Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. WOVPtT April lstl. LOCAL HEWS. imnwafita, T*-alrM. irr/ ? opera //case.?opera bourfe La Grand rofitMe." TVa.'er Comijw?Songs, burlesques, dances, s c. tin. tin II-'J?Tableaux and addresses de scriptive Of life ill the H?lj Land. (aadrBkMl Sunday next will be the anniversarv of the eoiwu-crafion of St. Matthew's (Catnolic) Church, and the event will he commemorated with unusual solemnity. The Tailors' Branch International held a aseetmg at "wwa Halt, 11th street, Saturday night, and discussed the subject of sending dej Io*a?'twn N*Uonal L?bor Council, but took I "rvieeof St. rani's English from r!^ IW . / oT,ay * ,etter "a* read late pastor, statin* 24 vta? cr,'!?*.t,0n 01 the ch*T**- ???*? nearly i f wf?nB*ction was tendered, that he mav to char?e ot tue x*~ ? 'P^yy1" ha<1 * large meeting list ?,* ' addresses were delivered by Judge k rN^huI,^" . ?"'W-, Maher a'l ?kIvITIy*ny *Ptl*?era.l names were added to e,,?,Jv r'.w' * Drew tjart- an ac * ???<1 progress of the "T. mper ? Philadelphia. which Is ex jjay. W^K.njrto,, atK)ut the j4lh of Th? Fir* at nirhlfr p|Sff. ?mrwT Horn* ok thb row rault Shortly before one o'clock vesterdav morning fire wv discovered in the fine row of new brick hou?e? on F street near l*th. known as "Michler place." C?wlng to some canse not yet explained, tlere was great delay in the arrival of the tire department, by which low of valuable time, the flames gained considerable headway before any water was thrown. The firemen acquitted themselves well when they got to work, and by their exertion* suppressed what threatened at >?.on*?' the mo?t destructive con j ta4 occurred in this city tor TO* DKI.AV ?lderr?C-th*n? * half haw; but the time made by the engines alter the alarm sounded ?7^^ Kr*in<*r wst ri] ?/ C0BnM>nerv, were on the ground m a few minutes after the aUrm and i?? ,?TIn''r1 frOTe 111 ?,,c? to the station-house ^/.^'"?r'^al which braaght ?k ? if department. In tlie meantime the fire ha?l spread to several of the adjoinin* houses, and a general scramble wL m*i" M rowto MT? "f? ?n?l property' in ?kl I APPKARS TO HAVB ORHilMATKD 1 the lower story oi the bonse of Paymaster .1. N- Carpenter, the second building from the ...rm rof isth street, but it cannol Kc-r Sero*r^r..lr0111 flue* of lh" tester or irom the cooking range. When .li? covered the flames h;ui alreadv run un l> tw roof'l^d|JlI]* ,,ad the Manvird h^i.v A *rapidly from home to f?TUt flrst ?*te the discoverr wheni tha tire seemed to be raging anion*"* ?tuantity ol boxes containing goods brought h-me by the paymaster from a cruise in the &??? were stored in the i.^'e"Jbe &Tem'n ??t to work three of the honsr* were on nre-^lr. Carpenter's. Colonel east of Air ^ corner, and that of Mr. Sn tUn, r.U .f . ,.1 V ?,rl""r,ter s resilience. Wat r wa.s ?2SS'r?f ?W"* to tbe si Ate cover ng the firi corf.n RK REArnrrt as it se. uKd cobe rushing underneath, and g ain L If LrH'',wa> Chief Crouin onle ?l up his h-ng ladders to the root or the center house, and l?v tl) i? n^"_ Two otUei streams were rl' H*y?g from trie rear. The tire i^g and , ruof ,>f lh!* ?????' hn ld 1 1 a ,l?* ?t how? ? a?. rtm in*:de the pa? r"-T'^waiwih,;t?P wherV^e >1 7 Inserted, an-j the fire checked u i ?'?faction. The firemen bad succeeded in I Trailing ...ror^'? 'brt roof hev^ral :{?Sr&75y~?TI ^.55s?.cyslij ilTuKVT-'b"??? eatinguL-hrd ground until every spark was ? p.,- ?i\U.iST t;*.act E or A CHILD. Air. . 'rg lo? Was heard the screams of : ' . arp^nter, who suddenly remembered that where ttie UP,H;r M her h ,-it the re*. HS ? 'W11*' s?v?ral started lor ? rTi^.v - 1 t' *ho ascetxl^l by the Mr t>ack hy the dames' but w<Tl up ,he ?t* rway of the *d out-'de ui t?Th ?a along tUe cornice ESBr'5^^" ttacuu., 0*T.T Ojrg Arc7I>KJtT h?*rrrred during the confusion. Mr. Ha-rv E'.Im tt. ?hde going to the a-ssistance of a ladv made a misstep and fell Into an area, striking' back agaiart the ban^st-r?. ?ew^iyinju'vng him. He was picked up and taken into a house eurreT of lsfh and F streets, where Drs. Lincoln and Hagner attended him. He was badlv. ner ha;.s fatally injured, but is better this morning. Details of policemen were made from the va rious stations, and good order prevailed. A Eard has been kept on the propertv since the e by the police, and will be kept up unti: the families g?-t their goods awav. Yesterday a large number of pcr<s>ti4 vu-itcd the ground u> see ihe ruins. The damage by water was prob ably as great as by fire, which could not be avoided, the fire being in the r<-?f principally. The tire in the re>tdenee or Mr. Carpenter wa- the moot destructive, and bnrned it com pletely out and destroyed most of the furni ture. TH? LO?sra AXT) ISSriilClt. Paymaster Carpenter loses everything In his house, inclulling many tine goods brought home t>j h;m front China and dapan. He estimates his losses at <.nno, on which there is no insur ance. The bouse occupied by him was to'ailv ?k -troyrd. and wa?owne?l by Mr. A. R. Shep herd, who also owii- d the houses occupied 1?* I>r R..?se, Mr. Sniftv?n. and Mrs. McKinney, a 1 ot which were ronsiderab'y damaged by fife a?.d water. His losses are covered by insur ance. * Mr. X. B. Fugitt owned the houses occupied by Mrs. Ci iiik.(store Wood and Mr. Tiltou. a; .I he is a,>?> protected by insurance. The oceuoants a'! lese more or less and none are insured Mrs Wood. Mr. Tilton. and Mrs. McOnevremove.I ??wt of their fnrniture, ami met with but little h>>s. Mrs. Kinney thinks her losses will l>? about ?G?o. about equally divided by tire and wafer. ' ? ol. Piatt's bouse was insured for ST.000 in the National Metropolitan, but this d??e- not take in the furniture. Ac.?only the building, which has not been daiuaged'to the amount insured. Mrs. Commodore Wood and Mrs. McCeaoy removi d their gissis ve-ter<lay to their resi dences in the county. The office of the geologi cal survey wa? not much damaged except bv water. L:eut. Wheeler in charge took the most valuable papers to Winder's building during the progress of the fire. This office is at No. IIX. and east of the residence ot Mrs. MrCcnev. It is estimated that the total loss, aft r de tluc'iV'g insurance, will not excee?l 120^00. MR. ( AKTENTKa |ATH he came home about one hour before the fire broke cut. and had retired to bed. but was awake when the alarm was given; that he onh nad t me to run to the ri?oiu above the one in which be sleeping and bike a little son from bed. and tried to go Jown bv the stairwar, but was driven back by thesmoke *nd 1 ha l to esca|>e by a window -?n to the top 01 the bay window to the next bouse, from which he brought^ bis son saiely tQ the front street. He are caught between tLe studding And ran up through the baeeiiK'nt. ?Qd w on to the ^cWk ** un*^'< to *ccoant for it rorf pre *U*TT *nrw ?It.AV-*HT WA? fT? WA*Hisi?iT?>5, 1?. C.. April "is. I<71. ??! "l'l '?ik' s'"r ,n r^l^Jvf of the tire in Micairr rimer. 4* in your m<?rning cokBiporwit h, I ub.*er?e k>ui- in atrtiraeiew, lu?-alculate.l to aiaload the publii*, I feel c*lUM u|?on u> mk tou to correct. At about 1* minutes to 1 a. m.'. while visiting Jb*,?!aU:hnV v?n ^ M th* Itopartiacnt buildings. 1 heaid a cry or alarm proceciinu from the dirrctiou of 1 ->th and F streets. Hi* toning to learn the cause of the outcrv. on mv asking''what was the matter " a woman cried oat, ?' For God's sake save us. the cellar is on ?re!" At this time there was no lire visible from the street, but without further de'av | ran aioand through l?th street to the signal office in <} street, and kicked the door to arouse the lava tea and get the key of fire alarm box 6*. which I procured after a few minutes' delay, and turned on the alarm. This was about io minutes to 1 a. m. The fire department arrived at the tire at about half-past I. SachrMr. ' uitor. are the facta, whatever may be said to the contrary. Yours, respectfully, Hkkrt Moorb. WHO OB WHAT IS tt?POSSIBLE roU Til l"LAT? The following eorresi-orsience in reference to the alarm has bes n ptmed: offkr Fibb-Alarm Tclroraph, No. 4^ ton, I>. C., April ^'t} ~, ."^aTn ij *3?i<-i<<. Smfrin 'r.,4 **< Mr'n,p?l,tmn Palter l>ear Sir?Som? de'av was o< casioned thU morning iagi vi>ig the alarm for the tire in ??Miehler Place,-' o?.0g to ,h# att. mpt or the police officer* to turn in tha alaim from two boxes simultaneously. The coi?eouence was that neither box gave or con Id give the alarm; ami had it not been fiat the private watchman at the I*. S. Signal office snbst ..uently gave the alarm from lxv\ ??_ s hick nas proaipCy re?por'i?d to? mtieh more va ua'ule tiute woubl have be n wastt-rl. Please irstmct your men att-mp' to ?wo boxes at the saiu t me. This ?.-carted l>y U.S (?? ulficcr*. who were together wh?u they kt krd the cry of iir?, one (Oirc to b?** W. and lh? other (A bo* 45. Very rwpfrtfath tonrf, H. R" Milks, Snpt F. A. TH. Major Richtnla replied to the above as tol llW !?? fa *t*knt o? Mrnofontn Fotim. Officeof Mnior and Superintendent, Wasliing Icn. April 2C, 1?tX?ff. Jf. .?til's. E*f.. Supt. Fire i Aim. m T'lrprapu? Dear bir: I have yours of the -Tib. in referent* to the fire at "Michker i riare," ai><1 am somewhat surprised not only at j its contents, but aim at the statements of the morning papers in referent* to the same m?t i ter. Now, according to operator Squires'own ?t*Um<-nt yesterday morning, the first disturb ance which* he noticed or heard upon the wires *? only "two or three minutes" before the alarm came in from box ?i, in response to which the bells were struck. This d?ea not account fnr thirty reputes'delay, to wit: the time which elapst d from 12:.10, when the first attempt wa? made to give the alarm by the police officer, and 1 JO, when the alarm was finally given in imme diate answer to an alarm from box 68. The police officers' statements are as follow*. Tlx: At 12.99 a. m. an attempt was madejto give an alarm from box bS. Getting no respen-e box 43 was turned in, and it may have been simultaneously with the first attempt at bo\ fi*. The officer who first went to 6? then went to 4.1 and turned it in again, and getting no re sponse went to 74 and turned it in, bat got no response from it. An officer then went to the stat ion-house and telegraphed over the police wires to strike box 6#. The record at the sta tion bonse was that this dispatch was sent at 1.20 a. m., and the record in the fire-alarm office, I am tokl, shows that the alarm was finally fivt n at 1:20. Now it is not probable, nor is ft ardlv possible, that all this delay was canned by | dice officers turning in two boxes at the ??me time. At the outset it is possible that two boxes wore turned In simultaneously?but the subsequent attempts to turn in or' give an alarm co.ild hardly have been thwarted in that way. Nor <lo the statements of Mr. Squires tally with the theory that the delay was caused by simulta neous alarms from two boxes. I shall cause a thorough investigation of all the actions of the police officers In this affair, and 11? there is any fault on their part, will apply the proper rem edy; but m the meantime must express my sur prise at the baste which has been manifested to throw the entire blame of the unfortunate de lay ujon the police officers. I do not think the facts in the case justify such a course. Very truly, yours, A. C. Richards. Major and Superintendent. ? Our Public HebMla?The Voided Kpell. The greatest interest is felt by teachers and scbolsrs in the result of the great spelling matches to come ofi on Friday afternoon of this week. Intense excitement prevails insorae quarters, and the most strenuous exertions are Wing put forth to gain the golden prixes. Un fortunately, the spirit of rivalry lias induced some teachers to torget the wise injunctions of the Roard of Trustees, that ??oay *p*rial pr*pa ratun of ? teUcttd nttmf^r of pupilt, or ffiring rrtra tit?r and ntlmiiun for this purpose, that in terferes with the discharge of the regular du ties of the teacher, is itrictly prvki'\ted.^ This was the rule laid down at the commencement of the school year, and to ascertain how far it has been complied with, the committee on ex amination* have jnst issued a circular asking the teacher of each Grammar and Intermediate school to answer the following <iue-stions: 1. How manv spelling lessons have been given by voa each week during the present school year? j * 2. Hns any special or extra attention been given to speMing either iuorout of schoolliour*? 3. Have any special favors been received by your school in connection witlt spelling; and if so. what? 4. Have any lessons in spelling been given to a selected number of rnpils, tliat have not been given to the whole school? The answers to these questions are tn be sent before Thursday. May 1, to either Mr. French, Mr. rhamplin. Stuart or Mr. Riiees. The scene of the conttst is to be the building, and the words to spelled lire se lected by Mr.??. W. Hunt. Mr. "Jvilllam Stiek ney.Mr. P. !?. Foster and Mr. K. *V. Fen wick. When the one hundred words are written, the papers are e\nniined bv the committed, w*?o re* main in session all nig*it, If nccessnry, to com plete the work and awftrd the medals. A reii rt nee to the result of last vear'i spell in J piareh may be interesting: -T>istr1cts. , i?t. 2d- 31. 1th. Total. Pupils pet feet '*? 22 15 IJ Number ot erroriJ.. t" ^ *?-} Per cent of errors.. 1-T.iJ UJ J-? ?* - j Prct.pnpl!?perf*t. .33-1 4.")..1' P- ^ In 1*71 there were only 28 pup.iT pvtect. -I be number of errors 1,234. The following are some of the words mis spelled the greatest number of times last vear: Acknowledgment. 21; Castor, 12; Caustic, 9: Chalybeate, t>: Cilicious, 9; Dearth, C; Ducat. .1; Duteous, 7; Gyrate, r.; lodgment, ?*>; Menda cious, f>; Millenary. 9; Peaceable, 14; Propagate. 7: I'uriieu, 6; Sacrilegious, 5; Satellite, 0; Sieve, 5: Tingeirg, 1ft. The tuj ? ripritr of the girls as good spellers if shown by the following: Boy*. (lir's. A'i>. of emnrt. Grade. Pist. No. prft. Jfi'.prft. B y*. G:rU. Grammar 1 2 4 6 4 2- 1 4 ? 7 C 3 I 4 10 t; 4 2 S 7 3 l>t int'm'te 1 0 4 19 2 k 3 0 5 3 II ii 37 i i 0 4 43 4 Toul .*9 31 H2 ?? T" ftr Erming Star: In the yati'mal R'puhlirin of thisditc an Art icle appears under the heading, '?An Indian Agents Irregularities," quoted, as is sta'ed, from the St. Louis Ti*ut, 25th, which reflect* upon me most injuriously, whilst the whole statt-ment is utterly false, and must Lave origi nated in extreme malice. 1 merely ask a suspension of pnblic opinion, in reference to these false statements. To go into an explanation now would require too lengthy an article, therefore I, for the present, only brand the statement as false and mali cious. My accounts are now undergoing set tlement at the proper department, and when completed my assertions will be fonnd to be correct. I hope that the Republican. Tim.*. and other j a per* which have published the art icle, will, injustice to me, make a correction. C. S. Jones. Washington, April 28, 1873. The Fish Markets. Alexandria?Vuotationsot new fish for this day, furirshed to The Stab by Georg-? \V. Harrison <1 Co., wholesale dealers in tish. No*. 42 King street, 50, 51, 5ti fish wharves, Alexan dria. Va. Shad, fresh, per hundred. *12 to ?!1; Herring, fresh, per thousand, 9*> to *ti.50, white perch. I?er bunch. 20 to30 cents, rock.per bunch, 20 to j<> cents; offal, per buuch, 20 to 'M cents. Washihotos.?'To-day. at the Washington fish wharves, the following sales to shifqter. were ma<le bv H. A. Golden & Kro., agents:? fi.OOO shad, from ?lo^ to 912; 2">.t)00 herrings. *7; f-ft bunches perch* from 13 to 20 cents, per buuch; 50 rock, at SI.*11*: 50 small rock, at 25 cts. Cath<ilic ConfirmAT:oj?a._The Most Rev Archbishop Rayley. of Baltimore, will pay. an official visit to' the Catholic churches of' this District next month. On Sunday, the l*th of May. at 7:30o'clock a. m., he will administer the sacrament of continuation in 8t. Patrick's church, ami on the same day, at 10:30 o'clock a. m . will administer the same sacrament in St. Matthew's church. On everv succeeding rtav during the week, at 7:30 o'clock a. m., he wiil confirm in the several churches, in the following order:?Monday, 10th. St. Stephen's; Tuesday. St. Martin's, Wednesday, Immaculate Concep tion; Thursday, Holy Tilnity, Georgetown; Fri day, St. Peter s; Saturday, St. Alovsins. During his stay it is expected that the archbishop will also visit our various Catholic institutions of learning and charity. After these visitations he will vi?it the Catholic cburches in the lower counties of Marvlaud, where he will spend several weeks in his official ministration?. ? ? - ? - Rem. F=tate Sales?TVuncanaon, Dowling A Co., auctioneers, sold the following property last week: l^>t? 147, 14?. 119, 150. and 151, in subdivision of square 675. with improvements, to M. Kastwood. for ?7.*50; lot 14. s<juare 323, on 11th street, to Freil. Volk.atS1.23 per > iuar?j, foot; part ol lot 4, square 73. on K street, for Hugh Caperton, trustee, to John Connolly, at 4??, cents per >quare foot: lot 1. sqnare cor ner of < th and D streets northeast, to Charles Hendlev. at 20 cents per foot; lots 4 and 5, square H-5. for Wtn. H. Ward, trustee, to .lobn A. Baker, at ?750 and t>700; lot C. square 40.1, to Luke Devlin, at 91,225. These last are im proved by small frame booses. The Nobthesn Market?Editor Stmt: Two weeks' work on the ''reconstructed" northeast H street market would be sufficient to mak* it ready for occupancy bv dealers. Cant yon get the '-board" to do something for the neglected people of that locality, by urging the speedy completion of this much-needed improvement? Not an hour's labor has been expended on it ror months. Of course, the streets in the nelgh 1 orhool need some grading, ami the sidewalks should be laid; else there will be difficalty In getting to the market. April 26, 1873. X. Y. I>EATH 0? A WaSHIXuToM AN BY A RAIL road Ai cidknt?On the 24th instant, as the construction train on the ConneUsville railroad was near in g ConneUsville, Penna., Nelson C. Henning. youngest son of Mr. Henry N. Hen ning.of this city, fell from one of the ears, an4 received such injuries that he died In a few hours. The remains were brought to this eity on Saturday night, ami the funeral took place this morning from his father's residence, 728 6th street northwest Police ChaT??e?.?The following transfers of sergeants of the police toroe went into ef fect to-dav:? Sergeant Clayton, from 5th to 1st (Island) precinct; Acting Sergeant Dunning ton. from ?th lNavy Vard) to "?tb; Sergeant Pierce, from Is* to M; Acting Sergeant Perry, fr? n. 4?h to 2d: Aet'ng Sergeant Brosnahan, (Voni 2d to 4th: Sergeant Seibold. from Cth to 7 th, ai*d Scrgvant Mul.'oy from 7th to *?th. IffIRD LEUIHUTIVC ASSEMBLY. 0|?fBti?K Pmrrfdinp IWay. Hr. Wat. Hlirkwy PrMidrnl of Uw ?'?? nr 11 - Lively 4'mateat for the NpMkcnkip mf tb? Uowte. Tbf Uovfrnar'a The third Legislative Assembly of the District of Columbia, met at noon to-day, in accordance with the law of Congress, tn their respective chambers in the Metzerott building. The ses sion ?h;cb convenes to-day is limited by law to sixty davs.* A number of "important measures are to be ptw d upou during the session, includ ing the revised code, and necessary bills in con nection with the District finances. As the hour of noon approached the pavement in front of Metierott Hall was the scene of con .-iderable commotion. The speakership of the House of Delegates was the principal topic of dUcnssion among the crowd assembled there; ar d the well informed were certain one mo ment that Campbell was the coming man, and the next, when some one came up with the as tlon that sume of his (Campbell's) f riends had left him, that Shepherd was to be the Speaker. Some were positive that there would be no choice between those two, and that Mr, Hulse would be taken np and elected. COl'SriL ?At 12:10 o'clock Gov. Cooke calle.l the Council to order, and Kev.G.A. Hall opened with prayer; after which the Governor stated that the first business in order was the qualifying of n? n:bets. The numbers then iin? forward and to >k tin'oath of office. administered by Chief Jus tice Cartter, of the Supreme Court. ?i follows: A K Browne. John H. Brock*, J.W. Baker, S<tm?i Ciom, Lewie >1. Golden, George F. Gulick, A-i ?l fhns llall, Jo-hua Riley, Daniel Smith, Jehu SV. Iionifwon, mil. VS ni. Snkney. The Governor i>tat. d that the next business in or der *?? the election of president. Tellers were ap pointed, and after a vote had been taken they re torted 8 votes for Mr. Stiekuey and 2 for Mr. Bi ovme. The Governor appointed Mes?rs Browne and Th"inpwoii a c?nunittee to escort the president-eb^ct to tl-e chair. The President elect then made a brief spec h. tbsnkinir the members for the continued honor, and alluding in feeling terms to the death of one of th*ir Btend>en , I ni. Baton. He congratulated the mem bere et'd the citizens of t h<- District on the magnifi cent work which had Itw n accomplished since the organization of the new government, and hoped by wise counsels they mighthe enabled to finish np the w< rk commenced without unnecessary hardships in ?be way of taxes. Mr. Buker submitted a resolution that Col. T. E. SI Faet:'. be declar<il the chief clerk for th- present Lcgislat veCouncil; carried. Mr. K. J. Klopfer was eli-. tod assist ant clerk, and Joseph f. Potts engross ing clerk . Mr. T1 ompson moved that they pass the sergeant at arms iwd proceed to the election of messenger; ca Tied. Henry W. Lei was then elected messenger to the Council. Mr. Bi ker submitted a resolution that Mr. J. W. Thotnpei n be declared the vice presid-ut. Mr. Tiiorops<n declined in favor of Mr Gulick. Tin; latter dtclined in fa^or of Mr. Thompson, ami a , Tote boil g taken, Mr. T. vat declared duly elected. The cl(rks and messenger* then came forward and took tli< oath of office, administered by Judge t'urtter. Mr. Brown offered a resolution that a committee of two b< appointed by the chair to inform the lower boii?e that the Coun< il were organized and ready for business carried, and Brown ami Brooks w er? appointed. Mr. Ri ey offered a resolution that a committer l>e ap|^int?l to confer with a like committee from the H >um' oi the hours of meeting daily, and that 2 O'clock p.m be suggested. Mes-rs. Thom^-on and Golden were appointed a c<mmitt?e to wait upon the <Jo\ irnor and infirm Inm that the council were organized and r?ari> to receive any c< mmanication he was really to niako. On mot on of Mr. Gulick,the rules of the la.t coun cil were ndopted for the government for the prewut. On motion of Mr. Cross, th? president win- re <iue?ted t) assign scat* to reporters of the local press. On mot:on of Mr. Gulick the conncil took a rec-*s*. HOl'SK or DELEGATES.?By noon th?r v. a a full lot by in the ball of the house, including a number (f ladies, among them Mrs. Spencer and Mis. Brings,(Olivia.) Until 12.30 p. m., the lobby ing went on actively in the hall, and the members w> re bntton-hileu by parties ? ho man. :: i to get on the floor. At twei.ty minutes past 12 o'clock Mr. E L. Stan t ii. the Becretary ?f the District, rapped the tiouse t> order mil announced that the time had arrived fur openi.ig the session of tb? Legislative A-* m ly, and unflertbe law it was his duty tocall th m to < rd? r. and preside until a temporary chairman was elect* d H* called on R"v. G. A. Hall, of the Young Men's Christian Association, who offered a prater. Ei direction of Mr. Stanton, Mr. Campbell, th-? f,''-rk to the secretary, r?ad the proclamation of The lio> epior announcing the ri suit of the last election. THE LI T OF DELEGATES iriii culliil A# * "ows: S d. uion G Bro,. "-1"' district: Orindatns S B. Wall, 2d; E<!gar P tv i'1 ?Jj,hn i'.'d ' J ' rharles L. HUlse,?b; Joh,.' r- ""TO',? ^."S' IV. Dyer. 7th: Th?mas W. Ct..wjJ?*?i!2?I*I V' s-iio't, Oh: Si at the w Trimble. .. *' LV Brewer, lith; James G.liong, 12th: ?, p ,'E ?erd, 13th; Peter Campbell. :."h, William J c 1l*' tett, 15th, John W M. KnigUt, If'U Wtl list.. *? raliafero,lrth: \\ :lliam:K Hunt.lsili; .i."'',l?'' "? '.'rell, 18th; Joseph G. Carroll, 20th; Sidney - Herbert, 2.-t; William E Vermillion, 22-1. As the names were called the members elect *r ar:gcd then,selves in front of the Clerk's de-fc, and ?hb f Justice Cartter administered the oath. The prescribed oath having been sigtosl, Mr. Co* moved that Mr. J. f. Murray be de lated Tv.vroPARr orncr.R. Mr. Herbert moved to amend by inserting the ame of 0. 8. B. Wall. The am* ndii ent wa? b#t?yeas 10. nays 10, and the lonnnation of Mr. Murray was made unauimon-. Mr. Clugett iuo\ed that the rules of the last H :tse ?e adopted, Mr. M< Knight offered a resolution that they now rocced to BALLOT FOB <riAKER, nd that 12 votes l?e necessary to a choice Mr. Clagett moved to amend l>v ins;,rtin?f rira ?oft - b-st?yeat! 31 Messrs. Berry, Cia^elt aud L ?ng); iiyi 19. 1 be original resolution was adop'ed. Mr. M< Knight nominated Peter Campbell for V. Hnlse nominated Arthur Shepherd. Mr. Chase nominated Mr. Hulse. Mr. Berry nominated Mr. Clagett. Mr. Clagett nominated Mr. Berry. Mr. Hn Is- decline<l the nomination. The Hnn*e proceeded to ballot. Mesirs McKnight ind I"rell were named as tellers. The roll wa? called, each member as his name wa? :alle4 advancing and depositing his vote. The first ballot resulted :?Shepherd, 9; Campbell, i. Berry, 1; Clagett, 1; blank, 1. As the tellers were counting the vofes, the audi ?nee, which by this time filled the hall. a< aN > the itep?, became much interested. Tlie second ballot was taken, and resulted fol ows:?.-hepherd. 9; Campb?>ll,li);Clsgett,2: Berry,1 The third ballot was then taken, and resulted shepherd, 9; Campbell, ?; Clagett, 1; Bsrry, J; The'fourth ballot was taken, with the following esultSht pnerd, 11; Campbell, 8; Clagett, 3: ^On'ihe announcement of the result of thi-> l.vllit here was some applause by Mr. Shepherd's fr;end-? III the lobby, which wa? promptly suppr ?-ed The fifth ballot was had, and resulted :?Shepherd. 9; Campbell. 10: Berry, J; Clagett, I. Mr. Campbell'* friends applauded Ibis tin:-', but :he applause was checked. T!ie sixth ballot resulted .-?Shepherd 10; ?'imp tx;l1,9; Clsgett, 2; Berry. 1. Seventh ball .1 ;?Shepherd, 9; Campbell, 10; Cla fett, 1; Berrv,2. Eighth ballot ;?Shepherd, 10; Campbell, 9, Cla ?ett,J. Berry, 1. Minth ballot Shepherd, 9; Campbell, 10; B rt y, (; Clagett, 1. Tenth ballotCampbell, 10; Shepherd, 9; Barry, t; 4 !agett, 1. Mr. Clagett at this point noinininated Mv. S. fe. ?moot. The eleventh ballot resulted Shepherd,9; ' imp >ell, 10; Mwtot, 2; 'ilank, 1. Twelfth ballot:?Shepherd,9;< ampb**!!,9; Sio Ktt.l Thirfeeiitli ballot:?Shepherd, 9; Cainpbi .1, 10. ??moot. S. Fonrteentb ballot :?Shepherd, 9; Campbell, in, "riftVenth ballotShepherd, 9; Campbell, Id; < la tett.2; Berrv, 1. Sixteenth bain* :?Caiupbell, 9; Shepberil, 9; Cla <ett. 1; Berry.2. Seventeenth ballot (twenty-three votes were cast, is follows):?Campbell. U; shepherd, 10; C! ? ' tt, 2; Berry, 1. The chair ruled It ont. Eighteenth ballot resulted :?t'anipbeil, let; Shep ierd, 9; Clagett, 1: Berry. 1. Nineteenth ballot:?(ampbell, 9; Shepherd. 9. Ulagett. 2: Berrv. 1; blat.k. 1. Twentieth ballot ;?Campbell, 10; Shepherd, 9. Clagett, 1; Berry, S. Twenty-Brst ballotCampbell, 9; Shepherd, lo: Clagett,2; Berry, 1. Ts"flltr-**roBd ballvtCampbell, lo; Shepherd, I' Clagett,t; Berry, 1. Twenty-third ballotCampbell, 10; Shepherd, 9; Tv'nfy-fonrth ballot:?Campbell, W; Shepherd,9. The three dennvcrats having retired. Tbe twenty-fifth, twenty-sixth, and twenty-?ev >nth ballots resulted asthetwenty-foqrth. Twenty eighth ballot?Shepherd, 9; Campbell, 10; tt ^ | i Mr Berry returned In time to vote on this t-allot. I The balloting was still In progress when our re pott closed.) IigLfotoi'8 CoHFtRMATiosB.?At the Cbnrch ?f the Eplphuny, yeet<erday morning, Ker. Bish ?p Whlttingbam administered the rite of con Brmation to the largest class ever admitted at [>ne time In the District?over seventy-tive. In the alternoon twenty persons were received Into St. John's by confirmation. Fish akdOvstbb IIaskkt lM?rgrrinK?? Tbe 'ooard of health Inspections for the week (tiding April ?, 1W3, were as follows: XWO bunches flsh. 144,?00 shad, 283,000 herrlug, i.iyttl taylors, 2,230 bushels oysters, 30,000 clams, 000 crab*. _ ?7"Gift dances are popnlar In Wisconsin. KTFtu or burglars has driven a woman in JonesTllle, Wis., Insane. Uf Tbe greater part of the people of Clinch county. Ga., are down with the ??mumps." ?FKate Field says that society flirts with religion precisely as it flirts with the opera. 9TK woman In Newport, K. I., is accused of starving her little, deformed step-son to death. VAn Indianapolis nan was fined fifteen dollars the other day for chewing tobacco in meeting. VSunday fishing is unlawful in Pennsyl vania. except the fisherman owns the land and logs on which lie 5its. VSnow fell in various parts of Virginia last Friday. The Ulue Bulge mountaius were cov ered with It. mr Cincinnati dispatches say thit the striking Criopius aud gas stokers are asking to be taken back, and that the latter ask In vain. ?7*The author of the saying that ? Y?m m't?? ,!???>? take a man as you tin<l hm" wis a GEORGETOWN. A >"jew CANAL Basin.?The Chesapeake and 0*k> ?inil w>mp*BT have purchased from Dr. Kitobie and .John L. Kid well, of this eirJ. sev eral acre* of land lying bt twees the canitf inu Potomac river, about I ^ miles weit of George town, for the purpose of forming an outlet lock 5?*basin to more effectually account), aate the large number of boats that so ofton ac cumulate here during the summer and fall, to the great inconvenience of navigation *md the millers, who often hare the water shut off from

their mills on account of a boat jam. ov!*# ? * ??>M* "f" H<m*se Bri no z. .. .v ." company are removing the old bridge 0t !he ?"arkt*t House, which ha* bet-n rd;,rel hy the filling in of Market ? necessary by the new grade of in nlSL . Ji,thougLt there wl" be ?"? *lrow'th? can*1 between oTMr .T1, U,o ni'lrket' J"*1 *t the west end rr I Bute ben market. ?iZ?KiiTI^-SJ?.I',?1,ISHKI)?Among the most no ticeable of the improvements caused by the change of grade on High street, is the new ot r- Fred- Stohiman, one of the *n<A 1,1 ?"t. tasteful in town, reflecting credit on the architect and builder, Mr. B. Pi Grimes. It is the first completed of the many g?a?7eenC ?D *trect since the change of Grain Trape?The only receipt of grain t<v ,buslle,,' ?f wheat hy tSe canal ooat W m. Marl,ury. consigned to F. C. Wheelt r. It was sold on 'change at f 1.91 u. Fish Wharp?The receipts of fish to-day z j?zeTy abo,,t 4-onf' herring. 2no * , shad. The herring sold at ?*# !ho"^an .' tVto? at 1 ?nt. and the shad at f 15 per hundred. M."?KMKnv1*? ?J the thir'1 (,istrlct republican ?Ji!i 1 be held at Market House Hall, Wed ^^?J'evenlng, April 30th, at 7 p. m.,toa,> SSiU^<ree delegates and two alternates to t ie rtpnblican general committee for thecn*ui!iK ^ h'a? u#tder: L Clements chairman. C. ? ? Houghton secretary. CIT Y I T EMa kart Powder cannot he excelMi for making light, sweet Itolls. Biscuits, \\ lt\ ?e7iaUern ***"' &C* 11 to ?>??*? w*ly?nd ? Novelties i> Srf?i*<! Hats. Th?*r imsl* ?> ??r y*H,k ??' *>?? ?Th? Little "Nell.'' .1 i.vKib." h " "Linwood."' ??Vienna." ?? ?s?-iw ? ?> At very lew prices. 5>i?eucor. -! Carter & Co., 424 Sth st., bot. I) and E. Bnow? Cotton Shifts, forTScen's Fine Mlk shirts. for *3.SO and ft. So. ' Silk flannel shirts to order, for *ti. Mj- stock of these goods is very larire and S'!fe,lt, ?f fizeK complete, or neaAy*^ 3 those desiring to purchase will find no better values for their Investments. * ^ _^*?* ?* Heuwihg. ? 'T 19 Aw Established Fact, that c,on sumption can be cured; but is tar letter to nn Tk the cruel disease from fastening it* if "ike /<e",irtejn. by the timely use of a remedy i r * I!"t<am ??/ H7M vlurry I ife nr J,r?l,arirti"n will speedily cure a con Jh Its great S"6" Consuml'tion 0,tei? yields to . " 6 -*ykr r I.aiioratorv, that has done restorer 1fAi r,?!0r i'ie Nick' now ? potent restorer for the beauty of mankind?for the d?Tin!^MaA|iCd^rovnCi,^isager^^ P't. f? liixuriant locks on the bald and' grey? pates among us and thus lays us under obligation- to "En SI. , ?Md ,<"ks? ???i?Ja??.i2 com ni unity. ^ m.w.fjtw. prfc^lT J'VBRCOAT8 reduced to former 'If,, r, A- Strai ss^, J 1011 Pa. a<re., het. loth and llth st ? .. . Kkliable. Fathers ai d Mothers? wc are adding to our stock a large assortment 'tWJ.KK'from 10 "?? Tzziv'lu\rv:?oi **"?,rom c* to sio. nntlor Suits, Farragnt? le^mv?Hot VCaJf ?f a,fe' an<l ot',er ,tvle8 in 0I"I , ?nrs 541 d the host made. Best material and newest styks in the market. 4 90 a r.. o Noah Walker & C<?., 1,^,1 Cll^Pa. ave., Metroj>oliUn Hotel. Childrek cry for JMtcherV Castori* it sssrzfi?.,' ,r,cb^4""1"'1 c^rtoroii ?p' 9 a substit"te for -t,25.eo2: If a kan wants a Bottle Whi?kv let him buy it and take it home like a man and T With a bottle of "Bitters," or Cordial, and pretend that it is medicine It he wants a tonic that is something better than a U .^^rjiry stimulant, he should get a bottlc of Penman vnTj fa" fron Tonic,) that will vitalize the bloov. *'ve ^wrable strength to the system. 6 Shirts made to Order?Oentlem^fl fur nishirg their own material, can have tlnir Hnirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Keen s, 422 9th street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,1:),1: ' The Sinoer mewinu Machine sales of I-72 were J219,OCO. 4,12-s,wtf Pond's Extract Ls for sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott a Co., 4x0 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. ^ ' The comtrNTTT at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,3 Pond's Extract cures rneumatism, bn-ns, ? fs, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, spr? n?, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhea, and all hemorrhages, ctc. Pond s Extract differs trom all other advert *ed preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a cure for these diseases. m,tb,s,tt . ***7 hemg indispensable to health and comfort thousands of persons come from far ?nd near to Tisit Dr. White, the well-knurr Chiropodist, No. ?3 ISth street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails.. Ac and advice as to soluble shoes. ' WiUoo?_a Uibb'sSkwins Machine. The ?- .kZLj ti ? . mauhiri. rne Mlebratod Basaar Patterns. Agency at Thafc. Baum s hoopskirt and corset factory, 7th street, Intelligencer Building. 10 j8 *"?"?* and Barometers are rej. ured inn tiiHilA fn Ua..^i.. 1 a "iwumciors are rep-tired and made to order by Hem pier, near 4# street. ^?m DIED. ATLIf'K. On Hnnday, April 27, u-iii 1 m < ?amr?(B U'? P'hJnstant, at C o'clock p. ni. II- 1 r. BAKEH. Ill thr 4il yoar (if || , Ills relative* an^ trieud* are re?ni**HtHil tn i his late ruHencc, near BIh 1'iirg, Prince Q.orge h county, Mnrylaid on tfi morrow (Tn sday), April 2-Jth at II o cljck \ m Burial at Ulvnwood < emetery . rBn.A ,'WI ti%r.?:'S'A AR'. a,;,',5;: iis ss&JSsvJKi syj?!"*? "?ij COWPEBTBWAI-r^Oi, Kondsv rr. ,rni?e. ,h km*?. ?hin papers please copy.J " 1 IIArVhrV1 HrDp*/.on<n"f J'16 ^11' in-'ant. Petto* orlth^?if>*0BD'wlf, 0flhj ,Me J"!'? a Funeral notice hereafter. ? LADIES' GOODS. K ID ULOVKSI ^ KID GLOVZS '? 1 H?.? . lp KU L'ChV * kicks. 1 Button, yo cents. it Button, 91.1#. ery pair warrauted. At mar. *.? M. WILLIAN'8, ">J " >07 Pennsylvania avenne Mr#, c. B. OILLST AT THE M M1W T0BK MILL1TMEBY 8T0BE, , HAS BIMOVED from 614 9th street TO * rs S?'"*- Thankful for past favors, she solicits a oou of patronage. ap24 lm* [V 0TICS.?Bargains are bow being offered in MILLIMEBT ~ FAJJCT QOOD8, B>' E. LEKZBEKO k CO., ?a-?r TOT Market Specs. JJ A I B OO O P 8 . ratST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PBICES. aoui Umt CUBLS, etc., of oar own make, 5fS^SfgalpMiEftJS! ft ^ "Mil* IbcotHicC fmhsyltahia avenue,1 WU1 open OB <U* THUBSDAT, April 4th, % large and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND BOUND BATS, the special atteatiou of the ladies U caiie 1. ^TAMPING DEPOTT ?IT Sbventb Street, OppoeKe Meat OOea. CELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLTB p'aBTNBBSbIp ' Um? entire stock OF THE NEW TORE BASAB. 441 Seventh Street, near B. **f? U iiO HUMBUG. Georgetown Advrtlaementg. |^T THOMAS DOWLING, AaetY; Georgetown. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OfTn EXTENSIVE STOCK or BOOKS, STATION BBY. VARIETY GOODS, CUTLERY. SILVER PLATED SHOW CASES, 8TC2* FIXTURES. MUSIC AND MUSICAL mtiCMEst.;, -C.. at auction. On TUESDAY, kpril -29, at I# o'clock. I wll, u tb? ?<?r? .>f P?i*t WiP"#. N". *?? ISS> Bridge street. Georgetown, tn rxl- n*\\t stock of Statloaery. Variety t;o?de, CaMery. Mi*'c ?ad Musical Instrument. 8ilver Plated Show C*?e?? Store Fixture*. Iar*e S ove, and *11 kind* of good* ii-ually kept in i first-class Mt*bli?h??nt. The attention of the trade is especially callad to the above. Term*: All sttwis of f M Mid nn<l?j\ cash: ov?r fin a credit of thirty and *t\ty day*, f?w *atin*ctory In dorsed note*, bearing interest. H. H. BRADLEY A?iffl.-. aM THOS. DOWLING, Anrt (ART GOOD! AT POPULAR PRICKS. U For GOOD BABOAINS he nnr? to (to to BENJAMIN MILLER, 101 Bridge itrMt, O?ori?towi. Japanese Poplins at it andUc.; Japanese Silk*. JOr. 76c., #1, plain Dr<>M Good*. in all the n?w color*. Xk , 3TSc.. 60c.: Black 8ilk* from ?1 IS to fS; Black Grenadines from 2Sc. to ?1; beautiful laid* for children, 13<\, ?c., 16c.; Victoria Lawn*. JOo., IV., 3Tc.; Piane*, *>c., 2fc- , 37c.. 50c .; Bl%< k Alpacae and Mohair*, a splendid uaality. a* low aa At*. Cloth*, Ca?*imer*, Linen Drills; all the nnvel tif* in Parasol*; one case more of the splendid 4 4 Bleached Cot to a, 12*c. ? ap2J tr J^EADY FOR THE SPRING TRADK With a fall corps of first clans workmen, a com Slete stock ot the best foreign and domestic D. e tuffs, Ac., Ac.. I am fully prepared 'o CLEAN OB kECOLOR LADIES' AND GENTS' SPRING AND SUMMER WEARING APPAREL, promptly ai d in the best manner. W. H. WHF.ATLEV, PREMJUM STEAM DYEING AND SCOUR ING WOHKS. ESTABLISHED 1M1. Premium awarded 1867. Office,4# Jefferson *t .Georgetown, D. 0 Poet Office Bus 723. ap7-tr Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer, 138 Bridge street, Georgetown. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVFD HEAL ESTATE, SITUATE <>N DUMBARTON STREET. BETWEEN GREEN AND MONT GoMERY STREETS. GEORGETOWN. D AND NUMBERED 44, 47, 49. ?l, j:? 54, AND 52. Having determined to dispose of my property in the District, I will off?r on the premise* as ^?abore numbered, at public sale, to the hiKle-st bidder, on THURSDAY. Mav l*t, at 4 p.\en valuable Houses and Lota. The location is pleasant and healthy, the houses in good condition, with modern conveniences; the sidewalks and streets have been recently leveled and repaved. Terms of *ale: One-third rash; the balance in C, 11 and IS months; deferred payments secun-d by deed of trust upon premises, a li?> paid on day of ?ale. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. The terms of sale to be complied with in Ave davs. otherwise the property to be resold at cost of ile faul'ing purchaser. JOHN DAVIS. *12 THOMAS DOWLING, Auct. UNDERTAKERS. It HARD F. HARVEY, UNDSRTAESR, lSurt(SS<* to MAR YET * MARR,) No. 934 F Street, between Ninth and Tectt, METALLIC BURIAL CASES ANU CAStMl: of wirt <!'scriptHM; giarlly SHROUDS. HABITS, ?? J^llHAKD W. BARKER, CABINET MAKER AND UN DERTAKJSK. 612 ELEVENTH STREET, near F. FURNITURE O* ALL KINDS MADE A ?l REPAIRED. anS-r yy IUIAM HAtKETT, XJNDSRTAKSK, No. 73d 7TK STkEFT, BKTWKkN G AMD H SrHITM apl8-lT Ooffln* and Casket* of all kinds SI MMER RESORTST RUMMER BOARD. TheOSBl'RN nOUSE. Leesbnrg, Va.,i?now op-n for the accommodation of Summer B ardors. No pains will bespxred in the endeavor to make all com fortable. {ap3-ln.'l JOAB OSBPBN. Propriet r. V?)L'NO MAN DO NOT DESPAIR?If you have ? but little means, and wish t> look g"ateel,g?t ilST-P! !*!?. in three different styles, a' A STRAl 8 . 1011 Puna, ave.,near 11th. *a fflNE CLOTHING FOR SrniXG AND SUMMER, MADE TO ORDER IN NEW YORK THE LARGEST .ASSORTMENT IN THE COUNTRY. SAMPLE SUITS READY MADE, FOR MEN, BOYS AND CHILDREN. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. DEVLIJI * C0M api-Sm 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENU K. Old, > l New, No 4*ti$ PaPERHAXGIXGS. ?N i. 439 7ih Si.\ c 7tu St. NOW OPEN AT MARK RTT E R 'S, No. 439 7th street, between D and E streets. Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, PAPERHANGINGS of new and stylish design" ol the best fabrkaand fi nish,selected with dun regard to harmony of c?lor,durability, richness and econo my. A large portion made specially to order, ein bracing beautiful stripe and other designs in Gilt and Plain Colors, appropriate for drawing rooms. Ac.; 20 and 40-inch plain tints for panneliug with gilt rod or finishing plain, with a full line of medium and low-priced Papers, patent and perfect repr-sen tations of Wood and Marble,for pamieling halls an<i vestibules. BORDERS in Gilt, Velvet and Gilt Imitation Fresco, and Common; Center Pi ces. French Fireboard Prints, Ac., making the largest and most complete assortment in the District. WINDOW SHADES. New designs, different size* an1 colors; al#{>. Plain Goods in Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender. Green an>l Stone Colors for naking into Shades. Shades mad* to order. PICTURE FRAMES. 8olid Oval, Walnut and Gilt, and all Gilt Prime* from 3x4 to 28x30 inches. Box Oval Framen for Wreaths at cost. A beautiful selection of Fr?nch and American Gilt and Velvet Frame*for Ivor> type and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames in treat variety. Frames made to order. PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS from Card to Portrait Size, different color*; ilso. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Picture Cord, very superior good*; Porcelain and Brass Head Pic ture Nails, Ring*, Screw Eye*. Ac. PAINTINGS. ENGRAVINGS, CHROMOS, Ac. A limited, but choice, selection iu appropriate frames always in store on exhibition and sale. Chromos and Engravings ordered. Order* for Paperbauging, Window Shades or Pic ture Frames punctually tilled and satisfaction guar anteed. Terms cash. Please rememl?er name. Old No 4e>6. J.. MARKRITER, and number 439 7th street, *19 lw Between D and K stteet*. BOYS'AND YOUTH'S SUITS a specialty this season at A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. ave., near llth street. a28 fABPETS CLEANED AT THE STEAM CAR V/ PET BEATING WORKS, 490 Maine avenue, bet. 4H and 6th sts. Carpets called for and returned free of extra charge. LORENZO KICK. apU-ly' J W. BRIGHT WELL, 440 9th Stkbst. SHIRTS made to order and ready-made. A per f*AJao,'a"choic^l'ine of GKNTS' FURNISHING GOODS ooiistantly on baud. ag ly UTONE.?Superior BUILDING 8TONB, and O screened CRUSHED STONE of all stses.fursals by J. 1. 2UG A Co., apl9 lm 8723 K street, at Oanal. aa as.'gsi.sjferagsr l^l'MBERI LUMBERII WM. JOHNSON * BOH apO-lan* rrBE FAT MKN will reioic# to laarn that tbef M. caa be fttted and snitsd In all iaMginable styles if CMaimers and Flannel Suits atA. STRAUS', of Cm 1011 Pean avs., near llth st. fePRUCfc LtMBEB FOR 8AiK. A Quantity of SPRUCE LUMBER, (800 006 feet, more or ltss.) suitable for paving purposes ami for (?Bsraj[ use. no^w lying in the, slip at ths foot of South Capitol stresi, Is offered for sals at Appty to U.H. PAIMTKR,?9114th strsMaortk west, bstwsew ths bows of III aad U a. m.% or at tke tmm ORoe of JAB. G. PAYNE, ?M LoaUiaoa areaue, from I a. m. to ? p. m. a74-4t* -.-uj. , ^ ' of intera* on Gold and Silver Wtclm, ?alue. aSt-lr fiEAD AMD BAVK YOUR ltO^EX. . Ladies who kave Hair Switches Uat have fadtd fross as caa kavs them rsstorsd to thair aatural sMa ia superior manner. Ws have a vary large assort me it otO 1 Curl., very bmg aad haidsoi ? *ow '? tks time to buy at MADAME ESTKKN S Hair Factory,SIBl*k st., Bsar.G street. a24-tr GROCERS. c. I. U'lliKK * SWA, 1813 7th JTREET BOBTDWEST, (Between M and X tit.) BOA PI SOAP!! Pwtir* Gamble's c*l?b rated Cincinnati Ollv# SdAP.lhc bMtin tkf market? iv c?liU per yuiiinl t*r, b>ic, bjr ;L? Ik>x of 60 lba. HAMS, Ac. u^on 1,(W) lb*, extra quality Snfar-Cored ?Itw ntr? white LA RD, *1 *? 'r,ai wh*?' FRESH OATMEAL KYE FLOCK liquors: liquors:! ?'2 ?*k*r*'HISKT; OMCttinfl WHISET. ,7 h>?kj. 5 v.-arp oM. |ht bottle _ ....f 1 ,*> ii n L ,! Brandy, pr bottle 1 m> Holland Gin, ?er bottle i ,u French Brandy, per bottle 1 14 SWEET CATAWBA WIN K. SI ^r gallon. n,D?ry?iT riPEB. I hilad. lph.a ALE ativi POBTEB. C. S. O HARE A- BO If. '*'* *1*1 ? n w., between M an<l N ^ to i k : - KhCEfth'U DIRECT from the Milla in VALLEY OF VIBCIIIIA. B ill m-II to families 6o rents per barrel lrm than usual price*. , Pricea of SI GARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINE, {?8asZi?!? rr?m PleM*Dt V*1K-, Win* Company, m,r*i "? H- BAC0N- 709 *??*? Space, 7th and 8th atr^eta. insurance companies the CORCORAN firs insurance cum pa nr. OP IBB DISTRICT OF columbia, Orimmiztd April 1?, 1^3. B 100.000, OFFICE No. 141*9 PENNSYLVANIA AVIKrr (Ov'lK Mi LSI ??' BtcXtlJ '' A M^antl114!: President. j t. |NblkJt YOUR LIFE " ,zed 18??- B*4,0V? liwo 44 jarMy- WAMLBT JOB fi, A?ent, ' No. $11 >fh MM A BE VOL INSl'RED F VHAMM TO THE OLD FnAJtKLIN IMSLRAMCK COVipt** I?rn?VF wA8HINOTOM, D o. *? nmA*f?*PoMreu ? CoikISIS Gg&msgjtussi v&s McDonald, F. F. MrOnlr*.PrDB oTaTEe* M ? ?cables b wSg&fb^fis&i T"%i?Si3JRiS^3lSlFSS!ra DISTRICT?0FT COLUMBIA. OtOi IZKD A DG UST V9, 1ST# OiBB CAPITAL ^ ?SSUST^Mg^sau-* SAMUEL CEOS**^^00, ^ **** j p m.fc- bia?ctor?: S&fftL SSAJSt _ ocu-t* proposals. PROPOSALS fob ST.ATIOMEBY. bejjar.o.nt until ?SEuSZT rorbi<Wi??*Ui ?* furniahed npon The hid* will be considered and mmmmI ?? ~ ft msz&izs^iStTurrsiss "s ?S?Ci ii? SKrla "BExL"*, ?S,^is?ra^rL^2S6?ir suiint to order? from the Department. 1 u<* entire (jotutitiHi of each article will hn* ^r? ^ call', a forduriD^the > ear * firm !mYV U the fti livkl'ial or Im ^ bo accompatiieU by h t>ond with SflSaMlr 10 * *yim e,|Ilal tc flf(r percent s.i.J *?d or bitk accepted. approved by a [Jvited rfkblTTr'd i,>r 9f ,,<e J,stricl in ? *>'ch the sun.tie "re fcWe or do !?UHirie0a, a focm to b** furiiinhed hv th#? c??rditi??D?-d for furiii?liiu^ ?ach p r i. i'iK 'h<- article, m may be a??rd.-J ulu it i ,1^ rrfoniiauce uf the contract. ' AH deli\erle? will tie subject to in*i?ecti?">n hr tn expert detail d1 for Ihc- p?rr ^, by th^rrrtarv rS ? n^'i*0 wi ^ er} *u '"^-rior article ?ili b> detm?l ?ufficient caiue to auuul the contract at til cMion of the Secretary. ' D' jiveriea mu?t be free of charge at the Deaart. "liS '/?t*le, Wa?hi(igion. lUPBit thIcowri?r?,nic;7,!f,y an;??? under ine contract ?ill, at the option of tho S-cretar , of ^*ih\T'^.te " ,Vf''jf'Mur??f the entire penalty of I hi bond, or the Secretary of State may direct ' pnr?*ba?e, m market, of atuch uiiauiitie* b1 au> article* at> ?hall l>e neceanary to Kiipidy the d.'fl ciency cauaed by anch failure, and cbarse to the contractora fifty per centum of the price ?hieli it pi ^^/?iU D?ce?t?Arj to pay for such article* ?"f/"Uipanl^l by ? JSSteSofTrbond will not b? considered, and contracta will be award ?!e"iarfklw* luanufacturer* of or dealer* in Propoaal* to I* addrcased to the n:>derairned ??,! mark?l "Pn.p.?ala f r Stati?.nery ?ned'*"a a21ei?Im HAMILTON FISH, Secretary of St de QFF1CB FOfiTANP^DEPOTCOMMISSARY OF (Corner of B and U<h atre'ta, 8. W.) - , . _ w**HI*ctoji.D. C., April M. 18TS # cornrrf BtiJand Mutton repaired at thi? Depot for one year, or aach l-sa time aauJcom miitv) Orijertl ot Snbalatence may ""pucin* Jnfy 1,J8TS. Information and conditi^. R>.<S^0fAM0ri McL Taylor. C S.^U 8 A ?***'imoce, Md.t or the nnderairnad. O. BELL, C. 8., U. B. Army. 'IMIEPCBLIO AND THE PRESS YY* HAVE JUST RECEIVED a0 DOZBB LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WK AUK StLLlMV AT Be CEMT8 PBB SEIBT. LOCK WOOD, HUFTY * TAYLBB, BBS PEBB8YLYAB1A ATBBUB, P ROFERST O V A L. |)R. JIARV D. IFidViR, ?;#*?* lbJ4 MXTKENTH I'TIIIT -? jANIt OCLEPHAEB. R. B. BKAILK Y. rLCPHAKB * RRAILRT. SHORTB AND ? R1TKRS .* 1.4*' BEPORTBRf. t-ffc--.?No. II0C* ?* * facia* li-diaaa ?m?*. JODH I. HANHA, _ _ _ ATTORNBT AT LAW, "'las&tsr* BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ac. BRYANTS LIBRARY OB POETRY AMD BONO. I. B STOWB*9 LIBRARY Of FAHOCS F10 TBB?fcBFB-? LIFE OF CHRIBT, Ac S?b?cri|UvM nt?ivtl *1 1411 Peuu?; IthIi *v "apg'lL" BISHOP A HA7VRTV A GBICULTL'BAL BOoKS^ Johnst-a* AgrtcBltnral Chetclrtry ?1 :? Am< ri< an Garden- r'? A"???<*>!; I ?o Alkn'ii Anwrii'M 7 ana B->ofc >H H--ndernoo* Gard- otns for Pr ?fit ........ 1 lit Virmi'i Dramingfor rroSt aad Health ISO ITullrrV SHI ail Fralt Cult urir 1 A> Fuller* Orapr Cakir*. I Hi fit** S- uth. ro Aral' Caita ??? . * .? Wright* Practical P.wiltri K?eper__ too Lancvtroth on the Honey S tw Randall *? Sheep H *?tanlry 1 ?C )|.'n? Uirnfn' CydoyHis. *<S Y- natt on the D-ga. ? ? ? " All tW BfW b<?>k> rwni>4 ae *?<<n a- poMuIkvI by Rl< HARD B MlHlNACO. aR-tr 1014 I'.-in * a-enne, co'iier ll'h ?treef [ ?>T Ok NkH BoOkS AT ' lHlLLIS?roi a BOOMT9KC t LITTLF K *TF K1RPY A N-vel B- th act nor of Matt I" A -t' a) tml Carrie *? Oa ?4? ?1i n?i. THE COMING RACK. B> Kda.rd Bui* er , L -rd MtUt.) THE WIDOW LEROGUE. A Kor<4. Br Bn to G abortaa. _ THK BERBER; ot. THE MOUHTAISEEB 01" THE ATLAS. B M > Mayo. KOT EASILY JEALOUS. A S^r-K TO THK BITTER END B ? i* JradJ -a. LAKEMLLE B> Mar> H-ally. REPTILES AMi BIRDS. A Sr? BditioB. EDUCATION IK JAPAN. HALF HOUR RECREATION* Ill POPULAR SCIENCE* N<>. T. All ibe k?k naail?r* 'in hand. POPULAR SCILNCE M ti'lily volata** 1 anil. BLKMF.NTABY TREATISE ON NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. B% Pr..f?aeor K^r?i BEY TO NoBTH AMkKK'AK B-IRDB. Contain ing a CODCMW account of fv?r> specie* ct Ul iug and Foeail Bird*. HARPFR H HAND BOOB OF TRAVEL III EI RopK A larg?- stock "f Blank B-?-k*. Fa** Rook*. an<t Memorandum Book*, N to Paper. L"tt"f Pap-r, ami IMa> ing Canln at tin* iKf I<i*m| pric?e. a* ir fVERT MOTnER~T?IE_DOTTOB~oF~ HKR Lo?N FAMILY If ?h? ?- t* Dr. HALL1# HBALTB AT BOMB at STOCKMAN A SON S, 9** ??h ??n*?>t ni>rth???a? Tho COTTAGE BIBLB to be had |b*r* alao. Two ir<od AGENTP want?>ri. mM (r 'puF^k ORE? OF THOMAS OITHRIE. D U Tha Qn^i in BcHiM~ The Inhi-ritanca. The W?j nt Lifa. (Mi the ParaMe*. Illn>lrat"d. Bpeakiuc to the H an Btudtaa of Character. P'e* for Huct'il 8ch'?>>!?. Tbe t'lty; It* Sim and f*->rrow?. At *M BALLANTYNR !*. *3 4tf** 7th N OtlOI. OPENING OF A NEW STATIONERY STOAR AND BLANK BeoK MABCFACT ?Kr. Firm ?lax* at fair prtom. for caah. L1TU0GRAPHIN6, KNORAVINO, PRINTINQ AND BINDING I???NK TO OBI'LU The KUk ara Invited to call and e*ann-? ? ir t?V *ocE. BEN. B. FBBNCII, Ci der National Metropolitan Bank. aU aeat door to J?| Oooka A Oo.a. aeif ?t WMkirr"i' I* O. STEAMFR LINES. I IV LW EETRJuAtt LINK VIA CANAL. PHILADELPHIA, ALEX ANURI A, V* . Vk AM1 lNt?ToN AND GEORUBTOM N, D O. ?AILI>0 t)*T?. -It ^ From Pier t. N >rth Wliar?ea. Phil ad-lj-liia, WEDNESDAY aod 6AT-"***"*" CRD AY, at lttm. From i9 Watrr rtroet.G^irfftnira, D C .TCES DA Y and SATL RDA Y, at 10 a. m Th'? line connect* at Philadelphia aitl? '"Clyde'0 Iron Line" of ?team-r? f"r ProTld^tice. B ?ton and New Ei.eland Btate?. S wharfMira in B '?t.m \>f tin* line G. F. HIDE. A?-ut tor D ot U, W M P CLYDE A CO , PbUadelpLia. F A RE1I). AViai.dria. Va. WALDO A. PEARCB.dA CoDdr"M Str?x4. B ton. h,4 WAbHiKGToN, nobfole, boston, and PROVIDENCE. The fine Iron Btuaaior LADY OF THB LAK.R hating reannied her regular trip, to Norl<Tk, will leave her wLarf, foutl of fib atreet. every MONDAY au?!> Tiimsni* - .,u .nn, mi aimiiAT THCRSDAY, at I p. d> , t 'O-hinj at principal River Laodinc*. at Norfolk with Waaiaahip of the M. and M Line for B aton and Pr..? tdenoe. Freiifht abvukl be addriaai il "rare of Lady at tk* Lake, vie Norfolk." Branch ticket <4boe at B.noa'fc Bxpreee OWc?. 603 Penunylvatila aveno*. X. M. CROUCH, A c?ui, At h -at r?et wharf. D?RSKY CLAGBTT, 0.-neral Ar nt. ill Planfa 9tore. oorvfr 1?h al and Pa ava. ^UNARD LXBB. THB BRITISH ABU NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL HAIL STEAMSHIPS, BRTWEEN HEW TORE AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOR FROM NEW YORK *Raaaia......Wed?Apl W | Oalahria. .Bat Apt M 'Java ?ked?A:.l a i Parthia Bat Apl. *? *0ul?a Wad?Apt. 3u I ?Bcotia W"?d .May 7! Abvaoinia May W Al/eria. Wed. M ?> It l;.:mi?. Sat? M?) II 8- ? amers Barked thua * do not oarr> pteerac* enfera And ewer; following WEDNESDAY and HATCH* DAY Irooj N?? York. Rat** or PAMASK.-Cabin, f#', $M?, and |Vi fold, accordiiif to acrewiaMrtaUon. ^dMb Tick eta to -Paris, |l|, (old, adliticnalul^k Retum ticket* oa favorable lei?? Steerace, 4JU, currencj. Kteerace ticket a frov Liverpool and QaeeaetoWB. anU all parts of Europe, at ioweat rats*. Tnrtoifk bill* of lad tag riven to B 'faat, Glaaroa, Havra, Antwerp and other polnu on the Continent and for Mediterranean port*. F -r freirht and cabin paa iad< ,appl> at the Company S oflioe, No. 4 AirUif Graen.r r ateerafe pa*nar*-, at Ho. Ill Mi' adaap Trtrtr>BnHdi'i|HAB q rRAM< KLTM. kr?t. A NCHOB LINB DTEAMEBB BAIL EVERYSATCRDAl. Paaaenreri booked to and froea any Railway BM> tloaM Seaport in Gr-at Bmaii , Ireland, Norway, Sweden, lie:.mark. G,rniauy,f France, HoliauU, Belgium and the I a?i? ? Cabiiifare tHa HRW YORK to LONDON, LIT ERPOOL,GLASGOW aid DERRY, ??* ai>4 BKCCR8ION TK KET8. RIM. Intermediate, $J?, Steerage, ail pa>al.te fa ^ VTrti-a eendlac Ibr their friend* ta the Old Omtry cau purchase ticket* at lowaat rate*. Pnr farther par . nlar* aj pi, t. the A. n, <J CAMMACK, Ja. ldilS F atroet. W aahiiui >n HENDERSON BROTHERS, wavM T Bowling Greea, New Yort. Rl ERCHANT'S LINK VF oTRAMSHIM 1 BETWtll WASHINGTONi ASU> NEW TORR. Her.-after the Ine Stean rhlpa R 0. RHIGBT aa4 JOHN GIBSON will mak* regular weeAli trip* betaeaa NEW TCRR. ALEXAN <1 > d2Ta, Washington oecHui ** TO* li. a* follow* -Leaf NEW XOKK froa Pmt l? East River,erery SATURDAY at 4 * b., UiwI OEoRGKTOWN e>rr, FRIDAY at / a. n . aad ALEXANDRIA tbe aaeae 4ay a< ltt*. _ For fhll InforwatioB apply to BP. A. DEN HAM. 'c^nn',' ot a|ttt5Doorn?r of I7tb Y?rtt | ?yr*Freirtita delivered hv Knn> Brpret*. Or dt?> left at G-aeral tMRce. Mi P--nu?? Ivania ave? tie. or at the ateamer wharf will be pr.-aptly at* tended to. tall-tf S. W. TBOM LIYERY STABLES. 4 BALB ?** BLRB, Special oare paWl to fife 0TABLBB Rl2Sss diagonal, very ^OTlCR^Wi' OBTM^y?J?*Ty.Jk? BBOOND-HAND CUOTHIBR + lea* thaa half the cat ot r?*dy ae? JJf SILK llRSBBRB aa#*ctaitf. MM*

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