Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1873 Page 1
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V&. 41-N2. 6.274. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, APRIL 29. 1873. TWO CENTS. the evening star. Faklbket lallf, lu4ajn aiMyM, AT TUX STAB BUILDINGS, to rac nn iinrim cwm. * m. urfMijnv, 'HI ITIH1N0 BTA1 is ?ned bj cvrkri to mi be rt tx>ra at rex wiu.or Foarv f"1 _c,rr? "* ??m. OnyiM at the ooanter Tww C**t* Mrk. By ?II Ifcm ? *? |iig. ti Botiu, 0M ,iT5(fc ??*". WAi-HMIiiM ?rMay-#lJl '?-* m t)nrh csars and i p?i<i for. a* furulabed on application. FIANOa Ae. ? KUII4, PKACTUAC flA.SU ? ~ B*i foiMi l ly forr?a for P. r LiflMr? C<> , tnvr f?r A 0<>n<,MR| and tare toner f^r Wefxer. tt A C->. Ti:ner'Il %? ' and repairer of PlAWOsl ul ORGANS. Ho. ? 3'J ??* ITk ?r??iir, Ord**r* left at K ?rr ? Jewelry Store, P-nr<ylv,u>ia Nairn'* Drug Store,corner Pennsylvania evenn?en.t tth MrrM. B??enthala, ???1 7th ?treet. <-on?er of H, will meet with K'?<pt attention, mad satisfaction irnaran- ! -ly WTIKP r t> PIAJIOS, nnin|??H )n rwe*tneae of ton* and excellence of finish: lew ? ard e*i.j i?rn.? Q. L. WILD A BRO.S3?S Ag*e?, 4!M Uth street, near northw.-?t II11! I ?'r**r P'tinsjlvania avenue, dealer* in Pianos and Basics I In?t runten'a generally Tuning and.Bepamt.g, Polishing and Varnishing receive faithful att? r.tion. apl7 tr J*' VFA5> i'*S w.,maarand . K tuMt* mm i Oman*. A- mm ?*r* [?-< ?<iTed at Tt?>n, p*,n a corner IMh it JBQB J?.d N. Tork are. ; ftfljV Br?lge, n-arllTlTl Cccgreaa, Georgetown; and M hm', cor. 7th and Pa. av P an.-, mw| ,?|m* tnetrornente pack -d an-1 aewed aM wort mh? ly WGBOMAt kKK Jt CO.H PlAftOH, " PHILADELPHIA GREAT BKDUCTION IN PBIOBB. Theee inetfiMea:*, which, on ac< nnt of their at ?*r1or*fy \jrer t*ls v4h^rs, t>ave in ?f?w eec* th? PfW p- We, as well aa al'.|0SB| ever the cowntry, cau be had cow for the fol-HYB^ K W1BC IOW ?JJVApianos fr Hi )3TI to AC71. t PVltroT PIANOS from |Mt.> |j' q GEAVB PIASt)S fn n, goTAu 9ijj7) rerar.B? who wish t save from ?lu> to $30? In M: enaetng fh?. t,.t .i;?i rMiuei.t ut, are invited to ee i ?^C-^3r'-JLrIh' m,T.l'ir" PifC " ?w rent, nm** ?actiansed. Tuning srt< Repsirlnrpr >perly atttudr ??.t- CAHL BirrfrtR, Ajrat, *"^5 Fi'Hii It?Is (www WILLIAM kNAbK A CO., r ?BAND, ^L'A BE All*I PkWu? PIANOO, The* IMtruMan have been before the pablK fat lony i'ean-, a^d npvti their excellence slsar ?tta :.ed au nnpur. La^ed pre^mineace|BHB whi^h pr< iu)?ncw theat unequalled for their*IV %V' toce. Uuch, workmaaahia and d .rability. TV? hare b^en awarded atxtr Sre gold and allrer Bed a', ARS FIANOA h??t tb^tr new tod inirofe^ U'^r^truiif ?&d Atrmk*. rill'iiS*,XrCmm!?"n'' MANOBnr. VBVANVfrta vaiiona wall-kri< <d fart or i*? for ?ai> and r-?t, at BKIGH F.N PACK'S, declo-*r Piano Warerooma. 4t1 lith ?trr-?t BANKERS. TIS B l<>K I O H , B O Banker, 613 D STBKXT, NEAR SKVENTU, Pay INTFK1ST ON MPOSITS, m.kea C^?L l?lf T Il'SS, au.l traaMi'U all feu>m. aa cvnne. t? d ?rS ly A % h I > G M O I S AC J. H. SdllER * ro., 141?? PENNSYLVANIA AVESI E, orr ?iT* willakd', laru, WASHINGTON, l> C. P per c-nt. ?mtrrrM paid ?n 'Ifpvt'tt. (-?.i!ecnf.t.-< ii.a>|e everywhere. payable on d. uiand. Pxjot off a it, ''l|' *rii 1 *"n-n??l in fthanc??, ? r J?. BKoUnfcAM, ? U r <> k e r , Mo. ?35# Penna. a?e., ?, \\ aahingt< u, D. C. Bp?cia! attenti. n given to investment aecuritiea. liiv ".tea attention t-? aecnr>tie? now offered at pi it* whictiwill pa> lit to IS per cent, in am. nut, ai.<! ?{ laa?tbof tmetoMit investors. Safe,reliable,proti' ^m^KS^ccjuIiJIS? m eT*r' Brfera b> KndMun to Lewis J .hnson A 0< .. Waahtaat. n, p. C.; M -aea Kelly, Kaq., Caehi, r S at lot ai Mr 5 r> n. .in an Bank, H'Mbiu?ioii, D. C'.: """?J M. Brw.liead, Second Controller, Waahinir Z ? 4 ;? Clark, S<^., ArshUect C. S. Cap ?W.W leh ngt, n, I>. c. mar!7-3m *|'HB BATIOBAL BANK OP TUB BBPLBLlJ ___CCornt rof 7th and D street*,) OPIil FBOII IV A. M TO J P. M. If OH AS. BBADLBT. Cashier. / 'tHMAN a M P.K It A> SATlBIM lAlk, " N". *16 51VK>TH &IKKKI, Orro-u* u? fou UAct D^mrLt/MU. h-wa: ? a. m to 4f. n. 8atardayi open on ?-? P. ??-. K> receive d?r-?it? only. 3Sfite.4'M'"' Collection* ?>ade and ^^MAT^INQL^.,0. B* PMMTlSbXlSft T"* "TE^V??nplVvl?ie* Bank....g Bouse. Mo. 14BT P-nnsylvania avenc-), _ _ oapoalt? the Treaaury, PATS SIX PKB CENT IN^XBBST, iaicr<? A n*.i iA' *?rj| a/ A'ora Month PAib PULB accJanta ''"**- ^ H?po?it bearing I and 4 aor nar.t ictertft. iDwbprt* "1; ^BANtH OI^FICBS in ail large towaa and cities of the S?n;h and S^ uthweat ? a. wi. M 4^. at. * edtyla) and Saturday night* fr<?m <H to | 10 {"pujli??ly. Call at the Bank >r ?n<- - ra copy uf the Charter and By-laws jlSJy a* touktk to.T~ J BANKERS, 1?PL K C IKt I LAB LBTTKBA OP CBCDiT for STc^, ^.yte^a.of w A2?fi7XZ PAT8 ? PBB CBMT. 1MTBBBBT OM DBPOSIT lnterea* cominewcea from date ofdeyialta. Pepoaita can ha made and drawn at will J A. BCPP. Treasurer. T? late>t woki bb .flh# 19t5 r,Bt ? n;11r""Jly ST*^'. T" *A3B WITH WHICH are removed ajid the feet rciiered, If ailing, from nV * ?* ^HITBU kaial? Hahment, $M Uth street, uppaits the Treaearr to 2^2?h ??Vrml"31 ?? Pereona anaccnstomed to 'hia S?^f ,t?lp"r*1??'*?kleh * ?atirely different froi , hracoceof tearing ffthe ingrowing to^ ,?*o*Beboni 'n,aiIiatreeeingly ?^fui method, aoJuna which obliged the wfferer SiS^S,C?t^~r,^v5 , ??'?* were ic ^ kMltb In nn ocet 2?tM~^RK^1ri;'sj2bii52y,'e ??! of Whoa Or. White haa nnaoltoted ^iiiio^ e refer. 4 y V 'THING P..B THE WEBt B ANT. the"l? iT D^n L'lTRtari'ri?r.SroboUr ^"??w rki.,g. ***? *TBACS , 1011 Peuu. ave ,u> vr 11th. KlS **W BAT10MAL IUU1T. PBESH. SALT and SMOKED MIAis M satr tesrvyagj.'i-ff?^ !B \iksza exi\>sition. I IR< I LAR LETTERS OF CREDIT, lasrgh Bt JAY COOKB tk CO. The Circular Letter Is a letter of introdneti. n to i k:n?' c^e**rt*f taresuraesu tAt wurU, identify teg the bearer and auth>.riamg payments to his aa r1U,.rd]" <>fhi* depoait with us. ,-*bU laforraatiot, wlh he furmahed npoa applica tM>a la peraua or ty letter. JAIf IOOKE k ro., Btakftt, WASHINGTON. JUB CHINESE TBA HOBtt ??d to tlx d(treat. ? _ . .. -J ?B U4 7th. north Ma. Thad chsagtr than ere* Boreottopay. **? mjAMUl, Proarietaa h' BAB KLIN M < V, OPTICIANS. . I*i7 P'\n.\lv?v;a AvrNra.ffcJ" Oenniae Brazilian Pehble Sperta. lee. ianl9-tr '?'Hi BBABEhT fcofTB t? the Vieuaa lua I lion is hp the ?e) of A. PTBAl S , 1011 Aim. a?e , near 11th __ |Cf *. BT0OPS, -Va;?'a/ Fi?wr Embilmrr, i'l ? haa VOTED from 1)13 7tkiti?at k>?39?th ?Creel northweet between D and B streets, where she will be glad to recalve the liberal patronage hitherto ?madid Is hee. aatt 1m* C FOB BALB BT ALL DBCOGISTf, ^Ca^he Bad Fennolrnnln^neenSi u2SJm ^toSb basons and biTldebs' Att. ation la called to the fine Bl'ILDIKO fcTONE aow betag landed at 141 h street and other wharses frcBi the nco wa of J. T H. HALL. Orders received at <ffire. B.misi ?. Mar Baliding, or oa board steaas tnf Julia, fevi A liiffh street, Oeortetown. ap7 lw* AMUSEMENTS. WALL'SKCW OPERA HOUSE. VV JOUN T. lOKD--. Proprietor. FVRF.WELL WEEK Of ?'UE MARIE AIMEE. TllE OUEkN OF OPERA BOUFFE, AND THE NEW PARISIAN OPERA TROUPE, T* "n?t ?ure"ssftil orrfau'/.?ti<>n on rcc?nl. TBIS (TUESDAT) E.ENlNG. April U'J. I'll- grn*? su<ce?? <>f th? .l?r, LES CENT VIERGRH' AIM FE AHI? 'f HK KNTIRK COMPANY. ?hl>HI!i[>AY EVENING. April 30, Ll> . B R1 '? A N i>S. THURSDAY LA PERICH'OLE Fi ll?A?, BENEFIT OP AIMER, I A BELLE HELENS. SATURDAY MAT1NKR OK AIMEE, BABBE BLEUE. S ale 1 prior*: G?-.,eral admission. $1; rwrtnl seat- in orchestra, S3; reserved seats in bale my, 41 50; family cirri*. N cents: private bo xee, J is. Seat* t an be s?-cured a. B'lU' Xwic &tore. aJ9-tf WASHING TO NT HEATER CO MI QUE (Eleventh street, lo?h PenusyIvaaia aveuue . APRIL ?~OyE WEEK AMD TWO MATI NEKS. Positively last week of the young American Star Artist, GEORGE W. THOMPSON. First appearance of tbe besutiful Vocalist. KITTY ROW ELL. KITTT ROWEl.L. First appearance of the rhunpi'>u Song awl Dance Lady, BELLA GORDON. Espe ial attention is called to the PARLOR MINSTREL SCENE' fntrcdncing twenty handsome ladies. The great Comic Singer and Com-dian, BILLY DEVKRE. TWO NEW BALLETS NEXT WEEK La.?t ??'? k of tbe charuuug (Ji?*en of Serio-Comic V realists, FANNY DAVENPORT. The beautiful and dashing Premiere Danseuse, ? 'LLE CONCHITA RONZATTI. Tbe aci 'iiiplmhi-d Hungarian Dancers, Imuii: THE KIRAI.FV SISTERS. ( Kuni. AND Ol'R MAMMOTH NOVELTY TBOl'PE In a fraud bill of excellencies. To cer<-lnde w ith the great Local i-i-i of THE WASHINGTON DETECTIVE. Matine*e WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. Bene tit t. MoNS. BLANDOWSKI. May 3. *2* | 1 S I OLN HA IL. FIVE NIGHTS ONLY, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES, Commencing TUESDAY EVENING. APRIL 519th. A Powerful and Highly Approved Dramatization ? f T S. ARTHUR'S (iREAT TEMPER *MCE WORK entitled THREE YEARS (ft A MAN-TRAP! Which will be pr.slrici-d with Appropriate Sceuery and a 1" werful Dramatic Cmptiiy. Admission, 50 rente; reserved seats, ,5 cent*. T > M:it'iwe,{||i?Dt?; rhildren,SS ct tit*. Door- open at 1:1ft. r mm. tic?- at S. Pea!* n av |>e m i_ured at Ellis" Misic Store, Mon day, April 2JJ- h. a2 . JLC So i OB Eihibitiea \NkwN If# } and Sal* < 43* *TH ST.\ ? at / 7th St MARKRITER'S, no. 439 7th strict, between D awl B streets, eight door* aho\e C).1J V -11.?* > Hall. Choice Oil Paintings, Engraving*, Chrotnos, Ac. Also, iargeet stock Paper Hangings, Wiud?? -shades, Picture*, Frame# Picture Ikrds and Tw * EU M"*' *A t*H'' 'U "un"ct Plf aec remember Name and Number. )el ly* LL KINDS OP CAST-OFF WEARING AP PA HKL can be g' kl to the Tery beet advantage by addressing or calling on Jl'STIl, ? 19 D stre?t, between Ith and 7th n. w. Note# by mail promptly attended to. Cash paid. flJ LD GOLD, SILVBB, BBASS.OOPPEB, Etc., b.niftit at fair price* for a New York hou*> Household Furniture bo ught and told. Vote* by ma:* promptly attended to by ACGENSTEIH, 140S Pennsylvania avenue dH-lp" REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAN BOYLK. FRANK BARNwM JI AJI BO~VLE A CO.. REAL ESTATE AMJ KOTE HROKERS. No. t>?4 lAth street, opposite U. S.Treasury. FOR SALE?A handsome HOUSE on I street, No. 913. A tew large double HOUSE, corner 21 t at.' H HOUSE So. 1010 Mae*acha?etts avenue. HOUtiE No. ligh at utreel earn, for *ale or rent, fur nisi.ed or unfurnished. ACOTTAGB in Willard'-t Ko? , price. j>2.6U0. Several i<mall Hoaaes, from to S5,'A>?'; ?tnal! cash payments. We ha*** several very fine FARM8, Improved and unim proved, on different railr>>;vU running front tti ?ity, f>r tale at low figures or exchangs for city property. 300.000 feet of GROUND Tn various p- rti< Lg( f the city fer sale at low ftgur*-*. on ea-<v tern?a, or will exchange for productive improved property. apS-tr f^KO. TBUESDELL .t CO , I REAL ESTATE BROKERS, Hi 7th street, (over German American Savings' Bank.) Special attention given t~ RBNTING, COLLECT ING, PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. Brier(by permission) to?General Benj. Alvord, FakU>a?ler General U.S.A.; James S. Grinm-fl, Chief Clerk U 8. Patent Office; John Fraser, Arch itect- Hon. F. P. Blair; Bon. J. W. Douglass.Coin Binnner Internal Revenue' Wm. B Mosee, Furni ture Dealer; C R. Prentias, Cashier German Ameri can Savings'Bank; Col. John M. Fessenden; Hon. Jvkn Hit*, Consul (General of Switzerland. aS Jar R~EAL~ESTATX AGENCY or FITCH AND FOY. M'e give special attention to the care of Properties belonging to ie?n resident owners,? paying ta*r., attending to repairs, securing tenants, coI!oct<ng rents, Ac.. *<?. FITCH * FOX. 1409 Penna avenue. Freedntan's Bank Bnilditiz, ?T! <-<?w opp. U.S. Trea-ery. ^'ILLIAM OK KIO.I, GEN ?KAL INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE AGENT, No. bOA FIFTEENTH STREET, OPPOSITE TKIASCBT. None but tbe safest insurance companies repre sented. Pr -nipt settlement of losses and fair dealing guar anteed. ap0 Itn U6TIN P. BBOWN, Corner N T. avenue and Iflth street, Washington, D. 0-. Wioimn Dials* in LUMBER, LIMB, CEMENT, SAND, Ac., *c., LUMBER BILLS cut to order on short notice. BLUE STUNK for Butldtng, Macadamising auC Paving purposea delivered is any part of tbe Dis trict. BEAL ESTATE bought and sold and money in vested. To this branch of the bnaineas I will here after give my personal attention, and will be at in> office daily frotn 10 a. m. until 4 p. m. marl-tf . I'-iHT COLOiiED DBESS PANTS In P arl, 1 -i Lavend?(, and T*a colors, a?d of excell-nt workmanship, at A STRAUS', 1011 Penaa. a\ *. near Uth. aJ8 VVUUIU8 PECTORAL SYRUP, vol OOUGHS AND OOLD0. 8QLU BY ALL VRVtitilSTS. ov?-ly* ^HIRTS MADE TO ORDER. In connection with my Merchant Tailoring busi ness, I alii now prepared to MAKE SHIRTS TO 0RDIB, having engaged the services of one of the best cot ters la the country for that pnrpose. Being satis fled of my ability to give entire satisfaction, both in style and fit, 1 respectfully solicit tbe patronage of the public. _ ?. T. KBBIV, Sum aarf i>?wer? Manufacturer, al? 1m ?3l* 9th street northwest. WORKING MEN have wo cause to strike when VV they can buy Coats at 94, Pants? *1 75 and f?, at STRAUS', 1011 Peana. ave., usar llth. a? ?^XAMINK THE 00L0 8PKCTACLI, ONLY |l, E. H. HEMPLER, Optician, 4H street. 1 8 8 O L 0 T_I O N . Washi*6T0!I, D. C., April lfl, 1879. The copartnership keretolore existing tetweea E'.ohonso Youngs and Wm. H Sears, ander the name aod firm oTILPHONZO TOCN(*8 A CO., is dissolved b> mutual consent, the second Uiw? of such coaartwerekip having this day expired. The busi neea will be continued at the old mand iMaaonlc T-n.pie. corner Jth and F streets,? by ELPBOEZO Tt'IN OS, who will pay all jast claims against and oilei t all AQiouQli due iaiu nrm. oitect ail ameumsuue BLpn^NxO YOUNQ8. WM. H. SEARS. Thanking tni fr|.-nils and the public forth Mr lib ers I parroting* in the past, I would respectfully solicit a contiunauce of the same. ELPUoBZO T0DH0S. a Having spent the past two years very satisfactorily ? ith Mr. Youugs in the abive-aiuuM lmsiuess, I won Id tsk^ this ? pportatiity to thattk my friends and the public *? * ? WSHWl si D : for their Miiw'aasr. and cheerfully rsc hatrver uifliience I Kit have to his la seessa. (spl? il) WM H. SEARS. NOTICE-That B.S.JCSTH, if* Bstrwat, ks f ?mTt" north west, sells ?ae SECOND B AND CLOTHING st less than half the coet of read> -mads aew oasa BILK DKXSajS a specialty. feU-ly SPECIAL NOTICES. rise Old Rye Whisky, Fine Oi.l Kye Whisky, Fit,.- Old by* Whisky, F'ne Old Rye Whisky, Fm? OW Rye Whisky, ' Rye Whisky, By" Whisky, Fine Old Fine OM . . iVnrrrnUd Warranted Warranted Pvrt fsri Part And XJnnd niter at td, For titntraJ and Mtdictnai Us*. This is the article we hare now sold Tor upwards of five ) ears with universal satisfaction; put up in targe bottle* at One Dollar per bottle, or can be had in any quantity. ?^Notice, that we will retnrn the metier if thin Whisky do>*s not give satisfaction or pr?ve as repre sented t>y as. _ Also an excellent ttock of California Wines?Port, Sherry, Angelica, Mn?catel, Hock aul Claret; also. Kelly s ltlatid Catawba and imported Liquors of all kinds. ARTHUR NATTANS, Druggist, alO-tr Corner *1 and D streets n. w. Bitfh'Ur'i Hair Dye Is the beat In the world, the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridiculous tints, no disappoinment, harmless, reliable, instan tane.w black or brown; at all druggiate', and 16 Bond Street, Hew York. f Aeoly A Car*. A Clergyman, while residing la Booth America M missionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy fw the cure of Nervosa Weakaesa, Kariy Decay, lMeeaae of the Urinai? and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on br baneful and slcious habits. Great numbers have bees cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by s desirs to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe fur preparing and usiog this medicine. In s sealed tnvelope, to any one who needs it. Prm *f Chart*. Address, JOSEPH T. 1NM AN, Station D, Bible House, marM ly Hew Fork QUv. LADIES' GOODa R8. C. B. GILLtT, NIW YORK MILLINERY STORE, HAS REMOVED frost 614 t(h street 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WASHIWTOy D :ind has jnst r. tamed from New T..rk with th" 'atect styles and novelties in Milliuery and fancy 1? ds Thankful for past favors, she solicits a con tinuance of patronage. apt4 lrn* NOTICE.?Bargains are now being offered In MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, By K. LENZBERG 4 CO., f3-tr 707 Market Space, A I R GOODS. FIRST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PRICES. Fine BRA1PS, CURLS, etc., of onr own make. ?k>I?1 at niHtmfat tur?-r'? prices, at H. PHILIPPI'S II airwork Factory and Store, 719 Market Spire, between 7th and 8th streets. a21 6." M" Us u * NHS McCORMICK, 90S PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' (Up Sta,ib?,) a. W 111 open on THURSDAY, Aphil 4th, a larg?* and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, to which the special attention of tbe ladies is called, aa-tr (^TAMPING DEPOT^ 617 Seventh Steeet, fetiJl-rr Opposite Patent Office. <KLL1NU oyy I SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORE BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. a?ar7-tr NO HUMBUG. ? f AD1ES'" IJ FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL Is the best article in the world fur doing up Linen or Muslin. It iniparts a beautiful gloss to Uio fabric. For sale by all Grocers. BURNHAM A CO., Manufactnrers, 160 West Lombard street, )an!4-ly Baltimore, Maryland. SUMMER REPORTS. RUMMER BOARD. The OSBUBN HOUSE, Leesbnrg, V*.,1snowop"-i for the accommodation of Summer Boarders. N ? pains will be spared in the endeavor to make all com lortable. [apJ-lm'J JOAB OSBUBN. Proprietor. BEFOKE GOING ELSEWHERE exantna th Diagonal Dress Suit f>r Jil7, (a specialty,) m>l only tr> be had at A. SThAl'S', 1011 Penna. ate , near 11th. a23 ^jetropolita* dollar store. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS EVER OFFERED! EVERY ARTICLE A B \R(JAIN' NEW AND TASTY GOODK WHAT A DOLLAR WILL BUY! WHAT AO CENTS WILL BUY! \S HAT Uo CENTS WILL BUY! Among the Dollar goods we offer: Children's Linen Suits, Marseilles Hats, Lace Infants' Cape, P.tra sols, too different Chrumos, sets of Piatod Tably Spoont, Forks, As ;Caators, Hair Bruih?.Mirror-. Brackets and Racks of all kinds. Fans of all kind-. Latin** Gauie Vests, Ladies" first ?|naiity Under garments: Gent's Gauze Shirts, long and short sleeves: Satchels and Wallets, Eld Gloves and Buck Gauntlets, Canee, Desk*. Music Albums, Backgam mon Boards, and the prettiest and largest assort ment of Jewelry ever offered; black sets Bracelet-, Chatelaiues and Necklaces a specialty: Hosiery at usual,3 pairs for 91. In fifty cent goods we oiler. Fine and soft Lace Quilling, set* of 2 Linen Collars and 1 pair C'uBs, fine Damask Towels, Monnilng and Hemstitch"! Hdkfs. Belts, Gloves, Shirt Fronts, Silk bearfs, Gent's Bow?, flaskets, Shawl Straps. Suspend>-r?, Lac" Scarf- and B >ws, Knives and Scissors, t'-wnl.s and Bru?hes,Perfumery,Jewelry,Spittoon*, Vase-, flower Pots, Ornaments,6 good Goblets,Toys uf all kinds, 4c., Ac. In twenty fi\e cent articles we hsre: Ladles'Linen Cnrts, Ruffling for tli? neck. li? d<>z Gent's Biiti-li Half Hose,lars? Hnck Towels, Hemstitched and plain Linen Hdkfs,2 pood Bonl'd Hdkfs, La>ii?s? Hoe-, Ridding and Fine Combs, Lace Scarfs :mic| Bo*s, 1 dor. good Pencils,6 Britannia T?a Spoon*., Work Basket, Lunch Baskets, Razors, Knives au.l S issors. Flower-pot Covers, Brackets, Towel Rack*. B'HJk Straps, fine Lisle Thre;?d Gloves for la dies and men. Black Jewelry. Ae.,*c. To get your money's worth, the place to visit is METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, 31* SEVENTH STREET, ap36-tr nsar Pennsylvania avenue. '?'HE PROBLEM THAT was EASILY SOLVED A "1 say. Cfearley, pardon me, but pray tell me how it it you always dress so stylish, and having but a Moderate Income*"* ?? Whr. simply becanse I pur chase froui A. STRAUS, 1011 Ponua. ave., near Uth." a23 E HAVE JUT RECEIVED iO DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WH Aim Sh.LLl.VU AT SB CENTS PER SKIRT. LOCK WOOD, HOPTT * TAYLOR, 6tf3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENON, >8tr Metropolitan Hotel Block. (\!OW OS EXHIBITION, tbe bos ton Whits Vest, laatiraly new,) buttons fastened with rin^s, at A. STRAUS', Ifll Paaaa. ars., nyr 404 attIL?ItthVTSST* c#- 404 We hare just raoaivad oar nrhliotk ot SH ADR CHROMOS COM FINEST la the City, all of which wa are offering at *ery low prtcaa. .. Repaired and RegUt sad Fnmiturs Covers mads to oNer, at-ual EVENING STAR. Washington Newi and Gossip, Internal Revenge?The receipts from thTs source to-day were >146.'32 13. Sorviyoes to be Pbotbcted.- The War Depat tnu n: has ordered i regiment of cavalry and two regiments of infantry to protect the e- gincers who are to continue the surrey of the Noithern Pacific railroad. The Farraoet Bocbty Case ?The" Su prcme Court of this District yesterday decided to overrule the motion to dismiss the appeal in the Farragut bounty claims case. The case will now come up on its merits. Personal Mr. Justice Miller, of the United Mates Supreme Court, sai's for Europe on S it rr<1ay. and will join his family, now in Rome. ??? Mr. Dorman U. Eaton, of New York, has derided to accept the vacancy in the civil ser v co boa-d occasioned by the resignation o' George Wm. Gen. Shehman, received a telegram from Gen. Schofield this morning saying that there waj no news i.em Yieka; that General Davis was on bis vav t?? the front; that General Gll lem wo.i'd feei the enemy when Mcnde-iliail, of the 4th artillery, came up; and that ihe horses were laid upwith tbe epirootic, and that the cavalry we.e re.rly all dismounted. lit the United Status Supreme CorRT yesterday the Chief Justice o~dered the follow ing allotment of the Chief Justice and Asso ciate Justices among the circuits: 1st circuit, Nathan Clifford, 2d, Ward Hunt; 3d, William Strong; 4th, Salmon P. Cliase; 5th, Joseph P. Bradley; <;th, Noah H. Swayne; 7th, David Dav s; 8th, Samuel F. Miller; 9tb, Stephen F. Field. The French Opera Company performed "La Grand Duchesse" at Wall's Opera House last night in a style which seemed to give entire satisfaction to the audience, judging from the frequent applause and the fact that nearly every gem of soii<* was encored. Aimee was vi vacious and dashing, and was well siip|<orted dv Mm is. .luteau, Duchesne, Berthon, and Men*. This au. picious opening indicates a biiPianti' brief opera season. To-night the new opera boutfe o" "One Hundred Virgins." Scalping Knives kokIndians? Editors ar In jour edition of this afternoon you state that the "the purchasing commission of the bo ir.l of Indian commissioners have contracted for 1,503 dozen butcher knives, and 1JU skinning kr.lvet-, among Oiher articles to be furnish d the Indians." As a cognate, interesting, and historical fact, it may he mentioned that air ing our revolution iry war, on? of the items of tb> expei s< s thereof.'in a schedule presented to the British Pai liamt-nt, was.for "live gros-< o1' sent, . tup knives." See Baekleon civilization, vol. 1. page "44. (extract from Parliamentary History.) April 2t;th. J. McG. The Daii.y Chronicle in Its issue of the 24th inst. said with reference to the proposed n.w postal treaty between the United States and France: '? T.iere u no prospect of agrc-inent between the To t office Department of the United States and thai of France upon the adojrtion of the postal treaty. Our department will not accept the high rates of postage proposed by the French Minister, and there th matter twit." On the same day The Star corrected this statement by saying what was and is the fact that negotiations wire still in progress. Th ? Chromcie has since made several feeble attempts to prove the accuracy of its original statement, but tliu- far has signally failed. It now foolishly 'juotes from the United States I'vital Gazetf as follows: "A? satisfactory results hare ng ytf b"ii reached, a nit it is extrrmslii doubtful if any cmicntion <ril! Ot emuluded, although the negotiations are still going on." That is precisely what The Star 1, anJ the Chi much deuied, thai "negotiations are still going on.,; If -'fie matter ended" when the Chronicle says it did what mean the nego i atfons still going on? The Funeral of Commodore Aclicr took place at noon to-day from hs late residence, corner of 18th and I streets. There were pres ent the Secretary of the Nary. Admirals Par ter, Goldsborough, and Powell; Commodores Almy and Kodgers; Commander Kane, end a large number of naval officers at present ii. Washini<on, a'l in full dress uniform: General Sherman, Col. Audenrled, of his staff; General M. C. Meigs, Col. Dunn, and many other offi cers of the army, besides a large concourse ot civilians. The remains of the Commodore were encased in a magniticent burial casket, decora ted w ith the American tiag and an anchor of b. -util ul tlowcrs. The Kev. W. F. Watkins, rector of the Church of the Epiphany. read the burial service of the Episcopal church, after which the procession moved down the avenue

to the Congressional cemetery in the following order: Batallion of the marine corps, (headed by the full marine hand,) Capt. Tiltan, com manding, with arms reversed and drums m ti lled; the hearse, escorted by a guard of honor, consisting of eight sailors from the United States steamer Tallapoosa. under command of Mate C. H. Cleveland; carriages containing tbe pall-bearers, consisting of Admirals Porter. Goldshorough and Powell. Commodore Rodd ers, Major Slack, and Dr. Erersfield. Maj. A. S. Nicholson, of the marine corps, had charge of the funeral arrangements. Cheap Labor in St. Loots.?Be tween fifty and sixty Chiuese were set to work in the cooper shop of daynes & Co., St. liOuis, yesterday. Considerable'indignation was mani fested by the coopers. A number of them en tered the shop and indulged in rather threaten ing remarks, and intimated that a strike would occur, but there being a strong police force on the ground, no demonstration was made, and the probabilities are that no distxrbance will remit. There are now nearir 1,000 Chinese en gaged in various occupations in St. Louis. Koad Aoektb at work in Nevada.?The stage from Hamilton for Pioche. Nevada, wa^ robbed Sunday uight near Hamilton, and the driver killed, by three men, painted to give them the api>earance of Indians. The driver stopped the stage wheu ordered, and on demand handed out Wells. Fargo Co.'s treasure box. It is supj>osed that the shot which killed the driver was lired unintentionally through the nervousness of one of the robbers. The passen gers, five in number, were unmolested. The loss of the express company is triliiug. Strike or Crispins in New York An other secret meeting ot the St. Crispin and Ger man shoemakers' societies was held in New York last night, but no general action was de cided on. It is rumored that two bouses having declared their intention of not considering the question of increasing the pay of their work men. the latter struck yesterday. An early and general strike is not considered probable. Ef forts are being made to get the German shoe makers' societies to act in full accord with the St. Crispin societies. Sbi.lixo Boss Tweed's Property.?Messrs. Henry A. Cram and George H. Moore, the ex ecutors of the late George Clarence Cram, har- j in ? obtained judgment in several suits against William M. Tweed aad Richard M. Tweed, the reiorce, Mr. George Deforest Lord, has ordered the sale of live full lots, with Ave four-storv brick stores thereon, in Broadway, numbered 922, :124,92c, 928. and 930 Broadway, belonging to Mr. Tweed? .V. r. Sun, 2Hth. Daring Attempt to Bob a Paymaster by Cayenne Artists?Yesterday Paymaster Mc. Daniel, of the Second arsnue railroad, New York, while standing on the oorner of 38th street and 'id avenue, was assailed by three unknown men, who knocked him down and tried to rob him of 92,two he had about his person. The thieres threw cayenne pepper into the man's eyes. The robbers made their escape without obtaining the money. The New York 1. and Pirates Six Ameri can vessels are detained in port unable to get crews because the boarding-house keepers wdl not permit saUors to ship ull the shipping com missioner is mare facile In reeogniilng sailors' i rdcrs drawn against their ad ranee pay in favor of tbe boarding-bouse keepers. Foreign vessels are not affected by the quarrel?X r. Jour. CiM. The farmbbs in Iuwa hold their state con vention of the HKh of June. Thf republicans hold theirs on the 23th. The democrats hare aot called a state conrention, and may not at all, but will wait and see how tbe "car will jump" in the new order of things now loomiag up in the state. Civil Biwbtb ib Kbw York?J. T. Payne and wife (colored) complained of Aaron lfcieh ?r>lson, proprietor of the opera house at Aibswy, N. Y., for ejecting them a few eveniugs *iuoe. and a warrant was issued for the arre?t of IT!eh ardson. This is the first case under the ci Til rights bill passed by toe prCoCUt legislature. ACCTIOX SALE AT THE CAPITOL. Writ** RKMJ.r for rMtmrnw.', ?Mka-lMlcHaatenMi Haad - NlMt*4liMUn for Ike Speaker'* Chair. At ten o'clock this morning, the old desks an<: cliairs, which hare been used in the hall o. the 1 loose of Representatives for the ra*t twelve or fifteen years, were sold at public auctiou b\ Misers. Latimer & Cleary, in ike hall of tht House. They also sold the carpet, which h? covcred tbe iloor for the past two yea'.*, au<l u ?e?l. K?,a*, chairs, washstaiiris, and v*ri ouc other articles of furnituie. There wt* * very large crowd in attendance, prob.ib'v th. arsext ever seen at a public auct.on in ttii-> citT with Uie& maUy *"? TwUIc8' "lie hunter^ 1"",c!,*s ?,F ?R*ad axt> creese. second-hand lurniture dealers ou ihc a'eri io ?erur?*th?e,Vmi,eml*ir8,of. Coa?r?^ anxious to JLlL'i!! ,or ch 4,rs "nee occupic<l In Mrnnn "^"ben-elect ?<?er so..venirs. CU1 iou* Ten? .iTl* ? 1 r*BUd to ,u,,r tliin-j Tv.l- .i new?pai?cr re|?rter? who cjucklwl were i"iiVeilt,ancy.of *be relic-hrutei as tlie\ occupied except by unknown South* ami 4"to w"c *" ?. r> .TI* "ALB WAS COIIMRSCII) ? F.ran,k ^,eary. desk No. l.u, occnnieti at the last session by Hon. A. R. Cotton an.1 torinerly by Hon. tioo. S. Boutwell at the t.i .t,s .?.vk v ?ii s-fts: ??? V. ? r WH!I 8000 run up to *11, for winch it was purchased by Mr. I.. Motley, the cost umer. Next came de?k 4?, occupied at th Ltfiff 5 y ?Iames A. Garfield, it was started at 911. and sold to Mr. E. I troop for #13. \o iM, recently occupied by Mr. Ralnev, tke eo! i-ri: Lr,u?sou^ <;?oii..a-,,.?r chiwed bv Mr. Back nan for *11. That ot Hon JLf:?; ,New York? waspurcha<-.i byCapt. Blackford for #1:1.50. No. 1" oeeu SttUh1 hat - ,,y the Hon- J?h? A oHiituf bnt at th? 3a ^ssion of the 40tb ("on f/fn" feT1 'tank',> WHS purchased by Major Ben Per lev Poore for #i?. Assistant Dobr keeper Boyd bought Nog. 31, 123, and 1") occupied at the last session by J. S. Big>iy \V r. Jones, and W. H. Clagett, tor *13 each No 4*. occupied recently by Wni. I?oru,tn and ?y Uen. Scbem k wbenite was in ConS^ bought by Mr. T. H. McPherson for *!<J. (T-o 1-atier secured No. 20, occupied l?v Geonre F Co/T^ tl,e larl r*?(vn- ??"? hv Burton C ^u?,' 7 ?vW*f ?h*,ra,*n of tjie T'istrict com mittee In the 40th Congress, for *l? Mr Hi u1 &?sa! ?n ? 1 ' v frame gentleman n?p Ei* Kck0' V>* ?\upi;d at ur"st ? ?. ? . '"?? No. 1, on the west ?id.> <>. copied last winter by Mr. Crockvr of Mas w?s bought by Major B. Perley Puore for *i?i No. 5, that ot M r. W. R. Roberts .if \ V wa> bought by Mr. C. B. Jewell for ^lj >ir (??, P?r?OMboagbt theoi Mr. l.jnch of \ie Wm'v .. ^i* B^ker bought the desk ? WM M.Memck for^H. That of Phila-leli*. ?l* 5?}rUUiI' WUS bou*Lt b>" J*m? s Wo. m!ey for RESERVE!) PROM ffAI.B. 1 here was but tweuty-one Kiiitf'e deak?*<ii<i l.e.nv' all 0, .hat clu?on han.1. J mi'te a u?e number of members wrote to the clct k reon. -ft ?g that thedeski recently occupied i?v tin n. he retained lor their private use at a mbderat price. A t least one-half 01 t he desk/ w eri /h ? retained, and among these were t!io?ie occuire I at the last session by General BuUer Mr J'awes. Judge Kelley. an.l other,. nSk* ^ by Hon. Thaddeu* Stereos ffchafl^V- TKC?ngr<*" *"d l 4,"'-v o<-cupjj.i oj Larles h. Ihouias, was ai?o re^rv <1 v? t?''u?C,iU,Me' " iliter by o. J. Dickey " a* 'i that ot Mr. Washington Townsend a >lo<i?i one, was sold ior#H*50, to M JTSmJ*Se .... , OIKtS AVtd' DK8K. r>4i-ii . <lenk8 brought from $0 to j*t2* tin* Ol Oakes Ames, with thai of StevensonAr?i,? attacheU double desk, sold to Mr. Ford tor <;/ Pied by MV^II lES1 linum'lt^uJ't cVroHiia01'tind,eiirl0re'1 ""T'"*1" pied bx W alls and Turner, both colored ? purchased bv Mr. Fisher tor ?l..,50. No W oc < uj led by Sir. Blaine before he wis elected ?12 ^jn'ngone.No.S.'.,brou-h: brought #10.-0, an,I were purcUal^d byVr gcaiit-at-Arm.^ Ordway. t^hatot Mr,las. C. Robin on attached, s.ld'toi dek' Iot #h'm OI,e ?assv*aH"? IHB OLD fl'KAKER's i n<m upholstered in crimson velvet, brought *?*; It IS SSSW^?TT Kmu^: " maoe in 1823 by Robert K. Bovd an.l ha. l l n "l'ie,,Ju''v ,he ^'lowing S^eaWci- l Henry Clay. John W. Taylor Anfiroir . Polk ReM> THHb^1' i'01'" Be"' rwK, k. M. 1. Hunter, John White .folm w n0n?-' 9r>rge *' Hopkins. John w'Davi? ? Thi!Vi r?P' Howel' c?bb and L.nn BovJ Th is chair has not beeu in use for the i>a.?r .i .to.js^sssi: "ri xLTaSZ, sw; memlK?rs before the light can^Kat o^STl^. intioduced brought pr.ces ranging from ?5 u, aw-" ""?>" ?"?? *?"? "St U; J'M.? SS r;,?' ?a>; The carpet which covered the hall was soM'it. P'ecc. having been cut when it wL^ .p The new deskf tor the lfou<*? *rn k? 7- ? of Mmilar pattern to the old ones but nrthin . like so heavy or elaborately carved Ti. ' n b?|tfW^,'tV l0?i,r iucljei' long aiai an inch ami * deeper than the old ones. * Rbmaekablk Discovkkv oka Ml*ri>bruu In reference to the assassination at ViterbojH an agent of the People's bank at Florence, the Roman Times rei>orU that the nrirder has been discovered in the following manner: In inak nig a i?st-mortem examination of the corpse ot Rugin, the doctor observed u at one hand wn firmly closed. He open vl It, not without difti cultv, and fount! it co: rained some hairs of h red beard. This was a revelation. It became evident that the unfortunate Rugin, in strug gling with his assassins, had seised one of them by toe beard. The next step was to discover what individual haying access to Raglo's hon* wore a red beard. It was then remembered that the servant of Rugin had a lover, a dyer, named BergamatcUi, whos j hair and beard were red. He was arrested, and his house searched. Under a stove nearly 1,000 francs were discov ered, and several nortion* of his clothing were found to be stained witb blood. Thb Modoc Chahov of Basb? I?o?ald McKay reports t'aat the Modocs are encampe?l at the base of the mountains at the south end ot the lava beds. The troops are now divided into three camps. Lieutenart P.agan is convales cent. Nearly all the cavalry horses are sick with the epizootic. General Davis and Hardie left Yreka for tb?j lava beds to-day. Arrest or ax Allboed Mtrdbrbr?The colored man Cole, wbo murdered Mr. .lames Scbofield in his store at Fairchild, 8t- Mary's ooontv, Md., three weeks ago, was arrested yes terday by Constable Crane, at Solomon's Isl and, fn that county. On his war to the Jail he confessed having murdered another man about fifteen years ago. Thb Atlantic National Bake was ex pelled by the New York clearing house associ ation yesterday afternoon. Opinions were ex pressed that Taintor, the defaulting treasurer, still retained a large amount of the money ob tained by him; also that the frauds had not ex tended through years, as he asserted, bnt were matters of the last tew wesks or even days. AsEAtmrrL tons oirl was msn isd in San Francisco last week, and at the conelasion of the marriage ceremony she turned to her husband and said, "Oeorge, kiss me, lam dy ing." The husband complied with the request, sod at that moment the young bride fell dead to the floor. Bloody Work or a Jbalocs Mai.?A col ored (arm laborer, aamed Oeorge Barfce, of Colllneville, 111., while drnnk recently,chopped off the head and one arm of Maria Bowman, and threw her body into a rarine. Jealousy prompted the deed. WA Ixniisvllie woman wbo has lived with a man for twelve years and presented him with tire children now ?aee him for breach of promise TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB # - - Thla IftcriMBl Dispatches. ? ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. o T1IE MODOC WAR! Another Terrible Conflict! Oar Lm JSlaHrra Killed nnU Tarah. Ibre* Wotai * " C?|>i. TbMnM umI Uenta. K Amm( Harris ricbt Ammc Ih* Milled Ucat. Sah Frakcipco, April 29.?A courier b"? junt arrived at Yreka, and report* that aiiKhe terrible battle has been foigb: with the Mudocs in which 19 of our men were killed, including Captain Thumbs. Lieut nant Howe. 4th ar,'ti ler), aiid I/eutenant Wright 12th intautry; are wunndrd, including Lieutenant Harris. oi the 4th artillery, and others are miMiug. The particular* will b>.- forwarded soon. (A dispaic'i rreelvcd at the War departmen. riuics 1 euterant Harr ? anions th? killed.] Rew T< ' I-AXD riKATRS l*ARALV71Jf*? rovmit( I Xrw Yorb. Anril W?Coirmiwion^r Dun.-,n has succeeded in excltint the opposition of the *a??or boardine-bouses to sucii .in extent ax a Tict>t to paralyze the commerce of Ihu. nort VmcIi wi'1! valuable c^tgocc on board hart* keen detained mo.e than a week, and have n.. project of K*''?ng crews. The commit,oner bs? telegraphed totbe commissioner in Phila delphia, Bo 4on and Baitimore tosend seamen by radroad; but the boarding-house keepers then dtcluie to furnish men. hence none came. the wRwrtiM championship. The th.rd deposit wax mh.U yesterday in the wrestling match between Homer Lane, of this city, and John McMahon. of Rutland, Vermont lor 93,tit*) and the championship of America Mr M alion won the toss for the choice ot maid Mm> "*? r- .? , , * DOMESTIC FRACAS. Frederick licwick. of 343 Third street, quar rt cd with Llit wile yeslerdav. and she called upon a work named Peter Hitter U take bun away, and in the struggle that followed resttd *** *U,,,K'J Hitter was ar *if ?i*o. It is thought. rmm all the facts relitcd in t'ie "icfcmoad switch disaster that the.e wc.e some hall dozen people lost whose lKKiies are not represented bv even a sin gle fVaginent. Hither the intense tire consnm.*) them or they are in the water near the scene of the disaster. dr. browx'* victt* dtixo. Sanford M. Murray, tbe collector of the New l ork ga> company, w I.o wax attacked by l?r. i?row u in the office ot the latter, a tew week ago. is ilift expected to recover. RfSAWAV WIT*KS?E?. ?lobTt D. Bet to aiid William Walah, the two men who witness d the shooting of K.ibort l>nii can by William Starkey, in a Houston street saloon. have left the citv j.nd the trial ot kty had to lie post|<oned. TO RE ARRESTEE. Fsrrell, tfceman who starve sirtceu hor-?s to death in Brooklyn, is to be arrested. . .? ... A LrrTKK ????? dVillA ti? the II rid gives tJie details ot the gTcaf storm ot the h,Ji, 14'h and l".th tiist*., in Nebraska showing it to have lieen the m *t terrible ever a li own m the depth of snow and the violence of ?11 '"""firming the previous reports ot' ^r.^at ws'jtj U?tt| the settlers, received by tele . THREE STEAMER* rants 4rrived >>e*terday brought .1,-Vyi etui , _ OEXRRAL, ol fhe I nitCil States army, surgeon at Gover nor s Island, died last night. THE HH.H CAIILE TOLLS, Winch go into effect on May 1st, and the con stant t '-treatment ot the press by the c .Me company, prompt the Journal >,f C??m*rc t> day in an elaborate and able editorial to urge press! *?r *" OCCAn cable by the Ameiican O From Kurupe TtHlay. THE P. OK W. AT VIKXXA. \ iesna, April ?i?The Priuce ol Wales has art .ved here. THE VARCRR?TER HRE. Loxoot, April 29?The first report of the loss l?y the burning of H e carriage works of the Lancashire runway comi^nv, at Manchester. wa. exagger.Ud. The damage will not esceed 10,010 K.M1GUASTS IX ORE WEEK ROR AVER 1CA. Ten thou^aml emigrauts lelt Liverjwl last week for the L ?nted states. . A *-AB?iE PARTY or I.O*|>r?XlRa wll leave tb.? city on the 5th of next month for ...ti Un,the day previous to their depar ture a )>opnl&r farewell demonstration will take place in \ ictoria park. Speeches will be made on the occasion bv a number of pirsoas Including several Americans. will ??e*th ,,p macbbadt. William Charles Macr-adv. the w>dl-known Knglish actor. is dead. He was W vears old m u ^!rHK Tirh,,or*k case.* Mr. Hawkins, of the proscculion in the Ticb borne t?erjury case, to-day concluded tlie ouen Ilay !altrt8h' he c jmmenced ou Wodncs o H?r in Africa. THE RISC r.p THE akhastei * mar. hi*u ox THE BUITISH AT ( APE CUAsf. -.v?E*?r.K' A,'r" *TA lu* paper By.* re!Tnt *mv*' LiverpeofTrom Upe towt we hear or news of an alarmtnir na tnre that place b. ing in a state of great e*cit? a'? wuseiiuence of anexjvect d invasion of the Ashantees, who were reported as onlv L bonr"' distant. The Fan .eT<r?m,,rjc beaten. The Asb^i "n?t,er between 70,000 ai?d 80.000 men, Ui/fi^.T11^^^ their 'ntentk?u to take Elmina from the Lngli?h. Thev werr marching in four divisions, the king himo-lt bfing at the hea-1 of the principal^ on* Th? British navy in those waters wire, however Jecu!??n* '"k rests of her Majesty 's sub ? V- ,. *?'? ?t?Wt TsdllT. Nrw ^ork, April 28._TheWalf.m-et mar tbe#A?Un? ^ K*nv dff>rg^g<.> in IX: t Vk brt"k ?,1!f?e?Uilon. while not directlv attttUng Uie market, nevertheless creating an nneasy leeling. tiold has sold at 117 ^ to ll?v the present quotations being at 116k a V. Not withstanding the decline ol gold foreign ex change is heavy, with business dofutr at at a concession of ilioat v on nominal rates tor sterling, wbich remain Iosl and Iftii , renpec thV^r.iT^* mouey market, notwithsUndini tbe receipts ot curreucy from tue interl.r * hich lor ywerday were rejKjrtcd by three ex press companies at nearly ?::,ono,ooo, u active. ? Fire. .?'????? APril 29l?A Are at Oomo Mills, Miiwi<oi pi. yesterdav,destroyed property to the value oi ?3.V00e, including the drv g.Kvls ? t*re< awald, Bryant. Amnion Jt ?Jo L. C. Boss an l Blackburn ? Co. The loss U covered by iDMiranee. ine io? U fcT. 1-ons, April 29.-A fire In lola, Kansas ?E2S lTll*ht- destroyed five small stores. 1^ f 19.009; Insnrance "mall. i. A fire this morning Also burned?' Trrstox ">>. J., April 2??The Governor has reprieved for two weeks Lusignani. condemned for execution at Momstown, May 1st, to allow die Court of Pardons to consider additional facts in the case whieh were not presented at the former meeting when the case vac up for oonskleratioii. Trial Trim. Philadelphia, April 29,?Tlie engineer's trial irip of the steamship Pennsylvania, the piooeer of the American Steamship Company, will com mo wee Monday next, sod ooeupv five days. The course ma win be between Cape May and Long Island. rlmZ^ AprU?._fho^rtaTof Dr. J. C. West for_the murder of Coach Tomer, col ored, fixed ftar to-day, has been iimnuinsil to the ^ane term by the agreement of the ooaaseL ite Lore. aTOtaetaaatl, ? aoo?f her legs In a cider pre*, and she ia now looking far and wide for a one-legged huahaml, not ever thirlv years of ago. ?in r ?i fmwnt has penetrated ?oath, and the Patrons of Hnshaadry gsnioed granges in Georgia, ftlabamt, ^imi Mimis^ppi. ?TRate Wiiliaaw, of Peoria. IT1.,kmoekoil ker lover flat to the ground beeauae-he inaistol upon kioing her the third tisae at th? garden on a moonlight night recently. Two was limit. Ilk* w?*.f ?wrr? -of ( ommMmk r MMfeMl. TV following extract of a letter from miwioti'r Mctdiku, ri? *fJ at the In'trm *t?n tr< aid iat. Mtln| parti. i lar? of the late Mod.v manxa re. It in dated Hu<1i)u?l,Uu. Camp South Sid* el Tale Leke, California, A*?nl p., i*;j oa Friday mormug, Uth in*t . T?rm?w??, vgreed W|>oa fur* irn^rng satisfactory to l?r* ant Oeti. Cantv, thnn|t bot to Mr Pjrt uur hivm It ,?m Ihe M*W ?oatr. (in Canb- itmMklni that ikcr dvo tx.i molest u?, bwiur lu? foress 1 thr ?it aatioa, ami I?r. Tboma* seal thai whet? (iwt catted Mm to p>b< wonM go. tra*t!ng to hi? < are. The MMtikf ?m hstd ae^w-liiig to tiit tim< ?ml place a*i<*"J np? i*??' tuanbv, Mrart Mttvliun.Tboaiii and Km aud etg'.t armed. instead of at* unarmed Injtiui* a? w?? ag eed uj*m. Thr ??talk" *w alnwt. the Mad?v clitei* *a\ ing tliat unless the aoldler* wi?f? w*tli. drawnfti'H KUittw taik ?nM be bad t*p to that poiu; lla .??iiiiMUMrir(*tUui - <d tl at the w^lrit won <d iw\ or be withdrawn until the difiw ultv wasaittied. and still extend ing thr oHer ol uaimir a amiable and ??*?? factory home and uoj.# prtiTUaM l??r the r w<Uare in the future. The r. p'v from boiti cbl? f* ?a>, " Take awav your soldier* and ?? will talk a)x>nt it." General Canhv a?* a red the li dtaa* that he wa* her, for the protect in* of both |>aiIns, am! to m> that the <<o?mwi?n faithful!; |*noi me. I their |?romua-a. About thin time two armed Indian* *uJdenlv appeared from the brush in our rear. An explanation aaa a-ked. and Captain .lack replied t?y snap ping a pistol at (ieaetal CanM. bavl?| in In dian. "All ready,** alter which General CMb w a* dispatched bv Captain lack with a pistol an kipfe. and Dr Thoma-b< a pMnl-riwt In th < breast and a gun-shot in the kaad bv Bi<n Meacham itu mpted toe toward the ? amp, and wa? followed bv Ifcbouchiti John. Black ?Mm and llooper Jin. Scbonchin Irml i ?hot* at Mem-ham. bitti-ig him fourt1m?* an I leaving him for dead. )t.?ton. ?att?mtnng to scalp him, wa* deterred bv the Modac women. Dyer traixil unhurt, although tired at threx* times by ttlack Jim, wio wa* only a few feet away, and twice by H?wker dim. by whom h? nai | liquid After running ahoat var>l? h ? turned upon hia pursue with a small pocket IHrnnger a hen the Indian turned ami ran bark, thus letting Dyer $et away. Mr. Dyer will l>e ob"*?-d l? leave In a dav of two. on ac count of omrta' dntie*. but while here the re mainder of the rommntaon will oanf>ult with <>ri>eral tillk-m Hkould any active Meaiare* b? neee^aarr on our part. We Wliere that oom ph te mhjngatlon bv tbf military i? the oaly method by which to deal with tlieae Indiana." Ar*r?T or a Hotri PaoraiBToa H. I. rower*,, proprietor ot the Grand Central hotel, wa* arreted las! night and taken to Lwllo* *tri 11 jail, tor contempt of court. Hi aectwting a piano, which had been <*dere?l to l? rie livertd on a writ of replevin. Mr. aud Mr?. Kllia*. until recently jraMfla at the Uran<i Cen tral. had |?aid their hill and aonpht other accom modation*. Mr. Tower*, alleging that tliev had <lamag<<l hi* carpet to the amount ot *.D?, ae creted their piano, la hO|>e ol forcing pavaaent of the trifling extra. Mr F.lliaa and wife learn ed that the carpet had been In uw three year*, yet oflercd to pay any damage* that eould l>e *hown. l?eputy"Sherill t'arry m%>le the arre-t, and took Mr. Power* to Ludfow *tre?t jail. Mr. rowet*retUMd to accompany I?C|'Uty Sbcrifl' CarTy. hot wa* tcon brought to term* and n .urhed dejectedly to hi* new juvrtcr*.?.V. 1*. riaft, 'J&ih. The Nt'T PeLincaL IN?\\t:a At 'a-' w<? bear tonicthing detimfr of the plan and |?iiri??? c* of tlie myrteriou* ?r<ier of Hu*b?ndr\'' that l a- *o *mklenly becontc a power in tlm Went. It i* a mcr- t, coj>eraUvc, in.l i?trivl, lieiM ticial an?l literaly in*titution. w ith varioua rttn borrowed from "the aecrrt aa?'i> rle*. Ap parently it ha* nothing to do with pnlirtea. M n and a omen are alike admitted, but the latter are limited to the fourth degree. The mcm l*r* ot the tlr*"t degree are di*i?uated reapec tively a# Laborer and Mai<l: in the *ecnnd de gr. e a* Cultivator and Sheplienlrwi; in th"thit I degree a* Harvester ami <ileaner, ami in th<s fourth decree a* liu-Kan lmaii and Matron. The memnersdiin of the organization at th-a time I* e*t1m?tc<f at ?*?'. and If It doe- go in to politic*, it will certrinly he a powcriu! m t' lie lice.?.V. 1". Hrra'ii. B.-.ll at a LtNATio Asvlih?An antar tali ment. Conipri*iug inuMC. ileclam ,'iou and dancing, wa* jjiven tin* afternoon at the luna tic a*) lua on lilackweir* inland. I?r. l*ar*on-, the resident pli>MCiau, ha* ui*ler hi* care Bev rral patient- who, in tlieir h- tu-r day*, bad Ix'cn actor*. mu*iciam and dancing master*, and theae parti*-* acted a* committee of recep tion. floor commitu*e, &c. The muaic wa? lur n shitl by lunatic*, tlie ornaiuentation ol tin room wa* done bv lutiatie*, of eoarae under tke coiixtant ?u|>ervi*ion ol" ofh?-er*t ainl the decor um manil?*U'd at the '*l?air* wan*uch a* wou.d retlect very creditably even on a oompanv ol' sane lo'.k*. Dr. P?r?on? con^ulera th, enter tainment* a* great auxiliaries to lua eft'ortt?.V. r. Erprrtt. ?h. Tnr Pbite fACKAt.K Bor SrrpRE*?i!n ? The N?-w York U-gialature ha* taken UoM ol tli4 railroad prize-package bey, and ruthL.>*ly ?<ip pre*?ed him. Herrallt-r it will be a misde meanor for a railroad company in that state t > allow any one to |>eddle in the car* package* I < which tl/e proni!-e ot a price i*uianle theiu.luce ment Ui buy. Perhaps thi* i* a* far a? the law can go, but it i*to be Wi?Ued tha. the raUro i ? companic* generally *hon!d be induced to con *ult the cnmiort ot' their p.i-?enger*. hy putt'.n ; Dome very definite bound* on (be walkm . var.ety dealers who annoy traveler* by pre?iii , upon them, ofteu with ru<lene.v, and gencrall : with perflnacitv. paper* that they do not want book* thev would not read. Cigar* they canuo binvkf, and tra*b that they ought not to cat. DoME?rt< Eroaowv.?Many gentlemen al low their wlvea *tate?l weekly allowatiee* ot l>ocke: money, and we think thi? a good idea. A gentleman in tbt* cltv made an arraiig>-iUent with hi* better ball to allow her iv? dollar* a week for spending money, but put In a provi-j that tor each abiw-nt button from his linen, each I>oor cup of coffee, and each caudle lecture there *boald be dock d Irora the pocket m >ney the *uai of ten cents. Thia arrangement liav been going on for two year*, ami although no- a button lias been mbsed, a:*I not a complaint made aNuit the coflee, yet that poor man ctaima hi# wife to be hia debtor by nearly owe hundred aud hit j dollar*?La unmet Auvrt&m. Actio* Aom??ta Mariiicd Wnmv Reu ben Smith brought an action ia the anpreme court. bttore dudge ire^lman, again*! Auma N. Sherlock, to ncover the aum of *?.?), the value ot carpet* no Id and delivered. The de fendant set ut> a* defense that *lie wa* a married woman and that the tramaction was had wr.h hei hn*l>and. The widen.- ? w.?- very eMfflct inx ami the judge chargid the jary that if they believed that the deteialant purchased the giM*'# on her sole and separate account aud carried on a l.p?iwrs at the time, idie wa* lial.le for tbs debt. The jury louud for the plaint it)' .V. Y. tul rrtf, 'JUk. W.'JiakV Kiuut* ikIllisoi* The leg i da ta** ot -lilinoi* ha* enact d that '-\o per*?.i *hall be precluded or debarred irom anv occu pation or proleMiion. or employment \evcept military) on account ot arx, provided that th.? act *hail not be oouatrued to atlect the eligibili ty of anyperaon to an elective office." fh.ia women may hereafter be lawyer* In IMlno's and may till any ofiice wiUiin the appointment of tin governor or President. No doubt the legtala ti:re would have admitted them to elective ot tic?* al*o. but for tear of exciting dangerou* and deadly qiuurel* among the men. At U' 30 ye*terday, V ves Letroqoer.aged tiiirty tve, con.mitteil suicide on l?oard the Frcu. U steamship Pereire at Pier 5n, North r.ver. Mr. UtM<l?e? was quartermaster of the rtMwhlp. He bad been on duly at the gangway, and wav seen by several of the crew to *lii> away ftwsa hi* i-o*t and go aloft. He aacended the main mast to the top gallant vard, ami then leaalng tor ward a* tar an he could reach he dropped t ? the deck, more than oue hundred feet, and wan distantly killed. Mr. Letro^aea leave* a wi.4 and three children in France ?v. T. 8*a, IAtk. PcvvBYLvaaiA Coal Taaus.?The trada continue*dull, and will be affectcd for letter or wor*e bv the changes in pricea and toll chamd announced bv the producing and carrying oom pauie* to go into effect with the incoatlr . month. The Heading railroad coatpanv ? ^ notice by a aerie* of circular* that th ? Trut?ht and toll* will remain the aame fe; tf *v on t>?* line ot the road, but by redae'^,. drawback ten cent* a virtual adv?f,w of that u made on coal far ?ntpMeiit PkiU. l-tigtr. Horbiblb Arraia. ? To-day a drunken woman, named Elitabeth Doran, wwUMgedug aenwa Fulton atreot, op|>oaite Prospect ??reec. with an infant in her arms. Mhe wiTknocfteJ down by a paaaing exprea* wagon, wten she dropiied the cblld on the car track. A Oraen wood car which wa* pasting at tha tea ran over it and severed it* left lag. Tha awrsa? of the little one a* its mattteted leg dangled about excited the *vmpetl)v of everyone who beheM It?A. r. ??. The Pole's health la worse again. mr They at* thinking aboat appo.nUug women jolice inspector* in Chicago. ^"Proceedings have been instituted agaia*? two r>apar> 'n Toronto lor i>ubllahing gut-enter prlse advertiaemeat. ?7-Messr*. Jefferaaa Davis and OHin i. Pillow were last week elected vestrymen of St. Lazarns church at Memphis, Team WThe Bev. E. P.Thuriwg.ot Portland, Me., menaces the press of that city vr?b a libel Bait tor calling bias a ''clerical bummer." WA Kew Haven man has i a ves ted a machine to raa an wheels laiie sewers, ta clear out the accaaiBlatleee of mad. KPTMmwbm council of Boston has retr-t WW ? aaeh of the grand army pasts toward the axpeBees of n>?araiHB day. A Chicago druggist wbosB elerk's "mis take" coat a woman her 14a, has besa saed for ?25,*00 damages by bar baabsnd W A Chicago theater has MM " White Eagle; or, TbeMadae War, ' ta which Is ffvea a "startling and lifelike roprsssntation sf the mamacre at General Caaby and the pease eeel* attmtswsra.

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