATlMiR A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Br *ers, Svutbweat comer Panua. a>eane and llth street. Mar Office Building. Ml E or VALUABLE IMPROVED AND T* IMPROVED PR'iPERTT OR DELAWARE avenue Northeast. *** "f Ik* Supreme t'oart of tie Dial net of t oiuabia, paasad in Equity ca?>a Mo. Chancery rules A, wherein Rlitabsth Bri-nt ia ccvuplalttaM and Chari*a B Brent at al. are defendants, the Dndet?i(i)nl 4ah appointad Trusts* In said cause, will sell. a' public aar'toa, la froat of fh ? pr-niises, on TB U RsD A Y, tha 1AA day af Mar., A. D ISA. at 0 o'clock p. a . the foNowuwr L -t* aad parts ?rf L is. ia Square No. W: Tk? aarth thirtp ?3ul feat ol lot Mo. 7, running back depth af lot ta a public alley , containing *,1*> 78square fe?, with tha four-story Bri. k H use therwoa; all of lot Bo. t, ci i taining 11,142 2S square feet, wttk the foar-atatr Brick H use and IWo-story side Brick NIMihg tlaiaa: all of lot Bo t. containing lo.Mf aqaar feet, and part af lot N . M. c.Tawamag fa? tb? aaaia al a point or Delawars avanae B'lrtbeaat S3 fe?t dia tan: from the northwest corner uf>quare oaC Strata li.ffili, running th-ace aa?t 13! feet B to a pwhlL. allay: thence s, ath witb aaid alley S feat ?>: thaaca wear 1M feet M t<- said Delaware araaae; at d theaca nettl, wi-h saidavvaaeM feet MT to place sf ktain nil.-, containing4AJI1 13 aqaars feat. The honae* are aell-knowa and ?''d ao dascrip t*? it The rste?4na (4 the Capital genaads fraat* in rt onjhet^igiUUjs. and their ttnproveaient will insle this healthy, bewatHa* and ronvaaisat l-<cality one or th* hast hi tha city lor raald< an aad iaaaat Siel t. Ti.e terms of sale, aa praarrtSad hy the decree, nr*: Oae 'bird ca*h; and tha balance in two eqaal tnstal nx i ts.foi abich the notes af tha Rnrchaaar will b isk n. pa)able In sis and twslre months fmadst ?t ?ale, with Intirist from date, aad mart 4 ta the sal i*f*ctiaa "f the Trnst-a. A d-po?il if oae bauAred ?i 4ler* wWI he rwunirsd for each lot al thae sf sale, li tl:< km? of sale are not canplted witk wttlrta da> * fr> B. <!*) of sale, th- pr.?perrv will !?* rsaald M c s*hI risk cf i si rbasfrs. AB aaarey^ciaB s? *trKT. r;rT ad f swk<t> I l?f.J LATIMER A CLRART. A?.t

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